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Postby Kakanma » Mon Aug 18, 2008 4:35 am

Quite possibly the single most badass eva fight ever.
Time slowed and thickened like molasses, Asuka’s perceptions accelerated beyond all human capacities, even glimpsing into the future at times. She was one with her mother and the spirit of the Eva. Her mother would always be with her, and the beast within the machine practically worshipped her ability to propagate slaughter. It was a hive mind of nine killing machines versus the perfect single warrior.

Asuka cleared the three kilometre gap between them in ten seconds, and it took so long as she leapt and dodged about their fire, like a ballet dancer in the rain. It was hard though, the coordination between the MP Evas perfect, each one covering a different firing lane and switching around effortlessly as the hive mind tracked her movement. The flesh boring bits of flesh struck her at times, but always on her main armour where they did no damage before running out of energy and crumbling to dust. Her bolter fire on the other hand was deadly and accurate.

The MP Evas had to temporarily divert their AT-fields to accelerating their weapons, giving a brief flash where their defences went down every time they fired. By timing her shots perfectly Asuka was able to get a single round into one of the MP Evas before she was upon them. The high explosive-armour piercing bolt tore through the thin armour of the war machine, travelling half way through before detonating.

The Eva was blown in half by the explosion, releasing a torrent of purple blood that ate away at the ground for a moment before going inert. Its Dummy Plug shattered, it would most certainly never rise again.

One down, eight to go.

Asuka hit the formation like a train hitting a tank. She slammed full into the nearest enemy Eva, body checking it so hard that it was hurled into the air, its light armour plate shattered by the tremendous forces involved in the impact. Before it even had time to hit the ground a two round burst caught it in the hips, blowing its legs off in a shower of gore.

Already the group was responding to her assault, less like a pack of wolves turning upon a charging moose, or even an ant colony responding to a stick being shoved into the nest. No, their reaction was more like an immune system responding to an attack upon the body.

Asuka back flipped out of the way of the scything claws of an Eva that tried to sneak up on her. There were several more Evas in front of her and if not for precog she would have fallen for the trap, assuming they were the important targets when the true strike was coming from elsewhere. While its claws went through her umbilical cord and started her count down timer, she landed on its shoulders, crushing one of its claws before she wrapped her feet about its neck and dropped, twisting as she went, incidentally dodging the hail of fire sent her way as the group responded to this change in events.

With an enormous, wet, tearing sound the Eva’s head and most of its spine was ripped off in a torrent of purple blood. The headless thing brought a hand up to examine the damage before collapsing, its entire torso falling apart from the lack of a spine for support, the imploding flesh and metal crushing the Dummy Plug and killing the cloned pilot within.

Two down, seven to go.

Hitting the ground, Asuka quickly rolled out of the way of a barrage from the remaining five MP Evas armed with the flesh boring guns, taking a few hits but avoiding the majority of the attacks. Grinning with insane glee, Asuka kicked her Eva into the air unexpectedly, thus completely avoiding the ravenous beam of white hot plasma directed her way. A small tank division trying to flee the fighting of these titans flashed into vapour in an instant.

No normal human could have known that attack was coming. A tiny part of Tabris, the one in the explosively bisected Eva that had time to be afraid, wailed in terror. It remembered what the Third Child had done, and feared what the Second was capable of.

The rest of the hive mind ignored that part and told it to keep fighting.

Descending from her leap on a steep arc, Asuka turned in mid-air so that her chain-axe would strike with damn near all of the angular momentum and most of the linear momentum she had built up in her roll and leap.

The attack very nearly bisected the enemy Eva from crown to groin, the whirring progressive edged teeth of the chain-axe going through armour, flesh, metal, and the Dummy Plug with hardly any resistance until the acidic blood did its job and turned the weapon into scrap, the head snapping off of the haft and remaining in the steaming remains of the dead monster.

Three down, six to go.

Reversing her grip on the haft, Asuka slams the jagged, broken end into the guts of an MP Eva trying to sneak up on her. Hauling up, she throws the beast over a shoulder so that it collides with another Eva charging in with the intent to disembowel. Somersaulting to the side, she takes a shot at the now exposed heavy weapons Eva, sending a three round burst its way. Only one bolt made it through before it raised its AT-field, but that round managed to take its right leg off at the knee, dropping the Eva flat on the ground.

Her super refined senses were tied so totally into Unit 02, Asuka saw the next attack coming and knew that she could not dodge it completely, but she still had enough warning to get mostly out of the way. The support Eva had used the slaughter of its comrades to assume the perfect position to fire, the others having already vacated its line of fire. A high pressure stream of boiling, acidic blood painted her side, melting away armour in a cloud of acrid smoke, but Asuka was already rolling away.

Within her Entry Plug from the upper thigh to just under her breast on the left side, Asuka’s skin melted away. She snarled in pain, but refused to let it distract her. Instead she practically threw her Eva over to where the legs of the partially exploded Eva were lying. Grabbing a foot, she pivoted like an Olympic hammer thrower for a half rotation before she hurled the limp limb through the air. Tumbling end over end, it smacked the acid spewing Eva in the head, knocking it back.

Asuka charged, leaping up to plant a foot on one of the Evas knocked over, crushing its skull under Unit 02’s weight before kicking off into the air, deploying her back-up progressive claws from her now empty right gauntlet. She slammed it down with all her might into the torso of the Eva, piercing the Dummy Plug. As the twin progressive blades began to dissolve, she violently twisted, ripping out the guts of the Eva while shattering her weapon.

Four down, five to go.

Pain exploded along Asuka’s left flank as the half of the Eva lying on the ground fired a salvo of rounds into the side that had been most damaged by the acid, the high velocity, biting slugs penetrating her flesh and chewing deeper for several seconds before dissolving away. The blood began to taint the LCL in the Entry Plug.

Asuka emptied her bolter into the bastard, exploding its head and torso.

Five down, four to go.

She started to get another magazine but when she tried to eject the one already in place she found the mechanism had been corroded into a single mass by all the acid blood flying around. Tossing it aside in disgust, she whirled around just in time to catch a charging Eva slamming into her. It had used the distraction of the sundered Eva well.

A long blade slammed through right shoulder while another one skittered across her torso armour, looking for a gap to plunge in and begin ripping out her Eva’s guts. Asuka held off its other hands while it snapped at her face, drool flying off its shiny, metallic razor sharp teeth to splatter across Unit 02’s helmet.

Asuka head butted it.

Teeth shattered and the thing reeled back. Releasing one of its hands, Asuka reached up and wrenched on the blade in her shoulder, snapping the limb off at the closest joint. Getting her legs beneath her, she planted her feet on the MP Eva’s chest and kicked out, throwing it off of her.

Quickly regaining her feet, Asuka felt Unit 02 being hauled back. She had forgotten to eject the remains of her umbilical cord, and one of the MP Evas had taken advantage of that by grabbing on to it. Snarling, Asuka ejected the cord with a thought and then spun around faster than she should have been capable of.

If it could have looked surprised the Eva would have when Asuka suddenly grabbed a hold of the cord and jerked on it, hauling the Eva towards her and the blade she had ripped off of one of its brothers. The weapon was still sharp enough to ram through its lower jaw and out the top of its skull with the force Asuka put in it. She then kicked straight out, impacting the MP Eva full in the chest. Armour shattered and flesh caved in, the entire Eva hurled back into the lake in front of Central Dogma, a Nike Swoosh carved into its chest.

Whirling about seeking any combatants still standing, Asuka discovered that the heavy weapons Eva had regained its feet, sort of. It was using its claws and its gun as crutches while it carried something else in its left hand. It looked like a long spear made out of two pieces of metal wrapped around one another, bisecting in the middle to form two long prongs.

The MP Eva braced, and then hurled its weapon with terrific force.

Asuka moved to get out of the way, but she felt it begin to alter course to strike her.

She held up a hand instinctively and projected an AT-field.

The prongs struck the hexagonal orange wall and began to slowly yet inevitably slide through. Asuka blinked in horror just as her field dissolved entirely, and then the copied Lance resumed its regular speed and crashed into Unit 02’s face, taking out two of the eyes on the right side.

Asuka stumbled back a second step. She saw the other three MP Eva’s beginning to rise, their injuries not enough to destroy their cores or Dummy Plugs, their regeneration allowing them to get back in the fight.

She stumbled back a second step, her whole Eva starting to list over with the weight of the spear in its head.

She took one more step back before her power clock ran down to 00:00:00.

In the warp, a daemon clapped with glee. It had had its encore performance.

From Thousand Shinji by Academia Nut
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Postby Neko- » Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:47 am

Gonna be requested: Link?
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Postby CJN » Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:57 am

Neko- wrote:Gonna be requested: Link?
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Postby Comartemis » Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:10 pm

Here's one of many from Shinji and Warhammer40K by Charles Bhepin.

Meanwhile, back in Tokto-3, Gendo Ikari was meeting with SEELE. Even the featureless disguise of Sound Only could not hide how vexed the old conspirators were. Only Keel Lorenz showed a visible form, as his injuries had long prevented any leak of emotion into his face. To him, Gendo was indeed but a child in the ways of intrigue; talented, true, but still bound by the fallibility of his born flesh.

"Of our reduced assets, what we cannot afford to waste... is time." he intoned. "You must ensure that the scenarios are carried out."

"But to gain time, it is necessary to sacrifice other things... material things." was the NERV commander's reply.

"You will have to make do with what you have." SEELE 06 said. "Any additional assets that you require you must find yourself.

"Speaking of reduced assets, it has come to our notice that Shinji Ikari is no longer capable of piloting the Evangelion."

Gendo held back his surprise. He confirmed that just earlier that day. How did the old men know of that so quickly? Who told them? Perhaps Kaji Ryouji, too, had outlived his usefulness. Worse than that though, is the loose lips of Katsuragi and pilots; for who else would have given that to such an obvious spy?

That was the problem. It was too obvious. Therefore, it could only be intentional.

"He still has some use, at least on the public relations side." he replied. "He is not irreplaceable..." he had to emphasize.

Silence stretched out. After a while, SEELE 05 said "Perhaps some congratulations is in order..."

"NERV has performed well, even against the unexpected." added SEELE 04. "You are to be commended in your handling of the boy. Just keep him under control, and we should have no problems."

Gendo blinked. What? "... the circumstances dictate my decisions." He supposed that was neutral enough. "The boy will be tolerated only as far as he is useful."

"Seclusion is convinient for an artificial messiah." continued SEELE 04. "Institutions last longer, more important than mere miracles."

SEELE 05 agreed. "Evangelion tactics are still fresh. However, the co-opting of NNHIS, and the global media... with these, NERV has its own support structure. This is why we can leave you be for a while, to fend for yourself. We expect heightened readiness the next time we meet, Ikari. We must make up for lost time."

"The boy is the fulcrum upon which other institutions may be levered into place." Keel said at last. "But remember that without our initial support, none of these could have been possible. Take care not to rely too much on one trick, for it may yet backfire."

Gendo said nothing.

"So be it. We will have further orders when we finish reloca-..."

Gendo coughed slightly. All attention turned to him, he let that drag on for several tense seconds. "... you had nothing to do with the boy's rise into influence."

Utter silence. Unspoken there, but clear enough, was the admission that their praise was misplaced.

And then there was a moment numb with horror, as they realized that -none of them- there had actually -any- real control over Shinji Ikari. Who, then, was the puppet-master?
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Postby stratagemini » Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:35 pm

Here's two from Gaijin by CarrotGlace.

It was an odd moment. I'll never really forget it.
I found myself wondering why it took me so damn long to realize it. I
really should have figured it out a lot sooner.
I had no real choice in my destiny, no hope for peace in the near

I was finally free, there was no possible way I was going to have any
semblance of a normal life. There was nothing I could do about it. I was
stuck no matter what I did. It would follow me even if I ran to the
other side of the world, even after the messes I was in now were long
since gone.

I was Spiderman, costume or not. I had to help the senshi, I had to
save the world, and I had to do it, or it was my ass that was going to
suffer for it. I had to look death in the eyes and laugh. It was either
that, or die.

Not as easy as it sounds really. Death was right in front of me,
laughing madly as it waved the severed pieces of its victims around like
flags as it landed on the rooftop in front of me. I had to wonder why I
was the one who got stuck with it.

As Usagi Tsukino landed behind me, with a much heavier sounding thump
than a fourteen-year old girl should be able to generate. I didn't have
much time to be introspective. I knew I was looking at Carnage, and I
was Spiderman, with Venom backing me up.

Something right out of a page in a comic book from back home. After
all, here I was a lone hero against a monster, with a reluctant and
unstable ally that would turn on me in an instant? I wondered why I felt
so free at all. After all I was trapped between the two of them. Usagi
hadn't exactly offered any assistance either yet. I knew it would be
coming once she got a taste of that thing. Reluctant assistance
probably, but better than facing this thing alone.

I had no idea what to do as it looked at me. It had landed on a rooftop
in front of us after we had both passed by, catching up to us easily as
we both tried to change our direction as the new threat appeared. Usagi
stopped herself first, clinging to a wall just over the monster as I
landed on the opposite side of the building from it. I was crouched over
the street ready to dodge anything it could toss at me.

What the hell am I doing? I'm no superhero! That was what I was thinking at first glance. As I landed I thought about it a bit more.

Damn it. Yeah, I am. Like it or not, I'm a superhero.

I still have no idea why anyone would dream about having a life like this. Gia really owes me for this one. I did what I thought I should. I opened my mouth to speak first. I kind of wish I hadn't really.


Every step he took towards the street felt heavier. His tasks just kept mounting up. Now he had to fight Goblin, figure out a way to get Usagi out of that thing, get the stupid bitch her powers back, avoid Kei, stay out of the Yakuza's hair for a while and hope those other ninja didn't get brave again, avoid Yakuza hitmen, get the cat's memories back, avoid the violent Chinese National, find a way to get Kajura to leave him the hell alone, find a way to get rid of his new and psychopathic girlfriend, get rid of the freeloading Chinese National, find a new apartment and get some damn solitude, and pick up Michiru by eight.
Carrot noted that the last thing on his list was a date. "Oh god. I've really become Spiderman. This sucks."
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Postby Kakanma » Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:58 pm

From Superwomen of Eva: Emerald Fury, ... erald_Fury

The transformation continued, Misato’s entire body becoming a massive expanse of exquisite muscles as her skin darkened, green spreading across her body. For a time, the only part of her flesh that remained untouched was the massive scar that lay just beneath her breast, the deathly pale skin standing out against the sea of green. But soon, it too faded and disappeared. Her hair remained purple, but it grew in proportion to the rest of her body. All the while, Misato screamed in pain and rage, pleasure and triumph, her face contorted, becoming fiercer, more deadly.

Finally, the convulsions and growth and screams ceased, and the creature that had once been Major Misato Katsuragi of NERV stood before the two children, flexed her muscles, clenched her fists…and roared. All the power made flesh and blood, all the frustration and anger known to humanity, all the lust for battle and destruction, it was all there in that single roar.

Misato, aka The HULK!
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Postby CRBWildcat » Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:24 pm

From a recent chapter of Ainrhyr's Rise of the Chosen:

The Zx-saber pierced Aile, going right through her and embedding itself in the metal behind her.

Then Aile vanished.

Prometheus started. “What the-?”


Prometheus turned at the voice, and was greeted by a fist, which sent him flying.

“Roughly translated, it means, ‘Twin Dreams’. It lets me make a copy of myself, and lets me move elsewhere. I even managed to leave your scythe’s wound behind, but Aile’s body isn’t really built for this particular technique, so I could only use it once.”

“Model Z, I presume? I guess I was right in guessing that you would emerge to save your chosen.”

Prometheus turned, and stopped…then stared.

Aile was standing before him, but she seemed different. He couldn’t place it, until he looked at her eyes.

Her pupils were a dull red color, much like Model Z was.

“So this is the shadow of a hero. Tell me Model Z, do you think yourself strong enough? You appear to have awakened, but your power seems to be lacking. Where is the energy that you gave off in Area D?”

Aile/Model Z grinned. “That was more X’s doing than mine. As for being a ‘shadow of a hero’, you couldn’t be further from the truth.”

The voice was unnerving, as it was a weird hybrid of Aile’s voice, and another voice. Something stirred uneasily in Prometheus’s gut, but he wasn’t sure what. “What do you mean?”

“There is a being called a cyber elf. It is the spirit of a deceased human or a reploid that has encountered cyberspace. In a word, it is the digital representation of that person. When a physical being dies, their entire being is transferred into cyberspace, which then takes the form of a cyber elf.”

Aile/Model Z smirked wickedly. “And what is a Biometal in the simplest of terms, but a physical shell wrapped around a cyber elf? I don’t think I need to say the name; you should be able to guess just whose cyber elf, whose spirit, resides in what you call Model Z.”

And then Prometheus knew. He knew just who, no, what he faced. He had sought to awaken the sleeping lion within Model Z, but the lion had revealed itself to be a dragon in disguise. Prometheus now faced the dragon’s fiery maw within those burning red eyes, and he felt an emotion he’d never encountered before: fear.

The crimson-armored warrior tossed Prometheus his scythe, while casually flipping the Zx-saber into her/his left hand.

“You want to see my power? So be it; I’ll show you what I’ve got. After all, it would be discourteous of me to not to fight you after you went to such lengths to awaken me.”

Prometheus slowly readied himself for battle, but in his mind he despaired, for unless he was mistaken, the being that stood before him was not Aile, nor Model Z, nor even the mere shade of a warrior from a war-torn past.

“…Destruction Incarnate...”
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Postby Alathon » Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:50 pm

From MTCFF Ultra episode #21:
"*Shinji, I'm going to activate the dummy plug in your suit, and we'll discuss this later. Clearly you aren't thinking about your actions--*"

EVA-01 made a motion, at last. Shinji's sync rate flared to 99.9%, a new high, as the hand holding the angel pulled in close, to protect her; and equally, while the unit raised its other arm, twisted its hand around, and extended one middle finger.

"CRAM IT WITH WALNUTS, Dad! I'm still Shinji Ikari, but I'm not doing your dirty work anymore!"

Promptly followed up with:
"It's no use!" Misato shouted. "EVA-01's blood type just went full blue! It's switched sides!"

"... I have wet my pants," Gendo quietly declared.
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Postby Neko- » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:28 am

The first comment kinda wets the senses to reading something fun... the second comment... Well... that basically demands this being read. :D
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Postby Comartemis » Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:46 pm

Here's a pair of epic moments from The Titans and the Lost Boy, a Ranma/Teen Titans crossover by Lathis.

The next several days had passed quite quickly for the Headmaster. He had been grading student performances frantically; the data from their latest test had been impressive to say the least. Things were going better than he could have ever hoped: Ryouga’s initial enrollment and Nabiki’s subsequent plans had catapulted his prized Academy months if not years ahead of his once projected timetable.

Already four of the five Titans were captured, only the dark Raven was left to go. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do with the Titans after Nabiki had captured them all. Perhaps he would simply destroy them, or perhaps convert them into future students as well. Frankly at the moment he couldn’t care less, he was just so pleased with how things had been progressing as of late.

Idly he turned to face the large monitor set up beside his desk. Ah yes, the students were finally in position. Nabiki had sent Mammoth, See-more and Kyd Wykkyd to collect the wayward Titan. She hadn’t been overly motivated to capture the last Titan, saying that the blind girl wasn’t a threat, but the Headmaster had finally decided there was no longer a reason to delay the girl’s capture.

He watched smugly as the massive orange haired teen ran forward and started to smash open the heavy lobby doors of the Tower even as See-more used his force field to protect them from the buildings automated defense cannons. The heavy reverberations of Mammoth’s fists plowing into the steel doors were quite satisfying. And the Headmaster always loved the sound of laser fire.

After several well placed punches the heavy blast doors finally gave way and the trio ran into the tower. Unfortunately the aerial cameras couldn’t get close enough to the tower to enter it without being destroyed by the automated lasers. It would likely be several minutes before he saw any activity from within the –

Suddenly the sounds of bone crushing violence flowed out of the tower.

Mammoth flew out of the massive hole that was once a door, landing in a crumpled heap some dozen meters outside the tower. The massive boy’s form was soon followed by the smaller forms of See-more and Kyd Wykkyd, both of them colliding painfully with the larger boy.

What had happened! There was no way that the lone Titan could have overpowered the three students by herself! And certainly not if she was blinded as Mousse had claimed she was! Frantically he zoomed in on the entrance of the building, trying to get a glimpse of what might have happened in the building. His unasked question was soon answered though.

Another figure exited the tower, this one walking confidently and whistling a tune. This new figure was a boy, wearing a Chinese style red shirt and a pair of loose black pants. Other than that they boy had stony blue eyes and wore his hair in a tight braid at the back of his neck.

Then somehow, and the Headmaster wasn’t certain how, the boy looked directly into the aerial camera through which he was watching . . . and waved jauntily! The boy then spoke loudly and clearly.


...and a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Kasumi of all people.

For perhaps the first time in her life, Kasumi was completely frozen with fear. She could feel the Headmaster's claws hovering just over her neck, an uncomfortable energy trying desperately to consume her delicate skin with its hateful heat. The worst part was that she knew he would do it; he would kill her without hesitation if he felt the need. It was all she could do to keep her neck as still as possible, even as her hands trembled like leaves in the wind.

“You see, Nabiki, there is a fine line between a simple criminal and a true villain. It is a line that I do not think you are capable of even understanding at this time, and it is a line which I crossed long, long ago.” The refined voice flowed past her ear, the warmth of the man’s breath setting her skin to crawling.

The eldest Tendo could only watch the reactions of the people that surrounded her. Right before her, Nabiki stood, true fear showing on her face for the first time that Kasumi could remember, she could scarcely remember the last time that she hadn't seen her dear little sister in control of a situation. Further away, Akane wore a matching expression, too shocked to even get angry. All around the room, her family and friends, both old and new, dropped into stances that suggested violence only barely restrained, but no one, hero, martial artist or villain, dared to move against her captor.

“You are indeed a brilliant young woman, perhaps too brilliant for your own good. You considered this to be a game, a challenge; you spent so much time scheming and plotting in your own manipulative way, that you forgot the brutal and violent nature of our chosen profession. Yes, you've broken my mental dominion over your fellow students, but . . . there are so very many ways to manipulate people.” The Headmaster then emphasized his point, as Kasumi felt the heat around her neck intensify painfully. Against her will, she let out a tiny gasp of pain from the brief contact.

The sound seemed to rally everyone in the room. Mammoth growled in rage and it seemed to be all his companions could do to stop him from charging forward. Such a sweet boy, she would certainly miss him after all of this was done. She had faith that things would work out though. She wasn't certain how, but she knew that her sisters would never let anything happen to her . . .

. . . right?

Ranma and Akane dashed forward some, both of their faces clouded with fear and anger now, but they stopped instantly when the Headmaster elicited another squeal of pain from her injured throat.

“I hope you're taking notes Nabiki, I wouldn't want you to miss such a valuable lesson in true villainy.” Kasumi couldn't see the man behind her at all, but she could feel him stand straighter, as if he was preparing to address the entire chamber. His hand never wavered a hair from her neck though.

“I admit that this situation is a bit troubling for me, however, even though I may lose some students in the long run, I believe there is still one last victory I can salvage here. This all began with my desire to destroy the Titans, and that is where it shall end.” declared the Headmaster from behind her. She could see everyone in the room tense up, one by one, as it appeared the Headmaster gazed at them all from behind her back. “Nabiki, you and your fellow students will obey this order. Akane and Mr. Saotome, I suggest that unless you wish to see dear, sweet Kasumi die . . . that you and your small harem assist them.” She could practically feel the vile smile of the man behind her.

The looks of indecision and confusion that engulfed the faces of her sisters and friends nearly broke her heart. She could hear curses of frustration and helplessness from every corner of the chamber as everyone came to grips with just how serious the situation had just become. Slowly, the five Titans began to move away from everyone, nervous expressions blooming as they watched every villain and martial artist in the room turn to regard them with conflicted eyes.

At the one side of the room, Raven painstaking backed herself against the wall. Before her, Ranma gently lowered Ryouga to the ground as he turned to face her, swearing loudly to himself. Akane by his side, nearly in tears herself. Not far off, Konatsu merely watched in morbid fascination.

Near the center of the room, Beast Boy and Starfire quickly spun so that they were back to back. Surrounding them was a veritable army of martial artists, Tatewaki, Mousse, Ukyou, Shampoo, Kodachi and Cologne. Even Bumblebee turned to regard the Titans, a look of sad resignation in her eyes and a whispered apology on her lips.

Jinx shared a sad look with Cyborg, as her, Gizmo and Mammoth all moved to intercept the unfortunate boy. Robin pulled out a tiny cylinder which quickly expanded into a long Bo staff, as he was surrounded by her classmates, Kyd Wykkyd, Billy and XL.

Kasumi could feel tears forming in her eyes. The sight before her was just too terrible for words. She was in the unique position where she had befriended nearly every single person in this room; the only person that she had never had a chance to get to know, was the unfortunate Titan, Raven. She – she couldn't bear the idea of all of her friends and family fighting each other, even worse, of her precious sister, Akane, being forced to do something so – so terrible!

“I-I'm sorry Raven . . . I really don't want do this . . . but what choice do I have?” She could hear Akane's pained voice from across the room. All Raven appeared to be able to do was nod in weak understanding.

The tension in her chest became nearly painful as she watched all of her loved ones close in around the Titans, preparing themselves to do what they felt needed to be done. All around the chamber, energies began to flare, pink, green, golden, black. She wanted to close her eyes, to squeeze them shut and block out the violence that seemed only moments away, but she just couldn't. In a matter of seconds, this room would be thrust into a brutal battle . . .

And it was all because of her!

She looked around the room one last time, trying to memorize the face of everyone present before the fight began. Every single person in the room was utterly intent on their opponents, every set of eyes locked firmly on their unfortunate quarry . . .

Every set except one . . . Happosai stared down at her, his gaze piercing her with steely determination. She didn't know how, but she could sense it; he was just waiting for an opening, any opening at all. But she had come to know the Headmaster as well. His concentration was complete, there was no way that he would leave an opening now, even as he watched the upcoming battle, his breathing heavy with anticipation.

. . . a strange thought bubbled up from the back of her mind.

As carefully as she could, she took a deep, cleansing breath and cleared her mind of everything. This fear that was gripping her heart, it wasn't productive, not at all! After all, she was Kasumi, wasn't she? Everyone always told her what a tranquil and serene young woman she was. She was used to riding the wave of chaos that Ranma had brought with him and still maintaining her calm and positive attitude. Surely she could clear her mind of any pesky thoughts, even in a situation as . . . sticky as this one. All she had to do was keep her mind empty until the last . . . possible . . . second.

Serenely as a mountain lake, she turned her head as much as her captor’s gloved hand would allow. It was just enough, allowing her to look the old man in the eye and grace him with a beatific smile. For just a moment, a tiny moment indeed, she caught his gaze and he looked at her in confusion. Using every shred of will power she possessed to keep her mind blank, she just smiled wider and -

“Mr. Headmaster,” she whispered, just loud enough for him to hear. “You really are a #&.”

The look on his face was absolutely priceless; she couldn't have imagined a greater impact had she dropped a bombshell on the poor man. She allowed herself a tiny smile of satisfaction; it appeared that all of her training in the villainous arts had finally paid off. And just like that, she had her opening.

Her movement was so fast, that the Headmaster had only the time to gasp in shock before it was too late. Her hands flew up, faster than she had ever moved, and wrapped around the Headmaster's cruelly glowing hand. She stifled her scream of pain as best as she could as her skin boiled at the contact, but she refused to let go. With every ounce of strength she had, she twisted his hand down and away from her vulnerable neck.

At the same time, she brought her right foot up behind her with as much force as she could muster. Her heel collided with something rather harshly. Instantly all of the strength flowed out of her captor’s body. She wasn't sure where she hit him, but judging by his shocking words, she had a good idea.

Her cheeks reddened faintly at the rude words that her former teacher had just squeaked into her ear, there was only one thing that she could think to say after that.

“Oh my!


“Oh my!”

Jinx spun around just in time to see Kasumi twist the Headmaster's arm down and away from her neck. She then swung to the side and continued to twist his arm with enough force that she flipped the old man head over heels to crash onto his back. The entire chamber dropped to dead silence, a pin fall likely would have been deafening at that particular moment. The graceful brunette then looked down at her shell shocked victim and almost frowned.

“You know, Mr. Headmaster, I'm starting to doubt that you are an accredited teacher at all.” she scolded him heavily.
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Postby Comartemis » Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:59 am

Okay, this one isn't actually fanfiction; it's original fiction, a fic called Armageddon??? by a guy named Stuart on The basic premise is that God's in his heaven but all's not right with the world; Yahweh has been putting the whole human race on since the beginning of time, the gates of heaven are closed for good and mankind is doomed to suffer in hell for the rest of eternity. Except mankind in general doesn't care much for that idea, and summarily declares war on Old Scratch and all his little friends, with god and the heavenly host added in as payback for their betrayal of our collective faith.

What follows is a nonstop chain of Crowning Moments of Awesome as the whole human race bands together to destroy the legions and conquer hell in the name of all who've been wrongfully consigned there.

Among Stuart's many accomplishments thus far (I'm only at chapter 8 so far) is what must be the first and only Crowning Moment of Awesome to ever to be awarded to George W. Freaking Bush. Hats off everyone, Stuart's done the impossible.

The Oval Office, The White House, Washington D.C.

“My fellow Americans.” President Bush paused, then shook his head. “No, my fellow humans, for today we all stand shoulder to shoulder against a threat that promised to engulf us all. Truly, in these desperate days, if we do not hang together, we will all hang separately. Today, there are no Americans, no Russians, no Japanese or Chinese or Australians. We are all humans together and it is to each other that we must look for our survival. We cannot hope for aid or help from others, we stand alone with only each other and the tools of our joint ingenuity to protect us.

“We have learned, beyond any shadow of a doubt that Hell and Heaven both exist but that the doors to the latter are closed to us. If we lose the fight in which we are now engaged, the entire human race faces only a screaming eternity. Hell and Heaven both have, by both word and deed, declared their undying hatred of Mankind united, and as such we return it tenfold. As of this day, we find ourselves embroiled in a war, the war, Armageddon as it was never once dreamed in the worst nightmares of our forefathers, a war not between Heaven and Hell for our own salvation, but between Heaven and Hell and Humanity, a war we must win completely and utterly if we desire the slightest chance of sparing untold generations of future men and women a literal eternity of suffering. We claimed to be fighting in a 'War on Terror', now we find ourselves allied with our former enemies, they are our brothers in a wider struggle, on all of those who would condemn humanity to an eternity of suffering.

“Once, mere weeks ago, I would have prayed to God to have mercy on our souls. Now I, and all others on this Earth, know better; the being many of us once worshipped as a God has stated in no uncertain terms that there will be no mercy on our souls. To that 'God,' to Lucifer, to all the angels and devils massing to rend and destroy the hope of Humanity's future, I respond: You who would show us no mercy shall receive none in return, for the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve do not suffer betrayal!

“Today we struck our first blow at our oppressors. Acting on national intelligence information received from reliable informants, a Predator aircraft operated by an intelligence organization struck at a major enemy leadership figure. It is believed the attack was successful and the target was killed. This is the first in a series of targeted assassinations aimed specifically at the enemy leadership. There will be more. They will not know where the blows will come from or when they will strike but there will be more.

“In the war we are about to fight, we will take casualties, probably more than at any time in our history. But in this war, our fight does not end with death. I charge those who fall to spread the word in hell. Humanity is coming. We will not stop, we will not cease, we will not fail. To all those in hell we say, hold fast, we are coming. No matter what it costs, no matter what the sacrifices we must make, no matter how long it takes, no matter who we trample on the way, we are coming for you. You will be freed, your souls will be liberated from torment. You will be saved, not by prayer or submission to the will of some self-proclaimed deity but by the force of our arms. No human will be left behind. I will say that again so there is no misunderstanding. Myths speak or rapture in which many will be ‘left behind’. This may be their way but it is not ours. We serve notice. No human will be left in the clutches of those who would hold us in bondage for all eternity. On that promise may our enemies rest in an uneasy and frightened sleep.

Thank you, and good night.”

Never mind what he does for the people who are actually doing the fighting.

The Fifth Circle of Hell

Lieutenant Jade Kim tried to move. She was stretched out on some form of frame, her wrists secured by an iron shackle with a heavy spike driven through the palm of her hands. The pain caused by her moving was severe but that was the least of her problems. She was submerged in a ghastly mass that seemed to be comprised of equal portions of mud, toxic waste and raw sewage, she was drowning in it, only able to breath by the occasional drafts of air as the movement of the foul swamp briefly exposed her face. She had no idea how long she’d been here but she did know she’d be in this place for eternity unless she did something about it. Or, worse, she might be hauled out for another dose of the treatment she’d got when she had arrived. Gang rape was so unimaginative but she knew that if she hadn’t already been dead, the internal damage the baldricks had done would have killed her.

Time for applying the lessons driven home at SERE school. The drill taught by the instructors, Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape. Lesson in part four was that all bonds would loosen in time if worked on. Of course she’d never been nailed down at SERE. The spike through her hand was the first problem, until that was out, she couldn’t do much else. She twisted her hand around, trying to get a grip on the spike, succeeded even though the effort sent waves of pain up her arm. Then she started to rock it from side to side. She had no idea how long she kept trying for, it seemed like forever, but suddenly she was aware the spike was moving slightly with her pressure. Encouraged, she kept up the effort, feeling the motion increasing as the spike worked free. Then, at last, it was loose and she worked it up through her fingers, exquisitely careful not to drop it. Who knew how deep this foul muck was and anything dropped would never be found again.

But, with the spike free, she had a lever at last. Still with painstaking care, she worked it around and pushed it under the iron bracket that held her wrist down. Once more she started to push, levering the bracket away from its frame. In time, it loosened and she took a deep breath. The way she had been taught, she crossed her thumb over the palm of her hand and wrenched. Her hand slid under the shackle, scraping skin off in the process but her arm was free. That made levering the rest of the ironwork off her much, much easier. Her arms and legs freed, she was able to move and she now had four spikes as weapons.

The sight once she got her head out of the muck was grim, some sort of river meandering through the gray, foul-smelling wasteland. Enough to fill anybody with despair which was, she supposed, quite intentional. There were rocky outcrops from the swamp, breaking the featureless plain but they didn’t matter too much right now. She’d survived and escaped, now it was time to evade. She stood, sinking in the foul mess up to her waist, and started to make her way to one of the rocks. It would be a start, but she’d only managed a few feet when she bumped into another cross under the mud. Instinctively, she reached down to clean the filth off the face of the victim.

“Hi ell-tee.” It was McInery, the pilot of Tango-one-five-Charlie.

“Hi Mac. Hold tight. I’ll help you get out of this.” With her spikes as levers, she was able to pry the shackles off quickly. “Salvage the spikes, we’re going to need them.”

She looked around quickly, it suddenly occurred to her that all the members of her unit would probably be close at hand. It didn’t take long to prove that correct and not much longer to get the six members of Recon Team Tango One-Five out.

“You’re out of uniform ell-tee.” McInery noted the fact casually. Kim looked at him and laughed, the first time that sound had been heard here for longer than anybody could remember.

“So are you sergeant.” She reached out and quickly drew three chevrons on his bare arm, using the mud that coated them all. “There, that’s better.”

“You OK ell-tee?” Robinson, her co-pilot on Tango-one-five-Alpha spoke with pity in his voice, another thing that had never been heard for longer than anybody knew.

Kim glanced down, the damage the demons had done to her was obvious, even though the wounds were healing unnaturally fast. “Won’t do much good for my future sex life.” Then her voice caught and shook as the memory quickly overwhelmed her. “It wasn’t the size, it was the barbs.” Then she shook herself. It was gone, past. Now was time for the group to evade.

Only, something else got in the way. Or, to be more precise, the supervisor of this area did. Jarakeflaxis was doing his routine rounds, amusing himself by disemboweling some of the humans choking in the swamp. In truth, he wasn’t paying much attention to his surroundings, he’d been doing this round for millennia. He heard something, that wasn’t unusual, moans, screams wails, all were quite familiar to him. Only this sounded like a human woman yelling “take him down.” Then six figures smacked into him, knocking him over and swarming on top of him.

Jarakeflaxis couldn’t believe it, they were humans. What were free humans doing here? They were slamming metal spiked into him, keeping him pinned down as he floundered in the mud. One of the humans was the woman he and his friends had enjoyed not so long ago. She had a spike in her hand and he could see the gratification in her eyes as she started her swing. Then, he could see nothing because they’d driven their spikes into his eyes and he was blinded.

Kim looked down at the torn, shattered body. Rage, hatred and Krav Maga had killed Jarakeflaxis, killed him dead. So started the Resist bit of SERE. “Well done boys. Get him over to the rock there.”

They dragged the body over, then Kim drove spikes through its hands, crucifying it against the outcrop. Then, she dipped the hand in its green blood and painted four letters over the scene.

“PFLH?” McInery was confused.

“People’s Front for the Liberation of Hell.” Kim grinned savagely. “That’s us boys. Let’s tear this place apart.”
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Re: Fanfiction Crowning Moments of Awesome

Postby CRBWildcat » Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:45 am

Several moments from Pivitor's The Ultimate Cruise, a Teen Titans/One Piece crossover.

First up, Ussop and Terra get one against Slade, overcoming cowardice, mind control, and the plots of a madman:

Usopp heaved a sigh of relief as he saw Sanji's captor crumble into icy dust. Well, I sure showed Slade! That's one friend Captain Usopp saved; time for the other!

However, the braggart was in mid-turn as the ground beneath his feet upturned itself, ensnaring his feet. Usopp screamed, but before he could do anything else two more pillars of dirt shot up, ensnaring his wrists as well. They squeezed the pirate's limbs in a merciless grip; Usopp's hands shot open and his slingshot fell to the ground.

“That was a sneaky move.” Slade said, pacing forwards towards his capture. “It was also futile. You think your friend will fare better against two opponents then he did three?”

The electronic halo continued to spark up Terra's body as her hand rose into the air. Chunks of stone floated above Usopp, combining together into a spear-like rock. It was a blade that could pierce the captive pirate's very life.

“Your cowardice is almost as annoying as your tenacity.” Slade growled. The floating weapon began to tremble as Terra's hand balled into a fist. Her face contorted into the malevolent grin you'd imagine Slade wore beneath his mask. “They shall both come to an end here!”

Usopp's battered body shook as he slowly raised his head. His eyes met with Terra's, and for one split second he saw the true girl within.

“Terra…” Usopp coughed as his stone shackles suddenly tightened, but gritting his teeth he carried on anyway. “You…you can't let him do this…”

Her grin drooped, and in frustration Slade made her arm lower. However, the rock didn't budge.

“Sure you gave him control…but you—you realized what you did wrong! Your mistake…is just a mistake…your loss…is nothing.”

Usopp panted, each breath more labored than the last. With pressure building Slade increased his power, and Terra was nearly hidden behind the veil of Slade's control. However, his weapon still didn't respond.

“Maybe he gave you control…but it's yours now…it's your power, your control, your body…only you have the right to use it!”

The ground around Terra crumbled as her aura expanded. Beads of sweat rolled down her face as her hair started to stand on end.

“If you keep letting Slade use you…if you let him kill me…it'll be a bigger mistake than your betrayal ever was!”

As soon as the scream left his lips he knew it was over. Either Terra would pull through or he would die. He didn't want to die. He still had Kaya and the Usopp Pirates back at home, and he hadn't even made it to Elbaf yet. There were his friends who were no doubt fighting for their lives too, and most important of all there was this girl fighting for her freedom just several feet away.

He was risking all of that just to save her. He could die, but yet life seemed unappealing without Terra. He would only live on if she could too. He…he would risk his life for her!

As Terra's powers struggled for control he felt his strength leaving his body. He didn't have the strength to watch anymore. He had to have faith in Terra. He closed his eyes, confident his friend would prevail, yet prepared for the worse.

With this action, he came closer to becoming a brave warrior of the sea then anybody realized.

Finally her senses had fully returned. She couldn't let Slade kill Usopp, and the screams of her friend finally made her realize only she could stop him! So what if she had lost once? Then she had been fighting only to clear her name. This time it was different. This time she had somebody to save. She had somebody believing in her!

Usopp was placing his life on the line. She couldn't let that gamble be his end! She had rebelled against Slade in the first place because of the kindness of her teammates, but this was the first time she had seen it so clearly!

She finally realized any of her other friends would do the same: especially Beast Boy. How lucky was she to have two friends who loved her so dearly? No matter what happened after this fight, or after this entire incident, these two would forever do anything for her! It was time for her to return their love!

Beast Boy's love helped heal her finally feel like she belonged; Usopp's helped her finally realize her true power. She would forever love these two, and it was time to show it!

Terra screamed like she never had before. Her hair stood completely on end as her yellow aura exploded. It flooded through the room, completely wiping out the last remnants of Slade's control. The devices Slade had used implanted within her shattered as the power of the very Earth itself flowed through her, and only seconds later the crystal Mother had given her did the same. The threat looming above Usopp exploded into harmless dust, and the stones binding him also seemingly dissolved.

Usopp fell backwards until he felt himself in somebody's arms. Opening his eyes he saw the face of his love; with Slade's control gone, he could finally see both her eyes again.

Fast forward a little bit. Just prior to this coming scene, one of the antagonists (who had the ability to see the future to some extent) had gotten done blasting Slade through his own hideout, and was supporting her lover as he prepared to annihilate the protagonists. Guess who spoils the party...

Iso laughed as power built in Eehuah. “It's certainly been fun getting to play with you all, but the time has come to put an end to this for good! After all, I can't spend too much time here with you when there are more heroes…”

He turned to Robin as he continued. “…better heroes to get out of the way of my plans.” The Boy Wonder's teeth gnashed at the insinuation. “Don't feel bad though! Your lives aren't without meaning! I mean, you've revived me, haven't you?!”

`This is it!' Toa exclaimed in her mind, `This is what I've been waiting for, the moment I've bragged to Cyborg about and replayed through my Yoken Yoken over and over!

`Now is the time that my love will launch the one, final attack that obliterates the Straw Hat Pirates, Teen Titans, and this worthless base once and for all!'

However, despite whatever the oracle had foreseen, time and fate decided to play games with the future. Just as the great power moved to act on his threats, an explosion rocked the far wall. As rubble poured like dirty rain more blasts detonated, and an entire wall on the far side of the room started to crumble.

“No!” Toa exclaimed, so worked up that she spoke her thoughts aloud. “This isn't what's supposed to happen! Not at all!”

“What's the matter? Can't handle the unexpected?”

From high atop a plateau, where the Stone of Iso Toa had been kept and Iso had been released, a figure moved from the shadows, his black and silver costume torn and shredded but his gait not showing the same signs of damage. As he walked he placed a brand new brown and black mask, with only one eyehole, over his perpetually unseen face.

“Perhaps you should learn to be more flexible,” Slade suggested. “After all, I couldn't let you kill the children. I've reserved that right for myself!”

Both Robin and Toa's face contorted into physics defying shapes. “Slade?!”

“Obviously,” the madman stated, as if he hadn't been blown through a wall by a spiraling energy beam and presumed dead. “That was only a flesh wound compared to some of the things I've been through. However, I know you're capable of worse—and besides, I've been looking forward to killing you too, old woman.

“I've activated the base's self-destruct mechanism. We only have minutes to go before this entire hideout falls in on itself. Tell me, `Great Power', can even you survive that?”

Iso smiled, prepared to answer until Toa leapt into the air and tackled Slade, sending the terrorist across his own base and into the catwalks and beams lining the ceiling. Slade arched into a landing, and the Iso-jin founder wasn't far behind.

“It's your fault!” She exclaimed. “You're the one who's ruined everything!”

Again Toa lunged, but a well-placed roundhouse kick sent her sprawling to the side. “My my, it seems you have some issues to work out,” Slade observed before dashing after her.
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Re: Fanfiction Crowning Moments of Awesome

Postby CRBWildcat » Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:44 pm

A moment from Ainrhyr's Rise of the Chosen. I'm sorry; I can't really summarize this all that well.

Aile gave an ungainly yelp as a green mine suddenly appeared in front of her, almost out of thin air. She barely turned aside enough to avoid setting it off. She recovered her balance and slid to a halt.

“Guys, I think we’re in trouble.”

A mass of green-colored mines had simply appeared around her. Protectos had probably launched them along with his other mines. Given how they flashed when she approached them, they were likely triggered by proximity.

And they surrounded her in a tight horseshoe pattern, with the only opening facing directly towards Protectos.

“And such a waste of missiles this is.” The Pseudoroid lamented dryly. “And all to kill one annoying little Chosen One who dared to oppose Master Serpent. At least you’ll die knowing you were unable to match the full firepower of Protectos, the Model P Pseudoroid!”

Aile shifted to the Fx-Armor, the only armor she had with half a chance of holding off the barrage, and took aim.

Missiles flew at her. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Aile fired back desperately with her knuckle busters, but like before, the wall of dying missiles edged closer and closer to her.

Firepower!? You dare pass this pitiful show of force off as firepower!?

Unlike before, however, was the presence of a certain pissed off Biometal.

Figures. Zero groaned, although there was a pleased note to his groaning. Idiot Pseudoroid, spouting on about who has the biggest gun. Now you’ve gone and woken up Fefnir.

Aile! The newly awakened Fefnir yelled. Let me show this chump what real firepower means!

“Uh, if it gets us out of this, sure.”

With access to his original schematics, Fefnir took over Aile in a flash of light, essentially re-engaging the Fx-Armor. Of course, the armor itself didn’t look all that different from the previous version, asides from slightly bulkier leg armor.

The difference was in the guns.

“Let me show you my secret weapon! The weapon I designed myself two centuries ago to defeat Zero!”

The first, and smallest change, was the orange-tinted HUD visor that slid into place over Aile’s eyes. But that was just the beginning.

The outer surfaces of the two buster weapons flashed briefly, then opened slightly, revealing recessed weapon ports hidden throughout the weapon. There were only a few, given that their size was almost equal to the main barrels of both weapons (Which were still spewing out plasma, by the way).

Where there were only two guns and two barrels, there were now twelve, with each gun bearing three weapon ports extending diagonally forwards from the flat outer sides, two ports extending diagonally forwards on the top and bottom of the guns, and of course the main barrel itself aimed straight forwards.

“Guidance systems…ok. Plasma capacity…adequate. Targeting array…#^%$. Of all the things to be missing, it had to be the Omni. Oh well, have to make do without it. Initializing stationary locks.”

The additional bulk in the armor’s legs revealed itself to be several pneumatic spikes, which promptly slammed themselves deep into the ground, locking Aile in her current position.

“That’s to offset the recoil.” Fefnir offered in way of explanation.

The wall of dying missiles was very close now.

Without warning, each individual missile was identified on the orange HUD visor by a small marker, indicating that it was targeted. This surprised Aile, since she actually couldn’t see all of the missiles to begin with.

“All systems check out. Even without my original Knuckle Busters or the Omni, I can still overpower you! Volleyfire System, ENGAGE!”

Each and every weapon port on Fefnir’s knuckle busters spat plasma. Then they did it again…and again…and they kept firing. Aile felt Fefnir strain to keep her body level from the immense recoil.

And to Aile’s surprise, as well as the surprise of the other Biometals, the diagonally-fired plasma bolts arced back through the air to detonate on the incoming missiles.

The advancing wall of shrapnel ground to a halt under the weight of such power.

“During the latter years of the war with the Resistance, Neo Arcadia designed and built a new type of independent, standalone missile defense system. It combined hundreds of multi-directional laser cannons with a unique Omni-sensor targeting system, capable of finding and targeting an immense number of incoming threats at one time, regardless of what those threats might happen to be. It was designed to single-handedly defeat the missile barrages of warship fleets, or missile attacks from outer space. It was simply called the ‘Omni’, due to the ‘Omni Array’ it used as its centerpiece.”

The standoff continued for a brief moment. Protectos continued firing hundreds of missiles at Aile/Fefnir, who retaliated with hundreds of plasma bolts in response. And not one plasma bolt missed the missile it had been aimed at.

“I, following my defeat at Zero’s hands during the incident with Elpizo, was looking for a weapon to give me an edge over Zero and his lightning-fast attacks. With some help from Leviathan, I implemented a plasma guidance system into my original knuckle busters Sodom and Gomorrah, giving them the power to arc plasma bolts towards a given location, somewhat like arcing an artillery shell. But without a means to localize targets, I couldn’t do much with it, since my onboard targeting systems could only keep up with twenty or so individual targeting locations. Until I learned about the Omni, that is.”

The wall of fire where the two forces met began to shift, slowly at first, but with increasing rapidity, towards the Pseudoroid.

“I swiped a copy of the Omni Array, and installed it into my Knuckle Busters, thus giving me the potential to aim and fire concentrated plasma volleys anywhere I want. Even without it, the impression left on the Biometal by it’s existence is enough to effectively target and eliminate up to 700 individual targets, or target just one individual target that many times at once.”

The strain on Protectos’s face was evident. Smoke began to rise from his arms as he pushed them beyond their operational capacity, in a desperate attempt to push back the oncoming storm of orange plasma.

“And that’s just with my current level of plasma output, not to mention my current lack of the Omni Array itself. If I had my original plasma generators, my original Knuckle Busters, and the Omni Array, I could theoretically localize, target, and fire upon approximately 1.8 million individual targets. What’s more, I could generate enough plasma to actually hit each of those targets with a single plasma bolt, at precisely the same instant. Or, inversely, hit a single target with almost 2 million plasma bolts at almost the exact same time. Not even Zero would be capable of dodging all of them.”

“Unfortunately, I ‘died’ before I could test it on Zero. But that doesn’t mean I can’t test it on you!”

Protectos gave a frantic scream, just as the oncoming storm of plasma broke through everything he could put in its way. And the truth of Fefnir’s words came out as Aile’s HUD finally identified only two targets in its way.

Protectos’s head and arms.

Bolt after bolt after bolt of plasma erupted in the Pseudoroid’s face. Metal charred and vaporized under the weight of that impossible barrage. Each and every bolt went home on the mechaniloid’s weak spots with eye-widening precision. If God himself had guided those plasma bolts home, they couldn’t possibly have been more accurate.

Finally, the incomplete Fx-Knuckle Busters overheated, and Fefnir was forced to cease fire. The air surrounding the Knuckle Busters was hazy with heat as he lowered them at last.

“And that is the definition of true firepower.” Fefnir pumped his/her buster-clad fist upwards. Nobody outguns Fighting Fefnir! Nobody!!"

And before them, what remained of Protectos, the Model P Pseudoroid, toppled to the ground with a dull crash.
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