Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

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Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby DCG » Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:19 pm

DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Behind the scene's help and Giver of twisted plot ideas, NPC-Lord, Yarrow.

#CTE - irc.lunarnet.org

Story so far: Current time 32XX. Crystal Tokyo is the last hold out of mankind. The end of the world in 20XX striped the earth of all life and left the oceans frozen. Or so they tell you. The cause is unknown, The current state of the environment is unknown, Hell the weather out side of the city’s crystal walls is unknown.
Not that you care. For the last thousand years the remains of mankind have lived along side Youma, Demons, and monsters in a state of unending happiness, Forced upon them by Queen Serenity. Those that she couldn’t control where banished from her kingdom, killed out right, or sealed away.

Shit hit the fan: The Dark Moon family showed up in force. Smashing the city and shattering Serenity dream word. The Senshi met the attacking force head on and added to the destruction of what was once Crystal Tokyo. But with powers weakened by broken sprits and failing wills they didn’t hold them off for long. Now the city is in ruins, the queen’s power is broken, and you’re regaining full use of your unchained sprit and mind.

Start: You waken to smashed buildings, screaming people, and panic in the streets, as odd metal things march around town cutting the few remaining people down. Before you can move your world explodes in a flash of light and extreme pain. Be you human, mecha or other there is a tearing in side you. A stronger will is reshaping your very core. As the light clears, and this new kind of pain fades, You find your little show did not go unnoticed. The clean up droids of the Dark Moon army are now coming for you.

Treasure rolls:

Backup found:




Missions Complete:

OC back ground: Serenities over use of the Sliver Crystal the last thousand years has weakened it. Enough that Wiseman was able to counter and shatter it with the Dark Crystal from the center is Nemeses. Broken and beaten the Queen retreated into her castle leaving her “loyal” senshi to guard it as she sealed her self away in a crystal sleep. To await her king, Problem is there is no sign of said king. With his enemies smashed and victory assured Wiseman left with the Dark Moon family leaving only there droid army to clean up.
Watching all this and waiting for the right moment was the daughter of the queen. Having come into the power of the serenity line long ago she waited for a chance to break the hold her mother has had over her for so long. She watched as a laughing Wiseman walked past the broken and power less remains of the Sliver crystal, but she knew better. The Crystal never had any power to begin with, it was merely the focus of the serenity line, Drawing its power from the sprit of the queen and her will. In the end, it’s her mother that was truly broken and powerless on the inside.
As she drew close the shards of the crystal faded into motes of light, surging into her one by one. Breaking the magical lock on her age that kept has as a child for over 900 years.
Approaching the last shards of the crystal brought her out into the courtyard of the place, giving her full view of the city. Once towering crystal buildings lay shattered, The Screams of her people could still be heard over the burning fires, The remains of the dark moon army easily spotted dropping more of there mechanical army into her city.
She felt the palace shields snap into place as the senshi poured what was left of there power into protecting the royal family. Usa wondered just how long it would take them to notice it was an empty castle. The princess paused while calling up the remaining shards of the crystal leaving them floating in her field of view with the shattered city as a back drop.
It worked for the first Serenity, It worked for her mother, She may as well make it work for her. With a burst of power she sent the remaining shards of light flying off into the city. To find worthy sprits and save them from that hell.

Who knows, They might make they self’s useful to her later.

Soul of a Senshi: The effects of Dark Lady’s actions are far reaching and long lasting. Your very souls have been reformatted into a Senshi template. Welcome to immortally people, That is if you live long enough.

House rules:

Game wise you make another sheet for a magical girl
200cp norm / 300 cp "Senshi"
+100EP for the senshi form.
Skill's merge form to form, But only skills.
The current CAP settings for this game are Heroic norm, and Mythical senshi. Page 9 of the game book.
EP regent is a flat 1 per min of resting. Note the *RESTING*. This don't mean running for your life and whatnot.

The down side's to the Senshi power.
First trigging the transformation don't take power, but attacking and actions while in that state may.
Cost is 2ep per rank of attribute used.
If you have a rank 5 blast, It takes 10ep to use. How ever you can use lower ranks to save power and strech out your time in the senshi form.
Summing, forming, creating, bringing up a force field, flight. All take 2cp to start off. If crit, or hammered hard you may have to roll a mind check to see if it costs another 2ep to reform or keep up. This will be situational.

This may seem unbalanced to the melee heavy ladies in the short skirts, as they only have to empower or summon a weapon once then go to town.

Keep in mind your all so running up into the most dangerous parts of the battle. While not a problem to often, ill warn you right now that a MADCAT MKII will not be impressived by your blade of glowing +4.

The big down side to the senshi soul being forced into you is a cool down time. This is equal to time spent in the higher form. So if its 3 hours in game time in the fuku, it's 3 hours of being stuck in a low powered state and hiding or on the run. Keep this in mind when clearing area's or planning an assault.
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Postby Rockman_Zero » Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:27 pm

"In the year 32XX... There is only fanservice." :wink:
"One shall stand, one shall fall..."
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House Rules

Postby Yarrow » Sat May 30, 2009 1:47 am

Current Benchmarks: Normal form uses Mythical, and Senshi form uses Superhuman, as described on page 9 of the game book.

Total ACV and DCV cannot exceed the benchmarks, even when individual attacks add homing, accuracy, etc. or shield adds defense. If the ACV/DCV value does exceed the benchmark, the overflow can be used to offset situational penalties but NOT penalties for defending against multiple attacks

Ties in contested attack/defense rolls go to players.

Teleport is a general action, not a move action.

The combined cost of Custom Weapon Variables (Autofire, Insidious, Piercing, etc.) on a single Weapon cannot exceed the Weapon's rank. Standard variables (Area, Range, Duration, Targets) do not count toward this limit.

Extra Actions is generally limited to rank 1 for player characters.

The Targeted variable is not allowed against any categories that would include the vast majority of enemies in the game. For example, droids or 'evil' would not be permitted, but flying creatures would.

Healing skill improves the effectiveness of healing items by 10% per rank of medical skill (max 100%).

Backup rolls are communal property and can be used by any PC who isn't acting against the best interest of the party.
Rolls currently in the party's possession: 1

A character's senshi form can regain hit points by any of the normal methods (regeneration, healing attribute, medsprays, etc.), but only when it is the active form. Additionally, if the character has a full eight hours of sleep in normal form, the senshi form will be fully healed.

For attack and defense rolls, a natural 12 is always a success and a natural 2 is always a failure. This does not apply to rolls other than those to determine whether an attack hits or misses.

Wounds caused by weapons with the incurable variable may be healed with Healing or Regeneration attributes of sufficient rank, but not during combat.

Power Flux

Power Flux: creation - Only as many cp as are granted by the power can exist in items at any given time. Ie - at rank 2, 8cp of created items may exist at once. So long as the same item is being created, there is no flux delay between making one and the next.

Details for explosives creation: minor - explosives with limited variables allowed: area and delay, 1 or 2 penetrating, flare, irritant; major - allows more variables/defects; primal - allows other attributes to be mixed in.


Imbue: a power can be activated for one scene and affects others and self. Only one can be in effect at once and requires concentration (as described in Activation rank 1) during the round it's activated. The cost for attribute is +1 to affect 1 other person, +2 to affect 2-3, +3 to affect 4-6. Effect lasts for 1 scene. Area of effect starts at 3m and can be raised. Effects stack with existing attributes of affected targets, upto the benchmark limits.
Note: The owner of the attribute only gains its benefits when the power has been activated.

Approved Imbue attributes: Toughness, Mind Shield, DR (creates pool of 1 reroll/rank that is shared by all affected people), Heightened Awareness, Land speed, Resistance, Special defense, Special Movement, Unknown power.

New Combat Techniques

Combo Master - On a successful melee hit, the character is able to immediately use an unspent extra action for the round. If all attacks hit and the last exceeds the target number by 6 or more an extra attack is gained. Does not apply to any attacks with autofire and may only be initiated with a normal action on the character's turn. This counts as 3 techniques (6 cp).

(C-C-C-)Combo Breaker - The Combo Master technique is ineffective on the character. (2 cp)

Best Defense - Any attacks made on the character with a natural 2 or 3 on the attack roll automatically miss. Additionally, the character gets a free attack on any opponents in melee range who roll a natural 2 or 3 on an attack roll. The free attack does not trigger the Combo Master technique. (4 cp)

Seize the Moment - After using Divine Relationship to change an incoming hit into a miss, the character gains an immediate free attack. The free attack does not trigger Combo Master. This technique costs 1 cp for every 2 ranks of Divine Relationship (round up) the character has.

Death and Unconciousness

  • A character knocked out in normal form automatically assumes senshi form, unless it is unavailable. If she resumes normal form voluntarily, she will be at 10% max hp. If the senshi form is knocked out, however, the character returns to normal form and remains unconscious.
  • A senshi knocked out after a voluntary transformation will revert to normal form and be in cooldown for a minimum of a minute, even if she didn't spend that long in senshi form, and will be unable to regain senshi form for approximately a day.
  • If a character in senshi form takes enough damage in a single round to reduce it to negative maxmimum hp, the character dies. A character dropped to negative maximum hp in single round in normal form may or may not die if the senshi form is available.
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Toast's Death Experience

Postby Yarrow » Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:17 am

Once upon a time, there was a magical stoat who lived in a wondrous city far in the future. For a long time, this stoat didn't realize he was magical and concerned himself only with typical stoat affairs. But one day, evil beings invaded his beloved city and started killing and destroying, which greatly angered the stoat and made him realize he was very magical and much smarter than the average stoat. Making full use of his righteous rage and fantastic powers, the stoat avenged those he most treasured among the unfortunate victims of the evil beings and joined forces with other survivors of the invasion who discovered that they, too, were magical. Then, working with these new and powerful friends, the stoat endeavored to strike a mighty blow against the rest of the cruel invaders—and blew himself up along with an empty office building the very next day. Here's what he experienced next:

You think you're dreaming. You have no awareness of your body and can't move. You seem to be sitting in a movie theatre. The other red velvet seats are empty and the smell of popcorn fills your nose. The movie on the screen is an old black and white silent picture. You watch the action:
The scene is a mad scientist's laboratory in an old castle. A bolt of lightning flashes outside and the picture pans to a woman in surgical garb, complete with cap and a mask covering the lower part of her face. She looks vaguely familiar. She whips her arm to the side and points at a metal slab with a small furry body on it.
(All dialogue is in text) "Now! Raise the slab!"
The camera cuts to another woman standing in the lab. She starts pulling a chain on a pair of wheels, and the slab starts rising into the air.
"Yes, doctor!"
The slab goes through a hole in the roof of the lab and takes up a position between two cones with rings around them and balls on top. Suddenly lightning strikes the cones and the body on the slab writhes and dances. The camera briefly cuts to the faces of the two women: the doctor's alight with wild anticipation and the assistant's awash with fear. A moment later, the assistant starts pulling the other section of the chain and the slab returns to the floor.
The doctor rushes over to the slab and peers down at it—her back obscures your view of the body. A moment later, she looks up at the sky, and thrusts her hands toward the heavens.
She dances around the room for a few seconds before throwing a large switch. The slab tilts at a 45 degree angle and the furry body rolls down it and drops into a hole in the floor.
"Go, my undying creation, and wreak havoc on the world!"
The scene cuts to the assistant's alarmed face.
"But doctor! We only have enough raw material to rebuild the creature two more times!"
The doctor makes a dismissive motion with her hand.
"Then it'll have to go home and get more Protoflesh or store enough compatible body parts in its pocket if it wants to be rebuilt a third time."
The camera gives a close-up of the doctor's stern eyes.
"Or be careful not to get killed so much!"
The camera pulls back and pans to the assistant, who's nervously cleaning up.
-"Yes, doctor. But what kind of body parts are compatible?"
-"Oh, anything from an animal of similar size and type. It has to be fresh, though."
The scene pulls back further, and as the assistant goes around the lab, tidying up, the doctor throws back her head and laughs maniacally.
"THE END" apears in white text over the scene. After a second, a question mark appears after "END".
In smaller print at the bottom of the screen, the words "A Hydragyrum production" appear.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Thu Jun 11, 2009 6:28 pm

Solo Session: Alaric

[20:47] <DCG> OK
[20:47] <DCG> incoming spam
[20:47] * DCG is now known as TheDM
[20:48] <TheDM> Mizuno Memorial Hospital, A massive and sprawling medical center of Crystal Tokyo. Part bribe to the genius senshi of Mercury, and a hole lot of show off. The Grounds cover a few blocks in the center of the City.
[20:48] <TheDM> This day started like any other, Patients of all kinds stopping by for minor treatments and those ever helpful pills they give out. Now and then a hard case gets rushed in from the city, accident happen even in the fax heaven that is ct.
[20:48] <TheDM> A young Doctor of cat youma decent takes an extended lunch in one of the privet roof gardens, enjoying the view. And more so the lack of annoying idiots who can’t seem to stop hurting them self’s.
[20:48] <TheDM> Of cores you never say that to them.. that would be mean.
[20:48] <TheDM> Your moment of peace comes to a fast end as the birds suddenly go quite, The air is oddly stile.
[20:48] <TheDM> Standing up to take a look a better look at the grounds, You catch a perfect view of a strange bolt of light striking the hospital’s parking garage.
[20:48] <TheDM> Six stories of crystal construction blown to shit, knocking the cat eared doctor on his ass and sending chunks of darkened flying.
[20:48] <TheDM> Looking up you stop another steak of light coming down from on high, a lot more. Soon buildings all around are coming apart in massive explosions,
[20:48] <TheDM> A mad dash for shelter works somewhat as a deafening blast and eye searing light is the last thing you see before blacking out.
[20:48] <TheDM> Coming around you sense some one watching you in amusement, before a soul searing bright light becomes the new center of your world.
[20:48] <TheDM> Shaking off the pain, and looking you notice just how close you came to burning up one of those 9 cat life’s.
[20:48] <TheDM> Your favorite spot and indeed most of the roof of the section is just gone, a charred edge is only a foot or so away.
[20:48] <TheDM> A odd warning system seems to be going off, and lights you never notices in the walls and floors before are all flashing.
[20:48] <TheDM> Starting location: Whats left of the hospital's roof.
[20:48] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[20:48] <Pale_Wolf> Did I miss the actual start? :P
[20:49] <Alaric> (yes)
[20:49] <TheDM> Or, rather this part of it. Two other huge wings are left. One of them is another guarden, the other supports a large aircraft pad. They don't seem to have taken a hit yet. The door leading to the stares down seems to have been blown open.
[20:50] <Yarrow> (Damn. They started the attack with their orbital misspelling beam! ;) )
[20:50] * TheDM slaps Yarrow around a bit with a large trout
[20:50] <Pale_Wolf> (Anyone mind tossing me a log of the start?)
[20:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Thank yas, DC)
[20:51] * Alaric looks around in confusion.
[20:51] <Alaric> "I.. this.. what.."
[20:51] * Alaric speaks hopefully.
[20:51] <Alaric> "...movie shoot?"
[20:51] * Alaric looks for a moment at the destruction.
[20:51] <Alaric> "...not."
[20:51] * Alaric looks up.
[20:51] <Alaric> (what's shooting the bigass bolts of energy?)
[20:51] * TheDM slaps Rockman_Zero around a bit with a large trout
[20:52] <TheDM> (unless you can see into orbit, you don't have a clue)
[20:52] * Alaric looks around, starting to panic a little.
[20:52] <TheDM> But you do see Dark shapes moving in, Lots of them. The humm of engines is all ready starting to fill the air.
[20:53] * Alaric speaks to himself, trying to steady himself.
[20:53] <Alaric> "Whatever's happening, there must surely be many wounded below."
[20:53] <TheDM> (Don't worrie, your not crazy if there really is an audance watching0
[20:53] <Alaric> "So.. I'll just.. head down there."
[20:53] <Alaric> "Yeah."
[20:54] <Ataru> (hahaha, i was about to say "Thank you Sailor Exposition")
[20:54] * Alaric will hop, jump, and leap his way down to the rubble below.
[20:54] <Alaric> (anything preventing me from doing that?)
[20:55] <Light02> (oooh first solo sweet)
[20:56] * Alaric looks up along the way, a little worried -- just how close are those noisy black things.
[20:56] <TheDM> (Jump roll)
[20:56] <TheDM> (it is jagged, and on fire in some places)
[20:56] <TheDM> (body+jumpskill)
[20:56] <Alaric> roll 2d6+4+2
[20:56] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+4+2 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[20:57] <TheDM> You pull it off easly, even with the fire adding a new challange.
[20:58] <TheDM> The new burn marks just blend in with the rest of the charring on your whites at any rate.
[20:58] * Alaric reaches the ground unruffled, patting a few spots on his white coat out.
[20:58] <Alaric> (how close are the black noisy things coming down?)
[20:58] <TheDM> The hosiptal is huge, a easy few stories high. But you make it to the ground.
[20:59] <TheDM> The front of the meical center is covered in burning rubble, and some fleeing people.
[20:59] <TheDM> checking on the sky gives you an idea that your not going to be alone for to much longer.
[21:00] <TheDM> An odd sense that you don't remember having before the boom fun gives off a clear feeling of danger from the aproching craft.
[21:00] <TheDM> (go senshi senses)
[21:00] * Alaric gulps.
[21:01] * Alaric looks around -- anyone in the rubble that can readily be extracted?
[21:01] * [1]Rockman_Zero (~Zero@124-169-78-193.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #cte
[21:02] * Rockman_Zero (~Zero@203-206-113-118.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:02] * [1]Rockman_Zero is now known as Rockman_Zero
[21:04] <TheDM> Near the ER entrance a fast hover Ambulance took a fare sized chunk of the garage and is mostly smashed, One of your fellow medical techs is trying to extract his partner the patient seems to be a smear of blood flowing from the wreck,
[21:04] * Alaric sprints over and first does his best to stabilize the wounded person's injuries (Healing) then helps try to dig 'em out.
[21:05] <TheDM> any one in the garage itself is a good bet to be past any help you can offer. And any one who can move the slightist has fled into the building in a panic,
[21:05] <TheDM> (Skill or power?)
[21:05] <Alaric> (power)
[21:06] <Alaric> (only caveat -- won't heal something that's under pressure from debris, since it'd heal warped/out of place)
[21:07] <TheDM> Laying your hand on the man gives you an odd feeling of controll, As you shift his own life force around and boost it with your inate magic.
[21:07] <Alaric> "That should help.. let's get you out of there."
[21:07] * Alaric glances up.
[21:07] <Alaric> "Those don't look too friendly."
[21:07] <TheDM> The other tech if focused on helping his friend, but is on the edge of panic as well.
[21:08] <TheDM> "What? What's going on! Some accident in the parking.... Oh my dear serenity.."
[21:08] <TheDM> seems he spoted the incomin fun to.
[21:08] <Alaric> "I think it's an invasion."
[21:08] * Alaric says this doubtfully.
[21:08] <Alaric> "But that doesn't make any sense at all."
[21:08] <Alaric> "Invasions only happen in the movies."
[21:08] <TheDM> The hum of the engines is loud and clear.
[21:09] <TheDM> "Invasion? from who! We're all thats left, the queen said so!"
[21:09] * Alaric blinks, perplexed.
[21:09] <Alaric> "Well.. yes. As I said, it doesn't make any sense. I'm sure there's been some misunderstanding."
[21:09] * Alaric continues, quickly.
[21:09] <Alaric> "Let's get your friend here out of this rubble, allright?"
[21:09] * Alaric will try to get him out.
[21:10] <Ataru> (night guys)
[21:10] <Alaric> (gnight)
[21:10] <Ataru> (g'luck al)
[21:10] <Rockman_Zero> (Night)
[21:10] <Pale_Wolf> (Night Ataru)
[21:10] <TheDM> His budy dissagress's with a chough of blood, his had a rather good view of the sky for a bit now. As you pull him from the wrecked transport
[21:10] <Light02> (night hentai)
[21:11] <TheDM> "Gah.. Well ill tell you one thing. That's a heck of a lot of Misunderstanding right above us"
[21:11] * Alaric purses his lips, glancing up.
[21:11] <Alaric> "...yeah."
[21:12] <Alaric> "Well, let's just get you inside, and we can worry about all that later."
[21:12] <TheDM> Your new senshi danger sense is agree'ing with the man, For some reason you just know this area's about to become rather trobelsome.
[21:12] * Alaric accompanies 'all that' with a dismissive wave of one hand.
[21:12] * Alaric then hesitates.
[21:12] <TheDM> "Inside? And what close the doors?"
[21:12] <Alaric> "We should probably do it really quick."
[21:12] * Alaric frowns.
[21:13] <Alaric> "Well, what else would we do?"
[21:13] <Yarrow> (His doctor sense, however, is highly resistant to dragging a badly injured person away from the hospital. :) )
[21:13] * Ataru (~Pervert@c-71-234-100-239.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:14] <Rockman_Zero> (Alaric: "Hmm... It's lupis."
[21:14] <Rockman_Zero> )
[21:14] <TheDM> They move as best they can, with one man having just been unsmashed,
[21:14] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cte
[21:15] <TheDM> "Your the doctor, any ideas?"
[21:15] <Alaric> "Well.."
[21:15] <Alaric> "If this is really an invasion.."
[21:15] * Alaric still really doubts this.
[21:15] <TheDM> Having no conept of calling the police, or need of security, they both defalt to the know medical standerds.
[21:15] <TheDM> Drump all the thinking on to the guys in the white coats
[21:15] <Pale_Wolf> (Heheheheh)
[21:15] <Alaric> "I suppose I could... well.. fight them. I'm a Youma after all. We can fight stuff, I think? We just.. don't."
[21:16] * Alaric frowns.
[21:16] <Alaric> "I still think this is all some sort of bizarre misunderstanding."
[21:16] <Alaric> "I mean.. who would 'THEY' be?"
[21:16] <Light02> (something that is definatly gonna be ingrained into the next ruler)
[21:16] * Alaric looks to the two guys.
[21:16] <Alaric> "any ideas?"
[21:16] <TheDM> Opening the doors, to the ER desk you get load of masses of panicing people, nurses and doctors.
[21:17] <TheDM> Many doing there best to treat wounded people from the destored part of the center, others panicing for the joy of it, or at lest it seems.
[21:17] <Light02> (tonight on ER Crystal Tokyo)
[21:18] <TheDM> Screen's and monters all around are giving odd instruction, To evack the building and try to slow down the invaders.
[21:18] * Alaric looks at the screens.
[21:18] <Alaric> (who do the insturctions seem to be coming from?)
[21:19] <TheDM> It looks like the normal meidcal systems have been overridden by an hidden program. The instruction are coming from your own servers, and having a Senshi level of clerance.
[21:19] <Alaric> "Uh.. people? People?"
[21:20] * Alaric tries to get some attention.
[21:20] <TheDM> It's odd that they don't want any one to flee the building however. It's pointing out a path with the flashing light systems, to underground levels that you been in before.. it was just storage last you checked.
[21:20] <Alaric> "The authorities are saying we ought to evacuate this building, and.. um.."
[21:20] * Alaric looks at the screen for a moment.
[21:21] <Alaric> "Follow this path specified here."
[21:21] <Alaric> (anyone paying attention?)
[21:21] <TheDM> No ones really listing to you, Your calm clear voice just don't get noticed
[21:21] * Alaric looks a little.. irked.
[21:21] * Alaric takes a deep breath.. and YOWLS as loudly as he can.
[21:21] <Pale_Wolf> ("MEOW!")
[21:21] <TheDM> Various doctors call for nurses and what they need to *Crash*
[21:22] <TheDM> Most people have hit the floor, and a few catgirl nurses seem to have stick there fingers into something high voltage as there ears and tails are stright up.
[21:22] * Alaric shouts, "EVERYONE, PLEASE!"
[21:22] <TheDM> There's a general *blink blink* as they look at you, even one guy thats currently bleeding out.
[21:23] * Alaric shouts, "Observe the appropriate policies for this situation. Follow the directions listed on the screens."
[21:23] * Alaric goes back to talking normally.
[21:23] <Alaric> "I'll do that 'stall the invaders' part, I ought to be okay at it."
[21:23] <TheDM> Do you try and use the system at all?
[21:24] <Alaric> (nope)
[21:24] <Alaric> (only really knows rote tasks, like ordering on-demand movies, or filling out forms.. etc)
[21:24] <Alaric> (so it's not his first inclination)
[21:24] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[21:25] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[21:25] <TheDM> "ALone?" "You can't!" "What invaders!" From the general mix of people inside.
[21:25] <Alaric> "The ones the systems are talking about."
[21:25] <TheDM> But the medical staff seems to respond to there training. Beds are kicked into mobel and soon the Dotors are barking out orders on the go, moving out the rooms one by one
[21:26] * Alaric sighs, and sweatdrops.
[21:26] * Alaric mouths a silent appology to all the catgirls who heard that.
[21:26] <TheDM> Right about the time your oh shit sense Redlines, to a large crash and scream.
[21:26] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[21:26] * Alaric runs outside and looks around.
[21:27] <TheDM> The windows blow out in a spray of engery bolts. This seems to get the general pop moving faster.
[21:27] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[21:28] <Alaric> (hahah looks like I went the wrong way)
[21:28] <TheDM> Once your clear the permently opened ER doors, the first thing you catch sight of is an odd group of what looks women aproching you at a steedy march.
[21:29] * Alaric attempts to gather up his dignity, and addreses them.
[21:29] <Alaric> "Pardon me, but.. may I ask what is going on?"
[21:29] <Alaric> (...snerk)
[21:29] <TheDM> All tho you don't know any human women who normaly look that sharp and off color. The seemly leader in Full body red is flanked by two ladies in all black.
[21:30] <Alaric> (are they hot?)
[21:30] <Yarrow> (They're the women from the Addicted to Love video.)
[21:30] <TheDM> (there curvy where it counts)
[21:30] <TheDM> (HAH!)
[21:31] <Alaric> (so, do they deign to respond?)
[21:32] <TheDM> A smile is your anwser, Along with "Slaughter" and the driod pulling out a sidearm. It don't take an expert to figer out, OH shit gun.
[21:32] <TheDM> Roll init.
[21:32] <McDice> TheDM rolled : init. --> error: malformed expression
[21:33] <Alaric> roll 2d6+4+6
[21:33] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+4+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{19}
[21:33] * Alaric sweatdrops.
[21:33] <Alaric> "I think there's been some mistake."
[21:33] <Pale_Wolf> (Fast catman! :P )
[21:33] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+4
[21:33] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}, [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
[21:33] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6
[21:33] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[21:34] <TheDM> Indeed
[21:34] * TheDM changes topic to 'Catman go! 19, Dark gimp2 14, Red leader 12, dark gimp1 12, Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[21:34] <TheDM> You move.
[21:34] * Alaric cringes a little at the sheer Meanness of doing such a thing, but attempts to drain the lady that just pulled a gun on him.
[21:35] <Alaric> roll 2d6+4
[21:35] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{15}
[21:36] <Alaric> (hey, it comes naturally..)
[21:36] <Alaric> (and she probably isn't expecting it)
[21:37] <TheDM> roll body, mind,
[21:37] <McDice> TheDM rolled : body, mind, --> error: malformed expression
[21:37] <TheDM> there's no soul in the thing.
[21:38] <Alaric> roll 2d6+4 body
[21:38] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+4 body --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[21:38] <Alaric> roll 2d6+4 mind
[21:38] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+4 mind --> [ 2d6=11 ]{15}
[21:38] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+5 body
[21:38] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+5 body --> [ 2d6=6 ]{11}
[21:38] <Alaric> (hey, I'm surprised it worked at all ;p )
[21:38] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+2 mind
[21:38] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+2 mind --> [ 2d6=10 ]{12}
[21:39] <Pale_Wolf> (I guess she didn't dodge?)
[21:39] <TheDM> Its a frightlfully odd but enjoyable feeling as you feel your power suprise and overwhelm the fake lady who pulled the gun on you.
[21:39] <Alaric> (well, it's insidious and undetectable, so she probably didn't try, at least this time)
[21:39] <TheDM> Ripping away parts of its body and mind to boost your own.
[21:39] * Alaric exhales sharply, his nostrils flaring.
[21:39] <Alaric> (er, his nostrils flaring as he inhales a moment later)
[21:39] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah, heh.)
[21:39] <TheDM> (you dont have a damage listed..)
[21:40] <TheDM> (no HP damage?)
[21:40] <Pale_Wolf> (It's meant to knock out by EP drain, I think.)
[21:40] <Alaric> (it does 0 hp damage, 20 ep drain, 3 body drain, 3 mind drain, 3 soul drain)
[21:40] <Light02> (oooh...ouch)
[21:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Yuppers, very ouch.)
[21:41] <Alaric> (and it's insidious so it bypassees armor/shields
[21:41] <Alaric> (.. though as a result, Resistance pretty much totally nulls it)
[21:41] <TheDM> Ya, you pool away a huge chunk of her power as well.
[21:41] <TheDM> She falls to her knee's but isnt out yet, you still feel she has some left to snack on.
[21:42] <Alaric> (heh, and now it's their turn)
[21:42] <TheDM> The dark gimp near her panics and dashs at you, It's arm seems to melt into a sharp dark blade.
[21:42] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+5 melee
[21:42] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+5 melee --> [ 2d6=4 ]{9}
[21:42] <Light02> (oh dear god it's TX
[21:42] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 no slashy slashy
[21:42] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 no slashy slashy --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[21:43] <Rockman_Zero> (TX-Tan!)
[21:43] <TheDM> The high your on don't seem to distract away from the fact that you know sharp thing in guts is bad
[21:43] <TheDM> You easly move out of her swing.
[21:43] <Pale_Wolf> (You mean Ranma, right? At least as far as the Amazons are concerned...)
[21:44] <TheDM> The red leader on the ground manges to bring her gun to bare, it snaps out a red bolt with a sharp wine.
[21:44] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 ranged.
[21:44] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 ranged. --> [ 2d6=12 ]{18}
[21:44] <Pale_Wolf> (Oh my.)
[21:44] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-1 aw heck
[21:44] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-1 aw heck --> [ 2d6=9 ]{14}
[21:44] <Yarrow> (Quick, pull out an appropriate cheese to serve with it!)
[21:44] <Alaric> (at least the margin wasn't enough for double damage.. phew)
[21:45] <Pale_Wolf> (Guess it's worth rolling to not get critted anyway :P )
[21:45] <TheDM> Roll 2d4+2 burn damage.
[21:45] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d4+2 burn damage. --> [ 2d4=6 ]{8}
[21:45] * Alaric yelps in pain!
[21:46] <TheDM> It's splashs aginst you, leaving a searing burn.
[21:46] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 ranged
[21:46] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 ranged --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[21:46] <TheDM> the other dark gimp takes a shot
[21:46] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-3
[21:46] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{12}
[21:46] <TheDM> It goes way wide. and your on again
[21:46] <Alaric> (regen --> 37/40 health)
[21:47] * Alaric does his best to drop the 'leader' with another life-drain.
[21:47] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[21:47] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[21:47] <TheDM> roll 2d6+6 wtf is that?
[21:47] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 wtf is that? --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[21:47] <Alaric> (woot.. with her at -3 that oughta hit)
[21:47] <TheDM> She fails to get out of the way
[21:48] <TheDM> body and mind.
[21:48] <Alaric> roll 2d6+7 body
[21:48] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+7 body --> [ 2d6=10 ]{17}
[21:48] <Alaric> roll 2d6+7 mind
[21:48] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+7 mind --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}
[21:48] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+5-3 body
[21:48] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+5-3 body --> [ 2d6=6 ]{8}
[21:48] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+2-3 mind.
[21:48] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+2-3 mind. --> [ 2d6=5 ]{4}
[21:48] <Alaric> (capped out at 8 body, 8 mind now, since vampiric can't take you above double your base)
[21:48] <Alaric> "Now, really, can we please resolve this in a civilized manner?"
[21:48] * Alaric says this hopefully.
[21:49] <Light02> (lol)
[21:49] <TheDM> Her eyes go dim. And she falls to the ground. When her body hits it seems to shatter appart, bit's of dim light flying to you.
[21:49] <Alaric> (them: you've slain our mother.. DIE!!)
[21:49] <TheDM> It's freaking as all hell, and feels ohh so funky.
[21:49] <TheDM> But the two dark gimps dont even blink
[21:50] <Yarrow> (Their response is to call in a civilized orbital strike. :) )
[21:50] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 swing.
[21:50] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 swing. --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[21:50] <Pale_Wolf> (That's a pretty civilized way to go about things.)
[21:50] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 shoot
[21:50] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 shoot --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[21:50] <Pale_Wolf> (/me nodnods.)
[21:50] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[21:50] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[21:50] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-1
[21:50] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-1 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[21:50] <Alaric> (whoa, close)
[21:50] * Alaric bobs and weaves, a little panicked.
[21:50] <Pale_Wolf> (That was NICE. :P )
[21:50] <Yarrow> (Very efficient of you.)
[21:51] * Alaric drains the one on the left.
[21:51] <TheDM> The general answer to talking it out it the deffing sound of oribal drop ship engines all around.
[21:51] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[21:51] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
[21:52] <TheDM> it's not hard to spot more of these women jumps from a few ships flying slowly over the open area in front if the medical center.. and funny enought you.
[21:52] <TheDM> Whats more worring is the ships aboving the other wings of the building letting them in from the roofs.
[21:52] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[21:52] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[21:52] <Alaric> (d'oh)
[21:52] <TheDM> no dodge.
[21:52] <TheDM> body mind
[21:52] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[21:52] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[21:52] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[21:52] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
[21:52] <Alaric> (er, body mind ;p )
[21:53] <TheDM> ya... pluse 8.
[21:53] <Pale_Wolf> (Splort.)
[21:53] <TheDM> The one on the left shuts down much like the other.
[21:53] * Alaric turns and books it to where the monitors said to go.
[21:53] <TheDM> For some reason your dissapointed in the taste.
[21:54] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+4
[21:54] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}, [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[21:54] <TheDM> The one remaining gets off a couple shots before you clear the doors to the inside.
[21:54] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[21:54] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[21:54] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[21:54] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[21:54] <TheDM> roll 1d4+4
[21:54] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d4+4 --> [ 1d4=4 ]{8}
[21:54] <Alaric> "Owwwww!"
[21:55] <TheDM> its a hit in the back, but don't slow you down much.
[21:55] * Alaric will peer around the door (using cover) and drain the last one.
[21:55] <Alaric> (thought I was still inside and they'd busted down the door)
[21:55] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 draaaaaain-o
[21:55] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 draaaaaain-o --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[21:55] <TheDM> roll 2d^+4
[21:55] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d^+4 --> error: malformed expression
[21:55] <TheDM> roll 2d6+4
[21:55] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[21:56] <TheDM> ya its toast
[21:56] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 body
[21:56] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 body --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[21:56] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[21:56] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[21:56] * Alaric looks at the fallen.. things.. briefly.
[21:56] <Alaric> (are the guns sepearte, or part of them?)
[21:57] <TheDM> The ER is now mostly clear, aside from a nerves nurse with a aid pack.
[21:57] <TheDM> Part
[21:57] <TheDM> no gun for you.
[21:57] <Pale_Wolf> (/me pats the poor poor Ala.)
[21:57] * Alaric walks over to the nurse and glances at her nametag.
[21:57] <Alaric> "We should really be going, Ms. <name>"
[21:57] * Alaric seems in FINE spirits.
[21:57] <Yarrow> ('NPC3')
[21:58] <TheDM> "Umm right.. i stayed back incase you got hurt.. "
[21:58] * Alaric blinks.
[21:58] <Alaric> "Oh.. thank you!"
[21:58] <Alaric> "But I should be okay, I heal fast."
[21:59] <TheDM> "Not that you would get hurt with the wird falling apart thing you made them do.."
[21:59] <Alaric> "Yes.. that was quite nice, wasn't it?"
[21:59] * Alaric seems a little self-satisfied.
[21:59] <Pale_Wolf> ("Yeah, er, that was actually an accident... I thought they were gonna survive it.")
[21:59] <TheDM> She looks disturbed, mostly from the attack, and some what from you ripping apart driods to there basic forms of engery for a snack.
[22:00] <Alaric> "But really, we'd better follow directions and go.. well.. wherever we're going."
[22:00] <Alaric> "No sense waiting for more of them to come, right?"
[22:00] <TheDM> About that time more blasts start coming in from outside, hitting desks and taking chunks out of walls.
[22:00] <TheDM> "Eeep!"
[22:00] <Light02> (dun dun dun)
[22:00] <Pale_Wolf> ("Yeah, like that.")
[22:00] <Alaric> "See, there's more."
[22:01] * Alaric reaches out for her shoulder and tries to nudge her (gently) in the right direction.
[22:01] <TheDM> She moves along one your leading the way.
[22:01] <TheDM> The hall ways show signs of fast evak, with supples tossed all over.
[22:02] <TheDM> This is of corse less of a concern then the windows being blown out from the courtyard. As the building starts taking fire.
[22:02] * Alaric checks the supplies as he passes -- anyting of particular use for trauma? (gauze, painkillers, etc)
[22:02] * Alaric checks them a little less carefully than he normaly might ;p
[22:02] <TheDM> With your fuzzy yet big ears the sound of them coming in is easy to make out.
[22:03] <TheDM> Yes, the nurse has an aid kit, but supples are easy to nab running past
[22:03] <TheDM> The wall's are lit up with thoes odd enternal lighting systems pointing the way to take.
[22:04] * Alaric grabs some aid kits (though not enough to encumber himself or impede his progress to safety!).
[22:04] <TheDM> They store into your invatory with out much work on your part
[22:04] <TheDM> handy that.
[22:04] <Alaric> (oh yeah, forgot that)
[22:04] <TheDM> (roll any warning sense you have)
[22:05] <Alaric> (no supersenses or anything right now, closest Alaric has is really good hearing ;p )
[22:05] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8+3 listen for danger?
[22:05] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8+3 listen for danger? --> [ 2d6=4 ]{15}
[22:07] <TheDM> Running down the hallways, nearing the lifts down you pick up heavy tumping moving fast down a side starecase.
[22:07] <Alaric> "Faster. Hurry!"
[22:07] <Alaric> "There's something coming!"
[22:07] <Alaric> "Something HEAVY."
[22:07] * Alaric continues running, careful to stay behind the nurse.
[22:08] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+1 running.
[22:08] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+1 running. --> [ 2d6=11 ]{12}
[22:08] <TheDM> (oh wow)
[22:08] <Alaric> (she runs for her life Meatball-head style ;p )
[22:08] <TheDM> Even being bouncy enclined the nurse halls ass on her work issued 4 inch heels.
[22:08] <Yarrow> (Alaric finds himself talking to a dust trail.)
[22:08] <TheDM> She's all most pulling ahead when there's a loud smash behind you, the door to the stair way is ripped right off its hinges.
[22:09] <Alaric> "Oh, phoey."
[22:09] * Alaric looks over his shoulder -- can I see what it is?
[22:10] <TheDM> Another type of thoes femin driods. This one tall enought that its leaning over in the hall way. Two long blade arms, and what seems to be sholder mounted tubes.
[22:11] <Alaric> (ew, and you can't really strafe in a stairwell ;p )
[22:11] <Light02> (you borrowed some designs from front mission didn't you)
[22:11] <TheDM> And a reather heavy splatter of blood and gore. Your guessing one of the higher floors no longer needs to be evacked.
[22:11] <TheDM> (from what?)
[22:11] * Alaric shouts.
[22:11] <Light02> (the fem droids with shoulder mounted tubes)
[22:11] <Alaric> "Keep going!"
[22:12] * Alaric turns and drains the thing. Init, or just go?
[22:12] <TheDM> You better just go as it sure as hell is
[22:12] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[22:12] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[22:12] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+6 Sholder mounted boom.
[22:12] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+6 Sholder mounted boom. --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}, [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[22:13] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7-2 there isnt much room for it to dodge here.
[22:13] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7-2 there isnt much room for it to dodge here. --> [ 2d6=6 ]{11}
[22:13] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-2
[22:13] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-2 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[22:13] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-2-1
[22:13] <TheDM> You both rip lose
[22:13] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-2-1 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{7}
[22:13] <Alaric> (looks like we both hit ;p )
[22:13] <TheDM> and both nail each other.
[22:13] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 body
[22:13] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 body --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[22:13] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[22:13] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
[22:13] <TheDM> roll 2#2d6+4
[22:13] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}, [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[22:13] <TheDM> Thoes guns hurt,
[22:13] <Alaric> "Aaaagh!"
[22:13] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+9
[22:13] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{20}
[22:14] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+5
[22:14] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[22:14] <Yarrow> (Scratch one nurse?)
[22:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Wow, one more of those is gonna kill ya.)
[22:14] <TheDM> The body seems to be to much, but it staggers are you ripp at its mind.
[22:14] <Alaric> "Crap, gotta make this count!"
[22:14] <TheDM> You get the next move.
[22:15] * Alaric stands his ground and tries to take it down before it can finish him off.
[22:15] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 draintastic
[22:15] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 draintastic --> [ 2d6=4 ]{10}
[22:15] <Alaric> DR
[22:15] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 draintastic #2
[22:15] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 draintastic #2 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[22:16] <TheDM> Roll 2d7-2
[22:16] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d7-2 --> [ 2d7=8 ]{6}
[22:17] <TheDM> body mind
[22:17] <Alaric> (I spend 30 EP on the mind roll for a +3 bonus)
[22:17] <Yarrow> (2d7?)
[22:17] <TheDM> oops
[22:17] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 body
[22:17] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 body --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
[22:17] <TheDM> Roll 2d6-2
[22:17] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6-2 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{7}
[22:17] <TheDM> still
[22:17] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8+3 mind
[22:17] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8+3 mind --> [ 2d6=3 ]{14}
[22:17] <TheDM> roll 2d6+9 body
[22:17] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+9 body --> [ 2d6=4 ]{13}
[22:17] <TheDM> roll 2d6+2 mind.
[22:18] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+2 mind. --> [ 2d6=9 ]{11}
[22:18] <TheDM> It stumbles this time as you pull at its body and mind.
[22:19] <TheDM> Crashing into a pile of supples it stops moving. You have a rather good idea no ones home any more.
[22:19] <Alaric> "Itaiiiiii.."
[22:19] <Alaric> "M-murderous things.."
[22:19] * Alaric gingerly continues on down the stairs.
[22:20] <Alaric> (19/40 health)
[22:20] <Alaric> (albeit regenning quickly)
[22:20] <TheDM> The bouncy yet speedy unnamed nurse is waiting on the bottom. She's relifed to see you and has a health pack ready.
[22:20] <Alaric> (also, down to 50/40 EP)
[22:20] * Alaric waves it off.
[22:20] <Alaric> "Save it, there will be many who need it more than I."
[22:21] <Alaric> "But thank you."
[22:21] <Alaric> (actually, question: do I get any EP for draining these thigns?)
[22:21] <TheDM> ALl tho the scene is a bit off from what you would have considered normal the day before.. Poking out from her short white skirt is a thick black tail, Thats flown along into a giant gaping maw.. one thats currently finshing on pulling in the black legs of one of thoes driods.
[22:21] <TheDM> and she seems REAlly emberssed to be caught doing it.
[22:22] <TheDM> (you did from the red leader, but not the last ones)
[22:22] <Alaric> (okay, so.. yeah, still 50/40, )
[22:22] <Alaric> "Um.. what are you doing?"
[22:22] * Alaric sounds curious, not offended or afraid.
[22:22] <TheDM> "Ano.. umm.. I think some of them made it down here before us."
[22:23] <Alaric> "Oh."
[22:23] * Alaric grins.
[22:23] <Alaric> "Good job!"
[22:23] * Alaric then realizes something, and loses the smile.
[22:23] <Alaric> "But if some got down here first.. the patients!"
[22:23] * Alaric sounds alarmed.
[22:23] <TheDM> she flushs red.. "Ahh.. well. One of them came in here then jumped at me.. i kinda *she makes a claw motion with her nails, leaving red streaks in the air* then well my tail did that.. is it suposed to feel like this?"
[22:24] <TheDM> "Oh no"
[22:24] * Alaric considers the question.
[22:24] <Alaric> "Well.. feel like what?"
[22:25] <TheDM> She's about as blushed as she can get so she just looks away,
[22:25] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh. Dizzy-tail?)
[22:25] <TheDM> "Unn.. never mind. "
[22:25] <TheDM> (ya)
[22:25] <Pale_Wolf> (Is she blue-haired too? :P )
[22:25] <TheDM> "Should we head back? or keep going?"
[22:26] * Alaric takes a moment to listen -- any more really loud heavy thumping, or just general sounds of warfare and destruction?
[22:26] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8+3 listen!
[22:26] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8+3 listen! --> [ 2d6=8 ]{19}
[22:26] <TheDM> Nothing comeing down the stairs any more, but there's clear screaming coming from some place along the path its telling you to go.
[22:27] <Alaric> "We keep going.. someone's being attacked along the way! I can hear them!"
[22:27] * Alaric starts running despite the (healing) injuries.
[22:27] * Alaric looks over his shoulder -- is she following?
[22:27] <TheDM> Your new nurse keeps pace, but still behind.
[22:27] <Alaric> (also, what did her nametag say?)
[22:27] <TheDM> (dizzy? heh)
[22:28] <Alaric> (it actually did? haha)
[22:28] <Alaric> (last name: Dame)
[22:28] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:28] * Alaric speaks up while running.
[22:28] <Alaric> "You were asking about life-draining those things, right?"
[22:29] <TheDM> Your following the path of lights, its mostly storage as faras you can see, and as far as you know its all storage.
[22:29] <TheDM> "Ya?"
[22:29] <TheDM> Long days on the clock are good for the cardo as she's not even winded keeping up
[22:29] <Alaric> "Well, I've only ever done it today. It would have been mean to if I didn't really have to."
[22:30] <Alaric> "Actually, come to think of it, it doesn't really seem as mean as it used to."
[22:30] <Alaric> "But.. it felt.. invigorating. And it sharpened me up some."
[22:30] <Alaric> "... but I caught the edge of what that thing was doing.. it killed everyone it could upstairs."
[22:30] <Alaric> "... they're killing EVERYONE!"
[22:30] * Alaric quits talking for a sec to catch his breath as he runs.
[22:31] <TheDM> If you wanted to panic her you manged it nicly, as she's catchs up even more and runs in your shadow, looking worried.
[22:31] <Alaric> (It was like a cup of the Milk Plus.. sharpens you up for a bit of the ole Ultraviolence)
[22:32] <Alaric> (eh, Alaric is kinda caught up in what he's thinking about)
[22:32] <TheDM> Storage, Storage, Storage, Missing wall and newly lit tunnel with screaming, Storage, Storage.. oh your here.
[22:33] <Alaric> (I stop at the one with the screaming ;p )
[22:34] * Alaric doubles back to the one with screaming if he didn't manage to stop going by.
[22:36] <TheDM> You don't remember this being here. A long wide tunnel has replaces was once a soild wall.
[22:37] <TheDM> Warning lights stobe along it. And scream come from thhe bunched up people at the end. Huge blast doors seem to have slamed shut at the tail end of the evak leaving some poor saps to be cut down bytwo groups of the driods.
[22:38] <Alaric> (Is there any way to get to them, or are they just plain fucked?)
[22:38] <TheDM> Blood and gore splatters around as they go to town. And dizzy next to you gasps at the carange, before a odd growl comes from her.
[22:38] <TheDM> There's right down the tunnel. You can get there easy with a dash.
[22:39] * Alaric drains one of the droids, then starts dashing forward.
[22:39] <Alaric> (range 100m, is that enough?)
[22:39] <TheDM> Easy.
[22:39] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 drain-o
[22:39] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 drain-o --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[22:39] <TheDM> There's a russle of wings next to you and dizzy flys by a blur of wings.
[22:39] <Alaric> (hot damn, is one an angel wing and one a bat wing?)
[22:41] <TheDM> Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, redleader, blackx2, blackx2, blackx2, blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 25-
[22:41] <TheDM> (what are you targetintg?
[22:41] * TheDM changes topic to ' Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, redleader, blackx2, blackx2, blackx2, blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 25- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[22:42] <Alaric> (hmm.. whittle down the mooks that will be killing the civvies, or start on the reds..)
[22:42] * Alaric starts with a red.
[22:43] <TheDM> body mind
[22:43] <TheDM> she dont see it coing
[22:43] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8
[22:43] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
[22:43] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8
[22:43] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
[22:44] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6
[22:44] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[22:44] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[22:44] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
[22:44] <Alaric> (well, nutsack)
[22:45] <TheDM> You get nothing from the body, and the mind jumps at your touch but don't giveaway.
[22:45] <TheDM> The red turns and notices you comming in fast.
[22:46] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[22:46] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 power use. DC 10
[22:46] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 power use. DC 10 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[22:47] <TheDM> Dizzy fades out and then slips. A white form with feathery angel wings rushs the group from the left, A dark form with dragon like wings hits the right.
[22:47] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+5 claws
[22:47] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+5 claws --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}, [ 2d6=11 ]{16}
[22:47] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 redleader dodge.
[22:47] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 redleader dodge. --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[22:47] <Yarrow> (Slips or splits?)
[22:47] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 redleader dodge.
[22:47] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 redleader dodge. --> [ 2d6=11 ]{17}
[22:48] <Alaric> (wow, these ones actually have some will to live ;p )
[22:48] <TheDM> She comes in fast, and hard, but misses as the red driods jump back. At lest there not choping up people any more.
[22:48] <TheDM> insted they like you two
[22:49] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 melee dizzy,
[22:49] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 melee dizzy, --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
[22:49] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 slice the kitty
[22:49] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 slice the kitty --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[22:49] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 dizzy dodge.
[22:49] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 dizzy dodge. --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[22:49] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 dodge
[22:49] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 dodge --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
[22:49] <TheDM> roll 1d8+3 slice.
[22:49] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d8+3 slice. --> [ 1d8=3 ]{6}
[22:50] <TheDM> Your nurse takes a slice along her uniform leaving a bloody trail and a scream.
[22:50] <TheDM> YOu dodge easy.
[22:50] <TheDM> The black driods just keep attacking the civs.
[22:50] <TheDM> Roll 4#2d6+4
[22:50] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 4#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{15}, [ 2d6=6 ]{10}, [ 2d6=10 ]{14}, [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[22:51] <TheDM> None of them blunder the attack,
[22:51] <Alaric> "Dammit!"
[22:51] <TheDM> and more blood joins the recoloring of the walls.
[22:51] * Alaric looks surprised as he cusses. Doctors don't do that!
[22:51] * TheDM changes topic to ' Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, redleader, blackx2, blackx2, blackx2, blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 21- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[22:51] <Alaric> (except House of course).
[22:51] <TheDM> Your up.
[22:51] * Alaric keeps running forward, hoping to get between the fleeing people and the attackers, and drains one of the black attackers.
[22:51] <Alaric> roll 2d6Z+6
[22:51] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6Z+6 --> error: malformed expression
[22:52] <TheDM> Fore more if your paintens and fellow works bite it
[22:52] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[22:52] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[22:52] <TheDM> The fleeing people are backed up to the closed blast doors.
[22:52] <Alaric> (oh, right)
[22:52] <TheDM> roll 2d6+4
[22:52] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[22:52] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 body
[22:52] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 body --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[22:52] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[22:52] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[22:52] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+4
[22:52] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}, [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[22:53] <Alaric> "I'm too slow, I can only take them one at a time!"
[22:53] <TheDM> You rip it apart
[22:53] * TheDM changes topic to ' Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, redleader, black, blackx2, blackx2, blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 21- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[22:53] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7 tail grapple
[22:53] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 tail grapple --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}
[22:53] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+5 claw
[22:53] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+5 claw --> [ 2d6=9 ]{14}
[22:54] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 black driod
[22:54] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 black driod --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[22:54] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 body driod
[22:54] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 body driod
[22:54] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 body driod --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[22:55] <TheDM> The white dizzy's tail lashs out and clamps down on one of the murders, There's a horrid cruch and it goes still. She seems oddly pleased with herself.
[22:55] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 red dodge
[22:55] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 red dodge --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[22:55] <TheDM> damn
[22:55] <TheDM> the redleader dodge's the claw slash and returns one.
[22:56] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 dizzy
[22:56] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 dizzy --> [ 2d6=11 ]{17}
[22:56] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 Alaric
[22:56] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 Alaric --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[22:56] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 dodge
[22:56] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 dodge --> [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[22:56] <Alaric> (heh, no luck that time ;p )
[22:56] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 dizzy dodge
[22:56] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 dizzy dodge --> [ 2d6=2 ]{6}
[22:57] <TheDM> Roll 2#1d8+3
[22:57] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#1d8+3 --> [ 1d8=1 ]{4}, [ 1d8=3 ]{6}
[22:57] <Alaric> "Unnnnf."
[22:57] * Alaric grunts in pain.
[22:57] <TheDM> both of you take nasty slices but dizzy seems to get the worse of it as her black form scream a bit and backs off.
[22:57] * TheDM changes topic to ' Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, redleader, , blackx2, blackx2, blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 21- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[22:57] <TheDM> Roll 3#2d6+4
[22:57] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 3#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=5 ]{9}, [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[22:57] <TheDM> no fails,
[22:58] <TheDM> Three more people join the pile of gore growing in the room.
[22:58] * TheDM changes topic to ' Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, redleader, , blackx2, blackx2, blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 18- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[22:58] * Alaric keeps running forward, shouting in anger, and draining another of the black ones killing civvies.
[22:58] <Alaric> "Dammit! You're all wrong!"
[22:59] <Alaric> "The villains are supposed to turn and face us!"
[22:59] * Alaric seems pretty convinced this is the truth.
[22:59] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 drain
[22:59] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 drain --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[22:59] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[22:59] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[23:00] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 body
[23:00] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 body --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[23:00] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[23:00] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[23:00] <TheDM> roll 2#2d6+4
[23:00] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}, [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[23:00] <TheDM> Another shatters as it falls to the side.
[23:00] <Alaric> "Fight us, damn you!"
[23:01] <TheDM> ROll 2d6+7 tail
[23:01] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 tail --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[23:01] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[23:01] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
[23:01] <TheDM> Dizzy misses one of the black driods!
[23:01] <Alaric> (they're mocking my heroic speech!)
[23:02] <TheDM> the other dizzy falls back more, and opens that aid pack. Pulling out a green tube she tumbs a botton on the side, triggering a long niddle to pop out with a hiss.
[23:02] <TheDM> Roll 1d10+3 healing
[23:02] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d10+3 healing --> [ 1d10=3 ]{6}
[23:02] <TheDM> She jabs herself with it, recovering from some of the damage.
[23:03] <Alaric> (how far ahead of me are the dizzies now?)
[23:03] <TheDM> Redleaders open fire on Alaric
[23:03] <TheDM> (your there now)
[23:03] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+6 bang bang.
[23:03] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+6 bang bang. --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}, [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[23:03] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[23:03] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[23:03] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-1
[23:03] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-1 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{15}
[23:04] * Alaric dances like a butterfly..
[23:04] * TheDM changes topic to ' Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, redleader, , black, blackx2, blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 18- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[23:04] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+4
[23:04] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{16}, [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[23:04] <Alaric> (what's the purple one doing, just' standing there watching?)
[23:04] <TheDM> Two more of the civials drop, one of the driods its quite nasty in its slice sending the upper half falling back near Alaric.
[23:05] <Pale_Wolf> (Or it's gonna come up behind you, and just ain't here yet :P )
[23:05] * TheDM changes topic to ' Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, redleader, , black, blackx2, blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 16- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[23:05] <Alaric> (oh, I thought I'd seen it)
[23:05] * Alaric regenerates to full health.
[23:05] <Pale_Wolf> (I dunno, I might well have missed catching it in my peering :P )
[23:05] * Alaric drains one more of the civilian killing black droids.
[23:05] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[23:06] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[23:06] * Alaric then runs right in front of the other one, as if daring it to strike him.
[23:07] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[23:07] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[23:07] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 body
[23:07] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 body --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[23:07] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[23:07] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[23:08] <TheDM> roll 2#2d6+4
[23:08] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[23:08] <TheDM> dust
[23:08] <Alaric> "Hah!"
[23:08] <TheDM> and you mange to inpeed one of the groups.
[23:08] * TheDM changes topic to ' Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, redleader, ,, blackx2,(blocked) blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 16- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[23:08] <Alaric> (just to be clear, how are the other black droids positioned?)
[23:08] <TheDM> to your left, is another pair atttacking.
[23:09] <Alaric> (*nod*)
[23:09] <TheDM> The dizzy's fly at each other before meeting at a center point near the red driods, two black lines shoot out.
[23:09] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+7 twin tail nab.
[23:09] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+7 twin tail nab. --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}, [ 2d6=10 ]{17}
[23:10] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 red dodge
[23:10] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 red dodge --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[23:10] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 red dodge
[23:10] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 red dodge --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
[23:10] <TheDM> One manged to move it, the other don't
[23:10] <TheDM> roll 2d6+6 body
[23:10] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 body --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[23:10] <TheDM> It's not strong enought to break her grib ither, and is soon gone with a crunching scream.
[23:10] * Ataru (~Pervert@c-71-234-100-239.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[23:11] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+5 slash
[23:11] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+5 slash --> [ 2d6=11 ]{16}
[23:11] <Alaric> (wb ataru)
[23:11] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 white dizzy y move.
[23:11] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 white dizzy y move. --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[23:11] <TheDM> roll 1d6+3
[23:11] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d6+3 --> [ 1d6=5 ]{8}
[23:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Yo Ataru)
[23:12] <TheDM> The white dizzy takes a deep cut along her patruding middle, Seems thoes two driods she's had before are slowing her down.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:53 am

Solo Session: Alaric part 2

[23:12] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[23:12] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[23:12] * TheDM changes topic to ' Alaric, Dizzy, Redleader, ,, blackx2,(blocked) blackx2, Purple?, Civ's left 15- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[23:12] <TheDM> Alaric is up
[23:12] * Alaric cries out, concerned.
[23:12] <Alaric> "Be careful!"
[23:12] <Alaric> (yeah, that's real helpful ;p )
[23:13] * Alaric drains one of the black droids that isn't blocked
[23:13] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[23:13] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[23:13] <TheDM> "I won't let them hurt any one else! but *grrrrr* im feeling like a blimp"
[23:13] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[23:13] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[23:13] <TheDM> Your powers slide off it.
[23:14] <Alaric> "(*&@#$!"
[23:14] * Alaric says something very un-doctorly.
[23:14] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7 black dizzy. Tail nab
[23:14] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 black dizzy. Tail nab --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}
[23:14] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 red
[23:14] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 red --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[23:14] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 red body
[23:14] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 red body --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
[23:15] <TheDM> Its not strong enought and soon joins its breathen some place in the demon dizzy. As the tail crushs it a few times then finshs.
[23:15] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 Desperation
[23:15] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 Desperation --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[23:15] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[23:15] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[23:15] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4-2
[23:15] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4-2 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{12}
[23:16] <TheDM> In a paniced move the dizzy in white dives at the two driods hacking at the people, hitting them both and going down in a pile of limbs.
[23:16] <TheDM> roll 2#2d6+4 slice the kitty
[23:16] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 slice the kitty --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}, [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[23:16] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[23:16] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[23:17] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[23:17] <TheDM> the two on Alaric go after him since he wants to be ther etarget so bad
[23:17] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{18}
[23:17] <TheDM> They fail rather hard as he slides around the attacks.
[23:17] <Alaric> "You're beaten, can't you see that! Just run away!"
[23:17] <Alaric> "SAY something!"
[23:17] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+4 wrestling.
[23:17] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 wrestling. --> [ 2d6=11 ]{15}, [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
[23:17] <Alaric> (rut-roh, they're about to get WWE.. or even WWF on her)
[23:18] <Alaric> (/me looks around for a folding chair..)
[23:18] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10 Dizzy isnt just bouncy
[23:18] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 Dizzy isnt just bouncy --> [ 2d6=10 ]{20}
[23:18] <Pale_Wolf> (/me snickers)
[23:18] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10-1 Dizzy isnt just bouncy
[23:18] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10-1 Dizzy isnt just bouncy --> [ 2d6=6 ]{15}
[23:18] <TheDM> Dizzy's holding them off well, as neather gets a good hold on her.
[23:18] <TheDM> Alaric up.
[23:19] <Alaric> (there's just blacks left now, right?)
[23:19] <TheDM> (4)
[23:19] * Alaric drains one of the ones wrestling Dizzy.
[23:19] <TheDM> (your both blocking them from the civs tho)
[23:19] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[23:19] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[23:19] <Alaric> (btw, are you using the -3 for Undetectable on the defense rolls?)
[23:19] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4-2 she's a bit distracted, being in a choke hold and all.
[23:19] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4-2 she's a bit distracted, being in a choke hold and all. --> [ 2d6=8 ]{10}
[23:19] <Light02> (*blinks* wow we may have a session where the character doesn't transform)
[23:19] <TheDM> (oops
[23:20] <TheDM> (no im not)
[23:20] <TheDM> (pfft, you should know me better thent that light0
[23:20] <Pale_Wolf> (Well, now she DOES die, so woot? :P )
[23:20] <TheDM> oh wow
[23:20] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8
[23:20] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8
[23:20] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
[23:20] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{20}
[23:20] <TheDM> The one gagging.. oh wait the -3 ya
[23:20] <Pale_Wolf> (Good thing Ala told you about the Undetectable thing ;) )
[23:20] <TheDM> (pfft)
[23:21] <TheDM> one of the driod on the white dizzy breaks apart.
[23:21] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10 Pull!
[23:21] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 Pull! --> [ 2d6=5 ]{15}
[23:21] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 resist?
[23:21] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 resist? --> [ 2d6=3 ]{7}
[23:21] <TheDM> the white dizzy gets her legs under the thing and boots it into the air.
[23:22] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7 tail nab black
[23:22] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 tail nab black --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
[23:22] <Alaric> (haha)
[23:22] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4-2 hang time
[23:22] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4-2 hang time --> [ 2d6=8 ]{10}
[23:22] <Pale_Wolf> (Hahahahahaha! That's awesome.)
[23:23] <TheDM> And the last one on dizzy goes down in a crunch as dizzy monster tail clamps down on it. ripping it back down to the floor. And finshing it off.
[23:23] <TheDM> tho there's one left
[23:23] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 swing at Alaric
[23:23] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 swing at Alaric --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[23:23] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 oh no you don't
[23:23] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 oh no you don't --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[23:23] * Alaric tries to dodge it...
[23:23] <Alaric> (Oh yes I do!)
[23:23] <TheDM> the last black driod goes alaric and gets a slash along him
[23:24] <TheDM> roll 1d6+3
[23:24] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d6+3 --> [ 1d6=2 ]{5}
[23:24] * Alaric growls angrily!
[23:24] <TheDM> your up.
[23:24] * Alaric regenerates the wound practically instantly.
[23:24] <Alaric> "That won't help yoU!"
[23:24] * Alaric drains it.
[23:24] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[23:24] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[23:24] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[23:24] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[23:24] <TheDM> It seems it does.
[23:25] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+5-2 white dizzy
[23:25] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+5-2 white dizzy --> [ 2d6=4 ]{7}
[23:25] <TheDM> roll 2d6+4-1 driod
[23:25] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4-1 driod --> [ 2d6=3 ]{6}
[23:25] <TheDM> roll 1d6+5 claw.
[23:25] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d6+5 claw. --> [ 1d6=4 ]{9}
[23:26] <TheDM> It takes a gash and sparks, then swings at Alaaric again
[23:26] <TheDM> roll 2d6+4
[23:26] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[23:26] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[23:26] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[23:26] <TheDM> The black dizzy looks a bit stuffed and is sitting down with a odd experssion on her face.
[23:26] <TheDM> you dodge easy, and get to return the attack
[23:27] * Alaric balls a fist, a little unused to the sensation, then swings on the thing attacking him.
[23:27] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 Louie Punch!
[23:27] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 Louie Punch! --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[23:27] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 and you damn near crit it, hah
[23:27] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 and you damn near crit it, hah --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[23:27] <Alaric> (that's 6-1 == 5 damage ;p )
[23:27] <TheDM> you ring its bell
[23:28] <TheDM> With something that sounds like a *ding* its head snaps back and it falls down still sparking.
[23:28] * Alaric stomps it for good measure.
[23:28] * Alaric then looks around quickly.. are any of the fallen civvies still alive?
[23:28] <TheDM> You catch the sound of heels clacking away at a rather high speed.
[23:29] * Alaric turns his head sharply to see what the sound is, ears twitching.
[23:29] * TheDM changes topic to ', Civ's left 15- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[23:29] <TheDM> There's 15 left ondamage, but crying over there people cut down near them.
[23:30] <TheDM> How many you can save depends on skill and if you can snap dizzy out of it. She's over gorged durning the fight and seems dazed.
[23:30] <TheDM> both of them slide into one and return to normal color, but still not moving much.
[23:30] <Alaric> (did I see who ran off?)
[23:30] <TheDM> (Just a flash of pueple cape)
[23:31] * Alaric hesitates for a moment... then with an angry grunt, turns and runs over to the nearest downed civvie and heals him.
[23:31] <Alaric> "Dizzie, can you give me a hand here?"
[23:32] <Light02> (Sure Mistah A)
[23:32] <Alaric> (Healing attribute, not normal doctor skill)
[23:33] <Alaric> (btw do I need to roll something for that, or is it just a flat 40 health per?)
[23:33] <TheDM> "uhhhh.. what? oh dear serenity.. i can feel them in me, *she gags a bit but keeps it down* So full.." She's still distracted it seems. Mabie something to snap her out of it?
[23:33] <TheDM> Give me a medical roll first
[23:33] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8+3 medic!
[23:33] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8+3 medic! --> [ 2d6=3 ]{14}
[23:33] <TheDM> To see how you line up treatments in your mind. Worse cases and what not.
[23:34] <TheDM> Wow thats a high one even for the low dice.
[23:34] <Alaric> (heh, lots a skill, crap luck)
[23:34] <TheDM> You get to work on the near death ones, repairing severed veins and stabbed hearts.
[23:35] * Alaric looks around to see if there are any stimulants handy (adrenaline or whatever) in the medical supplies around here.
[23:36] <TheDM> Your rather sure you nabbed something in your looting spree's running down the halls
[23:36] <Alaric> (or maybe I should get her some ipecac)
[23:36] <Rockman_Zero> (Use the healing touch! Draw a 5-point star over their wounds! :P)
[23:36] * Alaric will heal the first few (nearest to death) civvies, then run over to Dizzy's side.
[23:37] <TheDM> You bring two back from the edge.
[23:37] <Alaric> "Dizzy, I need your help.. do you want a pick-me-up, or maybe something to help you.. er..purge those things?"
[23:38] <TheDM> "Pikemeup? Sure... black no suger"
[23:38] <TheDM> "Your not sure on it thats a yes or a no, but at lest you know what to get her in the mornings'
[23:39] * Alaric hesitates for a second, then gets a Really Bright Idea.
[23:39] <Alaric> "Oh wait, I know what works. I've seen this on TV a bunch of times!"
[23:39] * Alaric kneels down by Dizzy and gives her a chaste peck on the cheek.
[23:39] <TheDM> (hah)
[23:39] <Alaric> (this would be funny, if only it wasn't what Crystal Tokyo had taught him was the way to live ;p )
[23:40] <TheDM> Her tail *thongs* out and her eyes seem to glown for a moment, She looks at you funny and moves closer.. before spoting that your covered in blood and gore
[23:40] <TheDM> the nurse part of her resets the rest
[23:40] * Alaric blinks.
[23:41] * Alaric then smiles.
[23:41] <TheDM> "Oh dear serneity.. We have to hurry!"
[23:41] * Alaric sighs in relief.
[23:41] <Alaric> "Oh.. right. Right!"
[23:41] * Alaric hops up and gets back to the job of healing the fallen.
[23:41] <TheDM> she's start moving to help who she can by her self, but would work better with w doctor.
[23:41] <Alaric> "Stablize them, and I can do the rest.. just don't let them go.. people!"
[23:41] * Alaric speaks to everyone.
[23:42] <Alaric> "Direct pressure on anything that's bleeding, please!"
[23:42] <TheDM> The staff rallies to help at your command.
[23:42] <TheDM> there's no doctors present, but medics and nurses get to work, preping and helping to stablize.
[23:43] <TheDM> It takes a while, but your reach a point that you've done all you can.
[23:43] <TheDM> Patching back toghter another 5
[23:43] * Alaric is.. strangely.. still really keyed up.
[23:43] * TheDM changes topic to ', Civ's left 22- Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[23:44] <TheDM> dizzy leans aginst the wall worn out, but smiling.
[23:44] <Pale_Wolf> (The fact that that WORKED is scary, Ala. :P )
[23:44] * Alaric will, after wiping the worst of the gore off his hands, heads over to Dizzy.
[23:44] <Alaric> (I don't remember her backstory exactly, but I think she's half succubus, half angel)
[23:45] <TheDM> "Thank serenity you made it down here when you did.. They jumped us from behind, and this door slamed shut cutting off the passage."
[23:45] <TheDM> the giant blast doors have a well known sigil on them. The sign of Mecury stands out in the middle.
[23:45] <TheDM> Walls screan near the doors flash with an emgery lock down warning, and give an alternate rote.
[23:45] <Alaric> "Thank Serenity indeed.. this is.. quite a mess."
[23:45] <TheDM> (ya she is)
[23:46] * Alaric looks over to Dizzy.
[23:46] <Alaric> "Is your indigestion going to be okay, do you think?"
[23:46] <TheDM> ( http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/403138 )
[23:47] <TheDM> She flushs and looks away, clearly emberssed at her.. well pigigng out.
[23:47] <TheDM> "uh.. im not sure. I've never done that before... I didn't know i could."
[23:47] <Alaric> "It's nothing to be ashamed of.. at least, I'm pretty sure it's not."
[23:47] <Alaric> "I mean, I drain peoples' life-force, but that's perfectly normal for a Youma."
[23:48] <Alaric> ".. it's just kinda mean.."
[23:48] * Alaric says this as an afterthought, halfheartedly.
[23:48] <TheDM> "Oh.. really? Well ano.. im not sure what i am. But part of me feels really good after doing that..."
[23:49] <Alaric> "Well.. I'm no expert, but in my experience that's perfectly normal."
[23:49] * Alaric says this as reassuringly as he can manage.
[23:49] <TheDM> A few of the staff pound on the blast door, this of corse don't open it.
[23:49] <Alaric> "I mean.. for.. doing stuff like that."
[23:49] <TheDM> "Really? oh.. i was worried. I kinda wana try it on something alive, but that would be mean"
[23:50] <TheDM> (thats it all, keep warping the innocent monster girl)
[23:50] <Light02> (oh yeah Minionized for our protection)
[23:50] <Rockman_Zero> ("However, you may want to take it easy for a few weeks. I'm gonna prescribe you some medication... take two civillians daily, and see me in a week's time.")
[23:50] <Rockman_Zero> (:P)
[23:51] <Alaric> "Well.. yeah, but I think sometimes it's okay to be mean."
[23:51] * Alaric sounds like he's working this out for the first time.
[23:51] <Alaric> "I know, it sounds wierd."
[23:51] <Alaric> "But if we hadn't been so means to those things, they'd have been even meaner to those people."
[23:51] <Alaric> "..and us too, I guess."
[23:52] <TheDM> She rubs along as gash in her side, that seems to be healing.
[23:52] <Alaric> "Oh!"
[23:52] <TheDM> "Ya.. that sounds right "
[23:52] <Alaric> "Let me get that.. I'm sorry!"
[23:52] * Alaric places his hand on the wound gingerly and finishes healing it.
[23:52] <TheDM> That gets you a smile.
[23:53] <Pale_Wolf> ("They were mean first!")
[23:53] * Alaric then offers her a hand.
[23:53] <Alaric> "Hand up?"
[23:53] <Light02> (carefull your gonna get an SO)
[23:53] * Alaric will try to pull her to her feet if she accepts it.
[23:53] <Alaric> (heh)
[23:53] <TheDM> She's game for that, and gets helped up.
[23:53] <TheDM> her tails snacking around, and she seems to be adjusting to something internally.
[23:53] <Alaric> "Er.. fiddlesticks. I just remembered something."
[23:54] * Alaric walks over to the black door.
[23:54] <Alaric> "We should probably quiet down. One of them got away."
[23:54] <Alaric> "There might be more around here somewhere and we don't want them finding us easily."
[23:54] <Alaric> (*blast door)
[23:55] * Neko_Arc sweatdrops
[23:55] * Alaric watches to see if the people take the hint and quit backing.
[23:55] <Alaric> (*banging)
[23:55] <TheDM> They do, You seem to have taking the command slot of who's left.
[23:56] <TheDM> Tho who knows what might happen if you take off the white jacket.
[23:56] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[23:56] <Alaric> (that must be one nasty lookin' white jacket by now ;p )
[23:56] <TheDM> (why do you think they all shut up?)
[23:56] <Alaric> "Okay, that thing says there's an alternate route. Does anyone have an idea better than taking that route?"
[23:57] * Alaric motions at the directions.
[23:57] <TheDM> "I have no idea why it wants us to head for the airpad.. shoudlnt we just run out the front doors?"
[23:58] * Alaric looks troubled.
[23:58] <Alaric> "The things outside are.. they're.. they're attacking everyone."
[23:58] <TheDM> That keeps worried looks from every one, and hushed chatter
[23:58] <TheDM> *gets
[23:59] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
Session Time: Tue Apr 21 00:00:00 2009
[00:00] * Alaric wets his lips and starts to say something, then stops.
[00:00] * Alaric pauses a moment, then speaks.
[00:00] <Alaric> "Has anyone here done any Tai Chi, or maybe played sports?"
[00:01] <Alaric> "If a bunch of people hit those things with something heavy, they'd probably go down.. at least, the black ones would."
[00:01] <TheDM> "A bit" "ya on the weekends" Is the stock on the answers
[00:01] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+2 wana be techy
[00:01] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+2 wana be techy --> [ 2d6=4 ]{6}
[00:01] <TheDM> Fails.
[00:01] <TheDM> "Ahh man!"
[00:02] * Alaric looks around - is there anything that could make a half-decent club around here?
[00:02] <TheDM> one of the guys yells at the monter he was trying to work.
[00:02] * Alaric peers over at it, concerned.
[00:02] <Alaric> (oh wait, I know.. we cut the droid legs off and use them as clubs!)
[00:03] <TheDM> The single driod you KO'ed? that didnt end up dust of adding to dizzy's hip and bust line?
[00:03] <Alaric> (yeah?)
[00:03] <Alaric> (okay.. two legs, two arms ;p )
[00:03] <TheDM> got a saw?
[00:03] <TheDM> heh
[00:03] <Alaric> (heh, yeah, not gonna be so easy)
[00:03] * Alaric looks over at Dizzy.
[00:04] <Alaric> "Er, Dizzy.. think you could claw that droids arms and legs off?"
[00:04] <Alaric> "They're probably the closest things we have to makeshift weapons."
[00:04] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:05] <TheDM> "Huh? Oh ok, we should leave before the blood and mess here gets any on infected"
[00:05] <TheDM> dizzy walks over and puts a foot on the driods husk, and just rips off the legs and arms with hard pulls.
[00:05] * Alaric blinks.
[00:05] <Alaric> "Oh.. that's an excellent point as well."
[00:05] * Alaric turns to face the crowd.
[00:05] <TheDM> the group don't seem to eager to take them from her hands, but do so after some glaring.
[00:06] <Alaric> "Hey, if you're trying to hold those things off, something is better than nothing.."
[00:06] * Alaric speaks a little more curtly.
[00:06] <Alaric> "Let's get going."
[00:06] * Alaric takes the lead, following the directions at a brisk walk.
[00:08] <TheDM> Your nurse follows, and the rest of the staff does as well, with injurd people on carts and wheel chairs the stars are out.
[00:08] <TheDM> But after some hecking the Staff evlavators are in working order.
[00:08] <TheDM> *checking.
[00:08] * Alaric frowns.
[00:09] <Alaric> (can we all go down at the same time?)
[00:09] <TheDM> there's more the one bank. of them
[00:09] <Alaric> (i.e. are there enough elevators, or is it multiple trips?
[00:09] <Alaric> (ahh)
[00:09] <TheDM> but it's clear they want you to go first.
[00:09] <Alaric> "Alright, let's all head down at the same time."
[00:09] <Alaric> "It'd be best if we were not seperated without reason."
[00:10] * Alaric takes the lead and gets in an elevator, hold the door open for others.
[00:10] <Alaric> "Dizzy, if you could come in my elevator?"
[00:10] <Alaric> "We'll go a few seconds ahead.. just to be sure."
[00:11] <TheDM> "Right'
[00:11] <Alaric> "Thank you."
[00:11] <TheDM> she helps line up some of the beds for the other flights and heads to yours
[00:11] <TheDM> *err doors
[00:13] * Alaric will wait until everyone's in, then let them know to head down 10 seconds after I do.
[00:13] * Alaric will then let the door close and press whatever the appropriate button is..
[00:13] <Alaric> (is there an obviously appropriate button?)
[00:13] <TheDM> yep
[00:13] <TheDM> The airpad is clearly marked,
[00:13] * Alaric pushes the button ;p
[00:13] <Alaric> (wait a sec.. airpad.. was that on the top of the building?)
[00:14] <Alaric> (you know, the part that got blown up?)
[00:14] <Yarrow> (It was by where you started but didn't get blown up.)
[00:14] * TheDM coughs, and pointed out the building had more then just one wing at the very start
[00:14] <Alaric> (oooh yeah)
[00:14] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[00:14] <Alaric> (I'm just suddenly rethinking the whole 'going to the top where there's a shit ton of like, gunships and shit, probably..)
[00:14] <Alaric> (eh, let's roll the dice)
[00:15] * Alaric pushed the button.
[00:15] <Yarrow> (Beats trying to gnaw through a blast door. :) )
[00:15] <TheDM> the top floor is sparten and roomy, A large hall way with rows of the elavator doors.
[00:15] * Alaric breathes a sigh of relief that the elevators don't open outside.
[00:15] <TheDM> And large sliding doors aginst one wall, leading to the air strip.
[00:17] <Alaric> "Wait here for a moment, I'll check out ahead."
[00:17] * Alaric finds a window and peeks out of it with one eye.
[00:17] <TheDM> No windows, but the slideing doors are glass and give a great view of the air pad.
[00:17] <Alaric> (Anything out there?)
[00:18] <TheDM> Along with the Purple figer standing in the middle of it. Long cap, and odd hat all so in purple.
[00:19] <Yarrow> (It's the infamous fighter Red Fury (don't ask--it's a long story)!)
[00:19] <TheDM> Two large drop ships circle around in the air above, and you can see the other ships flying away from the building fast... you get a bad feeling about them leaving just like that and doing it at thoes speeds.
[00:20] * Alaric curses, softly.
[00:20] <TheDM> A horn sounds on the airstrip, as it seems to go active.
[00:21] <Alaric> (they're all the ships that were dropping the droids, right?)
[00:21] <Alaric> (not two different types of ships?)
[00:21] <TheDM> Varois polls shoot up from the roof and edges of the airpad. And start flashing in landing lights. A screen bips into place along the wall by the doors. Showing information about a friendly flight incoming.
[00:22] <TheDM> But the flight code,RGH-72 isnt something you've seen before.
[00:22] <TheDM> (there two drop ships)
[00:23] <Alaric> (the others that left at high speed were drops hips as well?)
[00:23] <TheDM> (so at lest as far as you know, you won't be vapped by cannon fire as soon as you step outside.)
[00:23] <TheDM> (yes)
[00:23] <TheDM> (it seems there getting away from this building fast)
[00:23] <Alaric> (wait, so.. they're NOT the same type of ship?)
[00:23] <Alaric> (just making sure since I was a little confused there for a moemnt)
[00:24] <TheDM> (there are two drop ships left, circleing the airpad and purple driod, you saw the rest of the drop ships leaving the area fast. And your getting info about a fight incoming. A freindly one)
[00:24] <Alaric> "Crap."
[00:24] * Alaric runs back to Dizzy."
[00:25] <Alaric> "I think there's a friendly flight incoming.. but that purple lady is out there. She might intercept it."
[00:25] * Alaric is a little hesitant, but asks.
[00:25] <Alaric> "Would you help me out with her?"
[00:26] <TheDM> "Incoming, with all this going on? ... Mabie its a way out? Why would the queens system lead us here if it wasnt?"
[00:26] <TheDM> she nods with a bounce
[00:26] <Alaric> "If it is not, I'm not sure what we would do.. the streets were not an option, last I saw."
[00:26] <TheDM> the rest of the lifts are starting to unload.. but they don't go far spoting you two looking worried.
[00:26] * Alaric waits until they're all up, then speaks.
[00:26] <Alaric> "It looks like someone is coming to pick us up.. but there's someone waiting outside that might not be friendly."
[00:27] <Alaric> "Dizzy and I are going to check it out. Wait here until we call, or until it's obviously clear."
[00:27] <Alaric> (what exactly does the purple lady look like, anyways.. same general shape as the other droids?)
[00:27] <Alaric> (nonhuman angles, etc?)
[00:27] <TheDM> (yep)
[00:29] * Alaric takes a deep breath.
[00:29] * Alaric looks over at Dizzy.
[00:29] <Alaric> "Ready?"
[00:29] <TheDM> "Yes,"
[00:29] <TheDM> She seems ready, or at lest all the slashs she took are healed over
[00:29] * Alaric nods, then walks over to the glass doors and looks for a way to open them.
[00:30] <TheDM> Their thoes handy auto doors that open once you step on the pad in front
[00:30] * Alaric thus finds the way to open them by accident ;p
[00:30] * Alaric then steps out, walking straight towards the woman in purple at a measured pace.
[00:31] <Alaric> "Ma'am, please leave these premises."
[00:33] <TheDM> "Oh, but we are my dear meatbag, Running into active senshi systems are simply more troble then they are worth. So we'll just reduce the area to rubble from orbit!"
[00:33] * Alaric is propperly horrified.
[00:33] <Alaric> "Why would you do such a thing?"
[00:34] <TheDM> "Revenge? Our lords will? Fun? yes, lets go with that one Fun"
[00:34] * Alaric surrepticiously looks to see if there are any flying things coming TOWARDS us.
[00:34] <TheDM> "It's why i waited after all.. hoping to slaughter the last few panicing people running away"
[00:34] <TheDM> (nothing you spot yet
[00:34] <Alaric> "I.."
[00:35] <Alaric> (And she's got her ships hovering overhead?)
[00:35] <TheDM> (yep)
[00:35] <Alaric> (fuck, it'd be blood stupid to fight her, wouldn't it ;p )
[00:35] <TheDM> (most boss fights are)
[00:35] * Alaric sounds almost surprised.
[00:35] <Alaric> "I want to kill you."
[00:36] * Alaric mulls this over, as if tasting the words.
[00:36] <Alaric> "I want.. to render you down into your component particles, and throw them to the winds."
[00:36] * Alaric sounds a little more sure this time.
[00:36] <TheDM> Dizzy: blinks at this coming from you.. then nods.
[00:36] * Alaric then sounds deeply disappointed.
[00:37] <Alaric> "But I don't think I can."
[00:37] <TheDM> "For a moment their you all most impressed me, Eat it kitty!"
[00:38] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7 quick draw
[00:38] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 quick draw --> [ 2d6=12 ]{19}
[00:38] <TheDM> oh shit what a way to start.
[00:38] <Alaric> (hahahaha)
[00:38] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 no double damage plz
[00:38] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 no double damage plz --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[00:38] <Alaric> (nuts ;p )
[00:38] <TheDM> Roll 2d4+2 blaster
[00:38] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d4+2 blaster --> [ 2d4=4 ]{6}
[00:39] <TheDM> *luck..
[00:39] <Alaric> (so that's 12?)
[00:39] <TheDM> Alarics heavy thinking earns him a suprise shot right in the chest
[00:39] <TheDM> (yes)
[00:39] <TheDM> (you can init now)
[00:39] * Alaric tried to pontificate further, but suddenly found talking difficult.
[00:40] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8+6 init
[00:40] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8+6 init --> [ 2d6=8 ]{22}
[00:41] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10 go dizzy
[00:41] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 go dizzy --> [ 2d6=9 ]{19}
[00:41] <TheDM> Captin purple
[00:41] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7
[00:41] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{17}
[00:41] <Alaric> (do the dropships appear to have windows/cockpics? also, just how far up are tehy?)
[00:42] <Alaric> (I'm contemplating doing something borderline suicidal and I wanna figure out if it could work ;p )
[00:42] <TheDM> (about 40 feet up, but in your range i think. )
[00:42] <Rockman_Zero> (So tired of living already? Huh. :P)
[00:42] <TheDM> Two forms jumpm away from each drop ship landing near the purple one.
[00:42] <Alaric> (well, I'd cheat, I'd swap some of my other youma/cat powers to Jupming.. but)
[00:42] <Alaric> (d'oh, can't leave dizzy with a 1v5, that'd be Lame)
[00:42] * Rockman_Zero is now known as RZ_[Zzzz]
[00:43] <RZ_[Zzzz]> (And I'm done. Sorry, I tried to stay awake... but, this seriously dragged on for way too long.)
[00:43] <Alaric> (np, g'night)
[00:43] <Alaric> (and IMO it's not dragging :)
[00:43] <Alaric> (you're certainly not obligated to watch other people play in real time)
[00:43] <RZ_[Zzzz]> (I'll have to do my solo next week on sunday.)
[00:43] <TheDM> Alaric 22, Dizzy 19, The Captin, Red, Red, Red,Red. Survial! Time to support 30-rounds !
[00:44] * TheDM changes topic to 'Alaric 22, Dizzy 19, The Captin, Red, Red, Red,Red. Survial! Time to support 30-rounds ! Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[00:44] * Alaric licks his lips.. and decides to play it conservative.
[00:44] <TheDM> Your up.
[00:44] * Alaric doesn't seem to do anything.
[00:45] <Alaric> (So, which stat to roll to switch my powers around?)
[00:45] <TheDM> Two bands of power form around dizzy's arms and she slams them into the ground.
[00:45] <Alaric> (I wanna switch all my other cat powers into another rank of regen)
[00:46] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+7
[00:46] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{19}, [ 2d6=9 ]{16}
[00:46] <TheDM> (k)
[00:46] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 red
[00:46] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 red --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[00:46] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6-1 red
[00:46] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-1 red --> [ 2d6=8 ]{13}
[00:46] <RZ_[Zzzz]> (Actually, I won't be here for sunday either... I have a tournament to attend.
[00:47] <RZ_[Zzzz]> (So... my next chance at a solo, is two weeks from now. Whee...)
[00:47] <Alaric> (er, what about during teh week?)
[00:47] <Pale_Wolf> (Ouch. Going to have to squeeze it in before the games over this coming week.)
[00:47] <Pale_Wolf> (You can skive off Thursday if there's really NO opportunity.)
[00:47] <TheDM> A shaft of ice jets up from the airpad spearing one of the reds and sending it into the air, Another pops up as it falls smahing the dorid.
[00:47] * TheDM changes topic to 'Alaric 22, Dizzy 19, The Captin, Red, Red,Red. Survial! Time to support 30-rounds ! Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[00:48] <Alaric> "Allright, then!"
[00:48] * Alaric tries draining the captain.
[00:48] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[00:48] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[00:48] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7
[00:48] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[00:48] <Alaric> (awww ;p)
[00:48] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7
[00:48] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
[00:49] <TheDM> Your power slides off her, and she returns fire.
[00:49] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[00:49] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[00:49] <Light02> (Al: lets see Tuesday I run till 1 or 2 in the moring, Wednesday is Ellfs game, Thursday I run again till 9 or 10, Friday is Wolfs game, Sat is Dorin's DK game only free day for me, Wolf or Rocko is Sunday Night)
[00:49] * Alaric yowls pitifully as he gets burnt.
[00:50] <Light02> (and though it's possible I can get my solo in durring the weekdays depends on the weather or if I'm required to work or not)
[00:50] <TheDM> Roll 3#2d6+6 shooting
[00:50] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 3#2d6+6 shooting --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}, [ 2d6=8 ]{14}, [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[00:50] <Alaric> (Dizzy's action?)
[00:50] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+8 power use
[00:50] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+8 power use --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
[00:51] <TheDM> Dizzy slams her hands to the ground again, A wall of ice blocks the incoming fire from the both of you.
[00:51] <TheDM> Alaric
[00:51] <Pale_Wolf> (That, apparently.)
[00:51] * Alaric tries again, this time aiming for one of the rds.
[00:51] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[00:51] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
[00:51] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6
[00:51] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{17}
[00:51] <TheDM> (...)
[00:51] <Alaric> (er.. they're at -3)
[00:51] <Alaric> (though that doesn't matter in that case ;p)
[00:52] <TheDM> (i wounder if i can make you go senshi out of frustration)
[00:52] * Alaric growls in frustration.
[00:52] <TheDM> (and ya your right)
[00:54] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7
[00:54] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}
[00:54] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7
[00:54] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
[00:54] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7 purple
[00:54] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 purple --> [ 2d6=3 ]{10}
[00:54] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7 purple-1
[00:54] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 purple-1 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{11}
[00:55] <TheDM> roll 2d8 Ice spear
[00:55] <TheDM> roll 2d8 Ice spear
[00:55] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d8 Ice spear --> [ 2d8=14 ]{14}
[00:55] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d8 Ice spear --> [ 2d8=11 ]{11}
[00:55] <TheDM> The purple leader gets nailed by two fast spear of ice from the ground, but it seems to just piss her off if all that swearing is a clue.
[00:56] <TheDM> Roll 3#3d6+6 blasters
[00:56] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 3#3d6+6 blasters --> [ 3d6=12 ]{18}, [ 3d6=6 ]{12}, [ 3d6=8 ]{14}
[00:56] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+8 power use
[00:56] <Pale_Wolf> (Oh my.)
[00:56] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+8 power use --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[00:56] <TheDM> Dizzy only blocks one, dodge alaric
[00:56] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[00:56] <TheDM> *err bllocks two
[00:56] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[00:56] <Alaric> (well, it's a hit anyways, it's a natural 12)
[00:56] <Alaric> (but at least it's not a crit)
[00:57] <TheDM> roll 2d4+2
[00:57] <Alaric> (wait a sec.. 3d6?)
[00:57] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d4+2 --> [ 2d4=3 ]{5}
[00:57] <TheDM> ItDOH
[00:57] <TheDM> (want me to redo?)
[00:57] <Alaric> (eh, nah)
[00:57] <TheDM> (starting to slip a bit, heh)
[00:57] <Alaric> (just remember to apply the -3 when dodging the drain ;p )
[00:57] <TheDM> Ill do so right now
[00:58] <TheDM> as its your turn
[00:58] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 red
[00:58] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 red --> [ 2d6=4 ]{10}
[00:58] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6-3
[00:58] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-3 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{11}
[00:59] * TheDM snickers
[00:59] <Pale_Wolf> (... Must not laugh.)
[00:59] <Alaric> "Dammit.. I can't make it stick!"
[00:59] <TheDM> Dizzy: Alaric! Whats wrong? I can't keep this up much longer!
[01:00] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+8
[01:00] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}, [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
[01:00] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 red
[01:00] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 red --> [ 2d6=4 ]{10}
[01:00] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 red
[01:00] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 red --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
[01:00] <Alaric> "I can't break their defenses.. try to take down the red ones, I'll heal you!"
[01:00] <TheDM> Roll 2d8 ice spear
[01:00] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d8 ice spear --> [ 2d8=11 ]{11}
[01:00] <TheDM> another red drops
[01:00] <Alaric> (heh, she hasn't been hit more than like once anyways)
[01:01] <TheDM> Dizzy: I can't keep this up !
[01:01] <Alaric> "I... damn!"
[01:01] <TheDM> (no but she's burning mana like water)
[01:01] * Alaric shouts, angrily!
[01:01] * TheDM changes topic to 'Alaric 22, Dizzy 19, The Captin, Red,Red. Survial! Time to support 28-rounds ! Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[01:01] <Alaric> "If only I had the strength.. the power.. I'd crush you like *this*"
[01:02] * Alaric brings his hand up and clenches it into a fist.. as he tries to drain one of the reds.
[01:02] <Alaric> (spending 30 EP for +3)
[01:02] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6+3
[01:02] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6+3 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{12}
[01:02] <Alaric> (gah!)
[01:02] <Alaric> (so doomed)
[01:02] <Alaric> (let it never be said that I don't get dicefucked from time to time ;p )
[01:02] <Alaric> DR
[01:02] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6+3
[01:02] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6+3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{18}
[01:02] <Alaric> (there we go)
[01:03] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6-3
[01:03] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-3 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{9}
[01:03] <TheDM> crushy
[01:03] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 body
[01:03] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 body --> [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[01:03] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[01:03] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[01:03] <Alaric> (haha, and more shit rolls)
[01:03] <TheDM> huh, low rolls it might make them
[01:04] <Alaric> (oh well, at least I got some fo the EP back)
[01:04] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 body
[01:04] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 body --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[01:04] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 mind
[01:04] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 mind --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[01:04] <Alaric> (I'm fully healed, 30/40 EP)
[01:04] <TheDM> You rip a good part of its mind away
[01:04] <Light02> (well I'm gonna check out talk to you guys later)
[01:04] <Alaric> (g'night)
[01:05] <TheDM> the captin comes in to say hello.
[01:05] <Pale_Wolf> (Night Light)
[01:05] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7
[01:05] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[01:05] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7-2
[01:05] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7-2 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[01:05] <Alaric> (both at me or what?)
[01:05] <TheDM> Alaric
[01:05] <TheDM> yes
[01:05] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[01:05] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[01:05] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-1
[01:05] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-1 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{9}
[01:05] * Light02 (~light_ava@75-121-4-59.dyn.centurytel.net) Quit (Quit: Light, The New Avatar of Chaos)
[01:05] <Pale_Wolf> (Owwww. Good thing you have regen.)
[01:05] <TheDM> roll 2#1d10+5
[01:05] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#1d10+5 --> [ 1d10=6 ]{11}, [ 1d10=6 ]{11}
[01:06] <TheDM> you get sliced up rather bad
[01:06] * Alaric grinds his teeth to keep from giving her the satisfaction of a cry of pain.
[01:06] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+6
[01:06] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}, [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
[01:06] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+8 power use
[01:06] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+8 power use --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
[01:07] <TheDM> Another wall of ice blocks the incoming fire.
[01:07] <TheDM> Alaric
[01:07] * Alaric stands his ground, and tries to finish off that red.
[01:07] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[01:07] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
[01:07] <TheDM> ROll 2d6+6-3
[01:07] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-3 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{14}
[01:07] <TheDM> (....)
[01:07] <Alaric> (shakes head)
[01:07] <Alaric> "Aaaaaaagh!"
[01:08] <Alaric> (done ;p )
[01:08] <TheDM> Dizzy: Get away from him!
[01:08] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7 tail nab
[01:08] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 tail nab --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[01:08] <Pale_Wolf> (... Well, at least we know who's Sailor Not-Crit.)
[01:08] <Alaric> (28/40 hp)
[01:08] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7 captin dodge.
[01:08] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7 captin dodge. --> [ 2d6=3 ]{10}
[01:08] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10 apin body.
[01:08] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10 apin body.
[01:09] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 apin body. --> [ 2d6=2 ]{12}
[01:09] <TheDM> (oh shit,)
[01:09] <TheDM> (fialed)
[01:09] <Pale_Wolf> (... It... actually failed.)
[01:09] <Pale_Wolf> (Wow.)
[01:09] <Pale_Wolf> (Sailor Not-Crit-But-Allies-Do.)
[01:09] <Alaric> (yeah no kiddin ;p )
[01:11] <TheDM> Dizzy's tail strikes out to save Alaric and quickly wraps around The purple driod. It's Maw end opens with a hiss and blurs down. The drios fast enought counter but misses totaly, shoving its hands into the odd tail.
[01:12] <Alaric> (the natural 2 doesn't automatically fail?)
[01:12] <Alaric> (oh right)
[01:12] <Alaric> (it did, nm)
[01:12] <Alaric> (wasn't reading right)
[01:13] <TheDM> She slips right in and travles quickly down the tail to dizzzy, who blinks in suprise and then blushs as it mergs into her, She snaps her wings out and hids herself under them, beat red from the hair down.
[01:13] <TheDM> "Eeeep!"
[01:14] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 reds
[01:14] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 reds --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[01:14] <TheDM> of corse driods dont give two wits about anything like that
[01:14] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 reds
[01:14] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 reds --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[01:14] <TheDM> incoming gun fire alaric
[01:14] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[01:14] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
[01:14] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-1
[01:14] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-1 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{14}
[01:14] <Alaric> (hey, at least I dodged one ;p )
[01:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Half-decent rolls are returning!)
[01:15] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+4 engery
[01:15] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+4 engery --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}, [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
[01:15] * Alaric grunts in pain as he gets clipped, but has time to give Dizzy a big thumbs-up.
[01:15] <TheDM> good thing you doded that 14
[01:15] <Alaric> (20/40)
[01:16] * TheDM changes topic to 'Alaric 22, Dizzy 19, , Red,Red. Survial! Time to support 26-rounds ! Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[01:16] * Alaric heals some, but not all (30/40)
[01:16] * Alaric gets in front of Dizzy, since she's obvious in some distress, then tries to drain that red.. AGAIN.
[01:16] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[01:16] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[01:16] <TheDM> roll 2d6+6-3
[01:16] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-3 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{5}
[01:16] <Alaric> hah!
[01:16] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 body
[01:17] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 body --> [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
[01:17] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[01:17] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[01:17] <Pale_Wolf> (A... hit...?)
[01:17] <Alaric> (watch it fail the body but make the mind and stay standing)
[01:17] <Pale_Wolf> (Heheh)
[01:17] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 body
[01:17] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 body --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[01:17] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4mind
[01:17] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4mind --> error: malformed expression
[01:17] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4 mind
[01:17] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 mind --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[01:17] <Alaric> "Just die already!"
[01:17] <Pale_Wolf> (You cursed yourself :P )
[01:18] <TheDM> it drops to its knee's weakened.
[01:18] <TheDM> Dizzy is making some oddy, sounds and she dont attack this turn.
[01:19] <Pale_Wolf> (Let me guess, moaning?)
[01:19] <TheDM> (yes, and more then one kind)
[01:19] <Pale_Wolf> (Naturally.)
[01:19] <TheDM> While Alaric would be blushing the driods just dont care
[01:19] <TheDM> roll 2d6+6-2
[01:19] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-2 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[01:19] <TheDM> roll 2d6+6
[01:19] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[01:19] <TheDM> more in coming gunfire
[01:20] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[01:20] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{17}
[01:20] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-1
[01:20] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-1 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{15}
[01:20] <TheDM> that you ingore.
[01:20] * Alaric is, at least, fully healed.
[01:20] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 at red.
[01:20] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 at red. --> [ 2d6=12 ]{18}
[01:20] <Alaric> (hah!)
[01:21] <TheDM> (do you even ened the senshi side?)
[01:21] <Alaric> (.. well, I certainly needed Dizzy)
[01:21] <TheDM> One of the drops is just gone, the dust blows away as its bits of left over engery flow to you.
[01:21] <TheDM> Dizzy still seems a bit preocupied.
[01:21] <TheDM> and skips this turn.
[01:22] <Alaric> (and all it takes is one rank of Resistance, for 2 points, to block 10 ep drain and 2 of the 3 body/mind/soul)
[01:22] <Alaric> (two ranks of resistance is complete immunity to it)
[01:22] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh)
[01:22] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6-2
[01:22] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-2 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[01:22] <TheDM> bang
[01:22] <Alaric> (at me, presumably?)
[01:22] <TheDM> (most senshi and magical stuff woud be ammune)
[01:22] <TheDM> (yes)
[01:22] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[01:23] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[01:23] <TheDM> you dodge it easy.
[01:23] <Alaric> (but it's the ultimate in oneshotting mooks, just.. only when the dice work ;p )
[01:23] * TheDM changes topic to 'Alaric 22, Dizzy 19, , Red,Red. Survial! Time to support 24-rounds ! Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[01:23] * Alaric replies with, yes, yet another drain.
[01:23] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[01:23] <Pale_Wolf> (Indeed.)
[01:23] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[01:23] <TheDM> roll 2d6+6-2
[01:23] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-2 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[01:23] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8
[01:23] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8
[01:23] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{20}
[01:23] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
[01:23] <TheDM> pfft
[01:23] <Alaric> (hah
[01:23] <TheDM> ya its gone.
[01:23] <Pale_Wolf> (Niiiiice.)
[01:23] <Alaric> (yeah that only took a thousand rolls)
[01:24] <Alaric> "Finally!"
[01:24] <Alaric> "Dizzy, let's get inside... Dizzy?"
[01:24] <TheDM> Two more dark forms jump down from the drop ships
[01:24] * Alaric turns to check out Dizzy.. and misses the new threat.
[01:24] <TheDM> There larger and hit with a crash., You notice a femiler set of long bladed arms and sholder turrents
[01:24] <Alaric> (okay, that's impossible to miss)
[01:24] * TheDM changes topic to 'Alaric 22, Dizzy 19, , Zerker, Zerker Survial! Time to support 23-rounds ! Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[01:25] <TheDM> Dizzy's wings pulls apart and she stands up, then up some more. She's got a bright smile on her face, and her uniform's not way to tight in places.
[01:25] <Alaric> "You're okay, right?"
[01:25] <TheDM> A ring of ruins and power is glowing under her floating feet and her eyes have a inner magic fire to them.
[01:26] <TheDM> "Oh wow... ya great. This feels so good."
[01:26] <Alaric> "It is rather enjoyable, isn't.. it."
[01:26] * Alaric realizes he'd better turn the hell around, and does so.
[01:26] <TheDM> Dizzy ep 240/120. She's on a magical high.
[01:27] <Alaric> "Looks like we've got more trash to take out."
[01:28] * Alaric will start on Zerker #1.
[01:28] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 drain that thing
[01:28] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 drain that thing --> [ 2d6=12 ]{18}
[01:28] <Pale_Wolf> (Apparently, you drain that thing.)
[01:28] <TheDM> roll 2d6+10
[01:28] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{14}
[01:28] <Alaric> (hah HAH! Pickles!)
[01:28] <TheDM> yes you do
[01:28] <Alaric> roll 2d8+8 body
[01:28] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d8+8 body --> [ 2d8=2 ]{10}
[01:28] <Alaric> roll 2d8+8 mind
[01:28] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d8+8 mind --> [ 2d8=8 ]{16}
[01:28] <Pale_Wolf> (Or not.)
[01:28] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10 body
[01:28] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 body --> [ 2d6=4 ]{14}
[01:29] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 mind
[01:29] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 mind --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[01:29] <TheDM> You rip away some of its mind.
[01:29] <Alaric> "Yes, just like that.. you'll not stand against me!"
[01:29] * Alaric sounds a little crazed.
[01:29] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+8
[01:29] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{10}, [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[01:29] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+8 power use
[01:29] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+8 power use --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[01:30] <TheDM> Dizzy fails one of her magical attacks, but manges not to have it back fire.
[01:30] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10-1
[01:30] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10-1 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{16}
[01:30] <TheDM> The other misses
[01:30] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+8 Alaric
[01:30] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+8 Alaric --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}, [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[01:31] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6 dodge
[01:31] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+8 dizzy
[01:31] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 dodge --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[01:31] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+8 dizzy --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}, [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[01:31] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-1 dodge
[01:31] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-1 dodge --> [ 2d6=9 ]{14}
[01:31] <Alaric> (w00t, I am *on*!)
[01:31] <Pale_Wolf> (Had to make up for earlier at some point :P )
[01:31] <TheDM> You get the hell out of the way as two huge blasts from the sholder guns rip past you
[01:31] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+8 poweruse
[01:31] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+8 poweruse --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[01:32] <TheDM> Dizzy blocks one but stagges back from the others impact.
[01:32] <TheDM> Alaric again
[01:33] <Alaric> How badly hurt by that is Dizzy?
[01:34] <TheDM> 20/50
[01:34] * Alaric quickly heads over to her and Heals her.
[01:34] * TheDM changes topic to 'Alaric 22, Dizzy 19, , Zerker, Zerker Survial! Time to support 21-rounds ! Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[01:34] <Alaric> (done)
[01:34] <TheDM> (whats the heal?)
[01:34] <Alaric> (rank 4, 40 hp)
[01:34] <TheDM> (ahh)
[01:35] <Alaric> (or are we doing the 4d10 thing?()
[01:35] <TheDM> (thats for items)
[01:35] <Alaric> (ahh)
[01:35] <TheDM> (if its your power its at full)
[01:36] <TheDM> Dizzy gives you a brillant smile, and moves you abit with her meaty tail. She brings one arm up and braces it with the other. The air around her starts to crackly with power.
[01:36] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+8
[01:36] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}, [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[01:36] <TheDM> Alric
[01:37] <Alaric> (the bots aren't doing anything?)
[01:37] <TheDM> oh thats one of them shooting you
[01:37] <Alaric> (ahhh)
[01:37] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6
[01:37] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[01:37] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6-1
[01:37] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6-1 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{9}
[01:37] <Alaric> (successfully, too!)
[01:37] <TheDM> The impact is jarring, its not like the hot engery the lesser driods used.
[01:37] <TheDM> (30 flat damage)
[01:38] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+8
[01:38] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}, [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[01:38] * Alaric gapes like he's been.. well.. ventilated.
[01:38] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+7+4 dizzy con check.
[01:38] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+7+4 dizzy con check. --> [ 2d6=12 ]{23}
[01:38] <TheDM> oh shit.
[01:38] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+8+2 power use.
[01:38] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+8+2 power use. --> [ 2d6=7 ]{17}
[01:38] <Alaric> (er, isn't critting stuff good?)
[01:38] <TheDM> A thick wall of ice busts from the ground protecting dizzy.
[01:39] <TheDM> Your up
[01:39] * Alaric hesitates a moment, but stays on the offensive
[01:39] <Alaric> (30 EP for +3 to the rolL)
[01:39] <Alaric> roll 2d6+6+3
[01:39] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+6+3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{18}
[01:40] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10
[01:40] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{13}
[01:40] <TheDM> You catch onto it
[01:40] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 body
[01:41] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 body --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[01:41] <Alaric> roll 2d6+8 mind
[01:41] <McDice> Alaric rolled : 2d6+8 mind --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[01:41] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10 body
[01:41] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 body --> [ 2d6=3 ]{13}
[01:41] <TheDM> roll 2d6+2 mind.
[01:41] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+2 mind. --> [ 2d6=9 ]{11}
[01:41] <TheDM> You rip out good chunks it's minds mostly shattered.
[01:41] * Alaric shivers just a little.
[01:43] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:44] <Alaric> (done)
[01:45] <TheDM> Dizzy: Soul Eraser!
[01:45] <TheDM> Dizzy rips lose with the power she gathered, A wide purple beam rips from her fist and sears the air.
[01:46] <TheDM> 2#2d6+0 soul save
[01:46] <TheDM> roll 2#2d6+0 soul save
[01:46] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+0 soul save --> [ 2d6=8 ]{8}, [ 2d6=8 ]{8}
[01:47] <Alaric> (heh heh)
[01:47] <TheDM> Having no protecion from this attack both zerker driods spark and buckel in places as there pushed back. There don't seem to be down yet however.
[01:47] <TheDM> (soul save for half, )
[01:47] <TheDM> (it helps to have a soul first)
[01:48] <TheDM> She panting and a bit worn from the discharge
[01:48] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[01:48] <TheDM> Roll 4#2d6+8
[01:48] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 4#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}, [ 2d6=7 ]{15}, [ 2d6=5 ]{13}, [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[01:48] <TheDM> The driods clearly didnt like this and concentrate fire.
[01:48] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6 Dizzy dodge
[01:48] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 Dizzy dodge --> [ 2d6=2 ]{8}
[01:48] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6-1 Dizzy dodge
[01:48] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-1 Dizzy dodge --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[01:49] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6-3 Dizzy dodge
[01:49] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-3 Dizzy dodge --> [ 2d6=10 ]{13}
[01:49] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6-6 Dizzy dodge
[01:49] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6-6 Dizzy dodge --> [ 2d6=5 ]{5}
[01:49] <TheDM> Dizzy gives you a proud smile at having pulled that move off, then is smashs back by the inpacting shells.
[01:50] <TheDM> There's a spray of blood as she rolls and slides along the ground. she's not jumping back up in her persent state.
[01:50] <TheDM> -20/50
[01:50] <Alaric> "DIzzy!"
[01:50] * Alaric gets... agitated.
[01:51] <Alaric> (my turn?)
[01:51] <TheDM> (yes)
[01:52] * TheDM changes topic to 'Alaric 22, Dizzy 19(-ko-20), , Zerker, Zerker Survial! Time to support 19-rounds ! Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[01:53] * Alaric manages to bust a low level battle aura, glowing a faint reddish purple.
[01:54] * Alaric faces the droids, and screams at them furiously.
[01:54] <Alaric> "No matter what it takes.. no matter whence the power comes.. I'll rend you from existance!"
[01:56] * Alaric raises a fist into the air, as if grasping something not there, and grinds out a phrase, almost regretfully.
[01:57] <Alaric> "Nietsche.. Nihilist Power.. Make-up!"
[01:58] <RZ_[Zzzz]> (Yay, it only took eight hours, and 57 minutes. :P)
[01:58] <TheDM> (nihilist?)
[01:58] <TheDM> (8 hours relaly?)
[01:58] <Alaric> (6 hours, almost)
[01:58] <TheDM> (ooops? no wounder im staving)
[01:58] <RZ_[Zzzz]> (Yeah, typo'ed the 8. Meant to say 6.)
[01:58] * Alaric stands still as for an instant nothing happens.. and is then engulfed in swirling black winds..
[01:59] <Pale_Wolf> (Hey, at least you're havin fun ;) )
[01:59] * Alaric is picked up and spun about, as the black winds turn to a brilliant gold, stripping away his torn and beaten clothing, leaving him.. now her... unclad for an instant, before dressing her in attire of their own choosing.
[01:59] <Pale_Wolf> (And are you up after all, Rockos? Can't sleep?)
[01:59] <Alaric> http://www.alathon.net/images/Sailor_Nietzsche.png
[02:00] <RZ_[Zzzz]> (Was dozing off, then... my sister bangs on my door yelling "ARE YOU IN THERE!!!" >_<)
[02:00] <RZ_[Zzzz]> (So... heh, I won't be asleep for a while)
[02:00] * RZ_[Zzzz] is now known as Rockman_Zero
[02:00] <TheDM> (yell no?)
[02:00] * Alaric comes down from the transformation sequence... changed.
[02:00] <Alaric> (done)
[02:00] <Rockman_Zero> (Grabbing some munchies.)
[02:00] <Rockman_Zero> (And, don't forget your nick, Al. :P)
[02:01] <Alaric> (of course not ;p )
[02:01] * Alaric is now known as Sailor_Nietzsche
[02:01] <TheDM> The driods say hello
[02:01] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Beyond Good, beyond Evil.. there is only my will to crush my enemies."
[02:01] <Pale_Wolf> ("... And the guns they're shooting at me while I speechify.")
[02:02] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (those too ;p )
[02:02] <TheDM> (oh i thought you where done done with thet turn, heh
[02:02] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (I'm done)
[02:02] <TheDM> roll 2#2d6+8-4 drrrrr
[02:02] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+8-4 drrrrr --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}, [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[02:02] <TheDM> roll 2#2d6+8 drrrrr
[02:02] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+8 drrrrr --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}, [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
[02:03] <TheDM> Greating the new senshi for the first time, 4 large shells travel down range
[02:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (all four shots hit, she's killed in one round ;p )
[02:03] <Pale_Wolf> (Three'll be enough ;) )
[02:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10 dodge
[02:04] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10 dodge --> [ 2d6=6 ]{16}
[02:04] <TheDM> (Why senshi are so rare0
[02:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10-1
[02:04] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10-1 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{12}
[02:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 1d6+10-3
[02:04] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 1d6+10-3 --> [ 1d6=6 ]{13}
[02:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Ow.)
[02:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry. Didn't mean to curse ya.)
[02:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (okay DR on that 3)
[02:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10-1 vs the 3
[02:04] <TheDM> k
[02:04] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10-1 vs the 3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{18}
[02:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10-6
[02:04] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10-6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[02:05] <TheDM> Your rocked back by the blasts, and something clues you in that droping one of these fast would be needed.
[02:05] * TheDM changes topic to 'Alaric 22, Dizzy 19(-ko-18), , Zerker, Zerker Survial! Time to support 18-rounds ! Game's Restarting! New Post is up. viewtopic.php?p=249964#249964'
[02:06] * Sailor_Nietzsche regenerates some of the wounds (50/85)
[02:06] <Pale_Wolf> (Yeah, but with a +10 to dodge, there's pretty much no guarantee... good luck, man.)
[02:06] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Soul..."
[02:06] <TheDM> (your armor eats a good bit of these damage)
[02:07] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (it's 30 damage each hit, right? so 20 after armor)
[02:07] <TheDM> (right0
[02:07] * Sailor_Nietzsche holds her hands out, and in each, a golden circlet forms, soon filled in with eight silver arrows pointing to the rim.
[02:07] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "...Slicer!"
[02:08] * Sailor_Nietzsche launches the two energy discs at the most damaged droid.
[02:08] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2#2d6+10
[02:08] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2#2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{18}, [ 2d6=10 ]{20}
[02:08] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (cap is +10 right?)
[02:09] <TheDM> (yes)
[02:10] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10
[02:10] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{16}
[02:10] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10-1
[02:10] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10-1 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{16}
[02:10] * Sailor_Nietzsche grins savagely as they shear into the damned things.
[02:10] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (44 damage each)
[02:10] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (er, damned thing)
[02:11] <TheDM> The drop track the incoming discs but its slide to the side is useless as they shift to track it. Loping off rather important parts of its frame, one of them hits the ground sparking
[02:11] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (actually 42, sorry, my math sucks)
[02:11] <TheDM> *driod
[02:12] <TheDM> The last one stires a bit trying to focus the, jets foward with a burst of flames and jumps of the end of the airport coming right for you.
[02:13] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+8
[02:13] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}, [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[02:13] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+8-2
[02:13] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+8-2 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[02:13] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+8-4
[02:13] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+8-4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[02:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (er, the single one gets four shots?)
[02:14] <TheDM> The zerker driods long blade arms are finaly put to use as it comes in high and low trying to take apart the new senshi.
[02:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (daaamn)
[02:14] <TheDM> (its melee)
[02:15] <TheDM> (extrra combat action, extrea attacks)
[02:15] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10
[02:15] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{17}
[02:15] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10-1
[02:15] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10-1 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{21}
[02:15] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10-3
[02:15] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10-3 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
[02:15] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10-6
[02:15] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10-6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[02:16] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "You're no match!"
[02:16] <TheDM> Well fuck
[02:16] <TheDM> It clearly isnt as you dance around each blade
[02:16] * Sailor_Nietzsche wastes no time in returning fire.
[02:16] <TheDM> Fanservice roll +body +melee defence
[02:17] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10 (no melee d ;p )
[02:17] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10 (no melee d ;p ) --> [ 2d6=12 ]{22}
[02:17] <Rockman_Zero> (...fanservice roll? O_o;)
[02:17] <TheDM> (ROFL)
[02:17] * Sailor_Nietzsche scores a critical pantyshot.
[02:17] <Rockman_Zero> (Hahahaha!)
[02:17] <TheDM> Epic roll, take your highest from soul, body, mind>
[02:17] <Pale_Wolf> (Heheheheh.)
[02:18] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10
[02:18] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{20}
[02:18] <TheDM> (O_o)
[02:18] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (body, of course.. it couldn't be any other way)
[02:18] <Rockman_Zero> (...geez...)
[02:18] <Pale_Wolf> (And what a body it is.)
[02:18] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry, had to say it :P )
[02:18] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (From the bio: Smokin' hot catgirl senshi that any red-blooded man would wanna bang.)
[02:18] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (Just sayin' )
[02:19] <TheDM> Sailor Nie Dances around the zerker driods mad swings, with grace and easy. Flip, twirl, twist, duck. There's a sharp *Clang* as the things blade arm locks into the ground leaving it open for her
[02:20] * Sailor_Nietzsche slams her energy discs into the droid without hesitation, and poses.
[02:20] <TheDM> (*finsh him*)
[02:20] <Rockman_Zero> (*Cue frontal panty-flash*)
[02:20] * Sailor_Nietzsche then turns, and punts the damn thing off the building.
[02:21] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (high kick, classic panty shot)
[02:21] <Rockman_Zero> ("Fatality.")
[02:21] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (they're black, by the way)
[02:21] <Pale_Wolf> (What else would Sailor Nietzsche wear?)
[02:21] <Rockman_Zero> (Heh.)
[02:21] <Ataru> holy fuck
[02:21] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (damn, I shoulda kicked it into one of the transports)
[02:21] <Ataru> you guys are STILL going/?
[02:22] <Rockman_Zero> (They're insaitable Ataru, what can we say? :P)
[02:22] <Pale_Wolf> (Yuppers.)
[02:22] <Ataru> (I'm on my way to work now... jesus O_O)
[02:22] <Pale_Wolf> (See ya, Ataru.)
[02:22] <Ataru> (later, already running late)
[02:22] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (later)
[02:22] <TheDM> The soul blades shear into the metal beast in a shower of sparks, The Senshi Twirl and high kick are just over kill as it goes ass over ankles fliping over the edge of the building. Her long leg held in the air for a few moments as she watchs it go.
[02:24] * Sailor_Nietzsche turns, sprints over to Dizzy, scoops her up, and heads inside.
[02:24] * McDice (~PyroRaven@c-71-194-93-40.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[02:24] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (d'oh)
[02:25] * TheDM (~PyroRaven@c-71-194-93-40.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[02:25] <Pale_Wolf> (Double d'oh.)
[02:26] * DCG (~PyroRaven@c-71-194-93-40.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[02:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa DCG DCG
[02:26] * FailDice (~PyroRaven@c-71-194-93-40.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[02:26] <DCG> tech, figers
[02:26] * DCG is now known as TheDM
[02:26] <Pale_Wolf> (Welcome back. Last line?)
[02:26] <TheDM> 04:21] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (they're black, by the way)
[02:26] <TheDM> [04:22] <Pale_Wolf> (What else would Sailor Nietzsche wear?)
[02:26] <TheDM> [04:22] <@TheDM> The soul blades shear into the metal beast in a shower of sparks, The Senshi Twirl and high kick are just over kill as it goes ass over ankles fliping over the edge of the building. Her long leg held in the air for a few moments as she watchs it go.
[02:26] <TheDM> [04:23] <@TheDM> A single useless blade arm remains stuck into the roof.
[02:27] * Sailor_Nietzsche turns, sprints over to Dizzy, scoops her up, and heads inside.
[02:28] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks behind her, are more hostiles dropping?
[02:28] <TheDM> Dizzy's blood and a mess, but breathing. And still smirking.
[02:28] <TheDM> As you make it past the sliding doors.. claping starts, slow, then it builds up.
[02:28] <TheDM> The group you've saved are chearing for the new senshi.
[02:28] <TheDM> Having clearly scene it all.
[02:29] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (so much for a secret identity.. unless... I dispose of the witnesses... ;p )
[02:30] <Rockman_Zero> (Nah, just bribe 'em with sex. :P)
[02:30] * Sailor_Nietzsche lays Dizzy down carefully, and examines her wounds -- does she seem to be regenerating?
[02:30] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (pretty sure at least some of them are guys, and I'm not set yet on whether Alaric is straight or bi)
[02:30] <TheDM> You can tell she is healing, but its a lot slower then even your basic regenation.
[02:31] * Sailor_Nietzsche frowns.. hesitates, then turns and watches for further enemies.
[02:32] * Sailor_Nietzsche mutters something, "...do her any good..."
[02:32] * Sailor_Nietzsche then realizes something else.
[02:32] * Sailor_Nietzsche notices the crowd..
[02:32] * Sailor_Nietzsche faces them.
[02:32] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Thank you.. I appreciate it."
[02:33] <TheDM> "Why did you ever tell us you where a senshi?" "Oh wow.. i worked with one of the lady senshi's!" and so forth.
[02:33] <TheDM> its from the croud.
[02:33] * Sailor_Nietzsche closes her eyes for a moment, thinking, then opens them.
[02:33] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "No comment."
[02:33] <TheDM> Over there exctied chatter you hear a stedy wumping in the air thats drawing closer.
[02:33] * Sailor_Nietzsche turns around to check and see what it is.
[02:35] <TheDM> You turn in time to watch one of the drop ships gets it side shot to shit, As rappied fire engery rounds rip into it, Trailing destruction along its side.
[02:35] * Sailor_Nietzsche promptly runs out, and launches a pair of attacks at the other dropship.
[02:36] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (assuming I have time to.)
[02:36] <TheDM> It's fast to try and peel off but the fire don't let up, And soon a smokeing trail is haeding off the side of the building.
[02:36] <TheDM> Its a huge target and easy to hit. Anything your arming for?
[02:36] <TheDM> The open hatch the drods jumped from is easy to see
[02:37] <Sailor_Nietzsche> the engines are tastier targets
[02:37] <TheDM> That they are.
[02:37] <Sailor_Nietzsche> or any obvious gun turret
[02:37] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Soul slicer!"
[02:37] <TheDM> Listn check.
[02:38] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2#2d6+10
[02:38] <FailDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2#2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{15}, [ 2d6=10 ]{20}
[02:38] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10+3 listen
[02:38] <FailDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10+3 listen --> [ 2d6=6 ]{19}
[02:38] <TheDM> The ship looks like one soild block of black cystal with only a few ports.
[02:38] <TheDM> but you kean ears easly catch where the things enginers are discharging.
[02:40] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (any luck hitting?)
[02:40] <TheDM> As the soul rending blades bank and sink into the ships thrusters, The incoming aircraft turns its main gun on the ship joining in the destruction.
[02:42] <TheDM> The drop ship can't even makea break for it as its engines fail, and it gets ripped apart by oncoming fire. Droping like a rock it crashs into the side of the roof then tips off noseing into the ground and going up in a dark fireball that charrs that side of the building.
[02:42] * Sailor_Nietzsche purses her lips.
[02:43] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Maybe should have let it get some distance first.. oh well, next time.'
[02:43] <TheDM> The wumping picks up and a blue and white aircraft is inbound, tho you've never seen its kind before.
[02:43] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks up at the incoming 'friendly'... just what's it look like?
[02:43] <TheDM> (occly you have.. its a lot like this, http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... Mi24CP.jpg )
[02:43] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (it's the millenium falcon!)
[02:44] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (or not)
[02:44] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Wierd design."
[02:44] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I wonder how that works?"
[02:44] <TheDM> You pick up a signel on senshi and local channels, It seems your fuku comes with more then just a skirt.
[02:44] * Sailor_Nietzsche then realizes she's talking to herself.
[02:44] <TheDM> ""Um... Crystal Tokyo Hospital, this is Gunship Metel, I've been informed you need evacuation?""
[02:44] * Sailor_Nietzsche tries to respond, speaking aloud.
[02:45] <TheDM> (*WAPs wolfie*
[02:45] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "You're correct, we have twenty-four in need of evac."
[02:45] <TheDM> (your oN)
[02:45] <Pale_Wolf> (Gah, I haven't even played MY solo yet, I don't know what happened up to now! :P )
[02:45] * Pale_Wolf is now known as Valery
[02:46] <TheDM> (its only for a fewlines)
[02:46] <Valery> "Twenty-four... I only have space for fifteen..."
[02:46] * Sailor_Nietzsche says something very un-Senshi-like.
[02:47] <Valery> "... She can take it. She's got the power. Get ready for a cramped ride."
[02:47] <Rockman_Zero> ("You stingy bastard!" /Achmed :P)
[02:47] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Roger that. Collecting the evacuees."
[02:47] * Sailor_Nietzsche heads inside.
[02:47] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Our ride is here.. we had best make good speed."
[02:47] <TheDM> And lets End session there, as the odd noisy thing comes in for a landing.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:56 am

Solo Session: Toast

[17:42] <TheDM> Ug
[17:42] <TheDM> spaming
[17:42] <TheDM> The day started well enough. Clear sky, Warm sun, and cool shade but your tree.
[17:42] <TheDM> They even trimmed the grass. The perfect set up that you know will bring the ones with toast.
[17:42] <TheDM> And other good things, Like she of back scratches. People come and go, And soon the family of toast is there for lunch. Mother, Mother, Very lucky farther, and loud but amusing spawn.
[17:42] <TheDM> Like Most of your days it moves along enjoyable enought, with much food and that petting thing they do.
[17:42] <TheDM> An odd disturbance causes the jumpy shoat to pause and look up for a moment, just in time to see a flash of light.
[17:42] <TheDM> An impact shocks you, blinding light all around you and the family. Not understanding a thing that going on at the time, You remember it clearly later.
[17:42] <TheDM> The toast breaking apart bit by bit into the light, Followed by the family and then your tree and grass before a force smashes into you .
[17:42] <TheDM> Waking up hours later, a quick look around shows you’ve smashed past a large window and into one of the hardware stores across the street. Prying yourself up you see the sign “Toolman’s tool!” charred but readable.
[17:42] <TheDM> Loud humm’s and marching catch your ears, and a glance out the window shows “your” park pitted with huge craters, and many large craft(14!) dropping off strange looking people.
[17:42] <TheDM> A new inner sense shows them to be a danger, And here you start. Is it revenge on the one who defiled the toast?
[17:43] <Light02> (go Toasty)
[17:44] <Toast> (am I still a normal stoat at this point?)
[17:44] <Pale_Wolf> ('Mother, mother, very lucky father' - lulz.)
[17:44] <Toast> (heh)
[17:44] <TheDM> (no)
[17:44] <TheDM> (you wherre prity much toast, heh)
[17:45] * Pale_Wolf is now known as Cassandra
[17:46] * Dorin is now known as Himeko
[17:47] * Toast looks around the hardware store, strange knowledge floating about in his head telling him to look for special symbols in the hardware store
[17:47] <TheDM> (six sense wise, You get the feeling of something major hiddin around the store)
[17:48] <TheDM> (what talanets do you have to search with?)
[17:48] <Toast> (heightened awareness, and heightened smell +2(+6 bonus))
[17:50] <Toast> (hmm I assume a smell would be a body check?)
[17:50] <Toast> roll 2d6+9 to sniff out hazardous materials!
[17:50] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+9 to sniff out hazardous materials! --> [ 2d6=10 ]{19}
[17:50] <Toast> (+2 from awareness, +6 smell, +1 body)
[17:51] * Light02 is now known as John_Simms
[17:51] <Cassandra> (Hm. Is Dizzy Ala's 92? :P )
[17:52] <TheDM> Thats a rather good roll. considering i set every thing from dc 11 to dc 18.
[17:52] <TheDM> (Thats up to AL)
[17:52] <Cassandra> (Heh)
[17:52] <TheDM> (his not sure about sticking the group with another NPC, and bogging thing down)
[17:53] <Toast> (Toast will pay particular attention to any warning symbols in an octagon, and an upside down triangle featuring an explosion)
[17:53] <TheDM> It takes some ferreting around ( =\ ) but it's only a couple hours for you to gather every thing that's bounceing around inside your head. Plumping, houseing, and other stores next to the one your in chalk up so many intersting things.
[17:54] * Yarroway is now known as Yarrow
[17:54] <TheDM> You find something odd sniffing around to, an old dusty red botton under the cash register. It stands out as very odd to your new mind, and senshi senses.
[17:55] * Toast bonks the button with his head
[17:57] <Yarrow> (It's the city's self-destruct button.)
[17:57] <Toast> (heh)
[17:57] <John_Simms> (and in a ball of white light the new senshi fail in there duty)
[17:57] <Toast> (he's new to the whole sapient thought thing)
[17:59] <Toast> (and really, the whole weasel family is pretty 'leap before you look'"
[17:59] <Toast> )
[18:00] <Yarrow> (Nothing's happening. Bonk it again. :) )
[18:00] <Toast> (DCG is busy writing up the city's destruction)
[18:01] <Yarrow> (This whole campaign is really just a set of solo one-shots culminating in everyone's fiery destruction.)
[18:01] <TheDM> (i was looking for a proper sound file but no luck)
[18:02] <TheDM> There's a shift in the air, as the back wall of the shop seems to crack and push away from the rest of it. Intersting smells hit your nose and your new working brain mater has names for them. Gunpowder, oil, and stuff for lots of fun fire.
[18:03] * Toast giddily bounds over to the new room
[18:04] * Toast pauses, then backtracks, taking time to drag his interesting finds with him into the new room
[18:05] <TheDM> This new place seems like a hole nother store, that the new one was just smacked down in front of. It's defernt from the buildings your used to as well.
[18:06] * Toast examines the new items
[18:06] <Toast> (rather, the new and the ones I just dragged in)
[18:07] <TheDM> No cystal walls, metal and engery shelves, clean.. everything. Your smelling old wood, cement, and chipped paint. Along the back wall in bright paint big bold, but odd words that you don't understand.
[18:07] <TheDM> (knowlage roll? Flex that mind, launge to)
[18:08] <Toast> roll 2d6+4 language
[18:08] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+4 language --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[18:08] <Toast> roll 2d6+7 IED construction
[18:08] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+7 IED construction --> [ 2d6=4 ]{11}
[18:09] <Alatwork> (you have found.. the last bastion of Al-Queda)
[18:09] <Toast> (heh)
[18:09] <Toast> (it was in tokyo?)
[18:09] <John_Simms> (either that or the last Meeks)
[18:09] <Toast> (how... odd)
[18:09] <Toast> (Meeks?)
[18:10] <TheDM> You make out.. Amu.. something or other.
[18:10] <TheDM> IED constuction is something you have lots of time and tools to work on, so i would say take it.
[18:11] <Toast> (ah, ok)
[18:11] <John_Simms> (Hardwear store)
[18:11] <Alatwork> (In a world where Iblis has triumphed, and bound hearts and minds to her own, one man still follows the will of Allah. Durka Durka: Mohammad's Jihad. Coming to theaters after the fall!)
[18:11] <TheDM> Something in your mind places the shop as a weapon store of somekind, but you've never seen anything like it in the city before.
[18:11] <Toast> (Ammunation?)
[18:14] * Toast is going to take his time rigging up explosives.
[18:14] * Toast will also look for any rusty metal in this poorly maintained shop... and aluminum
[18:15] <TheDM> Easy to find.
[18:15] <TheDM> (thermite on dark crystal drop ships? these will be interesting)
[18:16] <John_Simms> (hey at least this guy is setting traps)
[18:17] * Toast scales walls to get to hard to reach shelves, sniffs his little nose off, and generally leaves no corner unturned in his quest for the all mighty boom
[18:18] <TheDM> There's lots of boom around
[18:18] <TheDM> Piles off old smelling sticks break apart as you poke them, the paper agged way past its shelf life
[18:18] <Toast> (det caps, fuse wire, gun powder, bleach and ammonia in case he wants some home made chlorine gas
[18:18] <TheDM> but the powered inside like it should.. and you have no idea why you know that.
[18:19] * Toast looks for containers to scoop the powder into
[18:19] <TheDM> (all easy to find in the stores around this side of the street)
[18:19] <TheDM> (give a hide or sleath roll)
[18:19] <Toast> (is that body or mind?)
[18:20] <TheDM> body
[18:20] <Toast> roll 2d6+1
[18:20] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+1 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{8}
[18:20] <Toast> (T_T)
[18:21] <Toast> (faaaaaailed)
[18:21] <Toast> (shit, I need to pick up some stealth levels)
[18:21] <TheDM> It's getting darker out, and you get sorta spoted. Driods setting up a massive staging area across the street pases for a moment at the rodent dragging along a bottle of bleech down the sidewalk.
[18:22] <TheDM> It's filed and tranmited, and comes back to be ingored. As far as the darkkindom knows, its some crazy rat doing laundry
[18:22] <Toast> (hahaha)
[18:25] * Toast scavenges up some comms, and some empty tubing as well
[18:26] * Toast looks for rat poison (and is very careful to not place that box in his mouth) and nails as well
[18:28] <Toast> (you know... I just realized how really, really fucking bizzare my elementary school teacher was)
[18:28] <Toast> (she's the one I learned that mixing nail polish remover with styrofoam would turn into a flammable gel)
[18:28] <Toast> (this was like.... 3rd grade at the OLDEST)
[18:28] <TheDM> boom, bang, burn, gas, napalm, antipeople.
[18:28] <TheDM> dude
[18:28] <TheDM> thats home made napalm
[18:29] <Toast> (yes, I know)
[18:29] <Toast> (odd thing to teach third graders, isn't it?)
[18:29] <TheDM> Roll 6#3d10
[18:29] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 6#3d10 --> [ 3d10=13 ]{13}, [ 3d10=11 ]{11}, [ 3d10=12 ]{12}, [ 3d10=18 ]{18}, [ 3d10=16 ]{16}, [ 3d10=8 ]{8}
[18:30] <Cassandra> (Damn. Your teacher sounds awesome.)
[18:30] <TheDM> its late dusk by the time you finsh, but your stock pile of fun would make any terroist err freedome figter porud.
[18:30] * Toast (figurativly) beams with pride at his arsenal
[18:31] * Toast will have his vengeance on those that would deprive him of free toast, this he pledges with a shaking raised paw
[18:31] <TheDM> (DM hint: You might all so wana note the places location for any two legged friends you make)
[18:31] * Toast will bear this location in mind
[18:32] * Toast stores his equipment into stuff space (I assume the backflipping is only for accessing?)
[18:34] <TheDM> (right)
[18:37] * Toast sets out in search of targets after getting the last few items mentioned to DCG in PM
[18:37] <TheDM> Roll 3d10
[18:37] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 3d10 --> [ 3d10=11 ]{11}
[18:37] <Toast> (ouch)
[18:37] <TheDM> (ouch? you make 11 of em
[18:37] <Toast> (oh)
[18:38] <Toast> (well, 11/30 isn't very good for a find check)
[18:38] <Toast> (didn't realize it was creation)
[18:38] <TheDM> boom 13 , bang 11, burn 12, gas18, napalm16, antipeople 8 and now 11
[18:38] <TheDM> The little ferrent that could, now is geared for its only toasty jehad.
[18:39] <Toast> (heh, which is the thermite? burn?)
[18:39] <Cassandra> (You mean its FIRST toasty jihad.)
[18:39] <Toast> (unless meant lonely)
[18:40] <Cassandra> (It won't be lonely. There're so many parts of the enemies raining down.)
[18:41] <Toast> (I'm particularly fond of the 11... the cans are booby traps, and the mason jars are for aerial bombardment out of Wolfie's gunship)
[18:42] <TheDM> burn is thermite
[18:42] <TheDM> im hoping for creatve uses in it.
[18:42] <Yarrow> (Now you just need to get plague-bearing fleas.)
[18:42] <Toast> (hmm ok, Toast quickly zips back in time for this http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/04/22/missin ... index.html)
[18:42] <Toast> (:P)
[18:43] * Toast tries to focus on that feeling he felt upon first entering the store (sixth sense attempt... mind or spirit roll?)
[18:45] <TheDM> spirt
[18:45] <TheDM> What are you looking for? the bad guys?
[18:47] <Toast> roll 2d6+4 to find... people in need of help
[18:47] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+4 to find... people in need of help --> [ 2d6=11 ]{15}
[18:48] <Yarrow> (The droids are encountering strong resistance nearby and could use some help.)
[18:49] <Cassandra> (The droids under my gunship probably need a bit of help :P )
[18:50] <Himeko> (eh?)
[18:50] <TheDM> Dear near crit
[18:52] <TheDM> That's a rather blanket as the who's ever left alive in the city needs help about now. But you get a very strong feeling that if the full force gathered at this staging area, your park, gets to keep its easy acesses into the main aprts of the city, thousands more will die rather messy deaths.
[18:53] <Toast> His park. HIS PARK. This is his park, and he'll be damned if those bastards will stay there.
[18:53] * Toast scampers back in the direction of his home. He'll show them, oh yes, he'll show them all.
[18:58] <TheDM> And darker out, and easy to hide in the shadows, more so given your size.
[18:58] <John_Simms> (for the love of toast he'll show them all)
[18:59] <TheDM> (hide rolls? stleath?)
[18:59] <TheDM> (*and brb as i gota hit the can)
[18:59] <Yarrow> (Roll to hit, DM.)
[19:00] <Toast> roll 2d6+1 hide
[19:00] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+1 hide --> [ 2d6=6 ]{7}
[19:00] <Toast> (sigh)
[19:03] * RZ_[AFK] is now known as Rockman_Zero
[19:09] <TheDM> (back)
[19:10] <TheDM> You get spoted now and then, but your passed off as a rodent wandering the camp.
[19:10] <TheDM> A shift kick kocking you out of the way in the price for being spoted, your lucky there only targeting humans.
[19:10] <TheDM> for now
[19:11] * Toast will remember that one.
[19:11] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Pirelli
[19:11] <Yarrow> (But then one of the droids gives the stoat some toast, and by that moment of kindness, CT is doomed.)
[19:11] <Toast> (heh)
[19:12] * Pirelli is now known as Rockman_Zero
[19:12] <Toast> (so, what am I seeing? any landed dropships, munitions storage, etc?)
[19:15] <TheDM> There's around 14 landed drop ships, Nothing you see as munitions storage but they seem to be sitting up a couple large devices made of dark crystal. And your getting a bad feeeling from them.
[19:15] <TheDM> There's a command post at lest you thinnk it is, set up near one of the drop ships, And large groups of thse odd women are lined up in rows, being moved around by red versions of the same type.
[19:16] * Toast plots...
[19:16] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Pirelli
[19:22] * Himeko is now known as Dorin
[19:22] * Dorin is now known as Dorin|sleep
[19:25] <Pirelli> (Sorry for the nick changes... little mixup in another game. :P)
[19:27] <Toast> roll 2d6+6
[19:27] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[19:32] <TheDM> You spot a few points that your fun stuff may fit in rather well.
[19:32] <TheDM> But with all thoes driods working on it, a distraction might be in order.
[19:32] <TheDM> Unless you can overcome them with raw ferret rage
[19:33] <Toast> (how far am I from the command tent?)
[19:35] <TheDM> the parts only a block or so across you can see the tent from your little hidey shadow near one of the drop ships.
[19:35] <TheDM> *parks
[19:36] * Toast starts tunneling in the direction of the tent (collapsing tunnels)
[19:36] <Toast> (don't forget, I mentioned I swapped out a level of reincarnation for two more levels of tunneling)
[19:37] <Toast> (100m/hr)
[19:38] <TheDM> (right)
[19:38] <TheDM> It's soft dirt, well processed over the years to protect the clusmy childer, or the queen.., of tokyo from random trips and falls
[19:39] <Toast> (lol)
[19:39] <TheDM> you have little problems digging and popping up under the command tables. Various feet move about, black, red, purple. but your not noticed.
[19:42] <Toast> roll 2d6+4 backflip access com bomb
[19:42] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+4 backflip access com bomb --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[19:43] <TheDM> (you dont have to roll that outside combat)
[19:43] <TheDM> but you pull it off and find a nice place to tuck it
[19:46] * Toast burrows back out toward the big nasty thing (collapsing tunnel)
[19:47] <TheDM> You can hear the movement and footsteps as you near the suface.
[19:48] * Toast burrows himself enough room to access a com to detonate the bomb in the tent
[19:50] <TheDM> roll 1d20
[19:50] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d20 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{10}
[19:50] <TheDM> roll 1d10
[19:50] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d10 --> [ 1d10=5 ]{5}
[19:50] <Pirelli> (So... Toasty is going Gnomish Engineer, of Goblin Engineer? :P)
[19:50] <Pirelli> (Dumb question. Explosives... Goblin. :P)
[19:51] <TheDM> The blast rips apart the tent and tables, 5 driods are gone outright. The other sent flying. This does the job of deversion as you here the sound of running to the blast zone.
[19:52] * Toast crawls up and begins placing bombs along the structure in the places he noted earlier
[19:54] <TheDM> give me 5 det rolls
[19:55] <Toast> roll 5#2d6+6
[19:55] <McDice> Toast rolled : 5#2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}, [ 2d6=7 ]{13}, [ 2d6=8 ]{14}, [ 2d6=4 ]{10}, [ 2d6=11 ]{17}
[19:57] <TheDM> You little ferret terrest hands know what there doing, and you easly place the boomage, and One key spot you noticed while jumping around it. looking over to the troops you see they about got there act toghjter, it's time to go.
[19:57] * Toast will burrow his ass over to a dropship, and attempt to sneak aboard before detonating the bombs
[19:59] <Toast> roll 2d6+1 sneak
[19:59] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+1 sneak --> [ 2d6=11 ]{12}
[20:02] <TheDM> Good time to crit
[20:02] <TheDM> The jump up the door is covered with a quck dash, your just a small white blur not one noticed.
[20:03] * Toast finds a place to hide, then detonates the bombs
[20:03] <TheDM> Inside is kinda sparce, the driods not needing much. Handy thing for you however
[20:03] <TheDM> as there lolty to the caus is a given, security is minal at best.
[20:04] <TheDM> acesses to the egines it just a slipped off pannel, and the door to the pilot seats don't even have a lock on it.
[20:04] <TheDM> Do a dem roll
[20:05] <Toast> roll 2d6+6
[20:05] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[20:05] <TheDM> (oh, and your size, Tiny gives +3 narutly to hide and sneak)
[20:05] <Toast> (oh... awesome)
[20:06] <TheDM> A evil chackel fills the drop ship
[20:06] <TheDM> but since its from a ferrert, its a quite chitter.
[20:06] <TheDM> all be it a evil one.
[20:06] <TheDM> you sharp eyes find all kinda of handy places for your presents
[20:07] * Toast lovingly deposits his gifts
[20:08] <John_Simms> (Xui: I ain't cleaning that up)
[20:09] <TheDM> You do it with little problems.
[20:11] <Toast> roll 14#2d6+4
[20:11] <McDice> Toast rolled : 14#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}, [ 2d6=3 ]{7}, [ 2d6=10 ]{14}, [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=5 ]{9}, [ 2d6=5 ]{9}, [ 2d6=9 ]{13}, [ 2d6=6 ]{10}, [ 2d6=5 ]{9}, [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=10 ]{14}, [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=10 ]{14}, [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[20:13] <TheDM> The 7 Gets you noticed in the pilots area as your coming out from udner the dash
[20:13] <TheDM> Black driod: *!*
[20:13] <TheDM> Action?
[20:14] <Cassandra> (Hahahahahah!)
[20:14] * Toast rears back in shock with his mouth open, his fear accidently triggering an M. Mazer
[20:14] <Toast> roll 2d6+5
[20:14] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[20:15] <TheDM> (aimed shot at all?)
[20:15] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[20:15] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[20:15] <TheDM> hit.
[20:15] <Toast> (fuck, does defender or attacker win in this system?)
[20:15] <Toast> (sweet, he rolls a body roll)
[20:15] <Toast> (TN 18)
[20:15] <TheDM> player wins.
[20:15] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+4
[20:15] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[20:16] <Toast> (58 damage, ignores armor, drains 20ep)
[20:16] <John_Simms> (holy shiet....)
[20:17] <TheDM> There's a cracka sizzle and a odd squeak from the driod as it drops back stiff as a bord.
[20:17] <TheDM> smoking waffing up from part of its chest
[20:17] * Toast will quickly continue his work, making sure to keep that ability in mind for the future
[20:18] <TheDM> There's a couple more close calls but nothing that requires a mini mico blast
[20:19] <TheDM> A couple are even full of troops in standby, yet you slip in and out leaving only welcomeing gifts behind.
[20:19] <TheDM> So show how much you apreachate them stoping by your park
[20:21] * Toast will tunnel to the edge of the park, and crawl up a small building to get a good vantage point. He'll shed a brief tear for his home, and the Toast Givers, then show those bastards who's boss.
[20:21] <TheDM> oh dear
[20:21] <TheDM> Body roll
[20:21] <Toast> roll 2d6+1
[20:21] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+1 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{6}
[20:21] <TheDM> Yaaaa..
[20:22] <Toast> (body roll? what for?)
[20:22] <TheDM> tumble roll?
[20:22] <Cassandra> (Concussion wave!)
[20:22] <Toast> (sheeeeiit)
[20:22] <Toast> roll 2d6+4
[20:22] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[20:22] <TheDM> (lest your not past)
[20:23] <TheDM> With a nasty ferret grin you flipyour middle claw at the park for some unknown reason and trigger the det with a stomp of your foot. One large ccraka boom starts it off and the others soon chain with it.
[20:24] <Toast> (Toast is a smug lookin mutha)
[20:24] <TheDM> You watch the half finshed portal come apart under your charges and send picks flying into the ranks, Before chains of blasts rock all the drop ships and set off there fule. A dark stank slug that smelled of raped power.
[20:24] <John_Simms> (if toast pulls a cigerette out I'm gonna call you cammo)
[20:24] <TheDM> *CRAKA-BOOM* And the shoat goes flying.
[20:25] <Toast> (cammo?)
[20:25] <Cassandra> (Chamo.)
[20:25] <TheDM> You get a good view as you spin backward in the ait of dark hunks of crystal raining around before slaming into the wall of a taller building.
[20:25] <Cassandra> (From Negima :P )
[20:25] <Toast> (who?)
[20:25] <Toast> (never seen it)
[20:25] <John_Simms> (white pervert ferret)
[20:25] <Cassandra> (Ermine :P )
[20:25] <John_Simms> (who smokes, has a thing for girls panties)
[20:26] * Toast unkowningly does an impression of an ancient garfield car window accesory
[20:26] <TheDM> your mange to roll with the fall and slide out into the streat, half smashed but still grining. The secounddary blasts keep your mood high, but are soon blocked out by the large whumping sound in the air.
[20:26] <Toast> (Toast does have cigarettes, they make decent improvised fuses)
[20:26] <TheDM> (oh?)
[20:27] <TheDM> For an unknown reason you pull one of the whicks you used as a fuses and spark it off your toasted tail. Just watching the blasts and this odd blue and white thing coming down from the air.
[20:27] <TheDM> Val: Is that rat smoking?
[20:27] <John_Simms> (basically think of a younger version of happi in an animal form who tires to lead it's impressionable charge)
[20:27] <TheDM> And lets end sesson.
[20:28] * Toast is now known as Ataru
[20:28] <Ataru> basically, you use the cigarette as a delay fuse
[20:28] <TheDM> Body count, extream. People recused, zipo.
[20:28] <Ataru> you stick it on a regular fuse
[20:28] <TheDM> Stageing grounds of the dark moons push on the fire temple. Smoking crater.
[20:29] <Ataru> it burns slower, then once it hits the regular fuse, goes off as normal
[20:29] <TheDM> Yep
[20:29] <Ataru> :D
[20:29] * TheDM is now known as DCG
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:12 am

Solo Session: Valery

[20:12] <TheDM> not as epic as i like, but i figer ever one desvers a good starting place.
[20:12] <TheDM> Valery Sheins day move along like so many others. That is ditching school and wandering off to tinker with anything and ever thing, and find new sorced of knowledge.
[20:12] <TheDM> It was about time for history any way, and a class about people doing little to nothing new for 1000 years wasn’t very enjoyable.
[20:12] <TheDM> Off to the land of treasure finds, New tools, and enlightenment Or what the sain people call a junkyard.
[20:12] <TheDM> You make a stop off at nice little taco stand that’s on the way, picking up enough for a day of tool slinging and extra to keep the shop yards owners out of your hair.
[20:12] <TheDM> A long thick tentacle slides out the order window dumping a bag of the goodies into waiting hands.
[20:12] <TheDM> Continuing along to your destination, safe in the knowledge that biff the tentacle monster makes a mean salsa when a twich at the edge of your sense has you looking around.
[20:12] <Valery> (Whee!)
[20:12] <TheDM> Eye’s scanning the sky line just in time to see a lance of light reach from the sky and shatter one of the taller down town towers.
[20:12] <TheDM> A rain of more starts in on the city, and you get to see the wave of destruction moving building by building right at you.
[20:12] <TheDM> Trying to run for it get about two steps before the area around you comes apart in a flash of white.
[20:12] <TheDM> You’re not sure how long you’ve been laying down looking at the sky, but with your head ringing and black aircraft making passes of the streets your rather sure not long enough.
[20:14] * Valery blinks. "... Um...?"
[20:14] * Valery looks around wildly.
[20:14] <TheDM> Houses shatted, some buildings just gone, and key roadways covered in rubbel
[20:15] <TheDM> Oh, thats just for the eyes, the ears get the sounds of screaming, off weapons fire. And people crying out as they burn to death.
[20:16] <TheDM> And your taco's are gone. Thoes basterds.
[20:16] <Yarrow> ("NOOOOOOO!")
[20:16] <Valery> "Wh... who? What...? How hard did I hit my head...?"
[20:17] * Valery groggily stands up, wavering slightly.
[20:17] * Rockman_Zero is now known as RZ_[ph34r_2]
[20:19] <Valery> "... It's... an attack... why isn't anyone shooting back...?"
[20:20] <RZ_[ph34r_2]> ("Because we don't know how to use these... gun... things!")
[20:21] <TheDM> Screams break out in the distance, Coming down the block is a couple running from a pair of odd women in black. Odd ladies with pointed arms and blood slashing around, You fagly recall them as being in line at the taco hut as well. A cute pair who keep gigling at you for some reason.
[20:22] <Valery> (... Which pair was in the taco stand? The couple running away, or the pair of odd women in black?)
[20:24] <TheDM> (the couple running away)
[20:24] <Valery> (Just checking)
[20:25] <Valery> (Is there any narrow alley nearby I can lead them down?)
[20:26] <TheDM> Consdering every things basted to hell, you can sure try any of the new paths
[20:26] <TheDM> but there's rubbel to get around
[20:26] <Valery> (Any small pieces of rubble that can be picked up?)
[20:27] <Toast> (go back to the taco stand, recruit the tentacle monster)
[20:27] <TheDM> Yes lots
[20:29] * Valery ducks down and heaves up a chunk of concrete, and yells "This way!", ducking down one of the narrower alleys and hoping the couple follow him.
[20:31] <TheDM> Seems one rubble filled path is as good as another as they dart down the same way
[20:31] * RZ_[ph34r_2] is now known as Rockman_Zero
[20:32] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Pirelli
[20:32] <Valery> "What's going o... no. Grab heavy chunks of stuff, and throw it at them when they start catching up, okay?"
[20:32] <Valery> "That'll at least buy us a bit more time..."
[20:35] <TheDM> They look at you oddly for a moment, and give it a try. Shifting behind the wreched crystal hunks around
[20:35] * Valery will basically run to a decent distance, and wait for the droids to turn down the alleyway.
[20:35] <TheDM> and thankfully not notceing the blood puddles around
[20:37] <Valery> "Once you've got something to throw, wait until I yell 'pull', then throw it. We want to get one salvo, that should be harder to dodge, all right?"
[20:38] <Toast> (I can't help but feel this won't end well)
[20:38] <Valery> (Three squishies, this is like the best shot we have :P )
[20:38] <Toast> (I would think your best shot is to run for the hills)
[20:39] <Pirelli> (Whenever you say squishies, I keep thinking of the frozen drinks in The Simpsons. :P)
[20:39] <TheDM> "Umm ok"
[20:39] <Toast> (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5Snehl2bAk)
[20:39] <Valery> (Except that they're faster, or at least don't tire out and can keep it up infinitely :P )
[20:39] <TheDM> The black things follow the path easy enought
[20:40] <TheDM> and there haveing little problems doging aroudn the rubble
[20:40] <Valery> "Pull!"
[20:40] * Valery grunts, heaving the chunk of rubble at them.
[20:40] <Valery> roll 2d6+6
[20:40] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
[20:41] <Valery> (How much damage does it do, by the way? Assuming it hits.)
[20:43] <TheDM> roll 2d6-2
[20:43] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6-2 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{1}
[20:43] <TheDM> roll 2d6
[20:43] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{12}
[20:43] <TheDM> O_o
[20:43] <Valery> (That's the couple? And yeah, wow...)
[20:43] <TheDM> The rocks?
[20:43] <TheDM> like 5hp at best
[20:43] <TheDM> witch is of corse unless you bean one right in the eye.
[20:44] <Valery> (Still, add in my ACV and that's 11 damage. We'll... get there.)
[20:44] <Valery> (Like that one did :P )
[20:45] <TheDM> The three of you learn many new words that are not CT standered as one of the of the driods catchs a hunk of rock right in the eye, and the other suffers minal damage, but stops to watch the other one swear up a storm.
[20:45] <Toast> (lol)
[20:45] <Valery> "Grab again!"
[20:45] <TheDM> "Whats that f word? she's saying it a lot"
[20:45] <TheDM> Your attacking again and not running?"
[20:46] <Valery> (Well, since they're delaying, may as well use the time and try to hurt them a bit more before they come chasing after us - Val doesn't know they have guns yet :P )
[20:47] <Valery> (On the other hand, at the noble DM's suggestion...)
[20:47] <Valery> "... Wait, no, run!"
[20:48] * Valery prods the other two and runs as fast as he is able... which isn't exactly light speed or anything.
[20:48] <TheDM> There good at that, "Eeeek!" and they follow the other girl out of the allie.
[20:49] <Valery> (Guy. At the moment.)
[20:50] * Valery leads them around the first corner, and basically takes the twistiest course he can.
[20:50] <Toast> (you're a trap)
[20:50] <Toast> (they think you're a chick)
[20:51] <Valery> (No, not a trap, just a small scrawny boy in a shawl at the moment :P )
[20:51] <TheDM> They keep pace
[20:51] <Valery> (Not exactly that hard TO keep pace...)
[20:51] <TheDM> and its a good one considering the city's still blowing up and being attacked
[20:52] <Toast> (what kind of dude wears a shawl?)
[20:52] <TheDM> you know have two rather confused and scared followers, there's not highschool age like you are and seem like a couple about to start a family. That is unless you get them killed...
[20:53] <Valery> (One who wants to be warm and doesn't really note or care that it's the wrong gender's? :P )
[20:53] * Valery basically keeps running until nothing's in sight, and until it would be reasonable to conclude that we're not being chased any more, then falls onto his knees, panting for breath. "What's... going... on...?"
[20:54] <TheDM> "Wa,.. huh?"
[20:55] <TheDM> "Your asking us? Your the one leading us around on some run!"
[20:55] <Valery> "Who's... attacking...? Why isn't anyone... stopping this...?"
[20:55] <Yarrow> (Val promptly loses his followers. :) )
[20:55] <TheDM> "It was lunch break.. then im not sure? Something black was in the air and thoes ladies jumps out and starting hurting peopel"
[20:58] * Valery rubs his temples. "This doesn't make sense... the city has weapons, and the senshi... we never needed them before, why isn't anyone using them now...?"
[20:58] <TheDM> You get more jiggish answers, and confuseion"
[20:59] <TheDM> "What weapons? " "Why would i need one?" "Im sure the senshi will save us!"
[20:59] <Valery> "But... why haven't they?"
[21:02] * Toast (~Pervert@c-71-234-100-239.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:02] * Yarrow (~opera@lunarnet-6FCB8404.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:02] <TheDM> (they hate you)
[21:02] <TheDM> "I don't know!" "how do you call palace?"
[21:02] <TheDM> there only getting more distruant at your questions"
[21:02] * Valery grits his teeth. "Nothing's happening... They're supposed to help us, where are they?"
[21:02] <Valery> "What are we supposed to do...?"
[21:02] * Toast (~Pervert@c-71-234-100-239.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[21:03] <Valery> (Welcome back Toastman)
[21:04] <TheDM> "I just wana go home.." "Our apartments over there inst it?" She points out part of the sky swarmed with drop ships and the other girl just whimpers.
[21:04] * Yarrow (~opera@lunarnet-6FCB8404.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #cte
[21:04] <TheDM> So for your inspireing and reassureing try's have failed kinda hard
[21:05] * Pirelli (~Zero@124-169-96-8.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:05] * Pirelli (~Zero@124-169-248-34.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #cte
[21:06] <Valery> "... We can't go that way..."
[21:06] <Valery> "... I have... no, I can't use those against real..."
[21:06] <TheDM> "We need to hid!"
[21:06] <TheDM> "We need to call... oh dear serneity.. shouldnt we have some one to call for help? why don't we!"
[21:07] <TheDM> Nothing like the citizens notices a major flaw in there civalsation
[21:07] <Valery> "... but if I don't, then..."
[21:07] * Valery seems to be muttering to himself.
[21:10] <TheDM> There's a Cracka boom, And the intersection at the end go the block becomes one of many smoking craters.
[21:10] * Valery nods firmly. "... Okay. Come with me. I know where to go."
[21:10] <TheDM> They has the effect of making a nice pile in the middle of the street, with val on the bottom.
[21:11] * Valery blinkblinks, looking straight up. "... Huh."
[21:11] <TheDM> crys and paniced girls cling to val rather tightly
[21:12] * Valery gently pats them on the back, trying to stand up. "Come on... we've got to move."
[21:12] <Valery> (What blew up the intersection? Another pillar of light from the sky?)
[21:13] <TheDM> yes
[21:13] <TheDM> Cling cling, suffle suffle,
[21:14] * Valery looks up, trying to see what's shooting, while still doing what he can to calm them down. "Are you ready...? We're going to have to be pretty fast."
[21:15] <TheDM> (fair warning, the house just shook from thunder)
[21:15] <TheDM> (soo duno iff ill drop or not)
[21:15] <Valery> (Oh dear.)
[21:15] <Valery> (Good luck, DC)
[21:17] <Valery> (Are they semi-calm now?)
[21:18] <TheDM> nope
[21:18] <TheDM> well, there getting better
[21:18] <TheDM> having another women near by so far is a good effecct.
[21:18] <TheDM> when your not actively driving them away
[21:19] <Valery> (Heh)
[21:21] * Valery starts... well, shuffling, since that's probably the best speed he can make with two people clinging to him... down the street. "Okay... we're at Peace Boulevard and Happy Healing Street... come on, this way. We have to go..."
[21:23] <TheDM> (lol)
[21:24] * Valery will make what speed we can towards the junkyard, going through rubble, alleys, and buildings rather than the streets where possible (it should be harder to spot us that way).
[21:24] <Valery> (Your call on whether I have to gently shuffle them the whole way, or if they recover a bit and run :P )
[21:25] <TheDM> they recover a bit and your run toghter
[21:26] <Valery> (To the junkyard!)
[21:28] <Yarrow> (Note: If DCG is taken out by a lightning strike, I am authorized to take over for him in running the solo. ;) )
[21:29] <TheDM> Still here for now
[21:29] <TheDM> Sorry was answering plot questions.
[21:29] <Valery> (Heh, roger milady)
[21:29] <Yarrow> (Yeah, I figured I'd mention it while you're here to verify me claim. :) )
[21:29] <TheDM> Happy healing street need a rez from the looks of it.
[21:30] <TheDM> Every thing seems to have been hammered by the lasts, and you spot something that drives a cold stake into your back.
[21:30] <TheDM> Drop ships over YOUR junkyard
[21:30] <TheDM> well really its chance and jakes shop yard, but still.
[21:31] <Valery> "... Uh oh."
[21:31] <Valery> "Um... hide, we're going to need to sneak up on the junkyard..."
[21:32] * Valery starts sneaking towards the yard as quickly as she can - have the dropships, well, dropped, yet?
[21:33] <Yarrow> (Ha! Even Valery forgets he's not a girl sometimes!)
[21:34] <Valery> (... Doh.)
[21:34] <Valery> (He.)
[21:35] <TheDM> You can't tell if they have or not
[21:35] <TheDM> but its a safe bet yes
[21:35] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+2
[21:35] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+2 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{6}, [ 2d6=10 ]{12}
[21:36] <TheDM> there not helpless at sneaking, but one of them seems to bump intoyou an affull lot
[21:37] * Valery tries to move as fast as she can into the yard, without being seen.
[21:39] <Valery> (Dammit! He!)
[21:39] <Valery> (Ahem.)
[21:40] <TheDM> Not supriseing
[21:40] <TheDM> Or more suprseing?
[21:40] <TheDM> is that CT's scrap yard is rather clean.
[21:41] <TheDM> or is that just the work of the owners and val?
[21:41] <TheDM> neatly sorted piles of gear, metal, crystal, parts all around
[21:41] <Valery> (Well, it doesn't surprise ME :P )
[21:41] <Pirelli> (In Crystal Tokyo, everything is clean. Even the dirt!)
[21:41] <TheDM> Now being happy zombies you don't have a clue as to what most of it is.
[21:42] <Valery> There are tags on chunks of the piles, too, though they're just letter-number combinations.
[21:42] <TheDM> You make it to the center of the junk zone easy enought
[21:42] <TheDM> or do you?
[21:42] <TheDM> Roll 2#2d6+2
[21:42] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2#2d6+2 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{10}, [ 2d6=8 ]{10}
[21:42] <Valery> (I dunno, do I?)
[21:42] <TheDM> Roll 4#2d6
[21:42] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 4#2d6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{9}, [ 2d6=6 ]{6}, [ 2d6=8 ]{8}, [ 2d6=5 ]{5}
[21:43] <TheDM> you do!
[21:43] <Valery> (Yay!)
[21:43] <TheDM> there's a partoll of thoes odd ladies and one in red, but you slip by with out a major problem.
[21:43] * Valery is heading towards the work area, where the good stuff and workshop are, presuming Jake and Chance are likely to be there.
[21:46] <Toast> (you find them outside, crucified to a wall)
[21:47] <TheDM> (not so nasty)
[21:48] <TheDM> you do find them easy enought, Out side the garange entrance, Standing over the remains of one of thoes black sharp ladies
[21:48] <TheDM> Who's now a sparking mess.. With rather huge wrences...
[21:49] <TheDM> (and yarrow can pick them up when ever)
[21:49] * Valery just exhales in relief, coming out towards them. "Jake! Chance! You're all right!"
[21:49] <Yarrow> Jake suddenly spins in your direction and raises her giant wrench. "Shit! it's more of--oh, it's Val!"
[21:50] * Valery holds up his hands. "I'm glad you're okay..."
[21:50] <Yarrow> "What's going on?!"
[21:51] <Yarrow> Chance drawl, "Yeah, what have you done now, Val?"
[21:51] <Valery> "I don't know... all I've been able to figure... hey! I didn't do anything!"
[21:51] <Yarrow> Both: "Riiiiight..."
[21:51] <Valery> "... yet..."
[21:52] <Yarrow> Chance: "So, how about you start up that bird of yours so we have something better than wrenches to use against these crazy metal ladies?"
[21:53] <TheDM> "Bird?"
[21:53] <TheDM> "It's not her falt! she saved us!"
[21:53] <TheDM> comes the comments from the lesser npcs
[21:54] <Yarrow> Jake makes a dismissive gesture in response to the lesser npcs.
[21:54] <Valery> "Ah yeah, that's why I came here, I thought we could make this a bit fairer... they haven't gotten to her yet, have they?"
[21:54] <Yarrow> ("We're *full* NPCs--we don't take any crap from posers like you.")
[21:54] <Valery> (/me snickers)
[21:55] <Yarrow> Jake: "Not that we can tell."
[21:55] <Yarrow> (Note to observers: Jake & Chance are both catgirls. I did not pick their names. :) )
[21:56] * Valery nods. "Okay. Let's go, then, make sure they don't touch her."
[21:56] <TheDM> (ha ha to abservers, cat's named jake and chance in a junkyard, NAHHHHH :P )
[21:56] <Valery> (... Now I get the sense that there was a joke there I was supposed to get...)
[21:57] <Toast> (swatkats)
[21:58] <Toast> (oh my god)
[21:58] <Light02> (lol
[21:58] <Light02> (when you said that it clicked)
[21:58] <Light02> (Valery the mayors assistant)
[21:58] <Yarrow> Jake: "I'd feel better about this if you'd actually tried her out before... but what have we got to lose?"
[21:59] <Toast> (Now i hear the theme in my head)
[21:59] <Valery> (... Wow, I walked strait into that, don't I?)
[21:59] <Light02> (same here Toasty)
[21:59] * Valery shrugs. "It's the best idea I've got..."
[21:59] * Valery starts towards where they store that beautiful girl.
[21:59] <Yarrow> (I'm safe. I've never seen it. :) )
[22:00] <Valery> (Heh)
[22:00] <Toast> (you're old or didn't watch cartoon network as a kid)
[22:00] <TheDM> (hah)
[22:01] <Light02> (it was on TBS first remember before it went to Cartoon Network)
[22:01] <TheDM> It's in one of the odder parts of the scrap yard, there's less junk around here, and looks more like a storage place for older yet useable gear, funny that a good bit of it is parts of warmechines
[22:01] <TheDM> ammo
[22:01] <Yarrow> Jake lazily spins her wrench and smacks the head of the fallen droid as she follows.
[22:01] <TheDM> and semi working guns.
[22:02] <Yarrow> (Chance: "Hey, why didn't we use any of these guns intsead of the wrenches?" Jake shrugs: "First I've heard about them from the DM.")
[22:02] <TheDM> They wouldnt know how to use them any way
[22:03] <TheDM> After a bit of walking your find Vals project, that wolfie can describe way better then me
[22:03] <Yarrow> (Chance: "And now he's insulting us behind our backs...")
[22:03] <TheDM> but as the DM ill be nice and points out the two drop ships moving into the area
[22:04] <Valery> It's a long, slender helicopter, with a five-blade rotor and stubby wings coming out the sides, with two bubbles of black 'glass' over the cockpit, painted in patterns of white that would probably make it fade into a blizzard.
[22:04] <Valery> (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... Mi24CP.jpg - Sample kinda pic, though obviously the guns and build are a bit different. :P)
[22:04] <Yarrow> (It's one of those heliocopters!)
[22:04] * Valery rubs his palms together for a moment, and scrambles towards the sitting gunship. "Jake, Chance, the door guns are working... um, sorry about that workshop again, by the way... anyway, do you want to use them?"
[22:06] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, someone needs to, right?"
[22:06] <Toast> (is that a fucking hind?)
[22:06] <Pirelli> (Then Valery presses a button, and the thing turns into a decepticon. :P)
[22:06] <Toast> (a fucking HIND?)
[22:06] <Pirelli> (Yes, that's a fucking HinD.)
[22:06] <Valery> (Yes, yes it is. Well, the one in-game is based off the design, but, pretty much. :P )
[22:07] * Valery nodnods, opening the side door and slipping in. "All aboard!" He heads up towards the cockpit.
[22:08] <Yarrow> Jake & Chance take up positions at the door guns.
[22:08] <Valery> (And I hope the lesser NPCs board as well?)
[22:08] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well? You lot getting in or are you staying to play with the nice metal ladies?"
[22:08] <TheDM> The two other girls look at the freaky thing the rest are jumping into easy, a bit unsure of them selfs
[22:08] <TheDM> there sorta gettng in.. unless to metal? And what knda seats are thoes?
[22:09] <Yarrow> Jake: "Get in!"
[22:09] * Valery starts hitting switches, and pulls a headset off a rack in the cockpit, while waiting for it to warm up.
[22:09] * Valery slips on the headset, and looks back until they get in.
[22:09] <TheDM> Being and improved hind, the cockpit isnt totaly cut off from the other, or insdies of the craft.
[22:09] <TheDM> but its a tight fit,
[22:10] <TheDM> thats oddly partly taking up by a minifridge that's been bolted to the framework.
[22:10] <TheDM> (one of wolfgies rolls..)
[22:10] <Yarrow> Jake growls and 'helps' the laggards in before returning to her gunner position.
[22:10] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:11] <Yarrow> (Jake: "Now look what you did! I hope you're happy--he was the only one who knew how to fly this thing!")
[22:11] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[22:11] <Valery> (Would rather not miss my solo... :P )
[22:12] <Valery> * Valery slips on the headset, and looks back until they get in.
[22:12] <Valery> <TheDM> Being and improved hind, the cockpit isnt totaly cut off from the other, or insdies of the craft.
[22:12] <Valery> <TheDM> but its a tight fit,
[22:12] <Valery> <Valery> (They in?)
[22:12] <Valery> <TheDM> thats oddly partly taking up by a minifridge that's been bolted to the framework.
[22:12] <Valery> <TheDM> (one of wolfgies rolls..)
[22:12] <Valery> <Yarrow> Jake growls and 'helps' the laggards in before returning to her gunner position.
[22:12] <Valery> * Disconnected
[22:12] <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[22:12] <Yarrow> (Nothing, really.)
[22:13] * Valery taps a button to shut the passenger compartment door, and lays his hands on the controls.
[22:13] <Valery> "Okay... two above. Let's get started."
[22:13] <Valery> "Go for it, Metel-chan."
[22:13] <Toast> (g'night guys, I must crash)
[22:13] <Yarrow> (Night.)
[22:13] <Toast> (you'll probably still be going when I wake up :P)
[22:14] * Valery brings the gunship into a steep climb, rising a bit forward to slip out from under the dropships while gaining altitude on them.
[22:15] <Yarrow> Jake: "So, just start shooting at anything and everything? And congratulations on getting us off the ground."
[22:16] <TheDM> It starts up with a low wine, but soon picks up to full reps.
[22:16] * Valery wheels around as soon as the chopper is out from under them, drifting it backwards and turning the front to face them, lining up the sights. "Pretty much, yeah. Let's get them out of our yard."
[22:16] <TheDM> val's iffy on the sticks but seems to know what what
[22:17] <Yarrow> Chance: "There's one..."
[22:17] * Valery hits the trigger as soon as the helicopter gives a tone on the dropship.
[22:17] <Yarrow> She opens fire.
[22:18] <Valery> (What size is the dropship, DC?)
[22:18] <TheDM> A good dc9 nice
[22:18] <TheDM> all black crystal.
[22:19] <Valery> roll 2d6+9
[22:19] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{13}
[22:19] <Valery> (Crappy roll, but it still scores two hits - 56 apiece)
[22:20] <Valery> "... Huh. These things fire a bit different in the simulator."
[22:20] <TheDM> (what guns that again?)
[22:21] <TheDM> Your not sure whats doing more damage, The engery cannon you've got loaded up front, or jake with the 50cal armor percing rounds chewing into the side of the ship
[22:22] <Valery> (The main gun from me, DC)
[22:22] <TheDM> black slabs of crstyal start to shatter away, and the ship make for a peelout, trying to climb
[22:22] <TheDM> this does little to get it out of your sights.
[22:22] <Valery> "Ooooooh no, you don't let us run."
[22:23] * Valery moves the gun turret up as he follows it, sustaining fire.
[22:23] <Valery> roll 2d6+9
[22:23] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{19}
[22:23] <Valery> (Three hits this time?)
[22:23] <Valery> "That's how it works!"
[22:26] <Valery> (How's this one work?)
[22:26] <TheDM> The stream of blasts seem to be enought of the lightly armored craft.
[22:26] <TheDM> It starts to come arpart and seem to lose its power as it drops quickly to the ground.
[22:27] <Yarrow> Jake: "Yeah! One down-- ... lots to go."
[22:27] <TheDM> A map and other screnes Seem to open on there own, overlaying parts of your read out.
[22:27] <Yarrow> Chance: "It supposed to do that?"
[22:27] <TheDM> Scaning the wrekage and taging down the kill under your crafts disgnation, RGH-72.
[22:28] * Valery blinkblinks. "Um... yeah, if it's recieving orders from somewhere else..."
[22:28] <Yarrow> Chance: "Somewhere else?"
[22:28] <TheDM> When the scan finshs you get a read out of the black think you just downed, A Nemises dropship- Cargo readout, armor, and basic stats
[22:29] <Yarrow> ("Hey, we just earned 450xp!")
[22:29] <Valery> (Were there troops onboard?)
[22:29] <TheDM> Good news is, the weapon you have manged to get working can handle them. Bad news if there one of the smallest and weaker parts of the attacking force.
[22:29] <TheDM> (yes)
[22:29] * Valery glances at the readouts as she shifts slightly to gun down the second dropship. "I dunno, in the simulators this was the kind of thing that always showed up when 'command' was reporting in..."
[22:30] <Valery> roll 2d6+9 let's get #2?
[22:30] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+9 let's get #2? --> [ 2d6=12 ]{21}
[22:30] <Valery> (... Wow)
[22:30] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, can you ask 'Command' if there's anyone else out here on our side?!"
[22:30] * Valery blinks. "... There were passengers onboard. That's... wierd. It's bad, but it feels so nice..."
[22:31] * Valery taps the screen. "I don't know, normally if orders are coming in someone should be talking..."
[22:31] <TheDM> You got the drop on this one, proping up over the stacks. And putting five shots into this windowsection.
[22:31] <TheDM> It just drops like rock nose planting into the dirt.
[22:31] <Yarrow> Chance: "Metal women aren't really 'passengers', are they?"
[22:32] <TheDM> The system answers the questions asked, As the map starts polling data.
[22:32] * Valery tries to sort the data as he brings Metel in a ring around the junkyard to let the door gun girls take shots at what they can see polluting their junkyard.
[22:32] <TheDM> Friendly units, locations, area's of need, attacking ships, Civilans under fire.
[22:33] <TheDM> Armorys, evk and landing zones.
[22:33] <TheDM> The pilots persaon screne pops up in Val's sights.
[22:33] <Valery> (Hm? Persaon screen?)
[22:33] <Yarrow> (There's a game of Persona 4 running on the battle computer.)
[22:34] <Valery> (Heh)
[22:34] <Valery> "Mm... getting orders from somewhere..."
[22:35] <Yarrow> Chance: "We shouldn't just hover here, should we?"
[22:36] <Valery> (Well, I was bringing 'em around so they could shoot down at everyone in the junkyard while we made decisions :P )
[22:36] <Yarrow> (Oh, so you were. Never mind, then.)
[22:36] <Yarrow> They shoot at trespassers in the junkyard.
[22:37] <TheDM> And have far to much fun doing it.
[22:37] <Yarrow> Jake: "Oh, shit! I just shot a person!"
[22:37] <TheDM> roll about 8 to hits at +7
[22:37] <McDice> TheDM rolled : about to hits at +7 --> error: malformed expression
[22:37] <Yarrow> Jake: "No, wait--wait... It was just the scarecrow in E-3."
[22:37] <Yarrow> She looks embarrassed.
[22:37] <Yarrow> roll 8#2d6+7
[22:37] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 8#2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}, [ 2d6=7 ]{14}, [ 2d6=8 ]{15}, [ 2d6=6 ]{13}, [ 2d6=10 ]{17}, [ 2d6=10 ]{17}, [ 2d6=4 ]{11}, [ 2d6=5 ]{12}
[22:37] <Valery> "Well, I guess we'll get the hang of this..."
[22:37] <Valery> (Wow.)
[22:38] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cte
[22:38] <TheDM> ya..
[22:38] <TheDM> The girl's do a rather good job of blowing the driods on the ground to shit
[22:38] <TheDM> the scrap yard is secured again for a while
[22:38] * Valery nods, turning slightly on one pass to give the main gun a chance at the portal DCG mentioned. "Okay... hm. How's the university?" He looks back into the passenger chamber. "And are there any friends any of you want to pick up first?"
[22:39] <Yarrow> Jake: "Yeah! Eat ... hey, Val, what are we feeding them?"
[22:39] * Pirelli is now known as Rockman_Zero
[22:39] <Valery> "Particle cannon... something? I don't really know, I just put things back together until they worked."
[22:39] <Yarrow> Jake: "Eat particles!"
[22:39] <TheDM> Info about the cites university comes up.
[22:40] <TheDM> It's being hit kinda hard, but they are manging to get away for the most part to undergound tunnels
[22:40] <Yarrow> Chance: "Val... ask who's giving you all this info."
[22:40] <TheDM> A class or two is cut off, but it dont rank as a priority
[22:40] <Valery> "It says it's an automated defence system..."
[22:41] <Valery> "... Okay... I hope Aleks is all right... is there anyone any of you want to pick up first?"
[22:42] <Yarrow> Jake: "Nah. Our social life's even worse than yours."
[22:42] <Yarrow> Chance snorts: "Yeah. Pathetic."
[22:42] <Valery> (What about the other two?)
[22:42] <TheDM> "We lived on our own"
[22:42] <TheDM> "What about shadow?!"
[22:43] <TheDM> " gah.. that lazy bums probly sleeping thoguht this"
[22:43] <Yarrow> Chance: "Aleks, he's your ... brother, right?"
[22:43] <Valery> "Yeah... hopefully he... er... hopefully someone dragged him along to the shelters..."
[22:45] <Valery> "... Okay, we'll hit the university first... hey, AD, where should I take the people I pick up?"
[22:45] * Valery wheels the chopper around, and makes for the university, turning the turret on any dropships that pop into view.
[22:47] <TheDM> The map lists a few places that can be used as drop zones, but none of them are active or secure.
[22:48] <Yarrow> Jake: "So... how big does this whole mess look?"
[22:48] <Valery> "What's that mean, active?"
[22:48] <Valery> "... Really big. The whole city..."
[22:49] <Yarrow> Jake: "Shit..."
[22:50] <TheDM> Active in this case would be running
[22:50] <TheDM> powered, sstems online, not overfun
[22:50] <TheDM> run
[22:50] <TheDM> the like
[22:50] <Valery> "Would that make it secure? How can we turn them on...?"
[22:53] <TheDM> If the limites AI could go drrrrrrrrr
[22:53] <TheDM> it would
[22:54] <TheDM> but it simple shows building lay outs, and points that you wouuld have to acesses in the subbastment.
[22:54] <TheDM> Funnypart is one of them is a buoilding you've been into before, normal papper pushs form filling city building.
[22:54] <TheDM> then again you never checked the basement or knew it had one.
[22:55] * Valery blinkblinks. "... We have a defense network?"
[22:55] <Valery> "... Okay, we'll pick up our first load, raze the university attackers a bit, and then head over to start up one of those drop zones..."
[22:56] * Valery speeds up.
[22:56] <Valery> (And, still taking shots of opportunity at any dropships I see, if any)
[22:56] <Yarrow> Jake: "Ok. Hey, this thing have a bathroom?"
[22:57] <Valery> "Uh... no, should I have asked before we took off...?"
[22:57] <Yarrow> Jake: "Nah. Just checking for later."
[22:58] <Valery> "If you really have to, I'm sure the nice metal ladies wouldn't mind if you took a moment out from shooting them."
[23:00] <TheDM> How do you fly?
[23:00] <TheDM> to the universty i mean
[23:00] <Yarrow> (Throw yourself at the ground and miss.)
[23:01] <Valery> (Low over the buildings, probably ducking between the skyscrapers)
[23:03] <TheDM> Well one answer was right
[23:03] <TheDM> witch one should i use?
[23:05] <Valery> (An excellent question!)
[23:06] <TheDM> It's a fast flight to the school, and both girls take adfvange of the large ammom stock pile to put many rounds into anything moving.
[23:06] <Yarrow> ("I got a mooncat!")
[23:14] <Valery> (Seems like I have a fuzzy DM... Yarrow, would you be available Saturday?)
[23:14] <Yarrow> (Hm? What?)
[23:15] <TheDM> Its geting late for me, so i was talking to wolfie
[23:15] <TheDM> gota get to the hospital right in the morning
[23:16] <TheDM> unless yarrow wants to pick it up tonight
[23:16] <Valery> <TheDM> bah, im starting to get fuzzy
[23:16] <Valery> <Valery> ;_;
[23:16] <Valery> <TheDM> and i got to get up early for the hosiptla tommaro
[23:16] <Valery> <Valery> Owwww.
[23:16] <Valery> <Valery> Resume sometime later?
[23:16] <Valery> <TheDM> do you wana try that?
[23:16] <Valery> <TheDM> before your game tommaro?
[23:16] <Valery> <TheDM> there's not to much left, but its enought that i dont feel i can give it to you as well as i shuld be able to
[23:16] <Valery> <Valery> Ack, not gonna be able to do it before my game, I have to run Ellf then.
[23:16] <Valery> <Valery> Think you can run someone else before my game, and I squeeze in... I dunno, Saturday?
[23:16] <Valery> <TheDM> ya sure
[23:16] <Valery> <TheDM> myweekends open
[23:17] <Yarrow> I'm kind of tired now too.
[23:17] <Yarrow> Saturday... hm.
[23:20] <Yarrow> There are some Earth Day events going on near me. Let me check if there are things I want to go to.
[23:26] <TheDM> earthday events?
[23:28] <Light02> you know plant/hug a tree
[23:29] * TheDM hugs tree
[23:30] * TheDM is now known as DCG


[16:14] <TheDM> Any way
[16:14] <TheDM> Val is quickly heading to the univestiry of crystal tokyo, in a most remade and repaired hind like attack chopper.
[16:14] <Valery> (Range attack mastery ups the AV, but if you buy a 3-CP ranged combat skill, it only applies to one class)
[16:15] <TheDM> with two catgirls on the open door guns, randomly showing the streets with 50cal
[16:15] <Yarrow> (It does, but only for 'all chi attacks', 'all thrown weapons', 'all bows', 'all small firearms', etc.)
[16:15] <Light02> (yay meaning I'm gonna have to work all my sheets over again cause I didn't understand the attribute)
[16:16] * Valery is staying low over the buildings, and is pretty much taking shots of opportunity at the dropships as he sees them.
[16:18] <Light02> (so yeah for now Xui's range attack is for (all chi attacks))
[16:20] <TheDM> roll 1d5
[16:20] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d5 --> [ 1d5=2 ]{2}
[16:20] <TheDM> The drop ship are unarmed and not really armoed, but your not wasting time on them.
[16:20] <TheDM> strafing so far has knocked down two that you know of and sent others flying off broken and battered.
[16:21] <Valery> (Yeah, it's basically 'oooooh, let's turn the turret after you while I fly' :P )
[16:22] <TheDM> It seems a good bet that the attacking force didnt expect the city to have any counter air power at all. But if thats the case why was this left out for you to find?
[16:23] * Valery was pretty much expecting the government had like dozens of these sitting in the backyard.
[16:24] * Valery makes for the university!
[16:27] <TheDM> Roll 1d10
[16:27] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d10 --> [ 1d10=4 ]{4}
[16:28] <TheDM> THe university is large and spraling, taking up many blocks and has parks, nature area's and tree's all over giving it a healthly clean air for learning.
[16:29] <TheDM> Well normaly, now its a pitted and charred waste land, with most of the buildings smashed and drop ships dotting the ground.
[16:29] <TheDM> val roll attack, and cat's on the guns roll
[16:29] * Valery checks the files to find where the metal-chicks are positioned across the university, while strafing the hell out of the dropships.
[16:29] <Valery> roll 2d6+9
[16:29] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{12}
[16:30] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
[16:30] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[16:34] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
[16:34] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{19}
[16:34] <Yarrow> (Forgot there are two cats. :) )
[16:34] <Yarrow> (I think Chance picked her target well.)
[16:34] <Valery> (Most excellently indeed)
[16:35] <TheDM> Roll 1d20
[16:35] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d20 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{11}
[16:35] <TheDM> Roll 1d20
[16:35] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d20 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{10}
[16:35] <TheDM> Roll 2d20
[16:35] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d20 --> [ 2d20=10 ]{10}
[16:35] <TheDM> blah
[16:36] <TheDM> Thats not very random!
[16:36] <TheDM> roll 3#1d20
[16:36] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 3#1d20 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{17}, [ 1d20=5 ]{5}, [ 1d20=13 ]{13}
[16:36] <TheDM> better,
[16:37] <TheDM> Strafing in fast all guns unloading, The gun ship racks up some serrious kills as they cross the universtiy. One of the girls from the junkyard damn near hanging out as she intruduces the darkmoon armor to armor pericing 50cal
[16:39] <Valery> "Hm... AD, can you show me the positions of the droids? I'm only going to be able to carry so many evacuees in one trip, I'd like to make it safe for the ones I have to leave behind..."
[16:41] <Yarrow> Jake cackles as she shoots madly. "Die! Die! Die!"
[16:41] <TheDM> Area map and building imageing show most of the school abonded or dead. Leaving a bit heavy on the dead side, The internals are swarmed with active driods, and no defence system for the school are active.
[16:42] <TheDM> There's hot spots of combat around, or slaughter for most of them. A ping on the active scan zooms into the far roof section, Tall tree's and a large guarden seem to be under fire from a squad of driods, and a zerker who are taking there sweet time putting pot shots down range.
[16:42] <Yarrow> Chance just sighs and shakes her head as she shoots the base of a large statue--causing it to fall over and flatten three droids.
[16:43] <TheDM> Screaming students and two teachers hide where they can.
[16:43] * Valery drifts out to the left and moves towards the roof, firing the main cannon at the hugeass metal-chick thing. "People to save up ahead, guys."
[16:44] <Valery> roll 2d6+9
[16:44] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{14}
[16:44] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+7
[16:44] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}, [ 2d6=10 ]{17}
[16:44] <TheDM> Seem's the teachers duty to protect there students helped to shake off the CT happy dase. Black lighting, and bolts of fire are send back at the driods.
[16:45] <Yarrow> (You're being outclassed by your helpers, Valery.)
[16:45] <Valery> "Good... someone else is fighting back..."
[16:45] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+8
[16:45] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[16:47] <TheDM> (poor zerker..)
[16:47] <Yarrow> Chance: "Hey, Valery? Since when can teachers shoot black lightning and fire bolts, anyway?"
[16:47] <Valery> "Um... huh. ... Can't youma and demons do that? I think? They just, you know, don't?"
[16:47] * Dorin is now known as Dorin|afk
[16:48] <Yarrow> Jake: "They never did it before--and trust me, if teachers could do that when *I* was in shcool, they would have done it."
[16:48] <Yarrow> Chance snorts.
[16:49] <Valery> "I believe you..."
[16:49] <Valery> (So the zerker's splashed?)
[16:49] <TheDM> The hugeass metalchickthing takes the first charged partical bolt in the on the chin as the rest straff off, it's not so luck by the spray of following 50cal. The body jerking around and sparking as the roof around it is pepped in small craters.
[16:49] <TheDM> (ery much so)
[16:50] * Valery swings out over the roof, giving Jake and Chance a nice opportunity to shoot the hell out of the other droids.
[16:50] <Yarrow> The promptly shoot the hell out of them.
[16:51] <Yarrow> (Do you want me to actually roll anything?)
[16:51] * Valery tosses another couple rounds into the zerker to make sure it's dead, but otherwise doesn't fire the main gun, afraid it will destroy the roof's structural integrity and collapse the whole thing.
[16:51] <TheDM> Answers to the questions about teachers fireing off magic, get answers to two profiles opening up on the screen. The teacher are youma as guessed.
[16:51] <TheDM> (ya two roll)
[16:52] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+7
[16:52] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{16}, [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[16:55] <TheDM> Roll 4#2d6+4
[16:55] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 4#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=2 ]{6}, [ 2d6=11 ]{15}, [ 2d6=12 ]{16}
[16:56] <TheDM> three of them are ripped apart by the non stop fire.
[16:56] <TheDM> The odd craft in the air, and the attack on the monsters after them get many of the students looking out from there cover.
[16:56] <Valery> (Is there actually a helipad on the roof, or is this gonna be tricky?)
[16:57] <TheDM> (pilot roll)
[16:57] <TheDM> (its not that hard, but lets see what mess you make)
[16:58] <Valery> (Mind?)
[16:58] <Valery> roll 2d6+7
[16:58] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[17:02] <TheDM> (you got no poitns in flying yet/)
[17:03] <TheDM> Val brings it in a bit hard, and the crunch of drop parts is kinda nasty sounding. But does little damage to teh crafts armor.
[17:04] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:04] <TheDM> Most of the kids... blah
[17:04] <Yarrow> (What? He landed on a bunch of kids?)
[17:11] <Ataru> (I wonder how long before he reconnects...)
[17:11] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[17:11] <Valery> (Sigh... missed everything since I made the roll)
[17:12] <TheDM> [19:03] <@TheDM> (you got no poitns in flying yet/)
[17:12] <TheDM> [19:04] <@TheDM> Val brings it in a bit hard, and the crunch of drop parts is kinda nasty sounding. But does little damage to teh crafts armor.
[17:12] <TheDM> [19:04] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:12] <TheDM> [19:04] <@TheDM> Most of the kids... blah
[17:12] <TheDM> ahem
[17:12] <TheDM> Most of the kids look out from there cover at the gunning down, then landing and smushing of the monsters that attacked the school.
[17:13] <Valery> (Er, no, I have two ranks of pilot, and I actually should've added one more for my specialty, oops)
[17:13] <TheDM> A tall one with brown hair just blinks at the scene for a moment, and face palms. Others near by here something about never hearing the end of this one.
[17:14] * Valery sweatdrops slightly. "I'm just glad the roof held..."
[17:14] <Valery> (How many are there, roughly?)
[17:15] * Valery looks out through the cockpit viewscreen, counting up the students and teachers.
[17:15] <TheDM> Two teachers and only about 10 students
[17:15] <TheDM> what remains of two classes
[17:16] <Valery> (Any other people that need evacuating from here?)
[17:17] <TheDM> unless your going to storm the building on the off chance to find a few remaining people, not really
[17:17] * Valery taps the speakers, hitting a button to open the side doors. "Um... hello... I'm here to take you all to someplace safe..."
[17:18] <Yarrow> (Just don't start singing, "We're on our way to the perfect place...")
[17:18] <TheDM> The tall kid who's reacting oddly to the sight of the chopper, just nods and starts telling the ones around him its ok.
[17:19] <TheDM> They start to move, And the teachers work to get them moving faster and on to the transport, Chance hanging out the open door eager them on is sending mixed messages.
[17:19] <TheDM> Sure she's cute, and in very baggy overalls,
[17:19] <TheDM> but she's pointing the 50cal there way.
[17:20] <Valery> (/me snickers)
[17:20] <Yarrow> Chance: "Well, come on. We don't have all day, you know."
[17:20] * Valery looks back, counting as they come in.
[17:20] <TheDM> distracted by the curvy girl and gun, No one notices the shape ditching from the tree's moving behind the flow of students.
[17:21] <Valery> "Aleks, could you come up to the front here? We're a bit short on room."
[17:21] <TheDM> Warnings blare in the chopper, As blood splatters all over the students in back. Leading to screaming and a paniced run to the chopper.
[17:21] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+6
[17:21] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
[17:21] <TheDM> roll 2d6+2
[17:22] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+2 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{11}
[17:22] <Yarrow> Jake: "Oh, that's Aleks? I'm gl--shit! What the hell is that?!"
[17:22] <Yarrow> Chance tries to get a bead on whatever caused that. "Get out of the way!"
[17:23] * Valery gasps, looking back and trying to see what's going on.
[17:23] <TheDM> One of the fleeing students gets a long bloody gash ripped out her back as she trying to run away, Behind them the Tall dark looking youma teacher stands on his toes spewing an inky black blood along the roof and students.
[17:23] <TheDM> An odd shape behind him bends the light, and is only given away by the gore dripping off it.
[17:24] <Valery> (Is everyone surviving onboard?)
[17:24] <TheDM> The students dive into the transport, or onto the ground with the wounded girl pulled aside by val's brother.
[17:24] <TheDM> Chance gets a chance to do something.
[17:24] <Valery> (Don't THINK I'll get that lucky, but...)
[17:24] <Yarrow> Chance & Jake open fire if they get a clear shot.
[17:25] <Ataru> (Darkmoon has Yautha? no fair >_<)
[17:25] <TheDM> chance does
[17:25] <Ataru> (*Yautja)
[17:25] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
[17:25] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{19}
[17:25] <Valery> (Heh.)
[17:25] <Valery> (... Niiiiiiice chance)
[17:25] <TheDM> Wow
[17:25] <TheDM> and here i thought you would splatter the teacher around to.
[17:26] <Yarrow> (Well, you see, the dicebot is a vicious, soul-destroying creature of darkness. So, it gives me high rolls out of professional courtesy.)
[17:26] <Valery> (Hm, yes, that makes sense.)
[17:26] <Light02> (lol)
[17:26] <Valery> (That would also explain why I tend to roll pretty well, actually...)
[17:27] <TheDM> IN another life, Chance would be sending spider missles into pinhole weakpoints and blowing monster tanks apart with ease.
[17:27] <Ataru> (and would also be a dude_
[17:27] <Light02> (all to a bitchin guitar riff)
[17:28] <TheDM> Seem's some skills are universal, As she uses a heavy mechine gun to shatter and blow the shit out of the hidden driod behind the teacher.
[17:28] <TheDM> and a few tree's
[17:28] <Yarrow> Chances mutters a long string of curses under her breath.
[17:28] <TheDM> the driod is very dead, and the teacher falls to the ground still leaking a dark blood.
[17:28] <Ataru> (Chance was T-Bone, right? and Jake was Razor? or am I swapping the two?)
[17:28] <TheDM> The students hurry on bord, does any one try to go for the teacher ?)
[17:29] <Yarrow> Chance: "Someone grab him and bring him in before more of them come by!"
[17:29] <Light02> (yeah that one I can't rmember right I remembered there civlian names but not there code names)
[17:29] <Valery> "Everyone get in!"
[17:30] <TheDM> One of the senior students and the other teacher hop out and hurry to the downed man youma messy guy as val start to lift.
[17:30] <Yarrow> Chance: "Keep low, so I have a clear line of fire!"
[17:30] <TheDM> Roll 1d10
[17:30] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 1d10 --> [ 1d10=8 ]{8}
[17:31] <TheDM> Another two squads of youma break fast the door jams and into the roof. On the other side of the chopper giving jake and val an action before there to close.
[17:31] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
[17:31] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}
[17:31] * Valery turns the turret as much as she can, and engages, attempting to sweep them off the roof.
[17:31] <Valery> roll 2d6+9
[17:31] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{17}
[17:31] <Yarrow> (He, Pale... He.)
[17:31] <Valery> (Gah! Dammit!)
[17:32] <Ataru> (jesus pale)
[17:32] <Valery> (So used to playing female characters...)
[17:32] <Yarrow> (Just get him turned permanently female quickly so we don't have this problem any more. :p )
[17:32] <TheDM> lol
[17:32] <Ataru> (I think you just have some gender identity issues)
[17:32] <TheDM> Roll 8#2d6+4
[17:32] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 8#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}, [ 2d6=9 ]{13}, [ 2d6=4 ]{8}, [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=6 ]{10}, [ 2d6=9 ]{13}, [ 2d6=11 ]{15}
[17:32] <Valery> (That sounds like 'splat')
[17:32] <TheDM> (yes)
[17:33] <TheDM> The rushing driods are cut down under heavy fire, as is the rooftop building they come out of.
[17:33] <TheDM> The student and taches make it on bord, and your clear to go.
[17:33] <Yarrow> Jake: "Let's get the fuck out of here!"
[17:33] * Valery grits his teeth, and pushes the throttle forward, lifting up as fast as he can.
[17:33] <TheDM> "We need help or guyihavntnamedyet wont make it!"
[17:34] <TheDM> the other teacher yells.
[17:34] <Valery> "Nobody knows first aid?"
[17:34] <Yarrow> (Obviously, his first name is Guy)
[17:34] * Valery turns the gun down as he rises, pounding the droid-infested area of school flat.
[17:34] <TheDM> (whats val's brothers name any way?)
[17:34] <Valery> (Aleksandr Shein)
[17:35] <TheDM> ...
[17:35] <Yarrow> (Jake & Chance: "Don't look at us--we don't even have character sheets!")
[17:35] <TheDM> Ya, the DM don't play that.
[17:35] <TheDM> His names al now.
[17:35] <Valery> (/me snickers)
[17:35] <Valery> (We DO usually call him Aleks... :P )
[17:36] <Light02> (....my god....the megakat city chopper force guy I forgotten how much of a straight man he was)
[17:36] <Valery> (I thought I was the chopper force guy :P)
[17:36] <TheDM> Al: "first aid?" His holding up inkybood coating hands from where he tried to stop tthe flow. "I don't think they have first aid for two big holes in the chest.. Bro we need to get some place for help"
[17:36] <Yarrow> (And you're certainly not a straight man.)
[17:37] <Valery> "AD, where can we get some help for him right now?"
[17:37] <Light02> (with a name like Val your more set up as the person who calls Chance and Jake)
[17:37] <Yarrow> (AD: "Reply hazy. Try again later.")
[17:37] <Ataru> (no, his entire name should be Guyihaventnamedyet)
[17:37] <Ataru> (... I was apparantly way late on that)
[17:38] <Ataru> (I hate it when the room gets stuck several lines up -_-)
[17:38] <Yarrow> Chance: "Did you manage to get a look at what did that to him?"
[17:39] <Ataru> (I take it you're headed to the hospital for Al's charachter now?)
[17:39] <TheDM> Al: Not me,
[17:40] <TheDM> The AD system replys with the area map and a safe house/ evak point near by.
[17:40] <TheDM> It's a small armor and medical center, with connections to some kind of underground system for civial safty.
[17:41] <Valery> "All right... everyone, strap in and make sure Guyyouhaven'tnamedyet doesn't slide around back there, this is going to be a little rough."
[17:41] <TheDM> Problem is, it's off line, and there are driodss in the area, you would have to land on the roof or near by, and take contorll of the building.
[17:41] <Valery> (Ow.)
[17:42] * Valery turns in that direction, and the chopper tilts forward, flying low over the city.
[17:43] <Yarrow> Chance mutters, "...just hope it didn't have wings..."
[17:43] <Yarrow> (Chance really isn't good at calming down frightened students, is she?)
[17:44] <Valery> "Here's hoping..."
[17:45] <TheDM> The AD system admites its limited in its help and is only a offline back up, to bring other more potent systems online.
[17:45] <TheDM> And that any real counter to the current setup will probly result in all of you being dead.
[17:45] <TheDM> The Auto sytem isnt very good at helping frieghtened students ither.
[17:46] <Valery> (Good thing it was only posting those messages up here for me :P )
[17:46] <Yarrow> (Guy suddenly groans loaudly and dies. He's *really* bad at it.)
[17:46] * Valery sweatdrops. "Okay. Don't do that, then, AD."
[17:46] <Yarrow> Jake: "What?"
[17:46] <Valery> "Nothing! Nothing."
[17:47] <Yarrow> Jake: "Not instilling confidence here, Val..."
[17:48] <Valery> "Sorry... though I'm probably doing a better job than... er, never mind, nothing."
[17:49] <Yarrow> Chance: "Instilling? Since when do you use words like that?"
[17:49] <Yarrow> Jake: "Hey! I know some fancy words!"
[17:49] <Valery> ("Since I went to university. Which was five minutes ago...")
[17:50] <TheDM> (lol)
[17:51] <TheDM> Al: So.. these are the girls you keep ditching school to see?
[17:51] <Yarrow> Chance: "Yeah, right... You stole it, didn't you."
[17:51] <Ataru> (No, no Jake was the smart one, Chance was the big dumb one :P)
[17:51] <TheDM> Al: I really sorry bro, i had no idea.. I thought you where off.. playing with dresses or.. something broken.
[17:52] <Yarrow> Jake: "No! I ... ok, I bought it from a man in a bar."
[17:52] <Yarrow> (Sorry, I've gone the other way.)
[17:52] <TheDM> (dont mater, its comdey gold)
[17:52] * Valery blinks. "Eh...? Um... I was playing with broken-down tech though..."
[17:53] <Yarrow> Chance nods sagely. "You know you shouldn't do that--you're only going to get fake or stolen ones."
[17:53] <Yarrow> Jake sighs. "I know... But it was such a good deal..."
[17:54] <Yarrow> Chance: "Well, I'll admit, you did get lucky this time, but somewhere out there, someone's probably missing a fancy word he worked hard to get. Your actions do have consequences."
[17:55] <Yarrow> Jake just nods.
[17:55] <Yarrow> The two of them quietly watch the skies after that.
[17:55] * Valery is sweatdropping quite a lot at this point.
[17:56] <Ataru> (so... they're both idiots?)
[17:59] <TheDM> Coming to the safehouse location, you have to circle back and use the map to find it.
[18:00] <TheDM> It's just a office building, one in a row of others, the crysta sheared off at the top and the building next to it destored.
[18:00] <TheDM> but the map's ringin out that this is the right place.
[18:00] * Valery looks for any droids in the open to rain doom upon, trying to get the area as clear as possible before landing.
[18:00] <Valery> "Hm... AD says we're here..."
[18:02] <Yarrow> Jake: "We are?"
[18:03] * Valery shrugs. "Maybe it's hidden...?"
[18:03] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, ask the AD how to find it!"
[18:04] <Valery> (Did AD hear that? :P )
[18:04] <TheDM> Building map shows the needed survices are in a subbasement, But the powers all cut and some one will need to go down and get things running.
[18:04] <TheDM> unless you want to drag a body down flights of staris.
[18:06] <Valery> (Is there a park nearby?)
[18:06] <Valery> (Or a nice big open space?)
[18:07] <TheDM> Two places seem like they have a chance to land, you can drop down into/on the building itself, or try the rubble filled street out front
[18:07] <TheDM> You can go find a part if you really want, but that kinda leaves you open to attack.
[18:08] <Valery> (Is it open enough for the rotors to fit in without too much trouble? Landing in a normal street would be... difficult, not something to try unless there are no other options)
[18:08] <TheDM> yes
[18:09] <Valery> "Mm... All right."
[18:09] * Valery slowly takes Metel down into the street.
[18:10] <Yarrow> Chance: "So, now what?"
[18:11] <Yarrow> (afk a sec)
[18:12] <Valery> "... I'm going to need to start things up down there. Hopefully it's not full of... Jake, Chance, could you stay behind and guard everyone and Metel?"
[18:14] <Yarrow> Chance: "Val... you're the only one who can fly this thing."
[18:14] <Yarrow> Chance: "Anything happens to you, and Metel's not going anywhere. And we won't be able to take off if we have a problem out here if you're inside."
[18:15] <Yarrow> (Let's see you logic your way out of this one! :) )
[18:17] <TheDM> Val's still blood soaked brother jumps off to.
[18:17] <Valery> "Ugh... yeah, but if I don't bring that thing online, Guywhoisn'tnamedyet is going to die... We don't know how hard it'll be..."
[18:17] <TheDM> Al: "And what, im just going to sit there and stare at Chances ass thill you get back?"
[18:17] <TheDM> Al: "well.. now that i think about it,"
[18:18] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, what does it take to bring it online? If it's just throwing a switch, *I* can do that."
[18:18] * Dorin|afk is now known as Dorin
[18:18] <Valery> "AD... what does it take to bring it up?"
[18:19] <Yarrow> Chance gives Aleks a once-over, sniffs audibly and then pointedly ignores him.
[18:19] * Valery covers a chuckle.
[18:19] <TheDM> (what, not into collage jocks?)
[18:20] <TheDM> The return read out from the system, shows a lot of crap and stuff needs to be brought online.
[18:20] <Yarrow> Chance: "And what are you going to do if you run into those women, Val?"
[18:20] <TheDM> If there was any chance of keeping val out of the building its gone now, as he gets kinda glassy eyed at the tech read out popping out.
[18:20] <Valery> "...yeah, this looks pretty complex..."
[18:21] <Valery> "Um... run? I'm not THAT slow..."
[18:21] * Valery is still peering at the readout.
[18:21] <Yarrow> Jake: "Or even worse, one of *those*?" She jerks a thumb at the Guy lying in a pool of his own blood.
[18:22] <Yarrow> (Val: "Er... die?")
[18:22] <Valery> "I don't know... but if we don't get this place online, we won't be able to save anyone..."
[18:23] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, you *have* to go, you're not going alone. Your brother can take my gun and I'll go with you."
[18:23] <Yarrow> Jake: "And speaking of guns... have any we can take with us?"
[18:24] <Valery> "Wait, you have a gun?"
[18:24] <Valery> (It's kinda mounted to the chopper :P )
[18:25] <Yarrow> Jake smacks the one she's been firing. It's kind of attached to the helicopter.
[18:25] <Yarrow> (Reread what she said?)
[18:25] <Valery> (Oh, doh. :P )
[18:25] <TheDM> There's an armory in the building itself. But thats two floors under the subbasement.
[18:26] <Valery> "Oh... no, I don't have any we can take in... there's supposed to be an armoury in the building, but we'll need to go a few floors to get to it..."
[18:26] <Yarrow> Jake: "Right... Want a wrench?"
[18:27] <Valery> "... 'bout the best we can do... yeah, I'll take it."
[18:27] * Valery unstraps and climbs out the back.
[18:27] <Yarrow> She picks up her huge wrench and Chance hands you the one she brought.
[18:28] * Valery takes the wrench, bowing. "Thanks..."
[18:28] <Yarrow> (How strong is he, anyway? :) )
[18:29] <TheDM> Valery all most drops it
[18:29] <TheDM> an sags under the wight
[18:31] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:33] <TheDM> Way to go chance
[18:33] <TheDM> crush the poor little trap withthe giant wrench
[18:36] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[18:36] <Valery> (Sigh... got nothing since my last line)
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:28] <Yarrow> She picks up her huge wrench and Chance hands you the one she brought.
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:28] * Valery takes the wrench, bowing. "Thanks..."
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:29] <Yarrow> (How strong is he, anyway? :) )
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:29] <@TheDM> Valery all most drops it
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:29] <@TheDM> an sags under the wight
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:32] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:33] <@TheDM> Way to go chance
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:33] <@TheDM> crush the poor little trap withthe giant wrench
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:36] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[18:38] <TheDM> [20:36] <Valery> (Sigh... got nothing since my last line)
[18:39] * Valery glurks. "Um... maybe not..."
[18:39] * Valery grunts and tries to pick it up - is it at all feasible to actually swing this thing around?
[18:39] <TheDM> Yep
[18:39] <TheDM> Mabie
[18:39] <TheDM> in a strong wind.
[18:40] <TheDM> with jake starting you off
[18:40] * Valery heaves for breath as he passes it back to Chance. "Sorry... I can't..."
[18:40] <Yarrow> (How's this look? http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3169/291 ... d71299.jpg)
[18:42] <Valery> (Gigantic)
[18:43] <Yarrow> Jake: "Oh, well."
[18:43] <Yarrow> Chance: "Um... want these tin snips?"
[18:44] <Valery> (Tin snips?)
[18:44] <Yarrow> She pulls a tiny pair from a pocket. (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... -snips.jpg)
[18:44] <Yarrow> She shrugs and gives Val an apologetic smile.
[18:45] <Yarrow> "It's the only other thing I've got."
[18:45] * Valery holds them up. "Well... I'll give them a try?"
[18:46] <Yarrow> Jake: "... Yeah... if one of those women points her finger at you, you'll make her pay..."
[18:46] <Yarrow> Jake: "Come on--let's get going before they *notice* this large helicopter sitting in the middle of the road!"
[18:47] <Valery> "I think we should focus on the 'running' part..."
[18:47] * Valery nods, grabbing his toolkit and hopping out of the chopper.
[18:47] <Yarrow> Jake follows him.
[18:48] * Valery heads to the building's front door, and hopefully opens it?
[18:48] <TheDM> jake has less problems then val wilding the big hunk of metal
[18:48] <TheDM> The insides of the building are about what you expect of an office building.
[18:48] <Yarrow> In the distance you hear Chance telling Aleks to get his ass behind the other gun.
[18:49] <TheDM> smashs front desk, severed head on the water cooler. Bloody trail leading to the body pinned on the waiting room wall.
[18:49] * Valery covers his mouth, struggling to keep his stomach in.
[18:49] <Yarrow> Jake scowls and holds her finger to her lips.
[18:49] <TheDM> The map shows the door to the basements at the back of the first floor.
[18:51] <TheDM> going for the stleathy aproch?
[18:51] <TheDM> Jake seems nartly sneaky as she leads the way
[18:52] <TheDM> lets see if val fucks it up
[18:52] <TheDM> Roll stealth
[18:52] <McDice> TheDM rolled : stealth --> error: malformed expression
[18:52] <Valery> (Mind or Body?)
[18:52] <TheDM> body.
[18:52] <Valery> roll 2d6+3
[18:52] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{10}
[18:52] * Valery still looks really queasy as he follows Jake.
[18:52] <TheDM> Hiding is mind, if you pick proper cover, shade, whatnot. Stealth is body, if you trip over something, or stip on something that goes SNAP
[18:53] <TheDM> val does fairyly well for trying to be sneaking.
[18:53] <TheDM> only bumbing into a few things.
[18:53] <Valery> (Hey, considering he's also focusing on keeping his food inside his stomach, I'd call that a pretty good job)
[18:53] <TheDM> earning him a glar from Jake, witch is kinda scary giving the dark and bloody setting, jake's eyes glowing in the dark dont help the scene any.
[18:55] * Valery fortunately already had his hands over his mouth, so there's no 'eep'.
[18:57] <TheDM> The hall ways are cleared and oddly quite, blood smears on the walls and asmshed office doors about.
[18:57] <TheDM> It takes a few moments of creeping to reach the back. Some lifts lead to the higher level, And a staircase door is jared open.
[18:58] <TheDM> The door to the basment seems to have been hidding in the wall a bit, No one going about there days would really notice it or have a reason to find whats down there.
[18:58] <Yarrow> Jake eyes the lifts and the door suspiciously before cautiously approaching the door.
[18:58] <TheDM> You find it odd now, but never did before.
[18:59] <TheDM> Roll 2d6+10 listen check jake
[18:59] <McDice> TheDM rolled : 2d6+10 listen check jake --> [ 2d6=3 ]{13}
[18:59] <Yarrow> (Doesn't seem odd to me. There are tons of doors in buildings that I never wonder about in real life. :) )
[18:59] * Valery blinks, and moves up to the door.
[18:59] <TheDM> Jake pics up echo's from higher up in the building. It dont sound like pepple, but your not sure.
[19:00] <Yarrow> Jake impatiently waves him back and quietly opens the door, her wrench held defensively.
[19:01] <TheDM> the door to the stairway?
[19:01] <Yarrow> (Yep.)
[19:01] <TheDM> There's nothing behind it but the bottom of the flights of stairs, but it makes it easyer for you to her the sounds echoing down.
[19:01] <TheDM> Things being smashed, and the sted march of feet.
[19:01] <TheDM> Your rather sure its not the sound of paniced civialns
[19:01] <Valery> (Wasn't this a door to the basement that we were going for?)
[19:02] <TheDM> thats right across from you now.
[19:02] <TheDM> along the other wall.
[19:02] <Valery> (That's the door I was approaching :P )
[19:02] <TheDM> yes but not the door jake is checking out
[19:02] <Yarrow> (I figured that was the door she was approaching too. I guess I assumed the basement would be reached by the stairs.)
[19:02] <TheDM> oh silly me.
[19:03] <TheDM> Here i thought jake didnt want to get ganked from behind.
[19:03] <Valery> (Heh)
[19:03] <TheDM> right, next time you get to wander iff an get it up the back end.
[19:03] <Valery> (I think the idea was 'run before they get here!')
[19:04] <Yarrow> (And I kind of read it as the door to the basement and the stairs being one and the same. :p )
[19:04] <Yarrow> Ok, she'll check out the stairway door first and then very quietly close it.
[19:05] <Yarrow> (Or leave it if it can't be closed quietly.)
[19:06] <TheDM> It closes quitly enought
[19:07] <Yarrow> She then joins Val by the basement door.
[19:08] * Valery quietly opens the basement door, assuming it opens easily.
[19:08] <TheDM> The basement door opens, its just a stair case leading down.
[19:08] <Yarrow> (And the fire alarm goes off. :) )
[19:08] * Valery slips in, and waits for Jake to get in before shutting the door behind them.
[19:10] <TheDM> The basment is for the most part empty
[19:11] <TheDM> not even stacked boxs of junk.
[19:11] <TheDM> Just an single emrgecy light along the far wall.
[19:11] <TheDM> And something that distracts val, As he wanders over to the light.
[19:12] <TheDM> Along the soild wall is an off looking panel, thats clearly some kind of tech.
[19:12] * Valery whistles, running his hands over the panel. "This looks like it..."
[19:13] * Valery looks for an 'on' switch or the like.
[19:17] <Yarrow> (*makes a chibi-SailorMercury run back and forth across the screen while TheDM loads the next sequence.)
[19:19] <TheDM> (sorry, dogs)
[19:19] <Valery> (Heh, no problem)
[19:19] <TheDM> AS val runs a hand over the panel a light scrolls behind it taking a reading. You've seemly been expected as There's a crack, hiss.
[19:20] * Valery blinks. "Huh. That part was easier than I expected... I hope that was an ID device and won't open for just anything."
[19:21] <TheDM> And the cystal wall gives away, pooling to dust on the floor, Behind it a huge metal slabe starts to open, Heavy bolts in it spining out of locking place, And letting the door swing open with a hiss.
[19:21] <TheDM> The hallway past is isnt like anything you ever scene before. And lights up a bit as low powered lighting comes on.
[19:22] * Valery steps in, looking to see if there's a switch to close the door behind them.
[19:22] <Ataru> (It's a Vault-tec vault, isn't it?)
[19:22] <Ataru> (I want a pipboy!)
[19:25] <TheDM> (A bit cleaner)
[19:25] <TheDM> There's nothing to close the door yet.
[19:25] <TheDM> Most system on this side are off
[19:26] <TheDM> And it seems Val is easly distracted by every new pice of gear around.
[19:26] <Yarrow> Jake quietly hisses, "Don't waste time."
[19:26] * Valery stares at a nearby screen. "... Right... sorry... where's the 'on'...?"
[19:27] * Valery drags himself away and moves down the hall a bit, looking at everything.
[19:27] <TheDM> The medcal part is easy to find. As is the armory, And the tunnel marked for emgeryc excape is sealed as the system are off
[19:27] <TheDM> a general controll room is the last part of this mini complex.
[19:28] * Valery goes into the control room as soon as he finds it, looking over the controls. "Hm..."
[19:29] <TheDM> Lets skip the tech rolls, And just have val start booting systems and getting things online.
[19:29] <Yarrow> (Val: "... what video mode do I want to start in?")
[19:30] * Valery suddenly seems to speed up, running his hands over the consoles, tapping controls in a quick, smooth pattern. "Okay. I think I've got this."
[19:30] <Yarrow> (Val: "How the hell should *I* know what sync rate to use?!")
[19:32] * Valery brings it up, for justice!
[19:33] <TheDM> It's a chain reaction one the main system is online.
[19:33] <TheDM> Its soon turn to mostly val clicking YES YES YES YES to "do you want THIS active?"
[19:34] <TheDM> The lights pick up. And the creepy cmplex feeling fades as the lighting comes on fully and the air starts flowing .
[19:34] <TheDM> The medical center comes online, the emgercy tunel open, and the lights in the armor come online.
[19:34] <TheDM> The people in the chopper freak a bit when A metel slam slams down over the doorway.
[19:34] <Yarrow> Jake: "I hope something that'll get rid of those things in the building comes on."
[19:35] <TheDM> Jake asking before the dm finshs typeing does missed the system running a scane of the building.
[19:36] <TheDM> Results are the publice use of the building has been tottled. Attacking drops seem to be in two squads on the upper floors.
[19:36] <TheDM> Suggested action is activeation of internal defeces, and brining the building to full active miltary use.
[19:37] <Yarrow> (Enh. Not like this all happens instantly. Jake just said that while other things were turning on. :) )
[19:37] <Valery> "Mm. That sounds good."
[19:37] * Valery hits 'make it so'.
[19:37] <Light02> (lol)
[19:37] <Light02> (Ami Mizuno...closet Trekie)
[19:38] <TheDM> The drods are a bit shocked as heavy gunplacements slide out on each end of the hallways.
[19:39] <Dorin> (closet? She's probably the one who builds the Enterprise)
[19:39] <Dorin> (And the Death Star...)
[19:39] <TheDM> Val and jake heavy a few odd blasts, and watchs the targets of the drops on the map dissapear
[19:39] <TheDM> along with most of the normal walls and offices of thoes floors.
[19:39] * Valery watches the video if they show it, smiling. "Well... that's good. I was afraid I'd have to strafe it to get them out."
[19:40] <TheDM> An odd humm rings out along the building as Val's screen shows a progress bar of changing from publik to miltary use.
[19:40] <TheDM> The sound pics up, And starts to make Jake's ears twich, Outside there controll rooms all the crystal of the buiulding starts to fall off and cumble to dust.
[19:41] <TheDM> Metal underneat, and in damaged places shift and rebuilding. Light and gunplacements come online, And its safe to say every one in the chopper is really wigged out.
[19:42] <Yarrow> (Especially when it cannibalizes the chopper to rebuild itself! :) )
[19:42] * Valery just basks in the show.
[19:44] <TheDM> End it here? As youjust need to bring ever one inside at this time.
[19:45] <Yarrow> (Tell him whether Guy is dead or not. :) )
[19:45] <TheDM> nahh
[19:46] <TheDM> thats for later
[19:46] * Valery shakes himself. "Mm... let's go and get Guywhocurrentlylacksaname and everyone else down here."
[19:47] <Yarrow> (It looks like Pale doesn't want to end here.)
[19:48] <Valery> (Doesn't mean we're not done, just means 'we're doing that now' :P )
[19:51] <Light02> (are you two gonna shoot this night to be wasted)
[19:51] <Yarrow> (Sorry? I don't understand what you said.)
[19:52] <Light02> (Dorin's game is being held up by this)
[19:52] <Yarrow> (Ah. Yeah, what are you guys waiting for, then? Switch games. :) )
[19:53] <Valery> (And yeah, we can end it here, I was just kinda expecting us to go all the way to picking up Ala. :P )
[19:54] <Ataru> (Oh, so you'd pick up Ala, but not Toast?)
[19:55] <Ataru> (You have something against Stoats?)
[19:55] <Yarrow> Sorry. He would, but Metel has a strict 'no pets' policy.
[19:55] <Light02> (I think one of the refugees in Al's group picked up you)
[19:55] <TheDM> i reloaded my tea, back
[19:55] <TheDM> And yes, end here.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:23 am

Solo Session: Xui-Fei

[18:36] <Yarrow> You awaken someplace dark and dusty. You feel like you've been given an aggressive massage by your sensei and there's something on top of you. On reflection, you think it's a ceiling. You've had a few dropped on you in the course of your training. You didn't like it then, either.
[18:36] <Yarrow> Take it away, Xui-Fei.
[18:37] <Xui-Fei> "ow....ok next time avoid that right roundhouse...."
[18:37] * Xui-Fei says as he unburries himself from the debrie
[18:39] <Yarrow> You free yourself and experience a moment of confusion when you see you're in a rather damaged public restroom. The walls that normally provide soft but sufficient illumination are just glowing dimly and cracked in spots. Part of the ceiling has collapsed, and some brokenn sinks are dribbling water onto the floor.
[18:39] * RZ_[Zzzz] is now known as Rockman_Zero
[18:40] * Xui-Fei blinks, "Okay...this is new..." he says as he looks around for anyway to eggress assuming the enterence was blocked as well
[18:40] <Yarrow> Then everything comes back to you. You were on your way to meet a group of your friends in Schadenfreude Square when you stopped in here to freshen up. You were just about to leave when there was an incredible boom and impact.
[18:40] <Yarrow> And the next thing you remembered was waking up under rubble.
[18:41] * Xui-Fei blinks, "ok what caused that I thought we were at peace still," he says heading out survying what happened
[18:41] <Yarrow> The door is blocked by some rubble, but your sensei has had you move bigger rocks than those! Many rocks. And many times.
[18:42] * Xui-Fei streches a bit before manually moving the rubble, "1....ugh...." thows it back aginst the far wall, "two...ugh" repeat
[18:42] <Yarrow> You move the rubble and step outside to be greeting with a scene of horror.
[18:43] * Xui-Fei looks around shocked at what he sees
[18:43] <Yarrow> The beautiful buildings of Crystal Tokyo are shattered. Dark smoke drifts from them and rubble fills the street. Even worse are the unmoving bodies scattered about.
[18:44] * Xui-Fei pales at the carnage before checking the least damaged looking bodies for any sign of life
[18:45] <Yarrow> You rush over to the bodies but none of them seem to be alive. You notice that in addition to the ones that were obviously killed in the blast or crushed by rubble, some show signs of stab wounds, slashes, and severe burns.
[18:46] <Ataru> (hey, yarrow's pretty good at this)
[18:46] <Ataru> (how come you don't DM more often?)
[18:47] * Xui-Fei blinks, "bladed weapons..." before steeling himself looking around a bit before moving to some near by cover
[18:47] <Yarrow> (Burned out from a really long RL campaign I did a while back. And it'd also eat up time and creativity that should ideally go into writing.)
[18:48] <Yarrow> You duck behind a nearby car, noticing that the driver is slumped over the wheel and there's a single hole in the windshield in front of him.
[18:49] <Yarrow> You also notice that you're hearing faint crashes and booms in the distance.
[18:49] <Xui-Fei> (near the direction of the Park?)
[18:50] <Ataru> (lol)
[18:50] <Xui-Fei> (or the wonder stoats little present)
[18:50] <Yarrow> You can't really tell where they're coming from--they're not close.
[18:51] * Xui-Fei looks around once more heading to Schadenfreude Park making sure he's easily tracked
[18:51] <Yarrow> Schadenfreude Square. And what do you mean by making sure you're easily tracked?
[18:52] <Xui-Fei> (leaving the barest of tracks....almost ninjitsu style movement)
[18:52] <Yarrow> (Oh. You forgot a rather important 'not' in your sentence. :) )
[18:53] <Xui-Fei> (ah sorry yes I ment making sure he wasn't tracked
[18:53] <Xui-Fei> (well wasn't easily tracked)
[18:54] <Yarrow> You make your way to the Square, ducking from cover to cover, watching for enemies. You don't see anyone alive, hostile or not, and soon cover the remaining couple of blocks to the Square.
[18:55] * Xui-Fei steels himself for the worse as he continues on
[18:55] <Yarrow> The devastation here is just as complete, and you get a really bad feeling as you head to the spot you were supposed to meet. As you reach it, your worst fears are confirmed.
[18:55] <Xui-Fei> (dead?)
[18:58] <Pale_Wolf> (Worse. Alive.)
[18:58] <Yarrow> Hiro is lying motionless in a pool of blood, a strange metallic statue(?) sprawled nearby. Rei... Rei has nearly been cut in half by a mighty blow. And Wu's torn and mangled body is crumpled an a sad heap, three more of those strange statues lying near him.
[18:58] <Pale_Wolf> (/me snerks)
[18:58] <Xui-Fei> (lol)
[18:59] <Rockman_Zero> (And thank Kami Ryu managed to make it intact!)
[18:59] <Rockman_Zero> (Hehe)
[18:59] <Xui-Fei> (*applaudes*)
[19:00] * Xui-Fei slumps to his knees at the sight...."by the moon, who could of done this," he says before looking straight up to the sky, "I'll find who ever did this and I'll make them pay I swear on my honor I'll make the bastards pay for this"
[19:02] <Yarrow> Your words drift unanswered on the slight breeze. For a few seconds, at least. Then you hear rocks shift and one of those strange metallic statues steps out from behind some rubble.
[19:03] <Yarrow> You see now that it's shaped like a woman, except one of her arms ends in a vicious scythe blade. She looks at you and her mouth curls into a cruel smile. "Fresh meat."
[19:03] <Pale_Wolf> (Good news! You get your chance!)
[19:03] * Xui-Fei blinks abit before steeling himself getting up and taking Saotome Stance #30...the lazy man waiting for the bus stance
[19:04] <Yarrow> She takes a few steps toward you before breaking into a run. And another metal woman steps around the other side of the rubble and runs at you too.
[19:05] <Xui-Fei> (init?)
[19:05] <Yarrow> But ... the second woman seems to be damaged and isn't running as fast.
[19:05] <Yarrow> Init.
[19:05] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4
[19:05] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[19:06] <Rockman_Zero> (Crouching commuter, hidden vehicle!)
[19:06] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+3
[19:06] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{9}
[19:06] <Yarrow> Your move, Xui-Fei.
[19:06] * Xui-Fei will unleash a fury of strikes at the nearest one to him
[19:07] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Saotome Style
[19:07] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 Saotome Style --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[19:07] <Yarrow> (She hasn't reached you yet. Move forward to engage, wait, or something else?)
[19:07] <Xui-Fei> wait then wasn't sure
[19:08] * Xui-Fei acts like he's checking a non existing watch
[19:08] <Yarrow> You wait, as the two women run at you, the second slowly falling further behind the first...
[19:09] <Yarrow> Until the first one gets close enough--and then you strike.
[19:09] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:09] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[19:09] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6 melee
[19:09] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 melee --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[19:10] <Yarrow> Your blows slam into her and she shudders from the impacts.
[19:10] <Yarrow> (I'm using your first roll.)
[19:10] <Xui-Fei> (ah)
[19:10] <Yarrow> (Not that it matters. Why the different modifiers, though?)
[19:10] <Xui-Fei> (was a defense roll)
[19:11] <Xui-Fei> (thought you were taking a swing at me)
[19:11] <Yarrow> (No. Now she is. :) )
[19:11] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:11] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
[19:11] <Xui-Fei> (use the roll I did or reroll?)
[19:11] <Yarrow> She lunges forward with her blade but you twitch your head to the side and it slides past.
[19:12] <Yarrow> A couple of seconds later, the other women reaches you and attacks as well.
[19:12] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:12] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[19:12] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6-1
[19:12] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6-1 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{15}
[19:12] <Yarrow> (Would you like to describe your evasion or should I?)
[19:13] * Xui-Fei bends over to casually adjust his footwear as the sideways slice comes overhead
[19:13] <Yarrow> As you straighten up, it's your turn again.
[19:14] * Xui-Fei sets up, "Katsu Tenshin Amaguriken!" he yells letting a rapid punching attack slam into #1
[19:14] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8
[19:14] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[19:14] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:14] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[19:15] <Yarrow> The woman slices her blade across, trying to literally cut off your attack, but you easily flow around it, landing two blows.
[19:15] <Yarrow> (Don't forget your accuracy bonus in the future.)
[19:16] <Xui-Fei> (got it)
[19:16] <Yarrow> The blows fold her over and you hear a muffled crunching before she collapses like a marionette with its strings cut.
[19:16] * Xui-Fei faces the other still looking quite bored waiting for something
[19:16] <Yarrow> The other woman emotionlessly stabs at you.
[19:17] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:17] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[19:17] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[19:17] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[19:17] <Xui-Fei> (that hit)
[19:19] <Yarrow> You watch, unimpressed as she lunges forward with her blade, and casually twist your body slightly to the side. Whereupon she seems to just crumple bonelessly to neatly stab you in the foot. As you hop around and howl, she straightens and smirks at you.
[19:19] <Yarrow> (5 damage)
[19:19] <Xui-Fei> (55/55)
[19:19] <Xui-Fei> (55/60)
[19:20] <Yarrow> (You're up.)
[19:20] <Xui-Fei> "ow ow ow ow!" he says hopping abit before hoping up slaming his good foot in the face of the woman
[19:20] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 saotome style
[19:20] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 saotome style --> [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[19:20] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:20] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
[19:21] * Xui-Fei misses falling on his ass
[19:21] <Yarrow> She casually twists her body to the side in a rather familiar fashion.
[19:21] <Yarrow> And then flicks her blade at you.
[19:21] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:21] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[19:21] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[19:21] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[19:22] * Xui-Fei rolls to the side away from the strike
[19:22] <Yarrow> The two of you start dancing around, exchanging strikes and evasions. (Next)
[19:23] <Yarrow> (That's you again, btw. :) )
[19:23] * Xui-Fei flips back up wincing a bit from the tender foot but unleasing his attack "Katsu Tenshin Amaguriken!"
[19:23] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8
[19:23] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
[19:23] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:23] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[19:24] <Yarrow> The metal woman bends over to casually adjust her non-existant footwear--and receives a flurry of deadly punches to the face.
[19:24] <Yarrow> A second later, she joins her companion on the ground.
[19:25] * Xui-Fei blinks out of breath, "what the hell she was able to copy my movements....not cool"
[19:26] <Yarrow> (Too be fair, you realize she didn't copy anything too complex. Just one dodge and a mannerism.)
[19:26] <Xui-Fei> (true but it was in the general sense if she was able to do that she'd be able if that fight went on longer all of the style)
[19:28] * Xui-Fei tends to his foot before burrying his friends
[19:28] <Yarrow> Burying your friends will be rather difficult as you don't have shovel. It will also be rather messy and take a good amount of time.
[19:29] <Yarrow> And you *know* the six metal women lying in the square didn't do all this damage to the city.
[19:29] <Xui-Fei> (good point, never mind the burrying)
[19:30] * Xui-Fei says a quick prayer before finding some place he can hide thinking there might be more of those things out there
[19:31] <Yarrow> There are many simple hiding places among the rubble, or in cars that are mostly intact, but if you want to find something better, like a building that you wouldn't have to worry about collapsing on you, you'll need to leave the square and go looking.
[19:31] * Xui-Fei does that
[19:32] <Yarrow> (Any particular goal or just start walking until you find something appropriate?)
[19:32] <Ataru> (Wait until night, then head for the park >_>)
[19:33] <Xui-Fei> (i'm not about to walk into the wonder stoat's grand finale)
[19:33] <Xui-Fei> (like a shelter the people would head to in such cases)
[19:34] <Ataru> (I think there's one in the park... it'd be safer to travel there at night.)
[19:34] <Yarrow> You don't know where any shelters are--you've never needed to. If there was any trouble, the comm unit would tell you at home, or a guidepost outside would give instructions. You turn to check the square's guidepost but there's only a shattered pole where it should be.
[19:35] * Xui-Fei frowns, "ok that idea is out," he mutters, "find another guidpost then" he says making his mind up
[19:36] <Yarrow> You start walking to your best guess of where the next nearest guidepost is.
[19:36] <Yarrow> (Still keeping to cover?)
[19:37] <Xui-Fei> (yes)
[19:37] <Yarrow> You get about a block away from the square when you hear the sound of someone running in your direction from ahead.
[19:38] * Xui-Fei ducks down behind something
[19:40] <Yarrow> It gets closer, and you peer out to see a girl about your age running down the street. Wait... you know her! It's Beth, a casual friend of yours who tends to hang around with your group of closer friends, sort of orbitting around the edges. Well, she used to, at any rate...
[19:41] * Xui-Fei blinks before blurting out, "Beth!"
[19:42] <Yarrow> Her head whips toward you and she gasps. "Xui-Fei!" And then she runs to you and throws her arms around you.
[19:42] <Yarrow> She holds you tightly and says, "I was so worried about you! I ... I saw the others at the square and thought you..."
[19:43] * Xui-Fei blinks, "what's going on" he says in a lower voice
[19:43] <Pale_Wolf> (Dun-dun-dunnnnn! Someone needs to invent a 'magnet' sound effect...)
[19:43] <Yarrow> (Clink!)
[19:44] <Pale_Wolf> (Clink! Another one collected?)
[19:44] <Yarrow> She gives you another squeeze and buries her face in your neck for a moment before pulling back and looking at your face. "It's horrible... Some sort of attack. And there's no one stopping them!"
[19:46] <Yarrow> "There are these ships flying around and metal women killing people! And sometimes beams just shoot down from the sky and destroy buildings..."
[19:46] * Xui-Fei blinks well explains the explosion he surived in the bathroom
[19:46] <Yarrow> "There's no sign of the senshi..."
[19:47] <Yarrow> She says quietly, "I don't think they're coming."
[19:47] <Xui-Fei> "no sign?....that's odd even for them"
[19:47] * Xui-Fei looks around, "you know where the nearest shelter is?"
[19:48] <Yarrow> She gasps and abruptly comes out of the depression she was sinking into. "I know a safe place. Come with me."
[19:48] <Yarrow> She takes your hand and starts pulling you back the way she came.
[19:48] * Xui-Fei nods, following
[19:49] <Yarrow> She walks down the street, not seeming to think of cover, still holding your hand.
[19:49] * Xui-Fei winces being led by her, "Beth... how much further?"
[19:50] <Yarrow> "It's not too far."
[19:50] <Yarrow> She suddenly looks concerned. "Are you hurt?"
[19:50] <Xui-Fei> "just a scratch let me take lead and let me know where to go...I don't want you getting hurt"
[19:51] <Yarrow> "I ... Ok."
[19:51] <Yarrow> She reluctantly releases your hand and tells you to keep going ahead.
[19:52] <Yarrow> She walks a few feet behind you.
[19:52] * Xui-Fei nods taking it slow keeping an eye out for any ambushes
[19:53] <Yarrow> After a couple of blocks, she says, "Through that alley to the left."
[19:53] * Xui-Fei nods and turns to the left
[19:53] <Xui-Fei> (gah damn it....weather)
[19:53] <Yarrow> (Likely to lose your connection?)
[19:54] <Xui-Fei> (forcefully by parents...it's thundering out here and my mother is already demadning I shut it off)
[19:54] <Yarrow> (Great... Think you'll be back tonight?)
[19:55] <Xui-Fei> (if it stops thundering....)
[19:55] <Yarrow> Ok. We're stopping here for now, then.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:24 am

Solo Session: Xui-Fei part 2

[17:16] <Yarrow> All right. When we were so rudely interrupted last time, you were accompanying Beth to 'someplace safe'. Being the heroic sort you are, you took the lead and asked her to guide you. She'd just pointed out an alley on the left that you should take.
[17:17] * Xui-Fei nods and turns left
[17:19] <Yarrow> The two of you turn left and enter a typical Crystal Tokyo alleyway--clean, and not too narrow, with sunlight angling down to ensure it doesn't get too dark. The word picturesque comes to mind.
[17:19] <DCG> Oh sorry,
[17:20] * Xui-Fei used to the view, "how much further Beth?"
[17:20] * McDice (~PyroRaven@c-67-162-115-15.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[17:20] <Yarrow> You get about halfway down it when you hear a noise from somewhere just outside the other end.
[17:20] <Yarrow> Beth starts to answer but looks alarmed and claps a hand over her mouth.
[17:21] * Xui-Fei looks towards the direction of the noise, gesturing Beth to stay put he slowly approches the sorce of the noise
[17:23] <Yarrow> It's about 15 meters to the other end of the alley. Beth either misses or chooses to ignore your gesture and cautiously follows.
[17:24] * Xui-Fei contiues to head for the sorce
[17:25] <Yarrow> A moment later, something moves in front of the alley's entrance. It's one of those metal women. She's not facing you and seems to just be walking past the alley.
[17:26] * Xui-Fei eyes widen before ambushing the metal woman with a sweeping kick
[17:26] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Saotome Style
[17:26] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 Saotome Style --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
[17:26] <Yarrow> You do not slowly cross 15 meters in a moment.
[17:27] <Xui-Fei> (though I was there...never mind that then)
[17:27] <Yarrow> You can run toward her and attack, which would clearly give away your presence to her (and anyone else out there), or you can stay put and hope she doesn't notice you.
[17:27] <Yarrow> Or do something else I haven't thought of. :)
[17:27] * Xui-Fei takes cover letting the metal woman pass
[17:28] * Xui-Fei will grab beth to cover when I see her
[17:28] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+3
[17:28] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{9}
[17:29] <Yarrow> Beth is startled when you grab her and her foot briefly and audibly scrapes along the ground as you pull her to cover.
[17:29] <Yarrow> The metal woman stops and peers down the alley.
[17:29] * Xui-Fei swears to himself...hoping that woman doesn't come this way
[17:30] <Yarrow> For a moment you're positive that she's staring right at the two of you, but then she turns and continues the way she was going.
[17:31] <Yarrow> After about a minute, you're pretty sure she isn't coming back.
[17:33] <Yarrow> Beth whispers, "That was close."
[17:33] <Xui-Fei> "no kidding," he says softly letting her go so they can get up,
[17:34] <Yarrow> "I *was* about to flatten myself against the wall when you grabbed me," she says, sounding a bit annoyed.
[17:35] <Xui-Fei> "sorry," he says getting up, "first response was to make sure you were safe"
[17:35] <Yarrow> She smiles at you. "I guess it is the thought that counts..."
[17:36] <Yarrow> "It isn't much further. Another block or so and then into the park."
[17:36] <Yarrow> (Note: CT has *many* parks.)
[17:36] <Xui-Fei> "which one...?"
[17:36] <Ataru> (boo)
[17:37] <Yarrow> (Logic dictates she's talking about the park that's about a block from here. :) You'd know which one it is--do you want me to think up a name for it?)
[17:37] <Xui-Fei> (ah I think I can think of a name)
[17:37] <Xui-Fei> "Titan Park?"
[17:37] <Yarrow> "Yeah."
[17:38] <Yarrow> "Come on. We should get moving."
[17:38] <Yarrow> Beth starts walking.
[17:38] * Xui-Fei nods, "right" he says heading that direction....as carefully as possible
[17:40] <Yarrow> You walk to the park, not seeing any more metal women... but not seeing a living soul, either. Plenty of bodies, though.
[17:40] <Xui-Fei> "are we too late," he says
[17:41] <Yarrow> "No. Don't worry--just a little further."
[17:42] <Yarrow> She directs you into the park and towards the large 'titan' outcropping that gave the place its name.
[17:42] * Xui-Fei keeps his eyes peeled for any ambushes
[17:42] <Yarrow> "Just around here."
[17:42] <Yarrow> She takes you by the hand to lead you around.
[17:43] * Xui-Fei follows still a bit paranoid
[17:45] <Yarrow> You go around the outrcropping and see something you definitely weren't expecting in the clearing on the other side. The most prominent thing is what can only be described as a sleek space ship; leaning against it is a lithe woman with dark red hair who's wearing a cream and teal uniform of some sort. You almost miss the two lines of 5 metal women on either side.
[17:45] <Yarrow> Woman, mildly curious: "Is that him, then?"
[17:46] * Xui-Fei eyes widen....
[17:46] <Yarrow> Beth: "Xui-Fei, I'd like you to meet my friend. She's going to get us out of here."
[17:46] <Yarrow> Beth squeezes your hand. "It's ok. She really is a friend."
[17:47] <Xui-Fei> "and you are," he says steel eye the lithe redhead
[17:47] <Yarrow> Beth: "Oh! Please excuse me. Xui-Fei Chuan, may I introduce the Lady Garnet. Lady Garnet, Xui-Fei Chuan."
[17:48] <Yarrow> "A pleasure," drawls Garnet.
[17:49] * Xui-Fei looks around assuming my danger sense is going off something major here, "Lady Garnet never heard of you"
[17:50] <Yarrow> (I don't know exactly what sets your danger sense off, but there are about 10 of those metal women that you assume have been slaughtering everyone. No one has made a hostile move, however.)
[17:50] <Xui-Fei> (well no offense Yarrow this place screams TRAP!)
[17:51] <Yarrow> She smiles slightly. "I'm not from around here." She gives the smoking and shattered buildings outside the park a disdainful look and adds, "Nor do I have a desire to stay around. I'm sure we can become better acquainted on the way home."
[17:51] <Xui-Fei> "and if I can ask why are you with the same things I've seen walking the city and have tried to kill me"
[17:51] <Yarrow> (If you already knew how you felt, why did you aks me? :) )
[17:52] <Xui-Fei> (just verifying my supission)
[17:53] <Yarrow> Beth speaks up, sounding a bit nervous, "Xui-Fei, please! Yes, she is *with* the people who attacked, but SHE's offering us safety."
[17:54] * Xui-Fei looks at Beth, "I asked her not you," before returning a glare at Garnet
[17:54] * Xui-Fei then raises an eyebrow, "unless she's controling you..."
[17:56] <Yarrow> Garnet: "It's much as your friend said. I came here to observe, but when I encountered Beth, I saw the unrealized potential in her and decided it's be a waste to just let her die with the rest of the city."
[17:56] <Yarrow> Garnet: "So, I offered her escape and safety. Interestingly, she'd only accept if I agreed to take a young man she loved."
[17:57] <Xui-Fei> (god damn...choices choices, go in and die, fight and possibly die...hmm...)
[17:57] <Yarrow> Beth blushes.
[17:58] <Yarrow> Garnet: "So, consider the same offer extended to you. If you decide you'd rather stay here and perish with your city, *I* won't stop you."
[17:59] <Yarrow> Beth: "Please come, Xui-Fei. Just look around... What's there to stay for?"
[18:00] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow, "honestly lady I feel the moment I step on board your ship I've just forfited my life....and there's something here telling me I have something left to do here" he says as a senshi stick appears infront of him...taking it, "and I think I'll follow my gut on this, Mjollnir Star Power MAKE UP!"
[18:00] * Xui-Fei is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
[18:00] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[18:01] <Yarrow> (The power surge knocked Pale off.)
[18:01] <Salior_Mjollnir> (lol)
[18:01] <Yarrow> (Done describing it?)
[18:01] <Salior_Mjollnir> (not yet)
[18:02] <Salior_Mjollnir> as he yells this his body fades out shifting to a that of a teenage girl as a mini skirt and halter top form on her, gloves adone her arms to the elbows as she catches an ordate hammer
[18:03] <Salior_Mjollnir> "from the reaches of Asguard a new guardian appears, I am Salior Mjollnir and I will defeat each and everyone of you
[18:03] <Yarrow> Beth gives a yelp and dives out of your transformation sequence.
[18:03] * Salior_Mjollnir points the hammer right at Lady Garnet, "what say you"
[18:04] <Yarrow> Garnet: "I say, mighty strong words for someone who isn't even in a fight."
[18:04] <Yarrow> The metal women stand motionless in their lines, Garnet remains leaning against the ship.
[18:04] * Salior_Mjollnir smirks, "you'll find I'm more than just strong words,"
[18:05] <Yarrow> Beth gasps, "X-Xui-Fei?? What the hell happened to you?!"
[18:06] * Salior_Mjollnir looks at beth, "honestly I don't know and I should be asking you trusting the things that are slaughtering innocent people
[18:07] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[18:07] <Yarrow> Beth glares at you. "Maybe I'm thinking that if they'd wanted me dead, they would have killed me the instant I met them! Maybe I'm thinking that if the queen and the senshi gave a *damn* about us, they would have come out and done something--ANYTHING--to *help* us! Maybe I'm thinking that I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"
[18:10] * Salior_Mjollnir softens a bit, "that maybe true but that doesn't give anyone the right to forsake there own..." she say honestly mad before turning to garnet, "take her if you want and pray I don't see you again,"
[18:11] <Yarrow> Beth says softly but forcefully, "Then they shouldn't have forsaken me first."
[18:12] * Salior_Mjollnir takes a deep breath reaching out with her senses
[18:12] <Yarrow> Garnet looks unconcerned with the exchange and the threat. She actually seems slightly amused.
[18:13] <Salior_Mjollnir> (honestly I have no clue what do here)
[18:13] <Yarrow> Beth: "So, what--you're just going to go back into that and get yourself killed?"
[18:14] <Yarrow> (Well... I will say that cheerfully getting on the ship and going off with the invaders is probably a bad thing for a PC to do.)
[18:14] <Salior_Mjollnir> "if I must, Sensei always taught me to protect the weak," she says, "and if I give my life protecting them, then I'll die doing the right thing"
[18:15] <Salior_Mjollnir> (well I thought that much as well and honestly I expected them to jump me
[18:16] <Yarrow> Beth: "Really. And how many have you protected? How many lives have you saved so far? How much longer do you think anyone you DO save will last, thanks to you?"
[18:16] <Salior_Mjollnir> "it beats running away" she says taking to the air
[18:17] <Yarrow> Beth: "This isn't a fight. It's a slaughter. Even if all the droids left now, the city's just about ruined! Be sensible, Xui-Fei, and come with me."
[18:17] <Yarrow> (Flying away, just hovering, or what?)
[18:17] <Salior_Mjollnir> (hovering for now)
[18:18] <Yarrow> Beth looks surprised. Garnet looks like she'd probably enjoy some popcorn to go with the show.
[18:18] <Ataru> (Hey, if a lone stoat can single handedly destroy an entire staging area, there's no reason to lose all hope!)
[18:18] <Salior_Mjollnir> "if I go with you beth it'd be like running away from my responibilties" she says
[18:18] <Salior_Mjollnir> (considering right now I've done everything to provoke them and they've done nothing)
[18:18] <Yarrow> Beth: "I could be your responsibility. And maybe I think you're *my* responsibility."
[18:19] <Yarrow> Beth: "I bet even your sensei would say that sometimes it's just not worth fighting."
[18:19] * Salior_Mjollnir now laughs, "you've never met Saotome Tenma-Sensei then...."
[18:20] <Yarrow> Beth sighs. "Damn it, Xui-Fei, just come with me. Too many people have died already..."
[18:21] <Yarrow> Beth: "I promise not to tell anyone you were wearing a mini skirt."
[18:21] <Yarrow> Beth: "... and letting people look up it."
[18:21] <Salior_Mjollnir> "maybe they have but if we go we are signing the suriviors to there death
[18:21] * Salior_Mjollnir then turns around and flies away
[18:22] <Yarrow> Beth sighs.
[18:22] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+10
[18:22] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{18}
[18:22] <Salior_Mjollnir> (oh boy....)
[18:22] <Salior_Mjollnir> (range?)
[18:22] <Ataru> (anti-aircraft fire?)
[18:23] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+7 range defense
[18:23] <McDice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+7 range defense --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[18:23] <Yarrow> A terrible force smashes into your back, smashing you out of the sky and into the ground.
[18:23] <Salior_Mjollnir> "gah...." slam
[18:23] * Salior_Mjollnir looks up as to who delt that blow
[18:23] <Yarrow> (No defense. You turned your back on someone with an Undectable attack. Your 'girlfriend' just inflicted 81(-10) damage on you.)
[18:24] <Pale_Wolf> (Owwwwww)
[18:24] <Salior_Mjollnir> (so 71?)
[18:24] <Yarrow> Beth growls, "If you think I'm just going to let you go back and throw your life away, you have another thing coming!"
[18:24] <Yarrow> (Yep. Try not to let any more triple-crits land, please.)
[18:25] <Salior_Mjollnir> (9/80)
[18:25] * Salior_Mjollnir gets up glaring at beth, "what the hell was that!"
[18:25] <Yarrow> Init.
[18:25] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+5
[18:25] <McDice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{14}
[18:26] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+3
[18:26] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{12}
[18:26] <Salior_Mjollnir> (distance between me and her?)
[18:26] <Yarrow> Beth: "Like I said, I consider you my responsibility and I'm not going to let you kill yourself!"
[18:26] <Ataru> (tripple crits? it was a difference of 5 O_o)
[18:27] <Salior_Mjollnir> (undefendable she's ruling it)
[18:27] <Salior_Mjollnir> (attack from behind)
[18:27] <Pale_Wolf> (No, it was a difference of 18 - Xui can't defend against it, she turned her back and it was invisible anyway, no way to see it coming)
[18:27] <Salior_Mjollnir> (range between me and her?)
[18:27] <Yarrow> (Against a Undectable attack you have no idea is coming, you don't get a defense. In that case, crits requirements are reduced to needing 6 above the target for x2 and 12 above for x3)
[18:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> (so yeah one more smack and I'm down for the count)
[18:28] <Yarrow> (10 meters. There are a few trees around, some small boulders.)
[18:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> (driect line of sight to teleport to her?)
[18:29] <Yarrow> (Yes, but if you don't take her down instantly, she's very likely to take you out.)
[18:30] <Ataru> (hahaha, no wonder yarrow wanted to know is she could kill a PC)
[18:31] * Salior_Mjollnir fades in and reapears right in front of her, "you leave me no choice......" she says takeing at stance, "RAI...." as electrical energy gathers around her fist...."KEN!"
[18:31] <Yarrow> (Hey, I wasn't expecting him to eat that attack in *senshi* form!)
[18:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8
[18:31] <McDice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
[18:31] <Yarrow> Beth gasps in surprise and franticly tries to get out of the way.
[18:32] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+3
[18:32] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{12}
[18:32] <Salior_Mjollnir> (45 damage)
[18:32] <Ataru> (aww, it would have been pretty funny if she had critted her dodge)
[18:32] <Ataru> (it'll also be funny if this flat out kills her)
[18:33] <Pale_Wolf> (Well, as long as she has 25 HP she'll PROBABLY survive :P )
[18:33] <Yarrow> (So far as I can see, that attack only does 43. Not a big difference, though.)
[18:35] <Yarrow> (One second)
[18:35] <Salior_Mjollnir> (5x7+5+2+3=45)
[18:35] <Yarrow> (What's the +2 from?)
[18:36] <Salior_Mjollnir> (ACM)
[18:36] <Yarrow> (You don't have it in that form.)
[18:36] <Salior_Mjollnir> (ah...ok 43 then)
[18:37] <Ataru> (since when does ACM add damage? O_o)
[18:37] <Pale_Wolf> (ACV is added to damage, ACM increases ACV.)
[18:37] <Yarrow> As you strike, it seems like you hit some strange elastic barrier around her that slows your attack down somewhat before you hit her.
[18:38] <Ataru> (I thought BCV was added to damage O_O)
[18:38] <Ataru> (wtf wolfie, this entire time I've only been adding BCV in your campaign)
[18:38] <Yarrow> But, still, you hit her and hit her hard. She now looks as bad off as you are.
[18:38] <Pale_Wolf> (It's like 1 damage in your case :P )
[18:39] <Ataru> (every one counts)
[18:39] <Yarrow> Beth screams and then gives you a death glare.
[18:39] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7 Can looks kill?
[18:39] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+7 Can looks kill? --> [ 2d6=4 ]{11}
[18:39] <Yarrow> (Ranged dodge)
[18:39] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+7
[18:39] <McDice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{16}
[18:40] <Yarrow> (Forgot to add +3 to her roll, but you still avoid ... whatever it is)
[18:40] <Yarrow> (But can you do it again?)
[18:40] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7+3
[18:40] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+7+3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{19}
[18:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> (un I had extra actions in senshi form and you didn't let me use it)
[18:40] <Yarrow> (You teleported.)
[18:40] <Pale_Wolf> (Isn't that a move action?)
[18:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> (ah)
[18:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah well.)
[18:41] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+7-1
[18:41] <McDice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+7-1 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{10}
[18:41] <Salior_Mjollnir> (and there I'm down)
[18:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Apparently not, but at least she doesn't crit ya.)
[18:41] <Yarrow> (Tell you what I'm gonna do... ;) Since I'm not quite sure whether it should be a move action, you can have a simul attack with her. Roll well. :) )
[18:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 Raiken
[18:42] <McDice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled : 2d6+8 Raiken --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
[18:42] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+3
[18:42] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{14}
[18:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> (we take eachother down)
[18:43] <Ataru> (bet you wish you had gone to Toast's park now)
[18:43] <Salior_Mjollnir> (oh yeah)
[18:43] <Yarrow> You both go flying backwards from each other's attack. The key difference, however, is that while she just lies there unconscious, you end up rolling to a stop dazed, battered, and in your birth form.
[18:43] * Salior_Mjollnir is now known as Xui-Fei
[18:44] * Xui-Fei sets up, "ow....note to self don't do that again"
[18:44] <Yarrow> Garnet slowly claps. "Most entertaining."
[18:45] <Yarrow> She snaps her fingers and points to two of the metal women. "Take her inside and get her patched up."
[18:45] * Xui-Fei blinks
[18:45] <Yarrow> They walk ove to Beth, pick her up, and start carrying her to the ship.
[18:46] * Xui-Fei gets up and way from the metal women
[18:46] <Yarrow> Garnet peers at you. "You don't look so good. You probably won't survive an hour out there. Sure you don't want to come with your girlfriend?"
[18:46] <Xui-Fei> (why do I get the feeling Xui just picked up a rank of Nemesis after this)
[18:47] <Yarrow> (Oh, just think of it as 3 ranks of Girl Magnet. :) )
[18:47] <Xui-Fei> "I've surived worse beatdowns lady, and like I said to beath a student of the Saotome School of Anything Goes doesn't let the innocent suffer"
[18:48] <Yarrow> "Now, now... No need to waste venom or virtue on me--I really don't care. Well, good luck rescuing people like that. At least I can tell Beth that you walked away alive; that should give her incentive to heal up and get stronger."
[18:49] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cte
[18:49] * Xui-Fei sighs, "I see tell her I said goodbye," and heads off
[18:49] <Yarrow> She turns and walks to the ship, saying casually over her shoulder, "Oh, and I strongly advise *not* hanging around this park. It really won't be healthy in a little while."
[18:50] <Xui-Fei> (he's already heading back the way he came)
[18:50] <Yarrow> (So is she. :) )
[18:50] <Xui-Fei> (3 hour cool down right)
[18:51] * Xui-Fei contines venturing further into the city looking for surivors
[18:51] <Yarrow> (Well, the cooldown should equal the amount of time you stayed in senshi form, but DCG and I only briefly talked about what happened if you got KOed in senshi form.)
[18:51] <Xui-Fei> (well that was what 5 or six minutes?)
[18:52] <Yarrow> (Probably only a few minutes. Ok... I've decided on an effect--barring DCG overriding it.)
[18:52] <Pale_Wolf> (More like, uh, thirty seconds? 'course, you don't KNOW you can change back into a guy at the end of it... :P )
[18:53] <Yarrow> (You're in cooldown now and feel lousy--muddled, dazed... You're not sure how long it will last.)
[18:53] <Xui-Fei> (got it)
[18:53] * Xui-Fei shakes his head trying to get the cobwebs out
[18:54] <Yarrow> (You do know you can't go back into senshi form. OOC, I'll say that will last a full day. If you get KOed or killed in normal form in that period, it's for keeps, got it?)
[18:54] <Xui-Fei> (roger)
[18:55] <Yarrow> You wander out of the park and walk away. You're not sure where you're going yet, but you're pretty sure that if Rei were still alive he (or was it she--guess you'll never know now) could take you in a fight.
[18:56] <Yarrow> It might be a good idea to find someplace you can rest.
[18:57] * Xui-Fei shakes his head "I need a place to rest..." noticing the alley way he came threw the first time.."where I hid the last time"
[18:57] <Xui-Fei> (brb bio)
[19:00] * Xui-Fei heads across the street into the alleyway ducking behind some dumpsters
[19:01] <Yarrow> (Picturesque CT alleys don't have dumpsters. If you're looking for a quick place to take shelter, maybe inside a stopped car?)
[19:01] <Xui-Fei> (good idea)
[19:01] <Ataru> (or a store, or apartment building...)
[19:01] <Xui-Fei> (never mind my statement)
[19:02] <Ataru> (this isn't a videogame, you can go pretty much anywhere ;p)
[19:02] * Xui-Fei ducks into an abondoned car..."one hell of a day," as he closes his eyes
[19:03] <Yarrow> ("You head out of the west side of the park--and somehow find yourself walking back into the park from the east?")
[19:04] <Xui-Fei> (lol)
[19:04] <Yarrow> (Any intention to stop yourself from sleeping or are you just letting yourself go?)
[19:04] <Xui-Fei> (gonna let myself go...feeling he's been threw a mini hell and)
[19:05] <Yarrow> Feeling worn out, aching, and tired, you slip into a stopped car and lie down in the back. Not letting yourself be worried that Garnet was warning you about an orbital strike centered on the nearby park, you quickly drift off to sleep.
[19:06] <Ataru> (lol)
[19:06] <Ataru> (I have to ask, why order an orbital strike on a park?)
[19:06] <Xui-Fei> (surivors nearby)
[19:07] <Xui-Fei> (didn't expect the orbital strike)
[19:07] <Yarrow> (There could be a defense centre or a crazy pyromaniac stoat under the park.)
[19:08] <Xui-Fei> (lol)
[19:08] <Xui-Fei> (then never mind about the going to sleep I rest but don't sleep)
[19:09] <Yarrow> You're about to drift off when you remember Garnet's warning and decide not take a nap right now. After a few minutes, you start to feel more like yourself.
[19:10] * Xui-Fei gets out of the abaonded car and try to make some distance between that park and Garnet's warning
[19:11] <Yarrow> You travel several blocks, starting to get a bit worried by the fact that you haven't yet seen a single living CT citizen (besides Beth, who's probably given that up, anyway)... Could you be the only one left?
[19:12] * Xui-Fei looks around for any signs to indicate a shelter nearby
[19:13] <Yarrow> As you enter an intersection, you discover that there are, at least, some of those metal women (you think Garnet or Beth called them droids) still around. Two are standing there looking bored.
[19:13] <Yarrow> They light up (not literally) when they see you, however.
[19:14] <Yarrow> (Range: 15 meters. Init.)
[19:14] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4
[19:14] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[19:14] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+4
[19:14] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[19:15] * Xui-Fei takes a stance
[19:15] <Yarrow> They run at you and attack.
[19:15] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4-3
[19:15] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4-3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{10}
[19:16] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6 assuming melee
[19:16] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 assuming melee --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[19:16] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4-3
[19:16] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4-3 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{8}
[19:16] <Yarrow> (2nd one)
[19:16] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6-1
[19:16] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6-1 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{8}
[19:17] <Yarrow> (Hm. It normally goes to the attacker, but I believe DCG was resolving ties in the player's favor.)
[19:17] <DCG> (player)
[19:17] <Xui-Fei> (besides if I had extra defenses I would of avoided that)
[19:17] <Xui-Fei> "hmm....not to bright"
[19:18] <Yarrow> They both swipe at you, but their aim is thrown off from trying to attack while running.
[19:18] <Yarrow> (Your turn)
[19:18] * Xui-Fei tries to slam one of the droids down as they come by
[19:18] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Saotome Style
[19:18] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 Saotome Style --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
[19:18] <Xui-Fei> dr
[19:18] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Saotome Style
[19:18] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 Saotome Style --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[19:18] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:18] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[19:19] <Xui-Fei> (23)
[19:19] <Yarrow> You slam a hard elbow into one of them, hurting her.
[19:19] <Yarrow> They try to dice you.
[19:19] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:19] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[19:20] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:20] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{16}
[19:20] <Pale_Wolf> (And are largely successful.)
[19:20] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6 on the off chance I can avoid the first
[19:20] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 on the off chance I can avoid the first --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[19:20] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6-1 to avoid a hella crit
[19:20] <Yarrow> (Roll the 2nd dodge, too)
[19:20] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6-1 to avoid a hella crit --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[19:21] <Yarrow> (You being cocky this time, btw? :) )
[19:21] <Xui-Fei> (/me shrugs)
[19:22] <Yarrow> (Just wanted to know for descriptive purposes.)
[19:22] <Xui-Fei> (assuming as much yes)
[19:22] <Yarrow> You sway your upper body back to avoid the first one, but the second one slices you in the leg. (5 dam)
[19:23] <Yarrow> (Your turn)
[19:23] <Xui-Fei> "gah...." he says finsihing the downed one off
[19:23] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Amaguriken
[19:23] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 Amaguriken --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[19:23] <Yarrow> (Neither one is down. You have damaged one, though.)
[19:23] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:23] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[19:23] <Xui-Fei> (the one that sliced my leg)
[19:23] <Xui-Fei> (28)
[19:24] <Xui-Fei> (and 50/60
[19:24] <Yarrow> You unleash a flurry of blows, but only one connects with any real force. But it's enough. The one that slashed your leg collapses.
[19:24] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:24] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
[19:24] <Yarrow> The other one attempts to make a Xui-ke-bob.
[19:24] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6 dodging
[19:24] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 dodging --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[19:25] <Xui-Fei> "woah that nearly skured...not!"
[19:25] <Yarrow> But you dodge the thrust and taunt her with all the glibness of a man with a mouth full of novacaine.
[19:26] <Yarrow> (Sorry. Your turn.)
[19:26] <Xui-Fei> (it's ok my spelling is as bad as DCG but at least I'm understandable)
[19:26] * Xui-Fei does a roundhouse kick on the other droid
[19:26] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8
[19:26] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[19:26] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:26] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[19:26] <Xui-Fei> (23)
[19:27] <Yarrow> Thinking you're about to perform a sweep, she jumps up into your roundhouse kick and staggers back.
[19:27] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:27] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{6}
[19:27] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[19:27] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{8}
[19:27] <Xui-Fei> (oh dear....)
[19:27] <Xui-Fei> (didn't need to roll that dodge sense that was a crit botch)
[19:28] <Yarrow> And falls over backwards... Seeing your opportunity, you rush forward to finish her off--and trip over the other droid...
[19:28] <DCG> (the driod crit failed to..)
[19:28] <Xui-Fei> (wasn't my attack roll but I'll take it)
[19:29] <Yarrow> You then fly into your target and the both of you go bouncing down the street into the middle of the intersection.
[19:30] <Xui-Fei> (her turn again)
[19:31] <Yarrow> As you start to get up, to your amazement, you hear the loud honking of a horn--rapidly approaching.
[19:31] * Xui-Fei blinks
[19:31] <Yarrow> Congratulations. You've found another living person. Approaching at about 90kph.
[19:32] * Xui-Fei flips off the droid and away from the approching car
[19:33] <Yarrow> The car zooms past, running over the droid, and zooming off without slowing down. You got a brief glimpse of a terrified face behind the windshield.
[19:33] * Xui-Fei blinks heading off in the driection the car went
[19:34] <Yarrow> It was heading back the way you came. Want to follow it? You definitely won't catch up if it doesn't slow down.
[19:35] <Xui-Fei> (back to titan park? or where I came too?)
[19:35] <Yarrow> (Yeah, back in the direction of Titan Park.)
[19:35] <Yarrow> (Though at that speed, it won't be in the area for long, if you're worried about the driver.)
[19:36] * Xui-Fei eyes widen...at how it's heading with the intent of an attack iminate there, "I hope they are alright and don't linger long there"
[19:37] <Xui-Fei> (no way Xui can keep up with them at this point)
[19:37] * Xui-Fei heads on wards looking for any signs for shelter even using a map terminal if the power is still running in the city
[19:39] <Yarrow> You head on down the street. You pass another trashed guidepost partway down the next block--wait a second, part of it is still lit up.
[19:40] * Xui-Fei tries accessing it
[19:41] <Yarrow> It doesn't seem to be accepting input. It's in horrible shape, with chunks broken off, and it's only displaying a static message. But you *think* that glowing bit there is the tip of an arrow pointing at a nearby alley.
[19:42] * Xui-Fei moves quickly looking for said alleyway
[19:42] <Yarrow> It's right there, where the arrow is pointing.
[19:44] <Yarrow> It's another nice, clean CT alleyway. Do you enter it?
[19:44] * Xui-Fei does so looking for anything that looks like it might be an opening
[19:45] <Yarrow> The alley looks normal enough, except rather than being straight, it twists and turns among the buildings. After the first twist, though, you notice something out of place--a drop of blood on the ground.
[19:46] * Xui-Fei looks around for any other sign of blood should be pretty obivous with how clean the city is
[19:47] <Yarrow> You look around and see another drop further along.
[19:48] * Xui-Fei follows the trail
[19:49] <Yarrow> You follow the blood trail, noticing the drops getting bigger as you go along.
[19:50] <Yarrow> In a little while, you see a motionless body lying in the alley.
[19:50] <Yarrow> It appears to be a woman, probably in her early twenties. You're pretty sure she's dead.
[19:51] * Xui-Fei closes his eyes, "damn....all this for nothing,"
[19:51] * Xui-Fei checks the body just in case and looks around for any signs that look like might indicate something else is here
[19:52] <Yarrow> Under closer scrutiny, the woman is definitely dead. She has a single stab wound in her lower chest. You're pretty sure she would have survived if she'd been able to get some decent medical attention. There's nothing else of note here, but the alley does continue on.
[19:54] * Xui-Fei says a quick prayer to the dead woman then continues on his way
[19:55] <Yarrow> The alley reaches another torn-up street and you hear crashes and booms echoing from somewhere fairly close. There's the mouth of another alley directly across from yours.
[19:57] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[19:57] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[19:58] * Xui-Fei heads for the sound of the explosions
[19:59] <Yarrow> You think they're coming from the right and head down the street.
[20:00] <Yarrow> (Keeping to cover, running, or just walking boldly down the middle of the street?)
[20:00] <Xui-Fei> keeping cover
[20:01] <Yarrow> You duck from cover to cover, and as you get further, the noise gets louder.
[20:01] <Yarrow> It gets nearly deafening as you reach the corner and peek around.
[20:01] * Xui-Fei looks onward what do I see
[20:02] <Yarrow> You see 5 or 6 droids standing by a much larger droid who seems to have a small cannon mounted on her arm. She seems to be blowing up cars with it. One shot per car.
[20:03] <Xui-Fei> (any humans)
[20:03] <Yarrow> (None that you can see.)
[20:03] <Yarrow> (You suppose there *could* be some in the cars, but you doubt it. You also doubt you'd be able to effectively rescue them if they were.)
[20:05] <Xui-Fei> (oh that's for sure)
[20:05] * Xui-Fei curses himself and heads away from this trying not to be sceen
[20:06] <Yarrow> (Back the way you came?)
[20:06] <Xui-Fei> (yup)
[20:07] <Yarrow> Deciding there's absolutely nothing to be gained there besides an early death, you quickly turn around and head back. Fortunately, the big droid is making enough noise that any sounds you make are covered up.
[20:07] <Yarrow> You get back to the alleyways with no problem.
[20:07] * Xui-Fei makes some pace away
[20:08] <Yarrow> Do you go down the main street or into the alleyway opposite the one you came out of before?
[20:08] <Xui-Fei> (yeah)
[20:08] <Yarrow> (... that wasn't a yes/no question.)
[20:09] <Yarrow> (Say, wouldn't it be funny if Garnet was really warning you about the crazy stoat that was planning to blow up the park? :) )
[20:09] <Pale_Wolf> (/me snickers)
[20:10] <Xui-Fei> (lol)
[20:11] <Yarrow> (Are you heading down the main road or into the new alleyway?)
[20:12] <Yarrow> (Afk a minute.)
[20:12] <Xui-Fei> (that's what I though you were asking yes)
[20:13] <Pale_Wolf> (... Yes isn't an answer.)
[20:13] <Pale_Wolf> (Which are you doing?)
[20:13] <Pale_Wolf> (Down the main road? Or into the next alley?)
[20:14] <Xui-Fei> (into the next alley)
[20:14] * Rockman_Zero (~Zero@124-169-221-126.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #cte
[20:15] <Yarrow> (Back. And what Pale said. :) )
[20:16] <Yarrow> You enter the alley, which also twists and turns like the other one. As you walk, you occassionally hear noises in the distance.
[20:17] <Yarrow> At one point, you hear what sounds like a repeated thumping noise pass by far overhead.
[20:17] <Yarrow> Thumping, thwapping, something... It's a noise you're unfamiliar with at any rate. It doesn't last more than a few seconds.
[20:18] <Pale_Wolf> (There should probably also be a roaring from the guns :P )
[20:19] <Yarrow> Anyway, after a few more twists and turns, the alley opens up into one of the peaceful and beautiful little courtyards that dot Crystal Tokyo.
[20:20] <Yarrow> It has an attractive shade tree and there's a small fountain in the middle of the courtyard. There's also a path that leads out the side opposite the alley, and there seems to be a backpack sitting near the tree.
[20:21] * Xui-Fei looks around making sure there's no patrols and makes a dash for the tree
[20:22] <Yarrow> You run to the tree and as you get close, you notice that there's a prominent red cross (still the sign for doctors and medicine) on the pack.
[20:23] * Xui-Fei looks around..."doctors bag..."
[20:23] <Xui-Fei> he mutters to himself
[20:23] <Yarrow> There doesn't seem to be anyone else around.
[20:24] * Xui-Fei picks up the satchal and puts it on his back (might be usefull later)
[20:24] <Yarrow> (Shortly after Valery picks up the hospital crew... Alaric: "My bag! It just fell out the door!")
[20:24] <Yarrow> You reach down and grab the pack.
[20:24] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4+3
[20:24] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4+3 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{17}
[20:24] <Xui-Fei> (my roll?
[20:25] <Ataru> (nooo, it was a stoat bomb!)
[20:25] <Xui-Fei> (which melee or range)
[20:25] <Yarrow> And there's a sudden intense pain in your back. Unlike what you felt earlier, though, this is a sharp, stabbing pain.
[20:26] <Xui-Fei> "GAh!" he yells, "what the hell was that for"
[20:26] <Pale_Wolf> (Because you're getting stabbed?)
[20:26] <Ataru> (you should have checked the bag before picking it up)
[20:26] <Yarrow> In fact, you look down and see a transparent spike smeared with your blood sticking out of your front. Fortunately, it didn't hit any major organs. (36 damage)
[20:26] <Pale_Wolf> (Oh dearie)
[20:26] <Ataru> (lol)
[20:27] <Yarrow> The spike is pulled back and you turn to see a droid... except this one is almost completely transparent.
[20:27] <Ataru> (oh hey, it's our buddy from earlier)
[20:27] <Xui-Fei> (14/60)
[20:27] <Yarrow> It looks much like the other ones, but instead of metal, this one seems to be made of ... glass?
[20:27] <Pale_Wolf> (Though, his blood probably makes it more visible)
[20:27] <Pale_Wolf> (Bonus!)
[20:28] <Yarrow> She twitches her blade sharply, flicking the blood off.
[20:28] <Xui-Fei> (my action?)
[20:28] <Yarrow> But now that you know she's there, you won't lose track of her--especially with your training.
[20:28] <Yarrow> (Your turn.)
[20:28] * Xui-Fei slams into her with a right cross
[20:28] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Saotome Style
[20:28] <Ataru> (You hit her, causing her to explode into a deadly shrapnel. 50 damage.)
[20:28] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 Saotome Style --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
[20:29] <Yarrow> (Not the Ama? Ok.)
[20:29] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[20:29] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{15}
[20:29] <Xui-Fei> (23)
[20:29] <Yarrow> She's fast, but not quite fast enough, and you connect solidly.
[20:29] <Yarrow> init
[20:29] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4
[20:29] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[20:30] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[20:30] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[20:30] * Xui-Fei returns the gesture, "Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken"
[20:30] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3
[20:30] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{22}
[20:30] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[20:30] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[20:30] <Xui-Fei> (28)
[20:31] <Yarrow> *4?
[20:31] <Xui-Fei> (112 if it's times 4)
[20:31] <Yarrow> (Autofire, right?)
[20:31] <Xui-Fei> (yeah then 112 then)
[20:32] <Yarrow> Your rain blows down opon her and she literally explodes into a spray of glass flying away from you.
[20:33] <Alatwork> (Four fleeing citizens are wounded or killed by the shrapnel)
[20:33] <Yarrow> (Suddenly a door opens and a young couple with two children step out. "Hey, we're savARRGH!")
[20:34] <Ataru> god I want a cigarette
[20:34] <Yarrow> (Fight over. Winner: Xui-Fei)
[20:34] <Ataru> (wrong room, sorry)
[20:36] * Xui-Fei stumbles back "what is it with me and crazy chicks wanting to stab me in the back"
[20:36] * Xui-Fei inspects the back pack what's inside
[20:36] <Yarrow> (Girl magnet. Your magnet is located in your back.)
[20:38] <Ataru> (it's all busted, the chicks arm went through the bag before it went through you)
[20:38] <Yarrow> The backpack contains some medical supplies. Which you can really use now... There are 10 medsprays. 2 Strong healing, 3 Medium healing, 3 Minor healing, and 2 Antidote. There is also a warning notice with big red letters sewn into the top flap of the pack.
[20:38] <Yarrow> Note: Using more than medspray in a 4 hour period can result in nausea, cramps, vomiting, temporary blindness, and in race cases: death.
[20:38] <Yarrow> *than one (1)
[20:39] <DCG> (what no *pregnacy ?)
[20:40] <Yarrow> (Congratulations. You've found one of your treasure rolls. Add it to your sheet. OOC: the healing sprays restore 30 hp, 20 hp, and 10 hp respectively.)
[20:41] <Ataru> (too bad you didn't find any red and green herbs)
[20:43] <Yarrow> (race cases? that should have read 'rare cases'
[20:44] <Xui-Fei> (god damn it brb mom is being a bitch again)
[20:44] <Yarrow> (No problem.)
[20:53] <Xui-Fei> (back...semi still having my mother ranting and raving about my damn financal aid shit which I've done most of it already...damn old bat she's better off asleep)
[20:54] <Yarrow> (Need a few more minutes?)
[20:55] <Ataru> (he needs a few hours, he's going to crack open the gas lines and take a hike...)
[20:57] * Rockman_Zero (~Zero@124-169-221-126.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- Go on, try it!)
[20:57] * Rockman_Zero (~Zero@124-169-221-126.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #cte
[20:58] <Xui-Fei> (no...I'm good..)
[20:58] * Xui-Fei uses one of the stronger healing sprays
[20:58] <Yarrow> +30 hp.
[20:59] <Yarrow> You press one of the sprays against your arm and hit the activator. You immediately feel much better.
[20:59] <Yarrow> (Gonna ignore the warning and take another hit? ;) )
[21:00] <Ataru> (sounds more like an injector than a spray)
[21:04] <Alatwork> (hypospray, presumably..)
[21:09] <Rockman_Zero> (Damn, no more medpacks from doom? :( )
[21:10] <Yarrow> (I'm sure there's room for both.)
[21:10] <Yarrow> (Maybe even healing potions.)
[21:10] <Alatwork> (man.. Light reminds me of just how much living with my parents sucked)
[21:10] <Xui-Fei> (no I'll heed the warning
[21:11] <Yarrow> (Welcome back.)
[21:11] <Xui-Fei> (sorry about that)
[21:11] <Yarrow> roll 1d100 Just out of curiosity
[21:11] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 1d100 Just out of curiosity --> [ 1d100=86 ]{86}
[21:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Yo yo Ala)
[21:11] <Pale_Wolf> roll 3#1d100 testing my luck
[21:11] <McDice> Pale_Wolf rolled : 3#1d100 testing my luck --> [ 1d100=57 ]{57}, [ 1d100=91 ]{91}, [ 1d100=90 ]{90}
[21:11] <Pale_Wolf> (... Damn.)
[21:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Can I trade? :P )
[21:11] <Yarrow> (That'll teach you.)
[21:13] <Yarrow> Ok. You're standing in the courtyard, a bit worse for wear than when you entered, despite the medspray. Still, you'll be able to use the other sprays later, so you've come out ahead in the long run.
[21:13] <Xui-Fei> (44/60 nowjust so everyone is keeping track)
[21:14] * Xui-Fei shrugs on the backpack and looks around for any usable terminals
[21:14] <Yarrow> (That matches my total, yes.)
[21:14] <Yarrow> There's nothing here. It's just a peaceful place to rest and get away from the busy city for a little while.
[21:15] * Xui-Fei looks around again moving slowly out across the courtyard
[21:17] <Yarrow> You exit the courtyard and walk into a new street. This one has much less damage than the others, and as you look around, you realize you're in one of Crystal Tokyo's Nostalgia zones, where the neighborhood is designed to look like a neighborhood from the early 1900s.
[21:18] <Ataru> (1900s, or 1990s?)
[21:18] <Yarrow> The buildings are shorter and the shops are smaller and more specialized.
[21:18] * Xui-Fei blinks
[21:18] <Yarrow> (1900s)
[21:18] <Ataru> (huh... wouldn't really expect that from Usa)
[21:19] <Yarrow> There are only a few bodies lying about and the buildings are mostly intact, but there are no signs of people.
[21:19] * Xui-Fei blinks again as his stomache grumbles...."damn wonder if there's some place to get some food around here"
[21:20] <Yarrow> In fact, there's an empty market nearby whose door is ajar.
[21:20] * Xui-Fei looks around and enters the market looking for something edible
[21:21] <Yarrow> The market is fully stocked with food and household goods.
[21:22] <Ataru> (You see what appears to be a large rat dragging out a bottle of bleach)
[21:22] * Xui-Fei looks around grabbing something the doesn't needed to be cooked....well more like he stuffs several more in his backpack
[21:23] * Xui-Fei will also if there's any gause will wrap up the wounds that are still open
[21:23] <Yarrow> There are baskets of fruit, jerky, bread, juice, and many other items that aren't highly processed.
[21:24] <Ataru> (did he wander into a health nut store?)
[21:24] <Yarrow> You do find some gauze and apply it. (+3 hp)
[21:25] <Xui-Fei> (47/60)
[21:25] <Yarrow> (Nostalgia zone. :p)
[21:25] <Ataru> (ah)
[21:25] <Xui-Fei> (ok loading up acouple things of jerky and some bread and some juice to keep hydrated
[21:26] <Yarrow> (I assume you eat/drink your fill in additon to stocking up?)
[21:26] <Xui-Fei> (yup)
[21:26] <Yarrow> Is there anything else you want to look for?
[21:27] <Xui-Fei> (a map of the city so I at least know where the hell I am)
[21:27] <Xui-Fei> (god went from Ranma to Ryoga in a blink of an eye)
[21:27] <Ataru> (the vintage porn section)
[21:27] <Yarrow> Unfortunately, you don't find any maps here.
[21:28] * Xui-Fei sighs dejected but leaves the store
[21:29] <Yarrow> You exit the store, much better supplied than before, and walk down the street. There's a fully operational guidepost at the corner. It is urging evacuation down the street to the right.
[21:29] * Xui-Fei nods and heads that way
[21:31] <Yarrow> You proceed in peace until you reach another guidepast which further points you along the evacuation route.
[21:32] * Xui-Fei continues following the signs
[21:33] <Yarrow> The next guidepost is in the process of being destroyed by an odd droid. Rather than being shiny like the standard ones (or invisible and really nasty like the glass one), this one is matte black and does not have a blade on its arm; instead it is battering at the post with its fists.
[21:34] * Xui-Fei rushes the droid and gives it a flying kick
[21:34] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8 Saotome Style
[21:34] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 Saotome Style --> [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
[21:34] <Yarrow> As you're making no attempt to sneak up, roll init.
[21:34] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4
[21:34] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{7}
[21:35] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[21:35] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[21:35] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[21:35] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[21:35] <Yarrow> (melee defense)
[21:35] <Yarrow> (roll melee defense, that is.)
[21:35] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[21:35] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[21:36] <Xui-Fei> (this is gonna hurt isn't it)
[21:36] <Yarrow> It turns and slams a fist into you.
[21:36] <Yarrow> (10 damage)
[21:36] <Xui-Fei> 37/60)
[21:36] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[21:36] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{10}
[21:36] <Yarrow> But your kick still connects.
[21:36] <Xui-Fei> 23)
[21:38] <Xui-Fei> (top of the order?)
[21:38] <Yarrow> Your kick impacts with her chest and a lot of the impact is absorbed. You both bounce away somewhat.
[21:38] <Yarrow> You suddenly realize that rather than metal or glass, this droid is composed of ... rubber.
[21:38] <Yarrow> Or something very similar, at least.
[21:39] <Xui-Fei> "great first metal, then glass now Rubber...geeze who built these pieces of junk"
[21:39] <Yarrow> The droid pauses to gently prod the spot where you hit her, then looks up at you and slowly smiles.
[21:40] <Yarrow> This does allow you to take the initiative, however.
[21:40] <Yarrow> (You're first now.)
[21:41] * Xui-Fei glares at the hunk of rubber junk "ok then if I can't kick you I'll punch you to death Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken"
[21:41] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3
[21:41] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{22}
[21:41] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[21:41] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[21:41] <Xui-Fei> (not sure how 2 hits?)
[21:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Ja)
[21:41] <Yarrow> (2 hits @ 28 each.)
[21:41] <Xui-Fei> (46)
[21:42] <Pale_Wolf> (A: 56. B: Armour applies twice :P )
[21:42] <Xui-Fei> (sorry)
[21:43] <Xui-Fei> (I'll get this down someday
[21:43] <Yarrow> She jerks back twice, then takes a swing at you.
[21:43] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[21:43] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[21:43] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[21:43] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
[21:44] <Yarrow> You just barely get out of the way.
[21:44] * Xui-Fei does a flip kick to the droid's jaw
[21:44] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8-4 (assuming sense this is a called shot)
[21:44] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8-4 (assuming sense this is a called shot) --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[21:45] <Yarrow> (Is there any reason you're calling the shot? Any particular effect you're looking for?)
[21:45] <Xui-Fei> (trying to knock it on it's back)
[21:45] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[21:45] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[21:45] <Alatwork> (heh, nice)
[21:45] <Xui-Fei> (23)
[21:45] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[21:45] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[21:46] <Yarrow> She staggers back but does not get knocked down.
[21:46] <Yarrow> Recovering her balance, she tries to headbutt you in the stomach.
[21:46] <Xui-Fei> "not bad I may have to go all out on you after all spare tire"
[21:46] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[21:46] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[21:46] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[21:46] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[21:48] <Yarrow> You dance out of the way.
[21:48] <Ataru> (melt her!)
[21:49] <Xui-Fei> another elbow to the back
[21:49] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8
[21:49] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
[21:49] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[21:49] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{14}
[21:50] <Yarrow> You slam an elbow into a kidney (if she has kidneys) and she staggers forward to sprawl on the ground. You wait a moment, but she doesn't rise.
[21:51] * Xui-Fei blinks
[21:51] * Xui-Fei checks the terimal now if it's still active
[21:52] <Yarrow> The guidepost is damaged but functional enough to tell you which way to go from here.
[21:52] * Xui-Fei heads the direction it shows
[21:52] <Xui-Fei> (so how many droids i've downed?)
[21:53] <Xui-Fei> (no where near the amount the wonder stoat has)
[21:53] <Yarrow> (Mm, I think it's 4 metal, 1 glass, 1 rubber)
[21:53] <Xui-Fei> (and brb)
[21:53] <Pale_Wolf> (Plus one innocent civilian.)
[21:53] <Ataru> (I think me n' wolfie are gonna have the highest body counts)
[21:54] <Pale_Wolf> (Bow before the power of squishyness!)
[21:54] <Yarrow> (Counting indirect attacks, sure.)
[21:54] <DCG> (im going to laught of xui finds the bfg first)
[21:55] <Yarrow> (Going up to them face to face at arm's length gives you bonus points in my book. :) )
[21:56] <Yarrow> (Then again, Xui-Fei did start out bruised and battered in a public restroom and just now was playing with rubber women...)
[21:56] <Ataru> (lol)
[21:56] <Pale_Wolf> (/me nodnods.)
[21:57] <Ataru> (sounds like he belongs in the senate)
[21:58] <Xui-Fei> (wolfie in my defense she did attack me first....)
[21:58] <Ataru> (no, you ran and jumped at her)
[21:58] <Ataru> (oh, you mean the civvie)
[21:59] <Xui-Fei> (yeah the civvie)
[21:59] <Xui-Fei> (anyways I'm heading for the next direction
[22:01] <Yarrow> You move on and the next guidepost you reach has been destroyed. You can continue the way you're going, turn right, or turn left.
[22:01] * Xui-Fei heads right if that doesn't pan out he'll backtrack and head left
[22:02] <Yarrow> You walk on and, after several blocks, seem to be heading out of the Nostalgia zone.
[22:03] * Xui-Fei looks around abit seeing any signage if no will backtrack
[22:04] <Xui-Fei> (I'm almost tempted to yell "where in the hell am I now")
[22:04] <Yarrow> The road becomes wider and the buildings start to look more modern. Off to your left, you see the track for the CT train system coming out of an underground tunnel to proceed at ground level.
[22:05] * Xui-Fei wonders underground
[22:05] <Yarrow> (Are you wondering about it or walking toward the train tracks?)
[22:06] <Xui-Fei> (walking towards)
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> (Good thing the trains aren't running...)
[22:07] <Yarrow> You start heading for the tunnel in the distance (hey, it's something different, right?) when somene runs out of it, stumbling and staggering.
[22:07] <Yarrow> A few seconds later, a single metal droid glides out after them.
[22:08] * Xui-Fei rushes the droid
[22:08] * Dorin|afk is now known as Dorin
[22:08] <Yarrow> Unfortunaley, you're still about 60 meters away. You start sprinting. (15 meters/rd)
[22:10] <Yarrow> When you've covered about half the distance, you're close enough to see that the person running is a woman dressed in an Emergency Services uniform. That's also about the time the droid catches up to her and runs her through from behind.
[22:11] <Yarrow> The woman collapses and the droid turns to face you as she slowly licks the blood from her blade.
[22:12] * Xui-Fei yells in rage and continues rushing the droid
[22:12] <Yarrow> The droid waits for you to reach her. Init.
[22:12] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4
[22:12] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[22:12] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:12] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[22:12] <Yarrow> (You're up. -3 to hit if you're still sprinting)
[22:13] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8-3 Saotome Style
[22:13] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8-3 Saotome Style --> [ 2d6=5 ]{10}
[22:13] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:13] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[22:13] <Xui-Fei> (23)
[22:14] <Yarrow> You plow into the droid, staggering her, but not so much that she doesn't strike back.
[22:14] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:14] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[22:14] <Yarrow> (You're up.)
[22:15] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3 Amaguriken
[22:15] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 Amaguriken --> [ 2d6=11 ]{22}
[22:15] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:15] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[22:15] <Xui-Fei> (2 or 3)
[22:15] <Yarrow> You quickly finish her off in a flurry of blows.
[22:15] * Xui-Fei kneels towards the stabbed woman...is she still alive or dead?
[22:17] <Yarrow> You check on the woman. She's pale and sweaty and her eyes are closed. As you get near, she opens her eyes, fixing you with an intent stare. Her hand twitches, pointing back to the tunnel, and she gasps, "train..." before going limp and lying still.
[22:17] <Yarrow> She's not breathing.
[22:18] * Xui-Fei cloese his eyes calming himself, runs the dead womans eyelids close and heads down in the tunnel
[22:19] <Yarrow> You start to get up when you notice the emergency response computer she's wearing on her forearm. It seems to be fully operational and is displaying a number of icons.
[22:19] * Xui-Fei slips it off her forearm....and checks the icons
[22:21] <Yarrow> It takes you a moment to decypher it, but you think it's a diagram of a portion of the tunnel ahead. There seems to be a train in yellow (though the car nearest you is in red) and a large number of blue dots inside the train.
[22:22] <Yarrow> There's also a white arrow at the edge of the screen on the far side of the train.
[22:22] <Yarrow> (You expect this is a touch screen, from what you know of CT tech.)
[22:22] * Xui-Fei gasps in suprize, "shit there's probably surivors in there" as he touches the red car icon
[22:23] <Pale_Wolf> (He just started the train, didn't he?)
[22:23] <Yarrow> The icon expands, showing a number of dark gray dots inside. Text appears beneath it, informing you that the car (giving the train's ID number) has been destroyed.
[22:24] * Xui-Fei pales....checks the other cars
[22:25] <Yarrow> The next car looks a bit more orange than the others. When you zoom in, the extended info shows that it's losing structural integrity.
[22:26] * Xui-Fei nods and rushes into the tunnel reaching for the henshin rod
[22:27] <Yarrow> You rush into the tunnel (I assume you wear the computer to free your hand) and reach for your henshin rod. No rod appears, however.
[22:28] * Xui-Fei blinks at that but reguardless heads for the train
[22:30] <Yarrow> You run down the tracks and soon the train comes into sight. It's stopped on the tracks and it looks like the last car has been hacked open. Blood, gore, and corpses are strewn about its broken shell. The next car is rather battered but still intact. Four metal droids are hacking at it.
[22:30] <Yarrow> Two droids are on either side of the car.
[22:30] <Yarrow> The people inside are screaming.
[22:31] <Xui-Fei> "hey...tin can bimbos"
[22:31] <Yarrow> They don't seem to hear you over the noise.
[22:32] * Xui-Fei decides to get there attention the fun way...Tackling one
[22:32] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8
[22:32] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{10}
[22:32] <Yarrow> Your call doesn't get their attention, but your motion as you get close does.
[22:32] <Yarrow> init
[22:32] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4
[22:32] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[22:33] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+4
[22:33] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[22:33] <Yarrow> (We'll just save that lovely attack roll of yours.)
[22:33] <Yarrow> The two droids on the same side of the car as you turn and attack.
[22:33] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:33] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{8}
[22:33] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:33] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[22:34] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6 melee
[22:34] <Yarrow> (Defend twice)
[22:34] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 melee --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[22:34] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6-1
[22:34] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6-1 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[22:34] <Yarrow> You dance around their blades with effortless grace. And then you attack...
[22:34] <Xui-Fei> (roll it or using my botch)
[22:35] <Yarrow> (Using the botch.)
[22:36] <Yarrow> Your second evasion puts you in the perfect position to bounce off the side of the car into a flying kick. Unfortunately, when you try to spring off the car, you hit a spot that's been weakened and punch a hole in it. The screams from inside get louder.
[22:36] <Ataru> (lol)
[22:36] <Yarrow> The droids grin with anticipation and attack you.
[22:36] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:36] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[22:36] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:36] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{6}
[22:37] <Yarrow> (Defend once)
[22:37] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[22:37] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[22:37] <Xui-Fei> "Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken!"
[22:37] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3
[22:37] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{21}
[22:38] <Yarrow> You sidestep the first slash and twirl out of the way of the other one's thrust. The unfortunate thrusting droid stumbles past you and gets wedged headfirst in the hole in the side of the car.
[22:38] <Xui-Fei> (so that one got totaled?)
[22:38] <Yarrow> The people inside quickly back away from her, except for an old woman who starts smacking her head with an umbrella. The other passengers soon gather their courage and also start bashing the droid with various implements.
[22:39] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:39] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[22:39] <Xui-Fei> (3 or 4?)
[22:39] <Yarrow> You smash the standing droid with three blows.
[22:40] <Yarrow> She flies into the tunnel wall and collapses.
[22:40] <Xui-Fei> (is the one stuck in the train down..if so moving on to the other side for the other two)
[22:40] * Rockman_Zero is now known as RZ_[Zzzz]
[22:41] <Yarrow> The one in the train is immobilized and getting a beating at the moment, but if she frees herself and gets into the train, it'd be very bad.
[22:41] * Xui-Fei finishes the one stuck off
[22:41] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3
[22:41] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{18}
[22:41] <Yarrow> roll 2d6
[22:41] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{4}
[22:42] <Yarrow> You obliterate her.
[22:42] <Yarrow> The people in the car cheer but then start screaming and pointing toward either end of the car. You look and see the other two droids coming around the ends and charging you.
[22:42] * Xui-Fei gives the people inside a thumbs up and heads for the ohter two
[22:42] <Yarrow> (New inits)
[22:43] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4
[22:43] <DCG> (how many times as xui been forced senshi and back?)
[22:43] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[22:43] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+4
[22:43] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}, [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[22:43] <Xui-Fei> (once about 5 minutes total)
[22:43] <Yarrow> (None. He went senshi voluntarily and got KOed.)
[22:43] * Xui-Fei continues his assult of the droids smacking the one of them
[22:43] <Yarrow> (So, I guess he got forced back once, but never forced into senshi form.)
[22:43] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3
[22:43] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{20}
[22:44] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:44] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[22:44] <Xui-Fei> (3@28)
[22:44] <Yarrow> You easily destroy the droid.
[22:45] <Yarrow> As you turn to face the attack of the other one, you see a matte black bladeless droid coming up the tunnel behind her.
[22:45] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:45] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[22:45] <Yarrow> The metal one attempts to skewer you.
[22:45] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[22:45] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[22:45] <Yarrow> But you are saved by the blatant player bias. ;)
[22:46] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6 rubber init
[22:46] * Alatwork is now known as Alathon|work
[22:46] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 rubber init --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[22:46] * Alathon|work is now known as Alathon|afk
[22:46] <Yarrow> (top of order)
[22:46] <Yarrow> (Xui-Fei is up.)
[22:46] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3
[22:46] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{20}
[22:46] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[22:46] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[22:46] <Xui-Fei> (4?)
[22:47] <Yarrow> You come to the conclusion that the metal droids really are cannon fodder as you smash another one.
[22:47] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[22:47] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
[22:47] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[22:47] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[22:47] <Yarrow> The rubber one arrives and throws a punch at you, actually connecting, for 10 damage
[22:48] <Xui-Fei> 27/60)
[22:48] <Yarrow> (Your turn)
[22:48] * Xui-Fei winces, "another spare tire I see must of ran out of decent scrap at the junkyard"
[22:49] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3 Amaguriken
[22:49] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 Amaguriken --> [ 2d6=4 ]{15}
[22:49] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[22:49] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{10}
[22:49] <Xui-Fei> (1 hit right)
[22:49] <Yarrow> One blow connects solidly. Much of the impact is absorbed.
[22:50] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[22:50] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[22:50] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[22:50] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[22:50] <Pale_Wolf> (Yeah, it's cause they got chased away from the junkyard so effectively :P )
[22:50] <Yarrow> She shrugs off the blow and backhands you into the side of the train, buckling it further. (10 dam)
[22:50] <Xui-Fei> (17/60)
[22:51] * Xui-Fei huffs a bit, "Ok no more mister nice martial artist!"
[22:51] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3
[22:51] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{21}
[22:51] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[22:51] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[22:51] <Xui-Fei> (4 right)
[22:51] <Yarrow> (Yep)
[22:52] <Xui-Fei> (112 before what ever ar absorbs it)
[22:52] <Yarrow> You pummel the droid mercilessly. Amazingly, she's still on her feet, swaying, at the end of the pounding.
[22:52] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[22:52] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{10}
[22:52] <Yarrow> She throws a wobbly punch at you.
[22:52] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+6
[22:52] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[22:53] <Xui-Fei> "Strike 1!"
[22:53] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3
[22:53] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{20}
[22:53] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[22:53] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[22:53] <Xui-Fei> (1 or 2)
[22:53] <Yarrow> You quickly put her down, even though she only has one strike.
[22:53] <Yarrow> The people in the cars cheer.
[22:54] * Xui-Fei leans aginst the train car
[22:54] <Xui-Fei> "damn that hurt like hell"
[22:54] <Yarrow> The car creaks.
[22:55] * Xui-Fei stands back up, looking at the croud, "sorry"
[22:55] <Yarrow> Someone cries, "Let us out!"
[22:55] <Yarrow> (Oh, *now* they want to get out...)
[22:55] * Xui-Fei looks for a door
[22:56] <Yarrow> There are several doors on each car.
[22:56] * Xui-Fei opens one for the passengers
[22:56] <Yarrow> Two on each side and one at either end connecting to the cars at either end.
[22:56] <Yarrow> How?
[22:57] * Xui-Fei checks the arm computer looks for any icon for the doors
[22:58] <Yarrow> You check the computer and it looks like you could zoom in on a car and access the door icons or touch the train's ID to get train-wide info and issue commands for the entire train.
[22:58] * Xui-Fei does that
[22:59] <Yarrow> The train is currently Locked Down and its drive train is disabled. You can issue a command to unlock and open all doors if you like.
[23:00] * Xui-Fei issue's the comands needed
[23:00] <Yarrow> The doors open and the relieved people exit.
[23:01] <Yarrow> The old woman who was beathing the droid with her umbrella comes over to you and with a gentle smile, places her hand on your head and says, "Bless you, child."
[23:01] <Xui-Fei> "twas nothing"
[23:01] <Yarrow> To your surprise, you feel warmth flow through you and find yourself in much better shape. (+30 hp)
[23:02] <Xui-Fei> (47/60)
[23:02] <Yarrow> The old woman looks equally surprised and exclaims, "Oh, my! That's never happened before."
[23:02] <Xui-Fei> "considering my day I'll consider this a pleasent supprize"
[23:03] <Yarrow> A nearby man asks, "What do we do now?"
[23:03] * Xui-Fei looks along, "I don't know I'm trying to find shelter, though I've taken out a few of these things" gesturing to the scrap on the ground
[23:04] <Yarrow> The man looks at the dead droids. "Good job."
[23:04] <Yarrow> Your emergency response computer beeps softly.
[23:05] * Xui-Fei checks the alert
[23:05] <Yarrow> The white arrow at the edge of the screen past the train is blinking.
[23:05] <Xui-Fei> (which direction)
[23:06] <Yarrow> (It's at the opposite end of the train and pointing at the edge of the screen.)
[23:06] <Xui-Fei> (so the way I came or the way I'm heading?)
[23:06] <Yarrow> (The way you're heading)
[23:07] * Xui-Fei tries and zoom out to see what the arrow is blinking at
[23:08] <Yarrow> You zoom out and a white circle is revealed down the tracks ... maybe half a kilometer by your estimate.
[23:09] * Xui-Fei looks at the group, "ok I don't know if this is anything or not but I'm getting something a half a kilometer down the tunnle might lead to shelter might not follow me or not it's up to you guys
[23:10] <Yarrow> The man peers over your shoulder at the computer. "Can't you tell what it is? It might be a pit for all we know!"
[23:11] * Alathon|afk is now known as Alathon
[23:11] * Xui-Fei touches the point indicated
[23:12] <Yarrow> Evac. point #43 - !All citizens should head to the nearest evac point as quickly as possible!
[23:12] * Xui-Fei looks at the others, "it's a evacuation point....looks like we might get out of this alive"
[23:13] <Yarrow> The man smiles. "Great!"
[23:14] * Xui-Fei looks at the passengers, "I'm gonna go ahead, follow me at a short distance I don't want you getting lost in here"
[23:14] <Yarrow> Voice from the other side of the train: "Huh? I bumped into someone but no one's--Glargh!" Blood splatters across the windows and people run screaming down the tunnel and/or around the train to your side.
[23:15] * Xui-Fei glares at the droid..."oh great yet anohter one" and rushes it
[23:15] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+4 init
[23:15] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+4 init --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[23:16] <Yarrow> You can't see it through the train and running people. After several seconds, you manage to fight your way to the other side of the train... but you don't see the droid.
[23:16] <Xui-Fei> (damn no lights)
[23:17] * Xui-Fei looks around...."I'm right here junk pile come at me!"
[23:17] <Yarrow> There's no response.
[23:17] * RZ_[Zzzz] is now known as Rockman_Zero
[23:18] * Xui-Fei checks how the one died
[23:18] <Yarrow> It looks like he was stabbed once from behind.
[23:19] * Xui-Fei looks around searching for the one who stabbed the man
[23:19] <Yarrow> A young woman asks from the doorway of the car next to you: "Can ... I help?"
[23:20] * Xui-Fei blinks
[23:20] * Xui-Fei looks at the woman
[23:20] <Yarrow> She seems to be about your age, maybe a little older, has blonde hair and looks to be in good shape.
[23:21] <Xui-Fei> "someone or something stabbed this man from behind." he says,
[23:21] <Yarrow> She looks around. "I don't see anything..."
[23:22] <Xui-Fei> "neither do I and that worries me"
[23:22] <Yarrow> "Maybe we should all just get out of here?"
[23:23] <Xui-Fei> "yeah....the evac point is just half a klick down the tunnel"
[23:23] * Xui-Fei offers a hand to help her down to the floor
[23:24] <Yarrow> "Er, I think I'll stay on the other side of the train, but thanks."
[23:24] <Yarrow> She goes through the car and exists on the non-murder side.
[23:24] <Yarrow> *exits
[23:25] * Xui-Fei shrugs and heads onwards towards the evac point
[23:26] <Yarrow> The people all start walking down the tunnel, deciding they'd rather walk ahead of you than be behind you with some sort of invisible murderer back there.
[23:26] * Xui-Fei checks the computer to see if there's any kind of scanner functions on it or not
[23:27] <Yarrow> (Where are you standing while doing this?)
[23:28] <Xui-Fei> pretty sure I'm by the train doing this
[23:28] <Yarrow> (So, standing several feet away from it, facing down the tunnel? Or something different?)
[23:29] <Xui-Fei> (facing down the tunnel)
[23:31] <Yarrow> You check the computer and discover three things: The computer has a flashlight function. The computer can monitor and transmit on emergency channels. When standing in a tunnel with a stealthy murderous droid, it's best to keep your back against a solid object.
[23:31] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
[23:31] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
[23:32] <Xui-Fei> (no def roll?)
[23:32] <Yarrow> 36 dam
[23:32] <Xui-Fei> 11/60)
[23:32] <Yarrow> Glass droid. Undetectable attack when striking from hiding.
[23:33] <Yarrow> (You're up.)
[23:33] <Xui-Fei> "gh....your type again" he says facing the droid and unleashes a fury of punches
[23:33] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d6+8+3
[23:33] <McDice> Xui-Fei rolled : 2d6+8+3 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{16}
[23:33] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[23:33] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[23:33] <Xui-Fei> (2)
[23:35] <Yarrow> The droid staggers and lurches forward thrusting her blade wildly--and plunging it into the underside of the train. Sparks fly and your computer makes an urgent chirping noise.
[23:36] * Xui-Fei chesk the computer
[23:36] <Yarrow> The icon of the train car you're standing next to is strobing a deep red.
[23:37] <Xui-Fei> (meaning it's about to be totaled isn't it)
[23:37] <Yarrow> Flashing text says "Danger!"
[23:37] * Xui-Fei glares and runs away
[23:37] <Xui-Fei> (expecting an explosion)
[23:38] <Yarrow> (Think maybe you should shout a warning to the rest of the people?)
[23:39] <Xui-Fei> "move it the car is about to go up!"
[23:39] <Xui-Fei> he yells
[23:41] <Yarrow> You see the people (all of them are further down the tunnel, at least) start running. You manage to get a few seconds of running before there's a huge boom and the tunnel shakes. You find yourself falling but manage to roll and avoid damage when you hit solid ground again.
[23:42] <Pale_Wolf> (Bets that the droid managed to hide again?)
[23:42] <Xui-Fei> (dude it was at ground zero)
[23:42] <Yarrow> You hear crashing above you and rock dust rains down. After a couple of seconds, your computer helpfully activates its flashlight function.
[23:43] * Xui-Fei gets up and keeps moving towards the evac point at full speed
[23:44] <Yarrow> You seem to be in some sort of tunnel made of stone blocks. It looks very old. There's a stream of water slowly running down the center of it.
[23:44] <Xui-Fei> (the old Tokyo sewer)
[23:44] <Yarrow> You check your computer, and fortunately, the tunnel--sewer--seems to parallel the train tunnel above.
[23:46] <Yarrow> You also see that a bunch of green dots are moving toward the evac point.
[23:46] * Xui-Fei checks to see if there's anyway he can get back up there while making his way there too
[23:47] <Yarrow> Rubble blocks the way you got down and you don't see another way up yet. You head toward the evac point.
[23:48] * Xui-Fei glances at the computer ever so often while still moving
[23:49] <Yarrow> You're steadily getting closer to the evac point. So far, the old sewer seems pretty saf--your flashlight beam reflects off something black and shiny. Four black and shiny things on top of a very large and strange-looking spider.
[23:50] * Xui-Fei gulps
[23:50] * Xui-Fei tries to find the rod he used to transform into a senshi
[23:52] <Yarrow> It's about 30 centimeters wider and kind of looks like a spider that was designed by a crab. http://www.greglasley.net/Images/Bold-J ... r-0001.jpg
[23:53] <Yarrow> You don't find the rod.
[23:53] * Xui-Fei backs away
[23:53] <Yarrow> As you back away, the spider inches forward.
[23:54] <Yarrow> (Your move)
[23:57] * Xui-Fei sweatdrops, "this has not been my day" he says bracing himself for an attacking spider
[23:57] <Yarrow> You wait. And so does the spider.
[23:58] * Xui-Fei checks his computer...is it picking this thing up
[23:59] <Yarrow> You're not sure whether the computer actually picks anything up on its own or uses scanners built into the city and its train system. You're also not sure if it's designed to pick up nonhumans. It didn't pick up the droids, come to think of it.
[23:59] <Yarrow> After some consderation, you decide it uses external scanners and won't pick up anything in the sewer.
Session Time: Thu Apr 30 00:00:00 2009
[00:00] * Xui-Fei curses his luck as he contemplates what to do...
[00:00] <Xui-Fei> (how wide is the spider...can I jump over it)
[00:01] <Yarrow> (Like I said, it's about 30 centimeters wide. About a foot. Not anywhere near your size, but huge for a spider.)
[00:01] <Xui-Fei> (ah I though you were talking man size huge)
[00:02] * Xui-Fei shakes his head and runs jumping over the spider onwards to his goal
[00:02] <Yarrow> You run forward and the spider suddenly leaps backwards incredibly fast and far, vanishing from sight.
[00:03] <Xui-Fei> (spooked the spider....)
[00:03] * Xui-Fei blinks checks to see how close he is to the evac point
[00:04] <Yarrow> You're about 2/3 of the way there ... and you see something golden dangling from the ceiling.
[00:04] * Xui-Fei flashes his flashlight up there
[00:04] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[00:04] <Yarrow> It seems to be some sort of gauntlet dangling from a chain.
[00:05] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[00:07] <Xui-Fei> (is it within jumping distance?)
[00:07] <Yarrow> The gauntlet itself is around chest level. The chain extends up out of reach to the ceiling.
[00:08] * Xui-Fei grabs the gauntlet
[00:08] <Yarrow> It seems to be very light and well-made.
[00:09] * Xui-Fei tries to follow where the chain leads up too
[00:10] <Yarrow> You see that the chain seems to be coming out of the the back of the gauntlet.
[00:11] <Yarrow> It appears to go straight up, and when you shine your light, it seems to end at a hook caught on a grating in the ceiling. You're not sure there's anything but stone on the other side of the grating, though.
[00:11] * Xui-Fei slips on the gauntlet on his open wrist
[00:11] <Xui-Fei> (and why do I get the feeling this is a hook shot device
[00:12] <Yarrow> (Because it's a hook shot device)
[00:12] * Xui-Fei looks at the device and looks for any way to activate it
[00:13] <Yarrow> The gauntlet fits perfectly and you barely feel like you're wearing it. There seem to be three buttons on it.
[00:14] <Yarrow> (If you want to play with them, just refer to them as #1, #2, or #3.
[00:15] * Xui-Fei pushes button 1
[00:17] <Yarrow> The hook seems to straighten and the chain shoots back into the gauntlet. You don't know how, as there shouldn't be room for it.
[00:18] * Xui-Fei blinks, "ok I'll dub that return," he says facing forward pushing button 2
[00:18] <Yarrow> You play with the thing a bit and you discover you can cause it to shoot a hook attached to a chain, and if it latches on to something, you can either have it pull you up to the chain or release the hook and retract the chain.
[00:18] <Yarrow> *up to the hook
[00:18] * Xui-Fei nods "this will be usefull"
[00:19] <Yarrow> You can also have it slowly play out or draw in the chain when the hook is attached to something.
[00:19] <Yarrow> (And that's your last treasure roll item)
[00:19] <Xui-Fei> (sweet
[00:20] * Xui-Fei continues his way towards the evac point
[00:21] <Yarrow> You move on and finally your location is listed as evac point #43. You look up and see some sort of hatch in the ceiling. It looks like there used to be a ladder built into the wall, but all the rungs except for a few at the top have broken away. You smile, and with a glance at your new gauntlet, decide this won't be a problem.
[00:22] <Yarrow> You aim it at one of the remaining rungs and are about to fire the hook when you hear a noise from further down the sewer. And we'll end here.
[00:22] <Yarrow> (Solo finished)
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:27 am

Solo Session: Koizumi

[14:46] <Yarrow> It's a beatiful afternoon in Crystal Tokyo. The sun is shining (or so the weather report says), the birds are chirping, and you are backstage getting ready for your recital. You'll be performing for a decent sized crowed of people from the older families your family associates with.
[14:47] <Yarrow> Your parents are out in the audience, sitting in the center of the front row. They used to hover around you backstage until you finally convinced them it bugged the hell out of you.
[14:49] <Yarrow> Your friend and assistant Kohaku asks, "Just about ready. How are you doing?"
[14:49] <Rockman_Zero> (Koizumi: My +4 lawsuit against parents. Best. GP. Spent. Ever.)
[14:49] <Yarrow> (You mean restraining order? And CP?)
[14:50] <Rockman_Zero> (That too. ;P)
[14:51] * Koizumi makes a few final adjustments to the treasured, ancient earth violin. Sending the bow across the strings for a quick test. "I'm fine, thank you. Just don't let me run over the chair like last time." Frowning at that particularly embarassing incident.
[14:52] <Yarrow> One moment. Run over the chair? What about that supersense of hers?
[14:55] <Koizumi> (just playing on a joke)
[14:57] <Yarrow> "Sorry. Want me to hold your hand and lead you onto the stage? I'm sure your parents would appreciate it."
[14:57] * Koizumi smiles and offers up a gloved hand. "Thank you"
[14:57] <Yarrow> "Do you want water, iced tea, or sake in your glass today, by the way?"
[14:58] <Yarrow> The sake part is clearly a joke.
[14:59] * Koizumi chuckles. "My usual green tea"
[15:00] <Yarrow> She pours a glass.
[15:01] <Yarrow> "Got it. I'll have the sake myself, then. I'll try not to run over the chair again, too."
[15:02] <Yarrow> "Hang on, your hair's misbehaving."
[15:02] <Yarrow> She comes over and spends a minute fixing it.
[15:03] * Koizumi sighs and let's it be done.
[15:04] <Koizumi> "All this trouble for a performance...if it weren't for the people, I might actually be able to enjoy this more"
[15:04] <Yarrow> As she's doing so, a boy who works with the lights comes over. "Uh... Michiyo-san, I just wanted to say that I'm a big fan....."
[15:04] <Yarrow> He trails off as his line collides with yours and you mention your love of the people.
[15:05] * Koizumi doesn't turn her head, but offers up a smile. "I'm sorry, I don't mean it like that. It's not my sincere fans, it's my parents'...'friends.'"
[15:05] * Rockman_Zero is now known as RZ_[Zzzz]
[15:06] <Yarrow> He nervously says, "Oh... of course. Sorry. I shouldn't have bugged you right before you're going on, anyway."
[15:07] * Koizumi smiles a little wider and waves it away. "No, it's alright. But how about after I'm done, ne?"
[15:07] * RZ_[Zzzz] (~Zero@203-59-252-177.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[15:08] <Yarrow> He nods, then stops himself and says, "Sure. That'd be great. Good luck! Er--not that you need luck! Uh, I have to got see to the lights!"
[15:08] <Yarrow> He rushes off.
[15:09] <Yarrow> Kohaku: "You should give a performance in the dark some time. I bet that would be neat."
[15:09] <Yarrow> "Let people experience the music a bit more like you do."
[15:09] * Koizumi giggles softly, covering her mouth with her hand as she did. "Yes, that might be an interesting idea. We'll have to plan that sometime."
[15:10] <Yarrow> She adds with a grin, "And you wouldn't have to worry about hair and make-up. You'd still have to wear clothes, though."
[15:10] * Koizumi pouts. "Aww...really?"
[15:10] <Koizumi> "But, it could be something more practical than this dress, at least."
[15:11] <Yarrow> "Well, they would want to see you before and after, but maybe we could bill it as being the Authentic Koizumi Experience and never let them see you at all."
[15:11] <Yarrow> "We can talk about it later. You ready to go on?"
[15:12] * Koizumi smiles and nods, offering up her hand, instrument and bow in the other. "Yes, I think the aura of suspense if thick enough in the room."
[15:12] <Yarrow> "Hey, maybe one time we could just put on a recording and let you play hooky."
[15:13] <Yarrow> She gets the glass of iced tea and takes your hand to lead you through the curtain and to the seat on-stage.
[15:14] <Yarrow> She places the glass by the chair and says quietly to you, "Knock them dead," before returning backstage.
[15:15] * Koizumi bites the inside of her cheek to avoid laughing out loud at that. Instead puts on her game face and proceeds onto the stage at Kohaku's side. Taking a solitary bow to the audience. Carefully settling herself back in the chair. Then, putting the bow to the strings, begins a new piece she's been working on.
[15:15] <Yarrow> The audience softly applauds.
[15:16] <Yarrow> Give me a performance roll, why don't you.
[15:17] <Koizumi> ;et
[15:17] <Koizumi> (bleh, let's see, skill + mind is it?)
[15:18] <Yarrow> Yes.
[15:18] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+9
[15:18] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{17}
[15:21] <Yarrow> Your performance goes well and you're reasonably satisfied with the new piece when suddenly there's a boom and a thunderous impact. You feel a moment of severe disorientation, and when your senses clear, you're somehow standing in the center of a huge crater. You have no idea where your violin or chair went. Or the building, audience, and crew.
[15:22] * Koizumi blinks and stumbles with confusion. "...Kohaku? ... Mom? Daddy? ...Anyone?!"
[15:23] <Yarrow> You hear sounds of crashes and explosions coming from various directions, and the ground shudders every so often.
[15:25] <Yarrow> There doesn't seem to be anyone or anything else in the crater with you.
[15:26] <Yarrow> Wait! Here comes someone! A woman appears up at the lip of the crater and jumps down into it.
[15:27] * Koizumi glances around fruitlessly, panting a little at the shock and terror settling then, then looks suddenly in the direction of someone coming her way. A little leery at best. "What's going on?!"
[15:28] <Yarrow> The side at the spot she chose is pretty steep, and she falls a very unsafe distance before hitting the side/bottom of the crater--and bouncing?!--to rocket at you. Foot first.
[15:28] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[15:28] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[15:28] <Yarrow> Feel free to dodge, if you're not to shocked.
[15:28] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+3
[15:28] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{11}
[15:29] <Koizumi> Need me cane)
[15:29] * Koizumi blinks in shock. "Huh?! Guh..."
[15:29] <Yarrow> I'll assume you keep your cane on a loop, so you can have it after this attack.
[15:29] <Koizumi> mmk)
[15:30] <Yarrow> What's that cane made of, anyway, that makes it so powerful? :)
[15:31] <Koizumi> -shrug- I just took an item that makes a handy somewhat melee defense weapon; but whatever seems plausible, I suppose. If only some kind of made up ironwood)
[15:31] <Koizumi> (or metalic if if need be :P)
[15:32] <Koizumi> (A sword would have been just slightly silly)
[15:32] <Yarrow> Her foot smacks solidly into your chest making you stagger back. The woman seems to rebound off you and flips over to land in a crouch before you. You get an odd ping off of her.
[15:32] <Yarrow> 14 damag.
[15:33] * Koizumi grunts and rubs her ribs, spinning her cane into her hand. Using it like a modest defensive instrument. "Who are you?! What do you want?!"
[15:33] <Yarrow> Woman: "I want to kill you."
[15:33] <Yarrow> Init
[15:34] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[15:34] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[15:34] <Koizumi> roll 2d6++3
[15:34] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6++3 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{12}
[15:34] <Ataru> (Father. yes son? I want to kill you...)
[15:35] <Ataru> (/me puts on The End by The Doors)
[15:35] <Koizumi> (...-snicker-)
[15:35] <Yarrow> Koizumi's up.
[15:36] * Koizumi frowns, the cane almost humming. "Sorry...but that's contrary to my perrformance goals...I don't have time for fanatical stalkers..." A crackling ball of sonic power booming off the tip.
[15:36] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+5
[15:36] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[15:37] <Koizumi> (ranged)
[15:37] <Yarrow> Thunderbolt spell?
[15:37] <Ataru> (damn it yarrow)
[15:37] <Ataru> (why'd you have to point out his weakness?)
[15:37] <Ataru> (that would have been so amusing right now)
[15:38] <Koizumi> (yes)
[15:38] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[15:38] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{8}
[15:39] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[15:39] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[15:39] <Yarrow> It hits, but the woman shrugs it off.
[15:39] <Yarrow> "Ooh, scary."
[15:39] <Yarrow> She throws a punch.
[15:40] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[15:40] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[15:40] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+5
[15:40] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{11}
[15:40] <Yarrow> The punch connects easily, for 10 damage.
[15:40] <Koizumi> "Ugh..."
[15:41] * Koizumi recoils and spits blood from her cut lip.
[15:41] <Yarrow> The feel of her impacts and your sense of smell are enough for you to realize you're being attacked by a rubber woman.
[15:41] <Yarrow> You have no idea why or how.
[15:41] <Koizumi> (am I to be assumed we know about Senshi stuff? Or is that sort of a "huh, I can do that?"
[15:41] * Koizumi shields her nose. "What in Serenity's name..."
[15:42] <Yarrow> You know that senshi exist. Up until now, you didn't have a senshi form. You can play it however you want. Either you somehow know, or you just lash out with whatever you have and transform, or in a fit of desperation... etc.
[15:42] <Yarrow> Or, you can just let yourself autotransform when you go down.
[15:43] <Yarrow> Koi's up again.
[15:43] <Koizumi> (I suppose we can play it that angle, perhaps, in the latter)
[15:43] * Koizumi growls and swings the cane quickly in a horitzonal slice, flames licking along the length and flying out in a tight ball.
[15:43] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+5
[15:43] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[15:44] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[15:44] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
[15:44] <Yarrow> "What--?!"
[15:44] <Yarrow> The fireball takes the woman by surprise and flies into her.
[15:45] * Koizumi covers her nose again at the smell of the woman's burning flesh, coughing slightly. "Blech..."
[15:45] <Koizumi> (18 dmg, continuing 2)
[15:46] <Yarrow> Yep, it stinks, all right.
[15:47] <Yarrow> From the way the woman's skin blisters, you can tell she's on fire. You abruptly decide this is a mixed blessing as the flaming rubber woman tries to grapple you.
[15:47] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[15:47] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[15:47] * Koizumi takes a few steps backward. "Guh! Just melt, you walking condom!"
[15:47] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+5
[15:48] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{10}
[15:48] <Ataru> (used or unused?)
[15:48] <Yarrow> She manages to grab you, and while this does no damage on its own, you take 3 damage from the flames.
[15:48] <Yarrow> (As does she.)
[15:49] <Yarrow> Koi's turn. She can attack or try to escape.
[15:49] * Koizumi groans at the pain of her blistering skin.
[15:50] <Ataru> (oooh, is the melting rubber going to stick to her too?)
[15:50] <Yarrow> You'll suffer a penalty on melee attacks and a larger on a ranged attack.
[15:50] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+5 escape
[15:50] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+5 escape --> [ 2d6=5 ]{10}
[15:50] <Koizumi> mhmm)
[15:50] <Koizumi> (well, that's not a good sign...)
[15:51] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[15:51] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[15:52] <Yarrow> The woman maintains a tight grip on you and launches a knee at your midsection.
[15:52] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[15:52] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[15:52] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+5-3 isn't it?
[15:52] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+5-3 isn't it? --> [ 2d6=9 ]{11}
[15:53] <Yarrow> Correct.
[15:53] * Koizumi has the wind blasted from her lungs in the effort. "Ugh..."
[15:54] <Yarrow> Her knee slams into you, driving the air out of your lungs, and you start to go limp when energy suddenly explodes from you, throwing the woman back!
[15:54] <Yarrow> Feel free to describe your transformation.
[15:56] * Koizumi wobbles a little, sagging under the impending collapse of losing her senses, but catches herself half-way. Opening her eyes for the first time in the fight, burning almost black, with no iris, or white, consumed with the upsurge of energy flowing through her. Her body moves on auto, muttering without clear will>>
[15:56] <Ataru> (lyrical tokarev, kill them all!)
[15:58] <Yarrow> Woman: "Pretty..."
[15:59] * Koizumi "Evil...know the fear you so easily inflict on others...PHOBOS MAKEUP!" A sudden halo of energy exploding around her body, deep crimson with specks of violet swirling inside. Consuming her body, melting away the cumbersom dress in the flash and pouring over her form, coating it with a new effect. A flowing Chinese robe of black silk, the thigh on the left exposed. Feet girded in matching >>
[16:00] <Koizumi> slippers, and hair billowing out like a midnight cloak. Her eyes open again, like bubbling pools of raven liquid, swirling about as living things. "Fear is come..."
[16:00] <Koizumi> (well...that seems adequate)
[16:00] <Yarrow> (Aw. I was hoping it was going to be 'Feet girded in matching rollerskates.)
[16:01] <Yarrow> She shrugs at your speech and resumes her attack.
[16:01] <Yarrow> New inits!
[16:01] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[16:01] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[16:02] <Yarrow> Init, Koi?
[16:03] <Koizumi> (sorry, mom needed a hand for a second)
[16:03] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+5
[16:03] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{9}
[16:04] <Yarrow> The woman immediately tries to grab you again.
[16:04] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[16:04] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{9}
[16:04] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+5
[16:04] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{11}
[16:05] <Yarrow> But Sailor Phobos is not the sort who hugs rubber women and evades the glomp.
[16:06] <Yarrow> Sailor Phobos also thinks she'd better wrap this up quickly, as more women are appearing at the lip of the crater near the spot the rubber woman came from.
[16:06] <Koizumi> (one ability summoning shall count as one action? since I have both sword and shield [of sorts] or do both come as one?)
[16:07] <Yarrow> Good question. Since they're related, you can summon them both as once. You'll still have to pay for both at 10ep each, though.
[16:08] <Koizumi> (Si)
[16:09] <Ataru> (my cat is named Phobos)
[16:10] <Yarrow> Action?
[16:10] * Koizumi holds up her left arm and mutters. "Tch, just keeps getting better...Come forth, shield of my faith, sword of my heart. Kusunagi!" A glimmering plane of light crawls down her arm. Lines of violet let shaping thmselves into a long verticle shield reaching chin to knee. >>
[16:10] <Koizumi> (sorry, writing up)
[16:11] * Koizumi touches a hand to her heart and pulls, drawing forth a gleeming blade of pearl white material. Almost like glowing bone. "Sorry, but we can wrap up playing now?"
[16:11] <Koizumi> (-24 EP)
[16:13] <Yarrow> "Of course," says the woman as a hissing noise comes from her shoulder, which stops bubbling.
[16:13] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6 grapple
[16:13] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 grapple --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[16:13] <Yarrow> She tries to grab you, shield and all.
[16:14] <Yarrow> So no shield bonus for this attack.
[16:14] * Light02 (~light_ava@72-161-70-116.dyn.centurytel.net) has joined #cte
[16:14] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+9
[16:14] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{17}
[16:14] <Light02> (Koizumi....why do I feel I should be saying something Kyonish)
[16:14] <Yarrow> Koizumi steps to the side.
[16:15] <Yarrow> (You missed her getting beat up by a rubber droid. :) )
[16:15] * Koizumi grunts as she puts all her power into a quick horizontal slice from the glowing-white blade.
[16:15] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+8
[16:15] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[16:15] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+6
[16:15] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{11}
[16:16] <Koizumi> (44 dmg, penetrate 4)
[16:16] <Yarrow> The blade slices through her without slowing down, and the woman falls to the ground in two pieces. One of which sighs, "Damn..."
[16:17] * Koizumi turns his eyes quickly to the edge of the pit and then moves to made a bee line in the opposite direction. "Sorry to cut and run, but 'Exit, Stage Left!'"
[16:17] <Yarrow> In the meantime, the women at the lip of the crater move to slighly less steep areas and begin to slide down.
[16:18] <Light02> (Snaggle Puss)
[16:19] <Koizumi> (You would be the one to get that reference -snicker-)
[16:19] <Yarrow> Sailor Snagglepuss takes off in the opposite direction before they make much progress, however, and reaches the opposite side of the crater by the time the first ones are reaching the bottom.
[16:19] <Ataru> (oh come on, who doesn't know snagglepuss, the big gay mountain lion?)
[16:20] <Yarrow> I assume you aimed for a spot that isn't too steep to prevent climbing out?
[16:20] <Koizumi> yes)
[16:20] <Koizumi> Ataru, with a lot of my friends...then)
[16:20] <Koizumi> *them)
[16:20] <Koizumi> Sometimes I wonder if I was the only one with cable/satellite who watched all the old Hannah Barbera stuff)
[16:21] <Yarrow> You quickly climb out and are confronted with a scene of horrible destruction. Rubble litters the ground everywhere, and the buildings nearby are shattered. The smell of smoke and dust fills the air, and both screams and loud crashes can be heard in the distance.
[16:22] * Koizumi winces at being barraged with things her nose and ears simply can scare phathom, but shrugs it off to continue the retreat. "What happened here?..." Mutters in a low voice while moving all due haste.
[16:22] <Yarrow> At the edge of your senses, you notice another woman simply jump down into the crater and bounce forward, quickly catching up with the ones who slid down.
[16:23] <Ataru> (I remember the halcyon days of CN)
[16:23] <Light02> (same here)
[16:23] <Ataru> (when they played good toons ;_;)
[16:23] <Light02> (before the infection that them buying out and disovling hannah barbera)
[16:23] <Yarrow> Take the reminiscing somewher else. We're in the middle of a solo here.
[16:25] <Yarrow> You run past chunks of rubble and smashed cars, noticing with some alarm, that more strange women--all of them oddly featureless--coming out from behind wreckage and joining the pursuit.
[16:25] * Koizumi frowns at what that lingering echo tells her, but doesn't spare a glance back. Too much sensory information of a very horrifying scale as is.
[16:26] <Koizumi> "Sweet Queen...is there no end to this?!"
[16:26] <Yarrow> You also start to notice bodies strewn about. These have the usual features of clothing and such, but they're lying motionless
[16:26] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[16:26] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[16:27] <Yarrow> Someone shoots at you.
[16:27] <Yarrow> Dodge roll.
[16:28] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13
[16:28] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{21}
[16:29] <Yarrow> The shot goes wide and with your exceptional hearing, you hear a woman purr, "Don't shoot... It's more fun to do this ... hands-on."
[16:29] * Koizumi growls in frustration. "Please...there has to be somewhere to hide...something for cover..."
[16:31] <Yarrow> As if in answer to your request, you reach an intersection and an intact building you recognize is revealed. It's the Hayashi museum--one that you're rather familiar with, as it has a section devoted entirely to music.
[16:32] <Yarrow> It's bound to have lots of nooks and crannies, many exits... and now that you think about it, there's a subway station in the basement!
[16:32] * Koizumi takes the gamble and darts for the entry
[16:34] <Yarrow> You dash up the wide marble stairs leading to the main entrance--and with a loud bang, a shell is fired at you from somewhere behind!
[16:34] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[16:34] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
[16:35] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13
[16:35] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{21}
[16:36] <Yarrow> You whirl at the last second and interpose your shield, hoping it'll hold against fucking *artillery*.
[16:37] <Ataru> (lol)
[16:38] <Yarrow> Fortunately, the shell doesn't hit straight on. You're blasted several steps up the stairs but are unharmed.
[16:39] <Yarrow> You hear someone say, "Don't shoot her. It'll be more fu--" before she's cut off by the sound of metal being crushed and a deeper (but still female) voice says, "Shut up."
[16:39] * Koizumi grunts at the force of the impact, letting out a sigh, before running again into the building.
[16:40] <Yarrow> (Apparently, it's a bad idea for a basic metal droid to try telling a zerker to do or not do something.)
[16:41] <Yarrow> You burst through the doors, and to your intense relief, the entrance hall is empty.
[16:41] <Yarrow> There are a few large exhibits in the entrance hall, but much more importantly, over a dozen exits that lead further into the museum.
[16:43] * Koizumi glances around quietly, trying to recall a place that would be good for hiding in. Not that she can do so for long. They are so many...probably won't stop till they tear the place apart to find her.
[16:45] <Yarrow> Most of the spots you really know are over in the music section. There should be many hiding places all over the museum, though. The only problem is that you generally can't tell if you're hiding behind something that just happens to be transparent, like many cases in this museum are...
[16:46] <Yarrow> Of course, there's also the subway station. If you're really lucky, the train will actually be running. If you're not, there's still the tunnel...
[16:48] * Koizumi frowns a moment, and then decides on the subway, might get lucky...or it'll be destroyed.
[16:49] * Koizumi tries to pick a good path through the museum and an exit.
[16:50] <Yarrow> The station is in the museum's basement. Unfortunately, that's the opposite end of the basement, so it'll take a bit of running to get to it. I assume you're going to take a path that gets you out of the entrance hall as quickly as possible?
[16:50] <Koizumi> (Indeed)
[16:52] <Yarrow> You duck out of the entrance hall, and going by your memory, try to get to the subway station as quickly as possible while putting walls between you and the women who are chasing you.
[16:52] <Yarrow> After about a minute, you realize something that gives you a bit of hope--you haven't heard anyone come in behind you.
[16:53] * Koizumi let's out a breath, trying to keep an effect between stealth and speed, making her own footfalls as soft as possible so she can strain her hearing for other things out of place.
[16:54] <Yarrow> Of course, as soon as you think that, you faintly hear the sound of a large number of people coming in by the entrance. In the relative quiet of the museum, it's obvious that the sounds of the footsteps are primarily metal on stone.
[16:55] * Koizumi presses on, quick as she can.
[16:55] <Yarrow> A man's voice, somehow amplified, booms out. "Listen up, you stupid droids! Kill everyone, but destroy nothing!"
[16:55] <Yarrow> As the footsteps eagerly rush forward, you reach the stairway you were heading for and quickly descend.
[16:56] * Koizumi frowns and keeps picking her path, internally growling to herself. ~This keeps getting tragecially worse...~
[16:57] <Yarrow> You rush past the gift shop, dash past the restrooms (even if you do think you could stand to go), and rush into the subway station, right as the warning chime for a train's doors closing sounds.
[16:58] * Koizumi pants as she makes even faster for the train, not wanting to miss an escape.
[16:59] <Yarrow> The train is packed with people. They see you coming, and a few of them stop the door from closing and quietly cry encouragement to you.
[17:00] <Yarrow> You stumble into the second car and they let the doors close.
[17:01] <Yarrow> Speaker: "We hope you've enjoyed your visit to the Hayashi Museum. Please secure all possessions and hold on to a safety bar if you are standing. Have a nice ride."
[17:01] <Yarrow> The train slides into the tunnel.
[17:01] * Koizumi collapses against one of the support posts, letting out a sigh of relief. Turning her eyes to the thick crowd of people. Something entirely unused to when one travels in large limos and in complete privacy. "All of you are survivors...it's incredible..."
[17:02] <Yarrow> Man: "Are you ok? Whoa... is that a sword? And shield?"
[17:02] <Yarrow> (If your outfit were closer to that of the 'real' senshi, the response would likely have been different.)
[17:03] <Koizumi> "Just call me...a collector of...esoteric items..."
[17:03] <Yarrow> Woman: "A collecter of ... erotic items??"
[17:03] <Yarrow> You haven't quite caught your breath yet...
[17:04] * Koizumi doesn't spare the energy to correct the statement...
[17:04] <Yarrow> Another man, frowning: "You took things from the museum?"
[17:04] * Koizumi shakes her head while panting. "Mine..."
[17:05] <Yarrow> Man 3: "Oh, leave her alone. I saw some strange women outside attacking people..."
[17:05] <Yarrow> He trails off and you suddenly get a bit more space around you as people quietly back away a bit.
[17:05] <Yarrow> As much as they can, at any rate.
[17:06] * Koizumi shrugs it off, and just enjoys the space from people, trying to give them a bearth as well.
[17:07] <Yarrow> After a minute or so goes by without you going berserk and cutting people's heads off, everyone seems to relax a bit.
[17:07] <Yarrow> Man1: "So... what's with the sword and shield?"
[17:08] <Yarrow> Do you have the naked blade out, btw, or is it sheathed or something?
[17:10] * Koizumi returns the blade to its sheath and let's out a breath. "I was just...practicing a routine for a martial arts display...when I was attacked."
[17:10] <Yarrow> People relax more.
[17:11] <Yarrow> Woman: "That's right, they do have demonstrations in the museum sometimes."
[17:11] <Yarrow> Man 2: "I wish we knew what was going on."
[17:12] * Koizumi nods. "Me too..."
[17:12] <Yarrow> Suddenly, there's a loud boom and the car shudders before there's an equally loud crunch and the car stops short, throwing everyone forward!
[17:13] <Yarrow> You're very glad you sheathed your blade.
[17:13] * Koizumi gasps in shock at the sudden arrested motion.
[17:14] <Yarrow> People slowly untangle themselves and return to sitting or upright positions.
[17:15] <Yarrow> Speaker: "The train is exeriencing a technical difficultly. Please remain calm and wait for assistance."
[17:15] <Yarrow> The message repeats a few times.
[17:15] * Koizumi frowns, stretching out her hearing for something worse than just a 'technical difficulty'
[17:16] <Yarrow> You can't hear anything beyond the noises from the people in the car. In fact, since you can't see through the windows, you're actually at a disadvantage to everyone else in the 'knowing what's going on' department.
[17:17] <Koizumi> "Is there anything outside? Can anyone see anything wrong?"
[17:17] <Yarrow> Man, excited: "I think part of the tunnel collapsed! It looks like the front car was crushed!"
[17:17] <Yarrow> Speaker: "Please remain calm. Assistance is on the way."
[17:18] <Yarrow> +and should arrive shortly
[17:18] <Koizumi> "Damn..."
[17:18] <Yarrow> Woman, not sounding completely calm: "The doors won't open..."
[17:19] <Yarrow> Man: "I see someone in the tunnel!"
[17:19] <Yarrow> People mill about nervously.
[17:19] <Koizumi> "What do does it look like?"
[17:19] <Light02> (blinks is he with the group I saved?)
[17:19] <Yarrow> Man: "It's an emergency services worker!"
[17:19] <Yarrow> Sighs of relief are heard.
[17:20] <Ataru> (hahaha)
[17:20] <Light02> (chaos resumes in 3....2.....1....now)
[17:20] * Koizumi nervously fingers her fingers on the woven hilt of Kusanagi.
[17:20] <Koizumi> (...-moves her fingers)
[17:20] <Yarrow> Woman's voice through the speaker: "Just hold tight, everyone. There's been an accident and the train is stuck. I'm going to release the doors. When I do, exit the train in an orderly manner and DO NOT wander."
[17:21] <Yarrow> Woman's voice: "I'll get you out of this tunnel soon enough."
[17:21] <Yarrow> The door chime sounds and the doors slide open.
[17:21] <Koizumi> "Everyone...let's get off carefully."
[17:22] <Yarrow> People exit in a fairly orderly manner, not wanting to look barbaric to the nice emergency services worker.
[17:23] * Koizumi is one of the last off, keeping her attention on the 'emergency' worker. Proceeding up to the woman calmly as she can manage. "What happened? How did the tunnel collapse?"
[17:23] <Yarrow> ESW: "That's right. Just move away from the doors and stand by the side of tunnel."
[17:25] <Yarrow> ESW: "Ma'am, please stand by the side of the tunnel. I don't know what caused the collapse, and frankly, my concern is getting everyone out of here safely, not what started all of this."
[17:25] * Koizumi frowns a litle and nods, but proceeds slowly toward the others.
[17:25] <Yarrow> She looks around to make sure people aren't running around, then looks down at her forearm computer (ESC) and taps away a bit.
[17:26] <Ataru> (/me snickers)
[17:27] <Yarrow> You notice that a large part of the ceiling has collapsed ahead, crushing the first car and partially blocking the tunnel. A train wouldn't be able to get past the blockage, but people could.
[17:27] <Light02> (oh yeah so paralleing mine)
[17:28] * Koizumi keeps a hand tight on the hilt of Kusunagi, while waiting for their pending instructions.
[17:28] <Yarrow> The spot where the ceiling collapsed is now open to the sky. It looks like there are bits of rubble along the track where the ceiling broke in other places, but not nearly as badly.
[17:30] * Koizumi glances up at the broken line of roofing, not liking that, but what else was there for it?
[17:30] <Yarrow> The ESW bites her lip as she gets info from her computer.
[17:31] <Yarrow> She softly speaks into it, "Central? Come on, Central, I could really use some help here... Things are screwed up awfully bad..."
[17:32] <Yarrow> There's a crash from down the tunnel back the way the train came.
[17:32] <Yarrow> ESW: "Stay put!"
[17:33] <Light02> (horror film chiche met....20)
[17:33] <Yarrow> She jogs foward to the crushed car and quickly starts looking around at the rubble and up toward where the ceiling used to be. It kind of looks like she's trying to see if it's climbable.
[17:33] * Koizumi turns her ears back toward the rear of the tunnel, straining her best for anything out of the ordinary.
[17:34] <Yarrow> ESW: "Hey, you up there! Could you--what the hell?"
[17:35] <Yarrow> A very large woman jumps down and lands in front of the ESW.
[17:35] <Yarrow> Her arms seem to end in long blades.
[17:36] <Koizumi> "Get away from her, quickly!"
[17:36] <Yarrow> As the ESW gapes at her, the large woman raises an arm and slashes down with it. At the last second, the ESW tries to block with her computer.
[17:37] <Koizumi> (I have to afk for a minute, check on the dog, I'll brb)
[17:38] <Yarrow> Sadly, the blade slices right through it and the arm wearing it. As the ESW stares in shock at the point where her forearm used to be, the big woman impales her with the other blade, then lifts her into the air and hurls her body into the crowd of passengers lining the tunnel.
[17:38] <Yarrow> Several people go down and don't get back up.
[17:40] <Yarrow> As screams ring out and people panic, a half dozen more women jump down into the tunnel. One is another huge one, four are normal sized, and one is normal sized but bounces when she lands and drops a boy with a kick.
[17:40] <Yarrow> Loud screams also start coming from the back end of the train, which is around a bend.
[17:40] <Yarrow> Afk a minute, too.
[17:45] <Yarrow> Ok, I'm back.
[17:46] <Koizumi> same)
[17:46] * Koizumi growls. "Damnit." Shouting. "Everyone, take cover inside, or behind the train, kep away from them!"
[17:46] <Yarrow> People immediately respond by running around in every direction.
[17:47] <Yarrow> They do seem to get the keeping away from them part, though.
[17:47] * Koizumi growls and moves to try and engag the enemy. "I'm getting out of here...however many of you...things, I have to hack through"
[17:49] <Yarrow> The first big woman and three of the normal sized ones head for you. The others wade into the crowd and start slicing and punching away.
[17:49] <Yarrow> Init
[17:49] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+8
[17:49] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[17:50] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+10
[17:50] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2#2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{14}, [ 2d6=5 ]{15}
[17:50] <Koizumi> silly me, I'd forgotten I took Lightning Reflexes...for all the good it did me ^^;;)
[17:50] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+4
[17:50] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}, [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[17:51] <Yarrow> The big woman slices at you with a blade.
[17:51] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[17:51] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[17:52] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13
[17:52] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{23}
[17:52] <Yarrow> You deflect the swing.
[17:53] <Yarrow> Droid 2 holds her action. Droid 3 and you go at the same time.
[17:54] * Koizumi turns her sword on the sword aiming for her, breathing a curse. "Kusunagi, don't fail me...please!"
[17:54] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+8
[17:54] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[17:54] <Yarrow> So, you're attacking the big one?
[17:54] <Koizumi> mhmm)
[17:54] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[17:54] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[17:54] <Yarrow> Kusunagi fails you.
[17:54] <Koizumi> (naturally)
[17:55] <Yarrow> The smaller droid stabs at you.
[17:55] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[17:55] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[17:55] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-1
[17:55] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-1 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{18}
[17:55] <Yarrow> You dance around the slow thrust...
[17:56] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[17:56] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
[17:56] <Yarrow> and the big droid tries to impale you with her other blade.
[17:56] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13
[17:56] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{25}
[17:56] <Koizumi> (new round, or old one?)
[17:56] <Koizumi> (still)
[17:56] <Yarrow> Same round.
[17:57] <Koizumi> then -3 to that)
[17:57] <Yarrow> Fortunately, you manage to deflect it with your shield.
[17:57] <Yarrow> But the attacks continue, as a second small stabs at you.
[17:57] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[17:58] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[17:58] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-6
[17:58] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[17:58] <Yarrow> But despite their best efforts, none of them can touch you.
[18:00] <Yarrow> Then the final one who hasn't attacked yet speaks. She has a slightly refined accent you're not familiar with, and you suddenly notice she's actually wearing clothing. In fact, it seems like she's wearing some sort of short nurse's uniform. "Not so fast, dearie! You don't actually think you're going to get out of this without giving some blood, do you?"
[18:01] <Yarrow> Her right arm morphs into a giant syringe and hypodermic needle.
[18:01] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+10
[18:01] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+10 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{17}
[18:01] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-6
[18:01] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
[18:02] <Yarrow> It stabs into you, and you feel an instant of vertigo as it seems like *something* is drawn out of you.
[18:02] <Yarrow> 7 damage after armor.
[18:03] * Koizumi winces. "If I have to spill a few drops to get out of here, fine! But I'm taking a few of you for the ride"
[18:03] <Yarrow> She backs away and dances behind the big droid.
[18:04] <Yarrow> Nurse droid: "Oh, very nice! I hope it didn't hurt too much."
[18:05] <Yarrow> The big droid attempts to dice you with both blades (same round).
[18:05] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+8
[18:05] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}, [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
[18:05] <Koizumi> roll 2#d6+13-6
[18:05] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2#d6+13-6 --> [ 1d6=4 ]{11}, [ 1d6=1 ]{8}
[18:05] <Koizumi> roll 2#2d6+13-6
[18:05] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2#2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{12}, [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[18:06] <Yarrow> Each slice does 7 damage after armor.
[18:06] <Yarrow> Next round.
[18:07] <Yarrow> Nurse droid to the big droid: "Be a dear and make sure I'm not disturbed."
[18:07] <Yarrow> The big droid takes a quick look around before taking a stab at you.
[18:07] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[18:08] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[18:08] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13
[18:08] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{16}
[18:08] <Koizumi> (...flirtin with disaster)
[18:08] <Yarrow> You barely manage to divert the thrust. You're up.
[18:09] <Yarrow> You notice a few people run past the collapsed ceiling and further down the tunnel.
[18:09] <Koizumi> (alright...how many droids am I fighting here?...)
[18:10] <Koizumi> (or is it to assume the large one has an extra action?)
[18:10] <Yarrow> There are two small droids engaging you. There is also one very large droid standing there and stabbing at you. The nurse droid is behind the big droid. The big one seems to have 3 extra actions.
[18:10] <Koizumi> (ah)
[18:10] * Koizumi keeps her attention on the largest one, grunting as she puts more into the swing
[18:10] <Yarrow> The nurse droid does not have a clear line to you and has told the big one to make sure she's not disturbed.
[18:11] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+8
[18:11] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
[18:11] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[18:11] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[18:12] <Yarrow> You slice into the droid, hurting her. She lets out a roar.
[18:12] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[18:13] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{10}
[18:13] <Yarrow> Dodge all of these as they come, btw.
[18:13] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-1
[18:13] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-1 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{18}
[18:13] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[18:13] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[18:14] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-3
[18:14] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-3 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{21}
[18:14] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4 lil droid
[18:14] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 lil droid --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[18:14] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-6
[18:14] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{17}
[18:14] <Yarrow> 2#roll 2d6+8 big
[18:14] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+8 big
[18:15] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2#2d6+8 big --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}, [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[18:15] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-6
[18:15] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[18:15] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-6
[18:15] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{16}
[18:15] <Yarrow> One hits for 7 damage.
[18:16] <Yarrow> People try to run back down the tunnel toward the back of the train but are met with people trying to run from the back of the train to the front of the train.
[18:17] <Yarrow> The other droids continue to slice through the passengers, and you hear large things moving around by the back of the train.
[18:17] <Yarrow> Next round.
[18:18] <Yarrow> The big droid (zerker) continues to attack.
[18:18] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[18:18] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[18:18] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13
[18:18] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{22}
[18:19] <Yarrow> You easily avoid the attack. It's now your turn, along with one of the little droids.
[18:19] * Koizumi keeps focusing on the large one. "Would you break already?!"
[18:19] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+8
[18:19] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[18:20] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[18:20] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[18:20] <Koizumi> (this is getting redundent...)
[18:20] <Yarrow> You can say that again.
[18:20] <Yarrow> Since DCG's ruled that ties go to the PC, you hit.
[18:21] * Koizumi smacks the bot to quit generating the same damn numbers)
[18:21] <Yarrow> The zerker staggers and fall to one knee. But manages to straighten.
[18:21] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4 simul
[18:21] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 simul --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[18:22] * Koizumi yanks Kusunagi out with a huff. "Fine, third time the charm."
[18:22] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-1
[18:22] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-1 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{18}
[18:22] <Koizumi> ...good grief, if I was playing fives and sixes on craps, I'd be a serious winner tonight)
[18:23] <Yarrow> The nurse droid seems to notice the zerker isn't going to be able to keep her undisturbed for much longer and lets out a piercing whistle."
[18:23] <Yarrow> She calls, "Attention, please. Everyone stop what you're doing and kill the one with the sword."
[18:24] <Yarrow> The other little droid attacks.
[18:24] <Yarrow> Sorry, the zerker gets one first.
[18:24] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[18:24] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[18:24] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-3
[18:24] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-3 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{20}
[18:24] <Yarrow> 2d6+4 lil droid
[18:24] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-6
[18:24] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
[18:24] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4 lil droid
[18:24] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 lil droid --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[18:25] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+8 zerker
[18:25] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2#2d6+8 zerker --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}, [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
[18:26] <Koizumi> roll 2#2d6+13-6
[18:26] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2#2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}, [ 2d6=2 ]{9}
[18:26] <Koizumi> (oi vey..)
[18:26] <Yarrow> You get sliced again for 7 more damage. End of round.
[18:26] <Yarrow> People run by unmolested as all of the droids turn and stare at you.
[18:27] * Koizumi is panting now from all the cuts, biting her lip in tactical analysis.
[18:27] <Yarrow> From what you can tell, that would be another zerker, a basic metal droid, and one rubber droid.
[18:28] <Yarrow> You're pretty sure the zerkers can't fit through the space to get around the collapsed ceiling.
[18:28] <Yarrow> Whether they can blow it apart is another matter.
[18:29] <Yarrow> Since the other droids were scattered about the tunnel, they won't get to your position until near the end of the round.
[18:29] <Yarrow> The zerker takes her first attack.
[18:29] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[18:29] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[18:29] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13
[18:29] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{21}
[18:29] <Yarrow> Your turn (and the metal droid's).
[18:30] * Koizumi tries one more hack on the massive droid.
[18:30] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+8
[18:30] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
[18:30] <Yarrow> Allow me to clarify: the other droids will arrive near the end of the round and then get to attack in this round.
[18:30] <Yarrow> Attacking?
[18:31] <Koizumi> ...okay...then run for the hills I suppose)
[18:31] <Koizumi> (or the ramp at least)
[18:31] <Yarrow> You could try to climb the rubble or squeeze around the collapsed ceiling and go further down the tunnel.
[18:32] <Koizumi> (...hmm...I guess taking the narrow escape route is the 'braver' option)
[18:32] <Yarrow> Well, you won't have to make a climb roll for it, at very least. :)
[18:33] <Yarrow> And you haven't really had the chance to check how difficult the climb would be.
[18:34] <Koizumi> (indeed)
[18:36] * Koizumi takes the attempt to break off and flee, away from the running people and the droids.
[18:36] <Yarrow> The little droid takes a shot at you as you go.
[18:36] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[18:36] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[18:37] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-1
[18:37] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-1 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{24}
[18:38] <Yarrow> You flow around her blade and run for the gap in the collapsed tunnel.
[18:39] <Yarrow> The zerker moves to stay between you and the nurse and takes one more swing.
[18:39] <Yarrow> roll 2d8+8
[18:39] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d8+8 --> [ 2d8=13 ]{21}
[18:39] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[18:39] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
[18:39] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-3
[18:39] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-6
[18:39] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-3 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{16}
[18:39] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{12}
[18:40] <Yarrow> I'll save that 2nd one.
[18:40] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[18:40] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=12 ]{16}
[18:40] <Yarrow> You avoid her blow, but amazingly, the 2nd little droid darts forward and stabs you in the back!
[18:41] <Light02> (...)
[18:42] <Koizumi> "Gah!"
[18:42] <Yarrow> But it doesn't pentrate your outfit.
[18:42] <Koizumi> "Stupid robots, go pick on someone else!"
[18:43] <Yarrow> The zerker seems like she wants to come after you but stays where she is, making sure the nurse isn't disturbed.
[18:44] * DCG (~PyroRaven@c-76-125-15-68.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:44] <Yarrow> You reach the gap just as you hear a lound bang behind you and a shell from the 2nd zerker streaks at you.
[18:44] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[18:44] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{13}
[18:44] <Yarrow> Dodge that.
[18:45] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+13-6
[18:45] <dicebot> Koizumi rolled 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}
[18:45] <Koizumi> (as you command, oh queen)
[18:45] <Yarrow> Since you do sort of have eyes in the back of your head, you're able to turn at the last instant and interpose your shield.
[18:46] <Yarrow> There's an explosion and you're blown through the gap right before the rest of the ceiling collapses, separating you from the droids.
[18:46] <Yarrow> And the train, and any passengers still on that side, which was most of them.
[18:48] <Yarrow> You think the explosion and falling ceiling got a few passengers, actually.
[18:48] * Koizumi grunts a little as she tumbles across the floor before coming back upright. Looking at the destruction, she shakes her head and let's out a mournful sigh. "Why is this happening? ... Those people..."
[18:48] <Yarrow> (You're going to have the distinction of being the only PC with a negative rescue count, you know. :) )
[18:48] <Koizumi> whoo!)
[18:49] <Koizumi> (If you're going to suck at something, you might as well do it mightly!)
[18:49] <Yarrow> It gets quiet. Just the sound of a few people running further down the tunnel remains.
[18:52] * Koizumi sighs and turns to seek an exit further up the tunnel, bleeding and panting from the effort of the previous fight.
[18:53] <Yarrow> Ok. How fast do you go?
[18:55] <Koizumi> (full speed ahead, I suppose)
[18:55] <Yarrow> Sprinting? Jogging? Walking?
[18:56] <Yarrow> Sprinting would be a bad idea, and you wouldn't be able to do it long.
[18:56] <Koizumi> A brist walk :P)
[18:58] <Koizumi> Err, a walk even, if somewhat brisk)
[18:58] <Yarrow> You make your way down the tunnel at a brisk walk. You don't encounter anyone.
[18:59] <Yarrow> After a few minutes, you come across a part of the wall that has a handle.
[18:59] <Yarrow> It looks live a small pull handle you'd find on a door.
[19:01] * Koizumi frowns at the thing, sheathing her sword and moving to investigate.
[19:02] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cte
[19:02] <Yarrow> You walk over to it.
[19:03] <Yarrow> It still looks like a door pull.
[19:03] * Koizumi carefully runs a hand over the length.
[19:04] <Yarrow> It feels rather dirty.
[19:05] * Koizumi frowns and tests the direction is moves.
[19:06] <Yarrow> It's shaped like this, but it doesn't extend very far from the wall: http://en.fukesi.com/img/serve_pic/Door_Pull.jpg
[19:07] <Koizumi> "Who puts something like this in the middle of a subway tunnel? Doesn't feel like an emergency door..."
[19:07] * Koizumi gives a good tug to see if it opens anything.
[19:08] <Yarrow> Why, by Serenity, it is a door pull. Part of the wall silently swings open.
[19:09] <Yarrow> Beyond the door is a passage.
[19:10] * Koizumi shrugs and moves down the passage, pulling the door closed behind her. Taking a quick look for something to block it.
[19:12] <Yarrow> There's nothing to block the door with. You walk down the passage, and after a bit, it turns and opens into a large room with lockers, cots, a couple of long tables and chairs, and several other exits.
[19:13] <Koizumi> "Service tunnel?..." Asking no one in particular.
[19:13] <Yarrow> (You good to go for a while longer? And would you like a break if you are?)
[19:13] <Koizumi> (I can keep up for a couple more hours, if you need to break, s'fine with me)
[19:13] <Yarrow> (I'm good.)
[19:13] <Koizumi> ok)
[19:14] <Yarrow> (Just trying to be considerate while killing you. :) )
[19:14] * Koizumi takes a quick look around for a possible map this place.
[19:14] * DCG (~PyroRaven@c-76-16-38-203.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[19:14] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa DCG DCG
[19:14] <Koizumi> (You're such a sweet, evil ruler)
[19:14] <Yarrow> No, you don't. You can't read a map. :p
[19:15] <Yarrow> Would you like to look around for other things you might be able to use, though?
[19:16] <Koizumi> (sure :P and I don't have something for 'reading' Or is that a 'later' find?)
[19:17] <Yarrow> Oh, you have something for reading... but how is hearing all the words printed on a map going to help you?
[19:18] <Koizumi> lol)
[19:19] <Yarrow> You start rummaging through the lockers. Some of them have food and water, others have medsprays, and some have a few packs.
[19:21] * Koizumi tries to find a satchel or something to store provisions, then rumages through the available first aid for a patch up.
[19:22] <Yarrow> You take out the box of medsprays. Your OCR reads a warning that 'using more 1 than medspray in a 4 hour period can result in nausea, cramps, vomiting, temporary blindness, and in rare cases: death'.
[19:23] <Yarrow> You briefly wonder if getting temporary blindness means you'd finally be able to see when it wore off.
[19:23] <Yarrow> But not seriously.
[19:26] * Koizumi snorts and applies the spray to the worst of her wounds.
[19:26] <Yarrow> You're fully healed.
[19:27] <Yarrow> You feel your sword and shield draining your mental energy. -24 ep.
[19:28] * Koizumi packs as much as can be reasonably carried without being a burden and sets off once more.
[19:29] <Yarrow> You pack four more of those medsprays and some food and drink.
[19:29] <Yarrow> (Each medspray heals 40hp)
[19:30] <Koizumi> roger)
[19:30] <Yarrow> Do you want to go back to the subway tunnel or take one of the other exits?
[19:31] <Koizumi> Another exit)
[19:31] <Yarrow> You pick one of the other exits and follow a narrow, twisting passage.
[19:32] <Yarrow> After a while, it branches.
[19:33] <Yarrow> Seeing nothing to really differentiate them, you pick one path at random and move on.
[19:33] <Yarrow> You are in a maze of twistly little passages, all alike.
[19:34] <Yarrow> You continue on, picking a direction when the passage banches.
[19:34] * Koizumi sighs, trying to keep on the look out for any potential markings that might provide a direction. "There's probably miles of this stuff..."
[19:34] <Yarrow> You are in a maze of twistly little passages, all alike.
[19:34] <Yarrow> You are in a maze of twistly little passages, all--wait, what's that on the ground?
[19:35] <Yarrow> You see a torn backpack lying on the floor ahead of you.
[19:36] * Koizumi kneels down to perform a quick inspection, keeping an ear pointed down either side of the tunnel.
[19:37] <Yarrow> There are two items inside. A sturdy pill bottle with a label and an icosahedron with the number 2 engraved in its faces.
[19:38] <Light02> (capsle corp?)
[19:38] <Yarrow> (You wish.)
[19:38] * Koizumi scans the label with the OCR on the pills, and frowns at the oddly shaped other item.
[19:39] <Yarrow> "Emergency ration pills. 1 pill = 1 meal."
[19:39] <Koizumi> "Hmm...well, I guess that's handy."
[19:40] <Yarrow> You hold the icosahedron and somehow get the feeling that if you crush it, someone will come and help you for a short while. You also get the feeling it won't be very much help...
[19:41] * Koizumi drops it into her bag with a sigh along with the pills, moving on. "Don't people put tunnel numbers of something in places like this? ..."
[19:43] <Yarrow> You walk on for a while and the passage dead-ends. A series of rungs set in the wall go up in a line.
[19:44] * Koizumi looks up the ladder, not the best place to go, perhaps, but better then being aimlessly lost forever. Ascends.
[19:45] <Yarrow> You climb the ladder and reach a hole with a metal cover.
[19:45] <Yarrow> (Like a manhole cover)
[19:45] * Koizumi pauses at the top, and carefully puts her ear to the grate at the top.
[19:45] <Yarrow> It's silent.
[19:46] * Koizumi grunts and gives a careful push to test the weight.
[19:46] <Yarrow> It's heavy, you think there may be something on it, but you can lift it. You doubt you could have before transforming.
[19:47] * Koizumi pushes up and slides over carefully.
[19:49] <Yarrow> You push the cover up and hear something fall over with a soft thump.
[19:49] * Koizumi climbs up to whatever level she is now on, be it street or higher tunnels, and investigates whatever was knocked over.
[19:50] <Yarrow> You slide the cover over and cautiosly poke your head up to sense your surroundings.
[19:51] <Yarrow> You seem to have entered a storeroom of some sort. There are piles of rugs, couches, beds, and lounge chairs. There's only one door, which is closed.
[19:51] * Koizumi stretches out that unusual...sonar of hers, and her ears. Then listens at the door carefully.
[19:51] <Yarrow> It's completely quiet.
[19:52] * Koizumi tests the door handle/knob.
[19:53] <Yarrow> As you stand there, it suddenly strikes you that you've been up for quite a while today and been through quite a lot. And there are lots of comfortable things to lie on here, and it seems pretty secure...
[19:53] <Koizumi> (is this our clue to wrap up? ;P)
[19:54] <Yarrow> No. But you have been going full tilt for quite a while.
[19:54] <Koizumi> (True)
[19:54] * Koizumi let's out a soft breath, biting on her lip a moment. Checking to see if the door can be locked from this side.
[19:55] <Yarrow> It can't, but there doesn't seem to be anyone around. You can cover the hole in the floor, however.
[19:55] <Yarrow> You suppose you could pile som furniture in front of the door, though.
[19:56] * Koizumi slides the manhole cover back into place as quietly as possible. And barricades the door as well as can be expected.
[19:57] * Koizumi then takes the risk of dismissing her Senshi power.
[19:58] <Yarrow> You revert to you normal self. You feel pretty good.
[19:58] <Yarrow> (Hm... Is it too cruel to remove her supersense during cooldown? :) )
[19:59] * Koizumi let's out a breath, although now bathed again in the complete darkness of her normal self again. No power at all save her sharpened ears. Using her cane she seeks out what seems the best spot to hide in his room. Pulling out some food.
[19:59] <Yarrow> (I'll ask DCG when he's around. :) )
[20:00] <Yarrow> (Ok, he's gone over it with you already? Good.)
[20:00] <Yarrow> You eat and drink.
[20:00] <Koizumi> (That was part and parcel of the deal when I made the character, or so I assumed, at least. And not like the super sense does a whole lot of good when one is in a box anyway :P)
[20:00] <Koizumi> (Oh I didn't cover it with him in depth, but I was going to do it that way anyway)
[20:00] <Yarrow> You then wish this room had a toilet.
[20:00] <DCG> (thats fine)
[20:01] <Yarrow> Lacking that, you decide you may as well get some sleep for now.
[20:01] * Koizumi sighs and chances rest.
[20:01] <Yarrow> Especially since the rest of the PCs are a day ahead of you. ;)
[20:02] <Yarrow> You wake up later with your senses restored. And you *really* need a bathroom now.
[20:02] * Koizumi groans, holding her stomach. Despite the embarassment, a room corner will simply have to do.
[20:03] <Yarrow> You damage what you hope isn't a priceless rug and then decide you really want to get out of this room.
[20:04] * Koizumi carefully listens at the door again, then cautiously sticks her head into the hallway if it seems clear.
[20:05] <Yarrow> You come out into what you can only surmise is the back area of a furniture store.
[20:06] <Yarrow> There's a closed door on one wall and a closed garage door on the opposite wall.
[20:06] * Koizumi tests the smaller door first.
[20:07] <Yarrow> You listen at the small door. After hearing nothing, you open it.
[20:08] <Yarrow> It leads to the store's showroom. There doesn't seem to be anyone inside.
[20:09] * Koizumi moves cautiously through the interior, using any cover to be found, seeking out the front door. "Damned windows..."
[20:09] <Yarrow> You make your way to the front of the store and find its door. It sounds like it's raining pretty hard outside.
[20:10] * Koizumi frowns. "And me without a coat..."
[20:13] * Koizumi takes a quick look for a tarp or something that might serve as a barrier against the rain.
[20:13] <Yarrow> You could probably find one, but the minute you had to fight or run, you'd end up losing it.
[20:15] * Koizumi sighs and moves out into the street, on guard, checking to see if the roof has an overhang first.
[20:16] <Yarrow> You step out of the store. The pouring rain limits your echolocation somewhat and introduces 'static'. You think there used to be an awning over the door. It didn't survive yesterday.
[20:17] <Yarrow> Bodies and rubble are strewn about the street.
[20:18] * Koizumi begins to pick her way out into the street, at least searching for something that might be a useful marker of her location.
[20:19] <Yarrow> You make your way into the street, wondering where you are and where you should god, when you hear a familiar sound approaching. It moves pretty quickly but slows as it approaches you.
[20:19] <Yarrow> A window rolls down on the car and a girl asks, "Need a lift?"
[20:20] <Light02> (wait is that the girl who nearly ran me down?)
[20:20] * Koizumi looks in that direction, and bites her lip. "I suppose...as long as it's away from here..."
[20:21] <Yarrow> She shrugs and says a bit flatly, "If you've got something better to do..."
[20:21] <Koizumi> "Only stand out here and get wet."
[20:21] * Koizumi moves to get into the vehicle.
[20:22] <Yarrow> You go around to the passenger side and get in.
[20:22] <Yarrow> "Mai," says the girl driving.
[20:23] * Koizumi nods. "Koi"
[20:23] <Yarrow> "Huh. A koi wanting to come in out of the rain. What next?"
[20:23] <Yarrow> The girl starts driving again. You wish you could see out the windows.
[20:24] * Koizumi doesn't reply.
[20:25] <Yarrow> The girl has short hair and a pretty face. Her voice is a little dull, but she probably been having a pretty bad couple of days.
[20:25] <Yarrow> "Going anywhere in particular?"
[20:26] * Koizumi sighs, leaning on the dash. "I don't know, really...is there anything even left intact anymore? The Royal Palace?"
[20:27] <Yarrow> "Don't know. I'm looking for ... someone special to me. Once we find him, we'll see else there is."
[20:27] * Koizumi gives a nod.
[20:28] <Yarrow> "Keep an eye out for those metal women, ok?"
[20:28] <Koizumi> "That'll be kind of hard to do. Mine don't work so well."
[20:29] <Yarrow> "Oh. Can you see at all?"
[20:29] <Koizumi> "Not enough that I'd be any use as a look out."
[20:31] <Yarrow> "Oh... Well, I'll try to help you out if we run into trouble, but if comes down to helping you getting me sliced into little pieces, you're on your own."
[20:32] <Koizumi> "I can defend myself, fairly well."
[20:32] <Yarrow> "Ok. I won't worry about you, then."
[20:33] <Yarrow> "Oh. That isn't good."
[20:33] <Yarrow> The car speeds up.
[20:33] <Yarrow> "And that's worse!"
[20:34] * Koizumi frowns. "What?"
[20:34] <Yarrow> Mai yanks the wheel to the side and the car spins around, skidding, before going back the way it came.
[20:34] <Yarrow> You hear explosions to the sides. It reminds you of zerker shots.
[20:34] * Koizumi palms her face and groans. "Wonderful"
[20:35] <Yarrow> "Both ends of the block blocked. Wait! an alley! Get ready to get out."
[20:36] <Yarrow> She breaks hard while spinning the wheel. The car spins around and stops.
[20:36] <Yarrow> "Out!"
[20:36] <Yarrow> She opens her door and gets out.
[20:36] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+2
[20:36] <dicebot> Yarrow rolled 2d6+2 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{11}
[20:37] * Koizumi makes a quick move to exit.
[20:38] <Yarrow> You get out of the car. It's stopped very close to the mouth of an alley.
[20:38] <Yarrow> "This way," calls Mai from the mouth of the alley.
[20:39] * Koizumi turns to follow, adjusting her bag and holding her cane tight.
[20:39] <Yarrow> She runs down the alley.
[20:40] * Koizumi follows as close behind Mai as she can manage.
[20:41] <Yarrow> The alley twists and turns. After a bit, you run pass the body of a woman lying on the ground.
[20:41] <Yarrow> *past
[20:42] <Koizumi> (I'm gonna have to get to sleep in about twenty)
[20:42] <Yarrow> Ok. We're almost done.
[20:42] * Koizumi spares the body a glance, but proceeds onward.
[20:42] <Yarrow> The twists and turns and the rain make it hard to tell if you're being pursued.
[20:43] <Yarrow> The alley opens into a small courtyard with a fountain and a tree. There are little chunks of something scattered over the ground.
[20:44] <Yarrow> Mai softly says to herself, "He's been here... I can feel it..."
[20:44] * Koizumi nods while panting. "Good...know where we are? Or where can dash to safely?"
[20:45] <Yarrow> She doesn't stop, though, and you follow her out of the courtyard into one of CT's Nostalgia zones, where the area is designed to be like a neighborhood from the early 1900s.
[20:45] <Yarrow> "Not yet," says Mai, not panting at all.
[20:45] <Koizumi> "Well, the further we are from harm, the better..."
[20:46] <Yarrow> The nearby buildings here don't seem very damaged and there isn't much rubble in the street.
[20:46] <Yarrow> You notice there's a ladder built into the side of building close to you.
[20:47] <Koizumi> (up or down?)
[20:47] <Yarrow> Up.
[20:48] <Koizumi> "Think that's useful?"
[20:48] * Koizumi points in the direction of the ladder.
[20:48] <Yarrow> "I thought you were blind."
[20:49] <Koizumi> "I have my ways"
[20:50] <Yarrow> "Right... Yeah, I doubt they'd think to look for us up there."
[20:50] <Yarrow> She heads for the ladder and starts climbing.
[20:51] * Koizumi follows. "At the least, maybe we can get a better view of the surroundings."
[20:52] <Yarrow> You get better exposure to the wind, at any rate.
[20:53] <Yarrow> It looks like most of the buildings on the block are pretty close together. You could probably travel between them without going back to ground level. At least until you wanted to cross a street.
[20:55] * Koizumi takes a view of the surroundings, as best she can manage. "Any 'intuition' on which way your special one might be?"
[20:55] <Yarrow> She stands there for a moment and then points off to the left.
[20:55] <Yarrow> "I don't know how far, though."
[20:56] <Yarrow> She ducks down as some droids walk out of a building.
[20:56] * Koizumi quickly follows the action.
[20:56] <Yarrow> Mai moves behind a fan and peeks out at the droids.
[20:57] <Yarrow> "One of the big ones and a few others..."
[20:58] * Koizumi sighs as she hides down, nodding. "And us with no howitzers to greet them"
[20:58] <Yarrow> Are you completely concealed or are you positioned so you have cover but can watch the droids?
[20:59] <Yarrow> "I guess if we stay here until they move on, we'll be safe."
[20:59] <Koizumi> (completely concealed, Mai's eyes are better for watching, more than likely)
[21:00] <Yarrow> "If you face the other way, will you be able to see if the ones we were running from come this way?"
[21:00] <Yarrow> (A few more minutes and we'll be done.)
[21:01] <Koizumi> "I can watch and listen to the rear, yeah"
[21:01] <Yarrow> "Ok."
[21:03] <Yarrow> Going to rise up enough to 'watch' the way back? You could probably find a position where you'd be able to scan in most directions without exposing much of yourself if you tried.
[21:03] <Yarrow> Or you could position yourself as to minimize exposure as much as possible. You won't be able to see more than the way you came, though.
[21:04] <Koizumi> (I'll go for the primary)
[21:04] <Yarrow> Rephrase that, please.
[21:05] <Koizumi> (The first?)
[21:05] <Yarrow> Trying to cover as much area?
[21:05] <Koizumi> mhmm)
[21:06] <Yarrow> Ok. You manage to get a good position that maximizes coverage but minimizes exposure. Nothing is coming from the courtyard yet.
[21:06] <Yarrow> In the direction that Mai is looking are one zerker and five smaller droids, and one of the small ones is ... resonating oddly.
[21:06] <Yarrow> Kind of like some things made of crystal or glass do.
[21:07] * Koizumi frowns at the tone.
[21:07] <Yarrow> The droid's head whips up and she stares directly at you. She then points a bladed arm in your direction and all the other droids look up.
[21:07] <Yarrow> Mai: "Shit..."
[21:07] <Yarrow> And we'll end here.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:09 am

Session 1

[18:15] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Keiko
[18:15] <DCG> but thats for later
[18:16] <Alaric> (actually..)
[18:16] * Light02 is now known as Xui-Fei
[18:16] * Alaric is now known as Sailor_Nietzsche
[18:16] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (.. depending on where we pick up)
[18:16] * Xui-Fei resumes hanging off his hookshoot
[18:17] <Keiko> (*Waits for DCG to cue her existance*)
[18:17] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: « Ë×Çü®§îöñ » Info~[v9.5]~ Released~[October 27, 2003]~)
[18:17] <Yarrow> Actually, you were just about to fire it.
[18:17] * Pale_Wolf is now known as Valery
[18:17] <Xui-Fei> (ah)
[18:18] * Ataru is now known as Toast
[18:19] <DCG> pick up should be.. wolfie finshing emptying the chopper, Emergy call from the hosiprtal, pick up drop off, Emegery call from subway, pickup drop off, potty break, Park blows up, keiko notices park blowing up, emegerypick up at park. Securing a 'home base"
[18:19] <Toast> (Is Toast a bad enough Stoat to rescue the princess?)
[18:19] <DCG> but not like im the dm or anything,
[18:19] <Keiko> (Umm... where's Keiko?)
[18:20] <Xui-Fei> (...uh I think your holding the out cold stoat)
[18:20] <Yarrow> She's in an uncertain state right now.
[18:20] <Toast> (he's not out cold, he's smoking a cigarette)
[18:20] <Keiko> (How would I know? Last I know, Keiko was at an orphanage...)
[18:20] <Toast> (also, may I suggest Keiko strangle droids with her jumprope?)
[18:20] <Xui-Fei> (more your character comes alive the more I want to call him Chamo)
[18:21] * Sailor_Nietzsche is now known as Alaric
[18:21] <Keiko> (Sorry, she doesn't have a jump-rope)
[18:21] <Alaric> (I'll have detransformed as soon as everyone was on the chopper to try to heal... and fail to heal ;p )
[18:21] <Valery> (Gotcha, Alaric-chan :P )
[18:22] * Alaric is a silver-furred catgirl in a bloody, tattered doctor's jacket.
[18:22] <Alaric> (how long is the cooldown on normal form / normal powers anyways? I heard like 5 different things)
[18:22] <Alaric> (.. more important, am I in it?)
[18:23] <Valery> (As long as you spent, so, like, ten minutes for you.)
[18:23] <Alaric> (and there have been multiple dropoffs/pickups since? then I'm in normal form ;p )
[18:23] * Xui-Fei currently is in a very cut up chinese silk shirt and baggy pants...with a wrist computer and on his left arm and a odd golden device on his ohter...his back is against a wall for some reason
[18:23] * Alaric is actually a cat-guy, apparently.
[18:24] <Alaric> (this, but with catboy ears: http://www.alathon.net/images/Alaric.jpg)
[18:24] <Valery> (I dunno if we're gonna pick up with everyone onboard, or what. Waiting on DC for that :P )
[18:24] <Keiko> (Damn, it hurts to look at that... thing. I'll make a better one for ya later Al.)
[18:24] <Yarrow> Btw, Light, Xui-Fei could probably use the arm computer to block an attack that would otherwise just hit... But it's likely to be rather bad for the computer.
[18:24] <Alaric> (well, he mentioned dropoffs.. so I figured we were all at wherever we're being dropped off )
[18:25] * Valery is still standing in the middle of the control room, waiting for time to resume.
[18:25] <Keiko> (/me is still waiting for the Devil Catgirl overlord to place Keiko somewhere... :P)
[18:26] <Xui-Fei> (yeah...bad idea to use the computer to block)
[18:26] <Toast> (rocko, did you not pay attention to the order? he'll get to us, yeeesh)
[18:26] <DCG> bac
[18:26] <DCG> back
[18:26] <DCG> decided to do that potty break plot first
[18:26] <Yarrow> Yep. But something to consider in a life-or-death situation. :)
[18:26] <Keiko> (Heh, I know Ataru. And no worries DCG. :P)
[18:27] <Valery> (Welcome back DC)
[18:27] <Keiko> (Hell, last time Ryu made you do a spit-take, I don't wanna make you soil yourself laughing if something similar happens this time 'round. >_<)
[18:28] * DCG is now known as TheDM
[18:30] * McDice (~PyroRaven@c-67-186-108-90.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[18:33] * Yarrow has an 8-bit Sailor Moon run back and forth across the screen until she's taken out by a thrown rose as the DM loads.
[18:33] <TheDM> blah
[18:33] <TheDM> any way
[18:34] <TheDM> we're starting off with a packed chopper
[18:34] <Valery> (Me unloading the people I picked up from the university?)
[18:34] <TheDM> Pulling away from the hositpal with resqued personal inside stacked up like wood.
[18:35] <TheDM> (lets consider that done)
[18:35] <Valery> (Ah, gotcha)
[18:35] <TheDM> (there in teh building0
[18:35] <Valery> (Roger-oh)
[18:36] * Valery looks back into the passenger compartment. "Everyone secure back there?"
[18:36] <TheDM> The tall curvy form of Sailor_Nietzsche is pressed up aginst and over the back seat of pilot val
[18:36] * Alaric is now known as Sailor_Nietzsche
[18:36] <Yarrow> Jake: "Packed in too tight to move. Can't get much more secure than that."
[18:36] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "A little tight.. but safe and secure."
[18:36] <TheDM> this is pressing new body parts into the pilot, With every one stacked in, and a dizzy ontop you make it out of that zone.
[18:36] * Sailor_Nietzsche sounds like he thinks the former is small price for the latter.
[18:36] <Yarrow> Jake: "Watch the hands, buddy!"
[18:36] <Valery> "Guess that works. All right, hang on."
[18:37] * Valery raises the chopper, a bit slower than usual, and ducks over the rooftops.
[18:37] <Yarrow> NPC#17: "Sorry!"
[18:37] <TheDM> Dizzy: Hey! Don't pull my tail, it's hard enought to controll as it is!"
[18:38] * Xui-Fei leans aginst a wall...back aginst it for some reason
[18:38] * Valery sweatdrops, and pushes the throttle as far as it'll safely go. Gotta get these people unloaded before everyone kills one another.
[18:39] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Let's all just do our best to keep from imposing on one another until we get where we're going, all right?"
[18:39] * Sailor_Nietzsche tries her best to be authoritative and soothing at once.
[18:41] * Xui-Fei blinks chicking is left arm, before making his way to the frount, "Hey!" he anouces, "someone has activated one of the military instaliations in the city...we got more surivors out there"
[18:41] <Valery> (Er... Xui, I don't think you're on the chopper yet.)
[18:41] <TheDM> (xui your the next pick up :P)
[18:41] <Xui-Fei> (then ignore that)
[18:41] <TheDM> (the building that was activated was the one val did a few min agO)
[18:42] * Xui-Fei blinks opens the com, "uh is this thing on" he says into it
[18:42] * Valery doesn't say anything to piss anyone off, and simply maneuvers towards the safe building.
[18:43] <TheDM> Val' your getting a transmition over emergy miltary channels.
[18:43] <TheDM> they don't sound like they have a clue in how it works.
[18:43] <Keiko> (Damn, sorry... Parent's pulled me away)
[18:43] <Yarrow> (It must be the queen!)
[18:44] <Valery> (Is that Xui's message?)
[18:44] <Xui-Fei> (should be)
[18:44] * Valery blinks and taps the comm. "Yes, it's on. This is Gunship Metel."
[18:46] * Xui-Fei blinks, "ok that's good, I got some surivors here with me near evact station 43 I'm flaging it now" he says doing what he said
[18:46] * Sailor_Nietzsche speaks up, a little doubtful.
[18:46] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.. we're going to fit more people in here?"
[18:47] <Toast> (we should rename the helicopter the good ship venus)
[18:47] <Yarrow> Jake: "Hell, no!"
[18:47] <Valery> "I'm a little full right now, I'll drop off my current passengers and then come around to your location. Can you hold for a few minutes, or are you under fire?"
[18:47] * Xui-Fei blinks, "look I've been roaming the city for acouple hours now takening out to damn many of these Serenity forsaken machines...I'm willing to wait till armageddon comes if it wasn't so close"
[18:48] * Sailor_Nietzsche leans over and speaks quietly to Valery.
[18:48] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "If they're in trouble, you can drop me off and I'll help guard them until you get back.."
[18:48] <Xui-Fei> (is that said aloud)
[18:48] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (yes)
[18:48] <Keiko> (You're on a helicopter, right? I... kinda think it'd be hard to whisper in a combat copter. :P)
[18:48] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (I suppose if you have superhearing or something you couldprobably pick it up)
[18:48] * Valery nods, covering the mike and replying. "They're fine for now, I think."
[18:49] * Valery uncovers the mike and speaks into it. "How many do you have there?"
[18:49] <TheDM> the gunship metal is supriseingly quite
[18:49] <Xui-Fei> (10+)
[18:49] <TheDM> while its hard to call a chopper stleath
[18:50] <Xui-Fei> (can't remember the exact number)
[18:50] <Valery> (Well... say it, Xui. :P )
[18:50] <TheDM> its a deep whumping sound and not a cracking black chop the ship makes
[18:50] <Yarrow> (36?)
[18:50] * Xui-Fei does a head count, "over 30 here but there's some other droid types about I'm worrying about, a stealth model made of glass and a damn rubber droid"
[18:51] <Valery> "It was glass?"
[18:51] <Xui-Fei> "complete glass to the point when I downed it, it shattered"
[18:51] <Valery> "Hm... going to have to be two trips, I don't think we'll have enough space for thirty."
[18:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm almost glad I got the ones with the rocket launchers."
[18:52] <Valery> (We arriving near the building, DC?)
[18:52] * Xui-Fei sighs, "I see..."
[18:52] <Keiko> (Hmm, Ataru, pop into #blades, will ya?)
[18:52] <TheDM> Your birds fast, and its easy to spot your building.
[18:52] <TheDM> It se3ems like its kept changing.
[18:53] <Valery> "Is anyone over there in need of immediate medical aid?"
[18:53] <TheDM> the tops got flashing spots for a landing pad, its well lit up, and seems to have autogun placement.
[18:53] <Xui-Fei> "just myself I'm pretty banged up"
[18:53] <Xui-Fei> (which is true)
[18:53] * Valery swings out over the landing pad, and carefully lowers.
[18:55] * Valery taps a button to open the door, and will at that point probably be able to knock people out of the chopper by breathing hard.
[18:56] <Yarrow> Chance: "Are we taking a doctor?"
[18:56] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm a doctor."
[18:56] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks down.
[18:56] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "...really."
[18:56] <TheDM> Dizzy scoots out and starts to help unloading people.
[18:57] * Sailor_Nietzsche frowns.
[18:57] <Xui-Fei> (.....that can be taken wrong)
[18:57] <Yarrow> Jake: "So, you coming?"
[18:57] <TheDM> Dizzy: Dr... senshi? a dr senshi or is it senshi dr? umm i can handle the wounded here.
[18:57] <TheDM> "Should i stay behind?"
[18:57] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.."
[18:57] * Sailor_Nietzsche makes a snap decision.
[18:57] * Valery looks back. "We probably should... okay. Everyone, take the elevator down to the bottom floor."
[18:57] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Yes, they need someone to look after them."
[18:58] <TheDM> she saluts with her tail,
[18:58] <Yarrow> Chance: "We can make room for a doctor, but I don't think we can spare any more space."
[18:58] <TheDM> "Will do"
[18:58] * Valery glances at the Senshi. "And, uh... ma'am? Do you need any weapons? There's an armoury down there."
[18:59] * Sailor_Nietzsche thinks for a moment.
[18:59] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "No, but I'll need some later."
[19:00] * Valery nods. "Okay... guess we can wait before we head down then. Anything else, or should we leave?"
[19:00] <Yarrow> (Did the other teacher survive, btw?)
[19:00] <TheDM> no
[19:00] * Sailor_Nietzsche addresses the crowd that was following him and Dizzy.
[19:00] <TheDM> they LET HIM DIE
[19:01] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (we did?)
[19:01] <Yarrow> Jake: "Hey, you think that thing that killed the other teacher was one of those glass droids?"
[19:01] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Nurse Dizzy will be looking after you all. Please give her your undivided attention."
[19:02] <Yarrow> (Isn't some of that crowd made up of nurses and doctors?)
[19:02] <Valery> "Yeah... I think so..."
[19:02] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (yeah, but they can't fight worth a damn)
[19:02] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (or, won't)
[19:02] <Yarrow> (Ah. So, look to Dizzy for protection.)
[19:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (that's what Alaric is thinking)
[19:04] * Sailor_Nietzsche turns and heads back over to Valery.
[19:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm ready to go.. I suppose we'd best not leave these other survivors waiting any longer than necessary."
[19:05] * Keiko (~Zero@124-169-31-83.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[19:05] * Valery nods, closes the doors, and pulls the throttle, raising the helicopter off the landing pad. "Yes ma'am."
[19:05] * Keiko (~Zero@124-169-31-83.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #cte
[19:05] * Valery turns in the direction of the Xuiflag, and accellerates in that direction.
[19:06] <Keiko> ([10:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm ready to go.. I suppose we'd best not leave these other survivors waiting any longer than necessary."
[19:06] <Keiko> [10:05] Disconnected (2009-05-05 10:05:13)
[19:06] <Keiko> (What'd I miss?)
[19:06] <Xui-Fei> (pm'd)
[19:06] <Keiko> (Thanks)
[19:07] <Yarrow> Chance: "The guy on the radio called those things droids. Has anyone here heard of them?"
[19:07] <Valery> (Beaten to it)
[19:07] * Valery frowns. "Sounds like 'androids'... robots?"
[19:08] <Yarrow> Chance nods. "Could be..."
[19:08] <Valery> "That's kinda disappointing..."
[19:09] * Sailor_Nietzsche shakes his head.
[19:09] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (her)
[19:09] <Yarrow> Chance cocks her head. "Why is that?"
[19:09] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I've fought them, so I know what he's referring to."
[19:09] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "But.. I had never seen them before this day."
[19:09] * Valery flushes. "No reason... was just hoping for something else."
[19:10] <Yarrow> Jake: "Oh, the glass ones he mentioned are *really* nasty, so watch out. We saw one run a guy through from behind. Didn't even see it before that."
[19:10] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'll keep my ears open."
[19:11] <Yarrow> Jake: "Don't know what he meant by rubbers, though."
[19:11] <Xui-Fei> (Xui Fei sneezes 2 times)
[19:11] <Keiko> (*Coughs once*)
[19:11] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Hmm.. "
[19:11] * Sailor_Nietzsche suddenly looks a little embarassed.
[19:11] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I don't think I've introduced myself."
[19:11] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Sorry!"
[19:12] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm Alaric. And also Sailor Nietzsche, apparently."
[19:12] <Yarrow> (Swine flu! This channel is now quarantined!)
[19:12] <Yarrow> "Jake." "Chance."
[19:12] <Valery> "Ah... I'm Valery Shein."
[19:13] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Pleased to meet you, though the circumstances could have been better."
[19:13] * Valery does the closest approximation of a bow one can in a helicopter cockpit seat, and surprisingly, doesn't make the chopper dip terrifyingly as he does so.
[19:13] <Yarrow> They nod.
[19:13] * TheDM sets mode: +b *!.@swineflu.flu
[19:13] <Valery> (/me blinkblinks)
[19:13] <Yarrow> (Whew! We're safe now.)
[19:14] <Toast> (lol)
[19:14] <Keiko> (Geez... when I saw the +b, I panicked... then I saw what you were banning and I facepalmed. >_<)
[19:15] <Yarrow> Jake takes a shot at something outside.
[19:16] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "So.. how far away are our targets?"
[19:16] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Survivors, rather."
[19:16] <TheDM> Only a zone or two off, the chopper soon comes to rest above a closed service entrance.
[19:16] * Valery checks the map. "Hm, about..."
[19:16] <Valery> "... there."
[19:17] * Valery comes to a stop, and lowers slightly, landing if it's possible in the area.
[19:17] <TheDM> the street is littered with rubble, but you can land her easy enought
[19:17] * Sailor_Nietzsche walks over to the door, waiting for it to open.
[19:19] * Valery hits the comm, looking for the channel Xui used. "Survivors, this is Metel, we're here, come on out."
[19:20] * Xui-Fei blinks, "trying to figure out how to open it at the moment"
[19:20] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cte
[19:21] * Rockman_Zero (~Zero@124-169-31-83.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #cte
[19:21] * Keiko (~Zero@124-169-31-83.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Ping timeout)
[19:21] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Keiko
[19:21] <Yarrow> Jake: "Hey, want me to blow it open?!
[19:22] <Keiko> [10:19] * Valery hits the comm, looking for the channel Xui used. "Survivors, this is Metel, we're here, come on out."
[19:22] <Keiko> [10:20] Disconnected (2009-05-05 10:20:07)
[19:22] <Yarrow> She seems a bit too eager...
[19:22] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[19:22] * Xui-Fei looks around for someway to open the service enterance
[19:22] <Toast> (lol)
[19:23] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Only if there's no other way, someone could be hurt."
[19:23] * Sailor_Nietzsche is a party pooper.
[19:23] <TheDM> (>_< cramp insdie cast gahhhh)
[19:24] <Keiko> (Ack!)
[19:24] <TheDM> yarrows covering for me for a few, i gota work this out
[19:24] <Xui-Fei> (ouch)
[19:25] <Yarrow> XF: What have you tried to get the entrance open?
[19:27] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei?
[19:27] <Xui-Fei> (well first checked the computer on my forearm to see if any new options showed up)
[19:28] <Xui-Fei> (then went as far as looking for some sort of control device for the door)
[19:28] <Toast> (have you tried pulling it open?)
[19:28] <Xui-Fei> (hold up)
[19:28] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[19:28] <Valery> * Xui-Fei blinks, "trying to figure out how to open it at the moment"
[19:28] <Valery> * Neko_Arc has joined #cte
[19:28] <Valery> <Valery> "Hm... do you have a camera or something on your comm unit?"
[19:28] <Valery> <Valery> "If you can describe it to me or get me a visual, I'll walk you through it."
[19:28] <Valery> <Valery> (It doesn't help that my connection SUCKS...)
[19:28] <Valery> * Disconnected
[19:28] <Valery> (Sigh... what'd I miss?)
[19:29] <Xui-Fei> (well we didn't get your last three lines)
[19:30] <Valery> (Heh)
[19:31] <Yarrow> (Someone send him what he missed?)
[19:32] <Yarrow> The door slides open.
[19:32] <Xui-Fei> (pm'd)
[19:32] * Xui-Fei looks up, "doors open come on in..."
[19:32] <Valery> (I got it, I figured someone could respond to my lines or something, there's not much ELSE for Val to say yet :P )
[19:33] <Xui-Fei> (that was said to the com device)
[19:33] <Valery> "That works too, get about half to board the helicopter, please."
[19:33] * Valery opens the door.
[19:34] <Yarrow> Chance: "Who's going? Jake and I should stay on the guns. Are you going with the doc, Val?"
[19:34] * Xui-Fei gestures to the crowd, "it's gonna be a couple of trips half now half later, I'm going with the last group"
[19:35] <Yarrow> Woman: "Where are we going?"
[19:35] <Valery> (Er... why would we come in? We're taking YOU out, aren't we?)
[19:35] <Valery> "There's a safehouse a little ways away from here, it's secure from attack."
[19:35] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I should be good on my own, but I wouldn't mind company."
[19:35] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (going to escort them to the chopper, presumably)
[19:37] <Yarrow> Everyone sits/stands where they are, the door to the safe area filled with soft, squishy people wide open.
[19:37] * Valery stands up, reaching to the side and pulling an assault rifle out of a harness, putting it to his shoulder. "May as well stretch my legs, I guess..."
[19:38] <Yarrow> Jake abruptly lets loose with several shots.
[19:38] * Valery gets out, stepping next to Nietzche, and jerks, looking where Jake's shooting.
[19:38] <Yarrow> Jake: "Better get moving, people--there are things moving around out there."
[19:38] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "..right."
[19:39] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (how close is the crowd to the chopper?)
[19:39] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (do we actually need to guard them while moving, or just stand on guard in general?
[19:39] * Valery sweatdrops slightly, and leans up to whisper into Nietzche's ear.
[19:39] <TheDM> (back, sorry about that. took me a bit to get it to letgo)
[19:39] <Yarrow> The chopper is about 20 meters from the door.
[19:39] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (np)
[19:40] <Valery> (Welcome back, and, no problem.)
[19:41] <Yarrow> Once the crowd see a senshi and her scrappy sidekick standing guard, they start heading to the chopper.
[19:41] * Xui-Fei steps out to survey to make sure he's not leading the surivors into another trap, he looks back down signaling it's ok for the surivors to come on through
[19:42] * Xui-Fei looks at the Senshi, "another one isn't that a kick to the teeth
[19:42] <Keiko> (Scrappy sidekick?)
[19:42] * Sailor_Nietzsche turns to Valery.
[19:42] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "...right."
[19:42] * Sailor_Nietzsche steps away from the chopper and actively searches for signs of 'droids', 'glass things', and 'rubber things' that look threatening.
[19:42] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow before throwing the curveball question, "your male normally right? only transform into a girl for the senshi stuff?"
[19:43] * Sailor_Nietzsche blinks.
[19:43] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I was male, yes."
[19:43] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks a little relieved.
[19:43] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "So, this isn't permanent?"
[19:43] <Yarrow> No droids seem to be present.
[19:43] * Sailor_Nietzsche brightens even more.
[19:43] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "And I'm not the only one?"
[19:43] * Xui-Fei visibly slumps, "looks like it," he says holding his hand out in a handshake, "Xui-Fei Chuan, Sailor Mjollnir"
[19:44] * Sailor_Nietzsche shakes Xui-Fei's hand happily.
[19:44] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[19:44] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{14}
[19:44] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Alaric, Sailor Nietzsche."
[19:44] * Valery keeps an eye out while they introduce themselves.
[19:44] <Yarrow> Sigh... Poor Xui-Fei...
[19:44] <Valery> (Again?)
[19:44] <Xui-Fei> (not again)
[19:44] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (Sailor Nietzsche is really.. a trap!)
[19:45] <TheDM> (poor guy)
[19:45] <Xui-Fei> (and I thought Val was the trap)
[19:45] <Valery> (Technically, he's not.)
[19:45] <Yarrow> One of those glass droids decides to dramatically introduce herself by shoving a blade through Xui-Fei's back and out his front.
[19:45] <Yarrow> (36 dam)
[19:46] <Xui-Fei> (and I'm out like a light)
[19:46] * Sailor_Nietzsche is appropriately horrified.
[19:46] * Valery gasps, brings the rifle to his shoulder, sidesteps to get Xui out of his line of fire, and taps the trigger.
[19:46] <Valery> roll 2d6+6
[19:46] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[19:46] <Yarrow> The crowd moves much faster toward the chopper.
[19:46] <Xui-Fei> (assuming I'm at where I was at the end of my solo)
[19:46] <Keiko> (So, are Keiko and Toast amongst this lot
[19:46] <Keiko> ?)
[19:46] <Toast> (... Yarrow, shouldn't Light, I dunno, get a perception roll?)
[19:46] <Toast> (No, we're the next group)
[19:46] <Toast> (right after this)
[19:47] <Keiko> (Ah, right.)
[19:47] <Valery> (Does the droid dodge?)
[19:47] <Yarrow> (I do hide, spot, search, etc. rolls secretly. I'm staring at the droid's natural 12 hide roll.)
[19:47] <Valery> (/me snickers)
[19:47] <Yarrow> The droid tries to block with Xui-Fei.
[19:47] * Xui-Fei eyes widen...."a...gain...why...me"
[19:47] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4+2
[19:47] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4+2 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{13}
[19:47] <Toast> (I don't recall him getting any perception rolls in the past)
[19:47] <Yarrow> But Val shoots around him.
[19:47] <Valery> (26 damage)
[19:47] <Xui-Fei> (nope didn't before)
[19:48] <Yarrow> (Yes... it's almost like they were rolled secretly...)
[19:48] <Toast> (so, you had three or four crits?)
[19:48] <Toast> (really?)
[19:48] <Xui-Fei> (to damn many)
[19:48] <Valery> (Or maybe they just usually rolled better, without critting.)
[19:48] <Yarrow> (No, you just can't read. I roll the perecption checks secretly too.)
[19:48] <TheDM> (you really dont wana know what oges on 'secretly')
[19:49] <Toast> (shouldn't the player get to roll their perception check?)
[19:49] <Yarrow> (No.)
[19:49] * Valery frowns, circling around to try and get around Xui, and firing again.
[19:49] <Valery> roll 2d6+6
[19:49] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{12}
[19:49] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (er..)
[19:49] <Yarrow> The droid staggers back, letting Xui-Fei slip off her blade, cracks spidewebbing through her.
[19:49] * Sailor_Nietzsche pulls Xui-Fei off the droid!
[19:49] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (or, okay, not)
[19:49] <Yarrow> Nietzetc's turn.
[19:50] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (how close is the droid to the crowd of people?)
[19:50] <Toast> (...)
[19:51] <Yarrow> The crowd is mostly running toward the chopper, though the ones that were closer to the door ran back the way they came. The nearest is about 5 meters.
[19:51] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (damn, too close)
[19:51] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Soul Slicer!"
[19:51] <Toast> (I dunno if I'm down with our perception rolls being done secretly)
[19:51] <TheDM> (you never rolled preception ataru, durning your turn you where trying for active sleath moving, the Driods rolled precetion rolls)
[19:52] <Yarrow> (I announced I do it that way before Light's solo.)
[19:52] <TheDM> (and i didnt spam most of them in channel)
[19:52] * Sailor_Nietzsche forms a disc of silver and gold energy, and hurls it at the glass droid.
[19:52] <Xui-Fei> (if that hits the droid should be shards)
[19:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+10 piercing+5
[19:52] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+10 piercing+5 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{17}
[19:52] <Yarrow> (You look around do what you think is your best, whether a 12 or a 2 is rolled)
[19:52] <TheDM> (cides, what part of surival horror means OH look bad guy, now roll to spot :P )
[19:53] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4-1
[19:53] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+4-1 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{14}
[19:53] * TheDM is now known as SidekickDM
[19:53] <Yarrow> (Damage?)
[19:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> 41, +3 piercing
[19:53] <Toast> (I don't have a problem with the NPCs rolls being hidden)
[19:53] <Toast> (I don't like us not getting to roll for OUR characters)
[19:54] <Valery> (Well... calling for a perception check makes it... pretty obvious that a perception check is required.)
[19:54] <Yarrow> A spray of colors is refracted as the light hits the droid and little glass chunks showers the nearby area.
[19:54] <SidekickDM> (umm hate to break it to you ataru, but ther's a lot of rolls for your charathers that you never see)
[19:54] <Yarrow> That's all that's left of her.
[19:55] <Xui-Fei> (and you got a very wounded martial artist)
[19:55] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (yeah)
[19:55] <Yarrow> (You roll a perception check and get a 12, you *know* there's nothing there. Sorry, but you shouldn't get any such assurance.)
[19:55] * Sailor_Nietzsche quickly goes to Xui-Fei's side and kneels, placing hands over the entrance and exit wounds.
[19:55] * Sailor_Nietzsche stays this way for several seconds...
[19:55] * Valery lowers the rifle, frowning. "Great... ma'am... I think I'm going to have to ask you to stay behind and take care of him, and protect the others, I can't fit them all in one go."
[19:55] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (trying to Heal, and presumably failing hard)
[19:56] <Yarrow> (If your senshi form doesn't have the power, yep.)
[19:56] <Xui-Fei> (you see a bag of medical supplies on his back)
[19:56] * Sailor_Nietzsche frowns.
[19:56] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Why isn't it.."
[19:56] * Sailor_Nietzsche cusses softly.
[19:56] <Valery> "Ma'am? Are you okay with that? We need to hurry, we're under attack."
[19:57] * Sailor_Nietzsche picks up Xui-Fei.
[19:57] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Everyone, get over by the Metel where these things can't come at us out of anywhere.
[19:58] * Sailor_Nietzsche will carry Xui-Fei towards Metel, watching vigilantly for further threats.
[19:58] <Valery> "Er... I'm going to need to take off, it might be better to go back into the service station..."
[19:58] <Yarrow> Man inside the door: "Uh... Should we close the door again? I'm not quite sure how..."
[19:58] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Crap."
[19:59] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (I have a very, very fuzzy idea at this pointo f where everyone is standing)
[19:59] <Sailor_Nietzsche> ( I thought everyone had come out and raced to the chopper)
[19:59] <Yarrow> (Ok, let me place everyone.)
[19:59] <Valery> "Ma'am, if you can keep them safe, I'll be there and back in ten minutes at worst. I promise."
[20:00] <Yarrow> About 12 people are in the chopper. There are about 25 still in the service entrance. Maybe 8 more will fit in the chopper for this trip.)
[20:00] <Xui-Fei> (geeze and me being the hero KO'd me)
[20:01] <Yarrow> Though you could put a few less than that in to even out the loads.
[20:01] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (dude, what'll be really funny is when I use one of those medsticks that you'er not s upposed to use more than once in 4 hours)
[20:01] <Yarrow> Chance: "We still have some room in here!"
[20:01] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (okay, scratch that line about telling people to go to metel)
[20:02] * Valery heads to the chopper cockpit, flipping the safety onto the rifle. "Eight more, and please don't fight over it, I will be back to get everyone."
[20:03] <Yarrow> There's some brief conversation among the people and eight of them sprint to the chopper and get inside.
[20:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (okay so... chooper over <--------, me and xui in the middle, the rest over ------>)
[20:03] * Valery sticks the gun back in the harness, closes the door, and cranks the throttle, rising as quickly as he can.
[20:04] * Sailor_Nietzsche promptly makes a running leap right to the entrance of the shelter.
[20:04] * Xui-Fei is still laid out
[20:04] * Valery swings the chopper around, and accellerates at full speed for the safehouse.
[20:04] <Yarrow> (While carrying the injured Xui-Fei?)
[20:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (I've got you in my arms :))
[20:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (Yes)
[20:04] <Xui-Fei> (oh boy...that's gonna hurt)
[20:04] <Valery> (Bridal-style? :P )
[20:04] <Yarrow> You know, that leap won't do him any good... Want to just run him in?
[20:05] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (Getting ambushed along the way will do him even less good)
[20:06] <Valery> (Don't worry, they can't stab him in the back anymore, they'd have to do it to you :P )
[20:06] <Yarrow> Ok. You take a flying leap through the door. Xui-Fei gets battered a bit more. (4 dam)
[20:06] <Xui-Fei> (some where in the -25 range)
[20:06] <Yarrow> Man fiddling around by the door: "Uh... Ah!"
[20:07] * Sailor_Nietzsche immediately turns and checks outside the door for anything that looks hostile, or possibly transparent.. if nothign is apparently, she rifles through Xui's backpack with the cross on it or whatever.
[20:07] <Yarrow> He pulls a lever and the door starts sliding shut.
[20:07] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Thank you."
[20:07] * Sailor_Nietzsche doesn't look up.
[20:07] <Yarrow> Man, nervously: "You're welcome."
[20:08] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (does the door close without incident? are there normal medical supplies appropriate for trauma in the pack?)
[20:08] <Valery> (DM feel free to tell me when I return :P )
[20:08] <Xui-Fei> (backpack of medical supplies
[20:08] <Xui-Fei> 9 medspray
[20:08] <Xui-Fei> 1 strong healing
[20:08] <Xui-Fei> 3 medium healing
[20:08] <Xui-Fei> 3 minor healing
[20:08] <Xui-Fei> 2 antidote
[20:08] <Xui-Fei> )
[20:08] <Yarrow> Inside the pack are 7 healing sprays and 2 antidote sprays. You're aware that only one should be applied to a person within 4 hours. It looks like one spray is missing.
[20:09] <Yarrow> And the door closes without incident.
[20:09] <Xui-Fei> (from my list)
[20:09] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "...damn."
[20:09] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks up.
[20:09] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Does anyone happen to know if Xui.. fei? If Xui used one of these sprays already?"
[20:09] <Yarrow> Pale faces surround you.
[20:09] <Yarrow> People shake their heads.
[20:11] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+9 medical: what's the likely prognosis for a seriously wounded person, who may need immediate healing, using a second medstick?
[20:11] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+9 medical: what's the likely prognosis for a seriously wounded person, who may need immediate healing, using a second medstick? --> [ 2d6=6 ]{15}
[20:11] <Valery> (Death)
[20:11] <Xui-Fei> (....futa)
[20:11] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (snerk)
[20:11] <Toast> (futa would be my guess)
[20:12] <Xui-Fei> (brb bio)
[20:12] <Yarrow> Well, you don't think he's in immediate danger at the moment. Just using your medical skills and some basic supplies (which are also in the pack, sorry, forgot to mention it), you could probably patch him up at least a little...
[20:13] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (in that case..)
[20:13] <Yarrow> As for another spray... there's only ever a very small chance of death, but it's there. The chance of nausea, cramps, temporary blindness, and/or vomiting are higher.
[20:14] * Sailor_Nietzsche patches Xui up with gauze, thermally activated bandages, or whatever is available that isn't liable to cause death.
[20:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (is another roll needed for that?)
[20:14] * Sailor_Nietzsche mutters.
[20:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Don't worry, Xui, I'll get you fixed up soon enough."
[20:15] <Yarrow> (Yeah, but let me decide how much you can heal.)
[20:15] <Yarrow> Ok, roll medical.
[20:15] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+9 medical
[20:15] <McDice> Sailor_Nietzsche rolled : 2d6+9 medical --> [ 2d6=4 ]{13}
[20:16] <Yarrow> You heal 6 hp.
[20:17] <Xui-Fei> (-19 or so)
[20:17] <Yarrow> (-23. Niet's dive shook you up a bit.)
[20:18] <Yarrow> Sailor_Nietzsche has done what she can without better supplies or her MIA healing power for the moment.
[20:18] * Sailor_Nietzsche will fuss over Xui for a couple moments more, before setting him down carefully.
[20:18] * Sailor_Nietzsche stands and faces the group.
[20:18] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (Anything stand out about the remaining survivors, or are they all pretty much normal for a random mix of city-folk?)
[20:18] <Yarrow> And Valery is getting ready to drop of his first load.
[20:19] <Xui-Fei> (considering they were in the subway I'd say normal fokes)
[20:19] <Yarrow> The rest of the survivors look pretty normal, but they do look rather concerned about Xui-Fei.
[20:19] * Valery opens the door, gives his 'go this way, and please listen to the girl with the tail' speech, and waits for everyone to disembark.
[20:20] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "His wounds are serious, but he's stable. He'll do fine with a bit more attention."
[20:20] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Which he'll get."
[20:21] <Yarrow> The man by the door nods. "That's good. He stopped those metal women and got us all out of the train back there... We all would have died without him."
[20:22] <Yarrow> "So... you're a senshi? I don't really recognize you. Sorry."
[20:22] * Sailor_Nietzsche nods.
[20:22] * Valery calls Xui's comm unit. "Hello? I've offloaded the passengers, and am heading back now."
[20:22] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "That's entirely understandable. I've just been drafted."
[20:22] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Pardon me.. a moment."
[20:22] <Valery> (If anyone hears that :P )
[20:22] * Sailor_Nietzsche kneels and picks up Xui-Fei's commlink.
[20:22] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei's forearm starts talking to you, Sailor_Nietzsche.
[20:22] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (enhanced hearing, I oughta)
[20:23] <Yarrow> He seems to be wearing an emergency services computer (ESC).
[20:23] <Yarrow> As a hospital doctor, you'd be at least somewhat familiar with them.
[20:24] <Yarrow> And should be able to send a message back.
[20:25] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Good. Message when you're about to land, and we'll get ready to make a break for it."
[20:25] <Valery> "Roger that, ma'am."
[20:25] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Please tell us if there's anything close to the door before we open it."
[20:25] <Yarrow> You also think you'll be able to use the ESC to close and lock the door behind you after you leave.
[20:26] <Yarrow> (They're generally used by rescue workers.)
[20:26] <Valery> "I will... though I haven't had much luck spotting those glass things before they've attacked..."
[20:26] <Sailor_Nietzsche> *nod)
[20:26] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Thank you."
[20:27] <Yarrow> Jake (heard over the channel): "Want us to just spray the area with fire before they open the door?"
[20:28] <Valery> "... Er... would the door be able to take that?"
[20:28] <Yarrow> Jake: "Not the door itself, stupid!"
[20:28] <Valery> "Actually, we could just shoot down at the ground to clear it out, that shouldn't have any risk for the people inside..."
[20:28] <Xui-Fei> (meaning Niet has my arm holding the computer I had)
[20:28] <Yarrow> A little girl shly offers Sailor_Nietzsche a candy bar.
[20:29] * Sailor_Nietzsche smiles.
[20:29] <Yarrow> It's a bit melted.
[20:29] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Thank you very much!"
[20:29] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "But.."
[20:29] * Sailor_Nietzsche lifts her hair with one hand, showing her cat-ears.
[20:30] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I try to stay away from chocolate."
[20:30] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Why don't you have it, and I'll watch you enjoy it?"
[20:30] <Yarrow> The little girl blushes and hides behind a nearby pair of adult legs.
[20:30] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (trying to give me a heart attack with all that saturated fat and carbohydrates, are you? I see through your game..)
[20:31] <Valery> (Heheh)
[20:31] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Thank you, everyone, for staying calm through all this."
[20:31] <Xui-Fei> (I should also point out in that bag was some dried food, Jerked meat and some bread rolls)
[20:31] <Yarrow> Someone calls, "We've been through worse."
[20:32] * Valery will arrive when the DM, mighty among all, tells me I arrive.
[20:32] <Yarrow> And... the sound of an approaching helicopter is heard.
[20:33] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[20:33] <Yarrow> Shortly thereafter the sound of Pale losing his connection is heard.
[20:34] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[20:34] <Xui-Fei> (wince)
[20:34] <Valery> [23:32] <Yarrow> And... the sound of an approaching helicopter is heard.
[20:34] <Valery> [23:32] <Valery> (If it's not me, feel free to tell me in PM :P )
[20:34] <Valery> [23:32] * Disconnected
[20:34] <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[20:35] <Yarrow> (Nothing. And it's you.)
[20:35] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Alright people, let's get ready.."
[20:35] * Sailor_Nietzsche checks out the crowd, and singles out the strongest looking adult.
[20:35] <Yarrow> And then the repeated sound of plasma fire is heard outside.
[20:35] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Could you carry Xui-Fei? I'll need my hands free to fight if it's needed.."
[20:36] <Yarrow> Large man: "I've got him."
[20:36] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[20:36] <Yarrow> He carefully scoops up Xui-Fei.
[20:36] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[20:36] <Valery> <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[20:36] <Valery> <Yarrow> (Nothing. And it's you.)
[20:36] <Valery> * Disconnected
[20:36] <Valery> (Ahem)
[20:37] <Yarrow> (The gunners have been spraying the area.)
[20:37] * Valery swings out over the street to give Jake and Chance the opportunity to clear the area.
[20:37] <Yarrow> (Send a message and land before you drop again. :p )
[20:38] * Valery lowers to the ground. "Okay, we're here, open up and come on in."
[20:39] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Open the door, I'll lead the way until everyone's out, then pull up the rear."
[20:39] <Yarrow> The man by the door fiddles with something by its side again and the door opens.
[20:39] * Valery will open the chopper's door once theirs opens.
[20:40] <Yarrow> The ground outside is torn up and smoking.
[20:42] <Yarrow> And barring any last second instructions, Sailor_Nietzsche leads the crowd out.
[20:42] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (I do that)
[20:42] * Sailor_Nietzsche peers around.. any *living* hostiles?
[20:43] <Yarrow> They charge forward en masse, perhaps thinking to trample any glass droids before they can stab anyone.
[20:43] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Avoid the smoking parts.. as much as possible."
[20:43] * Valery keeps an eye out for anything hostile in the area, since some MAY have survived the bombardment.
[20:43] <Yarrow> Nothing else is moving out there.
[20:43] * Sailor_Nietzsche will step aside and let them pass, turning to guard their backs.
[20:43] <Yarrow> The people clamber into the chopper and soon only Sailor_Nietzsche is outside.
[20:44] * Valery looks back into the passenger compartment, waiting for Nietzsche to board.
[20:44] * Sailor_Nietzsche boards as soon as everyone else has, backing up to the chopper before quickly hopping onbaord.
[20:45] <Yarrow> Sailor_Nietzsche quickly follows them in and the helicopter lifts off.
[20:45] * Valery makes for the safehouse. "Did anything happen while I was gone? Is he all right?"
[20:46] <Yarrow> ("This little brat tried to poison me!")
[20:46] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "He's stable."
[20:47] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I.. crap."
[20:47] <Valery> "What's wrong, ma'am?"
[20:47] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm a doctor, but.. I wasn't able to heal him before. It just didn't work."
[20:47] <Valery> "Mm... there are medical facilities in the safehouse, maybe those will help?"
[20:47] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks a little happier.
[20:48] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "That's something, at least, but.. before I changed, I could heal people without such facilities."
[20:48] * Sailor_Nietzsche ponders.
[20:48] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Perhaps it was a Youma thing."
[20:48] <Yarrow> Two dots blink to life on the chopper's computer.
[20:49] * Valery blinks. "AD, what are those signals?"
[20:50] <Yarrow> It identifies one as "Ally - Freedom Fighter" and the other as "Upgrade".
[20:50] <Xui-Fei> (the toast and the kid)
[20:51] <Valery> "Hm... Ma'am, there's another signal on the screen. Do you think he'll manage if we swing by to pick them up? It seems to just be one."
[20:51] <Toast> (upgrade?)
[20:52] <Yarrow> (Did you deduct EP for Sailor_Nietzsche's attack, btw?)
[20:52] <Valery> (My 94)
[20:52] <Keiko> (Toast got upgraded from a normal Stoat to a hyper inteligent one.)
[20:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (10, yes)
[20:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (what's regen rate, again?)
[20:52] <Xui-Fei> (knowing your mo I'm assuming your Freedom Fighter)
[20:52] <Keiko> (I'm guessing Keiko's the freedom fighter)
[20:52] <Toast> (I thought toast was the freedom fighter)
[20:52] <Yarrow> (None while in senshi form, I believe.)
[20:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (I'm guesing Toast is the freedom fighter)
[20:53] <Yarrow> (2/minute of rest in normal form, if I recall correctly.)
[20:53] <Xui-Fei> (same here Toast=freedom fighter for the freedom of Toast everywhere)
[20:53] <Keiko> (So, what does upgrade mean then?)
[20:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (in that case, I'm 116/160 EP)
[20:53] <Valery> (I presumed both of you were the freedom fighter, on the same location, and the upgrade was something to pick up later)
[20:54] <Keiko> (Wouldn't there be two life-forms then?)
[20:54] <Yarrow> You arrive at the safehouse (you were close enough that it wouldn't make sense not to drop off the people first).
[20:54] <Valery> (It's a radar dot. It's a location, on the map one dot can fit like a dozen people :P )
[20:54] <Valery> (Heh, gotcha)
[20:55] <Yarrow> Are you offloading Xui-Fei?
[20:56] * Valery lands, and opens the door. "Um... Aleks knows where the medical facilities are, and he probably told Miss Dizzy, ma'am. I'm going to need to pick up something else, I think."
[20:56] * Sailor_Nietzsche frowns.
[20:56] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I suppose I'd better stay with you, just in case."
[20:57] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks over at Xui-Fei a little unsure for a moment, then turns back to Valery.
[20:57] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Let's make this quick."
[20:57] <Yarrow> The safehouse does have communications, so you can have Dizzy meet you there and take Xui-Fei and the others inside.
[20:58] * Sailor_Nietzsche does so.
[20:58] * Valery nods, calling the safehouse. "Um... Miss Dizzy? There's someone wounded up here, could you please pick him up and escort the others inside?"
[20:58] <Yarrow> Dizzy agrees and the transfer goes smoothly.
[20:58] <Yarrow> She does give Sailor_Nietzsche a quizical look when she sees Xui-Fei's condition, though.
[20:59] * Sailor_Nietzsche shakes his head.
[20:59] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "It's stopped working since I changed."
[20:59] * Sailor_Nietzsche sounds decidedly mournful.
[21:00] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Oh... Do you think it'll work again if you change back?"
[21:00] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I don't know.. I hope so."
[21:00] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "But I don't know how to change back. He does.."
[21:00] * Sailor_Nietzsche motions at Xui.
[21:00] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm going to ask him once he wakes up."
[21:00] <Yarrow> (You wouldn't like his method.)
[21:01] <Xui-Fei> (no you wouldn't)
[21:01] <Valery> (Hehehehe)
[21:01] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Do you want something to eat or drink before you go out again? We have sandwiches and hot coffee."
[21:03] * Sailor_Nietzsche shakes her head.
[21:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I wouldn't mind some, really, but we should try to do this as quickly as possible."
[21:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I can't imagine anyone is faring terribly well out there."
[21:03] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Ok. Stay safe..."
[21:03] * Sailor_Nietzsche motions in the general direction of 'out there'.
[21:03] * Sailor_Nietzsche smiles a little.
[21:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Thanks."
[21:03] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "I'll have a tray ready by the door next time."
[21:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'll do my best."
[21:03] * Sailor_Nietzsche grins.
[21:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "That would be absolutely lovely."
[21:04] * Valery nods. "Don't worry, Miss, I'll keep her safe."
[21:04] <Xui-Fei> (I have jerky in my bag...you could of swiped some)
[21:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (that'd be kinda rude, wouldn't it?)
[21:04] <SidekickDM> (lets hope Xui dont get back stabbed in the lift0
[21:04] <Yarrow> She ducks her head briefly before mumbling something about 'the patients' and heads off with the newcomers.
[21:05] * Valery waits for Nietzsche to re-board, and then takes off, heading for 'Freedom Fighter'.
[21:06] <Yarrow> You take off and head toward The Freedom Fighter.
[21:07] <Yarrow> About halfway there, Chance starts firing at something on the ground and shouts, "We've got a survivor down there!"
[21:07] * Toast takes a drag from his cigarette and blows several perfect rings, he then sends a mushroom cloud through them
[21:07] <Yarrow> ("But I got him! Keep going...")
[21:07] * Valery blinks, swinging around the area and looking down. "Where is it, Chance?"
[21:08] <Yarrow> Looking down and to the side, you see someone running from three--no, two--one droid in the street below.
[21:08] <Keiko> (Is that my cue? :P)
[21:09] * Valery brings the chopper down fast, trying to land either between the runner and the remaining droid, or on top of said droid.
[21:09] <Yarrow> The surviving droid looks up and its blade morphs into a gun. It takes a shot at Metel, but it goes far wide before Chance takes it out too.
[21:09] * Valery slows down the descent as the droid's taken out, landing gently in the street.
[21:10] <Yarrow> A woman who looks to be in her mid thirties runs to the chopper.
[21:10] <Yarrow> When the door is opened, she dives in and lies there panting on the floor.
[21:10] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Welcome aboard.."
[21:10] * Sailor_Nietzsche peers, looking for invisible droids."
[21:10] <Yarrow> She rolls to her back after a moment and lies there gasping for breath.
[21:10] * Valery shuts the door, and rises off the ground. "Welcome aboard, miss... Is there anyone else that needs help in the area?"
[21:12] <Yarrow> It takes a while for her to catch her breath enough to respond.
[21:12] <Yarrow> "No..."
[21:12] <Valery> "Right... Are you all right, at least?"
[21:13] <Yarrow> She just wraps her arms around herself and huddles on the floor in a corner.
[21:13] * Valery doesn't badger her, and turns his attention fully to the controls, moving back towards The Freedom Fighter.
[21:13] * Sailor_Nietzsche hesitates a bit, before moving over to the woman.
[21:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Ma'am.. are you wounded?"
[21:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm a doctor."
[21:14] <Yarrow> She shakes her head and hunches down more.
[21:15] <Yarrow> Unfortunately, you don't really have training with psychological issues. Anyone with a serious problem was just taken to the queen and came back happy and pleasant.
[21:15] <Valery> (Yeah, that sounds 'bout right...)
[21:16] * Sailor_Nietzsche will look for something, like a blanket or coat, that she can toss over her at least.
[21:17] <Yarrow> (You stock this thing with anything, Pale or is it bare?)
[21:17] * Sailor_Nietzsche spies the fridge and opens it -- what's in it?
[21:17] <Yarrow> (Don't open the Tupperware!)
[21:18] <Valery> (Hm... there might be a couple blankets, I know there's a fridge that Jake and Chance probably snuck some beer into (Val's load was more... Jolt))
[21:18] * Sailor_Nietzsche will grab a beer, and head back to the traumatized pla.. er, woman.
[21:18] <Valery> (Pla? I'm wondering what got cut off there :P )
[21:18] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I know it's not much, but.. want a beer?"
[21:19] * Sailor_Nietzsche pops it open.
[21:19] <Yarrow> You find some beer and soda in the fridge, and ... a couple of vintage racing helmets in a locker.
[21:19] <Yarrow> The woman doesn't respond.
[21:19] * Sailor_Nietzsche reaches out with her other hand and lays it softly on her shoulder, to see what sorta reaction it provokes.
[21:20] <Yarrow> She flinches slightly, but that's it.
[21:20] * Sailor_Nietzsche gives her shoulders a slow squeeze, then lets go, and drinks the beer.
[21:20] <Yarrow> An ex-park slowly comes into view.
[21:21] <Yarrow> It definitely used to be a park, but... it died. In fire.
[21:22] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks deeply saddened by the desolate appearance of the park.
[21:22] <Xui-Fei> (all the workings of a Wonder Stoat name Toast
[21:22] <Yarrow> The Freedom Fighter is very close to it.
[21:22] * Valery sweatdrops, drifting out over the park. "Well... that's a lot of firepower... Hm... those shards look like their dropships, I guess that's a good thing."
[21:22] * Valery moves towards FF.
[21:22] <Yarrow> You get to the designated location but don't see anyone.
[21:23] * Toast continues smoking is cigarette
[21:23] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Crap."
[21:23] * Valery frowns, circling the area and looking down, making a short broadcast. "Is someone down there?"
[21:23] <Keiko> (Feel free to cue me whenever, and however you want Yarrow.)
[21:23] * Toast looks up
[21:23] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Maybe they'reinvisible?"
[21:23] <Valery> "I guess..."
[21:24] * Toast starts waving his paws around, jumping up and down
[21:24] * Valery blinks, looking at the little moving white spot. "Something's moving there..."
[21:24] <Yarrow> Jake: "I don't see anyone either. Just a wombat or something."
[21:24] * Valery enhances the view, and blinkblinks.
[21:24] <Valery> "It's... a ferret?"
[21:25] <Valery> "With... a cigarette?"
[21:25] <Yarrow> Chance: "Are you sure it isn't an opossum?"
[21:25] * Sailor_Nietzsche peers.
[21:25] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "So it is."
[21:25] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "This is very strange."
[21:25] * Valery sweatdrops, and looks back at Nietzsche. "Um... do you think...?"
[21:25] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks at Valery.
[21:25] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "You'er *sure* this is the location?"
[21:26] * Valery glances at the map again just 'cause he can't really believe it, then nods. "Yeah... this is it... I thought talking animals were only in anime..."
[21:26] <Keiko> (How does Val know Toast can talk? :P)
[21:26] <Yarrow> (*cough* mooncats)
[21:27] <Valery> (Guessing. And yeah, I'm assuming we don't see the cats much.)
[21:27] <Yarrow> (I think they'd be known of, however.)
[21:27] * Toast tries waving them down
[21:27] <Valery> (Hm... fair enough, guess I didn't say that then :P )
[21:27] <Yarrow> Jake: "Maybe it's a moonwombat! Oh, it's waving!"
[21:27] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Okay.. um.. how about this."
[21:28] * Valery lowers the helicopter. "I guess it's one of Lady Luna's relatives...?"
[21:28] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Open the door, I'll jump down and see what.. it.. has to say. If anything."
[21:28] * Valery nods, and opens the door.
[21:28] <Yarrow> How low do you go?
[21:29] <Valery> (Not much lower, I'll stop going down once Nietzsche suggests that and just hover at 'you probably won't break your legs jumping that')
[21:29] <Yarrow> (... Give me a number of meters)
[21:29] <Valery> (Er... fifteen to twenty?)
[21:30] <Yarrow> (Does you have jumping, Sailor_Nietzsche?)
[21:31] <Yarrow> (That you're aware of? :) )
[21:31] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (+3)
[21:31] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (yes)
[21:31] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (Alaric has it, and tried to use it as nietzsche and didn't find it missing ;p )
[21:31] <Valery> (Heh)
[21:32] <Yarrow> Ok. You can easily jump down from that height.
[21:33] * Sailor_Nietzsche does so, aiming to land a couple meters from the animal.
[21:33] <Yarrow> The moonwombat is treated to an extended upskirt view.
[21:33] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.. hi?"
[21:34] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (Panties are black)
[21:34] * Toast waves and gestures for Nietzsche to follow him
[21:34] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (overall appearance: http://www.alathon.net/images/Sailor_Nietzsche.png)
[21:34] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um..."
[21:34] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Can you talk?"
[21:34] <SidekickDM> (*splurt* *blood lose* "Ahh it died!)
[21:34] <Toast> "Do I look like I can talk?"
[21:34] <Yarrow> (Roll soul to avoid running in fright when you meet her gaze.)
[21:34] <Xui-Fei> (no if this was Chamo he'd be drooling with that sig)
[21:34] <Toast> "Hey... I can talk."
[21:35] <Yarrow> (Since we don't have SAN checks in this game.)
[21:35] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "You didn't know? Oh.. um. That's okay. I didn't know I was a Senshi until today."
[21:35] <Toast> (ok...)
[21:35] <Toast> roll 2d6+4
[21:35] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[21:35] <Yarrow> (I was just kidding. :) )
[21:35] <Yarrow> (After looking at the picture)
[21:36] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (not what any small, edible creature would wanna see..)
[21:36] <Toast> "Follow me, there's a weapons cache."
[21:36] <Toast> "I'm too small to carry that stuff."
[21:36] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Hmm.. allright. One moment, let me tell Valery where I'm going."
[21:36] * Sailor_Nietzsche leaps back up onto the chopper.
[21:36] <Yarrow> (Don't overshoot. :) )
[21:37] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "It can talk.. and it says there's a weapons cache that it wants to lead me to."
[21:37] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (heh, no kidding)
[21:37] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Any objections? More weapons wouldn't hurt, especially stuff normal people could use."
[21:37] * Valery blinks. "Oh... useful, yeah, the armoury in the safehouse only has so much."
[21:37] <Valery> "Want me to follow you from above?"
[21:38] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Good idea."
[21:38] * Sailor_Nietzsche leaps down.
[21:38] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Valery will follow us in the chopper."
[21:38] <Yarrow> Note: If you try this manuever in a stressful situation, you *will* have to roll to jump up to the chopper and will have a chance to overshoot.
[21:38] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (hmm.. I probably shoudln't be using the word chopper)
[21:38] * Toast nods
[21:38] <Toast> (get to ze chopper!)
[21:39] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (In a stressful situation, I'll aim for the bottom of the chopper and catch the landing gear)
[21:39] <Xui-Fei> (get to ze choppa now!)
[21:39] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "So.. lead the way?"
[21:39] * Toast heads towards the weapons store
[21:40] * Valery slowly has the helicopter drift after the ferret and senshi.
[21:40] * Sailor_Nietzsche follows, keeping her eyes and ears pealed for the slightest hint of trouble.
[21:40] <Yarrow> As the helicopter starts to drift after them, you hear a cry of, "Wait! Wait!" from the other direction.
[21:41] * Valery blinks, and looks back that way.
[21:41] <Yarrow> And turn to see a little girl running toward the chopper.
[21:41] <Sailor_Nietzsche> ("She's a plant!", then the chopper blows up)
[21:41] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (damned black moon suicide bombers!)
[21:41] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (I figure she's either a plant, or Dorin's character)
[21:41] * Valery blinks, calling Nietzsche. "Someone behind you, ma'am."
[21:42] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks behind her.
[21:42] <Keiko> "Wait uuuup- Oof!" she cries as she trips over.
[21:43] <Keiko> "I... Ittaaaiii...." she wails as she rubs her head, and scrambles up, and races towards the chopter again.
[21:44] <Sailor_Nietzsche> to Valery, "Looks like we've got another survivor.. should probably pick her up."
[21:44] * Sailor_Nietzsche turns to the talking ferret.
[21:44] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Could you wait one moment? We're collecting survivors, so we should probably get her on board."
[21:44] <Keiko> (Is the chopper's door open?)
[21:44] <Valery> (It's in the air, and the door on Nietzsche's side is open, but not on yours)
[21:45] <Keiko> (Doh...)
[21:45] <Yarrow> (15
[21:45] * Valery nods, bringing the helicopter down and opening the door.
[21:45] <Yarrow> -20 meters)
[21:46] <Keiko> (Yep, within jumping range for Keiko.)
[21:47] <Keiko> (She can jump to 72 meters. Heh heh heh...)
[21:47] <Valery> (Except that the door's closed anyway, so we won't know :P )
[21:47] <Toast> (so jump!)
[21:47] <Yarrow> (Jump over the chopper and to the other side. ;) )
[21:47] <Valery> (Well, she COULD jump into the closed door if she REALLY wants to, but I DID land and open the door, so she can just walk in...)
[21:48] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks to see if anyone is trailing the civvie.
[21:48] * Keiko more or less runs inside trips on the step, and goes tumbling...
[21:48] * Toast continues leading Nietzc to the weapon store
[21:48] * Valery winces, and closes the door, rising again. "Are you all right, little miss?"
[21:48] <Keiko> "Waaa!" she wails then slams face-first into the other side, "Oof... ooowwww...."
[21:49] * Sailor_Nietzsche follows Toast.
[21:49] * Keiko sits up and rubs her head... and nods.
[21:49] <Valery> "Is there anyone else to pick up where you came from?"
[21:50] * Keiko looks a little downcast, and shakes her head.
[21:50] <Yarrow> Toast leads the senshi to the store. Inside are assorted handguns, a few shotguns, a couple of uzis, and a cannon that looks like it's from the 1800s.
[21:51] <Valery> "All right... get a seat, and strap in, once we really get moving it'll be a bit rough."
[21:51] <Yarrow> There's also a box of grenades.
[21:51] * Valery drifts after them, and comes down to a landing once they head inside.
[21:51] * Keiko nods, and does so...
[21:51] <Toast> "huh... Thought I got all the grenades."
[21:51] <Toast> "The cannon, get the cannon!"
[21:52] * Sailor_Nietzsche stashes all the normal sized stuff in her "portable stuff container", and picks up the cannon.
[21:52] <Toast> "Yeah, yeah, get the cannon!"
[21:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.. do you know how this thing works?"
[21:52] <SidekickDM> (dule wield cannons yo?)
[21:52] <Keiko> "Ittai..." she grumbles as she rubs her head... "At least my head doesn't hurt as badly as when those weird ladies ran into me."
[21:52] * Toast nods
[21:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (correction.. I *try* to pick up the cannon)
[21:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (lemme see what 6 body can lift..)
[21:52] <Xui-Fei> (Cannon chucks Yo!)
[21:52] <Valery> (About 180 kilograms, I think it was?)
[21:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (30 kg * body)
[21:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (so..... not a cannon)
[21:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.."
[21:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I don't think I can lift this."
[21:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "But I bet I can roll it."
[21:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (it has wheels, right?)
[21:53] <Yarrow> You're positive you can't lift it.
[21:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (so I can pick up one end and pull it behind me?)
[21:53] <Toast> (it doesn't have wheels?)
[21:54] <Yarrow> You're not really sure it's worth it. It's probably just for show.
[21:54] <Yarrow> And even if it's not, it wouldn't be anywhere as powerful as the plasma guns on Metel.
[21:54] <Toast> (aawwwww)
[21:54] * Sailor_Nietzsche will pull it a few meters, then stop.
[21:54] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.. I'm pretty sure the plasma cannons on the chopper are better than this."
[21:55] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "And it'll be awfully hard to defend myself in a pinch, dragging this thing."
[21:55] * Sailor_Nietzsche gives the cache a twice-over to see if there's anything she's missed.
[21:55] <Toast> "oooooh, more boom. Yesssss."
[21:55] * Keiko (~Zero@124-169-31-83.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:55] <Yarrow> (The little girl falls out of the helicopter and lands on her head.)
[21:55] * Rockman_Zero (~Zero@124-169-223-67.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #cte
[21:56] <Rockman_Zero> [12:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (correction.. I *try* to pick up the cannon)
[21:56] <Rockman_Zero> [12:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (lemme see what 6 body can lift..)
[21:56] <Rockman_Zero> [12:52] <Keiko> "I... think I broke them though," she frowns, "I... did a bad thing."
[21:56] <Rockman_Zero> [12:53] Disconnected (2009-05-05 12:53:11)
[21:56] <Rockman_Zero> (What'd I miss?)
[21:57] <Yarrow> (They decided not to take the cannon.)
[21:57] <Yarrow> (Now dress up like a little girl again.)
[21:58] * Switchblade (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[21:58] <Switchblade> * Sailor_Nietzsche will pull it a few meters, then stop.
[21:58] <Switchblade> <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.. I'm pretty sure the plasma cannons on the chopper are better than this."
[21:58] <Switchblade> <Sailor_Nietzsche> "And it'll be awfully hard to defend myself in a pinch, dragging this thing."
[21:58] <Switchblade> * Disconnected
[21:58] <Switchblade> (What'd I miss?)
[21:58] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Keiko
[21:58] <Yarrow> (Not much)
[21:58] <Keiko> (So... Keiko's outside of the chopper, and they want to bring a cannon in?)
[21:58] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:58] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (no, no cannon)
[21:58] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (do I find anything else when I search the cache a second time?)
[21:58] <Keiko> (Keiko can lift it. :P)
[21:59] <Xui-Fei> (pm'd)
[21:59] <Yarrow> You find a few knives and some brass knuckles. And some supplies of mass destruction that the fuzzy animal snatches up and makes vanish.
[21:59] * Sailor_Nietzsche shrugs, and pockets the assorted thingies.
[21:59] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Allright.. let's go."
[22:00] * Sailor_Nietzsche heads back to the chopper.
[22:00] * Keiko is rubbing her head outside the chopper...
[22:00] <Keiko> "It hurts," she sniffles.
[22:00] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (any incident on the way to the chopper?)
[22:00] <Keiko> http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206 ... 1241486193
[22:01] * Switchblade (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:01] <Keiko> (That's Keiko by the way)
[22:01] <Yarrow> You make it back to Metel without incident. It's almost like someone's cleared this area out.
[22:01] <Yarrow> (Which one? :p )
[22:02] <Keiko> (The poor stoned dude the girl is holding. Because it totally looks like a girl. :P)
[22:02] <Yarrow> How late do people want to go, btw?
[22:02] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (I'm not time-limited)
[22:02] <Xui-Fei> (considering I'm possibly out for the game)
[22:02] * Toast hitches a ride on Nietzsche's shoulder
[22:02] <Xui-Fei> (least this session)
[22:02] <Keiko> (Neither am I. And, I hardly got to play at all today.)
[22:03] <Keiko> (Neither has Ataru for the most part)
[22:03] <Toast> (one more hour at most for me)
[22:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (well presumably we can get you up as soon as we fly back)
[22:04] * Keiko yelps and dives back into the chopper, and scrambles into a seat and buckles in.
[22:04] * Keiko then blinks.
[22:04] <Yarrow> Ok. We'll go upto anothe hour (I'm tired, too). Once Pale gets back, we'll resume.
[22:04] <Yarrow> If anyone needs to go afk for a minute or few, now's the time.
[22:04] <Keiko> "Wow... it's my first time in one of these," she mumbles looking around, "What's it called?"
[22:05] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I think one of them called it a chopper."
[22:05] <Keiko> "Neat! What's it chop?"
[22:05] * Sailor_Nietzsche motions at the pilots.
[22:05] * Keiko looks around excitedly.
[22:05] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Droids. Dropships. Stuff like that."
[22:06] <Keiko> "Ah..." she then blinks, and double-takes, "You're... a Senshi lady!" she squeals, and her eyes shine with awe and wonder at Nietzsche...
[22:06] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Since earlier this afternoon, yes."
[22:07] * Sailor_Nietzsche smiles a little.
[22:07] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "It hasn't been all fun and games, but.. it's helped."
[22:07] * Sailor_Nietzsche mutters.
[22:07] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I wish I knew where the rest were.."
[22:07] <Toast> "Yeah..."
[22:07] <Yarrow> Jake's ears flatten as the little girl continues at hyperspeed.
[22:07] <Keiko> "Umm... Does this mean you're a hero, like the other senshi?"
[22:07] <Xui-Fei> (Xui *involentary twich twich*)
[22:07] <Toast> "Those bastards invaded my home."
[22:07] <Yarrow> (Ok, I'm taking Valery over for now.)
[22:07] <Toast> "They killed the people that would feed me."
[22:08] <Yarrow> Val takes Metel up again.
[22:08] * Keiko blinks and looks at Toast, and her eyes widen even more.
[22:08] <Keiko> "K...K..."
[22:08] <Toast> "I showed them though. I showed them what happens when you get between me and my toast."
[22:08] * Toast looks smug
[22:08] <Keiko> "KAWAIIIIII!!!" she squeals, and glomps the Stoat.
[22:08] <Toast> "Gaaaaccck"
[22:09] <Yarrow> Keiko tries to glomp the stoat but gives a strangled cry as she's reminded she belted herself in.
[22:09] * Toast squirms and spasms
[22:09] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[22:09] <Valery> * Sailor_Nietzsche will pull it a few meters, then stop.
[22:09] <Valery> <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.. I'm pretty sure the plasma cannons on the chopper are better than this."
[22:09] <Valery> <Sailor_Nietzsche> "And it'll be awfully hard to defend myself in a pinch, dragging this thing."
[22:09] <Valery> * Disconnected
[22:09] <Valery> (What'd I miss? Sigh...)
[22:09] <Keiko> (Well, lets go with Yarrow's thing.)
[22:09] <Keiko> "Mou," she pouts, "Umm, can I pet him?" she asks Sailor_Nietzsche
[22:09] * Sailor_Nietzsche shrugs.
[22:09] <Keiko> "He's... yours, right?"
[22:10] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Ask him."
[22:10] <Toast> "Hey, I am my own ermine."
[22:10] * Sailor_Nietzsche shakes her head.
[22:10] <Yarrow> Chance: "Do you have a name furry one? And what are you--ah, an ermine."
[22:10] * Toast puts his nose up in the air
[22:10] * Keiko slips around and strokes Toast's ears...
[22:11] <Toast> "Ah, well, the people that fed me called me Toast.""
[22:11] <Yarrow> Jake: "Where to now, Val?"
[22:11] <Toast> "Because I really, really like toast."
[22:11] <Yarrow> (Anyone send you a log?)
[22:11] * Keiko blinks.
[22:11] <Keiko> "I'm hungry," she says suddenly.
[22:11] <Xui-Fei> (I got it)
[22:11] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (ugh, that's like 30 minutes)
[22:11] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (oh, good, thanks)
[22:12] <Toast> (what's like 30 minutes?)
[22:12] <Yarrow> Chance: "I think we could use a break."
[22:13] <Keiko> "Ah! Right," she bows politely, and cutely of course, to Sailor_Nietzsche, "Grandma always used to say, that if I ever meet one of the senshi, I gotta treat her nice... My name is Keiko Sendou. It's nice to meet'cha miss."
[22:13] <Toast> (so no one asked Toast what happens to people that get between him and food? :P)
[22:13] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (actually, I missed it)
[22:14] <Keiko> "Umm... Thanks, for your help."
[22:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm Alaric.. Sailor Nietzsche, as well."
[22:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "It's no problem."
[22:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "That's what I'm here for, I think."
[22:14] <Sailor_Nietzsche> ".. I'm somewhat new to this job, I'm afraid."
[22:14] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:14] * Switchblade (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:03 am

Session 1 - part 2

[22:14] <Toast> "I'm somewhat new to talking and thinking myself."
[22:14] <Switchblade> (/me sobs)
[22:14] <Switchblade> <Toast> "Because I really, really like toast."
[22:14] <Switchblade> <Yarrow> (Anyone send you a log?)
[22:14] <Switchblade> * Keiko blinks.
[22:14] <Switchblade> * Disconnected
[22:14] <Switchblade> (What'd I miss? Again...)
[22:14] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance introduce themselves. The woman in the corner does not.
[22:15] * Switchblade is now known as Valery
[22:15] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (and, I need to afk for 5 for bio)
[22:15] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm going to try to talk to the lady over there.. "
[22:15] * Keiko nods
[22:15] <Valery> (I'll act when I have some idea what's going on, reading the log...)
[22:15] * Sailor_Nietzsche will go attempt to console / comfort the woman (while I'm afk).
[22:15] <Keiko> "So, mister Toast... what's it like being an ermime?" she asks cutely.
[22:15] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (everyone is in the chopper, we picked up some more weapons, Keiko is a little girl and is with us, as is a talking stoat)
[22:16] <Toast> "Well, uh, people used to give me free food, that was nice."
[22:16] <Toast> "I had a good thing going until those things showed."
[22:16] * Valery waves back from the cockpit. "Hi Toast, Keiko, I'm Valery."
[22:16] <Yarrow> (Toast: "One day a little girl gave me a big chocolate bar! The next week or so was pretty hazy...")
[22:16] <Keiko> "Oh yeah, free food's the best," she exclaims, then her stomach growls, "When it's around..."
[22:17] * Keiko looks up at Valery.
[22:17] <Keiko> "Oh, umm... hello ma'am," she bows.
[22:17] <Xui-Fei> (lol)
[22:17] <Valery> (You know... I don't look that trappish other than the shawl...)
[22:17] <Xui-Fei> (it's like Rei and his sister all over again)
[22:17] <Keiko> (I thought that's how you described Val... as being a trap. :P)
[22:18] <Keiko> (If that's not the case, feel free to retcon to mister, instead. :P)
[22:18] <Yarrow> Chance takes a shot at something outside.
[22:19] * Keiko gives a start at the sound.
[22:19] <Yarrow> (Heading back to HQ, Val?)
[22:19] * Toast runs over to Jake and up her back to her shoulder
[22:19] * Valery purses his lips. "Hm... Anyone else need anything picked up? There's something that AD seems to want me to go to, it should be fairly quick to check it out."
[22:20] <Toast> "Yeaaaaah, get 'em, get 'em yeah."
[22:20] * Keiko shakes her head.
[22:20] * Toast hops up and down
[22:20] <Xui-Fei> (....trying to picture a voice for Toast...and failing other than Gilbert Godfery)
[22:20] <Keiko> "I didn't meet anyone else, except for two strange ladies," she shudders, "I tripped and broke them..."
[22:20] <Yarrow> Jake: "You're messing up my aim."
[22:21] <Valery> "Metal ladies? Don't worry, that's a good thing."
[22:21] <Toast> "Aim?"
[22:21] <Toast> "If you need to aim, you're not using enough firepower."
[22:21] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance are manning the door guns.
[22:21] <Toast> "Did you see what I did to the park?"
[22:21] <Toast> "I showed them."
[22:21] <Toast> "Got all of them."
[22:21] * Keiko looks at Toast.
[22:21] <Toast> "Every last one."
[22:21] <Keiko> "Sugoi..." she says eyes sparkling with awe.
[22:22] <Yarrow> "Nice job. But stand somewhere else."
[22:22] <Keiko> "Mister Toast Toasted them," she giggles.
[22:22] * Toast hops down
[22:22] <Toast> "Oh, wait, wait!"
[22:22] <Yarrow> Jake: "Thanks."
[22:22] <Toast> "I have something for you!"
[22:22] * Toast does a backflip and produces several mason jars
[22:22] * Valery heads towards the 'Upgrade' location, if nobody says anything.
[22:23] <Xui-Fei> (....we got a demolitions expert of a Ermie, martial artist with a habbit of getting stabbed in the back, a catboy/girl, a female Goku and a guy who flies with female versions of the SwatKatz)
[22:23] <Keiko> (And a trauma victim.)
[22:23] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (back)
[22:23] <Valery> (Considering how absolutely silent she is, I suspect it's Dorin's character.)
[22:24] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (or she's refusing to talk because her voice is mechanical-sounding)
[22:24] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (or it's a droid that has explosives where we have lungs)
[22:24] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance start firing more as you start encountering more droids the closer you get to Upgrade.
[22:24] <Keiko> (Is Xui-Fei conscious?)
[22:24] * Valery frowns slightly, and adds a few bursts from the main cannon if Jake and Chance don't get 'em first.
[22:24] <Toast> (inside the mason jars are grenades with their pins pulled, the jars are holding the safety lever in place)
[22:25] <Valery> (He's back at HQ :P )
[22:25] <Toast> "You can drop those on them!"
[22:25] <Toast> "The glass'll break, releasing the lever!"
[22:25] <Yarrow> Jake: "Nice, but I'm kinda busy now. And these guns are pretty powerful."
[22:25] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks.. decidedly scared as Toast explains the jars.
[22:26] <Toast> "You get a nice shrapnel effect from the glass though."
[22:26] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Are you sure that's really a good idea? If we dropped them.."
[22:26] <Keiko> "Wow, you're so smart!"
[22:26] * Toast looks a little dejected and puts them away
[22:26] <Yarrow> Jake sounds distracted and doesn't seem to be paying much attention to Toast.
[22:26] <Keiko> "Because... Umm, I didn't understand any of that."
[22:26] * Keiko says sheepishly.
[22:26] <Toast> "The glass is pretty thick, ya gotta drop it from pretty high."
[22:27] <Yarrow> Metel flies around a building and Upgrade is revealed to be a large building that a fair number of droids are wandering around, into, and out of.
[22:27] <Yarrow> There are two really large droids by the entrance. They look up at Metel and point their arm cannons.
[22:28] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:28] <Xui-Fei> (...damn Kaji would be so damn usefull here)
[22:28] <Keiko> (If you describe them as Sniper Joes...)
[22:28] <Yarrow> (Your fearless pilot ejects...)
[22:28] <Yarrow> (Or disconnects, at any rate.)
[22:29] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[22:29] <Valery> <Yarrow> Metel flies around a building and Upgrade is revealed to be a large building that a fair number of droids are wandering around, into, and out of.
[22:29] <Valery> <Yarrow> There are two really large droids by the entrance. They look up at Metel and point their arm cannons.
[22:29] <Valery> <Valery> "... AD, are you SURE this is where you wanted us to go?"
[22:29] <Valery> * Disconnected
[22:29] <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[22:29] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (crap, I thought the woman WAS upgrade?)
[22:29] * Valery aims the main cannon down at one of the big droids. "I've got the one on the left!"
[22:29] <Yarrow> (Nothing)
[22:29] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (btw, does the woman smell human?)
[22:29] * Toast pushes one of the mason jars out of the window at the ladies
[22:29] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (enhanced smell and all..)
[22:29] <Yarrow> She smells human.
[22:29] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (okay, so at least she's just a traitor/spy/mind controlled puppet)
[22:30] <Yarrow> The large droids are down the street. Only the main cannon gets a shot this round.
[22:30] <Yarrow> Pale, roll init.
[22:30] <Valery> roll 2d6+4 init
[22:30] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+4 init --> [ 2d6=5 ]{9}
[22:30] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+8
[22:30] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}, [ 2d6=3 ]{11}
[22:30] <Valery> (Oh dearie)
[22:30] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+8
[22:30] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{12}, [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[22:30] <Yarrow> Dodge those.
[22:30] <Xui-Fei> (/me just shrugs and does other stuff)
[22:30] <Valery> roll 2d6+6
[22:30] <Valery> roll 2d6+5
[22:30] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{15}
[22:30] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{11}
[22:31] * Valery swings left, rotating the cannon down to hit one of the droids.
[22:31] <Yarrow> Alerts sound on the control panel. Valery jerks the chopper to the side and one shell goes past. The other slams into Metel.
[22:31] <Valery> (Damage?)
[22:31] <Yarrow> 30
[22:32] <Valery> (No major damage, you guys are just shaken around)
[22:32] <Valery> roll 2d6+9 to-hit
[22:32] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+9 to-hit --> [ 2d6=4 ]{13}
[22:32] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[22:32] * Xui-Fei is now known as Light02
[22:32] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[22:32] <Yarrow> The droid (zerker) jumps to the side.
[22:33] * Valery grits his teeth. "Ugh."
[22:33] <Toast> (anything happen to that jar bomb I dropped on them?)
[22:33] <Keiko> "Eeek!"
[22:33] <Yarrow> All the other droids look up and hold up arms ending in smaller guns.
[22:33] * Sailor_Nietzsche holds her peace, examining the situation..
[22:33] * Toast goes flying into sailor nietzsche
[22:33] <Yarrow> (You aren't above the droids. This exchange took place down the length of a block.)
[22:33] <Valery> (Any response from AD, btw?)
[22:33] <Toast> (oh)
[22:34] <Toast> (never mind then)
[22:34] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "If this is an 'upgrade', not a survivor, perhaps we should come back later.. better prepared?"
[22:34] <Yarrow> AD indicates that Upgrade is in the building.
[22:34] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Does that display say anything else if you click it or somesuch?"
[22:34] <Valery> "Yeah... just going to need to clear these out so we don't have to retreat with them shooting at our backs..."
[22:35] <Yarrow> The wall at gound level blows out in a couple of spots and two more zerkers step out.
[22:36] <Yarrow> Jake: "Shit, Val! Get us out of here before more come out!"
[22:36] * Valery stares. "Wonderful..."
[22:36] <Yarrow> The first two zerkers take shots.
[22:36] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+8
[22:36] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}, [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[22:36] <Valery> roll 2d6+6
[22:36] <Valery> roll 2d6+5
[22:36] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{17}
[22:36] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[22:37] <Yarrow> Another shell slams into the chopper.
[22:37] * Valery sideslips out over the buildings, trying to get them between us and the enemies, taking a last parting burst at the zerkers.
[22:37] <Valery> roll 2d6+9
[22:37] <McDice> Valery rolled : 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{19}
[22:37] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[22:37] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{17}
[22:37] <Valery> (66 damage)
[22:37] <Yarrow> Your shot slams into one of the zerkers.
[22:37] <Yarrow> She staggers back but does not go down.
[22:38] * Valery keeps the front and the main gun faced towards 'Upgrade', but keeps sliding back, trying to get some cover.
[22:38] <Yarrow> Jake manages to get off a shot.
[22:38] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
[22:38] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{18}
[22:38] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8-1
[22:38] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+8-1 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{15}
[22:38] <Yarrow> As you get behind a building, you notice the zerker starting to topple.
[22:39] <Yarrow> You notice one other thing, Val: the two new zerkers seemed to be taking careful aim.
[22:39] * Valery takes a deep breath, and then turns as they're out of view, getting as much distance and cover as possible.
[22:40] <Light02> (*sits back twiddling his thumbs)
[22:40] <Valery> "Okay... I guess we're not going to be just popping in for that... AD, can they use whatever's in there?"
[22:40] <Yarrow> You quickly fly away from Upgrade, not encountering any significant resistance on the way out.
[22:41] <Keiko> (And that's Upgrade gone forever.)
[22:41] <Yarrow> Chance: "Let's go back to the base. I could use some downtime... and our passenger doesn't look too good."
[22:41] <Toast> "Let me infilitrate it, I'll bring the building down around them!"
[22:42] <Yarrow> The woman you picked up is curled into a little ball and partially wedged under a seat.
[22:42] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Let's get our ducks in a row first.. and get this poor woman some peace and quiet."
[22:42] * Valery looks back, frowning. "Yeah... here's hoping those people from Nemesis don't get any edges out of whatever's in there..."
[22:42] * Valery accellerates towards HQ.
[22:42] * Light02 is now known as Xui-Fei
[22:42] <Yarrow> (Do you know they're from Nemesis at this point?)
[22:43] <Valery> (Yeah, it was mentioned on the tactical display, PM from DC)
[22:43] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "From where?"
[22:43] <Yarrow> Chance: "Nemesis?"
[22:43] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I didn't know there was a Nemesis ward."
[22:43] <Valery> "I dunno... the display said they were the army of Nemesis."
[22:43] <Yarrow> Chance: "Maybe he meant Nerima"
[22:43] <Yarrow> Chance: "But I'm pretty sure Nerima doesn't have an army..."
[22:43] <Keiko> "Umm... what's a Nemesis?"
[22:44] <Keiko> "Does it taste good?"
[22:44] <Valery> "Guess we'll need to grab one, cook 'em, and find out."
[22:44] <Keiko> "Yay!"
[22:45] <Yarrow> You arrive at HQ, and after sending a message to Dizzy, land and disembark.
[22:45] <Yarrow> She's there waiting for you with a tray of sandwiches and a pot of coffee.
[22:45] * Valery collects the gun from the harness, and runs a hand through his hair as he gets out of the cockpit.
[22:45] <Yarrow> Jake: "Don't give the kid any coffee!"
[22:45] * Sailor_Nietzsche warms up a bit on seeing Dizzy.
[22:46] <Valery> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mini- ... CT0015.JPG - Val's gun, btw. (Picked up in the armoury) Figured it was appropriate for a Sailor Moon game. :P)
[22:46] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Seconded."
[22:46] * Sailor_Nietzsche is quick to get her own cup of coffee, and a sandwich.
[22:46] <Keiko> "Aww!"
[22:46] <Sailor_Nietzsche> to Dizzy, "How are things?"
[22:46] * Keiko gobbles the sandwitches though.
[22:46] * Valery sighs as he steps out, patting the side of the helicopter. "Sorry, Metel-chan..."
[22:47] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Things have been going smoothly here. People have been getting treated as needed, fed, and settled into quarters."
[22:47] <Keiko> "Umm, I'm Keiko, nice to meet'cha miss!" she nods, "Thankyou for the sandwitches, they were nice."
[22:47] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Good..."
[22:47] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Hello, Keiko! I'm Dizzy."
[22:47] * Sailor_Nietzsche frowns down at Keiko, then goes back to talking to Dizzy.
[22:47] <Yarrow> Dizzy waits for the inevitable comment.
[22:48] * Valery turns and bows slightly. "I... don't think I got around to introducing myself... I'm Valery."
[22:48] * Toast eats a sandwhich almost as large as he is
[22:48] * Keiko just hugs her, and skips back over to Toast.
[22:48] <Valery> (Not to Dizzy, at least :P )
[22:48] <Yarrow> Dizzy bows slightly in return.
[22:49] <Yarrow> Jake & Chance casually introduce themselves as they grab food and drink.
[22:49] <Xui-Fei> (am I up or am I still out?)
[22:49] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+12
[22:49] <McDice> Yarrow rolled : 2d6+12 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{21}
[22:49] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (wait xui, we need to be ambushed by the woman we rescued first ;p )
[22:49] * Valery goes up, and gets a drink and sandwich, letting the gun hang on its strap around his neck.
[22:50] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei is, oh... just waking up downstairs.
[22:50] <Yarrow> (You mean you need Xui-Fei to stagger up just in time to be backstabbed by the woman you rescued. :) )
[22:51] <Xui-Fei> (...)
[22:51] <Valery> (Ah yes! Hop to it, Xui-san!)
[22:51] * Xui-Fei rolls off the cot he was on to the floor before getting up stumbling up topside
[22:52] <Keiko> (You a guy again? :P)
[22:52] <Valery> (Actually, I suppose we'd be heading down...)
[22:52] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei is stopped by a doctor and checked out before grudgingly allowed to wander.
[22:52] <Xui-Fei> (have been all session
[22:52] * Xui-Fei looks around
[22:52] <Yarrow> The woman in Metel stays under the seat.
[22:53] <Yarrow> Unless someone tries to get her out...?
[22:53] <Keiko> (Keiko will if someone asks her to. :P)
[22:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (Iwill, but not immediately, finding out the lay of things came firs)
[22:53] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (if everyone's moving onto introductions, yeah.)
[22:53] <Keiko> (Hmm... actually...)
[22:53] * Keiko tugs on Valery's pant leg...
[22:53] <Keiko> "Umm..."
[22:54] <Yarrow> Dizzy gives Sailor_Nietzsche a more detailed account of the wounded. There haven't been any attacks.
[22:54] * Sailor_Nietzsche is relieved.
[22:54] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Thanks for looking after things here.."
[22:55] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm somewhat torn as to whether I should have gone out in my capacity as senshi, or remained in my capacity as doctor.."
[22:55] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "It's my pleasure, doctor."
[22:55] * Sailor_Nietzsche frowns.
[22:55] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:55] <Sailor_Nietzsche> warmly, "Alaric, please!"
[22:55] <Keiko> (Yeah... figured as much.)
[22:55] * Sailor_Nietzsche 's expression darkens a little.
[22:55] <Xui-Fei> "ugh....a forth time....not my lucky day"
[22:55] <Yarrow> (Excuse me if I'm not playing her that faithfully--I wasn't paying that much attention to her in your solo)
[22:55] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (you're a little kid, what do you expect?)
[22:55] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (jesus)
[22:55] <Yarrow> Dizzy smiles shyly. "Alaric."
[22:55] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (the adults are talking)
[22:56] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "That's better.. um.. I should probably do something about her, but I don't know what."
[22:56] <Xui-Fei> (...)
[22:56] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Who?"
[22:56] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (er.. damn, valery isn't here is she)
[22:56] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "One sec.."
[22:56] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks over.
[22:57] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I'm glad to see you up, but first.. how do I change back?!"
[22:57] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[22:57] * Sailor_Nietzsche sounds a little panicked.
[22:57] * Keiko pouts and wanders around a bit, kinda bored... and feeling lost.
[22:57] <Yarrow> Dizzy suddenly notices Xui-Fei and frowns slightly: "Are you sure you should be up?"
[22:57] <Valery> (Sigh... I got nothing since my last line)
[22:57] <Valery> (Comp reset on me again.)
[22:58] <Yarrow> She then notices Keiko: "Let me get you settled in..."
[22:58] <Valery> (Anyone got a log?)
[22:58] <Yarrow> Dizzy takes Keiko off to where the rest of the kids are being cared for.
[22:58] * Xui-Fei looks at the Nurse, "I've had worse...trust me on this"
[22:58] <Keiko> "Umm... what about that lady in that big cutting thing?" she points to the chopper as she's lead away...
[22:58] <Valery> (/me pokepokes. What'd I miss?)
[22:58] <Xui-Fei> (damn no last line)
[22:59] <Toast> (ok, it's 2am)
[22:59] <Toast> (I'm out, have to be at work in a few hours)
[22:59] <Xui-Fei> (from when you ping'd out till you signed back in)
[22:59] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (g'night..)
[22:59] <Xui-Fei> (ok)
[22:59] <Keiko> (This'd be a good place to end it I think.)
[22:59] <Yarrow> (Uh oh. Toast is going to turn into ... what do stoats turn into anyway?)
[22:59] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:59] <Keiko> ('Specially since Keiko's been forced out of play.)
[23:00] <Yarrow> Toast goes off with Keiko to entertain the other kids. ("And this is how you make *napalm*, boys and girls!")
[23:00] <Xui-Fei> (...)
[23:00] <Yarrow> If the rest of you want to do a little roleplaying for 15 or so minutes, feel free.
[23:00] <Toast> (sounds good :P)
[23:00] * Toast is now known as Ataru
[23:00] * Keiko is now known as Rockman_Zero
[23:00] <Xui-Fei> (I'm trying to and I'm getting ignored save for one npc)
[23:01] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (I can only talk to so many people at once)
[23:01] <Valery> (Hey, Nietzsche's trying to get your attention, you're ignoring her :P )
[23:01] <Yarrow> (It should be easier now that the crowd has thinned out a bit.)
[23:01] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (and, I did kinda respond to you)
[23:01] <Xui-Fei> (didn't see that)
[23:01] <Rockman_Zero> (I wanted Keiko to interact with Xui-fei a bit... I had a line I wanted to use. :P)
[23:02] <Yarrow> Chance manages to get the woman under the seat down to the doctors and nurses.
[23:02] * Xui-Fei blinks, "uh...I got the crap beaten out of me what bring out of it"
[23:02] <Yarrow> Jake hangs around.
[23:02] <Valery> "Um... back, ma'am?"
[23:02] * Sailor_Nietzsche is immediately downcast, then chagrined.
[23:02] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Oh."
[23:02] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.. my appologies for my poor manners."
[23:02] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cte
[23:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "How are you feeling?"
[23:03] <Yarrow> Jake: "You ... don't want us to beat the crap out of you, do you?"
[23:03] <Xui-Fei> "like an all day sparing match with my sensei"
[23:03] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks over at Jake.
[23:03] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Not yet."
[23:03] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks back over to Xui-fei.
[23:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I wish I could help.. normally I'd be able to fix you up in a few moments, but, since I've transformed.. I can't."
[23:04] * Sailor_Nietzsche is obviously troubled by this.
[23:04] * Sailor_Nietzsche tugs his ribbon.
[23:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "I wish there were an 'off' switch for this thing."
[23:04] * Xui-Fei blinks, "have you tried hot water?"
[23:04] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.. not yet."
[23:05] <Xui-Fei> "my sensei had this werid quirk...he changed genders when spalshed with hot or cold water"
[23:05] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "That is.. definately.. a wierd quirk."
[23:05] <Valery> "Um... ma'am, have you tried just... thinking, 'off', or 'my normal form'?"
[23:06] <Xui-Fei> "says it's a family trait, what he always told me..."
[23:06] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks over to Valery.
[23:06] <Sailor_Nietzsche> "Um.."
[23:06] * Sailor_Nietzsche takes a moment, and concentrates really, really hard on NOT being Sailor Nietzsche, on being Alaric, the Doctor, instead.
[23:07] <Yarrow> Sailor_Nietzsche becomes Alaric, the doctor, instead.
[23:07] * Sailor_Nietzsche blinks.
[23:08] * Sailor_Nietzsche runs his hands across his torso, just to make sure.
[23:08] * Sailor_Nietzsche is now known as Alaric
[23:08] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow, "a doc..."
[23:08] <Alaric> "Er.."
[23:08] <Valery> (Well, Alaric-CHAN, the doctor, instead?)
[23:08] <Yarrow> Jake: "That's engineer thinking for you."
[23:08] <Alaric> "There was something of a fight. A few fights, actually."
[23:08] * Valery blushes.
[23:08] <Alaric> "But really, I'm not a mad scientist."
[23:08] <Alaric> "The bloodstained doctor's coat notwithstanding."
[23:09] <Yarrow> Oh, yeah. Alaric seems to have gotten a truly excellent sex change.
[23:09] <Valery> "I'm glad you're back to normal, ma'am."
[23:09] * Alaric stops 'her' hands about 1/4th of the way down her torso.
[23:09] <Yarrow> (I think that's how DCG is running it.)
[23:09] <Yarrow> At least, there was a sex change from Alaric's point of view...
[23:09] * Xui-Fei blinks
[23:09] <Yarrow> She seems perfectly normal to everyone else.
[23:09] <Xui-Fei> "you sure you were a guy?"
[23:09] <SidekickDM> (ya)
[23:09] <Alaric> (I think it lasts until the delay period wears off)
[23:10] <Alaric> "I am most certain that I *was* a guy."
[23:10] <SidekickDM> (yep)
[23:10] * Alaric sounds a little irritated, and slightly fearful.
[23:10] <Alaric> ".. I do hope this is not permanent."
[23:10] <Valery> (I think it lasts until you turn it off, though you can only turn back once the delay's run out)
[23:10] <SidekickDM> (after the "cool down" changing back is a simple mater of will)
[23:10] <Alaric> "Xui-fei, would you allow me to try something?"
[23:10] * Valery blinks. "You used to be a guy, ma'am?"
[23:10] * Alaric frowns.
[23:10] <Alaric> "Yes."
[23:10] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow, "um...sure I guess"
[23:11] <Rockman_Zero> (Alaric: "Turn around, this may tickle just a bit.")
[23:11] <Rockman_Zero> (:P)
[23:11] <Xui-Fei> (decade)
[23:11] * Alaric walks over to Xui-fei, and rests her hands on his shoulders, and... concentrates. Hard.
[23:11] <Alaric> (Trying to heal him.)
[23:11] * Alaric will do so for the better part of a minute.
[23:11] <Yarrow> (BTW, Zero, Keiko's going to be treated like a little girl until she gives people a reason to think of her otherwise. And even then, they'll be likely to think of you as a child.)
[23:12] <Rockman_Zero> (You know... that'd be fine, if it wern't for the whole 'Okay, that's your RP done for today' thing. =_=)
[23:12] <Yarrow> (Well, that's WHY your RP is done for the day.)
[23:13] <Alaric> (you need to come up with a credible answer to the question, "why should we talk to keiko?")
[23:13] <Rockman_Zero> (Are you saying I screwed up? That I made an error?)
[23:13] <Yarrow> (I'm saying it's the natural result of your character design.)
[23:13] <Valery> (No, that the nature of your character is such that we will act in that manner)
[23:14] <Rockman_Zero> (Feh, Chibi-Usa never had this issue. This is just something you threw in...)
[23:14] <Valery> (Er... yes, Chibi-Usa DID have this issue.)
[23:14] <Alaric> (Chibi-usa had that issue constantly)
[23:14] <Xui-Fei> (yup)
[23:14] <Valery> (And if Chibi-Usa did NOT have this issue, YOU still would, because we are better at playing a character properly than Naoko Takeuchi is.)
[23:15] <Yarrow> (So far as the other characters know, they just rescued a normal, if hyperactive, little girl from a combat zone. What do you think they're going to do once they get her back to safety--chat with her or send her to be cared for with the other children?)
[23:15] <Xui-Fei> (to the point she smacked around her own mother to make her listen to her)
[23:15] * Alaric sighs.
[23:15] <Alaric> "I think I've lost it.."
[23:16] <Alaric> "I'm sorry, Xui-fei, I don't think I can heal you."
[23:16] <Alaric> "Not the fast way, at least."
[23:16] <Rockman_Zero> (Keiko doesn't have parents. :P)
[23:16] <Xui-Fei> "I should be better in the morning
[23:16] <Rockman_Zero> (And damn, if it was just a case of proving her usefulness, you could've said something...)
[23:17] <Rockman_Zero> (Here I was thinking I lost a character, just from proxy of playing as her.)
[23:17] <Valery> (Er... you know, even if she's useful, she'll still be treated like a little kid because... she IS a little kid.)
[23:17] <Yarrow> (Let's pick this up after the rp is finished.)
[23:17] <Yarrow> (Shouldn't be that much longer.)
[23:18] <Valery> "Hm... that's odd... I suppose the senshi powers have replaced what you had before...?"
[23:18] <Rockman_Zero> (I'm gonna afk for now anyway.)
[23:18] <Rockman_Zero> (bbs/l)
[23:18] * Xui-Fei looks around, "it's ok I should be better in the morning always am." he says before his stomache growls
[23:18] <Yarrow> (Ok. I imagine you'll be able to have her powers become evident offscreen before the next session, in any case.)
[23:18] <Alaric> "That's the way it seems, Valery."
[23:19] <Alaric> "I guess I did say 'whatever the cost'.. I probably should have thought that bit through."
[23:19] * Alaric then responds to Xui-fei.
[23:19] <Alaric> "Let's go find some food."
[23:19] <Rockman_Zero> (Well, I was rather counting on it happening this session anyway. Not much she was ABLE to do, what, with being in a helicopter and all...)
[23:19] <Valery> "Well... do you regret it? Even knowing what you paid, is it still worth it?"
[23:19] <Alaric> (don't count on being able to carry out some planned/scripted gag, event, or anything really)
[23:19] <Rockman_Zero> (There's also the fact that she's the only dragon in the world. :P)
[23:20] <Alaric> (I mean.. this whole thing is improv'd on our parts)
[23:20] <Rockman_Zero> (Nah. I won't.)
[23:20] * Xui-Fei blinks, "I have some in my pack....or we can use the food here"
[23:20] <Valery> (Wouldn't that be more reason to protect her? :P )
[23:21] <Alaric> "Whatever we eat, let's do it inside."
[23:21] <Rockman_Zero> (Only if they knew, which they won't. :P)
[23:21] * Alaric looks over at Valery and her friends.
[23:21] <Alaric> "Do you all want to come in?"
[23:21] <Alaric> "Or do you need to see to your chopper first?"
[23:22] * Xui-Fei nods, "yeah....to risky out side...to many times getting stabbed in the back"
[23:22] * Alaric cringes.
[23:22] <Alaric> "You mentioned something about four times.. you were ambushed FOUR times?"
[23:22] * Valery runs a hand through his hair. "I'll need to check her out, I guess I'll be back down later."
[23:22] <Xui-Fei> "three by those glass types"
[23:22] <Xui-Fei> "and once by a friend of mine who tried to drag me off on one of those droids ships
[23:23] <Valery> "... Er... that's a friend...?"
[23:23] * Alaric then curses softly.
[23:23] <Alaric> "Which reminds me.. that woman we rescued must still be inside."
[23:24] <Alaric> "We ought to get her inside.. get her away from anything that reminds her of the fighting.."
[23:24] <Alaric> ".... I think."
[23:24] <Xui-Fei> "honestly I don't know what that girl was thinking"
[23:24] <Valery> "No... Chance got her inside."
[23:24] * Alaric blinks.
[23:24] <Alaric> 'Oh... good."
[23:24] * Alaric sounds relieved, and a little guilty.
[23:24] <Yarrow> Jake: "Wait. They didn't just kill her?"
[23:25] <Yarrow> Jake: "Er, your friend--not the woman Chance took downstairs..."
[23:25] <Xui-Fei> "no, in fact there leader of that ship or what ever she called herself said she was just an observer"
[23:25] <Valery> "Er... was it a normal dropship? I didn't think they were kidnapping people..."
[23:26] <Xui-Fei> "least how I understood it, Beth came to them...." he says, "but why me I barely knew the girl"
[23:26] <Yarrow> (Xui-Fei never saw a dropship, so far as I know.)
[23:26] <Xui-Fei> (what ever that ship was)
[23:26] <Valery> (Heh)
[23:26] <Xui-Fei> "and it wasn't a drop ship it was a different model"
[23:26] <Valery> (So nothing for comparison? :P )
[23:26] <Yarrow> (Well, that could have been a dropship, for all he knows...)
[23:27] <Yarrow> (Right. No basis for comparison.)
[23:27] <Valery> (I think Yarrow was just saying you never saw the normal dropships, so you don't have any comparison :P )
[23:27] <Xui-Fei> (ah)
[23:27] <Xui-Fei> (let me rephrase that then)
[23:27] <Yarrow> (You were busy in the public restroom for that phase. :) )
[23:28] <Xui-Fei> (true)
[23:28] <Xui-Fei> "it might of been a drop ship, I haven't seen one...I was in the bathroom when the attack inital attack went down"
[23:28] <Yarrow> Jake: "... in the bathroom?"
[23:29] <Xui-Fei> "I was meeting some friends of mine and I just got done with today's training"
[23:29] <Alaric> "I suppose it's no better or worse than me. I was in a garden on my lunch break."
[23:29] <Yarrow> Jake: "in the bathroom??"
[23:29] <Yarrow> Jake: "Is that where you usually meet your friends?"
[23:29] <Xui-Fei> "no"
[23:29] <Xui-Fei> "I was there cleaning up, I was suposed to meet them at the nearby square"
[23:30] <Yarrow> Jake: "Oh. That sounds much better."
[23:30] <Xui-Fei> "when I got there...." he says with a long hearted sigh, "Hiro, Rei, Wu....all dead"
[23:31] * Alaric is immediately downcast.
[23:31] * Alaric reaches forward and gives Xui-Fei a big hug.
[23:31] * Alaric is now known as Alaric-chan
[23:31] <Alaric-chan> (should probably do that)
[23:32] <Yarrow> Jake: "That's..."
[23:32] <Yarrow> Jake just shakes her head.
[23:32] <Alaric-chan> "This has been an evil day for all of us."
[23:33] <Xui-Fei> "I vowed vengence and two metal type droids showed up..." he says with a smirk..."in which I totally kicked there asses"
[23:33] <Alaric-chan> "Most of my co-workers at the hospital.."
[23:33] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[23:33] <Xui-Fei> "though it's sad my sensei isn't finished with my training and he's probably dead...." he shakes his head, "no he's to stubborn to die like that"
[23:34] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[23:34] <Valery> <Alaric-chan> "This has been an evil day for all of us."
[23:34] <Valery> <Xui-Fei> "I vowed vengence and two metal type droids showed up..." he says with a smirk..."in which I totally kicked there asses"
[23:34] <Valery> <Alaric-chan> "Most of my co-workers at the hospital.."
[23:34] <Valery> * Valery looks at Alaric. "... Why didn't the senshi DO anything, ma'am...? Where were all the others...?"
[23:34] <Valery> * Disconnected
[23:34] <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[23:34] <Alaric-chan> (very little this time)
[23:34] * Alaric-chan gives Xui-fei one last compassionate squeeze before letting go, and turning to face Valery.
[23:35] <Alaric-chan> "I don't know."
[23:35] <Alaric-chan> "I'm very new at this.. I just started today. I have absolutely no idea where the senshi are, or the queen is, or why all these people would want to hurt us."
[23:35] * Xui-Fei looks at Valery, "I've been wondering that as well," he says showing his transformation wand, "I mean so far only me and the Doc here"
[23:35] <Alaric-chan> "At first I thought there had just been some sort of dreadful misunderstanding, but as the minutes have passed.. that seems.. too kind."
[23:36] <Alaric-chan> "Where'd you get that? I.."
[23:36] * Alaric-chan realizes she has a transformation pen in her hand.
[23:36] * Alaric-chan holds it up.
[23:36] <Alaric-chan> "... apparently have one too."
[23:36] * Valery sighs. "I don't get it... someone here has an army, they built Metel, but... where was it?"
[23:36] <Yarrow> Jake shakes her head. "At first, me & Chance thought Val's copter had finally blown up."
[23:36] <Valery> "Did everyone just abandon the city?"
[23:37] <Xui-Fei> "I don't know, the seem is that the Queen herself may only care about her precious Castle"
[23:37] <Alaric-chan> "I haven't been there, so I couldn't say."
[23:37] <Alaric-chan> "But isn't that rather harsh, Xui-fei?"
[23:38] * Alaric-chan looks over to Valery.
[23:38] <Xui-Fei> "Maybe harsh but it would explain why they aren't here helping the people"
[23:38] <Alaric-chan> "I don't know.. I imagine with all these.. droids.. attacking people, the Senshi must be fighting elsewhere."
[23:38] <Yarrow> Jake asks quietly, "Where else is there?"
[23:38] * Alaric-chan frowns.
[23:39] <Alaric-chan> "Well.. some other part of the city, surely?"
[23:39] <Xui-Fei> (I'm assuming I started near the Nerima district)
[23:39] <Xui-Fei> "well they weren't there in Nerima"
[23:39] <Yarrow> "Wouldn't we have seen some signs when we were in the air?"
[23:41] <Xui-Fei> (I'm almost scared what my sensei is gonna react when he finds out I've become a senshi)
[23:41] <Alaric-chan> "I.. would have expected it, yes."
[23:41] <Alaric-chan> "I don't know."
[23:41] <Yarrow> ("Haha! Why, I'm one, too!")
[23:41] <Alaric-chan> "This is all so surreal."
[23:41] * Alaric-chan says this quite seriously.
[23:41] <Yarrow> Jake: "Hey, that's a good word."
[23:42] <Alaric-chan> "An invasion.. of all things? Since when was there anywehre other than Crystal Tokyo? Or anyone other than her citizens to invade?"
[23:42] <Xui-Fei> "your not the only one that's weired out by this but I only know one thing to do about it....regroup and fight back..."
[23:42] * Valery nods. "It just... doesn't make sense..."
[23:42] * Alaric-chan looks over at Xui-Fei.
[23:43] <Alaric-chan> "Against the numbers we all saw come from the sky? Fight when necessary, surely.. but it seems to me that until we stand better than four to a thousand odds, we should be cautious."
[23:43] <Xui-Fei> "it may be but I've acounted for at least over 10 of them...granted I was fighting them normally not senshi"
[23:44] <Yarrow> "Those glass ones give me the creeps."
[23:44] <Alaric-chan> "I know what you mean.. that one that attacked Xui-fei, it came out of nowhere. I would have sworn there was nothing behind him!"
[23:44] <Xui-Fei> "thanks to them they make me more paroide than Wu when he tried to ambush me"
[23:45] * Valery nods. "Yeah... I was LOOKING, and I couldn't see that thing until your blood got on it..."
[23:45] <Xui-Fei> "those blasted things got me 3 times.." he says "..3 times" he repeats
[23:46] <Yarrow> (Well, one of those times was because you just begged for it--standing in the tunnel, back exposed, playing with your computer when you *knew* there was one around. :) )
[23:47] <Xui-Fei> "though I can acount there are three types, the metal...or grunts they are cannon fodder, Glass...stealth/assassination, and a type made out of rubber they seem to be the endurance types....though they have no bladed weapons it's pure hand to hand with that type"
[23:47] * Alaric-chan nods.
[23:47] <Alaric-chan> "The metal ones come in different grades, as well."
[23:48] <Alaric-chan> "The black ones were the easiest.. the reds more dangerous, the purples even moreso."
[23:48] <Alaric-chan> "And the less human-shaped ones.. the ones with large weapons mounted on their shoulders, were the most deadly by far."
[23:48] <Xui-Fei> "and I fear my senshi form will even have a hard time with the rubber ones....my element seems to be eletrictiy"
[23:48] <Alaric-chan> "Dizzy and I took on a pair of those, but it was a near thing."
[23:48] <Alaric-chan> "Element?"
[23:48] <Alaric-chan> "Senshi have elements?"
[23:48] * Valery nods. "Better to handle them from the air..."
[23:48] <Alaric-chan> "Speaking of which.."
[23:48] * Alaric-chan looks around.
[23:49] <Alaric-chan> "Do any of you know what a nietzsche is?"
[23:49] * Xui-Fei chuckles remembering some of his senshi's form speach, "Mjollnir is the name of the hammer the Norse God of Thunder Thor uses"
[23:50] <Yarrow> Jake blinks. "Chance is the one who knows fancy words."
[23:50] * Valery cocks his head. "Er... ancient philosopher?"
[23:51] <Valery> "I think I spotted the name in the library..."
[23:51] * Alaric-chan grins at Xui-fei.
[23:51] <Alaric-chan> "Yours, at least, sounds properly imposing."
[23:52] <Alaric-chan> "A philosopher, huh? I suppose I'll have to look him up when I have a moment."
[23:52] * Alaric-chan frowns.
[23:52] <Xui-Fei> "well it may be imposing but the outfit is more revealing than yours Doc"
[23:52] <Alaric-chan> "Though WHERE I'd look him up is a question all to itself."
[23:52] <Alaric-chan> "More revealing? That must take some doing."
[23:53] * Xui-Fei sighs, "I don't like doing this but I better go ahead," he says, "take a couple steps back I don't want you getting hurt when this is going down"
[23:53] * Valery backs up, watching.
[23:53] * Alaric-chan backs away.
[23:53] * Xui-Fei then holds up the wand, "Mjollnir Star Power MAKE UP!"
[23:54] <Yarrow> Sorry. Should have mentioned it before, you don't have your wand back yet.
[23:54] <Valery> (Or, since we discussed it a bit, he has the wand but it didn't do anything? :P )
[23:54] <Yarrow> (Fair enough.)
[23:54] * Xui-Fei blinks, "the hell..."
[23:55] <Yarrow> (Barring DCG deciding he wants the mechanics to work differently.)
[23:55] <Valery> (So he's just a guy yelling 'Make up')
[23:55] <Alaric-chan> "Um.."
[23:55] <SidekickDM> ( "Do any of you know what a nietzsche is?" ok i had to lol at that)
[23:55] <Yarrow> (Yeah, that was a good line.)
[23:55] <Alaric-chan> (heh, thanks)
[23:55] * Xui-Fei then smacks his wand a bit....shaking it up and down
[23:55] * Valery blinks. "... Maybe you need to cool down after spending a while...? Alaric-san, why don't you try?"
[23:55] <Alaric-chan> "Um.."
[23:55] * Alaric-chan is doubtful for a moment, then resolute.
[23:55] <Xui-Fei> (um how come I have a longer cool down yet I was in fuku the shortest)
[23:56] <Alaric-chan> "I had best know, I suppose."
[23:56] <Yarrow> (You lost.)
[23:56] * Alaric-chan stands away from everyone by a couple meters, raises her newfound henshin rod, and speaks forcefully.
[23:56] <Valery> (And you got your superpowers back, at least :P )
[23:56] <Yarrow> (Your senshi form was KOed.)
[23:56] <Alaric-chan> "Nietzsche.. Nihilist Power.. Make-up!"
[23:56] * Alaric-chan pumps her fist, raising the rod right at the end.
[23:57] <Yarrow> (Your cooldown time was only a few minutes, but your senshi form is out of commission for a while.)
[23:57] <Yarrow> And another person stands there posing.
[23:58] * Valery nods. "Okay... so I guess you need to wait before transforming again..."
[23:58] <Alaric-chan> "... it worked last time, I am quite sure."
[23:58] <Alaric-chan> (yeesh metagame much?)
[23:58] * Alaric-chan frowns.
[23:58] <Alaric-chan> "I would say that this was a one-time thing, save that we both retain these."
[23:58] * Alaric-chan holds his henshin rod out.
[23:58] <Valery> (It's a logical theory from two people who can't transform :P )
[23:59] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: « Ë×Çü®§îöñ » Info~[v9.5]~ Released~[October 27, 2003]~)
[23:59] <Alaric-chan> (it's a reasonable guess ;p )
[23:59] * Rockman_Zero wanders back over, having gotten bored with playing with the kids, and notices the two... people posing.
[23:59] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Keiko
[23:59] * Keiko wanders back over, having gotten bored with playing with the kids, and notices the two... people posing.
[23:59] <Keiko> (Stupid nick didn't change. >_<)
Session Time: Tue May 05 00:00:00 2009
[00:00] * Keiko cocks her head.
[00:00] <Keiko> "Uh... what're you doing?"
[00:00] * Valery looks over. "Talking a bit... don't worry."
[00:00] * Xui-Fei blinks, "uh...yeah talking"
[00:01] <Yarrow> (I think I'm done for the night. Feel free to keep roleplaying. DCG will award CP at some point. :) )
[00:01] <Keiko> "About what?"
[00:01] <Xui-Fei> (yeah)
[00:01] <Yarrow> Jake says, "I'm going to see what Chance is up to," and gives a wave before wandering off.
[00:01] * Keiko notices the pens that both of them are holding up, and blinks.
[00:01] <Keiko> "Hey, you two found one of those as well?"
[00:02] <Alaric-chan> (cool)
[00:02] <Alaric-chan> (btw
[00:02] * Xui-Fei blinks,
[00:02] <Alaric-chan> (Thank you, yarrow, for stepping up to run the session since DCG was out ofcommission)
[00:02] <Xui-Fei> "uh...more like found us"
[00:02] <SidekickDM> (its 4cp for the night.)
[00:02] * Keiko brings out a henshin stick of her own...
[00:02] <Xui-Fei> (yes thank you)
[00:02] <Alaric-chan> "you have one as well?"
[00:02] <Alaric-chan> (I'm pretty close to calling it a night, I need to sleep soonish)
[00:02] <Keiko> "I think it's a pen, but... I can't get it to write," she frowns and looks at it.
[00:02] <Alaric-chan> (but I'm good for another 5-10)
[00:02] <Keiko> (Yeah, thanks.)
[00:02] <Yarrow> (Oh, you're welcome. My pleasure. Sorry if it was a bit rough.)
[00:02] <Alaric-chan> "Try raising it and saying whatever comes to mind."
[00:03] <Keiko> (Nah, no worries.)
[00:03] <Xui-Fei> (I'm sitll good but if your needing some sleep)
[00:03] * Keiko frowns.
[00:03] <Keiko> "Uh... why?"
[00:03] <Yarrow> (Keiko raises her wand and shouts, "Boy, I'm really hungry!")
[00:04] <Xui-Fei> "testing a theory" he says with a smirk
[00:04] * Keiko raises the pen up, and closes her eyes thinking for about a minute...
[00:04] <Valery> (Gaaaaaah, all that stuff suddenly came, my conn stalled...)
[00:04] <Alaric-chan> "It's only fair, you saw us doing it."
[00:04] <Valery> (And thank ya too, Yarrow.)
[00:05] <Keiko> "Okaaay..." she says taking a deep breath, "Umm... DRAGONFORCE POWER-METAL, ROCK-OOOONNN!!!" she screams out
[00:05] * Keiko begins to move around spinning, as pyro blazes around her, surrounding her in smoke and fireworks as concert lights strobe around from all directions... during all of which, a rippin' guitar solo plays, and as she finishes and comes out in a pose,The song ends with a mighty power chord, and final burst of pyro in the background...
[00:06] * Keiko is now known as Sailor_Dragonforce
[00:06] * Sailor_Dragonforce ends her henshin sequence, looking like this http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206 ... 1241486196
[00:07] * Xui-Fei blinks
[00:07] <Yarrow> (Well, we now we know who's eagerly waiting for Brütal Legend to come out...)
[00:07] <Xui-Fei> "and all I got was a gender change and a light show..."
[00:07] * Sailor_Dragonforce slams her staff down, and then blinks at herself...
[00:07] <Alaric-chan> "See?"
[00:07] <Alaric-chan> "It was worth trying, wasn't it."
[00:07] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Huh? I'm a Senshi too?" she blinks, and looks down at her, "But... that's..."
[00:07] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:08] * Sailor_Dragonforce then notices the staff she's holding.
[00:08] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "And... where'd this come from?"
[00:08] <Alaric-chan> "We don't know either."
[00:09] <Alaric-chan> "I'd thought we were perhaps drafted.. but your inclusion suggests random selection."
[00:09] * Sailor_Dragonforce spins it around in a blur in front of herself a bit, and stopping it abruptly.
[00:09] * Xui-Fei shrugs, "both possible..."
[00:09] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Ran-dom... selection?" she frowns cutely.
[00:09] * Sailor_Dragonforce flexes her arms a bit...
[00:10] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "I feel stronger too... like, I can pick up two cars instead of just one now."
[00:10] * Xui-Fei squats down where he's eye level with the little one, "basically selecting one person out of 100"
[00:10] * Xui-Fei blinks, "two cars?"
[00:10] * Sailor_Dragonforce blinks up at him
[00:10] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Oh."
[00:10] * Sailor_Dragonforce scratches her head.
[00:10] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Well, if I can pick up one car normally, and if I feel double strong... that'd be two cars, right?"
[00:11] <Xui-Fei> "I can barely lift one....granted that's Temna-sensei's idea of Strenght tranining"
[00:11] * Alaric-chan blnks.
[00:11] * Sailor_Dragonforce cocks her head.
[00:11] <Alaric-chan> "Perhaps not so random after all?"
[00:11] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "What's training?"
[00:12] * Sailor_Dragonforce asks this, as the wings on her back flap cutely a bit.
[00:12] * Xui-Fei blinks, "to learn a new skill is to train, I was learning to be Martial artist of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts"
[00:13] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Oh... well, I've always been real strong... Grandma said it's because I was born special."
[00:13] * Sailor_Dragonforce grins in fond memory.
[00:14] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Heh, she always used to joke about how she almost ended up making breakfast outta me when she found my egg before I hatched."
[00:14] * Xui-Fei looks up at Alaric, "Sensei always said students of his school alwasy led interesting lives"
[00:15] * Xui-Fei blinks
[00:15] <Xui-Fei> "an egg?"
[00:15] * Sailor_Dragonforce nods.
[00:15] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Is that strange? Grandma said it was a pretty big egg, but... everyone hatches from eggs, don't they?"
[00:15] * Xui-Fei looks at the Doc, "uh correct me if I'm wrong the last time I checked neither humans or yoma were hatched"
[00:16] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[00:16] <Valery> * Keiko raises the pen up, and closes her eyes thinking for about a minute...
[00:16] <Valery> <Alaric-chan> "It's only fair, you saw us doing it."
[00:16] <Valery> <Keiko> "Okaaay..." she says taking a deep breath, "Umm... DRAGONFORCE POWER-METAL, ROCK-OOOONNN!!!" she screams out
[00:16] <Valery> * Valery blinkblinks, mouthing that transformation phrase silently.
[00:16] <Valery> <Valery> (Aaaaaand, connection stalled again. Yay!)
[00:16] <Valery> (/me sobs)
[00:16] <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[00:17] <Valery> (I swear... it's like I'm not even in the game with this fucking connection)
[00:17] <Xui-Fei> (sent)
[00:17] <Sailor_Dragonforce> (PM'ed)
[00:17] <Xui-Fei> (dude we told you the problems with the wifi...the restart issue is a bitch)
[00:17] * Alaric-chan shakes his head at Xui-Fei.
[00:18] <Alaric-chan> (Actually, I don't know where Youma come from, but I guess it's not eggs. That was.. uh.. daimons, wasn't it?)
[00:18] <Xui-Fei> (yeah)
[00:18] <Sailor_Dragonforce> (Yep. I think Youma, being spirits are... I dunno, made the same way spirits are?)
[00:19] * Xui-Fei looks back at Keiko, "pretty much what I said kiddo your the only one who's been born from an egg, as far as I know," ruffling the kids hair abit
[00:20] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Well, then I guess Grandma was right then," she beams.
[00:21] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:21] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Umm... so, how do I turn back?" she fidgets a bit, and her wings twitch slightly, "I don't really mind this, but, my back feels weird."
[00:21] <Xui-Fei> "that might be cause of the wings"
[00:22] <Xui-Fei> "or at least I think those are wings," he says poking one of them
[00:22] <Sailor_Dragonforce> "Eh, wings?" she looks over her shoulder and gasps, "W-Wagga! I-I've got wings!!!"
[00:23] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[00:23] <Xui-Fei> (I don't know about you guys I'm about to run out of steam)
[00:23] <Valery> (YOU HAD TO MENTION IT!)
[00:24] <Xui-Fei> (dude)
[00:24] <Valery> (You just HAD TO MENTION IT, didn't you?!)
[00:24] <Valery> (Sigh... what'd I miss since my last line?)
[00:24] <Valery> (Dude. You talk about resets and my computer DOES it.)
[00:25] <Alaric-chan> (I think now's a good time to break)
[00:25] <Alaric-chan> (Keiko got her big reveal, and we can move forward in the next game from there)
[00:25] <Alaric-chan> (with everyone gettnig to participate)
[00:25] * Valery shrugs. "Just think of your normal form, you should turn back."
[00:25] <Xui-Fei> (*yawn* indeed)
[00:25] <Sailor_Dragonforce> (Yep)
[00:26] * Sailor_Dragonforce nod-nods, and does that, changing back.
[00:26] * Sailor_Dragonforce is now known as Keiko
[00:26] <Valery> (And maybe I'll actually stay connected this time... heh. Okay, sorry, that was amusing.)
[00:26] * Alaric-chan is now known as Alathon
[00:26] <Keiko> "Ah, cool!" she goes over to Xui-Fei, and kisses him on the cheek.
[00:26] * Xui-Fei is now known as Light02
[00:26] <Keiko> "Thankyou Mister."
[00:26] * Light02 is now known as Xui-Fei
[00:26] * Keiko is now known as Rockman_Zero
[00:26] * Xui-Fei blinks
[00:26] * Xui-Fei is now known as Light02
[00:26] <Valery> (Wait, you kiss the person who DIDN'T tell you how to change back...?)
[00:27] <Light02> (I was the nearest at eye level)
[00:27] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Keiko
[00:27] * Keiko kisses Alaric too. :P
[00:27] * Keiko is now known as Rockman_Zero
[00:27] <Rockman_Zero> (Sorry, read that as Xui-Fei saying that. :P)
[00:28] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Keiko
[00:28] * Keiko kisses Valery also ^^;
[00:28] * Keiko is now known as Rockman_Zero
[00:28] <Rockman_Zero> There!
[00:28] * Valery blinkblinks.
[00:28] * Rockman_Zero sighs.
[00:30] <Rockman_Zero> Well...
[00:30] <Rockman_Zero> Sorry 'bout that.
[00:30] <Light02> and I fear Xui and Mr. Back Stab are gonna be seeing alot of each other
[00:30] <Rockman_Zero> You guys were fooling around with Henshins, and... I saw that as my chance. ;p
[00:30] <Rockman_Zero> Heh.
[00:31] <Rockman_Zero> That said, someone's gonna have to teach Keiko what a punch and kick is. :P
[00:31] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:32] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[00:32] <Valery> * Rockman_Zero is now known as Keiko
[00:32] <Valery> * Keiko kisses Valery also ^^;
[00:32] <Valery> * Valery blinkblinks.
[00:32] <Valery> * Keiko is now known as Rockman_Zero
[00:32] <Valery> <Rockman_Zero> There!
[00:32] <Valery> * Rockman_Zero sighs.
[00:32] <Valery> * Disconnected
[00:32] <Rockman_Zero> (PM'ed)
[00:32] <Valery> Sigh... no point even playing with this connection.
[00:33] <Valery> I'm not even in the game. What few comments I can make are completely ignored or obsolete by the time anyone gets them.
[00:33] * Valery is now known as Pale_Wolf
[00:33] <Rockman_Zero> Sorry...
[00:33] <Rockman_Zero> On my part, I wasn't ignoring you at all...
[00:34] <Rockman_Zero> I just goofed up with that last emote.
[00:34] <Rockman_Zero> Anyway...
[00:34] <Alathon> what's the deal, you were steady for a long time
[00:34] <Rockman_Zero> I loved Valery's reaction to the henshin quote.
[00:34] <Alathon> are you borrowing someone's wireless after yours got shut off?
[00:34] <Pale_Wolf> You loved it when it finally arrived, you mean.
[00:35] * Rockman_Zero winces.
[00:35] <Rockman_Zero> Sorry.
[00:35] <Pale_Wolf> And now, this is mine, NOTHING changed from how I normally use it.
[00:35] <Alathon> it just suddenly went to shit?
[00:35] <Alathon> that's the worst, 'cuz there's no obvious step to backpedal from
[00:35] <Pale_Wolf> Yup.
[00:35] <Pale_Wolf> Unless watching Russian army music videos kills connections nowadays.
[00:36] <Alathon> well.. if you were doing it when you were crashing, it could be a router/bandwidth thing
[00:36] <Alathon> do you use a router?
[00:36] <Rockman_Zero> Al: He uses a wireless.
[00:37] <Rockman_Zero> And with his PC's resets, I think he's got heating problems too... likely, dust buildup in the CPU heatsink, and fans.
[00:37] <Rockman_Zero> That's about the only thing I can think of that can explain why his PC randomly reboots.
[00:37] <Pale_Wolf> Yes, router connected to the main connection (which is not being used for anything right now). And, if I don't even have enough bandwidth to load a single video, I STILL have problems.
[00:38] <Rockman_Zero> Anyway, gonna install the RC now.... be back in about an hour-ish.
[00:39] * Rockman_Zero (~Zero@124-169-223-67.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- Like it? Visit #hydrairc on EFNet)
[00:39] <Light02> wolf first things first check your lan connection what's it's up down rate
[00:40] <Alathon> how old is your router?
[00:40] <Alathon> also
[00:40] <Alathon> DCG, how are you feeling?
[00:40] <Pale_Wolf> Couple years or so?
[00:40] <Alathon> any better?
[00:40] <Alathon> hmm.. so not really ancient
[00:41] <Light02> well I still think sense the router itself is on the second floor of his house he needs to get anohter one for his floor
[00:41] <SidekickDM> feeling on and off al
[00:41] <SidekickDM> just glad yarrow picked it up
[00:41] <SidekickDM> had to deal with like 4 more cramps in the caste so far tonight
[00:41] * SidekickDM is now known as DCG
[00:41] <Light02> at least I understand a wireless router is suposed to deal with one floor only
[00:42] <Light02> DCG: when do you go back to see the doc
[00:42] <Light02> cause if your getting cramps from that cast something bad is going on
[00:42] <DCG> wnsday
[00:42] <Pale_Wolf> Ugh. That blows, DC.
[00:43] <DCG> its not fun
[00:43] <DCG> but it is working
[00:44] <Light02> still some luck huh....me getting ko'd with in what the first few minutes of the game...
[00:45] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cte
[00:45] <Neko_Arc> hey everyone
[00:45] <Alathon> that was kinda bad
[00:45] <Alathon> and, sup
[00:45] <Neko_Arc> hey Al
[00:45] <Neko_Arc> what was kinda bad?
[00:45] <Alathon> light getting KO'd half an hour into the game, then being stuck unconscious for four hours
[00:45] <Light02> yeah it did kinda suck having to sit around doing nothing
[00:46] <Light02> hell I figured you guys wouldn't make it back before the session ended
[00:47] <Neko_Arc> ouch sorry to hear that light... seems bad stuff happens to your character a lot
[00:47] * McDice (~PyroRaven@c-67-186-108-90.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: )
[00:48] <Pale_Wolf> I do have to admit it's pretty funny, though...
[00:48] <Light02> yeah I chuckled at that too
[00:48] <Pale_Wolf> Random attack roll outta nowhere.
[00:48] <Pale_Wolf> Xui: "How much damage did I take?"
[00:49] <Pale_Wolf> DM: "I didn't say it was at Xui..."
[00:49] <Pale_Wolf> Everyone: *Just LOOK at the DM*
[00:49] <Pale_Wolf> DM: "Okay, yeah, it was... but I still didn't say it..."
[00:50] <Light02> though I can say this for this version
[00:50] <Light02> ....Xui has more kills in normal form than in Senshi form
[00:50] <Light02> reverse that for the old d20 game
[00:51] <Pale_Wolf> Heheh.
[00:51] <Pale_Wolf> Well, at least Xui built up a powerful reputation in the solo and first session, just like last time ;)
[00:51] <Light02> Back Stab central
[00:52] <Light02> least I did save over 30 people
[00:57] <Pale_Wolf> Btw, did the link I tossed of Val's gun ever get through?
[00:58] <Light02> yeah
[00:59] <Pale_Wolf> Like I said, I thought it was appropriate for the game :P
[01:04] * Light02 shrugs
[01:04] <Light02> anyways I'm off to bed
[01:04] * Light02 (~light_ava@dsl-191-64.laj.centurytel.net) Quit (Quit: Light, The New Avatar of Chaos)
[01:17] <Pale_Wolf> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJZiGsI7 ... re=related - Val needs to get this piped through the speakers on Metel.
[01:24] <DCG> (oh?)
[01:25] <Pale_Wolf> Well, a gunship coming down from outta nowhere to rain death upon the Nemesian Army is good, but said gunship accompanied by that music is even better.
[01:31] <Pale_Wolf> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q-OzsOm ... re=related - Or perhaps this?
[01:34] <Pale_Wolf> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyNNLcpB ... re=related - This has a consistent volume, so it wouldn't be a bad pick either...
[01:47] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
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[13:12] * Yarrow stretches.
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[15:22] <Yarrow> So, in case I end up GMing again at some point, any feedback on last night's session? Likes, dislikes, etc. And sorry about taking you out for a large part of the session, Light.
[15:25] <Light02> well honestly I felt that was kinda not kosher I mean I was sitting around for 4 hours twiddling my thumbs I didn't complain cause I had a longer solo than the others
[15:25] <Light02> mostly I felt I was gonna get heckled at the fact from the other players calling me a screen hog
[15:27] <Rockman_Zero> Well... I rather felt the same way.
[15:27] <Alatwork> the trouble I had with that was that Light's character get cheesed out of nowhere, for no apparent purpose, and the situation was such that there was no credible way for us to get him back in the game
[15:27] <Rockman_Zero> I show up, and then wait five hours before I can begin playing. =_=
[15:27] <Yarrow> Well, I will say I was expecting you to get access to a healing power before the rest of the party went out to subsequent objectives.
[15:27] <Alatwork> I mean.. if you wanted to establish that there were threats, you coulda cheesed one of the civvies
[15:33] <Light02> considering I was at 11 hp to begin with when we started the session granted it was running the long standing gag from my solo that Xui when not looking gets stabbed in the back
[15:35] <Yarrow> Well, in-game, Xui was targetted because he was at low hp. I'll keep the issue of a PC being taken out of action for too long (when it's not a real battle with serious risk to the party) in mind in the future, though.
[15:36] <Alatwork> normally that wouldn't be so bad
[15:37] <Alatwork> if at least everyone else was around, so we weren't dropped down to practically no interaction
[15:38] <Rockman_Zero> That, and now I have this terrible paranoia, that for the most part, my character will be 'set to one side, away from the main focus' =_=
[15:39] <Alatwork> you'll probably have to fight against that for a while
[15:39] <Alatwork> that's one of the downsides of playing a child
[15:40] <Alatwork> you accept all the advantages and disadvantages of being a child, and there's a lot more of the latter than the former
[15:40] <Rockman_Zero> Ugh... Goku never had that problem *grumbles*
[15:40] <Yarrow> Keiko and Toast's delayed entries... I'd say a large part of that was from taking over the session with only a vague schedule in progress, no pre-planning time, and very little knowledge of the characters in question.
[15:40] <Alatwork> actually, I'm pretty sure goku did have that problem at times
[15:40] <Alatwork> but goku was also the main character in a TV show about him
[15:40] <Rockman_Zero> Not really, he just kinda kicked the shit outta stuff.
[15:41] <Rockman_Zero> Hmm... point
[15:41] <Alatwork> before starting this game, did you spend any time thinking through how you'd work to integrate a child with a group of adults?
[15:41] <Yarrow> In retrospect, I think I should have taken firmer control of the session and altered things to bring people in more quickly--but I will say in my defense that I was only expecting to take over for 5 minutes or so at the start.
[15:41] <Alatwork> heh
[15:42] <Alatwork> I agree, and, that's understandable
[15:42] <Rockman_Zero> Al: Not really. I just thought it'd be fun and hijinx the whole way through. ;p
[15:43] <Yarrow> I mean, if I'm thinking I'm only keeping things moving while DCG deals with a cramp, my intent is to have things happen without making waves that would disrupt the rest of DCG's session.
[15:43] <Rockman_Zero> Yarrow: Yeah, I hear ya.
[15:48] <Yarrow> All right. Two big things to keep in mind. Anything else? Anything in particular you liked and would prefer to see more of?
[15:51] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[15:52] <Yarrow> Besides Pale_Wolf? :)
[15:57] <Rockman_Zero> ...no, too easy.
[15:57] <Rockman_Zero> Hmm, really... I dunno.
[15:58] <Yarrow> If nothing stood out, that's fine. I just want to make sure that if there was something that did, that there'd be more of it.
[15:58] <Rockman_Zero> Well, the only problems I have, are ones that are inherent with my character.
[15:59] <Rockman_Zero> ...all things said, there's nothing wrong with playing as her, is there?
[15:59] <Pale_Wolf> Nothing wrong with it, you'll just have to deal with being treated like a kid.
[16:00] <Rockman_Zero> Blegh. Why should *I* be treated like a kid? Keiko's the 8 year old! :P
[16:01] <Yarrow> Is the issue with her age going to be a problem with you enjoying playing her?
[16:03] <Rockman_Zero> Really, it shouldn't be, so long as she's not removed from the group very often.
[16:03] <Rockman_Zero> That's about the biggest worry I have, with her being 'put to one side' and taken out of play.
[16:06] <Yarrow> Mm. I'd say the biggest way to counter that is for her to convince her fellow PCs that she belongs with them doing dangerous stuff rather than back with the other kids.
[16:06] <Rockman_Zero> Assuming they even give her the time of day.
[16:06] <Yarrow> Convince the party and it won't matter so much what various NPCs think.
[16:06] <Yarrow> Well, put yourself in their shoes and think about what would convince you and what wouldn't.
[16:06] * Rockman_Zero just wants to prove Keiko's ability... the reveal did a little, but... there's a bit more to do yet.
[16:07] <Rockman_Zero> Well...
[16:07] <Yarrow> If you're not willing to put thought and effort into solving problems, you shouldn't be in an RPG.
[16:07] <Rockman_Zero> One thing that would convince me is, yeah... this 8 year old can take punishment better than me... and, kick the shit outta things more effectively than me. :P
[16:07] * Rockman_Zero sighs.
[16:07] <Yarrow> Maybe it'll work better to win them over one by one.
[16:07] * Yarrow shrugs.
[16:07] <Rockman_Zero> WHY do you have to put it like that?
[16:08] <Pale_Wolf> Just 'cause she's tough doesn't mean we want to endanger a little kid.
[16:08] <Yarrow> Because your response sounded like you wanted them to accept her without you giving them reasons to.
[16:08] <Rockman_Zero> I do put alot of thought and effort into solving problems... I never ever CAN solve problems, but I always try to anyway.
[16:09] <Rockman_Zero> And Pale... that almost sounds like a reason to have me retire her, permanently.
[16:10] <Yarrow> Well, you have to be flexible, too. If you come up with The Solution but the other people don't react quite the way you expected, you have to go with that and alter your approach on the fly.
[16:10] <Rockman_Zero> ...which, I'm fairly tempted to do anyway. Barely the first session in, and everyone's talking about how to uninvolve her.
[16:10] <Rockman_Zero> Kat never had this problem.
[16:10] <Yarrow> If you just keep doggedly to your original plan without being flexible, you're likely to end up with a catastrophic failure.
[16:11] <Yarrow> Duh. They're talking about it so you know what you're dealing with.
[16:11] <Yarrow> And can thus work on a solution.
[16:11] <DCG> i dont see the problem with rping a kid, could do it easly even if i must put up with being boobless.
[16:12] <DCG> After all, sinec when do kids do every thing there told? "Stay here? ya sure will do!..*looks innocent*"
[16:12] * Pale_Wolf pats the DC.
[16:12] <Pale_Wolf> Poor, poor DCG.
[16:13] <Yarrow> How are your legs feeling, DCG?
[16:14] <Yarrow> Oh, and any comments or criticisms on the session, Pale? We've already been over taking PCs out of play for extended periods and taking too long to pick up others.
[16:14] <Pale_Wolf> Mostly my comments and criticisms are on my connection...
[16:15] <DCG> Feel better yarrow
[16:15] <DCG> ither the wraps have losned up, or my skins giving up the fight and smashed down more.
[16:16] <Rockman_Zero> Good to hear DCG...
[16:16] <Rockman_Zero> And *sigh* It's really more of the fact, that in Pale's game, the plot is trying to get me kicked out...
[16:16] <Rockman_Zero> And now I find the same with the CTE game, not even one session in...
[16:17] <DCG> Problem is this is the first time the casts deals havnt worked them selfs and slid right off the front of my feet. That means they work, and that means im going to get this 3 times a week now >_<
[16:17] <DCG> And don't you dare blame the plot rock
[16:17] <Rockman_Zero> Both, being fairly heavy-handed with it too.
[16:17] <DCG> like it was wolfing doing it
[16:17] <DCG> none of us had anything to do with shouji';s actions.
[16:17] <Rockman_Zero> Except for the fact that he was never, ever good enough for anyone.
[16:17] <DCG> Thats in your own head
[16:18] <DCG> im not going to sit here and let yo uplay pass the buck again
[16:18] <Rockman_Zero> Oh?
[16:18] <Yarrow> I think you play your worst when you're trying to make up for 'not being good enough', Zero.
[16:18] <Rockman_Zero> And the same thing's gonna happen in this game, I think.
[16:18] <Yarrow> Unless you stop worrying about being 'good enough'.
[16:19] <Rockman_Zero> So much for making a fun character... I ended up making the worst one possible.
[16:19] <Yarrow> Is there some sort of filter an your computer that changes what we're saying to something else?
[16:20] <Rockman_Zero> No... it's just my own stupidity, and stubborness.
[16:20] <Yarrow> Stop. Read the scrollback. Think about what we've been saying.
[16:20] <Pale_Wolf> Or maybe an /ignore function in his brain.
[16:20] <Rockman_Zero> Lemme take a break first...
[16:20] <Yarrow> Ok. That's probably a good idea.
[16:20] * Rockman_Zero is now known as RZ_[AFK]
[16:21] <RZ_[AFK]> Sorry... you're right, I am getting way too worked up.
[16:21] <Yarrow> I think you're reading the wrong inflection into what we're saying.
[16:26] <Yarrow> Well, time to go shopping and head home.
[16:26] * Yarrow (~opera@FD20EB92.6084629.D9485A96.IP) Quit (Quit: Yarrow)
[16:28] <Ataru> oh thank god she's gone
[16:28] <Ataru> oh shit, she's still logging this
[16:28] <Ataru> >_>
[16:28] <Ataru> <_<
[16:36] * Dorin (~dorin_rah@dpc6745120147.direcpc.com) Quit (Quit: )
[16:36] <DCG> lol
[16:37] <DCG> incase you guys missed what i said last night
[16:37] <DCG> its 4cp for the session
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:09 am

Session 2

[16:59] <Alatwork> hmm, so.. who all is here?
[17:00] <Ataru> yo
[17:02] <Yarrow> I'm here.
[17:09] <Alatwork> well, this is less than promising
[17:09] <Light02> lol
[17:11] * Pale_Wolf (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[17:11] <Light02> brb lunch
[17:13] * Yarrow pokes Pale_Wolf to see if he disconnects.
[17:14] * Pale_Wolf stays on, bwahahahahahaha!
[17:15] <Yarrow> In that case, I lay a quest upon you! Go forth and retrieve the fabled dicebot from the one known only as DCG!
[17:15] <Pale_Wolf> Allow me to speak the magical word that will summon the fell DCG: Boobs.
[17:17] * McDice (~PyroRaven@c-67-162-114-99.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[17:21] <Alatwork> roll 1d20 how many cocks would a fat friend block if a fat friend could block cocks?
[17:21] <McDice> Alatwork rolled : 1d20 how many cocks would a fat friend block if a fat friend could block cocks? --> [ 1d20=9 ]{9}
[17:23] <Yarrow> Here, Alathon: http://truckbearingkibble.com/comic/200 ... ork-green/
[17:24] <Yarrow> Ok. We have 4 people, with one away for lunch.
[17:24] <Yarrow> Is everyone else ready to start?
[17:25] <Ataru> lol
[17:25] <Alatwork> haha
[17:25] <Ataru> wtf al?
[17:25] <Ataru> XD
[17:25] <Alatwork> the hooks holding his eyes open (when they already stick out) are the best
[17:25] <Alatwork> apparently Ataru is the only other one here who listens to stephen lynch :(
[17:25] <Alatwork> and
[17:25] <Alatwork> I'm ready to start
[17:25] <Pale_Wolf> Hm? Er... I thought we were starting at 10... ^^;
[17:26] <Alatwork> um.. no?
[17:26] <Pale_Wolf> Ah well, I'm ready.
[17:26] <Yarrow> Normal start time is 8 EST, yes?
[17:26] <Ataru> umm
[17:26] <Yarrow> Hey, DCG, could you change the topic? Or give me the rights to do it?
[17:26] <Ataru> gimme a few to finish up my sheet changes
[17:26] <Ataru> sorry ^^;
[17:27] * DCG sets mode: +o Yarrow
[17:28] * Yarrow changes topic to '20:00 EST Monday nights'
[17:29] * Alatwork is now known as Alaric
[17:29] * Pale_Wolf is now known as Valery
[17:29] * Alaric is now known as Alaric-chan
[17:30] * McDice (~PyroRaven@c-67-162-114-99.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:31] <Yarrow> Well... we didn't need to roll anything just yet anyway...
[17:31] <Yarrow> If you're ready, Ataru, please get into your toasty costume.
[17:31] * DCG (~PyroRaven@c-67-162-114-99.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:32] * Yarrow sighs.
[17:32] <Yarrow> And now I'm picturing Ataru wearing a Powdered Toast Man outfit and sitting in front of his computer.
[17:33] <Valery> ... Well, I wasn't, but NOW I am...
[17:33] <Yarrow> Ok. When we left off, Xui-Fei, Keiko, Valery, Alaric-chan, and Dizzy were chatting in a room by the helipad in HQ.
[17:34] <Yarrow> Sandwiches and coffee have taken the edge off of everyone's hunger. No one was crazy enough to give coffee to Keiko.
[17:35] * Ataru is now known as Toast
[17:35] <Alaric-chan> (um... don't you think Light went to lunch on assumption that the game was starting closer to 8central than 7central?)
[17:36] <Alaric-chan> (or whatever0
[17:36] <Valery> (Mm... that's quite likely.)
[17:36] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "We should probably find rooms for each of you."
[17:36] <Yarrow> (Well, he did say 'brb'. Btw, if I put something in parentheses, it's an aside and not something that happens in-game.)
[17:37] * Valery blinks. "I guess you've explored it more while we were out? I'm... not sure where the rooms are."
[17:38] <Alaric-chan> (yeah, 20 minutes later, if he hadn't been hijacked by his parents or something he woulda been back)
[17:38] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "It seems this building was designed to house refugees. A large number of the rooms above the first few seem to be set up as living quarters rather than offices."
[17:39] * Alaric-chan quits staring at her 'pen' and stashes it somewhere, looking over at Dizzy.
[17:39] <Alaric-chan> "Isn't that a little.. odd?"
[17:39] <Alaric-chan> "Why would someone build a building like that?
[17:39] <Yarrow> "We've also been making use of a large hospital area and have found store rooms and a large kitchen and dining area."
[17:39] <Valery> "For emergencies?"
[17:40] <Valery> "Someone built Metel and her class for emergencies, too..."
[17:40] <Yarrow> "Isn't that why we were brought here?"
[17:41] <Yarrow> "Here, specifically, that is."
[17:41] <Yarrow> "Oh! We also discovered a locked door in the basement that we couldn't open."
[17:42] * Alaric-chan is still a little befuddled but doesn't question it further.
[17:42] <Alaric-chan> "I suppose."
[17:42] <Toast> "Locked door?"
[17:42] <Yarrow> "We haven't fully explored the building yet."
[17:42] <Toast> "Where?"
[17:42] * Valery blinks, cocking his head. "Another locked door?"
[17:42] * Toast stands up on his hind legs
[17:43] * Light02 is now known as Xui-Fei
[17:43] <Yarrow> Toast suddenly makes his presence known.
[17:43] * Xui-Fei blinks looking around for the person who said that
[17:44] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "In the basement. That's at the bottom of the building."
[17:44] <Alaric-chan> "Well.. if it's down there, hopefully it won't have a droids waiting behind it."
[17:44] * Xui-Fei checks his computer terminal, seeing if he can get a floor plan for this place
[17:44] <Toast> "I could probably get it open... one way or another..."
[17:44] <Alaric-chan> "Speaking of which.. "
[17:44] * Alaric-chan turns to Toast.
[17:44] <Alaric-chan> "Er.. how?"
[17:44] * Xui-Fei blinks, "did you hear something?"
[17:45] * Alaric-chan looks over to Xui-Fei.
[17:45] * Alaric-chan points down at Toast.
[17:45] <Alaric-chan> "It talks."
[17:45] <Alaric-chan> "Er.. he talks? She talks?"
[17:45] * Xui-Fei blinks, "ah like the advisor to the Queen"
[17:45] <Toast> "He."
[17:45] * Alaric-chan nods.
[17:45] <Alaric-chan> "Right."
[17:46] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei starts poking his ESC for a bit. It seems to pause for a long moment before giving him a floor plan of the building.
[17:46] <Xui-Fei> "ah hah here we go" he says, as he explores a bit looking for the locked door in question
[17:46] <Yarrow> Dizzy looks down at Toast for a moment and wrinkles her nose. "I'll have to ask you to refrain from entering the hospital area."
[17:47] <Yarrow> The ESC identifies the blocked off area as the control room and armoury.
[17:48] <Yarrow> (Two separate rooms in the blocked off area.)
[17:48] * Valery leans over. "Ah, that door. I thought I'd left it open..."
[17:48] * Valery blinks, looking up at Dizzy. "It didn't open for you?"
[17:48] * Toast blinks
[17:49] * Xui-Fei blinks "we got an Armoury here?"
[17:49] <Toast> "Excuse me?"
[17:49] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "I didn't try it personally. Someone else found it and I thought it best to leave it be."
[17:49] * DCG (~PyroRaven@c-76-125-15-68.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[17:49] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa DCG DCG
[17:49] * Alaric-chan looks down at Toast.
[17:49] <Alaric-chan> "No disrespect intended, but it seems unlikely to me that you meet the hygienic standards for medical facilities."
[17:50] * Alaric-chan blinks, and his ears twitch once.
[17:50] * McDice (~PyroRaven@c-76-125-15-68.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[17:50] <Alaric-chan> "Bipedal mammal facilities, at least."
[17:50] * Valery taps the assault rifle slung over his shoulder. "Of course, that's where I got this."
[17:51] <Alaric-chan> (her)
[17:51] <Yarrow> Dizzy nods. "Yes, no insult was intended. I suppose if you were to undergo a thorough decontamination and anti-shedding treatment, there would be no reason you couldn't enter."
[17:51] <Yarrow> "Or if you were injured, of course."
[17:52] <Alaric-chan> "In any case.. accomodations or armory first?"
[17:52] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "You all look like you could use some rest and maybe a full meal."
[17:53] * Alaric-chan looks around.
[17:53] <Alaric-chan> "Any objections?"
[17:53] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Why don't we pick out some rooms for you and then go to the cafeteria and then the armoury. That way, you'll have someplace to put anything you take out of the armoury."
[17:53] * Valery shakes his head. "Not from me... it's been a long day already..."
[17:54] * Alaric-chan frowns, and her tail lashes a couple times.
[17:54] <Toast> "Awww, but I wanna go to the armory noooow."
[17:54] <Alaric-chan> "Before we do that.. has there been any droid activity around the building while we were gone?"
[17:54] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "None that anyone's seen."
[17:54] <Alaric-chan> "Curious."
[17:55] <Alaric-chan> "But, for now, we should see to our most basic needs."
[17:55] <Alaric-chan> "Lead the way, please."
[17:55] <Yarrow> (So, it's obviously surrounded by glass droids, three ranks deep.)
[17:55] <Alaric-chan> (I was thinking that they were tunnelling under the building and will bust through the floor, Reaver style)
[17:55] <Valery> (Heh)
[17:56] <Yarrow> (The real fun begins when they break through and everyone runs outside.)
[17:56] <Yarrow> Dizzy leads the group into the elevator.
[17:57] <Xui-Fei> "you don't even want to know how much of a hellish day mine was....I got the scars to prove it"
[17:57] * Alaric-chan steps in, and takes an uncomfortable moment to adjust herself before leaning against the wall.
[17:57] <Yarrow> "There are some suites if you all want to keep close together. You could also just take rooms off the same hall. Or split up, of course, if you prefer."
[17:57] <Dorin> (express elevator to hell, going down)
[17:57] * Alaric-chan shrugs.
[17:58] <Xui-Fei> "doesn't matter I just need some place where I can practice...need to keep my skills up"
[17:58] <Alaric-chan> "It's all the same to me.. but I suppose seperate rooms would allow us some minor privacy."
[17:58] * Alaric-chan frowns.
[17:58] <Alaric-chan> "I shall have to accustom myself to wearing a new style of clothes, I fear."
[17:58] * Valery blinks, cocking his head. "Why?"
[17:58] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "I'll show you a suite and then you can make up your mind."
[17:58] * Alaric-chan stares off into space for a moment, concentrating hard. Nothing happens.
[17:59] <Alaric-chan> distractedly, "Okay."
[17:59] <Alaric-chan> distractedly, "Um.."
[17:59] * Alaric-chan wakes up and looks over at Valery.
[17:59] <Yarrow> The elevator door opens and she leads you down a hall to an open door.
[17:59] <Alaric-chan> "Well.. whether this is transitory or permanent, it seems I will be spending at least some percentage of my waking hours female."
[18:00] <Alaric-chan> "My current clothes lack adequate support."
[18:00] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "I assumed you'd want a room on the lowest floor with accomodations so you'd be closest to the control room and armoury if need be."
[18:00] <Xui-Fei> "I barely remember spending any time out of the fuku as a girl...for all I know I was too much in a daze to remember it fully"
[18:00] * Alaric-chan says this without any particular inflection, but her tail slaps against the side of the elevator.
[18:01] <Valery> "Ah... I see."
[18:01] * Valery nods. "That'd work well, thank you."
[18:01] * Alaric-chan nods.
[18:01] <Alaric-chan> "That seems quite reasonable."
[18:01] <Yarrow> Beyond the door is a fairly large, comfortably laid out common area. Four bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen with dining area are off of it.
[18:02] * Xui-Fei blinks, "better than what Sensei provides...."
[18:02] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "The suite across the hall is also unoccupied, if you'd like a bit more room while staying close."
[18:03] * Valery whistles. "Nice place... especially for an emergency shelter..."
[18:04] * Alaric-chan shrugs.
[18:04] <Alaric-chan> "This seems perfectly fine to me."
[18:04] <Yarrow> Dizzy asks Val, "Hmm. I suppose you'll want your crew to be quartered with you, too."
[18:04] <Alaric-chan> "I hadn't expected something so.. spacious, to be honest."
[18:05] * Toast catches up
[18:05] <Toast> "Hey, hey... Can I hitch a ride on one of you?"
[18:05] <Alaric-chan> "Sure."
[18:05] <Toast> "You guys are too fast for me."
[18:05] * Alaric-chan reaches out with her tail and snakes it around Toast, lifting him up to her shoulder.
[18:05] <Toast> "Thanks."
[18:05] <Yarrow> (Toast's fleas promptly migrate to Alaric. ;) )
[18:06] <Alaric-chan> (they'd better not, or my claws are gonna migrate to his guts)
[18:06] * Valery nods. "Ah, yes..."
[18:06] * Xui-Fei just raises an eyebrow
[18:06] <Alaric-chan> (besides, fleas are yucky, wouldn't Usagi have eradicated them? Pets are supposed to be cute and cuddly ;p )
[18:07] <Alaric-chan> "Um.."
[18:07] <Alaric-chan> "I'd leave my stuff in a room, save that I find myself particularly lacking in 'stuff'."
[18:07] <Yarrow> (She was convinced not to screw with the remaining semi-natural outdoor areas.)
[18:07] * Alaric-chan looks over at Dizzy.
[18:08] <Alaric-chan> "Do you know where I could acquire another set of clothes? One rather less.. shredded, perhaps?"
[18:08] * Alaric-chan pauses.
[18:08] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Oh! You should all touch your IDs to your room's comm unit."
[18:08] * Xui-Fei chuckles in a simular suitation
[18:08] <Alaric-chan> ears twitching, "Something unisex, ideally."
[18:08] <Toast> "ID?"
[18:08] <Alaric-chan> "These things."
[18:08] * Alaric-chan pulls out his ID.
[18:08] * Xui-Fei blinks pulling out his, "this?"
[18:08] * Valery blinks, walking over to the comm unit and pulling out his ID card.
[18:09] * Alaric-chan experimentally touches his up against an unoccupied room's comm unit.
[18:09] <Toast> "Hey, I want one of those!"
[18:09] <Toast> "Where's mine?"
[18:09] <Xui-Fei> the picture on it clearly not one the best he's had taken...granted he had just cleared out a Kendo Dojo
[18:09] * Toast hops on Alaric's shoulder
[18:09] <Yarrow> Alaric's name & ID number appear on the comm unit.
[18:09] * Valery smiles. "We'll get you one, Toast-kun."
[18:09] <Alaric-chan> "I don't know, Toast."
[18:11] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "I ... suppose he could use from one of the patients who died..."
[18:11] * Xui-Fei finds a suitable room droops off the pack and taps his id to the comm unit
[18:11] <Alaric-chan> "I suppose I can do without."
[18:11] <Yarrow> She doesn't seem especially happy with this idea, though.
[18:11] * Alaric-chan doesn't sound terribly thrilled with looting a dead patient's corpse either.
[18:11] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "You can't be without your ID, doctor!"
[18:11] <Alaric-chan> "The clothes, I mean."
[18:12] * Valery picks out a room and taps his ID to its unit.
[18:12] <Yarrow> Dizzy blushes. "Oh."
[18:12] <Alaric-chan> (btw Toast.. if you have enhanced smell, I'd probably kinda reek of blood)
[18:12] <Alaric-chan> (since my doctors jacket is soaked in it)
[18:12] <Yarrow> (Why do you think he's been liking your jacket for the last 3 minutes?)
[18:12] <Yarrow> (licking)
[18:12] <Alaric-chan> (fucking vampires.. they all need to die!)
[18:13] <Alaric-chan> "If we don't have anything else to do here, perhaps we should procede to the armory?"
[18:13] * Valery nods. "The rest of you should have something to fight with."
[18:13] * Xui-Fei nods
[18:14] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "If you're sure you don't want to go to the cafeteria first."
[18:14] <Alaric-chan> "Hopefully I can find something to throw over this."
[18:14] * Alaric-chan motions to his messy clothes.
[18:14] <Toast> Yeah, the armor!"
[18:14] * Xui-Fei then does a quick hand movements trademarked of the Saotome Style, "granted I prefer to use my fists I'm not below using a weapon either"
[18:14] <Toast> (armory)
[18:14] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Very well. Let's go to the basement, then."
[18:14] <Alaric-chan> "A trenchcoat, perhaps. Those are customary, aren't they?"
[18:15] <Yarrow> Dizzy cocks her head. "If you're a PI, I think."
[18:15] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[18:15] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[18:15] <Valery> <Alaric-chan> "Hopefully I can find something to throw over this."
[18:15] <Valery> * Alaric-chan motions to his messy clothes.
[18:15] <Valery> <Toast> Yeah, the armor!"
[18:15] <Valery> * Xui-Fei then does a quick hand movements trademarked of the Saotome Style, "granted I prefer to use my fists I'm not below using a weapon either"
[18:15] <Valery> <Toast> (armory)
[18:15] <Valery> * Disconnected
[18:15] <Valery> )What
[18:15] <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[18:15] <Yarrow> You head back to the elevator, chatting on the way.
[18:17] * Alaric-chan looks around as he goes, trying to memorize the route they're taking.
[18:18] <Yarrow> People also take note of their suite number.
[18:19] <Yarrow> A short elevator trip later, you're in the basement and heading to a closed door.
[18:19] * Xui-Fei just follows along already having a map on his arm
[18:19] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Here it is."
[18:20] * Valery walks up to the door, and lays his hand on the console next to it. "It was a hand-recognition thing, so..."
[18:20] <Yarrow> The door promptly opens.
[18:21] <Alaric-chan> softly, to Toast, "I suppose you'll want to look around.."
[18:21] * Alaric-chan lets Toast down with her tail.
[18:21] * Valery smiles. "There we go."
[18:21] <Yarrow> Beyond it is a hallway that lead first to the armoury and then to the control room.
[18:21] <Alaric-chan> "So.. armory first, or control room?"
[18:21] <Valery> "Armoury. The control room, well, I've already done what I can from that console."
[18:21] <Alaric-chan> "You.. have?"
[18:22] <Alaric-chan> "Never mind that, let's explore."
[18:22] <Valery> "It's where I activated the building."
[18:22] <Alaric-chan> "Ahh.."
[18:22] * Alaric-chan is a little distracted, he's already headed to the armory.
[18:22] <Alaric-chan> (she's)
[18:22] * Valery leads the way to the armoury.
[18:23] * Xui-Fei follows in....looking around
[18:24] <Yarrow> The armoury is stocked with various weapons.
[18:24] * Alaric-chan looks over his shoulder at Dizzy.
[18:24] * Xui-Fei blinks
[18:24] <Alaric-chan> "Dizzy, you might want to get something for yourself, so you have another option when you're.. full."
[18:24] * Alaric-chan faces forwards and has a good look around.
[18:25] * Toast looks for explosives and flammables to horde
[18:25] <Yarrow> There are a large number of simple handguns, some larger rifles, and some suits of light body armour.
[18:26] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow, "this would of been usefull....back when I was roaming the city" he says as he takes some body armor
[18:26] * Rockman_Zero (~Zero@124-169-254-67.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #cte
[18:26] <Valery> (Yo Rocko)
[18:27] <Yarrow> There is a single shoulder rocket launcher and one multishot grenade launcher.
[18:27] <Alaric-chan> "Not just for us, but for others who lack our apparent combat capabilities."
[18:28] <Xui-Fei> "true..."
[18:28] * Alaric-chan holds off on picking up any weapons or armor, and walks around looking.
[18:28] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Keiko
[18:28] <Alaric-chan> "Hmm.. all this seems awfully complicated. All these guns.."
[18:28] <Keiko> (Can someone email me what I missed? ^^;)
[18:28] * Valery picks up some 5.56 rounds to replace what he fired earlier.
[18:29] * Toast hops down and starts going over the rockets and grenades
[18:29] <Alaric-chan> (RZ, we got a suite to stay in, and have now gone down to the armory to get some phat lootz)
[18:29] * Keiko picks up a rocket-launcher and just looks at it.
[18:29] * Alaric-chan picks up one of the smaller looking guns, and points it toward his face, peering down the barrel.
[18:29] <Keiko> "What does this thing do?"
[18:29] <Yarrow> It does look like most of this stuff will be much more helpful to 'normal' people than it will be to you.
[18:29] <Xui-Fei> "would you rather take them down at a distance or up close and personal" he says bluntly
[18:29] <Toast> "Noooo, miiiiine."
[18:30] * Valery sweatdrops. "Um... I'd suggest you put that down, Keiko-chan."
[18:30] <Toast> "The boom guns are miiiiiiine."
[18:30] * Xui-Fei also nods in agreement
[18:30] <Yarrow> The rocket launcher is too large to be used effectively by either Keiko or Toast.
[18:30] <Xui-Fei> (won't stop toast)
[18:30] * Keiko shrugs and puts it down, and picks up a hand-grenade.
[18:30] <Alaric-chan> "Can either of you even grip that monstrosity properly?"
[18:30] <Valery> (Dude... Toast could be FIRED out of the rocket launcher.)
[18:31] * Toast scent marks the grenade launcher and rocket launcher
[18:31] <Yarrow> Next to the multishot grenade launcher (MSGL) is a small armored case with very large and very bright warning labels all over it.
[18:31] <Keiko> "Huh... weird looking eggs, do these taste good?" she sniffs at one.
[18:31] <Alaric-chan> "Ew."
[18:31] <Alaric-chan> "Do not do that in our suite."
[18:31] * Alaric-chan looks up at Keiko.
[18:31] <Toast> "yeah, yeah..."
[18:31] <Alaric-chan> (I don't know, why don't you swallow it and see?)
[18:31] <Yarrow> There are no loose grenades.
[18:31] * Valery sweatdrops. "Er... Toast-kun, how are you planning on firing them...?"
[18:32] <Toast> "I'll settle for the ammo."
[18:32] <Toast> "I can use those in bombs."
[18:32] * Toast checks out the armored case."
[18:33] * Xui-Fei looks around for any bladed weapons
[18:33] <Valery> "We should probably leave it for now... the people being left here don't have as much heavy firepower as we do, and there's a good chance they'll need it if they have to defend this place..."
[18:33] <Alaric-chan> "Or some of the more.. motivated.. civilians could use them to fight effectively against the droids."
[18:33] <Keiko> "Mo-tor-vay-ted," she repeats slowly to herself.
[18:33] <Toast> (what's in the case?)
[18:34] <Yarrow> There's a prominent yellow and black warning symbol on it. There's also a label that says in big letters, "MINIMUM Range: 100
[18:34] <Yarrow> m"
[18:34] <Valery> (It's a Davey Crockett, isn't it?)
[18:34] * Alaric-chan puts down the handgun he'd briefly examines, and continues walking around the room eyeing stuff.
[18:35] <Alaric-chan> (are there riot shields, or even midieval shields, with the body armor?)
[18:35] <Alaric-chan> (and, is all the weaponry mechanized stuff?)
[18:35] <Yarrow> (You'd better hope not, with that minimum range, Val.)
[18:35] <Xui-Fei> (I'm hoping we have some melee stuff here)
[18:36] * Valery adds a handgun, and then checks the armour - can he still move easily with it?
[18:36] * Toast stows the case in his stuff space for later
[18:36] <Keiko> "Is there any food here? There's just all this boring weird metal stuff..."
[18:36] <Alaric-chan> "We'll stop at the cafeteria later."
[18:36] <Yarrow> There are no shields and the weapons all seem to fire energy bolts.
[18:36] <Keiko> "Yay!"
[18:36] <Valery> "Yeah... probably shouldn't try to eat anything here."
[18:37] * Toast runs up Alaric's back and back onto her shoulder.
[18:37] * Alaric-chan swishes her tails sharply, and her ears twitch.
[18:37] <Alaric-chan> toast, "You probably shouldn't do that."
[18:37] <Alaric-chan> (er, to toast)
[18:38] * Alaric-chan raises one hand, showing off her retractable claws, not currently retracted.
[18:38] <Alaric-chan> "My first reflex was to use these."
[18:38] <Yarrow> It really seems that the vast majority of the equipment here is geared toward people with no training and no special abilities.
[18:38] <Yarrow> There are no melee weapons.
[18:39] <Xui-Fei> "probably be best to issue these to the civillians...."
[18:39] <Alaric-chan> "I'll need something, but what to take.. does anyone here actually understand these things?"
[18:39] <Alaric-chan> "Which are the easiest to use?"
[18:39] * Alaric-chan looks around.
[18:39] * Valery nods. "If we can equip them and make sure they use them right, this place should be... as secure as it's going to get, at least."
[18:40] <Valery> "It depends on what range you're planning to do things at."
[18:41] <Alaric-chan> "Um.."
[18:42] * Valery lifts his assault rifle. "This is a shorter gun, so it's better in close confines. A longer one is heavier, but more accurate at longer ranges. The really small ones are mostly for something you can hide and carry even more easily."
[18:42] <Keiko> "Con-finds," she nods.
[18:43] <Alaric-chan> "Er.. Keiko, I don't think you have to worry about these too much."
[18:44] * Valery nods. "Yeah... don't worry about it."
[18:44] <Alaric-chan> "So.. which ammos go with this one?"
[18:44] * Alaric-chan picks up a handgun.
[18:44] <Valery> "Ah, most of these use power cells, so it's pretty universal."
[18:45] <Alaric-chan> "Oh, okay."
[18:45] * Alaric-chan looks around for some power cells, and stashes a few with the gun in his Inventory Device.
[18:45] * Alaric-chan then looks over to Xui-Fei.
[18:45] <Alaric-chan> "I am perhaps not the foremost authority on the topic, but I concur."
[18:46] <Alaric-chan> "It seems to me that most of this equipment would do others more good than it would us."
[18:46] <Yarrow> Dizzy's communicator goes off. She moves away a bit and talks into it for a few moments.
[18:47] <Alaric-chan> "Though I certainly won't object to anyone arming themselves."
[18:47] * Alaric-chan frowns.
[18:47] <Alaric-chan> "Except you, Keiko."
[18:47] <Alaric-chan> "I'm quite certain these are not appropriate for a long lade like you."
[18:48] <Alaric-chan> (*lady)
[18:48] * Xui-Fei for the most part just grins, "I'm fine for the most part"
[18:48] <Xui-Fei> "besides these fists can do more than just hold things
[18:49] <Alaric-chan> "I shall take your word for it."
[18:49] <Alaric-chan> (yeesh.. *young lady)
[18:49] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance walk in.
[18:50] <Alaric-chan> (the automated defense system disentegrates them)
[18:50] * Valery looks up, and waves. "Jake, Chance, welcome back."
[18:50] <Keiko> (Long lade?)
[18:50] <Yarrow> Jake: "Hey, Val."
[18:50] <Toast> (young lady, he corrected himself)
[18:50] <Yarrow> Chance waves.
[18:50] * Keiko blinks.
[18:50] * Toast waves from Alaric's shoulder
[18:50] <Keiko> "Fists?" she asks Xui-fei.
[18:51] * Xui-Fei looks at Keiko nodding, "yeah"
[18:51] * Keiko bunches her hands into fists, and looks at Xui-fei expectantly.
[18:51] <Keiko> "Umm... what do you do with fists?"
[18:51] <Alaric-chan> (you crush scissors, but get covered by paper)
[18:52] <Yarrow> The two of them take rifles.
[18:52] <Xui-Fei> "punch badguys with it"
[18:52] <Toast> "You get blown up by the guy smart enough to not fight you face to face."
[18:52] * Toast nods sagely
[18:52] * Xui-Fei just ignores the weasel
[18:53] <Xui-Fei> "as I was saying"
[18:53] <Keiko> "Umm... punch? As in.... hit someone?" she frowns.
[18:53] <Xui-Fei> "yeah"
[18:53] <Yarrow> Chance walks over to Val. "Are we going out again today?"
[18:53] <Keiko> "Isn't that done with feet?"
[18:54] <Toast> (keiko practice muay thai?)
[18:54] <Valery> "Um... I think so, I think we're getting some rest first?"
[18:54] <Alaric-chan> (btw, how long has it been since we got to the HQ? Alaric should be pretty close to changing back to a guy, right?)
[18:55] * Alaric-chan looks over to Chance.
[18:55] <Yarrow> (It's been, mm, about 45 minutes now. He should be close to being able to change back.)
[18:55] <Alaric-chan> "There was that building marked 'Upgrade'.. though what exactly that means escapes me."
[18:56] <Xui-Fei> "that's called kicking Keiko"
[18:56] <Toast> "More explosives maybe?"
[18:56] <Alaric-chan> (I'm thinking at some point in the near future Alaric should change back and abscond to heal the wounded, while I commute home)
[18:56] <Yarrow> Chance: "How much rest are you talking about? 2 hours or more like 8?"
[18:56] <Toast> "That'd be a nice upgrade."
[18:56] <Alaric-chan> "I suppose it would. I wouldn't mind something a little simpler, a spear and shield perhaps."
[18:57] * Valery looks over. "Guys, how tired to you think you are? Are we going to be able to head out later today, or should we wait until morning?"
[18:57] <Alaric-chan> "Insert Tab A to create Slot B is more my speed."
[18:57] <Keiko> "Ah, right," she nods to Xui-Fei, "So... like this?" she does a punch into the air, which sends a gust of wind blasting out in it's wake.
[18:57] * Alaric-chan then replies to Valery.
[18:57] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei is in no shape to go out yet.
[18:57] <Valery> (Heh, gotcha)
[18:57] <Alaric-chan> "Xui-fei is on his last legs and should not be allowed to enter combat unless absolutely necessary."
[18:58] * Alaric-chan shoots Xui-fei an appologetic look.
[18:58] <Xui-Fei> "I'm in no condition to go back out there at the moment," he says flatly to valery before looking back at Keiko...
[18:58] <Yarrow> Jake picks up and examines the grenade launcher. "Hey, this looks nice. There any ammo for it?"
[18:58] <Xui-Fei> "already kinda knew that Doc"
[18:58] * Keiko throws out a few more practice punches.
[18:58] * Toast does his best to look innocent
[18:58] <Alaric-chan> remorsefully, "Had I not accepted the Senshi transformation, you would already be healed."
[18:58] * Dorin (~dorin_rah@dpc6745120147.direcpc.com) Quit (Quit: )
[18:59] <Keiko> (Is dorin in this game?)Z
[18:59] * Valery nods. "Yeah... I think there's some ammo over there." He points to a box of said shells.
[18:59] <Yarrow> (It seems not.)
[18:59] <Valery> (Hah!)
[19:00] <Yarrow> The box seems to have left.
[19:00] <Xui-Fei> "don't worry doc a nights rest and I'll be as good as new"
[19:00] * Alaric-chan looks a little doubtful, but doesn't contradict Xui-Fei.
[19:00] <Xui-Fei> (well that's one nicknamed)
[19:01] <Yarrow> (By my reckoning, after a day of rest XF will recover 5hp...)
[19:01] * Valery blinks. "... I guess not...?"
[19:01] <Yarrow> (10 with medical attention)
[19:01] * Keiko looks up at Xui-Fei, and suddenly jups up into his arms and hugs him.
[19:01] <Xui-Fei> (full strenght?)
[19:01] <Keiko> "I hope you get well soon, mister."
[19:01] <Keiko> (No, not full strength. :P)
[19:01] <Yarrow> Jake: "Where?"
[19:02] <Xui-Fei> "oooph..." he says trying to stay on his feet from the speeding chibi latched on to im
[19:02] <Toast> "So, how about that control room?"
[19:02] * Alaric-chan closes her eyes for a moment, and her tail slowly stops swishing and remains still.
[19:02] * Keiko hops off.
[19:03] <Alaric-chan> (concentrating really hard on being Doctor Alaric who Heals People)
[19:04] <Yarrow> (Ok, let's say it's been long enough.)
[19:04] <Yarrow> Do you want to describe the change?
[19:05] * Alaric-chan abruptly shifts, her features taking on a slightly sharper cast, feminine attributes receding in favor of a masculine body structure.
[19:05] * Valery shrugs. "I've already done what can be done from there, but if you really want to... look?" He blinkblinks as Alaric shifts. "... I guess you can change back?"
[19:05] * Keiko stares.
[19:05] <Keiko> "W-Wagga!
[19:05] * Alaric-chan opens his eyes, and abruptly fast-walks over to Xui-Fei.
[19:05] * Alaric-chan reaches out a hand and grasps Xui-Fei's shoulder.
[19:05] * Keiko cries and hides behind Xui-Fei.
[19:05] <Alaric-chan> (Healing, 40hp)
[19:06] * Toast hangs on desperatly
[19:06] * Alaric-chan is now known as Alaric
[19:06] <Keiko> "H-How'd you do that?" she frowns cutely, looking at Alaric from behind Xui-Fei.
[19:06] <Alaric> (Xui-fei is healed, right?)
[19:06] <Yarrow> Dizzy smiles to see the good doctor is himself once again.
[19:07] * Keiko finds a stick from somewhere, and cautiously pokes Alaric's leg.
[19:07] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei is now at about 2/3 max hp.
[19:07] * Alaric closes his eyes and exhales, letting out a breath he didn't even know he was holding in, and smiles beautifically.
[19:07] <Yarrow> Keiko pokes Alaric's leg with a rifle.
[19:07] * Alaric speaks, without opening his eyes.
[19:07] * Keiko continues poking Alaric a few more times.
[19:07] <Alaric> "I do not know, and truth told, at this time I do not much care."
[19:08] <Toast> (the rifle goes off, alaric is missing a leg)
[19:08] * Alaric opens his eyes, resolve visible in them.
[19:08] * Valery covers a giggle at Keiko's reaction, and gently takes the rifle out of her hands. "Leave him be, Keiko-chan."
[19:08] * Alaric looks down at Keiko.
[19:08] <Alaric> "This is, however, quite normal for me; this is my natural, un-transformed body."
[19:08] * Keiko frowns, and puts the stick down.
[19:08] <Toast> (Whoa, transvestite, back off.)
[19:08] <Toast> (wait, post-op or pre-op?)
[19:09] <Keiko> "...you don't have a half-guy, half-girl form, do you?" she asks rather grossed out.
[19:09] <Alaric> (transvestite and transsexual aren't entirely synonymous ;p )
[19:09] <Toast> (family guy refrence)
[19:09] <Alaric> "Should I discover one, I shall refrain from showing it to you."
[19:09] <Alaric> (heh)
[19:09] <Alaric> (didn't catch it)
[19:09] * Alaric looks up at the party members, then over to Dizzy.
[19:10] <Alaric> "If you'll excuse me for a short while, I have business to attend to."
[19:10] * Keiko blinks in surprise, rather... caught off-guard and unable to make a returning comment.
[19:10] <Keiko> "Do you need to pee?"
[19:10] <Alaric> "I would be sorely remiss in my duty not to --"
[19:10] * Keiko cocks her head curiously.
[19:10] * Toast snickers
[19:10] * Alaric looks faintly annoyed, but ignores Keiko.
[19:10] <Yarrow> Dizzy nods sharply. "The hospital is this way, doctor."
[19:10] <Alaric> "-- to... yes. That."
[19:10] <Toast> "I guess this is where I get off."
[19:10] <Yarrow> Jake: "Shit... this thing is useless without ammo..."
[19:10] * Alaric will head off to heal the wounded, etc..
[19:10] * Toast hops down
[19:11] <Toast> "Later doc."
[19:11] <Alaric> (and, I'm afk for like 25 minutes, time to head home)
[19:11] <Yarrow> (Fly away, fly away, fly away home, Alathon!)
[19:11] * Alaric is now known as Alaric|afk
[19:11] * Toast runs over to val
[19:11] * Valery ducks down and scoops him up, letting him run up to his shoulder.
[19:11] <Toast> "You, you have been granted the privledge of being my transportation."
[19:11] <Xui-Fei> (40/60)
[19:11] * Toast runs up
[19:11] * Xui-Fei blinks "woah"
[19:12] <Yarrow> Before leading Alaric off, Dizzy says, "If you can find a way to make sure the door doesn't lock again, that would be good."
[19:12] * Valery chuckles. "I'll try... hm."
[19:12] <Yarrow> (42. You got a special bonus last session.)
[19:12] <Keiko> (And Xui-Fei IS the meaning of life!)
[19:13] <Yarrow> Jake puts the MGL down in disgust.
[19:13] <Toast> "Oh for..."
[19:13] <Toast> "Fiiiiine."
[19:13] <Toast> "I have the ammo."
[19:13] <Toast> "Happy now?"
[19:13] * Toast grumbles
[19:14] * Valery blinks. "... You took it when we weren't looking?"
[19:14] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, yeah. What good is a gun with no ammo?"
[19:14] * Toast hops down and does a backflip, producing the ammo crate
[19:15] <Toast> "But, but, I could use these!
[19:15] <Toast> "
[19:15] <Keiko> "You could always use it as a club?" she pipes up helpfully.
[19:15] <Toast> "They blow up!"
[19:15] <Yarrow> Jake: "Yes! Whoa... serious warning stickers."
[19:15] <Toast> "See!"
[19:15] * Toast drools a little
[19:15] <Toast> "Beautiful, beautiful explosions, as far as the eye can see..."
[19:16] <Yarrow> She opens the case and starts loading the MGL.
[19:16] <Yarrow> Jake: "Feh. Twelve. Only enough for two full loads."
[19:16] <Keiko> "Mister Toasty," she asks, "You're a weasel, right?"
[19:16] <Yarrow> Chance: "He's an ermine."
[19:16] <Valery> "Well... I'm sure we can whip up something explosive enough for your needs, Toast-kun."
[19:17] <Toast> (man, why do the NPCs get the cool toys?)
[19:17] <Keiko> "Still... umm," she frowns, "How does an ermine know so much about all this stuff?"
[19:17] * Toast blinks
[19:17] <Toast> "No idea really."
[19:17] * Neko_Arc (~ExUser@cpe-76-83-49-149.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cte
[19:17] <Keiko> "Oh."
[19:18] <Toast> "One moment, I'm getting knocked outta the park by one of those women, next thing I know, I'm coming to and I can... have complex thoughts."
[19:18] <Toast> "And all this information is floating around my head."
[19:18] <Toast> "I... Haven't really stopped to think about it. It is kind of strange, now that you mention it."
[19:19] * Valery cocks his head. "Maybe someone taught you a while ago and you just forgot?"
[19:19] <Keiko> "Why would someone teach an ermine about this... stuff?"
[19:19] * Keiko asks innocently.
[19:19] <Toast> "Yeah, I mean, even if someone had tried, I don't think I would have really understood."
[19:20] <Toast> "I mean, it's not like I've always been able to talk."
[19:21] <Xui-Fei> "it might of happened at the same time the invasion happened"
[19:22] <Keiko> "Or maybe you're like a Parrot!" she grins.
[19:22] * Keiko wanders over to a box, grabs a bullet and returns.
[19:22] * Valery blinks.
[19:22] <Keiko> "Toasty want a bullet?" She says holding it out to him.
[19:22] <Toast> "Uh... sure?"
[19:23] <Yarrow> The guns here use energy cells.
[19:23] <Keiko> (Energy cell then. :P)
[19:23] * Toast sticks his paws out
[19:23] * Keiko gives Toast the energy cell...
[19:23] <Valery> (Well, there are at least some normal ones, since I got a normal rifle from there...)
[19:23] <Keiko> "Yay!" she claps.
[19:23] <Toast> roll 2d6+7 IED construction (can this be used to make an IED?)
[19:23] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+7 IED construction (can this be used to make an IED?) --> [ 2d6=12 ]{19}
[19:24] <Valery> ("HELLS yeah.")
[19:24] <Keiko> (IED?)
[19:24] <Yarrow> It can be used as part of one.
[19:24] <Toast> (with a crit roll, I'm assuming he knows exactly what to make)
[19:24] <Toast> (what else would he need?)
[19:25] <Yarrow> (It's a power source. It has many uses in any number of designs.)
[19:25] * Toast looks at the powercell a bit before grinning and grabbing some more, stuffing them all into stuff space
[19:25] <Toast> "These are good. I can use these."
[19:26] <Yarrow> Jake: "Ok, want to put the rest of these back away, Toast?"
[19:26] <Yarrow> Chance: "So can the people using the guns if this place is attacked."
[19:26] <Yarrow> Jake closes the case of grenades.
[19:27] <Toast> (Huh?)
[19:27] <Yarrow> Almost all of the guns in the armoury are powered by energy cells.
[19:28] <Yarrow> And Jake's done with the grenades and is asking Toast if he'll store the remaning six.
[19:28] <Toast> (sorry, I wasn't taking ALL the power cells)
[19:29] <Toast> (just a handful (pawfull?))
[19:29] * Toast stows the grenades
[19:29] <Yarrow> (That's fine.)
[19:30] <Yarrow> Jake: "So, are we done here?"
[19:31] <Keiko> "Did you want me to carry anything?" she asks.
[19:31] <Yarrow> Jake: "Huh? No."
[19:32] <Keiko> "I'm really strong," she says offering again.
[19:32] <Yarrow> Jake: "That's nice."
[19:32] <Yarrow> She walks out.
[19:32] <Yarrow> (Valery, Xui-Fei? Are you two present?)
[19:32] <Xui-Fei> (yeah)
[19:32] <Valery> (Yeah?)
[19:33] <Keiko> "Aww..."
[19:33] <Yarrow> (Wanna get this game out of the armoury? :) )
[19:33] <Valery> (Heh)
[19:33] <Toast> "Well, I've got what I needed."
[19:33] <Toast> "Onward to the control center!"
[19:33] * Valery purses his lips, and heads over to the control room, looking for a way to keep the door open.
[19:34] <Toast> "Hang on."
[19:34] * Toast hops off valery, and sticks to the wall, next to the control panel for the door
[19:35] <Toast> roll 2d6+7 electronics (security)
[19:35] <McDice> Toast rolled : 2d6+7 electronics (security) --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}
[19:35] * Toast is trying to figure out if he can keep it open without blowing up the door
[19:36] <Yarrow> The panel zaps Toast, who falls to the floor and twitches violently for several seconds before recovering.
[19:36] * Valery is looking for the official command, rather than trying to hack it first.
[19:36] * Toast grumbles
[19:36] <Yarrow> You go into the control center and after a few minutes, Valery finds that unless instructed otherwise, the door will close and lock itself. He discovers that he can instruct it to stay open or give a list of authorized people.
[19:36] * Valery authorizes everyone in the group, plus Dizzy, Jake, and Chance.
[19:37] <Yarrow> Including Keiko?
[19:38] <Toast> (even me?)
[19:38] <Keiko> "Wow, so many shiny buttons," she pauses, "Whats this one do?" she asks pointing at one.
[19:38] * Xui-Fei follows in, "best not touch anything Keiko..."
[19:38] <Valery> (Well... you probably can't get a handprint on it anyway. And nononono, not Keiko.)
[19:38] <Yarrow> Unfortunately, Toast does not exist as a person in the system and cannot be granted access.
[19:39] * Keiko looks over at Xui-Fei.
[19:39] <Keiko> "But I'm not."
[19:39] * Valery pats Keiko's hand aside. "Depends on what menu you're in."
[19:39] * Xui-Fei looks over the controle room, "so only Val can use this or any of us in the system can?"
[19:40] * Toast grumbles
[19:40] <Keiko> "Ah, menu," she says not quite getting it, "I hope there's a lunch menu, I'm really hungry."
[19:40] <Valery> "Er... you can use it, if you can figure out how."
[19:40] <Toast> "I'll blow a hole in that thrice damned door, mark my words, I will."
[19:40] * Xui-Fei looks over the menu"
[19:40] * Xui-Fei then checks his computer terminal any interface options?"
[19:41] <Yarrow> There does seem to be an option to give the ESC remote access.
[19:43] <Yarrow> Enable it?
[19:44] * Xui-Fei does so
[19:45] <Yarrow> The ESC gets new access to a few things.
[19:46] <Yarrow> Anything else people want to do in the control room?
[19:47] <Toast> (well, I'm assuming there's nothing i can do)
[19:47] <Valery> (Nope, don't think so)
[19:47] <Toast> (lest I get shocked again)
[19:48] <Yarrow> Having accomplished what you set out to in the control room, you head out and leave the restricted area.
[19:48] <Yarrow> If you want to chat over a meal, turn to page 72. If you want to go to your rooms and skip to the next day, turn to page 14.
[19:48] <Yarrow> (Or just make your preference known.)
[19:49] <Xui-Fei> (doesn't matter to me will go with the group's desicion
[19:49] <Valery> (72? I'm good for either)
[19:50] <Yarrow> You head to the cafeteria to sit down for a while and get a good hot meal.
[19:51] <Toast> (I'll turn to 72 but keep my finger on this page)
[19:51] * Xui-Fei stomache rumble as he smells good food
[19:51] * Toast orders a stack of toast as tall as he is
[19:52] <Yarrow> (You walk into the cafeteria and sit down, when undead knights rise around you and, sword drawn, fall upon the party, killing them--Page 14! Page 14!)
[19:52] <Valery> (/me sweatdrops)
[19:52] <Valery> (Who's cooking, anyway?)
[19:52] * Keiko eats enough for three fully-grown people.
[19:52] <Yarrow> Toast orders toast but is confronted by a question he just can't comprehend. "What kind?"
[19:53] <Toast> "What do you mean, what kind?"
[19:53] <Toast> "Toast is toast."
[19:53] * Valery takes a seat, and orders some food.
[19:54] <Yarrow> The server asks, "What kind of bread do you want?" She drones, "White... rye... whole wheat... pumpernickel... five grain... seven grain... fourteen grain... sourdough..."
[19:55] <Xui-Fei> (waits for Toast in orgasm mode)
[19:55] <Xui-Fei> (Toast: you mean there more than just toast *spasms*)
[19:55] <Toast> "All... Alll of them.:
[19:56] * Alaric|afk is now known as Alaric
[19:56] <Alaric> (well, that only took forever)
[19:56] <Valery> (Welcome back, Ala)
[19:56] * Xui-Fei grabs a hot meal...enough for a person and a half
[19:56] <Alaric> (sorry about that)
[19:56] <Yarrow> Server: "Very good. What do you want on them? Butter... margarine... jelly... jam... preserves... cheese... I can't believe it's not butter... I can't believe it's not cheese... I can't believe it's not jelly......"
[19:57] * Valery blinks. "I never did understand why they made 'I can't believe it's not jelly'."
[19:58] <Xui-Fei> "low cal alteritive...sensei never understood it either"
[19:58] <Xui-Fei> (either that or Usagi was out of ideas)
[19:58] <Yarrow> Someone comes out and drags the server away. "Sorry about that. I'll just bring out a caddy of things to put on it."
[20:00] <Yarrow> In short order, your food is brought out and you eat. Around the same time, Alaric enters the cafeteria and joins you.
[20:00] <Yarrow> (Afk for a few minutes.)
[20:00] * Valery waves as Alaric comes in.
[20:01] * Keiko just orders lots.
[20:01] * Xui-Fei shrugs nodding to the Doc, "thanks for the recovery by the way"
[20:01] <Keiko> (Err, eats...)
[20:01] * Keiko is pretty much piling up the plates in stacks as she mows through her food.
[20:02] * Alaric looks a little tired, but much happier.
[20:02] * Alaric starts for the food line, then diverts over to Xui-Fei as he speaks up.
[20:02] <Alaric> "You're welcome; it is, after all, my job."
[20:02] <Alaric> "Incidentally, how are you doing?"
[20:03] <Alaric> "I will admit that I departed with somewhat unseemly haste."
[20:03] * Toast devours his toast, spreading the toppings out on each one
[20:03] <Keiko> "You *Slurp* really needed to go *Gobble* didn't you," she says as she finishes up her next plate.
[20:04] * Valery sweatdrops. "Er... he was attending to the wounded, Keiko-chan."
[20:04] * Keiko blinks.
[20:04] <Keiko> "Huh, why didn't you just say so."
[20:05] <Xui-Fei> "I think he did Keiko you were to busy thinking about lunch"
[20:05] <Toast> (once again, pic for refrence http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/1 ... 00x655.jpg)
[20:05] <Keiko> "I was hungry," she mumbles, and continues to devour...
[20:06] <Keiko> (Oh god damn, that's so awesome)
[20:06] <Alaric> "Now, that's all right."
[20:06] * Alaric smiles benevolently at Keiko.
[20:06] <Alaric> "I'll be just a moment.. I could use a bite to eat as well."
[20:06] * Alaric will quickly go fetch himself some food.
[20:07] * Keiko nod-nods, and puts another plate onto the stack, as she gets started on another...
[20:08] * Xui-Fei eats at a decent pace not as fast as Keiko but probably out paces the others
[20:09] * Alaric eats like a normal adult, with some measure of decorum.
[20:09] <Toast> (I dunno, Toast is making some good speed)
[20:10] <Toast> (He eats like a wild animal... since he is one)
[20:10] * Alaric will eat half of his meal before speaking up, in between bites.
[20:10] <Alaric> "So.. what did I miss in the control center?"
[20:11] <Yarrow> ("We... we lost Major Tom."{
[20:11] * Xui-Fei taps his computer, "I managed to get some remote access to the control room haven't explored the functions yet"
[20:12] <Valery> "Not much, we just set the door to open to all of us, and Miss Dizzy."
[20:12] <Keiko> "There were lots of buttons!"
[20:13] <Alaric> "Excellent."
[20:13] <Toast> (He loves his wife very much)
[20:14] <Yarrow> Jake: "So, how do you like the different kinds of toast, ...Toast?"
[20:15] * Keiko giggles.
[20:15] <Alaric> "..is that even healthy for a.. ferret?"
[20:15] <Toast> "It mmppphh They're pretty... good mmmppphhh"
[20:15] <Keiko> "He's not a ferret silly, he's an ermine!"
[20:15] <Valery> "Do you have a favorite?"
[20:15] * Toast looks over at all "We can pretty much eat anything."
[20:15] <Toast> "White bread, plain."
[20:15] <Keiko> (The little critter groans, trying to eat more toast than there is of him(
[20:15] <Yarrow> Jake: "Want to try some butter or jelly or ... other stuff? Most people like those with toast."
[20:15] <Toast> "The others are nice though."
[20:16] * Toast points to the depleted condiment cart
[20:16] <Yarrow> (I want to see him eat a whole fried chicken.)
[20:16] <Toast> "They're nice and all, but they cover the flavor of the toast too much."
[20:16] <Alaric> (Toast: "I'll have four fried chickens and a coke.")
[20:17] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
[20:17] <Yarrow> (Yay!)
[20:18] <Toast> (lol)
[20:18] <Toast> (gotta love blues brothers)
[20:19] <Yarrow> Chance: "So, what do we do after we get that 'upgrade'?"
[20:20] <Toast> "Take back our city."
[20:20] <Alaric> "..."
[20:20] * Alaric looks troubled.
[20:20] * Toast continues munching on the various toasts
[20:20] <Alaric> "But.. from whom? And, with what army?"
[20:20] <Alaric> "We know precious little of what has taken place, save the obvious."
[20:21] <Valery> "I was thinking small assaults to hassle the opposing army, trying to find any survivors... Hm."
[20:21] <Toast> "Guerilla warfare."
[20:21] <Toast> "Hit and run, infiltration and sabotage."
[20:21] <Valery> "Maybe we should find out what happened to the palace? The queen and senshi should have been able to do something..."
[20:21] <Xui-Fei> "with The Peoples Toast leading the way?
[20:22] <Alaric> "Suppose they simply fly their ships up, and melt the city with cannon fire from a kilometer away?"
[20:22] <Toast> "I threw a wrench in some of their plans earlier."
[20:22] <Alaric> "..they have not demonstrated any desire to.. to conquor, I believe the word is. They have simply.. exterminated."
[20:22] <Toast> "They were building some sort of machine. So I blew it up. Blew up a bunch of their ships too."
[20:22] <Toast> "And their soldiers."
[20:22] * Alaric smiles coldly.
[20:22] <Alaric> "Well done."
[20:23] * Keiko blinks.
[20:23] <Yarrow> Jake scowls. "Are they even real people?"
[20:23] * Alaric looks over at Valery.
[20:23] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Switchblade)))
[20:23] <Toast> "They should have left my park, and the people who provided me with toast alone."
[20:23] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[20:23] <Valery> <Toast> "I threw a wrench in some of their plans earlier."
[20:23] <Valery> <Alaric> "..they have not demonstrated any desire to.. to conquor, I believe the word is. They have simply.. exterminated."
[20:23] <Valery> <Toast> "They were building some sort of machine. So I blew it up. Blew up a bunch of their ships too."
[20:23] <Valery> <Toast> "And their soldiers."
[20:23] <Valery> * Alaric smiles coldly.
[20:23] <Valery> * Disconnected
[20:23] <Valery> * /me: not connected to server
[20:23] <Yarrow> (Gaze of death! Gaze of death!)
[20:23] <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[20:24] * Valery nods. "We need to find out if there's some kind of defence against a bombardment..."
[20:24] <Alaric> "Both good questions.. where are our leaders and protectors? And what exactly do we face?"
[20:24] * Alaric then responds to Jake.
[20:24] <Alaric> "They are not human, or Youma, or any living species that I have observed or read of. They appear to be mechanical in their entirety."
[20:25] <Alaric> (er.. the red/purple ones WERE mechanical, right?)
[20:25] * Xui-Fei nods, "I might have encountered one of there leaders," and begins explaining what happpened with one of his friends Beth and the ship she tried to drag me on to
[20:25] * Alaric listens intently.
[20:25] <Yarrow> (Not mechanical so much as animated.)
[20:25] <Alaric> (what does that mean?)
[20:26] <Yarrow> (The didn't have moving parts inside them but were made of inorganic materials.)
[20:26] <Alaric> (not mechanical in appearance?)
[20:26] <Xui-Fei> "my question is this after I've had time to think about it, why were they only observing, they had us outnumbered why offer to take me and her off this planet?"
[20:26] <Alaric> (*nod*)
[20:26] <Alaric> ".. that they are leaving this planet.. perhaps from anotherplanet entirely, is.. mind boggling."
[20:27] <Valery> (Artificial substances, magically animated?)
[20:27] <Alaric> "And raises a dreadful spectre in my mind.. the idea that they were a threat our Queen knew not, one which may have taken her entirely by surprise... to calamitous affect."
[20:27] <Valery> (Like, golems as opposed to robots?)
[20:27] <Yarrow> (So it would seem, yes.)
[20:28] <Yarrow> (And why am I talking in parentheses?)
[20:28] <Xui-Fei> "the leader herself seemed more human looking than the droids she comanded"
[20:28] <Toast> "We have a queen?"
[20:28] * Alaric looks over at Toast, aghast.
[20:28] <Alaric> "Of course we do, Queen Serenity!"
[20:28] <Yarrow> The woman who talked to Xui-Fei seemed completely human.
[20:28] <Xui-Fei> "Neo Queen Serenity"
[20:28] <Xui-Fei> (I mentioned that)
[20:29] <Valery> (Gaaaaah, huge bunch of stuff came at once)
[20:29] <Yarrow> Chance: "Well, to be honest, I'm not sure her dominion actually does extend to ermines."
[20:29] * Alaric shoots Chance a slightly dirty look.
[20:29] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei: You said more human looking. She looked completely human. Just making that clear.
[20:29] * Toast waves a paw "Hello, newly sapient, remember?"
[20:30] * Alaric looks back over at Toast.
[20:30] <Alaric> appologetically, "Of course.. I had forgotten."
[20:30] <Alaric> (btw)
[20:30] * Toast nods
[20:30] <Alaric> (do we actually know WHY there was a great ice?)
[20:30] <Alaric> (is there an official reason?)
[20:30] * Valery frowns. "I don't know... someone at least predicted something like this, they built all these emergency sections of the city..."
[20:30] * Alaric opens his mouth... then closes it.
[20:30] * Alaric looks down.
[20:31] <Xui-Fei> "Sailor Mercury? she looked to be the brains of the outfit...no offense"
[20:32] <Yarrow> There was something about 'global warming' or 'global cooling', but no real details.
[20:32] <Alaric> "How can you even talk like that?"
[20:32] <Alaric> "Nobody talks like that!"
[20:32] * Alaric seems at first angry, then amazed.
[20:32] <Yarrow> (It's Beth! She infected him!)
[20:32] <Xui-Fei> (nah blaming Tenma for this)
[20:32] <Toast> "Well maybe if they had, I'd still be in the park being fed toast instead of planning a damn insurgency."
[20:33] <Xui-Fei> "sorry my sensei tended to be a bit blunt and it kinda rubbed off on me"
[20:33] * Toast grumbles
[20:33] <Yarrow> Jake: "Nice word."
[20:33] <Toast> (who was that too?)
[20:33] <Yarrow> It was to Toast.
[20:34] <Valery> "Going to steal that one too, Jake?"
[20:34] <Alaric> (heh, I was in an EVE alliance named Insurgency. We had some of the most skilled and dedicated long time players on our side. We mustered something like 400 pilots, to the thousand-plus that the North fielded. Needless to say, we got curbstomped)
[20:34] <Yarrow> Jake: "Hey! I do NOT steal words!"
[20:34] <Valery> "Borrow?"
[20:34] <Yarrow> Chance: "That's right. She just traffics in them."
[20:35] <Yarrow> Jake: "No! And no! Why is everyone picking on me?!"
[20:35] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow before nodding sagely
[20:36] * Valery taps his cheek with a finger, pondering.
[20:36] <Valery> "Hm... I think, in the end, it's because you react like that."
[20:36] <Yarrow> Jake: "I do not react like that..."
[20:37] <Xui-Fei> "and the hole gets deeper and deeper"
[20:37] <Xui-Fei> "need a shovel?"
[20:37] <Keiko> "There;s a hole?" she pauses in her eating and looks under the table.
[20:37] <Toast> "It's ok, I believe you."
[20:38] <Yarrow> Jake hmphs.
[20:38] <Xui-Fei> "a metaphore....a figure of speech"
[20:38] * Keiko looks up.
[20:38] * Valery covers a giggle.
[20:38] <Keiko> "Me-ta... fooore?"
[20:38] * Keiko cocks her head.
[20:39] * Xui-Fei looks around isn't about to explain this one
[20:39] * Toast speaks behind a paw in a loud stage whisper to Valery "I don't believe her."
[20:39] <Keiko> "I know what four is... comes after three, but, what's a meta?"
[20:39] <Xui-Fei> "the word isn't a number"
[20:39] <Yarrow> Jake mutters, "See if I shoot the glass droid next time...."
[20:39] <Xui-Fei> "it's taking an example of a life experience into a suitation"
[20:40] <Valery> "Well, meta means 'beyond', so a 'meta-four' would be five or higher."
[20:40] * Keiko scrunches up her brow.
[20:40] <Valery> "But a metaphor is something different."
[20:40] <Keiko> "I think... I sortta get it..."
[20:40] * Keiko actually, doesn't.
[20:40] * Xui-Fei looks at Jake, "wasn't it Doc who nailed that glass droid
[20:40] * Keiko shrugs, and goes back to eating.
[20:41] <Alaric> "...either way."
[20:41] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, that one. But I shot others. Irregardless, if you want me to keep shooting the ones near you, you'll watch what you say."
[20:41] <Yarrow> Chance sighs. "You were ripped off with that one."
[20:41] * Alaric starts to try to smooth things over, but gets cut off at the pass ;p
[20:41] * Valery bows. "Please accept our humblest apologies, oh great shooter of glass droids."
[20:42] <Valery> "And mistress of all things vocabulary."
[20:42] <Yarrow> Jake: "What!? No! Irregardless is a beautiful word!"
[20:42] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
[20:42] <Yarrow> Chance: "Sorry. It's a fake."
[20:43] <Yarrow> Jake: "But I paid so much for it and it sounds so good... It can't be."
[20:43] <Yarrow> Chance: "Look, 'regardless' already means no matter, so putting 'ir' in front of it just doesn't make any sense."
[20:44] * Keiko frowns puts down her plate, takes out her purse and gets out a single shiny coin, and presses it into Chance's hand.
[20:44] <Yarrow> Jake glares at the table for a moment. "Hey, there's flammable and inflammable--those are real words!"
[20:45] * Alaric narrows his eyes, and his ears twitch, laying back against his head.
[20:45] <Keiko> "Grandma always used to say arguing isn't nice... I don't really get it, but, if you paid so much for that word, and it's broken, then you can have this."
[20:45] <Yarrow> Chance: "Ahhh. That is true. There's a long and unique history to those words, however..."
[20:45] <Xui-Fei> "oh just get a room"
[20:45] * Keiko wanders back around and sits back down and resumes scarfing away.
[20:46] <Yarrow> Chance: "Hundreds of years ago, back in the middle ages, there was great unrest over that very issue. It started out small but soon grew into widespread fighting over which word was correct."
[20:47] * Toast belches after polishing off the last peace of toast
[20:47] <Toast> "I think we should probably stop this tangent, and start planning our next move."
[20:47] * Toast pats his belly
[20:48] <Yarrow> Chance: "The people who supported flammable would attack those who supported inflammable and vice versa. No one was safe, especially since their weapon of choice was, of course, fire..."
[20:48] * Valery covers a giggle.
[20:48] <Yarrow> Jake listens, enraptured.
[20:48] * Xui-Fei snorts at the obivious bs story
[20:49] <Yarrow> Chance: "Eventually, things got so bad that all the leaders at the time gathered together and vowed to do something. This great body became known as the Council of Trent."
[20:49] * Alaric raises his voice a little.
[20:49] <Alaric> ".. and I am sure we would all enjoy hearing about the Countil of Trent at a later date."
[20:50] * Toast considers spraying chance with a mouthfull of anal gland
[20:50] * Xui-Fei shakes his head, "so what now?"
[20:51] * Alaric waits to see if Chance and Jake continue.
[20:51] <Yarrow> Chance: "For months they debated and argued, trying to come to some sort of accomodation, but to no avail. Finally, in desperation, they took extreme measures before their world burned down around them and imposed the Diet of Worms, forcing themselves to eat nothing else until they settled the issue."
[20:51] <Yarrow> Chance pauses.
[20:51] <Yarrow> "Well, I suppose I can finish it later..."
[20:51] <Alaric> "Unless it has some immediate relevance, to the combat capabilities of these invaders and their ships, perhaps?"
[20:52] <Yarrow> Chance: "Well, no..."
[20:52] <Toast> "Well, I know the best ways to bring those ships down from the inside."
[20:52] <Alaric> gently, "Later might be best, then."
[20:53] * Alaric looks over at Toast.
[20:53] <Toast> "
[20:53] <Yarrow> Chance: "All right."
[20:53] <Yarrow> Jake pouts.
[20:53] <Valery> "Large amounts of explosives?"
[20:53] <Alaric> "Now that, is of immediate import. Though gaining entrance to them might prove difficult.."
[20:53] <Toast> "In strategic locations!"
[20:53] <Yarrow> Jake shakes herself. "Especially if they take off and fly away while you're inside!"
[20:54] <Toast> "I don't know, I must have snuck into... fourteen? Fifteen?"
[20:54] <Toast> "Almost got caught once... Oh, that reminds me!"
[20:54] <Yarrow> (Yeah, but the GM was going easy on you that night. ;) )
[20:54] <Valery> "I dunno... it's probably easier to just hit them from above."
[20:54] <Toast> "I can kill things with my mouth!"
[20:54] <Yarrow> Jake stage whispers, "We can get you a rinse to help with that."
[20:55] <Alaric> curious, "With your teeth? Are you venomous?"
[20:56] <Toast> "Well, I had snuck into the cockpit of a ship, and was surprised by a droid."
[20:56] <Toast> "And, well, I was surprised, and my mouth was open, and I fired some kind of beam."
[20:56] <Toast> "It just keeled over."
[20:57] <Alaric> "..."
[20:57] <Alaric> "In good conscience, having recently transformed into a Sailor Senshi, I cannot dispute the veracity of your account."
[20:57] * Valery blinks. "Huh. I guess I'm the only one without any powers or senshi abilities after all."
[20:58] <Toast> "I can try again, if you'd like."
[20:58] <Toast> "Maybe we can set up a target or something?"
[20:58] <Alaric> quickly, "Somewhere outside this building, perhaps."
[20:58] * Toast nods
[20:59] <Toast> "Oh, and uh, I have a lot of explosives and incendiaries left, if anyone wants some."
[21:00] <Xui-Fei> "uh no I think it's in better hands with you"
[21:00] * Toast looks at Jake and Chance "I still think you guys might want some of those mason jar bombs."
[21:02] <Yarrow> Chance: "Maybe you should store some in one of the compartments in Metel."
[21:02] * Toast nods
[21:03] <Alaric> "Speaking of Metel, is it in any shape to be flown in the near future?"
[21:03] <Alaric> "It did sustain several hits during our flight."
[21:03] * Valery nods. "She's okay to use, though I'll have to be careful that they not get in shots against weaker points of the structure."
[21:04] <Yarrow> (Damn right, you will. :) )
[21:06] * Alaric frowns.
[21:06] <Alaric> "That sounds awfully dicey."
[21:06] <Alaric> "Perhaps, if we do pursue another combat operation.. that's the right phrase, isn't it?"
[21:06] <Alaric> "Combat operation?"
[21:07] <Yarrow> Jake: "Works for me."
[21:07] * Alaric nods, pleased.
[21:07] <Alaric> ".. right. We should land Metel some distance from our destination and avoid engaging in chopper-to-droid combat."
[21:08] * Valery purses his lips. "I'd like to avoid getting Metel damaged as well, though I'm concerned that if it can provide a threat to Metel, it might be even more difficult to face on foot."
[21:09] <Toast> "May I offer a suggestion?"
[21:10] <Alaric> "Of course"
[21:11] <Toast> "I'm not going to lie, I never really left the park, but you guys, you know the city pretty well, right?"
[21:11] <Toast> "That's one advantage we have, this is our home."
[21:11] <Alaric> "I have traversed most of the city at one time or another."
[21:11] <Xui-Fei> "same here"
[21:11] <Alaric> (+3 Area Knowledge: CT ;p )
[21:11] <Xui-Fei> (you got me beat)
[21:12] <Toast> "I think we should pick a spot most of you are familiar with, set a bunch of traps, and lure a bunch of those droids there."
[21:12] * Valery nods. "That would probably work..."
[21:12] <Yarrow> Chance leans back in her chair. "But will killing droids accomplish anything?"
[21:12] <Valery> "No, but we still need to break through them to get anywhere."
[21:13] <Toast> "Also, we might be able to draw the attention of the leader."
[21:13] <Toast> "If we do enough damage."
[21:13] <Alaric> ".. is that something we really want to do?"
[21:13] <Toast> "And if we can get the leader to show somewhere we've prepared before hand... Well, it's better than running into them in THEIR home turf."
[21:14] <Toast> "Which, I think, is rather inevitable if we're planning on a sustained campaign."
[21:14] <Valery> "I don't know, I think we should be avoiding the leader as much as possible for as long as we can."
[21:15] <Alaric> "What are our high level goals?"
[21:15] <Yarrow> Chance says slowly, "Maybe... But, then again, we did see some beams flash down early on and have seen some buildings that were completely destroyed..."
[21:15] <Alaric> "What outcome are we attempting to achieve?"
[21:15] * Alaric looks over at Chance.
[21:15] <Alaric> "This I can confirm.. an entire wing of the hospital I work at was destroyed."
[21:15] <Yarrow> Chance: "We might end up bringing one of those down rather than any leader."
[21:16] <Xui-Fei> "that lady did mention there was gonna be some bombardment when she left...with Beth"
[21:16] <Yarrow> She frowns. "You know... Maybe it'd be a good idea to keep Metel at a different building."
[21:17] * Valery frowns. "I don't know... we might not be able to get to it or from it if we have to go out of the secured area..."
[21:18] <Xui-Fei> "do you want to risk our only means of transprotation to be blown up by leaving it on anohter buliding?"
[21:18] <Yarrow> Chance: "Yeah, but if we do call attention to ourselves, it'd wouldn't be that hard to track it back here, and we really don't want one of those beams to hit this place and everyone in it..."
[21:19] <Valery> "That's part of why we really shouldn't be calling attention to ourselves..."
[21:19] <Yarrow> (BTW, Garnet did not mention a bombardment. Just that it wouldn't be healthy to stay around the park.)
[21:20] <Toast> (was it the park I blew up? :D)
[21:21] <Yarrow> (No. The timing wouldn't have worked out.)
[21:21] <Toast> (awww)
[21:22] <Toast> (I was hoping he was just referring to the massive droid build up there)
[21:22] <Alaric> "First Goal: we survive."
[21:22] * Alaric announces this with a little 'umph'.
[21:22] <Alaric> "Second Goal: everyone else survives."
[21:22] <Yarrow> Jake: "I'm in favor of that."
[21:23] <Xui-Fei> "Thrid Goal: take down the bastards who did this"
[21:23] <Toast> "I hate to be the ermine in the ointment."
[21:23] <Xui-Fei> "cause I don't know about you I'm itching for some payback
[21:23] <Toast> "But those first two goals are going to be awfully tricky as long as they remain an occupying force."
[21:24] <Valery> "The problem is, if we dislodge the occupation..." He points up. "Boom."
[21:24] <Xui-Fei> "there has to be something we can do about those things boming from above"
[21:24] <Toast> "Which is why I'm in favor of cutting off the head."
[21:25] <Toast> "Wait, you guys mentioned something about a Queen, earlier, right?"
[21:25] <Toast> "And a Sailor Somethingorother."
[21:25] <Toast> "Merc?"
[21:25] <Toast> "Sailor Mercenary?"
[21:25] * Valery shakes his head. "Why would the leader come down at all? And even if we kill the leader, there are still hundreds of subordinates to take over."
[21:25] <Toast> "Maybe we should find them?"
[21:25] <Alaric> (just to be sure.. the only sailors we know are mercury/venus/mars/jupiter, right?)
[21:25] <Yarrow> Correct. No outers.
[21:25] <Toast> "Those droids didn't seem too bright to me."
[21:25] <Yarrow> No Sailor Moon.
[21:26] <Toast> "If we sever the head, I doubt they'll be able to effectivly organize."
[21:26] <Alaric> ".. we're getting very far ahead of ourselves."
[21:26] <Alaric> "What head?"
[21:26] <Alaric> "Where?"
[21:26] <Alaric> "On what planet?"
[21:26] * Toast points to Xui
[21:26] <Toast> "He mentioned a leader type, didn't he?"
[21:26] <Toast> "And these are rather nebulous goals for the future."
[21:27] <Valery> "There's got to be more than one leader, Toast. One person didn't build this entire army all by themselves."
[21:27] <Toast> "We still need to gather information."
[21:27] <Alaric> "No, they're very specific goals."
[21:27] <Toast> "Your goals, yes."
[21:27] <Alaric> "They just make it hard to do what you apparently want to do, which is blow things up>"
[21:27] <Alaric> "With little regards for the consequences that will be suffered by others."
[21:27] * Toast starts paceing back and forth
[21:28] <Toast> "And how do you expect to survive while these psychopaths rampage through our streets?"
[21:28] <Valery> "Killing one leader won't change anything. There are more than one of them, even presuming we can kill a leader. We need to neutralize the bombardment, and then the army. Then the leaders won't matter."
[21:28] <Alaric> "Avoidance would seem the wisest strategy."
[21:28] <Alaric> "Avoidance and escape.. to somewhere."
[21:29] <Yarrow> Chance: "The only two places we know of is here and where the droids came from."
[21:29] <Alaric> "And until around noon today, we only knew of one place: here."
[21:30] * Valery nods. "The ideal solution is to find defensive countermeasures. Escaping leaves the option of them chasing us. First we have to find out if there are any defences, and why they didn't activate."
[21:30] <Alaric> ".. or if they were defeated."
[21:31] <Yarrow> Jake: "And what happened to the senshi..."
[21:31] * Valery frowns. "It's possible... but I'd think we'd have seen it. Most of the engagements we have seen have been fairly... bombastic."
[21:31] * Toast perks up "Bomb?"
[21:33] <Alaric> "Knowing so little about what has happened.. we cannot help but act ignorantly and in an ill-advised manner."
[21:33] * Valery sweatdrops.
[21:33] <Alaric> "So when we act, we should do so in a manner that offers the least exposure to threats we may not yet know exist."
[21:34] * Valery nods. "Information first... the best bet I can think of for that is the palace."
[21:34] * Alaric looks around the table.
[21:34] <Alaric> "Can anyone, perhaps, turn invisible? Or teleport?"
[21:34] <Yarrow> Jake: "Or maybe that upgrade."
[21:34] <Toast> "Not to my knowledge."
[21:34] * Alaric looks over at Jake.
[21:34] <Toast> "But then, I didn't know I could shoot death beams."
[21:35] <Alaric> "A fair point.. these monitors have not yet led us wrong, so far as we know."
[21:35] * Valery nods. "That 'upgrade' is something we should probably get to as soon as we can. If nothing else, I'd rather the... enemy... didn't get a hold of it."
[21:36] <Alaric> frustrated, "I wish we knew more than just that it is important, though!"
[21:36] <Alaric> "That place was swarming with droids."
[21:36] * Xui-Fei nods taking the suitation in
[21:36] <Alaric> "I do not thing any activity at that location will be possible without conflict."
[21:36] <Xui-Fei> "I see, why not infultrate....sabo the big ones and take out the fodder?"
[21:37] <Yarrow> Jake: "Maybe we could sneak in?"
[21:37] <Alaric> "Perhaps, a distraction..."
[21:37] * Alaric looks in Toast's direction, speculatively.
[21:37] * Xui-Fei looks at the Ermie
[21:37] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance look at Toast, too.
[21:37] * Toast scratches the back of his head
[21:37] * Valery looks at Toast, just to fit in.
[21:37] <Toast> "Yeah, I could probably work something out."
[21:38] <Xui-Fei> "here's the problem when do we go for this,"
[21:38] <Toast> "It might take me a little while though, I'm not as fast as you guys, with your long legs."
[21:38] <Xui-Fei> "soem of us are still not fully recovered"
[21:39] <Keiko> (Well, I just got back from the shops. Lemme read the backlog)
[21:39] <Yarrow> Jake: "I thought you'd be fine after a night's rest."
[21:39] <Xui-Fei> "I was assuming you wanted to go now"
[21:39] <Yarrow> (Did you say you were going away, Keiko?)
[21:40] <Keiko> (I thought I had)
[21:40] <Valery> (Nope)
[21:40] <Keiko> (Damn, sorry then)
[21:40] <Yarrow> (I'm tepted to dock you a cp, but I'll let it slide this time...)
[21:40] <Valery> "Mm... it might be easier to hide at night... but then again, I don't know what the droids use to see with. Safer to go at day, we at least know we can see at our best."
[21:41] * Keiko just sits back and watches the group interact
[21:41] * Xui-Fei nods, "so in the morning we go for it?"
[21:42] <Yarrow> Chance: "I think we'll be better for a night's sleep... if we can sleep. It's been some day."
[21:42] * Xui-Fei nods in agreement
[21:43] * Toast nods
[21:43] <Alaric> "I concur."
[21:44] * Valery nods.
[21:45] <Yarrow> Jake: "So, Dizzy said you got some rooms with a couple nearby for us?"
[21:46] * Alaric nods.
[21:46] <Alaric> "They are quite nice, really."
[21:47] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, that's good. Do they have showers? I'd kill for a shower."
[21:47] * Keiko looks at Jake warily.
[21:48] <Alaric> "I believe so."
[21:48] * Valery nods. "There was a bathroom attached in the common area."
[21:48] <Alaric> "...was that, perhaps, a hint?"
[21:48] * Alaric grins.
[21:48] <Toast> (I keep wanting to make a Jake and the Fatman joke)
[21:48] <Toast> (god damn it)
[21:48] * Valery blinks, looking confused. (Didn't get it :P )
[21:49] <Yarrow> Jake: "Shower today, killing tomorrow."
[21:49] * Keiko didn't either.
[21:49] <Alaric> (US TV thing)
[21:49] <Keiko> "Umm... miss?" she asks Valery, "Can you help me with my bath?"
[21:49] <Toast> (I thought Val wasn't a trap)
[21:50] <Yarrow> (Keiko is the new Aoi? Sic her, Alaric! :) )
[21:50] <Keiko> (He isn't? First I heard of it. :P)
[21:50] <Yarrow> (It's been said a few times...)
[21:50] <Xui-Fei> (yeah several times)
[21:51] <Valery> (A dozen times...)
[21:51] <Keiko> (Must've missed it all those times. Then again, it's one of Pale's characters... perfectly normal to assume it's a trap. ;P)
[21:51] <Yarrow> Chance: "Is Keiko staying with you or with the other children?"
[21:51] <Valery> (To you alone...)
[21:51] * Valery frowns. "I don't know..."
[21:51] <Keiko> "I hope its with you, the other kids are so boring," she mutters.
[21:52] <Yarrow> Jake: "But they'll have people who can give baths. And they'll probably have ice cream and stuff. We'll just have ... um, liver."
[21:52] <Keiko> (And in that case, retcon it so she said mister instead of miss then. ;P)
[21:52] * Keiko blinks.
[21:52] <Keiko> "But I like liver, especially if it's raw."
[21:54] <Yarrow> Jake looks at Val and shrugs.
[21:55] * Valery sweatdrops.
[21:56] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, I'm ready for bed. Want to show us the rooms, Val?"
[21:56] <Alaric> "As long as you understand that you're living with adults, and sometimes we'll have responsibilities that mean we have to leave you with the rest of the kids, I suppose we could room with you for a while."
[21:56] * Xui-Fei blinks
[21:56] <Keiko> "Yay!" she cheers.
[21:57] <Alaric> ".. and you'll have to be quiet a lot of the time. We really like quiet, it lets us do stuff like read, and think, and, uh.."
[21:57] * Alaric loosk over at Xui-Fei.
[21:57] <Alaric> "MEditate."
[21:57] * Valery nods, standing up. "And tinker."
[21:57] <Alaric> "Hmm.."
[21:57] <Valery> "Jake, Chance, this way."
[21:57] * Xui-Fei shrugs
[21:57] <Toast> "And make high powered explosives."
[21:58] <Xui-Fei> "I do more than just meditate I do have to brush up on my forms, granted I doubt anyone can spar here"
[21:58] <Yarrow> Jake & Chance go with Val.
[21:58] <Alaric> "Speaking of which.. Val, you had mentioned that 'nietzsche' refers to some philosophers.. do you know if any of the facilities of this building provide library functions that would allow me to research him or her?"
[21:58] <Keiko> "What's meditate mean?"
[21:58] * Keiko asks Xui-Fei.
[21:58] <Valery> (Yeah, somehow I'm not surprised)
[21:59] <Toast> (I really, really want to have Toast refer to Alaric as Sailor Nothing at some point XD)
[21:59] <Xui-Fei> "meditation is a disiapline to focus oneself with there body"
[21:59] * Valery looks back. "I haven't really explored this building yet, I just got it ready and then went out to retrieve you... I know there's some stuff in the city libraries, but..."
[21:59] <Xui-Fei> "Tenma Sensei uses it to begin Ki usage training"
[21:59] <Keiko> "Ki?"
[21:59] <Keiko> "Like with a lock?"
[22:00] <Xui-Fei> "no prounced the same but different meanings"
[22:00] <Yarrow> As they're walking away, Jake asks Chance, "So, what happened after the Diet?"
[22:00] <Keiko> "Hmm..."
[22:00] * Valery listens to the story, and tries not to laugh and interrupt it.
[22:01] <Xui-Fei> "Ki is the energy around us both in oneself and all around"
[22:01] * Toast will hitch a ride on someone
[22:02] <Yarrow> Chance: "Well, after a few weeks of nothing but worms, they couldn't take it any more and finally agreed that both flammable and inflammable meant something could burn while nonflammable meant it couldn't. Some people came around and tried to get unflammable be the word instead of nonflammable, but the Council refused to even hear them unless they caught up by eating nothing but worms for weeks, and the petition was dropped..."
[22:02] <Keiko> (How much CP did we get last session?)
[22:02] * Xui-Fei cleans off his plates, "I'm gonna get some sleep it's been a long day"
[22:02] <Yarrow> 4 cp were awarded for the last session.
[22:02] <Yarrow> Jake: "Wow."
[22:03] <Yarrow> Chance: "Look, once I get access to a decent workshop, I'll take a look at your word and see if I can do anything with it."
[22:04] <Keiko> "Umm... Mister?" she looks at Xui-Fei, "Can you show me how to medibate?"
[22:04] <Yarrow> Jake thanks her and then they're out of earshot from everyone but Val & Toast.
[22:05] * Valery blinks, looking at Chance. "Er... how do you...?"
[22:05] <Yarrow> Jake: "Surely you've heard of wordsmiths? I took a few classes when I was younger."
[22:06] <Xui-Fei> "kid I'm still a student, as per the rules of the school students cant take on students of there own"
[22:06] <Keiko> "Um, why not?" she looks disappointed.
[22:08] <Valery> "... O...kay..."
[22:08] <Xui-Fei> "something to do back when his father was a student," he says
[22:09] * Keiko ponders.
[22:09] <Keiko> "What if I just copy what you're doing?"
[22:09] <Yarrow> (Sorry, that should have been Chance, not Jake.)
[22:10] <Valery> (Heh)
[22:10] <Yarrow> Val shows Jake & Chance the suite opposite his. They get settled in and bid him good night.
[22:11] <Toast> "Where's my room?"
[22:11] <Xui-Fei> "the problem would be if my Sensei is still alive (which I don't doubt one bit Saotomes are stubborn about dying he told me), it's possible he may do something I might regret like banning me from using the techinques of the school
[22:11] <Keiko> "But, that's not fair, it'd just be me copying you," she mutters.
[22:12] * Valery frowns. "I don't know... hm. There are only four rooms, do you want to sleep in the common room, or room with one of us?"
[22:13] <Xui-Fei> "still could be considered me teaching
[22:13] <Toast> "Eh, just find me a corner I suppose."
[22:13] * Keiko looks down.
[22:13] <Toast> (actually, are the beds raised?)
[22:14] <Toast> (Toast will sleep under a bed, curled around a mason jar bomb)
[22:14] <Keiko> "Not fair, I just wanted to play a fun game like the one you were talking about," she pouts.
[22:14] <Yarrow> There would be some space under a bed, yes.
[22:14] <Toast> (well, he won't tell anyone about the bomb part)
[22:14] * Alaric will shoo Toast out from under his bed (if it's his bed) ;p
[22:14] <Yarrow> (Aww, don't want to sleep curled around an armed grenade? That way if anyone disturbed you, they'd get what they have coming! ;) )
[22:15] * Valery sticks him in Keiko's room, since they're both the smallest members.
[22:15] <Keiko> (Keiko gets a plushie! Keiko gets a plushie!)
[22:15] <Keiko> (:P)
[22:15] <Yarrow> A tired Dizzy walks into the cafeteria and bids Alaric a good night. It's been a really long day for her, dealing with the refugees.
[22:16] <Alaric> "Do your best to sleep well.. I suspect tomorrow will bring challenges of it's own."
[22:16] <Toast> (well, technically it IS an armed grenade yarrow)
[22:16] * Xui-Fei makes it to his room takes off his computer and other device sits on the table besides the bed then lays down getting some sleep
[22:16] <Alaric> "But even so.. thank you. For all the help, for having my back.."
[22:16] <Toast> (It's just an armed grenade in a mason jar)
[22:17] <Yarrow> Dizzy smiles. "It's my pleasure."
[22:17] * Valery goes to his room, and curls up under the covers, trying to get to sleep.
[22:17] <Alaric> "Good night."
[22:17] * Alaric heads off to get himself some shut-eye.
[22:18] <Yarrow> Dizzy goes off to her room.
[22:18] <Alaric> muttering, "..wonder if we oughta.. watch.."
[22:19] <Yarrow> Everyone beds down for the night. Any special instructions, requests, etc.?
[22:19] <Yarrow> No mints will be placed on pillows, so don't ask.
[22:20] <Alaric> (I wish for a good night's sleep and to not have my throat slit before I wake)
[22:20] * Keiko will just curl up in her bed, after draging Toast in with her, and snugling up with him :P
[22:20] <Alaric> (They should at least do me the courtesy of waking me up and laying some villain smack-talk on me before executing me)
[22:20] <Xui-Fei> (as long as Xui can get enough z's)
[22:21] <Xui-Fei> (hear hear)
[22:21] <Yarrow> (Keiko wakes up to find herself cuddling a grenade, minus the pin. She releases it in surprise. That turns out to be a bad move.)
[22:24] <Yarrow> Toast wakes up first and escapes Keiko's room. Shortly after that, Val gets up and goes to the kitchen to make breakfast. The ermine gets an early delivery of toast before the scent of cooking food wakes everyone else.
[22:25] * Xui-Fei gets up
[22:25] * Xui-Fei comes out following the smell
[22:25] * Toast will point accusingly at Val
[22:25] <Toast> "You."
[22:26] * Valery waves slightly from the kitchen. "Go ahead and sit down, I'll bring the food out in a bit...?"
[22:26] <Toast> "You are never forcing me to sleep with that... that... THING ever again."
[22:26] * Valery blinkblinks at Toasty.
[22:26] <Toast> "She almost broke my spine!"
[22:26] <Yarrow> (This would have been the perfect time for Xui-Fei to discover an unknown power of flight by literally floating in following the scent.)
[22:26] <Valery> "Er... roger. Would you prefer the main room?"
[22:26] * Alaric twitches in his sleep, his tail shifting the sheets around him.
[22:26] * Toast grumbles "anything would be preferable to being crushed like that"
[22:27] <Toast> "I can't believe I made it out alive."
[22:28] * Keiko stumbles out rubbing her eyes cutely...
[22:28] * Valery pats Toast. "There there, you're all right now."
[22:29] <Yarrow> I'll be generous and let a night of undisturbed sleep count as a day of rest. Xui-Fei regains 10 hp, putting him at 52/60.
[22:29] <Keiko> " 'mrng," she mumbles, drags herself into a seat, "'mrng Toasty-chan," she says and picks him up, and hugs him.
[22:30] * Keiko puts him down, and her head promptly flops onto the table, as she begins nodding off again.
[22:30] <Keiko> (Can I have a few minutes to grab lunch? Haven't eaten all day so far. ^^;)
[22:30] <Valery> (Heh)
[22:30] <Yarrow> (Sure, but we're not going too much longer.)
[22:31] <Keiko> (That's fine.)
[22:32] <Toast> (cool, I need sleep soon)
[22:32] <Yarrow> Val serves up breakfast.
[22:33] <Yarrow> He actually has some skill, so it's good.
[22:33] * Alaric will dig in when he gets up.
[22:33] * Valery takes a seat after distributing the plates, and waits for everyone else to try it to see their reactions.
[22:34] * Alaric downs several bites, finishes chewing, swallows, and speaks up.
[22:34] <Alaric> "This is quite good.. thanks for the breakfast."
[22:34] * Xui-Fei nods, "impressive"
[22:34] * Toast will grab a couple peices of meat to go with his toast
[22:36] <Yarrow> There's a soft knock on the door.
[22:36] * Valery smiles. "You're welcome."
[22:36] * Xui-Fei gets up and answers the door
[22:36] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance come in, happy to see everyone's awake.
[22:37] <Yarrow> Btw, did Xui-Fei take a shower and clean himself up before turning in?
[22:37] * Valery waves as they enter.
[22:38] <Alaric> (dunno, but Alaric did ;p 0
[22:39] <Toast> (Toast cleaned himself)
[22:39] <Xui-Fei> (yeah did)
[22:39] <Valery> (Naturally)
[22:40] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance stop as, for the first time, they see Xui-Fei hale, healthy, and well groomed. Eyes widen, expressions soften, and lips part softly.
[22:40] * Keiko pigs out on breakfast...
[22:40] <Toast> (lol0
[22:40] <Valery> (Heheheheheheh)
[22:41] <Keiko> (...and he totally has ranks in magnet huh. :P)
[22:41] * Valery eats at a normal human rate, so is probably the slowest eater of 'em all.
[22:41] * Xui-Fei blinks
[22:41] <Xui-Fei> (yes I do)
[22:41] <Toast> (dumbass)
[22:42] <Yarrow> Each sighs softly, and at the noise, turns to face the other and sees the other's expression. Eyes narrow, ears flatten, tails bristle, and teeth are bared. With simultaneous 'Hmph!'s and tosses of heads, they angle away from each other and head toward opposite ends of the table.
[22:43] * Toast snickers
[22:43] * Xui-Fei blinks not getting what just happened
[22:43] * Valery blinkblinks, and sets out plates for them.
[22:44] <Yarrow> Jake: "Thanks."
[22:44] <Yarrow> Chance: "Thank you very much, Valery."
[22:44] <Yarrow> Jake shoots Chance a dark look.
[22:45] <Keiko> "What's *Gulp* up with those *Scarff* two?" she asks as she devours her meal.
[22:45] * Alaric preferss to no-sell this one, and focuses on his breakfast.
[22:45] <Toast> 'Ladies, please, there's enough of me to go around."
[22:45] * Toast stands on his hind legs and strikes a pose
[22:46] * Valery giggles.
[22:46] <Yarrow> They don't even seem to notice Toast.
[22:47] <Yarrow> Chance: "So, when are we going? Is the weather going to be a problem?"
[22:47] * Alaric looks up from his food.
[22:48] <Alaric> "What's the weather like?"
[22:48] <Yarrow> Chance: "Pouring."
[22:48] <Alaric> "... that could work in our favor. Lots of noise, low visibility."
[22:48] * Valery frowns. "Well... Metel can handle the rain easily enough. It won't really be comfortable to walk it, but we should be fine."
[22:49] * Xui-Fei chuckles, "I'll be fine...if sensei was around he'd be grumbling about it cause of his families curse"
[22:49] <Yarrow> Chance: "That's good. I didn't notice any thunder or lightning, but the rain alone should be noisy."
[22:50] <Yarrow> Jake leans forward intently and breathes, "Oh? what curse is that, Xui-Fei?"
[22:51] <Alaric> amused, "yes, do tell."
[22:51] <Xui-Fei> "a funny one actually, apperently his father fell into some curse spring along time ago, depending on the water tempture he changes genders"
[22:51] * Xui-Fei chuckles fondly at that
[22:52] <Xui-Fei> "was the hardest laugh I ever had....before he pounded my face in"
[22:52] <Yarrow> Jake: "Really? How does the temperature part work?"
[22:53] <Xui-Fei> "cold water triggers, hot water reverses"
[22:53] * Valery blinks, cocking her head. "I wonder how something like that came about..."
[22:53] <Yarrow> Chance: "Warm water must be interesting..."
[22:54] <Xui-Fei> "all depending on the suitation....apperently he had a gift for the ladies as well...I don't know how he does it but I swear there was 5 or 6 after him"
[22:55] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance exchange brief glares.
[22:55] * Xui-Fei says that completly obivous to his current suitation
[22:57] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:57] <Keiko> (Back)
[22:58] * Keiko blinks.
[22:58] <Yarrow> Let's give Pale a minute or so.
[22:58] <Yarrow> We're about to wrap up, anyway.
[22:59] <Xui-Fei> (ah yes....funny....got the swat catgirls after me)
[22:59] * Keiko watches the two glare at each other....
[22:59] <Keiko> "Weirdos..." she mutters, and goes back to eating.
[23:00] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[23:00] <Valery> <Yarrow> Jake: "Really? How does the temperature part work?"
[23:00] <Valery> <Xui-Fei> "cold water triggers, hot water reverses"
[23:00] <Valery> * Valery blinks, cocking her head. "I wonder how something like that came about..."
[23:00] <Valery> <Yarrow> Chance: "Warm water must be interesting..."
[23:00] <Valery> * Disconnected
[23:00] <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[23:00] <Valery> (Was WONDERING why it suddenly got quiet...)
[23:01] <Xui-Fei> (pm'd)
[23:01] * Valery just blinks at Jake and Chance.
[23:01] <Yarrow> Breakfast soon finishes up.
[23:02] * Keiko looks at Valery.
[23:02] * Xui-Fei heads back getting his gear and backpack
[23:02] <Yarrow> Chance: "So, what's the plan?"
[23:02] <Yarrow> And let's end here.
[23:02] <Alaric> (K)
[23:02] * Alaric is now known as Alathon
[23:02] * Xui-Fei is now known as Light02
[23:03] * Valery is now known as Pale_Wolf
[23:03] <Pale_Wolf> Roger-oh.
[23:03] * Toast is now known as Ataru
[23:03] <Ataru> word
[23:03] <Ataru> just in time for me to catch a couple hours sleep
[23:03] <Pale_Wolf> Whoo!
[23:03] * Keiko is now known as Rockman_Zero
[23:03] <Yarrow> 3 cp for the session, since you had that nice discussion about your goals and problems.
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Re: Once again! DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Survival-Horror

Postby Alathon » Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:28 am

Session 3

[17:00] * Yarrow stretches.
[17:00] <Dorin> hi
[17:00] <Yarrow> We should start in a few minutes.
[17:00] <Ataru> ahaha
[17:00] <Ataru> this guy's avatar is awesome
[17:00] <Ataru> http://fi.somethingawful.com/customtitl ... wiggin.gif
[17:01] <Yarrow> Btw, Majora's Mask is weird.
[17:01] <Ataru> yes, it is
[17:01] * McDice (~PyroRaven@c-76-16-38-203.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:01] <Yarrow> I knew that was coming.
[17:03] <Yarrow> Well, assuming people are here.
[17:03] <Yarrow> Who's here?
[17:03] <Pale_Wolf> Yo yo.
[17:03] <Dorin> Not I
[17:03] * Dorin steals Pale
[17:04] <Pale_Wolf> Don't worry, we knew you weren't around.
[17:04] <Alatwork> here
[17:04] * Alatwork is now known as Alathon
[17:04] <Pale_Wolf> Welcome home Ala.
[17:05] * Light02 is back
[17:06] <Dorin> yo
[17:06] <Ataru> we good to go/
[17:06] <Yarrow> Looks like it. So, who here has the most hated dicebot?
[17:07] <Dorin> Fate, easily
[17:07] <Pale_Wolf> Probably me./
[17:07] <Yarrow> Excellent. Be a dear and load up Fate, would you.
[17:08] <Pale_Wolf> ... Er... I'm gonna need to look at that. Did my bot DIE? The load command does nothing...
[17:08] <Yarrow> Ok, someone load a bot.
[17:09] <Yarrow> Anyone?
[17:09] <Dorin> Light?
[17:10] <Alathon> I don't have one anymore
[17:10] <Light02> my dice is in comming
[17:10] * Alathon is now known as Sailor_Nietzsche
[17:10] * Lightdice (~light_ava@72-161-70-116.dyn.centurytel.net) has joined #cte
[17:10] * Sailor_Nietzsche poses for the bukakke.
[17:10] <Ataru> The load command, it does nothing!
[17:10] * Ataru is now known as Toast
[17:10] <Yarrow> roll 2d6
[17:10] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{4}
[17:11] * Toast cover Nietzsche in stoat semen
[17:11] <Toast> *covers
[17:11] * Light02 is now known as Xui-Fei
[17:11] * Pale_Wolf is now known as Valery
[17:11] <Yarrow> Ok. Get into the proper costumes, if you would.
[17:11] * Sailor_Nietzsche licks her lips.
[17:11] * Sailor_Nietzsche is now known as Alaric
[17:11] * Dorin is now known as Koizumi
[17:12] <Xui-Fei> (I still think I should be practicing my Kyonese)
[17:12] <Valery> (Wait, Dorin IS here? O_o )
[17:12] <Lightdice> (yeah)
[17:12] <Lightdice> (shocking ain't it)
[17:12] <Yarrow> All right. We left off with everyone getting up dark and early and having breakfast together.
[17:12] <Koizumi> (You're supposed to say that while electricity is jumping around)
[17:13] <Yarrow> It would have been light and early, but it seems to be pouring out.
[17:13] <Toast> (al, you've READ sailor nothing, right?)
[17:13] <Alaric> (yes)
[17:13] <Toast> (alright, word)
[17:13] * Valery looks out the window, nodding. "That'll be useful..."
[17:13] <Yarrow> Today's planned activities include getting into a building that has droids swarming around it to get an 'upgrade'. You might want to plan how to accopmlish the planned activity, however.
[17:14] <Yarrow> Take it away.
[17:14] * Lightdice comes back out of his room fully geared up, med pack on his back, computer on his left arm, hook shot on his right
[17:14] <Alaric> (previous discussion boiled down to 'land the chopper at a distance, have Toast blow something up as a distraction, and we go in on foot)
[17:15] <Toast> (hahah)
[17:15] <Toast> (wrong window there light)
[17:15] * Toast fidgets
[17:15] <Yarrow> When we want the dicebot to talk to us, we'll tell it what to say! :p
[17:15] <Toast> "Do we have a map of the area? I have an idea."
[17:16] <Alaric> (Xui-fei is the one with the arm-computer, right?)
[17:16] * Valery frowns. "Let me check... there should be some maps online, though they won't exactly be... updated."
[17:16] <Alaric> "I suppose we ought to have some sort of maps.."
[17:16] <Xui-Fei> (yup)
[17:16] <Xui-Fei> (gah I hate that when I speak as my dice)
[17:16] <Alaric> "I could try to draw one, I have a vague recollection of the area.. I've been there before, after all."
[17:17] <Alaric> "But a map would certainly be better.."
[17:17] <Yarrow> (Koizumi got to see another one, but it got destroyed.)
[17:17] <Xui-Fei> "there might be on when we get in side, this seems to update the features as enter a bulding
[17:17] <Koizumi> (studies setting for moment, thinking and waiting proper intro)
[17:18] * Valery snaps his fingers. "Metel's recorders... we didn't fly over everything, but we'd at least get a partial map of the area."
[17:18] <Yarrow> Chance: "Can you get it to show you a street map?"
[17:18] <Yarrow> (to Xui-Fei)
[17:20] * Lightdice looks at chance, "not sure I could check"
[17:20] <Xui-Fei> (gah)
[17:20] <Yarrow> ...
[17:20] <Xui-Fei> (Xui says that)
[17:20] * Xui-Fei looks at chance, "not sure I could check"
[17:20] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei taps at his ESC a bit and discovers that he can, indeed, get a street map.
[17:21] <Yarrow> (Wouldn't want those Emergency Services Workers getting lost on the way to an emergency, you know.)
[17:21] <Valery> (Indeed)
[17:21] * Toast will clamber onto xui-fei's arm and check out the area surrounding the building
[17:22] <Yarrow> The building's on the corner of its block. There are wide alleys on the other two sides separating it a bit from its neighbors.
[17:24] * Valery turns and takes a look at the map, memorizing but not getting in boomstoat's way.
[17:24] <Yarrow> If there's anything specific you want to know, tell me.
[17:24] * Toast points at one of the neighboring buildings "Ok, how does this sound? You drop me off, and I make my way here. I plant some charges and bring down the whole building. The ensuing cloud of debris should provide some pretty good cover."
[17:25] <Toast> "Hell, some of the droids on the ground might even get taken out by the shrapnel."
[17:25] <Alaric> "..do we have any way to determine that these buildings are unoccupied?"
[17:25] <Alaric> "I suppose it's almost certain, but.."
[17:25] * Alaric trails off.
[17:26] <Toast> "With a droid presence that heavy?"
[17:26] <Toast> "I'm open to ideas though."
[17:26] * Valery sighs. "The automated defence system helps, but..."
[17:26] <Yarrow> Jake: "You sure the building won't fall into the one we want?"
[17:27] <Toast> "Well, if I set the charges right, it should pancake."
[17:27] <Toast> "If I fuck up... Well, at least we keep them from getting their grubby mitts on it."
[17:27] <Alaric> "Wouldn't we want to pick a building at least a block away?"
[17:27] <Yarrow> If you roll poorly, it could get really ugly.
[17:27] <Alaric> "If they can see what's happening where they're standing, they won't have to move away, after all."
[17:28] <Toast> "I think you missed the bits about the huge cloud of debris and raining bits of glass and metal."
[17:28] <Toast> "They'll be plenty distracted as is, the dustcloud should reach several stories easy."
[17:28] <Alaric> "What dust cloud? It's pouring."
[17:28] <Toast> (it's raining? since when?)
[17:28] <Toast> (god damn it)
[17:29] <Alaric> (since we woke up ;p )
[17:29] * Valery frowns, nodding. "That'll suppress the dust very quickly... on the other hand, the rain will give us some cover on its own."
[17:29] <Yarrow> Jake: "And won't we have to go through that cloud of debris and raining metal if we try to move in right away?"
[17:29] <Koizumi> (Toast forget to check the weather report?)
[17:29] <Toast> "I figured we'd come in from the top with metel."
[17:29] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, if Chance and I are even coming."
[17:30] * Valery shakes his head.. "No, no... bad idea. If debris gets into the rotors..."
[17:30] <Yarrow> Jake: "Or shells..."
[17:31] <Alaric> "Speaking of that.. Valery, Jake, Chance, are you willing to be part of this?"
[17:31] * Toast stands on his hind legs, "Well, if you have a better idea."
[17:31] <Alaric> "I'm pretty sure Senshi are somewhat obligated to do things like this.."
[17:32] <Yarrow> Chance and Jake look at each other, hostility forgotten for the moment. Chance says, "Well, we don't have special powers or anything, but if you think you could use our help, we'll come."
[17:33] <Yarrow> Chance: "If you want to take Metel partway and park it somewhere, we'll stay with her and man the guns."
[17:33] * Valery nods, drawing his shawl around him. "You're a little short on senshi, that's where the rest of us come in."
[17:33] <Alaric> "Oh, I want your help!"
[17:33] <Alaric> "But, I felt I should ask, nonetheless."
[17:33] <Xui-Fei> "I'm going reguardless, senshi or not"
[17:33] * Toast looks at Val "You're a senshi too?"
[17:34] <Yarrow> Chance: "I'm not sure we'll be that much help, compared to the rest of you, really."
[17:34] <Alaric> "Given that you will be risking crippling injuries, if not death, it's the least I can do."
[17:34] * Valery blinks. "Um... no... that's why I'm filling in."
[17:34] <Toast> "But you just said "That's where..." You know what, nevermind."
[17:34] * Alaric grins at Valery.
[17:34] <Yarrow> Chance cocks her head and looks at Val. "How do you know you're not a senshi. Have you tried turning into one?"
[17:34] <Alaric> teasingly, "Are you sure?"
[17:35] * Alaric looks over at Chance.
[17:35] <Yarrow> Jake smirks. "Have you been practicing in your room without telling us?"
[17:35] <Alaric> "How do you know YOU aren't?"
[17:35] <Yarrow> Chance shrugs. "Tried."
[17:35] * Alaric chuckles.
[17:35] <Alaric> "Fair enough."
[17:36] <Yarrow> Jake leans over Val. "So, tell us.. What words did you try?"
[17:36] * Valery blinks, shrugging. "I... don't think so... I don't really feel like a senshi or anything..."
[17:36] <Toast> "Hey, maybe I'm a senshi?"
[17:36] <Yarrow> Jake: "Yeah! Give it a try, Toasty!"
[17:36] * Alaric shrugs.
[17:36] <Toast> (we're all senshi trapped in purgatory)
[17:36] <Alaric> "Stoat Explosion Power, Make-up?"
[17:36] <Toast> "..."
[17:37] * Toast looks to Alaric... "What do I do?"
[17:37] <Yarrow> (Word spreads, and soon everyone in the building is trying. It turns out that EVERYONE is a senhsi.)
[17:37] <Alaric> "Um.."
[17:37] <Alaric> "Well... as soon as the attacks started yesterday, I became aware that something.. I wasn't sure what.. was at my fingertips>"
[17:37] <Yarrow> Keiko: "I think I swallowed my fork..."
[17:38] * Alaric looks over at Keiko, concerned.
[17:38] <Alaric> "Can dragons digest metal?"
[17:38] <Toast> (oh come on, don't kill off the kid)
[17:38] <Alaric> (do it do it DO IT!)
[17:38] <Yarrow> (Were dragons mentioned?)
[17:38] <Toast> (at least let her fade away into obscurity)
[17:38] <Alaric> (yes)
[17:38] <Alaric> (she talked about how she came from an egg, etc)
[17:38] <Alaric> (go for the kill, so RZ cries bitter tears)
[17:38] <Valery> (Yeah... obscurity, no point putting the rest of the characters down too :P )
[17:39] <Yarrow> I know an egg was mentioned, but I don't remember anything in-game about dragons.
[17:39] <Alaric> (I could have sworn it was discussed)
[17:39] <Yarrow> And it seems some of you have forgotten this game's genre. :p
[17:39] <Koizumi> (oops?)
[17:39] <Alaric> (she did her senshi transformation 'dragonforce power rockon or watever', had dragon wings in that form, etc..)
[17:40] <Toast> (yeah, in charachter it'd be kind of a buzz kill, and well, it'd be a pain in the ass tangent to deal with)
[17:40] <Alaric> (we give her to a butcher, they turn her into 'supplies', and we move on)
[17:40] <Yarrow> I just checked. Dragons were not mentioned in-character.
[17:40] <Toast> (if you're going to kill her, at least do it off screen so we don't really have to deal with it)
[17:40] <Alaric> (okay, whatever)
[17:40] <Alaric> "Do you normally do that, Keiko?"
[17:41] <Alaric> "Most people can't digest forks.."
[17:41] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Oh, wait! Here it is!"
[17:41] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
[17:41] <Alaric> "..never mind."
[17:41] * Alaric looks back over at Toast, eyebrow twitching.
[17:41] <Yarrow> Keiko mumbles, "... I can't find my napkin, though."
[17:41] * Valery just kind of sweatdrops.
[17:42] <Yarrow> (Ah, twitching eyebrows and sweatdrops. That means I'm playing her faithfully.)
[17:42] <Toast> "Hmm.."
[17:42] <Alaric> "In any case, I was in a desperate battle, desperate for additional power to win that battle, and simply.. reached for it.. mentally.. and cried out words that came to my lips unbidden."
[17:42] * Valery leans over and stands up on tiptoes to whisper into Alaric's ear. "Um... I'm not sure it'd really be a good idea to bring her along..."
[17:42] * Toast concentrates on finding the feeling Alaric described
[17:42] <Alaric> "In point of fact, I still have no proper understanding of my origin or Senshi nature."
[17:42] * Alaric shrugs.
[17:43] * Alaric whispers to Valery.
[17:43] <Alaric> "I agree... hmm, Dizzy will need backup if there's trouble here, right?"
[17:43] * Alaric whispers suggestively.
[17:44] * Valery purses his lips, and nods. "Yeah... that'll probably be best."
[17:45] * Alaric nods a little.
[17:45] * Alaric then looks down at Toast.
[17:45] <Alaric> "Any luck?"
[17:46] * Toast ripples, then, in the blink of an eye, a naked pubescent boy is straddling Xui-Fei's arm
[17:46] <Toast> (for refrence http://leon.paperscience.net/header.jpg)
[17:47] * Xui-Fei blinks
[17:47] <Toast> (except with white hair, with black tips)
[17:47] * Toast looks down
[17:47] <Toast> "Not what I was expecting."
[17:47] * Valery blinks. "That's... a senshi form?"
[17:47] * Toast hops off Xui's arm
[17:47] <Xui-Fei> "might want to put some clothes Toast"
[17:48] <Toast> "Doesn't look like it... I'm pretty sure the senshi are all women."
[17:48] <Toast> "Why?"
[17:48] <Yarrow> Keiko points beween Toast's legs and laughs. "He's naked!"
[17:48] <Toast> "I wasn't wearing any before."
[17:48] <Koizumi> (Poor Toasty)
[17:48] <Xui-Fei> "yeah but fur kept your modesty
[17:48] <Toast> "Modesty?"
[17:48] * Toast sniffs the air tentativly
[17:48] * Toast sniffs harder
[17:48] <Toast> "What... what the hell?"
[17:48] <Alaric> "What's wrong?"
[17:49] <Toast> "What's wrong with my nose?"
[17:49] * Alaric is mostly amused.
[17:49] * Alaric peers at it.
[17:49] <Alaric> "I don't know.. what do you smell?"
[17:49] <Toast> "I can't... My sense of smell, it's... it's terrible."
[17:49] <Toast> "I can barely smell anything."
[17:49] * Alaric picks up something from the table that has a noticeable odor, and offers it to Toast.
[17:49] <Alaric> "Can you smell this?"
[17:49] * Valery cocks his head. "Well... that's humans for you?"
[17:50] <Yarrow> Jake: "The hands make up for it, though."
[17:50] <Alaric> (orange juice, sausage, I dunno what we had for breakfast)
[17:50] <Toast> "Yeah, I can smell it."
[17:50] <Yarrow> Jake: "Come on, you try, Val."
[17:50] <Toast> "But... my smell is so much weaker then normal.'
[17:50] <Toast> "This feels wrong."
[17:50] <Alaric> jokingly, "Perhaps the change came with a bath?"
[17:50] <Toast> "You humans are crippled."
[17:51] <Toast> "How are you supposed to tell if a female is in heat if you can't smell it?"
[17:51] * Valery blushes, shaking his head. "I don't know... I don't really feel like a senshi."
[17:51] <Alaric> "Now, now.. decreased olfactory capability is not a --"
[17:51] * Alaric cuts off with a snerk at Toast's 'in heat' comment.
[17:51] <Valery> (Alaric: "... Dammit!")
[17:52] * Alaric bites his lip, then responds to Toast.
[17:52] <Alaric> "You just have to get a lot closer to tell."
[17:52] <Yarrow> Jake: "Usually she blushes when you get close and tell her not to call you 'doctor'."
[17:52] <Alaric> ".. though in point of fact, not all species have breeding cycles. Human women h ave cycles, but they are not entirely analagous to those of your species."
[17:52] * Valery blinks and looks at Jake. "Experience?"
[17:52] <Yarrow> Jake: "Just recent observation."
[17:53] <Valery> (Yeah, humans are ready ALL the time :P )
[17:53] <Toast> "So... How do you mark your things?"
[17:53] <Toast> "So you know, other people know to stay away/'
[17:53] <Alaric> "Um.. mark.. oh, ownership?"
[17:53] * Xui-Fei would comment but he would be in a pot calling kettel black moment
[17:53] <Yarrow> Keiko takes off her shirt and shows Toast the nametag sewn into the collar.
[17:53] <Alaric> "Well, mostly we do not. If for some reason it is imperative that we identify something as our own, nametags are a typical means."
[17:53] <Toast> "I mean, I guess you could rig booby traps, but then you risk your stuff.'
[17:53] <Alaric> "... boobytraps are considered antisocial."
[17:54] <Yarrow> Chance: "Are you fully grown as an ermine, Toast?"
[17:54] * Toast scratches the back of his head
[17:54] <Toast> "Uhh... no clue actually."
[17:55] <Yarrow> Chance: "Ah. Well, more practically, do you feel like you have any special powers in that form?"
[17:55] <Toast> "I mean, I think I am, but, I don't really know how old I am, you know?"
[17:56] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:56] <Yarrow> Jake asks with a grin, "Ever get it on with a pretty little ermine?"
[17:56] * Toast shakes his head wistfully
[17:56] <Koizumi> (...)
[17:56] <Toast> "I think I was the only one in the park."
[17:56] <Toast> '
[17:56] <Toast> "Powers? Uhm, how would I know."
[17:57] <Yarrow> ("The only female animal in my park was a porcupine... and that seemed like a *really* bad idea.")
[17:57] * Koizumi (~dorin_rah@dpc6745120147.direcpc.com) Quit (Quit: )
[17:57] <Toast> "Any suggestions?"
[17:57] <Xui-Fei> (they are dropping like flies)
[17:57] <Alaric> "..."
[17:57] <Toast> ("Well, I did flirt with this ground squirrel... Then I killed her and stole her burrow.")
[17:57] <Yarrow> Chance: "No idea."
[17:57] <Alaric> "I just knew. I don't know."
[17:57] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[17:57] <Alaric> (wb)
[17:57] <Valery> (Sigh... just had to greet me, didn't it?)
[17:57] <Valery> (I missed everything since my last line.)
[17:58] <Valery> (Comp reset again)
[17:58] * Toast thinks a bit
[17:58] <Alaric> (we didn't necessarily see your last line)
[17:58] <Alaric> (what was the last line you saw)
[17:58] <Toast> "Now that you mention it, new information seems to be trickling in."
[17:58] <Toast> "Hang on one second..."
[17:58] * Toast holds out his hand and concentrates really hard.
[17:58] <Alaric> (we all explode and die)
[17:59] * Alaric steps back, alarmed.
[17:59] <Valery> (Something about 'we're ready all the time', I don't know exactly, my logs will take hours to load up)
[17:59] <Toast> *A few seconds later a grenade pops into existence in his hand
[17:59] <Toast> "Awwwweeeesooooooome"
[17:59] * Valery blinks. "Well, that's useful."
[17:59] * Alaric takes another step back.
[18:00] <Yarrow> Jake: "But how do you know if it actually works?"
[18:00] <Alaric> "Is that thing ready to blow up? Please be careful with it!"
[18:00] <Toast> "Relax, the pin is in."
[18:00] <Toast> "Though..."
[18:01] <Valery> "Test it outside, please."
[18:01] <Alaric> "Why wouldn't it work. Our senshi powers seem to have worked quite well... though.. are you Senshi?"
[18:02] <Alaric> "I have never heard of a male Senshi, and you lack the uniform.."
[18:02] * Alaric frowns.
[18:02] <Alaric> "For that matter, were not the Queen and her Senshi all human? It is quite odd that I, a Youma, am now Senshi."
[18:03] * Toast pulls the pin and drops the grenade "Whoops."
[18:03] <Alaric> (hmm.. game wolrd question, are there any sentient species in CT other than humans and Youma?)
[18:03] * Koizumi (~dorin_rah@dpc6745120147.direcpc.com) has joined #cte
[18:03] * Valery gasps and ducks back.
[18:03] <Xui-Fei> "well you could call the King Endimon a senshi but I'm not techinally sure on his status"
[18:04] * Toast starts counting backwards from 5
[18:04] <Yarrow> Mooncats. Other than that, you're not sure. Hard to tell if someone's a youma or something else.
[18:04] <Toast> "4...3...2..."
[18:04] * Xui-Fei grabs the now human toast and the doc and jumps away from the explosion
[18:05] * Valery continues backing away. "What... what are you doing?"
[18:05] * Toast laughs from his previous position, still holding the pinned grenade, as the Toast in Xui's arms vanishes
[18:06] <Toast> "You guys should see the look on your faces."
[18:06] <Yarrow> Actually, if you didn't move, Xui-Fei would have grabbed the real you.
[18:06] <Toast> "Hmm.. I probably could show you, come to think of it.'
[18:06] <Valery> "... That was... that wasn't funny."
[18:06] <Toast> (can I roll a retroactive dodge?)
[18:06] <Toast> "It was hilarious!"
[18:07] <Yarrow> Less risk of messing things up if you just let him grab you.
[18:07] * Alaric is still standing frozen, as he was when the pin came out of the grenade, horror on his face.
[18:07] <Toast> (fiiiine, retcon it so I'm standing with Xui)
[18:07] * Xui-Fei blinks, "exactly what did you do there?"
[18:08] <Yarrow> Ie - if you failed to dodge, you wouldn't be in the same position as your image, but he'd still contact you.
[18:08] <Toast> "I made you see, and hear, what I wanted you to see and hear.
[18:08] <Valery> "... Illusions. Useful."
[18:08] <Toast> "Isn't it awesome?"
[18:08] <Yarrow> Keiko: "I didn't see anything..."
[18:08] <Yarrow> Jake: "Hnh. I just figured the grenade was a dud."
[18:08] <Toast> "Yeah, I couldn't get everyone.'
[18:08] <Koizumi> (stupid shutdown button... -punishes laptop somehow-)
[18:09] <Yarrow> (Shut it down! That'll show it!)
[18:09] * Toast tosses the grenade to Jake "Care to try it yourself? Outside would probably be best.'
[18:09] * Alaric works his mouth a couple times, soundlessly, before clenching his eyes shut (and his fists tight, at his side).
[18:09] * Alaric takes a deeeeeeep breath.
[18:09] <Yarrow> Jake catches and pockets it. "Maybe later. When there's something worth blowing up."
[18:09] <Koizumi> (I'd rather not have it shut down again, thank you for your suggestion though :P)
[18:10] <Yarrow> (People say I'm the sort of person who'd offer a drowning man a glass of water.)
[18:10] * Valery pauses, and slips his headphones from the helicopter on.
[18:10] <Koizumi> (Cant see why they would say that)
[18:10] <Valery> (Sound-cancelling! :P )
[18:10] * Toast moves behind Xui
[18:11] * Xui-Fei looks at the ermie turned human...
[18:11] * Alaric lets the breath out, opens his eyes, and smiles.
[18:11] <Alaric> "Thank you for that demonstration."
[18:12] <Alaric> "Moving on, Valery, have you attempted to.."
[18:12] * Alaric notices that she's wearing her earmuffs.
[18:12] <Xui-Fei> "lets get going we got metal ass to kick and a buliding to capture"
[18:12] <Yarrow> He.
[18:12] * Valery blushes. "Er... I can hear you."
[18:12] <Alaric> (oh, right, like that's going to last)
[18:13] <Valery> (I'm rather surprised it's lasted so long, actually...)
[18:13] <Alaric> "Well, say something. Moon mashmallow Make-up, or whatever, just to decide it."
[18:14] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Ooh! Do we have marshmallows?"
[18:14] * Alaric looks over at Keiko.
[18:14] <Alaric> benevolently, "I'm sorry Keiko, but I don't think we have marshmallows."
[18:14] * Valery shrugs. "I don't know... Snowstorm Power, Make-Up?"
[18:14] * Valery just kind of stands there awkwardly.
[18:14] <Toast> (brb, need to clean real quick)
[18:15] <Alaric> (nothing happens?)
[18:16] <Valery> (Not at the moment, at least :P )
[18:16] <Yarrow> Jake comes up behind Valery and exclaims, "Val! They're destroying Metel! Do something quick!"
[18:16] <Valery> (How well-acted is it? Actually convincing, or... ya know? :P )
[18:16] <Alaric> "..the hell?"
[18:17] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+3
[18:17] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{10}
[18:17] * Xui-Fei blinks
[18:17] <Yarrow> Pretty well-acted.
[18:17] * Valery gasps, turning. "What?! We... we've got to get up there!"
[18:17] * Valery dashes out of the room.
[18:18] * Xui-Fei follows on..."this can't be good
[18:18] <Yarrow> Jake shrugs. "Guess he's not a senshi."
[18:18] * Alaric hesitates a moment, then runs after.
[18:18] * Valery is already well on the way to the elevator, unsafetying his rifle.
[18:19] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance walk after.
[18:19] <Yarrow> Keiko skips along. Toast joins the parade as a naked boy.
[18:20] <Yarrow> And Val gets to the elevator and pushes the button.
[18:20] <Yarrow> While he's waiting the others catch up.
[18:20] <Xui-Fei> "hold up geeze talk about a guy and his car mentality"
[18:20] <Yarrow> Jake: "You know, I was just trying to shock you into a better attempt at senshifying, Val."
[18:20] * Valery is visibly antsy, obviously, twitching and waiting for the elevator.
[18:21] <Yarrow> Jake: "I mean, how the hell would I know if something was going on with Metel? I was in the same room with you! Duh!'
[18:21] * Valery blinks, pauses, and just looks at Jake.
[18:21] * Valery blushes.
[18:21] <Yarrow> There's a ding and the elevator door slides open.
[18:22] <Yarrow> Dizzy stops and just stares at the group that seems to have acquired a naked boy.
[18:22] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Am I ... interrupting something?"
[18:22] <Koizumi> (Nothing important, join in!)
[18:23] * Valery blushes a little further, holding up a hand. "I... was going to say I have a good explanation for this, but I don't. Please carry on."
[18:23] * Alaric motions at the boy.
[18:24] <Alaric> "Where should we go to find Toast some clothes?"
[18:24] * Xui-Fei rubs his forehead, "some one fine this Ermie turned human some clothes"
[18:25] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Oh, that's Toast? We found a room that has clothing and other necessities for all of you. I was just coming to tell you."
[18:25] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Oh! And some very good news, doctor! We've discovered two other people that have healing powers!"
[18:26] * Valery blinks. "Ah... that sounds great!"
[18:26] <Yarrow> Dizzy nods happily.
[18:27] <Toast> (back)
[18:27] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Do you want me to take you to get some clothes now? Or were you on the way to do something else?"
[18:28] <Alaric> "...I think we're free to do it now."
[18:28] * Alaric looks over at Jake.
[18:28] <Alaric> "Unless there's some other phantom menace in the wings?"
[18:29] <Yarrow> Jake: "Nothing I know of. We should probably head out for the Upgrade before the weather clears, though."
[18:29] <Toast> (Toast has midichlorians0
[18:29] * Valery nods, still red-faced.
[18:30] <Alaric> "agreed."
[18:30] * Xui-Fei pops his knuckles ready for action
[18:30] <Alaric> "Um.. Toast, do you know if you have to change back to retreive your explosives?"
[18:30] * Toast reaches into thin air and pulls out a jar bomb
[18:30] <Valery> "Um... mind if I head upstairs?"
[18:30] <Toast> "Doesn't look like it."
[18:31] <Yarrow> Jake sighs and shakes her head at Valery.
[18:32] * Toast puts the jar back in stuff space
[18:32] <Yarrow> Jake: "If you need to go and give Metel a hug before we go on, go ahead."
[18:33] <Alaric> "Just wanted to make sure."
[18:33] <Alaric> "I suppose you'd know best which form will be superior for your efforts."
[18:34] * Alaric chuckles a bit at Jake's gibe.
[18:34] * Valery blushes, slipping into the elevator and hitting the button... before gasping and turning the safety on his Beryl before he accidentally shoots something.
[18:34] <Toast> "Hmm, well, I am sneakier in my natural form."
[18:34] <Valery> (And then the doors close, I guess :P )
[18:34] <Yarrow> (Is there something you're not telling us about Valery and his thing for dead Dark Kingdom rulers?)
[18:34] <Toast> "But I think it might be a bit easier to set explosives like this.)
[18:35] <Toast> (I just realized)
[18:35] <Valery> (No, I'm pretty sure I told you 'having a Beryl rifle in a Sailor Moon game is worthy of lulz' :P )
[18:35] <Toast> (I think Toast can TP metel)
[18:35] <Valery> (Er... TP?)
[18:35] <Toast> (teleport)
[18:36] <Toast> (does it weigh more than 50 tons?)
[18:36] <Valery> (Hm... don't THINK so.)
[18:36] <Toast> (it doesn't)
[18:37] <Toast> (Max takeoff weight: 12,000 kg (26,500 lb))
[18:37] <Valery> (Your computer was more responsive than mine for checking it? :P )
[18:37] <Toast> (sweet, I can teleport it :D)
[18:37] <Valery> (Heh, funkay.)
[18:37] <Toast> (up to 100KM)
[18:38] <Yarrow> Sorry, the sheet I have says 1 tonne for your teleport limit, Toast.
[18:39] <Toast> (say what?)
[18:39] <Toast> (fuck, I missread anyway)
[18:39] <Toast> (it's 5 tons on mine)
[18:39] <Toast> (not 500
[18:39] <Toast> )
[18:39] <Toast> (50)
[18:39] <Toast> (damn T_T)
[18:40] <Koizumi> oops)
[18:40] <Toast> (still, that's weird yarrow... can you c/p me what you have on my sheet?)
[18:40] <Yarrow> (Sorry, 5 tonnes)
[18:40] <Toast> (lol)
[18:41] <Toast> (still, I can TP us to the top of the building, and we can work our way down >_>)
[18:41] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:41] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Well, let's go get you some clothes."
[18:41] <Alaric> (anyways..)
[18:42] <Yarrow> She pushes the button for the elevator and gets in when it opens.
[18:42] <Yarrow> You all follow, and she brings you to a large room filled with clothing and other necessities.
[18:42] * Valery (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #cte
[18:42] <Valery> <Toast> (still, that's weird yarrow... can you c/p me what you have on my sheet?)
[18:42] <Valery> <Yarrow> (Sorry, 5 tonnes)
[18:42] <Valery> <Toast> (lol)
[18:42] <Valery> <Toast> (still, I can TP us to the top of the building, and we can work our way down >_>)
[18:42] <Valery> * Disconnected
[18:42] <Valery> (What'd I miss?)
[18:43] <Toast> "Do I really have to wear clothes?"
[18:43] <Toast> "They look stuffy."
[18:44] <Yarrow> Jake: "You don't have any protective fur in that form."
[18:44] * Toast grumbles
[18:44] <Valery> (/me is still kinda curious what he missed)
[18:45] * Toast picks out jeans, a hooded gray sweatshirt, and some black aviators
[18:45] <Yarrow> Jake: "You'll need something for your feet, too."
[18:45] <Toast> "This will do, I suppose."
[18:45] * Toast grumbles and looks through the shoe selection (what's there to choose from shoewise?)
[18:45] * Toast pulls up his hood
[18:46] <Yarrow> Sneakers and boots.
[18:47] <Yarrow> If you have to use the things here, you have more important things to worry about than fashion.
[18:47] * Toast pulls on a pair of boots
[18:47] * Alaric takes a moment to switch out his more formal shoes for sneakers.
[18:49] * Alaric looks around.
[18:49] <Alaric> "Anyone need anything else?"
[18:50] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance get some changes of clothes.
[18:50] <Toast> "So do I get one of those ID thingies now that I'm a human?"
[18:50] <Yarrow> Dizzy forces Keiko to put her shirt back on.
[18:50] <Toast> (lol)
[18:50] <Koizumi> Aww)
[18:51] <Alaric> "I don't know.. you ought to, I suppose."
[18:51] <Alaric> "We'll have to look into that."
[18:51] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "I'll look into it today."
[18:51] * Xui-Fei looks around for something to replaced the ripped shirt he's currenlty still wearing
[18:52] <Yarrow> Everyone's basic clothing needs are met.
[18:52] <Toast> "I still don't see why I couldn't get one as a stoat."
[18:52] <Toast> "It's descrimination!"
[18:52] * Valery steps in, a little wet, shawl off and being squeezed dry in his hands.
[18:53] * Alaric putters around a bit with some other clothes, but leaves them behind.
[18:53] * Alaric faces Valery.
[18:54] <Alaric> "Everything okay up top?"
[18:54] * Valery nods. "Some kind of update came in... there are two allies on the map."
[18:54] <Toast> (what's with the shawl? just watching too much Valkyria Chronicles?)
[18:55] <Toast> (two? O_o)
[18:55] <Valery> (Hey, how'd ya guess Val's girl-form appearance?)
[18:55] <Toast> (lol, fucking figures)
[18:56] <Valery> (Heheheh)
[18:58] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow, "two more?"
[18:58] * Xui-Fei says that as he switches to a shirt that's in better state, not his usual silks but it'll do for now"
[18:59] <Yarrow> Chance: "We should probably go get them soon. There's no telling how badly they need an evac."
[18:59] <Alaric> "Agreed."
[18:59] * Valery shrugs. "Maybe they just came to the system's attention? And yes, we should probably move while we can."
[19:00] <Toast> 'So, ally first, then upgrade?"
[19:01] <Yarrow> Jake nods.
[19:01] * Valery nods.
[19:01] * Alaric nods.
[19:01] <Alaric> "Makes the most sense."
[19:02] <Yarrow> Jake: "So... should we go now?"
[19:02] <Toast> (Hhmm, probably should have mentioned he has stoat ears and a tail)
[19:02] <Toast> (slipped my mind)
[19:02] <Alaric> (oh well, we can riff on them next time)
[19:02] * Valery looks around. "Does anyone else have anything they want to do otherwise?"
[19:03] <Toast> "The sooner the better! I want to blow stuff up!"
[19:03] <Alaric> "..."
[19:03] <Alaric> "We should use the rain while we have it."
[19:03] <Toast> "You guys won't let me blow up anything here."
[19:03] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance shake their heads.
[19:04] <Alaric> "So.. which way is it to the chopper again?"
[19:04] * Alaric looks around, a little lost.
[19:04] <Yarrow> Chance: "Up."
[19:05] <Alaric> "I suppose we'd get there sooner or later.. oh!"
[19:05] * Alaric turns to Dizzy.
[19:05] <Alaric> "Is there anyone I should attend to before we leave?"
[19:05] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Yes, doc--Alaric?"
[19:05] * Alaric smiles a little as Dizzy uses his name.
[19:05] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "No, everyone's fine right now."
[19:05] <Alaric> "Good.. thank you."
[19:06] * Alaric blinks.
[19:06] <Alaric> "Oh.. I know!'
[19:06] <Alaric> "Raincoat."
[19:06] * Alaric finds himself a raincoat, overcoat, trenchcoat, or SOMETHING.
[19:06] <Alaric> (that isn't bright yellow or red, etc)
[19:07] <Yarrow> There's a large rack of gray raincoats.
[19:07] * Alaric puts one on.
[19:07] <Alaric> "Let's roll."
[19:07] <Yarrow> Who's wearing light body armor?
[19:07] <Alaric> (Not I)
[19:07] * Valery shakes his head, nodding, and goes to grab one as well.
[19:08] <Toast> 'Oh wait."
[19:08] <Toast> "Can I run down to the armory and get some of that body armor?
[19:08] <Toast> "
[19:08] * Alaric turns and grabs a couple raincoats, and stashes them in his Inventory Device.
[19:08] <Alaric> "For our allies.. and, of course."
[19:08] <Toast> "I guess, if I have to wear clothes, they might as well be functional."
[19:08] <Alaric> "If you think you'd benefit from it."
[19:09] <Yarrow> Jake: "It'll be even more annoying than normal clothes, just so you know."
[19:09] <Xui-Fei> (decided aginst it for now)
[19:09] <Toast> "Hmm."
[19:09] <Toast> "Screw it then."
[19:09] <Toast> "Let's get this show on the road."
[19:10] <Yarrow> Barring any last minute tasks, you head up to Metel.
[19:10] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Yay!"
[19:11] * Xui-Fei cloeses his eyes in some sort of concentration trance as the elevator heads up towards the aircraft
[19:11] * Valery leans down, meeting Keiko at eye level. "Keiko, dear, do you think you could stay here? Miss Dizzy will need your help to protect everyone here."
[19:11] * Alaric nods.
[19:11] <Yarrow> Xui-Fei thus fails to notice Jake & Chance jostling for position next to him.
[19:11] <Alaric> "There are a lot of people here who aren't much good at fighting."
[19:12] <Alaric> "They need people to help out if something happens."
[19:12] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Unh uh! Dizzy said the building had big autonomic defenses!"
[19:12] * Alaric looks really serious for a moment.
[19:13] <Alaric> "And Queen Serenity was supposed to defend Crystal Tokyo.. except there wasn't supposed to be anything to defend against."
[19:13] <Alaric> "Not everything goes the way it's supposed to."
[19:13] <Valery> "Yes, but what if something gets around them?"
[19:14] <Yarrow> Keiko: "But I want to come with you and fight! I'm good at fighting! And I'm a senshi!"
[19:14] <Yarrow> Keiko: "THEY aren't senshi and they get to go!"
[19:14] <Yarrow> She indicates Val, Jake, & Chance.
[19:15] <Valery> "Fight? We're not going to fight if we can avoid it. But back here, if a fight comes, it can't be avoided - it's more important to be able to protect this place."
[19:16] <Yarrow> She pouts. "Ok, but someone else stays next time!"
[19:17] <Alaric> "I can't promise that, it depends."
[19:17] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Nuh-uh! You gotta promise!"
[19:17] <Alaric> "Or what?"
[19:17] <Toast> "Hey, no one resist, ok?"
[19:18] * Alaric keeps a stern but benevolent manner all through this.
[19:18] * Toast teleports the group, minus Keiko to the roof
[19:18] <Alaric> (haha)
[19:18] <Alaric> (good call)
[19:18] * Valery nods. "Like, we need this gr-" Teleport. He pauses and blinkblinks. "... That's one way to do it I guess."
[19:19] * Alaric closes his eyes and sighs in relief.
[19:19] <Alaric> "How irksome."
[19:19] <Alaric> "If only I had my lollipops."
[19:19] * Toast grumbles something about freakishly strong brats and their spinebreaking abilities
[19:19] * Alaric opens his eyes.
[19:19] <Alaric> "Let's get going."
[19:19] <Yarrow> Jake: "Drugged?"
[19:19] * Alaric walks toward Metel, and will board if able.
[19:19] <Yarrow> Chance: "Yeah. We want to be up in the air before she reaches the top."
[19:20] * Toast hops aboard, and stows some mason jar grenades in a cabinet, as was suggested earlier
[19:20] <Yarrow> Everyone piles in and Val proceeds to start Metel up with all haste.
[19:22] <Yarrow> The helicopter gets into the air and leaves the building behind just as Keiko gets outside.
[19:22] * DCG (~PyroRaven@c-76-16-38-203.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #cte
[19:22] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa DCG DCG
[19:23] <Valery> (Welcome back DC)
[19:23] <DCG> (guh.. video card blew up)
[19:23] <Yarrow> So, where to? There are two 'Ally' markers on Metel's display. One is very close to where you picked up Xui-Fei and the other is about 5 kilometers west of that. Neither one is really closer to your current position.
[19:23] <Alaric> (sux0r)
[19:23] <Xui-Fei> (gah)
[19:23] <Alaric> (well, we sorta know the threats where Xui-Fei was.. we don't know what's at the other one..)
[19:23] <DCG> (so i whent out and bought a biger one.. ^^ had to plug this one into the power so.. thats good i think)
[19:24] <Yarrow> ("My beloved computer! What's wrong? Speak to me!" "Beeep. Beep-beep-beep-beep.")
[19:24] <Valery> (Which one's nearer to 'Upgrade'? Val'll go for that)
[19:24] <Valery> (And, sorry that took so long to type, my cat trod on the keyboard and fried it all :P )
[19:24] <Yarrow> Both of them are basically south, upgrade is north.
[19:25] <Valery> (I guess Xui-Fei then?)
[19:25] <Yarrow> You could--you know, talk it out?
[19:25] <Toast> "Well, let
[19:25] <Yarrow> Or just pick on your own, Val.
[19:26] <Toast> (nevermind)
[19:26] * Valery leans back into the compartment. "Which one do you want to go to first? One's near Xui-Fei, the other's a bit west."
[19:26] * Alaric shrugs.
[19:26] <Alaric> "Do they h ave any information, like priority?"
[19:26] <Yarrow> Valery chooses to confuse Xui-Fei. :)
[19:26] <Alaric> "if not.. well.. whichever."
[19:26] <Alaric> (how about we magically choose the one that gets Dorin in the game?)
[19:26] * Xui-Fei blinks, "where you picked me up you mean?"
[19:27] * Valery nods, and checks the information available - IS there much of anything?
[19:28] <Yarrow> (Mm, did it say more when you went to get Alaric?)
[19:28] <Valery> (I have NO idea.)
[19:28] <Valery> (I mean, I'd presume it would, but all of that happened offscreen so I have no clue)
[19:29] <Yarrow> No, no real additional info.
[19:30] <Yarrow> Since they're near each other, you're travelling toward the both of them while deciding, though.
[19:31] <Yarrow> Ok, which one are you going to, Val?
[19:31] <Yarrow> And how high are you flying?
[19:32] <DCG> (what a decivie group, i just can't keep up with there none stop action)
[19:32] <Yarrow> Or is it unscheduled reboot time?
[19:32] <Alaric> "Just go to one."
[19:32] <Alaric> (I thought I'd already sait that..)
[19:32] <Valery> (Flying low over the buildings, and, I'm going for Xui's one in absence of further orders)
[19:33] <Toast> (sounds fine)
[19:33] <Yarrow> Give me an approximate number in meters, please. And let me know whether that changes once you get to the Nostalgia Zone.
[19:35] <Yarrow> Val?
[19:35] <Xui-Fei> (hmm)
[19:35] <Valery> (Er... 'ten meters above the buildings, whatever their height is', I guess?)
[19:35] <Yarrow> You fly into a Nostalgia Zone and can see there's trouble as you approach your target.
[19:36] * Xui-Fei blinks looking out the window
[19:36] <Yarrow> There are droids in the streets and some on a rooftop or two firing at two people on another rooftop.
[19:36] <Xui-Fei> (10 meters?)
[19:37] * Alaric draws his handgun and grips it uncertainly.
[19:37] <Yarrow> The two people seem to be trying to get away from the droids.
[19:37] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance use their door guns with no uncertainty.
[19:37] * Xui-Fei looks at Val, "open the hanger over the droid I'm gonna drop down and take it out"
[19:38] <Yarrow> Hanger?
[19:38] <Xui-Fei> (sorry cargobay)
[19:38] * Valery frowns, and moves in towards them, aiming the main gun to strafe the droids in the streets. "It'll take time to get there, if you can shoot from the door, do it now."
[19:39] <Alaric> "I'll take my shots."
[19:39] * Alaric says this with a little uncertainty.
[19:39] <Yarrow> Feel free to take some surprise shots.
[19:39] * Alaric will, nonetheless, grip his pistol with both hands, after turning off the safety carefully.
[19:39] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+7
[19:39] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2#2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}, [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[19:39] <Valery> roll 2d6+9
[19:39] <Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+9 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{16}
[19:39] <Alaric> (two shots a piece?)
[19:39] <Yarrow> Two droids go flying in pieces off a rooftop.
[19:39] <Valery> (I think that was one from each of 'em)
[19:40] <Yarrow> Those were Jake & Chance.
[19:40] <Alaric> roll 2d6+4 bla-blam!
[19:40] * Toast will teleport a grenade above one of the droids
[19:40] <Lightdice> Alaric roll 2d6+4 bla-blam! --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[19:40] <Toast> (pin pulled, of course)
[19:40] * Valery slips Metel around to the rooftop that the two people are on, going low and trying to hold Metel stable enough for them to get on (obviously, opening the door on that side).
[19:40] * Koizumi quickly makes a snatch for Mai to duck behind the airconditioning, and any other protection to hide from pending attack, while hissing to her. "What's that loud noise? Not more trouble?"
[19:41] <Yarrow> Droids get shot and blown up. They've barely realized Metel's there before you're near the two people on the rooftop.
[19:42] <Yarrow> Mai: "A helicopter."
[19:42] * Valery taps a button, continuing to rake the streets with gunfire, and speaks over the speakers. "You two on the rooftop, this is an evacuation. Please get onboard, I can only hold this so still."
[19:42] * Xui-Fei blinks, "move it! Go Go Go!"
[19:42] <Yarrow> Shortly after that, Koizumi can tell for herself, as the helicopter hovers nearby, door gaping open.
[19:42] <Yarrow> Two soaked and cold young women get up and head into Metel.
[19:43] <Toast> ("Heey, how you ladies doin'?")
[19:43] <Yarrow> ("Oh, thank Serenity! A fur wrap!" *snatch!*
[19:44] * Koizumi doesn't argue, urging Mai into the lead.
[19:44] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[19:44] <Toast> (that'd be weird, what with him being a person)
[19:44] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[19:44] <Yarrow> Dodge, Metel.
[19:44] <Toast> (oh fuck)
[19:44] <Valery> roll 2d6+6
[19:44] <Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+6 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{16}
[19:44] <Toast> (wooo!)
[19:45] <Alaric> "Ladies, are either of you wounded?"
[19:45] <Alaric> "I'm a doctor."
[19:45] <Toast> (lol)
[19:45] * Alaric puts away the handgun.
[19:45] <Toast> (I dunno why, it just sounds so sleazy to me)
[19:45] * Valery pulls back on the controls, sliding Metel around the attack, just avoiding it, and instantly reverses, moving forward and gaining speed to get away from their fire area.
[19:45] <Yarrow> A shell fired by a zerker on the street seems to go right through the plane of the rotors without any contact.
[19:45] * Xui-Fei looks over to val, "they are on lets get moving
[19:45] <Toast> (perhaps because I'm twisted)
[19:45] <Alaric> (hah)
[19:46] <Valery> (Ataru, introducing yourself by NAME sounds sleazy to you.)
[19:46] <Alaric> ("I'm a doctor".. their eyes go "cha-ching!")
[19:46] * Koizumi frowns, saying nothing as she slides into a comfortable position.
[19:46] <Yarrow> One of the girls is pale and shivering. The other is pale--a bit blue, even--and not shivering.
[19:46] <Toast> (except blindy0
[19:46] <Toast> (because she's blind)
[19:46] <Alaric> "...are you both human? If so, that skin tone indicates potential hypothermia."
[19:47] * Alaric waits to see if that gets some sort of response from either.
[19:47] <Yarrow> The one who isn't shivering just looks at Xui-Fei and smiles broadly. She says a bit flatly, "Xui-Fei... I've found you."
[19:47] * Koizumi blows a raspberry at Alaric. Then looks to Mai, "Hmm? Lucky us, eh?"
[19:47] <Yarrow> roll 1d2
[19:47] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 1d2 --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
[19:47] * Valery is a little too distracted to join the conversation at the moment.
[19:48] <Toast> (uh oh...)
[19:48] * Xui-Fei blinks
[19:48] <Xui-Fei> "uh do I know you?"
[19:48] <Alaric> "..."
[19:48] * Alaric looks over at Xui-Fei.
[19:48] <Alaric> "You don't?"
[19:48] <Yarrow> Metel swoops up and forward.
[19:49] <Alaric> (pretend it's not happening.. pretend we're not getting shot at.. c'mon Alaric you can do it, stay cool!)
[19:49] <Yarrow> It takes a second, what with the paleness and all the water, but Xui-Fei realizes he does know her. She's one of his closer friends, Mai, in fact.
[19:49] * Xui-Fei blinks then does a double take, "Mai?"
[19:49] * Valery is first just speeding, ducking around to get them away from the droids, before hooking right and making his way to the second location.
[19:50] * Koizumi plants her walking cane, a fairly fancy thing at that, to try and keep her balance in the rattling flying. "Whoever's flying...this flight path sucks...but please, keep it up as long as we live!"
[19:50] <Yarrow> Alaric is being ignored by his prospective patients, though the one whose name you don't know is shivering violently.
[19:50] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+4
[19:50] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2#2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{6}, [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[19:50] <Yarrow> roll 2#2d6+8
[19:50] <Xui-Fei> (waits for the impending fist to the face or glomp)
[19:50] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2#2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{11}, [ 2d6=4 ]{12}
[19:51] <Valery> "Don't worry miss, it'll stay up as long as we live."
[19:51] <Yarrow> Some shots come at Metel but they aren't that close.
[19:51] <Valery> ("Mostly because we won't be living once it goes down.")
[19:51] <Yarrow> And then you're out of range.
[19:51] <Yarrow> Mai: "You're looking good, Xui-Fei."
[19:52] <Alaric> "Ma'am.. you're shivering, would you at least like something else to wear?"
[19:52] <Koizumi> ("If the engine fails...how far can we make it?! .... ~All the way to the scene of the crash...~)
[19:52] * Alaric says this to not-Mai.
[19:52] * Alaric proffers a grey raincoat.
[19:52] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance take a moment to shoot Mai a glare before going back to scan the ground for droids.
[19:52] <Xui-Fei> "I've seen better days, was that you that nearly ran me over yesterday?"
[19:52] <Xui-Fei> (ignore that oog stuff)
[19:53] <Yarrow> Mai: "Ran you over? No! If I'd seen you, I would have stopped!"
[19:53] * Xui-Fei blinks, "ok then probably wasn't you"
[19:53] <Yarrow> (Yeah, actually, cut both those lines. You don't know she was driving a car.)
[19:53] * Koizumi takes it quietly, wrapping it around her shoulders. Taking a soft breath. Despite her eyes being closed.
[19:53] * Toast looks at Xui "Were you a woman at the time?"
[19:53] <Xui-Fei> "no.."
[19:53] <Toast> (never mind then0
[19:54] <Xui-Fei> (yeah let me say something else)
[19:54] <Xui-Fei> "eh not counting yesterday I've seen better how about you?"
[19:54] <Yarrow> Alaric: You really should be checking these people out. They look like they're suffering from exposure.
[19:54] <Alaric> (yes, I know)
[19:54] <Yarrow> Mai: "I've ... been better."
[19:55] <Alaric> (though.. does Mai's skin coloration look like it could be natural?)
[19:55] * Xui-Fei nods, "yeah...I hear you too well on that"
[19:56] <Yarrow> It could be... but it also matches someone with severe hypothermia.
[19:56] <Alaric> "Xui-Fei.. is this Mai's natural skin tone?"
[19:57] <Xui-Fei> (is it?)
[19:57] <Alaric> "Because if not, she is extremely ill."
[19:57] <Yarrow> Nope.
[19:57] <Toast> (can we just heal her?)
[19:57] <Yarrow> Mai: "I'm all right. You should take care of Koi."
[19:57] <Alaric> (that'd fix any damage that's been done, but we'll still need to warm them up.)
[19:57] * Xui-Fei shakes his head, "no it's not," the looks at Mai, "Doc here will take care of you"
[19:57] <Alaric> firmly, "Ma'am.. Mai, that is. Give me your hand."
[19:58] * Alaric holds his hand out, claws retracted of course.
[19:58] <Toast> (does that mean we get a naked group cuddle?)
[19:58] <Yarrow> Mai sighs softly and gives Alaric her hand.
[19:58] <Alaric> (no, this is not a lemon)
[19:58] * Alaric concentrates for a moment. (healing)
[19:58] * Koizumi rubs her arms quietly.
[19:58] * Xui-Fei grabs a blanket handing it to Alaric, "Doc take care of her she's the only friend I got left around here"
[19:58] <Alaric> "And yours, miss..?"
[19:58] * Alaric faces not-Mai as he says this.
[19:59] * Koizumi obeys quietly, "Koi...Koizumi"
[19:59] <Toast> (it actually is a good way to raise someone's core temp though)
[19:59] <Yarrow> Healing will restore lost hp, but it won't warm someone up.
[19:59] * Alaric holds Koizumi's hand carefully with his other hand. (healing)
[19:59] <Alaric> (which is what I'm aiming for, prevents them from dropping dead right here.)
[20:00] <Xui-Fei> (should I be picturing this as the Fatal Fury/KoF Mai)
[20:01] <Yarrow> No, no you should not.
[20:01] <Alaric> "You both need to get out of those clothes, get something dry on, and get warmed up."
[20:01] <Alaric> "First.."
[20:01] <Toast> (I like where this is going, giggidy)
[20:01] * Alaric turns over each woman's hand, and checks their pulses.
[20:02] <Koizumi> ("I just said that so you'd gihigity my gismogin")
[20:03] <Alaric> "Koizumi.. um..."
[20:03] <Alaric> "One sec."
[20:03] <Yarrow> Mai watches Alaric as he checks on them.
[20:03] * Alaric lets the ladies hands go, and turns to look around.
[20:04] <Alaric> "Is there anything we can do to get these ladies some privacy?"
[20:04] * Alaric says this as he shucks off his shirt and pants.
[20:04] * Toast blinks
[20:04] <Toast> "Wait, why are you getting naked?"
[20:04] * Koizumi huffs quietly, blowing some stray hair from her face. Not bothering to look away from the same spot on the wall she's been looking at since sitting.
[20:05] <Alaric> (Toast: "Damn man, you move FAST!")
[20:05] * Xui-Fei blinks before heading to the front where Val is,
[20:05] <Yarrow> Mai gives Alaric a long, level look and says to him, "I'm not going to get any worse than I already am."
[20:05] <Valery> "Um... you probably don't want to hide them in the fridge."
[20:05] * Toast perks up "Are they in heat?"
[20:05] * Alaric finishes pulling one foot out of an uncoopertive pants-leg, and faces them.
[20:05] <Valery> "I'm sorry, it's not really built for private rooms."
[20:05] <Alaric> "I was about to get to that."
[20:06] <Alaric> "... and no, Toast, I am reasonably certain they are not in heat."
[20:06] * Alaric balls up his shirt and pants and throws hte ball (not too hard) at Koizumi.
[20:07] <Yarrow> And at this moment, you reach the other Ally spot.
[20:07] * Koizumi quickly intercepts with her cane. "You don't have to go that far..."
[20:07] <Alaric> "Given your current state, I most certainly do."
[20:07] <Alaric> "Get those clothes off, wipe yourself down with the jacket, and put those on. I'll look the other way."
[20:07] * Valery looks to see what's there.
[20:07] <Yarrow> You don't see anyone down below in plain sight.
[20:07] * Alaric moves so he's looking away from Koizumi, and at Mai.
[20:07] <Valery> (Any droids around?)
[20:08] <Yarrow> No droids.
[20:08] * Valery frowns, circling, and taps the speakers. "Hello? Is anyone down there?"
[20:08] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[20:08] <Alaric> quietly, "If you don't mind me asking, what species are you? Those I'm familiar with have pulmonary systems.."
[20:08] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[20:08] * Koizumi shrugs, without bothering to wait simply sheds the soaked, clumsy ballgown and slips into the shirt and pants, far too baggy for her frame.
[20:08] <Toast> (she's a droid! burn her!)
[20:11] <Alaric> (btw, ttotally meant Circulatory system there)
[20:12] <Yarrow> Mai: "I'm human. But I had the *worst* day of my life yesterday."
[20:12] <Alaric> "I believe many of us can say the same."
[20:12] <Valery> "I... think most of us did."
[20:12] <Yarrow> Someone in a rain slicker walks out of an alley below and waves up at Metel.
[20:13] * Xui-Fei echos from the front, "try waking up in a bathroom after a roof collaspes on you"
[20:13] * Valery smiles, lowering. "I see them."
[20:13] <Yarrow> Mai shrugs slightly and says, "Try waking up dead."
[20:13] <Alaric> "Do you happen to know by what means it is that you remain ambulatory and conscious?"
[20:13] <Valery> (My RPGer instincts are screaming at me right now, but the party doesn't really have the background to be suspicious :P )
[20:14] <Alaric> "Er.. yes, that is the issue I've been skirting around."
[20:14] <Toast> (mai is a zombie? XD)
[20:14] <Yarrow> Metel lands and the person in the slicker enters. She pauses for a moment, frowning, and then pushes back her hood.
[20:15] <Alaric> (it's Galaxia.)
[20:15] * Valery looks back. "Welcome aboard, ma'am."
[20:15] * Koizumi curls up again in the coat, rubbing her arms and chest.
[20:15] <Alaric> (Galaxia: "What a gyp. All I wanted was a rematch..")
[20:16] <Yarrow> The second Koizumi: "Thank you."
[20:16] * Koizumi frowns, looking around suddenly. "What the...?!"
[20:16] <Alaric> "If you don't mind, I should probably see to.. the.. living?"
[20:16] * Valery blinks. "Um... do you have a twin, miss?"
[20:16] * Alaric is rather startled when he turns around and notes the twin.
[20:16] * Koizumi rubs her ear in irritation.
[20:17] <Toast> "..."
[20:17] <Koizumi> "Twin? Pardon?"
[20:17] <Alaric> ("It's my evil twin from an alternate universe. I keep killing her but she has reincarnation.")
[20:17] <Yarrow> Koizumi2 looks around. "Is something here making a strange noise?"
[20:17] * Xui-Fei blinks
[20:17] <Xui-Fei> "am I seeing double?"
[20:17] <Alaric> (is this Koizumi at all effected by the rain/cold?)
[20:18] <Yarrow> Koi2: "I certainly wouldn't know."
[20:18] <Valery> "Er... the woman next to you looks just like you."
[20:18] <Yarrow> As she's wearing a rain slicker, no.
[20:18] <Toast> "I vote we make them both fend for themselves. Screw figuring out which is the good and which is the evil."
[20:18] * Koizumi frowns and turns her head slightly. "That nurse-droid...thing..."
[20:18] <Yarrow> Koi2 turns her head from side to side slightly.
[20:18] <Alaric> alarmed, "What?"
[20:19] * Xui-Fei pales, "oh hell"
[20:19] <Koizumi> "I was attacked in the subway tunnels outside the museum. One of the droids took some blood...she seemed very pleased with it..."
[20:19] <Alaric> (btw, is Koizumi's 'cane' one of those iconic, immediately recognizeable sticks that blind people use? or is it something different that's been repurposed?)
[20:20] <Koizumi> (It's just a very fancy walking stick)
[20:20] <Alaric> (*nod*)
[20:20] * Alaric hesitates for a moment.
[20:20] <Yarrow> Koi2: "I remember that! Wait--she looks like me?"
[20:20] <Yarrow> Koi2: "I'll prove I'm the real one!"
[20:21] * Xui-Fei glups
[20:21] <Yarrow> Koi2 shouts "PHOBOS MAKEUP!" A sudden halo of energy exploding around her body, deep crimson with specks of violet swirling inside. Consuming her body, melting away the cumbersom dress in the flash and pouring over her form, coating it with a new effect.
[20:21] <Yarrow> A flowing Chinese robe of black silk, the thigh on the left exposed. Feet girded in matching slippers, and hair billowing out like a midnight cloak
[20:21] * Valery blinks, holding up a hand. "Wait, wait... another one?"
[20:21] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
[20:21] <Alaric> "...."
[20:22] <Xui-Fei> "yet another comes out the wood work"
[20:22] <Yarrow> Koi2: "SHE's the cheap copy."
[20:22] <Toast> "Again, I say we let them both fend for themselves.'
[20:22] <Alaric> "Wait a moment.. please, calm down!"
[20:22] <Koizumi> "I am not!"
[20:22] <Toast> 'It's the only fair thing to do."
[20:23] <Valery> "Um... wait, wait, why does either have to be a cheap copy? Please calm down, maybe you just look similar."
[20:23] * Koizumi frowns deeper. "A perfect copy...Sweet Serenity..."
[20:23] * Alaric moves to stand between the two Koizumai.
[20:23] * Xui-Fei checks his scanners
[20:23] <Xui-Fei> (thank god for the computer on his arm)
[20:23] * Alaric tries to keep one to each side, neither behind his back.
[20:23] <Yarrow> One registers as Sailor Phobos. The other as Koizumi Michiyo.
[20:24] <Xui-Fei> "both registure as human."
[20:24] <Alaric> ("Okay, how about this.. flip a coin, and one of you goes into cryo-sleep as backup until the other dies.")
[20:24] <Yarrow> ("No fair! I already have a 2 after my name!")
[20:25] <Alaric> "Xui-Fei, look up some stuff about her if you can, and ask them questions. See if they both know answers."
[20:25] <Alaric> "Place of residence, age, parents names.. stuff like that."
[20:25] * Xui-Fei nods brining up data on the subject
[20:26] <Yarrow> The ESC does not have personal information about people. It just checks their ID.
[20:26] * Xui-Fei blinks, "ok so I can't do that"
[20:26] <Alaric> "Oh hell."
[20:26] * Alaric looks from one Koizumi to the other.
[20:26] <Alaric> "and sitting right here, well, this kinda seems like one of those traps."
[20:27] * Koizumi shivers and growls, pulling up her shirt. "Are there any wounds or markings? .. Not that might be too simply, they might've even copied those somehow..."
[20:27] <Alaric> "Valery, Jake, Chance.. you guys seen anyone coming?"
[20:27] * Alaric raises his voice a little.
[20:27] <Yarrow> Phobos frows at Koi. "It seems pretty obvious what the trap is from here."
[20:27] <Koizumi> "You'd say that."
[20:27] <Valery> "No... nothing on radar, and I can't see anything..."
[20:28] <Yarrow> Jake: "No, but it's pretty hard to see in this rain. And there are those glass droids... Be lucky to see one of those as it's climbing in with us..."
[20:28] * Alaric gives a quick look-around for any sign of water pooling or dripping where it oughtn't be.
[20:28] <Xui-Fei> (you know there'd be one way to lure out a trap
[20:29] <Yarrow> Mai whispers to Toast: "And I thought people would think *I* was too weird."
[20:29] <Yarrow> No water pooling or dripping. No blade protruding from Xui-Fei's chest.
[20:29] * Alaric takes a moment and concentrates.
[20:29] * Toast whispers back "I still say we ditch them both."
[20:29] <Toast> "Well, shouldn't we at least bring the chopper up a bit? No sense sitting down here.'
[20:30] * Valery is moving it off the ground and over the city for a while. "I don't want to take it too high, everything can see me there."
[20:31] <Alaric> "We might as well. If one turns out to be an evil twin, clone, or body snatcher, we can throw them out the window I suppose."
[20:31] <Toast> "Or we could throw them both, just to be sure."
[20:31] <Alaric> "...they both smell perfectly normal. I would have expected something if one of them was really a droid."
[20:31] <Toast> (I'm getting the weirdest sense of deja vu)
[20:31] * Xui-Fei mutters to himself, "only way to know if it's a trap if someone thrust a blade up my back"
[20:32] <Toast> (this whole scenario seems really familiar)
[20:32] <Alaric> "Toast, that would be simple, but entirely unfair to at least one Koizumi."
[20:32] <Xui-Fei> (T-1000?)
[20:32] * Koizumi frowns and sighs. "Can she play an instrument?"
[20:32] * Alaric sniffles a couple times, then sneezes.
[20:32] <Alaric> "Oh!"
[20:33] <Yarrow> Phobos: "Give me a violin and you'll see how well I can play."
[20:33] <Toast> "Oh?"
[20:33] <Alaric> "That's where I knew that name from."
[20:33] * Koizumi sighs. "Damnit all..."
[20:33] * Valery snaps his fingers. "I know!"
[20:33] <Valery> "Everyone, turn away from them."
[20:34] <Alaric> "... are you serious, Valery?"
[20:34] <Toast> "We strap them both with explosives, and who ever survives is the droid?"
[20:34] <Alaric> "I should rather prefer to see my death coming, should it approach."
[20:34] <Yarrow> Phobos: "I know how to prove she's a fake. What color are Mai's eyes, imposter?"
[20:34] * Toast blinks
[20:34] <Valery> "Well... just for a second. We may as well get this second-guessing over with."
[20:34] <Toast> "That makes no sense."
[20:35] * Koizumi frowns. "How the hell should I know? I can't SEE!"
[20:35] <Toast> "Even if she wasn't blind, all she'd have to do is pretend she didn't know, right?"
[20:35] <Yarrow> Phobos: "Damn. They copied that too?"
[20:35] <Valery> ('Whichever one stabs Xui is obviously the traitor.' :P )
[20:35] <Xui-Fei> (that's my theory too)
[20:35] <Toast> "I vote we toss her out for being stupid, droid or not."
[20:35] * Alaric sighs heavily.
[20:35] <Alaric> "This is both rediculous and terrifying... and that said."
[20:36] * Alaric walks towards Phobos.
[20:36] * Xui-Fei turns abck towards Val
[20:36] <Alaric> "You've both been out in the rain, and may have suffered from the temperature."
[20:36] * Alaric offers a hand to Phobos.
[20:36] <Toast> ("well, clearly the NPC is the droid, duh."0
[20:37] <Alaric> "Give me your hand, please."
[20:37] <Yarrow> (Of course. How could it possibly be otherwise.)
[20:37] <Alaric> (it turns into a spike and shooes right up the inside of his arm, then explodes into a daikatana splitting it apart)
[20:37] <Yarrow> Phobos gives Alaric her hand.
[20:38] <Alaric> "Okay, at least that's taken care of."
[20:38] <Alaric> "If you don't mind.."
[20:38] <Yarrow> Phobos: "Pleased to meet you?"
[20:38] * Alaric extends one claw.
[20:38] <Yarrow> She shakes his hand.
[20:39] * Alaric shakes it, careful not to prick her.
[20:39] <Alaric> "Alaric."
[20:39] <Yarrow> Phobos: "Uh... mind what?"
[20:39] <Alaric> "Well, to resolve this mess, I'd like to give each of you a tiny prick. Make sure it's blood in there, not some ghastly ichor or somesuch."
[20:39] * Alaric tries to make this sound humorous.
[20:40] <Toast> (hahahahaaahahahahaha)
[20:40] <Yarrow> Phobos: "Oh, ok. No ichor in me!"
[20:40] <Koizumi> "I doubt it would be that simple"
[20:40] * Koizumi holds up a hand.
[20:40] <Toast> (you wanna give 'em a tiny prick, huh?)
[20:40] <Yarrow> Where are you heading, btw, Valery?
[20:40] <Toast> (are we gonna have to try to burn the blood?)
[20:40] <Yarrow> (Lucky would have been perfect for that!)
[20:40] <Toast> (this is turning into the thing)
[20:40] * Alaric will give each a poke, and heal the wound. Anything wierd happen?
[20:41] <Yarrow> Nope. They both seem normal.
[20:41] <Alaric> "Okay..."
[20:41] <Toast> (the blood turns into a shreiking creature)
[20:41] <Alaric> "I don't suppose you can transform into your Senshi form, miss?"
[20:41] * Alaric addresses this to Koizumi1.
[20:41] <Alaric> (Alaric has wiped the blood off on his boxer briefs.)
[20:41] * Koizumi sighs and nods. "Yes...and becareful, she can probably scan minds in her normal form too."
[20:42] * Alaric hrks, looking at Koizumi like she's got a third eye.
[20:42] <Valery> (Sorry, right now I'm not heading anywhere specific - if we DO have an agent onboard, Val doesn't want to tip them off on plans. Pretty much flying in circles for a while)
[20:42] * Koizumi stands and growls out "Phobos Makeup!" With all the brilliant lights and expectations, duplicating the transformation flawlessly.
[20:43] * Koizumi is now known as Sailor_Phobos
[20:43] * Alaric facepalms.
[20:43] <Yarrow> (Not helping your cause by describing it that way. ;) )
[20:43] * Alaric mutters through his hand.
[20:43] * Xui-Fei blinks
[20:43] <Sailor_Phobos> (well, since someone copy pasted mine :P)
[20:43] <Alaric> "... professor told me.. days like this."
[20:43] <Yarrow> Phobos: "Incredible..."
[20:43] <Xui-Fei> "....and I wonder if Sensei had days like this"
[20:44] <Sailor_Phobos> (And I'm too tired to do a whole lot of thinking)
[20:44] * Alaric looks up, his expression a little.. irked.
[20:44] <Yarrow> (All of sensei's days were like this)
[20:44] <Toast> "Now can we eject them both?"
[20:44] <Alaric> "No, we can't."
[20:44] * Sailor_Phobos leands on her cane, sighing. "Maybe you should just toss us both out..I don't want to be a burden...not like this"
[20:44] <Yarrow> Phobos: "You know what... if you can't tell which of us is the fake, maybe you should."
[20:44] <Alaric> "Because if one of them can read minds, and is hostile, they know many things they cannot be allowed to go free with."
[20:45] <Alaric> "..I'm afraid simply letting both go is not an option."
[20:45] <Toast> "Can we kill them both then?"
[20:45] <Alaric> "Not yet."
[20:46] * Alaric looks over at Xui-Fei.
[20:46] * Sailor_Phobos nods with a sigh, sitting back down. Dismissing her transformation. Leaning on her cane with a sigh. "Damnit all..."
[20:46] * Sailor_Phobos is now known as Koizumi
[20:46] <Alaric> "Can you do one of those martial arts things.. you know, ki senses and stuff, to tell which is which?"
[20:46] <Alaric> "Wait a sec."
[20:46] * Alaric looks at Koizumi.
[20:46] <Yarrow> Phobos sighs.
[20:47] <Alaric> "Read her friggin' mind and tell us what she knows will prove she isn't you!"
[20:47] <Yarrow> Phobos: "I think I know how to solve this..."
[20:47] * Koizumi smiles in Alaric's direction sadly. "I can't when in that form, the power is put into other things. And as I am now, I can't read at all."
[20:48] <Alaric> "aaaagh!"
[20:48] * Alaric growls in frustration.
[20:48] <Yarrow> Phobos shrugs, palms up.
[20:48] <Alaric> quickly, "Don't blow up the chopper!"
[20:49] <Toast> "Awww."
[20:49] <Yarrow> Phobos says conversationally, "Light Wave," and a beam of light shoots up from a hand into Metel's roof.
[20:49] * Xui-Fei examins the beam
[20:49] <Koizumi> "Crap! Stop her!"
[20:49] <Alaric> "What the hell!?"
[20:49] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[20:49] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
[20:50] * Xui-Fei readies his wand
[20:50] * Toast tackles Phobos out of Metel
[20:50] <Valery> (Oh joy...)
[20:50] <Yarrow> The beam cuts through the roof effortlessly and Metel shudders, sputtering.
[20:51] <Toast> roll 2d6+4
[20:51] <Lightdice> Toast roll 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{6}
[20:51] <Koizumi> "Watch out! She might summon Kusunagi!"
[20:51] <Toast> (loool0
[20:51] <Yarrow> Val: Pilot check to bring her down safely.
[20:51] <Alaric> "What's a kusanagi!"
[20:51] <Koizumi> "My sword!"
[20:51] <Yarrow> Toast abandons ship, sailing out the door.
[20:51] <Alaric> "Well then, summon it back!"
[20:51] <Valery> (Mind?)
[20:51] * Alaric sounds a little panicky.
[20:52] <Xui-Fei> "Shit, Mjollnir Star Power Make Up!" and transforms
[20:52] <Valery> (Or Body
[20:52] <Yarrow> Avg body & mind
[20:52] <Valery> ? Which stat?)
[20:52] * Xui-Fei is now known as Sailor_Mjollnir
[20:52] <Valery> roll 2d6+7
[20:52] <Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[20:52] * Sailor_Mjollnir is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
[20:52] * Valery grits his teeth, carefully nursing the controls.
[20:52] * Alaric looks around wildly -- where's Mai in all this?
[20:53] <Koizumi> "She's a perfect copy, if she can replicate the Light Wave, he can replicate Kusunagi"
[20:53] <Alaric> "And what's a light wave?"
[20:53] <Koizumi> "The blast she just used"
[20:53] <Valery> "That!"
[20:53] <Yarrow> Mai's just sitting there watching with all the calm of someone already dead.
[20:53] <Salior_Mjollnir> "cowardly attack," she says pointing her hammer at the one who did attack the ship, "fear the wrath of asguard"
[20:54] <Alaric> (do it! lightning storm in the middle of the chopper! it'll be classic!)
[20:54] <Yarrow> Phobos shrugs. "I only have a three day lifespan anyway."
[20:54] <Alaric> (is she just standing there, or are we in combat time?)
[20:55] <Yarrow> Val manages to bring Metel into a controlled descent.
[20:55] * Alaric draws his gun and takes a shot if he's got time.
[20:55] * Salior_Mjollnir stalks forward to the duplicate
[20:55] <Yarrow> She's just standing there for the moment. If someone attacks, you'll go into combat time.
[20:55] <Koizumi> "She can probably also summon the Light Shield. It's a powerful defense mechanism"
[20:55] <Valery> (Tell me when we're landed, 'kay?)
[20:56] <Alaric> (I attack)
[20:56] <Yarrow> Everyone roll init.
[20:57] <Koizumi> 2d8+3
[20:57] <Koizumi> roll 2d8+3
[20:57] <Lightdice> Koizumi roll 2d8+3 --> [ 2d8=9 ]{12}
[20:57] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d8+5
[20:57] <Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d8+5 --> [ 2d8=12 ]{17}
[20:57] <Salior_Mjollnir> (....)
[20:57] <Alaric> roll 2d6+10 init
[20:57] <Lightdice> Alaric roll 2d6+10 init --> [ 2d6=9 ]{19}
[20:57] <Valery> (Koi, Mjoll... d6es)
[20:57] <Salior_Mjollnir> (brb)
[20:58] <Valery> roll 2d6+4
[20:58] <Lightdice> Valery roll 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{11}
[20:58] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+5 Phobos
[20:58] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+5 Phobos --> [ 2d6=7 ]{12}
[20:59] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+5
[20:59] <Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+5 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{8}
[20:59] <Salior_Mjollnir> (woop)
[20:59] * Yarrow changes topic to 'Alaric, Koi/Phobos, Val, Mjoll'
[21:00] <Yarrow> Kinda cute that Phobos & Koi tied.
[21:00] <Yarrow> Alaric's up.
[21:00] <Valery> (Koi rolled d8s, though.)
[21:00] <Koizumi> oh? oops, lol
[21:00] <Koizumi> roll 2d6+3
[21:00] <Valery> (Ah well, the twins going simultaneously is cooler anyway :P )
[21:00] <Lightdice> Koizumi roll 2d6+3 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{10}
[21:00] <Yarrow> She can keep the simul roll.
[21:00] <Koizumi> ok)
[21:01] * Alaric fires his handgun at Phobos.
[21:01] <Alaric> roll 2d6+4
[21:01] <Lightdice> Alaric roll 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{12}
[21:01] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[21:01] <Alaric> (btw where's toast, hasn't he teleported back in yet?)
[21:01] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=10 ]{18}
[21:01] <Alaric> (we were sitting around talking for a good while)
[21:02] <Toast> (Toast is dead)
[21:02] <Toast> (ish)
[21:02] <Alaric> (lol)
[21:02] <Toast> (40 damage for falling out of the helicopter, which is my max HP)
[21:02] <Toast> (and yarrow made fun of me for not taking the body armor, which is kind of pissing me off)
[21:02] <Koizumi> ("Throw them out...throw them out!" ~brrrrrrrwwwrrrrr~ Eww, he got cut up by the chopper blades while bailing out)
[21:03] <Yarrow> Ok, Toast. You can take a tumble roll, TN 18 to reduce the damage sligtly.
[21:04] <Toast> (... no point, I'd need to roll an 11)
[21:04] <Yarrow> Better than nothing.
[21:04] <Toast> roll 2d6+7
[21:04] <Lightdice> Toast roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[21:04] <Toast> (right)
[21:04] * Toast is now known as Ataru
[21:04] <Ataru> (later guys)
[21:04] <Yarrow> And character death is at -max, isn't it?
[21:05] <Yarrow> And you do have a healer in the party.
[21:05] <Yarrow> So, you might not want to leave just yet.
[21:05] <Ataru> (hence the ish, but combat takes forever)
[21:05] <Valery> (/me pats Ataru)
[21:05] <Yarrow> It could, but he doesn't have to wait for it to be over to heal you.
[21:05] <Yarrow> Anyway. Phobos summons her sword and shield.
[21:05] <Ataru> (and he'll probably get coup de grace'd by a passing droid, with my luck)
[21:06] <Yarrow> Koi's up, simul.
[21:07] <Koizumi> "Phobos Makeup!" And once again summons up her transformation, blarring with the violent and black light swirling around her form, bringing up the robe and slippers. Hair billowing "I won't let you get away with this...you cheap...agh, cliche as this is, cheap copycat!"
[21:07] <Yarrow> Ok, we'll come back to her. Val's busy landing Metel this round. Mjollnir, you're up.
[21:08] <Yarrow> Mjollnir?
[21:08] * Koizumi is now known as Sailor_Phobos
[21:08] <Valery> (Transformation takes a round, I guess?)
[21:08] <Sailor_Phobos> (I dunno)
[21:09] <Yarrow> I was thinking it'd be an action if it wasn't an auto-transform.
[21:09] <Valery> (Ah, gotcha)
[21:09] <Alaric> "Mai, if you have any vampire powers or something, now would be a great time to show 'em off!"
[21:09] <Yarrow> Mai: "Sorry, I don't have any powers at all."
[21:10] <Ataru> (are we sure she's not a spy for the droids?)
[21:10] <Alaric> (no)
[21:10] <Yarrow> She shrugs apologetically.
[21:10] <Alaric> (but we've already got one of those back at the base anyway)
[21:10] <Alaric> (remember the traumatized woman?)
[21:10] <Ataru> (ah)
[21:10] <Yarrow> Mjollnir? Action this round?
[21:11] <Salior_Mjollnir> (just a sec)
[21:11] <Ataru> (anyway, I think I'm going to bed, I'm really tired)
[21:11] <Ataru> (that nap earlier didn't seem to help half as much as I thought it would)
[21:11] * Salior_Mjollnir balls up her fist, "the thundering fist raiken!"
[21:11] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8
[21:11] <Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[21:12] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+13-1
[21:12] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+13-1 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{20}
[21:12] <Alaric> (if you're sure you don't wanna stay up, g'night)
[21:12] <Yarrow> Phobos deflects it with her shield of light.
[21:13] <Yarrow> Val manages to get Metel landed safely.
[21:13] <Yarrow> Top of the order.
[21:13] <Yarrow> Alaric's up.
[21:13] * Alaric tries shooting through the light shield.
[21:13] <Alaric> (i.e. not trying to get around the shield, so acts as armor instead of +defense)
[21:13] <Alaric> roll 2d6+4 blam!
[21:13] <Yarrow> Right.
[21:13] <Lightdice> Alaric roll 2d6+4 blam! --> [ 2d6=9 ]{13}
[21:14] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8
[21:14] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[21:14] <Alaric> (only way in hell I'm gonna land a hit)
[21:14] <Alaric> "Damn, I suck with this thing!"
[21:14] <Yarrow> Phobos: "Yep! Anyway, it's been fun!"
[21:14] <Yarrow> She dives out the door.
[21:14] <Valery> (Of course... we're on the GROUND...)
[21:14] * Sailor_Phobos frowns as she goes. "Damn..."
[21:15] <Alaric> "Don't let her get away, she likely knows everything!"
[21:15] <Yarrow> The Real Phobos gets to go at the same time.
[21:15] <Sailor_Phobos> "Kusuangi!"
[21:15] * Sailor_Phobos tries a quick slice for her as she goes.
[21:15] <Sailor_Phobos> rol 2d6+8
[21:15] <Sailor_Phobos> roll 2d6+8
[21:15] <Lightdice> Sailor_Phobos roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{16}
[21:16] <Yarrow> You can summon or you can attack. Pick one.
[21:16] <Sailor_Phobos> ...okay, then change of plans, retract that)
[21:16] * Sailor_Phobos tosses her hand out, a beam of light exploding off. "Light Wave
[21:17] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+13-1
[21:17] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+13-1 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{23}
[21:17] <Yarrow> Clean miss.
[21:17] <Yarrow> However, Jake now has a shot with the door gun.
[21:17] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
[21:17] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{14}
[21:18] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+13-3
[21:18] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+13-3 --> [ 2d6=8 ]{18}
[21:18] <Yarrow> Val's up.
[21:20] * Valery quietly stands up from his seat, walking calmly into the cabin, and turns to face the door. "Don't worry, I know how to get rid of her."
[21:21] <Salior_Mjollnir> (so now we got T-1000 modles...geeze what did the Dark Moon Family do watch Termiator for ideas)
[21:21] <Alaric> (when they went back in time)
[21:21] <Valery> (Er, no, this is a clone)
[21:21] <Alaric> (maybe it'sb oth)
[21:22] <Alaric> (it's a T1004, cloned off a human being, constructed with a core of liquid metal surrounded by a discardable shell of flesh)
[21:22] <Alaric> (the real question is how you clone a star seed)
[21:23] * Valery raises a hand, and a slim wand appears for an instant. "Tell me how, Sophia!" Lines of light weave around him, as his body slims, hair growing a little longer, into a feminine form. Blueish circuit paths trace their way up her body, vanishing her normal clothing, and new things appear as she twirls, still looking at the fake Phobos. The shawl appears to stay, though.
[21:23] * Valery is now known as Sophia
[21:24] <Yarrow> And Mjollnir.
[21:24] <Salior_Mjollnir> (how far is she from me?)
[21:24] <Sophia> Sophia's fuku is... a little nonstandard. It looks more like, heaven forbid, an actual military uniform. No tiara. Sensible and rather comfortable brown boots, no high heel. Heavier-than-senshi-standard gloves, that actually look like they could serve a purpose other than decorative. You can't usually see much of the uniform itself, though, since Valery's shawl is usually on and covering everything.
[21:24] <Sophia> You can see a short blue skirt and blue stockings, both with a thick red stripe running down each leg. Under and around the shawl you can also see some of Val's tools and supplies in little packets. If the shawl is removed, you'll see that the top part of the uniform is also pretty much along the same theme - a blue long-sleeved jacket with a pair of thick red stripes running down the front.
[21:24] <Sophia> http://danbooru.donmai.us/data/748efd97 ... f631dc.jpg
[21:24] <Salior_Mjollnir> (lucky you your more modesly dressed than me)
[21:25] <Sophia> (Indeed I am)
[21:25] <Salior_Mjollnir> (can I attack again with the raiken or do I have to throw the hammer)
[21:25] <Yarrow> About 5 meters. You can go with raiken.
[21:25] <Ataru> (fucking Darcsen scum)
[21:25] <Yarrow> If you go after her, that is.
[21:25] <Sophia> (Heh)
[21:26] <Sailor_Phobos> ("Time to drop the hammer!" You roll a 2, and indeed, you 'drop' the hammer, right on your toe)
[21:26] * Salior_Mjollnir readies her fist "Raiken!"
[21:26] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8 come on 12
[21:26] <Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 come on 12 --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[21:26] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+13-6
[21:26] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{9}
[21:26] <Salior_Mjollnir> 43 damage before armor)
[21:26] <Sailor_Phobos> ("Lower shields! ... Wait, wait, I mean FIRE PHASERS!")
[21:27] * Sophia appears to be looking around a little oddly.
[21:27] <Yarrow> Her outfit seems to absorb some of the force, but you hurt her pretty bad.
[21:27] * Sailor_Phobos winces at the impact.
[21:28] <Yarrow> Top of the order. Alaric's up.
[21:28] <Alaric> "Dammit!"
[21:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> (oh hell no way your not connected to the droid are you)
[21:28] * Alaric sets down the gun angrily.
[21:28] <Sailor_Phobos> (no, I'm not :P)
[21:28] <Sophia> (Just sympathy pains)
[21:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> (wasn't sure)
[21:28] <Alaric> "Nietzsche.. Nihilist Power.. Make-up!"
[21:28] <Sailor_Phobos> "That had to hurt..."
[21:29] * Alaric twirls amidst black winds that turn golden, changing him to her.
[21:29] <Sophia> (Ya know, the way all guys across the planet cross their legs when you kick someone in the nads? It ain't exactly appealing to see your own face getting bitchslapped :P )
[21:29] * Alaric is now known as Sailor_Nietzsche
[21:29] <Sailor_Phobos> (And when we do Star Wars, Al will insist on being Darth Nilhis)
[21:29] * Sailor_Nietzsche promptly runs out towards Phobos (and a bit to the side), and is done.
[21:29] <Yarrow> Ok.
[21:30] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (heh)
[21:30] <Salior_Mjollnir> (the group is senshified)
[21:30] <Sailor_Phobos> (Even the villainess)
[21:30] <Yarrow> roll 1d4 1=convenient alleyway
[21:30] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 1d4 1=convenient alleyway --> [ 1d4=2 ]{2}
[21:31] <Yarrow> Phobos takes a swing at Mjollnir before running further, taking what cover she can.
[21:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> (roll it)
[21:31] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8-3
[21:31] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8-3 --> [ 2d6=2 ]{7}
[21:31] <Yarrow> DR
[21:31] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+8-3
[21:31] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+8-3 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{11}
[21:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> (melee?)
[21:31] <Yarrow> Yes.
[21:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+8
[21:31] <Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=11 ]{19}
[21:32] <Sailor_Phobos> (Note to self, never pick a fight with Mjoll, as she has a strong anti-Phobos field)
[21:32] <Yarrow> Mjollnir flows out of the way.
[21:32] <Yarrow> The other Phobos is up.
[21:32] * Sailor_Phobos lets off another blast of the blazing light.
[21:32] <Sailor_Phobos> roll 2d6+8
[21:32] <Lightdice> Sailor_Phobos roll 2d6+8 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{14}
[21:33] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+13
[21:33] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+13 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{17}
[21:33] <Yarrow> Sailor_Phobos gets to discover just how annoying her shield is.
[21:33] * Ataru is now known as Toast
[21:33] * Sailor_Phobos doesn't seem to do more than frown about it. "Keep her under fire!"
[21:33] <Yarrow> (We may have to talk about that shield before the next session)
[21:34] <Sailor_Phobos> (We may)
[21:34] <Yarrow> Val's up.
[21:35] * Sophia calmly walks towards (evil) Phobos, flicking her hand through a short arc. "Terror News." Blue arcs slash off her fingers, reaching for Phobos.
[21:35] <Salior_Mjollnir> (/me blinks)
[21:35] <Sophia> roll 2d6+7 attacking straight into the shield, so the shield provides an armour bonus instead of a to-dodge
[21:35] <Lightdice> Sophia roll 2d6+7 attacking straight into the shield, so the shield provides an armour bonus instead of a to-dodge --> [ 2d6=2 ]{9}
[21:35] <Sophia> (Dammit.)
[21:36] <Yarrow> Mjollnir, roll dodge.
[21:36] <Sailor_Phobos> (not yet realising how much damage that shield can soak up...)
[21:37] <Sailor_Phobos> (And 'fear' must not be to impresed with 'terror')
[21:38] <Yarrow> Mjollnir?
[21:38] <Sailor_Phobos> (Thor must've needed his hammer back)
[21:39] <Yarrow> Guess I'll roll for him.
[21:39] <Salior_Mjollnir> range or melee
[21:39] <Yarrow> Ranged.
[21:39] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+7
[21:39] <Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=4 ]{11}
[21:40] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
[21:40] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[21:40] <Yarrow> Make a soul save, TN 10.
[21:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> (me)
[21:40] <Yarrow> Yep.
[21:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+5 5 or better please
[21:40] <Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+5 5 or better please --> [ 2d6=4 ]{9}
[21:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> dr
[21:40] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (oy vey)
[21:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+5 5 or better please
[21:40] <Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+5 5 or better please --> [ 2d6=9 ]{14}
[21:41] <Salior_Mjollnir> (and my lone dr for this form blown)
[21:41] <Toast> (at least you have DR)
[21:41] <Toast> (poor stoat ;_;)
[21:41] <Sophia> (Wow... Xui really is the Backstab King)
[21:41] <Sailor_Phobos> (DR, don't leave home without it)
[21:42] <Sophia> (I obviously shouldn't have...)
[21:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> (hey I made the check)
[21:43] <Sophia> (It's one round anyway :P )
[21:43] <Yarrow> A cloud of ghostly text and whispering voices surround Mjollnir in a foul cloud. "Buy H3RB4L V14GR4 NOW! Low rate mortgages! The REAL penis pill! Re: Invoice #1331545 Re: Last night. Bank of America Security Notice!"
[21:43] <Sophia> (See why I said 'terror news'?)
[21:43] <Yarrow> She dances around shrieking for a second, trying to shake the damned things off of her.
[21:43] <Salior_Mjollnir> (....)
[21:43] <Sailor_Phobos> (Sophia causes people to receive junk mail?)
[21:43] <Sophia> (Though, only Xui can see it :P )
[21:43] * Salior_Mjollnir blinks
[21:43] <Yarrow> Fortunately, she manages to do so, though it looked iffy for a second.
[21:44] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (er, do you mean Mjollnir?)
[21:44] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (describing someone's actions for them is very bogus)
[21:44] <Yarrow> Mjollnir, you're up. You can attack at -3 if you keep pace with Phobos.
[21:44] <Yarrow> Or you can use a ranged attack.
[21:44] <Sophia> (... Xui/Mjoll, whichever name the person has.)
[21:44] * Salior_Mjollnir throws her hammer
[21:45] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d6+7 Thor's Hammer
[21:45] <Lightdice> Salior_Mjollnir roll 2d6+7 Thor's Hammer --> [ 2d6=4 ]{11}
[21:46] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+13-3
[21:46] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+13-3 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{16}
[21:46] <Sailor_Phobos> (Performs a wonderful imitation of Xena's chackram, bouncing off three walls, a mailbox, and a street lmamp before returning to your hand. Sadly you threw it own the wrong side of the road)
[21:46] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+7
[21:46] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[21:46] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+13-6
[21:46] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{12}
[21:47] <Salior_Mjollnir> (I got a question for rulling techinally I did make the def roll and the soul check...do I still take the damage
[21:47] <Yarrow> DR
[21:47] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+13-6
[21:47] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=6 ]{13}
[21:47] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (extra actions?)
[21:47] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (oh nm)
[21:47] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (still dodging mjoll)
[21:47] <Yarrow> Jake fires but Phobos barely evades it.
[21:47] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (er not him but others)
[21:49] <Yarrow> Mm, you missed the def roll (I didn't use the 2 for the attack--that just determined that you were targetted). Mm, Sophia, does that attack do damage?
[21:49] <Yarrow> In the meantime, top of the order. Alaric is up.
[21:50] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (er, extra actions at the end of the round?)
[21:50] <Yarrow> Oops, sorry, take your extra action first.
[21:50] <Salior_Mjollnir> (who's action)
[21:51] <Sophia> (Yeah, I sent it to Xui)
[21:51] <Yarrow> Alaric
[21:51] * Sailor_Nietzsche hurls one golden-silver energy discus at evil-Phobos.
[21:51] <Sailor_Nietzsche> roll 2d6+12
[21:51] <Lightdice> Sailor_Nietzsche roll 2d6+12 --> [ 2d6=9 ]{21}
[21:51] * Toast is now known as Ataru
[21:51] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+13-6
[21:51] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+13-6 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{12}
[21:51] <Ataru> (g'night guys, i don't think I can hold out)
[21:51] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (g'night)
[21:52] <Yarrow> The discus hits and Phobos goes down.
[21:52] * Sailor_Nietzsche looks arounds.. anything amiss? appropaching droid armies, perhaps?
[21:52] <Sophia> (Night, Ataru)
[21:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (btw you're probably about to be healed if that's what you're waiting for)(
[21:52] <Sailor_Nietzsche> (but if you're done fort he night, np)
[21:53] * Sophia growls, walking up to Phobos and just glaring at her.
[21:53] <Yarrow> Nothing seems to be coming at the moment.
[21:53] <Sailor_Phobos> (which one, me one?)
[21:53] <Sophia> (Other one)
[21:53] <Sophia> (The downed one)
[21:53] * Sailor_Nietzsche promptly detransforms.
[21:54] * Sailor_Nietzsche is now known as Alaric
[21:54] <Yarrow> Phobos detransforms.
[21:54] * Alaric walks over to Mjollnir.
[21:54] <Alaric> "Are you allright?"
[21:54] * Alaric is now known as Alaric-chan
[21:54] * Sailor_Phobos let's out a sigh of relief, frowning some at the copy. "At least that's taken care."
[21:55] <Yarrow> Koizumi smiles up at Sophia. "Don't bother checking out evac site #12. Everyone in it had a horrible accident."
[21:55] <Sophia> (Which one?)
[21:55] * Salior_Mjollnir winces in pain..."something I don't want to experience again" she says as she detransforms
[21:55] * Salior_Mjollnir is now known as Xui-Fei-chan
[21:55] <Yarrow> Which one what?
[21:56] <Sophia> (Which Koizumi's talking to me?)
[21:56] <Yarrow> ... guess.
[21:56] <Yarrow> (The fake one...)
[21:56] * Xui-Fei-chan blinks, "wow I sound really funky when in senshi
[21:56] <Sophia> (Well, I'd guess it's evil-one since Dorin-one has a player, but I thought evil-one was unconscious...)
[21:56] <Sophia> (Heh, gotcha)
[21:57] <Yarrow> roll 2d6+4
[21:57] <Lightdice> Yarrow roll 2d6+4 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{7}
[21:57] <Yarrow> Get knocked out in senshi form and you revert to normal form but are stunned.
[21:57] <Sophia> (Ah, gotcha, doh)
[21:57] <Sophia> roll 2d6+8 Mind touch
[21:57] <Lightdice> Sophia roll 2d6+8 Mind touch --> [ 2d6=7 ]{15}
[21:57] <Yarrow> Can move but not take any other actions. Apparently, this applies to clones too.
[21:58] <Sophia> "I'm sure it was very accidental."
[21:59] <Yarrow> Koizumi2: "Well... maybe not very..."
[21:59] <Yarrow> She giggles.
[22:00] * Sailor_Phobos turns away with a chilled expression
[22:00] * Sophia nods. "I understand." She brings her carbine up to her shoulder.
[22:00] <Alaric-chan> "Could someone please saw her in half with gunfire, or something similar but less messy?"
[22:00] <Sophia> roll 2d6+7
[22:00] <Lightdice> Sophia roll 2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=3 ]{10}
[22:01] <Sophia> "Already done."
[22:01] * Xui-Fei-chan blinks, "ok not quite used to this...." she says as she tried a kata and not being able to
[22:01] <Yarrow> Sophia guns Koizumi down.
[22:02] * Sailor_Phobos winces again, before dispelling her own transformation. Leaning on her cane once returned to normal, and all the horrors of her condition crashing back down on her.
[22:03] * Sophia grimaces, replacing the magazine with a fresh one and refilling the used one with some spare bullets from a pocket.
[22:04] <Yarrow> Toast comes crawling over in stoat form. "I ... hate... human ... form..."
[22:05] * Alaric-chan is immediately alarmed, and fast-walks over to Toast.
[22:05] * Xui-Fei-chan picks up the stoat cradeling the little ermie between her ample cleavage
[22:05] <Alaric-chan> "What happened to --.. oh."
[22:05] * Sailor_Phobos turns in the direction of voices of the others and bows, having to hold up the pants loaned to her. "Please forgive me for all the trouble...that thing caused."
[22:05] <Yarrow> Toast seems ok, but a bit dazed.
[22:05] <Yarrow> (Knocked out of senshi-equivalent form)
[22:06] * Sophia shakes her head. "Not your fault."
[22:06] <Yarrow> Toast squirms a bit in Xui-Fei-chan's cleavage. "Why do humans have so much fat?"
[22:06] * Sailor_Phobos nods and sighs. "No...but still...I just hope they don't have an army of them waiting somewhere." Shudders.
[22:06] <Xui-Fei-chan> "though who is making these droids....first metal, then glass then rubber now dopplegangers?"
[22:06] * Sophia sighs, walking up to stroke Metel's hull. "... Sorry girl..."
[22:07] * Alaric-chan waits.. waits.. concentrates..
[22:07] <Yarrow> (Koizumi3 emerges from the cloning chamber. ;) )
[22:07] * Alaric-chan is now known as Alaric
[22:07] <Yarrow> (Or should that be K-O-izumi-3?)
[22:07] <Alaric> angrily, "Finally."
[22:08] * Sailor_Phobos begins to make use of her cane in the common style associated with the blind, using the brass-coated butt to feel for obstructions. "Now...who are you people?"
[22:08] * Xui-Fei-chan blinks, "that was fast
[22:08] <Yarrow> Nick change, Dorin?
[22:08] * Xui-Fei-chan tries concentrating back to normal
[22:08] * Sailor_Phobos is now known as Koizumi
[22:08] <Koizumi> Need to program a command for that)
[22:08] <Yarrow> Everyone can change back in a very short time.
[22:08] * Alaric quickly heals the Stoat, and then Mjollnir.
[22:08] <Sophia> "Survivors."
[22:09] * Xui-Fei-chan is now known as Xui-Fei
[22:09] <Yarrow> Chance is looking up through the hole in Metel's roof. "Mmm. Not good, Val."
[22:09] * Sophia frowns, and drops her transformation, turning into a more normal-looking girl.
[22:09] * Sophia is now known as Valery
[22:09] * Xui-Fei looks at Koizumi, "Xui-Fei Chuan student of Musabetsu Kakuto Saotome-Ryu"
[22:09] * Koizumi nods giving a long sigh. "So, we're all in the same boat then...but why...I just heard two women that weren't here...but now...there's that Doctor fellow's voice again"
[22:09] * Valery peers up. "Dammit... get me some... eh?"
[22:09] <Koizumi> "And...his..Xui's voice"
[22:10] <Koizumi> (Change that two to a three)
[22:10] <Xui-Fei> "well me and doc unfrotunally change genders when in senshi form
[22:10] <Yarrow> Chance: "It looks like it can be fixed. But we'll need parts and tools."
[22:11] * Koizumi blinks, "Eh?" Walks her way to the direction of Xui's voice, and blindly fumbles out her hand for a chest grope.
[22:11] * Valery shakes her head vigorously. "Why isn't it...? I can DO this, but... I can't think of how..."
[22:11] * Xui-Fei blinks you feel a very manly chest
[22:11] * Alaric is rather quiet.. having healed, he's now observing Koizumi2, or whatever's left of her.
[22:12] * Koizumi runs her hands along, looking off to the side, frowning. "Gender switching? And I thought I had problems..."
[22:12] <Yarrow> Mai hops out of Metel and walks over to Xui-Fei.
[22:12] * Xui-Fei looks at Mai
[22:12] * Valery rubs her temples, and suddenly blinks. "... Okay. I guess I was just distracted... that was a rush. I can kludge it, if you can get some metal... my toolkit will cover the rest."
[22:12] <Yarrow> She says in a slightly flat voice that you figure comes with being dead, "Doesn't waste any time, does she?"
[22:12] <Yarrow> She removes Koizumi's hand from Xui-Fei's chest.
[22:13] <Xui-Fei> "well if I was blind I'd have to have proof too you know" he says non chalaulnetly
[22:13] * Koizumi rubs her fingers along Mai's wrist a moment. "Oh..sorry Mai...but..he turns into a girl? Isn't that a little..compliocated?"
[22:14] <Xui-Fei> "seems it's only temperary" he says,
[22:14] <Koizumi> "Oh, well, that's good...I guess."
[22:14] <Yarrow> Mai's wrist is cold.
[22:15] * Koizumi shrugs, resuming standing quietly. Her eyes remain closed the entire time.
[22:15] <Xui-Fei> "though I am used to it my sensei in martial arts, the Saotome's have a family curse that any male changes genders when in contact with cold or hot water"
[22:15] <Yarrow> Chance: "Mm... yeah. How's a car door sound?"
[22:16] * Xui-Fei blinks at Mai, "granted I hadn't seen you in a while why the dead body feel"
[22:16] * Koizumi blinks, looking in Xui's direction without looking completely convinced. "I...right...'
[22:16] <Yarrow> Mai just looks at Xui-Fei for a long moment. "Because I'm dead."
[22:17] <Alaric> "Oh, right, dead."
[22:17] <Yarrow> When you look for it, you notice that Mai isn't breathing. And she doesn't shift around like normal people do to keep comfortable.
[22:18] * Alaric quits staring at the corpse, and walks over to where everyone else has gathered.
[22:18] * Valery purses her lips, and nods. "That'll be great, it'll have some wiring I can use in case she got any circuits, the aluminum paneling will be pretty good for hull..."
[22:19] * Xui-Fei blinks, "damn...." he says,
[22:19] <Yarrow> Chance: "Great. Open the driver's side of that car over there and I'll shoot off the door."
[22:19] * Xui-Fei looks at Mai, "I'm sorry I wasn't able to save you"
[22:20] * Alaric hesitates a bit, seeing xui-Fei apparently getting into a serious conversation, and moseys over to where Valery is at.
[22:20] <Alaric> to Valery, "Want a hand?"
[22:20] <Yarrow> Mai smiles slightly and shakes her head. "Do you know, I was planning to tell you yesterday how I felt about you and ask you out..."
[22:21] <Yarrow> Mai: "But I guess we missed each other."
[22:21] <Alaric> (But... but.. it doesn't have to end here! You've seen World of Warcraft porn, haven't you?)
[22:21] <Koizumi> (I gotta crash soon, I'm worn out)
[22:21] <Yarrow> Ok, Dorin.
[22:21] * Xui-Fei blinks, "oh...."
[22:21] * Valery nods. "Yeah... if you could hold things for me, that'd probably speed it up a bit... help me sorting?"
[22:22] <Koizumi> G'night)
[22:22] <Alaric> "Sure.. that sounds good. I can probably help pull stuff apart too, if need be."
[22:22] <Xui-Fei> "Beth tried the same thing when I saw her yesterday....then tried to drag me on of these droids ships"
[22:22] * Valery walks over to the door of the nearby car, opens it, and skedaddles to let Chance shoot.
[22:22] <Alaric> (g'night)
[22:22] <Yarrow> Mai inhales and sighs. "Oh, well. I guess that's just how life is. Well, at least I can still watch out for you this way."
[22:22] <Valery> (And, night Dorin)
[22:22] <Yarrow> Chance fires and shoots the door off.
[22:22] * Alaric startles badly at the gunfire.
[22:22] * Koizumi (~dorin_rah@dpc6745120147.direcpc.com) Quit (Quit: )
[22:23] <Alaric> "Oh well, I suppose we already made plenty of noise one way or another.."
[22:23] * Valery nods. "Could you help me... no, never mind, we'll disassemble it here."
[22:23] * Xui-Fei nods with a smirk, "I can live with that"
[22:23] <Yarrow> Mai: "Beth? Blond hair? Seth's friend?"
[22:24] * Xui-Fei nods
[22:24] <Alaric> "Just tell me what to do, I'm not much with mechanics."
[22:24] <Xui-Fei> "yeah that's her"
[22:24] <Yarrow> Mai's lips curl into a smile. "I bet this whole invasion is because the queen of the droids fell in love with you and sent her army to get you."
[22:25] * Xui-Fei blinks
[22:25] <Valery> "Okay... I'll be passing you sheets of metal, circuits, and scrap. I'll call out as I hand it to you, so if you could just put them in appropriate piles?"
[22:26] <Xui-Fei> "I don't remember meeting any queen of droids....though that red headed comander might pass for it..."
[22:26] <Yarrow> Mai: "She probably gazed upon you from afar, through her magic telescope..."
[22:27] <Alaric> "Sounds good, I can handle that."
[22:27] <Yarrow> Koizumi goes to sit in Metel. It's still raining, after all.
[22:27] <Alaric> "Um.. one thing first, though."
[22:27] * Xui-Fei blinks, "oh please that only happens to the queen I'm just a simple martial artist"
[22:27] <Yarrow> Toast: "Wait up. I want to get out of this rain, too!"
[22:27] <Yarrow> Toast rides her into the helicopter.
[22:27] * Alaric concentrates for a moment.. and suddently sprouts fur all across his largely-naked body.
[22:27] <Xui-Fei> (oh joy...wet cat)
[22:27] * Alaric then breaks out his other raincoat, and puts it on.
[22:28] * Valery pulls out a few tools - wrench, pliers, cutters - and her hands suddenly start moving very very fast. It's not beyond human capability, but it's still kind of freaky since she never actually slows down or pauses.
[22:28] <Valery> Cutting down the plastic/cloth bits on the inside, passing them to Alaric - "Scrap" - carefully sneaking her fingers in and pulling out wires - "Circuits" - pulling out mechanical gizmos - "Scrap" - and generally peeling the door down to the outer shell.
[22:28] <Yarrow> Mai: "You were never a simple martial artist to me."
[22:28] <Valery> The whole affair is done in about two minutes.
[22:28] * Xui-Fei blushes
[22:29] * Alaric fidgets a little, trying to get the jacket to sit right on his newfound fur, but doesn't bitch about it verbally, and helps move the stuff around and sorts it as requested.
[22:29] <Yarrow> Mai: "Too bad my love life ended with the regular one."
[22:29] <Yarrow> Mai: "But don't worry. I'll make sure you find someone good enough for you."
[22:29] * Valery stands up, holding the door's shell (or rather, propping it up). "Could you help me carry this up to the top?"
[22:29] <Yarrow> Mai smiles at Xui-Fei.
[22:30] * Xui-Fei smiles, before looking up, "come on lets get out of this rain...I'm getting soaked here"
[22:31] <Alaric> "of course."
[22:31] <Yarrow> Mai: "Sure."
[22:31] * Alaric picks it up easily.. surprisingly easily, given it's weight.
[22:31] <Alaric> "Let me handle the heavy stuff."
[22:32] <Yarrow> Mai gets into Metel, and almost perversely, stands under the hole in the roof, getting rained on.
[22:32] * Valery blinks, nodding. "I guess I will... Hm. No ladder, so I'm gonna need you to give me a boost onto the wing."
[22:32] * Alaric will procede to do so.
[22:32] <Alaric> "Here, use this as a step-up."
[22:33] * Alaric holds the salvage flat, so Valery can use it as a stepping-stone to the top.
[22:33] * Valery smiles, and hauls herself up there. "Thank you."
[22:33] <Alaric> "No problem."
[22:34] * Valery ducks down and extends her hands to help Alaric up.
[22:34] * Alaric accepts the hand-up and makes his way up-top.
[22:34] <Yarrow> Mai: "So, what's been happening with you?"
[22:35] <Valery> (Is the rotor damaged, Yarrow? Or just the roof?)
[22:35] <Xui-Fei> "not much, woke up with a roof on top of me found my other friends dead, nearly got aducted, got stabbed in the back several times"
[22:35] <Yarrow> The rotor itself isn't damaged, but the mechanism that turns it is trashed.
[22:36] <Alaric> "now, that doesn't look good at all."
[22:38] <Yarrow> Mai: "You're just too attractive for your own good, Xui-Fei."
[22:38] * Valery smiles, and lays down under the rotor, peeling back the mechanism's armour shell and peering in. "It looks worse than it is. It was autorotating enough to bring us down safely, so the structure is okay."
[22:38] * Xui-Fei blinks
[22:40] <Xui-Fei> "I don't know why being stabbed in the back would consider me attractive...in fact it's kinda painfull"
[22:40] <Yarrow> Mai: "Well, you attracted the ones that stabbed you in the back."
[22:41] <Alaric> "I'll take your word for it."
[22:41] <Yarrow> Mai shrugs.
[22:41] * Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow at that
[22:41] <Valery> "This mechanism is mostly wires, and there are plenty of those in the car. Now... if the engines are damaged, we're going to need to go back and cannibalize some engine parts too, otherwise this'll be structural repair and replacing wires."
[22:42] <Alaric> "...allright."
[22:42] <Alaric> "What do you need me to do, ferry stuff up here?"
[22:42] <Yarrow> Mai: "Sorry. Just trying to be positive where I can."
[22:43] <Valery> "Mm... no, don't worry, I'll go back down if we need engine parts. Right now I'll just see what we need..."
[22:43] <Yarrow> Mai: "So, any special living and breathing women in your life right now?"
[22:43] <Valery> (What DO we need, Yarrow? Engine fried, or no? :P )
[22:43] <Yarrow> Jake and Chance's ears perk up. Literally.
[22:44] * Xui-Fei blinks, "not sure at the moment"
[22:44] <Xui-Fei> "I'm more focused on saving what surivors I can before that"
[22:45] <Yarrow> You'll need 20 minutes and 2 mechanics checks, TN 12. 20 minutes, assuming you succeed on those rolls.
[22:46] <Yarrow> Mai: "Of course. I wouldn't expect any less from you."
[22:46] <Yarrow> Let's see those rolls, Valery. :)
[22:47] <Valery> roll 2#2d6+7
[22:47] <Lightdice> Valery roll 2#2d6+7 --> [ 2d6=5 ]{12}, [ 2d6=11 ]{18}
[22:47] <Valery> (Da-da-da-daaaaa!)
[22:47] <Xui-Fei> (did you just pull a Zelda tresure find music)
[22:47] <Valery> (Er... no, that was more a 'triumphant chorus')
[22:48] <Yarrow> Ok, you work on Metel and things are going well. You think you'll be able to get her into the air and bring her someplace better for repairs in a few more minutes.
[22:50] <Yarrow> Chance: "We going to be able to do real repairs at HQ or do we need to go back to the yard, Val?"
[22:52] <Valery> "Mm... We don't really have any supplies at HQ, do we?"
[22:52] <Yarrow> Chance: "Not for this sort of thing, not really... Don't have to worry about being overrun by droids while we work, though."
[22:53] <Yarrow> Jake: "Maybe we can make a quick trip to the yard and pick up some stuff?"
[22:54] * Valery sighs. "... I think that might be the best option..."
[22:54] <Yarrow> Valery finishes up.
[22:54] <Alaric> "Given that we have no other options for mobility.. I suppose almost any risk would be acceptable."
[22:55] <Yarrow> Jake: "Well, there are plenty of cars lying around, but they wouldn't be nearly as safe..."
[22:55] <Xui-Fei> "how about grabbing what we need taking it back to hq? or do you want to just get the stuff needed from the Junk Yard?"
[22:55] <Valery> "Metel-chan can handle a few tons... once the real repairs are made at HQ, we can head back to the junkyard and pick up a load of supplies to stock up."
[22:56] <Alaric> "Car's can't carry any survivors we find, though.."
[22:56] * Valery shakes her head. "No, I don't want to strain the axle with this hasty job."
[22:56] <Yarrow> Chance: "Will we need to get some stuff from the yard before we can make those real repairs?"
[22:58] <Valery> "Some, yes, but I want to keep the load as light as I can to keep the strain off the rush job. If it breaks we'll be in trouble."
[22:58] <Yarrow> Chance nods.
[22:59] <Alaric> "In any case.. we should probably get moving as soon as it's safe to do so."
[22:59] <Yarrow> Metel is goodish to go.
[22:59] <Alaric> "Remaining still increases the odds that any notice of our activity could result in conflict.."
[23:00] * Valery nods, slapping the coverings back into place and sliding down the hull to land on the ground. "Metel's as ready as we can get her right now."
[23:01] <Xui-Fei> "right then we better get out of here then"
[23:02] <Yarrow> Val starts up Metel and takes her up into the air. It doesn't quite sound or feel right, but it works.
[23:03] <Yarrow> You fly off to Jake & Chance's yard and discover, much to your relief, that junkyards are apparently very low on the droids' list of places to occupy.
[23:03] <Yarrow> You quickly load up what you need and return to HQ without incident.
[23:04] * Alaric will writing his hair out along the way, leaving a bit of a puddle behind him.
[23:05] <Yarrow> As you land, the rain even lets up a bit.
[23:05] * Valery shakes her head on landing, and quickly climbs out, starting to offload the repair items. "This will take a while, but..."
[23:06] * Xui-Fei nods, "need any help I may not be good with tools but I can lift stuff up if needed
[23:07] <Valery> "Yeah... and if anyone could get a few ladders and scaffolding, that would be lovely."
[23:07] * Alaric looks up, and curses softly.
[23:07] <Yarrow> Jake: "Why don't you come with me and get some, Xui-Fei."
[23:07] <Alaric> "We may have missed a window of opportunity, thanks to that fiasco.."
[23:08] <Yarrow> Chance: "Oh, I'll come along too."
[23:08] * Valery nods. "Yes... on the other hand, Toast's 'debris' plan might work now."
[23:09] * Xui-Fei blinks being led off by the cat girls
[23:09] <Yarrow> Mai: "Actually, if you both go, Xui-Fei can stay here and get equipment unloaded."
[23:09] <Alaric> dubiously, "I suppose."
[23:10] <Yarrow> Mai: "I'll give you a hand, Xui-Fei. I may not be incredibly strong, but I don't get tired any more."
[23:10] * Alaric opens his mouth to say something, then closes it.
[23:10] * Alaric looks over at Valery.
[23:11] <Alaric> "I suppose we'd better all help out, it'll go the fastest."
[23:11] <Alaric> "... though I'd best have a look at Koizumi."
[23:11] * Valery nods, smiling. "Thank you all for the help."
[23:11] <Yarrow> Jake & Chance, unethusiastically: "Sure..."
[23:12] <Yarrow> Mai: "Come on, Xui, help me with this ... whatever it is."
[23:12] * Xui-Fei shrugs and helps Mai, "sure"
[23:12] <Yarrow> Koizumi seems all right but a bit withdrawn.
[23:13] * Alaric will check her health, and make sure she's at least somewhat recovered from her earlier hypothermia, before coming back to help with the heavy lifting.
[23:13] <Yarrow> You send her inside to take a hot shower, get some clothes, and get some hot food inside her.
[23:14] <Yarrow> Dizzy comes up shortly after. "You're back soon! Did everything go... oh. I guess not."
[23:15] <Alaric> "Well, there's good news.. we picked up another Senshi."
[23:15] <Alaric> "Everything else.. not so good."
[23:15] <Alaric> "Er.."
[23:15] <Alaric> "Sorry, Mai, I didn't mean it that way."
[23:15] * Alaric looks appologetically at the deader.
[23:15] * Valery waves slightly. "It seems I was one too..."
[23:16] <Valery> (Dizzy: "Er, who's she?")
[23:16] <Alaric> "We have.. a surfeit of senshi."
[23:16] <Yarrow> Mai: "It's ok."
[23:16] * Alaric sounds proud of this horrible phrase.
[23:16] <Yarrow> Jake (who returned with Chance and some ladders/scaffolding a while ago): "Yeah. Picked up one too many today."
[23:17] <Alaric> "Oh, and who knows how many enemy clones that look exactly like people we knew may be running around?"
[23:17] <Alaric> "We haven't quite figured out a way to identify them, either."
[23:18] <Alaric> "..no, really, I'm not kidding in the slightest."
[23:18] <Valery> "Actually..."
[23:19] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "...clones?"
[23:19] <Xui-Fei> "yeah now we can add Doppleganers to the list of droid types
[23:19] * Valery holds up a hand. "I'm a... telepath? Something. In senshi form."
[23:20] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "So, these dopplegangers can look like other people?"
[23:21] <Alaric> "Yes, even us. They can power up in Senshi form too, if they've taken one of our forms.. from our blood, apparently."
[23:21] <Yarrow> Dizzy stares. "That's ... not good!"
[23:21] <Xui-Fei> "no it's not" he agrees
[23:22] <Alaric> "Nope, not in the least."
[23:22] <Alaric> "Er.. sorry."
[23:22] <Alaric> "Getting a little punchy here.."
[23:22] <Yarrow> Dizzy looks in Xui-Fei's direction and sees Mai. "Oh! You don't look good at all!"
[23:22] <Yarrow> She quickly goes over to check Mai's health.
[23:23] <Alaric> "She's very dead, I'm afraid. No logical explaination for her continued mobility or consciousness, either."
[23:23] <Yarrow> Mai: "Actually, we prefer the term 'living impaired'."
[23:23] <Alaric> smiling, "So noted."
[23:24] <Yarrow> Dizzy stops, looking confused. "Living ... impaired?"
[23:24] <Yarrow> Mai smiles. "Just joking. If you can't laugh at being dead, what can you laugh at."
[23:24] * Xui-Fei shuts up with that
[23:25] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Of course... By the way, where's Keiko? Did she come in already?"
[23:25] <Alaric> "Wait.. what?"
[23:25] * Alaric is a little alarmed.
[23:25] <Alaric> "We left without her."
[23:25] <Alaric> "Told her to stay behind and help you if anything came up."
[23:26] <Alaric> "She wasn't too thrilled about it, but......damn!"
[23:26] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "You what? I haven't seen her since you left! I'll go in and ask around."
[23:26] <Alaric> "Valery! Is she on that scanner anywhere?"
[23:26] <Yarrow> She quickly goes back inside.
[23:27] <Yarrow> The scanner doesn't show her, but then again, it hasn't shown any of you since you've joined the group.
[23:28] <Alaric> "Too much to hope, I suppose.. damnation!"
[23:28] * Valery blinks. "Oh... no..."
[23:28] * Alaric looks from side to side, looking for something to do.. before abruptly stopping, closing his eyes, and taking a deep breath.
[23:30] * Alaric opens his eyes.
[23:30] <Alaric> "We can't do anything productive about this until we've fixed Metel. Let's get to that."
[23:31] <Alaric> "Assuming Keiko followed us from HQ."
[23:31] <Alaric> (...and didn't try jumping off the top and splat at the bottom, haha)
[23:31] <Yarrow> About 10 minutes after she left, Dizzy returns with a cart loaded with food and drink and an unfamiliar man.
[23:32] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Jake here saw Keiko. And eat."
[23:32] <Yarrow> Jake: "Yeah... Little girl about this big?" He describes Keiko.
[23:33] * Valery takes a glass of water, and nods. "Yes..."
[23:33] <Yarrow> Jake M: "I saw her downstairs. She was heading for the door. She said she was going out to patrol. I tried to stop her, but when she picked me up with one hand, I figured she could handle herself."
[23:33] * Alaric grabs something sandwichy and scarfs it down.
[23:34] <Yarrow> Jake M: "She said she was a senshi."
[23:35] <Yarrow> The others (minus Mai) eat and drink, too.
[23:35] <Alaric> "...not much y ou could have done, she was strong enough to get her way.. and too young to know better."
[23:35] <Alaric> "We'll try to find her."
[23:35] * Alaric doesn't sound terribly hopeful.
[23:35] <Alaric> "Did you see which way she headed?"
[23:36] * Valery winces, nodding. "At least on foot she can't have gotten too far... if we look from overhead we might have a chance of finding her..."
[23:36] <Yarrow> Jake M: "No. I figured she was just going to go around the building and check things out. You know, patrol."
[23:36] * Xui-Fei shakes his head, "well at least we'll be able to follow here trail"
[23:36] <Valery> "How long ago...?"
[23:37] <Yarrow> Jake M, unahppily: "Hours..."
[23:37] <Valery> (... We were GONE for hours? O_o )
[23:38] <Yarrow> Over an hour, certainly. Let's say 45 minutes travel time, 20 minutes repair time, 5 minutes combat & talk time, plus however long you took to load up equipment. And then however long you've been back.
[23:38] <Alaric> (woulda called that 40-50 minutes tops.. wehre'd all the time go?)
[23:39] <Alaric> (CT is that big?)
[23:39] <Alaric> (that makes it like.. well.. at least 20-30 miles in some direction)
[23:39] <Yarrow> Well, you headed to the two Ally points, then to the yard, and then back.
[23:39] <Valery> (Gotcha)
[23:39] <Yarrow> So, it wasn't a straight line out and back.
[23:40] * Valery frowns. "I see..."
[23:40] <Yarrow> More like a triangle.
[23:40] <Yarrow> And you were not going at full speed after the spot repairs.
[23:41] <Alaric> (fair 'nuff)
[23:42] <Yarrow> Jake M, hopefully: "Maybe she's just going in circles around the building?"
[23:43] <Yarrow> Chance shakes her head. "She would have seen us get back."
[23:43] <Valery> "If you could look out the windows and see if you can spot her..."
[23:44] <Yarrow> Jake M: "Sure."
[23:44] <Yarrow> Jake M: "I'll go look right now."
[23:45] <Yarrow> He heads back inside.
[23:45] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "Is there anything you want me to do?"
[23:45] <Alaric> "I.. don't know."
[23:45] * Alaric sighs.
[23:46] <Alaric> "If we weren't in such a rush, I'd ask you to watch a sitcom with me.. do SOMETHING to decompress a little."
[23:46] * Alaric frowns.
[23:46] <Alaric> "Are there even any working TV stations?"
[23:47] <Yarrow> She frowns. "I don't think you're needed for repairs on this machine. You need to take some time off and decompress, as you say."
[23:47] <Alaric> "Well.."
[23:47] <Alaric> "You're probably right, I've little enough skill with crafts and mechanics and such."
[23:48] <Yarrow> Dizzy: "No, there are no tv stations. No net access, either. Here, come with me. I know a way you can decompress."
[23:48] * Alaric hesitates, looking back.
[23:48] <Yarrow> Dizzy takes Alaric's hand.
[23:48] <Alaric> "I.. okay."
[23:48] <Alaric> over his shoulder, "Come get me if you need anything..."
[23:48] <Yarrow> She pulls him into the elevator and the doors close behind them.
[23:48] * Valery nods, and waves. "Have fun..."
[23:51] <Yarrow> Ok, that's pretty much it unless the remaining PCs want to roleplay a bit.
[23:51] <Alaric> (Alaric will be offscreen for some time, the vintage Mario Kart game they're playing is quite addictive)
[23:52] <Yarrow> 3 cp for the session, and I may have to end early next week. I have jury duty the following Tuesday, unless I'm told to stay home the day before.
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