Crystal Tokyo: Outward Bound

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Crystal Tokyo: Outward Bound

Postby Alathon » Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:48 pm

This'll be the thread for info about the BESM d20 game I'm running. At this point, it's closed -- we have five players, which is more than enough.

Who: Ataru, DCG, Pale Wolf, Yarrow.
What: A post-Black Moon attack campaign with super or metahuman characters.
Where:, #CrystalTokyo
When: Starting promtly (please!) on Saturdays at 12pm PST / 3pm EST.
Why: Because it'll be fun.

A synopsis of the campaign.

A general breakdown of what the Senshi are publicly known as.

EXP gains over the course of the campaign.

I'll be publishing a CT history and a short known world history sometime in the next day -- sorry on the delay in this, I know it'll be a pain when we want characters done for a game this friday.
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Postby Alathon » Fri Aug 04, 2006 3:17 am

A breakdown of just what Crystal Tokyo is.
First game should be Friday, 9pm EST / 6pm PST.
PM me character sheets if you haven't already, and don't have my email.
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Session 1 log

Postby Alathon » Fri Aug 11, 2006 2:56 am

[18:56] Alathon: okay, we all here?
[18:56] Yarrow: Here!
[18:56] MageOhki: Heh
[18:56] DCG: Ya
[18:56] MageOhki: In 5
[18:56] DCG: (im sure merc would love testing heart)
[18:56] * Pale_Wolf is here.
[18:57] *** DCG is now known as Sheena|DCG|.
[18:57] Sheena|DCG|: (you know i have no idea what any one else is playing.. heh
[18:58] Alathon: ((yeah, that's why I kept bugging you to bug other players ;p ))
[18:58] Yarrow: (Hey, I barely finished my character as it was)
[18:58] *** Pale_Wolf is now known as Tsukasa.
[18:59] Alathon: for this session, play your own servant
[18:59] Alathon: we'll see how that functions
[18:59] Sanshi: Roger that.
[18:59] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[19:00] Caoilinn: (Pronounced 'KAY-leen')
[19:00] Sheena|DCG|: no funchan?
[19:00] *** MageOhki is now known as Amiko.
[19:00] Alathon: ((or, K. that works ;p ))
[19:01] Caoilinn: (Keiriin?)
[19:02] Caoilinn: (Should we give each other descriptions now?)
[19:03] *** Yuno has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:03] Alathon: ((yes, please))
[19:04] Alathon: ((after you all go around, I'll give the situation descriptoin)
[19:04] Alathon: ((try to convey the sorta stuff people would have picked up over 5 months and change))
[19:04] Alathon: ((alphabetical order I guess.. Amiko is up))
[19:04] Amiko: Okay.
[19:06] Amiko: Long reddish black hair (think Nodoka from Ranma) ususally in a neat braid reaching right above her knees, usually wears jeans and a blouse, when not wearing a uniform, mage, tends to be cheerful and relaxed. tends to have a book or like with her at all times. Her familiar is a black cat with batwings, who's a cynic.
[19:06] Amiko: Loves her family, is a decidated Marine, and is somewhat decent at sorecry and martial arts
[19:09] Alathon: ((Caoilinn?))
[19:10] Caoilinn: 5'10", slender, copper hair in a braid, green eyes, Irish accent.
[19:10] Sanshi: (That it, or more?)
[19:11] Caoilinn: (shaddup--I'll tell you when I'm done)
[19:11] Sanshi: Heh. Gotcha.
[19:11] Caoilinn: Quick, both mentally & physically, usually fights with 1 or 2 crystal swords and wearing crystal armor, both of which she can create magically (along with other small items).
[19:12] Sheena|DCG|: (damn, we are a group of redheads
[19:12] Tsukasa: (We are - I am too!)
[19:12] Sheena|DCG|: (bad guys are sooo pwned)
[19:12] Tsukasa: (A redheaded Kuno - allow your imaginations to run over that, if you please)
[19:13] Caoilinn: Mostly combat oriented with some minor magic.
[19:13] Caoilinn: (Umm, I had more to say, but I forgot it. EOL)
[19:13] Tsukasa: Personality?
[19:13] Caoilinn: None.
[19:13] Sanshi: Roger that.
[19:13] Sanshi: A large creature that looks like a hybrid between a calico cat and a centaur - its main body is largely feline (if closer in size to a horse than any cat), powerfully-built. However, it varies around the neck area - instead of smoothing out into a cat's head, it angles upward into a sleek torso. It doesn't look like a humanlike one, but is similar in height - it angles forward and provides a good angle for a
[19:14] Sheena|DCG|: (evil!
[19:14] Sanshi: ... It ended the line on me.
[19:14] Sanshi: Where'd you guys get cut off?
[19:14] Caoilinn: (angle for a)
[19:14] Sanshi: a calico's 'splotch' pattern. Usually his only concession to 'clothes' is holding the luggage and his saddle for Tsukasa.
[19:15] Sanshi: Childlike, naive, curious. Utterly dedicated to 'Mommy'.
[19:15] Sanshi: Combat-wise, fights like you'd expect the world's biggest cat to - muscle and agility close-in.
[19:15] Sanshi: Done unless there're questions.
[19:16] Alathon: ((hmmm)
[19:16] Tsukasa: Oh, wait - let me fix that up. Sorry.
[19:17] Sanshi: a good angle for a strong pair of arms. The arms are largely human in construction, strong and muscular. The hands are a mix of human and feline traits - they retain the human-style fingers and manual dexterity, but have, hidden among the fur, sheaths for a cat's retractable claws. His head is pointed and feline - larger even than a tiger's head, but shaped more along the lines of a housecat. The teeth/mouth/
[19:17] Tsukasa: Grah. I wrote this way too detailed...
[19:17] Sanshi: teeth/mouth/throat are of more human construction - he doesn't have fangs, but is capable of speech. All of this is covered in soft, short fur - a calico's 'splotch' pattern. Usually his only concession to 'clothes' is holding the luggage and his saddle for Tsukasa.
[19:17] Alathon: ((well, not really - we actually can tell what she looks like))
[19:17] Alathon: ((he, rather))
[19:17] * Sanshi is done now.
[19:18] Tsukasa: Thank ya.
[19:18] Caoilinn: (It's going to be a while before I remember how to spell my own name...)
[19:18] Tsukasa: Heheheh.
[19:20] Tsukasa: Go for it Sheena.
[19:20] Alathon: ((sheenaaaaaaaaaa))
[19:20] Alathon: ((Lassie music plays))
[19:21] Sheena|DCG|: PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION & Bio: A smaller then average girl Sheena’s height is a sore point for her, but she makes up for it with a natural beauty and Very healthy build. Bright red(safety red) hair left messy and long, Dark red eyes, A lack of strength is countered by a keen mind and large magical core, even tho she can’t really use it by her self. Often scene in the company of a brown ferret, Rumors are it can talk. However, no one
[19:21] Sheena|DCG|:
[19:21] Sheena|DCG|: With no, know family she spends her time on base. Her free time is spent reading, growing her magical core, or blowing things up.
[19:21] Tsukasa: (... We _are_ all redheads. I is scared for anyone who opposes us)
[19:22] Caoilinn: (Got cut off at "However, no one")
[19:22] Sheena|DCG|: However, no one out side of her group of friends knows for sure.
[19:22] Sheena|DCG|:
[19:22] Sheena|DCG|: With no, know family she spends her time on base. Her free time is spent reading, growing her magical core, or blowing things up.
[19:22] Sheena|DCG|: (thats it for now.
[19:23] Tsukasa: Blowing things up? I think the real me likes this girl.
[19:23] Tsukasa: Right then. Back to me.
[19:23] Tsukasa: Pale-ish-skinned. Lightly-built - slim, long, elegant build. Blood-red hair, long and held back with a white hairband, falling straight to a little below the shoulder blades, parted in the middle - it's pretty light and thin, so strands tend to break free from the mass, and it gets blown around easily by the wind. Eyes the same colour. A narrow, fine-featured face.
[19:23] Tsukasa: Her legs are rather underdeveloped, seeing as they don't work. Due to that, she spends most/all of her time either sitting or prone - wheelchair, ground, whatever. Her manner of dress... well, while on duty it's the generic uniform, but her own taste in clothing tends towards the traditional Japanese - kimonos and the like.
[19:23] * Tsukasa is amazed that nothing got cut.
[19:23] Tsukasa: Okay, personality.
[19:24] Caoilinn: (Except her legs ;) )
[19:25] Sheena|DCG|: (why does it seem like all the troble makers got sent to the same squad?)
[19:25] Tsukasa: Quiet. She takes her time with coming to decisions, but she's as stubborn as you'd expect of Kuno's granddaughter once she's come to 'em. Some tendency towards 'odd' speech, but she mainly uses excessively-precise terminology rather than flowery poetry.
[19:25] Tsukasa: Combat-wise... she shoots things.
[19:25] Tsukasa: She shoots things very well.
[19:25] Caoilinn: (We're the red-headed leauge.)
[19:26] Alathon: ((yup))
[19:26] Tsukasa: If she's not sniping from a nice hiding spot, she's riding with Sanshi and shooting anything in her sight.
[19:26] Alathon: (( the league of Ill-tempered superpowered women))
[19:26] Sheena|DCG|: (At lest some one will put thoes guns Al made to use, Im just as likely to drop it on my foot and blow a boob off)
[19:26] * Tsukasa is done.
[19:26] Alathon: ((sounds like a bomb at the box office))
[19:26] Tsukasa: Heh. Let's see what kind of movie we make, eh?
[19:27] Caoilinn: (Hey! Who're you calling ill-tempered! Get over here, jerk!)
[19:27] Alathon: (yuuno?))
[19:27] * Tsukasa strokes her cat, as appropriate for any evil genius.
[19:28] Alathon: ((what's sheena's servant yuuno like?
[19:28] Tsukasa: So... four redheads, and at least three personality disorders apiece. Sounds fun.
[19:28] Alathon: ((anything else you feel ought to be covered?))
[19:29] Alathon: ((hrm.. oh, I know what should be covered. Caoilinn.))
[19:29] Alathon: ((They haven't been making passes at her, but damned near every heterosexual male in the district has been making eyes at her at one point or another))
[19:29] Yuno: I'm a brown ferret! err and male, Who cute and around lots of hot women. And has charge that likes to stick me down her shirt.
[19:29] Tsukasa: And is underage?
[19:29] Alathon: ((yuuno may be the only male in the area who hasn't been eying Caoilinn))
[19:30] Tsukasa: Cao-san has Guy Magnet?
[19:30] Alathon: ((a few of the women have been looking too, but they've been more discreet)
[19:30] Sheena|DCG|: The whole squad has guy magneet as standered
[19:31] Alathon: ((no, the whole squad thinks it should, but they're all looking at Caoilinn))
[19:31] Tsukasa: Actually... I didn't get it. Am I the only one who didn't?
[19:31] Sheena|DCG|: i dont have it
[19:31] Tsukasa: Heh.
[19:31] Alathon: ((don't think amiko has it either))
[19:31] Sheena|DCG|: yet..
[19:31] Sheena|DCG|: thats two free points
[19:31] Tsukasa: Heheh.
[19:31] Alathon: ((haha. no, it's not))
[19:31] * Sheena|DCG| has it now.. bwahahah
[19:32] Sheena|DCG|: (what one?
[19:32] Sheena|DCG|: (only 1 then?
[19:32] Tsukasa: Sheena, I think he means he'll make you suffer with it.
[19:33] Amiko: I don't ethier.
[19:33] Sheena|DCG|: hmm, i did make a bit of a book worm this time iddn't i?
[19:33] Sheena|DCG|: can;t play the pervert then
[19:34] * Tsukasa raises her hand. "Bookworm number two - I sit in a wheelchair, I have to do _something_ with my time."
[19:34] Caoilinn: You can be a closet pervert.
[19:34] Alathon: ((anyways...))
[19:35] Alathon: ((situation is this.. the four of you have been serving together as the supernatural fire team for squads stationed with you on the north edge of CT territory))
[19:35] Alathon: ((for five months and change. you've seen a fair amount of mutie action in this time, but nothing you couldn't handle thus far.))
[19:36] Alathon: ((physically, you're sitting around a table in the mess hall, eating whatever it was that you picked up for lunch))
[19:36] Alathon: ((you're heading out in half an hour to follow up on reports of mutacow sightings in the foothills.))
[19:37] Alathon: ((at the start, you always served with other teams of Marines.. for the last couple months you've mostly been working solo, as it's been entirely unnecessary to send more to handle the calibre of threats you've faced))
[19:37] Alathon: ((so.. you have a bit of time to shoot the shit before you head out, or are free to fast forward until then))
[19:38] Alathon: ((done))
[19:38] Alathon: ((.... time passes.. you eat.. say nothing... eat...))
[19:39] Caoilinn: (What's Amiko's familiar's name?)
[19:39] Sheena|DCG|: (heh, hang on some ya?
[19:39] Alathon: Several other marines are chatting at a nearby table. They seem to be discussing the weather.
[19:40] Alathon: It's cool and cloudy, with a thirty percent chance of rain.
[19:40] * Caoilinn frowns at her food.
[19:40] Caoilinn: "I think I found a mutacow..."
[19:40] Alathon: You wish.. mutacow is the only remaining source of steak in japan.
[19:40] Alathon: You actually get dibs on the best cuts if you take one down.
[19:41] * Tsukasa is humming to herself, working to finish up her plate quickly - she has another that she'll be taking out to feed Sanshi.
[19:41] Tsukasa: (I love this society)
[19:41] Alathon: now, a mutacow patie on the other hand would be somewhat less appetizing
[19:42] Amiko: (Moate, Caoilinn.)
[19:42] Alathon: ((name of Amiko's familiar is Tika))
[19:42] Caoilinn: (...)
[19:42] * Sheena|DCG| is finishing her sandwich while talking to Yuuno.
[19:42] Alathon: ((or, I stand corrected))
[19:42] Caoilinn: "Hey, Moate... how did you get into the familiar business, anyway?"
[19:42] Amiko: (No, I misread, Caoilinn)
[19:43] Amiko: (My familiar is Tika)
[19:43] Amiko: "Magic."
[19:43] * Amiko looks up from her book, and feeding her furball fish.
[19:43] Alathon: ((you say that, or Tika does))
[19:43] Amiko: (I do)
[19:44] * Caoilinn cocks her head and looks back and forth between Amiko & Tika.
[19:44] Sheena|DCG|: I’m telling ya Yuuno is a conspiracy by the brass or something. They put all the redheads in the same class on the same squad and ship em off to some base out on the fringe.
[19:44] * Tsukasa chuckles. "I suppose that's always the case. Did you get any credits for it?"
[19:45] Amiko: "Oh, a tad. I'm a sorceress, familiars are part of the gig" The cat snorts though it's mouthful of fish.
[19:45] * Tsukasa smiles. "Do you feel left out, Cao-san?"
[19:46] Amiko: Amiko closes her book. "It's part of showing you can control sorecery enough to bind a willing creature to your magical core."
[19:46] Caoilinn: "Well, I can figure out how a sorcerous gets into it. I'm just not clear on how Tika did."
[19:46] Caoilinn: "Left out?"
[19:46] Caoilinn: (sorceress)
[19:46] Amiko: "He showed up, looking for fish. Deal was, I give him fish and some of my magic, he hangs around"
[19:47] Tsukasa: "Well, you're the only one who doesn't have a companion, right?"
[19:47] * Caoilinn looks around suspicuously.
[19:47] Yuno: Here that sheena, "Willing Creature" and here im stuck with you.
[19:47] Caoilinn: "Not that I haven't had plenty of 'volunteers'..."
[19:48] Alathon: At this point, the semi-loud weather conversation has died down. A couple of the marines look away quickly at that 'volunteers' statemetn.
[19:48] Caoilinn: "Oh, so he was a normal cat before that?"
[19:48] Sheena|DCG|: Don't even go there, You found me remember? Something about a true heart, and pure mind. Bah, can't belive i bought that when i younger.
[19:49] Alathon: A soft snort can be heard off in the direction of the mess hall line.
[19:49] * Tsukasa smirks. "Youth and stupidity cover a lot of ground, Sheena-san."
[19:49] Caoilinn: "What's this? How did the two of you get together, then?"
[19:49] Amiko: (Tika): "I was bored, and my family CAN fly. And talk. and likey outthink you."
[19:50] Caoilinn: "Oh, so you could fly and talk *before* becoming a familiar?"
[19:50] Caoilinn: (The question about getting together was to Sheena & Yuno)
[19:50] * Sanshi is, just as a note, waiting well outside of the mess - cute cat familiars are one thing, a cat the size of a horse is another.
[19:50] Sheena|DCG|: (oh
[19:50] Caoilinn: (Sorry, wasn't clear)
[19:52] Amiko: (Tika): "Of course." Tika scoops up another fish and begins to nibble.
[19:53] * Sheena|DCG| and Yuuno glance at each other. "Thats not a tale for mixed company Kay, Lets just say yuuno is the reason im here today"
[19:53] Caoilinn: "We're mixed?"
[19:53] Alathon: One of the guys who had sorta been loitering, looking kinda diagonally at Caoilinn, moves off and takes a seat with his tray.
[19:54] * Yuno points over to the marines and guys drooling at Kay.
[19:54] Alathon: They're not drooling, they have dignity ;p
[19:54] * Amiko snorts.
[19:54] Alathon: They're just.. noticing her. Even after five months.
[19:54] * Tsukasa nods slowly. "You raise a most salient point, ferret-san."
[19:54] * Yuno thinks there perverts, and this is from some one who spends most of his time srounded by boobage.
[19:54] Alathon: At this point, the clock indicates there's about ten minutes left before your planned departure.
[19:55] * Tsukasa sighs to herself and takes her spare tray of food. "Sorry to eat and run, but I've got to go."
[19:55] * Tsukasa lowers her hands and starts turning the wheels to back her wheelchair away from the table.
[19:56] * Sheena|DCG| hmmmm, Looks at the clock. "Don't we all"
[19:56] Sheena|DCG|: (im asuming we are in uniform, right?
[19:56] Caoilinn: "At least the ... fresh air ... will be nice."
[19:56] Alathon: ((if you aren't now, you'd better be getting in uniform ;p ))
[19:57] * Caoilinn clears her place.
[19:57] * Tsukasa is, by this point, at the door and heading to where Sanshi is waiting.
[19:57] Alathon: You've got time to feed him before you leave.
[19:57] * Amiko straightens her uniform, and collects her plates.
[19:57] * Sheena|DCG| places Yuuno on her sholder and heads off to suit up. "Thank god I don't have some lame magic uniform or something."
[19:58] * Yuno gags and looks away.
[19:58] Tsukasa: (Dun-dun-DUNNN! She's doomed now)
[19:59] * Caoilinn stretches and limbers up.
[19:59] Caoilinn: "Finally, some action."
[19:59] Alathon: ((for reference, the last time you would have seen any mutie action woulda been a couple days ago
[19:59] Sheena|DCG|: (ya know, we don't even know what our uni forms look like
[19:59] Alathon: ((this has not been a quiet posting))
[19:59] Sheena|DCG|: (im kinda scared considering the girls in charge of every thing
[19:59] Alathon: ((mmm, actually wanted you all to agree on something, since you'll be stuck in them a lot))
[20:00] Caoilinn: "And I can tell you're looking at me!"
[20:00] Alathon: They get the point.
[20:00] Caoilinn: (Two whole day? Finally, some action! :) )
[20:00] * Sheena|DCG| yells "Am not!" From down the hall
[20:01] Caoilinn: (I bet me talking about 'action' got their perverted little minds in tizzies)
[20:01] * Amiko shakes her head. "Poor enlisted."
[20:01] Alathon: ((who says they're perverted, they just have the sex drive of a guy who's been in his twenties for a century))
[20:02] Sheena|DCG|: (ouch..)
[20:02] Tsukasa: (... I pity them.)
[20:02] Caoilinn: (I do, because they're all staring at *me*.)
[20:02] Alathon: ((hey, maybe they just appreciate your.. hair))
[20:02] Sheena|DCG|: (there like.. 100+ years older then ua :P
[20:02] Alathon: ((that's just not that unknown, though marrying more than a century or two off is wierd))
[20:02] Caoilinn: (I'm sure that doesn't matter in CT :) )
[20:02] Alathon: ((keep in mind, 15x lifespans))
[20:03] Alathon: There's a hoversled waiting for your crew.
[20:03] * Amiko signs for it.
[20:03] Amiko: "Bleah. Remind me again, why I accepted a commision?"
[20:03] Alathon: Most other squads woudl go out in a HPC, but there's no way Sanshi would fit
[20:03] Caoilinn: "Free training."
[20:03] Sheena|DCG|: (that means pubirty last like 50 years, man thats harsh)
[20:03] * Caoilinn hops on.
[20:03] Alathon: ((it kinda is))
[20:03] Alathon: ((except not))
[20:04] * Sheena|DCG| takes her seat "You where giving a choice?
[20:04] Caoilinn: "Action, adventure, excitment."
[20:04] * Sanshi bounds up ahead of Tsukasa. "Hiya!"
[20:04] Amiko: "Nah, we get that."
[20:04] * Amiko plops in the shotgun seat.
[20:04] Alathon: ((the aging starts slowing around 20))
[20:05] Amiko: "I went to OCS, chums, recall?"
[20:05] * Tsukasa follows Sanshi into the hoversled's bed and heaves herself into the saddle, folding up the wheelchair and putting it away.
[20:05] Sheena|DCG|: (pika?
[20:05] Alathon: ((this is where the 'telling each other about each other' stuff comes in ;p ))
[20:05] Tsukasa: "Momentary insanity, Amiko-san?"
[20:05] Tsukasa: (OCS - Officer Candidate School)
[20:06] Caoilinn: (I couldn't. I didn't know about myself. :) )
[20:06] Alathon: ((no one will known or care that you're a 2nd lieutenant unless you actually tell 'em ;p ))
[20:06] Sheena|DCG|: ( we have ranks?
[20:06] Alathon: ((Amiko does, because she was a marine before she manifested))
[20:06] Alathon: (( and was pursuing that as a career))
[20:06] Alathon: ((that's an option that's certainly open to the rest of you, as well))
[20:08] Amiko: "Likey."
[20:08] * Caoilinn shifts back and forth impatiently.
[20:09] Alathon: Your first destination is a small community of farmers around twenty clicks north
[20:09] Alathon: as the siting was by one of the farmers there
[20:09] Amiko: "Onward to the farmers!"
[20:09] Amiko: (Who's driving?)
[20:10] Caoilinn: (Sanshi)
[20:10] Tsukasa: (Heheheh)
[20:10] Alathon: ((the characters die in a tragic first-session hoversled accident.))
[20:10] Tsukasa: (The End)
[20:10] Tsukasa: (Game Over. Continue?)
[20:10] Caoilinn: (Tell me *someone* has drive...)
[20:10] Alathon: The controls are very, very simple; anyone over 12 can figure them out.
[20:10] Caoilinn: (Quit, restart, restore?)
[20:11] Tsukasa: (You don't need it for baseline things like that)
[20:11] * Caoilinn takes the controls after getting bored of no one else driving.
[20:11] Alathon: ((Hoversleds are normally used for transporting stuff rather than people))
[20:11] Sheena|DCG|: (we all be trained for it any way)
[20:11] Amiko: "Anyways, brass wants a mutacow roast tonight. Let's see if we can go get it."
[20:12] Amiko: (Amiko is a 2nd Lt... and likey to be one for 50 years... XD)
[20:12] Sanshi: "Can I have the legs? Can I?"
[20:12] * Caoilinn speeds an as fast as she can without dumping everyone.
[20:12] * Amiko shrugs. "We get what we want from it."
[20:12] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:12] Tsukasa: (... Damn you peer.)
[20:12] Caoilinn: (Doesn't Tsukasa want them? ;) )
[20:13] Alathon: At maximum safe hoversled speed over even terrain, you'll reach the farming community in around 15 minutes.
[20:13] *** Pale_Wolf has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:13] *** Pale_Wolf is now known as Sanshi.
[20:13] Alathon: Nothing happens... more nothing happens... you get there.
[20:13] Alathon: It's about what you'd expect from a typical outlying Crystal Tokyo farming community
[20:14] Alathon: the living structures are crystal, with a large mix of wooden and metal structures for storage
[20:14] * Amiko hops out, straigtening her uniform, and reads the location of where the famer lives, and leads the way.
[20:14] Alathon: it's not far, only a couple minutes walk
[20:15] Alathon: you reach it without incident, though the handful of people who are out and about town are very, very interested in the giant cat.
[20:15] Amiko: "Man... that's the one thing I wish they thought differently on. Crystal sucks to live in. Give me a wood structure anyday."
[20:15] Alathon: Some even notice the winged cat and the really hot woman.
[20:15] * Sanshi steps out, Tsukasa carefully perched on top.
[20:15] Caoilinn: "I like crystal."
[20:15] * Caoilinn follows along.
[20:16] * Sanshi gives a big smile to all the people who notice him. Too bad it looks like a vicious snarl - cross-species facial expressions don't translate too well.
[20:16] Alathon: They freak a bit, but no-one quite runs.
[20:17] Alathon: Anyways, you're at the door. Ring the doorbell, bang on the door, attempt to batter it down, ...?
[20:17] Tsukasa: (Let us debate this point of philosophy...)
[20:17] * Amiko rings the doorbell.
[20:17] Alathon: *ding*dong*
[20:17] Tsukasa: (Or we could do that, I suppose...)
[20:18] Alathon: A few moments pass.. eventually the door opens.
[20:18] Amiko: "Hi, I'm Lt. Moate, sent with a team to investage your mutacow sighting?"
[20:18] Alathon: A woman opens the door and greets you.
[20:18] Alathon: Woman: "Oh, good!"
[20:18] Alathon: Woman: "You'll want to speak to Aaron then."
[20:19] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:19] * Alathon turns and heads in, waving for you to follow her.
[20:19] Alathon: ((.. the woman does that, not me ;p ))
[20:19] * Amiko follows her.
[20:19] Caoilinn: (Is Amiko actually in charge here, are we all equal, or what?)
[20:19] Alathon: ((depends on the situation, really))
[20:19] Caoilinn: (It'd be good to know.)
[20:19] Alathon: ((during this training period, she's essentially in charge))
[20:19] *** Pale_Wolf has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:20] Pale_Wolf: (What the hell was that?)
[20:20] *** Pale_Wolf is now known as Tsukasa.
[20:20] Alathon: ((since she has a real rank, whereas you all have temporary rank))
[20:20] Alathon: ((but, that's during the 6 month training period))
[20:20] * Tsukasa scratches behind Sanshi's ears, peeking out from behind his back. "Don't mind this little sweetie."
[20:21] Alathon: ((Do the rest of you follow her in, or wait outside?))
[20:21] * Caoilinn follows.
[20:21] * Sanshi tries to follow, but is discouraged by Tsukasa. "Aww..."
[20:21] Alathon: Woman: "Aaron! There are some marines here about that so-called Mutacow you saw!"
[20:22] Tsukasa: "You're a little too big for the house, dear."
[20:22] Amiko: (we need a OOC channel, I think)
[20:22] Alathon: ((this is ooc))
[20:22] Amiko: (and I need 5 minutes. wife calls)
[20:22] Alathon: ((I'll stop using it for general commentary))
[20:23] Sheena|DCG|: (brb, caffine reload)
[20:23] Alathon: ((nod, 5 minute break now for whatever))
[20:26] Sheena|DCG|: (back
[20:26] Tsukasa: (Here)
[20:27] Alathon: ((mm.. turkey pepperoni))
[20:27] Amiko: (back)
[20:28] Alathon: As you reach a kitchen, the woman offers you three a seat at a table, and whips out some limeade.
[20:28] Caoilinn: (*comes back sipping a glass of cherry wine)
[20:28] Alathon: She's quick to pour three glasses before anyone can object.
[20:28] * Amiko raises a eyebrow, and sips.
[20:29] Alathon: Man's Voice: "I'll be right there."
[20:29] Caoilinn: "Thank you."
[20:29] Alathon: Woman: Oh, forgive me, I haven't introduced myself.
[20:29] * Amiko nods her thanks.
[20:29] * Caoilinn sits and sips.
[20:29] Amiko: "Thank you, ma'am."
[20:29] Alathon: "I'm Consuela Carson"
[20:30] Alathon: Consuela offers a sort of mini-bow.
[20:30] * Tsukasa continues chatting with Sanshi and ignoring all the strange looks they're getting out there.
[20:30] Sheena|DCG|: (limeage? heh
[20:30] * Caoilinn stands and returns it.
[20:30] Alathon: ((sorry, she doesn't rate an image ;p ))
[20:30] Alathon: ((though I suppose I could find one on easily enough ;p ))
[20:30] * Sheena|DCG| enjoys her limeade.. it's not coffie but...
[20:31] Alathon: ((average height, average weight, pretty face, shoulder length hair
[20:31] Caoilinn: "My name is Caoilinn. This is very good."
[20:31] Alathon: ((semi-frumpy dress))
[20:31] Amiko: (Coffee in JAPAN?)
[20:31] Caoilinn: (referring to the drink)
[20:31] Amiko: (You think we have a import trade or something?)
[20:31] Alathon: Consuela beams, and thanks you for your compliment.
[20:31] * Caoilinn sits back down again.
[20:31] Amiko: (Hell, you think the rest of the world is orginzaed enough for trading?)
[20:32] Alathon: ((some parts of it are, but CT wouldn't really know.. CT only has hostile or semi-hostile neighbors))
[20:32] Amiko: (Indeed, no coffee, unless we have trade with Hawaii or the Phillpnees or Java)
[20:33] Sheena|DCG|: (thr senshi have PLANETs that need to be restored, and only have a large city after a thousand years... it isnt looking good :P
[20:33] Alathon: ((anyways)
[20:33] Alathon: ((unfortunately, they ran straight up against reality and the sheer size of the task they're undertaking. Simply keeping one city-state functional has been a thousand years of work))
[20:33] Alathon: ((if the world hadn't been wrecked by american nuclear weapons, it probably would be a lot easier))
[20:34] Alathon: ((anyways ;p ))
[20:34] Sheena|DCG|: (( America, When we break something It says broken
[20:34] Alathon: The guy gets there and introduces himself.
[20:34] Alathon: "Aaron Carson, at your service."
[20:34] Alathon: Aaron gives a short little mini-bow similar to the one Consuela gave.
[20:34] Alathon: "You're here about the Mutacow, right?"
[20:34] Amiko: "Yes, we are Sir."
[20:34] * Caoilinn returnns it.
[20:35] Alathon: Aaron looks visibly relieved; Consuela looks a little exasperated.
[20:35] Alathon: Aaron: "I'm glad to see you, that's for sure! No way I'd want to try to handle one of those things by my own, that's for damned sure."
[20:36] Alathon: Aaron: "Anyways, I saw the thing just a bit before dusk yesterday."
[20:36] * Yuno keeps quite around norms, calming sitting on Sheena's sholder
[20:36] * Amiko nods.
[20:36] Amiko: "And where did you see it?"
[20:36] Alathon: Aaron: Was out on my plot, up north of town, and I thought I saw somethin' outta the corner of my eye. Looked over, and sure enough there's something small over to my right."
[20:37] Alathon: Aaron: "'cept it wasn't small, cuz it was way off in the distance, like."
[20:37] * Amiko is jotting this down.
[20:38] Alathon: Aaron: "Just over the hill over short of Yarbury's plot, with the light comin' over the hill and all, it was clear as day! Big friggin' four legger with wings."
[20:38] Alathon: Consuela is behind him, only barely keeping herself from rolling her eyes.
[20:38] Tsukasa: (... When cows fly?)
[20:39] Alathon: Aaron: "I just count myself lucky it never headed over my way, I'd walked out yesterday.."
[20:39] Amiko: (Do mutacows have wings?)
[20:39] Alathon: ((yes))
[20:39] Amiko: "Intresting. Which way did it go?"
[20:39] Alathon: ((they come in two varieties, highland and lowland))
[20:39] Alathon: ((the former are white with black spots, the latter are brown with white spots))
[20:40] Amiko: "And what colouring was it?"
[20:40] Alathon: Aaron: "Looked like it headed back north.. I wasn't gonna move a foot with that thing in sight.. I heard they ain't see stuff that's standing still too well."
[20:40] Alathon: Aaron purses his lips.
[20:40] Caoilinn: (Are there any other differences?)
[20:40] Alathon: ((lowland mutacows are strong, nasty, and dangerous; highland mutacows are strong, nasty, and really friggin dangerous))
[20:41] Tsukasa: (It's a highlander, ain't it?)
[20:41] Alathon: ((mainly because lowland cows throw spikes from their tails, highland cows have spiked tails and a dreadful crippling moo))
[20:41] Alathon: Aaron: "I couldn't rightly say, outlined against the sky the way it wasy."
[20:41] Caoilinn: (At least the really dangerous ones are never found in groups.)
[20:41] Alathon: Aaron: "But I've never heard of highland 'cows comin' this far south."
[20:41] Tsukasa: (... We _have_ to win this fight. Seriously, will we ever be able to live it down if we die to a _cow_?)
[20:42] Alathon: ((no))
[20:42] Amiko: "It's possible that it got lost. We'll take care of it, it's what we do." I smile reassuringly.
[20:42] Caoilinn: (But... there can be only one!)
[20:42] Caoilinn: (*ducks)
[20:42] * Amiko nods at Aaron, and then looks at her team.
[20:42] Amiko: "Let's go get us some steak."
[20:43] Alathon: Aaron is, again, visibly releived. Consuela's expression is neutral.
[20:43] Alathon: Aaron nods, and gives you directions to where Yarbury's plot is.
[20:43] Sheena|DCG|: Sure beats mutant fish.
[20:43] Alathon: Consuela offers more limeade if you want it.
[20:44] * Caoilinn politely declines.
[20:44] * Amiko delinces.
[20:44] * Amiko stands up, closing her notepad.
[20:44] * Caoilinn rises and thanks Consuela again for the limeade.
[20:44] Amiko: "We'll be going now. Thank you for the limeade and the reporting."
[20:45] * Amiko leads the group out.
[20:45] * Amiko gets to the others.
[20:45] Alathon: Consuela and Aaron both give you mini-bows.
[20:45] * Caoilinn bows and leaves.
[20:45] * Tsukasa breaks out of her conversation. "Hello. Fill me in?"
[20:45] * Caoilinn says with a look of disgust once outside, "'It's what we do'?"
[20:45] Amiko: "North of the city."
[20:45] Amiko: "Well, it's what the Marines do.
[20:46] Caoilinn: "Maybe so, but oh, the melodrama!"
[20:46] Sheena|DCG|: New Day, new cow to blow up.
[20:46] * Amiko grins. "Blame a family tradition."
[20:46] Tsukasa: "It's for real, then?"
[20:47] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[20:47] Caoilinn: "We'll find out."
[20:47] * Tsukasa smiles and pats Sanshi. "Let's get going."
[20:47] Amiko: "Possibly. The wife didn't think so, but, we'll treat it as if it's real."
[20:47] Sheena|DCG|: "The guy says it is, The wife was trying not to gag"
[20:47] * Amiko gets back to the hoversled and hops into it, and grabs her rifle, checking it over.
[20:48] Alathon: ((weaponry note: as long as you're on mainland japan, you have infinite shots))
[20:48] Alathon: ((you're issued powerpacks regardless, but they're a "just in case" measure))
[20:48] Caoilinn: /me concentrates, and summons a rich green crystal armor.
[20:48] * Caoilinn concentrates, and summons a rich green crystal armor.
[20:48] * Sanshi hops into the sled and takes a stable seat.
[20:48] * Caoilinn heads for the controls again.
[20:48] * Caoilinn takes the sled out, not as fast this time, once everyone's settled.
[20:48] * Amiko waits til everyone's loaded in, and nods at Caoilinn.
[20:48] * Tsukasa pulls her plasma rifle out of storage and confirms it to be in working order.
[20:49] Alathon: As you embark on the sled, a few comments can be overheard from onlookers who stopped to gawk at the cat-and-girl show.
[20:49] Alathon: "... dunno about..."
[20:49] Alathon: "Well I.."
[20:49] Alathon: "... calling them metamarines, I heard..."
[20:49] Alathon: "'... you think?"
[20:49] Alathon: " we really..."
[20:49] Caoilinn: ("Think the group them by hair color?")
[20:49] Sheena|DCG|: ((wonder if there backs hurt..))
[20:49] Alathon: There are too many people talking to really make out more than snatches conversation.
[20:50] * Amiko rides in combat drag poisition, with her rifle cradled in a ready position, and snaps a lead to the seat.
[20:50] Alathon: Anyways, you have your directions, and unlike many small town sets of directions, they're understandable.
[20:51] Alathon: The corners of plots are marked with large crystal posts along the road
[20:51] Amiko: "Clip on, so Caoilinn can make combat manuvers."
[20:51] Alathon: ((these posts have had a number of functions over the years, including providing various screens against threats to crops.))
[20:52] Alathon: The plot you're looking for is the last one on the right.
[20:52] Sheena|DCG|: "Combat manusvers? I don't think we will get into a dog fight with the side of beef."
[20:52] * Caoilinn heads for it, keeping an eye open for trouble or farmers.
[20:52] * Sheena|DCG| checks to make sure a small red crystal is around her neck at any rate.
[20:52] * Amiko points to the north, as I take out a pair of bincolours out
[20:53] * Tsukasa follows Amiko's pointing, using her rifle's scope in place of binoculars.
[20:53] Amiko: "Head that way. He said he saw it there." /me scans the area carefully.
[20:53] * Amiko scans the area carefully.
[20:53] * Caoilinn heads that way.
[20:53] Alathon: There's nothing obviously visible other than the plots, after which it grows too hilly to see far.
[20:54] Alathon: It'll take maybe fifteen minutes walking time to get to Yarbury's plot.
[20:54] Alathon: ((unless you choose to do something else, you'll reach it without incident))
[20:55] * Sanshi pads along in that direction, Tsukasa balancing against his gait without difficulty.
[20:55] Amiko: (We're not walking, we're in the sled, Tsukasa.)
[20:55] Alathon: The crystal pillar at the road has a sign hung from one of several hooks; it reads Yarbury.
[20:55] Alathon: ((by sled it won't take long at all))
[20:55] Tsukasa: (Meh, I assumed he meant we were walking - my error)
[20:56] * Yuno hids along Sheena back, vanishing into her mass/mess of hair.
[20:56] * Amiko taps Caoilinn on the shoulder, and singals a stop.
[20:56] * Caoilinn stops.
[20:56] * Amiko stands and scans the area slowly and carefully.
[20:56] Amiko: "at least 18 hours. Man, that cow's likey long gone."
[20:56] Alathon: Your range of vision is even more restricted.. looking beyond the plot, hills covered in low grass rise up, dotted with trees.
[20:57] Alathon: There are several rises nearby.
[20:57] Caoilinn: "Unless it found something good to eat around here."
[20:57] * Amiko plops back into the seat, and nods. "Let's head more or less North. We might get lucky, go slow and carefully. Alll of you keep your eyes out, and Tika? Take to the air."
[20:58] Amiko: Tika flaps into the sky.
[20:58] * Caoilinn drives the sled at a slow pace.
[20:58] Alathon: The road peters out several klicks further; no further communities have been built.
[20:58] * Amiko scans the area carefully, paying attention to every ridge and possibe gully.
[20:59] *** Kai-Kun has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:59] Sheena|DCG|: "It's largy and flying, i don't think its going to sneak up on us."
[20:59] Alathon: At this point, the hoversled is slowed to a crawl; it's poorly equipped to handle anything rougher than gravel.
[20:59] Alathon: ((heh, those would be really embarassing last words))
[20:59] Sheena|DCG|: (err, its a hoversled
[21:00] Sheena|DCG|: ( it hovers, how does the ground effect it?
[21:00] Caoilinn: "Are you kidding? Flying things are the most dangerous. They can swoop down from above and behind."
[21:00] Tsukasa: (... It's a cow. You can't get much more embarrassing than that)
[21:00] Alathon: ((it is, and it has a hard limit on how high it can hover))
[21:00] Alathon: ((and a wide bottom))
[21:00] Amiko: (I agree with Sheena, Hovercraft outside high inclines or _very_ rough terran, have no real restrictions)
[21:00] Sanshi: "Birdies hard to eat."
[21:00] Caoilinn: "Really fast, too."
[21:00] Alathon: ((it'll start tilting and sliding badly in uneven territory; unfortunatey, it's not a hovercraft)
[21:00] Amiko: (and gravel is no problem for a hovercraft.)
[21:01] Caoilinn: (CT tech works however Alathon says it does. :) )
[21:01] Alathon: ((with a hard, flat bottom and a very thin "skirt" (~half a meter)
[21:01] Alathon: ((well, it has to work logically or it's stupid))
[21:01] *** Kai-Kun has left #CrystalTokyo.
[21:02] Alathon: ((anyways, it can get hung up on obstructions of a meter or more fairly easily))
[21:02] * Amiko sighs.
[21:02] Amiko: "Stop, Caoilinn.
[21:02] * Caoilinn stops the sled.
[21:02] Amiko: We'll walk from here. Standard line, 2 meter seperation"
[21:02] * Sanshi performs a kitty-shrug and slinks out of the sled.
[21:03] Alathon: ((to be clear, this thing is hovering on a limited antigrav field, and is the size of a semi.. except open to the air and flat))
[21:03] * Amiko unclicks the drag line, and hops out.
[21:03] * Caoilinn parks it and hops off.
[21:03] * Amiko points to the left and right. "2 Meter seperation, form straight line on me."
[21:03] Alathon: it's roughly two in the afternoon by now, still bright, but not quite so much
[21:04] * Sheena|DCG| adjusts her uniform(we really need to pickone) and lines up
[21:04] Amiko: "We'll sweep til dark, then sweep back."
[21:04] Caoilinn: (Hold on a sec...)
[21:04] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:04] Alathon: ((d'oh))
[21:04] Alathon: ((hold for that or something else?))
[21:05] Caoilinn: (I'm mainly melee, but I think everyone else is ranged. By this time, we would have arranged how we take on enemies...)
[21:05] Sanshi: (Goddammit!)
[21:05] Alathon: ((sux0r ;p ))
[21:05] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:05] Amiko: (This is a military formation, Caoilinn, standard sweep line.)
[21:06] Amiko: (and you have a rifle, don't you?)
[21:06] Caoilinn: (That's nice. I'm talking about when we actually get to an enemy.)
[21:06] Alathon: ((you're gonna have to explain the significance of a sweep line if you want the plyaers to know how to do it ;p))
[21:06] Caoilinn: (A pistol, I think)
[21:07] Amiko: (and the rifle, standard issue.)
[21:07] Alathon: ((both are optional as long as you have innate offensive powers))
[21:07] Amiko: (Basically a sweep line, is a straight line, at a 90degree angle to the direction you go. It's a formation intended to cover space)
[21:08] Amiko: (2 meter seperation between people)
[21:08] Alathon: ((you heading north along the road, east (to the right), or west?
[21:08] Amiko: North, in the direction of the reported spotting.
[21:08] Alathon: ((that'd be more east than north, "over yarbury's plot"))
[21:09] Amiko: (then more east than north)
[21:09] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:09] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:09] Alathon: ((shazbot))
[21:09] Amiko: *sigh*
[21:09] Alathon: ((eh, we continue))
[21:10] Alathon: are you scanning with binoculars or just natural eyesight?
[21:10] Amiko: binoculars
[21:10] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:11] Tsukasa: (Okay, seriously, what the hell is going on here?)
[21:11] Alathon: ((your connection sucks balls))
[21:11] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:11] Alathon: ((I think we already knew that though :( ))
[21:11] Tsukasa: (What did I miss? 'More east than north'.)
[21:12] Alathon: (( not much))
[21:12] Alathon: ((not yet anyways))
[21:12] Tsukasa: (It's a completely different connection! Why is it sucking the same balls?!)
[21:13] Alathon: ((bleah.. weakzor))
[21:13] Alathon: ((what client do you use?))
[21:13] Tsukasa: (mIRC)
[21:13] Alathon: (( could try another one later))
[21:13] Alathon: ((but doubt it's mircs fault))
[21:13] Alathon: ((PMs, Mage))
[21:14] Alathon: ((btw please be mindful of PMs, as if something is only detectable by your character, that's where it'll be))
[21:14] * Amiko points towards her sighting. "Bingo."
[21:14] Amiko: "Looks like steak for dinner tonight."
[21:14] * Tsukasa swivels to face it and sights down the rifle. "Where? You spotted it?"
[21:14] Alathon: She's poitning off pretty much due east, through rough terrain.
[21:15] Amiko: "Yup."
[21:15] * Tsukasa winces and clutches onto Sanshi's scruff.
[21:15] Amiko: Range?
[21:15] Alathon: Best guess is close to a click.
[21:15] Amiko: "Let's do it."
[21:16] * Amiko leads the way, being careful. and soon as I'm within 200 meters, taking the shot.
[21:16] Tsukasa: (Do I have a good view from a distance?)
[21:16] Alathon: ((not really))
[21:17] Alathon: ((you'd have to get a little closer, and a good bit higher, to have a hsot))
[21:17] * Tsukasa makes a sour look and gestures Sanshi to head in.
[21:17] Amiko: "Tika, keep away from it." Tika's response is faint. "No, really?"
[21:17] Alathon: ((your common sense indicates that using a plasma rifle where you might miss and hit a bunch of brush would bea great way to start a forest fire))
[21:18] * Sheena|DCG| follows calmly why woundering just how there skimpy uniforms count as armor.
[21:18] Tsukasa: "How will we do this? Surround it so it doesn't escape?"
[21:18] Alathon: ((well, brush fire in this area))
[21:19] Amiko: "Pretty much, though, Caoilin, stay out of melee range with it, shoot it with your rifle."
[21:19] * Yuno has rapped himself up in Sheena's hair, *snore*
[21:19] Amiko: "Let's keep it at a distance, if possible."
[21:19] Caoilinn: "Looks kind of dry around here to be throwing plasma around..."
[21:19] Tsukasa: "One hundred fifty meter range good for everyone?"
[21:20] Tsukasa: "The dryness will be no problem. I won't miss."
[21:20] Amiko: "Shoot it in the sky, if possible, if it goes to ground, we'll take it by ear."
[21:21] Alathon: Describe how you approach.
[21:21] Amiko: Carefully, and as quietly as possible, so not to spook it, and when within 200 meters, take the shot.
[21:21] Alathon: Anything else?
[21:22] * Caoilinn looks around to make sure there isn't another one.
[21:22] * Sanshi sneaks forward, arcing out around it at high speed to come in from the north.
[21:22] * Tsukasa will open fire as soon as the others are in position.
[21:22] Amiko: I'm going to let the others circle around it, to trap it.
[21:22] Alathon: Sanshi, roll a spot check.
[21:22] * Sheena|DCG| can hit the target from any rage so she hangs around Tsuka to guard her.
[21:22] Amiko: so I'm going the slowlest.
[21:23] Tsukasa: (Spot or stealth?)
[21:23] Alathon: ((spot))
[21:23] Tsukasa: roll 1d20-2 Sanshi's spot check
[21:23] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20-2 Sanshi's spot check --> [ 1d20=8 ]{6}
[21:23] Tsukasa: (Ouchie)
[21:24] Sheena|DCG|: ( -2 for a sniper?
[21:24] Tsukasa: (Sanshi - you want Tsukasa to roll a spot too?)
[21:24] Alathon: ((actually yeah))
[21:25] Alathon: ((that'd be appropriate))
[21:25] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+2
[21:25] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{15}
[21:25] Tsukasa: (Radical improvement...)
[21:25] Amiko: (+2 ONLY at third level? I have +8!)
[21:26] Tsukasa: (This is attribute only - I'm not a spotter, I do other things)
[21:26] Alathon: Off to the northeast, the big cat that Tsukasa rides stops abruptly.
[21:27] Alathon: everyone roll init
[21:27] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+5
[21:27] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{23}
[21:27] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:27] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{10}
[21:27] Sanshi: roll 1d20+12
[21:27] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{21}
[21:27] Tsukasa: (... Seems my big kitty got all my bad luck rolls)
[21:28] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+1 mutacows
[21:28] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+1 mutacows --> [ 1d20=3 ]{4}, [ 1d20=9 ]{10}
[21:29] Sheena|DCG|: Roll 1d20+2
[21:29] Ala-bot: Sheena|DCG| rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
[21:29] Tsukasa: (Sheena, catch up with me fast, 'kay?)
[21:29] Amiko: 1d20+4
[21:29] Amiko: roll 1d20+4
[21:29] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{10}
[21:29] Amiko: roll 1d20+2
[21:29] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{8}
[21:29] Sheena|DCG|: (errr you cant move.. i do what now?)
[21:29] *** Amiko is now known as Ami10_Tika8.
[21:30] Tsukasa: (Well, catch up with the cat that I'm riding - you said you were hanging around, right?)
[21:31] Alathon: Alright
[21:32] Alathon: Order is: Tsukasa, Sanshi, Sheena, Amiko, Caoilinn, Amiko, Cow 1, Tika, Cow 2
[21:32] Tsukasa: (Tell me when it's my move)
[21:32] Caoilinn: (Now :) )
[21:32] Alathon: ((btw when you roll you can use a ; to append a reason.. i.e. roll 1d20+2 ; init for Tika))
[21:32] Alathon: ((top of the order, nobody got a free round or any particular surprise))
[21:32] Alathon: ((btw, distance crossed before this happened was roughly half))
[21:33] Alathon: ((well, more than half actually))
[21:33] * Tsukasa curses to herself and directs Sanshi southwest, turning in the saddle and aiming to take a shot at the cow she almost came face-to-face with.
[21:33] Tsukasa: (Rifle fires at the end of the round, right? Sanshi's move?)
[21:34] Caoilinn: (Are both cows in the air?)
[21:34] Alathon: ((AC is 1 on the cow, btw, and neither are in the air yet))
[21:34] Sanshi: (My move?)
[21:34] Alathon: ((and yes about the plasma rifle, if you're using it))
[21:34] Alathon: ((so yeah, go))
[21:35] Alathon: ((keep in mind that whatever sanshi does is gonna increaes or decrease the difficulty of thes hot))
[21:35] * Sanshi turns and lopes in the direction Mommy indicated, apologizing for missing the cow.
[21:36] Alathon: ((next up, Sheena))
[21:37] * Sheena|DCG| keeps pace with Sanshi as best she can.
[21:37] Caoilinn: (I'm not feeling well. I need to lie down. Sorry. Afk.)
[21:37] *** Caoilinn is now known as Yarrow.
[21:37] Sheena|DCG|: (is that to far or can i get a shot off?
[21:37] Sheena|DCG|: (hmm, thats odd.
[21:38] Tsukasa: (Ack - hope ya get better soon Yar)
[21:38] Alathon: ((well tha's no good.. get better))
[21:38] Alathon: You'll hvae to move at full speed to keep up with Sanshi's lope; you can get a single shot off at the end.
[21:39] Alathon: i.e. no time to auto-fire on it
[21:39] Tsukasa: (Hold forth, and let us witness the power of thy discourse, Magic Gunner girl!)
[21:40] Sheena|DCG|: (that means shoot right?)
[21:40] Alathon: ((it means DO SOMETHIGN ;p))
[21:41] Tsukasa: (Heh, yeah it does.)
[21:41] Sheena|DCG|: (my numbers may be a bit off but,)
[21:41] Tsukasa: (Maybe I'm getting a bit too in-character for a Kuno?)
[21:42] * Sheena|DCG| Holds her hand out as a pink ball of energy appears in the air, She points to the closet mutacow and yells “Shoot!â€
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Postby Alathon » Fri Aug 11, 2006 2:58 am

[22:42] Tsukasa: (Okay, have we worked out an attack pattern yet? You bind, I blast it with that gun?)
[22:42] Sheena|DCG|: (heh, i need to work out some magic with al, but ya sounds right
[22:42] Alathon: ((Against a lot of enemies, that simple strategy will be quite effective))
[22:42] Alathon: ((you have some of the best weaponry in the world, after all))
[22:42] * Tsukasa sniffs the air, and notes the cooking vegetation as counterpoint to the lovely aroma of beef.
[22:43] Alathon: The stump has by now burned itself down most of the way, and is sputtering
[22:43] Sheena|DCG|: "Problem is now we have to drag them back.."
[22:43] * Sanshi lopes into the gathering of marines in pretty good cheer considering the gaping (and visibly healing) wound in his side.
[22:43] *** -> -Ala-bot- roll 1d20
[22:43] Sanshi: "Oh, can do She-miss. Can!"
[22:44] * Sheena|DCG| pulls Yuuno out of her hair and wakes him up. "Hey, you missed the fight ya bum."
[22:44] Alathon: Indeed, Sanshi is strong enough to drag two whole mutacows very slowly, or one mutacow at normal walking speed.
[22:45] Yuno: Eh? A flying cow, Well excuse me.
[22:45] Sheena|DCG|: "... Well just for that you can to bring one to the flatbed."
[22:46] Alathon: ((btw, mage is afk for like 10 more))
[22:46] Alathon: ((so nows a good time to get eats if you need 'em
[22:46] Sheena|DCG|: (ordered pizza before we started
[22:47] Tsukasa: (I'm good - had dinner before we started)
[22:47] Alathon: ((I'm makin' some bacon))
[22:54] Amiko: back
[22:54] Tsukasa: (Present)
[22:54] Alathon: cool, my bacon is almost done
[22:55] Alathon: like 1 minute
[22:56] Tsukasa: (Wait... Heh. I made a mistake in the fight - didn't factor in BAB. Not enough of a difference, though, so whatever)
[22:58] Alathon: ((IMO, write down somewhere your attacks.. like.. Blaster 1d8 @ +9, bream rifle 1d10+burn @ +9, 4d8 starlight breaker, etc
[22:59] Alathon: ((so there's no adding or looking to do ;p ))
[22:59] Tsukasa: (Probably smart)
[22:59] Alathon: ((IMo, a hardcopy char sheet makes things sooo much easier, no alt tabbing or screwing around trying ot get the right window up
[22:59] Alathon: ((but then, I have like a dozen to manage ;p ))
[23:00] Amiko: (heh)
[23:00] Alathon: Anyways.. despite the bad aim, the brush hasn't lit up, and for the battle you have a burned stump, a cow and two cow-halves, and several injuries to show for it.
[23:01] Amiko: (In Darkness Night, in Twilight's Fading... METEOR SWARM!)
[23:01] Amiko: (Destroy everything.)
[23:01] Tsukasa: (Well, Sanshi has several injuries - and he regenerates)
[23:01] Alathon: ((Amiko, how are you health wise?))
[23:01] Amiko: (14/24)
[23:01] Tsukasa: (Doh. Sorry about forgetting you Mage)
[23:01] Alathon: ((you're wearing your uniform aren't you? it has one rank of armor))
[23:01] * Tsukasa patched Amiko up at some point.
[23:01] Alathon: (so you should be 6 hp down))
[23:01] Amiko: (Ah...)
[23:02] Amiko: (Okay, 18/24)
[23:02] Alathon: ((Your common sense indicates those spines were none to clean, beind held on a cow's tail and all, and the wounds are gonna need some cleaning))
[23:03] * Amiko uses her medpack to clean out her own wounds.)
[23:03] Amiko: (I do have medical at 2)
[23:03] Alathon: ((yup, roll it))
[23:03] Amiko: roll 1d20+4 Medical
[23:03] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+4 Medical --> [ 1d20=3 ]{7}
[23:03] Tsukasa: (Meh, sure you don't want the specialist's help?)
[23:03] Amiko: (-.-)
[23:03] Amiko: (At this point...)
[23:03] Tsukasa: (Go for it)
[23:03] Alathon: Amiko smears the filth arond in the wounds.
[23:03] Amiko: (Your turn.)
[23:04] * Tsukasa 'tsks' the officer and sets to work, leaning across her on the ground.
[23:04] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+13
[23:04] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+13 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{22}
[23:05] Sheena|DCG|: "Need me to burn it clean?"
[23:05] * Sheena|DCG| holds Dark Heart up as the crystal sissles with energy
[23:05] * Tsukasa chuckles. "Not at the moment. I'll be sure to call you first, though."
[23:05] Alathon: Tsukasa manages to clean most of what she can see.
[23:07] Alathon: Anyways, the brush is no longer quite as quiet as it was before and during the battle.
[23:07] * Tsukasa leans back and shakes her head. "I've done what I can out here. But there's some detritus in the wound that I can't get out right now without widening it. You'll need to check in with medical at the base."
[23:07] Alathon: Birds can be heard here and there.
[23:08] Amiko: "Will do. Let's go back, and give the base the cows."
[23:08] * Yuno hopes up on Tsuka's sholder "Evac?"
[23:09] Amiko: "We're leaving, yes."
[23:12] Sheena|DCG|: Good enought to walk back Tsukasa?
[23:13] * Tsukasa chuckles and, through a concerted effort on her and Sanshi's parts, gets back up into the saddle. "I'm alright, and Amiko should be find to go back the normal way."
[23:14] Tsukasa: "From what you said, Carson-san may be comforted if someone goes in and confirms the story for his wife."
[23:14] * Amiko nods and eyes Sheena.
[23:14] Amiko: "Your job, we'll wait in the hoversled."
[23:14] Sheena|DCG|: "Not a problem, just stack the cows"
[23:15] * Sanshi raises an arm and salutes. "Can She-miss! Will!"
[23:16] * Amiko gets into her seat in the hoversled.
[23:16] Sheena|DCG|: (witch is rather far away)
[23:16] Sheena|DCG|: "Well then, Please do."
[23:17] Alathon: It'll take a good hours to drag a cow back to the sled, come back, and drag the other tone
[23:17] Alathon: but, it's early in the afternoon.
[23:17] * Sanshi proceeds to move about getting the cows to their positions in the sled-bed.
[23:17] Sheena|DCG|: (teleport hello? I just need the cows in one place
[23:17] Alathon: ((you should probably explain that))
[23:18] Sheena|DCG|: "Just stack them next to each other please, Sanshi."
[23:18] * Amiko naps.
[23:18] * Sanshi nods. "Okays!"
[23:19] Amiko: Tika lands on top of Amiko's head and starts to nap as well.
[23:19] * Sanshi does as he's asked.
[23:20] Sheena|DCG|: "You guys head back to base to treat the wounded, I'll meet you there."
[23:20] * Sheena|DCG| stands near the dead meat with Yuuno"
[23:20] Yuno: Ok where to?
[23:21] * Yuno asks as green ruins start to burn them selfs into the grass
[23:21] Sheena|DCG|: "That guys house we stoped at on the way here, Lets give his wife a suprise"
[23:22] * Sheena|DCG| Looks around, "Any one else coming? With cargo i got room for one more."
[23:22] * Amiko shrugs, and tells Caoilinn to drive to the base.
[23:23] Alathon: CAoilinn does so.
[23:23] Sheena|DCG|: (Tsuka and Sanshi are kinda in limbo.. who did they go with?
[23:24] Amiko: I assume with me.
[23:24] Tsukasa: (You got room for us or not?)
[23:24] Sheena|DCG|: (every one fall asleep?
[23:25] Sheena|DCG|: (I do)
[23:25] Alathon: ((nope))
[23:25] Sheena|DCG|: (since thoes two are on the slied
[23:25] Alathon: ((and, he does0)
[23:25] Amiko: (I'm not, but it's pushing 1130pm here)
[23:25] Tsukasa: (Right, then we're with you)
[23:25] Alathon: ((yeah, lets get back to base and wrap it up))
[23:25] Sheena|DCG|: (err who?
[23:25] Sheena|DCG|: its 130 :P))
[23:25] Alathon: ((you can do a scene with the farmer and his wife, or assume it was amusing and skip it))
[23:26] * Sheena|DCG| The uber kitty, sides of beef, and two girl dissapra in a flash. Oh and yuno to.
[23:26] Alathon: ((Now I'm gonna have to re-watch 1st season nanoha))
[23:27] Sheena|DCG|: (Do the sceen if you want Al, we are showing up right near the guys house.
[23:27] Alathon: ((not that that's onerous, though))
[23:27] Alathon: You're fortunate enough to bamf out of the air away from traffic and people
[23:27] Alathon: The cows will leave some blood on the sidewalk, but otherwise, no harm was done.
[23:27] Sheena|DCG|: (eh, theres no way i can describe the ruins and power circles that show up for yuno or nanoha.)
[23:28] Alathon: ((sure you can ;p )) two concentric circles of light on the ground, spinning, with geometric designs mixed with runes spinning between the two circles
[23:28] Alathon: ((sometimes two sets of circles, spinning in opposite directions; for another school of magic, a triangular formation with circles on the corners spinning under the user))
[23:28] Sheena|DCG|: (Copypasta!)
[23:28] Alathon: ((my ass ;p that was realtime))
[23:29] Sheena|DCG|: (no i ment i did :)
[23:29] Alathon: (heh)
[23:29] * Sheena|DCG| walks up to the house and knocks on the door.
[23:29] Alathon: You're again greeted several moments later by Consuela; she can't quite hide her shock at the obvious sides of beef behind you.
[23:30] Alathon: Regardless, she lets her husband know.
[23:30] Alathon: Consuela: "Aaron, come over here! Come get a look at this!"
[23:30] Alathon: Aaron comes to the door and is startled and just a little afraid on seeing the two cows, even with one of them obviously in pieces.
[23:30] Alathon: "Well, I'll be!"
[23:30] * Sheena|DCG| "Hello mam, Just stopping by to let you folks know we got rid of the mutacows" She gives a light bow
[23:30] Alathon: Aaron looks to Sheena.
[23:31] Alathon: "Thank you, sirs.. I hope you didn't have much trouble.. with two of em.."
[23:31] Alathon: Aaron is just a little awed... as are a handful of bystanders.
[23:32] Sheena|DCG|: "Some minor injuries, thats all."
[23:32] Alathon: Aaron looks surprised at that, before he notices the obvious bandaging on Amiko.
[23:32] Sheena|DCG|: "We have to return to base not that the mission is over, Just stoped by to let you know the fields safe again"
[23:32] Alathon: "Sorry about that.. hope it heals up allright."
[23:32] Alathon: Aaron grins, and Consuela, still quite surprised looking, looks relieved.
[23:33] * Sheena|DCG| walks back over to the cargo as yuno channels his power again.
[23:34] Alathon: They both bow, a little lower than they did early, but not by much.
[23:34] Alathon: Onlookers can't help but gawk at the obvious display of magical might.
[23:34] Sheena|DCG|: (are we hated or something?
[23:34] Alathon: ((no))
[23:34] Alathon: ((they're not gonna gush all over you, you're doing your job ;p ))
[23:35] Alathon: ((and metahumans have one strike against them in CT.. which doesn't make people hate you, but there's a certain amount of wariness))
[23:35] Alathon: ((bleah, did you get a chance to read the CT writeup?
[23:35] * Sheena|DCG| ingores the onlookers "All right yuno, take us home" Once again they dissapera in a flash and blur of green
[23:35] Sheena|DCG|: (yes, and wariness is a good way to put it
[23:35] Alathon: The last thing you can hear is "....two metacows... be damned..."
[23:35] Sheena|DCG|: ( it was the world i was lookign for earler)
[23:36] Alathon: ((ahh, and yeah people are wary. Especially those who are middle aged or elderly, who likely knew someone Wiseman mindraped.))
[23:37] Sheena|DCG|: ( i guess a giant cute kitten only goes so far
[23:37] Sheena|DCG|: (( well thats rap then right?
[23:37] Alathon: Your reception back at base is friendly; some are impressed by 4 people handling two mutacows.
[23:37] Alathon: though they do their best not to show it.
[23:38] * Amiko files the report, and visits medical.
[23:38] * Amiko also marks off what the team wants from the cows.
[23:38] Alathon: Further wound cleaning is unpleasant but, according to the doc, necessary. I'ts done and it hurts. You're issued a week of prescription pills to help knock down the inevitable infection.
[23:39] Amiko: "Can't wait til I master some healing magic."
[23:39] Sheena|DCG|: (shit niddles are a bitch)
[23:39] Alathon: Caoilinn: "mmm.. yes, that'd be useful indeed."
[23:39] Amiko: "Hopefully soon."
[23:39] Amiko: (yes, first spell I learn is Cure Light wounds. XD)
[23:39] Alathon: After a debriefing, which we'll skip because it'd be routine and boring, you're free for the rest of the day.
[23:40] Alathon: ((End here.))
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Session #2

Postby Alathon » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:21 am

Session #2
[20:27] Alathon: anyways, we're all here now
[20:27] Tsukasa: Charsheet.
[20:28] Amiko: I didn't change anything.
[20:28] Alathon: ahh, there we go
[20:28] Alathon: "dcg"
[20:28] Alathon: comcast was dragging its ass
[20:28] Caoilinn: It took one email from Tarou on Comcast 3.5 hours to reach me once...
[20:29] Alathon: anyways
[20:29] Alathon: short version of last session: you all met each other (out of game; in game you'd know each other for at least 5 months)
[20:30] Alathon: got a call to investigate a mutacow sighting, did so, did in fact find mutacows, had a nasty scuffle with said cows, and brought home the beef
[20:30] *** Scratx ( has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:30] Caoilinn: (When we kill mutahogs, we can bring home the bacon)
[20:30] Alathon: how did you decide to apportion the beef anyways? you did have two cows worth.. naturally some of the officers would want some, but, you have dibs on the choice cuts for yourselves
[20:30] Tsukasa: Heheh
[20:31] Alathon: ((it's distintly possible))
[20:31] Sheena: (bovine shit niddles where bad enought, I dont wana fight pigs..)
[20:31] Caoilinn: (Even normal boars can kill you)
[20:32] Alathon: ((anyways, if you don't care about the beef much, we can assume it got spread around the station a bit, maybe a few bits sent home to parents, etc))
[20:32] Amiko: Filet Mingon1
[20:32] Sheena: (ya.. i watched old yellow to.
[20:32] Alathon: ((steak Is a delicacy))
[20:32] Amiko: (but, pretty much not a care)
[20:32] Alathon: ((you get your filet)
[20:32] Caoilinn: (How hard is beef to get normally, anyway?)
[20:32] Alathon: ((after this comes.. well.. another couple weeks of pretty much standard frontier action))
[20:33] Alathon: ((normally you don't get it, period, unless you kill it (as a marine or a very, very lucky farmer) ))
[20:33] Caoilinn: (And I don't want to know where milk comes from if this is how we get beef...)
[20:33] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:33] Alathon: ((there's no mutacow industry in Crystal Tokyo.. at least, not yet -- you could change that))
[20:33] Alathon: ((milk isn't as common -- goat milk is around, but is not something everyone particularly likes))
[20:33] * Caoilinn takes liver.
[20:34] Amiko: ((Not yet... not til I get charm monster. I think that'd be an acceptable use of the spell, to tame them)
[20:34] Alathon: ((Caoilinn gets some odd looks, but gets her liver.))
[20:34] Caoilinn: (But goat milk is yummy!)
[20:34] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:34] Alathon: ((Several of the female marines end up getting parts of the other cow liver, in hopes of getting some of wha Caoilinn's got))
[20:34] Sanshi: (Bastard cutoffs)
[20:34] Sheena: ( some one made puu go back in time and gank the respicy for koolade.
[20:34] Alathon: ((...respicy?))
[20:35] Sheena: =\
[20:35] Caoilinn: (respee)
[20:35] Tsukasa: (recipe?)
[20:35] Alathon: ((oy vey))
[20:35] Sheena: heh
[20:35] Alathon: ((anyways.. the meat gets eaten, sooner or later.))
[20:35] Alathon: ((Time passes.. you have minor fights, but nothing really worth doing out in live action.... unless you want to?))
[20:36] Amiko: (no, not really)
[20:36] Caoilinn: (Only if the fights include me getting to beat up some of my 'admirers' :) )
[20:36] Alathon: ((eh, they're there, but not pushy -- if you want a fight, you'll have to start it, and be held at fault))
[20:37] Sheena: (hmm, with no econmy we can't sell Kay-chan pics to the boys..)
[20:37] Alathon: ((sure you coudl -- just not for money. barter is perfectly legal))
[20:37] Caoilinn: (And you'll definitely be getting some high quality crystal for your efforts.)
[20:38] Alathon: ((that sorta jealous crap would so fit though, for a crew of four redheads where only one is getting all the attention ;p ))
[20:38] Alathon: ((Anyways ;p ))
[20:38] Alathon: Time passes, and the six months you were scheduled to spend stationed on the northern frontier of Crystal Tokyo come to an end.
[20:39] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:39] Caoilinn: (And now onto our glorious careers of directing traffic!)
[20:39] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:39] Alathon: Your reviews are, generally, quite positive -- though generally speaking, none of the Marines or Infinity Academy grads you have met have been fuckups.
[20:39] Sanshi: (I _kill_ you, peer)
[20:39] Sheena: (my intersection woudl so owns yours!)
[20:39] Alathon: ((heh))
[20:39] Alathon: ((it's You're Under Arrest: the CT chronicle))
[20:40] Amiko: (Hell, _I_ wrote most of their reviews, I suspect.)
[20:40] Caoilinn: (Yeah... Quit begging for updates every chapter.)
[20:41] Sheena: (i hade yuno do mine once)
[20:41] Sheena: (only once...0
[20:41] Amiko: (Cute...)
[20:41] Alathon: Surprisingly, all four of your reviews include a request that you meet, together, with a representative of the Ministry of External Affairs.
[20:42] * Amiko shows up in dress uniform.
[20:42] Tsukasa: (Hm, funky-ness)
[20:42] Alathon: ((have anything to ask about this?))
[20:43] Sheena: ( its caus i dumped 2 tons of dead meat into a village isnt it?)
[20:43] * Tsukasa is curious, but figures said meeting will fix her lack of knowledge.
[20:43] Caoilinn: (Nope. We'll just have to see when we get there)
[20:44] Alathon: I take it you all show up?
[20:44] * Caoilinn shows up.
[20:44] Sheena: (of corse)
[20:45] * Tsukasa doesn't exactly have anything better to do.
[20:45] Alathon: The meeting request is near the center of urban Crystal Tokyo propper, at the Exterior Affairs main office.
[20:45] Alathon: Conveyance is provided, etc etc. I'm guessing you all manage to make it there on time?
[20:46] Caoilinn: (Of course)
[20:46] Alathon: The building is, like most other offices.. very office-ish.
[20:46] Alathon: relaxed grey-tan with pastels here and there on the inside
[20:47] * Sheena tuggs on her dress uniform trying to losen it. "When they say exact fit they really mean it" grumbles "Damn thing"
[20:47] Alathon: comfortable but not terribly luxurious furniture.
[20:47] * Tsukasa wheels in... had to leave Sanshi behind, considering the situation...
[20:47] Alathon: The receptionist notices Sheena's plight and shrugs sympathetically -- she's wearing business casual.
[20:47] * Amiko snorts at Sheena.
[20:48] Alathon: The receptionist is a little surprised to see Tsukasa arrive on wheels, but gets over it quickly/
[20:48] Alathon: Once you're all there, she speaks.
[20:50] Alathon: Receptionist: Caliope will be ready to see you shortly. Her office is (insert easy-to-follow directions).
[20:50] Tsukasa: (Interesting name...)
[20:50] * Amiko leads the others there.
[20:51] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:51] Alathon: You reach the office without incident. Except for PW peering.
[20:52] * Yuno pokes his Head out from the gap in Sheens top. “gah! I can’t breath in here and its hot!”
[20:53] * Amiko shakes her head as her cat settles on her shoulder.
[20:53] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:53] Alathon: A middle-aged clerk, walking by, can't help but spill his tea when he double-takes at the talking ferret.
[20:54] Alathon: The office is tastefully appointed, but clearly denotes a certain degree of stature.
[20:54] * Tsukasa looks around, taking in the scenery as she goes along.
[20:54] Alathon: ((it's noticeably more lavish than most of the rest of the building)
[20:54] Alathon: There are three well-stuffed chairs set up in front of a desk, with space to the left.
[20:55] Sheena: "Your the only guy i know that would compile about being in a ladies shirt."
[20:55] * Sheena stuffs yuno back in.
[20:55] Alathon: Caliope is in, and stands to greet you as you enter. She holds her greeting until Sheena finishes speaking.
[20:55] *** ComradeTaro ( has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:55] * Tsukasa raises her eyebrows at the preplanning.
[20:55] Sheena: (peer is on a roll tonight)
[20:56] *** ComradeTaro ( has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:57] *** ComradeTaro ( has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[20:57] Alathon: Caliope looks to be in her twenties, with long white hair braided and thrown over her left shoulder. She is wearing business attire, a navy suit and pants.
[20:58] Alathon: Her most notable feature is the crescent moon on her forehead. Obviously not being Queen Serenity herself, this (as any citizen of Crystal Tokyo knows) identifies her as a moon cat.
[20:58] * Amiko rasies a eyebrow, but nothing else.
[20:58] Alathon: Albeit one in human form.
[20:58] Sheena: (more cats?)
[20:58] Alathon: ((For reference, moon cats are common at the highest levels of beaurocracy, and within the palace itself))
[20:59] Amiko: ((My, Luna and Arty have been busy.))
[20:59] Alathon: ((they're cats, they litter ;p and it's been a few generations, even for moon cats))
[20:59] * Tsukasa takes note of her host's species.
[20:59] Sheena: (( ya no shit, 1000 yers and moon has one kid, Luna populats most of the city)
[20:59] Sheena: ( go luna!)
[20:59] Amiko: ((Inbreeding! Not just for Hillbillies!))
[21:00] Tsukasa: (It has its uses in rebuilding a race)
[21:00] Caoilinn: (Purification--the cure for inbreeding)
[21:00] Alathon: ((heh, there's a question.. with magical support, would incest be legal?))
[21:00] Alathon: ((well.. legal age incest ;p ))
[21:00] Amiko: ((Don't answer that question, we don't want to know.))
[21:01] Sheena: (now that im thinking about it, i should have made a damn moon cat :P)
[21:01] Alathon: Caliope offers a short mini-bow to each of you, before taking her seat.
[21:01] * Amiko bows sliglthy, and sits.
[21:01] * Caoilinn returns the bow and sits.
[21:02] * Sheena bows in return and finds a seat.
[21:02] * Tsukasa does what she can to return the bow from a seated position and maneuvers her wheelchair into the open space.
[21:03] Sheena: (hmmm, crystal tech wheelchair.... 10,000 HP, 5 speed tranz, and abs?)
[21:03] Caoilinn: (Unfortunately, it's made by the Acme division)
[21:03] Tsukasa: (Foldup normal wheelchair, I'm afraid)
[21:03] Alathon: Caliope: Thank you all for coming. I don't believe we've met before, so I'll introduce myself; I'm known as Caliope, and my role here is Deputy Director of Human Resources for the Department of External Affairs.
[21:03] * Amiko settles, crossing her legs, and steepling her hands.
[21:04] Amiko: "And what does ExAff want with the Military?"
[21:04] Alathon: Caliope's eyes narrow a bit.
[21:04] Alathon: Caliope: Nothing in particular, at least in this case. The disposition of Infinity Academy graduates has yet to be determined. Which is, in fact, why you all are here.
[21:05] Sheena: (We sort of have no idea how all these braces interact Al,)
[21:05] Alathon: ((he?))
[21:05] Amiko: (I can easilly see the Marines and External Affairs being _rivals_ to each other)
[21:05] Alathon: ((er, eh? what/))
[21:05] Amiko: (and Amiko goes back to the Marines. XD)
[21:06] Sheena: (just woundering about the narrow eyes bit,)
[21:06] Caoilinn: (That was a result of Amiko being rude)
[21:06] *** Switchblade (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:06] Switchblade: (Fucking computer restarts! Anyone know what happened after I last spoke?)
[21:07] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:07] Amiko: (Caoilinn, I doubt anyone in the military likes External affairs, for pretty much the same reason the modern day military dislikes State _and_ the CIA)
[21:07] Alathon: ((PM'd))
[21:07] Alathon: ((and mage, you're assuming too much))
[21:07] *** Switchblade is now known as Tsukasa.
[21:07] Alathon: ((waaaay too much))
[21:08] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:08] Alathon: ((generally speaking, the divisions of government get along, enforced from the highest levels))
[21:08] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:08] Alathon: ((because each division of the government answers to one of the Senshi, or the Crown itself, and they don't tolerate more than token internal squabbling))
[21:09] Amiko: ((THis _is_ token squabbling, you don't want to see what I've seen happen when it gets serious in the US goverement))
[21:09] Sheena: "At the very lest we have to thank you for getting us away from the mutacow runs."
[21:09] Alathon: Caliope smiles and shrugs.
[21:09] Sheena: (the point is there shouldnt be any token squabbling yet, where all newbies)
[21:10] Alathon: Caliope: I do hope you enjoyed the beef. Even here at External Affairs we rarely get any.
[21:10] Amiko: (Amiko's arleady done a full tour in the military.)
[21:10] Caoilinn: (Are we still *in* the military at this point, btw?)
[21:10] Alathon: ((Amiko is; the rest of you aren't unless you decide to be))
[21:10] Tsukasa: "It was a nice change of pace."
[21:10] Tsukasa: "It's also nice to change _from_ that pace, so thank you."
[21:10] Alathon: Caliope smiles ruefully.
[21:11] Alathon: Caliope: So.. tell me about yourselves, please. I have files, but they really don't say anything that really matters.
[21:11] Sheena: ( we decide? Arnt we the test group for them?)
[21:11] Alathon: Caliope looks over to her right, to Tsukasa first.
[21:11] Amiko: (Nope.)
[21:11] * Tsukasa blinks. "Um... Well, that puts me on the spot..."
[21:12] Sheena: (Talk! or we feed ya to the peer!)
[21:12] Alathon: Caliope smiles.
[21:12] Caoilinn: (But keep the best cuts for ourselves)
[21:12] Alathon: Caliope: I've always found that it's best to cut to the chase.
[21:13] Tsukasa: "Well... I'm not precisely sure just what you want to know."
[21:13] Alathon: Caliope shrugs.
[21:14] Alathon: Caliope: What are you looking forward to? Career wise, that is?
[21:14] Tsukasa: "Hm... I myself have been thinking of staying with the Marines, at least for a little while."
[21:15] Alathon: Caliope nods.
[21:15] Alathon: Caliope: A good choice; the State needs such as you in many capacities, and many of them are military in nature.
[21:16] Alathon: Caliope turns a little to face Caoilinn.
[21:16] * Tsukasa chuckles. "Thank you, ma'am."
[21:16] Alathon: Caliope nods politely to Tsukasa.
[21:17] Caoilinn: "Well I'm all for more excitement and action."
[21:17] * Caoilinn adds sourly, "But I've had more than enough of large groups of men. ...and women."
[21:17] Alathon: Caliope cocks her head slightly to one side.
[21:18] Alathon: "Action... I suppose you've gotten plenty of action."
[21:18] * Tsukasa hides a smile with her hand.
[21:18] * Caoilinn looks at her curiously.
[21:18] Alathon: Caliope: Certainly, the Marines may be the best place in Crystal Tokyo to go for lots of action.
[21:18] Alathon: (( if she's dissing you, her face doesn't show it))
[21:19] Alathon: Caliope: I can admit, excitement isn't one of the strong points of inner city Crystal Tokyo.
[21:19] * Caoilinn didn't even get the possible insult.
[21:20] Alathon: Caliope turns to face Sheena.
[21:21] Sheena: “I specialize in energy attacks both long and short range. I would prefer to be where the action is if given a choice.”
[21:21] Alathon: Caliope: "Ahh."
[21:21] Sheena: "Other then that i spend my time studying and training my magic core."
[21:22] Alathon: Caliope blink.
[21:22] Alathon: Caliope: I must admit that, though I do possess some innate capabilities of that sort, I'm unfamiliar with that concept. What does one do to 'flex one's core'?
[21:24] Sheena: (typin)
[21:25] Sheena: “I can’t really describe it to well, You sort of grow it then relax, Want me to show you?”
[21:26] Alathon: Caliope pauses for a moment.
[21:26] Alathon: Caliope: if there is no risk of damage or injury to the world around you, certainly.
[21:27] Tsukasa: (Heh, always a good concern)
[21:27] Amiko: (Indeed.)
[21:27] Sheena: "No, no risk. Expect to amiko if she tries to poke it again"
[21:28] * Amiko grins. "I'm a sorceress in training, what do you expect? Shiny."
[21:28] * Sheena Starts to undo the top of her shirt
[21:28] Alathon: Caliope watches.
[21:28] * Sheena reachs down her shirt and pulls out a furry rodent. "Say hellow yuno."
[21:29] * Yuno waves "Hello yuno"
[21:30] Alathon: Caliope stares intently at the ferret.
[21:30] Alathon: Caliope's mouth opens slightly, before she can shut it.
[21:30] Alathon: Caliope's facial expression takes on a vaguely.. predatory.. cast.
[21:30] * Amiko hides a smile, at the long suffering sigh from her cat.
[21:30] Tsukasa: (Heheheh. Soooo in-genre)
[21:30] Amiko: "Does she have to do that?"
[21:31] Amiko: (Cat)
[21:31] * Sheena notices the stare. "Oh right, predatory thing" Stuffs yuno into her hair. "Any way!"
[21:31] Alathon: Caliope: "Talking foo.. ferret? I can't say I've seen one of those before."
[21:32] Alathon: Caliope gets a grip.
[21:32] Alathon: Caliope: "Please continue."
[21:33] * Sheena Closes her top and holds her hands out in front of herself as if holding a cup. A soft pink glow forms are her shirt, breaking up into tiny glowing specks they flow into her hands forming a small glowing ball. The pink ball flash to the beat of her heart getting a bit brighter each time.
[21:34] Alathon: Caliope watches, her eyes following the movement of the specks.
[21:35] Alathon: ((done, or more coming?))
[21:37] * Sheena has her eyes closes in concentration and stats in a clam voice. “You just keep brining as much out as you can then force yourself to hold it. The more control you lean the longer you can hold it. The more your power grows the brighter it will shine.” The small ball gets a bit brighter. “You will it to grow for as long as you can to build up your magic core”
[21:38] Alathon: Caliope nods, visibly awed.
[21:38] * Sheena the ball breaks up with a pop and flows back into Sheena.
[21:38] Alathon: Caliope blinks, her intent focus broken.
[21:38] Alathon: Caliope: "Thank you for that.. demonstration. It is not something I have had the opportunity to see."
[21:38] Sheena: "It's safe, If your alone that is. If some one woudl to come into your room and poke the shiny ball"
[21:39] * Sheena glars at Amiko
[21:39] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:39] Alathon: Caliope looks over at Amiko, one eyebrow raised.
[21:39] * Amiko shrugs slighlty
[21:39] Sheena: "You'll have one hell of a headake for the rest of the day"
[21:39] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:39] Amiko: "Magic is risky. Live and learn."
[21:39] Tsukasa: (Fscking peer)
[21:39] Alathon: ((last thing you saw?))
[21:40] Sanshi: (This window got it all)
[21:40] Alathon: ((cool))
[21:40] Sheena: (heh, love the talking food bit)
[21:40] Alathon: Caliope nods, and continues to face Amiko.
[21:40] Alathon: ((but.. it looked so tasty, and then it had to go and TALK!))
[21:41] Amiko: "I'm a Marine officer. They send me where they want me, at least for 6 more years. I'm also a sorceress." I wave a hand, and her light raises (Mage Hand, gotta love it)
[21:41] Amiko: "Quite useful on occasion."
[21:41] Caoilinn: ("I thought you'd brought me a gift..." <sulk>)
[21:41] Alathon: Caliope nods.
[21:41] Alathon: "Indeed, your superiors have spoken well of you."
[21:41] Alathon: As Caliope says this, her index finger taps on a manila file (one of four) on her desk.
[21:41] Amiko: "I'm honored, Caliope-dono."
[21:42] Alathon: Caliope nods politely.
[21:42] Amiko: "It's a family profession, so I do try to uphold the family's reputation."
[21:42] * Amiko sets the light back down.
[21:42] Alathon: "One Major Ataru Carnegie, I believe it was, said you were following in your father and grandfather's footsteps. A worthy endeavor."
[21:42] Amiko: the winged cat on her shoulder snickers.
[21:43] Amiko: "Well, actually, I think my younger brother really wants to make senior rank, I rather investage more about sorcery."
[21:43] Sheena: ("One Major Ataru"is it just me or does that sound like an insut?)
[21:43] Alathon: Caliope cocks her head to one side slightly.
[21:43] Alathon: ((if you parse it that way, yes ;p ))
[21:43] Alathon: Caliope: "Ahh.. indeed."
[21:44] Amiko: "But... family is family, so I do my best, of course."
[21:44] Sheena: (finshed my 44oz cheery coke, im gtg for the night)
[21:44] Alathon: Caliope: "I thank you all."
[21:45] Alathon: ((heh, until you break the seal))
[21:45] Alathon: Caliope: "So, let us cut to the meat of the matter, and the reason I requested you attend this meeting."
[21:46] Alathon: Caliope: "As you all know, the State has, for centuries, maintained a strictly isolationist policy. One which has, for the most part, served us well."
[21:46] Alathon: "While we do retain some diplomatic contact with the outside world, these are tenuous ties at best."
[21:47] Alathon: Caliope: "Some are of the opinion that the rest of hte world has little to offer us save conflict and misery."
[21:47] Alathon: Caliope looks slightly annoyed making this statement.
[21:47] Amiko: ((Well, what about Wiseman?))
[21:47] Alathon: Caliope: "However, whatever we stand to gain from them, we have become aware in recent decades that we most certainly stand to lose from them."
[21:48] Alathon: Caliope: "Since The Attack, we have begun re-establishing ties that we have allowed to lapse for centuries."
[21:49] Alathon: Caliope: "For many reasons... but perhaps first among them, so that any such future threat which originates on this planet, we have a real chance of identifying and neutralizing before it reaches our shores."
[21:50] Alathon: Caliope pauses for a moment, to let that sink in.
[21:51] * Tsukasa frowns. "Why are you telling this to _us_? Are we being looked at as a contact group?"
[21:51] Amiko: "Or as the neturalizers?"
[21:51] * Caoilinn simply waits for Caliope to tell us.
[21:51] Alathon: Caliope: "Ideally, neither."
[21:51] Sheena: "for centuries? It's my understanding that people out side of the Queens Relm don't leave a fraction of that age. Does any one even remember that we are on this island?"
[21:52] Alathon: Caliope shrugs.
[21:52] Sheena: (*live)
[21:52] Alathon: Caliope: "They rarely live past their first century, however their records age significantly better."
[21:53] Amiko: "Given the Third world war's final spasms, there's a good question if they're consdiered civilized, really."
[21:53] Amiko: "Even by a generous standard."
[21:53] Alathon: Caliope pauses for a moment, before responding.
[21:54] Alathon: Caliope: "The ancestors of those who now populate Crystal Tokyo wielded the same weapons, and fought the same sort of wars that led to the Great Ice."
[21:54] Alathon: Caliope: "If we are different, it is not by nature, but by nurture."
[21:54] Amiko: "I'm not making a judgement call, Caliope-dono, I'm just wondering how many of those areas have orginzation, and the ability to retain records. We lost many ourselves."
[21:54] Alathon: Caliope: "I would say in response, that if the rest of the world lacks civilization as we know it, it is in our best interest to bring civilization to them."
[21:55] Caoilinn: "That sounds like exactly the sort of thing we want to find out."
[21:55] Alathon: Caliope nods.
[21:55] * Amiko raises a eyebrow.
[21:55] * Tsukasa shrugs. "The fact that we managed it makes it at least reasonable that other groups have."
[21:55] Alathon: Caliope: "Ahh. It varies from region to region. We do not yet have anywhere near a full accounting of the nations of the Old World... from what we have gtathered, many perished utterly and are devoid of human life to this day."
[21:56] Alathon: Caliope nods at Tsukasa.
[21:56] Alathon: Caliope: "They did."
[21:56] Alathon: Caliope: "At least several city-states exist on the western shore of what was once the United American States"
[21:56] Amiko: "And from what my grandfather told me, the major centers of the old civilization were the ones to be the hardest hit, as far as the final days went, until we lost contact."
[21:57] Alathon: Caliope: "Correct."
[21:57] Alathon: Caliope: "However, it has been more than a thousand years, and for those who do not live under the Queen's grace, generations come fast and thick."
[21:58] Caoilinn: "A lot of hands to do a lot of work..."
[21:58] Amiko: "Which leads to even more likeyhood that their knowledge is in worse shape than ours... but.... Mmm."
[21:58] Amiko: "Wonder if they recovered the Moutain..."
[21:58] Sheena: (thick.. that made me LOL)
[21:59] Sheena: "We can see where this is headed, but i have to ask. Why us?"
[21:59] Alathon: Caliope: "Indeed. And yes, those city-states with which we have opened dialog have nowhere near our level of technology. However, they have regained the use of electricity... and of gunpowder."
[21:59] Amiko: "We go and explore, I suspect, am I right, Caliope-dono?"
[22:00] Amiko: "Electricty came far later, at least in the old histories than gunpowder... that's a hopeful sign."
[22:00] Alathon: Caliope: "Why you? Easy. Because "supers", "Metas", or what-have-you, are the real power behind every civilization other than ours."
[22:00] Amiko: "Oh, dear."
[22:00] Sheena: "You mean theres more like us? And likly untrained?"
[22:00] * Amiko shakes her head.
[22:00] Alathon: Caliope: "Metas, as they are commonly known, constitute a significantly higher percentage of those societies we have reliable information on, than they yet do of ours."
[22:00] Tsukasa: "No, they're likely _more_ advanced than we.
[22:00] Caoilinn: "We're only the first ones here because the Queen supressed our kind until recently."
[22:01] Alathon: Caliope: "Untrained... I woudln't say that."
[22:01] Alathon: Caliope frowns.
[22:01] Tsukasa: "We first came about just twenty-five years ago. The outsiders have had a thousand to develop."
[22:01] Amiko: "And I would aruge that we're not based on metatalent, ourselves, Caliope-dono, just a very limited number, such as your family, and the Senshi themselves."
[22:02] * Tsukasa coughs into her hand. "'Other than ours'."
[22:03] Sheena: "A tad of topic ladies, Lets not bug Caliope-dono with our peoblems."
[22:03] Alathon: Caliope: "Our society exists as it is now, through the will of the Crown and the Senshi.. I do not think any of us can deny that. Those other cultures we are aware of are similar in this respect."
[22:03] Alathon: Caliope nods thankfully to Sheena.
[22:04] Alathon: Caliope: "We have slid a bit off topic here."
[22:06] Sheena: (hmm, forgot what i was going to say)
[22:06] Alathon: Caliope: "You're all here because you have an opportunity to serve Crystal Tokyo in a time of uncertainty and change, in a way that will likely have a direct impact on our budding relationships with other world powers."
[22:07] Alathon: Caliope: "The short version is this: We need a metahuman force to act as the official bodyguard and/or honor guard for a very senior External Affairs official who is making a trip to the North American continent two weeks hence."
[22:07] Amiko: "If ordered, I'll go."
[22:08] * Tsukasa nods to herself. "That makes sense..."
[22:08] Sheena: "That sounded like an order to me,"
[22:08] Tsukasa: "I'll go, order or no."
[22:08] Sheena: "They want a show pice to impress the locals, and people who are strong enought to handle an action."
[22:09] Alathon: Caliope: "This is your decision to make. This request has already been cleared through the Marines; you were among those most highly recommended."
[22:09] * Amiko shrugs. "Not like I'll be in a line unit, anways. Sure."
[22:10] Alathon: Caliope: "If you are concerned about practical particulars, keep in mind that while you will receive remuneration commensurate with on-duty pay for a 2nd Lieutenant."
[22:10] Alathon: Caliope says this in an ever-so-slightly nasty manner.
[22:10] Alathon: ((damn, you had to go and agree before I typed))
[22:10] Sheena: "Im sorry, is that a bad thing?"
[22:10] Alathon: Caliope smiles.
[22:10] Alathon: Caliope: "Of course not."
[22:11] Scratx: ((off I go. have fun guys :) looks good. *throws catnip at Caliope* =^_^= ))
[22:12] Alathon: ((later))
[22:12] Sheena: (cya)
[22:12] Alathon: ((Caliope enjoys the psychedelic trip))
[22:12] *** Scratx ( has signed off IRC (QUIT: Slaying Peers since... since... well, I still have to slay one!).
[22:13] Alathon: Caliope: "Caoilinn?"
[22:13] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:13] * Caoilinn shrugs slightly.
[22:13] Caoilinn: "Sure."
[22:13] Alathon: ((looks like scratx missed a peer))
[22:14] Alathon: Caliope smiles broadly.
[22:14] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:14] Alathon: Caliope: "Please note that while your present employment with External Affairs is public knwoledge, the nature of your employment is not, as of yet."
[22:15] Tsukasa: (The stupid... it overwhelms)
[22:15] Alathon: ((heh))
[22:15] Sheena: "Are there any extra rules to be followed? Some of us might take offence at being pawed at by strang men."
[22:15] Alathon: Caliope grins.
[22:15] Tsukasa: "It was public knowledge before we knew it?"
[22:16] Alathon: Caliope: "You will be expected to uphold the honor and dignity of Crystal Tokyo. Pawing hands should not be cut off, but broken bones are not unreasonable."
[22:16] Sheena: "They did has us on the far end of the relm for months on end, funny that."
[22:16] Amiko: "I assume we're to pack formals, and informal uniforms."
[22:16] Alathon: Caliope shakes her head.
[22:16] * Amiko raises a eyebrow.
[22:17] Alathon: Caliope: "Bring your field gear; uniforms for this assignment will be provided."
[22:17] Sheena: "Oh dear"
[22:17] * Amiko gets a cold shiver.
[22:17] Tsukasa: "That is... inspiring."
[22:17] Amiko: (And the REAL reason the military distrusts ExAff. XD)
[22:17] Alathon: Caliope: "Don't worry, they'll at least be tasteful. But do understand that image *IS* an important part of what we do."
[22:17] * Tsukasa has mental flashes to the uniforms of the Senshi.
[22:17] Alathon: Caliope takes a moment to look over all of you.. or rather, to look over your hair.
[22:18] * Amiko shudders slighlty.
[22:18] Amiko: "No seiifukus, please..."
[22:18] Caoilinn: (Odangos! :) )
[22:18] Tsukasa: (Ooooh dear)
[22:18] Sheena: "A "very senior External Affairs official'' who ends up with a sqad of hot redheads on personal guard, and unknown uniforms?"
[22:18] Tsukasa: "Lucky man?"
[22:18] Sheena: "Did we do something wrong? .... Im sorry what ever it was'"
[22:18] * Caoilinn starts looking kind of bored.
[22:19] Alathon: Caliope smirks slightly.
[22:19] Alathon: Caliope: "I doubt you'll have any trouble of that sort."
[22:19] Alathon: Caliope opens a desk drawer and brings out a whole heap''o'forms.
[22:19] Alathon: Caliope produces four black pens.
[22:20] Tsukasa: (Why _was_ she looking over our hair, anyway? Hm...)
[22:20] Alathon: Caliope motions to the forms and paper.
[22:20] Alathon: "I'm sure you can see where this is going. Take your time, there's a lot to read."
[22:20] * Caoilinn starts reading her copies.
[22:20] Sheena: (caus its so shiny and healty, cowguts really brings out the shine ya know)
[22:21] * Tsukasa takes her forms and begins to read.
[22:21] Alathon: Caliope busies herself with paperwork of her own while you read over and sign the contracts detailing your new employment. Amiko's is noticeably thinner.
[22:21] * Amiko scans hers.
[22:21] Alathon: ((10 minute break here, for food and whatnot))
[22:21] Caoilinn: (And reading forms...)
[22:21] Amiko: K
[22:21] * Sheena pulls yuno out of her hair and sets him on her sholder. "All right yuno, time to earn your keep"
[22:23] Sheena: (why does amiko get less :( )
[22:23] Caoilinn: (She's already signed half most of her rights and freedoms away)
[22:23] Tsukasa: (She's military already - she isn't as free as we are)
[22:23] Sheena: (what rights and freedoms? From your pregame info working for the crown is the better end of the stick)
[22:24] Amiko: (Indeed.)
[22:24] Caoilinn: (Hm... 10 minutes isn't long enough to go to the store and get some almonds.)
[22:24] Amiko: (Sheena, mostly becasue I've already signed most of this, basically, OSA acceptance, etc, etc.)
[22:25] Amiko: (Basically, her signing is a recepit of orders.)
[22:25] Sheena: (im at a totaly loss on h0w to discribe the barrier jacket, damn thing)
[22:26] Tsukasa: (A third-grader's uniform?)
[22:26] Amiko: (BTW: Marines likey wear US uniforms (Marines) but in Silver/red, instead of Blue red)
[22:27] Sheena: ((Link:
[22:27] Caoilinn: (Sheena - "embarrassing")
[22:28] Sheena: (heh, at lest its a long skirt)
[22:28] Sheena: (totaly skips the spin,twirl,nakkied light show as well.)
[22:29] Sheena: (shouldnt you be on an almond run any way?)
[22:30] Tsukasa: (Okay, that's a moderately cool Barrier Jacket)
[22:31] Caoilinn: (Nope. I said I didn't have enough time to go.)
[22:33] Alathon: bizack
[22:33] Caoilinn: (Ok.)
[22:33] Alathon: ((sorry about that, needed a few for necessities, anda few to go over what comes next))
[22:33] Tsukasa: (Heresness)
[22:35] Alathon: Anyways
[22:36] Alathon: Assuming you finish reading the paperwork, and sign it, Caliope will continue.
[22:36] Amiko: What does the paperwork say? But yes.
[22:36] Alathon: ((for you or them?))
[22:37] Alathon: ((for you, it's basically accepting temporary assignment to detail with External Affairs
[22:37] Tsukasa: (And us?)
[22:38] Alathon: ((for them, it's all the usual job crap, your life may be in jeapardy crap, next of kin crap, transmission of state secrets to foreign powers is treason and punishable by death crap, etc ))
[22:38] * Caoilinn signs it if there's nothing strange in it.
[22:39] * Tsukasa nods and signs it.
[22:39] * Yuno finshs going over it and gives Sheena a thumbs up. Witch is odd as ferrets don't have thumbs
[22:40] * Sheena signs where she hs to.
[22:40] Alathon: ((Yuuno nonetheless succeeds at giving a thumbs up))
[22:40] Alathon: Caliope: "Alright, then."
[22:41] Alathon: Caliope: <<Answer me in the same language if you understand this fully.>>
[22:41] Alathon: Caliope says this in New English -- if you know English, you can understand words, but not the whole sentence.
[22:41] Amiko: "A tad of it..."
[22:41] Alathon: ((or can roll your languages + int to decipher it))
[22:41] * Caoilinn answers her.
[22:42] Amiko: ((You know -new- English? How?)
[22:42] Caoilinn: (What's the difference between new and non-new?)
[22:42] Alathon: ((the difference is the same between our english adn Olde English from the 12th century))
[22:42] Alathon: ((i.e. they're barely alike at all))
[22:42] Sheena: "I got a bit of that.."
[22:42] Sheena: roll 1d20+1 Knowledge, Culture (Old World)
[22:42] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+1 Knowledge, Culture (Old World) --> [ 1d20=1 ]{2}
[22:42] Alathon: Caliope frowns at Caoilinn.
[22:42] Caoilinn: (Well, if we took 'English' as a language, which would we have more likely learned?)
[22:43] Sheena: "You get any of that yuuno?"
[22:43] Alathon: ((the one that people who moved here a thousand years ago know0)
[22:43] Alathon: ((i.e. English))
[22:43] Alathon: ((not New English))
[22:44] Amiko: 1d20+6 (Int)
[22:44] Amiko: roll 1d20+6 (Int)
[22:44] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+6 (Int) --> [ 1d20=16 ]{22}
[22:44] * Yuno smirks <<Nope didn't understand a thing>>
[22:44] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+7 to parse it out.
[22:44] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+7 to parse it out. --> [ 1d20=5 ]{12}
[22:44] * Sheena frowns
[22:44] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+4
[22:44] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{8}
[22:44] Caoilinn: (Ok, only partial understanding, then)
[22:44] Yuno: "I guess I'll teach you later"
[22:45] Tsukasa: "I got a... bit?"
[22:45] Alathon: ((only Amiko really gets any of it, and she only gets the gist -- that you're supposed to answer in the same language.))
[22:45] Amiko: "I understood what you wanted, but it's a radically different structure. Wouldn't know how to answer."
[22:45] Alathon: Caliope nods.
[22:46] Alathon: Caliope opens another drawer and yanks out a handful of forms, before seperating four, and putting the rest back int he drawer.
[22:46] Alathon: Caliope: "Fortunately, a few of you at least know some English, so this'll go easier for you than the rest."
[22:47] Alathon: Caliope says this as she's writing on the forms, which look vaguely like prescriptions.
[22:47] Sheena: (oh dear)
[22:47] Tsukasa: (Why do I feel a sudden sense of dread?)
[22:47] Caoilinn: (Because you're paranoid)
[22:48] Amiko: (Doesn't mean that pain's in her future.)
[22:48] Tsukasa: (It's only paranoia if they _aren't_ out to get you. We're playing an RPG - the GM is _supposed_ to be out to get us)
[22:48] Amiko: (have to agree there.)
[22:48] Caoilinn: (No he isn't.)
[22:48] Alathon: Caliope eventually finishes, and hands one to each of you. They are, in fact, proscriptions, for something called "Accellerated Language Education" , to be administered by a division of R&D you're not familiar with.
[22:49] Alathon: ((I'm supposed to be out to let you get yourselves))
[22:49] Alathon: ((it's no fun if I just shit on y ou))
[22:49] Alathon: ((for any of us ;p ))
[22:49] Tsukasa: (Yep - the trick is to make the suffering _fun_)
[22:50] * Tsukasa takes her prescription and reads it in-depth.
[22:50] * Amiko accepts
[22:51] Alathon: There isn't much to the proscription other than the stationary, and the worlds "New English"
[22:51] Tsukasa: (Figured that)
[22:52] Alathon: The Devision of R&D handling it is BPP.
[22:53] Alathon: Caliope: "Report the day after tomorrow to building 26 on the main R&D campus; the receptionist will be able to direct you."
[22:54] Alathon: Caliope: "I'll be happy to address any further questions you have."
[22:55] Amiko: "Any intellengence gatehring you want done as well?"
[22:56] Amiko: "Or is it just Security detail work, in a soical enviorment?"
[22:57] Alathon: Caliope: "Your core duties are those of an honor guard; if opportunities arise, clear them with your superior please before pursuing them."
[22:57] Sheena: "Any idea why all of us ended up on the same sqad? We where all friends in the Academy sure, but i don't find it a bit odd."
[22:57] Alathon: Caliope: "Such things can be taken in the wrong way, especially so early in negotiations."
[22:57] Alathon: Caliope shrugs.
[22:58] Tsukasa: "We should at least keep our own eyes out for whatever 'intelligence' we happen to see, regardless."
[22:58] Alathon: Caliope: "I couldn't say; I'm not privy to the workings of the Infinity Academy administration."
[22:58] Alathon: Caliope: "Of course."
[22:58] Amiko: "That's a given."
[22:58] Amiko: "Just wanted to know how active of looking she wanted."
[22:59] Amiko: "And she answered that."
[22:59] Alathon: Caliope: "I couldnt' say for sure, but I'd expect we'd do any such intelligence work with less high profile individuals."
[23:01] Alathon: Caliope: "Anything else?"
[23:01] Alathon: Caliope: "If you have any further questions, feel free to cell me."
[23:01] Alathon: Caliope gives you all a cell number.
[23:02] Alathon: Caliope stands.
[23:03] * Caoilinn stands up.
[23:03] * Amiko stands, bows slighlty, and departs
[23:04] * Tsukasa ... doesn't stand up, simply trying her 'seated' variation of a bow.
[23:04] * Caoilinn bows slightly and leaves.
[23:05] * Sheena Follows the group out and gives a wave, "Bye"
[23:05] Alathon: ((mmmm...))
[23:06] Alathon: ((do you want a description of the ALE experience, or just that it is disorienting, unpleasant, and generally sucks?))
[23:06] Amiko: ((Works))
[23:06] Sheena: (zap zap zap)
[23:06] Tsukasa: (Owie. What was it?)
[23:06] Caoilinn: (Skipping it is fine)
[23:07] Alathon: ((it's a non-invasive medical procedure followed up by the rest of the week studying New English.))
[23:07] Sheena: (all tho Sheena will be wishing she knew about that before there history final)
[23:07] Alathon: ((By the end of the week, you can speak it fluently, though common sense indicates you'll lack cultural background to interpret some things))
[23:08] Alathon: ((The process is not in common use outside of External Affairs and a couple other places because repeated use can result in degredation of mental acuity and eventually dementia.))
[23:09] Amiko: ((lovely))
[23:09] Alathon: You can add New English to your lists of known languages.
[23:09] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:09] Alathon: ((d'oh.. cmon tsukasa, hang in there!))
[23:10] Tsukasa: (I'm here)
[23:10] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:10] Tsukasa: (Yay! New language!)
[23:11] Caoilinn: (Yes--we've won!)
[23:12] Alathon: ((at life?))
[23:12] Alathon: ((anyways0)
[23:12] Alathon: You have a week or so to yourselves before you embark; the journey will be by boat, so it'll take a while.
[23:12] Sheena: ( i won the game of life once, but my little car was full of kids and dad said that i really failed in the end)
[23:12] Alathon: YOu can do whatever you feel a need to in this time.
[23:12] Alathon: ((hahahahahahaha))
[23:13] Amiko: (Whimper at the fact I'm in ExAf.)
[23:14] Alathon: ((eh, you're just on loan ;p ))
[23:14] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:14] * Sheena sneaks around the ship trying to find there "uniforms" for the mission
[23:14] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:14] Tsukasa: (Blah.)
[23:15] Alathon: You'll have access to the general areas of the ship, and with a bit of effort you can probably sneak around storage areas. Roll your search.
[23:15] * Tsukasa doesn't have much to do other than pack...
[23:15] * Amiko practies her magic, prepares for going back to the US, by reading all of Grandfather's notes.
[23:16] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+7 search
[23:16] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+7 search --> [ 1d20=10 ]{17}
[23:17] * Caoilinn spends her time practicing with her weapons and making little crystal knicknacks for her room.
[23:17] Sheena: roll 1d20+5
[23:17] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{23}
[23:17] * Sheena hears yunno humming an odd tune as she sneaks around. (mission imposible)
[23:18] Tsukasa: (Heh. How old _is_ this ferret?)
[23:19] Sheena: (sheena has no clue)
[23:19] * Tsukasa does... a pretty impressive job of sneaking around for a girl in a wheelchair.
[23:19] Sheena: (you have well oiled wheels)
[23:21] Alathon: ((results of search PM'd))
[23:21] Sheena: (see it)
[23:22] * Sheena points out to the other girls where they can find the uniforms.
[23:22] * Amiko sneaks in, examines them.
[23:22] * Caoilinn doesn't care; she'll see them soon enough.
[23:23] * Caoilinn asks Sheena if she needs anything made, though.
[23:23] Sheena: (made?)
[23:24] Tsukasa: (Crystal-stuff)
[23:24] Caoilinn: (Magic. :) Small items)
[23:24] * Sheena Shurgs at Kay-chan. "Ok.. but i don't want to hear anything when you find out where going to be show pices."
[23:25] Sheena: (really? Thats interesting. Sheena will more defently look you up for help later.)
[23:25] Sheena: (She has a velka type cartrage system to build)
[23:25] Caoilinn: "And looking at them now will change that?"
[23:25] Sheena: "uhh..."
[23:26] * Sheena shurges "Not unless we all gain a bunch of whight"
[23:26] Caoilinn: "I'll just wait, then."
[23:27] Alathon: ((Anything else you feel needs to be covered before you depart for shores unknown?))
[23:27] Caoilinn: (Oh, just crystal with the creating things, btw)
[23:27] Sheena: (thats fine, Crystal rounds would work perfect to store EP later0
[23:27] Caoilinn: (Do we meet the official we're working for first?)
[23:28] * Sanshi _does_ raid the food supplies, but...
[23:28] Alathon: ((Actually, you do have that option.))
[23:28] Alathon: ((you can inquire with Caliope about getting an appointment.))
[23:28] Sheena: (i figer some one like amiko would find oout about there officer before the mission starts full time)
[23:28] * Amiko asks Caliope to meet her new superior officer.
[23:28] Caoilinn: (Well, I'll do that. I don't know about anyone else)
[23:29] Caoilinn: (And now I know.)
[23:29] * Tsukasa is interested too.
[23:29] Alathon: ((You're all welcome to get an appointment together if you want one.))
[23:29] Sheena: ( of crose)
[23:29] Caoilinn: (And knowing is half the battle!)
[23:30] Tsukasa: (Sounds good)
[23:30] * Sheena tries to tame her long mass of red hair, but it fights back and just won't stay down. (Syian? Whats that!!)
[23:30] * Caoilinn is willing to once she finds out everyone else is planning to meet with the officer.
[23:31] Alathon: Caliope takes a while, but gets back to you all the day before you're scheduled to leave.
[23:31] * Sheena while waiting for the meeting she plays catch with Sanshi useing a yuuno ball
[23:31] Alathon: She leaves you all messages on your voicemail with the time, buidling, floor, and office.
[23:31] * Amiko arrives in dress uniform.
[23:32] * Sanshi has fun catching the ball.
[23:33] Alathon: ((the rest of you?))
[23:33] Caoilinn: (Are we expected to wear uniforms now?)
[23:33] Alathon: ((no direction was given))
[23:33] Caoilinn: (In general)
[23:33] Alathon: ((however you haven't officially be issued your new honor guard uniforms yet))
[23:33] Alathon: ((you three? no))
[23:33] Alathon: ((in fact, it'd be kinda inappropriate, really))
[23:34] * Caoilinn goes in nice but informal clothing.
[23:34] * Tsukasa goes as the civilian she technically is - a purple kimono.
[23:34] Sheena: ((Has her standered uniform on, withh yuuno stuffed in her shirt, again.)
[23:34] * Amiko rests her hand on her katana.
[23:35] Amiko: (You all civilians!)
[23:35] Amiko: (Anyone but Venus, Anyone but Venus, Anyone but Venus)
[23:35] Alathon: ((you know that laugh that Ms. Crabapple in The Simpsons does?))
[23:35] * Sheena has spent months breaking this armor in and now its darn comfy, thank you very much.
[23:36] Alathon: The receptionist doublechecks your appointment, before confirming it, and directing you to a lift.
[23:37] Alathon: When you get in the elevator, you discover that the floor you've been directed to is the top floor.
[23:37] Alathon: hmmmmm.... hmmmmm.... hmmmmm... goes the lift. Doesn't take very long.
[23:38] Tsukasa: (Now that's... noteworthy. Sounds like it _is_ Venus...)
[23:38] Amiko: (We're screwed...)
[23:38] Caoilinn: (Geez, you guys just can't ever wait and see, can you... :p )
[23:39] Tsukasa: (Sure we can, we just like making sarcastic remarks when they come to us ;) )
[23:39] Sheena: (Where not suposed to know much about Venus, And i dought she would be in fuku)
[23:39] Alathon: When the door opens at the top, it's to a large-ish waiting room with a secretary or receptionist (not really clear) seated at a desk at the far end.
[23:39] Caoilinn: (Oh... they don't come to you more frequently than that?)
[23:39] Alathon: ((they're kinda in fuku 24/7 in that time period))
[23:39] Sheena: (this is one hell of a ship)
[23:40] Alathon: ((at least, that's how I always understood it))
[23:40] Alathon: ((seeing as that's their "lives forever" form))
[23:41] Sheena: (by they all it would be is a change of coths for em)
[23:41] Alathon: Anyways, assuming you do the obvious and ask the secretary, she'll direct you to wait a few minutes until the boss is free.
[23:41] * Amiko walks to the whoever, and annoucnes her presense and a meeting
[23:41] Amiko: (Thank god I'm under Makoto...)
[23:41] Alathon: The chairs and couches that line the walls are comfy.
[23:42] Sheena: (in the year 30XX lazy boy rains supream)
[23:42] Amiko: (It's Venus, miss hendoist.)
[23:42] Caoilinn: (I doubt it's a senshi.)
[23:43] Sheena: (you do know that you've said Venus so may times Al's going to switch it just to fuck with you?
[23:43] Alathon: After a few minutes, the secretary gets your attention and directs you to a door to the right of her desk.
[23:43] * Caoilinn goes in.
[23:44] * Tsukasa wheels herself in.
[23:44] Alathon: The door opens directly into a borderline opulent office, complete with cut-crystal desk.
[23:45] Alathon: And yup, it's Venus. And, she's very, very busy, and still on the cell with someone, going over (in an obviously tired tone of voice) some scheduling matter.
[23:45] * Amiko walks in, salutes.
[23:45] Sheena: (i read that wrong for a moment.. dirty dirty mind)
[23:46] Alathon: Venus hasn't looked up yet from some paper she's scratching something out on.
[23:46] * Amiko holds the salute
[23:46] * Sheena just calmy stand by Amiko.
[23:46] Alathon: ((I'd have a photo for you, but every goddamned link I get for "adult sailor venus pictures" is a goddamned hentai site))
[23:46] Sheena: (go fig)
[23:47] Alathon: It's a good forty-five seconds or more before she finishes with her call.
[23:47] * Tsukasa gets herself out of the door first, then bows.
[23:47] Alathon: Venus: Sorry about.. oh, at ease.
[23:47] * Amiko releases teh saulte, and stands at ease.
[23:47] Alathon: Venus nods politely in return to the bows.
[23:48] Alathon: Venus gives you each a quick once-over, then speaks.
[23:48] * Caoilinn bows once Venus looks their way.
[23:48] Alathon: Venus: "I understand you're here concerning your position as my honor guard/"
[23:48] Alathon: ((positions.))
[23:48] Sheena: ((Link: best i could do.)
[23:48] Alathon: ((and, guards.))
[23:48] Amiko: "Yes, ma'am."
[23:49] * Tsukasa nods.
[23:49] Alathon: ((... her breasts look like they have more volume than her head!))
[23:49] Caoilinn: (Not the mental image I had, Sheena...)
[23:49] Sheena: (thats cannon isnt it?)
[23:49] Alathon: "Ahh. Well, shoot. I've got ten minutes until I need to be outta here."
[23:49] Sheena: (and like Al said you try to find something normal you end up with worse pron)
[23:50] Tsukasa: "I apologize for disturbing you, milady."
[23:50] Amiko: "What are your requirements, ma'am?"
[23:51] Alathon: Venus shakes her head.
[23:51] Alathon: "My requirements are that you look good, defend yourselves ably when the shit hits the fan.. as it always, always does.. and try not to die on my account."
[23:51] Amiko: "Of course, Ma'am. If that's all?"
[23:51] Sheena: "I noticed you said, When."
[23:51] Alathon: Venus frowns.
[23:52] Alathon: "That's all you wanted this appointment for?"
[23:52] Sheena: (you going to piss off every one amiko/)
[23:52] Alathon: Venus is relieved when someone actually has a question.
[23:52] Amiko: "I wanted to meet my commanding officer, I did not know it was you, ma'am."
[23:52] Caoilinn: "Well, we weren't told whom we'd be serving and wanted to meet them."
[23:52] Alathon: Venus: "Yes, when. I don't know if you were briefed on the nature of this visit, but it's not likely to stay diplomatic, to say the least."
[23:53] Alathon: Venus grins, then actually smiles.
[23:53] Amiko: "I see. Likey threats?" I settle into professonal mode.
[23:53] Tsukasa: "Is it that bad over there?"
[23:53] Alathon: Venus pauses as you all speak, then faces Caoilinn first.
[23:53] Amiko: ((Shit happens.))
[23:53] Alathon: Venus: "Caliope handled your recruitment correct?"
[23:53] Caoilinn: "Yes, ma'am."
[23:54] Alathon: Venus: "And Ms. Moate was appropriately formal, correct?"
[23:54] Sheena: (Moate?)
[23:54] Tsukasa: (Amiko)
[23:54] Amiko: (Me.)
[23:54] Alathon: Venus emphasizes the word "appropriate" slightly.
[23:54] Sheena: (ahh yes)
[23:54] Sheena: "Yes, She has a way with people"
[23:55] Alathon: Venus grins again.
[23:55] Alathon: Venus: "Yeah, that sorta stuff drives Caliope up the wall."
[23:56] Amiko: "She also indicated that it was a meet and greet, not a combat mission, or that was her implication. That's one reason a lot of the lower ranked officers have problems with your staff, ma'am."
[23:56] Alathon: Venus: "I think she'd sooner get a dunking in the bay than deal with five minutes of External Affairs on Marines 'interaction', if you get my drift."
[23:56] Alathon: Venus's expression shifts to a more neutral one.
[23:56] Amiko: "We don't mind your mission, nor working for you. We just like the whole story."
[23:57] Alathon: Venus: "Every mission we have is supposed to be a meet and greet in one form or another, but if all we're expecting is a lot of hungry mouths we retain caterers, not soldiers."
[23:57] * Yuno "She looked like she wanted to eat me!" comes a muffled yell from in side sheena shirt
[23:57] Sheena: (woops, late)
[23:58] Amiko: "Honor guard to Marines, ma'am, doesn't mean a combat mission, it means spit and polish. Mabye we should improve our interaction, since there's terms that we use, that others might use and mean differently than we do."
[23:58] Alathon: Venus holds up a sheet of paper with doublespaced typing on it -- it's illegible at your distance -- and runs a single long fingernail between one line and another.
[23:58] Tsukasa: "Is there some specific information we have on the state of things over there?"
[23:58] * Sheena sighs about amiko and pokes yuuno to shuthim up.
[23:58] * Amiko stands and shrugs slighlty. "What's the likey threat, ma'am?"
[23:59] Alathon: Venus massages her forehead.
[23:59] Sheena: (if they are sending venus i don't wana know.)
[00:00] Alathon: Venus: "The short version is, Harleyriders, Texans, or some combination thereof."
[00:00] * Amiko nods.
[00:00] Alathon: Venus: "If you're not familiar with either, don't worry, we WILL be going over this during the trip over."
[00:00] Sheena: (isnt it like a day before we arrive?)
[00:01] Tsukasa: (Day before we leave, I think)
[00:01] Amiko: "Thank you, for claifying the mission for us. May I ask a question about the uniforms?"
[00:01] Sheena: (oh,)
[00:01] Amiko: (Day before we leave)
[00:01] Alathon: Venus: "Sure."
[00:02] Sheena: (i think they look good)
[00:03] Amiko: "Why not Marine formal, not that I mind at all!"
[00:03] Alathon: Venus: "Marine formal doesn't match your hair anywhere near as well."
[00:03] * Tsukasa holds in a laugh, with effort.
[00:04] Amiko: "Ah."
[00:04] Sheena: "...Oh, now i get it."
[00:04] * Amiko keeps a smile off her face, but laughter dancing in her eyes.
[00:04] Sheena: "umm, Lady Venus did you by chance happen to have any say in our sqad formation? I all was woundered how a pack of redheads got put on the same one."
[00:05] Alathon: Venus grins.
[00:05] Sheena: (good god no)
[00:05] Alathon: Venus: "If you were, I honestly couldn't say; that'd be Mercury or one of her people."
[00:06] Tsukasa: "I suppose it remains a mystery for the ages, then..."
[00:06] Alathon: Venus snickers.
[00:07] Sheena: (good thing they don't know about that barrier jacket yet..)
[00:07] Alathon: Venus: "Regardless, I have obligations to meet, as I'm sure you do as well."
[00:07] Alathon: Venus: "Thank you for touching base, to.. clear things up."
[00:07] Sheena: "Thanks for you time."
[00:07] Alathon: Venus nods politely, and returns to her work.
[00:07] * Tsukasa bows. "I'm sorry for taking up your time, milady.
[00:07] * Caoilinn bows and leaves.
[00:07] * Sheena dito
[00:07] * Amiko nods, and saultes, waits, then departs.
[00:09] Alathon: ((At this point you have basically less than a day before departure.)
[00:10] Alathon: ((if it's in CT and you want it, now's the time to go looking.))
[00:10] Tsukasa: (Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to America we go~!)
[00:10] * Amiko packs extra ammo, a US history textbook, US maps
[00:10] * Sheena hordes a good amount of toilet paper and sake
[00:10] Caoilinn: (Don't worry--I can make as much crystal toilet paper as we need! ;) )
[00:10] * Tsukasa packs most of her stuff, including a _lot_ of extra power packs.
[00:11] Sheena: (That sounds suprisingly painfull)
[00:11] Tsukasa: (... I'm feeling that just at the _thought_)
[00:11] Alathon: ((you'll have powerpacks issued))
[00:11] Alathon: ((omg crystal toilet paper.. you KNOW the palace wants some of that..... NOT.))
[00:12] Alathon: ((powerpacks (and other crystal tech weaponry) are tighly controlled, they're not the sorta thing you can just requisition up a couple of.))
[00:12] Amiko: ((Gods, no. I'll bring real ones))
[00:12] Amiko: (and thank god for presiditation)
[00:12] Tsukasa: (You realize what you could do to economics just by creating enough crystal?)
[00:13] * Tsukasa _doesn't_ pack a lot of extra power packs, then, if she isn't legally allowed to snag 'em.
[00:13] Alathon: ((depends on if it's valued in the region))
[00:13] * Caoilinn just brings her stuff and herself.
[00:14] Tsukasa: (Heh, but she's an infinite source - she could crash the market)
[00:14] * Sheena is a self renewing energy source fuelled by sake and good fish. She is good to go.
[00:16] Alathon: ((heh))
[00:16] Alathon: ((hrm.. what point to hit next0)
[00:16] Alathon: ((oh yeah, thes hip))
[00:17] Alathon: The ship you're set to board the next day, unlike so much of Crystal Tokyo, is not made of Crystal.
[00:17] Alathon: This is for the fairly obvious reason that it is meant to be sailed away from Japan and the supporting Grid of crystal structures which power each other.
[00:18] Alathon: It is metal hulled, of an archaic (read: 20th century) design. It is, in fact, an oversized and dolled-up fishing boat.
[00:19] Tsukasa: (Heh)
[00:19] * Amiko sighs.
[00:19] Caoilinn: (In fact, we'll be doing some fishing along the way.)
[00:19] Sheena: (For a crose ocean trip?)
[00:19] Alathon: This being one of the downsides of Crystal Tokyo's isolationism -- it lacks infrastructure for international trade.
[00:19] Sheena: (im having FF flash backs, anyone else?)
[00:19] Alathon: ((haha good, the FF games kicked ass))
[00:19] Amiko: (Japanese fishing boats are ocean goers, espically the whaling ones, Sheena)
[00:19] Caoilinn: (I don't have anything to flash back to)
[00:20] Sheena: ((We So need a crystal tech "Junk" that can sail the world.
[00:20] Sheena: (( Kay-chan get crackin on one!)
[00:20] Alathon: ((crystal tech has severe limitations when you get away from CT))
[00:21] Caoilinn: (10lb limit to what I make. :) )
[00:21] Sheena: (( Its been over a thousand years, some one needs to push for orbital crystal sats all ready)
[00:21] Amiko: ((Give me time, and we'll teleport around.))
[00:21] Alathon: The boat actually appears to have sails of a sort, though they're obviously not positioned to catch wind. On further inspection, they're solar film.
[00:21] Alathon: ((this being a film that can be spread out to catch light and power things -- more on this))
[00:21] Sheena: ((Don't forget i got yuuno, Once his be to the new land we are set)
[00:21] Alathon: Any last acts before the boat departs?
[00:22] Alathon: ((uh, check y our distances))
[00:22] * Sheena runs to the bathroom
[00:22] Alathon: ((the difficulty on teleporting from Japan to North America is.. significant))
[00:22] Alathon: (( and it's well outside Yuuno's safe distance))
[00:22] Sheena: ((A blind port yes, Not once yuuno's been there tho)
[00:22] Alathon: ((it's within the realm of the possible though))
[00:23] Amiko: ((When I get to 11th level, then 15th... heh, heh.)
[00:23] Alathon: (( we can discuss teleport later))
[00:23] Amiko: (And scry has no range)
[00:23] Sheena: (k
[00:23] Sheena: (how far is it any way? More then 1000 miles seems odd.)
[00:23] * Caoilinn bounces around, excited to be leaving The City.
[00:24] Amiko: (6000 miles more or less by Great Circle, I THINK)
[00:24] Amiko: (it's a 14 hour flight, though.)
[00:24] Sheena: (So whats are DC to find out if we have moitaion sickness or not?)
[00:24] Alathon: ((no motion sickness unless you want it for dramatic purposes -- the boat ride isn't too bad))
[00:25] Sheena: ( so the world getting blown up gave us nice clame oceans? Cool)
[00:25] Amiko: (No, just a big sailing boat.)
[00:25] Alathon: (( heh, I wouldn't say they're calm.. just not sickness inducing unless you're prone))
[00:25] Alathon: ((and it's a big boat, you'renot bouncing all over the place))
[00:26] Amiko: Any Marines assigned to the ship?
[00:26] Tsukasa: (Us)
[00:26] Amiko: (Besides us, ie, Fleet Marines)
[00:26] Amiko: (We're not assinged to the ship, anyways.)
[00:27] Alathon: Surprisingly, no.
[00:27] Sheena: ( i just wana see venus pick a fight, heh)
[00:27] Alathon: The crew actually seems a little thin for a ship this size.
[00:27] Alathon: ((no you don't.. because she wouldn't pick a fight with something you all weren't quipped to handle ;p ))
[00:27] Tsukasa: (Oh, _that_ ain't comforting...)
[00:28] * Amiko watches the sea. "No Fleet Marines, a small crew... oh, this is going to go pear shaped." I mutter to my cat.
[00:28] * Amiko shakes her head.
[00:28] Amiko: Tika responds. "Could be worse."
[00:28] * Tsukasa makes _sure_ her guns are in good working order.
[00:30] Alathon: YOu get a briefing from one of the ship's engineers on the use of Crystal Tech outside the radius of CT's Grid.
[00:30] Alathon: ((briefing, and discussion if you want))
[00:30] Caoilinn: (Let me know what our uniforms look like when I finally get to see them)
[00:31] Sheena: (Kay-chan needs some kinda attack like Naruto's orika-jutsu)
[00:31] Alathon: ((You have four pairs of them (each) stowed in your rooms.)
[00:32] Caoilinn: (Ok. But *I* still have no idea what they look like)
[00:32] Amiko: ((What's the rules on the tech use?))
[00:32] Alathon: Engineer: Okay, here's the short of it. Crystech ain't work for free on the other side of the world, and that's where we're going.
[00:33] * Sheena gives Kay-chan the deta
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Postby Alathon » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:22 am

[00:33] * Sheena gives Kay-chan the details of the sqads new getup.
[00:33] Alathon: Your guns won't fire, your comm unit's'll go silent, and your armor won't harden propperly, unless it's powered by one of these.
[00:34] Amiko: "Fun."
[00:34] Alathon: The Engineer holds up a powerpack. It's a metallic cylinder roughly two inches long, and half an inch wide. Black three quards of the way, with a copper tone to the last quarter.
[00:34] * Amiko examines the powerpack.
[00:35] Alathon: ((if you think it sounds like a Duracell AA battery, you're right)).
[00:36] Alathon: "Each one of these holds ten chargers. A charge will power a comm unit, a flashlight, or any other simple stuff for a good long while."
[00:37] Alathon: "A charge ain't go so far when it comes to weapons."
[00:37] Alathon: "Your standard issue blaster" -- he holds one up -- "Will eat one charge per shot."
[00:37] Alathon: "So will the Pulse Rifles, and if you fullauto them, it'll be six charges, hit or miss.
[00:37] Sheena: (Poor tsukasa)
[00:37] Amiko: "And me without combat magic..."
[00:38] Tsukasa: (Heh. The plasma and beam rifles are even nastier)
[00:38] Tsukasa: (That's why I wanted a _lot_ of packs)
[00:39] Sheena: (Do you need my extra packs? I only need the bare amount for our tools)
[00:39] Alathon: "if you've got a beam rifle, that'll eat five per shot, and more if you hold it on a target. A plasma rifle will empty one of these" -- he holds up a powerpack again -- "In one shot."
[00:39] Alathon: ((packs you're issued are standard, I'll get to that.))
[00:40] Alathon: "If you had a Beam Sabre or Glaive, they chew through 'em even faster."
[00:41] Alathon: "Armor'll go through about a pack a minute."
[00:41] Alathon: ((1 charge per round))
[00:41] Alathon: ((and, that's uniforms I'm talking about))
[00:41] Sheena: (O_o Thats a tad much)
[00:41] Alathon: "Now, you won't wanna forget this bit."
[00:42] Alathon: The Engineer holds up a kit marked "R1.5".
[00:42] Alathon: "This is your standard issue recharging kit. If you can get a steady electrical current from somewhere, you can feed it through one of these with a bit of work."
[00:42] * Amiko nods.
[00:43] Alathon: "If not, it's got solar film and leads. Rule of thumb is, an hour of direct sunlight per pack."
[00:43] Alathon: "By the way, your uniform's will each need one of these to harden right."
[00:44] Amiko: "Can they be activated, when we need to?"
[00:44] Alathon: The Engineer holds out a black object not dissimilar from a pager."
[00:44] Alathon: The Engineer nods.
[00:44] * Sheena wounder about the energy packs. "Can these hold any kind of power? Or just our crystal energy?"
[00:45] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:45] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:45] Alathon: Engineer: "Dunno, coudlnt' say as I've ever heard of anyone trying to put anything other than electricity into one>"
[00:46] Alathon: ((and, we'll pause a moment))
[00:46] Sheena: (and so sheena starts on the road to inventing the cartrage system,
[00:46] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:46] Caoilinn: "So... after a minute of fighting with the uniform powerd up, we have to swap powerpacks?"
[00:46] Tsukasa: (Ugh. Did I miss anything?)
[00:46] Sheena: (the boat sank! no wait wrong movie..)
[00:46] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:46] Caoilinn: (I find it very odd that Tsukasa was able to get back before Sanshi.)
[00:47] Tsukasa: (Heh. Last thing I saw was Sheena's question - about the kinds of power it could handle)
[00:48] Alathon: [22:44] Alathon: Engineer: "Dunno, coudlnt' say as I've ever heard of anyone trying to put anything other than electricity into one>"
[00:48] Alathon: [22:45] Alathon: ((and, we'll pause a moment))
[00:48] Alathon: [22:45] Sheena: (and so sheena starts on the road to inventing the cartrage system,
[00:48] Alathon: the Engineer faces Caoilinn.
[00:49] Alathon: Engineer: "Nah, you get two minutes -- these belt thingies hold two."
[00:49] Caoilinn: "Ok, that's good."
[00:49] Alathon: "Oh, and it's pretty easy to flim 'em on and off, like so."
[00:49] Alathon: He demonstrates the safety switch on the pager thingie. (free action)
[00:49] Caoilinn: (Ok, so if we're not personally being attacked in a round, we can turn it off?)
[00:50] Alathon: (yeah, but only on your action ;p))
[00:50] Alathon: ((hrm, I may have misused the term "free action"))
[00:50] Caoilinn: (Sounds like a pain to keep track of. :) )
[00:50] Alathon: ((it may be -- I have high hopes that it won't be too hard
[00:51] Alathon: Engineer: "I think that about covers 'em. You all get twenty, standard issue -- if you pack a Beam or Plasma Rifle, you get issued another twenty."
[00:51] Sheena: (( im going to end up with extra ammo for every one)
[00:51] Alathon: ((you're gonna end up with whats issued -- this stuff isn't freely available))
[00:52] Sheena: (( I mean that im not going to use much of it at all, and in a battle will have some to hand out if needed)
[00:52] Alathon: "You can get belt, sash, or a bunch of other packs for 'em."
[00:52] Alathon: ((nod))
[00:52] Tsukasa: "What if we have both?"
[00:53] Alathon: "Straight forty.. ain't like you can fire both at once."
[00:53] Sheena: (hmm.. Tsukasa is going to be straped like rambo with all thoes packs.)
[00:53] Tsukasa: (/me pouts)
[00:53] Tsukasa: "That's true enough."
[00:53] Tsukasa: (I may _still_ end up borrowing from you...)
[00:53] Alathon: ((mm.. it's 11, so it's 2 some peoples time.. I'm game to go on, but if we're tired this is a decent spot to break.))
[00:53] Amiko: (I just hope we level before combat...)
[00:54] Amiko: (*shrugs*)
[00:54] Alathon: ((if we've got an hour say, can get in another couple scenes))
[00:54] Amiko: ((up to the others.))
[00:54] Sheena: (im gtg thill tommaro
[00:55] Amiko: (I'm at 11, though I'd like to get some writing done tonight.))
[00:55] Tsukasa: (I'm good to go, even though it _is_ tomorrow)
[00:55] Caoilinn: (I think I can go another hour)
[00:55] Alathon: ((cool, should be ablet o cover a bit of ground.))
[00:57] Alathon: A couple days into the voyage, after everyone has settled into a rhythm, you all get memos for a meeting in the ship's converted state room.
[00:57] * Amiko sits down, with a notepad, and a PDA.
[00:58] * Tsukasa wheels over to the state room, Sanshi padding along beside her.
[00:58] Caoilinn: (Just assume I go to all meetings/appointments unless I say otherwise.)
[00:58] Alathon: ((heh))
[00:59] Alathon: (( fair 'nuff))
[00:59] Alathon: Venus, and two aides you haven't met before are waiting there.
[01:00] Amiko: "Ma'am?"
[01:00] * Sheena Follows Tsuakasa with Yuuno on her sholder
[01:01] Alathon: They (the aides) introduce themselves as Renee Goda, and Damien Vryce.
[01:01] * Amiko 's cat floats in and lands on her shoulder.
[01:01] Alathon: Both are young, in their early to mid twenties, and are dressed business casual. Renee appears to be handling secretarial matters; Damien has a stack of folders with him half a foot tall.
[01:02] Caoilinn: (Ah, Damien... a good, solid CT name.)
[01:02] Alathon: ((haha))
[01:03] Alathon: Venus: "Be seated."
[01:03] * Sheena notices that a lot of paper work is involved in heading off to foren lands to pick a fight with the natives
[01:03] Alathon: ((its' funny how that works, no mater what you do, it has to be documented in triplicate))
[01:03] * Amiko sits, putting her notepad and PDA to one side.
[01:03] * Tsukasa interprets that as 'move your chair near the table', and bows upon doing it.
[01:03] Alathon: ((along with the risk analysis reports, the cost efficacy reports...))
[01:03] * Sheena finds her seat.
[01:04] Amiko: ((And more, much more. Statemetns of loss, Review of combat action, gods.)
[01:04] * Sanshi plonks down next to Tsukasa, smiling at Venus and the others.
[01:05] Sheena: (all that paper just so some one can tell the queen that venus and her girls kicked some ass and came home with a boat full of foren porn)
[01:05] Caoilinn: ("Wait a second! What kind of idiot makes a form I have to fill out stating I've filled out all my forms?")
[01:05] Sheena: (lol)
[01:05] Alathon: ((it's the time-space paradox form))
[01:05] Sheena: (whoops)
[01:05] Tsukasa: (And thus you learn the true nature of bureaucracy)
[01:05] Alathon: ((if you want porn, there's plenty of doujinshi to be found on the ship. The sailors aren't lacking there.))
[01:06] Caoilinn: ("And Form #16 says I'm required to file this form with an accompanying Form #16!")
[01:06] Alathon: ((the most popular is "Three's Company", about an amorous couple and their open relationship with a friend.))
[01:07] Caoilinn: (Based on the manga "Robin's Nest"?)
[01:07] Sheena: (hmmm Ranma,akane, and there friend ukyou.. 13 issues into print and they still havnt reviled witch one of them is the boy)
[01:07] Alathon: ((It's possible.. the couple's names are Darien and Serena, and their friend's name is Carrie.))
[01:07] Sheena: (aww)
[01:07] Tsukasa: (I dunno how much I wanna know about CT porn...)
[01:07] Amiko: ((... Heh))
[01:08] Sheena: (Itch Itch paradice... How that get there!)
[01:08] Alathon: Venus: "Alright, down to business."
[01:08] Caoilinn: (Crystal Lemon?)
[01:09] Alathon: Venus: "Damien?"
[01:09] Alathon: Damien nods, and produces a map of North America.
[01:10] Alathon: ((roll your old world history if the map seems 'off'))
[01:10] Amiko: 1d20+1
[01:10] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+9
[01:10] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{29}
[01:10] Sheena: (impact creaters do change the land a bit)
[01:10] Amiko: roll 1d20+7
[01:10] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{8}
[01:10] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+7
[01:10] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{14}
[01:11] * Sheena watchs as Kay-chan crits the map of north america
[01:13] Alathon: Damien: "Now, our destination is this city -- " he taps a city on the map with an extendable pointer. ", the port city of Carson, in the protectorate of Nevada."
[01:13] Sheena: (where landing in Nevada? LOL )
[01:13] Alathon: Damien: "We've been in contact with the Protectorate for a little over a decade now. We've been working towards a general establishment of trust, and future trade when technology allows for it."
[01:14] Amiko: (Cally went bye bye)
[01:15] Alathon: ((it did... Tool so called it))
[01:15] Tsukasa: (Hope we're okay passing through it)
[01:15] * Amiko nods.
[01:15] Sheena: (sounds like a good time for a random fight...)
[01:15] Alathon: ((Fortunately you're not sailing blind -- you've been provided with maps of all the reefs i.e. sunken cities))
[01:15] Sheena: (mutantts from LA)
[01:16] Caoilinn: (So jump Venus. :p)
[01:17] Alathon: Damien: "Until recently, this area at least sounded relatively untroubled. That is no longer the case."
[01:17] * Tsukasa winces.
[01:18] Alathon: Damien: "As of roughly five months ago, the Protectorate has come under increasing pressure from a nomadic society known as the "Harleyriders", who have been raiding Protectorate towns and villages."
[01:18] * Amiko shakes her head.
[01:18] Tsukasa: (... The Hells Angels formed a _culture_?)
[01:19] Alathon: Damien: "The Harleyriders are believed to be indigenous to the central and midwestern areas of the continent, but have for whatever reason significantly stepped up what were once occasional raids to something close to outright war."
[01:19] Alathon: Damien: "Despite our lack of formally acknowledged relationship, the Protectorate of Nevada has requested both humanitarian and military aid from the State of Crystal Tokyo."
[01:19] Sheena: (im so bringin a hog home)
[01:20] Alathon: Damien: "Our primary goal in this trip is to assess this request, and formulate a response."
[01:20] Alathon: Damien pauses and looks around the room, allowing the audience time to ask questions.
[01:21] Amiko: (They are already to some degree...)
[01:21] Sheena: (hmm)
[01:21] Tsukasa: "We are essentially a reconnaissance in force? Acquiring Crystal Tokyo perspective on the matter?"
[01:21] Sheena: "How shoudl we handle any "Harleyriders" we encounter?"
[01:22] * Amiko sits back, and waits til the rest ask their questions.
[01:22] Alathon: Damien addresses Tsukasa first.
[01:22] Alathon: "Yes. While we are very interested in acquiring a diplomatic foothold on the continent, we are hesitant to do so via involvement in an actual war."
[01:22] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[01:22] Alathon: Damien turns his head to face Sheena.
[01:23] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[01:24] Alathon: "Any Harleyrider within the Protectorate of Nevada can be considered hostile, and should be treated as such."
[01:24] Amiko: "I can say this, unless they don't have much meta power or firepower it'd be a _bad_ idea to engage them on their terrain."
[01:24] Amiko: "Not without setting up a crystal power grid"
[01:24] Alathon: "We have first hand reports of their raiding in the eastern counties of Nevada; while what we know does not suggest a culture built around blood sport, they do not have a reputation for mercy."
[01:25] Alathon: Damien nods.
[01:25] * Amiko nods.
[01:25] Amiko: "What is their firepower? What is their metatalent abilities, and are they common?"
[01:25] Alathon: Damien: "Correct. And, the vast majority of these 'Harleyriders' do have at least latent metahuman capabilities in terms of physical strength and durability."
[01:26] Alathon: Venus interrupts here.
[01:26] Alathon: Venus: "Which leads us to another point. I'm sure you've noticed the lack of regular troops."
[01:26] Alathon: Venus directs this question to Amiko.
[01:26] Alathon: ((the==our))
[01:26] * Amiko nods. "No fleet Marines did rasie a thought."
[01:26] Sheena: "Not even a full standered crew for a ship this size.."
[01:26] Alathon: Venus: "Correct."
[01:27] Tsukasa: "You didn't consider them able to stand up to metahuman threats, so cut it down to a skeleton crew?"
[01:27] Alathon: Venus: "There are limits to the number of inviduals I can personally evacuate via teleport."
[01:27] Amiko: "That was a thought, but I have a different thought."
[01:27] Amiko: "And that was it."
[01:27] Sheena: "Is the ship going to leave port as soon as it drops us off?"
[01:28] * Amiko shakes her head. "If we had a couple more years, Infi's graduates, espically the sorcerers and magi, would have teleportation spells."
[01:28] Alathon: Venus: "And, while I suspect that Crystal Tokyo Marines pack sufficient wallop to take down these 'Harleyriders' and them some.. I suspect that goes both ways."
[01:28] Alathon: Venus nods to Amiko.
[01:28] Sheena: (would venus know about yuuno at all?)
[01:28] Alathon: Venus: "Quite likely. I would have greatly appreciated it if this situation could have waited half a decade or so."
[01:29] * Amiko nods. "Actually... I hate to say it, I think the balance of firepower, unless your pet spook knows otherwise, is on their side."
[01:29] Alathon: ((in general, but not specifically))
[01:29] Amiko: "Not ours. We rely too much on our crystal techology, and it's at a severe tatical limitation in this area."
[01:29] Amiko: "Even with equal numbers"
[01:29] Sheena: "If it comes down to it Yuuno can teleport our sqad home"
[01:30] * Sheena glaces at the ferret, "At lest i think, right yuuno?"
[01:30] Alathon: ((yuuno informs you it'd be very, very dicey, but entirely possible))
[01:30] Alathon: ((that's the sort of dice roll that could GNC the entire party))
[01:30] Sheena: (its dc 15 across the board)
[01:30] Amiko: ((If we have to, we're between the frying pan, and the fire!))
[01:31] Alathon: ((no, it is not.))
[01:31] Alathon: ((if you want to have this discussion, it'll be after the game))
[01:31] Sheena: (k
[01:32] Alathon: Venus frowns.
[01:32] Alathon: Venus: "Be very, very careful with that sort of teleport."
[01:32] * Amiko nods. "Let's hope we don't _have_ to."
[01:32] Alathon: Venus nods.
[01:33] * Amiko eyes Dameion.
[01:33] Amiko: "Do you have a detail map of the terrain, and the villages that they've raided, with times?"
[01:33] Alathon: Damien snorts.
[01:33] Amiko: "Lovely."
[01:33] Alathon: Damien: "We wish. We're not entirely certain the Protectorate has accurate information."
[01:34] * Amiko shares a rueful grin with Damien.
[01:34] Alathon: Damien: "Keep in mind that their current long range communication tech is the Telegraph."
[01:34] Amiko: "Oh, bloody hell."
[01:34] Alathon: Damien: "Twentieth Century style Telephones are coming into use, but only in urban areas so far."
[01:35] * Amiko thinks.
[01:35] Amiko: "Damien, what's their military like?"
[01:35] Alathon: Damien: "From what I've gathered, they don't have a military so much as a conglomeration of county militias."
[01:36] Sheena: (I all ways wanted to find a telegraph line and stack tapping it witha kinfe like in the movies.)
[01:36] * Amiko nods, wincing.
[01:36] Alathon: Damien: "While they have metahuman squads stationed at cities which can match up with the 'riders, their militias are badly overmatched."
[01:37] Alathon: Venus: "For reference, here's a bit of standard Harleyrider armament."
[01:37] Tsukasa: "They want a more organized military assistance? Even with our lower ratio of metahumans?"
[01:37] Alathon: Venus stands and walks over to a long (2 meter) crate.
[01:38] Amiko: "Wait for it..."
[01:38] Alathon: Venus drops an oversized rifle on the table with a thud.
[01:38] Alathon: The rifle's bore is close to an inch.
[01:38] * Amiko examines it. What is it?"
[01:38] Amiko: (Single shot, breechloader, what?)
[01:38] Alathon: Venus: "Crudely made, poorly maintained, but more than sufficient to oneshot any normal human."
[01:38] * Amiko nods.
[01:39] Amiko: "We have the firepower avadangte. With our armor, and short sharp contacts..."
[01:39] Alathon: Venus demonstrates the pump action, and how a dozen or so shells can be loaded.
[01:39] * Amiko thinks about it, shakes her head.
[01:39] Amiko: "Still... no. Not a good idea, unless we set up a crystal grid."
[01:39] Alathon: Venus: "Not a good idea even then; this is what their latents use."
[01:40] * Amiko nods
[01:40] Alathon: Venus turns to face Tsukasa.
[01:40] Alathon: Venus: "And, our low per capita ratio of metas is not known outside of Crystal Tokyo, and we intend for it to stay that way."
[01:40] * Amiko sighs.
[01:40] Tsukasa: "Understood milady."
[01:40] Amiko: "Nor our training levels?"
[01:40] Alathon: ((bleah, per capita ratio is a misuse of terms))
[01:40] Alathon: Venus: "Obviously."
[01:41] * Amiko shakes her head.
[01:41] * Sheena is a bit consued "So do we blow stuff up real big, or keep it small?"
[01:41] Amiko: "They're screwed, if this is a serious attempt to overrun them. We just can't do it."
[01:41] Alathon: Venus: "Keep in mind, we may not want to get involved in this war. I'm no great fan of maraudering thugs, but this will be a decision made on the basis of what is best for Crystal Tokyo."
[01:41] Amiko: "Not without several years of perpreation."
[01:41] Amiko: "and setup."
[01:42] * Sheena wounders is amiko is talking to herself
[01:42] Alathon: Venus: "If we fight, and there are not mitigating circumstances such as civilians in crossfire, fight with maximum lethality. If we leave any impression on these riders, it should be that we are not to be trifled with."
[01:42] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[01:42] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[01:43] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[01:43] Sanshi: (Grah. What did I miss?
[01:43] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[01:43] Alathon: ((nothin))
[01:44] Alathon: ((last comment was from venus, "if we fight..."
[01:44] Alathon: Venus: "Ultimately, this mission may not be the best of ideas."
[01:44] * Amiko nods.
[01:44] Alathon: Venus: "However, the Queen is loathe to cast aside one of the first diplomatic contacts we've made in this hemisphere."
[01:44] Amiko: "I wonder..."
[01:45] Amiko: "Ma'am? Has _any_ information about their ultmate goals come to light?"
[01:45] Alathon: Venus: "Other than the short term goal of pillage, no."
[01:45] Amiko: "We're opearting blind here, if it's just they're raiding for loot and pillage, then it's... a different story than if they are planning a all out assault."
[01:46] Amiko: "And... our aid might be of a more... discreet nature."
[01:46] Alathon: Venus: "We have not been in a position to capture and interrogate, and the Protectorate has either failed to do so, or refused to part with information on the topic."
[01:46] * Amiko shrugs.
[01:46] Amiko: "I assume that if we can correct that, we are to, without risk?"
[01:47] Alathon: Venus frowns.
[01:47] Alathon: Venus: "Nothing is without risk."
[01:48] Alathon: Venus: "Keep in mind that, until things turn otherwise... no matter how likely that may be.. this is a diplomatic mission."
[01:48] * Amiko nods.
[01:48] Amiko: ((Nevada is screwed...))
[01:48] Sheena: (road wariors!)
[01:49] Alathon: ((heh, I saw that movie recently.. heh))
[01:49] Alathon: ((but not really)
[01:49] Alathon: Venus looks across the rest of the crew.
[01:49] Alathon: "Any questions?"
[01:49] Amiko: ((How tight fitting are the uniforms?))
[01:49] Sheena: (very)
[01:50] Alathon: ((they're comfortable, but not so loose that they flap around or get caught on stuff))
[01:50] Amiko: "None until we see the situation on the ground, Ma'am."
[01:50] Alathon: Venus: "If not, use your time wisely. We should make landfall in less than a week."
[01:50] Amiko: "Except are we likey to go to one of the villages that have been raided?"
[01:51] Alathon: Venus: "I think it's likely we'll get dragged on a sob story tour of one."
[01:52] * Amiko nods.
[01:52] Amiko: ((Man, wish I had clerical spell lists now...))
[01:53] Alathon: At this point, Damien and Renee start packing up their stuff, and the meeting is adjourned.
[01:53] * Amiko returns to the railing, studying the waves, when not praticing magic, or reading over her notes.
[01:54] Alathon: Time passes.. the weather changes... a time for peace, a time for war.. yada yada..
[01:54] * Tsukasa , upon leaving the meeting, continues her general roaming of the ship and raiding of whatever books she finds.
[01:55] * Sheena plays more yuuno ball with Sanshi.
[01:56] * Amiko watches as her familiar catches fishies.
[01:57] Alathon: Eventually.. land is sighted.
[01:57] Alathon: Much of the ship, other than necessary crew members, turns out to watch land approach.
[01:58] * Caoilinn summons her armor.
[01:58] Caoilinn: "Trouble coming."
[01:59] Alathon: Several of the crewmen look over...
[01:59] Alathon: Damien is nearby, he walks over.
[01:59] * Amiko nods, and saddles up.
[01:59] Alathon: Damien: "Uh.. what?"
[01:59] * Tsukasa blinks and looks at Cao-san. "What do you mean?"
[01:59] Caoilinn: "Big, bad, and soon."
[01:59] Alathon: roll spot
[01:59] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled spot --> error: malformed expression
[01:59] * Tsukasa makes sure her guns are in good order and that she's in armour.
[01:59] Amiko: 1d20+08
[02:00] Amiko: roll 1d20+08
[02:00] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+08 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{12}
[02:00] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+2
[02:00] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{5}
[02:00] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[02:00] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{11}
[02:00] Sheena: roll 1d20+3
[02:00] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{16}
[02:00] Sanshi: roll 1d20-2
[02:00] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{12}
[02:01] * Caoilinn points to the shore.
[02:01] Alathon: Sheena growls and looks fearfully towards the shore.
[02:01] Caoilinn: "A flash."
[02:02] * Amiko raises her bincoluars.
[02:02] Sheena: Heh
[02:02] * Amiko nods.
[02:02] Amiko: "Bright."
[02:02] Alathon: Damien blinks, and sprints back into the boat.
[02:02] * Tsukasa looks in the direction Cao-san pointed.
[02:02] * Amiko carefully scans the area where she saw the flash from.
[02:02] Alathon: roll 1d20+19
[02:02] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+19 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{22}
[02:02] Alathon: roll 1d20+14
[02:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{15}
[02:03] Alathon: roll 1d20+9
[02:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{13}
[02:03] Tsukasa: (What's that, reflex?)
[02:03] * Caoilinn braces.
[02:03] * Tsukasa braces herself.
[02:03] Alathon: Two reddish-white streaks roar in over your heads and hammer into the 'sails' of the boat.
[02:03] Alathon: roll 2#6d6
[02:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#6d6 --> [ 6d6=25 ]{25}, [ 6d6=17 ]{17}
[02:04] Amiko: "Dechatment! Prepare for Surface action!"
[02:04] Alathon: The film shrivels in the heat; the top of the "mast" is lit up. One sailor falls, screaming in agony, to his dead.
[02:04] Sheena: "What dechatment?"
[02:04] * Amiko tries to get a range on the flash.
[02:04] Amiko: "YOU!"
[02:04] Sheena: "Oh ok"
[02:04] Tsukasa: (Detachment?)
[02:05] * Sheena Dark heart snapes into being in Sheena hands.
[02:05] Amiko: (Yes, Tsukasa, I can't spell)
[02:05] Alathon: ((dude, you're ordering your coworkers around))
[02:05] *** Yuno ( has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[02:05] Alathon: roll init btw
[02:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled init btw --> error: malformed expression
[02:05] *** Yuno ( has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[02:05] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[02:05] Amiko: roll 1d20+4
[02:05] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{21}
[02:05] Alathon: PRetty much everyone on deck is now scurrying to behind the forecastle where (hopefully) there'll be some cover.
[02:05] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[02:05] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{21}
[02:05] * Tsukasa curses and snags her rifle.
[02:05] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+5
[02:05] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{13}
[02:05] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3
[02:05] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{11}
[02:05] Alathon: roll 1d20+9 ; init for ???
[02:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+9 ; init for ??? --> [ 1d20=17 ]{26}
[02:06] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[02:06] Sanshi: roll 1d20+14
[02:06] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{34}
[02:06] Sanshi: (... The one who can't _shoot_ gets that massive init)
[02:06] Alathon: ((haha))
[02:06] * Yuno hopes out of Sheena shirt and runs to the crew
[02:06] Alathon: ((and don't worry, this won't drag))
[02:07] Yuno: roll 1d20+2
[02:07] Ala-bot: Yuno rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{6}
[02:07] * Amiko shouts to the captian.
[02:07] Amiko: (ed, remove)
[02:07] Amiko: ((Man, I need first level spells, badly)
[02:07] * Tsukasa hurriedly tries to back her wheelchair away and get herself some cover.
[02:07] Tsukasa: (Tell me if she finds anything before battle starts)
[02:08] Sheena: (head by yuuno)
[02:08] * Tsukasa does so.
[02:09] Alathon: ((order is this: Sanshi, ???, Caoilinn, Amiko, Tsukasa, Sheena, Yuuno))
[02:09] Alathon: ((Sanshi's up))
[02:09] Alathon: ((if he's gonna do anythning ;pp ))
[02:09] * Sanshi hovers in between Tsukasa and whatever's coming, but otherwise holds until he's close enough to do something.
[02:09] Sanshi: (Hold action)
[02:10] Alathon: three more streaks of reddish-white flame fly in.
[02:10] Alathon: roll 1d20+19
[02:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+19 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{22}
[02:10] Alathon: roll 1d20+14
[02:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{26}
[02:10] Alathon: roll 1d20+9
[02:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{29}
[02:10] Alathon: roll 2#6d6
[02:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#6d6 --> [ 6d6=21 ]{21}, [ 6d6=20 ]{20}
[02:10] Alathon: roll 12d6
[02:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 12d6 --> [ 12d6=37 ]{37}
[02:11] Alathon: Two more bolts of flame fly through the 'mast', destroyingwhats left of the film.
[02:11] Tsukasa: (Ya know, these numbers _ain't_ too comforting...)
[02:11] Amiko: "Oh, bloody hell."
[02:11] Alathon: One bolt of flame hits the front of the ship head on, spraying everyone with a shower of tiny molten droplets
[02:11] Alathon: roll 1d8
[02:11] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d8 --> [ 1d8=5 ]{5}
[02:12] Alathon: ((reflex save of 15 for half))
[02:12] Alathon: ((or just eat them ;p ))
[02:12] Amiko: roll 1d20+6
[02:12] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{18}
[02:12] Sheena: (asuming we turned our armor on we can ingore it)
[02:12] * Caoilinn lets her armor stop them.
[02:12] Amiko: (Point, and Amiko did... XD)
[02:12] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+6
[02:12] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{10}
[02:12] Sheena: Roll 1d20+6
[02:12] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{22}
[02:13] Sanshi: roll 1d20+10
[02:13] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{16}
[02:13] * Sheena smacks the junk out of the air
[02:13] Alathon: ((the rest of your turns..
[02:13] Alathon: Caoilinn, Amiko, Tsukasa, Sheena, Yuuno))
[02:13] Caoilinn: (Any targets?)
[02:14] Tsukasa: (Yeah... do we know where the guy is yet?)
[02:14] Alathon: ((no targets really))
[02:14] Caoilinn: (Since I didn't state it before, I activate my suit's armor)
[02:15] Alathon: ((unless you have an attack that can reach miles..)
[02:15] * Caoilinn takes some cover and waits.
[02:15] * Amiko acitavtes her armor, and races to the bridge.
[02:16] Amiko: "Come about, we can't stay here!"
[02:16] Sheena: (I do!)
[02:16] Alathon: ((any other actions?))
[02:16] Amiko: (I'm looking pretty, what else CAN I do?)
[02:16] * Tsukasa switches on her own armour and continues to move towards cover.
[02:17] Alathon: ((okay, end of round))
[02:17] Alathon: roll 1d20+19 init for Venus
[02:17] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+19 init for Venus --> [ 1d20=11 ]{30}
[02:17] Sheena: (Hey what about me?
[02:17] Alathon: roll 1d20+0
[02:17] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+0 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{14}
[02:17] * Amiko grabs her cat out of the air and tosses him behind the forecastle.
[02:17] Sheena: (if you want the end the game go ahead.. but you did skip my turn)
[02:17] Alathon: oh bleah
[02:17] Alathon: ((no actions yet this round, so act if you want.))
[02:17] Sheena: (should i bother?)
[02:18] Alathon: ((if you can reach several miles, sure))
[02:18] Alathon: ((though you'd be firing prety much blind into a populated area))
[02:18] Alathon: ((well, semi-populated))
[02:18] Sheena: (No not really :) )
[02:19] Alathon: Venus sprints up from inside the ship, takes one quick look around at the mess that's been made and the current incoming, and curses.
[02:19] Sheena: (I MENT I CAN
[02:19] * Amiko nods at the curse.
[02:19] Tsukasa: "Does seem to size it up, milady!"
[02:19] Sheena: (as in i wouldnt be blind!)
[02:19] * Sheena brings dark heart around to face the firezone. DarkHeart: Wide Area Search
[02:20] Sheena: roll 1d20+9
[02:20] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{26}
[02:20] Alathon: You manage to lock onto.. something.. you're not sure what.
[02:20] Sheena: (shoud i log off now?
[02:20] Alathon: It's either obscuring itself, or not really there.
[02:20] Alathon: ((??))
[02:21] Sheena: (Go ahead with venus, yuuno was just going to cast a shiled, it don't seem needed.)
[02:21] Alathon: Venus raises one hand and forms a glow about it.. then pauses, and drops it.
[02:22] Alathon: ((amiko and caoilinn can act))
[02:22] * Amiko grabs the brigde crew, and tosses him out, while racing though the ship, and checking to make sure everyone gets up there, while grabbing her spellbook.
[02:23] Alathon: As the round progresses, the crew pours out onto the deck, some cursing fiercely as they step on still-hot metal in socks.
[02:23] * Caoilinn glances around to see if anyone needs help, then heads toward Venus if no one does.
[02:23] Alathon: ((everyone seems to be making it fine.. the only one who isn't, is already a corpse))
[02:23] Amiko: "Check below decks complete, Lady Venus!" I nod, as I skitter back onto the deck, clutching a PDA and a spellbook.
[02:23] * Tsukasa calls Sanshi and moves closer to Venus.
[02:24] * Sheena "Yuuno!" catchs the ferret and flashs out for a moment.
[02:24] * Amiko lets Tika land on her shoulder.
[02:24] Alathon: One of Venus's aides, by the name of Kyo, steeples his hands as he faces the shore.
[02:24] * Sheena she reapears on deck with every ones gear.
[02:24] Sheena: (her sqad that is)
[02:24] Alathon: ((you can get two peoples gear per round))
[02:24] Alathon: ((different rooms))
[02:24] Sheena: easy enought
[02:25] Alathon: ((which room first?))
[02:25] Sheena: (tuska)
[02:25] Alathon: ((.....))
[02:25] Sheena: (hmm?
[02:25] Alathon: ((which room? yours/amikos, or tsukasa's/caoilinns?))
[02:26] Alathon: (((oooh. tsukasa.. bleah dammit))
[02:26] Sheena: (im asuming Tsuka/caoliin sheen/amiko.
[02:26] Alathon: You succeed at grabbing their packs.
[02:26] Alathon: roll 1d20+19
[02:26] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+19 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{23}
[02:26] Alathon: roll 1d20+14
[02:26] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{33}
[02:26] Alathon: roll 1d20+9
[02:26] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{14}
[02:26] Tsukasa: "Thank you, Sheena!"
[02:27] Alathon: One bolt of flaim sails high over the ship, two other slam into something in front of the ship with a terrible detonation.
[02:27] Alathon: roll 2#6d6
[02:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#6d6 --> [ 6d6=19 ]{19}, [ 6d6=22 ]{22}
[02:27] Alathon: Kyo winces.
[02:27] Alathon: ((any more actions before end of round?))
[02:28] Sheena: (all ready got my action for the next one)
[02:28] Caoilinn: (Has Sheena brought our packs yet, or is she getting more before bringing them?)
[02:28] * Amiko goes to Lady Venus.
[02:28] Caoilinn: (No action)
[02:28] Amiko: "Situation normal, ins't it?"
[02:28] Alathon: Venus ignores you; she's concentrating on a ball of golden sparklies cupped in her hands.
[02:29] * Amiko slips her PDA into a pokcet, and slips her spellbook into her blouse, as she looks around.
[02:29] Alathon: Pretty much everyone is up on deck at this point, in various states of dress in some cases.
[02:29] Alathon: All of Venus's aides are here, as is the party.
[02:29] Alathon: The ship is listing forward slightly.
[02:30] Amiko: (Long as I have my spellbook and PDA, rest is loseable. Annoying, but loseable.)
[02:30] Alathon: next round
[02:30] Alathon: Venus continues to concentrate on a mass teleport.
[02:30] * Amiko counts noses.
[02:30] Alathon: amiko and caoilinn roll spot
[02:30] Caoilinn: (Don't worry. I can make crystal underwear for anyone who loses hers. ;) )
[02:30] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[02:30] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{5}
[02:30] Amiko: 1d20+08
[02:30] Amiko: roll 1d20+08
[02:30] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+08 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{10}
[02:31] * Sanshi takes Tsukasa's pack.
[02:31] Alathon: you spot a flaming ship.
[02:31] Alathon: namely, yours
[02:31] *** You have been disconnected. Sat Aug 12 02:31:19 2006.
[02:31] *** Automatically rejoining channel...
[02:31] *** Sheena_ ( has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[02:31] *** #CrystalTokyo: Sheena_ Sanshi Yuno Tsukasa Ala-bot Amiko Caoilinn Sheena Alathon @keymaster
[02:31] *** Initial topic: Next Week's Game starts at: 20:00EST, Level up to 7 everyone! +1bp. Sol gives back 67 mp for each person who was at the Trax Battle. DCG needs Updated Char sheets!
[02:31] Tsukasa: (Now that's... a pretty good encouragement for Sheena to pick up the stuff)
[02:31] *** Yuno ( has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[02:31] *** Yuno ( has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[02:31] Alathon: ((sheena's up
[02:31] Tsukasa: (Where'd ya leave off?)
[02:31] Sheena: (im good
[02:31] * Sheena gets the rest of the gear.
[02:32] Alathon: ((gonna go fetch the other set of gear?))
[02:32] Sheena: (yuuno can do mini jumps like these in his sleep)
[02:32] Alathon: roll 1d20+19
[02:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+19 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{38}
[02:32] Alathon: roll 1d20+14
[02:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{19}
[02:32] Alathon: roll 1d20+9
[02:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{17}
[02:32] * Amiko takes her two packs, nodding thanks to Sheena.
[02:33] Alathon: three fireballs scream in, three impact on the shield, and with a tremendous report it shatters. Kyo collapses.
[02:33] * Amiko goes over and checks on Kyo.
[02:33] Alathon: roll your medical
[02:33] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled your medical --> error: malformed expression
[02:33] Amiko: roll 1d20+04
[02:33] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+04 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{18}
[02:33] Sheena: (can yuuno take a turn? Or me?)
[02:33] Alathon: ((thought you two were fetching gtear this round))
[02:33] Sheena: (ya done,)
[02:33] Alathon: ((the last of the gaer that is))
[02:34] Alathon: alright, anything else need to be done this around?
[02:35] * Caoilinn moves to shield Kyo a bit.
[02:35] Alathon: next round, sparklies start to spread out from venus as she activates the teleport spell.
[02:35] Alathon: ((oh, btw, Kyo has a steady pulse, but is obviously unconscious))
[02:36] Alathon: reflex saves to avoid falling debris from the "sails"?
[02:36] Alathon: dc 17
[02:36] Amiko: 1d20+06
[02:36] Amiko: roll 1d20+06
[02:36] Alathon: roll 2d8
[02:36] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+06 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{15}
[02:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=8 ]{8}
[02:36] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+6
[02:36] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{26}
[02:36] Amiko: (what's the _point?_)
[02:36] *** Tarou ( has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[02:36] Caoilinn: (Will making a save expose Kyo to more damage?)
[02:36] Alathon: ((to avoid falling debris and be in better shape on your way out ;p ))
[02:37] Caoilinn: (Hi, Tarou)
[02:37] Alathon: ((yes, you can choose to eat the damage for him with your armor))
[02:37] Sanshi: roll 1d20+10
[02:37] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{28}
[02:37] Amiko: (8 points is UNDER our armor vaule.)
[02:37] Caoilinn: (I'll take the damage)
[02:37] Alathon: ((er, you have one rank of armor.. that's 4 damage reduction ;p ))
[02:37] Tsukasa: (We only have four points of armour, guys)
[02:37] Amiko: (Oh)
[02:37] Caoilinn: (My armor absorbs it all, though)
[02:38] Alathon: anyways, one person doesn't try to dodge either -- That's Venus.
[02:38] Sheena: Roll 1d20+10
[02:38] Ala-bot: Sheena_ rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{29}
[02:38] * Tsukasa manages to, somehow, in a rather impressive feat of maneuverability for a girl in a wheelchair, avoid getting smacked by debris.
[02:38] Alathon: She gets clocked upside the head something fierce by a six foot chunk of metal. It doesn't drop her, but the teleport spell takes on an odd whining sound in place of its previous chiming.
[02:38] * Sheena blurs to one side as debrie falls where she was
[02:38] Tsukasa: (Oooohhh.... shit.)
[02:38] Alathon: BAMF
[02:39] Alathon: and just like that, you're careening through a brilliant red and white spinning tunnel..
[02:39] Alathon: ((For those who have teleported before.. no, it was NOT like this.))
[02:39] Yuno: And she insults my teleport!
[02:39] Amiko: "Oh, shit."
[02:39] Tsukasa: (Heh, teleportation misjumps... what useful plot devices they be :) )
[02:40] Alathon: It comes out something like "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt"
[02:40] Alathon: ((yup, 99.44% contrived))
[02:40] Amiko: ((That WAS the idea...))
[02:40] Sheena: ( I DIDNT NOITCE)
[02:40] * Tsukasa is _not_ enjoying the experience.
[02:40] Alathon: ((although if you'd come up with some insane plan that got you outta that, that woulda been cool too))
[02:40] Sheena: (you didnt give us a damned chance!)
[02:40] Tsukasa: (Well, when it got to be a problem it _was_ a little late...)
[02:41] Alathon: ((true, it wasn't really a fair test))
[02:41] Alathon: thud. You hit the ground. which is pretty soft.. and grassy.. enough so that you don't eat damage for it.
[02:41] * Amiko sweeps the area with her rifle, looking at the area.
[02:42] Sheena: (skipped turns, ingored checks... *loads disk 2*)
[02:42] Alathon: ((though you DID have a chance to block the debris that was falling))
[02:42] Alathon: ((you just got friggin unlucky and didn't see it ;p ))
[02:42] Caoilinn: (Well, I could have tried to shield Venus, but Kyo looked like he needed it more)
[02:42] Amiko: "Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit. FUBAR'ed"
[02:42] * Tsukasa sprawls on the grass and desperately scrambles to right her wheelchair again)
[02:42] Caoilinn: (Not that I *thought* of shielding her...)
[02:42] Alathon: The wheelchair DID make it.
[02:42] * Amiko checks on Lady Venus
[02:42] * Sheena Helps Tsukasa up.
[02:43] * Caoilinn looks around.
[02:43] Alathon: Venus is out of it.
[02:43] Tsukasa: (Heh, yeah, but I figured it tipped over and dunked her)
[02:43] * Amiko checks over the Senshi.
[02:43] Amiko: roll 1d20+04 Medical
[02:43] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+04 Medical --> [ 1d20=11 ]{15}
[02:43] Tsukasa: "Thank you, Sheena-san."
[02:43] Alathon: YOu can't be sure, but a concussion is a safe bet, if she didn't suffer something far more serious.
[02:44] Sheena: "Yuuno range check!"
[02:44] Tsukasa: "Where did we land?"
[02:44] * Amiko checks the area.
[02:44] Amiko: Do I regonize _anything_?
[02:44] Alathon: YOu recognize the burning wreck several miles to the southwest on the ocean.
[02:45] * Yuno holds his hands toghter.. Every one hears a sharp snap and a fizz. "We are really fucking far"
[02:45] Amiko: "We're screwed. Sheena, can you teleport yourself back to CT? We're on the coast of where our ship is, Caoilin, scan the area and prepare to greet visitors."
[02:47] * Caoilinn checks out the area.
[02:47] * Amiko gets Venus as comfy as she can without jarring her head or neck.
[02:47] Amiko: ((Who's good at medical?))
[02:47] Sheena: ( im guessing some plot device would prevent that, even tho yuuno has 30 points into teleport and took full ranks)
[02:47] * Tsukasa is.
[02:47] Amiko: "Tsukasa, please check on lady Venus?"
[02:47] * Tsukasa wheels over to take a mixed sniper/medic position near Venus.
[02:48] Alathon: (it's a dc 15 check.. but.. uh.. where's yuuno's power use; teleport skill/))
[02:48] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+13 Med check
[02:48] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+13 Med check --> [ 1d20=15 ]{28}
[02:48] Alathon: ((it's straight int if he doesn't have that))
[02:48] Amiko: (Rank 6? Dude, we're not 1 million miles away)
[02:49] Sheena: (tell that to al
[02:49] Alathon: ((1000 is the max safe distance at rank 6))
[02:49] Alathon: ((1 million is the max possible))
[02:49] Amiko: (That's a point, though)
[02:49] Amiko: (What's Yuuno's Int, Sheena?)
[02:50] Sheena: (hmm i did forget i could list skills for yuuno
[02:50] Sheena: (int's only 10)
[02:50] Amiko: (if you didn't list skills, we're screwed.)
[02:51] Sheena: (Yuuno couldnt handle this many people any way)
[02:51] Tsukasa: (Right... No offence, but I don't trust this dicebot enough to take an unmodified dc15 roll on all our lives...)
[02:51] Amiko: (He teleports you, you inform Lady Mercury, SHE comes with Jupiter.)
[02:51] Amiko: (We let the big guns handle it)
[02:51] Sheena: (it woudl fizz if anything)
[02:51] Amiko: (Think logically ^_^)
[02:52] Alathon: ((OKay.. yeah, it's a dc 15 check))
[02:52] Sheena: (considering me and yuuno are the only two sorces of Defence this group has right now that may be a bad idea.)
[02:52] Amiko: (Would Sheena's Divine relationship count?)
[02:52] Amiko: (It's about 2-3 minutes. You can't cover this many people ANYWAYS)
[02:52] Alathon: ((only if she were casting the teleport,))
[02:53] Tsukasa: (Hm... You _could_ teleport one of the aides.)
[02:54] Alathon: ((after game, we can get yuuno some skills assigned, but since he doesn't *&#$ing have any now, he's got base int))
[02:54] Alathon: ((if you try to start a teleport that far and fail, it'll just straight up fizzle))
[02:54] Sheena: (thats good, i was wondering what you woudl pick for that part
[02:55] Alathon: ((I'm willing to say that at his skill level, he wouldn't fuck up beyond repair.. he'd either succeed, or not))
[02:55] Amiko: (Dammit, 1 level...)
[02:55] Alathon: anyways, if we wanna stop here since we ran an hour over where we said we would, that's cool
[02:56] Sheena: (good)
[02:56] Caoilinn: (Yep. It's late.)
[02:56] Sheena: (err about the porting)
[02:56] * Tsukasa also tends to Kyo.
[02:56] Alathon: and, I'll readily admit, I should have iether done that last part cinematically in five minutes, so as not to have half an hour of "dammit I can't do anything", or not done it period.
[02:56] Amiko: (Good) And when are we getting XP points?
[02:57] Amiko: Alathon: I kinda really want those... otherwise wihtout a gun, I'm looking pretty. XD
[02:57] Alathon: 750 for last session
[02:57] Sheena: yay, you totaly blow off my search,
[02:57] Alathon: ((uh how did I blow off your search?!))
[02:57] Amiko: What about this session?
[02:57] Alathon: ((correct me if I'm wrong, but you were searching for who was attacking you, right?))
[02:57] Sheena: (You find something, but it migth be nothing0
[02:57] Alathon: dunno have to figure that out
[02:58] Alathon: In all honesty, that was not blowing it off.. that was the best way I could describe the results you'd get for what was there.
[02:58] *** Amiko is now known as MageOhki.
[02:58] Alathon: which is shitty results
[02:58] Tsukasa: Oh dear... That ain't comforting.
[02:58] *** Tsukasa is now known as Pale_Wolf.
[02:58] *** Caoilinn is now known as Yarrow.
[02:58] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[02:58] *** Yuno ( has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[02:58] MageOhki: *shrugs* Well... as long as we level shortly, _I_ can heal Venus and then we can get teh fuck out of here.
[02:58] Alathon: uh
[02:59] MageOhki: (1 hour of reserach, the spell roll...)
[02:59] Alathon: you started at level 3 right?
[02:59] Alathon: 3000 exp?
[02:59] Sheena: yes
[02:59] Alathon: you need 6000 to hit 4
[02:59] MageOhki: 2,250 to go.
[02:59] Sheena: right
[02:59] Alathon: you've got 3750
[02:59] Pale_Wolf: Hm... Anything for this session?
[02:59] MageOhki: "Have to figure something out."
[02:59] MageOhki: Was what Ala said.
[02:59] Alathon: gimme a sec doing this in my head didn't work
[03:01] Alathon: 990 exp
[03:02] Alathon: actually
[03:02] Alathon: 1020 ;p
[03:02] Alathon: there should be a fourth category, "failed a retardedly impossible task"
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Session #3

Postby Alathon » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:24 am

Session #3
[20:18] Alathon: We left off last week on a rather pleasant, grassy hillside overlooking the sea
[20:18] DCG-Sheena: Ok log sent
[20:18] *** You are now known as Sheena.
[20:19] *** Pale_Wolf is now known as Tsukasa.
[20:19] Alathon: the view was absolutely spectacular, and included one burning boat -- previously yours
[20:19] *** Yarrow (opera@*** has left #CrystalTokyo.
[20:19] *** Yarrow (opera@*** has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:19] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[20:19] *** Yuuno ( has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:19] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:20] Amiko: "Lovely. Sheena, any chance Yuuno can make it back to Crystal Tokyo, with you or with a note?"
[20:20] Sheena: It won't hurt to try. But his better off bringing some one who knows the chain of comand and can get to the top fast.
[20:20] Alathon: ((he has a roughly one in two chance of making it.. if he just fails the spell, the power will be burnt out. if he botches it.. well, that could be curtains for him))
[20:21] Sheena: All we know is a mooncat and thinks yuuno's talking food.
[20:21] * Caoilinn scouts around for anyone unfriendly approaching.
[20:21] Sheena: ((thats defernt from what you said last week al...)
[20:22] Caoilinn: (It sounds the same to me, except he didn't mention what would happen on a botch)
[20:22] Alathon: ((I figured it went without saying that a natural one on a teleport roll would be Bad))
[20:22] Sheena: ((ahh yes, i love dumping 30 points to a abilty for no aperent reason))
[20:23] Yuuno: So who do i take?
[20:23] Alathon: There's nothing in the immediate area except brush, hills, grass.. a dozen or so sailors, Venus, and her four aides.
[20:23] Sheena: (my guess would be an add)
[20:23] Alathon: ((teleporting 1000 miles is not "no reason"))
[20:23] Sheena: (aides)
[20:23] Alathon: ((you just don't get a freebie recall to base whenever you feel like it, out of it))
[20:24] Caoilinn: (A natural 1 on a shorter teleport isn't as disastrous, right?)
[20:24] Alathon: ((you don't have to roll on a teleport that's within safe range))
[20:24] Alathon: ((which for rank 6 is 1000 miles))
[20:24] * Amiko sighs.
[20:24] Sheena: ((Cue the aides Al? We are not the ranking people here :P)
[20:25] Alathon: Your range of sight is limited by the hills to the south
[20:25] Alathon: to the east, you can see a fair distance.. the land seems to flatten out a good bit.
[20:25] Alathon: ((there isn't really a clear determination of who "ranks", actually))
[20:25] Alathon: ((at least not in general))
[20:25] Sheena: (( I would asume Venus Aides are a bit higher up the food chain then us experments.)
[20:26] Alathon: Two of them, you've met.
[20:26] Alathon: ((Within External Affairs, certainly))
[20:26] Alathon: Well, all four of them you've met, but two of them you've been introduced to
[20:27] Alathon: Renee Goda and Damien Vryce are both youngish, not older than thirty. Both are of anglo-saxon decent, Damien with short cut blonde hair and bown eyes, Renee with longer black hair and dark eyes.
[20:27] Amiko: "Send one of Venus' aides?" I scan the area intentnly. "Or have Yunno teleport into the palace with Venus."
[20:27] Amiko: "That might get their attention."
[20:28] Alathon: Renee is minding Venus, the other two are scouting off to the southeast and northeast a bit (within sight), and Damien joins the conversation with you.
[20:28] Sheena: Im guessing you didn't quite think that last one throught.
[20:28] Alathon: Damien: "Sorry, what were you saying?"
[20:28] Amiko: (Amused.)
[20:29] Alathon: Damien looks from Amiko, to Sheena, to Tsukasa.
[20:29] Amiko: "We need to send someone back to Crystal Tokyo. Care to go get help?"
[20:29] Alathon: ((Caoilinn is checking out the perimiter, correct?))
[20:29] Amiko: "Slight risk, mind you."
[20:29] Caoilinn: (Yes)
[20:30] Alathon: Damien: "Slight.. risk of what?"
[20:30] * Amiko has her rifle down and is sweepign the area.
[20:30] Amiko: "Not sure. Yunno?"
[20:30] Yuuno: Well..
[20:30] Alathon: ((hopefully you're not sweeting it at sailors, they wouldn't be terribly thrilled by that))
[20:30] Caoilinn: ("Well, when you come down to it, teleport is basically just a disentegrate that puts the person back together again at the destination...")
[20:30] Alathon: ((keep in mind, you are not standing alone.. unless you choose to go off some distance))
[20:31] Yuuno: It could just Not work, End up on the wrong side of town, or expload into a huge gorey mess.
[20:31] Alathon: ((he's smart enough to know what I told you, that its' a crapshoot that could maybe succeed, maybe fail, and there's a certain inherent risk of Reall Bad Things in this sort of attempt))
[20:31] Yuuno: Never did that last one mind you,
[20:31] Alathon: Damien is less than thrilled at that description.
[20:31] Alathon: Damien: You were planning on going yourself, right?
[20:32] Yuuno: Where would i go? Who would i get for help?
[20:32] Alathon: Damien massages his forehead.
[20:32] Sheena: We have had limited contact with any higher ups in town.. So one of us would be useless for two long.
[20:33] Sheena: (dice bot al?)
[20:34] Sheena: Roll 1d20+5
[20:34] Alathon: Damien: "Couldn't say.. you could get the Crown's attention quickly enough from Internal Affairs, or Jupiter's through the Marines."
[20:34] Alathon: Damien: "We'll be staying here, regardless."
[20:35] Alathon: Damien looks over at the prone figure of Venus.
[20:35] Amiko: "How, I'm a 2nd LT. It'd take too long to reach any of the senior staff."
[20:35] Alathon: ((sigh, the dicebot is on the other hard drive, I'll eb right back))
[20:35] Alathon: ((what were you trying to roll?))
[20:36] Tsukasa: "It wouldn't be much of a problem. They _know_ who we're escorting, after all."
[20:37] Amiko: "Fine. Yuuno, ever been to Marine HQ?"
[20:37] Amiko: "Fleet force, I suspect would be the best bet."
[20:37] * Amiko singals Caoilinn to come in.
[20:38] Sheena: At this rate it may be better to wait for Venus to wake up.
[20:38] * Caoilinn returns.
[20:38] Sheena: Any good defendable land around here?
[20:38] Amiko: "Not really. Pop me into Fleet Force HQ, I shake a general, pop back."
[20:38] Amiko: "Well, wait for a senshi to show, then pop back, anyways."
[20:40] Sheena: Who ever sunk our boat may come looking for us.
[20:40] Amiko: "I'm not that effective of a combanant, I'll leave my rifle for one of the sailors, and Caoilin can handle defense."
[20:41] * Caoilinn glances at Venus and nods.
[20:41] *** Ala-bot ( has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:41] Alathon: roll 1d20
[20:41] Amiko: "So, Yuuno. Ever been to Fleet Force HQ? Or 2nd Rgt?"
[20:41] Alathon: roll 1d20
[20:41] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{10}
[20:41] Alathon: ((there we go))
[20:42] Sheena: (( i woudl asume we have right/
[20:43] Alathon: Damien looks a little queasy at the idea that you're willing to risk forceful discorporation.
[20:43] Alathon: Damien: "Are you sure that's wise? I've been told she's had a lot worse.. she should bounce back from this in no time. At least, Renee thinks so."
[20:43] Caoilinn: "By the way, just what sort of help are you expecting from home? Or are you just going to make a report?"
[20:43] * Amiko simply looks at Damien.
[20:44] Sheena: We can wait, And try it if it gets to hot here.
[20:44] Amiko: "The problem is, we do NOT know how many forces we're facing, we're on limited ammunition, and we really aren't in a position to offer battle."
[20:44] * Amiko shakes her head.
[20:44] Alathon: At this point, Renee is moving among the sailors dealing with various injuries suffered on the boat -- the other two aides are watching Venus.
[20:44] Amiko: "Grab a Senshi and head back... and we port out."
[20:45] Sheena: "Ya know for some one who likes to be in charge, You dont think about what your saying much do you?"
[20:45] Amiko: "Sheena, by the time it gets too hot, if we do, there WILL be dead people."
[20:45] Amiko: "I already thought of waiting. Risk/rewards don't equal it."
[20:45] Caoilinn: "Maybe. But trying to bring a senshi back risk losing her on a bad teleport, doesn't it?"
[20:46] Amiko: "The Senshi can teleport _here_, can't they?"
[20:46] Caoilinn: "Without ever being here before?"
[20:46] Alathon: Damien: "I.. think so."
[20:46] Caoilinn: "If they could do that, they would have come here that way to begin with, wouldn't they?"
[20:46] Alathon: Damien: "As far as I can know, that wouldn't be a problem.. they just wanted to avoid advertising that sort of capability."
[20:47] Tsukasa: "We _certainly_ shouldn't bring Venus on a risky teleport. But at the same time, we need to get support."
[20:47] Sheena: THen they probly think we whent down with the ship, We should find some cover.
[20:47] Alathon: ((it's about noon-ish now, and the sailors are going over the stuff they grabbed before the teleport. It isn't a helluva lot.))
[20:48] * Amiko nods at Tsukasa.
[20:48] Caoilinn: "I'm going to see if anyone needs a sword or knife or something."
[20:49] Alathon: The sailors are more than willing to accept any sort of weapons, seeing as the lot of them have none.
[20:49] * Caoilinn goes off and offers to make such for anyone that wants one.
[20:49] Amiko: "We have limited ammo, wounded and non combatants. I'd be a LOT less willing to go if we were all a military party, OR were a good 20-30km from the location the attack came from."
[20:49] Alathon: Damien: "If you're worried about them, the sailors should be just fine.. Renee'll have them cleaned up."
[20:50] Alathon: Damien: "Actually, speaking of.. what sorta shape are you all in?"
[20:50] * Amiko shrugs "Been worse."
[20:50] * Tsukasa checks herself over. "Shaken, but not stirred. And I can't believe I just said that..."
[20:51] Amiko: "It's not the wounded, really, Damien I'm worried about. it's the fact that we have noncombatants."
[20:51] Alathon: Damien grins at the bad line.
[20:51] Alathon: Damien: "Fair enough, fair enoug.."
[20:51] Alathon: Damien: "And the lack of weapons bothers me. I wouldn't mind having my Beam Rifle.. good thinking, by the way, in grabbing your stuff."
[20:51] Alathon: Damien directs this to Yuuno and Sheena.
[20:52] * Amiko tosses Damein her rifle and pistol.
[20:52] Amiko: "Yuuno, when you're ready, if you want to go."
[20:52] * Sheena holds out some Engery clips. 'Here ya go, i dont need em"
[20:52] Alathon: Damien: "Thanks.. are you sure you want to do this? Carson City shouldn't be more than a few kilometres to the south."
[20:53] Alathon: Damien waves them off, and flips up his jacket to show that he has a fanny pack with power packs.
[20:53] * Sheena does her best not to say anything about the "fanny pack"
[20:53] Sheena: (( just what noncombatin do we have any way?
[20:53] Amiko: "And the enemy is between us and Carson city."
[20:54] Sheena: (( this is a skelton crew fully expecting this
[20:54] Amiko: "Forgot that?"
[20:54] Alathon: Damien: "We... don't know that."
[20:54] Alathon: Damien is hesitant on that statement.
[20:54] Tsukasa: "Still... it's better to assume it and not get burned later, right?"
[20:54] * Tsukasa is remembering the mutacow all too well...
[20:54] Amiko: "The attack came from that direction, we're northwest of our preivous location. Simple geography."
[20:54] Alathon: Damien: "Northeast you mean.. and yes, it's possible."
[20:55] Tsukasa: "The fact that it's possible means we have to assume it's probable. Anything less can get us killed by being proven wrong."
[20:55] * Caoilinn checks on Venus.
[20:55] Alathon: Damien is a bit put off by your pessimism.
[20:56] * Amiko shakes her head.
[20:56] * Tsukasa shrugs. "Optimism is fun, but pessimism means your surprises are always nice ones."
[20:56] Alathon: Venus is still immobile, but her eyes are flickering, not dissimilar from a normal human in REM sleep.
[20:56] Alathon: ((eyelids))
[20:56] Alathon: ((shed oesn't have a glowy evil eye thing going on ;p ))
[20:56] Amiko: "Damien, this is what we train for in the Marines. Contact was that way. It COULD be a mistake. It could be a one off. Marines don't go by "could""
[20:56] * Caoilinn asks whoever's best with medicine how she's doing.
[20:57] * Tsukasa answers once the mysterious DM tells her.
[20:57] Caoilinn: (Could be an aide, you know. :) )
[20:58] Tsukasa: (Near-max medical skill. She's a specialist)
[20:58] Sheena: (( hole lot of assuming going on)
[20:58] Amiko: ((Sheena, paraonia keeps people alive. It's only paraonia if they're NOT out to get you.)
[20:59] Alathon: Medicine-wise, Renee has finished with the last of the injured sailors and is back to minding Venus.
[20:59] Alathon: Renee: "As far as I can tell, she's no longer unconscious per se.. but I'm more of an empath than a doctor."
[21:00] Alathon: Renee: "She doesn't seem to have any actual wounds.. none that I can detect at least."
[21:00] Caoilinn: "So, do you have any idea when she'll be recovered?"
[21:01] Alathon: Renee opens her mouth to speak, then pauses, before answer.
[21:01] Alathon: Renee: " best guess is a few hours."
[21:01] Alathon: Renee seems a bit hesitant at this point.
[21:01] Sheena: Thats not to long,
[21:01] * Caoilinn goes back to the others and passes that along.
[21:01] Alathon: Renee: "From what she's told me, she'll bounce back from pretty much anything short of death, it'll just take a few."
[21:02] Sheena: (( i do belive the senshi have died a few times as well :P )
[21:02] Caoilinn: "If Venus is likely to recover in a few hours, I think it's less risky to wait than to teleport someone back home."
[21:02] Alathon: ((yeah, they didn't bounce back so well --t hey needed to be rezzed ;p ))
[21:02] Tsukasa: "Agreed, Cao-san. How long should we wait for her?"
[21:02] Alathon: Renee follows Caoilinn back to the discussion.
[21:03] Caoilinn: (That's what Renee meant. Venus should be dead in a few hours and then all better! :) )
[21:03] Caoilinn: (Btw, I guess 'Kei' would be a better phoenetic nickname for me.)
[21:04] Alathon: Renee: "Er.. wait for what?"
[21:04] *** Rockman_Zero is now known as RZ_[Shut-down].
[21:04] Alathon: Renee looks over at Damien, who waits for Tsukasa or someone else to answer.
[21:04] * Amiko eyes the fire, cacluates the range. (Rough range, GM?)
[21:04] Tsukasa: "For her to wake up. It could be troublesome if we wait too long."
[21:05] Alathon: ((say ten kilometres))
[21:05] Sheena: (( what fire?)
[21:05] * Amiko humms.
[21:05] Alathon: ((on the ship))
[21:05] Caoilinn: "Well, if we're not attacked, I'd say wait for a day or so."
[21:05] Amiko: "Damien, are the mobility impared?"
[21:05] Amiko: "No."
[21:06] Alathon: Damien looks over at Tsukasa, then at Sanshi.
[21:06] Amiko: "MABYE 2 hours. At best. Any force can reach here even on foot within 2 hours."
[21:06] Alathon: Damien: "I think we're all good.."
[21:06] Caoilinn: "That's not to say we can't move her before then."
[21:06] Caoilinn: "I'm just saying how long to wait before doing anything drastic."
[21:06] Amiko: "Let me rephrase, do they have morotized transport? or limited to muscle?"
[21:06] Alathon: Renee: "Everyone is ready to move, if that's what we're doing."
[21:06] Alathon: Damien looks around, then back at Amiko.
[21:06] Amiko: "Caoilinn, I'm cacluating their move time to our location."
[21:06] Alathon: Damien: "I don't see any HPC's.. but I might have missed one."
[21:07] Sheena: Really Amichan, are you thinking before you speak or what?
[21:07] Sheena: A little incoming fire and your mind starts skiping.
[21:07] Alathon: Damien: "Wait.. you mean.. "them", as in, whoever was shooting fireballs at us?"
[21:07] Amiko: (There)
[21:07] Amiko: "Yes. The Harlyriders or possibly the Nevadan forces."
[21:08] Amiko: "Cannot assume they were not engaging us."
[21:08] Alathon: Damien: "Both have internal combust... er.. they have vehicles that can go around seventy or eighty kilometres an hour, tops. The Navadans, I mean."
[21:09] Amiko: "Then if they do have a sensor network for teleportation, or some ability, we have MABYE ..."
[21:09] Sheena: (( Heh, there info his not suposed to be sharing with us?)
[21:09] * Amiko rubs her chin...
[21:09] Alathon: Damien: "As for the Harleyriders, they've all got their 'hogs' as they call them.. I'm told they can go well over two hundred kilometres an hour on open road, but... I don't see much in the way of roads nearby."
[21:09] Amiko: "At best 15 minutes."
[21:09] Caoilinn: "So if we're around 10km away, they'd be here already if they knew where we were."
[21:09] Alathon: ((at this point, you've been talking for the better part of half an hour ;p ))
[21:09] Amiko: "Not yet. Takes time to ready a force for pursuit. 15-30 minutes from now."
[21:09] Alathon: ((taking into account time spent doing stuff))
[21:10] Alathon: Damien looks kinda dubious at this.
[21:10] Amiko: "Did you see any caves or hidden ravines, Cailionn?"
[21:10] Caoilinn: "Not if they were the Harleyriders. They're nomads."
[21:10] Tsukasa: "Hm... Since we're limited to personal transit, we should probably stay away from roads. Actually, Yuuno..."
[21:10] Amiko: "Can't assume that."
[21:11] Tsukasa: "How far can you safely teleport the group? Could we use that to move around and avoid threats?"
[21:11] Alathon: Damien: "Well, whatever we're doign then, let's do it soon."
[21:11] * Yuuno snore... ZZzzzzZZz
[21:11] Alathon: Damien looks at Yuuno.
[21:11] Caoilinn: (I assume I didn't see any caves?)
[21:11] Alathon: ((none were evident))
[21:11] Alathon: Damien: "Uh... Yuuno?""
[21:12] Caoilinn: "No, I would have mentioned it if I had."
[21:12] * Yuuno *pop* uh? You guys decide something yet?
[21:12] Yuuno: ("")
[21:12] Alathon: Damien: "How far can you teleport us without screwing up?"
[21:12] Alathon: Renee: "What do you mean, screwing up?"
[21:13] Tsukasa: "Chance of violent discorporation."
[21:13] Alathon: Renee pales a bit.
[21:13] * Amiko snags back her pistol, and pulls out her PDA, loading up the current maps she put in them.
[21:13] Alathon: Damien smirks as Renee pales, but turns his head to the side so she can't see it.
[21:13] Yuuno: I can do one thousand miles with total safty
[21:13] Caoilinn: "And how many people could you take at once?"
[21:14] Sheena: (now that depends on al
[21:14] Alathon: ((at rank six, himself + 5))
[21:14] Alathon: ((5 human sized))
[21:14] Sheena: (doess that empwer spell work at all?
[21:14] Alathon: ((honestly I'm not sure how that should apply to magic granted attributes.. it's really designed for Dynamic Sorcery)
[21:14] Amiko: (Uh. No. Not on teleport.)
[21:14] Sheena: (k, 5 then
[21:15] Amiko: (that's from D20. Empower spell effects _variable_ numbers.
[21:15] Amiko: (not fixed per level)
[21:15] *** RZ_[Shut-down] is now known as Samantha.
[21:15] Alathon: "All variable, numeric effects"
[21:15] Alathon: ((yeah, so, nothing ont eleport))
[21:15] Amiko: (Widen does, though. XD)
[21:15] Alathon: ((will think over whether it should affect special attacks))
[21:16] Amiko: (err... enlarge, not widen. Get the two confused.)
[21:16] Caoilinn: (How many of us are there total?)
[21:17] Sheena: Yuuno can handle 5 people for about a thousand miles with out any problems.
[21:17] Alathon: ((12 + 4 + sanshi + 4))
[21:17] Sheena: Draw back is the power drain only lets him do this twice.
[21:17] Tsukasa: (Five plus Yuuno. Including Sanshi, though, and he's at least two slots)
[21:17] Alathon: ((+ venus))
[21:17] Amiko: "Non viable, then."
[21:17] Alathon: ((power drain is commensurate to distance))
[21:18] * Amiko shakes head.
[21:18] Alathon: ((so he can do a safe teleport of 1 mile as a rank 3, for 8 ep))
[21:18] Amiko: "Damien. Anaylize the possiblity that elements inside the Nevadain Protectorate do not like the idea of appealing for help to Crystal Tokyo."
[21:19] Caoilinn: "Well, the way I see it, this place isn't inherently worse than others in the area, since we teleported here."
[21:19] * Amiko looks around, and doesn't see any real cover or places to hide.
[21:19] Alathon: Damien: "From what I've gathered, highly improbable. The Navadan Protectorate lacks the cohesion to function much beyond a subsistance level, and to my knowledge has dealt very poorly with external threats. It's mainly been fortunate to not have to face any, until now."
[21:20] Alathon: Damien: "By rights, anyone willing to lend a hand should be welcomed."
[21:20] Caoilinn: "If we could find a place with better shelter, that'd be good, but I don't think anyone's going to be rushing to this particular spot."
[21:20] Alathon: ((the weather is pretty nice, but it'll be on the chilly side come nightfall))
[21:20] Amiko: "Mmm... then probaility leands towards the fact it was a hostle power. ARE there any besides the Harelyriders? That threaten Nevada, or posses the potental?"
[21:20] Alathon: Damien shakes his head.
[21:20] Amiko: ((IS there wood nearby?))
[21:21] Amiko: "Are you sure?"
[21:21] Amiko: "Becasue ethier the attacker was _extremely_ lucky, or we were expected. One of the two."
[21:21] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:21] Alathon: Damien: "I wish we knew for sure.. we've heard claims there's some land off to the southeast by the name of Texas, but we haven't visited it."
[21:21] Caoilinn: "Was it a secret that we were coming?"
[21:21] Amiko: "Indeed."
[21:22] Sheena: Some one shot at us with some rather big guns, They where well hidden to.
[21:22] * Amiko nods at Sheena.
[21:22] Sheena: (taxes, heh)
[21:22] Amiko: (*PLEASE use quotes for speech!*)
[21:22] * Caoilinn shakes her head.
[21:22] Amiko: "Which implies ethier a capalibty that the Harelyriders SHOULD not posses, or the intel is way off on them.
[21:23] Alathon: Damien: "We.. don't know. In theory, it should have been, but I wouldn't care to wager on every single senator keeping his yap shut."
[21:23] Caoilinn: "Anyway, what's important right now is deciding where we're going to set up camp and keeping Venus safe until she recovers."
[21:23] Caoilinn: (What's the proper way to refer to Venus, btw?)
[21:23] Caoilinn: (Venus, Lady Venus, something else?)
[21:23] * Amiko shakes her head.
[21:24] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:24] Alathon: ((as Venus, usually.. though Lady Venus is polite and acceptable.))
[21:24] Amiko: "I don't like this area, really. Too open. But..." /me scans the area and searches for a defendable spot (ethier a higher phill, or a grove of trees."
[21:25] Alathon: ((btw it's been something like 45 minutes by now.. off in the distance, if you're looking, the boat has sunk))
[21:25] Caoilinn: "Right. I agree it'd be nice to find someplace more sheltered."
[21:25] Caoilinn: "And less visible from the sea..."
[21:25] Amiko: (higher hill, grove of trees, or ravine, perferably a hill, or trees)
[21:25] Amiko: "Acutally, my ideal spot would be a hill with trees."
[21:25] Alathon: ((you're in something of a valley where you're standing... much higher hills to the south, and you can't see too far to the north, to the east looks flat
[21:26] * Amiko shakes her head.
[21:26] * Amiko looks around, is there anything besides our packs to make a litter with?
[21:27] Caoilinn: "What are you looking for?"
[21:27] Amiko: "Two poles, and while it's too much to hope for, about 6 by 3 in cloth."
[21:27] Amiko: (err... 2meters by 1 meter)
[21:27] Alathon: There's plenty of brush and high grasses, but it'd take some real skill to weave the grasses into anything useful. Anyone take Basket Weaving?
[21:27] Sheena: (...Darn! )
[21:27] * Amiko pulls out her sleeping bag from the bottom of her ruck.
[21:28] * Tsukasa coughs into her hand and points to the large cat-centaur at her shoulder.
[21:28] * Amiko eyes the animal. "Fine..."
[21:28] Tsukasa: "If you need someone to carry Lady Venus, Sanshi can do it. It'll be quicker than making something."
[21:29] Alathon: Damien: "Mmm.. good call."
[21:29] * Amiko shrugs. "Hopefully she's not that badly injured."
[21:29] * Sanshi salutes. "I be really careful!"
[21:30] Amiko: "Pick her up, and Caoilin, want point? Head south, angling for a hill, perferably one with trees, but we'll see if we can make it to Carson City."
[21:30] Amiko: "It shouldn't be more than 10 kilometers."
[21:30] Sheena: "It would look very bad if we entered the city with lady venus in this state."
[21:31] Alathon: Damien nods.
[21:31] Alathon: Damien: "Executive thinking..."
[21:31] Amiko: "The fact we're not entering with a ship is going to look bad. And given that we're assuming that there are radiers around and about, I can belive in luck... bad for us, after all."
[21:31] * Sanshi gently hefts Venus, cradling her in his arms.
[21:31] Caoilinn: "Sure."
[21:31] Amiko: "it's much safer to get under walls."
[21:31] Sheena: "A big part os the mission was to impress apon every one the strength of our people, Walking in clamly after they think we sunk will make em flip"
[21:31] Amiko: "But, we'll see how the rest of the group handles the pace. Damien, you're with me."
[21:32] Tsukasa: "I'm not sure about that... I have to agree with Sheena."
[21:32] Sheena: "Again, Are you even thinking about what you say? You want us to walk into a posibly hostal city with injured"
[21:32] Caoilinn: "Yeah, we should wait until Venus recovers."
[21:32] Amiko: "And if radiers hit us, we're going to lose people. Period."
[21:32] Alathon: Damien looks over to Renee for advice.
[21:32] Amiko: "Half a dozen of one, 6 of the other."
[21:33] Alathon: Renee: "There aren't even supposed to be any Harleyriders this far west.. at least, that's what we were told."
[21:33] Sheena: "You underestamte this crew, They where all picked for a reason"
[21:33] Amiko: "Then the city's hostle, which means we LEAVE."
[21:33] Alathon: Renee grins at Sheen's statement.
[21:33] Tsukasa: "It's only safer to get under walls if we are _absolutely_ certain that said walls don't trap us in with our enemies. Since we don't know who just attacked us, or anything, we have to assume _everyone_ is the enemy."
[21:33] Caoilinn: "And I'd rather not cart Lady Venus around more than we have to."
[21:34] Tsukasa: "Amiko-san, that's assuming they don't just fake us out and poison us in our sleep."
[21:34] Sheena: "You know what your imposable to talk to, It's been damn near two hours and your still hot headed'
[21:34] * Amiko simply gives a flat and icy glare.
[21:34] Sheena: "What am i lieing?"
[21:34] Alathon: Renee: "Hey.. hey!"
[21:35] Alathon: Renee halfheartedly tries to break up the argument.
[21:35] Amiko: "Becasue none of you are LISTENING. Without weapons, and heavy armor, and LIMITED AMMUNTION... we cannot take the risk of a encounter battle."
[21:35] Sheena: "You been running around barking out orders telling ever one what to do while we all look on woundering what the hell your thinking about"
[21:35] Caoilinn: "I say we find a spot that's defensible and has good cover and hole up there."
[21:35] * Sheena *sigh*
[21:36] Alathon: Damien: "Okay."
[21:36] Alathon: Damien: "Let's go over these options, then."
[21:36] Tsukasa: "And without information, we _certainly_ can't risk running into a trap. Not in that condition."
[21:36] Amiko: "Which is part of the plan, Caoilinn, AS I was saying, I want to see _IF_ we can make it to Carson, but if we find a nice hide, FIRST, I'll leave the majoirty of the party there, and wait it out."
[21:36] Amiko: "That's agreed. You all _assumed_ I was going to take the whole party into a town that is a unknown."
[21:37] Amiko: "I personally think this mission is blown."
[21:37] * Sheena leaves the hot head alone with her dreams of mass weapons and hevey armor
[21:37] Alathon: Damien: "Stay here and wait.. move, find a place to hole up, and wait.. move, and try to reach Carson City."
[21:37] Amiko: "and we should _leave_."
[21:37] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:37] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:37] Alathon: ((d'oh))
[21:37] Sheena: (peered!)
[21:37] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:37] Caoilinn: "If everyone assumes you're saying something that you're not, it stands to reason that it's your communication skills that need work."
[21:38] Tsukasa: "I'm personally for option two."
[21:38] Amiko: "Caoilinn? You _could_ have asked."
[21:38] Tsukasa: (What'd I miss, guys?)
[21:38] Caoilinn: "Better for people not to need to."
[21:38] Amiko: "And since I asked SPECIFICALLY FIRST for a nice place to fort up... Carson city was a secondary objective"
[21:38] Alathon: ((not much, we stopped))
[21:38] Caoilinn: "Any reason not to head out now?"
[21:38] Alathon: Renee: "No, I think whatever we should do, it should include moving from here."
[21:39] Alathon: Renee: "There's no-one left with injuries."
[21:39] * Caoilinn heads for the hills.
[21:39] Tsukasa: "Agreed. We need to find a place to hide out."
[21:39] Amiko: "Assuming there is one."
[21:39] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:39] Alathon: Damien: "If we can at least agree on that, then let's go."
[21:40] * Caoilinn tries to move quietly but not so much that she'd need to slow down a lot.
[21:40] Alathon: Damien looks around the party, seeing if anyone violenty disagrees.
[21:40] * Amiko nods, and waits for the rest to move on, and takes middle, holding Damien back with her.
[21:40] * Tsukasa frowns at her wheelchair and yanks herself up onto Sanshi's back, folding up the chair and putting it away.
[21:41] * Yuuno wounders is venus is just listening to all this while trying not to laught
[21:41] Alathon: Renee and the other two Aides scoop up venus and, using Amiko's proferred sleeping bag, get her tied to Sanshi's saddle.
[21:41] Alathon: ((it's possible, but not likely ;p ))
[21:42] Tsukasa: (Uh, I figured Sanshi was holding her in his arms)
[21:42] Amiko: "The map you had of this area... how accurate was it?" I ask Damien, as I wait for the party to move and slip into it.
[21:42] Alathon: ((okay, but then how does sanshi move?))
[21:43] Alathon: ((I mean, she's quadrapedal, right?))
[21:43] Sheena: ( 4 legs two arms)
[21:43] Tsukasa: (He has six limbs - four legs and two arms.)
[21:43] Alathon: Damien: "It went down with the ship.. but, I"m pretty sure it was accurate."
[21:43] Alathon: ((whoa, no shit? I must have missed that. Alright, he can carry her and walk))
[21:43] Amiko: "Mmm."
[21:43] Sheena: ((How else do you think we play yuuno ball?)
[21:44] Alathon: The terrain is hilly, but not terribly rough.. mostly grasses and occasional shrubbery.
[21:44] Alathon: ((kickball))
[21:44] Sheena: (heh)
[21:45] Amiko: "Assuming it's the Harelyriders, that's a serious increase of their range. I jsut get the edgy feeling we're not getting the full picture."
[21:45] Alathon: ((Given the conditions, you can't make much better than several kilometres an hour))
[21:45] Alathon: Damien shrugs.
[21:45] Alathon: Damien: "We don't have the full picture. That's why we're here."
[21:45] Alathon: Damien sighs.
[21:45] Amiko: (Alathon: Marching speed at _best_ is 2km/hour, more like 1km)
[21:45] Tsukasa: "Just the edgy feeling? I thought it was a certainty..."
[21:45] Alathon: Damien: "If we didn't have to worry about the sailors, I'd be a lot less uncomfortable with this situation."
[21:45] Alathon: Damien: "They're tough guys, but against any sort of metahuman threat..."
[21:45] Alathon: Damien trails off.
[21:46] Tsukasa: "Especially when they're essentially unarmed."
[21:46] Amiko: "No, Tsukasa, I'm refering to several other things. And excatly. They're unarmed, and while they're _good_, let's be honest. The harley's weapons would make them mutacowsnacks."
[21:46] Alathon: Damien shakes his head.
[21:46] Alathon: Damien: "They've got swords at least, thanks to Caoilinn."
[21:46] Alathon: Damien: "Much good those'll do them against someone who can throw fireballs."
[21:46] Amiko: "And me without a fire hose."
[21:47] Sheena: (Hey! our team can't throw fireballs yet :( )
[21:47] * Amiko taps her chin.
[21:47] Amiko: "What metapowers have been reported both that the NEvadains have, and the Harleyriders have, that you didn't tell us?"
[21:47] Tsukasa: "Look, let's just pick a heading and _move_, we can discuss this on the way."
[21:47] Sheena: (where are we walking to any way)
[21:47] Alathon: Damien is a little offended by that.
[21:48] Amiko: (We're headed south, towards the hills)
[21:48] Alathon: Damien: "That we didn't tell you? We told you exactly what we know, that they have a full range of mutations, and that strength and toughness are the most common among the Harleyriders."
[21:48] Amiko: "Not saying you're keepign anything from us intentionally, Damien. In fact, I don't think you would."
[21:48] Alathon: Damien nods, grudgingly.
[21:49] Amiko: "Any _speicific reports? Like did etheir party have a meta with the abiilty to chuck a fireball several kilometers?"
[21:49] Alathon: ((unless somebody wants to dispute it and stop everyone, you're moving south-ish))
[21:49] Amiko: "Eh, no, I think you'd have said that, just to impress us with the threat, if anything else."
[21:49] Alathon: Damien: "I seem to recall some mention of Pyromancy, but the context implied it was both understood and common."
[21:50] Amiko: "Lovely. Oh, bloody lovely. Lots of mages throwing fireballs."
[21:50] Sheena: "Sounds like fun,"
[21:50] Alathon: Damien: "I certainly never heard any actual report of a particular individual with a fire related mutation of that magnitude."
[21:50] Amiko: "If you're the one doing it..." I grin.
[21:50] Sheena: "Well something or some one sank the boat"
[21:50] Tsukasa: "Well... let's hope there aren't lots of mages throwing fireballs kilometers downrange with enough stealth to keep us from shooting back."
[21:50] Amiko: "Might not be a a speicific mutation. Could be a very powerful mage."
[21:51] * Amiko shrugs. "Moot point."
[21:51] * Caoilinn comes back looking annoyed.
[21:51] Sheena: "If any one is around i can find them,"
[21:51] Caoilinn: "Do you know just how loud you all are?"
[21:51] Caoilinn: "For people who don't want anyone around here to find us, you're sure making it easy for them."
[21:51] Alathon: The sailors look a little irritated by that statement, but hush their yap.
[21:52] * Amiko has been speaking quitetly to Damien.
[21:52] Sheena: (as sailors are well known for there sealth skill)
[21:52] * Caoilinn grumbles a bit before going back ahead.
[21:52] Alathon: ((if you wanna speak quielty, say so ;p ))
[21:53] * Amiko gets out her binocs, and scans the area around her.
[21:53] Caoilinn: (I didn't see any mention of people talking quietly. Maybe Alathon does it differently, but any DMs I've played with assume you're talking normally unless you say otherwise.)
[21:53] * Tsukasa nods. "Fair enough."
[21:54] Sheena: (ya know venus is probly just over worked and takening this chance to catch up on sleep)
[21:54] Alathon: To the west, you have ocean. to the north and east, the same as before. To the south, it looks like you're coming up on a ridge of some sort.
[21:55] Alathon: The ground gets a bit rockier but remains fairly easy to move over.
[21:56] Alathon: ((continue onward?))
[21:56] Caoilinn: (Yep)
[21:57] Sheena: ((Lets not head into any low land areas))
[21:57] * Tsukasa tries to get Cao-san back and ask her to scout up ahead before marching the whole group over anything we can't see from a distance, ie the ridge.
[21:57] Amiko: ((Not without taking a good look, being visible from a ridge, is bad.))
[21:57] * Amiko nods at Tsukasa.
[21:57] Sheena: ((Ya, im not in the mood to play in a western skit)
[21:58] Caoilinn: (Are you trying to get me back from scouting ahead to ask me to scout ahead?)
[21:58] Amiko: (scout ahead while we wait)
[21:58] * Amiko speaks in a low tone.
[21:58] Amiko: "Hold."
[21:59] Alathon: Damien and the rest of the aides look a little irritated, but do so.
[21:59] Alathon: When they stop, so do the sailors.
[21:59] Caoilinn: (We have raidos, don't we?)
[21:59] Amiko: (Should, yes.)
[21:59] Alathon: ((they're not radios, but yes, something similar))
[21:59] * Amiko clicks her radio.
[21:59] Tsukasa: (I have no idea where you went, just that you were 'ahead' - if you're scouting stay there)
[21:59] Amiko: "Caoilinn, check out the ridge while we wait..."
[22:00] Caoilinn: "Got it. The other side goes pretty steeply down into a bay. No cover."
[22:01] Amiko: "Mmm... See anything besides the bay?"
[22:02] Caoilinn: "City in the distance on the Southeast side of the bay."
[22:02] Caoilinn: "At least 20 km."
[22:03] Amiko: "Mm... lovely. Any roads you can see, or other settlements?"
[22:04] Sheena: "This a good place to hold up for now? We would fail this mission is we are noticed in this weekend state."
[22:04] Amiko: "Checking, acutally Sheena."
[22:05] Amiko: "If there's no roads nearby, or settlements, I think it'd be fine."
[22:05] Tsukasa: "It's poor for cover, but it _does_ give us a good view of anything that may approach, which is about as good."
[22:05] * Amiko grins at Tsukasa.
[22:05] Amiko: "As long as we stay off the ridge, yeah.
[22:05] Caoilinn: "Nothing. No better places to camp within a day's travel."
[22:05] Amiko: "Well, all of us."
[22:05] Amiko: "Fine. Here we stay."
[22:05] Sheena: ( kaychan's a fast one isnt she?)
[22:06] Caoilinn: "Ok. I'll head back."
[22:07] * Caoilinn comes back.
[22:07] Amiko: "We make camp here til Lady Venus wakes. I'm going to go sit on the ridge and study the town."
[22:08] Alathon: Damien: "I beg your pardon?"
[22:08] Amiko: "You want to come?"
[22:08] Alathon: Damien shakes his head.
[22:08] Alathon: Damien: "Do what you like, you don't answer to me."
[22:08] * Amiko starts to set up her tent, and nods at Sanshi.
[22:08] Amiko: "Here, this will be somewhat more comfy for the Lady."
[22:09] * Sanshi smiles and sets Venus down into Amiko's arms.
[22:09] * Amiko finishes setting up the tent, and lays the Senshi on the sleeping bag in it.
[22:09] Sheena: "Wouldn't sitting on the rige but you in plane view of any one with in a couple miles?"
[22:09] Sheena: (*put)
[22:10] Alathon: Damien heads off to confer with the rest of the aides, and soon after they and the sailors begin setting up a makeshift camp.
[22:10] Amiko: "not if I basically only have my head on it."
[22:10] * Amiko helps the others to set up camp.
[22:10] * Caoilinn stays around Venus to protect her if there's any trouble.
[22:10] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:11] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:11] Amiko: ((Does this suprise anyone?))
[22:11] * Sheena taps her staff on the ground in annoyance
[22:11] Caoilinn: (A sniper got them!)
[22:11] Sheena: (nope)
[22:11] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:12] * Tsukasa reseats herself to her wheelchair and moves up towards the ridge, the better to get into a sniper position in a hurry if necessary.
[22:12] Tsukasa: (Blah, what'd I miss?)
[22:12] Alathon: ((nothing))
[22:12] Caoilinn: (Sanshi disconnecting :) )
[22:12] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:12] * Amiko makes sure that Tsukasa stays below the crest, and then edges herself up just enough to get her binco's over)
[22:13] * Tsukasa is just staying near the ridge, not over it at this point.
[22:13] * Amiko scans the area, trying to see the area.
[22:14] * Sheena wonders is she should let ever one keep playing there games or just do a wide area search and get it over with
[22:16] Sheena: (if minko decided she needed to catch up on a weeks worth of sleep im going to be a tad upset)
[22:16] * Amiko slips down. "Don't worry about it. the odds of anyone coming now, is nil, as long as we keep the fire low tonight."
[22:16] Amiko: (to Tsukasa.)
[22:17] * Amiko shakes her head.
[22:17] Amiko: "Curiousier and Curiouser..."
[22:17] * Tsukasa shrugs. "With my legs like this, I'm not much good in putting up camp anyway. _This_, I can do."
[22:17] * Amiko shrugs slighlty and returns to the camp, digging out what little food rations are in her kit, and passing htem around.
[22:18] Caoilinn: (Wait! I can make crystal food! ;) )
[22:18] Amiko: (... Uh.)
[22:18] Amiko: (Bit sharp there.)
[22:19] * Amiko makes sure the camp's all set up, and sits next to Damien.
[22:19] Sheena: (when we get attacked every one can counter with crystal meatlofe)
[22:19] Alathon: Between your stuff, and some of the stuff grabbed by the sailors, you've got at least a couple weeks worth of food if you make it stretch.
[22:19] Alathon: Water, on the other hand, you've got a couple days of.
[22:19] Amiko: "I'm not sure what to make of this. I don't see any signs of battle, but... 50x doesn't really give _that_ much detail about battle signs unless it's recent."
[22:20] Amiko: (Anyone got a pot?)
[22:20] Alathon: ((by now it'd be getting towards dusk, if you set up camp))
[22:20] * Amiko makes sure everyone knows to keep any fires very low.
[22:20] Sheena: (im not sure most of the CT crew would know how to make a fire)
[22:21] * Amiko scritches her cat, while waiting for Damein's response.
[22:21] Alathon: Most of them don't.
[22:21] Amiko: (Finger of Fire! Fun cantrip!)
[22:21] Caoilinn: (Well, we would after the training we went through, I'm sure)
[22:21] * Amiko shows one sailor how to make a firepit, and helps them to collect firematerial.
[22:21] Alathon: Damien doesn't seem in the best of moods, at least after you take a seat by him.
[22:22] Alathon: Damien: "Dunno."
[22:22] Amiko: "It happens. Could be worse."
[22:22] Alathon: Damien shrugs.
[22:22] * Amiko sets the fire on fire (cantrip) for Damien.
[22:22] Alathon: Damien frowns.
[22:22] Amiko: (it's about all I can do with them, but hey, useful!)
[22:22] Alathon: Damien: "Is that really a good idea.. even with cover, the smoke..."
[22:23] Amiko: "Smoke's hard ot see at night, Damien, and it's already dusk."
[22:23] Amiko: "If they have -that- good vision, we're already blown."
[22:23] Alathon: Damien shrugs.
[22:23] Alathon: Damien: "If you say so."
[22:23] * Sheena wanders over to save poor damien
[22:24] Alathon: He doesn't seem inclined to talk.
[22:24] Alathon: ...but he does seem inclined to talk to Sheena.
[22:24] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:24] Amiko: (damm...)
[22:24] * Sheena takes a seat near by
[22:24] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:25] Alathon: Damien: "Hey.. how're you holding up?"
[22:25] Tsukasa: (Well-timed suspicion of peering, that...)
[22:25] Sheena: "Hmm, Renee checking the boys again?"
[22:25] * Amiko goes over to Tsukasa, and gives her a food pack.
[22:25] * Tsukasa nods in thanks and starts on it.
[22:25] Sheena: "Oh? Im fine. Was expecting something to happen."
[22:25] Alathon: Damien shrugs.
[22:26] Sheena: "All tho.. this is a bit much"
[22:26] Alathon: Damien: "More of that, expect thew orst, stuff?"
[22:26] Alathon: Damien: "Eh. It *could* be worse. Though I certainly wasn't expecting things to turn this ugly so fast."
[22:26] Alathon: Damien: "More like, in a week or three."
[22:27] Sheena: "That long huh? I guess a couple weeks of peace would have been nice"
[22:28] Alathon: Damien: "Yeah."
[22:28] Sheena: "Hmmm, So how bad do you think they are going to freak out when we come walking in there back door? After watching the boat sink that is."
[22:29] Alathon: Damien: "Dunno.. dunno if they even saw it sink, or anything more than a spark on the horizon."
[22:29] Alathon: Damien: "I guess someone must have, we could see the fire from shore..."
[22:29] * Yuuno smacks his head
[22:29] Alathon: (whose?)
[22:29] Yuuno: (his own)
[22:30] Alathon: Damien: "So.. what're we gonna do for watches.. two or three hours stints with a couple of us each?"
[22:31] Sheena: "Would work, I can burn magic and stay up all night if need be.. All tho i won't be very happy come moring."
[22:32] Alathon: Damien nods.
[22:33] Alathon: Damien shrugs.
[22:33] Alathon: Damine: "
[22:33] * Amiko taps Tsukasa "First watch?"
[22:33] Alathon: "Dibs on first watch."
[22:34] Sheena: "Any one check to see how many sailors are following Keichan around yet?"
[22:34] Tsukasa: "Yes, I'll keep up on first as well."
[22:34] * Tsukasa doesn't want to know the answer to that, it might do bad things to her own self-esteem.
[22:35] Alathon: ((how do you wanna split up watches? the aides will split them with you if you want, or will do twos of their own))
[22:36] Amiko: (*srhugs* 2 on each? which ever order people want.)
[22:36] Sheena: (don't mater to me
[22:36] Sheena: ( i can do first watch easy enought)
[22:37] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:37] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:37] Alathon: ((.. or not))
[22:37] Sheena: ((there sleeping...
[22:37] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:37] Tsukasa: (Blah. What'd I miss?)
[22:38] * Caoilinn doesn't want to go far from Venus.
[22:38] Amiko: (nothing...)
[22:38] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:38] Amiko: (I'll do second watch with any one who wants to.)
[22:40] Alathon: ((Terry, one of the other aides, will do it.))
[22:40] Alathon: ((unless you say otherwise, third will be sheena and Renee, and fourth will be Caoilinn and Kyo))
[22:41] Alathon: roll 1d4
[22:41] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d4 --> [ 1d4=2 ]{2}
[22:42] Tsukasa: (Right. Amiko, the attack's on your shift :) )
[22:42] * Amiko makes sure all the fires are out for the night.
[22:43] * Amiko taps Terry on the shoulder and points out the spot where she saw something.
[22:44] Alathon: Terry looks over that way..
[22:44] Alathon: Terry (softly): "....t he hell is that?"
[22:44] * Amiko replies equally quietly. "Don't know, and didn't bring nightvision gear."
[22:45] * Amiko taps Caoilinn's boot, and waits for her to awaken.
[22:45] Alathon: Terry: "Damn.."
[22:45] Alathon: Terry notices Amiko waking Caoilinn, and does the same for Renee.
[22:45] * Caoilinn looks up.
[22:46] * Amiko waits til she's awake, then points the spot out, and moves onto Tsukasa
[22:46] * Caoilinn summons her armor.
[22:46] * Caoilinn slowly gets up and moves close to Venus.
[22:46] * Tsukasa frowns and crawls up to a prone position, using her rifle scope to try and see what's there.
[22:47] * Amiko repeats with Damein and Sheena.
[22:47] * Amiko keeps her cat close.
[22:47] * Tsukasa frowns and continues trying to discern just _what_ she's seeing.
[22:47] Tsukasa: "Something's... glowing.
[22:48] * Amiko returns to Tsukasa. (quietly) "any lowlight or IR on your scope?"
[22:48] * Sheena wispers "you guys woke me up for a glow?"
[22:48] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:48] Sheena: (oy)
[22:49] Caoilinn: (It got Tsukasa!)
[22:49] Sheena: (lol)
[22:49] Caoilinn: (We're under attack by peer!)
[22:49] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:49] Alathon: ((you'd be doomed, then))
[22:49] Caoilinn: (Unless it was using Tarou's dicebot. Then you're never certain... :) )
[22:50] Sanshi: <Tsukasa> "Does anyone have a better view?"
[22:50] Sanshi: * Tsukasa shakes her head. "Haven't had a chance to twink it."
[22:50] Sanshi: <Tsukasa> "Sheena-san?"
[22:50] Sanshi: (What was lost when I didn't know I was peered)
[22:50] Alathon: ((anyways, the rest of the aides get up.. none of them seem to have any nightsight gear or suchlike.))
[22:50] Alathon: ((ahh))
[22:51] * Amiko looks around.
[22:51] * Amiko quietly says. I don't like this, not at all.
[22:52] * Sheena sighs as Dark heart snapes into place above her.
[22:52] * Tsukasa 's eyes widen. "Whatever it is, it's approaching."
[22:53] * Sheena she calm catchs the staff and says in a tired voice. "Wide area search" while pointing lazyly at the glow
[22:53] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7
[22:53] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{8}
[22:53] Amiko: "Shit." I curse quielty, and start to wake the rest of the people up, while snagging her rifle from Damein, and giving him the pistol.
[22:53] Sheena: ( >_< )
[22:53] Tsukasa: (... Oy. Al, you sure this isn't Tarou's dice?)
[22:53] Amiko: (oh, bleed... )
[22:53] Alathon: ((heh))
[22:54] Caoilinn: (Don't get shot trying to take someone's rifle in the dark. :) )
[22:54] Tsukasa: "Someone should head out to approach it - if it's hostile, it would be better to confront it away from the vulnerable ones."
[22:54] Sheena: "There cats or something coming, Probly night preditors. Just start a couple fires again to keep em away"
[22:54] Amiko: "That glow..."
[22:54] Amiko: "Who wants to play point in this?"
[22:55] Caoilinn: "If someone guards Lady Venus, I will."
[22:55] Amiko: (quietly)
[22:55] Sheena: "We have giant flying cows at home with shit niddles, who cares if there cats glow?"
[22:55] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:55] * Amiko nods at Caoilinn and falls back to the tent.
[22:55] Amiko: "Done."
[22:55] Caoilinn: "Good. How about some light. It can obviously see in the dark."
[22:55] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:55] * Caoilinn activates her uniform's armor and heads forward slowly.
[22:56] Amiko: (wait one, Caoilinn)
[22:56] * Sanshi steps up to provide a second meat-shield line of defence.
[22:56] * Sheena is still laying lazyly on the ground
[22:56] * Amiko hands Caoilinn a glowing stick (radiates light in a 20foot radius)
[22:57] * Caoilinn tucks it into her belt.
[22:58] Sheena: "You do know they are rather far off don't ya?"
[22:58] Alathon: They're moving closer now.
[22:58] * Caoilinn heads forward.
[22:58] Caoilinn: (Can we see them now?)
[22:59] Alathon: Oddly, yes -- instead of slowly coming closer, they've just.. become closer.
[22:59] Caoilinn: (Eek! Blink dogs!)
[22:59] Alathon: You can make out what appear to be green, slitted eyes in the distance to the northeast.
[22:59] * Caoilinn cautiously approaches them.
[23:00] Alathon: They blink closer.
[23:00] * Sheena decides to save her sucidle friends and caps off a shot over head of the cats.
[23:00] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 Shoot
[23:00] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 Shoot --> [ 1d20=5 ]{12}
[23:00] Sheena: (You got taro's dice bot!)
[23:01] Sheena: (any way a big glowing ball should show something)
[23:01] Alathon: blink-blink-blink-blink-blink, they're all back a good bit further than they just were.
[23:01] Alathon: ((not really, because it fucks your eyes more than it helps))
[23:01] Caoilinn: (Well, at least they didn't blink onto the source of the ball. :) )
[23:01] Amiko: ((Not a threat. Wonder why they're approaching)
[23:02] Sheena: (there preds, where meet.)
[23:02] Alathon: Damien: "Good point, Sheena. We're the humans here."
[23:02] Caoilinn: "Be careful. If they attack, just being in the back won't help you."
[23:02] Alathon: Damien lets off a full-auto burst aimed well above the cats.
[23:02] * Caoilinn draws her swords, just to be safe.
[23:02] Alathon: They can be seen blinking off into the distance...
[23:03] Alathon: Time passes... they don't come back.
[23:03] * Sheena is still laying lazyly on the ground
[23:03] Alathon: You can continue to stay up and guard, or try ot get a bit more sleep with a couple on watch.
[23:03] * Caoilinn stays up by Venus.
[23:03] *** Samantha is now known as Rockman_Zero.
[23:04] * Amiko returns to the pattern, muttering.
[23:04] * Tsukasa sighs and goes back to sleep, lying against Sanshi.
[23:04] Alathon: Damien: "And this, is why we need to know more. We've got an entire continent where we don't even know what animals survived... and what they survived as."
[23:04] Sheena: "Sorry Amichan, It wasn't an enimy unit moving in to kill us in our sleep, Just some wild cats looking for dinner"
[23:04] * Amiko nods. "Agreed there..."
[23:05] Alathon: The night passes uneventfully.
[23:05] Amiko: "Better safe than sorry, Sheena. I don't think you'd like to be a snack."
[23:06] Alathon: In the morning, if you look around, you can find paw tracks on dusty or soft bits of earth.. not quite as big as a hand, but close.
[23:06] Amiko: "My."
[23:06] Caoilinn: (Did any come closer than we would have expected?)
[23:07] Alathon: No
[23:07] * Amiko eyes Lady Venus.
[23:07] Amiko: "Tsukasa..."
[23:07] * Tsukasa nods and moves to check on her.
[23:08] Tsukasa: (Roll?)
[23:08] Sheena: "Thoes blink cats are kinda neat... We should see if they are tame able some time."
[23:08] Sheena: "Or stuck on crazy like the mutacows"
[23:08] Alathon: Terry: "Huh.. I wonder if they're as good to eat?"
[23:09] Amiko: Amiko's cat _stares_ at Terry.
[23:09] Caoilinn: "Eat cats? Ewww."
[23:09] Amiko: "I'll second that..."
[23:09] Tsukasa: "Thirded," she comments distractedly.
[23:09] Yuuno: "Oh? How do you think i feal with half the city eyeing me as a snack"
[23:10] Alathon: Terry: "What? Mutacow is the best meat I've ever tasted.."
[23:10] Alathon: Kyo whaps Terry upside the head.
[23:10] Alathon: Terry: "Hey!"
[23:10] Alathon: Kyo flips him the bird.
[23:11] Alathon: Terry snorts and kinda giggles.
[23:11] * Sheena munchs on an engery bar from her pack
[23:11] Alathon: Terry: "Yeah, yeah.. bite me."
[23:11] Caoilinn: (Wasn't someone checking on Venus?)
[23:12] Amiko: (Yes, waiting for the results)
[23:12] * Tsukasa is.
[23:12] Alathon: How thoroughly are you checking on her?
[23:12] * Amiko nibbles on a food pack.
[23:12] Sheena: (strip search!)
[23:12] Amiko: (... Yay!)
[23:12] Tsukasa: (As thoroughly as is possible - and moderately respectful, sorry Sheena - at the moment)
[23:12] Caoilinn: (Must be painful to get slapped by a senshi...)
[23:13] Amiko: (never know, Venus might enjoy it...)
[23:13] Caoilinn: (Yeah, and if you're lucky, you might actually reach the bay, and a swim would be refreshing abouth now. :) )
[23:14] Alathon: While you're checking her sides for previously unnoticed injury, she makes a sorta half-hearted bear hug for you.
[23:14] Alathon: ((roll dex to evade, DC 10)
[23:14] Amiko: (SEE!)
[23:15] Caoilinn: (Did she squeeze Tsukasa into disconnection?)
[23:15] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+2
[23:15] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
[23:15] Sheena: (probly)
[23:15] Alathon: (( she's pretty strong))
[23:15] Tsukasa: (Whoa... and that's with Inept Defence, too)
[23:15] Sheena: (Of all the rolls you crit on)
[23:15] Alathon: Tsukasa deftly evades Venus' clumsy attempt at a hug.
[23:15] Tsukasa: (... Why do I crit on the gag rolls?)
[23:15] Sheena: (you nail that one)
[23:16] Alathon: ((it was just straight dex to dodge, not an actual defence roll, but a 20 is fine for me))
[23:16] Tsukasa: "I think she's alive!"
[23:16] Tsukasa: (... Now I'm wondering what kind of reward a crit on _that_ roll would give...)
[23:16] Alathon: Venus: ".....mmmmmph.................yuri...."
[23:16] * Tsukasa BLINKS.
[23:16] Caoilinn: (She's saying she's not into yuri ;) )
[23:16] Alathon: Renee sees this, and unsuccessfully stifles a giggle.
[23:16] Tsukasa: (The hug would indicate otherwise...)
[23:16] Amiko: (Please tell me we heard this...)
[23:17] Alathon: ((no, only tsukasa and renee, sadly))
[23:17] Tsukasa: "... Uhm... I'm flattered milady..." Tsukasa is blushing almost as red as her hair at this point.
[23:17] Amiko: (*snigger*)
[23:17] Sheena: (yuri is probly some one else ::)
[23:17] Alathon: Venus mutters something inaudible and rolls over.
[23:17] Caoilinn: (Could be Russian...)
[23:18] Amiko: (Point)
[23:18] Caoilinn: "You should wake her up."
[23:18] Alathon: ((actually yeah, Caoilinn DID say she wanted to stick close to Venus, so she coulda heard too))
[23:19] Alathon: Renee bites her lip.
[23:19] Alathon: Renee: "You do it."
[23:19] * Caoilinn sighs.
[23:19] Caoilinn: "Lady Venus..."
[23:19] Alathon: She doesn't respond.
[23:19] * Tsukasa is MOST tentative about it, but tries to rouse her via shake to the shoulder.
[23:19] * Caoilinn crouches near her head and gives her shoulder a shake.
[23:20] Caoilinn: "Lady Venus."
[23:20] Alathon: ((who goes first?))
[23:20] Alathon: ((or both at the same time?))
[23:20] Caoilinn: (If Tsukasa is being tentative, I guess I would.)
[23:21] * Sheena wonders why Renee is giggling to herself near the tent
[23:21] Alathon: Venus shifts a bit when you touch her shoulder.
[23:22] * Caoilinn shakes her.
[23:22] * Tsukasa makes her attempt.
[23:22] Amiko: (Some things NEVER change, I see... )
[23:22] Alathon: Venus opens her eyes, and blinks, unfocused, then..
[23:22] * Caoilinn backs up.
[23:22] Alathon: roll 1d20+27-4
[23:22] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+27-4 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{34}
[23:23] Tsukasa: (Oh... dear...)
[23:23] Alathon: ((Tsukasa roll to dodge a trip))
[23:23] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+2 Defence roll I assume
[23:23] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+2 Defence roll I assume --> [ 1d20=18 ]{20}
[23:23] Tsukasa: (... Why am I rolling so well on the gag rolls?)
[23:23] Alathon: Venus levers herself off the ground, spins one leg out knocking Tsukasa over, and makes a grab at Caoilinn but catches air.
[23:24] Alathon: "...the hell?"
[23:24] Caoilinn: "I take it you're feeling better?"
[23:24] * Amiko does NOT poke her head in.
[23:24] Alathon: ((er, that's venus))
[23:24] Amiko: (and my tent's that big? Cool.)
[23:25] Alathon: ((I"m assuing Caoilinn backed out of the tent0)
[23:25] * Tsukasa is utterly sprawled onto the floor.
[23:25] Amiko: (hee.)
[23:25] Amiko: "Problems, Caoilinn?"
[23:25] Alathon: Venus just pauses for a moment.
[23:25] Tsukasa: "... That was... painful.
[23:25] Alathon: Venus blinks, and blinks again, staring at Caoilinn.
[23:25] Tsukasa: (You have no idea how tempted I was to say 'that did not hurt')
[23:25] Alathon: Venus then just sorta flops down on her butt, hard, but remains sitting rather than lying down.
[23:26] Alathon: at this point, Renee comes over.
[23:26] Caoilinn: "Just a rude awakening..."
[23:26] Caoilinn: "Are you all right, Lady Venus?"
[23:26] Alathon: Renee: "Venus? Venus, how do you feel?"
[23:26] Caoilinn: "Uh, and you, too, Tsukasa."
[23:26] * Caoilinn doesn't actually seem to wait for an answer from Tsukasa, though.
[23:26] * Tsukasa would be making similar questions, but is enthralled by the beauty of the ground.
[23:27] Sheena: (thats some damn fine soil)
[23:27] Alathon: Venus sort of makes faces, as she does the usual morning wipe-tongue-around-mouth-because-it's-gross thing.
[23:27] Alathon: Venus blinks again, and peers intently at Renee.
[23:27] * Tsukasa debates calling for the medic, despite the strangeness of begging oneself for help.
[23:27] Alathon: Venus: "I feel like I got hit on the head again. What was it this time?"
[23:27] Caoilinn: "Part of the mast."
[23:27] Sheena: (you know ti probly wouldnt be hard to convince her that she got hammered last night and took us all out to take over the US)
[23:28] Alathon: Venus blinks again, still not quite focusing.
[23:28] Alathon: "Huh.. didn't look that big to me..."
[23:29] Alathon: ((sigh, that was venus, again))
[23:29] Amiko: (... Don't tempt me.)
[23:29] Caoilinn: (That Venus--what an incredible fighter! She can beat us up in her sleep! Literally...)
[23:29] * Tsukasa uses her arms to push herself off the ground, at least enough to get her face out of the dirt. "Sorry for startling you, Milady. Ow..."
[23:30] Alathon: Venus: "Huh? Oh.. right.."
[23:30] Alathon: Venus: "Good morning."
[23:30] Alathon: Venus: "You know what.. I think I need a few minutes."
[23:30] Caoilinn: "Sure..."
[23:30] Alathon: Venus: "I see seven more of Renee than I've ever seen before."
[23:30] * Caoilinn quickly goes someplace safer.
[23:30] * Tsukasa flags down Cao-san before she leaves.
[23:31] Alathon: Venus, to Renee: "You didn't go and get yourself cloned, did you, Renee?"
[23:31] Tsukasa: "Could you help carry me?"
[23:31] Caoilinn: "Oh, need a lift?"
[23:31] * Tsukasa nods.
[23:31] * Caoilinn carries Tsukasa out.
[23:31] Alathon: Venus: "Nah.. here's fine."
[23:31] Alathon: Venus flops back onto the bedroll.
[23:31] Caoilinn: (smacking her head on the ground as she does. ;) )
[23:31] Alathon: ((thonk))
[23:31] Amiko: (Lovely.)
[23:32] Caoilinn
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Postby Alathon » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:25 am

[23:32] Caoilinn: (Where's Tsukasa's chair?)
[23:32] Alathon: Renee heads over to inform the aides of her status, then returns to the tent to keep watch over Venus.
[23:33] * Amiko shakes her head.
[23:33] Amiko: "Options?"
[23:33] * Sheena starts playing yuuno ball with Sanshi
[23:33] * Tsukasa points Cao-san to the chair.
[23:33] * Caoilinn sets her in it.
[23:33] Tsukasa: "Thank you, Cao-san."
[23:33] * Amiko steps next to Caoilin and Tsukasa.
[23:33] Amiko: "So... options?'
[23:34] Caoilinn: "No problem."
[23:34] Alathon: Damien: "Thinks are looking up."
[23:34] Alathon: Damien: "Renee thinks Venus will be good to go by noon."
[23:34] Amiko: "Cool. I'm gonig back to sleep, then, Mornings suck."
[23:34] Alathon: Damien shrugs.
[23:35] Alathon: Damien: "Fine by me>"
[23:35] Caoilinn: "Especially if you're the one to wake Lady Venus."
[23:35] * Amiko grins.
[23:35] * Tsukasa winces and holds her head.
[23:35] * Amiko stettles agasint a rock, and puts her cap over her eyes.
[23:35] Alathon: Damien doesn't get it, but doesn't inquire.
[23:36] * Caoilinn recharges her partially drained power pack.
[23:36] Alathon: Damien does the same, since his borrowed Pulse Rifle is down a few charges.
[23:38] Alathon: Hours pass.. mediocre food is eaten.. a couple sailors get into a scuffle over something stupid..
[23:38] Sheena: (probly cao)
[23:39] Caoilinn: (Hey!)
[23:39] Alathon: ((it's very, very possible))
[23:39] Alathon: "There's no way she'd get within ten feet of a loser like you?"
[23:39] Caoilinn: (I'll thank you to refer to the cause of their fight differently, then!)
[23:40] Alathon: ((sorry, but fighting over women is always stupid))
[23:40] Alathon: Eventually, Renee and Venus will emerge from the tent.
[23:40] Alathon: Venus isn't entirely steady, but she's walking without assistance.
[23:40] * Amiko makes a quick cup of tea, heating the water (yes! love Prestigation.)
[23:41] Amiko: "Mi'lady."
[23:41] Caoilinn: (You don't have to make it sound like me = something stupid...)
[23:41] Alathon: Renee gathers up the aides, and bugs the lot of you to get over here.
[23:41] * Tsukasa bows.
[23:41] * Amiko does so.
[23:41] * Caoilinn quickly goes over.
[23:41] * Amiko hands her a cup of tea.
[23:41] * Sheena puts the yuuno ball away and walks over
[23:41] Alathon: ((heh, duly noted))
[23:41] Amiko: (lady Venus)
[23:41] * Tsukasa moves over.
[23:41] Alathon: Venus reaches out slowly for the cup, but succeeds at grasping it, and blows on it a little before taking a sip.
[23:41] Alathon: Venus: 'Thanks, I appreciate it."
[23:41] * Sanshi pads up behind Tsukasa.
[23:42] Alathon: Venus: "So.. what's the deal?"
[23:42] Caoilinn: "Someone sank the ship. You got hit in the head while teleporting us. We ended up about 20 km from the city."
[23:42] Alathon: Damien: "Well, to start off.. we're on the shore, and .."
[23:42] Tsukasa: "Not much information. We took camp up here to wait for you to wake up, Milady."
[23:42] Alathon: Damien allows Caoilinn to continue.
[23:43] * Tsukasa defers to Cao-san's explanation as well.
[23:43] Amiko: "Not to mention we don't know if the city is hostle or not."
[23:43] Caoilinn: "That's pretty much it."
[23:43] Caoilinn: "We're not sure who attacked us."
[23:44] Alathon: Venus: "How many did we lose on the ship?"
[23:44] Amiko: (Did we lose any?)
[23:44] Alathon: Damien: "One sailor.. the rest made it, as did your aides and guard."
[23:44] Alathon: Venus grimaces.
[23:44] Alathon: Venus: "His name?"
[23:44] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:44] Caoilinn: (Sailor#7)
[23:44] Alathon: Damien: "..Uh.."
[23:45] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:45] Sheena: "He was working on the mast when attacked, if that helps any"\
[23:45] Alathon: ((d'oh))
[23:45] Alathon: ((waiting on pw))
[23:45] *** Tsukasa (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:45] Amiko: (it's getting late...)
[23:45] Tsukasa: (What'd I miss?)
[23:46] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:46] Caoilinn: (We lost a sailor and are trying to figure out who it was)
[23:46] Caoilinn: (In the attack on the ship)
[23:46] Tsukasa: (Yeah... last line I got was Venus getting the casualty report)
[23:47] Alathon: ((it sound reasonable to stop in a bit over an hour, 11pst?))
[23:47] Amiko: (I have things I need to do before then, like GET FOOD)
[23:48] Alathon: ((oh.. hrm
[23:48] Alathon: [21:44] Alathon: Venus grimaces.
[23:48] Alathon: [21:44] Alathon: Venus: "His name?"
[23:48] Alathon: [21:44] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:48] Alathon: [21:44] Caoilinn: (Sailor#7)
[23:48] Alathon: [21:44] Alathon: Damien: "..Uh.."
[23:48] Alathon: [21:44] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:48] Alathon: [21:45] Sheena: "He was working on the mast when attacked, if that helps any"
[23:48] Caoilinn: (Part of the mast could fall on Amiko, knocking her out for a few hours. ;) )
[23:48] Alathon: Terry: "Uh, I think it was Kyo. Kyo something.. dunno his family name."
[23:48] * Caoilinn looks at Kyo for a moment before deciding there must have been another one on the ship.
[23:49] Sheena: (heh)
[23:49] Alathon: Kyo: "Kusanagi."
[23:49] Alathon: Terry: "Huh?"
[23:50] Caoilinn: (That sounds familiar...)
[23:50] Alathon: Kyo: "His name was Kyo Kusanagi."
[23:50] Alathon: ((it should ;p ))
[23:50] Alathon: Venus: "Thank you."
[23:50] Alathon: Venus sighs.
[23:51] Sheena: (some place in the world there is a knee belted nutcase laughting his ass off)
[23:51] Alathon: ((damn straight))
[23:52] Alathon: Venus: "So.. the short of it is this. We were attacked, lost the ship, and are on shore a couple days from where Carson City should be, correct?"
[23:52] Caoilinn: "Yes."
[23:52] * Amiko nods.
[23:52] Alathon: Venus: "Alright, Here's what's going to happen."
[23:53] Caoilinn: ("First, from now on, I will wake up when I'm good and ready.")
[23:53] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:53] Amiko: (laughs)
[23:53] Sheena: (heh
[23:53] Tsukasa: (Still here)
[23:53] Alathon: Venus: "Do an inventory, see what the eight of you will need. In a couple hours, I'll take the crew back, and bring back what we need. Tomorrow, we head for Carson City."
[23:53] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:54] * Amiko nods.
[23:54] Alathon: Venus: "Thoughts, questions?"
[23:54] Amiko: "No, ma'am. Sounds good to me."
[23:54] * Tsukasa nods. "Understood Milady."
[23:54] * Caoilinn thinks.
[23:55] * Caoilinn shakes her head.
[23:55] Alathon: Damien: "I don't suppose you're familiar with our fireball throwing friend?"
[23:55] Alathon: Venus shakes her head.
[23:56] Alathon: Venus: "Not really.. all the ones I knew are past tense."
[23:56] Alathon: Venus: "Anyways, get to it."
[23:57] * Amiko nods and goes though what she has.
[23:57] Alathon: Venus heads off to take a look around, with the comment that she'll be back in a couple hours.
[23:57] * Caoilinn bows and takes an inventory.
[23:57] Alathon: The Crew are obviously relieved to be heading home, and chill out considerably -- no more fights.
[23:57] Caoilinn: (A few ask if Caoilinn can come with them...)
[23:58] Alathon: ((heh.. probably not))
[23:58] * Tsukasa checks through what she has, as well.
[23:58] Alathon: Time passes, an inventory is taken,
[23:58] Alathon: BAMF
[23:59] * Sheena ... Did she just hear a bamf?
[23:59] Alathon: Venus is gone, and so are the sailors.
[23:59] Alathon: A couple hours later, BAMF.
[23:59] Alathon: Venus is there, as well as two pallets with various supplies heaped on them.
[00:00] Alathon: It'll take the rest of the daylight hours to sort everything out, split up supplies, etc.
[00:00] Alathon: Venus isn't terribly talkative now that she's no longer concussed, if you want a conversation, you'll have to start it.
[00:01] Sheena: "Has the mission changed any, caus of the attack?"
[00:01] * Caoilinn doesn't say anything but still hovers a bit, even though Venus is quite capable of taking care of herself now.
[00:01] Alathon: Venus looks up from a food bar.
[00:02] Alathon: Venus: "Not really.. well, the original mission hasn't changed."
[00:03] Alathon: Venus: "I just have another mission to take care of at some point -- identify the bastard who was firing on us, and deal with them."
[00:03] Alathon: The second sentance is a bit heated.
[00:04] Alathon: Venus: "I doubt us being a couple days late will matter.. though I'm disappointed that the Nevadans didn't send out people to comb the shores. I would have expected better."
[00:05] Caoilinn: "Maybe they're already stretched thin with the attacks."
[00:05] Sheena: "If you need help or just a distraction for that other problem, Feal free to ask"
[00:05] Alathon: Venus: "They have fishermen who should have..."
[00:05] Alathon: Venus nods to Sheena.
[00:05] Amiko: "I've wondered that, myself."
[00:05] Amiko: "I
[00:05] Alathon: Venus: "Yeah, it's entirely possible.. they said things were pretty bad, but, I have a hard time believing they're that short on people."
[00:06] Amiko: "I'm wondeirng if they're in enemy hands already. And who's the enemy, if so."
[00:06] Caoilinn: "If our attackers have magic or meta powers, they could easily hide themselves from some fishermen."
[00:07] Alathon: Venus: "Eh, that's a crapshoot. Just because someone can throw fireballs, doesn't necessarily mean they're any good at anything else.. you'll find a lot of one trick ponies."
[00:07] Caoilinn: "Oh, that's true, but there could have been more than one person there."
[00:07] Alathon: Venus: "From what I've gathered, there are some people who have multiple Talents, usually shared from mother and father, but that's the exception rather than the norm."
[00:07] Caoilinn: "And if they know we'd be there when we were, they probably planned it well."
[00:07] Alathon: Venus: "Certainly.'
[00:08] Sheena: "They where hidden some how, When i found the attackers i could only see a blur"
[00:08] Alathon: Venus frowns.
[00:08] Alathon: Venus: "What do you mean?"
[00:08] * Amiko shrugs sliglthy.
[00:08] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:08] *** Sanshi (miraclewol@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab57 ... has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:09] Alathon: ((the question was to sheena))
[00:09] Sheena: "Before the finaly shot i searched the area of attacks where coming from. A blurry form on the water was all i found"
[00:09] Alathon: Venus: "Searched? Oh, with a.. technique.."
[00:10] Sheena: "Ya, something like that. It's visual only but has great range"
[00:10] Alathon: Venus: "Some manner of scrying?"
[00:10] Sheena: "Ya, Here let me do this the simple way"
[00:11] * Sheena raises her hand as Dark heart snaps into place, She points it on the path twards the city. A dull "Wide area search" is heard
[00:11] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7
[00:11] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{13}
[00:12] Sheena: ( bad dice, bad!)
[00:12] Caoilinn: (No... you should just be glad you didn't get a 1)
[00:13] Sheena: (*Dark heat notices the grass is purple)*
[00:15] Sheena: "I can see the city easy enought, The buildings look western in stile, and there are lots and lots of people in the street, No idea if thats normal or not"
[00:15] Sheena: "Sorry, couldnt get any close details"
[00:15] Alathon: Venus: "Ahh... useful."
[00:16] Sheena: ( Clairvoyance is only visual right?)
[00:16] Alathon: ((actually, sixth sense is really the wrong way to describe that power
[00:16] Alathon: ((would be better done as an Enhanced Sense, but eh, can discuss that later
[00:16] Alathon: ((the general idea of scrying something is well within the mechanics))
[00:17] Alathon: ((and yeah it'd have to be one sense at that range, for the points you allocated))
[00:17] * Sheena we got a break coming up?
[00:17] Alathon: ((yes
[00:17] Sheena: ()
[00:18] Alathon: ((was about to say, now would be a good time))
[00:18] Alathon: ((also, how much longer are people good for?))
[00:18] Caoilinn: (I'm kind of tired.)
[00:18] Amiko: (not much here, tired, and in pain, plus got things I have to do)
[00:18] Alathon: ((we could stop here for the week))
[00:18] Alathon: ((it's a logical stopping point))
[00:18] Amiko: (works for me.)
[00:18] Sheena: (i dont care ither way)
[00:18] Alathon: ((yeah, is gonna be no fun if you're just sorta sticking around))
[00:18] Sheena: (all thoi guess i chased off the only fight)
[00:19] Alathon: ((eh
[00:19] Amiko: (fight avoided is a good thing)
[00:19] Alathon: ((you resolved the conflict))
[00:19] Caoilinn: (It's ok. Tsukasa and I were involved in a little scuffle.
[00:19] Alathon: ((heh))
[00:19] *** Ala-bot ( has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[00:20] *** Amiko is now known as MageOhki.
[00:20] MageOhki: any xp?
[00:20] *** Caoilinn is now known as Yarrow.
[00:20] Alathon: 810 exp
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Session #4

Postby Alathon » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:31 am

Session #4
[17:57] Alathon|work: sigh
[17:57] *** You are now known as Alathon.
[17:57] Alathon: well this isn't good ;p
[18:00] Alathon: so
[18:00] Alathon: I'm guessing we starta bit late ;p
[18:04] DCG: looks that way
[18:04] DCG: ooh i sent my sheet in with the updated bio al
[18:04] Alathon: yup
[18:05] Alathon: reading it now
[18:05] Alathon: incidentally, you use Midchildan magic, right?
[18:05] Alathon: or do you use Velkan?
[18:06] Alathon: ((since you're not a retardedly powerful Lost Logia it should really be one or the other))
[18:07] Alathon: I'm assuming Midchildan based on your description of the teleport that Yuuno did back in game one
[18:12] DCG: ya its midchildan
[18:12] DCG: all tho im going to try and work out a cartrage system with yarrows chatarer later
[18:13] DCG: no mage or yarrow, this is odd.
[18:13] DCG: guess shes stuck in trafic
[18:14] Alathon: nod
[18:14] *** Yarrow has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:14] Alathon: ahh, speak of the devil
[18:15] Yarrow: Do I have to?
[18:16] Alathon: yes
[18:16] Alathon: speak of his number too
[18:16] Yarrow: His number two?
[18:16] * Alathon cues up Number of the Beast.. damned good album.
[18:17] Alathon: PMing mage
[18:20] Alathon: hrm
[18:20] Alathon: bleah
[18:20] Pale_Wolf: No response?
[18:20] Alathon: well, will give him 5, then start I guess
[18:20] Alathon: don't wanna wait too long, since we run up against peoples' bedtimes
[18:21] DCG: damn kids
[18:23] * Yarrow damns some kids.
[18:24] *** Ala-bot has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:24] Alathon: roll 1d20 test
[18:24] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 test --> [ 1d20=1 ]{1}
[18:24] Pale_Wolf: ...
[18:24] Pale_Wolf: That bodes ill.
[18:25] Ala-bot: indeed.
[18:25] Pale_Wolf: Especially with my deranged luck around...
[18:25] Yarrow: I suppose we could bring in Tarou's dicebot for you...
[18:25] Yarrow: aka The Shazbot.
[18:26] Pale_Wolf: I think I'm special to dicebots, somehow.
[18:26] Pale_Wolf: Randomness tends to be either incredibly good or monumentally bad around me.
[18:27] Yarrow: Good around you, bad right at you. :)
[18:27] Alathon: wel
[18:27] Alathon: sadly, mage seems to be running quite late, so hopefully he'll catch up with us soon
[18:27] Pale_Wolf: I've had _some_ crazy crits...
[18:28] Pale_Wolf: And so many reasons to roll a fumble check it's a running joke...
[18:28] Yarrow: Crazy crits on the gag rolls. :)
[18:28] Alathon: where we left off last week, we were a few days from Carson City, which is on the far side of the bay.
[18:28] Pale_Wolf: I got crits on the occasional non-gag roll...
[18:28] Pale_Wolf: (Usually treasure rolls)
[18:28] *** Pale_Wolf is now known as Tsukasa.
[18:29] Alathon: all the noncombatants had been teleported home, supplies teleported in, and the situation was in general a little more in hand
[18:29] Yarrow: Oops. Better look up my char's name. :)
[18:29] Tsukasa: (Caoillin)
[18:29] Tsukasa: (I... Think)
[18:29] * Alathon whaps Yarrow with a lot of letters.
[18:29] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:29] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[18:30] *** Stratagemini has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:30] Alathon: sup strat
[18:30] Stratagemini: heard you're running an RPG.
[18:30] DCG: What supplies?
[18:30] DCG: ya its a good one
[18:30] Stratagemini: ah. okay.
[18:30] Alathon: well, I hope so ;p
[18:30] *** DCG is now known as Sheena.
[18:30] Stratagemini: i'm just gonna log it.
[18:30] Alathon: actually woulda invited you (and light, and ataru) but I dunno that I can manage more players
[18:31] Alathon: and the ones we have now were the first to express interest
[18:31] Caoilinn: (Venus had us make a list of anything we needed before she teleported back to CT.)
[18:31] *** Yuuno has joined #CrystalTokyo.
Session Close (#CrystalTokyo): Fri Aug 25 18:31:47 2006
Session Start ( Fri Aug 25 18:31:53 2006
[18:31] *** #CrystalTokyo: Alathon Yuuno Stratagemini Sanshi Ala-bot Caoilinn Sheena Tsukasa @keymaster
[18:31] *** Initial topic: Next Week's Game starts at: 20:00EST, Level up to 7 everyone! +1bp. Sol gives back 67 mp for each person who was at the Trax Battle. DCG needs Updated Char sheets!
[18:31] *** #CrystalTokyo was created on Sun Jul 30 15:38:51 2006.
[18:31] Alathon: ((heh))
[18:32] Alathon: ((well, got that misclick out of hte way))
[18:32] Caoilinn: (It's a bad sign when the DM abandons ship)
[18:32] Alathon: anyways.. the time is around 8am
[18:32] Alathon: the previous night was uneventful
[18:33] Alathon: the aides seem to be in good spirits.. talking, joshing around a bit. Venus is slightly apart from them.
[18:34] Alathon: Venus: "Alright.. it's about time we got off our butts and on the ball. Any objections?"
[18:34] * Caoilinn encouraged everyone to take their crystal weapons with them instead of leaving them in a big pile at the campsite. :)
[18:34] * Caoilinn shakes her head.
[18:34] Caoilinn: (The sailors that went home, that is)
[18:34] Alathon: ((they did so, some as curiosities, and some just so there wouldn't be a bunch of evidence of your capabilties strewn all over the trail.))
[18:35] Caoilinn: (Get your GENUINE souvenir of your time serving under THE Sailor Venus!)
[18:35] Alathon: Venus: "Sheena.. just how clearly can you see stuff when you're scrying?"
[18:37] * Sheena blushs a bit. "Ahh well.. Some times in perfect detale right down to some ones eye color, and some times just a general location and shape of whats there.
[18:37] Alathon: Venus nods.
[18:37] Sheena: "Im afraid im still new at useing it.
[18:38] Alathon: Venus: "All right.. well, tell me what you see to the east along this coast."
[18:38] Alathon: Venus nods.
[18:38] Alathon: Venus: "Right, well, give it a shot."
[18:39] Alathon: ((as a side note, Mage has RL commitments and won't be able to make it tonight))
[18:39] Tsukasa: (Glah, meatlife. Kill it! Before it kills us!)
[18:39] Alathon: Venus: "If at all possible, I'd like to avoid any really lousy terrain.. obviously hostile creatures.. that sort of thing."
[18:40] Sheena: (no mage?
[18:40] Caoilinn: (no mage)
[18:40] Sheena: (no hardup wanabeofficer to tell us what to do?
[18:41] Alathon: ((yeah, actually that kinda bums me out, that conflict is good))
[18:41] Caoilinn: (no mage)
[18:41] Alathon: Venus taps her foot.
[18:41] Sheena: "Along the coast, gotya."
[18:42] Alathon: ((roll your power use: magic, which.. does not seem to be filled out on your character sheet))
[18:43] * Sheena still has dark heart in staff mode so she mearly points it alone the coast. "Wide Area Search"
[18:43] Sheena: (Its not filled out as you told me to remove it!)
[18:43] Alathon: ((ahh, then, arcane))
[18:44] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7
[18:44] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{13}
[18:44] Sheena: (gah, more cursed dice)
[18:44] Caoilinn: (For some reason your dark heart made me imagine a coin-operated item of power... I don't know why.)
[18:45] * Sheena puts a bit more power into it. "Wide Area Search!'
[18:46] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7
[18:46] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{18}
[18:48] Sheena: "hmm, about a day out it changes into a mashland. Looks wide and i can't tell how deep"
[18:48] Alathon: Venus frowns.
[18:48] Alathon: Venus: "Lovely."
[18:48] Alathon: Venus: "well, let's avoid that. We're heading northeast."
[18:49] Alathon: Venus: "Will a straight line to the northeast avoid it?"
[18:50] Sheena: "We should be good. It's a big marsh, but not that big."
[18:51] Alathon: Venus: "Right. Okay.. Caoilinn, you and Terry range out a bit in front of us, keep your eyes open, and don't hesitate to fall back if you run into something potentially hostile."
[18:52] Alathon: Venus: "The rest of you, let's get rolling."
[18:52] Alathon: Venus waits for people get their assorted stuff shouldered, and for Caoilinn and Terry to head out.
[18:52] Alathon: Terry is quick to do so.
[18:52] * Tsukasa nods from Sanshi's back. "Yes milady."
[18:53] * Caoilinn nods.
[18:53] * Caoilinn heads out.
[18:53] Alathon: Amiko: "Yes, sir."
[18:53] * Sheena is ready to go
[18:53] Alathon: Amico falls in line behind Venus as soon as she starts out. The aides hesitate a bit, before Kyo falls in with her.
[18:54] Alathon: Kyo doesn't seem inclined to talk much, which seems to suit Amiko just fine. Both march.
[18:54] Alathon: You set out. you walk. you walk..
[18:54] Alathon: walk
[18:54] Alathon: walk walk walk.
[18:54] Caoilinn: (skip)
[18:55] Alathon: It's kinda like hiking, except no convenient rest stations.. and you don't know what kinda critters live hereabouts.
[18:56] * Sheena isn't made for walking long and it shows.
[18:56] Sheena: "Thats it! Im soooo going to learn how to fly."
[18:56] Alathon: Damien looks over at you enviously.
[18:56] Alathon: Damien: "Fly? I wish.."
[18:57] Alathon: Damien takes a moment to hop along the trail while emptying a pebble from one boot.
[18:57] * Sanshi isn't the most comfortable of mounts either, when it comes to it.
[18:57] Sheena: (his a large furry cat, how can't he be?)
[18:57] Alathon: Venus will break for lunch, and not stop until dinnertime unless asked.
[18:58] Alathon: ((and by dinnertime I mean dusk.))
[18:58] Alathon: She doesn't seem terribly bothered by the walk, or, well, anything. She's humming softly, at times.
[18:58] Sheena: ((Or do you need to to get ya a cool leather sadle with gun slots and ammo racks?))
[18:58] Alathon: ((a giant cat just isn't a proper mount without a gun rack.))
[18:58] Alathon: ((and maybe a cooler for beer))
[18:59] Alathon: Kyo is silent, as is Amiko.
[18:59] Alathon: Terry stays quiet, uninclined to give any potential hostiles a heads up on his or Caoilinn's position.
[18:59] Tsukasa: (Well, there _is_ the gun rack)
[19:00] Alathon: If noone is particularly inclined to make conversation, what conversation is made, will be between Renee and Damien.
[19:00] Alathon: It'll be pretty banal stuff.
[19:00] * Caoilinn is quiet for the same reason Terry is.
[19:01] Alathon: At this point it's suppertime, and you've made good progress.
[19:01] Alathon: There's been some rather wet ground, and a few brackish ponds in the way, but nothing that couldn't easily be circled to the north.
[19:02] Alathon: Night comes.. how do you wanna split watches?
[19:02] Alathon: ((amiko and kyo will take first, unless someone else wants dibs))
[19:03] * Sheena don't really care
[19:03] Caoilinn: (No real preference here)
[19:03] Alathon: pw, roll 1d10 to see if you get a random encounter ;p
[19:03] Alathon: ((1 is good, ten is bad, in this case))
[19:04] Alathon: ((pw, you here?))
[19:05] Sheena: ((peered?
[19:05] Alathon: ((looks like it.. bleah))
[19:05] Alathon: roll 1d10
[19:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d10 --> [ 1d10=5 ]{5}
[19:05] Tsukasa: (Here)
[19:05] Tsukasa: roll 1d10
[19:05] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d10 --> [ 1d10=8 ]{8}
[19:06] Alathon: ((heh, well, you can pick which you want. a 5 or an 8))
[19:06] Tsukasa: (... Whenever it's bad, I get it... Meh, I'll take the five)
[19:07] Alathon: ew
[19:07] Alathon: rofl
[19:08] *** Rakhal has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:08] Alathon: caoilinn, roll init, since this happens on your watch.
[19:08] Alathon: along with renee
[19:08] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[19:08] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{7}
[19:08] Rakhal: Who needs to me opped here?
[19:08] Alathon: roll 1d20+1 renee's init
[19:08] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+1 renee's init --> [ 1d20=15 ]{16}
[19:08] Rakhal: be...
[19:08] Alathon: Actually, that'd probably be me
[19:08] Sheena: (al
[19:08] Alathon: I guess DCG asked?
[19:08] Sheena: (yep
[19:09] Alathon: (thanks btw, had been meaning to ask but never got arond to it))
[19:09] Rakhal: Indeed. fianlly got the message :)
[19:09] *** Mode change "+o Alathon" for channel #CrystalTokyo by Rakhal.
[19:09] Rakhal: There you go :)
[19:09] Caoilinn: (Yay! Now change the topic. :) )
[19:09] Alathon: Thank you :)
[19:10] Alathon: ((now I'll actually have to learn op commands))
[19:10] Alathon: ((so yeah, I'll change the title, just later))
[19:11] Alathon: roll 4#1d20+6 ????
[19:11] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d20+6 ???? --> [ 1d20=14 ]{20}, [ 1d20=20 ]{26}, [ 1d20=13 ]{19}, [ 1d20=7 ]{13}
[19:11] * Rakhal wanders off to leave you all in peace :)
[19:11] *** Rakhal has left #CrystalTokyo.
[19:12] Alathon: ((so the order atm is ????, ????, ????, Renee, ????, Caoilinn))
[19:12] Caoilinn: (Look out! We're being attacked by wild question marks!!)
[19:12] Alathon: ((they have +4 to bad grammar))
[19:13] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+4
[19:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{12}, [ 1d20=6 ]{10}
[19:14] Tsukasa: (That's... Al, you sure you haven't been using Tarou's dice?)
[19:14] Alathon: ((neither's a botch, and renee doesn't see a damned thing, so..))
[19:14] Tsukasa: (Mookcrits are generally a sign of it...)
[19:15] Caoilinn: "Company!"
[19:15] Alathon: roll 2#(2d4+2)
[19:15] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#(2d4+2) --> [ 2d4=3 ]{5}, [ 2d4=4 ]{6}
[19:15] Alathon: roll 2#(1d6+2)
[19:15] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#(1d6+2) --> [ 1d6=4 ]{6}, [ 1d6=6 ]{8}
[19:15] Alathon: Renee, out of the blue, screams in pain.
[19:16] Alathon: roll 1d20+4
[19:16] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{7}
[19:16] Alathon: roll 2d4+2
[19:16] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d4+2 --> [ 2d4=6 ]{8}
[19:16] Alathon: roll 1d6+2
[19:16] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d6+2 --> [ 1d6=3 ]{5}
[19:17] Sheena: (hows it hitting on a 7?)
[19:17] Alathon: ((easy.. it bamfed in behind her, and she doesn't see it, so can't dodge))
[19:17] Alathon: ((same reason renee didn't get to dodge))
[19:18] Sheena: (they still get a dodge roll)
[19:18] Sheena: (just not as high as normal)
[19:18] Sheena: (you dont totaly lose it)
[19:18] Alathon: Claws rake across Caoilinn's armor without finding purchase, making a rather ugly skrittttching sound.
[19:18] Sheena: (there caught "flat footed" not "dead")
[19:19] Alathon: ((aks yourself this.. how do you dodge something you have absolutely no idea whatsoever is coming?))
[19:20] Alathon: ((and that's D&D rules))
[19:20] Alathon: ((here's the quote from the anime d20 SRD: "A character may not attempt a defence check if he or she is completely unaware of the attack, unable to move, or is struck with a Critical Hit. If a character is caught unprepared but who is aware of the attack (such as when surprised), however, he or she is considered flat-footed and may still attempt a defence but does not gain any bonuses from a high Dexterity score."))
[19:20] Alathon: ((your act caoilinn))
[19:21] Caoilinn: (Turning on the uniform's armor doesn't take an action, right?)
[19:21] Alathon: ((nope, you can do that and whatever else you want))
[19:22] Alathon: ((it's essentially flickin a switch that's always in range of your arms.. will only be an issue if you're restrained))
[19:22] * Caoilinn shouts, "We're under attack!", turns on her uniform, and whirls around, drawing her swords to swing at whatever struck her.
[19:22] Alathon: ((everyone can wake up next round.. freeing yourself from bedding and tents will take another round))
[19:22] Caoilinn: (Longer to type than to actually do... :) )
[19:22] Alathon: ((so everyone gets to act the round after next))
[19:23] Sheena: (considering sheena just crashs right on the ground i dont see that being a problem)
[19:23] Caoilinn: (What am I attacking, btw?)
[19:23] Alathon: ((PM'd))
[19:23] Sheena: ((im guessing blink kittys from last time
[19:24] Alathon: ((uh.. if you don't actually sleep in a tent or bedroll you're gonna run into health issues. that's why we usually use 'em ;p ))
[19:24] * Caoilinn attacks.
[19:24] Caoilinn: (roll them?)
[19:24] Alathon: ((yup))
[19:24] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+1
[19:24] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{17}
[19:24] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+1
[19:24] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{14}
[19:24] Alathon: ((attacking one single cat, right?))
[19:25] Alathon: ((when you turn, you see two))
[19:25] Caoilinn: (Yes)
[19:25] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[19:25] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{14}
[19:25] Alathon: roll 1d20+4
[19:25] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{14}
[19:25] Alathon: Your first swing connects narrowly; your second is evaded by a hairsbreadth.
[19:25] Caoilinn: roll 1d8+4
[19:25] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8+4 --> [ 1d8=6 ]{10}
[19:26] Alathon: Deals damage, roll the spec attack.
[19:26] Alathon: Linked attack that is.
[19:27] Caoilinn: roll 1d8
[19:27] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8 --> [ 1d8=3 ]{3}
[19:27] Alathon: The cat yowls in pain as the sword cuts into it, followed by a soft flash that shows through it's flesh. (18/31)
[19:28] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 shadowcat attack on caoilinn
[19:28] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 shadowcat attack on caoilinn --> [ 1d20=8 ]{12}
[19:28] Alathon: ((you can dodge this one at this point))
[19:28] * Tsukasa jolts up, hearing Caoilinn's shout. "Sanshi! Help them out!"
[19:28] Alathon: ((sanshi will wake up, and can act next round as he presumably was not encumbered by bedding ;p ))
[19:28] Tsukasa: (Yeah, sheer size issues dictate that...)
[19:29] Caoilinn: (Mm, 1d20+dex?)
[19:29] Caoilinn: (Or was it just a miss?)
[19:29] Alathon: ((1d20 + dex + (melee defense for a parry, unarmed defense for a dodge))
[19:29] Tsukasa: (Should I do a Dex check to yank myself free, given lack of leg uses?)
[19:29] Alathon: ((honestly yes, DC 12))
[19:30] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[19:30] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{23}
[19:30] Alathon: You evade the attack easily.
[19:30] Alathon: New round, Sanshi roll init
[19:30] Sanshi: roll 1d20+12
[19:30] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{16}
[19:32] Alathon: ((alright, order is 3x Shadowcat, Sanshi, Renee, Caoilinn, Shadowcat))
[19:32] Alathon: Two of the shadowcats claw and bite at Renee, who is already hurting bad.
[19:32] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+4
[19:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{22}, [ 1d20=18 ]{22}
[19:32] Alathon: Renee tries to dodge outta the way, and flicks on her armor.
[19:32] Alathon: roll 1d20+3
[19:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{18}
[19:32] Alathon: roll 1d20+1
[19:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{8}
[19:32] Alathon: Renee tries, and tries, but doesn't quite succeed either time.
[19:32] Alathon: roll 2#2d4+2
[19:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#2d4+2 --> [ 2d4=5 ]{7}, [ 2d4=6 ]{8}
[19:33] Alathon: roll 2#1d6+2
[19:33] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d6+2 --> [ 1d6=2 ]{4}, [ 1d6=3 ]{5}
[19:33] Alathon: Renee cries out softly, and goes down.
[19:33] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 shadowcat attacks Caoilinn
[19:33] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 shadowcat attacks Caoilinn --> [ 1d20=2 ]{6}
[19:34] Sanshi: (Guessing that's a miss...)
[19:34] Alathon: ((well, it should be easy to dodge))
[19:35] * Caoilinn takes it on her armor.
[19:35] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:35] Alathon: roll 2d4+2
[19:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d4+2 --> [ 2d4=6 ]{8}
[19:35] Alathon: roll 1d6+2
[19:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d6+2 --> [ 1d6=3 ]{5}
[19:35] Sanshi: (Thought so...)
[19:35] Alathon: Caoilinn doesn't even bother to move, as the cat claws at her and fails to pierce her crystal armor.
[19:35] Alathon: Sanshi is up
[19:35] * Sanshi crouches down and leaps for the shadowcat that's apparently slower off the mark (Leap Attack)
[19:35] Sanshi: roll 1d20+14
[19:35] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{19}
[19:36] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:36] Alathon: roll 1d20+3 Shadowcat dodge
[19:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+3 Shadowcat dodge --> [ 1d20=11 ]{14}
[19:36] Alathon: The shadowcat fails the dodge.
[19:36] * Sanshi lets his claws sink in powered by momentum.
[19:37] Sanshi: roll 1d3+6+1d4+2+20
[19:37] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d3+6+1d4+2+20 --> [ 1d3=3 1d4=1 ]{32}
[19:37] Alathon: ((+2 plus jump skill / 2, correct?))
[19:37] Sanshi: (Normal damage plust that, yep)
[19:38] Alathon: Sanshi's claws tear through flesh, bone, and hit dirt unimpeded. The shadowcat goes down in a spray of blood.
[19:38] Sanshi: "No mess with Mommy's friends dumb kitty!"
[19:38] Alathon: poppoppoppop
[19:39] Alathon: ((or more correctly, three pops))
[19:40] Caoilinn: (That's better. :) )
[19:40] * Caoilinn checks on Renee.
[19:40] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+5 Dex check
[19:40] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+5 Dex check --> [ 1d20=20 ]{25}
[19:40] Alathon: Renee is unconscious, but not bleeding.. in fact, her wounds appear to be healing at a dramatic rate.
[19:41] Alathon: Tsukasa manages to flip out of her bedroll and land rightside up with weapon in hand.
[19:41] * Tsukasa manages a rather spectacular maneuver to pull herself free of her bedding and tent... to the apparently ended fight.
[19:41] Tsukasa: (Well, prone at least... no point landing on her feet)
[19:41] Caoilinn: (Crits on the gag rolls... :) )
[19:41] Alathon: ((heh no shit))
[19:41] Alathon: At this point, the entire camp is roused.
[19:41] * Sheena wonder why she couldnt move as she was just sleeping in the open like she said.
[19:42] Alathon: ((... you're seriously sleeping in the open?))
[19:42] Alathon: ((you're shitting me, right?))
[19:42] Sheena: (hey its my falt your not paying atition to us as you kill off your own npcs?)
[19:42] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3 forced dex check for the win.
[19:42] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 forced dex check for the win. --> [ 1d20=17 ]{20}
[19:42] Alathon: ((no I read it, and ignored it because I thought you were pulling my leg))
[19:43] Sheena: (damn it! why do we nail joke rolls?)
[19:43] Caoilinn: (Mm, you know that'll probably make you the first target of creatures like those cats?)
[19:43] Alathon: ((you seriously want to deal with stupid shit like getting sick from exposure?))
[19:44] Sheena: (... what? We are hiking in the artic now? That sure didnt come up the first night when we where all forced to)
[19:44] Sheena: (what ever just move on)
[19:44] Alathon: ((one night is one thing, but doing it over and over is gonna result in lame, boring stuff like con saves for deteriorating health, catching influenza, and.. I Mean seriously))
[19:46] Sheena: ((im sorry.. when did we get replaced with a bunch of level 1 rangers? I mean where all highly trained magical soilders. But screw it, less rolls that better)
[19:47] Alathon: ((you're human beings, with very human limitations outside of specific mutations or powers))
[19:48] Alathon: anyways
[19:48] Alathon: everyone is generally irritated at being woken up by cats in the camp, but with everyone having seen them teleport, no blame is placed.
[19:49] Caoilinn: "Cats again..."
[19:49] * Caoilinn shakes her head.
[19:49] Alathon: Terry: "Yeah.. doesn't this place have any dogs, at least?"
[19:49] Alathon: Terry: "Stupid cats..."
[19:49] Caoilinn: "Gah! I hope not..."
[19:49] Alathon: Kyo looks irritated.. again.. but says nothing.
[19:49] Caoilinn: "Stupid dogs..."
[19:50] Alathon: Amiko: "Don't tempt fate like that.. for all we know they could very well have wild dogs that pose a credible threat to a force our size when present in numbers."
[19:50] * Tsukasa spots the battered Renee and lowers her rifle. "Could someone help me limp over to check on her?"
[19:50] Alathon: Terry: "Whatever.. I'm just saying, is all."
[19:50] Sheena: "If we keep a fire durning this won't be a problem.."
[19:50] Caoilinn: "If you want, but she's healing up quickly on her own."
[19:51] Alathon: Damien helps Tsukasa over to Renee.
[19:51] Alathon: Renee is already conscious, and looks in fair shape already.
[19:51] * Caoilinn turns off her uniform's armor.
[19:51] Alathon: ((good catch, was wondering if you would.))
[19:51] * Tsukasa blinks. "That works. Thank you."
[19:51] Alathon: Renee is a little irritated to be fussed over.
[19:52] Alathon: Renee: "I'll be okay, really. I've bounced back from worse."
[19:52] Alathon: Amiko: "A fire? That might scare away wild animals, but could attract far more credible threats."
[19:53] Alathon: Amiko: "You seriously believe we should risk exposure to an unknown enemy to avoid conflict with local wildlife?"
[19:53] Alathon: Amiko is directing this at Sheena, obviously.'
[19:53] Sheena: "I guess that means you want to be next for the teleporting kitty watch then?"
[19:54] Alathon: Amiko shrugs.
[19:54] Alathon: Amiko: "I did my turn already."
[19:54] Caoilinn: (Did Venus wake up for the very short battle?)
[19:54] Alathon: Amiko: "Give me a little while, and I'll have a spell learned that can detect such things and give us real warning. Until then, vigilance must suffice."
[19:54] Sheena: "The fire woudl be fire less showy then if we started blowing the crap of out every thing fighting the cats"
[19:55] Alathon: Venus woke up, but seeing that everything in hand, and Renee is regenerating, has already gone back to sleep.
[19:55] Alathon: Or at least appears asleep.
[19:55] * Caoilinn will let her be.
[19:55] Alathon: Amiko: "Less showy, maybe, but present for a far greater slice of time. The relative opportunity for the enemy to observe would be far greater."
[19:56] Caoilinn: "Hey, if you guys are going to stay awake going on about this, can I go to sleep now?"
[19:56] Alathon: Amiko is now a little irritated that her logic is being questioned.
[19:56] Alathon: Terry: 'Yeah, we were already up for like an hour and a hafl..."
[19:56] Alathon: Terry looks at Sheena and Amiko.
[19:56] Alathon: Amiko shakes her head.
[19:57] * Sheena shurges, "Fine by me"
[19:57] Alathon: ((next watch is Sheena and Damien.))
[19:57] * Tsukasa doesn't even _bother_ getting between those two, and asks Damien to help her limp back to her tent.
[19:57] Alathon: Damien: "Yeah, yeah.. I guess it's about our turn."
[19:57] * Caoilinn dismisses her armor and beds down.
[19:57] Alathon: Damien: "Gimme a sec.. gonna give Tsukasa a hand."
[19:57] Alathon: Tsukasa does so.
[19:58] Tsukasa: "Thank you. I can crawl from here."
[19:58] Alathon: ((er I mean, damien does so ;p ))
[19:58] Alathon: Damien, concerned: "You sure?"
[19:59] Alathon: ((rofl.. I had terry, not renee, talk... oh well))
[19:59] Tsukasa: "Um, yes, I'm only mostly helpless, not completely."
[19:59] Alathon: ((continuity errors for the lose))
[19:59] Alathon: Damien: "Oh.. of course."
[19:59] Alathon: Damien looks a little sheepish, and goes off to have a look around while on watch.
[20:00] Alathon: Damien eventually returns, and tries to strike up a conversation with Sheena.
[20:00] Alathon: Damien: "I'm kinda curious.. what else can you do? Besides scrying, and some sort of attack magic?"
[20:00] * Tsukasa strokes Sanshi a bit and generally coddling him before going back to bedroll.
[20:02] Sheena: "Well.."
[20:02] Alathon: Damien genuinely looks curious.
[20:02] Sheena: "Yuuno says i have armor i can summon for battle, but i havnt done it yet. Who knows what it would end up looking like."
[20:03] Alathon: Damien: "Something like what Caoilinn has?"
[20:04] Sheena: "Im still learning how to use my magic, so im really limted right now.. I have a way to turn magic into raw speed but thats about all i learned so far."
[20:04] Sheena: "I really have no idea."
[20:04] Alathon: Damien: "That's still damned useful."
[20:04] Alathon: Damiens sighs.
[20:05] Alathon: Damien: "All I've got is this."
[20:05] Alathon: Damien vanishes.
[20:05] * Sheena does a Blink Blink
[20:05] Alathon: Damien's Voice, from behind you: "Boo."
[20:05] Alathon: spot check is dc 30-something to see tracks made at night ;p
[20:05] Alathon: though you can roll it if you want ;p
[20:06] * Sheena flinces and looks around still now seeing anything.
[20:06] Alathon: Damien appears, now back in front of you.
[20:06] Sheena: (no thanks.. I only have +7 and thats if boosted by heart)
[20:06] Alathon: Damien: "I suppose it's really useful at times, but.. when it comes down to it, all I've got for fighting is this."
[20:06] Alathon: Damien hoists his Beam Rifle.
[20:07] Sheena: "Your joking right? Something like that gives you all the time in the world to set up any attack you want."
[20:07] Alathon: Damien: "I suppose I should be thankful, it... kept me in one piece in the past."
[20:07] Alathon: Damien smiles ruefully.
[20:08] Alathon: Damien: "Yeah.. like I said, it's damned useful, just doesn't have the pizazz of what lots of people got."
[20:08] Alathon: Damien looks pointedly at you.
[20:08] Sheena: "You just need the right tools to go with it."
[20:08] * Sheena has a strange grin now
[20:09] Alathon: Damien: "Right..."
[20:09] Sheena: "You could sneak up on some one and stick a exploading charge on them.."
[20:09] Alathon: Damien: "Anyways.. I guess we should hush up. I'd hate to miss more of those cats on the prowl."
[20:09] Alathon: Damien smirks, and nods.
[20:10] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3 spot
[20:10] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 spot --> [ 1d20=15 ]{18}
[20:10] * Sheena looks around a bit.
[20:10] Alathon: You survey the campsite.. a light cloud cover mutes the stars, but the moon is visible, so you can see a fair bit.
[20:10] Alathon: Nothing appears amiss.
[20:11] Alathon: ((the night will pass uneventfully unless you have something else to do))
[20:11] Sheena: (not unless this guys going to hit on me more)
[20:11] Alathon: ((Give him time))
[20:12] Caoilinn: (Yay! Someone who's not hitting on me!)
[20:12] Sheena: (heh, moving on?)
[20:13] Alathon: Morning dawns.. the party is reasonably rested. Surprisingly, Renee seems to be in good spirits, given that she was severely chewed up last night.
[20:13] Sheena: (shes been meaning to drop thoes 5lbs any way)
[20:13] Alathon: Renee is humming softly as she chews through her morning nutrient bar.
[20:14] Caoilinn: (Hey, I'd be pretty happy, too, if I could walk away unharmed the morning after that. :) )
[20:14] Alathon: Venus looks slightly amused by this, the rest of the aides are unaffected.
[20:15] * Tsukasa just _stares_.
[20:15] Alathon: Amiko looks like she wants to say something, but holds her peace.
[20:15] * Caoilinn looks at Tsukasa and Amiko.
[20:15] Caoilinn: "What?"
[20:16] Alathon: Amiko: "Nothing."
[20:16] * Caoilinn looks confused.
[20:17] * Sheena pulls a still sleeping Yuuno out of her hair and frowns at him
[20:17] *** *** Notice -- Received KILL message for Sol-Badguy! from NickServ Kill by NickServ!conference@room (GHOST command used by Zero|Away)
[20:17] Sheena: "Hey Sanshi, go long!"
[20:17] Caoilinn: "Oh, hey.... nice job last night, Sanshi."
[20:17] Sanshi: "Thank you!"
[20:17] * Sanshi goes long.
[20:18] Caoilinn: (Sanshi is very careful with Yuuno and always make sure to catch him no later than the second bounce.)
[20:18] * Sheena flings the still sleeping yuunoball at the large cat giving it a nice spirl
[20:18] Yuuno: wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[20:18] Sanshi: roll 1d20+10 to catch
[20:18] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+10 to catch --> [ 1d20=18 ]{28}
[20:18] Sanshi: (...)
[20:18] Alathon: ((that's a catch))
[20:19] Sanshi: (I just wanted to see if I'd crit it just because it's a gag roll)
[20:19] Sheena: (close enought)
[20:19] * Sanshi catches Yuuno and returns the toss.
[20:19] * Sheena claps
[20:20] Sheena: Roll 1d20+4
[20:20] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{9}
[20:20] Sheena: (uh oh)
[20:20] Tsukasa: (Poor ferret)
[20:20] Alathon: Venus looks on, amused, before her expression darkens a little.
[20:20] * Sheena gets smack in the face by the yuunoball as she was claping
[20:21] * Tsukasa blinks. "Lady Venus?"
[20:21] Sheena: "Ow.."
[20:21] Yuuno: "Ow.."
[20:21] Alathon: Venus shakes her head.
[20:21] Alathon: Venus: "It's nothing, I suppose."
[20:21] Sanshi: "Okay guys?"
[20:21] Alathon: The aides are decidedly amused by this.
[20:21] Sheena: "ya.. the yuuno ball is acting up today"
[20:21] Alathon: ((the yuuno ball show, that is))
[20:22] Yuuno: "It's not my falt yo decided to fling me around!'
[20:22] Alathon: Venus: "Well.. if we're all this chipper, let's get an early start. Making this detour, we've got a ways to go."
[20:22] Tsukasa: "At this point we're so strapped for answers any wild comment is nearly gold, Milady."
[20:23] * Sheena lets yuuno rest on her sholder and gets ready to go.
[20:23] Alathon: Venus: "Answers, huh.."
[20:24] Alathon: Venus shakes her head, slightly.
[20:24] Alathon: Venus perks up.
[20:24] * Caoilinn swaps the partially used power pack in her uniform and sets it aside to be recharged at lunch.
[20:24] Sheena: ((aww venus missed arty)
[20:24] Sheena: (*misses)
[20:24] Alathon: Venus: "You're right, that's what we're here for. And we'll get 'em. We just need to strike when the water's wet."
[20:24] * Sheena blinks at that
[20:24] * Caoilinn grins and shakes her head.
[20:25] * Tsukasa blinks, obviously having completely misunderstood what was on Venus's mind. "Um... Iron's hot?"
[20:25] Alathon: Terry stifles a snort; the rest of the aides do better, barely noticing the odd turn of phrase.
[20:25] Alathon: Venus: "Right, right.."
[20:26] Alathon: Venus: "Anyways.. Sheena, how's our path north of the swamp look?"
[20:26] * Tsukasa calls Sanshi over and pulls herself up into the saddle on his back.
[20:28] Sheena: "Lets find out,"
[20:29] Caoilinn: ("Dark Heart, give me sight beyond sight!")
[20:29] * Sheena holds out her hand as dark heart snaps into place. She grabs the staff and points it north. Dark Heart; Wide Area Search"
[20:29] Alathon: ((haha))
[20:29] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7
[20:29] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{13}
[20:29] * Sheena frowns and hits it again
[20:29] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7
[20:29] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{9}
[20:30] * Sheena smakes her self in the head with the staff
[20:30] Tsukasa: (DC, why not just take ten or twenty when we're on non-time-critical checks?)
[20:30] Sheena: (i duno ask AL0
[20:30] Alathon: ((he asked me that))
[20:30] Tsukasa: (Ah, gotcha then)
[20:30] Sheena: (he likes wasting my magic)
[20:31] Alathon: ((two parts to that answer.. one taking a 20 on something relatively time intensive like scrying would take all morning))
[20:31] * Sheena sights and ties one last time
[20:31] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7
[20:31] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{22}
[20:31] *** Rockman_Zero has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:31] Sheena: "Ill make this work!"
[20:31] Alathon: ((and two, sheen's a relative neophyte at this kind of thing.. if she were, say, on Nanoha's level, this would be a trivial task and not require a roll))
[20:31] Sheena: ((im getting pwned by a third grader!)
[20:33] * Sheena grumbles about wasted magic
[20:33] Alathon: Venus: "Having trouble?"
[20:34] Sheena: "Got it the third time, We have some grass plans to cover then it seems to be a large road."
[20:34] Sheena: "Very large, its wide and goes on for quite some time"
[20:35] Alathon: "Which way does it go?"
[20:35] Sheena: "It runs north and south"
[20:35] Alathon: Venus: "Hmm...."
[20:35] Alathon: Venus: "What shape is it in? And, is there any traffic?"
[20:36] Alathon: Venus: "If we could hitch a ride..."
[20:36] Alathon: Venus: "For that matter, could you look north and south a bit along the road?"
[20:37] Sheena: "The roads in bad shape and i don't see any traffic'
[20:37] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 check out the road.
[20:37] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 check out the road. --> [ 1d20=19 ]{26}
[20:37] Alathon: Venus: "Well, damn, that's not a good sign."
[20:37] Sheena: (woot)
[20:37] Alathon: Venus: "Infrastructure decaying like that..."
[20:41] Alathon: ((sorry for the delay))
[20:41] Alathon: ((took a moment to place exactly what should be where))
[20:41] *** Rockman_Zero is now known as Justice.
[20:41] *** Justice is now known as Rockman_Zero.
[20:43] Sheena: "It goes far to the south, around the marsh, and across a bridge, i can see a few people and horses on the other side."
[20:43] Alathon: Venus: "Horses.. that's good."
[20:43] Alathon: Venus: "They have internal combustion engines, but to my knowledge their use is very limited."
[20:44] Alathon: Venus: "Which is certainly not the case for the Harleyriders."
[20:44] Sheena: "A couple hours away to the north is a small town, only a few people outside"
[20:44] Alathon: Venus's expression brightens.
[20:44] Alathon: Venus: "Excellent."
[20:44] Alathon: Venus: "It looks like we get to do some information gathering after all."
[20:45] Alathon: Venus: "Regardless.. let's talk while we walk."
[20:45] Alathon: Venus sets out to the east.
[20:45] Alathon: Terry hustles to get out in front.
[20:45] * Caoilinn goes out front, too.
[20:46] Alathon: Time passes.. walk walk walk... walk walk walk..
[20:46] * Sheena walks walks walks
[20:47] Alathon: Sheena succeeds at walking, without even rolling for it.
[20:47] Sheena: "Yep.. flying.. sooo going to find out how to fly.."
[20:47] Alathon: Venus looks over her shoulder.
[20:47] Alathon: Venus: "Flying's overrated. Nine times out of ten you're safer on the ground."
[20:47] * Sheena blinks at that
[20:47] Sheena: "Experince?"
[20:48] Caoilinn: (I assume I'm far enough ahead to be out of conversation range?)
[20:48] Alathon: Venus: "Heh.. hard experience.
[20:48] Alathon: ((afraid so))
[20:48] * Caoilinn summons a suit of light blue crystal armor
[20:49] Sheena: "hmm, so i need to improve flying..."
[20:49] Alathon: Venus: "Most of the really nasty things we've seen come out out of the Wastelands can either fly, and are comfortable fighting midair, or have ranged attacks and always seem to go for the most visible target."
[20:49] Alathon: BTW, you'd recognize the Wastelands as referring to China.
[20:49] Sheena: (ya we know)
[20:50] Sheena: (damn mutated amazons)
[20:50] Alathon: Just making clear that it's not, like, Hokkaido, or some other uninhabited part of Japan.
[20:50] Tsukasa: (Phoenix people coming at us?)
[20:50] Alathon: ((it's highly unlikely))
[20:51] Caoilinn: (Exploding phoenixes?)
[20:51] Alathon: Mid-afternoon, you'll approach and eventually reach the highway Sheena mentioned.
[20:51] * Sheena is thinking about what Venus said.
[20:51] Alathon: It is, indeed, in poor shape. On first glance it looks so overgrown that it shouldn't have been visible at distance.
[20:52] Sheena: "so if i fly, i have to be better then the attackers.. able to take or block there shots.. and return my own."
[20:53] Alathon: Venus, without turning her head: "And able to take the fall to the ground, when you inevitably get clipped on the head, or hit by a field of magic suppression, or anything of that kind."
[20:54] Alathon: Venus: "There's always something.. and gravity doesn't pick sides."
[20:54] Alathon: Venus pauses momentarily.
[20:54] Alathon: Venus: "Well, not usually."
[20:54] * Sheena adds more to her list of flight problems
[20:54] * Tsukasa thought the laws of nature habitually took sides... the OTHER side...
[20:54] Tsukasa: (Then again, that could just be the dicebots. Which pretty much ARE the laws of nature, here...)
[20:55] Alathon: "Anyways.. let's break here."
[20:55] Alathon: ((Venus says that))
[20:55] Alathon: Venus: "I figure we've got a few more good hours in us, but I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on something."
[20:56] Alathon: Venus: "In short, north or south?"
[20:56] * Caoilinn comes back and rejoins the group.
[20:56] Alathon: Venus: "North to the hamlet we can reach tomorrow, or south to Carson City."
[20:56] Alathon: Caoilinn get's back in time to catch Venus' question.
[20:56] Sheena: "Well.. i asumed you had some imporant meeting in that city we had to get to"
[20:57] Alathon: Venus: "It was yesterday."
[20:57] Sheena: "Oh,"
[20:58] Alathon: Damien: "We did have a schedule, but.. at this point, I suspect the schedule is shot to all hell."
[20:58] Alathon: Damien: "And our goal in coming here IS, ultimately, information gathering."
[20:58] Alathon: Damien: "I'm in favor of checking out a city other than the capital, where we aren't necessarily expected>"
[20:59] Alathon: Amiko: "If we're not expected, how will they know we're friendly? This is supposedly a nation under siege, after all."
[21:00] Alathon: Venus hmms.
[21:00] Alathon: Kyo: "Amiko has a point."
[21:00] Alathon: Kyo says nothing else.
[21:01] Caoilinn: "Has CT notified them that we survived?"
[21:01] Alathon: Terry: "Eh.. either way's fine by me, really. Dunno."
[21:01] Sheena: "Well we don't really look like there normal enimes im guessing"
[21:01] Alathon: Venus: "We have not. We're not advertising that we have instantaneous long range communications, among other reasons."
[21:01] Caoilinn: "So they may decide we're special ones."
[21:03] Caoilinn: "I suppose we need to weigh the benefits of looking for info on our own against maybe helping out with problems their government would ask us to."
[21:03] Alathon: Venus: "Well.. I do think Sheena has a good point. And if this culture is so closed that they can't take the time to discern enemies from potential allies, the Protectorate may be a lost cause."
[21:03] Alathon: Venus nods.
[21:04] Alathon: Venus: "Well.. I'd say it's more like, delaying our contact with the government in favor of unscheduled contact with the populous.?"
[21:04] Alathon: Venus: "Which I'm inclined to do."
[21:04] Caoilinn: "And if we do go to another town first, I expect the government would eventually hear about it and wonder exactly what we're up to."
[21:04] Alathon: Venus nods again.
[21:04] Alathon: Venus: "Point."
[21:05] Caoilinn: "As a matter of diplomacy, I think it's appropriate for us to check in as soon as we can."
[21:05] Alathon: Venus: "Mmm.. but if we check in at whatever town happened to be nearest, having lost most of our possessions and desireous of creature comforts?"
[21:05] Sheena: "They are likly to lead us around to a lot of showy places and try to keep us contanted"
[21:06] * Caoilinn frowns.
[21:06] Sheena: "We shoud take this chance to meet the real people here"
[21:06] Caoilinn: "I'd find it a bit shady, if I were they, I think."
[21:06] Caoilinn: "Nothing to actually complain over, but it'd annoy me."
[21:06] Sheena: "They are all ready going to be freaking about us walking up to the city after the boat sank"
[21:07] Alathon: Venus nods.
[21:07] Alathon: Venus: "there is a certain amount of potential diplomatic fallout if we're perceived to have gone behind their backs."
[21:07] Alathon: Venus: "And certainly, potential gain for actually going behing their backs."
[21:08] Alathon: Damien: "Well, we wouldn't really be..."
[21:08] Caoilinn: "Do they know you can teleport back and forth between here and home?"
[21:08] Tsukasa: "Politics are such fun."
[21:08] Alathon: Venus: "Yes, we would."
[21:08] Alathon: Venus grins at Tsukasa.
[21:08] Alathon: Venus: "Indeed."
[21:08] Alathon: Venus, to Caoilinn: "Not to my knowledge."
[21:09] Caoilinn: "So, are we going to tell them all the crew died in the attack, then?"
[21:09] Alathon: Venus: "Which brings me to another point.. given the prevalence of 'metas' among the population here, us surviving a boat burning would not be terribly surprising. Though ALL of us surviving might be."
[21:09] Caoilinn: "Excuse me for changing the topic, by the way. The thought just came to me."
[21:10] Alathon: Venus: "mmm.. another good point. We could bring them back, but that would demonstrate duplicity if they've observed us at all. Which we have to assume they have."
[21:10] Alathon: Venus: "No, that's really quite on topic. We need a cohesive strategy."
[21:11] Caoilinn: "Of course, if they don't think they all died, the other option to them teleporting away is that they're wandering around the countryside somewhere."
[21:12] Alathon: Venus: "My thoughts are thus.. we stand to gain considerably from unmonitored exploration. The risk there is an appearance of duplicity, so if we do that, we need justification."
[21:12] Tsukasa: "We could simply wink and grin if asked."
[21:12] Alathon: Venus shakes her head.
[21:12] Tsukasa: (Re the sailors)
[21:12] Caoilinn: "It doesn't work that way, Tsukasa."
[21:12] Alathon: Venus: "We have no good reason not to answer such a simple question, without inviting more questions."
[21:13] Tsukasa: "And this is why I'm a soldier and not a diplomat. Enemies are much easier to deal with."
[21:13] Alathon: Venus grins.
[21:13] Alathon: Venus: "Hopefully they'll stay that way."
[21:14] Alathon: Venus: "As for the sailors.. I think we tell the truth. We have the ability to teleport them home, and did so."
[21:14] Caoilinn: "I think if we go someplace before Carson City *and* seem to be suspiciously short on crew, they'll assume we dropped them off to snoop around."
[21:14] Sheena: "And waste time looking for em"
[21:14] Sheena: "Would be funny to see em try and find them"
[21:15] * Caoilinn sighs and shakes her head.
[21:15] Sheena: "As for a reason for looking around, well. We stoped for directions?"
[21:15] Alathon: Kyo: "Not part of the question."
[21:15] Alathon: Venus: "Eh.. we know where the city is, it's pretty obvious we shoudl be heading south for directions."
[21:15] Caoilinn: "If we alienate the government here, that kind of defeats the purpose of coming."
[21:16] Sheena: "The same goverment that let us get attacked from there own dock, hmm, We needed suplies?"
[21:16] Alathon: Venus: "We should keep in mind that, beyond a certain point, there's only so many questions they can ask without openly accusing us of duplicity."
[21:17] Caoilinn: "Sure. They can refrain from asking and just assume."
[21:17] Alathon: Venus: "Which would be an ill-conceived move on their part, given the circumstances they've described to us."
[21:17] Tsukasa: (Hehehe. Just checked out what my habit of keeping two windows logged into IRC does to the logs. It's quite amusing)
[21:18] Caoilinn: "Now, I doubt they'd tell us to leave, but we don't want to strain things too much, right?"
[21:18] Alathon: Damien: "Hmm.. how credible do you think it'd be to say that we only have one way teleports.. and that we needed supplies, so we headed for the nearest city?"
[21:18] Alathon: Damien addresses this to Caoilinn.
[21:18] Caoilinn: (How far is it to Carson City?)
[21:19] Alathon: Having diverted north to avoid the swamp, it's several days.. maybe a little less, since you'll have a road that presumably goes fairly close, if not straight to it.
[21:19] Tsukasa: "We would _certainly_ have to compare the general appearance of our own supplies to what could be acquired at that city."
[21:19] Tsukasa: "And outright lying about what our abilities are, rather than just keeping it foggy... Seems a little off to me."
[21:20] Alathon: Venus: "We can ditch some of our stuff readily enough."
[21:20] * Caoilinn thinks about the question.
[21:20] Tsukasa: "The thing is, they might check it. Perhaps we should actually buy supplies?"
[21:20] Alathon: Venus: "Certainly."
[21:20] Sheena: "Isn't it there job to get on our good side? Personaly i don't care much about what they will think"
[21:21] Alathon: Venus: "We have a limited amount of their currency, but it should be more than enough to buy some blankets and food."
[21:21] Tsukasa: "But still, the issue is that... do we want to outright lie about the extent of our capabilities?"
[21:21] Sheena: "yes"
[21:21] Alathon: Renee: "Well.. we want to be on their good side, too, eventually."
[21:21] Caoilinn: "It could be credible..."
[21:21] Alathon: Renee: "And our first impression will likely be a lasting one."
[21:21] Tsukasa: "I was under the impression that we wanted to keep it cloudy, but an outright lie _can_ be disproved, and likely will."
[21:21] Alathon: Venus nods at Tsukasa.
[21:22] Tsukasa: "This is why I prefer 'wink and grin'."
[21:22] Caoilinn: "It's possible that certain lies could be excused by reason of state secret..."
[21:22] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[21:22] Caoilinn: "But I don't know how tricky we want to get with them."
[21:23] Tsukasa: "Then we would simply say we're not at liberty to discuss it. But lying to a desired ally just doesn't seem tempting to me."
[21:23] Alathon: Venus: "Honestly.. I think as long as we don't make too big an issue of it ourselves, they won't be terribly interested in where the sailors went.. unless they start showing up all over the nation. Which they won't."
[21:24] Tsukasa: "So that still leaves us with wondering how to excuse the visit to the city..."
[21:24] Alathon: Damien shrugs.
[21:24] Tsukasa: "What if we were to say simply that there were finite limits on the mass we could teleport?"
[21:24] Caoilinn: "I just think an unscheduled stop plus fewer people than expected would send up a few red flags. Maybe they won't care too much if the sailors never show up, like you said."
[21:24] Alathon: Damien: "We needed supplies. And we do.. I've had enough nutrient bars already."
[21:25] Alathon: Damien: "I dunno, I guess.. our boat got sank, some of us show up at the nearest town.. is that relaly that unplausible?"
[21:25] Alathon: Damien: "If we ask, we say we have someone who has farsight or something, which is true, and that this was the nearest town.. which was also true."
[21:25] Caoilinn: "Depends how suspicious these people are, I suppose."
[21:26] Tsukasa: "... You have a knack for simplifying issues down to their relevant aspects, Damien-san."
[21:26] Alathon: Damien nods slightly to Tsukasa, in thanks.
[21:26] Caoilinn: "Yeah. That'll hinder your career in politics."
[21:26] * Caoilinn winks at Damien.
[21:26] Alathon: Damien grins broadly.
[21:26] Tsukasa: "That sounds like a compliment all of us could only dream of earning."
[21:27] Alathon: The aides all chuckle at that; Venus grins.
[21:27] Alathon: Venus: 'There's a third option."
[21:28] Alathon: Venus: "We don't all have go to together."
[21:28] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:28] Tsukasa: "Hm... That does have merits, Milady, but... It could expose either of our groups to danger."
[21:28] Alathon: Venus: "Though honestly in this territory, I"m rather loathe to split up. I'd like to retain the ability to withdraw us all on short notice if things go pear-shaped."
[21:28] Caoilinn: "The downsides are that that could look even more suspicious, and we don't know how dangerous things could get around here."
[21:29] Alathon: Amiko: "Splitting our numbers would be ill-advised, when we may already have a whole nation of marauders set against us."
[21:29] Sheena: "and thoes ass holes who sank our ship"
[21:29] Tsukasa: "If whoever attacked our ship manages to track down either group, things will become _very_ dangerous."
[21:29] Alathon: Venus' expression hardens at that.
[21:30] Alathon: Venus: "True. The degree of power needed to attack over several miles range with that degree of effectiveness.. I should be there."
[21:31] Alathon: As Venus turns back to address Caoilinn, she pauses, staring to the south.
[21:31] Alathon: ((roll spot if you wanna see what she sees.))
[21:31] Caoilinn: "Hmmm. If it was someone with a say in the government, they could be pushing that we were taken out so easily and that an alliance would be a bad idea..."
[21:31] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3
[21:31] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{22}
[21:31] Alathon: Renee notices Venus' pause.
[21:31] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+2
[21:31] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
[21:31] Sheena: (woot)
[21:31] Alathon: Renee: "Ma'am...?"
[21:32] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[21:32] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{3}
[21:32] Caoilinn: (Where did Venus go?!)
[21:32] Alathon: Caoilinn sees a starbucks.
[21:32] Alathon: They get her drinks wrong, of course.
[21:32] Sheena: (damn!)
[21:32] Caoilinn: (4 times, once...)
[21:33] Alathon: Sheena and Tsukasa both pick out a speck on the horizon that wasn't there before, but it's too far to know what.
[21:33] Alathon: Venus peers.
[21:33] Alathon: Venus: "Hmmm..."
[21:33] Alathon: Venus: "Sheena, what is that?"
[21:33] Alathon: Venus points to the south.
[21:34] Caoilinn: ("The ocean, ma'am!")
[21:34] Sheena: (i duno.. i rolled 22, what was it!)
[21:34] * Tsukasa tries to use her rifle scope to check it out.
[21:34] * Sheena brings dark heart around
[21:34] Alathon: ((that was your spot, correct? You can't tell at this distance with the unaided eye.))
[21:34] Alathon: ((and FFS why do you think a 22 would guarantee success?))
[21:35] Sheena: (a nat 19 and a 22? How dould that not work?
[21:35] Sheena: (but fine if you like to watch the dice roll)
[21:35] Alathon: ((there's nothing special about a natural 19
[21:35] Alathon: ((dude
[21:35] Caoilinn: (Uh, if the DC is higher than 22...)
[21:35] Sheena: "Wide area search"
[21:35] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7
[21:36] Caoilinn: (lowercase)
[21:36] Alathon: ((hrm, that's stupid, I'll have to fix that))
[21:36] Sheena: roll 1d20+7
[21:36] Caoilinn: (Or it's just dead... :) )
[21:36] Sheena: i broke it?
[21:36] Ala-bot: wtf
[21:36] Alathon: roll 1d20 test
[21:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 test --> [ 1d20=15 ]{15}
[21:36] Alathon: try again
[21:36] Alathon: and don't put a space in front of roll ;p
[21:36] Alathon: it's probably stupid and doesnt' strip it
[21:37] Sheena: roll 1d20+7
[21:37] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{15}
[21:37] Sheena: (bah)
[21:37] Alathon: Roll 1d20 test capitals
[21:37] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 test capitals --> [ 1d20=18 ]{18}
[21:38] Caoilinn: (Ok. My client strips spaces, so I didn't see it.)
[21:39] Sheena: "Thats odd.."
[21:39] Alathon: Venus: "What?"
[21:39] Alathon: Venus: "I can't really pick out much at this distance.."
[21:40] Alathon: Venus: "Just a brown blur, really."
[21:41] Alathon: Terry: "So, what is it?"
[21:41] Caoilinn: "What's what?"
[21:41] Alathon: Terry points to the south.
[21:42] Alathon: Terry: "That."
[21:42] * Caoilinn frowns and peers south, still not seeing it.
[21:42] Alathon: Terry: "There's something coming.. cant' tell what."
[21:43] Sheena: ""A large group of civilan wagons headed this way. Along with a miltary escort, looks like a dozen or more mounted men. "'
[21:43] Alathon: Damien: "Huh."
[21:43] Sheena: "Looks like they have some old type guns and swords"
[21:43] Tsukasa: "Well... I suppose that answers our question of where we're going..."
[21:43] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:44] Alathon: Venus: "Eh. we could go either way, but, I'm certainly glad to accept an excuse to head north first."
[21:44] Tsukasa: "There's still the chance that they belong to whichever faction engaged us on the ship. We'd best be ready."
[21:44] Alathon: Venus: "Our schedule is blown, and I want raw info."
[21:44] Sheena: "There are a lot of people, and it looks like they are takning every thing they own."
[21:44] Alathon: Venus: "Wait, what?"
[21:44] Sheena: "Abounding the city mabye?"
[21:44] Alathon: Venus: "Oh, hell.."
[21:44] Tsukasa: "Hm... A refugee convoy, then?"
[21:44] Caoilinn: "Unless they just direct us to the city."
[21:45] Alathon: Venus: "True."
[21:45] Caoilinn: "It doesn't look like they're being forcibly moved, does it?"
[21:46] Sheena: "Don't look like it, They are guarding the front and the rear. But i can't get a closer view so i don't know for sure"
[21:48] Caoilinn: "I say we approach them, identify ourselves, and see what's going on. If the area's bad enough that they need to escort civilians, we can offer to help before going to the city."
[21:48] Sheena: "They are leaving the city.."
[21:48] Sheena: "Headed this way"
[21:48] Caoilinn: "Right. So, we can possibly offer to help escort them to their destination before going to the city."
[21:49] Alathon: Venus nods.
[21:49] Tsukasa: "That's a ready-made excuse for our intended reconnaissance."
[21:49] Alathon: Venus: "Or, if they have information that would favor it, say we need to hurry to check in with their leadership. Either is credible."
[21:49] Alathon: Venus grins.
[21:49] * Caoilinn nods.
[21:49] Alathon: Venus: "Options are a Good Thing."
[21:50] Caoilinn: "But we certainly shouldn't try to avoid them."
[21:50] Alathon: Venus: "right."
[21:50] Tsukasa: "Definitely."
[21:50] Alathon: Venus picks up her stuff, and heads south on the road.
[21:50] * Caoilinn gets up and follows.
[21:51] Alathon: The aides do so, as does Amiko.
[21:51] * Tsukasa points Sanshi in that direction.
[21:51] Alathon: Venus looks over her shoulder.
[21:51] Alathon: Venus: "Oh, keep your weapons ready, but keep them lowered."
[21:52] Alathon: You'll meet up with the caravan around dusk.
[21:52] Alathon: Venus moves off the road to the side, and motions for the rest to stay behind her.
[21:52] Caoilinn: (Oooh, thunder.)
[21:52] Alathon: ((rain is fun.. sounds great.. butm akes me sleepy))
[21:53] * Caoilinn follows Venus's direction.
[21:53] * Sheena does as well.
[21:53] * Sanshi does too, intriguingly enough.
[21:53] Alathon: When they get closer, half a dozen of the horsemen seperate from the front group and ride out to meet you.
[21:53] Alathon: Soldier: "Identify yourselves."
[21:54] Alathon: The soldiers stop a dozen yards short, with their weapons in hand but not raised.
[21:54] Alathon: Venus: "Venus, and the remainder of the Crystal Tokyo diplomatic entourage."
[21:54] Alathon: Venus: "And you are?"
[21:54] Alathon: The soldier pauses for a moment, then responds.
[21:55] Alathon: Jebra: "Captain Jebra, 4th mounted, 7th company."
[21:55] Alathon: Jebra: "And I've never heard of Crystal toe-kee-oh."
[21:56] Alathon: Side note: you can understand what he's saying, but it feels WIERD with capital letters when you hear the words.
[21:56] Alathon: It's like hearing them for the first time and the thousanth time, at the same time
[21:56] * Tsukasa blinks. Repeatedly.
[21:57] Caoilinn: (I don't understand what you mean by that second line.)
[21:57] Alathon: It's like deja-vu except it reverberates with every single word.
[21:57] Caoilinn: (Is that an effect of the way we learned the language or something with this man?)
[21:57] Alathon: You're consciously hearing many of hte words for the first time, but simultaneously KNOW them.
[21:57] Tsukasa: Or is it just his US accent?)
[21:57] Tsukasa: (Ah, gotcha)
[21:57] Alathon: If you think about it, it's a fair bet that it's a result of the forced learning.
[21:58] Alathon: But rationally you couldn't rule out something about this guy.
[21:58] Alathon: Venus: "Crystal Tokyo resides in Japan, across the Pacific Ocean. Our ship was destroyed."
[21:58] Alathon: Venus says this slowly.
[21:59] Caoilinn: ("I thought that place got nuked a long time ago." "That's China, you idiot!")
[21:59] Alathon: Jebra: "Um.. right."
[21:59] Alathon: Jebra: "Please remain here."
[21:59] Alathon: Jebra wheels his mount and returns tot he caravan, followed by the other five.
[22:00] Alathon: At this point, the caravan is still a good distance out, though you can see it clearly via the naked eye.
[22:00] Alathon: Some ten minutes later, a dozen soldiers ride out, one of them carrying a dual pennon.
[22:01] Sheena: (pennon?)
[22:01] Tsukasa: (Pennant?)
[22:01] Alathon: ((the thing that's not a flag, that's usually on lances... if I'm using the word correctly))
[22:01] Alathon: ((pennant may be the right word, yeah))
[22:01] Tsukasa: (Pennant)
[22:02] Alathon: Officer: "Major Keyes, at your service Ma'am."
[22:02] Alathon: Keyes dismounts, but waves for his troops to stay mounted, and approaches.
[22:02] Alathon: ((roll knowledge, military, DC 10 -- something seems Off about this))
[22:03] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+5
[22:03] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{7}
[22:03] Caoilinn: (Soldiers? What soldiers?)
[22:03] Alathon: Keyes can't help but gawk slightly at Venus' outfit, but does his best not to do so obviously.
[22:04] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+8
[22:04] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{22}
[22:04] Alathon: Venus: "Pleased to meet y ou."
[22:04] Sheena: roll 1d20+1 (old world)
[22:04] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+1 (old world) --> [ 1d20=4 ]{5}
[22:04] Alathon: Those of you who make the knowledge check recognize something: there's no way in hell a Major should be commanding a couple dozen men. For that matter, even a captain shouldn't be."
[22:04] Sheena: (cry)
[22:04] Alathon: ((heh))
[22:05] Alathon: ((it's knowledge military.. and sheena, you'd have at least 1, +4 for int))
[22:05] Caoilinn: (Unless their ranks are vastly different.)
[22:05] Alathon: ((or not, if your int is +1))
[22:05] Alathon: ((true))
[22:05] Tsukasa: (Or they're super-elite metahuman forces or something)
[22:05] Tsukasa: (Or massively depleted of their rank-and-file)
[22:05] Alathon: ((any of those are possible, it just feels off from what you've observed in your military training))
[22:06] Caoilinn: (I suppose Amiko is frowning by this point. :) )
[22:06] Alathon: Amiko's expressionless.
[22:07] Alathon: Venus: "if you don't mind me asking.. which way to the nearest town or inn?"
[22:07] Alathon: Keyes pauses, then answers.
[22:08] Alathon: Keyes: "Northup is nearest, less'n a day to the north by my reckoning."
[22:08] Alathon: Keyes: "Though I'd expect you'd want to head to Carson City.."
[22:09] Alathon: Keyes trails off, unable to hide a slight hesitancy when he suggests that.
[22:09] Tsukasa: (Ooooh crud)
[22:09] Alathon: Keyes: "If you're lookin' for the bigwigs, that's where you'll find 'em."
[22:10] Alathon: Keyes: "I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to offer you escort, however. We're.. with what we've been allocated, we can't really spare a man."
[22:10] Alathon: Keyes: "Well.. if you want an escort, that is.."
[22:10] Alathon: Keyes peers at the group, trying to get a feel for them.
[22:10] Alathon: Venus bites her lip.
[22:11] Alathon: Keyes: "You're really from across the sea?"
[22:11] Alathon: Venus: "Yes."
[22:11] Alathon: Keyes: "Helluva time.. "
[22:11] Alathon: Keyes pauses.
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Session #4 - part 2

Postby Alathon » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:33 am

[22:11] Alathon: Keyes pauses.
[22:12] Alathon: Keyes: "You say your ship sank? How are you on foodstuffs?"
[22:12] Alathon: Venus: "Huh.. let me check."
[22:12] Alathon: Venus heads over to Damien and asks him about their supplies.
[22:12] Alathon: Damien replies truthfully, though quietly, that they have rations for a week or more.
[22:13] Alathon: Venus, to Keyes: "I guess we're good there. But.. hrm"
[22:13] Alathon: Venus: "Major.. if you're at liberty to discuss it.. what is this?"
[22:14] Alathon: Venus motions to the caravan.
[22:14] Alathon: Keyes pauses before answering.
[22:15] Alathon: Keyes: "Refugees.. Carson City is packed to the gills, so we're moving people what come in from the East north to Northup, Gallo, Springfield.."
[22:15] Alathon: Venus: "Ahh.."
[22:15] Alathon: Keyes: "I'd offer you a propper escort, but..."
[22:15] Alathon: Keyes spreads his hands.
[22:16] Alathon: Venus: "Escort for protection against what? Harleyriders?"
[22:16] Alathon: Keyes' eyes tighten.
[22:16] Alathon: Keyes: "Them, yes."
[22:17] Alathon: Keyes: "Huh.. I take it you're a meta crew?"
[22:17] Alathon: Venus: "I beg your pardon?"
[22:18] Alathon: Keyes: "Well.. sorry, but on account of the survivin' and all. Nights are mighty perilous for those who ain't got the Skin or Strength or touch of pyro."
[22:18] Alathon: "a touch of pyro." I meant to type.
[22:18] Alathon: Keyes: "I suppose I'm the one as should be asking you for escort."
[22:19] Alathon: Venus frowns.
[22:19] Sheena: (touch of pyro? heh)
[22:19] * Tsukasa frowns to herself in thought.
[22:19] Alathon: ((meant to say 'A', as in, that it's not terribly uncommon))
[22:20] Alathon: ((bleah, this is taking too long, and it's me talking to me ;p ))
[22:20] Caoilinn: (Well, we can't very well speak for the leader of this diplomatic mission. :) )
[22:20] Alathon: ((yeah))
[22:20] Alathon: ((that's the downside to having one of the senshi with the crew.. an why ultimately you won't be spending huge, huge chunks of time with them))
[22:21] Alathon: ((kinda takes away a lot of freedom))
[22:21] Caoilinn: (Yep.)
[22:21] Sheena: ((good thing mage isnt here...)
[22:21] Tsukasa: (I was restraining myself from saying something and passing us off as the irregulars that we are)
[22:22] Alathon: Venus: "Do you really think there's a credible threat this far west? We'd been told they were merely raiders preying on the eastern towns...."
[22:22] Alathon: Keyes is slow to respond to this oen.
[22:22] Tsukasa: (Ie. we were bullshitted)
[22:23] Alathon: Keyes: "Well.. they're mostly around the eastern towns, yes, but.. better to be on ones guard everywhere."
[22:23] Alathon: Keyes: "Right. Well.. do you want an escort to Northup?"
[22:23] Alathon: Venus: "Well.. not terribly, to be honest."
[22:23] Alathon: Venus: "Do you?"
[22:23] Alathon: Keyes' opens his mouth and shuts it.
[22:24] Alathon: Venus: "right."
[22:24] Alathon: Venus: "Amiko, Sheena, Tsukasa, Caoilinn.. the trip's been hard on you. Go with the Major, rest up a bit at Northup, and meet us at Carson City by the end of the week."
[22:25] Alathon: Venus: "In the mean time, take it easy.. see the sights."
[22:25] Alathon: Venus grins.
[22:25] * Tsukasa valiantly represses a smirk.
[22:26] Alathon: Keyes: "Right.. we'll gladly escort your uh.. .. entourage north."
[22:26] Sheena: "Roger that,"
[22:26] Alathon: Venus nods, gives a half-bow to the Major, and heads south, motioning for the aiders to follow her alongside the road.
[22:26] Alathon: ((wait, strike that last one.))
[22:26] Alathon: ((you're all going south, since the caravan is still south.))
[22:27] Alathon: Amiko: "Yes, Sir."
[22:27] Caoilinn: "Yes, ma'am."
[22:27] * Tsukasa nods to the Major. "Pleasure to meet you."
[22:27] Caoilinn: (Btw, will our radios reach to Carson City from Northup?)
[22:27] Alathon: ((they should))
[22:28] Alathon: Keyes: "Well.. let's head back and get your ladies situated before you head south."
[22:28] Alathon: Keyes returns to his horse and mouns up.. they head back south to the caravan at a walk, pausing occasionaly to let the crew catch up.
[22:29] Alathon: ((hmm.. how much longer we all good for?))
[22:29] Caoilinn: (I think I'm ok for a while, but a 10 minute break would be good)
[22:29] Alathon: ((I'm good, but how is everyone else?))
[22:29] Alathon: ((yeah actually.. food & bathroom break sounds really good))
[22:30] Caoilinn: (I can't guarantee I won't suddenly crash later on, though.)
[22:30] Alathon: bah
[22:30] Caoilinn: (Me, not my computer...)
[22:30] Alathon: just tell us if you gotta go to sleep, don't disappear ;p
[22:30] Tsukasa: (I'm good)
[22:30] Alathon: DCG?
[22:30] Alathon: anyways.. break until :40
[22:30] Alathon: ten minutes
[22:31] Caoilinn: (I'd tell you. Just might not have much advance notice if I need to go.)
[22:31] Sheena: (im good)
[22:37] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:37] Alathon: ((heh, good timing))
[22:37] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:42] Sheena: back
[22:43] Alathon: alright
[22:43] Alathon: let's roll
[22:43] Caoilinn: roll 1d20
[22:43] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{5}
[22:43] Alathon: well, when tsukasa gets back
[22:43] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:43] Caoilinn: (About par for tonight)
[22:43] Tsukasa: (Fuck this computer... Fuck it hard and viciously)
[22:44] Caoilinn: (Uh... no. Thanks, though.)
[22:44] Tsukasa: (Is being even more bitchy than usual tonight...)
[22:44] Alathon: You're gonna have to find a silicon based life-form to effectively fuck a computer
[22:45] Alathon: Anyways, it doesn't take long to get set up on the wagons. They're full, but not totally overloaded, so there's space for people to hitch a ride easily.
[22:46] Alathon: You just happen to get the second wagon from the front.. there's half a dozen other people riding amongst the stuff there, making it (at least previously) one of the lesser populated wagons.
[22:46] Tsukasa: (That only assumes we want progeny)
[22:46] Alathon: A spot is offered to Tsukasa if she wants it.
[22:47] Alathon: Though that'd mean a fair number of rounds getting herself off the wagon and onto sanshi.
[22:47] Alathon: in case of a fight
[22:47] Sheena: (people are not freaking over sanshi/)
[22:47] Alathon: No, they aren't.
[22:47] * Caoilinn takes a spot as far away from other people as possible.
[22:47] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:47] Sanshi: (Someone call my name?)
[22:47] Caoilinn: (No.)
[22:47] Alathon: The three younger kids on this wagon are very, very interested, as are the young'uns on the otherw agons.
[22:48] Alathon: The adults look but don't seem terribly interested.
[22:48] Alathon: In fact, the Adults aren't terribly interested in much.
[22:48] * Caoilinn is glad of that.
[22:48] Sheena: (time to play"Kids say the darndist things")
[22:49] Alathon: ((hey, my older brother said red-headed chicks have permanent PMS.. is that like a permanent marker?))
[22:49] * Sheena pulls out yuuno out of her hair and wispers to him for a moment
[22:49] Alathon: The kids within earshot pester Tsukasa, and especially Sanshi when they figure out that Sanshi can kinda talk back.
[22:50] Caoilinn: (I wonder if Sanshi dreams of Yuuno & Sheena playing Sanshiball with him.)
[22:50] Alathon: ((nightmares, maybe ;p ))
[22:50] Caoilinn: (Mm, actual dreams, I mean.)
[22:51] Alathon: One of the not-so-young individuals, an older man with a bit of a gut and iron grey hair, eventually tries to strike up a conversation.
[22:51] Tsukasa: (With who? Sanshi?)
[22:52] Alathon: ((With Caoilinn mainly, though with Sheena and amiko ostensibly))
[22:52] Tsukasa: (Heheh. Ah, Guy Magnet...)
[22:52] Alathon: "Name's Crawford, from the Van Dyke Crawfords."
[22:53] Alathon: He offers a handshake to Caoilinn with some effort, reaching over the stuff.
[22:53] Caoilinn: "I'm Caoilinn. Pleased to meet you."
[22:53] * Caoilinn shakes his hand briefly.
[22:53] * Yuuno has the earge to smack his head but can't remember why
[22:54] Alathon: "Right right.. glad ta meetcha."
[22:54] Alathon: Crawford, to the others: "And ya'all are?"
[22:54] Alathon: Amiko: "Amiko."
[22:54] Tsukasa: "Kuno Tsukasa."
[22:55] Caoilinn: ("Whazzat? Amigo?")
[22:55] * Sanshi waves. "I'm Sanshi!"
[22:55] Alathon: Crawford: "Ahh, good to meet you miss Tsukasa."
[22:55] Alathon: Crawford grins and waves back to Sanshi.
[22:55] * Tsukasa blinks. Obviously she failed her 'Western name order, and them not knowing Japanese orders' check.
[22:56] Alathon: Crawford looks over at Sheena.
[22:56] Alathon: Crawford shrugs.
[22:56] Alathon: Crawford: "Anyways.. just figured I'd say hi and all.."
[22:56] Alathon: Crawford: "Ain't met ya before.. or most've the people here, really. Gotta get to know people all over again."
[22:57] Alathon: Crawford is a bit downcast at that.
[22:57] Caoilinn: "That sounds rough. How'd it happen?"
[22:57] Alathon: Crawford shakes his head.
[22:58] Alathon: Crawford: "Same's the rest of us. Pig bastards come a'raiding.. clean us out, burn what they feel like.. after the third or fourth time, ain't nothin worth takin, so the burnin's more of what they're doin', until there's nothin' worth stayin' for."
[22:59] Alathon: Crawford's enthusiasm is considerably dimmed in covering this.
[22:59] Alathon: Crawford: "Ya know.. my dad's dad build that Barber shop..."
[22:59] Alathon: Crawford trails off.
[23:00] Alathon: ((he won't say anything else unless prodded.. he's brooding))
[23:00] Alathon: Eventually the kids will get bored with Sanshi, though they'll continue to bug him now and then.
[23:01] Sheena: "Is it that bad all over?"
[23:01] Alathon: Crawford snorts, and looks at you like you're daft.
[23:02] Alathon: Crawford: "had your head in the sand these last six months?"
[23:02] Sheena: "Water actuly,"
[23:02] Alathon: Crawford: "Huh? Beg yer pardon?"
[23:02] Caoilinn: "That's too bad... I'm really sorry to hear that. But at least you still have the chance to build something your children's children can say that about."
[23:02] Alathon: Crawford shakes his head.
[23:03] Alathon: Crawford: "Ain't got no kids.. no wife."
[23:03] Alathon: Crawford: "Whatever.. where're you all from?"
[23:04] Alathon: Crawford: "I've heard up north of Glenbrook ain't been hit so hard, but wouldn't figure you'd be around these parts if you were."
[23:05] * Sheena lets some one else field that one
[23:06] Caoilinn: "We're from Crystal Tokyo. It's pretty far away."
[23:07] Alathon: Crawford: "Uh.. right. That's.. down south of Carson City?"
[23:08] Alathon: Crawford: "Ain't never been down that way myself.. or out this way either, really."
[23:09] * Caoilinn nods.
[23:09] Caoilinn: "We're new to this area."
[23:09] Alathon: Crawford: "Ain't we all.."
[23:09] Alathon: Crawford kinda loses interest in the conversation at this point.
[23:10] Caoilinn: (Riding riding riding riding riding... :) )
[23:10] Alathon: Time will pass.. the caravan will set up
[23:10] Alathon: yeah
[23:10] Caoilinn: (Still, better than walking walking walking walking walking...)
[23:10] Alathon: set up camp.. guards will be set. Keyes asks you all if you'd be willing to take turns on guard.
[23:11] Caoilinn: "Certainly."
[23:11] Alathon: Some of the riders on the wagon are a little surprised by that, but don't say anything.
[23:11] Alathon: Arrangements are made, guards are kept.. nothing really happens overnight.
[23:11] Caoilinn: ("Be careful where you put Tsukasa--she rolls really horribly.")
[23:12] Tsukasa: (Blah. And I'm directly responsible for every kill we got, too!)
[23:12] Alathon: Morning comes.. the caravan sets out... and by mid-afternoon, you reach the "town" of Northup.
[23:13] Alathon: Being citizens of a real city, this place doesn't even look like it qualifies as a Town.. more like a village.
[23:13] Alathon: It's essentially one long strip of buildings, housing or otherwise, up against both sides of the highway.
[23:14] Alathon: There are obvious signs of agricultural cultivation in fairly squared off blocks on both sides of the road when you near the town.
[23:14] Alathon: ((Go ahead and ask questions about what you're curious about concerning the town))
[23:14] Alathon: ((cuz I probably won't remember everything that really needs to be said to describe it))
[23:15] Alathon: Buildings are uniformly made of wood, some with slade shingling, some with some sort of tarred board construction.
[23:15] Sheena: (what no sherif office?)
[23:15] Alathon: The place doesn't smell terribly great, the odor of horse manure is noticeable
[23:15] Caoilinn: (A lot better than the odor of human manure.)
[23:15] Alathon: the sheriff's office, if you go looking, is made of wood ;p
[23:17] Tsukasa: (Caoilinn - have you BEEN around horse manure?)
[23:17] Caoilinn: (A little. Have you been around the human kind?)
[23:18] Tsukasa: (No more than the average person)
[23:18] * Sheena looks around a bit wondering about any guards or mitary posts
[23:19] Alathon: The caravan pulls up outside a large building, flying a pennant similar to the one the one Keyes had with him.
[23:20] Alathon: Keyes ends up in a rather acrimonious conversation with another officer who wasn't with the caravan, and some mustachioed individual in fine-looking clothes.
[23:20] Alathon: Gesturing, finger-pointing, hand-waving, etc, etc.
[23:22] Alathon: At this point people are unloading their stuff all over the place, partially into the street. People are gathering from around town to gawk, and ask questions.
[23:22] * Caoilinn offers to help anyone who seems to be having real trouble unloading their stuff.
[23:22] Alathon: A few older folks thankfully accept your offer.
[23:23] Alathon: Keyes eventually makes his way over to the nearest person. Which happens to be Tsukasa.
[23:23] Alathon: Keyes: "Thank you for.. coming with us. We can put you up for a night or three, but.. "
[23:23] Alathon: Keyes gestures to all the people.
[23:24] Alathon: Keyes: "We're gonna have a helluva time finding places for everyone, so more would be.. difficult."
[23:24] Alathon: Keyes: "Some families have volunteered to take people in, but, that only goes so far.. we'll have a lot of spillover into the Militia hall."
[23:25] Tsukasa: "That's fair enough. We don't want to impinge on your hospitality more than necessary."
[23:25] Alathon: Keyes shakes his head.
[23:25] Alathon: Keyes: "You haven't imposed at all, I've been glad to have you."
[23:26] Alathon: How much of that was general concern over security,a nd how much was wanting to suck up to someone, anyone, with political clout, is anyone's guess.
[23:26] Alathon: ((anyways, let's stop here. I'm kinda running out of gas myself.))
[23:26] Alathon: ((and it's a decent logical stopping point))
[23:26] Alathon: so
[23:27] Alathon: End here.
[23:27] Caoilinn: The End.
[23:27] *** Caoilinn is now known as Yarrow.
[23:27] *** Tsukasa is now known as Pale_Wolf.
[23:27] Alathon: a few announcements
[23:27] Alathon: one, no game next week
[23:27] Alathon: I'm gonna be out of town
[23:27] Sheena: hmm
[23:27] Alathon: two, I haven't added up exp yet, but I'm pretty sure it should be enough for everyone but mage to level
[23:27] Sheena: shame
[23:27] *** Sheena is now known as DCG.
[23:27] Pale_Wolf: Poor, poor Mage...
[23:28] Alathon: yeah, woulda said sooner, but wasn't sure it was gonna work out
[23:28] DCG: we dont need much more at all to level
[23:28] Alathon: anyways
[23:28] Alathon: those of you levelling.. you have an opportunity now that you've got a vibe for how I'm running stuff to respec a bit, within reason
[23:29] Alathon: this is mainly if you're looking at how you worked your powers and want to do them a little differently (i.e. Caoilinn), not if you want to make a new character or change up what your powers actually do
[23:29] Yarrow: Thanks.
[23:29] Alathon: If you want to.. catch me sometime other than now
[23:29] Alathon: nod
[23:29] Yarrow: We'll set the traps.
[23:30] Alathon: also, if someone has a log of last week, I'd love to have a copy, my *&#$ing IRC client wasn't set to log
[23:30] Alathon: made sure of that this week..
[23:30] * Yarrow doesn't log.
[23:30] Alathon: and I want to keep logs posted
[23:30] Pale_Wolf: I think I've got funky double-lined logs of whatever I was in for.
[23:30] Alathon: partially for reference, and partially for MY reference if I have another goddamned hard drive disaster and lose mine
[23:30] Pale_Wolf: Considering how often I got kicked that night, though...
[23:31] DCG: i got it loged
[23:31] Alathon: heh, yeah, may have to bug mage or dcg
[23:32] *** Yuuno has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[23:32] DCG: xp tonight or later?
[23:32] Alathon: gimme a sec
[23:32] Alathon: hrm
[23:33] Pale_Wolf: 1005 will push us up a level.
[23:33] Alathon: that much?
[23:33] Pale_Wolf: 750 plus 1020.
[23:34] Yarrow: Really? I have it listed as 420 needed.
[23:34] Alathon: you should have three sessions worth of exp ;p
[23:34] Pale_Wolf: ... Wait, did we get exp issued for that last session and I missed it or something?
[23:34] Alathon: yes
[23:34] Pale_Wolf: Bleh. Ignore me then.
[23:34] Yarrow: Ok. Setting ignore.
[23:35] Pale_Wolf: Ignore me, not /ignore me.
[23:36] DCG: you should have 5580 wolf
[23:36] Pale_Wolf: Roger that then...
[23:37] Alathon: 630 for this session
[23:37] * Yarrow watches the streamers and confetti pour down.
[23:38] * DCG hits fanfair on winamp
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Session #5

Postby Alathon » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:37 am

Session #5
[18:06] Alathon: ah, good
[18:07] Alathon: everyone but mage so far
[18:07] Yarrow: <- evil
[18:08] Alathon: if you say so
[18:09] Alathon: bleah, wait another 7 minutes for mage then get started I guess
[18:16] Alathon: well shoot
[18:16] Alathon: guess mage is still out
[18:17] * Yarrow nods.
[18:17] Alathon: mm.. by evil, do you mean at work, or just evil?
[18:17] Yarrow: Just evil.
[18:18] Pale_Wolf: Work is 'Evil'.
[18:18] Alathon: damn, don't wanna leave mage out at the start, given that he'll kinda need a recap
[18:19] Yarrow: Send him a log when he gets here?
[18:19] Alathon: eh, guess so
[18:19] Alathon: is this time bad? I don't think we've started on time once in the last month
[18:19] Pale_Wolf: Heheh.
[18:20] Yarrow: Does any game start on time?
[18:20] Pale_Wolf: It's just personalities, I think.
[18:20] Pale_Wolf: If we had another half hour, we'd goof off for half an hour more and still scrape in ten-fifteen minutes late.
[18:21] Alathon: I suppose
[18:21] Alathon: well, let's get started
[18:21] Alathon: roll 1d20 test
[18:21] *** Pale_Wolf is now known as Tsukasa.
[18:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 test --> [ 1d20=1 ]{1}
[18:21] Alathon: ...
[18:21] Yarrow: Working normally.
[18:21] Alathon: you see
[18:21] Tsukasa: ... That is SO indicative of this bot...
[18:21] Alathon: THIS is why I'm getting Divine Relationship on my next level with Jessica if at all possible
[18:21] *** DCG-sick3 has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[18:21] *** Switchblade has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:22] *** DCG-sick3 has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:22] Alathon: welcome back
[18:22] Alathon: we're starting
[18:22] DCG-sick3: annoying
[18:22] *** Switchblade is now known as Sanshi.
[18:22] DCG-sick3: i was here the hole time
[18:22] *** Yarrow is now known as Caoilinn.
[18:22] Alathon: ahh
[18:22] DCG-sick3: woundering why my typing wasnt working
[18:22] Alathon: bleah
[18:22] *** DCG-sick3 is now known as Sheena.
[18:22] Caoilinn: Critical fail on typing check.
[18:22] Alathon: well, it's been a couple weeks, so a certain degree of recap is in order
[18:23] Alathon: we left off in the town of Northup, yourselves and a caravan of displaced Nevadans having just arrived
[18:24] Alathon: yoursleves having been kind enough to offer protection to it on it's northward journey
[18:24] Alathon: or something like that
[18:25] Alathon: the officer in charge, Major Keyes, has offered you accomodations at the militia hall/armory for a few days at most
[18:26] Alathon: Sailor Venus and her external affairs aides have headed south to get down to diplomatic business in Carson City
[18:26] Alathon: and you all, have been pretty much cut loose to have a little look-see around the area, with the stipulation that you make it to Carson City within a week.
[18:27] Alathon: This gives you roughly four days to play with.. five if you really push yourselves
[18:28] Caoilinn: 39
[18:28] Tsukasa: ... Days?
[18:28] Caoilinn: (typo)
[18:28] Alathon: Around you is what amounts to a one-street town, though not an unprosperous one
[18:28] Alathon: the buildings are in good shape
[18:28] Alathon: yes, days
[18:28] Alathon: unless I've totally got the distances screwed up in my head ;p
[18:28] Tsukasa: That was in reference to Caoilinn's comment, actually ;)
[18:28] Alathon: ((ahh))
[18:29] Alathon: If you stand around for a while, you'll watch the various people on the caravan unloading their various belongings
[18:29] * Caoilinn has been helping those who look like they can use it.
[18:30] Alathon: there's really only two interesting things about this.. that some people are levitating light luggage items, and some people who look like they really shouldn't be carrying stuff (pre-teens and elderly folks) are carrying atypically large amounts of stuff.
[18:30] Alathon: Some people will gladly accept your help, some will wave you off.
[18:31] Alathon: no apparet rhyme or reason, size and musculature wise
[18:31] *** Yuuno has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:32] Alathon: at this point, you're free to decide just what to do with your time, as long as it doesn't involve camping in the middle of the street. This would irritate the carters, and probably the horses too.
[18:32] Sheena: (awww)
[18:33] Alathon: Even just standing there, you attract a certain amount of attention, simply on the basis of your semi-matching red hair and attractive figures.
[18:34] Sanshi: (Not to mention the giant cat)
[18:35] Alathon: (and the tressym)
[18:35] Caoilinn: (Well, once everyone who needs help has gotten it, I guess we should see to our quarters)
[18:37] * Sheena yawns
[18:37] * Caoilinn does that.
[18:37] Alathon: Though it should be noted that the cats don't get nearly as much attention as they did in Crystal Tokyo.
[18:37] Tsukasa: (Heh, higher rate of mutation out here)
[18:37] Alathon: You've been offered lodging in the militia hall, you're free to accept or decline in favor of looking for an inn
[18:37] Caoilinn: (Or higher rate of getting beaten up for staring. :) )
[18:38] Caoilinn: "Let's check out the militia hall."
[18:38] Alathon: ((more the former than the latter, really.. they aren't the first domesticated muties these people have seen ;p ))
[18:39] Tsukasa: "Yes. I don't see much point in denying their hospitality at the moment."
[18:39] Caoilinn: "And certainly not sight unseen."
[18:39] Sheena: "Interesting people over here,"
[18:40] Caoilinn: "Of course, a private room has its advantages, too..."
[18:40] Caoilinn: "Come on, let's go."
[18:40] Alathon: Amiko: "Private? I haven't checked, but I wouldn't count on it."
[18:40] Caoilinn: "I was talking about the inn."
[18:40] * Caoilinn heads for the militia hall.
[18:41] Alathon: Amiko nods.
[18:41] Alathon: Amiko: "I agree."
[18:41] * Tsukasa directs Sanshi after Cao-san.
[18:41] Alathon: It'll take a little asking around, but you'll eventually find an informed staff member who'll show you around.
[18:43] Alathon: The quarters are halls of triple bunk beds along the walls, with long, worn wooden tables down the center at chest height.
[18:43] Alathon: They're clean, but very spare.
[18:43] Alathon: There's a great deal of hustle and bustle as families move their stuff in, trying to jam it under the beds, stacking it aroudn them, or on the central table.
[18:44] Caoilinn: (Do we have local currency on us?)
[18:44] Alathon: there's plenty of conversation to be overheard.
[18:44] Caoilinn: (We must have some, I suppose...)
[18:45] Alathon: ((you do not, unless someone reminded one of the aides to give you some and I forgot it.))
[18:45] Caoilinn: (Next time, let's get sent on a mission under Mercury...)
[18:45] Alathon: ((she's much more detail oriented, certainly))
[18:45] Sheena: heh
[18:45] Sheena: ()
[18:46] Alathon: ((and to answer your question, just skimmed the last log, and no, you're flat broke))
[18:46] Alathon: ((which wouldn't necessarily mean much to your characters as they've likely never held paper currency in their life))
[18:46] * Caoilinn suddenly realizes we're flat broke.
[18:46] Caoilinn: "Let's stay here."
[18:46] Alathon: A lightbulb above Caoilinn's head flickers for a moment, then turns on.
[18:47] * Caoilinn looks at the bulb.
[18:47] * Tsukasa tries to claim a bottom bunk and drop her things on it.
[18:47] Caoilinn: "That's never happened before when I've had an idea."
[18:47] Alathon: It's much dimmer than the lights you're used to seeing in CT; the filament is clearly visible.
[18:48] Tsukasa: "North America is quite the place, isn't it?"
[18:48] Alathon: Amiko shakes her head, but holds her peace.
[18:48] * Caoilinn claims a top bunk.
[18:49] Alathon: Amiko grabs the bottom bunk of Caoilinn's bed.
[18:50] * Caoilinn frowns.
[18:50] Alathon: The beds around the room are filling up fairly quickly.
[18:51] * Caoilinn asks the others somewhat quietly, "Think it'll be safe to leave our stuff here when we're out?"
[18:51] Alathon: It's pretty damned loud at this point, with a good two dozen or so families conversing, arguing, telling their kids to settle down, and generally making noise.
[18:51] Alathon: Amiko looks at you like you're daft.
[18:52] Tsukasa: "I'd like to think so, but it would probably be best to have a better impression of the local attitudes before gambling on it."
[18:52] Alathon: Amiko: "I don't recommend leaving some of the only Crystal Tech weaponry on this side of the ocean, in a public lodge."
[18:52] * Caoilinn nods.
[18:52] Sheena: "No, what if some kid starts playing with the gear"
[18:52] Caoilinn: "I didn't really think so, either."
[18:54] Alathon: There are definately kids around
[18:54] Alathon: They're probably the happiest of the lot, at least the ones young enough to think this is a vacation.
[18:55] Caoilinn: "Ok, so should we hang around here or look around town a bit? I don't suppose anyone has local currency?"
[18:55] Alathon: Amiko shakes her head.
[18:55] Alathon: Amiko: "Damn."
[18:56] Alathon: Amiko looks over at Tsukasa, then at Sheena, hopefully.
[18:56] Sheena: "Not like we need to buy anything"
[18:56] * Tsukasa shakes her head. "I seem not to have thought to ask."
[18:56] Caoilinn: "Hard to hang out at the inn if you can't buy food or drinks..."
[18:56] Alathon: Amiko: "Local attire would be useful."
[18:57] Sheena: "Hardly, you forget this is for protection as well. Im not about to put on something local."
[18:57] Tsukasa: "If we want to avoid standing out, we'd need hats or hair dye at the very least."
[18:57] Sheena: "its not like we would fool any one"
[18:57] Caoilinn: "We don't want to act like we're spying."
[18:58] Alathon: ((the dye may not be necessary.. the anime hair colors aren't as vibrant here, but they're around.))
[18:58] Tsukasa: (But a unit of all-redheads?)
[18:58] Caoilinn: "And, really, the people around here have no idea who we are for the most part, anyway."
[18:58] Alathon: ((it's still damned unusual to see four hot redheads hanging out together, though))
[18:58] Sheena: "We all ready marched into town the that carvan in front of every one. But late ya?"
[18:59] Caoilinn: "So far as I can tell, all we're really supposed to do is talk with people we might not get a chance to once we're with the official party again and see how things are really going."
[18:59] Alathon: A few children are clustered together by the table, staring at the group as you talk, whispering to each other.
[19:00] Alathon: ".. you ask them!.."
[19:00] Alathon: " you!"
[19:00] * Tsukasa glances over, cocking her head in curiousity. Sanshi doing the exact same thing kind of adds to the effect.
[19:00] * Caoilinn bounces over.
[19:01] Caoilinn: "Ooh! Can I ask?"
[19:01] Tsukasa: (... ...)
[19:01] Tsukasa: (Bounces?)
[19:01] Alathon: They all collectively "eep" when Caoilinn hops over to them, but don't freak out.
[19:01] * Caoilinn grins at them.
[19:01] Sheena: (mmmm bounces)
[19:01] Caoilinn: "So, what do you want to know?"
[19:01] Alathon: Child 1: "Umm.."
[19:01] Alathon: Child 2, whispered: "c'mon, ask her!"
[19:02] Alathon: Both children are youngish and probably male, the first with dark brown hair, the second with blue-black hair.
[19:02] Alathon: Child 1 takes a deep breath.
[19:02] Alathon: Child 1: "Are you really from across the ocean?"
[19:02] Caoilinn: "Yep!"
[19:03] Alathon: Children 3, 4, 5: "Wow!" "no way.." "bitchin'"
[19:03] Caoilinn: "So, what's it like around here?"
[19:04] Alathon: Child 1: "Um.. it's really tight. My mom says we're gonna have like sixty or seventy in this one room."
[19:04] Alathon: Child 2: "You just think it's small 'cuz your pops is loaded and has a huge ranch."
[19:04] Alathon: Child 1: "Well so what?"
[19:04] Alathon: Child 2: "...nuthin."
[19:05] Sheena: (how would the kids know we are from over seas?)
[19:05] Alathon: Child 4: "Uh.. so, what's it like across the sea? Are there really dragons?"
[19:05] Alathon: ((the same way 90% of the people on the caravan do by now: gossip))
[19:05] Tsukasa: (Faster than radio)
[19:06] Alathon: ((keyes and jebra knew, keyes told a couple officers, jebra told a couple of his buddies.......))
[19:06] Caoilinn: "It's pretty nice. We haven't been here long enough yet to know what's different, though."
[19:06] Caoilinn: "I've heard of dragons but never seen one."
[19:06] Alathon: They all get big-eyed at this, and beg you to describe them.
[19:07] Caoilinn: "Well, I've only heard about them, like I said, but..."
[19:07] * Caoilinn describes a few different kinds of dragon from mythology/folklore.
[19:08] Alathon: They'll all listen attentively for a little while, before butting in with questions.
[19:09] Alathon: ((number three and five are both blonde, number four has solid grey hair.))
[19:09] Alathon: ((ages appear to be 10-11ish))
[19:09] Alathon: Number Four: "So.. does everyone there have red hair?"
[19:10] Caoilinn: "Nah. Some people do, but most don't."
[19:10] Sheena: "heh, they wish."
[19:11] Alathon: Number One: "Are they all girls?"
[19:11] * Caoilinn laughs.
[19:11] Alathon: Number five kicks the back of his leg.
[19:11] Alathon: Number Five: "Of course they aren't!"
[19:11] * Caoilinn shakes her head.
[19:12] Alathon: Number one shrugs it off, and asks another question.
[19:13] Alathon: Number One: "So, where are your husbands?"
[19:13] Caoilinn: "We're not married."
[19:13] Alathon: Number one blinkblinks, the rest are a little surprised as well.
[19:13] Alathon: Number one: "But... oh."
[19:14] Alathon: By this time, you'll have noticed a fair number of adults listening with at least one ear as the kids ask stuff they're too polite to ask.
[19:14] Alathon: There's some obvious interest after you answer that last question.
[19:14] Caoilinn: ("We're married to each other!" :) )
[19:14] Sheena: (married to the job damn it!)
[19:15] Alathon: ((I wonder how biases would have evolved over the course of the centuries.. the pressure for population growth in the first couple centuries would have weighed heavily against gays and lesbians, but that'd stop mattering entirely by the third century))
[19:15] Alathon: ((dunno, have to work that out.. that's for CT of course))
[19:15] Tsukasa: (Out here they apparently married young)
[19:16] Sheena: (when you live for 1000 years thats a lot of time to play around)
[19:16] Alathon: ((well, you're all in your early twenties. But yes.))
[19:16] Caoilinn: (Just because people are gay doesn't mean they can't have children)
[19:16] Alathon: ((true, but it would decrease the odds of their actually procreating.))
[19:16] Alathon: ((unless they, mainly the women really, were willing to do so for birthing's sake))
[19:17] Caoilinn: (Well, if they considered it their duty to society...)
[19:17] Caoilinn: (Anyway... :) )
[19:17] Alathon: Number Four: "So.. what do you, like, do?"
[19:18] Alathon: Number Four, proudly: "I'm gonna be an engineer!"
[19:18] Caoilinn: "Neat! What kind of engineer?"
[19:18] Alathon: Number Four furrows his brow.
[19:18] Alathon: "Er.. an engineer, of course."
[19:19] Caoilinn: "Well, what kind of things do you want to make?"
[19:19] Alathon: Number four doesn't get it.
[19:19] Alathon: Numbe Four: "Uh.. nuthin, really."
[19:19] Alathon: Number four: "I wanna be an engineer, not like a carpenter or smith or something."
[19:19] Caoilinn: "Oh, I see."
[19:19] Alathon: Number 1 is a little irritated by that comment, but doesn't say anything.
[19:20] Caoilinn: "What made you decide you wanted to be one?"
[19:20] Alathon: Number Four's eyes light up.
[19:20] Alathon: Number Four: "'cuz they get to go everywhere and see all the coolest stuff!"
[19:20] * Caoilinn grins.
[19:21] Caoilinn: "Yeah, that sounds like my sort of thing, too."
[19:22] Alathon: They'll ask a fair number of inane questions, and sooner or later get hauled off by their parents.
[19:22] Alathon: Anything you wanna work into the conversation before they leave?
[19:23] Caoilinn: (Not really, but I'll be sure to say at least a few words to the parents and say how nice the kids are or such.)
[19:24] Sheena: (would be in bad taste to grill the kids about any attacks)
[19:24] Alathon: They're a little surprised at this.. except for Number One's father, who is apparently quite comfortable accepting praise.
[19:24] Caoilinn: (Make some connections with some adults who may be able to tell us more...)
[19:25] Alathon: Most of hte parents have stuff to do; Number Two's mother will return soon after fetching him to introduce herself.
[19:25] Alathon: Mother: "Kathy Bennet, and.. I'm glad to meet you all."
[19:25] Alathon: Kathy offers handshakes to everyone.
[19:25] * Caoilinn shakes her hand.
[19:25] * Tsukasa leans down and shakes her hand as well.
[19:25] Caoilinn: "The pleasure is ours."
[19:26] * Sanshi debates extending his own hand, but just smiles and greets her instead.
[19:26] Caoilinn: "It's nice to see friendly faces when you're in an unfamiliar place."
[19:26] Alathon: Kathy: "Um.. I appreciate you keeping the little'uns entertained."
[19:27] Alathon: She seems at a bit of a loss for what to say, but lingers for a moment.
[19:27] Caoilinn: "Oh, don't mention it. I love kids."
[19:27] * Caoilinn smiles.
[19:28] Alathon: She smiles at that.
[19:28] * Tsukasa glances at her. "Yes, I've never seen that side of you before Cao-san."
[19:28] Alathon: ((Cow-san? them sounds like fighting words to me...))
[19:29] Caoilinn: (It'd be pronounced Kei-san)
[19:29] Tsukasa: (/me pouts and finally changes it)
[19:29] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[19:29] Alathon: Amiko: "It seems news of our arrival is quite.. widespread."
[19:30] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:30] Caoilinn: "It's not like we've had kids around before now."
[19:30] Alathon: Amiko looks over to Kathy, questioningly.
[19:30] Tsukasa: "Which serves well enough as an explanation of why we've never seen you like that."
[19:31] Alathon: Kathy: "Well.. you know how people are, and there wasn't much to do but talk.."
[19:31] Alathon: Kathy, questioningly: "You're really...."
[19:32] Alathon: Kathy looks around the whole group, not entirely believingly.
[19:32] Alathon: ((true, I guess we need more kids))
[19:32] Caoilinn: "Not married? Yeah."
[19:33] * Tsukasa nods, and opens her mouth to speak, but blinks and kind of stares with her mouth still open at Kei-san's answer.
[19:33] Caoilinn: (Watch that really be what she was asking. ;) )
[19:33] Alathon: Kathy can't help but giggle at that.
[19:33] Alathon: Kathy: "You know, the other thing I could believe, but that?"
[19:33] Alathon: Kathy, teasingly: "I just don't know...
[19:34] Sheena: "Other thing?"
[19:35] Alathon: Kathy: "Well.. being travellers from some Asian kingdom."
[19:35] Alathon: ((of course, not all of you are asian ;p ))
[19:36] Alathon: ((though they wouldn't remember much other than yellow skin, slanty eyes))
[19:36] Sheena: ((after a couple thousand years of breeding on the same island im sure it maters little))
[19:36] Alathon: ((it's been 1025 years, and breeding has been slow in the last 800 of them))
[19:37] * Caoilinn nods.
[19:37] Alathon: Kathy's eyes widen a bit.
[19:38] Alathon: Kathy: "My word... so... how are things over there?"
[19:38] Caoilinn: "Like I said to the kids, I want to go everywhere and see the coolest things."
[19:38] * Caoilinn smiles.
[19:39] Alathon: Kathy: "Of course.. we all do when we're young.."
[19:39] Caoilinn: "Pretty good. There are mutants and such roaming around the unsettled areas, of course, but no major problem right now."
[19:39] * Caoilinn frowns.
[19:39] Alathon: ((Kathy appears to be in her 500s.))
[19:40] Caoilinn: "Not like the nasty business we've heard has been going on around here lately."
[19:40] * Caoilinn shakes her head.
[19:40] Tsukasa: (Ie 50s from a non-CT perspective?)
[19:40] Alathon: ((more like late 30s))
[19:41] Alathon: ((aging is 15x, rathe than a flat 1000, changed that to accomodate a few things))
[19:41] Alathon: ((15x from adulthood rather))
[19:42] Caoilinn: (Another 10 years and she'll finally be out of diapers!)
[19:42] Alathon: ((heh))
[19:42] Alathon: ((yeah, THAT would keep the birth rate down))
[19:42] Alathon: ((at least for 2nd children))
[19:44] Alathon: Kathy: "Right, right.."
[19:44] Alathon: Kathy: "Nasty business.. that doesn't even begin to cover it."
[19:44] Alathon: Kathy's expression has darkened considerably.
[19:45] Caoilinn: "Yeah, we haven't heard much about it yet, but what we've heard hasn't been good."
[19:46] Alathon: Kathy: "Pigriders have never been like this before.. always were a threat, living off the land and what they could steal. But actually taking over whole towns..."
[19:46] Alathon: Kathy is somewhat disbelieving that this could have even happened.
[19:46] Tsukasa: (... Pigriders? Heh)
[19:47] Alathon: Kathy: "The militia's.. have had a hard time of it."
[19:47] Sheena: "Lost a lot of towns to them?"
[19:48] Alathon: Kahy, genuinely pissed: "And the Reds haven't done anything about it, other than hang a few charred corpses on the roads."
[19:48] Alathon: Kathy shakes her head.
[19:48] Alathon: Kathy: "I don't know, I just hear.."
[19:49] Alathon: Kathy: "I am.. was.. from Pike Creek. We never had problems with them b efore.. was always the places out east."
[19:50] Alathon: Amiko: "The Reds?"
[19:50] Caoilinn: (The communist government)
[19:51] Alathon: Kathy: "The Crimson Guard.. Pyros and the rest. THEY could stand up to 'em, if they weren't holed up in Carson."
[19:52] * Caoilinn frowns again.
[19:52] Caoilinn: "They're holed up in Carson?"
[19:53] Alathon: Kathy, disgusted: "I don't know, just what I've heard."
[19:54] Alathon: Kathy shakes her head.
[19:54] Alathon: Kathy: "I should get back to Jonathan."
[19:54] Caoilinn: "Sorry. Was just wondering why they'd do that instead of helping the people who need it."
[19:55] Caoilinn: "Yeah. I'm sorry if I brought you down... If you need the kids distracted again, just send them over, ok."
[19:55] Alathon: Kathy: "Maybe they can't catch 'em.. they come in on their damned hogs, shoot things up, set fires, steal stuff, and then they're gone."
[19:55] Alathon: Kathy smiles at that.
[19:55] Alathon: Kathy: "I'll hold you to that, you know. He's a real handful."
[19:56] * Caoilinn smiles.
[19:56] Caoilinn: "Oh, and maybe we can all have dinner together."
[19:56] Alathon: Kathy: "I'd like that."
[19:57] Sheena: (oh dear)
[19:57] Alathon: Kathy: "anyways, I oughta be going.. I've kept you busy for far too long already."
[19:58] Caoilinn: "Ok. It was a pleasure meeting you."
[19:58] * Caoilinn bows.
[19:59] Alathon: By now, you can see the sun low in the sky through the small and cloudy glass windows on the far end of the hall you're in.
[20:01] Alathon: Noticing that they weren't terribly deep in discussion with Kathy, a couple older teenage guys have come over and are unsubtly hitting on Sheena.
[20:02] Alathon: Another one is trying to talk up Tsukasa, going on and on about ranch work.
[20:03] Caoilinn: ("Hey, wanna fuck?" Older woman rushes up and smacks him. "Thomas Michael Smith! How many times have I told you not to say 'wanna'?!")
[20:03] * Sheena pulls yuuno out of her hair and holds him up like a weapon. "Back, back i say. Im armed and dangrous"
[20:03] Alathon: ((they're not that unsubtle, but they're close))
[20:03] * Yuuno ZzzZZzzzZZ
[20:03] * Tsukasa is rather flustered by the attention, but isn't quite as open about it as Sheena was.
[20:03] Alathon: ((hey baby, let's do it like they do it on the discovery channel))
[20:03] Sheena: "Or not"
[20:04] Alathon: They're not terribly dissuaded by the ferret.
[20:04] Caoilinn: ("Ooooh, I *loved* that special on the Marquis de Sade last week! Let me get my whips and we'll be good to go!")
[20:05] Alathon: Marcus, to Tsukasa: "And so we were out there a good half day.. three quarters of a day, more like, and you know how the steers get when they've been up north for longer than a few hours..."
[20:05] * Sanshi notices Tsukasa's distress and raises his hands, muttering "Toss!" to Sheena.
[20:05] * Sheena gives the yuuno balla toss to Sanshi.
[20:06] * Tsukasa almost falls out of the saddle as Sanshi goes long.
[20:06] Caoilinn: (Is there room for that in here?)
[20:06] Tsukasa: "Um... Sorry!"
[20:06] Alathon: ((yes, but not by much.))
[20:07] Sheena: (Sanshi got skills)
[20:07] * Tsukasa spends more time apologizing to the people Sanshi buzzed in his maneuvering.
[20:07] Alathon: Marcus, to Tsukasa: "So.. does your mutie know how to play football? Back on the ranch, we'd have pick-up games, usually eight-nine a side, and.."
[20:07] * Sanshi slings Yuuno back to Sheena.
[20:07] Alathon: Marcus doesn't seem terribly dissuaded by the goings-on.
[20:08] Alathon: Jeremy and Dwayne get tired of being fended off, and find something better to do.
[20:09] Alathon: Marcus: "So then I said, "well hell, if he wants it, let 'em have it!""
[20:09] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:09] Alathon: Marcus finds this amazingly funny.
[20:09] Alathon: ((if your characters are not rabid football fans, odds are they won't ;p ))
[20:09] Caoilinn: (Probably not even if they are...)
[20:10] * Sheena catchs the yuunoball
[20:10] Alathon: ((at least not without about four stiff drinks first))
[20:10] * Tsukasa is pretty quickly progressing from fluster to irritation, and tries to make a 'Save me!' gesture in some kind of sign language.
[20:10] Caoilinn: (At least he isn't telling you about his D&D exploits. :D )
[20:10] Alathon: Marcus: "And this one time, at football camp, "
[20:10] Tsukasa: (... ... ...)
[20:10] Sheena: (Tsukasa wants to hear all about his level 60 pladin)
[20:10] Caoilinn: (Sorry, I think I'm still talking to Kathy while this is happening)
[20:11] Alathon: ((hehe))
[20:11] * Tsukasa is kind of starting to regret an innate tendency towards politeness at this point.
[20:11] Sheena: (tsu should pull out her gun and start cleaningit)
[20:11] Alathon: ((yeah, pretty much, though your conversation would be comign to a close soon))
[20:11] Caoilinn: (And even if I'm not, I'm not about to divert an annoying guy's attention to myself :) )
[20:11] Tsukasa: (Mime it to her!)
[20:11] Caoilinn: (I get enough of that without looking for more)
[20:12] Sheena: (gah, brb!)
[20:12] * Tsukasa 's hand is starting to drift towards her blaster's grip.
[20:13] Alathon: Marcus: "So anyways, when I was fourteen, I was out on like my second or third run up by Hathaway, and you wouldn't believe the size of the dust trail! It was like a giant dust storm."
[20:13] Alathon: Marcus's eyes are mainly on yours, occaisionally flicking down to your assets. He doesn't notice.
[20:14] Caoilinn: (What? Not the other way around? Ooooh a keeper... </sarcasm>)
[20:14] Tsukasa: (Heh, had the same thought there...)
[20:16] Alathon: Around this time, Caoilinn finishes speaking to that kid's mother. Soon after, the militia staff announce that supper will be in half an hour, and could everyone pleas get all their stuff off the table, seeing as that's where supper is gonna be.
[20:16] * Sanshi glances up and pretends to see a butterfly, charging off and out of the building, with Tsukasa working to hang on.
[20:16] Alathon: Marcus just sorta blinks as Tsukasa vanishes from in front of him, before speaking.
[20:17] Alathon: Marcus: "Damn, that was just like that time back in twenty-nine.."
[20:17] Alathon: Marcus departs for the other side of the room.
[20:18] * Tsukasa sighs and gives Sanshi a good stroking.
[20:18] * Caoilinn spends some time making little crystal trinkets for the kids. (dragon figurines, marbles, a train figurine, etc.)
[20:19] Alathon: The kids absolutely love them, though they don't get what the train is supposed to be until it's expained.. and still kinda don't.
[20:19] Alathon: Your marbles look very nice, but don't roll terribly well.
[20:20] Caoilinn: (Ok, I have no idea what kind of engineer the kid wants to be, then. :) )
[20:20] Alathon: though you can roll or take like ten or fifteen minutes to do it, if you want to make one with facets small enough for it to function as a sphere.
[20:20] Caoilinn: (That long for each one?)
[20:20] Alathon: ((that's understandable ;p ))
[20:20] Alathon: ((nah, you can do one per round that's fairly simple ))
[20:21] Alathon: ((it's making a round item out of crystal that'll take a long time to get right.))
[20:21] Alathon: ((you're talking a LOT of facets.))
[20:21] Caoilinn: (Yeah, I meant per each marble)
[20:22] Caoilinn: (Ok, dice instead, then.)
[20:22] Alathon: ((dice you can do quite easily))
[20:23] Alathon: ((though the pips won't be round unless you put some effort into it ;p ))
[20:23] Tsukasa: (Unfortunately they're Fukufics cursed dice)
[20:23] Alathon: Incidentally, mage is back, had to run his mom somewhere, but is feeling sick and won't be joining us this evening
[20:23] Caoilinn: (They'll be all the more exotic for the angular pips!)
[20:25] Alathon: Time passes, supper is served. It's several big pots of stew, heavy on some sort of meat, with some veggies and something starchy in it.
[20:25] Sheena: (back, sorry about that had to run to the can)
[20:25] Alathon: ((nod))
[20:26] Caoilinn: (At least you didn't fall asleep. ;) )
[20:26] * Alathon coughs.
[20:26] Sheena: (Hey! I had a very long day that night)
[20:26] Sheena: ( and its not like i knew i fell asleep)
[20:27] Alathon: ((she was speaking of the time I took a nap at the half-time break in Tarou's game and stayed passed out))
[20:27] Alathon: ((I think ;p ))
[20:28] Sheena: (( i fell asleep durning the mechafight in the last ct game, heh..)
[20:28] Alathon: Amiko chows down, but with reasonably good manners.
[20:28] Alathon: ((oh yeah))
[20:28] * Caoilinn chats with the natives during the meal.
[20:29] Alathon: Unless you press, you'll get small talk.
[20:29] Alathon: Except for one guy who'll come over late in the meal, after a few people have excused themselves.
[20:29] * Caoilinn will stick to small talk. No need to ruin everyone's meal, and making friends is good.
[20:29] * Tsukasa eats slowly and politely, and as distant as is reasonably possible from the guys who were hitting on them.
[20:30] Alathon: Marcus tried to get a spot by you, but was late coming back from wherever he was and there wasn't space.
[20:30] Alathon: ((incidentally, the table is at roughly chest height, and everyone is standing around it. Do you lean over from Sanshi, or eat on your lap off to the side, or what?))
[20:31] Alathon: ((actually, sanshi would be too high for that, wouldn't he))
[20:31] Tsukasa: (Off to the side, I suppose)
[20:31] * Sheena eats calmly but don't hide her enjoyment. "mmmm mistry meat"
[20:32] Sheena: "Not as good as mutacows but its cooked well"
[20:32] Tsukasa: "Not much is as good as mutacow. It's more satisfying when we do the work, after all."
[20:33] Sheena: (on a side note Sam Adams cherry wheat is a rather crapy beer)
[20:34] Sheena: "thats true"
[20:36] Alathon: And, let's break for ten or so
[20:37] Alathon: I need to get something to eat, and work something out.
[20:37] *** You are now known as Alathon|bbin10.
[20:50] *** You are now known as Alathon.
[20:50] Alathon: yo
[20:50] Alathon: so who's here?
[20:50] Caoilinn: (I am! I am!)
[20:53] Tsukasa: (Yo and such)
[20:54] Sheena: ya
[20:55] Alathon: okay, let's roll
[20:56] Tsukasa: roll 1d20
[20:56] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{20}
[20:56] Tsukasa: (YEAH baby!)
[20:56] Tsukasa: (Actually, there go all the crits for this session)
[20:56] Sheena: (you and your damn rolls)
[20:56] Alathon: ((haha))
[20:56] Caoilinn: (Can't quit with the gag crits, can you, huh?)
[20:56] Tsukasa: (They're the only ones I'll ever see)
[20:57] Tsukasa: (May as well take them)
[20:57] Alathon: By the time dinner is over, it's well into evening; the sun has set, and most of the light is coming from the lightbulbs hung sparingly on cords throughout the room.
[21:01] Alathon: One of the men who introduced himself during conversation at dinner will make his way over to speak to Caiolinn.
[21:02] Alathon: Justin: "So.. I can't help but be curious.. you made those crystal thingamabobs?"
[21:02] Caoilinn: "Oh, yeah. It's a thing I can do."
[21:02] Alathon: Justin nods.
[21:02] Caoilinn: "Nothing really fancy, but it comes in handy."
[21:03] Alathon: Justin: "A damn fine thing, to my way of reckoning. If you don't mind me asking, what's your going rate?"
[21:04] Caoilinn: "Hnh. You mean for making things? I've only just been making things for my friends or the kids, really. I hadn't thought about it."
[21:04] *** Ion-Chan has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:04] Alathon: Justin: "Really, now.. that's quite generous of you."
[21:05] Alathon: Justin: "To my way of thinking, that's a mighty fine talent to have. Mighty fine... "
[21:05] Alathon: Justin: "What kind of shapes can you do? Solids.. hollow things.. stuff like that?"
[21:06] Caoilinn: "Well, so long as it's faceted and not round, it usually isn't a problem. I can't do anything too big or heavy. And moving parts are really hard, too."
[21:07] Alathon: Justin nods as you speak.
[21:08] Alathon: Jusin: "I see.. I see.. I'm something of a merchan.. had me a fine dry goods shop and stable."
[21:09] Alathon: Justin: "Looking to get things back together.. set up shop here, or maybe get together with whoever's doing business here."
[21:09] Alathon: Justin: "I'll get straight to the point."
[21:09] Caoilinn: ("Join me or die!")
[21:10] Alathon: ((hey! you're stealing all my good lines!))
[21:10] Alathon: Justin: "I saw my son Mark drop one of those doo-dads a good dozen times, with nary a scratch on it. THe way I figure it, you stand to make a spot of money."
[21:10] Caoilinn: (I really drove Strat crazy with that when he was planning/starting his game. :) )
[21:11] Alathon: Justin: "I'll pay top dollar if you can do a few things for me.. just simple things, like solid panes, glasses, this and that."
[21:12] Alathon: Justin: "I understand you're new to these parts, and it always helps to be liquid, if you know what I mean.."
[21:12] Caoilinn: "Hm. You're right about that. We're a bit short on the local currency."
[21:13] Caoilinn: "I'd be happy to work with you, but we can only stay here for three more days or so before we have to join up with the rest of our group."
[21:13] Alathon: Justin looks a bit disappointed, but nods understandingly.
[21:13] Alathon: Justin: 'Right, right.."
[21:14] Caoilinn: "While we're here, though, I can make things."
[21:15] Alathon: Justin: "Well, like I said, straight to the point.. I'll pay five double dollars for four by six panes, two for tumblers, three for wine glasses.. and I"m sure we can work something out for anything else."
[21:15] Tsukasa: (... Double dollars?)
[21:15] Alathon: ((yup ;p ))
[21:15] Tsukasa: (Heh)
[21:16] Caoilinn: "That sounds good. Do you want any particular styles or colors?"
[21:16] Alathon: Justin, delighted: "Good, good!"
[21:17] Alathon: Justin: "You can do.. well, what sort of colors? Panes should be clear's you can make 'em, but I figure any color that ain't grate on the eyes could make for fine tableware."
[21:18] Caoilinn: "Ok, I'll do clear panes and vary it a bit for the other things."
[21:19] Alathon: Justin: "Good, good.."
[21:19] Alathon: Justin: "If you don't mind, could I see?"
[21:19] Alathon: Justin: "I have to admit, I'm a mite bit curious myself."
[21:19] Caoilinn: "Not at all."
[21:20] Caoilinn: (Are there chairs for the table?)
[21:20] Alathon: Justin: "Ain't heard of a talent like this since Jessup over in Hathaway passed away, and that was nigh on a decade past."
[21:20] Alathon: ((no))
[21:20] Tsukasa: (Yeah, poor me)
[21:20] * Caoilinn looks around.
[21:21] Alathon: The table could probably take your weight easily enough; you wouldn't be the only one sittingo n it now that the meal has been cleared.
[21:21] * Caoilinn sits on the table.
[21:21] Caoilinn: "You wouldn't be able to see if I sat on my bunk."
[21:21] Alathon: Justin: "right, right.."
[21:21] Caoilinn: "Let's see..."
[21:21] * Caoilinn tries a pane to start with.
[21:22] Sheena: (hmmm, damn bathroom runs)
[21:22] Alathon: YOu can roll on all this, or take a twenty (1 minute per piece).
[21:22] Caoilinn: (I don't think I'd *want* to work any faster than 1 minute per piece.)
[21:22] Alathon: You'll succeed at pretty much any of these if you take your time.
[21:23] Alathon: ((if you really wanted to, you could try to churn out one per round))
[21:23] Alathon: ((10/min))
[21:23] Caoilinn: (Yeah, but it'd be much too unfun then)
[21:24] Alathon: ((however doing it really fast will fatigue you much faster than if you spread them out and take your time))
[21:24] * Caoilinn offers the finished pane to Justin.
[21:25] Alathon: ((there's no hard and fast rule for "how much" you're supposed to eb allowed to transmute, but we can assume it costs some amount of effort.. so after perhaps an hour of transmuting, or five minutes of rapid-fire transmuting, I'm gonna say that you'll be pretty pooped and have to start rolling to concentrate and get it right.))
[21:25] Caoilinn: (Sounds reasonable.)
[21:25] Alathon: Justin is very, very impressed.
[21:25] Alathon: This isn't surprising if the panes in the windows of this building are the norm around here.
[21:25] Alathon: He'll hold it up to the light, look through the edges, etc etc.
[21:26] Alathon: Justin: "My, my, my.."
[21:26] Alathon: Justin: "Just how many of these do you figure you can make?"
[21:26] Alathon: Justin: "Because I'd wager horses to horseshoes I'll be able to sell every one."
[21:27] Caoilinn: "Well, if I focus on doing this, about one a minute, but after about an hour I'd need to take a break."
[21:27] Sheena: (gah!)
[21:27] Caoilinn: "I can do them faster if I don't care so much about the quality, but that'll tire me out faster, too."
[21:27] * Caoilinn smiles and shrugs.
[21:27] Alathon: Justin: "no, no, no.. slow and steady wins the race, as they say."
[21:28] Caoilinn: "And it's not fun to rush, anyway."
[21:28] Caoilinn: "Do you want me to just focus on panes for the most part?"
[21:28] Caoilinn: "Maybe you'd like to see some glasses before you decide."
[21:28] Alathon: Justin: "I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you, though.. I've only got the money on hand for.. hmm.. say, three dozen of those panes."
[21:28] Alathon: Justin shakes his head.
[21:28] Alathon: Justin pauses.
[21:29] Alathon: Justin: "Well.. I guess a matching pair of wine glasses wouldn't hurt.
[21:29] Alathon: Justin: "or maybe a couple sets.. say, can you do cobalt blue?"
[21:29] Caoilinn: "Sure."
[21:30] * Caoilinn makes an elegant blue wine glass.
[21:30] Alathon: Justin's eyes practically pop out.
[21:31] Alathon: After the third or fourth item, the entire party will notice something: they feel like they've lost their breath.
[21:32] Alathon: If you look around, everyone else will seem to have as well.
[21:32] * Caoilinn pauses and looks around.
[21:33] Alathon: everyone can make a listening roll, DC is something like 18
[21:33] * Tsukasa frowns and tries to find out what's going on.
[21:33] Caoilinn: (That's its own skill? And what stat modifies it?)
[21:33] Alathon: ((wisdom))
[21:33] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+2
[21:33] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{20}
[21:33] Alathon: ((and yes))
[21:34] Caoilinn: roll 1d20
[21:34] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{16}
[21:34] Alathon: Tsukasa picks out the tell-tale whistling of wind rushing through the cracked doors into the room.
[21:34] Alathon: Caoilinn, do you continue transmuting, or done for now?
[21:34] Caoilinn: (Done for now)
[21:35] Alathon: As the seconds pass, the whistling dies down, adn it gets easier to breath.
[21:35] Alathon: People are talking now, in hush voices, scared.
[21:35] Caoilinn: "What was that?"
[21:35] Alathon: Justin is a little red in the face.
[21:35] Caoilinn: "Oh, silly me. Too many people in here."
[21:35] Alathon: Justin: "Hell if I know."
[21:36] Alathon: Justin looks around, worried.
[21:36] Alathon: Justin: "You know what.. I'll be right back."
[21:36] Alathon: Justin heads outside, along with a growing number of people trying to figure out what just happened.
[21:36] * Caoilinn frowns and thinks.
[21:37] Alathon: This all would have happened after one pane of glass, and a very elegant matching pair of cobalt blue wine glasses.
[21:37] Alathon: Amiko is quite agitated, and heads outside to look around.
[21:37] * Caoilinn mumbles, "Hmmm... definitely not enough crystal mass quickly enough to affect a room this size like that..."
[21:38] Alathon: ((actually, it probably should have happened after the first thing.. though I'd have to do the math to figure it out))
[21:38] Alathon: ((that's exactly what happened))
[21:38] Alathon: ((it takes a LOT of air to generate the mass needed for crystal.))
[21:38] Caoilinn: (Yeah, but it's over the course of a minute... The air from outside should easily replace it in that time, shouldn't it?)
[21:39] Sheena: (back, sorry..)
[21:39] Alathon: ((if there were better ventilation, it would have.))
[21:39] Alathon: ((but all you had were cracks arounda window, and a heavy wooden door that's too tight to be blown wider.))
[21:40] Alathon: ((crack it by like half a foot instead of half an inch and you'd be good to go ;p ))
[21:40] Caoilinn: (I don't know... I could see it if I were doing it rapdi-fire, but I do think it wouldn't be an issue at that speed. If the room were sealed that well, there'd be an oxygen problem with that many people, wouldn't there? Well, I'm not going to argue with the DM about it. :) )
[21:40] Alathon: ((though I'll admit, I may be off on the physics))
[21:40] Alathon: ((I'll hae to look it up after session))
[21:40] * Caoilinn gets up and opens a window.
[21:40] Alathon: It's a very big room, though it's definately a good bit warmer with all these people in it than it was at first.
[21:41] Alathon: A soft puff of air greets you.
[21:41] * Caoilinn tries making another item while paying attention to the air.
[21:41] Alathon: If you do something like lick your finger and hold it in front of the window, you can discern a flow of air.
[21:42] Caoilinn: (Does using the power give me any sense of the air density, btw?)
[21:42] Alathon: Amiko eventually comes back, along with the rest of the people, who are in a generally fearful mood.
[21:42] Caoilinn: (I mean, since I'm transmuting it...)
[21:42] Alathon: ((I don't think so, no))
[21:42] Alathon: ((All you can really sense is the crystal that forms, though iwth lots of practice at different elevations you might be able to figure out timing to meter the density of the air))
[21:43] * Caoilinn quietly explains what the problem was to Justin and lets him decide what (if anything) to tell the other people, since he knows them better than she does.
[21:43] Alathon: Justin winces.
[21:44] * Caoilinn also explains that with the window open it is not an issue.
[21:44] Alathon: Justin: "I'd better have a word with the Major, let him know there's no threat.. otherwise he'll have men out scouring the town."
[21:44] Alathon: Justin leaves to do just that.
[21:44] * Caoilinn adds, "Sorry. I normally do this in open areas or just one or two items..." before he goes.
[21:45] Alathon: He'll be back in ten or fifteen minutes, with Keyes.
[21:45] Alathon: Justin accepts the appology before he leaves.
[21:45] Alathon: Keyes: "Ma'am.. I understand this was an accident, but I'd appreciate it deeply if you would refrain from such activities within the confines of the Hall."
[21:46] Alathon: Keyes: "These people are riled up enough as it is without stickin' a prod to them."
[21:46] Caoilinn: "All right... Opening a window should stop it from happening again, but if you don't want me to do it here, I understand."
[21:47] Alathon: Keyes: "I'd appreciate it, ma'am, I'd rather not take chances."
[21:48] Alathon: He sounds a bit agitated, though his demeanor appears calm.
[21:48] Caoilinn: "I guess I'll wait until tomorrow to do anything else, since I don't really feel like sitting outside in the dark."
[21:48] Alathon: You can do a sense motive check if you want.
[21:48] Caoilinn: (Can I do one if I don't actually have the skill?)
[21:49] Alathon: ((yes))
[21:49] Caoilinn: roll 1d20
[21:49] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{18}
[21:49] Sheena: (nice)
[21:49] Alathon: You're not sure, but he seems almost.. fearful.
[21:50] Caoilinn: "Well, at least I would have been the only one seriously affected if I hadn't stopped."
[21:50] Alathon: Keyes: "The street lamps run through the night, if you need some air."
[21:50] Alathon: ((how do you figure that?)
[21:51] Alathon: Keyes nods.
[21:51] Alathon: Keyes: "If you'll excuse me."
[21:51] Alathon: Keyes leaves.
[21:51] Caoilinn: (Well, it's the air right by me that gets transmuted, so if it got thin enough to really affect people, I'd probably pass out first, which would stop me from using the power any more)
[21:52] Alathon: ((well, the kids would go before you))
[21:52] Caoilinn: (Btw, does that statement seem to calm him at all?)
[21:53] Alathon: ((not appreciably))
[21:53] Caoilinn: (They're shorter. There'd be more air closer to the floor. ;) )
[21:53] Alathon: Anyways, Justin will beg off regardless, saying it's best left to the morning.
[21:53] Alathon: Though you're free to go out and make stuff now, to sell in the morning.
[21:54] Caoilinn: (Enh. The time it takes to make them vs the amount he can buy dictates there's no rush.)
[21:55] Alathon: Unless you want to do something, the rest of the evening will be uneventful.
[21:55] Alathon: The room as a whole will get settled down in the next couple hours. Whenever you decide to sleep, Amiko will suggest watches.
[21:56] * Caoilinn has nothing special to do besides secure the times she made if Justin didn't take them.
[21:56] Caoilinn: (items)
[21:56] Alathon: He offered to buy them on the spot.
[21:56] Caoilinn: (Yay! Money!)
[21:56] Alathon: for eleven double dollars.
[21:57] * Caoilinn lets him have them for that.
[21:57] Alathon: He hands over two fives and a oen.
[21:57] Alathon: anyways
[21:57] Caoilinn: ("Hey! What's this oen?!")
[21:58] Alathon: Do you do watches, or tell Amiko to chill?
[21:58] Sheena: "Don't need watchs right now, just keep your bags close"
[21:58] * Caoilinn is used to watches by now so she doesn't have a problem with it.
[21:59] Alathon: Amiko looks to Tsukasa and Caoilinn.
[21:59] * Sheena pulls out a water bottle before proping her bag up and laying aginst it for some shuteye
[22:00] Caoilinn: "What's one more night of watches?"
[22:00] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[22:00] Alathon: Amiko: "Aye.. better safe than sorry."
[22:00] Alathon: ((pw, you there?))
[22:00] * Tsukasa shrugs. "It's probably not necessary, but I don't have a problem with it."
[22:00] Alathon: Amiko: "Right. I'll take the mid watch.. you two can take whichever."
[22:01] Alathon: Amiko gives Sheena a dirty look, but doesn't elaborate.
[22:01] * Caoilinn frowns.
[22:01] Caoilinn: "Hey, Sheena..."
[22:04] Alathon: Amiko shakes her head.
[22:04] Caoilinn: (Hey, Sheena!)
[22:04] Sheena: "Ya?"
[22:05] Caoilinn: "Could you scan the area around the town before you go to sleep?"
[22:05] Sheena: "SHesh, im just resting ya know. this place is boring.'
[22:05] * Sheena chuges her flavored water.
[22:06] * Sheena opens one eye, "In a room full of norms? They'll have a heart attack"
[22:06] Caoilinn: "Well, not necessarily in here."
[22:06] Alathon: Amiko: "Norms? If you say so."
[22:07] Sheena: "Well not CT norms, but this seems to be the general civilan population over here"
[22:07] * Sheena caps off her water and walks out side.
[22:07] * Caoilinn goes with her.
[22:09] Alathon: Amiko follows.
[22:09] * Sheena takes a couple steps into the street an hold out her hand as dark heart forms into place.
[22:09] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:09] * Sheena its taken its sweet time, showing off for the people watching
[22:10] Alathon: People will watch, quite interested.
[22:10] * Sheena holds the staff up to her face, "Was that really needed? Ya damn show off" The dark crystal don't respond but there is a feeling of "Duh?" around it.
[22:13] * Sheena yawns for a moment, "Fine, since i got power to burn" holding the staff twards the ground she swings it around her self, forming a large circle of power and ruins underherself.
[22:13] Alathon: People step back, not precisely scared, but wary of the rune-filled concentric circles of light now spinning on the ground beneath Sheena.
[22:14] Sheena: "Lets see whats hanging around"
[22:14] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:14] * Sheena points her staff skyward as it flashs with power, DarkHeart: Wide Area Search
[22:15] Caoilinn: (Never mind. You scared it away.)
[22:15] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7
[22:15] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{19}
[22:15] Sheena: (hey you got me up for this, )
[22:15] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:15] Alathon: As you extend your senses out from the town in all directions, something to the north catches your attention.
[22:16] Alathon: Something bright, and on the ground, and moving. As you focus in on it, "it" resolves into a good two dozen somethings.
[22:16] * Sheena brings her staff around to the north
[22:16] Alathon: People, on what appear to be crude hoverbikes with wheels, with bright headlights.
[22:16] Caoilinn: (Ha!)
[22:17] Alathon: ((good call on the search before sleeping, you woulda been woken up by the motors otherwise.. and that wouldn't have been much warning))
[22:17] * Sheena starts curseing in CT
[22:17] Alathon: Amiko grins.
[22:17] Alathon: Amiko: "Bad news?"
[22:17] * Sheena rips the cap off her bottle and slames it down
[22:17] *** Ion-Chan has signed off IRC (QUIT: Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0b2/2006082101]).
[22:18] Sheena: "I wanted some fucking sleep! "
[22:18] Caoilinn: (I had a feeling. :) )
[22:18] Sheena: "THeres about 2 dozen of thoes pig idoits coming and im getting pissed off!"
[22:18] Alathon: Amiko's grin vanishes.
[22:18] Alathon: The people around you freak.
[22:19] Alathon: Some leave immediately, some crowd in and start babbling questions.
[22:19] Alathon: Someone sensible apparently found a bell, because within seconds there's a seriously clangor going up.
[22:19] * Caoilinn says quietly to Sheena & Amiko, "It may be nothing, but Keyes seemed nervous earlier..."
[22:20] * Tsukasa sighs to herself and comes outside, hearing the yell.
[22:20] Sheena: (?)
[22:21] Alathon: Amiko: "How far out, Sheena?"
[22:21] Alathon: Amiko: "Can you give us an ETA?"
[22:21] Caoilinn: "It probably is nothing, but you may not want to turn your back on him..."
[22:21] Sheena: (i duno, can i?)
[22:22] Sheena: "wonders turn my back on who?"
[22:22] * Tsukasa arrives outside at this point. "Who?"
[22:22] * Caoilinn explains to Tuskasa (still quietly).
[22:22] * Tsukasa whispers. "I'll be a rear area sniper. NOBODY will be behind me. If I see something wrong, I can take care of it."
[22:23] * Caoilinn nods.
[22:23] Alathon: At this point, the people who were crowding you for questions at first have left.
[22:23] * Caoilinn summons her armor (better early than late).
[22:23] Tsukasa: "Speaking of which. Would anyone mind helping me to a good nest?"
[22:23] * Tsukasa looks around for an appropriate sniper spot, high and with cover.
[22:24] Alathon: The best spot, by far, is the top of the militia hall.
[22:24] Sheena: "Tsu can probly drop most of them before they get close"
[22:24] Alathon: To answer your question, Sheena, they're not very far north, at least it doesnt' seem so, and they seem to be moving fast.
[22:24] Alathon: It's hard to tell how far without landmarks, in the dark.
[22:25] * Sheena hands yuuno to Tsukasa. "Here, put his ass to work if you catch to much heat"
[22:25] Tsukasa: "Thank you. Could someone help me up on top of the militia hall?"
[22:26] * Sheena blinks then points to the ferret
[22:26] Alathon: Captain Jebra comes out at this point, his uniform obviously just thrown on, and asks the party for an explanation of what's going on.
[22:26] Tsukasa: "... Right. My error."
[22:26] * Sheena yells out "There coming in fast people! "
[22:27] Alathon: Jebra: "Who's coming in fast, harleyriders?"
[22:27] Alathon: Jebra: "Where are they?"
[22:27] Alathon: Jebra is looking around wildly, before focusing on Sheena.
[22:27] * Tsukasa points Yuuno to where she wants to go, and gets off Sanshi, grabbing her weapons.
[22:27] Alathon: Jebra: "Where?"
[22:27] Alathon: Yuuno: "Sanshi too?"
[22:27] Sheena: "On the north road. Harrd to tell in the dark but they are moving fast and headed this way"
[22:28] Tsukasa: "Not at the moment."
[22:28] Alathon: listen check, DC 20.
[22:28] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+2
[22:28] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{4}
[22:28] Tsukasa: (Obviously, I hear nothing)
[22:28] Caoilinn: roll 1d20
[22:28] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{20}
[22:28] Alathon: Jebra: "Damnit.."
[22:28] Caoilinn: (Ha!)
[22:28] Sheena: (damn it jim, im a magical girl not a rogue!)
[22:28] Sheena: roll 1d20+1
[22:28] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{20}
[22:28] Sheena: (ok so i lied)
[22:29] Alathon: Caoilinn and Sheena both hear a faint growling sound over the din of people panicking and soldiers trying to get their shit together.
[22:29] Caoilinn: "Here they come!"
[22:29] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+11 Hide check to prepare cover
[22:29] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+11 Hide check to prepare cover --> [ 1d20=15 ]{26}
[22:29] Alathon: Yuuno succeeds at teleporting Tsukasa up to the roof of the Militia building.
[22:29] * Caoilinn activates her uniform's armor.
[22:30] * Yuuno yells from the top of the building "Damn it sheena put on your armor! This isnt a time to fool around"
[22:30] Alathon: Tsukasa succeeds at taking cover behind the high (4 foot or so) and heavy wooden walls that extend above the flat militia hall roof.
[22:30] Sheena: "Are you nuts! I dont even know what the hell it looks like!
[22:30] Alathon: ((you'll get cover from the roof walls until they're shot or burnt off, 50% miss chance on any attack on you.))
[22:30] * Tsukasa hides herself as best she can, whips out her rifle, and starts taking aim.
[22:30] Alathon: And you succeed at hiding yourself.
[22:30] Caoilinn: "Ever get slammed into by a motorcycle going at full speed?"
[22:30] Tsukasa: (What's the range?)
[22:31] * Tsukasa looks north and seeks out the bikers.
[22:31] Alathon: ((range on your plasma rifle is something like.. 1000 meters I think, but you sure as heck can't see that far at night))
[22:31] * Caoilinn draws her swords and moves forward to be in front.
[22:31] Tsukasa: (Yeah, I'm just wondering what the range to target is)
[22:31] Tsukasa: (Gotta pick the weapon right, after all)
[22:31] Sheena: (you so need cateyes)
[22:31] Alathon: Jebra is shouting orders to the troops at this point.
[22:32] Sheena: (hey couldnt she just target the lights?)
[22:32] * Caoilinn energizes her swords.
[22:32] Alathon: Jebra is also shoeing refugees back into the militia hall, while people from around the town rush in half dressed to take refuge.
[22:32] Tsukasa: (Or maybe a called shot above the lights? Would be a penalty, but shootable)
[22:32] Alathon: ((If I had to wager a guess, I'd say 50 meters or less.. it's dark, minimal moonlight, and the street lamps are shitty 18th century light bulbs))
[22:33] Alathon: By now everyone can hear a rumble from the north.
[22:33] Alathon: People are still streaming into the building.
[22:33] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:33] Tsukasa: (We've just got fifty meters?)
[22:34] Caoilinn: "It hurts a lot less if you're armored."
[22:34] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:34] Sheena: (working on it)
[22:34] * Sanshi growls and crouches into a 'about to pounce' stance.
[22:35] Alathon: ((a hundred and fifty feet.. actualy seems kinda long for darkness, but whatever))
[22:35] Alathon: The rumble has grown to a loud, harsh almost-roar to the north, and the lights are clearly visible, though out of range of even a plasma rifle as of yet.
[22:36] Sheena: "Damn it!"
[22:36] Alathon: You'll actually be able to take some serious potshots at them as they approach with a Plasma Rifle, just aiming for the headlights.
[22:36] Tsukasa: (How many shots do I get off?)
[22:37] Alathon: running the numbers, one sec
[22:37] Caoilinn: (Can I do a ranged attack w/o giving up any melee attacks?)
[22:38] Alathon: Jebra: Damnit, hurry up! Wheel it out!
[22:38] Alathon: There's a creaking behind y ou.
[22:38] Alathon: If you turn and look, they've brought out a real, no-shit 18th century style cannon.
[22:38] * Caoilinn takes a quick glance at what's going on there.
[22:38] Alathon: Half a dozen guys are working it around to face north, up the street.
[22:39] Alathon: Jebra turns to address the group.
[22:39] * Caoilinn makes sure she isn't going to be in its line of fire.
[22:39] * Tsukasa is a little too busy to look, since the battle's already on for her.
[22:39] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:39] Alathon: Jebra: "I strongly advice you all come inside, at least at the start. They'll ride down anyone they see out in the open."
[22:39] Alathon: At this point, the riders are quite close, and within what you think is your range, Tsukasa.
[22:40] Alathon: Or at least, their headlights are.
[22:40] * Sheena slams dark heart into the ground as her cloths explode around her. Forming a tight white buster and a gold plated neck, Hands covered in fingers less gloves surrounded by armored layered cuffs. A overly complicated 3 layered skirt forms around her legs and flares out as a huge red bow forms on her lower back. Its streamers brushing the floor. The outfit seems to be sealed on by metal bars around her waste and neck.
[22:40] Tsukasa: (How many shots will I be able to get off?)
[22:40] Sheena: (visual add to help my piss poor discription (Link: )
[22:41] Alathon: Jebra, and most of the soldiers, can't help but gape.
[22:41] Alathon: Tsukasa, you can get off 9 shots before they're in range as well
[22:41] Tsukasa: roll 4#1d20+14
[22:41] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4#1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{16}, [ 1d20=17 ]{31}, [ 1d20=3 ]{17}, [ 1d20=11 ]{25}
[22:41] Tsukasa: (How many hits?)
[22:42] Alathon: Roll the other 5 ;p
[22:42] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled the other 5 ;p --> error: malformed expression
[22:42] Tsukasa: (The plasma rifle's empty now)
[22:42] Alathon: Good point
[22:42] Alathon: roll 4#1d2
[22:42] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d2 --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[22:42] Alathon: Two shots splash without obvoius effect
[22:42] Alathon: two hits
[22:43] Alathon: ((no way they can dodge those, coming out of nowhere))
[22:43] Alathon: ((well the second one maybe, but I'm gonna say no))
[22:43] Tsukasa: (Right then, how long would it take me to switch in new power packs for the plasma rifle?)
[22:43] Caoilinn: (Getting run down doesn't bypass armor, right?)
[22:43] Tsukasa: roll 4d8+1 AP
[22:44] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4d8+1 AP --> [ 4d8=20 ]{21}
[22:44] Tsukasa: roll 4d8+1 AP
[22:44] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4d8+1 AP --> [ 4d8=19 ]{20}
[22:44] * Sheena stands off to the side waiting to blast something.
[22:44] Alathon: You can't really see what happens, but you see two splashes that look high enough to be hits. A number of headlights skew in various directions, and the entire procession slows for a moment
[22:45] Alathon: bleah how many power packs is that, four?
[22:45] Tsukasa: (Yeah)
[22:45] Alathon: Two rounds.
[22:45] *** Yuuno has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:45] *** Sheena has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[22:45] Alathon: d'oh
[22:46] *** Sheena has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:46] * Tsukasa remembers the limited shots issue and ejects the spent packs, flipping in a new set of four.
[22:46] Tsukasa: (Three shots left?)
[22:46] Alathon: With the chaos the first two shots caused, you've got all four
[22:47] Tsukasa: roll 4#1d20+14
[22:47] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4#1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{16}, [ 1d20=13 ]{27}, [ 1d20=8 ]{22}, [ 1d20=2 ]{16}
[22:47] Alathon: roll 4#1d2 darkness
[22:47] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d2 darkness --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[22:48] Alathon: roll 3#1d20+8 trying to get the hell outta the way
[22:48] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d20+8 trying to get the hell outta the way --> [ 1d20=13 ]{21}, [ 1d20=16 ]{24}, [ 1d20=1 ]{9}
[22:48] Tsukasa: (So that's one successful dodge?)
[22:48] Alathon: Yes
[22:48] Tsukasa: roll 3#4d8+1 AP
[22:48] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 3#4d8+1 AP --> [ 4d8=17 ]{18}, [ 4d8=14 ]{15}, [ 4d8=22 ]{23}
[22:48] Alathon: The lights are all swerving now, and you see two more splashes that suggest hits.
[22:48] Alathon: ((er, two hits
[22:48] Tsukasa: (Two more?)
[22:49] Alathon: one attack missed due to the cover of darkness, one was dodged, two hit
[22:49] Tsukasa: (Gotcha. I misread that)
[22:49] Alathon: Fortunately, these being armor piercing attacks, you fried two more.
[22:49] Alathon: Alright, roll init
[22:50] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+5
[22:50] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{23}
[22:50] Sanshi: roll 1d20+12
[22:50] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{28}
[22:50] Alathon: Jebra: "Get inside, dammit!"
[22:50] Alathon: Jebra is standing by the cannon, now with a torch.
[22:50] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[22:50] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{8}
[22:50] Sheena: roll 1d20+3
[22:50] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{18}
[22:50] Alathon: roll 1d20 militia
[22:50] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 militia --> [ 1d20=18 ]{18}
[22:51] Alathon: roll 4#1d20+6 harleyrider squads
[22:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d20+6 harleyrider squads --> [ 1d20=12 ]{18}, [ 1d20=18 ]{24}, [ 1d20=15 ]{21}, [ 1d20=7 ]{13}
[22:51] Alathon: roll 1d20+1 Jebra
[22:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+1 Jebra --> [ 1d20=10 ]{11}
[22:51] Alathon: and n
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Session #5 - part 2

Postby Alathon » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:40 am

[22:51] Alathon: and now gimme a sec to place all these ;p
[22:52] Caoilinn: (*suggests the rocky ditch to the side of the road for one group.)
[22:53] Alathon: Oh, some of them have ditched alright, when Tsukasa was firing on them
[22:53] *** Yuuno has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:53] Alathon: Unfortunately for you, they're sufficiently tough to not care much.
[22:56] Alathon: Alright
[22:57] Alathon: Order is: Sanshi, Tsukasa, Harleyrider squads 1 and 2, Sheena, Hog 3, the militia, Hog 4, Jebra, Caoilinn
[22:57] Alathon: At this point you've still got headlights mainly to aim at, and they're largely firing blind at windows and suchlike, but you're all in range.
[22:58] Alathon: All of the soldiers are inside, manning windows; Jebra is just inside the door with a torch.
[22:58] Sanshi: (How many are there? 4?)
[22:58] Alathon: Is anyone outside?
[22:58] Alathon: ((four squads of 5))
[22:58] Caoilinn: (Unless running someone down goes through armor, I'll be outside)
[22:59] Alathon: Unless you've ever been run over by something, you woudln't now.
[22:59] * Sanshi wants to pounce towards a biker, but notes the artillery and decides getting into melee can wait for later (hold action).
[22:59] Alathon: Your common sense indicates that while your armor would likely protect you from the weight, the impact could still be quite injurious.
[22:59] * Tsukasa drops the plasma rifle now that the range is short and it's empty, and scoops up the beam rifle, smoothly snapping it into place, sighting, and unleashing Crystal Tech death.
[22:59] Alathon: Given that you'd be being essentially thrown by something much, much heavier than you
[23:00] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[23:00] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{21}
[23:00] Alathon: roll 1d2 night
[23:00] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 night --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[23:00] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive to evade
[23:00] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive to evade --> [ 1d20=7 ]{15}
[23:00] Alathon: Hit
[23:00] Caoilinn: (Aren't some of the militia outside manning the cannon?)
[23:00] Tsukasa: roll 1d10+6
[23:00] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d10+6 --> [ 1d10=1 ]{7}
[23:00] Alathon: No, they're all inside; Jebry is just inside the door with a torch. It's sitting there by it's lonesome.
[23:00] Tsukasa: (That was a guy from squad 1)
[23:01] Alathon: ((beam rifle, correct?))
[23:01] Tsukasa: (Yep)
[23:01] Tsukasa: (Splashes off armour?)
[23:01] Alathon: You score a glancing hit on one of the harleyiders; he cuts to the side to take less damage.
[23:01] Alathon: You can't tell at this range.
[23:02] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive to not ditch
[23:02] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive to not ditch --> [ 1d20=15 ]{23}
[23:02] Alathon: He manages to not totally crash as well.
[23:02] Caoilinn: (Ok. Would staying by the cannon prevent being run down, or would I actually need to be inside?)
[23:02] Alathon: Staying behind it would prevent you from being run down, but not protect you from ranged attacks, or drive-by swipes with chains and the like.
[23:03] Caoilinn: (Well, I expect I'll need to be exposed to those if I want to fight...)
[23:04] * Caoilinn takes cover at the cannon.
[23:04] Alathon: ((question: doyou all activate your CT armor?))
[23:04] Caoilinn: (Mine's on)
[23:05] Sheena: (ahem..)
[23:05] * Tsukasa idly flips the toggle on her own armour as she waits for the rifle to cycle.
[23:05] Alathon: What does Sanshi do, if anyting? For that matter, hsa Sanshi taken cover?
[23:06] Caoilinn: (Can I do a ranged attack this round?)
[23:06] Alathon: Yes.
[23:06] Alathon: They're within range of the rest of the CT weaponry, and special attacks
[23:06] Caoilinn: (Ok, but not a melee one, right?)
[23:06] Tsukasa: (He'll take cover, and hold action until the artillery has fired)
[23:06] Alathon: Okay, Sanshi holds.
[23:07] Tsukasa: (He didn't think it wise to get in the way of massively oversized weaponry)
[23:07] Alathon: The first two squads of riders keep coming, and a thunderous clatter fills the night air as they open fire with their handcannons.
[23:07] Alathon: roll 10#1d20+8 drive to not fall on their asses shooting big ass guns while driving motorcycles
[23:07] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 10#1d20+8 drive to not fall on their asses shooting big ass guns while driving motorcycles --> [ 1d20=8 ]{16}, [ 1d20=11 ]{19}, [ 1d20=18 ]{26}, [ 1d20=3 ]{11}, [ 1d20=19 ]{27}, [ 1d20=14 ]{22}, [ 1d20=19 ]{27}, [ 1d20=9 ]{17}, [ 1d20=19 ]{27}, [ 1d20=10 ]{18}
[23:08] Alathon: Two riders can be seen faintly firing wildly, as their hogs spin out of control, and they run up against buildings and ditch.
[23:09] Alathon: (9actually it was one of them, bleah))
[23:09] Alathon: (9gotta look at results, not rolls))
[23:10] Alathon: roll 3#1d20+6 at caoilinn
[23:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d20+6 at caoilinn --> [ 1d20=3 ]{9}, [ 1d20=19 ]{25}, [ 1d20=5 ]{11}
[23:10] Alathon: All three are on target, do you try to dodge?
[23:10] Caoilinn: (Yeah, I think that'd be a good idea.)
[23:10] Alathon: three rolls, the second at -2, the third at -4
[23:10] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[23:10] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{4}
[23:11] Caoilinn: roll 1d20
[23:11] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{9}
[23:11] Caoilinn: roll 1d20-2
[23:11] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{7}
[23:11] Alathon: Caoilin, limited by the positioning of the Cannon, doesn't dodge squat.
[23:11] Alathon: roll 3#1d12+2
[23:11] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=5 ]{7}, [ 1d12=11 ]{13}, [ 1d12=8 ]{10}
[23:11] Caoilinn: (Limited by the dicebot :p )
[23:12] Alathon: Only one of the rounds manages to penetrate, though another one crunches Caoilinn's armor somewhat before being stopped by the below layer.
[23:13] Alathon: roll 6#1d20+6 shots at windows
[23:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 6#1d20+6 shots at windows --> [ 1d20=8 ]{14}, [ 1d20=12 ]{18}, [ 1d20=17 ]{23}, [ 1d20=18 ]{24}, [ 1d20=3 ]{9}, [ 1d20=17 ]{23}
[23:13] Alathon: roll 6#1d2 cover
[23:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 6#1d2 cover --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[23:14] Alathon: Two shots clearly impact against the side of the building, making it shudder slightly.
[23:14] Alathon: roll 4#1d20 militia dodge
[23:14] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d20 militia dodge --> [ 1d20=16 ]{16}, [ 1d20=5 ]{5}, [ 1d20=2 ]{2}, [ 1d20=8 ]{8}
[23:14] Tsukasa: (Well... One managed it at least)
[23:15] Alathon: One militia member has good timing, and gets his head outta the way.
[23:15] Alathon: roll 3#1d12+2
[23:15] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=8 ]{10}, [ 1d12=7 ]{9}, [ 1d12=9 ]{11}
[23:15] Alathon: The other three get lobotomies-on-the-cheap and are killed instantly.
[23:15] Tsukasa: (Gotta pay yer doctors what they're worth, man)
[23:15] Alathon: Brains and gore spray all over the place on the second and third floors.
[23:16] Alathon: Sheena, you're up
[23:16] Alathon: There are ground floor windows if you wanna fire out with cover; Jebra has dibso n the doorway.
[23:18] * Sheena binds one of the idoits that crashed
[23:18] Sheena: roll 1d20+7 Bind!
[23:18] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 Bind! --> [ 1d20=11 ]{18}
[23:19] Alathon: He's crashed and cannot evade. He is bound.
[23:19] Sheena: (8hp bind)
[23:19] Alathon: Yup
[23:19] Alathon: The third wave of hogs seems to slow, then stop a distance back.
[23:19] Alathon: The militia open fire with their rifles.
[23:20] Alathon: Only a dozen of 'em have window space to shoot from.
[23:20] Alathon: roll 12#1d20+2
[23:20] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 12#1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}, [ 1d20=10 ]{12}, [ 1d20=20 ]{22}, [ 1d20=9 ]{11}, [ 1d20=6 ]{8}, [ 1d20=1 ]{3}, [ 1d20=14 ]{16}, [ 1d20=13 ]{15}, [ 1d20=8 ]{10}, [ 1d20=16 ]{18}, [ 1d20=17 ]{19}, [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
[23:21] Alathon: ((you know, I should roll the darkness whiffs first, that'd make it way easier to read))
[23:21] Alathon: roll 1d2 darkness
[23:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 darkness --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[23:21] Alathon: roll 12#1d2 darkness
[23:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 12#1d2 darkness --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[23:21] Tsukasa: (Do those two crits-in-darkness hit anyway?)
[23:21] Alathon: The Harleyriders don't even swerve when they hear the crack of rifles.
[23:22] Alathon: Sadly, no
[23:22] Alathon: One rifle jams
[23:23] Alathon: roll 6#1d8
[23:23] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 6#1d8 --> [ 1d8=1 ]{1}, [ 1d8=2 ]{2}, [ 1d8=4 ]{4}, [ 1d8=8 ]{8}, [ 1d8=2 ]{2}, [ 1d8=7 ]{7}
[23:23] Caoilinn: (No wonder they don't swerve...)
[23:23] Alathon: You can hear someone curse, barely, after the salvo.
[23:23] Alathon: they're just normal rifles, they ain't nothin' special in the anime universe ;p
[23:23] Alathon: not without some massive damage or extra attacks to back them up
[23:24] Alathon: It's hard to tell, but it looks like the fourth set of riders has broken off in the back as well.
[23:24] Alathon: Jebra leans out of the doorway with the torch and fires the cannon.
[23:25] Alathon: Jebra: "Die, you bastards!"
[23:25] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 cannon
[23:25] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 cannon --> [ 1d20=7 ]{13}
[23:25] Alathon: The Cannon jerks a bit to the side as it fires; apparently it wasn't secured quite right
[23:26] Alathon: Nonetheless, it lets loose a huge spray of grapeshot, hitting a good half of the riders
[23:26] Sheena: (die fruity death!)
[23:27] Alathon: roll 5#2d8
[23:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 5#2d8 --> [ 2d8=9 ]{9}, [ 2d8=4 ]{4}, [ 2d8=8 ]{8}, [ 2d8=9 ]{9}, [ 2d8=7 ]{7}
[23:27] Alathon: ((damn those were some mediocre rolls))
[23:27] Sanshi: (More respectable, but does it even go through?)
[23:27] Caoilinn: (No, they were bad rolls)
[23:27] Alathon: ((yes, you can hear a couple screams and cries.))
[23:28] Alathon: ((for future reference, your standard Harleyrider has Armor +1 and a heavy jacket that offers half a rank of armor, so 6 damage reduction total))
[23:28] Sanshi: (That it for the militia?)
[23:28] Alathon: ((there's lots more militia to take hte places of the dead, but only so many spots in windows))
[23:28] Alathon: Caoilinn is up.
[23:28] Sanshi: (Am I in range for a Leap Attack?)
[23:29] Alathon: ((nowhere near))
[23:29] Caoilinn: (Ok, since they're not in melee range yet...)
[23:29] Alathon: ((they're at the outside of crappy gun range))
[23:29] Sanshi: (Continuing to hold. *Insert low-grade jazz*)
[23:29] Alathon: Many of the headlights went out from the grapeshot, and those that didn't swerved a good bit or didtched.
[23:29] * Caoilinn slashes with a sword, causing a crystal spike to appear and streak toward a rider.
[23:29] Alathon: rollit
[23:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled --> error: malformed expression
[23:30] Sheena: (san you got the bound guy near you)
[23:30] Alathon: BAB + special ranged attack
[23:30] Sheena: (gut him)
[23:30] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[23:30] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{12}
[23:30] Alathon: roll 1d2 night
[23:30] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 night --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[23:30] Alathon: The crystal spike whistles off into the night; whatever it hit, it wasn't living.
[23:30] Alathon: ((btw, after the next round the 'night cover' rolls will be done.))
[23:30] Caoilinn: (Good)
[23:30] Alathon: ((after that it's just cover from buildings, etc))
[23:31] Alathon: The round ends.
[23:31] Alathon: Top of the order: Sanshi.
[23:31] Tsukasa: (Still not leap range, I suspect?)
[23:31] Alathon: The Harleyriders continue to approach but are slower now, and are making an attempt to hug the sides of the street. It doesn't grant them any cover, but they're not a big mass anymore.
[23:31] Alathon: No
[23:32] Tsukasa: (Blah. Hold until I can then)
[23:32] Alathon: Some of them have to take the round to un-ditch themselves. THe bound harleyrider.. we'll, we'll see on his turn.
[23:32] Alathon: K.
[23:32] Alathon: Tsukasa is up.
[23:32] * Tsukasa simply focuses on the guy she failed to kill the last time, and tries again.
[23:32] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[23:32] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{27}
[23:32] Alathon: ((for this round.. I actually ordered it wrong.. it'll be sanshi, hogs 1, tsukasa next round))
[23:33] Alathon: He's trying to unditch himself after the grapeshot. No dodge.
[23:33] Alathon: so.. AC of 2
[23:33] Tsukasa: (Demonaic cackle)
[23:33] Tsukasa: roll 1d10+25
[23:33] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d10+25 --> [ 1d10=3 ]{28}
[23:33] Alathon: You shear him in half.
[23:34] Alathon: His legs ride his hog for a few meters before it tips over.
[23:34] Caoilinn: (The other riders sigh in relief when they see his hog is ok.)
[23:34] Sheena: (hah)
[23:34] Alathon: First set of hogs, only two are able to fire, the rest are unditching and trying to close.
[23:35] Alathon: Er, the "rest" of the first set is one.. the other two are dead or bound
[23:35] Alathon: of hte second set, three are able
[23:35] Alathon: roll 5#1d20+8 drive to not ditch while firing
[23:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 5#1d20+8 drive to not ditch while firing --> [ 1d20=3 ]{11}, [ 1d20=19 ]{27}, [ 1d20=1 ]{9}, [ 1d20=5 ]{13}, [ 1d20=19 ]{27}
[23:35] Alathon: Three manage to ditch themselves in a shameful display of lousy driving.
[23:36] Alathon: roll 2#1d2 night
[23:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d2 night --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[23:36] Tsukasa: (Muahahahahahahahahahah!)
[23:36] Alathon: Their shots at Caoilinn go wide.
[23:36] Alathon: Sheena, you're up.
[23:37] * Sheena blasts the idoit still on his bike
[23:37] Sheena: roll 1d20+10
[23:37] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{12}
[23:37] Alathon: ((er, which one? front row or second?))
[23:37] Sheena: (good god, does it mater?
[23:37] Alathon: ((.. well yeah, kinda))
[23:37] Sheena: (front row, thats a 16 roll i forgot to add +4 for homing)
[23:38] Alathon: That was 'Shoot?"
[23:38] Sheena: (yes)
[23:38] Tsukasa: (Why's it named with a question mark, anyway?)
[23:38] Sheena: (+3 bab +7 ranged +4 homeing)
[23:38] Alathon: typo
[23:38] Sheena: (its not)
[23:39] Alathon: The bolts of light shoot out at a rider. They'll complete their flight at initiative 0 (stoppable).
[23:39] Alathon: The third row of hogs are busy elsewhere.
[23:39] Alathon: Jebra leans around the door with a rifle and takes a shot.
[23:39] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 Jebra
[23:39] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 Jebra --> [ 1d20=19 ]{25}
[23:39] Alathon: roll 1d2 night
[23:39] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 night --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[23:39] Alathon: He shoots into the night.
[23:40] Alathon: Caoilinn you're up.
[23:40] * Caoilinn launches another spike.
[23:40] Tsukasa: (What're the other militia doing?)
[23:40] Caoilinn: (At the nearest rider{
[23:40] Alathon: ((oh right, they have to go.. oh well, after caoilinn))
[23:40] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[23:40] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{4}
[23:40] Alathon: roll 1d2 night
[23:40] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 night --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[23:40] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive to avoid crystal spikes.
[23:40] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive to avoid crystal spikes. --> [ 1d20=9 ]{17}
[23:40] Caoilinn: (I think it still misses...)
[23:41] Alathon: The rider gets outta the way.
[23:41] Tsukasa: (I was about to suggest that you shoot at the one Sheena wasn't blowing out of this life, but then I guess it doesn't matter)
[23:41] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 the same rider tries to swerve again to avoid the bolts of purple light coming at him.
[23:41] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 the same rider tries to swerve again to avoid the bolts of purple light coming at him. --> [ 1d20=2 ]{8}
[23:41] Alathon: He fails; roll your damage.
[23:42] Alathon: pretty sure it's 4d8 ;p
[23:42] Sheena: Roll 4d8
[23:43] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 4d8 --> [ 4d8=13 ]{13}
[23:43] Alathon: The bolts of magical force slam into the rider, injuring him.
[23:43] Sheena: (+2 from dark heart
[23:43] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 drive to not ditch on being hit by a fairly good magical attack.
[23:43] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 drive to not ditch on being hit by a fairly good magical attack. --> [ 1d20=11 ]{15}
[23:43] Alathon: He's hurt but doesn't ditch.
[23:43] Alathon: Militia go
[23:44] Alathon: roll 12#1d2 night
[23:44] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 12#1d2 night --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[23:44] Alathon: yeeeeesh
[23:44] Alathon: The militia suck it up bigtime.
[23:44] Sanshi: (... That was impressive)
[23:44] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[23:44] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
[23:44] Sanshi: (Go supermook!)
[23:44] Alathon: However, one of them is spot on. Crit, so no dodge.
[23:44] Alathon: roll 2d8
[23:44] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=9 ]{9}
[23:44] Caoilinn: (Don't let that one die.)
[23:45] Alathon: He tags the already injured rider, injuring him further
[23:45] Alathon: End of round; Top of Order; Sanshi.
[23:45] Alathon: This is the lsat round at range, no leap attack; you'll have that next round.
[23:45] Alathon: this round, no night.. they're all close enough to see
[23:46] Sanshi: (Would it be feasible for him to charge at the squad 1 guy (50 mph max speed) and take a swipe?)
[23:47] Alathon: Yes.
[23:47] Alathon: No leap attack though, he'll need his feet on the groundthe whole way to make it.
[23:47] * Sanshi performs the action his player described.
[23:47] *** Rockman_Zero has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:47] Sanshi: roll 1d20+14
[23:47] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{19}
[23:47] Alathon: Take a swing, you have a near-dead harleyrider right up close.
[23:47] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive to avoid clawswipe
[23:47] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive to avoid clawswipe --> [ 1d20=7 ]{15}
[23:47] Alathon: Hit.
[23:48] Sanshi: roll 1d3+6+1d4
[23:48] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d3+6+1d4 --> [ 1d3=3 1d4=2 ]{11}
[23:48] Alathon: Dead
[23:48] Alathon: Sanshi's claw takes the Harleyrider off his bike, and puts him down for good.
[23:48] Alathon: Tsukasa, you're up.
[23:49] * Tsukasa aims at one of the fools still crawling around in the ditch.
[23:49] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[23:49] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{19}
[23:49] Caoilinn: (Well, at least Sanshi doesn't have to worry about being run down)
[23:49] Alathon: ((hey's gonna have some wicked swings taken at him though))
[23:50] Alathon: By this round, they're all up again
[23:50] Alathon: or are running forward sans bike, if theirs is too trashed
[23:50] Tsukasa: (Even the ones who got ditched last round?)
[23:50] Alathon: Er, didn't think any got ditched last round
[23:50] Caoilinn: (The one who got cut in half isn't getting up, no. :) )
[23:50] Tsukasa: (Three guys from group two)
[23:50] Alathon: one died, one got shot up
[23:50] Alathon: uh
[23:50] Alathon: from what, the cannon?
[23:51] Tsukasa: (From trying to shoot)
[23:51] Alathon: oh right, good point
[23:51] Alathon: Yeah, you get a clean shot at one of them, no dodge.
[23:51] Alathon: As they try to get their bikes.
[23:51] Alathon: AC 2
[23:51] Tsukasa: roll 1d10+17
[23:51] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d10+17 --> [ 1d10=7 ]{24}
[23:51] Alathon: You ventilate him; he's dead.
[23:52] Alathon: First group of hogs are past Sanshi by the time they can react, and shoot up at Tsukasa
[23:52] Alathon: That is, the two of them still alive
[23:53] Alathon: roll 2#1d2 cover from roof
[23:53] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d2 cover from roof --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[23:53] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 harleyrider at tsukasa
[23:53] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 harleyrider at tsukasa --> [ 1d20=3 ]{9}
[23:53] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+3
[23:53] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{5}
[23:53] Alathon: ((uh.. tsukasa.. how are you dodging?))
[23:53] Tsukasa: (... We BOTH sucked, and I just sucked harder)
[23:53] Tsukasa: (Twisting in place?)
[23:54] Tsukasa: (Meh, wasn't enough anyway)
[23:54] Alathon: ((... if you can dodge at all, it'd be at a significant penalty.. and did your roll include the -3 from inept defense?
[23:54] Tsukasa: (Yes. Most notably)
[23:54] Alathon: roll 1d12+2
[23:54] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=6 ]{8}
[23:54] Alathon: The heavy shell hits you. Your armor wills top some of it...
[23:55] Alathon: The second line of hogs take swings at Tsukasa with heavy chains.
[23:55] Alathon: ((er no))
[23:55] * Tsukasa winces as the shell connects.
[23:55] Alathon: Er.. by Tsukasa, I meant sanshi.
[23:56] Alathon: That's only two of em actually
[23:56] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+6 chain swing
[23:56] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+6 chain swing --> [ 1d20=10 ]{16}, [ 1d20=15 ]{21}
[23:56] Alathon: sanshi can dodge, or block with something
[23:56] Sanshi: (What would he block with?)
[23:56] Alathon: dead harleyridre?
[23:56] Sanshi: (Excellent point)
[23:56] Alathon: but
[23:57] Alathon: he'd have to have picked up the harleyrider
[23:57] Alathon: so not this round
[23:57] Caoilinn: (Block with the harley! They're sacred to the riders! :) )
[23:57] Sanshi: roll 1d20+9
[23:57] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{27}
[23:57] Sanshi: roll 1d20+7
[23:57] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{12}
[23:57] Alathon: Sanshi evades the first swing; second hits.
[23:57] Alathon: roll 1d4+8+4
[23:57] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d4+8+4 --> [ 1d4=2 ]{14}
[23:58] Alathon: It stings something fierce.
[23:58] * Sanshi noticed that.
[23:58] *** Rockman_Zero has signed off IRC (QUIT: HydraIRC -> (Link: <-).
[23:59] *** Rockman_Zero has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[23:59] Alathon: Sheena is up.
[23:59] Alathon: ((incidentally, we're gonna break once the first half of this battle is over.))
[23:59] Alathon: ((it's getting a bit late for protracted house-to-house fighting))
[23:59] Tsukasa: (Heh)
[23:59] Alathon: ((and by break, I mean finish for the night ;p ))
[23:59] Caoilinn: (Good. I was just going to say I'm good for another hour at best)
[00:00] Sheena: (ya im falling asleep)
[00:01] Alathon: Yeah if we're all on the ball and take our turns quickly, we should be able to wrap this up in like 20 minutes
[00:01] Alathon: or less
[00:01] * Sheena binds another of the bikeless goons
[00:02] Sheena: roll 1d20+10
[00:02] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{18}
[00:02] Caoilinn: (And just so you know, now I'm picturing animated houses battling each other.)
[00:02] Alathon: ((iit'd be more accurate if they're burning houses fighting each other))
[00:03] Alathon: The bikers, having seen anyone not on the move get fucked up, are now focusing on either riding or running forward cautiously
[00:03] Alathon: roll 1d20+2 dodge the bind
[00:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 dodge the bind --> [ 1d20=17 ]{19}
[00:03] Tsukasa: (Well, now we know how late it is for you, Yarrow)
[00:03] Alathon: The biker just baaarely manages to avoid the bands of energy that would have constricted him.
[00:04] Alathon: Jebra shouts.
[00:04] Alathon: Jebra: "Front, left!"
[00:04] Alathon: The militia focus their fire on the front left biker.
[00:04] Alathon: roll 12#1d20+2
[00:04] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 12#1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{10}, [ 1d20=18 ]{20}, [ 1d20=11 ]{13}, [ 1d20=16 ]{18}, [ 1d20=18 ]{20}, [ 1d20=16 ]{18}, [ 1d20=16 ]{18}, [ 1d20=14 ]{16}, [ 1d20=6 ]{8}, [ 1d20=13 ]{15}, [ 1d20=1 ]{3}, [ 1d20=11 ]{13}
[00:04] Alathon: Another *&#4ing rifle jams
[00:04] Alathon: the rest hit
[00:04] Alathon: roll 11#1d8
[00:04] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 11#1d8 --> [ 1d8=2 ]{2}, [ 1d8=4 ]{4}, [ 1d8=5 ]{5}, [ 1d8=2 ]{2}, [ 1d8=8 ]{8}, [ 1d8=4 ]{4}, [ 1d8=6 ]{6}, [ 1d8=6 ]{6}, [ 1d8=2 ]{2}, [ 1d8=1 ]{1}, [ 1d8=6 ]{6}
[00:04] Caoilinn: (Fortunately, they can swap that soldier/rifle out)
[00:05] Alathon: ((yup))
[00:05] Tsukasa: (... I rather pity that biker, now)
[00:05] Alathon: The rider shudders from the impacts.
[00:05] Alathon: ((he only took 2 damage ;p ))
[00:05] Caoilinn: (Why? He blocked almost all of it with armor)
[00:05] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive
[00:05] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive --> [ 1d20=4 ]{12}
[00:05] Tsukasa: (... Doh. I was afraid of that)
[00:05] Alathon: The many, many impacts knock him from his bike.
[00:05] *** Rockman_Zero has signed off IRC (QUIT: HydraIRC -> (Link: <- IRC with a difference).
[00:05] Alathon: Jebra takes a shot at the ditched harleyrider.
[00:06] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[00:06] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{11}
[00:06] Alathon: Hits
[00:06] Alathon: roll 1d8+2
[00:06] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d8+2 --> [ 1d8=8 ]{10}
[00:06] Alathon: He clips him on hte neck; blood flies, but he doesn't stop moving.
[00:06] Alathon: Caoilinn is up.
[00:06] Caoilinn: (Ah, the entirety of the militia besides Jebra is just there to knock riders off their bikes.)
[00:07] * Caoilinn launches a spike at the downed rider.
[00:07] Alathon: heh
[00:07] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[00:07] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{16}
[00:07] Alathon: if they were better, the harleyriders woudln't pose such a threat in relatively low numbers
[00:07] Alathon: Hits
[00:08] Caoilinn: roll 2d8 1AP
[00:08] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2d8 1AP --> [ 2d8=6 ]{6}
[00:08] Alathon: Impaled and dead.
[00:08] Alathon: End of round; top of order, Sanshi is up.
[00:09] * Sanshi whirls and pounces on the closest member of squad 2.
[00:09] Alathon: He'll have to haul ass to catch up with the riders who drove by him, but can get another single attack off. Or go after the Bound one.
[00:09] Sanshi: (Can't leap attack them? Blah)
[00:09] Alathon: Not with them having gone by
[00:10] Alathon: he could leap attack the one that was bound early on
[00:10] Alathon: btw
[00:10] Alathon: At this point there's only a single rider from the first wave still alive
[00:10] Alathon: well, two, but one is bound way in the back
[00:10] * Sanshi pounces on the nearest bound rider, then.
[00:10] Alathon: The second wave has four left, two on bikes, two on foot.
[00:10] Alathon: roll it up
[00:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled it up --> error: malformed expression
[00:10] Sanshi: roll 1d20+14
[00:10] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{20}
[00:11] Alathon: Hit
[00:11] Sanshi: roll 1d3+6+1d4+2+20
[00:11] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d3+6+1d4+2+20 --> [ 1d3=1 1d4=2 ]{31}
[00:11] Alathon: Sanshi carves the harleyridre up something fierce when he lands on 'em.
[00:11] Alathon: Dead.
[00:12] Alathon: First group of hogs (1 left) goes
[00:12] Alathon: He drives by the cannon and takes a heavy swing at Caoilinn with a chain
[00:12] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 chainswipe
[00:12] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 chainswipe --> [ 1d20=6 ]{12}
[00:12] Caoilinn: (Any difference between dodging and blocking?)
[00:13] Alathon: Well.. Id on't think you have anything to block with
[00:13] Caoilinn: (Besides my two swords?)
[00:13] Alathon: you can parry with your sword, but that'd work.. not so well.. against a chain
[00:13] Caoilinn: (Ok, I'll dodge.)
[00:13] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[00:13] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{14}
[00:13] Alathon: parry isn't quite the same as block; block gets a +2 to the roll, but depends heavily on the effectiveness of the blocking item
[00:13] Caoilinn: (I see)
[00:13] Alathon: You evade it, but you can feel the wind.
[00:14] * Tsukasa takes a shot at the rider that shot at her, if he's still alive, or the nearest still-biked rider if he isn't.
[00:14] Alathon: Blockc an also be used against ranged attacks with a feat; parry can't
[00:14] Alathon: Nearest biker would be one of the 2nd row
[00:14] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[00:14] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{17}
[00:14] Alathon: well actually
[00:14] Alathon: it'd be the one that just attacked caoilinn ;p
[00:14] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive to avoid
[00:14] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive to avoid --> [ 1d20=10 ]{18}
[00:15] Alathon: He manages to kick to the left enough to avoid the laser.
[00:15] * Tsukasa curses and pulls her finger off the trigger to avoid wasting too much energy.
[00:15] Alathon: Second round of hogs, two of them take shots at windows, two take shots at Tsukasa
[00:15] Alathon: roll 2#1d2 cover
[00:15] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d2 cover --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[00:16] Alathon: roll 2#1d2 cover
[00:16] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d2 cover --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[00:16] Alathon: Two shots impact on the walls of the compound
[00:16] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 shot at a militia member
[00:16] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 shot at a militia member --> [ 1d20=5 ]{11}
[00:16] Alathon: roll 1d20 militia dodge
[00:16] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 militia dodge --> [ 1d20=2 ]{2}
[00:16] Alathon: roll 1d12+2
[00:16] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=8 ]{10}
[00:16] Alathon: another militiaman is killed.
[00:17] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive check
[00:17] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive check --> [ 1d20=7 ]{15}
[00:17] Caoilinn: (If only they'd bought my Crystal Panes, they would have had much better cover!)
[00:17] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive check
[00:17] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive check --> [ 1d20=12 ]{20}
[00:17] Alathon: ((they'd have had a bitch of a time shooting through them ;p ))
[00:17] Alathon: Both drivers manage to stay driving.
[00:17] Caoilinn: (Picky, picky...)
[00:17] Tsukasa: (Well, it's not like that would do much to their damaging abilities)
[00:17] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 shot at tsukasa
[00:17] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 shot at tsukasa --> [ 1d20=16 ]{22}
[00:17] Tsukasa: (Owie)
[00:18] Alathon: roll 1d12+2 damage
[00:18] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 damage --> [ 1d12=4 ]{6}
[00:18] Alathon: Fortunately, it wasn't a really good shot
[00:18] * Tsukasa is mildly smacked through the armour.
[00:18] Alathon: Sheena is up
[00:19] * Sheena blasts the idoit near Cao
[00:19] Sheena: Roll 1d20+14
[00:19] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{25}
[00:19] Caoilinn: (They just don't want me to use my swords...)
[00:19] Alathon: bolts of eldritch energy shoot out at the rider who swiped at caoilinn.
[00:20] Alathon: Jebra shouts: "Second line, left!"
[00:20] Alathon: The militia men, naturally, do that.
[00:20] Alathon: roll 11#1d20+2
[00:20] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 11#1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{17}, [ 1d20=2 ]{4}, [ 1d20=16 ]{18}, [ 1d20=4 ]{6}, [ 1d20=5 ]{7}, [ 1d20=3 ]{5}, [ 1d20=10 ]{12}, [ 1d20=1 ]{3}, [ 1d20=18 ]{20}, [ 1d20=4 ]{6}, [ 1d20=12 ]{14}
[00:20] Sheena: ( cant wait thill i can make Oh shi- blasts
[00:20] Alathon: yet another rifle jams
[00:21] Alathon: The rider, or walker rather, tries to dodge af ew of these
[00:21] Tsukasa: (Wait, only eleven? Are we actually running down on numbers now?)
[00:21] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[00:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
[00:21] Alathon: roll 1d20
[00:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{7}
[00:21] Alathon: roll 1d20-2
[00:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{7}
[00:21] Alathon: roll 1d20-4
[00:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-4 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{1}
[00:21] Alathon: roll 1d20-6
[00:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-6 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{14}
[00:21] Alathon: he manages to dodge three of the shots
[00:21] Alathon: no, but one had his head blown off
[00:21] Alathon: and his body is in the way
[00:21] Tsukasa: (Ah, he hasn't been replaced yet)
[00:22] Alathon: roll 7#1d8
[00:22] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 7#1d8 --> [ 1d8=8 ]{8}, [ 1d8=1 ]{1}, [ 1d8=4 ]{4}, [ 1d8=6 ]{6}, [ 1d8=6 ]{6}, [ 1d8=5 ]{5}, [ 1d8=3 ]{3}
[00:22] Caoilinn: (2 pts...)
[00:22] Alathon: He staggers under the hail of bullets, but continues forward.
[00:22] Alathon: Jebra takes a shot at him.
[00:22] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[00:22] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{16}
[00:22] Alathon: roll 1d20-8 dodge
[00:22] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-8 dodge --> [ 1d20=14 ]{6}
[00:22] Alathon: roll 1d8+2 damage
[00:23] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d8+2 damage --> [ 1d8=6 ]{8}
[00:23] Alathon: he staggers again, but keeps coming.
[00:23] Alathon: The harleyrider who swung at Caoilinn tries desperately to avoid the bolts of force aimed at him
[00:23] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 drive to evade
[00:23] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 drive to evade --> [ 1d20=10 ]{16}
[00:23] Alathon: He fails; roll damage
[00:23] Sheena: roll 4d8+2
[00:23] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 4d8+2 --> [ 4d8=18 ]{20}
[00:23] Alathon: They thud into him, hard.
[00:24] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 drivet o not ditch
[00:24] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 drivet o not ditch --> [ 1d20=9 ]{13}
[00:24] Alathon: and he ditches.. but appears to still be moving.
[00:24] Tsukasa: (Correct that, if you please, Kei-san)
[00:24] Alathon: End of round; top of order; Sanshi is up.
[00:24] Caoilinn: (Could I have a turn, please?)
[00:25] Alathon: ...
[00:25] Alathon: oops
[00:25] Alathon: Caoilinn is up
[00:25] Sheena: (no turn for you!
[00:25] Alathon: omg, turn nazi
[00:25] * Caoilinn slashes at the rider Sheena blasted.
[00:25] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[00:25] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{21}
[00:25] Alathon: he's unable to dodge, having just ditched
[00:25] Alathon: ((just remember all these times you got free hits, when your enemies get them ;p ))
[00:25] Caoilinn: roll 1d8+4 1AP
[00:25] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8+4 1AP --> [ 1d8=8 ]{12}
[00:26] Alathon: The vorpal sword went snicker-snack, and... yeah. He's dead.
[00:26] Caoilinn: roll 2d8
[00:26] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=10 ]{10}
[00:26] Caoilinn: (Anyone I can attack with my other sword?)
[00:26] Alathon: Nope.
[00:26] Sanshi: (Yeah, he's _really_ dead)
[00:26] Sanshi: (Sanshi now?)
[00:26] Alathon: yeah
[00:27] Sanshi: (Anyone in range for leap or chase?)
[00:27] Alathon: sanshi will have to sprint just to get to the battlefield for next around
[00:27] Alathon: since he's now a good bit north of the fighting.
[00:27] * Sanshi sprints back to face the next joust.
[00:27] Alathon: the first wave of riders is gone; Tsukasa is up.
[00:27] Sheena: (Sanshi is a freaking monster, heh)
[00:27] * Tsukasa shoots at the nearest.
[00:28] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[00:28] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{27}
[00:28] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive to avoid
[00:28] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive to avoid --> [ 1d20=1 ]{9}
[00:28] Tsukasa: roll 1d10+18
[00:28] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d10+18 --> [ 1d10=8 ]{26}
[00:28] Alathon: his avoidance sucks arse.
[00:28] Alathon: and he dies in a fire.
[00:28] Tsukasa: (Damn, these guns are FUN)
[00:29] Alathon: yeah, they're awesome now.. the downside is they won't really mature with your characters
[00:29] Alathon: second wave of hogs are PISSED at that.
[00:29] Tsukasa: (The unfortunate truth...)
[00:29] Tsukasa: (Heh, they must be HATING me by now)
[00:30] Alathon: One rider continues on towards Caoilinn, the two runners jump right through a window into some sort of store for cover, and fire at Tsukasa.
[00:30] Yuuno: Roll int 1d20+2
[00:30] Ala-bot: Yuuno rolled int 1d20+2 --> error: malformed expression
[00:30] Yuuno: Roll 1d20+2 int
[00:30] Ala-bot: Yuuno rolled 1d20+2 int --> [ 1d20=6 ]{8}
[00:30] Yuuno: (><)
[00:30] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 drive-by on Caoilinn
[00:30] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 drive-by on Caoilinn --> [ 1d20=13 ]{19}
[00:31] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[00:31] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{7}
[00:31] Alathon: Hit
[00:31] Alathon: roll 1d4+8+4
[00:31] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d4+8+4 --> [ 1d4=1 ]{13}
[00:31] * Caoilinn laughs.
[00:31] Caoilinn: "That almost hurt!"
[00:31] Alathon: pity he doesn't have something nice like a big friggin sword, but.. chains are so much more appropriate.
[00:32] Alathon: and great for tripping people, but they haven't done that yet.
[00:32] Alathon: Sheena is up.
[00:32] Alathon: oh wait
[00:32] Alathon: no she's not
[00:32] Alathon: roll 2#1d2 cover
[00:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d2 cover --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[00:32] Tsukasa: (I was kinda hoping you'd forget about those two :P)
[00:32] Alathon: One of the guys in the store hits the wall by Tsukasa; it's getting pretty damned shot up, but she can wheel off to the side to get behind walls that aren't trashed fis he wants.
[00:33] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 shoot at tsukasa
[00:33] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 shoot at tsukasa --> [ 1d20=3 ]{9}
[00:33] Alathon: hit
[00:33] Alathon: roll 1d12+2
[00:33] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=8 ]{10}
[00:33] Alathon: That one will hurt a bit.
[00:33] Alathon: Alright, Sheena is up now.
[00:34] Sheena: (yuuno is standing by incase tsu gets to injured)
[00:34] Alathon: How's Tsukasa doing, health-wise?
[00:34] * Sheena blasts the biker near cao she loves how they just line them selfs up for her.
[00:34] * Tsukasa is good for at least one more volley, which ends up rather convenient since the rifle's only got one more good shot in it.
[00:34] Sheena: roll 1d20+14 SHoot!
[00:34] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+14 SHoot! --> [ 1d20=8 ]{22}
[00:35] Alathon: Bolts of energy streak towards the harleyrider.
[00:35] Alathon: Jebra: "In the store!"
[00:35] Alathon: roll 12#1d2 cover
[00:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 12#1d2 cover --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[00:35] Caoilinn: (Shopping break!)
[00:35] Alathon: half the bullets clatter against the storefront.
[00:35] Alathon: roll 6#1d20+2
[00:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 6#1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{16}, [ 1d20=17 ]{19}, [ 1d20=13 ]{15}, [ 1d20=8 ]{10}, [ 1d20=20 ]{22}, [ 1d20=18 ]{20}
[00:36] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[00:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{14}
[00:36] Alathon: roll 1d20
[00:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{15}
[00:36] Alathon: roll 1d20-2
[00:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{8}
[00:36] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[00:36] * Sheena hates being this far from CT, as she can't send yuuno on a run.
[00:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{14}
[00:36] Alathon: roll 1d20
[00:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{4}
[00:36] Alathon: only one was dodged, ther est hit, with one crit
[00:36] Alathon: roll 3#1d8
[00:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d8 --> [ 1d8=2 ]{2}, [ 1d8=2 ]{2}, [ 1d8=4 ]{4}
[00:36] Alathon: roll 1d8
[00:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d8 --> [ 1d8=4 ]{4}
[00:36] Alathon: roll 2d8
[00:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=6 ]{6}
[00:36] Alathon: To no apparent effect.
[00:36] Alathon: affect, rather.
[00:36] Caoilinn: (What are they using for ammo--strawberries?)
[00:37] Alathon: normal lead bullets.
[00:37] Caoilinn: (No, you had it right the first time)
[00:37] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 Jebra
[00:37] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 Jebra --> [ 1d20=3 ]{9}
[00:37] Alathon: roll 1d2 cover
[00:37] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 cover --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[00:37] Alathon: Jebra shoots the store as well, and curses.
[00:37] Alathon: Caoilinn is up
[00:37] Alathon: You can take swings at the harleyrider who was passing and swung at you.
[00:37] Caoilinn: (Can I dive into the store after them and do a blender impression? :) )
[00:38] Alathon: You can do that too
[00:38] Alathon: They're close enough
[00:38] * Caoilinn dives in after them.
[00:38] Caoilinn: "Room for one more?"
[00:38] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:38] * Caoilinn grins and attacks.
[00:38] Alathon: Harleyrider: "Bring it, little girl."
[00:38] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[00:38] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{8}
[00:38] Tsukasa: (... Well, looks like she brought it)
[00:39] Tsukasa: (At least it's not only MY drama that gets pwned by Ala-bot...)
[00:39] Caoilinn: (Good thing they've been dodging a lot already...)
[00:39] Alathon: second swing?
[00:39] Alathon: off hand that is
[00:39] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[00:39] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{6}
[00:39] Alathon: roll 1d20-4
[00:39] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-4 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{3}
[00:39] Alathon: roll 1d20-4
[00:39] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-4 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{3}
[00:39] Alathon: Both swings are shitty; both connect.
[00:40] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:40] Caoilinn: roll 1d8+4 1AP
[00:40] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:40] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8+4 1AP --> [ 1d8=5 ]{9}
[00:40] Alathon: pierces armor
[00:40] * Caoilinn stabs the rider with her sword, which then flares.
[00:40] Caoilinn: roll 2d8
[00:40] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=7 ]{7}
[00:40] Caoilinn: (Bypasses armor)
[00:41] Alathon: yeah, since you've already broken it for the attack
[00:41] Caoilinn: roll 1d8+4 1AP
[00:41] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8+4 1AP --> [ 1d8=4 ]{8}
[00:41] Caoilinn: roll 2d8
[00:41] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=10 ]{10}
[00:41] Alathon: You cut him down.
[00:41] Alathon: dead.
[00:41] Caoilinn: "You have any wise-ass comments before I kill you too?"
[00:41] *** Rockman_Zero has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:41] Tsukasa: (... That was the greatest line ever)
[00:41] Sheena: (heh)
[00:42] Alathon: Harleyrider #2 says something that doesn't get translate, but doesn't sound very nice.
[00:42] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive to avoid magical attack
[00:42] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive to avoid magical attack --> [ 1d20=14 ]{22}
[00:42] Alathon: He just barely swerves far enough to avoid them, but after they whistle by, they turn around and chase him.
[00:43] Alathon: End of round; Sanshi is up.
[00:43] Alathon: He can get at either of the remaining riders, but only the one in the open can be leap attacked.
[00:43] * Sanshi pounces for the guy still on a bike.
[00:43] Sanshi: roll 1d20+14
[00:43] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{33}
[00:44] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 drive to avoid
[00:44] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 drive to avoid --> [ 1d20=3 ]{11}
[00:44] Sanshi: (Dodge THAT, bubba!)
[00:44] Alathon: He does not.
[00:44] Sanshi: roll 1d3+6+1d4+2+20
[00:44] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d3+6+1d4+2+20 --> [ 1d3=1 1d4=2 ]{31}
[00:44] Sheena: (heh, that guys getting hit with two vollies next round)
[00:44] Alathon: Sanshi kills him in one swift pounce.
[00:44] Alathon: Tsukasa is up.
[00:44] * Tsukasa takes a shot at the guy Caoilinn's left with.
[00:45] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[00:45] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{33}
[00:45] Caoilinn: (Aren't there any without cover to shoot?)
[00:45] Alathon: roll 1d2 cover
[00:45] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 cover --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[00:45] Alathon: roll 1d20+2 dodge
[00:45] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 dodge --> [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
[00:45] Alathon: Hit, +12 damage
[00:45] Tsukasa: roll 1d10+12
[00:45] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d10+12 --> [ 1d10=2 ]{14}
[00:45] Alathon: The beam hits him and hurts him, bad, but he's not down quite yet.
[00:46] Alathon: Grinning spitefully, he brings his cannon around and aims at Jebra.
[00:46] Alathon: roll 1d2 cover
[00:46] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 cover --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[00:46] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[00:46] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{14}
[00:46] Alathon: roll 1d20+1 dodge
[00:46] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+1 dodge --> [ 1d20=13 ]{14}
[00:46] Alathon: Jebra leans back and lets the bullet fluff his hair.
[00:46] Caoilinn: ("I needed a trim.")
[00:46] Alathon: Sheena, you're up.
[00:47] Alathon: btw, the magic bolts you fired at the dead harleyrider sputtered and fizzled out when they lost their target.
[00:47] * Sanshi considers that for the best, considering he was staring them down.
[00:48] * Sheena they would only tickel a little.
[00:49] * Sanshi is a rather soft target...
[00:49] * Sheena fires on the guy attacking Jebra
[00:49] Sheena: Roll 1d20+14
[00:49] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{22}
[00:49] Alathon: Bolts of energy streak towards him.
[00:49] Alathon: roll 12#1d2
[00:49] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 12#1d2 --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=2 ]{2}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[00:49] Caoilinn: (I swear... Tsukasa & Sheena really don't want me to have any playmates...)
[00:49] Alathon: A whole shitload of bullets smash into the store.
[00:50] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[00:50] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{20}
[00:50] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[00:50] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{18}
[00:50] Caoilinn: (Hey. Shouldn't Amiko have been fighting?)
[00:50] * Sheena cackles madly with glowing pink eyes as she aims her shot.
[00:50] * Sheena shes been waiting to rip lose like this for years
[00:50] Alathon: ((actually, no))
[00:50] Alathon: ((she's busy))
[00:51] Tsukasa: (Doing something which we will find out about next session?)
[00:51] Alathon: roll 1d20
[00:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{2}
[00:51] Alathon: roll 1d20-2
[00:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{10}
[00:51] Alathon: roll 2#1d8
[00:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d8 --> [ 1d8=7 ]{7}, [ 1d8=6 ]{6}
[00:51] Alathon: bingo
[00:51] Alathon: The Harleyridre is on his last legs, cligning to life by a thread, but still standing.
[00:51] Alathon: Jebra takes a shot at him.
[00:51] Alathon: roll 1d2
[00:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[00:51] Alathon: But hits the storefront.
[00:51] Alathon: Caoilin, you're up.
[00:51] Tsukasa: (Vanquish him! For great justice!)
[00:52] Caoilinn: (Stopping Keyes and his traitorous minions!)
[00:52] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[00:52] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{18}
[00:52] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[00:52] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{20}
[00:52] Alathon: roll 1d20-4
[00:52] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-4 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{12}
[00:52] Alathon: roll 1d20-6
[00:52] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-6 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{5}
[00:52] Alathon: he dodges neither
[00:52] Caoilinn: roll 2#1d8+4
[00:52] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2#1d8+4 --> [ 1d8=6 ]{10}, [ 1d8=1 ]{5}
[00:52] Caoilinn: roll 2#2d8
[00:52] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2#2d8 --> [ 2d8=8 ]{8}, [ 2d8=9 ]{9}
[00:53] Alathon: As you slice into him, killing him, bursts of energy further sunder his flesh.
[00:53] Alathon: Militiaman: "Is that the last of them?"
[00:53] Alathon: Jebra: "No, there's like as just as many up north.
[00:53] * Caoilinn comes out of the store.
[00:54] Alathon: Looking north, you can see the red glow of flames already brightening the sky.
[00:54] Alathon: End session.
[00:54] Alathon: mmm
[00:54] Caoilinn: That went pretty well.
[00:54] Alathon: pretty good times early on, and a hefty dose of heavy combat
[00:54] Tsukasa: (*Continues cackling on the glee of crystal tech weapons*)
[00:55] Alathon: though Caoilinn definately carried the early part of the game
[00:55] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:55] Tsukasa: Yeah... Sorry about that, didn't really see many places for what I could do.
[00:55] Alathon: total losses, four good guys, two dozen harleyriders.
[00:55] Alathon: Nod.
[00:55] Sheena: and fun blowing shit up
[00:56] Alathon: but eh, there's always room in most conversations ;p
[00:56] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:56] Alathon: gimme a sec, I'll add up exp
[00:56] Tsukasa: True, but my own personality tends to be rather reticent, and that generally leaks into my characters.
[00:56] Alathon: nod
[00:56] Tsukasa: More of a personality flaw on my part than anything about the session's construction.
[00:57] Alathon: eh
[00:57] Alathon: not a personality flaw
[00:57] Sheena: sanshi owned
[00:57] Alathon: yup
[00:57] Alathon: he did
[00:57] Tsukasa: Leap Attack is raw power.
[00:57] Alathon: I think Tsukasa had the most kills though
[00:57] * Sanshi takes a bow.
[00:57] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (QUIT: ).
[00:57] Caoilinn: I made the most money!
[00:57] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[00:57] Alathon: true that
[00:57] Sheena: heh
[00:57] Caoilinn: (But I'll share it.)
[00:58] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[00:58] Sheena: Sheena is going to be takening a forced nap real soon unless theres a small break
[00:58] Tsukasa: The only time I've tried to play someone who _didn't_ end up rather quiet, I horribly overplayed it (Sammy, version 3).
[00:58] Alathon: We're done
[00:58] Alathon: Session is over
[00:58] Alathon: just adding up exp now
[00:58] Caoilinn: Ah, high armor and regen 1... Wait a second, that sounds familiar...
[00:58] Tsukasa: But then, Sammy Mk 3 is MEANT to be overplayed.
[00:59] Alathon: hehe
[00:59] Sheena: redheads tearing up the town as the noobs die
[00:59] Alathon: the trouble with quiet characters is when you get 2-3 of em, and one person is always on center stage
[00:59] Alathon: yeah
[00:59] Tsukasa: Yeah, it is.
[00:59] Sheena: i had a bit of a problem tonight..
[00:59] Sheena: it wasnt that i want talkitve
[00:59] Caoilinn: Better than everyone being quiet.
[00:59] Sheena: i just wasnt at my desk
[00:59] Alathon: I hope this battle did a good job of demonstrating just Why the harleyriders can be such a threat to militias that outnumber them.
[01:00] Caoilinn: Then the DM has to talk to himself all the time.
[01:00] Alathon: nod
[01:00] Tsukasa: The militias would've been slaughtered without us around.
[01:00] Alathon: heh
[01:00] Alathon: they would have.
[01:00] Caoilinn: And all those refugees there...
[01:00] Sheena: i can't wait thill i can flood a street like that with power
[01:00] Tsukasa: Will we have time to regen, heal ourselves, reload our power packs, and regen EP between sessions?
[01:00] Caoilinn: Which is one of the reasons I wanted Sheena to do the scan.
[01:00] Alathon: Well
[01:00] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[01:00] Alathon: not between THIS session and the next, for sure
[01:00] Sheena: i can give tsu my power packs
[01:01] Alathon: Tsu is down like.. what, 14ish power packs
[01:01] Sheena: but sheena will be passsing up soon,
[01:01] Alathon: have to add that up, bleah
[01:01] Tsukasa: I dunno where I am for supply (I've burned through like 18 right there), but I just need to clip some more into the rifles.
[01:01] Alathon: you had whatever was in the rifles, +20 I eblieve
[01:01] Alathon: of course, since the rest of the party is going easy on their weapons, you have lots of ammo to borrow
[01:01] Tsukasa: 10 in the beam, 4x2 in the plasma.
[01:02] Tsukasa: So my power pack supply is now 16?
[01:02] Tsukasa: Are we hopping right into the next round next session?
[01:02] Tsukasa: How much of a break do we have?
[01:02] Alathon: 1200 exp for all, Caoilinn gets a +100 exp bonus for keeping things going early on
[01:03] Tsukasa: And well-earned it be!
[01:03] Alathon: it's actually up to you, somewhat
[01:03] * Caoilinn smiles.
[01:03] Alathon: the militia will be very, very hesitant to move out and engage
[01:03] Caoilinn: Thanks.
[01:03] Alathon: they're be slaughtered and they know it
[01:03] Alathon: how you choose to approach the problem is up to you.. keep in mind that these are more likely than not raiders, so you COULD choose to camp out and let them pillage, burn, and leave
[01:04] Alathon: they might or might not.. given that you killed a bunch of em, it's more likely not, though
[01:04] Alathon: welcome
[01:04] Tsukasa: So we're going to resume next round and then decide whether we actually go anywhere at that point?
[01:04] Alathon: Yes
[01:04] Tsukasa: What're our statuses?
[01:04] Alathon: exactly as they are now
[01:05] Alathon: you'll be out of combat-time though, so anyone with regen will be full
[01:05] Tsukasa: Anyone hurt badly?
[01:05] Alathon: you're half a town away from the rest of the harleyriders as far as can be told
[01:05] Alathon: fourteen harleyriders and four militiamen ;p
[01:05] Tsukasa: This is true.
[01:05] Caoilinn: Tsukasa?
[01:06] Tsukasa: I don't think Sheena ever got touched.
[01:06] Sheena: no but im drained
[01:06] Alathon: Sheena didn't
[01:06] Tsukasa: How bad are you?
[01:06] Sheena: sheena need a nap
[01:06] Sheena: if only for an hour or two
[01:06] Alathon: well, you've got your rifle for backup
[01:06] Tsukasa: I'm down to 17 HP out of 29
[01:06] Alathon: or not, if you don't
[01:06] * Caoilinn has already regenned full hp while still in combat.
[01:06] Tsukasa: Heheh.
[01:06] Sheena: i have the standered pistol
[01:06] Sheena: that kinda dissapered with the uniform
[01:07] Tsukasa: Sanshi went down to around 17, but is back up to 21 now - he has 1/rank regen.
[01:07] Alathon: though one thing I should be clear on, autofiring an automatic weapon (a pulse rifle, machine gun, etc) IS a static action, i.e. no defenses unless it's a power defense
[01:07] Sheena: we can wait thill dawn to attack.
[01:07] Sheena: sheena will pass out in the next fight unless she gets some rest.
[01:07] Alathon: .. you can explore what happens later, but my common sense indicates they'll be long gone by dawn.
[01:08] Alathon: it's only around 9pm at this point.
[01:08] Sheena: im down past half engery
[01:08] Caoilinn: And find out what's up with Amiko.
[01:08] Tsukasa: But man... the Harleyriders rather suck at actually RIDING their Harleys.
[01:08] Sheena: im so takening one.
[01:08] Tsukasa: HOW many times did they get blasted off?
[01:08] Sheena: Mercury will love it
[01:08] Tsukasa: One of the bikes?
[01:09] Sheena: oh ya
[01:09] Caoilinn: If you ride it around here, you'll be dead before you get to Carson City.
[01:09] Tsukasa: Hey, that's not a bad idea...
[01:09] Sheena: there laying all over the place
[01:09] Sheena: So what?
[01:09] Tsukasa: Tsukasa could sure use one.
[01:09] Sheena: we can stash em and pick them up with yuuno later
[01:09] Alathon: they were pretty decent at riding, it just takes a lot of effort to not fall off a bike when you're shooting a big friggin' handcannon, or being hit with lots of bullets ;p
[01:10] Sheena: Clean them up, let merc play with em for a bit. Slap a CT motor in it. Good crusing in the home town
[01:10] Alathon: hehe
[01:11] Sheena: there are enought around, we can get venus one.
[01:11] Tsukasa: Change the outer casing a LOT if you plan to use it on this continent.
[01:11] Sheena: Cao can do that with time.
[01:11] Tsukasa: True, and a crystal-facing hoverbike... now that's pretty damn cool.
[01:12] Alathon: actually.. it occurs to me that you all have some loot coming
[01:12] Alathon: everyone who had eyes there knows who won that battle
[01:12] Alathon: so let's see
[01:12] Caoilinn: I'm sure Mercury and the engineers in CT are quite capable of making hoverbikes/motorcycles on their own.
[01:13] Alathon: roll 8#2d4
[01:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 8#2d4 --> [ 2d4=7 ]{7}, [ 2d4=8 ]{8}, [ 2d4=6 ]{6}, [ 2d4=5 ]{5}, [ 2d4=8 ]{8}, [ 2d4=2 ]{2}, [ 2d4=6 ]{6}, [ 2d4=5 ]{5}
[01:13] Alathon: roll 2#2d10
[01:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#2d10 --> [ 2d10=8 ]{8}, [ 2d10=12 ]{12}
[01:13] Alathon: 67 double dollars across the lot of em
[01:13] Alathon: they definatey have hoverbikes
[01:14] Tsukasa: True. But that doesn't quite have the 'spoils of war, I EARNED this sucker' satisfaction that these ones do.
[01:14] Sheena: damn it
[01:14] Alathon: these things look like hoverbikes with wheels ;p
[01:14] Alathon: So, you can each take twenty-two double dollars
[01:14] Alathon: and roll dice for who gets the extra ;p
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Session #6

Postby Alathon » Sat Sep 23, 2006 3:30 am

Session #6
[18:33] Alathon: anyways
[18:33] Alathon: let's get things rolling
[18:33] Alathon: we left off last week in pleasant, small-town Nevada
[18:33] Alathon: Northup, to be precise
[18:33] Tsukasa: (Which was busily burning)
[18:34] Amiko: *nods*
[18:34] Alathon: after offering protection to a caravan of displaced Nevadans heading north, you settled in for the evening, but had the forethought or perhaps good fortune to scan the area, and detected an incoming Harleyrider raid
[18:35] Alathon: Over the course of roughly one hard-fought minute you killed more htan a dozen Harleyriders, however more are left unaccounted for... and the north end of the town looks like it's burning.
[18:35] Alathon: Amiko was nowhere to be found during the battle.
[18:36] Alathon: At present, you're in or near the Militia compound, where most of the townspeople took refuge, and which the miitia and yourselves defended.
[18:36] Alathon: Start.
[18:36] Alathon: Wailing can be heard from the second floor, at least several voices crying out or sobbing. Most likely cause: the four militiamen who died in the battle.
[18:37] *** Ion-chan has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:37] * Tsukasa keeps an eye on the burning area of town, and makes SURE to eject her spent power packs, replace them with fresh ones, and collect all the empty ones she spilled on the floor in her haste.
[18:37] Alathon: so noted; Tsukasa is locked and loaded.
[18:38] *** Ion-chan has signed off IRC (QUIT: Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0b2/2006082101]).
[18:38] Alathon: A couple of their bikes have caught fire from crashing or laser fire, the rest lay where they fell.
[18:38] * Caoilinn looks around.
[18:38] * Sheena walks out from behind her cover, Her odd armor still on, Dark Heart still glowing with power.
[18:38] Caoilinn: "So, we going after the rest now?"
[18:38] * Amiko shakes her head, and pulls her pistol and investages the stables.
[18:38] Alathon: Jebra went upstairs soon after the last Harleyrider went down.
[18:39] Sheena: Unless we want half the town to burn we don't have much choice
[18:39] Alathon: Without knowing how many horses the stables held in the first place, it'd be hard to know if any are missing. However, doors to several paddocks have been left open.
[18:40] * Amiko shake sher head, and heads back to the compound rubbing her head.
[18:40] * Tsukasa uses her plasma rifle's scope to see if there's anyone she can kill from her position.
[18:40] Alathon: All you can see is the slowly growing red glow to the north.
[18:41] Caoilinn: "So, how are we going to do this, and where is Amiko?"
[18:41] Sheena: So, we heading north Key-chan?
[18:41] * Amiko pops into the compound, still rubbing her head.
[18:41] Alathon: There is movement, but it's not hittable at this range -- and you'd likely set more fires shooting plasma into houses.
[18:41] * Tsukasa frowns and lowers her rifle, idly stroking Yuuno. "Could you help me down, Yuuno-san?"
[18:42] * Amiko summons her familiar. "Find the major."
[18:43] Yuuno: All right,
[18:43] * Amiko sends her cat into the air
[18:43] * Yuuno transfers them to the street.
[18:43] * Caoilinn goes over to Amiko.
[18:43] Caoilinn: "What's up?"
[18:43] Amiko: "The Major's disappeared, and while i was following him, I got nailed from behind."
[18:44] * Tsukasa waits for Sanshi to arrive, then pulls herself up onto his back.
[18:44] * Caoilinn frowns.
[18:44] Caoilinn: "Damn. I knew he was acting funny."
[18:44] Alathon: Jebra comes down the stairs, and hears this.
[18:44] Alathon: Jebra: "Pardon, who?"
[18:46] Amiko: "THe Major. Disappeared with a chest on his shoulder."
[18:47] Alathon: Jebra's jaw tightens slightly.
[18:47] Alathon: "DIsappeared? He's always been one to lead from the rear, but --"
[18:47] Alathon: Jebra pauses, recognition sparking on his face.
[18:48] Alathon: "Chest? You mean.. small, oak, iron bands?"
[18:48] * Amiko nods.
[18:48] Caoilinn: "He was acting a bit nervous earlier, too."
[18:48] *** Naylor has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:48] Naylor: hello
[18:48] Alathon: Jebra: "You've got to be... never mind. No time for that now."
[18:48] Sheena: (rp going on, quite)
[18:49] Alathon: Jebra heads over to the door, and looks out to the north.
[18:49] Alathon: Jebra curses softly.
[18:49] * Amiko hostlers her pistol and eyes Caoilinn, raised eyebrow asking for a report.
[18:49] Amiko: "Bastard blindsided me, so I missed the fun."
[18:49] Sheena: We blew stuff up,
[18:49] * Caoilinn fills her in.
[18:50] Naylor: What's goin on?
[18:50] Tsukasa: (RP. Quiet or leave, please)
[18:50] Alathon: ((Naylor, we're running a roleplaying game, which is full. Please hold your peace.))
[18:50] Alathon: ((You can watch if you want, but we don't really want any interruptions))
[18:50] Naylor: (sorry)
[18:50] Alathon: ((np))
[18:51] Amiko: "Ah. I see. Your charge situation?"
[18:51] Caoilinn: "You mean power packs?"
[18:51] Amiko: "Yup."
[18:52] Caoilinn: "Mm, I've only used up most of one, myself."
[18:52] Sheena: "I have all mine, in case any one needs em."
[18:52] * Tsukasa glances at hers. "I burned through 18 packs."
[18:52] * Caoilinn swaps that one as she speaks.
[18:52] Alathon: Jebra: "Alright men, immediate area's clear. Easterbrook, Weber, Vaynes, DeVry, get out there and fetch those handcannons. I want to see a handcannon pointed out of every northward facing window within sixty seconds."
[18:52] Caoilinn: "You can use mine if you need them."
[18:52] * Tsukasa changes the one in her armour, muttering 'nineteen'. "Thank you."
[18:53] Alathon: Four men scurry out, looking north worriedly, and begin scavenging the heavy Harleyrider weaponry.
[18:53] Amiko: "I shouldn't need many ethier."
[18:53] Tsukasa: "So how do we plan to handle whatever's going on up north?"
[18:53] Alathon: Jebra shouts: "When you're done with those, get those jackets as well."
[18:53] Amiko: "Take it to them? Hard and fast?"
[18:53] Caoilinn: ("But they smell, sir..." "Just get them!")
[18:54] Alathon: Jebra turns to face the party.
[18:54] Sheena: "Sounds like fun,"
[18:54] * Amiko waits for her cat to return.
[18:54] *** Naylor has signed off IRC (QUIT: PJIRC Applet Closed).
[18:54] Alathon: Jebra: "I... can't thank you enough for your aid. I think you all know how that could have gone."
[18:54] Tsukasa: "I think I'm up for that."
[18:54] * Amiko nods, studying the fire.
[18:54] Alathon: Your tressym has not yet returned; your common sense indicates that it's flight speed may be less than that of a galloping horse.
[18:55] * Sheena Looks over at Jebra, "Just have some beds waiting for us when we get back, Im damn tired"
[18:55] * Amiko shakes her head.
[18:55] Alathon: Jebra grins.
[18:55] Amiko: "You all think you can kill your fair share of 30?"
[18:55] Alathon: Jebra: "I can't ask you to go after the rest, and.. to be honest,"
[18:55] Alathon: Jebra lowers his voice.
[18:55] Alathon: Jebra: "I can't ask these men to, either.. this is the first fight most of 'em have seen, and. Well."
[18:56] Alathon: Jebra: "But, I'll gladly accompany you if you do."
[18:56] Amiko: "We're going."
[18:56] Caoilinn: "We can't stay here for more than a few days, captain. We'd better take the rest of them out now."
[18:57] Alathon: Jebra: "right."
[18:57] Tsukasa: "There's a very good chance the rest will come to this section. Better to be on the offensive."
[18:57] Alathon: Jebra leans over to one of the scavengers, who's lugging a Handcannon in.
[18:57] Alathon: Jebra: "Gimme that."
[18:57] * Amiko looks at the rest of her team. "Let's get some more."
[18:57] Caoilinn: "If anyone shooting from cover could use a simple shield, I can make a few before we go after the rest of the riders."
[18:57] Alathon: Jebra hefts the handcannon with some effort, before heading out to scavenge some ammo and, after that, a Harleyrider jacket.
[18:57] Alathon: ((one of the few undamaged ones))
[18:58] * Sheena just tumps her staff on the ground, Shes good to go
[18:58] * Tsukasa winces and notes her large bruises. "I would not consider myself averse to that."
[18:58] * Caoilinn nods.
[18:58] Sheena: (but chokeing on a steak taco, gah! )
[18:58] Caoilinn: "Tell me what shape and size would be best."
[18:58] Alathon: Sergeant: "Appreciate the offer, but I'm not sure it'd offer any more cover than what we got."
[18:59] * Caoilinn turned off her suit's armor and dropped her AP field after the last rider fell, btw.
[18:59] Tsukasa: "Something I could fit around my rifle and still see through, I'd imagine."
[18:59] * Caoilinn makes a pane with a space at the bottom for Tsukasa's rifle.
[18:59] Caoilinn: "How's that?"
[18:59] Sheena: "Yuuno you stay with tsu, if she gets her transfer her to safty"
[19:00] Tsukasa: "Hm, quite sufficient. Thank you."
[19:00] Alathon: I'll rule that you can make blocking defenses with such an augmented rifle, but, you'll risk damaging the rifle in doing so.
[19:00] Alathon: A shield large enough to use for proper cover (tower shield) would be way too much for Tsukasa to handle.
[19:00] Tsukasa: (Well, what I was thinking was basically use it so it covers the little bit of her that's not behind cover while sniping)
[19:01] Caoilinn: (I'd think it'd just provide a bit more cover for the head. I was picturing her using it from a prone or crouching position)
[19:01] Alathon: That'd have to be pretty damned think crystal to stop a Handcannon round dead
[19:01] Alathon: thick that is
[19:02] Caoilinn: (What actual effect it would have is up to you, of course. It could still deflect some shots, I'd think.)
[19:02] Alathon: eh
[19:02] Alathon: go ahead and do it, or don't; it looks like it could help, but you won't know how much until you try it
[19:04] Caoilinn: "So, how should we approach?"
[19:05] Tsukasa: "I would prefer to have time to set up a sniping location so I'm able to cover you."
[19:05] Alathon: Jebra: "Up the street most of the way, then swing around to the east or west? They may be spread out in the houses if they're looting."
[19:05] Alathon: It's night, you'll have a helluva time setting up a position that's close enough to shoot reliably, without getting pretty close to who you're shooting.
[19:06] * Amiko nods. "Half east, half west?"
[19:06] Caoilinn: (What?! It's been night for like a week now! :) )
[19:06] Alathon: Jebra seems unsure of that.
[19:06] Tsukasa: "No... Wouldn't it be better to remain concentrated and support each other?"
[19:06] Alathon: Jebra: "Sure that'd be wise? It takes a lot to bring down each of them.."
[19:06] Alathon: ((OMG, the black moon family must have eaten the sun))
[19:07] Amiko: "Fine, let's come from the east, and work our way around.
[19:07] Caoilinn: (And they didn't even offer to share. I wanted a piece. :( )
[19:07] Alathon: Jebra: "Fine by me"
[19:07] Alathon: Jebra sets off to the north.
[19:08] * Sheena yawns and follows along
[19:08] * Amiko follows.
[19:08] * Caoilinn goes with him.
[19:08] Caoilinn: "Let me lead. I'm a lot more bullet-proof."
[19:08] * Tsukasa heads after on Sanshi, switching to the beam rifle.
[19:08] Alathon: Jebra stays tight against the east side of the street.
[19:08] * Amiko follows, hugging the shadows, and keeping overwatch.
[19:08] Alathon: Sheena, do you keep your transformation active, or do you let it drop?
[19:09] Caoilinn: (I'll reactivate my suit's armor when we get reasonably close)
[19:09] Sheena: im low on magic, i let it drop thill a fight
[19:09] Alathon: K.
[19:09] * Sheena still has no idea where her pistol whent
[19:10] Alathon: As you move north, the sound of flames and hte rumble of idling engines can be heard more clearly.
[19:10] * Amiko keeps quiet.
[19:10] * Tsukasa keeps her armour off until she has to flip it on. She burns through enough packs as is.
[19:10] Alathon: ((Uh, you have one if you want.))
[19:10] Alathon: roll spot
[19:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled spot --> error: malformed expression
[19:11] Alathon: roll 1d20+3 Jebra
[19:11] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+3 Jebra --> [ 1d20=19 ]{22}
[19:11] Alathon: never mind
[19:11] Tsukasa: (Jebra spots for us?)
[19:11] Alathon: Jebra squints at something off in the distance, but keeps walking
[19:12] Alathon: Jebra, quietly: "Looks like they left one of 'em up on the roof of that butcher's shop.
[19:12] * Amiko scans the indiated area.
[19:13] Amiko: Do I see the harlyrider?
[19:13] Alathon: Jebra motions toward it with his head, and knowing what to look for, you can all see a head poking up over the steepled top of a roof, dimly.
[19:13] * Tsukasa takes a look, pondering whether she can shoot the guy out of his perch.
[19:13] Amiko: Range?
[19:13] Alathon: Jebra, quietly, still walking: "How we gonna do this..?"
[19:13] Alathon: ((less than a hundred meters))
[19:14] Sheena: "Take em tsu,"
[19:14] Tsukasa: "On three, everyone shoot him. One of us may miss, but probability will make it more likely that at least ONE hits."
[19:14] Alathon: It'll be a hard shot in the darkness of night, but he is h ittable.
[19:14] Amiko: Wait one.
[19:14] * Caoilinn speaks quietly.
[19:14] Sheena: (make up your mind al)
[19:14] Amiko: EXCAT range, GM?
[19:15] Caoilinn: "I can pop over there if you want..."
[19:15] Sheena: (ither its dark, or shits on fire.)
[19:15] Alathon: you don't have rangefindre eyes, you don't have an exact range.
[19:15] Sheena: (caus if shits on fire its not that dark)
[19:15] * Tsukasa blinks. "Never mind."
[19:15] Tsukasa: "Yuuno-san, why not teleport Kei-san
[19:15] Tsukasa: ?"
[19:15] Amiko: Wait a second, I have a idea
[19:15] Caoilinn: (Does it look like there'd be room to fight up there?)
[19:16] Alathon: ((shit's on fire to the north, it doesn't cast THAT much light, and it's all stuff that's agaainst the ground at the same height as the buildings between it and where you are))
[19:16] Tsukasa: "If we shoot, it will create a bigger show, but Kei-san will have it easy up there."
[19:16] Amiko: ((GM question?))
[19:16] Alathon: what
[19:17] Amiko: ((DnD feet to meters? Or not?))
[19:17] Alathon: ...
[19:17] Amiko: ((and it's why I'm asking a excat range.))
[19:17] Alathon: as you get closer, it's now around 75meters
[19:18] * Amiko keeps sneaking til she's within 40 meters.
[19:18] Caoilinn: (Does it look like there's enough room to fight up there if I teleported, Alathon?)
[19:18] Alathon: ((it'll take some effort, but it's not super-steep, and you're not terribly heavy. it could work)
[19:19] * Tsukasa is still holding Yuuno, so she tosses him to Caoilinn.
[19:20] Alathon: are you all still walking?
[19:20] * Caoilinn catches him.
[19:20] Caoilinn: (I'm not)
[19:20] Yuuno: "be ready, We never hear it but transfering isn't exctaly a quite thing"
[19:20] Alathon: Jebra stops when Caoilinn stops, and looks over at her, questioningly.
[19:20] Amiko: sneaking slowly and carefully to 40 meters.
[19:21] Alathon: caoilinn, if you wanna do something before amiko continues forward, do it now ;p
[19:21] * Caoilinn places Yuuno on her shoulder and draws her swords.
[19:21] Yuuno: "Ready?"
[19:21] * Caoilinn flips on her suit's armor and empowers her swords.
[19:21] Yuuno: "Stedy?"
[19:22] Caoilinn: "Good enough, though I have no idea what Amiko's doing."
[19:22] Yuuno: "Go."
[19:22] Tsukasa: "Go quickly, just in case he spots her."
[19:22] * Yuuno Transfers cao onto the roof behind the pig rider
[19:23] *** Ion-chan has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:23] Alathon: You succeed, in a fairly bright lightshow.
[19:23] Alathon: Caoilinn, roll init
[19:23] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 Harleyrider
[19:23] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 Harleyrider --> [ 1d20=10 ]{16}
[19:23] * Amiko mutters quietly
[19:23] * Amiko stops, and waits
[19:23] * Caoilinn roll 1d20+2
[19:23] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[19:23] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{16}
[19:23] Tsukasa: (...)
[19:24] Sheena: (And they punch each other in the face, both falling off the roof)
[19:24] Alathon: and oh yeah, reflex save, DC 10
[19:24] Caoilinn: (Wait, I have +3, not +2. :) )
[19:24] Sheena: ...
[19:24] Alathon: to land on the roof without falling on your arse
[19:24] Tsukasa: (Woot, Caoilinn won init)
[19:25] Caoilinn: (Reflex save? *sigh* Ok...)
[19:25] Alathon: ((you were expecting a cuisinart?))
[19:25] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+4
[19:25] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
[19:25] Caoilinn: (Want me to roll a crit next?)
[19:26] Alathon: You succeed at catching your balance, and have the drop on the Harleyrider.
[19:26] * Caoilinn attacks.
[19:26] Alathon: well, we'll see, won't we
[19:26] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[19:26] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{20}
[19:26] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[19:26] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{13}
[19:27] Alathon: The harleyrider is surprised as hell that you came outta nowhere, and dodges poorly.
[19:27] Alathon: roll 1d20-2
[19:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{0}
[19:27] Alathon: roll 1d20-4
[19:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20-4 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{11}
[19:27] Alathon: In fact, he doesn't dodge jack shit.
[19:27] Sheena: (zero?)
[19:27] Tsukasa: (... A 0? I haven't seen one of those since Sammy's -8 to attack...)
[19:27] Caoilinn: roll 1d8+4
[19:27] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8+4 --> [ 1d8=6 ]{10}
[19:27] Caoilinn: roll 2d8
[19:27] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=12 ]{12}
[19:27] Caoilinn: roll 1d8+4
[19:27] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8+4 --> [ 1d8=7 ]{11}
[19:27] Caoilinn: roll 2d8
[19:27] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=13 ]{13}
[19:27] Alathon: You cut him down.
[19:28] Alathon: He hits the roof, rolls, and then hits the ground with a muffled thud.
[19:28] * Caoilinn tries not to let him fall off the roof.
[19:28] Alathon: okay..
[19:28] Amiko: ((Ouch...)
[19:28] Caoilinn: (But not if the attempt is going to send me off intsead. :) )
[19:28] Alathon: You'll succeed at grabbing him, he wasn't rolling terribly fast ;p
[19:29] Caoilinn: (Good thing my typing was fast. :) )
[19:29] Alathon: Alright.
[19:29] Alathon: continue.
[19:30] * Caoilinn gestures to Yuuno that they should go back down.
[19:30] * Yuuno Transfers Cao and her prize back to there starting point.
[19:30] Alathon: You succeed, with another rather bright lightshow.
[19:30] Yuuno: ( i was asuming your still holding onto it)
[19:31] Caoilinn: (Either way.)
[19:31] Alathon: The rest of you see caoilinn, yuuno, and an apparently dead harleyrider appear in front of you.
[19:31] Amiko: "Nice."
[19:31] Caoilinn: (Does teleporting always give a light show, or just Yuuno's, or what?)
[19:32] Caoilinn: (Cause I kind of assumed it had no visual effects and just the sound of a soft puff of air)
[19:32] * Caoilinn sets the body down.
[19:33] Caoilinn: "Thanks, Yuuno."
[19:33] Alathon: Yuuno's does, because it's Midchildan magic
[19:33] Tsukasa: (Heh.)
[19:33] Caoilinn: (Ah, ok. Thanks.)
[19:33] Tsukasa: (Did Sheena pick up that kind of disad?)
[19:33] Alathon: A normal teleport attribute will be as you described, or with a special affect of the owner's choice.
[19:33] Sheena: (disad?)
[19:34] Tsukasa: (Disadvantage)
[19:34] Tsukasa: (Ie. detectable)
[19:34] Sheena: (on my magic yes, Its very detectable)
[19:34] Alathon: Detectable(sight, sound, Heat, Energy, spiritual,)
[19:35] Alathon: anyways
[19:35] Alathon: you've knocked out the only sentry you've seen.
[19:35] Alathon: Jebra: "So.. cut east hereabouts?"
[19:35] Caoilinn: "Sounds good."
[19:35] * Amiko nods, and waits for Jebra to lead the way. "Let's do this."
[19:36] Alathon: Jebra does so, moving a bit slowly (both because of the heavy gun, and to keep quiet.)
[19:37] * Caoilinn goes with him.
[19:37] Alathon: You'll be able to approach from the east most of the way undetected.
[19:37] * Amiko follows quietly, keeping overwatch.
[19:37] Alathon: Eventually you'll reach several houses which are in various states of burning down; you'll need to circle a bit around them to avoid being scorched.
[19:37] Alathon: btw
[19:38] Alathon: before you go that far, you can try snooping around the corners of houses to snipe someone.. but, your common sense indicates if you can see them, they might see you (stealth check).
[19:38] * Caoilinn turns her suit's armor back off after teleporting back to the ground.
[19:38] Amiko: Works.
[19:39] Amiko: ((Except I don't have hide. O.o))
[19:39] Tsukasa: (Dex)
[19:39] Amiko: ((I Know))
[19:39] Alathon: Jebra: "I don't think the houses go much further.. only half a dozen past these burning ones. You might be able to get a shot at them from up here, if you want to set up a sniping point."
[19:39] Amiko: roll 1d20+4
[19:39] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{6}
[19:39] Tsukasa: (Or I could do it, but then I can't walk to do it...)
[19:40] * Amiko nods.
[19:40] Amiko: "Who wants to play sniper?"
[19:40] Tsukasa: "I will."
[19:41] Alathon: When Amiko looks around a corner, she'll see figures running in and out of the buildings to the north, tying stuff to the backs of their hogs, with one taller-than-average figure leaning against a wall on the west side of the street.
[19:41] * Amiko pops back and describes this to the others.
[19:41] Alathon: No one appears to have noticed you looking.
[19:41] Amiko: ((Wow. And my roll sucked))
[19:41] Tsukasa: (Theirs sucked more, I guess...)
[19:41] Caoilinn: (Doesn't matter if no one's looking. :) )
[19:42] Tsukasa: "Hm... I'd be willing to bet that the taller one is a metahuman. Probably a leader. Do you want me to get rid of him first?"
[19:42] * Amiko nods.
[19:42] Amiko: "Take him first, then we'll work our way though them."
[19:43] Alathon: The houses near you have steepled roofs
[19:43] Caoilinn: "If you don't take him down right away, I'll play with what's left."
[19:43] * Tsukasa looks to see if there are any better sniper positions, or if she'll have to use the corner of the building for cover.
[19:44] Alathon: It'll take you several rounds to close to melee range from where you are, at least from Amiko's description.
[19:44] Tsukasa: (Teleport into melee range :) )
[19:44] Caoilinn: (How far is that in feet, approximately?)
[19:44] Sheena: (just means more shots in)
[19:44] Alathon: 420 feet
[19:44] Alathon: actually
[19:44] Tsukasa: "I'll lead off with plasma. It takes a while to fire, so wait until the shot has gone off before making your attacks."
[19:44] Alathon: 320
[19:44] Caoilinn: (Unless his power is to shoot fireballs, setting buildings and snipers ablaze)
[19:45] * Tsukasa is hoping that his physical size indicates his power is in strength and physicality.
[19:46] * Amiko nods, and _sneaks_ carefully to 300 feet, so she can take her shots too.
[19:46] * Sheena can fire at will
[19:46] Tsukasa: (Um... 300 feet is well in range)
[19:47] Alathon: ((of special attacks, yes, as well as in range of pulse rifles, beam rifles, and plasma rifles))
[19:47] Tsukasa: (Your rifle has a 200 _meter_ range)
[19:47] Amiko: {ED: finds a hide to take her shots from}
[19:47] Amiko: ((And tired, 'kay? been up since 5am.))
[19:47] Alathon: The burning houses are close enough to provide light for combat in the street.. combat in houses might be another matter, dpeending on window placement.
[19:47] Alathon: So anyways, what do you all do?
[19:47] * Sheena is ready to fire backing up tsu's shot
[19:48] Alathon: btw amiko, keep in mind that fullautoing is a static action
[19:48] * Tsukasa slips off Sanshi and positions herself around the corner with the plasma rifle.
[19:48] * Amiko is aiming, to take her shot after Tsukasa.
[19:48] Alathon: don't remember if I enforced that in the first game
[19:48] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+11 Hide check
[19:48] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+11 Hide check --> [ 1d20=4 ]{15}
[19:49] Amiko: 1d20+2 Hide check
[19:49] Amiko: roll 1d20+2 Hide check
[19:49] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+2 Hide check --> [ 1d20=3 ]{5}
[19:49] Alathon: So, you're aiming around corners?
[19:49] Amiko: ((me stabs dicebot))
[19:49] Caoilinn: (How far can we run in a round, btw?)
[19:49] Tsukasa: (... You know, you'd have been better to stick with your last one)
[19:49] Alathon: 3*dex feet for human sized
[19:49] Amiko: Alathon: Well, yeah, stickign my head and rifle out, that's it.
[19:50] Caoilinn: (Ok, so I could reach the big guy in one round, then)
[19:50] Alathon: Tsukasa, how do you do this in a wheelchair?
[19:50] Alathon: uh
[19:50] Alathon: 320 feet
[19:50] Tsukasa: (Basically. Using the corner for cover, lying prone, and positioning my head, arms, and crystal-shielded rifle to fire.)
[19:50] Caoilinn: (Oops, added a 0)
[19:50] Alathon: you can go something like what, 42 feet normal speed, 3* that sprinting
[19:50] Alathon: can't attack while sprinting
[19:50] Tsukasa: (She basically crawled into position)
[19:50] Tsukasa: (Still hasn't unfolded her wheelchair)
[19:50] Alathon: who's the first to take aim?
[19:51] * Tsukasa would be.
[19:52] Alathon: You see the leader with his Handcannon shouldered, aimed at your face; Several other harleyriders are in the process of getting on their bikes, and the rest are not visible.
[19:52] Alathon: Everyone, roll init
[19:52] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[19:52] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{22}
[19:52] Tsukasa: (roll 1d20+5
[19:52] Amiko: 1d20+8
[19:52] Amiko: roll 1d20+8
[19:52] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+8 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{23}
[19:52] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+5
[19:52] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{19}
[19:52] *** Amiko is now known as Ami_23.
[19:53] Sanshi: roll 1d20+12
[19:53] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+12 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{14}
[19:53] Tsukasa: (... Sanshi, you suck)
[19:53] Tsukasa: (Or rather: Ala-bot, you suck)
[19:53] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3
[19:53] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{7}
[19:53] Tsukasa: (...)
[19:53] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 Hogs #1
[19:53] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 Hogs #1 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{15}
[19:53] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 Hogs #2
[19:53] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 Hogs #2 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{9}
[19:53] Sheena: isnt this a suprise round?)
[19:53] Sheena: (we get free shots)
[19:53] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 Head Hog
[19:53] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 Head Hog --> [ 1d20=20 ]{26}
[19:54] Sheena: (gah)
[19:54] Tsukasa: (Well... not against HIM it isn't, I guess)
[19:54] Alathon: ((hard to surprise people who saw someone sneaking up on them))
[19:54] Alathon: okay, one sec, ordering
[19:54] Tsukasa: (Blah. Amiko. You are NOT a stealthy person.)
[19:54] Sheena: (from 300 feet out? heh)
[19:54] Ami_23: (doesn't help when #$@#$ dicebot hated me.)
[19:54] Tsukasa: (And there goes the Sanshi Jump opportunity against the boss...)
[19:54] Alathon: it wasn't easy for them to see you, but with that roll, it was possible
[19:55] Tsukasa: (Should've just stuck with the 6)
[19:55] Ami_23: (I think he _was_ refering to the 6)
[19:55] Tsukasa: (You rerolled and got a 5 though. And the 6 was safe, Ish)
[19:58] Alathon: Order is: Harleyrider Boss, Amiko, Caoilinn, Tsukasa, Hogs #1, Sanshi, Hogs #2, Sheena
[19:58] Ami_23: ((At least I'm at 80+% cover... XD)
[19:59] Alathon: The Harleyrider boss, who at this distance just looks like a large bearded guy in a leather jacket, takes aim at Tsukasa and fires.
[19:59] Alathon: roll 1d20+10
[19:59] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{13}
[20:00] Alathon: But avoids botching.
[20:00] Alathon: roll 1d12+4-4
[20:00] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+4-4 --> [ 1d12=5 ]{5}
[20:00] Tsukasa: (He hit me?)
[20:00] Alathon: The crystal shield Tsukasa was using offers some protection, but is broken bythe shot.
[20:00] Alathon: Yes
[20:01] Alathon: Not terribly well, what with your CT armor, but you feel it.
[20:01] Alathon: Amiko, you're up,.
[20:01] * Tsukasa is lucky enough to have her armour absorb essentially all the impact.
[20:01] Ami_23: Fine, shoot.
[20:01] Sheena: (out of all of us standing there he shoots at the hidden girl on the ground?....)
[20:01] Ami_23: 1d20+04
[20:01] Alathon: ((he shot at the first one to make herself visible))
[20:01] Ami_23: roll 1d20+04
[20:01] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d20+04 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
[20:01] Alathon: at who?
[20:02] Sheena: (tsu can't move! How do you figer that happened?)
[20:02] Ami_23: The big one.
[20:02] Alathon: and how are you shooting?
[20:02] Alathon: single shot, or fullauto?
[20:02] Ami_23: Full auto
[20:03] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 dodge
[20:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 dodge --> [ 1d20=6 ]{12}
[20:03] Alathon: He doesn't dodge.. one extra die damage.
[20:03] Ami_23: (YES! EAT THIS)
[20:03] Ami_23: roll 7d8
[20:03] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 7d8 --> [ 7d8=23 ]{23}
[20:03] Alathon: ((uh, no?))
[20:03] Ami_23: ((Six shots, is 6d8, remember?)
[20:03] Alathon: ((that's a 2d8 roll))
[20:03] Ami_23: roll 2d8
[20:03] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=4 ]{4}
[20:04] Alathon: You clip him, but he doesn't show it.
[20:04] Alathon: Caoilinn is up.
[20:05] Caoilinn: (If I start heading toward him to engage in melee, will I be run down by the others?)
[20:05] Sheena: (rather sad full auto)
[20:05] Caoilinn: (Or are they on foot for the most part?)
[20:05] Alathon: They're getitng on their bikes, they'll be driving next round.
[20:06] Tsukasa: "Kei-san! You still have Yunno-san, have him teleport you into the fray!"
[20:07] Caoilinn: "Sounds good. Let's get the big guy. Then you get to safety."
[20:07] Caoilinn: (to Yuuno)
[20:08] Yuuno: "Fine with me"
[20:08] * Yuuno and does so
[20:08] Alathon: Where do you aim?
[20:08] Sheena: (cao?)
[20:08] Caoilinn: "Next to him."
[20:09] Alathon: You'll succeed.
[20:09] Caoilinn: (Can I attack this round after being teleported?)
[20:09] Sheena: (if its considered a move action ya,)
[20:10] Tsukasa: (But wouldn't it be Yuuno's move action? I mean, Cao can start her attack even before the teleport actually occurs)
[20:10] Alathon: Yes, Yuuno is doing the teleporting
[20:10] * Caoilinn swings at the big guy.
[20:10] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[20:10] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{23}
[20:10] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[20:10] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{17}
[20:10] Alathon: one crit auto-hits
[20:10] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 dodge
[20:11] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 dodge --> [ 1d20=17 ]{21}
[20:11] Alathon: he dodges the other one
[20:11] Alathon: roll double dice
[20:11] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled double dice --> error: malformed expression
[20:11] Caoilinn: roll 2d8+8
[20:11] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2d8+8 --> [ 2d8=7 ]{15}
[20:11] Alathon: ((double dice, not double damage)
[20:11] Caoilinn: (Normal for the special or double?)
[20:11] Caoilinn: (Ok, 11, then)
[20:11] Alathon: ((hmmm))
[20:11] Caoilinn: (AP 1)
[20:12] Alathon: ((double))
[20:12] Caoilinn: roll 4d8
[20:12] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 4d8 --> [ 4d8=16 ]{16}
[20:12] Alathon: Your first swing is masterful and cuts him, bad... the second one he manages to avoid.
[20:13] Alathon: Tsukasa you're up
[20:13] * Tsukasa decides the big guy's taken care of and switches target to one of the bikers from group one, trying to take them down before they get dangerous.
[20:14] Tsukasa: (And of course, it's a plasma rifle so it fires at initiative zero...)
[20:14] Alathon: roll it up
[20:14] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled it up --> error: malformed expression
[20:15] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[20:15] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{17}
[20:15] Tsukasa: (... DIE, dicebot. Die.)
[20:15] Alathon: You aim, and the plasma rifle whines as it charges up.
[20:15] Alathon: The first group of hogs spend their turn mounting their bikes and starting them.
[20:15] Alathon: Sanshi is up.
[20:16] Sanshi: (In range to leap anyone?)
[20:16] Alathon: nowhere near ;p
[20:16] Alathon: what's his dex again?
[20:16] Sanshi: (+10)
[20:16] Sanshi: (30)
[20:16] Alathon: okay
[20:16] Alathon: so, as a large creature, he can move 120 feet/rnd
[20:17] Alathon: he can sprint into melee range, butwon't have time to make a melee attack this round.
[20:17] Sanshi: (What does Speed rank 1 do to that?)
[20:17] * Sanshi charges into the fray.
[20:18] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:18] Alathon: ((hrm))
[20:18] Alathon: ((73*6 == 440))
[20:18] Sheena: (you move at 50 mph)
[20:19] Alathon: ((so.. actually.. he can move up 440 feet/round at full sprinting speed, rathre than 360))
[20:19] Alathon: ((and something like 140 ft/rnd normally))
[20:19] Sheena: it gives a +4 to your int score as well when useing it
[20:19] Alathon: +2 per rank
[20:19] Sheena: (battle int i mean)
[20:20] Sheena: (oh)
[20:20] Tsukasa: (Yeah, I factor the init boost in)
[20:20] Ami_23: ((Umm, who's... Oh, Sanshi.)
[20:20] Alathon: The second group of hogs see a big friggin cat thing coming at them, and shoot it.
[20:20] Alathon: roll 4#1d20+6 at sanshi
[20:20] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d20+6 at sanshi --> [ 1d20=19 ]{25}, [ 1d20=18 ]{24}, [ 1d20=3 ]{9}, [ 1d20=6 ]{12}
[20:20] Alathon: dodge at +2 from the speed
[20:20] Sheena: (group?)
[20:20] Sanshi: roll 1d20+11 Dodge
[20:20] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+11 Dodge --> [ 1d20=11 ]{22}
[20:21] Alathon: the ones that are taking cover
[20:21] Sanshi: roll 1d20+9 Dodge 2
[20:21] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+9 Dodge 2 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{17}
[20:21] Caoilinn: (Yeah. Each group had 1 init roll)
[20:21] Sanshi: roll 1d20+7 Dodge 3
[20:21] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+7 Dodge 3 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{22}
[20:21] Sanshi: roll 1d20+5 Dodge 4
[20:21] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+5 Dodge 4 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{23}
[20:21] Alathon: Sanshi evades two of the shots; the other two hit.
[20:21] Alathon: roll 2#1d12+2
[20:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=8 ]{10}, [ 1d12=6 ]{8}
[20:21] * Sanshi suppresses the pain and keeps coming.
[20:22] Alathon: Sheena is up.
[20:23] Sheena: (hmm)
[20:23] Sheena: (need to free up cao)
[20:24] * Sheena Bring Dark heart around and fires on the big guy.
[20:24] Sheena: Roll 1d20+14
[20:24] Alathon: roll it up.
[20:24] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{21}
[20:24] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled it up. --> error: malformed expression
[20:24] Alathon: Alright.
[20:24] Alathon: Tsukasa, roll damage for your plasma rifle.
[20:25] Alathon: The biker you aimed at was busy mounting and didnt' have an opportunity to dodge.
[20:25] Tsukasa: roll 4d8 AP 1
[20:25] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4d8 AP 1 --> [ 4d8=11 ]{11}
[20:25] Tsukasa: (... DIE dicebot)
[20:25] Alathon: You hit him, badly.
[20:25] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 drive
[20:25] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 drive --> [ 1d20=15 ]{21}
[20:25] Alathon: But he stays on his bike.
[20:25] Alathon: roll 1d20+2 dodge the magic missiles
[20:25] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 dodge the magic missiles --> [ 1d20=13 ]{15}
[20:25] Tsukasa: (Badly in a 'he's really hurt' way, or badly in a 'what a crappy shot' way?)
[20:25] Alathon: Sheen's bolts of energy slam into the harleyrider boss; roll damage.
[20:25] Caoilinn: (Both. :) )
[20:26] Sheena: roll 4d8+2
[20:26] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 4d8+2 --> [ 4d8=12 ]{14}
[20:26] *** Ion-chan has signed off IRC (QUIT: Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0b2/2006082101]).
[20:26] Alathon: They slam into his chest, knocking him back onto his ass. He doesn't get up.
[20:26] Sheena: Ahhh hahahahah!
[20:26] Alathon: End of round; top of the order.
[20:26] Alathon: Amiko is up.
[20:27] * Ami_23 takes a shot at a biker on a bike
[20:27] Caoilinn: "Go someplace safe, Yuuno."
[20:27] Ami_23: 1d20+4 (single shot)
[20:27] Ami_23: roll 1d20+4 (single shot)
[20:27] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d20+4 (single shot) --> [ 1d20=11 ]{15}
[20:27] Caoilinn: "Without me, I mean!"
[20:27] Alathon: at what?
[20:27] Alathon: oh nm
[20:27] Alathon: you said
[20:27] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 drive to evade
[20:27] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 drive to evade --> [ 1d20=10 ]{16}
[20:28] Alathon: The biker swerves, and the shot goes by.
[20:28] Alathon: Caoilinn is up
[20:28] Caoilinn: (Any other victims in range?)
[20:28] Alathon: you can make it to any of the bikers, barely.
[20:28] Alathon: they're just getting moving.
[20:28] Caoilinn: "Next!"
[20:29] * Caoilinn runs over to the nearest one and attacks.
[20:29] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[20:29] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{18}
[20:29] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[20:29] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{10}
[20:29] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 guns the gas to try to evade
[20:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 guns the gas to try to evade --> [ 1d20=18 ]{24}
[20:29] Alathon: roll 1d20+4
[20:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{5}
[20:29] Alathon: Your second attack catches him as he's getting away.
[20:30] Caoilinn: "You have to dodge them, *both*, stupid."
[20:30] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:30] Caoilinn: roll 1d8+4 1AP
[20:30] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8+4 1AP --> [ 1d8=6 ]{10}
[20:30] Alathon: pierces armor
[20:30] Caoilinn: roll 2d8
[20:30] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=14 ]{14}
[20:30] Tsukasa: (Well, there goes my other self...)
[20:30] Alathon: You kill him.
[20:30] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:30] * Yuuno thinks the safeist place aroound right now is staying on top of blender-chan
[20:30] Alathon: Tsukasa is up.
[20:31] Caoilinn: (Until they all start shooting at me and hit you...)
[20:31] * Tsukasa shifts her aim at another biker from group 1.
[20:31] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[20:31] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{27}
[20:31] Alathon: You charge your plasma rifle. Next up, the hogs.
[20:32] Alathon: Facing forward they can't really see Caoilinn, but they can sure see the bigass cat charging them.
[20:32] Alathon: roll 4#1d20+6 at sanshi
[20:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d20+6 at sanshi --> [ 1d20=17 ]{23}, [ 1d20=17 ]{23}, [ 1d20=11 ]{17}, [ 1d20=9 ]{15}
[20:32] Alathon: continue to dodge at +2
[20:32] Sanshi: roll 1d20+11
[20:32] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+11 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{17}
[20:32] Sanshi: roll 1d20+9
[20:32] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{12}
[20:32] Sanshi: roll 1d20+7
[20:32] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{26}
[20:32] Sanshi: roll 1d20+5
[20:32] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{12}
[20:32] Alathon: They have better aim this time, and three shots strike Sanshi.
[20:32] Alathon: roll 3#1d12+2
[20:32] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=6 ]{8}, [ 1d12=8 ]{10}, [ 1d12=6 ]{8}
[20:32] Yuuno: (cats=stealth!)
[20:33] * Sanshi falls.
[20:33] Caoilinn: (Yuck. I was half expecting you to roll a natural -3 the way the dice have been treating you)
[20:33] * Tsukasa 's eyes widen. "SANSHI!"
[20:33] Alathon: One of the bikers who shot pumps his arm in victory.
[20:33] * Tsukasa keeps her aim on that one.
[20:34] Alathon: The second batch, those taking cover in buildings, split their shots. Two at Caoilinn, one at Tsukasa, one at Sheena.
[20:34] Alathon: roll 2#1d20+6 at caoilinn
[20:34] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2#1d20+6 at caoilinn --> [ 1d20=1 ]{7}, [ 1d20=10 ]{16}
[20:34] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 at tsukasa
[20:34] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 at tsukasa --> [ 1d20=3 ]{9}
[20:34] * Sheena snorts
[20:34] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 at Sheena
[20:34] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 at Sheena --> [ 1d20=12 ]{18}
[20:34] Alathon: ((uh, you're untransformed))
[20:34] Caoilinn: (Dodge just 1?)
[20:34] Sheena: (ya and?)
[20:34] Alathon: dodge just one; another guys gun jammed.
[20:35] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+4
[20:35] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{11}
[20:35] Alathon: all three shots hit
[20:35] Alathon: roll 1d12+2 at caoilinn
[20:35] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 at caoilinn --> [ 1d12=10 ]{12}
[20:35] Sheena: (excuse me?
[20:35] Sheena: ( i thinkn not
[20:35] Alathon: you used Shoot last round, right?
[20:35] Sheena: (and?
[20:35] Alathon: it's a static attack
[20:36] Sheena: (So no reflection?)
[20:36] Alathon: mmm
[20:36] Alathon: yup, you can do that
[20:36] Alathon: power defense
[20:36] Sheena: (static means i can't move)
[20:36] Sheena: (don't mean i can't send it back)
[20:36] Alathon: roll 1d12+2 at tsukasa
[20:36] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 at tsukasa --> [ 1d12=1 ]{3}
[20:36] Alathon: you can send it back, but it costs you your attack action
[20:36] Alathon: rofl, they can't shoot tsukasa for shit
[20:37] Tsukasa: (Send it back?)
[20:37] * Tsukasa doesn't even NOTICE the hit 'pinging' off her armour.
[20:37] Sheena: (guess ill just smack it away then)
[20:37] Alathon: witha successful block roll, with the reflection feat, sheena can attempt to reflect a ranged attack back at someone with an attack roll
[20:37] Sheena: (a good way to save magic)
[20:38] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 the force is strong in this one)
[20:38] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 the force is strong in this one) --> [ 1d20=1 ]{8}
[20:38] Sheena: (or not)
[20:38] Sheena: (ROFL)
[20:38] Tsukasa: (... I guess the force is weak in this one)
[20:38] Alathon: Sheena, unfortunately, botches her block attempt.
[20:38] * Yuuno slaps Ala-bot around a bit with a large trout
[20:38] Alathon: roll 1d12+2 damage to sheena
[20:38] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 damage to sheena --> [ 1d12=7 ]{9}
[20:39] Caoilinn: (Reminds me of the comic someone posted a link to where a girl blocked a knife with her forehead.)
[20:39] Alathon: roll 1d20+3 init for jebra
[20:39] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+3 init for jebra --> [ 1d20=19 ]{22}
[20:39] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:39] Alathon: ((totally forgot him))
[20:39] Tsukasa: (I was wondering about him...)
[20:40] Alathon: Sheena is up
[20:42] Alathon: yo, sheena?
[20:42] * Sheena slames Her staff into the ground summoning her twisted fuku
[20:43] Sheena: (i still get an attack since i botchd that block?)
[20:43] Alathon: yeah
[20:43] Alathon: that was a defense
[20:43] Alathon: but your action was doing that
[20:43] Alathon: Okay
[20:43] Sheena: (k)
[20:44] Tsukasa: (Roll the damage now?)
[20:44] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 dodge the plasma ball
[20:44] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 dodge the plasma ball --> [ 1d20=17 ]{23}
[20:44] Alathon: Hits, roll it
[20:44] Tsukasa: roll 4d8 AP 1
[20:44] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4d8 AP 1 --> [ 4d8=23 ]{23}
[20:44] Tsukasa: "DIE!"
[20:44] Sheena: (Toasty!)
[20:44] Caoilinn: (And all that's left is his pumping arm...)
[20:44] Alathon: The harleyrider who cheered Sanshi's collapse goes down in a flaming ball of plasma and agony.
[20:45] Sheena: (should i roll int for yuuno or could i just move him?)
[20:45] Alathon: end of round; start of the next. Amiko is up.
[20:45] Alathon: FYI, you have clear shots at the hogs on their bikes, and they have pretty good shots at you, as they've gunned it and are moving forward
[20:45] Alathon: You can just move him, not gonna mess with him atm unless he's gonna do more combat.
[20:46] Ami_23: Okay, take a shot at hogger on his bike
[20:46] Ami_23: 1d20+4
[20:46] Ami_23: roll 1d20+4 (auto)
[20:46] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d20+4 (auto) --> [ 1d20=20 ]{24}
[20:46] Sheena: (planed on shielding Sanshi)
[20:46] Ami_23: (WHOO! Nat 20!)
[20:46] Alathon: damage is 6d8
[20:46] Ami_23: roll 6d8
[20:46] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 6d8 --> [ 6d8=25 ]{25}
[20:46] * Ami_23 grins
[20:46] Alathon: You spray him with bolts of energy and he goes down hard.
[20:47] Alathon: Caoilin is up
[20:47] Alathon: There's no-one near you, really
[20:48] Caoilinn: (Any still in melee range... guess not.)
[20:48] Alathon: the harleyriders inside buildings ar the nearest
[20:48] Caoilinn: (How far are they?)
[20:48] Alathon: generally like 30-50ish feet away,
[20:48] Alathon: You'd have a helluva time swording one through a window but you can try it
[20:48] Alathon: if you go inside a building, you won't reach one til the next round.
[20:49] Caoilinn: (Ok, can I go to a building and use a ranged attack this round and do a melee attack next round.
[20:49] Caoilinn: (?)
[20:50] Ami_23: (How many are left, OOC?)
[20:50] Alathon: Six
[20:50] Alathon: Four taking cover, two on their bikes
[20:50] Alathon: No
[20:50] Alathon: you have to navigate aqround in the buildings
[20:50] Alathon: get around stuff etc
[20:50] * Caoilinn heads to a building.
[20:51] Alathon: alright
[20:51] Alathon: Jebra has clambered up onto the hose behind you, and aims his handcannon over the edge of the roof at one of the approaching harleyriders.
[20:51] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[20:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{23}
[20:51] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 drive to avoid
[20:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 drive to avoid --> [ 1d20=14 ]{20}
[20:51] Alathon: hit
[20:51] Alathon: roll 1d12+2
[20:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=10 ]{12}
[20:51] Alathon: His shot is dead on, and hurts one of the riders pretty badly.
[20:52] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 drive to not be blown off the bike
[20:52] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 drive to not be blown off the bike --> [ 1d20=14 ]{20}
[20:52] Alathon: But the ridre hangs on.
[20:52] Caoilinn: (He's not bad when he has a real weapon. :) )
[20:52] Alathon: Tsukasa is up.
[20:52] * Tsukasa doesn't cheer, opting instead to kill the next one who hit Sanshi.
[20:52] * Tsukasa is starting to glow, a faint red corona surrounding her body. She is NOT pleased.
[20:52] Alathon: ((yeah, he's semi-competent))
[20:52] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[20:52] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{24}
[20:52] Alathon: ((just not a meta))
[20:53] Alathon: Your plasma rifle whines as it charges.
[20:53] Alathon: First group of hogs aren't quite even with you all, but are getting pretty close, and take aim at Amiko and Tsukasa.
[20:54] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 at amiko
[20:54] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 at amiko --> [ 1d20=4 ]{10}
[20:54] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 at tsukasa
[20:54] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 at tsukasa --> [ 1d20=4 ]{10}
[20:54] Alathon: Both shots are poor, but hit.
[20:54] Alathon: roll 1d12+2 damage to amiko
[20:54] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 damage to amiko --> [ 1d12=8 ]{10}
[20:54] Alathon: roll 1d12+2 damage to tsukasa
[20:54] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 damage to tsukasa --> [ 1d12=11 ]{13}
[20:54] Alathon: And are reasonably well-aimed.
[20:54] Sheena: (they don't get dodge rolls?)
[20:54] Alathon: Tsukasa is a prone paraplegic
[20:55] Sheena: (ahh)
[20:55] Alathon: and Amiko made a static attack (full-auto))
[20:55] Sheena: (my bad)
[20:55] Ami_23: "ow."
[20:55] * Tsukasa still ignores the pain even though it actually did injury this time, keeping her aim steady.
[20:56] Alathon: roll your concentration
[20:56] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled your concentration --> error: malformed expression
[20:56] Alathon: er, tsukasa's that is
[20:56] Alathon: probably shoulda done that for every damage dealing attack, but I always friggin forget
[20:56] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+1
[20:57] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{10}
[20:57] Alathon: DC was the damage you took (9) so you succeed at holding aim.
[20:58] Sheena: (if you start adding rolls where going to get no place fast)
[20:58] Alathon: eh
[20:59] Alathon: only really roll-happy in combat, when things happent hat shouldn't be easy
[20:59] Alathon: getting shot and keeping your aim shoudln't be easy
[20:59] Sheena: (shes a manly sniper, its no problem for her)
[20:59] Tsukasa: (Yeah... Tsukasa actually has to do that because this gun is slow-firing)
[21:00] Alathon: .. getting shot with a fairly large calibre bullet is not "no problem" unless you're Iron Man ;p
[21:00] Alathon: anyways
[21:01] Alathon: three of the rdiers in building take shots at amiko, sheena, and jebra
[21:01] Alathon: hard shots since you have cover
[21:01] Alathon: roll 3#1d2
[21:01] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d2 --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[21:01] Alathon: all of them hit your cover.
[21:01] Alathon: another doesn't do anything obvious.
[21:02] Alathon: Sheena is up
[21:03] * Sheena brings up Darkheart and guards with it
[21:03] Alathon: Full defense?
[21:03] Sheena: (yes)
[21:03] Alathon: alright
[21:03] Sheena: (im asuming there going to try and run her down)
[21:04] Alathon: they don't have an angle for that, they'd clip the building as well, and the porches, other crap in front of the building
[21:04] Alathon: not to mention running into the house behind you
[21:04] Sheena: (oh? Can i redo then or no?)
[21:04] Alathon: sure
[21:04] Caoilinn: (Did Yuuno go someplace safe, btw?)
[21:04] Sheena: (your hair count? Right now yuuno's mostly at the GM's use)
[21:05] Caoilinn: (No, that's pretty unsafe, I'd say.)
[21:05] Sheena: (if you want to put him to work just say that word, his quite powerfull)
[21:06] Sheena: (yuuno= support)
[21:06] Caoilinn: (No, I'm just concerned about him getting shot in the face.)
[21:07] Sheena: (SHould i toll int on yuuno and show her al?)
[21:07] Sheena: (any way)
[21:07] * Sheena Fires on one of the idoits ridding this way
[21:07] Sheena: Roll 1d20+14 Shoot!
[21:07] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+14 Shoot! --> [ 1d20=18 ]{32}
[21:08] Alathon: bolts of energy stream out
[21:08] Alathon: okay
[21:08] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 ride to avoid plasma
[21:08] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 ride to avoid plasma --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
[21:08] Tsukasa: roll 4d8 AP
[21:08] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 4d8 AP --> [ 4d8=19 ]{19}
[21:08] Alathon: the injured rider dies ina fire.
[21:08] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 ride to avoid magic missiles
[21:08] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 ride to avoid magic missiles --> [ 1d20=13 ]{19}
[21:08] Alathon: no dice there either
[21:08] Sheena: roll 4d8+2
[21:08] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 4d8+2 --> [ 4d8=14 ]{16}
[21:08] Alathon: This one is still barely going
[21:09] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 drive to stay on bike
[21:09] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 drive to stay on bike --> [ 1d20=13 ]{17}
[21:09] Alathon: but keeps his grip.
[21:09] Alathon: end of round; next round, Amiko is up.
[21:09] Alathon: One half-dead harleyrider is driving by you now, with healthy ones shooting
[21:09] Ami_23: how many still on bikes?
[21:09] Alathon: actually
[21:09] Alathon: I forgot something
[21:09] Tsukasa: (The one that I made half-dead in the first shot?)
[21:09] Alathon: A harleyrider in a building delayed his action to acti first this round, and gets in a scuffle with Caoilinn.
[21:10] Alathon: so he's first
[21:10] * Sheena is very tired
[21:10] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 attack with chain.
[21:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 attack with chain. --> [ 1d20=18 ]{24}
[21:10] Sheena: ( 2 shots left)
[21:10] Alathon: ((nod))
[21:10] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:10] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{7}
[21:10] Alathon: roll 1d4+5
[21:10] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d4+5 --> [ 1d4=1 ]{6}
[21:10] Alathon: The chain clangs against Caolinn's armor without effect.
[21:11] Alathon: Amiko is up now
[21:11] Caoilinn: "Got anything bigger? If not, you may want to just shoot yourself in the head to save time."
[21:11] Tsukasa: (... So many good lines)
[21:11] Alathon: The Harleyrider snarls and goes for his Handcannon.
[21:12] Ami_23: How many riders are still left?
[21:12] Ami_23: that are riding.
[21:12] Alathon: one on a bike, four in buildings
[21:12] Tsukasa: (The one on a bike is heavily wounded)
[21:12] Tsukasa: (Actually, Al?)
[21:12] Alathon: within inches of death
[21:12] Tsukasa: (What ever happened to the guy from the group that ended up on the bikes that I scorched in the first shot?)
[21:13] Alathon: pretty sure he's dead
[21:13] Tsukasa: (Was kinda hoping the one-hit kills went after the ones that weren't wounded, but I suppose so)
[21:13] Ami_23: I shoot the last biker.
[21:13] Ami_23: roll 1d20+4 (last biker, full auto)
[21:13] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d20+4 (last biker, full auto) --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
[21:14] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 drive to avoid pulse rifle
[21:14] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 drive to avoid pulse rifle --> [ 1d20=19 ]{25}
[21:14] Tsukasa: <Alathon> The chain clangs against Caolinn's armor without effect.
[21:14] Tsukasa: <Alathon> Amiko is up now
[21:14] Tsukasa: <Caoilinn> "Got anything bigger? If not, you may want to just shoot yourself in the head to save time."
[21:14] Alathon: He avoids your burst.
[21:14] Tsukasa: (Sorry)
[21:14] Tsukasa: (Wrong copy-paste)
[21:14] Alathon: Caoilinn is up.
[21:14] * Caoilinn attacks the rider in front of her.
[21:15] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:15] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{9}
[21:15] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:15] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{14}
[21:15] Alathon: roll 1d20+2
[21:15] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{9}
[21:15] Alathon: roll 1d20
[21:15] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{6}
[21:15] Alathon: He dodges the first slash, but not the second.
[21:15] Caoilinn: "I keep telling you guys... you *have to dodge BOTH*."
[21:15] Caoilinn: roll 1d8+4
[21:15] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8+4 --> [ 1d8=1 ]{5}
[21:15] Caoilinn: roll 2d8
[21:15] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=7 ]{7}
[21:15] Alathon: You fail to pierce armor, even with the rank of AP
[21:15] Alathon: no damage.
[21:16] Tsukasa: (Gah?)
[21:16] Alathon: oh wait
[21:16] Tsukasa: (He has over 15 armour?)
[21:16] Caoilinn: (Really? He has 15 armor?)
[21:16] Alathon: you do pierce armor
[21:16] Alathon: you deal 3+10
[21:16] Alathon: they have 6 armor
[21:16] Alathon: and your first attack has to break it, for the linked attack to go off
[21:16] Alathon: but it does
[21:16] Alathon: and he's hurting but not dead
[21:16] Caoilinn: (Yeah. Their armor doesn't exist to me.)
[21:17] Alathon: oh right
[21:17] Alathon: oy vey
[21:17] Caoilinn: (At least not when my swords are energized or I'm using my ranged attack)
[21:17] Alathon: keep forgetting.. AP and shield piercing are -10
[21:17] Caoilinn: (How many are in this house with me, btw?)
[21:17] Alathon: so yup, he eats 12 damage.. and is hurting bad
[21:17] Alathon: one
[21:18] Alathon: the rest each had seperate houses
[21:18] Caoilinn: (And are you copying my lines again, Tsukasa? :) )
[21:18] Alathon: Jebra takes a shot at the badly injured rider on bike.
[21:18] Tsukasa: (Into a text doc for later use? Hell yeah)
[21:18] Alathon: roll 1d20+6
[21:18] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{22}
[21:18] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 drive to avoid
[21:18] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 drive to avoid --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
[21:18] Alathon: roll 1d12+2 damage
[21:18] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 damage --> [ 1d12=3 ]{5}
[21:18] Alathon: Jebra wings the biker but does no appreciable damage.
[21:18] Alathon: Tsukasa is up.
[21:19] * Tsukasa loses patience with the plasma rifle and grabs her fully-loaded beam, trying to scythe the last one that shot Sanshi.
[21:19] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[21:19] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{29}
[21:19] Tsukasa: (Last bike)
[21:19] Alathon: roll 1d20+2 drive to avoid
[21:19] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 drive to avoid --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
[21:19] Tsukasa: roll 1d10+7
[21:19] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d10+7 --> [ 1d10=10 ]{17}
[21:19] Alathon: he critted the dodge; he made it
[21:19] Alathon: rofl
[21:19] Tsukasa: (... I want to kill the dicebot. May I?)
[21:19] Caoilinn: (Oh, my god... he shifted to an alternate time line to avoid that one!)
[21:20] Alathon: He masterfully manages to break and let the beam go RIGHT in front of him.. by a few centimeters.
[21:20] Sheena: ( i wonder how good thoes bikes blow up, lets find out)
[21:20] Alathon: THe hog is up, and takes a shot at the girl who just nearly killed her.
[21:21] Alathon: He stops, to get it right.
[21:21] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 at tsukasa
[21:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 at tsukasa --> [ 1d20=14 ]{20}
[21:21] Alathon: roll 1d12+2 damage
[21:21] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 damage --> [ 1d12=12 ]{14}
[21:21] Caoilinn: (And he/she changes sex, too. :) )
[21:21] Alathon: aparently ;p
[21:22] Caoilinn: (Competent, though.)
[21:22] * Tsukasa grimaces and prepares for her next shot.
[21:23] Alathon: The harleyriders in the houses take shots at Jebra, Amiko, and Tsukasa.
[21:23] Alathon: roll 3#1d2
[21:23] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3#1d2 --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}, [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[21:23] Alathon: They all hit your cover
[21:23] Alathon: rofl
[21:23] Alathon: Sheena is up.
[21:23] * Sheena plays target and just stands in the open
[21:23] Sheena: (defence)
[21:23] Caoilinn: (Obviously, the good ones attacked while leaving the Keystone group to loot)
[21:24] Alathon: heh
[21:24] Tsukasa: (Considering the damage THESE guys did to us, I'd call these the good ones...)
[21:24] Alathon: okay
[21:24] Alathon: end of round; top of next
[21:25] Alathon: the harleyrider fighting Caoilinn picks up his handcannon and swings it at Caoilinn like a bat.
[21:25] Alathon: "Eat this!"
[21:25] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 at caoilinn
[21:25] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 at caoilinn --> [ 1d20=11 ]{17}
[21:25] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:25] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{11}
[21:25] Sheena: (eh, wasn't he dead)
[21:25] Tsukasa: (Wait... how's THAT supposed to do more damage than the chain?)
[21:25] Tsukasa: (All-but)
[21:25] Alathon: ((it's a LOT heavier))
[21:25] Caoilinn: (Beats me. Bets on him accidentally shooting himself?)
[21:25] Alathon: ((it's usually just not too bright to use a gun that way ;p ))
[21:25] Alathon: roll 1d10+5
[21:25] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d10+5 --> [ 1d10=6 ]{11}
[21:25] Tsukasa: (Heh, THAT would be an awesome critfail to see)
[21:26] Tsukasa: (See someone else do, of course.)
[21:26] Caoilinn: "Still not big enough."
[21:26] Alathon: This manages to crumple Caoilinn's armor slightly, but doesn't possess enough force to get through the CT armor below it.
[21:26] Alathon: Amiko is up
[21:26] Ami_23: Are any stll on their bikes?
[21:26] Caoilinn: (I want to see him cry! :D )
[21:27] Alathon: yes
[21:27] Tsukasa: (That one)
[21:27] Alathon: he's standing still too
[21:27] Ami_23: I shoot him
[21:27] Ami_23: roll 1d20+4 Just die
[21:27] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d20+4 Just die --> [ 1d20=3 ]{7}
[21:27] Tsukasa: (Aw, you completely missed a line like: "Aren't you supposed to SHOOT it?")
[21:27] Ami_23: (Fuck you too, dicebot)
[21:27] Tsukasa: (He doesn't)
[21:27] Alathon: you hit, +1 die
[21:27] Tsukasa: (Heheheheh, going after me fucked him over!)
[21:28] Alathon: so 2d8
[21:28] Ami_23: roll 2d8
[21:28] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 2d8 --> [ 2d8=6 ]{6}
[21:28] Alathon: You hit him, but don't drop him.
[21:28] Alathon: Caoilinn is up.
[21:28] Caoilinn: (Does Amiko have ap?)
[21:28] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:28] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{8}
[21:28] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:28] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{8}
[21:29] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 parry with gun
[21:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 parry with gun --> [ 1d20=7 ]{13}
[21:29] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 parry with gun
[21:29] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 parry with gun --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
[21:29] Tsukasa: (... Wow)
[21:29] Caoilinn: (He can't parry both of my weapons, can he?)
[21:29] Alathon: He manages to parry both your swings with the handcannon, though it takes a beating in the process.
[21:29] Alathon: Certainly he can
[21:29] Caoilinn: (I want to see me hit the trigger and blow his head off. :D)
[21:30] Alathon: that'd be a very high difficulty stunt, but very funny if you pulled it off ;p
[21:30] Alathon: Jebra takes another shot at the rider.
[21:30] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 at rider
[21:30] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 at rider --> [ 1d20=11 ]{17}
[21:30] Alathon: hits
[21:30] Alathon: roll 1d12+2
[21:30] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=1 ]{3}
[21:30] *** Sollord has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:30] Tsukasa: (...)
[21:30] * Tsukasa growls at the very stubborn enemy and kills him before he can get moving again.
[21:30] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[21:30] Alathon: Jebra clips the rider's arm, but doesn't drop him.
[21:30] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{33}
[21:30] Alathon: damage is +31
[21:30] Tsukasa: roll 1d10+31
[21:30] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d10+31 --> [ 1d10=4 ]{35}
[21:31] Alathon: You burn his head off.
[21:31] * Tsukasa is somewhat curious as to whether that counts as overkill.
[21:31] Alathon: The three remaining harleyriders at this point jump out their windows and run for their bikes, and start mounting them.
[21:31] Alathon: Sheena is up.
[21:31] Tsukasa: (Blah.)
[21:32] Caoilinn: (Does that include the one I'm fighting?)
[21:33] Alathon: actually, no
[21:33] Alathon: forgot he wasn't dead
[21:33] Alathon: he's still fighting you
[21:33] Caoilinn: (Good)
[21:33] * Sheena is still on guard
[21:33] Tsukasa: (Well, at this point if he disengaged that'd be a shitty way to die...)
[21:33] Caoilinn: (Yeah. He'd get a sword up his backside. :) )
[21:34] Alathon: Alright, end of round; top of the next
[21:34] Alathon: The harleyrider swings at caoilinn again
[21:34] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 at caoilinn
[21:34] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 at caoilinn --> [ 1d20=14 ]{20}
[21:34] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:34] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{14}
[21:34] Alathon: roll 1d10+5
[21:34] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d10+5 --> [ 1d10=1 ]{6}
[21:34] Alathon: But connects poorly, and does no damage. Again.
[21:35] * Caoilinn laughs at his ineffectual blow.
[21:35] Alathon: Amiko is up
[21:35] Alathon: You've got clear shots at themw hile they mount; no dodge for them
[21:35] Ami_23: Shoot at one of the mounting, full auto
[21:35] Tsukasa: (Auto to da FACE!)
[21:35] Ami_23: (25 shots...)
[21:35] Ami_23: roll 1d20+4
[21:35] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
[21:36] Ami_23: (was me keeping track of number of shots...)
[21:36] Alathon: 3d8
[21:36] Alathon: nod
[21:36] Ami_23: roll 3d8 Head!
[21:36] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 3d8 Head! --> [ 3d8=12 ]{12}
[21:36] Alathon: they thud into the rider, but don't kill him.
[21:36] Alathon: Caoilinn is up.
[21:37] * Caoilinn grins wildly at her playmate.
[21:39] * Caoilinn smacks at his hand with a sword. (disarm)
[21:39] Caoilinn: roll 1d20-1
[21:39] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20-1 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{18}
[21:39] Tsukasa: (... You know, you _could_ have directed that awesome roll into killing him...)
[21:41] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 parry
[21:41] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 parry --> [ 1d20=3 ]{9}
[21:41] Alathon: roll 1d20+5 strength check
[21:41] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+5 strength check --> [ 1d20=7 ]{12}
[21:41] Alathon: The gun is torn from his hands and clatters to the ground.
[21:41] Alathon: He doesn't look quite as confident as he did a moment ago.
[21:42] Alathon: Jebra takes a shot at one of the ones taking cover.
[21:42] Alathon: roll 1d2
[21:42] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d2 --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
[21:42] Alathon: But hits the building instead.
[21:42] * Caoilinn lightly pokes at him with her other sword.
[21:42] Caoilinn: "Run, little man."
[21:43] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:43] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{18}
[21:43] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 dodge
[21:43] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 dodge --> [ 1d20=2 ]{6}
[21:43] Alathon: he can't get outta the way
[21:43] Alathon: ((forgot caoilinn had another attack coming))
[21:43] Tsukasa: (Wait, aren't the ones who were in cover now going on hogs?)
[21:43] Caoilinn: roll 1d1
[21:43] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d1 --> [ 1d1=1 ]{1}
[21:44] Alathon: Caoilinn scores on the Harleyrider,
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Session #6 - Continued

Postby Alathon » Sat Sep 23, 2006 3:33 am

Session #6 - Continued
[21:44] Alathon: Caoilinn scores on the Harleyrider, doing no appreciable damage, but scaring the crap out of him.
[21:44] Alathon: the Harleyrider stumbles back a bit.
[21:44] Alathon: ((rofl))
[21:44] Alathon: ((good point))
[21:44] * Tsukasa takes a shot at another of the ones boarding their bikes, growling to herself.
[21:44] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[21:44] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{24}
[21:44] Alathon: Jebra hits
[21:44] Alathon: roll 1d12+2
[21:45] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=1 ]{3}
[21:45] Alathon: to no affect
[21:45] Alathon: Hit, +22 damage
[21:45] Tsukasa: roll 1d10+22
[21:45] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d10+22 --> [ 1d10=8 ]{30}
[21:45] Alathon: that thing should be almost outta juice btw
[21:45] Alathon: You pierce the harleyrider through the torso. He liked having a torso, but he doesn't like anything anymore.
[21:45] Tsukasa: (40/100)
[21:45] Tsukasa: (The first three shots were from the plasma rifle)
[21:45] Alathon: one left, one wounded
[21:45] Alathon: nod
[21:46] Alathon: er one full, one wounded, remaining
[21:46] Alathon: Sheena is up.
[21:46] Alathon: the Hogs are now getting on their bikes and gunning it as fast as they can to get the fuck outta here.
[21:46] * Sheena notices them trying to get away
[21:47] * Sheena She dumps whats left of her power at the middle ones bike.
[21:47] Sheena: No escape!
[21:47] Sheena: Roll 1d20+14
[21:47] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{16}
[21:47] Sheena: (I fucking hate this dice bot)
[21:47] Sheena: (it ruins the moment)
[21:47] Caoilinn: (Want Tarou's instead? :) )
[21:47] Tsukasa: (Yeah... It's hating on us today)
[21:47] Tsukasa: (Last week it was honestly pretty good)
[21:48] * Sheena time skips back for a moment
[21:48] Sheena: No Escape!
[21:48] Sheena: Roll 1d20+14
[21:48] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{27}
[21:48] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 drive dodge
[21:48] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 drive dodge --> [ 1d20=20 ]{26}
[21:48] Tsukasa: (MUCH more dramatic)
[21:48] Alathon: .....
[21:48] Sheena: (heh)
[21:48] Tsukasa: (... Equally dramatic)
[21:48] Caoilinn: (Yes. Very dramatic. :) )
[21:48] Alathon: the bolts scream by the harleyrider, bracketing him but not hitting him.. but they look like they'll be around for another go.
[21:49] Sheena: (its aiming for his bike)
[21:49] Alathon: Cool
[21:49] Alathon: top of the round
[21:50] * Sheena Armor fades as she falls to her knees out of breath
[21:50] Alathon: the harleyrider fighting Caoilinn panicks, and grabs a chair to defend himself from caoilinn, and just blocks.
[21:50] Ami_23: Shoot at one of the riders. 5 shots.
[21:50] Alathon: Amiko is up.
[21:50] Alathon: BTW
[21:50] Ami_23: ?
[21:50] Alathon: You can all tell that, based on how fast they've gone before, you've got two rounds (this round and the next) to get them before they're out of special attack range, and soon after that beam range
[21:50] Ami_23: Ah
[21:51] Ami_23: Well, shoot at one of the riders, 5 shots (last of these mags, and drop the clips out)
[21:51] * Tsukasa still has a shot in her plasma, conveniently :)
[21:51] Ami_23: 1d20+4
[21:51] Ami_23: roll 1d20+4
[21:51] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
[21:51] Sheena: (thats why i shot the idoits bike and not him)
[21:51] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 drive to dodge
[21:51] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 drive to dodge --> [ 1d20=9 ]{15}
[21:51] Alathon: You hit, 1d8
[21:51] Ami_23: roll 1d8
[21:51] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d8 --> [ 1d8=5 ]{5}
[21:51] Alathon: It wings him.
[21:51] Alathon: Caoilinn is up
[21:51] * Ami_23 starts to reload
[21:52] Alathon: It'll take one round to reload every two powerpacks.
[21:52] * Caoilinn just stands there for a moment, looking at the rider with a little smile on her face.
[21:53] * Caoilinn drives her sword forward with all her strength, trying to go right through the chair.
[21:53] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:53] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{7}
[21:53] Alathon: roll 1d20+10 block
[21:53] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+10 block --> [ 1d20=10 ]{20}
[21:53] Alathon: He blocks.. roll your damage vs chair
[21:53] Caoilinn: roll 1d8+4
[21:53] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d8+4 --> [ 1d8=7 ]{11}
[21:54] Sheena: (nice chair)
[21:54] Alathon: However the chair is destroyed by that attack.
[21:54] Caoilinn: (Does the attack go through to hit him?)
[21:54] Alathon: No
[21:54] Caoilinn: (Darn)
[21:54] * Caoilinn pokes at him again.
[21:54] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[21:54] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{13}
[21:54] Alathon: ((I'd be more inclined to allow something like that witha big power attack.. though strictkly speaking, a successful block should be a successful block))
[21:54] Alathon: roll 1d20 dodge
[21:54] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 dodge --> [ 1d20=6 ]{6}
[21:54] Caoilinn: roll 1d1
[21:54] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d1 --> [ 1d1=1 ]{1}
[21:55] Alathon: He can't avoid the next attack, though, and screeches as you nick him.
[21:55] Caoilinn: (Well, you can block with a tissue, but it won't do you much good. :) )
[21:55] * Tsukasa takes a shot at the guy Sheena's magic-bolts aren't about to kill.
[21:55] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[21:55] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{16}
[21:55] Alathon: You just wouldn't be allowed to block with something not-block-worthy ;p
[21:55] Tsukasa: (Divine Relationship, rerolling)
[21:55] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+14
[21:55] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{32}
[21:55] Alathon: Jebra shouts: 'That's right, run, you bastards!"
[21:55] Tsukasa: (Much nicer)
[21:55] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 at one.
[21:55] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 at one. --> [ 1d20=5 ]{11}
[21:55] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 drive dodge
[21:55] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 drive dodge --> [ 1d20=1 ]{5}
[21:55] Alathon: roll 1d12+2
[21:55] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d12+2 --> [ 1d12=7 ]{9}
[21:56] Tsukasa: "I beg to disagree! They will NOT get away."
[21:56] Caoilinn: (What about those dramatic scenes where someone tries to block but the hero's sword just shatters his opponent's and continues on to kill him? :) )
[21:56] Alathon: He's injued by jebras shot, and now tries to avoid your laser.
[21:56] Tsukasa: (I keep forgetting about Jebra...)
[21:56] Alathon: roll 1d20+2 drive dodge
[21:56] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 drive dodge --> [ 1d20=1 ]{3}
[21:57] Alathon: He swerves right through your laser beam, cutting his own head off.
[21:57] Ami_23: .....
[21:57] Tsukasa: (... Heh)
[21:57] * Ami_23 stares
[21:57] Ami_23: "... Nice.
[21:57] * Tsukasa doesn't really have anything to say to that.
[21:57] Tsukasa: (What's my burn?)
[21:57] Alathon: he guns it and keeps running.
[21:57] Alathon: 29
[21:58] Tsukasa: (Roger that, mostly down now)
[21:58] Alathon: Sheena's up.. your bolts from last turn are still homing in.
[21:59] * Sheena focuses of blowing that rides bike up
[21:59] Sheena: (done, I mean i only got 2 ep left)
[21:59] Alathon: roll the attack
[21:59] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled the attack --> error: malformed expression
[21:59] Alathon: the bolts swing around for another shot at the last rider's bike.
[21:59] Sheena: Roll 1d20+14
[21:59] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+14 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{26}
[21:59] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 drive dodge
[21:59] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 drive dodge --> [ 1d20=15 ]{19}
[21:59] Alathon: hit
[22:00] Sheena: roll 4d8+2
[22:00] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 4d8+2 --> [ 4d8=10 ]{12}
[22:00] Sheena: (damn)
[22:00] Alathon: The hog isn't nearly as well armored as the rider, and while it doesn't explode into a gout of flame, it loses it's front end, spilling the rider.
[22:00] Alathon: roll 3d6 wtfthrownfrombike damage
[22:00] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 3d6 wtfthrownfrombike damage --> [ 3d6=14 ]{14}
[22:00] Alathon: It's hard to tell at this distance, but it looks like he landed on his head.
[22:01] Alathon: The last remaining harleyrider turns and runs from Caoilinn, jumping through a window.
[22:01] Alathon: Amiko is up; you see him come through a window.
[22:01] Caoilinn: (Hey, do I get a swing at him in passing?)
[22:01] Ami_23: I am reloading, can I get a shot off?
[22:02] Tsukasa: (You've got two packs in now)
[22:02] Alathon: you're reloading, if you wanna use the pulse rifle
[22:02] Tsukasa: (You CAN fire, I think)
[22:02] Alathon: if you wanna snap off a shot with the pistol, you can
[22:02] Ami_23: yeah. SHOOT!
[22:02] Ami_23: Okay, do so.
[22:02] Ami_23: 1d20+4 Pistol!
[22:02] Ami_23: roll 1d20+4 Pistol!
[22:02] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d20+4 Pistol! --> [ 1d20=6 ]{10}
[22:02] Caoilinn: (No attack of opportunity/)
[22:02] Tsukasa: (But didn't she already stick in two packs last turn? Does it need to be fully loaded?)
[22:02] Alathon: ((not in anime d20, as far as I know))
[22:03] Tsukasa: (Well, whatever, since it probably missed anyway :) )
[22:03] Alathon: ((which kinda fits, given how often people in anime fights engage and disengage at will))
[22:03] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 dodge
[22:03] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 dodge --> [ 1d20=3 ]{9}
[22:03] Alathon: nope, hit
[22:03] Ami_23: roll 1d8
[22:03] Ala-bot: Ami_23 rolled 1d8 --> [ 1d8=1 ]{1}
[22:03] Alathon: But no damage.
[22:03] Ami_23: (... .... .... )
[22:03] Alathon: Caoilinn is up; you can catch him and do whatever
[22:03] Ami_23: (That... just isn't _right_)
[22:03] Alathon: since he had to bust the window
[22:03] Alathon: heh
[22:04] Alathon: think of how many times you've seen action heroes get shot in the arm, wince, then ignore it
[22:04] Tsukasa: (Well, you'd have needed to roll pretty damn high to hit, really... Not much point to the blasters)
[22:06] Sheena: (give yuuno a turn at the end)
[22:06] Sheena: (or use him now cao)
[22:06] * Caoilinn leaps after him with a wild grin and slashes away.
[22:06] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[22:06] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{5}
[22:06] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[22:06] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{9}
[22:06] Tsukasa: (... Divine Relationship. Stat)
[22:07] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 dodge
[22:07] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 dodge --> [ 1d20=14 ]{18}
[22:07] Alathon: roll 1d20+2 dodge
[22:07] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+2 dodge --> [ 1d20=17 ]{19}
[22:07] Tsukasa: (You NEED to preserve the drama)
[22:07] Caoilinn: (yeah, divine...)
[22:07] Alathon: roll your first attack then
[22:07] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled your first attack then --> error: malformed expression
[22:07] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[22:07] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{9}
[22:07] Alathon: ........
[22:07] Alathon: wtf
[22:07] Sheena: (drama hell, im going to struggle bind his ass)
[22:07] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 dodge
[22:07] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 dodge --> [ 1d20=18 ]{22}
[22:07] Caoilinn: (Apparently, my divine relationship is with Cthulhu...)
[22:07] Caoilinn: (Don't suppose he gets no dodge while running away? :) )
[22:08] Alathon: Terrified, the Harleyrider is stumbling this way and that, and by skill or luck manages to evade both of Caoilinn's swipes.
[22:08] Caoilinn: "He's mine!"
[22:08] Sheena: (go yuuno! )
[22:08] Ami_23: "Then hurry up and kill him."
[22:08] Ami_23: "Otherwise, we'll take him."
[22:08] Caoilinn: (You're one to talk. :p )
[22:09] Ami_23: (I _killed_ one, thank you very much!)
[22:09] Sheena: "Ya! we'll get em"
[22:09] * Sheena is learning aginst a wall dead tired
[22:09] Alathon: If you all just wanna stand by, Jebra will honor Caoilinn's request.
[22:09] Ami_23: Sure.
[22:09] Tsukasa: (Well, there IS the spilled guy)
[22:09] Alathon: the harleyrider will run for a bike, but it'll take him a round to get there
[22:09] Tsukasa: (Is he utterly dead?)
[22:09] * Ami_23 finishes reloading, and waits for Caoilinn to kill her prey
[22:09] Alathon: you don't know, but he looked like he landed bad, and hasn't moved since
[22:09] Sheena: (how many bikes are laying around?)
[22:10] Alathon: a couple near you, five or six up by caoilinn.
[22:10] * Tsukasa struggles to pull herself towards Sanshi's fallen form.
[22:11] Caoilinn: (Am I up again?)
[22:11] Alathon: yup
[22:11] Alathon: he's zigzagging trying not to get cut (fully defensive)
[22:11] * Caoilinn starts another slash but frowns and changes it to a knockout blow attempt.
[22:11] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[22:11] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{7}
[22:11] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[22:11] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{5}
[22:11] Alathon: roll 1d20+8 dodge
[22:11] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+8 dodge --> [ 1d20=8 ]{16}
[22:11] Alathon: roll 1d20+6 dodge
[22:11] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+6 dodge --> [ 1d20=9 ]{15}
[22:12] Alathon: He manages to avoid both.
[22:12] Tsukasa: (... Wow)
[22:12] Yuuno: "Oy!"
[22:12] Alathon: He'll get to his bike and try to mount it on his turn next turn.
[22:12] Yuuno: (thats it my turn)
[22:12] Caoilinn: (One last attempt before he can start riding?)
[22:12] Alathon: Yuuno's free to go
[22:12] Alathon: since we're esesntially out of combat time
[22:12] * Sanshi stirs slightly.
[22:12] Alathon: yeah
[22:12] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[22:12] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{17}
[22:13] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+3
[22:13] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{4}
[22:13] Yuuno: Roll 1d20+7 Strugle bind!
[22:13] Ala-bot: Yuuno rolled 1d20+7 Strugle bind! --> [ 1d20=20 ]{27}
[22:13] Alathon: For those who are nearby, Jebra iscarefully letting himself down.
[22:13] Alathon: Okay.
[22:13] Alathon: Gonna say Yuuno went first on that;
[22:13] Yuuno: (he crits the bind)
[22:13] Alathon: roll 1d20+4 dodge
[22:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20+4 dodge --> [ 1d20=13 ]{17}
[22:13] Alathon: He fails to avoid the bind and is wrapped in powerful bands of energy, and is completly immobilized.
[22:13] * Tsukasa almost sobs in relief when she sees Sanshi move, and continues crawling towards him, glowing red.
[22:13] Alathon: It's up to you all what you wanna do with him at this point.
[22:14] Alathon: Jebra trots up to Tsukasa.
[22:14] Tsukasa: (Interrogate. Although Tsukasa's a little busy...)
[22:14] Alathon: Jebra: "Uh.. want a hand?"
[22:14] Caoilinn: (I imagine my attack would continue to ko him.)
[22:14] Alathon: You'd see the bind take place
[22:14] * Tsukasa looks up. "Yes... Thank you."
[22:14] Alathon: you can do what you want, you have time to react
[22:14] Alathon: Yuuno just took forever to typehis stuff out ;p
[22:15] * Sheena starts walkin to the group, leaning heavly on her staff while doing it
[22:15] * Ami_23 shoulders her rifle, and eyes teh bodies.
[22:15] Alathon: Jebra hefts Tsukasa with a fair bit of effort and carries her over to Sanshi, who is slowly getting up, obviously in pain.
[22:16] * Sanshi blinks up and blearily sees Tsukasa getting helped towards him. "... Mommy?"
[22:16] Alathon: Jebra: "Forgive me, but I've got to get a bucket brigade together."
[22:16] Alathon: Jebra sets you down by him.
[22:16] * Tsukasa shakes her head, focused on Sanshi. "Thanks for your help."
[22:16] Alathon: Jebra joggs off to the south.
[22:16] Tsukasa: "Sanshi... you CAN'T keep doing this.
[22:16] * Caoilinn stops, breathing heavily, and just stares at the bound man for several seconds before dropping her swords and walking back toward the hall.
[22:17] Alathon: The Harleyrider is gibbering in terror at this point, struggling against the Bind but not coherent enough to try to cut it or otherwise attack it effectively.
[22:19] Sheena: "Damn, what a night."
[22:20] * Tsukasa just lays there stroking Sanshi, still glowing.
[22:21] * Ami_23 sighs. "CAOILINN!"
[22:21] Ami_23: "He's bound. Captured. We don't shoot prisoners."
[22:22] Sheena: "She all ready left idoit"
[22:22] Ami_23: [ed remove last two lines]
[22:22] * Sheena heads over to Tsukasa
[22:22] Ami_23: "Jebra. What do you do with prisoners you capture?"
[22:22] Alathon: [22:16] Alathon: Jebra joggs off to the south.
[22:23] Tsukasa: (He's sorting out his own guys)
[22:23] Caoilinn: (Man, everyone you try to talk to is gone. Whatever you do, don't talk to the prisoner. :D )
[22:23] Sheena: "Lets get you two back inside and patched up"
[22:23] * Ami_23 looks around and sighs. "Okay, fine. I'll keep watch over our prisoner."
[22:23] Alathon: As you look around, several houses are burning merrily, with those next to them in danger of catching. The street is plenty wide to avoid them, however.
[22:23] * Tsukasa blinks up at Sheena, quickly losing mental focus. "I'm... fine. Check San...shi."
[22:23] * Tsukasa collapses.
[22:23] Alathon: Many of the downed bikes have sacks tied onto the backs.
[22:24] Sheena: "Oh great,"
[22:24] * Tsukasa is only lightly wounded at this point, and the wounds are healing at a visible rate.
[22:24] * Sheena toes Sanshi
[22:24] * Ami_23 grabs all the sacks and puts them next to the prisoner, and drags the bodies of the harelyriders to a pile.
[22:24] Sheena: "Oy, you alive down there?"
[22:24] * Sanshi nods. "I okay."
[22:24] Alathon: One of the sacks will spill open; it's obviously stuff looted from the houses.
[22:24] Ami_23: "Damm."
[22:24] Sanshi: "Wanna make sure Mommy okay."
[22:25] Sheena: "Then lets get a move on, towns burning down around us ya know."
[22:25] * Ami_23 finishes and drops next to Sanshi and Tsukasa.
[22:25] Ami_23: "We're fine here, Sheena. Let's wait here, til they come back. Unless YOU want to carry the prisoner. HOw are you all?"
[22:25] * Sanshi lifts Tsukasa in his arms and stumbles into a standing position.
[22:25] Sheena: "That guy isnt' going anyplace unless yuuno lets him go."
[22:26] * Sanshi was a LOT more wounded than Tsukasa, but he's healing even faster - bullets are being pushed out of their holes.
[22:26] Sheena: "And im about to pass out so....."
[22:26] Ami_23: "Yunno?"
[22:26] Ami_23: "Mind waiting here til we get back?"
[22:26] Ami_23: (and where's my cat?)
[22:27] Sheena: "eh.. i think kye-chan has him still, and Sanshi, thats a bit painfull looking'
[22:27] * Tsukasa nods. "Is hurt-ness. Can take, but."
[22:27] Ami_23: "Fine. let's see if I can lug him onto one of the bikes, and take it to the milita building."
[22:27] * Ami_23 tries to do so.
[22:27] Tsukasa: (Ahem. Wrong window )
[22:27] *** Ami_23 is now known as Amiko.
[22:28] Sheena: "You want to get shot up?"
[22:28] Sheena: "Just leave the fool here, the towns mility will get him"
[22:28] * Amiko snorts. "Only if Yunno doesn't let go of him. Oh, well."
[22:28] Sheena: "He won't"
[22:28] * Amiko takes out a bandage and puts it on.
[22:29] Amiko: "Let's go."
[22:30] Sheena: "Come on Sanshi, lets go rest up"
[22:30] Tsukasa: (Heh, someone pick up my guns and power packs)
[22:30] Sheena: (oh right)
[22:30] Caoilinn: (Oh, I'm sure someone will if we leave them there. ;) )
[22:30] * Amiko collects all the equipement left behind by the team.
[22:31] Tsukasa: (Just a minute, I think the Sanshi window is kicked)
[22:31] * Sanshi nods solemnly and follows Sheena.
[22:32] * Sheena Stumbles a for a bit as darkheart dissapers in her hands "Only the secound time i have been this drained"
[22:32] * Sheena keeps walking slowly
[22:32] * Amiko finishes collecting the weapons and spent power packs and follows, tired as well.
[22:32] Sheena: "Last time was when some one popped my magic"
[22:32] Amiko: ((and, oh, do I want healing spells))
[22:32] * Sheena glances at Amiko
[22:32] Tsukasa: (Heh, I'm taking care of that for now)
[22:33] Amiko: (For myself! I hate getting shot!)
[22:34] Alathon: Eventually Jebra and a mix of townsmen and militiamen will come up, many of them lugging wheelbarrows with barrels on them. They'll, over the course of half an hour or so, put the fires out.
[22:34] Alathon: They'll offer assistance back tothe Hall for any who want or need it.
[22:34] * Amiko waves off assiance for herself.
[22:34] Alathon: Some of the militiamen eye the bound Harleyrider evilly, fingering hteir weapons, but they don't do anything.
[22:35] * Sheena helps Sanshi into the hall to there beds ingoring any staring people
[22:36] * Amiko leans Tsukasa's rifle next to her, and leans against a wall.
[22:36] * Sanshi gently lays Tsukasa on the bunk she'd claimed and curls up next to it, laying his head beside her.
[22:37] * Sheena pulls out another bottle of water from and back and down the hole thing before leaning proping it up as her pillow and laying aginst it
[22:37] Sheena: (*pack)
[22:37] Alathon: how are we all.. tired, game for a lot more, ?
[22:37] Caoilinn: (I'm ok.)
[22:37] Sheena: (im gtg)
[22:37] Amiko: (you know, here)
[22:37] Alathon: nod
[22:37] Sheena: (can't do shit with sheena tho)
[22:37] Tsukasa: (I'll keep)
[22:37] Alathon: You'll be able to crash, and sleep peacefully, well into the next morning.
[22:37] * Caoilinn is lying on her bunk with her pillow over her head.
[22:38] * Caoilinn gets up with a sigh after a bit and sees if anyone needs her help.
[22:38] * Caoilinn seems rather down.
[22:38] *** Strata|AFK has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[22:39] Alathon: Parents have managed to get their kids to sleep in various places, and it's too late at night now for the really young ones to stay up.
[22:39] Alathon: Most of the townfolk are by now at the north end of town, piecing through their stuff, bemoaning their houses, or gawking
[22:39] Alathon: Nobody seems terribly inclined to bother you.
[22:40] * Amiko goes to sleep
[22:41] Alathon: Time passes
[22:41] Alathon: people sleep
[22:41] * Caoilinn evenually goes to sleep.
[22:41] Alathon: unless you do something, you'll sleep peacefully until woekn up for breakfast.
[22:42] *** Sollord has left #CrystalTokyo.
[22:42] Alathon: Breakfast will be fairly reserved, compared to the raucus dinner of yestereve.
[22:42] Alathon: Mostly, people will keep to themselves.
[22:42] Alathon: General chatter overheard is about what you'd expect from people who'd been driven from their homes by war, only to find their supposedly safe haven attacked.
[22:43] * Tsukasa wakes up in bed with a monstrous cat next to her. As her first order of business, she gives him a hug.
[22:43] Sheena: "Hey kye-chan, you fealing ok?"
[22:43] Tsukasa: "PLEASE don't rush in like that..."
[22:43] Caoilinn: (Kye-chan? Was that to me?)
[22:44] Sheena: (i duno, you keep changing your freaking name)
[22:44] Caoilinn: (Huh? I haven't changed it once.)
[22:44] Sheena: (key cow, cao? kew?)
[22:44] Caoilinn: (It's always been spelled this way and pronounced KAY-leen)
[22:45] * Sheena is feeling a lot better after a night of rest
[22:45] * Sheena bugs KAY a bit
[22:45] Caoilinn: (So, in Japanese spelling, Kei would be a short form, I guess)
[22:45] Caoilinn: "Yeah, I guess..."
[22:45] Alathon: You'll have a bit of time to yourselves; various families will approach you to thank you for fighting to defend them, but they're brief and don't stick around to chat, unless you want them to.
[22:45] Sheena: " You took a lot of head to head last night"
[22:46] Caoilinn: "I didn't get hurt."
[22:46] * Caoilinn makes herself a new pair of swords.
[22:46] * Tsukasa is rather absorbed in basically giving Sanshi attention and thinking about something.
[22:47] * Amiko just looks around at the people, while eating.
[22:47] Caoilinn: "Is everyone else ok?"
[22:47] * Caoilinn looks around.
[22:47] * Amiko nods
[22:48] * Tsukasa blinks and stares at Caoilinn.
[22:48] Alathon: Jebra will eventually seek you out.
[22:49] Alathon: Jebra offers Caoilinn a wad of dirty double dollars.
[22:49] Alathon: Jebra: "This isn't payment or anything.. this is yours by right."
[22:49] Sheena: "Tsukasa and Sanshi took most of the shots last night, I just got grazed"
[22:49] Caoilinn: (Filthy money!)
[22:49] * Caoilinn looks confused.
[22:49] Sheena: (Caos got blood money now)
[22:49] Caoilinn: "What for?"
[22:50] Alathon: Jebra: "If you don't mind, we'd badly like to keep the equipment.. you've seen how we match up there.. but you may need this more than us."
[22:50] Alathon: Jebra: "Spoils of war, I suppose."
[22:50] Alathon: Jebra: "The harleyriders don't need it, and if anyone deserves it, you all do."
[22:50] * Caoilinn sighs.
[22:50] * Amiko sighs as well, and shrugs at Caoilinn.
[22:51] Amiko: "No rules over prize money, Caoilinn."
[22:51] Caoilinn: "Let the families of the men who died last night have it."
[22:51] Alathon: Jebra: "Having heard you were selling those crystal items, I couldn't help but think you deserved this."
[22:51] * Amiko nods at Caoilinn.
[22:51] Alathon: Jebra's eyes widen a bit, but he nods, thankfully.
[22:51] Caoilinn: "And if there's anything I can make that would help your town or people, let me know."
[22:52] Alathon: Jebra: "That's immensely generous of you. While it's no recompense, it'll go a long way to help with worldly matters."
[22:52] Alathon: Jebra: 'I.. if I can think of anything, I'll ask."
[22:52] Alathon: Jebra will leave at this point, unless you want to discuss anything else.
[22:52] * Caoilinn frowns as she thinks of something.
[22:52] Caoilinn: "What did Keyes take?"
[22:52] Alathon: Jebra pauses.
[22:52] Amiko: "Indeed. I want to know."
[22:53] Sheena: "Ahh yes, that guy"
[22:53] Sheena: "I totaly forgot about that"
[22:54] Alathon: Jebra: "major" Keyes, quartermaster Heikenbleichner, and private Quinn fled with six horses, an assortment of supplies, and the town's militia pay chest.
[22:54] Alathon: Jebra turns sharply, and walks away.
[22:55] * Amiko snarls softly.
[22:56] Alathon: INcidentally
[22:56] Alathon: Your tressym is smart enough to have returned afters ome time of not being ablet o catch up to them.
[22:56] Alathon: as they were making good time and had spare horses.
[22:56] * Caoilinn turns to the others.
[22:57] Caoilinn: "I'm sorry if I spoke out of turn giving the money to the families."
[22:57] Caoilinn: "He was offering it to all of us."
[22:57] Sheena: "We didn't need it'
[22:58] * Amiko shakes her head. "Excatly right"
[22:58] * Tsukasa nods shortly, still lost in thought. "We weren't killing them for bounty money."
[22:58] Caoilinn: "Ok, then."
[22:58] Caoilinn: "I'd really like to get their pay chest back for them, but I don't see how we could catch up to it."
[22:59] * Amiko nods
[22:59] * Sheena hmmm's
[22:59] Sheena: "If they didnt change directions i may be able to spot them,"
[22:59] Tsukasa: (Sheena: Wide Area Search, use the Harleys to chase 'em down)
[23:00] Sheena: "They must be resting with tired horses thinking they are safe right now"
[23:00] Caoilinn: "Six horses allows them to switch them off and avoid tiring them."
[23:00] Sheena: "BUt not themselfs'
[23:00] * Sanshi nods a little. "Wanna chase."
[23:01] Tsukasa: "You stay back and SAFE, Sanshi."
[23:01] Sheena: "They must have had a meeting place some what near by if they epxected to get there in a single night"
[23:01] * Amiko mmms.
[23:01] Caoilinn: "If we go after them, I need to decide whether I'd be more use with you or helping out here, too."
[23:01] Sheena: "I don't think they expected us to wipe out all there pigrider friends
[23:01] * Sheena grins at that
[23:02] * Amiko smiles cooly.
[23:02] Sheena: "Oh ya, Lets go have a chat with our friend, Yuuno still have him bound"
[23:02] Amiko: "Indeed. Why _chase_ them?"
[23:02] Caoilinn: "I'll ... go talk with Jebra while you do that."
[23:02] * Caoilinn gets up and goes after him.
[23:03] Amiko: (GM _I_ really need to start other things now.)
[23:03] Sheena: "Seems kay scared herself a bit last night when she tore thoes guys up"
[23:03] Sanshi: "Yeah! Long furry can get us to place right away!"
[23:03] * Amiko nods quietly, and goes towards the bound harlyrider.
[23:04] Alathon: If you need to go, you can just go; you've been here for this session, so you Will get exp ;p
[23:04] Amiko: (okay)
[23:04] Tsukasa: (Hm... Before we charge after the Enemy, how charged are my power packs?)
[23:04] Alathon: they're not
[23:04] Tsukasa: (Figured that)
[23:05] Alathon: You have four chagers between the four of you, you can recharge four power packs per hour
[23:05] Sheena: (i have 10 for you)
[23:05] Alathon: amiko has four that need charging (rifle + armor), caoilinn and sheena have one each to charge, and you have a Lot to charge ;p
[23:05] * Tsukasa shakes herself. "Could I borrow your chargers?"
[23:06] Tsukasa: (I have something like 30 at this point...)
[23:06] *** Strata|AFK has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[23:06] Alathon: I'd say more like 35.. 20 + 10 + 4 + 1 at least
[23:06] Alathon: oh but that need charging? yeah, 30ish sounds right
[23:07] Sheena: "Ya no problem"
[23:07] Alathon: It's a fairly sunny day, if you set up chargers on the roof, and switch them out on the hour, you'll get most of 'em charged.
[23:07] Sheena: "I got my engery back, and i don't think that mayor will take much at all"
[23:07] Tsukasa: (We'd get 'em all done within three hours, wouldn't we?)
[23:07] Alathon: you have like, 36 total
[23:07] Alathon: that's 9 hours worth ;p
[23:08] Tsukasa: (Well, I was assuming combine the chargers...)
[23:08] Sheena: (we can catch some sun later while we recharge em)
[23:08] Tsukasa: (Oh wait, it's four power packs overall, not per charger. Never mind)
[23:09] Alathon: I'm inclined to end here
[23:09] Alathon: well
[23:09] Alathon: end after one thing
[23:10] Alathon: All your communicators beep; a message was left.
[23:10] Caoilinn: (Probably a telemarketer...)
[23:10] Sheena: "I didn't think they woudl work at this range"
[23:10] Alathon: "Plan changed. Situation here going bad, procede to Carson ASAP."
[23:11] Alathon: This is from Venus.
[23:11] Sheena: "Looks like we put thoes hogs to use."
[23:11] Sheena: "Wonder how long it woudl take for Caoilinn to crystal thoes things"
[23:11] Tsukasa: "A good point."
[23:15] Alathon: Anyways.
[23:15] Alathon: End here.
[23:16] * Caoilinn rejoins the others but curses as she realizes the game's already ended.
[23:16] Alathon: heh
[23:16] Alathon: Anyways
[23:16] Caoilinn: "I'm bac--" THE END
[23:16] Sheena: lol
[23:17] Alathon: Flat 1000 exp for this session
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Session #7

Postby Alathon » Sat Sep 23, 2006 3:35 am

Session #7
[18:15] Alathon: Alright
[18:15] *** Yuuno has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:15] Alathon: We left off last week with the party having gotten up after a good night's sleep, after whooping the asses of a bunch of Harleyriders
[18:16] Alathon: Ammo is down a bit, but you've got plenty of goodwill, as well as a new directive from Venus: "get to Carson as soon as possible"
[18:16] Alathon: since "things are turning bad"
[18:16] * Caoilinn rejoins the others.
[18:17] Alathon: The Militia hall is nowhere near as crowded as it was with the whole town in it, but there's still pelnty of people hanging around.
[18:17] Alathon: There's a fair amount of metallic noise coming from the front.
[18:18] Alathon: A whole lot of people have stopped you to offer a couple words of thanks.. thankfully, the ones who insisted on gushing had family nearby to drag them off eventually.
[18:18] Alathon: It's mid-morning, say, 10am-ish
[18:18] Alathon: Start here.
[18:18] * Amiko looks around and nods. "Time to go."
[18:18] * Sheena feals a lot better after some rest and recharge.
[18:18] Caoilinn: (Does that noise sound like people smashing up motorcycles?)
[18:19] Caoilinn: "Hey, did you guys get a message, too?"
[18:19] Alathon: Not in particular, but it certainly sounds like people are working with metal.
[18:19] Tsukasa: "I presume we all did."
[18:19] Amiko: "Yes, go snag us enough motorcycles to get back to Carson."
[18:19] Alathon: You all did.
[18:20] Caoilinn: "I don't think motorcycles is a good idea."
[18:20] Sheena: "Ya, looks like the mayor is off the hook, venus wants us back."
[18:20] Sheena: "Do you want to walk the whole way?"
[18:20] Caoilinn: "Nope. I was thinking we could try some teleporting or possibly horses."
[18:20] Amiko: "Can Yunno teleport all of us that far?"
[18:21] Caoilinn: "Yuuno, would you be able to teleport us back to where we separated from the others?"
[18:21] Sheena: I didn't think about that, i guess he would.
[18:21] Sheena: "Now that's simple since we have been there."
[18:21] Caoilinn: "I assume you can't teleport us to the city since we haven't been there?"
[18:21] Sheena: "Still leaves a bit of a walk tho"
[18:22] Alathon: Yuuno could teleport you back to one of the spots where you camped certainly, which would put you pretty near the road, around a third of the way to the city.
[18:22] Caoilinn: "Ok, I'm going to try to contact Lady Venus and see how urgent things are and if she'd be able to meet us at that spot and teleport us all back to the city."
[18:23] Sheena: "You never teleport in a city unless you know it by heart. We got out of the way places back home to use, but i have no idea whats in Carson"
[18:23] Amiko: "Sounds good." I finish packing, and flip though a notebook.
[18:23] Caoilinn: "Failing that, we could ask if we could borrow some horses and ride from there, or if Yuuno's up to it, a series of line-of-sight teleports from the spot where we split up."
[18:23] Sheena: " My votes still on taking the bikes, but thats mostly becaus i want one myself"
[18:23] Caoilinn: "Well, Lady Venus is already there and presumedly has private rooms."
[18:24] Caoilinn: "I don't like the bikes because it'll get us shot at, possibly by cannons, and terrify everyone from here to the city who hears us."
[18:24] Tsukasa: "I like the thought too, but I think we're probably best off NOT taking them when those bikes are something of a shoot-on-sight order."
[18:24] * Caoilinn tries to contact Venus.
[18:24] * Caoilinn finds a private spot first.
[18:25] Sheena: "Damn, The cridets needed for soething like that home are a bit much.."
[18:25] * Sheena pouts at not getting a free bike.
[18:25] Tsukasa: "Earmark one or two."
[18:25] Tsukasa: "Or we could just kill another group of them."
[18:25] Sheena: (what was that guys name from last week? the one in charge?)
[18:26] Caoilinn: (Jebra)
[18:26] Amiko: "Now, now. Killing them just for their bikes..."
[18:27] Sheena: "Since we have been here im going to see if i can get a couple put on the side. If we are taking a boat home its a simple transfer to get our loot"
[18:27] * Sheena heads off to Talk with Jebra and find out what that sound is.
[18:28] Alathon: You'll find Jebra where the sound is coming from, on the second floor of the militia hall.
[18:28] Alathon: He's overseeing a number of workers (engineers? smiths?) installing heavy metal brackets in front of the windows.
[18:29] Alathon: The purpose is obvious from the completed one -- to mount handcannons which are too heavy for most of the militia to use effectively.
[18:29] Caoilinn: "Didn't reach her. I left a message saying we're on our way."
[18:29] Amiko: "Damm. We push. Sucks, but happens."
[18:30] * Sheena waits thill Jebra looks her way and waves him over
[18:30] * Caoilinn finds Yuuno and asks him if the one big teleport followed by a bunch of line-of-sight ones is feasible.
[18:30] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[18:30] Alathon: Jebra will make his way over in half a minute.
[18:30] *** Tsukasa has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[18:30] Alathon: Jebra: "Can I help you?"
[18:30] Alathon: ((d'oh.. wait a sec))
[18:31] *** Tsukasa has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:31] Tsukasa: (Fucking... What'd I miss?)
[18:31] Tsukasa: (From here:)
[18:31] Tsukasa: <Caoilinn> "Didn't reach her. I left a message saying we're on our way."
[18:31] Tsukasa: * Disconnected
[18:32] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[18:32] Caoilinn: (If you're playing an rpg while doing *that*, you're not doing it right.)
[18:32] Tsukasa: (Which?)
[18:32] Caoilinn: (Your first line when you got back)
[18:33] Tsukasa: (I know. What I mean is, which isn't being done right :P )
[18:33] Caoilinn: (If you have to ask...)
[18:34] Alathon: (obviously, you should be focusing on the important part -- the rpg))
[18:34] Alathon: [18:30] Alathon: Jebra: "Can I help you?"
[18:34] Sheena: (heh)
[18:34] Tsukasa: (Naturally)
[18:35] Caoilinn: (Ahhhhh. Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. My mood is good once again.)
[18:35] Sheena: "We got recalled so we are leaving in a few moments"
[18:35] * Sheena looks around and smiles. "I like the improvments, but i had a bit of a favor to ask"
[18:35] Alathon: Jebra: "Ahh, yes.. Caoilinn mentioned that a short while ago."
[18:35] Alathon: Jebra: "Do you need something for your travels?"
[18:36] Sheena: "Hmm, we probly could use some fresh water, But i was wondering what your going to do with the left over bikes from thoes pigriders"
[18:36] * Amiko singgers as she walks over.
[18:36] Caoilinn: (Is Yuuno with Sheena or the others, btw? Just so I know where I am. :) )
[18:36] Amiko: "Don't bother with water from them, they need it more than you do."
[18:37] Alathon: Jebra: "Well, we've already collected the gas, of course."
[18:37] Amiko: "After all, got several galleon containers?"
[18:37] Alathon: Jebra: "We'd probably throw 'em in storage.. be useful to use for courier work, if only we had the gasoline."
[18:38] Alathon: Sheena went looking for Jebra, everyone else is somewhere else unless they follow her.
[18:38] Amiko: I followed her.
[18:38] Sheena: "I was wondering if you could put some on the side. So we can pick them up later. Like say fore?"
[18:38] Caoilinn: (I went to talk to Yuuno.)
[18:38] Alathon: roll 2d6
[18:38] Caoilinn: (But I don't know whether he's wearing Sheena at the moment or not. :) )
[18:38] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{8}
[18:38] Sheena: (thats a question for AL to answer to he can use yuuno :P )
[18:38] Alathon: Jebra opens his mouth for a moment, then pauses, then speaks.
[18:39] Sheena: "It's not to important, if its a problem."
[18:40] Alathon: Jebra: "Certainly.. according to Smith Erickson, eight of 'em look to be reliable and in good shape, and we'd only need a couple at most."
[18:40] * Amiko shrugs and looks around for a container that is clean.
[18:40] Alathon: If you go looking for Sheena, it won't take you long to find her, and Yuuno is presumably with her.
[18:40] Amiko: (6 or more galleons)
[18:41] * Caoilinn finds Yuuno and asks him if the one big teleport followed by a bunch of line-of-sight ones is feasible.
[18:41] * Amiko asks Jebra.
[18:41] Amiko: "Do you have spare containers for Water? Say 6 galleons enough?"
[18:42] Alathon: ((er.. galleons?))
[18:42] Amiko: (yes.)
[18:42] Tsukasa: (Galleons? How much water do YOU need?)
[18:42] Amiko: (It's not how much I need, it's how much I -create-)
[18:42] Alathon: Jebra: "Er.. galleons?"
[18:42] Tsukasa: (As in the ship?)
[18:42] Sheena: (Im' just refilling some liters, Amiko wants to show off)
[18:42] Amiko: "Yes. My compaion here wants fresh water."
[18:43] Alathon: Jebra is confused.
[18:43] Amiko: (No, I can't spell. *sigh*)
[18:43] Sheena: "Eight of em huh? Thats great, Well there is only 4 of us. If you coupld hold on to them for a while that would be great."
[18:43] Amiko: "I can create water. And I don't want to waste the water."
[18:43] Alathon: Jebra shakes his head in amazement.
[18:44] Alathon: Jebra: "That'd be a lot of water, to fill six or eight galleons.. but no, we don't have anything bigger than fishing skiffs around here."
[18:44] Tsukasa: (Still wondering what she wants SHIPS for?)
[18:44] Amiko: (I SAID I misspelled it.)
[18:44] Tsukasa: (Heh, just turn it into a slip-of-the-tongue)
[18:44] Caoilinn: (That damned high-speed language teaching program! :) )
[18:44] Amiko: ((Haven't you figured out that yet? I don't KNOW how to spell the blasted word))
[18:45] Alathon: ((gallons))
[18:45] Alathon: ((... how could you possibly get galleons as a phonetic spelling?))
[18:45] Amiko: "No, gallons... not ships. Sorry about that, the way we learned your language..."
[18:45] Alathon: Jebra: "The way.. oh."
[18:45] Amiko: ((Easy. I rarely pronounce E's.)
[18:45] Alathon: Jebra doesn't get it, but doesn't wanna comment.
[18:46] Alathon: Jebra: "We've got barrels that'd hold ten times that much, and half and quarter barrels."
[18:46] Alathon: Jebra: "Smaller than that, your best bet would be to have something commissioned."
[18:46] Amiko: "Quarter, then, I guess should be big enough, unless you need more water."
[18:46] Amiko: "If you have one to spare, that is."
[18:46] Alathon: Jebra: "We can spare a few, I'm sure."
[18:47] Alathon: Jebra will direct you to the acting quartermaster.
[18:48] * Amiko snags one barrel and casts one spell, and then lugs the water back to Sheena.
[18:48] Amiko: "Here."
[18:48] Alathon: It's a quarter barrel, roughly fifteen gallons.
[18:48] Sheena: (back, Sorry about that)
[18:48] Alathon: It's *heavy*
[18:48] Sheena: (dog let me know it had to go out by taking a dump at the door)
[18:48] Amiko: Alathon: I do take my time.
[18:49] Amiko: "Take what you want, leave the rest for them."
[18:49] Sheena: "Thanks!"
[18:49] Tsukasa: (Well, y'know, communication's a vital part of a relationship)
[18:49] Alathon: It's 130 pounds.
[18:49] Sheena: (illl go get it!)
[18:49] Alathon: You're not gonna be able to move that normally.
[18:50] Sheena: (did jebra agree to hold the bikes?)
[18:50] Amiko: (Fine, I direct Sheena to where she can _get_ the water)
[18:50] Caoilinn: (Would've made more sense to move the barrel and then fill it. :) )
[18:50] Alathon: Yes, he said they could spare four.
[18:50] * Yuuno wakes up to answer Caoilinns questions
[18:50] Yuuno: "Ya, that won't be a problem. I won't be to usefull later tho if you guys need something"
[18:51] Caoilinn: "Great! Thanks."
[18:51] * Sheena heads over to Amiko and her water
[18:51] * Caoilinn passes Yuuno's answer to the others.
[18:51] Caoilinn: "So it looks like we won't need horses."
[18:51] Alathon: how is Sheena moving this water?
[18:51] * Sheena drops her pack and pulls out a few empety bottles
[18:52] Sheena: (im not taking the hole damn thing
[18:52] Alathon: Ahh, in useful chunks.
[18:52] Sheena: "Hey, it's even cold. This is great."
[18:52] Alathon: The whole 'creating water' thing will attract a few stares, but no questions... yet.
[18:52] Sheena: "Thanks Amiko"
[18:52] Amiko: "No problem."
[18:52] Tsukasa: (Um... Out of curiousity, wouldn't it be better to carry the light, near-weightless bottles and load them up with the heavy water when you're thirsty?)
[18:52] Caoilinn: "Let me know when you guys are ready. I want to make what I can for the town while I can."
[18:52] * Caoilinn finds a spot and starts doing just that.
[18:53] Amiko: "Finally getting some ability to do something useful with my spells"
[18:53] * Amiko looks around. "Do you need more water here? or healing?"
[18:53] Alathon: Unfortunately, there aren't any militiamen who need healing -- those who were hit were killed instantly.
[18:53] Sheena: ( i didn't know we had a water spell, and any way)
[18:53] Alathon: You'll find a variety of minor ailments you can assist with though.
[18:53] * Sheena fills her bottles and digs around in her pack for a moment.
[18:54] * Sheena she pulls out some small packets and rips the tops off pooring them into the bottles.
[18:54] * Sheena a quick shake and she puts the now mulity colored bottles back inher bad, leaving a cold one out to drink from
[18:54] Alathon: You succeed at making kool-aid.. now, drink the kool-aid.
[18:55] Sheena: mmmm, crystal koolaid
[18:55] Amiko: (Alathon Okay, how many cure light wounds I burn though?)
[18:55] Alathon: ((haha, it's Crystal Light))
[18:55] Caoilinn: (Crystal Lite. :)
[18:55] Sheena: (lol)
[18:55] Alathon: (( You could burn your entire mana pool if you wanted to handle every scraped knee and hangnail.))
[18:55] Caoilinn: (And if you want to keep Venus waiting. :) )
[18:55] Amiko: (Well, then no. Just real needed healing)
[18:56] Amiko: (A whole minute? That'd be about how long it'd take.)
[18:56] Sheena: (ever one but us was one shotted)
[18:56] * Amiko looks around. "We need to go, is everyone ready?"
[18:56] Caoilinn: (That's how long it'd take to cast the spells. Gathering the people and such will take about an hour. :) )
[18:56] Caoilinn: (If I know people.)
[18:56] Amiko: (laughs)
[18:56] Sheena: (says the one making nicknacks
[18:57] Caoilinn: (You mean the one who said to tell her when you're ready? :p )
[18:58] * Tsukasa starts playing word games with Sanshi to pass the time.
[18:58] * Amiko finds Caoilinn and nods at her.
[18:58] Alathon: Justin, incidentally, will eventually find Caoilinn and inquire if she's up to making any of the crystalware she'd offered to sell previously.
[18:58] Amiko: "Let's saddle up."
[18:58] * Caoilinn nods to Amiko and finishes the item she's working on.
[18:58] Alathon: For healing spells, let's see.
[18:58] Alathon: roll 2d4
[18:58] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 2d4 --> [ 2d4=7 ]{7}
[18:58] Amiko: That does me in.
[18:59] Alathon: Seven people with injuries that are either bad enough to risk infection, already infected, or obviously very painful.
[18:59] Amiko: *nods*
[18:59] Amiko: Okay, I heal what I can with my seven spells. Roll for it?
[18:59] Caoilinn: "Sorry, we've been called away suddenly, so I only had time to make a few things to help the town in rebuilding and in case of future attacks."
[18:59] Alathon: you'll succeed.
[18:59] Amiko: or?
[18:59] Amiko: (I meant the points recovered?)
[18:59] Alathon: hitpoints? no need really
[18:59] Amiko: Anyways, I look tired as I assemble with teh rest.
[19:00] Alathon: you'll be able to have a significant impact on every injury, and no one happens to be dying or severely wounded.
[19:00] Alathon: Justin: "I see, I see... most unfortunate."
[19:00] Alathon: Justin: "But most understandable.."
[19:01] Alathon: Justin: "Though I do hope we'll cross paths again."
[19:01] * Caoilinn nods.
[19:01] Sheena: (do the giant crystal spikes she nailed people to the wall with dissaper?)
[19:01] Alathon: Justin: "You can consider the offer open, at least for a dozen of those plates."
[19:01] Alathon: Justin: "I figure I can set aside enough for those."
[19:01] Caoilinn: "If we meet again, I hope we have a bit more time and a bit less excitement."
[19:01] * Caoilinn smiles at him.
[19:02] Alathon: (those do, since they aren't actually transmuted from air into something permanent))
[19:02] Caoilinn: "If you'll excuse me."
[19:02] * Caoilinn goes over to say goodbye to Jebra and point out what she made.
[19:03] Amiko: ((I forsee Amiko being team Medic...))
[19:03] Caoilinn: "If you want to send a message to the city, we could take one with us."
[19:04] Alathon: Jebra: "Thank you, and, thanks but no."
[19:04] * Caoilinn nods.
[19:05] Caoilinn: "Ok. We'll be going then. Take care and good luck."
[19:05] * Amiko looks tired, and shakes her head.
[19:05] Alathon: Jebra: "You as well, I hope."
[19:05] Amiko: "Sorry I couldn't do more..."
[19:06] Caoilinn: "Thanks."
[19:06] * Caoilinn gathers the others.
[19:06] * Sheena is ready to go
[19:06] Sheena: "mmm, cheery"
[19:06] * Tsukasa is still ready.
[19:07] Caoilinn: "Ok, everyone ready?"
[19:07] Sheena: "hmm, Hey Sanshi, got any bullets left in ya?"
[19:08] Caoilinn: "Ok, we're good to go, Yuuno."
[19:08] * Sanshi pokes himself a little. "Nope, I good!"
[19:08] Sheena: "All right, then"
[19:08] Sheena: 'Lets go yuuno"
[19:08] *** Stratagemini has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[19:08] Sheena: (did we decide on where to?)
[19:09] Amiko: (to the closet point we can get to)
[19:09] Sheena: (Al?)
[19:09] Caoilinn: (Right, then line-of-sights.)
[19:09] Sheena: (my line of sight is rather far)
[19:09] Caoilinn: (Does Yuuno share it?)
[19:10] Alathon: You can teleport to any point at which you rested for any meaningful amount of time, a couple hours plus
[19:10] Alathon: and no, yuuno doesn't share it
[19:11] Alathon: Jebra: "One thing to keep in mind.."
[19:12] Alathon: Jebra: "There's a Carson Militia post at the bridge across the river a couple days south of here."
[19:12] Alathon: Jebra: "You'll probably want to.. go easy.. approaching them."
[19:12] Alathon: Jebra pauses.
[19:13] Sheena: "Will walking up in daylight be easy enought?"
[19:13] Alathon: Jebra: "There's a lot of folk who have.. little left.. who have drifted to Carson, and into the Militia. Some are quite hungry for vengeance."?
[19:13] Alathon: Jebra nods.
[19:13] Alathon: Jebra: "They're not rabid, just very.. aggressive."
[19:15] Sheena: "Oh great,"
[19:16] Amiko: "Joy."
[19:16] Alathon: Jebra shakes his head.
[19:16] Alathon: Jebra: "They're not that bad, just.. don't roll up late at night and expect a warm reception."
[19:16] Alathon: Jebra shrugs.
[19:17] * Caoilinn nods.
[19:17] Alathon: Jebra: "You could bypass the checkpoint entirely if you have a way to get across the river..."
[19:17] Caoilinn: "Thanks for the warning."
[19:17] Alathon: Jebra: "Hopefully it won't come to anything."
[19:17] Caoilinn: "Right."
[19:18] * Sheena heads off with the group.
[19:19] Sheena: "With Venus's warning i see two things happening. They tell us to hurry to carson and help out, Or open fire as soon as they see us"
[19:19] * Amiko shakes her head.
[19:19] Amiko: "Or both."
[19:19] Alathon: Kathy and a few others, some you've spoken with some you haven't, will follow you to see you off.
[19:20] Yuuno: Are we ready?
[19:20] Tsukasa: "I say we sneak AROUND it. Teleport across the river."
[19:20] * Caoilinn waves to the others and wish them well.
[19:20] Caoilinn: "We're ready."
[19:20] * Yuuno is standing on Sheens sholder
[19:20] Yuuno: "Ok"
[19:21] * Yuuno jumps to the group as a white circle of power spreeds along the ground
[19:22] Yuuno: "Long Range Transfer!"
[19:22] Yuuno: (since its well within the safe zone im guessing i dont' ahve to roll)
[19:22] Alathon: First teleport will cost Yuuno 13 ep.
[19:23] Alathon: Yuuno succeeds at teleporting the party safely to his target location.
[19:23] Alathon: (what's your target location again?))
[19:23] Caoilinn: (Where we separated from Venus)
[19:23] Sheena: (what ever is closest)
[19:23] Alathon: Yeah, 13 ep for a safe teleport there.
[19:23] *** Stratagemini has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[19:24] Sheena: (a 1000 mile transer would cost 15ep, how that take 13?)
[19:25] Alathon: ((more than 10, less than 100)
[19:25] Alathon: ((so a rank 5 teleport))
[19:26] Alathon: You'll arrive safely.. if you look around, nothing immediately menaces you.
[19:27] Alathon: Looking north and south along the road, there's... nothing you can see.
[19:27] * Amiko scans the area.
[19:27] Amiko: "Not being shot at is a good thing..."
[19:27] Caoilinn: "Most of the time."
[19:27] * Caoilinn smiles.
[19:27] Sheena: "I guess so, hmm Now that i think about it we really need some armor for Sanshi"
[19:28] Sheena: "I mean cao, just ingored most of there shots"
[19:28] * Tsukasa nods.
[19:28] Caoilinn: "Sure, but armor like that is no fun at all unless it's special stuff you can summon and dismiss at will."
[19:28] Tsukasa: "The crystal tech stuff doesn't fit him, though. And Kei-san's crystal shattered after one hit from the cannon."
[19:29] Caoilinn: "I mean, making something that protective out of normal material would be heavy and bulky."
[19:29] Sheena: "Summoned armor is over rated, You have no choice in how it looks"
[19:29] * Sheena grumbles about that
[19:30] * Caoilinn summons her armor in pale yellow.
[19:30] Caoilinn: "Speak for yourself."
[19:30] * Caoilinn smiles.
[19:30] * Sheena twitchs
[19:30] Tsukasa: (You envy so hard)
[19:31] Sheena: "Not my falt i end up with bows and a skirt, Armored skirt tho, that things odd"
[19:31] Alathon: Where you are, you're.. aw hell, what did I say.. I tihnk it was 2-3 days from Carson.
[19:31] Caoilinn: "Anyway, we may as well get moving. If we can aim for higher areas, we should be able to see further for subsequent teleports."
[19:31] * Amiko nods at Caoilinn.
[19:32] Tsukasa: "Not to mention that we can see higher areas from further away anyway."
[19:32] Alathon: You'll have to go offroad a bit to get to the higher hills, but the brush isn't terribly tough.
[19:32] Caoilinn: "Of course."
[19:32] Sheena: "Walk or guess jumps? Doing something as simple as transfering 20miles north is easy. Just be ready for changes in hight"
[19:32] Alathon: Yuuno: "Simple, he says...."
[19:32] * Sanshi braces and prepares to absorb drops.
[19:32] Alathon: Yuuno grumbles.
[19:32] Alathon: ((she))
[19:33] Caoilinn: "Keep in mind that we should take steps to avoid the guard post before we can see it, if we want to avoid it."
[19:33] Sheena: "It sounded like Venus wanted us there yesterday"
[19:33] Sheena: "Hmm, i say we go to the guard post. To see if we are welcom or not"
[19:33] Sheena: "If they have orders to fire i woudl rather find out from a small group of guards then the city army"
[19:34] Tsukasa: "The guard post will slow us down no matter what though. If we have to get through, we have to be careful. And if they shoot at us on sight, we have to take time breaking through."
[19:34] Caoilinn: "We can. It will slow us down a little if we want to walk up to it rather than teleport up, which would probably set them off."
[19:34] Amiko: "Sounds good."
[19:35] Sheena: "Soo shoot for high land?"
[19:35] Caoilinn: "Yeah."
[19:35] Sheena: "Or just long the road?"
[19:35] Tsukasa: "High ground should give us a bit more range to the teleports."
[19:35] Caoilinn: "I'd say high ground until we get near the river, then the road if we want to go to the post."
[19:35] * Sheena holds out her hand as Dark heart snaps into place
[19:36] * Sheena she points it along the raod to the north
[19:36] * Amiko waits.
[19:36] Sheena: "Lets take a look"
[19:36] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 Wide Area Search
[19:36] Caoilinn: (I thought it was south.)
[19:36] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 Wide Area Search --> [ 1d20=7 ]{14}
[19:36] Sheena: (Carson is to the north as far as i know)
[19:37] Alathon: ((it's so to the south ;p ))
[19:37] Tsukasa: (Well wherever it is, that's the way she's pointing! :) )
[19:37] Alathon: ((fair 'nuff))
[19:37] Sheena: (right!)
[19:37] Caoilinn: ("I see the city... It looks a lot smaller than I thought... Actually, it looks kind of familiar...")
[19:38] Sheena: (hey some kid pissed in our left over water)
[19:40] Sheena: The roads clear as far as i can see put it follows the hills.
[19:40] Sheena: ""
[19:40] Sheena: "We may have a bit of a drop coming out of the transfer"
[19:40] Sheena: "Nothing major from the looks of things"
[19:40] Amiko: "Ouch..."
[19:41] Alathon: Yuuno's common sense kicks in, and he advises you that he'd be risking instant death if he didn't aim high... so it's quite likely to be more than a "bit" of a drop.
[19:41] Caoilinn: "Uh, can't you just land us on the ground?"
[19:42] Alathon: Shooting blind, he can't.
[19:42] Alathon: He can aim "ten miles that way, twenty feet up"
[19:42] Caoilinn: (Why would he be shooting blind?)
[19:42] Caoilinn: (Aren't we doing line-of-sight teleports?)
[19:42] Alathon: Or he can aim for some place he sees, or some place he knows.
[19:42] Sheena: (considering this transfer magic is made for people who can fly, it has minor problem for the land bound)
[19:42] Alathon: that's not what Sheena is talking about
[19:43] Caoilinn: (I thought she was just looking ahead to see if there would be trouble.)
[19:43] Sheena: (im looking ahead soi can say, lets go 20miles THATA WAY)
[19:43] Alathon: Yuuno: "I could, if I knew the target spot.. or could see it.."
[19:43] Alathon: Yuuno: "Land us just fine, I mean."
[19:44] Caoilinn: "Mm, can anyone here fly?"
[19:44] Sheena: (not yet)
[19:44] Alathon: Yuuno scratches himself as he looks around the party for someone to say yes.
[19:44] Sheena: "Would be nice, but i can;t"
[19:45] Sheena: (you guys should have taken some speed,)
[19:45] Sheena: (heh)
[19:45] Tsukasa: "Unfortunately, I don't do much."
[19:45] Caoilinn: "Well, falling a great distance sounds distinctly unhealthy."
[19:46] Caoilinn: "If someone could fly, she could go there with Yuuno without risk so he could memorize the spot..."
[19:46] * Caoilinn shrugs.
[19:46] Caoilinn: "But I'd rather not risk breaking something on arrival."
[19:47] Amiko: "not me, not yet."
[19:47] * Sheena holds up dark heart. "Can we fly?" and suprising gets an answer. "accesses denied at current power level"
[19:48] Tsukasa: "Well... That sounds rather comforting for the future?"
[19:48] Sheena: "Guess im to weak to fly or something"
[19:48] Caoilinn: "So... back to line-of-sight, then?"
[19:49] Sheena: "If you insist Ms.Don't want to fall to your doom"
[19:49] Alathon: Yuuno looks like one relieved little ferret.
[19:49] * Sheena holds up yuuno, "Oh well lets get started, Yuuno. Take us as far as you can safly"
[19:50] Alathon: Yuuno looks around.
[19:50] Alathon: hmm
[19:50] Alathon: just how far can a ferret see...
[19:51] Caoilinn: (With or without his glasses?)
[19:51] Sheena: (its a magic ferret, lets just say normal LOS)
[19:51] Alathon: Well, he's basically got two jumps worth of juice
[19:51] Caoilinn: (Too bad you didn't get a hawk. Flight plus very long LOS. :) )
[19:52] Alathon: so trying to figure out how far that'll get you.. actually
[19:52] Caoilinn: (Just two? I would've thought he'd say that when I asked if he'd be able to do LOS teleports to the city from here...)
[19:53] Alathon: If you hold him over your head, furthest he can see is three miles
[19:53] Alathon: and, the ep values are a pretty flat cost.. half the mp cost of the power
[19:53] Alathon: in this case, a rank 4 teleport, so 20 / 2
[19:54] Alathon: You can extend out that to a full ten miles from a decent hill.
[19:55] Alathon: (( (Link: ... judy1.html) is where I get that 3 mile number from, if you care))
[19:55] Alathon: One jump will take you pretty close to the security post
[19:55] Caoilinn: (About how far is it to the city?)
[19:56] Sheena: (oh? that sounds good.)
[19:56] Tsukasa: (Well, walk from there to the post, then save the teleport)
[19:56] Amiko: (*nods*)
[19:57] Sheena: "Ok yuuno, lets do it then"
[19:57] Alathon: Given that you have to curl a good bit to the southwest, around 25 miles of road
[19:58] Caoilinn: (Ok, and how far should we have left to walk if we teleport straight toward it? And if we go to the post and then teleport?)
[19:59] Sheena: (if the post has a good map that will help a lot)
[20:00] Alathon: Teleporting tot he post will not work terribly well, since it's at a river, which is a low point int he surrounding geography
[20:00] Alathon: you're a couple hour's walk from the post.
[20:01] Amiko: "This is gonna be fun..."
[20:01] Caoilinn: (Ok, and how far to walk if we head straight to the city?)
[20:01] Alathon: Yuuno succeeds at teleporting you a good ways to the south and a little east.
[20:01] Alathon: You'd have to walk on water to accomplish that. The bay is in your way.
[20:02] Alathon: But, around 19-21ish miles as the bird flies
[20:02] Tsukasa: (As a note, we CAN do that)
[20:02] Amiko: "This is fun... If I was just a little bit more powerful, I could scry us a point, and show Yuuno it."
[20:02] Tsukasa: (Sanshi can get one person at a time across any body of water at 50 mph)
[20:03] Amiko: (o.o)
[20:03] Alathon: ((that' requires him sprinting all out))
[20:03] Amiko: ... (wait. SEND YUUNO with her, Yuuno port's back!)
[20:03] Amiko: (and picks us up!)
[20:03] Caoilinn: (He's a class 3 yacht!)
[20:03] Sheena: (heh, sheena can pull 50mph just fine)
[20:03] Amiko: (On water?)
[20:04] Sheena: (its a minor drain on her power)
[20:04] Sheena: (hmm, no not water)
[20:04] Amiko: "Can any of us walk on water?"
[20:04] Caoilinn: "Only if it's very cold out."
[20:04] Amiko: I mutter amused.
[20:04] Sheena: "If this post has a good map, We should be able to transfer the rest of the way"
[20:04] * Sanshi raises a hand. "Uh... Run at least."
[20:04] Sanshi: "Never try walk."
[20:04] Amiko: "... and how long will it take you to get the city?"
[20:05] * Amiko points at it.
[20:05] Sanshi: "... Mommy?"
[20:05] Tsukasa: (How far in miles)
[20:05] Amiko: (approx 20)
[20:06] * Tsukasa pauses, and smacks herself on the forehead. "Less than half an hour at full-speed."
[20:06] Alathon: Yuuno points out that Sanshi would have to get him there and back both, as he's pretty pooped.. that or wait 6-7 hours.
[20:06] Amiko: "Take Yuuno with you. We'll kick back here."
[20:06] * Sheena looks a bit emberssed herself"
[20:06] Amiko: (GM: Can I use Cure Light Wounds to heal Yuuno's EP?)
[20:06] Alathon: Yuuno also points out something else -- a pillar of smoke to the south.
[20:06] Alathon: ((
[20:07] Amiko: (drat. Oh, well)
[20:07] Sheena: "Eh whats that?"
[20:07] Caoilinn: (Haha. That was funny, Amiko. :) )
[20:07] Caoilinn: "The guard post?"
[20:07] Amiko: "Oh, hell."
[20:07] Sheena: Dark hear lets take a look"
[20:07] Tsukasa: "That... does not sound good. But at least they probably won't shoot us, if it's THEM in trouble."
[20:07] Amiko: "We can hope. Let's get to that smoke."
[20:07] Sheena: Roll 1d20+7 )Wide Area Search
[20:07] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+7 )Wide Area Search --> [ 1d20=14 ]{21}
[20:08] Alathon: The smoke isn't terribly thick, but it's there
[20:08] Caoilinn: "If they're equipped like the town was, they won't be doing much of anything pretty soon."
[20:08] * Caoilinn frowns.
[20:08] Caoilinn: "But if there's a fire, it's likely already past that point..."
[20:09] Amiko: "Yeah... I think we'll be busy... if nothing else, we'll make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else."
[20:09] Tsukasa: "We can try to help them, but that WILL delay us from getting in. We should contact Venus as soon as possible and get tasked to whatever we SHOULD be doing."
[20:10] Sheena: "Come on lets hurry, The place is a burt cinder"
[20:10] Tsukasa: "Someone carry me and WE can investigate the outpost, while Yuuno and Sanshi establish a teleport point and come back for us."
[20:11] * Amiko nods.
[20:11] Caoilinn: "Let's all check out the post and decide what to do once we get there."
[20:11] Amiko: "Who's the strongest of us?"
[20:11] Sheena: "Yuuno go with Sanshi and find us a Tansfer point near carson"
[20:11] Caoilinn: "Don't get close enough for them to fire a cannon at you!"
[20:11] Sheena: "I'll take Tsukasa"
[20:12] Sanshi: "Won't! Promise!"
[20:12] Sheena: "Ya just find some place close to hide out"
[20:12] Caoilinn: "And if you run into trouble, teleport back."
[20:12] Tsukasa: "Be CAREFUL Sanshi. If you see anything wrong, run. DON'T rush in."
[20:13] Sheena: "Yuuno if anything happens transfer out you guys out right away"
[20:13] Alathon: Yuuno: "We'll have to wait here a bit if you want me to teleport back to this spot..."
[20:14] Caoilinn: "Better than you guys getting shot up."
[20:14] * Tsukasa sighs and hugs Sanshi, then slips off to Sheena, carrying her gear.
[20:14] Amiko: "Indeed."
[20:14] Alathon: You've been talking for at least a few minutes.. figure an hour wait (until around noon-ish) and Yuuno will have this spot memorized.
[20:14] Tsukasa: "I'm counting on you two to not die, alright? Yuuno, take care of Sanshi for me."
[20:15] * Sheena shifts the wight around some, if its a problem she isnt' showing it
[20:16] Alathon: ((Uh...))
[20:16] Alathon:
[20:14] Tsukasa: "I'm counting on you two to not die, alright? Yuuno, take care of Sanshi for me."
[20:16] Alathon: bleah
[20:16] Alathon: meant to cut paste something else but
[20:16] Alathon: Sheena, no way you're carrying Tsukasa with a strength of SIX
[20:16] Amiko: ......
[20:16] Tsukasa: (...)
[20:16] Amiko: O.o
[20:16] Sheena: (you think i dont have a plan?)
[20:17] Alathon: ((what's your plan, to drop her?))
[20:17] Amiko: (... ... ... ... ... ... ... )
[20:17] Alathon: ((because that's what's gonna happen in about six seconds after you pick her up ;p ))
[20:17] Tsukasa: (... Please don't try Divine Shooter Pulse Propulsion, m'kay?)
[20:17] Alathon: ((haha... who here has seen Slayers TRY... Bomb di Wind!))
[20:17] Sheena: (you can burn ep for temp boosted stat points you get +5)
[20:17] Alathon: ((you get 1 stat point per five ep))
[20:17] Tsukasa: (Wasn't it five EP for one stat?)
[20:18] Amiko: (yeah... it's _not_ a good idea, Sheena.)
[20:18] Caoilinn: (Yeah, it's expensive. :) )
[20:18] Alathon: ((you COULD just unhook her wheelchair and push her, though))
[20:18] Amiko: (...)
[20:18] * Sheena passes off the gear to the group
[20:18] Alathon: Seeing as that's (presumably) still on her saddle.
[20:18] Amiko: (Doh.)
[20:18] Alathon: Sanshi's saddle that is.
[20:18] Amiko: (and I have Grease.)
[20:18] Tsukasa: (Yeah, it is... I assumed Sheena-carry would be faster, but...)
[20:18] Amiko: (BTW: How long is it been?)
[20:18] Sheena: (how much str do i need for just her?)
[20:19] Amiko: (a LOT more htan you have.
[20:19] Alathon: It's around 10:30 am
[20:19] Sheena: (fine fine, its a waste of my tme doing math for this any way)
[20:19] Amiko: (I meant has it been a hour since I burnt my EP)
[20:20] Alathon: It's been half an hour, you have 4 more ep
[20:22] Alathon: So.. what do you all choose to do?
[20:22] Sheena: (check out the burning fire and dieing people ?)
[20:22] Tsukasa: (That was my impression)
[20:23] Alathon: Is sanshi heading south to get a teleport spot?
[20:23] Amiko: (That's what I thought...)
[20:23] Caoilinn: (So, are we walking to the post, then?)
[20:23] Sheena: (i woudl guess do)
[20:24] Sheena: "When we get back, we need to improve out groups speed. Or at lest find another way to traviel"
[20:24] Tsukasa: (Anyone carrying me, or are we going at the pace of a wheelchair over rough terrain?)
[20:24] Caoilinn: (If Yuuno has 2 teleports left, why not teleport to near the post and have Sanshi go from there?)
[20:24] Sheena: "I guessing we will be on missions like this often"
[20:24] Amiko: "I'll learn teleport soon enough."
[20:24] Amiko: "... I hope."
[20:25] Sheena: (Yuuno need the two ports, one to get back to us, one to take us with him back to the city)
[20:25] Caoilinn: (But we're not going to be any place he knows to teleport back to.)
[20:25] Alathon: Uh, he has one teleport now.. two if he waits a few hours
[20:25] Alathon: he had two before you went up short of the post
[20:26] Tsukasa: (But he and Sanshi know where to find us, and Sanshi can run after us quickly enough)
[20:26] Sheena: (ya,)
[20:26] Caoilinn: (Oh, so we did already teleport near the post?)
[20:26] Alathon: Yes
[20:26] Tsukasa: (Heck, they could probably catch up with us before we get to the outpost)
[20:26] Sheena: (good god, we can't even walk down a frekaing road)
[20:26] Caoilinn: (Ok, then. Let's go.)
[20:26] Alathon: [19:57] Sheena: "Ok yuuno, lets do it then"
[20:26] Alathon: [20:01] Alathon: Yuuno succeeds at teleporting you a good ways to the south and a little east.
[20:26] Amiko: (yes...)
[20:26] Alathon: ((You could just walk, that'd work))
[20:27] Caoilinn: (Sure. I thought that was a teleport before the one to the post, and that we had two left after it.)
[20:27] * Caoilinn takes the lead.
[20:27] *** Rockman_Zero has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:28] Alathon: Pace of a wheelchair on a 1000 year old road is pretty slow
[20:28] * Sheena follows along wondering if she should just run ahead all ready
[20:28] Alathon: but you can make it in four-ish hours
[20:28] Amiko: (wait)
[20:28] Tsukasa: (Yeah... Our animal brigade's back already)
[20:28] Caoilinn: (Sheesh. How strong would a person have to be to carry her without trouble?)
[20:29] Alathon: ((Uh, carry a person? People are heavy))
[20:29] Amiko: (12 at least...)
[20:29] Alathon: ((even slightly built ones))
[20:29] Sheena: (your going on a diet Tsukas!)
[20:29] Tsukasa: (Heh)
[20:29] Alathon: ((go heft 80 lb bags of cement around a bit, and then think.. half again to twice that.. for people who aren't fat))
[20:29] Alathon: It doesn't work if you're not Conan-sized
[20:30] Alathon: Not for any great distance
[20:30] Caoilinn: (Maybe she should have gone with Sanshi...)
[20:30] Tsukasa: (... Right. Someone get Telekinesis!)
[20:30] Alathon: Youa ctualyl need retarded numbers of ranks in telekinesis to carry a person
[20:30] Alathon: like four or five I think
[20:30] Amiko: (I love my spell... XD)
[20:30] Alathon: it starts out weak
[20:30] Tsukasa: (I'll change that around if necessary, if I'm slowing everyone down)
[20:31] Alathon: Okay.
[20:31] Alathon: Tsukasa, roll the dice of doom.. 1d20, high is better.
[20:31] *** Sanshi has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[20:31] Tsukasa: (Three ranks)
[20:31] Tsukasa: roll 1d20
[20:31] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{7}
[20:31] Tsukasa: (... Naturally)
[20:32] *** Sanshi has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[20:32] Alathon: Sanshi will make it back to the group well before your each the outpost.
[20:32] Tsukasa: (Hey, I _asked_ if anyone was gonna carry me... Well, guess I'm riding Sanshi again)
[20:32] Amiko: (heh)
[20:33] Alathon: In fact, she'll beb ack before you'd expect, for her having to go 25ish miles.
[20:33] Tsukasa: ('She' meaning male Sanshi?)
[20:33] Alathon: Yuuno: "We had company, but we lost em, I think."
[20:33] Alathon: ((yes ;p ))
[20:33] Tsukasa: "Company? People following you?"
[20:33] Tsukasa: "Were they hostile or just curious?"
[20:33] Alathon: Yuuno: "Harleyriders."
[20:34] Alathon: Yuuno: "They chased us for like, almost ten minutes.. Sanshi outran 'em."
[20:34] Tsukasa: "... Damn, you're alright Sanshi?"
[20:34] Alathon: Sanshi is winded, but uninjured.
[20:34] Sanshi: "I good."
[20:34] * Sheena laughts "I bet that pissed em off"
[20:34] Sheena: "Getting out ran on there bikes'
[20:34] Sheena: "Way to go Sanshi"
[20:34] Amiko: "... AT the town????"
[20:35] Alathon: Yuuno shakes his head.
[20:35] Alathon: Yuuno: "Nah, they were a ways past the guard post."
[20:35] Alathon: Yuuno: "Like, five minutes at least."
[20:35] * Sanshi waves dramatically. "Thank adoring fans, be here all night."
[20:35] Sheena: "How many then? I guess we will be fighting them soon"
[20:36] Alathon: Yuuno: "Uh.. like four of em, I think. I dunno if they're coming though, after Sanshi went offroading when he got past the bridge they quit."
[20:36] Tsukasa: "Wait a moment... If the guard post is burning, and you encountered near it... They probably just blew straight through it. They're heading AWAY from us, or at least were."
[20:36] Alathon: Yuuno looks vaguely appologetic, for a ferret at leats.
[20:36] Alathon: Yuuno: "I dunno, when I saw 'em, they were coming at us."
[20:37] Sheena: "You did good yuuno"
[20:37] Tsukasa: "Good job getting back, at least." She pats both Yuuno and Sanshi, smiling.
[20:37] Amiko: "Oh, goody"
[20:37] Tsukasa: "And we still know more about their position than we did last time."
[20:37] Sheena: "Should we send a message to Venus with an update?"
[20:37] * Amiko does so.
[20:37] Sheena: "We may not get there today"
[20:38] Alathon: btw, time is a bit past 11 am at this point.
[20:38] Sheena: ( asuming we end up in a fight and have to rest)
[20:38] Caoilinn: "If we don't have a long fight, we should."
[20:38] Tsukasa: (Right... I THINK we oughta make it)
[20:38] Tsukasa: "So we evade the enemy."
[20:39] Amiko: "Yuuno, you have a point to teleport to?"
[20:39] Alathon: None of your fights yet have lasted more than two minutes, though.
[20:39] Alathon: Yuuno shakes his head.
[20:39] Tsukasa: (But the restup period after, well...)
[20:39] Alathon: Yuuno: "We didn't stop anywhere on the way, and we sure as heckd idn't stop on the way back!"
[20:40] Alathon: (yeah, I'm kinda surprised you chose not to recharge your power packs, though you still do have enough for at least a couple more fights.))
[20:40] * Amiko opens her commucator. "Lady Venus we have encountered a situation, will attempt to avoid but we might be late."
[20:40] Tsukasa: (Chose not to?)
[20:40] Sheena: (chose not to/)
[20:40] Tsukasa: (I thought I CHOSE to last session, and assumed it was going on in the background)
[20:40] Sheena: (i remeber Tsu setting them out on the roof last session)
[20:40] Alathon: yeah except for the fact that no time passed
[20:41] Alathon: between then and when you left
[20:41] Sheena: (we can use the charges while walking?
[20:41] Alathon: No, they're essentially a bunch of solar film you need to arrange to catch sunlight.
[20:42] Sheena: (figered that, then why bug us about not doing ti when we can't?)
[20:42] Alathon: you could have, if you'd stayed a few hours
[20:43] Tsukasa: (Well then... I'm mooching power packs off ALL of you guys)
[20:43] Caoilinn: (So, Tsukasa is mounting up and we're going to the post?)
[20:43] Caoilinn: (Or are we avoiding it entirely and heading to a high spot?)
[20:44] Alathon: You don't hear the rumble of engines, so if hte Harleyriders are still chasing Sanshi, they're taking their time about it.
[20:44] Amiko: (High spot. Let's avoid this combat)
[20:45] Caoilinn: (Ok, to a high spot it is.)
[20:46] Alathon: You can find a hill off a bit to the south that overlooks the station.
[20:46] Alathon: You can see the river clearly; the station is just a bump in the distance.
[20:46] Alathon: Past a gray mass that's presumably the bridge.
[20:47] Sheena: (shoudl be easy to spot with all the smoke and whatnot)
[20:48] Alathon: It is.
[20:48] Alathon: Yuuno is gassed, he says it'll take a couple hours before he's good for another teleport.
[20:48] Alathon: er
[20:48] Alathon: did you teleport there or walk there?
[20:49] Alathon: walking there will take a bit less than an hour, nm, you didn't say teleport
[20:49] Caoilinn: (Walked)
[20:49] Alathon: There's still a soft cloud of smoke rising from the torched buidling.
[20:49] Amiko: (walked)
[20:49] Alathon: If you get closer you'll be able to see whatever's there with the naked eye, and whatever's there will be able to see you.
[20:50] Caoilinn: (I think we wanted to get height for a teleport that'll take us closer to the city.)
[20:50] Alathon: That's where you went.
[20:51] Sheena: "Well theres the burt out guard post, When i check there was no one around, just a few lose horses"
[20:51] Sheena: (some one decied where the hell we are.)
[20:51] Caoilinn: "Ok. If we're not going to check it out, let's teleport as close to the city as possible and walk the rest of the way."
[20:51] Sheena: (Venus; What took you so long? Can;'t you girls walk down a simple road?)
[20:52] Amiko: (...)
[20:52] Caoilinn: (Don't worry. It takes less time to do than it does to talk about it here. :) )
[20:52] Alathon: Your common sense indicates that if you walked, it woulda taken around three days.
[20:52] Alathon: Thus far, it's been about a third of a day.
[20:53] Alathon: And you're around a third of the way there.
[20:53] Tsukasa: (And that's COUNTING all the other stuff before we actually set off)
[20:53] Alathon: ((just talk more in character and stuff will get decided faster, because you actually have to react to stuff characters say))
[20:54] Alathon: ((and it takes the edge off the time wasted on do-we-have-the-mechanics-to-pull-this-trick stuff))
[20:54] Caoilinn: "Ok... How many more teleports do you think it'll take us to get to Carson City?"
[20:54] Amiko: "Let's just keep moving. Venus' message made it clear she wanted us now. As soon as you can, Yuuno."
[20:54] Alathon: Yuuno: "Um.. if we can find high points, uh.. three, I think."
[20:55] Caoilinn: "Hang on a second. If we have to do more than one, it might make more sense to wait here for Yuuno to regain some energy."
[20:55] Alathon: Yuuno: "I mean, we could find 'em, if there are 'em.. I mean.."
[20:55] Amiko: "I know..."
[20:56] Alathon: Yuuno regens one ep per hour, and a teleport of any meaningful distance will cost 10 ep. He has 19 ep right now.
[20:56] Alathon: Yuuno explains this in more general terms.
[20:56] Caoilinn: "How about we wait an hour, take two more teleports and walk the rest of the way?"
[20:56] Caoilinn: "I suppose we could go to another hill in that hour..."
[20:57] Caoilinn: "After all, Yuuno won't be exerting himself."
[20:58] Caoilinn: (Does it look like there'd be anything gained by doing that as opposed to waiting here?)
[20:58] Sheena: "Sounds good, We can rechrge some of the packs while we wait"
[20:58] Caoilinn: "Ok, let's wait here and recharge."
[20:58] Caoilinn: (Never mind about the hill question. :) )
[20:58] Amiko: "Sounds good, I could use a rest."
[20:59] * Caoilinn sets out her expended packs to charge and keeps watch.
[20:59] Alathon: You can charge up to four packs per hour, if you all set out your charges.
[20:59] * Tsukasa starts charging what she can, and hoards power packs.
[20:59] Caoilinn: "You know what I like about making crystal stuff? It isn't a notable drain on my energy."
[21:00] Caoilinn: (How many packs do we each have again?)
[21:00] Alathon: Yuuno: "how'd you learn to do that anyway?"
[21:00] Alathon: I'd have to do add it up, but it's something like 120ish
[21:00] Alathon: you have 35ish packs needing charging
[21:00] Caoilinn: (So, 30 each?)
[21:01] Alathon: well
[21:01] Alathon: Tsukasa has more, because her weapons hold more
[21:01] Tsukasa: (I know I've got somewhere in the range of 40/50)
[21:01] Amiko: (20 here, with only a few dead.)
[21:01] Alathon: Everyone has 20 + whatever their weapons and armor hold
[21:01] Amiko: (25, then, 4 dead)
[21:01] Caoilinn: (I guess 20 + 3 for armor/pistol...)
[21:02] Sheena: ( have how ever many i got issued for armor, gear and a pistol. None are used but the coms one)
[21:02] Caoilinn: (So, is charging 4/hour per person or for the group?)
[21:02] Alathon: Anyways, a couple hours pass uneventfully, you charge up two powerpacks each, and Yuuno can now do two more line of sight teleports.
[21:02] Alathon: for the group
[21:02] Alathon: because you have one charger each
[21:03] * Sheena hands over her Charger and spare packs to Tsukasa
[21:03] * Caoilinn swaps all but 4 of her charged packs for Tsukasa's expended ones.
[21:04] * Amiko hands her charger to Tsukasa.
[21:05] Amiko: (and half my charged packs in trade for dead ones.)
[21:05] Caoilinn: "Ok. Are we ready to teleport?"
[21:05] Amiko: "Yup."
[21:05] Alathon: You all can reapportion packs so those who use them more than the rest (Tsukasa, Amiko) have full ammo.
[21:05] Alathon: Yuuno: "Yup!"
[21:05] Tsukasa: "Ready as I'll get."
[21:06] Alathon: Yuuno: "alright.."
[21:06] Sheena: "Good to go yuuno, go for it"
[21:07] Alathon: Yuuno practically freezes as he concentrates. Two sets of concentric circles made of blue-white light erupt on the ground under the party, the inner spinning counterclockwise, the outter spining clockwise.
[21:07] Sheena: (concentric, gota remember that word")
[21:07] Alathon: Each of the sets of spinning circles is filled with a tracery of runes. You can make a knowledge arcane roll to try to figure some of 'em out if you wanna.
[21:07] Amiko: roll 1d20+14 Arance
[21:07] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+14 Arance --> [ 1d20=16 ]{30}
[21:08] Amiko: (NICE.)
[21:08] Caoilinn: (Nah. I'm happy with the meaning "We're going places.")
[21:08] Amiko: (that was a shot aimed at me.)
[21:08] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3 lets try it
[21:08] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 lets try it --> [ 1d20=16 ]{19}
[21:08] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+7
[21:08] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{9}
[21:08] Alathon: ffs it's Arcane
[21:08] Alathon: say "arance" out loud ;p
[21:09] * Tsukasa is obviously getting NOTHING from this.
[21:09] Alathon: You teleport successfully.
[21:09] Alathon: Tsukasa gets crap, yeah -- they're runes.
[21:10] Amiko: (what are they?)
[21:12] Alathon: anyways, now that I'm done typing in other windows ;p
[21:13] Alathon: make spot checks
[21:13] Caoilinn: roll 1d20+2
[21:13] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{10}
[21:13] Tsukasa: roll 1d20+3
[21:13] Ala-bot: Tsukasa rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{15}
[21:13] Alathon: roll 4#1d20+1
[21:13] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 4#1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{18}, [ 1d20=6 ]{7}, [ 1d20=16 ]{17}, [ 1d20=10 ]{11}
[21:14] Tsukasa: Well THAT isn't comforting...
[21:14] Sheena: Roll 1d20+3
[21:14] Ala-bot: Sheena rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{4}
[21:14] Sheena: "Ahh crap!"
[21:14] * Sheena stumbles a bit
[21:15] Sheena: "Pice of dust right in my fgreaking eye
[21:15] Tsukasa: (Sheena manages to injure her eyes)
[21:15] Alathon: heh
[21:15] Alathon: Amiko? Sanshi?
[21:15] Sanshi: roll 1d20-2
[21:15] Ala-bot: Sanshi rolled 1d20-2 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{-1}
[21:15] Alathon: roll 1d20 yuuno's spot
[21:15] Ala-bot: Alathon rolled 1d20 yuuno's spot --> [ 1d20=1 ]{1}
[21:15] Sanshi: (... Well, was worth a try...)
[21:15] Caoilinn: ("Guys? Guys? I'm all alone! Nooo!!!" "Sheena... turn around.")
[21:15] Alathon: Yuuno spot's sanshi's big ass.
[21:15] Yuuno: "Ahh shit!"
[21:15] Amiko: 1d20+9
[21:15] Yuuno: "What the hell me to"
[21:16] Tsukasa: (... Three critfails on the same roll?)
[21:16] * Yuuno rubs his eye"
[21:16] Amiko: roll 1d20+9 Spot!
[21:16] Ala-bot: Amiko rolled 1d20+9 Spot! --> [ 1d20=19 ]{28}
[21:16] Alathon: spot is wisdom, not int, Amiko
[21:16] Tsukasa: (Now THERE's a roll. Finally)
[21:16] Amiko: (I KNOW, 7 ranks in it.)
[21:16] Alathon: nm you have lots
[21:16] Amiko: (Gotta know what I'm blowing up wiht my long range fireballs)
[21:16] Alathon: Amiko is the only one who, onlooking around, is able ot pick out movement back at the station you bypassed by several miles.
[21:16] Amiko: "Lovely. Some movement there..."
[21:18] Caoilinn: (That's some pretty good vision...)
[21:18] Tsukasa: "Hm?" She gently stops Sanshi and turns around, trying to examine it with her scope.
[21:19] Alathon: With a scope or binoculars, you can pick out the tiny forms of harleyriders mounting up.
[21:19] Alathon: This is upwards of three miles away, however.
[21:19] Tsukasa: (Aww... No long-range murder? *is sad)
[21:19] Caoilinn: "Well, we decided not to investigate."
[21:20] Alathon: Yuuno: "What is it?"
[21:20] * Tsukasa keeps looking. If they get in range, she IS going to start killing.
[21:20] Caoilinn: "So, we may as well move on."
[21:20] Alathon: Yuuno: "Let 'em come, I'm sure you'll all give them what for!"
[21:21] Alathon: Yuuno scurries over onto Sheena and into her shirt.
[21:21] Alathon: Yuuno peeks out.
[21:21] * Sheena looks down her top. "Oh? battle stations eh?"
[21:21] Alathon: Yuuno: "Er.. right?"
[21:21] * Amiko shakes her head.
[21:21] Amiko: "No, we're requested by Lady Venus"
[21:21] * Tsukasa glances at the bulge in Sheena's shirt. "You know, Yuuno-san, aren't badass lines supposed to come from the ones who will actually do it?"
[21:22] Alathon: Yuuno blinks, slowly.
[21:22] Alathon: Yuuno: "So..."
[21:23] Caoilinn: "Shame on you, Tsukasa, discriminating against the small ones."
[21:23] *** Stratagemini has joined #CrystalTokyo.
[21:23] * Tsukasa thought she was discriminating against the ones who're going to be hiding in a shirt for the whole battle, but...
[21:24] Caoilinn: "I mean, he's not exactly built to fight. You want to take any good lines away from him, too?"
[21:24] Caoilinn: "Anyway, let's look for our next teleport destination."
[21:24] Alathon: Yuuno: "Ooh.. right! That way!"
[21:24] Alathon: Yuuno motions up the hill you're currently on.
[21:25] Caoilinn: "That way it is."
[21:25] * Caoilinn heads ... up.
[21:25] * Tsukasa rides in that direction on Sanshi.
[21:26] * Amiko wanders up
[21:26] Alathon: The party can make it to the top of the hill in time to get a teleport off.
[21:27] Alathon: It's not a perfect location, but you can get a good 6-7 miles out of it.
[21:27] Alathon: Unless somone objects, Yuuno will do his thing, and teleport you all as far as he can .
[21:28] Amiko: Cool.
[21:28] Sheena: "Im ready,"
[21:28] Alathon: He does so, and crawls into Sheena's hair and goes to sleep.
[21:28] Caoilinn: (I'm tempted to link to a Phoenix Wright objection...)
[21:28] Sheena: (oh?)
[21:29] Caoilinn: "Let's go."
[21:29] Tsukasa: (Phoenix Wright?)
[21:31] Caoilinn: (It's a DS game where you play an attorney and get to object.)
[21:31] * Amiko looks, and sighs, and starts walking towards the city, keeping a eye out.
[21:31] Tsukasa: (... Get to object?)
[21:31] Alathon: From here, you can see the rise of the city on the horizon.
[21:32] Tsukasa: (How much of a game can you MAKE out of objecting?)
[21:32] Alathon: It's one pm at this point.
[21:32] Caoilinn: (Ok. How long of a walk does it look?)
[21:32] Alathon: Happily, there's no more smoke rising from the city of Carson than you'd expect from a place that burns a lot of coal.
[21:32] Alathon: You can reach it today if you push a bit past dusk.
[21:33] Caoilinn: "Well, let's start walking."
[21:34] Sheena: "Ya, lets go."
[21:34] Sheena: "Any word from Venus?"
[21:34] * Caoilinn takes the lead.
[21:36] Alathon: Nothing from her.
[21:38] Alathon: The spot you teleported to is actually a bit within the area of farms that extends out from carson.
[21:39] Alathon: Here and there you can see single steads at various distances from the roads, amid fields of various crops, some of which you recognize, some of which you wouldn't.
[21:39] Alathon: You'll be able to reach Carson unimpeded.
[21:39] Alathon: And, I need a short break for food
[21:39] Caoilinn: Mmm, short food.
[21:39] Alathon: it's like fast food, but has less carbohydrates.
[21:40] Caoilinn: Not if it's a short stack of pancakes.
[21:41] Sheena: heh
[21:42] Sheena: i ggot corn dogs!
[21:42] Alathon: anyways, back in 10
[21:42] Amiko: Okie
[21:44] Caoilinn: I got a rock. :(
[21:57] Alathon: mmm.. bacon
[21:57] Alathon: bleah, that was more like 15
[21:57] Caoilinn: Mmmmm.
[21:57] *** Stratagemini has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
[21:57] Caoilinn: Oops. Nonkosher. Drove Strat away.
[22:00] Alathon: well, shoot
[22:00] Alathon: anyways
[22:00] Alathon: we all here?
[22:00] Tsukasa: (A yup)
[22:00] Alathon: anyone here who's NOT bored with travellign?
[22:01] Caoilinn: (Only if we get some good music.)
[22:01] Sheena: I got a squrming ferret and my shirt
[22:01] Sheena: thats all ways good for fun
[22:01] Alathon: you get old school Disturbed, before the lead singer got a girl and became a total wuss
[22:02] Alathon: anyways
[22:02] Alathon: the very first thing you'll notice about Carson City is the stink
[22:02] Alathon: it's not too bad at first.. when you're still a mile or two out.
[22:02] Alathon: by the time you get closer, though, it's borderline overpowering.
[22:02] Amiko: "Ugh..."
[22:03] Alathon: it's a veritable miasma of human odors, animal odors, and something that smells like a caustic sort of smoke.
[22:03] Sheena: "I see why Venus called us, She wants to leave"
[22:04] Alathon: Before dark, you could tell looking at it, that it's a proper sized city.
[22:04] Alathon: Not on the scale of Crystal Tokyo, certainly, but it's not a hamlet like Northup.
[22:05] Alathon: The city doesn't clearly start at one point, but rather at some undefined point the houses are closer, and closer, until they're up near the main road, with roads branching off to the northeast and southwest.
[22:05] * Sanshi wrinkles his nose in distaste.
[22:05] Alathon: There really aren't many people out, not the way there are in the twilight hours in CT.
[22:06] Alathon: ((Incidentally, what are you all wearing?))
[22:06] Tsukasa: (Uniforms?)
[22:06] Caoilinn: (Do we *have* any other clothing?)
[22:07] Amiko: (Uniforms...)
[22:07] Alathon: ((you have two sets of uniforms))
[22:07] Alathon: ((formal, and normal))
[22:07] Caoilinn: (nonformal)
[22:07] Tsukasa: (I would assume we saved formal for NOT a potentially combat-intensive situation and lengthy hike)
[22:08] Caoilinn: roll 1d2
[22:08] Ala-bot: Caoilinn rolled 1d2 --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[22:08] Sheena: (the foemal is rather good looking, so i dont care)
[22:08] * Caoilinn hasn't thought to dismiss her armor.
[22:08] Sheena: (i mean its all made from the same stuff)
[22:09] Tsukasa: (True, but the formal's gonna get pretty dirty from travel, and become useless for its ceremonial purposes)
[22:09] Caoilinn: (Yeah.)
[22:09] Alathon: Alright.
[22:10] Alathon: It won't take long for you to be challenged, by a middle-aged woman in a blue outfit with a silver star-in-wheel on her lapel.
[22:11] Alathon: Woman: "Hello.."
[22:11] Alathon: The woman eyes Caoilinn.
[22:11] Caoilinn: "Hello."
[22:11] Alathon: Woman: "Would you all mind terribly coming with me for a few?"
[22:12] * Amiko raises her eyebrows.
[22:12] Sheena: "hmm? I guess that won't be a problem"
[22:12] * Tsukasa cocks her head. "Certainly."
[22:12] Caoilinn: "Mm, well, I think you'd need to tell us who you are, where you want us to go, and why."
[22:12] Alathon: The woman.
[22:12] Alathon: The woman frowns at that.
[22:13] * Amiko steps behind Caoilinn and begins to mentally go though her spells.
[22:13] Alathon: Woman: "I'm deputy Larson, and that's why."
[22:13] * Amiko opens her commucator and presses priotiry call for Venus and any of her aides.
[22:13] Sheena: "Im sorry, but is that suposed to mean something to us?"
[22:14] Alathon: Larson: "The hell? Put that thing down!"
[22:14] Amiko: "Try to interfere with MY duty and I will personally fry you."
[22:14] Alathon: Larson grabs the whistle hanging around her neck and promptly blows it, loudly.
[22:14] Amiko: "
[22:14] * Tsukasa glances at Amiko. "What the hell? We're on the same side here!"
[22:14] Amiko: "No, we're not."
[22:14] Amiko: "otherwise she'd not care if we call our boss."
[22:14] Sheena: "Wrong move lady"
[22:14] * Tsukasa points at Larson. "Intended ally?"
[22:15] Alathon: Larson is stepping back from you all slowly at this point, blowing her whistle repeatedly. If you look around, people are looking out windows, or out of opened doors.
[22:15] * Amiko steps back and slips her hands into spellcasting formation.
[22:15] Tsukasa: "Amiko! Stop NOW!"
[22:15] Sheena: "You going to keep blowing that wistle or tell us what the hell you want?"
[22:15] Amiko: "No. If she doesn't want us to call Venus, she's NOT a ally."
[22:15] Alathon: Larson: "I wouldn't be starting any trouble if I were you, the Crimson's are in town and they'll do you for ashes..."
[22:16] Amiko: "Not before YOU die."
[22:16] Alathon: Larson is still backing away.
[22:16] Amiko: "So Stop, until OUR commander arrives."
[22:16] Sheena: "Oh shut up"
[22:16] Amiko: "I did, twice."
[22:16] Amiko: (True)
[22:16] Tsukasa: "You threatened her life! That's not an explanation!"
[22:16] Alathon: At this point, you can see a good half dozen men and women rushing down the street to your location. If you look around, there's a few coming from behind you at this point.
[22:16] Caoilinn: (Sheesh. Similar situations in both games...)
[22:17] Sheena: (caused by the same person?)
[22:17] Alathon: ((this happened in tarou's game?))
[22:17] Amiko: ((If ti did, not by me.))
[22:17] Alathon: (Oooooh right, the cops outside the plant))
[22:17] Amiko: "After she tried to STOP me from contacting Venus, and _I_ informed her of my duty"
[22:17] Alathon: ((... or the cops at the station house))
[22:17] Tsukasa: (Well THAT was asshole cops)
[22:17] Amiko: "We're wearing our uniforms."
[22:17] Sheena: "Look, we have benen walking all day. So are you going to tell us what the hell you want or what?"
[22:17] Alathon: ((but that was possession.))
[22:18] Tsukasa: "You NEVER DID!"
[22:18] Caoilinn
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