Crystal Tokyo: Outward Bound

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Session #7 - Continued

Postby Alathon » Sat Sep 23, 2006 3:39 am

Session #7 - Continued
[22:18] Caoilinn: (Not with police, but with one PC being aggressive while the others don't want to start a fight.)
[22:18] Tsukasa: "You just said it was your duty!"
[22:18] Tsukasa: "And how
[22:18] Alathon: ((oh, heh))
[22:18] Tsukasa: 's she supposed to recognize a foreign country's uniform?!"
[22:18] Amiko: "If she was an ally, she'd _ask_ first, Tsukusa."
[22:18] Sheena: "Amiko, face it, Your an idoit"
[22:18] * Caoilinn sighs.
[22:18] Alathon: Larson confers a bit with the people, most like other deputies by their clothes.
[22:18] Tsukasa: "They're jumpy. Seeing as she doesn't know who the fuck we are."
[22:18] Alathon: They're all armed with what look to be gunpowder pistols.
[22:19] Caoilinn: "I'd say I don't know any of you if we weren't all wearing the same thing..."
[22:19] Amiko: "I don't trust ANYONE here, not after their MAJOR ran off with gold."
[22:19] Tsukasa: "Look... Take a HALF second to say 'Let me call my boss and clear this up'."
[22:19] Amiko: "You just did."
[22:19] Tsukasa: "Instead of an international incident."
[22:20] * Sheena looks bored
[22:20] Amiko: "At this point, wihtout her identifying herself _first_? Would you trust her?"
[22:20] Sheena: (lol all the guards are watching us argue totaly not worring about them)
[22:20] Alathon: Man: "You're surrounded. Drop your wea-- whatever it is, now!"
[22:20] Sheena: "Oh shut up,"
[22:20] Caoilinn: "Uh, what whatever it is?"
[22:20] Amiko: "Not without our commander's approval. You know, the Lady Venus?"
[22:20] Alathon: Man: "That thing!"
[22:20] Amiko: "It's FRIGGING COMMUICATOR."
[22:20] Amiko: (add 'a')
[22:21] Alathon: The man, who has a similar uniform as Larson, points to the communicator.
[22:21] Tsukasa: "It's a comm device. Amiko, they think it's a goddamn bomb."
[22:21] Alathon: Man: "I don't care what it is, drop it!"
[22:21] Sheena: "this is rather funny, if they have a panik attack like this over a com i wonder what happens if we get serious"
[22:21] * Tsukasa sighs. "Ever consider THAT misunderstanding?"
[22:21] * Amiko slips it in her pocket.
[22:21] Amiko: "Can't. NOt my property."
[22:21] Alathon: The man roars, "What part of "drop it" do you not understand? Do you want to get shot, lady!"
[22:22] Caoilinn: "If we get serious? The Lady Venus demotes us further than you ever thought possible."
[22:22] Sheena: "Ya, we can't turn any CT gear over to them"
[22:22] Alathon: At this, the various deputies draw their pistols, some of them hesitantly.
[22:22] Tsukasa: "Look. Put it down and STOP PISSING OFF THE ALLIES WE'RE HERE TO MAKE."
[22:22] Amiko: "You do NOT understand, MY goverement would have MY ass if I did not keep possesion of it! It's NOT a frigging bomb, just a FRIGGING RADIO!"
[22:22] Caoilinn: "Excuse me. She's not going to drop it, but she'll keep it put away."
[22:22] Alathon: Total numbers are 13
[22:22] Alathon: four behind you, 9 in front. If you're curious
[22:22] Amiko: "IF it was a bomb, I'd not have it in my POCKET."
[22:23] Alathon: No discernable armor.
[22:23] * Tsukasa nudges Sanshi, and whispers into his ear.
[22:23] Amiko: "And if your DEPUTY didn't IDENTIFY herself first, we'd not be having this problem!"
[22:23] Amiko: (need a break, something's weird outside.)
[22:23] Caoilinn: "Um, we're part of the Crystal Tokyo delegation that got separated before coming to the city."
[22:23] Alathon: Larson: "The hell you say! I said my name loud and clear!"
[22:23] Sheena: "You know i find it funny there more worried about something in your pocket then the huge cat beat we are standing next to"
[22:23] Amiko: "No, you didn't, not on stopping it!"
[22:23] Tsukasa: "She called herself 'Deputy Larson'. What more do you want, a social service number and credit balance?"
[22:24] Amiko: "She didn't idenitfy herself WHEN I made the call."
[22:24] Amiko: "To Lady Venus."
[22:24] Alathon: ((she did so before that.))
[22:24] Tsukasa: "She did so PRIOR to you making the call."
[22:24] Sheena: (heh, screw up any more amiko?)
[22:24] Amiko: ((no, she didn't, not the way I saw it.))
[22:24] Amiko: (Nope. Blame lag, then)
[22:25] Alathon: Man: "Okay, listen. Just keep your hands off any weapons or anything.."
[22:25] Amiko: (and I _really_ need to check something outside, be right back)
[22:25] Alathon: ((Okay, pause until mage gets back.))
[22:25] Caoilinn: (Quick! Let's resolve this before he gets back! ;) )
[22:25] Alathon: ((you wish))
[22:25] Sheena: (hah)
[22:25] * Tsukasa keeps her hands away from her weaponry. "I'm not entirely sure I'll even stop you from shooting her at this point. I disavow all connection to her behaviour."
[22:25] Sheena: "A strange lady comes up to us and the night and ask's us to follow her, then gets upset when we ask her name"
[22:26] Sheena: " What kinda reaction you expect from us hmm?"
[22:26] Caoilinn: (You know, normally I'd be strongly urging Amiko to calm down, but I'm *so* tired of playing that role in the Outbreak game... :) )
[22:26] Caoilinn: (With Phoenix, James, Raine...)
[22:26] Tsukasa: "She told us her name pretty quickly. Did we REALLY need to get this boiled up over a phone call?"
[22:26] Caoilinn: (What part of pause don't you get?)
[22:27] Sheena: "Im not the one who shit my pants and started blowing a wistle"
[22:27] Sheena: (whoops)
[22:27] Tsukasa: (Hmm... Well, it's a really complex thought...)
[22:27] Sheena: (didnt see that)
[22:27] Tsukasa: (Heh, so you're gonna stay out of this and let the one who plays hothead in the other game be the one to calm things down here?)
[22:28] Amiko: (Which is explained by the dammed torrent here finally hitting 500kb/sec)
[22:28] Amiko: (so _I_ am lagging)
[22:28] Tsukasa: (Fair enough, that's lag. However, the rest of us got the message at that speed)
[22:28] Caoilinn: (Sure. :) I'm just tired of that role. :) )
[22:28] Caoilinn: (So, Al, do we have to pay the price for his lag?)
[22:28] Amiko: (Plus, given their techology, if they're afraid of a dammed item the size of the PDA< they're FRIGGING IDIOTS.)
[22:29] Amiko: (There _is_ no explosive til the 1950's level that could do ANY damage that small)
[22:29] Caoilinn: (Sorry, but there exists magic and special powers, so that doesn't hold.)
[22:30] Amiko: (They thought it was a weapon, ergo, they're thinking convental, disagree.)
[22:30] Caoilinn: (There are magical and ability-powered weapons)
[22:30] Amiko: (AND with it in my pocket, wtf? Only sudice bombers are that stupid!)
[22:30] Sheena: (heh, we did get warned that they are jumpy)
[22:30] Tsukasa: (Look, they don't have a CLUE what it is. That's why they're being paranoid, so they don't be dead)
[22:31] Amiko: (And with it in my pocket, they're still assuming it's a weapon? Disagree.)
[22:31] Amiko: (and I have pretty DAMMED good reasons to disagree.)
[22:31] Alathon: Man: "I don't see how she could be 'strange', wearing a Deputy's star and all."
[22:31] Sheena: (whats the guys name from the from the other town?)
[22:31] Amiko: (plus, to be cold, her attuidte stunk. I know better than that. You _always_ ID yourself first _then_ ask)
[22:31] Caoilinn: "Well, we're from pretty far away, and so far we've been attacked by people called Harleyriders more than once."
[22:31] Tsukasa: "That isn't an emblem we're familiar with, unfortunately."
[22:31] Sheena: "And that means what to me? In case you havnt noticed we are not from around here"
[22:32] Alathon: Man's eyes narrows.
[22:32] Alathon: Man: "you don't say.."
[22:32] Amiko: "And given that at least one of your personnel ran off in an attack by them, with the milita's pay..."
[22:32] Amiko: "or a Milita officer, anyways."
[22:32] Alathon: Man: "Every deputy in the protectorate wears one."
[22:32] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:32] Tsukasa: "Amiko... Is this really the diplomatic way to go about things?"
[22:32] Amiko: "Since she didn't ID herself intinally, I was calling Lady Venus."
[22:33] Amiko: "Better than my intinal thought!"
[22:33] Tsukasa: "Fair enough. But is it strictly necessary to threaten her life instead of telling her what you're doing?"
[22:33] Caoilinn: "Like I said, we're *not* from here. We're with a delegation that is supposed to be here in the city."
[22:33] Sheena: (whast the name of the other town)
[22:33] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:33] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[22:34] Alathon: Man: "Okay.. okay.."
[22:34] Alathon: The man motions to the others, and they holster there guns.
[22:34] Caoilinn: "I can understand their reaction, since they figured everyone would automatically know they're police."
[22:34] Amiko: "I hurt, I'm tired of being shot at, I spent myself nearly dry healing citizens of their nation, and I really, really don't like being accosted by soemone who doesn't identify t hemselves and -say- why they want me to go anywhere!"
[22:35] Alathon: Man: "I'll be honest and say that sounds like a serious wide load to me, but..."
[22:35] Tsukasa: (Amiko... Give it up. You got lag.)
[22:35] Alathon: The man turns to face Amiko.
[22:35] Amiko: (Heh.)
[22:35] Tsukasa: (It doesn't change what the rest of us saw)
[22:35] Amiko: (And I'm trying for a in game reason)
[22:35] Caoilinn: (She's overtaxed herself. :) )
[22:35] Tsukasa: (Heh. Yeah...)
[22:35] Amiko: (I ironically didn't heal myself.)
[22:35] Sheena: "Really? Then i don't suporse you want to know about the burt out post we passed on the bridge, and the road being full of the idoits on bikes"
[22:35] Tsukasa: (So mentally fatigued that she's missing what people are saying?)
[22:36] Alathon: Man: "and I can't say I like your attitude one bit. But anyways.."
[22:36] Alathon: The man turns a bit, and says something quietly, pauses a bit facing back where he came from, before turning back.
[22:36] Amiko: (Wait one, I need an answer from Al on something.)
[22:37] Caoilinn: (Oh, god...she's going to attack him from behind. ;) )
[22:37] Amiko: "If you're the police here, you got a problem you need to know about, I figure."
[22:37] Amiko: "A Major Keyes took all the milita's pay in Northup during an attack by Harlyriders yesterday."
[22:37] * Amiko rubs her head. "Clocked me a good one, too."
[22:37] Alathon: At this point, you can here horses coming out from the inner city.
[22:37] Alathon: The man pauses.
[22:38] Sheena: "This is hardly the place for this,"
[22:38] Alathon: The man looks over at one of his deputies.
[22:39] * Sheena looks over at Larson, "What did you want any way, you never answered that question before your panik attack"
[22:39] Alathon: Man: "Hey, Keyes? You think that's Aaron she's talkin' about?"
[22:41] Alathon: The man he was addressing glares Amiko, spits, and says something that doesn't translate.
[22:41] Alathon: After that, he says, "Hell, no!"
[22:42] Alathon: other keyes turns to face Amiko: "At least, she better not'of been."
[22:42] Sheena: "We hardly have reason to Lie to you gentalmen."
[22:42] Amiko: "Dunno what his given name is, just that he took off with the milita's chest. Nor do I care who he is."
[22:42] Tsukasa: "Oh joy... Maybe we should get some CREDIT before accusing their pillars of the community..."
[22:42] Alathon: Keyes: "That's a goddamned lie and you know it!"
[22:43] Alathon: Keyes moves to rush forward, but is grabbed by another two deputies.
[22:43] Alathon: Man: "Strong words.. strong words indeed."
[22:43] Amiko: "Prove it. I have NO reason to lie. I don't _care_ about who he is. I'm more annoyed about him running off in a battle."
[22:43] Alathon: the Man looks over his shoulder, before turning back, relief on hisf ace.
[22:43] Caoilinn: "The big guns about to arrive?"
[22:44] Alathon: Around the corner come eight men and women on horses, all of them wearing grey sleeveless uniforms.
[22:44] Sheena: "Well they must have something better then this lot, Thoes fools on bikes havent manged to over run this town it seems"
[22:44] * Tsukasa sighs and slowly pulls out her own comm device. "May I call our leader?"
[22:44] Amiko: "Oooh, cold, Sheena."
[22:44] * Caoilinn sighs and shakes her head.
[22:44] Sheena: " Im getting annoyed"
[22:45] Alathon: anyways, we need ot break for 15 minutes; mage has some RL shit he's gotta do
[22:45] Caoilinn: "Why do I get the feeling this is the last diplomatic mission we'll be included in?"
[22:45] Tsukasa: "Because you have learned wisdom."
[22:46] Caoilinn: (Ok... break time again)
[22:46] Amiko: (While I wait a few seconds for my water to run, wait a second, if we're wearing the same uniforms from yesterady, don't they notice the blood and damage on it?"
[22:46] Amiko: (I was shot, Tsukasa was.)
[22:46] Sheena: "I duno, im fealing very Diplomatic right about now"
[22:46] Tsukasa: "Yes, I suppose we're ALL getting in the mood for an aggressive negotiation style."
[22:46] Caoilinn: (And that should make them feel like we're *less* of a threat, Amiko?)
[22:47] Amiko: (Caoilinn perhaps it's just practial expereince, but we don't fit the profile of a standard Harlyrider, and why in fuck would we be walking?)
[22:48] Alathon: (have you considered that over the last thousand years there have probably been plenty of metas whow ere not harleyriders who made life suck for people anyway?)
[22:48] Caoilinn: (And Harleyriders are the only dangerous people they ever encounter in the entire city?)
[22:49] Amiko: (Alathon: They're still cops. She should have ID'ed herself _first_.)
[22:49] Caoilinn: (Frankly, I think real cops would be a lot less cooperative than these guys have been.)
[22:49] Sheena: (face it, amiko a ass hole and fucked things up)
[22:49] Tsukasa: (Of course, maybe we're just being corrupted by the way the cops acted in Outbreak :) )
[22:49] Alathon: (it's the risk of fighting metas that's stopping them, not unwillingness to shoot you. You could actually get that from a good discern motive roll if you wanted.))
[22:50] Tsukasa: (I still loved getting to shoot a cop and get away with it)
[22:50] Amiko: (Oh? You're going to have to tell me that one)
[22:50] Caoilinn: (Actually, she did--to everyone but you. But even if she didn't, she's still a cop and a failure to identify herself first doesn't mean you have free reign.)
[22:50] Sheena: (its not like we where going to go with her any way)
[22:51] Sheena: ( we can't turn over our weapons, or gear)
[22:51] Amiko: (Quick question, we all fit 'japanese' or near japanese norms, don't we, the PC's?)
[22:51] Caoilinn: (And, somehow, I don't think they have really strong rules of conduct for cops there. :) )
[22:51] Caoilinn: (I sure don't.)
[22:51] Amiko: (Caoilinn: Heh.)
[22:51] Tsukasa: (Purely Japanese, just red-haired for some strange reason)
[22:51] Amiko: (Hurm.)
[22:51] Sheena: ( and we sure as hell can't surender to anything they want)
[22:51] Amiko: (Tsukasa: Well, Amiko's about 3/4ths.)
[22:51] Tsukasa: (But we CAN meet 'em halfway, work on negotiating, try to minimize the probability of... this)
[22:52] Sheena: (sheena does, expect for her ferrent holding rack and red hair)
[22:53] Caoilinn: (There's a lot of room to not surrender w/o threatening to fry the police. :) )
[22:53] Tsukasa: (Yeah... That was IMPRESSIVE)
[22:53] Tsukasa: (I don't recall seeing a salvageable situation go debacle that quickly before)
[22:54] Sheena: (well look at is this way, when we start blowing up the town venus is sure to find us)
[22:54] Sheena: (and its not our falt al hasnt had her freaking call yet)
[22:54] Tsukasa: (... That is perhaps less of a silver lining than I might like)
[22:54] Caoilinn: (Not me. If you guys start doing that, I'm running away and saying we got separated before getting to the city.)
[22:54] Amiko: (LOL)
[22:55] Sheena: (we are well within range for real time com, and that means something happened)
[22:55] Tsukasa: (Her goal IS to establish the alliance, not protect her escorts. Bets she'd shoot US instead?)
[22:55] Tsukasa: (Yeah... no destroying the city for Tsukasa either, I'm afraid...)
[22:55] Sheena: (Did you forget the first couple sessions? Thats not her goal)
[22:55] Amiko: (Acutally, I found anouther flaw. Venus if she's as competent as the Manga made her out to be, would have MADE sure that the police knew her people, espically when she's got four trying to get BACK.)
[22:56] Amiko: (and Al's seeming to use that view of her... now gone for a bit)
[22:56] Sheena: (for all we know she is in troble, he last message was rather sparse and mostly a warning)
[22:56] Tsukasa: (To acquire information, and look into establishing the alliance - but the alliance is the end, strategic goal)
[22:57] Caoilinn: (Here's the big thing. Just because someone else doesn't do things properly, it doesn't excuse *your* actions.)
[22:57] Sheena: (venus is not interested in the alliance, She is here to check the place out, and after that ship sinking to find out who attacked us.)
[22:57] Sheena: (or do you not remember what she told us after she ported back with suplises)
[22:57] Tsukasa: (For the short term, yes)
[22:57] Alathon: Mage, when you get back.. you have to realize that you're assuming a huge number of things that just aren't as you think they are. Youc an't assume that these deputies will behave like 20th century cops, or even like 19th century deputies, and you really can't assume anything about the state of Venus' diplomatic mission to Carson that you haven't been told
[22:58] Alathon: And you haven't been told a god damned thing since you parted except that "things" are going bad.
[22:58] Tsukasa: (But checking the place out, the possibility of assisting them... that's all to the long term goal of establishing overseas allies)
[22:59] Caoilinn: (And, in any case, there's a *world* of difference between Sailor Venus ending negotiations with a foreign power and her bonehead honor guard starting a major incident.)
[22:59] Alathon: Stop assuming that things are being done right, or competently, or as you'd expect them to be done in a 1st or even 3rd world 21st century nation, and you'll be a LOT closer to figuring out what's going on
[22:59] Alathon: Hell.. consider this fact: There was no escort, or messenger, waiting for you.
[23:00] Caoilinn: (I'm going on a more Wild West theme, myself)
[23:00] Alathon: Or if there was, you missed 'em, or they missed you
[23:00] Tsukasa: (And things are very bloody farked-up, considering the trashed outpost we just came past)
[23:00] Tsukasa: (Even if they NORMALLY run right...)
[23:00] Caoilinn: (Probably where our escort was. :) )
[23:01] Caoilinn: (I mean, we 'could hardly miss it'.)
[23:01] Sheena: (only thing i find wierd is that we are in range for the coms to work,)
[23:01] Amiko: Alathon (wait one) Look. I'm not going from _their_ POV. I'm going from how _VENUS_ should act
[23:01] Alathon: you're making huge, incorrect assumptions about how venus should act
[23:01] Caoilinn: (Because ... you know her so well?)
[23:01] Alathon: hell
[23:02] Alathon: you have from day one, when you got up in her face over the discrepancy between what you thought "honor guard" duty would be, and what she thought was blatantly obvious to you
[23:02] Amiko: (Then, we have major problems. I've DONE a lot of the duties, or worked closely with people who have.)
[23:03] Sheena: (in other words mage, stop freaking guessing things and wanting them to go your way)
[23:03] Alathon: and.. you assume everything will be the same as it has been for y ou, a thousand years later, in a fictional post-apocalyptic universe with vastly changed cultures
[23:03] Sheena: (thats not how your char would have been trained any way)
[23:04] Sheena: (this is out first mission away, and with venus, your as lost as the rest of us)
[23:05] Caoilinn: (*Stays out of this argument for the most part, too. :) )
[23:05] Sheena: (and we just spent an hour doing nothing can we move the hell on?)
[23:09] Alathon: ((well, we've only been doing nothing for 20 minutes, actually ;p))
[23:10] Caoilinn: (Time flies when you're having fun.)
[23:10] Sheena: (are we all here?)
[23:10] Sheena: (we got cops to annoy)
[23:10] Caoilinn: (This is the converse)
[23:12] Alathon: (I think we're waiting for mage to get back)
[23:13] Tsukasa: (Yep. Know I'm here)
[23:15] Caoilinn: (I'm imagining Phoenix, Raine, and Amiko on a diplomatic mission in a semi-friendly/semi-hostile area...)
[23:15] Alathon: (Hey, don't leave out Homestar!)
[23:15] Alathon: (SHe could throw hammers at things at the drop of a hat with the best of 'em!))
[23:15] Tsukasa: (Or James. And DEFINITELY don't leave Sammy out)
[23:16] Caoilinn: (She's not a hothead primed to start an unnecessary fight, is she?)
[23:16] Alathon: (not usually))
[23:16] Tsukasa: (Or Aeon's low-Wis-fire-a-rocket-launcher-in-a-crowded-bar self...)
[23:16] Alathon: (haha, that was classic)
[23:16] Caoilinn: (That was the worst bluff in history. :) )
[23:16] Tsukasa: ("Cyanide, on the rocks. Shaken, not stirred.")
[23:17] Caoilinn: (Well, no, not the worst. If he threatened to do it without actually having the launcher, that would have been the worst. :) )
[23:19] Tsukasa: (I'm still impressed that Griselda Fist does more damage to the dragon than the rocket launcher did...)
[23:20] Amiko: (... Oookay)
[23:20] Amiko: (back)
[23:20] Alathon: Alright
[23:21] Alathon: One of the guys on a horse moves forward; the rest stay back behind the deputies. He has a short word with the man who has been speaking to you.
[23:22] Alathon: The man who has been speaking to you steps back into ranks with the deputies. At this point, none of them have their weapons drawn, though they're all visibly tense.
[23:22] Alathon: Some of them with hands on their guns.
[23:22] Amiko: (OOC, does ANY of us NEED a gun to shoot people?)
[23:23] Tsukasa: (Yes)
[23:23] Amiko: (Heh, I think you're the only one...)
[23:23] Caoilinn: (But for most of us, our mouths are more than sufficient)
[23:23] Tsukasa: (Oh sure, make me feel left out...)
[23:23] Amiko: (You've got the walking tank, Tsukasa, I wouldn't feel too bad...)
[23:24] Caoilinn: (I would so love to be left out at this moment)
[23:24] Tsukasa: (This is true)
[23:24] Tsukasa: (I've already disavowed any and all connection to Amiko :) )
[23:24] Caoilinn: (Like I said, I would've said I didn't know any of you if we weren't all wearing the same uniform. :) )
[23:24] Sheena: (i dont even need darkheart to start blasting)
[23:24] Sheena: (great team spirt there cao!)
[23:25] Amiko: (We see who gets healing spells when they need them, Sheena.)
[23:25] Alathon: Man on horse: "My name is Jeffrey Cole, Captain in the Crimson Guard of Nevada. Identify yourselves to me."
[23:25] Caoilinn: (So says the reason *why* we'll be needing them. :p)
[23:25] Tsukasa: (Watch Amiko get pwned and have Tsukasa heal her last :) )
[23:25] Sheena: (eh, Cao you answer that)
[23:25] Amiko: "Lt. Amiko Moate, Crystal Tokyo Marines."
[23:26] Tsukasa: "Tsukasa Kuno. Crystal Tokyo Marines, escort to Lady Venus."
[23:26] Alathon: He looks to each of you for an answer.
[23:26] Sheena: (Where not marines any more...)
[23:26] Tsukasa: (We're just on loan!)
[23:26] Amiko: (YOU aren't, Amiko _is_.)
[23:26] Tsukasa: (Aren't we?)
[23:26] Amiko: (What, you think her pips are for show?)
[23:26] Alathon: (Not unless you've chosen to enlist without telling me ;p ))
[23:26] Sheena: (in case you didnt notice your not once we got transfered)
[23:26] Caoilinn: "Caoilinn O'Loinsigh, part of the Crystal Tokyo delegation to Carson City."
[23:27] Caoilinn: (Way to sound like a unified team here. :) )
[23:27] Tsukasa: (Then edit out my 'crystal tokyo marines' declaration and leave it as 'escort to lady venus')
[23:27] Amiko: (No, I didn't lose my commsion, Sheena, I ASKED Alathon about this, I'm still under orders, as _I_ understood it, from asking Alathon)
[23:27] Caoilinn: (But Amiko--did you ask Alathon about it?)
[23:27] Sheena: "Sheena, All so part of the Crystal Tokyo delegation"
[23:28] Alathon: (my anwer was to tsukasa, amiko is actually a member of the CT marines, and was before going to school)
[23:28] Amiko: ("From Asking Alathon")
[23:28] Alathon: The captain massages his forehead.
[23:29] Alathon: Captain: "Sheriff Townsend claims that you threatened his deputies. Is this the case?"
[23:29] * Tsukasa points to Amiko. "I disavow once more all connection to her."
[23:30] Alathon: The captain raises an eyebrow at that, but says nothing, waiting for further response.
[23:30] * Sheena elbows Tsukasa and wispers "Shut up, not in front of others damn it"
[23:30] Amiko: "After she came up to us, and failed to identify herself, and all _I_ was doing was calling my superior. She threatened US."
[23:30] * Tsukasa gapes at Amiko.
[23:30] Sheena: "It's just a misunderstandering"
[23:31] Alathon: Larson bristles as this, then glances in the Captain's direction and holds her peace.
[23:31] Sheena: "Considering we are very tired from a battle last night, and walking all day it got out of hand quickly"
[23:31] Caoilinn: "I certainly didn't. It's possible one of my companions said something that *could* be interpreted as a threat, even if it wasn't explicitly meant as one."
[23:31] Amiko: "That's true. I am tired, fried, and still annoyed at someone hitting me in the back of the head, as they ran from a battle."
[23:32] Amiko: (stupid log, was responding to Sheena)
[23:32] Amiko: (LAG)
[23:33] Alathon: The captain pauses, and converses in lowered voices with Larson and Townsend.
[23:36] Alathon: Captain: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but the statement in question was, 'not before you die', after Deputy Larson stated that the Crimson Guard were currently stationed in Carson."
[23:36] Amiko: "Which is a threat as well, Captian."
[23:36] Alathon: Captain, mildly: "That rather strikes me as threatening."
[23:36] Amiko: "She threatened us as well."
[23:36] Tsukasa: "That WAS stated, however it was in the heat of the moment."
[23:37] Amiko: "That would be if you vistied Crystal Toyko, and I said the Marines were there."
[23:37] Alathon: The captain glances over at Larson, who is furious but keeping her mouth shut.
[23:37] Tsukasa: "Amiko, please shut up. You have yourself stated you're not feeling very diplomatic, so let us do the talking."
[23:37] Alathon: The Captain shakes his head.
[23:37] Sheena: "Yes amiko, do shut up."
[23:38] Alathon: Captain: "I'm not familiar with Crystal Tokyo. In which direction is it?"
[23:38] Tsukasa: "Very far west."
[23:38] Amiko: (Y'know, I'm not even sure we _do_ know the distance, do we?)
[23:38] Caoilinn: "Actually, I believe the comment was about the Crimson Guard being in town and doing us, or her, for ashes."
[23:38] Sheena: (not a clue, just that its past 1000 miles and under a million) heh
[23:38] Tsukasa: ("How big is the ocean to the west? That distance.")
[23:39] Alathon: Larson: "Like hell I did!"
[23:39] Tsukasa: (Yeah, there was a threat prior to that)
[23:39] Amiko: (*laughs* I know offhand the distance between Tokyo and SF, in plane km is nearly 9000)
[23:39] Alathon: Larson: "I didn't say nothing except that they're in town."
[23:39] Caoilinn: "Whcih I think was more a warning than a threat, but it was taken as a threat."
[23:39] Alathon: Larson looks up at the captain for approval.
[23:40] Sheena: "I belive the line was, "the Crimson's are in town and they'll do you for ashes...""
[23:40] Sheena: "But thats just me,"
[23:40] Alathon: Larson: "I said no such thing!"
[23:40] Caoilinn: (We have scrollback and we're not afraid to use it!)
[23:40] Tsukasa: "... Wasn't this a DIPLOMATIC mission?"
[23:40] Sheena: (heh)
[23:40] Alathon: (oh, you're right, she did. she's lying.))
[23:40] Amiko: (Which I was trying to do...)
[23:41] Alathon: The Captain is massaging his forehead even harder at this.
[23:41] Alathon: He eventually looks up and addresses the party.
[23:41] Amiko: ("Oh, dipomacy, shooting them first?")
[23:41] Caoilinn: (Enough already!)
[23:41] Alathon: Captain: "Carson City is a city with laws, and we don't appreciate people starting trouble. Especially in times like these."
[23:42] Sheena: "We saw what thoes hog idoits can do, I would be jumpy to"
[23:42] Tsukasa: "Look, we apologize. It was a misunderstanding that exploded fast."
[23:42] Alathon: The captain's eyes flicker over to Sheena, and he pauses before continuing.
[23:42] Tsukasa: "We had no intention to cause trouble. Amiko was stressed, and acted thoughtlessly."
[23:43] Alathon: Captain: "Perhaps this was all just a misunderstanding, but we don't stand by letting foreigners come in and harass our lawmen. I'll escort you to the South, and you'll be free to go."
[23:44] Alathon: (Correction: South Gate)
[23:44] Tsukasa: "Sir... I'm afraid that's not really an option for us. We were ordered to come here by the leader of our envoy, and meet her."
[23:44] Alathon: The Captain shakes his head.
[23:44] Alathon: Captain: "Lady, I'm not asking."
[23:45] * Tsukasa points to the PDA in her hand. "May I contact her?"
[23:45] Alathon: Captain, started: "Put that thing away!"
[23:45] * Tsukasa blinks and does so.
[23:45] Caoilinn: "Excuse me, captain. I can understand your position, but we are part of a delegation that's in this city, and other than rejoining them, we have no other reason to be here."
[23:45] Tsukasa: "I apologize. It's a communication device."
[23:45] Tsukasa: "Not a weapon."
[23:45] Alathon: Captain: "...right."
[23:46] Sheena: "What is with you people? Thoes harrlyfgreaks have huge honking guns not little pices of plastic"
[23:46] Caoilinn: "And, really, no place else to go."
[23:46] Tsukasa: "If you prefer, we'd be amenable to standing here under your guns until Lady Venus can be contacted."
[23:46] Alathon: The Captain's expression darkens a bit at this point.
[23:47] Alathon: Captain: "Now, look. I don't want to deal with trouble at this hour, and sure as hell don't want to drag up a judge at this hour. Get going, and get going fast, while you have the option."
[23:47] Caoilinn: "All right. But could you enquire about our delegation once we're outside the city?"
[23:48] Alathon: Captain: "I'll do that. But I'd advise you to keep moving."
[23:48] * Tsukasa sighs. "I never thought it possible to FAIL a 'come here' mission."
[23:48] Alathon: Captain: "Well?"
[23:48] Sheena: "Well it wouldn't be right to start a fight, so i guess we can camp out tonight"
[23:48] Caoilinn: "Very well. We'll be outside the city, by the south gate."
[23:49] Alathon: As he says this, he backs his horse up.. another rider moves up to join him.. the other three riders seperate a bit into pairs.
[23:49] Tsukasa: "Certainly. We'll get out of your hair."
[23:49] * Tsukasa puts on a fake-smile.
[23:49] Alathon: Captain: "Good, good.."
[23:49] Alathon: Captain: "Townsend, let them pass."
[23:49] Caoilinn: "If your government has no position, could you at least let the rest of our delegation know where we are."
[23:49] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[23:50] * Caoilinn heads for the south gate.
[23:50] * Sheena snorts and follows
[23:50] Alathon: The sheriffs are quick to get outta the way. Real quick.
[23:50] * Tsukasa mutters to herself and turns Sanshi.
[23:50] * Sheena it was a lady like snort
[23:50] * Amiko follows
[23:51] Alathon: If you don't say anything further, none of the Crimson Guards will; they'll escort you to the South Gate of Carson City, which will take almost three hours.
[23:51] Caoilinn: (Are there any inns outside the city?)
[23:51] Alathon: The gate isn't really a gate per se, but rather what appears to be a decaying decorative archway.
[23:52] * Amiko studies the arch. blinks.
[23:52] Sheena: (three hours? Thats going to cost the fuckers tommaro)
[23:53] Alathon: Captain: "Listen up. Hell if I know if you're what you claim, or more wilders coming in out of hte countryside to avoid the heat. Either way, we don's stand by this sort of trouble. Come tomorrow morning, There'll be drawings of the lot of you circulating, so if you know what's good for you you'll head south and not look back."
[23:54] * Caoilinn sighs.
[23:54] Tsukasa: "... Sorry for the trouble."
[23:54] Caoilinn: "Captain, is there any chance you could wait on passing those out until you check about the delegation, at least?"
[23:54] Alathon: The captain pauses.
[23:55] Alathon: Captain: "I'll do that."
[23:55] * Caoilinn nods.
[23:55] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[23:55] Tsukasa: "Thank you for the consideration, sir."
[23:55] Tsukasa: "And I'll apologize again that it was necessary."
[23:56] *** Stratagemini has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:56] Amiko: "Sorry."
[23:56] Alathon: The Captain pauses a moment, then nods, before turning his horses and heading back north. He has a worth with two of the riders, and they walk their horses over to the gate and dismount, tying them to spikes in the gate.
[23:57] Alathon: Other than these two, the rest follow him north.
[23:57] * Tsukasa smiles to herself and leans over to Amiko.
[23:57] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+7
[23:57] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{16}
[23:57] * Tsukasa pulls back and smacks her one.
[23:58] * Amiko then puts her pistol to Tsukasa's head.
[23:58] Amiko: "Do that again, and I WILL shoot."
[23:58] Sheena: "Your a life saver Caoilinn, Not ours, but still"
[23:58] Tsukasa: "'Come here'. How do you FAIL a mission like that, you fool?!"
[23:58] * Tsukasa ignores the gun.
[23:58] Sheena: "Amiko, your outof line and have been for a while, I mean really, what the hell?"
[23:58] Tsukasa: "I don't care how stressed you are, you just about caused an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT!"
[23:59] Amiko: "I don't trust people after I wake up in blinding pain from being hit in the back of the head from a ALLY!"
[23:59] Caoilinn: "If the two of you are quite finished putting on a show for our friends..."
[23:59] Tsukasa: "We are in THEIR territory! A SLIGHT bit of consideration is worth a try!"
[00:00] Sheena: "Thats a poor excuse and you know it. You have had the hole day to recover"
[00:00] Amiko: "That's why _I_ was trying to contact Venus."
[00:00] Sheena: "But yes, these people are far to jumpy"
[00:00] Tsukasa: "And what, you didn't think to explain it?"
[00:00] Amiko: (You don't, Not really.)
[00:00] * Caoilinn finds herself massaging her forehead now, too.
[00:00] Amiko: (from PAINFUL expereince, it takes nearly 3-4 days to recover from a hit to the back of the head.)
[00:00] Tsukasa: "You didn't think that MAYBE she thought you were calling in some kind of attack?"
[00:00] Amiko: "How/!"
[00:01] Sheena: (Your a magical fucking healer, Stop bring RL into this god damn it)
[00:01] Caoilinn: (Do there seem to be any inns on this side of the gate?)
[00:01] Tsukasa: "You didn't think a half-second to explain yourself would have suited better than just standing up and threatening her life?"
[00:01] Amiko: "She threatened US first."
[00:01] Tsukasa: "She told you to put it away. You told her you'd burn her down."
[00:02] Tsukasa: "I didn't bring that up in her defence, because it just damages our OWN point."
[00:02] Amiko: "Whatever. Even though -she- threatened us first."
[00:02] Alathon: There are buildings with lights on, but they're few and far between -- most of the buildings have lights off.
[00:02] Amiko: "And DID not identify herself at all, until after I went for my commucator!"
[00:02] Amiko: "and didn't say Deputy of what, or anything."
[00:02] Alathon: There's no clean cut divider, but somewhere before you passed the gate, the buildings became increasingly run down.
[00:02] Tsukasa: "Your perceptions are delayed, Amiko! Accomodate for it!"
[00:02] Sheena: "It hardly maters now,"
[00:02] * Caoilinn walks over and speaks calmly.
[00:02] Sheena: (leave the lag out of it, shesh)
[00:03] Tsukasa: (Hey, the lag is her excuse, I had to figure out SOME way of explaining it)
[00:03] Caoilinn: "My mother never cared who started it. I really don't either."
[00:03] Caoilinn: "Obviously, people are stressed and we're all tired."
[00:03] Tsukasa: "Yes, it doesn't. Because we just got ourselves kicked out of the very city we were ordered to come to."
[00:03] Alathon: The buildings to the south are visibly so, even in the dim moon and starlight.
[00:03] Tsukasa: "Thank Caoilinn for being able to salvage SOMETHING out of this."
[00:03] Caoilinn: "So, let's stop shouting in the middle of the night and find a place to rest."
[00:04] Amiko: "and what the _fuck_ are wilders?"
[00:04] *** Stratagemini has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:04] * Amiko rubs the back of her head again, muttering under her breath
[00:04] Caoilinn: "Wait here a moment."
[00:04] Tsukasa: "Exactly. You know nothing about their situation, and you presume to dictate whether they're acting correctly?"
[00:04] * Caoilinn approaches the guards at the gate in a slow and nonthreatening manner.
[00:05] Sheena: "Annoying, im hardly in the mood to deal with scared wanabe cops. And what was that deal with being all shadey and going 'Come with me" oy.."
[00:05] * Caoilinn doesn't get *too* close.
[00:05] Amiko: "Indeed. That's what worried ME."
[00:05] Caoilinn: "Excuse me. Would you happen to know if there's an inn around here?"
[00:06] Alathon: One of them looks up.
[00:06] Alathon: She's thirty-some years old by the look of it (in this continents age, not CT ages).
[00:06] Alathon: Woman: "Ma'am?"
[00:07] Amiko: (30 would be what? 21 normal human equ?)
[00:07] Alathon: Woman: "South of the gate? There are places.. head, say, half a mile on and you'll find a festhall or three."
[00:07] Alathon: She pauses.
[00:08] Amiko: (ARGH! STUPID DOG, BRB)
[00:08] Alathon: Woman: "You might sleep better under the stars, if you can handle yourselves. Only have to deal with nature's whims there."
[00:08] * Caoilinn gives a short nod.
[00:08] Sheena: (its not like we can leave)
[00:08] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[00:09] * Caoilinn looks around to see where nature is around here.
[00:09] Alathon: Nature's a good way south or east.
[00:09] * Caoilinn goes back to the others.
[00:11] Caoilinn: "Ok. There are some feasthalls about half a mile from here, but the woman who mentioned them implied we'll have a safer and more restful night camping out, where all we have to worry about is nature."
[00:11] Caoilinn: "All things considered... I'd agree."
[00:11] Sheena: "It's best we don't go far any way, Some one should have called us by now. SOmething has to be up"
[00:11] Alathon: The buildings do appear increasingly.. poorly maintained.. the further south you go.
[00:11] * Caoilinn tries to banish the mental image of a burning feasthall collapsing in on itself.
[00:12] * Amiko pulls out her comm and squints at the screen. "Dammit, can't read this."
[00:12] Caoilinn: "Let's go find some nature and bed down."
[00:12] * Amiko hands it to Sheena "Can you?"
[00:12] * Caoilinn jerks her head to the east.
[00:12] Sheena: (im asuming with our tech level they are at lest back oight)
[00:12] Sheena: "Ya let me have a look"
[00:13] Sheena: (well anything on our coms?)
[00:13] Alathon: There's one message, from Damien.
[00:13] * Tsukasa sighs and sits back in the saddle.
[00:13] Alathon: "Bad timing. Busy. Location/situation?"
[00:13] Alathon: it's timestamped about three hours ago.
[00:13] Alathon: It's text, not voice.
[00:14] * Sheena texts back explaning how the rushed here, There incounter with the law and that they are on standby just out side the south gate.
[00:15] * Caoilinn peers over her shoulder.
[00:15] * Sheena is doing a lot of typeing "Damn i hate text messaging"
[00:15] Alathon: You have the ability to leave him a voice message f you want.
[00:15] Alathon: Or try to call him, for that matter.
[00:15] Sheena: if they texted us its text back
[00:16] * Caoilinn tries to call him.
[00:16] * Sheena finshs her message and sends it along
[00:16] Caoilinn: ("Oh, hi, Caoilinn--wait a second, I have an incoming text message.")
[00:16] Sheena: (heh)
[00:16] Alathon: That's actually pretty much what happens.
[00:17] Alathon: Caoilinn's call gets a response.
[00:17] Sheena: (woot)
[00:17] Alathon: It's loud enough you can all hear it, as it's pretty damned quiet.
[00:17] Alathon: Damien: "What's.. you've gotta be... never mind."
[00:17] Sheena: we are all so walking awya at this time so our guards can't hear us
[00:18] Alathon: They're both intently watching you as you handle the device, something seems a bit off about their stance -- their arms are further from their bodies than is normally comfortable.
[00:18] Alathon: However, they won't follow you if you head south.
[00:18] * Caoilinn heads away while using the device.
[00:19] Alathon: Damien: "Okay. So, the short version is, you got in a dustup with their cops and have been edjected from Carson City, correct?"
[00:19] Sheena: "Good way to put it"
[00:19] Caoilinn: "Yeah. I think we managed to repair some of the damage with their captian..."
[00:20] Caoilinn: "He's willing to check about the delegation before handing out the wanted posters tomorrow morning."
[00:20] * Caoilinn pictures Damien wincing at that.
[00:20] Alathon: Damien: "Check with who? Never mind.. god, what a clusterfuck."
[00:20] Caoilinn: "Someone in his government who should know, I hope."
[00:20] * Tsukasa has to agree about Caoilinn's gift for summarizing the situation.
[00:20] Alathon: Damien: "You know what? Fuck it. This is tomorrow's problem, and I'm so fobbing it off to Venus in the morning. Find some place to camp out and stay out of trouble is my advice."
[00:21] Sheena: "Well venus message had i running here at top speed, We had no idea whats going on"
[00:21] Caoilinn: "That's what we were planning."
[00:21] Alathon: Damien: "What's going on is a clusterfuck. Across the board, apparently."
[00:21] Tsukasa: (Not JUST us? Heh. Oh, and is it just Cao talking to him, or are we all in on it?)
[00:21] Amiko: "Yeah. The milita major in ... Northup whacked me across the back of the head and made off with the milita's pay during that attack there."
[00:21] Caoilinn: (We can all hear)
[00:22] Amiko: "Appears that he's got family in those cops."
[00:22] Alathon: ((for purposes of conversation it's speakerphone)
[00:22] Tsukasa: "Amiko. Deep breaths. Let go of your rage, or it will consume you."
[00:22] Alathon: Damien: "Everybody probably has family, this isn't a terribly populous country."
[00:22] Amiko: "It's not the rage. it's the pain!"
[00:22] Amiko: "I hate headaches!"
[00:22] Caoilinn: "All right. Is there anything we need to know now, or should we get back to you tomorrow?"
[00:22] Sheena: "Oy, quite down"
[00:23] Alathon: Damien: "Okay.. gimme a sec to put this together in my head."
[00:23] Tsukasa: (Oh... that... can't be good)
[00:23] Amiko: (y'know, I'm trying to figure out how many packs of pain pills a standard kit carries, and all I keep remembering is _I_ brought my own 1000 count bottles with me...)
[00:23] Amiko: (reminds me, need to get a new one)
[00:24] Tsukasa: (Perilously close to the Dark Side, Amiko is. ^_^ )
[00:24] Amiko: (nah. need someone who knows how to heal a head injury..)
[00:24] * Sheena digs around inher pack for a moment and pulls out a bottle of colored water. "Hey orange, didn't know i had that"
[00:24] Alathon: Damien: "The only thing that's not screwed up is, basically, what's going on out here. We crashed a Harleyrider party tonight, and as far as we can tell got most of the key figures. Venus is still out chasing down the last of them.. the rest of us have dug in for the evening."
[00:25] Sheena: ( I was sooo temped to pull out water with the cops around just to see the reaction)
[00:25] Amiko: "Meant to ask, where did you get the flavor packets...."
[00:25] Caoilinn: "Ok. We managed to defend Northup and all the refugees there from a Harleyrider attack last night."
[00:25] Alathon: Damien: "From what we've gathered, they never made incursions like this before because they never massed in numbers greater than several dozen.. never had --"
[00:25] Caoilinn: "So, if anyone ever gets around to tallying things up, we have that in our favor."
[00:25] Alathon: Damien: "Good, very good. Now, please, lemme finish."
[00:26] Alathon: Damien: "Anyways.. never mind that. We can talk about the Harleyriders later. The Nevadans..."
[00:26] Alathon: Damien's sigh can be heard even for those at a distance.
[00:26] Amiko: (y'know, I'm the sorceress, and I keep forgetting I CAN repair my own uniform and clean it. Gah.)
[00:27] Alathon: Damien: "They've got a fight of their own going on, probably because of the pressure the Harleyriders have put on 'em. The Senate is supposed to rule everything, but the Senator's we've dealt with have been.. less than competent."
[00:28] Amiko: "Damien, one question, while I remember it. What's a wilder? Captian of those Crimsons said something about that."
[00:28] Alathon: Damien: "From whta we've gathered, the Crimson Guard usually gets things done, them and their General.. some guy named Trebek. Which makes the Senate nervous as hell, because a couple decades back he helped oust.."
[00:28] Alathon: Damien: "....WHAT."
[00:28] Caoilinn: "He asked us to let him finish."
[00:29] Alathon: Damien: "Metas. Who. Have. Powers. That. Are. Not. One. Of. The. Hereditary. Lines."
[00:29] Sheena: "Reason for that drama in your line sir?"
[00:29] Caoilinn: "Immense annoyance."
[00:29] Alathon: Damien just continues.
[00:29] Caoilinn: "Now be quiet."
[00:30] * Sheena is quiet
[00:30] Alathon: Damien: "Anyways.. the Crimson Guard is the real force in this place.. lots of metas who can, amusingly enough, throw fireballs. Lots with telekinetic powers as well. "
[00:31] * Amiko blinks... joy...
[00:32] Alathon: Damien: "Them and the Senate apparently don't get along terribly well. It doesn't surprise me to hear that you got in a tiff with them, because the local Crimsons out here didn't know a god damned thing."
[00:32] Amiko: "Damien? We didn't. They were about as good as can be."
[00:32] Amiko: "Was someone in blue with stars."
[00:33] Sheena: (thats them silly)
[00:33] Amiko: (No, the Crismons were in _Grey_)
[00:33] Alathon: Damien: "..............right. Local police. Deputies.. whatever. "
[00:33] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:33] Caoilinn: "Let him finish."
[00:33] Amiko: (I doublechecked)
[00:33] * Caoilinn is starting to sound a bit annoyed.
[00:33] Tsukasa: (Bow before my disconnection power!)
[00:33] Sheena: (is Caoilinn going to have to choke a bitch?)
[00:33] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:33] Amiko: (Why does Sanshi disconnect and you don't?)
[00:34] Tsukasa: (Because we're SPECIAL)
[00:34] Caoilinn: ("I find your lack of faith disturbing.")
[00:34] Alathon: Damien: "Anyways, there's supposedly some sort of ugly history with the Crimson Guard that keeps them from running things themselves.. not terribly popular with the locals as far as we can tell."
[00:34] Alathon: Damien: "Anyways.. just, I dunno, sit tight and try not to precipitate an international incident."
[00:35] Tsukasa: "We won't do it again, at least."
[00:35] Alathon: Damien: "This place may be a clusterfuck, but at least it's a clusterfuck full of people who's three favorite words aren't "kill", "rape", and "steal".
[00:35] Caoilinn: "Right."
[00:35] Alathon: Damien sighs.
[00:35] Amiko: (waitasecond... Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we assume that Venus' in Carson City?)
[00:35] Alathon: Damien: "Whatever.. good enough.. I don't care, I need to sleep."
[00:35] Amiko: "Will try. Mabye I shouldn't have healed all of them instead of myself."
[00:36] Caoilinn: "Ok. We'll try to get some rest and refrain from doing any more damage, too."
[00:36] Caoilinn: "Good night."
[00:36] Alathon: Damien: "g*yawn*ight."
[00:36] * Caoilinn disconnects.
[00:37] Caoilinn: "All right. Let's go find a place to camp and get some rest."
[00:37] Tsukasa: "Right..."
[00:37] Sheena: "Ya, i guess its a good thing we didnt blow up the police, If venus is out helping them"
[00:37] Alathon: It'll take a couple hours to get out to the boonies, or you can go with one of the extremely run down feasthalls.
[00:37] Caoilinn: "It's a good thing in any case."
[00:37] * Caoilinn heads to the boonies.
[00:37] * Tsukasa is starting to get her OWN headache.
[00:38] Amiko: "Not... sure. Think the Crismon would be the Marine equivants, acutally, Sheena."
[00:38] Sheena: "God damn it Amiko, Not ever thing has to do with the damn marines. They could be nothing like them. We have no idea how they are"
[00:38] Caoilinn: "No more arguing for the night."
[00:38] Tsukasa: "I think they're actually an expanded version of our own 'metahuman' branch OF their Marines equivalent."
[00:38] Amiko: "I _said_ I think"
[00:39] * Amiko shrugs, wincing slighlty. "Sounds quite logical..."
[00:39] Sheena: "All we know is they like fireballs and paniky little bitch cops call them fast to cover there own asses"
[00:39] Amiko: "well... we know a possibility of who blew our ship up..."
[00:40] Sheena: "Im sooo sugesting that these things get locators in them when we submit our reports"
[00:40] Sheena: "Just walking into the city with the idea of 'Finding venus' was anot a good plan"
[00:40] * Tsukasa sighs. "I'm sure we all had the possibility roaming in our heads, but did it really need to be said?"
[00:41] Caoilinn: "I think we should walk quietly the rest of the way, so we can hear if anyone's following us."
[00:41] * Tsukasa silences herself, to that end.
[00:43] Alathon: Does Caoilinn still have her armor up?
[00:43] Caoilinn: (Yes)
[00:43] Alathon: You'll see a fair number of seedy types, but none that are willing to throw down against someone with obvious meta powers.
[00:43] Alathon: You'll reach farmland around 2am.
[00:43] Caoilinn: (She basically forgot about it on the way to the city and after that, it didn't seem like a good idea to drop it.)
[00:44] * Caoilinn looks around for a decent place to camp that won't piss anyone off.
[00:44] Caoilinn: ("My prize cabbages!")
[00:44] Alathon: There are fields which to your eye look like they've been allowed to lie fallow.
[00:45] * Caoilinn leads the group there to set up camp.
[00:45] Alathon: You'll be able to do so.
[00:45] Alathon: And, if you should get a random encounter, it'll be next game, because it's getting rather late.
[00:45] Alathon: End here.
[00:45] Caoilinn: "Tsukasa, could you check Amiko's injuries, please."
[00:46] *** Caoilinn is now known as Yarrow.
[00:46] * Yarrow exhales deeply.
[00:46] *** Ala-bot has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[00:46] *** Amiko is now known as MageOhki.
[00:46] MageOhki: gah... 1 am?
[00:46] Alathon: interesting session, really picked up at the end
[00:47] Yarrow: Man, you guys are harder to deal with than what Alathon's throwing at us.
[00:47] * Tsukasa leans over and does so. Any pain caused by the examination is PURELY a result of the position and relative skill, not intent. Naturally.
[00:47] MageOhki: Tsukasa: Consdiering that she likey has a mild concussion, well... I doubt you'd do anything she'd notice.
[00:47] *** Tsukasa is now known as Pale_Wolf.
[00:48] MageOhki: I swear... I rather get shot than knocked out.
[00:48] Pale_Wolf: True. But let that be a lesson not to screw with your medic!
[00:48] MageOhki: Pale_Wolf: Amiko's also a medic.
[00:48] MageOhki: Oh, you'd love this one Pale.
[00:48] Pale_Wolf: Oh?
[00:48] MageOhki: Okay.
[00:48] MageOhki: Quick setup.
[00:48] MageOhki: late 92.
[00:48] MageOhki: I blew a landing in a jump, right?
[00:49] MageOhki: hit my noggin, enough so I was out for a decent period of time.
[00:49] MageOhki: couldn't even _think_ for about three days.
[00:49] Pale_Wolf: Owie.
[00:49] MageOhki: 3 months later, was in Somilia.
[00:49] MageOhki: Got shot.
[00:49] MageOhki: My response to the Medic as he asked me why didn't I call for help.
[00:50] MageOhki: "Stung, but... didn't really notice it."
[00:50] Sheena: mage you bring far to much RL into this, All tho i was about ready to start blowing up coppers myself.
[00:50] MageOhki: Trust me. I MUCH rather be shot.
[00:50] MageOhki: Sheena: Well, it was a cover for the lag.
[00:50] Pale_Wolf: Heh.
[00:50] Pale_Wolf: Delayed perception and all, ya know? ;)
[00:50] Sheena: I saywe let cao do the talking from now on
[00:50] MageOhki: Well, yeah, a concussion does that.
[00:50] Sheena: that way if they piss her off we can blow them up
[00:51] Sheena: and feal good about it
[00:51] MageOhki: What's ironic, is Amiko does have the dipomacy skill. Which I didn't realize.
[00:51] Pale_Wolf: Yeah... I mean, I didn't think it was POSSIBLE to fail a 'come here' mission like that...
[00:51] Pale_Wolf: She just doesn't have the personality for it :)
[00:51] MageOhki: Pale_Wolf: Except we didn't GO to the right place. Ooops.
[00:51] MageOhki: Pale_Wolf: No, she's a healer and fireballer. Very foucsed.
[00:51] Pale_Wolf: Well, we came to where she told us.
[00:52] Yarrow: Sure we did. We went to where she's presumedly based. We're not expected to chase after her when she's doing something.
[00:52] Alathon: "Get to Carson as soon as possible" was the exact directive
[00:52] MageOhki: Pale_Wolf: Y'know, I think Alathon's seeing if we understand the concept of a mission so furbar'ed it'd find use as the case defintion of FUBAR.
[00:52] Sheena: And we did that
[00:52] * Sheena waves as passed out ferret
[00:52] Sheena: see
[00:52] MageOhki: Sheena: Can't wait for 5th level spells.
[00:52] MageOhki: Scry _and_ Teleport!
[00:52] MageOhki: (at 1100 miles, too!)
[00:52] Yarrow: Yeah. We'll be able to do so much more damage that way...
[00:52] Pale_Wolf: Yeah... We REALLY did FUBAR that one...
[00:53] MageOhki: Yarrow: *laughs*
[00:53] Pale_Wolf: So much more damage to ourselves?
[00:53] Sheena: Fomr now on yarrow picks out who we can kill
[00:53] MageOhki: Pale_Wolf: This mission was FUBAR from the beginning, it's just Amiko made it worse.
[00:53] Sheena: that should solve a lot of problems
[00:53] Pale_Wolf: Heh.
[00:53] *** Sheena is now known as DCG.
[00:53] Pale_Wolf: Which means it wasn't JUST FUBARed.
[00:53] MageOhki: Pale_Wolf: Acutally, given DnD spells? Amiko's going to be lagging til 9th level spells in damage.
[00:53] Pale_Wolf: It was FUBFUBARed.
[00:53] MageOhki: I'm kinda tempted to switch spell paths, but doubt Alathon would allow it, now.
[00:54] Pale_Wolf: ... You know, that acronym sounded REALLY lame.
[00:54] DCG: after spending 2 hours working out your healing last friday
[00:54] DCG: ya i think so mage
[00:54] MageOhki: DCG: Heh. Eh. I got most of the reaaaaaaaally useful spells from the Clerical group, anyways.
[00:55] MageOhki: Conjuration is their big one. Diviation most are shared, Abjuration, well... there's a few nice ones.
[00:56] MageOhki: Though, given BESM D20, about 2/3rds of the NORMAL spell load I use is wasted.
[00:56] DCG: Now we get to camp in the woods thill Some one in charge figers out what the hell we should do
[00:56] MageOhki: espically this level. Combat spells? Uh...
[00:56] MageOhki: Alarm, Endure elements for you all.
[00:56] MageOhki: No big.
[00:57] MageOhki: won't have a travel hut for 4 more levels. *blah*
[00:57] Yarrow: Now we get to rest, calm down, and try to collect ourselves.
[00:58] DCG: what kinda xp does a INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT get us any way?
[00:58] Alathon: what Id on't get is how you could ever threaten someone in this situation. Even if they're being asses.. because it's a lose lose propposition.. you piss them off, or they ignore you and you don't follow through and lose respect, or do follow throw and kill a local cop
[00:58] Yarrow: Negative.
[00:58] Alathon: and make no mistake, Larson was being an ass
[00:58] Alathon: and was waaaaaay out of line with the "do you for ashes" comment.
[00:59] Alathon: heh
[00:59] Alathon: actually, you do get exp
[00:59] Alathon: I'm adding it up now
[00:59] DCG: i hope so
[00:59] DCG: caus if we only get xp for killing shit thoes cops could have been dead men
[01:00] MageOhki: ...
[01:00] MageOhki: *laughs*
[01:00] Alathon: heh, a quote from the SRD on exp for failure: "Characters can learn something even when they fail — what not to do. "
[01:00] Yarrow: I think for future missions I'll need a reversible uniform so I can pretend not to be associated with you guys when necessary.
[01:00] DCG: "We not attacking the city, we are just gring levels on the guards"
[01:00] Alathon: and yes, you DO get exp for solving conflicts nonviolently
[01:01] Alathon: in some cases, allowing a situation to turn violent would be a failure, period
[01:01] DCG: Sheena found the guards and there guns very amusing.
[01:01] DCG: Then again the group is mostly bullit proffe
[01:01] Alathon: You would have cleaned the cops out.
[01:02] Pale_Wolf: Yarrow, I think Tsukasa will invest in one of those two.
[01:02] Alathon: The eight Crimson Guard you probably could have beaten, but there'd be fatalities -- they're used to fighting metas, and don't stop attacking a target until it's ash.
[01:03] DCG: I can safly say if any one on the team bought it Sheena woudl start nuking every thing around her.
[01:03] Alathon: that'd be a poor strategy, given that whatever killed her would probably be in one spot ;p
[01:04] DCG: for now it is
[01:04] DCG: in a few levels not so much
[01:04] Yarrow: Are you *sure* you guys are from CT, btw?
[01:04] DCG: heh
[01:04] Yarrow: You seem awfully violent for it...
[01:05] DCG: To hostal out siders.
[01:05] Alathon: 1160 exp for this session
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Session #8

Postby Alathon » Fri Oct 06, 2006 6:42 pm

Session 8
[18:33] Alathon: Hmm.. so
[18:34] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[18:34] Sheena: Where camping otu waiting on venus call
[18:34] Sheena: or some ones
[18:34] Alathon: We left off last week with the party camping out for the evening in a fallow field south of Carson City, after being forcibly ejected from said city after a disagreement with the local cops.
[18:35] Alathon: A conversation with Damien via communicator has yielded several relevant facts: Venus and her aides already took the offensive against the Harleyriders, and Venus is out of touch chasing down some of them.
[18:35] Alathon: As well, Damien thinks that the Protectorate of Nevada is suffering from some degree of political turmoil
[18:36] Alathon: With the Senate not (in his opinion) being terribly good at their jobs, and the Crimson Guard being pretty good at it, but also pretty unpopular
[18:36] Sheena: (poltics are a lot easyer when you can bribe the queen with ice cream)
[18:37] Caoilinn: (Mercury gets unlimited funding because she can make snow cones)
[18:37] Alathon: ("Mercury Sno-cone Create!")
[18:37] Alathon: It's 2 am in the morning, what do you all do?
[18:38] Caoilinn: (Tsukasa was tending to Amiko)
[18:38] Sheena: (find a place to piss?)
[18:38] Tsukasa: (With a surplus of painkillers :) )
[18:38] Caoilinn: "I'll stand watch first."
[18:39] Alathon: ((Tsukasa would, with her medical skill, know better than to sedate someone with a troubling head injury))
[18:39] Alathon: ((Unless you're doing so with malice))
[18:39] Caoilinn: (Give her a minute... she's thinking. :) )
[18:39] Alathon: (actually)
[18:39] Tsukasa: (... Decisions, decisions...)
[18:39] Sheena: "My magic's been twitchs latly, ither im totaly out of it sleeping or to hyped on engery to get any rest."
[18:39] Alathon: Amiko waves off offers of assistance.
[18:39] Alathon: Amiko: "I'm a fair hand myself, but thank you."
[18:41] Alathon: Amiko: "So.. what's the order for watches?"
[18:41] Caoilinn: "I think you need your rest tonight."
[18:41] Caoilinn: (Is Sanshi capable of holding a shift on his own?)
[18:42] Alathon: Amiko: "If you three want to take watch duty, that's fine by me."
[18:42] * Tsukasa demonstrates a rather un-Kuno-esque skill and holds her tongue regarding Amiko's state.
[18:42] Tsukasa: (I _think_ he'd be, but he's pretty unperceptive)
[18:45] Caoilinn: "Well, how do you guys want to handle the other watches? And will Sanshi be taking one?"
[18:45] Alathon: Amiko will curl up in her sleeping bag.
[18:46] Tsukasa: "I think three people should be enough to split the watches. I have no especial preference for the order."
[18:46] Sheena: "I can last time easy enought"
[18:47] Caoilinn: (Syntax error)
[18:48] Caoilinn: "So, who's second?"
[18:48] Tsukasa: "I'll take it if you want."
[18:49] Caoilinn: "I don't care. I just want to know who to wake up."
[18:49] Caoilinn: "Ok. The rest of you, get to sleep."
[18:49] Alathon: Alright.
[18:49] Alathon: The night passes uneventfully.
[18:50] Alathon: Morning comes, you're all a little stiff from the mediocre bedding the field offered, and maybe a bit tired, but otherwise in good shape.
[18:50] Caoilinn: "How are you feeling, Amiko?"
[18:50] Alathon: (mage just got here, give him a sec)
[18:51] *** MageOhki has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:51] *** MageOhki is now known as Amiko.
[18:52] Alathon: [18:49] Alathon: The night passes uneventfully.
[18:50] Alathon: Morning comes, you're all a little stiff from the mediocre bedding the field offered, and maybe a bit tired, but otherwise in good shape.
[18:50] Caoilinn: "How are you feeling, Amiko?"
[18:52] Amiko: (I _cannot_ read that.)
[18:52] Caoilinn: (She wasn't quite herself up till a minute ago. :) )
[18:52] Caoilinn: (Highlight it.)
[18:52] Tsukasa: (Post it into a text-thing)
[18:54] * Amiko shrugs, eyes closed. "still hurting."
[18:54] Caoilinn: (Does that mean we should count on you fucking up *this* week's interactions also?)
[18:55] Caoilinn: (Just so I have an idea of what kind of session we're in for.)
[18:55] Amiko: (no clue.)
[18:56] Sheena: (remember, caoilinn does the talking, we do the blasting)
[18:56] Caoilinn: "All right. Try to take it easy today, then."
[18:56] Alathon: It's a nice day so far, partly cloudy with a chance of rain; current temperature, 24 degrees centigrade.
[18:57] Caoilinn: "Let's go back to the gate."
[18:57] *** Solara has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:57] *** Solara has left #CrystalTokyo.
[18:57] Sheena: "Why?"
[18:58] Sheena: "We should adoive people that piss us off as long as posible"
[18:58] Caoilinn: "To see whether our status has changed after the captain checked in."
[18:58] Sheena: "Or at lest thill we get orders"
[18:58] Sheena: "So soon? I think the captain whent home to bed, or is there now after a late night."
[18:59] Caoilinn: "He didn't have as late a night as we did. And it's not like we have much better to do."
[19:01] Sheena: "Well, who wants to call the bosses and wake em up?"
[19:01] * Caoilinn just smiles and gets ready to go.
[19:01] Sheena: "I don't think it would be a good idea to wander around in that town thill we know where to go."
[19:02] Sheena: "Thoes cops will be looking to pick a fight with us again"
[19:02] Caoilinn: "Yes. That's why we're going to the gate."
[19:02] Sheena: "Hoping the guys in grey save there asses"
[19:02] Caoilinn: "The place where he'd send someone to contact us."
[19:02] Sheena: "We should make the call here, To not start a panick ya know?"
[19:03] Caoilinn: "Sure, we can call in before we go."
[19:03] Sheena: "I do have to wonder tho, If they freak like that over a com, will they shit them selfs when we actuly pull out real weapons?
[19:03] * Caoilinn takes out her communicator and attempts to check in with Damien.
[19:04] Alathon: It'll bleep for a few moments, before he picks up.
[19:04] Alathon: Damien, irritated: "What is it?"
[19:04] Caoilinn: "We were just checking in before going to the south gate."
[19:04] Alathon: Damien: "Oh... damn."
[19:05] Alathon: In the background, you can here a muffled voice, that could be Renee's.
[19:06] Alathon: Damien: "Right.. um. Gimme a sec."
[19:06] Caoilinn: "No problem. Do you want to call us back?"
[19:06] Alathon: There's some assorted rustling, getting-up noises.
[19:06] Alathon: Damien: "What? No, no point, I'm up."
[19:07] Alathon: Damien: "Anyways.. damn. I don't think Venus is back. Have you heard from her?"
[19:07] Caoilinn: (I assume there are no messages?)
[19:07] Alathon: (There are not)
[19:07] Sheena: (should some one make a crack about the senshi of loves help keeping in pratice?)
[19:07] Caoilinn: "Nope."
[19:08] Alathon: Damien: "Oh.."
[19:09] Sheena: "So do they panick and run for the hills when you pull out your com, or is that only the reaction we get?"
[19:09] Alathon: Damien: "I'd assumed.. well. Anyway. If you think you can clear up that misunderstanding you had yesterday go for it, but, take it easy. I'd hoped Venus would be back, she's better at these sorts of things.. not to mention she could teleport us back to Carson."
[19:09] Caoilinn: "We were planning to go to the south gate and see if the captain we spoke to last night had anything to say to us."
[19:09] Alathon: Damien: "Actually.. they were rather nervous."
[19:10] Caoilinn: "Ok. I guess if things don't improve, we probably shouldn't enter the city."
[19:10] Caoilinn: "Since that'd probably mean that the city watch have been told to keep an eye out for us."
[19:11] Alathon: Damien: "Just.. I don't know, walk softly. This place just doesn't have it together. The senate knows who we are and why we're here, and that we have nine in our party."
[19:11] Alathon: Damien: "But that doesn't guarantee they've propperly disseminated the information."
[19:11] Alathon: Damien sounds rather disgruntled at this last bit.
[19:11] Amiko: (Ya think?)
[19:11] Caoilinn: "Right. And we don't want to alienate the other power in the area..."
[19:12] Alathon: Damien laughs.
[19:12] Alathon: Damien: "Other power? Heh."
[19:12] Sheena: "Ya, i wouldn't call em much of a power, Venus did see the need to come out herself and clean up that mess for them"
[19:12] Alathon: Damien: "Well, I guess. There's the Senate, the Crimsons.. and supposedly the local merchant's clubs have some pull, but I'm guessing that's more with the Senate than the Crimsons."
[19:13] Alathon: Damien: "Oh, and the Harleyriders. Be real careful not to alienate them."
[19:13] Alathon: He is obviously sarcastic.
[19:13] * Caoilinn chuckles.
[19:13] Caoilinn: "I meant the other power in the state we're trying to deal with."
[19:13] Amiko: (Well, we didn't alienate ours... it's hard to alienate dead men...)
[19:13] Sheena: "Hey Damien do you know if we are takening a ship back? We got some of there bikes are loot"
[19:14] * Sheena you can just hear the smirk in her voice
[19:14] Alathon: Damien: "I'm really not sure there is any power other than the Crimsons, other than in name.."
[19:14] Alathon: Damien: "I don't know, we haven't really discussed it. My bet is we go back by teleport to avoid any further 'accidents'."
[19:14] Sheena: "Oh, Well darn. Things like that are expensive back home"
[19:15] Alathon: Damien: "Enjoy them while you can, you know the laws on environmentally destructive technologies."
[19:15] Alathon: Damien: "I'll admit, the internal combustion version does seem to have a certain soemthing to it, though.."
[19:15] Sheena: "Eh, i was going to gut it any way, Crystal is cheeper"
[19:16] Sheena: (heh, ya lot of noise)
[19:16] Alathon: (Crystal tech hoverbikes may be slick and ride smooth, but they don't purr.)
[19:16] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:16] Sheena: (working toghter, we can solve that problem!)
[19:17] Caoilinn: (You want purring, get a whatever Sheena is.)
[19:17] Sheena: (???)
[19:17] Caoilinn: (Sanshi. :) )
[19:17] Sheena: ( If you want me to ride other japnesse redheads just ask!)
[19:18] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:18] Caoilinn: "So, is there anything else, or should we just go to the gate and see if anything comes of that?"
[19:18] Amiko: (Oh, btw: I can't stay gaming past 10pm tonight, PST, due to I have to LEAVE at 6 am tomorrow)
[19:18] Alathon: Damien: "I... sure. Go for it. Just don't get your hopes up."
[19:19] Alathon: (sucks, oh well)
[19:19] Caoilinn: "Ok. Any suggestions if nothing does come of it?"
[19:19] Amiko: (It's worth nearly 2000 dollars... XD)
[19:19] Alathon: Damien: "Well, if you strike out along the old highway south of Carson, there's supposed to be a fair sized city by the name of Stewart a few days south."
[19:20] Alathon: Damien: "There'll be hamlets lining the highway, for a good ways south, or so we were told.
[19:21] Alathon: Damien: "I'm going on the assumption that you don't want to spend an unnecessary amount of time camping, and that we can't solve the issue on our end."
[19:21] Sheena: "Venus's call sounded a bit urgent, Thats why we got here in one day insted of five."
[19:22] Caoilinn: "Right. Was there a particular reason she wanted us here?"
[19:22] Sheena: "Hell would could head back to that other town easy enought, if you guys don't want to explore"
[19:22] Alathon: Damien: "A couple reasons."
[19:23] Alathon: Damien: "She's really taken a dislike to both the Harleyriders and this whole situation in general. She might have wanted you back to help with strikes on the Harleyriders. Or perhaps to get you out of the line of fire.. they're certainly not an easy fight."
[19:23] Alathon: Damien says the last bit ruefully.
[19:24] Caoilinn: "Has anyone in our party been injured?"
[19:24] Alathon: Damien: "One other reason springs to mind.. so you'd be somewhere she knows and can teleport to, to get the lot of us out of here if she decided to cash in our chips."
[19:24] Alathon: Damien: "Um, all of us? We're fine, Renee knows her business."
[19:25] Alathon: A female voice says something in the background, that you can't make out.
[19:25] Alathon: Damien, background: "Well, I don't know if that shotgun blast actually hurt her or just really pissed her off."
[19:25] Caoilinn: "Ok. I guess we'll go to the gate and then check back with you once we know more, then."
[19:26] Alathon: Damien, back on phone: "Fine by me."
[19:26] Alathon: Damien: "Anything else?"
[19:26] Caoilinn: "Not right now."
[19:27] Sheena: "Wait,"
[19:27] Sheena: "Question, Are Harleyriders Kill on Sight?"
[19:28] Alathon: Damien: "Don't go too far out of your way for a fight, but yes."
[19:28] Sheena: "Ok. "
[19:28] Alathon: Damien: "And for pity's sake, be careful! Most of them are just stronger and tougher than usual, but they have random metahumans among them as well."
[19:29] Sheena: "I think we ran into some one like that before"
[19:29] Sheena: "We didn't give the guy a chance to blink letalone try any powers"
[19:29] Tsukasa: "He ended up dying before impressing us, though."
[19:30] Caoilinn: "Ok. We'll talk to you later."
[19:30] Alathon: Damien: "Good.. Just, I don't know. Don't bite off more than you can chew."
[19:30] Sheena: (your line was better )
[19:30] Alathon: Damien: "Right. Talk to you later."
[19:30] * Caoilinn disconnects.
[19:30] Alathon: *click*
[19:30] Caoilinn: "Well, let's go."
[19:30] Sheena: "Hows are charge on these things any way?"
[19:30] Alathon: (Roaming charges apply. 2,118 credits billed to the account of Caoilinn O'Loinsigh.)
[19:30] Sheena: "I know mines been on the whole time"
[19:31] Sheena: (gah!)
[19:31] Alathon: (not really ;p ))
[19:31] Amiko: (laughs)
[19:31] Caoilinn: (It's ok. I have an expense account. :) )
[19:31] Amiko: (Damm... CT Telecom's greedy)
[19:31] Sheena: (that phone just cost her 2.5 kids)
[19:31] Alathon: The communicators don't chew up much energy at all when idle, so your comms are in good shape. Installing a fresh powerpack in them wouldn't hurt though."
[19:32] * Sheena puts a fresh pack in her com from one of the couple she kept"
[19:32] * Caoilinn leads the way back to the gate.
[19:33] Alathon: By day, the "urban" section south of the gate looks just as seedy and decrepit as it did by night, if not moreso.
[19:34] Alathon: Along the way, you'll note at least one person lying on the ground on the edge of the road.
[19:34] Amiko: "... My headache's getting worse..."
[19:34] Alathon: Yuuno pokes his head out of Sheena's hair.
[19:34] Alathon: Yuuno: "Can't you magick it away?"
[19:35] Amiko: "Never tried healing a concussion."
[19:35] Sheena: "Huh me? She wouldnt have much of a head left"
[19:35] Alathon: Yuuno: "Not you, I don't think she's hurting bad enough for the coup de grace."
[19:36] Alathon: Yuuno claws his way back into Sheena's hair.
[19:36] Tsukasa: "I don't think I'd trust HER with the binding forces of reality when last night she was barely in control of her own mental faculties."
[19:38] Sheena: "Well we're not going into town then, Venus isnt here any ay she's out in the field with the rest."
[19:39] Sheena: "We can just let Caoilinn check in with the gate guards and head to that hamlite damien talked about"
[19:42] Alathon: The clouds float by, but do not comment.
[19:43] Caoilinn: (Well, unless Amiko is going to stop to heal herself, we're heading to the gate. Have we already arrived?)
[19:43] Tsukasa: (... You know, that was one of the more amusing prompts for speech I've heard)
[19:45] Alathon: You'll succeed at reaching the gate, unimpeded by the Southgaters, who are mostly asleep and/or passed out.
[19:45] Caoilinn: (Is anyone official-looking manning it?)
[19:45] Alathon: Yes
[19:46] * Caoilinn heads toward them.
[19:46] Alathon: There are two bored-looking Deputies standing guard.
[19:46] Alathon: Two men, #1 in his twenties, #2 in his fifties.
[19:46] Alathon: #2 is balding, #1 looks like he oils his hair.
[19:47] Caoilinn: (Did we ever learn that captain's name?)
[19:47] * Sheena hangs back to let Caoilinn handle this
[19:48] Alathon: Captain Jeffrey Cole of the Crimson Guard of Nevada.
[19:49] Alathon: When they see you, andt he people behind you, they confer momentarily. The older one steps forward.
[19:49] Alathon: Deputy #2: "Ma'am, you're barred from entering Carson."
[19:49] * Caoilinn stops a polite distance from him and nods.
[19:50] Tsukasa: (They didn't start off shooting... We're popular now!)
[19:51] Caoilinn: "I see. We were hoping that perhaps Captain Cole had given word that we'd be permitted to rejoin the rest of our party."
[19:51] Caoilinn: "I guess that isn't the case."
[19:51] Sheena: (One town down! Lets see how many more we can get baned from)
[19:51] Sheena: (there not In town any way,)
[19:51] Sheena: (venus has em all out in the fields)
[19:52] Alathon: Deputy #2: "Captain.. Cole? Ain't heard of a Chief or Chief's aide by that name.."
[19:52] Caoilinn: "Of the Crimson Guard."
[19:52] Alathon: Deputy #2: "Oh."
[19:52] Alathon: He stiffens a bit at that.
[19:52] Caoilinn: (It's a *bad thing* for us, as part of a diplomatic mission to be barred from the capital. (this is their capital, right?))
[19:53] Alathon: Deputy #2: "Ain't know one neither, but I wouldn't. He the one as through you out?"
[19:53] Alathon: (Yes)
[19:53] Caoilinn: "Yes. He did say he would check into our status this morning."
[19:54] Alathon: Deputy #2: "Check on your.. well. I ain't heard nothing, but it's a bit early yet. Who'd he say he was gonna check with?"
[19:54] Alathon: ((Time is around 10ish AM, assuming you set out around 8))
[19:54] Caoilinn: "He didn't mention any names in particular, but it was rather late then."
[19:55] Alathon: Deputy #2: "Right. Well, I'm not one to gainsay no Crimson, but I ain't heard a thing. You might wanna try back here in an hour or three."
[19:55] * Caoilinn nods.
[19:56] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[19:56] * Caoilinn looks around the area.
[19:56] Sheena: (heh, poor guy just relised what we are when the crimsons got brought up)
[19:57] Caoilinn: "Is there any place reasonably ... respectable around here where we can pass the time?"
[19:57] Alathon: He steps back to his post. The younger guy bugs him about something, and gets shushed.
[19:57] Alathon: He looks back over his shoulder and replies.
[19:58] Alathon: Deputy #2: "In Southgate? Doubt most've the places even open til past noon, and they ain't fit places fer, well.. "
[19:58] Alathon: He trails off.
[19:58] * Caoilinn makes a face.
[19:58] Tsukasa: "Human beings?"
[19:59] Alathon: Deputy #2: "In my younger days, there was a place say, half a mile out by the name of the Brass Knuckles that wasn't too bad, didn't water the beer none at least."
[19:59] Caoilinn: (I bet if we'd been a bit nicer, we could have gotten kicked out of a better gate. :) )
[19:59] Alathon: (Almost certainly)
[19:59] Caoilinn: (Like the gate to Hell...)
[19:59] Tsukasa: (Yeah... I think they marched us out through half the city to reach south)
[20:00] Alathon: (If you were of a suspicious bent, you mighte ven think you got walked through the city for two hours to the shitty side of it as payback for making trouble on someone's watch.)
[20:01] Caoilinn: "Thanks. I think we'll head there and try to stay out of trouble for a few hours."
[20:01] * Caoilinn nods to them again and heads back to the others (if they have nothing further to say).
[20:02] Alathon: He looks back to the younger deputy, who is pestering again, and starts arguing with him.
[20:02] Caoilinn: ("Aw, can't we at least let them into the guard house?")
[20:02] Alathon: "... look after 'emselves... travelling..."
[20:03] Caoilinn: (Can I overhear any more than that?)
[20:03] Alathon: If you wanna get closer and try to listen in, sure, but you'd be quite visible doing so
[20:03] Caoilinn: (No, thanks. Just wondering if I caught more of it.)
[20:03] * Sheena snikers
[20:04] Caoilinn: "Ok, we've been barred from the city, but it sounds like it's by the guard and there hasn't been any word from Captain Cole."
[20:04] Sheena: "What a nice young man, Can't leave a girl like Caoilinn wandering these roads unescoreted after all"
[20:04] Caoilinn: (Oh, I thought you stayed back)
[20:04] Sheena: (we did, Like it woudl be hard to not notice him staring at you)
[20:05] Sheena: (its a rather standered thing for this group i would think)
[20:05] Caoilinn: "The deputy suggested we try back in an hour or few and said a place about half a mile down the road called the Brass Knuckles might be a bit better than the rest of the places around here."
[20:05] Caoilinn: "...for what it's worth."
[20:06] Sheena: "oh goddy, Bar fights we don't get many of thoes back home"
[20:06] Caoilinn: "Right... that's just the sort of thing we want to avoid."
[20:06] Caoilinn: "Along with the place catching on fire, collapsing, and burning to the ground."
[20:06] Sheena: "Well.. not unless amiko picks a fight with the grunts.."
[20:06] Caoilinn: "Does everyone here thing we can avoid that sort of thing or should we go back to the farmland?"
[20:07] Sheena: "hmm, That plasma cannon has a stun setting Tsuka?"
[20:08] Sheena: "Ya know, we probly should just wait it out. THere are lots of power packs to recharge"
[20:08] Tsukasa: "'Stun'? They haven't told me of it."
[20:08] Tsukasa: "Unless you define 'stun' as 'carve a hole through one's precious organs'."
[20:08] Caoilinn: (Are you playing, Mage?)
[20:08] Alathon: It's a little cloudy, so recharging will take 50% longer, but will still work.
[20:09] Amiko: (yes, just following along)
[20:10] * Caoilinn waits for more input/responses.
[20:12] Alathon: ...
[20:12] Tsukasa: "I have to agree with waiting out and charging."
[20:12] Sheena: "Ya, i thinking drinking befoer heading back to town would be a bad idea"
[20:12] Tsukasa: "Unless we have a desperate need to grab a drink, it seems the best option."
[20:12] Tsukasa: "And THAT, Sheena-san, is also true."
[20:12] Caoilinn: "Ok. We'll need to go far enough to be out of sight before we can charge things, then."
[20:13] Sheena: "Venus isnt here any way, There is no point for us to be in these slums"
[20:13] Sheena: "Should we head for that hamlet that damin talked about?"
[20:13] Caoilinn: "Not until we know we won't be allowed in the city."
[20:14] * Caoilinn leads the way back to somewhat vaguely nature-y again, summoning her armor once we're away from the gate.
[20:15] Alathon: It'll take a couple hours to get back to farmland.. and another couple hours of walking to get back to the gate
[20:16] Caoilinn: (Well, we don't need to find a spot suitable for spending the night this time.)
[20:16] Alathon: You'll need to head back by mid-afternoon if you want to get there before dusk.
[20:16] Alathon: (it's not hard to find, just takes a while to walk to)
[20:16] Caoilinn: (Sure. I just figured there'd be reasonable spots before we actually got to the farmland)
[20:17] Alathon: (Oh, you can find an abandoned lot or something if you want.)
[20:17] Alathon: (that'll take half an hour tops)
[20:17] Caoilinn: (That would be reasonably private?)
[20:17] Alathon: (well, more like ten minutes)
[20:17] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:17] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:18] Alathon: d'oh
[20:20] Sheena: hmm
[20:20] Alathon: Okay
[20:20] Alathon: food break now ;p
[20:20] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:21] Sheena: thats like half our fire power,
[20:21] Alathon: scratch that
[20:21] Tsukasa: (Hm... What'd I miss?)
[20:21] Tsukasa: <Caoilinn> (That would be reasonably private?)
[20:21] Tsukasa: <Alathon> (well, more like ten minutes)
[20:21] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[20:21] Alathon: nothing
[20:21] Alathon: just been wating
[20:21] Alathon: anyways, what do you all choose to do?
[20:21] Tsukasa: (Half our fire power?)
[20:21] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:22] Caoilinn: (Also, if need be, we could teleport once we had a moment of privacy)
[20:23] Caoilinn: (Well, if we can get to a private place where we likely won't be interrupted that isn't really f ar, I think we should recharge there.)
[20:23] Caoilinn: (If not, we could find a place where we have a few moments of privace and then teleport someplace more private.)
[20:23] Alathon: damn, is everyone else on tranqs tonight?
[20:24] Amiko: (acutally... codine here.)
[20:24] Tsukasa: (Blah, I'm messed up at the moment. Sorry about that)
[20:25] Alathon: (well, enjoy the euphoria if you get that)
[20:25] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:25] Caoilinn: (Look, if I'm the only one that's clearheaded, maybe we should just cancel the session.)
[20:25] Alathon: (yeah)
[20:26] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:26] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:26] Tsukasa: (...)
[20:26] Tsukasa: <Tsukasa> (Blah, I'm messed up at the moment. Sorry about that)
[20:26] Tsukasa: <Alathon> (well, enjoy the euphoria if you get that)
[20:26] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[20:26] Alathon: (sheena you there?)
[20:27] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:27] Alathon: (do people just not feel like playing this week?)
[20:27] Tsukasa: (I'm up to play, just feeling 'off')
[20:27] Tsukasa: (My connection notwithstanding)
[20:28] Sheena: (yes
[20:28] Sheena: (pepsi needed a refill, sorry)
[20:29] Sheena: (as for the half our firepower remark, unthill amiko and me level more your it in the DPS dealing)
[20:30] Amiko: (Pretty much. Once I hit 4 more levels, it's fireball and lighting bolt time, but...)
[20:30] Alathon: (Anyways, are we all up for playing tonight?)
[20:31] Tsukasa: (Of dubious effectiveness, but undeniable-if-groggy enthusiasm am I)
[20:31] Caoilinn: (I am, but I'm not going to do it with a bunch of zombies following me around.)
[20:31] Sheena: (eh im good to go
[20:31] Sheena: (i just wanted more caffine :(
[20:32] Alathon: Alright
[20:32] Amiko: (Having a wisdom tooth pulled sucks. Codine is good. I can play, somewhat)
[20:32] Sheena: (where just making small talk any way,)
[20:32] Sheena: (whats the name of that first town?)
[20:32] Alathon: You succeed in hanging out in a vacant lot for a few hours, and recharging another eight powerpacks.
[20:32] Caoilinn: (Yeah, because I couldn't get more input from anyone else to do more than that.)
[20:32] Alathon: Northup.
[20:33] Sheena: (or should we head to the hamliet?)
[20:33] Caoilinn: (Once we're sure we're not getting in, we'll check back with Damien.)
[20:33] Sheena: "About time to check in again isn't it?"
[20:33] * Sheena grins
[20:33] Caoilinn: "You mean at the gate?"
[20:34] Sheena: "Should all of us head up? That poor boy won't know what hit him"
[20:34] Sheena: "Ya,
[20:34] Caoilinn: "Yeah. Let's go ahead. And let's not crowd them too much. It might make them nervous."
[20:34] * Caoilinn heads back to the gate.
[20:35] * Sheena follows along like the a zombie
[20:35] Caoilinn: ("No, you can't have any brains! Stop asking!")
[20:36] Alathon: When you reach the gates, mid-afternoon, there are two different Deputies on duty.
[20:36] Alathon: Two mid-thirties guys, nondescript in an NPC sorta way.
[20:36] Alathon: Guys you could talk to over and over, and get the same canned phrase from.
[20:37] Caoilinn: (In fact, the text just appears above their heads.)
[20:38] * Caoilinn approaches, hoping the last shift mentioned us to them so we don't have to repeat the same dialog.
[20:38] Alathon: They look at you, and hte people behindyou, and discuss something with each other.
[20:38] Alathon: "Ma'am?" "Ma'am?"
[20:39] Alathon: Deputy #1: "You're, uh.."
[20:39] Alathon: He looks down at a piece of paper.
[20:39] * Sheena hmm
[20:39] Alathon: Deputy #2: "Caitlin, right?"
[20:39] Alathon: Deputy #2 smiles easily.
[20:39] Sheena: "I guess thats close"
[20:39] Caoilinn: "Caoilinn, but that's pretty close."
[20:40] Alathon: Deputy #1: Caitleen.. and, um... party?"
[20:40] * Caoilinn nods.
[20:41] Caoilinn: (Deputy: "Right. You guys can't come in.")
[20:41] Alathon: Deputy #2 snatches the paper from #1 and walks forward, and offers it to you.
[20:41] Alathon: Deputy #2: "For you, I believe."
[20:41] * Caoilinn thanks him and takes the paper, which she then reads.
[20:42] Sheena: (at lest we dont get the inverse reaction yet)
[20:42] Amiko: (yet.)
[20:42] Amiko: (wait when I get fireballs... XD)
[20:42] Amiko: (Hummm.... wonder if Alathon will let me craft a Dragon Slav spell...)
[20:42] Tsukasa: (... Our reputation is doomed)
[20:43] Caoilinn: (Signs point to no.)
[20:43] Amiko: (*laughs*)
[20:43] Alathon: "To the honorable representatives of the city-state of Crystal Tokyo,"
[20:44] Caoilinn: (That sounds a bit promising...)
[20:44] Sheena: (kinda stay the fuck out of our town)
[20:44] Caoilinn: (Now watch the next line say: "Get lost!")
[20:44] Amiko: (Nah, "Please curl up and die!"
[20:47] Alathon: "We appologize deeply for the inconvenience incurred on the previous eve, and invite you to join us at our villa tomorrow evening for dinner, which any Deputy can direct you to should you ask. Please accept their escort, to ensure no further misunderstandings with the constabulary.
[20:47] Alathon: Our sincerest appologies,
[20:47] Alathon: Senator M. Anthony Arnold & company
[20:47] Amiko: (Okay, they want to get us into a kill sack...)
[20:48] Tsukasa: "... Us, at a formal social event. This bodes ill."
[20:48] * Caoilinn shows it to any party members who weren't reading over her shoulder.
[20:48] Alathon: Yuuno pops his head out: "At least you've got the gear for it!"
[20:49] Tsukasa: "True. They really should make higher-quality formal wear for ferrets."
[20:49] * Caoilinn asks the deputies, "I take it this means we're permitted to enter the city now?"
[20:49] Caoilinn: ("No, you'll be escorted to the villa from the gate and back out tomorrow night.")
[20:49] Sheena: (hmm)
[20:50] Alathon: Deputy #1: "Um.. why wouldn't you?"
[20:50] * Tsukasa doesn't want to answer that.
[20:50] Alathon: Deputy #2: "Of course."
[20:51] Caoilinn: "There was a misunderstanding earlier. Fortunately, it seems to have been cleared up."
[20:51] Sheena: ""I guess since lady venus is out of town we get roped into it, At we're ready for it"
[20:51] * Amiko quietly wisphers. "Joy."
[20:52] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[20:52] * Caoilinn holds up the message to indicate that she's thanking them for delivering it.
[20:53] * Caoilinn says to the others, "We should probably find a place to stay and then check in."
[20:53] Sheena: "Well we can ask our escort about that,"
[20:53] * Caoilinn carefully folds the note and places it in a pocket.
[20:53] Caoilinn: "We're supposed to go there tomorrow evening."
[20:54] Sheena: "So we can't ask em about a good place to stay tonight?"
[20:55] Alathon: Deputy #2 gets into a whispered argument with #1 at this point.
[20:55] Alathon: It ends quickly, with #1 looking disgruntled.
[20:55] Sheena: (what no coin toss?)
[20:55] Caoilinn: (Because the deputies at the south gate always know the best places to stay! ;) )
[20:55] Alathon: Deputy #2: "I'd be glad to help you ladies find some place to bed down."
[20:56] * Caoilinn gives him a baleful look.
[20:57] Alathon: He ignores it, just looks more at Amiko than you.
[20:57] Amiko: (O.o... oh. Right.)
[20:57] Caoilinn: (Please tell me she didn't take 3 ranks of guy magnet...)
[20:58] Amiko: (2.)
[20:58] * Amiko doesn't notice.
[20:58] Caoilinn: "Thanks, but we'll find our own way."
[20:59] Caoilinn: "Come on, let's go."
[20:59] * Caoilinn heads into the city.
[20:59] Alathon: That brings him up short.
[20:59] Alathon: Deputy #2: "But.. Arnold said I was supposed to..."
[21:00] Sheena: "Then catch up man!"
[21:00] * Sheena runs after Caoilinn
[21:00] * Amiko follows.
[21:00] Alathon: Deputy #2 looks around, before jogging to catch up.
[21:01] * Tsukasa shrugs and lets Sanshi move along with the group.
[21:01] *** Ryokomalfoy has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:01] * Caoilinn notices them following.
[21:01] Sheena: "We can end the day with a show, and a real bed"
[21:01] Caoilinn: "Were you ordered to act as an escort?"
[21:01] *** Ryokomalfoy has left #CrystalTokyo.
[21:01] Sheena: (shower that is)
[21:01] Caoilinn: (Good luck with that. :) )
[21:01] * Amiko runs though her spells (btw, what's the healing rate per day, OOC?)
[21:01] Sheena: (bucket of water then? heh)
[21:04] Alathon: ((one hp per level per day of rest)
[21:05] Alathon: Deputy #2: "But of course!>"
[21:05] Alathon: Deputy #2: "Deputy Devon White, at your service."
[21:05] Sheena: (really? thats rather crapy)
[21:06] *** Ryokomalfoy has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:06] Sheena: "Gave us his name upfront, All ready beats that girl form the other night"
[21:07] Ryokomalfoy: huh
[21:07] * Sheena walks along with the group still looking for a good place to crash
[21:07] Sheena: (quite you)
[21:07] Tsukasa: (Ryoko. RPG in session. Please be silent)
[21:07] Tsukasa: (Or please be absent. Your choice)
[21:07] Ryokomalfoy: (k)
[21:07] Caoilinn: "I see. I misunderstood and thought we were just being hit on."
[21:08] Alathon: The area you're in, north of Southgate, is a run down but not trashy neighborhood that looks to be residential in nature."
[21:09] Caoilinn: "In that case, have we been assigned some place in particular to stay, or are we expected to find an inn?"
[21:09] Alathon: Deputy #2, flippantly: "Why, you say that as if it must be the most horrible thing in the world!"
[21:09] Sheena: "Witch part, the being hit on or the inn?"
[21:10] Sheena: "As for the being hit on part, We tend to get it a lot"
[21:10] Caoilinn: "You haven't seen some of the people who've been doing it. It gets *real* old after a while."
[21:10] * Tsukasa twitches in remembrance.
[21:11] Alathon: Devon: "Of course, of course.. there are always Some sorts like that."
[21:11] Alathon: Devon flashes you a smile.
[21:12] Alathon: Devon: "But to answer your question, Senator Arnold owns a number of establishments at which you may reside, free of charge of course."
[21:12] Amiko: (Whorehouses, right?)
[21:12] Alathon: Devon: "I recommend the Mariott."
[21:13] Caoilinn: (I'm sorry. We prefer the Ramada.)
[21:13] Caoilinn: "That would be fine, thanks."
[21:13] Sheena: "Free? Sounds good. We got some money off thoes pigriders but not much"
[21:14] Alathon: (actually, I think caoilinn gave away all your money ;p )
[21:14] Sheena: (oh did she?)
[21:14] Sheena: (well solves that problem)
[21:14] Caoilinn: (No... just the lump sum we were offered the next day.)
[21:14] Alathon: Devon: "Right this way, then."
[21:14] Caoilinn: (We did gather some from the first half of the fight, too.)
[21:14] Caoilinn: (And I sold some crystal.)
[21:15] Alathon: yea.. you each have what, 17 bucks each.. plus eight for caoilinn
[21:15] Caoilinn: (I have $$33 listed.)
[21:16] Sheena: (hmm didnt keep track)
[21:17] * Sheena isn't sure what she did with her money
[21:17] Alathon: (whatever, you all have some money, you're not sure quite how much in the scheme of things)
[21:18] Alathon: (can look at the logs later and see what i forgot or didn't)
[21:19] *** Ryokomalfoy has left #CrystalTokyo.
[21:19] Alathon: Devon will lead you on into the city, which is much more industrious and alive by daylight.
[21:20] * Sheena looks around at people and places
[21:20] Alathon: People are moving about.. most have clothes that aren't as nice as your normal tan uniforms, at least in apparent weave
[21:20] Alathon: some have much fancier and finer cut clothing; these people are more common the further north you head.
[21:20] Alathon: Buildings are a mix of brick, wood, and some sort of plaster.
[21:21] Alathon: Roofs are a mix of shale, and various tarred materials
[21:21] Caoilinn: (How are the windows, just out of curiosity?)
[21:21] Alathon: Horses are in evidence, as are horse-drawn carts, buggies, etc... no internal combustion driven machines are obvious.
[21:22] Alathon: Windows tend to be smallish and cloudy, though as you move north, you'll see a handful of storefronts with large glass fronts.
[21:23] Alathon: He'll banter as you go, directing most of his conversation at Caoilinn and Amiko.
[21:23] Alathon: (He being devon)
[21:23] Sheena: (npc bante, woot)
[21:23] Caoilinn: (Unfortunately, he just cycles through the same three phrases over and over...)
[21:23] Sheena: (we get to know him just enought so he can die horrably in front of us)
[21:24] Caoilinn: (Good.)
[21:24] Alathon: Mostly inane and worthless,the only item of interest is that his uncle is friends with senator arnold, something Devon apparently puts a fair bit of stock in.
[21:25] Alathon: You'll reach the Mariott as the afternoon is fading into evening.
[21:25] Alathon: It's quite nicely appointed, at least from the outside.
[21:28] Sheena: (seems every one knows some one in this town, )
[21:28] Alathon: He'll lead you in, talk with the lady at the front desk, then talk with the manager, at which point four bellhops will show up and ask you all for your luggage.
[21:28] Sheena: "We'll take care of our own bags, Thanks you"
[21:28] Alathon: (Anyone who wants to get ahead)
[21:28] * Caoilinn glances back at her pack.
[21:29] Caoilinn: "We're fine, thanks."
[21:29] Sheena: ( bellhop: Hey guys look what i found? *blam blam* billy? Billy you ok?)
[21:30] Alathon: The bellhops are decidedly disappointed.
[21:30] * Sheena grins
[21:30] Alathon: Anyways, at this point you've got the run of the hotel.
[21:30] Sheena: "Cheer up boys, it's nothing personal"
[21:31] Alathon: You're not the only one staying there. You've each got your own room, which proves to be moderately spacious, and full of what passes for luxury here in Nevada.
[21:31] Caoilinn: (Do we have a suite?)
[21:31] Sheena: (hey look my own spitoon)
[21:32] Caoilinn: (No, no... It's: "Look, my own water pitcher. Boy, am I thirsty.")
[21:33] Alathon: Devon will inform you that the Mariott serves a dinner just after dusk.
[21:34] * Caoilinn thanks him and asks where he and his partner will be if we need them.
[21:34] Alathon: Devon: "oh, he's not my partner. He's probably still back on watch."
[21:34] Caoilinn: (Oh, I thought he came along, too, and was just being pleasantly silent.)
[21:35] Sheena: (boy got ditched!)
[21:35] Alathon: Devon: "Why, I'll be wherever you need me."
[21:35] * Sheena puts her head in her hands as if in pain "oy.."
[21:35] Caoilinn: "And when we don't?"
[21:36] Alathon: Devon shrugs, and smiles.
[21:36] Alathon: Devon: "Oh, if you ladies need some time to yourselves, I'll be in the lounge."
[21:36] Sheena: "Well im off to figer out how to get cleaned up in this place, Someone call damion or should i?"
[21:36] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[21:36] Alathon: Devon shoots you a smile, before heading off to the lounge.
[21:37] Amiko: Is there a shower?
[21:37] Caoilinn: "I'll do it, if everyone else doesn't want to to be in on it."
[21:37] Alathon: There are very nice bathes.
[21:37] Alathon: There's even warm running water
[21:38] Sheena: "Sweet"
[21:38] * Caoilinn goes to her room to call Damien.
[21:38] * Sheena cleans up and puts on a spare clean uniform.
[21:39] * Amiko takes a shower, washes her hair, and falls on a bed.
[21:39] Alathon: Damien will be available, and less surly this time.
[21:41] * Sheena reset her blaster and checks the pack even if she has never used the dang thing
[21:41] Alathon: It's clear and free of grit.
[21:42] * Tsukasa performs the various 'stuff' that her player is too foggy to elucidate on.
[21:44] Alathon: You succeed at performing stuff.
[21:45] Sheena: "Hey Yuuno, Your on guard duty for dinner, I'll bring you something nice back"
[21:45] * Sheena Knocks on the groups doors to see if there ready,
[21:46] * Amiko comes out, in uniform, hair in a bun.
[21:47] * Sheena has her standered "You cut the red wire didn't you?" hair stile.
[21:47] * Tsukasa wheels herself out, having changed out of uniform and into civvies.
[21:47] Sheena: "We should put all the packs in one room, Im leaving yuuno on guard duty"
[21:48] Sheena: "Don't want any one playing with em"
[21:51] Caoilinn: (Did they let Sanshi in, btw?)
[21:51] Alathon: They offered him stabling.
[21:51] Alathon: They'll provide human food, heat, and a nice rubdown if you want.
[21:52] * Sanshi will enjoy it, then.
[21:52] Caoilinn: (I'm sure Devon would be glad to...)
[21:52] Caoilinn: (Oh, for Sanshi... ;) )
[21:52] Sheena: "Cao ready to go?"
[21:54] * Caoilinn comes out cleaned up.
[21:54] Caoilinn: "Sure. I'll fill you in on things after dinner. Nothing too interesting."
[21:55] Sheena: "Lets put all our bags in toghter then, and ill leave yuuno on guard"
[21:55] * Amiko hands Sheena her bag
[21:55] Caoilinn: "Sounds good. What are we going to do when we visit the senator tomorrow night? Leave them with Sanshi?"
[21:56] * Caoilinn puts her pack with the others.
[21:56] Sheena: "That should be fine, we can just tell him to look scary"
[21:57] * Sheena puts all the packs in her room and fiddle with her hair before pulling yuuno out and ploping him down on top of em.
[21:57] Sheena: "Alll right yuuno, No skilling sprees now, just tie up any one nosey"
[21:57] Caoilinn: (Does Amiko still have a flying cat, or did she redo her character to remove him?)
[21:57] Sheena: (dogs, go ahead for a bit)
[21:57] Caoilinn: (Same to you!)
[21:58] Tsukasa: (The flying cat was a mere figment of our collective imaginations)
[21:58] Caoilinn: (She ate it! The monster...)
[21:58] Alathon: (Her Tressym found a colony of Tressym and got one knocked up, and is consequently busy elsewhere. Indefinately.)
[21:58] Amiko: (laughs. He wanted to mate, and breed more Tressym! To dominate the world!)
[21:59] Amiko: (Truth is, the cat was useless, pretty much. and I don't feel like playing two PC's)
[22:00] Alathon: Anyways.
[22:00] Amiko: (and as I told Alathon, I need to start winding down)
[22:00] Alathon: *nod*
[22:01] Sheena: (gtg)
[22:01] Alathon: (got to go, or good to go?)
[22:01] Sheena: (good to go)
[22:02] Sheena: (now why did amiko eat her pregnate flying cat/)
[22:02] Caoilinn: (Because how often do you come across one of those.)
[22:03] Sheena: "Yuuno can handle any one who wants to be sneaky, Lets go see what kinda food they got here. Right now anything will be raiton bars"
[22:03] Amiko: (There's a tressym colony in this area. Well, somewhat. Cat went off to breed more)
[22:03] Alathon: Time passes, and if you want dinner, it's served in several courses. There's one large table set up, with a dozen or so various people seated around it, and another dozen chairs available.
[22:03] Alathon: Devon is there, in what looks like some sort of formal clothing, chatting up a woman in her 40s
[22:04] Alathon: There are another half dozen assorted 40-50ish year old people, two younger couples, and oldish looking Crimson Guard.
[22:04] Alathon: The food is really quite good
[22:04] Sheena: ("What do we do if they want to start killing every one?" "Send in the old people" "Brilliant!")
[22:05] Alathon: The drink options are various wines and ales. You can request a juice or water if you want, but the waitors will think you're wierd.
[22:05] Amiko: (I avoid all meat.)
[22:05] Alathon: The vegetables are average to good. Cooked well, but not necessarily of the quality you'd get in CT.
[22:05] Caoilinn: (I avoid Devon)
[22:05] Alathon: That's easy enough, he's busy keeping his eyes on the older woman's expansive cleavage.
[22:06] Alathon: She doesn't seem to mind much, is too tanked to notice, or both.
[22:06] * Sheena picks a random ale and loads up on meat dishes.
[22:06] Alathon: (what all are you wearing? your formal uniforms?)
[22:07] Caoilinn: (Not if we're going to need them nice and clean for tomorrow)
[22:07] * Caoilinn is wearing a clean but normal uniform.
[22:07] Amiko: (normal uniform)
[22:07] Tsukasa: (Civvies)
[22:09] Alathon: You all look remarkably drab.
[22:09] Alathon: Enough so that most of the table will ignore you.
[22:09] Caoilinn: (Yay!)
[22:09] Alathon: Talk is mostly frivolous, though there are several people discussin in earnest their potential losses in the eastern markets.
[22:11] * Sheena just smiles as she eats, safe in the knowlage that she can kill every one in the room. well mostly.
[22:11] Alathon: The only one not really discussing much, other than when he's addressed, is the Crimson Guard.
[22:11] * Sheena eyes the old crimson
[22:11] Alathon: Who is also quite drab and out of place, in a fibrous grey uniform.
[22:11] Alathon: With fairly good lighting, one thing is a bit out of place on him -- absolutely no arm hair.
[22:12] * Caoilinn eats, safe in the knowledge that it's unlikely any of her companions will kill someone in the room.
[22:12] Sheena: (as in burt off or as in reversetrap?)
[22:13] Alathon: As in it's just not there.
[22:14] Alathon: His arms are as smooth as your legs.
[22:14] Alathon: ... unless you're going euro-style, in which case they're smoother.
[22:14] Caoilinn: (I really hope you're talking about Sheena and not DCG...)
[22:15] Alathon: ((haha))
[22:15] Alathon: ((how do you know he doesn't shave his legs.. you know, going hairless is increasingly popular these days..)
[22:15] Caoilinn: (I don't *want* to know.)
[22:15] Alathon: The dinner is fairly long, served in courses.
[22:16] Sheena: (has a perfectly normal amount of hair thanks you very much)
[22:16] Alathon: As it progresses, pretty much everyone at the table becoming increasinly inebriated, and their conversations louder.
[22:16] Caoilinn: (I bet the old people are going to start hitting on us now... :( )
[22:16] * Sheena has kept to just one ale,
[22:17] Alathon: Any characters possessing mor than average historical knowledge will almost certainly recognize that at the current tech level, alcoholic beverages are just plain safer than the water most of the time, so this is probably normal.
[22:17] Alathon: then you're drinking nasty ass warm ale by now ;p
[22:17] * Amiko sticks to one ale.
[22:17] * Sheena yes but isnt drunk.
[22:17] * Amiko carefully weakens it by very small water spells.
[22:17] Sheena: (so no drunk rolls for you
[22:17] Caoilinn: (Oh, sure. I'd expect the people here to have a pretty good tolerance for that reason.)
[22:17] Amiko: (Water spells, gotta love them)
[22:17] * Caoilinn avoids drinking that much.
[22:18] Alathon: The Crimson guard is the only other one who isn't a little red faced at this point, though he's had several glasses of wine, if anyone is watching.
[22:19] Alathon: The dinner eventually comes to an end; places are cleared.
[22:20] Alathon: A few people head back to their rooms, with the rest heading to the Lounge.
[22:21] Sheena: (and the crimson sitting there with us?)
[22:21] Alathon: He's keeping to himself, and heads off to the lounge.
[22:22] * Amiko shakes her head, and mutters about the headache, but still watches, slighlty amused by the people.
[22:22] Alathon: Where do you all head?
[22:22] * Caoilinn goes to the lounge.
[22:22] * Caoilinn nods to the Crimson and gives him a polite, "Good evening."
[22:22] Alathon: He pauses.
[22:22] * Sheena follows along wishing she had her water with her"
[22:23] Alathon: "I suppose. Good evening to you, miss..?"
[22:23] * Caoilinn doesn't engage him further unless he seems talkative.
[22:23] Caoilinn: "O'Loinsigh. Caoilinn O'Loinsigh."
[22:23] Alathon: The lounge is a rather largish room, with a grand piano in one corner; the player is actually pretty decent.
[22:24] Caoilinn: (Agent 004.)
[22:24] Alathon: There's a game involving some sort of spinning table with a ball on it, along with tables with cards set out on them, off in one corner.
[22:24] Alathon: There's a small stage at the other endo f the room, currently unoccupied; the curtains are down.
[22:25] * Amiko disappears back into her room, after aquiring her bag, and setting an alarm ward.
[22:25] Alathon: Crimson Guard: "Ahh, good to meet you miss O'Loinsigh."
[22:25] * Sheena looks around and heads to the roolettable, good thing she found what little cash she had
[22:25] Alathon: He bows slightly, and introduces himself.
[22:25] Alathon: "Martin Trebek."
[22:26] Caoilinn: "A pleasure to meet you, Mister Trebek."
[22:26] Alathon: He pauses.
[22:27] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:27] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:27] Sheena: (trebek? heh)
[22:28] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:28] Tsukasa: <Alathon> "Martin Trebek."
[22:28] Alathon: (...because I hate you, trebek.)
[22:28] Tsukasa: <Caoilinn> "A pleasure to meet you, Mister Trebek."
[22:28] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[22:28] Tsukasa: (What'd I miss?)
[22:28] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:29] Alathon: Trebek walks over to an arrangement of large, comfy chairs around a small table.
[22:30] Alathon: Trebek: "Care to join me for a bit of cognac?"
[22:30] Caoilinn: "Certainly."
[22:30] Alathon: There's several bottles of what are presumably expensive liquors out on the table. There are also several other such arranges ments throughout the lounge.
[22:30] * Caoilinn gives him a smile and joins him.
[22:30] * Sheena keeps an eye on Caoilinn as she blows her money on this odd game
[22:31] Alathon: Okay, sheena, what're you betting, on what? odds/evens, or a single number?
[22:31] * Caoilinn follows his lead on the proper way of drinking this 'cognac' stuff.
[22:31] Alathon: Trebek glances over at Tsukasa and Sheena briefly before taking a seat.
[22:32] Alathon: After which he pours a little liquor into each of four large, round glasses.
[22:32] Alathon: He'll grab the nearest one, pick it up, swirl it around a bit, then take a long sip from it, closing his eyes as he savors the flavor.
[22:33] Alathon: After which, Trebek looks Caoilinn in the eye.
[22:33] Alathon: "Thank you for your efforts in Northup."
[22:33] * Sheena bets money on that cute 00"
[22:34] Alathon: how much?
[22:34] Sheena: (all of it!)
[22:34] Sheena: (caus i really have no idea what i got.. heh)
[22:35] * Caoilinn nods slightly.
[22:35] Alathon: roll 1d37
[22:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d37 --> [ 1d37=23 ]{23}
[22:35] Alathon: You lose it all
[22:35] Sheena: (since this hasn't been that kinda game i don't even have a loot or gold listing, ill add one now)
[22:35] Alathon: Double Dollars are the Nevadan currency.
[22:35] Tsukasa: (Well, that simplifies things, since you're at zero now)
[22:35] Sheena: (Oh thats bunk! The dice bot dont have a zero!)
[22:35] Alathon: (hence rolling 1d37.. 37 was 00
[22:35] * Sheena thinks the game was rigged
[22:35] Caoilinn: "We could hardly do otherwise."
[22:36] Alathon: Trebek cocks his head to one side.
[22:36] Alathon: Trebek: "Nobody with a moral fibre in their body could do otherwise, you should say."
[22:36] Alathon: Trebek shrugs.
[22:36] Sheena: (how would that guy know about it all ready any way? if travel is 5 days)
[22:36] * Caoilinn picks up a glass and sniffs it before taking a very tiny sip and exploring the flavor.
[22:36] Alathon: Trebek: "One less town burnt to cinders and plundered is no small thing."
[22:37] Alathon: It's a very, very strong flavor, and not entirely pleasant ifyou're not comfortable with hard liquors.
[22:38] Alathon: He takes a strong pull on the glass, drinking most of it, after saying that. He then eyes the glass, realizing what he did, and setting it down in irritation.
[22:38] Caoilinn: "Of course not! I don't mean to sound as if I thought it was."
[22:39] * Sheena coughts from where she is but continues to watch the odd game
[22:39] Alathon: Trebek shakes his head.
[22:40] Alathon: Trebek: "Nor was I implying that, I assure you."
[22:40] Alathon: Trebek sighs.
[22:40] Alathon: Trebek: "If you don't mind.. what is your business here, you and this "Venus"?"
[22:41] Amiko: (Seduce you all and covert you to the worship of Venus!)
[22:41] Amiko: (can't sleep yet. Dammed codine)
[22:43] Alathon: He waits for an answer in silence.
[22:44] Caoilinn: "Well. The four of us here are the Lady Venus's honor guard. I cannot speak for her, of course, but as I understand it, our mission here is to open negotiations with the Nevada government and hopefully establish closer ties." (It is Nevada, right?)
[22:44] Alathon: (Yes, the Protectorate of Nevada.)
[22:44] Alathon: Trebek: "Ahhh.. good to hear it straight from you."
[22:45] Alathon: Trebek: "Yet, to what gain? I suspect you know by know the general state of the Protectorate."
[22:46] Amiko: (Trade routes to choclate!)
[22:46] Sheena: (right, can't forget the imporant things)
[22:47] Alathon: (Hey tsukasa, what're you doing?)
[22:47] Caoilinn: (Hiding in a corner, I bet. :) )
[22:48] Tsukasa: (Uh... Something. Honestly, I appear to have gotten peered at the precise moment to not know where exactly everyone is)
[22:48] Caoilinn: "Do you want my personal opinions? Because that's all I can offer."
[22:49] Alathon: (oh, bleah)
[22:49] Alathon: ((Dinner ended, most of the people at dinner moved into a lounge))
[22:49] Tsukasa: (Hm... Guess I'm there and... soaking in the atmosphere?)
[22:50] Alathon: ((Caoilinn approached the Crimson, who identified himself as Martin Trebek, and they're talking over after dinner drinks))
[22:50] Alathon: Trebek: "I'd be glad to hear them.. better those than a well-practiced party line."
[22:50] Sheena: (im by the roollet table looking very oboius that im keeping and eye on them and lisitng in
[22:51] Sheena: (magic girls are not rogues damn it)
[22:51] * Amiko returns after attempting to heal herself, and resetting her alarm ward.
[22:51] Alathon: Yuuno reported that your stuff was not messed with.
[22:52] * Amiko leans on her bed and promply passes out.
[22:53] Alathon: Trebek looks up at Sheena.
[22:53] Alathon: Trebek: "You're welcome to join us."
[22:53] Caoilinn: "Well, from a purely economic standpoint, there's the possibility of trade. Of course, a stable Protectorate is necessary for that..."
[22:53] Alathon: He motions at the low table, liquor, and two other large leather comfy chairs.
[22:53] Alathon: Trebek nods at that.
[22:53] Sheena: "Well might as well"
[22:54] * Sheena walks over and joins them
[22:54] Sheena: "Just blew what little money i had on that odd game"
[22:54] Caoilinn: "But aside from that, I think we'd much rather see a nation like the Protectorate of Nevada here than people like the Harleyriders."
[22:56] Alathon: Trebek: "A laudable goal, and one I agree with."
[22:56] Alathon: Trebek looks over at Sheena.
[22:56] Alathon: Trebek: "Unfortunate.. but games of chance can be like that."
[22:57] Sheena: "Do you mind if we ask You a couple questions now?"
[22:57] * Caoilinn tries another small sip of the cognac.
[22:57] Tsukasa: (Is he giving you guys the 'old British nobleman' impression? Or is that my tiredness talking?)
[22:58] Sheena: (his an old dude sitting with two babes)
[22:58] Alathon: (he's a little like that, actually)
[22:58] Alathon: Trebek: "Of course not."
[22:58] Sheena: (oh the rummors)
[22:58] Caoilinn: (Yeah... we're obviously out for his money...)
[22:59] Sheena: "Well, We havn't seen much of the town. But its easy to get a general feel for it."
[22:59] Caoilinn: (And I got more of a retired Roman general feel, myself. :) )
[22:59] Sheena: "Why is every one still useing horses and whatnot when thugs like thoes pigriders are on gas powered hover bikes?"
[23:00] Sheena: "I would figer the more stable of the culturs would have the better gear."
[23:00] Alathon: Trebek shakes his head.
[23:00] Alathon: Trebek: "One word, really: Oil."
[23:00] Alathon: Trebek: "The Harleyriders have access to it, and we do not."
[23:00] Alathon: Trebek: "Unless you count whale oil."
[23:01] Alathon: Trebek snorts; he obviously does not.
[23:01] * Sheena pounders for a moment.
[23:01] Sheena: "Why hasn't any one "corrected" that problem?"
[23:01] Alathon: Trebek smiles ruefully.
[23:02] Alathon: Trebek: "Many have tried and failed. Expantion to the east is problematic, for obvious reasons; we've expanded to the north and south, and neither has gained us access to oil fields."
[23:03] Alathon: Trebek pours himself another glass of cognac, and leans back into his chair, swirling it slowly.
[23:04] Caoilinn: "I was wondering where they got the fuel for their bikes."
[23:06] Sheena: "I only got one last question, I don''t know if you have heard but we had a bit of a problem getting into town yesterday"
[23:06] Alathon: Trebek looks at Sheena.
[23:07] Alathon: Trebek: "I appologize for the chilly reception.. but I'll not fault Captain Cole. He acted rightly based on the information he was provided with."
[23:07] Sheena: "What we view as a simple communation device seems to be viewed by every one else as a dooms day weapon. I was just woundering is there was a reason behind that"
[23:07] * Caoilinn nods at Trebek's words.
[23:07] Sheena: "Oh no, it's nothing like that."
[23:07] Alathon: Trebek: "Simple communication device.."
[23:08] Alathon: Trebek: "Do you have one on hand?"
[23:08] Sheena: "Yes, but i can't let you see to much of it of corse. We got rules to follow ya know"
[23:09] * Sheena pulls her com out and holds it up but don't let it go
[23:09] Tsukasa: (Prepare to cause mass panic)
[23:09] Alathon: Trebek's expression tightens ever-so-slightly when he sees it, before returning to normal.
[23:09] * Sheena puts it away before i civi see it and dies from a heart attack
[23:10] Alathon: Trebek: "Easy. It looks like a gadget."
[23:10] Sheena: "Gadget?"
[23:10] Alathon: Everyone else is too busy carousing.
[23:11] Alathon: Trebek: "Ahh.. yes. An engineer's device. Many varied uses, some of them greatly at odds with the appearance of the device."
[23:11] Sheena: "So something like this could have very well been a bomb? Yesterday makes more sense now."
[23:11] Caoilinn: "An enigneer?"
[23:12] Alathon: Trebek: "A bomb? That's not so likely, but they've been known to have similar uses."
[23:12] Sheena: (great now im thinking goblin rocket boots)
[23:12] Sheena: (weeeeeeeeeee *boom* )
[23:13] Alathon: Trebek: "Engineers.. those who sift through the wreckage left by the Fall of the Empire for bits and pieces they can use."
[23:13] Caoilinn: "Ahhhh."
[23:13] Alathon: Trebek: "Not a terribly healthy profession, for the engineers, or for those around them when their judgement lapses."
[23:15] Alathon: Trebek: "Do you not have such people across the sea?"
[23:16] Sheena: "Ya, but they tend to now blow them selfs up"
[23:16] Sheena: (*not)
[23:16] * Caoilinn thinks.
[23:16] Caoilinn: "Not by that name."
[23:16] Caoilinn: "And not generally in Crystal Tokyo itself, but there are people who do that, yes."
[23:17] Alathon: Trebek nods.
[23:17] Alathon: Trebek: "Ah... 'Crystal' Tokyo.. the old maps had a 'Tokyo' on them, just as they have Old Carson on them."
[23:18] * Caoilinn nods.
[23:18] Caoilinn: "The world is a very changed place from then..."
[23:18] * Caoilinn smiles.
[23:18] Caoilinn: "Even if some of the names are mostly the same."
[23:19] Sheena: "Ya know im a bit suprised, Not once has any one asked us what the Crystal in Crystal tokyo was for"
[23:19] Alathon: Trebek shrugs.
[23:20] Sheena: "Of corse the ladies spent there time being in shock they we are unmarried, and the guys spent there time hitting on us."
[23:20] Alathon: Trebek grins.
[23:20] Alathon: Trebek: "And well they should be, ladies of your grace and carriage who are yet unwed are rare indeed!"
[23:21] Alathon: Trebek: "Or does Crystal Tokyo have a surfeit of such?"
[23:21] Alathon: Trebek says this jokingly.
[23:22] Sheena: "Umm.. Well ya mostly. But don't go spreeding that around now"
[23:22] Alathon: Trebek takes this as a joke, and chuckles accordingly.
[23:22] * Caoilinn smiles at Sheena.
[23:23] Caoilinn: "Try the cognac."
[23:23] Sheena: "ummm.. You sure? Me and drinking don't normaly go well. I belive it effects DH as well"
[23:24] Caoilinn: "DH?"
[23:24] * Sheena gives Caoilinn a sharp look
[23:24] * Sheena poors herself a glass and only takes a small sip
[23:24] Caoilinn: (It's already poured and I have no idea what DH is.)
[23:24] Alathon: It's quite good, if you have the taste for liquors to know what a good liquor is.
[23:24] Sheena: (and sheena does,
[23:25] Sheena: (DH would be the staff that blows shit up)
[23:25] Sheena: (shes a mean drunk)
[23:25] Tsukasa: (Dark Heart)
[23:25] Alathon: Trebek: "Well, I do believe I've monopolized your time for far too long."
[23:25] Alathon: Trebek stands, and offers a handshake to Caoilinn.
[23:26] * Caoilinn stands and shakes his hand.
[23:26] Alathon: He'll offer a handshake to Sheena as well.
[23:26] Sheena: "/me stands and gives him a firm handshake with all her impressive 6str
[23:26] Sheena: (whoops)
[23:26] Caoilinn: "Thank you for the cognac and the conversation."
[23:27] Sheena: "Ya, it's been an interesting night"
[23:27] Caoilinn: "They were both enjoyable."
[23:28] Alathon: Trebek nods.
[23:28] Tsukasa: (6 str? You're as muscular as my asthmatic psycho...)
[23:28] Alathon: Trebek: "Indeed, good company has been in plentiful supply this evening."
[23:28] Alathon: Trebek: "Best of luck to you all.. I'm sure we'll have an opportunity to converse again."
[23:29] Alathon: Trebek will retire for the evening if no-one else wants to stop him.
[23:29] * Caoilinn lets him go.
[23:29] Alathon: With Trebek cone, the lounge slowly becomes increasingly raucous.
[23:29] Alathon: cone==gone
[23:30] Caoilinn: (What? The cone is gone, too? :) )
[23:30] Alathon: Devon and the woman he was chatting up are conspicuously absent.
[23:31] Sheena: "Well that was fun, but im going to head to bed"
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Session #8 - Continued

Postby Alathon » Fri Oct 06, 2006 6:44 pm

Session #8 - continued
[23:31] Caoilinn: "Well, I'm going to bed."
[23:31] Alathon: The quality of piano playing has gone down a bit.. there are several empty martini glasses on a stand to the side of the player.
[23:31] Sheena: "Heh, hopfully its soft"
[23:31] * Caoilinn gets her pack and goes to bed in her room.
[23:31] * Sheena heads back to her room to check on yuuno and get some sleep.
[23:31] * Caoilinn lets the others know she's turning in first.
[23:32] * Tsukasa shrugs and wheels herself out when the mood changes.
[23:32] Alathon: If everyone is calling it a night, then it's time for us to as well.
[23:32] Alathon: Session end.
[23:32] *** Ala-bot has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[23:33] *** Amiko has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[23:33] *** Caoilinn is now known as Yarrow.
[23:33] *** Tsukasa is now known as Pale_Wolf.
[23:33] Yarrow: Well, that went well enough. And I have the feeling we met someone far more important than the senator we'll be seeing tomorrow.
[23:34] Sheena: Heh
[23:34] *** Sheena is now known as DCG.
[23:34] Alathon: eh
[23:34] DCG: or its just a nice old man
[23:34] Alathon: more powerful personally, certainly
[23:34] Alathon: there really can't be That many Trebeks who are also crimson guards, after all ;p
[23:34] DCG: Who passed up the chance to learn about an island full of babes
[23:34] Yarrow: Mm, so we've heard the name before?
[23:34] DCG: i duno but probly
[23:35] Alathon: on the last log post on fukufics, do a 'find' for it ;p
[23:35] Pale_Wolf: Boss of the Crimmys.
[23:35] Pale_Wolf: He's THE General.
[23:35] Alathon: damn, I was sure you'd remember :(
[23:35] Alathon: oh good, pw does ;p
[23:35] Pale_Wolf: I thought that name sounded familiar.
[23:35] DCG: heh
[23:35] Yarrow: Oh, their general.
[23:35] DCG: oh great
[23:36] Pale_Wolf: I thought that was what I remembered, so I did a search through the log, and was right :)
[23:36] Yarrow: Actually, I like how it plays out without us knowing. :)
[23:36] DCG: with cao's talk his going to over throught the senat by next week :P
[23:36] Pale_Wolf: Yup. You certainly don't need to NAME the guy you were talking to when you tell Tsukasa about it.
[23:36] Pale_Wolf: Never caught his name, apparently :)
[23:37] DCG: Damin: You did what?!
[23:38] Alathon: hrm
[23:39] Alathon: 880 exp for the session, +200 to Caoilinn for consistantly taking the initiative
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Session #9

Postby Alathon » Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:55 am

Session #9
[18:07] Alathon: you left off last game after an evening at the Marriot
[18:07] Alathon: roll 1d4
[18:07] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d4 --> [ 1d4=1 ]{1}
[18:07] Alathon: Amiko's room was next to Devons, and you lost at least half an hour's sleep to him and that woman's... loudness.
[18:07] Caoilinn: (Damn. If we'd stayed at the Hilton, I'd have gotten some bonus points.)
[18:07] Alathon: But otherwise, it was an uneventful night.
[18:08] Alathon: You've got nothing on the itinerary until this evening, when you've been invited to dine with Senator Arnold.
[18:09] Caoilinn: (You're making me think of California's governor...)
[18:09] Alathon: (heh)
[18:09] Alathon: (give him a few years....)
[18:09] Amiko: (indeed)
[18:10] Alathon: Anyways, you're free to do what you want, though it's been suggested you hang out with Devon if you go out, to avoid misunderstandings with Deputies who might still have the old APB on you
[18:10] * Caoilinn passes on to the other in private that we're supposed to avoid discussing our military or the number of metahumans in CT.
[18:12] Alathon: When you get up, you'll find that there are invitations to a "Continental breakfast" in the Blue Room.
[18:12] Alathon: They're generic, presumably from the managemant rather than anyone in particular.
[18:12] * Sheena Is talking with dark heart in her room.
[18:13] Amiko: "Joy."
[18:13] * Caoilinn sees if the others want to go with her.
[18:13] * Amiko nods at Caoilinn
[18:13] * Tsukasa will.
[18:13] Caoilinn: "I wonder what a continent tastes like."
[18:14] Alathon: You common sense indicates dirt.
[18:14] * Sheena Walks out of her room with a big smile on her face.
[18:14] Caoilinn: (Use common sense? Around here?)
[18:14] Alathon: If you go down to the blue room, you'll see that it's empty except for a server.. everyone else has either come, or is still sleeping off the previous evening.
[18:14] Sheena: Roll 1d20-2 common sense
[18:14] Alathon: don't capitalize, it confuses the poor thing
[18:15] * Sheena joins the group and heads to breakfaste
[18:15] Caoilinn: "It's nice having private rooms for a change."
[18:16] Sheena: "I wouldn't know"
[18:17] Caoilinn: "You had someone else in there with you? Is that why you were smiling?"
[18:17] Alathon: The room has various things set out in bins, over sterno.
[18:17] * Sheena snorts, in a lady like way.
[18:17] Alathon: actually, no it doesn't
[18:17] Sheena: "Yuuno's a very manly ferret, but not like that."
[18:18] Alathon: this is a continental breakfast
[18:18] Caoilinn: (The meaning could have changed. Continental drift, you know...)
[18:18] Caoilinn: (*ducks)
[18:18] Alathon: There's a selection of breads, bagels, and fruits, with some sort of tea.
[18:19] * Sheena adviods the fillers and piles some fruit onto her plate
[18:20] * Caoilinn looks around at the breakfast.
[18:21] Caoilinn: "And now I know."
[18:21] Alathon: Waiter: "And knowing is half the battle."
[18:22] * Yuuno blinks at that then gets back to eating.
[18:22] Alathon: No random attacks yet; the threat level of this hotel is relatively low, as long as you don't cheese off Trebek.
[18:22] Yuuno: (whoops)
[18:22] * Caoilinn gets something to eat.
[18:22] * Sheena blinks at that then gets back to eating.
[18:23] Caoilinn: (We'd better be careful. This place is protected by GI Joe.)
[18:23] * Sheena still all smiles and sunshine.
[18:23] * Tsukasa just shakes her head at the byplay and gets herself some food.
[18:23] Alathon: As you eat, one of the younger couples will make their way into the room for breakfast.
[18:24] Alathon: They'll pass by your table on the way to finding one of thier own, and it's pretty obvious they haven't bathed yet this morning.
[18:26] * Sheena does not let the oder of heathens disturb her happy mood
[18:27] Alathon: Time passes
[18:27] Caoilinn: "We should decide what we're doing today after breakfast."
[18:27] Alathon: People trickle in, trickle out.
[18:28] Sheena: "Check in with venus and wait for tonight right?"
[18:28] Tsukasa: "We're still waiting for orders, aren't we?"
[18:29] Caoilinn: "Maybe. Let's talk someplace more private."
[18:30] * Caoilinn meets back in Sheena's room with the equipment and ferret after breakfast.
[18:32] Caoilinn: "Ok. As of last night, Venus was out of contact."
[18:32] Caoilinn: "And I don't expect we'd be ordered to do much specific before our meeting with the senator tonight, anyway."
[18:33] Caoilinn: "So, we can either just rest up or go out and see if we can find out some more about this area."
[18:33] Caoilinn: "I'm pretty sure we don't need to bring a gift tonight, but I'll check with Damien just to be sure."
[18:33] Sheena: "Even in our normal clothes we would stand out."
[18:34] Alathon: Yuuno peeks out: "You gonna wear those fancy getups?"
[18:34] Caoilinn: "Tonight, but not before then."
[18:34] Sheena: "Tonight ya,"
[18:34] Caoilinn: "Anyway, just hanging out in public places could let us hear some things."
[18:34] * Amiko nods at Caoilinn
[18:35] Tsukasa: (Wasn't she asleep?)
[18:35] Sheena: "True, and i guess it would be mean to leave Sanshi in a coral all day"
[18:35] Amiko: (no.)
[18:35] Amiko: (just quiet)
[18:35] Sheena: "Mabye there's a park around"
[18:35] Caoilinn: "How's your head, Amiko?"
[18:36] Amiko: "Fine."
[18:36] * Caoilinn nods.
[18:36] Caoilinn: "Good."
[18:36] Sheena: "Do we bring our tagalong and let him run interverence with the local cops? I really don't want to put up with them again."
[18:37] Caoilinn: "Yes. He's our escort."
[18:37] Sheena: "Oh ya, Something me and cao learned last night"
[18:37] * Sheena pulls out her com
[18:37] Alathon: There's a message on it.
[18:37] Sheena: "This is a dooms day device, or at lest that what they think"
[18:38] Sheena: "So when you pull it out they really do think your going to kill every one with it.. oh her look a message"
[18:38] * Sheena turns out audio and plays it for the group
[18:38] Caoilinn: "Right. What the call 'engineers' are people who scavenge old tech, and they can come up with deadly things that size."
[18:38] Alathon: It's a text message from Damien. Everyone's compacts have them.
[18:38] Amiko: "Jeeze, what do they run across, old US army bases?"
[18:38] * Amiko eyes hers.
[18:38] Tsukasa: "Well, that's definitely a good thing to know."
[18:38] * Caoilinn reads hers.
[18:38] * Sheena checks the message
[18:39] Alathon: It's dated about three hours ago, a bit before drawn.
[18:39] Alathon: "Venus is back; sure enough, her communicator was out of commission. Was chasing straglers until after midnight. More later."
[18:39] Caoilinn: (I think from now on, I'll check for messages as soon as I get up.)
[18:40] Alathon: (You're human, you forget things.. so you'll want to actually say that)
[18:40] Alathon: That's it.
[18:40] Sheena: "Hmm, time stamp says early moring. So Damien has probly only got about 4 hours of sleep.. Lets call em!"
[18:40] Caoilinn: "Let's wait."
[18:40] Sheena: "Awww"
[18:41] Caoilinn: "I wonder if Venus will actually be attending dinner."
[18:42] Tsukasa: "Well, that will be one way to get in contact."
[18:42] Caoilinn: (What time is it now, btw?)
[18:42] Alathon: around eight am
[18:43] Sheena: "Our uniforms are still spotless so no problems there."
[18:43] Caoilinn: (And were we given a time to arrive for dinner?)
[18:44] Alathon: Yes, dusk.
[18:45] Caoilinn: "Let's see... Call him around noon or one, you think?"
[18:46] Sheena: "That's fine, Shall we get sanshi and see if they have something like a park near by"
[18:46] * Amiko shrugs.
[18:47] Tsukasa: "Yes... I'll see if there's any food to get him, as well."
[18:48] * Tsukasa wheels off to where he's staying.
[18:48] Alathon: The kitchen staff will be puzzled at a request for human-ish food for a mount, but will provide it.
[18:51] Sheena: (Some one told the kitcen staff is was a maneater so they got a guy tied up in back for Tsukasa)
[18:52] Alathon: Sanshi is reasonably well stabled, but, definately stabled.
[18:52] Alathon: fresh hay, the works
[18:53] * Tsukasa blinks and works on getting him some real food.
[18:53] Caoilinn: "So, if we go out, should we leave Yuuno with our stuff, take it with us, or have one of us stay here?"
[18:53] Sheena: (stable hands wiered out from sanshi talking to em?)
[18:53] Caoilinn: (The probably just pretended he wasn't. :) )
[18:53] Tsukasa: "I'm not going to say anything about this. I just... won't."
[18:55] Sheena: "Lets leave yuuno with the stuff. I feal like getting out of this uniform for a bit."
[18:57] Caoilinn: "Ok. Well, let's go ask Devon about places. And, no, I'm not talking to him alone."
[18:57] Alathon: If you go looking for him, you'll find that he's still in his room, and not up yet.
[18:58] Alathon: Do you get him up?
[18:59] Sheena: (ya)
[18:59] Alathon: He'll be extremely surly, but will get up.
[19:00] Alathon: The woman he was with will leave the room before him, presumably heading for her own room, and give the lot of you the evil eye.
[19:00] Caoilinn: (How old is this one?)
[19:01] Alathon: somewhere in her 600's by the look of her.
[19:02] Caoilinn: (In North American years? :) )
[19:02] * Sheena washes up a bit and breaks out the few sets of civilian cloths she has. Short cargo pants, boots, and a cut off shirt. All in Crystal blue.
[19:02] Alathon: though it'd occur to you that, living outisde of Crystal Tokyo, she'd likely be little over 40 years old
[19:02] Sheena: "Yo Devon get up, Your going to spent the day with 4 hot redheads."
[19:02] Caoilinn: (And how old is Devon, approximately)
[19:02] Alathon: You hear something said under his breath that probably wasn't very nice.
[19:03] Alathon: probably around low 30s in NA years
[19:04] Caoilinn: (Well, that's not too big a difference, then. I was afraid he was in hil early 20s. :) )
[19:04] Alathon: He'll eventually make his way out, in uniform, with hair brushed and clean-shaven.
[19:05] Sheena: "If it helps any she seemed pissed at us, so getting back with her later shouldn't be a problem"
[19:06] * Caoilinn resolutely stays *out* of Devon's sex life.
[19:06] Alathon: Devon: "I doubt she felt like getting up at this hour any more than I did."
[19:06] Alathon: Devon: "So, what do you want?"
[19:06] Sheena: "My your grumpy for some one who got fucked silly last night,"
[19:07] Sheena: "What we want is to head out into town for a bit and mabie find a park, Problem is we need you with us remember?"
[19:08] Sheena: (do we meet Tsukasa at the stables?)
[19:09] Alathon: If you want to.
[19:09] Alathon: Devon smirks.
[19:09] Alathon: Devon: "You're right, today's a good day."
[19:09] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:10] Sheena: (guess i reminded him of his preformance last night)
[19:11] Caoilinn: (Or the gift his wealthy companion gave him.)
[19:11] Alathon: (Either's possible, but you'd need to ask to find out ;p ))
[19:12] Caoilinn: (Soooo don't want to know.)
[19:12] Alathon: (Though if you think back, he did spend a considerable amount of time drinking with that woman at dinner and later in the lounge)
[19:12] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:12] Tsukasa: (What'd I miss?)
[19:12] Alathon: PM'd
[19:13] Alathon: Anyways, Devon will escort you wherever, though he suggests avoiding some of the more southerly neighborhoods.
[19:13] Caoilinn: "Like Sheena said, we'd like to find a nice park and let Sanshi see the outside of the stable. If you want to get a quick breakfast before we go, that's fine. We'll probably come back here for lunch."
[19:13] Alathon: Devon will scarf down a bagel and drink about five glasses of water.
[19:14] * Sheena checks her pockets, Com, Water mmm cheery, Shades, ya shes good to go
[19:16] * Sheena Heads to the stables with the group to meet up with Tsukasa
[19:16] Alathon: You'll be able to find greens, though nothing like an actual park
[19:16] * Caoilinn goes with the others.
[19:19] Alathon: People will be out and about
[19:19] Alathon: The greens are in obviously affluent commercial areas
[19:20] Alathon: Buildings are largely made of brick, with either woodworking or in some cases stonework.
[19:20] Alathon: It's cloudy and a little on the dark side, but no rain yet.
[19:20] Caoilinn: (If nothing interesting happens, after a couple of hours, I'll ask Devon if there's someplace around to get a drink before heading back to the hotel.)
[19:21] Alathon: He'll recommend several high class pubs.
[19:22] Sheena: "Sorry Sanshi looks like there isnt any room to run around here."
[19:22] Sheena: "Guess no one around here just sits down and hangs out unless there's a bar involved"
[19:22] Caoilinn: "So, what do you guys say? Want to sit down, have a nice drink, and mingle with some of the locals?"
[19:22] Alathon: There are people around, and benches for htem, but no really wide stretches of grass.
[19:22] Tsukasa: Sanshi: "Don't mind too bad. Nice just be out."
[19:23] Alathon: Just the occasional green.
[19:24] Caoilinn: "Any place that has tea and the like, Devon?"
[19:25] Caoilinn: (It is still morning, after all...)
[19:25] Alathon: Devon almost makes a face at that.
[19:25] Alathon: Devon: "Well, I suppose you could get some back at the Marriot."
[19:26] Alathon: Devon: "None of the restaraunts will be open for an hour or two yet."
[19:26] Amiko: "Quiet."
[19:26] Sheena: (we are trying to burn time)
[19:26] Sheena: (its still only 8ish?)
[19:26] Alathon: (more like nine-thrty by now)
[19:26] * Amiko adjusts her shades, shaking her head.
[19:26] Caoilinn: "Ah. No places that just specialize in hot drinks and the like?"
[19:27] Alathon: Devon: "Um.."
[19:27] Amiko: "Breakfast places."
[19:27] Alathon: Devon can't think of any.
[19:27] Alathon: Devon: "People don't really go out for breakfast."
[19:28] Sheena: "Come on Devon, this now where would you take fore good looking ladies.
[19:28] Alathon: Devon: "And I couldn't say about hot drinks.. I mean.. they'd have what, tea and cider?"
[19:28] Sheena: (mmissed the *this is your town*
[19:28] Caoilinn: (No kissatens? Barbarians.)
[19:28] Sheena: (hah)
[19:29] Alathon: Devon: "Well, I wouldn't normally be taking four ladies anywhere at this hour.. usually it'd be one, two at best."
[19:29] Alathon: Devon tries to looks like he's joking after that slips out.
[19:30] Alathon: Devon: "I suppose we could check out some of the nicer mercantile places, some of 'em have wine and snacks for their customers."
[19:30] Caoilinn: "And maybe they'll know of such places in the area."
[19:30] Alathon: Devon: "It's worth a shot."
[19:31] Alathon: you can all roll your knowledge, old world history
[19:31] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+9
[19:31] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{27}
[19:32] Sheena: "We mostly just need something to do for a few hours"
[19:33] Alathon: It will occurr to you that cultures at this technological level did not have the wide variety of beverages Crystal Tokyo offers.. they probably don't have anything they can't grow locally either, since there's been limited evidence of international trade.
[19:33] Caoilinn: (Herbal tea would be doable, yes?)
[19:33] Sheena: (caoilinnn wants her tea god damn it)
[19:33] Alathon: And that bacteria would be a real issue for anything non-alchoholic.
[19:33] Alathon: Oh, you'll find some local teas...
[19:34] Caoilinn: (I mean, I'd think it'd be a common, thing, since the boiling would make it safer to drink)
[19:34] Caoilinn: (That's why tea is so big in Asian areas to begin with, right?)
[19:34] Alathon: (well
[19:34] Alathon: (does tea grow in nevada?)
[19:34] Amiko: (Kinda, Caoilinn.)
[19:35] Alathon: You'll reach one of the shops Devon was looking for fairly quickly, sinec you're already in the right district.
[19:36] Caoilinn: (I don't know if the actual tea plant grows around there. But like you said, there are always local herbal varieties.)
[19:36] Alathon: Lance Brothers fine clothiers.
[19:37] Alathon: Devon will head in.
[19:37] * Caoilinn follows him.
[19:38] Alathon: Soon after he enters, he'll be embroiled in a friendly, back-slapping sorta conversation with one of the clerks.
[19:38] Caoilinn: (Watch us go into a place that sells crystalware and such and find one of the glasses Caoilinn made in Northup for sale there. :) )
[19:38] Alathon: They'll chat a bit (you'll catch each looking back at you), and the clerk will soon offer the party their choice of mulled wine or cider while they peruse the shops goods.
[19:39] Sheena: "Im fine thanks,"
[19:39] * Sheena keeps looking at the interesting stuff
[19:40] * Caoilinn accepts a mulled wine and looks around.
[19:40] Alathon: If you drink it, you'll find it's quite good.. the herbs mask any qualities of the wine that'd place it below CT standards.
[19:40] Alathon: spices, rather
[19:40] * Caoilinn slowly sips it.
[19:40] Alathon: The shop is a mixture of mens and womens clothing.
[19:41] Alathon: Womens clothing trends heavily toward wide dresses, though there are some smaller pieces on display.
[19:41] Alathon: Mens clothing trends toward multiple layers of shift, vest, jacket, and the like.
[19:41] Caoilinn: "These look like they'd be hard to get around in..."
[19:42] Alathon: Clerk: "Perhaps for the less gracefull."
[19:42] Alathon: Clerk: "But I have no doubt that you would shine on the dance floor in this!"
[19:43] Alathon: He proffers a dark green dress.
[19:43] Caoilinn: "Hm. Nice color..."
[19:44] * Sheena adjusts her shirt.
[19:44] Alathon: The knit of the cloth isn't as tight as you could get back home, but otherwise it's masterfully made.
[19:44] Sheena: "looks a little tight uptop, but it's not like we get a choice in what to wear any way"
[19:44] Caoilinn: "And very nice workmanship."
[19:45] Alathon: Clerk, to Sheena: "Oh, have your dresses already been purchased for you? That's a pity."
[19:45] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:45] Alathon: He's studiously avoiding looking at the outfits you have on now.
[19:46] * Sheena is in cut off shorts and a cut off top...
[19:46] * Sheena gaydar pings
[19:46] Alathon: Clerk, to Caoilinn: "Thank you. Lance Brothers clothiers pride ourselves on displaying only the finest of merchandise. Could I perhaps interest you in..."
[19:47] Alathon: The clerk will politely but firmly try to sell the lot of you dresses.
[19:47] Sheena: "They do look great, and this old stile would be a hit back home. But we're a bit low on cash for something like this.."
[19:47] * Sheena smirks
[19:48] Sheena: "If we get the chance to slaughter some more harylriders for money tho.. We can all ways stop by before leaving"
[19:49] Alathon: The clerk, who was sipping on cider wine himself, coughs some up through his nose.
[19:49] Alathon: (er, just cider)
[19:49] * Caoilinn shakes her head at Sheena.
[19:49] * Sheena add's a point to her mental score bord
[19:49] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:50] Tsukasa: (What'd I miss?)
[19:50] Alathon: He immediately panics and shakes the cider free of the dress he was holding, and fetches a cloth to dab the remaining liquid from it.
[19:50] Caoilinn: (Sheena being charming.)
[19:50] Alathon: PM'd
[19:50] Tsukasa: (... I think that quote suits anything of that nature)
[19:50] Sheena: (im taunting a gay clerk, I mean the nerve of that guy, he hasn't hit on caoilinn once)
[19:53] Alathon: The clerk chooses to overlook the obvious boast, and is back to selling stuff soon enough.
[19:55] Sheena: "Got anything for every day wear that's still a bit showy?"
[19:56] Sheena: "We are military girls ya know, Shoving ball gowns in our faces all the time won't get you a sale"
[19:56] Alathon: Clerk: "Uh.."
[19:57] Alathon: Clerk: "If.. well, I'm afraid that really isn't our specialty."
[19:58] Alathon: Clerk: "For quality day to day clothes, you could visit Parson's, on Reagan Avenue."
[19:58] Sheena: "You getting anything caoilinn?"
[19:59] Caoilinn: "Mm, not today, I think, but if I decide to get anything formal, I'll come back here. I do like their merchandise."
[19:59] Alathon: Clerk: "Thank you, ma'am."
[20:00] * Caoilinn nods to him.
[20:00] Caoilinn: "Thank you. And I do hope the cider comes out of that dress all right."
[20:01] Alathon: Clerk: "As do I."
[20:01] Alathon: He'll go back to cleaning it when you all leave.
[20:01] * Sheena is ready to go
[20:01] * Caoilinn leaves with the others.
[20:01] Alathon: Devon: "So.. where to next? It's still a good hour and a half until noon."
[20:03] Caoilinn: "Any interesting shops?"
[20:03] Sheena: "Hey Devon, You guys use horses for just about anything around here right?"
[20:04] Caoilinn: ("Sure. Transportation, leather, food, shelter on those cold Hothian nights...")
[20:04] Alathon: Devon: "Eh, more or less."
[20:04] Sheena: "Ever come up with some kinda armor for them?"
[20:05] Alathon: Devon: "I'm told the militias have tried equipping their mounts with barding, but it never really made sense.. anything heavy enough to matter against the harleyriders, or wild mutacows for that matter, was too heavy for the horse."
[20:06] Caoilinn: (Kind of strange they have mutacows both here and in Japan, it seems. Are cows really that prone to violent mutation? :) )
[20:07] Sheena: (i think he ment blink cats)
[20:07] Caoilinn: (Even harder to milk than mutacows...)
[20:07] Alathon: (Nope, I meant mutacows)
[20:07] Sheena: "Dam, Hear that Sanshi, No more head on charges thill we figer something out for you back home"
[20:08] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:08] Sheena: (guess she didn't hear it!)
[20:08] Caoilinn: (Sanshi got upset and ran off with a helpless Tsukasa on his back.)
[20:09] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:09] Tsukasa: <Sheena> "Dam, Hear that Sanshi, No more head on charges thill we figer something out for you back home"
[20:09] Tsukasa: * Tsukasa STARES at him. "Take that seriously. I'll give you a handle on where to go, alright? Just don't get yourself shot up again."
[20:09] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[20:10] Caoilinn: (That was pretty much it.)
[20:11] Alathon: Alright
[20:11] Alathon: Much more poeple are out and about at this point.
[20:12] Alathon: Sanshi gets a fair number of glances, but not nearly as much attention as Sheena's knockers and bared midriff.
[20:12] Alathon: There's a certain amount of disgust among the women noticing her attire; the guys, obvious, just wanna pork her.
[20:12] Alathon: Nobody will make an issue of it though.
[20:13] Alathon: Probably because you're being led somewhere by a Deputy
[20:13] * Sheena just smirks and keeps walking with the group. After days of marching up old roads and camping in fields she needs a bit of a break
[20:15] Alathon: Anything else the party wants to accomplish this morning?
[20:15] Caoilinn: (No, I guess we'll settle for minor damage to a dress.)
[20:16] Sheena: (dress had it coming!)
[20:16] Caoilinn: (Yeah, yeah... your uncle was killed by a dress and all...)
[20:17] Alathon: (Very tragic story)
[20:17] *** sai-chan has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:17] Alathon: Devon will eventually suggest hitting either a pub, a propper restaraunt, or the Marriot dining room for lunch.
[20:17] *** sai-chan has left #CrystalTokyo.
[20:17] Sheena: (considering we wear skin tight body suits that become armor with a charge in it, That's very posible!)
[20:17] Caoilinn: "Let's go back to the Marriot."
[20:18] Caoilinn: (R&D claims another victim. :) )
[20:18] Alathon: Devon shrugs.
[20:18] Alathon: Devon: "Fine by me, Michael isn't stingy with the drinks."
[20:19] Alathon: Devon heads back towards the Marriot.
[20:20] * Caoilinn goes to the rooms on the excuse of 'freshening up' to contact Damien.
[20:20] Caoilinn: (Any of the others in the group are welcome to participate in that.)
[20:20] Alathon: You'll be able to reach him.. do the rest of you pile in with her? Any one of your four rooms has plenty of space.
[20:20] Caoilinn: (Augh! Not *you*, Sanshi!)
[20:21] Caoilinn: "Hi, Damien. We got your message; I'm glad to hear than Lady Venus is back."
[20:21] * Sheena joins Caoilinn
[20:21] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:21] Alathon: ((slaps head)
[20:21] Sheena: (bwahah)
[20:22] * Sheena runs off to refresh the caffine before tsukasa returns
[20:22] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:22] Tsukasa: <Alathon> You'll be able to reach him.. do the rest of you pile in with her? Any one of your four rooms has plenty of space.
[20:22] Tsukasa: <Caoilinn> (Augh! Not *you*, Sanshi!)
[20:22] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[20:22] Tsukasa: (Yes)
[20:22] Alathon: [20:20] Caoilinn: (Augh! Not *you*, Sanshi!)
[20:21] Caoilinn: "Hi, Damien. We got your message; I'm glad to hear than Lady Venus is back."
[20:21] * Sheena joins Caoilinn
[20:21] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:22] Alathon: Damien: "As am I. How are things on your end?"
[20:23] Caoilinn: "Very good. Last night we met and got along quite nicely with an older Crimson who seems like a rather powerful person."
[20:24] Alathon: Damien: "How do you figure? He just came off that way.. or was there some sort of conflict?"
[20:25] Caoilinn: "He came off that way. I mean important more than battle prowess."
[20:25] Sheena: "He was a well gentleman the hole time. Lot more then can be said about the lacky they got following us"
[20:27] Alathon: Damien: "Well, that's a good thing, I guess. At least there's no worsening of relations there.. though you might want to be careful how much you appear in public with Crimsons."
[20:27] Alathon: Damien: "They're downright unpopular."
[20:28] Alathon: Damien: "At least... I dunno. It seems like nobody has a good word to say about them."
[20:28] Caoilinn: "Really? Hnh."
[20:28] Caoilinn: "So, are the rest of you still busy where you are or will you be rejoining us in the city?"
[20:28] Alathon: Damien: "It goes back to something a couple decades ago.. half the time the topic comes up, it ends up being something like."
[20:29] Alathon: Damien: "Oh, they've been alright since after the millenium."
[20:29] Alathon: Damien: "I don't know.. Venus is sleeping in. I've got the story on what was going on, if you're curious."
[20:30] Sheena: "Of corse"
[20:30] Caoilinn: "Personally, I like the ones I've met better than the deputies, so far. Of course, I don't live here."
[20:30] Alathon: Damien: "Huh.. still, a gut feeling is worth a lot."
[20:30] Alathon: Damien: "Just don't let their poor conduct poison your relations with them."
[20:30] Caoilinn: "Definitely. The dinner we've been invited to is at dusk, in case Venus or any of you wants to attend."
[20:31] Caoilinn: "But we should give advance notice in that case."
[20:31] Alathon: Damien: "Alright, I told her about the dinner, she said she'd worry about it tomorrow.. and, well, it IS tomorrow."
[20:31] Sheena: "Shame Damien, You won't get to see us in our dress uniforms"
[20:31] Alathon: Damien: "True.. it might just be best for your lot to handle this. Keep in mind, we'd like to get a feel for how they conduct themselves away from our lead diplomat."
[20:32] Alathon: Damien: "I'm sure you'll be ravishing."
[20:32] Sheena: "Interesting word choice, now about that story?"
[20:33] Alathon: Damien: "Anyways... she was apparently chasing some guy up north. Way up north. She said she lost him somewhere in Nunavat.."
[20:33] Alathon: Damien shrugs.
[20:33] Alathon: Damien: "If you haven't heard of it, it's supposed to be some place up on the north edge of the continent."
[20:33] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:33] Caoilinn: "The northern edge of the continent? Doesn't this continent reach the north pole?!"
[20:34] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:34] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Damien: "If you haven't heard of it, it's supposed to be some place up on the north edge of the continent."
[20:34] Tsukasa: <Tsukasa> (Heh, I assume she didn't chase him up into the islands?)
[20:34] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[20:35] Alathon: Damien: "Off the top of my head, I'm not sure.. but I think so."
[20:35] Tsukasa: (What was asked?)
[20:35] Caoilinn: ("The northern edge of the continent? Doesn't this continent reach the north pole?!")
[20:35] Alathon: Damien: "or it could be over water.. I'm not sure, geography was never really my strong suit."
[20:36] Sheena: "Ok that's a bit fast."
[20:37] Alathon: Damien: "She said she cleaned up the rest of chapter heads, but one of 'em had a mix of super speed and teleporting abilities.. that's the one that got away."
[20:37] Caoilinn: "Too bad."
[20:37] Tsukasa: (Heh. Just a bit. She ended up in CANADA within a day?)
[20:37] Alathon: (Yes)
[20:38] Alathon: Damien: "Actually speaking of those... with the chapter heads dead, we're hopeful that this whole invasion will sputter."
[20:38] Alathon: Damien: "Or at the very least, slow up while they sort out their new leadreship."
[20:38] Caoilinn: "Unless they all just go with the one that got away."
[20:38] Sheena: (dun dun dunnnn)
[20:39] Tsukasa: (Chapter heads? What the heck did I miss?)
[20:39] Alathon: Damien: "Venus isn't sure he actually got away.. she thought it was at least somewhat possible he'd gotten himself killed. Even with Harleyrider stamina he might not have been able to take the weather up there."
[20:39] Alathon: ((nothing, you probably haven't heard the term before)
[20:40] Alathon: Damien: "But yeah, that's a possibility."
[20:41] Tsukasa: (Yeah, but I missed a chunk of the conversation and am now stuck playing catchup)
[20:41] Alathon: Damien: "Anyways.. watch yourselves if you run into a guy with a 187 tattoo on his forehead."
[20:41] Alathon: (you missed one line, the one caoilinn filled you in on)
[20:41] Tsukasa: (Ah, gotcha)
[20:41] * Caoilinn says to the others, "That doesn't mean attack anyone with such a tattoo on sight!"
[20:41] * Tsukasa nods.
[20:41] Sheena: "On the forehead? Im sure they have it coming"
[20:42] Tsukasa: "Count the tattoo first."
[20:42] Alathon: Damien chuckles.
[20:42] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[20:42] Alathon: Damien: "Just be careful.. she didn't say he had any sort of special attacks or anything, just that he was wicked fast, and could teleport at least a couple hundred feet."
[20:42] Sheena: "Are we supposed to do anything at this dinner but look good?"
[20:43] Caoilinn: "If it is that guy, he'd almost certainly be able to get away. If it isn't, there'll just be trouble."
[20:43] Alathon: Damien: "I was about to ask.. how are things coming on your end?"
[20:43] Caoilinn: (We already said, didn't we?)
[20:43] Alathon: Damien: "What sort of insights do you have on the Protectorate?"
[20:43] Alathon: (He's asking in terms of your previously stated information gathering assignment)
[20:43] Caoilinn: "Hm. The refugees we spoke to are scared and wondering why the Crimson aren't taking care of the Harleyriders."
[20:44] Caoilinn: "And this was before Northup was attacked."
[20:44] Alathon: Damien: "Ideally, a dinner like this should be an opportunity to acquire both information and an impression of this Senator Arnold."
[20:44] Tsukasa: "For some reason the Crimson Guards are being kept in the city. Do you have any information on that?"
[20:44] Sheena: "The normal civilians are great, at lest the people of Northup are. The milita was impressive but highly out gunned.
[20:44] Caoilinn: "Someplace so close to the capital being attacked and only saved because of a bunch of outsiders will only make that worse."
[20:44] Alathon: Damien: "They go where the senate orders, at least, I think they do."
[20:45] Caoilinn: "Hm. Maybe we can ask Mr. Trebeck if we talk to him again."
[20:45] Alathon: Damien blinks.
[20:45] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:45] Sheena: "I wounder if he will be there"
[20:46] Caoilinn: (Do we have a visual of Damien?)
[20:46] Sheena: (oh look Damien got short. "Im a hologram dam it!")
[20:46] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:46] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Damien: "They go where the senate orders, at least, I think they do."
[20:47] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[20:47] Alathon: (You have a roughly 4 cm by 4cm image.)
[20:47] Alathon: [20:45] Caoilinn: "Hm. Maybe we can ask Mr. Trebeck if we talk to him again."
[20:45] Alathon: Damien blinks.
[20:45] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:45] Sheena: "I wounder if he will be there"
[20:47] Alathon: Damien: "Wait.. the older Crimson Guard you mentioned was Martin Trebek?"
[20:47] Caoilinn: "Yes, that's right."
[20:48] Caoilinn: (Did he say his first name?)
[20:48] Tsukasa: "Um... The LEADER of the Crimson?"
[20:48] Tsukasa: "... Remind me to always ask who you've been speaking to."
[20:48] Caoilinn: (Ah, I found it in the log.)
[20:49] Alathon: (I believe he.. yeah)
[20:49] Caoilinn: "He's the leader?"
[20:49] Alathon: Damien pauses, and mulls things over for a moment.
[20:49] Sheena: "Ya Martin Trebek was his name, Cool old guy"
[20:50] Alathon: Damien: "Be.. mindful of.. well, everything, dealing with him."
[20:50] Alathon: Damien shakes his head.
[20:51] Alathon: Damien: "He's well known.. and, if not feared, respected.. but I don't think I've heard anything resembling love or liking of him."
[20:51] Alathon: Damien frowns.
[20:52] Alathon: Damien: "It probably goes back to whatever the deal was when he ousted the previous head of the Crimsons twenty-some years back."
[20:52] Sheena: "Well it was nice to finaly sit down and get some answers from some one."
[20:52] Alathon: Damien: "We've been hip deep in Harleyriders out here.. Venus has really taken a disliking for them.. we haven't had time to investigate their history the way we'd like. If your lot could find out what the deal is there, it'd help a lot."
[20:52] Alathon: Damien: "What sort of answers?"
[20:52] Sheena: "Did you know our coms look like bombs to these guys?"
[20:53] Amiko: "... I take it you want a prisoner, Damien?"
[20:53] Alathon: Damien: "Bombs? how so? We've seen a few people neverous around them, but.."
[20:53] Alathon: Damien: "...the hell?"
[20:53] Alathon: Damien: "NO, I do not want a prisoner! I want you to ask questions and get answers the normal way!"
[20:53] Caoilinn: "Prisoners? To find out about the history of the Crimsons?"
[20:54] Amiko: "Ah, I thought he was talking about harlyriders. That'd be somewhat doable now."
[20:54] Alathon: Damien: "You're free to do what you want within the scope of Venus's orders, I'm not your boss, but.. for fuck's sake, WHY would you do that?"
[20:54] Caoilinn: ("We got the senator tied up in the other room for you, Damien.")
[20:54] Sheena: "The have a group of people here called enginers here, They like to dig up tech and abuse it, Makes people skitish"
[20:54] Alathon: Damien calms down a bit.
[20:54] Alathon: Damien: "Oh.. okay.. okay.."
[20:54] Amiko: (I thought he wanted info on the harlyriders...)
[20:54] Caoilinn: (Damien proceeds to go ballistic. :) )
[20:55] Alathon: ((you could interpret it either way, it wasn't a perfectly clear request)
[20:55] Amiko: (Well, he _ASKED_ Damien...)
[20:55] Sheena: "I belive she ment that we grab a Harlyrider Damien, Not some random sob off the street"
[20:55] Amiko: "Yeah, I finally perfected Sleep."
[20:55] Alathon: Damien: "Why would you want a Harleyrider?"
[20:55] Amiko: "To interrogate?"
[20:55] Alathon: Damien: "You could probably find any joe in a bar, feed him a few beers, and get more."
[20:56] Alathon: Damien: "Wait.. you mean.. okay. I meant the Nevadan's history."
[20:56] Sheena: "Oh dear, the boss wants us to go out and flaunt a natural talents to dig up info."
[20:56] * Sheena smiles while saying this
[20:56] * Caoilinn sighs and shakes her head.
[20:56] Alathon: Damien grins.
[20:56] Alathon: Damien: "It coudln't hurt."
[20:56] Caoilinn: "It'll all end in tears."
[20:56] Alathon: Damien: "You might not want to do that sort of prying at the dinner though, but, it's your call."
[20:57] Sheena: "Prim, proper, and classy for the dinner."
[20:57] Sheena: "After wards we can go get trashed"
[20:57] Tsukasa: "Get trashed a little slower. We ARE supposed to actually remember what we hear."
[20:58] Sheena: "That's what yuuno's for"
[20:58] Amiko: "Got a question. For a odd reason, I seem to have delovped as a side research, a spell that I'm calling Charm person. It basically makes instant freinds, but it's compuslion. Bad juju, right?"
[20:58] Caoilinn: "I thought he was for watching our stuff while we were at dinner."
[20:58] Sheena: "oh right.."
[20:59] Alathon: Damien frowns.
[20:59] Alathon: Damien: "I can understand the benefits of such a spell, but..."
[20:59] Amiko: "I don't care for it, but it was a side development, when I was trying to get Sleep."
[20:59] Alathon: Damien: "I wouldn't, if I were you. You know the laws, and while I don't know that we'd extend them to foreign territories..."
[21:00] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:00] Alathon: Damien shakes his head.
[21:00] Alathon: Damien: "Just.. don't go there."
[21:00] Sheena: "How about in combat, and only used on attacking forces?"
[21:00] Amiko: (So, I'm allowed to get them drunk and fuck their brains out, but NOT charm them. Huh.)
[21:00] Caoilinn: "I imagine it'd be inappropriate for a CT marine anywhere."
[21:00] Sheena: (point that out!)
[21:00] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:00] Alathon: Damien: "How can you even.. never mind."
[21:00] Tsukasa: (What'd I miss?)
[21:00] Alathon: Damien: "Take it up with Venus."
[21:00] Alathon: [21:00] Alathon: Damien shakes his head.
[21:00] Alathon: Damien: "Just.. don't go there."
[21:00] Sheena: "How about in combat, and only used on attacking forces?"
[21:00] Amiko: (So, I'm allowed to get them drunk and fuck their brains out, but NOT charm them. Huh.)
[21:00] Caoilinn: "I imagine it'd be inappropriate for a CT marine anywhere."
[21:00] Sheena: (point that out!)
[21:01] Amiko: "Even then, Sheena, the spell's grey. Sleep's fine. It's that this affects their mind direct to change thinking patterns. Illegal as hell, Sheena."
[21:01] Caoilinn: "Speaking of Venus, does she have a new communicator now, in case we need to reach her or vice versa?"
[21:01] Sheena: "Oh please,"
[21:01] Amiko: "So no use here, 'k. I have some other ideas. Let them drool over me."
[21:01] * Sheena pulls down her shirt some
[21:01] Sheena: "I been changing thinking patterns with these for years now"
[21:02] Alathon: Damien peers.
[21:02] Amiko: "... She's _got_ a point..."
[21:02] Caoilinn: "Not really. Using magic doesn't give them a choice."
[21:02] Alathon: He then realizes he can't get a better angle when he's looking through a communicator.
[21:02] Caoilinn: "And it's all about choice."
[21:03] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:03] Amiko: "I know, Caoilinn. And I agree with it. Just curious if Exaffairs wanted all the toys out, or not. I'm rather glad, that Damien's taking this line."
[21:03] Amiko: "It _would_ be useful, but..."
[21:03] Alathon: Damien looks disgusted, and mouths 'toys' to himself.
[21:03] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:03] Tsukasa: <Alathon> He then realizes he can't get a better angle when he's looking through a communicator.
[21:03] Tsukasa: <Caoilinn> "And it's all about choice."
[21:03] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[21:04] Alathon: [21:03] Amiko: "I know, Caoilinn. And I agree with it. Just curious if Exaffairs wanted all the toys out, or not. I'm rather glad, that Damien's taking this line."
[21:03] Amiko: "It _would_ be useful, but..."
[21:03] Alathon: Damien looks disgusted, and mouths 'toys' to himself.
[21:04] Alathon: Damien: "Just... ask questions. It shouldn't be that hard to pick up gossip on something like a coup d'etat."
[21:06] Alathon: Damien: "I'll let you know if Venus decides to come to the dinner.. and no, I don't think she has a new communicatoryet, but she can fix that quickly enough once she's awake."
[21:06] Caoilinn: "Ok, good."
[21:06] Alathon: Damien: "I should be going."
[21:06] Caoilinn: "All right. Oh, we're not expected to bring a gift to dinner, right?"
[21:07] Alathon: Damien: "I don't know, do what you think best."
[21:07] Caoilinn: "Ok. Talk to you later, then."
[21:08] Sheena: "Cya Damien"
[21:08] Alathon: Damien: "later"
[21:08] Alathon: Damien clicks his communicator off.
[21:08] * Caoilinn puts hers away, too.
[21:09] Caoilinn: "Ok. I don't think we're expected to bring a gift."
[21:10] Sheena: "Well new orders huh? We find some guys and makes em tell us every thing they know while they buy us drinks"
[21:10] Caoilinn: "And I *know* we're not supposed to try to make our hosts' drinks come out of their noses."
[21:11] * Caoilinn looks at Sheena when she says that.
[21:11] Sheena: "Eh, guy had it coming. He noticed Devon more then us."
[21:12] Sheena: "Just shoving dresses in our faces like where supposed to fawn over em and start forking over the cridets"
[21:12] Sheena: "err double dollars"
[21:12] Caoilinn: "Er, that's his job..."
[21:13] Caoilinn: "And, frankly, I've had more than enough of 'being noticed'."
[21:14] Sheena: "Ya, we know."
[21:14] Tsukasa: "Well, the last time we were 'noticed' we got kicked out of the city, so I don't think I can fault her for that..."
[21:14] Sheena: "You don't have much choice tonight though, The dress uniforms are something else. And very very tight"
[21:15] Caoilinn: "Really? Mine isn't that tight. Are you sure yours just doesn't fit right?"
[21:15] Alathon: (they're really not That tight, but they are fitted to make you look good)
[21:16] Sheena: "So we charm some info out of old guys, while praying Amiko don't start a killing spree?"
[21:17] * Caoilinn sighs and puts her forehead in her hand.
[21:17] Caoilinn: "Just ... try to act appropriately and remember that you're representing Crystal Tokyo.
[21:17] Tsukasa: "For tonight, let's try to keep 'charm' in a completely above-board and dignified sense."
[21:18] Sheena: "Im insulted that you would think so little of me"
[21:18] * Sheena is still in her cut off shorts and top
[21:18] Amiko: (Joy... that means we're meat...)
[21:19] * Amiko looks at Sheena.
[21:19] Amiko: "..."
[21:19] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:20] Sheena: wolf peer must have a great union.
[21:20] Sheena: look at how many breaks they get
[21:20] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:20] Tsukasa: (What'd I miss?)
[21:21] Amiko: (We tied Talbrek up and made you ride him.)
[21:22] Tsukasa: (Talbrek?)
[21:22] Amiko: (Can't spell, haven't you learned that by now?)
[21:22] Caoilinn: (Someone who looks like Trebek. We couldn't get the real one on such short notice.)
[21:22] Amiko: (well, that too...)
[21:24] Caoilinn: "Ok... Well, let's get lunch now."
[21:25] Alathon: You succeed.
[21:25] Alathon: Lunch good.
[21:25] Caoilinn: (100XP! Yay!)
[21:25] Sheena: (heh)
[21:27] Caoilinn: (I guess we just get ready for dinner, unless we meet someone interesting, like Trebek before then)
[21:27] Alathon: Devon will take the opportunity to chat up the lady he was with the previous evening, since youa ll don't need chaperoning.
[21:27] Alathon: You could go looking for him if you wanted.
[21:27] Sheena: (may as well)
[21:28] * Amiko fusses with her katana trying to get it to hang right from her dress uniform.
[21:29] Caoilinn: (I'll wander around the place a bit and if I find him see if I can join him for conversation, but I won't go asking around for him or actively searching)
[21:29] Alathon: He's not in evidence in the common areas.
[21:29] Alathon: Some of the guests from yesterday's dinner are hanging out in the lounge.
[21:30] * Amiko wanders next to Caoilinn.
[21:30] * Sheena tells the others she'll be in her room
[21:30] Amiko: "Joy. I've often wondered why we still wear swords with our dress uniforms."
[21:30] Sheena: (we do?)
[21:30] Sheena: (im swordless!)
[21:30] Caoilinn: (Do we?)
[21:30] Amiko: (Marines do. I'm pretty sure you couldn't pry thier blades out of their dead, cold hands. Even 1000 years in the future.)
[21:31] Sheena: (guess i can stick dark heart ni there...)
[21:33] Amiko: (Amiko's a Marine. I bet you the uniforms are even more fancy and tight than now, for the Marines.... or they're excalty the same. Not sure which is worse...)
[21:33] * Caoilinn has a seat in the lounge, somewhat near the other guests.
[21:33] Caoilinn: (They're fukus. :p )
[21:33] * Amiko sits next to her, shifting her katana out of her way)
[21:33] Sheena: (your draging to much rl shit into it again :P So all we know the marines are in fuku's)
[21:33] Sheena: (doh!)
[21:34] * Tsukasa looks to see if a space was left without a seat for her to wheel her chair up.
[21:35] Caoilinn: (*shoves a chair aside for Tuskasa, ignoring the scream of the woman who was sitting in it.)
[21:36] * Amiko nods at Tsukasa, and begins to braid her hair.
[21:36] Tsukasa: (Whose hair?)
[21:37] Amiko: (mine.)
[21:37] Amiko: (all of the mane.)
[21:37] Alathon: The lounge is much as it was the previous night, except the people aren't obviously drunk yet.
[21:38] * Amiko asks the bartender for a pitcher.
[21:38] Amiko: "Water, you two?"
[21:38] Amiko: (and glasses.)
[21:38] Caoilinn: "Tea, please."
[21:39] * Sheena is in her room fighting her own hair battle
[21:41] Alathon: Bartender: "If you're sure.."
[21:41] Alathon: He'll bring what's requested. The water looks clear, and the Tea looks like tea.
[21:41] * Amiko heats hers to boiling by a light cantrip, then chills it.
[21:41] Amiko: "Gods, I love cantrips."
[21:42] Amiko: (You _got_ to love that.)
[21:42] Caoilinn: (I hope it's not the 'special tea' that he serves some of the regular. :) )
[21:42] * Amiko sips at her water.
[21:43] * Caoilinn drinks some tea.
[21:43] Alathon: The water that was boiled tastes flat. The Tea is just.. bad.
[21:43] Alathon: It's overly bitter, and doesn't have a strong flavor.
[21:43] * Caoilinn refrains from drinking any more tea.
[21:43] Amiko: "Okay, next time _I_ create the water."
[21:44] Alathon: Time passes.. the roulette wheel spins.. people win, people lose, more of the latter than the former.
[21:45] * Caoilinn goes over and asks someone who isn't losing badly what the game is.
[21:45] * Amiko eyes it and is tempted to set it on fire!
[21:45] Amiko: (Fire! Fire GOOD!)
[21:45] Tsukasa: (... Trigger-happy mage. That oughta be fun)
[21:45] Alathon: They'll explain it's a game of chance, where you wager money on the outcome of the spin and where the ball drops.
[21:45] Amiko: (Tempted, note, not did it. And didn't you figure that out Last night?)
[21:46] Alathon: Bets on easy things to get (odds/evens, red/black) pay poorly; bets on hard things to get (single numbers) pay well.
[21:46] Caoilinn: (It's more to start conversation than to actually know.)
[21:47] * Amiko eyes the bar, and tries to read the crowd
[21:47] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:48] Caoilinn: "Oh. Is it a common game around here? I've never seen it before."
[21:49] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:49] Tsukasa: <Caoilinn> (It's more to start conversation than to actually know.)
[21:49] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[21:49] Alathon: Man: "not really, you'd usually have to go to a casino to find one."
[21:49] Alathon: Man: "Most places make do with a deck of cards."
[21:49] Alathon: [21:47] * Amiko eyes the bar, and tries to read the crowd
[21:47] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:48] Caoilinn: "Oh. Is it a common game around here? I've never seen it before."
[21:50] Alathon: The crowd is eight people entertaining themselves and each other, noth particularly interesting sticks out.
[21:52] Sheena: (im away from the group)
[21:52] Sheena: (So you cguys can't expect me to carrie the rp with cao, So get cracken)
[21:54] * Amiko looks mangetic, and is waiting for a man to hit on her.
[21:54] Tsukasa: (Sleepy. And have to get up in six hours. That's my only defence)
[21:55] Caoilinn: "Oh, I see. It looks interesting."
[21:56] Alathon: Oddly, none of the men do. This is at least partially because most of them are already hooked up.
[21:56] Caoilinn: (Guy magnet doesn't let you attract the guys you *want* to. :) )
[21:56] Sheena: (hah)
[21:57] Sheena: (ya know its girl/guy magnet.. Watch out amiko)
[21:57] Amiko: (laughs)
[21:57] Caoilinn: (You get to choose when you pick it.)
[21:57] Amiko: (... I never did. Ooops)
[21:57] Caoilinn: (Anyway, if it were a good/useful thing, you wouldn't be getting bp for it.)
[21:57] Sheena: (so we canpick it twice for more points?)
[21:57] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:57] Sheena: (heh)
[21:58] Caoilinn: (No.)
[21:58] Alathon: (no)
[21:58] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:58] Tsukasa: <Amiko> (... I never did. Ooops)
[21:58] Tsukasa: <Tsukasa> (Heh. Gonna get hit on by Venus?)
[21:58] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[21:58] Alathon: (if nobody really feels up to doing much, we can call it a night now)
[21:58] Sheena: (we are waiting for the plot to move along!)
[21:58] Sheena: (how long do i have to wash my hair here)
[21:58] Alathon: (dude. it's not an RPG)
[21:58] Amiko: (Fine with me.)
[21:59] Amiko: (... O.o)
[21:59] Alathon: (er rather, it's not a console RPG)
[21:59] Alathon: (things aren't always gonna happen.. stuff mainly happens when your characters do things)
[21:59] Sheena: (heh, Ok time to pass. As in getting ready for that dinner)
[21:59] Caoilinn: (I'm willing to make some light conversation to try to pick up something here, but I'm ok with skipping ahead to the dinner)
[21:59] Caoilinn: (And by something, I mean info. :p )
[21:59] Alathon: (I mean, if you hang out on saturday at home and don't do anytihng.. does anything really happen?)
[21:59] Sheena: (cao wants to get out of leading on drunks later, let her work)
[22:00] Alathon: (Honestly.. the whole dinner thing will take too long at this point)
[22:00] Sheena: (more then two hours? O_o )
[22:00] Alathon: (well yeah probably, and I was hoping to finish semi-early for PW's sake)
[22:00] Sheena: (ahh ok)
[22:01] Caoilinn: (When you have the magnet defect, you try to avoid situations like that. Amiko will learn that... ;) )
[22:01] Alathon: Light conversation will net you light conversation.
[22:01] Alathon: Which will pass time, but otherwise not accomplish much.
[22:02] Alathon: anyways.
[22:02] Caoilinn: (Well, I'll try to work in being new to the area and seeing if people will tell me about it, but I really don't feel like playing the whole thing out, to be honest)
[22:02] * Alathon nods.
[22:03] Alathon: Time will pass, you'll learn a bit about the better spots to hit for gambling, dining, dancing, etc in Carson City.
[22:03] Alathon: When the sun is low in the sky, Devon will remind you all of the dinner appointment.
[22:03] * Caoilinn thanks him and gets ready for the dinner.
[22:04] Alathon: Do you all wear dress uniforms, or something else?
[22:04] * Caoilinn wears her dress uniform.
[22:05] Sheena: Dress uniform
[22:05] * Tsukasa goes in dress uniform.
[22:05] Alathon: And Amiko was already in her dress uniform.
[22:05] * Sheena is in her dress uniform, and surprising has tamed her hair it's straight and tied back with a senshi stile bow.
[22:06] Caoilinn: (I think she spilled cocktail sauce on it. :) )
[22:06] Alathon: Devon will lead the party through one of the affluent mercantile districts to an obviously moneyed residential neighborhood.
[22:06] Caoilinn: (No carriage? I'm shocked.)
[22:07] Alathon: The area has nicers streets, sidewalks... houses have substantial lawns, and many of the houses are large enough to be considered mansions.
[22:07] Alathon: He actually doesn't request a carriage.
[22:07] Alathon: It is, however, a short walk -- less than ten minutes.
[22:08] Tsukasa: (Anyone pushing me, or do I have to do it all with the arms?)
[22:08] Alathon: You'll see several other groups of people, in twos or threes, making their way to the same mansion.
[22:08] Caoilinn: (Take sanshi and leave him outside?)
[22:08] Alathon: If you ask, Devon will do it, but he's not thoughtful enough to think to offer.
[22:08] Amiko: I'll push.
[22:08] * Tsukasa thanks Amiko.
[22:09] Sheena: (e been around tsukasa for some time now, wouldn't that be a cammon thing by now? Im sure some one would do it with out thinking on it to much)
[22:09] Alathon: The mansion in question is not the largest you've seen, but it's up there.
[22:10] Alathon: It's made of brick, with what looks in the dimming light ornamental stonework.
[22:11] Alathon: Devon will lead the party upa bricked path across the lawn to the door, where he'll introduce the party, which is quickly ushered in -- they're on the right list.
[22:11] Alathon: End here.
[22:12] *** Amiko is now known as MageOhki.
[22:12] *** Ala-bot has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[22:12] MageOhki: So?
[22:12] Alathon: 600 exp for the session
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Session #10

Postby Alathon » Fri Oct 20, 2006 6:48 pm

Session #10
[18:32] Alathon: anyways
[18:32] *** Ala-bot has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:32] *** Mode change "+o Ala-bot" for channel #CrystalTokyo by ChanServ.
[18:33] Alathon: We left off last week with the party entering a mansion belonging to one Senator Arnold, to attend a party.
[18:33] *** Pale_Wolf is now known as Tsukasa.
[18:33] Alathon: You haven't been told what quite of party, so a mazola oil party is possible.. but unlikely. From what you've seen so far at the door, it's more of a "rich people listen to music and drink sherry" sort of party
[18:33] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[18:34] Sheena: (oil party?)
[18:34] Caoilinn: (And then fight to the death.)
[18:34] Tsukasa: (Mazola oil?)
[18:34] Tsukasa: (What the heck is that?)
[18:35] Alathon: The lot of you have been tasked with, in short, putting a good foot forward for Crystal Tokyo, and collecting information about Nevada while you're at it
[18:35] Alathon: Damien also asked you to look into just what the deal is with the Crimsons and their history, though you're not obligated to do that
[18:36] Alathon: Devon has a word with one of the waitors, who scurries off to somewhere.
[18:37] Alathon: The inside of the mansion is well-lit, much better lit than anywhere else you've seen on this continent
[18:37] Alathon: primary light sources are what appear to be electric light bulbs on chandeliers.
[18:38] Alathon: The people are all either obviously well-heeled, or staff.
[18:39] Alathon: Men's fashions lean to vests, with women's to large dresses, though some of the younger women wear less bulky (and more revealing) attire.
[18:39] Alathon: Devon: "I've sent a man to fetch the Senator, I'm sure he's most anxious to make your acquaintance."
[18:40] Alathon: There are waitors here and there carrying plates with hors d'oerves and various filled, fluted glasses.
[18:41] Alathon: There's a fair babble of voices.. there are a lot of people here.. at least twenty that you can see, and from what you saw of the mansion outside.. it has a lot more space than is immediately visible.
[18:41] Alathon: Some sort of stringed instrument can be heard off to your left.
[18:41] Sheena: (blast it!)
[18:42] * Caoilinn looks around with some interest.
[18:42] Alathon: (( If you roll high enough on your metagaming roll, you'll realize the cellist is in fact Q.))
[18:43] Alathon: You're free to do what you want at this point.. it's been a few moments, and the Senator hasn't yet appeared.
[18:43] Caoilinn: (*fumbles her roll and identifies him as Trelane.)
[18:44] Alathon: Amiko is looking the place over intently, her eyes lingering on the various doorways.
[18:45] * Caoilinn looks at one of the lights.
[18:45] Alathon: It's bright but not unbearable to look at.
[18:46] Caoilinn: "What powers this, Devon?"
[18:46] Alathon: Unlike most of the light bulbs you've seen in Nevada, it looks like a light, rather than a filament hanging in a glass bulb.
[18:46] * Sheena keeps a watch on the party. Looking for interesting people.
[18:46] Caoilinn: (We've seen other examples of electricity in use?)
[18:46] Alathon: Devon looks over at you, and blinks, pausing a moment before speaking.
[18:46] Alathon: ((yes))
[18:46] * Tsukasa just looks around and debates mingling or not.
[18:46] Alathon: ((pretty much everywhere has had eletricity in general))
[18:46] Sheena: (i ws thnking they used torchers and gas lamps, heh)
[18:46] Alathon: ((but the only use that's readily visible is light bulbs))
[18:47] Caoilinn: (Ok... so how is this one different, exactly?)
[18:47] Tsukasa: (Stronger?)
[18:48] Alathon: ((the bulbs you've mostly seen have been relatively dim, and you can actually see a bright filament))
[18:48] Alathon: ((these are something similar to normal glazed bulbs we have in lamps))
[18:49] Alathon: Devon: "As I understand it, a good part of the grid is powered by a dam up north, and the rest is coal fired."
[18:50] Alathon: Amiko: "A dam.. one maintained from before the Great Ice?"
[18:51] Alathon: Devon, thoughtfully: "I think the original structure was built by the Empire, yes."
[18:51] * Tsukasa blinks. "Empire?"
[18:51] Alathon: Devon: "The American Empire, of course."
[18:52] * Tsukasa doesn't respond to that.
[18:52] Alathon: If you have the historical or cultural background to know, that was not what they called themselves.
[18:52] Caoilinn: "Is the power grid from their time, too?"
[18:53] Alathon: Devon: "I.. don't think so."
[18:53] Alathon: Devon is at this point looking around a bit for someone.
[18:54] Tsukasa: (Heh, that's why she restrained her response. She didn't think it was tactful to go around telling them their history is wrong)
[18:54] Caoilinn: ("Help! Their asking me questions about things I don't know!")
[18:55] Alathon: His eyes eventually settle on an older gentleman, who looks to be in his fifties in rest-of-the-world years.
[18:56] Alathon: The man he's looking at is making his way over this way; he looks to be a bit over six feet tall, with clean cut features, silver-black hair.
[18:58] Alathon: He's wearing formal wear similar to the rest of the male guests, a ruffled white shirt and dark grey pants, with a heavy belt and a lighter grey vest over the shirt.
[18:58] Sheena: (don't worrie, we can take em)
[18:58] Caoilinn: (You can have him.)
[18:58] Alathon: As he's walking over this way, people are slowly migrating through one of the far doorways on the left.
[18:58] Sheena: ( ment beat up, you pervert)
[18:59] Sheena: (Just how bad to do stand out with this uniforms any way?)
[18:59] Sheena: (and the hole unmairred thing)
[18:59] Alathon: Devon walks over to him as soon as he's free of the crowd.
[18:59] Alathon: The man looks over at your group for a moment, then back to Devon.
[19:00] Alathon: Devon: "Mister Senator?"
[19:00] Alathon: The man nods.
[19:01] Alathon: Devon: "I have the most profoundly excellent pleasure to introduce to you the honor guard of Venus of Crystal Tokyo."
[19:01] Alathon: Devon bows slightly and indicates your party with one arm.
[19:01] Alathon: The man smiles warmly and steps forward.
[19:02] Sheena: (and amiko punchs him right in the face)
[19:02] * Caoilinn bows.
[19:02] Alathon: ((it's possible ;p ))
[19:02] Alathon: The man pauses, and does a stilted bow back at you, before continuing forward to offer you a handshake.
[19:02] * Caoilinn smiles and shakes hands.
[19:03] Alathon: Man: "I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. Marcus Arnold, but you can call me Mark."
[19:03] Alathon: Marcus offers each of you a handshake in turn.
[19:03] Alathon: Amiko accepts it and shakes it briskly; Mark winces ever-so-slightly.
[19:03] Caoilinn: "It is a pleasure to meet you ... Mark. I am Caoilinn O'Loinsigh."
[19:04] Tsukasa: "It is a great honor to meet you, sir."
[19:04] * Sheena shakes the offered hand as well.
[19:04] Caoilinn: (It is? Why? What have you heard about him? :) )
[19:04] Alathon: Marcus shakes Tsukasa's hand, and speak: "And you are?"
[19:05] * Tsukasa blushes. "I apologize for that. My name is Tsukasa Kuno."
[19:06] Alathon: He nods.
[19:06] Alathon: Marcus looks over at Sheena, inquiringly.
[19:06] Alathon: Amiko pipes up: "Amiko Moate."
[19:06] Alathon: Marcus is a little startled, but nods politely to her.
[19:06] * Sheena gives a slight bow after the shake.
[19:06] Sheena: "Sheena"
[19:07] Alathon: Marcus waits a moment for a surname, before nodding.
[19:07] Sheena: "Our thanks for having us here this night Mr.Arnold"
[19:08] Alathon: Marcus smiles warmly, again.
[19:09] Alathon: Marcus: "We're fortunate indeed to have this humble affair graced by such beauty as yours."
[19:09] Alathon: He manages to say this without eyeballing your chest.
[19:09] * Caoilinn starts getting her 'Oh, god... not another one' look.
[19:10] Alathon: By now, the antechamber you're all in is nearly empty, and the people-noise is all coming from down the hall.
[19:10] * Sheena raises an eyebrow at that.
[19:10] * Caoilinn manages to get it under control fairly quickly, though.
[19:10] Alathon: Marcus: "But where are my manners."
[19:10] Alathon: Marcus: "Dinner is beginning, and here I am, holding you up."
[19:11] Alathon: Marcus: "Allow me to escort you to the hall."
[19:11] Alathon: He pauses a moment to wait for your assent.
[19:12] * Caoilinn nods politely.
[19:12] Caoilinn: "Of course."
[19:12] Tsukasa: "Ah, thank you sir. That is quite generous of you."
[19:12] Alathon: Marcus nods, turns, and walks slowly down the hall, allowing you all time to follow.
[19:13] Tsukasa: (Dammit... On one hand, this kind of formal atmosphere is perfect for Tsukasa's 'Kuno' nature. On the other, I can barely stand writing this level of formality...)
[19:13] * Sheena follows with the group.
[19:13] * Caoilinn follows.
[19:13] Sheena: (the kuno is strong in you)
[19:13] Alathon: Be one with the Kuno.. let the Kuno flow through your veins.
[19:14] Caoilinn: (Hey, if your legs are ever fixed, does your mind go?)
[19:14] Alathon: He turns at the doorway, facing into the room, and the noise dies down in a matter of moments.
[19:14] Tsukasa: (Be prepared to take responsibility for every act flowing from that advice.)
[19:14] Tsukasa: (Nah, the legs aren't directly responsible for her... sanity.)
[19:14] Sheena: (lol)
[19:15] Caoilinn: (Well, I just figured you're a sane Kuno with a body that isn't sound, so I was wondering if it was one or the other)
[19:15] Alathon: Several moments later, when the sound of voices has decreased to a low muttering, he takes a deep breath and speaks.
[19:16] Sheena: (uh oh)
[19:16] Alathon: "Ladies and Gentleman, tonight it is my most profound pleasure to introduce to you, our most welcome guests from across the sea!"
[19:16] Alathon: The mutters shuts right up at that.
[19:16] Tsukasa: (... Sheeeit.)
[19:17] Tsukasa: (Good guess, Sheena)
[19:17] Sheena: (i'll lay down cover fire, You guys run for it!)
[19:17] Caoilinn: ("Part of the delegation from Crystal Bokyo!")
[19:17] Alathon: ((heh))
[19:17] Alathon: "Travellers from the far off land of Crystal Tokyo, associates of their Ambassador Venus, who have deigned to grace us with their presence this night."
[19:18] Tsukasa: (Nah, I won't be able to run. I'll give you gunnery support until Sanshi arrives!)
[19:18] Alathon: He looks over at you.
[19:18] Sheena: (when we get back to CT we are sooo getting a uniform for sanshi)
[19:18] Alathon: "Come, meet the elite of Carson City."
[19:18] Sheena: (no reason he can't be here for this fun)
[19:19] * Sheena gives a bow in greatings to the room
[19:19] * Caoilinn steps forward.
[19:19] Alathon: In a booming voice, he announces your name.
[19:19] Alathon: Marcus: "Caoilinn O'Loinsigh!"
[19:19] * Tsukasa bows as well as can be expected considering her sitting position. Wheeling forward just lacks grace...
[19:19] Alathon: You're greeted by silence, followed by polite applause.
[19:19] * Caoilinn nods politely.
[19:20] Alathon: "Sheena."
[19:20] Caoilinn: (afk a minute)
[19:20] Alathon: "Tsukasa Kuno!"
[19:20] Alathon: "And, Amiko Moate!"
[19:21] Alathon: Having travelled with Amiko, you can tell that she's doing her very best to stay formal and diplomatic, but her movements are ever-so-slightly stiff.
[19:21] Alathon: All of you get applause, though Tsukasa's is mixed with a fair amount of whispering.
[19:22] Alathon: Marcus leads you all to one of the six long tables which have been set up in this hall.
[19:22] Caoilinn: (back)
[19:22] Alathon: Devon does not follow you in.
[19:22] Alathon: *nod*
[19:23] Tsukasa: (Whispering? Oh dearie...)
[19:23] Alathon: Marcus pulls out a seat for Sheena, Caoilinn, and Amiko, and displaces one chair to make space for Tsukasa's wheelchair.
[19:23] Tsukasa: (I hope that's because of the wheelchair thing and not recognition of the name...)
[19:23] Alathon: The seats he's made available are right up against his own, which sits at the head of the table.
[19:24] Sheena: ( i don't think any of em would know Kuno)
[19:24] Tsukasa: (Oy. Can the politicking get any more blatant?)
[19:24] Tsukasa: (On one hand, logic suggests that.)
[19:24] Sheena: (unless nabiki printed some Ranma 1/2 manges long ago and some surived the times..)
[19:24] Caoilinn: (What do you expect? That we get seats in the kitchen?)
[19:24] Tsukasa: (On the other, Tatewaki Kuno's powers defy logic)
[19:25] Caoilinn: (And Tatewaki's logic defies explanation)
[19:26] Alathon: The hall you're in is quite large.. think high school gym large.
[19:26] Alathon: There are six tables, with Arnolds been in the middle back position.
[19:26] Alathon: The tables are laid out in threes, three close to the door you entered by, and three towards the back of the room.
[19:26] Sheena: ("kuno like that pervert in the recored of preice history?" "There all read heads.. so you think that's what happened to the hero when the records cut off?'" "I told you he would get all the girls" )
[19:28] Alathon: Do you all seat yourselves?
[19:28] * Caoilinn seats herself as appropriate.
[19:28] Alathon: ((c'mon I shouldn't have to ask that ;p ))
[19:28] * Tsukasa puts herselv in place.
[19:28] Caoilinn: (Right, which was why we didn't think we had to say it, either)
[19:28] Alathon: ... doesn't happen if you don't do it
[19:28] Alathon: unless it's using the toilet
[19:28] Alathon: I'll assume you all do that
[19:29] Caoilinn: (I was just going to comment on that...)
[19:29] Alathon: You could choose to snub him if you really wanted by finding seats elsewhere ;p
[19:29] * Sheena of corse she sat down in the offered chair
[19:29] Sheena: (it kinda goes with out saying, that's why we didnt:P)
[19:30] Alathon: ((hmm.. Joshua Bell, Romance of the Violin.. let's see if this is any good))
[19:30] Alathon: ((should set the tone for this event))
[19:30] Caoilinn: (Like looking both ways before crossing the street. :) )
[19:30] Caoilinn: (Or do you want us to make spot checks each time? ;) )
[19:30] Alathon: Roll a dex save to avoid being run over by a carriage.
[19:30] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled a dex save to avoid being run over by a carriage. --> error: malformed expression
[19:30] * Alathon slaps Ala-bot.
[19:31] Alathon: Don't dick me around!
[19:31] * Ala-bot cowers in fear.
[19:31] Alathon: Yeah, that's right.
[19:31] Alathon: Anyways..
[19:31] Caoilinn: roll detection check for errors and malformed expression
[19:31] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled detection check for errors and malformed expression --> error: malformed expression
[19:31] Alathon: When you've all taken seats, talk begins.
[19:31] Caoilinn: (Yes!)
[19:32] Ala-bot: ...Oh, you'll pay for that.. yes, you will..
[19:32] Sheena: (malformed expression wounds painfull)
[19:32] Alathon: The battle is pretty intense, you can't relaly make out much.
[19:32] Sheena: (*sounds.,,)
[19:32] Alathon: There's a lot of looks and small gestures made in your direction, though.
[19:32] Sheena: (battle?)
[19:33] Caoilinn: (Verbal battle :) )
[19:33] Tsukasa: (Babble?)
[19:33] Alathon: Sheena is seated closest to Senator Arnold, followed by Caoilinn, Tsukasa, and Amiko.
[19:33] Alathon: Amiko is seated next to a giddy young woman, who is seated next to an older man she leans against and jokes with, who spends a lot of time looking down her dress.
[19:34] Sheena: (good lord she's going to kill them)
[19:34] Caoilinn: (Let's just hope she didn't smuggle in a grenade.)
[19:34] Tsukasa: (Right. I'll say right now, I keep a CLOSE eye on Amiko and stay ready to grab her before she does anything... impolitic)
[19:35] Alathon: As soon as Amiko is seated, the girl starts babbling in her direction.
[19:35] Tsukasa: (... Mein gott, you're trying to start an international incident, aren't you?)
[19:36] Alathon: Amiko does her best to handle her, but can hardly get a word in edgewise.
[19:37] Alathon: While this is happening, waitors are making their way in with a multitude of large bowls on platters.
[19:37] Tsukasa: (I suppose so long as Amiko doesn't kill anyone, that'll keep her occupied for the while)
[19:37] Alathon: They've soon served thef irst course, what looks to be a thin soup with some sort of meats and vegetables in it.
[19:38] Alathon: You have two spoons, two forks, and a knife at each place.
[19:38] Alathon: Along with large glasses filled with water, and smaller, un-filled glasses.
[19:39] Alathon: There's a large soup spoon, a smaller spoon, a large fork, a small fork, and knives.
[19:39] Alathon: Arnold and his guests dig in with gusto.
[19:40] * Caoilinn eats, taking cues from the host if she has any doubts about something.
[19:40] Alathon: Seated across from you are two more may-october couples.
[19:41] * Caoilinn looks around to see if *anyone* is dating in their own decade.
[19:41] Sheena: (may-what? ohhhh)
[19:41] Sheena: (my god we are ssurounded by perverts)
[19:42] * Sheena Eats with grace and manners shocking her team mates.
[19:42] Sheena: (isn't water a no no around here?)
[19:42] Alathon: There are lots of older men who look to be with older women, but there are no older women who look to be with men more than a handful of years younger.
[19:42] * Tsukasa doesn't expect it, considering the 'rich old men' flavour to this.
[19:43] Alathon: Maybe one in three couples has a noticeable age disparity.
[19:43] * Tsukasa eats as well, pacing herself to remain open for conversation or to restrain any of Amiko's homicidal urges.
[19:44] Alathon: While people are eating, waitors come around with a white wine, filling the wine glasses.
[19:45] Alathon: Amiko doesn't need any controlling yet.
[19:45] Alathon: The man across from you introduces himself as Harold Weinstein.
[19:46] Tsukasa: (Yeah, but she might need controlling in the future, and it's better to be ready to exert control before an international incident... another one... occurs)
[19:46] Alathon: The man across from Sheena introduces himself as James White.
[19:46] Alathon: Both make what amounts to small talk unless pressed to do otherwise.
[19:46] Tsukasa: (Which one's 'you'? Me?)
[19:46] Alathon: bleath
[19:46] Alathon: you == tsukasa
[19:47] Alathon: Both are older gentleman, Harold being in fair shape, James being rather pudgy.
[19:47] Alathon: Arnold chats politely with James a little, before direction his attention to Sheena.
[19:48] * Sheena sips the wine while listening to the gentleman, as she tries to devert to topics to stuff she needs to know.
[19:48] Alathon: Arnold: "How do you find the soup?"
[19:48] Sheena: "It's deferent from what im used to, but very good."
[19:48] Caoilinn: (Make a pun now and he'll leave you alone for the rest of the night. ;) )
[19:48] Alathon: If you wanna try tog et something out of either of them, you can either play it out, or roll your diplomacy + cha
[19:49] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[19:49] Caoilinn: (Any of us?)
[19:49] Alathon: Arnold: "I'm certain there must be many things which feel different about Nevada."
[19:49] Alathon: Yes.
[19:49] Sheena: (diplomacy? i have on diplomcy, Damn it im a magic girl not a bard!)
[19:49] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3
[19:49] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{7}
[19:50] Sheena: (fuck)
[19:50] Alathon: Sheena gets nothing that she didn't already know.
[19:50] Sheena: (if you want us to play it out we need more then "Thye make small talk" al)
[19:50] Alathon: ... you can prompt them to do otherwise.
[19:50] * Tsukasa tries to subtly work on finding out the current attitude among 'the elite of Carson City' on CT, the current situation, and the Crims.
[19:50] Alathon: YOU have to take the initiative
[19:50] Alathon: they won't
[19:50] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+4
[19:50] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{12}
[19:50] Alathon: they don'tw anna tell you something useful ;p
[19:51] Caoilinn: "Well, we haven't seen that much of it yet, but yes, there are."
[19:51] Tsukasa: (I would've tried to roleplay it, but my own charisma rolls are always critfails, so...)
[19:51] Sheena: "Yes, a great many. But it interesting things all its own"
[19:51] Alathon: If you just wanna say "I try to get stuff outta them" you're gonna get a roll and not much else
[19:52] Sheena: "On our first night here we ran into some.. Odd. Cats i belive they where"
[19:52] Alathon: The other two quiet down pretty quickly once Arnold is speaking.
[19:52] Alathon: Arnold: "Mmm.. black, flitting from shadow to shadow?"
[19:52] * Sheena nods
[19:53] Sheena: "Moving from one place to the next instantly as well. Quite bothersome in the middle of the night"
[19:53] Alathon: Arnold: "Shadowcats, without a doubt. It speaks well of you that you encountered them and sit now with us."
[19:53] Alathon: Arnold: "Nasty, nasty things.. but largely avoidable in populated areas."
[19:54] Alathon: Arnold: "So, I take it you had to cut across country on your way here?"
[19:54] Caoilinn: (We don't know what Venus told them about the ship, do we?)
[19:55] Alathon: You only know what she told you before you parted ways.
[19:55] Caoilinn: "For a bit, then we came across the road and encountered the caravan to Northup."
[19:55] Alathon: Arnold: "Ahh."
[19:56] Alathon: ((Ugh, this sucks.. I somehow strained my right eye.. it friggin Hurts to keep it open.))
[19:56] Sheena: (then close it...)
[19:56] Caoilinn: (Ow. Do you want to take a break?)
[19:56] Sheena: (you got one left don't ya?)
[19:56] Caoilinn: (Or stop early)
[19:57] Alathon: ((I dunno.. actually, a nice 20 minute break would be good.))
[19:57] Alathon: ((yeah, I'll be back at 8:15))
[19:59] Sheena: err ok
[20:00] Sheena: hmm going to be here drinking this for a while then. Oh dear.
[20:14] Alathon: back
[20:14] Tsukasa: (And welcome)
[20:15] Caoilinn: (How's your eye?)
[20:15] Alathon: this is sofucking stupid
[20:15] Alathon: stupid sore ass eye muscles
[20:15] Tsukasa: (Guess I'll take that as an answer)
[20:15] Sheena: just close it man
[20:16] Caoilinn: (Do you want to stop early?)
[20:16] Alathon: just closing it isn't enough
[20:16] Alathon: sigh
[20:16] Alathon: anyways
[20:16] Alathon: yeah we probably will
[20:16] Alathon: especially since we're already a man down
[20:17] Sheena: lost a contact monday had to go with one eye for a couple days.
[20:17] Sheena: damn weird fealing.
[20:21] Alathon: Arnold: "I understand you've been staying at the Mariott. Have you enjoyed your stay?"
[20:21] Caoilinn: (Guess he doesn't want to talk about Northup.)
[20:21] Caoilinn: "It's been quite nice, thank you."
[20:22] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[20:22] Alathon: Arnold: "I'm gratified to hear that."
[20:22] Sheena: "Yes, very nice rooms. A bit deferent then Northup."
[20:23] Alathon: Arnold pauses.
[20:23] * Sheena calmly sips her wine after saying this
[20:23] Alathon: Arnold: "Certainly.. we strive to offer the best here in Carson City."
[20:23] Alathon: Arnold: "We may not yet have attained all that the old Empire lost, but we do strive."
[20:24] Caoilinn: "Do you know, I've never heard of the United States referred to as an empire before."
[20:24] Alathon: Arnold pauses.
[20:24] Alathon: Arnold: "I beg your pardon?"
[20:24] Alathon: Arnold is confused, not offended.
[20:25] Caoilinn: "I've studied a bit of history, and none of the references I've seen referred to the nation that was here as an empire."
[20:26] Caoilinn: "Could you tell me more about it?"
[20:26] Alathon: Arnold: "Ahh. Most likely a matter of translation, then."
[20:26] Alathon: Arnold: "More of the American Empire? Certainly, though I'll admit quickly enough that I am no historian."
[20:27] Alathon: Arnold: "It is said that more than a thousand years ago, a great empire spanned the breadth of these lands.
[20:28] Alathon: Arnold: "Up and down the coast for a thousand miles and more, and far to the east, supposedly to some other great ocean."
[20:29] Alathon: Arnold: "In the time of the Empire, everyone from the common folk to the wealthiest landowners lived in luxury unimagineable, or so the Engineers tell us."
[20:30] Alathon: Arnold: "With food prepared for them, music and actors in their own homes."
[20:30] Sheena: (i guess running hot water would be considered a luxury unimagineable)
[20:31] Alathon: Arnold: "Supposedly the Empire was the first among peers among other such great nations in the world.."
[20:31] Alathon: Arnold: "But, how much of that is true, and how much our own wishful embelishment, I cannot say."
[20:31] Tsukasa: (Oy, now I've gotta wonder just how decadent WE would look to them...)
[20:31] Caoilinn: ("And there were no taxes.")
[20:32] Tsukasa: (Well, 'we' as in CT, since we've just had a description how we as in us look to them...)
[20:32] Alathon: Arnold: "My line dates back to that time, or so our records say, but we have little to go on.. no books or records of that time remain."
[20:32] Alathon: Arnold pauses.
[20:33] Alathon: Arnold: "At least, none we recognize as such. The Engineers claim that books were written on coasters in that time, but I've seen no evidence of that."
[20:33] Alathon: Arnold motions to the coasters on which the wine glasses sit.
[20:33] Tsukasa: (So obviously, we PRINT our records out before giving it to them)
[20:33] Alathon: They're CDs.
[20:33] Caoilinn: (Do they say AOL on them?)
[20:33] * Tsukasa blinks and can't really decide whether to laugh or cry.
[20:34] Alathon: Arnold pauses, noting Tsukasa's reaction.
[20:34] Alathon: Arnold: "Yes, I know how you feel.. they say a lot of things, those Engineers, and I'm afraid I can only give creedance to a fraction of what they claim."
[20:34] Sheena: (are they really CD's?)
[20:34] Alathon: If you flip 'em over, they say Memorex.
[20:34] * Sheena takes a closer look at that coaster
[20:34] Sheena: "Just how old is that?"
[20:34] Alathon: They have the 'write' side up, though.
[20:35] Sheena: (oh dear)
[20:35] Tsukasa: "Um... I think I may be on the other side of that debate, all things considered..."
[20:35] Alathon: Arnold: "I couldn't rightly say, though my grandfather, may he rest in peace, claimed they were heirlooms from before his time."
[20:35] Caoilinn: "Hnh. I'd be interested in hearing how today's Nevada rose from the end of that civilization, if you haven't had too much history for one dinner yet."
[20:35] Sheena: (do we have any way to read thoes?)
[20:35] * Caoilinn smiles when she says the last part of that.
[20:36] Caoilinn: (After the abuse they must have taken? A psychic would be your best bet. :) )
[20:36] Tsukasa: (With us, probably not. Even aside from the fact that they're coasters now)
[20:37] Alathon: Any of you have physical sciences knowledge?
[20:37] Caoilinn: (A little, and some computer use)
[20:37] Alathon: Arnold: "Oh no, I'm afraid I can go on and on, if only I have some poor sop willing to listen."
[20:37] Alathon: Arnold smiles.
[20:37] Alathon: You can roll your sciences + computer use + int
[20:38] Tsukasa: "Well, I'm certain that you underestimate your charm, sir. This is fascinating thus far."
[20:38] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+8
[20:38] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{15}
[20:38] Alathon: You recognize them as Old World digital media, but don't know enough about how they work to say whether they're still functional.
[20:38] Sheena: "I'll be more then happen to listen"
[20:39] Alathon: Arnold: "Indeed. I suppose it's only fair that I should tell you of our own history, for I'll not deny that myself and every other man in this room intends to ask you of your own."
[20:39] * Caoilinn grins.
[20:40] Caoilinn: "I'll be happy to tell you the history of the Clan O'Loinsigh for hours. ...but that might not be exactly what you meant."
[20:40] Alathon: Arnold: "Well.. hmm."
[20:40] Alathon: Arnold grins at that.
[20:40] Tsukasa: (... 'Man'. Is he talking about a NON-macroscopic type of history?)
[20:40] Alathon: Arnold: "Indeed, the Arnold family has a much-storied history as well."
[20:41] Alathon: Arnold: "Well, looking back.. I'm not sure I could say that Nevada rose.. so much as that we've Been."
[20:41] Alathon: Arnold: "We don't know much about the dark ages after the fall of the Empire, I'm afraid."
[20:42] Alathon: Arnold: "But for the last several hundred years at the very least, the Carson City where we now dine has been the center of American civilization."
[20:43] Tsukasa: (That's... sad. On so many levels. I kind of shudder to wonder what happened to Canada, considering how badly-off you guys are)
[20:43] Caoilinn: "So people have been to the ocean far to the east?"
[20:43] Alathon: ((canada has the distinct disadvantage of being further north. Which is a problem when you don't have the infrastructure to maintain oil or gas fired heating.))
[20:43] Alathon: Arnold shakes his head.
[20:44] Alathon: Arnold: "Oh, no, none that'd I'd give any credance to at least."
[20:44] Tsukasa: (True, but it does have an advantage of being so irrelevant that nobody would bother attacking it ^_^ )
[20:44] Alathon: Arnold: "But we have copies of maps which lay out the shape of the land, maps drawn as if from the eye of an eagle."
[20:44] Alathon: Arnold sorta stares off at this.
[20:44] Alathon: Arnold: "To have lived in such a time..."
[20:45] Alathon: Arnold: "but, I digress."
[20:45] Alathon: Arnold: "Those maps are true so far as we have explored them, save that they do not account for the Great One of 2831."
[20:46] Alathon: Arnold pauses.
[20:46] Alathon: Arnold: "I suppose that doesn't mean much to you.. in the year 2831, a great earthquake struck, sundering the lands to the west."
[20:46] Sheena: (where ls takes a swim)
[20:47] Sheena: (la)
[20:47] Sheena: (would we know about that?)
[20:47] Caoilinn: "Ah, that explains the differences in the old maps I've seen."
[20:47] Alathon: ((the map damien showed you included the missing california and oregon, in contrast to ancient maps which included them))
[20:47] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[20:48] Caoilinn: (A very strange way to word it, but we get what you mean. :) )
[20:48] Alathon: Arnold: "It pains me to think of how much of the old Empire now lays beneath the waves, beyond our reach."
[20:48] Alathon: ((heh, yeah ;p))
[20:49] Alathon: James White, the guy across from Sheena, is a little sauced already, and butts into the conversation.
[20:49] Alathon: James: "No doubt, no doubt.. they say everyone drove automobiles back then, with oil a'plenty to drive them."
[20:50] Alathon: If Arnold is irritated, he succeeds in masking it.
[20:50] Alathon: Arnold: "Indeed.. it is hard to imagine, but so it is said... "
[20:51] Alathon: Around this time, the waitors come to take away the soups, and refill the wine glasses with white wine.
[20:51] Alathon: The hall by now is quite noisly.. conversation is in full swing.
[20:52] Alathon: Harold takes a moment as Arnold is adressing James, to address Tsukasa.
[20:52] Sheena: "Sounds like it was an interesting time to live"
[20:53] Alathon: Harold: "We have myths aplenty of what the old Empire was or wasn't.. I'd be curious to hear a little of your land."
[20:53] Alathon: Harold: "I've been told that the Empire had two great allies, island nations to the east and west...."
[20:53] Alathon: Harold pauses, waiting..
[20:54] Tsukasa: "Hm, that is true. We've been having you talk and talk..."
[20:54] Tsukasa: "I believe we may be the nation to the west. We are the nearest major island nation, at the very least."
[20:54] Alathon: Amiko would normally field ths one.. if she weren't being coralled into an earnest discussion of the spring fashion.
[20:55] Alathon: Harold looks a little gratified at that.
[20:56] Alathon: Harold: "The I must say that I, for one, am honored to renew our acquaintance."
[20:56] Alathon: James blurts out: "Yes, yes... a toast!."
[20:56] Tsukasa: "Indeed. I cannot honestly disagree."
[20:56] Alathon: James stands up, unsteadily, and raises his glass sharply into the air.
[20:56] Tsukasa: (Toast? Buddy, you're ALREADY plastered)
[20:56] Alathon: James shouts: "A toast! To our guests, and to friendship renewed!"
[20:57] * Sheena does a blink blink at the drunk man
[20:57] Alathon: There's a short pause, but people are quick to get up and toast
[20:57] Alathon: Room: "To our guests!"
[20:57] Alathon: Arnold is just a TAD bit irritated by this, but doesn't hesitated to partake of the toast.
[20:57] * Tsukasa wonders how anyone in an alchohol-acclimated culture like this can get so hammered within the first course of the meal.
[20:58] Alathon: roll your int ;p
[20:58] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled your int ;p --> error: malformed expression
[20:58] Sheena: uh wa?
[20:58] Alathon: Tsukasa can roll her int for an answer ;p
[20:58] Sheena: (oh)
[20:58] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+7
[20:58] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{21}
[20:58] Alathon: you have to understand, I'm going through withdrawal.. we haven't done any serious rolling for more than a MONTh!
[20:58] Caoilinn: (He started early :p )
[20:58] Alathon: You realize that some people probably started drinking well before sundown.
[20:59] Alathon: Probably around the time they woke up.
[20:59] Alathon: Arnold: "Indeed, how fares the land of.. Japan."
[21:00] Alathon: Arnold's pause is short, but perceptible.
[21:00] * Caoilinn smiles.
[21:00] Caoilinn: "Ah, someone else has studied the past, as well."
[21:00] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[21:01] Alathon: Arnold: "One must be a student of the past, if one hopes to aim for a brighter future."?
[21:01] Alathon: ((er, no ?))
[21:01] Caoilinn: "He who doesn't learn from history is doomed to repeat it?"
[21:02] Alathon: Arnold: "Indeed!"
[21:02] Sheena: "Our land hmm, Im afraid most of what we say won't be believable."
[21:02] Alathon: Around this time, waitors are brining out dishes filled with all manner of greens.
[21:02] Alathon: Steamed, stewed, etc etc.
[21:03] Alathon: You'll all be offered servings of various vegetables.. I'll assume you succeed in eating your vegetables.
[21:03] Sheena: (eww green stuff)
[21:03] Caoilinn: (Do we get a con bonus for it?)
[21:04] Alathon: ((no, but you get a bonus to explaining to your mom that you really are alright when you get home from the outworld))
[21:04] Alathon: Arnold shakes his head at Sheena.
[21:04] Caoilinn: ("We ate all the green vegetables they put in front of us! Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant...")
[21:04] Alathon: Arnold: "Oh, no doubt we may be surprised at what a different culture has to offer, but by all means, regale us!"
[21:05] Alathon: Arnold: "For starters, what manner of government do you live under?"
[21:05] Alathon: Arnold: "Nevada has been a republic for... well, many years."
[21:06] Caoilinn: (CT is a straight monarchy, right?)
[21:06] Sheena: (hail to the queen baby)
[21:06] Sheena: "hmm.."
[21:06] Alathon: ((... it's a bit beyond monarchy, really..))
[21:06] * Sheena looks over at Caoilinn.
[21:06] Alathon: (('I'm not sure what it's called when you have a god-emperor))
[21:06] Tsukasa: (Theocracy?)
[21:06] Sheena: (they call it warhammer)
[21:06] Caoilinn: (Those are just the fine details. :) )
[21:06] Alathon: ((which is pretty much what Serenity is, minus the institutionalized religion)
[21:06] Tsukasa: (Dictatorship)
[21:07] Tsukasa: (It's one ruler over a long period of time.)
[21:07] Caoilinn: (I think monarchy should be safe enough for an official term. Yes?)
[21:07] Sheena: (dictatorship is such an ugly word)
[21:07] Tsukasa: (Although I think we should say 'monarchy' anyway)
[21:07] Sheena: (ya monarchy works, Just that i queen is thousands of years old)
[21:07] Alathon: ((bah, say what you're gonna say, Eminem style.. lay it down ;p ))
[21:07] Caoilinn: "Crystal Tokyo is a monarchy."
[21:08] Alathon: Arnold pauses for a moment.
[21:08] Caoilinn: (Now they'll all gasp and say how horrible that is, but we all know they secretly crave and are fascinated by royalty.)
[21:08] Alathon: Arnold: "Ahh.. so, your government is headed by an Emperor?"
[21:08] Tsukasa: "The title is 'Queen', but I believe that's essentially the idea."
[21:09] Alathon: Arnold blinks.
[21:09] Caoilinn: (Hey, let's freak them all out by bowing low at the same time and intoning, "All praise Serenity." :D )
[21:09] Alathon: Arnold: "Indeed.. I stand corrected."
[21:10] Alathon: Arnold: "No doubt a line which has ruled wisely over the centuries."
[21:10] Caoilinn: "That is certainly our opinion."
[21:10] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[21:11] * Tsukasa decides to keep the functional immortality and counted-in-centuries lifespans out of things for the moment.
[21:12] Alathon: Arnold: "A strong and just rule can do much for a country indeed.. it's the goal of our Republic to provide the people with such, and we believe we have succeeded to some degree."
[21:12] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:12] Caoilinn: "A monarchy is a verry effective form of government, if you have good monarchs."
[21:13] Alathon: Arnold: "Indeed."
[21:13] Caoilinn: "From my understanding, a republic may not be as effective in some ways, but it's less dependent on one particular person or line being worthy."
[21:13] Alathon: Arnold pauses, and shrugs slightly.
[21:14] Alathon: Arnold: "perhaps in times of great upheaval a single, strong figure of authority is most effective."
[21:14] Alathon: Arnold: "But we have taken faith in our system to provide us with steady rule through the years."
[21:14] Caoilinn: "Yes, exactly my point."
[21:15] Sheena: "It's truly Beautiful land."
[21:16] Alathon: ((a?))
[21:16] Sheena: (a?
[21:16] Alathon: ((a beautiful land?))
[21:16] Sheena: (nm mind them
[21:16] Sheena: (talking about the home city, )
[21:18] Alathon: Arnold: "I take it that this Crystal Tokyo has been prosperous?"
[21:18] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:19] Sheena: "It's taken a lot of hard work, But the end its paied off"
[21:19] Alathon: Arnold: "I will admit, we may be steering our way through troubled waters, but I am confident that we will suceed."
[21:20] Sheena: (hmm where stalling out here.. how to move it along?)
[21:21] Sheena: (al? is this party going to last two session, or should we push the questions forward instead of letting the confersation set the pace?)
[21:21] Alathon: ((that's your choice))
[21:21] Alathon: ((You have whatever objectives you believe you have0)
[21:21] Alathon: ((and Arnold and the rest have their own))
[21:21] Caoilinn: "I certainly hope so. We've seen what's troubling the waters lately and I, for one, am not impressed by its character."
[21:22] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[21:22] Alathon: Arnold: "The less said about these.. riders.. the better."
[21:22] Caoilinn: "Ah."
[21:22] Alathon: ((Okay, hint: arnold and the rest have weeks or months to do whatever. Do you want to have several weeks of parties like this?))
[21:23] Alathon: ((because they're entirely cool with that)
[21:23] Alathon: ((they have no reason to rush things))
[21:25] Sheena: "Well.. I was wondering if we could hear about them a bit. I hope im not causing any problems, but."
[21:25] Alathon: Arnold pauses.
[21:25] Alathon: Arnold: "Well.. I suppose you would be."
[21:26] Sheena: "Every one here, and every one we have ran into knows all about them. Expect us."
[21:26] Sheena: "A topic for a later time? I don't wish to ruin any ones dinner tonight."
[21:27] Alathon: Arnold pauses.
[21:27] Alathon: Arnold: "Perhaps you'd care to join me in my study for a more.. frank.. discussion of affairs?"
[21:28] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:28] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[21:28] Alathon: Arnold: "After dinner, of course."
[21:28] Caoilinn: "That would be good."
[21:28] Sheena: "Of course"
[21:29] Tsukasa: "Thank you for the invitation. I believe I would."
[21:29] Alathon: The rest of the dinner will pass without incident unless you wanna do something.
[21:29] Alathon: The food is excellent, you're served a good red wine with damned good beef steaks.
[21:33] Caoilinn: (Mixing red and white wine? Uh-oh... :) )
[21:33] Alathon: ((white with the soup and greens, red with the beef))
[21:34] Alathon: Arnold escorts the party to his study, along with Harold Weinstein.
[21:34] Alathon: James is apparently a little too tipsy for serious conversation.
[21:34] * Sheena is greatly enjoying the wine and meat.
[21:34] Sheena: (well was)
[21:35] * Tsukasa is quite thankful for James's disappearance.
[21:35] Alathon: It was good, and it sits well in your stomach.
[21:37] Alathon: His study is rather.. stereotypical for a study.
[21:37] Alathon: Bookcases, plush leather chairs, cigars.
[21:38] Alathon: Arnold and Harold both light up, and Arnold offers you all cigars.
[21:38] * Caoilinn declines and moves to a well-ventilated area.
[21:38] Sheena: (is CT a no smoking city?)
[21:38] Alathon: There kinda.. isn't one.
[21:39] Caoilinn: (Hell, New York is a no smoking city...)
[21:39] Alathon: There's no tobacco in CT, but you've seen enough of it on this continent to know what to do with it.
[21:39] Sheena: (lol)
[21:39] Caoilinn: (Yeah. Avoid it.)
[21:39] Alathon: ((You'd have to either have lots of medical knowlede to know about historical issues with tobacco, or the common sense to know that inhaling smoke is bad))
[21:40] Sheena: "Im going to have to pass, But thanks for the offer"
[21:41] Alathon: Arnold is a little surprised, but accepts your abstinence readily enough.
[21:41] Caoilinn: (Why? Do women generally smoke cigars in Nevada?)
[21:42] Alathon: ((You would have seen at least a couple smoking cigars, but not many))
[21:42] Alathon: ((the ones smoking would also have appeared to be.. the most "social" ones in the Mariott lounge.))
[21:43] Tsukasa: (That's... not a very nice association, especially considering their surprise...)
[21:44] Alathon: Harold seats himself.. James goes over to a cupboard and retrieves five glasses, and a bottle of liquor.
[21:45] Alathon: By James, I meant ARnold.
[21:45] Alathon: sigh
[21:45] Alathon: and six
[21:46] Alathon: He sits a glass down on the tables to the sides of the chairs by all of you, and seats himself.
[21:46] Alathon: Him and James both take a good pull on their liquor.
[21:46] * Caoilinn takes a seat.
[21:48] Alathon: ((... does anyone actually WANT to do this sort of campaign?))
[21:48] Alathon: ((I kinda get the vibe that people are not interested in this sort of "conflict"))
[21:48] Caoilinn: (What do you mean? I like it but not *only* it.)
[21:49] Alathon: ((I mean actually, like, trying to make conversation and try to pry the information you want out of people))
[21:49] Caoilinn: (If you're asking about no one starting the conversation in this particular scene, I'm waiting for Arnold to. He knows why we're here and what we want to talk about.)
[21:49] Sheena: (im having fun
[21:49] Alathon: ((Yeah, sheena, but I'm not))
[21:49] Sheena: (ya its kinda Arnolds show)
[21:49] Sheena: (well it was you who lead us here.)
[21:49] Caoilinn: (After he agreed to talk to us about the Riders in here, it'd be kind of rude to push him before he's ready to start.)
[21:49] Alathon: ((I'm more worried about the fact that you had two of the most influential people in this nation sitting across from you, one of them drunk tot he point where he'd not watch his mouth, and nobody was interested in trying to engage them))
[21:50] Caoilinn: (Unless things stretch on *really* long)
[21:50] * Sheena takes a sip of her glass to taste the liquor
[21:50] Sheena: (err al, wtf? Should we just break in on the flow on conversation to ask of the wall questions?)
[21:50] Caoilinn: (Hey, maybe it doesn't strike me as a good idea to pump him for info right in front of the other really important person in the nation.)
[21:51] Sheena: (when we are trying to make a good impression?)
[21:51] Sheena: (ya see?)
[21:51] Alathon: ((... it wasn't meant to be an easy situation))
[21:51] Alathon: ((but.. I dunon))
[21:51] Alathon: ((that was meant to be a challenge)
[21:51] Sheena: (and arnold did agree to alk about it)
[21:51] Alathon: ((I mean otherwise, it's really friggin easy))
[21:52] Caoilinn: (And one thing that's big in *my* mind, at least, is that we are the honor guard, not the diplomat. Yeah, it's nice if we can get some info, but more important is that we *not* screw the situation up for the person who actually *is* in charge of the mission)
[21:52] Alathon: ((mm, true, you're in the unenviable position of trying to balanced your job, with what you've been asked to do: gather information))
[21:52] Alathon: ((I gues I'm wondering if this is just boring the fuck outta you all))
[21:52] Sheena: (and its rude the pump the drunk at the dinner table)
[21:53] Sheena: (you do it after wards.)
[21:53] Alathon: ((.... you're not supposed to be obvious about it ;p ))
[21:53] Caoilinn: (It's not, so long as we don't have two more sessions of just this... :) )
[21:53] Alathon: ((well, you could be, if you wanted to))
[21:53] Caoilinn: (Alathon, I can only assume the senator got where he is by not being stupid. Even if we're not obvious, he'd definitely notice.)
[21:53] Sheena: (damn im jim im a magical girl not a diplomat)
[21:54] Caoilinn: (We may get some info, but we'd alienate him. And, frankly, I don't even know what sort of info we'd want that's so important.)
[21:54] Alathon: ((that's the point... do people want a combat oriented campaign?))
[21:54] Sheena: (no, not just combat oriendted)
[21:54] Sheena: (like i said this is fine)
[21:54] Sheena: (expect i think we lost wolf)
[21:54] Alathon: ((and.. woudl you Really alienate him? I mean, you're expected to ask questions, to be curious, and to not be as diplomatic as actual diplomats))
[21:54] Caoilinn: (I'd like a mix, but I think what you're expecting us to do right now is not what we consider to be reasonable.)
[21:55] Sheena: (not at the dinner table, That why i asked if they wanted to talk about it later)
[21:55] Sheena: (did ever one leave of is there still roooms full of people?)
[21:55] Alathon: ((well.. you didn't do it on your own time last session, so I dunno when else you're gonna try to find anything out.))
[21:55] Alathon: ((People broke up and spread around the house. The party is still on.))
[21:55] Caoilinn: (How are we to know what we're expected to do? And again, since we don't know of anything really important we're trying to discover, why risk alienating at all?)
[21:56] Caoilinn: (We told you why. Because we had this thing coming up. If we're given another free day after it, I think we'd be a lot more active.)
[21:56] Alathon: (9I dunno.. maybe I'm just misinterpreting extreme caution as lack of interest.))
[21:57] Caoilinn: (Let's put it this way. If you were in our position, in real life, how much would you risk messing up relations with the first foreign power your nation is dealing with?)
[21:57] Alathon: ((I'd weigh it against what I've been asked to do, and whether succeeded at it...... and the sort of questions they're asking.))
[21:57] Alathon: ((They weren't exactly shy about asking questions.))
[21:57] Caoilinn: (Especially considering we're just the honor guard, with no training in this sort of thing, no political power, and no idea exactly what we are and aren't supposed to say about and on behalf of our nation.)
[21:58] Alathon: ((but if you're only gonna be an honor guard, the only thing you'll be willing to do is fight shit.))
[21:58] Alathon: ((you've had the opportunity to be more
[21:59] Alathon: what bothers me is that over and over, we go five minutes without anyone actually saying anything
[21:59] Alathon: and I have to have an NPC restart the conversation
[21:59] Sheena: They didn't ask very many questions at the dinner
[22:00] Sheena: I was at lest waiting for more about ct
[22:00] Alathon: YOU have to ask the questions!
[22:00] Alathon: they have their agendas, and you have yours
[22:00] Sheena: Why the hell would we ask qurestions about our own town!
[22:00] Alathon: ...
[22:00] Sheena: The topic turned to there turn to ask
[22:00] Sheena: i was just following the flow of conversation
[22:00] Caoilinn: Again, we don't want to be seen as pumping for information, I think. Ie - asking question after question about their society and situation.
[22:01] Sheena: when the topic stoped i asked about the riders, witch lead us to hear.
[22:01] Sheena: I don't see the problem.
[22:01] Caoilinn: If the NPCs *didn't* ask us things, too, it would seem unnatural.
[22:02] Sheena: We got the general histky of the city out of them, Now we are getitng info about the ridders. Mission cleared.
[22:02] Sheena: Ever thing else we can pick up in small talk after this
[22:03] Caoilinn: He has a point there, actually. We managed to get into a private conversation with the senator where he's willing to speak to us about important issues he couldn't talk about at dinner.
[22:04] Alathon: uh
[22:04] Alathon: very little was happening at the dinner and It ried to move things along
[22:04] Alathon: I guess
[22:04] Tsukasa: (We're still curious about the Crimsons, but I at least couldn't think of a guaranteed tactful way to bring the topic up at dinner. And considering this is amateur diplomacy, if it's not guaranteed tactful, it's really too big a risk)
[22:04] Sheena: you guess?
[22:04] Alathon: I just don't understand why participation is limited to one line every 3-5 minutes
[22:05] Sheena: Becaus the npc's sit there and lag out?
[22:05] Sheena: Are we supposed to talk to our selfs?
[22:05] Alathon: .... actually yeah, some of the time
[22:05] Alathon: I mean
[22:05] Alathon: would you actually go to a party with friends and NOT talk to each other?
[22:06] Alathon: that blew my mind
[22:06] Sheena: Like yarrow said it would be rude and odd to sit there and just grill every one for info. We followed the topic of conversation.
[22:06] Caoilinn: It's not like we really know each other that well, in a chatter sense.
[22:06] Sheena: err Talk to each outer about what?
[22:06] Caoilinn: I mean, yes, the characters know each other pretty well, but we the players don't know them well enough.
[22:07] Alathon: you'd talk about whatever you were talking about
[22:07] Alathon: you know
[22:07] Alathon: like in a normal conversation
[22:08] Sheena: Heads up, eyes open, listen and learn. It was not a time to chitchat.
[22:08] Caoilinn: No, as a matter of fact, I *don't* know. If I was at an event like this, I would *not* be talking to my friends. I'd be talking to the people we met there.
[22:08] Alathon: You've been seated with them.. you're in a conversation
[22:08] Tsukasa: I dunno, that seems a little 'off'. Would you go off on a tangent and start talking to your friends if you had the President of a foreign nation formulating an answer to what you just said?
[22:08] Alathon: you're saying you'd only speak to people you didn't know
[22:08] Alathon: and only respond to what other people said?
[22:08] Sheena: your getting weird al.
[22:08] Caoilinn: Maybe I'd say little things, commenting about the chandeliers or somesuch, but not much more than that.
[22:09] Sheena: wolf nailed it,
[22:09] Sheena: We where sitting down to dinner with important people and talking to them. Or trying to.
[22:09] Sheena: It not a time to blow them off and chat about crap.
[22:09] Alathon: you're all supposed to be part of a conversation, though
[22:09] Alathon: not a question/answer session between players and the DM
[22:09] Alathon: a conversatoin is NOT a linear back and forth thing
[22:10] Sheena: We where.for the most part.
[22:10] Sheena: There was only so much to work with.
[22:11] Alathon: what do you mean?
[22:11] Sheena: me and cao asked questions and answered them, Then expanding on the topic where we could.
[22:11] Caoilinn: Also, minutes between lines fairly often is part of any online game like thise.
[22:12] Sheena: There wasn't much room for more then that since we got like one question each in,"
[22:12] Alathon: yarrow, it doesn't have to be
[22:12] Alathon: it isn't, when people are actually engaged in a discussion
[22:13] Sheena: I belive that what we where doing.
[22:13] Caoilinn: I think that's the exception rather than the rule. Especially when we don't want to shut out the other PCs.
[22:13] Caoilinn: Or sound like we're babbling.
[22:13] Sheena: We had our " discussion" and the topic i piked needed to be privet.
[22:13] Sheena: So here we are.
[22:13] Sheena: you the one that stoped us
[22:13] Alathon: Sheena, who are James White and Harold Weinstein?
[22:13] Caoilinn: I think a flowing conversation is much likelier/easier when it's PCs talking with each other or just one PC talking with the NPCs.
[22:13] Alathon: Why are they sitting next to Arnold?
[22:14] Sheena: A drunk and a nobody who we are a bout to talk to.
[22:14] Alathon: How would you know?
[22:14] Sheena: People normlay intruduce themselves and start up the confersation. People don't sit there and wait to be grilled by guests
[22:15] Caoilinn: Perhaps you see our instructions as meaning something other than what we do.
[22:15] Sheena: Witch i find it odd consdering we got a history of the city out of them and are about to get the riders info.
[22:15] Sheena: Im not finding a problem here.
[22:16] Alathon: They're not gonna feed you information about themselves for the helluvit
[22:16] Alathon: the problem
[22:16] Alathon: is that I feel like a goddamned cartridge rpg
[22:16] Caoilinn: See, that's where I think we have different ideas about what our mission is.
[22:17] Alathon: Okay.. suppose I had done what was logical, and just had the dinner end with nothing happening.
[22:17] Alathon: What then? I feel like my having Arnold invite you all to his study was a lame cop-out
[22:17] Caoilinn: I don't think we have the idea that we were told to investigate the various people in power and snoop around them.
[22:18] Sheena: Let alone at the dinner table.
[22:18] Sheena: And hows it a cop out the party is still going? we won't be in here long
[22:18] Tsukasa: And frankly, we'd be so horribly clumsy at it as to create international incidents that make Amiko's work look pale.
[22:18] Alathon: I think my expectations of this game may be out of sync with what everyone else wants
[22:18] Alathon: ... you might try and fail!
[22:18] Alathon: so what?
[22:19] Caoilinn: My understanding is we get some background info on the area, see what the people Venus *wouldn't* be introduced to think about the situation, and things like that.
[22:19] Sheena: I think your thinking on it to much. Your worriing over every little thing. even tho we say its fine and having fun.
[22:19] Sheena: Then you want OC things for us that totally don't fit the moment.
[22:20] Alathon: I'm worried over two games of my being fairly bored because I feel like you, as players, are not making a serious effort to actually make progress, but expecting to move forward.
[22:20] Alathon: hell, do you all have teamspeak? I'd rather have a conversation like this in voice
[22:20] Sheena: And really your asking a bunch of grunts and fighters to play the party girl. On there first mission.
[22:20] Caoilinn: Progress in what? I think you have different goals in mind for us than what we think we're supposed to be doing.
[22:21] Alathon: progress towards ANYTHING
[22:21] Sheena: ya, really what do you think we are supposed to do?
[22:21] Tsukasa: Yeah... We're not the diplomatic mission. We're complimentary stuff to it at most, in that respect. We fill in the gaps in information, and maybe do things when a tactless soldier will be forgiven where an official diplomat won't.
[22:21] Alathon: whether it's an international incident or greater understanding or a diplomatic solution to the Harleyrider Problem or... I dunno
[22:21] Alathon: but you've been shoved into a diplomatic mission
[22:21] Sheena: greater understanding under way.
[22:21] Sheena: or have you missed that?
[22:21] Sheena: We got info about the city, Now we are finding out about the ridders.
[22:22] Caoilinn: We have not been told by our superior to do something more active.
[22:23] Caoilinn: And frankly, if the only choices are create an international incident or do nothing, with nothing more than that at stake, I'll do nothing, thanks.
[22:24] Caoilinn: There is simply no reason at this point, with the knowledge we have of the situation, for us to risk messing things up.
[22:24] Sheena: I have no problems with how this is going expect that there was no chance at small talk.
[22:24] Alathon: You can't make conversation without messing things up?
[22:24] Tsukasa: Yeah, do nothing and wait for more solid orders. Just not a smart idea to create a mess for Venus to clean up. We ARE subordinates, and we have to keep that in mind.
[22:24] Alathon: You can't find out simple things like who you're sitting across without messing things up?
[22:24] Caoilinn: I was making conversation.
[22:24] Alathon: You were
[22:25] Sheena: As was i
[22:25] Alathon: Some of the time, as was sheena, some of the time.
[22:25] Sheena: and it ended up with us here
[22:25] Sheena: soooo?
[22:25] Sheena: Some of the time? Don't give me that bull
[22:25] Alathon: It ended with nobody saying anything for five minutes
[22:25] Sheena: we have to wait for answers from you as well
[22:25] Alathon: okay
[22:25] Caoilinn: Again, I'm not going to send rapid-fire questions at my host.
[22:25] Sheena: i have been sitting here the hole time, its not like we walk off
[22:26] Alathon: on my screen, my name is blue, all other names are grey... and there's three of you.. and I see more blue than grey.
[22:26] Alathon: but seriously, do you two have TS, I hate trying to have a serious conversation in text
[22:27] Sheena: yes emouts and actions, and? You want us to sput gibrish at them? we where going with the conversation.
[22:27] Caoilinn: Well, that's to be expected when he's telling the history of his nation.
[22:27] Sheena: Al's just upset becaus we ingored his drunk bait.
[22:28] Alathon: I'm upset because I'm BORED
[22:28] Sheena: Like we would dump the guy for info at the freaking table
[22:28] Sheena: damn it.
[22:28] Alathon: and because I feel like my expectations of what I should be doing as DM are badly out of sync with what you thinkt hey are
[22:28] Sheena: we work with what we got. And right now that's two people in a room with booze
[22:28] Caoilinn: So, why didn't you have the NPCs talk about things that interest you, even if they didn't help us?
[22:28] Alathon: making NPCs talk doesnt' interest me
[22:28] Alathon: if it did I could friggin talk to myself for entertainment ;p
[22:28] Caoilinn: Make us squirm by having them push about things we know we're not supposed to talk about.
[22:29] Caoilinn: No, talk to *us* about things.
[22:29] Sheena: Well it does us, How else do we get in on it?
[22:29] Sheena: Right
[22:29] Alathon: I can only do that so much
[22:29] Sheena: We are thee guests there
[22:29] Caoilinn: Have our magnet defects strike with a vengence.
[22:29] Sheena: Shhhhh
[22:29] Caoilinn: Sure, you can only do that so much, but how much do you have to do it to stop yourself from getting bored?
[22:29] Caoilinn: I mean, that combined with what we *were* doing should liven things up a lot.
[22:30] Tsukasa: Ya know, you just signed up to have James hit on you, right?
[22:31] Sheena: You lead us to this, and we are responding the best way we can for a bunch of newbies
[22:31] Sheena: why do you expect OC things?
[22:31] Alathon: it's not the quality of your choices, it's that I feel peoples participation is very limited
[22:31] Sheena: im just glade we got that history leson out of it, that's half the mission
[22:31] Sheena: Al, im sitting here the hole time reading this.
[22:32] Alathon: when it's fifteen minutes between things you say
[22:32] Alathon: are you really participating?
[22:32] Sheena: if you want interation it goes both ways.
[22:32] Sheena: Wtf?
[22:32] Sheena: should i but in and be rude?
[22:32] Sheena: ingore some one whos talking and totally swich the topic?
[22:32] Alathon: you should be part of the conversation!
[22:32] Sheena: Damn it im right next tot he guy
[22:32] Sheena: And how the hell am i going to do that as he tells us the history of the city?
[22:32] Alathon: you couldn't just then
[22:33] Sheena: right, and after that it was cao's show about the queen.
[22:33] Sheena: Then it was back to me.
[22:33] Sheena: And here we are!
[22:33] Caoilinn: We can't be part of it unless there is one. And I don't think we should be expected to start it every time it dies down.
[22:33] Sheena: its not my falt the topic needed to be privet
[22:33] Alathon: these aren't discrene conversations with only one player character
[22:33] Alathon: it's discussion at a friggin dinnertable
[22:33] Alathon: everyone within earshot is involved
[22:33] Alathon: at lesat in theory
[22:33] Sheena: ya and?
[22:34] Sheena: remember my remark about the land that got shot down in gored?
[22:34] Sheena: no one followed up on, like "How is it like that?"
[22:34] Sheena: "whats your city like?"
[22:34] Alathon: well I'm sorry if I'm not perfect at managing that either
[22:34] Sheena: then don't harp on us about it ok?
[22:35] Caoilinn: More of various people interjecting a comment to keep things going could help.
[22:35] Sheena: we followed the conversation as best we can with out being rude or seeming out of place with our qeustions"
[22:35] Alathon: I'm harping on you about it's because there's THREE of you and one of me
[22:36] Alathon: for two weeks now
[22:36] Sheena: don't compaire this to last week.
[22:36] Sheena: That was a cunfused mess.
[22:36] Alathon: I've come in at the start of the game totally stoked, thinkign.. "how is this gonna go.. how will I respond if they do this.. what will they find if they go there.."
[22:36] Alathon: and it feels like you do barely anything!
[22:36] Caoilinn: Yeah, I have to agree about last week.
[22:36] Sheena: fucking a
[22:37] Alathon: yeah but I feel the same way now that I did at the end of last week
[22:37] Sheena: Just what do you expect us to do at the god damn dinner table but make polite talk?
[22:37] Caoilinn: Why did the senator invite us to dinner?
[22:37] Alathon: I expect you to actually make converesation!
[22:37] Alathon: without being prompted every time with a question by an NPC
[22:37] Sheena: Damn it we did
[22:38] Alathon: you don't know why he invited you
[22:38] Sheena: Im am not going over every freaking point me yarrow and wolf have all ready pointed out about that.
[22:38] Alathon: there's a lot of possible reasons, the simplest one bieng htat you're essentially celebrity
[22:38] Sheena: Yes, and now we can ask him.
[22:38] Sheena: But you kinda stoped it.
[22:38] Tsukasa: And that 'celebrity' one is what we're suspecting.
[22:38] Alathon: because I, as the DM, dragged you face first into the next scene
[22:38] Sheena: huh?
[22:38] Sheena: expect me?
[22:38] Tsukasa: But it's hardly tactful to say something about it out loud.
[22:38] Sheena: i belive it was my freaking idea
[22:39] Sheena: dragging us? I belive since the topic was a delicet one we decided to talk about it later
[22:39] Caoilinn: You know, part of the host's responsibility is to keep the conversatio
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Session #10 - Part 2

Postby Alathon » Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:01 pm

Session #10 - Part 2
[22:39] Caoilinn: You know, part of the host's responsibility is to keep the conversation flowing. But, I don't think you'll really consider that a helpful comment...
[22:39] Sheena: i do remember every one agree with that
[22:39] Alathon: heh
[22:39] Sheena: drag my ass.
[22:40] Sheena: We finly get there guys alone where we can ask question and you stop us.
[22:40] Alathon: you asked a question, he answered.. and magically the scene changed
[22:40] Sheena: Yes and who did that?
[22:40] Alathon: sigh
[22:40] Sheena: Nothing came up with thoes other two?
[22:40] Tsukasa: Yeah. We ask about it, he says he doesn't want to talk about it here, Sheena asks whether there'd be a better time...
[22:40] Alathon: like I said, my expectations are clearly out of sync.
[22:41] Caoilinn: Not exactly. She pushed on a subject he wasn't willing to discuss at dinner... we decided it'd be better to discuss it in private and figured there wouldn't be much more interesting said at dinner itself.
[22:41] Sheena: you expect us to be OC for totally lost newbies.
[22:41] Alathon: I expect your characters to be ALIVE and not be damned tree stumps sitting there, speaking when spoken to.
[22:41] Caoilinn: Ok. Show us what you expect. Play our characters in a brief scene as you'd like to see it.
[22:41] Alathon: At this point, I no longer have any desire to run this game.
[22:42] Alathon: Which I'm sorry for, as you all seem to be enjoying it.
[22:42] Sheena: Don't even go there. i would be sooo unbeliveable pissed.
[22:42] Alathon: Well that's too fucking bad.
[22:42] Sheena: ...
[22:42] Alathon: I feel like I could have been fucking playing soul calibur and feel better about how I spent my evening
[22:42] Alathon: maybe I'm being totally unreasonable and am just not suited to DMing
[22:43] Sheena: Your the one with the problem, we didn't have any with that sceen. So where should we have jumped in with the Oc'ness you want?
[22:43] Caoilinn: Did you enjoy the sessions besides these last two?
[22:43] Sheena: hmm? There wasn't any room for small talk. or Q&A
[22:43] Alathon: I enjoyed a lot of them, the last four not really
[22:43] Alathon: but I wrote off the first couple I didn't enjoy as just being a transitional period
[22:44] Sheena: You want more action then, no dice rolls at the dinner table and all that.
[22:44] Sheena: But you did lead us into this, just what did you expect?
[22:44] Alathon: that was a joke about the dice rolls
[22:44] Alathon: it's not a matter of combat
[22:44] Alathon: it's a matter of interaction
[22:44] Sheena: And don't say more conversation.
[22:45] Alathon: and I feel like I'm not getting it
[22:45] Caoilinn: I have to say again, that I think a big problem is that you have an idea of what we should be doing and what our mission is, but we aren't so clear on what that is.
[22:45] Sheena: right
[22:45] Caoilinn: We're not focused.
[22:45] Caoilinn: Because we don't have a good idea of what we should be focusing on.
[22:45] Sheena: I been doing the interaction i can with out blowing the sceen.
[22:45] Alathon: you know..
[22:45] Alathon: I'm obviously too pissed off right now to discuss this rationally
[22:45] Caoilinn: And I'm sure your eye isn't helping.
[22:45] Alathon: 680 exp for the session, let's talk about this tomorrow
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Session #11

Postby Alathon » Sat Oct 21, 2006 4:21 am

Session #11
[18:22] Alathon: anyways,
[18:22] *** Ala-bot has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:23] Alathon: wierd, he didn't get auto-opped
[18:23] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[18:23] *** Mode change "+o Ala-bot" for channel #CrystalTokyo by Alathon.
[18:24] Alathon: we left off last week with the party having endured a dinner and made their way into a private discussion with Harold Weinstein and Senator Arnold in Arnold's study.
[18:24] Alathon: Amiko is, in general, keeping quiet, leery of how her military-bred straightforwardness could impact the situation.
[18:25] Caoilinn: (Whereupon they hit us with some airborne chemical attack)
[18:25] Alathon: Close; they offer you cigars.
[18:25] Caoilinn: (That's what I said)
[18:25] Alathon: Both of them light up, of course, and the room smelled strongly of cigar before they did.
[18:26] Alathon: Arnold pours Harold a glass of some liqueour
[18:26] Sheena: (a proper gentalmen all ways offers to share with a lady)
[18:26] Alathon: And, naturally, offers a glass to Caoilinn, Amiko, Sheena, and Tsukasa.
[18:26] Sheena: (puff puff pass, people,)
[18:27] * Sheena accepts the glass with a smile.
[18:27] * Tsukasa smiles and thanks him, taking the glass.
[18:27] * Caoilinn accepts a glass and waits for everyone to get settled in before asking any questions.
[18:28] Sheena: (uh oh link part is on the radio, i must go cutmyself now)
[18:30] Sheena: (Gah! Stop matching the song! that was errie)
[18:30] Caoilinn: "So... You were going to tell us more about the Harley Riders."
[18:30] Alathon: Harold: "I don't believe I've had the opportunity to propperly introduce myself.. Harold Weinstein, chairman of the board at Carson Central Bank."
[18:30] Alathon: Harold nods.
[18:30] Alathon: Harold: "From my perspective, perhaps the most prohibitive expense of our involvements in the insurance industry in the last three decades.. even before their current undertakings."
[18:31] * Tsukasa blinks. "... We never asked who you were. I'm sorry, I have no idea what I was thinking."
[18:31] Alathon: Harold nods politely at Tsukasa.
[18:31] Alathon: Harold: "No offense taken, I'm sure all this --"
[18:31] * Sheena "It was rather distracting at the dinner table."
[18:31] Sheena: "Im sorry as well"
[18:31] Alathon: Harold motions as if to include all of Nevada.
[18:31] Caoilinn: (Well, we did know his name. Just not his position)
[18:31] Alathon: Harold: "Is a bit much to take in."
[18:32] Alathon: Harold pauses.
[18:32] Alathon: Harold: "The Harleyriders... hmm. Two stories there, really.. who they were, and who they are."
[18:32] Sheena: (wounder how they would fair when being dumped in a city of crystal towers and catgirls)
[18:32] Caoilinn: (When did we get catgirls?)
[18:32] Alathon: ((Harold wouldn't like the lack of usury))
[18:32] Sheena: (luna's spawn?)
[18:33] Alathon: ((not sure they count as catgirls or catboys, since they appear human with a crescent moon on the forehead, or cat))
[18:33] Alathon: ((but no anthropomorphic form))
[18:33] Sheena: (she wanted to snack on yuuno, thats a catgirl)
[18:33] Tsukasa: (Heh. True)
[18:34] Alathon: Harleyriders: "Short versions or long versions?"
[18:34] Tsukasa: (But Yuuno's just so _edible_!)
[18:34] Alathon: Harold actualy said that ;p
[18:34] Caoilinn: (Actually, she wanted him braised in a white wine & garlic sauce. ;) )
[18:34] Caoilinn: "Long."
[18:34] Sheena: "Long please"
[18:34] Tsukasa: "I think I would prefer the long version. Short versions tend to miss things."
[18:35] Alathon: Harold: "Certainly."
[18:35] Alathon: Harold: "Well.. the Harleyriders as we knew them until maybe ten summers past were bandits and thugs, nothing else."
[18:35] Alathon: Harold: "Which isn't to say they're not still bandits and thugs, but.. "
[18:35] Alathon: Harold pauses.
[18:36] Alathon: Harold: "The key difference was that they avoided any real conflict, I believe."
[18:36] Sheena: (our cue?..nm)
[18:36] Alathon: Harold: "No, two key differences.. that, and at least the appearance of lack of organization."
[18:37] Alathon: Harold: "They moved in bands of a couple dozen at the very most, dangerous certainly, but nowhere near the numbers necessary to overrun a propperly supported city garrison."
[18:37] Alathon: Harold: "They pillaged and stole.. and killed, when necessary or entertaining I suppose..."
[18:38] Alathon: Harold: "But for the most part, our contact with them was limited.. small towns were threatend by them from time to time."
[18:38] Alathon: Harold shakes his head.
[18:38] Alathon: Harold: "They always avoided the larger cities, however, and kept out of the way of militia units when they could manage it.."
[18:39] * Tsukasa frowns. "What's changed?"
[18:39] Alathon: Harold: "Mind you, I think even back then they overmatched the militia man for man... but, regardless, they avoided such fights."
[18:39] Alathon: Harold pauses for a moment.
[18:40] Alathon: Harold: "They've become more aggressive.. far more aggressive, and have become organized."
[18:40] Caoilinn: "Excuse me, but being so new here, we've only seen two settlements: Northup and Carson City. What would Northup be considered?"
[18:40] Alathon: Harold: "Northup is a smallish town in the scheme of things."
[18:41] Caoilinn: "Ah, thank you."
[18:41] Alathon: Harold: "The sort of town that years past might have worried about Harleyrider raiders every few years, but likely never seen them."
[18:41] Alathon: Harold nods.
[18:42] Sheena: "Sure got an eye full a couple days ago.."
[18:42] Sheena: (its just been a couple days right? like 4?
[18:43] Caoilinn: (I think at night 3 days ago)
[18:43] Alathon: Harold: "Indeed..."
[18:43] Alathon: Harold: "I take it you heard of a Harleyrider raid there?"
[18:44] Caoilinn: "We were there for it."
[18:44] Sheena: "Thats one way to put it"
[18:44] * Tsukasa blinks and trades glances with Sheena.
[18:44] Alathon: Harold blinks.
[18:44] Alathon: Harold: "You were..?"
[18:44] * Sheena gives a bit of a shurg back at tsu
[18:44] Alathon: Harold looks over at Arnold for a moment, who nods slightly.
[18:44] * Caoilinn nods.
[18:44] Alathon: Harold, under his breath: "So close..."
[18:45] Alathon: A light sheen of swear appears on Harold's brow.
[18:45] Caoilinn: "It was the night a caravan of refugees just arrived, too."
[18:45] Tsukasa: (Well, that's definitely got me curious...)
[18:45] Sheena: (Dun dun dunnnnn)
[18:45] Alathon: Harold looks over at the Senator.
[18:46] * Tsukasa conceals her frown and smiles while thinking.
[18:46] Alathon: Harold looks back to the party.
[18:46] Alathon: Harold: "So.. if you don't mind me asking, how fares Northup?"
[18:46] Caoilinn: "It was fine when we left. A few militia casualties and some fire damage."
[18:46] Alathon: Harold relaxes a little back into his chair, and takes a long pull on his cigar.
[18:47] * Caoilinn frowns.
[18:47] Alathon: Arnold: "Ah.. I don't believe I've propperly thanked you all for the great assistance you offered the Protectorate on that day."
[18:47] Caoilinn: "But if there's another attack, I wouldn't expect a similar outcome, unless the town gets some help."
[18:47] * Tsukasa smiles. "It was our pleasure to do it."
[18:47] * Sheena fiddles with her nails some.
[18:48] Alathon: Harold winces; Arnold's expression remains congratulatory.
[18:48] Sheena: "They won't be bothered again, at lest not by that group"
[18:48] Alathon: Amiko: "They'll stand a better chance than they did last time, with confiscated Harleyrider weaponry at their disposal."
[18:49] Caoilinn: "True, but still..."
[18:49] * Caoilinn shakes her head.
[18:49] Tsukasa: "That's true, Amiko. The fact that they won't be at such a mobility disadvantage alone closes a big gap."
[18:50] Alathon: Harold: "Indeed, I do believe we owe you thanks.."
[18:51] Alathon: Harold: "Ah.. but where was I?"
[18:51] Sheena: (guys so in bed withthe pigs)
[18:51] Tsukasa: "The increase in their aggression and organization?"
[18:52] Alathon: Harold: "Ah, yes."
[18:52] Tsukasa: (I'm thinking he was meeting Keyes out there)
[18:52] Tsukasa: (His talk suggests he was actually out there)
[18:52] Alathon: Harold: "They.. over the space of a couple years, changed."
[18:52] Caoilinn: (Not necessarily. He's a banker and he just heard the barbarians just struck less than a day's ride from the capital.)
[18:52] Alathon: Harold: "At first we thought it was just a couple of bands with aggressive chapter heads, out to make a name for themselves by picking fights."
[18:53] Tsukasa: (No, he was already aware of the attack)
[18:53] Tsukasa: (What surprised him was that we were there)
[18:53] Alathon: Harold: "But the attacks continued to escalate, season after season."
[18:53] Tsukasa: "Hm... 'Chapter head' is the title for their band leaders?"
[18:54] Caoilinn: (Now you have me picturing them in band outfits, playing trombones, drums, etc...)
[18:54] Alathon: Harold: "Worse, when the local militias mobilized to clear them out, they were met by multiple chapters of the riders.."
[18:54] Alathon: Harold nods.
[18:55] Alathon: Harold: "Each gang or "chapter" as they like to title themselves has a head strongman."
[18:55] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[18:55] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:55] Tsukasa: (What'd I miss?)
[18:55] Alathon: Harold: "At the very least, these are usually the strongest physically.. in some cases, we believe they win their position by dint of metahuman powers.
[18:56] Sheena: (hmm ya, i see that working out. He could have been there to meet keyes, but to get back to town that fast he needed a hog of his own)
[18:56] Alathon: ((nothing, if you got Harold: "each gang..."))
[18:56] Tsukasa: (I didn't)
[18:56] Alathon: [18:54] Alathon: Harold: "Worse, when the local militias mobilized to clear them out, they were met by multiple chapters of the riders.."
[18:54] Alathon: Harold nods.
[18:55] Alathon: Harold: "Each gang or "chapter" as they like to title themselves has a head strongman."
[18:57] Tsukasa: (Thanks)
[18:57] Alathon: Harold: "Anyways.. the militias are just that.. militias, groups of tradesman, farmers, ranchers, and the like who train a few weeks a year."
[18:57] * Sheena raises an eyebrow at that dint remark
[18:58] Alathon: Harold: "We've never needed more, and the people are ill inclined to accept the taxes that would be necessary to field a standing army."
[18:58] Alathon: Harold: "And until a couple years ago, we never believed we'd need one."
[18:59] Tsukasa: "What about the Crimson Guards?"
[18:59] Sheena: "A peacefull land then?"
[18:59] Alathon: Harold: "Yes, well.."
[18:59] Alathon: Harold: "Peaceful.. yes, I suppose so."
[18:59] Alathon: Arnold: "Ah... the Crimson Guards have had some success against the Riders, when not badly outnumbered."
[19:00] Alathon: Arnold: "However, that was another thing that changed.. they made a point of aggressively targeting our metahuman militia members and especially the Crimson Guards, even at the cost of their own lives."
[19:00] Tsukasa: "No, I mean... Why are they fielded, if you don't have a standing army? Or is that all the standing army you can field?"
[19:00] Alathon: Harold: "Welll.."
[19:01] Tsukasa: (Well, no wonder they keep 'em in Carson)
[19:01] Sheena: (ya putting them on a convoy or small town would be a big bullseye)
[19:01] Alathon: Arnold: "They aren't an army precisely, more.. an elite policing force, I'd say."
[19:01] Caoilinn: "Hm..."
[19:02] Alathon: Arnold: "They fight with the Militias when ordered, certainly, but they are also tasked with maintaining order and keeping metahuman influences from getting out of control."
[19:03] Alathon: Arnold: "I suppose something not dissimilar from your own forces... they train their own, as with your "Infinity Academy", I believe."
[19:03] Caoilinn: "If I'm going to understand the situation clearly, I need a bit more information... Of course, you don't have to answer if you don't want to give it out, but... How many Crimson Guard do you have, and about how many Riders are there?"
[19:04] Sheena: (how the hell they know about the academy?)
[19:04] Caoilinn: (From Venus, I'd imagine.)
[19:05] Alathon: Harold: "Ah..."
[19:06] Alathon: Arnold, smoothly: "We don't rightly know how many Harleyriders there are, but we know they have fielded at least fifty score."
[19:06] Caoilinn: "That's ... a lot."
[19:06] Alathon: Arnold: "The Crimsons certainly don't field that many, I'm afraid, else we'd have moved to crush the riders already."
[19:07] Tsukasa: (You know, I've had an odd thought. Did we ever see a female Harleyrider? Where do they come from, in the birds/bees sense?)
[19:07] * Sheena does some math in her head.
[19:07] Alathon: Arnold: "We have by necessity taken a defensive footing while we withdraw civilians from the most dangerous eastern areas."
[19:07] Caoilinn: (One switched sex in that fight in Northup. :) )
[19:07] * Sheena says quitly to her self, "Not there yet.."
[19:07] Alathon: ((I don't think any of you have examined any of hte harleyriders seriously))
[19:07] Alathon: However, none of those you've seen have been obviously female.
[19:08] Sheena: (it was dark out al, you had us doing miss rolls all night remember :P )
[19:08] Alathon: Yup
[19:08] Caoilinn: "Maybe I'm not understanding the situation clearly, but if there are that many Riders, with their mobility, and it looks like only a few dozen could take out a small town..."
[19:09] Caoilinn: "Well... excuse me for asking, but why haven't they crushed you?"
[19:09] Alathon: Arnold: 'You might ask why they haven't moved against Carson itself?"
[19:09] Alathon: Arnold grins.
[19:09] Alathon: Arnold: "Easier said than done.. in small engagements, their mobility and physical toughness stands them in good stead."
[19:10] Caoilinn: "Well, I was more wondering why they wouldn't take out the smaller towns, cutting off the larger cities until they starved."
[19:10] Alathon: Arnold: "In larger engagements, at properly defended cities, the militia has the weaponry and positioning to beat them back, as often as not."
[19:10] Alathon: Harold pales a little more at that statement.
[19:11] Tsukasa: "You're hoping they haven't thought of that yet?"
[19:11] Alathon: Arnold: "We.. there has been a certain amount of concern about the rising price of staples."
[19:11] Alathon: Arnold glances over at Harold ever-so-slightly.
[19:11] Alathon: Arnold: "However that has not been a problem as of yet."
[19:12] * Caoilinn raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything.
[19:13] * Tsukasa politely refrains from pressing upon the point.
[19:13] Caoilinn: "Say, why are their weapons better?"
[19:13] Tsukasa: (Oh yeah, they're in trouble. Don't want to look weak to us)
[19:13] Alathon: Harold: "Well, I wouldn't say they're better. Bigger, certainly."
[19:13] Caoilinn: "They shrugged off gunshots from Northup's militia and killed their targets with one shot."
[19:13] Alathon: Harold: "But the standard issue Zachs rifle is far more reliable, and the ammo can, of course, be carried in far greater quantities."
[19:13] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:14] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:14] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Harold: "Well, I wouldn't say they're better. Bigger, certainly."
[19:14] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[19:14] Alathon: [19:13] Caoilinn: "They shrugged off gunshots from Northup's militia and killed their targets with one shot."
[19:13] Alathon: Harold: "But the standard issue Zachs rifle is far more reliable, and the ammo can, of course, be carried in far greater quantities."
[19:15] Alathon: Arnold interjects: "The militia is, of course, constrained to weaponry that it's members can wield physically."
[19:16] Alathon: Arnold: "At more heavily fortified locations, heavier weapons are naturally mounted for defensive purposes."
[19:16] Caoilinn: "Ah, I was just going to ask about that."
[19:16] Caoilinn: "I think the smaller towns would greatly benefit from some weapons like that."
[19:16] Alathon: Arnold: "I'm afraid towns like Northup likely considered themselves far enough away from the Harleyrider menace to budget for such emplacements."
[19:17] Alathon: ((too far away, that is))
[19:17] Tsukasa: "Yes... the militia at Northup had a cannon, and it worked well for the one shot it got off."
[19:17] Caoilinn: "Oh, so the defense of towns isn't centrally organized?"
[19:18] Alathon: Arnold shakes his head.
[19:19] * Caoilinn looks thoughtful as she considers such an arrangement.
[19:19] Alathon: Arnold: "The Protectorate does, of course, organize such things, but it's up to each town to fund their militia."
[19:19] * Caoilinn makes a slight face as she decides she doesn't think much of it.
[19:19] Alathon: Harold: "The Protectorate has a long history of economic independance."
[19:20] Tsukasa: "And in times of peace, people prefer to spend money on what they can appreciate the results from, rather than stocking up against the worst case."
[19:20] Caoilinn: "The policy seems kind of at odds with the name..."
[19:20] * Caoilinn blushes slightly.
[19:20] Alathon: Harold looks vaguely insulted at that.
[19:20] Caoilinn: "Er, please excuse me."
[19:21] Alathon: Arnold: "Well, we count on each town to prioritize and budget responsibly."
[19:21] Sheena: "Unless of corse some one runs off with the towns funds durning the fighting.."
[19:21] Alathon: Arnold: "I'm afraid it simply wouldn't have been reasonable to do other than they've done.. towns like Northup would never have imagined facing a real threat five years ago."
[19:22] Alathon: Harold: "I beg your pardon?"
[19:22] * Sheena has a blank grin and gives a blink blink
[19:22] Caoilinn: (Amiko should be jumping all over this. :) )
[19:22] Sheena: "Oh im sorry, just thinking out loud"
[19:23] Sheena: "We ran into a bit of a problem in northup with some one stealing the citys funds durning the middle of the raid."
[19:23] Alathon: Amiko has the good sense to stay quiet.
[19:23] Alathon: Harold: "I... who!?"
[19:23] Sheena: "And it wasn't a harrlyrider"
[19:23] Tsukasa: "A Major by the name of Keyes?"
[19:23] Caoilinn: (Come on, Al... if you're going to play her, play her right. ;) )
[19:23] Sheena: (ya this is amiko's time to talk :P )
[19:23] Tsukasa: "Apparently a relation of his was rather irritated by our insinuation of that, but..."
[19:24] Alathon: ((I'm not gonna play her, that's the point))
[19:24] Sheena: "Ahh yes, local police.. Such excitable people"
[19:24] Alathon: ((I hate putting words in someone elses characters mouth))
[19:24] Alathon: Harold: "I.."
[19:24] Alathon: Arnold: "I'm certain he will be dealt with."
[19:24] Alathon: Harold looks over at Arnold for a moment, but says nothing.
[19:25] * Tsukasa glances between them.
[19:25] Tsukasa: (Hm... Are they covering each other?)
[19:25] Sheena: "We could be wrong tho, He may have just been getting the money to safty, for the peopple that is"
[19:25] Alathon: Arnold: "It's the unfortunate nature of humankind that any organization will attract such.. leeches."
[19:25] Alathon: Arnold: "It's the place of our society to weed them out when possible."
[19:26] Alathon: Arnold: "Did you bring this to the attention of the local judge?"
[19:26] * Tsukasa debates bringing up the 'smack Amiko in the back of the skull' part, but figures Sheena has a plan.
[19:26] * Sheena does in fact NOT
[19:26] Alathon: Amiko: "We told Captain Jebra; he commanded the militia while Keyes was making off with the pay chest."
[19:27] Sheena: "We have little to no understander how your goverment is orginzed, Sorry but finding a judge never crossed our minds"
[19:27] Alathon: Arnold: "Of course."
[19:28] Alathon: Arnold: "I'm certain that.. Jebra will see to it."
[19:28] Sheena: "Amiko here was a bit put out about being clubed on the back of the head while tracking keyes, unsetteled her a bit"
[19:28] Alathon: Amiko gives Sheena the evil eye, but holds her peace.
[19:29] Alathon: Arnold: "I.. um, appologize for such dreadfully inappropriate conduct on the part of a militia member."
[19:29] Alathon: Arnold: "No doubt he will receive the harshes punishment for this dispicable display."
[19:29] Alathon: Amiko nods.
[19:30] Alathon: Amiko: "I'm certain.. since the 400s, a Crystal Tokyo Marine would be executed for such an action, were they successfully court-martialed."
[19:30] Alathon: Harold: "Ah.. 400s?"
[19:30] Alathon: Amiko: "Since the founding of Crystal Tokyo."
[19:31] Alathon: Arnold: "I take it the.. four hundreds.. were a period of legal reformation?"
[19:32] Sheena: "One way to put it.."
[19:32] * Sheena give amiko a WTF ya doing look
[19:32] Alathon: Arnold: "I'd be most curious to hear how your laws have evolved.. I myself am something of a student of Nevadan legal history."
[19:33] Alathon: Arnold looks curiously at Sheena.
[19:33] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:33] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:33] Tsukasa: <Sheena> "One way to put it.."
[19:33] Tsukasa: * Sheena give amiko a WTF ya doing look
[19:33] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[19:33] Alathon: [19:32] Alathon: Arnold: "I'd be most curious to hear how your laws have evolved.. I myself am something of a student of Nevadan legal history."
[19:33] Alathon: Arnold looks curiously at Sheena.
[19:35] Caoilinn: "I'm afraid I haven't really studied the evolution of our laws specifically..."
[19:36] Alathon: Arnold: "A pity.. I take it, however, that capital punishment was not legalized until... the fourhundreds?"
[19:36] Tsukasa: (Nope. The leaders just did it personally :P )
[19:36] Alathon: Arnold: "If you don't mind me asking, how many years ago was that?"
[19:37] Caoilinn: (Um... I don't remember. :) )
[19:37] Tsukasa: (600?)
[19:37] Sheena: (heh, lets give em a real answer, .. how long was it any way?)
[19:37] Sheena: (like 1200 ish?)
[19:38] Alathon: ((founding was 1025 years ago, I believe))
[19:38] Sheena: (The year is 1025 A.F. (After Founding), )
[19:38] Alathon: ((so.. 600+ years ago))
[19:38] Alathon: ((yeah))
[19:38] Sheena: "hmm.. it was about 1025 year ago"
[19:39] Tsukasa: (... Wait, Sheena, where'd those extra 400 come from?)
[19:39] Caoilinn: "Since the founding, that is."
[19:39] Alathon: Arnold nods, interestedly.
[19:39] Sheena: (from Al's starting guide, i still have it)
[19:39] Alathon: Arnold: "That would place the founding immediately after the Fall, wouldn't it?"
[19:40] * Caoilinn nods.
[19:40] Alathon: Arnold: "So, Crystal Tokyo has remained a viable state ever since? I must say, I am impressed."
[19:40] Alathon: Arnold: "Our own histories, I'm afraid, date back only several hundred years.. much is speculated about times before that, but little remains, unless you buy into the Engineer's silliness."
[19:41] Tsukasa: (Utterly solid lines of command are handy ^_^ )
[19:41] Sheena: "It has not be easy, as we are so close to the toxic lands, but we have manged"
[19:41] Caoilinn: "Well, the geography helps a lot."
[19:41] * Tsukasa snorts at the memory of the coasters.
[19:41] Alathon: ((hey, who says fascist states don't work?))
[19:41] Caoilinn: (They work great, in the right situations, and depending on your priorities. :) )
[19:41] * Tsukasa idly debates informing them of what their coasters really are.
[19:41] Tsukasa: (Should we?)
[19:42] Sheena: (would we know?)
[19:42] Sheena: (i belive we failed that roll last week)
[19:42] Caoilinn: (I can see it now. Through great efforts, we manage to retrieve the data from one and present it to them. It's a Britney CD. They tell us not to bother with the rest.)
[19:42] Tsukasa: (Nah, the roll we failed was on how to extract data, remember?)
[19:42] Sheena: (go for it then, isnt that your thing?)
[19:42] Tsukasa: (Still, the looks on their faces... It's worth telling them just for that)
[19:43] Tsukasa: "Hm... About that. Some of what the engineers say actually is correct. Your coasters are an old data-storage medium."
[19:43] Alathon: Arnold and Harold both blink.
[19:44] Alathon: Harold: "I.. what makes you think that?"
[19:44] Alathon: Harold: "I know many of the engineers can come off as know it alls, but really.."
[19:45] Alathon: Harold: "They spend all their time chewing over the garbage in Old Carson."
[19:45] Tsukasa: "They were used before the Fall. I'm not fully clear on the methods, but there was some way of using a laser to write a large amount of information onto such a disk and later reading the information."
[19:45] Alathon: Harold: "A.. laser?"
[19:45] Sheena: "a type of light"
[19:46] * Tsukasa blinks. "I'm sorry, I just keep tossing out terms, don't I?"
[19:46] Tsukasa: "A laser is a device that uses light and... solidifies it, I suppose you could say."
[19:46] * Caoilinn gives Tsukasa a strange look.
[19:46] Tsukasa: (Horrible description, but then again how DO you explain lasers to 18th century people?)
[19:46] Caoilinn: "You could say that... You'd be completely wrong, but you could say it."
[19:47] Alathon: Both of the men wait for an explaination from Caoilinn.
[19:47] Caoilinn: "More like focusing it in a certain way."
[19:47] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[19:48] Alathon: Arnold: "Like through a prism or lense?"
[19:48] Alathon: Harold: "Wait.. does that mean you can read them?"
[19:48] Caoilinn: "A similar concept, yes."
[19:48] * Sheena blinks in suprise
[19:48] Sheena: "Ya a lot like that"
[19:48] Caoilinn: "We ..."
[19:49] Tsukasa: "Read them... Hm, we don't have anything like that with us, but it MIGHT be possible with equipment back at Crystal Tokyo."
[19:49] * Caoilinn indicates the four of them in the room.
[19:49] Alathon: Harold: "That.. would be of immense value."
[19:49] Alathon: Harold: "An opportunity to regain so much of what has been lost.."
[19:49] Sheena: "Us.. No we don't have the equipment or the knowhow right now, but there may be a way"
[19:49] Tsukasa: "Although they've been through a lot of abuse, so I'm not certain as to how readable they are."
[19:49] Caoilinn: "certainly can't. It might be possible for someone from Crystal Tokyo to learn how to, but I don't know."
[19:49] Alathon: Harold's enthusiasm is only slightly dampened by Tsukasa's statement.
[19:49] Alathon: Harold: "Even so, the potential value is immense."
[19:50] Tsukasa: "We will certainly mention it to Lady Venus, though."
[19:50] Alathon: Harold hmmms.
[19:50] Sheena: (take one conversation, toss in blender, and hit KILL)
[19:50] Caoilinn: "Would you mind if I asked a bit more about the Harleyriders? They're not as interesting but a bit more immediate."
[19:50] Alathon: Harold: "I'll say straight up that I would consider such technology to be quite valuable, and would be interested in purchasing such."
[19:50] Alathon: Harold: "I.."
[19:50] Alathon: Arnold: "of course."
[19:51] Caoilinn: "I have no objection to retruning to the subject of your coasters later, of course."
[19:51] Alathon: Arnold: "Though I'd be curious to hear about these Marines of yours as well."
[19:51] Tsukasa: (Poor Harleyriders. Less interesting than a coaster)
[19:51] Caoilinn: "Do you have any idea what caused their change in behavior?"
[19:52] Alathon: Arnold: "No. And we've tried to get it out of them, make no mistake."
[19:52] Caoilinn: "Hm. Any idea of their goals, other than raiding?"
[19:52] Alathon: Arnold: "But we've had little luck at capturing one of their Chapter Heads, or anyone else who knows anything more than shoot, smash, kill."
[19:52] Alathon: Arnold shakes his head, aggravatedly.
[19:53] Alathon: Arnold: "No! And that's the problem!"
[19:53] Caoilinn: "So, they're just spreading terror and destruction?"
[19:53] Alathon: Arnold: "Their actions make no sense, they don't even take over the towns they've destroyed, at least not for more than a couple days before moving on!>"
[19:53] Alathon: Arnold looks up.
[19:53] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:53] Alathon: Arnold: "I -- yes, I suppose you could say that."
[19:54] Caoilinn: (He sensed Peer!)
[19:54] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:54] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Arnold shakes his head, aggravatedly.
[19:54] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Arnold: "No! And that's the problem!"
[19:54] Tsukasa: <Tsukasa> (Considering Venus's talk, she may've got one. Or maybe she just killed 'em all)
[19:54] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[19:54] Sheena: peer is the army of one.
[19:55] Alathon: [19:53] Caoilinn: "So, they're just spreading terror and destruction?"
[19:53] Alathon: Arnold: "Their actions make no sense, they don't even take over the towns they've destroyed, at least not for more than a couple days before moving on!>"
[19:53] Alathon: Arnold looks up.
[19:53] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:53] Alathon: Arnold: "I -- yes, I suppose you could say that."
[19:54] Caoilinn: (He sensed Peer!)
[19:55] Caoilinn: "Hmmm... In that case, I suppose the question is 'Who would benefit from such a climate?'"
[19:56] Alathon: Harold shakes his head.
[19:56] Alathon: Harold: "Nobody in Nevada, that's for sure. Our losses have been..."
[19:56] Alathon: Harold cuts off there.
[19:57] Sheena: "is there something out here they want? That every one else don't know about?"
[19:57] Alathon: Arnold: "We don't know. We're not even sure how the Harleyriders benefit from this, unless perhaps as some sort of sick entertainment."
[19:57] Sheena: "Sounds to me like they are searching for something, and could be under orders"
[19:57] Alathon: Harold: "But for what!"
[19:58] Alathon: Harold: "The only things they seem to take interest in are fights and loot.. "
[19:58] Caoilinn: "I don't know... I could easily see how a lack of faith in the current government could benefit someone wanting to come charging in as a savior and take over."
[19:58] Alathon: Arnold frowns at that.
[19:58] Sheena: "You do know there not far from this city right? We ran into more then one say signs left behind by others not to far out"
[19:58] Alathon: Arnold: "That could be. I suppose."
[19:59] Sheena: (say = and)
[19:59] Alathon: Arnold: "They're.. they have small numbers of bands advanced well beyond the bulk of their forces."
[19:59] Alathon: Arnold: "Like to do just what you said, cause terror and destruction."
[20:00] Caoilinn: "Organize the Riders, have them fill the populace with fear and doubt while the government can't seem to stop them, then make your move and have the Riders miraculously fall back--obviously intimidated by you."
[20:00] * Caoilinn frowns.
[20:00] Caoilinn: "Despicable, but I can easily see it being effective."
[20:01] Alathon: Arnold: "I.. don't think there's anyone I can imagine even trying such a thing."
[20:01] Alathon: Arnold: "Even Trebek wouldn't stoop so low."
[20:01] Alathon: Arnold immediately, for an instant, looks like he regrets voicing those words.
[20:02] Tsukasa: "'Even' Trebek? Is he more amoral, or something?"
[20:02] * Tsukasa RELISHES the soldier's right to be tactless right now.
[20:02] Alathon: Harold opens his mouth to speak, before pausing and looking over at Arnold.
[20:02] Alathon: Arnold barks out a short laugh.
[20:02] Alathon: Arnold: "Amoral? No, he's just Trebek."
[20:02] Caoilinn: "Hmmm. My initial thought is that the targetting of the Crimson Guard makes unlikely he'd be behind it."
[20:03] Alathon: Arnold: "I doubt you could get him to give a damn enough to so much as negotiate with the riders, rather than burn them."
[20:03] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[20:03] Sheena: (you'll rull the day you missed with me TREBEK!)
[20:03] Alathon: Arnold: "And, that."
[20:04] Tsukasa: "I was thinking that as well, Caoilinn, although then again if you wanted to go with wheels-within-wheels, it's also possible that the targetting of the Crimsons was meant precisely so that if someone thought of the nature of the situation, they would discount them."
[20:04] * Caoilinn smiles slightly.
[20:04] Tsukasa: "Not an opinion I hold, mind you, but possible."
[20:04] Caoilinn: "Yes, I thought of that, as well, but it seemed overly convoluted."
[20:04] Caoilinn: "And it would mean killing your own forces."
[20:04] Caoilinn: "With the only real advantage being that it'd make it obvious that the Riders considered them to be the main threat."
[20:05] Tsukasa: "Hm, I won't stand up to argue a point I don't especially believe myself."
[20:05] * Tsukasa grins ruefully.
[20:05] Alathon: Arnold shakes his head.
[20:05] Alathon: Arnold: "Even so.. for Trebek to go out of his way.. it wouldn't make sense."
[20:06] Alathon: Arnold: "That'd be awfully convoluted when..."
[20:06] * Caoilinn looks at Arnold, clearly waiting.
[20:06] Alathon: Arnold: "He could run for a senate seat himself."
[20:06] Tsukasa: "Oh? He's popular, then?"
[20:06] * Caoilinn shakes her head slightly.
[20:07] Caoilinn: "Having a seat in senate is one thing. Someone using the Harleyriders like this would be going for the whole thing."
[20:08] Alathon: Arnold: "But.. that wouldn't make sense, especially for Trebek. The whole thing isn't winnable, not in the long run."
[20:08] Alathon: Arnold, with some pride: "Our people would not stand for such a despot."
[20:08] Caoilinn: "Not if he was only taking control until the Harleyrider menace had passed?"
[20:08] Caoilinn: "And only at the urging of the people, because he's the only one able to protect them?"
[20:09] Sheena: (didnt we like that old guy?)
[20:09] Caoilinn: (I'm not talking about Trebek)
[20:09] Alathon: Arnold shakes his head.
[20:10] Alathon: Arnold: "I suppose.. it's a possible scenario, but I've seen no evidence of anyone trying to establish a power base, or sufficient influence with the militia, to pull it off."
[20:10] Alathon: Arnold: "Just people scurrying west."
[20:10] Alathon: Harold: "And that's half the problem right there!"
[20:10] Alathon: Harold: "By the time the riders move west to new territory, it's already leached of those with the means to leave!"
[20:11] Alathon: Arnold looks over at Harold, irritated.
[20:11] Caoilinn: "Hmmm. Gaining land could be another motive."
[20:11] Tsukasa: "What kind of society are the Harleyriders, anyway?"
[20:11] Alathon: Arnold: "Can you really ask people to do otherwise? It's clear at this point that we have difficulty protecting outlying settlements."
[20:12] Alathon: Harold: "Well, I think that.."
[20:12] Alathon: Harold trails off.
[20:12] Tsukasa: "Do they farm? I don't think we noted any females in the raiding parties. Do they just raid for everything they need, or is that for fun?"
[20:12] Alathon: Harold: "The Harleyridre society as we knew it years ago was a simple gang driven society.. one might even call it tribal."?
[20:12] Alathon: Harold: "Their loyalty was to their chapter head, and noone else."
[20:12] Caoilinn: "Oh, please don't think I'm convinced that your nation is filled with twisted villians--it's just that if the actions of the Harleyriders don't make sense by themselves, there must be something else behind it."
[20:12] Alathon: Arnold shakes his head.
[20:13] Alathon: Arnold: "It's not like you're the first to suggest any of the ideas you've broached."
[20:13] Caoilinn: "Good."
[20:13] * Sheena mumbles something that sounds like, interesting cats tho
[20:13] Alathon: Arnold: "They just don't fit cleanly. It's like all they care about is knocking us down, without concern for their own loss!"
[20:13] Alathon: Arnold: "Even... even if this were some sort of power play, what's in it for the riders?"
[20:14] Alathon: Arnold: "They pay the price in blood, so a Nevadan gains power in NEvada?"
[20:14] Caoilinn: "Hm. Where does their fuel come from?"
[20:14] Alathon: Harold: "Texas, or so they say."
[20:14] Caoilinn: "If someone got control of that, they'd have control of the Riders."
[20:14] Alathon: Arnold pauses.
[20:15] Alathon: Harold: "That.. thought has crossed our minds. But, we know too little of the lands to the east and south to really assess that possibility."
[20:15] Alathon: Harold: "For decades the Harleyriders have been a menace to travel, and even without them, the wilderness is a nearly unsurmountable threat."
[20:15] Caoilinn: "I expect the thought of taking out their fuel source has also crossed people's minds."
[20:16] Alathon: Arnold smiles grimly.
[20:16] Alathon: Arnold: "We'd do it in an instant, if only it were within our power."
[20:16] Sheena: "IF they are making moves into these lands maybe there full sorce is starting to run out?"
[20:17] Alathon: Arnold: "Run out?"
[20:17] Sheena: "They might know something about these lands that others don't"
[20:17] Sheena: "Every thing gets used up sooner or later, Oil pulled from the ground is no expection"
[20:17] Alathon: Arnold: "I don't know.. I suppose it's possible.. but the old tales say that the Empire's life blood was gasoline, gasoline drawn from Texas and across the seas."
[20:18] Tsukasa: "Perhaps they want to settle down, then? If their own lands aren't conducive to long-term living, that could explain their habits of raiding. And running out of fuel will mean they can't raid, so they'd want the land themselves."
[20:18] Alathon: Harold: "That's just the thing, they haven't settled down!"
[20:18] Caoilinn: "Their actions don't support a desire to 'settle down'."
[20:18] Alathon: Harold: "Unless they want us all out of the way before they settle.."
[20:18] Alathon: Harold starts sweating at that thought.
[20:18] Tsukasa: "Well, killing everyone in the way is a viable first step."
[20:18] Alathon: ((Hey, it worked for us Americans!))
[20:19] Alathon: ((America... Fuck Yeah!))
[20:19] Tsukasa: "Not to mention that they need to use their fuel while they have it. If they're about to run out, then they'll need to kill everyone they can and cut down the threat you present while it's still possible."
[20:20] Caoilinn: "It'd still make more sense to set up bases of operation on the way."
[20:20] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[20:20] Alathon: Arnold: "That, at least, is a credible scenario I suppose.. but no, they haven't set up any base that we can tell>"
[20:20] Alathon: Arnold: "Their mobility is what makes trying to engage them with a massed militia force backed by the Crimsons so problematic."
[20:21] Caoilinn: "I suppose destroying your roads would reduce that, but it wouldn't help you any, either."
[20:21] Alathon: Harold is mortified by that thought.
[20:22] Alathon: Harold: "I..."
[20:22] Alathon: Arnold: "In theory.. but that would be a pyrrhic victory indeed."
[20:22] Alathon: Arnold: "Just repairing them is no small expense."
[20:23] Tsukasa: "True, but if it gets to the point where the other option is a lot of dead citizenry..."
[20:23] * Sheena starts on her ingores drink
[20:23] Alathon: Arnold: "And really.. what sort of power could destroy long enough stretches of roads to prevent a simple detour? We'd need hundreds of tons of TNT, or the fabled weapons of the Empire."
[20:23] Sheena: (ingored, heh forgot we had them this is intersting talk)
[20:23] Caoilinn: "Destroying them is no small task, either."
[20:23] * Caoilinn nods at Arnold.
[20:23] Tsukasa: (Yeah, no lack of participation tonight)
[20:23] Alathon: ((yes.. thank you!))
[20:24] Sheena: (taco's got most of my atention, but i am trying)
[20:25] Alathon: Amiko: "That would be a two edged sword.. their greater mobility would be limited, but so would your own."
[20:26] Sheena: (oh ya, are we playing "who can make the banker have a heartattack first" or is it just me?)
[20:26] Alathon: Harold: "That would impact .. everything!"
[20:26] Alathon: Harold: "Without the roads, trade would grind to a crawl.."
[20:26] Tsukasa: "Well, again, it's not a nice option, but it's worth remembering. No trade is infinitely better than no people."
[20:26] Alathon: Harold: "Just getting enough food into the major cities alone..."
[20:26] Caoilinn: "I think that's going to happen anyway."
[20:26] Alathon: Harold is aghast.
[20:27] Caoilinn: "If the Harleyriders aren't stopped."
[20:27] Alathon: Arnold, confidently: "They will be."
[20:27] Sheena: "How about fishing or sea fairing suplies?"
[20:27] * Tsukasa raises an eyebrow. "You have a plan?"
[20:27] Sheena: "Is carson well supported from its ports?"
[20:28] Caoilinn: (Watch us be talking to the ones who are controlling the Harleyriders...)
[20:28] Alathon: Arnold: "The Protectorate may pay dearly in the doing, but they cannot successfully engage us here in Carson. Of that, I have no doubt."
[20:28] Tsukasa: "Something hidden? Or are you banking on support from Crystal Tokyo?"
[20:28] Caoilinn: "Why would they need to?"
[20:28] Caoilinn: (to Arnold)
[20:28] Alathon: Harold: "We have a thriving fish market, yes, and to my knowledge the riders know nothing of boats."
[20:28] Alathon: Arnold looks a little offended at Tsukasa.
[20:29] Alathon: Arnold: "I was glad to accept Venus's offer to head east and investigate the matter personally, but have no doubt that we can handle this menace ourselves!"
[20:29] * Sheena contines her talk withthe banker while tsu has arnold"
[20:29] Sheena: "So no standing navy or armed ocean force?"
[20:29] * Sheena finshes off her drink
[20:29] Alathon: Harold: "We have some naval forces.. what sort of Navy does Crystal Tokyo have to offer in aid?"
[20:30] Alathon: ((very little to speak of is the factual answer))
[20:30] Sheena: (hmm it sank on the way in..)
[20:30] Tsukasa: (Heh)
[20:30] Tsukasa: (Sheena's got it)
[20:30] * Sheena grins
[20:30] Caoilinn: "I'm afraid we're not authorized to speak on that matter.
[20:31] Sheena: (damn, i was going to say it sitting in there bay)
[20:31] Alathon: Harold blinks.
[20:31] Tsukasa: (Hush, no undermining our position :P )
[20:32] Alathon: Harold: "I.. understood."
[20:32] Alathon: That noticeably dampens the mood of the conversation.
[20:32] Sheena: (if they want us going all over the world doing this they better build a freaking nave when we get back home)
[20:32] Caoilinn: "By all means, you should discuss that with Lady Venus when she returns..."
[20:32] Alathon: ((what were they gonna fight before, the dolphin horde?)
[20:32] Sheena: "Not our choice you understand, thats something for the bosses to handle with you"
[20:32] Alathon: Harold nods.
[20:33] Tsukasa: (Heh. I have the feeling they could shove together a navy. If nothing else, a couple of boats with a Senshi on each is probably enough to take out any navy of the age...)
[20:33] Sheena: (FOR THE HORDE)
[20:33] Alathon: Arnold: "Still, I see your point."
[20:34] Alathon: Arnold: "Do you have word from her?"
[20:34] Caoilinn: "We have heard that she has eliminated several chapter leaders, though one escaped."
[20:35] *** Sonata has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:35] Sheena: hmm
[20:35] Alathon: Harold's expression brightens noticeably at this statement.
[20:35] *** Sonata has left #CrystalTokyo.
[20:36] Alathon: Arnold: "Given how organized they have become, we cannot doubt that this will have made a telling difference in this conflict."
[20:36] Alathon: Arnold: "Do you know if she plans to return to Carson soon?"
[20:36] Alathon: Arnold: "I should like to express my gratitude in person."
[20:37] Caoilinn: "I ... believe so, but I can't be certain."
[20:37] Alathon: Arnold nods.
[20:37] Caoilinn: "Hmmm."
[20:37] Alathon: Arnold: "Of course, I don't want to badger you concerning her whereabouts.. 'Venus' has been most generous in offering her aide in combat at all."
[20:38] Alathon: Arnold: "Indeed... I do believe we have already monopolized your time more than is seemly."
[20:39] Caoilinn: "Ah, I expect it's more of a matter of us monopolizing your time. You are the host of this affair, after all."
[20:39] Sheena: "It's been an enjoyable talk"
[20:39] Alathon: Arnold smiles.
[20:39] Alathon: Arnold and Harold both stand, Harold slightly shakily.
[20:39] Tsukasa: "Indeed, Kei-san is correct. But thank you for your time."
[20:39] Alathon: ((he's had a couple glasses by now, on top of what he had at dinner))
[20:39] * Caoilinn stands as well.
[20:39] * Tsukasa doesn't stand, but does bow instead.
[20:39] Alathon: Arnold: "it's been a pleasure."
[20:39] Caoilinn: (And several shocks. :) )
[20:40] Alathon: Harold: "I hope you will find time to grace us with your presence again."
[20:40] Caoilinn: "For us as well."
[20:40] Caoilinn: ("Check out time at the Marriot is eleven o' clock, by the way.")
[20:41] Sheena: (how late would it be any how?)
[20:41] Alathon: They go through the various pleasantries of escorting you back to the party.
[20:41] Alathon: By now, it's fairly late.. nearing midnight, in fact.
[20:42] Alathon: The party has thinned out a bit, with some of the older gentleman no longer in evidence.
[20:43] Alathon: However it's still going strong in a few of the rooms.
[20:43] Sheena: "So...
[20:44] Alathon: Devon is in evidence, with a young lady with chestnut hair and plenty of cleavage leaning heavily on him.
[20:45] * Caoilinn wanders around and mingles a bit.
[20:45] Tsukasa: (Ah Devon, we love you so)
[20:45] Alathon: By now, pretty much everyone is somewhere between "drunk" and "passing out"
[20:46] * Tsukasa doesn't 'mingle' as far as it requires moving, since that's really hard to make look graceful in a wheelchair, but she does look around and see if there is anything interesting going on.
[20:46] Alathon: Now and then, you'll see couples exit one of the rooms and head for the stairs.
[20:46] * Sheena hangs with tsuka to be people power
[20:46] * Tsukasa notes that such activity is VERY interesting in one sense, but not quite the one she was looking for.
[20:47] Sheena: "hmm, hey tsu, bets on how many drunks single men start flocking to cao?"
[20:47] Sheena: (drunken*)
[20:48] Alathon: Your common sense actually indicates that it's a bit late in the party for that.. the guys looking to score have already been talking to their marks for a couple hours.
[20:48] Tsukasa: "I'd suspect at least half of the ones who aren't presently occupied with theiry own companionship."
[20:48] Caoilinn: (Btw, to take a page from your book, Alathon, I'm not going to do much more at the party unless engaged/provoked. :) )
[20:49] Alathon: (K)
[20:49] Alathon: Devon will, eventually, notice that you're free, and make his way over along with the woman on his arm.
[20:49] Caoilinn: (Ugh. I just imagined an older married couple propositioning her)
[20:49] Tsukasa: (If nothing's going on, Tsukasa won't either. Although we'll continue verbal repartee as long as it goes)
[20:49] Alathon: ((Fortunately, this society isn't sufficiently debauched or libertine for threesomes to be normal))
[20:50] Tsukasa: (You yet live, Cao)
[20:50] Alathon: Devon: "Carly my dear, allow me to intrdoosh you to the Honor Guard of Venus of Crystal Tokyo, themselves!"
[20:51] Alathon: ((heh, of course.. older couples + threesome == that scene in Sex in the City when Samantha heads over to the neighbors ;p ))
[20:51] Sheena: (... you watch sex in the city?)
[20:52] Alathon: ((I saw the first three seasons I think.. my parents would rent it and me and my dad would watch it with my mom to make up for the time we monopolized the TV for football ;p ))
[20:52] Sheena: (right, moving on!)
[20:52] Alathon: ((well, football, basketball, tenis, and golf))
[20:52] Alathon: Devon is a little drunk,a nd doesn't notice that you haven't responded to him.
[20:53] * Sheena wheels tsu over to watch the show
[20:53] Alathon: Carly: "Why, I must say you look quite impressive.."
[20:54] Alathon: Carly: "Though I'm not sure the green and silver truely does you justice.."
[20:54] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:54] * Sheena quickly starts ploting excape routs and places to hide a body
[20:55] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:55] Tsukasa: * Sheena wheels tsu over to watch the show
[20:55] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Carly: "Why, I must say you look quite impressive.."
[20:55] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[20:55] Alathon: [20:53] Alathon: Carly: "Why, I must say you look quite impressive.."
[20:54] Alathon: Carly: "Though I'm not sure the green and silver truely does you justice.."
[20:55] Alathon: Devon: "So.. how has your evening treated you/"
[20:56] Tsukasa: "Rather well, to be truthful."
[20:56] Alathon: Devon: "Exshullent.."
[20:57] Alathon: Devon: "S'agood party..the most excellent company."
[20:57] Alathon: Devon looks over at Carly, who leans into him a little more.
[20:57] Caoilinn: "How long do these events normally go?"
[20:58] Alathon: Devon: "Well.. I suppose the party will be winding down soon enough."
[20:59] Alathon: Devon looks immensely irritated for a moment, then masks it.
[20:59] Alathon: Devon: "Do you plan to spend the night here, or head back to the Marriot?"
[20:59] Tsukasa: "We'll be heading back, I think."
[20:59] Alathon: Devon nods.
[20:59] Caoilinn: "Head back to the Marriot."
[20:59] Tsukasa: "Whenever you're done."
[20:59] Alathon: Devon looks over at Carly.
[20:59] Alathon: Devon: "I'm sorry my dear, but duty calls."
[21:00] Alathon: Carly is obviously disappointed.
[21:00] Caoilinn: (I was wondering if he was going to invite her back with him. :) )
[21:00] Alathon: Regardless, Devon will escort you back to the Marriot without further complaint.
[21:01] Alathon: ((Eh.. there's some people, whose daughters you wouldn't wanna be responsible for disappearing for a night))
[21:01] Alathon: ((Devon's played the field for long enough to learn caution))
[21:01] Caoilinn: (Not unless you want to vanish for considerably longer? :) )
[21:02] Alathon: Unless you choose to do otherwise, you'll reach your room without incident.
[21:02] Alathon: Yuuno will report that nobody has tried to lift your stuff.
[21:02] Alathon: And you'll find messages on your communicators: "Will check in tomorrow, 9am."
[21:02] Alathon: -Venus
[21:03] Caoilinn: (I guess we don't get to hit the library before getting back in touch with her...)
[21:03] Sheena: (we learned quite a lot)
[21:04] * Caoilinn pokes her head in the lounge area to see if Trebek is about.
[21:04] * Sheena is still pushing tsu along
[21:04] Alathon: He's not in evidence.. the party is a little less raucous than it was on previous nights, but there's still a good eight people or so enjoying themselves over by the piano.
[21:05] Alathon: One of the portlier women is making an attempt at singing along... she's pretty bad, but they don't seem to care.
[21:05] * Caoilinn decides to go to her room and go to bed.
[21:06] Sheena: "Thats so not right.. Lets call it a night i have seen enought"
[21:07] Alathon: The night passes.
[21:08] Tsukasa: "Indeed. Mine eyes have seen something I'd rather they hadn't."
[21:08] Alathon: Nobody is kept awake by Devon's exercise tonight.
[21:09] * Sheena cuddles with yuuno for his job well done.
[21:09] Sheena: (corse the poor boy can't sleep very well with a face full of boob)
[21:09] Caoilinn: (So, is now good for a food/drink break?)
[21:10] Alathon: actually yeah
[21:10] Alathon: does ten minutes sound good?
[21:10] Caoilinn: (Sounds good.)
[21:10] Alathon: I don't wanna take too long, have more I wanna get in in this session
[21:10] Alathon: Okay
[21:10] Alathon: We start again in 10 minutes
[21:11] * Tsukasa idly stares at various people among the partiers, attempting to align their behaviour with what she sees.
[21:11] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+5
[21:11] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{24}
[21:14] Sheena: eh?
[21:15] Sheena: you dreaming there tsu,?
[21:15] Alathon: None of them realy notice the attention; they're too toasted.
[21:20] Sheena: back.
[21:21] Alathon: hrm, we all here?
[21:21] Tsukasa: I am.
[21:22] Caoilinn: (I am.)
[21:22] * Alathon steeples his hands.
[21:22] Alathon: Exxxxxxxcellent...
[21:23] Alathon: bonus points because my delivery of t2 drones to Fountain core, across 31 jumps through hostile space, has been made successfully.
[21:23] Alathon: Just realized I started that and forgot about it before the game started
[21:23] Alathon: I can't believe noone blew me up
[21:23] Tsukasa: (Whoa. Got lucky, I guess)
[21:24] Alathon: Anyways
[21:24] Alathon: The night passes without event.
[21:24] Alathon: If you aren't already up, Amiko will wake everyone up at around 8am.
[21:25] Sheena: (gah.. raseberry hangover)
[21:26] Alathon: ((sweet stuff makes for nasty hangovers))
[21:26] Alathon: You've got an hour or so before Venus said she'd arrive.
[21:26] Alathon: Does anyone have anything they wanna do?
[21:26] Tsukasa: (Sort out our info, I think)
[21:27] Tsukasa: (Don't really have time to seek anything more)
[21:27] * Alathon nods.
[21:27] Caoilinn: (Arrive? I just figured she'd use the communicator)
[21:27] Alathon: ((Misspoke ;p))
[21:28] Alathon: So.. anything else?
[21:28] Sheena: (clean up and get our act toghter?)
[21:28] * Sheena sleeply pulls a snoozing yuuno out of her night shirt and tosses him into the tub
[21:28] Alathon: Yuuno sinks for a moment, then bursts tot he surface, splashing and coughing.
[21:28] * Caoilinn just gets cleaned up and ready.
[21:29] Alathon: Yuuno: "Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaguh! Whatthehell!"
[21:29] * Tsukasa gets herself cleaned up, and visits Sanshi.
[21:29] Alathon: Sanshi is sunning herself, having convinced the stable boy to let her out.
[21:29] Caoilinn: (Sanshi's female?)
[21:29] Alathon: The sun is bright, and he looks fairly content, with his belly spread out towards the sky.
[21:29] Alathon: ((himself))
[21:30] Caoilinn: (What a strange effect this land has on people. :) )
[21:30] Alathon: ((better watch out, you might grow a new appendage!))
[21:30] * Sheena washes up and cleans yuuno before heading out to find the others
[21:30] Caoilinn: (I guess some cursed springs in China were vaporized and later precipitated in Nevada)
[21:31] Sheena: (spring of sanshichan?)
[21:32] Alathon: A bit before nine, a bellhop will come up to your rooms and notify each of you that there's a visitor for you, a Ms. Venus.
[21:33] Alathon: He'll inquire if you'd like to meet her downstairs, invite her up, or have her told that you're indisposed.
[21:33] Caoilinn: ("Could you get her first name, please.")
[21:33] * Sheena panks a bit figering she was only going to call
[21:33] * Caoilinn invites her up.
[21:33] Alathon: Amiko vanishes back into her room for a minute, and re-appears looking ever-so-slightly more clean cut.
[21:34] Alathon: However she managed it, her uniform looks propperly creased and sharp.
[21:34] Sheena: "Gah uniform!"
[21:34] * Sheena runs back to her room to get dressed
[21:34] * Tsukasa was lucky to pull that off first, although she didn't manage Amiko's miracle-starching.
[21:34] Alathon: Right about when Sheena's door slams, Venus comes down the hall, led by a bellhop.
[21:35] Alathon: Amiko immediately stands at attention.
[21:35] Alathon: Amiko: "Lady Venus."
[21:35] Alathon: Venus nods slightly in Amiko's direction.
[21:35] * Caoilinn bows.
[21:35] Alathon: Venus nods to Caoilinn as well.
[21:35] * Tsukasa performs her usual seated-bow.
[21:36] Alathon: Venus: "Is there somewhere private we can converse?"
[21:36] Caoilinn: "How about your room, Sheena?"
[21:36] Alathon: Bellhop: "We can make the White room available, if you'd like?"
[21:36] Caoilinn: "Or that would probably be roomier..."
[21:36] Alathon: Any one of your rooms would be big enough, but wouldn't have seating for four
[21:37] Alathon: Venus looks to Caoilinn.
[21:37] * Sheena runs back in a slighty crumpled uniform, and yuuno hanging on for dear life.
[21:37] Caoilinn: "Yes, please, if it won't take too long."
[21:38] Alathon: Bellhop: "Allow us a few minutes, and it'll be ready."
[21:38] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:38] Alathon: The bellhop scurries off at a fastwalk.
[21:38] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[21:38] * Sheena gives lady venus the correct bow and catchs yuuno and he falls off
[21:38] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:38] Alathon: Venus grins slightly at the sight of Yuuno falling out of Sheena's hair, before nodding back.
[21:40] Alathon: Venus will ask for a report of happenings; you can do that part manually if you want, or just say that you report it.
[21:40] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:40] Tsukasa: * Caoilinn nods.
[21:40] Tsukasa: <Alathon> The bellhop scurries off at a fastwalk.
[21:40] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[21:40] Sheena: (would be a bit pointless to rehash what you all ready know right?)
[21:40] Caoilinn: (Just report it, I say.)
[21:41] Tsukasa: (What did I miss after that?)
[21:41] Alathon: The bellhop returns quickly and will escort the lot of you to a small room with half a dozen large chairs, and a low table with chilled fruit juices, beer, and liqueours.
[21:41] Alathon: [21:38] Alathon: The bellhop scurries off at a fastwalk.
[21:38] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[21:38] * Sheena gives lady venus the correct bow and catchs yuuno and he falls off
[21:38] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:38] Alathon: Venus grins slightly at the sight of Yuuno falling out of Sheena's hair, before nodding back.
[21:40] Alathon: Venus will ask for a report of happenings; you can do that part manually if you want, or just say that you report it.
[21:43] Alathon: You all succeed on bringing Venus up to date on happenings.
[21:44] Alathon: Venus requests that Amiko lend her her communicator for a moment.
[21:45] * Sheena grabs a bottle of cold juice and slams most of it.
[21:45] Alathon: Venus fiddles with it a bit, before playing back (in rather tinny, quiet voices) the encounter with the Deputies and the Crimson Guard when the party first reached Carson.
[21:45] * Tsukasa winces.
[21:45] * Sheena stops and looks suprised as venus starts a play back
[21:46] Tsukasa: (Huh. They could do that?)
[21:46] Caoilinn: (We didn't know they could do that, did we?)
[21:46] Alathon: Venus gives Amiko a "We'll discuss this later" look when it completes, and returns the communicator.
[21:46] Sheena: (nope)
[21:46] Alathon: ((Nope))
[21:47] Alathon: Venus closes her eyes for a couple minutes and leans back into her chair, thinking.
[21:47] Alathon: Eventually, she'll lean forward and make eye contact with each member of the party.
[21:48] Alathon: Venus: "Aside from that.. incident.. what are your thoughts?"
[21:49] Caoilinn: "Well... it sounds like Nevada is in trouble and if they want to survive, it's important to figure out why the Harleyriders are acting as they are."
[21:49] Alathon: Venus nods, and looks to Sheena.
[21:51] Sheena: "There good people, The ones we met at any rate."
[21:51] Sheena: "Looks like they spend there time just getting by day to day."
[21:51] Alathon: Venus nods, and looks to Tsukasa.
[21:52] Tsukasa: "There's a lot we could help them with, and I do like them... At this point, however, I have to agree that the Harleyriders, and more information on them, is pretty much required."
[21:54] Alathon: Venus nods, and leans back into her chair.
[21:55] Alathon: She exhales deeply, and takes in a breath, before speaking.
[21:55] Alathon: Venus: "First off, I'd like to appologize for the lack of clarity in your orders. I'm sure it seemed just a little odd to be ordered straight to Carson, only to find myself, Damien, and the rest gone."
[21:56] * Caoilinn refrains from dryly commenting that we found something to keep us busy.
[21:56] Sheena: "We figered something was wrong and rush right over"
[21:57] Alathon: Venus: "I'd intended for us to stick close.. and I certainly didn't count on chasing some jackass halfway across Canada."
[21:57] Alathon: Venus sighs.
[21:57] Alathon: Venus: "Something doesn't even begin to cover it."
[21:57] Sheena: (heh, still some minako in there it seems)
[21:58] Alathon: Venus: "I'd hope to keep us close so I could remove the lot of us back home on short notice.. the more I've learned about this "Protectorate", the less faith I've had that it's a sufficiently stable government to deal with."
[21:58] Alathon: Venus: "That they have enemies at the gates doesn't help anything."
[21:58] Alathon: Venus frowns.
[21:59] Alathon: Venus: "But thugs are thugs, and I've been putting them down since before the Great Ice, and I'll be damned before I stand aside and let them do as they will!"
[21:59] Alathon: Venus looks slightly sheepish at that statement.
[21:59] * Sheena leans back a bit as Venus voice picks up
[21:59] Alathon: Venus: "That said.."
[22:00] * Sheena nontice no one makes a crack about venus age.
[22:00] Alathon: Venus: "This place is a mess, and we have little to gain from alliance with them, at least in the short run."
[22:00] Alathon: Venus: "That doesn't mean we'll hang them out to dry."
[22:01] Alathon: Venus: "Both because it'd be totally lame, and.."
[22:01] Alathon: Venus pauses.
[22:01] Alathon: Venus: "How much do they teach these days about the Senshi before the Great Ice?"
[22:01] Alathon: Venus: "Are you familiar with the Dark Kingdom?"
[22:01] Sheena: "Umm.. Nothing?
[22:01] Alathon:
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Session #11 - Part 2

Postby Alathon » Sat Oct 21, 2006 4:26 am

Session #11 - Part 2
[22:01] Alathon: ((You'd know the name, and that they were bad guys, but little else))
[22:02] Sheena: "I must say that line was a bit of a suprise."
[22:02] Sheena: (ahh amend that line as needed then)
[22:02] Tsukasa: "That they were, largely. No more."
[22:02] Alathon: Venus looks around the group, hoping for more.
[22:03] * Sheena looks a bit sheepish.
[22:03] * Tsukasa shrugs. "Chalk it up to education."
[22:03] Sheena: "We are mostly told your the bosses and to follow orders"
[22:03] Caoilinn: "Well, I learned about Beryl and her generals..."
[22:04] Alathon: Venus looks over at Caoilinn, appraisingly.
[22:04] Caoilinn: "And the basics of what they were up to."
[22:04] Alathon: Venus: "Ahhh. And yes, we were quite certain that they were 'no more', to put it kindly."
[22:05] Tsukasa: "'Were'?"
[22:05] Alathon: Venus: "However... in the camp of the Harleyrider chapter heads, I sensed something I've not sensed since.."
[22:05] Alathon: Venus trails off.
[22:05] Alathon: Venus speaks up again.
[22:05] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:06] Caoilinn: (It was Peer.)
[22:06] Alathon: Venus: "Well, I'm not one hundred percent sure what I sensed, or I'd have the rest of the Inners over here backing me up."
[22:06] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:06] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Venus: "However... in the camp of the Harleyrider chapter heads, I sensed something I've not sensed since.."
[22:06] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Venus trails off.
[22:06] Tsukasa: <Tsukasa> "I hope that past tense was accidental."
[22:06] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[22:06] Alathon: [22:05] Alathon: Venus speaks up again.
[22:05] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:06] Caoilinn: (It was Peer.)
[22:06] Alathon: Venus: "Well, I'm not one hundred percent sure what I sensed, or I'd have the rest of the Inners over here backing me up."
[22:07] Alathon: Venus: "But I don't think it's an accident that I trailed one of their number just short of the North Pole."
[22:07] Alathon: Venus: "One of the best places to access their plane of existance."
[22:08] Caoilinn: "Ohhhh."
[22:08] Alathon: Venus: "We'd thought it destroyed in entirety when Metallia was destroyed, but..."
[22:08] Sheena: "North poll? Damn thats fast."
[22:08] Tsukasa: "... Well, this at least gives us something of a face to put on the enemy."
[22:08] Alathon: Venus grins.
[22:08] Alathon: Venus: "I can be quite fast when I want to be."
[22:08] Sheena: (speed rank 10, HAX)
[22:09] * Sheena finshs off her jiuce and starts in on a new bottle
[22:09] Alathon: Venus shakes her head.
[22:09] Alathon: Venus: "It gives us jack squat, really."
[22:09] Alathon: Venus: "Plenty to guess about, but little in the way of real evidence."
[22:09] Alathon: Venus: "However.. this is not something I can just let slide."
[22:10] Alathon: Venus: "So."
[22:10] Tsukasa: "It's at least an indication that it's unlikely to be resource depletion and natural societal factors.
[22:10] Sheena: "Inhuman support to rogue groups in the wild. Even if we ditch carson city and its probly we should still keep an eye on that?"
[22:10] * Tsukasa shrugs.
[22:10] Alathon: Venus: "We will be heading east. My Aides are better equipped to handle the politicking and suchlike here in Carson."
[22:10] Alathon: Venus nods.
[22:11] Sheena: "Poor devon get to sleep on a real bed now?"
[22:11] * Sheena grins at that.
[22:11] Sheena: (did i at lest tget the name right?)
[22:11] Alathon: Venus: "It strikes me as all too likely that there was some agency behind the Harleyriders.. and regardless, I believe it's our place to step up and do our part to kick them the hell out of Nevada."
[22:11] Caoilinn: "That's good. I felt like we've been a bit out of our element here..."
[22:11] Alathon: ((yes))
[22:12] Alathon: Venus: "Don't get me wrong.. with a few exceptions, you've done an entirely passable job."
[22:12] Sheena: "Ya we where not really trained for the dinne and dance"
[22:12] Alathon: Venus: "However, diplomacy and smalltalk wasn't why you came here."
[22:12] Tsukasa: "I have to agree with Kei-san. This isn't our operational specialty."
[22:12] * Caoilinn nods.
[22:13] Alathon: Venus hmms for a moment.
[22:13] Alathon: Venus: "Still.. I do think you've acquired more than a little information of value."
[22:13] Alathon: Venus: "But.. tell me more about this Trebek."
[22:14] Alathon: Venus: "And your impressions of Arnold as well. What you felt, mor than anything."
[22:15] Caoilinn: "Well, Trebek seemed rather straight-forward and well-informed from the brief time we spoke with him."
[22:16] Caoilinn: "He struck me as a general... er, I don't mean like Beryl's..."
[22:16] Alathon: Venus grins.
[22:16] Alathon: Venus: "That's a comparison that can cut both ways."
[22:16] Sheena: "A cool old man, he just seemed tired of the world in general"
[22:16] Tsukasa: "A career soldier who does his job, and everyone else's, I suppose."
[22:16] Caoilinn: "Commanding and concerned with the heart of the matter."
[22:16] Alathon: Venus: "Nephlyte... well, no use chewing over old bones."
[22:17] Sheena: " A real gentalmen."
[22:18] Alathon: Venus: "That's a very generous assessment... especially since it seems like darned near every mention I've heard of him has come with a sour expression at the very least."
[22:18] Caoilinn: "As for Arnold, he was more a statesman."
[22:18] Caoilinn: "Hmm. Was it politicians who were talking about him?"
[22:18] Alathon: Venus cocks her head to one side, thinking.
[22:19] Alathon: Venus: "Them.. and honestly everyone else. I obviously don't have the freedom to move unobserved, but Damien and the rest got much the same reaction."
[22:19] Alathon: Venus: "I know Damien was concerned that this could be a power-behind-the-throne sort of situation."
[22:19] Tsukasa: "Yes... The senator was rather unimpressed with him. He stated 'he's Trebek' as though that explained everything."
[22:20] Caoilinn: "Mm. I don't know, then. We were hoping to research the Crimson Guard today, but then we got your message."
[22:20] Alathon: Venus nods.
[22:21] Alathon: Venus pauses for a moment.
[22:21] Alathon: Venus: "We may be able to kill two deer with one stone."
[22:21] * Caoilinn blinks.
[22:21] Caoilinn: "It' have to be an awfully big one..."
[22:21] Alathon: Venus: "I'd intended that we head east and take down a dozen or so of the roaming bands.. take the edge off the remaining forces, as it were."
[22:22] Sheena: "I guess sanshi can toss it hard enought.."
[22:22] Alathon: Venus: "You might just have better luck with that question away from the capital.. especially, away from the Crimsons."
[22:22] Alathon: Venus overlooks the puns.
[22:22] Caoilinn: (What pun? I was serious. :) )
[22:22] Alathon: ((incidentally, how do people feel tonight, time-wise?))
[22:22] Sheena: (her friends are much more vicous then us)
[22:23] Sheena: (im good to go.
[22:23] Caoilinn: (I'm ok.)
[22:23] Sheena: (then again its only midnight here and im clear tommaro)
[22:23] Tsukasa: (I'll live)
[22:23] Alathon: ((okay))
[22:23] * Sheena finshs off her secound bottle of juice.
[22:23] Sheena: (her linker core of liquid cooled)
[22:24] Sheena: (damn it! *is*
[22:24] Alathon: ((... her linker core of liquid kool-aid))
[22:24] Sheena: (no wall can stand in my way,)
[22:24] Alathon: ((OH YEAH!)
[22:25] Alathon: Venus pauses for a moment.
[22:25] Alathon: Venus hmms.
[22:25] Alathon: Venus: "I suppose we'd better check out.. it wouldn't do to just up an vanish on your minder."
[22:26] Sheena: "If his up, seems ever one in this town is a hevey drinker"
[22:26] Caoilinn: "Probably not."
[22:26] Alathon: Venus: "Everyone in any town without clean water is a heavy drinker, generally speaking."
[22:27] Alathon: Venus smirks.
[22:27] Caoilinn: "Why not tea?"
[22:27] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:27] Alathon: Venus: "Look on the bright side, you won't have to go to much effort to find some action."
[22:28] Alathon: Venus: "Though I suppose none of you would have any trouble there."
[22:28] Caoilinn: "Huh?"
[22:28] Alathon: Venus: "Tea?"
[22:28] Alathon: Venus continues, ignoring the Huh.
[22:28] Caoilinn: "Well, wouldn't boiling the water for tea work, too?"
[22:28] Alathon: Venus: "Well, Tea is fine and all, but doesn't have all that much body to it."
[22:28] Sheena: "Truthfully? Hasn't been on our minds at all. More focused on this misson."
[22:28] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:28] Tsukasa: <Caoilinn> "Probably not."
[22:28] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Venus: "Everyone in any town without clean water is a heavy drinker, generally speaking."
[22:28] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[22:28] Sheena: oh dear.
[22:29] Alathon: Venus: "For most things, yeah. Mercury'd know better than I."
[22:29] Alathon: PM'd
[22:30] Alathon: Venus, to Sheena: "That's a pity.. I mean, I guess this isn't Las Vegas.. but.."
[22:30] Alathon: Venus pauses.
[22:30] Alathon: Venus: "oh, right... never mind."
[22:30] Tsukasa: "... Las Vegas?"
[22:30] Alathon: Venus grins.
[22:30] Alathon: Venus: "Once upon a time, that was the place in the United States to go for pretty much anything torrid."
[22:31] Caoilinn: "Ohhh, action..."
[22:31] Alathon: Venus: 'Wasn't that far from here, really.."
[22:31] * Caoilinn makes a face.
[22:31] Alathon: venus shrugs.
[22:31] Alathon: Venus grins.
[22:32] Tsukasa: "Well, Caoilinn has action staring her in the face every day."
[22:32] Alathon: Venus: "Well, before we all get sidetracked.. get packed, and inform Devin that you'll be leaving."
[22:32] Alathon: Venus looks over.
[22:32] Alathon: Venus: "Oh, I'll bet."
[22:33] Sheena: "Ya, its a running bet on how long she lasts before snapping and killing some fool for hitting on her"
[22:33] Alathon: Venus......rolls her eyes.
[22:33] Alathon: Venus: "Please tell me that's a joke."
[22:34] Sheena: "Of corse."
[22:34] Tsukasa: "I hope it is. I've never been brought into that pool."
[22:34] Caoilinn: "Of course it's a joke. Someone won last month."
[22:34] Alathon: Venus: "Ahh, so that's why the dean was so quick to volunteer the lot of you for this mission!"
[22:35] Alathon: Venus shakes her head.
[22:35] Sheena: "Not like there any interesting people around here.. Ladies arnt much to look at"
[22:35] * Sheena blinks..
[22:35] Alathon: Venus shrugs.
[22:35] Sheena: "Err guys to."
[22:35] Alathon: Venus didn't notice the slip-up or ignores it.
[22:35] Alathon: Venus: "That's a function of nutrition, all too likely."
[22:36] Sheena: "Figered you would know why we got picked, or even formed as a group in the first place"
[22:36] Alathon: Venus: "But.. we seem to have gotten off on a tangent. I'll meet you outside in two hours."
[22:36] Sheena: "Can you share it with us?"
[22:36] Caoilinn: "Our senses of humor."
[22:36] Alathon: Venus: "You think it was just the matching drapes?"
[22:36] Alathon: Venus shakes her head.
[22:36] * Caoilinn looks blank.
[22:36] Alathon: Venus: "See you in an hour."
[22:36] Caoilinn: "Drapes?"
[22:37] Caoilinn: "Wait. One or two hours?"
[22:37] Alathon: Venus is already out the door.
[22:37] Sheena: "So it isnt some conspicery to get all the redheads out of town at the same time? Darn."
[22:37] * Tsukasa dares not ask about the 'drapes' comment.
[22:37] Alathon: ((remember.. the drapes are the part that's up top, in that comparison ;p ))
[22:38] Caoilinn: "Does anyone know what she was talking about?"
[22:38] Alathon: Yuuno sticks his head out, mutters something about 'carpet', then wisely dives back into the drapes.
[22:39] * Tsukasa does not trouble herself with affairs that threaten the sanity.
[22:39] Sheena: "Probly some old world slag, you heard how old she is"
[22:40] * Caoilinn moves further away from Sheena, just in case.
[22:40] * Sheena snorts
[22:40] Caoilinn: "Ok, let's get packed and say our fond farewells to Devon."
[22:41] Sheena: 'Oh please, don't go there. We been on this team for some time and i never bothered you once"
[22:41] Caoilinn: "Huh?"
[22:41] Caoilinn: "I just don't want to be near you in case Venus was coming back for something and overheard you."
[22:42] Sheena: "Super hearing? Wouldnt put it past the Lady senshi, but there would be no point."
[22:42] * Sheena pulls out her com,
[22:42] Tsukasa: "Best to stay out of the area of impact. People can be sensitive about age."
[22:42] Sheena: "Seems ever thing we say is recored any way."
[22:42] Caoilinn: "Maybe. Amiko did have it out at the time."
[22:43] Caoilinn: "Let's pack."
[22:43] * Caoilinn goes to her room.
[22:43] Alathon: Amiko leaves to pack, without comment.
[22:43] * Sheena pockets a couple bottles of juice and slips on to yuuno
[22:43] Sheena: "Ya lets get ready"
[22:43] Caoilinn: (Bottles are not disposable in this society, I'm sure.)
[22:43] Alathon: There aren't actually bottled juices.
[22:43] Alathon: Pitchers, more like.
[22:43] Alathon: heh you beat me to it
[22:44] Sheena: (nm then,)
[22:44] Sheena: (i was thinking like old milk bottles)
[22:44] * Tsukasa heads down to tell Sanshi that they're leaving, then returns to her room to get her things in order.
[22:44] * Caoilinn waits outside her room for someone to go with her to tell Devon once she's done packing.
[22:45] * Sheena is packed and just grabs her bag before heading to the others
[22:47] Alathon: Devon isn't nearly as irritable as the last time.
[22:47] Alathon: But is a bit perplexed by your intent to just straight up leave.
[22:47] Alathon: Devon: "So.. where are you headed?"
[22:48] Caoilinn: "Off following wherever the Lady Venus leads."
[22:48] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[22:48] Alathon: Devon: "So.. do you need horses?"
[22:48] * Sheena gives an evil grin
[22:48] Sheena: "To kill some pigs"
[22:49] Caoilinn: "Mm, to be honest, I don't know. I'll have to ask her once she's ready to leave."
[22:49] Sheena: (horses? uhoh..)
[22:49] Sheena: (dont have any ride, heh)
[22:51] Alathon: Devon: "Uh..r ight."
[22:51] Alathon: Devon will quit bothering you soon enough.
[22:52] Caoilinn: (After that, I guess we'll go downstars and wait for Venus to be ready)
[22:52] * Sheena keeps her grin on as yuuno peaks his head out of her hair stareing down Devon
[22:52] Alathon: In roughly an hour, you'll see h er strolling down the street towards the hotel.
[22:52] Sheena: (thus saviing cao from all small talk)
[22:53] * Sheena takes a look at the peoples reaction to a Senshi walking down the street
[22:53] Alathon: She's accompanied by Damien, Kyo, Renee, and Terry.
[22:53] * Tsukasa strokes Sanshi, quietly apologizing for the indignities he had to go through.
[22:54] Alathon: Sanshi seems quit forgiving.
[22:54] Alathon: Or, not quite cognizant of the indignity.
[22:55] Alathon: When Venus and her party arrive, Venus addresses Devon.
[22:55] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:55] Alathon: Venus: "I'd appreciate it if my aides could be extended similar courtesies as my honor guards.:"
[22:55] Alathon: Devon, of course, is quick to agree.
[22:55] Alathon: He even manages to do it without eyeballing Renee.
[22:56] Alathon: Venus looks over at the party.
[22:56] Alathon: Venus: "Well, let's go."
[22:57] Alathon: Venus turns, and heads downt he street.
[22:57] * Caoilinn waves to the aides.
[22:57] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:57] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Sanshi seems quit forgiving.
[22:57] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Or, not quite cognizant of the indignity.
[22:57] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[22:57] Sheena: "Cya guys, looks like its our turn to rought it in the fields"
[22:57] Alathon: The aides wave back; Kyo nods politely to Caoilinn and makes eye contact for an instant before passing.
[22:58] Alathon: Damien: "Just stay tight, use the cover you have, and if possible, get the first shot!"
[22:58] Sheena: (ya know Sanshi was probly pampered by stable boys who where thinking "WOW COOOL")
[22:58] Alathon: ((he was, for a prize mount))
[22:58] Caoilinn: ("Hey! Let's see if he'll eat another rat!" :) )
[22:58] * Sheena Dark heart gives a bit of a jump in Sheena shirt when Damien yelled shot"
[22:59] Caoilinn: "Hit 'em till they stop moving. Got it."
[22:59] * Caoilinn grins at Damien.
[23:00] * Sheena undoes a bit of her uniform top.
[23:00] * Caoilinn is walking after Venus during this, btw.
[23:00] Alathon: Venus will lead you down the street for a few minutes, then between a couple shops, behind a warehouse, around another warehouse, until you're in a vacant lot surrounded by buildings.
[23:00] Sheena: "Settel down, there will be action soon enought"
[23:00] * Tsukasa BLINKS and stares at Sheena.
[23:00] Sheena: (said into her uniform)
[23:00] Tsukasa: "You are aware it just looked like you were chattering to your cleavage, right?"
[23:00] Caoilinn: "Keep undoing your top and there will be."
[23:01] * Tsukasa gladly switches from wheelchair to Sanshi.
[23:01] Alathon: Venus looks around the party.
[23:02] Alathon: Venus: "Any of you hung over?"
[23:02] * Sheena fixs her uniform
[23:02] * Caoilinn shakes her head.
[23:02] Sheena: "No maam"
[23:02] Alathon: Venus: "Good."
[23:02] Tsukasa: "No ma'am."
[23:02] Caoilinn: (I bet she still remembers the time she teleported the morning after a drinking binge...)
[23:03] Alathon: Venus pauses a moment, concentrates, and the world explodes into a spray of white-gold sparkles, twisting into a blue-purple-red tunnel for a period of time that feels somewhere between an instant and an eternity.
[23:04] Alathon: With a sharp snapping-into-place feeling, the world coalesces around you all.
[23:04] Alathon: The world is an unoccupied, fallow field.
[23:05] Caoilinn: (That's deep. *wipes away a tear)
[23:05] Sheena: (gah, emo farm!)
[23:05] Tsukasa: (Only statement deeper is 'Waugh')
[23:05] Sheena: "Oh look more empty fields are far as the eye can see"
[23:06] Alathon: Venus: "It beats getting splinched any day of the week."
[23:07] Alathon: Venus looks around.
[23:07] Alathon: Venus: "Sheena, could you have a look around?"
[23:07] * Sheena yuuno snikers at the splinced remark
[23:07] Tsukasa: "Even though I have no idea what that word means, it sounds very intimidating so I'll agree with you."
[23:07] Sheena: (oh dear i have to open my sheet now, hang on)
[23:08] Alathon: Venus: "Splinched? Oh, it's some word for screwing up a teleport, from.. oh.. what was it.. those Larry Cotter books."
[23:09] Alathon: Venus looks around, to see if anyone remembers the names of the books.
[23:09] Caoilinn: "Er... before our times, ma'am."
[23:09] Alathon: Venus: "Oh. Right."
[23:10] * Sheena pulls Dh out of her uniform and give it is toss in the air
[23:10] Tsukasa: (Damn. Must suck being that old. Generation gap to the max, or something)
[23:10] * Sheena it glows brightly as she catchs it on the way down, most of the glow flows into her.
[23:10] Alathon: ((She doesn't even have it that bad, since she spends lots of time interacting with people livingi n this century))
[23:10] * Sheena brings it around to cast her Search not knowing that she is now flooting a few inches off the ground
[23:11] Tsukasa: (True, but it's like there's almost nobody to associate with the memories she had in her youth)
[23:11] Alathon: Venus eyes the growing gap between Sheena's feet and the Ground, but does nothing.
[23:11] Alathon: ((true))
[23:11] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 Wide Area Search
[23:11] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 Wide Area Search --> [ 1d20=16 ]{23}
[23:11] Sheena: (woot)
[23:14] Alathon: PM'd
[23:15] Sheena: "hmm"
[23:15] * Sheena still hasnt noticed her current hight incresse
[23:16] Alathon: Venus: "So.. how's the view from the skycam?"
[23:16] Tsukasa: "Should I assume 'hm' means there are no barbarian hordes roaring down upon us?"
[23:16] Sheena: "Close to the south theres an old highway that leads to a town that looks a lot like nortrup, its on a nice lake and near a forest."
[23:16] Tsukasa: "By the way, you're flying."
[23:16] Sheena: "Other then that its all clear land and no one else around.. wah?"
[23:17] * Sheena looks down and finds she is indeed flying.
[23:17] Sheena: "Ok... something in the juice i drank?"
[23:17] Caoilinn: "Maybe a fly?"
[23:17] * Sheena raises a leg and finds she stays in one place
[23:18] Tsukasa: "Sounds like a rather nice type of juice. Did you remember the brand?"
[23:18] Caoilinn: "She was always such a down to Earth girl..."
[23:18] Alathon: Yuuno peeks out from her hair and looks down.
[23:18] Sheena: "Ha Ha... Soooo.. Any one got an idea on how to work this?"
[23:18] Alathon: Yuuno: "Gaaah!"
[23:19] Alathon: Yuuno scrabbles around in the hair, somehow loses his hold, and plummets all of six feet to the ground, where he lands with an 'oof'.
[23:19] * Tsukasa raises an eyebrow. "You're the one grasping the skies. I have no idea how you're doing it, or how you control it."
[23:19] Sheena: "umm, nope!"
[23:19] Caoilinn: "Will yourself to land?"
[23:19] * Sheena shakes dark heart around
[23:19] Sheena: "Hey what gives?"
[23:19] Alathon: Yuuno looks up.
[23:20] Alathon: Yuuno: "Yeah, what gives!?"
[23:20] Alathon: Yuuno: "How could you just drop me like that!"
[23:20] Sheena: Dark Heart: Grizzly Wing Online. Standby, Ready.
[23:21] Tsukasa: "Grizzly? Isn't that a kind of bear?"
[23:21] Alathon: Venus peers at the magical orb intently.
[23:21] * Sheena shurgs
[23:21] Sheena: "Grizzly wing?"
[23:21] Tsukasa: "Fascinating grammar preferences for that thing, though."
[23:21] Caoilinn: "Grisly wing?"
[23:22] * Sheena sheena question is taken as an order. Dark Heart repeats Grizzly wing as sheena dissapes in a blur"
[23:22] Tsukasa: "That would make more sense with its general 'blood, death, and darkness' them - ... Well, goodbye?"
[23:22] * Tsukasa looks around to see where she went.
[23:23] Sheena: (probly my mistaken spelling i belive yarrow is right)
[23:23] Tsukasa: (Heh, she is)
[23:23] Sheena: ( i will adjust as needed then, Yarrow is all ways right)
[23:23] * Sheena yells from a above the group, shes a bit high up
[23:23] Sheena: "This is not funnY!"
[23:24] Tsukasa: "That wasn't us! Be careful when you tell it to turn it off!"
[23:25] Sheena: "So what do i do just think down or something?"
[23:26] Tsukasa: "Think 'down, gently'!"
[23:26] Tsukasa: "I'd rather not see you come back down as quickly as you came up!"
[23:26] Alathon: Yuuno jumps up and grabs onto Sheena's pants legs and tries to drag her down, without affect.
[23:27] * Sheena Dark wings can be sceen clawing at the air from sheena boots, as she lowers to the ground
[23:28] Sheena: "Hmm, what would thinking off do?"
[23:28] Tsukasa: "Something very unsafe if you're not relatively close to the ground."
[23:29] Alathon: ((Grizzly is the bear, grisly is the carnage))
[23:29] Sheena: (yes, i correted my fail at spelling)
[23:29] * Sheena lands with out a problem looking a bit excited
[23:30] Sheena: "Well that was new!"
[23:30] Alathon: Venus: "And entertaining, to boot."
[23:30] Alathon: Venus: "Congratulations! Flying rules."
[23:30] Tsukasa: "I suppose you have something new to practice, then."
[23:31] Alathon: Venus hops up about a dozen feet into the hair, does a double backspin, before levitating slowly to the ground.
[23:31] * Sheena can't keep the grin off her face
[23:31] Tsukasa: "And barring the 'am I going to survive' issue, that did look quite fun."
[23:31] Sheena: "Oh wow.."
[23:31] * Sheena claps a bit
[23:31] Sheena: "Can you err.. Teach me later? After the mission or something."
[23:31] Sheena: "If you got time, or whatnot"
[23:31] Alathon: Venus pauses for a moment.
[23:32] Alathon: Venus, doubtfully: "I can probably give you some pointers, but.. I doubt it's the same for me."
[23:32] Alathon: Venus hmms.
[23:32] Alathon: Venus: "Don't fly low and fast, you won't always see everything before it's too late.."
[23:32] Alathon: Venus: "Avoid power lines.."
[23:33] Alathon: Venus: "Avoid jet engines..."
[23:33] Caoilinn: "Watch out for very clean windows."
[23:33] * Sheena starts to get confused
[23:33] Tsukasa: ("Sheena, Sheena, Sheena of (something), watch out for that tree!")
[23:33] Tsukasa: (... Sorry. It sounded funnier in my head)
[23:33] Caoilinn: (It'd have to...)
[23:34] Alathon: Venus: "Hmm.. oh yeah, don't go too fast anywhere you think there'll be bugs. They'll splatter on your eyes, and getting that out is no fun whatsoever."
[23:34] Sheena: (im sure al will have something like that happen sooner or later)
[23:34] * Sheena makes a face at that
[23:34] Caoilinn: "I guess on the same note, don't fly with your mouth open."
[23:34] * Caoilinn grins.
[23:34] Alathon: Venus: "Indeed."
[23:34] * Tsukasa pauses. "You learned all this firsthand, milady?"
[23:34] Alathon: Venus: "If only so you don't look like a flying fish."
[23:35] Alathon: Venus grins at Tsukasa.
[23:35] Alathon: Venus: "Oh, here and there."
[23:35] Tsukasa: "I think I envy your powers of flight slightly less now."
[23:35] Tsukasa: "... Jet engines?"
[23:35] Alathon: Venus: "Regardless... we're here for a reason."
[23:35] Sheena: "Right, sorry about that."
[23:35] Alathon: Venus: "The town to the west, Erickson, is one of five smallish hamlets out this way."
[23:36] Alathon: Venus: "As of yesterday evening, it was the only one yet to be sacked."
[23:36] Alathon: Venus: "I can move much more quickly than the rest of you, and will be on 'search and destroy' duty."
[23:36] Alathon: Venus: "The lot of you get garrison duty."
[23:36] Alathon: Venus grins.
[23:37] Sheena: "Hope we have time to talk to the people first, don't need them shooting at us to"
[23:37] Tsukasa: "Do you want us to try and take a rider alive?"
[23:37] Alathon: Venus: "I cleaned out a camp of several hundred riders less than three days ride to the east, so there's a very strong chance you'll encounter at least one band in the next few days, before I get the rest of them cleaned up."
[23:38] Alathon: Venus pauses.
[23:38] Alathon: Venus: "The people out this way are a little less slow to deny potential allies, and more.. open.. in general."
[23:38] Alathon: Venus: "At least, that was the vibe I got."
[23:39] Alathon: Venus: "As for taking captives.. if one's unconscious, sure."
[23:39] Alathon: Venus's expression darkens.
[23:39] Alathon: Venus: "Otherwise, don't bother."
[23:39] Caoilinn: "We took one at Northup. I don't know what happened to him."
[23:39] Tsukasa: "I'm just thinking that, assholes though they are, we need information."
[23:39] Alathon: Venus hmms.
[23:40] Alathon: Venus: "Unfortunately, information is something that most of them don't have."
[23:40] Alathon: Venus: "The only ones that are likelyt o know anything are the chapter heads, and they're by far hte hardest to take captive. For your sakes, I'd advise against it.. but use your judgemetn."
[23:40] Caoilinn: "Along with morals, wit, personal hygene..."
[23:40] Alathon: Venus shrugs.
[23:41] Alathon: Venus: "Thugs are thugs. They live the thug life.."
[23:41] Alathon: Venus: "And it's our job to see that they die."
[23:41] * Caoilinn nods.
[23:41] Sheena: (rolling down the street in mah 6-4)
[23:42] Sheena: (minako has all ways been the hard core one.)
[23:42] Sheena: ( she was offing bad guys at 12)
[23:42] Alathon: Venus: "As I said before, you'll likely find these frontier towns much less homogenous than the western, core cities."
[23:42] Caoilinn: "So, top priority is protecting the hamlet an its people, then eliminating Riders, and lastly taking prisoners?"
[23:42] Alathon: Venus shakes her head.
[23:43] Alathon: Venus: "protect the hamlet, gather information, especially about the Crimsons.. eradicate the riders, and take prisoners if it's convenient and you believe it will be profitable."
[23:43] Alathon: Venus pauses.
[23:44] Sheena: "Speaking of profitable, will keeping there bikes be on any use to us?"
[23:44] Alathon: Venus: "Maybe.. couldn't hurt."
[23:45] Alathon: Venus: "Can you ride one?"
[23:45] Alathon: Venus looks over at Tsukasa.
[23:45] Sheena: "Im very temped to learn"
[23:45] Alathon: Venus: 'That may be a moot point, as long as you're moving together."
[23:45] Sheena: "Wanted a hover bike back home"
[23:45] Alathon: Venus grins.
[23:46] Alathon: Venus: "Well, as long as it doesn't compromise your goals, I certainly don't object."
[23:46] Caoilinn: "I still say riding one around here is a good way to get shot."
[23:46] Alathon: Venus: "Quite possible. Keep that in mind."
[23:46] Alathon: Venus gives a pointed look to Sheena.
[23:47] Tsukasa: "Don't think I can, actually. It looks to require some moves with the legs that I can't really do."
[23:47] Alathon: Venus: "Any other questions?"
[23:47] * Caoilinn thinks.
[23:48] Alathon: Venus: "I'll do my best not to wreck my communicator this time.. damned things just aren't that sturdy."
[23:48] Alathon: ((they're pretty damned sturdy, at least they seem that way to the party))
[23:48] Caoilinn: "I think we have some money, if they're going to charge us to stay..."
[23:49] Alathon: Venus: "Good thinking."
[23:50] Alathon: Venus grins.
[23:50] Alathon: Venus: "I suppose the previous owners were no longer in need of worldly wealth?"
[23:50] Caoilinn: "To some extent. We gave most of it to the families of the militia who were killed."
[23:51] Caoilinn: "And there was a merchant who was eager to buy some crystal items I made."
[23:51] Caoilinn: "So, if we do run low on cash, hopefully I can earn some more that way."
[23:51] Alathon: Venus nods.
[23:52] Sheena: "worst comes to worest camping out isnt bad"
[23:52] Alathon: Venus: "By all means. I don't think there's any harm in spreading quality crystalware to the continent."
[23:52] Sheena: "The night sky is defernt here"
[23:52] Caoilinn: "By the way, were you here before, ma'am? Will they know who you are and what you've been doing?"
[23:53] Alathon: Venus: "I wasn't here, but.. they might know OF me."
[23:53] Alathon: Venus: "The aides and I were working more to the south."
[23:53] Caoilinn: "Ok. I was wondering if your name would have any weight if they wanted to know who we were and what the hell we're doing in their hamlet."
[23:53] Alathon: Venus: "You're free to drop my name, but I suspect it'll be in vain."
[23:53] * Caoilinn nods.
[23:54] Caoilinn: "I think that's it, then."
[23:55] Alathon: Venus: "If you're lucky, I'll pick up every one of the bastards within fifty kilometers before they can so much as move on a town, but .. luck rarely works liket hat."
[23:55] Caoilinn: "I suppose the safety of the people is more important than us being bored..."
[23:55] * Caoilinn smiles slightly.
[23:55] Alathon: Venus: "If you don't think you can handle a fight, by all means, ring me."
[23:55] Alathon: Venus: "And if worst comes to worst.. well, take an hour at this spot to memorize it before you head to town, and I can meet you here."
[23:56] Alathon: Venus grins.
[23:56] Alathon: Venus: "There's your top priority item, above the rest. Stay healthy."
[23:56] * Sheena pulls Yuuno out of her hair
[23:56] Sheena: "You heard the lady"
[23:56] Alathon: Yuuno: "Yeah, yeah.."
[23:57] Alathon: Venus: "Anyways.. I'm off."
[23:57] Caoilinn: "Good luck and good hunting."
[23:57] Alathon: Venus: "Serenity's blessings on you!"
[23:57] Sheena: "Bye"
[23:58] * Sheena waves with her yuuno filled hand
[23:58] Alathon: Venus leaps straight up several hundred feet, continuing on upwards for a minute or more, before heading east. The ripping, harsh sound of a sonic boom arrives moments later.
[23:59] Caoilinn: "That's impressive."
[23:59] Alathon: Yuuno: "it's noisy, that's what it is!"
[23:59] Alathon: Yuuno: "how'm I supposed to concentrate when..."
[23:59] Alathon: Yuuno trails off into inarticulate complaints.
[23:59] Caoilinn: "'re talking?"
[23:59] Sheena: "cool!"
[00:00] Sheena: "Im soooo learning how to do that!"
[00:01] Alathon: Your common sense indicates that not only would you need your Magical Armor on, but some sort of special defense to allow breathing and prevent your lungs from being damaged moving at that speed.
[00:01] Alathon: ((Anyways.. there's just one more point I wanna hit before the end of the session, but we can stop now if someone is totally beat))
[00:01] Tsukasa: (Aw... But common sense is boring!)
[00:01] Sheena: (common sense indicats that its a lost cause as the DM never gives out any CP's)
[00:01] Caoilinn: (I'd assume the power at that rank would come with such protection. :) )
[00:01] Tsukasa: (I'm rather gone, but if it's not much longer I'll be good for it)
[00:02] Caoilinn: (I can hold on a bit longer.)
[00:02] Sheena: (we can do the last thing)
[00:02] Sheena: (im fine)
[00:02] Alathon: Alright.. Yuuno will announce an hour later that he knows the spot and can teleport to it at will.
[00:03] Alathon: Based on Sheena's view of the area, you figure you can make it to the town before dusk if you set out for the road and follow it.
[00:03] Caoilinn: "Ok, let's go to town."
[00:04] * Caoilinn leads the way.
[00:04] * Sheena follows along
[00:05] Alathon: You'll reach it when the sun is low in hte sky.. right in your faces, in fact.
[00:05] Alathon: Since you're heading west.
[00:06] Alathon: You'll reach a high wooden chair, first.
[00:06] * Sheena is expermting with a Yuuno sun blocker to little effect
[00:06] Sheena: ( A what?)
[00:06] Alathon: Rather, a high wooden tower, much akin to a firewatch, with a ladder and a rope coming down from the platform.
[00:07] Alathon: It's manned.. but the person manning it doesn't appear to have any issues with you, or any particular desire to talk unless addressed.
[00:07] Alathon: It's at least sixty or eighty feet high.
[00:08] Alathon: YOu can continue on, or hail them.
[00:09] Sheena: (Impressive for there level of tech)
[00:09] Caoilinn: (A wooden tower?)
[00:09] * Sheena gives a wave to the man on the tower as they walk by
[00:09] Alathon: ((firewatch.. ia wooden framework with a room at the top, with large open windows in each direction.
[00:09] Caoilinn: (I was responding to Sheena.)
[00:09] Sheena: (park ranger tower)
[00:10] Alathon: The man either didn't see the wave, or chose not to respond.
[00:10] Alathon: Anywyas.
[00:10] Alathon: When you reach town, you'll find it not dissimilar from Northup.
[00:10] Alathon: Layout is pretty much the same.
[00:10] Alathon: ((btw, what are you all dressed in?))
[00:10] Alathon: ((Amiko is, of course, in uniform.))
[00:10] Sheena: (notices odd markings on the side, Horde tower Oh shi-!)
[00:10] Sheena: (uniform)
[00:10] Caoilinn: (Normal uniform)
[00:11] Tsukasa: (Normal uniform, once more)
[00:11] Caoilinn: (It's not like we carry around closets full of clothes, after all. :) )
[00:11] Alathon: ((heh))
[00:11] Sheena: (encumberment? Never heard of it!)
[00:12] Alathon: A militiaman (by the uniform and rifle) will approach you when get within sight of the local militia hall and greet you.
[00:12] Alathon: Man: "Oi! Name's Michael.. what brings you ladies to Erickson at a time like this?"
[00:12] Alathon: The man looks at you all appraisingly.
[00:12] Caoilinn: "Hello there. A time like this?"
[00:12] Alathon: Man: "You here for the Captain's dollars?"
[00:13] Tsukasa: "Captain's... what?"
[00:13] Caoilinn: "The what?"
[00:13] Alathon: Michael squints at the party.. he doesn't seem to be doing so in a lewd way, however.
[00:13] Alathon: Michael: "Captain's offering a double dollar a week to any metas who as good in a fight, to hang 'round for when the riders come."
[00:14] Tsukasa: "... People are getting PAID to do this?"
[00:14] Alathon: Michael: "You ladies interested?"
[00:14] Tsukasa: "Well, no, we're here for free."
[00:14] Alathon: Michael: "Uh, beggin' yer pardon?"
[00:14] Sheena: "Interesting indeed. That is why where are here but it seems you know about the posibilty of the attack all ready"
[00:14] Alathon: Michael snorts.
[00:14] Caoilinn: "Well, we were ordered by the Lady Venus to come here and take care of any Harleyriders that came around."
[00:14] Alathon: Michael: "Ain't no Possibility ma'am.."
[00:14] Tsukasa: "We're already doing the same job for someone else, to be truthful."
[00:14] Alathon: Michael: "We all know damned well what's headin our way."
[00:15] Caoilinn: "Considering the other hamlets in the area were burned down, I'd be astonished if they weren't."
[00:15] Alathon: Michaels: "Beggin' yer pardon, but someone else? "
[00:15] Alathon: Michaels' expression darkens a little.
[00:16] Caoilinn: "The Lady Venus. Our boss."
[00:16] Alathon: Michaels: "What, the carson city types finally gettin' off their fat asses?"
[00:16] Sheena: "It's great to hear your ready, We had no idea how to explane about an upcoming attack with out looking wierd"
[00:16] Tsukasa: "Lady Venus. Carson has nothing to do with it, we're a third or fourth party."
[00:16] Alathon: Michael looks at Caoilinn strangely.
[00:16] Alathon: Michael: "Oh.. you'all folk from the hills?"
[00:16] Alathon: Michael: "We've had a couple of the wil--er, hill folk as come down for the money, an' Engineer too."
[00:16] Sheena: "hmm, More to the west really, rather far off"
[00:17] Alathon: Michael shrugs.
[00:17] * Tsukasa blinks. "Well, elsewhere at least. Quite a distance west."
[00:17] Caoilinn: "We're from Crystal Tokyo... I don't suppose you've heard of it?"
[00:17] Alathon: Michael: "From the coast? Fine by me, you sure as hell ain't no pigriders, that's for damned sure."
[00:17] Alathon: Michael: "Nope, but I ain't been west 'o Jackson, so that don't account for much."
[00:17] Sheena: "We ran into a good of them all ready at nortrup, they won't be bothering any one else"
[00:18] * Sheena grins at that.
[00:18] Alathon: Michael: "Northup? WHere's that at?"
[00:18] Sheena: (group* gah)
[00:18] Alathon: Michael: "Whatever.. never mind me, just curious is all."
[00:18] Caoilinn: "Well, to put it simply, we're not from around here, but we and our boss have decided we don't like the Riders."
[00:18] Sheena: "We spent so much time walking, im not sure i could really tell ya."
[00:18] Alathon: Michael: "S'up to you what you wanna do for pay or not, but if you're here to fight, I'm sure the captain'd be right willing to offer you a bed an' some grub in the hall for the duration."
[00:19] Alathon: Michael: "Well then, I hafta say your lady boss has a good head on her then, nobody in their right mind likes the riders."
[00:19] Tsukasa: "Food and lodging is more than enough, thank you."
[00:19] Alathon: Michael: "Well, right this way."
[00:19] Alathon: Michael turns and heads over to the hall, motioning for the party to follow.
[00:20] * Caoilinn follows.
[00:21] * Sheena goes along as well
[00:21] * Tsukasa prods Sanshi to follow.
[00:21] Alathon: Michael calls for the captain once he gets into the compound, and when he arrives, explains that you're here to offer assistance against the Harleyriders.
[00:22] Alathon: The captain is an older man, heavyset, barrel-chested, with a two day stubble.
[00:22] Alathon: His uniform is clean and crisp, however.
[00:23] Alathon: Captain: "Name's Marlon, Marlon Smith."
[00:23] Alathon: Marlon: "You all metas here for the dollar?"
[00:23] Tsukasa: "No, we're here under orders from someone who wants to help you out."
[00:24] Alathon: Marlon blinks.
[00:24] Sheena: (hmm, hireing metas to solve his problems, smart man)
[00:24] Alathon: Marlon looks over at Michael, who quickly explains what you've said.
[00:24] Caoilinn: "Caoilinn O'Loinsigh. We're here to take care of any Harleyriders that show their faces."
[00:24] Tsukasa: "I'm Tsukasa Kuno, by the way."
[00:24] Alathon: Marlon: "We'll.. Caoilinn, Tsukasa, I'd be glad to have you and your friends."
[00:24] Caoilinn: (That's no way for a Kunou to introduce herself. :) )
[00:24] Alathon: Marlon: "I'll be straight though, I'm paying for a reason. Ain't gonna be easy."
[00:25] Sheena: "Sheena, Our boss is currently taking out any Riders she can find out in the wilds."
[00:25] Sheena: "We are hear to hande any one that makes it past"
[00:25] Alathon: Marlon grunts.
[00:25] Alathon: Marlon: "Well, happy hunting to her."
[00:25] Tsukasa: "Don't worry. We've done it before, and we'll be glad to."
[00:25] Alathon: Marlon nods.
[00:25] Alathon: Marlon: "So.. what can ya do?"
[00:25] * Sheena titles her head a bit
[00:25] Alathon: Marlon looks at each of you.
[00:25] Sheena: "Blow stuff up real good"
[00:26] Alathon: Amiko: "I'm a fair shot, and a mage-in-training."
[00:26] Caoilinn: "I'm good in an up-close fight."
[00:26] Alathon: Marlon looks at Sheena.
[00:26] * Caoilinn summons her armor and partially draws her swords.
[00:26] Alathon: Marlon: "Pyro?"
[00:26] Alathon: Marlon nods appreciatively at Caoilinn's armor.
[00:26] Sheena: "No, More of an engery base. No danger of fire"
[00:27] Tsukasa: "Myself, I'm mainly a sniper."
[00:27] * Caoilinn sheathes her swords and dismisses her armor.
[00:27] * Sheena pats Sanshi
[00:27] Tsukasa: "And Sanshi here is very good in short ranges."
[00:27] Alathon: Marlon: "Hmm.. he safe around horses?"
[00:27] Tsukasa: Sanshi: "Yeah! I is!"
[00:28] Caoilinn: (The captain runs away screaming. :) )
[00:28] Sheena: (heh)
[00:29] Sheena: "His Tsukasa legs, So we like to keep them toghter as much as posible"
[00:29] * Sheena is trying to help the poor cat out
[00:30] Alathon: Marlon: "Good, good.. talk to Jer.. short kid, blond hair, he's the stableboy, he'll make sure he gets what he needs."
[00:30] Caoilinn: "I can also make small crystal items. I don't charge for anything used to help defend the town."
[00:30] Alathon: Marlon nods at Caoilinn.
[00:30] Alathon: Marlon: "Your call on that, like I said, I'm payin' if you want it."
[00:30] Alathon: Marlon: "But I'll gladly accept for free."
[00:30] * Caoilinn smiles.
[00:31] Alathon: Marlon: "Anyways.. lemme show you around."
[00:31] Alathon: Marlon will show you all the accomodations.. different layout, but pretty much the same as the Militia Hall back home, except for a few things.
[00:31] Caoilinn: "I wouldn't feel right charging for stuff like that. Luxury items like window panes and glasses are a different matter, though."
[00:31] Alathon: The hall appeared to be wooden on the outside, but is clearly brick on the inside.
[00:32] Alathon: The windows have heavy, complicated firearms mounted -- anyone with a bit of historical knowledge will recognize them as machine guns of some sort.
[00:32] Alathon: And the doors are all heavily reinforced, with the hingens on the inside.
[00:32] Caoilinn: "Much better defenses than Northup..."
[00:32] * Sheena is looking at the set up and gives a nod at the good thinking
[00:32] * Caoilinn nods as she looks at them.
[00:32] Alathon: Marlon: "Well, fine by me.. hm.. window panes you say? Aaron over at the goods store might like somethin' like that."
[00:33] Alathon: Amiko nods approvingly at the weaponry and reinforcements as well.
[00:33] Alathon: Marlon will eventually drop everyone off at the common room, where dinner is getting underway.
[00:34] Alathon: It's a little smoky, someone in one of the corners has a pipe, but the smell isn't too bad.
[00:34] Alathon: There's at least s somewhat pleasant tone to the smoke.
[00:34] Alathon: There's a dozen or so militiamen seated at two trestle tables, with two men and a woman seated at a third.
[00:35] Alathon: The miltiamen are generally gabbing; the mood is pleasant, regardless of the danger the captain and michael forsee.
[00:36] * Sheena looks around a bit
[00:36] Alathon: The woman and one of the men at the third table are aruing loudly but not terribly heatedly; the third is sitting on the other end of the table and keeping to himself.
[00:36] Sheena: "Well should we grabe a seat and some food?"
[00:36] Caoilinn: (Were we shown where we should bunk down?)
[00:36] Alathon: The gist of the man's argument is that the "Crimsons suck", in many different ways of saying it.
[00:36] Alathon: Yes, you were shown the bunkroom.
[00:36] Alathon: Much the same as the one back in Northup, except that the vast majority of the bunks were unused.
[00:37] * Sheena smiles a bit as she picks up that line
[00:37] * Tsukasa has switched to her wheelchair before entering the militia hall, at this point.
[00:37] Sheena: "Lets head over there"
[00:37] Caoilinn: "Yeah."
[00:37] Alathon: As he gets louder, the woman tries, unsuccessfully, to shush him.
[00:37] Tsukasa: "Indeed. That's one way to gather information."
[00:37] Caoilinn: (Is there room at that table?)
[00:37] Alathon: When you get closer, you'll see that the woman wears some sort of leather armor, and the man is wearing heavily stained furs for the most part.
[00:38] Alathon: He doesn't smell all that good either.
[00:38] Alathon: Yes, there's room for the party
[00:38] Alathon: Each table seats eight
[00:38] Alathon: Woman: "For fuck's sake, shut your hap!"
[00:39] Alathon: Man: "Ah'll shut my goddamned yap when I wannna!"
[00:39] Alathon: Woman: "have some damned sense."
[00:39] Alathon: The woman seems more disgusted than pissed off.
[00:40] * Sheena fishs a bottle of water from her bag while listing in
[00:40] Alathon: They both stop arguing when they notice you all seating yourselves at the table.
[00:40] Sheena: (doh, or not)
[00:40] Alathon: Both give you a look over.. the man is obviously checking you all out.
[00:40] * Caoilinn picks a seat far and upwind from the man.
[00:41] Caoilinn: (Or as upwind as it gets in there)
[00:41] Alathon: It's not so clear what the woman is checking you out for, she's obviously looking, but not at the naughty bits.
[00:41] Alathon: You can seat yourself across from the third person at the table, the man who's keeping to himself.
[00:41] Alathon: He'll grunt at you in welcome, then go back to picking at his stew.
[00:41] * Caoilinn does so, if that best matches her criteria. :)
[00:42] Alathon: BTW, if you want food, there's a pot of stew over a fireplace, with loaves of bred on a board next to it. Some of the loaves have chunks torn from them.
[00:42] Alathon: The man who was shouting takes a moment to scarf some food down, in between large gulps of beer.
[00:42] Caoilinn: (I guess I would've picked up a bowl on the way over, then.)
[00:42] Alathon: ((yeah,t hat's cool))
[00:43] Tsukasa: (Suspect we all did)
[00:43] Alathon: Woman: "Haven't seen your lot around here. Name's Jerry."
[00:43] Tsukasa: "I'm Tsukasa."
[00:43] * Sheena gives a smile and a nod
[00:43] Alathon: Jerry blinks at the obviously foreign name.
[00:43] Sheena: "Name's Sheena,"
[00:43] Caoilinn: "Caoilinn."
[00:43] Alathon: Jerry smiles thinly.
[00:43] Tsukasa: (Hey, a woman named Jerry has no right to complain :P )
[00:43] Alathon: Amiko: "Amiko."
[00:44] Alathon: Jerry: "Here for the dollar I take it?"
[00:44] Caoilinn: (It's short for Jerrymander :) )
[00:44] Caoilinn: "Here to take care of any Riders that show their faces."
[00:45] Alathon: Jerry: "Good. More's the merrier, and it's not as if we're splitting a pot."
[00:45] Alathon: The man who was arguing gets up and refills his mug from the barrel of beer over by the food.
[00:46] * Sheena just sips her water
[00:46] Sheena: "Are there many here for the pot?"
[00:46] Alathon: Jerry: "The loudmouth's Owen, and the guy down there's Jess."
[00:46] Alathon: Jerry blinks.
[00:46] Alathon: Jerry: "There's nothing to split that I've heard of, unless you're thinking whatever the riders're carrying."
[00:47] Sheena: "Dollar that is,"
[00:47] Alathon: Jerry: "And the deal there's we keep what we kill."
[00:47] Alathon: Jerry: "What ya see is what we got."
[00:47] Alathon: Jerry: "A damn sight better than what most of these little shithole villages got, that's for sure."
[00:48] Sheena: "Hmm, Can't help but notice the split in tables. I take it this is the Gifted seating?"
[00:48] Alathon: Jerry: "Eh. I guess. Ain't like they got any beef with us, as I figure it.. they just stick to their own, and we stick to ours."
[00:49] Caoilinn: "Sure. They probably eat together every day."
[00:49] Alathon: Now that you're up close, you can see even in the mediocre light that Jerry has one green eye, and one grey.
[00:49] Sheena: (oh hey look, we got an "ours")
[00:49] Alathon: Jerry: "If you don't mind me askin, them uniforms' are old world, right?"
[00:49] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:49] Alathon: Jerry: "Sure as heck knit tighter than what ya can get around here."
[00:50] * Sheena blinks at that.
[00:50] Sheena: "Not exctaly.."
[00:50] Caoilinn: "No, but the people who made them are very good at it."
[00:50] Alathon: Jerry: "Hafta be."
[00:50] Alathon: Jerry squints at Caoilinn's uniform for a moment, before returning to the conversation.
[00:50] * Sheena hmmm's
[00:51] Alathon: Jerry starts to say something, but is interrupted by Owen, who seats himself and introduces himself loudly.
[00:51] Alathon: Owen: "Name's Owen."
[00:51] Alathon: Owen belches.
[00:51] Sheena: "Well... Not all old world pratices are gone from the world. I guess thats the best way to put it"
[00:51] Alathon: Owen: "Glad ta meetcha."
[00:51] Sheena: (his all yours cao!)
[00:51] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:51] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Now that you're up close, you can see even in the mediocre light that Jerry has one green eye, and one grey.
[00:51] Tsukasa: <Sheena> (oh hey look, we got an "ours")
[00:51] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[00:51] Sheena: doh
[00:51] Alathon: Owen looks blearily at the party's hair, then at their uniforms.
[00:52] Sheena: First time some ones noticed that about the uniforms
[00:52] Alathon: Owen: "s'the carpet match the drapes?"
[00:52] Alathon: Jerry, disgustedly: "Shut up you old letch."
[00:52] Caoilinn: "Huh?"
[00:52] * Sheena looks confsued while Yuuno snickers
[00:52] Alathon: PM'd
[00:53] Alathon: Owen: "No, I s'pose that'd be askin' too much."
[00:53] Alathon: Owen: "Friggin crimson everywhere I look these days.. like it's some damned fashion."
[00:53] Sheena: "I have the fealing that i was insulted, But no idea how."
[00:53] Alathon: Jerry: "Eh. Not an insult if it's true."
[00:53] Alathon: Jerry smirks.
[00:54] * Sheena still dont get it
[00:54] Alathon: Jerry: "And for pity's sake, get off that dead horse, Owen!"
[00:54] * Caoilinn just looks conufsed.
[00:54] Alathon: Jerry: "There may not be a crimson outside of Carson, but that don't mean it's wise to talk."
[00:55] Sheena: "Oh, whats wrong with a crimson?"
[00:55] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:55] Sheena: the internet god is telling wolf to go to bed
[00:55] Alathon: Owen practically bellows: "I'll talk as loud as I damned well want, and what's wrong? "
[00:56] Alathon: Owen: "I'll tell you whats wrong.. them goddamned high-horse pyros lordin' it over those of us as not have their gifts, that's what, as if they was on some sorta high moral pedestel."
[00:56] Alathon: Owen cackles a bit a that.
[00:57] Alathon: Owen: "Them's on a pedestal alright, an upside down one.. them and their black hearted --"
[00:57] Alathon: Jerry throws beer in his face at this point.
[00:57] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:57] Tsukasa: * Caoilinn just looks conufsed.
[00:57] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Jerry: "There may not be a crimson outside of Carson, but that don't mean it's wise to talk."
[00:57] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[00:57] Alathon: Owen gurgles a bit before spitting it out in her direction; the beer slides away from here like water on plastic and drops to the floor around her.
[00:57] Tsukasa: (...)
[00:57] Caoilinn: "Neat!"
[00:58] Alathon: Owen makes a fist; Jerry looks at him. Owen halfway stands up, then sits down.
[00:58] Sheena: "Usefull"
[00:58] Alathon: Owen, more quietly: "You ain't no better."
[00:58] Alathon: Jerry shrugs.
[00:58] Alathon: Jerry: "I ain't claim to be neither."
[00:58] Alathon: Owen: "Shouldn't be tellin folks what they can't say."
[00:58] Alathon: Jerry: "Fuck if I care, just don't shout it."
[00:59] Alathon: Owen gives Jerry the evil eye, before looking over at the party. Jerry doesn't look like she cares in the least.
[00:59] Alathon: Owen: "Well, what?"
[00:59] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[00:59] * Sheena titles her head a bit.
[01:00] Caoilinn: "Don't know what you're talking about or why you're shouting it."
[01:00] Alathon: Owen peers at you owlishly.
[01:01] Alathon: Owen: "Whaddya mean.. how'd ya not know 'bout the crimsons?"
[01:01] * Sheena sighs and drinks more of her water
[01:01] Alathon: Owen: "Aintcha from back west?"
[01:01] Caoilinn: "Oh, I've heard a little about them, but we're not from around here."
[01:01] Alathon: owen blinks.
[01:01] Alathon: Owen laughs.
[01:02] Alathon: Owen: "Well, you've come to the right place then, only man in this sackless country'll as tell ya the truth."
[01:02] Sheena: "Do tell"
[01:02] Alathon: Owen screws up his face.
[01:02] Sheena: "But please, no need to shout"
[01:02] Alathon: Owen: "I'll give 'em one thing, an' one thing only.. they ain't as bad as they used ta be."
[01:02] Alathon: Owen: "That's it."
[01:03] Alathon: Owen: "Othern' that.. every bastard one of em up ta Trebek can kiss my fat ass."
[01:03] Alathon: Owen: "They lord it over all of us as not be pyros, or telekineshiks.."
[01:04] Alathon: Owen: "They got the okay from the deputies and the carson city bastards to do what as they want, and they ain't like competition."
[01:04] Alathon: Owen: "Oh, they keep the peace.. peace 'o the grave for any as be too uppity 'bout their powers, an' not sight on with 'em."
[01:05] Alathon: Jerry is rolling her eyes, but doesn't dispute his claims.
[01:05] Sheena: ( peace 'o the grave, heh)
[01:05] Alathon: Owen: "They go everywhere lookin' down their noses at everyone else, like they's hot shit."
[01:06] Alathon: Owen: "Then come some trouble, and what they do? Hie their sorry asses back ta Carson and sit there on their thumbs!"
[01:06] * Sheena tries to look interested
[01:07] Alathon: Owen: "Not sure if it's worse now, really.. leastways back then you could count on 'em to step up if someone was as messin' with the normal folk."
[01:07] Alathon: Owen: "now, they ain't do a damned thing."
[01:07] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[01:07] Alathon: Owen: "of course, back then, you better keep your head low, nose on the ground.. an' keep yourselves outta sight with looks like you girls got, that's for damned sure!"
[01:08] Caoilinn: "What changed?"
[01:08] Alathon: Owen takes a moment to chug most of his mug of beer, and scarf down a couple fork fulls of meat.
[01:08] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[01:08] Tsukasa: * Sheena tries to look interested
[01:08] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Owen: "Not sure if it's worse now, really.. leastways back then you could count on 'em to step up if someone was as messin' with the normal folk."
[01:08] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[01:08] Alathon: PM'd
[01:08] Alathon: Owen: "Where was I?"
[01:09] Alathon: Jerry: "Bitching, as usual."
[01:09] Alathon: Owen: "The hell.. you wasn't around then, least not old enough to remember, so ain't like you should talk."
[01:09] Alathon: Jerry: "Yeah, yeah.."
[01:10] Alathon: Owen: "What changed? Oh, yeah.."
[01:10] Alathon: Owen: "Trebek's what changed.. er, what done the changing."
[01:10] Alathon: Owen cackles.
[01:10] Alathon: Owen: "On account o' some girl he was sweet on."
[01:11] Alathon: Owen: "Came to a bad end on account of Reichert's tastes... Reichert, he was the head honcho crimson back then, right mean bastard.. maybe worse'n Trebek."
[01:12] Alathon: Owen: "Anyways, was all on account o' this girl.. come one night, him and his crew, they ride into town."
[01:12] Sheena: "Oh? Story is getting good now"
[01:12] Alathon: Owen snorts.
[01:13] Alathon: Owen: "Ain't no good innit if you ask me."
[01:13] Alathon: Owen: "Didn't matter a damn to Trebek what happened until it went an' happened to his girl."
[01:13] Sheena: "ahh.."
[01:13] Alathon: Owen: "Anyways, back then, Reichert was the one what ran everything. The senators.. hah!"
[01:13] Alathon: Owen laughs.
[01:14] Alathon: Owen: "they'd talk, an' talk, but they'd talk real quiet like when it cames to the crimsons.. the ones as didn't, well they didn't stay hydrated very long, if ya get my drift."
[01:14] Alathon: Owen: "An Reichert wanted something done, you better believe there was one of them ready to do it.. if he wanted his ass wiped, they'd 'of been there with a newspaper on their knees."
[01:15] Alathon: Owen: "So anyways, they ride in one night, all quiet like, and head over to the Crimson's barraks."
[01:16] Alathon: Owen: "Useta be south 'o town a bit, before.. we'll, I'm gettin ahead of myself."
[01:16] Alathon: Owen: "Reichert an' most o' his cronies were there, like they usually were.. doin who knows what."
[01:16] Alathon: Owen: "So they go in.. an' everyone within a mile could hear when they went at it."
[01:17] Alathon: Owen: "Long story short, couple hours by sunrise there's plenty 'o people lookin from a ways off, and the building goes down in flames.. only one as comes out is Trebek."
[01:18] Alathon: Owen: "He walks from there all the way up to the capitol building, an' sits his ass down there, and just sits. An' does nothing, ignores anyone as ask him a question.. and weren't many of those, let me tell you!"
[01:18] Alathon: Owen: "Next day, he sits there, doin' nothin, as every Senator walks by."
[01:19] Sheena: "umm, damn.."
[01:19] Alathon: Owen: "Ignores every word they got to say like they ain't there."
[01:19] Caoilinn: (And a loudmouthed drunk shall bring you enlightenment...)
[01:19] Tsukasa: (Don't they always?)
[01:19] Alathon: Owen: "They give up after a while of course.. they ain't too strenuous about buggin him, word got around damn fast, let me tell you!"
[01:19] Tsukasa: (In vino veritas, after all)
[01:19] Sheena: (So sayith the wise Bender)
[01:19] Alathon: If you look around, you'll notice that the entire room is silent at this point. Everyone's listening.
[01:20] Alathon: Owen: "So he just waits.. and waits.. until it's somethin' like half past two."
[01:21] Alathon: Owen: "He stands up and walks away from the place.. nobody stopped him of course.. none of the deputies dumb enough to pick a fight with a Crimson, whatever he might of as done."
[01:21] Alathon: Owen: "He gets maybe fifty, sixty feet from that building, and he turns around."
[01:22] Alathon: Owen: "He lit up then, burnin' red 'an white flames up and down his arms, and lets loose with all he's got."
[01:22] Alathon: Owen: "In the space 'o thirty seconds he had the whole place lit up."
[01:23] Alathon: Owen: "Soon 'nuff, the senators, their aides, the cleanin' staff, and all them sorts come pourin' out the front door."
[01:23] Alathon: Owen: "An' he lights them up, in fives' an tens."
[01:24] Alathon: Owen: "A couple o' the deputies get brassy an' take shots at him.. he just flips em off this way an' that, and lights the deputies up, an' anyone standing by 'em.
[01:24] Alathon: Owen takes a big drag on his mug, emptying it.
[01:24] Sheena: (i see now why arnold dissagreed with the idea of trebek bothering with long range plans, He can nuke at will)
[01:25] Alathon: Owen: "He just walked off.. rode off I should say.. grabbed one o' the deputies horses.. An nobody seen him for a good six months after that."
[01:25] Alathon: Owen but every three, four nights, someone's house lights up.
[01:25] Alathon: Owen: "All the family 'o the senators, an' the crimsons he offed, he got ta."
[01:26] Alathon: Owen: "didn't take 'em long to figure out who was as being targeted, so they scattered right quick.. ain't none of em shown their faces since, live or dead."
[01:27] Alathon: Owen: "Like I said, six months later, he rides into town, with a couple dozen crimsons from the outlying cities with 'em."
[01:27] Alathon: Owen: "he done dealt with the rest, leastways that's how I heard it."
[01:27] Alathon: Owens: "Goes right up to the mayor's office an tells 'em to get on with the elections, and.. that's that."
[01:28] Alathon: Owen looks around the room, realizing everyone has been listening at this point, and his eyes get a bit wide.
[01:28] Alathon: He stands up and hurries over to get another beer, which he sits down, and gulps, silent.
[01:28] Sheena: "Well... That was interesting."
[01:29] Alathon: Je
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Session #11 - Part 3

Postby Alathon » Sat Oct 21, 2006 4:30 am

Session #11 - Part 3
[01:28] Sheena: "Well... That was interesting."
[01:29] Alathon: Jerry raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.
[01:29] Alathon: It takes a few minutes, but conversation will start up at the other tables, albeit more subdued than before.
[01:30] Alathon: Owen digs into his food and stays quiet.
[01:30] Alathon: Jerry: "Not exactly the way I heard it, but close enough on all the main points."
[01:30] Caoilinn: (I bet Jerry's thinking, "Huh. So *that's* what it takes to shut him up." :) )
[01:30] * Sheena finshs off her bottle of red tinted water
[01:30] Sheena: (heh)
[01:31] Sheena: (bet al's fingers are tired now)
[01:31] Alathon: Owen doesn't even contest what was said., though he looks up at her and shakes his head ever-so-slightly before going back to eating.
[01:31] Alathon: End Here.
[01:31] Alathon: well not so much, but it's definately quite late.
[01:31] Alathon: thank you all for staying up
[01:31] Sheena: Was a good game.
[01:31] Tsukasa: Well... THAT answers the 'what was that incident' question.
[01:31] Caoilinn: You're welcome. But you owe us one. ;)
[01:32] Sheena: flying bit was a spur of the moment thing.
[01:32] Tsukasa: And I see why you stretched it through - that's an almighty endpoint to a session, but not quite so good when inserted into the middle.
[01:33] Alathon: Yeah
[01:33] Alathon: something to think on across the week :)
[01:33] Alathon: flying bit was fun
[01:33] Alathon: hrm
[01:33] Alathon: 1400 exp for the session
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Session #12

Postby Alathon » Fri Nov 03, 2006 12:31 am

Session #12
[18:04] Alathon: anyways
[18:04] Sheena: was reading the besm stuff to think of ways for more engery
[18:04] * Gerand_Rague thinks about Slaping ataru
[18:04] Ataru: should I change as well, or wait for my dramatic entrance?
[18:04] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[18:04] Gerand_Rague: Change now.
[18:04] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:05] Gerand_Rague: (Sanshi can talk?)
[18:05] Caoilinn: Yep.
[18:05] Sheena: sanshi will likly be smarting then ataru
[18:05] Caoilinn: Btw, phonetically (sort-of): Caoilinn (KAY-leen) O'Loinsigh (O'Lynch)
[18:05] Gerand_Rague: (DCG is back then.)
[18:05] Sheena: hmm now how did it go?
[18:06] Ataru: <Sheena> sanshi will likly be smarting then ataru <= what's this mean in english?
[18:06] Tsukasa: (Smarter)
[18:06] Sheena: every time cao nails a one liner take a shot.
[18:06] Alathon: We left off with the party stationed in Erickson, awaiting an expected Harleyrider attack.
[18:06] Caoilinn: It means Sanshi lashes out to share the pain when hurt. :)
[18:06] *** Ataru is now known as Sakura_Kuonji.
[18:06] Sheena: (ever time tsuka one shots a fool take a shot)
[18:07] Gerand_Rague: (Drunken D&D?)
[18:07] Alathon: Venus has assigned the four of you to guard the hamlet of Erickson, gather more information, and generally stay alive.
[18:07] Gerand_Rague: (When do We come in?)
[18:07] Alathon: While she's off playing hunter-killer and exterminating as many chapters of harleyriders as she can find.
[18:07] Alathon: You come in later.. probably less than an hour
[18:07] Gerand_Rague: (k)
[18:08] Sheena: (golden death for love and justice)
[18:08] Alathon: Having arrived at Erickson, the party discovered that the local Militia captain was hiring metahumans to augment the town's defense, at the rate of one double dollar a week
[18:08] Tsukasa: (Damn, you're gonna get plastered DC)
[18:08] Alathon: They also discovered that several metahumans had already arrived.
[18:09] Alathon: A young woman wearing leather armor with a somewhat cold manner, by the name of Jerry.
[18:09] Alathon: A retiring, quiet man by the name of Jess.
[18:09] Sheena: (and the drunk)
[18:09] Alathon: and a blustering, smelly drunk of a man by the name of Owen.
[18:09] Sakura_Kuonji: (double dollar? Are we going to run into a guy with spiky blonde hair and a red trenchcoat?)
[18:10] Alathon: Owen, having a big mouth, was more than willing to expound on everything in the world that pisses him off.. and at hte top of that list was the Crimsons, and their leader, Martin Trebek.
[18:10] Sheena: (hmm winamp is playing kill yourself, i dont like that)
[18:10] Alathon: ((very unlikely, vash is on another planet))
[18:10] Gerand_Rague: (Martin? Any relation to Alex?)
[18:10] Alathon: Anyways.. we start now, with Owen having finished his tirade, conversation picking up.
[18:11] Caoilinn: (Kuonji? We have another one...)
[18:11] Gerand_Rague: (Lots of people related to others in here...)
[18:11] Sheena: (sakura?)
[18:12] Gerand_Rague: (He's a guy)
[18:12] Tsukasa: (You playing a girl, or a guy named like one?)
[18:12] Sheena: (thats worse!)
[18:12] Gerand_Rague: (His hair's pink though)
[18:12] Alathon: You're free to do what you want at this point
[18:12] Alathon: Owen doesn't really wanna talk, having made a spectacle of himself, but others are willing.
[18:12] Caoilinn: "Well. I hadn't heard that story before..."
[18:13] Alathon: Jerry: "Doesn't supprise me.. most folks know better than to shout it out in a public room."
[18:13] Sheena: "Word gets around?"
[18:13] Alathon: Jerry shrugs.
[18:13] Alathon: Jerry: "I suppose it isn't quite seditious, but.. ya know.. it does draw the wrong kinda attention."
[18:14] Gerand_Rague: (Attention that'll get you burned up?)
[18:14] Tsukasa: "Still, it was useful to finally learn what the deal was there."
[18:14] Caoilinn: "Ah... unofficial attention."
[18:14] Alathon: Jerry shrugs again.
[18:14] Alathon: Jerry: "I dunno.. I don't think it's that direct. Just.. not a good idea."
[18:15] Alathon: Jerry: "If you don't mind me askin', seein' as we're gonna be fighting together.. what do ya'all do?"
[18:15] Alathon: Jerry glances over at Owen, then Jess.
[18:16] Alathon: "The drunk's strong as any ten oxen, and almost as tough.. Jess's an Engineer."
[18:16] * Caoilinn looks at Jess.
[18:16] Sheena: "Heard interesting things about Engineers."
[18:16] Alathon: Jess looks up for a moment on hearing his name, then goes back to his plate.
[18:16] Caoilinn: "Really? I haven't met an engineer before. What do you do, exactly?"
[18:16] Alathon: Jess looks up again.
[18:16] Alathon: Jess: "hmm?"
[18:17] Alathon: Jerry looks at Tsukasa and Caoilinn expectantly.
[18:17] Caoilinn: "What is it you do? I've never met an engineer before and haven't heard all that much about them either."
[18:18] Tsukasa: "Hm, my own skills are pretty much in shooting things."
[18:18] Alathon: Jess: "I plunder the ruins of the Empire in search of the lost technologies."
[18:18] Alathon: It sounds an awful lot like he's quoting something.
[18:18] Alathon: Jess goes back to his food.
[18:18] Sheena: "Real talkive type there,"
[18:18] Alathon: Jerry frowns.
[18:18] Caoilinn: "Ok, and what should we expect if we're in a fight together?"
[18:18] Alathon: Jerry: "With a rifle? Won't do much against the riders.."
[18:19] Alathon: Owen: "Ah, leave 'em alone.. he ain't one to mix well."
[18:19] Alathon: Jerry looks back at Caoilinn.
[18:19] Alathon: Jerry: "That's what I'm askin' you."
[18:20] Alathon: Jess looks a little irritated by Owen's comment, but says nothing.
[18:20] * Tsukasa smiles slightly. "Your rifles, maybe."
[18:20] Caoilinn: "Hm? Oh, I guess I got distracted. I mostly fight in close with my swords and armor."
[18:20] Alathon: Jerry cock's her head to one side.
[18:20] Alathon: Jerry: "Huh.. some sorta magic weapons and stuff?"
[18:21] Gerand_Rague: (And make sure the enemies get their daily value of crystaline nutrients?)
[18:21] Caoilinn: "Kind of, but there's nothing really special about my stuff itself."
[18:21] Alathon: Jerry shrugs.
[18:21] Tsukasa: "Something like that. Does the job."
[18:21] Alathon: Jerry: "Fair 'nuff."
[18:22] Sheena: (crystal tokyo crystals promote long life, Cao's just helping them live longer happer lifes)
[18:22] Gerand_Rague: (Through the power of slaying?)
[18:22] Alathon: Amiko: "I'm a mage, and a marine. What do you do?"
[18:22] Sheena: (the gaint spear forms have been know to have negitve side affects tho)
[18:22] Sakura_Kuonji: (who's amiko?)
[18:22] Alathon: Jerry: "I kill people."
[18:23] Alathon: ((Amiko is another redheaded woman."
[18:23] Tsukasa: (Mage's character, who's getting canned)
[18:23] Gerand_Rague: (Amiko is Mage's mage that he gave up)
[18:23] Alathon: ((Mage's character))
[18:23] Sakura_Kuonji: (gonna kill her off? ^_^)
[18:23] Alathon: Jerry: "Naturally, I'm not gonna demonstrate it or nothing."
[18:23] Tsukasa: "Well, that always serves well as a specialty."
[18:23] Alathon: Jerry: "So you'll just hafta take it on faith."
[18:23] Gerand_Rague: (Mage isn't playing Amiko anymore, so yes, probably)
[18:23] Caoilinn: "A brief description would suffice."
[18:24] Alathon: Jerry pauses.
[18:24] Sheena: (she gets shipped home for operational defecutals)
[18:24] Gerand_Rague: (Jerry: Kills people, dead.)
[18:24] Alathon: Jerry: "Well.. they stop moving, talking, eating, or any of that stuff. After a while, they rot."
[18:24] Caoilinn: "Wow..."
[18:24] * Caoilinn looks suitably impressed.
[18:24] Gerand_Rague: (Well, that was vivid. and uninformative...)
[18:24] Alathon: Jerry can't help but smirk at her own tremendous wit, and takes a long sip of beer.
[18:24] Caoilinn: "And how do you induce such a condition?"
[18:25] Sheena: "Ask them nicely?"
[18:25] Gerand_Rague: (By killing them?)
[18:25] Sakura_Kuonji: ("it involves twelve gallons of lube and a walrus)
[18:25] Alathon: Jerry: "Well.."
[18:25] Alathon: Jerry: "If you reach into someone.. and you grab just the right part, and give it a good yank, nine times outta ten, that'll do it."
[18:25] Alathon: Jerry: "And I don't mean their heart."
[18:26] Gerand_Rague: (their gall bladder?)
[18:26] Alathon: Jerry pauses.
[18:26] * Sheena blinks while thinking about that.
[18:26] Sheena: "umm, eww?"
[18:26] Alathon: Jerry: "Gotta be in a different form to do that.. look a lot what some folks say ghosts look like."
[18:26] Gerand_Rague: (Oh. pullin out their Souls!)
[18:27] Sakura_Kuonji: (I'd say it's either their soul or the duodenum)
[18:27] Tsukasa: "... Ah. I think I can see why you didn't want to answer."
[18:27] Alathon: Jerry: "Anyways.. I'm sure youc an guess how popular that sorta meta power makes people.. so I tend to stay on the road."
[18:27] Alathon: Jerry gives Tsukasa a small nod.
[18:27] Gerand_Rague: (She can do that but I'm not allowed to ressurect my fallen foes? No respect I tell ya. No respect.)
[18:28] Alathon: (("it's easier to destroy than to create" - Any general, any war))
[18:28] Caoilinn: (Hey, move out to Nevada for good and you can do whatever the hell you want)
[18:28] Alathon: Jerry: Anyways.. Sheena, right? Whaddya do?"
[18:28] *** Gerand_Rague has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[18:28] Alathon: Jerry, naturally, is looking at Sheena.
[18:28] Sheena: "Thats... a bit major. Some one like that at home woulnd't last long at all.."
[18:29] * Sheena was mostly thinking to her self and jerk up at her name being called."
[18:29] Alathon: Jerry: "Whaddya mean, last?"
[18:29] Sheena: "I blow shit up,"
[18:29] Alathon: Jerry smirks.
[18:29] Caoilinn: "I don't know. Dead is dead."
[18:29] Alathon: Jerry: "Sounds fun."
[18:29] Sakura_Kuonji: (pretty foul mouthed for a magical girl)
[18:30] Alathon: Jerry: "... it's not like I run around murderin' folks. It's just that, sooner or later, somethin' comes up, an' I always seem to get stuck in the middle of it. And folks don't take kindly to my sorta knack."
[18:30] *** Gerand_Rague has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:30] Caoilinn: "No, I can understand that."
[18:30] Sheena: "Ya dead is dead,but they watched us like hawks. Think about what would have happened if any one in school did something like that?"
[18:30] Gerand_Rague: (Cut off at [21:29] <Alathon> Jerry gives Tsukasa a small nod.)
[18:31] Alathon: Jerry blinks.
[18:31] Alathon: Jerry: "You've gotta.. school.. for metas?"
[18:31] Caoilinn: (Gee, I don't know. *Do* I think there'd be a problem with her power in CT, Alathon?)
[18:32] Sheena: "Hmm, duno if i was suposed to talk about that or not. But ya we do"
[18:32] Alathon: ((it's a very ill-starred power.. the real concern is... how does it get discovered, if her power is to kill people?))
[18:32] Caoilinn: (I suppose I might have to know more about it.)
[18:32] Tsukasa: (Ouch. Good point)
[18:32] Alathon: ((Yeah, you may just not have enough info))
[18:32] Gerand_Rague: (No more than they'd object to my raising Zombied and mind controlling folks)
[18:32] Alathon: Jerry: "Huh.. secret school for the gifted or somethin'?"
[18:32] Caoilinn: (It's called Xavier's)
[18:33] Alathon: Jerry: "Coulda used a place like that. Woulda.. well, things woulda gone better forme."
[18:33] * Caoilinn nods.
[18:33] Gerand_Rague: (Probably not with that power it wouldn't...)
[18:33] Sheena: "Ya, it was a good break for me"
[18:34] Tsukasa: "Yes... It's definitely worth having gone."
[18:34] Alathon: Jerry: "So anyways.. I guess me, Owen, an' Kayleen there are the frontliners.. Jess, Sheena, Amiko, 'n Soo-casa are in the back?"
[18:34] Sheena: "People would think im nuts if i told em i learned every thing for a ferret, lest now i got traning to back it up"
[18:35] Alathon: Jerry blinks.
[18:35] Alathon: Jerry: "A ferret?"
[18:35] Caoilinn: "Don't sell yourself short, Sheena. We still think you're nuts."
[18:35] * Caoilinn smiles.
[18:35] Sheena: "G, thanks"
[18:35] Alathon: Owen and Jerry both chuckle at that.
[18:35] Gerand_Rague: (Yunno the wonder ferret!)
[18:35] * Sheena feals around in her hair for a bit, then pulls out the sleeping form of yuuno before droping him on the table
[18:35] * Tsukasa smiles. "Ferret? Or is he a football, between the two of you?"
[18:36] Sheena: (yuuno have great hang time.)
[18:36] Sheena: (bah *has)
[18:36] Sheena: (me or you Al?)
[18:36] Alathon: Owen gawks at this.
[18:37] *** Gerand_Rague has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[18:37] Alathon: Yuuno: "A football? As if!"
[18:37] Tsukasa: (... You know, watching someone else peer is strange and unnatural)
[18:37] Sheena: (lol)
[18:37] Alathon: Yuuno scrabbles around for a sec before righting himself; the last sentence was spoken with him upside down on his back.
[18:38] Alathon: Yuuno looks up at Sheena.
[18:38] Alathon: "So.. who're these people?"
[18:38] *** Gerand_Rague has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:38] Gerand_Rague: (cut off at: Tsukasa smiles. "Ferret? Or is he a football, between the two of you?")
[18:38] Sheena: "Other meta's hired on by the town to kick ass for love and justice,"
[18:39] Sheena: "Oh ya theres the double pay as well."
[18:39] Alathon: Owen grins.
[18:39] Alathon: Jerry: "Justice, maybe."
[18:39] Caoilinn: "Kicking ass for love just doesn't sound right."
[18:39] Tsukasa: "Hm, some may find that to their tastes."
[18:39] Alathon: Owen mulls that over.
[18:39] Alathon: Owen: "Yeah... sounds sorta like fuckin' for hate, and that don't sound right."
[18:40] Sheena: "Ask venus what her powers bassed off of some time"
[18:40] Sheena: (we woudl have a general idea about that right? )
[18:40] Alathon: ((you'd know pretty much jack shit about it))
[18:40] Alathon: (("Senshi of Venus" is about as specific as discussions of her power source get))
[18:40] Gerand_Rague: (Fucking for Virginity!)
[18:41] Tsukasa: "You know... they always say she's the Senshi of Love, but how often does love involve chains and high-energy explosions?"
[18:41] * Tsukasa mulls it over.
[18:41] Alathon: Yuuno: "Um... pretty often? She seemed really keen to go after those ridres."
[18:41] Gerand_Rague: (Far too often for my tatse...)
[18:41] Sheena: "duno but it works for me"
[18:41] Caoilinn: "Warn me before you bring this topic up around her so I can be safely far away."
[18:41] Sheena: "Err wait that didn't sound right."
[18:41] Alathon: Yuuno bigsweats.
[18:41] Alathon: Yuuno: "Yeah.. remind me so I can find someone elses hair to hide in, will ya?"
[18:41] Alathon: Yuuno hops back into Sheena's hair at this point.
[18:42] Tsukasa: "Wait... our communicators have playback, don't they?"
[18:42] * Tsukasa sighs dramatically.
[18:42] Sheena: "Still have no idea how he does that.."
[18:42] Alathon: Anyways.. Jerry and Owen are upf or discussion in general, but won't bug youa bout anything else this evening.
[18:42] Sakura_Kuonji: (hah, I'd like to see him try to hide in my hair... he'll be in for a nasty surprise)
[18:43] Alathon: Jess keeps to himself unless pestered, and generally tries to shoe people away.
[18:43] Gerand_Rague: (Death by pinkification?)
[18:43] Tsukasa: (And of course, Jess is ALWAYS up for conversation :P )
[18:43] Caoilinn: (It isn't that late, is it? We met Venus around 8, talked a wihle, broke for an hour or two, then teleported here.)
[18:44] Alathon: then walked here.. it's mid-afternoon at this point.
[18:44] Gerand_Rague: (hey... I can turn things pink with Prestidigitation... Maybe Yuuno needs some more vibrant color!)
[18:44] Alathon: At this point, time will just sorta pass unless you take the initiative to do anything.
[18:44] Tsukasa: (Do you WANT to introduce yourself to a 6d8 energy beam?)
[18:44] Alathon: Do any of you wanna do anything?
[18:44] Gerand_Rague: (yuuno can do that?)
[18:45] Tsukasa: (Sheena can)
[18:45] * Caoilinn talks to Marlon if he's free about making things for the town's defense.
[18:45] Sakura_Kuonji: (yeah, play >_<)
[18:45] Alathon: Marlon would be glad to accept some oversized Caltrops
[18:45] * Tsukasa will steal someone to be her legs and set up the chargers for any power packs that remain empty.
[18:45] * Sheena heads off with caoilinn
[18:45] * Gerand_Rague will still not be there.
[18:45] Alathon: You'll succeed at charging up the power packs, and catch Jess's attention.
[18:46] Alathon: Jess, to Tsukasa: "Hey.. if you don't mind me asking, where'd you find those?"
[18:46] * Caoilinn makes a bunch for him and then go see Aaron at the goods store about selling some stuff.
[18:46] Alathon: Jess: "If it's not priviliged, that is."
[18:46] Sheena: (how many packs we got left to recharg any way?)
[18:46] Alathon: ((like 8 or 10 or something))
[18:46] Alathon: ((with four charges youc an finish ebfore sunset))
[18:46] Alathon: Chargers.
[18:47] Tsukasa: "Ah, they're from our home area. Part of our gear."
[18:47] * Sheena has no major way to help out so she goes to hang out with Sanshi
[18:47] Alathon: Aaron is astonshed by the durability of your crystalware, and will offer to buy plates for a dollar a piece, and glasses for a dollar a pair.
[18:47] Alathon: You can roll sense motive if you want, to try to figure out why his prices are so much lower.
[18:48] Sheena: (cao needs to show him the neat pointy stuff she makes)
[18:48] Alathon: Jess: "Huh. You live in one of the Old World cities?"
[18:48] Caoilinn: roll 1d20
[18:48] * Caoilinn taps her foot and waits for the dicebot.
[18:48] *** Ala-bot has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:48] *** Mode change "+o Ala-bot" for channel #CrystalTokyo by ChanServ.
[18:48] * Caoilinn taps her foot and waits for the dicebot.
[18:48] Caoilinn: roll 1d20
[18:48] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{10}
[18:49] Tsukasa: "Hm, pretty much."
[18:49] *** Scratx-nekochan has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:49] Alathon: You're really not sure why.. though it would occur to you that out in the boonies, a shopkeeper probably isn't worth nearly as much as one back west.. especially one who'd just liquidated their stock.
[18:50] Caoilinn: "How about window panes?"
[18:50] Alathon: Jess: "So.. how do they work? These.. well, I suppose that's obvious. They store sunlight, don't they?"
[18:50] * Caoilinn shows him one.
[18:50] Alathon: Aaron thinks they're very valuable, but doesn't want to buy one.
[18:50] Tsukasa: "Yeah. It's kind of a backup grid at the moment. I'm not really sure how the main system works, though. Sorry."
[18:50] Alathon: Aaron: "I just don't think there'll be much of a market out these ways.. and I ain't inclined to travel."
[18:51] Sheena: (cao tosses it way in fron of em)
[18:51] Alathon: Jess: "Uh.. main system? What do you mean?"
[18:51] Alathon: Jess: "And what're these for.. that rifle you were talking about with Jerry?"
[18:51] Gerand_Rague: (Obviously the main system works on the power of love and justice!)
[18:51] Caoilinn: "Hm. Well, you know your customers best."
[18:51] * Tsukasa pauses for a moment. "The power packs are backup power sources. Back home things run off the main system. And yeah, we use them for our gear."
[18:52] Alathon: Aaron: "That I do.. I figure I could sell at least half a dozen sets of those glasses, an' probably two dozen of those plates, at best."
[18:52] * Caoilinn nods.
[18:52] Alathon: Aaron: "Aren't many folks out this way, as are inclined to spend on luxury.. even' stuff that lasts."
[18:52] Gerand_Rague: (I can create cloth and stuff)
[18:52] Caoilinn: "Is there anything else you think would sell? How about some knives?"
[18:53] Alathon: Aaron shrugs.
[18:53] * Sheena finds herself losing games of tic tac toe to Sanshi, damn cats cheating she just needs to find out how...
[18:53] Alathon: Aaron: "there's always call for a good knife. Couldn't sell it at prices like that though.. and if ya make crystal, I'd need to do some wrapping, or hook 'em onto a wooden handle maybe."
[18:54] Alathon: Aaron: "I suppose.. maybe, a buck for a dozen blades with a two inch shaft 'o crystal from them."
[18:54] Alathon: Jess, to Tsukasa: "Oh.. hrm. Could I look at one?"
[18:54] * Sanshi is the master of all. Remember that a draw's nicknamed a 'cat's game'.
[18:54] Alathon: Jess: "One of these 'packs', I mean."
[18:56] * Tsukasa pauses for a moment.
[18:56] Caoilinn: "Ok, tell you what. How about I make as many glasses and plates as you think you can sell, and let you have the pane in case anyone sees it and is interested."
[18:56] Alathon: Aaron nods.
[18:56] Alathon: Aaron: "Done!"
[18:56] Alathon: Aaron offers a handshake.
[18:56] * Caoilinn shakes his hand.
[18:56] Tsukasa: "...I think I can let you look for a while, but not too much - we're a little secretive about our technology."
[18:56] * Tsukasa holds one out for him to see.
[18:57] Sheena: (hop thats an empty one)
[18:57] Gerand_Rague: (Kill him! He's too inquisitive!)
[18:57] Caoilinn: (Quiet in the peanut gallery!)
[18:57] Tsukasa: (Hm... Actually, crystal tech depends on the senshi, doesn't it? So he wouldn't be able to get many results...)
[18:57] Caoilinn: (Or at least keep it down to a dull roar.)
[18:57] Gerand_Rague: (heh)
[18:58] Alathon: Jess just sorta stares at it for a moment, holding it up, looking at the sun's reflection on it, and otherwise examining it.
[18:58] Alathon: Then, he holds it in both hands, and concentrates.
[18:58] Alathon: Thin veins of blue light appear on his forearms and hands.
[18:59] Alathon: roll 1d20+10
[18:59] * Tsukasa places her hand on it. "Wait, what're you doing?"
[18:59] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{15}
[18:59] Sheena: (oh dear)
[18:59] Alathon: Jess is startled, and the blue veins disappear.
[18:59] Alathon: Jess: "Wh-what?"
[18:59] Alathon: Jess: "Just examining it."
[18:59] Gerand_Rague: (he can copy tech!)
[18:59] Sheena: (tracer..interesting)
[18:59] Gerand_Rague: (Kil him before he learns too much!)
[19:00] Alathon: Jess: "This.. this is like a battery, isn't it? It stores.. electricity, or something?"
[19:00] Alathon: Jess: "But doesn't actually do anything."
[19:00] * Tsukasa frowns. "I honestly don't think I have the authority to let you examine it that closely, I'm afraid. You'd have to ask my boss."
[19:00] Alathon: Jess is obviously disappointed, but doesn't want a fight.
[19:00] Alathon: Jess: "Of course.."
[19:00] Alathon: Jess, reluctantly, hands the powerpack back.
[19:00] Tsukasa: "Yeah, that's how it works."
[19:00] * Tsukasa takes the pack. "I'll ask her for you, though."
[19:01] Alathon: Jess: "Uh, right."
[19:01] Alathon: Anyways
[19:01] * Caoilinn makes items for Aaron.
[19:01] * Sheena is still losing if any one cares, games rigged i tell ya
[19:01] Alathon: Aaron buys a dozen wine glasses for six double dollars, and two dozen plates for another twenty-four double dollars; Caoilinn gets thirty double dollars for less than an hour's work.
[19:02] * Sanshi is giggling and enjoying the game.
[19:02] Sheena: (now that i think about it jess probly has lots of info on old world citys around here, We need to grill that guy later, if he lives)
[19:02] Alathon: Amiko is nowhere to be found; presumably in her room.
[19:02] *** Gerand_Rague has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:02] Tsukasa: (Use Amiko as a meatshield, she's heading back anyway!)
[19:02] Alathon: At this point, nothing more will happen for several days.
[19:03] Alathon: Every day, Venus will check in before noon and in the evening.
[19:03] Alathon: On your end.. nothing.
[19:03] * Sheena would use the free time to train her core
[19:03] * Tsukasa will ask Venus on the first check-in.
[19:03] Alathon: On her end, she's found a frustratingly small number of harleyriders, far less than she expected given the extent of the damage to local townships.
[19:03] Caoilinn: (She's checking in that often? Who is she and what's she done with Venus?)
[19:03] Sheena: (hah)
[19:03] Sheena: (this time she isnt lost in canada)
[19:04] Alathon: Venus: "It'd probably be best not to discuss crystal Tech.. and to be honest, I can't tell you how they work. You'd need to ask Mercury or Serenity. Or maybe Pluto."
[19:04] Sheena: (wait serentiy?)
[19:04] Alathon: ((this time she has a communicator, and is expecting you to be attacked soon))
[19:04] Alathon: Venus is apparently not cognizant that you might not want to approach Queen Serenity to bug her about something like this.
[19:04] Tsukasa: "Hm, the thing is the guy had what looked like a metahuman analysis ability, so mainly I'm wondering if he's allowed to look at it."
[19:04] Alathon: Venus: "I..."
[19:05] Alathon: Venus pauses.
[19:05] Alathon: Venus: "For now, that's a no. I'll make inquiries myself."
[19:05] Sakura_Kuonji: ("KILL HIM)
[19:05] Tsukasa: "All right, I'll tell him that. Thank you for the trouble."
[19:07] * Caoilinn spends her time practicing her skills, chatting, making more caltrops for the town, and making little toys/knicknacks for any kids that are around.
[19:07] Alathon: This gets Caoilinn a fair amount of positive vibes from the townsfolk.
[19:07] Alathon: They're very much onboard with the idea of recruiting metas with combat-relevant powers; they've heard about the nearby townships.
[19:08] Alathon: A lot of them have powers of their own, but not enough to really matter in a fight.. above average but not truely super strength, ability to levitate limited amounts of matter, etc.
[19:08] Alathon: A few people can light candles with a snap.
[19:08] * Tsukasa will mostly be taking care of Sanshi, scouting out the area for sniper nests, and talking with anyone who wishes to.
[19:09] Alathon: You'll find good positions at various places in the town, which appear to be by design.
[19:09] *** Gerand_Rague has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:09] Alathon: This is a frontier town after all
[19:09] Gerand_Rague: (died at Caoilinn makes items for Aaron.)
[19:09] Gerand_Rague: (Damn You Wolf! You did this toi me I know it!)
[19:09] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Excess flood).
[19:09] Caoilinn: (No good deed goes unpunished.)
[19:10] Sanshi: (... You blame me and I get flooded for supporting you. Hmph. See if I do it again.)
[19:10] * Sheena does her best to find an out of the way place for training. Engery balls zipin around at high speeds makes for a good show but isnt fun for every one.
[19:10] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:11] Alathon: You can easily get some space just heading a few minutes walk from the hamlet; there are fallow fields you can use for training without blowing up anything anyone cares about.
[19:11] Alathon: On the evening of the third day you're there, Amiko has an announcement.
[19:11] Alathon: Which she makes over dinner.
[19:11] * Caoilinn is also happy to talk to the kids.
[19:11] Gerand_Rague: (hmm. okay thanks wolf for filling me in)
[19:12] Alathon: Amiko: "I have a new assignment; I'll be returning to Crystal Tokyo tomorrow."
[19:12] Sheena: "Thats rather sudden."
[19:12] Gerand_Rague: (And replacing her is!)
[19:12] Alathon: Amiko doesn't seem to think it was terribly sudden.
[19:12] Caoilinn: (This is in front of all the Nevadans?)
[19:13] * Tsukasa can think of ample reason, but decides tact involves NOT bringing it up.
[19:13] Alathon: Amiko: "I believe Lady Venus will be bringing over two new recruits to reinforce your defense of this town."
[19:13] Gerand_Rague: (Tact? you need Tact?)
[19:13] Gerand_Rague: (W00T! Us!)
[19:13] Sheena: "New recruits? Oh great"
[19:13] Alathon: This is at dinner, so it's in front of Jerry, Owen, and Jess.
[19:14] Alathon: Unless you choose to snub them by refusing to sit with them.
[19:14] Caoilinn: (No, but there are things we wouldn't want to say in front of them.)
[19:14] Gerand_Rague: (they know too much already. Kill them. Poison the food!)
[19:15] Alathon: Amiko shrugs.
[19:15] Caoilinn: (Peer! Here, peer! C'mon, boy!)
[19:15] Alathon: Amiko: "Hopefully they'll work out."
[19:15] Gerand_Rague: (yeah... that's likely...)
[19:15] Gerand_Rague: (we aren't redheaded girls...)
[19:16] Sheena: "Ya, or we get a couple of jerks who won't leave cao alone, she guts them in there sleep, and me and tsuka are running around trying to hide bodies"
[19:16] Caoilinn: "Well... Good luck with your new assignment."
[19:16] Gerand_Rague: (note to self... Don't piss off blenderchan.)
[19:16] Tsukasa: "Well... I imagine we could at least use them as disposable armour in battle. If Kei-san can restrain herself." She smirks.
[19:17] * Gerand_Rague doesn't think he'll make good armor...)
[19:17] Sheena: "hmm, we it is a diplomatic mission. I supose we will get some good people. Won't be the same tho."
[19:17] Alathon: Amiko doesn't have much else to say.
[19:18] Tsukasa: (You kidding? A whole 25 HP? That costs 10 CP normally!)
[19:18] Gerand_Rague: (I hate you...)
[19:18] Caoilinn: (We're glad.)
[19:18] Gerand_Rague: (I can heal you if you get hurt you know...)
[19:18] Tsukasa: (Thank you, thank you, I'm here all night)
[19:18] *** Fi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:18] * Caoilinn doesn't have much else to say that night.
[19:18] Sakura_Kuonji: (lol... there was a guy dressed as Mario outside)
[19:19] Gerand_Rague: (You at a con ataru?)
[19:19] Gerand_Rague: (or are there random Mario's walking around boston now?)
[19:19] Sakura_Kuonji: (holloween parties)
[19:20] Sakura_Kuonji: (there was another guy dressed as a giant chicken)
[19:20] Gerand_Rague: (So early?)
[19:20] Alathon: The night will pass uneventfully.. Jerry and Owen offer goodbyes to Amiko, Jess doesn't bother.
[19:20] Sakura_Kuonji: (heh... it's funny seeing a guy dressed as Mario in the north end XD)
[19:20] Caoilinn: (I wonder what'll happen if he runs into someone dressed up as an ape...)
[19:21] Alathon: The next morning, Venus will have left you all messages on your communicators to meet her outside town at the previous drop point, at noon.
[19:21] * Tsukasa bids Amiko farewell.
[19:21] Sakura_Kuonji: (yay, we're coming up soon)
[19:21] * Caoilinn goes to the drop point with the others.
[19:22] * Tsukasa goes at the appropriate time.
[19:22] Gerand_Rague: (It's Our time to shine!)
[19:23] Alathon: Amiko brings her pack and all her stuff with her.
[19:23] * Sheena is with the group, an wake yuuno hanging out of her open uniform top
[19:23] Gerand_Rague: (ferret gets all teh luck...)
[19:23] Caoilinn: (Hm. I guess we'll have ours, too, if the other choice is leaving it at town.)
[19:24] Alathon: Venus will appear, almost on time.
[19:24] Alathon: Despite the last several days of, presumably, running around looking for Harleyriders, she's none the worse for wear.
[19:24] Gerand_Rague: (wow. impressive. we must be important.)
[19:25] Alathon: She greets the group, speaks briefly with Amiko, and they both vanish in a profusion of golden sparkles.
[19:26] Gerand_Rague: (No us?)
[19:26] Caoilinn: (Why would she make two trips to CT?)
[19:26] Sakura_Kuonji: (dude, she's probably getting us)
[19:26] Gerand_Rague: (makes sense...)(
[19:26] Alathon: ((... there, then back here))
[19:26] Sheena: "Well umm, thanks for coming?"
[19:27] Alathon: Several minutes later, she'll reappear with two other people in tow.
[19:27] Gerand_Rague: (W00T! Us!)
[19:27] Gerand_Rague: "Wow... that's a lot of red hair."
[19:28] Alathon: Venus: "This is Gerand Rague, and Sakura Kuonji. They're your backup.. they've had a fair amount of experience dealing with muties, and have demonstrated competence in that field."
[19:28] Sakura_Kuonji: "... It is, isn't it?"
[19:28] Alathon: ((now's your cue to describe your characters))
[19:28] * Gerand_Rague nods sagely
[19:28] Tsukasa: "Hello to you too."
[19:28] Sheena: "... There guys."
[19:29] * Caoilinn frowns at the rudeness of the two people Venus brought.
[19:29] Tsukasa: "Well... Our academy isn't ENTIRELY women."
[19:29] Sheena: "Ya and?"
[19:29] * Gerand_Rague is average hieght with what appear to be black runic tattoos over every inch of his body. he has an athame on his belt, and long silver hair (actually metallic) his eyes are green with no pupils or irises and change colors strangely.
[19:29] Alathon: ((presumably every inch of his body that isn't covered by clothing ;p ))
[19:29] Alathon: ((nudists would not get sent on diplomatic missions))
[19:30] * Sakura_Kuonji stands five foot nine; dressed in his marine uniform, he has a black bandana covering his head, dark red eyes and a very feminine face, in fact, he could easily be mistaken for a very flatchested woman.
[19:30] Gerand_Rague: "Hi, I'm Gerand Rague. Resident Runic Sorcerer at your service lades."
[19:30] * Gerand_Rague is wearing his uniform of course.
[19:30] Alathon: ((for reference, the uniforms are tan. as you're not actual CT Marines, you have no rank or insignia. doesn't keep them from being good armor in battle))
[19:31] Gerand_Rague: (cool)
[19:31] Sheena: (standered issue or display?)
[19:31] Sheena: (ahh plan ones)
[19:31] Tsukasa: (Huh, we finally got colours picked out!)
[19:31] Alathon: ((standard issue, presumably.))
[19:31] Caoilinn: "Caoilinn O'Loinsigh."
[19:31] Alathon: ((You got colors picked for you, since after three months nobody cared enough to decide on a uniform ;p ))
[19:31] Sakura_Kuonji: I'm Sakura Kuonji; I prefer to go by my family name. I am trained in a variety of skills, but I specialise in stealth. It is a pleasure to make your aquaintence, I look forward to working with you."
[19:32] Sheena: "Sheena,"
[19:32] Alathon: ((if you prefer to go by kuonji.. might just wanna make your nick "Kuonji"))
[19:32] * Gerand_Rague looks at the ferret in her uniform. then realizes where he's staring and looks away.
[19:33] * Tsukasa blinks. "Kuonji... Have I heard that name before?"
[19:33] Gerand_Rague: Pleased to meet you all. I hope we work well together.
[19:33] Gerand_Rague: (that was dialogue)
[19:33] Sheena: "Can you blow stuff up?"
[19:33] Alathon: (("" quotes when speaking, (()) parentheses when speaking out of character))
[19:34] * Sakura_Kuonji shrugs "It's possible, Crystal Tokyo is rather small, and we did both attend the academy"
[19:34] Gerand_Rague: "Yes. I can. Probably not as well as you can though. I specializing in helping other people not get killed while blowing stuff up."
[19:34] Tsukasa: (Dammit, I'm having difficulty sorting out our 'crossdress the recruits INTO redheaded ladies' plan from my actual character!)
[19:34] Scratx-nekochan: ((rofl))
[19:34] Gerand_Rague: (i don't wanna know...)
[19:34] Caoilinn: (So suggest it. :) )
[19:34] Sakura_Kuonji: (huh?)
[19:34] * Sheena looks a bit putout as she eyes the wierd people in front of her. Not considering how she looks with long wild hair, short well built body and a ferret sticking out of her top
[19:34] Tsukasa: "Hm... I'm not sure that's it, but I don't suppose it matters much."
[19:35] * Sanshi stares at Sakura. "Don't all need be red lady? He good for it!"
[19:35] Gerand_Rague: "So? what's teh situation around here. I was told that you were expecting an attack by, HarleyRiders was it?"
[19:36] Alathon: Venus looks slightly put out.
[19:36] * Sakura_Kuonji blinks, having trouble deciphering the meaning of the large catthing's statement"
[19:36] Alathon: Venus: "We were. They've gone and done a vanishing act, as near as I can tell."
[19:36] Gerand_Rague: "Red ladies? we're supposed to be scarlet women?"
[19:36] Gerand_Rague: "that can't be right..."
[19:37] Alathon: Venus: "I've taken out several dozen.. but.. I'd expected many more roving bands in this area. They haven't been in evidence."
[19:37] Caoilinn: "Hm. I wounder where they are, then..."
[19:37] * Tsukasa stares at Sanshi. "I... think he means our hair."
[19:37] Gerand_Rague: oh...
[19:37] Sheena: "The town seems ready for them"
[19:37] Gerand_Rague: "I can change my hair... But I'm a bit attached to my gender...""
[19:38] * Tsukasa takes a second look at Sakura. "Huh. You know, it's looking like Sanshi has wisdom beyond his years."
[19:38] Alathon: Venus: "Hmm.. you mentioned that the captain was recruiting local metas. How has that gone?"
[19:38] Alathon: ((no more have arrived.. it's still those three, and the party))
[19:38] Sakura_Kuonji: What... exactly is that supposed to mean?
[19:38] * Sakura_Kuonji clenches his fists slightly
[19:38] Sheena: "Met some interesting people, Seem to be good folk, but had hard lives becaus of there power"
[19:39] Alathon: Yuuno pops his head out.
[19:39] Caoilinn: "There are three of them. We can't tell how good they'd be in an attack."
[19:39] Alathon: Yuuno: "Well. Owen's okay when he's drunk, who knows what he's like sober. We sure don't."
[19:39] Gerand_Rague: "..."
[19:39] Alathon: Venus: "More pyromancers?"
[19:39] * Tsukasa leans down from her place on his back. "Whoa, sorry if you're angry."
[19:40] Gerand_Rague: "that sounds... encouraging."
[19:40] Caoilinn: "One strongman, an engineer, and one woman who converts living people into dead ones."
[19:40] Sakura_Kuonji: (whos back?)
[19:40] Tsukasa: (Sanshi's)
[19:40] Gerand_Rague: "She kills them? How?"
[19:40] Alathon: Venus is curious as well.
[19:40] Sakura_Kuonji: "I'm... sorry, but I'm rather touchy about my appearance... you had no way of knowing."
[19:40] Tsukasa: ("Read the scrollback!")
[19:40] Caoilinn: "We're not quite sure. It apparently involves going insubstantial and removing something vital from them."
[19:41] Gerand_Rague: (me knows that already)
[19:41] Alathon: Venus pauses.
[19:41] Alathon: Venus: "I... hrm."
[19:41] Gerand_Rague: "okay... that's helpful I guess..."
[19:41] Sheena: "She isn't to sure her self, just knows it works and that its made her stay on the road her hole life"
[19:41] Sakura_Kuonji: (Sakura:... The duodenum?")
[19:41] Sheena: "at left from what we got out of her"
[19:41] Tsukasa: "Ah... I think I'll have to apologize then. It was meant to be a lighthearted joke, and I seem to have hit upon a nerve."
[19:41] Alathon: Venus: "be careful, and keep an eye on her.. but if she's not making a menace of herself, I guess..."
[19:41] Sheena: (*lest)
[19:41] Alathon: Venus pauses again.
[19:42] Alathon: Venus, under her breath: "I suppose something like this was inevitable, sooner or later.."
[19:42] Caoilinn: "Well, she is here to help defend the town..."
[19:42] Gerand_Rague: (am I near enough to hear that?)
[19:42] Caoilinn: "I mean, if she's not being a public menace, we can't really subject her to Crystal Tokyo rules, right?"
[19:42] Alathon: Venus: "Strictly speaking, we can't, period."
[19:43] Alathon: Venus: "This is Nevada Protectorate territory."
[19:43] Gerand_Rague: "She isn't a citizen of Crystal Tokyo is she? I don't think we could even if she were could we?"
[19:43] Tsukasa: (Didn't stop 'em in their younger days!)
[19:43] Gerand_Rague: "Wait. Strictly speaking?"
[19:43] Caoilinn: "Well, I meant if she was attacking towns, we could offer to do something on their behalf."
[19:43] Alathon: Venus: "Well, you're always free to defend yourselves. Just.. don't provoke a fight, but keep an eye on her."
[19:44] * Caoilinn nods.
[19:44] * Sakura_Kuonji nods
[19:44] Gerand_Rague: "Will do lady Venus."
[19:44] Alathon: Venus: "Powers like that.. well.. some people could get awfully used to them. Grow to like them, maybe."
[19:44] * Gerand_Rague shuffles his feet a bit, uncomfortable with teh topic of conversation.
[19:44] Tsukasa: (You know, OOC, that really does suck. She CAN rip souls out, and gets treated like she's going to on a moment's notice)
[19:44] Caoilinn: "Sure, or be treated as a demon because of them."
[19:44] Alathon: (yup)
[19:45] *** sai-chan has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:45] Caoilinn: (We don't know if it's the 'soul')
[19:45] Alathon: (true)
[19:45] Sakura_Kuonji: "Venus-sama... should you deem it necessary, I am well versed in the manufacture of poisons..."
[19:45] Gerand_Rague: "Iis there any way we could stop her if she decides she's going to?"
[19:45] Tsukasa: (Well, we're calling it that for ease of reference)
[19:45] * Tsukasa stares at Sakura. "Don't even think that."
[19:46] Tsukasa: "She is our ALLY at present."
[19:46] Alathon: Venus: "Best to keep that in mind. It's too easy for people to become enemies, when you expect them to be, and treat them like enemies."
[19:46] Gerand_Rague: "She's right. we can't persecute people for what they MIGHT do."
[19:46] Alathon: Venus: "All too easy..."
[19:46] * Caoilinn casually glances around looking for any uninvited observers.
[19:46] Alathon: Venus trails off.
[19:46] Alathon: roll your spot, caoilinn.
[19:46] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled your spot, caoilinn. --> error: malformed expression
[19:47] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[19:47] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{10}
[19:47] Caoilinn: (Bleh)
[19:47] Alathon: You don't see anything untoward.
[19:47] Alathon: Venus notices you looking around, and looks around herself.
[19:47] Tsukasa: ("Hi Jerry!")
[19:47] Alathon: roll 1d20+22
[19:47] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+22 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{34}
[19:47] * Gerand_Rague sees cao looking around and decides to look around too.
[19:47] Alathon: Venus: "Did you see something, Caoilinn?
[19:47] Caoilinn: (Not with that roll.)
[19:47] Gerand_Rague: roll 1d20+12
[19:47] Ala-bot: Gerand_Rague rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{13}
[19:48] * Sakura_Kuonji looks around, since it seems to be all the rage at the moment
[19:48] Caoilinn: "No. I just thought it'd be a good idea to keep an eye open. Considering what we were talking about."
[19:48] Sakura_Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[19:48] Ala-bot: Sakura_Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{18}
[19:48] Alathon: Gerand thinks he sees some movement off to the north.
[19:48] * Sheena gives a quested glace to cao while tapping the small jewel near yuuno
[19:48] Tsukasa: (Gerand: "There! Right there!" In the opposite direction)
[19:48] Alathon: Nobody else does.
[19:48] Gerand_Rague: "is there something to the north?"
[19:48] Alathon: Venus: "I'll have a look. Be right back."
[19:48] * Caoilinn nods to Sheena.
[19:48] Gerand_Rague: (We are so screwed...)
[19:49] Sakura_Kuonji: (way to go Gerand)
[19:49] Alathon: Venus leaps about dozen feat into the air, and flies swiftly to the north.
[19:49] Gerand_Rague: "She can fly too?"
[19:49] Alathon: She heads north some distance, skimming the fields, before eventually flying up, and circling the area, landing back with the group several minutes later.
[19:49] * Caoilinn decides that question doesn't require an answer.
[19:49] Alathon: ((You've got a few minutes to talk without her there, if you want it))
[19:49] Gerand_Rague: "anything there?"
[19:49] * Sheena floats in the air a bit.
[19:50] Sheena: "Flying really isnt that big of a deal"
[19:50] Tsukasa: "... Gerand, they're practically walking demigods. What CAN'T they do?"
[19:50] Alathon: ((Well, Venus can't get a steady relationship))
[19:50] Sakura_Kuonji: (lol)
[19:50] Gerand_Rague: "Well, yeah. But It's still strange to see her do it just like that."
[19:51] Gerand_Rague: "So? what can you all do in combat?"
[19:51] Sakura_Kuonji: "I strike from the shadows."
[19:51] Gerand_Rague: "I told you I was a sorcerer, it'll be easier for me to help you if I know what you can do."
[19:52] * Sheena looks up at the clear and sunny sky
[19:52] Sheena: "Shadows huh?"
[19:52] * Sakura_Kuonji grins... then turns invisible
[19:52] Tsukasa: "Hopefully they attack at night?"
[19:52] * Tsukasa blinks. "Huh. Mobile shadows. Useful."
[19:53] Gerand_Rague: "I can do something like that too."
[19:53] Sheena: "hmm, neat. Have to work on blasting that later."
[19:53] Sheena: "WOuld help with thoes cats"
[19:53] * Sakura_Kuonji silently creeps up behind Sheena then drops the invisibility
[19:53] * Gerand_Rague casts invisibility
[19:53] Sakura_Kuonji: "Boo."
[19:54] * Gerand_Rague lights up as his tattoos glow an unearthly green showing even through his uniform before he fades away completely.
[19:54] Sakura_Kuonji: (dude, why waste spellpower... we're going to be fighting)
[19:54] Sakura_Kuonji: (my invisibility is free)
[19:54] * Gerand_Rague wants to look impressive
[19:55] Alathon: (why not, image counts for a lot))
[19:55] * Sheena A long white staff and dark red staff appears between Sakura and Sheena as soon as his visible
[19:55] Alathon: (besides, he can regen 4 ep pretty quickly)
[19:55] Gerand_Rague: yep
[19:55] * Sheena glavces over her sholder at the pink haird one,
[19:55] Gerand_Rague: *(yep)
[19:55] Sheena: "yes?"
[19:55] Sakura_Kuonji: (you don't know I have pink hair)
[19:56] Sheena: (typed to fast, White and dark red single staff)
[19:56] Sakura_Kuonji: (for typing too fast, you sure took a long time to react)
[19:56] *** Kai has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:56] *** Kai has left #CrystalTokyo.
[19:56] Sheena: (why do you think i typed fast/)
[19:56] Alathon: At this point, Venus will alight.
[19:57] Alathon: Anyone looking up gets a prime panty shot.
[19:57] * Sakura_Kuonji looks up
[19:57] Alathon: They're black, and lacy.
[19:57] * Gerand_Rague looks up
[19:57] * Tsukasa debates shooting Sakura. And Gerand. Geez...
[19:57] * Gerand_Rague quickly looks back down
[19:57] Alathon: If Venus notices your eyeballing her, she doesn't show it.
[19:57] Alathon: Venus: "Nothing I could see.. didn't sense anything either."
[19:58] Alathon: Venus: "But better safe than sorry; let's wrap this up."
[19:58] Gerand_Rague: "I didn't see anything!"
[19:58] * Sakura_Kuonji looks at Gerand
[19:58] * Sheena just grabs her staff and leans aginst it
[19:58] Caoilinn: "Then why'd you say you did?"
[19:58] Gerand_Rague: "Er... anything untoward...."
[19:58] Gerand_Rague: after that first seeing...
[19:58] Alathon: Venus: "Uh... right."
[19:58] Gerand_Rague: *" after that first seeing..."
[19:58] Alathon: Venus: "Anyway. You all mentioned you'd heard some rumor about... Trebek, was it?"
[19:59] Caoilinn: "Oh, yes."
[19:59] * Caoilinn tells the story.
[19:59] Sakura_Kuonji: "Not the sharpest kunai in the pouch..." Sakura mutters to himself
[19:59] Sheena: "Don't think rumor quite cover it."
[19:59] Sakura_Kuonji: (I'll take Jap anus relations for 1200)
[19:59] * Gerand_Rague wants to know If he'd know about Alex Trebek
[19:59] Sakura_Kuonji: (dude's been dead for a millenia.... I'd doubt it)
[20:00] Alathon: ((You would not, gameshow hosts are dead knowledge to all but social historians.))
[20:00] Alathon: ((and even then, trebek might not make the cut.. bob barker, maybe.))
[20:00] Gerand_Rague: (Can't even roll for it? Drat.)
[20:00] Sakura_Kuonji: (what's CT entertainment like?)
[20:01] Alathon: ((it leans toward U.S TV, with some of the wierder jap shit, but without hte really mean-spirited stuff))
[20:01] Gerand_Rague: (Ah.)
[20:01] Alathon: ((the classical arts survive, opera, silent plays, etc.. but mostly people don't care about that and watch primetime TV))
[20:01] * Gerand_Rague is an avid fan of Opera
[20:01] Alathon: Venus: "So..."
[20:01] Alathon: Venus: "Lemme get this straight. "
[20:02] Caoilinn: (Yes, that's my browser of choice, too)
[20:02] Sakura_Kuonji: (heh)
[20:02] Gerand_Rague: (heh)
[20:02] Gerand_Rague: (take a shot)
[20:02] Sakura_Kuonji: (second coolest charachter in Star Ocean 2)
[20:02] Alathon: Venus: "The Crimsons used to be run by some guy named Reichert, who was known for.. taking liberties with the populous."
[20:02] * Caoilinn nods.
[20:03] Gerand_Rague: "taking liberties... that's one way of putting it."
[20:03] Alathon: Venus: "Trebek was involved in a personal dispute with him, Trebek and his backers killed Reichert and his backers."
[20:03] Alathon: Venus snorts.
[20:03] Alathon: Venus: "Nicer than most words for it."
[20:04] Gerand_Rague: "Is this Trebek guy any better then? If he can just go about killing people and taking their jobs?"
[20:04] Alathon: Venus: "Trebek personally executed every member of the Senate at that time, as well as anyone who happened to be in the same building, and anyone who happened to be related to them."
[20:04] Alathon: Venus: "Then re-established the Crimsons, and supposedly answers to the current Senate?"
[20:04] * Gerand_Rague isn't sure who the enemy is anymore.
[20:04] Alathon: Venus looks over at Gerand."
[20:04] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:05] Alathon: Venus: "That's a very good question. It's worth noting that the ship we sailed here on was destroyed by bolts of fire from the mainland. For what that's worth, which may not be much."
[20:05] Caoilinn: "That seems to be the gist of it."
[20:05] Gerand_Rague: "Bolts of fire like this trebek guy shoots?"
[20:05] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:05] Sheena: "That's after telling the mayor its ok to reelect more people"
[20:05] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[20:06] Gerand_Rague: "right. so bottom line is be damn careful and don't turn your back on Trebek?"
[20:06] Alathon: Venus: "That's the question, isn't it."
[20:06] Caoilinn: "Well, I know it's not worth much, but I have talked with him, and he didn't seem to quite match that Trebek described to us."
[20:06] * Gerand_Rague considers this for a while
[20:06] Alathon: Venus: "He's quite unpopular among the people.. but the Crimsons seem to be the only truely effective lawkeeping force in this protectorate."
[20:06] Alathon: Venus: "Ahh.. yes."
[20:06] Alathon: Venus: "What sort of vibe did you get off him?"
[20:07] Caoilinn: "My thought is he may have just lost it when his girlfriend was killed."
[20:07] Sheena: "hmm, old count as a vibe?"
[20:07] Caoilinn: "Well, I suppose it isn't 'just', but I think he probably wasn't sane then."
[20:07] Sheena: "Just seemed like a guy thats been around to long"
[20:07] Alathon: Venus hmms.
[20:08] * Sakura_Kuonji listens intently
[20:08] Alathon: Venus: "A legitimate point.. I think we've all done things we regretted in moments of passion, at one time or another."
[20:08] Alathon: Venus pauses.
[20:08] Caoilinn: "He seemed straightforward and thanked us for helping to defend Northup."
[20:08] * Gerand_Rague considers this and nods.
[20:08] Alathon: Venus: "Of course, killing several thousand people is no small thing."
[20:08] Alathon: Venus nods.
[20:09] Gerand_Rague: "Mass murder... other than rumor can we substantiate that that happened?"
[20:09] Alathon: Venus: "This story was from one source.. do you have any corroborating evidence?"
[20:09] Alathon: Venus: "For that matter..w hat was your impression of the source?"
[20:09] Sheena: "Nope, and it was a drunk source at that"
[20:09] Caoilinn: "When I said we could hardly do anything else, he said something to the effect that no right-thinking person should be able to let something like the attack happen."
[20:10] Caoilinn: "Some others there said they'd heard similar stories."
[20:10] Alathon: Venus hmms again.
[20:10] Tsukasa: "It was somewhat corroborated by the others around there."
[20:10] Gerand_Rague: "Even if we're sure he's a mass murderer, is there anything we can do about it Lady Venus?"
[20:10] Alathon: Venus, to Tsukasa: "Oh?"
[20:10] Alathon: Venus looks over to Gerand.
[20:10] Sheena: "The other meta's seemed to agree with the story, but think he was over doing it"
[20:11] Tsukasa: "No hard fact so far as I know, but another one of the metas agreed that it was 'more or less' it."
[20:11] Alathon: Venus: "I have no compuntions about killing these Harleyrider thugs, and I'd have no compunctions doing the same to anyone who was a real, credible threat to the lives of our citizens. The question is, of course, does Trebek meet those criteria?"
[20:11] Tsukasa: "Is there anything we SHOULD do about it?"
[20:11] Gerand_Rague: "He's not a citizen of Crystal Tokyo, and what's more he's in a position of power here..."
[20:11] *** Gerand_Rague has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:11] Sakura_Kuonji: (nice timing XD)
[20:11] Caoilinn: "When we were talking to senator Arnold, he seemed sure that Trebek wasn't behind the Harleyriders and started to say something that I'm pretty sure was going to be that if Trebek wanted to take over Nevada, he could just do so."
[20:11] Tsukasa: "At present, I doubt it. It seemed out of character from what I've seen of him."
[20:12] Alathon: Venus: "Oh."
[20:12] Alathon: Venus is interested in that tidbit from Caoilinn.
[20:12] *** Gerand_Rague has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:12] Gerand_Rague: here's what I got
[20:12] Gerand_Rague: [23:12] <Sheena> "The other meta's seemed to agree with the story, but think he was over doing it"
[20:12] Gerand_Rague: [23:12] <Gerand_Rague> "He's not a citizen of Crystal Tokyo, and what's more he's in a position of power here..."
[20:12] Gerand_Rague: [23:13] <Gerand_Rague> "short of killing him, which would affect diplomatic relations, what can we do?
[20:13] Alathon: PM'd
[20:13] Caoilinn: "In fact, it sounded like Arnold, or maybe his associate, was more annoyed by Trebek's inaction."
[20:13] Alathon: Venus pauses.
[20:13] * Tsukasa glares at Gerand. "What SHOULD we do? We're hardly the police of the whole damned world."
[20:13] Alathon: Venus: "That beg's the question of who actually holds the authority to direct the Crimsons."
[20:13] * Fi loved Sheena from Shinesman, I wish they made mnmore
[20:14] Alathon: Venus: "Trebek seems to have the authority to command, but if the Senate doesn't command him, who does?"
[20:14] Sheena: (fi shut up)
[20:14] Gerand_Rague: "I'm not saying we SHOULD do anything, just asking what our options are."
[20:15] Caoilinn: "My guess, and it's only a guess, is that they follow the senate but would follow Trebek over them if he gave different orders."
[20:15] Alathon: Venus: "Your options do not include picking a fight with the Crimsons, to be clear."
[20:15] Fi: O.o?
[20:15] Caoilinn: (Or the deputies. :) )
[20:15] Tsukasa: (Fi: RP in progress. Shut up or get out)
[20:15] Fi: (Sorry)
[20:15] Alathon: ((eh.. no need to be rude. We're running a game, so please don't speak. You can observe if you want))
[20:16] Gerand_Rague: "Roger, Lady Venus."
[20:16] Sheena: ((rahh!)
[20:16] Tsukasa: (Well, a person hopping in midway is one thing, but Fi's been here the whole time and knows what we're doing)
[20:16] Alathon: Venus: "That makes sense.. but that raises another question. If Trebek is the real, final authority, why hasn't he moved the Crimsons out to engage the Harleyriders?"
[20:16] Tsukasa: "The understanding is that the Crimsons are being targetted by them."
[20:16] Alathon: Venus: "Hm.. I recall you mentioning that. But.."
[20:17] Alathon: Venus pauses.
[20:17] Tsukasa: "If the Crimson Guard appears in any outlying town to defend it, they'll just draw more attacks."
[20:17] Caoilinn: "Well, I expect taking them out when the senate has ordered them to stay would have a long-lasting impact to the Nevada government."
[20:17] Sheena: "Right, what we got from him was that any time the Crimsons moves out of the city they where swarmed by riders and over whelmed by numbers"
[20:17] Alathon: Venus: "Until I took them on, there were significant, massed forces of Harleyriders the Crimsons could have moved to engage in force."
[20:17] Caoilinn: "And there's also the question of whether they can catch."
[20:17] * Gerand_Rague looks around again
[20:17] Alathon: Venus: "Hmm.... good points."
[20:17] Gerand_Rague: roll 1d20+12
[20:17] Ala-bot: Gerand_Rague rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{13}
[20:17] *** Gerand_Rague has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:17] Caoilinn: (+them)
[20:18] Sakura_Kuonji: (LOL)
[20:18] Sheena: (crit fail= DEATH)
[20:18] *** Gerand_Rague has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:18] Caoilinn: (I've never seen someone roll for connectivity...)
[20:18] Alathon: ((you didn't miss anything))
[20:18] Gerand_Rague: [23:18] <Tsukasa> "If the Crimson Guard appears in any outlying town to defend it, they'll just draw more attacks."
[20:18] Caoilinn: (And then fumble it.)
[20:18] Sakura_Kuonji: (second fumble for the same check)
[20:18] Tsukasa: (... Okay, guys? NOBODY ask Gerand for a... anything)
[20:18] Alathon: or yeah, you did. PM'd
[20:18] Alathon: Gerand, you see more movement to the north.. flashes of color.
[20:18] * Gerand_Rague is gonna keep silent until he's sure this time
[20:19] Tsukasa: (... Venus is gonna HATE you...)
[20:19] Alathon: You are sure.
[20:19] Caoilinn: "I mean, even if the riders are massed, their mobility might still allow them to avoid a Crimson approach."
[20:19] Alathon: There was definately something moving to the north.
[20:19] * Gerand_Rague is still gonna keep quiet. he was wrong about the north before
[20:19] Caoilinn: "And they would be leaving the capital undefended."
[20:19] Alathon: Venus: "True."
[20:20] * Gerand_Rague rolls for connectivity
[20:20] Caoilinn: "Hm. I wonder if Arnold wants the Crimsons to go out anyway but the majority of senators want them to stay in Carson."
[20:20] Alathon: Venus: "The mobility issue should not be underestimated."
[20:20] Gerand_Rague: roll 1d20
[20:20] Ala-bot: Gerand_Rague rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{16}
[20:20] Alathon: Venus: "That's certainly possible."
[20:20] Alathon: Venus: "I... I expect I should discuss this with Trebek himself."
[20:20] * Caoilinn thinks for a moment then nods.
[20:20] Tsukasa: "Yeah... we're only really a third-hand source."
[20:20] * Gerand_Rague continues staring at the north
[20:20] Caoilinn: "Like I said, he does seem rather straightforward."
[20:21] Alathon: Venus: "It's clear at this point that he is the de-facto strongman in this region, regardless of the system."
[20:21] Alathon: Venus: "Mind you, that's not a sentinment you should spread."
[20:21] Alathon: Venus: "Which brings me to another point."
[20:21] Caoilinn: "He was in the Marriot lounge on the night we arrived."
[20:21] Alathon: Venus turns, and looks straight at Caoilinn.
[20:21] Alathon: Venus: "hmm.. good intel, too."
[20:21] Alathon: Venus: "Anyways.. Congratulations."
[20:21] Alathon: Venus claps you on the shoulder.
[20:21] Alathon: ((by you, I mean Caoilinn))
[20:22] Caoilinn: "Ma'am?"
[20:22] * Sheena raises an eyebrow while watching this
[20:22] Gerand_Rague: (Promotion time?)
[20:22] Alathon: Venus: "You're in charge. I expect you to take the rest of the party's opinions into consideration at all times, but you have the final word. Especially in diplomatic matters."
[20:22] Alathon: Venus: "I'd appreciate it if you could avoid any further... incidents."
[20:22] * Caoilinn stares at Venus for a moment before nodding.
[20:23] * Gerand_Rague is surprised by this turn of events, but doesn't show it
[20:23] Sheena: "You don't get a raise tho"
[20:23] Caoilinn: "Yes, ma'am."
[20:23] * Tsukasa blinks, then shrugs. "Congrats then, Kei-san."
[20:23] Alathon: Venus looks to the rest of the party.
[20:23] Sakura_Kuonji: "Congratulations Caoilinn-san"
[20:23] Alathon: Venus: "To be clear, I'm confident in your judgemetn as a whole, but Caoilinn has something of a knack for the diplomatic field.. and I'd like to take advantage of that."
[20:23] * Gerand_Rague stops looking north and looks at Venus
[20:23] Alathon: Venus grins at Caoilinn.
[20:24] * Caoilinn shakes her head slightly, looking somewhat bemused.
[20:24] Gerand_Rague: "Congratulations then Caoilinn."
[20:24] Gerand_Rague: "Do you have any orders?"
[20:24] Alathon: ((drop and gimme 20))
[20:24] Caoilinn: "Uh, thanks guys. And thank you, Lady Venus."
[20:25] Alathon: Venus: "You're welcome.. to the joy of leadership."
[20:25] Alathon: Venus smirks.
[20:25] Sheena: "Hah!"
[20:25] Alathon: Venus: "Hrm... anything else? I'd like to get back to the hunt."
[20:25] Tsukasa: "Yes... 'Enjoy'. Better you than us."
[20:25] * Caoilinn thinks.
[20:25] Gerand_Rague: "Good luck Lady Venus!"
[20:26] Sheena: "Oh ya, Do we need local money?"
[20:26] Caoilinn: "Not that I can think of. Do you have any different instructions for us?"
[20:26] * Tsukasa decides to get Cao a present to make up for having been sacrificed to the gods of leadership.
[20:26] Sheena: "We kinda told the town we worked for free, but there offer for payment is still open"
[20:26] Gerand_Rague: "free?"
[20:26] Alathon: Venus: "That's probably for the best. Building goodwill, and all."
[20:27] Alathon: Venus: "Though.. that reminds me."
[20:27] Caoilinn: "I do have sixty three double dollars at present if we need some money. Or if you do."
[20:27] * Gerand_Rague looks a bit put out but nods.
[20:27] * Caoilinn said that last bit to Venus.
[20:27] Alathon: Venus reaches into her ample bosom, roots around, and pulls out a ROLL of double dollars.
[20:27] * Tsukasa GAPES.
[20:27] * Gerand_Rague GAPES
[20:27] Caoilinn: "I'm guessing you do not."
[20:27] Tsukasa: "That is... how did you... my brain?"
[20:27] Gerand_Rague: (we getting paid?)
[20:27] * Sakura_Kuonji blinks
[20:27] * Caoilinn looks at the others.
[20:27] Alathon: Venus can't help but be entertained by the guy's reactions.
[20:27] Caoilinn: "What?"
[20:27] Tsukasa: (In foreign currency?)
[20:27] Gerand_Rague: "Where? What? When? How?"
[20:28] Alathon: Venus counts off money.
[20:28] Gerand_Rague: "who?"
[20:28] * Sakura_Kuonji silently wonders if Venus has a pocket dimension inbetween her breasts
[20:28] Gerand_Rague: "whaaa????"
[20:28] Caoilinn: "What are you lot staring at?"
[20:28] * Tsukasa composes herself. "I think 'who' was answered well enough."
[20:28] Alathon: Venus: "There's been plenty on the riders I've rolled. Here's twenty bucks a
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Session #12 - part 2

Postby Alathon » Fri Nov 03, 2006 12:33 am

Session #12 - part 2
[20:28] Alathon: Venus: "There's been plenty on the riders I've rolled. Here's twenty bucks a piece. You may not need it, but I certainly won't, and better safe than sorry."
[20:28] * Gerand_Rague gestures towards Venus' boobs"
[20:28] Alathon: You each gain 20 double dollars.
[20:28] * Sheena wonders if checking the others ample bosom well net simmler loot
[20:28] Gerand_Rague: "That! She you saw iut too didn't you!"
[20:28] * Sheena pokes the ferret
[20:29] Tsukasa: "And... I... I think anything I say at this point will give the wrong impression of me, so I'll shut up on that topic."
[20:29] Caoilinn: (Search mine and you will receive a fine crystal weapon)
[20:29] Sheena: "Hey yuuno we got any cash like that down there?"
[20:29] * Gerand_Rague takes the money and fails to stuff it into his ample bosom.
[20:30] * Gerand_Rague puts an Arcane mark on the money
[20:30] Alathon: Yuuno pops up from Sheena's cleavage.
[20:30] * Sakura_Kuonji simply sticks the cash under his bandana
[20:30] * Tsukasa glances at Sheena, flushing. "Um... The thought of someone LOSING something in there is even more mind-boggling than..."
[20:30] Alathon: Yuuno: "No, but plenty of money-making potential!"
[20:30] Alathon: Yuuno darts back into the cleavage FAST.
[20:30] * Tsukasa gives up and takes the cash.
[20:30] * Caoilinn sighs and shakes her head.
[20:30] * Gerand_Rague gapes at Sheena's breasts where yuuno just was.
[20:30] * Sheena grubles about smart ass rodents
[20:30] Sakura_Kuonji: "That's an... interesting pet."
[20:31] Gerand_Rague: "He! You! Him! What?"
[20:31] Sheena: "You don't know the half of it"
[20:31] Tsukasa: "I think the other half should be saved for a private room, though."
[20:31] Caoilinn: "So... Do you want us to just continue to wait at the hamlet, Lady Venus?"
[20:31] Alathon: Venus has by now moved from giggles to outright laughter. It sounds rather nice, actually.
[20:31] Alathon: Venus stops laughing and catches her breath.
[20:32] Caoilinn: (Well, I won't ask if she's busy laughing then)
[20:32] Gerand_Rague: (i have a feeling I'm being laughed at)
[20:32] Alathon: Venus: "Wait, for now.. this is the best target for miles around by far, and I'm not convinced that the Riders have abandoned this area entirely."
[20:32] * Gerand_Rague is stilll very very confused
[20:32] Alathon: Venus takes a deep breath.
[20:32] * Sakura_Kuonji takes everything in stride
[20:32] * Gerand_Rague looks up at Venus' words and looks around
[20:32] Alathon: Venus: "Best of luck to you all, and good hunting. Oh, and stay alive!"
[20:33] Gerand_Rague: roll 1d20+12
[20:33] Ala-bot: Gerand_Rague rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{26}
[20:33] Caoilinn: "We'll try. Same to you."
[20:33] Gerand_Rague: (YES! Not Another 1!)
[20:33] Alathon: Venus leaps up into the air, to a height of several hundred feet, before zooming off to the southeast with a rolling thunderclap.
[20:33] Alathon: You see nothing except Venus tearing ass to the southeast.
[20:33] * Sakura_Kuonji looks Caoilinn, "Well, what now taichou?"
[20:33] * Gerand_Rague watches that ass avidly
[20:33] Sakura_Kuonji: (*at)
[20:34] * Tsukasa idly lays her hand on her blaster while giving Gerand a speculative look.
[20:34] Alathon: YOu don't see much after the first third of a second.. she's too high, too far away.
[20:34] Sheena: "hmm.."
[20:34] * Gerand_Rague shakes himself. "Orders Caoilinn?"
[20:34] Alathon: But it was nice while it lasted.
[20:34] Caoilinn: "Well, for now, we should go back to town, introduce you to Marlon and get you settled in."
[20:35] Tsukasa: "I presume we're heading back to town. Probably get these two shacked up?"
[20:35] Caoilinn: "And for the most part, I won't be giving orders."
[20:35] * Tsukasa rolled a critical fail in colloquialisms.
[20:35] Gerand_Rague: "I'm not sure I wanna Shack up with Sakura..."
[20:35] * Sheena The Dark cyrstal sphear flashs lighty before "Stand by, Ready" is heard
[20:35] * Sakura_Kuonji looks rather irritated at Tsukasa's careless choice of words
[20:35] * Gerand_Rague is a bit startled "er..."
[20:36] Gerand_Rague: "Er... That's a weapon."
[20:36] Caoilinn: "And for the most part, you don't have to check with me or anything."
[20:36] Gerand_Rague: "Is town that dangerous?"
[20:36] Sheena: "What was your first clue?"
[20:36] Tsukasa: "Huh? Shack up? Doesn't that mean get lodgings and set up and all?"
[20:36] Tsukasa: "I seem to have irritated Sakura again..."
[20:36] Sakura_Kuonji: "Understood, taichou."
[20:36] Gerand_Rague: "er... not exactly"
[20:36] Caoilinn: (She's been overexposed to Venus...)
[20:36] Gerand_Rague: "it means... er..."
[20:37] * Gerand_Rague blushhes crimson
[20:37] Tsukasa: (Hey, gotta be SOME reason she glomped me for yuri)
[20:37] Caoilinn: (Btw, could you two change your nicks to how you prefer to be addressed?)
[20:37] *** Sakura_Kuonji is now known as Kuonji.
[20:37] * Tsukasa flushes. She doesn't know WHY, but it's looking appropriate.
[20:37] *** Gerand_Rague is now known as Gerand.
[20:37] Caoilinn: (Thanks)
[20:37] Alathon: (thanks)
[20:37] Sheena: "Any way, Shouldnt we be going?"
[20:38] Caoilinn: "Anyway, unless you want to talk about things you'd rather not have the locals here, let's get going."
[20:38] Caoilinn: (hear)
[20:38] * Gerand jumps at the change of subject and latches onto it.
[20:38] Gerand: "Yes. Lets!"
[20:38] * Kuonji nods and follows
[20:38] * Gerand starts towards the town
[20:38] * Caoilinn nods and heads to town to introduce the new members to Marlon.
[20:38] * Gerand debates casting disguise self to look like a redhheaded female
[20:39] * Sheena thinks of something on the hike back to town.
[20:39] Sheena: "Hey caoilinn, Could you make me something outa crystal?"
[20:39] Alathon: You'll reach the town without incident, after an hour or so of light travel.
[20:40] Caoilinn: "Sure, but rounded things are pretty tough for me."
[20:40] * Tsukasa catches up with Gerand and continues to seek an answer.
[20:40] * Kuonji stifles a snicker
[20:40] Gerand: "you can make things out of crystal?"
[20:40] Tsukasa: "Why did the statement annoy Sakura?"
[20:40] Sheena: "Not totaly round.. kinda ball shaped about so big (bass ball ish)"
[20:41] Caoilinn: (bass ball?)
[20:41] Caoilinn: (Oh, baseball?)
[20:41] Sheena: "Can have all the edges you want on it'
[20:41] Gerand: "er... that is... you implied we should have sex. me and him."
[20:41] Sheena: (doh ya base"
[20:41] Caoilinn: "Yeah, I should be able to do that."
[20:41] * Tsukasa flushes even redder. "Wait... That's what 'shack up' means?"
[20:41] * Kuonji turns back to look at Tsukasa, "Please, I would prefer if you refered to me as Kuonji."
[20:41] Tsukasa: "Really?"
[20:41] * Gerand blushes and drops back to cao's position
[20:41] * Caoilinn nods to Gerand and makes a pair of dice for him.
[20:42] Tsukasa: "Um...
[20:42] Caoilinn: "Here you go."
[20:42] Gerand: "That's great!"
[20:42] Alathon: The dice are hard, and perfectly formed, with sharp corners, and inverse-pryamid dimples for dots.
[20:42] Tsukasa: "Then... I'm sorry Kuonji-san. And you'd rather be called that? All right?"
[20:42] Kuonji: (How much damage would crystal kunai do as opposed to metal ones?)
[20:42] Kuonji: "Yes. Thank you."
[20:42] Alathon: (the same)
[20:43] Gerand: "I sorta need knives to cast my spells. Can you make me a set?"
[20:43] *** Gerand has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:43] Alathon: (they'd be see-thru though))
[20:43] Sheena: (no points for cool looking)
[20:43] Caoilinn: "No problem. How many and what color?"
[20:43] Kuonji: "Though you need not use the honorific."
[20:43] Caoilinn: "Actually, if you have a knife you'd like them to look like or can draw one, that'd be better."
[20:43] Sheena: (i get that ball thing?)
[20:44] * Caoilinn pauses for a moment and makes Sheena's crystal ball.
[20:44] Tsukasa: "That's... Did I?"
[20:44] *** Gerand has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:44] * Caoilinn gives it to her.
[20:44] Gerand: [23:43] <Alathon> The dice are hard, and perfectly formed, with sharp corners, and inverse-pryamid dimples for dots.
[20:44] Gerand: [23:44] <Gerand> "I sorta need knives to cast my spells. Can you make me a set?"
[20:44] Gerand: [23:45] <Gerand> roll 1d20 for connectivity
[20:45] Tsukasa: (Critfail for connectivity)
[20:45] * Gerand draws a set of ceremonial Athames
[20:45] Sheena: (LOL winamp is playing minsc, "magic is impressive, but now cao leads, Swords for every one!")
[20:45] Gerand: Green if possible?
[20:46] Gerand: (minsc?)
[20:46] Sheena: (man with the giant space hamster)
[20:46] Caoilinn: (Go for the eyes, Boo! - popular character from Baldur's Gate)
[20:46] Gerand: (ah. him.)
[20:46] * Sheena gives the ball a light toss to test its wight
[20:47] * Sheena she walks away from the rest of the group some to give herself some room.
[20:48] Caoilinn: (I'll assume you wait until we get to town and you have a table to use before you draw the athames. :) )
[20:48] * Gerand casts silent image creating a set of 10 ceremonial green crystal athames
[20:48] Gerand: can you make those?
[20:48] Gerand: *"can you make those?"
[20:48] Caoilinn: (Um, what do they look like?)
[20:49] Gerand: (Crystaline daggers, basically straight edged stuff)
[20:49] Caoilinn: "I should be able to."
[20:49] Gerand: (Blade width is constant)
[20:49] * Sheena gives the ball a toss in the air as a smaller ball of dark pink engery fires from her other hand to bounce off it sending it higher
[20:49] Gerand: "thanks."
[20:49] Alathon: If Caoilinn chooses to, she'll succeed. The daggers will be a little hard to handle, not having a grip-friendly wrapping, but will be well formed and sharp.
[20:50] Gerand: "those would help alot."
[20:50] Sheena: Roll 1d5
[20:50] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d5 --> [ 1d5=3 ]{3}
[20:50] * Gerand can create something to wrap them with
[20:50] Alathon: Until you wrap them, they're -1 to attack, if you choose to attack physically with them.
[20:50] Caoilinn: (Copper or silver wire?)
[20:51] * Sheena manges to keep the crystal ball air born 3 times before she miss
[20:51] Alathon: Yuuno: "Good job! But I know you can do better."
[20:51] Alathon: Yuuno: "Have faith in yourself.. and, stuff."
[20:51] Gerand: (Wire?)
[20:51] Caoilinn: (Sheena's playing a mini-game. :) )
[20:51] Sheena: "Hell ya this works great, Thanks Caoilinn your the best"
[20:51] * Caoilinn smiles.
[20:51] Gerand: (I can create cloth)
[20:51] Caoilinn: "You're welcome."
[20:52] Kuonji: "Target practice?"
[20:52] * Sheena pokes the ferret, and stuff huh?
[20:52] Caoilinn: (Oh, well. Wire would work and look neat.)
[20:52] Gerand: (So were the daggers created or no?)
[20:52] Kuonji: (yes, yes they were)
[20:52] Caoilinn: (Once we get back to town)
[20:52] Alathon: You'll reach town without incident.
[20:52] Tsukasa: "Your ferret's a little lackluster about things. Adds charm to the little football, though."
[20:52] Caoilinn: (A ball is one thing. Ten daggers is a bit much to make while walking. :) )
[20:52] Alathon: Marlon will, naturally, inquire as to the nature of the two new visitors.
[20:53] * Caoilinn introduces them by name and that they're new members of our group but allows them to describe themselves.
[20:53] * Gerand tells Marlon of his abilities as a mage and conjures enough cloth to wrap the daggers with to prove it
[20:54] Gerand: (5 cubic feet should be enough...)
[20:54] Alathon: Marlon: "Good, good... "
[20:54] *** sai-chan has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:54] * Kuonji introduces himself but remains somewhat secretive about the full extent of his abilities
[20:55] Caoilinn: (Fortunately, one of us taped a sign that says "Ninja" to his back. ;) )
[20:55] * Gerand rests to recover EP in preparation for the attack
[20:55] Sheena: (hah)
[20:55] Tsukasa: (Unfortunately, Nevadans are unfamiliar with the concept of ninja)
[20:55] Gerand: (they are?)
[20:55] * Caoilinn makes the athames for Gerand.
[20:56] * Caoilinn suggests wire for the hilts.
[20:56] *** sai-chan has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:56] Caoilinn: "You could check the store here."
[20:56] * Gerand takes the Athames and begins to wrap them in cloth "I'll get Wire later, for now Cloth is comfortable."
[20:57] Caoilinn: "All right. If you need anything else, let me know."
[20:57] Gerand: "will do"
[20:57] * Kuonji examines the surroundings
[20:57] Caoilinn: (...says Gerand as he gazes ever northward. :D )
[20:58] * Gerand goes off to Rest and Wrap the athames in his Conjured Black Cloth
[20:58] Alathon: Marlon is a little nonplussed by Kuonji, but since he doesn't have to pay, doesn't press.
[20:58] Kuonji: roll spot 1d20+2
[20:58] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled spot 1d20+2 --> error: malformed expression
[20:58] Alathon: By now, it's mid afternoon.. as usual, people are hanging out in the common room.
[20:58] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[20:58] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{9}
[20:59] Alathon: The militia are dicing, playing cards, shooting the shit.
[20:59] Gerand: roll 1d20+12 spot
[20:59] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+12 spot --> [ 1d20=16 ]{28}
[20:59] Kuonji: (ouch, I must be half blind)
[20:59] Tsukasa: (Your bandanna fell over your eyes)
[20:59] Alathon: Owen is passed out on his face; Jerry looks like she's napping, leaning against a beam.
[20:59] Gerand: (my Dice hate is somewhat gone!)
[20:59] Caoilinn: (Stop crossing the street, you two. :p )
[20:59] Kuonji: (?)
[21:00] Caoilinn: (Sorry. Just teasing Strat.)
[21:00] Tsukasa: (Remember Strat's Crystal Tokyo game? :P )
[21:00] Alathon: (Generally speaking, you don't need to roll to do trivial activities. Like looking around to see who's in a well lit room.))
[21:00] * Gerand finishes wrapping his Athames, hides them in his uniform and rests to recover EP.
[21:00] Caoilinn: (Do we want to take a break any time soon?)
[21:00] Alathon: Marlon: "Even if you ain't here for the dollar, you're welcome to the room 'n board."
[21:01] Alathon: Marlon: "Breakfast in the mornings, lunch at noon, and supper around sunset."
[21:01] Alathon: Marlon: "There's stew over the fire most 'times if you want somethin' in between."
[21:01] * Kuonji nods, "Thank you."
[21:01] Alathon: ((Yeah, now would be a good time to break.))
[21:01] Alathon: ((15 minute break for food.))
[21:02] Alathon: ((er, make that a 10 minute break.))
[21:02] Caoilinn: (It's been there for five years. They just add more ingredients when it gets low. Statistically, there's probably some tiny amount of food that's been in there for the whole 5 years...)
[21:02] * Gerand contemplates making the stew taste like rations with prestidigitaion but decides against it.
[21:02] Caoilinn: (Ok. 10 minutes sounds good.)
[21:02] Alathon: The stew is greasy and has a slight burnt taste to it, but has plenty of meat, and is filling.
[21:02] Alathon: we start up in 10 minutes
[21:06] Gerand: 10 minutes of Inactivity... I am so peered
[21:06] Alathon: heh
[21:07] Tsukasa: (Hi not-peered-man!)
[21:08] Gerand: roll 1d20 for connectivity
[21:08] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20 for connectivity --> [ 1d20=16 ]{16}
[21:10] Gerand: roll 1d20 for connectivity
[21:10] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20 for connectivity --> [ 1d20=14 ]{14}
[21:10] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:11] Gerand: YES! The Natural Order Has Been Restored!
[21:11] Gerand: roll 1d20 for connectivity
[21:11] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20 for connectivity --> [ 1d20=8 ]{8}
[21:11] Gerand: and apparently so has Dice hate...
[21:12] Sheena: hmm so Gerand is a pervert?
[21:12] Gerand: Not on purpose...
[21:12] Kuonji: no, he's a man
[21:12] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:12] Tsukasa: Natural order, eh?
[21:12] Gerand: He's a man, and gets embarrased easily
[21:12] Kuonji: I looked the first time too
[21:12] Alathon: anyways
[21:12] Alathon: we all here?
[21:13] Gerand: Yep. natural Order.
[21:13] Tsukasa: (Yeah, I'm around)
[21:13] Caoilinn: I'm here.
[21:13] Kuonji: j0
[21:13] *** Stratagemini has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:13] Gerand: now we are.
[21:13] Caoilinn: (And Strat is beside himself with impatience.)
[21:13] Gerand: (that's a bad one.)
[21:14] Gerand: (it's in case I get Peered)
[21:14] Alathon: Yo DCG you here?
[21:14] Sheena: (yes)
[21:14] Alathon: Alright
[21:15] Alathon: Nothing much will happen after you reach the common room, though Jerry will eventually wake up, and introduce herself to Kuonji and Gerand.
[21:15] Alathon: Jerry: "Yo. Name's Jerry."
[21:15] Alathon: Jerry: "I kill people. You/"
[21:15] Alathon: (You?)
[21:15] Gerand: "Hey. I'm Gerand Rague."
[21:15] Caoilinn: "Was that an offer?"
[21:15] Gerand: "I help people kill people"
[21:15] Alathon: Jerry smiles at Gerand.
[21:15] Kuonji: "Sakura Kounji, I prefer to go by Kuonji. I kill as well."
[21:15] Alathon: Jerry: "That's generous of you."
[21:16] Alathon: Jerry looks over at Caoilinn.
[21:16] Gerand: "I do other things too. Like cast the spells that makes the peoples fall down"
[21:16] Alathon: Jerry: "And, no."
[21:16] Tsukasa: (...)
[21:16] Alathon: ((I've fallen... and I can't get up!))
[21:16] * Gerand gets flustered by women smiling at him.
[21:16] Tsukasa: (Mein gott... the whole character was just so you could say that line, eh?)
[21:16] Gerand: (no. that was a bonus)
[21:17] * Tsukasa smirks. "It seems this method of introducing our specialties is getting in fashion then."
[21:17] Gerand: (But what a bonus!)
[21:17] * Caoilinn goes over to Sheena and talks to her briefly in private at some point.
[21:17] Kuonji: (I clearly missed something)
[21:17] * Sheena follows Caoilinn off to the side
[21:18] * Gerand continues resting
[21:18] Caoilinn: "Say, have you been scanning the area for trouble before turning in each night?"
[21:18] Alathon: She hasn't; she hasn't said so.
[21:18] Sheena: "No, i been in the fields trainin, Didnt even think about it."
[21:19] Sheena: "I'll do it tonight"
[21:19] Caoilinn: "Yeah, it didn't cross my mind until now, either."
[21:19] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:19] Alathon: Nothing else much seems to be happening.
[21:19] Caoilinn: "Ok, then. Maybe we'll get lucky with it again."
[21:20] * Gerand realizes he can hold the doors shut with "Hold Portal"
[21:20] Sheena: "Ya as soon as it starts to get dark i'll check"
[21:20] Alathon: Time passes; dinner is server. By the time dinner is over, it's dark outside.
[21:21] Gerand: (have I recovered all my EP yet?)
[21:21] Alathon: (yes)
[21:21] Gerand: cool.
[21:22] Gerand: *()
[21:22] * Sheena heads out side to take a look around
[21:22] Alathon: (You get 3 ep / hour, regardless of your activity)
[21:22] * Gerand heads out to scout the walls looking for good places to cast buffs from
[21:22] * Caoilinn goes with Sheena.
[21:22] Alathon: There's been no word from the lookout posts to the east and south of hte town.
[21:22] * Kuonji decides to look around the settlement
[21:23] Alathon: The settlement is very, very rustic, compared to whaty ou're used to.
[21:23] * Sheena holds her hand out as Dark Heart snaps into place
[21:23] Alathon: There's electric power, but pretty much only for lighting and refridgeration.
[21:23] Alathon: The entire place smells rather sweaty-ish.
[21:23] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 Wide Area Search
[21:23] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 Wide Area Search --> [ 1d20=16 ]{23}
[21:23] Alathon: Wood is the preferred building material, though there's a few Brick buildings. The Militia Hall is one of them.
[21:24] Gerand: roll 1d20+3 to sense magic around the settlement
[21:24] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+3 to sense magic around the settlement --> [ 1d20=15 ]{18}
[21:25] Alathon: You sense Sheena.
[21:25] Alathon: You especially sense a magical item in her possession.
[21:25] * Gerand walks over to Sheena
[21:25] Gerand: "You have a Magic Item. I can sense it."
[21:26] Tsukasa: (...)
[21:26] Sheena: "Hmm, nothing cao. It's all clear for a good ways. But with how fast they are i supose it don't mater"
[21:26] Tsukasa: (What was your first clue, the talking staff?)
[21:26] Caoilinn: (You couldn't have sounded creepier if you tried...)
[21:26] Gerand: (thanks. I did try)
[21:26] Kuonji: (lol)
[21:26] * Sheena tilts her head a bit and looks at Gerand like his an idoit
[21:26] Sheena: "Damn! What gave me away."
[21:26] Sheena: "Was it the big talking staff?"
[21:26] Kuonji: ("Can I... Touch your magic item?"
[21:27] Kuonji: )
[21:27] *** Stratagemini has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:27] Caoilinn: ("Give it to me.")
[21:27] Gerand: "No... It was the large talking staff that I sensed..."
[21:28] Gerand: "And possibly the talking Ferret."
[21:28] Gerand: (... I'm STILL! getting Peered!)
[21:28] *** Stratagemini has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:28] Tsukasa: (Meatshield. Or Peershield)
[21:28] Gerand: (yep.)
[21:29] Caoilinn: "Hm. Well, this town does have the lookout posts unlike Northup. Do you think scanning gives us much of an advantage?"
[21:29] Sheena: "Ya, and?"
[21:29] Gerand: "I can cast Darkvision if you need to see better in teh dark."
[21:30] Sheena: "Well i can see a hell of a lot farther then a lookout can."
[21:30] Sheena: "At lest when i don't screw up the power flow"
[21:30] Gerand: "I can see where this conversation is going..."
[21:30] * Gerand turns and leaves Seeking out Tsukasa
[21:30] Caoilinn: "Ok, what do you think of just checking before we turn in each night? Or more often if you want, of course."
[21:31] Sheena: "Sure no problem, Now... what the hell just happned with that guy?"
[21:31] * Tsukasa looks up from the book she brought along, feeling a sudden need to have her blaster close to hand.
[21:31] * Kuonji spots the others while looking around the town
[21:31] * Gerand finds Tsukasa
[21:31] Caoilinn: "I really don't know."
[21:31] Gerand: "You're Tsukasa right?"
[21:31] * Kuonji approaches "Everything in order?"
[21:32] * Tsukasa has got her blaster by now. "Um, yes..."
[21:32] Gerand: "Ah... Do you get shot at alot? Cause I have spells that can help you not get hurt if you do."
[21:32] Caoilinn: "It seems to be. We were just checking for anything lurking out there."
[21:33] * Tsukasa flashes back to Northup.
[21:33] Kuonji: "Do we take shifts keeping watch each night?"
[21:33] Tsukasa: "Yes... I'd say I do. My sniper fire is apparently very visible."
[21:33] Sheena: "Normaly we do"
[21:34] Caoilinn: (I suppose we haven't been while staying in the guardhouse?)
[21:34] Caoilinn: (Afk a minute)
[21:34] Gerand: "Yes. Well, one of teh spells I can cast reduces the damage that bullets do. It's called 'Protection from Arrows'"
[21:34] Tsukasa: "... Why arrows if it protects from bullets?"
[21:35] Gerand: "I have no idea. Maybe it works with Arrows too? I don't get shot with a lot of arrows to be honest."
[21:35] * Sheena points heart at the forest to get a good look at it
[21:35] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 Wide Area Search
[21:35] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 Wide Area Search --> [ 1d20=16 ]{23}
[21:36] Kuonji: "See anything?"
[21:36] Gerand: "Perhaps we should check with our comrades? They were on the wall Last I saw them."
[21:37] Caoilinn: (back)
[21:37] Sheena: (actuly me and cao where standing in the street)
[21:37] * Tsukasa points to her legs. "I'm not exactly in a condition to be moving about idly."
[21:37] Gerand: I can cast Floating Disk...
[21:37] Gerand: *""
[21:38] Tsukasa: "Who named all these spells?"
[21:38] Sheena: "ya lots of tree's, It seem im going to need to work on better ways to do this"
[21:38] * Tsukasa shrugs. "Whatever... Sanshi, apparently we're moving. He's determined."
[21:38] Caoilinn: "So, have you been with Gerand for a while?"
[21:39] * Gerand casts Floating disk
[21:39] * Sanshi pads over.
[21:39] Kuonji: "No actually, we were pulled from different units."
[21:39] Caoilinn: "Ah."
[21:39] * Tsukasa flails around. "What the hell?! What're you doing?!"
[21:39] Gerand: er...
[21:40] Gerand: (I didn't cast it under you)
[21:40] Kuonji: "I don't recall meeting him in the academy, but then I mostly kept to myself there."
[21:40] * Tsukasa manages to get one hand on her blaster, activate it, and get it aimed at Gerand.
[21:40] Tsukasa: (:P This is more fun)
[21:40] Gerand: (I didn't cast it under you, I was casting it to show it to you)
[21:40] Tsukasa: (Besides, I don't know what the hell that does. Tell me)
[21:40] Gerand: "I was showing you why it's called Floating Disk"
[21:41] Gerand: (it creates a floating disk that floats 3ft off the ground)
[21:41] Tsukasa: (I still don't know, you know)
[21:41] Kuonji: (best not to ask about his "floating dick" spell)
[21:41] Tsukasa: (Awww. Fine, guess we have to cut that scene then...)
[21:41] Gerand: (You create a slightly concave, circular plane of force that follows you about and carries loads for you. The disk is 3 feet in diameter and 1 inch deep at its center. It can hold 100 pounds of weight per caster level. (If used to transport a liquid, its capacity is 2 gallons.) The disk floats approximately 3 feet above the ground at all times and remains level. It floats along horizontally within spell range and will accompany you
[21:41] Gerand: (that's what it does)
[21:42] * Sanshi pads over to Tsukasa.
[21:42] Gerand: "you see? It's a well named spell... It's a disk, that floats."
[21:42] * Gerand nods
[21:42] Tsukasa: "Well... That certainly answers a question. Although I'm still wondering about your 'arrows'."
[21:43] Gerand: "That... I have no idea."
[21:43] * Tsukasa hoists herself up onto Sanshi's back. "Still, I think I'll go around like this."
[21:43] Gerand: "I would have called it 'Protection from bullets that normally hurt alot when you're shot with them but after you cast this spell won't hurt nearly as much"
[21:44] Gerand: "But apparently 'Protection from Arrows' is easier to remember.
[21:44] * Sheena is still with cao and the pink ninja
[21:44] Caoilinn: "So, excited to be out here?"
[21:44] Sheena: "So why did you guys get shiped out here any way?"
[21:44] Caoilinn: (Neither of us speaks for 5 minutes, then at the exact same second... :) )
[21:45] Tsukasa: "Right then. Obviously it's for the best that the spell was named before you got to it."
[21:45] Sheena: (i was waiting on tsu to start shooting)
[21:45] Alathon: ((Short answer is, you were requested, and agreed to help with a combat/diplomatic mission))
[21:45] Alathon: ((working for External Affairs))
[21:45] Tsukasa: (I know, poor me ;_;)
[21:46] Gerand: "Perhaps. Yes. It certainly is easier to remember with it's current name. if not nearly as descriptive as mine."
[21:46] Tsukasa: "... You are no longer allowed near anything of a linguistic nature."
[21:46] * Tsukasa shakes her head in bemusement.
[21:47] Gerand: "I'm not? But... my names for things, they are filled with teh power and enthusiasm of Youth!"
[21:47] Kuonji: "I follow orders. Whether I'm excited to be here or not is entirely irrelvant"
[21:47] Kuonji: "But... It's... Nice to see a bit more of the world."
[21:47] Gerand: "er... Did I say that out loud?"
[21:48] Tsukasa: "... Assuming your more embarrassing statement was about the power of youth, yes..."
[21:48] Gerand: "... Ignore that please."
[21:48] * Tsukasa quietly tells Sanshi to edge away from Gerand.
[21:48] Kuonji: (oh god... he likes green too)
[21:48] Gerand: "So your... cat thing? The one that talks. What exactly is it?"
[21:49] * Caoilinn almost says something about the irrelevant remark but refrains.
[21:49] Sanshi: "Sanshi!"
[21:49] Gerand: (You noticed that?)
[21:49] Gerand: "yes... that one that talks."
[21:50] Sheena: "Orders huh? We haven't gotten many of them"
[21:50] Gerand: "What is it? I have read about many creatures. I do not think I've come across that one."
[21:50] Sanshi: "I's Sanshi."
[21:50] Sanshi: "Sanshi's a Sanshi."
[21:50] Kuonji: "Well, now Caoilinn taichou can give orders." *Kounji grins
[21:51] Gerand: "is that a species? or a name?"
[21:51] * Tsukasa leans forward and ruffles his fur. "It's his name."
[21:51] Gerand: "ah. It's a beuatiful cat-centaur monster thing. whatever it is."
[21:52] Kuonji: (are you hitting on the cat beast?)
[21:52] * Tsukasa 's eyes narrow. "Right. You wanted to check on the others, so lead the way."
[21:52] Caoilinn: "Aye, but they're wee little baby orders, not like the great big ones that Lady Venus gives."
[21:52] * Gerand leads teh way
[21:52] Tsukasa: (Think he's hitting on the mother)
[21:52] Gerand: (I'm making conversation. I'm not very good at it though)
[21:53] Kuonji: "Yes, it would be quite hard to fill those... shoes."
[21:53] * Gerand approaches the others. "Hail fellow Warriors of Love and Justice!"
[21:53] Caoilinn: (Note: Caoilinn has an Irish accent, but I won't normally type it at all.)
[21:53] Sheena: "Ok thats just creepy when a guy yells it"
[21:53] Caoilinn: (Gerand has a charisma of 6, doesn't he...)
[21:53] * Tsukasa blinks. "I am NOT associated with this fool in the slightest way, shape, or form."
[21:54] Gerand: (16 actually)
[21:54] Alathon: (SO he's... really, really good at irritating people?))
[21:54] Gerand: (he's just not exactly used to people yet.)
[21:54] Caoilinn: (Well, turn the rest of it on. :) )
[21:54] Gerand: (He'll get better. I hope)
[21:55] * Kuonji nods in acknowledgement of the three newcomers
[21:55] Gerand: "But. we were just talking, a minute ago. Or did I hallucinate that?"
[21:55] Tsukasa: "You did."
[21:55] Tsukasa: "I haven't a clue of what you speak."
[21:56] Caoilinn: "And it's probably for the best if you don't greet us that way."
[21:56] Gerand: "So! Do you have any idea when the villians that threaten this hamlet will seek to do battle with us?"
[21:56] Caoilinn: "Or that way..."
[21:56] Tsukasa: (... You know...)
[21:56] * Kuonji blinks
[21:56] Alathon: ((don't be afraid to talk like a human ;p)
[21:56] Gerand: "oh... Too much enthusiasm then?"
[21:56] Caoilinn: (You're being out-Kunoued. :D )
[21:56] Tsukasa: (My character's a Kuno, and she's getting out-Kuno-ed by this guy off the street...)
[21:56] Alathon: (Unless that's what you're aiming for))
[21:56] Kuonji: "Who talks like that?" *Sakura mutters under his breath
[21:56] Caoilinn: "Yes."
[21:56] Tsukasa: (I feel... inadequate)
[21:57] Sheena: "And venus thinks putting up with this is worth 20 bucs"
[21:57] Sheena: "I feal so cheep"
[21:57] Caoilinn: (On the bright side, maybe that'll jar the Kuonji memory. :) )
[21:57] Gerand: "Well then. What's the sit-rep? I feel the urge to cast spells."
[21:57] Caoilinn: "Sit-rep?"
[21:57] Tsukasa: "Situational report, I think."
[21:58] Sheena: "The forest has trees in it,"
[21:58] Kuonji: "Situation report."
[21:58] Tsukasa: "Unless it's one of his strange permutations of language."
[21:58] Sheena: "Just checked and every thing"
[21:58] Gerand: "Situational report. I read it in one of my books on the military prior to joining...""
[21:58] * Caoilinn suddenly has the realization that something went horribly wrong with Gerand's accelerated language training.
[21:58] Kuonji: (E;FB)
[21:58] Tsukasa: (Huh?)
[21:58] Kuonji: (edit; fuck beat)
[21:59] Gerand: Should we burn down all the trees? I must tell you my fire spells need a bit of work."
[21:59] Caoilinn: "I see. Nothing in particular. We were checking for Harleyriders in the area and found none."
[21:59] Sheena: "I dont think the locals would like that"
[21:59] Kuonji: "I feel the locals would not take kindly to that."
[21:59] * Tsukasa draws her blaster. "... My marksmanship skills need a bit of work."
[21:59] Gerand: "i'm always happy to have an opportunity to practice them though!"
[21:59] * Kuonji blinks and looks at Sheena
[22:00] Caoilinn: "Gerand, I think it'd be best if you wait for situations that would clearly benefit from your spells before offering them."
[22:00] Gerand: "You really think so commander?"
[22:00] * Tsukasa blinks and looks at her weapon. "When did I do that? And where'd that line come from?"
[22:00] Gerand: "But my instructor told me to offer my spells before randomly casting them..."
[22:01] Kuonji: "Are you questioning a superior?" *Sakura attempts to glare... but it looks rather cute instead of menacing
[22:01] Tsukasa: "... My GOD, he was worse?"
[22:01] Gerand: "Worse?"
[22:01] Caoilinn: "Yes, do not cast them before they're requested or clearly needed..."
[22:01] Gerand: "ah... I'll try to remember that."
[22:01] Caoilinn: "But it'd be better if you were a bit less ... enthusiastic with offering them."
[22:01] Tsukasa: "I think you should edit that to mean 'before a sane being determines them to be clearly needed'..."
[22:01] Gerand: "you're sure you don't want me to burn things?"
[22:01] Alathon: At this point, a bell starts ringing.
[22:02] * Sheena Dark Heart glows dully in its staff, dreaming of the day all the meat bags in the world die
[22:02] Tsukasa: "... I think there are a few things you may yet get to burn tonight."
[22:02] Caoilinn: "For example, do you think it would be helpful if I offered to make you 50 specific crystal eating utensils during the course of a meal?"
[22:02] Gerand: "An Alarm!"
[22:02] Kuonji: (... her staff is hk47?"
[22:02] Kuonji: )
[22:02] Tsukasa: "Sheena, where is it?"
[22:02] * Caoilinn frowns.
[22:02] Sheena: (after listing to Gerand Tsuka is about to go HK on them)
[22:02] Caoilinn: "Come on. Let's head to the hall."
[22:02] * Kuonji looks to Caoilinn "Orders taichou?"
[22:03] * Kuonji follows
[22:03] Gerand: I Can Cast Spells!"
[22:03] * Sheena runs after cao
[22:03] Tsukasa: (Yeah... She's sane, but he's managing to tick her off like Karasu did Yume...)
[22:03] Alathon: The bell is ringing pretty steadily at this point.
[22:03] * Gerand follows caoilinn using his wand to cast Stoneskin on himself
[22:03] * Tsukasa nods and tells Sanshi to move her over there as quick as possible. Obviously, she's there first.
[22:03] * Caoilinn heads there (though if other people who look like they know what's going on present themselves first, she'll ask them).
[22:03] Alathon: ((are you outside, or in the militia hall?))
[22:03] Caoilinn: (We were outside.)
[22:04] Alathon: You'll all see people pouring out of their houses, some with various valuable items clutched int heir hands, and streaming towards the militia hall.
[22:04] Alathon: If you look to the east, you'll see a fire lit atop the eastern watch tower.
[22:05] * Tsukasa pops into the militia hall to snag her rifles, then moves out and looks for someone who knows where the enemy is.
[22:05] * Caoilinn leads the way into the hall.
[22:05] * Sheena brings heart twards the watch tower
[22:05] Alathon: The hall is in an uproar; the militia are rushing to get armed, and to man the weapons mounted ont he roof and at the windows.
[22:05] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 Wide Area Search
[22:05] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 Wide Area Search --> [ 1d20=6 ]{13}
[22:05] Sheena: (now i blow it! >_< )
[22:06] Tsukasa: (But of course!)
[22:06] Gerand: (I can caste Haste!)
[22:06] * Caoilinn looks around for Marlon or anyone else giving orders.
[22:06] Alathon: Marlon is directing some of the younger militia members around.
[22:07] * Caoilinn heads over to him.
[22:07] * Sheena runs over to Caoilinn and Marlon
[22:07] Gerand: "Is it time to cast Spells yet?)
[22:07] Alathon: Owen comes staggering down the stairs, with a brace of oversized javelins, and a huge twohanded sword over his shoulder with them.
[22:07] * Kuonji is right behind Caoilinn and Marlon
[22:07] Gerand: *"
[22:07] Caoilinn: "What's the situation and what do you want us to do about it?"
[22:07] Kuonji: (*caoilinn and sheena)
[22:07] * Caoilinn asks when he's not in the middle of something.
[22:07] Alathon: Marlon slaps a palm to his forehead.
[22:07] * Sheena runs up behing cao
[22:07] Alathon: Marlon: "If I was god, I'd' know.. never mind."
[22:07] Alathon: Marlon: "Let's find out which way they're coming from, then decide."
[22:07] Sheena: "There coming in from the forest!"
[22:08] Alathon: Marlon: "If they're foolish enough to.."
[22:08] Alathon: Marlon pauses.
[22:08] Alathon: Marlon: "Damn!"
[22:08] * Tsukasa nods. "Thanks Sheena!"
[22:08] Sheena: "Looks like they got there bikes with em"
[22:08] Gerand: "Should We Burn the Forest?""
[22:08] Caoilinn: "No, Gerand."
[22:08] Alathon: ((The Militia hall is southwest of the center of town.))
[22:08] * Gerand looks like a kicked puppy
[22:08] Alathon: Marlon looks alarmed.
[22:08] Alathon: Marlon: "No, don't burn the forest!"
[22:09] * Sanshi pauses and suddenly blurs, moving fast out of the militia hall and going to deliver Tsukasa to the nearest sniper point she'd picked out.
[22:09] Gerand: "no... Burning? Oh well... I guess I'll use different spells then."
[22:09] Alathon: Jerry comes arounda corner, unhurriedly shrugging on her leather armor top over a knit t-shirt.
[22:09] * Kuonji pulls up the ninja mask from around his neck to around his face
[22:09] Alathon: Jess isn't in evidence.
[22:09] Caoilinn: "So, shall we just do what seems best to stop them?"
[22:09] Alathon: The nearest sniper point is the hall itself.
[22:09] * Gerand readies his trusty Athame and heads to the Wall near the forest
[22:10] Alathon: Which is tall, and sturdily built, and has low walls around it's flat roof.
[22:10] Tsukasa: (... There goes the drama.)
[22:10] Alathon: Jerry: "So.. time to get our freak on?"
[22:10] Kuonji: "taichou, I believe it would appropriate for me to... vanish now."
[22:10] Alathon: Jerry smirks.
[22:10] Sheena: "Looks that way, we got a bunch coming in from the woods"
[22:10] Alathon: Marlon looks a little put out by Jerry's sense of humor.
[22:10] * Tsukasa didn't leave just yet, then. "Yuuno-san, want to help?"
[22:10] * Kuonji fades from sight
[22:10] Gerand: "Where's Tsukasa? I have Spells to cast!"
[22:10] * Sheena digs yunno out of her shirt.
[22:11] Caoilinn: (That last question was to Marlon, btw)
[22:11] Sheena: "time to get to work"
[22:11] Gerand: "Tsukasa. You want me to cast Protection from Arrows?"
[22:11] Alathon: Marlon: "Hold a moment.. you say they're from the north?"
[22:11] Tsukasa: "Go for it, but get it done fast."
[22:11] Alathon: Marlon: "Can you tell how long until they reach town?"
[22:11] * Sheena Hands Yuuno over to Ysuka
[22:11] * Gerand glows Green as he casts protection from Arrows on Tsukasa
[22:11] Alathon: Marlon: "and how many are there?"
[22:12] Tsukasa: "Yuuno-san, when Gerand's done, would you mind teleporting me up to the roof of the hall?"
[22:12] Tsukasa: "Anyone have spare powerpacks?"
[22:12] Sheena: "I saw lights leaving the forest and headed this way"
[22:12] Tsukasa: "The more power I've got, the more support I can give you."
[22:12] Sheena: "I didnt get much more then that"
[22:12] * Gerand finished casting
[22:12] Caoilinn: "Can you try again?"
[22:12] Alathon: People are flooding the militia hall now.. Marlon is drawn away, directing them up the stairs to the upper levels, and into the sleeping areas.
[22:13] Alathon: They're all frightened.. some of them are obviously angry as well.
[22:13] Gerand: I can cast Stoneskin on teh Melee fighters!
[22:13] Gerand: *""
[22:13] Sheena: "Less shit i can blow up later, but ya"
[22:13] * Sheena ingores the idoit
[22:13] Alathon: Your common sense indicates that it doesn't last very long, and that you should hold off on casting it until the battle actually is imminent.
[22:13] * Sheena and heads out front of the hall to take another look
[22:13] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 Wide Area Search
[22:13] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 Wide Area Search --> [ 1d20=9 ]{16}
[22:13] Sheena: (bah)
[22:14] * Tsukasa takes all the powerpacks she can, then has Yuuno teleport her into place.
[22:14] Gerand: (stoneskin? it lasts 50 minutes
[22:14] Gerand: (it's not 5 hours like protection, but still)
[22:14] Sheena: "I got 8 comming in fast, Hell there here all ready! To the north"
[22:15] Alathon: ((oh nm, 10 min / lvl, not 1))
[22:15] * Caoilinn heads out, summoning her armor as she goes.
[22:15] Alathon: Marlon looks over: "Aw, hell."
[22:15] Alathon: Owen: "Well fuck, let's get em!"
[22:15] * Kuonji pops back into sight near gerand
[22:15] Caoilinn: "Just eight?"
[22:15] * Gerand follows Cao
[22:15] Sheena: "So far"
[22:15] Kuonji: "I would like that spell, please."
[22:15] Alathon: Marlon rushes out the door.
[22:15] Sheena: "Im guessing the rest are in the woods"
[22:15] * Gerand uses his wand to cast Stoneskin on Kounji
[22:15] * Tsukasa assumes her position instantly, taking aim in the direction of the approaching enemy.
[22:15] Kuonji: (what's it soak?)
[22:15] Sheena: "I can't see in there, and it seems Venus missed them to"
[22:15] Tsukasa: (Just tell me when I can start killing)
[22:16] Alathon: ((You can't, you're ont he wrong side of town until they get closer))
[22:16] * Kuonji dissapears from sight, mutters a thank you, then runs to engage the enemy
[22:16] * Sheena just walks near cao
[22:16] Alathon: Tsukasa, you'll see Jess join you on the roof of the militia hall, some sort of huge contraption in his hands.
[22:16] Tsukasa: (Wait... they're over a kilometer away?)
[22:16] * Sheena sends a quick message to Venus about the attacking and current info
[22:17] Alathon: ((yes))
[22:17] Alathon: ((the town takes up some space ;p ))
[22:17] Kuonji: (sprint is... dex*30?)
[22:17] Tsukasa: (Damn, I'd have gone to an in-range nest if I'd known that...)
[22:17] Alathon: ((no))
[22:18] Alathon: ((dex*9))
[22:18] Alathon: (so.. you're just running off to the north?))
[22:18] Caoilinn: (Where's Marlon going?)
[22:18] Alathon: Marlon's heading upt he stairs, with a telescope in his hands.
[22:19] Kuonji: (hmm... maybe I should retcon that...)
[22:19] Alathon: ((no recton, you're already sprinting norht.))
[22:19] Sheena: (yes its bad to charge the guys on giant bikes coming at you)
[22:19] * Kuonji looks for any rooftops where he might get a better vantage point... while sprinting north
[22:19] * Gerand heads up the stairs as well in order to get a better view to cast spells
[22:19] Kuonji: (not if they can't see you)
[22:19] Alathon: YOu could get a better view from ANY rooftop.
[22:19] Alathon: YOu can hear the bikes, but can't see shit so far.
[22:19] * Sheena is standing out side the hall near Caoilinn
[22:20] * Caoilinn waits for now.
[22:20] Alathon: Other than the handful of people who didn't already make it to the militia hall, heading there.
[22:20] Kuonji: (how tall are rooftops?)
[22:20] Alathon: two stories, usually
[22:20] Kuonji: (hmm... don't think I can make that in one jump quite yet
[22:20] Kuonji: )
[22:20] Sheena: (i sent that message off to venus yes?)
[22:20] Alathon: Yes, no immediate response.
[22:20] Caoilinn: "You going to face them on the ground, Sheena?"
[22:21] Alathon: The noise of the engines abruptly dies off.
[22:21] * Sanshi hops up onto the roofs and waits among the main defence group.
[22:21] Tsukasa: (Oh dear... Do I see anything?)
[22:21] Alathon: You see their headlights wink out at the north edge of town.
[22:22] Sheena: "On the ground? Oh right i can fly.
[22:22] Alathon: Tsukasa, you see Jess fiddling with some contraption, setting it up on a tripod.
[22:22] Sheena: "I keep forgetting that"
[22:22] Gerand: (CAN EVERYONE FLY?)
[22:22] Alathon: (everyone who's cool))
[22:22] Tsukasa: (I'm... not cool?)
[22:22] Gerand: (i can fly you knwo...)
[22:22] Alathon: Marlon gets up on the roof, and spys south through a telescope.
[22:22] Alathon: Marlon: "Dammit."
[22:23] Caoilinn: "A diversion?"
[22:23] Alathon: Marlon: "No.. fucking raiders. They're looting."
[22:23] * Sheena floats up to just above roof level taking a look around the town
[22:23] Alathon: Marlon shouts: "Time to make good on that dollar! Kill those motherfuckers!"
[22:23] * Gerand makes it to teh rooftop
[22:23] Caoilinn: "Well, I guess we should stop them, them."
[22:23] Kuonji: (how tall is two stories?)
[22:23] Alathon: You'll hear some sorta shout from Owen, who's running norht already.
[22:23] Tsukasa: "Well, it's not much of a problem. Kill them all and sort the stuff out later."
[22:23] Alathon: ((20 feet))
[22:24] Gerand: It's killing toime?
[22:24] Gerand: (How far away are they?)
[22:24] Kuonji: (well, I can leap 23 straight up with a running start... I should be able to grab the ledge if I make the check... might as well give it a shot)
[22:24] Alathon: (Over a kilometer, it'll take you a few minutes to get there.))
[22:24] * Kuonji jumps up towards a roof
[22:24] Alathon: (Leaping onto a rooftop with Jumping +1, as a ninja, is a trivial act.))
[22:24] Caoilinn: "How about we take Yuuno."
[22:24] Kuonji: (ok, awesome)
[22:24] Alathon: (You succeed0
[22:25] Gerand: (they coming toward us or not?)
[22:25] * Tsukasa curses to herself and gets Yuuno to teleport her to a closer nest, where she can see the targets.
[22:25] Alathon: (You can't see them from here. Marlon doesn't think so.)
[22:25] * Kuonji examines the forest from his new vantage point
[22:25] * Sheena is flooting side ways not quite used to flying yet
[22:25] Alathon: Jerry exits the door on the ground floor, and breaks into a jog to the north.
[22:25] Sheena: "They can't be that stuiped"
[22:25] Caoilinn: "Yuuno! We could use a lift!"
[22:25] Alathon: Jerry looks over her shoulder.
[22:25] Alathon: Jerry: "Sure they can!"
[22:26] Gerand: (We getting teleoprted then?)
[22:26] * Sanshi pauses, then races north across the rooftops, shying back before actually getting too close to the riders and waiting for the rest of the defence force.
[22:27] Alathon: ((Nope, because Tsukasa already had Yuuno teleport her north.))
[22:27] Alathon: ((Yuuno is out of shouting range))
[22:27] Caoilinn: (...)
[22:27] Sheena: "Well then.. lets go
[22:27] Tsukasa: (... Sorry?)
[22:27] Caoilinn: "Great... Let's run."
[22:27] * Caoilinn runs north.
[22:27] Gerand: "I can Teleport myself and 1 other."
[22:27] * Sheena lands and runs after caoilinn
[22:27] Tsukasa: (Can I see the riders at my new position, then?)
[22:27] Caoilinn: "Sorry, you can fly if you want."
[22:28] Sheena: "Faster on the ground, Need some one on your back any way"
[22:28] Alathon: You can see where they probably are.
[22:28] * Gerand begins glowing as He casts Dimension door and teleports to Tsukasa's location
[22:28] Alathon: But they're hugging the houses, looting./
[22:29] * Tsukasa frowns.
[22:29] * Kuonji begins roofhopping towards the enemies
[22:29] Alathon: (You could fire on them, butyou'd stand a VERY good chance of igniting the houses.)
[22:29] * Gerand appears at Tsukasa's location in the sniper's nest
[22:29] Gerand: (Kill em with Napalm!)
[22:30] Gerand: (oh wait... goodwill mission.)
[22:30] Alathon: (You can't go that far Gerand)
[22:30] Alathon: (You can go 400 ft + 40/lvl)
[22:30] Gerand: (how far away is Tsukasa? that's still 600ft)
[22:30] * Sanshi diverts towards Cao and Sheena, speaking as soon as he's near them. "They too close for Mommy shoot. She appreciate if get them away houses so can shoot safe."
[22:31] Sanshi: "Can take slowest, on back!"
[22:31] Alathon: ((tsukasa is a good 500 meters north)
[22:31] Sheena: "Take cao sanshi i can keep up!"
[22:31] Gerand: (Which is waht in ft?)
[22:31] Alathon: ((uh... like 1600)
[22:31] Gerand: (I'm bad at conversion)
[22:31] Kuonji: (yeah... a meter is like 3 ft)
[22:32] Gerand: (Ah, I'll ride on Sanshi instead then
[22:32] Alathon: ((a meter is 3.2 feet or so))
[22:32] Sanshi: "Kei-miss, get on!"
[22:32] Gerand: (i'm probably slowest)
[22:32] * Caoilinn gets on.
[22:32] Sanshi: (You're 600 feet ahead of them :P )
[22:32] Sanshi: "Where want go?"
[22:32] Caoilinn: "To the Harleyriders."
[22:32] * Gerand sprints towards the sniper's nest then
[22:32] Sheena: "Find the bad guys Sanshi,"
[22:33] * Caoilinn says to Sheena, "I'll try to keep them entertained until you can join the f un."
[22:33] Gerand: (that's 144 ft every 6 seconds)
[22:33] * Sheena down shifts and easyly keeps up with Sanshi
[22:33] * Sanshi nods. "Hang onto saddle!"
[22:33] Sheena: "Say something?"
[22:33] * Caoilinn holds on.
[22:33] Alathon: As you speed north, you'll see a dimly glowing ghostly figure with no legs almost keeping up, heading north as well.
[22:33] Caoilinn: "Oh, never mind."
[22:34] Alathon: anyways
[22:34] Alathon: everyone roll init
[22:34] Gerand: (should take about 8 rounds for me to get there)
[22:34] * Sanshi practically blurs and heads to the north, stopping just short of the Harleyriders to drop off Cao.
[22:34] Alathon: ((You won't all enter combat the same round, but it won't be off by too many))
[22:34] Gerand: roll 1d20+3
[22:34] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{8}
[22:34] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3
[22:34] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{6}
[22:34] * Sheena cries
[22:34] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 owen
[22:34] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 owen --> [ 1d20=11 ]{15}
[22:34] Alathon: roll 1d20+5 Jerry
[22:34] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+5 Jerry --> [ 1d20=11 ]{16}
[22:34] Kuonji: roll 1d20+7
[22:34] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{26}
[22:35] * Caoilinn energizes her swords and activates her uniform's armor when she gets close to the enemy.
[22:35] Sanshi: roll 1d20+22
[22:35] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+22 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{30}
[22:35] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[22:35] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{19}
[22:35] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+5
[22:35] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{19}
[22:35] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 Veteran Riders #6
[22:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 Veteran Riders #6 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{11}
[22:35] Alathon: roll d20+4 Veteran Riders #2
[22:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled d20+4 Veteran Riders #2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
[22:35] Alathon: ((er #6 == #1))
[22:35] Alathon: roll 1d20+2 ???
[22:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 ??? --> [ 1d20=8 ]{10}
[22:36] Gerand: (I learn new math every day...)
[22:36] Alathon: Okay, gimme a sec
[22:37] Kuonji: (??? ... I don't like the look of that)
[22:37] Gerand: (better than 666 but not by much)
[22:38] Caoilinn: (That just means we don't know who it is)
[22:38] Gerand: (that implies a boss)
[22:38] Caoilinn: (Not always.)
[22:39] Gerand: (Murphy's 1st law or roleplay. Anytime A DM can hurt youy, he will)
[22:40] Caoilinn: (In your games, maybe.)
[22:40] Gerand: (It's more any time a DM looks like he's going to screw you over he will than can.)
[22:40] Gerand: (but the theory still applies)
[22:40] Alathon: ((Order is: Sanshi, Kuonji, Riders #2, Tsukasa, Caoilinn, Jerry, Owen, Riders #1, ???, Gerard, Sheena))
[22:41] Sheena: (damn so many people and in town, i cant vape any one)
[22:41] Alathon: There's a gap of up to half a dozen rounds if the closest people (Owen, Kuonji) Choose to attack first. They can wait, however.
[22:41] Alathon: Well, Kuonji can, you'll have to tell Owen to wait up if you want him to.
[22:42] Alathon: Tsukasa has the range to hit where the riders are, but no angle at the moment.
[22:42] Tsukasa: (Tell me when I get an angle)
[22:42] Gerand: (how close am I?)
[22:42] Alathon: six rounds out
[22:42] Gerand: (i'm 600 ft ahead of the pack)
[22:42] Alathon: You'll only get an angle if they come away from the buildings.
[22:42] Alathon: Actually.. you're only like 200 ft behind the pakc then, when you finish.
[22:42] Caoilinn: (And Sanshi, Sheena, and me?)
[22:42] Gerand: (ah)
[22:43] Tsukasa: (Pretty damn close, considering he's running you at 50 mph)
[22:43] Alathon: Sanshi, sheena, Caoilinn, and Jerry are all 1 round out.
[22:44] Caoilinn: (Wow, I need to get a Sanshi of my own. :) )
[22:44] Tsukasa: (Get a level in Pet Monster Trainer :P )
[22:44] Alathon: Anyways, ordre this round is (Kuonji, riders #2, Tsukasa, owen, Riders #1, ???)
[22:44] Alathon: ((Kuonji, you're up.))
[22:44] Sheena: (no thanks, yuuno's enought)
[22:45] Alathon: There are riders moving between the houses, tight against them, with sacks, looting shit.
[22:45] Alathon: Their bikes are parked off to the north a bit.
[22:45] Alathon: There's no obvious commander at this time.
[22:45] Caoilinn: (Actually, 1 rank of speed will work as well. :) )
[22:45] * Tsukasa thinks to herself... To shoot the bikes, or not to shoot the bikes...
[22:45] Gerand: (i'm so slow....)
[22:45] Gerand: (SHoot EM!)
[22:45] Alathon: They're stationary targets, you can hit them with ease, unless you really fuck up.
[22:46] * Kuonji looks for the closest enemy
[22:46] Gerand: (might also move them away from the houses)
[22:46] Alathon: Closest enemy is a rider with a sack.
[22:46] Kuonji: (below me, i Take it?)
[22:46] * Tsukasa nods to herself and switches to the beam rifle, slicing up the riders' bikes.
[22:46] Alathon: Yes.
[22:46] Tsukasa: (Roll?)
[22:46] Alathon: YOu can get there in time to make a single attack.
[22:47] Alathon: ((wait a sec, kuonji and the riders are first.))
[22:47] Tsukasa: (Ah, right)
[22:47] * Kuonji leaps down with a blade made of pure shadow in hand and attacks the rider
[22:47] Alathon: ((presumably invisible?))
[22:47] Kuonji: (combat is.... combat skill, and that's it, right?)
[22:47] Kuonji: (yeah, I've been invisible for a while now)
[22:47] Alathon: ((your attack roll is..
[22:48] Kuonji: (eer and bab)
[22:48] Kuonji: roll 1d20+6
[22:48] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{26}
[22:48] Alathon: You crit.. double dice
[22:48] Kuonji: (whoah, sweet!)
[22:48] Caoilinn: (I think you hit)
[22:49] Alathon: (not double damage, double on all your dice)
[22:49] Alathon: (You've got that sweet, sweet angle where his neck is just CALLING to you)
[22:49] Kuonji: (roll attack again to confirm, right?)
[22:49] Alathon: (no)
[22:49] Kuonji: (no? O_O)
[22:49] Alathon: (a 20 is a crit, a 1 is a botch, no "threats" in anime d20)
[22:49] Gerand: (roll twice as many dice?)
[22:49] Tsukasa: (Describe the visual effect of your shadow blade)
[22:49] Alathon: (yeah.. like a 2d6+5 attack becomes a 4d6+5 attack)
[22:50] Alathon: (the visual affect is whatever happens to the rider, he's invisble ;p )
[22:50] Tsukasa: (Point)
[22:50] Kuonji: (I take it I made sneak attack as well?)
[22:50] Alathon: (yes)
[22:50] Kuonji: roll 8d8+8d6
[22:50] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 8d8+8d6 --> [ 8d8=38 8d6=22 ]{60}
[22:50] Tsukasa: (Heh. +4d6. I pity this fool...)
[22:51] Alathon: (there's actually a to-hit mod for attacking when invisible as well, I was looking for that.. but doesn't matter int his case)
[22:51] Kuonji: (oh wait, sneak not get doubled? shit)
[22:51] Alathon: Out of nowhere, one of the Harleyrider's heads just.. spins away from his body, trailing a spray of blood. It lands on a picket fence, staring off into the sunset.
[22:51] * Tsukasa has to blink as the sack-bearer dies in her field of view, head flying off.
[22:51] Alathon: (the sneak attack gets doubled)
[22:51] Kuonji: (awesome :D)
[22:51] Tsukasa: (... I fear your ninja-ey powers)
[22:51] Caoilinn: (That last bit wasn't very stealthy... :) )
[22:52] Gerand: (that's just... beautiful...)
[22:52] Alathon: (heh, at least you got a Grand Entrance to combat ;p ))
[22:52] Kuonji: (:D)
[22:52] Tsukasa: (You know, our luck, that's a little child's house. And we're gonna have to clean it up)
[22:52] Alathon: Several of the riders do, in fact notice this.
[22:52] Caoilinn: (If you wanted drama, it should have landed in the hand of another Harleyrider who was just reaching out to grab something. :) )
[22:52] Alathon: Rider: "What the fuck!?"
[22:52] Tsukasa: (Yeah, my grand entrance was to miss and set the forest on fire...)
[22:52] Alathon: Rider: "Mike? GODDAMMIT!"
[22:52] Alathon: They rush over towards the downed rider but don't do anything; no foe is immediately obvious.
[22:53] Gerand: (Mike?)
[22:53] Caoilinn: ("I told you not to lose your head, man!")
[22:53] Gerand: (that's another shot)
[22:53] Alathon: (they're humans.. they have names, you know)
[22:53] * Tsukasa whistles to herself and kills one.
[22:53] Kuonji: (He shoulda quit while he was ahead)
[22:53] Gerand: (no killing the bikes?)
[22:53] Alathon: (You just killed a human being.. all his hopes, dreams, aspirations.. gone in a single roll of the die.)
[22:53] Gerand: (that's just... beautiful...)
[22:54] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+15
[22:54] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+15 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{24}
[22:54] Alathon: Tsukasa, you've got an angle ont he ones who are running across the street.
[22:54] Tsukasa: (That a hit or miss?)
[22:54] Alathon: (You're using your plasma rifle, right?)
[22:54] Tsukasa: (Yep)
[22:54] Alathon: (wait, what are you aiming for?)
[22:54] Tsukasa: (One of the riders)
[22:54] Alathon: The riders are on guard, having seen one of their guys heads fly off, so he'll get a dodge chance at the end of the round when your plasma rifle fires.
[22:56] Alathon: Owen rounds a corner, and seeing a couple of the riders in the open, drops all his stuff except for a couple javelins.
[22:56] Alathon: Owen: "Time ta die, ya bastards!"
[22:56] Alathon: roll 1d20+12
[22:56] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{23}
[22:56] Alathon: roll 1d20+7
[22:56] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{21}
[22:56] Alathon: The harleyrider in question does his best to dodge.
[22:57] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[22:57] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{11}
[22:57] Alathon: roll 1d20+4
[22:57] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{21}
[22:57] Alathon: The second Javelin whizzes by his head, but the first one catches him square on.
[22:57] Alathon: roll 2d6+20
[22:57] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d6+20 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{28}
[22:57] Alathon: It thuds into him, HARD.
[22:57] Caoilinn: (Ok, he's strong.)
[22:57] Alathon: But he's not down.
[22:57] * Tsukasa smiles and shakes her head. "Kei-san says it all the time, you've got to dodge BOTH of them."
[22:58] Kuonji: (so they have hp somewhere between 28 and 60)
[22:58] Alathon: A second set of riders are now peeking out of the houses they were looting; a couple of them take shots at Owen.
[22:58] Sheena: (+20? thats a shit load of str)
[22:59] Alathon: (He's hella strong)
[22:59] Tsukasa: (He's as strong as Sanshi is fast!)
[22:59] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+10
[22:59] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{14}, [ 1d20=5 ]{15}
[22:59] Alathon: Their aim is mediocre at best, owen tries to get outta the way.
[23:00] Alathon: roll 1d20
[23:00] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{5}
[23:00] Alathon: roll 1d20-2
[23:00] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{12}
[23:00] Alathon: He isn't much for dodging.
[23:00] Alathon: roll 2#1d12+4
[23:00] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d12+4 --> [ 1d12=6 ]{10}, [ 1d12=3 ]{7}
[23:00] Alathon: Both bullets hit him, the first one a little harder than the second. Neither really seems to hurt him all that much.
[23:00] Caoilinn: (But then again, the bullets aren't much for damage.)
[23:01] * Caoilinn does the prep work she mentioned in this round.
[23:01] Alathon: One other Rider peeks out the door, and seeing one of his guys skewered by a Javelin, responds to Owen's attack.
[23:01] Kuonji: (ugg... hope we can finish these guys quick, I need to crash)
[23:01] Caoilinn: "Armor, Sheena."
[23:01] Alathon: roll 1d20+12
[23:01] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{16}
[23:01] Alathon: roll 1d20+7
[23:01] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{11}
[23:02] Alathon: Owen tries to dodge the forking lightning approaching him
[23:02] Alathon: roll 1d20-4
[23:02] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-4 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{15}
[23:02] Alathon: roll 1d20-6
[23:02] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-6 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{9}
[23:02] Alathon: But fails.
[23:02] Alathon: roll 2#4d6
[23:02] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#4d6 --> [ 4d6=11 ]{11}, [ 4d6=16 ]{16}
[23:02] Gerand: (lightning?)
[23:02] Tsukasa: (Al: "Oh, didn't I mention that?")
[23:02] Alathon: Two seperate streams of lightning slam into Owen, making him jiggle and almost dance.
[23:02] Alathon: He's still on his feet.
[23:02] Gerand: (... Lightning?)
[23:03] Alathon: (welcome to anime d20, where the bad guys have special attacks too ;p )
[23:03] Gerand: (damn)
[23:03] Alathon: End of round, one of the harleyriders tries tod odge the bright ball of plasma Tsukasa launched at him
[23:03] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[23:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{19}
[23:03] Alathon: He fails. Roll damage.
[23:04] Sheena: "Ya good idea"
[23:04] Tsukasa: roll 4d8 AP 1
[23:04] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4d8 AP 1 --> [ 4d8=17 ]{17}
[23:04] Tsukasa: (... That's... somewhat less impressive than I'm used to)
[23:05] Kuonji: (oh damn... I forgot to mention my attack pierces armor)
[23:05] Caoilinn: (Is lightning boy in the open?)
[23:05] Alathon: The flaming ball slams into his side, charring it, shearing the leather jacket right offa him. He's cursing, but standing.
[23:05] Alathon: Lightning boy, along with riders #1, all have cover
[23:05] Tsukasa: (Uh... I don't think that's much of a problem in this case, Kuo)
[23:05] Alathon: End of round.
[23:06] Alathon: Top of the order, Sanshi, Kuonji, Riders #2, Tsukasa, Caoilinn, Jerry, Owen, Riders #1, ???, Sheena))
[23:06] Alathon: Gerard will be in range next round.
[23:06] * Caoilinn points to the one that shot lightning.
[23:06] Sanshi: (We in range at this point? All of us?)
[23:06] Caoilinn: "That one, Sanshi."
[23:06] Gerand: (Damn. That;'s 5 rounds till I get there?)
[23:06] *** Gerand has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:06] *** Stratagemini has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:07] Alathon: yeesh
[23:07] Alathon: I guess he missed what I said
[23:07] Alathon: You all just turn the corner
[23:07] Alathon: so you haven't seen the lightning guy yet
[23:07] Caoilinn: (Bleh.)
[23:07] Alathon: ((sorry i
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Session #12 - part 3

Postby Alathon » Fri Nov 03, 2006 12:34 am

Session #12 - part 3
[23:07] Alathon: ((sorry if I was not clear on that)
[23:07] Alathon: ((Only mentioned it once, with owen, forgot to describe the battlefield celarly)
[23:08] Caoilinn: (Don't suppose he's the closest one?)
[23:08] Alathon: Sanshi is up, but he's carrying caoilinn
[23:08] Alathon: ((no ;p ))
[23:08] Sanshi: (Sanshi stopped before reaching it to dunk her off)
[23:08] Alathon: ((that'd be his action for the round then.)
[23:08] Alathon: ((that, or caoilin would be a round behind))
Session Close (#CrystalTokyo): Fri Oct 27 23:09:04 2006
Session Start ( Fri Oct 27 23:09:11 2006
[23:09] *** #CrystalTokyo: Alathon Tsukasa sai-chan Sanshi Fi Scratx-nekochan @Ala-bot Yuuno Caoilinn Sheena Kuonji @keymaster
[23:09] *** Initial topic: Next game on Friday, October 27th at 9pm EST / 6pm PST
[23:09] *** Mode change "+o Alathon" for channel #CrystalTokyo by ChanServ.
[23:09] *** #CrystalTokyo was created on Fri Oct 27 03:14:41 2006.
[23:09] Alathon: ((motherfucker)
[23:09] Alathon: I hate that key
[23:09] * Kuonji looks for the next closest target
[23:09] Sanshi: (Alrighty, then I guess dropping Cao's the action for the round)
[23:10] Alathon: Kuonji can get to either of the injured riders or the uninjured one with them.
[23:10] Alathon: They're standing around the downed rider now, looking at owen balefully.
[23:10] *** Gerand has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:10] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:10] Alathon: ((somebody else forward what happened.. and gerard you're 1 round out))
[23:10] Strata|AFK: (Cut off at "End of round"
[23:10] Alathon: ((I frikkin left channel))
[23:11] Alathon: Sanshi dropped off Caoilinn, Kuonji is getting ready for.. something))
[23:11] * Kuonji sneaks up on the uninjured rider... he doesn't like poaching kills unless necessary
[23:11] * Kuonji makes a lightning fast strike at the rider's back
[23:11] Kuonji: roll 1d20+6
[23:11] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{13}
[23:11] Kuonji: (fuck me)
[23:12] Alathon: ((add +4 to that.. I can't remember what the invis mod is, but it exists.))
[23:12] Tsukasa: (Maybe somewhat less fast than lightning, then)
[23:12] Alathon: The rider tries to get outta the way of what his gut feels is coming.
[23:12] Kuonji: (ok...)
[23:12] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[23:12] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
[23:13] Kuonji: (... and he does... cocksucker)
[23:13] Tsukasa: (... Supermook returns!)
[23:13] Alathon: The rider totally lucks out, and dodges the sneak attack.
[23:13] Kuonji: (damn, and I wanted to end this quick)
[23:13] Alathon: The ridre you attacked knows someone is there, but can't for the life of him see them
[23:13] Alathon: He swings his gun at you nonetheless
[23:13] Strata|AFK: (I'll get a chance to Burn things!)
[23:13] Alathon: roll 1d20+10-4
[23:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10-4 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{14}
[23:14] Alathon: You can dodge or parry that sorta attack.
[23:14] Alathon: dodge is dex + unarmed defense + defense combat mastery, parry is dex + melee defense + defense combat mastery
[23:14] Sheena: (dont you come out of invis on attack?)
[23:14] Alathon: ((that's the spell Invisibility.))
[23:15] Alathon: ((he has the attribute Invisible: sight))
[23:15] Sheena: (ahh)
[23:15] Alathon: ((it is, in fact, a pretty effective attribute vs humans))
[23:15] Kuonji: roll 1d20+4
[23:15] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{13}
[23:15] Kuonji: (... fuck me)
[23:15] Strata|AFK: (that's lesser invis actually, greater invis you don't)
[23:15] Tsukasa: (Wait... you don't have any dex?)
[23:15] Caoilinn: (I'm pretty sure that's not what he's trying to do.)
[23:15] Tsukasa: (Or... anything?)
[23:15] Alathon: For all his ninja skills, Kuonji just can't get outta the way, and gets clubbed by the wild swing of a longbarrelled handcannon.
[23:16] Kuonji: (dex is 3, skill is 1)
[23:16] Alathon: roll 1d10+8
[23:16] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d10+8 --> [ 1d10=5 ]{13}
[23:16] Alathon: The weapon makes contact with a meaty thud.
[23:16] Kuonji: (doing no damage... thanks for the stoneskin :D)
[23:16] Alathon: The other two harleyriders, seeing their brothers success, take swings at Kuonji as well.
[23:17] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+10
[23:17] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{17}, [ 1d20=16 ]{26}
[23:17] Kuonji: (well I'm fucked)
[23:17] Alathon: ((each defense next is at -2 per))
[23:17] Tsukasa: (...)
[23:17] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[23:17] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
[23:17] Kuonji: roll 1d20
[23:17] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{18}
[23:17] Tsukasa: (Poor ninja)
[23:17] Strata|AFK: (A dexless ninja... huh.)
[23:17] Alathon: One of their swings is evaded (though nobody sees the evasion)
[23:17] Alathon: The othe connects
[23:17] Kuonji: (how is +3 dexless?)
[23:17] Alathon: roll 1d10+8
[23:17] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d10+8 --> [ 1d10=6 ]{14}
[23:17] Strata|AFK: (that's the same Dex as me)
[23:18] Alathon: It thuds into him again.
[23:18] Alathon: Tsukasa is up.
[23:18] Kuonji: (again, no damage... by the skin of my teeth though)
[23:18] Alathon: You have three visible targets, the three harleyriders fighting what you assume is Kuonji.
[23:18] * Tsukasa shoots at the guy who Owen challenged.
[23:18] Alathon: ((by challenged you mean speared?)
[23:18] Alathon: ((roll it up))
[23:18] Tsukasa: (I'll save the actual attack roll for when it goes off)
[23:18] Alathon: ((oh, okay)
[23:19] Alathon: Caoilinn is up.
[23:19] Tsukasa: (Saves tabbing up :P )
[23:19] Strata|AFK: (heh)
[23:19] Kuonji: (strat, I also have +2 con and +3 int... I find the balance is quite useful)
[23:19] Caoilinn: (So, Sanshi stopped/slowed?)
[23:19] *** Gerand is now known as Stratagemini.
[23:19] *** Strata|AFK is now known as Gerand.
[23:19] Tsukasa: (Yup. He may be a slow ninja, but he's a SMART ninja)
[23:19] *** Stratagemini is now known as Strata|AFK.
[23:19] Tsukasa: (Yeah, to drop you off)
[23:19] Alathon: ((sanshi stopped to let you act/dismount/whatever, he'll be free to act at the top of the next round))
[23:20] Alathon: ((btw, that's supposed to be Gerand right, not Gerard?))
[23:20] Kuonji: (a smart ninja that can take a beating.... 45 hp ^^)
[23:20] Tsukasa: (Appreciate his sacrifice!)
[23:20] Tsukasa: (Huh. Good thing too. Looks like you're about to)
[23:21] Gerand: (Yes. Gerand
[23:21] Kuonji: (I can soak up to 14 damage)
[23:21] * Caoilinn dismounts and attacks the nearest rider other than the speared one.
[23:21] Caoilinn: (There is one that I can attack, yes?)
[23:21] Alathon: You can reach an injured one or an uninjured one.
[23:22] * Caoilinn attacks an uninjured one.
[23:22] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+5
[23:22] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{11}
[23:22] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+5
[23:22] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{10}
[23:22] Alathon: He parries with his gun.
[23:22] Tsukasa: (... Caoilinn DOESN'T attack an uninjured one)
[23:22] Alathon: roll 1d20+16
[23:22] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+16 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{22}
[23:22] Alathon: roll 1d20+4
[23:22] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{18}
[23:22] Alathon: And knocks aside both attacks.
[23:23] Caoilinn: (+16?)
[23:23] Alathon: (oh, bleah, typo))
[23:23] Tsukasa: (And then +4? Where'd the rest go?)
[23:23] Alathon: ((that's actually a +6, which.. does in fact still parry ;p ))
[23:23] Alathon: Jerry is up.
[23:24] Alathon: Jerry, who at this point is a greyscale see-thru image of herself, fading off just below the hips, streaks forward towards the uninjured Harleyrider.
[23:24] Tsukasa: (Oooooh, soulstealer. Let's see her go then)
[23:24] Alathon: roll 1d20+17
[23:24] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+17 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{21}
[23:24] Tsukasa: (...)
[23:24] Alathon: She reaches out and tries to grab something outta his chest.
[23:24] Gerand: (+17?)
[23:25] Tsukasa: (That's gonna hit, isn't it?)
[23:25] Alathon: He, naturally, tries to get the hell outta the way.
[23:25] Caoilinn: (She's good at what she does)
[23:25] Gerand: (it rolled a 4)
[23:25] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[23:25] Caoilinn: (Awww, he doesn't try to parry? :) )
[23:25] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{13}
[23:25] Alathon: But having already dodged two swings from Caoilins swords, he isn't in a position to.
[23:25] Alathon: roll 1d20+12 fort save
[23:25] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12 fort save --> [ 1d20=12 ]{24}
[23:26] Alathon: His eyes go wide, and he shivers for a moment as if someone were playing him like a harp string... but nothing happens.
[23:26] Alathon: Jerry breezes by.
[23:26] Gerand: (So much for her killing things)
[23:26] Tsukasa: "... That guy's a bloody tank."
[23:26] Alathon: (it's more a measure of just how tough some of these guys are ;p ))
[23:27] Alathon: Owen is up, and he's thinking to finish the job he started.
[23:27] Alathon: roll 1d20+12
[23:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{20}
[23:27] Alathon: roll 1d20+7
[23:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{17}
[23:27] Alathon: The guy he speared doesn't think much of that, and tries to dodge.
[23:27] Kuonji: (please hurry up and kill these guys x_x)
[23:27] Tsukasa: (I thought it was a measure of luck and good rolls :P )
[23:27] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[23:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{26}
[23:27] Alathon: roll 1d20+4
[23:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{10}
[23:27] Alathon: The first one is dodged artfully, the second... is not.
[23:27] Alathon: roll 2d6+20
[23:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d6+20 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{30}
[23:27] Caoilinn: ("Haha! Nice tr--URK!")
[23:27] Tsukasa: (Smote him mightily?)
[23:27] * Sheena takes a shot
[23:28] Alathon: It taked the Rider in the chest, knocking him back.. he staggers for a moment, before falling on his back.
[23:28] Alathon: (dead)
[23:28] Gerand: (Yea! I shall smite them Verily!)
[23:28] Alathon: (wait a sec sheena, your turn will come)
[23:28] Sheena: (no i ment RL, heh)
[23:28] Alathon: ((hehe))
[23:28] Alathon: ((aw shit I better get another beer, this one went dry))
[23:28] * Tsukasa mutters to herself and tries to change to another target before the gun goes off (Iron Man).
[23:29] Alathon: The four riders with cover in buildings split their shots.
[23:29] Alathon: Two shoot at Owen, and two shoot at Caoilinn.
[23:29] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+10 at owen
[23:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+10 at owen --> [ 1d20=18 ]{28}, [ 1d20=18 ]{28}
[23:29] Alathon: Owen tries to dodge, again, in his ponderous fashion.
[23:29] Alathon: roll 1d20
[23:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{12}
[23:29] Alathon: roll 1d20-2
[23:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{-1}
[23:29] Gerand: (Supernaut came onto my winamp)
[23:29] Alathon: And naturally, can't dodge for shit.
[23:29] Alathon: roll 2#1d12+4
[23:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d12+4 --> [ 1d12=3 ]{7}, [ 1d12=12 ]{16}
[23:30] Alathon: The first bullet barely rocks him.. but the second one catches him in the gut, making him wince.
[23:30] Caoilinn: (Does this rider I'm fighting count as cover? :) )
[23:30] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+10 at caoilinn
[23:30] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+10 at caoilinn --> [ 1d20=1 ]{11}, [ 1d20=12 ]{22}
[23:30] Alathon: ((sadly, no)
[23:30] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+4
[23:30] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
[23:30] Alathon: But one of the riders shooting at you shoots the storefront instead.
[23:30] Alathon: It blows up in his face.
[23:30] Alathon: YOu don't quite manage to dodge the other bullet, however
[23:30] Alathon: roll 1d12+4
[23:30] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+4 --> [ 1d12=4 ]{8}
[23:31] Alathon: Instead, you let it clang off your armor.
[23:31] Tsukasa: "... Do these guys really need US to come and kill them?"
[23:31] Alathon: One dude (who those arriving this round haven't seen thus far, peeps up through a window, and takes a shot at Caoilinn.))
[23:31] Sheena: "We might find a couple dead in the houses, having triped on the steps"
[23:31] Alathon: roll 1d20+12
[23:31] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{31}
[23:31] Gerand: (Round over yet? I want to cast the spells that makes teh peoples fall down))
[23:31] Alathon: roll 1d20+7
[23:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{13}
[23:32] Alathon: ((you acn dodge, these, but not parry))
[23:32] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[23:32] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{20}
[23:32] Caoilinn: roll 1d20
[23:32] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{19}
[23:32] Alathon: You manage to dodge one of the forks of lightning, but the other one connects with you.
[23:32] Alathon: ((CT armor is not effective vs Lightning))
[23:32] Alathon: roll 4d8
[23:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4d8 --> [ 4d8=25 ]{25}
[23:32] Caoilinn: (Hmph)
[23:32] Tsukasa: (... Good time to learn that!)
[23:33] Tsukasa: (Okies, he's a boss then)
[23:33] Alathon: ((You actually haven't tested it against anything other than physical attacks so far, this is your first chance ;p ))
[23:33] Gerand: my special attack skill counts towards all my special attacks that leave my body, at least that's what it say, so Lightning bolt gets it. does it get added bonus from my Charisma?
[23:33] Alathon: The lightning bolt slams into Caoilinn with a fair bit of force.
[23:33] Sheena: (ct armor or her crystal armor?)
[23:33] Caoilinn: "Shit! There's a guy in that window shooting lightning!"
[23:33] Alathon: ((dude.. lightning bolt hits, period.))
[23:33] Alathon: ((the target gets a dex save for half damage)
[23:33] Alathon: ((you only need to roll for trick shots))
[23:33] Alathon: ((CT armor, the actual Armor attribute functions normally vs it))
[23:34] Gerand: (oh Right)
[23:34] Alathon: Sheena is up.
[23:34] Caoilinn: "Nasty lightning. Take him out if you can!"
[23:34] Alathon: Next round, Gerand will make it around the corner and enter the fray.
[23:34] Tsukasa: (Blast him for real!)
[23:34] Alathon: He's got cover from the storefront (-4 on attack).
[23:34] Tsukasa: (Level the building! Crush the meatbags!)
[23:35] Gerand: (Now You're HK47?)
[23:35] Tsukasa: (... Huh. It seems Gerand WAS able to turn a relatively calm young lady into HK-47)
[23:35] Gerand: (heh)
[23:35] Gerand: (What can I say? It's a gift.)
[23:35] Caoilinn: (So, how will his lightning attacks work now?)
[23:35] * Sheena walks near caoilinn stoping only to trigger her armor
[23:35] Caoilinn: (2 attacks that automatically hit but can be saved against for 1/2 damage?)
[23:36] Caoilinn: (Or is it just 1?)
[23:36] Tsukasa: (Hm. Does the storefront count as cover if she's vaporizing it too?)
[23:36] Sheena: (and armor still takes damage off of it)
[23:36] Alathon: ((he has a lightning special attack.. he's high enough level to get two attacks, and the spec attack has the Flurry attribute))
[23:36] Alathon: ((no save, since it's targeted0)
[23:37] Alathon: ((the storefront counts for cover when aiming ;p ))
[23:37] Caoilinn: (Ok, so he does still have to hit)
[23:37] Alathon: Okay, Sheena goes through a brillaintly beautiful Magical Girl transformation, flashing her naughty bits for all to see if they look closely, before reappearing in an approximation of a Schoolgirl's outfit.
[23:37] Alathon: ((yes))
[23:37] Alathon: ((wait)
[23:37] Alathon: ((you're talking about the rider dude, right?))
[23:37] * Gerand is waiting to show that meatbag how to REALLY cast lightning bolt!
[23:38] Alathon: ((he has a spec attack.. Gerand has a spell, "Lightning bolt", with different properties))
[23:38] Caoilinn: (Yeah.)
[23:38] Alathon: End of round, top of the order.
[23:38] Alathon: Sanshi is up.
[23:38] Tsukasa: (Hey, I'm the only one you enraged enough to turn into HK-47)
[23:38] Gerand: (I'm crazy. I can say whatever I want.)
[23:38] Alathon: oh wait
[23:38] Alathon: waaaaaait
[23:39] Alathon: Tsukasa, roll your plasma bolt
[23:39] Sanshi: (Hm... Exactly how far can I get? Any way to get into the building?)
[23:39] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+15
[23:39] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+15 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{27}
[23:39] Alathon: No way sanshi will fit into these buildings. He could try attacking into them, but the target would naturally have cover.
[23:39] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[23:39] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{17}
[23:39] Alathon: roll your damage
[23:39] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled your damage --> error: malformed expression
[23:39] Tsukasa: (Yeah... And Leap Attack is a little less useful in there...)
[23:39] Tsukasa: roll 4d8
[23:39] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4d8 --> [ 4d8=21 ]{21}
[23:40] Tsukasa: (That was against the uninjured lucky guy)
[23:40] Alathon: The harleyridre Tsukasa had shot once falls, a hole charred through his chest where his heart used to be.
[23:40] Alathon: ((oooh, nm)
[23:40] Alathon: The uninjured harleyrider takes a painful, firey injury, but manages to stay on his feet.
[23:40] Gerand: (Any mods on damage to my lightningbolt spell?)
[23:40] Alathon: 5d6
[23:40] Tsukasa: (Huh. After that, 'he got shot' sounds so undramatic...)
[23:40] Sheena: (hah)
[23:41] Alathon: Sanshi is up
[23:41] * Sanshi braces himself and leaps for the guy Tsukasa just shot.
[23:41] Sanshi: roll 1d20+14 Leap Attack
[23:41] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+14 Leap Attack --> [ 1d20=2 ]{16}
[23:41] Sanshi: (...)
[23:41] Alathon: roll 1d20 dodge
[23:41] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 dodge --> [ 1d20=11 ]{11}
[23:41] Alathon: He doesn't get outta the way.
[23:41] Sanshi: roll 1d3+6+1d4+2+20
[23:41] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d3+6+1d4+2+20 --> [ 1d3=2 1d4=4 ]{34}
[23:42] Sanshi: (Or survive)
[23:42] Alathon: Sanshi shears through leather, flesh, and bone with his claws.
[23:42] Alathon: (dead)
[23:42] Alathon: Kuonji is up.
[23:43] Alathon: There's one harleyrider left in the open.. five are hiding out in the stores across the street taking shots at the party.
[23:44] Gerand: (Kounji, Go for oe of those hiding, I can get the one in the open)
[23:44] Sanshi: "Go! Mommy me have theseies!"
[23:45] Tsukasa: (You know... we have communicators, don't we? I don't need to be using the Sanshi-phone)
[23:45] Gerand: (is lightning boy in hiding or in the open?)
[23:45] Caoilinn: (Hiding)
[23:45] Alathon: He's taking cover in a store.
[23:45] * Kuonji attacks a hinding harleyrider
[23:45] Gerand: (can I get him with the simple spell or are there things affecting it?)
[23:45] Kuonji: (assuming the fucker is close enough)
[23:46] Alathon: ((with your speed you can get close enough to make one attack))
[23:46] Alathon: ((Kuonji, I mean))
[23:46] Sheena: (isnt ninja boy in the middle of getting his ass kicked?)
[23:46] Kuonji: (I haven't been damaged once... how's that getting my ass kicked)
[23:46] Alathon: (He woudl be, if only he weren't an invisible ninja, and two of the three guys attacin him weren't dead))
[23:46] Sheena: (oh his outside, thought he was inside)
[23:46] Kuonji: (and I haven't seen YOU do anything this round)
[23:47] Alathon: ((anyways roll it up))
[23:47] Kuonji: roll 1d20+6
[23:47] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{11}
[23:47] Tsukasa: (... On that note, why DIDN'T you transform while en-route?)
[23:47] Alathon: ((+4 for being invis, but your aim still sucks))
[23:47] Kuonji: (divine intervention time!)
[23:47] Alathon: ((if she'd taken around to transform, she woulda been a round later))
[23:47] Tsukasa: (Yeah... Dramatic entrance, but...)
[23:47] Alathon: ((okay, roll it again))
[23:47] Sheena: (who me?)
[23:47] Kuonji: roll 1d20+10
[23:47] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{21}
[23:48] Tsukasa: (True enough, never mind)
[23:48] Alathon: The harleyrider knows there is SOMETHING afoot, but isn't in much of a position to parry attacks.. he just tries to get outta the way.
[23:48] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[23:48] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{4}
[23:48] Alathon: He so doesn.t
[23:48] Alathon: roll damage + sneak attack.
[23:48] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled damage + sneak attack. --> error: malformed expression
[23:48] Kuonji: roll 4d8+4d6
[23:48] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 4d8+4d6 --> [ 4d8=18 4d6=17 ]{35}
[23:48] Caoilinn: (I think I'll need to call it a night soon.)
[23:49] Alathon: ((we'll be done after this fight))
[23:49] Alathon: The harleyrider you attacked staggers, on the edge of death, after his side just straight up tore open.
[23:49] Alathon: (1 hp left ;p ))
[23:50] Gerand: (poke it till it dies!)
[23:50] Alathon: The one Kuonji attacked takes a swing at him with his gun.
[23:50] Alathon: roll 1d20+10-4
[23:50] Tsukasa: (Cao's done that)
[23:50] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10-4 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{17}
[23:50] Kuonji: roll 1d20+4
[23:50] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{19}
[23:50] Tsukasa: (Woot! The ninja actually... ninjas, instead of tanking!)
[23:50] Alathon: Kuonji avoids the attack.
[23:51] Alathon: The other three riders taking cover in the store decide to take their shots at owen.
[23:51] Kuonji: (ok, stick a fork in me, I'm done)
[23:51] Alathon: roll 3#1d20+10
[23:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{29}, [ 1d20=9 ]{19}, [ 1d20=9 ]{19}
[23:51] Kuonji: (al will be zombieing me)
[23:51] Alathon: roll 1d20
[23:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{13}
[23:51] Alathon: roll 1d20-2
[23:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{3}
[23:51] Kuonji: (goodnight)
[23:51] Alathon: roll 1d20-4
[23:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-4 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{2}
[23:51] Alathon: He doesnt' dodge a damned thing
[23:51] Kuonji: (tell me what happens tomorrow)
[23:51] Alathon: ((and yeah.))
[23:51] Alathon: ((just leave IRC on so you can read scrollback ;p ))
[23:51] Gerand: (Read the log)
[23:52] Alathon: roll 3#1d12+4
[23:52] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d12+4 --> [ 1d12=10 ]{14}, [ 1d12=3 ]{7}, [ 1d12=7 ]{11}
[23:52] Alathon: Three bullets hit him, two hurt him.
[23:52] Alathon: Tsukasa is up
[23:53] Tsukasa: (Can I get a sort-of-shot against any of the ones under cover?)
[23:53] Alathon: No
[23:53] Alathon: There's one injured one in sight.
[23:53] * Tsukasa sighs and finishes off the guy she shot in the first place.
[23:54] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+15
[23:54] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+15 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{17}
[23:54] Tsukasa: (...)
[23:54] Gerand: (...)
[23:54] Alathon: Tsukasa charges up a bolt of plasma, to fire at the end of the round.
[23:54] Alathon: Caoilinn is up.
[23:54] Caoilinn: (How far to the one that shot lightning?)
[23:54] Tsukasa: (You know, since there are no other targets for me, I won't even DR this. I'll take the rest of the battle, shooting that pitiful soul...)
[23:54] Gerand: (When Am I up again?)
[23:55] Gerand: (After lightning boy)
[23:56] Alathon: (Caoilinn, if run this round, you could reach him next round.))
[23:57] Caoilinn: (Can I stay out of his line of fire while doing that?)
[23:57] Alathon: ((Gerand, you go this round, but it'll be after almost everyone else, before sheena))
[23:57] Alathon: ((No))
[23:58] Alathon: ((not while charging him.. you could take cover in some other building though))
[23:59] Caoilinn: (Ok... any other targets?)
[23:59] Alathon: (One rider in the open, the lightning guy and four other ridres in hiding.))
[23:59] Alathon: ((Though you just heard a horrible scream from one of em))
[23:59] Caoilinn: (Are those all in the same building?)
[23:59] Alathon: ((no.. two each in two buildings, the lightning guy in another))
[00:00] Caoilinn: (Well, let's put it this way... can I go after someone to attack in this round or next without eating 4 lightning bolts if LB concentrates on me?)
[00:00] Alathon: ((yeah, if you ran into one of the other buildings, the LB guy would have to actually come out and shoot into that one))
[00:01] Caoilinn: (Ok. And there would be people in there for me to attack?)
[00:01] Alathon: ((Not this round, but the next certainly))
[00:01] Tsukasa: (Yeah, make him come out!)
[00:01] * Caoilinn does that.
[00:02] Alathon: So.. caoilinn rushes across the street, into one of the buildings.
[00:02] * Caoilinn may be bold, but she isn't suicidal.
[00:02] Alathon: Jerry is up.
[00:02] Kuonji: (... I just popped on to ask... what the fuck full attack option does... I forget)
[00:02] Alathon: Jerry ghosts across the street, through the building where a couple of the other ridres were hiding.
[00:02] Alathon: ((full attack only matters if you have +6 BAB or more))
[00:03] Alathon: ((You can get more attacks per round
[00:03] Alathon: Not having to do stuff like actually go around walls, Jerry gets an attack off
[00:03] Alathon: roll 1d20+17
[00:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+17 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{29}
[00:03] Kuonji: (oh, so it doesn't mean shit for me yet)
[00:03] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[00:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{7}
[00:03] Alathon: roll 1d20+12
[00:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{13}
[00:03] Alathon: You hear a horrible, despairing scream, then nothing.
[00:04] Alathon: Nobody has line of sight to see exactly what happened.
[00:04] Kuonji: (NO! Not the duodenum!)
[00:04] Caoilinn: (Ok, I'm going to bed.)
[00:04] Alathon: Owen chucks javelins at the dude throwing lightning.
[00:04] Caoilinn: (*Idles)
[00:04] Sheena: (so soon?)
[00:04] Alathon: ((yeesh>))
[00:05] Caoilinn: (I've been sick this week)
[00:05] Sheena: (ahh)
[00:05] Tsukasa: (Well, night. Hope you get better)
[00:05] Alathon: roll 1d20+12-4
[00:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12-4 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{11}
[00:05] Alathon: roll 1d20+7-4
[00:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+7-4 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{7}
[00:05] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[00:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{6}
[00:05] Alathon: roll 1d20
[00:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{6}
[00:05] Caoilinn: (I'm just about all better but I haven't been getting much sleep.)
[00:05] Alathon: the lightning dude really, really sucks at dodging.. even with cover.
[00:05] Alathon: roll 2#2d6+20
[00:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#2d6+20 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{29}, [ 2d6=3 ]{23}
[00:06] Alathon: Two javelins go in a window. You hear a soft, mewling sound, then nothing else.
[00:06] Tsukasa: (Aww. That's kinda sad. We didn't even get to touch our sub-boss)
[00:06] Gerand: (He's dead? Already?)
[00:07] Alathon: The four remaining riders attack various targets.
[00:07] Gerand: (NO! He can't be dead! I have no one to kill this round if he is!)
[00:07] Alathon: Three actually, one already attacked Kuonji
[00:07] Alathon: roll 1d20+10 at owen
[00:07] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 at owen --> [ 1d20=1 ]{11}
[00:07] Alathon: And yet again, one of them manages to shoot the building they're hiding in, instead of the target.
[00:07] Alathon: roll 1d20+10 at caoilinn
[00:07] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 at caoilinn --> [ 1d20=5 ]{15}
[00:08] Alathon: roll 1d20+10 at sanshi
[00:08] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 at sanshi --> [ 1d20=3 ]{13}
[00:08] Alathon: roll 1d20+3 caoilinn dodge
[00:08] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+3 caoilinn dodge --> [ 1d20=18 ]{21}
[00:08] Alathon: Caoilinn dodges the attack.
[00:08] Sheena: "why did i even bother with the armor?"
[00:08] Alathon: Sanshi?
[00:08] Alathon: Oh wait.
[00:08] Alathon: The guy shooting at Sanshi straight up misses.. Sanshi is just too fast.
[00:08] Alathon: Gerand is up.
[00:08] Gerand: (Yay!)
[00:09] Gerand: (Can I hit anyone with a lightning bolt spell?)
[00:09] Alathon: any of the three harleyriders shooting at people
[00:09] Gerand: (Okay I attack one of the three)
[00:09] * Gerand glows green as his tattoos light up. He slashes the air, carving a rune into is as he thrusts out his hand towards the enemy. A bolt of lightning streaks from his fingers at the enemy from his outstreched hand.
[00:10] Gerand: "DIE MEATBAG!"
[00:10] Gerand: roll 5d6
[00:10] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 5d6 --> [ 5d6=20 ]{20}
[00:10] Alathon: A bolt of lightning screams out from Gerand's hands towards a harleyrider.
[00:10] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 reflex save
[00:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 reflex save --> [ 1d20=6 ]{12}
[00:10] Alathon: Who can't dodge for shit.
[00:10] Alathon: He gets scorched as all hell, but lives.
[00:11] Alathon: Sheena is up.
[00:11] Gerand: "This is The Power of Love And Justice!"
[00:11] * Sheena sighs
[00:11] * Gerand laughs sadistically
[00:11] * Tsukasa is reasonably sure that was the power of voltage.
[00:12] * Gerand is not all sane. he's allowed to mistake the two
[00:12] Sheena: Dark Heart: Lets shoot it master.
[00:12] * Sheena watchs the nutboy
[00:12] Sheena: "Temping"
[00:12] Alathon: ((Let's shoot it in the face, master.))
[00:12] Gerand: (I still have my stoneskin buff)
[00:12] Sheena: (pfft, ya and?)
[00:13] Sheena: (do i even have a target or are they all dead?)
[00:13] Gerand: (mine isn't and there are 2 others)
[00:13] Alathon: ((two uninjnured ridres, one injured rider)
[00:13] Alathon: ((al three have some cover))
[00:14] * Sheena waves her hand at the poor sob gerand fried
[00:14] Sheena: Roll 1d20+8 shoot
[00:14] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+8 shoot --> [ 1d20=8 ]{16}
[00:14] Sheena: (dice hate)
[00:14] Alathon: ((that's -4 for cover))
[00:14] Alathon: roll 1d20+2 dodge
[00:14] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 dodge --> [ 1d20=3 ]{5}
[00:14] Alathon: Fortunately, the target inquestion cannot dodge to save their life.
[00:14] Alathon: roll the damage (it's end of round)
[00:14] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled the damage (it's end of round) --> error: malformed expression
[00:15] Sheena: Roll 4d8+2
[00:15] Gerand: (probably because my attack shocked him into inaction)
[00:15] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 4d8+2 --> [ 4d8=23 ]{25}
[00:15] Alathon: Bolts of purple force slam into the rider, juuuuust short of finishign him off.
[00:15] Alathon: roll 1d20+2 dodge vs tsukasa
[00:15] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 dodge vs tsukasa --> [ 1d20=13 ]{15}
[00:16] Alathon: Tsukasa hits with her plasma rifle; roll damage.
[00:16] Tsukasa: roll 4d8 AP 1
[00:16] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4d8 AP 1 --> [ 4d8=16 ]{16}
[00:17] Alathon: He''s burned badly, but still living (3 hp)
[00:17] Alathon: End of round, top of next.
[00:17] Alathon: Sanshi is up.
[00:18] * Sanshi pounces up to Tsukasa's barely-living target and makes an attempt at knocking him out.
[00:18] Sanshi: roll 1d20+14
[00:18] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{34}
[00:18] Gerand: (knocking out? not killing?)
[00:18] Alathon: rofl
[00:18] Alathon: you critted
[00:18] Alathon: roll double dice
[00:18] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled double dice --> error: malformed expression
[00:18] Sanshi: (Auto-success?)
[00:19] Alathon: Yeah, I'll rule that that is.
[00:19] Sanshi: (Heh, thanks)
[00:19] Alathon: Sanshi manages to clip the nearly-dead rider on the temple, dropping him without a sound.
[00:19] Alathon: Kuonji finishes his target off.
[00:19] Alathon: roll 1d20+10
[00:19] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{25}
[00:19] Sanshi: "Got, Mommy!"
[00:19] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[00:19] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{10}
[00:19] Alathon: roll 4d8+4d6
[00:19] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4d8+4d6 --> [ 4d8=15 4d6=14 ]{29}
[00:19] Alathon: Splat.
[00:20] Gerand: (he's dead)
[00:20] Tsukasa: (... Owie.)
[00:21] Alathon: One of the remaining riders shoots at Gerand; the other two shoot at Sanshi.
[00:21] Alathon: roll 1d20+10 gerand
[00:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 gerand --> [ 1d20=7 ]{17}
[00:21] Alathon: you can dodge it, or ignore it if our eally want
[00:21] * Sheena smooths out the extra huge bow on her lower back
[00:21] Gerand: roll 1d20+7
[00:21] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{20}
[00:22] Alathon: You dodge it.
[00:22] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+10
[00:22] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{14}, [ 1d20=8 ]{18}
[00:22] Alathon: The other two just plain can't hit Sanshi, regardless of his size.
[00:22] Alathon: Tsukasa is up.. you don't really have a shot.
[00:22] Gerand: (YES! KILL! BURN! FLAY!)
[00:23] Gerand: (In a manner appropriate for a warrior of love and justice of course)
[00:23] * Tsukasa looks around for a decent position with a better angle into the cover, intending to ask Yuuno to teleport her.
[00:23] Alathon: There really isn't one; not one that a cripple could use, anyways.
[00:23] Alathon: Plenty of normal, steepled, sharply angled roofs.
[00:24] Tsukasa: ("Yuuno! Hold me up!")
[00:24] Alathon: so?
[00:25] Tsukasa: (Well... if there's nothing now, I'll reload and wait for something to kill.)
[00:25] Alathon: ((*nod*))
[00:25] Alathon: You can reload two of the power packs you used up.
[00:26] Alathon: Caoilinn, having charged into one of the buildings, takes a couple swings at a harleyrider.
[00:26] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+5
[00:26] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{6}, [ 1d20=11 ]{16}
[00:26] Alathon: Her aim sucks, she catches one sword on a wall, and loses it.
[00:27] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[00:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{7}
[00:27] Alathon: But the harleyridre sucks even more at dodging.
[00:27] Alathon: roll 1d8+4+2d8
[00:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d8+4+2d8 --> [ 1d8=3 2d8=11 ]{18}
[00:27] Alathon: And is hurt badly by the attack.
[00:27] Alathon: Jerry flies through the wall and takes a crack at him as well.
[00:27] Alathon: roll 1d20+17
[00:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+17 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{28}
[00:28] Alathon: roll 1d20
[00:28] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{1}
[00:28] Alathon: He practically falls into her hands.
[00:28] Alathon: roll 1d20+12 fort save
[00:28] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12 fort save --> [ 1d20=5 ]{17}
[00:28] Tsukasa: (Does he manage to save his duodenum?)
[00:28] Alathon: Caoilinn is the only one who is there to see Jerry reach into his chest, and rip out a greyscale see-through version of himself, crying out in agony, which fades into nothingness in a matter of seconds.
[00:29] Gerand: (you've either been around Ataru too long or started reading Deadpool)
[00:29] Alathon: (dead)
[00:29] Tsukasa: (Well what can I say, 'duodenum' sounds funnier than 'soul'.)
[00:29] Alathon: (If you've seen Chronicles of Riddick, you know what this looks like.))
[00:29] Gerand: (that leaves how many?)
[00:29] Alathon: one left
[00:29] Alathon: and Owen is taking shots at him
[00:29] Alathon: roll 1d20+12
[00:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{13}
[00:30] Alathon: His first javelin throw just plain sucks.. he falls off balance throwing it, and loses his second attack.
[00:30] Gerand: (yes! He's MINE!)
[00:30] Alathon: Gerand, you're up.
[00:30] Alathon: One guy left, with 3 hp.
[00:30] Tsukasa: (Have fun)
[00:30] Gerand: roll 5d6
[00:30] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 5d6 --> [ 5d6=17 ]{17}
[00:30] Tsukasa: (Wait, isn't 3 hp the guy Sanshi just knocked out?)
[00:30] *** sai-chan has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:31] * Gerand looks somewhat unhinged as he glows green thrusting a bolt of deadly lightning oout of his hands
[00:31] Sheena: "Wait you idoit dont kill the knocked out guy"
[00:31] *** sai-chan has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:31] Gerand: (that's the knocked out guy?)
[00:31] Alathon: ((no, it's not0)
[00:32] Gerand: (If he's knocked out I'm not attacking him)
[00:32] Alathon: ((knocked out guy is on the street, unconscious))
[00:32] Alathon: ((one guy is left firing from the buildings))
[00:32] Gerand: right. proceed with the flying and sizzling then
[00:32] Gerand: "Die Meatbag!"
[00:32] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 reflex
[00:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 reflex --> [ 1d20=20 ]{26}
[00:32] Gerand: "For Great Justice!"
[00:32] Alathon: He manages to dodge the vast majority of hte lightnign bolt.. but that isn't enough to save him.
[00:32] Alathon: He fall to the ground, twitching, then dead.
[00:32] Gerand: (thats reflex for half. Yay.)
[00:33] Alathon: The fight is over, with relatively little damage to the town, for once.
[00:33] Alathon: and.. we'll end here.
[00:33] * Gerand dusts himself off and offers to heal anyone that's injured
[00:33] Alathon: 1000 exp for the session.
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Session #13

Postby Alathon » Sat Nov 11, 2006 1:35 am

Session #13
[18:17] Alathon: anyways
[18:18] Gerand: we were getting ready to loot corpses?
[18:18] Alathon: you were
[18:18] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[18:18] Tsukasa: I'm talking about my computer clock. Game starts at nine, it's nine-seventeen. Unless he made a comment on starting fifteen minutes late that my lag missed.
[18:18] Gerand: He did
[18:18] Ataru: sorry bout that
[18:18] Sheena: Where from crystal tokyo. we dont loot corpeses. aside from venus that is.
[18:19] Sheena: The towns folk to it for us.
[18:19] Gerand: and give us the stuff?
[18:19] *** Ataru is now known as Kuonji.
[18:19] Sheena: and last time we gave it back.
[18:19] Sheena: You might not have noticed but we really dont need much loot
[18:20] Alathon: Well
[18:20] Gerand: (Shouldn't we check the corpses for like... you know, evidence?)
[18:20] Alathon: You may or may not loot the corpses
[18:20] Alathon: but Owen and Jerry are certainly looting theirs.
[18:20] Sheena: heh, sure they are
[18:20] Alathon: Each of them scored two killshots, and are looting what they consider "their" kills.
[18:20] Caoilinn: "Is anyone important hurt badly?"
[18:20] Gerand: (Right. I'm Checking the corpse for Evidence.)
[18:20] Alathon: If you try to loot those, they'll protest strenuously.
[18:20] * Gerand loots his corpse
[18:20] Alathon: Investigating the corpses isn't a bad idea really.. noen of you have done that yet, ever
[18:20] Alathon: all you know is that they wear leather, are tough, and shoot at you
[18:21] * Gerand "Investigates" the corpse he killed
[18:21] Sheena: we started?
[18:21] Gerand: (yep)
[18:21] Kuonji: (Survey says: Yes.)
[18:21] Sheena: (want asking you, al didnt say go.
[18:21] Alathon: ((we are started))
[18:22] Alathon: ((and god damn, Air Force is really raping army.. this is fugly.. 36-0 in the first half))
[18:22] Gerand: (Do I find anything in my corpse?)
[18:22] * Caoilinn assumes no one is hurt badly (though she's seen better days) and examines a body. (Is lightning boy one of the claimed ones?)
[18:22] Gerand: (yeah he is)
[18:22] * Tsukasa gets back down via Yuuno, reloading her weapons.
[18:22] Alathon: Owen is hurt fairly seriously.. but he doesn't ask for help, just moves from 1st to second corpse.
[18:22] Gerand: (one of teh mobs killed him fore us)
[18:22] Alathon: roll 4#3d8
[18:22] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#3d8 --> [ 3d8=12 ]{12}, [ 3d8=10 ]{10}, [ 3d8=19 ]{19}, [ 3d8=11 ]{11}
[18:23] Alathon: You'll find 52 double dollars on the corpses that JErry and Owen aren't looting.
[18:23] * Kuonji notices people searching corpses, and decides to search his as well.
[18:23] Alathon: Gerard, you find 12 bucks on yours
[18:23] Gerand: (52 total? anything else?)
[18:23] Alathon: Kuonji you find 10 on yours
[18:23] * Kuonji shrugs and pockets the cash
[18:23] Alathon: Each has several dark green/black tattoos
[18:23] * Gerand pockets the cash
[18:23] * Sheena just rasies an eyebrow at the body looting.
[18:24] Alathon: Each wears a very heavy leather coat; Owen has, in fact, appropriated one from a corpse and is trying to fit himself into it.
[18:24] * Caoilinn finds a private spot and reports to Venus (leaving a message if need be) that a small raiding party has been eliminated. No casualties, but the CT armor is ineffective against electricity.
[18:24] Gerand: "Hey! This one seems to have a tattoo!"
[18:24] * Kuonji examines the coat
[18:24] Alathon: Owen: "Both 'o mine do, too."
[18:24] Alathon: The coat is atypically heavy for leather. Very noticeably, something has been ripped or torn from the back.
[18:25] Alathon: There was clearly some sort of patch or insignia, but it's impossible to guess from the few strands of thread remaining.
[18:25] * Kuonji examines the back, then the inside, paying special attention to the inseam for any armor or contraband that may be sewn in
[18:26] Alathon: Caoilinn, you succeed in reaching Venus after a couple minutes. She listens to your report, congratulates you on a successful battle, and also advises you that the CT Armor won't likely be affective against most supernatural attacks other than those which are fire based.
[18:26] * Sheena Lets her armor fade but keeps dark heart at the ready.
[18:26] Alathon: Do a search roll, Kuonji
[18:26] Caoilinn: (Were we ever told that about the armor?)
[18:26] Kuonji: roll 1d20+5
[18:26] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{20}
[18:27] Alathon: ((You were told that it offered protection and had some fireproofing))
[18:27] Alathon: roll 2d4
[18:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d4 --> [ 2d4=4 ]{4}
[18:27] Alathon: Kuonji finds four heavy coins sewn into the inside of his rider's jacket.
[18:27] Alathon: It'll tkae a bit of prying, but a knife will do it, or your shadow sabre will
[18:28] * Gerand searches his corpse more thoroughly, examining the jacket, and the pants
[18:28] Alathon: the coins are crude, have a picture of some dude with a beard, and look to be made from silver, nickel, or some other 'silvery' metal.
[18:28] Caoilinn: "Oh... You may want to pass on that might want to be a bit more explicit about that when they issue it, because I wasn't expecting it."
[18:28] Alathon: Venus: "I.. hmm. Fair enough."
[18:29] Alathon: Venus doesn't seem to think much of the idea, but doesn't say no.
[18:29] Tsukasa: (... Mein gott, I think you may as well play me... Ugh)
[18:29] Alathon: ((eh, just try))
[18:29] *** Pale_Wolf has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:29] Gerand: (Do I find anything searching jacket and Pants Al?)
[18:30] Alathon: Roll your search
[18:30] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled your search --> error: malformed expression
[18:30] *** Pale_Wolf is now known as Sanshi.
[18:30] Sheena: "This is it?"
[18:30] Sheena: "Shouldn't there be like.. more of em?
[18:30] Gerand: rooll 1d20+9
[18:30] Gerand: roll 1d20+9
[18:30] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{11}
[18:30] Alathon: You find lint.
[18:30] Gerand: (... they have bikes too right?)
[18:30] Kuonji: (lol)
[18:30] Alathon: They had bikes, before Tsukasa blew them up.
[18:31] Alathon: Speaking of which.
[18:31] Caoilinn: (Does it look like the bodies are well in hand (so to speak)?)
[18:31] * Gerand searches the wreckage of the bikes for anything
[18:31] Alathon: Jerry: "What the hell did you blow the bikes up for? That fuel's worth a helluva lot!"
[18:31] Tsukasa: (Actually, never got around to shooting the bikes)
[18:31] Tsukasa: (I was just going to do that to get them moving, but the fight started before I got a shot on a bike)
[18:32] Tsukasa: (None of 'em got shot this time around)
[18:32] Sheena: (you never got to shooting the bikes al)
[18:32] Alathon: ((Fucking..)
[18:33] * Gerand searches the non-wrecked Bikes then
[18:33] Alathon: The bikes are, nonetheless, flaming wrecks.
[18:33] Alathon: So somebody obviously blew them up.
[18:33] Sheena: (lol)
[18:33] Kuonji: (lol)
[18:33] * Gerand searches teh wrecked bikes then
[18:33] Alathon: roll 1d4
[18:33] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d4 --> [ 1d4=4 ]{4}
[18:33] Caoilinn: (They failed their spontaneous combustion rolls)
[18:33] Tsukasa: (... Heh)
[18:33] Alathon: You burn yourself on the wreckage ;p
[18:33] Kuonji: (LOL)
[18:33] Sheena: "Well i didn't do it"
[18:33] Alathon: But no.. there's really not much to find at this point.
[18:33] Tsukasa: (Deadly roll one has to do, isn't it?)
[18:33] Alathon: Jerry: "Well, somebody did!"
[18:34] Gerand: "Itai!!!"
[18:34] Alathon: Jerry: "They don't just self-combust, at least, not eight of 'em!"
[18:34] Gerand: "they were rather close together..."
[18:34] Gerand: "they could have set each other off?"
[18:34] Kuonji: "Could someone have remotley set them off?"
[18:34] Kuonji: "Perhaps they did not want us searching the bikes."
[18:34] * Caoilinn signs off to deal with the aftermath of the battle.
[18:35] * Sheena just shurges
[18:35] Sheena: "I didn't see any one even get near em"
[18:35] Tsukasa: ("Plot combustion. Even nastier than spontaneous ones")
[18:35] Kuonji: "Well, if they were set off remotely, I would certainly assume no one would be near them."
[18:35] Alathon: The bikes are a bit of a distance from the fight, at the edge fo the first buildings, btw.
[18:36] * Caoilinn comes over.
[18:36] Caoilinn: "What happened?"
[18:36] Alathon: So really, nobody in the party should have been able to blow them up other than Tsukasa, who had a perch to see them.
[18:36] Alathon: Jerry: "Set off remotely? What do ya mean?"
[18:36] Alathon: Jerry is, btw, in human form now.
[18:36] Tsukasa: (Hey! I resent that!)
[18:37] * Caoilinn looks at the bikes.
[18:37] Caoilinn: "Who blew the bikes up?"
[18:37] Kuonji: "Well, we didn't blow them up, and you didn't do it. It's possible that enemy forces observing the battle detonated them to keep us from searching them."
[18:37] Alathon: ((Tsukasa, I take it you were teleported down after the fight?))
[18:38] Gerand: "I came too late to blow them up..."
[18:38] Alathon: Jerry: "That ain't make sense.."
[18:38] * Tsukasa shrugs. "I was going to, but never did."
[18:38] * Caoilinn says dryly, "I expect if they had that sort of ability, they'd be using it much more effectively."
[18:38] Alathon: Jerry: "Enemy forces? Who the heck'd be out here other than the riders?"
[18:38] Tsukasa: (Yeah)
[18:38] Gerand: "Perhaps a wizard did it?"
[18:38] Alathon: Jerry: "Uh.. what wizard?"
[18:38] Gerand: "I don't know. It seemed... Appropriate"
[18:39] * Kuonji shrugs "It's just a theory."
[18:39] Sheena: "Don't mind him. His silly"
[18:39] * Caoilinn looks around for any sign of a mark indicating something striking the bikes, or a direction that they exploded in.
[18:39] Alathon: Do a knowledge, military roll
[18:39] Alathon: ((forensics would be closer, I suppose, but I don't think that skill exists))
[18:39] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+5
[18:39] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{20}
[18:40] Alathon: There are a few things that suggest very strongly that the bikes were destroyed by some sort of firey, concussive explosion.
[18:40] Alathon: All of the bikes have skidded, towards the town.
[18:41] Gerand: (like those Tsukasa creates?)
[18:41] Caoilinn: "Hmmm. It looks like something exploded on this side of them and blew them toward the town."
[18:41] Alathon: It's hard to tell with all the gasoline burning, but it looks like there are blast points on some of the bikes -- spots where the frame was deformed.
[18:41] * Caoilinn points out some of the points, too.
[18:41] Gerand: "We have one unconscious... Perhaps Questioning that one will yeild teh answers we seek?"
[18:42] Alathon: Jerry: "Huh, you left one?"
[18:42] Tsukasa: (Hmph. I don't create firey, concussive explosions)
[18:42] * Caoilinn looks in the direction the projectile seemed to come from.
[18:42] Alathon: Jerry shrugs.
[18:42] Tsukasa: (I have precision and STYLE)
[18:42] Sheena: "Ya know, this makes a really good distraction"
[18:42] Alathon: Jerry: "Your call, but good money says the Captain'll wanna hang him when you're done anyways."
[18:42] Caoilinn: "Hey! We might want to spread out a bit, in case another of those things strikes here."
[18:42] Sanshi: "Yeah! Mommy want question!"
[18:43] Tsukasa: "Well, I'm hardly attached to leaving him alive when he's used up."
[18:43] Kuonji: "Taichou, please allow me to scout the area in question."
[18:43] * Gerand casts Protection Versus Arrows on himself
[18:44] * Caoilinn nods to Kuonji.
[18:44] * Kuonji bows his head and turns himself invisible, before heading in the direction Caoilinn pointed
[18:45] * Caoilinn makes sure she's not clustered with the others, even if no one else spreads out.
[18:45] Alathon: The direction (and it's very, very general) is towards the forest to the north, which curls around a small lake.
[18:45] * Gerand spreads away from teh others as well
[18:45] Alathon: The forest is essentially in the shape of an upside down crescent moon, with the tips curling around the south side of the lake.
[18:45] Gerand: (Can I get a clear Scrying on the person who did it if I cast? or do I need something more specific?)
[18:46] Kuonji: (I start in the area of the forest closest to the bikes, and with the best line of sight)
[18:46] Sheena: "So, who sent these idoits here to die?"
[18:47] Sheena: "this was hardly a real attack"
[18:47] Caoilinn: "It was a raid. They were supposed to get in, get stuff, and get out."
[18:47] Alathon: You can try to scry, but you know it'll be difficult with so little information.
[18:47] * Kuonji hops into a tree the first chance he gets... best to scout from above, in case there are still enemies around
[18:47] Gerand: (what would I roll for that?)
[18:48] Tsukasa: "Yes... It wasn't even as heavy as the attack on Northup."
[18:48] Alathon: You don't roll, I do.
[18:48] Gerand: (wait, nevermind, casting time is 1 hour)
[18:48] Alathon: And yeah.
[18:48] Gerand: (i don't have the time for that
[18:48] Kuonji: (should I be rolling search or spot?)
[18:49] Alathon: Not right now.
[18:49] Kuonji: (ok)
[18:49] Alathon: Heading into the forest, you can clearly see the tracks where the bikes came from in various places
[18:49] Alathon: The tire trakcs that is.
[18:50] Gerand: (was the lightning that guy threw magic?)
[18:50] Alathon: Do you head further into the forest?
[18:50] Kuonji: (will I be eaten by a grue?)
[18:50] Alathon: You didn't have a Detect Magic or other such ability up, so you don't know.
[18:50] * Kuonji continues on in
[18:50] Alathon: It's possible, Grue are native to north america.
[18:50] Alathon: roll a spot check
[18:50] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled a spot check --> error: malformed expression
[18:50] * Alathon slaps Ala-bot.
[18:50] Kuonji: (shit, I really need a lamp... or grue costume)
[18:50] Alathon: Stop doing that.
[18:51] Caoilinn: (Just prepend the person's name, Alathon. :) )
[18:51] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[18:51] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{16}
[18:51] Alathon: Yeah, I usually remember to do that ;p
[18:51] Alathon: You don't have to look very hard to notice some sort of flicker off in the distance to the north.
[18:51] Gerand: (Alathon, my 6th sense is detect magic remember? I don't need a detect magic spell)
[18:51] Alathon: Your sixth sense detected nothing.
[18:51] Gerand: (okay)
[18:52] Alathon: By "You" I mean Kuonji
[18:52] Gerand: "Orders commander?"
[18:52] * Kuonji jumps into a tree, then heads towards the light
[18:52] Alathon: Owen: "Oi, over here. Check this out!"
[18:52] Caoilinn: (So, he concusses himself then dies?)
[18:52] Alathon: Owen is shouting from the building where the speared lightning-thrower was.
[18:52] * Sheena heads over to Owen
[18:53] Kuonji: (lol, not quite the way I meant it)
[18:53] Alathon: Kuonji, roll a listen check
[18:53] * Tsukasa blinks and looks up. "What is it?"
[18:53] * Gerand hurries to Owen, and cover
[18:53] Sheena: (your hurt bad cao?)
[18:54] * Caoilinn waits a moment than heads over, looking around for any other trouble as she does.
[18:54] Alathon: Owen, who has already looted the body in here of it's somewhat larger biker jacket, is pointing to some sort of device on the floor.
[18:54] Caoilinn: (By this time, I should be fully healed, right Alathon?)
[18:54] Kuonji: roll 1d20+6
[18:54] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{18}
[18:54] Alathon: Outside, nothing is obviously going on.
[18:54] Gerand: (Do I detect anything from teh device?)
[18:54] Alathon: Kuonji, you hear detonations to the north, and faint shouts.
[18:55] Alathon: No
[18:55] Caoilinn: (I assume it's been a few minutes since the battle)
[18:55] Alathon: ((it has))
[18:55] Alathon: Device: "Dammit, Jim, come in!"
[18:55] Gerand: (Do I recognise the item?)
[18:55] Alathon: Device: "This isn't funny you limp dicked pussy, get your ass back here, NOW!"
[18:56] Kuonji: (do I have any method of contacting the others?)
[18:56] Gerand: "I'm a Doctor Not a Jim Dammit!"
[18:56] Alathon: It looks like antique phones you've seen the Crystal Tokyo Museum of the Old World.
[18:56] * Tsukasa uses Sanshi to get back over.
[18:56] Alathon: Device: "Jim!?"
[18:56] Tsukasa: "Huh... The Nevadans don't even have anything like this... And Gerand, shut up."
[18:56] Gerand: "Er... yes?"
[18:56] Caoilinn: "Don't activate it."
[18:56] Gerand: "Should I shrink it?"
[18:56] Alathon: Owen: "Huh.. you'all know how ta?"
[18:57] Sheena: "Don't do shit"
[18:57] * Caoilinn studies it.
[18:57] Caoilinn: (Can I figure out how to operate it?)
[18:57] Alathon: you can roll your knowledge, old world to try
[18:57] Kuonji: (if not, I start carefully heading toward the shouts and detonations)
[18:57] Sheena: "Venus will love getting her hands on this, it may be trackable"
[18:57] Alathon: Kuonji, you have a communicator, and you can send text messages, voice messages, or video connection.
[18:57] Tsukasa: (*keeps sobbing*)
[18:57] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+9
[18:57] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{19}
[18:58] Alathon: You know a thing or three about old world devices, but while the green and red buttons probably mean on and off, you don't know what the other 14 or 15 buttons do.
[18:58] Caoilinn: (Sheesh. I wonder what I would have needed to roll for that.)
[18:58] * Kuonji sends a text message to Caoilinn "Activity to north, explosions and shouting. Orders?"
[18:58] Alathon: ((significantly higher))
[18:59] Alathon: Caoilinn's communicator will either beep, or vibrate, depending on which she has it set on.
[18:59] Alathon: Device: "Fucking christ, Jim, ANSWER ME!"
[19:00] * Caoilinn goes to get some privacy and texts back, "Find out what you can without risking yourself. Use your best judgement. Be aware, they have radio communication."
[19:00] Gerand: "We should probably answer him..."
[19:00] Alathon: Jerry: "Uh.. why?"
[19:00] Gerand: "or track him down..."
[19:00] Tsukasa: "Not really, we'll get more information this way."
[19:00] Alathon: Owen: "My gut says we stomp on it.."
[19:01] * Caoilinn comes back.
[19:01] Gerand: "That might be a bad idea."
[19:01] Alathon: Jerry shoots him a look; he ignores it.
[19:01] Tsukasa: "If we answer him, he knows Jim's dead instead of being relatively sure."
[19:01] * Kuonji reads the text, and then sets off towards the explosions
[19:01] Caoilinn: "No. If they don't know we have this, they may speak their plans over it."
[19:01] Tsukasa: "No, do NOT destroy it. This thing's way too useful."
[19:01] Caoilinn: "If not now, possibly on their next attack."
[19:01] Gerand: "Has someone informed Venus about it?"
[19:01] Caoilinn: "Not yet."
[19:02] Gerand: She'll know what to do.
[19:02] Gerand: *""
[19:02] Caoilinn: "Not a bad idea, though."
[19:02] Gerand: "Let's inform her then."
[19:02] * Caoilinn goes aside a bit again and contacts Venus.
[19:02] Sheena: "Dibs on answering it, if we can"
[19:02] Gerand: "The commander said wait. Lets wait."
[19:03] Alathon: ((Will take the discussion with Kuonji to PMs, the rest will be in this room))
[19:03] Gerand: (K)
[19:03] * Caoilinn tells her what they found (and that she doesn't really know how to operate it).
[19:04] Alathon: Venus: "Well, leave it alone.. something that size probably couldn't be booby trapped too badly, but no reason to let on that it's fallen into 'enemy' hands."
[19:04] Alathon: Venus: "We can get someone out here who can work it later."
[19:05] *** sai-chan has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:05] Caoilinn: "Ok. So just leave it on and where it is? I'm pretty sure I know how to turn it off and could put it away someplace safer than where it is now."
[19:05] Caoilinn: "Barring booby traps, of course."
[19:06] Alathon: Venus: "It's a possible lead, so just don't wreck it."
[19:06] Alathon: At this point, Jerry looks over your shoulder.
[19:06] Alathon: Jerry: "Who's that?"
[19:06] Alathon: ((she did actually sneak up on you))
[19:07] Caoilinn: "Right. I just don't want someone else to ... "
[19:07] Gerand: (Kill the spy!)
[19:07] Alathon: Venus looks up when Jerry becomes visible to her.
[19:07] Alathon: Venus: "Oi! A little privacy, please."
[19:07] Caoilinn: (Are we in sight of the rest of the party?)
[19:07] Sheena: (should be)
[19:08] Alathon: They're in the other room, but yeah.
[19:08] Alathon: Jerry: "Haven't seen Oldtech like that work before.."
[19:08] Sheena: (venus: Im not old! )
[19:08] * Caoilinn glances at the others and gives them a "why the fuck didn't you let me know she was walking over to me?" look.
[19:08] Caoilinn: "Yeah... Could you excuse us for a moment, please."
[19:08] Alathon: ((who's that directed to?))
[19:09] * Gerand gives Cao a "Because I didn't notice I was staring at the device look"
[19:09] * Tsukasa shrugs, and gives the Rider's communicator a 'I was focusing on that' look.
[19:09] * Sheena picks up Radio/phone carefull not to touch the bottons.
[19:09] Sheena: "No breaking"
[19:09] Gerand: "Should you be doing that without the Commander's orders?"
[19:09] Caoilinn: (Jerry)
[19:10] Alathon: Jerry looks at you.
[19:10] Alathon: Jerry: "Sure."
[19:10] * Sheena sighs at the wierdo
[19:10] Alathon: Jerry heads back to the room with the walkie-talkie.
[19:10] Sheena: "I dont think that will be a problem"
[19:10] * Caoilinn returns her attention to Venus.
[19:11] Caoilinn: "Sorry about that..."
[19:11] Gerand: "I didn't get to burn anything. This upsets me. My firespells need work."
[19:11] Alathon: Venus: "No problem."
[19:11] Alathon: Owen: "If they's a problem.. you might want to practice 'em outside a town, like?"
[19:11] Alathon: Owen: "Wood's a mite bit flammable."
[19:11] Alathon: Venus: "Anyways.. damn."
[19:11] Alathon: Venus looks over to her left, off camera.
[19:12] Gerand: "They told me not to burn down the trees..."
[19:12] Alathon: Venus: "Your orders remain the same as before."
[19:12] Caoilinn: "All right. We'll hold onto the device and stay here until you tell us otherwise, then."
[19:13] Gerand: "Orders commander?"
[19:13] Caoilinn: (Was that a dismissal?)
[19:14] Tsukasa: (Heh. Bets Kuonji's walking up to see Venus slaughter the riders?)
[19:14] Alathon: ((yes))
[19:14] * Caoilinn nods and disconnects.
[19:14] Tsukasa: (*envies him*)
[19:14] Gerand: "Orders commander?"
[19:15] Caoilinn: "Ummm."
[19:15] * Caoilinn walks over to the others and sees that Sheena has the radio.
[19:15] Alathon: Jerry: "What are you'all anyways.. some sorta merc outfit?"
[19:16] Caoilinn: "Ok, we should probably turn that off and hold onto it for now."
[19:16] * Caoilinn indicates what she thinks will turn it off.
[19:16] Alathon: Jerry: "Haven't heard of any actual companies of metas, Crimsons woudln't be too thrilled with 'em."
[19:16] Alathon: Caoilinn points to the red button.
[19:16] Alathon: IF there was text on it at some point, it's long since been rubbed off.
[19:16] Caoilinn: "We're from another nation, actually."
[19:16] * Sheena tries the red botton
[19:17] Caoilinn: (BOOM)
[19:17] Sheena: (heh)
[19:17] Tsukasa: "Foreign aid, I guess you could say."
[19:17] Alathon: Owen: "You shittin' me?"
[19:18] Alathon: Jery just sorta looks at you all, speculatively.
[19:18] Sheena: "Nope"
[19:18] Sheena: "We're from a long way off."
[19:18] Tsukasa: "I'll assume that was rhetorical."
[19:18] Alathon: Jerry: "It makes sense.. those uniforms certainly ain't anything anyone around here could make."
[19:18] Alathon: Jerry: "And those guns.. just figured you was an engineer."
[19:18] Alathon: Jerry looks over at Tsukasa.
[19:19] Alathon: Jerry: "You got a whole army with guns like that?"
[19:19] Sheena: "We can't answer that"
[19:19] Alathon: Jerry: "Or just people with a mech touch?"
[19:19] Gerand: These guns?
[19:20] Alathon: Jerry: "Uh, hers.. the one that shot liquid fire."
[19:20] Alathon: Jerry: "Burnt right through those poor bastards."
[19:20] * Caoilinn turns around, examines her communicator, and punches something into it before putting it away and turning back.
[19:20] Sheena: "Ya, Tsuka does that a lot"
[19:20] Gerand: "Liquid fire. That's not as impressive as yanking the something out of people is it?"
[19:20] Tsukasa: "Yes, they're standard issue."
[19:21] Caoilinn: "Ok, a bunch of Harleyriders seem to be running from a fight to the north and are fleeing this way."
[19:21] Caoilinn: "We'd better get ready for them."
[19:21] Alathon: Jerry: "Well.. wait, what?"
[19:21] Gerand: "For Queen and Country!"
[19:21] Alathon: Owen: "Aw, fuck."
[19:21] Caoilinn: "Does anyone need healing?"
[19:21] Alathon: Jerry cocks her head at Gerand.
[19:21] Alathon: Jerry: "Queen?"
[19:21] Tsukasa: "Bets it's Venus sending them?"
[19:22] Gerand: "er... No, no queen."
[19:22] Tsukasa: "Anyway, back in position Yuuno-kun."
[19:22] Alathon: Owen points out the blood on his furs.
[19:22] Caoilinn: "No. She knows where we are."
[19:22] Alathon: Owen: "Yeah, they got me a few times.. and that lightning but hurt!"
[19:22] Caoilinn: "Gerand, could you help out Owen?"
[19:22] Gerand: "Queen is a metaphor for... er... Military dictatorship
[19:22] Gerand: ?"
[19:22] Caoilinn: "Healing?"
[19:22] Gerand: I can.
[19:22] Caoilinn: "Please do."
[19:22] * Gerand heals 10HP off Owen"
[19:22] Tsukasa: "... Gerand. Don't talk. Please."
[19:23] Caoilinn: "Ok, one of us should get word back to the captain."
[19:23] Gerand: "Is my speech confusing?"
[19:23] Tsukasa: (Huh... You know, I think I can explain my general irritability from connection and headache as noting Gerand)
[19:24] Gerand: "Yuuno is able to teleport the distance?"
[19:24] Alathon: Owen: "I thank ya."
[19:24] Alathon: Owen grins.
[19:24] * Caoilinn smiles.
[19:24] Alathon: Owen: "Feel better already!"
[19:24] Gerand: "You're an ally. I would do as much for any ally."
[19:24] Caoilinn: "I don't think a talking ferret that pops into existance would be the best messenger in this case."
[19:25] Alathon: Yuuno: "Uh, I could.. but I'm already a little pooped.. sure you don't just wanna, you know, walk?"
[19:25] Alathon: Yuuno: "Or send Tsukasa on Sanshi, that'd work."
[19:25] Sheena: "So whats chashing them this way?"
[19:25] Alathon: Jerry: "Eh, I can go."
[19:25] Alathon: Jerry; "I'm pretty quick when I wanna be."
[19:25] Gerand: "They're coming this way aren't they? Sanshi kills a lot of things rather quickly"
[19:25] Alathon: Jerry smirks a little after making that comment.
[19:25] Caoilinn: "That would be great, thanks."
[19:25] Tsukasa: "Probably Lady Venus."
[19:26] Alathon: Jerry: "So what's to say? We got eight of 'em, and there's somethin' goin on in the woods, and more of 'em probably coming?"
[19:26] Sheena: "Sounds about right"
[19:26] Gerand: "that sounds good? Should we mention teh device?"
[19:26] Caoilinn: "Right. Someone seems to be fighting them and chasing them this way."
[19:26] Sheena: "No."
[19:26] Tsukasa: "Ignore it, it means nothing to them right now."
[19:26] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8
[19:26] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{17}
[19:27] Gerand: "Should we mention the bikes exploding? that might indicate further foes."
[19:27] Kuonji: (eh, could be better, could be worse)
[19:27] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[19:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{11}
[19:27] Caoilinn: "Let's get into position."
[19:27] Kuonji: (PHEW)
[19:27] * Caoilinn goes outside and finds a good spot to wait for any trouble that may come.
[19:28] * Tsukasa has Sanshi leap her up to find a nest with a good shot out to the forest, carrying Yuuno for escape.
[19:28] * Gerand goes outside too
[19:28] Alathon: When you head outside, it's immediately obvious that SOMETHING to the north is burning.
[19:28] Alathon: A large smoke cloud has risen over the forest to the north.
[19:28] Alathon: Jerry takes a look at it, then fades into ghost form, and heads south.
[19:29] Gerand: "They get to burn things but I can't?"
[19:29] Alathon: Owen: "Well, somebody's burnin' somethin, that's for damned sure."
[19:30] Gerand: "Our Armor resists fire doesn't it?"
[19:30] * Caoilinn pulls out her communicator again.
[19:30] Tsukasa: (Gerand, your communicator rings)
[19:30] Sheena: "Ya, some fire"
[19:31] Sheena: ( i shot once last fight right?)
[19:31] Alathon: ((You did your armor, and one 'shot', I think.))
[19:31] Gerand: (Is our EP full again since last time?)
[19:31] Alathon: ((no))
[19:31] Alathon: ((it's been like 5 minutes))
[19:31] Gerand: (okay, so my buffs are still in place then)
[19:31] Sheena: (cartrage load!)
[19:32] Caoilinn: "Ok, the fighting to the north seems to have stopped, and there may not be any riders still heading this way."
[19:32] * Tsukasa wonders why the heck Gerand isn't picking up his communicator.
[19:32] Sheena: "Ya but whats killing them?"
[19:32] Tsukasa: (Ah, never mind then. Aw...)
[19:32] Tsukasa: (Has the lag eaten it? I've repeatedly suggested it was Venus)
[19:33] * Gerand picks up his communicator)
[19:33] Sheena: (it isnt venus unless she can blow shit up and talk to cao atthe same time)
[19:33] Caoilinn: (I already responded once that I doubted it)
[19:33] Sheena: (but she just might!)
[19:33] Tsukasa: "Pity you weren't quicker there... Cao-san just mentioned the fighting stopped. Was about to offer you the chance to burn things."
[19:33] Caoilinn: "I don't know. Lot of dead Harleyriders and the fire's spreading on its own."
[19:33] Alathon: It's actually been more like 20 minutes
[19:34] Gerand: (My communicator, is there anyone there?)
[19:34] Tsukasa: (There was me)
[19:34] Gerand: (ah)
[19:34] Tsukasa: <Tsukasa> "Pity you weren't quicker there... Cao-san just mentioned the fighting stopped. Was about to offer you the chance to burn things."
[19:34] Gerand: "So what should we do? Go after them? And where's Kounji?"
[19:34] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8
[19:34] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{13}
[19:35] Kuonji: (FUCK)
[19:35] Tsukasa: (Kuonji's already out there scouting, remember?)
[19:35] Caoilinn: "No, our job is to help defend this town, not chase after large groups of Harleyriders in a forest that's on fire."
[19:35] Gerand: "Maybe we should call Kounji. He should have reported in by now shouldn't he have?"
[19:35] Alathon: roll 1d20+6-2
[19:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6-2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
[19:35] Caoilinn: "And Kounji's the one who's telling me what's going on out there."
[19:35] Gerand: "ah."
[19:36] Caoilinn: "By the way, I think it's a safe guess that whoever was fighting them was responsible for destroying the bikes."
[19:36] Sheena: "It's been a while should we send Sanshi to go fetch?"
[19:37] Caoilinn: "What? Fetch what?"
[19:37] Kuonji: roll 1d20+4
[19:37] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{10}
[19:37] Gerand: (/m plays the ELO Album Time)
[19:37] Kuonji: (oh fuck you dice)
[19:37] Sheena: "The lost ninja?"
[19:37] Alathon: roll 2d4+2
[19:37] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d4+2 --> [ 2d4=4 ]{6}
[19:37] Gerand: "Kounji at a guess"
[19:37] Caoilinn: "You want to send a large highly visible Sanji after the invisible ninja?"
[19:38] Caoilinn: "He reported in just a few minutes ago, anyway."
[19:38] Alathon: Owen: "So.. what's the plan? You all know what the hell's goin on up there?"
[19:38] Gerand: "i think we should Burn the forest down."
[19:39] Caoilinn: "I'm getting reports from Kounji when he's able to communicate."
[19:39] Gerand: "What's he up to then?"
[19:39] Sheena: "ninja stuff?"
[19:39] Alathon: Owen: "What the fuck're you thinkin, Gerand?"
[19:39] Alathon: Owen: "Burn it down?"
[19:39] Gerand: "that I need practice?"
[19:39] Caoilinn: "At the moment, it sounds like we're probably not going to see more Harleyriders, but I think we should wait a little longer to be safe."
[19:40] Gerand: "Right Is anyone else injured at all then? I'll heal you to keep from being bored."
[19:40] Alathon: Owen shakes his head.
[19:41] Alathon: Owen: ".... nutters..."
[19:41] Gerand: "What was that Owen?"
[19:41] Alathon: Owen steps up to you.
[19:41] Gerand: "yes?"
[19:41] Alathon: Owen: "I said, you're fuckin' nuts if you wanna burn that forest down!"
[19:41] Alathon: Owen: "Where do ya think they get their firewood.. or lumber?"
[19:41] Gerand: "ah. Your opinion is duely noted. Might I point out that it's already on fire?"
[19:41] Alathon: Owen: "You wanna make somethin' of it?"
[19:42] Kuonji: (dun dun dunn)
[19:42] Kuonji: (Owen's gonna break you into itty bitty little pieces. remember, str +20)
[19:42] Gerand: "I was thinking of burning a fire break, keep it all from burning down."
[19:42] Alathon: Owen: "You're so fulla shit."
[19:43] Gerand: "Am I?"
[19:43] Sheena: "Interesting way to pass the time"
[19:43] Caoilinn: ("Why, no... I relieved myself only half an hour ago.")
[19:43] Alathon: Owen: "I've seen your like before.. "
[19:43] * Sheena learns on darkheart and yawns
[19:43] Alathon: Owen: "People as think just cuz they can blow shit up, it makes 'em special."
[19:43] Gerand: "you have? People are always telling me I'm rather unique."
[19:43] Alathon: Owen snorts.
[19:43] * Sheena waves at that remark
[19:44] Sheena: (the special one)
[19:44] Alathon: Owen blows a snot rocket on the wall of a nearby house.
[19:44] Alathon: Owen points to the boogers.
[19:44] Alathon: Owen: "Yeah, that's about how yoo-neek yo are."
[19:44] Gerand: "I can do so much more than blow shit up."
[19:44] Alathon: Owen: "Well, ya can talk, that's for damned sure."
[19:45] Gerand: "But, I think that I'm tireing of your conversation."
[19:45] * Gerand casts lesser invisibility
[19:45] Alathon: Owen: "Yeah, well I'm tiring of you."
[19:45] Alathon: Owen's hands twitch when he sees you start casting a spell, but he doesn't do anything.
[19:45] * Caoilinn checks her communicator again.
[19:45] * Gerand glows green and fades from sight
[19:45] Alathon: Owen shakes his head.
[19:46] Alathon: Owen: "Dumbass."
[19:46] * Gerand walks over to Caoilinn
[19:46] Caoilinn: "Ok, Kounji's coming back."
[19:46] * Caoilinn puts her communicator away.
[19:46] Alathon: Several minutes will pass, before Jerry returns.
[19:46] Alathon: Kuonji still isn't back yet.
[19:47] Alathon: Jerry zooms up to the party, and stops about twenty feet away in ghost form.
[19:47] Alathon: She holds there for a moment, before color floods back into her appearance, she grows legs, and becomes human again.
[19:47] Gerand: (After 5 minutes I fade back into view)
[19:47] Alathon: Jerry: "So.. anything new?"
[19:48] Gerand: (has it been 5 minutes until Jerry is back?)
[19:48] * Caoilinn repeats for Jerry what she told the others about what's been going on in the forest.
[19:48] Caoilinn: "I think we've probably gotten all the excitement we're going to for the night."
[19:49] Gerand: "perhaps we should go back then?"
[19:49] Alathon: Jerry: "Huh."
[19:49] * Sheena takes a seat and leans forward on darkheart some, only problem is there isn't any chairs and shes not on the ground
[19:49] Alathon: Jerry pauses for a moment.
[19:49] Gerand: (I'm probably still invis if it's not been 3 minutes)
[19:49] Alathon: ((it's been 3-4 minutes, not 5))
[19:49] Alathon: Jerry: "Anyways.."
[19:49] Gerand: (I'm still invis then, Disembodied voice)
[19:50] Alathon: Jerry: "Marlon just wants us to hang out here for a little while.. he's gonna come upw ith his militia to clean up some of this mess."
[19:50] Alathon: Jerry motions to the various signs of looting.
[19:50] Caoilinn: "Sounds good."
[19:50] Gerand: "Maybe there's more to this place then? The riders must have been here for a reason."
[19:50] * Gerand looks around
[19:51] Gerand: roll 1d20+9 (spot)
[19:51] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+9 (spot) --> [ 1d20=12 ]{21}
[19:51] Alathon: You see a frontier town, slightly looted.
[19:51] Kuonji: (lol)
[19:52] Gerand: "I'll look around for more clues. something isn't adding up."
[19:52] Sheena: (i see he missed that forest on fire)
[19:52] Alathon: Jerry: "What's to add up?"
[19:52] Alathon: Jerry: "They want something, they try ta take it."
[19:52] Gerand: "Then what about the bikes?"
[19:52] Alathon: Jerry: "Dunno."
[19:52] Alathon: Jerry shrugs.
[19:53] Gerand: "or the device?"
[19:53] Alathon: Jerry: "So there's more've em."
[19:53] Alathon: Jerry: "There's a fight up north, right?"
[19:53] Gerand: "For simple looters that's a lot of tech."
[19:53] Alathon: Jerry: "Eh. I guess."
[19:53] Alathon: Jerry seems doubtful.
[19:53] Gerand: "and if there were more of them why did they blow up the bikes?"
[19:53] Alathon: Jerry: "Dunno."
[19:54] Gerand: "Something's not right about this."
[19:54] Caoilinn: "I figure whoever's attacking the Harleyriders attacked their bikes when they saw them."
[19:54] * Kuonji becomes visible again and approaches the party
[19:54] * Gerand looks closer at his corpse looking for anything he might have missed.
[19:55] Kuonji: Taichou, if I may? I have some things I wish to report in greater detail.
[19:56] Gerand: roll 1d20+9 looting search
[19:56] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+9 looting search --> [ 1d20=10 ]{19}
[19:56] * Caoilinn nods.
[19:56] Alathon: You find out that he has athlete's foot.
[19:56] Alathon: The corpse.
[19:57] Gerand: (that's disgusting)
[19:57] Alathon: Don't look if you don't wanna find ;p
[19:57] Gerand: (meanie)
[19:57] * Gerand goes back to hear Kounji's report
[19:58] Alathon: Jerry and Owen are curious to hear as well.
[19:58] Alathon: If you'll let them.
[19:58] Sheena: (may as well)
[19:59] * Caoilinn lets them listen.
[20:00] Kuonji: (oh.. guess I'll copy paste then XD)
[20:00] Alathon: ((typing out a long report?))
[20:00] Kuonji: "There were many dead, and severly injured harley riders at the battle field, almost all of whom were burned in some fasion. Many of the wounds were cauterized, including missing limbs; so whatever attacked them clearly has an affinity with fire. Though I didn't overhear any information, I noticed there were two harely riders that seemed to be in charge of the group, and were in much better condition then the others. There were also roughly half a dozen
[20:00] Tsukasa: (There were also roughly half a dozen - Ended there)
[20:00] Kuonji: harely riders with there weapons trained to the east, but when I headed east I found nothing.
[20:00] Kuonji: (err their)
[20:01] Kuonji: Well... I did find a strange animal. I was actually hoping to ask a local about it."
[20:01] Gerand: "Don't look at me. I've been here the whole time. And my fire spells aren't that great anyway."
[20:01] Alathon: Jerry: "Oh?"
[20:02] Gerand: "I'm rather bad with them."
[20:02] Kuonji: "Speaking of which, the fire is in fact spreading... We'll need to be careful if the wind changes direction"
[20:02] Tsukasa: "I don't imagine anyone has a way to douse the forest?"
[20:02] Sheena: "I can handle it if it gets to close to town,"
[20:02] Alathon: Jerry: "Really?"
[20:02] Alathon: Jerry: "I thought you just blew shit up?"
[20:03] Sheena: "Correct"
[20:03] Gerand: "that's not heartening."
[20:03] Kuonji: "Yes, there was a large black cat... about so long (uses hands to show approximatley three feet in length) and appeared to be capable of teleportation."
[20:03] Caoilinn: "Ah... those."
[20:03] Sheena: "Ahhh blink kittys, Fun things"
[20:03] Kuonji: "I take it you've run into them?"
[20:03] Gerand: "I can conjure A 50ft wall of Ice."
[20:04] Caoilinn: "We encountered a group of them, yes."
[20:04] Gerand: "But not water."
[20:04] Caoilinn: "Does the ice melt into water?"
[20:04] Alathon: Owen: "Shadowcats? bah.."
[20:04] Gerand: "Yes. sort of. Steamy fog. It's wet anyway."
[20:05] Gerand: "But I can't do it around the trees."
[20:05] Gerand: At least not inside them. It needs to be unbroken"
[20:06] Alathon: Jerry: "anyways... Marlon and his lot should be up here in a few minutes."
[20:06] Caoilinn: "You reported you were attacked?"
[20:06] Gerand: Does that work?
[20:07] Alathon: Jerry: "I'm not of a mind to charge headlong into a burning forest."
[20:07] Alathon: You'd probably be able to find space for some of that 50feet in a forest, but not all of it
[20:07] Alathon: You could just make it taller. Hoever.
[20:07] Kuonji: (who me? I don't remember reporting I was attacked... did I? ^^;;)
[20:07] Alathon: That amount of water would have no real affect on a forest fire.
[20:08] Caoilinn: (Oh, never mind. You were juts correcting a typo)
[20:09] Gerand: "So? Orders commander? Do we wait for Marlon?"
[20:10] Caoilinn: "Yes, we should wait."
[20:10] * Caoilinn waits.
[20:10] Sheena: "Any idea what took out the riders Kounji, or started the forest on fire?"
[20:10] Gerand: "Didn't you say that one guy, head of teh crimsons could byurn things?"
[20:11] Gerand: "Or was that someone else?"
[20:11] Caoilinn: "Maybe he sensed someone in this area was badmouthing him..."
[20:11] Kuonji: "I couldn't find whatever it was that attacked them"
[20:11] Kuonji: "Nor did I overhear anything."
[20:12] Alathon: Jerry: "Wait.. how many did you say you saw/"
[20:12] Alathon: Jerry: "Riders, I mean."
[20:12] Gerand: "Weren't you attacked by fire on teh trip here too?"
[20:12] Gerand: "The boat trip I mean."
[20:13] Tsukasa: "Those were more energy blasts, weren't they?"
[20:14] Sheena: "Didnt really get a good look at em"
[20:14] Gerand: "Either way, That head of the crimsons was reported to have this degree of control over fire. And he has a reason to attack teh riders if they're killing his crimsons."
[20:14] Alathon: Owen: "Yeah, right, like he cares.."
[20:14] Alathon: Jerry: "I dunno."
[20:15] Gerand: "it's nothing solid. But these coincidences seem to be adding up don't they?"
[20:15] Alathon: Jerry: "Pryomancy isn't that uncommon.. it could be someone else."
[20:15] Gerand: "And I haven't heard of anyone else controlling fire to this degree. and it is an impressive degree."
[20:15] Sheena: "Lots ofpeople here can use fire"
[20:15] Alathon: Jerry: "But seriously.. how many riders? You said you saw dozens of 'em?"
[20:15] Sheena: "ANd the guys a freakign week away"
[20:15] Gerand: "Can they use it this well? or this much of it?"
[20:15] Kuonji: "About a dozen had run past me when I was heading toward the battle ground... then there were many scatterd around the area, mostly dead or severely injured. There were about a half dozen with weapons trained on the eastern part of the forest, and two people in charge... not really too sure about an exact number though."
[20:16] Caoilinn: "Just who have you heard of around here at all, Gerand?"
[20:16] Gerand: "That guy, and your reports."
[20:16] Alathon: Jerry: "Yeah, but.. I mean total.. that's a LOT of riders to be together. Before they was killed, I mean."
[20:16] Sheena: "So nothing"
[20:16] Gerand: "basically. But that amount of power can't be common or this place would be a burning wasteland."
[20:17] Gerand: "All I'm saying is watch that guy carefully. Unless lady venus can kill things with fire?"
[20:17] Caoilinn: "There's a huge gap between one man and common."
[20:18] * Caoilinn waits for Gerand to come to the conclusion that Mars must be out there.
[20:18] Gerand: "i'm not accusing him of anything, I'm just saying it's suspiscious."
[20:18] Tsukasa: "Gerand... You haven't even MET him and you seem to be blaming him for every vaguely fire-related assault that goes on on this continent."
[20:19] Gerand: "Well. yeah."
[20:19] Kuonji: (... Doogie Howser is gay...)
[20:19] Gerand: "But in my defense, he's suspicious!"
[20:19] Alathon: Owen: "Yeah, well.. don't sell Trebek short.. He'd do it for sure, if he was here."
[20:19] Caoilinn: (... thank you for sharing.)
[20:20] Alathon: Owen: "But.. like ya'all said, I thought he's back in Carson."
[20:20] Alathon: Owen looks a little irritated to be agreeing with Gerand, but does it anyway.
[20:20] Kuonji: (No, I'm serious... Neil Patrick Harris came outta the closet)
[20:20] Gerand: "And he did burn down the entire senate."
[20:20] Caoilinn: "From your story, I get the impression if it were he, there wouldn't be nearly as many Harleyrider survivors."
[20:20] Alathon: Jerry: "We're not gonna know a damn thing without getting our hands on one of the riders who fought.. whoever that was."
[20:20] Caoilinn: (Oh, ok. That's nice, I suppose.)
[20:20] Alathon: Owen grins.
[20:21] Alathon: Owen: "Yeah, well, maybe he's havin' an off day."
[20:21] Alathon: Jerry: "Speakin' of.. where's that rider you said you knocked out?"
[20:21] Sheena: (oy,)
[20:22] Gerand: "How many were still alive Kounji? could we capture any?"
[20:22] Sheena: "Where ever he fell at, no ones moved him"
[20:22] Alathon: He's still unconscious, btw.
[20:23] Caoilinn: (Ok, I'm tired of this scene already. :) )
[20:24] Kuonji: "Hmm.. Well, there probably over two dozen alive... Maybe a bit less than that capable of defending themselves though. Still, I'm not too sure it'd be wise to attack them."
[20:24] Gerand: "Can we get any of those who ran?"
[20:24] Alathon: Around now, Marlon arives, with a dozen militiamen.
[20:25] Kuonji: "Assuming they haven't all headed back to the battlefield now that the threat is gone, we might be able to."
[20:25] Alathon: He directs the militiamen to start cleaning up, and walks over to the party himself.
[20:25] * Gerand turns to Marlon and nods.
[20:25] Alathon: One of the militiamen shouts to him: "Oi, Captain! We gotta live one over here!"
[20:25] Gerand: "That's Ours! We're gonna question him!"
[20:25] Alathon: Jerry: "You know.. if they's all spread out like you said, I'll bet you could pick off half of 'em."
[20:26] Alathon: Jerry: "You seem to have a knack for that."
[20:26] Kuonji: (Jerry talking to me?)
[20:26] Gerand: (Us I think)
[20:27] Alathon: To Kuonji, yeah.
[20:28] Gerand: (is Marlon doing anything or just standing there?)
[20:28] Sheena: (his suposred to be talking to us,)
[20:28] Kuonji: I will do what I am ordered to.
[20:28] * Sheena gets off her chair and watchs the men run around
[20:29] Alathon: Marlon was waiting for the conversation to stop before he speaks.
[20:29] Alathon: Marlon: "So.. you closed out eight of 'em, right?"
[20:30] Alathon: Marlon: "And you've got word of more, up in the forest.."
[20:30] Alathon: Marlon looks north at the rising smoke.
[20:30] * Caoilinn nods.
[20:30] Gerand: "Yeah. we killed most and took one hostage to question."
[20:31] Alathon: Marlon: "oh,r ight."
[20:31] Alathon: Marlon: "So.. you gonna attend to that?"
[20:32] Gerand: "When He wakes Up I assume."
[20:32] Gerand: "We disarmed him. He's no threat right now."
[20:32] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Ping Timeout).
[20:32] Kuonji: "Slap him awake."
[20:32] Gerand: (We did disarm him right?)
[20:32] Kuonji: "It's not like we need to be gentle."
[20:33] Alathon: He wasn't disarmed when the militiamen found him; he isn now.
[20:33] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:33] Gerand: "Did we disarm him?"
[20:33] Tsukasa: "Quit asking and someone check."
[20:34] Gerand: "We should probably do that before he wakes."
[20:34] * Gerand goes to disarm the guy and loot his stuff
[20:34] Gerand: roll 1d20+9
[20:34] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{18}
[20:34] Gerand: (Searching for weapons and valubles)
[20:34] Caoilinn: (Were all the people we fought male, btw?)
[20:35] Sheena: "I was just gona bind the guy when he started to move", he isnt going to be going any place"
[20:35] Alathon: All of the ones you've examined were male.
[20:35] Gerand: (Do I find anything?)
[20:35] Alathon: No
[20:36] *** Scratx-nekochan is now known as Scratx-nekochan[sleep].
[20:36] Gerand: (okay. I'm taking his weapons)
[20:36] Caoilinn: (You mean the ones the militia took?)
[20:36] Alathon: You're not strong enough to handle the Handcannon with any facility.
[20:36] Alathon: The chain you can carry easilye nough.
[20:36] Gerand: (Doesn't matter)
[20:36] * Gerand casts shrink object on teh hand cannon
[20:36] Alathon: And the militia moved the weapons away from him.
[20:36] Alathon: You succeed; it's smaller.
[20:37] * Caoilinn idly wonders if that spell has any adverse effects on explosives.
[20:37] * Gerand takes both weapons
[20:38] Alathon: The harleyrider is unconscious.
[20:38] Alathon: Marlon looks to the party for direction as to what to do with him.
[20:38] Gerand: "Sheena, can you bind him while I try and wake him?"
[20:38] Caoilinn: "Well, did someone want to question him?"
[20:38] Gerand: (Does the med kit have smelling salts?)
[20:39] * Sheena points her staff at the fool on the ground
[20:39] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 Bind
[20:39] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 Bind --> [ 1d20=7 ]{14}
[20:39] * Caoilinn sighs.
[20:39] Alathon: You succeed; he's unable to avoid the bind while conscious.
[20:39] Caoilinn: "I guess I can."
[20:39] Alathon: The med kit does not have smelling salts, but you can try slapping him awake.
[20:39] * Gerand attempts to wake the rider
[20:40] Sheena: (oh good, figered he was going to roll over for a moment)
[20:40] Gerand: (I can flavour the air with prestidigitation can't I?
[20:40] * Gerand slaps the rider awake
[20:41] Caoilinn: ("Hey, presto! *slap* Abra cadabra! *slap*")
[20:41] Alathon: He'll wake up after a few sharp slaps.
[20:41] Alathon: He's groggy as hell.
[20:41] Alathon: "Whatthafuck?"
[20:41] Tsukasa: (Guh. I'd do it, but I'm so bloody 'off' I have no idea what the hell I want to ask. I may as well not be here...)
[20:41] Gerand: "He's all yours Commander."
[20:41] Caoilinn: "Thanks..."
[20:41] * Caoilinn looks at him with some distate.
[20:42] * Kuonji reaches under his bandana and pulls out a kunai
[20:42] * Gerand moves away, giving Cao room.
[20:42] * Sheena Walks over to Sanshi and explans that she should stand by Cao looking really scary
[20:42] Sheena: (he)
[20:42] Caoilinn: "You've been taken prisoner."
[20:42] Alathon: Rider: "Huh?"
[20:42] Alathon: The rider is blinking, trying to figure out what's going on.
[20:43] Caoilinn: "Captured? At our mercy?"
[20:43] Alathon: Anyone with medical knowledge would recognize that he's concussed.
[20:43] * Gerand slaps the rider again trying to wake him further
[20:43] Alathon: Rider: "Ow!"
[20:43] * Gerand heals the ridser a little a little
[20:43] Alathon: Rider: "whatthehell was that fer?"
[20:43] Gerand: "Wake up and answer the nice ladies questions or I get to practice my fire spells on you.
[20:44] Gerand: "got it?"
[20:44] * Gerand heals the rider 5 hp
[20:44] * Kuonji holds up the kunai, "And when he's finished, it's my turn to play."
[20:45] * Gerand smiles like he's insane. Which isn't all that far from the truth
[20:45] Alathon: Rider: "Aw, shit."
[20:45] * Tsukasa leans down from her perch on Sanshi, smiling. "Now, now, there's no need for that. He's not going to be stupid, is he?"
[20:45] Caoilinn: (Does he look more aware & alert now?)
[20:45] Alathon: The Rider looks around, trying to figure out who to talk to."
[20:45] Alathon: Yeah, he looks less glassy-eyed, since Gerand healed him a bit.
[20:45] * Caoilinn looks around and sees what everyone's doing.
[20:45] Caoilinn: "Will you all cut that out!"
[20:46] * Gerand stops smiling insanely and moves out of line of sight of the rider
[20:46] * Kuonji bows to Caoilinn and steps back
[20:46] * Tsukasa nods and leaves center stage to Cao.
[20:46] Alathon: Rider: "Aw.. shit..."
[20:47] Alathon: Rider: "I didn't kill nobody!"
[20:47] * Gerand laughs out loud.
[20:47] Tsukasa: "Not for lack of trying, I'm sure."
[20:47] Caoilinn: "Ok. What did you do, then?"
[20:47] Alathon: Rider: "That was, uh.. self defense!"
[20:47] Gerand: (yeah, and I'm Mahatma Ghandi)
[20:48] Kuonji: (wait... "I didn't kill nobody..." so... he killed somebody! Ha, gave himself away with a double negative)
[20:48] * Tsukasa shrugs and points to the nearest charred corpse. "That was too."
[20:48] Sheena: "Ya, that house was attacking, So you had to loot first before it got ya?"
[20:48] * Kuonji remains silent unless asked otherwise asked by Cao.
[20:49] Alathon: Rider: "I didn't do nothing.. I was just with them."
[20:49] Alathon: Rider: "They woulda killed me if I didn't come along.."
[20:49] Caoilinn: "Them who?"
[20:49] Alathon: The rider looks at you like you're stupid.
[20:50] Sheena: "Your dead friends who are all over the street? or some one else?"
[20:50] * Caoilinn is clearly waiting for an answer, anyway.
[20:50] * Gerand can charm him. but that would be unethical... Apparently threatening him is morally correct though.
[20:50] Tsukasa: (And so much more FUN!)
[20:51] Alathon: Rider: "They ain't my friends!"
[20:51] Alathon: Rider: "They was, well.. we was just hangin' out. I needed ta eat, ya know!"
[20:51] Caoilinn: "Who are they, then? Where did you meet them?"
[20:51] Alathon: The rider looks around furtively.
[20:51] Gerand: "Commander. Should I read his thoughts?"
[20:51] Alathon: Rider: "Well, I was out on my own.. I ran into 'em one day, out east a ways."
[20:52] Caoilinn: "You had a bike then?"
[20:52] Alathon: The Rider's eyes widen a bit at Gerand's statement, but he does his best to ignore it.
[20:52] Alathon: Rider; "course."
[20:52] Alathon: Rider: "A damned good bike, a '17."
[20:52] Alathon: Rider: "They woulda killed me an' took it, if I didn't ride with 'em."
[20:53] Caoilinn: "How many of them were there?"
[20:54] Alathon: The Rider looks around a bit.
[20:54] * Gerand gestures with the mini hand cannon "And this Hand Cannon I shrunk? Where did you get this?"
[20:54] Alathon: Rider: "Uh, me an' seven other guys."
[20:54] Caoilinn: "When you first ran into them there were seven?"
[20:54] Tsukasa: "Leave it be for now, Gerand. He can only talk SO fast you know."
[20:54] Alathon: Rider: "That's my.. whatthe hell did you do my gun!"
[20:54] Gerand: "He's lying. He counted the corpses. there were more. The device told us that much."
[20:55] Gerand: "I shrunk it. I can do the same to you you know."
[20:55] Alathon: Rider: "I, uh.. whaddya mean?"
[20:55] Alathon: Rider: It was just us.. Jim's crew."
[20:55] * Tsukasa smacks her forehead, draws her blaster, and shoots the ground between Gerand's legs. "Don't talk, please."
[20:56] * Gerand ignores the gunshot. "commander. I can read his thoughts if you'll let me."
[20:56] Caoilinn: (How is mind reading viewed by CT?)
[20:57] Gerand: (It's not compulsion.)
[20:57] Caoilinn: (I'd rather have the DM's answer, thanks)
[20:57] Gerand: (i can't see how it hurts anyone either)
[20:57] Caoilinn: (Oh, I can easily see how it could hurt lots of people, myself)
[20:58] Alathon: ((mind control is considere EVIL. mind reading is tainted by proximity))
[20:58] Sheena: (strat stop being yourself its getting annoying)
[20:58] Kuonji: (we'll be bringing this up with venus... bye strat :P)
[20:59] Caoilinn: (And when you can find someone's secrets and plans to get an advantage over them, it's a problem of its own, too)
[20:59] Gerand: (eh. I asked permission from teh commander)
[20:59] Caoilinn: "No, Gerand."
[20:59] Gerand: "Okay. I'll search around more."
[21:00] Tsukasa: "Yes... Do that."
[21:00] Gerand: "Perhaps there's something i missed."
[21:00] Caoilinn: "That sounds like a good idea. Please don't leave the town."
[21:00] * Tsukasa sighs and holsters her blaster.
[21:00] Alathon: Marlon: "Wait.. ya can read his thoughts?"
[21:00] Alathon: Marlon: "Just do it an' be done with it."
[21:00] Alathon: Marlon: "Better ta know if he's got another twenty b astards out there gunning for us."
[21:00] Gerand: "It's... I can't if the commander says no."
[21:00] Kuonji: (oooh, conflict)
[21:00] Caoilinn: "Sorry, there are certain rules we have to follow."
[21:00] Alathon: Marlon looks over to Caoilinn, incredulously.
[21:00] Gerand: "the chain of command is there for a reason."
[21:01] Alathon: Marlon: "he's a goddamned Harleyrider!"
[21:01] Alathon: as if that explains everything
[21:01] Sheena: "We can break the body in lots of interesting ways, but the minds a no no even for the bad guys"
[21:01] Sheena: "becides we know where they are any way"
[21:01] Gerand: "It's... Not exactly the most ethical thing to read thoughts. the fact that he's an enemy is the only reason I suggested it."
[21:02] Caoilinn: "I understand, but we're still not allowed to do it. What *he* is doesn't change what we're allowed to de."
[21:02] Alathon: Marlon opens his mouth, then closes it, dumbfounded.
[21:02] * Gerand goes off to patrol the perimeter.
[21:03] Alathon: Clearly frustrated, he looks around, then centers on the Harleyrider.
[21:03] Tsukasa: "Leave it be and let us ask this man the questions."
[21:03] Alathon: Marlon draws a six-shooter pistol.
[21:03] Alathon: Marlon, to the rider: "Now listen here, you sack 'a shit."
[21:03] Alathon: Marlon: "We got word that there's more of your ilk up north."
[21:03] Alathon: Marlon aims the gun at one of the harleyrider's hands.
[21:03] Caoilinn: 11
[21:04] Gerand: (11?)
[21:04] Alathon: Marlon: "You're gonna tell me who, what chapter, an' how many, or I'm gonna start shootin your god damned fingers off!"
[21:04] Sheena: (its 11 here, )
[21:04] Gerand: (ooh! that's ethical!)
[21:04] Caoilinn: (Must have been the town crier)
[21:04] Alathon: Rider: "I, uh.."
[21:04] Alathon: The Rider looks up at Caoilinn, pleadingly.
[21:05] Gerand: (Blender-chan? Merciful?)
[21:05] Caoilinn: "It's his town. I have no say over what he does."
[21:05] * Caoilinn shrugs helplessly.
[21:05] Gerand: (technically we're outside town limits.)
[21:05] Gerand: (and he's our hostange)
[21:06] Caoilinn: (Go search the *other* end of town!)
[21:06] Tsukasa: (Leave it be, the whole mess was your fault to begin with :P )
[21:06] Gerand: (heh. I guess.)
[21:06] Alathon: Rider: "I, uh.."
[21:06] Alathon: Rider: "I.."
[21:06] Alathon: *BANG*
[21:06] Caoilinn: "One more I and I think he's..."
[21:06] Alathon: Rider: "Aaaaaaaaaaguhhhh!"
[21:06] Tsukasa: (Fingers -1)
[21:07] Caoilinn: "Sorry, my mistake."
[21:07] Alathon: With the rider bound, the shot was easy enough, and there's now one one Harleyrider finger on the ground.
[21:07] Sheena: "Waste of ammo,"
[21:07] Alathon: Marlon slaps the rider, hard.
[21:07] Gerand: (YEs! Necklace of human fingers here I come!)
[21:07] Alathon: Marlon: "Now, you gonna take me serious like?"
[21:08] Alathon: Marlon: "You better fuckin' start talkin!"
[21:08] Kuonji: "May I suggest castration next?
[21:08] Alathon: The rider is mewling in pain, and doesn't say anything.
[21:08] Alathon: Marlon looks over to Kuonji, and smirks.
[21:08] * Tsukasa sighs. This style of interrogation really doesn't work with some of the information she planned to get, damnation.
[21:08] Alathon: Marlon: "That's got merit, it'd be right an' fitting. There's a lot of ladies as..."
[21:08] Gerand: (Somehow I don't think Marlon's approach will yeild anything more than extra fingers)
[21:08] Alathon: Marlons' expression hardens.
[21:09] Gerand: (Castration? Kounji can't actually be a man)
[21:09] Tsukasa: (Say that out loud)
[21:09] Alathon: Marlon moves the gun to the RIder's head.
[21:09] Gerand: (I'm crazy, not dumb.)
[21:09] Alathon: Marlon: "You've got one chance, ONE, to speak up. How many, an' wh at chapter?"
[21:10] Alathon: The Rider looks up, his teeth clenched, face angry.
[21:10] Alathon: Rider: "You can go fu--"
[21:10] Alathon: *BANG*
[21:10] Alathon: Dead.
[21:10] Sheena: (you didnt roll damage!)
[21:10] * Gerand comes back summoned by the gunshots
[21:10] Alathon: ((you don't have to when you can execute someone))
[21:11] Kuonji: "really, I think it might have been better to torture him a bit more first."
[21:11] * Sheena vanishs the binds with a wave of her hand
[21:11] Sheena: "That was ever so helpfull"
[21:11] Alathon: Marlon holsters the pistol angrily.
[21:11] Tsukasa: "... DAMN it. We were actually getting more information before you decided to step in, thank you sir sheriff."
[21:11] Gerand: "I heard gunsho- oh. nevermind then."
[21:11] Alathon: Marlon pauses for a moment, and sighs.
[21:11] Alathon: Marlon: "What'd ya get from him?"
[21:11] Tsukasa: "A good deal LESS than we could have if Gerand hadn't interrupted things and then you took over."
[21:11] Caoilinn: "Not much."
[21:12] Kuonji: "Nothing really of value." *Kuonji sighs... "Perhaps I can capture another one."
[21:12] Gerand: "Me? I had nothing to do with this."
[21:12] Alathon: Marlon: "Lemme guess.. he's just a poor, unfortunate S.O.B. who didn'tw anna be here, and wouldn't have been, and it was all his coldhearted mates, right?"
[21:12] Gerand: "I only offered the commander an option."
[21:12] Caoilinn: "That's t
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Session #13 - part 2

Postby Alathon » Sat Nov 11, 2006 1:37 am

Session #13 - part 2
[21:12] Caoilinn: "That's the story he was starting with."
[21:12] Tsukasa: "An option that wasn't necessary at the time!"
[21:12] Alathon: Marlon shakes his head.
[21:12] Gerand: "He was lying."
[21:12] Alathon: Marlon: "They all spout the same line."
[21:12] Tsukasa: "And yes, that was the impression, but he was ALSO giving useful information."
[21:12] Kuonji: "No shit."
[21:13] Tsukasa: "Gerand, in the lies there was truth."
[21:13] Alathon: Marlon: "Well, what'd ya get that was useful?"
[21:13] Caoilinn: "To be honest, Tsukasa, he wasn't at that point."
[21:13] Tsukasa: "He was STARTING to."
[21:13] Caoilinn: "Maybe we would have gotten something eventually, but I expect we probably wouldn't have."
[21:13] Gerand: "He seemed cooperative. But he was also lying. any information was suspect."
[21:13] Tsukasa: "And then Gerand decided to jump the gun with his freaking mind control, and our sheriff decided on some good old Nevada justice!"
[21:13] Caoilinn: "I mean, you can't honestly expect that we're the first people who've thought to try really interrogating these people."
[21:13] Gerand: "IT'S NOT MIND CONTROL!"
[21:14] Caoilinn: "Enough."
[21:14] Sheena: "Your guys are beating a dead hourse"
[21:14] * Sheena looks down
[21:14] Sheena: " err rider thing"
[21:14] Tsukasa: "His lies were meant to protect him. There was useful information in there."
[21:14] Gerand: "It's Mind Reading! And even then Only impressions. I could only tell if he was lying more effectively."
[21:14] Tsukasa: "And I'll agree we may not have got something, but we have a whole SOCIETY back home, remember? Port him over and have the professionals work on him!"
[21:15] Alathon: Marlon: "Beggin' yer pardon?"
[21:15] Caoilinn: "Both of you--enough."
[21:15] Alathon: Marlon addresses this to Tsukasa.
[21:15] Gerand: "Tsukasa. You reveal too much."
[21:15] Tsukasa: "We could have DONE that, and got almost everything in his skull. Instead, he's dead, and we have nothing."
[21:15] Kuonji: ...
[21:15] Caoilinn: "Tsukasa, Gerand."
[21:15] Gerand: "I apologise Commander."
[21:16] * Kuonji blinks in disbelief
[21:16] Tsukasa: "'Reveal too much'? You little..."
[21:16] Caoilinn: "Tsukasa!"
[21:16] * Tsukasa grits her teeth. "Fine then."
[21:16] * Gerand politely ignores Tsukasa
[21:16] Alathon: Marlon takes a half-step back.
[21:16] Alathon: Marlon: "I.. well. I'm sorry if I went an' jumped the gun, but I've never seen one o' these bastards so much as squeak out a word that wasn't false."
[21:17] Caoilinn: "I tihnk you both should get some sleep."
[21:17] Gerand: "We're heading back to town then?"
[21:17] Alathon: ((You're on the outskirts of town))
[21:17] * Tsukasa sighs. "I understand that, but as long as he was alive, there was the chance of getting valid information from him. Now..."
[21:17] Alathon: Marlon: "I guess.. well."
[21:18] Alathon: Marlon: "You wanna free hand with any of 'em in the future, and I'll grant ya that."
[21:18] Sheena: "Pointless, Next topic. Dozen of so riders near the huge burning forest"
[21:18] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[21:18] Alathon: Marlon: "hell if I care what happens to the bastards, as long as they ain't come callin' again."
[21:18] Tsukasa: "Yeah... We'll take care of that part for you."
[21:18] Gerand: "Better to kill them in battle than to execute a helpless person like that."
[21:19] Kuonji: "Pfft. It doesn't make a difference, they're dead either way."
[21:19] * Caoilinn goes over to Tsukasa.
[21:19] Sheena: "Give it a rrest all ready"
[21:19] * Gerand looks vaguely sickened
[21:19] Sheena: "Thats me telling you nicly to shut the fuck up"
[21:19] Alathon: Marlon: "We woulda hung 'em, if I didn't shoot him myself. There any difference in that?"
[21:19] Caoilinn: "Go back and rest. If there is another attack, we don't want to all be worn out."
[21:19] Kuonji: (this from the guy who wants to brun down the fucking forest?)
[21:20] Gerand: (That's different!)
[21:20] Alathon: Owen: "Bah, ya should stretch em! Get a team a' horses on each side, and get 'em along!"
[21:20] Gerand: (Forests aren't people.)
[21:20] Kuonji: (unless there are, you know, PEOPLE IN THE FOREST)
[21:20] Alathon: Jerry rolls her eyes.. Marlon looks thoughtful for a moment, but doesn't reply.
[21:20] Gerand: "Right. I'm heading into town. I've had enough of this."
[21:21] Gerand: "It no longer concerns me."
[21:21] * Tsukasa nods and nudges Sanshi.
[21:21] * Kuonji raises an eyebrow
[21:21] * Gerand heads into town
[21:21] * Tsukasa glares at him.
[21:21] * Gerand ignores her
[21:21] Alathon: The militiamen make good time collecting the leftover seven Handcannons and heavy jackets, lugging them with some effort back to the south.
[21:21] Alathon: Marlon: "Anyways... I still ain't offered my thanks."
[21:21] Alathon: Marlon: "I'm sorry it had ta be after all that."
[21:22] Alathon: Marlon nods over at Owen, Jerry, then at the party.
[21:22] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:22] Alathon: Marlon: "Ya done for these bastards but good, an' Erickson is better fer it."
[21:22] Alathon: Marlon: "I'll get my men back out ta their posts, so we got warning if any of those in the forest come our ways."
[21:23] Alathon: Marlon: "I'd wanna look into that, but... "
[21:23] Alathon: Marlon motions to the rising cloud of smoke.
[21:23] Caoilinn: "Yeah..."
[21:23] Alathon: Marlon: "Ain't too bright ta go investigating a forest fire and all."
[21:23] Sheena: "hmm, Do we have to go check it out?"
[21:24] Alathon: Marlon: "I ain't gonna stop ya, but.. might be best wait an' see if that fire spreads."
[21:24] Alathon: Marlon: "I'll send word if the smoke tapers off."
[21:24] Alathon: Marlon: "I dunno.. maybe."
[21:24] Alathon: Marlon looks over at Caoilinn.
[21:24] Caoilinn: "Probably more dangerous than fighting the Harleyriders, to be honest."
[21:25] Alathon: Marlon: "Goin' in the forest would be a bad idea.. but scoutin' out the edges wouldn't be so dangerous. What do ya think?"
[21:25] Alathon: Marlon: "Those riders ain't fireproof neither, and they gotta breathe."
[21:25] * Caoilinn frowns.
[21:25] Alathon: Marlon: "If they got any sense, they won't come south.. so it's west to the lake, or east, really.. forest heads up norht a ways, though they might not know that."
[21:26] Alathon: Marlon looks over to Jerry and Owen.
[21:26] Kuonji: I don't think they'll be heading east.
[21:26] Sheena: "We shouldnt leave em all out there this close to town"
[21:26] Alathon: Marlon: "Huh?"
[21:26] Alathon: Marlon was speaking to Kuonji.
[21:26] Caoilinn: "True... If they see us coming, they can outpace us, though."
[21:27] Kuonji: I have reason to believe whatever it was that attacked them came headed east.
[21:27] Caoilinn: "Hm. If they're camped out at the lake, though, we might be able to get the drop on them..."
[21:28] Sheena: "Kuonji can search the ground and i can stop em from the air"
[21:29] Alathon: ((be sure to use " " when talking, ataru))
[21:29] Alathon: ((makes it easier to read0)
[21:29] Caoilinn: "Would you want us all to leave the town to do this, though?"
[21:29] Kuonji: (woops, my bad)
[21:29] Caoilinn: "We can't completely rule out another band coming from a different direction entirely."
[21:29] Alathon: Marlon pauses at that.
[21:29] Alathon: Marlon: "I dunno..."
[21:29] Kuonji: (sorry, I'm getting pretty tired)
[21:29] Alathon: Marlon: "jess is back at the base.. he's got some contraption as shoots lightning bolts."
[21:30] Alathon: ((np))
[21:30] Alathon: Marlon: "Hmmm."
[21:30] Caoilinn: (It's the brain and spinal cord of a meta Harleyrider supsended in fluid in a jar!)
[21:30] Alathon: ((it's possible, don't rule it out ;p ))
[21:31] Alathon: Marlon: "Well.. ya'all seem to be a team used ta' workin together. What if ya'all handled the scouting, an' we held the others, Jerry, Jess, an' Owen back here as surety?"
[21:32] Sheena: "Works for me,"
[21:32] * Caoilinn considers how that works with Venus's instructions.
[21:33] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:33] Alathon: Marlon looks around.
[21:33] Alathon: Marlon: "Er.. weren't there five of yas?"
[21:33] Caoilinn: "I tihnk we could use at least a few hours rest before going, ideally."
[21:33] * Kuonji blinks and looks around
[21:33] Alathon: ((Gerand headed back several minuts ago))
[21:34] Alathon: Marlon: "Ahh.. good point."
[21:34] Alathon: Marlon: "an a good meal too, I don't doubt."
[21:34] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:34] * Sheena has been enoying the general level of pice and quite that started not to long ago
[21:35] Sheena: (bah peace)
[21:35] Kuonji: (heh)
[21:35] Caoilinn: "So, how about we get some rest and food and then set out so we reach the lake a bit before dawn?"
[21:35] * Caoilinn looks to Marlon and the others.
[21:36] Kuonji: "Sounds good."
[21:37] * Kuonji slips the kunai back under his bandana
[21:37] Alathon: Marlon: "That makes sense.. maybe catch 'em whent hey aren't all up."
[21:37] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:37] Kuonji: "Forgot I had that out."
[21:37] Alathon: Marlon: "Go ahead and get rested up, my men'll clean upt he rest of this."
[21:37] Caoilinn: "Right, and so we aren't all on our last legs when we reach them."
[21:37] Alathon: Marlon: "You looted everything you wanted, right?"
[21:37] Gerand: (Yep!)
[21:38] Caoilinn: "Yeah. Thanks."
[21:38] Alathon: Marlon nods.
[21:38] * Caoilinn heads back to the hall.
[21:38] Alathon: Marlon: "Always good to get a few handcannons.. most of the men can't handle 'em, and shells for 'em are dear, naturally, but they're good to have in a pinch."
[21:38] * Caoilinn dismisses her armor.
[21:39] Alathon: The party will reach the militia hall without incident; Owen and Jerry follow you, a bit back, talking to each other.
[21:39] * Caoilinn fills Tsukasa and Gerand in on the plan.
[21:39] Alathon: Gerand is not on the ground floor; if you aska round, you'll be told he went to the roof to talk with Jess.
[21:40] Sheena: "What jess ever do to that guy""
[21:40] * Caoilinn suggests the others rest (since we haven't gotten any sleep yet and are planning to leave quite some time before dawn) and goes up to the roof.
[21:41] * Kuonji shrugs
[21:41] * Sheena heads off to dig up some food, drink and her bed
[21:41] * Caoilinn goes over to Gerand.
[21:42] Alathon: Gerand and Jess are on the roof talking; there's a Handcannon on the ground at their feet.
[21:42] * Kuonji gets a bite, then heads off to take a power nap
[21:42] * Tsukasa does the stuff that her player isn't sentient enough to think of at present - maybe food, getting sleep...
[21:42] * Gerand is up on the roof gesturing to teh unshrunken Handcannon on the ground
[21:42] Caoilinn: "Gerand."
[21:42] Gerand: "Yes commander?"
[21:43] Caoilinn: "We're going to be checking out the lake for Harleyrider survivors before dawn, so we need to get what sleep we can before then."
[21:43] Alathon: Jess is a little irritated at the intursion, but doesn't say anything.
[21:44] Gerand: "Commander, Jess says that if he touches the Cell, that's the communication device by the way, he can figure out how to work it."
[21:45] Alathon: Jess: "Yes, yes.. I'm quite certain I could figure that out."
[21:45] * Gerand picks up teh handcannon and shrinks it again before heading downstairs to sleep.
[21:45] Caoilinn: "Hmm... Can we discuss it when we get back?"
[21:46] Alathon: Jess: "Sure."
[21:46] Caoilinn: "Thanks."
[21:46] Caoilinn: "Sorry to interrupt your discussion, by the way."
[21:46] * Caoilinn shrugs helplessly.
[21:47] Alathon: Jess shrugs.
[21:47] Caoilinn: "If you'll excuse me."
[21:47] * Gerand turns back before entering the stairs "It's no less than your right as commander to make sure I am fit for action tommorow."
[21:47] Alathon: Those who look for food and drink find it.
[21:47] * Gerand heads back down the stairs.
[21:47] Alathon: There's plenty of stew and bread available, plenty of beer, and you can get water if you ask for it.
[21:47] * Caoilinn goes down and turns in.
[21:47] * Gerand looks for food and drink then settles down to sleep.
[21:47] Caoilinn: (There should still be some when we get up, right?)
[21:48] * Sheena has her own water, mmm lemon.
[21:48] Gerand: (Do I roll for recurring nightmares now?
[21:48] Alathon: They've kept the pot wel stocked the entire several days you've been there, so it'd be reasonable to expect so.
[21:48] Alathon: Yes
[21:48] Gerand: roll 1d20 recurring nightmares
[21:48] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20 recurring nightmares --> [ 1d20=19 ]{19}
[21:48] Alathon: You sleep peacefully, nocturnal emissions aside.
[21:48] Gerand: (Looks like I have pleasant dreams
[21:49] Kuonji: (lol)
[21:49] Gerand: (Nocturnal Emmissions! What?)
[21:49] Tsukasa: (Did NOT need to hear that about him...)
[21:49] Alathon: ((what, you think a character like Gerand would get laid? ever?))
[21:49] Sheena: (you just rolled a 19 on farting?)
[21:49] Gerand: (I have money! Prostitution is legal in crystal tokyo!)
[21:49] Sheena: (no it isnt)
[21:49] Gerand: (No, I got a wet dream)
[21:50] Kuonji: (no hooker is that desperate)
[21:50] Gerand: (It's specified in teh docs for the campaign that it is.)
[21:50] Kuonji: (yeah it is sheena... least, according to al)
[21:50] Alathon: ((if you really don't want a wet dream, you don't get one ;p ))
[21:50] Alathon: ((it's not terribly relevant))
[21:50] Sheena: (havnt read em in a while)
[21:51] Gerand: (nah, It'll take it where I get it)
[21:51] Tsukasa: (But Kuonji's right. Even if it's legal, none are so desperate)
[21:51] Alathon: ((With the bathing facilities out here, nobody can smell anything anyway))
[21:51] Alathon: ((the trouble with prostitution in CT is that it's not state sanctioned, so it's entirely for barter.))
[21:51] Alathon: ((it's not illegal, though))
[21:52] Gerand: (anyway, How much EP is regained?)
[21:52] Alathon: All of it
[21:52] Alathon: You get a full 8 hours of sleep before pre-dawn
[21:52] Gerand: (cool.)
[21:52] Sheena: (oh good, i got tired of wasting engery on stuiped shit)
[21:53] Alathon: You'll wake up or be woken up.
[21:53] Sheena: (hey its midnight here, can we take 5 before the action starts again?)
[21:53] Gerand: (Same)
[21:53] Alathon: It's dark outside, with a sort of blueish glow to the east -- false dawn.
[21:53] Alathon: ((sure))
[21:53] Alathon: 10 minute break.
[21:53] Alathon: It's getting late, so we won't run too much longer, but another hour-ish
[21:53] Kuonji: (how much longer we going to play for?)
[21:53] Kuonji: (ah... good... I'm ready to pass out.)
[21:54] Alathon: Break your nose; the pain combined with blotting the blood will keep you awake
[21:54] Alathon: and it's all for a good cause
[21:59] Gerand: back.
[22:01] Gerand: roll 1d20 for connectivity
[22:01] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20 for connectivity --> [ 1d20=1 ]{1}
[22:01] Gerand: ...
[22:01] * Gerand sweeps that roll under the rug
[22:04] Sheena: back, and with more stuffed chillies.
[22:05] Alathon: back
[22:06] Alathon: Alright.
[22:06] Alathon: You're all awake, it's before dawn.
[22:06] Alathon: There's food if you want it, though you'll have to skim the fat off the top of the stew.
[22:06] * Kuonji stretches and dresses
[22:06] Alathon: There's a few militiamen up, on watch. Marlon isn't.
[22:07] * Caoilinn gets up and gets something to eat.
[22:07] * Sheena digs out a fresh bottle of water and waits for the others
[22:07] * Gerand follows suit
[22:08] Caoilinn: "Sheena, can you scan our path before we set out?"
[22:08] * Kuonji heads downstairs for some food
[22:08] * Tsukasa wakes up, yawns, and gets her things in order.
[22:09] Sheena: "easy enought"
[22:09] Alathon: Go ahead and roll it up
[22:09] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 wide area search
[22:09] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 wide area search --> [ 1d20=17 ]{24}
[22:09] * Caoilinn sends a text message to Venus letting her know of our plans.
[22:10] Caoilinn: (Wouldn't want her to come to town and wonder where the hell we are. :) )
[22:11] Gerand: "What's the plan commander?"
[22:11] Alathon: You get a text back in a few minutes, 'acknowledged."
[22:11] Caoilinn: (My, she's up early)
[22:12] Sheena: "Its all clear, but something was funny in the forest."
[22:12] Caoilinn: "Hm?"
[22:13] Gerand: "funny?"
[22:13] Sheena: "Trying to block me out is as best i can figer it, or trick what i could see"
[22:13] Sheena: "and since i just saw all trees it probly worked"
[22:13] Caoilinn: "Hm...."
[22:14] Tsukasa: "Wait... Wasn't it a blur that you saw when the ship got attacked?"
[22:14] Tsukasa: "You think there's a chance it's the same?"
[22:14] Alathon: anyone with knowledge, arcane can roll that
[22:14] Gerand: that's suspicious...
[22:14] Alathon: for info about the scrying
[22:14] Gerand: (I haver it)
[22:14] Tsukasa: "Gerand, everything's suspicious to you."
[22:14] Gerand: roll 1d20+12
[22:14] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{20}
[22:14] Sheena: "Oh that would be great, Been wanting to get my hands on that ass who shot us"
[22:15] Sheena: "Don't forget venus other goal"
[22:15] Gerand: "Some people have trouble scrying into forests, deep Caves or across running water. I know I've run into that problem enough myself Sheena."
[22:16] Gerand: "But don't get complacent. It could still be nefarious purposes."
[22:17] Gerand: "And by Run into, I mean Run into people that have had that problem."
[22:17] Gerand: "Sometimes literally."
[22:18] Alathon: Yuuno pops his head out of Sheena's hair: "So, what's the plan?"
[22:18] * Sheena just shurgs not caring.
[22:18] Kuonji: I should probably scout ahead
[22:18] Kuonji: "If I find anything, I can text."
[22:18] Caoilinn: "That's what I was thinking, Kuonji"
[22:19] Caoilinn: "I figure Kuonji scouts ahead and we decide what to do based on what we find."
[22:20] * Caoilinn shows some crystal caltrops to Kuonji.
[22:20] Alathon: ((They're damned fine quality, and quite light.))
[22:20] Caoilinn: "Do you have anything like these to plant to stop Riders from escaping on their bikes?"
[22:20] Kuonji: "Thank you, taichou."
[22:20] Sheena: (great for guarding your parking space)
[22:21] * Kuonji looks around before ducking his head under the table quickly, then ccoming back up, minus caltrops
[22:21] *** sai-chan has signed off IRC (QUIT: Be right back).
[22:21] Gerand: "..."
[22:21] Gerand: "was that strange to anyone else?"
[22:22] Alathon: Yuuno: "I ain't sayin' nothin."
[22:22] Alathon: Yuuno vanishes back into Sheena's hair.
[22:22] Caoilinn: "How many can you use?"
[22:22] Tsukasa: "I would normally say yes, but seeing as that would necessitate agreeing with you, I find it perfectly normal."
[22:23] Gerand: "Noted."
[22:23] Tsukasa: "Besides, you didn't notice he put his kunai into his hair last night?"
[22:23] Gerand: "no, come to think of It I've never seen his hair."
[22:23] Kuonji: "I can hold quite a few."
[22:24] Tsukasa: "Eh, under his bandanna... How much ROOM do you have in there, anyway, Kuonji-san?"
[22:24] Kuonji: "Hmm... I'd say... about the size of a small closet."
[22:24] Tsukasa: "..."
[22:24] * Caoilinn makes a bunch more for him.
[22:25] Tsukasa: "This is... your hair we're talking about, right?"
[22:25] Kuonji: "Well..."
[22:25] Caoilinn: (high-speed, since this isn't fine art we're talking about. :) )
[22:25] Tsukasa: "I've GOT to see that..."
[22:25] * Kuonji reaches behind Tsukasa's ear... and pulls out a caltrop"
[22:26] Alathon: Caoilinn succeeds at making more caltrops.
[22:26] Gerand: "That's strange. I don't care who you are."
[22:26] Tsukasa: "... I suppose you've made a killing as a stage magician."
[22:26] Caoilinn: "What's strange about it?"
[22:26] * Tsukasa claps.
[22:26] * Caoilinn looks confused.
[22:26] * Kuonji smiles "I suppose I could have."
[22:26] * Kuonji accepts the other caltrops... and does his disappearing act again.
[22:26] Gerand: "A magician! that's not magic."
[22:27] Tsukasa: "Where DO you keep it then, if that's not private?"
[22:27] Tsukasa: "_Stage_ magician Gerand."
[22:27] * Sheena dont find this odd at all
[22:27] * Sheena hair works perfectly well for hiding things in
[22:28] Kuonji: "Honestly? I'm not too sure."
[22:28] Gerand: "right.... Commander? When do we head out?"
[22:28] Tsukasa: (A _closet_?)
[22:28] Caoilinn: "We may as well go now."
[22:28] Alathon: (Don't question it ;p ))
[22:28] Alathon: ((they physics may just destroy your mind.))
[22:28] * Tsukasa chuckles. "That sounds like an interesting exploration to do..."
[22:28] * Caoilinn gets up and heads out, still wondering why people are making a fuss over the whole thing.
[22:28] Alathon: ((like what's under Black Mage hats0)
[22:29] Gerand: (heh)
[22:29] Alathon: The Militiamen will wish the party the best of luck.
[22:29] Alathon: Jerry has been woken up at this point, and is sucking on a beer.
[22:29] Caoilinn: "Thanks. Make a big explosion or something if you need us back."
[22:30] * Caoilinn smiles at them and waves.
[22:30] Alathon: Jerry: "Have fun.. kill some Riders.. and all that."
[22:30] Alathon: Jerry: "I suppose."
[22:31] Alathon: The party will be able to move north unmolested.
[22:31] Alathon: It's really kinda.. nice.
[22:31] Alathon: There's not a cloud in the sky, and no electric street lights are on.
[22:31] Alathon: So the entire landscape is lit in a silvery sort of light.
[22:31] Gerand: (that's suspicious)
[22:31] Alathon: The moon is out, not quite full, and so are the stars.
[22:31] * Tsukasa just looks around, enjoying the area.
[22:31] Alathon: It's still.. the animals are still asleep, as are nearly all hte people.
[22:31] * Gerand looks around wary of attack
[22:32] Alathon: It's cool, but not cold.
[22:32] Alathon: It'll take a few minutes to reach the border of the forest. From there, what do you do?
[22:32] Kuonji: "well, I'll go on ahead."
[22:32] Sheena: "Head to where ninjahair boy found em?"
[22:33] * Kuonji turns invisible, then takes to the trees
[22:33] Caoilinn: (How long a trip is it to the lake if we skirt the edge of the forest?)
[22:33] Caoilinn: (And what shape is this part of the forest in?)
[22:33] Alathon: Kuonji will be able to move without further feline interference.
[22:33] Tsukasa: "Good luck."
[22:33] Alathon: WHere are you going?
[22:34] Alathon: You're on the southern "tip" of the forest.. it's a crescent moon around a round-ish lake.
[22:34] Alathon: The tip is quite blunt, however, seeing as it's very large
[22:35] Caoilinn: (Which way is the open part of the moon?)
[22:35] Alathon: South
[22:35] Alathon: There's a lake, and the forest is wrapped around the north side of the lake, and the east/west sides
[22:35] Alathon: The forest continues well north of the lake
[22:35] Caoilinn: (And we're planning to check out the lake in the middle of the forest?)
[22:36] Caoilinn: (A map! My kingdom for a map!)
[22:36] Alathon: (that's up to youa ll ;p ))
[22:36] Gerand: I say go directly to the lake)
[22:36] Gerand: (If any survived it would be near the lake)
[22:37] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:37] Sheena: "Shouldnt be hard to find the massive sceens of destruction and follow tracks"
[22:37] Alathon: ((well, say that in character, and caoilinn might actually know you said it))
[22:37] Caoilinn: (Is the forest burned here?)
[22:37] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[22:37] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{10}
[22:37] Kuonji: (ouch)
[22:38] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:38] Gerand: "The lake looks promising. If I were trying to escape a forest fire I'd go towards the lake."
[22:38] Caoilinn: "Right. That's where we were planning on going."
[22:39] Caoilinn: "How does following the inside of the west arm of the forest to the lake sound?"
[22:39] * Tsukasa edges Sanshi over to near Sheena, leaning over to whisper, "I don't know about you, but him talking _sense_ seems really strange."
[22:39] Alathon: Time passes, with Kuonji out scouting.
[22:39] Alathon: It's still dark, with false dawn visible to the east.
[22:39] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[22:39] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{14}
[22:39] Gerand: "It sounds as viable as any other method."
[22:39] Caoilinn: (And does that make sense to the DM?)
[22:39] Kuonji: (fuck me >_<)
[22:40] Caoilinn: (And what shape is the forest in here? Singed, untouched, burned out?)
[22:40] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[22:40] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
[22:40] Tsukasa: (Sounds like you're having fun, ninja)
[22:40] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8
[22:40] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{27}
[22:40] Kuonji: (phew)
[22:40] Caoilinn: (I'm waiting for him to come running out of the forest chased by an army of cats. :D )
[22:40] * Sheena just nods to Tsuka and pets Sanshi
[22:41] Caoilinn: "Well, shall we?"
[22:41] Gerand: "After you commander."
[22:41] Alathon: Kuonji apparently hasn't checked in yet.
[22:42] * Caoilinn summons her armor and heads forward.
[22:42] Alathon: Forward to where? northwest to the lake?
[22:42] * Tsukasa frowns. "Hope he's alright..."
[22:42] Caoilinn: (I assumed we'd be moving behind him)
[22:42] * Gerand uses his wand to cast stoneskin on himself
[22:43] Tsukasa: (Wait... wand?)
[22:43] Alathon: (41 charges left)
[22:43] Tsukasa: (Ah)
[22:43] Caoilinn: (Well, as I said, if it makes sense, I was thinking we'd follow the inside of the west arm of the forest to the lake.)
[22:43] Gerand: (yep)
[22:44] * Caoilinn stops and checks her communicator.
[22:44] Tsukasa: "Something from Kuonji-san?"
[22:44] Caoilinn: (Do the communicators have GPS and such?)
[22:44] Sheena: (just how will you recharge that thing when your done?)
[22:44] Alathon: ((not as far as you know))
[22:44] Sheena: (we didnt know they recoreded ither)
[22:45] Alathon: ((GPS would require satellites, or other such technology))
[22:45] Gerand: (We should ask venus for an owner's manual)
[22:45] Caoilinn: (Or detecting magnetic fields. :) )
[22:45] Gerand: (or magic)
[22:45] Caoilinn: (I'd assume we were properly trained with the equipment we were issued)
[22:45] Alathon: (You were)
[22:45] Alathon: (Your training didn't include mention of their recording abilities)
[22:46] Gerand: (so we going in or not?)
[22:46] Tsukasa: (But of course not. If we KNEW we were under surveillance...)
[22:47] Gerand: (we are?)
[22:47] Tsukasa: (Venus can poke the playback button any time)
[22:47] Alathon: (of course. Gerand doesn't know that, unless one of the party members has told him)
[22:47] Gerand: (Well, I just need to make better excuses for my loose morals then)
[22:47] Caoilinn: "Ok, Kuonji has come across two Riders."
[22:48] Gerand: "Which way to him?
[22:48] Gerand: *"
[22:48] Caoilinn: "They seem to be lookouts, a bit west from the original battle site."
[22:48] Tsukasa: "He took care of them? Or is he in trouble?"
[22:49] Caoilinn: "He's asking for instructions."
[22:49] Caoilinn: "Suggestions?"
[22:49] Gerand: "If he knocks them out or kills them they can't give warning. Can he do both at once?"
[22:50] Tsukasa: "Hm... Probably a good idea to check out what they're lookouts for, if he's safe."
[22:50] Tsukasa: "No, taking them out right now could blow his cover, especially if they manage to make noise."
[22:50] Caoilinn: "Well, the trick would be getting both without letting either sound an alarm."
[22:50] Sheena: "He should get in place as we move up on them"
[22:50] Sheena: "Then attack before we do"
[22:50] Gerand: "If he can't incapacitate both at once I'd say wait for us, I can turn invis and help him kill them silently."
[22:50] Alathon: Yuuno pops his head out.
[22:51] Tsukasa: "They're just lookouts, leave them be for now. I think he should sneak past and see what they're guarding."
[22:51] Gerand: "better to leave no one at our backs."
[22:51] Alathon: Yuuno: "You all know he's talking about sentries to the east, right? So.. we're gonna run into different sentries if we go up the shore."
[22:51] Tsukasa: "We don't need to come up with these complex plans to kill two low-level soldiers."
[22:51] Gerand: "Yuuno has a point. We should be careful."
[22:52] Sheena: "Me and sanshi can rush any trash we run into easy enought"
[22:52] Gerand: "Without them getting a call out?"
[22:52] Caoilinn: "How about he sneaks past them and determines what they're guarding and whether he can lead us past them..."
[22:53] * Tsukasa nods. "Exactly, Kei-san."
[22:53] Caoilinn: "He can also spike their path with caltrops."
[22:53] Gerand: "Then we wait?"
[22:54] Alathon: Anyways
[22:54] Alathon: Let's finish here.
[22:54] Caoilinn: Sounds good.
[22:54] Sheena: "Or i can vape them from above..."
[22:54] Alathon: Before this encounter begins.
[22:54] Sheena: Ahh
[22:54] Gerand: I'm falling asleep. so yeah.
[22:54] Tsukasa: (Alrighty.)
[22:54] Sheena: losers.
[22:54] *** Tsukasa is now known as Pale_Wolf.
[22:54] Alathon: yeah, east coasters suck :(
[22:54] *** Gerand is now known as Stratagemini.
[22:54] Sheena: i all ways get to much caffine in my and just gte going when they drop out
[22:54] Caoilinn: Why's there always at least one person in the party who keeps trying to destroy forests?
[22:54] * Pale_Wolf was falling asleep for a while, but then playing with a headache tends to be bad.
[22:55] Stratagemini: Hey! I was here the full till 5am last time!
[22:55] *** Caoilinn is now known as Yarrow.
[22:55] Sheena: And when the hell is Gerand going to die?
[22:55] Alathon: because the forests are trying to kill the world
[22:55] Sheena: Really, why the fuck make a guy like that.
[22:55] *** Kuonji is now known as Ataru.
[22:55] Alathon: If he'd starteda fight with owen, it coulda been right then; Owen's excitable, and odesn't always act with knowledge of his own strength
[22:55] Pale_Wolf: Wait... Who was it in the Tarou game? I'm pretty sure Raine was friendly to the forests.
[22:55] Stratagemini: The character design? His abilities are versatile.
[22:55] Yarrow: The fire bird?
[22:56] Stratagemini: Or do you mean the insanity?
[22:56] Sheena: If you took the time to read the logs you would have found a team of mostly pro's
[22:56] Pale_Wolf: The character. He's dumb and irritating.
[22:56] Yarrow: Your ... er, his personality.
[22:56] Sheena: and here comes this wierdo idoit who dont mesh at all
[22:56] Stratagemini: Eh. I'm working on that.
[22:56] Ataru: I'm actually surprised
[22:56] Sheena: Your acting like the class clown.
[22:56] *** Sheena is now known as DCG.
[22:56] Ataru: I would have thought I'd be the one with the wierdo idiot charachter
[22:56] Ataru: I usually am ^^;
[22:57] DCG: no the girly ninja oddly fits in
[22:57] Pale_Wolf: Heh. You forget about Karasu?
[22:57] Stratagemini: Cause the rest are all girls.
[22:57] DCG: or will once we swap all your uniforms for the female cut ones
[22:57] Pale_Wolf: Yeah, Kuonji's doing good.
[22:57] DCG: starts guy is just a big wtf
[22:57] Pale_Wolf: Gerand's...
[22:57] DCG: with on reason to be on the team
[22:57] Pale_Wolf: Ahem.
[22:57] Ataru: you're not getting him in drag unless it's a direct order
[22:57] Yarrow: Oh, thanks for letting us know that. ;)
[22:57] Stratagemini: Cao might order you to do that.
[22:57] DCG: lol
[22:58] Ataru: evil, EVIL
[22:58] DCG: You say that like Venus wouldnt do it
[22:58] Ataru: well, Al could concievably do worse >_<
[22:58] Alathon: Eh
[22:58] Stratagemini: Venus falls for girly boys
[22:58] Ataru: I won't even bring up what I had in mind
[22:58] Alathon: Venus has had a thousand years for her tastes to mature
[22:58] Pale_Wolf: Well... Tsukasa was thinking it, but since she knows how touchy he seems to get about his gender, she'll probably try to save you now.
[22:58] DCG: heh
[22:58] Yarrow: Or twist. :)
[22:58] Alathon: And that
[22:58] Stratagemini: And yet her taste in sayings doesn't?
[22:58] Pale_Wolf: Twist: "Mmm, yuri."
[22:59] Yarrow: And what's twisted about that?
[22:59] Stratagemini: How much for teh session?
[22:59] Pale_Wolf: It is a twist from it's previous shape :P
[22:59] Stratagemini: EXP?
[23:00] Alathon: 1250 exp for the session
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Session #14

Postby Alathon » Sun Nov 12, 2006 4:30 am

Session #14
[18:05] Alathon: anyways
[18:06] Alathon: we left off last week with most of the party heading north along the shore of the lake north of Erickson, in search of a fight with the Harleyrider encampment Kuonji has been scouting.
[18:06] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[18:06] * Sheena points winamp at the ff battle music folder
[18:07] Alathon: While investigating the possibility of Riders camped out in the forest, Kuonji walked in on the end of a fight
[18:07] * Gerand cues up his "Epic Fight music" Folder
[18:07] *** Pale_Wolf is now known as Tsukasa.
[18:07] Alathon: Someone or something kicked the everliving shit out of several dozen Harleyriders, searing limbs from their bodies, or immolating them outright.
[18:07] * Kuonji cues up "Gacey's Place"
[18:08] Alathon: At present, nothing is happening.. you've all got a good meal in your bellies
[18:09] Gerand: (full ep?)
[18:09] Alathon: ... you should know
[18:09] Gerand: (wait, of course we are. we slept last time)
[18:09] Caoilinn: "Let's wait for Kuonji to finish scouting, if there are lookouts posted."
[18:10] Gerand: "Might not the riders have scouts too? if they were attacked last night a forward scouting party might stumble upon us.
[18:11] Sheena: "Then we blast them,"
[18:11] Gerand: "We should appoint lookouts as well."
[18:11] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[18:11] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{16}
[18:12] Caoilinn: "As we're all alert and not occupied, I don't think we really need actual lookouts."
[18:12] * Gerand looks around for anything unusual.
[18:13] Gerand: roll 1d20+12 Spot check.
[18:13] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+12 Spot check. --> [ 1d20=4 ]{16}
[18:13] Alathon: You spot a leaping fish, a falling leaf, and several citizens of Crystal Tokyo.
[18:14] * Gerand marvels at the beauty of nature
[18:15] Sheena: "So we wait on ninjaboy?"
[18:15] Alathon: Yuuno pop out: "I guess.. Gerand's having fun checking you out, so no rush, right?"
[18:15] Caoilinn: "Yeah. It'd make his efforts a big waste of time if we just stumbled into another set of lookouts."
[18:15] * Tsukasa shrugs. "What else is there to do?"
[18:15] Alathon: Yuuno dives back into Sheena's hair.
[18:16] Gerand: "I'm what?"
[18:16] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[18:16] Gerand: "That little Ferret!"
[18:16] Caoilinn: "Beats me."
[18:16] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8
[18:16] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{18}
[18:16] Alathon: roll 2#1d20
[18:16] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{13}, [ 1d20=14 ]{14}
[18:17] Gerand: (that's why the roster looks empty! Yuuno and that cat-thing aren't logged on.)
[18:18] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:18] Caoilinn: "Ok, Kuonji sees abouth half a dozen shelters."
[18:18] Sanshi: (A most salient point.)
[18:18] * Sheena leans up aginst one of the many trees are they wait on the all clear.
[18:18] Gerand: "Any Riders in them? Or just abandoned?"
[18:18] Caoilinn: "On the west side of the camp. Guards are on the east, and at least one leader type is up and about."
[18:19] Gerand: "Any guards in the south to hinder our approach?"
[18:19] Caoilinn: "On would assume."
[18:20] Gerand: "we have a plan?"
[18:20] Caoilinn: "Ok, one large rider, about a half dozen no so large, maybe more in the shelters, but each should only be able to hold two."
[18:21] Gerand: "I assume burning the shelters with the riders inside is out of the question?"
[18:21] Tsukasa: "Why would it be?"
[18:21] Caoilinn: "I figure we should have Kuonji come back to us and check for more lookouts on the way."
[18:21] Gerand: "Since we're in the forest"
[18:21] Caoilinn: "Actually, once we get close, I figure a fire attack would demoralize them quite nicely, if you can avoid burning down the forest."
[18:22] Gerand: ""my control isn't that great with fire unfortunately. I can't be certain."
[18:22] Tsukasa: "... Then why do you talk like you love it so much?"
[18:22] Gerand: "I need practice."
[18:23] Caoilinn: "The battlefield is not the place for practice."
[18:23] * Caoilinn glances around.
[18:23] Sheena: "Run in blasting?"
[18:23] Gerand: "anyone else able to spew fire?"
[18:24] Caoilinn: "When Kounji gets back, he can give us a better idea of how flammable the area is."
[18:24] Caoilinn: "After what the riders have been through, they'll probably be very skittish about fire."
[18:24] Sheena: "I don't think it would be very safe for Tsuka to try the trees for roostes"
[18:24] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8 move silently
[18:24] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 move silently --> [ 1d20=4 ]{12}
[18:24] Kuonji: uhoh
[18:24] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2 spot
[18:24] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 spot --> [ 1d20=8 ]{10}
[18:24] Gerand: "Can she shoot mounted on Sanshi?"
[18:24] Alathon: roll 1d20
[18:24] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{8}
[18:25] Tsukasa: "Yes, I'm able to do that. It's already my usual method if I actually have to move around."
[18:25] Sheena: "Just dont want ya yelling at me later for blowing up some tree you where in,"
[18:26] Gerand: "How big is the clearing I can restrict their movement in a 20 foot radius."
[18:26] Tsukasa: "That... is a VERY good reason to remain mobile. Although I should be behind you anyway."
[18:26] Gerand: (there's a ? in there)
[18:27] Sheena: (away a moment,)
[18:28] Caoilinn: "I don't want to distract Kuonji. We can ask him when he returns."
[18:28] * Kuonji reappears kneeling in front of Caoilinn
[18:28] Caoilinn: "What kept you?"
[18:28] Gerand: "How's that for prompt service?"
[18:28] Kuonji: Ask away, Taichou."
[18:28] * Tsukasa blinks. "That... was very good timing."
[18:29] Gerand: "Kounji, how large is the clearing?"
[18:29] Kuonji: "The least guarded route appears to be the south"
[18:30] Caoilinn: "We were thinking that after last night's battle, opening with a fire attack would serve nicely. Do you think there's much chance of setting the entire forest on fire if we hit there camp?"
[18:30] Caoilinn: (their)
[18:31] Sheena: (back, sorry, Storm blew in a cold front i had to closee up windows and start a fire.)
[18:32] Kuonji: "It's not much of a clearing"
[18:32] * Gerand is wondering wether he can catch the guards in a web spell for easy sniping by Tsukasa
[18:32] Kuonji: "They're on the beach of the lake, right up against the edge of the forest"
[18:33] Gerand: (No web spell then, Black tentacles it is.)
[18:33] * Tsukasa would, if he had done that pondering aloud, mentioned that it would be utter death upon all Harleyrider scum.
[18:33] Sheena: (hmm, web and bind would be unfair to some)
[18:34] Gerand: "Are the riders grouped teogether or spread out? I might be able to entangle them so Tsukasa can snipe them.
[18:34] Gerand: "
[18:35] Kuonji: "The guards are spread out, but a large portion of the riders are by the shelters"
[18:35] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[18:36] Sheena: "If there injured, do we finsh em off or just rap them up for the town folk?"
[18:36] Gerand: "How many can I get in a 20 ft radius?"
[18:36] Alathon: ((good question, sheena))
[18:36] Caoilinn: "I think if we can take any prisoners without risking ourselves, it'd be a good idea."
[18:37] Gerand: "the town folk seemed somewhat upset at us for leaving them alive last time..."
[18:37] Caoilinn: "I know I'd like to try questioning one without interruption."
[18:37] Caoilinn: "It wouldn't be for the townspeope."
[18:38] Gerand: "I need to be within the range of their guns, but if I am I can bind everyone withing 20 ft. That should get us our prisoner, and a couple more besides."
[18:38] Caoilinn: "If you can do it from cover, that would be great."
[18:39] Sheena: (web dont = bind, They can still attack you)
[18:39] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:39] Gerand: (black tentacles does)
[18:39] Gerand: (least I think it does.)
[18:40] Alathon: it grapples
[18:40] Alathon: doesn't prevent them froma tacking, but penalizes them
[18:40] Alathon: and prevents complex actions like spellcasting
[18:40] Sheena: (your on a team of metafemales. Best be very carefull with that spell)
[18:40] Gerand: (I can always cast wall of Ice to trap them if all else fails)
[18:40] Alathon: well, spellcasting that has somatic components
[18:41] Gerand: (like all my spells)
[18:42] Alathon: ((so..what next?))
[18:42] Caoilinn: "All right, I guess starting with fire won't win us any friends back at town..."
[18:42] Sheena: "Do we really need it?"
[18:43] * Caoilinn smiles.
[18:43] Caoilinn: "What can I say? I like the idea of terrifying them."
[18:43] Gerand: "They're right by the lake, It wouldn't be that effective anyway."
[18:43] Sheena: "I do belive that wont be a problem"
[18:43] Caoilinn: "Don't underestimate psychological impact."
[18:43] Gerand: "no. shouldn't be a problem at akl."
[18:44] Sheena: "Any word from venus?"
[18:44] Caoilinn: "Ok, so does it basically come down to starting with an entanglement spell and then each of us doing her own... or his own... thing?"
[18:44] Tsukasa: "If nothing else, putting out the fire will become an objective and distract from their efforts to fight us."
[18:44] Caoilinn: "I let her know what we were doing before we left."
[18:44] Caoilinn: "She gave her go-ahead but didn't have anything to add."
[18:45] Gerand: "i have no problem with taht course of action."
[18:45] Sheena: (i got 5 on gerand blowing his init roll and going last)
[18:45] * Kuonji moves next to Caoilinn and whispers something into her ear
[18:46] * Caoilinn shakes her head.
[18:46] Caoilinn: "Ok. If no one has any suggestions or things to add, I guess we should get on with it."
[18:46] Caoilinn: "There were no lookouts between us and the camp, Kounji?"
[18:46] * Sheena holds her hand out as Dark Heart snaps into place
[18:47] Kuonji: "There was one person... relieving himself, but other then that, I didn't see any guards."
[18:47] Kuonji: "I can scout ahead again, with the group following behind."
[18:48] Gerand: "then lead on fair ninja."
[18:48] Caoilinn: "That's what I was thinking. You can take point and watch out for surprises."
[18:48] Sheena: "Not being sceen helps, just remember not to step on any twigs"
[18:49] Caoilinn: (I think I said it last session, but to be safe, I have my armor on)
[18:49] Gerand: "not being seen... that gives me an idea. I know how to get into the camp unseen for me at least. I can surprise them that way."
[18:49] Alathon: *nod*
[18:50] Caoilinn: "Good think you told him that. I hope you appreciate it when he gives you his advice on magic in return."
[18:50] Kuonji: "Hey, Gerand... Do you think you could cast that spell on me again? The armor one."
[18:50] * Caoilinn grins.
[18:50] Gerand: "Stoneskin? sure thing."
[18:50] Tsukasa: "And that way you wouldn't have to hurry your casting..."
[18:50] Sheena: "Heh, Advice on how to blow shit up?"
[18:50] Sheena: "Sure,"
[18:50] * Gerand uses his wand of stoneskin to buff Kounji
[18:50] Kuonji: "Thank you."
[18:51] * Kuonji dissapears and takes to the trees
[18:51] * Sheena grumbles about power draining skirts
[18:51] Caoilinn: "Ok, let's go. Keep talking to a minimum."
[18:51] * Caoilinn goes after Kuonji.
[18:51] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8
[18:51] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{21}
[18:52] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[18:52] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{14}
[18:52] * Gerand follows
[18:52] * Tsukasa directs Sanshi to follow.
[18:52] Alathon: roll 1d20
[18:52] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{2}
[18:53] Gerand: (brb)
[18:53] * Sheena follows along floating a bit off the ground
[18:53] * Caoilinn holds up her hand and stops.
[18:54] * Caoilinn taps something into her communicator.
[18:55] * Caoilinn says quietly, "One Rider, facing south, ahead of us."
[18:55] * Tsukasa nods.
[18:56] * Sheena replies in a low voice, "Ninjaboy need a distraction to take em out?"
[18:57] Alathon: ((question: are you all moving up on the beach, on the fringe of the forest, or in the forest?))
[18:58] Gerand: (back)
[18:58] Caoilinn: (I think on the fringe.)
[18:58] Sheena: (we are following ninja boy so i guess in the fringe)
[18:58] Gerand: (where's ninja boy?)
[18:59] * Caoilinn says quietly, "He's several hundred feet ahead."
[19:00] Tsukasa: "Is Kuonji-san going to handle him, or what?"
[19:00] Caoilinn: (quietly) "I think if Kuonji traps the Rider's way back to camp and then engages while we come up would be good."
[19:01] * Sheena nods to that.
[19:01] * Tsukasa nods. "That sounds workable."
[19:02] Gerand: "tell me when we're 3-2 minutes away. I need to cast my invisibility spell to get in range to cast my restraining spell."
[19:03] Tsukasa: "Don't waste it on just one."
[19:03] Caoilinn: "Ok, he's engaging. Let's go."
[19:03] * Gerand follows Caolinn
[19:03] * Tsukasa nods and prods Sanshi.
[19:04] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8
[19:04] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{17}
[19:04] Alathon: roll 1d20
[19:04] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{20}
[19:04] * Caoilinn moves forward at a good pace.
[19:04] Gerand: "I won't waste it to just one. But I need to be invisible to cast the first one. It should scare teh pants off them. after that I can limit it to web spells."
[19:04] * Caoilinn breaks into a run if she hears sounds of fighting.
[19:04] Kuonji: (damn, his hearing his hella good)
[19:05] Alathon: ((you won't hear much at this point))
[19:05] Kuonji: roll 1d20+7 for attack
[19:05] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+7 for attack --> [ 1d20=12 ]{19}
[19:05] Alathon: roll 1d20+10
[19:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{22}
[19:06] Kuonji: (oh you're fucking kidding me)
[19:06] * Sheena Lands on the ground and rushs up to help
[19:06] Gerand: (these aren't your grandma';s harleyrider's I take it?)
[19:06] Alathon: You all hear a somewhat muffled shout of, "ATTACKERS!"
[19:07] * Caoilinn runs forward.
[19:07] Gerand: "Damn. There goes that idea."
[19:07] * Gerand follows
[19:07] Alathon: It'll take those of you with speed several rounds to get there
[19:07] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 init
[19:07] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 init --> [ 1d20=16 ]{22}
[19:07] Sheena: (where that far?)
[19:07] Gerand: (and those without?)
[19:07] Caoilinn: (Several hundred feet)
[19:07] Alathon: ((if you don't want to be seen, yes, you are.))
[19:07] Kuonji: roll 1d20+7 for init
[19:07] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+7 for init --> [ 1d20=5 ]{12}
[19:07] Kuonji: ...
[19:08] Kuonji: (FUCK YOU ALABOT)
[19:08] * Tsukasa nudges Sanshi to go in at full speed.
[19:08] Caoilinn: (Well, I don't think it matters any more whether this one Rider sees us)
[19:08] Alathon: roll 1d20+10-4
[19:08] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10-4 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{13}
[19:08] Sheena: (well he could yell MORE ATTACKSERS,)
[19:09] Caoilinn: (Ooh, yeah... We wouldn't want *that*.)
[19:09] Gerand: (he already used the plural.)
[19:10] Caoilinn: (How many rounds will it take those of us without speed to arrive?)
[19:11] Alathon: ((7
[19:12] Gerand: damn.
[19:12] Gerand: ()
[19:13] Alathon: ...
[19:13] Tsukasa: (Want the rest of us to roll our inits?)
[19:13] Alathon: ((not yet, you're not in combat range))
[19:13] Kuonji: roll 1d20+4
[19:13] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{19}
[19:13] Tsukasa: (Ah. I was wondering what the ellipse was for, and figured it was 'why the heck aren't you people rolling?')
[19:14] Kuonji: roll 1d20+10
[19:14] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{26}
[19:14] Alathon: roll 1d20+10
[19:14] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{14}
[19:15] Kuonji: roll 4d8
[19:15] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 4d8 --> [ 4d8=23 ]{23}
[19:16] Gerand: (Finally land an attack eh?)
[19:16] Kuonji: (probably would have landed the first one, but forgot to add my BAB ^^;;)
[19:17] Gerand: (...)
[19:17] Alathon: roll 1d20+10
[19:17] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{19}
[19:17] Caoilinn: (...)
[19:18] Kuonji: roll 1d20+4
[19:18] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{8}
[19:18] Kuonji: (ouch, looks like I'm getting tagged)
[19:18] Alathon: roll 1d10+8 damage
[19:18] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d10+8 damage --> [ 1d10=3 ]{11}
[19:18] Gerand: (+10? how the hell is kounji supposed to kill him? Kounji doesn't do half damage on dodge.)
[19:19] Caoilinn: (Well, as a ninja, he's supposed to do a sneak attack at the start of the fight.)
[19:19] Caoilinn: (Unfortunately, he left his BAB in his other outfit)
[19:20] Gerand: (heh)
[19:20] Kuonji: roll 1d20+10
[19:20] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{22}
[19:20] Sheena: (His one of them Naruto ninja
[19:21] Kuonji: (how so?)
[19:21] Alathon: roll 1d20+10
[19:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{14}
[19:21] Kuonji: roll 4d8
[19:21] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 4d8 --> [ 4d8=22 ]{22}
[19:21] Sheena: (totaly blowing your sneak attack, and standing in front of the guy to fight insted of halling ass into the dark forest behind you?)
[19:21] Gerand: (Loud and stupid then?)
[19:21] Sheena: (narutoed)
[19:22] Alathon: At this point, the party can here very faint shouts off to the north.
[19:22] Kuonji: (I was fucking invisible)
[19:22] Tsukasa: (Are you factoring your invisibility into your rolls?)
[19:22] Gerand: (really? Who were you fucking?)
[19:22] Kuonji: (and I HARDLY consider myself to blame for him rolling a natural 20 listen)
[19:22] Sheena: (Ya, what ever sakura)
[19:22] Kuonji: (yes, yes I am)
[19:23] Kuonji: (to tsukasa, not Gerand)
[19:23] Gerand: (maybe if you attacked him instead of trying to make him your prison bitch...)
[19:23] Caoilinn: (As the party breaks down into squabbling and in-fighting. :) )
[19:24] Caoilinn: "Ok, he took down the Rider."
[19:24] Gerand: (I wanna kill stuff already!)
[19:24] Sheena: (I guess we shouldnt get him that Sakura cosplay costume then..)
[19:24] Caoilinn: "Sounds like there are more coming from the north, though."
[19:24] Gerand: "Fuck."
[19:24] Sheena: "Good, something to blast"
[19:25] Gerand: "that makes sneaking up on them harder. on the plus side, there's really no need for stealth any more is there?"
[19:25] Alathon: After maybe 20-30 seconds, the shouting quiets down.
[19:25] * Caoilinn is still moving up to join Kuonji, of course.
[19:25] * Gerand casts stoneskin on himself with his wand.
[19:25] * Gerand is still following
[19:26] * Tsukasa slows Sanshi down to stick with the rest, but continues to move to link up with Kuonji.
[19:26] Gerand: (39 charges left)
[19:26] Alathon: roll 2d8
[19:26] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=3 ]{3}
[19:27] Gerand: (that looks suspiciously like damage...)
[19:27] * Sheena is running along with sanshi
[19:27] * Kuonji remains invisible but speaks to the party "Sorry about that, I must have slipped up for him to hear me like that."
[19:27] Caoilinn: (Gee, I wonder if they found the caltrops.)
[19:27] Gerand: (that's good damage then.)
[19:28] Gerand: (though sorta pitiful)
[19:28] Tsukasa: "Not a problem. Are you hurt at all?"
[19:28] Kuonji: "Nope, that spell worked like a charm."
[19:29] Gerand: "Glad to hear it."
[19:29] Kuonji: (/me rimshots)
[19:29] Caoilinn: "Let's see who else is coming to play."
[19:30] Sheena: "Just dont stand in front of me."
[19:30] Sheena: "Dark heart and me been really itching to let lose at full power"
[19:30] Caoilinn: "Try not to destroy the forest..."
[19:30] * Tsukasa checks the terrain - is there any way to funnel enemies on approach into a narrow zone for Gerand to bind down?
[19:31] Caoilinn: "Well, if they're not coming to us, let's go to them, huh."
[19:31] Gerand: "So... what you've been doing up till now was playing with them?"
[19:31] * Sheena looks at dark heart, "You heard the lady"
[19:31] Alathon: Tsukasa, the beach is in fact something of a funnel, but it works both ways.
[19:31] Caoilinn: (We're not too close to the camp yet, are we?)
[19:31] Alathon: And they don't seem to be coming.. at least.. they haven't shown themselves yet.
[19:31] Kuonji: "We should be careful... The ground is littered with caltrops"
[19:31] Gerand: (black tentacles works on the beach, and teh water, and the trees)
[19:31] Alathon: You're still a couple minutes short of where Kuonji said the camp was.
[19:32] Kuonji: (do they work on school girls?)
[19:32] Alathon: Forwarned, the party won't step on their own caltrops. Which is good, because if you hadn't warned 'em, there wsa a dex save coming up.
[19:32] Gerand: (they work on school boys too)
[19:32] Caoilinn: "Thanks. Do you want to scout ahead again?"
[19:33] Caoilinn: (I could get used to having this probe... er, ninja... at my disposal. :) )
[19:33] Kuonji: "Ok."
[19:33] * Gerand thinks of Kounji as an Imperial Probe droid for a second
[19:35] Alathon: roll 1d20
[19:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{12}
[19:35] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[19:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{15}
[19:35] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8
[19:35] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{27}
[19:36] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[19:36] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{10}
[19:36] Kuonji: (I must be as blind as a bat)
[19:36] Gerand: (Is kyonji gonna kill em all for us?)
[19:36] Caoilinn: (Yes. In fact, the rest of us can just go home)
[19:37] Gerand: (As long as we get EXP and kill SOMETHING I'm jhappy.)
[19:37] Gerand: (hopefully we'll be ambushed or something)
[19:37] Caoilinn: "He doesn't see anyone. Let's go on, but keep an eye open. I can't imagine they just left."
[19:38] Alathon: How does the party advance?
[19:38] * Gerand follows Caoilinn
[19:38] Kuonji: roll 1d20+6 for listen
[19:38] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+6 for listen --> [ 1d20=1 ]{7}
[19:38] Kuonji: (FUCK)
[19:38] * Tsukasa moves slowly and carefully.
[19:38] Kuonji: (the dice hate me)
[19:38] * Caoilinn is in the lead, looking around and trying not to make too much noise, but not really slowing down to move silently.
[19:39] Gerand: roll 1d20+12 spot check to see stuff
[19:39] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+12 spot check to see stuff --> [ 1d20=16 ]{28}
[19:39] * Gerand is looking around with something akin to paranoia
[19:39] * Sheena holds up dark heart to get a quick look around.
[19:39] Caoilinn: (Well... That would have been a nicely rewarding roll if we were up to the area with the enemy, I'm sure.)
[19:40] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 area search
[19:40] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 area search --> [ 1d20=16 ]{23}
[19:40] Gerand: (kuonji, what's your spot modifier?)
[19:40] Kuonji: (+2)
[19:40] Gerand: (+2!!!)
[19:40] Caoilinn: (He's a ninja, not a counter-ninja. :) )
[19:40] Kuonji: (yes... you haven't noticed?)
[19:40] Gerand: (and you're our scout?)
[19:41] Sheena: "It seems they all moved into the woods"
[19:41] Kuonji: (bah, wait for the level up)
[19:41] Gerand: (I have +12)
[19:41] Caoilinn: "The entire camp?"
[19:41] Sheena: "ya, all of em
[19:41] Sheena: "Guess that means there good enought to fight"
[19:41] Kuonji: (good for you)
[19:41] Caoilinn: (Hey, if you want to go up alone and scout ahead, you're more than welcome to, Gerand. :D )
[19:41] Kuonji: (also, I already knew that, because, hey, I PAY ATTENTION)
[19:41] Tsukasa: (Yeah, we know how important spot is for YOUR games Strat :P )
[19:42] Gerand: (bah)
[19:42] Alathon: Does the party continue to advance?
[19:42] Gerand: (Spot is important for spies and support chars. I happen to be the latter)
[19:42] Caoilinn: (Yeah... if we were in a metropolitan area, like, we'd all be dead in car accidents by now!)
[19:42] Alathon: You're still well short of where the rider camp was.
[19:43] Alathon: Are you moving up the beach, in the forest, or what?
[19:43] Gerand: (Take shots at me as you will. but it doesn't change the fact our ninja is blind. with what seems like an untrained spot)
[19:43] Alathon: The forest is obviously slower going, but also, much ebtter cover
[19:44] Caoilinn: "Hmm. Are they together or scattered?"
[19:44] Gerand: (Hmm... Invisibility sphere)
[19:44] Sheena: "lets head into the woods,"
[19:44] Sheena: "Looks like we gota flush em out"
[19:44] Alathon: ((and gerand's spot is +9; his wis mod is 0))
[19:44] Kuonji: (... LOL)
[19:45] Caoilinn: (That was to Sheena, btw?)
[19:45] Gerand: (Oh, must have been when I was adjusting my stats that that happened)
[19:46] Sheena: "Can't tell"
[19:46] Sheena: "its hard to view near the woods, but the camp is empty."
[19:46] Alathon: Time is passing.
[19:46] Sheena: "They ran into the woods, or are underwater... Im guessing woods"
[19:46] Caoilinn: "Damn... Advance toward the camp in the woods, then?"
[19:47] Gerand: sounds like a plan
[19:47] Gerand: ""
[19:47] Sheena: "safe bet, i hope"
[19:47] * Sheena makes sure she has a fresh pack charging her uniform
[19:48] Gerand: (how far out are we from teh camp?)
[19:48] * Caoilinn heads into the woods toward the camp.
[19:48] *** Gerand has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:48] Alathon: ((only like 30 seconds now..))
[19:49] Caoilinn: (quietly) watch out for ambushes.
[19:49] * Caoilinn scans the woods.
[19:50] *** Gerand has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:50] Gerand: (What I miss?)
[19:50] Gerand: [22:45] <Sheena> "safe bet, i hope"
[19:50] Gerand: [22:46] <Gerand> (how far out are we from teh camp?)
[19:50] Alathon: ((You're less than a minute from where you think the rider base is))
[19:50] Alathon: ((You can see a couple of the shelters through the trees at this point))
[19:50] Gerand: "I can cast invisibility for the party if we stay withing 10ft of me. we can flank them from the rear, getting to the camp and doubling back."
[19:51] Caoilinn: (quietly) "Let's circle around it."
[19:51] Kuonji: roll 1d20
[19:51] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{11}
[19:51] Kuonji: (bummer)
[19:52] Gerand: (quietly) "You want me to make us invisible then?"
[19:52] Caoilinn: (quietly) Will we be able to see each other?
[19:53] Gerand: (quietly) "Yes"
[19:53] * Caoilinn nods.
[19:53] * Gerand pulls out his athame and Casts Invisibility Sphere glowing green as he does so.
[19:54] * Sheena sighs and wonders how many people saw that
[19:54] Gerand: (doesn't matter, tehy can't see us now)
[19:55] Caoilinn: (quietly) "Let's move from that giant flare we just set off."
[19:55] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8
[19:55] Alathon: everyone roll init
[19:55] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{19}
[19:55] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[19:55] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{18}
[19:55] Gerand: roll 1d20+3
[19:55] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{10}
[19:55] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[19:55] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{18}
[19:55] Kuonji: roll 1d20+7
[19:55] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{21}
[19:55] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+5
[19:55] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{10}
[19:56] Gerand: (damn but that's a low init roll)
[19:56] Sheena: Roll 1d20+5
[19:56] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{25}
[19:56] Sheena: (BWAHAHHA)
[19:56] Sanshi: roll 1d20+22
[19:56] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+22 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{25}
[19:56] Caoilinn: (Gerand would be a great scout... until he casts a spell...)
[19:56] Gerand: (that cat....)
[19:56] Sheena: (oh screw you sanshi..)
[19:56] Tsukasa: (Gerand, only having rolled two higher, you're not exactly in a position to talk)
[19:57] Gerand: (I was talking about my roll, yours was conveniently in between)
[19:57] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 riders #1
[19:57] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 riders #1 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{22}
[19:57] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 riders #2
[19:57] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 riders #2 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{25}
[19:57] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 riders #3
[19:57] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 riders #3 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{7}
[19:57] Gerand: (+6 to dex? damn it!)
[19:57] Gerand: (have they been taking steroids?)
[19:57] Alathon: roll 1d20+12 ???? #1
[19:57] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12 ???? #1 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{15}
[19:57] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 ???? #2
[19:57] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 ???? #2 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{12}
[19:57] Sheena: (they survided pyroman, These guys are the best they got)
[19:57] Kuonji: (JEEZUS)
[19:58] Kuonji: (you want us dead, huh?)
[19:58] Alathon: ((you knew almost exactly what you were facing...))
[19:58] Gerand: (I spoke too soon...)
[19:58] Gerand: (Evil Riders of Death?)
[19:58] Alathon: anyways, gimme a sec, putting together the order of battle
[19:58] Sheena: (umm how al? riders dont normaly roll +12)
[19:58] Gerand: (Right, the sphere lasts 5 minutes by teh way)
[19:59] Kuonji: (...)
[19:59] Alathon: Sheena, that suggests that whatever that is, is not a normal rider
[19:59] Gerand: (It's another lightning boy, and us without NPCs to kill him)
[20:00] Alathon: WHat happened is this: shots are fired, in your general direction, but none are on target.
[20:00] Kuonji: (what the fuck... you suggested a spell that gives away your position, and only hides you for 5 minutes... and you need to be close together for it to work)
[20:00] Alathon: ((uh, chill?))
[20:00] Alathon: ((if you're gonna bitch, do it in character, where it'll be interesting ;p ))
[20:00] Caoilinn: (Yeah, really.)
[20:01] Kuonji: (I would, but he doesn't know what happened yet.)
[20:01] Sheena: (his wiz is +0 remember? heh)
[20:01] Gerand: (cause he can't see it?)
[20:01] Kuonji: (besides, they were bitching about me earlier, and you didn't seem to care)
[20:01] Gerand: (I cast based on cha, and my cha is +3)
[20:02] Caoilinn: (Much as I *love* to hear all of you guys bicker, let's keep it to a dull roar and pay attention to the gameplay, instead, ok?)
[20:02] Kuonji: (right... anyway, waiting on combat order)
[20:02] Gerand: (that's right people are shooting at us aren't they?)
[20:02] Caoilinn: (Is it our turn to act now, Alathon?)
[20:03] Caoilinn: (I guess he's typing something long.)
[20:04] Alathon: ((was sorting the rolls out))
[20:04] Alathon: ((order is: Sheena, Sanshi, Riders #1, Riders #2, Kuonji, Caoilinn, ???? #1, ???? #2, Tsukasa, Gerand, Riders #3))
[20:05] Alathon: Sheena, you're up
[20:05] Alathon: You saw muzzle flashes to the north, and most certainly noticed the bullets going by you
[20:05] Caoilinn: "Activate your uniforms."
[20:06] * Tsukasa does so.
[20:06] * Sheena does so as she slams Dark Heart into the ground summoning her magic armor
[20:06] Caoilinn: (Unfortunately, it doesn't actually go on until your initiative)
[20:07] Gerand: (you're all invis until you attack by the way, so we have time to prepare. once you attack you're open though)
[20:07] Caoilinn: (Say it in character or we don't know.)
[20:07] Gerand: "you're all invis until you attack by the way, so we have time to prepare. once you attack you're open though"
[20:07] Sheena: (sanshi your up)
[20:07] Gerand: (I accidentally did () when I meant "")
[20:08] Caoilinn: "Great..."
[20:08] Sheena: (flash twirl ka-armor, thats my turn =\ )
[20:08] Alathon: Sanshi is up
[20:08] Sheena: "First you shine green, and now tell us it fades after one attack. This spell is useless."
[20:08] Caoilinn: "Kuonji says there may be riders to the east/northeast as well, btw."
[20:08] * Sheena of corse thinks its useless as nothing blew up
[20:09] Gerand: "it's useful when people aren't watching me cast it."
[20:09] Sanshi: (Hold action, unless you'll rule that he can do leap attack while carrying Tsukasa - require a ride roll?)
[20:09] Gerand: I have better spells for invisibility, but they affect only one person."
[20:09] Caoilinn: (hisses) "No bickering!"
[20:10] Alathon: Sanshi?
[20:10] Tsukasa: <Sanshi> (Hold action, unless you'll rule that he can do leap attack while carrying Tsukasa - require a ride roll?)
[20:11] Alathon: ((no leap attacking while carrying Tsukasa, both because of the weight, and the riding issue))
[20:11] Tsukasa: (Roger that, then held)
[20:11] Sheena: (all thoes guns to)
[20:11] Caoilinn: (Especially since she can't hold on with her legs.)
[20:11] Alathon: Okay, Riders number one fire wildly at the group
[20:11] Sheena: (do you get sanshi's dodge roll?)
[20:11] Alathon: roll 4#1d20+10-8
[20:11] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d20+10-8 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}, [ 1d20=8 ]{10}, [ 1d20=16 ]{18}, [ 1d20=17 ]{19}
[20:12] Alathon: One of them is actually on target, and tags sheena
[20:12] Alathon: ((it'd take a natural 20 to hit somebody like this ;p ))
[20:12] Alathon: roll 1d12+4
[20:12] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+4 --> [ 1d12=9 ]{13}
[20:12] Gerand: (damn)
[20:12] * Sheena brushs off her armor where the bullet pinched her
[20:12] Sheena: (-1?)
[20:13] Alathon: yup
[20:13] Alathon: There's some shouting to the north, all along the lines of "where the *(&#$ are they?!"
[20:13] Alathon: Kuonji is up
[20:13] Kuonji: (they're invisible and outta melee.. all attacks against them are -8)
[20:13] Caoilinn: "Let's circle around as a group. Sound good?"
[20:14] Gerand: "perfect"
[20:14] Sheena: "Ok, just make sure to stay out of line of fire if you invisable kuonji"
[20:14] Tsukasa: "Right. Attack on the sides?"
[20:15] Caoilinn: "Yes."
[20:15] Kuonji: roll 1d20+8
[20:15] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{12}
[20:15] Alathon: roll 1d20
[20:15] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{14}
[20:15] Kuonji: (I fucking hate these dice)
[20:15] Kuonji: (I HATE THEM, ARTRRGG)
[20:15] Caoilinn: (Kuonji SMASH!)
[20:16] Kuonji: roll 1d20+10
[20:16] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{20}
[20:17] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[20:17] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{8}
[20:17] Kuonji: roll 4d8
[20:17] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 4d8 --> [ 4d8=27 ]{27}
[20:17] Kuonji: (least the damage die like me)
[20:17] Alathon: Caoilinn is up
[20:17] Caoilinn: (I'm sure that'll go both ways. ;) )
[20:17] * Caoilinn activates her uniform and empowers her swords.
[20:18] Sheena: (all ways does)
[20:18] * Caoilinn will move with Gerand when he goes.
[20:18] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:18] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:19] Caoilinn: (Sanshi's part blink cat!)
[20:19] Alathon: You hear more shouts, and people cursing.
[20:19] Alathon: Tsukasa, you're up.
[20:20] * Tsukasa sticks with the group at present, ready to open up when everyone's ready (hold).
[20:21] Alathon: Gerand is up
[20:21] Gerand: (does Web count as an attack for the purposes of invis)
[20:22] Alathon: Yes
[20:22] Gerand: (Keen edge?)
[20:22] Alathon: No
[20:23] * Gerand casts Keen edge on caoilinn's sword, then moves where caoilinn ordered earlier
[20:23] Alathon: ... so, where do you go?
[20:23] * Caoilinn has two swords.
[20:23] Gerand: Wait, not Keen edge, Haste
[20:23] Gerand: (sorry)
[20:23] Alathon: ((Next round.))
[20:24] * Gerand circles around the enemy into the forest
[20:24] Gerand: (doesn't matter witch sword, one of em has it's crit ratio doubled)
[20:25] Alathon: ((Caoilinn's first swing will be a 19-20 crit range))
[20:25] Caoilinn: (Wait, was it keen edge or haste?)
[20:25] Alathon: ((Keen edge.))
[20:25] Gerand: (he said Haste next turn)
[20:26] Caoilinn: (Ah. I thought he might have been saying it was the next round.)
[20:26] Alathon: Top of the next round; sanshi
[20:26] Gerand: (So I'll do it next turn. you'll all still be in range)
[20:26] Alathon: who presumably continues to move Tsukasa?
[20:26] Tsukasa: (Yeah)
[20:26] Alathon: Sheena is up
[20:26] Caoilinn: (It was both! :) )
[20:26] * Sheena moves along with the group
[20:27] Alathon: Someone shouts "Hold your fire!"
[20:27] Alathon: A couple riders fire anyways, but they're aiming at where the party was, and miss badly.
[20:28] Alathon: Several riders notice a deader in their midst and jump forward, trying to tackle whoever killed him.
[20:28] Kuonji: (>_>)
[20:28] Alathon: ((They're attempting to grapple Kuonji.. which won't be easy))
[20:28] Alathon: roll 3#1d20+12-4
[20:28] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d20+12-4 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{13}, [ 1d20=5 ]{13}, [ 1d20=7 ]{15}
[20:29] Kuonji: roll 1d20+4
[20:29] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{14}
[20:29] Kuonji: (I need to work on my dodge skillz)
[20:30] Tsukasa: (Badly)
[20:30] Alathon: ((roll the next two dodges.. -2 and -4 respectively))
[20:30] Caoilinn: (Forget any bonuses?)
[20:30] Kuonji: (nope, I just have no defense skill... other then one point in master defence)
[20:30] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[20:30] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{17}
[20:30] Kuonji: roll 1d20
[20:30] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{13}
[20:31] Alathon: Two of them manage to dogpile the bushes, and get a facefull of leaves.
[20:31] Sheena: (naruto!)
[20:31] Alathon: One of them lands on something squishy, though.
[20:31] Kuonji: (oh shut the fuck up already)
[20:31] Sheena: (And i did warn you about getting in the line of fire, soon to be ashboy )
[20:32] Alathon: Kuonji is grappled.
[20:32] Kuonji: (what the hell are you talking about? aren't you firing to at the people shooting at you?)
[20:32] Alathon: Kuonji is up
[20:33] Kuonji: roll 1d20+7 to escape
[20:33] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+7 to escape --> [ 1d20=20 ]{27}
[20:33] Alathon: roll 1d20+8
[20:33] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{15}
[20:34] Kuonji: (I am slippery, like an eel)
[20:34] Alathon: Kuonji twists, and gets free.
[20:34] Alathon: Caoilinn is up.
[20:34] Caoilinn: (We'll have to try broiling him.)
[20:34] Caoilinn: (How close are we to the riders?)
[20:34] Kuonji: (eat me! :P)
[20:35] Gerand: (Drink me? we through the looking glass?)
[20:35] Alathon: You're not really close.. you'll enter the camp in the round after next.
[20:35] Caoilinn: (Ok. I guess I'll just move with the group, then.)
[20:35] Alathon: Tsukasa, you're up
[20:36] Tsukasa: (Continue to stealth with the others and close in)
[20:36] Alathon: Gerand, same?
[20:37] Gerand: (Haste then close in)
[20:37] Alathon: You succeed; Gerand, Tsukasa, Caoilinn, Sheena, and Sanshi are hasted
[20:37] Alathon: End of round; start of the next
[20:37] Alathon: Sheena, you're up.
[20:37] Caoilinn: (Guess we'll get there faster, then. :) )
[20:38] Sheena: "Can i take a shot Cao?"
[20:38] Gerand: (Effects of Haste: (Link:
[20:38] Sheena: (better yet do i have a shot?)
[20:38] Alathon: You can shoot blind.
[20:38] Alathon: All you really know are where the muzzle flashes were last round.
[20:38] Alathon: and that was throgh tree
[20:39] Sheena: (poor tree)
[20:39] Caoilinn: "If you're willing to start a shooting match with them while the rest of us keep moving, go ahead."
[20:40] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:40] Caoilinn: (Said seriously, not sarcastically.)
[20:41] Sheena: "Ill be above us then"
[20:41] Caoilinn: "Good luck."
[20:41] * Sheena flys up into the tree tops heading twards the riders
[20:42] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:42] Sheena: (no shot thill i can see em)
[20:43] Alathon: Gerand is up
[20:44] * Gerand continues circling around taking no action
[20:44] Kuonji: (he is?)
[20:44] Sheena: (haste=we all go again?)
[20:44] Alathon: No, you move 30 ft/rnd faster
[20:44] Alathon: End of round, start of next
[20:44] Caoilinn: (Once we're actually fighting, we can do an extra thing.)
[20:44] Alathon: Sheena is up;
[20:44] Gerand: (haste is not quite that. you also get +1 to all attack and dodge rolls)
[20:45] Gerand: (and teh extra attack is only if you aren't moving and get multiple attacks)
[20:45] Alathon: In this round, hasted, you'll enter the clearing
[20:46] Alathon: You'll have a hard time aiming down through the trees at the riders, but you can see pretty much where they are
[20:46] Gerand: (i'm not attacking till everyone else is ready anyway since that dispels teh invis)
[20:46] * Sheena does so and stays at the edge of the clearing.
[20:46] Sheena: (I can shoot this round?)
[20:46] Alathon: Yes, as long as it's not static
[20:46] Alathon: since you need to move to get to where you can see 'em
[20:47] Sheena: (ill hold it then)
[20:48] Alathon: Sanshi is up
[20:48] Tsukasa: (Hold once more)
[20:48] Alathon: the riders don't seem to do anything.. well, the ones straight north
[20:48] Alathon: the ones by tsukasa try to grapple him again
[20:49] Alathon: roll 3#1d20+12
[20:49] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{31}, [ 1d20=6 ]{18}, [ 1d20=10 ]{22}
[20:49] Kuonji: (you mean me?)
[20:49] Alathon: ((er
[20:49] Kuonji: (...)
[20:49] Alathon: ((Yeah, I meant Kuonji))
[20:49] Kuonji: (I just got dogpiled)
[20:49] Kuonji: roll 1d20+4
[20:49] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{12}
[20:49] Kuonji: roll 1d20+2
[20:49] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{16}
[20:49] Kuonji: roll 1d20
[20:49] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{12}
[20:49] Kuonji: (yup)
[20:49] Tsukasa: (I thought Kuonji was the gender-indeterminate one, not me)
[20:49] Alathon: Kuonji gets dogpiled, NFL style.
[20:50] Alathon: Kuonji is up
[20:50] Caoilinn: (Do the rest of us see this?)
[20:50] Alathon: you'll need to succeed at three seperate escape artist checks
[20:50] Kuonji: (do I roll three escape rolls or something?)
[20:50] Alathon: You see movemetn off to the northeast, as soon as you enter the campsite
[20:50] Kuonji: roll 1d20+7
[20:50] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{8}
[20:50] Kuonji: roll 1d20+7
[20:50] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{20}
[20:50] Kuonji: roll 1d20+7
[20:50] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{15}
[20:50] Kuonji: ...
[20:50] Kuonji: (I HATE THOSE DICE)
[20:50] Alathon: at -2 and -4 for the 2nd and 3rd
[20:50] Kuonji: (jesus)
[20:50] Alathon: roll 3#1d20+8
[20:50] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{11}, [ 1d20=4 ]{12}, [ 1d20=1 ]{9}
[20:51] Alathon: You squirm out of one of their grasp.. another slams a hand into a tree trying to hold onto you and howls in pain.
[20:51] Alathon: The third one holds on.
[20:51] Alathon: Caoilinn is up
[20:52] Alathon: You can make it pretty much right into the center of the camp if you want to, with the haste on
[20:52] Caoilinn: (Ok. If we advance this round, will I be able to get into melee range next round?)
[20:52] Alathon: If you run straight at the guys to the north, sure.
[20:54] Caoilinn: "Looks like a fight northeast. Let's charge in. I'll go right into melee while you guys peel off and fight however's best for you. Ok?"
[20:54] Alathon: ((or you can go norhteast))
[20:54] Tsukasa: "Understood."
[20:54] Caoilinn: (Ok, so there are two groups, one to the north and one Kuonji's fighting to the NE?)
[20:54] Gerand: "I'll hold the invisibility till you all choose to break it"
[20:55] Alathon: You know of two for sure
[20:55] * Sanshi is going to get near the enemies and try to give Tsukasa a clear field of fire.
[20:55] Alathon: one to the north, one to the northeast
[20:55] * Caoilinn heads to where the fighting is going on.
[20:55] Alathon: You'll make your way well into the clearing
[20:56] Alathon: well
[20:56] Alathon: not really clearing, but camp
[20:56] Alathon: there's still a certain amount of cover from trees and brush
[20:56] Alathon: make a DC 18 will save
[20:56] Sheena: (will save?)
[20:56] Tsukasa: (Everyone?)
[20:56] Alathon: Caoilinn
[20:56] Caoilinn: (Does mind shield get applied?)
[20:57] Alathon: Yes, +2 per rank
[20:57] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[20:57] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{10}
[20:57] Gerand: (will save... taht seems bad)
[20:57] Kuonji: (me too?)
[20:57] Gerand: (uh oh. please don't be mind controlled...)
[20:57] Alathon: ((no, just Caoilinn))
[20:57] Alathon: Caoilinn just... freezes.
[20:58] Kuonji: (dc 18...)
[20:58] Gerand: (do I sense any magic?)
[20:58] Tsukasa: (... That looks like a nice time for Divine Relationship...)
[20:58] Alathon: Caoilinn, in fact, freezes so quickly that she tips over and falls flat on the ground.
[20:58] Caoilinn: (Don't know... Not much chance of making the reroll either at DC 18)
[20:58] Alathon: ((and yeah, you can DR that if you want))
[20:59] Caoilinn: (I'll pass on it.)
[20:59] Alathon: Tsukasa is up
[20:59] * Tsukasa makes a slight gasp when she sees what happened to Cao.
[20:59] Sheena: (do any of us notice her do that?)
[20:59] Gerand: "That's not normal is it?"
[20:59] Caoilinn: (quietly) "Fuck..."
[20:59] Alathon: ((Anyone who's not blind does))
[20:59] Tsukasa: (Do I have a clear shot at anything?)
[20:59] Gerand: "I'm staying out of that clearing..."
[21:00] Alathon: ((if you move up to the edge of the camp, you can shoot at the ridres you know are north))
[21:00] Alathon: ((You could shoot blind to the northeast if you really wanted))
[21:00] Tsukasa: (Alright, then I think I'll have Sanshi take me up there, then open fire)
[21:00] Alathon: you'll be at a -4 penalty firing into their cover
[21:01] Alathon: but you've got two shots, make the best of 'em
[21:01] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+15
[21:01] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+15 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{21}
[21:01] Alathon: well, unless you use the plasma rifle
[21:01] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+15
[21:01] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+15 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{24}
[21:01] Alathon: since it takes a full round
[21:01] Tsukasa: (Going with the beam rifle anyway)
[21:01] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[21:01] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{23}
[21:01] Alathon: roll 1d20+4
[21:01] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{22}
[21:01] Tsukasa: (... Assholes...)
[21:01] Alathon: The guy you're aiming at is daaaaaamned lucky, and dodges the first; the second one clips him, +2 burn time
[21:02] Tsukasa: (Nah, it misses too - I didn't count in the -4 penalty)
[21:02] Caoilinn: (That always bugged me about the Star Trek episode where people got speeded up so much that no one else could see or hear them. Hel-lo... Doors, phasers, etc. won't work at those speeds...)
[21:02] Alathon: (('doh))
[21:03] Caoilinn: (And the way the two speed plots were reconciled was totally ridiculous, too. Sorry. :) Anyway...)
[21:03] Alathon: haha
[21:03] Alathon: Gerand is up
[21:03] *** Rockman_Zero has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:03] Gerand: (can I see into the clearing?)
[21:03] Alathon: If you move up, you can
[21:04] Gerand: Right, am I within range to bind the people NE?
[21:04] Gerand: 150ft
[21:04] Alathon: um
[21:05] Alathon: what spell
[21:05] Gerand: Web
[21:05] Alathon: no, you can't get the ones northeast, they're not visible, unless you wanna cast on everyone to the northeast
[21:05] Gerand: right, black tentacles?
[21:05] Gerand: I'm not scrupulous. I'm sure Kounji can get out of em.
[21:05] Alathon: you can cast it there, yup
[21:06] Caoilinn: (You sic a tentacle monster on our ninja and you'd better not plan on sleeping for the rest of the campaign.)
[21:06] Sheena: (haha)
[21:06] Gerand: (Damn.)
[21:06] Caoilinn: (Not that I'd do anything, but... well, he *is* a ninja and we know he has knowledge of poisons.)
[21:06] Gerand: right, just moving NE then so I can get a clear shot with lightnming at kuonji
[21:06] Gerand: 's group
[21:07] Sheena: (so im alone facing that north group?)
[21:07] Gerand: (you don't need back up)
[21:07] Tsukasa: (No, I just fired at them)
[21:07] Alathon: YOu'd have to either circle east through the forest, or move into the camp
[21:07] Alathon: to actually see where all the guys to the northeast are, given the cover
[21:07] Gerand: fine, If I move north can I lightning bolt someone?
[21:08] Alathon: north to where? you can do that from the edge of the camp
[21:08] Alathon: it can reach across the camp to the guys to the north
[21:08] Gerand: Ah, I move to the edge of teh camp and lightning bolt the most unique guy I see that's not one of my allies
[21:08] Alathon: that's.. a guy wearing a leather jacket.
[21:08] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[21:08] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{14}
[21:09] Alathon: full damage, roll it up
[21:09] Gerand: roll 5d6
[21:09] Ala-bot: Gerand rolled 5d6 --> [ 5d6=13 ]{13}
[21:09] Caoilinn: (He said full, not null!)
[21:09] Gerand: (that is Full!)
[21:09] Sheena: (lighting or static cling?)
[21:09] Alathon: You hit him, but he doesn't seem terribly phased.
[21:09] Caoilinn: (Guess it could have been worse...)
[21:09] Gerand: (it always does damage, either full or half, it just doesn't do much)
[21:10] Alathon: Gunshots sound from nearby, east by northeast of where you are
[21:10] Alathon: east of the camp
[21:10] Alathon: roll 4#1d20+10
[21:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{18}, [ 1d20=11 ]{21}, [ 1d20=1 ]{11}, [ 1d20=3 ]{13}
[21:10] Alathon: None of 'em miss
[21:10] Alathon: roll 4#1d12+4
[21:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d12+4 --> [ 1d12=8 ]{12}, [ 1d12=5 ]{9}, [ 1d12=10 ]{14}, [ 1d12=9 ]{13}
[21:10] Alathon: wrong
[21:10] Alathon: one of them DID miss
[21:10] Alathon: so
[21:10] Sheena: (poor ninja)
[21:11] Tsukasa: (Wait, what're they shooting at? ALL Kuonji?)
[21:11] Gerand: (they after me?)
[21:11] Alathon: Three bullets whang off Caoilinn's armor, hard.
[21:11] Alathon: the 12, the 9, and the 13.. so take 1 damage ;p
[21:11] Caoilinn: (That's what I figured.)
[21:11] Sheena: (shesh still invisable..)
[21:11] * Caoilinn takes a point of damage and promptly regens it.
[21:11] Sheena: (shes)
[21:11] Alathon: uh, no
[21:11] Gerand: (kuonji can take it with teh buff I gave him)
[21:11] Alathon: she moved into the clearing, out of the sphere
[21:11] Sheena: (its sphere casting,)
[21:11] Sheena: (not holding)
[21:11] Alathon: Wrong.
[21:11] Sheena: (right?)
[21:11] Gerand: (either way, I attacked so the sphere dropped)
[21:11] Sheena: (meh)
[21:12] Caoilinn: (Actually, I thought I was still in range, but Gerand dropped it when he cast lightning bolt)
[21:12] Alathon: 10 ft radius ;p
[21:12] Gerand: (And yeah, it's holding)
[21:13] Alathon: roll 1d20+12-2
[21:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12-2 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{16}
[21:13] Alathon: roll 1d20+7-2
[21:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+7-2 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{22}
[21:13] Alathon: Two blistering bolts of lightning scream out from the east, forking to strike trees to the left and right of Caoilinn.
[21:13] * Caoilinn mutters something *very* uncomplimentary about Gerand as she realizes he's left her paralyzed and visible in the middle of the enemy.
[21:14] Tsukasa: (... Considering one of those was a 22, that had to be intentional...)
[21:14] Alathon: Voice, from the east: "Back the fuck off an' quit firing, or so help me I'll fry 'er!"
[21:14] Alathon: End of round, top of the next.
[21:14] * Tsukasa curses to herself and turns to see if she can locate that guy.
[21:14] Alathon: ((you can continue in combat time if you want.. or not.))
[21:14] Gerand: (caoilinn wandered out of the sphere before I dropped it!)
[21:14] Caoilinn: (Combat time)
[21:14] Tsukasa: (Want me to roll anything?)
[21:15] Gerand: "Fry who?"
[21:15] Alathon: Sheena's up.
[21:15] Caoilinn: (I don't see how. I said we should charge forward and you two seemed to agree with me.)
[21:15] Gerand: (kill em all sheena!)
[21:15] Alathon: Voice: "The sittin' duck, dipshit!"
[21:16] Tsukasa: (Wait a sec - Can I locate the guy or not?)
[21:16] Gerand: (You can't even Scratch her you fool! She's invincible!"
[21:16] Sheena: (how did cao get stuned any way?)
[21:16] Gerand: (that's a quote)
[21:16] Gerand: (failed a will save)
[21:16] Alathon: You can hear that it's from east of the camp.. east by northeast of where you are
[21:16] Sheena: (no i mean the attack, was it somehting you did?)
[21:17] Gerand: (not me)
[21:17] Alathon: You don't know, she just froze.
[21:17] Gerand: (goddamn psionics..)
[21:18] Sheena: "How about this, You give up and toss out your weapons or i turn every thing around here to ash? Our orders after all are to protect the town. If you not a danger then to it then you can simple leave"
[21:18] Alathon: None of the riders are firing hteir guns.
[21:19] Alathon: the ones wrestling Kuonji still do that, however.
[21:19] Alathon: The one who has a grip holds him down so the other two can get grips as well
[21:19] Gerand: (quietly to Tsukasa) "she doesn't mean us too when she says "Everything around here" does she?"
[21:19] Tsukasa: "Just you."
[21:19] Gerand: "damn. That's what I thought"
[21:19] * Sheena Holds up dark heart as it starts to charge, casting a deep dark pink glow around"
[21:19] Tsukasa: "This sweet child can move VERY fast."
[21:20] Sheena: "Well? We can after all just talk this over."
[21:20] Alathon: Voice: "We ain't wanna fight, fuck off an' we ain't gonna pick one!"
[21:21] Sheena: "You will leave these woods and get away from the town"
[21:21] Gerand: "They don't?"
[21:21] Alathon: Voice: "Damn' straight we're headin' back east."
[21:22] Caoilinn: "Really? Well, if you don't want to burn down towns and murder people, talking is an option."
[21:22] Alathon: Voice: "We ain't burned a damned thing, we was just.. vacationing, like!"
[21:23] Alathon: ((the sense motive on this line is DC 2 to tell that he's lying, badly))
[21:23] Alathon: ((well, not even lying, given the tone of his voice ;p ))
[21:23] Alathon: Voice: "Well, whazzit gonna be?"
[21:23] Gerand: "I'm fairly sure that was sarcasm."
[21:23] Caoilinn: "Vacationing! You'd better start coming clean or talking is *not* going to be an option!"
[21:23] * Sheena is still glowing rather evil like.
[21:23] Alathon: Voice: "You better shut your yap, or livin' ain't gonna be an option!"
[21:24] Alathon: Voice: "Now.. walk the hell away!"
[21:24] Gerand: (cause all good vacations include rapeing and pilaging, with a dash of arson for flavor.)
[21:24] * Sheena the dark wings clawing at the air from her feet can't be helping any
[21:24] Sheena: "It's you guys who are just leaving remember?"
[21:24] Caoilinn: "If we stand down, you're going to talk to us."
[21:24] Gerand: (how long till Cao recovers?)
[21:24] Alathon: Voice: "Like we said.. quit with the magickin', and walk away, an' we will!"
[21:25] Alathon: ((You don't know))
[21:25] Alathon: Voice: "Talk? Far as I'm concerned, we never see each others again, an' ain't got shit ta talk about!"
[21:25] Sheena: "Magickin? Your one to talk, what did you do to her any way?"
[21:25] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3 listen
[21:25] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 listen --> [ 1d20=14 ]{17}
[21:25] * Gerand is getting twitchy to kill someone
[21:26] Alathon: Voice: "Nothin' lasting.. which's more'n you can say about what you all done!"
[21:26] Sheena: (do i know where they are yet?)
[21:26] Alathon: .. you know the direction the voicei s coming from
[21:26] Tsukasa: "Wait... What the hell are you accusing US of?"
[21:26] Caoilinn: "Far as we're concerned, all your people have done are slaughter innocent people and lied about it every chance you've gotten. We're not going to just let you go off without at least finding out more about you!"
[21:26] Gerand: "We've barely gotten started! We haven't even killed anyone yet! What do you mean not lasting?"
[21:27] Caoilinn: "Or the people who *aren't* going back east with you."
[21:27] Sheena: "If you think that guy last night fucked you up wait thill ya see what i can do"
[21:27] Gerand: (quietly) "not that we were planning to visciously slaughter you and your comrades that is..."
[21:27] Caoilinn: "So, you either talk to us and *then* go your own way or we play this fight out!"
[21:27] Alathon: Voice, angry: "What.. the.. fuck? YOu're the fuckers who did Jim?!"
[21:28] Alathon: roll 1d20+12-2
[21:28] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+12-2 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{21}
[21:28] Alathon: roll 1d20+7-2
[21:28] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+7-2 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{8}
[21:28] Alathon: Two bolts of lightning streak towards Caoilinn..
[21:28] Gerand: "Er... You faceless freaks all look alike! Who can we tell?"
[21:28] Gerand: *how
[21:28] Sheena: (isnt it my shot?)
[21:28] Alathon: Who just straight up vanishes before they get to her.
[21:28] Gerand: (She WHAT?)
[21:28] Sheena: (errr?)
[21:29] Sheena: (go ninja go?)
[21:29] Gerand: (I know I didn't do that...)
[21:29] Alathon: Sheena, you're up
[21:29] Alathon: Voice: "FUCKIN' KILLEM, KILLEM ALL!"
[21:29] Gerand: "Nuke Em Sheena! That attack was barely provoked!"
[21:29] Sheena: "TIme up this babies ready to go! Dark heart fire."
[21:30] Sheena: Roll 1d20+8-2 Obsidian Buster
[21:30] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+8-2 Obsidian Buster --> [ 1d20=15 ]{21}
[21:30] Sheena: (at lighting boy)
[21:30] Kuonji: roll 1d20+7
[21:30] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{13}
[21:30] Sheena: (and any one near him)
[21:30] Gerand: (The enemy lightning boy right?)
[21:30] Tsukasa: (You can't see him, can you?)
[21:30] Kuonji: roll 1d20+5
[21:30] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{23}
[21:30] Sheena: (i have a general idea, thats all i need mostly)
[21:30] Kuonji: roll 1d20+3
[21:30] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{8}
[21:31] Kuonji: (uggg)
[21:31] Tsukasa: (Point)
[21:31] Alathon: roll 3#1d20+8 grappling
[21:31] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d20+8 grappling --> [ 1d20=14 ]{22}, [ 1d20=4 ]{12}, [ 1d20=1 ]{9}
[21:31] Gerand: (there goes the idea of "not nuking the forest")
[21:31] Caoilinn: (Beat 2 of them...)
[21:31] Sheena: (so wheres cao?)
[21:31] Gerand: (wait. if teh ninja's still grappling... whare's caoilinn?)
[21:31] Alathon: There's more tussling going on to the northeast, but the noise of that is quickly eclipsed by the thunder of Sheena's attack.
[21:31] Tsukasa: (Dramatic rescue)
[21:31] Alathon: ((nah))
[21:32] Gerand: (By who?)
[21:32] Alathon: ((she's somewhere))
[21:32] Sheena: (do i need to check me hair?)
[21:32] Gerand: (yuuno)
[21:33] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+6-1
[21:33] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+6-1 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{17}, [ 1d20=15 ]{20}
[21:33] Alathon: roll 1d20+10-1
[21:33] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10-1 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{29}
[21:33] Alathon: Well, none of that happens until later anyways
[21:33] Alathon: wait
[21:33] Alathon: you took off stoppable didn't you
[21:33] Sheena: (yes)
[21:34] Alathon: roll up two hits
[21:34] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled up two hits --> error: malformed expression
[21:34] Caoilinn: (The bolt seems to hesitate for a split second but continues on at full speed! :) )
[21:34] Sheena: Roll 2#6d8+2
[21:34] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 2#6d8+2 --> [ 6d8=32 ]{34}, [ 6d8=26 ]{28}
[21:35] Alathon: You can't really tell, given the cover, but you think you hear cries of agony amidst the falling tree limbs.
[21:35] Alathon: ((spreading attacks are good for situations like this))
[21:35] Alathon: Sanshi is up
[21:36] Alathon: still acting as Tsukasa's mobility?
[21:36] * Sanshi stays in the same area, keeping a clear line of fire for the north-group.
[21:36] Alathon: The riders to the north open fire on Sheena.
[21:37] Alathon: roll 4#1d20+10
[21:37] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{22}, [ 1d20=12 ]{22}, [ 1d20=8 ]{18}, [ 1d20=13 ]{23}
[21:37] Alathon: ((gonna power defense, or eat em?))
[21:37] Sheena: (soak em)
[21:37] Alathon: roll 4#1d12+4
[21:37] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d12+4 --> [ 1d12=12 ]{16}, [ 1d12=1 ]{5}, [ 1d12=4 ]{8}, [ 1d12=1 ]{5}
[21:37] Sheena: (power defense is for lighting boy)
[21:38] Tsukasa: (FEAR the schoolgirl outfit)
[21:38] Alathon: Only one of em really hurts
[21:38] Sheena: "You idoits are next!"
[21:39] Alathon: Two of the ridres who were grappling Kuonji get disgusted with their failure to hold on, and try to slug him with their guns instead; the one who still has a hold tries to pin Kuonji after.
[21:39] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+10-4
[21:39] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+10-4 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{25}, [ 1d20=19 ]{25}
[21:40] Kuonji: ...
[21:40] Alathon: Both hit
[21:40] Kuonji: (why do your dice hate me?)
[21:40] Alathon: roll 2#1d10+8
[21:40] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d10+8 --> [ 1d10=4 ]{12}, [ 1d10=6 ]{14}
[21:40] Caoilinn: (Because you're human.)
[21:40] Alathon: ((they hate everyone))
[21:40] Alathon: ((shit, you've only got what.. 40 points of stoneskin left? woe is you ;p ))
[21:40] Kuonji: (oh well, I soaked everything)
[21:40] Gerand: (which is why I like magic, no "to hit")
[21:41] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 to pint Kuonji
[21:41] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 to pint Kuonji --> [ 1d20=4 ]{12}
[21:41] Gerand: (I love stoneskin)
[21:41] Alathon: Kuonji, roll your dodge at -4 to avoid the pin
[21:41] Sheena: (punt?)
[21:41] Caoilinn: (Let him punt you into LEO! You'll be safe! ;) )
[21:41] Alathon: ((If you get pinned, he can't attack you further, but you're at a -6 penalty to escape grapple))
[21:42] Kuonji: roll 1d20 -_-
[21:42] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20 -_- --> [ 1d20=3 ]{3}
[21:43] Kuonji: (/me cries)
[21:43] Alathon: you've got Divine Relationship (one reroll per session))
[21:43] Alathon: You could use that now if you want
[21:43] Tsukasa: (... I'm gonna GUESS that was a fail...)
[21:43] Kuonji: (reroll a 1d20 roll? fuck that)
[21:43] Caoilinn: (It'd probably be a good time)
[21:43] Alathon: otherwise you're pinned and gonna get beaten like a pinata
[21:43] Sheena: (just how much did you spend on that invis any way?)
[21:43] Caoilinn: (And that won't be a good time. Well, not for you, at least.)
[21:43] Kuonji: (why was it a dodge roll anyway?
[21:43] Kuonji: (and not escape?)
[21:44] Alathon: ((hrm
[21:44] Kuonji: (umm 3 points, it's one rank, invisible from sight)
[21:44] Gerand: (you can't get worse than a 3)
[21:44] Alathon: The rules say dodge, but, I think it'd be reasonable to use escape artist for opposing that PARTICULAR type of grapple attack
[21:44] Alathon: of course you'd still fail with a natural 3
[21:44] Kuonji: (yeah, but I'd be willing to reroll it with a modifier)
[21:45] Alathon: but you can go ahead and roll the escape artist on the reroll if you want
[21:45] Sheena: (pull off your cap, go visable, and say "You wouldnt hit a lady would ya?" and run when they get confused)
[21:45] Kuonji: roll 1d20+3
[21:45] Ala-bot: Kuonji rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{23}
[21:45] Kuonji: (XD)
[21:45] Caoilinn: (Oh, yeah... that's a *great* manuever to pull when you're being grappled!)
[21:45] Tsukasa: (You not only escape, you stab him in the process!)
[21:46] Caoilinn: (You somehow escape all the way back to CT)
[21:46] Alathon: Instead of pinning Kuonji, the Rider pins his face to a rock. He's less a tooth.
[21:46] Kuonji: (hahaha, that really was divine intervention)
[21:46] Alathon: Kuonji, it's your turn
[21:46] Sheena: (urd: Hey why are you rewinding? Skuld: Shutup i wana see that again)
[21:46] Alathon: you can try to actually get outta the gra
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