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Postby lwf58 » Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:33 pm

A new crop of Billy Vs. Snakeman banners have turned up as sig images recently... and they are a nonstandard banner size: 380 x 94 pixels. Once more from the top: the max size allowed for sig images in our rules is 350 x 100.

That means that the standard banner format is 30 pixels too wide. It's not that hard to resize them, and if anyone cannot do the job themselves, there are plenty of people here who can on request.

So either the BVS banners get resized, or they must be removed.

Note: we might be willing to adopt a different size, but if so, we'd go for one of the standard advertising banner sizes used by the internet. Since the BVS banners are nonstandard, they'd still have to fit within whatever max dimensions were adopted. Some of the standard sizes for advertising banners are:

468 x 60 Full banner
392 x 72 Full Banner/ Vertical Navigation Bar
234 x 60 Half Banner
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