The Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator!

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Re: The Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator!

Postby talonhunter » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:01 pm

The fast and the furious is a series of movies about fast cars, street racing, and good guys who seam like bad guys til something makes you look at the situations. I know car movies aren't something you are into, but I thought you had at least heard of this one...

So...How about this...
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Fruits Basket and Robin Hood. The story should use aliens as a plot device!

...are we talking Disney, kosner, Connery, Flynn or hbo version here?
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Re: The Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator!

Postby Spokavriel » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:32 pm

Uncle Traveling Matt gets ran over by racers. The End
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