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The NEW Fanfiction Quote Topic

Postby Cyber_Skaarj » Fri Apr 28, 2006 11:39 am

Since the old quote topic is no longer available, I feel it's time to get it restarted. First one'll be one I found whilest reading Deep Blue: A Koi Rod Love Story.
"How many times do we have to say we're sorry?" Ranma complained, her smile and her eyes still adoring him, no matter what her voice said. "We were just a little curious, that's all."
Ryoga growled. "Ranma, you don't have to be curious! You've got everything I have!"
"I'm not sure *any* boy has quite what *you've* got, Ryoga-kun," Kasumi protested
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Postby Forum Troll » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:07 pm

It has to be quoted, even though I know it has been done before, this is funny enough to be added again. Yagami 1/2 by you know who =)
Look, Kuno, it's not that I don't hate your guts or nothin', because I do," Ranma said apologetically as he backed off, slipping his hands into his pockets, "but I'm afraid this little archrivalry thing we have going here, you know, where you attack me for some reason made up on the spot and I blast you with a comical level of indifference? It's just not working out anymore."
Kuno stopped ranting, and gave Ranma a curious look as he panted, out of breath. "It's... it's not?"
"No, it's not. I mean, it was fun at first, knowing that I could whoop the biggest bully in school with both hands in my pockets, and it feels great to fight somebody because chicks like me and think you're an ass. But, well..." Ranma scratched the back of his head as he searched for the right words. "It's just, you're not really what I'm looking for in a serious archrivalry, and it's time to move on. I think we should start fighting other people," he finally blurted, shrugging apologetically.
Kuno stepped back, his mouth agape. "Is... Is there someone else?"
The pigtailed boy nodded. "Yeah, actually there is. You see, I met this guy the other day, and, well... he turns into a monster, okay? We duked it out a bit, he beat me to within an inch of my life, and I managed to eke out a victory at the last moment with a brilliant diversion tactic. I mean, he's immune to my flame powers, he plays a key role in my dark and vaguely angst-ridden past, we have perfect chemistry together! Or, you know, against each other. Whatever."
"So, that's it then?" Kuno asked angrily, hot tears beginning to fall from his eyes. "You savagely beat me a few times, and that's it? It's over? Were you just using me all this time to sate your blasted ego?!"
"Hey, hey, don't be like that, man," Ranma said softly, patting the taller boy on the shoulder. "You'll find yourself a real archrival someday! I know it! You're going to make some poor loser a great enemy, mark my words! And besides, we can still loathe each other! We just won't fight anymore!"
"IT'S NOT THE SAME!!" Kuno sobbed, turning dramatically and sprinting away, dropping his shattered bokken in the process as he fled to a nearby walkway bench and collapsed onto it.
Ranma sighed and turned away, knowing that there was nothing he could do that could remedy the situation. "Man... that was way harder than just socking him in the jaw. I hope love isn't this complicated."
Across the street, Hashiru and Tomas watched Ranma turn and walk down the street with his hands in his pockets, having been present to witness the scene by sheer coincidence.
"Is it just me, or did that whole conversation seem creepy to you too?" Tomas mumbled, looking uneasy.
Hashiru shook his head, apparently disagreeing. "Hmph. Americans." Then he crossed the street, and slowly approached the crying kendoist with Tomas trailing behind him curiously.
"Hey there, you feeling better now?" Hashiru asked gently, squeezing Kuno's shoulder.
Tatewaki shook his head violently, not looking up at the other two fighters.
Hashiru smiled softly. "Would some chocolate ice cream help?"
Kuno sniffled, and looked up slowly. "I... I guess..."
"Come on. Let's go get some chocolate ice cream," the gang boss said, helping the grief-stricken kendoist off the bench.

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Postby stratagemini » Fri Apr 28, 2006 5:09 pm

This Is what Happens when You cross Deadpool and Harry Potter. I wish I could Say this was unexpected.
Physical Education wrote:“Hi ho subjects of torture! I'm Wade Wilson, your gym coach, or as you freaks from England call it; your ...” he held up his fingers in a quote gesture “... Pee-Eee Teacher. You can call me Mr. Wilson, Deadpool, or 'Not the Face! Not the Face!'
Harry looked at Hermione. She looked just as worried as he felt.
“Now, I was ... persuaded to come here, when some STUPID FUCKWIT WHO DIDN'T TELL ME I WAS WHACKING A GODDAMN WIZARD!”
Harry tried to look as heterosexual as possible. This was important because Ron chose to squeal like a girl and jump into his arms at Deadpool’s little outburst.
“... left me out to dry. However, I managed to negotiate a sort of work-release program over here showing mini-wizards not to be little butterballs like they are where normal people live.”
“I thought we already filled our former-bad-teacher-trying-to-be-good quota …”
Deadpool’s head swivelled towards Hermione.
“You should go to Xavier's when you hit Stateside honey. Then again, maybe I should have. Logan's cigar stash, the Professor's malt whiskey, and a ton of hot honeys over eighteen ..."

“I don't believe it ... we're being taught by a mudblood? “
Deadpool leaned over, head inches away from Harry. “Is Peroxide Bitch insulting me?”
“They're letting a mudblood on campus? The faculty?”
Harry decided on honesty. “Ah, yes ...”
“When my father ...”
Deadpool suddenly pointed to a point behind the students. “Look! Elvis!”
Despite the majority not knowing who Elvis was, everybody turned.
The anguished scream filling the still morning air a second later was a complete surprise.
Turning back, Draco was prone on the ground, holding his knee, while Deadpool was holding what appeared to be a crowbar behind his back.
“What, this?” Deadpool produced the crowbar as if it’s presence was a complete mystery to him “It's ...a ... perfectly legitimate teaching aid, isn't it, blondie?”
“Please ... don't ...”
“It's called Tonya! Say hello Tonya!”
Deadpool held out the crowbar at his head level. The high-pitched, unconvincing girl's voice while moving the crowbar to simulate speaking was ratchetting up the overall tension.
“Hi kids! I'm Tonya, fresh from America's gold-winning skating rinks to Mr. Wilson's hand! I hope to have a really great time with you, because if you don't, Wade here is going to put me somewhere really uncomfortable! So eat lots of fibre for my sake!”
The PE teachersuddenly brought up the crowbar, shouting at the inanimate object. “DON'T YOU DARE RAT ME OUT YOU BITCH!”
Deadpool turned from the crowbar, seeming to register the confused and frightened faces of his students for the first time.
“Don't worry, she's only a substitute!”

Deadpool casually threw the crowbar over his shoulder. “Okay, let's get started! Now to promote healthy exercise, I'm going to use a special Muggle wand!”
Deadpool bend over, and started rummage around in his gym bag, Ron leaned over to Harry.
“ I didn't know Muggles had wands ...”
A sound filled the air that could only be described as demonic.
Harry’s suspicions were proven correct, as Deadpool produced his wand - a large, revving chainsaw.
The hockey mask he was wearing over his normal mask wasn’t helping.
Harry and Hermione were already running, moving at speeds that would have made their old P.E. Teachers fill with pride.
The rest of the class were starting to back off in fear from their new P.E. Teacher.
Ron was desperately trying to assert himself “You can't .. you ...”
“Ten fingers off Gryffindor!”
“ ... don't you mean ... points?”
“You really walked into that one kid.”

And that's all for chater 1 of The Fic. there's a second Chapter... But I don't wanna ruin it.
Something Grim this Way Comes
Grim turned to the red-haired woman, planning to thank her for the offer of assistance, even though he did not need such. This gave the plump witch a clear view of his bleached white skull, surrounded by a halo of blood-red shadow within the blackness of his hood. He then made the mistake of gracing her with a benevolent smile.
"Tank you, ma'am--"
"A DEATH EATER!" shrieked the woman, sweeping her arms out to grab her two remaining children and drag them behind her, so that she might shield them from Grim's presence with her own body. "RON, GINNY, STAY BEHIND ME!"
"Well, no, not really," rumbled Grim slowly, put out by her reactions but at the same time resigned to it. "Actually, ma'am, I am de Grim--"
"DEATH EATER!" the woman screamed again, this time drawing her wand from within the folds of her robe. "Stay back, or else," she threatened, holding her wand up and aiming directly between Grim's empty eye-sockets. "I'm warning you, stay back or I'll hex!"
"Madam," Grim put his hands on his hips indignantly, "I am not--"
With a flash of red light the curse slammed into Grim, impacting solidly against his brow and knocking his skull clean off of his neck. It clattered to the ground, several feet away from his body, rolling along a few times before settling.
"Here now!" protested Grim, "Dat was uncalled for!"
The plump woman looked in horror at Grim's disembodied skull and then at his body. The rest of Grim's skeleton had by now dropped onto its hands and knees as it fumbled blindly about, searching for its missing head.
"Gross," gagged the redheaded boy, Ron, who was peaking out from behind his mother.
"Ah, dere we are," said Grim as his hands found his skull and picked him up. With several deft, and well practiced twists, Grim refastened his skull to his neck. "Now, dat's better."
"An Inferi," breathed the woman. She shook herself out of her shock and stood straighter, taking aim once again with her wand, this time aiming for Grim's ribcage rather than his skull. "Undead monstrosity!" she snarled, looking and sounding remarkably reminiscent of a sabre-toothed tiger. "Stay away from my family! Incendio!"
The spell rocketed towards Grim as little more than a blur. Grim was prepared this time, or at least more so than he had been with the first spell, and managed to partially duck out of the way. The spell still managed to catch the trailing hem of his black robes, setting them ablaze with astonishing swiftness.
"Ah! I'm on fire! Help!"
"Beast! Incendio! Reducto!"
"Ow!" cried Grim as he ducked the first spell, only to be struck by the second. He was blown backwards through the air, his left arm and several ribs scattering about as he did so. His flight ended abruptly as he collided with a loud crash against the train currently waiting at platform nine. "Ma'am, please! Ouch!"
"Should we try to stop her?" Harry asked his companion.
"Why?" retorted Mandy, her eyes not leaving the one-side fight for a second. "I haven't seen anything this funny since General Skarr moved next door to you and tried to steal Grim's scythe."
"What about that time Dudley convinced Grim to help arrange a secret surprise birthday party for you, five months before your birthday?"
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Postby MGSaintz » Fri Apr 28, 2006 10:15 pm

Some favorites from "Make a Wish"
"I know those girls," Harry said. "And I think I might know one or two of the death eaters that are following them."
"Are we going to do something about this situation?" The Professor asked quickly.
"Then this might be a good time to hear about our next latest invention." The Professor eyed the group of death eaters nervously, "it's an automatic room cleaning device."
"And that will help me how?" Harry whispered back.
"Well," the Professor pulled out a metallic sphere. "It is a powerful explosive device."
"What," Harry's eyes widened in shock. "How is that supposed to clean a room?"
"If a room no longer exists, one couldn't say it was dirty now could they?" The Professor spoke looking entirely too smug.

"I think that it and a few dozen spells will put them in the right frame of mind to duel me."
"What frame of mind is that?" The Professor wondered aloud.
"I find that things go much more smoothly when their minds are splattered on the wall,"
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Postby Cyber_Skaarj » Sat Apr 29, 2006 11:47 am

One from Ozz's works. This one's from Ah! My Ranma 1/2.
Everything was black, but the aura swirled around her being clearly for the first time since the initial transformation… She was the Goddess of Luck and all that fell under that domain was hers to command. Chance. Probabilities. Outcomes. They were as much a part of her now as any arm or leg and it was becoming stronger. She had Become and it was changing her. Changing how she thought, how she acted how she felt…
And unlike before, she couldn't put it back.
Ranma's eyes blinked open. "Owwwww…" She couldn't decide which was worse, the pounding in her head or the sucking pit of her stomach. Movement. Kasumi smiled at him. Ah, there were definitely worse things to wake up to. Ranma sat up with a shakiness the betrayed the strain she'd endured.
"Ranma, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times…" Kasumi admonish solemly.
"Don't play with the supervillans." They both intoned simultaneously, bursting into laughter at the same time.

Another, from the same fic.
Skuld looked at the awe struck human. "Ready?" She didn't wait for a reply and stabbed a button on her PDA. "Power ON!" The air trembled around the device and it hummed contently. A glow formed within the grooves and a solid wall of greenish light flowed forth, connecting with its sister devices from the remaining three corners of the yard. The result was a translucent green field that surrounded the dojo property on all four sides while extending into the air for thousands of feet like a spotlight. Even as Akane stared in amazement, the field faded from visible viewing.
"Is..Is it still on?"
"Of course!" Skuld replied confidently, "That was just the initial power flux."
Akane continued to look at the Goddess incredulously. "But.. What IS it?"
"My very own Sub Dimensional Demonic Interdiction Energy Barrier!" Skuld announced with pride. "It has a total power output of 1.21 gigawatts across five planes of existence with a switchable operating frequency…" Skuld continued to rattle off the specs to Akane, whom she had lost after the word 'Sub Dimensional'
"What a haul, WHAT A HAUL!" A small bouncing figure hollered in delight, bouncing up the sidewalk to the dojo entrance. The old Master Happosai was back after a successful nights' raid of various women's undergarments, as evidenced by the bloated sack slung over his back.
Skuld noted the tiny old man, and turned to Akane. "Don't worry, it only affects demons. He should be Ok."
Happosai had just cleared the wall before running into a solid barrier of pain, light streaking off him, frying his person and the pretty linens he carried.
Skuld looked horrified. Akane nodded in satisfaction. "Works great."
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Postby Atlan » Sun Apr 30, 2006 8:39 pm

I've got a thing about demons. I think it dates back to
when they killed the girl I loved, and my family and friends and
everybody in my whole damned world.

"Her?" V asked in disbelief. "The great and mysterious moon-detonating threat? Come on,
guys. There's no way that girl is out to get us. I mean, she saved my ass back there!"
"Speaking of your ass ..." Mars muttered darkly.
"Spectacular, isn't it?" V grinned. Mars glanced down at the other girl's posterior, tight round
cheeks framed by high-cut leather.
"It would be exceedingly easy to judge," the dark-haired senshi remarked, "since we can see
practically all of it."
"What happened to your sailor fuku, anyway?" Sailor Moon asked.
"Yes," Mars said. "Do tell us, won't you ... Mistress V?"
"Oh, Artemis did it," V said airily.
"Artemis?" the other two blurted in unison.
"He says there are actually four costume templates in these henshin rods," V smirked. "The
fuku is only one, so I had him make me up some extras. After everything that happened, I wanted
to get away from the sailor image, you know, establish a new identity for myself. It helps strike
fear into the hearts of evildoers."
"If I were to guess just what feeling that outfit strikes into the hearts of evildoers," Mars said
dryly, "fear wouldn't be my first pick."

From "On a clear day you can see forever"
The Banana, the Atheist's Nightmare:

God made it with a non-slip surface, a color coded system so we know when to eat it, and an easy open tab at the top of the banana. It's just the right shape for a mouth and is easy to digest!!
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Postby Knight of L-sama » Tue May 02, 2006 4:49 am

If I remember correctly this is from Lines of Destiny by Louis-Philippe Giroux
Am I destined to meet every cross-dresser in Tokyo!

Ranma after discovering that Haruka is really female.
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Postby stratagemini » Wed May 03, 2006 2:29 pm

Dark Heart high wrote:"None of that, now. Next time you're up against a
ticked-off magical girl or some hulking knight with a
+4 Sword of Happy-Schmappy, you'll be glad Coach
Truncheon took the time to beat you senseless! And I
remind you that I will be a lot more forgiving than they
would be, because *I* get my paycheck docked if I kill
one of you!

there are a couple others too like:
And thus did Yuri Mikagami skip merrily off to begin another shiny, happy day of sinister, diabolical education...
I See in Your Eyes, The same fear that would take the heart of me.
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Postby Neko- » Mon May 29, 2006 1:26 pm

From Black Dragon's Guardian (always good for memorable and funny quotes) - Millennium... part 2:
"Well... uh... first off, we completed the mission! The enemy was confirmed to be a single zombie, true undead, with no vamp infestations present. The enemy was completely destroyed."
Asuka frowned. 'I hate being right all the time.' "Capturing the enemy target proved impossible?"
"...... It's a gray area."
A vein popped up on Asuka's head. "Of course. I assume there's some other reason you're calling me?"
"Uh, yes. We also have two wounded."
Asuka's eyes widened. There had only been two people assigned to the investigation other than Junko. "Ranma and Snake were BOTH hurt? What happened? How serious is it?" Besides the various indications of wounds from the undead tending to create more undead, the prospect of an enemy force that could defeat both the DA's star weapons expert and star martial arts expert was extremely unsettling.
"Well... it's hard to say how serious it is... Snake's actually not done being wounded yet. As for Ranma, it couldn't be too bad if he still had the energy left to assault Snake after surviving the explosion."
Asuka wanted to facefault. She wanted to sweatdrop. She wanted to slap her forehead. But no matter how desperately she wanted to make a comedic reference as to the irony of the situation, she had to allow that there was absolutely no excuse to not have expected this.
"I... see. Was that all?" The police captain asked despondently.
"Well... it's just-oh! Looks like Ranma's done. Um... Snake doesn't look like he's been crippled, and he's not bleeding badly. I don't think we'll need an ambulance or anything."
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Postby Cyber_Skaarj » Sun Jun 04, 2006 11:31 am

Here's a couple from Jeffrey Vasquez's Splitting Heirs.
Another quiet meow sounded from deep within the pile, followed by a small whimper, causing Akane to wince. A wave of frustration and fear ripped through her. It was taking too long! With a grunt and a vicious heave, Tenchi discovered what a liberating feeling flight gave a body. At least, until he hit the wall.

Nodoka stood rooted to the floor. Next to her, Yosho and his mothers mirrored her. Sasami and Washu were rolling on the floor with tearful guffaws, holding their sides against the pain as Ranma bounced from one body to the next. The look on Azusa's face alone was priceless. Mihoshi looked very confused, as she was still trying to untangle herself from a very aggravated Ayeka.
Tenchi walked up to a very surprised Akane. "Is he always like this?" he asked.
Akane stared at the writhing melee in awe before she answered quietly, "Only when he thinks he's a cat." The sound of Tenchi planting his face on the floor didn't phase the tumult in the least.
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Postby Knight of L-sama » Sat Jun 17, 2006 10:34 pm

I am become Akane, Destroyer of Kitchens!

Nabiki in Don Granberry's fic 'Divided I Stand'
If your spirit has wings to travel, even across the breadth of a thousand, million nights, imagination will guide the way and the gates of El-Hazard will always be open to you.
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Postby Battlekrome » Sun Jun 18, 2006 1:45 am

should i bring up what killed the last thread?
from nonjon
Sauron, Darth Vader, and Magneto have been pooling their collective resources creating Mutant Orc Storm Troopers and training them in the ways of the Sith.

from laguna blade
Murasaki Kuno finally regained consciousness. Seeing his opponent nowhere in sight, he grinned. "Ha! Ha! Saotome has fled. I am victorious. Yet another opponent falls victim to my Ultimate Technique. No one has ever resisted the effect of the blow of the frightened possum! All have fled before its wrath!"
Murasaki groggily got to his feet. He headed home, his injuries lessened by the joy of his victory against a most worthy adversary.

also by laguna blade
"Arise, Pengulis Prime." A deep voice said.
"Optimus?" Pen-Pen whispered.

though i think the funniest comes from Valander the Red
Hikaru looked at the papers the small, marshmallowy
rabbit handed her. "Y-you wrote a lemon?" she asked.
"Puu!" it answered happily.
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Postby camk4evr » Sun Jun 18, 2006 4:31 am

Frome chapter 5 of Innortal's 'No Need for Destiny'
She stopped in front of the squad, before taking a deep breath, and going into a Tendo-Style Demon head. “WHAT TOOK YOU THIS LONG TO PROTECT MY DEFENSELESS BABIES?”
“Is his arm supposed to bend that way?” asked Mikumo.
“It does now,” said Miyuki.
Nabiki’s head returned to normal size, as she stared like a demon from hell, at the members of the team assigned to protect her children. “Don’t you care that they were almost abducted?”
“Son, stop kicking him. He’s out cold.”
“Just making certain I get that point,” said Chibi-Ranma.
Nabiki’s head dropped down. It was hard to make a case for protecting her children when they were behind her and continuing to abuse the would-be abductors. “Just take them away, full interrogations, and make certain we have GP observers so they can’t claim some legal technicality.”
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Postby DarkFyre99 » Sun Jun 18, 2006 9:45 am

from Lovegood, Boobs Gooder, by nonjon, which I just read yesterday...
Dear Tom,
Sorry about the name, it’s just for brevity’s sake as we don’t have that much blood left to write with from your Death Eaters. That and “Self-proclaimed Dork Lard Voldemort” doesn’t sound nearly as respectful as ‘Tom’ does. Though I would have no problems calling you ‘Morty’ if you’d prefer that. ‘Marv’ (short for Marvolo) is kind of endearing too. Anyways, it’s me: Harry Potter. I’m the kid who reflected that killing curse back at you a decade and a half ago, in case you don’t remember me. I’ve not been keeping up on the news, so I really don’t know if I am still your primary unhealthy obsession. That and I always kind of assumed high amounts of Dark Magic would eventually take their toll on long term memory, and I wanted you to know who I was.
In case you still don’t remember me, try this: Last night you sent a half dozen Death Eaters out to capture me and either kill or capture my girlfriend. Now how you knew she was my girlfriend, I don’t know as that conversation wasn’t even a half hour old. We’re still new at this and in the beginning stages of forging a young healthy relationship. I mean I like her a lot, and she likes me, but we haven’t had any opportunities to explore our meaning to each other beyond that point yet. You know what it’s like. Well, maybe you do.
Anyways, I’m not too sure you want to hear about my love life, so I’ll get to the point of this letter: Please stop attacking. At least please stop attacking me. I could use a break right now. I’m taking a time out in our little game. I realize you pretty much started this game before I was even potty-trained, but I’ve never let you know that it’s not very much fun for me. I know I can’t just quit the game, we have to finish it, but I’m just asking for a little me-time. I was thinking you could take the rest of the summer and work out the kinks in all your future plans. Trust me, if they’re anything like your previous plans, going through them a few more times would be a real good idea. Lucius giving the diary to one of my friends? Planting a Death Eater at Hogwarts just so he could actually teach decently for a whole year and put the fix on an international highly publicized competition? How on earth did you manage to come up with that one? I mean you had him here and trusted for an entire year. Don’t you think there were better purposes the man could have served? Not to mention the way you could have tricked me into just about anything, and you manipulate me into grabbing and breaking a prophecy? Was the destruction of that prophecy that important to you? Often times I cannot even follow your logic. And I’m not so sure it’s because you’re much smarter than me.
But you sent Nott leading a couple other familiar faces and some flipping newbies. Tough break on those guys. Wayne and Harrison explained to me that it was Nott, Mulciber, Cavanaugh, and Stokley that I killed. I had to Obliviate Wayne and Harrison and leave them for the authorities to find, but I’m sure you could break them out if you wanted to. They attacked me at a very tense moment and I wasn’t particularly gentle in my response. And I don’t think you particularly want more dead Death Eaters any more than I want to kill more of them. So let’s just take the rest of this summer and you can make sure you have some real knock ‘em dead plans for either the school year or somewhere even further down the line. Perhaps you may want to focus on killing the Headmaster. Or maybe some political schemes and usurping Fudge’s power will help you. I’m not even sure what your goals are, so I don’t know what else, aside from attacking and killing me, are your priorities at the moment. Maybe there’s an ancient artifact you could peacefully recover somewhere in Albania. I really don’t know.
Anyways, just think about taking a break from the attacking and instead double and triple checking your future plans. At least until the school year begins.
Yours truly,
Harry Potter
P.S. – Did you ever realize how fun it is to say ‘Dumblemort and Voldiedore’? I know Dumblemort does comes first but it just sounds better that way. I’ve also come up with some catchy limericks using those names, but I’m not sure you’d appreciate them.

One disastrous second assassination attempt later...
Voldemort heard the accounts from the four survivors of the last attack on Potter. What they told him was not good news. Normally, he would be furious with rage and cursing anyone and everyone for any reason he could find. But at the moment, he was calm, collected, and considering the next step. Like any good commander, he swiftly and emotionlessly killed the only survivors. Their story was not one he particularly wanted repeated.
“Severus!” the Dark Lord called out. “Did I ever tell you, you’re my number one guy?”
Severus face stayed blank. “Lucius and Bellatrix got killed?”
Voldemort grinned sheepishly. “Certainly looks that way.”
Severus shrugged. “Shame.”
Voldemort agreed. “Pity.”
“Terrible tragedy.”
“Enh… I won’t miss them any.”
Severus smiled a little. “Who would?”
Voldemort shook his head at his Potions Master’s indifference. He reached and out grabbed Snape’s arm and fed his magic into Snape’s Dark Mark sending out the call for an immediate meeting. If you don’t mind the other man’s screaming, this was an extremely useful and effective piece of magic.
As soon as everyone who was coming had appeared, Voldemort stood up. “My loyal Death Eaters, disloyal spies in the Death Eaters, and all the rest of you namby-pambies who are just here because you’re scared, thank you for coming. There are factors beyond our control changing and we are going to change with them. I trust most of you know the first attack on Potter led by Nott, failed miserably. After this attack, I received a communiqué from my new War Advisor. He indicated that I should not pursue a further attack on Potter this summer and presented me with some legitimate arguments why not to. I ignored his advice and now the second attack has failed miserably as well. I’m sorry to say everyone on that mission individually failed miserably by letting themselves get killed.”
More than a few gasps were heard as it became apparent that all the people missing from this meeting were dead, including Bellatrix and Lucius.
“It was a mistake ignoring good advice, and it is not one I will make again. Until at least September all attacks and hostile missions are suspended. Until then, you are to review all your plans and missions and identify ways they could fail. The security around Potter becomes wasteful when we don’t attack him. It will be the last thing they suspect. A complete ceasefire will just leave them all on edge, and the anxiety of not knowing when the next attack will come will further our cause just as much as actually attacking would. But without any risk to us.”
Voldemort paused and surveyed all those present. “I will no longer tolerate failure. And by this autumn, the wizarding world will either have relaxed so much as to make attacking that much easier, or they will be so on edge that they will be incapable of confronting their fears or fighting back.” Voldemort was punctuating his statements with lots of fist clenching and hissing of words.
“Prove yourselves worthy of being Death Eaters, and stop all attacks!” Voldemort finished and thrust his hands in the air in victory.
The crowd of marked followers all threw their hands up and cheered though they occasionally looked at each other wondering why they were cheering or when they should stop.
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Just a short one this time.
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