Ranma RP Revival? Again?

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Re: Ranma RP Revival? Again?

Postby Wyrd » Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:27 pm

Well, if this actually takes off I might be willing to join in. Maybe it would help me get back to writing my story. My only Ranma story is a fukufic That I think I am getting near the point of posting in c&c for some last suggestions before I begin posting the story.

SPOILER - Show Spoiler
Ranma's name: Ranma. No change there.
Story from: Wind and Wave
Appearance changes: Nothing physical. Hair is longer and often left unbound while female. He is not currently locked(at the point I would want to use the character), but spends more time female than male. He is uncomfortable wearing any clothing that separates his legs for certain psychological reasons that are not connected to any current powers. As a result, he tends to wear dresses, robes, kimonos, and such, though he will wear pants if he needs to.
Basic ability list: This Ranma is Sailor Neptune(yes, I know it's been done before). The plotline diverges from Ranma before he even learns the Mouko Takabisha(though I am still considering trying to work it in somehow). He received the full ten year Anything Goes training trip, complete with Neko-ken, but managed to make allies of the Amazons instead of enemies/in-laws, leading to her picking up more Amazon moves than in canon. The biggest ability difference is that she combined her martial arts with Neptune's control over water to create a version of waterbending, as in Avatar: the last airbender. This Ranma is also a skilled violinist. He does have a lot of control over his curse, though he tends to change to female when highly stressed or using moves based on her abilities as Neptune.
The other differences in Ranma are that he gets along with his Akane(Sailor Uranus) much better than in canon. Akane wound up embracing her tomboy side, and even getting a perverse thrill out of fooling people into thinking she is a boy, much like Haruka in SM, though the only racing this Akane does is on foot. Due to some medling with his mind, Ranma has problems with recognizing certain specific things, such as sometimes not being able to tell which gender he is and not realizing that Mr. Panda is his father(no matter how many times he gets told).

That is more information than I was generally going to release about this Ranma until it came out in the story, though a lot has been hinted in the 8 chapters I have so far written(and revised repeatedly). Something I have been trying to stick to in my story is not revealing things to the reader until at least one character in the story knows what is going on, so I spoilered Ranma's abilities in case anyone reads this but is more interested in keeping the story unspoiled than participating in the thread. Then again, only the GM needs to know his actual abilities, so a reader could participate with just the knowledge they glean from RP posts.
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