Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Yarrow » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:20 pm

Session 13

<Yarrow> Ok, previously in CTE, the party had visited a few museums with mixed results and encountered a Nemesian fighter, resulting in you leaving Metel in an underground parking garage.
<Yarrow> Also an ancient project called Operation Intern is due to activate in around 4 hours.
<Yarrow> You're currently in The Museum of Popular Music where you just freed one of Queen Beryl's youma from her long imprisonment.
<Valery> (Oops?)
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow readying himself
<Yarrow> She seems skeptical of your claims that a thousand years have passed and has expressed an interest in taking your energy for herself & Queen Beryl. Captain Eo and his dancers are twirling nearby. Toast is aiming at the youma.
* Valery is also aiming at the youma.
<Yarrow> Anyone care to try talking more before this devolves into combat?
* Xui-Fei just shrugs reaching for his wand, "I hate to do this now but Mjollnir Star Power Make Up!"
<Toast> (guess talking is out)
<Yarrow> "Senshi!" snarls the youma.
* Xui-Fei is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
<Yarrow> She glances at Jake, Chance, & Alaric. "Let's crush them for the queen!"
<Salior_Mjollnir> "Correct" she says as she strikes a pose her hammer pointing at the Yoma
<Yarrow> Init
<Yarrow> And dicebot.
<Valery> "Well... we don't really have to fight. Queen Beryl's been dead for a thousand years, so..."
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+5
<Salior_Mjollnir> (I'll bring mine in)
* Lightdice has joined #cte
<Valery> roll 2d6+4
<Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+5
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{14}
<Salior_Mjollnir> (and I do have extra action)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+12 Alaric
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+12 Alaric --> [ 2d6=8 ]{20}
<Toast> (init is...?_
<Toast> (I forget)
<Yarrow> 2d6+3 for you
<Toast> roll 3d6+3
<Lightdice> Toast roll 3d6+3 --> [ 3d6=12 ]{15}
<Toast> (lol)
<Salior_Mjollnir> (...)
<Yarrow> Now try it with 2 dice instead of 3.
<Toast> (lol)
<Toast> roll 2d6+3
<Lightdice> Toast roll 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{6}
<Toast> (rofl)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+3 Koi
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+3 Koi --> [ 2d6=6 ]{9}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+5
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{13}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
* Yarrow changes topic to 'Alaric, Jake/Chance/Mjoll, youma, Koi/Val, Mjoll, Toast'
<Yarrow> Alaric says, "I don't think so," and transforms.
* Yarrow changes topic to 'Niet, Jake/Chance/Mjoll, youma, Niet, Koi/Val, Mjoll, Toast'
<Yarrow> Jake and Chance take cover behind a pair of columns and pull out their guns.
<Yarrow> Mjollnir's up.
* Salior_Mjollnir rushes the Yoma fist flaring up "Rai Ken!"
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 rai-ken
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 rai-ken --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
<Salior_Mjollnir> (43 before armor)
<Yarrow> That's a hit. Is that all lightning damage, btw, or part lightning/part bludgeoning?
<Salior_Mjollnir> (it's a lightining powered punch)
<Yarrow> So, 50/50?
<Salior_Mjollnir> (yeah)
<Yarrow> Salior_Mjollnir's fist goes through the youma without connecting, but the lightning around it seems to hurt her.
<Yarrow> Youma: "Damnit!"
* Salior_Mjollnir smirks coldly, "care to say something now"
<Yarrow> She looks around wildly for a second before her gaze rests on Captain Eo, who's just finished his dance number.
<Yarrow> Youma: "Yeah. Let's dance."
<Valery> "We really don't need to fight, Miss!"
<Yarrow> She streaks at Captain Eo, flying a meter off the ground, and plunges right into his chest, vanishing into him.
<Toast> (should we put on our read shoes and dance the blues?)
<Toast> (*red -_-)
* Valery blinks.
<Salior_Mjollnir> (....)
<Yarrow> Captain Eo freezes for an instant before stretching experimentally, a nasty smile appearing on his face. "Oh, nice... *very* nice..."
<Toast> (oh shit!)
<Toast> (Toast better not transform to his human form)
<Valery> (Ataru, time for your crit!)
<Yarrow> He twirls in place and rips off one of his gloves, revealing a thinner diamond studded glove under it. He raises his hand into the air and cries, "Destroy them, my minions!"
<Yarrow> The backup dancers respond by starting to dance again in a completely nonthreatening manner.
<Yarrow> Eo: "I said destroy them, not dance, you idiots!"
<Yarrow> Val's up.
<Yarrow> Koizumi transforms.
<Valery> "Miss... there's really no need for this, your war's over..."
<Valery> (Any response from her?)
<Yarrow> Anything else, Val?
<Yarrow> Nope. You can try talking a bit more or you can take an action.
<Yarrow> roll 1d100
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 1d100 --> [ 1d100=61 ]{61}
* Valery continues taking aim, but doesn't fire.
<Valery> (Gues that'll be it.)
<Yarrow> You'll need to start aiming again. Your original target is gone.
<Valery> (Righto.)
<Toast> (are you serious?)
<Toast> (god damn it)
* Yarrow changes topic to 'Niet, Jake/Chance/Mjoll, youma, Niet, Phobos/Val, Mjoll, Toast'
<Yarrow> Mjollnir's up again.
* Yarrow changes topic to 'Niet, Jake/Chance/Mjoll, Eo-youma, Niet, Phobos/Val, Mjoll, Toast'
* Salior_Mjollnir glares at the new target and throws her hammer at it
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+7 Range
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+7 Range --> [ 2d6=4 ]{11}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{22}
<Yarrow> Eo dances out of the way with grace that even Mjollnir envies.
<Toast> (...)
<Salior_Mjollnir> (were toast)
<Toast> (no, no, I'm Toast)
<Yarrow> No, just the stoat is. And he's up.
<Toast> (You're Mjollnir)
<Toast> (aiming)
<Salior_Mjollnir> (I ment it as were dead)
<Toast> (god, wait, even if I aim, and get the max bonus, I have no hope of hitting unless she critfails.)
<Toast> (god damn)
<Toast> (guess I'll try aiming anyway)
<Yarrow> You do go last in the round, so there should be a defense penalty.
<Yarrow> Nietz shoots a golden disc at Eo.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{17}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{19}
<Yarrow> Eo spins out of the way and the disc flies past but starts to curve around for another pass.
<Yarrow> Jake gets a maniacal grin on her face and levels her grenade launcher with its bright red grenades at Eo.
<Yarrow> Chance cries, "No!" and tackles her before she can fire.
<Yarrow> Mjollnir's up.
* Salior_Mjollnir catches the hammer and spins around for another throw
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+7 range and please god roll high
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+7 range and please god roll high --> [ 2d6=11 ]{18}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{25}
<Salior_Mjollnir> (....)
<Yarrow> Eo does *something* fancy with his footwork and somehow manages to not be where the hammer is.
<Yarrow> Eo seems to glide over the polished floor to throw a quick axe kick and Mjollnir.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{16}
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 melee dodge
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 melee dodge --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
<Yarrow> Mjollnir's smacked for 29 damage.
<Yarrow> Before armor.
<Yarrow> Nietz throws another golden disc.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{14}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{23}
<Yarrow> Nietz growls as Eo dances around it.
<Yarrow> Val?
<Yarrow> Phobos summons her sword and shield.
<Valery> "Would you stop and listen?"
* Valery grits her teeth and takes a shot.
<Valery> roll 2d6+7
<Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
<Valery> (+1, but probably misses)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{27}
<Valery> (Forgot to include my aiming bonus)
<Yarrow> Eo: "I can hear your screams and pleas for mercy without stopping."
<Yarrow> Mjollir's up.
<Salior_Mjollnir> "enough" she says curtly and slugging the yoma with a raiken
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 please hit
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 please hit --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-1
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-1 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{22}
<Yarrow> Eo: "I love this body! Whoever designed it?"
<Yarrow> Toast's turn.
<Salior_Mjollnir> (sense we aren't gonna be able to hit this robot I'll be afk)
<Yarrow> Toast continues to aim.
<Yarrow> Next round. Mjollnir heals up some. Nietz's errant disc comes back to try again.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Toast> (so that's round 2 of aiming, right?)
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{23}
<Yarrow> Yes.
<Yarrow> The disc fails in the purpose it was created for.
<Yarrow> But Nietz throws another one.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{16}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{24}
<Yarrow> Jake and Chance disentangle themselves and fire. Jake is not using the grenade launcher, fortunately.
<Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+7
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2#2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{10}, [ 2d6=5 ]{12}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{20}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-1
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-1 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{22}
<Yarrow> No hits, but Eo starts to feel the pressure.
<Yarrow> Is Salior_Mjollnir here?
<Yarrow> No? Mjollnir attacks with her raiken.
<DCG> (hmm)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
<DCG> (your beating up on a mike?)
<Valery> (Ataru hasn't rolled yet - I expect it to be a crit :P )
<Toast> (haha)
<Toast> (knowing yarrow it'll probably just annoy it :P)
<Salior_Mjollnir> (so does it hit)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-3
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-3 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{21}
<Yarrow> Eo just manages to squeak by.
<Yarrow> And then holds his action. Nietz throws another disc.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{17}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-6
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{17}
<Yarrow> Alaric: "Finally!"
<Yarrow> Phobos charges in and thrusts at Eo with her sword.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-6
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{18}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{18}
<Yarrow> Mjollnir: roll melee defense.
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 melee defense
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 melee defense --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
<Salior_Mjollnir> (another 29)
<Yarrow> Eo shufflesteps to the left, lashes out to grab Mjollnir's outfit at the chest, and does a spinning roll, launching Mjollnir foward into Phobos's sword thrust. [Combat Technique: Melee Redirection].
<Salior_Mjollnir> "hey watch were your grabbing
<Yarrow> The sword goes through Mjollnir's armor like a hot knife through butter, for 43 damage.
<Yarrow> Phobos: "Aah! I'm sorry!"
<Yarrow> Valery's up.
<Salior_Mjollnir> (I'm down to 20 something)
* Valery steps aside a bit to get a clear field of fire, and fires a short burst at Eo.
<Valery> roll 2d6+8
<Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{10}
<Valery> (Sorry Xui!)
<Yarrow> roll 1d2
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 1d2 --> [ 1d2=1 ]{1}
<Yarrow> Roll another attack, Val.
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll another attack, Val. --> error: malformed expression
<Valery> roll 2d6+8
<Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+8 Phobos friendly fire
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 Phobos friendly fire --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
* Valery gasps. "Sorry, Phobos-san!"
<Yarrow> Phobos twists out of the way. "Gah! I said I'm sorry!!!"
<Yarrow> Mjollnir's up.
<Salior_Mjollnir> "first you grab me then use me to take your just commence....I'll make you pay....RAI...KEN!"
* Yarrow changes topic to 'Niet, Jake/Chance/Mjoll, youma, Niet, Koi/Val, Mjoll, Toast, Eo'
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 melee
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 melee --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
<Yarrow> (Forgot about his 2nd attack.)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-6
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-6 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{14}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{18}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
* Dorin has joined #cte
<Yarrow> Eo does a quick spin & twirl, and Mjollnir finds her fist going straight at Phobos, too late to stop it.
<Dorin> I walk right into a punch to the jaw...what a welcome)
<Salior_Mjollnir> (I got skewered by you before anyways)
<Yarrow> Phobos: "Can't anyone forgive and forget?"
<Salior_Mjollnir> "
<Dorin> (I'm not guilty, it's all Rock's fault)
<Salior_Mjollnir> "blame this machine this yoma is in....she's using it to dodge us and redriect our attacks..."
<Yarrow> Phobos skewered Mjollnir, Val then critfailed and nearly shot Phobos, and now Mjollnir had her punch redirected into Phobos.
<Salior_Mjollnir> "back away....don't get to close"
<Yarrow> Toast is up. And are you taking your character now, Dorin?
<Dorin> I dunno...more evil might transpire with me at the helm...)
* Dorin is now known as Sailor_Phobos
* Toast zaps Eo with a mazer
<Toast> roll 2d6+8
<Yarrow> Ok. Try not to critfail. :)
<Lightdice> Toast roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
<Toast> (T_T)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-6
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{19}
<Valery> (Quick recap: Youma wants to fight, youma got scared by senshi powers and possessed the android Michael Jackson. With results as seen here :P )
<Yarrow> You should have another +3 bonus, if I recall, but it's still not enough.
<Yarrow> Top of the order. Mjollnir heals a bit.
<Sailor_Phobos> (Well...Michael Jackson would be difficult to hit)
<Toast> (too bad we don't have mercy as a back up roll)
<Yarrow> Nietz throws a disc.
<Toast> (she gets like +10 against MJs)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{14}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{26}
<Yarrow> Jake & Chance open fire.
<Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+7
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2#2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{12}, [ 2d6=12 ]{19}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{22}
<Yarrow> Chance's shot actually manages to tag Eo.
<Yarrow> Mjollnir's up.
* Salior_Mjollnir glares at this monster and backs away before throwing her hammer
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+7
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{12}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{22}
<Yarrow> Eo dodges the hammer and skips forward to kick at Mjollnir.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{13}
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 melee def
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 melee def --> [ 2d6=2 ]{10}
<Yarrow> Using DR?
<Salior_Mjollnir> (yes)
<Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 melee def DR
<Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 melee def DR --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
<Salior_Mjollnir> (avoids it finally)
<Yarrow> Nietz puts another disc in the air.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{16}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-1
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-1 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{24}
<Yarrow> Nietz: "This is starting to get really annoying..."
<Yarrow> Phobos is up.
<Yarrow> As is Valery.
<DCG> (here's a question, can that youma even leave the stage mike stick on/in? )
* Valery takes a shot, trying not to hit Phobos this time.
* Sailor_Phobos hisses and gives her sword a twirl. "What if we try bringing the roof down?...LIGHT WAVE!" Sending out a slicing energy lance.
<Valery> roll 2d6+8
<Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
<Sailor_Phobos> roll 2d6+8
<Lightdice> Sailor_Phobos roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-3
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-3 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{20}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-6
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{16}
<Yarrow> DR
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+16-6
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+16-6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{15}
<Yarrow> The lightwave hits.
<Sailor_Phobos> pht
<Yarrow> Eos spins around from the impact and staggers on his feet. "All right! I ... am willing to consider the possibility that Beryl ... is no more."
* Sailor_Phobos doesn't bother to comment, weapon and shield at the ready.
<Yarrow> Mjollnir's up.
* Valery has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Salior_Mjollnir glares at the yoma possesed robot, "you better hope for your sake you are" she says (holding action)
<Yarrow> Let's wait for Valery to return.
* Valery has joined #cte
<Valery> * Valery takes a shot, trying not to hit Phobos this time.
<Valery> * Sailor_Phobos hisses and gives her sword a twirl. "What if we try bringing the roof down?...LIGHT WAVE!" Sending out a slicing energy lance.
<Valery> <Valery> roll 2d6+8
<Valery> <Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
<Valery> * Disconnected
<Valery> (Was wondering about the silence... what did I miss?)
<Yarrow> Sent.
<Yarrow> Anyone else going to say or do anything?
<Salior_Mjollnir> (I mentioned I was holding my action if the Yoma backs down or not)
<Yarrow> Yep. And I want to know if anyone else is doing or saying anything.
<Toast> "Careful, that glove is building up a lot of power... It doesn't feel hostile, but who knows what she's up to!"
<Toast> (that what you were waiting for?)
* Valery lowers her aim slightly, but nods.
<Yarrow> Well, I figured Val's usually pretty chatty too. :)
* Sailor_Phobos remains on guard
<Yarrow> Eo straightens up and brushes off the sleeve of his outfit.
<Yarrow> Eo: "Fine. So you say Beryl is ... <quieter> no more?"
<Toast> "Dead like a doornail."
<Salior_Mjollnir> "has been for a while" she says
<Valery> "Yes... a long time ago."
<Yarrow> Alaric: "Quite deceased."
<Yarrow> Jake: "Pushing up daises."
<Yarrow> Jake: "Shuffled off her immortal coil."
<Yarrow> Chance: "She is an ex-youma."
<Valery> "... I think that's enough, guys..."
<Toast> "She fuckin' snuffed it."
* Sailor_Phobos rests her sword on her shoulder and shrugs. "It's the whole legacy of the royal family, etc etc."
<Toast> "Run up the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibule."
* Valery sighs.
<Toast> "A vis a vis the metabolic processes, she's had her lot."
<Yarrow> Eo frowns. "How?"
<Valery> (How detailed are the histories we know?)
<Toast> (Well, she tried to muscle out of her bars, so the senshi nailed her to her perch)
<Yarrow> You've heard some vague stories of Serenity defeating her with purity of heart, love, and sheer awesomeness.
<Valery> "Um... Queen Serenity defeated her."
<Sailor_Phobos> ("Beryl was too big a fan of Mama Cass, she died choking on a ham sandwich")
<Yarrow> Eo: "Who the fuck is Serenity?!"
* Valery blinks. "... The Queen...?"
* Sailor_Phobos blinks slowly. "Uh...the...ruler of what's left of this city?"
<Yarrow> Eo: "Never heard of her. Did she at least take out those sailor senshi who were running around too?"
* Valery blinks. "No... they're her guardians."
<Sailor_Phobos> "Ah..."
<Salior_Mjollnir> "uh no last I remember her court is still around
* Sailor_Phobos looks to the others quietly.
<Yarrow> Eo: "So, as if a bunch of senshi running around wasn't bad enough, some Serenity bimbo popped up to make things worse? ... No offense."
<Valery> "Well... we haven't really met her, so I don't know if we're really allowed to take offence on her behalf."
* Sailor_Phobos shrugs
<Salior_Mjollnir> "we assume she's still at the palace...it's guarded up the wazoo" she says before detransforming
* Salior_Mjollnir is now known as Xui-Fei
<Toast> "Human and youma have been coexisting peacefully for the last 1000 years, just look at them" *gestures to jake, chance and alaric
<Yarrow> Eo sneers. "Lovely."
<Yarrow> Eo: "Point that mouth somewhere else, poodle."
* Sailor_Phobos frowns and pulls her sword off her shoulder.
<Yarrow> Eo: "What happened to the Dark Kingdom after Beryl's death?"
<Toast> (let me guess, she's stalling for time to regen HP?)
* Valery shakes her head. "I'm afraid I don't know... it wasn't covered in what we got taught in class... unless I skipped that day...?"
<Yarrow> Alaric: "The what?"
<Yarrow> Nietz, rather.
<Toast> (we should just kill her, she'll probably end up trying to join the droids)
<Sailor_Phobos> "Something none of us know anything about, obviously, so it's probably said and done."
<Yarrow> Eo shakes his head. "I guess it really has been a thousand years..."
<Yarrow> Eo: "So, I suppose the world is one big happy family of humans, youma, and poodles, huh?"
<Valery> "Well... I wouldn't say that, but we don't really have much to fight with each other over..."
<Toast> "Wow, 1000 years in a disco ball must have done a number on your eyes. I'm a stoat, not a god damn poodle."
<Sailor_Phobos> "Peace is really all for the best"
<Valery> ("Other than the poodles, which are an abomination against all that is decent in the world.")
<Yarrow> Eo: "Like I can be bothered to know the names of Earth animals. Fine, you're a stoat."
<Yarrow> Eo: "I suppose peace is all right. If you're the ones in charge."
<Yarrow> Eo: "So, show me this lovely, peaceful world of yours."
<DCG> (rofl)
<DCG> ("Its right outside)
<Toast> (for fucks sake, can we just kill her?)
* Sailor_Phobos eyes the other again and shrugs.
<Yarrow> ("Uh... it's kind of out of order right now.")
<Valery> "Er... that was part of the 'not quite'..."
<Yarrow> If you want to suggest it in character, go ahead, Toast.
<Yarrow> Eo eyes Val. "So...?"
<Toast> (I prefer taking the meta game approach for this one
<Valery> "Well... someone attacked and is kind of invading right now..."
* Valery shrugs. "The disadvantages of peace, I guess?"
<Yarrow> Eo blinks and covers his mouth to hide a laugh.
<Yarrow> He looks around.
<Yarrow> "So... you're hiding out in here?"
<Valery> "No, just searching."
* Sailor_Phobos let's out a breath and dismisses her sword and shield.
<Yarrow> Nietz: "Speaking of which, is there anything else to find in here?"
<Yarrow> Nietz: "Toast, can you tell?"
* Xui-Fei rolls his eyes
<Toast> "Well, that glove he's wearing for one."
<Toast> "I was mistaken, it wasn't building up energy, there was just so much flying around I didn't notice it before."
<Yarrow> Nietz: "Fine. Hand over the glove."
<Yarrow> Eo: "But--"
<Toast> "And... there's something... *tugging* at me from the west. I don't know what, but it feels big and strong."
<Yarrow> Nietz: "This is non-negotiable. We came for that, and unless you want to finish our fight, you're handing it over. Now."
<Yarrow> Eo shrugs and tosses the glove at Xui-Fei (who's closest) before retrieving the larger glove that goes with his outfit and putting it back on.
<Valery> "So... where will you go now?"
<Yarrow> Eo blinks. "Oh. I think I'll tag along with you until you leave here and then see if home still exists."
* Valery nods. "Then... west, I suppose, Toast-kun?"
* Sailor_Phobos massages her nose and shrugs, dismissing her transformation and letting out a breath. Cane at the ready to begin the walk of the blind once more.
* Rockman_Zero is now known as RZ_[Cardboardium-Box]
* Sailor_Phobos is now known as Koizumi
* Xui-Fei catches the glove
* Xui-Fei blinks
* Toast slaps Valery's back with his tail "Onward faithful steed!"
* Valery covers a giggle, and moves in whichever direction Toast indicates.
<Toast> (that'd be west)
* Koizumi feels out the landscape with her cane, and sticks close to Alric and Xui
<Yarrow> Nietz stays in senshi form for now.
<Yarrow> You walk through some more halls of music. Unfortunately, Eo's back-up dancers all twirl after you.
* Xui-Fei puts the glove away into his storage space...for now
<Valery> (Wow, almost falling asleep... should've got more, clearly.)
* Valery looks... a little distracted by the backup dancers.
* Koizumi is a bit annoyed, hearing movement of something unknown, but unable to see it.
<Yarrow> Eo: "Damn. This robot doesn't have a self-repair function."
<Yarrow> You're subjected to various music. Mostly popular and bad, some less popular and better...
* Xui-Fei blinks at the oddly dressed up men in make up
<Xui-Fei> (could go either way with Glam Rock or Visual Kei)
* Koizumi rubs her ears at the offending sounds.
<Toast> "The pull is getting stronger, it's like pulled into a magical whirlpool!"
<Yarrow> Music: "Let's dance--put on your red shoes and dance the blues"
<Toast> (hey, didn't I already make this joke?)
<Valery> "Pull...? Are you sure walking into that is a good idea...?"
* Koizumi just grunts. "As long as all this is worth it...'
<Yarrow> You're walking through a hall dedicated to a famous singer from someplace called England back in the old world.
<Yarrow> He seems to have gone through many different styles.
<Yarrow> Of dress, in addition to music.
<Toast> ("This is Major Toast to ground control... I'm stepping through the door, and I'm floating in a most unusual waaayyyy"(
<Yarrow> You walk on into another room whose walls are painted with trees and stone structures in the distance.
<Toast> (Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell!)
<Toast> (hey, let's check out the punk rock exhibit before we leave ;p)
<Toast> (Toast can steal a nice spiked leather jacket for his human form
<Toast> )
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
* Valery blinks. "... What do trees have to do with music?"
<Xui-Fei> "the further we travel in this place the more I feel my intelligence drop"
<Toast> (I really hope a little Ronnie James Dio robot comes out dressed like he is in the Holy Diver music video)
<Xui-Fei> (if someone pops up to play Freebird (GHII version) I'll be braking down in a corner)
<Toast> (Ride the tiiiiiggaaaaa, hoooly diiiivvaa)
<Yarrow> One second.
<Xui-Fei> (remember Stonehinge was the sight of the last preformance in Guitar Hero II)
* Koizumi just blinks, sighing. "It's a good thing I'm not seeing this?"
<Xui-Fei> "yes....quite good)
* Valery has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Yarrow> Wait for Val to return.
* Valery has joined #cte
<Valery> <@Yarrow> One second.
<Valery> <Xui-Fei> (remember Stonehinge was the sight of the last preformance in Guitar Hero II)
<Valery> * Koizumi just blinks, sighing. "It's a good thing I'm not seeing this?"
<Valery> <Xui-Fei> "yes....quite good)
<Valery> * Disconnected
<Valery> (What'd I miss?)
* Koizumi holds her head, wobbling suddenly, cane clattering to the floor before catching herself. "Unnn..."
<Yarrow> Nothing.
<Yarrow> Nietz stumbles. "What...?"
<Koizumi> (You missed the vote to deep fry your cat)
* Valery holds as still as she can. "Was... was that it, Toast-kun?"
<Koizumi> "I like this place even less than I did ten minutes ago"
<Valery> (There are some topics you do not touch, Dorin.)
<Toast> "What... the fuck."
<Koizumi> (Alright, but when your cat gets hungry one day and eats you. Not my fault)
<Toast> "I... Have not a clue."
<Yarrow> Chance: "Strange..."
<Xui-Fei> "ok that was odd" he says
* Xui-Fei proceeds to get the cobwebs out
<Yarrow> Jake nods. "Freaky..."
<Koizumi> "Odd isn't half of it."
* Koizumi fumbles for her cane before righting herself.
<Toast> "It's like we're right on top of this magical vortex"
<Toast> "It feels like one more step and we'll be sucked in"
<Xui-Fei> "did anyone else see that weird labyrinth"
<Toast> "Yes."
<Toast> (Yarrow, you ever read House of Leaves?)
<Koizumi> "We all did, I guess"
* Valery frowns. "Labyrinth? It was a cliff..."
<Valery> (Oh, never mind, I misread)
<Toast> (wait... bowie.. fuck, LOOOOOL)
* Valery nods.
<Valery> (Not my fault I could only skim since I peered that very instant...)
<Xui-Fei> "I was standing on a cliff I saw that odd Labyrinth past it"
* Koizumi nods.
<Yarrow> Jake: "Yeah... all those lights. It was like the world's biggest nightclub."
<Yarrow> Chance: "Lights?"
* Valery blinks. "Lights?"
<Xui-Fei> "but what ever that was....I don't want to find out what it fully is..." then blinks, "did you say lights?"
<Toast> ("If that dude we just passed turns into an owl, I'm getting the fuck outta here.")
<Koizumi> "Came to me as sound...music in fact. Whatever it is, we all saw something slightly different"
* Valery nods. "Yeah..."
<Koizumi> "We can all agree we say the same common thing though."
<Xui-Fei> "that it was to trippy to admit we seen to normal people with out them thinking we're crazy"
<Koizumi> "Until they come in here and feel it too...so now what?"
<Toast> "Did... Anyone else just hear an owl hoot?"
* Valery blinks. "Eh? No... I didn't."
* Koizumi shakes her head. "No"
<Yarrow> Jake, Chance, & Nietz nod.
<Yarrow> Eo: "What's an owl?"
<Koizumi> (Next we begin to hear one of those songs..."
<Koizumi> )
<Valery> "Er... it's a nocturnal bird."
<Yarrow> Jake leans against the trunk of a tree for a second. "Gah!"
<Valery> "What's wrong, Jake?"
<Yarrow> She leaps away and then cautiously walks back over and pats the part of the wall with the tree painted on it.
<Yarrow> Jake: "I swear that was a real tree a second ago."
<Toast> (must...not...metagame....must...not....metagame...)
* Xui-Fei blinks, "ok who here for getting the hell out of what ever this place is"
<Toast> (must not sing dance magic dance in charachter... must resist)
* Valery frowns. "Maybe this is what you're looking for, Toast-kun?"
<Yarrow> Nietz frowns. "Whatever it is, it seems very powerful... but if it's some sort of vortex, will we be able to leave again if we enter it?"
<Toast> (must...not...say...it has no power of us)
<Toast> (*over)
<Koizumi> "I'm more for leaving than finding out:"
<Toast> "I kind of want to go on."
<Toast> "This is getting interesting."
<Yarrow> Nietz: "It is, but if we don't come back, the people counting on us are going to be in big trouble..."
* Valery rubs her chin. "If it's just a trap, it might delay Nemesis when they get he... wait a minute."
* Xui-Fei blinks at Val, "what's wrong?"
<Valery> "This is a museum. A public facility. Who'd leave something actively dangerous working in there?"
* Toast coughs andgestures towards Eo
<Yarrow> Nietz: "I don't think these things *were* working before the invasion."
<Yarrow> Nietz: "But with Queen Serenity distracted or incapacitated..."
<Valery> "... Fair enough, but she wasn't actively working until we dropped the ball thing... how did you end up in there, anyway?"
* Koizumi leans on her cage, listening.
<Yarrow> Eo: "Some annoying little girls in ridiculous outfits trapped me..."
<Koizumi> *cane
<Yarrow> Jake: "Can we talk someplace else? This place is really creeping me out..."
<Xui-Fei> "how rediculas?"
<Xui-Fei> "agreeded
<Yarrow> Eo: "Short skirts, high heels, long gloves, bows on their chests..."
* Xui-Fei blinks, "that sounds like the senshi"
<Yarrow> Eo: "You don't say?"
<Yarrow> Nietz nods. "Yes, whatever we decide, let's not stand here and wait for something to happen while doing it."
<Koizumi> "Yes, please"
<Yarrow> Jake heads back the way you came without waiting for everyone else to come.
<Yarrow> Eo twirls and moonwalks after her.
* Xui-Fei nods heading back out
<Yarrow> Chance and Nietz head back too.
<Toast> (boooo)
* Valery heads back with Toast.
<Toast> (I wanna meet the goblin king)
<Valery> (Heh)
* Koizumi follows too, hopefully someone is kind enough to grab her.
<Toast> "It... feels hard to leave."
<Toast> "Like trying to push through a wall."
<Yarrow> Jake calls, "Not for me!" as she continues putting space between her and the weird area.
* Valery frowns, and brings up a hand to secure Toast's perch. "Something in there wants you..."
* Valery continues out.
<Koizumi> "Not inclinced to stay, sorry Toast."
<Yarrow> It's harder than it should be, but Valery and Toast manage to get some distance, after which, the resistance fades.
<Xui-Fei> "me neither" and heads forward
<Toast> (awww, can we at least stop by the punk exhibit?)
<Yarrow> You can pass through it on your way out. :p
<Yarrow> If there's anything else in here, Toast can't tell with the overwhelming presence of the magic vortex.
<Yarrow> Jake: "So, now what?"
<Toast> "We head back and prep?"
<Xui-Fei> "for Operation....Intern
<Yarrow> Jake: "Sounds good to me."
* Valery nods.
* Koizumi shrugs and nods.
<Toast> (It's a giant robo monica lewinsky
<Toast> )
<Valery> "We should probably see if it's safe to withdraw Metel at this point, too..."
<Toast> (she's gonna blow those two giant droids as a distraction)
<Yarrow> You make your way back to the entrance, passing through various types of music on the way. Jazz, punk, metal, swing....
<Yarrow> Some odd things...
* Toast stops in the punk exhibit to steal a spiked leather jacket
<Yarrow> Toast gets a leather jacket.
<Toast> "Hmmm maybe I should give my human form a mohawk like that, that looks awesome!"
<Toast> "I bet these guys knew how to build pipebombs too!"
<Yarrow> Nietz detransforms.
<Xui-Fei> "lets just head back...." he says
* Koizumi nods in agreement.
<Yarrow> You head through some less travelled areas with more obscure music - "The rings of Saturn are so sexy / And Jupiter's got that red spot / Pluto and Eris are just dwarves / But they get me twice as hot"
* Xui-Fei blinks
* Valery blinkblinks.
* Koizumi massages her nose.
<Valery> "... Um... okay..."
<Yarrow> And soon enough you get back to the museum's entrance.
<Xui-Fei> "was that a love song to the senshi or something else?"
<Yarrow> Alaric: "I'm not sure whether it's more disturbing if that song is about senshi or planets..."
<Valery> "I'm sure I don't particularly want to think about the whole thing any more."
Session Time: Tue Aug 11 00:00:00 2009
<Xui-Fei> "so are we all in favor of just disavoing we didn't even go in there?"
<Yarrow> At the entrance hall, two men in suits, ties, hats, and sunglasses walk over to you. The taller one is a little on the thin side; the shorter one is rather heavy.
<Toast> (let me guess, one wants me)
<Toast> (and the other wants four fried chickens and a coke)
<Xui-Fei> (it's the blues brothers)
* Koizumi sighs
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> Taller one, to Xui-Fei: "Excuse me, sir, but you seem to be carrying museum property."
* Xui-Fei retrives the glove, "you mean this..."
<Yarrow> "That's right."
<Yarrow> Jake: "Uh... are you security?"
<Yarrow> Taller one: "No, ma'am. We're musicians."
<Toast> (heh, Jake and Jake!)
<Valery> "The city museums are being raided. We're trying to keep these things out of the looters' hands."
<Xui-Fei> (it's the blues brothers)
<Toast> "You can't stop us, we're ona mission from God!"
<Xui-Fei> "or at least the Queen"
<Toast> "Same difference here."
<Xui-Fei> "true"
<Koizumi> "Somehow I doubt they care"
<Yarrow> The heavy one walks off to the side a way and jerks his head at the other.
<Xui-Fei> "we got a full tank of gas, it's dark and we lack sunglasses"
<Yarrow> Taller one: "Excuse me."
<Yarrow> He goes over to his partner who seems to start a spirited conversation with him.
<Yarrow> After a moment, they come back over.
<Yarrow> Taller one: "Do you have any credentials?"
* Xui-Fei rolls his eyes and transforms
* Xui-Fei is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
<Salior_Mjollnir> "is this enough"
* Switchblade has joined #cte
<Yarrow> Taller one: "Yes, ma'am. Thank you for the show."
<Switchblade> <@Yarrow> Taller one: "Excuse me."
<Switchblade> <@Yarrow> He goes over to his partner who seems to start a spirited conversation with him.
<Switchblade> * Valery nods politely.
<Switchblade> * Disconnected
<Switchblade> (What'd I miss?)
* Salior_Mjollnir twiches
<Yarrow> They walk off.
<Switchblade> (Xui stripped for 'em, apparently, what else?)
* Valery has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Switchblade is now known as Valery
<Yarrow> The way out is now clear.
* Salior_Mjollnir shrugs returning to normal
* Salior_Mjollnir is now known as Light02
* Light02 is now known as Xui-Fei
<Koizumi> (Who are you?!)
<Valery> "All right... let's go, then."
* Valery continues out.
<Yarrow> You head outside.
<Yarrow> Eo: "What a dump."
<Valery> "Well, the orbital bombardment is new."
<Xui-Fei> "blame Nemeisis and there machine minions"
<Koizumi> "Yes, we don't really care for it either"
<Xui-Fei> "and ships in orbit too...can't forget them"
<Yarrow> You hear a mournful beep that trails off from the area where you parked the car.
* Valery blinks, looking over.
<Yarrow> And a crash of metal on metal.
<Yarrow> You didn't park directly in front of the museum, so you'll have to go around the corner if you want to see.
* Valery peeks around the corner, trying not to make herself too visible to whatever's going on there.
<Yarrow> You cross the street and peer around the corner. Is anyone going with Val?
<Koizumi> (don't look at me)
* Yarrow looks at Koizumi.
<Toast> (well, toast kind of has to)
<Koizumi> (/me mistakenly pokes Xui in the eyes)
<Yarrow> Val & Toast see a zerker standing in front of the car with a metal droid while another metal droid is beating up the car. You think the zerker's holding a stop watch.
* Valery sneaks back to the group.
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Valery> (Wtf are you blinking for, you saw nothing since you didn't go :P )
<Xui-Fei> (I know I was surprized at you returning)
<Xui-Fei> "see anything Val?"
<Toast> (Oh my car.)
* Koizumi waits for Val' return, and frowns.
<Toast> (/me falls to the ground sobbing)
<Valery> "Um... a zerker and two of the metal droids seem to be... beating up the car we used?"
<Koizumi> "Well, so much for our ride"
<Valery> "It seems to still be intact... they might be, um, trying to interrogate it? Either way, it wouldn't be that difficult to take them down..."
<Toast> "Are we heading back to metal?"
<Toast> (metel)
<Xui-Fei> "I think were hoofing it"
<Valery> "Hopefully, though I'd like to find out just what those droids are trying to do. If they're trying to interrogate that would mean they know there's something worth getting from it..."
<Yarrow> Jake: "Interrogate ... a car?"
<Xui-Fei> "figures a machine would think they can get info from a car"
* Valery shrugs. "I don't know, they might just be delusional, but... a lot of things in the city have artificial intelligences..."
<Koizumi> "They might not be used to human technology yet'
<Toast> "Considering the stop watch..."
<Toast> "I think they might just be having fun."
<Toast> "Before we go, what are we going to do about our new "friend"?"
<Toast> "No offence, but I don't know if I feel comfortable taking you back to our base..."
* Valery glances at Eo. "I don't know, where are you planning to go from here?"
<Yarrow> Eo: "Well, I thought I'd see a bit more of the might empire of the bit--woman who defeated my queen and then try to go home."
<Valery> "Well... I'm afraid we can't offer you much transport, but..."
<Yarrow> He shrugs. "If I can't make it back on my own, I'm stuck here."
<Yarrow> There's an especially loud crash from the direction of the car.
<Valery> "So... should we save our car, or should we teleport out to where we left Metel-chan?"
<Koizumi> "We can always find another"
<Toast> "It'll take two ports if we do, 7 people is a bit much for me."
<Xui-Fei> "I think that can manage"
<Yarrow> Don't you have rank 4 targets - 50 people?
<Toast> (... so I do)
<Toast> (I guess I was thinking of weight or something)
<Yarrow> Well, stoats don't count so good.
<Yarrow> 1... 2... many.
<Toast> (hahahaha)
* Toast transforms and teleports everyone
<Valery> (Heheheheh)
* Toast retcons that like about two trips)
<Yarrow> Ok. Let's take a 5-10 minute break while DCG presents a clip for your entertainment.
<Valery> (Uh oh.)
<DCG> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xsqXo8pW2c
<Toast> (ah, I was thinking Final Fight 2)
<Toast> (or was it Final Fight?)
<Toast> (hence the "oh my car" comment)
<Valery> (Doh)
<Toast> (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOucGtR07so)
<Yarrow> Yeah, I got the Final Fight reference but did have Street Fighter in mind. :)
<Yarrow> I think Capcom just hates cars. :)
<Yarrow> Ok, who's ready to resume?
<Valery> (Yo)
<Toast> (yo)
<Yarrow> Ok. You all reappear in Metel's garage.
* Valery is looking around immediately, to make sure nothing 'new' is there, and that Metel's still present.
<Yarrow> Everything seems as you left it.
* Xui-Fei keeps an eyeout but when everything is confirmed to be okay he heads in
* Valery smiles, pats Metel, and gets in. "They didn't find her... good..."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Not like I wouldn't have told you if anything happened."
<Valery> "That's true, but it's still nice to see for myself."
* Valery slips her gun away, and warms up Metel, strapping in.
* Xui-Fei retrives the glove..."now I still wonder why anyone would want this"
<Yarrow> Lilith, cheerfully: "Well, with luck, we won't be blown away as soon as we show our faces!"
<Valery> "Yes... with luck."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Be ready to get everyone out of here if we do end up face to face with a fighter, Toast."
<Toast> (val's about to get a massive CP refund :P)
* Valery lays her hands on the controls, and licks her lips. "Now this will be a little tricky..."
* Valery slowly takes Metel out of the garage.
* Yarrow points to text on Metel's fuselage that reads 'No deposit, no return'. ;)
<Yarrow> Val eases Metel into the street. No fiery rain of death appears so far.
<Toast> (hahaha, that'd be such a dick thing to do)
* Valery pointedly does not exhale in relief, knowing that that's usually the point where things do go wrong, and slowly rises up to building height.
<Yarrow> Jake exhales in relief.
* Valery is now definitely not feeling relieved.
<Yarrow> Val takes Metel up. No fighter appears.
* Valery starts moving across the city. (Not taking a direct route back to HQ, pretty much zigzagging)
* Xui-Fei shakes his head
<Yarrow> You reach HQ without trouble.
* Valery lands, and gets out, starting to get the cover set up.
<Toast> (hmm)
<Yarrow> Jake & Chance help.
<Yarrow> Eo steps out and looks around.
<Toast> (rank for things like range and duration are capped at 5 too)
<Toast> (and wait, what the fuck?)
<Toast> (I thought Eo was going her own way?)
<Toast> (because I definitly would have objected to this)
<Toast> (and definitly would not have teleported her with the rest of the group)
<Yarrow> I figured 'Toast transforms and teleports everyone' included Eo.
<Toast> (in fact, I DID object)
<Toast> (right after I said "I don't want to bring you to base."?)
<Valery> (Heck, I kinda would've, Val's not exactly keen on the idea of bringing someone who was just trying to kill them into their HQ, no matter how sociable he/she/it is now...)
<Yarrow> Be more specific next time. Anyway, no harm done this time. Eo's not with you.
<Toast> (... I think it's time for me to call it a night, I'm getting tired and will probably start saying things I should keep to myself.)
<Yarrow> So, you're all at HQ without Eo.
* Xui-Fei heads out to find someplace to deposit this odd glove
* Valery finally breathes easier once the shelter's up.
* Toast is now known as Ataru
<Ataru> (night guys)
<Valery> (Night Ataru)
* Koizumi goes to find some hot tea.
<Yarrow> Night.
<Koizumi> (ciao)
<Yarrow> Approximately 3 hours remain until Operation Intern.
* Valery will be heading to the computers to observe and see if she can see anything getting set up for said operation.
<Yarrow> Alaric goes to check on his patient and then get some rest.
<Yarrow> What's Xui-Fei going to do with the glove?
* Koizumi finds her tea, and curls up for a nap.
<Yarrow> Valery finds nothing new.
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei?
<Yarrow> What does Valery do after checking the computers?
<Xui-Fei> I'm meditating and warming up for what ever Intern is
<Yarrow> What does Xui-Fei do with the glove?
<Xui-Fei> I place it somewhere...honestly not sure what to do with it
* Valery will move back up to Metel and start fixing the mussed-up paint job.
<Yarrow> Could leave it in the armory, in your room, or in your pocket space.
<Valery> (Might not want to put The Glove Of Michael Jackson anywhere near your unprotected body... :P )
<Xui-Fei> (I put the glove in the armory)
<Yarrow> Ok, you leave the glove in the armory.
<Yarrow> Doing anything with the jug from the Astrology museum or the rose from the horticulture museum?
<Xui-Fei> (it's up to the people who have them I deposted the one I knew about)
<Valery> (And... Ataru's not here :P )
<Yarrow> Ok. We'll hold off on those until later.
<Yarrow> So, Xui-Fei is in the gym right now?
<Yarrow> If people want to stop here, we can...
<Valery> (I think most of us are kinda 'out' right now...)
<DCG> (i've been in and out all night, but thats just me)
<Koizumi> I'm a bit worn from work; so if people want a break for the night, okay)
<Yarrow> Ok, we'll stop here.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Yarrow » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:34 pm

Session 14

<Yarrow> Xui-Fei was meditating and practicing. Valery was poking around in the computer system. Koizumi was resting. Alaric was checking on his patient before resting. Toast was doing ... something.
* WolfNap is now known as Valery
<Yarrow> At this point, you can set your hp & ep in both forms to full.
* Light02 is now known as Xui-Fei
* Yarrow raises an eyebrow.
<Yarrow> Were the two of you napping together?
<Toast> lol
<Toast> (Snitches get stitches)
<Yarrow> The party did recover some items from their museum run: a rose with some sort of magical virtue, a jug filled with bloody water, and a white glove liberally studded with diamonds.
<Yarrow> Does anyone have any plans that involve the items or other PCs before Operation Intern?
<Valery> (Not that I can think of)
* Toast pokes around the vase and the rose a bit, but doesn't really do anything yet
* Toast then transforms to human and tries on the glove
* Xui-Fei meditates as he prepares for the operation
<Toast> (It just occured to me I missed a really good opportunity for a joke last session)
<Toast> (I am kicking myself in depression)
<Xui-Fei> (oh)
<Toast> "Woo!"
* Toast moonwalks
<Xui-Fei> (*falls over laughing*)
<Toast> (when we were passing by Bowie...)
<Toast> (Toast should have said "Wow, looks like this guy went through a lot of ch-ch-ch-changes.")
<Toast> (it would have been perfect)
<Xui-Fei> (lol good one)
<Yarrow> Oh, good. I thought the details of Operation Intern had escaped. But I just found them.
<Yarrow> Where's Xui-Fei meditating, btw?
<Xui-Fei> (I was assuming my quarters but I have my gear on so I can be contacted)
* Toast takes off the glove and puts it back in the armory
* Toast goes back to poking around the rose and the vase
* Toast also takes a moment to remove his hooded sweat shirt, and put on his brand new spiked leather jacket
<Xui-Fei> (basically sense I knew it was close to start of the operation I figured I'd be prepared while I'm mediating)
<Yarrow> A couple of hours pass. People meditate, rest, experiment...
<Toast> roll 2d6+4
<Lightdice> Toast roll 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
<Toast> (ouch)
<Yarrow> About an hour before Operation Intern, an alarm sounds on the intercomm. "Warning: Fire supression activated in room 315."
* Valery blinks, standing up. "Fire suppression... what's going on in there, Lilith-san?"
<Toast> (Alaric just killed himself buddhist monk style)
* Xui-Fei gets up and heads for the room
<Yarrow> Lilith: "You'd better get over there. It's under control, but there's a probable fatality. Alaric's already on his way."
<Xui-Fei> (you in another room Val)
<Xui-Fei> *over the com on his ESC* I'm on my way as well
<Yarrow> Lilith, over PCs' comms: "I've found some footage on a security camera. It looks like there was a fight between two children and one manifested a fire-based transformation power."
* Valery rushes over there. "Oh no..."
<Xui-Fei> "Keiko?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "No. Alaric and Dizzy have arrived."
<Yarrow> A few moments later, the rest of you arrive. Is Koizumi going?
<Xui-Fei> "only one I knew of that had a simular fire based tranformation was a little girl named Keiko" he says as he arrives
* Koizumi blinks quietly and finds her way.
<Yarrow> The room is thoroughly wet. There's a drenched and slightly foamy little girl (around 8) sputtering and standing out of the way and the burned body of what you think was a little boy. Alaric is frowning and getting up from where he was kneeling by the body.
<Xui-Fei> "oh god..." he says as he enters
* Valery covers her mouth as she arrives, moving up to Alaric.
<Yarrow> It takes a moment, what with the foam, but you realize the little girl is a youma. Red hair, slitted yellow eyes, reddish brown skin.
* Koizumi recoils at the scent.
* Toast arrives on the scene "Hey, do I smell bacon?"
<Toast> "Oh shit."
* Koizumi gives Toast a bland look.
<Yarrow> A few other people arrive but Dizzy turns them away.
<Xui-Fei> "yes oh shit," he says looking at the girl, "so who exactly are you" he as he squats down to her eyelevel
* Valery glances up at Alaric-san. "Is he...?"
<Yarrow> Alaric: "Very."
<Toast> "Bummer."
* Valery closes her eyes.
<Yarrow> The girl looks away from Xui-Fei and stands there, fists clenched.
<Toast> (Toast recognize the kids? He did end up playing with a bunch of them near the begining)
<Xui-Fei> "you can at least tell my your name," he says,
* Valery opens her eyes, and walks over to a nearby terminal so she can whisper to Lilith.
<Yarrow> Toast thinks he recognizes the girl but not the boy.
<Toast> ("Hey, don't feel bad little girl, Xui here accidently kills people that don't deserve it all the time!")
<Toast> (do I know a name?)
* Toast scampers over to the girl
<Yarrow> Lilith: "The girl is Rose Kimura. The boy was Yoshi Fukuda."
<Yarrow> (given name, family name)
<Toast> "Hey Rose, remember me?"
* Xui-Fei nods closeing his eyes for a moment, "Rose please tell me what exactly happened?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "All three of Yoshi's parents are in the building. Rose does not have any relatives present."
* Valery walks back up. "Right... we'll need to inform them soon..."
<Yarrow> Rose doesn't seem willing to talk to anyone. It seems like she's angry.
* Toast rubs up against Rose's shin and gives her puppy stoat eyes
* Xui-Fei sighs, "ok then take her to one of the unused rooms and if you tell Yoshi's parents do not tell them where she is I don't want a mob over this"
<Yarrow> Rose doesn't seem very moved by Toast's efforts, but she doesn't kick him away, either.
<Xui-Fei> "if that's out put her in our shared room we're the only ones that have access to that"
* Koizumi leans on her cane, sighing, put off by this whole developement.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "There are plenty of rooms."
<Yarrow> Alaric: "Someone should stay with her, though."
* Valery purses her lips, and nods. "I can do that..."
<Xui-Fei> "no offense doc, probably someone like you or dizzy might be better off staying with her I doubt she'd trust a normal human at this point"
<Toast> "I can do it."
<Yarrow> Dizzy: "I could. Unless you want me to be there to speak to his parents..."
* Valery glances at Xui. "There's no need to assume race had, or has, anything to do with it, Xui-kun."
<Valery> "That was unnecessary."
<Koizumi> "I agree"
<Yarrow> Alaric nods.
<Xui-Fei> "I'm assuming nothing untill we hear what happened from her and I was suggesting that she might be able to open up to either Doc or Diz faster than us"
<Yarrow> Alaric: "I think it's best if Dizzy stays with her."
<Yarrow> Dizzy nods and takes the girl's hand. "Come along, Rose."
<Yarrow> Rose goes with Dizzy with no resistance.
* Valery rubs her eyes.
* Toast sighs
* Xui-Fei sighs, "and now one of us has to inform Yoshi's parents of what happened"
<Toast> "Not you."
* Koizumi gives a long, quiet sigh and nods.
<Yarrow> Alaric sighs. "I know it's a horrible thought, but I can't help thinking how much easier this would be if he were the one with no parents..."
<Toast> "I vote Doc does it."
<Toast> "He must have practice with this sort of thing, right Doc?"
<Yarrow> Alaric: "Actually, no... With my powers, if the patient reaches me, his survival is pretty much assured."
<Toast> "Huh. Still, you're the one best equipped for this sort of thing."
<Xui-Fei> "Doc has a point that was why I wanted her placed somewhere where the family couldn't find her cause I fear they might want revenge"
<Yarrow> Alaric: "We definitely don't want them encountering her, even if revenge isn't an issue."
* Koizumi nods quietly. "For the best, I suppose"
<Toast> "Let's look at our options. We have me, a friggin genetically engineered stoat with a penchant for explosions and who has only recently apparantly REGAINED sapience. A martial artist that tends to speak first and think never. A high school student that mostly cut class, a blind girl that barely talks, and... A real live medical doctor."
<Toast> "Boy, this sure is a tough choice."
<Yarrow> Alaric: "I can break the bad news, but they're going to want to know more about what happened. As do I."
* Koizumi frowns at Toast, but bites her cheek.
<Koizumi> "Perhaps we should try and learn the details, best we can?
* Valery nods. "We'll need to... watch what video Lilith has."
<Yarrow> Alaric: "Indeed."
<Xui-Fei> "if they ask what happened tell them were looking in to it and no action will be taken till we figure out what fully happened"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I have video, but no audio. However, it seems there were a couple of other children present when the incident occurred."
<Yarrow> Alaric nods.
* Xui-Fei nods as well
<Valery> "Are the others all right...?"
<Yarrow> Alaric: "I'll go talk to them. The rest of you should investigate this."
<Yarrow> He sighs.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Terrified and undoubtedly traumatized, but physically unharmed when they fled."
<Xui-Fei> "got any id's on them?"
<Yarrow> Lilith gives their names and current locations.
<Yarrow> Alaric goes off to talk to the parents.
* Xui-Fei nods, "ok one at a time or split off and interview them seperately"
<Toast> "I guess I'll go help corral the kids
<Yarrow> As he leaves, he mutters, "One would be bad enough... Of course, he had to have three..."
<Valery> "Right... one at a time is probably best."
<Yarrow> Jake and Chance arrive.
* Koizumi nods and smooths back her hair.
<Yarrow> Jake: "Is everything all--oh, yuck..."
<Valery> "No, no it's not."
<Toast> "Well, it was certainly better than my entrance line..."
<Yarrow> Chance: "What happened?"
* Toast looks suitably embarrased
<Xui-Fei> "not fully sure yet" he says before explaining what they did know
<Yarrow> Jake: "That's horrible..."
<Yarrow> Chance sighs and shakes her head.
<Koizumi> ("Toast just HAD to have a taste of human flesh, that's what happened...")
<Xui-Fei> "right now Rose is with Diz, Doc is informing Yoshi's parents and we are off to interview the other kids that were there"
<Yarrow> Jake: "I guess we should split up and talk to them..."
<Toast> "Hey, I have an idea."
* Xui-Fei looks at Toast, "and?"
<Toast> "Jake or Chance should go off with Xui."
* Xui-Fei blinks
* Valery cocks her head.
* Toast runs up to Val's shoulder and whispers in her ear
* Valery blinks. "Eh? Why would they...?"
<Yarrow> Jake shrugs, looking somewhat dispirited: "Whatever... doesn't really matter how we split up."
<Yarrow> Jake: "Let's just get this over with... Oh. And who's going to take care of this body?"
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> "you know I haven't thought that far yet"
* Valery rubs her eyes. "Right... we need to get this... somewhere... do we at least have cleaning staff organized yet...?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I'll have some orderlies who came here from the hospital take care of it."
<Valery> "Thank you, Lilith-san."
<Toast> ("A shame... All that meat going to waste...")
<Yarrow> Lilith: "You know, you could try Ichigo out for this."
<Toast> (Ichigo?)
<Toast> (Fuck, what's mage doing in this game?)
<Toast> (j/k ;p)
<Xui-Fei> "forgive me but I'm gonna have to ask by Ichigo?"
<Valery> "I suppose we could use this as a test-run of his crisis-handling skills..."
<Toast> "Manager dude?"
* Xui-Fei sighs, "why do I think this is a bad idea?'
<Yarrow> Lilith: "It just seems that you have more to worry about than organizing the various people who need to handle the little things."
<Toast> "My only real problem with him, is that he specializes in being inefficient."
<Toast> "And takes pride in it."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "And keeping people busy instead of gossiping and worrying about this is bad how?"
<Koizumi> "she has a point"
<Xui-Fei> "true I just feel this could end badly if we don't tred carefully"
<Toast> "For now, I suppose."
<Toast> "I guess we can give him a shot."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "If he works out in a situation where his skills are appropriate, then you can try him out in others."
* Valery nods. "Yes... for now at least we aren't making any promises, just making use of him."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Does one of you want to tell him or should I do it?"
<Toast> "I suppose one of us should; any volunteers?"
<Xui-Fei> "inform him and tell him try and keep the disruptions down to a minium
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I'll inform him and tell him that you'll speak with him personally as soon as you're able."
* Valery nods. "Keep an eye on him, if you can, Lilith-san?"
<Xui-Fei> "ok"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "That should make him feel important while letting you focus on investigating for now."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Of course, Valery."
<Koizumi> I'm gonna lie down for a bit; I can scarce keep my eyes open)
<Yarrow> Ok. I'll try to keep up Koizumi's chatter while you're away.
* Koizumi is now known as Dori-out
<Valery> (There's too many words to keep up with! :P )
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Done. He says he'll take care of it immediately."
<Dori-out> Careful, she might begin accidently hitting people with Koi's cane)
<Yarrow> Never accidentally.
<Yarrow> Lilith gives you the locations of the two children who witnessed the incident.
* Xui-Fei heads for the cloest one
* Valery rushes after him.
<Yarrow> Are you all going together or are you splitting up?
* Toast is tagging along on Val's shoulder
<Yarrow> With Lilith's guidance, you quickly track the boy down to an unused conference room in a remote hall.
* Xui-Fei will once everyone is sat down will begin, "so what happened"
<Yarrow> He's a dark skinned human boy, around 9. He looks pretty shaken.
* Valery kneels down. "Hello. What's your name?"
<Yarrow> Boy: "R-roger."
<Valery> "Hello, Roger. How are you feeling?"
<Valery> "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Valery."
<Toast> "and I'm Toast!"
* Toast does his best to look cute and innocent
<Yarrow> He just stares up at you when you ask how he's feeling.
<Yarrow> He bursts into tears when the stoat gives his name.
<Valery> "Yes... I suppose that's not the best question. Are you hurting anywhere? There's only so much we can tell from the video."
<Toast> (loool)
<Yarrow> After a minute, he manages to ask, sniffling, "I-is Yoshi all right?"
<Toast> ("Want some bacon? How do you like it? Extra crispy? I love when the edges get charred black, don't you? Mmmm Mmm, my mouth is watering.")
* Valery closes her eyes, and shakes her head. "I'm sorry, Roger..."
<Xui-Fei> "so can you please tell us what provoked Rose to do what she did?"
<Yarrow> Jake pinches the bridge of her nose and lays a hand on Xui-Fei's shoulder.
<Yarrow> She raises a finger to her lips and breathes, "Shhhhh."
* Valery glances back at Xui, frowning.
* Xui-Fei looks at Valery, "what...I'm trying to get to the bottom of this"
<Yarrow> Roger whimpers and dashes over to Chance, glomping her leg and burying his face in it.
<Yarrow> Chance: "Oomph."
* Valery stands up and whispers. "Please stop hassling the traumatized child, Xui-kun."
<Yarrow> As she looks around, somewhat at a loss, you realize she isn't a child person.
<Yarrow> She puts he hands an his shoulders and lightly pats him, hesitantly saying, "There, there..."
* Xui-Fei sighs
<Yarrow> She also indicates with her eyebrows and jerks of her head that Valery should get over there and Handle This.
<Yarrow> Now.
<Xui-Fei> (look he's being blunt cause there's too many questions left open)
<Toast> (oh my lord)
<Yarrow> Let's keep it in-character, please.
* Valery comes over and kneels down next to Roger, hugging him. "It'll be all right, Roger-kun..."
<Yarrow> Roger sniffles but leans into Valery slightly.
* Valery strokes his hair.
<Yarrow> Chance manages to transfer the boy from her leg to Valery.
<Yarrow> Jake comes over and pats Valery on the shoulder and quietly says, "Go on."
* Valery pats Roger's back. "Roger-kun... I know you don't want to think about this, but we need to know... what were Rose and Yoshi fighting about?"
<Yarrow> Roger, muffled: "They're always fighting..."
<Valery> "Did they not get along?"
<Yarrow> He shakes his head.
* Xui-Fei sighs and asks calmly, "what did they fight about"
<Yarrow> He shrugs.
* Xui-Fei closese his eyes again, "Roger please we need know this is imporant"
<Valery> "Not necessarily. Roger-kun... what was different about this fight? If they're always fighting, what changed this time?"
<Toast> "Can you tell us how the fights usually start?"
<Yarrow> Roger shudders. "He said..." Roger whispers something in Valery's ear.
<Yarrow> He then buries his face in Valery's shoulder.
* Valery clenches her teeth. "I see. Thank you, Roger-kun..."
* Valery pats him some more. "Do you want to see anyone, Roger-kun, or would you like to rest a bit more in private?"
<Yarrow> He murmurs that he wants to see his mommy.
<Yarrow> Jake volunteers to take him to her if Lilith tells her where to go.
<Yarrow> And after transferring his grip from Valery to herself, she goes.
* Valery stands up, frowning heavily once they leave. "That was low."
<Valery> "Even lower if it's true."
<Xui-Fei> "what did he say," he asks in all seriousness
<Valery> "That she lacked parents because they wanted to get rid of her."
<Toast> "Well, that's fucked."
<Xui-Fei> "so it was provoked," he says sighing, "damn it"
<Toast> "Man, at first I thought it was a crush gone wrong, but... wow."
<Yarrow> Chance: "That's horrible... Especially since they almost certainly were killed in the invasion."
<Toast> "To be fair, I doubt Rose intended to kill him."
<Valery> "Yes... unless she was an orphan beforehand... do we know that, Lilith-san?"
<Toast> "Like Lillith was saying, it seems she just manifested the power."
<Yarrow> Chance shakes her head. "She might even have seen it happen..."
<Xui-Fei> "I agree with Toast she probably isn't used to her powers and used to much"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Her parents were not listed as deceased prior to the invasion."
* Valery nods. "All right... thank you Lilith-san."
<Toast> "Alright, we should probably speak with the other witness, then brainstorm on how we'll handle Rose."
<Toast> "She looked like she was in pretty bad shape, we'll need to be careful."
<Xui-Fei> "and I'm not looking forward to telling the parents what really happened"
<Valery> "We won't."
<Valery> "There is no need to corrupt their image of their son."
<Yarrow> Chance: "Unless they obsess with blaming the girl..."
<Valery> "Were he alive, I'd say tell them so they can make him learn better, but all that's left is their memories. Let's not take that from them, okay?"
<Valery> "Yes. If the need presents itself... until then, let's try not to."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Ichigo has some information. I'm redirecting him to you, Valery."
* Xui-Fei shakes his head, "if we don't it could cost Rose her life if the populace decides to get justice for what happened"
<Yarrow> Ichigo, comm: "Hello?"
<Valery> "Hello, Ichigo-san?"
<Yarrow> Ichigo: "Yes. Greetings, Shein-san. I believe I've found a little girl you wish to talk to. I have her mother and her waiting for you in a private room."
<Valery> "Ah, thank you, Ichigo-san. Which room?"
<Yarrow> Ichigo: "I thought you'd rather they didn't stay with the crowd in the lounge until you managed to have a word with them."
<Yarrow> He lists a room.
* Valery nods. "You're right, good job. What will we be wanting to talk to her about?"
<Yarrow> Ichigo: "She was a witness to the event you're investigating."
<Valery> "Is this a third witness in addition to the two we have, or is that the second one you were speaking about, Lilith-san?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "It's the second one."
<Valery> "All right... thank you, Ichigo-san. Let's go."
<Yarrow> Ichigo: "Even if she doesn't have any information you need, I'm sure you'll want to explain what happened and let them know what you need from them in response to the matter."
<Yarrow> Ichigo signs off.
* Valery turns back to Xui. "It could, and that is why we will use it if necessary. If not, there's no need to hurt the parents further."
<Yarrow> In a short time, you reach the room. Two women are standing outside looking attentive.
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
* Valery bows to them. "Have you been securing the room?"
<Valery> "Thank you."
<Yarrow> They bow and ones says, "They're right in here. Yes, ma'am."
<Valery> "Good job."
* Valery heads in.
* Xui-Fei is right behind Val
<Yarrow> One starts to smile but quickly suppresses it.
<Yarrow> Inside is a small but comfortable lounge. A woman is sitting in a plush chair with a little girl curled up in her lap. There's a plate of sandwiches and a carafe of iced tea with two cups on a little table beside the chair.
<Yarrow> The woman looks up at you when you enter.
* Valery bows slightly, and moves up to a nearby chair. "Hello, ma'am. I'm Valery Shein."
<Xui-Fei> "and I'm Xui-Fei Chuan
<Toast> "I'm Guy Fawkes."
<Yarrow> She nods. "Wilma Slate."
<Xui-Fei> (....)
<Valery> (... Oh gawd)
<Xui-Fei> (let me guess the girl is named Pebbles)
<Valery> (She a redhead?)
<Yarrow> She has black hair.
<Toast> (where's her friend Betty Gravel?)
* Valery looks down at her child. "What's your daughter's name, ma'am?"
<Yarrow> Wilma: "Valerie."
* Valery blinks, and leans forward to the girl. "Hello, Valerie."
<Yarrow> Wilma: "She's asleep."
<Yarrow> Wilma: "I understand you need our help?"
<Valery> "Yes... how much do you know about the events a few minutes ago?"
<Toast> "Has your daughter told you what happened?"
<Toast> (retcon)
<Yarrow> Probably closer to 1/2 an hour now, but I'll adjust what you said.
<Valery> (Heh, righto)
<Yarrow> Wilma: "Valerie was very upset... She was saying something about a fight and a fire and someone being burned."
<Yarrow> Wilma: "A boy she knows. Is he ... all right?"
* Xui-Fei shakes his head
* Valery sighs, slowly shaking her head. "I'm... afraid not."
<Yarrow> Wilma, softly: "I see."
<Yarrow> Wilma: "How can we help you?"
* Xui-Fei sighs, "we'd like to know what happened and if Yoshi did provoke Rose or not"
<Valery> "We... don't really want to disturb her, but we need to know the details of what happened. We only have video, not audio, so we know what happened, but not why..."
<Valery> "We've gotten one source of the story, but... everyone focuses on different things, so we'd like another viewpoint."
<Yarrow> She sighs. "Are you sure you need to ask her about it? It was very upsetting to her."
* Xui-Fei nods
<Xui-Fei> "we understand"
<Yarrow> Wilma: "Are you sure you need another? Is there really that much of a question of what happened?"
* Toast "Hmmms."
<Valery> "Not specifically of what happened, unless Roger-kun forgot something. More of the history behind it, and why they didn't get along."
<Yarrow> Chance comes up to Valery and quietly asks, "Do we really need to know?"
<Valery> "We know what he said, and that doesn't cast him in a very good light. But we don't know why he said it."
<Toast> "Does it really matter Val?"
<Toast> "He said it, it happened, knowing why won't really change anything."
<Yarrow> Wilma lightly strokes her daughter's hair as she sleeps.
<Xui-Fei> "Toast we don't have many people left here and until this is resolved it might fracture the people here we are trying to avoid that"
* Valery sighs, closing her eyes. "Toast's right, and I don't really want to hassle them any more than we have to... what we have should be enough to talk to Rose."
* Valery stands up. "Wilma-san, could you please tell your daughter we were interested in what she had to say? If she doesn't want to, that's fine, but if she does, we will be available."
<Yarrow> Wilma: "I'll let you know if she wants to talk about it."
<Yarrow> You don't think she expects Valerie will want to.
* Valery nods. "Thank you for your time, Wilma-san."
<Toast> "At the risk of sounding callous, I must ask you to please refrain from speaking about the events, at the very least until we've sorting things out."
<Toast> *^finished
<Yarrow> She nods. "Sato-san said as much already."
* Xui-Fei nods
<Yarrow> What now?
<Toast> (today has been stressful, we decide to unwind by railing horse tranqs)
<Valery> (Mm... I think Rose)
<Toast> (agreed)
<Toast> (but only if we get to rail horse tranqs after)
<Yarrow> Ok. You leave Wilma and head for Rose. Do you say anything to the women outside on your way out?
<Valery> (Thanks for good job, carry on?)
<Toast> (I don't think they're need anymore)
<Toast> (*needed)
<Valery> (Sure, but they don't have anything else to do.)
<Valery> (And they like feeling needed :P )
<Toast> "Should we releive them of their duties, or would you guys prefer they remain at their posts?"
<Toast> (let's do this in charachter)
<Xui-Fei> "thank you for doing this" he says to them smiling
<Valery> "Let's have them remain. They seemed proud to be doing it, and we don't really need them to do anything else."
<Yarrow> Are you saying this in the room with Wilma, in the hall with the women, or somewhere else?
<Xui-Fei> (what I said was to the girls in the hall)
<Valery> (Whispering before heading out, I guess?)
<Yarrow> Woman2, to Xui-Fei: "It's an honor to help however we can."
<Xui-Fei> "well keep up the good work" giving them the thumbs up
<Yarrow> She nods sharply.
<Yarrow> Ok. You head over to Rose's room and join her and Dizzy.
<Yarrow> Rose seems to have calmed down a bit but is sitting on a chair in the far corner of the room, apparently not feeling communicative.
<Yarrow> Dizzy gets up and walks over to you as you enters.
<Yarrow> She quietly says, "I gave her something to calm her down."
* Xui-Fei looks at Rose a bit before looking at dizzy, "that's good...did she say anything"
<Yarrow> Dizzy shakes her head.
* Valery nods. "All right. Thanks."
<Yarrow> You stand there for a while before Dizzy asks, "...did you want ta speak to her?"
* Valery sighs, nodding. "Yes... I suppose so..."
* Valery moves over to Rose's chair, and leans down. "Hello, Rose."
<Yarrow> Though I'm sure you can pass her off to other people if you want to move ahead to other things.
<Yarrow> Rose shifts away a bit.
* Valery scoots up a seat for herself. "Don't want to talk? I understand."
* Toast hops down from Val's shoulder to the chair, and moves into Rose's lap
* Valery leans back a little. "... That was a very cruel thing he said."
* Yarrow has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Toast> (try to not get Toast accidently toasted.)
<Valery> (Well... without a DM, he's safe :P )
* Yarrow has joined #cte
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Yarrow
<Valery> (Welcome back, Yarrow)
<Yarrow> She gives Valery a sidelong glance.
<Yarrow> But doesn't say anything.
<Valery> "Crueler still because it can be true, sometimes. There are parents that wouldn't mind getting rid of a child."
<Yarrow> She glares at Val and the temperature in the room rises noticeably.
<Toast> "But that wasn't the case with you, I remember you, you're a nice girl."
<Yarrow> Her breathing also gets heavier.
* Toast rubs against her in her lap
* Valery speaks gently. "Did your parents love you? Did they have time for you?"
* Xui-Fei raies an eyebrow
<Yarrow> She turns completely away from Val.
<Valery> "If they did, then it wasn't true for you."
<Yarrow> Her body language makes it clear she's shutting you out now.
<DCG> (how old is she?)
<Yarrow> Around 8.
* Valery sighs, leaning forward and stroking her hair. "You're a good child. None of this should have happened, and Yoshi had no call to be making it worse."
<Yarrow> Chance: "Val... unless there's a senshi reason to talk to her, I don't really think any of us is really qualified to try to ... help her."
<Valery> "Probably not, but if we sit around waiting for someone qualified, it may never be done."
<Yarrow> Chance: "We do have parents and medical personnel, you know."
<Valery> "That's true."
* Valery leans forward. "So... if you ever want to talk, I'm available. And if you want to learn to control that ability of yours, I'm sure we can set something up."
<Yarrow> Chance: "Besides, we're the likeliest to be called away to deal with something else..."
<Yarrow> Dizzy: "I'll see about finding someone who's had experience dealing with children who ... have been through ... ordeals. She seems safe enough for now."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Why don't you send what you've discovered on to Alaric and stand ready."
* Valery sighs, and stands up. "Right... that's still coming."
<Xui-Fei> "go ahead Lilith"
<Yarrow> Unless you want to talk with Yoshi's parents, let me know how you want to prepare for the upcoming Operation Intern.
<Toast> (up to the others, I'm pretty tired x_x)
<Yarrow> Even if it's no more than either standing in a particular room together or spreading out through HQ.
<Valery> (Take a spot at a computer terminal - ideally the main control room in the basement, but anywhere else can do in a pinch)
<Xui-Fei> (pretty much same thing though I do try to meditate
<Yarrow> Ok. Are the rest of you joining her or taking up positions elsewhere?
<Toast> (taking 12 on building explosives in the armory)
<Xui-Fei> (and I do have my ESC on so I can be contacted)
<Yarrow> Where are you, Xui-Fei?
<Xui-Fei> my room)
<Yarrow> And you're in the armory, Toast?
<Toast> (I'll head there, yes)
<Yarrow> Ok. It's less than half an hour to Operation Intern. Chance joins Valery in the control room and just looks at her for a while.
* Valery is working on the computer, but looks up after a bit of being watched.
<Yarrow> Jake knocks on Xui-Fei 's door.
<Yarrow> Chance: "I think you'll make a good mother some day."
<Toast> (shouldn't that be father? -_-)
* Valery blinks, blushing slightly. "I don't know, I haven't had much of an example to learn from."
<Yarrow> (Look who we're talking about.)
* Xui-Fei raise an eyebrow, "come in?"
<Yarrow> Chance shrugs. "You seemed to do well with Roger."
<Valery> "Thank you..."
<Yarrow> Jake walks in and gives a lazy wave. "Hey. How're you doing?"
<Xui-Fei> "good considering," he says gesturing for her to sit down, "what can I do for you?"
<Yarrow> Chance: "You ever plan to turn back into a guy?"
<Yarrow> Jake sits on the edge of the bed. "Just thinking about all we've been through... and what we've seen... It seems so easy for people to get killed, doesn't it?"
* Valery blinks, and shrugs. "Don't see much point. I wasn't doing anything that specifically required me to be male."
* Xui-Fei nods to Jake, "yes almost too easy these days,"
<Yarrow> Jake: "I mean, before this week, people *never* died, except through a rare accident or old age!" She waves her hands. "But now... people dying by the dozens in the streets. Even kids in *here* where it's supposed to be safe!"
<Yarrow> Chance: "So, you just don't care? Or do you prefer being a woman?"
<Yarrow> Jake: "It really make you think. You know?"
<Xui-Fei> "hmm" he asks
* Valery cocks her head. "I guess I just don't care. Nothing's seemed really spectacular and world-shattering about being either."
<Yarrow> Chance hmms. "I suppose that's true in this kind of situation. I imagine there's more of a difference when we actually have a society going on around us."
<Yarrow> Chance grins briefly: "Or if you're specifically making use of the parts that are different."
Session Time: Tue Aug 18 00:00:00 2009
* Valery nods. "Maybe later I'll have more chance to see the difference late... no, not at this time."
<Yarrow> Was Xui-Fei saying something more? I was kind of waiting for him to finish his question.
<Xui-Fei> "about?"
<Yarrow> Jake: "How fragile life is. How it can be over, just like that." She snaps her fingers.
<Yarrow> Chance: "Well, I'll leave you to your computer. See you again in a bit."
<Yarrow> Chance walks off.
* Valery nods, waving. "See you later, Chance."
<Xui-Fei> "yeah I think about that all the time," he says, "it espically kicks in when ever I remember my friends before the invasion"
<Yarrow> Jake: "Yeah..."
<Toast> (especially the undead one)
<Xui-Fei> "and what makes it really kick in for me was if I hadn't stopped off at a restroom to freshen up I'd be as dead as they are"
<Yarrow> Jake nods. "And I can't imagine things would have gone well if Val hadn't built Metel in our yard..."
<Valery> (Technically, found and repaired :P )
<Yarrow> She shakes her head. "So, I was thinking... What with life being so precious and the chance of us buying it at any minute--want to have sex?"
* Xui-Fei blinks..."that was blunt"
<Valery> (... KNEW she was working around to this.)
<Xui-Fei> (so did I)
<Valery> (Just couldn't think of a tactful way to ask...)
<Toast> (yup)
<Yarrow> She shrugs. "Never know if you have time to be subtle, you know?"
<Xui-Fei> "true..." he says..before shruging..."what the hell why not"
<Yarrow> Jake smiles and pats the bed beside her.
* Xui-Fei joins her
<DCG> (hah)
<DCG> (what they dont drag val in?)
<Yarrow> She puts a hand on Xui-Fei's chest and gently pushes him onto his back, purring, "You just lie back and enjoy things for now."
<Xui-Fei> "fine by me"
<Valery> (Val's downstairs and just got a chat about gender and parenthood :P )
<Xui-Fei> (actually I'm excpecting Chance to walk in any minute now)
<Yarrow> She starts caressing his chest and lower body while nuzzling his neck.
<Yarrow> And as she strokes his most private parts, there's a snarl from the doorway.
<Xui-Fei> (bingo)
<Yarrow> Chance growls, "You slut!" and launches herself at Jake, her claws digging into Jake's back.
<Toast> (catfight!)
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> And then, in a very, very unfortunate response, Jake bares her claws and whirls around.
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei: Body roll.
<Toast> (oh jesus)
<Yarrow> Do not critfail.
<Toast> (crit fail)
<Toast> (PLEASE)
<Valery> (Owwwwww)
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+5
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
<Toast> (DAMN!)
<Xui-Fei> (thank you god...)
<Valery> (Would suck to lose the nuts in EVERY game... :P )
* Xui-Fei eyes widen...."oh god that hurts!"
<Yarrow> And a moment later, Doctor Alaric is responding to another emergency page.
<Yarrow> Fortunately, the cuts were very clean and nothing important was misplaced, allowing Alaric to set things to right very quickly.
* Xui-Fei is ghostly pale....panting heavely after that ordeal
<Yarrow> Alaric looks like he's going to ask about what happened several times but each time decides not to.
<Yarrow> Eventually, he just says, "Be more careful next time," before going out and treating Jake & Chance.
<Xui-Fei> "I think...I....go....take....a cold...yes cold shower now...." and heads for the bathroom
<Yarrow> When Xui-Fei comes out, the two catgirls abashedly apologize.
<Yarrow> And, as you reach the final 5 minutes before Operation Intern, Jake comes down to stay with Valery and Chance joins Toast in the armory.
<Yarrow> Mai joins Alaric and Xui-Fei in the suite.
* Valery looks at Jake (who's presumably looking quite embarassed). "... What happened?"
<Yarrow> Jake does the catgirl equivalent of blushing. "Uh... you remember that guy David that both Chance and I liked a couple of years ago?"
* Xui-Fei twiches sitting down in the lobby
* Valery blinks. "... You know, you two need to schedule these things. Is the one you like still at least... how do I put this... whole?"
<Yarrow> Jake growls softly. "We *don't* share."
<Yarrow> Jake's ears droop then. "Yeah... Alaric put him back together. Good as new, he said. We weren't allowed to check for ourselves."
<Valery> "Sure, but if you're not careful, you won't get him to yourself either. This's the second time, do you really want to make a pattern of this?"
<Yarrow> Jake: "Yeah... I'm pretty sure he won't want to risk it again."
<Valery> "I mean... it gives me great stories to bring up whenever you're considering embarassing me, but I don't see it doing much for you."
<Xui-Fei> (almost wanted to quote something from Dead Gentlemen when that happened)
<Yarrow> Everyone's comm chirps. All the speakers in the building also come to life.
* Xui-Fei eyes lookup and takes a deep breath, "looks like it's time"
<Yarrow> A woman's voice comes from them all in what is clearly An Official Announcement.
* Valery looks up, supposing Jake is saved by the bell.
<Yarrow> "People of Crystal Tokyo, please remain assured that in these troubled times, your protectors have not forgotten you and are doing everything in their power for your safety and well-being."
<Toast> "That's a laugh."
<Yarrow> "However, desperate times do call for desperate measures, and in this time of civil unrest and actions must be taken for *everyone's* safety."
* Valery blinks.
<Yarrow> "To that end--"
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> There's a soft pop, and Jake vanishes from the control. Chance disappears from the armory. Alaric vanishes from the suite where Xui-Fei and Mai are.
<Yarrow> "--we are moving all youma to a specially prepared safe place to avoid any mishaps and unfortunate misunderstandings."
* Valery blinks. "What?!"
<Yarrow> "Rest assured that the youma population is completely safe in a place where they can be watched over until the current crisis has ended."
<Yarrow> "We thank you for your cooperation in these trying times."
* Valery grits her teeth, and opens up the computer, trying to find out where they went and what took them.
<Xui-Fei> "oh fucking hell"
<Yarrow> The tone that ends all offical announcements sounds and the comms and speakers go silent.
<Xui-Fei> "Lilith you know where they are?"
<Toast> "Oooh, Operation Intern, I get it... Reaaaal classy."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I don't have a clue. I'm sorry. But it looks like Crystal Tokyo is now in an official state of emergency and additional resources are being made available."
* Toast shakes his head and goes back to bomb making
<Xui-Fei> "fuck who ever thought of this real smart our healer"
<DCG> (jail break, going to need big bombs)
<Yarrow> Lilith routed Xui-Fei's previous question and her answer to everyone in the party.
<Yarrow> You're now in a conference call.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "As I said, this project was from around the very beginning of Crystal Tokyo."
* Valery grits her teeth. "Any idea who made it?"
<Xui-Fei> "who knows who cares this whole plan is a moron"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Clearly someone with the authority and power to do something like this--all youma have vanished from the building, by the way--but I don't have a specific name."
<Valery> "Where'd they get the mechanisms for this? And if they had the equipment, why didn't they use it for something useful?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I can only assume it was made when youma were new to the population and the crown thought there was a real chance of them rebelling or joining any invasion."
<Toast> "Well, I'm not as good as Alaric, but my human form can heal."
<Toast> "So we aren't completly fucked."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "And never deactivated due to an oversight."
<Toast> "However we did lose our gunners as well."
<Xui-Fei> "toast considering he was able save something imporant to me I kinda owe Doc"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "And there are some remaining healers in the building. We also lost Dizzy, by the way."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "And Rose, which as a very minor silver lining is one less thing to worry about."
<Toast> "Yes, no way I would have touched that, you'd have been SoL."
* Valery leans back in her chair. "All right. We need to track them down."
* Xui-Fei twiches, "so whos with me at least I'm determeaned to find where they are and bust them out...Doc is one of us"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I don't have single lead on them, Valery."
* Xui-Fei blinks then facepalms, "I think I know a place that might have that location..."
<Valery> "That's just the first problem in our way. Now we need to fix it."
<Xui-Fei> "The Palace"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "There's also the chance that they're safer--Hold on... Some important information has just become available."
<Valery> "Possibly, but if they're considered a danger, would they put them in the center of their power?"
* Valery shakes her head. "It was considered a safe place... a thousand years ago. By now it could be a sewage treatment plant."
<Valery> "Or a Nemesian stronghold."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "It seems there is a another building like this one on the west side of the city. According to the data, it is being occupied by 284 people, including 5 new senshi or senshi equivalents."
<Valery> "Is it only newly occupied, or has it been for a while?"
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> "5 more?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I have also found several references to 'Senshi Strongholds' which all citizens are encouraged to go to."
<Yarrow> She growls. "*Unfortunately* there are *no* further details about these strongholds."
<Xui-Fei> "can you bring them up on the city map?
<Valery> "No locations? That's a perfectly-planned evacuation, there..."
<Xui-Fei> "or a half assed one"
<Xui-Fei> "which this seems to be"
<Xui-Fei> "what about the new one?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Tell me about it. And, yes, Xui-Fei, I can show you the other HQ on the map. I can also try to establish communications with them if you like."
* Valery brings up the location of the building in the west. "We'll need to get in contact with this western facility. It may be where the Intern victims were placed, and even if it isn't..."
<Xui-Fei> "please do so Lilith"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Perhaps you would all like to gather in the comm room? I don't think you've actually been there yet, as we've had no one to communicate with until now..."
<Yarrow> She gives directions.
<Toast> "Right, right, on my way."
* Toast puts the explosives down and scampers off
* Xui-Fei nods "I'm on my way"
* Valery stands and heads up that way.
<Yarrow> You all meet in what looks like a comfortable conference room with a large table, desks, computer terminals, a huge viewscreen on a wall, and adjoining kitchen and restrooms.
* Xui-Fei takes a seat
<Valery> "... Why does the communication room have a... whatever."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "What's that, Valery?"
<Xui-Fei> "don't want to know"
<Yarrow> Mai has also joined you.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "By the way, I have authorized Ichigo to take the general populace in hand and keep them calm for now."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "He may not be the best person for the job, but he's the only candidate right now."
* Valery nods. "That's not really something we can deal with right now... we're going to be busier than ever."
<Xui-Fei> "it'll have to do for now"
<Xui-Fei> (though now I was kinda defering Alaric as our leader and him gone who steps up)
<Yarrow> Well, you can't keep a character with no player as your leader. Which is a large part of why he's gone. ;)
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I'm ready to open a connection to HQ West. Do you want to contact them as you are now or in your senshi forms?"
<Toast> "Senshi would probably be most appropriate."
<Toast> "Though I think I'll stay in my natural form."
* Valery shrugs. "I suppose so."
* Valery is now known as Sophia
* Xui-Fei sighs "fine" he says reaching for his wand, "Mjollnir Star Power Make Up!"
* Sophia transforms.
* Xui-Fei is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
<Yarrow> Koizumi sighs and transforms.
<Yarrow> Mai, obviously, does not.
<Salior_Mjollnir> "though how are we gonna explain our normal forms"
<Yarrow> The large screen comes to life with the words: "Establishing connection..."
<Sophia> "Let's refrain for now."
<Yarrow> After a moment, they change to: "Connection Established. Awaiting response."
<Yarrow> A few minutes go by with "Awaiting response..." on the screen, the periods disappearing and reappearing one by one.
* Salior_Mjollnir blinks
<Yarrow> Lilith: "It's likely no one was in the control or comm rooms, and they probably don't have an AI."
<Salior_Mjollnir> "probably..."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "So, we have to wait for someone to--"
<Yarrow> The screen clears and then shows a room similar to yours.
* Salior_Mjollnir blinks
<Sophia> (Is there a person in it?)
<Yarrow> There's a boy who looks around 16 or so peering at the screen. He's very handsome, with a muscular (but not *too* muscular build), lightly spiked cinnamon hair, and amber eyes. He's wearing a red shirt and loose slacks.
<Yarrow> Boy: "Hello?"
<Salior_Mjollnir> "um hello we see you"
<Sophia> "Hello, this is another evacuation building in the east."
<Sophia> "We just became aware of your location now."
<Yarrow> He briefly studies each of you, his gaze lingering on Salior_Mjollnir longer as he looks her up and down.
<Salior_Mjollnir> "indeed" she says, "who are we speaking too?"
<Yarrow> He blinks. "Well, I'm sure glad there are more people out there!"
<Yarrow> Kei: "I'm Kei. Who are you?"
<Salior_Mjollnir> "Salior Mjollnir" she says, "your a fighter of some sort what style you use?"
<Sophia> "Sailor Sophia, or Valery Shein."
* Salior_Mjollnir sighs, "my real name is Xui-Fei Chuan"
<Yarrow> Kei looks at Salior_Mjollnir again. "Hibiki style. You?"
<Toast> "I'm Toast.
<Salior_Mjollnir> "Saotome Style"
<Toast> (uh oh)
* Salior_Mjollnir blinks
<Yarrow> Kei glances at Toast. "Hey, while there's life there's hope. Don't sell yourself short."
<Salior_Mjollnir> "no Kei that's his name"
<Toast> "It's my name."
<Salior_Mjollnir> "granted it's better than what he was called originally, Double Oh No"
<Yarrow> Kei looks back at Salior_Mjollnir again, looking her up and down. "Reaally... I'd be very interested in getting together with you and ... comparing technique."
<Toast> "Pssst, he's really a man."
* Sophia doesn't seem to realize that's anything more than a discussion of martial arts.
<Yarrow> Aw, now why does Toast want to make things easier for Xui-Fei? :)
* Salior_Mjollnir blinks realizaing what kei is finally stearing at she detranforms
* Salior_Mjollnir is now known as Xui-Fei
<Yarrow> Kei: "Hm? Oh..."
<Toast> (because Toast wants to get down to buisness.)
<Yarrow> He grimaces and sighs.
<Yarrow> Of course Xui-Fei is still female for the moment.
<Toast> "Now that that's out of the way..."
<Xui-Fei> "good to know my senshi side is appealing....granted it's way too drafty"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Say, did you guys just have all your youma vanish a few minutes ago?"
<Toast> "Yup."
<Xui-Fei> "yup even our top healer/Senshi"
<Sophia> "Yes, Operation Intern."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Damn..."
<Sophia> "Do you have any information on it yet, from where you are?"
<Yarrow> Kei: "I wish. The first we knew about it was when the announcement started. How'd you know its name?"
<Xui-Fei> "we got an AI here who's running the main systems she found it"
<Yarrow> Kei: "An AI? Wish we had one of those."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Oh, that can most definitely be arranged. In fact, I highly recommend it."
<Xui-Fei> "we'd suggest where we got ours but it was destoried by an orbital bombardment after we got out"
<Sophia> (I don't remember, did I take a few along? I think I got all the sane ones, but I don't remember.)
<Yarrow> Kei: "Yeah? That'd--"
<Xui-Fei> (if you did we could send one to them)
<Yarrow> He suddenly turns his head toward his room's door. "What?! Are you serious?"
* Sophia blinks.
<Yarrow> He turns back to the screen and punches the table.
<Toast> "Huh?"
<Xui-Fei> "what's wrong?"
<Sophia> "What's wrong?"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Excuse me. I have to go. Apparently, we're now being attacked by Fucking Zombies! I'll call you again as soon as we've taken care of them."
<Sophia> "Do you need any help?"
<Toast> Oh. Lovely."
* Xui-Fei blinks "we'll be there shortly"
* Xui-Fei gets up, "what you don't think I'm gonna leave them hanging your nuts"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Don't think so. And where are you?"
<Toast> "Unless, of course, we also get attacked by zombies."
<Xui-Fei> "didn't our locataion flare up where you are?"
<Sophia> "We're over in the east end of the city."
<Toast> "No AI, remember?"
<Xui-Fei> "ah good point"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "We're all the way on the other side of the city from you, so unless you're under a long siege, I doubt we'd be able to get there in time to help. Grant me access to your computer system, though, and I'll bring you into our network, though."
<Sophia> (Our empire grows!)
<Yarrow> (You mean Lilith's empire.)
<Yarrow> Kei: "Fuck... I don't have time for this now. I'll call you back later!"
<Sophia> (Heh)
<Sophia> "Right, we'd best prepare ourselves."
<Yarrow> The screen goes black, with the text: "Connection Terminated."
* Sophia stands up. "Zombies? Why are there zombies?"
<Toast> "Looks like that Star chick wasn't COMPLETLY batshit."
<Yarrow> Mai: "It wasn't me."
<Xui-Fei> "who knows....lets check our own building to be sure"
<Yarrow> Oh, exchange I forgot to include:
<Yarrow> Mai: "I'm Mai."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Uh, you don't look so good..."
<Yarrow> Mai: "I'm dead."
<Yarrow> Kei: "... Oh."
<Yarrow> Mai: "Don't worry. It's not contagious."
<Yarrow> (End of exchange.)
<Sophia> "Right. Let's get down to the armoury. Have it secured and ready to go. If there's an attack I'd rather not have everyone helpless. Then we search."
<Sophia> "From the bottom floor to the top."
<Xui-Fei> "he's a student of the Hibiki school, he should be able aid them pretty well....if he can find his way there"
<Yarrow> Mai: "Search for what?"
<Xui-Fei> "they were invaded by Zombies were making sure our building is secure"
<Yarrow> Mai: "He said they were under attack by zombies. He didn't say they were in the building, did he?"
<Sophia> "See if anything unusual's in the building. Hopefully we're fine, but if zombies are coming out of the woodwork, we'd best be prepared."
<Xui-Fei> "if so I want to get the people armed and preped for that then try and get over there and help the others"
<Sophia> "Don't bother. They'll be fine, and if they aren't we won't get there in time."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "My systems show the building as being secure. If you want to double check personally, that's fine, but diagnostics show no problems."
* Sophia purses her lips. "Do you have full camera coverage?"
<Sophia> "I'd rather not panic everyone, things are touchy enough as is."
<Xui-Fei> "espically when the Yoma population here up and vanishes without a trace"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Of entry points, absolutely. And alerts if perimeter integrity is breached."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "And with a child being roasted alive."
<Sophia> "Hm... could you do a camera sweep of the building, if you needed to?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Interior or exterior?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I also have the cyberdroid outside."
<Sophia> "Interior. Exterior later if we need to, but as long as there's nothing inside our perimeter we should get by."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Security sweeps are always going on. That's how I had footage of the Rose incident."
* Xui-Fei nods
<Yarrow> Lilith: "There are no signs of trouble around the building right now."
<Sophia> "All right... then let's just secure the armoury, and then see about digging through the files and what records we can find. Let's see if we can make any progress on finding Intern Camp."
<Xui-Fei> "agreed at least we know we'll have help if the surive that zombie invasion"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Ichigo just sent a message saying it'd probably be a good idea to hold a meeting with everyone or make public appearances to assure people that all of *you* haven't vanished along with all the youma."
* Xui-Fei nods, "good idea, tell him when it's best convinent for the group"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "When *is* most convenient? He says the sooner the better."
<Sophia> "Is everyone available? We can do it now, and that may be ideal..."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "For a meeting with the senshi? They're pretty much always available for that."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Ichigo stresses that you should be *reassuring* when you speak to them. Put a positive slant on things. Don't scare people."
* Sophia takes a deep breath, and nods. "Right..."
* Sophia drops her transformation.
* Sophia is now known as Valery
<Yarrow> Lilith: "He says they're better with a partial truth that leaves them able to go on and put their full effort into helping you than hearing a complete truth and being paralyzed with fear."
* Valery nods.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Ok. A meeting will be set for 15 minutes from now if that's acceptable."
<Xui-Fei> "so in otherwords let someone but me do the talking"
<Toast> "Yes. Exactly."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Or Alaric, if he were still here."
* Valery glances at Toast, and sweatdrops. "Oh dear..."
<Xui-Fei> "sense I'm too blunt and toast would probably screw it up worse than I would you speak Val"
<Yarrow> Mai: "I'm sure you'll do fine, Valery."
* Toast rolls his beady little vermin eyes
* Valery just repeats: "Oh dear..."
<Yarrow> And, that sounds like a good stopping point.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Yarrow » Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:25 pm

Session 15

<Yarrow> Ok. When we last left off, the party had just finished talking with Kei, a boy from the recently discovered HQ West, who had to leave abruptly because they were being attacked by fucking zombies, of all things.
<Yarrow> After making sure that your building was secure, you decided that it'd be best if you spoke to everyone in the building to reassure them after all the youma vanished. As such, you scheduled an assembly for 15 minutes from now. Valery has just realized she's going to have to be the one to address the crowd and has gone into shock.
* Xui-Fei is worried but it's imparative we check our buliding's security
* Xui-Fei pokes Val in the cheek
* Toast climbs to Val's shoulder and bites it
<Valery> (Oh dear. I forgot to come up with a speech or something :P )
* Valery shakes herself. "Um... oh dear."
<Yarrow> Not like Val would have any time to do so either.
<Xui-Fei> "don't worry your a natural
<Toast> "Better you than him."
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<Toast> "Or me for that matter."
* Valery just kinda gives him a look. "I'm a sixteen-year-old high school delinquent, and I'm still the best available choice..."
<Toast> "Sad, isn't it?"
<Xui-Fei> "don't blame me Sensei said it's better not to sugar coat stuff it just leads to more complications" he says with a shrug
<Toast> "Hopefully the youma are safe, and weren't just incenerated on the spot... Jake still has that grenade launcher!"
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<Yarrow> Lilith: "Do you want to wait here until the meeting, Valery?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "A stiff drink isn't in order, is it?"
<Valery> "This is going to go well enough without me drunk too."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I'm quite sure a hit of morphine from Xui-Fei's ESC wouldn't be appropriate..."
<Xui-Fei> "....please I've already had one bad expereicne with that Lilith"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Oh, not even a drop got into you. Don't be a baby."
* Xui-Fei sweatdrops
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<Yarrow> Lilith: "Well, I suppose you should head downstairs to meet your adoring fans."
* Valery rubs her eyes. "If I get a lynch mob, save me?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I'll fill the room with tear gas at the first sign of hostility."
<Xui-Fei> "you know the saying, out run the slowest"
<Toast> "I can teleport..."
<Valery> "Thank you, Lilith-san."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Toast, stop tying Xui-Fei's shoelaces together."
* Toast whistles innocently
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Come on, Valery. It really is time to go. You don't want to make them wait, do you?"
* Valery sweatdrops and starts moving. "Probably a bad idea..."
<Yarrow> You get into the elevator, which takes you down to the floor of the auditorium. When the doors open, there are two men waiting. They bow and escort you to the auditorium.
<Yarrow> Once you're backstage, Ichigo introduces you and Valery's shining moment in the spotlight begins.
* Valery clears her throat, and walks out onto the stage.
<Yarrow> The audience quietly watches her.
<Xui-Fei> "would work I wear slippers"
<Xui-Fei> (simular to the foot wear Ranma normally wears)
<Yarrow> Is Xui-Fei the Lagged going out on stage too?
<Yarrow> And is Toast still on Valery's shoulder?
<Toast> (yes
<Toast> )
<Xui-Fei> (I'm there just not mic'd)
<Toast> (in case he needs to do damage control.)
<Yarrow> The fact that, to Toast, 'damage control' probably involves grenades is doing little to soothe Val's nerves.
<Valery> (What's the crowd look like?)
<Yarrow> You'd say they're probably a bit shellshocked by the latest developments.
<Yarrow> They're all human, of course.
<Valery> (I... presume I have a mic?)
<Yarrow> Yes. There are mics and stools set up on stage. There are also little tables with pitchers of water and glasses.
<Yarrow> Koizumi stands on stage, trying not to attract attention.
<Yarrow> The silence starts to stretch uncomfortably.
* Valery takes the mic, and looks out over the crowd. "Well... most of you know why we're here, and why some of us aren't."
<Yarrow> One man looks around and raises his hand.
<Valery> "For those others: Operation Intern, a program which we are presuming is from the earlier days of Crystal Tokyo and nobody ever remembered to shut it down, has kidnapped all the youma in the city, detaining them to an unknown location."
<Valery> (Does his hand go down?)
<Yarrow> His hand goes down.
<Valery> "We're holding this meeting right now so we can keep you informed. So first of all, as you can see, most of the senshi are still here, and we fully intend to remain here."
<Toast> (facepalm)
<Valery> "Second, we fully intend to locate and retrieve those who are not here. At this moment, we do not know their location, but we are looking for it, and will tell you when we find it. If anyone wants to help find our missing comrades, please contact Lilith."
<Valery> "Third, there's some good news. We have just made contact with another shelter, similar to our own, on the other end of the city. We're not the only survivors, and we're not alone in getting them back."
* Valery bows to the audience.
<Valery> "Thank you. Are there any questions?"
<Valery> (Reaction?)
<Yarrow> There's a little talking among the audience but not much other reaction.
<Yarrow> Some hands go up.
* Valery points at one. "Yes?"
<Valery> (Do they at least not look panicked/confused/liable-to-kill-me?)
<Yarrow> Man, pursing his lips: "Are the youma safe? The announcement said they were going someplace safe."
<Yarrow> They don't look like they're about to attack.
<Yarrow> Valery?
<Valery> "We hope they are, but given the age of this program, we can't be sure. The city's developers appear to have forgotten about it, so the 'someplace safe' may be a parking lot by now."
<Toast> ("Well, if they were lucky, they were next to one of the gassing pillars...")
<Yarrow> The man frowns and exclaims, "If they could be sent someplace safe, why couldn't we?!"
<Valery> "I would suspect that by 'someplace safe' the city's systems mean a facility similar to this one."
<Yarrow> The man mutters something and doesn't seem very satisfied.
* Xui-Fei twiches
<Valery> "When I see it, I'll make sure to keep you informed. If it really is safer, we might be able to move there."
* Valery takes another question.
<Yarrow> A woman, looking angry, says, "...with them."
<Yarrow> Lilith, quietly: "That's one of Yoshi's parents."
* Xui-Fei rolls his eyes at the woman
<Toast> (I have a very strong urge to escalate this)
<Yarrow> Another woman raises her hand.
<Valery> "Ma'am, the actions of one child - by accident, no less - do not speak ill of an entire race, no matter how tragic. I'm a little disappointed that you seem to think it does."
* Valery points at the new woman.
<Yarrow> New woman: "So, now what?"
<Valery> "Right now, as far as what we will do, not much has changed. We seek out further survivors, hold our position, and we now add finding our lost comrades to that."
<Yarrow> The audience actually seems a little bit reassured by that answer.
<Yarrow> Another woman raises her hand, and when called upon, asks, "Do you know *why* the youma were all sent someplace else?"
<Toast> (do we know?)
<Toast> (about the previous hostilities?)
<Yarrow> Nope.
<Yarrow> You do know Beryl was originally served by youma, but that's it.
<Valery> "At this point, we can only theorize. We believe this system dates back to the earliest days of Crystal Tokyo, when the youma were a new segment of the population, and ill-trusted, thought to be at risk of aligning with an attacker. If we are correct..."
<Valery> "This line of thought is loathsome enough even back then, but now after a thousand years peaceful coexistence, it's far beyond the realm of sense."
<Yarrow> A man raises his hand after a few moments. "Is Ichigo in charge now?"
<Valery> "Right now, we're still in charge. Ichigo came to us a few days ago volunteering for an administrative position, and given the problems that have popped up, we thought we'd give him a chance to show what he could do. How's he doing?" Val cracks a slight smile.
<Yarrow> There's general nodding and murmurs of approval.
<Yarrow> Man: "Well, we know *you're* in charge. I just meant for everyday stuff, like Dizzy was."
<Valery> "Ahhh, I understand. Well, for the moment, he's in charge for the everyday. We'll let you know if this changes, but if he's doing well, it shouldn't need to."
<Yarrow> No one else seems to have questions for now.
* Valery bows again. "Thank you for your time, everyone."
<Yarrow> As you leave, Ichigo takes the stage and asks for anyone interested in helping the senshi with special projects to stay behind.
<Yarrow> Where to now?
* Valery exhales hard as soon as she's a ways away from the stage, and falls against the wall. "Okay, Lilith-san, now would be a good time for that stiff drink..."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Of course. There's a liquor cabinet off of the comm room, actually."
* Xui-Fei twtiches still, "the nerve of that mother," he says to himself
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> Lilith: "And as Kei will probably be calling back soon, that ends up being rather convenient."
<Valery> "Ah, that sounds good..."
<Valery> (Hey, Russian. Would it be right if she avoided alchohol? :P )
* Xui-Fei nods heading off for said room
<Yarrow> You return to the comm room and find the liquor cabinet. What's Val (and anyone else who's interested) having?
<Valery> (Vodka?)
<Valery> (Though Val picks it purely by appearance, not knowing of alchohol :P )
* Toast looks for a bottle of whiskey
<Toast> (since I doubt there's any scotch left in the world)
<Yarrow> Toast finds one. But do keep in mind that he's never had a drink in his life.
<Xui-Fei> (Xui's never drank liquor
* Toast looks at the bottle, which is almost as big as he is
<Toast> "Hmm, maybe human form would be better for this..."
<Yarrow> Mai looks aver at him. "It tastes really awful when you first try it."
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* Toast transforms to human
* Valery pours out a small glass, and then swigs it all in pretty much one go... proceeding to choke and cough a bit. "Okay... note to self... don't do that."
* Toast takes his time and sips the whiskey
<Yarrow> It burns horribly and tastes pretty awful. You could probably develop a taste for it if you put your mind to it, though.
<Yarrow> Your head does start to spin very quickly though.
<Toast> (who?)
<Yarrow> Toast.
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<Toast> (from... a few sips? O_O)
* Rin has joined #cte
<Valery> (You're, like, ten.)
<Yarrow> Child's body with absolutely no resistance.
<Valery> (Remember, shota-kun?)
<Toast> (even so)
<Toast> (that just seems a bit... extreme)
* Xui-Fei shrugs taking a seat after getting a glass of water
<Yarrow> Koizumi just has some club soda with a twist of lime.
* Valery drinks rather more slowly after that first glass.
<Yarrow> I'd say a real human of that size *would* have a bit more resistance, but Toast's human form is pretty much fresh out of the wrapper.
<Toast> (to the point of getting the spins?)
<Toast> (skipping buzzed to drunk is one thing)
<Yarrow> Let me rephrase that: Very quickly, your head starts to spin.
<Yarrow> It's not bad, but it's noticeable.
<Toast> (ok, we must have a different definition of spin)
<Toast> (because spin to me is when it gets bad)
<Toast> (and you can't stand, and you're puking)
<Toast> (because the room keeps rotating rapidly)
<Yarrow> After a few minutes, Lilith announces that Kei is calling back.
<Yarrow> Ah. Yeah, I don't mean that bad.
* Xui-Fei nods, "patch it threw Lilith" he says
* Valery puts the glass down and shakes her head out a bit.
* Toast puts the bottle down and relaxes a bit
<Toast> (man, you guys gave booze to a little kid, that's pretty fucked up ;p)
<Yarrow> The screen comes to life showing Kei and a tall, skinny guy with a messy could of black hair around his head.
* Xui-Fei nods, "how went the Zombies?"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Hey. They went. Tough enough to tear through normal people, but not a serious threat to us. This is Ken here."
<Yarrow> Ken salutes with a finger.
<Yarrow> (Not the rude way. :) )
* Valery nods slightly. "Hello, Ken-san."
<Yarrow> (And that was a cloud of black hair, btw.)
<Yarrow> Ken raises an eyebrow and takes in the glasses and bottles on your table. "Celebrating something?"
<Toast> "Not being lynched."
<Yarrow> A faint smile graces his lips. "Always good."
* Xui-Fei looks the new comer
<Xui-Fei> "you a fighter Ken?"
<Yarrow> He's lanky, sloppily dressed in blue slacks and a sports jacket, with a rumpled yellow shirt and a thin blue tie.
<Yarrow> Ken, lazily: "I can hold my own."
<Toast> (hmm... if he's a refrence to something, I don't think I recognize him)
<Xui-Fei> (I'd think Spike Spegiel)
<Valery> (Yeah, that sounds right, from here)
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
<Toast> (ah)
<Toast> (Now I can see it)
<Yarrow> Kei: "Hey, I'm thinking a few of us should come over there and meet you guys."
<Xui-Fei> "would do good for the morale here" he says
<Yarrow> Kei: "Once Fujiko gets a good impression of the place, she'll be able to pop us there and back at will, too. You guys have a teleporter?"
<Xui-Fei> "yeah we do," pointing at the human toast
<Yarrow> Kei: "Great. We'll bring him back here with us so he can memorize our place too."
* Xui-Fei blinks, "was she an weasle of some kind when you found her?"
<Yarrow> Both of Ken's eyebrows arch. "Oh, she'll just love that one."
* Valery facepalms. "Well... ours is actually a stoat in human form. I somehow doubt yours is."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Uh... no?"
<Xui-Fei> "sorry about the question our teleporter is from an old program that made intelligent animal's that were infultrators/Demolitons experts"
<Yarrow> Ken and Kei look at each other for a moment. "Okaay..."
<Toast> "I'm a bit better at the latter than the former."
<Yarrow> Kei: "So, I'm thinking we should come pay you a visit today before it gets dark."
<Xui-Fei> "don't sell your self short toast I mean you did demolish a buliding as a distraction while the rest of us were able to sneak into the building were we got lilith"
<Xui-Fei> "you have some way of getting here quick?" he askes Kei
* Valery nods. "All right, this room is clear for the forseeable future."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Yeah. Raph's in the garage right now trying to decide which of his precious beauties will be best for the trip."
<Yarrow> He rolls his eyes slightly.
* Valery cocks her head. "Cars, I guess?"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Not that I have anything against cars. His have been damned useful, too, but there's such a thing as taking an obsession a bit too far, you know?"
* Xui-Fei blinks, "well I guess that's better than nothing"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "If you give me access to your computer systems, I can add you to our network, which should greatly enhance communications. I may even be able to add some AI to Raph's cars, depending on their capabilities."
* Xui-Fei smirks and says, "wait till you see Metal"
<Valery> "Xui-san, let's not turn this into a contest."
* Xui-Fei shrugs
<Yarrow> Kei glances at Ken, who shrugs.
<Yarrow> Kei: "I guess it's probably a good idea. What do I need to do?"
<Yarrow> Lilith gives him instructions.
<Yarrow> Ken: "I can handle that while you guys go visit our new friends."
<Yarrow> Kei nods and asks you. "Ok. Does a visit now work for you guys? I think it's best we get access to each other's places before night falls."
<Xui-Fei> "that's fine"
<Valery> "Yes, that will work well."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Great. See you in a bit."
<Yarrow> He waves and walks out.
<Yarrow> Ken: "Looks like I'll need to go to the control room for this. See ya."
<Yarrow> He disconnects.
* Valery leans back. "Well... guess we shouldn't have any more of that stiff drink."
<Yarrow> Mai, in her usual flat voice: "I bet I can outdrink anyone here."
<Xui-Fei> "no bet on that Mai"
<Valery> "Well, you could keep going if you want to."
<Yarrow> Let's take a break here for about 15-20 minutes.
<Yarrow> It's a longer break than usual because I have to take care of something.
<Xui-Fei> (that's fine)
<Yarrow> If you want to hang around, I might be ready sooner, but I'm not sure.
* Valery nodnods.
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<Xui-Fei> (blinks)
<Toast> Shari?
<Toast> fuck me
<Toast> I need to reboot
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<Ataru> brb
<Yarrow> Good time to do it.

Session Start: Mon Aug 24 22:56:23 2009
Session Ident: #cte
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* Topic is 'All youma are required to report to the nearest Youma Safety Center. We thank you for your cooperation.'
* Set by Yarrow on Thu Aug 20 11:27:26
<Valery> Yo yo perv.
<Toast> grrr
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* Ataru is now known as Toast
<Yarrow> Almost ready.
<Valery> All righty.
<Toast> word
<Yarrow> Ok, let's resume.
<Xui-Fei> (....do I want to know)
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Well, it looks like we--hey, we have an extra person."
* Valery blinks. "We do?"
<Yarrow> You look around and quickly realize that there *is* an extra person occupying one of the chairs around the table that you're *sure* was empty earlier.
<Valery> (Wait... DCG is playing as a character in his own game? Hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahah!)
* Valery looks at said chair.
<Shari> (well i do need to see whats going on..)
<Yarrow> It's a slender girl, maybe around 20, with red eyes and pale blue hair.
<Toast> (how big is her chest?)
<Valery> (Well, she is slender, so probably not that big.)
<Valery> (At least, I'll assume that as long as I can)
<Yarrow> http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/320162 - The one on the left. Not dressed that way.
* Shari stands from her seat looking around a bit paniced.. before calming down noticeing she isnt about to get blasted.. then slides back into her seat looking confused.
<Valery> "Er... hello?"
* Shari blinks and looks for who talked
<Shari> "unn,, hi?"
<Toast> (yep, big ol rack)
<Shari> "Did the queen try and kill all of you to?
<Toast> "Huh?"
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> Lilith, from the room's speakers: "Her id reports her as Shari Williams. Born 723, died 743. Official cause of death: lightning strike. Classified cause of death: Executed by Queen Serenity for the good of the state."
<Shari> "she... she.. said i was dangrous then pointed her want me.."
<Valery> "Uh... what? Not directly."
* Shari looks around again
<Toast> "Hooboy, this just keeps getting better and better."
* Shari pales more
<Shari> "So she really was?"
* Xui-Fei blinks again
* Shari grips the table as she moves down the mental road to freakout vill
<Xui-Fei> "wait...how did you end up here if you were excutiute over 200 years ago?"
<Valery> "I don't know... this doesn't look very executed to me..."
<Xui-Fei> (assuming that was some time ago)
<Yarrow> About 300 years, give or take, in CT dating system.
<Shari> "Ahh.. no..no.. Some one stoped it? Pulled me away into the dark"
<Toast> "So, why're are you dangerous?"
* Xui-Fei blinks
* Xui-Fei blinks again
<Shari> "He said i had to chose.. to be a footnote in history or soemthing more.. but the queen was attack me i couldnt stay! "
* Xui-Fei bhinks a thrid time
<Shari> "I DON"T KNOW!"
* Shari hits the table
<Xui-Fei> "huh?"
<Shari> "I just work at the 31flavors! Im in school most of the day. Hows that dangerous!"
<Toast> (I vote we finish what the queen started!)
<Toast> (it's 31aisu)
<Xui-Fei> "woah woah woah slow down who said what?"
<Shari> "Who said what?'
<Xui-Fei> "who said you had to chose lets start with that"
<Valery> "The voice from the dark, I guess...?"
<Shari> "I don't know!"
* Shari his the table again, flash freezeing her side of it
* Xui-Fei sighs, "I see..."
* Xui-Fei then blinks
<Xui-Fei> "uh.." not sure what to say next
* Valery blinks. "Might want to be careful with that, most people don't take well to being frozen solid."
<Shari> "It looked like some older man.. in a grey suit like out of the old hollo vids"
<Shari> "Every thing stoped.. even the queen and he was there"
* Xui-Fei blinks "grey suit..."
* Shari looks around
<Shari> 'He was just in here to! before i sat down"
<Xui-Fei> (rings any bells to us?)
<Yarrow> Nope.
<Toast> (I think the Doctor wears brown)
<Shari> "I guess i fell asleep.. he.. he said its time to wake up.. and small the ashes"
<Xui-Fei> "we've been here the whole time Shari"
<Shari> "Whats going on..?"
<Toast> "Fuck if I know."
<Xui-Fei> "well how to explain it...."
<Valery> "Smell the... ashes. Well, that's... not a bad way to put it..."
<Xui-Fei> (depends on which doctor 3rd did wear grey)
<Valery> "Lilith, could you put a view of the outside on-screen?"
<Yarrow> A view of the devastated city appears on the big screen.
<Shari> "You didnt see him? He was sitting at the table with all of you.. The grey suit and tie.. that grey breifcase...."
<Toast> (...)
<Shari> "Wa..what?"
<Toast> (G-man)
<Toast> (we're fucked)
* Shari pales more looking at the screne
<Yarrow> Rubble, smashed cars, and still bodies, some of them partially buried under rubble.
<Valery> "Those would be the ashes. We got hit by an invasion force. We had no defence."
<Xui-Fei> (oh hell....not that G-man)
<Toast> "Home sweet Hell."
<Valery> (Ominous. :P )
<Yarrow> (I had to. DCG *loves* him!)
<Shari> "Invasion...? im suposed to make good on the deal.. but what the hell can i do about that? I just serve icecream!"
<Yarrow> Mai: "You seem well-suited to the job."
<Xui-Fei> "and you may be a bit weary of us then," he says, "with the senshi not present, Me, Val and Koizumi are how can I say this bluntly replacement senshi..."
<Valery> "Er... what deal?"
<Yarrow> Shari suddenly notices the pale, slightly blue girl sitting nearby.
<Yarrow> She holds herself unnaturally motionless.
<Yarrow> And something about her strikes you as *wrong* but you're not quite sure what yet.
* Valery facepalms at Xui.
<Shari> "did the queen try to kill some one else?"
* Shari jumps back in her seat a bit.. then blinks at mai
<Shari> "So... people just apper often here?"
<Toast> (wait)
<Toast> (Williams?)
<Valery> "No, she was always here."
<Toast> (Oh you HAVE to be shitting me)
<Valery> (Hm?)
<Yarrow> After a moment, Shari comes to the conclusion it's because she's not blinking. A moment later, she realizes the girl isn't breathing, either.
<Toast> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ash_Williams)
<Xui-Fei> (do we see the other girl)
<Toast> (that'd be my guess)
<Valery> (... That's Mai, Light.)
<Toast> (genderbent Ash)
<Xui-Fei> (0_o)
<Valery> (She's always been there.)
<Yarrow> It's not an uncommon name, Ataru.
<Xui-Fei> (lol female bruce)
<Shari> "Ano... how come your not blinking"
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> Mai: "I'm dead. Don't worry, it's not contagious."
<Xui-Fei> (if she pulls a shotgun I'm gonna laugh)
<Shari> "Oh.. Hi im Shari, I was all most dead"
* Shari still has some happy fun ct left in her
<Yarrow> (Nah. Once she goes into her rapidfire comedy routine, you'll realize she's actually descended from Robin Williams.)
* Xui-Fei blinks at this girl
<Shari> (do you REALLy want me to try and type that fast?)
<Xui-Fei> (no!)
<Xui-Fei> (anyways)
<Valery> (Gawd no, your typing's bad enough as-is...)
<Yarrow> Mai, in her dull voice: "Congratulations on not taking that last step."
<Toast> "I died and then got better."
<Toast> "I'm awesome like that."
<Yarrow> Mai frowns slightly. "He won't tell me how he did it."
* Valery holds up a hand. "I haven't died yet, and don't really plan to anytime soon..."
* Shari blinks
<Shari> "Oh.."
<Yarrow> Those of you who know her can tell she's joking.
<Shari> "So is this the meeting of people who want to kill the queen? Becaus i want in."
<Shari> "How dare she betray me like that.. Fucking bitch sitting on her floofy throne!"
<Valery> "Er... no, this is more the meeting of people who want to survive this invasion."
* Xui-Fei facepalms
<Valery> (Apparently, the happy fun CT has run out now)
* Shari amafests more ice this time in her moodswing. Covering her hand... that she stops and blinks at
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Hey, we've found someone more plainspoken than Xui-Fei!"
* Valery shrugs. "We do have a few somewhat-pointed questions to ask the queen, but since she's in the palace and we can't get in, the point is somewhat moot."
* Shari works on thawing her hand.
<Toast> "I repeat, hooboy, this just keeps getting better and better."
<Valery> ("Can we lose them again...?")
<Shari> "Who did what now?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Several days ago, Crystal Tokyo was invaded by the forces of Nemesis. They attacked with oribtal bombardments and an army of magically animated women called droids. There has been no sign of the senshi or the royal family, and the death toll has been astronomical."
* Shari runs her hands throught her hair
<Shari> "How am i suposed to do something about that?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Several people, however, spontaneously manifested powers and been granted a senshi form. They are not as powerful as the traditional senshi, but they have been doing what they can to save lives and resist the forces of Nemesis."
<Yarrow> (Lilith: "First, put on this hazard suit.")
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I couldn't say, but everyone here could use all the help they can get."
<Yarrow> Silky male voice from right behind Shari's shoulder: "And it's not like you have anything better to do."
<Valery> "Hello, Loki-san." (It's him, right?)
* Shari sits up straght and looks around
<Yarrow> The voice is his, and Valery does see a silver crescent moon floating in the air behind Shari.
<Yarrow> And now Shari sees it as well.
<Toast> "Where'd you pop off to?"
<Yarrow> Loki's voice: "Here and there. Now and then."
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Valery> m/e smiles.
<Yarrow> Loki's voice: "Chasing butterflies, paper airplanes, and the like."
<Valery> (Gorrammit...)
<Shari> "Who?"
<Toast> "Oh you bastard."
<Yarrow> A copper mooncat fades into view, the silver crescent moon centered on his forehead, as he floats behind Shari.
* Xui-Fei shrugs, "welcome to our new life....were weird shit like this is everyday"
<Yarrow> Loki: "Oh, I'm not the *source* of the airplanes--or the butterflies. But whoever is is most determined not to be found."
* Valery nods. "Did you get anything more than we did?"
<Toast> "Oh. My apologies then."
* Shari blinks
<Shari> "Talking cat"
<Yarrow> Loki: "Some tantalizing traces, some teasing tastes... But I'm sure given enough time, I'll find the furtive flier."
<Toast> "That surprises you?"
<Yarrow> Loki's clearly a mooncat.
<Yarrow> Especially when he's transparent.
<Toast> "Boy, you sure do enjoy alliteration."
<Xui-Fei> "considering your apperent hate of the crown you would know of the cat advisors
<Valery> "Coming up with lines is one thing to do when you're waiting around and not doing much..."
<Shari> "Its not as if i ran into talking cats daily ya know"
<Toast> "Man, if a talking cat blows her mind, I'm surprised she hasn't commented on my extra features... And my natural form would probably freak her out even more."
* Shari blinks at the talker
<Yarrow> Loki walks around Shari, deigning to actually support himself on the table instead of thin air, his tail brushing against her.
<Shari> "Who are you again?"
* Shari has a hey cat reaction and starts to pet him.. then looks down at her hand like its a trator
<Yarrow> (Damn my tractor-like hand!)
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I suppose the main question is: are you going to help save lives, join the people hiding and hoping someone else will save them, or go off on your own, Shari?"
<Yarrow> Loki purrs, "She could always try throwing her lot in with the invaders... if she doesn't mind slaughtering the innocent citizens of Crystal Tokyo--what remains of them, that is."
<Yarrow> He rubs against Shari as he says this.
<Shari> "Do wa.... Where would i go? Even if every thing wasnt smashed.. my home was 300 years ago. I have nothing now"
<Shari> "I guess ill try and help.. that guy sent me here for a reason"
<Yarrow> Loki: "May as well help save lives, then. You sound like you don't care for people being murdered."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "We have visitors. Shall I open the garage for them?"
<Shari> "Im still trying to get past my queen trying to kill me... so excuse me?"
<Valery> "Yeah... guess we go down and meet them."
<Shari> "I mean i.. i was just walking home after work.. and lady juptier took me to to the queen.. i guess took me to go die"
<Yarrow> The viewing screen goes blank.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "That would be a good idea."
<Toast> (for DCG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mie-JGrZ ... r_embedded)
* Valery stands up and moves towards the garage.
Session Time: Tue Aug 25 00:00:00 2009
* Toast hops on Val's shoulder... then remembers he's human
<Toast> "Whooops."
* Valery falls to the ground, wincing. "Okay... going to have to watch that reflex."
<Yarrow> Loki: "It seems someone gets frisky when he's had too much to drink..."
<Shari> "Oh my.. Shouldnt you get a room for that?"
* Shari pauses as she's leaving and blinks at the boys in a pile
<Yarrow> Valery's a girl.
<Shari> (biger ohmy?)
* Valery blinks at Toast, waiting for him to get off.
* Toast scampers off
<Toast> "My bad.'
<Yarrow> You get yourselves sorted out quickly enough and go down to the garage.
* Valery stands up a bit shakily.
<Yarrow> Does Toast stay human or shift back to stoat?
* Xui-Fei shrugs shaking his head looking forward to meeting the others
<Toast> (Human for now)
* Shari follows looking back and forth taking in the new place she's in
<Shari> "What is this place?"
<Valery> "One of the survival shelters we've found..."
<Yarrow> You arrive in the garage and see four people looking around beside a small and fast-looking attractive car.
* Valery arrives and bows. "Welcome, was your trip all right?"
<Yarrow> Kei waves. "Oh, yeah. Fast, fun, and we even picked up a stray."
* Xui-Fei blinks "a stray?"
<Valery> "A stray?"
<Yarrow> He indicates a pale woman who's looking around wide-eyed.
<Valery> "Er... would this be another one who just came from a few centuries in the past?"
<Yarrow> She has short, dark hair, torn and tattered clothes, and looks about 30.
<Yarrow> Kei: "Don't think so. She was being attacked by droids while trying to get out of a shop with some food."
<Valery> "Ahhh. We managed to pick up a stray ourselves..."
* Valery bows to the woman. "Welcome to our shelter."
<Yarrow> The woman says softly, "Thank you." Then she repeats herself more loudly. "Thank you!"
<Valery> "Um, you're welcome."
<Xui-Fei> "so...who else did you bring along Kei?"
<Yarrow> The car, btw, more or less: http://carphotos.cardomain.com/ride_ima ... _large.jpg
<Yarrow> Kei: "This is Raphael."
* Xui-Fei blinks
* Xui-Fei blinks again
<Xui-Fei> "Raph is a car?"
<Yarrow> He indicates a young man with strawberry blond hair and grey/green eyes who's wearing jeans, a leather jacket, and fingerless gloves.
<Yarrow> I'll just pretend you didn't say that.
<Yarrow> Raphael lazily waves and says, "Yo."
<Xui-Fei> (that's fair)
* Xui-Fei nods to Ralphael
<Yarrow> Kei: "And this here is Fujiko."
<Xui-Fei> (why am I picturing a Lupin character when I hear that name)
<Yarrow> Fujiko is a graceful woman with long orange hair and warm brown eyes. She's wearing a brown dress and a short gray jacket.
* Valery nods to them. "Well... I'm Valery."
<Xui-Fei> (ah going with Faye)
<Yarrow> Kei notices Shari and smiles warmly at her. "And I don't believe we've met."
* Xui-Fei nods "I'm Xui-Fei" gesturing a thumb to himself
<Yarrow> Fujiko sighs and raps Kei on the back of his head with her knuckles.
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "You are *so* forgetful... Do you really expect to get any dates like that?"
<Toast> "I'm Toast."
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
<Yarrow> Kei turns and faces Fujiko. "What do you--?"
<Yarrow> Fujiko pokes him firmly in the chest, whereupon he looks down and blushes.
<Yarrow> Kei: "Whoops. Forgot again."
* Xui-Fei blinks again
* Valery blinks, cocking her head.
<Yarrow> He closes his eyes for a moment and shimmers, his form replaced with that of a girl with dark hair in a ponytail.
<Xui-Fei> "I'm guessing were missing a odd story?"
* Xui-Fei blinks again
* Xui-Fei blinks a thrid time
<Valery> "... Hm. I thought it was mostly the other way around."
<Toast> "Hey, there's a first, someone going female to male."
<Xui-Fei> "well talk about reversing the coin"
<Yarrow> Raphael: "Yeah, that's Kei for you. She marches to the beat of a different drummer."
<Yarrow> Fujiko snorts. "She has her own percussion section."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Hey!"
<Xui-Fei> (well we got a Jet, a Faye and a Spike-chan)
* Valery blinks at that one.
<Valery> (Er, no, Ken is Spike)
<Xui-Fei> "and I thought my Sensei had prepared me for the weird shit
<Valery> (Kei is the Hibiki :P )
<Xui-Fei> (I thought it was Ken that did that)
<Shari> "well i guess tehre's still time for that new days"
<Valery> (Ken isn't here, presumably back at HQ)
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow at Kei, "interesting"
<Yarrow> Nope. Kei is the one you first met who follows the Hibiki school. Ken is the one who looks like Spike and stayed back at HQ West to arrange access for Lilith.
<Valery> (... Oh god, it's Xui's perfect match? Except for, y'know, being - I'm guessing - into girls.)
<Yarrow> I don't think the other two really look like Jet or Faye.
<Xui-Fei> "I guess we should show you guys around?"
<Yarrow> Kei: "It'd be nice. And Laura here needs to get settled in--unless you want us to take her home with us."
<Toast> "Let's hurry this up, I don't like being human for two longer. The faster I get their place memorized the better."
* Toast 's ears and tail twitch
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "I'll need a while to memorize someplace here, too."
<Toast> *too
<Toast> (jesus, why do I keep fucking those up today?)
<Yarrow> Kei: "You may as well change back, then, Toast, cause Fujiko needs to memorize here before we can take you home to get our place memorized."
* Valery nods. "All right... I suppose most of our facilities are pretty similar?"
<Valery> "We may as well memorize here, we don't really have many vehicles and it's a fairly open space for transfers."
* Xui-Fei gestures them to follow them, "I'm still getting used to this building," he says gesturing to his tricked out ESC
<Xui-Fei> "though this has helped me"
<Yarrow> Fujiko frowns. "It's also likely to have things moved around a lot if you do get some more cars. How about someplace else?"
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "A room that you don't use and won't be storing things in."
<Valery> "Hm... fair enough. Lilith-san, can you think of one?"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Yeah. And we can give you one of Raph's cars to use."
<Yarrow> Raphael: "WHAT?!"
<Yarrow> Kei shrugs. "They're probably going to need one. They obviously don't have anything good down here."
<Xui-Fei> "we have a helicopter we've been flying around in"
* Valery coughs. "We'll show you our transport later."
<Yarrow> Raphael: "But... but... There! They have a helicopter--they'll be fine!"
<Valery> (Stop spoiling the effect! :P )
<Valery> (I wanted to enjoy the gobsmacked expressions :P )
<Xui-Fei> "so you don't get chased by fighter jets then"
<Yarrow> Kei rolls her eyes and folds her arms: "Riiight... I'm sure that won't attract *any* unwanted attention. Look, they need some transportation. Do you want to be responsible if people die because they don't have it."
<Yarrow> Raphael glowers for a moment before gritting out, "Fine..."
<Valery> "Um... when we need cars, we are pretty much able to hijack one from the streets, there are kind of plenty around. We don't really need to take one of yours..."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I have a room that should be perfect for Fujiko."
<Valery> "Ah, great, could you show us the way there?"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Really? You don't need a suped-up armored humvee with a particle gun mounted on top?"
<Yarrow> Raphael: "Not Oscar!!"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Stop whining. You still have Arnold."
* Valery blinks. "Ah, I guess we could do with that. We'll show you Metel-chan later."
<Toast> "Where the hell did you even find one of those?"
* Xui-Fei blinks "Arnold?"
* Xui-Fei blinks, "wait you name your cars?"
<Valery> "What's wrong with that?"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Raph's been modified cars for years. He's an ace at it."
<Yarrow> Raphael gives Xui-Fei a hard look. "Yeah! What kind of soulless monster *doesn't* name his cars?"
<Valery> "Exactly!"
<Xui-Fei> "the one who doesn't use cars I've been roof hopping for 3 years buddy"
<Yarrow> Fujiko puts a hand on Raphael's arm: "See. Oscar will have a good home here with Valery to take care of him."
<Yarrow> Raphael snorts. "Ooh, you must be soooo proud to be an overgrown frog."
* Xui-Fei rolls his eyes
* Rin is now known as Rin[Sleep]
<Toast> "I've grown kind of partial to the whole teleportation thing myself
<Toast> .
<Yarrow> Raphael glances at Toast. "Yeah, I gotta admit, it's great for getting one of my babies out of a tight spot."
<Yarrow> Is Toast staying in human form? It's going to take a while for Fujiko to memorize a spot there before you can even go to HQ West.
* Toast sighs and reverts to stoat form
<Toast> "Looks like we could be here a while."
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "Oh! So cute!"
* Toast cocks his head to the side
<Shari> "Woah"
<Toast> "What?"
* Valery smiles, nodding. "This is Toast-kun's real form."
* Xui-Fei looks to Kei, "that's why I asked"
<Shari> "If i say your cute, would that be insulting?"
<Toast> "No."
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "Ooh, such a pretty stoat. An Ezo stoat--mustela erminea orientalis, right?"
<Valery> "Er... I'm not really a zoologist, so I wouldn't know."
<Toast> "Finally, someone knows what they're talking about."
<Toast> "I swear, if someone calls me a ferret one more time..."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Hm? Asked what?"
<Yarrow> Kei turns from Xui-Fei to face Shari. "So, if I say *you're* cute, would *that* be insulting?"
<Yarrow> She smiles charmingly.
<Yarrow> Fujiko sighs. "She flirts like she fights..."
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Valery> (By charging in, damn the torpedoes?)
<Yarrow> (So it would seem.)
<Xui-Fei> "well that explains why she or well he I first saw her was staring at my senshi form"
* Toast crawls onto Val's shoulder
<Valery> "... It took you this long to realize she or he was interested when first seeing you?"
<Toast> "You know, you humans make pretty good forms of transportation too."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Oh, yeah. Some humans are *lots* of fun to ride."
<Yarrow> Fujiko just buries her face in her hands.
* Valery blinkblinks. "Really?"
* Xui-Fei shrugs
* Shari flushs at that
<Yarrow> Raphael: "Believe it or not, we actually don't know her. We just happened to find ourselves in this garage with--OOF!"
<Xui-Fei> (someone needs to be blunt to me)
<Yarrow> Raphael folds over as he gets an elbow in his stomach.
<Toast> (does Xui have downs syndrome or something?)
<Xui-Fei> (Fujiko)
<Toast> (this is moving beyond oblivious)
<Xui-Fei> (how is this beyond oblivious)
<Toast> "Meh, until I meet a girl that can whip up explosives from common household items, or simply create explosions from thin air, I'm a confirmed bachelor."
<Yarrow> Raphael wheezes from his bent over position: "So... how about that tour?"
<Valery> (Is this the point where either Fujiko, or our stray, blushes?)
<Xui-Fei> (so who elbowed Raph)
<Yarrow> Kei elbowed him.
* Xui-Fei shrugs
<Xui-Fei> (besides Ataru remember the last time Xui tried to get intimet he nearly got deballed)
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "I think Laura could use a good meal and a hot shower, too."
* Shari looks down at herself..
<Shari> "she's not the only one"
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "Besides, when *Raphael* wants to leave a garage, you know you've been in there *way* too long."
* Valery nods. "Probably, so let's start that tour with the cafeteria, I suppose."
<Yarrow> You head to the elevator, Raphael awkwardly shuffling there, as he's still bent over.
* Xui-Fei blinks, "you ok"
<Yarrow> Raphael: "Give me a minute..."
<Yarrow> Kei rolls her eyes and says, "Oh, stop hamming it up." Raphael just glares at her.
* Xui-Fei blinks, "damn so the strenght of the Hibiki school is right no..."
<Xui-Fei> ^on
<Yarrow> By the time you get to the cafeteria, he's recovered, though.
* Shari finds herself rather hungry at the sight of food.. and heads off to get some.
* Xui-Fei nods arms crossed aginst his chest
<Yarrow> You all grab a table, though someone intercepts you and takes Laura off to another table to get her settled in while she eats.
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "I hope you don't mind if I get to know you all a bit better before I memorize your room."
* Valery nods. "No, that's perfectly reasonable."
<Xui-Fei> "that's fine" he says gesturing her to take a seat"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Actually, I'd like to have it modified a bit before you do, so that works well."
* Shari comes back with a tray full of icecream, and a large cold drink. Since your the only people she knows she seats at the same table and starts to dig in
<Yarrow> Fujiko stares for a moment. "Don't ... you think some protein would be a good idea?"
* Valery blinkblinks. "I... guess you really like ice cream?"
* Shari looks up from her eats then back down at her food..
<Yarrow> Mai: "I suppose comfort food is in order for her right now."
<Shari> "I just felt like grabbing this... its good, want some?"
<Xui-Fei> "well she did say she used to serve Ice Cream at 31 Flavors?"
* Shari overs some triple fudge
<Toast> (31 Aisu!)
* Shari nods
<Shari> "Ya i did"
<Yarrow> Fujiko stares at Mai, only now noticing her. "You--" Mai: "--don't look so good. I know. Dead. Not contagious."
<Toast> "Is there a toast flavor?"
<Shari> "Was in advanced classes in school, so got off half the day for a side job"
<Yarrow> Fujiko stares a moment longer. "Ooookay..."
* Valery sweatdrops. "Toast... flavoured... ice cream...?"
<Yarrow> Fujiko thinks. "Marshmallow. That might be close."
<Toast> "I'll settle for bacon."
<Shari> "Toast icecream?.. That sounds oddly good, you could add jelly"
<Yarrow> She frowns and sternly points at Toast. "You know not to eat chocolate, right?"
<Toast> "What's wrong with chocolate?"
* Toast cocks his head to the side
<Valery> "That's poisonous to some nonhuman species, isn't it?"
* Xui-Fei shrugs
<Valery> (... Actually, knowing humans, it might be poisonous to us too and that's why we like the flavour.)
<Valery> (We are freaks)
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "It's poisonous to stoats! And most other animals."
<Shari> (we do willingly eat toxic plants, aka hot peppers)
<Toast> "Really? Why?"
<Valery> (That's precisely what I mean, DC ;) )
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "They lack an enzyme that humans have to break it down."
<Valery> (Any alien race that comes across us will either back away slowly from the deviants, or just run screaming :P )
<Shari> (its not like we ignight are out atmostphear thosuands of times a day... )
<Shari> *own
<Toast> "Huh, I wonder if that's the same case for me, I'm not exactly a normal stoat."
<Shari> "I think i heard something like that to"
<Yarrow> (Chocolate is not poisonous to humans. Just like birds aren't affected by capsacin.)
* Shari moves to her next icecream, happly humming
<Valery> "Let's... not test that."
<Yarrow> Fujiko cocks her head. "That's a good question! But a very small amount will kill you if you can't handle it, so I don't suggest experimenting."
<Toast> "Maybe I'll give it a try, if I can find some similarly sized rodents to my self. Or protoflesh. You guys ever hear of protoflesh?"
<Yarrow> They all shake their heads.
<Yarrow> (Toast, in Cartman voice: "Goddamnit!")
<Toast> "Damn."
<Toast> "Seen any big rats lately?
<Toast> "
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "Uh, why?"
<Toast> (I hate south park)
<Toast> "So I can come back to life if I die."
<Shari> "huh?"
<Toast> "It's already happened once... Bit of an accident making a timer."
<Valery> "Yes... try not to do that again."
<Toast> "Don't ask me how it works, it just does."
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "But ... stoats aren't rodents..."
<Toast> "I know, I know."
<Toast> "But I was told to find rodents."
<Yarrow> (Actually, I fixed that in the version I posted in the forum. Forgot to mention that to you... Sorry.)
<Shari> "How odd"
<Yarrow> Fujiko thinks. "I suppose you probably just need to find any animal of the same size and basic type..."
<Toast> (... -_-)
<Toast> (no more rodents of unusual size jokes, I guess)
<Yarrow> Kei only eats lightly.
<Yarrow> She looks to see whether Xui-Fei's packing it away.
* Valery gets a little bit, but isn't especially hungry.
<Yarrow> Raphael: "So, have things been exciting for you here?"
<Toast> "Yup."
<Valery> "Reasonably, yes... no zombie attacks, but we've had to go out to check on a few emergencies and potential problems..."
* Xui-Fei is packing it away
* Toast gets some toast and some raw meat
<Valery> (Mm... I'm flagging. Very much flagging.)
<Yarrow> Kei looks Xui-Fei up and down. "Guess you're not going to be up for me kicking your ass today."
<Toast> (is that like fapping?)
<Valery> (No, it's like falling unconscious at the keyboard)
<Toast> "Please, kick his ass anyway."
* Xui-Fei blinks, "huh oh a spar I'm always up for one I just burn to much energy that I have to eat alot to replace it"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Hmph. You sure you're not going to puke on me when I hit you?"
* Xui-Fei smirks, "don't worry about me I'll be fine I just hope you can keep up with me"
<Yarrow> Kei waves his words aside. "Yeah, yeah..."
<Yarrow> Kei: "So, how 'bout this tour, then while Fujiko memorizes this place, I kick this guy's asse?"
<Toast> "Can't you kick his ass first?"
* Shari burps cutely as she kills off her blizzard treat
<Valery> "Well... we may as well have something to watch while waiting for the memorization?"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Nah. Have to give him some time to digest or he'll puke."
* Xui-Fei chuckles
<Toast> "I don't think he CAN puke... His stomach is like some sort of freakish black hole."
<Yarrow> Kei smirks cockily. "We'll see. So, let's get the tour out of the way."
<Xui-Fei> "trust me on this I'm made of sterner stuff than you think,"
<Yarrow> She gets up.
<Yarrow> Skip past the tour and go directly to the fight?
* Valery nods, standing. "Now... your facility's similar, right? Most of what we have should be pretty much the same..."
* Yarrow holds her hand above her head.
<Valery> (Well, I do want to see the reaction to Metel since nobody mentioned it was an assault helicopter - damn you for spoiling the full surprise, Xui - but otherwise, yeah, skip)
<Yarrow> From the fiery pits of hell, I summon Dicebot!
* Yarrow waits for a dicebot to appear.
<Yarrow> Everyone seems politely impressed by Metel. Raphael is more interested and admires it, but it's not a car.
<Valery> (Heh)
* Lightdice has joined #cte
<Lightdice> I'm great at parties
<Toast> (you should have put your hand down and pulled up Hecubus.)
<Valery> (Noooooo! It's four-critfails-one-character-one-session!)
<Yarrow> And while Fujiko goes to memorize the new Teleport Room (Lilith will record the fight for her if she wants to see it), the rest of you go to see the main event.
<Yarrow> Kei and Xui-Fei walk to the center of the practice room while everyone else takes seats at the sides.
<Yarrow> Kei smirks and asks, "Sure you don't need more time to digest?"
<Xui-Fei> "I'm fine" he says as he settiles into his lazy man stance
<Yarrow> Kei: "Ok, but if you puke, don't do it on me. I mean it."
<Yarrow> Init.
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4 init
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+5
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+4 init --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{13}
<Yarrow> Simul.
<Valery> (She'll make him buy her new clothes if he does? :P )
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+8 Kei attack
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 Kei attack --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
* Xui-Fei smirks as he rushes her as his arms blur
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Amuriken
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+8 Amuriken --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+6 Kei defense
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+6 Kei defense --> [ 2d6=4 ]{10}
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6 defense melee
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+6 defense melee --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
<Xui-Fei> (both hit)
<Xui-Fei> (1 hit 28 damage before what ever nat armor Kei has for the breaking point)
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei lands two hits.
<Xui-Fei> (56 then)
<Xui-Fei> (and she hits how much)
<Yarrow> The first hit drives Kei's head to the side, but then she braces herself and Just Takes the 2nd hit.
<Yarrow> Kei's punch slams into Xui-Fei's side for 32 damage.
<Yarrow> Kei cocks her head at Xui-Fei. "That all you got?"
<Yarrow> Next round. Both combatants regenerate slightly.
<Xui-Fei> "I got some other tricks didn't want to go all out" still in lazy man stance
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+8 Kei attack
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 Kei attack --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6 Defense melee
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+6 Defense melee --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
<Xui-Fei> (that hits and now more of Xui_
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Amuriken
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+8 Amuriken --> [ 2d6=2 ]{10}
<Xui-Fei> (DR)
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Amuriken
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+8 Amuriken --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+6 Kei defense
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+6 Kei defense --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
* Toast goes into a weasel war dance
<Xui-Fei> (I beleve ties go to the player so 28)
<Yarrow> Kei lands a crushing blow to Xui-Fei's gut. (6 hp left)
* Valery looks mildly disturbed at the weasel war dance.
<Yarrow> Kei just seems to shrug off most of Xui-Fei's attack.
<Toast> (there's 3 extra DRs if Xui needs them :P)
<Xui-Fei> "not bad," he says smirking enjoying this, "first decent spar I've had in a while,"
<Yarrow> Next round. Both regen a bit.
<Xui-Fei> "how about we go for the explosive finish" he says as he lets his aura out
<Valery> "WIll this be safe for bystanders?"
<Yarrow> Toast does a dance that speaks of missteps and second chances.
<Yarrow> Kei, unimpressed: "Pretty."
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+8 Kei attack
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 Kei attack --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Xui's attack
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+8 Xui's attack --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6 Xui Defense
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+6 Xui Defense --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+6 Kei defense
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+6 Kei defense --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
<Xui-Fei> (I avoid it hits)
<Xui-Fei> (27)
<Valery> (Looks like the dice have finally started respecting Xui :P )
<Toast> (I think Yarrow can read numbers)
<Xui-Fei> "I call that my Kurohyou Bakudan"
<Yarrow> The chi attack?
<Xui-Fei> (yup)
<Xui-Fei> (litteral translation Panther Bomb)
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei sidesteps Kei's finishing uppercut and shoots a beam of black energy into her side. Kei's shoved back a bit by it but doesn't look much worse for the wear.
<Toast> "Hey, if it's a bomb, shouldn't you have named it stoat?"
<Toast> "I'm a little insulted."
<Yarrow> Kei stretches. "Hey, you got anything that hits hard?"
<Yarrow> Next round. You both regen.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+8 Kei attack
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 Kei attack --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6 dodgey dodgey
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+6 dodgey dodgey --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Amuriken one last time
<Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+8 Amuriken one last time --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+6 Kei defense
<Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+6 Kei defense --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
<Xui-Fei> (and poof I'm a senshi)
* Xui-Fei is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei charges in, his fist blurring, but Kei sidestep, pivots around, and slams a backfist into his solar plexus.
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei, no Salior_Mjollnir, goes flying back, tumbling over the floor.
<Yarrow> Kei: "Nice view."
<Yarrow> She stands down, clearly considering the fight over.
<Toast> "Wow, you hit him so hard he changed genders."
* Salior_Mjollnir gets up, "nice punch," she nods standing up not taking any action
* Switchblade has joined #cte
<Switchblade> <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Amuriken one last time
<Switchblade> <Lightdice> Xui-Fei roll 2d6+8 Amuriken one last time --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
<Switchblade> <Valery> (Might wanna make use of his weasel war dance there.)
<Switchblade> * Disconnected
<Yarrow> Kei walks over and shakes hands with Mjollnir.
<Switchblade> (What'd I miss?)
* Valery has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Switchblade is now known as Valery
* Salior_Mjollnir shakes Kei's hand, "good spar and the strengh of the Hibiki school is no myth" she says impressed
<Yarrow> Kei: "Thanks. You've got some good moves. I bet they work great against most things, but you don't quite have enough power to really hurt me."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Still. Nice technique."
<Toast> "I bet I could!"
<Toast> "Course one hit from you and I'd be dead."
<Yarrow> Kei smiles at Toast. "Aw, I wouldn't want to hit you."
<Salior_Mjollnir> "oh my normal form is able to go threw the regular and glass droids like a hot knife threw butter it's Rubber Droids I have problems with"
<Yarrow> She nods. "I know what you mean."
<Valery> ('kay... at this point, I should issue warning. If I seem unresponsive, I've probably fainted.)
<Salior_Mjollnir> "though my style is a more speedy style epically with some of the mid air techs"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Yeah. Speedy's great. So long as you hit hard enough to hurt your opponent. If you can't it doesn't matter how many times you land a blow."
<Yarrow> And let's end here.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Yarrow » Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:00 am

Session 16

[19:15] <@Yarrow> All right. When we left off, Xui-Fei had just gotten beaten up by a girl.
[19:17] <@Yarrow> The girl being a senshi from HQ West who came over to visit with a couple of teammates--Raphael, who's a car fanatic, & Fujiko, who's their teleporter and seems rather down to earth.
[19:18] <@Yarrow> The one who beat up Xui-Fei is Kei. She's been pretty much speaking for the other group and is quite possibly their leader. She also apparently turns into a male senshi.
[19:19] <@Yarrow> The spar between Xui-Fei and Kei has just ended. Fujiko is busy memorizing the location so she can teleport back. It's late afternoon. Let's resume.
[19:20] * Shari is new to the place so don't know whats going on
[19:21] <@Yarrow> (Toast: "Blood and death! And explosions! Lots of explosions!")
[19:22] <@Yarrow> Kei, to Shari: "So, you're new here?"
[19:26] <@Yarrow> Raphael strikes up a conversation with Valery. "So, when'd you get into flying things?"
[19:26] * Shari nods
[19:26] <Shari> "Ya.. just got in today"
[19:28] <Valery> "Ah... I think it was about four years ago...?"
[19:28] <Valery> "I found Metel in a local junkyard, fixed her up..."
[19:29] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Were you out on your own before you came here or with a group?"
[19:30] <@Yarrow> Raphael: "What, and you weren't at all into them before that?"
[19:30] <Shari> "Ohh, i was on my own. Could kinda say i was onstand buy thill needed"
[19:31] <Valery> "Well... I hadn't ever seen one before."
[19:31] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Hnh. On standby?"
[19:32] <@Yarrow> Raphael: "Maybe not a helicopter, but you've seen other flying machines--even if only on tv!"
[19:32] * Shari shurgs
[19:32] <Shari> "It's kinda hard to explane"
[19:33] <@Yarrow> Kei nods. "Yeah... I guess there's been a lot of that going around these days..."
[19:33] * Valery chuckles nervously. "My parents never let me near the TV since I took it apart to see how it worked..."
[19:34] <@Yarrow> Raphael gives Valery a long look. "You're a weird girl, you know that, Valery?"
[19:35] <Shari> "So.. how have you been holding out in all this?"
[19:35] * Valery nods agreeably. "So I've been told."
[19:36] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Pretty good. Seen some ugly things but holding up ok. You?"
[19:37] <@Yarrow> Toast: "When? Wouldn't they have called you a weird boy?"
[19:38] <@Yarrow> Kei looks over at Valery at that.
[19:38] <Shari> "Kinda stressed right now but ok.. this is a bit far from my last job"
[19:39] * Valery shrugs. "I'm a wierd... whatever-I-am?"
[19:39] <@Yarrow> Kei glances back at Shari. "Job, huh? That's probably a good way of looking at this. What did you used to do?"
[19:40] <@Yarrow> Toast snorts. "That's for sure."
[19:40] <@Yarrow> Hm. No Ataru in the channel. Guess he won't be logging this session.
[19:41] <Shari> "Well, I ran an icecream stand"
[19:42] * Dorin (~dorin_rah@dpc6745120147.direcpc.com) has joined #cte
[19:42] <Shari> "So im a bit out of my reach here"
[19:42] <Shari> (dorin!)
[19:42] <Valery> (Wait, Dorin?!)
[19:42] <Shari> (i got it loged yarrow)
[19:43] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Yeah, that's a pretty big jump..."
[19:43] <Dorin> What's with the bewilderment?)
[19:44] <@Yarrow> Raphael: "So, you're a guy?"
[19:44] <@Yarrow> Have a seat in the peanut gallery, Dorin.
[19:44] * Xui-Fei (~light_ava@d5-153.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[19:45] * Valery shrugs again. "Originally. I don't really think it's a big deal."
[19:45] <Dorin> -fires peanuts onto the stage, with a full auto-nutcannon-)
[19:45] <@Yarrow> Raphael give her a strange look. "If you say say..."
[19:47] <@Yarrow> Kei's comm beeps. Kei: "Eh?"
[19:48] <@Yarrow> Ken, comm: "Hey, you getting this, Kei? Lilith's settled into our system and says we should have long distance communications again."
[19:48] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Yeah--that's great!"
[19:49] <@Yarrow> Ken, comm: "So, when are you heading back?"
[19:49] <@Yarrow> Kei: "I think Fujiko needs another hour or so to get this place memorized. Then we'll bring back Toast, their teleporter, to get our place."
[19:49] <@Yarrow> Kei looks around. "Or if any of you guys want to come too, you're welcome."
[19:50] * Shari shurgs
[19:50] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Not that much to see that's different, except for Raph's babies."
[19:50] <Shari> "I dont even knoe who's in charge here"
[19:50] * Valery nods. "Yeah... I suppose it'd be interesting to see your shelter."
[19:50] <@Yarrow> Kei cocks her head. "Yeah, who *is* in charge here, anyway?"
[19:50] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Me!"
[19:51] <Valery> "Er... shared?"
[19:51] <Shari> "I dont think i got brought back to follow a rodent"
[19:51] <@Yarrow> Toast cries, "Silence, steed!" and lightly baps Valery on the head.
[19:52] * Shari checks her pockets, shoudlnt she have a mission log or at lest an item screne? Isnt that how stuff like this works?
[19:52] * Shari pouts
[19:52] * Valery just kind of sweatdrops.
[19:52] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Rodent?! Who are you calling a rodent? I'm a carnivoran!"
[19:53] <Shari> "Is that treatable? it sounds painfull"
[19:53] <Valery> "I thought you were mustelidae... something?"
[19:54] <@Yarrow> Shari's pockets contain: a pen, ID, 3 coins, a pretty feather, no ice cream.
[19:55] <@Yarrow> Toast gives Valery a put-upon look and explains as if it's the most obvious thing in the world, "Mustelidae is the *family*. Carnivora is the *order*, just like rodentia."
[19:56] <Valery> "Ahhhh. Well, I'm not a biology major..."
[19:56] <@Yarrow> Toast: "No kidding."
[19:57] <@Yarrow> Kei: "So... shared leadership, huh?"
[19:57] * Xui-Fei (~light_ava@d5-153.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net) has joined #cte
[19:57] <@Yarrow> Pass Xui-Fei what he missed, would you Valery?
[19:58] <Valery> (I dunno, Xui, last line?)
[20:00] <@Yarrow> Raphael: "We let Kei be in charge so she doesn't beat us up."
[20:00] * Shari pulls out the feather, blinks at it.. then puts it back.
[20:01] <@Yarrow> You saw it lying by the side of the path in the park on the way to work that (subjective) morning.
[20:01] <@Yarrow> You thought it was pretty and picked it up.
[20:01] * Valery covers a giggle.
[20:01] <Shari> (ahh ha! plot item)
[20:01] <Shari> (aaaaand brb for me, gota hit the can)
[20:02] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Keep saying things like that and it won't be enough."
[20:02] <Dorin> you needn't share that info)
[20:04] <Valery> (True, but it does help if you share some info regarding a sudden absence.)
[20:04] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Anyway... so, is this all of you?"
[20:04] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Senshi, I mean."
[20:05] <Dorin> (I am merely picking at DCG, now if he's gone into major detail as the contents of his activities, well that would have been a bit much :P)
[20:05] <Valery> "There's also Alaric, but he's a youma, so..."
[20:06] <@Yarrow> Let's pause until we have more than 1 active PC.
[20:08] <Xui-Fei> (back)
[20:09] <Xui-Fei> ( <Yarrow> Raphael: "So, you're a guy?"
[20:09] <Xui-Fei> <Yarrow> Have a seat in the peanut gallery, Dorin.
[20:09] <Xui-Fei> * Disconnected
[20:09] <@Yarrow> Let me know when you're caught up, Light.
[20:09] <Xui-Fei> (did I miss anything?)
[20:11] <@Yarrow> Pale should be sending it to you.
[20:11] <Xui-Fei> (I've read up but don't know if I missed anything due to my disconnection)
[20:11] <Valery> (Log toss)
[20:11] <Valery> (It's in your PM box, pay attention to the blinking red thing :P )
[20:11] <Xui-Fei> (just now got it)
[20:12] <Xui-Fei> (and ready to jump back in)
[20:12] * Xui-Fei is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
[20:12] * Salior_Mjollnir nods, "Me, Alaric, Valery and..." blinks, "where's Koizumi?"
[20:13] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I don't know. Who can even tell when she's gone?"
[20:14] * Valery blinks. "Maybe she's off... doing something?"
[20:16] <@Yarrow> Kei: "What, is she invisible or something?"
[20:16] <Salior_Mjollnir> "well save for Koizumi who knows where that blind musican left the only other missing is Alaric but he was taken due to Operation Intern"
[20:17] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Nah, she just sits in the corner without saying anything."
[20:18] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Okaaay... so, you guys have a plan or anything?"
[20:18] <@Yarrow> Ken, comm: "One of those would be nice."
[20:18] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks
[20:20] <@Yarrow> The silence drags on for a while.
[20:20] <@Yarrow> Kei sighs. "No plan here either, huh?"
[20:20] <Shari> (back, sorry about that)
[20:21] <Salior_Mjollnir> "doesn't seem like it" she says fidgetting abit
[20:21] <Shari> "Should i go?"
[20:21] <Salior_Mjollnir> (exactly how long has it been sense she was KO'd into this form)
[20:21] <Valery> "Well... at the moment we're working pretty vaguely. The plan is somewhat taking shape as it goes."
[20:22] <@Yarrow> Raphael nods. "Hard to hit them when they're up there and we're down here."
[20:24] <Salior_Mjollnir> (assuming this is talking about rescuing the youma?)
[20:24] <Valery> "Ideally the next step is finding where everyone just got kidnapped to, so we're starting to look into that, but..."
[20:24] <Valery> (Everything, really :P )
[20:24] <@Yarrow> Toast, to Shari: "Go? go where?"
[20:24] * Shari shurgs
[20:24] <Salior_Mjollnir> "and untill we know where that is we have no clue"
[20:24] <Shari> "Isnt ever one going to there base?"
[20:25] <@Yarrow> Toast: "And leave *our* base entirely undefended?"
[20:25] <Salior_Mjollnir> "granted I wouldn't be supirzed the computers in the palace might know where the Youma are located but it's too defended slash it's being seiged"
[20:26] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Speaking of which, are you actually any good in a fight or are you only good for flash freezing tables?"
[20:26] <Shari> "I.. have no idea"
[20:26] <Shari> "I've never been in a fight before"
[20:26] <@Yarrow> Toast sighs and mutters something about humans.
[20:26] <Valery> "Well... don't worry about it, I suppose."
[20:27] <Valery> "We'll go to the armoury later and get you started on training so you can at least sort of take care of yourself."
[20:27] <Salior_Mjollnir> "now now Toast not everyone is a demolitions expert with infiltration skills"
[20:27] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Damn straight."
[20:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> "though still you may need to work on your placement...I mean you did drop a building on yourself
[20:28] * Valery pauses. "... Did I just become our training officer? I think I'm the only one who actually has combat skills that can be taught..."
[20:28] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I'll make sure to drop the next on on you."
[20:28] <@Yarrow> *one
[20:28] <Shari> "Ill pass on building dropings"
[20:29] <Valery> "Yes, I think I'll stay out of that too."
[20:29] <Salior_Mjollnir> "you know one style of combat, though if I had premission from Tenma I could train the people here in unarmed techinques
[20:29] <Valery> "Well... it's not so much that, as... you've trained for years, haven't you?"
[20:30] <Valery> "It took perhaps a decade for your skills to reach the level of being useful to us right now... we don't really have time for that."
[20:30] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Huh? Teach people stuff! They could get killed without training. Not like they're going to be anywhere ready to learn more than the basics for a while anyway."
[20:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> "basics can be taught in a month I'd only train anyone fully if they were intersesting"
[20:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> "though unlike the Hibiki style the basics don't involve toughness training" she snarks
[20:31] <@Yarrow> Kei shrugs. "Besides, if it comes down to people dying for lack of training or you teaching without permission, are you really going to let people get killed?"
[20:32] <Valery> "Well... the toughness training seems to have worked."
[20:32] * Salior_Mjollnir nods, "I understand where your comming from Kei I hadn't thought of it like that"
[20:32] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Yeah, see? Your style isn't as hard, so people will be able to pick it up easier too."
[20:33] <Salior_Mjollnir> "well there's some parts that would have to be dropped....like learning how to fall properly"
[20:33] <Valery> "I don't want to know, but if it requires me taking them up in Metel to train them... no."
[20:33] <Salior_Mjollnir> "nope just a two story building with a flat roof"
[20:33] <Shari> "Isnt falling easy?"
[20:34] <Shari> "It's not like any ones ever missed the ground"
[20:34] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Falling's a breeze. It's the sudden stop at the end that hurts."
[20:34] <Salior_Mjollnir> "it's the way you land that allows you to get up fast is the trick of it"
[20:34] <Salior_Mjollnir> "and of course to minimize the damage your body takes from the landy"
[20:35] <@Yarrow> Kei nods.
[20:36] <@Yarrow> Fujiko walks in and heads over to everyone.
[20:36] <Salior_Mjollnir> "as it is I could take a fall from a 10 story drop and get up with a minimun of maybe a sprain"
[20:36] <@Yarrow> Fujiko: "All done! The way Lilith arranged the room made it much easier to memorize."
[20:37] * Valery looks up, waving slightly.
[20:37] <Salior_Mjollnir> "with Kei's toughness she could probably take a longer drop and walk away from it"
[20:37] * Salior_Mjollnir nods to Fujiko
[20:38] <@Yarrow> Fujiko: "All done with you little fight?"
[20:38] <Salior_Mjollnir> "yeah...she packs a puch alright knocked me into this form"
[20:39] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Yup."
[20:39] <@Yarrow> Fujiko: "Oh, yes. She's very strong."
[20:39] <Salior_Mjollnir> "I expected that I knew of the Hibiki school from my master"
[20:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> "just goes to show that dispite the constant attacking there droids shows I definatly need to keep my own training up"
[20:41] <@Yarrow> Fujiko: "So, I guess we should take Toast over to our place so he can memorize a room there too. Is anyone else going to come?"
[20:42] * Valery stands up. "Yes, I'd be interested in seeing it."
[20:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> "so am I" she says
[20:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> (let me know when I can change back Yarrow)
[20:43] <@Yarrow> You can change back. You'll just be very low on hp. But you'll regenerate quickly.
[20:44] <@Yarrow> Toast sighs. "And just who will be staying here to defend the place if it's attacked?"
[20:44] <@Yarrow> Fujiko: "Don't worry, Toast. If there's any trouble, Lilith can tell me and I'll teleport people back."
[20:44] <Shari> "This is a *base* shouldnt it have defence options all ready online? more so if this is an active war zone?"
[20:45] * Shari whields the deadly uber weapon of common sense.
[20:45] <@Yarrow> Toast thinks about that for a few seconds. "Yeah, I guess that'll work, so long as you stay with at least a couple of people."
[20:45] * Valery nods. "I plan to."
[20:45] <Salior_Mjollnir> "same here I'm not that stupid"
[20:46] <@Yarrow> Mai pats Mjollnir on the shoulder. "Of course you're not, Xui-Fei."
[20:47] <@Yarrow> Kei nods to Shari. "It should, but you never really want to trust all the people inside to them if you can help it."
[20:48] * Salior_Mjollnir twiches
[20:50] <@Yarrow> Kei looks up at everyone. "We ready to go?"
[20:50] * Valery nods.
[20:50] <Valery> "I am."
[20:51] <@Yarrow> Raphael: "Right. Let's go to the garage, then."
[20:51] <Shari> "ok"
[20:51] * Valery heads down thataway.
[20:51] <@Yarrow> The group heads to the garage.
[20:52] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "I'll let Ichigo know you're going."
[20:52] * Valery nods. "Thank you, Lilith-san."
[20:52] * Salior_Mjollnir shrugs and follows along
[20:53] * Salior_Mjollnir changes back
[20:53] * Salior_Mjollnir is now known as Xui-Fei
[20:54] <@Yarrow> You reach the garage and gather around Raphael's cool car.
[20:54] * Valery is peering rather closely at it.
[20:54] <@Yarrow> Fujiko concentrates for a moment, and you all find yourself in the garage. Except now there are a bunch of
other cars in it too.
[20:55] * Xui-Fei blinks
[20:55] <Shari> "Woah, that felt wierd"
[20:55] * Xui-Fei nods
[20:56] * Valery blinkblinks. "... Did you collect a few from your base when you finished memorizing?"
[20:57] <@Yarrow> It's a nice little car. It looks fast, but not like it's the fastest thing on wheels. It does look small and very maneuverable, however.
[20:57] <@Yarrow> http://www.egmcartech.com/wp-content/up ... ss_001.jpg
[20:57] * Valery facepalms. "Ah... wait. Same construction, this is your headquarters?"
[20:58] <@Yarrow> Fujiko smiles at Valery and nods.
[20:58] <@Yarrow> Raphael goes over to another nearby car and says, "Home sweet home," as he strokes it.
[20:59] * Valery smiles, looking around at the collection.
[20:59] * Xui-Fei facepalms
[20:59] <Xui-Fei> "Raph keep it in your pants"
[21:01] <@Yarrow> Fujiko: "Kei, I think you left your scroll of exotic martial arts techniques in the Lamborghini over there."
[21:01] * Shari blinks
[21:01] <Shari> "Ano.. if the city is in ruins where didyou get all these?"
[21:03] <Valery> "Had them to start with?"
[21:03] <@Yarrow> Raphael: "From my workshops. And other places I knew had them."
[21:03] <Shari> "Uh-huh"
[21:03] * Shari buys that one....yep
[21:05] * Valery nods.
[21:05] <@Yarrow> Raphael: "When you work on cars, you get to know who else has nice cars. And their owners didn't seem to need them any more..."
[21:07] * Valery winces.
[21:07] * Xui-Fei shrugs not really caring much just waiting to move on
[21:07] <Shari> "OK.. im not going to ask about it any more"
[21:07] * Shari really dont want to know why this man was collecting cars insted of completing missions or helping people.. but his filed in the *leave to die* list now
[21:08] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "I've had a room set up for Toast to memorize."
[21:08] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Yeah, let's get on with this."
[21:09] <@Yarrow> Fujiko takes Toast to the room.
[21:09] <@Yarrow> Kei: "So. What do you want to see? Most of it's the same as your place."
[21:11] * Valery chuckles. "I suppose that's the difficult part of giving tours... um... maybe meet anyone who didn't come?"
[21:11] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Suppose you can meet some of the people here. They'll be happy to know there are more senshi."
[21:12] <Shari> "Whats the situation like on this side of the city?"
[21:12] <@Yarrow> Ken, comm: "They already are. I told them about the others when--"
[21:12] <@Yarrow> Ken, walking into the room: "--I introduced them to Lilith."
[21:12] * Xui-Fei looks Ken over, "nice to meet you in person this time'
[21:12] <@Yarrow> Ken: "Yo."
[21:13] * Valery bows. "Hello."
[21:13] <@Yarrow> He gives Xui-Fei a nod.
[21:13] * Shari waves
[21:14] <@Yarrow> Kei: "Well, I'm sure they'd love to meet them in person anyway."
[21:16] <@Yarrow> You get a tour through common areas of the HQ, meeting people who are excited to see you. And want to see your senshi forms.
[21:16] * Xui-Fei sighs
[21:16] * Xui-Fei looks at Val, "you do it this time"
[21:16] <Valery> "Er... do I have to give a show in public?"
[21:17] <@Yarrow> Ken: "Bathroom's over there."
[21:17] <Xui-Fei> "I did it the last time"
[21:17] <Valery> "Ahhhh, thank you."
[21:17] * Valery slips over there, transforms, and returns.
[21:17] * Valery is now known as Sophia
[21:18] <Shari> "Senshi forms?"
[21:18] * Sophia bows slightly. "Hello..."
[21:18] <Shari> "Oh wow"
[21:19] <Sophia> (http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post ... &id=437186 - Sophia, though no replacement shawl yet)
[21:20] <@Yarrow> Ken waves his hand around the room. "You're welcome to change here if you really want to."
[21:20] * Xui-Fei sighs before goint over to the bathroom grumbling about this before changing
[21:20] <Sophia> (I did so in the bathroom)
[21:20] * Xui-Fei is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
[21:20] <@Yarrow> (That was to Xui-Fei)
[21:21] <@Yarrow> Ken looks at Shari. "No senshi form?"
[21:23] <@Yarrow> The people all ooh and aah over your pretty senshi forms.
[21:25] <Salior_Mjollnir> (there should be some wolf whistles over Xui's senshi form fuku it is a starlight battle fuku)
[21:25] * Shari shakes her head
[21:25] <Shari> "Not me'
[21:26] <@Yarrow> Ken smiles. "Careful. People might start thinking you're normal."
[21:27] <Salior_Mjollnir> "other than the freezing bit she is normal"
[21:27] <@Yarrow> You spend a while meeting people and raising morale.
[21:29] <@Yarrow> Fujiko returns and joins you.
[21:30] <@Yarrow> Ken, to the others: "You know, Chef Sakai was quite hurt you all missed dinner. He said if you miss dessert, too, he'll be truly upset."
[21:30] <@Yarrow> Fujiko lights up. "Dessert?"
[21:30] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks
[21:31] <@Yarrow> Ken shrugs and says idly, "He said something about homemade mint ice cream."
[21:32] <@Yarrow> Ken: "Oh, and that you should bring your guests."
[21:32] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks
[21:32] <@Yarrow> He checks his watch. "Five minutes from now."
[21:33] <@Yarrow> Fujiko cheerfully says, "This way!" and skips down the hall.
[21:33] <@Yarrow> Kei and Raphael follow.
[21:33] <@Yarrow> Ken: "Well, you heard the lady."
[21:33] * Sophia blinks. "I... guess she's looking forward to it a lot?"
[21:33] * Sophia follows.
[21:35] * Salior_Mjollnir shrugs and follows
[21:35] <@Yarrow> Ken follows after the group. "Chef Sakai is the great great and a few more greats grandson of Iron Chef Sakai."
[21:36] * Salior_Mjollnir then raises an eyebrow, "I see..."
[21:36] <@Yarrow> Ken: "He's pretty insistent an serving the senshi." He shrugs. "We weren't crazy enough to put up more than a token objection."
[21:37] <@Yarrow> Ken: "But we did insist that he make enough for another person or two to have dinner with us each night. That was Fujiko's idea, actually."
[21:38] * Shari follows along, icecream!
[21:38] <Sophia> "Ah... I see."
[21:38] <@Yarrow> Ken: "It works out well for everyone. Not like he could make his great creations for large numbers of people anyway."
[21:39] <Salior_Mjollnir> (in character Xui has no clue but out of character I'm laughing my ass off at the fact we got more iron chef refs)
[21:39] <@Yarrow> You reach a cozy little dining room.
[21:39] <Salior_Mjollnir> "hmm"
[21:41] <@Yarrow> You all take seats and a man in a chef's suit walks in. He looks like he's part Japanese and part something else and has black hair and a ragged mustache.
[21:41] * Sophia bows slightly to him. "Good evening."
[21:42] <@Yarrow> He bows and another man wheels in a serving cart with dishes of ice cream.
[21:43] <@Yarrow> Chef: "It is an honor to serve you."
[21:43] <@Yarrow> And he does so, placing a dish in front of everyone before stepping back.
[21:43] <Dorin> (The secret ingredient...trout)
[21:44] * Salior_Mjollnir takes a spoon at takes a taste
[21:44] <@Yarrow> The senshi who live there each have a spoonful and sigh.
[21:44] <@Yarrow> As you each taste it, you find it to be, without a doubt, the best ice cream you've ever had.
[21:45] <Dorin> (it's amazing what you can do with trout)
[21:46] <Sophia> "Mmmmmm... yes, that arrangement does seem to work out well."
[21:46] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks, "impressive"
[21:47] * Shari *mmmmm*'s rather loudly.. but dont seem to notice of care.
[21:47] <@Yarrow> Shari - no ice cream: dropped.
[21:48] <@Yarrow> Chef Sakai smiles to see everyone enjoying his offering.
[21:51] <@Yarrow> After a while, Fujiko says, "It's a good thing we get so much exercise... well, not for the reason we get it... you know what I mean."
[21:52] <Salior_Mjollnir> "uh not really no"
[21:52] * Sophia nods. "Yes... I can imagine."
[21:53] <Shari> "Really, whys that?"
[21:53] * Shari finshs hers off kind fast
[21:53] <@Yarrow> Kei snorts. "No, I'm sure *you* wouldn't. She's glad we work off all the calories, but not glad we're doing it by fighting off an invasion."
[21:54] <@Yarrow> Ken: "Not that it's all rich stuff. But it's always great."
[21:54] <@Yarrow> Ken nods his appreciation to Sakai, who bows in return.
[21:55] * Sophia nods as well. "It was quite the treat, thank you."
[21:55] <Salior_Mjollnir> "yes it was very good"
[21:56] <@Yarrow> Chef Sakai: "It is my pleasure and honor."
[21:57] <@Yarrow> The assistant gathers up the empty bowls and spoons and they both depart.
[21:58] <@Yarrow> Fujiko: "I'd feel guilty about eating like this if it didn't mean so much to him to do this for us."
[21:59] <@Yarrow> Do people want to take a 10 minute break now?
[22:00] <Salior_Mjollnir> (ok)
[22:01] <Sophia> (All righty)
[22:03] <Shari> (dont mater to me)
[22:03] <@Yarrow> Ok.
[22:04] <@Yarrow> Break. Try not to be back late.
[22:14] <@Yarrow> Ok, just speak up when you get back.
[22:14] <Shari> havnt elft
[22:14] <Sophia> Yo.
[22:18] <Salior_Mjollnir> back
[22:19] <@Yarrow> Ok. Is there anything in particular you want to talk to with the senshi here or should we skip ahead?
[22:19] <Sophia> (I don't think so)
[22:19] <Salior_Mjollnir> (I'm more curious about there senshi forms
[22:20] <@Yarrow> You don't get to see their senshi forms until I've created all of them. :)
[22:21] <@Yarrow> Ok, skipping ahead.
[22:22] <@Yarrow> You chat for a while longer before Toast returns from memorizing the room. He's presented with a dish of ice cream that Chef Sakai saved for him.
[22:22] <@Yarrow> Toast does like it and tries it in both forms but asks what Saka can do with toast.
[22:22] * Sophia covers a giggle at that.
[22:23] <@Yarrow> Sakai promises to show him next time he visits.
[22:23] * Salior_Mjollnir chuckles at that
[22:23] <Shari> "That sounds oddly intersting"
[22:23] <Shari> ( Iron Cheif battle... TOAST )
[22:24] <Salior_Mjollnir> (we'd need another chef to battle Sakai with)
[22:25] <@Yarrow> And after a bit more chatter, you get sent back. With a humvee named Oscar, over Raphael's protests.
[22:26] * Salior_Mjollnir changes back before getting in
[22:26] * Salior_Mjollnir is now known as Xui-Fei
[22:28] <@Yarrow> It's just within Toast's weight limit. With a heavy load and passengers, it'll probably be beyond him.
[22:28] <@Yarrow> Just within his limits with the lot of you, that is.
[22:28] * Sophia looks over Oscar, and assures Raphael that she'll take care of him.
[22:29] <Shari> "Wow.. rather nice"
[22:29] <@Yarrow> Sophia is forced to make a vow to that effect, but the others from HQ West do manage to convince Raphael that it does not have to be written in blood.
[22:31] <@Yarrow> When you get back, it's somewhat late, so you all go to bed (Shari's given a room in Jake & Chance's suite).
[22:31] <@Yarrow> If you want to do something before turning in, speak up.
[22:32] <@Yarrow> Ok. Morning dawns cold and completely overcast.
[22:32] * Sophia is now known as Valery
[22:33] <@Yarrow> You get together for breakfast and try not to envy the senshi at HQ West.
[22:33] * Valery will have detransformed before going to bed :P
[22:33] * Xui-Fei grumbles
[22:33] <Valery> "Well... I can try to get better."
[22:33] <Xui-Fei> "I'm gonna have to start training again"
[22:34] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Yeah! She really kicked your ass."
[22:35] <Shari> "Hmm"
[22:35] <Xui-Fei> "you need to be more humble about failing." he says before he takes a bit of his breakfast
[22:35] <Shari> (no one showed shari to the beds or anything? wow thanks)
[22:36] <Xui-Fei> (you were given one of the beds in Jake and Chance's suite)
[22:36] <Shari> (thats rather poor taste_
[22:36] <@Yarrow> Yes, like I said, she was given a room in the women's suite.
[22:37] <@Yarrow> Toast: "So, what are we doing today?"
[22:38] <Shari> "Saving people? Killing bad guys? Hidding really good?"
[22:39] * Shari is honestly curious as to what these new senshi do all day
[22:39] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "You haven't gone over the things you brought back from the museums."
[22:39] <Xui-Fei> "well I need to get back to training, and I've made a decision...let Ichigo know that anyone wanting hand to hand combat training I'm willing to begin teaching them"
[22:39] <@Yarrow> Toast, around a mouthful of toast: "Tried the glove. Makes you faster."
[22:40] <Valery> "Hm. Yeah, we'll need to examine those, and then hit the books to get a start on the search..."
[22:40] <Valery> "Ah, and Shari-san, we'll need to set aside a few hours and I'll teach basic marksmanship."
[22:41] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Not running faster. Slipperier. More bendy. That sort of thing."
[22:41] <Valery> "Ah... that would fit with how that robot moved..."
[22:41] <Xui-Fei> "so it upps ones aglity?"
[22:42] <@Yarrow> Toast nods.
[22:43] <Shari> "Unn.. ok?"
[22:43] * Xui-Fei nods, "tempting but my sensei had a thing about being dependent on a device,"
[22:43] <Xui-Fei> "using it is fine but if your using it as a crutch to the point your defenseless without it makes it pointless"
[22:43] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Cool. Gonna give up the ESC and medsprays, then?"
[22:44] <Xui-Fei> "like I said I'm not gonna use it"
[22:45] <@Yarrow> Mai: "Xui-Fei, does that rule apply to actual warfare or is it just for training?"
[22:45] <Xui-Fei> "he seemed to insist it was for both"
[22:46] <@Yarrow> She cocks her head. "So, if you wear the glove, will you be defenseless if you take it off?"
[22:47] <Xui-Fei> "not in that sense Mai"
[22:47] <Xui-Fei> "he ment that if one laxes in there trainign by using shortcuts like that glove to cover one of there weak area instead of training to correct it when one loses an item like that they have an exploitable weakness"
[22:49] <@Yarrow> Mai: "But if you don't have a weakness in that area, doesn't that just make you stronger when you wear it and your normal self when you take it off?"
[22:49] <Valery> "But... this is a state of war. Even if you did start slacking off it wouldn't show for weeks or months, and if we have that kind of lifespan we're doing pretty well as-is."
[22:49] <Xui-Fei> "that glove is pretty much something that makes you more agile, and as it was proved when I spared with Kei my aglity needs work"
[22:50] <Xui-Fei> "Valery as it is I am slacking off normally by this time I'd be knee deep in kata's and excerises"
[22:50] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Looked more like your strength needed work."
[22:50] <Shari> "That seems rather selfish,"
[22:51] <Shari> "The cites in ruins and ever ones here's fighting over making them selfs stronger"
[22:51] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I mean, she just seemed to shrug off most of what you hit her with."
[22:52] <Xui-Fei> "that's cause one of there training techinques, the Breaking point is to build up mussle toughness"
[22:52] <@Yarrow> Toast: "So, how's being faster going to help if it doesn't hurt her even when you hit?"
[22:53] <Xui-Fei> "Faster means I can evade a stronger opponents attacks"
[22:53] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Feh, defense. If you can't hurt her, you can't win."
[22:54] <Xui-Fei> "there's more than one way to win a fight than overpowering your opponent"
[22:54] * Valery nods. "Agility's good and all, but if you don't have the firepower to effect the target, you've lost no matter how genius your strategy may be."
[22:55] <@Yarrow> Toast thinks for a moment. "I don't get it."
[22:55] * Shari looks over at Valery,
[22:55] <Shari> "So... do you guys do anything... usefull? Im still trying to figer out why i was droped off here. But im getting a general idea sitting around isnt it..."
[22:55] <@Yarrow> Toast: "What are you going to do--bounce around until she gets bored and goes home?"
[22:55] <Shari> "All tho i could be here to finsh off all the icecream thats left..'
[22:56] <Xui-Fei> "nope for instance I could of used pressure points to knock her out if this was a real fight, like I said before that was a spar to guage our ablities"
[22:56] <Valery> "It's barely past dawn, Shari-san, and rushing about without a clear idea what to do is just a bit of a waste."
[22:57] * Shari nods, "ok"
[22:57] <@Yarrow> Toast looks skeptical. "Suuure..."
[22:57] <Xui-Fei> "what ever rodent" he says getting up, "I'll be in the gym training if you need me"
[22:59] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "You also have the rose and jug."
[22:59] * Valery sighs, standing up. "We'll need to get started examining those..."
[23:00] <Shari> "Ill help"
[23:00] <@Yarrow> Mai: "I wish Xui-Fei would use the glove. Being dead really isn't fun."
[23:02] <@Yarrow> Mai gets up and heads to the gym.
[23:03] <@Yarrow> Toast gets onto Valery's shoulder.
[23:03] <@Yarrow> Toast: "The glove isn't much use to me unless I'm in clumsy human form."
[23:04] <Valery> "Yes... and I don't really want to get into the thick of things enough for it to be any use to me, either..."
[23:05] <Shari> "so what other stuff did you find?"
[23:05] <@Yarrow> Toast: "A jug of water with bull blood in it and a rose."
[23:05] <Valery> "The glove, a rose, and a jug, so far."
[23:06] <@Yarrow> You head to the armoury where the glove and jug are.
[23:06] * Xui-Fei goes threw aglity excercises
[23:07] <@Yarrow> Mai walks into the gym and watches for a while.
[23:07] * Valery picks up the rose, and examines it a bit more closely.
[23:07] <@Yarrow> Toast: "So far as I can tell, there's nothing special about the water and blood in the jug."
[23:08] * Dorin (~dorin_rah@dpc6745120147.direcpc.com) Quit (Quit: )
[23:09] <Shari> "Why would you have a jug of bloody water?"
[23:09] <@Yarrow> Mai: "You know, you can't get better at martial arts if you're dead."
[23:09] <Valery> (Well, that was very play-intensive play from Dorin... actually, I think Dorin was more talkative tonight than when playing as Koi)
[23:09] <@Yarrow> He wasn't invited to play.
[23:09] <Valery> "Well... the blood and water were in it when we found it."
[23:09] * Xui-Fei sighs
[23:10] * Valery sticks the rose in the vase to see if that does anything.
[23:10] <Valery> (Or, the jug, bah.)(
[23:10] <Xui-Fei> "and one can't improve if one just sits on ones ass either"
[23:11] <@Yarrow> The rose glows faintly, and for a moment, the glow starts to spread into the water, but then it seems to shrink back into the rose.
[23:11] * Valery blinks. "Well now... that was interesting."
[23:11] * Xui-Fei continues with his excerises
[23:12] <Valery> (Is the blood still there?)
[23:13] <@Yarrow> Mai: "Xui-Fei, there are a lot of ... things out there trying to kill you. The slightest edge could mean the difference between living and dying. Training and improving is a great goal, but is the difference the glove will make in your training worth the risk of actually dying?"
[23:13] <@Yarrow> The blood is still there, yes.
[23:13] <Valery> (Okay, so the rose didn't drink it up. Good sign.)
[23:13] <@Yarrow> Mai shakes her head. "And take it from me, being dead is no picnic."
[23:13] * Xui-Fei sighs
[23:14] <Xui-Fei> "Mai I know that but if I do that without training to improve my aglity without it it'll just be a crutch
[23:14] <@Yarrow> Mai: "Can't you use the glove when you go out and take it off and focus on agility training when you're back here?"
[23:15] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Next idea?"
[23:15] * Xui-Fei looks at Mai, "yes," he says finaly relenting, "I could do that"
[23:16] * Shari poors a bit of the water out and spends some time working her power on it.. making a bloody half assed ice rose.
[23:16] <Shari> "Huh... guess i need pratice"
[23:16] <@Yarrow> She smiles. "I'd feel much better if you do."
[23:16] <@Yarrow> Someone throw up a dicebot?
[23:16] * Valery taps her lip. "Maybe the reason it stopped was because of the jug, so let's try a more normal vase."
[23:17] * Valery goes to look for one, fills it, and then sticks the rose in to see if the effect is similar, or different.
[23:17] <Shari> (ok)
[23:18] <@Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[23:18] <McDice> Yarrow rolled :2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[23:20] <Xui-Fei> (so I got MJ's glove)
[23:21] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Hey, the jug's still full. ...Isn't it?"
[23:21] <@Yarrow> Once you claim it, yes. You can put it on your sheet.
[23:21] * Valery blinks, looking over at the jug. "Well... Shari-san took a bit of the water..."
[23:21] <@Yarrow> +2 Body: Agility
[23:21] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Pour some more out."
[23:22] * Valery blinks, and takes the rose from the vase before pouring a bit more water from the jug.
[23:23] <@Yarrow> You pour some more water from the jug. Its level doesn't seem any lower afterwards.
[23:23] <Xui-Fei> (I understand that)
[23:25] * Valery blinks. "... Refreshing water jug? Hm..."
[23:25] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Not so refreshing with that bull blood in it..."
[23:25] * Valery tries to pour it all out to see what happens... and will stop after a reasonable amount of time if it keeps pouring.
[23:26] <@Yarrow> A large puddle of water slightly tainted with blood forms on the floor. The flow shows no sign of diminishing.
[23:26] * Valery stops pouring, and puts it back. Still full?
[23:26] <@Yarrow> Yes.
[23:27] <Valery> (Still blood in it?)
[23:27] <@Yarrow> Yes.
[23:27] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if it tasted like *fresh* bull blood, but it's nasty."
[23:27] <Valery> "Hm. That has some potential use."
[23:27] <Valery> "I meant more that the water gets refreshed, rather than it actually being refreshing."
[23:28] <@Yarrow> Toast: "The water gets refreshed? Is that like the booze gets drunk but you get drunker?"
[23:29] <Valery> "Replaced? Replenished?"
[23:29] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Oh. Why didn't you say so in the first place?"
[23:31] <Valery> "I... did..."
[23:32] <@Yarrow> Mai: "You know, I think you're the only reason I came back... I think if you die, I'll die all the way too."
[23:33] <Valery> (Wow, now that's a stalker.)
[23:33] <@Yarrow> Toast: "What are we going to do with an endless stream of bloody water, anyway? Why couldn't it have been
gasoline? Or napalm! Ooh, now *that* would have been useful!"
[23:34] <Valery> "Well... I suppose we can't drink it, but there may still be some uses we can find."
[23:34] <Valery> "Hm... I wonder if that's the extent of its function?"
[23:34] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I bet we could have if Xui-Fei hadn't wasted that bull."
[23:35] <Valery> "Possibly, but it's a bit late to worry about it..."
[23:36] <@Yarrow> Toast gives a little stoat shrug. "Who's worrying?"
[23:36] <Valery> "Fair enough."
[23:36] * Xui-Fei blinks, "oh?"
[23:36] * Valery goes back to test the rose in a more normal vase to see what happens.
[23:37] <Shari> "So the waters useless?"
[23:37] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "We have a large number of backup water chips, so fresh water isn't a problem. While you're here, at least."
[23:38] <@Yarrow> The rose does not react to the normal water.
[23:38] <Valery> "Hm..."
[23:38] * Valery pricks her finger, and drips a bit of blood onto the rose.
[23:39] <@Yarrow> It has no effect.
[23:40] * Valery cocks her head, sucking on her finger. "Odd... unless it was reacting to the magic?"
[23:41] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Could be. Magic's funny that way."
[23:41] <@Yarrow> Mai: "I woke up when I felt you walk by me."
[23:42] * Shari ties picking up the rose
[23:43] * Xui-Fei blinks, "I didn't know"
[23:43] <@Yarrow> The rose feels normal, maybe a bit pleasant in a way you can't really describe. It seems to have a very faint inner glow.
[23:43] <Shari> "Seems like a very nice rose.."
[23:43] * Shari sits it back down
[23:43] <Shari> "Sooo..?''
[23:44] * Valery takes the rose, and taps it against the jug rather than putting it in. "Not sure..."
[23:44] <@Yarrow> Mai: "I can't be with you like I was hoping to before I died... but I can watch over you."
[23:45] <@Yarrow> Toast: "It doesn't really have strong magic... It's just magical."
[23:46] <Shari> '"I guess"
[23:46] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Not like the glove."
[23:46] * Shari looks around.. thats it?
[23:46] <Shari> "So the cites in ruins and you fond a jug.. a rose, and a glove?"
[23:46] <@Yarrow> There are a lot of guns and rifles around, along with spare energy cells.
[23:46] <Valery> "Hm... I suppose so. Pity, but I don't have an idea yet for how to find out what it does."
[23:47] <@Yarrow> roll 2d6+5
[23:47] <McDice> Yarrow rolled :2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{9}
[23:47] <Valery> "Well, we'll probably do more searching later, but for now, yes."
[23:47] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Maybe it doesn't do anything. Maybe someone just made a magic rose."
[23:47] * Shari shurgs
[23:47] * Valery puts the rose back, and moves over to one of the rifles, fiddling with it.
[23:47] * Xui-Fei smirks, "I guess I could call you my guardian angel"
[23:47] <Shari> "Makes about as much sense as anything else to me since the queened tried to blast me"
[23:48] <@Yarrow> Mai: "I don't feel like much of an angel... but, yes, I'll be your guardian."
[23:49] * Valery walks back to Shari, and hands her the rifle. "All right... let's go set up a practice range."
[23:49] <@Yarrow> Mai smiles slightly and stands a bit straighter.
[23:53] <Valery> (Is there a range already in the HQ?)
[23:53] <@Yarrow> Yes.
[23:53] <Valery> (Then Val leads Shari there, unless she says something to the contrary)
[23:55] <@Yarrow> Are you with us, Shari?
[23:55] <Shari> (yes)
[23:55] <Shari> "Unn... ok"
[23:55] * Shari follows along oddly looking over the gun in her arms"
[23:57] * Valery sets Shari up at one of the booths once they arrive. "All right... to do this, you'll want to hold it in both hands. Your dominant hand - are you right or left-handed? - on the grip, your other hand forward, holding it under the barrel."
[23:57] <@Yarrow> Mai sighs. "There are so few of us left... We might be the only two--and I hardly even count."
[23:57] * Valery points as appropriate.
[23:59] * Xui-Fei sighs, "don't worry Mai we're made of sterner stuff
[23:59] * Shari fiddles with the thing as she tries to hold it right
[23:59] <@Yarrow> Mai: "I know. It's sad that all of the old gang are dead."
[23:59] <Shari> "like this?"
[00:00] <@Yarrow> Toast takes one look at how Shari's holding the rifle and moves to one of the shielded viewing areas.
[00:00] <Valery> "... Roughly. This particular part isn't too important, it just needs to be a comfortable carrying position."
[00:00] * Xui-Fei nods, "yeah I saw there bodys...."
[00:01] <Valery> "Now, when you actually want to fire, bring it up, press the butt - this part - against your shoulder."
[00:01] <Shari> "ok.."
[00:02] <Valery> "Now, these are the sights. Two on the back, one on the front."
[00:02] <Valery> "Lean your head over until you're looking forward from the rear sights."
[00:04] * Shari does so
[00:04] <Shari> "Ok.. still feels odd."
[00:05] * Valery adjusts her position a bit.
[00:05] <Xui-Fei> "though what's really stings is the fact that if I had met with them at the time I agreed with them I'd been as dead as they are
[00:05] <Valery> "Better?"
[00:06] <@Yarrow> Mai: "Maybe. You would have had a much better chance than we did. But I suppose you would have gone down fighting against unbeatable odds..."
[00:07] <Valery> (Bah, Rei coulda taken 'em :P )
[00:07] <@Yarrow> This world's Rei only had normal human CP.
[00:07] <Valery> (Heh)
[00:08] * Shari tries shooting the thing, and rocks back with the bang sending the bullet pinging around
[00:08] <@Yarrow> No bullet. Energy bolts.
[00:08] <Valery> "Whoa, not yet."
[00:08] <@Yarrow> Also recoilless. :)
[00:09] * Valery taps the front sights. "Look from the rear sights, and line them up with both the front sight, and the target."
[00:10] <Valery> "You should be able to see the target through the sights."
[00:10] <Shari> "I see it just fine"
[00:11] <Valery> "Okay, now keep both sights lined up with the target. Take a deep breath."
[00:11] * Shari does so
[00:11] <Valery> "Breathe out smoothly, and as you do, just squeeze the trigger gently."
[00:13] * Shari follows instruction and pulls the trigger
[00:13] <Xui-Fei> "yeah"
[00:14] <@Yarrow> The shot misses completely.
[00:14] <Valery> "Gently. You were on-target, but if you pull too hard, you'll shake the gun and your shots will go every which way."
[00:16] * Shari frowns and turns around, "I didnt pull to hard"
[00:17] * Shari looks over the gun again, "Any way whats this swtich do?"
[00:17] <Valery> (What DOES that switch do?)
[00:17] * Shari flicks it
[00:19] <@Yarrow> Shari pokes the inhibitor switch on the bottom of the rifle, which jars her finger against the trigger. A bolt of full strength energy streaks past Valery's ear, giving it a light sunburn. All her hair instantly stands on end.
[00:19] <Valery> "That."
[00:19] <Valery> "Please don't poke random buttons on high-energy weapons."
[00:19] <Valery> "At least unless you're alone in the room."
[00:19] <@Yarrow> There's a moment of silence before a soft thud and the sound of a stoat laughing hysterically comes from behind the shielded viewing area.
[00:20] * Valery tries to brush her hair back down with her fingers.
[00:20] <Shari> "I dont think im going to be any good with this"
[00:20] <@Yarrow> Valery brushes her hair down. It immediately springs back up.
[00:21] <Valery> "Well... you'll need to be able to defend yourself to some extent."
[00:22] * Valery switches the rifle back to practice mode, and points at the target. "Just practice taking shots for now, don't poke anything but the trigger, I need to get the charge out of my hair..."
[00:22] * Shari frowns and the air chills around her
[00:23] <Shari> "The queen wanted me dead for a reason, im going to take a wild guess it wasnt for my skills with a gun"
[00:23] <Valery> "Remember, pull slow and gentle. Just pull back slowly until it goes off, and while breathing out so you're steadier."
[00:24] <Valery> "Of course, if you can make use of that in self-defence, then we're fine. Feel free to toss an icicle at the target, then."
[00:25] <@Yarrow> Mai watches Xui-Fei practice in silence for a while.
[00:25] <Shari> "Oh, that it huh, just fling my hand and toss ice at the target--"
[00:25] <@Yarrow> Mai: "I didn't think either of those two youma were good for you."
[00:25] <Valery> "That target, not me."
[00:25] * Shari does so with an exagrated motion.
[00:26] <Shari> roll 2d6+9
[00:26] <McDice> Shari rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{18}
[00:26] <Shari> (at the target)
[00:26] <@Yarrow> The rifle goes off while Shari's turning and the tiny energy bolt goes streaking toward the back of the room, away from the target, to squarely hit an electrical outlet. The room goes dark.
[00:27] <Valery> "If it is that easy, then yes. If, on the other hand, you cannot do it reliably..." She taps the rifle. "Either works, but you need to be at least reasonably proficient with one."
[00:27] <@Yarrow> No one knows whether the icicle hit the target.
[00:27] <Valery> "That said, for now, I think we might be safer with this not in your hands."
[00:28] * Valery takes the rifle back, and shuts it down as she heads over to fix the room's power.
[00:28] <@Yarrow> Does Valery try to take it from her in the dark?
[00:28] <Valery> (Gaaaaah.)
[00:28] <Valery> (Not if we can't see, no.)
[00:28] <@Yarrow> Ok. There's a brief flash of light and a yelp from Valery.
[00:29] * Xui-Fei blinks, "hmm...when was the first clue?"
[00:29] <Valery> "It's fortunate that was on practice mode... please put it down and I'll go fix the lights."
[00:29] <@Yarrow> More laughter comes from the shielded area. Toast gasps, "Please... stop ... can't breathe..."
[00:30] * Valery moves to put Shari between her and the rifle, just in case Shari shoots something else while putting it down.
[00:30] <@Yarrow> Mai: "Just a feeling I had. They weren't right for you."
[00:30] <Shari> "Hey! Thats not my falt"
[00:31] * Shari puts the gun down on the table.. probly tohard
[00:31] <Xui-Fei> "well warning bells did go off when one tried to claw my....stuff off in jealous rage....well that was more of an accident"
[00:31] <@Yarrow> Definitely too hard. Especially since she actually misses the table.
[00:31] <Valery> (Does it fire again?)
[00:32] <@Yarrow> Two little bolts of energy streak through the air. Then a big one rips through it as she somehow manages to take it out of practice mode again.
[00:32] <Valery> "I have some words to share with the designer of this thing. Shari-san... just make sure the barrel is pointed away from you, and drop it."
[00:33] <Valery> "On the ground is fine."
[00:33] <@Yarrow> Valery just stands there when this happens?
[00:33] <@Yarrow> Mai nods. "Imagine if no healer had been around..."
[00:33] <Valery> (Well, Val evades as necessary, but the last time she tried touching the gun in the dark, she got shot. She'd not exactly like to repeat that with it on full power.)
[00:34] <@Yarrow> Ok. Just thought she might hit the deck or something.
[00:34] <Valery> (She's getting used to this.)
[00:34] <@Yarrow> The lights come on.
[00:34] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Shari, slowly back away from the gun."
[00:35] * Shari grumbles.. "stuiped thing.." steps away from it
[00:35] * Valery moves in and takes the gun, switching it back to practice mode.
[00:36] <@Yarrow> The power cell shorts and flares, giving Valery a shock as it dies.
[00:36] <Valery> "I sincerely hope your ice is reliable, because I do not look forward to repeating this experience."
[00:36] <@Yarrow> Toast staggers out of the room before he dies laughing.
[00:36] * Shari jumps a bit at the flash
[00:36] <Shari> "Valery.. are you all right?"
[00:37] <Valery> "Fortunately, the lethal one you fired at me mostly missed."
[00:37] * Valery frowns, and aims the gun downrange, before giving it a good hard whack on the side.
[00:38] <Valery> (Does it go off again?)
[00:38] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Shari, please refrain from handling guns. Ever again."
[00:38] <@Yarrow> The power cell seems to be fried.
[00:38] <Valery> "It might not be her. A lot of that resembled mechanical faults."
[00:39] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Ok. Why don't you go to the armory and fetch her another rifle, then."
[00:40] <Valery> "For now she's probably better practicing with her ice. I'll test our stock independently, before putting her hands on another one."
[00:41] <Valery> "Either way... if most of our guns are garbage, we'd best find that out now, rather than when people get hurt in training."
[00:42] * Xui-Fei shudders at that prospect "agreed"
[00:42] <Xui-Fei> (thogh do me and mai experience the power flicker)
[00:42] <@Yarrow> Mai: "What did you think of them?"
[00:43] <@Yarrow> No, it was localized to the one room.
[00:43] * Shari blinks at the ice shards all over the target
[00:43] <Shari> "Hey! "
[00:43] * Valery nods at the ice shards. "Go ahead and see how well you can do that. I'm going to need to be off for a little bit."
[00:44] * Shari grins then pouts thinking.. "But how did i do that?"
[00:45] * Shari pulls up a mass of cold into her hand thill its shiwrling in chilled air and magic..
[00:45] <@Yarrow> Toast wanders into the gym, still chuckling.
[00:45] <Shari> "Ok.. So now.."
[00:46] <Shari> Roll 2d6+9
[00:46] <McDice> Shari rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{21}
[00:46] <Shari> (lol, crits)
[00:46] <Shari> (DM effect on that or should i?)
[00:46] <@Yarrow> The target freezes solid and shatters.
[00:46] <Valery> "Good. Keep that up, I'll be back in a little while. See if you can't tone the power down a bit, though, we only have the one practice range."
[00:46] <Shari> "Yay!"
[00:47] <@Yarrow> Toast: "You should see that Shari girl with a rifle! We've got a surefire way to beat the enemy!"
[00:47] * Shari starts fling ice down range
[00:47] * Valery vacates the room while the vacating is good.
[00:48] <@Yarrow> Mai: "Oh?"
[00:49] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Yeah! We just need to give her a rifle and get her to enlist in the Nemesis army. They'll be goners in no time!"
[00:50] * Xui-Fei shrugs, "honestly they were nice..."
[00:51] <@Yarrow> Valery returns to a frigid practice range with two new rifles.
[00:51] * Valery returns after a bit, hair wet and back in the appropriate 'down' configuration, and a rifle held in either hand.
[00:51] <Valery> "No luck on turning the power down, I suppose?"
[00:52] <@Yarrow> Her breath is visible in the air when she speaks.
[00:54] * Shari blinks and stops
[00:54] <Shari> "Do what now?"
[00:54] <Valery> "Power down, so as not to destroy our only practice range? Remember?"
[00:55] <@Yarrow> Any response from Xui-Fei to Toast's statements?
[00:57] * Xui-Fei looks at Toast, "no comment"
[00:57] <@Yarrow> Toast shakes his head. "You should've seen it..."
[00:57] <Shari> "Oh Sorry"
[00:58] <Xui-Fei> "how bad?"
[00:58] <Valery> ("She shot me! Twice!")
[00:58] <Valery> "Well... clear out for a while, let it warm up a bit. We'll see what kind of condition it's in after that."
[01:00] <@Yarrow> Toast: "She managed to switch the rifle back to full power and nearly took off Val's head--her hair was still standing up when I left. Then she managed to knock out the power in the room. And shot Val again--but only at practice strength. Fired a few wild shots in the dark room... And then I left because I couldn't breathe for laughing."
[01:00] * Valery sets one of the rifles on the ground, and points the other one downrange, before giving it a hard hit on the side to see whether it goes off.
[01:00] * Shari steps back letting val test the guns
[01:00] <@Yarrow> The rifle does not discharge.
[01:01] * Xui-Fei blinks at that mental image before laughing himself
[01:02] <Valery> "Well, that's a good sign." She shakes it a bit more, making sure the barrel's always aimed downrange and away from people.
[01:02] <Xui-Fei> "Val....nearly getting head shot off oh god if I wasn't in a such an mealencholly mood I'd consider myself an ass for laughing at that"
[01:03] <@Yarrow> Mai: "It's ok unless she actually gets her head shot off."
[01:04] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Even then, it's still kind of funny."
[01:06] <Valery> (Shaking doesn't make it go off?)
[01:06] <@Yarrow> Nope.
[01:07] <Shari> "Well that one seems safe"
[01:07] <Valery> "Doesn't seem that unstable. Well... go ahead and have some free time, Shari-san, I'm going to need to poke these and it's going to be very boring for you."
[01:08] <Shari> "Well ok, but what about this one?"
[01:08] * Shari picks up the other one and shakes it
[01:10] <@Yarrow> The rifle's power cell discharges in one massive shot, which with a loud ZOT, streaks to the target and hits! The edge. Which is covered with a layer of ice, and holy shit you've *never* seen one of these things *ricochet*!
[01:10] <@Yarrow> roll 2d6+2d4
[01:10] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+2d4 --> [ 2d6=12 2d4=3 ]{15}
[01:10] * Valery ducks for cover.
[01:11] <Shari> "Wahh!"
[01:11] <Valery> (Do either of us have to roll dodges so as to not get shot?)
[01:11] <@Yarrow> ... Um. Body roll to transform, Valery.
[01:11] <Valery> 2d6+3
[01:12] <Valery> roll 2d6+3
[01:12] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{6}
[01:12] <Valery> (... Oh dear.)
[01:13] <Valery> (Er... can I spend a few of my free CP to buy a quicky rank of Divine Relationship?)
[01:13] <@Yarrow> Oh, I knew I forgot something. Roll a defense roll.
[01:13] <@Yarrow> Might not be doubled damage if you don't roll low.
[01:14] <Valery> roll 2d6+7
[01:14] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{17}
[01:15] <Valery> (Wasn't it set in practice mode, too? Or did she manage to wonk that up as well?)
[01:15] <@Yarrow> WHOOSH! Valery goes up like a torch and instantly transforms into Sailor Sophia, who staggers around for a second before falling over onto her back.
[01:16] * Valery is now known as Sophia
[01:16] * Sophia coughs heavily.
[01:16] * Xui-Fei blinks
[01:16] <Xui-Fei> "I suddenly feel that someone nearly got killed"
[01:16] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Would you like her to try the other rifle now, Valery?"
[01:16] <Sophia> "Shari-san...?"
[01:17] * Shari drops the rifle and runs over to Val...err sophia
[01:17] <Sophia> "I hope you are very good with your ice."
[01:17] <Sophia> "Because you are never touching a firearm again."
[01:17] <Shari> "Ohnoohnoohnoohno
[01:17] <Shari> "Are you ok?"
[01:17] * Sophia struggles to get up.
[01:18] * Shari helps her up
[01:18] <@Yarrow> The rifle hits the ground and snaps into two pieces.
[01:19] <Sophia> "... I appear to be alive. Thanks exclusively to my senshi transformation. Never touch a firearm again."
[01:19] <@Yarrow> (Sophia: "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!")
[01:20] <Shari> "Right, don't touch.. really sorry about that"
[01:20] <Sophia> "Fortunately, I am in a condition where apologies matter. Anyone else probably would not be."
[01:21] * Xui-Fei blinks, "Lilith what happened?"
[01:22] <@Yarrow> I don't recall Xui-Fei having any death sense, but ok...
[01:22] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Shari torched Valery."
[01:23] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Sophia managed to survive the experience."
[01:23] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I'm telling you! One rifle, get her into the Nemesis army, and we've won!"
[01:23] * Shari helps Sophi up thill she's stedy
[01:24] * Sophia is reasonably steady already, apparently getting used to this.
[01:24] <Sophia> "Hm."
[01:25] * Sophia lashes out with a hand, releasing a clawlike streak of blueish... something... at the wall. "Apparently, I at least do not break when you touch me."
[01:26] <Shari> "Hey, its not my falt the things defective. Nothing else has given me problems"
[01:27] <Sophia> "That remains to be seen, and is why I intended to test both of them myself."
[01:27] <Xui-Fei> (more of a comedic something that happened and should be hurting me)
[01:28] <@Yarrow> Lilith, to Valery, sarcastically: "Are you sure you wouldn't like to test her out on archaic firearms? I'm sure *nothing* can go wrong with those."
[01:28] * Xui-Fei looks to toast, "I'm starting to agree with you lets go check on them...and maybe procure that glove...mai talked me into using it when were outside"
[01:29] <@Yarrow> Toast: "You'll need it inside if Shari still has a rifle."
[01:29] * Xui-Fei nods
[01:30] <Sophia> "Yeah... no. She's not allowed to touch firearms again. Of any kind."
[01:30] <Sophia> "Ever. Even if her ice doesn't work."
[01:31] <@Yarrow> Going for the glove or to the practice range, Xui-Fei?
[01:32] * Sophia takes the working rifle, and the two halves of the busted one, and moves to leave.
[01:34] * Shari follows along
[01:34] <Xui-Fei> the glove first
[01:34] <Shari> "As you sure you ok.. do we have a medic or anything? That looked really bad"
[01:34] <@Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[01:34] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[01:34] <@Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[01:34] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[01:35] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei, Toast, and Mai enter the armoury, where Xui-Fei gets the glove.
[01:36] * Xui-Fei puts it on....just in case
[01:36] <Sophia> "No point, I'm locked for a while, when I can revert I'll go to the infirmary to get someone to repair the hole in my chest."
[01:36] * Sophia heads back to the armoury.
[01:37] * Xui-Fei then heads to where the ohters are
[01:37] * Shari panics a bit
[01:37] <Shari> "Wait, what hole?"
[01:38] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei's group exits the armoury and see a horrifying sight. Sophia and Shari are coming toward them. It looks like Shari's heading for the armoury.
[01:38] <Sophia> Xui, you'll open the door and see Sophia standing there, holding one rifle and two halves of a rifle, looking just a bit... well. Put-out.
[01:39] <Sophia> "Lilith-san, please lock Shari out of the armoury."
[01:39] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "If she's with one of you, should I lock the door or open it?"
[01:40] <Sophia> "Have her back away before letting someone else in, then lock it."
[01:40] <Xui-Fei> "damn..."
[01:41] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Very well. What about access to the control room?"
[01:41] * Xui-Fei enters carefully to not provoke anything
[01:41] <Shari> "Hey! Your the one what wanted me to try the stuiped thing"
[01:41] <Sophia> "The same."
[01:41] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "And bathrooms?"
[01:42] <Shari> "Wait, well the control room? I didnt even know you had one!"
[01:42] <Shari> *why
[01:42] <Sophia> "Observe the first few times to make sure she doesn't break anything."
[01:42] * Shari is less sorry now and starting to get pissed
[01:42] <Xui-Fei> "so yeah...Shari and guns....bad idea"
[01:42] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Understood. I will observe Shari in the bathroom."
[01:42] <Sophia> "And yes, I wanted you to use it. Properly. Not randomly poking buttons on a weapon meant for killing people."
[01:42] * Xui-Fei then facefaults
[01:43] <Shari> "The hell you will pervert voice!"
[01:43] <Sophia> "Ignore safety procedures, and unsafe things happen."
[01:43] <Shari> "I did that once!"
[01:44] <@Yarrow> Mai helps Xui-Fei up.
[01:44] * Xui-Fei gets up
[01:45] <Sophia> "Yes, but if you used it safely, and with care, I would have been shot zero times, not three. It seems you're just not suited to firearms."
[01:45] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Val sure gets pissy after being torched by a student..."
[01:46] <Shari> "wa..bu.. Thats just not right! I did the same thing you did!"
[01:46] <Shari> "You sat there and shook the things hardered then i did"
[01:47] <Shari> "I didnt even touch the trigger'
[01:47] <Sophia> "In which case, you have some level of bad luck with firearms that means you should still never be allowed to touch one."
[01:48] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Not necessarily... Hey, Shari, ever wanted to go undercover?"
[01:49] * Shari hmphs
[01:49] * Sophia shrugs. "If you want to prove me wrong, I have one rifle that has been tested, and functions under abuse. I can leave you alone in the range with it, but the medics may not get to you in time."
[01:52] <Shari> "Stuiped things don't aim right any way'
[01:54] * Sophia just raises an eyebrow, and heads into the armoury to take the things apart and see what the heck went wrong.
[01:56] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Well, this has been an interesting day so far. And it looks like it's about to get more interesting. Incoming paper airplane."
[01:56] <@Yarrow> And we'll stop here.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Yarrow » Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:13 pm

Session 17

<Yarrow> Last time on CTE, you visited the other senshi's HQ, examined your magic items, and Shari tried to murder Valery.
<Shari> (Slander! )
<Yarrow> In retaliation, Valery told Lilith to spy on Shari in the bathroom.
<Shari> (Courts rulled it sucide by proxie(
<Yarrow> It's still early in the day and Lilith reported an incoming paper airplane.
<Yarrow> You are currently gathered outside the armoury.
<Xui-Fei> (Xui will only remove that glove when shari is removed of any guns she is holding
<Yarrow> Shari is not carrying any firearms.
<Shari> "A what now?"
<Xui-Fei> (didn't say anyting)
<Shari> (lilith did)
Xui-Fei blinks before slowly removing that glove and putting it in his stuff space
<Valery> "Paper airplane... someone has been providing us with types anonymously."
<Xui-Fei> "going by 'b'
<Xui-Fei> he says before going to find that airplane
<Shari> "B? Very discriptive that"
Shari follows along, this she just has to see
Valery makes sure the armoury is locked and there are no guns outside of it before asking Lilith where the plane is and going there.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I have it."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Let's see... My, a long one. Do you want me to read it to you or do you want to see it for yourselves?"
<Valery> "Well... let's see it."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "All right. Come up to Metel."
Valery nods, and comes up to Metel.
Shari does to
Xui-Fei nods heading up there as well
<Yarrow> You go up to the roof. 'Lilith' is lounging against the Metel's door frame and holding a sheet of paper.
<Yarrow> She holds the paper out to you.
<Shari> "So the voice from onhigh has a body"
<Valery> "Thank you, Lilith-san."
Valery takes the note.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "A reasonable facsimile."
<Yarrow> The note contains three items:
<Yarrow> -A team of engineers guarded by a small elite unit are attempting to hack the Emergency Services Station at the base of Neo Tokyo Tower.
Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> -Evac Zone #13 (corner of Pansy Lane and Schindler Street) is under siege by zombies.
<Yarrow> -Nemesis is getting ready to do something big.
<Yarrow> That's all the note says.
Valery blinks. "... That last part is... specific."
<Xui-Fei> "hmm....either we split up and try to tackle them all at once or pick one and neglect the other stuff"
<Xui-Fei> "ok...maybe cause we won't know what Nemesis's plans are till they probably begin
<Shari> "well, unless you spend one day focused on something it dont seem hard to hit both places'
<Valery> "... We'd probably need to keep control of the Emergency Services Station first. If Nemesis gets a hole of that..."
<Shari> "So... zombies?"
<Xui-Fei> "we don't know how big the elite unit is guarding the engineers
<Xui-Fei> "that one and the zombies we may have to go in force...as it is I don't know if we can take them
Valery frowns. "We could perform a strafing run on the zombies first... that might not take too much time."
<Shari> "The zombie one sounds like a rescure, wouldnt that be first?"
<Shari> "Aside from not knowing a lot here, we should at lest do something. It's better then standing around and looking at stolen cars
<Valery> "The problem is if the Nemesians get access to our emergency services, a lot of things could go wrong... Lilith-san, are we connected to the emergency services network?"
-> Ataru has joined cte
<Xui-Fei> "and they could find were we and the other shelter is
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Xui-Fei's ESC is, but I have it protected."
Xui-Fei shudders at the mention of that
<Yarrow> Lilith: "This building is not, but evac zones could be discovered if they get access to the system."
<Xui-Fei> "so thats' a vote on stoping the hack"
Valery winces. "Right... okay. #13 needs help, and we can probably relieve the pressure with a strafing run, but if Nemesis gets access to that network, they can just bomb plenty of others out of existence..."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "So, what are you going to do?"
<Xui-Fei> "so strafe the zombies then stop the hack?"
Valery sighs, moving towards Metel. "Could you project a map for us? I'm thinking we can sweep past Evac Zone #13 with a strafing run over the zombies, and then move to the tower to try and stop or remove the hack."
<Shari> "If you trust the letter, its a small team doing the hack, might not take long"
<Valery> "That depends on just how 'elite' is elite."
<Yarrow> A holographic map appears inside Metel. It shows the location of your HQ, Evac Zone #13, and Neo Tokyo Tower.
<Valery> (Is EZ13 reasonably on the way?)
<Yarrow> Unsurprisingly, the three points form a triangle. EZ13 isn't really on the way, but it's not in the opposite direction.
<Valery> (Mm... gotcha.)
Valery frowns. "Okay... Toast-kun, do you think you could teleport us from here, to here?" She points at EZ13, then the NTT.
<Yarrow> Toast: "Nope!"
<Valery> "Um... how close do you think you could get?"
<Yarrow> Toast: "Whatever I can see from there. I can't teleport to someplace I've never been."
Valery rubs her eyes. "Right. Whoops."
Valery sighs. "Okay... Let's get moving to the tower... we'll have to do this quickly so we can back up the evac zone... no, wait."
Valery shakes her head. "Lilith-san, could you call the western HQ and tell them about (whichever of the two is closer)?"
Xui-Fei nods geting in side, "need any help with the gunner spots Val?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "That would be Evac Zone #13."
Valery nods. "Could you tell them about it, then? Hopefully they can help there... and Xui, please. ... Um, Toast-kun, would you mind transforming and manning the other gun?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Kei says they'll teleport over and head out to EZ13. They'll take Oscar if you aren't using it."
<Yarrow> A sequence of gentle chimes suddenly sounds. It seems like it's coming from the various crystal bits in the city, as if they're resonating with the sound.
<Yarrow> The chimes fade, and are followed by a cheerful woman's voice.
Valery nods. "I think we'll be using... Metel... instead?"
Valery blinks.
<Yarrow> "Good morning, citizens of Crystal Tokyo! In the coming weeks, every one of you will be hunted down and suffer horrible agonizing deaths!
<Yarrow> "However, anyone who surrenders and turn themselves in at one of the following sites can avoid this fate!
<Yarrow> "If you come to any of the following locations--they'll be listed at the end of this announcement, so pleeeease be patient--and surrender, you will have a 50% chance of being safely relocated to a comfortable new life and a 50% chance of a quick and *painless* death.
<Yarrow> "And as a **special** limited time offer, the first 50 people to come to each site are GUARANTEED relocation! And now, the special surrender locations: <she lists a dozen places. One's fairly close by.>
<Yarrow> "And remember, the first lucky 50 people at each site are guaranteed relocation!"
Valery winces heavily. "... This will be the 'something big', wouldn't it?"
<Yarrow> She says quietly, at a much faster rate: "Special offer applies to the first 50 people only in each location. Relocated citizens will be placed in a safe and comfortable habitat with a full year's supply of food, water, and other consumables.
<Yarrow> "Senshi are excluded from all offers, and if they appear at any surrender location, will instead be strung up like hogs, have their throats slit, and be bled dry.
<Yarrow> "We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time. Thank you and have a nice day."
<Yarrow> The chimes sound again and then there's silence.
<Shari> "Ya know what, i never had to earg to kill any one before"
<Shari> "Its an odd feeling, i kinda like it"
<Yarrow> Mai: "It'd be nice if they could space these things out..."
Ataru changes nick to Toast
Xui-Fei blinks
<Valery> "It... would be appreciated... okay... we need to do something, at least..."
<Shari> (ill pass )
<Shari> "Yes, lets"
<Valery> "Lilith-san, what's the situation like inside?"
<Xui-Fei> (do I regonize the voice)
<Toast> (so uh, is scrying a TP location completly out then?)
<Yarrow> The voice is unfamiliar.
<Yarrow> You have to be familiar with the location (or able to see it) to do either. You need something to focus on.
<Yarrow> You also need to buy range for scrying.
<Xui-Fei> (gah....damn my parents)
<Xui-Fei> (interupting me in the middle of this to cook....lazy bitch of a mother)
<Yarrow> Lilith: "People are talking about the announcement. They aren't panicking at this point."
Yarrow damns Xui-Fei's parents.
<Valery> "Okay... there's no rush to the doors then? Could you record a short message? We should probably say something to counter that message..."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Certainly."
Valery clears her throat. "Okay... tell me when you're recording."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Whenever you like. I can edit."
<Valery> "Okay... ah... before we start, Toast-kun, do you know if you could scry on any of the surrender locations they listed?"
<Toast> (no?)
<Yarrow> Not really. As a stoat, you didn't wander around the city and wouldn't be familiar with street names.
<Toast> "Nope."
<Yarrow> You could scry places you're familiar with, like HQ. You do need to buy range for the ability. You can buy it right now if you want--I won't make you wait for next session.
<Toast> (fast progression?)
Valery frowns. "Right... I really want to know what's going on at those locations, but..."
Valery sighs. "Any ideas?"
<Yarrow> Page 73, table 5-1, starting at rank 1 for free.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Get close with binoculars?"
Valery nods. "That's the best I can think of... still, we have a few more things to focus on first."
<Xui-Fei> (and now I'm gonna have to go afk for a bit....they want the food on the table now)
<Shari> "Seems like a distraction to me"
<Shari> "Its funny how they give thoes locations and basical taunt all of you, while they got teams around trying to hack intto the city systems"
<Shari> "Ingore it for now?"
<Yarrow> Loki, lying on top of Metel: "Quite likely. If you didn't have your little informant, you'd be far too busy to go sightseeing at Neo Tokyo Tower."
<Toast> (starting at 10m? yikes)
<Valery> "Mm... Okay, Lilith-san, start recording."
<Valery> "This is Sailor Sophia speaking. We've found the method by which they intend to, in their words, hunt us down and cause our horrible agonizing deaths. We are now en-route to stop it. So there's no need to worry. We will not be found. There is no need to cast ourselves on whatever mercy they may have."
<Shari> "Unn.. Your basical telling them that we're comming"
<Shari> "I do hope im not the only one who see's that as a bad idea"
<Valery> (Yeah, but this is an INTERNAL transmission - to this building only :P )
<Yarrow> (Say that in-character, Val.)
<Toast> (ok, 4cp for 100KM then?)
<Valery> "Um, Shari-san, this is an internal transmission, to this building only."
<Shari> (drop in enought cp and toast can take a peak at pluto to see what the hell setsuna is up to)
<Yarrow> Yes, Toast.
<Shari> "Oh, that's better"
<Yarrow> (Sure. Once he's been there. :) )
<Shari> "Got worried for a moment"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "You'll need to start over, Valery."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Unless you want Shari's voice in there."
<Toast> (so if it only works for someplace he's been, what's the point?)
Valery nods. "Okay... um... This is Sailor Sophia Speaking. We have found the method by which they intend to, so they say, hunt us down and kill us. We are now en-route to dismantle it. So there is nothing you need to worry about. We won't be found. There is absolutely no need to cast ourselves on whatever mercy they may have."
<Yarrow> You could also use it on someone you know. (Unfriendlies may be able to resist.) It's also good for checking places before you teleport. Or seeing what's going on in an important spot. Like HQ, or a place Nemesian forces have caused trouble before.
<Toast> (I dunno, it just seems like a lot of this stuff is geared toward being as least helpful as possible. I mean, in the rule book, while it does mention needing to have visitied a location, there's nothing about needing time to memorize)
<Shari> (i think thats how it was in that long long Al game)
<Yarrow> If you want to go back to some place you were at recently, you can. If you want to be able to go back the next day or so, it takes some time to familiarize yourself with it.
<Toast> (what if I buy a photographic memory?)
<Shari> "Hmm,, before we go. This place got any boots in my size? The flats i wore to work 400 years ago don't seem like proper battle gear.. my workl uniform to while we're at it..'
<Yarrow> Good question. I can't answer it mid-game.
<Yarrow> Was that all of Valery's message?
<Valery> (Yeah.)
<Valery> "Um... I think so. I'll go down to the armoury and check."
<Yarrow> Oh. She didn't have to start over, then.
<Yarrow> Lilith thought there was more.
<Yarrow> Lilith directs Shari to a room where she can get outfitted with better clothing.
<Shari> "Thanks a lot lilith!"
Shari heads off
<Valery> (Ah, gotcha)
<Yarrow> Kei, comm: "Hey, you guys still want us to come over and handle those zombies for you, or have plans changed?"
<Valery> "Um, focus on the zombies, unless you have any problems at home. We've got a lock on what we think is Nemesis's plan to locate us, and will be cutting them off in a moment."
Valery climbs into, and starts up, Metel.
-> Rockman_Zero has joined cte
<Yarrow> Kei: "So, you think they have a particular plan to locate people rather than just going through the city?"
<Valery> "They've got something that, at the least, has a good chance of speeding up that process. If they go for a manual search we'll have to deal with that too, but if they manage this, a lot of the evacuation zones are likely to be exposed."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Got it. We'll be right over and take Oscar over to the EZ."
Valery nods. "Thank you."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Kei out."
<Yarrow> She disconnects.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Seems a bit empty without Jake and Chance at the guns, doesn't it?"
<Valery> "Yeah..."
<Toast> "I miss that grenade launcher, we didn't even get a chance to use it."
<Shari> "Jake and chance?"
<Yarrow> Shari's returned?
<Shari> (oops)
Shari didnt hear anything about jake and chance, she's trying to figer out how to put this gear on
<Yarrow> Lilith: "That thing? Jake dropped it in the control room when she vanished."
<Shari> "Hey lilith?"
<Yarrow> Lilith, to Shari: "Yes, Shari?"
<Toast> "She did? and no one grabbed it?!"
<Valery> "Oh... right, I put it in the armoury."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "People must have had other things on their minds."
<Shari> "... how do you wear this stuff? .. boots and pants.. easy. Sports bra that fit.. great. But what the hells this?"
<Shari> holds up a mass of straps and combat webbing for people going in with a full kit.
<Yarrow> Lilith, to Shari: "Don't bother with that for now. You have to leave in a hurry. Just put on something you can move around in and hustle back to the roof."
Shari looks down at herself and shurgs,
<Shari> "On my way"
Shari runs back to the roof, or at lest a semi bouncy jog.
<Toast> "Hey, maybe I should ask Shari to grab that grenade launcher."
Yarrow waits for Valery to attack Toast. :)
<Shari> ("This what you wanted toast? *THOOMP* *BOOM* ")
<Valery> "Do you really want headquarters blown up?"
<Yarrow> Shari returns.
<Yarrow> Somebody throw up a dicebot, please, btw.
<Shari> ok
-> McDice has joined cte
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei gets into Metel.
<Yarrow> Mai: "Good luck."
Shari gets in as well, tho looks a bit unsure about takening this.. thing
<Yarrow> (I hope Light didn't burn dinner and get locked in a cupboard under the stairs.)
Valery nods, and starts the rotors up.
<Yarrow> Is Toast manning one of Metel's guns in human form?
Shari wistles a bit looking at the huge door gun
<Xui-Fei> (back)
<Yarrow> Lilith mans a door gun.
<Valery> (Wait, Lilith can? I did not even know that :P )
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Don't touch, Shari."
<Yarrow> Short range holographic + TK projectors.
<Yarrow> Valery installed them in Metel.
<Shari> "Wans't going to"
<Valery> (Heh, indeed)
Valery looks back. "Is everyone strapped in?"
<Xui-Fei> "I'm good"
<Shari> "Ready"
<Yarrow> Toast? Which form are you in?
<Toast> (Stoat, I suppose)
Xui-Fei puts the glove on assuming that were about ready to go into combat
<Yarrow> Val did ask him if he'd man one of Metel's door guns in human form.
<Xui-Fei> (yes....Xui with Micheal Jackson's glove)
<Yarrow> Valery takes Metel up. Where, exactly, is he taking it?
<Toast> (I missed that)
Toast transforms to human and mans a gun
<Toast> (he isn't going to be hitting shit though)
<Yarrow> Sorry. She. :)
<Valery> (Towards the Neo Tokyo Tower, low route as usual so as not to be obvious, and not a direct path either, making use of a number of waypoints.)
<Yarrow> Ok. Where will you be landing?
<Valery> (A little ways away, nearest park or the like most likely - not quite close enough to get spotted from there)
<Yarrow> Mm, someone at the top of Neo Tokyo Tower would be able to see a *long* way.
<Toast> (hmmm... manning a helicopter door gun.. someone should ask toast if he shoots women and children :D)
<Valery> (Do we know if the Emergency Services Station is at the top of the tower, or at the bottom?)
<Yarrow> It is at the bottom, but you can't rule out watchers at the top.
<Shari> (you mean there's no suprises inside like that battery from the one building?)
<Yarrow> There might be. I'm just saying that if there's an enemy standing watch at the top of the Tower, she'll be able to see very far.
<Valery> (Well... we'll land close enough not to be seen from the bottom. We'd never get there if we stayed far enough away not to be seen from the top)
<Yarrow> Indeed. You set out for Neo Tokyo Tower, staying low and planning to land before the base is in sight.
<Yarrow> On the way, a couple of zerkers fire up at you but don't have the angle to hit anything vulnerable.
<Yarrow> You're most of the way there, the top of the Tower clearly in sight.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Radar contact! Multiple missiles incoming, 4 o' clock!"
Xui-Fei swears, "oh fuck...."
<Yarrow> Anyone looking in that direction will see a sleek fighter and four bright dots approaching rapidly.
<Toast> "Oh fuck."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Clear everyone out, Toast!"
<Valery> "Dammit..."
<Xui-Fei> (we should of taken the hummer)
Valery tries diving to get a few buildings between Metel and the missiles.
Shari looks rather paniced
<Toast> "Right, HQ here we come!"
Toast teleports the group out
<Yarrow> No time for conversation or much action. Just enough time to teleport, however. And everyone finds themselves back at HQ.
Shari looks around fast
<Shari> "Wo.. huh?"
<Toast> (wow... that's a lot of CP that just went up in smoke)
<Xui-Fei> "well....damn....."
<Yarrow> Toast take them to the roof, their suite, or someplace else?
<Toast> garage
<Yarrow> And, yes, the hummer would have been a much better choice to someplace like Neo Tokyo Tower.
Valery stares, hands still clasped around the controls that aren't there anymore.
Xui-Fei puts a hand on Val's shoulder
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Well, that sucked. Lost a great body there... At least everyone's ok."
<Shari> "Missles? Like in the history movies? Where the hell they come from!"
<Xui-Fei> "well I hate to be harsh but that was a waste of effort....and in hindsight probalby should of been smarter to take the ground vechile"
<Xui-Fei> "probably that fighter craft we saw launching them....so I'm guessing Nemesis"
Shari takes a few deep breaths to calm down..
<Yarrow> Mai checks over Xui-Fei to make sure he's ok.
<Shari> "So now we take that ride? or run?"
Valery takes a deep breath, and loads her gun. "Okay... Toast-kun. Did you get a good enough view of the top of the tower to teleport us there?"
<Toast> (I'm going to go out on a limb and say no)
<Xui-Fei> "woah woah woah....I don't think a sucide mission is a good idea now"
<Yarrow> Mmm, maybe. You'd have to roll for it and a miss would be BAD.
<Valery> "What's suicidal about it? We need to get to the tower, and we were going to the tower in the first place."
<Yarrow> You could get a few DRs going with your dance, but if the dice show a streak of hate for you, everyone will go splat.
<Toast> (what would I need to roll?)
<Yarrow> Though, if some of the others could short-range teleport or fly, that might be sufficient insurance against a failed attempt.
<Toast> (soul?)
<Xui-Fei> "I don't know maybe the fact they may expect that..."
<Yarrow> TN 15, mind.
<Toast> (lol)
<Toast> (yeah, ain't happening)
<Toast> (I'd need to roll an 11)
<Valery> (Then tell Val :P )
<Shari> "It still needs to be done, what are you doing to do stand around and look at cars again?"
<Shari> "To more i see the more im worried about staying in one place, no mater how well this area is hidden"
<Toast> "Don't think I could get us there without there being a large risk we all go splat"
<Valery> "Mm... okay, what about the ground as far as we reached with Metel?"
<Toast> (DeeEm?)
<Yarrow> I'd say no. The Tower is a large landmark that you were kind of focusing your attention on. Hm. I'd say that the Museum of Popular Music will get you about halfway there and still be fresh enough in your memory.
<Yarrow> Since it is quite memorable.
<Valery> (Heh. Yeah... it rather is.)
<Toast> "I can get us to the museum of popular music."
<Valery> "Mm... okay, I guess that's the best we'll get."
<Shari> "I should ask why you stoped at a museum in the first place.. but i wont'
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Then I guess no one will have to tell you about the magical artifacts that were stashed in museums."
<Shari> "That makes about as much sense as anything else i've run into since the queen tried to blast me"
Xui-Fei holds up the glove, "we got this from that place"
<Toast> "We ready to go?"
<Xui-Fei> "anytime"
<Shari> "Yes, and thats a very cute glove xui"
Shari gets in the hummer
<Yarrow> The hummer isn't there. The team from HQ West took it.
Valery brings up her gun. "I'm ready, Toast-kun."
<Toast> (hmm, quick question about CT cars)
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Do you want me to talk to the other team about getting you a vehicle, or are you just going to grab what cars you can find on the way?"
<Toast> (hotwiring one... burglary or electronics?)
<Yarrow> I'd say electronics. A lot of the ones you've found had their keys in them, though. People often left them in cars.
<Valery> "Mm... getting one of theirs will probably take longer than just picking one up as we go."
<Yarrow> Not like theft was a real problem in CT.
<Shari> "Well, i get new boots to break in. Lets go"
<Toast> (Yes, but I was thinking about stealing one of HQ West's cars ^_^)
<Toast> "OK, here we go."
Toast TPs everyone to the museum
<Yarrow> They already gave you one. If you had a need for another, they'd probably let you use it too.
<Xui-Fei> (yeah but they took the one we were loaned)
<Yarrow> Everyone vanishes from the garage. There's a *lurch* and you all find yourselves standing in an exhibit hall in the museum. The walls have trees painted on them.
Valery blinks. "Ah... this place. Are you okay, Toast-kun, or will we need to tug you out again?"
<Toast> "I did not try to teleport us here."
<Toast> "Something forced us here"
Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> "please tell me your kidding toast"
<Shari> "That sounds like bad news"
<Yarrow> Music: "Everything I've done, I've done for you / I move the stars for no one"
<Xui-Fei> (bowie again?)
<Shari> (bowie is attacking?)
<Yarrow> The voice does sound familiar, yes.
<Valery> "Um... right, let's get out of this room before something... happens."
<Xui-Fei> "right...."
<Toast> "Right, let's book it"
Shari is all ready headed out
<Toast> "Before the situation ch-ch-ch-changes."
Valery has a firm grip on Toast on her shoulder, and is moving out as quickly as is feasible.
<Xui-Fei> (*facepalms* well timed Toast)
Xui-Fei follows out as well
<Xui-Fei> (if I start getting the urge to dance knock me into my senshi form)
<Toast> (/me queues up magic dance on his ipod)
Shari stops cold for a moment then looks around confused
<Shari> "What was that!"
<Valery> "There's something in here that tries to suck people in... might want to move."
<Xui-Fei> "yes move now.."
Shari does so
<Yarrow> You all leave the hall without problem.
Xui-Fei sighs in relief
<Valery> "Okay... out, I guess."
Valery starts towards the exit.
Shari jogs along
<Shari> "We took a trip to a mesuem durning highschool once, it wasnt like that."
<Valery> "Was it that museum?"
<Shari> "Honestly can't remmeber"
<Yarrow> You make your way through various exhibits containing oddities such as singing and dancing androids, a giant blue glove/hand flying by, and a tiny dancing set of standing stones.
<Yarrow> And quickly get out of the museum.
<Shari> (the master hand? hah)
<Yarrow> (Museum of Popular Music. Guess again.)
<Shari> (now i dont wwna)
<Toast> (Glove!)
<Toast> (It's Glove!)
<Shari> (you said popular)
<Toast> (You've never seen Yellow Submarine?)
<Shari> (that i have)
<Toast> (you uncultured heathen)
<Xui-Fei> (heard of it but never seen it)
Valery just... blinks a lot and rubs her eyes as she leaves, before looking for a car.
<Xui-Fei> (in fact I've played Yellow Submarine before on his Sax)
<Yarrow> (It is, in fact, The Dreadful Flying Glove)
<Toast> (are there snapping turks as well?)
<Toast> (what about those cats?)
<Yarrow> You quickly find a car outside the museum. It has been thoroughly trashed. It almost looks as if someone kicked and punched it until it broke.
Xui-Fei blinks, "droids..."
<Yarrow> Sorry, only the one reference. :)
<Shari> "Ok.."
<Yarrow> You notice the number 23 gouged into the street next to it.
Valery just kinda blinks at their car. "... I have no idea what those droids were doing..."
Valery looks for another.
<Yarrow> roll 1d100
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 1d100 --> [ 1d100=92 ]{92}
<Yarrow> It takes you several minutes, but you do eventually find a working car.
Valery takes a look at the car, and does whatever's necessary to get it into service.
<Yarrow> Ok. You've found some sedans. Nothing super fast or fancy, but they work. Will you all be taking one car?
<Valery> (I suppose so)
<Yarrow> You all pile in and head for Neo Tokyo Tower. The car's GPS system is down, but it's not like there aren't signs to such a major attraction if you get lost.
<Yarrow> You manage to get close without encountering any droids (other than a few in the distance who take potshots at you).
<Yarrow> How do you want to handle the final approach?
<Yarrow> Feel free to talk it out.
<Valery> (Stopping nearish, and then proceeding on foot using whatever cover we can find)
<Shari> "So how do we do this?"
<Xui-Fei> "I doubt we should stay in this much longer than we half too that last potshot was too close for comfort"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I highly advise against engaging that fighter in any way if it's still around."
Valery shrugs, stopping the car at a decent parking place. "Sneak up to the station, and find the team?"
<Valery> "Hm... actually, Lilith-san, do we actually need the station intact?"
<Yarrow> "Its destruction might reduce the functionality of the ESCs, but I'm not sure, Valery.
<Valery> "Mm... I suppose we'll have to take out the team for now, then. Sorry Toast-kun."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Still, if it comes down to it, I imagine it'd be better to destroy the station rather than let Nemesis have it."
Shari seems bit jumpy now that she getting into combat
<Xui-Fei> "agreed, if we get stalled we send in the stoat"
Valery nods. "Until then, it's better to try and keep it ready."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Good luck. And remember to keep an eye out for that fighter."
<Xui-Fei> "right"
Valery nods.
<Yarrow> You make your way to the Tower, keeping to cover, especially cover to the air.
<Yarrow> You're behind some cover outside the square around the base of the tower.
<Yarrow> The entrance to the ES Center is on the South side. You can be on whichever side you want.
<Xui-Fei> (how about a d4 to say which side)
<Valery> (... Why would we roll for it, when we decide which side we come in on?)
Valery takes a pair of binoculars and examines the tower, to see if she can locate any observers or guards stationed.
<Yarrow> Mm, which side are you on? You might be able to see into the ES Center if you're on the South.
<Yarrow> But you don't see any stationed outside.
<Valery> (Starting from the south.)
Valery also looks up to the top, to see if she can spot the observers who're clearly up there.
<Yarrow> You briefly catch a glimpse of a shadowy figure moving in the ES Center.
<Yarrow> You cannot get a view of anyone at the top from the ground.
<Toast> (back)
<Yarrow> Good. Did you stay in human form after leaving the museum, Toast?
<Valery> "Okay... if we can't see them, they probably can't see us. Let's go around to the north, and if it's as clear we'll approach from there, then round the building to the ES center?"
<Shari> "Im following you guys...so"
<Toast> (yes)
<Toast> "I have line of sight to the top now, I could bring us up there."
<Toast> (retcon if that's not true :P)
<Yarrow> You'd be able to get it on the way if you made an effort to.
Valery facepalms. "I need to remember what we can do better... can you scry it first?"
<Toast> "I can try."
Toast tries.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Won't you then have to take the elevator down?"
<Shari> "Why would we go up there? where are the attacks at?
<Toast> "Why would we have to take the elevator down?"
<Yarrow> The ES Center is at the base of the tower.
<Toast> (OH)
<Toast> (I totally did not get that)
<Toast> (please ignore the previous lines, Toast will simply try to scry the center)
<Valery> "Or we could teleport back around to the side. But I'd like to get the observers up there out of the way, since we know they can call in an air strike..."
<Yarrow> Toast manages to get a view of the area right by the doors--he hasn't seen the inside directly so he can't scry right inside, but through the frosted glass windows/doors, he can see three silhouettes moving around. Occasionally, another one wanders through.
<Toast> (we're definitly gonna need to talk about this scrying stuff at some point)
<Toast> (it's seeming incredibly limited)
<Yarrow> It is for places you haven't seen, but you gain the ability to peek into just about anyplace you *are* familiar with at will.
<Yarrow> Or people you're familiar with.
<Toast> (yeah, but if I'm looking at a room, I should be able to see inside it)
<Yarrow> I'd consider it incredibly powerful, but not for the particular application you're using it for right now.
<Toast> (I mean, the idea of some sort of mystical power being defeated by frosted glass)
<Yarrow> If you'd been inside or were able to see inside, you could scry it. But you've never been there or seen the place.
<Toast> (like I said, after the game)
<Yarrow> Theoretically, you could sit around and wait until someone opened the door. After you got a peek inside, you'd be able to scry it.
<Yarrow> Ok.
<Yarrow> For now, you've determined there are a few people inside fairly close to the entrance.
Toast relays that info to the party
<Valery> "Okay... could you teleport us up against the side of the tower? From there we can move around to the entrance without having to cross open ground under fire."
<Toast> (Can I?)
<Yarrow> Yes, but keep in mind that you're burning EP with each teleport.
<Toast> (3 so far, right?)
<Yarrow> This will be the 3rd teleport and 1 scry. So, it should drop you to 108/140 EP.
<Toast> (yeah)
<Toast> "Yep, I can do it."
<Valery> "All right... is everyone ready?"
<Xui-Fei> "go for it"
<Shari> "Ready"
Toast does the teleport
<Yarrow> You disappear and reappear against the side of the tower.
Shari leans aginst the side trying to stay unnoticed
Xui-Fei keeps an eye out in a ready stance
Valery pauses up against the side, and then starts moving around it towards the ESC.
<Yarrow> So, Val's leading the way?
<Shari> still rahter new at this
<Valery> (Apparently)
<Yarrow> Make a mind roll, Val.
<Toast> "Want me to slap a bomb on that window?"
<Valery> (Good thing I'm the one leading...)
<Valery> roll 2d6+5
<McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{17}
<Valery> (Fuckyeah)
<Yarrow> Ok, so you're rounding the corner and then approaching the entrance, Val? Or did you mean something different?
<Valery> (Well, just looking around the corner first to make sure nobody's liable to shoot at us before we approach, but pretty much.)
<Yarrow> You look around the corner and don't see anyone outside. You do, however, notice a camera mounted on the side of the building. You think your head may be in its field, so if someone's alertly watching (or it has a good AI), you might be spotted. Walking/running up to the entrance will definitely be in its view.
Valery tsks and comes back around. "Okay... Toast-kun, do you have enough explosives to punch a hole in the wall?"
Toast gives Val a "You're kidding, right?" look
<Valery> "Let me rephrase. Do you have enough explosives to punch a hole in the wall without killing us all?"
Toast blinks
Xui-Fei blinks
<Toast> "You might need to rephrase that again."
<Toast> "Do you mean, do I have something that could put a hole in the wall without killing us?"
<Valery> "Pretty much."
<Toast> "I have to ask, what exactly is the difference between me blowing a hole in the wall, and being spotted by that camera?"
<Toast> "Won't both let who ever is in there know exactly where we are?"
<Yarrow> roll 2#1d4
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#1d4 --> [ 1d4=2 ]{2}[ 1d4=3 ]{3}
<Xui-Fei> (....)
<Yarrow> Toast & Val, make soul rolls.
<Toast> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
<Valery> "Well, they're expecting us to go around the regular entrance."
<Valery> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
<Valery> (Owie)
<Valery> (I seriously need to buy up some DR...)
<Yarrow> Toast, you manage to be facing the right way to see the three people who come from the front of the building to get an angle on you. Because of this, only the woman of the group gets to take an action before your group can react.
<Toast> (lovely)
<Yarrow> She glows golden briefly, and there's a chiming sound as she lobs a golden globe of energy near the group. The globe bursts into a golden light that fills the area.
<Yarrow> Ok. Everyone make a body or soul roll (whichever's higher). TN is 15.
<Valery> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
<Yarrow> We are using McDice, if it wasn't obvious, btw.
<Toast> (I have to make a second one?)
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
<Toast> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
<Shari> roll 2d6+5
<McDice> Shari rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{9}
<Shari> (yay)
<Yarrow> The first one was to notice them before they got to do more than this one action. This roll is to resist the effects of that action.
<Shari> (i would like to ask why the target area we have to hit needs us to crit?)
<Toast> (tn 15 in a game where are stats are capped to five in senshi forms... that's just mean)
<Toast> (our)
<Shari> (thats way in the sever difelc area)
Shari is suprised.. by what ever is going on
<Yarrow> Your attributes are capped, but your stats are not.
<Toast> (... seriously?)
<Toast> (did anyone else know that?)
<Shari> (any way.. what happens)
<Yarrow> Page 9: there are columns for Attribute level, combat values, hp, and dam multipliers. Not stats.
<Valery> (True, though the amount of CP we've got doesn't help with those stats.)
<Yarrow> Everyone but Xui-Fei feels like something is weighing down on them somehow. You're not quite sure what it means yet.
<Yarrow> And now, roll init.
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
<Valery> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
<Toast> (wait, why everyone but xui-fei?)
<Toast> (he didn't hit a 15)
<Yarrow> The particular effect doesn't apply to him.
<Toast> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
<Shari> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Shari rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
<Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+5
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{13}[ 2d6=11 ]{16}
<Xui-Fei> (...*blinks*....)
Yarrow changes room topic to: Inc 16, Vo/XF 13, Opal/Shari 11, Toast 10, Val 9, Vo/Inc 8, Vo 4
<Yarrow> You are faced with three people: One is an elegant woman with silvery opalescent hair & silver eyes, dark gray dress with silver specks. Another is a slender man in black leather vest open in front and torn jeans. He has pale blond hair and bright blue eyes. The last is a very well built shirtless man with dark blue skin, claws, fangs, horns and bat wings.
<Xui-Fei> (....darkstalkers now?)
<Yarrow> The blue man rushes forward at Xui-Fei. "Should have surrendered." He lashes out with a claw.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{18}
<Xui-Fei> (....oh fuck)
<Shari> (seems to think we're civialns)
<Toast> (I wonder if toast has enough explosives stock piled for a TPK right here and now)
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
<McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
<Toast> (we might as well be, we're pretty weak in comparison)
<Xui-Fei> (whould of had to roll a nat 12 to dodge it)
<Yarrow> Btw, Xui-Fei, you can add +1 to all your defense rolls when wearing the glove.
<Shari> (its been one fucking roll! shesh)
<Xui-Fei> (still 11 or better then)
<Yarrow> You're hit for 45 damage. As the man draws blood, his claws turn red and his eyes seem to glow with a manic light.
<Xui-Fei> (20/45)
<Xui-Fei> (20/65)
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei is up.
<Xui-Fei> "ok that fucking hurt" he says as he slams into that guy
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Amaguriken
<McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 Amaguriken --> [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{14}
<Xui-Fei> (2 hits 56 before armor)
<Toast> (oh, so has Dorin officially been let go?)
<Yarrow> Your blows impact some blue energy field--it's momentarily visible around all three of them when you hit--and much of the force of your blows is absorbed. Less is absorbed on the second hit, though.
<Yarrow> Yes, Dorin has.
<Yarrow> While this is happening, the blond man shoots a lightning bolt at Valery.
<Xui-Fei> (well...shit)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{20}
<Toast> (lol)
<Valery> roll 2d6+7
<McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
Valery tries to roll aside, but doesn't quite manage it.
<Yarrow> Valery jerks and spasms as the bolt hits her, before transforming in a flash of light.
<Yarrow> Blond man: "Senshi!"
<Yarrow> Opal has already gone this round. Shari is up.
Valery just clenches her teeth, breathing out sharply.
Valery changes nick to Sophia
Xui-Fei smirks, "not the only one buster"
Shari's right hand flars out in a mass of blue light,
<Shari> "Not a senshi here, "
<Shari> roll 2d6+9 shot at the claw dude on xui
<McDice> Shari rolled : 2d6+9 shot at the claw dude on xui --> [ 2d6=12 ]{21}
<Yarrow> Nice shot.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{14}
<Shari> (rats, no impreoved crit, )
<Shari> (pen 2 25 damage)
<Shari> "Im something else,"
<Yarrow> You hit him solidly, but ... your ice magic just seems weaker than usual. (Actually, I have 33 as its normal damage)
<Shari> (oh, my math sucs then)
<Yarrow> 18 damage total.
<Toast> (hahaha, we're fucked)
<Toast> (I vote toast dumps all his explosives, then TPs the team away)
<Toast> (what say ye?)
<Shari> (i say stop channeling rocko)
<Toast> (How am I channeling rocko?)
<Yarrow> The light in the blue man's eyes dim a bit and the redness of his claws fade somewhat... but he doesn't actually seem to be *hurt*. The blue field appeared around them again, but considerably dimmer this time.
<Toast> (we said earlier better to destroy the building then let them get it)
<Yarrow> Toast is up.
Toast conjurs a grenade and tosses it at the baddies
<Toast> roll 2d6+4
<McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
<Toast> (anyway, where was I? hmm it'd probably have to be two seperate actions. One turn to dump his stockpile, then TP everyone out the next.... hmm)
<Yarrow> I assume you're aiming for the woman and blondie rather than blue man & Xui-Fei?
<Toast> (yes)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{20}
<Yarrow> roll 2#1d100
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#1d100 --> [ 1d100=23 ]{23}[ 1d100=6 ]{6}
<Yarrow> Luckily (for you), there isn't good cover near either of them.
<Yarrow> Unluckily, the blue field seems to absorb all of the blast from your weaker-than-usual grenade.
<Yarrow> Sophia is up.
Sophia takes a deep breath.
<Sophia> "... I have had it up to here with you people."
<Sophia> "You come out of nowhere, you attack people who have done nothing to you. You try to hunt us down... for what? The giggles? In the name of common decency, I am going to rip you into shreds until you scream for mercy."
<Sophia> "And I'll grant it, because I'm not like you."
Sophia snaps out her hand, flinging a few bladelike shapes of blue light at blue dude.
<Sophia> roll 2d6+8
<McDice> Sophia rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
<Xui-Fei> "you know that'll make them just comeback for more I mean these Nemesis morons aren't the brightest tools in the shead"
Xui-Fei then looks at blue, "would that make you a masocist or a sadist?"
Sophia spares another hand to spin out a bubble of light around herself, then expands it to cover Toast and Shari.
<Sophia> roll 2d6+7 (DC 12, to see if the force field works)
<McDice> Sophia rolled : 2d6+7 (DC 12, to see if the force field works) --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
<Toast> "They're surpressing our magic guys."
<Xui-Fei> "no shit sherlock....from the guess there fields are absorbing it"
<Toast> "No, from a guess it was the gold ball thing. Idiot."
<Toast> "That's just a forcefield."
<Yarrow> That's terror news, Sophia?
<Sophia> (Yup)
<Sophia> (And just brought force field up over myself and Toasty and Shari)
<Yarrow> One moment. I need a ruling from DCG.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9-3
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9-3 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
<Shari> "She can surpress all she wants.. i got lots"
Shari calls up more ice to her hands
<Xui-Fei> "so take down the woman?" he says trying to clarify, "and we won't be nerfed"
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
<Yarrow> The attack hits the blue guy. It doesn't incapacitate him but does finally seem to damage him.
<Yarrow> The blond guy shoots another lightning bolt at Sophia.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{17}
<Sophia> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Sophia rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{14}
<Yarrow> It hits for 44 damage before Force field.
<Yarrow> The woman smiles and says, "You wish. That effect isn't going down for a while, no matter what happens."
<Yarrow> The blue man slashes at Xui-Fei again.
Sophia rocks back slightly, but stays up.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{20}
<Yarrow> The blond just smiles at Sophia as more lightning begins to form around his hands.
<Yarrow> Defense roll, Xui-Fei?
<Shari> (how close are these guys to us?)
<Yarrow> The blue demon/gargoyle guy is right up in Xui-Fei's face. The others are about 8 meters or so away.
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+7
<McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{16}
<Xui-Fei> DR
<Shari> (thats close enought)
<Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+7
<McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei is hit for 45 damage. The blue man's wounds heal and he looks full of manic energy again.
Shari starts pulling in a large amount of magic, the air growing colder.
<Yarrow> And Xui-Fei becomes Sailor Mjollnir.
Xui-Fei changes nick to Sailor_Mjollnir
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "now it's personal" she says with a glare
<Yarrow> "Oh, no..." says the blond in mock fear as he shoots another bolt of lightning at Sophia.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{17}
<Sophia> roll 2d6+8
<McDice> Sophia rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
<Sophia> (Argh. What's with his epic rolls? :P )
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (no shit were screwed)
<Shari> (bot hate?)
<Yarrow> Sophia lights up and crumples to the ground as Valery. She is still breathing, however.
Sophia changes nick to Valery
Sailor_Mjollnir blinks, "uh....I think we may have bitten off a bit too much"
<Yarrow> roll 1d2
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 1d2 --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
<Shari> "I still have 400 years of pissed to work off"
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{21}
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{14}
<Yarrow> Whoops. I forgot to activate something I'd planned.
<Yarrow> Valery, take back that last hit you suffered.
<Yarrow> You're at 16hp as Sophia.
<Valery> (Yay!)
Valery changes nick to Sophia
<Yarrow> Just as the blond starts to throw his bolt at Sophia, he's smashed into the wall of the building by an invisible force.
Sophia blinks.
Sailor_Mjollnir blinks
Shari keeps gathering power
<Yarrow> He never even sensed it coming, resulting in a massive critical hit. He crumples to the ground and lies unmoving.
Sailor_Mjollnir would try to find the sorce of that but is too busy focusing on the blue troll
<Yarrow> Next round.
<Yarrow> Sophia heals up a fair amount.
<Yarrow> roll 1d4
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 1d4 --> [ 1d4=2 ]{2}
<Yarrow> Shari, make a soul roll.
<Shari> roll 2d6+5
<McDice> Shari rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{15}
<Shari> (ataru's dice dont like me)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+5
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{13}
<Shari> "Xu-- err senshi, hit blondy to keep him down"
Yarrow changes room topic to: Inc 16, ???/XF 13, Opal/Shari 11, Toast 10, Val 9, Inc 8, ??? 6
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "right"
<Yarrow> Blue guy: "I think you have enough to worry about."
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "if you much call me anything in this form call me Mjollnir"
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{18}
Sailor_Mjollnir just looks at the blue guy...."your not worth my time"
<Sailor_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8
<McDice> Sailor_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (avoided)
<Yarrow> 18 vs 17. Hit.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (...fuck)
<Shari> (the glove)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (not in this form)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (unless it counts here)
<Shari> (ahh)
<Yarrow> No, the forms are distinct.
<Toast> (I am so glad I don't have work tomorrow)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (damn it the one time I rolled good and I still get hit)
<Shari> (hows your new place?)
<Toast> (it's 1:40am and my neighbors are blasting music on a god damn monday night)
<Yarrow> 45 dam before armor
<Shari> (i guess not good)
<Toast> (neighbors are a lot more obnoxious)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (I took 35 then)
<Yarrow> The blue man looks even healthier.
<Toast> (if they pull this shit tomorrow night, when I do have work the next day, I'm calling the cops, and their landlord)
<Yarrow> Mjollnir is up.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> 45/80
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "begon pest....raiken"
Yarrow changes room topic to: Inc 16, ???/Mjoll 13, Opal/Shari 11, Toast 10, Sophia 9, Inc 8, ???/Mjoll 6
<Sailor_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 please crit so I can hit this bastard
<McDice> Sailor_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+8 please crit so I can hit this bastard --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (....DR)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 please crit so I can hit this bastard
<McDice> Sailor_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+8 please crit so I can hit this bastard --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
<Sophia> (Wow... maybe next time ask for a critfail?)
<Yarrow> Who are you aiming for?
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (is blondie nearby?)
<Yarrow> Not really. About 8 meters away.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (than the blue bastard)
<Yarrow> You could rush over and smack him, though.
<Yarrow> Unless the blue guy stopped you.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (that's how I viewed it was the blue guy stopped me)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{15}
Shari's got an impressive amount of power glowing around her, its probly a bit worring
<Yarrow> You hit.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (43 before armor)
<Yarrow> The blue field appears for a half second before failing. The damned blue guy loses some of his manic energy but still looks physically unharmed.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (thankfully I love the senshi side extra action)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{18}
Sailor_Mjollnir smirks, "a vampirc attack that explains why you trying to latch on to me like a bad date"
<Yarrow> The blond's body just splatters without any warning.
Sailor_Mjollnir blinks, "anyone know where that's comming from"
<Toast> hey guys, I quit
<Toast> wolfies game too
<Sophia> "I will."
Toast changes nick to Ataru
<- Ataru has left cte
<Yarrow> That was abrupt.
<Sophia> (/me blinks)
<Yarrow> Anyway... The woman wildly looks around before focusing on the top of a nearby building and snarling. She looks like she's about to use a power or some sort of attack but instead raises her wrist to near her mouth.
<Sophia> "Shari, can you stop her? That's probably a communicator."
<Yarrow> Woman: "We're under attack by senshi. Volt's dead. Send in a strike force immediately."
<Shari> (Shari can stop her cold if i get a term)
<Yarrow> Hm. Simul with Shari. What are you going to try to stop her?
<Yarrow> If it works, you may be able to stop that message before much of it got out.
<Shari> (yes.. The attack i've been working up, Is a mass tangle)
<Shari> (she wont be moving to her com if i get it off)
<Shari> Roll 2d6+9 Frost Nova!
<McDice> Shari rolled : 2d6+9 Frost Nova! --> [ 2d6=6 ]{15}
Shari lets off a walls of ice and freezeing air as the ground around every one flash freezes, Missing her friends by some twist of her magic
<Yarrow> Hm. An aura with an area... Should that be ranged defense or melee defense?
<Shari> (... i honestly dont know)
<Yarrow> Do you have an opinion, Pale?
<Shari> (we're all DM's here ... heh)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (I say range)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (least how I'd rule magic attacks)
<Sophia> (Hm. I'd call it ranged too.)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
<Yarrow> DR
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (if it was a touch attack I'd call it melee)
<Yarrow> DR
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
<Yarrow> Lousy day for DR, isn't it.
<Sophia> (She REALLY wants to get that message off, eh?)
<Sophia> (Thanks for the support, McDice, we love you!)
<Yarrow> Actually, she's getting it off either way. Tangle doesn't restrict speech.
<Sophia> (True, though it might keep her from getting the communicator up to her mouth)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9-1
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9-1 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
<Yarrow> The blue guy avoids the effects.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (...)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (fucking blue guy)
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
<Shari> (that guy is a pain)
<Yarrow> The woman does get the communicator up.
<Shari> "Loooks like we need to hurry"
<Yarrow> Lilith, comm: "Just realized, you'd better destroy the place. What's to stop them from coming back if we beat these guys?"
<Sophia> "Right... Toast-kun, please get started."
<Yarrow> Toast: "I'm on it!" He runs into the building.
<Sophia> "Try not to leave one beam standing on top of another."
<Yarrow> Toast: "Yeah... I'll try. ...fucking magic suppression."
<Yarrow> Sophia is up.
Sophia glances at the woman. "Your observers up at the top are most likely in for some... fun."
Sophia closes her eyes for a moment.
<Sophia> roll 2d6+8
<McDice> Sophia rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
<Yarrow> Blue man: "I'm going to carve you up!"
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{16}
<Yarrow> At Mjollnir.
<Sophia> "I should think you would be more interested in setting free your friend before the Neo Tokyo Tower collapses on her."
<Sailor_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8
<McDice> Sailor_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (yes I dodged)
Yarrow throws some confetti.
<Yarrow> Mjollnir manages to slide out of the way.
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{15}
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (...)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (another?)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+9-1
<McDice> Sailor_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+9-1 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
<Sailor_Mjollnir> ....)
<Sophia> (Er, no, this is our presumed ally)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (ah)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (ah soka)
<Sophia> (I think, at least - going by init order)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (my turn?)
<Yarrow> The woman is thrown back by an invisible force and slams into a metal beam of the Tower head-first. She falls to the ground and lies unmoving as blood pools around her.
<Yarrow> Mjollnir's up.
<Yarrow> As this is happening.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> readies another raiken
<Sophia> "Or not. Excuse me!"
<Sailor_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 raiken
<McDice> Sailor_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+8 raiken --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
Shari looks a bit freaked at the blood splater
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+9-3
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+9-3 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
<Sophia> "Whoever is helping us out, you may want to evacuate shortly, there is probably about to be a very large explosion!"
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (43)
<Yarrow> That actually hurts him.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "not so tough now without your hooks into me are you"
Sailor_Mjollnir says that with a look of malovance
<Yarrow> Btw, I forgot that his claws are penetrating. You took an additional 8 pts of damage from his last attack, Mjollnir.
<Yarrow> He only looks a bit battered, mind you.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (...)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (ouch)
<Yarrow> Next round. People who regenerate regenerate.
<Shari> (hasnt been hurt yet..)
<Shari> (witch is good as shari has little life)
<Yarrow> The blue man shouts in rage, spreads his wings, and snaps them down with a loud clap of displaced air. Before people can react, he zooms around the corner of the building.
<Yarrow> (Flying)
Shari flings a ice blast after him, but likely misses
<Yarrow> His speed is sufficient that you don't have a clear shot.
Sophia lets him go. "All right, Toast-kun, how are you doing?"
<Yarrow> (And his hp are sufficient that it wouldn't matter anyway.)
Sophia calls this out loudly enough for him to hear.
<Yarrow> That Toast can hear? He went inside. And you can use your comm.
<Sophia> (Righto, using comm then)
<Yarrow> Toast, comm: "Almost... I'm using my stash since I can't create much right now."
<Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
<Shari> "Stash, He has a stash?"
Shari starts looking aroudn the area better.. avioding looking at the pooling blood of bodies.."
<Sophia> "Of explosives. Let's back away in case he crosses a wire wrong again..."
<Yarrow> A few seconds later, he comes running out.
<Yarrow> Toast: "Let's get out of here!"
Sailor_Mjollnir nods before pulling the Saotome School Final Attack
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (Run Away)
Sophia runs and lets Toast teleport when he's ready.
Shari looks rather paniced now
<Shari> "Yes, NOW"
<Yarrow> Toast reaches out with his power, and you all feel the familiar teleportation effect take hold of you.
<Yarrow> Your surroundings blink out and you find yourselves grouped together ... half a block away from where Toast was when he teleported everyone.
<Yarrow> Toast: "Damn it!"
<Shari> "ano.. running time?"
<Yarrow> Toast runs past Shari.
Shari turns and halls ass grabing up toast as she passes him.
<Yarrow> He's in human form.
<Shari> (ahhh)
<Shari> (i dont belive that was ever said)
<Yarrow> He hasn't changed back since the time he took up Metel's door gun.
<Sophia> "Um... okay, let's rush."
<Yarrow> He can't teleport in stoat form.
Shari who onlyhas a body of 5 don't bothering trying to pick the man up
Sophia runs as best she can.
<Yarrow> There's a loud boom from back the way you came. The Tower doesn't even sway.
Sailor_Mjollnir blinks
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "did you use all of your stash?"
<Yarrow> Toast: "What? I was trying to blow up the building at the bottom, not the damned tower!"
<Yarrow> Toast: "I'm getting the hell away from there before that fighter comes back!"
<Sophia> "Ah... I thought you'd destroy the whole thing you got the chance."
<Sophia> (That is, the moment you got the chance)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "that's what I thought too"
<Yarrow> Toast: "What the hell do you think I'm packing?!"
Sophia moves towards the car.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "enough explosives to proably blow up every building in crystal tokyo"
Sailor_Mjollnir gets in
<Sophia> "That's his life goal, not his current supplies."
<Shari> "I agree, im kinda dissapoitned aafter all that fear as well"
<Sophia> (We're not there yet)
Shari looks back and.. huh
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "ah I got that confused then..." she says continuing on to the car
<Shari> "Unn, what kina bombs did you use toast, the skys getting wierd"
Sailor_Mjollnir blinks looking up
<Yarrow> The cloud cover seems to be burning off over the Tower. In fact, it's lightening in a large disc centered over the spire. It looks vaguely familiar.
<Yarrow> You also notice that you are all under the area of lightening clouds.
<Sophia> "Ah, right, artillery. Run faster."
Sophia stops talking and starts running.
<Shari> dont need to be told twice
<Shari> "How do you out run clouds!"
<Yarrow> You reach the car.
Shari is chanting gogogogogogogogogogoggo as she jumps in
Sophia gets in, starts the car, and gets it moving away at pretty much full accelleration.
Sailor_Mjollnir picks up the pace before getting in
<Yarrow> Sophia floors it and peels out.
<Yarrow> The cloud cover is almost entirely burned away and you see direct sunlight again for the first time in days when you reach the edge of the disc.
<Yarrow> Just driving flat out or doing something different, Sophia?
<Sophia> (Flat out to get out of the artillery zone before it fires, pretty much)
<Sophia> (Avoiding obstacles, of course, but otherwise flat out)
<Yarrow> Ok. Let's have a soul roll, Sophia.
<Sophia> roll 2d6+5
<McDice> Sophia rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{8}
<Sophia> (... Can I buy a rank of DR?)
<Yarrow> Mid-session? No.
<Sophia> (Worth a try!)
<Yarrow> There's a brilliant light, and then you're flying!
<Yarrow> roll 5d8
<McDice> Yarrow rolled : 5d8 --> [ 5d8=20 ]{20}
Shari Screams and probly makes them an snowball..
Sailor_Mjollnir blinks but is used being thrown around in the air.....just never sitting down in a vechieal
<Yarrow> The car tumbles through the air, through a storefront window, through the wall of the store, and slam to a stop in a public restroom. In a moment of deja vu for Xui-Fei, the ceiling then promptly collapses on you.
<Yarrow> Fortunately, you are in a severely battered car at the time.
<Yarrow> Everyone takes 20 damage.
Sailor_Mjollnir mutters....."ouch"
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (does it ignore armor or not)
<Yarrow> It does not.
<Yarrow> Toast: "Winning a fight should not feel this bad..."
<Sailor_Mjollnir> (good only 10 damage for me)
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "woah.....deja vu
Sophia winces as the ceiling leaves a number of bruises, but seems to be recovering rapidly. "Okay... I kind of want to do that again... Maybe with less ceiling collapsing though..."
<Sophia> (Is the car still... well, usable?)
<Yarrow> You're kidding, right?
<Shari> "... that.. was sorta fun now that im not scared out of my mind"
Sailor_Mjollnir unburries herself....."....another bathroom ceiling caved in on me"
<Yarrow> The building creaks around you.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "I think we better get out of here before the building fully comes down"
<Shari> "That happens often to you.... unn any one else hear that?"
<Sophia> (Just checking)
<Sophia> "Right... let's get moving out of here before we all die."
Shari starts undigging herself and getting out.
<Sailor_Mjollnir> "this is only the second time it's happened to me....first time was in the intial attack"
Sophia crawls out.
Sailor_Mjollnir finishes unburring herself and starts helping the others out
<Yarrow> You manage to dig yourselves out of the bathroom and exit the building. Wow, what a mess...
<Yarrow> And we'll stop here.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Yarrow » Fri Dec 25, 2009 7:31 pm

Tetsu Solo (09/14/09)

<Yarrow> You and Kaori are performing at the famous Skytop Lounge--a great venue, and your big break--it's amazing that they offered you the spot, even with your recent hit.
<Yarrow> Of course, the spot *is* at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, but, hey--it's the Skytop Lounge!
<Yarrow> You've been playing for about 45 minutes, and your act has been well-received by the few people there.
<Tetsu> (of course, 6 in performing arts with a specialization in singing equals ^_^ :P)
<Yarrow> Suddenly, there's a flash of light through the skylight and many windows that serve as walls, and then an enormous booming crash. You're thrown off your feet and your head slams into a solid glass table, leaving you dazed and confused.
<Yarrow> You find Kaori leaning over you, looking worried, when the room shakes again and there's the sound of shattering glass. The next thing you know, Kaori's pulling you to your feet and leading you toward an exit.
<Yarrow> Still dazed, you look around and see strange creatures that look like metal women with blades at the ends of their arms cutting down people.
<Yarrow> The floor shudders, there's a sudden sharp jerk on your hand and Kaori stops pulling you along.
<Yarrow> You turn forward to see a woman like others, but much bigger, standing in front of Kaori, whose blue dress now has a huge red stain on the top and side.
<Yarrow> It seems like it's happening in slow motion as the big woman thrusts a blade into Kaori's stomach, impaling her, right before the other blade slices across, sending Kaori's pretty head bouncing across the room to roll under a table.
<Yarrow> You glance down and realize you're still holding Kaori's hand, but the arm it's on is no longer attached to her body. You look back up to see the woman smiling at you as she lets Kaori's body slide off her blade.
<Yarrow> You think you lost a second or two of time there, because you suddenly find yourself dangling from your lapels, which the big woman is holding in one hand (that has somehow replaced the blade at the end of that arm).
<Yarrow> She pulls her other blade back for a killing blow but looks past you and slowly smiles. You turn your head to follow her gaze and see a picture window looking out over the city, spiderwebbed with cracks.
<Yarrow> Before you can try to do anything, she spins you around her head and hurls you through the window, and you plummet from the great tower the Skytop Lounge sits upon.
<Yarrow> As you fall, the wind whistling past you, you see smoke and flames rising from various parts of the city and strange ships flying through the air.
<Yarrow> And then, as you get closer to the ground, you only see the surrounding buildings streaking past you--and suddenly a green glow springs up around you and you feel yourself slowing as a prerecorded woman's voice says in your ear, "Safety measures engaged."
<Yarrow> A moment later, you splash into the ornamental pool around the base of the tower with only enough force to knock the air out of your lungs, rather than crushing your bones like it would have if you hadn't been slowed down by the force field.
<Yarrow> But in your condition, it's still enough to knock you out, and everything goes black.
<Yarrow> You wake up feeling much better. You're lying on a padded area on a ledge under the rim of the pool. There's a little waterproof pillow under your head.
* Tetsu looks around.
* Tetsu tries to stand up first.
<Yarrow> You're able to get up without problem. Your head feels clear and you seem to be uninjured. You think you may have received some sort of medical treatment.
<Yarrow> You look around, and in the area around the pool & tower, you see a few scattered people running around, pursued by metal women.
<Tetsu> "Kaori..."
<Yarrow> As you watch, a man picks up a broken signpost, screams defiance, and faces off against two metal women as his wife and daughter run on. But the metal women just rush past him and cut down his family before coming back to finish him off.
* Tetsu shakes his head... and gets out of the pool.
<Yarrow> There's a flash of light in the distance and the ground shakes again; the tower groans ominously and sways a bit.
<Yarrow> No one seems to have noticed you yet.
<Tetsu> (it is still his, right?)
* Tetsu checks over his body for injuries. Adrenaline can mask things.
<Yarrow> Your head? Yes. No one has replaced it with another one.
<Yarrow> You really do seem to be in good shape. There is a cool tingling sensation in one spot on your neck. It kind of feels like a medspray was applied there.
<Tetsu> "Lucky me. I need something to protect myself with.... Kyosuke might have something.... providing he's alive."
* Tetsu heads in the direction of the shooting range, as quickly as he can.
<Yarrow> You gather your bearings and run toward the shooting range, which isn't too far, fortunately.
<Yarrow> The streets are littered with bodies and debris.
<Tetsu> "Poor people... I'll send up a prayer for them once I'm in safety. Where the hell are the Senshi?"
<Yarrow> You hear the screech of tires from behind you and a car skids around the corner, a metal woman clinging to the frame and stabbing through the roof with one of her blades.
<Tetsu> "Well... that's not exactly what I asked. Murphy...." Tetsu starts whistling as he moves faster towards the damn shooting range.
<Yarrow> The car bounces off some rubble, forcing the metal woman to hold on with both hands, before zooming past you.
* Tetsu keeps an eye out for anything else and tries to avoid the metal woman if he can as he goes towards the range.
<Yarrow> You're several blocks away from the range when you see a man up ahead fighting off two metal women with a pipe. He seems to know some martial arts and is holding them off for the moment.
<Yarrow> You think you can get by without anyone noticing you, if you hug the sides of the nearby buildings.
<Tetsu> (Considering my base ACV for a mere weapon 2 fist.... that would only do 15 damage... probably prudent)
<@DCG> (we got elf? Cool)
<Pale_Wolf> (Indeed we do)
* Tetsu hugs the buildings and stops his whistling. Hopefully powder blue suit blends into the wall a bit.
<Tetsu> (http://auteurs_production.s3.amazonaws. ... rifter.jpg Guy on the left is me)
<Yarrow> You sneak ahead, hoping to slip by the fight unnoticed. You're about even to them when you hear a sharp crack and the man staggers bag, a dark stain spreading across his shirt. Looking past him, you see a red metal woman down the street, one arm ending in a gun barrel pointing at the man.
<Tetsu> "Fuck. Where the hell are the Senshi? Are they sleeping?"
<Yarrow> The other two women take advantage of the opening and pounce on the man. While they're distracted, you manage to reach the corner and put a building between you and them.
<Yarrow> 2d6+2
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+2: 7 [2d6=2,3]
<Tetsu> (should I roll anything?)
<Yarrow> Nope. Unless you want to make a mind roll to realize it's a bad idea to speak while sneaking. :)
<Tetsu> (heh.)
* Tetsu hurries along.
<Yarrow> You hurry down the block, cut through an alley, and come out across the street from the shooting range. It's seen better days. A large portion of the roof has collapsed. But, it looks like parts of it, including the entrance are still accessible.
* Tetsu enters the building, keeping an eye out for any pistols along the way.
<Yarrow> And a gun would certainly help you out a lot, even though the ones from the range, being intended for target shooting only, are not very powerful.
<Yarrow> Inside, dust chokes the air and the lights flicker dimly.
<Yarrow> You head back to the weapons room, but quickly find it buried.
<Yarrow> It's possible there are guns somewhere else in the building, though.
* Tetsu heads to the alternate equipment room
<Tetsu> (or rather the targetting hall or whatever)
<Yarrow> You make your way to the actual shooting range, but find your first path blocked by part of the ceiling. You backtrack and head into the locker room to cut through.
* Tetsu decides to take a look around the locker room while in there.
<Yarrow> Part of the room is blocked, but you're able to squeeze past the wreckage. On the other side, you see Tom, one of the other members sprawled across a bench. There's a single stab wound in his chest.
* Tetsu kneels next to Tom and checks to see if the single stab wound actually killed him.
<Yarrow> Tom's definitely dead, and the wound is almost certainly the cause.
* Tetsu shakes his head. "What the hell are these things?"
* Tetsu hates doing this but he checks Tom's pockets to see if he happens to have a weapon on him.
<Yarrow> Guns are not permitted in the locker rooms. Do you still want to search his pockets?
<Tetsu> (Yes.)
<Yarrow> You check his pockets but find nothing of value or real use.
<Tetsu> "Tom, you will be missed." Tetsu pats him on the head before heading off towards the targetting room.
<Yarrow> Well, a little bit of money, but you have money and also your ID, which can be used as a credit card.
<Yarrow> You continue on and are heading down the hall that leads to the range when you notice a foot sticking out past the corner at the end of a side passage. From the position, it looks like the owner is lying on the floor.
<Tetsu> "Kyosuke!" Tetsu rushes over to him.
<Yarrow> Sorry, I meant the owner of the foot.
<Tetsu> (oh.)
<Yarrow> Ie - the person's position is prone, not standing.
* Tetsu looks to see who the owner of the foot is.
<Tetsu> (Sorry, I saw owner and thought owner of the club.)
<Yarrow> You walk over, and see to your surprise, that it's a metal woman lying motionless on the floor.
<Yarrow> Beyond her, you see a body partially buried under rubble. You think that one is Kyosuke...
* Tetsu goes towards the body he thinks is Kyosuke, careful to not step on the metal woman.
<Yarrow> You go over. It looks like part of the roof collapsed and fell on his head and upper torso. Studying his build and clothing, you're pretty sure it is Kyosuke.
<Yarrow> Near his left hand is a pistol. It is *not* one of the practice guns.
<Tetsu> "Kyosuke... I'm sorry, but you aren't going to need this anymore."
* Tetsu grabs the pistol and checks it for its ammunition slot.
<Yarrow> The pistol is heavier--and a lot fancier--than what you're used to. It's a semi-automatic of some kind with abalone grips and an etched barrel.
<Tetsu> "Very nice, Kyosuke... May the Kami protect your soul... because the Senshi were unable to protect your body."
<Yarrow> You pop out its clip, which seems to be made of an unfamiliar metal and is etched with a drawing of a sinuous dragon whose tail is in its mouth.
* Tetsu shrugs and pops the clip back into the gun.
<Yarrow> Abalone, for anyone who's unfamiliar: http://www.handicraft-vn.com/gallery/v/ ... 3.jpg.html
<Yarrow> Beyond the rubble, the door to Kyosuke's office is open.
<Pale_Wolf> (Wow, funky stuff.)
* Tetsu slowly approaches the door to his office.
<Yarrow> You reach the office door and peek inside. It seems to be empty of people or metal women.
* Tetsu steps inside the office and closes the door.
<Tetsu> (Carefully and slowly.)
<Yarrow> (Yeah. The result of me spending 15+ minutes looking up interesting materials for the gun's grips when I need to come up with an entire solo on short notice. I'm sure you know how that is.)
<Yarrow> You've been in here before. It looks pretty much like it usually does, except in one wall, there's an open and empty secret compartment, and on the table is a fancy wooden case lined with purple velvet which clearly contained the gun and its clips.
<Tetsu> Does he have any computer?
<Yarrow> There are also numerous shelves and counters. A little fridge with snacks and drinks. A small emergency medkit. And, yes, a computer.
* Tetsu swipes the medkit and puts it in his jacket and then attempts to log onto the computer.
<Yarrow> It's password protected, and you don't know the password.
<Tetsu> And I have no computer skill.
<Yarrow> It *is* the owner's private computer, after all.
<Tetsu> (Probably should end up taking computer skill eventually)
<Tetsu> "Well... where to from here? Nothing to tie me to this part of town anymore.... Food, water.... both are necessities... and avoiding those metal women...."
<Yarrow> It'd take more than a low level to blow by passwords that aren't poorly chosen or on a poorly secured system.
<Tetsu> Is there a window?
<Yarrow> No.
<Tetsu> "Well, I have a weapon... now to find a place I can hole up with food. Convenience store should be fine."
* Tetsu opens the door to the room and steps out.
<Yarrow> You step back into the hall.
<Yarrow> Nothing seems to have changed.
* Tetsu again walks by the hopefully dead metal woman to go out the way he came in.
* Rockman_Zero is now known as RZ_[Zzzz]
<Yarrow> You walk past the bodies and head back toward the locker room. As you pass the intersection there's a crack from down the hall to the shooting range, and part of the wall by your head is blown away.
* Tetsu turns towards the shooting range.
<Yarrow> Looking around, you see a metal woman, but this one is is the color of gunmetal and she's holding a pistol in each hand. She smirks at you.
<Yarrow> Roll init.
<Tetsu> 2d6+8 init
<EllfDB1> Tetsu, init: 12 [2d6=3,1]
<Yarrow> 2d6+8
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 17 [2d6=3,6]
<Tetsu> (DB1, don't you dare get me killed)
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+9
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2#2d6+9: 13 [2d6=2,2], 21 [2d6=6,6]
<Yarrow> Roll 2 dodges.
<Tetsu> (ow.)
<Tetsu> 2d6+6 dodge 1; 2d6+6-1 dodge 2 (And I think it's that for the second dodge)
<EllfDB1> Tetsu, dodge 1: 14 [2d6=2,6]; dodge 2 (And I think it's that for the second dodge): 10 [2d6=2,3]
<Tetsu> (Oh thank god, not a crit)
<Tetsu> (I hope)
<Pale_Wolf> (JUST not-a-crit, but it seems not to be)
<Yarrow> The shot from her left gun drills a hole in the wall right next to your head. The shot from the right gun, however, is dead on and slams into your chest for 40 damage before armour. (Critical Strike combat technique. You're very lucky you didn't roll one lower.)
<Tetsu> (Thank god I have 10 armor stopping)
<Yarrow> Oddly enough, considering the more important things you should be paying attention to, you notice that this metal woman seems to be more detailed than the others.
<Yarrow> Your turn.
* Tetsu fires at her.
<Tetsu> 2d6+8 Attack!
<EllfDB1> Tetsu, Attack!: 10 [2d6=1,1]
<Tetsu> DR!
<Tetsu> 2d6+8 Attack!
<EllfDB1> Tetsu, Attack!: 17 [2d6=5,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+8
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 19 [2d6=5,6]
<Tetsu> (my dicebot hates me ;_;)
<Yarrow> She twitches out of the way.
<Yarrow> And raises her aim to target your head.
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+9-3 bypass armour
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, bypass armour: 14 [2d6=3,5], 15 [2d6=3,6]
<Tetsu> 2d6+6 Dodge!; 2d6+5 dodge again!
<EllfDB1> Tetsu, Dodge!: 12 [2d6=5,1]; dodge again!: 14 [2d6=3,6]
* Tetsu is KOed, and by all rights should be dead.
<Yarrow> Using another DR?
<Tetsu> Oh, right
<Tetsu> 2d6+6 dring the first one
<EllfDB1> Tetsu, dring the first one: 11 [2d6=4,1]
<Yarrow> You're right. Your dice DO hate you.
<Tetsu> (now I am KOed and by all rights should be dead)
<Yarrow> Most definitely. Except for that section about autotransforming in the house rules.
<Tetsu> (Yep. But were I not a senshi... and Tetsu doesn't quite know it yet.... though he's about to find out.)
<Yarrow> You feel to slamming impacts to your head and everything starts to go blurry when suddenly a strange power
bursts from within you!
<Tetsu> (How quick is the autotransformation?)
<Pale_Wolf> (If he needs any more help lest he die, you can pause on the brink of her death and bring us in :P )
<Yarrow> Very quick. You may describe your transformation and then act in this round.
<Yarrow> Actually, I can't. This is happening on Invasion Day.
<Pale_Wolf> (Oh, right. Oopsie? :P )
<@DCG> (might be time to run)
<@DCG> (Its more surival then monster bash)
* Tetsu pulsates with energy as his body transforms. Hair lengthening and changing to a vibrant red, face becoming more feminine... and two protruding breasts that are only barely covered by the white leotard and black leather vest. A silver mask forms on her face, and thigh high boots are revealed on her as leather black forearm gloves also form. Around her neck is a medallion with a star on it
* Tetsu is now known as Paragon
<Pale_Wolf> (Well... Senshi form MIGHT be able to take her on, but yeah, running helps preserve resources, specifically 'limited HP' resources)
* Paragon looks up at the metal woman.
<Paragon> (Oh... I'll run if next attack fails.)
<Yarrow> Up to you, but you somehow know that if you get taken out in this form too, it's all over.
<Paragon> "Okay... I got shot. And now I'm female.... I need to get gone and regroup to figure things out. I'll see you again, metal bitch. Count on it." Teleporting is instinctive for Paragon. Moving away, moving to the nearest shopping center that Tetsu knows well.
<Yarrow> You feel a drain on your energy as you teleport. (-8 ep)
<Paragon> (167/175)
<Yarrow> 1d3
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 1d3: 3 [1d3=3]
* Paragon was half tempted to make a speech.
<Yarrow> You appear near the central fountain of the Red Rose Mall. The floor is strewn with bodies. Screams, shots, and crashes can be heard from various parts of the mall.
<Paragon> (Did the pistol disappear with the transformation considering it was in her hands or is it still here?)
<Yarrow> It disappeared. Unless you dropped it. Things were kind of fuzzy when you transformed.
<Paragon> (Oh that would suck to lose that pistol right after getting it :P)
<@DCG> (having a hole in the head tends to blur the memory)
<Paragon> "Okay... where from here.... where..... Food court." Paragon dashes towards the Food Court.
<Yarrow> There aren't any metal women in sight right now. Apparently, they've already slaughtered everyone by the fountain.
<Paragon> (mike koos version http://www.knology.net/~kenjiko2/images/prg01.gif That's the outfit, just add the medallion and have her wearing the mask.)
<@DCG> (wow, havnt scene that in a while now)
<Yarrow> You run toward the food court. You hear loud screams coming from it.
<Paragon> "Wonderful.... probably more metal women. Let's get there...."
<Yarrow> You reach it. Charge right in?
<Paragon> Stopping at the edge to get a grasp for the situation first.
<Yarrow> You stop and peer in. A few of the metal women are chasing or cutting down scattered people, but what captures your attention is the big metal woman holding a struggling and screaming man above her head behind one of the food counters. As you watch, she slams him down headfirst into a deep fryer. His screams are abruptly cut off.
<@DCG> (eww)
* Paragon winces. She can't ignore this. "HEY UGLY! I'd tell you to pick on someone your own size, but I don't think that anyone but Gojira would do that. Guess You'll have to deal with me.... PARA FLASH!" Paragon arcs her arms back and then a burst of purple energy forms in her arms before flying at the giant metal woman.
<Paragon> 2d6+9 attack!
<EllfDB1> Paragon, attack!: 16 [2d6=5,2]
<Paragon> 2d6+10 init
<EllfDB1> Paragon, init: 16 [2d6=3,3]
<Yarrow> Minus 3 penalty, since she's behind a counter.
<Yarrow> 2d6+8 dodge
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, dodge: 19 [2d6=6,5]
<Paragon> (oof... fuck you dice)
<Paragon> (Seriously, stop favoring the enemy!)
<Yarrow> Alerted by your shout, the big woman spins around and throws the partially fried man into the path of your attack.
<Yarrow> All of the metal women in the food court immediately turn their attention toward you.
<Yarrow> 10 ep per para volt, btw.
<Yarrow> 1d4+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 1d4+4: 6 [1d4=2]
<Paragon> (157/175 EP then)
<Yarrow> Yep. I'm keeping track too.
<Yarrow> 2d6+2 init 5 metal women
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, init 5 metal women: 12 [2d6=5,5]
<Yarrow> 2d6+4 init 1 red metal woman
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, init 1 red metal woman: 10 [2d6=3,3]
<Yarrow> +3, actually
<Yarrow> 2d6+4 big metal woman
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, big metal woman: 10 [2d6=3,3]
<Paragon> (okay, my init, how many living humans in the area?)
* Yarrow changes topic to 'Paragon, 5 droids, red droid/zerker#'
<Yarrow> 2d5+3
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d5+3: 9 [2d5=5,1]
<Yarrow> There are 9 humans. Some are in small groups.
<Yarrow> And 7 metal women, with one being a huge one and one being a red one.
<Yarrow> The humans continue running away when the women focus on you.
<Yarrow> You expect things will go very badly for you in a stand-up fight with these odds.
<Paragon> "All living humans within the area, don't resist this, I'm going to try to get us all to safety!" Paragon summons inner power to teleport all living humans within her range and area along with herself that she can to Tetsu's apartment.
<Paragon> (Should I have to roll anything?)
<Yarrow> Mm. To grab scattered people with enemies among them, make a mind roll. Failing the roll does not necessarily mean the power completely fails to work.
<Paragon> 2d6+8 mind
<EllfDB1> Paragon, mind: 18 [2d6=5,5]
<Yarrow> 1d100 Anyone outside the max area?
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, Anyone outside the max area?: 92 [1d100=92]
<Yarrow> You manage to grab everyone and successfully teleport them to your apartment. There's a splash and a yelp from the bathroom.
<Yarrow> -8 ep
* Paragon looks around. "Anyone injured?"
<Paragon> (149/175 I've got a lot of EP...)
<Yarrow> You do, but you'll burn through it very fast if you're spending 10/rd on attacks.
<Paragon> (True. But I can do weaker Para volts)
<Paragon> (And theoretically I have the pistol)
<Yarrow> And when you detransform, you'll be stuck without access to *any* powers for the same amount of time you were in senshi form.
<Yarrow> Two people are hurt. And one complains that she landed in the toilet.
<Paragon> "Sorry about that, I'm new at this. How badly are you hurt?"
<Yarrow> You look them over and are able to heal them. It'll cost you 4 ep.
* Paragon heals them up. 145/175
<Yarrow> They're very grateful.
<Yarrow> Woman: "Who... who are you? And who are those horrible woman? Um ... and why are you dressed like that?"
<Paragon> "I'm someone who can fight these things, but I'm not strong enough to do it alone. As for what they are, I'm not sure, but they probably came from those UFOs. I guess you can call me Paragon. I didn't choose the outfit, it chose me."
<Paragon> "Just wish I knew how to get out of it."
<Yarrow> Another woman nods while eying your outfit: "That makes sense."
<Yarrow> You haven't tried simply stripping down.
<Paragon> "Everyone out of the bathroom, I feel the need to take a shower."
<Yarrow> Everyone gathered around you in the living room once you started speaking.
<Yarrow> Man: "Your comm center is saying we should evacuate."
<Yarrow> He points to the unit, which is indeed telling you to evacuate in blinking red text.
<Paragon> "Evac to where? They're everywhere."
<Yarrow> He shrugs and presses the 'more info' button.
<Yarrow> Man: "It says to head west on Charity Way."
<Paragon> "Does it have an actual building where to evac to or just that?"
<Paragon> "If it has an actual building, I can probably teleport us all there."
<Paragon> "And we can avoid the metal women all together."
<Yarrow> You don't think you can teleport to someplace you're not familiar with or haven't been to recently.
* Paragon sighs.
<Paragon> "Let's get going. I probably can protect you all better like this than otherwise."
<Yarrow> Man: "Hang on. Let me check."
<Yarrow> Man: "No, it doesn't."
<Yarrow> A woman pouts. "Why doesn't it tell us where to go?!"
<Paragon> "Probably because if one of those metal women found it, they'd be able to find out where we're all gathering. Smart move."
<Yarrow> She looks up at you, surprised and then impressed. "Wow, I hadn't thought of that."
<Paragon> "I just want to know why the Senshi aren't out here trying to help. They could at least slow the women down. Unless the palace is under attack."
<Yarrow> Another man: "Uh, is it all right if we grab some food before we go? I'm starving."
<Paragon> "Grab what you can eat quickly... leave the beer."
<Yarrow> People run to raid your kitchen.
<Yarrow> A moment later, a voice calls out from it, "Is this pizza supposed to be green?"
<Paragon> "If it looks edible, eat it... if not... don't. "
* Paragon starts to hum Tokyo Nagaremono under her breath, to calm her nerves.
<Yarrow> 1d2
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
<Yarrow> Voice: "Oh, it's pesto! Whew!"
<Yarrow> After about a minute, everyone comes out and is ready. Several people have food packed away, and one person has a thermos. The man who asked about food is wolfing something down.
<Paragon> "Everyone ready to go?"
<Yarrow> Everyone is ready.
<Paragon> "Follow me, stay quiet, and if I tell you to run, run."
<Yarrow> Woman: "I found a raincoat if you want to cover up..."
* Paragon shakes her head.
<Paragon> "I'll deal with this outfit. If the senshi can run around in their skirts, I can look like this."
<Yarrow> Note: While the people are definitely grateful to you and looking to you for leadership, you do NOT look like a senshi and they are not treating you as one.
* Paragon isn't a Senshi... well technically she is in power, but she isn't in looks.
<Yarrow> That's what I just said. :)
* Paragon doesn't expect to be treated like a Senshi either.
<Yarrow> The people wait for you to lead the way.
* Paragon starts heading down the stairs of the building assuming Tetsu doesn't live on the ground floor. And then leading out the front door towards Charity Way, slowly and carefully, keeping an eye out for any metal women.
<Yarrow> You head out. The road seems to be clear for now. You head a block over to Charity Way and at the corner see a woman sprawled on the ground, staring up at a metal woman looming over her with a blade raised.
<Paragon> "Stop!" Paragon hisses out and looks over her party and then at the woman. "I'm going to try something, at least distracting the metal woman, if you are brave enough, grab that woman and keep going along Charity way, i'll catch up."
<Yarrow> If you're going to do something, you have to do it right now.
<Paragon> "Please oh please let this work this time. Para Volt, Full power."
<Yarrow> Roll to hit.
<Paragon> 2d6+9 attacking the woman
<EllfDB1> Paragon, attacking the woman: 15 [2d6=4,2]
<Paragon> (metal woman)
<Yarrow> Thank you. :)
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 14 [2d6=5,5]
<Paragon> (44 damage to her.)
<Paragon> (She should be sufficiently pissed at me.)
<Yarrow> The bolt slams into her, sending her tumbling down the street, coming to a stop in a motionless heap.
<Yarrow> She doesn't rise.
<Paragon> "Let's get going before she wakes up." Paragon dashes over and offers a hand up to the woman on the ground.
* Paragon waves to her party. "Come on, move quickly now!"
<Yarrow> The woman stares up at you and takes your hand. Once she's standing, she abruptly blushes furiously and tries to cover the spreading wet spot at the crotch of her jeans.
<Yarrow> But she follows you along with the others as you head down Charity Way.
<Yarrow> I hope people don't mind if we start the main session a little late.
<@DCG> (np here)
<Paragon> (Trying to hurry along a bit, apologies people.)
<Yarrow> You reach the end of the block, and for lack of any better ideas, keep going straight. At the next corner, fortunately, is a waypost displaying the message "Evac Zone --->" (the arrow points to the right).
<Pale_Wolf> (No problem on this end)
<Paragon> "Kami I hope this isn't a trick."
<Yarrow> Don't hurry too much, Ellf. That can get you killed. I'll speed things along on my end.
* Paragon continues leading the party, still being careful.
<Yarrow> You follow the arrow, and after a few blocks, hear the sound of a fight coming from a square to your right. Buildings block direct view of it unless you go down one of the pathways to it.
<Yarrow> Woman's voice: "Die, you rotting piece of metal!"
* Paragon looks back at the rest of the group..... "Keep moving. I'll join you shortly."
<Yarrow> There's a flash of dark colored light.
<Paragon> "Or.... perhaps there won't be a need to. Keep moving!"
<Yarrow> Woman, nervously, "O-ok."
<Yarrow> You hear shots from the square.
<Yarrow> The people traveling with you continue on.
* Paragon keeps moving down the evacuation path. Before doubling back and going to investigate the square.
<Yarrow> You take one of the paths to the square and carefully peek in.
<Paragon> (What do I see?)
<Yarrow> There's a girl, around 16 or so, who has red hair with black streaks and is wearing a white blouse and a plaid skirt. She looks rather battered. There are a couple of metal women lying motionless on the ground. A big metal woman is standing about 10 meters away from the woman and facing her.
<Yarrow> As you watch, the girl hurls a bolt of black lightning at the big metal woman. At the same time, the metal woman shoots a shell from one of her arms.
<Yarrow> Both hit. The metal woman is staggered, but the girl goes flying back about a meter before there's an explosion of darkness and raucous music from her.
* Paragon blinks.
<Paragon> "Is... she dead?"
* Paragon looks towards where the girl was.
<Yarrow> The girl is replaced with a young woman with silver hair with purple streaks and a painted face. She has big spiked black leather shoulder pads, black leather gloves, a black leather mini-skirt with silver studs, and black leather boots. She's holding a ridiculously huge silver axe.
* Paragon blinks.
<Yarrow> She points her axe at the big metal woman and cries, "I am Sailor Deathmetal! And I'm gonna rock your world!"
* Paragon sweatdrops.
<Paragon> "I think I'll let the senshi handle this one."
* Paragon slowly backs away.
* Paragon moves to catch up to the group.
<Yarrow> A purple-white beam of energy shoots from her axe and slams into the big metal woman, blasting her into a building. She falls to the ground, a large hole in her.
<Light02> (....)
<Yarrow> Not yet, you don't. This is happening in less than 10 seconds.
<Paragon> (oh.)
<Light02> (why am I picturing Jack Black in Drag)
<Paragon> (Well backing away.)
<Light02> (or that character he plays in that up comming came about a Rodie in the world of metal)
<Light02> (^gam)
<Light02> (^game)
<Paragon> (And haha! Nah... I'm picturing Nathan Explosion.... sorta. But that's funny too.)
<Yarrow> Sailor Deathmetal assumes a victory pose, purple-white lightning streaking down from the sky to strike the axe held horizontally above her head.
* Paragon sweatdrops further and continues to back away.
<Paragon> (Axe as in guitar or axe as in battleaxe?)
<Yarrow> And then there's a crack from the opposite side of the square and Sailor Deathmetal's head jerks back in a spray of blood. She starts to fall backwards, reverting to her normal form as another shot slams into her chest, and she crumples to the ground to lie motionless in a spreading pool of blood.
<Light02> (I'm picturing it as a Axe shaped guitar)
<Paragon> "Fuck." Moving quicker away now.
<Yarrow> The gunmetal woman strides into the square from the side opposite you, a gun in each hand. She seems to have acquired a cowboy hat and a leather vest from somewhere. And she's looking right in your direction.
<Paragon> "This.... is bad."
<Yarrow> Running to rejoin your group?
<Light02> (*starts up Extasy of Gold from The Good The Bad and The Ugly)
<Paragon> (Now? When I'm likely to be followed?)
<Yarrow> Ok. What do you do?
<Paragon> (I can teleport her without teleporting myself, right?
<Yarrow> You can try. She can resist.
<Paragon> (Going to try to teleport her my maximum range... in an upward direction)
<Paragon> (Mind v soul?)
<Paragon> 2d6+8 Mind check I think
<Yarrow> You can't teleport to an unknown location or unseen location. While you can see the sky, you can't really target a featureless spot in it.
<EllfDB1> Paragon, Mind check I think: 15 [2d6=5,2]
<Paragon> (Ah... then teleporting her to the place where kaori died.)
<Pale_Wolf> (Ragtag band of survivors: "Okay... they've passed through here. They're gone, so it should be safe for now... AAAAAAAAHHHH!" :P )
<Yarrow> 2d6+7
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+7: 14 [2d6=6,1]
<Yarrow> You manage to overcome her resistance, but the teleport attempt itself fails.
<Yarrow> You don't think the destination you aimed for exists any longer.
<Yarrow> -8 ep
* Paragon should have aimed for the sky outside the lounge.
<Paragon> "Well, that didn't work. Hello bitch."
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+9
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2#2d6+9: 13 [2d6=1,3], 15 [2d6=4,2]
<Yarrow> Roll defenses.
<Paragon> 2d6+7 dodge number 1; 2d6+6 dodge number 2
<EllfDB1> Paragon, dodge number 1: 18 [2d6=6,5]; dodge number 2: 12 [2d6=2,4]
<Paragon> DR dodge 23
<Paragon> 2d6+6
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=2,4]
<Paragon> (really? really DB1?)
<Pale_Wolf> (I guess your dice have decided.)
<Yarrow> Burn another one?
<Paragon> 2d6+6
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+6: 10 [2d6=1,3]
<Paragon> (/me strangles his dicebot.)
<Yarrow> One left. Using it or saving it?
<Paragon> using it.
<Paragon> 2d6+6
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+6: 9 [2d6=1,2]
<Paragon> (Fuck.... burned them all for nothing)
<Yarrow> One shot goes wide. The other slams into you for 20 damage before armor.
<Paragon> (not nearly as ow.)
<Yarrow> You didn't get critted this time. :)
<Yarrow> Roll init.
<Paragon> 2d6+10 init
<EllfDB1> Paragon, init: 20 [2d6=6,4]
<Paragon> (Oh sure, now it rolls high)
<Yarrow> 2d6+8 init
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, init: 17 [2d6=4,5]
<Yarrow> Paragon is up.
<Paragon> "You know... I can't exactly run away, not after what I just witnessed. And apparently I can't send you away.... so I must do something I need to. Para Volt. Don't fail me now."
<Paragon> 2d6+9 attack!
<EllfDB1> Paragon, attack!: 17 [2d6=6,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+8 dodge
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, dodge: 12 [2d6=2,2]
<Paragon> 44 damage, AP 3
<Paragon> (2)
<Yarrow> The metal gunslinger takes cover behind a tree and returns fire.
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+9-3 bypass armour
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, bypass armour: 13 [2d6=3,4], 14 [2d6=6,2]
<Paragon> 2d6+7; 2d6+6 dodge
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+7: 13 [2d6=2,4]; dodge: 12 [2d6=5,1]
<Paragon> (owie.)
<Yarrow> The first shot grazes your ear. The second slams into your knee.
<Yarrow> 20 damage, no armour.
<Yarrow> Your turn again.
<Paragon> "Ow.... you bitch." Ducking behind the building, healing self to full.
<Paragon> -6 EP
<Paragon> 111/175
<Yarrow> Ok. I have you at 111 ep.
<Yarrow> You heal yourself up. Several seconds pass. Your turn again.
* Paragon thinks and then teleports to the last place she saw the group, dashing to follow arrows.
<Paragon> 103/175
<Yarrow> You catch up to the group fairly quickly.
<Yarrow> (Let's set a start time of 9. So, if anyone wants to do something else for a while, you have about 35 minutes.)
<Paragon> "Move faster.... we need to get to wherever it is soon, I think I only pissed it off. She shouldn't know where I am, but just in case, move faster!"
<Pale_Wolf> (Gotcha)
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 12 [2d6=4,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+3
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+3: 8 [2d6=3,2]
<Paragon> (That their movement?)
<Yarrow> A shot slams into a woman in the group from across the street. She staggers back, blood staining her shirt.
<Paragon> "Fuck."
<Paragon> (She alive?)
<Yarrow> A red metal woman is standing across the street, her arm extended. Two silvery metal women flank her.
<Yarrow> She's still alive, yes.
<Yarrow> Roll init.
<Paragon> "Run, all of you."
<Paragon> 2d6+10
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+10: 21 [2d6=5,6]
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+2
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2#2d6+2: 9 [2d6=2,5], 12 [2d6=6,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+3
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+3: 8 [2d6=2,3]
* Yarrow changes topic to 'Paragon, droid1, red, droid2#'
<Yarrow> 2d6+3
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+3: 9 [2d6=5,1]
* Yarrow changes topic to 'Paragon, droid1, red/civilians, droid2#'
<Yarrow> Paragon's up.
* Paragon shakes her head.... "I don't have many of these left in me, but Para volt, maximum power." (Targeting Red droid)
<Paragon> 2d6+9
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+9: 15 [2d6=3,3]
<Yarrow> 2d6+6
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+6: 9 [2d6=2,1]
<Yarrow> The bolt slams into her, spinning her around, leaving her unsteady on her feet.
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 15 [2d6=6,5]
<Yarrow> 2d6+3
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+3: 13 [2d6=4,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+6
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+6: 15 [2d6=3,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+3-1
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+3-1: 7 [2d6=3,2]
<Paragon> (As long as they're not dead dead, I can heal them.)
<Yarrow> The people start running, the woman who was shot before staggering and stumbling as she takes two more hits.
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=4,3]
<Yarrow> 2d6+3-3
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+3-3: 9 [2d6=4,5]
<Yarrow> And with another hit, she slumps against the wall, eyes glassy.
<Yarrow> Paragon's up again.
* Paragon growls.
* Paragon fires another Para Volt, not even announcing it this time. Targeting the red woman again.
<Paragon> 2d6+9
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+9: 18 [2d6=4,5]
<Yarrow> 2d6+6
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+6: 11 [2d6=3,2]
<Yarrow> The bolt slams her back through a storefront window. She doesn't emerge.
* Paragon really needs to get Critical strike or whatever it is for Senshi abilities.
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 12 [2d6=4,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 14 [2d6=4,6]
<Yarrow> Two shots slam into the undefending woman.
<Yarrow> She falls to the ground, severely wounded.
<Yarrow> Paragon's up again.
* Paragon fires another Para volt, targeting one of the still up droids.
<Paragon> 2d6+9
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+9: 11 [2d6=1,1]
* Paragon misses horribly.
* Paragon can't DR that.
<Light02> (ouch)
<Yarrow> Your shot goes wild.
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2#2d6+4: 16 [2d6=6,6], 14 [2d6=6,4]
<Light02> (Crowd: *deadpan* yay)
<Light02> (oh snap)
<Paragon> (Poor woman.)
<Yarrow> Two more shots slam into the downed woman. The second taking her in the neck.
<Yarrow> And we're back to Paragon.
* Paragon fires again.
<Light02> (/me blinks)
<Paragon> 2d6+9
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+9: 16 [2d6=4,3]
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 12 [2d6=4,4]
<Yarrow> One of the metal women goes flying back and doesn't rise.
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 6 [2d6=1,1]
<Yarrow> The other returns fire but hits a street light, which she then has to dodge.
<Yarrow> Paragon's up again.
* Paragon attempts to finish off the group with one last para volt.
<Paragon> 2d6+9
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+9: 16 [2d6=3,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=3,4]
<Yarrow> You carefully track her and pick her off as she jumps out of the way of the falling street light.
<Yarrow> 53 ep remaining.
* Paragon attempts to heal the woman who was downed.
<@DCG> (well another range attack, will be handy with shari..)
<Paragon> (or is she too far gone for that?)
<Yarrow> She's dead and beyond healing.
* Paragon sighs and hurries to catch up with the rest of the group.
<Light02> (wait this is the same ally I eventually run threw isn't it?)
<Yarrow> You catch up pretty quickly. Someone starts to ask about the woman but stops after seeing your face.
<Yarrow> You keep going for a while before a man gasps that he needs to rest.
<Paragon> "Five minutes, no more."
<Yarrow> He nods gratefully.
<Yarrow> You can stop on the street/sidewalk, go into a department store you're near, or look for someplace else to rest.
<Paragon> "Let's go into the department store for it."
<Yarrow> You head inside. It looks like the metal women have been through, but it's quiet now.
<Yarrow> Do you stay by the entrance or go further in?
* Paragon stays by the entrance, letting the group rest on any benches.
<Yarrow> Woman: "There are some chairs in casual wear right over there. We'll be there, ok?"
<Paragon> "Be careful, and cry out if anything comes in."
<Yarrow> She nods and they head over.
<Yarrow> Five minutes pass without incident.
<Paragon> "Let's get moving."
* Paragon goes to check on the women.
<Paragon> (And men)
<Yarrow> You go over to round up your group (deciding that shouting across the store would be a bad idea).
<Paragon> "Everyone ready to go?"
<Yarrow> And a mirror you're standing near explodes as two shots hit the head of your reflection.
<Yarrow> You catch a flash of gunmetal and leather ducking behind cover.
<Paragon> "Fuck... that bitch.... Again. Get going if you can, if not, stay out of the way."
* Paragon ducks behind cover herself.
<Yarrow> She fired from deeper in the store, by the way--not back the way you came.
<Yarrow> The other people run out hunched over and leave the store.
<Yarrow> Some time passes with no more shots fired.
* Paragon slowly steps in front of another mirror.
<Yarrow> You don't draw any fire.
* Paragon stays under cover and slowly moves out of the store.
<Yarrow> You manage to get out without shots being fired. Do you rejoin the group?
* Paragon does.... they're under her protection until she can get them to safety.
<Yarrow> You catch up to them again.
<Yarrow> Woman: "You knew her?"
<Paragon> "She seems to be following me. If she fires on me again, keep moving. These creatures are not safe to be around."
<Yarrow> As you pass a nondescript metal door, all your comms beep softly.
* Paragon walks up to the metal door... and knocks.
<Yarrow> A moment passes before the door opens and someone urges everyone to quickly get inside.
* Paragon nods to the rest of the group to get in before she does.
<Yarrow> They quickly duck inside. Do you follow them?
* Paragon looks around one last time before ducking in herself.
<Paragon> 2d6+8
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+8: 12 [2d6=1,3]
<Yarrow> Note: I will often make rolls for spotting enemies, hiding, sensing lies, etc. secretly, so don't roll those unless I ask you to.
<Yarrow> You duck inside and the door is hurriedly shut behind you. Looking around, you decide you're in some sort of emergency shelter.
<Paragon> (okay.)
<Paragon> "Everyone all right?"
<Yarrow> There are a bunch of people--maybe 30 or so deeper inside. There are supplies, cots, and other necessities.
<Yarrow> Your people nod.
<Paragon> "Please tell me you have a shower or something in here..."
<Yarrow> Man who opened door: "We do."
<Yarrow> Make a mind roll, please, Paragon.
<Paragon> "Can I go use it now?"
<Paragon> 2d6+8
<EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+8: 19 [2d6=6,5]
<Yarrow> It suddenly comes to you that the gunslinger metal woman has some way of tracking you--she's found you after multiple teleports. If you stay here, you're going to end up giving away the shelter's location.
* Paragon sighs.
<Paragon> "This is where I leave you. Stay safe."
* Paragon teleports back to Tetsu's apartment.
<Yarrow> And Paragon leaves, to drift through Tokyo until she can avoid endangering anyone she's with.
<Yarrow> We'll end your solo here.
<Paragon> (And probably figure out how to change back to Tetsu too!)
* Paragon is now known as Tetsu
<Yarrow> And hopefully avoid that gunslinger for quite a while, as she's down to 45 ep.
<Yarrow> 5 minute break before we begin the main session.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Yarrow » Fri Dec 25, 2009 7:54 pm

Session 18 (09/14/09)

<Yarrow> All right. When we left off, the party had just caused the destruction of a major landmark and been blown into a store during their escape.
<Yarrow> When the store showed signs of collapsing, you went back outside. Let's pick up there.
<Yarrow> Toast: "Whenever that damned thing we were hit with wears off, I can take us all home."
* Valery rubs her head, observing the devastation. "We're going to need to get out of here before anything more comes down this way..."
* @Shari takes a look at the blast zone
<Yarrow> There's a large glassy crater back the way you came.
* Sophia nods. "Let's start moving anyway... There's not a lot of cover out here."
<Yarrow> Heading in the direction of HQ?
<Sophia> (Not at the moment, we'll get teleported there anyway, so right now Val's just looking for a car or something to move fast 'away')
<@Shari> "What the hell id that"
<Sophia> "That would be the Nemesian ships up in orbit."
<Yarrow> You look around as you move away from the blast site. You see upside down cars, cars smashed through storefronts, the bodies of some droids that were caught in the shockwave... hey, a car that seems to be in good shape!
<Sophia> (Yay!)
* Sophia keeps an eye out as she moves towards it.
<Yarrow> You get to it without trouble, get in, and hit the starter. Click. Click.
<@Shari> "Well thats just dandy, they got ships in orbit?"
<Sophia> (Busted inside?)
* Sophia nods. "As far as we know, it's how they got here in the first place."
<Yarrow> It doesn't look damaged.
<Sophia> (Should I roll a mechanics roll to see what's up with it?)
<Yarrow> Go for it.
<Sophia> 2d6+8
<EllfDB1> Sophia, 2d6+8: 19 [2d6=6,5]
<Yarrow> EMP.
* Xui-Fei streches the kinks out
* Sophia facepalms. "Can't believe I forgot that... guess that's the disadvantage of clean electrical technology."
* Sophia keeps moving 'away'.
* @Shari follows along
<Yarrow> 1d100
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 1d100: 30 [1d100=30]
<Yarrow> You walk on for something between 5 and 10 minutes before Toast and Shari feel their strange heaviness lift from them.
<Yarrow> Toast: "Hang on. I'm taking us back."
* Sophia nods, and gathers near to the Toast.
* @Shari moves over
<@Shari> "That felt odd"
<Yarrow> And you all find yourselves back in the garage at HQ.
<Yarrow> Toast: "Finally, I can get out of this lousy form."
* Sophia rubs her eyes. "Ugh... we're back, Lilith-san, how have things been here?"
<Tetsu> (bbs, bio Don't bring me back yet)
<Tetsu> (in yet)
* Xui-Fei looks around
<Yarrow> Toast reverts to stoat form.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Oh, good. I was a bit worried when I lost contact."
<Yarrow> Oscar is back in the garage.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "The other team was successful in their mission. They returned with more people. And a captured zombie."
* Sophia blinks. "Captured?"
<@Shari> "Why would they want one?)
<@Shari> ""
<Xui-Fei> "beats me"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Apparently, Fujiko has the idea that if you can study and learn more about them, you'll be able to deal with them more effectively."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "How did your mission go?"
* Sophia nods. "I see... have they returned home yet, or are they still here?"
<Sophia> "Ugh... messy, but successful."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "They're still here."
<Xui-Fei> "they ran but we had to demoloish the control point"
<Xui-Fei> "though I still don't know who helped us fight them"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Someone helped you? What did they look like?"
<Sophia> "Well... hopefully they got out in time..."
* Sophia shakes her head. "I'm afraid we couldn't see them."
<Xui-Fei> "we couldn't see the person to far away...."
<Tetsu> (Back)
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I see. Do you need to rest before meeting with the others?"
* Sophia looks at the others. "I think I'm all right for now... how have things been with the announcement, before we left?"
<Xui-Fei> "honestly I'd rather get that over with before I crash"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "The people seem to think they're better off here with you than gambling their lives on a coin flip. If the offer can even be trusted."
* Sophia nods. "Well... that's good... though I still want to have some idea of what's going on at those surrender sites..."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Why don't you go to meeting room 2 and join the others. I'll have refreshments sent up."
<@Shari> "I dought its anything good'
* Sophia nods. "Thank you..." She heads up there.
<Yarrow> You arrive at the meeting room at the same moment the group from HQ West and the tray of sandwiches, toast, coffee, and other beverages arrive.
* @Shari grabs something cold with out really thinking on it
* Sophia nods to them. "Thanks for the help..."
<Yarrow> After you manage to clear up the tangle at the door, you all settle in and grab some refreshments.
<Yarrow> Kei: "You guys look like hell. How did things go?"
<Sophia> "Well... it was successful, at least."
<Xui-Fei> "sucessfull and painfull....I tell you waking up twice with a fallen bathroom celling on you isn't pleasent
<@Shari> "Frist time for me.. it was an interesting ride"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Well, success and no deaths. Things can't be *too* bad."
<@Shari> "I guess when you consider whats going on, loseing a few blocks of the city's not really too bad"
* @Shari nods and agree;'s with kei
* Sophia just looks down, slumping into her seat. "I guess."
<Xui-Fei> "come one still upset over loosing Metal"
<@Shari> (" look at the bright side of things, Over population isn't a problem any more")\
<Yarrow> Raphael: "You lost Metel? Damn! My condolences, Val..."
* Sophia nods. "Thank you..."
<Sophia> (Owwwww. Poor Ellf)
<Ellf> (No clue what happened there... server just booted me or something)
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "Well. I have some news about the zombies. They are, apparently, *not* undead horrors. They are, rather, living people who have been affected by some horrible, transformative agent."
* Sophia blinks. "You mean... a disease that damages their brains somehow?"
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "It could be a disease, a toxin, or something else. I'll need access to a real bio lab to be able to determine more."
* Xui-Fei blinks, "so it's a virus...joy"
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "Maybe. We can't jump to conclusions, though."
<Sophia> "If it is... did you manage to keep the zombie under quarantine?"
<@Shari> "Your not sure what it is, just that its nasty.. and you brought it back with you?"
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "It's quarantined, yes. And if we're fighting the things, we're going to be exposed to them and bringing back their cooties regardless."
<@Shari> ""Thats cute, you try to make light of the problem with zombies roaming around"
<@Shari> "Shame it failed"
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "My, you're a very bitter young woman. I suppose we could all run around weeping and mourning everything we've lost, but I can't see us being able to accomplish anything meaningful with that attitude."
<@Shari> "ohhh close guess but wrong, i belive the first thing that happened was all most killing sophia."
* @Shari looks over at the down feeling girl, "sorry again"
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "I have no idea what you're talking about."
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "Anyway, I think we should try to locate and gain access to a bio lab in the near future."
* Sophia nods, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "These zombies seem to be becoming more of a problem..."
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "I wonder if they're even part of the invasion or just something the queen and senshi were keeping at bay."
<Sophia> "Maybe their containment was destroyed by the initial invasion?"
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "Possible."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I'll start searching for bio labs."
<@Shari> (dun dun dunnn?)
<Xui-Fei> (honestly I think this is Ami's doing in bordem I mean look at Toast)
<Yarrow> Kei nods. "Is there anything else? You guys look like you could use some downtime."
<Xui-Fei> "oh we plan to get some just thought we'd get this over with first"
<Yarrow> Kei: "Is there anything you guys want to bring up?"
<Sophia> "Um... right now I still want to have some idea of what's going on at the surrender locations... other than that, I don't think anything immediate."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Yeah. I don't think that's something we need to do right this second. I'd much rather wait until both our teams are at full strength before taking on something like that."
* Sophia rubs her eyes, nodding. "Yes... oh! We #seem# to have an ally somewhere - someone was assisting us in the fight, earlier."
<@Shari> "Good thing to, taking care of that blue thing would have been a pain"
<Yarrow> Kei: "An ally, huh? I wonder if it's another senshi."
<Yarrow> Kei: "Well, we can talk about it later. Why don't you guys get some rest. We'll take care of anything minor that comes up."
* Sophia nods. "Thanks..."
<Yarrow> Fujiko: "Rest well. Oh, and stay out of quarantine room #1."
<Sophia> "That's where it is? Right."
<Yarrow> Unless someone brings up anything else, you'll go rest.
<Yarrow> And you all go off to shower, rest, etc.
* @Shari crahs rather hard after her first fight
<Yarrow> After about two hours, Valery's roused by Lilith.
* Xui-Fei is still snoring
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Sorry to disturb you, Val, but we've received an encoded burst from Star."
* Sophia rubs her eyes, rising from bed. "Um... Star...?"
* Sophia is now known as Valery
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Valentine? From the group you got into a fight with?"
* Retrieving #cte modes...
* Valery rubs her eyes. "Right... sorry, little early... what's the message?"
<Yarrow> Star's voice plays through the speakers. "We're doing ok. Any news on your end? Will wait 30 minutes for a response."
* Valery shakes her head. "Okay... could you record a message from here?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I can. Or you could talk to her in real time."
<Valery> "Mm... let's keep this to burst transmissions for now. If we're broadcasting for too long, the chances of it being traced rise."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "All right, though it will restrict communication somewhat."
* Valery nods, and clears her throat. "This is Valery Shein - we're doing all right at the moment. We've made contact with another major shelter recently, if you'd like to be put in touch with them. Also, regarding the zombies that seem to have been moving through the city lately - they appear to be living beings subjected to some kind of mutagen, we are presently looking into that."
<Valery> "Do you have any youma in your group, and if so, have they gone missing?"
<Valery> "Message end."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Sent."
* Xui-Fei rolls over
* Valery lays back and closes her eyes while waiting for any response.
<Yarrow> After a few minutes, Lilith says she has a response.
* Valery requests it to be played.
<Yarrow> Star: "Zombies have been seen? Shit. Yeah, they're caused by a virus. We have a youma in group. She hasn't gone missing. Why do you ask? We have picked up one of your kind, though."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "End of message."
* Valery blinks. "A senshi, you mean? And, the youma in the shelters were relocated yesterday (I believe, GM edit if wrong) by some kind of automated system in the city... essentially kidnapped. We're trying to find where they were sent to, but haven't had luck yet. Do you know any details about the zombies, or how their virus spreads or where they came from?"
<Valery> "End message."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Incoming message."
<Yarrow> Star: "We're going to need to talk in person, I think."
<Yarrow> Star: "When and where?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "End of message."
<Valery> "Mm... Lilith-san, is Toast-kun awake? I'd like to check if he has the location we met Star's group memorized."
* Xui-Fei finally comes out of his room
<Shari> (i woudl sugest not the meusem)
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Hang on. He says he does. If it's still there. Weren't a bunch of droids about to attack it?"
<Valery> "... Point. Okay... um... do you know if he has the culinary museum memorized, and if it's still intact?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "He does not."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "He suggests just picking a spot. He can always teleport us back from wherever it is."
* Valery nods. "All right... um..."
* Valery clears her throat. "Tranquility Park Subway Station, in ten hours."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Transmitted. She agrees."
<Shari> (huh, that name sounds rather fallout 3 ish)
* Valery nods, and sets her alarm. "If anyone else is awake, could you tell them about the meeting? If they're not, don't wake them up until later."
<Yarrow> Lilith does so.
* Valery loses consciousness for a few more hours.
<Xui-Fei> (Ok then just ignore me comming out of my room)
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei comes out of his room, uses the bathroom, and goes back to bed. :)
<Yarrow> Several hours later, everyone gets up, gets ready, has dinner, etc.
<Yarrow> It's early evening.
* Valery informs everyone when she wakes up, of course.
<Yarrow> You have dinner together. Mai joins you but doesn't eat or drink.
<Yarrow> Toast: "Are you sure we have to meet with them?"
<Valery> "Miss Valentine seems to know more about the zombies than we do, at this point. And the fact that they didn't lose their youma is... it might have some bearing on what happened to ours."
<Yarrow> Toast: "You sure it's worth having to meet them again?"
<Yarrow> Shari (afk): "Who are they?"
<Valery> "Well... we don't have Koizumi-san with us, so I don't imagine anyone will start shooting."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Who?"
* Xui-Fei blinks
* Valery blinks. "Um... Sailor Phobos?"
<Xui-Fei> "Who?"
<Xui-Fei> "who are you talking about only one missing is Aleric"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "I don't have a Sailor Phobos on file, Valery."
* Valery blinks. "... Huh?"
<Valery> (... Did she get deleted from the historical record and nobody got around to telling me?)
<Yarrow> Toast: "You feeling all right, Val? I don't know who you're talking about, either."
<Yarrow> You remember her, Valery.
* Valery rubs her temples. "... I admit she's fairly quiet and forgettable, but... she was accompanying us just a few days ago."
<Xui-Fei> "you sure you took a quite a hit when we slammed threw that wall yesterday"
<Yarrow> Mai: "I don't remember anyone like that either."
* Valery blinks. "... Seriously? You're not just playing a joke on me?"
<Yarrow> Everyone just looks at Valery blankly.
<Yarrow> Shari: "I don't think I ever knew her. ... Did I?"
<Valery> "Er, no... I don't believe you met her."
<Valery> "... Then, if you don't remember Koizumi... why do you think we had a problem with Miss Valentine's group?"
<Yarrow> Toast: "Because they're assholes."
<Yarrow> Toast: "Paranoid ones."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "And some of them got spooked because they'd been attacked by someone with strange powers."
<Valery> "... If they were paranoid, why would they be actively trying to meet with us instead of avoiding us...?"
* Valery rubs her eyes.
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Star was always willing to maintain ties with you."
<Yarrow> Mai: "When did you supposedly meet this Koizumi?"
<Valery> "Um... the day of the invasion, with the rest of you?"
<Shari> (back, sorry)
<Xui-Fei> "sorry no I'd of remember someone with that name"
<Yarrow> Valery actually said the day after the invasion.
<Xui-Fei> "espically the day after the invasion....granted I did get run threw and threw by a glass droid while the civillians
were being loaded on to your chopper"
* Xui-Fei blinks "wait your talking about that fake senshi that blew a hole in the roof of Metal right?"
* Shari dont have a clue as to what there talking about
* Valery rubs her eyes again. "Koizumi is the senshi that that fake #copied#... Mai-san, you were with her when we picked you up."
<Yarrow> Mai: "Oh, *her*. Did she say her name was Koizumi? I guess I didn't catch that."
<Yarrow> Mai: "Yes. You know, I think she *did* say something about Phobos when she transformed."
<Xui-Fei> "yeah caught us by surprize when she started blasting metal from the inside"
<Yarrow> Toast: "Sheesh. If you were talking about her, why didn't you just say so in the first place?"
<Valery> "... No, Mai-san, you were with the #real# Koizumi. We picked up the fake separately."
* Xui-Fei blinks, "you sure you didn't get in the head too hard with that last fight...."
<Yarrow> Mai: "I think I would have remembered that, Valery."
<Valery> "I'd think so too... fine..."
<Yarrow> Toast: "Maybe Val should take a trip to sic bay before the meeting tonight..."
<Valery> "No... I'm fine."
<Xui-Fei> "you sure I mean I've taken several shots to the head thanks to my training so I know when something is amiss"
<Shari> "Wow i feel safer with you guys now"
<Shari> "So tell me, have you total forgotten and lost any one else?"
<Shari> "Some poor kid?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Are you sure? A mental attack to insert a trusted person into your memory could be quite effective."
<Yarrow> Mai, deadpan: "Not that we recall."
<Valery> "Do we have anyone who could check it anyway?"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Not here... Maybe someone in the other group could tell?"
<Valery> "Mm... Do you mind if I check you, as well, at some point? It may be the other way around, though I have no idea why..."
<Yarrow> Mai: "That someone has managed to mentally erase someone from *all* of us, including the computer and the dead girl?"
* Valery shrugs. "One of us has to be wrong... it might be me, but it also may not be."
<Yarrow> Mai cocks her head at Valery. "Are you sure you want to try to read my mind? I don't think you can, but I have no idea what you'll experience if you can."
<Yarrow> Toast sighs. "Can we forget about imaginary girls and just get on with the stupid meeting?"
<Xui-Fei> "yes please"
* Valery nods. "Right..."
<Yarrow> Toast mutters something about "needing to get laid".
<Yarrow> He's looking at Val when he says it.
<Tetsu> (do be do be do)
<Shari> "So how we getting there?'
<Yarrow> Lilith: "If you take vehicles, your lights will be noticeable."
<Valery> "Unless Toast-kun knows the Tranquility Park Subway Station, I suppose we're going to be walking, then..."
<Yarrow> Toast: "Why'd you arrange a night meeting, anyway?"
<Valery> "Because we were all tired and needed the sleep."
<Valery> (And I wasn't sure what time it was :P )
<Yarrow> Toast: "And it just couldn't wait until morning?"
<Shari> "I hit the bed kinda hard after tht fight and the trip into the bathroom"
<Xui-Fei> "well I'm suited up" he says
<Yarrow> Toast: "Fine. We'll walk. In the middle of the night. With no idea whether droids can see in the dark."
<Xui-Fei> "don't we have a car"
<Yarrow> Toast: "Right. I'm sure *no one* will notice the headlights."
<Valery> "Sure... if you want to turn the lights off and crash into every building in the city..."
<Shari> "If they can see in the dark then it don't really mater if we go now or in the day, anything around would spot us any way
<Valery> "Ah, Xui-Fei, how has your ESC been working since we destroyed the facility?"
<Yarrow> It was out of commission for an hour or so, then it came back to life.
<Xui-Fei> "it's working fine for now"
* Valery stands up. "Okay, good... I guess we should get moving."
<Yarrow> Toast jumps onto Val's shoulder.
<Shari> "Im ready to move"
<Yarrow> Mai, a bit hesitantly: "Do you want me to come? I can see in the dark."
<Valery> "Um... certainly, that would probably be helpful, if you don't mind."
<Yarrow> Mai: "Ok."
* Valery slips on her gun's shoulder strap, and starts moving.
* Shari follow along
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Actually, I can verify that droids see in the dark. I just thought to check my cyberdroid's vision."
<Valery> "Mm..."
<Yarrow> Lilith: "For that matter, I could bring her along to help see--but I think it'd go over very poorly when you met Star."
<Valery> "Yes... probably. It would be nice to not get shot at this time."
<Xui-Fei> "yeah good idea there"
<Yarrow> 1d100
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 1d100: 14 [1d100=14]
<Yarrow> On the way there, you run into a glass droid. Which stabs Mai. It doesn't seem to inconvenience her much.
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> Mai: "You might want to kill it..."
* Valery snaps up her gun, and shoots it.
<Valery> 2d6+8
<EllfDB1> Valery, 2d6+8: 16 [2d6=6,2]
<Yarrow> Gunshots ring out through the night.
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 9 [2d6=2,3]
<Shari> "Goodidea that one"
* Shari slams a bolt of ice into it
* Xui-Fei sighs as he gets into a ready stance
<Valery> (And that's like three hits, I believe?)
<Yarrow> And the glass droid falls to the ground, spiderwebbed with cracks. Until Shari shatters it.
<Valery> "Sorry about that... are you okay?"
<Xui-Fei> "unconfortable feeling huh?"
<Yarrow> Mai: "No. I'm dead. But I'm no worse than before."
<Shari> "... Will that heal? .. or do we like.. patch the hole"
<Yarrow> Mai: "It's healing. But thank you for asking."
<Yarrow> Afk a moment.
<Shari> "Ok... wait, shouldnt we more now? that was kinda loud"
* Xui-Fei twiches
<Valery> "Right... let's go."
* Valery moves.
* Xui-Fei moves along with the group
<Yarrow> Back.
<Yarrow> You reach the meeting site without further incident.
<Yarrow> It's incredibly dark, what with the permanent cloud cover. Mai points out where Star and another person are.
* Valery bows to Star. "Good evening, Miss Valentine."
<Yarrow> Star: "Hi."
* Tetsu is looking around.
* Xui-Fei nods in greeting to Star, "I trust you've been well so far Miss Valentine"
<Shari> "Hello,"
<Yarrow> Star: "Well enough. We've had some minor problems but nothing too big."
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
<Yarrow> Star: "This is Paragon, by the way."
<Valery> (Dude in blue suit, I suppose?)
<Tetsu> (yup)
* Valery bows again. "Good evening, Paragon-san."
<Valery> (I believe you already know what Val looks like)
<Yarrow> Actually, he'd be in his other form.
* Xui-Fei blinks
* Tetsu is Paragon right now?
* Tetsu is now known as Paragon
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
<Paragon> "Hello. Nice to meet you."
<Yarrow> You can only make out vague outlines, by the way, unless you provide some light.
* Paragon bows slightly.
<Valery> "I suppose you're the senshi Miss Valentine spoke of?"
<Paragon> "You could say that. Though I don't really look like one of the Queen's Senshi."
<Xui-Fei> (does my ESC have a light function)
<Xui-Fei> "neither do we," he says
<Yarrow> Star: "Wherever she and they are."
<Paragon> "Then again, neither really did Sailor Deathmetal."
* Xui-Fei blinks, "Deathmetal?"
* Valery blinks.
<Xui-Fei> "let me guess she used a pick called destiny"
<Paragon> "She died, unfortunately."
<Yarrow> The ESC has a flashlight. Alternatively, you could light the display. You're not sure either is a good idea unless you go someplace completely enclosed.
<Xui-Fei> "I have a light but it wouldn't be a good idea to use it in the open like this
* Valery winces. "My condolences."
<Paragon> "Well, let's get into the station."
<Yarrow> Star: "Wait, you guys don't have nightvision?"
<Xui-Fei> (and yes I did ref Tenatious D and the Pick of Destiny)
<Xui-Fei> "nope" he says
<Paragon> "So why then.... would you arrange a meeting at night?"
<Yarrow> Star: "Then why the hell did you arrange for a night meeting?"
* Paragon snickers.
<Valery> (Because I didn't know what time it was in-game, like I said before... :P )
<Xui-Fei> "cause most of use were exausted from saveing the ESC network from being hacked into by Nemesis"
<Yarrow> Star sighs and you think she shakes her head. "Well, let's check out the station, then."
<Yarrow> She and Paragon go in.
* Valery follows.
* Xui-Fei nods heading in and will activate the flashlight when he enters
<Yarrow> After a bit, they call you in. You end up meeting in the restroom to prevent any light from escaping into the night.
<Yarrow> Once you have some light going, Star removes her night vision goggles.
* Paragon taps her mask, but leaves it alone.
<Paragon> "Well isn't this lovely."
<Xui-Fei> "true but not much we can do about it," he says
<Yarrow> Star: "Right. So, we have some things to talk about."
* Valery nods. "Seems like it..."
* Paragon does a quick head count while she can.
* Xui-Fei blinks at Paragon's outfit, "well and I thought my senshi uniform was drafty"
<Paragon> "You deal with what you're dealt. Besides... I think it looks better than some I've seen."
<Valery> "I think that one covers more than yours does, actually, Xui."
<Xui-Fei> "no skirt"
* Paragon snorts.
<Valery> (Hey, Starlight Fuku is either short shorts, or a skirt short enough to be discounted)
<Paragon> "Ah... lovely.... the little man turns into a Bishoujo Senshi."
<Yarrow> Star: "Ok. First things first. The zombies are actually people--or animals--infected by the T-virus. This generally results in heightened aggression, necrosis, loss of intelligence, and eventually insanity."
<Paragon> (okay so Star's aunt was jill)
<Yarrow> Star: "The effects are stronger on humans than on other animals. Fire works well against them. So does destroying the brain."
* Valery frowns. "What is the T-virus - where did it come from?"
<Yarrow> Star: "Apparently, it was intentionally created before the birth of Crystal Tokyo."
<Xui-Fei> (I'm playing it as aleather mini skirt that leaves little to imagination)
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> "it's that old and why are we just hearing about it now?"
<Paragon> "Probably because it was dealt with before."
<Paragon> "Not that I know much about it."
<Paragon> "Just makes sense."
* Paragon shrugs.
<Valery> "I guess the invasion broke the containment, then?"
<Shari> "can i ask the how you know all this?"
<Yarrow> Star: "It was in my great times ... four, I think aunt's journal."
<Yarrow> Star: "She fought against the people who created it, way back when."
* Xui-Fei nods, "understandable"
<Shari> ".. unn wow. "
<Yarrow> Star: "No one else believed they were about something real. But I knew."
<Xui-Fei> "I see"
<Shari> (not like the kingdom was hiping information on them or anything..)
* Valery nods. "Do you know how the virus spreads?"
<Yarrow> Star: "Fortunately, the virus doesn't spread well unless you really get mauled by something infected. Or you're exposed to a pure sample of the virus."
<Paragon> "Which is probably how the initial outbreak started here."
<Valery> "Okay... that's good."
<Yarrow> Star: "But the zombies do love to maul... And if they leave someone mostly dead, they'll become one."
* Valery nods.
* Paragon starts to hum under her breath... very lowly, but a clear tune is coming out.
<Yarrow> Star: "I swear, Paragon, you start singing that again and I'll shoot you. I really will."
<Paragon> "It's my favorite song."
<Yarrow> Star: "We KNOW."
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow, "a singer?"
<Paragon> "I can sing others, heck I have sang others."
<Paragon> "And it's the only thing I have left of Kaori."
<Yarrow> Only because you didn't have the chance to grab her head on the way out. :)
<Paragon> (Yeah, that'd be creepy. This at least is respecting her memory.)
<Paragon> "Though I will admit, it sounds better in the less depressing version."
* Valery nods. "... Sorry for your loss."
* Paragon smiles at Valery. "Thank you.... very much."
<Yarrow> Star: "Yeah... we all know what it's like, Paragon. But, please, just not now, ok?"
* Xui-Fei winces a bit knowing the feeling too well
<Yarrow> Star: "It'll be hard enough to hear someone sneaking up on us. Especially your girlfriend..."
* Valery blinks. "... Girlfriend?"
* Paragon sighs.
<Paragon> "True enough. That bitch is probably close. I'm going to keep looking for her magical signature."
<Yarrow> You've never picked on up before, so you might not want to say that.
<Paragon> (oh right.)
<Paragon> (Retcon that out then, please)
<Paragon> "I hope she's not here yet. Daytime meeting would have been a lot easier to deal with."
<Valery> "I only had two hours of sleep at the time, sorry..."
* Paragon shakes her head.
<Yarrow> Star: "On the bright side, if we get into a real fight with her now, with all of us here, she won't stand a chance. Unless she doesn't come alone, of course. Remember the time she brought 3 zerkers along?"
<Yarrow> Zerkers are the big metal women.
<Yarrow> You've also learned that the women are called droids.
<Paragon> "Yeah... too busy dealing with them and she escaped. Again. Fucking Quickdraw droid bitch."
* Valery winces at the thought. "... Wait, why do we call them zerkers, anyway?"
<Yarrow> Star coughs politely. "I seem to remember it as us escaping."
<Yarrow> Lilith, ESC: "Because that's what the cyberdroid calls them."
* Paragon shrugs.
<Paragon> "She never sticks around beyond the first shot, especially if I tag her."
<Yarrow> Star: "I bet she will if she tags you in the head twice on the first try."
<Paragon> "That... won't happen again."
* Xui-Fei glares, "you got one stalking you"
<Xui-Fei> "if you need help were happy to lend a hand....or in this case a fist and a foot"
<Yarrow> Star: "She can somehow track Paragon. We don't know how."
<Paragon> "It might be because she triggered my initial transformation."
<Paragon> "That'd be the why."
<Yarrow> Star: "We laid a false trail halfway across the city before coming here, though, so she shouldn't be anywhere in the area before we're done."
<Valery> "Mm... all right, though tell us if you see her."
<Yarrow> Star just gives Val a look like she said something stupid.
<Paragon> "She seems to have decided to dress up like an old school Cowgirl."
<Xui-Fei> "kinda odd wouldn't you say"
* Paragon shrugs.
<Yarrow> Star: "Probably to go with the twin guns she has."
<Paragon> "Other than the one who threw me out a window after killing Kaori, this is the only one I've really dealt with."
<Xui-Fei> "so we got a gunslinger Zeeker stalking the new girl," gesturing to Paragon
<Paragon> "She's not a Zerker."
<Xui-Fei> "Nemesisan Droid with guns has to be a Zeeker"
<Yarrow> Star shrugs. "I don't know what to call her. She looks a lot like the normal droids, but I haven't seen anything quite like her before."
<Paragon> "She's not tall enough to be a Zerker, kid."
<Valery> "Mm... a higher-quality prototype, maybe?"
<Paragon> (Xui's 16, right?)
<Xui-Fei> (yeah)
<Paragon> (Para's 20-21 ish)
<Yarrow> Actually, all the droids except rubber or glass have been seen with either blades or guns at the ends of their arms.
<Valery> (And Xui, ALL the droids have guns :P )
* Xui-Fei raises a eyebrow in a twitch
<Valery> (And yeah, Val's 16 too.)
<Yarrow> So far as you can tell, they're able to switch them at will.
<Paragon> (But Quickdraw is one that actually wields guns, right rather than actually having her hands transform?)
<Yarrow> Correct.
<Paragon> (Or am I remembering wrong?)
<Xui-Fei> (well mostly Xui has seen they've all like to play stabby stabby)
<Yarrow> Well, of *course* it's more fun to *stab* someone than shoot them.
<Xui-Fei> (espically the glass ones)
<Paragon> "Hmm..."
<Yarrow> You've never seen a glass droid with a gun arm or a rubber droid with anything other than a fist.
<Paragon> "So, we've covered the zombies.... Star, did your Aunt's Journal say who created the virus initially?"
<Yarrow> Star: "Something called Umbrella Corp."
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> (didn't we see an umbrella logo in the Upgrade building)
<Yarrow> Star: "And, according to her journal, they also created some superpowered monsters using variants of the virus."
<Yarrow> No.
* Xui-Fei blinks, "so we should expect more than just Zombies?"
<Yarrow> Star: "I honestly don't know. It depends where they're coming from."
<Valery> "Mm... only if the variant viruses got out, I'd think... we'll have to find out the source and see what set them loose."
<Valery> "Did Umbrella Corporation have control over the zombies?"
<Yarrow> Star: "If they were just wandering out in the frozen wastes for the past thousand years, then we have to face whatever wanders in. If these are new zombies, then it depends on what types of virus got loose."
<Shari> (after the zombie stuff got outa hand they switched production over to icecream mechines... )
<Yarrow> Star: "Sometimes. Not as much as they thought, a lot of times."
* EllfDB1 (~EllfDB1@c-68-84-29-99.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout#)
<Valery> "Mm... okay."
* Paragon (~ellfangor@c-68-84-29-99.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout#)
<Yarrow> ("Mmmm, T-virus flavored ice cream!")
<Yarrow> Let's give Ellf a little longer before continuing.
<Yarrow> Ok, let's resume.
<Yarrow> Star: "The super ones can be intelligent."
<Xui-Fei> "....so they are a bigger threat?"
<Yarrow> Star: "There are some techniques that are supposed to be more effective against zombies, but I can't describe them in a few minutes."
<Yarrow> Star: "If there are any around, definitely! But there may not be any."
<Valery> "If they exist right now, yes..."
<Shari> "More things out to kill us, "
<Valery> "To be honest, we've already got enough that the zombies don't really make a big difference."
<Yarrow> Star: "That's about it for zombies right now. You wanted to talk about some other things too, didn't you?"
<Yarrow> Star: "Depends just how bad the zombies get, doesn't it."
<Valery> "Well... we already have enough trouble that even as bad as the zombies could get, it's not much more than a drop in the bucket."
* Valery purses her lips, nodding. "Yes... your youma weren't kidnapped?"
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow at that
<Yarrow> Star looks like she's going to say something but changes her mind.
<Yarrow> Star: "Youma kidnapped? No, I don't know anything about that."
<Valery> "Mm... maybe it's because you weren't in any of the shelters?"
<Xui-Fei> "so you didn't here an anouncement about Operation Intern then"
<Yarrow> Star: "Operation Intern? No. No announcements at all."
<Yarrow> The only reason you know it was called Operation Intern is because Lilith told you, btw.
<Shari> "Before i got here, but it seems a lot of the youma civilians dissapered"
<Yarrow> Paragon starts to whistle again but stops when Star gives her a hard look.
<Yarrow> Star: "We only had one youma in our group, but she's still with us."
<Valery> "Mm... if you find any more, or where they were relocated to as you're moving, could you please inform us?"
<Yarrow> Toast: "No announcements at all? What about the one about the 'surrender locations'?"
<Yarrow> Star: "The what?"
<Yarrow> Paragon looks confused too.
* Valery blinks. "Odd... I thought that transmission went everywhere in the city."
<Xui-Fei> "Nemesis issued a proclmation to the populace saying all civillians who wanted off this rock head for the evac zones any senshi present would be drawn and quarter"
<Xui-Fei> (^Quartered)
<Shari> "I seem to remember a part about them killing half of the people any way"
<Yarrow> Toast: "Yeah. But half the civilians who surrender will be slaughtered too."
<Valery> "... They need to work on their public relations."
<Xui-Fei> "yeah pretty much why I'm questioning that"
* Xui-Fei doesn't bring up his encounter with a Nemesis leader
<Yarrow> Paragon looks disgusted and Star shakes her head.
<Yarrow> Star: "I guess we've been a little ... out of touch."
<Valery> "Mm... well, it seems to have benefited you more than it's harmed you."
<Yarrow> Star: "That was the plan. But if there are zombies wandering the city..."
<Valery> "Yes, we're aware of at least two attacks so far, though we haven't engaged them ourselves yet."
<Yarrow> She sighs. "It sounds like it might be time to come back out and do some work."
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
<Yarrow> Star: "You have someone in mind who'd be better to deal with zombies and train people how to fight them?"
<Shari> "You offering to train the people?"
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow at that
<Yarrow> Star: "I didn't study how to fight zombies to be cool. Good thing, too, 'cause that would have been a pretty dismal failure."
* Valery nods. "Any help you can offer in that regard would be appreciated."
<Paragon> "Destroying the brain, or using fire, you said, right Star?"
<Yarrow> You can assume Paragon has been given a course on zombie fighting already. :)
<Paragon> (yay.)
<Yarrow> Star: "I guess we'll all need to move in with you guys. But before we can do that, there's a problem we need to take care of."
<Valery> "Paragon-san's 'friend'?"
<Yarrow> Star nods.
<Paragon> "Yeah. The bitch. If I move in, she'll follow."
<Yarrow> Star: "Unless you want to lead the droids right to you."
<Paragon> "No clue why she doesn't follow underground."
<Valery> "I'll avoid that if I can."
<Yarrow> Star lightly smacks Paragon on the head.
<Xui-Fei> "then I suggest the hunted become the hunter track this bitch down and reduce her to scrap"
* Xui-Fei says this as he slams a fist to an open palm
<Shari> "I can make sure she don't get away"
<Valery> "Hm... Koizumi-san won't be a problem for the rest of your group moving in, will she, Miss Valentine?"
<Yarrow> Star: "Who?"
* Paragon shrugs.
<Paragon> "News to me."
* Valery frowns. "Mm... never mind."
<Yarrow> Toast: "Will you give that a rest already!"
<Xui-Fei> "still up on this imaginary senshi Val"
<Yarrow> Star: "What...?"
<Yarrow> Toast: "Val has an imaginary friend."
* Paragon shrugs.
<Paragon> "If her imaginary friend can fight imaginary foes, then we're set there."
* Valery just looks at the ground.
<Yarrow> Star: "Anyway, we're going to need to come up with a way to take out the gunslinger. We can't track her, but we know she'll come to us at some time or another."
<Paragon> "I could go out there singing at the top of my lungs."
<Shari> "is it really a good idea to be jerks to the girl who works with all the guns?"
* Paragon raises an eyebrow behind her mask at that.
<Paragon> "I'll show you mine if you show me yours.... of course I can't exactly show you mine right now. Nowhere to put a gun in this costume.
* Valery taps the assault rifle hanging at her shoulder.
<Yarrow> Star: "Paragon, we want to get her in a position where we can wipe her out, not where she can take you out before the rest of us can get to her..."
<Yarrow> Star: "And it had damn well better be during the day."
<Valery> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mini- ... CT0015.JPG - This one)
<Xui-Fei> "I'm fine with that"
<Paragon> "Impressive, but I'm more of a small arms kind of guy..... hmmm... hole up down below till morning?"
<Yarrow> She glances at the rest of you when she says that.
<Valery> (Hey, assault rifles are small arms :P )
<Paragon> (Smaller arms. :P)
<Paragon> (As in handguns)
<Paragon> (Which I'm proficient in.)
* Valery nods. "I believe we can manage that, we should probably just call into HQ to tell them we'll be a little while."
<Shari> "Isnt that redundent with lilith listing in"
<Yarrow> Lilith: "Yes."
<Valery> "Fair enough."
<Yarrow> Star: "I don't know how long we want to stay here planning. Might be better to go home and think things up for a while and then get back together later with what we have."
<Yarrow> Star: "Since it won't do us any good to have her burst in with a half dozen zerkers."
<Paragon> "True.... I can handle taking everyon here back to our home though Star."
<Yarrow> Star: "She is smart, tricky, and not entirely predictable."
<Yarrow> Star: "And she's been known to take out people besides Paragon."
* Valery nods. "Targets of opportunity, I'd imagine."
<Paragon> "Deathmetal."
<Paragon> "Stood between her and me... and got headshot."
<Yarrow> Star considers Paragon's word for a few moments. "No... not without warning the others in advance. We don't want any unfortunate misunderstandings."
* Paragon nods.
<Xui-Fei> "viscous bitch isn't she" he said quite bluntly
* Xui-Fei is clearly refering to the droid Paragon was talking about
<Yarrow> Star: "And I think you guys might be out of contact with your home if you came to ours."
* Valery blinks. "I think we might... may I ask where you're living?"
<Yarrow> Star glances at Paragon and says, "Do a quick check to make sure no one's nearby, ok? Inside the station only, ok?"
<Paragon> "Right.... be right back."
<Paragon> "Dim the lights."
<Yarrow> Star: "Turn them off for a bit."
* Paragon taps her mask and steps outside the bathroom to look around.
<Yarrow> I'll assume Xui-Fei turns off the light, as asked.
* Xui-Fei does so
<Xui-Fei> (yeah)
<Yarrow> Paragon returns after a minute or so and closes the door behind her.
* Paragon nods "You can turn the light back on now. We're all clear."
<Yarrow> Star starts to say something, but then looks thoughtful.
* Xui-Fei does so
<Yarrow> She reaches into a pocket and pulls out pen and paper, writes something down, then holds up the paper and says, "The water processing plant."
<Yarrow> The paper reads, "The old sewers."
* Valery nods. "I see."
* Valery glances at Paragon. "Sensory powers, I suppose? We haven't had much luck with those glass droids, on our part."
<Paragon> "Magic sensing and infravision."
<Paragon> "Though I've never seen a glass droid"
* Xui-Fei shudders
<Xui-Fei> "I've been ran threw by them too many times"
<Xui-Fei> "we even enoucntered one on the way here..." he says..."we took it down of course shattered the glass bitch"
<Paragon> "You look pretty spry for someone that's been run through a few times, got someone healing you?"
<Valery> "Well... we did. Though Alaric-san is a youma, so..."
<Yarrow> Star: "I think we'd better wrap this up unless we have something that needs to be said now."
* Paragon nods.
<Yarrow> Star: "Get in touch with you the same way tomorrow?"
* Valery nods. "We'll be waiting for your call."
<Yarrow> Star: "Right. I don't suggest hanging around here."
<Xui-Fei> "yeah though I learned threw martial arts training to heal my self really fast"
<Yarrow> Star: "Let's go home, Paragon."
* Xui-Fei nods, "agreed"
<Paragon> "Right. See you all tomorrow." Paragon and Star Teleport out.
* Valery glances at Toast. "Do you have this place memorized enough to get here tomorrow?"
<Yarrow> (Toast says no and then starts complaining about the GM.)
<Valery> (Heh)
<Yarrow> Toast: "Yeah. But only for the next few days, unless I come back to study it again."
<Yarrow> Toast: "We ready?"
* Valery nods. "We should only need it the once, I think. Let's go."
<Shari> "Ya"
<Yarrow> Toast takes you back to HQ.
<Yarrow> And let's stop here. 3cp for the session.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Yarrow » Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:27 pm

Session 19 (09/21/09)

[20:04] <@Yarrow> Ok. In our last episode, the party had gone home for some well-deserved rest when a message from Star prompted them to arrange a meeting (in the middle of the night for some reason) to find out more about the non-undead zombies.
[20:06] <@Yarrow> At said meeting, they were introduced to a new senshi, Paragon. After some discussion, it was decided Star's group should join the others at HQ so she could train people to fight zombies. However, the slight matter of Paragon's stalker has to be dealt with first.
[20:06] <@Yarrow> We'll pick up back at HQ (sans Paragon). Either the same night after the meeting or the next morning.
[20:07] * Xui-Fei gets up rested again does a few kata's before getting breakfast
[20:08] <@Yarrow> After a while, everyone else joins Xui-Fei for breakfast.
[20:09] <@Yarrow> Shari: "'morning."
[20:09] <Xui-Fei> "morning
[20:10] * Valery nods. "Good morning."
[20:10] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Why do humans feel the need to constantly say what time of day it is?"
[20:11] <Xui-Fei> "maners toast"
[20:13] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Good morning."
[20:13] <@Yarrow> Toast mutters.
[20:13] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "It looks like we have at least a couple of items on today's schedule."
[20:13] <Valery> "It's a shortened form of 'good morning' - wishing people well."
[20:13] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "First is to relieve Paragon of her admirer so she and the rest of Star's people can join us."
[20:14] * EllfDB1 has joined #cte
[20:14] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Or to decide how to go about it, at any rate."
[20:15] * Valery nods. "At least considering Paragon-san is being pursued, an ambush may be feasible."
[20:15] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Second is to obtain a bio lab so Fujiko can study zombies and the T-virus. I have a list of a number of buildings designated as biological labs. The other team will be checking one out, but you might want to consider exploring a different one if there aren't more pressing matters."
[20:16] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Since some labs may not be suited for Fujiko's purposes."
[20:16] <@Yarrow> Lilth: "Third is the possibility of investigating a 'surrender location'."
[20:17] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Finally, I have a possible lead on the senshi strongholds. I should know more later today."
[20:17] * Valery blinks. "You do?"
[20:18] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Does it sound like something I'd make up?"
[20:19] <@Yarrow> If someone wants to send Ikarus the recap & the day's schedule, feel free.
[20:19] <Paragon> (did)
[20:20] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
[20:20] <Xui-Fei> "any word from Star when we are to meet up with them?"
[20:20] * Valery nods. "That sounds like it could be very useful... Our priority should probably be Paragon-san, though. Getting Valentine-san's expertise should help a great deal with the zombie problem."
[20:21] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Not yet. I believe it was decided we'd all consider the problem of Paragon's admirer before getting back in touch."
[20:23] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Oh! I managed to recover an image of what I assume was your mysterious ally in yesterday's battle. It's only a single frame from Xui-Fei's ESC and not very clear, but it's better than nothing. I'll display it on the ESC."
[20:24] <Xui-Fei> "go ahead Lilith"
[20:24] * Xui-Fei lifts up the arm with the ESC on it
[20:24] * Valery looks over to the ESC screen.
[20:25] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei's ESC displays a somewhat blurry image of a person standing in a shadowy area of a rooftop. They're completely swathed in light gray cloth, without any skin whatsoever showing. It's basically human-shaped, but you can't tell if it's a man, woman, or something else.
[20:26] <Xui-Fei> "odd"
[20:26] <Valery> "Mm... well, if they were staying at that distance I suppose they wouldn't want to be identified that easily."
[20:26] <Valery> "Thank you, Lilith-san."
[20:26] <Xui-Fei> "do we have anyone that could enhance the image to see who that really is"
[20:27] <Valery> "Well... it's not an image quality problem. Even if the image were perfect they'd still be completely covered."
[20:27] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Not a chance."
[20:28] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "And the image is already fully enhanced."
[20:29] <Xui-Fei> "damn...there went my idea..."
[20:30] <@Yarrow> Toast: "So, basically, it doesn't tell us anything."
[20:31] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Not on its own, but if you run into that person, you'll know they're probably friendly."
[20:33] <@Yarrow> People eat in silence for a while as they consider the new developments.
[20:34] <@Yarrow> Shari: "So, what are we doing?"
[20:34] * Valery purses her lips. "I'd say we contact Valentine-san and get started on Paragon-san's stalker."
[20:37] * Xui-Fei nods in agreement
[20:37] <@Yarrow> Toast: "We should come up with some ideas before that, though. We don't want to look like we're too stupid to think of anything ourselves."
[20:38] <Xui-Fei> "not much for planning more of rushing in and beating droids till they stop functioning
[20:38] * Valery nods. "I was thinking we should try to set up an ambush, ideally in a confined underground location where the stalker won't be able to bring in much support."
[20:40] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Yeeesssss... Where we've planted lots and lots of explosives."
[20:41] <Valery> "We'll be in there, Toast-kun."
[20:42] <@Yarrow> Toast: "No problem. We can just set a 2 second fuse and teleport out."
[20:43] <@Yarrow> Shari: "Yeah... nothing could go wrong with that plan..."
[20:43] <Valery> "Um... remember the diversion, Toast-kun?"
[20:43] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Diversion?"
[20:44] <Valery> "The one where you were going to blow up a few buildings so we could get into the AI center?"
[20:44] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Oh, THAT! Come on, what are the odds of that happening twice?"
[20:45] <Valery> "Better than I'm comfortable with, since I don't self-resurrect."
[20:45] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "And may I remind you that you've already encountered something that negated your ability to teleport? With a two second fuse going, that would be a nasty surprise."
[20:46] * Xui-Fei nods sagely
[20:46] <@Yarrow> Toast makes a rude noise. "You guys are no fun."
[20:46] <Xui-Fei> "well you could set the fuse longer
[20:46] <Valery> "If we can disable it, they'd be able to."
[20:46] <Valery> "Hm... do you have any directional explosives, Toast-kun?"
[20:48] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I'm sure I could put something together."
[20:51] <@Yarrow> Shari shrugs. "Why so much planning? She'll be expecting one senshi and find half a dozen of us."
[20:51] <Xui-Fei> "we don't know what she's fully capable of"
[20:51] <@Yarrow> Shari: "If she were that tough, Paragon would be dead already."
[20:51] <Xui-Fei> "if it was a normal droid I'd just suggest leave me waiting and beat it to scrap"
[20:52] <Xui-Fei> "from the way Paragon tells it she's mostly surived by sheer luck or the droid letting her go like it's some sort of game"
[20:54] <@Yarrow> Shari shrugs again. "Whatever. So, are we going to mess with explosives or just fight her?"
[20:55] <Valery> "She alone won't be able to take us all on, but she may have some support - I'd like to limit her opportunities to do so, but..."
[20:55] <Valery> "To be honest, just fighting and getting it done is probably preferable, but Toast-kun really wants to blow something up."
[20:58] * Xui-Fei nods "wait didn't blow up the service station recently"
[20:58] <@Yarrow> Toast: "That? That was just a warm-up."
[20:59] <Xui-Fei> "figures
[21:00] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "I think you'll need to pick a site before you can decide whether explosives will be beneficial or not."
[21:00] <Valery> "Hm... the subway station is a reasonable enough location, and has some cramped areas we can use to limit the amount of support the stalker can bring in."
[21:01] * Xui-Fei shrugs, "and if she gets wind of this?"
[21:01] * Valery just looks at Xui. "... Who's going to tell her?"
[21:02] <Xui-Fei> "good point"
[21:07] <@Yarrow> Shari: "So, are we done with this?"
[21:07] <Valery> "Mm... I believe so, unless anyone else has any ideas."
[21:08] <Xui-Fei> "none here"
[21:09] <@Yarrow> Toast thinks for a moment then asks, "Any chance this whole thing is a huge setup by Star? Her group *is* kinda nuts."
[21:10] <Valery> "I'd say minimal. If there's a problem, you can bring us out."
[21:13] <Xui-Fei> "so shall we get in contact with star"
[21:13] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "I can send a message now if you like."
[21:13] * Xui-Fei looks to the group
[21:13] <Valery> "Please."
[21:14] <@Yarrow> After a couple of minutes, Lilith says, "There's no response. Either they're not manning their radio or the signal is unable to reach the old sewers."
[21:15] <Xui-Fei> "damn"
[21:15] * Valery sighs. "Great... should we go in person?"
[21:15] <@Yarrow> Shari: "Go where?"
[21:16] <Valery> "Or wait for them to get back in contact?"
[21:18] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Star has just contacted me."
[21:18] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "I'll connect you here."
[21:18] <@Yarrow> Star, through speakers: "Hello?"
[21:19] <Valery> "Hello, Valentine-san."
[21:20] <@Yarrow> Star: "Ok, Paragon and I have come up with the basics of a plan. You guys got anything?"
[21:21] * Xui-Fei looks to Val
[21:21] <Valery> "We were thinking an ambush in a confined area, so the stalker can't bring in much if any support."
[21:22] <@Yarrow> Star: "Yeah, that's pretty much what we were thinking. The place we met before sound good to you?"
[21:23] * Valery nods. "It's effective enough and we can get to it easily, yes."
[21:24] <@Yarrow> Star: "Ok. We'll want to take a little time to draw the target away first, just in case she's already there. When should we meet?"
[21:25] <Valery> "Mm... is twenty minutes sufficient?"
[21:26] <@Yarrow> Star: "Better make it half an hour to be safe."
[21:27] * Valery nods. "Right."
[21:28] <@Yarrow> Star: "Meet outside or inside?"
[21:29] <Valery> "Outside works."
[21:30] <@Yarrow> Star: "Ok. See you then."
[21:31] <@Yarrow> Star: "Out."
[21:31] <Valery> "See you. Out."
[21:32] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Transmission ended."
[21:34] <@Yarrow> Any discussion or actions, or should we advance to the meeting?
[21:34] <Xui-Fei> (none from me)
[21:35] <Valery> (Advance ahoy, I guess)
[21:37] <@Yarrow> A little less than half an hour later, Toast assumes his human form and teleports everyone to the bathroom of the subway station. It's dark.
[21:38] * Valery will have remembered to pick up night vision stuff from the armoury if we had any.
[21:38] <@Yarrow> Unfortunately, it does not.
[21:38] <Valery> (Unfortunate)
[21:40] <@Yarrow> Anyone using a light?
[21:41] <Paragon> (like I need to)
[21:41] * Xui-Fei turns on his
[21:41] <@Yarrow> (No, don't worry about us. We'll just sit here in the dark...)
[21:41] * Valery will have picked up a flashlight then.
[21:41] <Valery> (Ideally a small one that can be attached under her carbine's barrel, but... whatever's available)
[21:41] <@Yarrow> Click. You seem to be alone in the bathroom. Of course, if droids were there, they probably would have already introduced themselves.
[21:42] <@Yarrow> That, you were able to find. There were also electric lanterns if you want to light an area.
[21:43] <Valery> (I'd bring one along, though we'd need to set it down before getting to work)
[21:43] <@Yarrow> Shari: "So, outside?"
[21:44] <Valery> "Yes, for now."
[21:45] <@Yarrow> You enter the main station, find it somewhat lit by daylight and empty (or anyone in it is well-hidden), and head outside.
[21:45] * Xui-Fei winces as they come out the station
[21:46] <@Yarrow> After a moment, Star and Paragon pop into existence.
[21:46] * Valery looks around as they head outside, and raises a hand in greeting. "Good morning."
[21:46] * Paragon nods at them.
[21:47] <@Yarrow> Star: "Morning."
[21:47] * Xui-Fei nods to paragon
[21:47] <@Yarrow> Toast sighs.
[21:47] <Xui-Fei> "morning to you too"
[21:48] <@Yarrow> Star: "Have you checked out the inside yet?"
[21:49] * Valery nods.
[21:49] <Paragon> "Was the bitch in there?"
[21:49] <Valery> "Not unless she was very well-hidden."
[21:50] <@Yarrow> Star: "Ok, let's go in and set up."
[21:50] * Paragon nods.
[21:50] * Valery nods.
[21:50] <@Yarrow> Star goes inside.
[21:50] * Xui-Fei nods and heads in
[21:50] * Paragon follows.
[21:52] * Valery heads in.
[21:52] <@Yarrow> Star: "So, we have anything more elaborate than everyone but Paragon hides, then the rest of us blast the gunslinger when she attacks?"
[21:53] <@Yarrow> Toast: "We could mine the entrance."
[21:53] * Paragon raises an eyebrow behind her mask. "You have mines?"
[21:53] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I can make some."
[21:54] <Valery> "Other than that, not too much more... best to keep things simple."
[21:54] <@Yarrow> Star: "Maybe... but if she sets them off and they don't kill her, she might just run off."
[21:54] <Paragon> "As usual."
[21:55] <Paragon> "I hit her and she runs...."
[21:55] <Paragon> "Of course... I run most of the time."
[21:55] * Paragon shrugs.
[21:56] <@Yarrow> Star: "Yeah. She doesn't stick around to fight to the finish, but don't assume she's a coward."
[21:56] * Xui-Fei nods, "that sounds like the original final techinque of my school"
[21:57] <@Yarrow> Shari: "Shouldn't we be hiding so she doesn't walk in while we're standing here talking?"
[21:57] <Xui-Fei> (the old face opponent and run away to think of a better plan)
[21:57] * Paragon nods.
[21:57] <Paragon> "Get hidden."
[21:57] * Valery nods. "Let's get into position."
[21:57] <@Yarrow> Shari: "But that's just me. Maybe chatting and collecting cars is more important to you guys."
[21:58] * Xui-Fei nods and finds a spot that he can appear out of easily
[21:58] * Valery tries to find a spot for herself.
[21:58] <@Yarrow> Shari and Toast find hiding spots.
[21:59] <@Yarrow> Are you deploying the lantern, Val?
[21:59] <@Yarrow> Or will this be a fight in uncertain lighting? :)
[21:59] <Paragon> (Doesn't affect me! :P)
[22:00] <@Yarrow> Star, to Paragon: "Think I should sit out here with you or find a hiding place?"
[22:00] <Paragon> "Well, what weapon do you have on you, Star?"
[22:00] <Valery> (Yeah, deploying it near Paragon)
[22:01] <@Yarrow> Star says, "The usual," and holds up her enhanced shotgun (slug thrower).
[22:01] <Paragon> "Up to you."
[22:01] * Paragon shrugs.
[22:02] <@Yarrow> Lilith, via Valery's comm: "You might not want to risk Star more than necessary. She is our only zombie fighting expert."
[22:05] * Valery frowns. "Valentine-san, I'd suggest you try to hide... we will need your expertise later."
[22:06] <@Yarrow> Star frowns. "I'll take cover. I don't think I need to hide, since she'll probably be expecting me."
[22:06] <@Yarrow> She takes cover behind a blackened vending machine and gets comfortable.
[22:06] * Xui-Fei sighs
[22:07] <@Yarrow> Star: "Ok, let's settle in and wait. No more talking."
[22:07] * Paragon stands in the center, facing the entrance.... and actually starts singing "Tokyo Nagaremono." Keeping her eye on the entrance.
[22:08] * Valery nods, and slips under cover.
[22:08] <Paragon> (Hey, I'm the bait, I can do whatever.)
[22:08] <Paragon> (:P)
[22:08] <@Yarrow> Star: "Paragon, move in a bit so she doesn't shoot you from outside..."
[22:08] * Paragon nods, mid-verse.
[22:08] * Paragon also complies.
[22:11] <@Yarrow> About ten minutes pass.
[22:12] * Paragon changes songs to something a little less depressing.
[22:13] * Paragon has rank 6 performing arts with a specialization in vocals... so it sounds good.
[22:13] <@Yarrow> And then the daylight is blocked briefly as two large forms rush in the station's entrance.
[22:14] * Valery quiets herself a bit more.
[22:14] <@Yarrow> One is a zerker, and the other is a large rubber droid about the same size as the zerker. (Paragon has not encountered the latter.)
[22:15] * Paragon blinks. "Well this is lovely."
[22:15] <@Yarrow> They see Paragon and charge her.
[22:15] <@Yarrow> Init.
[22:15] <Paragon> 2d6+10 init
[22:15] <EllfDB1> Paragon, init: 19 [2d6=5,4]
[22:15] <Valery> 2d6+4
[22:15] <EllfDB1> Valery, 2d6+4: 9 [2d6=4,1]
[22:16] <@Yarrow> 2d6+3 Toast
[22:16] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Toast: 12 [2d6=6,3]
[22:16] <Xui-Fei> 2d6+4
[22:16] <EllfDB1> Xui-Fei, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=3,4]
[22:16] <@Yarrow> 2d6+4 Shari
[22:16] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Shari: 8 [2d6=3,1]
[22:17] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8 Star
[22:17] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Star: 19 [2d6=6,5]
[22:17] <@Yarrow> 2d6+4 zerker
[22:17] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, zerker: 11 [2d6=1,6]
[22:17] <@Yarrow> 2d6+5 rubber
[22:18] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, rubber: 16 [2d6=6,5]
[22:19] * Yarrow changes topic to 'Para/Star 19,rub 16,Toast 12,XF/zerk* 11,Val 9'
[22:19] <@Yarrow> Paragon's up. Star waits.
[22:19] <@Yarrow> Note: Paragon's already down 8ep from teleporting.
[22:20] <Paragon> "Let's start this off well, PARA VOLT!"
[22:20] <Paragon> 2d6+9
[22:20] <EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+9: 16 [2d6=1,6]
[22:20] <@Yarrow> Target?
[22:20] <Paragon> Against zerker
[22:21] <@Yarrow> Ok. Btw, what is the paravolt? Magical electricity?
[22:21] <Paragon> (Basically a dark blue bolt of energy. More of Force damage)
[22:21] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8 zerker dodge
[22:21] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, zerker dodge: 15 [2d6=4,3]
[22:22] <Paragon> 44 damage
[22:22] <@Yarrow> The bolt blasts the zerker, making her stagger.
[22:22] * Paragon smirks.
[22:22] <@Yarrow> The rubber droid charges forward and swings a massive fist at Paragon.
[22:22] <Paragon> (157/175 EP)
[22:22] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10
[22:22] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 15 [2d6=2,3]
[22:23] <Paragon> 2d6+7 dodge it please
[22:23] <EllfDB1> Paragon, dodge it please: 18 [2d6=6,5]
[22:23] * Paragon moves her head out of the way as the fist is incoming.
[22:23] <@Yarrow> Paragon evades and Star takes this opportunity to shoot at the zerker.
[22:24] <@Yarrow> 2d6+7
[22:24] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+7: 13 [2d6=3,3]
[22:24] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8-1
[22:24] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8-1: 17 [2d6=5,5]
[22:24] <@Yarrow> But the shot goes wide and blows a chunk out of the wall behind her.
[22:25] <@Yarrow> Toast waits.
[22:25] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei is up.
[22:25] <Xui-Fei> (how far is the Zerker from me?)
[22:25] <@Yarrow> As the zerker charges at Paragon with its blades extended.
[22:25] <Xui-Fei> (so with in 100 meters?)
[22:25] <@Yarrow> Oh, easily.
[22:26] * Xui-Fei gathers his chi and launches his chi attack
[22:26] <@Yarrow> So, you're going to advertise your presence?
[22:26] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+7
[22:26] <Xui-Fei> 2d6+7
[22:26] <EllfDB1> Xui-Fei, 2d6+7: 14 [2d6=2,5]
[22:26] <Xui-Fei> (yeah)
[22:26] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8-3
[22:26] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8-3: 11 [2d6=2,4]
[22:27] <Xui-Fei> (28)
[22:27] * Valery just sighs.
[22:27] <Xui-Fei> (damn it I have an updated sheet but I forgot to get it to you)
[22:27] <@Yarrow> I have it listed as 27 damage.
[22:28] <Paragon> (2d6+6 for my dodge... I'll be right back)
[22:28] <Xui-Fei> (damn it your right
[22:28] <@Yarrow> The zerker staggers again but continues on to Paragon and starts dicing.
[22:28] <@Yarrow> 2d8+8
[22:28] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d8+8: 16 [2d8=4,4]
[22:29] <@Yarrow> 2d6+7-1 dodge
[22:29] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, dodge: 16 [2d6=5,5]
[22:29] <@Yarrow> Paragon just manages to get her face out of the way as the blade skitters across her visor.
[22:29] <@Yarrow> Valery is up.
[22:30] * Valery frowns, but stays in hiding for now - these guys aren't our target, after all.
[22:30] <@Yarrow> The zerker slices across with her other blade.
[22:30] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8
[22:30] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 16 [2d6=5,3]
[22:30] <@Yarrow> 2d6+7-3
[22:30] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+7-3: 6 [2d6=1,1]
[22:31] <@Yarrow> We'll wait a moment to see if Ellf wants to use DR.
[22:34] <@Yarrow> Ok. We'll continue on.
[22:34] <Paragon> (yeah, I'll DR)
[22:34] <@Yarrow> Just in time.
[22:34] <Paragon> (wait... nevermind)
[22:34] <Paragon> (No DR)
[22:35] <Paragon> (Wait, DR, definitely)
[22:35] <Paragon> (sorry)
[22:35] <Paragon> 2d6+4
[22:35] <EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+4: 8 [2d6=1,3]
[22:35] <Paragon> (no crit)
[22:36] <@Yarrow> The slash takes Paragon by surprise, cutting across her chest for 15 damage before armor.
[22:36] <@Yarrow> Not so bad. And then the zerker takes another slash with each blade.
[22:36] <@Yarrow> 2#2d6+8
[22:36] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2#2d6+8: 18 [2d6=6,4], 18 [2d6=6,4]
[22:37] <Paragon> (o.O)
[22:37] <Paragon> (-5 right?)
[22:37] <Xui-Fei> (really DB1)
[22:37] <@Yarrow> -6
[22:37] <@Yarrow> (They get 4 attacks when they close to melee)
[22:37] <Paragon> (Nah, that wasn't the O.o it was the results from DB1)
[22:38] <Paragon> 2#2d6+1 dodge attempt at least dodge a crit please
[22:38] <EllfDB1> Paragon, dodge attempt at least dodge a crit please: 8 [2d6=2,5], 10 [2d6=6,3]
[22:38] <@Yarrow> Both hit, but neither are crits, at least.
[22:38] <Paragon> (Yeah, good thing I have armor)
[22:38] <@Yarrow> Yep. The zerker slices and dices, inflicting 10 damage after armour.
[22:39] <Paragon> (I'm actually in pretty good shape)
[22:39] <@Yarrow> Next round.
[22:39] <@Yarrow> Unless anyone wants to take a held action first?
[22:40] <Valery> (Holding out for a little longer, hopefully our target actually shows up...)
[22:40] <@Yarrow> Ok. Paragon and Star are up.
[22:40] <@Yarrow> 2d6+7 Star on zerker
[22:40] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Star on zerker: 17 [2d6=4,6]
[22:40] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8 zerker dodge
[22:40] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, zerker dodge: 13 [2d6=2,3]
[22:41] <@Yarrow> A slug slams into the zerker, knocking her back and down.
[22:41] <Paragon> "Thanks star."
[22:42] <Paragon> (Can I move and attack at the same time... if so, what's the penalty?)
[22:42] <@Yarrow> You can move. So long as you're not running, there's no penalty.
[22:43] * Paragon puts a bit of distance between her and the rubber droid before unleashing another Para Volt, targeting the rubber droid this time.
[22:43] <Paragon> 2d6+9
[22:43] <EllfDB1> Paragon, 2d6+9: 16 [2d6=4,3]
[22:43] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10
[22:43] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 19 [2d6=6,3]
[22:43] <Paragon> (aww... quit hating on me DB1)
[22:43] <@Yarrow> The rubber droid twitches her head out of the way.
[22:45] <@Yarrow> 2d6
[22:45] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6: 3 [2d6=1,2]
[22:46] <@Yarrow> The rubber droid spins and kicks at Paragon.
[22:46] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10
[22:46] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 12 [2d6=1,1]
[22:46] <Xui-Fei> (ouch)
[22:46] <Paragon> (Should I even roll to dodge that?)
[22:46] <@Yarrow> And trips over the zerker.
[22:47] <@Yarrow> No dodge required.
[22:47] <@Yarrow> Toast waits.
[22:47] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei is up.
[22:47] <Xui-Fei> (holding action this time)
[22:48] <@Yarrow> Valery is up.
[22:50] * Valery slips out of hiding and turns towards a wrecked train, bringing her gun up. "Gunslinger on the right!"
[22:50] * Valery fires.
[22:50] <Valery> 2d6+8
[22:50] <EllfDB1> Valery, 2d6+8: 20 [2d6=6,6]
[22:50] <Valery> (Oh BABY.)
[22:50] <Paragon> (And Damn does she fire)
[22:51] <Xui-Fei> (hot damn)
[22:51] <@Yarrow> Does Valery have critical strike?
[22:51] * @Yarrow checks.
[22:51] <@Yarrow> Nope.
[22:52] <Valery> (Ah, nope. Though I do have autofire ;) )
[22:52] <@Yarrow> 2d6+4
[22:52] <Paragon> (come on 8 or less)
[22:52] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=3,3]
[22:52] <Paragon> (aww...)
[22:52] <Valery> (Wow, is that four hits?)
[22:52] <@Yarrow> 1d100
[22:52] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 1d100: 54 [1d100=54]
[22:53] <Valery> (Each does 28 damage)
[22:53] <@Yarrow> 3#1d100
[22:53] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 3#1d100: 97 [1d100=97], 64 [1d100=64], 78 [1d100=78]
[22:53] <Xui-Fei> (...)
[22:53] <@Yarrow> At Valery's cry and gunfire, everyone looks to see what looks like a metal droid (you can't really tell if the color is unusual from here) that's wearing a cowboy hat, leather vest, and leather pants. It's also wearing ... crossed bandoleers with grenades attached.
[22:54] <Paragon> (oh I just got an amazing idea that would be hillarious.)
[22:54] <Xui-Fei> (oh dear did Val hit one of the grenades?)
[22:54] <Valery> (Not necessarily, but it WAS about to throw one at you guys.)
[22:54] <Valery> (Thus why I gave up stealth for speed.)
[22:55] <@Yarrow> She's holding a grenade in one hand, and the usual grace that Paragon has seen from her just doesn't quite seem to be there when she doesn't have her guns in her hand.
[22:55] <@Yarrow> Multiple bullets slam into her, sparking where they hit. And one grenade sparks.
[22:56] <@Yarrow> Before detonating. A split second later, the rest go off, blasting everyone away from the area and actually making the disabled train she was slipping around jump off the ground for a moment before slamming back down.
[22:57] <@Yarrow> Metal shards sting exposed flesh.
[22:57] <@Yarrow> Next round. Paragon and Star are up. The rubber droid remains. There's no sign of the gunslinger.
[22:58] * Valery blushes as she steadies herself. "... Oops."
[22:58] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Damn it, Val! I was about to do that!"
[22:59] <Valery> "Sorry... I had to keep her from throwing them into the fight."
[22:59] <Paragon> "Nice shot." Paragon smiles and then fires a para volt at the rubber droid.
[22:59] <Paragon> 2d6+9 firing another bolt
[22:59] <EllfDB1> Paragon, firing another bolt: 15 [2d6=2,4]
[22:59] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10
[22:59] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 13 [2d6=2,1]
[23:00] <@Yarrow> Amazingly, the droid seems to dodge right into Paragon's poorly aimed shot.
[23:00] <Paragon> (44 damage, Penetrating 2)
[23:00] <@Yarrow> 2d6+7
[23:00] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+7: 16 [2d6=4,5]
[23:00] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10-1
[23:00] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10-1: 15 [2d6=4,2]
[23:01] <@Yarrow> And then Star's slug takes it in the chest, though much of the impact is absorbed.
[23:02] * Xui-Fei blinks
[23:02] <@Yarrow> The rubber droid doesn't like this and tries to take off Paragon's head with a punch. Literally.
[23:02] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10-6 vital spot
[23:02] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, vital spot: 12 [2d6=5,3]
[23:02] <Paragon> 2d6+7 dodge please
[23:02] <EllfDB1> Paragon, dodge please: 11 [2d6=2,2]
[23:02] <Paragon> dr
[23:02] <Paragon> 2d6+7 dodge damnit
[23:02] <EllfDB1> Paragon, dodge damnit: 17 [2d6=5,5]
[23:03] * Paragon ducks under the punch, eyes wide.
[23:03] <@Yarrow> Paragon freezes for a second but wakes up at the last instant and ducks the blow.
[23:03] <@Yarrow> Toast mutters about killstealers.
[23:03] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei is up.
[23:04] * Xui-Fei rushes the rubber droid
[23:04] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Anything goes
[23:04] <Xui-Fei> 2d6+8 Anything goes
[23:04] <EllfDB1> Xui-Fei, Anything goes: 19 [2d6=5,6]
[23:04] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10-3
[23:04] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10-3: 16 [2d6=4,5]
[23:05] <Xui-Fei> (27 damage)
[23:05] <@Yarrow> I have 23 listed for that attack.
[23:06] <Xui-Fei> (gah go with that)
[23:06] <Xui-Fei> (definatly need to send you my updated sheet)
[23:06] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei charges in, slips to the side around the droid's block, and lands a devastating axe kick to her side--to have most of its impact bounce right off.
[23:07] <@Yarrow> Valery's up.
[23:07] <Xui-Fei> "damn rubber droids..."
[23:08] * Valery focuses on looking around, trying to see if there're any more.
[23:08] <@Yarrow> Valery doesn't see any other enemies, but that huge explosion could certainly attract attention.
[23:08] <@Yarrow> Paragon and Star are up again.
[23:09] * Valery moves towards the train.
[23:09] <Paragon> 2d6+9 Para Volt.
[23:09] <EllfDB1> Paragon, Para Volt.: 16 [2d6=2,5]
[23:10] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10
[23:10] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 20 [2d6=4,6]
[23:10] * Paragon misses horribly.
[23:11] <@Yarrow> The droid dodges without much trouble.
[23:11] <@Yarrow> 2d6+7
[23:11] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+7: 17 [2d6=5,5]
[23:11] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10-1
[23:11] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10-1: 15 [2d6=2,4]
[23:11] <@Yarrow> But that puts her off-balance for Star's shot.
[23:12] <@Yarrow> She staggers for a moment and almost goes down but manages to stay up for another attempt at beheading Paragon.
[23:12] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10-6 headshot
[23:12] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, headshot: 12 [2d6=5,3]
[23:12] <Paragon> 2d6+7 Dodge it!
[23:12] <EllfDB1> Paragon, Dodge it!: 14 [2d6=1,6]
[23:13] <@Yarrow> She grumbles as Paragon dodges again.
[23:14] <@Yarrow> Toast keeps an eye on the entrance. Xui-Fei is up.
[23:14] <Xui-Fei> "wataaaaaaa"
[23:14] <Xui-Fei> 2d6+8 Amuriken
[23:14] <EllfDB1> Xui-Fei, Amuriken: 17 [2d6=5,4]
[23:15] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10-3
[23:15] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10-3: 13 [2d6=4,2]
[23:15] <Xui-Fei> (1 hit should be 28 damage)
[23:15] <Xui-Fei> (and yes I tried to pull fist of the north star)
[23:16] <@Yarrow> The first blow knocks the droid out, allowing all the others to land. She gets pushed back a bit before falling over.
[23:16] <Xui-Fei> "it's over" he says before letting the droid fall
[23:16] <@Yarrow> The subway station goes quiet as the fight ends.
[23:17] * Xui-Fei catches his breath
[23:17] * Valery waves as she approaches the train. "Paragon-san, please come over here."
[23:17] * Paragon nods and walks over.
[23:17] <@Yarrow> ("It's over," declares Xui-Fei right before the droid falls on top of him. ;) )
[23:18] <@Yarrow> There's ... not much left of the droid that Valery blew up.
[23:18] <Valery> "We'll need to find whatever remains there may be and confirm that it's your stalker. I didn't plan on it blowing up, but if it threw one of those grenades..."
[23:19] <Paragon> "Thank you, ojou-san."
[23:19] <@Yarrow> About a dozen grenades went off with her at ground zero, pretty much turning her into shrapnel.
[23:19] <Paragon> "Looks like she's err... done for."
[23:19] <@Yarrow> You can hunt around the station for any chunks big enough to inspect, if you like.
[23:20] * Valery does such hunting. "Can you confirm if any of this looks like it's her, though? I couldn't get a good visual before I had to fire, so it could have been a decoy."
[23:21] * Paragon uses her mask to search for any pieces that stick out as part of the gunmetal droid.
[23:21] <Paragon> 2d6+10 mind
[23:21] <EllfDB1> Paragon, mind: 19 [2d6=4,5]
[23:21] <Paragon> (-2, 8 mind)
[23:21] <@Yarrow> Give me a mind roll too, Valery.
[23:22] <Valery> 2d6+5
[23:22] <EllfDB1> Valery, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=5,2]
[23:23] <Xui-Fei> (how much longer guys)
[23:23] <@Yarrow> Before what, Light?
[23:23] <Xui-Fei> (how much longer are we going for I'm getting bitched at to get off here due to a storm)
[23:24] <@Yarrow> Probably a couple of hours.
[23:24] <Valery> (Guh... that sucks, Lightsman)
[23:24] <@Yarrow> 1d100
[23:24] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 1d100: 21 [1d100=21]
[23:25] <@Yarrow> The chunk is gunmetal gray on one side but the color of normal metal droids on the other sides.
[23:25] <Xui-Fei> (and I'm gonna have to go...now)
[23:25] * Xui-Fei is now known as Light02
[23:25] <@Yarrow> Ok. Well, we hope you can get back on tonight.
[23:25] <Light02> (I hope so too...if not I'm sorry)
[23:26] * Paragon blinks. "That's far from comforting."
02[23:26] * Light02 Quit (Quit: Light, The New Avatar of Chaos)
[23:26] <Valery> "Well... I don't suppose you knew what her internals looked like."
[23:26] * Paragon shakes her head.
[23:26] <@Yarrow> Star comes over and looks.
[23:26] <Valery> (Are the normal metal droids gunmetal gray on the inside? Or normal colour?)
[23:27] <@Yarrow> The normal droids are the same color inside and out.
[23:28] <Valery> (Mm)
[23:28] <Valery> (Is the chunk painted on the gray side? Or does it appear to be actual metal?)
[23:29] <Paragon> "Where are her guns?"
[23:30] <@Yarrow> Paragon scratches the gray side while studying it with her visor. It looks like it may be paint.
[23:30] * Paragon curses.
[23:30] * Paragon looks around.
[23:31] <@Yarrow> Star sighs. "I suppose we can't afford to assume she painted herself the same way she started dressing herself up."
[23:31] <Paragon> "I'd love to assume that."
[23:31] <Paragon> "But she was gunmetal when I first encountered her."
[23:32] * Valery tsks. "Great... she was probably here, but..."
[23:33] <Paragon> "She saw that I had backup... and called for her own while she retreated."
[23:33] <@Yarrow> You don't see her guns anywhere, by the way.
[23:34] <@Yarrow> Star: "Either that or she planned the whole thing in advance."
[23:34] <Valery> (How long since the fight?)
[23:34] * Paragon nods.
[23:34] <@Yarrow> A couple of minutes.
[23:34] <Paragon> (how long have I been in Senshi form?)
[23:34] * Valery sighs, standing up. "It's been a while since it started... she probably got away by now."
[23:35] <@Yarrow> About 15 minutes.
[23:35] <Paragon> "Star, I'm going to change back. If she's not here, there's no point... I'm not sure if we should go to their place yet though."
[23:36] <@Yarrow> Star shakes her head. "We can't move in if there's a real possibility the gunslinger is still out there."
[23:36] <Paragon> "At the least, I'll get a bit of recharge in the process."
[23:36] <@Yarrow> Star: "Take us back home before changing back."
[23:37] <Paragon> "Should we take them with?"
[23:37] <@Yarrow> Star: "Yeah. If you're willing to come (she says to the party). I told the others we might bring back company."
[23:37] <Paragon> "If she can track me, there's the chance that she can track them as well... and now that they know they're helping me...."
[23:38] * Valery nods. "Yeah... we'll go for now, you guys are the priority at the moment."
[23:38] <@Yarrow> Hnh. I forgot to put Shari in the init order (and thus the fight). Oh, well.
[23:38] <Paragon> "Right... everyone get close.... no need to touch, but the closer you are to me the easier this is."
[23:39] <@Yarrow> The others agree to go to the old sewers.
[23:39] <Paragon> "you may want to let your superior know."
[23:39] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei: "Our what?"
[23:39] <Paragon> "Whoever your boss is... or whoever you report to."
[23:40] <Paragon> (Unique view on life due to not wearing the actual Senshi outfit! :P)
[23:40] * Valery steps up to Para, while reloading. "We are in charge at the moment... that said, Lilith-san, this may be a bit longer than we thought - did you catch everything?"
[23:41] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "I did. We'll have to assume you'll be out of contact until you return, considering that Operation Intern didn't affect Star's group."
[23:41] * Paragon looks over the group again. "Three kids and I really don't know what you are.... are in charge?" Paragon shakes her head.
[23:42] <Paragon> "Away we go then. -Teleport-
[23:43] <Paragon> (Taking all friendly targets I can with me underground, then releasing the transformation)
[23:43] <Paragon> (Which should be everyone in the tunnel)
[23:43] <@Yarrow> There's a moment of disorientation and you all find yourselves in a large underground stone chamber.
[23:43] * Paragon is now known as Tetsu
[23:44] * Tetsu is I guess a girl in a powder blue suit that would normally be cut for a man... and her hair is significantly shorter than that of her senshi form.
[23:44] <@Yarrow> Star: "If you see any glowing anemones, don't touch them. And if you see any giant spiders, *don't* run from them."
[23:44] * Valery looks around, nodding.
[23:44] <@Yarrow> She gives Tetsu a hard look as she says that last part.
[23:44] <Tetsu> "But they're big spiders..."
[23:44] <Tetsu> "Very big."
[23:44] * Valery sweatdrops. "Do they get more aggressive if you run?"
[23:44] <@Yarrow> Star: "Yes, and they don't chase you if you don't run!"
[23:45] * Tetsu is blushing bright red.
[23:45] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei: "Oh, I ran into one of those on the day of the invasion! Really nasty looking... but when I started toward it, it ran away. Well, jumped away, but you know what I mean."
[23:45] <Tetsu> "They're big spiders... and you ran towards it?"
[23:46] * Tetsu shakes her head.
[23:46] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei: "Well, there were zerkers and glass droids back the way I came..."
[23:46] * Tetsu mutters... "I'd take the droids."
[23:47] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei: "See if you feel the same way after getting run through by the glass ones three times."
[23:47] <Tetsu> "Bullet. Brain."
[23:47] <Valery> "Ah... yes. It's been a while since you got stabbed in the back..."
[23:47] <Tetsu> "I shouldn't have survived that."
[23:47] <@Yarrow> Btw - jumping spiders: http://www.uky.edu/Ag/CritterFiles/case ... umping.htm
[23:48] <Tetsu> (I'm more imagining larger versions of the ones in Iraq... which are already pretty damn big)
[23:48] <Tetsu> (http://www.cryptomundo.com/wp-content/giantspider.jpg)
[23:48] <Tetsu> (And these move as fast as deer when jumping)
[23:49] <@Yarrow> The ones down here are the size of your head instead of the size of your pinkie nail, though.
[23:49] <Tetsu> (10 mph)
[23:50] <Tetsu> (8 inches)
[23:50] <Tetsu> (RL spider)
[23:50] <Tetsu> (Called a Camel Spider)
[23:50] <@Yarrow> From what I understand, that picture makes them look bigger than they actually are.
[23:51] <Tetsu> (Again, their max recorded size is 8 inches)
[23:51] <Tetsu> (And their max clocked speed is 10 mph)
[23:51] * Tetsu sighs.
[23:52] * Tetsu adjusts her suit to try to get more comfortable.
[23:52] <@Yarrow> But generally 5"-6" max size.
[23:52] <@Yarrow> Anyway...
[23:52] <Tetsu> (Still a fucking big spider)
[23:52] <@Yarrow> Let's take a 5-10 minute break.
[23:53] <Tetsu> (Hopefully Light'll be back, but I doubt it.)
[23:53] <Valery> (Indeed)
[00:04] <@Yarrow> One more minute.
[00:07] * Tetsu blinks
[00:07] <Tetsu> (now then?)
[00:07] <@Yarrow> Ok.
[00:08] <Tetsu> (Valery, you here?)
[00:08] * Light02 has joined #cte
[00:09] <Valery> (Yo)
[00:09] <Tetsu> (neat, Light is back)
[00:09] <Light02> (yo what did I miss)
[00:09] * Light02 is now known as Xui-Fei
[00:09] <Tetsu> (We teleported out of the station and down to the sewers)
[00:09] <Tetsu> (Gimme a second to pull the log)
[00:09] <Xui-Fei> (could someone get me the long of what I missed I think I missed about a half an hours worth)
[00:10] <Tetsu> (PMed)
[00:11] <@Yarrow> Has anyone sent Light a log?
[00:11] <Xui-Fei> (yeah ellf is
[00:11] <Tetsu> (Sent)
[00:11] <Tetsu> (Fully)
[00:11] <@Yarrow> Ok. Let me know when you're ready.
[00:11] <Xui-Fei> (now wolfie is)
[00:12] <Xui-Fei> (only need one guys)
[00:13] <Xui-Fei> (thanks reading up)
[00:15] <Xui-Fei> (ok I've caught up)
[00:16] <@Yarrow> Ok. You're now in the ancient sewers. Xui-Fei has actually been in part of them before.
[00:17] <@Yarrow> Star: "The encampment is this way."
[00:17] * Xui-Fei nods to Star, "lead the way"
[00:17] <@Yarrow> She leads the way to a semipermanent settlement.
[00:17] * Valery nods, and follows.
[00:18] * Tetsu stays mostly silent during the walk.
[00:19] <@Yarrow> It looks like there are a bit more than 20 people, some of them children, and one adult youma woman.
[00:19] * Tetsu smiles at the children.
[00:20] <@Yarrow> It looks pretty well organized. There are tents, supply areas, barricades by entrances to the chamber, and even some plants growing under some lights that are set up.
[00:21] <@Yarrow> A man comes over to your group and asks Star, "How did it go?"
[00:22] <Tetsu> "Three droids destroyed. Unlikely that we got her."
[00:22] <@Yarrow> Star: "Not well. No serious injuries, but we think we got a decoy instead of the gunslinger."
[00:23] <@Yarrow> Man: "Damn."
[00:24] <@Yarrow> He looks at the rest of you. "Hi..."
[00:24] * Xui-Fei nods, "though it wasn't for the lack of trying on the gunslinger"
[00:24] * Valery bows. "Hello."
[00:24] <@Yarrow> Star: "If she was even there."
[00:25] * Xui-Fei nods at star again, "very true that could of easily been a decoy"
[00:26] <@Yarrow> Star: "So, what's do we do next?"
[00:28] * Tetsu shrugs.
[00:29] <Tetsu> "Since apparently these children are in charge of the other group, maybe they have ideas."
[00:29] <@Yarrow> Star: "I mean, unless your home is inaccessible, having Tetsu move in while the gunslinger's alive gives away its location."
[00:29] <Valery> "Mm... I suppose we'll need to recover, since I think a few people got injured. After that... hm... I don't know if she'd fall for an ambush again."
[00:30] <Tetsu> "Star, you're the only one that needs to move in."
[00:30] <@Yarrow> Star: "Of course, if that actually was the gunslinger Val killed, we'll never have a clear sign that it's safe for Tetsu to join you."
[00:30] * Valery sighs.
[00:31] <@Yarrow> Star: "I'm not moving in without the rest of my people."
[00:31] <Xui-Fei> "if this was before the invasion I'd say that would be wrong but now," he says with a sigh, "we don't even know if our own shelter is safe anymore"
[00:33] * Valery nods. "And... we don't really know how precise the droid's tracking abilities are. If it got Paragon-san... it may have Valentine-san tagged as well."
[00:33] <Valery> "Or us."
[00:34] <@Yarrow> Star: "Well, we *know* it can track Tetsu."
[00:34] * Tetsu nods.
[00:34] <Tetsu> "There's the chance that you aren't safe as well.'
[00:34] <Tetsu> "But it definitely is tracking me."
[00:35] <Xui-Fei> "my question is this if she did know about our trap how did she find out"
[00:35] <Tetsu> "Good question."
[00:35] <Valery> "I'd presume she was simply cautious, and didn't come in until after you showed yourself."
[00:36] <Valery> "At which point she would know it was a trap."
[00:36] <@Yarrow> Star: "It's hard to say. It could have been a coincidence... Or she saw Xui-Fei. Or she could have found our movement over the last day suspicious."
[00:36] <Xui-Fei> "all are good theories
[00:39] <@Yarrow> Shari looks around at the surroundings.
[00:40] * Tetsu nods. "Ojou-san, when you saw her, did she have any guns on her at all?"
[00:40] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Well, I guess this means we don't team up. Too bad, it sounded like fun. Should we head back to hq for lunch now?"
[00:41] * Xui-Fei glares at Toast
[00:41] * Tetsu looks at Valery.
[00:43] * Valery shakes her head. "I didn't see any, but I didn't get a very good look - I was a little too concerned about the grenades."
[00:44] <Tetsu> "Then there is a chance that she is still out there." She turns to Star. "Star, it isn't necessary for me to go with all of you. They seem to have a teleporter of their own. Perhaps he could bring you and everyone else to their shelter."
[00:44] <@Yarrow> Star: "The whole using grenades instead of guns thing is what's most suspicious."
[00:44] <@Yarrow> Star: "And what, leave you all alone here? No, that's not a viable option."
[00:45] * Tetsu smiles wryly.
[00:45] <Tetsu> "Didn't realize you cared so much."
[00:45] * Valery licks her lips. "There's also our nonspecific knowledge about her tracking abilities. She may be able to track all of us."
[00:45] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
[00:46] <Tetsu> "She started tracking me after she put a bullet in my brain."
[00:47] <Valery> "... And you pulled it out, right?"
[00:47] * Valery peers up at Tetsu's head.
[00:47] <Tetsu> "I uh... don't remember much except getting dizzy and being suddenly fully healed and in costume as paragon."
[00:48] <Valery> "... When we get the chance to return to headquarters, we're going to have to... ah, wait."
[00:48] * Valery shakes her head. "We need to secure a bio lab anyway, we can find an x-ray machine there and get your head looked at."
[00:49] <Valery> "If it's a physical tracer, we could have it removed."
[00:49] <Tetsu> "Surprised the heck out of me... I expected to be dead."
[00:49] <Valery> "... If we can find a surgeon."
[00:49] * Valery blushes, nodding. "Yeah... I've had a bus thrown at me, so I know what you mean."
[00:49] <@Yarrow> Shari: "Wouldn't you be pretty messed up if you had a bullet in your brain? Like thinking 2 + 2 = blue?"
[00:50] <Tetsu> "Who knows how much the transformation can heal?"
[00:50] <Valery> "Either way... if the bullet hitting is the reason she can keep tracking you, we'll need to check and see if it's still there. And we may as well get some work done rather than just waiting for the stalker to show up again."
[00:51] <@Yarrow> Shari: "Even if you're healed, a bullet in the brain can't be good."
[00:51] * Xui-Fei shrugs and agreeing with Tetsu, "that's right we don't know the full detail of our changes"
[00:51] <Tetsu> "Depends on where it hit. It might be in a part of the brain that isn't important?"
[00:52] <Tetsu> It's obvious that Tetsu is bullshitting.
[00:52] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Hey, anyone have a magnet? Maybe we could find the bullet that way!"
[00:53] <Valery> "... Let's go for an x-ray. We need to be investigating biolabs anyway."
[00:53] <@Yarrow> Shari: "Don't hq have a hospital area?"
[00:54] <Valery> "Do we really want to go back to HQ when someone in the group - or everyone in the group - may be tracked?"
[00:55] <Xui-Fei> Val has a point, "though if we do investigate the lab...we might beable to draw out gunslinger droid and scrap her"
[00:55] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Hmmm. I suppose a magnet wouldn't pick up lead... Of course, if there's a lump of lead in his head, he's pretty much fucked anyway."
[00:55] <@Yarrow> Toast: "In his brain, I mean."
[00:55] <Tetsu> (Might want to revise those to her because I still haven't reverted to male form)
[00:56] * Valery nods. "We need to give some time for the gunslinger to come out if she's still tracking, and we have a reasonable amount of work we can get done while we do it, rather than simply waiting around."
[00:57] <@Yarrow> Star: "I don't think we can predict what she'll do if we don't know why our trap failed the way it did."
[00:57] * Tetsu blinks.
[00:57] <@Yarrow> Star: "I mean, did she get suspicious and back out or was she already planning to fake her death?"
[00:57] <Tetsu> "I don't want to believe this."
[00:57] <Tetsu> "But I just had a bad thought."
[00:57] <Xui-Fei> "hmm"
[00:58] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Blowing the whole place up. Yeah, I get those too."
[00:58] <Tetsu> "Not quite.... what if someone told her?"
[00:58] <@Yarrow> Shari: "One of us?"
[00:58] * Valery blinks. "But... who would have?"
[00:58] <Tetsu> "Though considering we made the plan that morning, there wouldn't be that much time."
[00:58] <Xui-Fei> "if someone did who was it"
[00:59] <Tetsu> "Star and I are the only ones on our end who talked about it..."
[00:59] <Xui-Fei> "we kept it low key besides Lilith the only ones who knew about it is here...."
[00:59] * Xui-Fei then pales
[00:59] <@Yarrow> Shari shrugs. "Unless it was Star, the bad guys already know where we live."
[00:59] * Valery nods. "We didn't pass it on to anyone other than Lilith-san either."
[01:00] <Xui-Fei> "what if gunslinger has some how gained the ablity to moniter commuications frequences?"
[01:00] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Then we're fucked."
[01:01] <Xui-Fei> "no shit and that scares me more than I want to admit"
[01:01] <Tetsu> "I don't think the individual droids have that ability...."
[01:01] <@Yarrow> Star: "I don't think the gunslinger is like other droids."
[01:01] <Valery> "That's why I prefer using burst transmissions - they're nearly impossible to intercept or track."
[01:01] <Tetsu> "Besides... she would have been lying in wait if she wanted to counterambush."
[01:02] <Xui-Fei> "depends on the gear they can be intercepted"
[01:03] <Xui-Fei> "and it's the only way that explains why she knew what we were planning and set up an ambush"
[01:03] <Xui-Fei> "or well a counter ambush"
[01:03] <Tetsu> "Not the only way."
[01:03] <Valery> "Unless she didn't know ahead of time at all... we already gave it away a little earlier than we should have."
[01:03] <@Yarrow> Star: "You know, it's possible she could have been hidden in there before we arrived..."
[01:03] * Tetsu nods.
[01:04] <Tetsu> "Jeeze too much to think about."
[01:04] <@Yarrow> Star: "She could have tracked us there from last night and just lain in wait."
[01:04] <Xui-Fei> "if she did how did she have a possible decoy there"
[01:04] <Valery> "And the communications were encrypted, anyway. She'd have only had half an hour to decode them and then rush off to an ambush."
[01:04] * Tetsu pouts.
[01:04] <Valery> "Maybe she always had it at her side, and just brought it out when she saw there was an ambush for her?"
[01:05] <Valery> "Or, as Valentine-san suggested, perhaps she was already planning on faking her death."
[01:06] * Xui-Fei nods, "all possible theories but something isn't right...I can feel it"
[01:07] * Tetsu sits down.
[01:08] * Tetsu sighs and looks over to the rest of the people here.
[01:08] <Xui-Fei> (and his response if any about where, "in my gut" yes I've been watching to much NCIS)
[01:09] <Tetsu> "How we doing on food stores, Star?"
[01:09] <@Yarrow> (Toast: "I told you not to eat that chicken tartare.")
[01:10] <@Yarrow> Star: "We're pretty good. Enough for at least another couple of months with this many people."
[01:10] * Tetsu nods.
[01:11] * Valery nods. "I'd suggest we simply carry on with our regular missions from here."
[01:11] <Valery> "At least until we have an opportunity to confirm the gunslinger's status."
[01:11] <@Yarrow> Toast: "So, now we go find a bio lab, x-ray Tetsu's head, and see if there's anything stuck in there?"
[01:12] * Valery nods. "If it's a tracer, once we get a surgeon we can pretty much completely fix the matter."
[01:14] <Xui-Fei> "to bad our only surgon was taken by Operation Intern
[01:14] <Valery> "Primary. We still have some medical professionals, if there aren't any here?"
[01:14] <@Yarrow> Star: "We don't have anyone here who can perform brain surgery."
[01:16] <@Yarrow> Shari: "So we're going to work together but Star & Para--Tets ... *her* will live here and meet us when we go out?"
[01:18] * Valery shakes her head. "I don't think we should return to headquarters ourselves until we have at least some level of assurance that the gunslinger's tracking hasn't got a lock on us."
[01:19] <@Yarrow> Star looks at Valery. "And how are you going to get that?"
[01:19] <Xui-Fei> "Lilith is already assuming were gonna be out of contact for a while"
[01:20] <@Yarrow> Toast: "At least she can contact Kei and the others if there's trouble."
[01:21] <Valery> "I'd like to get more information first - thus why I want to get Tetsu-san's head x-rayed. If there's a tracker in there, then we can presume that the gunslinger simply planted a tracer on her, check ourselves to make sure nothing is there, and then we know."
[01:21] <@Yarrow> Shari: "Um... don't we have to get in touch with Lilith to find out where the bio labs are?"
[01:22] <Valery> "If not, we'll move from there, but I'd like to at least discount one possibility first."
[01:22] * Valery nods. "We should move up to wherever your usual contact point is."
[01:23] * Tetsu seems to be zoned out at the moment.
[01:24] <@Yarrow> Star frowns. "I should probably stay down here."
[01:26] <@Yarrow> Star: "You don't need the radio anyway, right?"
[01:26] * Valery nods. "No, we shouldn't."
[01:28] * Tetsu whispers out something and a single tear goes down her face.
[01:28] <@Yarrow> (Aah! Her face is ripping!)
[01:29] * Valery blinks. "... Are you all right, Tetsu-san...?"
[01:29] * Tetsu blinks and then shakes her head. "She tried to save me and ended up losing her life in the process.... I couldn't do anything."
[01:31] <@Yarrow> Shari: "Huh?"
[01:33] <Tetsu> "That's why I can't let anyone else die... not when I can do something about it."
[01:33] * Tetsu stands.
[01:35] <Tetsu> "You guys have a biolab to locate.... let me know when you find it and where it is."
[01:35] * Tetsu starts to walk off.
[01:35] <Tetsu> (Towards wherever the bed area is.)
[01:35] <@Yarrow> Toast: "You know, you could come with us."
[01:35] <Valery> "Tetsu-san, it will take us perhaps ten minutes to locate it... unless you're very tired?"
[01:36] <Tetsu> "Right... forgot, you don't know where the communications area is."
[01:36] <@Yarrow> Toast: "We can just teleport out anyway."
[01:38] <Valery> "Still, if we end up staying here for a while, it'll be easier to know where it is."
[01:38] * Tetsu nods.
[01:38] <@Yarrow> Star: "Actually, we just take the radio topside. We don't have a particular spot."
[01:39] <Valery> "Ahhh, that works well enough."
[01:39] <@Yarrow> A woman walks up. "Tetsu ... don't. turn. around."
[01:40] * Tetsu freezes...
[01:40] * Xui-Fei blinks
[01:40] <@Yarrow> Woman: "Just relax... Hold it... hold it..."
[01:41] * Valery blinks, looking at the woman.
[01:41] <Tetsu> "There's a really big spider behind me.... isn't there?" Tetsu manages to grind out.
[01:41] * Valery glances behind Tetsu.
[01:41] <@Yarrow> She comes closer and then goes behind Tetsu, and waves her arms around. "Gaah! Beat it, you ugly spider!"
[01:41] * Tetsu cringes.
[01:41] <@Yarrow> A huge spider jumps away and into a dark corner of the room.
[01:42] * Tetsu pulls out her gun.
[01:42] * Xui-Fei blinks, "they like to grow big around here"
[01:42] <Tetsu> "One of these times.... I am going to shoot one."
[01:43] * Valery nods. "That one was quite large..."
[01:43] <@Yarrow> The woman pats Tetsu on the shoulder. "There, there. It's gone now."
[01:43] <Tetsu> "And it will feel _good_"
[01:43] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Hunh. I was starting to think you were really a guy until I saw you with that spider."
[01:43] <Xui-Fei> (so want to make ref to a fic but it'd be too OOC for Xui-Fei to make)
[01:44] * Tetsu blinks twice.
[01:44] <Valery> "Considering our overall average of luck, that one will probably be the one that reflects bullets."
[01:44] * Tetsu has also been using masculine forms for her Japanese.
[01:44] <Xui-Fei> "or has a life bar...."
[01:45] <@Yarrow> It will have a name, making it 10x more dangerous. :)
[01:45] <Tetsu> "The spider is far larger than any spider has any right to be."
[01:45] <Tetsu> "And they jump!"
[01:45] * Valery blinks. "Um... you know, just because Tetsu-san is bad with insects doesn't make her necessarily one gender or the other."
[01:45] <Xui-Fei> "oh just walk towards them"
[01:45] <Xui-Fei> "that's right toast, ones fears do not make there gender"
[01:46] <Tetsu> "Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to "just walk towards them"?"
[01:46] <Valery> "Well, if they're that jittery, a gunshot will probably scare them away."
[01:46] <Xui-Fei> "they are just as scared of you as you are of them"
[01:46] <Tetsu> "Tell that to my nerves."
[01:47] <Tetsu> "And when a spider comes and bites your head off in your sleep..."
[01:47] <Tetsu> "Tell it that it's just as scared of you as you are of it."
[01:47] <Tetsu> "Tiny spiders I can handle... sorta."
[01:47] <Tetsu> "But things that big..."
[01:47] <@Yarrow> Toast: "You mean in your hand?"
[01:48] <Tetsu> "No. Behind plate glass... or closed walls..."
[01:48] <Xui-Fei> "eh I doubt it'll be a spider that kills me, probably be some girl fighting over me....I mean I nearly lost....well something I should say in mix company over two cat yoma fighting over me"
[01:48] * Tetsu blinks.
[01:48] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Really, regular spiders are nothing to be afraid of. They're pretty tasty, really."
[01:48] * Valery winces at that.
[01:49] <Tetsu> "Anyway.... one of you mind taking us topside? I don't really feel like changing back to Paragon yet."
[01:49] <Xui-Fei> "toast is our teleporter...ready to head back topside
[01:49] * Valery glances at Toast to see if he doesn't mind being a shota for a bit.
[01:49] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Sure. Where to?"
[01:49] <@Yarrow> Toast is already in human form.
[01:49] <Tetsu> "Any secure location you know of that isn't near to your HQ..."
[01:50] <Xui-Fei> (and irony is that would be a ironic fate of a student of the saotome school)
[01:50] <Tetsu> (heh.)
[01:50] <Tetsu> (Killed by women fighting over him or the woman you love not being able to cook)
[01:51] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Let's see... HQ is out. The other place is out. Um. The museum is out. And I guess the subway station is out."
[01:51] <Tetsu> "okay... how about Shibuya park?"
[01:51] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Where?"
[01:51] <Tetsu> (Think that actually is a real park in Tokyo)
[01:52] <Tetsu> (I know Shibuya is in Tokyo)
[01:52] <Valery> "Actually... what about your park? The one where we picked you up?"
[01:52] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I think I might still remember the garage where we parked Metel."
[01:52] * Valery nods. "That would work as well."
[01:52] <Xui-Fei> "what about the food or music museam"
[01:52] <@Yarrow> Toast gives Xui-Fei a dark look. "NOT the music museum."
[01:53] <Xui-Fei> "true true that creapy woodland exbit creeps me out too"
[01:53] <@Yarrow> Toast: "And it pulled us off course last time. I was aiming for the entrance and we ended up in there."
[01:53] <Xui-Fei> (though it should be noted that normal Xui is wearing MJ's glove)
[01:53] <Tetsu> (Be right back)
[01:55] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Ok, I'll take us to the garage. It's under cover."
[01:56] <Tetsu> (back)
[01:56] * Valery nods. "All right."
[01:57] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Everyone ready?"
[01:57] * Tetsu nods. "Suppose that'll work."
[01:57] * Valery nods again.
[01:58] <@Yarrow> And once he gets the ok from everyone, Toast teleports you all (but not Star) to the garage.
[01:58] <@Yarrow> There's a moment of disorientation, and then you see...
[01:58] <@Yarrow> The end of the session.
[01:58] <@Yarrow> 4 cp
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Yarrow » Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:16 pm

Session 20 (09/28/09

[19:33] <@Yarrow> Ok. You all materialize in the underground garage where you left Metel the other day.
[19:34] * Xui-Fei blinks
[19:34] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Welcome back."
[19:34] <Xui-Fei> "thanks for the welcome Lilith"
[19:34] <Valery> "Hello, Lilith-san."
[19:34] * Tetsu blinks.
[19:36] <@Shari> (so what happened with shari last week?)
[19:36] <@Yarrow> After a few moments, she says, "So, you want to know where the nearest bio lab is?"
[19:37] <Valery> "Yes, please."
[19:37] <Xui-Fei> (assuming she was with us the whole time)
[19:38] <@Yarrow> Nothing major happened with Shari specifically. The group sprang their ambush/trap and beat a zerker and big rubber droid, but they think the gunslinger they took out may have been a fake.
[19:38] <Valery> (It exploded too completely to be totally sure :P )
[19:39] <@Shari> (dun dun dunn?)
[19:39] <@Yarrow> You all went to Star's camp, and after going over the possibility that there may be a tracking bullet lodged in Tetsu's head.
[19:39] <Tetsu> (Which seemed logical at the time.)
[19:39] <@Yarrow> Teleported here with the idea of finding a bio lab with an x-ray machine.
[19:39] <@Shari> (walking around rather well for some one with a shell in the head
[19:40] <Valery> (That and we were supposed to check out the labs anyway, so we may as well do _something_ :P )
[19:41] <@Shari> "Might as well"
[19:41] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "The other team is checking out a bio lab on the other side of the city, but the lab nearest you is at the corner of Bliss and Sunshine. I'll mark it on Xui-Fei's ESC."
[19:42] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "However, I do have some more information on the senshi strongholds."
[19:43] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "It seems there are only two currently active. Mercury doesn't have one, and while Venus did, it has been abandoned and decommissioned."
[19:43] <Valery> "You found something?"
[19:43] * Valery nods. "So... the remaining ones are Mars and Jupiter?"
[19:43] <Tetsu> (Heh, I live on Bliss drive irl)
[19:43] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "I can give you the location of Venus's."
[19:43] <Valery> "Please."
[19:44] * Xui-Fei blinks....
[19:44] * Tetsu has her hands in the suit jacket pockets.
[19:44] <Xui-Fei> (oh I can so can't wait to see Mina's reaction to this)
[19:45] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "It was the Starlight Theatre, which is a fair distance south of you, and a bit west."
[19:47] * Valery nods. "All right... I suppose we'll check that out after we've investigated the biolab, unless anything else has popped up?"
[19:48] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Nothing else has popped up."
[19:49] <Xui-Fei> "lets hope we can find a car that works still"
[19:49] <@Yarrow> There are some cars in the garage. They might work.
[19:49] <Valery> "We should be fine for now, at least..."
[19:49] * Valery goes up to one of the cars to give it a look.
[19:50] <@Yarrow> It looks undamaged.
[19:50] * Valery gets it ready for service.
[19:50] <@Shari> "We going to run out of tranportation if our record holds"
[19:51] <Xui-Fei> "what the only car we comendeered got slamed into a restroom"
[19:51] <Xui-Fei> "though still...I don't know how a guy like me can wind up in the same situation twice...."
[19:51] * Tetsu raises an eyebrow.
[19:52] <Tetsu> "Can you all... not drive?"
[19:52] <Valery> "It was more the orbital bombardment that did that, actually."
[19:52] <Xui-Fei> "No Val can drive we got tossed in there from a orbital explosion"
[19:53] <Xui-Fei> "though like I said I got a restroom celling droped on me twice...once on the first day of this attack....and when we got thrown into a restroom"
[19:53] * Tetsu shakes her head. "I'm used to walking everywhere I need to go. Driving never seemed something I needed to learn..."
[19:53] * Xui-Fei shrugs
[19:54] <Xui-Fei> "I'd normally roof hop but I doubt I could teach the others in enough time to keep up with me
[19:54] <Valery> "All right... we're ready to go." (Unless GM sayeth otherwise)
[19:55] <@Yarrow> The car is, in fact, in operating condition.
[19:55] * Tetsu decides to hop in back.
[19:55] * Valery gets into the driver's seat and starts it up.
[19:56] * Xui-Fei takes shotgun
[19:56] <@Yarrow> Toast gets in the back middle.
[19:56] * @Shari gets in
[19:56] * Tetsu is back left.
[19:56] <@Shari> "i was just starting to save up for a car, SO never really learned to drive yet"
[19:58] <@Yarrow> You drive out and head for the biolab, getting directions from Lilith or Xui-Fei when needed.
[20:01] <@Yarrow> You're no more than a few blocks away from the lab when you come across a group of droids casually following after a woman who's stumbling and staggering across the street before them.
[20:01] * Tetsu winces and takes a closer look at the droids.
[20:01] <Valery> (How many droids?)
[20:01] <@Yarrow> There are 2 metal droids, 1 rubber, and 1 zerker.
[20:02] * Valery 's eyes widen, and she drives towards them. "Tetsu-san, you have a gun, right...?"
[20:02] * Tetsu nods.
[20:02] <Tetsu> "I do."
[20:02] * Tetsu pulls out her... pistol.
[20:02] * Xui-Fei cracks his kunckles
[20:03] <@Yarrow> Is Tetsu left handed or right handed?
[20:03] <Tetsu> Left handed
[20:03] <@Yarrow> Good seat choice, then.
[20:03] * @Shari hands start to glow a cool blue
[20:04] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Watch where you put those hands."
[20:05] <Xui-Fei> (gah brb dinner)
[20:06] * Valery comes to a stop nearish to the droids, and brings up her rifle as she gets out.
[20:07] * @Shari gets out and away from the car one its stoped for some good shots
[20:07] <@Yarrow> Ok. Roll init.
[20:07] <Valery> 2d6+4
[20:07] <EllfDB1> Valery, 2d6+4: 14 [2d6=4,6]
[20:08] <Tetsu> 2d6+8 init
[20:08] <EllfDB1> Tetsu, init: 12 [2d6=2,2]
[20:08] * Tetsu glares at DB1
[20:09] <@Yarrow> 2d6+4 Toast
[20:09] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Toast: 8 [2d6=3,1]
[20:09] <@Shari> roll 2d6+5
[20:09] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8 XF
[20:09] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, XF: 11 [2d6=1,2]
[20:09] <@Shari> 2d6+5
[20:09] <EllfDB1> Shari, 2d6+5: 9 [2d6=2,2]
[20:09] <@Yarrow> Good thing these are just init rolls...
[20:10] <Valery> (Night Rocks)
[20:10] <@Yarrow> 2#2d6+2 Metal
[20:10] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Metal: 10 [2d6=3,5], 10 [2d6=5,3]
[20:10] <@Yarrow> 2d6+4 zerker
[20:10] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, zerker: 16 [2d6=6,6]
[20:10] <Valery> (Dayum)
[20:10] <@Yarrow> 2d6+3 rubber
[20:10] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, rubber: 9 [2d6=3,3]
[20:12] * Yarrow changes topic to 'Zerk 16, Tetsu 12, XF 11, M1/2 10, Shari/rub 9, Toast 8'
[20:12] <@Yarrow> Is Tetsu planning to get out of the car or will she be firing from inside?
[20:13] <Valery> (Hey, this is the first time I got good init! :P )
[20:13] * Tetsu gets out of the car and uses the door as cover.
[20:13] * Yarrow changes topic to 'Zerk 16, Val 14, Tetsu 12, XF 11, M1/2 10, Shari/rub 9, Toast 8'
[20:14] <@Yarrow> Everyone but Valery and Toast manage to get out of the car before the zerker charges over. (Valery has to take the time to stop the car and all.)
[20:15] * Yarrow changes topic to 'Zerk 16, Val 14, Tetsu 12, XF 11, M1/2 10, Shari/rub 9, Toast 8/Zerk, Zerk, Zerk
[20:15] <Valery> (Heh, indeed)
[20:16] <@Yarrow> The zerker slams a blade into the driver-side windshield.
[20:16] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8
[20:16] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 15 [2d6=4,3]
[20:16] <@Yarrow> Val, defense at -6
[20:17] <Valery> 2d6+6-6
[20:17] <EllfDB1> Valery, 2d6+6-6: 3 [2d6=2,1]
[20:18] <Xui-Fei> (vack)
[20:18] <Tetsu> (Owie.... val.... seriously ow...)
[20:18] <@Yarrow> You really should buy some DR...
[20:18] <Valery> (It's not like I could've dodged that without a crit anyway)
[20:18] <Tetsu> (Getting forced into Senshi form?)
[20:19] <Valery> (I dunno at this point, but I don't think so)
[20:19] <@Yarrow> The windshield absorbs some of the blow. 26 damage.
[20:19] <@Yarrow> Fortunately, Val did buy some more hp recently.
[20:19] <Xui-Fei> (ouch)
[20:20] <@Yarrow> Valery's up.
[20:20] * Xui-Fei blinks aura flaring up
[20:20] <@Yarrow> After getting stabbed in the shoulder.
[20:20] * Valery chokes as the blade sticks into her shoulder, and brings up her gun, firing a burst into its face at point-blank range, opening the door and rolling out the side.
[20:20] <Valery> 2d6+8
[20:20] <EllfDB1> Valery, 2d6+8: 14 [2d6=1,5]
[20:20] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8
[20:20] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 15 [2d6=5,2]
[20:21] <Valery> (Darn.)
[20:21] <Xui-Fei> (really DB1)
[20:21] <@Yarrow> The zerker pulls her blade back and twists to the side, facing off against Valery as she rolls out.
[20:21] <@Yarrow> Tetsu's up.
[20:21] <Xui-Fei> (geeze your making my bot look friendly)
[20:21] <Valery> (Still, I can dodge now.)
[20:21] * Tetsu fires at the zerker.
[20:21] <Tetsu> 2d6+8
[20:21] <EllfDB1> Tetsu, 2d6+8: 17 [2d6=5,4]
[20:22] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8-1
[20:22] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8-1: 10 [2d6=1,2]
[20:22] <Tetsu> (38 damage)
[20:22] <@Yarrow> The zerker jerks back for a moment.
[20:22] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8
[20:22] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 10 [2d6=1,1]
[20:23] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei is up.
[20:23] * Xui-Fei rushes the Zerker arms bluring
[20:24] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Amuriken
[20:24] <Xui-Fei> 2d6+8 Amuriken
[20:24] <EllfDB1> Xui-Fei, Amuriken: 16 [2d6=3,5]
[20:24] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8-3
[20:24] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8-3: 12 [2d6=2,5]
[20:24] <Xui-Fei> (reading 2 hits 28 apiece if I'm right if not 1 hit 28 total)
[20:25] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei slams two blows into the zerker, folding her over and then dropping her.
[20:25] <Xui-Fei> "you ok Val?"
[20:26] <@Yarrow> The two metal droids run over to engage Xui-Fei and Shari.
[20:26] * Valery winces, rubbing the wound. "I'll live."
[20:26] <@Yarrow> 2d6+4 Xui-Fei
[20:26] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Xui-Fei: 10 [2d6=4,2]
[20:26] <@Yarrow> 2d6+4 Shari
[20:26] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Shari: 13 [2d6=5,4]
[20:26] <Xui-Fei> 2d6+8 melee
[20:26] <EllfDB1> Xui-Fei, melee: 17 [2d6=5,4]
[20:27] <@Shari> 2d6+9 Ahh!
[20:27] <EllfDB1> Shari, Ahh!: 14 [2d6=4,1]
[20:27] <Xui-Fei> me does a real quick spin around avoiding the strike
[20:27] * Xui-Fei does a real quick spin around avoiding the strike
[20:28] * @Shari shoves her arms up trying to ward off the hit and instant sheild of ice does just that.
[20:29] <@Yarrow> As Shari blocks the thrust with a disc of ice that momentarily appears before her arms a voice rings out from across the street and above. "Halt, evildoers--and die!"
[20:30] * Valery blinks. "... And?"
[20:30] * Xui-Fei blinke looking up...."who the hell is that idiot"
[20:31] * Tetsu looks up herself. "Evildoers.... I really hope she's talking about the droids."
[20:32] <Xui-Fei> "yes but anoucing her presence is kinda stupid"
[20:32] <@Yarrow> It was a male voice, by the way. Looking up, you see a small furry creature wearing a ... cape and mask?
[20:33] * Xui-Fei blinks
[20:33] <Valery> (Okay... you know, we don't have this much time to discuss :P )
[20:33] * Valery looks up and just blinks.
[20:33] * Tetsu sweatdrops. "It has merit... actually. Taking the attention of the droids off of their targets." (Hey Talking is a Free Action)
[20:33] <Tetsu> (:P)
[20:33] <Xui-Fei> (...Arty dressed up as Tuxedo Kamen)
[20:34] <Valery> (Could be one of Toast's relatives.)
[20:34] <Xui-Fei> (that too)
[20:34] <Tetsu> (Least it isn't an Arbyfish)
[20:34] <@Yarrow> It leaps forward into the start of a somersault--and vanishes.
[20:34] <Valery> (Or that chubby cat with the fish from the first season... that was amusing.)
[20:34] * Xui-Fei blinks
[20:34] <Xui-Fei> "the hell"
[20:35] <Valery> "Er... okay..."
[20:35] <Tetsu> "We do have droids to deal with.... worry about Fuzzy-kamen later."
[20:35] <@Yarrow> Only to appear a split second later next to Valery, Xui-Fei, and their metal droid. It continues its roll slightly and a grenade appears in mid-air between them, before The Mongoose vanishes again and appears next to Shari and her droid.
[20:36] <Valery> (Oh dear.)
[20:36] <Xui-Fei> (...)
[20:36] <@Yarrow> It vanishes again, appearing next to Toast getting out of the car before vanishing and leaving a grenade, and finishes up by giving the rubber droid a grenade before vanishing and not reappearing.
[20:36] <@Yarrow> Toast: "What the--?"
[20:36] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8 Area effect
[20:36] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Area effect: 16 [2d6=2,6]
[20:37] <@Yarrow> The number for everyone to beat is 16.
[20:37] <Valery> 2d6+8
[20:37] <EllfDB1> Valery, 2d6+8: 15 [2d6=2,5]
[20:37] <Valery> (Dammit)
[20:37] <Tetsu> (Uh.... there's a grenade near me?)
[20:37] <@Shari> 2d6+9
[20:37] <EllfDB1> Shari, 2d6+9: 17 [2d6=4,4]
[20:37] <@Yarrow> Oh, I forgot to mention Tetsu. Yes, she gets a gift also.
[20:38] <Tetsu> 2d6+6 be kind DB1
[20:38] <EllfDB1> Tetsu, be kind DB1: 13 [2d6=4,3]
[20:38] <Tetsu> DR
[20:38] <Tetsu> 2d6+6 be kind DB1 damnit
[20:38] <EllfDB1> Tetsu, be kind DB1 damnit: 15 [2d6=4,5]
[20:38] <Tetsu> Not burning another one
[20:39] <@Yarrow> Xui-Fei?
[20:40] <@Yarrow> Rolling for Xui-Fei...
[20:41] <Xui-Fei> (back)
[20:41] <@Yarrow> Ok, you roll for Xui-Fei.
[20:41] <Xui-Fei> 2d6+7 range dodge
[20:41] <EllfDB1> Xui-Fei, range dodge: 15 [2d6=4,4]
[20:41] <Xui-Fei> (oh that's gonna hurt)
[20:41] <Valery> (Yup.)
[20:42] <Xui-Fei> (blowing a DR)
[20:42] <Xui-Fei> 2d6+7 range dodge
[20:42] <EllfDB1> Xui-Fei, range dodge: 15 [2d6=3,5]
[20:42] <Xui-Fei> (...)
[20:42] <Xui-Fei> (another)
[20:42] <Xui-Fei> 2d6+7 range dodge
[20:42] <EllfDB1> Xui-Fei, range dodge: 13 [2d6=1,5]
[20:42] <Xui-Fei> (...screw it not gonna blow my last one)
[20:42] <@Yarrow> 2d6+6 Toast
[20:42] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Toast: 11 [2d6=1,4]
[20:43] <@Yarrow> I believe you have 4 ranks of DR now.
[20:44] <@Yarrow> 2#2d6+4 Metal
[20:44] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Metal: 10 [2d6=4,2], 9 [2d6=1,4]
[20:44] <@Yarrow> 2d6+6 rubber
[20:44] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, rubber: 11 [2d6=2,3]
[20:44] <Xui-Fei> (sorry my last two)
[20:45] <@Yarrow> Shari yelps and raises a shield of ice while diving behind the metal droid that attacked her. She avoids the blast.
[20:45] <@Yarrow> Everyone else takes 35 damage.
[20:45] * Valery shrieks, and shifts into Sophia.
[20:45] <Xui-Fei> (30/65
[20:46] * Valery is now known as Sophia
[20:46] <@Yarrow> This is before armour, btw.
[20:46] <Xui-Fei> (yeah but normal form doesn't wear armor)
[20:46] <@Shari> "Who the nut!"
[20:46] <@Shari> *s
[20:47] <Sophia> (Who the nuts?)
[20:47] <@Yarrow> The droids all look pretty bad off but are still standing.
[20:47] <@Yarrow> Shari and the rubber droid are up.
[20:47] <Tetsu> (30/55)
[20:47] <Xui-Fei> "Toast....realtive of yourse?"
[20:48] <@Yarrow> Toast, annoyed: "You think?"
[20:48] <@Yarrow> The rubber droid rushes at the senshi who just appeared.
[20:48] <Xui-Fei> "just asking"
[20:48] * Sophia rubs her head. "Tell it to stop-gah!"
[20:49] <@Yarrow> What's Shari doing? She'll get to act first, since she's using a ranged attack.
[20:50] <@Shari> (tossing up a frost nova as soon as it in range and then running away from the pack here)
[20:51] <@Yarrow> A wave of cold erupts in all directions from Shari and all the droids freeze.
[20:51] <@Yarrow> They slowly crumple to the ground.
[20:52] * @Shari ways all ready running away.. then stops blinksing "Oh.. huh. Yay me?"
[20:52] * Sophia blinks. "... Huh."
[20:52] * Tetsu blinks
[20:52] <Tetsu> "Uh..."
[20:52] * Sophia looks for Toast's brother.
[20:52] <@Yarrow> Everyone but Tetsu and Toast notice The Mongoose standing on another window ledge. He looks like this, plus a mask and cape: http://forestandwildlifeecology.wisc.ed ... ropean.jpg
[20:53] <Sophia> (... A badger that calls himself The Mongoose, huh?)
[20:53] * Sophia looks to see if he looks about to grenade her again.
[20:54] <@Yarrow> It's hard to tell. You are completely unversed in reading the body language of small mammals. Especially such as it relates to grenades.
[20:54] <Xui-Fei> (you'd think being with toast we'd be used to it)
[20:55] * Sophia brings up her shield just in case.
[20:55] <@Yarrow> Toast and Tetsu can see where everyone is looking and spot The Mongoose.
[20:55] * Tetsu looks.
[20:55] <@Yarrow> Toast: "What the hell is wrong with you?!"
[20:55] <@Shari> "Hey idoit! You don't go around tossing grandes at people!"
[20:56] <Sophia> "Um... the evidence would suggest that he, at least, does."
[20:56] * Tetsu rubs the bridge of her nose and then trains her gun on the frozen droids, but seems ready to switch to aiming at Fuzzy-kamen at any moment's notice.
[20:56] <@Yarrow> Mongoose: "Villains and criminals deserve no better! Where evil lurks, The Mongoose ... jerks?--er, no!--works!"
[20:56] <Sophia> "Um... aren't you a badger?"
[20:57] <Tetsu> "Why do you assume we are criminals or villains?"
[20:57] <@Yarrow> The Mongoose stiffens for a second. "B-badger? Me? Don't be ridiculous! I've met Mr. Badger... fine, outstanding creature, him."
[20:58] * Tetsu is still purposely not aiming.... at the one who claims to be a mongoose.
[20:58] <@Yarrow> Mongoose, at Tetsu: "Don't pull that crap with me! I saw you breaking a dozen traffic regulations and jaywalking!"
[20:58] <@Shari> "I don't like nutballs trying to blow me up, You want to get something cold and sharp where the sun don't shine?"
[20:58] <Tetsu> "We're in a state of anarchy, the laws do not apply at the moment. All that matters is the survival of the innocent."
[20:59] <Sophia> "Um... that was to stop the droids from killing that woman?"
[20:59] * Sophia looks for her.
[20:59] <@Yarrow> Mongoose: "There's no reasoning with evil. We will meet again."
[20:59] <@Yarrow> He vanishes.
[20:59] <@Shari> "Im getting the scary idea that toast is the stable one out of that group.." (amusing shari would have got that story by now)
[20:59] <Tetsu> "Great... we were attacked by a talking badger.... who has no sense of proportion."
[20:59] <@Yarrow> The woman is sitting slumped against the side of a building. She's alive.
[21:00] * Xui-Fei goes to check on her
[21:00] * Tetsu puts away her gun and also goes to check on the woman.
[21:00] * Sophia safeties her gun, and goes to her.
[21:00] <Xui-Fei> (and you said what everyone says
[21:00] * Tetsu proceeds to heal the woman... with healing rank 2! 20 HP of healing... as Tetsu touches her skin.
[21:00] <@Yarrow> That is a very scary thought, isn't it, Shari. :)
[21:01] <Tetsu> (And it doesn't have the depleting modifier.)
[21:01] <Tetsu> (So no EP cost!)
[21:01] <@Yarrow> The woman looks up at you. She seems kind of dazed. But looks much better after Tetsu's healing touch.
[21:02] <Tetsu> "Anyone else want a bit of healing?"
[21:03] <Xui-Fei> "I'm fine" he says as his wounds start to heal up on there own
[21:03] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Yeah, I do."
[21:03] <Sophia> "Um... I'm not actually sure if you can heal my injured body, but..."
[21:03] * Xui-Fei looks at the woman smiling a bit, "I'm Xui-Fei what's yours
[21:03] * Tetsu heals Toast.
[21:04] <@Yarrow> She looks up at Xui-Fei and blinks a few times. "I ... don't know."
[21:04] * @Shari is oddly unhurt and keeps an eye out for the nutball bombing animal
[21:04] <Tetsu> "You should be fine after you drop the senshi transformation... though I'm not sure how long you need to be in that form."
[21:04] <Sophia> "Mm... I'll figure it out sooner or later, I guess..."
[21:06] <Tetsu> "Yeah... Para has a bit of a mind of her own too...." Tetsu sighs and turns towards the woman. "I am Nooita Tetsuya, I'm sorry you don't remember your name... but I'm sure we can find a place for you to go that should keep you away from the droids."
[21:06] * Xui-Fei offers a hand to help the woman up
[21:07] <@Yarrow> Lilith, ESC: "Her name is Natalie Portia Cole. She is a biologist with a high security clearance."
[21:07] <@Yarrow> Natalie takes the offered hand and stands up.
[21:07] * Sophia blinks. "Hm... does that help you remember, ma'am?"
[21:08] <@Yarrow> She shakes her head and runs a hand over her hair, pausing and giving her hand a confused look when it comes from the back of her head tacky with blood.
[21:08] <Sophia> "Ah..."
[21:09] * Tetsu sighs.
[21:09] <@Yarrow> Natalie: "Do you have anything to drink? My throat's a bit raw..."
[21:10] * Tetsu checks over Natalie for any bite marks.
[21:10] <@Yarrow> None are visible.
[21:10] <Sophia> "Um... not on hand, but I suppose we can find something as we move..."
[21:11] * Xui-Fei produces a bottle of orange juice he still had in his satchal
[21:11] <@Yarrow> I think it's safe to assume you carry drinking water with you.
[21:11] * Tetsu breathes a sigh of relief.
[21:11] <Sophia> (Ahhh, fair enough)
[21:11] <@Yarrow> Natalie: "Thank you."
[21:11] <@Yarrow> She drinks deeply.
[21:11] <Xui-Fei> "had this back from invasion day got this plus some jerky if your hungery"
[21:12] <Tetsu> "What can you remember, Cole-san?"
[21:12] <@Yarrow> She nods.
[21:12] <@Yarrow> Then looks at Tetsu and shrugs.
[21:12] <@Yarrow> Natalie: "I don't know."
[21:13] * Tetsu takes a look at her head injury. Is that started healing considering Tetsu healed it?
[21:14] <@Yarrow> Natalie starts as you start looking around at the back of her head. "What are you doing?"
[21:15] <@Shari> "I know she's hurt but is it a good idea to keep waiting here?"
[21:16] <Sophia> "I suppose we should move as soon as we can."
[21:16] <@Yarrow> She turns to face Tetsu.
[21:17] <Tetsu> "Just taking a look at how bad your injuries are... I may have a way of healing them better, but that way is rather draining."
[21:17] <@Yarrow> Natalie: "Fine..."
[21:18] <@Yarrow> She lets Tetsu examine the back of her head. It looks like the injury's fully healed, though the blood remains, of course.
[21:18] * Tetsu nods.
[21:18] <Tetsu> "Well... looks like you just need a bit of cleaning back there..."
[21:20] <@Yarrow> Natalie: "You'd better be talking about my head..."
[21:20] * Tetsu sweatdrops. "Seems like you remember some things after all, Cole-san."
[21:20] * Sophia blinks. "... What else would she be talking about...?"
[21:20] <Tetsu> "But yes, I was just talking about your head."
[21:20] <Sophia> (I think Tetsu's still a girl, right?)
[21:21] <Tetsu> (Yup)
[21:21] <@Yarrow> She turns around and scowls at Tetsu. "What, have we met before?"
[21:21] <Tetsu> (Tetsu doesn't know he can change back yet)
[21:21] <Sophia> (Heh. Indeed.)
[21:21] * Xui-Fei blinks
[21:21] <Tetsu> "No, but the tone of your voice indicates you remember something about someone checking out the back of your body."
[21:22] * Tetsu shrugs.
[21:22] * Tetsu dusts off her powder blue suit jacket which only looks slightly charred from the grenade going off...
[21:22] <@Yarrow> Natalie looks like she's about 30, btw.
[21:23] <Tetsu> (So I'm closest to her in age.)
[21:23] <@Yarrow> Toast: "So, are we waiting to get attacked again or what?"
[21:23] <Tetsu> "I'd rather not."
[21:23] <Tetsu> "Let's get back in the car."
[21:23] <Xui-Fei> "agreed"
[21:23] <@Yarrow> You're only a few blocks from your destination, btw.
[21:23] <@Yarrow> And it'll be a tight squeeze with an extra person.
[21:24] * Sophia guesses we walk, then?
[21:25] <@Yarrow> People might respond more if you actually say something...
[21:25] <Sophia> "We may as well walk the rest of the way... it's only a couple of blocks, isn't it?"
[21:25] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Correct."
[21:26] <Tetsu> "Anyone mind if I shatter our ice statues?"
[21:26] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Be my guest."
[21:26] <Xui-Fei> "go ahead a few less droids the better"
[21:26] <Sophia> "No, go ahead."
[21:26] * Sophia reloads her gun while Tetsu does the shattering.
[21:26] * Tetsu takes out her gun and fires at each droid ice sculpture
[21:27] <@Yarrow> You make sure the droids are ex-droids.
[21:27] * Tetsu then puts her gun away.
[21:27] <@Shari> "It might be cramped but isnt moving faster the better idea? what if we need to leave fast?"
[21:27] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Then we teleport."
[21:28] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Besides, you want a crazy badger tossing a grenade through that hole in the window?"
[21:28] * Xui-Fei shudders, "Toast don't remind us"
[21:28] * Sophia winces.
[21:30] <@Yarrow> So, you walk the rest of the way to the bio lab. Fortunately, you don't run into any more droids or pyromaniacal animals.
[21:31] * Tetsu had her gun out the entire time... you have yet to see her reload it.
[21:31] * Xui-Fei keeps an eye out for a vigilante Badger
[21:32] <@Yarrow> You head around the last corner (after making sure it's safe), and Natalie stops dead.
[21:32] <@Yarrow> She stares at the building and says, "I don't want to go there."
[21:32] <Tetsu> "Are you alright, Cole-san?"
[21:32] * Tetsu blinks.
[21:32] * Tetsu nods.
[21:32] <Tetsu> "Cole-san.... do you know why?"
[21:33] <@Yarrow> She just shakes her head and tries to go back around the corner.
[21:34] * Xui-Fei glups, "oh hell...that's a real vote of confidence
[21:34] * Tetsu shifts into Paragon form.
[21:34] * Tetsu is now known as Paragon
[21:34] <Paragon> "You don't have to go in there... I'll take you to safety real quick."
[21:34] * Xui-Fei sighs pulling out his wand, "might as well Mjollnir Star Power Make Up"
[21:34] * Xui-Fei is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
[21:34] <@Shari> "Yay team?"
[21:35] * Sophia frowns. "Well... we're going to need to go in, at least until we can find some actual evidence that we shouldn't..."
[21:35] * @Shari sorta cheers
[21:35] <Paragon> "We need to, she does not. I'm going to take her down to Star and I'll be right back."
[21:35] <@Yarrow> Lilith, ESC: "You might want to make sure you can get in before you send her away."
[21:36] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Since it's very likely she has access."
[21:36] * Paragon has her head fall.... "Oh damn.... she has clearance... we don't."
[21:36] * Sophia nods, and walks up to see if she can get in.
[21:36] * @Shari heads around the corner to see where she whent
[21:36] * Paragon raises an eye at Sailor Mjollnir.
[21:36] <Salior_Mjollnir> "now you see why I commented on your outfit"
[21:36] <Salior_Mjollnir> (starlight fuku)
[21:37] <@Yarrow> Natalie is leaning with her back against the building, breathing heavily.
[21:37] <Sophia> "I think Paragon-san's is more modest, actually..."
[21:38] <Paragon> *eyebrow
[21:38] <Paragon> "You... shift genders with your transformation?"
[21:38] <Salior_Mjollnir> "yes...."
[21:38] <@Yarrow> Sophia attempts to enter the bio lab, but the door refuses to open.
[21:39] <Paragon> "And you were male before... that obviously means it's possible to change back. How?"
[21:39] * Sophia frowns, and comes back. "Well... I could try to break in, but..."
[21:39] <Salior_Mjollnir> "least mine and Val's yes she's a guy as well depends how long you are in one form"
[21:39] * Sophia blinks. "Apparently you just have to focus after a while."
[21:39] * Sophia shrugs.
[21:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> "and you lost your focus for that it seems," she says to Sophia
[21:40] <Paragon> "Oh.... well that explains it... I had no clue..."
[21:41] <@Shari> (hah)
[21:41] * Sophia shrugs. "No, I just haven't bothered."
[21:41] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks, "should of guessed with how you speak" she says in understanding
[21:41] * Paragon nods.
[21:41] <Paragon> (Note that Para speaks using feminine forms.... but Tetsu speaks with masculine)
[21:42] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I could blow a hole in the wall."
[21:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> (that's why I said that)
[21:42] <Sophia> (And Val ALWAYS uses gender-neutral 'watashi' :P )
[21:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> (and both forms Xui uses Ore)
[21:42] <Sophia> "Let's... try to avoid that, there will probably be security measures up and I would rather not trigger them."
[21:43] <Paragon> (Tetsu uses Watashi, but she/he uses Hiroshima-ben. AKA Tough guy accent... though it's not as pronounced as some.)
[21:43] <Salior_Mjollnir> "agreed we can at least have her open the place or if she has an acess card to allow us enterance"
[21:43] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Or destroy vital testing apparatus."
[21:43] <Paragon> "Yeah... the only thing I fear is that she may be needed for access inside...."
[21:43] <Sophia> "Yes... knowing our luck, the wall you blow a hole in would have everything we need."
[21:44] <Salior_Mjollnir> (wait how can Lilith talk the ESC isn't on Mjollnir)
[21:44] <@Shari> "We can keep her safe'
[21:44] * Paragon walks up to the door and taps her mask.... Any computer systems there?
[21:44] <@Yarrow> She's using your comms now.
[21:44] <Paragon> (Computers within 100 m of Para?)
[21:44] <@Yarrow> You think there are. They seem to be shielded.
[21:45] <@Yarrow> And, of course there are tons in the other buildings.
[21:45] <Paragon> (I so am getting Mind control: Computers on the Para Mask.... easy hacking ftw)
[21:47] <@Yarrow> (Expect strong resistance from any computers Mercury considered important.)
[21:47] <Paragon> (Of course...)
[21:47] <@Shari> (*would you like to play a game...*)
[21:51] <@Yarrow> Toast: "So, if I'm not going to make a hole, how are we getting in?"
[21:51] * Sophia sighs. "I suppose we'll have to convince Cole-san to give us a hand..."
[21:53] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Go ahead."
[21:53] * Paragon heads off to see if Cole-san is still there.
[21:54] * Sophia rubs her eyes, and walks over to where Natalie is. "I'm sorry to ask this, but we need to get into that facility... do you think you could help us?"
[21:54] <Paragon> "Any sign of danger, and I can get you out and to safety."
[21:54] <@Yarrow> Natalie shakes her head.
[21:56] <Paragon> "We really need to get in there... and you'd be in the company of five people with Senshi abilities."
[21:57] <Sophia> (Well, three, an ice chick, and a stoat)
[21:57] <@Yarrow> Natalie: "No! I'm not going in there!"
[21:58] <@Yarrow> Toast gets Sophia's attention, and out of Natalie's line of sight, mimes whacking someone on the back of their head.
[21:58] <Salior_Mjollnir> "do you have any means that can get us in there like a id card?"
[21:58] * Sophia blinks at Toast, and shakes her head.
[21:59] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Her presence would be required."
[21:59] <@Yarrow> Toast throws up his hands in disgust and walks away.
[21:59] * Salior_Mjollnir sighs
[21:59] <Paragon> "Cole-san... it is important that we get inside there."
[22:00] <Paragon> "And you can help."
[22:00] <Paragon> "I understand being afraid."
[22:00] <Paragon> "But you don't even know why you're scared."
[22:00] <@Yarrow> Toast stops and pulls Sophia away to the side.
[22:01] * Sophia blinks.
[22:03] <@Yarrow> Toast and Sophia exchange some words before Toast shrugs.
[22:03] <Paragon> (Technically Paragon hasn't seen Toast in animal form yet.)
[22:05] * Sophia sighs, and sends a telepathic message to the others. *Lilith-san and Toast-kun suggest we could put the ESC on her...*
[22:07] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks
[22:08] * Salior_Mjollnir detransforms long enough to take off hers
[22:08] * Salior_Mjollnir then transforms back assuming she'll need to be in this form for what ever is in there
[22:08] <Sophia> *I'm not really sure, but they think a dose of the calming drugs will help...*
[22:08] * Sophia sighs a bit more.
[22:09] * Paragon narrows her eyes.
[22:09] * Salior_Mjollnir looks at Paragon clearly she doesn't want to do this either but we probably don't have a choice
[22:11] <Paragon> "Cole-san... I will guarantee that no harm will come to you on my watch."
[22:11] <@Yarrow> Natalie closes her eyes and softly says, "I want to go home..."
[22:11] * Paragon is clearly trying to convince her before the eSC is put on.
[22:12] <Paragon> "Unfortunately I don't know if your home is still around, Cole-san."
[22:12] <Sophia> "I know... we all do right now..."
[22:13] <@Yarrow> She doesn't show any signs of going along with you.
[22:13] <Paragon> "Cole-san... your home is probably the least safe place you can go right now."
[22:13] * Salior_Mjollnir nods sollomly
[22:15] <@Yarrow> You're pretty sure by this point that you will not be able to convince her to go inside.
[22:16] * Salior_Mjollnir looks at Sophia with the look that clearly says "you do this"
[22:17] * Paragon walks away, not wanting to watch.
[22:17] <Paragon> "Cole-san, I wish you'd help us.... there's no telling how many you could help by doing so."
[22:17] * Paragon says that as she walks away.
[22:18] * Sophia returns it with a look that clearly says 'Coward'.
[22:18] <@Shari> (im back, sorry about that)
[22:18] <Sophia> (Welcome back)
[22:18] <@Yarrow> Toast gives the rest of you a look that clearly says, "Get on with it already!"
[22:18] <@Shari> "We really should be moving"
[22:19] <Sophia> "Unfortunately, we can't get in without Cole-san..."
[22:19] <Salior_Mjollnir> "and she doesn't want to go in"
[22:20] <@Shari> "I can freeze the dang door soild if needed, have you asked lilith just what we need to get in? Mabie its just her purse or id"
[22:20] <@Yarrow> Lilith said you'd require Natalie's presence to use her credentials.
[22:22] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Let's either get on with it or get the hell out of here already."
[22:23] <@Shari> "Whos strong enought to carrier her?"
[22:23] <Paragon> (I probably am)
[22:24] <Paragon> (But I'm staring at the building not near her)
[22:24] <Salior_Mjollnir> (and while I have the ESC out I'm reluctant to use it)
[22:25] <@Yarrow> I think you need to decide on a course of action and take it.
[22:27] <@Shari> (well, Its not really my call to force action given my odd position, its for a full player to decde)
[22:27] <@Shari> "Im sure there going to notice thoes driods not checking in for more orders, and this is the only important place near where we killed them."
[22:28] <@Shari> "We really kinda need to get moving"
[22:28] * Sophia rubs her eyes. "Lilith-san, how has the other group been doing on getting into the biolabs?"
[22:29] <Sophia> "Do they have the same problem...?"
[22:29] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Yeah."
[22:29] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "They were able to enter theirs without trouble."
[22:30] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Clearly, different labs have different security levels."
[22:30] <Sophia> "Have they found what they needed in there...?"
[22:30] * Paragon walks back to the main group. "We need to make it into this lab one way or the other.... and if this is a high security lab, then there might be something in there about the T-virus that Star keeps going on about."
[22:30] * Sophia rubs her eyes. "Right..."
[22:31] * Paragon looks at Cole-san... and then at the ESC.
[22:31] * Paragon sighs.
[22:31] * Salior_Mjollnir sighs as well
[22:32] <Paragon> "I really wish she were willing to help us... but we need her help. And I'd rather have her aware if we're going in there. Let her hate me. Tell me how to do it."
[22:32] * Paragon holds out her arms to Mjollnir
[22:32] <@Yarrow> Natalie crosses her arms over her chest and hunches over slightly.
[22:33] <@Yarrow> Natalie: "hurts..."
[22:33] * Paragon blinks.
[22:34] <Paragon> "Hurts?"
[22:34] <Paragon> "Cole-san. Do you remember if you were bitten anywhere?"
[22:34] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks
[22:34] <@Shari> "Put that stuiped then on her so it can scan her or pick her up and lets drag her inside"
[22:34] <@Shari> "There's clearing something wrong and sitting here is making it worse!"
[22:34] * Sophia frowns. "What hurts, Cole-san?"
[22:35] * Salior_Mjollnir nods putting it on..."medical scan"
[22:35] <@Yarrow> Natalie is breathing heavily and sweating as you put the ESC and its attachment on her.
[22:35] <Paragon> "Valery.... train your gun on her."
[22:36] * Paragon has her voice turn cold.
[22:36] * Salior_Mjollnir prepares for anything
[22:36] <@Yarrow> The ESC beeps twice and Natalie seems to relax.
[22:36] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks
[22:37] * Sophia sighs. "Lilith-san... is she all right? Was she... um... infected?"
[22:37] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Signs of severe pain."
[22:38] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks "anything else?"
[22:38] <Paragon> "Any signs of the T-Virus?"
[22:38] <Sophia> "I don't think we even know what it looks like at this point... we should hurry just in case, we may find something to help her."
[22:39] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "I'm not sure how to recognize it. This unit isn't really designed to detect viruses, anyway."
[22:39] <Paragon> "If she's been infected, she's as good as dead."
[22:39] <@Shari> "Im not the strongest person here, but im about to start dragging her into the clinnk as its clear she isnt doing to good"
[22:39] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "It's for emergency rescue and such, so it's designed to deal with injury."
[22:39] <Sophia> "We don't know that yet, a facility this secure may have something."
[22:39] * Paragon picks up Natalie.
[22:40] <Paragon> "Valery, I want you walking behind me... if she makes an attempt to attack me.... shoot her in the head."
[22:40] * Sophia nods, slipping into place behind Para.
[22:41] <@Yarrow> Toast, deadpan: "Maybe you should shoot Paragon in the head too, just to be safe."
[22:41] <Paragon> "If I get bitten, you're welcome to do that."
[22:41] <Salior_Mjollnir> "is it safe for me to remove the ESC now?
[22:41] <Sophia> "Probably not..."
[22:41] * @Shari moves over to check the door in
[22:41] <@Yarrow> Natalie starts shifting around a bit and whimpering.
[22:42] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "I'm picking up signs of internal bleeding."
[22:42] <Paragon> "I'll attempt to heal it."
[22:42] * Salior_Mjollnir nods
[22:42] * Paragon does rank 4 healing and hopefully because she's technically not tetsu it works.
[22:43] <@Yarrow> Natalie calms down for a second and seems to relax before gasping, going pale, and thrashing around.
[22:44] <Sophia> "What just happened, Lilith-san?"
[22:44] * Paragon drops natalie to the ground and takes a couple steps back...
[22:44] <Paragon> "I think I just accelerated it."
[22:44] <@Yarrow> Natalie cries out in pain, and then arches her back and screams in agony as blood stains the front of her shirt.
[22:45] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks..."oh that can't be good"
[22:45] <Paragon> (No way.... no fucking way..... please tell me it isn't a chestburster.)
[22:45] <Salior_Mjollnir> (that's what I was thinking too...fuck)
[22:45] <@Yarrow> The fabric of her shirt squirms slightly and the whole thing becomes drenched with blood before something erupts out and shoots down the street.
[22:46] <Salior_Mjollnir> "what the hell was that?"
[22:46] <Paragon> "That.... was not a T-virus zombie."
[22:46] <Salior_Mjollnir> "no it wasn't....." she says recovering her ESC and putting it in her inventory for now
[22:46] <Paragon> (Damnit! I wasted my healing.... can I DR and have the healing come after the chestburster breaks out?)
[22:46] * Sophia grits her teeth, moving after the thing and bringing her gun to her shoulder, trying to sight in on whatever it was.
[22:46] <@Yarrow> It's some kind of snakelike thing that's covered with blood. It's very fast and making a beeline for a drainage grate.
[22:47] <Sophia> (Can I attack?)
[22:47] <Paragon> "Get it... kill it if you can."
[22:47] <Salior_Mjollnir> "don't let it get in the serwer"'
[22:47] * @Shari freeze the area
[22:47] <Sophia> (Still waiting on the GM to say whether I actually have time to attack it)
[22:48] <@Yarrow> One second.
[22:48] <Sophia> (Wait a second? Gotcha)
[22:50] <@Yarrow> The table the book refers to for attacking a fast-moving target doesn't actually have the info...
[22:50] <@Yarrow> Beat its init and you can attack.
[22:50] <@Yarrow> 2d6+10
[22:50] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 14 [2d6=2,2]
[22:50] <Sophia> 2d6+5
[22:50] <EllfDB1> Sophia, 2d6+5: 14 [2d6=6,3]
[22:50] <Paragon> 2d6+10 init
[22:50] <EllfDB1> Paragon, init: 13 [2d6=2,1]
[22:50] <Sophia> (Attack?)
[22:50] <Paragon> (Well, I don't get to.)
[22:50] <@Yarrow> Let's see if anyone else goes before you.
[22:50] <@Shari> 2d6+5
[22:50] <EllfDB1> Shari, 2d6+5: 14 [2d6=6,3]
[22:51] <Salior_Mjollnir> 2d6+8
[22:51] <EllfDB1> Salior_Mjollnir, 2d6+8: 10 [2d6=1,1]
[22:51] <@Yarrow> 2d6+3 Toast
[22:51] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, Toast: 9 [2d6=2,4]
[22:51] <Sophia> 2d6+9 burst
[22:51] <EllfDB1> Sophia, burst: 20 [2d6=5,6]
[22:51] <@Shari> (all most a crit..)
[22:51] <@Yarrow> 2d6+8
[22:51] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 12 [2d6=1,3]
[22:51] <Salior_Mjollnir> (...indeed)
[22:52] <Sophia> (Well, three bullets hit for 29 damage apiece, so... close enough to a crit)
[22:52] <Salior_Mjollnir> (depends how much hp a Xenomorph has)
[22:52] <@Yarrow> Except there is a penalty for attacking something going that speed.
[22:52] <@Yarrow> What are you doing, Shari?
[22:52] <@Shari> (Nova)
[22:53] <@Shari> (something busrting out of the women is kinda freaky, so.. ya evey thing's frozen)
[22:53] <Paragon> (It's a just born thingy)
[22:54] <@Shari> (roll it?)
[22:54] <Salior_Mjollnir> (and great a monster that I dare not hit in normal form....those things bleed acid remember)
[22:55] <@Yarrow> Two shots hit the thing, flipping it into the air, and there's a crackle as ice forms around it, before the thing plops into the grate. You don't know if it was dead or not.
[22:55] <@Yarrow> But it wasn't wriggling, so far as you could tell.
[22:55] * Sophia glances back at Paragon. "Heal her if you can!"
[22:56] * Paragon tries to heal her.... hopefully GM will let me.
[22:56] * Sophia rushes towards the grate, trying to look down and see.
[22:56] <@Yarrow> No, you can't get your healing attempt back, Paragon.
[22:56] <@Yarrow> Bad timing. Sorry.
[22:56] <Paragon> (Grumble grumble)
[22:57] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks, "well that plan is busted....unless we only need her hand print....though knowing our luck it'll want a voice print"
[22:57] <Paragon> (I'd be willing to spend 50 EP to say I didn't do that so I can heal her now... but somehow I doubt that'll work.)
[22:58] <@Yarrow> Actually, I think you'd need healing rank 5 to revive her, anyway.
[22:58] <@Yarrow> She's missing some very important organs.
[22:58] <Paragon> (Heh... oh well.)
[22:58] <Sophia> (Got 4 spare CP? :P )
[22:58] <Paragon> (Actually, yeah I do.)
[22:58] <@Yarrow> No, you may not buy attributes mid-session!
[22:59] <Paragon> (Not even if it might make sense story-wise?)
[22:59] <Paragon> (AKA emotional trigger?)
[22:59] <@Yarrow> Sophia, you don't see any motion down below. You do see some green blood splattered around. It seems to have lost a good amount of it.
[22:59] <Salior_Mjollnir> "ok then...." looks at the stoat..."think you can make a explosive charge to get the door open?"
[23:00] <@Yarrow> You also notice the blood seems to be eating into the grate.
[23:00] * Paragon kneels by Natalie.
[23:00] * Sophia lights up the flashlight, examining a bit more closely.
[23:00] * @Shari runs over to the grate as well
[23:00] <Salior_Mjollnir> (and back to plan what was it....oh yes C....as in C4
[23:00] <@Yarrow> No, that's generally for attributes you've already bought but haven't used yet. In my games, at least.
[23:01] * Sophia holds a hand up to keep Shari back, pointing to where the blood's eating away at the grate.
[23:01] <Paragon> (Aww...)
[23:01] * Paragon looks to Natalie and then looks to the door.... (What kind of entrance scanners do they have?)
[23:02] <@Shari> "Remind me to get as far away from you people i can if i ever get hurt"
[23:02] <@Shari> "we should have had her inside 10minets ago'
[23:02] <Paragon> "Excuse me for not feeling comfortable drugging someone."
[23:02] <@Yarrow> You're not really sure how scanners usually work. Maybe comm, maybe some biometric method.
[23:02] <Sophia> "I don't know about you, but I don't like drugging someone into a stupor until they do what I want."
[23:03] <@Shari> "Oh yes, IM sure she's very thankfull for your consideration with the giant gapeing hole in her body'
[23:03] * Paragon glares at Shari.
[23:03] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Not like it wasn't going to happen anyway."
[23:04] * Paragon then lifts up Natalie's body... carrying her bridal style.
[23:04] <Paragon> "We're going inside."
[23:04] <Paragon> "Come on."
[23:04] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I wonder if there are any more in her."
[23:04] * Paragon heads over towards the building.
[23:04] <@Shari> "What? It's not like im making it up, we all could tell something was off... just .. what the hell was that any wya? Don't tell me you guys fight stuff like that to"
[23:05] * @Shari freezes over the manhole and the swrere under it once Sophia is done checking it
[23:06] * Sophia tsks, shutting off her flashlight and straightening up to follow Paragon. "Something being off doesn't usually mean she was infested with some... parasite... that will burst out of her like a young wasp. I'd have thought traumatic memories, which is not something helped by drugging her and dragging her in."
[23:07] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Have you considered the possibility that more of those is what's inside?"
[23:07] * @Shari looks up from sealing the manhole
[23:07] <@Shari> "... unn,, well crap"
[23:07] <@Shari> "If there is, don't we have to..i duno. Go kill them?"
[23:07] * Sophia reloads her rifle. "I hope so."
[23:07] <Paragon> "I'm actually fairly certain there are more inside."
[23:07] <Sophia> "Then maybe we can find out what the newest problem is."
[23:08] <Paragon> "I'm just hoping that there's some data on what they are."
[23:08] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Very well. Before you attempt entry, I feel I should point out that it's also possible that they might not be able to get out if you don't open the door."
[23:09] <Paragon> (Shit... Droids... T-virus zombies, Xenomorphs.... am I missing anything?)
[23:09] <Paragon> "Depends on how smart they are."
[23:09] <Sophia> "True... but we can close it behind us and teleport out."
[23:09] <@Yarrow> Paragon reaches the door. It does not open.
[23:09] * Paragon looks for some sort of scanning device and even ruffles through Natalie's pockets looking for an ID.
[23:10] <@Yarrow> There's nothing in particular that she can see.
[23:10] <Salior_Mjollnir> (Preators)
[23:11] <@Yarrow> (Well, you did miss a youma possessing a Michael Jackson android before you joined.)
[23:11] * Paragon drops Natalie's body at the door.
[23:11] * Paragon knocks.
[23:11] <@Yarrow> There is no answer.
[23:12] <Paragon> (Of course there isn't... I was actually hoping for a drone to make a loud noise or something)
[23:13] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Want me to blow it open?"
[23:13] * Paragon looks at Toast.
[23:13] <Paragon> "if you do that, we won't be able to get it closed."
[23:13] <Sophia> "No. If they're in there, we can't let them get out."
[23:13] <@Shari> "Well, Mabie its in lock down so they can't get out?"
[23:13] <Paragon> "If I could somehow get a camera-eye view of inside... I could probably teleport us in."
[23:13] <Paragon> (That counts as having seen it... sorta...)
[23:14] <@Shari> "Can we check around the outside? mabie there's a like a phone line or camra or something for lilith to use?"
[23:14] * Paragon taps the Para Mask to try to get a look at any security feeds inside if she can.
[23:14] <@Yarrow> Toast: "I'm not sure why we want to get in, really... This isn't going to be a good place to x-ray Tetsu."
[23:14] <Sophia> "It would have more information on whatever those things are, but... yes, for the original purpose we'd need to use another lab."
[23:15] <@Yarrow> The systems inside are shielded. On the bright side, that is a good sign as to the general security of the place.
[23:16] <Paragon> "Damn shielding... I can't get around it."
[23:16] <Paragon> "Blowing the door is a bad idea.... if this place is on lockdown, maybe the information about what they studied here is in a different lab."
[23:16] <@Shari> "Mabie we should come back later?"
[23:17] <Paragon> "I just hope some droid or badger isn't stupid enough to blow the door themselves."
[23:17] * Sophia nods. "Maybe later... for now, I don't think there's much we can do here."
[23:17] * Paragon nods.
[23:17] <Paragon> "Wasn't there a senshi stronghold that was near here?"
[23:17] <Sophia> "Yes... let's head there for now."
[23:18] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "It's considerably south of here. If you do want access to an x-ray machine before going there, I can give you the location of a doctor's office that should have one."
[23:18] <Paragon> "How close?"
[23:18] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "There are also hospitals, but my data indicate that they were targeted in the invasion."
[23:19] <@Yarrow> Lilith: 4 kilometers southwest.
[23:19] <@Yarrow> She gives an address.
[23:19] <Sophia> "Mm... doctor's office is a good idea, thank you."
[23:20] * Paragon nods.
[23:21] <@Shari> "Back to the car?"
[23:21] * Sophia nods.
[23:22] <@Yarrow> You make it back to the car and head to the doctor's office.
[23:22] <@Yarrow> 1d100
[23:22] <EllfDB1> Yarrow, 1d100: 69 [1d100=69]
[23:22] <@Yarrow> And reach the office without incident.
[23:23] <@Yarrow> It's a small clinic that doesn't look like it was really damaged in the attack.
[23:23] * Sophia gets out, oving towards the door.
[23:23] * @Shari looks around as she gets out..
[23:24] * Paragon follows.
[23:24] <@Shari> "Still not used to see'ing the city like this'
[23:24] * Paragon releases senshi transformation.
[23:24] * Paragon is now known as Tetsu
[23:24] <Sophia> "Neither are we, to be honest..."
[23:24] * Salior_Mjollnir does so as well
[23:25] * Salior_Mjollnir is now known as Xui-Fei
[23:25] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Oh, good thinking! Let's all be depowered at once!"
[23:26] * Xui-Fei looks at Toast "shouldn't be too long" she says reattaching the ESC on her free arm
[23:27] <@Yarrow> Toast: "A minute can be a lifetime in a fight. Literally."
[23:27] <@Yarrow> It seems quiet inside the clinic.
[23:28] <Xui-Fei> "hmm...looks like nobody is home
[23:28] * Tetsu opens the door.
[23:28] <@Shari> "Hope the people here got away"
[23:28] <Xui-Fei> "indeed
[23:28] <Sophia> "Well... if they didn't, we'll see."
[23:29] <@Yarrow> Lilith, ESC (quietly): "I'm picking up one Marigold Jones in a back room."
[23:29] * Sophia blinks. "Do you know who that is...?"
[23:30] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "She's listed as an apprentice nurse."
[23:30] <Sophia> "I see... could you direct us to her?"
[23:31] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Use the ESC's display."
[23:31] * Xui-Fei nods having the ESC map
[23:32] <@Yarrow> The clinic's floor plan comes up, showing a dot to indicate Marigold.
[23:32] * Xui-Fei nods heading for her
[23:32] * Sophia follows she with the map.
[23:33] <@Yarrow> The door to her room is closed.
[23:33] * Tetsu knocks.
[23:33] <@Yarrow> There's no answer.
[23:34] * Tetsu tests the knob.
[23:34] <Sophia> "Hello... Miss Jones?"
[23:35] <@Yarrow> The knob turns.
[23:35] <@Yarrow> Hesitant woman's voice: "Who-Who's out there?"
[23:36] * Xui-Fei looks to the others before saying, "were human if that's what your asking
[23:36] <Tetsu> "My name is Noiita Tetsuya, and I was hoping maybe you could help me."
[23:37] <@Yarrow> Voice: "Come in. Slowly."
[23:38] <@Yarrow> A bit faster than that...
[23:38] * Tetsu opens the door slowly her hand in her jacket.
[23:38] <Tetsu> (gun hand in her jacket.)
[23:39] <@Yarrow> There's a woman, around 20 or so a bit back from the door and to the side. She has a hand in the pocket of her uniform.
[23:40] * Tetsu steps into the room.
[23:40] * Xui-Fei when she comes into view shows her her hands are empty before entering slowly
[23:42] <@Yarrow> Marigold who has bronzed skin and whose hair color matches her name sighs in relief to see humans and takes her hand from her pocket. She's holding a medspray.
[23:42] * Sophia drops her gun and lets it hand from her arm, walking in with her hands held out empty.
[23:42] * Tetsu removes her hand from the jacket, coming out empty.
[23:44] <Xui-Fei> "you holding up ok?" she asks Marigold
[23:44] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Is ... it over out there?"
[23:44] <Tetsu> "The initial bit, yes.... but unfortunately they're still there."
[23:45] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Oh..."
[23:45] * @Shari peaks in but mostly stays at the door
[23:45] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "I'm ok..."
[23:45] <Tetsu> "This is going to sound odd, but do you have an x-ray machine in here?"
[23:46] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Yeah. Is one of you hurt?"
[23:46] <Tetsu> "Here comes the odd part... we need to x-ray my skull."
[23:47] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Um, ok. Uh... I think I should look over the manual again before I do it."
[23:48] <@Shari> ("Good news ma'am, We've found your brain")
[23:49] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "And I won't really be able to really tell you what the results mean."
[23:49] <Tetsu> "We're looking for something specific.... something that isn't supposed to be there."
[23:49] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "If you want, we could use the MRI instead."
[23:49] * Tetsu shakes her head violently at that one.
[23:49] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "I'm better with that."
[23:50] <@Yarrow> (Awww. :) )
[23:50] <Tetsu> (Tetsu may not be as smart as Para but High magnetic field plus possible bullet in skull? Bad plan)
[23:51] <@Shari> (*splat* "Yay the bullets out")
[23:51] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Ok... I'll go get the manual, then. Give me 15 minutes or so."
[23:51] * Sophia nods. "All right..."
[23:51] <Tetsu> (Well the plus side is... if we waited long enough, all that would do would be hey, instant transformation to Paragon.... again.)
[23:52] <@Yarrow> Don't rely on a senshi auto-transformation saving you from an insta-kill after the solo.
[23:52] <@Yarrow> It might, but it might not.
[23:52] <Tetsu> (heh)
[23:53] <@Yarrow> She goes to another room.
[23:54] <@Shari> "How long have you been hiding back here?"
[23:55] <@Yarrow> Too late. She's off reading the manual.
[23:55] <@Yarrow> A while later, she comes back.
[23:56] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Ok, I think I've got this..."
[23:56] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "This way, please."
[23:56] * Sophia follows.
[23:56] <@Yarrow> She leads Tetsu to a seat in an examination room.
[23:56] * Tetsu sits down.
[23:56] * @Shari asks again
[23:57] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Huh? Oh, since they first came. Let me do this before I forget anything."
[23:57] <@Yarrow> She goes over to a control panel and starts doing things.
[23:57] <@Shari> "You must not have much experince if you forgot how to work something you should ahve been doing every day"
[23:58] <@Shari> "And relearn after a fast read"
[23:58] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Ok, I think we're all ready... You. Get out."
[23:59] <@Yarrow> That last part was to Shari.
[23:59] <@Shari> (no one else commenting?)
[23:59] * Xui-Fei blinks
[23:59] <@Shari> "Umm, No?"
[23:59] <Tetsu> "You all shouldn't be in the room with me getting x-rayed."
[23:59] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Fine. Then you do it!"
[23:59] <@Yarrow> She turns off the panel and storms out.
[00:00] <Sophia> "Um..."
[00:00] <@Shari> "Any one else find her acting rather off for some one whos suposed to be a medic?"
[00:00] <Sophia> "Well... you did just insult her..."
[00:00] <@Yarrow> Lilith: "Actually, she's an apprentice nurse."
[00:00] <@Shari> "I know im a few years out of the current time, but my last visitre to the docotre didnt have them acting like that'
[00:00] <Tetsu> "She's not a doctor."
[00:01] <@Shari> "WOw, "
[00:01] <@Shari> "Ok. ya know what? I will go"
[00:01] <@Shari> "And when something bad happens, im going to laught"
[00:01] <@Shari> "So go ahead and ask her back"
[00:01] * @Shari moves to wait in the other room
[00:02] * Sophia goes after Marigold. "Um... Jones-san, she's agreed to get out..."
[00:04] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "I don't need this crap, you know! After this whole attack, you come in and want me to do something for you, and that ... that *jerk* gets off insulting me!"
[00:04] <Sophia> "She's... not very good with people... I'm sorry."
[00:05] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Fine... I'll do it, so long as she's not there."
[00:06] <@Yarrow> She goes back to the examination room and looks around to make sure Shari's gone.
[00:06] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Right..."
[00:07] <@Yarrow> She reactivates tho control panel and starts entering commands.
[00:08] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Ok, here we--damnit... she has me so mad I almost forgot the field..."
[00:08] <@Yarrow> She enters some more commands and a faint glowing blue field covers most of Tetsu's body.
[00:09] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "So, what do you want scanned, exactly?"
[00:09] <Tetsu> "My skull."
[00:09] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "The whole thing?"
[00:10] <Tetsu> "Yeah, look to see if something is there that isn't supposed to be."
[00:10] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Ok. Don't move or talk."
[00:10] <@Yarrow> She enters a command and waits several seconds.
[00:11] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Ok. Once I take down the field, you can get up."
[00:11] <@Yarrow> She deactivates the field.
[00:11] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Ok, follow me."
[00:11] * Tetsu stands up and follows Marigold.
[00:12] <@Yarrow> She takes Tetsu to a room with multiple screens and puts different x-ray images on them.
[00:13] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Hum. I don't see anything strange. Do you?"
[00:14] <@Yarrow> Nothing jumps out and says foreign object.
[00:14] * Tetsu shakes her head.
[00:14] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "The doctor would have been able to tell better, but he never came back..."
[00:15] <Tetsu> "Well... it doesn't look like there's a bullet in there."
[00:16] <@Yarrow> Marigold stares at Tetsu: "A bullet?"
[00:19] <Tetsu> "It's strange, I know."
[00:20] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Well... I guess that's all I can do for you. On the bright side, it doesn't look like you have a bullet in your head."
[00:20] * Tetsu nods.
[00:20] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Anything you need before you go?"
[00:22] <@Yarrow> She doesn't sound like she's rushing you out.
[00:23] <@Yarrow> Just that she doesn't think you have any further reason to stay.
[00:23] <Tetsu> "Have you been safe here?"
[00:23] <@Yarrow> She shrugs. "I've been ok so far..."
[00:24] <Sophia> "We do have a few fairly safe locations, if you'd prefer anywhere else..."
[00:24] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Yes."
[00:26] * Xui-Fei having return to male by now keeps quiet for the most part
[00:26] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "I'll get some stuff."
[00:27] <@Yarrow> She goes off and comes back shortly with a pack.
[00:27] <@Yarrow> Marigold: "Ok, I'm ready."
[00:28] * Xui-Fei looks at Toast or Testu
[00:29] * Sophia nods. "All right... could you take her back down, Toast-kun?"
[00:29] <@Yarrow> Toast: "Yeah, ok."
[00:29] <@Yarrow> The two of them vanish. A minute or so later, Toast returns.
[00:30] <@Yarrow> And let's stop here. I get the feeling people are tired and slowing down. I know I'm tired.
[00:30] * Sophia nods.
[00:30] * Sophia is now known as Pale_Wolf
[00:30] <@Shari> im on a caffine high..
[00:30] * Tetsu is now known as Ellf
[00:30] * Shari is now known as DCG
[00:31] * Xui-Fei is now known as Light02
[00:31] <@Yarrow> 2 cp for the session. And as a note, you would have been able to get into the bio lab with Natalie still alive if you had been a bit quicker about it.
[00:31] <Pale_Wolf> True... but then she'd have expired IN the lab.
[00:31] <@Yarrow> Not that she would have stayed alive for incredibly long, but it would have been enough to get you in.
[00:31] <Light02> probably would have but then we would of had a session or two of Alien
[00:31] * @Yarrow nods.
[00:32] <@Yarrow> Just saying that it wasn't a place that you weren't allowed to get into.
[00:32] * Pale_Wolf nodnods.
[00:32] <Light02> we understand that Yarrow
[00:32] <Ellf> Heh.
[00:32] <Light02> though we can safely assume if we find Mercury she would theroeticly have access to that
[00:32] <Pale_Wolf> Still, I kinda prefer the way it turned out - we DIDN'T end up going the Serenity-route and drugging people until they do what we want :P
[00:33] <@Yarrow> Ok. I just know that sometimes as a player it can seem like you're being jerked around.
[00:33] <@DCG> high horse must be nice?
[00:33] <@DCG> shari is woundering why ever ones so trusting.
[00:33] <@Yarrow> Because their queen didn't try to kill them. :)
[00:33] <Pale_Wolf> Well, she only asked Shari to leave, not everyone else :P
[00:33] <@DCG> "Hi stranger we jsut met and know nothing about, Can you put me into this mechine andZAP MY BRAIN"
[00:34] <@DCG> becaus shari had the idea to... ask questions/
[00:34] <Light02> yeah that bit kinda drew a blank in me too
[00:34] <Pale_Wolf> That's true, but even if she IS a traitor, she'd still be less likely to kill Tetsu than we would since we know jackall about what we're doing :P
[00:34] <@Yarrow> Well, Lilith did ID her as someone who'd have *some* idea of what she was doing.
[00:34] <@Yarrow> But as an apprentice, she wasn't fully trained.
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