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Postby Neko- » Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:44 pm

Black Dragons Takahashi Soup:
Kasumi's smile seemed a bit strained. Not because she was angry or upset with anyone, but more because she had had time for the full reality of the situation to grow on her conscience. "Now Akane, Ataru doesn't seem... THAT bad..."
Nabiki held back a snicker. "Kasumi, PLEASE, don't even try. Before she loses whatever faith she still has in you."
Kasumi kept going however, even as Akane fumed at her. "At least he seems very affectionate. And he does seem to really like you-"
"-And your breasts, legs, and tight little butt," Nabiki teased, causing Akane to start twitching.
"-and Ataru really does seem to want to make this relationship work," Kasumi finished, a sweatdrop on her head.
"-So that he can finally get to the honeymoon," Nabiki added playfully.
"Nabiki, you're not helping at all," Kasumi complained, "I'm trying to help Akane see the bright side of this."
Nabiki rolled her eyes. "And thus it falls to me to help Akane see reality."

The man shrugged. "I'm sorry, but I received specific instructions from Genma Saotome that if you were to show up as a boy and demand that the records be changed, that I was to refuse, and splash you with this glass of water here." He quickly took up a glass of water sitting on his desk, and then tossed its contents at Ranma.
Ranma calmly grabbed a picture off of the vice principal's desk and held it up, deftly blocking the spray of liquid.
The vice principal blinked. "Hey! That's my picture of my family!"
"What are you whining about?" Ranma muttered, "it's in a frame." Then he tossed the glass-framed photo over his shoulder.
Ranma then leaned over to rest his arms on the VP's desk. "Just make the changes, and this will be nice and painless, for both of us."
The man's face contorted slightly, and then he stood up and pointed to the door of his office. "Get out. Now."
Ranma's eyes narrowed. "Change the forms. Now."
"Or what?"
"Or I'll just changed them myself!" Ranma shouted angrily.
"Ha!" The VP laughed, "you think I'm just going to stand by and let you go through my files? You'll have to get through me, first!"
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Kakanma » Sun Aug 16, 2009 2:56 pm

From the latest chapter of Shinji and Warhammer40K

Asuka sighed. Gnarled roots, in size dwarfing even her Eva, whipped around.
Those that sprang at her Evangelion fell apart, in pieces, before reaching her.
This despite that her hammer had no cutting edges whatsover.

"We. Are not afraid." She looked up, hefting her hammer with both hands. "I said it
before, I don't care. Bring it. If we have to, we'll HAMMER HEAVEN! HAMMER HELL!
Reduce all obstacles into light! This is -our- world! This is the path we have chosen!
We shall fight against the tide of genocide and BREAK THROUGH into tomorrow!"

She felt a presence inside her plug, hands over her own grip on the control handles.
'Is it something to be proud of, being a destroyer? To be the best at it?' She thought
of those waiting for her to return, and felt... approval. 'The fires consume, but also
clear the way. Someone has to blaze the path to renewal... and it is ours.'

It was still ridiculous. She was going to break something nearly solid all the way
through, a city in itself, with one hammer? The core was even off-center, so anything
other than a direct hit would be as futile as spitting at a glacier.

Everything about it, even the AT-field, had such overwhelming superiority. The drill
head spun, and a minature tornado formed around the Eva; blowing aside the dust
and debris. Asuka focused her will into the chamber, compressing the promethium
and Californium mix until she held the equivalent of an infant sun. The back of the
hammer-head ignited into swirling ribbons of flame.

Dr. Lader was reminded of the new volcano not too far away.

"I see you."

The Eva raised the hammer over its head, and seemed to grin.

"Impossible!" He looked towards the green core. "I still have my AT-field, a psychic
cannot... there is a -HOLE- in the field!" He might as well have a bullseye painted on
his forehead. "She can't be... she's just going to completely blast through the walls?!"

"Spin on! Ernster Schlagann!" Unit 02 leapt, whirled about in the air to add the
momentum of rotation into the blow. "Pierce, and smash, with all your might! With
all our hopes, all our dreams, and all our sorrow!





Yes, it has gone completly AWESOME!
"You mean...You'll put down your rock and I'll put down my sword and we'll try to kill each other like civilized people?"
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Atlan » Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:44 am

"You %^&*#% cat. %^&* you, you hear me? %^&* you to hell!”

“Naruto-kun,” Sakura groaned. “Stop swearing at the cat – it’s embarrassing. And I’m sure there was a reasonable explanation for its escape... again...”

Although, to be fair, the cat was by this point so infamous a public menace that only it’s status as the Daimyo’s wife’s favoured pet kept it out of the bingo books. And Sakura hadn’t been given point position in any of the twelve cat retrieval missions they’d had in as many days. She had neither been assaulted by claw or fang, nor spit, peed on, or hairballed at (she swore it must be a ninja-cat or something, for its resourcefulness). And in all of the resulting drama, mud, and dirt, she had been conspicuously absent due to her laid back task of rear-guard.

Sasuke who, like Naruto, had several scratches as new facial decoration said words that may never actually be repeated in his entire relationship with his team. “I agree with the idiot. %^&* the cat.”

“I agree too. Keep it up Naruto-kun!” Sakura sang a very different tune with the Uchiha as her conductor, although he hadn’t actually said anything about encouraging swearing. “Pull out all the stops!” She urged, on a spur of the moment.

“Pull out all the stops?” Naruto echoed. “You know... that’s so crazy it jus might work.”

Here, Naruto pulled the cat towards his face “Listen and listen good, you little %^&*tastic %^&*er. I’ll $%#$^$#$% your entire litter inside-out if I see your %^& (*&$# self again. Don’t %^&* with me, you goddamn son of a (*#$, or I’ll take your own #$#$ hairball and !#* !# !$# with a shovel! I’ll find a %^&* flagpole and...”

Naruto continued this for the entirety of the walk back.

About two minutes in, the rest of team seven became unnerved enough that they started to walk far enough ahead that they couldn’t here the practically demonic intimidation going on behind them.


“Here’s your cat back, Ma'am.”

“Why thank you! Oh my darling!” The robust Daimyo’s wife smothered the cat in her bosom. “Oh, sweetums, did you miss mommy? And why are you all white? Is this flour?”

“No Mam,” Naruto reported, “its fur has just gone white with fear, Mam.”

“With fear?!” The woman, it seemed, would possibly have a heart attack in terror at the concept.

Sakura sweated nervously and tried intensely to formulate an actually plausible cover for her team.

Sasuke turned up the aloof ‘it doesn’t concern me’ vibe, hoping that people would assume he had nothing to do with it.

Kakashi copied him.

Naruo just laid it on thicker.”Yes Ma'am, the forest around here is very terrifying for housecats Ma'am. Even the wild cats around here are very vicious.”

“Oh my! Is that why he’s shaking too? Oh, sweetums!” The cat, who had neither removed its eyes from Naruto, nor blinked for the entire meeting, was smothered to the point of near-suffocation by its owner. “You look so dreadful!”

Naruto tried to make it look casual as he brushed his few bangs (his hair was still pretty spiky) away from his forehead, drawing attention his diamond mark and the fact that he was the Miracle Medic Tsunade’s heir. “Well, Ma'am, the forest is also home to a host of diseases the average cat isn’t prepared for. This is my professional opinion.”

Sakura flinched. What are you saying?! She was actually buying it! There’s no way in hell –

“Oh, no, that’s terrible! Why, what disease could she have, doctor?”

I don’t believe it!

Sakura really did face-fault this time. Sasuke was actually halfway to the floor before he stopped himself, issued a fake cough, and pretended he hadn’t been about to do something so absurd.

Sakura peeled herself off the floor still disbelieving of their good fortune – but not in a hurry to find the end of it any time soon. Naruto-kun, enough! Stop now! Don’t you dare, don’t you (*&^%$ dare make up anything more stu –

“I’m afraid,” Naruto paused. He tried to make it seem like a dramatic pause but in reality he hadn’t thought this far and had actually run out of bullshit a while ago. Having no choice, he went with the first thing that came to him, “that all signs point towards.... the ‘Scardy Cat’ disease.”

Goddamnit Naruto-kun!

Just as Sakura was ready to slam her friend’s head into the table in wrathful punishment for getting them all hanged for deceiving the Daimyo’s Wife of all people...

“Doctor, what is to be done?!”

Sakura’s mouth dropped. Her mind, if it could be said to do such a thing, experienced a gaping silence as it formulated what thought would even express it’s incredulity.

Inner Sakura was fine though. Wow, that was actually pretty funny!... Hey, hey main personality, aren’t you going to say something? You there? Helooo? Huh.

Naruto looked at the damn devil cat of fire country rendered white and shaking and helpless as it was quickly being devoured by its owner’s bosom and would shortly, he assumed, pass out from lack of air.

He looked at the creature... one which had caused him no end of strife these past few days... and was deeply surprised to feel a measure... of compassion.

This cat... this cat was not born evil, annoying, and downright vicious. It was a victim of circumstance.

“To cure Scardy Cat disease...” Naruto took a deep breath. “It will probably seem weird, but the patient needs a certain amount of time alone.”

“What?” the woman asked, confused.

“It needs a certain amount of space. It needs freedom. Don’t hold it so tightly, for instance.”

“Oh, but snookums likes this.” The woman all but whined.

Like hell he does was the cumulative thought of all save Sakura, who was still trying to catch up with the illogic of the situation.

“And he’s such a frail little kitty.”

Like hell he is!

“Can’t you subscribe a medicine, doctor?”

“No can do Ma'am, it’s a psychological ailment. Your cat needs to stand up for itself a little more –it needs to, like, catch a fish now and then. It needs to grow as an...” Naruto’s brow furrowed. “...individual cat.”

That sounded so stupid.

“Well,” the woman gave a greatly reluctant, suffering sigh, “I suppose. If you say so, doctor. Come along snookums.”

She gently loosened her grip on the cat – inadvertently saving it’s life – and proceeded to leave after giving a generous tip for the ‘free’ medical advice to Naruto personally.

During this exchange, as the cat-loving woman rifled through her purse, Naruto leaned in close to his quarry and reinforced by whisper. “Don’t let me %^& see you again, or you’re %^&* (*&^% on a stick. A pointy stick. Thorns will be #*^* involved. Understand?”

“Here you go. Thank you for looking after snookums, dear.”

“My pleasure Ma'am.”

As the woman left the building the room gave a collective sigh.

Sakura, who had just released a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding, began to hyperventilate as if to make up the difference of time. “What are we going to do?!” She violently shook her blond friend. “Oh my god, what are we going to do?! We’ll be found out for sure – that was such a stupid excuse! We’re going to be executed!”

Catching herself, she swiftly clamped both hands over her mouth, noting that she’d just revealed their secret to there room at large herself in her panic.

“What? Who’s going to tell her?” Naruto asked incredulously.

“Anyone can figure it out – it’s so stupid!” She yelled, then caught herself. “I mean, hypothetically speaking – if we had lied – which we didn’t.”

“Are you kidding?!” Naruto laughed her concerns off. “Jeez, you’re smart but you’re so stupid sometimes. Who’s going to do that, and have that cat escape again? %^&* the cat.”

Sakura looked around the room and was surprised to see solemn nods from the ninja’s – and the one royal attendant still finishing some paperwork.

“%^&* the cat.” they chorused.

On that day a pact was formed. Unspoken, but passed on and universally understood, it would be upheld far after the cat in question would eventually pass away

Naruto would later discover that he’d actually installed a new psychological condition into the medical world.

He subsequently tried to argue that this should count as treating a previously untreatable illness – as he’d subscribed treatment - for his mother’s ‘unofficial final exam’, but it didn’t quite pan out with her even after he could get her to stop laughing.

From Tsunade's Heir,
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Atlan » Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:35 am

Naruto winced. “If they’re really preparing to seal her eyes permanently because of all this recent crap, we have to stop them, no matter how unlikely it is we’ll succeed. If we can, try to give her the chance to prove how strong she is, so they’ll make her the heir and not seal her. If we can’t…” He shrugged. “They give up their status as potential resources and become enemies.” A small, mean smile twisted his lips. “And we know what to do with our enemies.”


Plans settled, they started walking forward casually, trying to project an air of confident purpose but at the same time not be confrontational.

Naruto scratched his chin thoughtfully. “You know, Sasuke, I think that last ‘hn’ of yours was quite possibly the coolest, most evil nonverbal thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

“I’m glad you think so, Naruto. You know, I actually practice my nonverbal sounds at home for a minimum of at least one hour every night, sometimes using a tape recorder to make sure I get them right. Most people don’t really seem to get the subtleties, but it’s actually quite heartening that I now have an audience who cares.”

“…damnit, Sasuke, you almost gave me a heart attack. You’re a freak, you realize this, right?” Naruto complained.


“Stop doing that! You’re not allowed to have a better sense of humor than I do!”

“It’s okay, Naruto, you can’t be best at everything. You underestimate your importance as owner of the best pair of breasts in our age group.”

“You suck, Sasuke.”

Flattery will get you surprisingly far,” Anko noted. “But not today. I may not look it, but I just got back from an A rank this morning, and I’m not gonna do anything big for the rest of the day.”

“What are you doing?” Sasuke asked, jerking his chin at the book she had pressed against her neck.

She blinked. “Oh, this? I’m just updating my facebook.”

“Facebook?” Hinata asked.

“Yeah.” She lay the book flat and spun it around, showing the flayed, pale, bloodless skin of some luckless man’s face that she was now sewing industriously onto a page of heavyweight paper. Across the bottom of the page she had carefully wrote ‘Rintarou Nishi, Kamatachi of Grass’.

Sakura looked at the pigeon. Lamarr, the old man said its name was. It cocked its head and looked back at her, cooing softly.

Footsteps alerted them, and they turned to see Sasuke walking towards them, back from the bathroom. He glanced at Sakura, then back to Naruto and Hinata, then back at Sakura again. Then…

Sakura’s chest gave a little hitch, her heart skipping a beat.

He noticed.

His eyes grew wide. He froze in mid step.

The pigeon’s tiny little bones popped like twigs as her strong fingers curled through its feathered breast, and Sakura literally tore the pigeon in half with her bare hands.

Everyone stared at the now dripping, bloody mess.

Sakura’s eyes widened in shock. She hadn’t meant to kill it! She had just planned on giving it to Sasuke! But when he looked at her like that… her hands had convulsed involuntarily.

She had done it, she had killed the pigeon. She had killed Lamarr.

“Uh, Sakura?” Naruto interrupted gently. “They’re not fortune cookies. They put the message in a little tube on the leg, not inside of them.”

Sakura stared back at him, uncomprehending, acutely aware of the fever hot blood running over her fingers, making the soft grey feathers stick to her hands.

Naruto shook his head. “I swear, smartest girl in the academy and she thinks they put the message on the INSIDE.”

Hinata giggled as Sakura stood there in a daze. “Ordinarily, we don’t let just any shinobi hang out with us, but since you’ve got blood on your hands now… Welcome to the club! We’ll have you stabbing people in the kidneys in no time.”

Sakura glanced at Hinata, then, slowly, she turned her head to look at Sasuke, holding her hands away from her body lest she get blood on her dress, almost as if she were offering the bloody meat to him.

He looked at her, looked at the two pigeon halves in her hands, then gave her a measuring look.

“One date.”

And he walked away.

Sakura blinked, shell shocked now that Sasuke had just agreed to a date.

“Stuff your bra.”

“Huh?” she asked dumbly.

“For your date with Sasuke,” Hinata elaborated. “Stuff your bra. He’s a breast man, and you…” Hinata briefly cupped Sakura’s chest in derision.

She stood there, still shocked that Sasuke, the coolest boy in Konoha, her crush, her one true love, had just agreed to a date.

“YES!” she cried suddenly, thrusting her fists, and dripping pigeon halves, into the air in exultation. “I am so totally rubbing this in Ino’s face!”

Naruto’s eyes lit up with glee and mischief, and he nudged Hinata. “Now that’s a girl I can get behind! It’s one thing to beat your friend out for a date, it’s a whole different bird to shove a mangled pigeon in her face!”

“She is a credit to my gender,” Hinata deadpanned.

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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Neko- » Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:46 am

From Black Dragons new enterprise: Big Human On Campus (Ranma½ and Rosario To Vampire crossover)
"I don't think that was a good idea," Tsukune said worriedly as he stared at the bus driver. The man's head had been smashed into the engine block of the bus he was responsible for, and seemed to be stuck there rather firmly from what he could tell.

Ranma dusted off his hands, feeling much better after shutting up the old geezer. "Why? You think he didn't deserve that?"

The only normal person in the trio turned toward Ranma, who had lowered himself into a crouch as he observed one of the larger tarantulas. "Wh-What do you think, Ranma?"

"I think these spiders are big enough to eat any cats that wander around here," he said firmly, turning a serious expression toward Tsukune and giving the younger boy a thumbs-up. "As far as I'm concerned, this place looks fine."

And to make it relevant for this forum:
"The magical girl is the scum of the human world, an infectious, disgusting, CUTE abomination manifest in sparkly gems and frilly outfits. They are the most disgusting humans, gifted with tremendous power and none of the skill, instruction, or intellect to properly use it. Bumbling around in the thick of battle, nearly as dangerous to friend as to foe, they are the WORST KIND of devil hunter, a class of human which already occupies the lowest and most despicable ranks among the filthy cattle!"

As to why that is relevant to this forum, besides the 'Magical Girl' comment... I'd say read the piece :)
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Not-Going-to-Tell » Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:06 pm

From Persona 3 Fairly English Story
Thou shalt have our blessing when thou choosest to create a Persona of the Strength Arcana…

“Well, there’s no turning back now.” Pharos told me. “Congratulations, you are now officially a two timing scumbag. You’ll have those social links done in no time!”

Doesn’t make me feel any better though…
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Spokavriel » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:50 am

Redheads and Succubi is a multicross mess that is kinda fun although it starts out too close to cannon events has some cute scenes. Like this one that takes place at Stargate Command. It also includes some of the best interaction I've seen between Ranma and the Teen Titans but the quotes weren't that unique yet.
Redheads and Succubi Chapter 7 wrote:“Chansey!” the egg-like creature spoke up in agreement.

“That doesn’t explain how you got here, or what that thing is,” Sam pressed, gesturing towards the Borg Chansey.

“Oh my,” Kasumi started. “That is just Chansey, a PokeMon that I accidentally assimilated.”

“Assimilated?” Jack asked. “You’re a Borg!” he declared. “Why does she get to be a Borg while I can’t even name the Prometheus ‘Enterprise’?”

“Yes,” Kasumi explained. “The Borg uses nanoprobes to absorb the uniqueness of individuals into their collective. I had been fighting the urge to assimilate anyone for some time before I accidentally assimilated Chansey here. Now, however, I don’t feel that urge at all.” All hail the spiffiness that is the Madness Maze…

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” Jackson started, “but what is a PokeMon? I have never heard of those before.”

“Eh heh,” Ryoga-chan laughed nervously yet again. “I think they might belong to a different universe or something…”

“Didn’t you say you just got a little lost?” Sam asked. “How did you get into another universe?”

“Some things are better left unknown,” Teal’c mentioned wisely.
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby bissek » Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:38 pm

“Why would someone need passenger seats in an Entry Plug?”

Ikari puts down the binoculars, turning slightly to Misato.

“Few transports are as fast or sturdy as an Evangelion,” he answers, “In case of deep field operations, a Pilot could transport a battlefield commander with them. As well, it provides light evacuation. Mostly it’s unfeasible, though, as the Evangelion is more or less run on mental trauma.”

In the distance, one of the destroyers splits down the middle, the dorsal fin of the Angel the only thing visible.

“So you’d have to be crazy to ride shotgun,” Misato asks.

“Or pilot. Or go anywhere near it.”

“So more or less anyone that works for NERV can take the passenger seat?”

“More or less,”

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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Spokavriel » Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:42 pm

Huge problem with that. It adds other thought harmonics to the mess. Remember when Asuka was having troubles with her Eva because Shinji was riding along. The extra thoughts in the wrong language kept it from being able to activate.
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby AdmiralTigerclaw » Sun Nov 15, 2009 3:18 pm

Raw Badass Moment. One should NEVER piss off this alternate version of Ranma, especially when he's Sailor Saturn, AND trained under Lina inverse at the same time. (TROPE: Better than it sounds.)

At the lead of the chase, the Daimon was starting to worry. Somehow, the little girl behind it had managed to keep up this chase for three quarters of an hour. They had left civilisation a while ago, and were now running through forests. It should not be possible for a human to do what she was doing, but it was happening. Surely someone as powerful as her would have a Heart Crystal with a Talisman in it!

Just up ahead the Daimon saw exactly what it was after. A small clearing, just right for fighting in and not a soul for kilometres. There would be no escape. Skidding to a stop, the Daimon leered at the little girl who was panting like a chain smoker. Then again, she should be even worse off than that. An Olympic sprinter could almost manage their speed, but a sprinter could only do it for twenty seconds, not an hour.

Standing on top of the small hill, fifteen meters from it's target, the Daimon raised the Heart Crystal it had used as a decoy in one hand. Long ago it had realised that there was no Talisman in this Crystal. The only purpose it could serve was to make it's target angry, because an angry fighter is a sloppy fighter, and the Daimon needed this fight to be over before the Senshi arrived, as they surely would.

Even as Hotaru watched, the Daimon raised it's hand and crushed the Heart Crystal. Small pink fragments fell from it's fingers and evaporated on the ground. Hotaru's heart broke as she watched. That action had surely condemned Kikyo to death. Boiling over, she felt the anger take hold. There would be no losing this fight, vengeance would be hers!

Before the Daimon could do anything, she spoke the same words that must have been running through it's mind. "Perfect. All alone, just the two of us. No-one around to interfere. No-one around to save you. I'm going to make an example out of you no-one will forget."

That surprised the Daimon. Usually it was the bad guys that got to make threatening speeches like that. Before the Daimon could really respond, Hotaru brought her hands together in front of her, containing the power, and began to chant.

"Darkness beyond twilight,"

"Crimson beyond blood that flows,"

"Buried in the flow of time."

Sailor Mercury gave a start. Power, evil power, and it was growing right next to the Daimon. Over the course of two seconds, the power levels rose enormously.

"In thy great name,"

"I pledge myself to darkness."

Her mouth went dry. So much power. Even as she watched her visor, it kept changing scales. This was like nothing she had ever seen before. No spell should be like this.

"Let all the fools,"

"Who stand in our way,"

Mercury's steps began to falter, and the other Senshi looked at her in surprise. Not even Queen Beryl had possessed such evil as this showed. Pure, unadulterated evil. She had never even heard of something so evil.

"Be destroyed"

"By the power you and I possess."

The power spiked. This is bad. This is really bad. Screaming into her communicator, Mercury offered the only advice she could: "Everyone hit the ground!" She followed her own advice, and the other Senshi were only moments behind her.


Then the world went white.

Here's the fic in question:

Be warned, took me eight hours to read the fic, and I'm a fast reader.
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Neko- » Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:12 am

Ah, Destiny's Child - I thought that bit looked familiar :D
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby APN » Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:34 am

From A Goddess' Dreams by Slayer6 Chapter 14:

“So how’s fatherhood treating you?” Megumi asked.

Keiichi eyed his sister curiously.

“Not bad.” He answered.

“What about the diapers?”

“There is nothing wrong with changing the……” Keiichi’s voice trailed off as the sounds of someone breathing through a respirator reached their ears.

Both siblings turned to see Skuld walking into the dining room wearing a Haz-mat suit, a small bio-hazard bag dangling at the end of an extendable gripper claw holding what they could only assume was a diaper. The young Goddess continued through the dining room and out into the back yard.

Almost as soon as she had vanished outside, Belldandy came storming from the hall, Sayoko wrapped up in her arms. She went through the dining room, offering a quick greeting to Megumi before heading outside as well.

“It isn’t that bad Skuld!” Belldandy could be heard saying, “Where did you find this anyway?”

Keiichi and Megumi looked at each other.

“They really aren’t THAT bad.” Keiichi stated.

“Riiiight…..” Megumi shook her head.

And here's another one:
“It’s still a mess.” Skuld stated as she and Urd walked up the stone path toward the house. The younger Goddess waved at Keiichi. He didn’t notice as his attention was directed towards his motorcycle, along with multiple mutterings.

“The World nearly ended.” Urd pointed out, “And it’s been a year. What more do you want?”

“Less bugs for starters.” Skuld replied as she started up the steps. She then paused. Sitting just off to the side of the porch nearly out of view were Lind and Selene. Both were eying the sisters and fighting off smirks.

“What?” Skuld asked.

Selene only snickered, leaving Lind to answer.

“It has been a very interesting day.” The Fighting Goddess could barely hide the mirth in her voice.

“What do you mean?” Urd asked, wondering just what the hell was going on.

“I cannot say.” Lind answered, “Only that….. you have brought this on yourselves.”

Urd and Skuld looked at each other confused, before moving into the dinging room.

Belldandy was present at the table, holding Sayoko in her arms. Upon her sister’s entrance, the Goddess of the Present’s eyes narrowed.

“Did you have a good day?” she asked, her voice alarmingly cool.

Once again, Skuld and Urd looked at each other, both wondering just what they had done to get this kind of reaction from their normally sweet sister.

“It wasn’t bad.” Skuld answered slowly.

“Though we did hear something interesting happened around here.”

If it was possible the room seemed to grow cooler, a slight breeze also seemed to blow across the room.

“Interesting hardly describes it.” The middle Goddess stated, “Sayoko said her first words today.”

Skuld and Urd’s faces lit up.

“Really?” Urd asked, “Was it Mama?”

“No.” came the cold answer.

“Papa then?” Skuld asked.


“Then what?” Urd asked.


Skuld and Urd’s eyes went wide as they looked down at their niece, now giggling in her mother’s arms. They then slowly looked back up at Belldandy’s fuming face.

“Yes, that is one things she said.” Belldandy said, her voice shaking slightly. “Though that is not what she said this morning when I greeted her.”

Urd gulped. “What did she say?”

“HAG!” Sayoko squealed.

“THIS IS HER FAULT!!!” Skuld and Urd both shouted, pointing at the other. They then faced the other. “NO IT ISN’T!!”








Two heads snapped back to the giggling baby.

“Did she just say….?” Skuld asked.

“Yes.” Belldandy said, “She did.” Her eyes narrowed further

Urd held her hands up. “But we’ve never said anything like that around her. Scouts Honor!”

“Urd’s telling the truth!” Skuld said, “We would never say that near her.”

Belldandy’s face softened slight. While she was still quite upset that her daughter had been influenced by her Aunt’s misbehavior, she was somewhat relieved that her daughter hadn’t learned such fowl language from them. But that still left the question on just where she’d learned it? Perhaps Mara had been in the vicinity at some point, but then wouldn’t she have felt the…..

There was a sudden loud metallic bang from outside, followed quickly by a “%#&^%!”

Urd and Skuld looked at each other, before slowly turning to look at their sister.

Belldandy’s face was completely neutral as she rose from the table and walked towards them.

“Skuld could you hold Sayoko for a bit” she said as she handed her daughter over to the youngest sister. “I need to have a little chat with Keiichi.” She then turned and exited the house.

“K-man is in deep trouble.” Urd said softly.

“%#&^%!” Sayoko blurted out.

“Yeah,” Skuld said, “I’d say that sums it up.”
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby CRBWildcat » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:28 am

From Nitramy's Naruto: Arcane Heart:

After that near run-in, his team had run into a seven-time test taker named Yakushi Kabuto. When the silver-haired glasses-clad genin had been asked what his specialty was, he replied “information gathering” rather off-handedly.

“Tell me about Alicia Testarossa, Gaara of the Desert, and Rock Lee, then,” Sasuke said.

Kabuto nonchalantly whipped out a deck of… cards, it would seem, as he started humming a small tune.

His teammates observed silently. He’s pulling that out this early?

“Well, since we of the Leaf are obliged to help each other out, maybe I should give you a little help… with my Ninja Info Cards.”

His words seemed to echo in Team 7’s head.

My Ninja Info Cards.

Ninja Info Cards.

Ninja Info Cards.

One of Kabuto’s genin teammates – one Tsurugi Misumi, chuckled, but his laugh ended up caught in his throat as Sasuke’s eyes flashed crimson for barely a second before the strange echo dissipated completely.

Well, it had to happen sooner or later...
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Comartemis » Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:39 pm

From Tales of the FoxCat, chapter 8. Hinata masters her womanly charms completely by accident. May the gods have mercy on Konoha's food vendors. :twisted:

"This has got to be the stupidest training ever," Ino Yamanaka snorted as she walked down the street with her teammates in tow, turning the corner at Omato street and vectoring into Konoha's restaurant district.

To her left, Tenten harbored her own doubts concerning what there instructor- a girl of their same approximate age -had defined as 'seduction training'. Seduction apparently consisted of acquiring free food from willing vendors in the early hours of the morning before training with their regular teams. Not that it was quite that simple, of course.

There were rules.

Rule number one was that they were to use no cash in the acquisition of their food. That had almost been expected by the silk clad kunoichi in training, who shrugged the rule off as something that was part-in-parcel to being a ninja. The second made things a bit more difficult, however, as none of them were allowed to steal said food either.

"I mean, how are we supposed to get food if we can't buy or take it?!" Her blonde partner fumed as they journeyed deeper into the district. The smell of food wafted across their noses enticingly across the teams noses, taunting them with the dilemma further.

"Ask for it, I guess?" Tenten shrugged slightly, somewhat mystified herself.

"Right," Ino grumped looking around to the various restaurants and street food vendors setting up shop in the waking hours of the breaking day. "What are we supposed to do? Make puppy dog eyes at some poor sap and ask him nicely for free food?"

Another neutral shrug from Tenten was her only reply and the blonde girl harrumphed her dissatisfaction, all but ready to just to blow the task off.

"Um... Sensei said...She said that Naruto-kun..." Hinata stumbled shyly, picking across the point she wanted make. Ino gave her a subtle nudge.

"What did she say about mister last place?"

Hinata frowned, and the girls ill-placed words solidified her timid counterpart's train of thought. "Sensei said that Naruto-kun was able to complete this training easily."

"What?!" Ino nearly screeched with the unwelcome revelation. "With that cheesy jutsu of his!?"

Hinata simply nodded passively, and even Tenten couldn't help but to express her disbelief. "Under the same rules? No theft? No money? No revealing the mission?"

Another nod from their teammate instantly sealed Ino's resolve. "Well if some boy disguised as a girl can do it, so can I!"

"Same here," Tenten nodded, also not willing to be shown up by a boy concerning a mission involving one of the primary rolls of a deep infiltration kunoichi. "How do you suppose we should go about this? Out target has to be completely willing."

"Well, maybe one of us can distract..." Ino started, but her voice trailed off as her blue eyes stared past Tenten.

"One of us should what?" The bun tied kunoichi asked before noticing she no longer had her teammate's attention. Tenten turned around and was equally surprised to watch the most introverted member of Special Team Thirteen having already selected her target, and was moving to engage him.

Hinata Hyuga had indeed selected her target: an older, balding man who was just finishing up the prep of his modest sized crepe stand. Every step forward required a massive thrust of willpower, but that willpower was backed by a single, immovable anchor that even her own terminally reserved nature couldn't wash away: Naruto. Naruto-kun had done this. Her Naruto-kun-- the immovable pillar of confidence and strength that she had borrowed upon time and time again since she had known the boy. He had pioneered the way for her and she would follow in his footsteps. The ground was her only focus now; one foot in front of the other. I can do this, her mind chanted the terrified mantra with every step. I can do this... I can do this... I can do--

"Allo', young lady!"

"Eeep!" Hinata jumped with unexpected greeting and her head snapped up, finding the vendor smiling down at her; a smile that morphed into a curious look with her reaction.

"Ah, I'm sorry if I startled ya," The man scratched his handkerchief tied head. "Too engrossed in my selection, no doubt! What filling can I make for you?"

"Eh, um... filling?" Hinata blinked, her heart still recovering from the shock.

"Well, I only have four this time of year, of course," The aging man dipped a beat up looking ladel into a pot and drew some batter, applying it to the flat of a hot skillet that steamed in the cool morning air. "Cherry, Blueberry, Apple and Snozberry, of course."

"Ch-Cherry is fine, I think," The girl returned hesitantly, now fully committed to her course of action. Fifteen meters away, her partners in crime watched as the their teammate negotiated the treacherous waters of their objective while man finished up with the thin coat of batter, pulling the solidified final product away to be filled with cherry filling and cream.

"That'd be fifty akagane, please!" The friendly man smiled, handing Hinata the paper wrapped crepe. The genin instinctively reached for her own wallet when one of the rules of the mission was suddenly remembered. Hinata's eyes widened again, as she found herself suddenly faced with an objective that was no longer simply theory.

"I...Um... It's..." The vendor cocked his head, curiously as the girl stumbled through her words, barely able to produce a cohesive sentence while turning a truly pathetic look on him. "I... can't..."

Sympathy instantly stabbed at the vendor's heart, as it was quite obvious what had happened to the embarrassed girl. "No need to worry about the money, girl. I'll cover this one for you."

" seems..." Hinata continued to bumble until his words replayed in her head. "W-What?"

"No, no, don't even try to refuse," He waved her off. "Come back soon, though! I need more customers as cute as yourself!"

Rapid blinking followed the comment on the girl's behalf, and the nin bowed profusely as she retreated from the stand's proximity. After the fourth such bow, she beat a hasty retreat back to her teammates, who had watched the entire scene with incredulity.

"You... you must be kidding," Ino stared with wonder even as Hinata stared at the hot crepe folded in hand, as if the construct of batter and fruit filling couldn't possibly have been real.

"I... That was amazing," Tenten likewise stared; the trio of girls gathered around Hinata's pastry like it some sort of sacred relic.

Ino stared at the crepe for another moment before a confident smile began to creep across her face. "Great job, Hinata-chan!" The blonde cheered, causing the girl to nearly jump out of her skin for the second time in five minutes. Ino and turned to Tenten. "You ready to do this?"

"Definitely!" Tenten nodded vigorously.

Both girls turned back to the food court, selected their targets and began their respective attack runs with prejudice.
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Re: The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Kakanma » Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:19 am

From Nanya`s Time Loop Chapter 3

As she flipped up into the air, Nove glared down at the guy who kissed her weeks ago. She didn't mind kissing, but only if it was someone she liked, and boy, she did NOT like this jack-ass. Summoning up her Break Liner, just enough to cover her hands, she put her hands behind her, forming an invisible wall, before she pushed off, her feet first. "Super..." She started calling out, concentrating her magic around her blades. "Nove..." She formed another Break Liner under her hands and gave herself another push down. "KIIIIICK!" She screamed as she rushed forward, like a rocket.


"You sure this will work?" Professor Saotome, an older man in a lab coat with unkempt gray hair and a gray chin beard, asked Ranma, who shrugged helplessly.

"At this point, no. But considering that the energies in question can make something happen as long as there's even the smallest chance, we don't have much to lose, do we?"

Scratching his head, the scientist shrugged. "Alright then." He tossed a green stone at Ranma. "Give that to Kamina then."

"Right." Ranma nodded and walked up to Kamina, who was just standing against a wall. "So... You know what to do, right?"

"Turn my Spiral Power to max when I grab that G-Stone and the professor will bombard me with Getter Rays..." Kamina smirked at him. "What's the worst that could happen?"

Both the Professor and Ranma shrugged as Ranma tossed Kamina the G-Stone and the professor hit the switch to bombard Kamina with Getter Rays.

Moments later Ranma blinked as he was on the train to Hogwarts, before he groaned. "Well, that's what it's like when someone divides by Zero, huh?"

End Flashback...
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