King of Fighters: Mystical Art of the Butt-whoop

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King of Fighters: Mystical Art of the Butt-whoop

Postby Dorin » Sat Sep 22, 2007 1:50 pm

As asked of me by the various persons participating in this game, I'm going to maintain a thread for logs, houserules, and whatever else gets put here.

Game: Anime-Besm d20
Genre: Martial Arts/Modern/Fantasy
Anime influences: King of Fighters; Ikki Tousen; Tenjou Tenge; others
Type: IRCrp
Channel: #ikki
Time: Tuesday, 9:30 EST (-5 GMT)
Players: Stratagemini, Pale_Wolf, Light02, JiaGai, Lance, Rockman_Zero(?)

Premise: Long ago, in an age when monsters were common and stormed across the earth, creatures freely traversing the Heavens to ravage a virgin world settled only by weak primitives, early Man set out to prove this he was indeed possessed of power. To ensure survival of the self, the community, and the race as a whole, individuals of rare talent set out to create means of accomplishing their goals, from the noble to the selfish.

Thus, the Art, was born.

Countless millienia have sense passed; despite wars, famine, plague, rampaging monsters, alien invasions, and menopause, the humanity continues to thrive. Martial Arts have flourished across the world, and many a powerful individual has risen. Both good and evil are possessed of earth shattering skills and hidden arts. Given the danger posed by so many people with esoteric powers, and the constant drive by some individuals continually pushing the envelope of technique, it became necissary for some manner of control to be established over the various fighters in the world.

Hence, dedicated masters banded together in an alliance known as the Phoenix Group. A seldom encountered, barely understood, shadowy collection of acknowledge masters of various styles and techniques dedicated to waging a silent war in the underworld of the Martial Arts world. Their public adenga is to ensure the safety of the common folk, while restraining fighters from running wild. Any person who spends ninety-seconds thinking on the matter knows this is a load of bull.

Criminal organizations have long known the need to employ powerful warriors, or strong fighters have themselves simply founded (or taken over) criminal organzations and proven to be an incredible threat to everyone else around them. If the Phoenix meant to protect people, it's certainly supposed to be in their power to do so. Their goals no one can actually understand.

The strangness only continues, as the Phoenix have officially hosted a sudden tournament. Many of the strongest warriors from across the world have been invited. The ultimate purpose of this matter is not understood...

House Rules:

Some various changes I am implimenting for this campaign.

Base Defense Bonus: Since it's a proven fact that this game favors attacks over defenses, all classes get a built in bonus to their defense rolls equal to their Base Attack Bonus.
-Classes that don't get a high progression to BAB, that is a +1 every level, get a free 2 CP every level their BAB does not increase.

All combat skills will be 2 points in-class, and 4 point cross-class. Not the normal 3/6

On the matter of defense skills. Melee Defense and Unarmed Defense are merged into one skill now. And Melee Defense and Ranged Defense are class skills for everyone.

There are NO extra attacks based upon a high BAB. Instead, liked the Rapid Fire feat, there will be two new feats to the game. Double Attack, and Triple Attack.

Double Attack: As a full-round action, you may make two attacks at your highest bonus, but with -2 to both attacks. This applies to both normal melee attacks, and Special Attacks with the flurry ability. This MAY NOT be combined with Rapid Fire.

Triple Attack: As Double Attack, but all attacks suffer a -4 penelty. Special Attacks with two ranks of Flurry may also take advantage of this feat. Again, this DOES NOT combine with Rapid Fire.

Extra Attack attribute: To reflect some of the multi-attack styles you might see in some martial arts animes, the cost of Extra Attacks has been modified. The first rank is now 4 CP; the second rank 6 CP; and from the third rank on the normal 8 CP. These attacks work as normal, but Double and Triple Attack may only be applied twice in any given combat round.

Martial Arts feats: The normal feats are hereby removed and replaced with the following. Martial Arts I, II, III.

The Martial Arts I-III feats all do the following: Your base damage roll for unarmed attacks increases by one die (From the base of 1d4 for medium sized characters [ie, humans, human-sized robots, etc] to 1d6, 1d8, and finally 1d10) And each taking of the feat adds a +1 bonus to your Melee defense rolls. These defenses are cumulative, and stack.

Forcefields: To combat the several rounds of resistance a Force Field can have at high ranks, the following modification is hereby in use.

A forcefield has a 'damage threshold' equal to half its protection rating. Any damage in excess of that threashold "leaks" through to injure the target of the attack. Enough damage to make the forcefield drop a rank while in use still applies, and the threshold is modified as well. Normal rules continue to apply.

Healing: The Healing attribute is hereby modified inline with work done by Pale Wolf; each rank of Healing allows for a 1d8 rather than the normal 10hp restored each hour/day (I forget exactly which the rules say it is).

Others subject to posting and change as the game goes along.
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Postby Rockman_Zero » Thu Sep 27, 2007 10:26 am

Man, it's been ages since I've posted on the forums.

Anyway, I'm gonna be making an evil shoto-clone. ;P, might be a while before I can join the game due to some RL hassles I have to deal with first...

*Gets out his black book of names, a sniper rifle, a nice large box of ammo, and a crate of frosty cocca cola*

Wish me luck. I'll let you know when I'm done. ;P
"One shall stand, one shall fall..."
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Postby Dorin » Thu Oct 04, 2007 12:57 pm

[21:00] * Now talking in #ikki
[21:00] * Topic is 'Go here for the thread:'
[21:00] * Set by Dorin on Sun Sep 30 14:27:50
[21:00] * ChanServ sets mode: +q Dorin
[21:00] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Dorin
[21:00] <Stratagemini> Yay! Dorin's here!
[21:00] <Stratagemini> Dorin, did you have any comments on my sheet?
[21:01] <Light02> yo
[21:01] * Light02 is writing bio for his preparing to send when done
[21:02] <Dorin> For now we'll run with it Strat, I'm going to think on this matter
[21:02] <Stratagemini> okay. My Flunkies are Roadies by teh way. Their names are Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp.
[21:02] <Dorin> :P
[21:03] <Stratagemini> thought you should know since they're by definition GM NPCs
[21:05] <LanceDearnis> I'm almost done!~
[21:06] * Stratagemini starts getting into the Character's frame of mind by preparing his Queue of Songs.
[21:10] <Light02> and it's off
[21:15] <Light02> has it come in yet Dori?
[21:17] <Dorin> where did you send it?
[21:17] <Dorin> my gmail? not yet
[21:21] <Light02> yeah gmail
[21:21] <LanceDearnis>
[21:21] * parasiticHost sets Lights sheet on fire!
[21:21] <parasiticHost> oh, right, LD I forgot to send you mine
[21:21] * JiaGai sighs. Can't decide what abilities to take with the Magic thing.
[21:22] <parasiticHost> Jia's playig?
[21:23] <Light02> yeah though we one man short still or has Rocko backed out?
[21:23] <Stratagemini> Rock's playing later.
[21:23] <Light02> ok
[21:23] <Stratagemini> he's not starting with us.
[21:23] * parasiticHost whines about Jia's not going to play along with the fun
[21:23] <parasiticHost> Light, I don't think we'll pull it for this game :(
[21:24] <Light02> eh this one wasn't ment much for what your planning ;)
[21:24] <parasiticHost> trust me, I'm not limited in my abilities ;)
[21:27] * Joins: XiangHua
[21:27] <parasiticHost> PrinnY?
[21:27] * XiangHua waves to himself, decides only one of him needs to be here.
[21:27] * Parts: LanceDearnis
[21:27] <XiangHua> Me just left.
[21:28] * parasiticHost whines atLD :(
[21:28] * Stratagemini is now known as Cool_Hand_Bruce
[21:30] * parasiticHost is now known as Mizuno
[21:32] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> brb
[21:32] <Mizuno> are we waiting on Pale?
[21:36] <Dorin> tes
[21:36] <Dorin> *yes
[21:37] <Mizuno> can I kick pale when he does show up for being late
[21:37] * Joins: Pale_Wolf
[21:37] * ChanServ sets mode: +h Pale_Wolf
[21:38] <Pale_Wolf> Bleh.
[21:38] <Pale_Wolf> Sorry about lateness, frasking connection...
[21:38] * Mizuno bites Pale bad kitty/Puppy
[21:38] <Light02> your only 4 minutes early
[21:38] * Joins: Switchblade
[21:38] * Parts: Pale_Wolf
[21:38] * Switchblade is now known as Dakota
[21:38] <Mizuno> who is that?
[21:39] <Dakota> Me :P
[21:39] <Mizuno> kitty/puppy?
[21:39] <Light02> that's Wolf
[21:39] <Light02> look at the isp
[21:39] <Dakota> Well, that answers who YOU are... :P
[21:39] <Mizuno> there's an ISP listed in here?
[21:39] <Light02> that's pH Wolf
[21:39] <Mizuno> since I'm the only one who generally calls him that, he can only hope
[21:40] <Mizuno> or I could have gotten followers :)
[21:40] <Light02> lol
[21:40] <Mizuno> which is always a possiblity, as ppl listen to me knowing it'll prolly be bad for them
[21:41] <Mizuno> or someoene else :)
[21:41] <Dakota> Who refer to you in the first person, too.
[21:41] <Dakota> That's gotta be weird.
[21:41] <Dorin> Alright, all up/>?
[21:41] <XiangHua> Yup
[21:41] <Dakota> People who refer to their master as 'I'...
[21:41] <Dorin> Lance, your sheet refuses to come through
[21:41] * Mizuno whines at her Owner
[21:41] <Dakota> Ah, Dor, gotta send my sheet in since you were never around before :P
[21:42] <Light02> (so you already got my sheet Dori?)
[21:42] <Dorin> Light: No
[21:42] <Mizuno> Dorin, any points?
[21:44] <Dorin> I haven't read your bio, I'll have to get to it later. If you have to go to bed in little over an hour, we're only going to get some intro material out of the way
[21:44] <Mizuno> yes we will
[21:44] <Mizuno> 1 2 3 go!
[21:45] <XiangHua> Bah
[21:45] <XiangHua> What's your e-mail?
[21:45] <Light02> (0_o ack sent it to
[21:45] <Dorin> lol, oops
[21:45] <XiangHua> You should tell me so I can e-mail it to toy
[21:45] <XiangHua> You
[21:45] <Light02> replying to the addy you sent your sheets for my game in
[21:46] * Mizuno sets Light's sheet on fire :)
[21:46] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> back
[21:47] <Mizuno> Strat?
[21:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> yup
[21:47] <Mizuno> we should have so done what my grandparents did to my aunt, move and not tell you :)
[21:48] <Dorin> Alright, all that stuff is in
[21:48] <Light02> (now did you get it)
[21:48] <Dorin> Yes
[21:48] <Light02> (ok)
[21:49] <Mizuno> dorin was I voted most popular?
[21:49] * XiangHua kicks Dorin.
[21:49] <XiangHua> What's your e-mail?
[21:49] <Dorin> I got it Lance, I got it
[21:49] * Light02 is now known as Axel_Almer
[21:49] <XiangHua> Ah
[21:49] <XiangHua> Sent a slightly updated one already...and...Axel...heheheh.
[21:50] <XiangHua> Looking for Beowulf? :P
[21:50] <Axel_Almer> actually that's who I listed as the name for the rivial :p
[21:50] <Dorin> Anyway, with the time that is accorded to us
[21:51] <Dorin> I'm going to assume everyone has read the background post?
[21:51] <Mizuno> how many ppl have a nemesis?
[21:51] <Axel_Almer> yup
[21:51] <Mizuno> there was a background post?
[21:51] <Dakota> Yuppers.
[21:51] <XiangHua> Indeed
[21:51] * Dorin slams head into desk and growls at Diane
[21:52] * Mizuno whines and notes that Dorin didn't mention it and he lives 3 damn minutes away!
[21:52] <Mizuno> go ahead and start, I'll catch up :)
[21:52] * Axel_Almer just watches the byplay between Dori and Diane
[21:52] <XiangHua>
[21:52] <Dorin> Ah well, no matter
[21:53] <Dorin> We'll just proceed
[21:53] * Mizuno huggles Dorin and goes to read while dorin types ... sighs
[21:53] <Dorin> Anyway, beginning
[21:54] * JiaGai will probably have to sit today out, just can't get his sheet done.
[21:56] <Dorin> --To each was sent a letter of invitation to an unnamed tournament, the purpose of which was unlisted. If there is prize money, fame, fancy trouphies, women/men, whatever there might be was a reward, was left unsaid. Curiosity grabbed your attention, and here you are. Knowing only this is a Phoenix Group sponsered event. The Phoenix, half-myth and rumor itself, lends an air of myster to the whole thing, but otherwise you're simply>>
[21:58] <Dakota> (We're simply?)
[21:58] <Dorin> here, for whatever reasons. Personal honor, satisfation, a good fight. Whatever the case, here is where you are. In, by the exterior, is nothing more than an abandoned apartment building in the middle of one of South Town's ignored slums. The crime in the system is at an all time low, but rising once again, but major investment in these crumbling old gang hideouts and thieves' dens has been slow coming. Maybe it's an underground street>>
[21:58] <Mizuno> ((read, will talk to you later about it, dorin :) ))
[21:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Maybe it's an underground street>>
[22:00] * Joins: Pale_Wolf
[22:00] * ChanServ sets mode: +h Pale_Wolf
[22:00] * Parts: Pale_Wolf
[22:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> it cuts off.
[22:00] <Mizuno> ((he's typing the next bit)
[22:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (is he?)
[22:01] <Mizuno> (yes)
[22:01] <Dorin> fighting arena. That is, until you arrive inside, in a sub-basement of the building. What was a parking garage, now looked like a million dollar palace. Not a bare patch of concrete or blacktop anywhere. Hardwood flooring, rich drapped walls. Quite a place. Together, there are sixteen people total, lined up in two rows of eight. Some of them are easily recognizable, most aren't. You easily recall a man that like to simply call 'Basher' a>>
[22:01] <Mizuno> ((that's what the arrows there indicate :) ))
[22:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> ( 'Basher' a>>?)
[22:02] <Mizuno> ((dang, I was hoping for a fightclub bit))
[22:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (this is what I was hoping for.
[22:03] <Dorin> hulking brute of a man who liked to use sumo and aikido in a very strange combination, but he's damn good. The 'make it into the semi-finals at Fatal Fury' kind of good. Before the group, a skinny, wrinkled up old man who was in the entirely wrong place. Dressed in a 'loud' Hawaii shirt, with a Gilligan style fishing hat on his head, and leaning in on a simple woodcane. His eyes peer from behind thin glasses, studying everyone.
[22:04] <Dorin> oh for the love of god, I'm gonna kill my roommate when he shows back up; his damn alarm is on and not going off!)
[22:04] * Mizuno puts Dorin's roommate in the game and kills him :)
[22:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (i'm assuming that last part wasn't dialog?)
[22:04] <Mizuno> ((nope, hehe))
[22:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (so we have E. Honda and Master Roshi?)
[22:05] <Mizuno> ((can we RP now?))
[22:05] <Axel_Almer> (you mean E Honda and Jackie Chun)
[22:06] <Dorin> yes you can rp now)
[22:06] * Mizuno steps toward the man in the brilliant shirt "It's an interesting place you have here"
[22:06] <Dakota> (Hm, descriptions first?)
[22:06] <Dakota> (So we know who the heck we all are?)
[22:07] <Mizuno> ((is the chick in ninja clothes (black) with long white hair and a mark on her forehead-right side))
[22:07] * Axel_Almer looks around dressed in a sliver jacket with a white shirt underneath, sliver pants and boots his red hair and eyes make him stand apart from the group and a ornate series of earrings on his left ear
[22:08] * XiangHua is a striking young chinese woman - a woman, in her late twenties or early thirties - standing about with a rather foul expression on her face as she surveys some of the various competitors. She shakes her head, and her tightly tied hair stays in place as she rests at ease in the line.
[22:08] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is international rockstar "Cool Hand" Bruce Clapton. He stands 6'5" and is dressed in his traditional fighting outfit of an open vest and a pair of Black leather pants. Across his back is a custom made Gibson Les Paul electric guitar with a giant axe built into it.
[22:09] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is also a bald and well muscled black man.
[22:09] * Dakota is a shapely, gentle-featured girl in good shape. Neither especially tall, nor especially short for a Japanese girl. Her hair - a dark brown that's almost black - is very long, falling down even past her waist, though usually she keeps it up in some kind of order with a thick red ribbon:
[22:09] <Dakota> it sort of creates a ponytail, except that the hair is still pretty much free to fall in a more controlled pattern than if it's just left free. Light brown eyes, a soft and attractive face.
[22:09] <Mizuno> ((much like Strat would liek to be))
[22:09] <Axel_Almer> ( <---just ignore the black parts of the outfit)
[22:10] * Mizuno looks to be around 16ish and also has glowing yellow eyes and weird marks across her cheeks. She has an almost exotic beauty to her
[22:10] * Dakota looks around at everyone, lightly smiling.
[22:10] * XiangHua is also wearing, by the way, a traditional green and silver Chinese dress, the kind with slits down both sides, along with matching slippers.
[22:10] <XiangHua> (Oh, and. Does that means the black parts aren't there, or just aren't black?)
[22:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (he's not wearing pants!)
[22:11] <Axel_Almer> (color swap the black for sliver on the pants and white for the black on the undershirt)
[22:12] * Cool_Hand_Bruce looks around. Behind him are his four groupies. Larry, Moe, Curly, and Shemp. He looks condescendingly at the other competitors, playing with a small bag in his hands.
[22:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Roadies not groupies
[22:13] <Dorin> The old man adjusts his glasses and frowns at Mizuno. "I would suggest you take a step back, and get in line with everyone else."
[22:13] <Axel_Almer> (/me spots four people doing a slapstick rotuine with lots of Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk's)
[22:13] * Dakota looks generally excited about being there.
[22:14] * Mizuno 's eyes narrow to a glare but does as she is requested. She ignores the other competitors and speaks to the demon inside of her about that is going on
[22:15] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles brightly at the other competitor's flashing his trademark insolent grin.
[22:16] * Axel_Almer just shrugs, "so whens the first match?"
[22:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "that's a good question.
[22:16] * Dakota just continues looking around and waits for the hawaiian shirt dude to say something.
[22:16] <Dorin> The man clears his throat. "I'll be frank, everyone, shut up."
[22:17] <Dorin> That doesn't sit too well with many of the other fighters, but no one is in a position to argue with a man who might well be an official.
[22:17] * Axel_Almer just blinks but shuts up
[22:18] * Dakota frowns, idly wondering what his frustration is.
[22:18] * XiangHua narrows her eyes and fixates her glare on him, now, but refrainsfrom saying anything for the same reason as the others - it'd be rather bad to get kicked out of the tournament for rising to the bait.
[22:18] * Mizuno just continues her glare but doesn't show any movement or other indication of her feelings of thoughts
[22:19] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles insolently, but keeps quiet.
[22:19] <Dorin> Casting his brown-eyed gaze around the crowd, he nods. "Good. Now, you've all been called here for various reasons, none of which I am obligated to disclose. I will state this, as a simple matter of fact. This tournament, is not about your personal agendas, desires, or anything else of that like. Instead, you are here to determine who is the most worthy of performing a task on behalf of the Phoenix Group."
[22:20] * Dakota cocks her head, raising an eyebrow.
[22:21] * Axel_Almer looks on slightly intriged
[22:21] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles again, this time in surprise.
[22:21] <Mizuno> The demon inside of Mizuno's head started to speak rabidly about some of hte history of the Phoenix Group, none of it that good
[22:21] * XiangHua nods, looking a little impatient with the man's description of the purpose of the tournament.
[22:22] <Dakota> (Uh, one thing PH - if we can't see the demon in your skull, isn't it all around more dramatic to reveal this to us at an appropriate time and just tell us what we can see?)
[22:22] <Mizuno> (you can't see it))
[22:23] <Mizuno> ((and where's the fun in that :P ))
[22:23] <Dakota> (Then, why tell us the details of what it's doing? Our characters don't know and it just spoils the surprise.)
[22:23] <Mizuno> (fine ...)
[22:23] <Axel_Almer> (it's called characterization any writer would know that)
[22:23] <Dorin> From a pocket in his coat, the fellow produces what appears to be a solid-gold item, roughly the size and shape of a police badge. "This, is an important piece of martial history, and further, a very dangerous item in the wrong hands. This tournament is too determine who is most capable of carrying, and defending it." His eyes cast around one more time. "Now, the common question, 'what's in it for us?' The winner, and bearer,>>
[22:23] * Dakota frowns a bit, muttering something.
[22:23] <Mizuno> ((doesn't write that often))
[22:24] <Dorin> "will be given an open seat on the Phoenix Group's controlling council, along with other little prizes and benefits."
[22:26] * Cool_Hand_Bruce looks intrigued.
[22:26] * Axel_Almer smirks thinking 'this should be fun to pull off'
[22:26] * XiangHua gets a glint in her eyes for a moment, but it quickly disappers, replaced with the same frown as before towards the man.
[22:26] * Dakota taps her cheek, curious what it is.
[22:27] * Mizuno shows no reaction and waits to see what else the guy has to say
[22:27] <Dorin> "That is whole point of this little tournament, and it is vital we find someone worthy of carrying this. The lot of you, whether selfishly motivated or not, are the least likely of all the possible fighters to give up this item for any reason other than someone prying it from your cold-dead hands
[22:28] * Cool_Hand_Bruce mutters to himself. "You got that right."
[22:28] * Dakota frowns, nodding slowly.
[22:29] <Dorin> The man frowns at Bruce, just a slight twitch of his lips downward. "Didn't I say to shut up? No talking until I'm done."
[22:29] * Mizuno smirks at that for a moment and then goes back to being stoic
[22:29] * Axel_Almer winces at the loudmouth rock wanna be humming a song from Inori Yagami in his head
[22:31] <Dorin> "Now, bear in mind, whoever wins, will be marked by extremely powerful forces. Your life will become hell, of this there is no doubt. But, being fighters, I take it most of you life for the challenge. But, if you want to back out, now is the time to do it. Just leave the way you came in, and this will be a finished deal. Stay, and you are accepting the responsibility."
[22:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Iori Yagami
[22:31] * Cool_Hand_Bruce glares at Axel's bad taste
[22:32] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (What happens if we leave?)
[22:32] <Dakota> (Roll a new character :P )
[22:32] <Axel_Almer> (probably what Wolf said)
[22:32] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Heh. Thought so)
[22:32] <Mizuno> ((all of that work you did will be for naught))
[22:32] * Dakota frowns. "Sir, a question. What if we win, but do not want the prize? May we pass it on?"
[22:33] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (hell no.)
[22:33] <XiangHua> (""That is whole point of this little tournament, and it is vital we find someone worthy of carrying this. The lot of you, whether selfishly motivated or not, are the least likely of all the possible fighters to give up this item for any reason other than someone prying it from your cold-dead hands"....what do you think?)
[22:34] <Dorin> The man frowned. "There is no alternative, either you are in, or not in"
[22:34] * Dakota frowns.
[22:35] <Mizuno> "If you don't want to take it, then leave and let others have a better shot"
[22:35] * Cool_Hand_Bruce wonders what that prize is.
[22:38] <Dorin> "I will speak you on the matter, privatly, later." Dismissing Dakota's concerns with ease. "You'll have a good reason to be here, you can trust me on that."
[22:39] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "Hm. I'll stay long enough to hear then." She nods and steps back into line.
[22:40] <Dorin> "Any others?" None of the other fighters had a thing to say, or show signs of backing out.
[22:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "What exactly is the Prize?"
[22:40] <Mizuno> "Can we get this show going?" Mizuno sounds just a bit impatient with this whole deal
[22:42] <Dorin> The man snorted at Mizuno and shrugged at Bruce. "That will be explanined only to the winner."
[22:43] * Cool_Hand_Bruce nods.
[22:43] * Cool_Hand_Bruce also smiles.
[22:43] * Joins: D-bot
[22:44] <Dakota> (Heh)
[22:44] <Mizuno> ((we have LD))
[22:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Run! It's a Doom Bot!)
[22:44] <Dakota> (Sounds like that's a 'Yes', Mizu)
[22:44] <Axel_Almer> (lol)
[22:44] <Axel_Almer> (if push comes to shove I can summon my dicebot)
[22:44] <Mizuno> (votes for LD"s bot, as it works better))
[22:44] <Dorin> "Now, if that matter is concluded, then everyone will draw lots." A box was brought out by a run of the mill servent.
[22:45] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Remember, there's only 3 letters difference between Dice and Doom.)
[22:45] <Dakota> (Only four letters between Dice and Death, too)
[22:45] <Mizuno> ((you 2are silly))
[22:45] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Yeah, but that ruins the effect)
[22:46] <Dakota> (I critfailed four times in the very first battle of one game, I reserve the right to silliness :P )
[22:46] <Axel_Almer> (lol me Dori are used to these two knuckleheads)
[22:46] <Dorin> "Step up, take a number"
[22:46] <Mizuno> (lol)
[22:46] <Dakota> (... Wow, someone I feel like I should be highly offended at the comparison :P )
[22:46] * Axel_Almer will step up and draw
[22:46] * Mizuno steps up and grabs her number
[22:46] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Dice is a four letter word. no wonder Dorin Beeped it out on his bot.)
[22:47] * Cool_Hand_Bruce steps up and grabs a number
[22:47] <Mizuno> (LD's bot is nicer)
[22:47] * Dakota quietly steps up and takes a number.
[22:47] <Axel_Almer> (what do we need to roll for our fight spots)
[22:47] <Mizuno> (can I hav the number23?)
[22:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (42~)
[22:47] <Dorin> (pretty much)
[22:47] <Axel_Almer> (says you the only good roll I had that night was my fort)
[22:48] <Axel_Almer> (I was asking how many fighters to divide by two for lots)
[22:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (what are we rolling? 1d20?
[22:48] <Mizuno> (shreds Strat's number, hehe)
[22:48] <Dorin> (1d16, repeat numbers a reroll)
[22:48] <Dakota> (Well, there are only eighteen contestants...)
[22:48] <Dakota> roll 1d16
[22:48] <Axel_Almer> rol 1d16
[22:48] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d16 --> 12,0[ 1d16=15 ]12,0{15}
[22:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d16
[22:48] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d16 --> 12,0[ 1d16=12 ]12,0{12}
[22:48] <Mizuno> 1d16
[22:48] <XiangHua> 4Mizuno rolled 1 16-sided dice.  <10 16 >  Total: 16 (16).
[22:48] * Dorin rolls eyes at Diane)
[22:49] <Dakota> (... Wait a sec, wha?)
[22:49] <Mizuno> ((I told you I like LD's better))
[22:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (That's Cheating!
[22:49] <Axel_Almer> (indeed)
[22:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You can't do that!)
[22:49] <Dakota> (We must all use the same dicebot :P )
[22:49] <XiangHua> roll 1d16
[22:49] <D-bot> 6,0XiangHua rolled :12,0 1d16 --> 12,0[ 1d16=4 ]12,0{4}
[22:49] <Axel_Almer> (my house rule is if you got a dice bot use the one provided by the DM)
[22:49] <Mizuno> (notes that Dorin didn't say I couldn't sue LD's)
[22:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (make teh cheater reroll!)
[22:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (and No Suing! This isn't a court of law!)
[22:50] <Dorin> (Diane, I believe we've had this conversation)
[22:50] <Mizuno> (kill joy)
[22:50] <Mizuno> roll 1d16
[22:50] <D-bot> 6,0Mizuno rolled :12,0 1d16 --> 12,0[ 1d16=16 ]12,0{16}
[22:50] <Mizuno> happy?
[22:50] <Axel_Almer> (...)
[22:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (...)
[22:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (She must have cheated...)
[22:50] <XiangHua> (......)
[22:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Somehow...)
[22:50] <Dakota> (... How?)
[22:50] <Dorin> (She's good at that)
[22:50] <Dorin> Anyway)
[22:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Fucked if I know?)
[22:51] * Quits: D-bot (Quit: )
[22:51] <Dakota> (Actually, that was a more generalized '... How did she roll that?')
[22:51] <Mizuno> (it's b/c I'm the only chic ;) )
[22:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You have no empiracal proof about that. Rock could be a chick for all you know.)
[22:52] <XiangHua> (As could - wait, you two know I'm not.)
[22:52] <Mizuno> (LD, I met you ...)
[22:52] <Axel_Almer> (you only met 2 of us lol)
[22:53] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Right. back to teh game!)
[22:53] <Mizuno> (well, you all act like guys, and trust me, girls act differently)
[22:53] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (that's cause they're all insane.)
[22:53] <Mizuno> (yes, dorin as 10 min before I go to bed as I have to be up at 6 AM and I haven't slept well the last couple of nights)
[22:54] <Mizuno> (Strat, you're on the list :P)
[22:54] <Dorin> After the entire line had proceeded to draw lots, the old man turned and moved to the center of ring drawn in the center of the room. "There will be no killing in this tournament, you fight until you can't get up, or I call the match in favor of or another." The first two up were the most mismatched of the lot. The massive 'Basher' and a little woman who didn't even top 4'10" compared to a man who towered near to seven. This was going to be bad.
[22:55] <Mizuno> (cheers for the short chic)
[22:56] <XiangHua> ($10 on the short chick.)
[22:56] * Axel_Almer looks at the competors "this will be very short"
[22:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (the list of people omen Like to pick on? I've been on that for 27 years and counting.)
[22:56] * Dakota glances at her opponent, frowning slightly, then turns her attention to watch the fight.
[22:56] <Axel_Almer> ($40 on the short chick)
[22:56] * XiangHua nods to Axel, with what seems to be an unconscious reply to his statement. "Of course, it will be."
[22:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I'll take those bets.)
[22:56] <Dorin> ...and, the session closes here tonight; short though it is; that alarm is driving me insane!)
[22:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (What? NO!)
[22:56] <Dorin> I can barely concentrate)
[22:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (you can kill teh alarm!)
[22:57] <Dakota> (Uh... Yeah, can't you turn it off?)
[22:57] <Dorin> I wish, my room mate locked his door)
[22:57] <Axel_Almer> (then pick the damn lock)
[22:57] * Mizuno huggles dorin and wants to know points for tonight
[22:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Headphones!)
[22:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Rock music!)
[22:57] <Dorin> (... Well, if absolutly insist, I'll give you another hour)
[22:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Yay!)
[22:58] <Mizuno> (can LD control my PC? he's got my sheet)
[22:58] <Dorin> (Dunno what exactly Minzuno does when the action starts, but alright)
[22:58] <Dakota> (Wootnesses!)
[22:58] <Axel_Almer> (hiro yatta! /hiro)
[22:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (you misspelled W00T...)
[22:58] <Dorin> (I suppose Diane)
[22:58] <Dakota> (Letter substitition is 100% permissible)
[22:59] <Dorin> Anyway, pressing on)
[22:59] <Axel_Almer> (...Diane meet the one person who can quote hamlet in L33T)
[22:59] <Dakota> (... Hm. Wouldn't exactly be fair to have her first fight as under someone else's control, though...)
[22:59] <XiangHua> (I guess...I have a kunoichi now too!)
[22:59] <Mizuno> (ok, cuz I'm tired and I doubt I'll be fighting b/c that will prolly take an hour or so)
[22:59] <XiangHua> (Well, I doubt we'll get to Axel vs Mizuno in an hour...)
[22:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (A Ninja's fine too...)
[22:59] <Axel_Almer> (nope)
[22:59] <XiangHua> (Besides NPC fights, me and Bruce are up first.)
[22:59] <Dakota> (Axel? That'd be Dakota vs Mizuno :P )
[22:59] <XiangHua> (Whoops, my bad)
[23:00] <Dakota> (Maybe we could go in inverse order and do the 15-16 first? :P )
[23:00] <XiangHua> (Axel never rolled!0
[23:00] <Axel_Almer> (I got a 15)
[23:00] <Mizuno> (diane hast to be up at 6 AM!)
[23:00] <Dakota> (Nope, that was my roll)
[23:00] <Axel_Almer> roll 1d16
[23:00] <XiangHua> (no, you typed rol 1d16 instead of roll 1d16)
[23:00] <Dakota> (Yours was missing an l and never triggered)
[23:00] <Mizuno> drop the roll)
[23:00] <XiangHua> (Just use 1d16 now for my dbot)
[23:00] <Axel_Almer> 1d16
[23:00] <XiangHua> (Dorin's is...uh, gone)
[23:00] <XiangHua> 4Axel_Almer rolled 1 16-sided dice.  <10 15 >  Total: 15 (15).
[23:00] <XiangHua> (....rofl. Try again, no repeats)
[23:01] <Dakota> (Heh)
[23:01] <Axel_Almer> 1d16
[23:01] <XiangHua> 4Axel_Almer rolled 1 16-sided dice.  <10 10 >  Total: 10 (10).
[23:01] <Mizuno> (dorin, we won't get to my fight tonight, right?)
[23:01] <Dorin> nope)
[23:01] <Dakota> (Awww ;_; )
[23:02] <Mizuno> (good, assume that my PC will stand there and look uninterested like a ninja!)
[23:02] <Mizuno> (night night guys)
[23:02] <Dorin> The oldman dropped his hand and the fight was on. Basher moving to slap the short woman in the head with a textbook body chop, only to have the whole thing go to hell in a handbasket. Not in the ring, mind, everywhere else in the room. Shadows boiled up from behind several people and many of the fighters dropped unconcious before anyone noticed what was going on. Dakota sensed an evil presense, and Mizuno senses went off. Then, the wall behind>>
[23:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (A real ninja isn't seen at all...)
[23:02] * Mizuno is now known as pH|Snoozing
[23:03] <Dakota> (/me blinkblinks. ... Well, that's exciting... Finish narrating so we can react :P )
[23:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Did I sense anything?)
[23:04] <Axel_Almer> 1d20+9
[23:04] <XiangHua> 4Axel_Almer rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 18 >  Total: 18 (27).
[23:04] <Dorin> the old man exploded and threw himself and the two combatants clear through the air, crashing into the groud. Two forms entered, one hulking, the other more normal. Neither looked too human. Although their faces were hidden behind masks, their forms were anthropomorphic. The high-pitch from the shorter was decidedly femanine in tone. "Fu fu fu, I think you over did it dear. Now, retrieve item...oh...dear, people are still awake."
[23:04] <Axel_Almer> (knowlege occult)
[23:04] * Dakota whirls around, scanning and reaching up to her throat for a pendant, a swirling mass of dark purple whirling up around her.
[23:04] * Joins: D-bot
[23:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> 1d20+18
[23:05] <XiangHua> 4Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 20 >  Total: 20 (38).
[23:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Knowledge occult)
[23:05] <Dorin> We can use Lance's for tonightt hen)
[23:05] * Quits: D-bot (Input/output error)
[23:05] <Dakota> 1d20+18 Knowledge Occult
[23:05] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 13 >  Total: 13 (31).
[23:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Holy Shit! A Nat 20!)
[23:06] * XiangHua stares as things just burst into chaos; she goes down into a crouch quickly, though, trying to make herself ready to move at whatever these two figures were. "Why are you people here?" she asks.
[23:06] <Dakota> (Took you that long to notice?)
[23:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Sorry, I was distracted by something... very distracting.)
[23:06] <Dorin> (The lot of you take notice of the fact these shadows strike your memories as familiar. Basic creatures conjured up through sorcery. Easily dispersed, the problem, unless the summoner was knocked out, they kept coming.
[23:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (does this know how come with any idea who the hell teh sorceror is?)
[23:07] * Dakota frowns and takes her pendant into her hand. "Good afternoon. May I ask what you are doing here?"
[23:07] <Dorin> The female sounding figure just gives an irritating giggle. "We're here for the item kept in the hands of the Phoenix, of course. Now, if you'll please stand aside."
[23:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that you weren't invited."
[23:07] <Axel_Almer> "summoned familiars" he says, "now that's a kick in the pants"
[23:07] <Dorin> (It shouldn't be too hard to figure out which two it might be)
[23:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I hate Party Crashers."
[23:08] <Axel_Almer> (and there goes my 40 bucks)
[23:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Hah!)
[23:08] * Dakota shakes her head. "I apologize. However, I believe I would rather carve your head from your shoulders."
[23:08] <Dorin> The shorter almost seemed to pout. "That mean old Moses, never inviting us to his little shindigs. We decided to invite ourselves"
[23:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "The item, you know what it is by the way?"
[23:08] <Dorin> "But of course I know"
[23:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Will you tell us?"
[23:09] <Dorin> She laughed. "You're funny. Why should I bother to explain this to you? Now, if you'll be so kind as to get out of the way"
[23:09] * XiangHua just sares for a moment, then shakes her head. "...You're both worthless. You two will be better off if you leave now."
[23:10] <Dakota> "Scinfaxi, Set Up." Her pendant shifts and changes into a large - as in polearm-scale - double-headed battleaxe almost as large as Dakota herself, which she takes in both hands.
[23:10] * Axel_Almer takes a stance, "over my dead body bitch"
[23:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I'm not feeling very generous right now. I'm afraid that You'll have to die instead."
[23:10] <Dakota> "I would not. My apologies."
[23:10] * Dakota bows slightly, and braces her axe.
[23:10] * Cool_Hand_Bruce unslings his Guitar and calls out to the shadows (not the familiars) to coallesce.
[23:11] <Dorin> "Oh well. My dear, if you would be so kind." And she motioned to the larger man, who stepped out front of her and draw a massive o-dachi, still in the sheath, from his coat. His eyes, unlike the woman's, seemed dead. Lifeless.
[23:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (roll init?)
[23:11] <Axel_Almer> "so which one do you want the big on or the little one?"
[23:11] <Dorin> She gave a wave of her hand, and the shadows formed a group around her, protecting her, and she smiled. "Time to die, folks."
[23:11] <Dorin> (yeap, initiative)
[23:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> 1d20+20
[23:12] <XiangHua> 4Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 19 >  Total: 19 (39).
[23:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Cool hands bring cool results.)
[23:12] <XiangHua> 4XiangHua rolled 1 20-sided dice (121d20+3). <10 19 > Total: 19 (22).
[23:12] <XiangHua> (...+20? What the HELL?)
[23:12] <Axel_Almer> 1d20+10 init
[23:12] <XiangHua> 4Axel_Almer rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 11 >  Total: 11 (21).
[23:12] <Dakota> roll 1d20+18
[23:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (10, +4 +4 +2)
[23:12] <Dakota> 1s20+18
[23:12] <Dorin> (1d20 Pale ;P)
[23:12] <XiangHua> (What's base init again?)
[23:12] <Axel_Almer> (he upped his xex lots)
[23:13] * Dakota twirls her axe. "Take the summoner. I will take her toy."
[23:13] <Dakota> 1d20+18
[23:13] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 13 >  Total: 13 (31).
[23:13] <Dorin> (Dex+improved ini+speed ranks+whatever else)
[23:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Let's give her teh Axe."
[23:13] <Axel_Almer> (dex)
[23:13] <XiangHua> (Do you add your level?...thought so.)
[23:13] <XiangHua> (My init is terrible >_>)
[23:13] <Dorin> 1d20+15
[23:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (my Dex is 30 and I have 2 ranks improved init)
[23:13] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 18 >  Total: 18 (33).
[23:13] <Dorin> 1d20+25
[23:13] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 5 >  Total: 5 (30).
[23:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (and Speed)
[23:14] <XiangHua> (My dex is NOT 30.)
[23:14] <Dorin> Lance, can that script handle multiple individual dice?)
[23:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (teleport is a move action right?)
[23:14] <Dorin> (I'm pretty sure, yes)
[23:14] <Axel_Almer> "looks like I got the big guy then," he says with a smirk, "more fun for me"
[23:14] <Dakota> (Hey, I claimed him! :P )
[23:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (So I go first, assuming the mooks don't have +25 init.)
[23:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (or roll nat 20s)
[23:15] <XiangHua> (It can)
[23:16] <XiangHua> (And is Mizuno conscious?)
[23:16] * Dorin changes topic to 'Bruce, Lady, Dakota, Dude, Axel'
[23:16] <Dorin> For simplicity sake, nope)
[23:16] <Dorin> And what's the command for that?)
[23:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (no LD?)
[23:16] <Dorin> ah, it was at the top, missed it)
[23:16] <XiangHua> (2d8)
[23:16] <XiangHua> (Or 3d8, or 7d20, or whatever)
[23:16] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Smiles Wildly, his eyes flashing with r3eal joy as he dissappears and teleports behind the Lady.
[23:16] <XiangHua> (You also forgot me!)
[23:17] <XiangHua> (In the init!)
[23:17] * Dorin changes topic to 'Bruce, Lady, Dakota, Dude, Hua, Axel, Shadows-last'
[23:17] * Dakota spares one hand and reaches into a pocket, drawing out a sheaf of paper charms which she slips into one of the hands clasped around her massive axe.
[23:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (If I'm behind her, taht means she's flatfooted right?
[23:17] <Dorin> 1d20+18
[23:17] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 9 >  Total: 9 (27).
[23:17] <Dorin> (not this time)
[23:18] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (okay, no sneak attack)
[23:18] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> 1d20+20 to hit the lady.
[23:18] <XiangHua> 4Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 1 >  Total: 1 (21).
[23:18] <XiangHua> (Niiiice.)
[23:18] <Dakota> (Hahhahahahaahahhahaahahhaahahah!!!!!)
[23:18] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Fuck! It seduced me with nats on pointless rolls!)
[23:18] <Axel_Almer> (>.<)
[23:18] <Dakota> (And the tone of the game was set...)
[23:19] * Axel_Almer winces "that's gonna leave a mark"
[23:19] <Dorin> And she turns to laugh at Bruce. "I've heard of you. Not a big fan of your work though." As he takes a slice, which she leans away from, and he crashes into the ground.
[23:19] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Did I hit myuself in teh face with the axe?)
[23:20] <Dorin> (first time you critfail, no, after that, I roll to determine what happens)
[23:20] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Well, at least I made an impression."
[23:20] <Dorin> "Yes, and let me show you the meaning of real 'hotpants'"
[23:20] * Dakota blinks. "Save the guitar-man, sir? I will keep the remainder off you."
[23:20] * XiangHua shakes her head as she remains in her position as he falls. "...Pathetic. Another one who can't control his weapon."
[23:20] <Dorin> 1d20+19
[23:20] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 1 >  Total: 1 (20).
[23:20] * Cool_Hand_Bruce struggles to get up.
[23:21] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (hah! Combat is all crit fails!)
[23:21] <Dakota> (... And SHE critfails too?)
[23:21] <JiaGai> (this is turning into a comedy)
[23:21] <Dorin> And her spell explodes in her face, causing her to cough smoke. "Gak! Too much mouthwash!"
[23:21] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (All Critfails all the time Baby!)
[23:21] <Dorin> (Dakota)
[23:21] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "mouthwash?"
[23:21] <Dorin> "Yes, my breath is always minty fresh...I need to switch brands, too much alcohol"
[23:22] * Dakota narrows her eyes slightly, and there's simply a massive CRACK as she stands in front of the big guy, hands swirling and planting charms on him.
[23:22] <Dakota> 3#1d20+20-4
[23:22] <Dakota> Bah.
[23:22] <XiangHua> (Uh)
[23:22] <XiangHua> (3d20+20-4)
[23:22] <Dakota> 1d20+20-4
[23:22] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 16 >  Total: 16 (32).
[23:22] <Dakota> 1d20+20-4
[23:22] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 19 >  Total: 19 (35).
[23:22] <Dakota> 1d20+20-4
[23:22] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 15 >  Total: 15 (31).
[23:22] <XiangHua> (Not 3#1)
[23:23] <Dorin> (Exorcism scrolls?)
[23:23] <Dakota> (Spirit wards)
[23:23] <Axel_Almer> (onmiyoji?)
[23:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Okonomiyaki?)
[23:23] <Dakota> (So he can dodge, but if they hit each one ought to do 3d8 per round)
[23:24] <Dakota> (The axe is about the right size :P )
[23:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (to slice Okonomiyaki?)
[23:24] <Dorin> The bigman just stands there, the wards smoking a moment, then a dull thump exploded through the air.
[23:24] <Dakota> (To be comparable to Ukyou's spatula)
[23:24] <Dorin> (roll a level check)
[23:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (ah.)
[23:24] <Axel_Almer> (no to double as Ukyo's Baker's Peal)
[23:24] <Dakota> (Level check?)
[23:24] <Dorin> (yeah, add your level and...what is it, wisdom bonus to a check)
[23:25] <Dorin> 1d20+28
[23:25] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 12 >  Total: 12 (40).
[23:25] <Dorin> (not that is has much of a chance of working ;P)
[23:26] <Dakota> (Ah, nope, this one is the Spirit Ward attribute - description says this one's a straight evasion. Ie, he has to actually dodge it)
[23:26] <Dorin> (That's not a dodge)
[23:26] <Dorin> (roll a level check)
[23:26] <Dorin> (I have reasons for these things)
[23:26] <Dakota> 1d20+10+10 ?
[23:26] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 15 >  Total: 15 (35).
[23:27] <Dakota> (Do it twice more for the other two?)
[23:27] <Dorin> The magic in the wards fights valiantly, but some force repulses them, causing them to turn to ash before they can cause any real harm. Some manner of barrier, or dark magic.
[23:27] <Dorin> (No, just once)
[23:28] <Dorin> (anything else on this one?)
[23:28] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (It would be a really bad Idea to use Fatal feedback in here...)
[23:28] <Dorin> (yes, it would)
[23:29] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (so tempting though.)
[23:29] <Dorin> (-tap taps Pale-)
[23:29] * Dakota frowns, dropping another series of wards on him.
[23:29] <Dakota> 1d20+20-4
[23:29] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 20 >  Total: 20 (36).
[23:29] <Dakota> 1d20+20-4
[23:29] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 7 >  Total: 7 (23).
[23:29] <Dakota> 1d20+20-4
[23:29] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 1 >  Total: 1 (17).
[23:29] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Crits and Critfails, Which will you get?)
[23:29] <Axel_Almer> (....a crit and a critfial)
[23:30] <Dorin> Two of the wards stick, but in her anger Dakota stumbles and misses.
[23:30] <Dakota> (I know, I'm awesome, ain't I? :P )
[23:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I think Dorin's Doombot would have been a better bet.)
[23:30] <Dorin> 1d20+28
[23:30] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 1 >  Total: 1 (29).
[23:30] <XiangHua> (Heheheh.)
[23:30] <Dakota> (Roll too? ;) )
[23:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Yeah. the dice hate everyone.)
[23:30] <Dakota> 1d20+10+10 I is happy
[23:30] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 15 >  Total: 15 (35).
[23:30] <Dorin> This time, they overcome what ever power is hurled against them and begin to explode with power.
[23:31] <Dakota> (Double damage for the crit one? :P )
[23:31] <Dorin> Si)
[23:31] <Dakota> 3d8
[23:31] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 3 8-sided dice.  <10 8 1 1 >  Total: 10 (10).
[23:31] <Dakota> 6d8
[23:31] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 6 8-sided dice.  <10 7 3 5 5 8 3 >  Total: 31 (31).
[23:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Fuck. Is the floor freshly waxed or something. this is pathetic."
[23:32] * Dakota smiles faintly.
[23:32] <Dorin> The magic snarls and pops on the deadman, but he doesn't seem to notice.
[23:33] <Dorin> He swings the sheathed o-dachi with a wind kicking up from the blow
[23:33] <Dorin> 1d20+34
[23:33] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 18 >  Total: 18 (52).
[23:34] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (he has a higher to hit than I do...)
[23:34] <Axel_Almer> (...)
[23:34] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I have 30 dex and his to hit is higher...)
[23:34] <Axel_Almer> (indeed)
[23:34] <Dakota> (Who's he swinging it at? :P )
[23:34] <Dorin> (Dakota :P)
[23:34] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (the lady?)
[23:35] <Dakota> 1d20+30+2
[23:35] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 19 >  Total: 19 (51).
[23:35] <Dorin> (block defense?)
[23:35] * Dakota moves to block with the axe, but is just a hair slow apparently.
[23:35] <Dakota> (Yup)
[23:35] <Dorin> (anyway, roll a reflex save)
[23:35] <Dakota> 1d20+10
[23:35] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 2 >  Total: 2 (12).
[23:36] <Dorin> 1d10+10
[23:36] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 10-sided dice.  <10 6 >  Total: 6 (16).
[23:36] <Dakota> (Aaaaand, I pay for that crit with some dicehate... Ah well)
[23:36] <Axel_Almer> (wow these dice are pretty even on pc's to npcs0
[23:36] * Dakota winces as the odachi slips past her axehead and bites a bit into her shoulder.
[23:36] <Dorin> Dakota takes a sharp smack to her shoulder. The blow is so powerful is drops her to her knees, the bone stinging from the impact. The man then calmly proceeds past her, lightning popping on his body from the wards.
[23:37] <Dorin> (It's sheathed, so it's blunt trama, not a cut)
[23:37] <Dakota> (Ah true)
[23:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Damn that's freaky."
[23:37] <Dakota> (What the heck was that reflex save?)
[23:37] <Dorin> (Hua's up)
[23:37] <Dorin> (To see if you could remain upright from the blow)
[23:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Wait... who the hell attacks with a sheathed sword?"
[23:38] <Dorin> The woman hacks through her case of smoke-inhalation. "Obviously he does. If he's ever forced to draw that sword, you can rest assured you'll be dead."
[23:39] <Dorin> (-smacks lance-)
[23:39] <Axel_Almer> "only a true coward fights with a sheathed sword"
[23:39] * Dakota stands back up, swirling with purple. "Intimidating."
[23:39] <Dorin> "Oh, you'll see." She snickers.
[23:40] <Dorin> Lance?)
[23:41] <Axel_Almer> (/me pokes lance with my poking finger of awsomeness)
[23:41] <Dakota> (Diceman?)
[23:41] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (+2 to Poking, +7 to Awesome)
[23:41] <XiangHua> (Sorry, impromptu hall meeting.)
[23:41] <Dorin> (Ah, I can empathise, your turn)
[23:41] <XiangHua> (Our bathroom is a biohazard again >_<)
[23:41] <Dorin> (lol)
[23:42] <Axel_Almer> (you mean you rented your bathroom to Umbrella Corp again)
[23:42] <XiangHua> (I'll explain later, and I hope you didn't eat anything recently.)
[23:42] <Dorin> (Umbrella would be safer)
[23:42] <Axel_Almer> (;p)
[23:42] <XiangHua> (I assume guy is within 30 feet?)
[23:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Go man go)
[23:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Mach a Go Go!)
[23:43] <Dorin> Yes, you can hit him)
[23:44] * XiangHua slowly shifts her weight almost completely on her left leg, while focusing on the man as she shifts her stance ever so slightly to face him perfectly. Suddenly, then, the utilitarian choice of her dress becomes apparent - one flap flies up, and her leg almost seems to duplicate itself as she performs a series of standing kicks directed at the man, although still from outside of melee range.
[23:44] <XiangHua> 4XiangHua rolled 1 20-sided dice (121d20+13). <10 2 > Total: 2 (15).
[23:44] <XiangHua> (...Well, it hates me!)
[23:44] <Dorin> 1d20+27
[23:44] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 5 >  Total: 5 (32).
[23:44] <Dorin> Poor Hua's attack is blocked, by a finger...
[23:45] <XiangHua> (I'm really going to need to rebuild.)
[23:45] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Spinning Bird Kick!)
[23:45] <Dorin> (anything else?)
[23:45] <Axel_Almer> (poor person)
[23:45] <Axel_Almer> (my turn?)
[23:46] <XiangHua> (Extra Attack comes now or later?)
[23:46] <Dorin> (you can take it now)
[23:46] <Dorin> (with extra attacks, I'm going to allow it all on your turn, or you can wait till end of turn, just be sure to tell me you're using it)
[23:47] * XiangHua lowers her leg after the first volleyy misses, then becomes a brief blur of motion as she closes to melee rang before stopping for amoment - then th rear leg lashes forard in a thrust, an attempt to just break the man's guard instead of causing heavy damage.
[23:47] <XiangHua> 4XiangHua rolled 1 20-sided dice (121d20+17). <10 6 > Total: 6 (23).
[23:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Can I use mine at the end of this turn?)
[23:47] <Dorin> (can)
[23:47] <Dorin> 1d20+25
[23:47] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 9 >  Total: 9 (34).
[23:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (cool.)
[23:47] <Dorin> 1d20+20
[23:47] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 14 >  Total: 14 (34).
[23:47] <Dorin> (Lance, defense)
[23:47] <Dakota> (It BETTER not be 'that' attack of yours)
[23:48] <XiangHua> (Melee or ranged?)
[23:48] <Dorin> (melee)
[23:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (in a small enclosed area with lots of allies around? What do you take me for?)
[23:48] <XiangHua> 4XiangHua rolled 1 20-sided dice (121d20+21). <10 8 > Total: 8 (29).
[23:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Of COURSE It's THAT attack.)
[23:48] <Dorin> 1d10+10
[23:48] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 10-sided dice.  <10 10 >  Total: 10 (20).
[23:49] <XiangHua> (How much damage?)
[23:49] <Dorin> The man's fist closes on Hua's leg and his fist drives into her stomach, blowing breath from her lungs and leaving them burning.
[23:49] <Dorin> (20, ouch)
[23:49] <XiangHua> (Actually....)
[23:49] <Dakota> (... Yeah, knew it... Oya, what a Strat)
[23:49] <Dorin> (bleh; he grabs one leg and punches with the other)
[23:49] <XiangHua> (...Did you take into account force field?)
[23:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (punches with teh other leg?)
[23:49] <Axel_Almer> (my turn?)
[23:50] <Dorin> (Ah, didn't check to see you had one; how much does it protect against?)
[23:50] <XiangHua> (25 :P)
[23:50] <Dorin> (They have half forcefields? Or is this using my threshold rule?)
[23:50] <XiangHua> (I think before next session I'll have to lower overall defense and increase offense. That is your threshold rule, yeah)
[23:51] <Dorin> Okay)
[23:51] <Dorin> Xiang's defensive powers intercept the kinetic force of the punch, but her barrier suffers tremendously for it.
[23:51] <Dorin> (drop twenty, half the new total for threshhold next round unless you can renew it)
[23:51] <Dorin> (anything else?)
[23:52] <XiangHua> (I assume this means the threshold is 15/30 now?)
[23:52] <Dorin> (15, yes)
[23:52] <XiangHua> (right)
[23:52] <Dorin> (And yes Light, you can go now, unless Lance has something else to add)
[23:53] * XiangHua just smiles as the punch goes forward until it becomes motionloess; she seperates from the attack easily, withou t the slightest hint of disturbance on her face. "...I've seen worse."
[23:53] * Axel_Almer lets his aura fly as he rushes the short girl, "Kirin!!!!"
[23:53] <Axel_Almer> roll 1d20+17 Kirin
[23:53] <Dorin> (no roll command)
[23:54] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (no Roll)
[23:54] <Axel_Almer> 1d20+17 Kirin
[23:54] <XiangHua> 4Axel_Almer rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 11 >  Total: 11 (28).
[23:55] <Dorin> this melee?)
[23:55] <Axel_Almer> (yes)
[23:55] <Dorin> 1d20+17
[23:55] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 20 >  Total: 20 (37).
[23:55] <Axel_Almer> (0_o)
[23:55] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (...)
[23:55] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (We just can't win.)
[23:55] <Axel_Almer> (EP: 88 still used even if missed I assume)
[23:56] <Dorin> Her hand lashes out and Axel's forward momentum is halted dead before her palm. Then he flies backward as if he was fighting Yoda.
[23:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I Might have to use... That Attack.)
[23:56] <Axel_Almer> (I do have one more attack which I will take)
[23:56] <Dorin> (yeap)
[23:56] <Dorin> (go right ahead and give it a shot Light)
[23:57] * Axel_Almer looks at her again his aura flaring again this time he gathers it into a large ball, "Dragon Scale!"
[23:57] <Axel_Almer> 1d20+10 ranged
[23:57] <XiangHua> 4Axel_Almer rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 11 >  Total: 11 (21).
[23:57] <Dorin> 1d20+22
[23:57] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 8 >  Total: 8 (30).
[23:57] <Dakota> (Um, don't use That Attack when your ENTIRE party is standing around him in melee)
[23:57] <Dorin> And again her hands swirl, and the attack is batted away.
[23:58] <Dorin> Crashing into the wall and exploding rather harmlessly. They've been ready for that here.
[23:58] <Axel_Almer> "ok now that's just cheating right there missy," he says a bit dismayed, "no jedi powers in a maritial artist fight"
[23:58] <Dorin> "You boys are naughty, picking on a woman." If she was indeed a woman, the clothes were too billowy to tell. "Get them!"
[23:59] <Axel_Almer> (ep: 78)
[23:59] <Dorin> And the shadows swarm on Axel and Bruce.
[23:59] <Dorin> 4d20+8
[23:59] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 4 20-sided dice.  <10 15 12 19 1 >  Total: 47 (55).
[23:59] <Dorin> on Axel)
[23:59] <Dorin> 4d20+8
[23:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Damn it. Chivalry is dead Lady!"
[23:59] <Dorin> on Bruce)
[23:59] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 4 20-sided dice.  <10 13 14 17 10 >  Total: 54 (62).
[23:59] <Dorin> This is four seperate attacks, have fun)
[23:59] <Dakota> (... Wtf, HOW accurate are those damn things?)
[23:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Roll block defences?)
[23:59] <Dakota> (Uh... Dorin...)
Session Time: Wed Oct 03 00:00:00 2007
[00:00] <Dorin> (Yes Pale, I'm noticing; Lance's bot isn't working so good for that)
[00:00] <Dakota> (They're all added together)
[00:00] <Dakota> (Just roll each one independently? :P )
[00:00] <Axel_Almer> (so it's a 23, 20, and a 27 with a critfail)
[00:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (no they aren't the grey numbers are indiviidual)
[00:00] <Axel_Almer> 1d20+10 first Melee dodge
[00:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> 1d20+32 block #1
[00:00] <XiangHua> 4Axel_Almer rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 9 >  Total: 9 (19).
[00:00] <XiangHua> 4Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 12 >  Total: 12 (44).
[00:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> 1d20+30 block #2
[00:01] <XiangHua> 4Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 14 >  Total: 14 (44).
[00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> 1d20+28 block #3
[00:01] <XiangHua> 4Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 9 >  Total: 9 (37).
[00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> 1d20+26 block #4
[00:01] <XiangHua> 4Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 4 >  Total: 4 (30).
[00:01] <Dorin> (oh thank Heaven, the alarm finally stopped)
[00:01] <Axel_Almer> 1d20+8 second
[00:01] <XiangHua> 4Axel_Almer rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 14 >  Total: 14 (22).
[00:01] <Axel_Almer> roll 1d20+6 third
[00:02] <Axel_Almer> 1d20+6 third
[00:02] <XiangHua> 4Axel_Almer rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 7 >  Total: 7 (13).
[00:03] <Axel_Almer> (two hit me two miss)
[00:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I Block all of em)
[00:03] <Dorin> (bleh, I prefer my bot, lol)
[00:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (By a huge margin)
[00:03] <Axel_Almer> (lucky bastard)
[00:03] <Dorin> 2d8+2
[00:03] <XiangHua> 4Dorin rolled 2 8-sided dice.  <10 7 1 >  Total: 8 (10).
[00:04] <Dakota> (So, 9 and 3)
[00:04] <Dorin> Two of the shadows slip through Axel's defenses and a cold sweeps through his body, stealing his energy. (EP drain) Bruce turns them aside.
[00:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Shadows? Lady, You can't beat me with fancy parlor tricks."
[00:04] <Dorin> She pouts. "Then I'll have to get more creative."
[00:04] <Dorin> (Other actions for the end of this turn?)
[00:04] * Joins: D-bot
[00:04] * Dakota rolls her eyes. "Are we all done talking smack?"
[00:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I'm always up for a good show."
[00:04] <XiangHua> (Heh)
[00:05] <Axel_Almer> (HP: 122)
[00:05] <Axel_Almer> (I'm done0
[00:05] <Dorin> *We're just going to have to stick with my bot for multiple dice rolls)
[00:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I use my Extra attacks)
[00:05] <Dorin> (Light, it's EP damage, not HP)
[00:05] * XiangHua steps back a little bit, and smiles slightly at Dakota. "After we have all managed to fail to do any real damage to each other, and most of us have tripped over our own feet...I believe so."
[00:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+18 to Hit the lady with my axe
[00:05] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+18 12,0to Hit the lady with my axe --> 12,0[ 1d20=8 ]12,0{26}
[00:05] <Dorin> roll 1d20+15
[00:05] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+15 --> 12,0[ 1d20=10 ]12,0{25}
[00:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Yes!
[00:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "tell me, are you a fan of, HEAVY METAL!"
[00:06] * Dakota blinkblinks.
[00:06] <Dorin> (damage roll?)
[00:06] * Cool_Hand_Bruce swings his guitar with an almost Oscene force
[00:06] <Dakota> "No, not particularly."
[00:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Obscene
[00:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 8d8
[00:06] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 8d8 --> 12,0[ 8d8=53 ]12,0{53}
[00:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> sorry, 8d8+3
[00:07] * Joins: Pale_Wolf
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> <Dorin> roll 1d20+15
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> <D-bot> Dorin rolled : 1d20+15 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{25}
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Yes!
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "tell me, are you a fan of, HEAVY METAL!"
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> * Dakota blinkblinks.
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> <Dakota> "No, not particularly."
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> * Disconnected
[00:07] <Axel_Almer> (ep: the 66)
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> (Bah.)
[00:07] * Quits: Dakota (Connection reset by peer)
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> (What'd I miss?)
[00:07] * Pale_Wolf is now known as Dakota
[00:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> [00:03] <Dakota> "No, not particularly."
[00:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> [00:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Obscene
[00:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> [00:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 8d8
[00:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> [00:04] <Dorin> (damage roll?)
[00:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> [00:04] <D-bot> Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled : 8d8 --> [ 8d8=53 ]{53}
[00:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> [00:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> sorry, 8d8+3
[00:07] <Dorin> The axe strikes home on something outside her body, trailing sparks, but smashes right through and cleaves a pretty gash in her body.
[00:08] <Axel_Almer> (woo)
[00:08] <Dorin> "Guh!" She coughs up blood. "Damn you. Fine, I'll bring out my ace in the hole!"
[00:08] <Dorin> (anything else this turn?)
[00:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Better be an Ace of Base Lady."
[00:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Cause I'm turning this party into a Jam Session."
[00:09] <Dorin> She smirks, fingers slipping into her shirt and gripping something. "Oh, I think you'll be able to appreciate it, while you're alive."
[00:09] * Dakota winces.
[00:09] <Dorin> (top of the order)
[00:09] <Axel_Almer> ("Boo, foul on the bad use of a pop band by a rocker"_
[00:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (my Turn Again!)
[00:09] * Cool_Hand_Bruce teleports behind the lady again.
[00:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Flat footed? She's being flanked now.)
[00:10] <Dorin> (you can give it a shot if you want)
[00:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I need to know if she's flatfooted, because otherwise my Damage decreases)
[00:10] <D-bot> (yes, for this she'll be flatfooted; still deciding on that compared to DnD)
[00:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Roll 1d20+20
[00:11] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+20 --> 12,0[ 1d20=11 ]12,0{31}
[00:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (no dodge then?)
[00:11] <D-bot> (flat footed means no Dex bonus to defense)
[00:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Here's a Bit of an Encore. Heavy Metal!"
[00:12] <D-bot> Bruce brings down his axe-bladed instrument, but one of the shadows goes right in the path, exploding into so much inky smoke.
[00:12] <D-bot> The woman smirks. "Think you're so cleaver with your puns? Go ahead, cut through all my useless minons. I've got other surprizes for you"
[00:12] * Cool_Hand_Bruce winces at that pun.
[00:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Are your puns your attack?
[00:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I'm taking my Extra Attack now)
[00:13] <Dorin> (go ahead)
[00:13] <Dakota> (What'd be really funny is if that were actually a typo :P )
[00:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+18
[00:13] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+18 --> 12,0[ 1d20=2 ]12,0{20}
[00:13] <Axel_Almer> "geeze something stinks in here I think it's your sense of humor lady"
[00:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (... at least it aint a 1))
[00:13] <Dorin> And another shadow flies in front of the axe, with a poof.
[00:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Lady, you're really starting to annoy me."
[00:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "These cheesy special Effects aren't worthy of the name."
[00:14] * Dakota shrugs. "It's kind of the purpose of disposable cannon fodder."
[00:15] <Dorin> "Fine, you think my sense of humor sucks. Then enjoy dieing! Honda, get your ass up here you useless bag of bones!" The air between Bruce and the woman distorted, a portal forming in the floor. Up from [00:15] <Dorin> "Fine, you think my sense of humor sucks. Then enjoy dieing! Honda, get your ass up here you useless bag of bones!" Th[00:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Honda? That guy's more like a Mac Truck."
[00:16] <Axel_Almer> (...)
[00:16] <Axel_Almer> "you watched pokemon too much when you were a baby didn't you"
[00:16] <Dorin> "Rrr! Tadakatsu Honda the warrior of Sengoku Japan you jackasses! I hope you enjoy dieing!"
[00:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Oh. That's much more impressive then."
[00:17] <Axel_Almer> "geeze how romantic a fudal Japanese warror, how very cliche"
[00:17] * Dakota pulls out another set of wards, looking at odachi-man. "May I ask who I face?"
[00:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "But you keep saying that we're all going to die. I don't think that word means what you think it means."
[00:17] <Axel_Almer> (god it's turing to a battle of the wits)
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Postby Rockman_Zero » Thu Oct 04, 2007 5:41 pm

Session #1 Part 2

[00:13] <Axel_Almer> (god it's turing to a battle of the wits)
[00:14] * Dorin changes topic to 'Bruce, Lady, Dakota, Dude, Hua, Axel, Honda-zombie, Shadows[again last]'
[00:14] <Dakota> (Yeah... between the unarmed)
[00:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (oh come on, someone's gotta have gotten that reference!)
[00:14] <Dakota> (My turn?)
[00:14] <Dakota> (Yeah, of course, we got your unoriginal joke :P )
[00:14] <Axel_Almer> (yeah I get it I'm still laughing at it)
[00:15] <Dorin> The man's head turned, and voice grumbling like stone rolled through the room. "They called me Masamune in life."
[00:15] <XiangHua> (...Interesting. Honda and Masamune.)
[00:15] <XiangHua> (And by interesting, I mean WE'RE GONNA DIE.)
[00:15] * Dakota blinks. "Pardon my rudeness, but weren't you a swordsmith?"
[00:15] <Axel_Almer> "though you were only considered a myth"
[00:15] <XiangHua> (Date Masamune. A Daimyo in Sengoku Japan.)
[00:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Impressive." (Now release your anger!)
[00:15] <Dorin> (something like that)
[00:16] <Dorin> (Dakota's turn)
[00:16] <Dakota> 3d8
[00:16] <Dakota> 6d8
[00:16] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 3 8-sided dice.  <10 6 2 1 >  Total: 9 (9).
[00:16] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 6 8-sided dice.  <10 3 7 2 2 2 7 >  Total: 23 (23).
[00:16] <Dakota> (The pwnzage from the wards still on Masa-kun ^_^ )
[00:16] * XiangHua shakes her head, and glances at him. "If that is Tadakatsu Honda of Sengoku Japan...then this would be...Date Masamune of Sengoku Japan, the Dragon of Echizen?"
[00:16] <Dorin> (and another level check)
[00:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (man Pale... Your attacks sorta suck)
[00:16] <Dakota> 1d20+10+10
[00:16] <XiangHua> 4Dakota rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 9 >  Total: 9 (29).
[00:16] <Dorin> (now where the hell did I put that bonus)
[00:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (did I say Sorta?)
[00:17] <Dakota> (My attacks? These aren't my attacks. I spent two CP on these because they were kinda coolish)
[00:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (oh. in that case...)
[00:17] <Dakota> (Trust me, when you see my attacks, you'll KNOW they're my attacks)
[00:17] <Dorin> roll 1d20+28
[00:17] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+28 --> 12,0[ 1d20=17 ]12,0{45}
[00:18] <Dorin> With more lightning for an instant, the wards exploded off.
[00:19] * Axel_Almer looks at Dakota, "I take it that's not suposed to happen"
[00:19] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Can I get a Know Occult roll to figure out how that's happening?)
[00:19] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> 1d20+18 Knowledge Occult
[00:19] <XiangHua> 4Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled 1 20-sided dice.  <10 2 >  Total: 2 (20).
[00:19] <Dorin> From your studies of the Occult, the best guess you can phathom is some kind of repulsion magic.
[00:20] <Dakota> (What kind of condition is he in?)
[00:20] <Dorin> You've smoked him 60 points of damage, but he looks to still be going strong)
[00:21] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Hey Lady, how're you doing that? some kind of Repulsion Magic?"
[00:22] <Dorin> She just giggled. "That's a secret."
[00:22] * Dakota frowns. "Suppose it's to be expected, all things considered. Scinfaxi, Berserker Form." She swirls out the axe, and it shrinks down into a sword, Dakota's clothes changing into a black and purple miko style uniform.
[00:22] <Axel_Almer> "oy....ok Xellous-chan how about we just pound it out of you"
[00:22] * Dakota braces the sword between both hands, and starts swinging.
[00:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "A Magical Girl. My Ally is a Magical Fucking Girl."
[00:22] <Dakota> roll 6#1d20+20-4
[00:22] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 6#1d20+20-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=6 ]12,0{22}, 12,0[ 1d20=17 ]12,0{33}, 12,0[ 1d20=8 ]12,0{24}, 12,0[ 1d20=10 ]12,0{26}, 12,0[ 1d20=5 ]12,0{21}, 12,0[ 1d20=6 ]12,0{22}
[00:22] <Dorin> "You'll have to get past my bodyguard first!"
[00:23] <Axel_Almer> (*....and I thought I was making a twink style character*)
[00:23] <Dorin> roll 1d20+25
[00:23] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+25 --> 12,0[ 1d20=19 ]12,0{44}
[00:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That sounds a lot harder than it is."
[00:23] <Dorin> roll 1d20+23
[00:23] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+23 --> 12,0[ 1d20=18 ]12,0{41}
[00:23] <Dakota> "Your ally is a Magical Fucking KNIGHT, rock star."
[00:23] <Dorin> roll 1d20+21
[00:23] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+21 --> 12,0[ 1d20=2 ]12,0{23}
[00:23] <Dorin> roll 1d20+19
[00:23] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+19 --> 12,0[ 1d20=13 ]12,0{32}
[00:23] <Dorin> roll 1d20+17
[00:23] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+17 --> 12,0[ 1d20=5 ]12,0{22}
[00:23] <Dorin> roll 1d20+15
[00:23] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+15 --> 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{16}
[00:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Sorry for not being Politically Correct enough."
[00:23] <Dakota> roll 2#1d8+15
[00:23] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 2#1d8+15 --> 12,0[ 1d8=2 ]12,0{17}, 12,0[ 1d8=1 ]12,0{16}
[00:24] * Dakota is mostly evaded, but hits twice and hard.
[00:24] <Dorin> Dakota's sword-form clashes with that of the o-dachi several times, but she slips through a couple precise attacks, but they draw no blood.
[00:25] <Dakota> (Wtf? He's got THAT much armour?)
[00:25] <Dorin> (No, no; he's just not bleeding)
[00:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (4 ranks wouldn't be hard to come by)
[00:25] <JiaGai> (he doesn't have time to bleed)
[00:25] <Dakota> (Ah, all righty)
[00:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (he has that much HP then.)
[00:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Tis but a scratch!)
[00:25] <Dakota> (Or just no blood? :P )
[00:26] <Dorin> (heh)
[00:26] <Dorin> "Ooo, Masamune, quit playing around. Draw the damn blade and kill her!"
[00:26] * Dakota is glowing over her shoulder.
[00:27] <Dorin> The sliced and diced body hesitates for a moment, then proceeds to pull the blade out. The long thing casting a golden glow. "With honor."
[00:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Your Minions don't Obey you? I have to say Lady, you're a really crappy Necromancer."
[00:27] <Axel_Almer> "don't you without honor"
[00:27] <Axel_Almer> (^mean)
[00:27] <Dorin> roll 6d20+34-4
[00:27] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 6d20+34-4 --> 12,0[ 6d20=60 ]12,0{90}
[00:27] <Axel_Almer> (....)
[00:28] <Dorin> oops, wrong command)
[00:28] <Dorin> roll 6#d20+34-4
[00:28] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 6#d20+34-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{33}, 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{31}, 12,0[ 1d20=19 ]12,0{49}, 12,0[ 1d20=9 ]12,0{39}, 12,0[ 1d20=7 ]12,0{37}, 12,0[ 1d20=15 ]12,0{45}
[00:28] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (beat a 90 or crit fail)
[00:28] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (and speaking of Critfails...)
[00:28] <D-bot> (yes Pale, beat a 90 or Strat's head flies off ;P)
[00:28] * Dakota frowns, hands shifting on the sword's sheath. "Then allow me to send you back home, milord."
[00:29] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Dorin, how does that Critfail affect?)
[00:30] <D-bot> (given my laziness factor, just count is as a crit and the rest normal)
[00:30] <D-bot> (crit fail, not success :P)
[00:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (yeah, but how does that work. On crit successes it's simple, critfails you're usually disarmed, or fall down or something, and the rest of your attacks end)
[00:31] <D-bot> (I'll draw something up at the end of the round)
[00:31] <D-bot> (usually with that many rolls I don't feel like thinking that much; but if insist on total fairness ;P)
[00:31] <D-bot> (are you completely sure you do?)
[00:32] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (No, I'm asking what's happening, not insisting on fairness)
[00:32] <D-bot> (For now, just roll five normal defenses, I'll come up with something to happen at the end of the round)
[00:33] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> You heard him Pale)
[00:33] <D-bot> (or his particular turn rather)
[00:34] <Dakota> (Ah, doh, my error, for some reason I thought that was going at Strat)
[00:34] <Dorin> (no, you :P)
[00:34] <Dakota> roll 5#1d20+22+2 Blocking
[00:34] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 5#1d20+22+2 12,0Blocking --> 12,0[ 1d20=17 ]12,0{41}, 12,0[ 1d20=17 ]12,0{41}, 12,0[ 1d20=13 ]12,0{37}, 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{25}, 12,0[ 1d20=14 ]12,0{38}
[00:35] <Dorin> (ouch...)
[00:35] <Dakota> (Can I sort those out to the attacks they can block? :P )
[00:36] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (nope)
[00:36] <Dakota> (Silence, you are not the DM :P )
[00:36] <Axel_Almer> (he's got you there Strat)
[00:36] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You can't though. Dorin wouldn't allow it. It would break the game)
[00:37] <Dakota> (Like your attack? ;) )
[00:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You want me to use it?)
[00:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I Will.)
[00:37] <Dorin> *ahem* I have, by scale; 33:41 [success], 49:41 [fail], 39:37 [fail], 45:38 [fail] and a crit fail)
[00:37] <Dakota> (Whee)
[00:37] <Dakota> (This is gonna hurt, isn't it?)
[00:37] <Dakota> (... Oh, doh, I made an error)
[00:37] <Dorin> (you'd better believe it)
[00:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (it might hurt both of you.)
[00:38] <Dakota> (I forgot to account for the dropping defence)
[00:38] <Dakota> (So...)
[00:38] <Dakota> roll 1d20+18+2
[00:38] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+18+2 --> 12,0[ 1d20=18 ]12,0{38}
[00:38] <Dakota> roll 1d20+16+2
[00:38] <Dorin> lol, we'll worry about it later)
[00:38] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+16+2 --> 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{21}
[00:38] <Dakota> roll 1d20+14+2
[00:38] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+14+2 --> 12,0[ 1d20=9 ]12,0{25}
[00:38] <Dakota> roll 1d20+12+2
[00:38] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+12+2 --> 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{17}
[00:38] <Dorin> (probably need to change that defense rule)
[00:38] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Pale. Only your first was a success. The others failed even without Dropping defence)
[00:39] <Dakota> (Yep, I'm aware of that. Still needed to do my proper rolls though)
[00:39] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You know. Normal people just retcon existing rolls...)
[00:39] <Dorin> (yeah, given how attacks are that much stronger, we need to make a change the defense rolls; I'll making a ruling on that end of session)
[00:39] <Dakota> (Normal people didn't have one of them as a critfail :P )
[00:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (My defence works decently)
[00:40] <Dorin> roll 3#2d8+10
[00:40] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 3#2d8+10 --> 12,0[ 2d8=9 ]12,0{19}, 12,0[ 2d8=12 ]12,0{22}, 12,0[ 2d8=7 ]12,0{17}
[00:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (cheater. You need DR to reroll pale.)
[00:40] <Dorin> (yes, but given the dropping values against these kinds of a attacks, I've got an idea)
[00:40] <XiangHua> (...That's right. I forgot I had that.)
[00:40] <Dorin> roll 4d8+10
[00:40] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 4d8+10 --> 12,0[ 4d8=26 ]12,0{36}
[00:41] * Dakota largely shrugs them off, but for that last one which kinda stung.
[00:41] <Dorin> Masamune pounds through Dakota's defenses, but with his biggest blow the sword goes flying through from his grip. Leaving him disarmed.
[00:41] * Axel_Almer smells opprotunity
[00:42] <Dorin> "Oooo! You idiot! You're supposed to be a genius of swordsmanship! Knew I should've gone with Okita!"
[00:42] <D-bot> (Hua)
[00:42] <XiangHua> (...This is tempting.)
[00:42] <XiangHua> (Dive for the sword, attack Masamune...)
[00:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Man Lady, you need to calm down and enjoy the Music. Stress Kills, and so Do I."
[00:43] * Dakota frowns. "Hm... I _suppose_ this isn't a game after all..."
[00:43] <Axel_Almer> "he's even worse I heard lady"
[00:43] <Dorin> "Oh you shut up, before I call down my secret weapon!"
[00:44] * Dakota stretches out slightly and swings her sword around and back into an attack position.
[00:44] <Axel_Almer> "lady you haven't impressed us yet so just shut your yap
[00:44] * XiangHua switches from her more dramatic styles to something simpler now; one foot presses down on the ground to cause a slight crater, while her other leg comes up in an attempt to knee Masamune in the side, trying to cause some sort of damage to the tower of a man.
[00:44] <XiangHua> roll 1d20+13
[00:44] <D-bot> 6,0XiangHua rolled :12,0 1d20+13 --> 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{14}
[00:44] <XiangHua> (...)
[00:44] <Dakota> (... I'd posit that as 'unlikely')
[00:44] <Axel_Almer> (Bwahahahaha
[00:44] <XiangHua> (can I roll above a 10 please? ;_;)
[00:44] <Dorin> Hua's knee simply slips past Masamune and she loses her footing.
[00:45] * XiangHua falls over, and only manages to turn it into a roll with a quick motion that leaves her back on her feet. Amongst such marial artists, however, it's clear that this was just a matter of her natural speed - she had totally lost it on that attempted attack.
[00:46] <Dorin> (anything else? As I'm really being nice on the crits today; since we're all getting them, lol)
[00:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Come on Lady... Light My Fire."
[00:47] <Dorin> She snarls. "Fine, I'll show you something really good then!"
[00:47] <Axel_Almer> (hey my turn)
[00:47] <XiangHua> (Hmm...I'll wait for now.)
[00:47] <XiangHua> (End of turn using it.)
[00:47] <Dorin> (okay)
[00:47] <Dorin> (Axel's up)
[00:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (yeah. We all need 50 ranks of DR.)
[00:48] <XiangHua> (...WAIT!)
[00:48] <XiangHua> I forgot.)
[00:48] <XiangHua> (God DAMMIT.)
[00:48] <D-bot> (...)
[00:48] <XiangHua> (I have two ranks of DR :P)
[00:48] <Dorin> (oops)
[00:48] <XiangHua> (I swear next time I critfail, I'm using it.
[00:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (so DR it.)
[00:48] <Axel_Almer> (...least someone was smart to buy some)
[00:48] <Dorin> (I'll let you replay it)
[00:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You can DR it now you knwo...)
[00:48] <XiangHua> (Then, yes :P)
[00:48] <XiangHua> roll 1d20+13
[00:48] <D-bot> 6,0XiangHua rolled :12,0 1d20+13 --> 12,0[ 1d20=18 ]12,0{31}
[00:49] <D-bot> roll 1d20+27
[00:49] <Dorin> roll 1d20+27
[00:49] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+27 --> 12,0[ 1d20=11 ]12,0{38}
[00:49] <Dorin> wrong window)
[00:49] <XiangHua> (Bah. Lots of good that did :P)
[00:50] <Dorin> The warrior turns away and Hua still goes past Masamune. With an intense feeling of having done this before.
[00:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Can you DR the opponent's rolls?)
[00:50] <Dorin> (Axel)
[00:50] <Dorin> (you wish)
[00:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Use DR as a powered Defence?)
[00:50] <Dorin> (you wish)
[00:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (it is an attribute not commonly used for defence...)
[00:51] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (It fits within the rules..)
[00:51] <XiangHua> (My other attack is just restoring FF, then.)
[00:51] <Dorin> (If that was the case, for one MP you could just buy DR and use it every time)
[00:51] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (ff?)
[00:51] <XiangHua> (Force Field)
[00:51] <Dorin> (Axel, go!)
[00:51] <XiangHua> (Also known as how I got punched in the stomach for 0 damage.)
[00:52] * Axel_Almer cracks his kunckles and rushes the girl again this time double attacking her
[00:52] <Axel_Almer> (-2 right)
[00:52] <Dorin> (yeap)
[00:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Well... I'm not saying taht you can use it indefinitely. I'm saying you use one instance to reroll one attack of teh opponent.)
[00:52] <Axel_Almer> roll 2#1d20+17-2
[00:52] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almer rolled :12,0 2#1d20+17-2 --> 12,0[ 1d20=19 ]12,0{34}, 12,0[ 1d20=12 ]12,0{27}
[00:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (like they crit hit you)
[00:52] <Dorin> roll 1d20+35
[00:52] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+35 --> 12,0[ 1d20=20 ]12,0{55}
[00:52] <Dorin> roll 1d20+33
[00:52] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+33 --> 12,0[ 1d20=6 ]12,0{39}
[00:53] <Axel_Almer> (the dice are not with me tonight)
[00:53] <Dorin> Honda's spear interposes itself between Axel and the sorcereress, turning aside both blows with ease.
[00:53] <XiangHua> (We're all going to need to double-attack someone repeatedly to actually knock their defenses low enough to hit.)
[00:53] <Dorin> (no, all your enemies don't have rolls quite this insane ;P)
[00:53] <Axel_Almer> (huh....didn't know you could do that)
[00:54] <XiangHua> (Each consecutive attack is -2 on your defense roll.)
[00:54] <Dorin> The large man twirls his spear in a circle at Axel.
[00:54] <Dorin> roll 3#d20+35-4
[00:54] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 3#d20+35-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=11 ]12,0{42}, 12,0[ 1d20=9 ]12,0{40}, 12,0[ 1d20=7 ]12,0{38}
[00:54] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (It is? Then I'll wait a few seconds to attack in concert with Axel
[00:54] <XiangHua> (it resets at end of round.)
[00:54] <Axel_Almer> (dude they hit I can't avoid that I only have a 11 to melee defense)
[00:54] <Dakota> (That's why I've been tossing out massive flurries of triple-attacks(
[00:55] <Dakota> (You might crit :P )
[00:55] <Axel_Almer> roll 1d20+11 first
[00:55] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almer rolled :12,0 1d20+11 12,0first --> 12,0[ 1d20=7 ]12,0{18}
[00:55] <Axel_Almer> roll 1d20+9
[00:55] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almer rolled :12,0 1d20+9 --> 12,0[ 1d20=14 ]12,0{23}
[00:55] <Axel_Almer> roll 1d20+7
[00:55] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almer rolled :12,0 1d20+7 --> 12,0[ 1d20=7 ]12,0{14}
[00:55] <Axel_Almer> (yeah like I expected)
[00:55] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I'll kill off Masamune then.)
[00:56] <Dorin> The spear head, and the butt end lay the smack down on Axel.
[00:56] <Dakota> (Bah, take your own :P )
[00:56] <Dorin> roll 3#1d12+10
[00:56] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 3#1d12+10 --> 12,0[ 1d12=4 ]12,0{14}, 12,0[ 1d12=9 ]12,0{19}, 12,0[ 1d12=8 ]12,0{18}
[00:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (you know... that's an excellent idea...)
[00:57] <Dorin> The towering warrior then swings his weapon hard across at Bruce.
[00:57] <Dorin> roll 1d20+35
[00:57] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+35 --> 12,0[ 1d20=13 ]12,0{48}
[00:57] <Axel_Almer> (HP: 99)
[00:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+32
[00:57] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+32 --> 12,0[ 1d20=17 ]12,0{49}
[00:57] * Dakota licks her lips and speaks to XiangHua. "Could you help out the others? I am doing quite all right."
[00:57] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Blocks.
[00:57] <Dorin> (I stole that move of his from Onimusha 3, heh)
[00:57] <Dorin> (strength check)
[00:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Heh. Now That's Entertainment."
[00:57] <Dorin> roll 1d20+8
[00:57] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+8 --> 12,0[ 1d20=12 ]12,0{20}
[00:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+3
[00:58] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+3 --> 12,0[ 1d20=5 ]12,0{8}
[00:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Str Check?)
[00:58] <Dorin> (yeah)
[00:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (On a Block?)
[00:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (That attack was way too high to be a disarm)
[00:58] <Dakota> (Lest ye be flung back into the wall :P )
[00:58] <Dorin> And while he blocks the blow, Bruce is thrown into the air from the force, skidding across the floor some ten feet away.
[00:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (ah.)
[00:59] <Dorin> (fortitude save ;))
[00:59] <Dorin> roll 1d4 Damage
[00:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I need to make one?)
[00:59] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d4 12,0Damage --> 12,0[ 1d4=3 ]12,0{3}
[00:59] <Dorin> (yeap)
[00:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+8
[00:59] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+8 --> 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{11}
[00:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Why a fort save?)
[00:59] <Dorin> (stunned for a round)
[00:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I successfully blocked.)
[00:59] <Dorin> The pain of the landing takes Bruce's breath.
[01:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (That shouldn't have happened.
[01:00] <Dorin> (You would prefer it be the wall next time?)
[01:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (No, it's just a sucessful block means his attacjk doesn't affect.
[01:00] * Axel_Almer spits blood, "looks like we need to focus on one of these brutes before we take out Miss I'm all talk yet no action"
[01:00] <Dorin> (and you went soaring through the air)
[01:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (so I take 1 damage?)
[01:01] <Dakota> (Um, Bruce, you BLOCKED. You blocked a superstrength character)
[01:01] <Dakota> (Nuff said?)
[01:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *3 damage
[01:01] <Dorin> (yeah, and you're offbalance next round; -2 to everything; it's not bad really, just an irritant)
[01:02] <Dorin> (imagine blocking a baseball bat with your forearm? that's the idea ;P)
[01:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (well, if I had dodged I would have been hit... so yeah.)
[01:02] <Dorin> (take your little skid mark lumps and let that be it)
[01:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> But His attack should Have Reflected
[01:02] <Dorin> (That keeps your guitar from breaking)
[01:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I should have gotten a deflection opportunity)
[01:03] <Dorin> (I'll think on the matter later; no arguing)
[01:03] <Axel_Almer> (...enough with the rules lawyering 1. the GM is always right, 2. you can point out mistakes fromthe books but 3, the GM is always right)
[01:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (bah.)
[01:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (shadows)
[01:03] <Dorin> The shadows came together and pooled up into a mass. Waiting quietly at their mistress' side.
[01:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Stun doesn't keep me from attacking does it?)
[01:04] <Dorin> (nope)
[01:04] <Dorin> just a -2 on it)
[01:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (k. My turn?)
[01:04] <Dorin> (si, then Hua can take her extra action, and anyone else who wants to use them)
[01:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Where's Masamune's Sword?)
[01:05] <Dorin> (laying somewhere behind Dakota)
[01:05] <Dorin> (you could stumble over to it)
[01:05] <XiangHua> (I used mine to increase FF, remember? Although, hm. If nobody took the sword yet, I'll do it for my EA instead.)
[01:05] * Cool_Hand_Bruce teleports to teh sword and yaoinks it up)
[01:05] <Dorin> that's your action?)
[01:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (that's one of them. I have an extra attacjk too. I can use that can't I?)
[01:06] <Dorin> As soon as Bruce's hand clasps on the hilt of the sword, lightning shoots up arm, forcing him to drop it, nerves numb from the motion.
[01:06] <Dakota> (You... did)
[01:06] <Dorin> (si)
[01:06] <Dorin> eoll 2d8 lightning
[01:06] <Dorin> roll 2d8 lightning
[01:06] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 2d8 12,0lightning --> 12,0[ 2d8=8 ]12,0{8}
[01:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Damn that hurts."
[01:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (am I In Melee Range of anyone?)
[01:06] <Dorin> The woman laughs from behind Honda. "Stupid, no one but Masamune can hold that sword!"
[01:07] <Dorin> (Masamune)
[01:07] <Axel_Almer> "we need some tactics here or we are gonna get killed out here," he says again, "we need to focus on them one at a time if we are gonna do anything to them"
[01:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Roll 1d20+18
[01:07] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+18 --> 12,0[ 1d20=13 ]12,0{31}
[01:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Yeah lady. I noticed."
[01:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I attack Masamune.)
[01:07] <Dorin> roll 1d20+23
[01:07] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+23 --> 12,0[ 1d20=6 ]12,0{29}
[01:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (is he flatfooted?)
[01:08] <Dorin> (just disarmed)
[01:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Ah well.)
[01:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 828
[01:08] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 828 --> 12,0{828}
[01:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 8d8
[01:08] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 8d8 --> 12,0[ 8d8=31 ]12,0{31}
[01:08] * Dakota frowns. "This is my fight, rock star."
[01:09] <Dorin> With a mighty swing, the weapon cleave up Masamune's chest, who's eyes roll back in his head, and the dead man collapses.
[01:09] <Dorin> "Rats!"
[01:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "yeah well, just taking my chances where I see em Mahou Shojou -chan."
[01:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I rocked His World."
[01:09] * Axel_Almer looks at Dakota, "we'll be screwed if we keep as we are doing we need to focus on the spear idiot now"
[01:10] * Dakota turns somewhat. "Remind me to enjoy beating you up sometime."
[01:10] <Dorin> "Oh, he's down. Not out, stupid."
[01:10] <Dorin> (Cut scene time)
[01:10] * Axel_Almer points at the lady, "and you shut up I've had it up to hear with your endless motor mouth" he says indicating way over his head with his hand
[01:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Hmm... You know what Magical Girl? I find that Hand Eye Coordination decreases Significantly with the loss of teh head."
[01:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That might keep him out of our hair for a while."
[01:11] <Dorin> The old man sits up and groans. "Gah. Knew someone would attack, stupid advisors think they know everything." He pulls something from his belt and presses it. "Reinforcements on their way. This'll be over in a minute."
[01:11] <Dorin> "Damn! Time to cut and run!"
[01:11] <Dakota> (Awwww! Wait a minute!)
[01:11] <Dorin> (Hmm? heh)
[01:12] <Dorin> "No one said it was going to be that easy ;)
[01:12] <Dorin> )
[01:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Wait. we don't even get to Chop off this guy's head?))
[01:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Damn it, You can't Run! I Haven't Killed you yet!"
[01:12] <Dorin> (top of the order)
[01:12] * Dakota shakes her head, sighing. "And you have the chance to fight martial arts masters from the lost ages of history? THIS is what you do with it?"
[01:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Or whatever you do to Zombies..."
[01:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (top of the order is me.)
[01:13] <Dorin> "You can't kill them you dumbass! That's what's so great about them."
[01:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I can kill YOU."
[01:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (My Turn then?)
[01:13] <Dorin> "They're dead bodies and disembodied spirts in need of someone to give them purpose. I did!"
[01:13] <Dorin> (Yes)
[01:13] <Axel_Almer> "so we need to kill you instead fair enough"
[01:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (can I cut off Masamune's Head?)
[01:13] <Dorin> (he's not going to be resisting)
[01:14] <Dakota> (Don't bother, he'll just come back. Dude's already dead)
[01:14] * Cool_Hand_Bruce teleports behind the lady and Swings his axe again.
[01:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+18
[01:14] <Dorin> "Gah!"
[01:14] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+18 --> 12,0[ 1d20=18 ]12,0{36}
[01:14] <Dorin> roll 1d20+17
[01:14] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+17 --> 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{18}
[01:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Eat Heavy Metal Lady."
[01:15] <Axel_Almer> (oh yeah rock on baby)
[01:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (she's flatfooted?)
[01:15] <Dorin> (yeap)
[01:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 8d8+2d6
[01:15] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 8d8+2d6 --> 12,0[ 8d8=30 2d6=6 ]12,0{36}
[01:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Behold, the Glory Of Rock!"
[01:16] <Dorin> The weapon cleaves a nice track up her back, and she shrieks in pain. " I'm really pissed."
[01:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You know... Normal people would be really dead right now."
[01:16] <Dorin> "I'm not 'normal people.'"
[01:16] <Dorin> (anything else?)
[01:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (extra Attack)
[01:17] <Dorin> (go for it)
[01:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You aren't huh? Well then I'll Have to Give you an Encore!"
[01:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+16
[01:17] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+16 --> 12,0[ 1d20=14 ]12,0{30}
[01:17] <Dorin> roll 1d20+35
[01:17] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+35 --> 12,0[ 1d20=12 ]12,0{47}
[01:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Damn Spear dude...)
[01:17] <Dorin> Honda this time, prepared, swings down his spear and knocks the weapon aside.
[01:17] <Dorin> (Lance, you in?)
[01:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "you know. It's rude to butt in on a fight..."
[01:18] <XiangHua> (Extra attacks? I mentioned where mine was going twice now :P)
[01:18] <Dorin> (you'll be the only one who can appreciate the "oh shit" factor about to come)
[01:18] <Dorin> (well, did you spend it on your forcefield or not?!)
[01:18] <XiangHua> (I did)
[01:18] <Dorin> (unless you've got two ranks of it then, you used up everything last round)
[01:19] <XiangHua> (...Hm? You mean the forcefield, or the EA? I did use up the EA.)
[01:19] * Cool_Hand_Bruce flips his forcefield on as a noncombat action
[01:20] <Dorin> (you attacked one, the extra attack would've been spent to renew the forecfield)
[01:20] <XiangHua> (Ding! So I'm out.)
[01:20] <Dorin> (but, you'll appreciate this one, heh)
[01:20] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (ladyy's turn.)
[01:20] <XiangHua> (So do it :P)
[01:20] <Dorin> "Fine, I'm tired of playing games with you people. Lu Bu!"
[01:20] <XiangHua> (...I'm the only one here who knows Lu Bu?)
[01:20] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (nope!)
[01:21] <XiangHua> (Good!)
[01:21] <Dakota> (Well, I've never played the appropriate game, but I've heard said dude spoken of :P )
[01:21] <JiaGai> (Lu who?)
[01:21] <Dorin> And another portal opened, this time before Bruce, and an even more hulking figure than Honda rises up. Wielding a half cresent bladed spear. His eyes pale-white like the other two.
[01:21] <Axel_Almer> (oh god...not Lu Bu)
[01:21] <Dorin> (heheheheheh!)
[01:21] * XiangHua narrows her eyes, and shifts backward a step. "...The rest of you. Get ready to run. Wait for the man's reinforcements. Don't try to attack him."
[01:21] <Cool_Hand_Bruce>
[01:21] * Axel_Almer steps back, "were fucked now"
[01:22] <Axel_Almer> "no shit miss sherlock"
[01:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "... You know, This constant summoning of dead Generals is getting rather tiresome."
[01:22] * Dakota taps her sword. "Scinfaxi, shrink down for a bit." It reverts into a pendant at her neck, and she simply steps around to duck down and heft Masamune's bigass sword.
[01:22] <JiaGai> (*knows who he is*)
[01:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "It was a cool special effect once. Now It's Just grating."
[01:22] <Dorin> The woman laughs. "You'd better believe it! Fucked with a sharpened broom handle!"
[01:22] <XiangHua> (Yup. Jia is a Fengxianist!)
[01:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Pale. You don't want to Heft that Sword.)
[01:23] <Dakota> The lightning crackles across her body, and she ignores it, swinging the sword in a large arc before bracing it with a smile. "I like this."
[01:23] <Dorin> In an amazing display, lightning snarling around her hands. Somehow Dakota holds onto the sword.
[01:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (or maybe you do?)
[01:23] <Dakota> (Did that eat up one of my Extra Attacks?)
[01:23] <Axel_Almer> "couldn't you find some weak ass Knights but no you had to get the lame ass powerfull generals is it ego stroking cause your bust size isn't doing it"
[01:23] <Dorin> (si)
[01:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Wait. How Come the Magical Girl gets to hold the sword?"
[01:24] <Dorin> (what's more coming Dakota?)
[01:24] * Dakota goes for Honda. "Term's 'Knight', learn it!"
[01:24] <Dakota> roll 3#1d20+20-4
[01:24] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 3#1d20+20-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{19}, 12,0[ 1d20=4 ]12,0{20}, 12,0[ 1d20=9 ]12,0{25}
[01:24] <Dorin> roll 1d20+35
[01:24] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+35 --> 12,0[ 1d20=13 ]12,0{48}
[01:24] <Dakota> (Ah well, rolls blow. Maybe one will hit :P )
[01:24] <Axel_Almer> "Love and justice counters Hard Rock and Parties"
[01:24] <Dorin> roll 1d20+33
[01:24] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+33 --> 12,0[ 1d20=16 ]12,0{49}
[01:24] <Dorin> roll 1d20+31
[01:24] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+31 --> 12,0[ 1d20=7 ]12,0{38}
[01:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You look more like a Priestess than a Knight girl."
[01:25] <Dorin> The towering warrior easily bats the strikes aside.
[01:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Blasphemy. Nothing's more powerful than Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll!"
[01:25] * Dakota isn't bothered, swirling the huge sword easily enough.
[01:25] <Dorin> (anything else?)
[01:25] <Axel_Almer> "say that to the Magical Miko over there heafting the big ass sword"
[01:26] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I will. After she puts down the bigass sword."
[01:26] <Dakota> (No other acts to do anything else with :P )
[01:26] <Dorin> A groan comes from the body of Masamune, who cracks his neck and sits up slowly.
[01:26] <Dakota> (You just told me my Extra Attack was eaten up ;) )
[01:26] <Dorin> He does not act, but he is up...
[01:26] <Dorin> (Hua)
[01:26] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "damn it! I just Killed you! You should have the Common Courtesy to stay dead at least a while longer.
[01:26] * XiangHua considers for a moment, then begins to reinforce her Force Field yet again to bring it back up to full strength; otherwise, for now, she waits.
[01:27] <XiangHua> (Saving EA for end of turn.)
[01:27] <Axel_Almer> "dude kill the bitch kill the minions"
[01:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "well, at east he doesn't have that damn sword."
[01:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *least
[01:27] <XiangHua> "...It's not that difficult. All you have to do is master your own energy to cope with the lightning. Perhaps if you had chosen to work on your own abilities before relying on your weapons, you would also be able to do it."
[01:27] <Axel_Almer> (you notice I've tried to do everything in my power to make that lady mad at me and nothing's phased me)
[01:28] <Axel_Almer> (^her)
[01:28] <Dorin> Honda turns to Dakota and Axel. He swipes the spear across in a hard horiztonal slice at both.
[01:28] <Dakota> (What can be said? Naught competes with the annoyance power of Strat)
[01:28] <Dorin> roll 1d20+33
[01:28] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+33 --> 12,0[ 1d20=14 ]12,0{47}
[01:28] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Hey, Chun Li, I don't tell you how to kick. You don't tell me how to Rock."
[01:28] <Dakota> roll 1d20+22+2
[01:28] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+22+2 --> 12,0[ 1d20=8 ]12,0{32}
[01:29] <Axel_Almer> roll 1d20+11
[01:29] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almer rolled :12,0 1d20+11 --> 12,0[ 1d20=14 ]12,0{25}
[01:29] <Dorin> roll 3d8+4
[01:29] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 3d8+4 --> 12,0[ 3d8=12 ]12,0{16}
[01:29] <Dorin> The speed of the blow catches both completely offguard and knocks them back from the airpressure.
[01:29] <Axel_Almer> (HP: 83)
[01:29] * Dakota blinks, her chihaya not even damaged.
[01:29] <Dakota> "Ouch?"
[01:30] <Dorin> Honda frowns and lowers his spear and charges forward for Dakota.
[01:30] <Dorin> roll 1d20+35
[01:30] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+35 --> 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{38}
[01:30] <Dakota> roll 1d20+20+2
[01:30] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+20+2 --> 12,0[ 1d20=9 ]12,0{31}
[01:30] <Dakota> (Sigh... I could've actually dodged this one too...)
[01:30] <Dorin> roll 5d8+4 Armor piercing
[01:31] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 5d8+4 12,0Armor piercing --> 12,0[ 5d8=21 ]12,0{25}
[01:31] * Dakota winces, a bit more painful this time. As soon as he pulls it out, the wound starts glowing.
[01:31] <Axel_Almer> (I mean come on I insulted her breast size)
[01:32] <Dorin> The spear cleaves through her magical wards and takes hold. With more ease then should be allowed, she is flipped upside down and slamed into the ground, craking the cement.
[01:32] <Dorin> roll 6d8+10
[01:32] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 6d8+10 --> 12,0[ 6d8=24 ]12,0{34}
[01:32] <Dakota> (Owwww.)
[01:32] <Dakota> (Linked Attack?)
[01:32] <Dorin> The woman giggles, despite her bad shape. "That looked painful, and it's a new floor too."
[01:33] <Dorin> (yeap)
[01:33] * Dakota winces. "Damnation, and here I was hoping I could hold back a bit."
[01:33] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (it's a wooden floor. how's it crack the cement?)
[01:33] <Dorin> "Lu Bu, be a dear and cleave me a road please."
[01:33] <Dorin> (oh be picky)
[01:33] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (yep)
[01:33] <Dorin> The impact splinters wood, and down into the cement, which cracks.
[01:34] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (much better.)
[01:34] <Axel_Almer> "how about you shut up you flat chested tomboy"
[01:34] <Dorin> The hulking body of Lu Bu charges forward, one arm grabbing the injured woman, and the other thrusting out his spear at Bruce.
[01:34] <Dorin> roll 1d20+38
[01:34] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+38 --> 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{39}
[01:34] <XiangHua> (Har)
[01:34] <Dorin> (and missing entirely)
[01:34] <Dakota> (Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!)
[01:34] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+28 (Dodge)
[01:35] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+28 12,0(Dodge) --> 12,0[ 1d20=20 ]12,0{48}
[01:35] <Dorin> (heh)
[01:35] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Do I get a Free COunter?)
[01:35] <Dorin> (Bruce: Oh shit, trainnnnn! *dives aside*)
[01:35] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Seriously> I should.)
[01:35] <Dorin> (si)
[01:35] <Axel_Almer> "and this is suposed to be the mose feared general of all of china's history, don't make me laugh"
[01:35] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Roll 1d20+14 Heavy Metal
[01:35] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+14 12,0Heavy Metal --> 12,0[ 1d20=19 ]12,0{33}
[01:36] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Flat Footed?)
[01:36] <D-bot> (we'll just make it automatic, cause I'm nice; because unless he crit fails again, you'll never hit him)
[01:36] <D-bot> (not flat footed, but free attack)
[01:36] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (So 8d8 or 8d8+2d6?)
[01:36] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 8d8
[01:36] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 8d8 --> 12,0[ 8d8=34 ]12,0{34}
[01:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> You can't Fight Heavy Metal.
[01:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *" "
[01:37] <Dorin> The axe catches the towering warrior in his stomach, and cuts through his armor, but doesn't seem to do much to slow him down as he moves.
[01:37] <Axel_Almer> "hey tomboy looks like your golden boy is a dud"
[01:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "man... What does it take to kill you damn Zombies?"
[01:37] <Dorin> The shadows form a barrier in the hole that was left behind from the entrance.
[01:38] <Dorin> The old man grunts. "Leave them. The fight is over"
[01:38] * Cool_Hand_Bruce frowns for the first time since he's been down here.
[01:39] * ComradeTaro has joined #ikki
[01:39] <Dorin> Honda and Masamune both sink into the floor, through portals that open beneath them. The sword in Dakota's hand turns into partcles of dust that follow their owner.
[01:39] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Leave them? The woman still lives."
[01:39] <Dorin> "You'll never catch the trickster. If she can throw those kinds of warriors at you, I'd hate to imagine what she did for an escape route."
[01:40] * Dakota pouts. "I was hoping to keep that."
[01:40] <Axel_Almer> "damn tomboy she'll get what's comming to her one day" he says with a fire in his eye
[01:40] <D-bot> With a grunt, the old man looks at the downed warriors and frowns. "Some are more worthless than I thought. Well, the matter is settled."
[01:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Eh, you already have one nifty sword. You don't need another one."
[01:41] * XiangHua nods, and relaxes her stance a bit. "...By now, you should get it. They can put up that sort of performance for hours and hours on end. We can't. That's what makes them so troublesome, especially Lu Bu. They're the sort of people who just wouldn't die even when they were amongst the living. What matter is settled, then?"
[01:41] * Dakota cocks her head. "I suppose this trims it down to the 'semifinals'?"
[01:41] <D-bot> The man points around. "All of you, who've proven to be heads above the rest of these warriors, are going on a little quest for the Phoenix Group."
[01:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "oh? What happened to 'There can be Only One'?"
[01:42] * Dakota stretches slightly, her wounds still glowing as the chihaya fades back into her normal clothing. She frowns. "Really. We are."
[01:42] <Dorin> "This was all just a test to see who could stand up, and who couldn't. We knew *someone* would attack, we couldn't be sure who."
[01:43] * Axel_Almer raises an eyebrow, "a quest"
[01:43] * Axel_Almer looks at Bruce, "that's only for the Highlander"
[01:43] * XiangHua shook her head. "...A brutal way to handle it. The rest of them are going to get up, aren't they?"
[01:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Wait. you have more than One crazy Necromancer trying to get this bauble? What is it?"
[01:44] * Dakota leans back slightly, waiting.
[01:44] <Dorin> "They'll be fine. And this?" He pulled out the item. "A piece of tin covered in gold-filligree (spelling). The real item is too valuable to be carried around so carelessly."
[01:44] * pH|Snoozing has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[01:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "... Y9ou know. That actually makes a lot of sense."
[01:44] <Dorin> "The woman should have summoned up Jia Xu or Sima Yi, this ruse worked better than I suspected it would."
[01:46] * XiangHua nods, and her face quirks into a slight smile. "...Not Zhuge Liang or Zhou Yu? Well, I suppose the two of them would've been less likely to help her. What task do you have for us, then?"
[01:46] <Dorin> "But, anyway. Everyone needs rest, I'll explain things after you're all patched up." And he proceeded to leave. People burst through the doors seconds later. Grabbing down warriors and loading them onto gurnies; while others came to tend to the injured party.
[01:46] <Dorin> (and closing rp, and then end session)
[01:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> So? EXP?
[01:47] * Dakota frowns, completely uninjured and no longer glowing.
[01:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> CP?
[01:47] <Dorin> (no one has anything to add?)
[01:47] * Axel_Almer looks back winceing at his side from "damn that was brutal
[01:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Man, That rocked."
[01:48] <Dorin> (and 2500 XP on the evening, and 3 CP all around)
[01:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "It's not every day you get to fight Legendary Undead warriors with magical Weapons."
[01:49] <Axel_Almer> "that's cause you got some lucky hits," he says again, "they had some impressive skill, range I'd only wish to achive"
[01:49] * Dakota shakes her head. "So why do you waste the opportunity?"
[01:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Waste? If I recall I did the most damage out of all of Us. Felling one and being the only one to hit the other two."
[01:50] * XiangHua also stands completely uninjured, despite once having received seemed to be a solid hit to the stomach from Masamune. "...A bit unfortunate how this turned out. But it could have been worse. Be careful not to let too much of it get to your head; you can see how much effect your attack had on that last one when he came."
[01:50] <Axel_Almer> "we needed to focus on the tomboy controling them, she falls they fall simple as that"
[01:50] * pH|Snoozing has joined #ikki
[01:50] <Dorin> (and no, I wasn't keeping a Guan Yu or a Nobunaga up my sleeve, I think you had enough to worry about ;P)
[01:51] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "You have the opportunity to duel one-on-one with some of the greatest from history, and you doubleteam and cheapshot them?"
[01:51] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Really? I wanted to fight Guan Yu)
[01:51] <Axel_Almer> (what no Yagu Jubei)
[01:51] <Dorin> (lol; maybe later)
[01:51] <XiangHua> "They'll defend her if they can. What we a way to strike her regardless of what may be in the way." Xiang shakes her head now, looking a bit thoughtful.
[01:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Well, I said, Fight. I didn't say Fight Fair. We can't all be so gung ho about Love and Justice you know."
[01:52] <Axel_Almer> "lady where I come from you use every advantage you can get"
[01:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "And I have a way. Of course... I couldn't use it with all of you there. I was fighting at half ability."
[01:53] * Dakota frowns. "Rock star, you've been watching too much TV."
[01:53] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Oh? You don't like Justice? How do you feel about Love then?"
[01:53] * Cool_Hand_Bruce raises an Eyebrow in Silent Innuedno
[01:54] * XiangHua raises an eyebrow at Bruce, and shook her head, and seems to be about to speak...but apparently changes her mind, and just shakes her head again.
[01:54] <Axel_Almer> "down boy, that's my stick"
[01:54] <Dakota> "I'm underage, and uninterested."
[01:54] * Cool_Hand_Bruce lowers his eyebrow immediately.
[01:55] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Oh? You look older. Ah well, I'm not one to force the issue."
[01:55] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Still, if you're not after Love and Justice, what are you after?"
[01:56] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "Duty and honor. I told you, I'm a Knight."
[01:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Ah. that's Too Bad. It's like I told that Lady. Chivalry is dead."
[01:57] <Dakota> "As is rock and roll."
[01:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Rock and Roll ain't Noise Pollution. You can't Kill Rock and Roll."
[01:57] <Axel_Almer> (very interesting dynamic we got working here)
[01:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (much more easy going)
[01:58] * Dakota flexes her hand, and it starts glowing purple. "Can I try?"
[01:58] <Axel_Almer> "woah lady no blasting people you just met, besides the undead famous warriors"
[01:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Now Now, a pretty girl like you needs her beauty sleep after such a good fight."
[01:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "and I'm gonna be a bit too busy Tuning my Guitar."
[01:59] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "You're the one all scratched up."
[01:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "ah, That's cause I was doing a bit more fighting."
[02:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "they saw me as a Bigger Threat. But don't you worry. Tis But a Scratch."
[02:00] * Dakota cocks her head. "Oh? Looked like they were all but ignoring you."
[02:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Did It? Well, if Being Bum Rushed by Lu Bu is being ignored, I'd hate to be payed attention to."
[02:01] <Dakota> "Bum rushed? He tripped over his own feet. If you had trouble with THAT..."
[02:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "He tripped over his own feet into my Axe.
[02:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "And that's the Important part."
[02:02] * Axel_Almer roates his shoulder before being headed off by a medic, "welp looks like I'm up see you tommarrow"
[02:02] <Axel_Almer> (and with that i must go)
[02:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Lu Bu's Less than Legendary Prowess ain't the issue here Girl, The fact that he tried to attack me, and not you. Is."
[02:03] <Dakota> "Yes, I'm sure the way random chance lets you land a light scratch on him that he'll have recovered in half a minute is ever-so-important."
[02:05] * Dakota chuckles slightly. "Well, if that makes you happy with how your life has turned out..."
[02:05] <Dorin> (thoughts or anything before I go crashing myself?)
[02:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Now, If You're done trying to boost your egho after your less than impressive showing, I have an axe to tune and a song to write. After that fight, I feel Inspired."
[02:05] * Cool_Hand_Bruce walks off to Tunbe his Axe
[02:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Tune
[02:05] <Axel_Almer> "Fighting the Necro?"
[02:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Nah Doruin. Seems good.)
[02:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "We'll see where the Music takes me."
[02:05] <Axel_Almer> (none here as well)
[02:06] <Dakota> (Bah, and here I thought it was absolutely silent :P )
[02:06] <Dakota> (Stupid thing took like ten minutes to show anything...)
[02:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (heh.)
[02:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (man. 3 CP... That could be damn useful. I think I'll take 3 ranks of DR.)
[02:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (i'm gonna need em.)
[02:07] <Axel_Almer> (yeah same here)
[02:07] <Axel_Almer> (same)
[02:07] <Axel_Almer> (anyways night guys)
[02:07] * Axel_Almer is now known as Light02
[02:08] * Dakota cocks her head. "Well, while you recover from your injuries, I have something to discuss with our illustrious organizer."
[02:08] * Dakota walks off.
[02:08] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is now known as Stratagemini
[02:08] * Pale_Wolf has joined #ikki
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Session Ident: #ikki
[02:08] * Now talking in #ikki
[02:08] * Topic is 'Bruce, Lady, Dakota, Dude, Hua, Axel, Honda-zombie, Shadows[again last]'
[02:08] * Set by Dorin on Wed Oct 03 00:19:02
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Session Close: Wed Oct 03 02:08:30 2007
[02:08] * Dakota has left #ikki
[02:08] <Stratagemini> man. My character had an impressive showing.
[02:08] <Light02> (my characters thought 'what an ice queen')
[02:08] <Stratagemini> Pale's did too I guess.
[02:08] <Light02> and mine purely sucked
[02:09] <Stratagemini> Nah. Your RP was good.
[02:09] <Pale_Wolf> Wait, impressive? I didn't even start trying to HURT them! ;_;
[02:09] <Pale_Wolf> :P
[02:09] <Light02> yeah rp wise it was ok battle wise he sucked
[02:09] <Stratagemini> but if I were you? I'd sink those 3 CP into either a combat skill or more Dex.
[02:09] <Light02> I couldn't hit I couldn't dodge
[02:10] <Pale_Wolf> And yeah, maybe take a dig into your mechanics and see how it is. Maybe you have 3000 HP? Or something might be misspent?
[02:10] <Stratagemini> He only has like 8 points of Defects Pale.
[02:10] <Light02> 3k bah I only got 140
[02:10] <Stratagemini> 140?
[02:10] <Stratagemini> HP.
[02:10] <Stratagemini> ah.
[02:10] <Pale_Wolf> 8 pts? I've only got 7.
[02:10] <Light02> d10+4*10
[02:10] <Pale_Wolf> So... Definitely something wrong in the mechanics.
[02:11] <Stratagemini> Yeah Pale. But you have an alt form and an IOP
[02:11] <Stratagemini> Those give you back a couple points
[02:11] <Light02> and I'm straight character
[02:11] <Light02> no alt form no iop no nothing
[02:11] <Stratagemini> as opposed to what? A Bi character?
[02:11] <Pale_Wolf> Not really, Strat, the alt forms actually reduce my CP total to be able to switch between them :P
[02:11] <Pale_Wolf> Whip your sheet over to me and I'll see what's up with it.
[02:12] <Light02> I mean as no alt forms or the such
[02:12] <Pale_Wolf> At the LEAST you should have the free three ranks of Magic.
[02:12] <Light02> spent all that on my attacks
[02:12] <Pale_Wolf> Though, I'll be a while before I actually can take a look at it.
[02:12] <XiangHua> Purely sucked would be me.
[02:12] <XiangHua> But I have a lot of redesign to do.
[02:12] <Pale_Wolf> You didn't even get scratched :P
[02:13] <Light02> yeah you lucked out lance
[02:13] <XiangHua> Since, for example, I didn't find out I had taken an attribute that had been house ruled to half strength until 15 minutes pre-game.
[02:13] <XiangHua> I also only even got attacked once, for good reason.
[02:13] <Pale_Wolf> Gah.
[02:13] <Pale_Wolf> Well, it WAS a super-hacked attribute :P
[02:13] <Light02> I got damaged and couldn't hit
[02:13] <Light02> so yeah somethings wrong there
[02:14] <Light02> you want me to send it too you to look at when you get time wolf?
[02:14] <Pale_Wolf> Yeah, I'll see what's up. No offence, but there's no way you can have somehow missed getting ANY advantage.
[02:14] <Stratagemini> Lance also didn't dodge shit and didn't hit with anything.
[02:15] <Light02> remember it's 2/4 for attack skills
[02:15] <Pale_Wolf> There's probably something twitched up in the mechanics.
[02:15] <Stratagemini> and Lance. That nerfed attribute saved your ass.
[02:16] <Stratagemini> Light, beef up your Melee unarmed combat skill to full.
[02:16] <Light02> Strata: that would eat up all my skill points
[02:16] <Stratagemini> that should allow you to at least Hit something.
[02:16] <Stratagemini> Up your Int.
[02:16] <XiangHua> It did, because, well.
[02:16] <XiangHua> In the five minutes pre-game, I readjusted things to get FF 5 instead of FF 2.
[02:16] <Stratagemini> at Level 10 each point into your int gives you 14 SP
[02:17] <XiangHua> Once I found out about house rules.
[02:17] <XiangHua> I think I just need to give up and twink the hell out of my stats.
[02:17] <Stratagemini> or was that 13 SP?
[02:17] <XiangHua> My highest stat is 16.
[02:17] <Stratagemini> ...
[02:17] <XiangHua> And everyone else seems to have 30+.
[02:17] <Stratagemini> Yeah, no wonder you suck.
[02:17] <Stratagemini> no. noone's above 30
[02:17] <XiangHua> Well. Don't you not add Strength to attack rolls?
[02:17] <JiaGai> 30+?
[02:17] <Stratagemini> but teh average is 20
[02:18] <Stratagemini> you add STr to Dammage rolls on muscle powered attacks
[02:18] <XiangHua> I can't figure out how the hell you people are getting consistent +25 and +28 and so on to attacks.
[02:18] <XiangHua> The best I can figure is a +23.
[02:18] <XiangHua> With max BAB progression and maxed out combat skill.
[02:18] <Pale_Wolf> +25? Nope, none of us are that high, that one's just the bad guys.
[02:19] <Pale_Wolf> I'm the highest at +20.
[02:19] * ComradeTaro has quit IRC (Quit: )
[02:19] <Pale_Wolf> I just kept rolling at -4s to use Triple Attack :P
[02:19] <XiangHua> Ah. +20 is reachable.
[02:19] <Light02> Attacks
[02:19] <Light02> Hand to Hand: 10/5 + 7 = 17/12
[02:19] <Light02> Fists: 1d12+11
[02:19] <Light02> Kick: 1d12+11
[02:19] <Light02> Ki Attack: 10/5 + 5 = 15/10
[02:19] <Light02> HtH dodge: 11
[02:19] <Light02> Disttance Dodge: 8
[02:19] <Light02> that right there is my attack and dodge rolls
[02:19] <XiangHua> ...Yeah.
[02:20] <XiangHua> That looks like me, but a bit worse.
[02:20] * Dorin has quit IRC (Quit: )
[02:20] * D-bot has quit IRC (Quit: )
[02:21] <Light02> anyways night guys
[02:21] * Light02 has quit IRC (Quit: Light, The New Avatar of Chaos)
[02:24] <Stratagemini> I also have +20 Pale.
[02:24] <Stratagemini> You ain't the highest
[02:26] <Stratagemini> and seriously guys. max out defence and attack skills.
[03:03] * Stratagemini is now known as Strata|AFK
[03:04] * Pale_Wolf is now known as WolfieBed
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[06:38] * Disconnected
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Postby Dorin » Wed Oct 10, 2007 8:15 pm

Session 2: Complete
<Dorin> Last time, you were just finished routing the crazy chick and her undead, legend warriors (one of whom was not so freakin legendary [surprize surprize *cough*]) and now medics (convient) have come out of the wood work to help everyone recover. You're all escorted off to freshly prepared rooms to rest. Rather spa[21:59] <Dorin> Last time, you were just finished routing the crazy chick and her undead, legend warriors (one of whom was not s[21:59] <Mizuno|Fresco> (whines at the stinging)
[21:59] <Axel_Almer> "Ow..." he says wincing at the spray contact on his skin
[21:59] <Rockman_Zero> (Heh, RE's first aid spry. :P)
[22:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Aerosol?
[22:00] <RiderGai> (skin in a can!)
[22:00] <Dorin> and bandaged over, and your wounds are healed (ala Resident Evil) and after a good night's sleep *some* of you are free to talk with the Master Roshi clone. Although, this place has a very nice gym, a co-ed hot-tub area, and other first class accomidations.
[22:00] <Mizuno|Fresco> (takes a can and makes a bomb!)
[22:00] * Dakota frowns and waves off the medics, being that she is fine.
[22:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (am I one of the free?)
[22:01] <Mizuno|Fresco> (who all is free)
[22:01] <Dorin> (The entire party is essentially free to host discussions. Rider and Mizuno recovered amazingly quickly from the energy drain, everyone else is either in bed or the hot-tub. There's a really sexy female fighter or two in the crew, and naturally all the males want a look.
[22:02] * Axel_Almer relaxes in the hot tub letting the water work his tired mussles
[22:02] * Mizuno|Fresco goes to the hot tub to relax and think about her next move
[22:02] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is hosting his own private concert for his Roadies in a spare open room.
[22:02] * Dakota will have headed after Roshi-clone for a discussion.
[22:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (retcon that)
[22:02] * RiderGai snoring. Loudly. And obnoxiously. Very obnoxiously.
[22:03] * Cool_Hand_Bruce heads off his lackeys in tow, for the Master Roshi clone.
[22:03] <Dorin> Gimme about ten minutes, I need something to snack on; I'll brb)
[22:03] <Mizuno|Fresco> ...)
[22:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (...
[22:04] <Dorin> Yes, should'a done this BEFORE, but I didn't feel hungry then)
[22:04] <Mizuno|Fresco> (calls dorin a slacker and tells him to hurry back)
[22:04] <Rockman_Zero> ... racter.jpg
[22:04] <Rockman_Zero> (My character for when he appears later.
[22:04] <Rockman_Zero> )
[22:07] <Mizuno|Fresco> (would the hottub be shared m and f or separate?)
[22:08] <Rockman_Zero> (I would imagine it'd be seperate)
[22:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> a co-ed hot-tub area,
[22:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> it's coed
[22:08] <Mizuno|Fresco> (that's what I figured, but with Dorin, no telling)
[22:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (not seperate)
[22:09] <Dakota> (... Why even 'ed'? Isn't that 'coeducational'? I'm pretty sure this ain't a school...)
[22:09] <Mizuno|Fresco> (my comment was directed to RZ)
[22:09] <RiderGai> (one hot tub to bring them all and in co-ed bind them)
[22:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (in the co-ed)
[22:11] <Rockman_Zero> (No, that's "One hot tub to bring them all, and in pain bind them"_
[22:11] <Mizuno|Fresco> ...)
[22:11] <Dakota> (Well, if THAT'S your thing...)
[22:12] <Rockman_Zero> (Dakota: What, in your experience of watching anime, has shown girls willingly allowing men to bathe with them?)
[22:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Pale watches Anime Based off H-Games.
[22:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Not the best person to ask)
[22:13] <Dakota> (Well, one might point out that Japan DOES have mixed baths)
[22:13] <Dakota> (And that they do not go into poverty and disuse)
[22:14] <Dorin> (alright, I return)
[22:14] <Dorin> (Bruce and Dakota are off to talk to the old man, Rider is sleeping, everyone else is hiding in the bathing area?)
[22:15] <Mizuno|Fresco> (is my PC the only chic?)
[22:15] <Dorin> (In the bath area? no)
[22:15] <Mizuno|Fresco> (in the game ... as a PC)
[22:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Pale's a chick.)
[22:15] <Mizuno|Fresco> (since LD isn'twith us for a while)
[22:17] <Dorin> -Mizuno and Axel get the treat, far more for Axel, of a pair of twins at the bath. Well, Mizuno gets to eye all the men around, many of whom cut nice physiques; but the twins were the center of the male attention. You certainly don't *recall* having seen them in the gathering of fighters, only the short chick, w[22:17] <Dorin> -Mizuno and Axel get the treat, far more for Axel, of a pair of twins at the bath. Well, Mizuno gets to ey[22:18] <Dorin> currently involved in 'playing' the splashing game. The men ate it up. Pheonix provided fanservice for the guests? Who knows.
[22:19] * Axel_Almer openly drools enjoying the show
[22:19] * Cool_Hand_Bruce wishes he were there. Instead he's got an uncute tomboy and an old dude
[22:19] * Mizuno|Fresco eyes the guy candy but as a ninja she still has the detached air about her, she is completely ignoring the girls
[22:19] <Axel_Almer> (watch it that tomboy would rather skeweryou than hammer you
[22:20] <Dakota> (Nah, chop him down like a lumberjack :P )
[22:20] <Mizuno|Fresco> (what are you talking about? :P)
[22:20] <Dorin> -The office was on the first floor, spartan as everything else around here in lay out...well, not *everything* but pretty bland anyway. The old man was sitting behind a simple table you see at *every* social function imaginable. Papers pilled everywhere. "The idiots aren't allowed." At the sight of the roadies. [22:20] <Dorin> -The office was on the first floor, spartan as everything[22:20] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Who exactly was that that attacked, and what sort of mission did you mean when you said you had a mission for us?"
[22:21] * Dakota rolls her eyes, leaning back to let him finish.
[22:22] <Dorin> The old man thumbed his nose slightly, and takes a long, snorting breath. Clogged up good. "I don't know *who* exactly. Was responsible. The mission, is something I'd like to discuss all at once, and not one at the time. I hate repeating myself. But since the two of you are here. You can be our command candidate[22:2[22:23] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles and looks over at Lost-In-Miko-Space
[22:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Do you know who we might encounter as opposition on this mission? What skills might be needed other than an acute mastery of matrial arts?"
[22:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Martial
[22:27] <Axel_Almer> (he's getting practice when that girl living with him finally stakes her claim)
[22:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Fuck you.)
[22:28] <Rockman_Zero> (Hahahaha!)
[22:28] * Dakota frowns and leans forward. "You want us to perform this mission for you - guarding or transporting this artifact of yours, I'd guess. My question: why should we?"
[22:28] <Dorin> The man sat back and pulled out a pipe and bottle of single-malt from the bottom drawer (Alanis Morisett) and began to light up, it didn't smell like tobacco, and pour a glass. He doesn't extend the offer to either of you. "You can rest assured, somewhere behind the scenes, Geese Howard is waiting. There are oth[22:28] <Dorin> The man sat back and pulled out a pipe and bottle of single-malt from the bottom drawer (Alanis Morisett) and beg[22:29] <Dorin> "Other things, eh." He turned to Dakota and smiled. "We have something to offer each of the candidates involved, Ms. Hibiki. Such as, the location of a certain someone you will take a *very* deep interest in."
[22:30] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "Really. Either way I'll have to have you pass this by the clan head. Without orders, my duty is to compete in this tournament and then return to the shrine."
[22:31] <Dorin> "Oh, it won't take long to convince your head of clan. We have information very pertinent to your family situation, and it ties directly with this mission."
[22:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Geese Howard. This name is not unfamiliar to me. What do you have to make this worth my while. I generally go for more public venues."
[22:31] * Dakota nods. "If orders come from the shrine, I will move as you request."
[22:32] <Dorin> He turned to Bruce and shrugged. "What exactly is it you want, Mr. Clapton? We can offer you more money than God, and enough cococain to keep your crew's grandchildren fried. Along with the means of avoiding federal entanglements the rest of your life."
[22:32] <Dakota> "That is all from me - do you have anything further?"
[22:32] <Dorin> (Anyone in the tub want anything out of it?)
[22:33] <Mizuno|Fresco> my PC is bored and wants something to do :) )
[22:33] <Dorin> "For now, no. Round up those people that fought with you, and a couple others." He passed a small folder with Mizuno and Rider's pictures inside. "They'll be of use to you."
[22:33] <Axel_Almer> (huh....oh Money)
[22:34] * Dakota cocks her head. "Get familiar with my comrades?"
[22:34] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Money, Drugs, those I have enough of. The Federal entanglements, well that strikes a chord in me."
[22:34] <Mizuno|Fresco> (why was Mizuno's pic there?)
[22:34] <Dorin> "It wouldn't hurt to be on a cooperating line with all of them."
[22:35] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Throw in anything you have on Martial arts techniques related to sound and you've got a deal."
[22:35] <Dorin> (she was knocked out during the fight :P)
[22:35] <Mizuno|Fresco> (but she was still there!)
[22:35] * Dakota raises her eyebrows in Bruce's direction and nods. "Then, I'll take my leave..."
[22:35] <Dorin> He smiled to Bruce and nodded. "Well, perhaps not *everything* Mr. Clapton, but there are some very interesting scrolls from pre-Xia Dynasty China I'm sure you would find very interesting."
[22:36] * Dakota turns around and pauses at the door, cocking her head and frowning. "... Which way was it...?"
[22:36] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Smiles. "Well, you've got yourself a main act then."
[22:36] <Dorin> "The elevator at the end of the hall, Ms Hibiki. The bath is on the second floor."
[22:37] * Cool_Hand_Bruce takes the photos out of the folder and walks out the door pointing Dakota in the wrong direction.
[22:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "it's that way."
[22:37] * Dakota frowns and nods, looking for the elevator. "Thank you."
[22:37] * Dakota ignores Bruce as always.
[22:37] * Dakota heads thataway.
[22:37] <Axel_Almer> (someone better be with her at all times her sense of direction is crappy
[22:37] <Dorin> "I'll see all of you downstairs as quickly as possible to explain everything." And they were gone.
[22:38] * Cool_Hand_Bruce hands the photos to Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp. "Go find those two and teh others that were around and bring them here."
[22:38] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Downstairs
[22:38] <Dorin> -"Uh...what if they won't come?"
[22:38] <Rockman_Zero> (The 4: "Fuck you, do it yourself you ass! We're off to get booze and chicks!")
[22:38] <Rockman_Zero> (:P)
[22:38] <Mizuno|Fresco> (lol at RZ)
[22:39] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You tell them that the nice old man that's hosting this thing wants them. If they won't come? Be it on their heads."
[22:39] * Dakota makes it up to the second floor, and starts looking around for the bath. Roll for how long I take? :P
[22:39] <Mizuno|Fresco> (you'd better have a good reason forpulling Mizuno from her eyecandy)
[22:39] <Dorin> "Uh,..okay"
[22:40] <Axel_Almer> (what no Ceroiently Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk)
[22:40] <Dorin> (:P)
[22:40] <Rockman_Zero> (hehee!)
[22:40] <Dorin> And off went the dummy crew to try and find everyone. Half leading Dakota.
[22:40] * Cool_Hand_Bruce walks back to his room to tune his guitar before heading downstairs.
[22:41] * Dakota will appreciate the help of the people smarter than their master.
[22:41] <Dorin> (how sad that situation must be) And into the baths, were the men were oggling the twins, and Mizuno was oggling the men who were oggling the twins.
[22:42] <Mizuno|Fresco> (so goes life, she rarely takes a guy to her bed)
[22:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Hey, They aren't smarter than their master. Their master won his verbal sparring.)
[22:43] <Mizuno|Fresco> (and that's what's sad)
[22:43] <Mizuno|Fresco> (is my PC being approached or what?)
[22:43] <Rockman_Zero> (Indeed)
[22:43] <Axel_Almer> (same here
[22:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (all yous guys are being approached)
[22:43] <Dorin> The Baka-four, with only a picture of Mizuno, find her easily enough. They don't really recall Axel all that well. "Hey, Lady. Mr Clapton says the old geezer wants you downstairs."
[22:44] <Mizuno|Fresco> Mizuno turns her head a small degree to let them know she heard them. "what does he want?"
[22:44] * Axel_Almer notices the Nuckleheads at the girl hearing the old man being mentioned, "short bald guy with the beard?"
[22:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Somewhere, Mr. Clapton is slapping his head at teh sheer stupidity of his minions.
[22:44] <Dorin> With Rider nowhere insight, and being too foolish to ask *where* he was, someone went by his room to bring him down. Being subjected to the most awful sound in the buildings.
[22:45] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Someone's playing country music?)
[22:45] <Dorin> "Yeah, that's the guy." "I dunno, just wants you downstairs. I aint a mind reader."
[22:45] <Rockman_Zero> (And the most awful smell which followed soon after. ;P)
[22:46] <Mizuno|Fresco> Mizuno sighs then decides it'd be better to go see what this was about. "Alright, let me get dressed." With that she pulled herself out of the tub and walking over to her things, grabbed a towel, drying herself as she walked inside to pull on clothes
[22:47] * Axel_Almer shrugs getting out of the tub on abashed by his nudity as he heads to get his clothes
[22:47] <Dorin> They enjoy the view.
[22:47] <Dakota> (Sorry about the wait, was caught up in greeting family members :P )
[22:47] <Dorin> (of Mizuno, although Larry does eye Shemp in a curious way...)
[22:47] <Mizuno|Fresco> (lol)
[22:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (heh.)
[22:48] * RiderGai yawns loudly and gets up out of bed. Heads out to find a vending machine for potato chips.
[22:48] <Mizuno|Fresco> After a few minutes, Mizuno walks back out in skintight clothes that she uses when she's not fighting and doesn't plan to be for the day atleast. "Alright, where are we going?"
[22:49] * Dakota will be abashed for him and follow the people who know the path.
[22:49] * Axel_Almer steps out dressed again looking at the Nucklehead crew
[22:50] * Cool_Hand_Bruce heads downstairs to the old Guy's place. His guitar newly tuned and covered in LSD.
[22:51] <Dorin> And without much trouble, although Dakota does lose sight of everyone a couple times, then almost gets lost in the elevator, the little gathering assembles in the fighting area from before. Tech-monkies were laying down new cinder-blocks in the wall and giving it a fresh coat of morter and cement.
[22:51] * Axel_Almer enters seeing Bruce with his 'Axe' at the ready again, "so it's time again?"
[22:51] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Always be Prepared man."
[22:52] <Axel_Almer> "my master always said that too"
[22:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Sounds like a nice guy. He dead?"
[22:53] * Mizuno|Fresco looks around and notices everything coming back together, she checks her boots and all to make sure she atleast had a couple of weapons on her if needed
[22:54] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Fuck. BRB)
[22:55] <Dorin> The old man coughed when everyone was gathered, and sat back. "I won't give you the long spiel on how the world is in danger. I'll just put it like this. The world is in danger. You can help, or you can get the hell out of my building. That simple. So, anyone leaving?"
[22:55] * Axel_Almer just nods in Bruces dricetion an afirmitive before looking at the old man
[22:55] <RiderGai> "Leaving? I'm looking for a bag of Doritos."
[22:55] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Back)
[22:55] * Dakota blinks and crosses her arms, raising an eyebrow.
[22:56] <Mizuno|Fresco> "I'll just need to change and gather all of my weapons before we go out and be helpful"
[22:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Damn... spilled Hot chocolate on my crotch...)
[22:56] * Axel_Almer just looks at Rider, "who the hell is this moron?"
[22:56] <Dorin> The old man shook his head and pushed up his glasses. "Then ask someone for them."
[22:56] <Axel_Almer> (lol)
[22:56] <Mizuno|Fresco> (haha, at Strat)
[22:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (It's worse when you have people trying to give you first aid tips)
[22:56] <Mizuno|Fresco> (dorin, who was he shaking his head at?)
[22:57] <Rockman_Zero> (I think you and Rider. ;P)
[22:57] * RiderGai looks around. "Huh, isn't this a motley crew. Where'd you guys come from?"
[22:57] <Axel_Almer> (you mean me and Rider
[22:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I'm sure my Minions... Er... I Mean, Roadies will be happy to get them."
[22:58] <Axel_Almer> (and no reaction from strat about that band)
[22:59] <Mizuno|Fresco> (can my PC just teleport to go get them since she has 2 ranks in teleport?_
[22:59] <Dorin> "Fine, let the Stupids get the chips. Just shut up and listen." And the poor Stupids (an extended family) went to try and find some...
[22:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "They're Stooges, not Stupids."
[22:59] <Axel_Almer> (that would be one more of there many movies)
[22:59] <Mizuno|Fresco> "Close enough"
[23:00] <Axel_Almer> "isn't that close on copyright infringment there?"
[23:00] * Axel_Almer says this before humming 3 blind mice
[23:00] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles and pays attention.
[23:01] <Mizuno|Fresco> "can we get on with this, if it's so important, let's get amove on"
[23:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "nah. Those movies don't exist in this dimension."
[23:01] <Axel_Almer> (and there goes the forth wall)
[23:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (yup.)
[23:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (hello Deadpool.)
[23:02] <Dorin> Rubs his eyes and take a breath. Without looking at everyone. "The exact danger isn't important. I simply want the lot of you to go out into the world, and collect some samples from certain individuals."
[23:02] * Cool_Hand_Bruce wonders if he still; thinks in those little yellow boxes.
[23:02] <Dakota> (No, they're pink)
[23:02] * Dakota nods. "Samples of what?"
[23:02] <Axel_Almer> "which individuals?"
[23:02] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles, Oh Little Pink Boxes! What fun we shall have together!
[23:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Where in the World?"
[23:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I wonder if I should get a private jet with my Personal Gear skil?)
[23:04] <RiderGai> "Around the world? Eh?"
[23:05] * Cool_Hand_Bruce cues up Daft Punk
[23:05] <Dorin> "Blood, only small vials. Their locations will be provided to you on a need to know basis. Along with other important information. The less that can be leaked on this, the better. There's a flight leaving in two days for Tokyo, Japan. There's your first target. We have each of you seats, First Class."
[23:05] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles. "now you're talking.
[23:06] <RiderGai> "Why would anyone want blood from other people? That's just weird. Well, I guess if you're a doctor..."
[23:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "But what of that trinket you mentioned earlier?"
[23:06] <Axel_Almer> "where in Tokyo?
[23:06] <Axel_Almer> (if he says Nerima I'm gonna complain)
[23:06] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "... We're trotting around the world, collecting blood samples from random people, to save the world? Forgive me if I'm not ready to take this on faith, but... what are the samples for?"
[23:07] * Cool_Hand_Bruce looks at Dakota while smiling. "Does it really matter Ms. Miko? We're being Well paid, tehre'll be fighting. This sounds fun."
[23:07] <Axel_Almer> "indeed, a method to further my skills and getting paid to boot what more can I ask for?"
[23:08] <Dorin> "It's a minor ward on the outskirts of the city. I forget the name." He turned to Dakota and chuckled. "If you're so touchie for information, these individuals each have certain properties in their blood that is important to the retrieval of an item we need. I can't say much more."
[23:08] <Mizuno|Fresco> (I'm going, so tired ... night. Light enjoy playing her ;) )
[23:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "It don't matter whether this Mission's a Stairway to Heaven or a Highway to hell. It ain't the destination. It's teh Journey."
[23:08] * Mizuno|Fresco is now known as pH|Fresco
[23:08] <Axel_Almer> "quite fucking true"
[23:09] <Axel_Almer> (/me assumes Mizuno's strings as wel as handling Axel's)
[23:10] <Axel_Almer> Mizuno looks on not saying much waiting for the Stooges to get her gear back
[23:11] <RiderGai> "Uh.... right. You people are quite mercenary, you know that?"
[23:12] <Dorin> "That's part of the reason they were selected for this. The others can back out, if you want; but you won't be paid, at all."
[23:12] <Axel_Almer> "surival of the fittest"
[23:12] <Dakota> (Bah, family-afked again...)
[23:12] * RiderGai mumbles.
[23:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Mercenary? Man, I ain't in this for the money. I'm in this for teh ride."
[23:13] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "Hm. Well, if the orders come in I'll go, whatever mercenaries we're working alongside."
[23:13] <Dakota> (Hm. Bruce, I have a request here for your brutal murder)
[23:14] <Axel_Almer> (lol)
[23:14] <Dakota> (Do you mind?)
[23:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I'm in this for the chance to Show some people the Glory of Rock. I'm guessing the people who's blood we're getting, they aren't about to give it up willingly?"
[23:14] <Dorin> "You can conference with your clan-head tonight. Ms Hibiki, if you need. The plane tickets are already purchased, we don't have time to wait for you. Either you go, or you don't/
[23:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You try and I'll have an Axe to grind with you."
[23:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *)
[23:15] * Dakota nods. "If you're telling him the details, I don't mind."
[23:15] <Dorin> "I'll give him the most important information, the rest of it, cannot be divulged."
[23:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Hibiki? I had a tourguide named Hibiki once. Man that was a trip.)
[23:16] <Axel_Almer> (you too)
[23:16] <Dakota> "Understood."
[23:17] <Dorin> "Now, is there anything else?"
[23:17] <RiderGai> "Yeah, where's my bag of Doritos?"
[23:17] <Axel_Almer> "and my gear" Mizuno says
[23:18] * Cool_Hand_Bruce wonders where His stooges are
[23:18] <Dorin> "Yes, you'll have time for your gear." And just that moment, the Baka-four returned...
[23:19] * Axel_Almer looks at the quartette "they look like they been threw the ringer
[23:19] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "... I asked you to get some stuff, not go on an epic quest to Mordor."
[23:20] <Dorin> "They had a lot of kinds!" And indeed, each had an armful of Dorito flavors.
[23:20] <Axel_Almer> Mizuno looks at them, "and my belongins?"
[23:20] <Dorin> "Go get them."
[23:20] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "How many Flavours of Doritos are tehre? 42?"
[23:22] <Axel_Almer> Mizuno just glares at the four "you were asked to get them along with the clueless ones chips"
[23:22] <Dorin> (Diane specifically stated she didn't like people touching her stuff, lol; to me anyway)
[23:22] <RiderGai> "Hey, who's clueless? And who are you people, anyway?"
[23:23] <Axel_Almer> Mizuno just shakes her head and heads out to get her stuff
[23:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You don't recognize me?"
[23:23] <RiderGai> "Should I?"
[23:23] <Dorin> The old man shakes his head and lets out a breath. "This is going to be a long day. Go pack up and rest, for the love of God. Ms Hikibi, I am going to fax some information to your clan-head, you can talk with him at your leisure."
[23:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Probably."
[23:23] <RiderGai> "Uh..."
[23:23] <RiderGai> "Are you that guy who does the thing?"
[23:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Now that..."
[23:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Is a Secret!"
[23:24] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles
[23:24] <Axel_Almer> "that fall when that summoner showed up must of did something to him"
[23:24] * Dakota nods. "Thank you sir."
[23:24] * Dakota wonders if Bruce will be a tolerable human being after resting.
[23:25] * RiderGai takes one bag of Doritos and begins to munch on some. Ignores the rest of the bags.
[23:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "man, I never thought I'd see the day when I found someone who didn't know 'Cool Hand' Bruce Clapton on sight."
[23:25] <Rockman_Zero> (DM: Just as you think those words, thunder rumbles ominously outside... on a clear, cloudless day)
[23:25] <RiderGai> "'Cool Hand' Bruce Clapton? I think I know that name!"
[23:25] <RiderGai> "You're a bowler, right?"
[23:26] <Dorin> And the old man departed for the night.
[23:26] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "a Bowler? Well, Of a Sort. I'm always Knocking em Flat."
[23:26] <RiderGai> "Wow, to think I've met a professional athlete. Awesome."
[23:26] * RiderGai eats more Doritos.
[23:27] * Dakota winces and glances at Axel. "What a team...?"
[23:27] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles enigmaticaly.
[23:27] <Axel_Almer> "indeed," he says to her, "its like the rockers roadies only worse"
[23:28] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Hey, they may be stupid, but my Minions... Er, I mean, Roadies... Are Loyal!
[23:28] * Dakota sighs. "Forgive me for hoping this 'world in danger' bit was pure dramatic license."
[23:29] * Dakota frowns and takes a look at Bruce.
[23:29] <Axel_Almer> "any worse than the repeated Orochi awakenings by those King of Fighters morons"
[23:29] <RiderGai> "World in danger, huh? Man, I hate threats to the world. That gets me angry."
[23:29] <Rockman_Zero> (...)
[23:29] <Axel_Almer> Axel looks at Rider, "so who are you again?"
[23:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Eh, I hope teh World's in Danger. Nothing brings a better audience than a crisis."
[23:30] <RiderGai> "Me? The name's Takeshi. But most people just call me Rider cause... well, I ride motorcycles. Mine got repossessed, though."
[23:30] <RiderGai> "Need some cash to get it back."
[23:31] * Dakota blinks. "..."
[23:31] <Axel_Almer> "your not a...'masked' rider"
[23:31] <Dorin> (I don't really have any action jotted down in my notes; so it's really only rp from here on out)
[23:31] <Axel_Almer> (sorry had to make a reference)
[23:31] <RiderGai> "Naw, I'm just plain old Rider."
[23:32] * Dakota glances at Axel. "Excuse me. I think I'm going to find my room and cry."
[23:32] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Wait. Your bike got repossesed, so you decided to come to a secret underground tournament for the best fighters in the world, in order to earn money to get it back? Man, just sell some drugs, it's easier and quicker."
[23:32] <RiderGai> "Drugs? No way! I hate drugs."
[23:32] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Probably less painful too."
[23:32] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "you... do?"
[23:32] <Dorin> (If you want to advance the scene, let me know, or if there's anything you want to do IC)
[23:33] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is still smiling, buit it looks much more strained.
[23:33] <Axel_Almer> he looks at Dakota, "fine by me good night"
[23:33] * Dakota wanders off to find a phone.
[23:33] <Dakota> (And her room... probably gonna be a while...)
[23:34] <RiderGai> "Besides, all I'm good at is punching stuff. So... why not?"
[23:34] * Cool_Hand_Bruce walks off muttering to himself. "He hates drugs, he doesn't know Rock and Roll... man what is this guy? celibate too? He must be a monk or something."
[23:35] <Axel_Almer> "A monk who rides a bike...I've heard a Monk who owns a sooped up Mini Cooper
[23:35] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Damn. I need some sleep. This guy must be a bad trip gone wrong."
[23:35] * Cool_Hand_Bruce heads off to his room to sleep
[23:36] <RiderGai> "Well, it was a pretty long trip to get here. Espeically on foot."
[23:36] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is ready to advance the scene.
[23:36] * Axel_Almer and Mizuno are as well
[23:37] <RiderGai> (we all are I think)
[23:38] <Dorin> (Alright, everyone ready to jump ahead? Nothing you want from RP?)
[23:38] <Axel_Almer> (I'm good)
[23:38] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (i'm game)
[23:39] <Dorin> Alright then)
[23:41] <Dorin> A couple days to relax, enjoy the scenery, and a limo pulls up sometime before lunch to drive everyone to the airport. You are served in car. A nice three course chicken meal, and then left to board the plane. Waiting at the gate, a dark-haired woman with glasses on her face. In a tasteful black buisness-suit an[23:41] <Dorin> A couple days to relax, enjoy the scenery, and [23:42] <Rockman_Zero> (Sore thumb, much? :P)
[23:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (it's probably my guitar.)
[23:42] <Axel_Almer> Axel looks at the woman
[23:42] <Axel_Almer> (and my get up)
[23:42] * Cool_Hand_Bruce looks at the woman.
[23:43] * Dakota sits back for the ride, reading any information that's available on the job.
[23:43] <Dorin> She waits quietly for the lot of you to approach.
[23:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (It could be ms. Magical Miko Machine though, ya never know.)
[23:43] * Cool_Hand_Bruce approaches her.
[23:43] * Dakota notes the attention and heads that way.
[23:43] * Axel_Almer approches her as well
[23:44] <Rockman_Zero> (The woman notices them comming towards her, screams and runs off as fast as her legs can carry her. :P)
[23:46] * RiderGai yawns and heads over to miss power suit.
[23:46] <Axel_Almer> Mizuno joins them
[23:47] <Dorin> "I'm glad all of you could make it. Your personal effects have already been cleared to be loaded on the plane. It's a small flight, and no one will be on board who can compromise our situation. The couple dozen people waiting *looked* like your standard airline travelers. She pulls several manilla folders from h[23:47] <Dorin> "I'm glad all of you could make it. Your personal effects have already been cleared to be loaded on the plane. I[23:47] <Dorin> "high-school senior, except for certain *abnormalaties* which can be quite dangerous."
[23:47] * Dakota frowns, cocking her head. "Abnormalities?"
[23:48] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles.
[23:48] * Axel_Almer looks on intriged
[23:48] <Axel_Almer> "Axel Almer at your service" he says in greeting
[23:49] <RiderGai> "Yeah... 'abnormalities'?"
[23:49] <Dorin> "She contains a very powerful spirit, well beyond the scope of even one a hundred thousand martial artists. She has little to no control over this power, and is therefore a danger to herself and everyone around her."
[23:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Sounds like we're in for a bit of a show then."
[23:50] <RiderGai> "Well, if we're helping her by doing this..."
[23:51] * Dakota frowns. "I presume it's largely inactive, though? I doubt she'd be able to be an 'average high school senior' if it were active."
[23:51] <Dorin> "You could say that. It is unfortunate, but her power is the type that tends to attract others. Good and bad. We can expect someone will be after her."
[23:51] <RiderGai> "Besides us?"
[23:51] <Dorin> The woman nods. "Normally, it is inactive, but from our obeservations of the girl, it's awakening it occuring with more frequency. And yes, besides us. Some of them may be helpful for her, but many will see only a power to control."
[23:52] <RiderGai> "Man, I hate jerks like that. Makes me wanna pound on em."
[23:52] * Dakota frowns. "So what's our objective? A blood sample as we were told?"
[23:52] <Axel_Almer> "interesting"
[23:53] <Dorin> "That is our primary objective, and if it becomes necessary, we must find a way of helping her control her powers. We don't want to disrupt her life, but this mission is also to see how out of control she can become."
[23:53] * Axel_Almer raies an eyebrow at this
[23:54] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "... Should I _hope_ there's a plan in place if she does become out of control?"
[23:54] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Are we to eliminate her if she becomes dangerous?"
[23:54] <Axel_Almer> Mizuno agrees with the Miko girl
[23:54] * Dakota glances over. "Are we _capable_ of doing so?"
[23:55] <Dorin> The woman just smirks, a quite proud one at that. "My natural IQ is more than 190. The little tournament you competed in, was my plan. I also have come up with plans in the event she goes out of control. We don't want to eliminate her, just help her. If it's too bad, we'll bring her into the Pheonix to train her[23:[23:55] <RiderGai> "I don't wanna eliminate some innocent kid."
[23:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Plans. Man, Objectives are better. Plans fall apart at first contact with teh enemy."
[23:57] * Dakota cocks her head. "Do you have documentation available on the details of her condition and the plans you have set up?"
[23:57] <Dorin> She nods. "I do."
[23:57] <Dakota> "May I borrow it for a while?"
[23:58] <Dorin> Another folder appeared out of the case and passed to her. "Now, if you're all prepared, we'll begin boarding the plane."
[23:58] <Axel_Almer> "lead on"
[23:58] * Dakota takes the folder and slips it into her carryon luggage. "I'm ready."
[23:59] <Dorin> She turned and did just that, stepping onto the ramp and taking a seat in the front of the plane, first class all the way. The others were to follow, obviously, and then the 'crew' followed. The poor roadies had to ride luggage...
[23:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Ramble on."
[23:59] <Dakota> (Owie, poor Flunkies)
[23:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (hahahahah!)
[23:59] <Axel_Almer> (but Larry I didn't do it, *bop* stuff it chouder head)
[23:59] * Dakota follows and takes a seat near to the woman.
[23:59] <Rockman_Zero> (I'm pondering getting leadership to make them my flunkies as a joke. :P)
mble on."
[23:59] <Dakota> (Owie, poor Flunkies)
[23:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (hahahahah!)
[23:59] <Axel_Almer> (but Larry I didn't do it, *bop* stuff it chouder head)
[23:59] * Dakota follows and takes a seat near to the woman.
[23:59] <Rockman_Zero> (I'm pondering getting leadership to make them my flunkies as a joke. :P)
Session Time: Wed Oct 10 00:00:00 2007
[00:00] <Axel_Almer> (lol)
[00:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (you can't)
[00:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (even with leadership Flunkies are fanatically louyal.)
[00:01] <Dakota> (Get Mind Control: Stra[00:01] <Dakota[00:01] <Rockman_Zero> (...In other word[00:01] <Rockman_Zero> (...In other words, they're brains are so fried by d[00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (yep. and I'm their dealer)
[00:01] <Dorin> (is there anything of im[00:01] <Dorin> (is there anything of importance to throw in here? I'm about [00:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (nope.)
[00:02] <Dakota> (Sleep on the bus/train[00[00:02] <Dorin> (and do you propose I sl[00:02] <Dorin> (and do you p[00:02] <Dakota> (And, nothing much, Dak[00:02] <Dakota> (And, nothing much, Dakota will basically take the folder and start reading th[00:02] <Dakota> (It can be done!)
[00:03] <Axel_Almer> (power naps are kin[00:03] <[00:03] <Dorin> (that'd be some power na[00:[00:04] <Dakota> (Plus, buy Jolt.)
[00:04] <Dakota> (Jolt is your God)
[00:04] <Dorin> (Don't have it here, hav[00:04] <D[00:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (red bull)
[00:04] * Joins: Alathon
[00:05] <Dorin> (don't want wings_
[00:05] <Axel_Almer> (valt and red bull.[00:05] <[00:05] <Dakota> (I believe I will conti[00:05] <Dakota> (I belie[00:05] <Dorin> (lol)
[00:06] <Dorin> (I think I'm going to ca[00:06] <Dorin> (I think I'm going to call it a session, I'm not awake enough for it; and ther[00:06] <Dakota> All righty.
[00:06] * Dakota is now known as Pale_Wo[00:[00:06] <Dorin> (Next week we'll run a l[00:06] <Dorin> (Next week we'll run a longer[00:06] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is now known as Stratagemini
[00:06] <Stratagemini> cool.
[00:06] <Dorin> 1500 XP on the night
[00:06] * Axel_Almer is now known as Lig[00:06[00:06] <Alathon> (heh, sucks to be me ;[00:[00:06] <Stratagemini> what we get for teh session?
[00:06] <Pale_Wolf> 1500 XP? :P
[00:06] * Quits: D-bot (Quit: Ses[00:07] <Dorin> What more do you want?
[00:07] <Stratagemini> EXP.
[00:07] <RiderGai> donuts
[00:07] <Dorin> Can't provide that, sorry
[00:07] * Rockman_Zero gives Strat 10,000 XP.
[00:07] <Stratagemini> A No Prize
[00:07] <Rockman_Zero> Only redeemable in my game, which is no longer running. :P
[00:08] <Dorin> I'm going to crash now
[00:08] <Rockman_Zero> Okay, night Dorin.
[00:08] <Pale_Wolf> Night Dor, get your sleep and energy back :P
[00:08] <Dorin> Yes, more rest in the middle of the day
[00:08] * Disconnected
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Postby Dorin » Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:38 am

Session 3: Part 1 of 2
Session Start: Tue Oct 23 20:33:04 2007
Session Ident: #ikki
[20:33] * Now talking in #ikki
[20:33] * Topic is 'No game on the 16, should reconvene on the 23'
[20:33] * Set by parasiticHost on Wed Oct 17 20:24:47
[20:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +q Dorin
[20:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Dorin
[20:33] <Pale_Wolf> You're the one who obsesses over it so much.
[20:33] <Stratagemini> Well, I don't Download FS/N ones
[20:33] <Stratagemini> it might be filled with plot.
[20:34] <Stratagemini> I never downloaded it.
[20:34] <Stratagemini> you'd have to download it to find out.
[20:34] <Stratagemini> and it's really not that problematic to do that.
[20:35] <Pale_Wolf> Hm, they have Type-Moon Complex, so I suppose it's not all porn.
[20:35] <Pale_Wolf> Ah well.
[20:36] <Stratagemini> Ah Well?
[20:36] <Stratagemini> Are you Sad it's not all Porn?
[20:38] <Pale_Wolf> ... Um, no?
[20:38] <Stratagemini> Ah Well is an expression of regret Pale.
[20:38] <Pale_Wolf> The 'ah well' was more along the lines of 'meh, even if it's maybe no porn, no need to download since I can probably find anything good at the Beast's Lair'.
[20:40] <Stratagemini> ah.
[20:40] <Stratagemini> well...
[20:41] <parasiticHost> what time are we starting?
[20:41] <Pale_Wolf> 9:30's scheduled.
[20:42] <parasiticHost> ok, that's what I thought, just wanted to make sure
[20:42] <Stratagemini> 52 minutes hence
[20:42] <parasiticHost> the first half of htis will be done by then!!
[20:42] <Stratagemini> This?
[20:42] <parasiticHost> Hellgate London!
[20:42] <parasiticHost> didn't we already cover this?
[20:43] <Stratagemini> ah. the down;oad
[20:44] <parasiticHost> yes!
[20:44] <parasiticHost> I'm at 40% already
[20:45] <parasiticHost> 43% :)
[20:48] * Quits: Pale_Wolf (Ping timeout)
[20:55] * Joins: Pale_Wolf
[20:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +h Pale_Wolf
[21:30] * Joins: Light02
[21:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +h Light02
[21:30] <Light02> yo
[21:30] * Dorin claps
[21:30] <Light02> sorry dial up was being a bitch
[21:30] <Light02> it took me nearly 30 minutes to just get connected
[21:31] <parasiticHost> dont' insult me :P
[21:31] <Dorin> bleh
[21:31] <Stratagemini> you got in with 3 minutes to spare
[21:31] <Light02> Diane: I'm not I'm insulting the crudy isp I got
[21:31] <parasiticHost> but, I"m abitch in a good way :)
[21:32] * Joins: D-bot
[21:32] <parasiticHost> dorin?
[21:32] <parasiticHost> captain?
[21:32] <Dorin> Seeing if Lance is coming
[21:32] <parasiticHost> want me to ring him?
[21:32] <Stratagemini> Kill Him.
[21:32] <Dorin> No, just set him on fire
[21:33] <parasiticHost> his phone is off
[21:33] <parasiticHost> which means he prolly lost phone again
[21:33] <Stratagemini> Send your attack dogs.
[21:33] <Dorin> Well, if he doesn't turn up, that's his problem
[21:34] <Dorin> We left off everyone on the plane, first class (woohoo) with all of you settled in, the 'strategist' passing out files on the target, and getting ready to discuss the battleplan.
[21:34] <parasiticHost> less than 40 minutes and I'll have the wholegame!
[21:34] <Dorin> Woo, now everyone check in and let's get going)
[21:34] <parasiticHost> (dorin, I still never got the logs!!)
[21:34] <Dorin> (not my fault you don't use the link I give you0
[21:35] <Light02> (/me sets tonights music to Iron Savoir - Titans of Our Time)
[21:35] * Stratagemini is now known as Cool_Hand_Bruce
[21:35] <parasiticHost> (you said you'd email it to me twice!)
[21:35] * Light02 is now known as Axel_Almar
[21:35] * Pale_Wolf is now known as Dakota
[21:36] * parasiticHost is now known as Mizuno
[21:36] <Dorin> (And I haven't done it yet, have
[21:36] * Cool_Hand_Bruce sets Tonight's music to the 50 different versions of KoroBeiniki
[21:36] <Dorin> I? Hahaha!)
[21:36] <Mizuno> (dorin, I'll break itno your apt ...)
[21:36] <Mizuno> (we all know how easy that'll be)
[21:36] <Dorin> (Just don't break anything of value)
[21:37] * Dorin smacks Jia)
[21:37] <Mizuno> (then email me the logs)
[21:37] * JiaGai is now known as Rider
[21:37] <Dorin> (When I get around to it, I will)
[21:37] <Axel_Almar> (what no Noble Phantasm)
[21:37] <Mizuno> (dorin, logs!)
[21:37] <Dorin> (When I get around to it, I will; now, the session is on)
[21:38] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Now Playing: KoroBeiniki by Ozma Tonight's Battle Theme)
[21:38] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (we're at 49,000 xp or 50,500?)
[21:38] * Joins: Alatwork
[21:39] <Axel_Almar> (44,000 I think)
[21:39] <Dorin> Ms. Powersuit sits with Dakota and Bruce, ready to go over the details of her plan, while the rest of you are subject to the *tortures* of first class flying.
[21:39] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (No, we're at least at 49)
[21:39] * Axel_Almar relaxes in the confy chair)
[21:39] <Mizuno> (why are they up there?)
[21:39] <Axel_Almar> (that's the only epx I got was 44)
[21:39] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles
[21:40] <Axel_Almar> (heading to the first person of interest)
[21:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (44 is starting)
[21:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "So, who exactly is our target, and since you seem to have such faith in your plan... What is it?"
[21:41] <Axel_Almar> (did we get 5k exp last week then?)
[21:41] * Dakota leans back. "More to the point... what are the backup plans if everything goes wrong?"
[21:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (We got 1,500 the last week we played)
[21:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "And it will. No Plan survivess contact with the enemy"
[21:42] * Axel_Almar just nods in agreement not really wanting to get up
[21:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (... Dorin?)
[21:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You there?)
[21:43] <Mizuno> (I'm not in that conversation, am I? again, I have no idea what's going on, other than I'm on a plane)
[21:43] <Axel_Almar> (/me pokes Dori)
[21:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Only Me and Pale are in that conversation)
[21:44] <Dorin> (gah, stupid thing; I can't find the name I put down for the chick in question)
[21:44] * Mizuno pulls out an Icha Icha book and reads
[21:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Give her a new name then)
[21:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Jane Doe)
[21:44] <Dorin> (I'll have to, obviously)
[21:44] <Mizuno> (look in the logs)
[21:44] <Dorin> (does no good with my PC, sometimes the logs fuck up with double recording)
[21:45] <Mizuno> (then why are you telling me to go read them?)
[21:45] * Dorin rolls eyes)
[21:47] <Dorin> The woman snorts and shoots the two a look as if she were addressing school children, very slow school children. "You obviously don't understand the finer points of planning for thi[21:47] <Dorin> The woman snorts and shoots the two a look as if she were addressing school children, very slow school children. "You obviously don't understand the finer points of planning for things such as this, but that aside. Our target is Tenkana Kira. As I've al[21:48] <Dorin> address, family life, and the like written inside. "In the event she becomes too much to handle, I have countermeasures to neutralize, without harming her. It's so foolproof, even y[21:48] <Dorin> address, family [21:48] * Dakota drums her fingers. "My point of curiousity is exactly what those countermeasures are."
[21:48] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles condescendingly at the crazy woman
[21:48] <Dorin> (Bruce: Lady, you've obviously never seen a talented fuck up)
[21:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Actually it was about the finer points of planning bit, but hey!)
[21:49] <Dorin> For Axel: Sadly, nothing too interesting on the flight. The flight attendents were sub-par in apperance, and you're almost entirely alone in the first class section.
[21:49] <Mizuno> (isn't that where I am?)
[21:50] <Dorin> (Yes, like I told you twice now, EVERYONE of YOU is in FIRST CLASS)
[21:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You're in Baggage wityh the stooges)
[21:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Ninja shouldn't be seen)
[21:50] <Mizuno> (I have no logs! no idea what exactly is going on ...)
[21:50] * Mizuno kills Bruce while he sleeps)
[21:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Did you do it silently and invisibly?)
[21:51] <Mizuno> (I made it go dark and silent, so yes)
[21:51] <Dakota> (What kind of ninja do you take her for?! Of course not! That's THOROUGHLY against the way of the ninja!)
[21:51] <Dakota> (... Sorry, Naruto possessed me)
[21:51] * Axel_Almar just leans back after ordering a shifter of brandy
[21:51] <Mizuno> (think more gaara)
[21:51] <Rider> "Uh... if you can neutralize her already, what do you need us for?"
[21:52] <Dorin> A stewardess was quick to provide alocohol on demand, no cost.
[21:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That's... a pretty good question. Because I'm really hoping it isn't because we'd attract less attention."
[21:53] <Dorin> The woman looks back at Rider and rolls her eyes with a sigh. "We can only neutralize her *if* her abilities start up, and don't ask me why they decided to use outside muscle for th[21:53] <Dorin> The woman looks back at Ride[21:53] * Mizuno orders some food from the stewardess
[21:53] <Dorin> For Mizuno: "Chicken or fish?"...(classic airline joke)
[21:54] <Mizuno> ("Steak")
[21:54] * Dakota nods and leans forward. "So... what _are_ your countermeasures, ma'am?"
[21:54] <Mizuno> "Chicken is fine and water to drink please"
[21:54] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (If she says "That's a secret"...)
[21:55] <Dorin> Mizuno: "Right away" and she was promptly served.
[21:55] <Dakota> (Don't worry. I'm armed on the plane)
[21:55] * Mizuno inspects food for poisoning (as any ninja worth her weight would do and as she has knowledge of poisons)
[21:56] * Cool_Hand_Bruce would Lace the food with LSD. But he doesn't.
[21:56] <Dorin> The woman chuckles. "We know her ability set, and all the ways to disable it. It's a rare form of spiritual power, but we've encountered it before. There are special items that calm[21:56] <Dorin> The woman chuckles. "We know her ability set, and all the ways to disable it. It's a rare form of spiritual power, but we've encountered it before. There[21:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Can you tell us what form this spiritual power takes? Does it Exorcise Demons? Throw people around telekinetically? Allow her to reach Nirvanna through teh Power of Rock?"
[21:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Spiritual Power is rather Vague..."
[21:58] * Dakota frowns and leans back. "Right."
[21:58] <Rockman_Zero> (DM: Mizuno, You peel off the foil cover of your meal... the cover reads "kane's catering services". As you do... something inside hisses in cryptic latin, butyou don't seem to detect any poison at all.")
[21:58] <Rockman_Zero> (^Akane's)
[21:59] <Mizuno> (if it was talking, I wouldn't eat it)
[21:59] <Axel_Almar> (lol)
[21:59] <Dorin> She rubs her eyes and sighs at Bruce. "It's a form of super-ki generation. When it activates, she can seem to manifest near infinite amounts of it."
[21:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (If it eas talking in Latin? New Pet.)
[21:59] <Mizuno> (seriously)
[21:59] <Rider> "Wow, near infinite. That's a lot."
[21:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Does she know how to Use it?"
[21:59] <Mizuno> (I could sic it on porn pup)
[22:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "All teh Ki in the world won't help you if you can't use it."
[22:00] * Dakota frowns. "With that much, you don't need to know how to use it, you can just twitch and it'll fly out."
[22:00] <Dorin> "Oh, she's not controlled in the use at the moment, but she can easily overpower all but Super-A class fighters. Which, none of you are."
[22:00] * Rider eats some Doritos. "Sounds dangerous."
[22:01] <Rockman_Zero> (...)
[22:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Sou8nds Fun."
[22:01] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Smiles
[22:01] <Dorin> She shoots Rider a look of irritation, but otherwise brushes off his idiocy. "Oh, I'm sure it'll be a blast and a half. And this is only the first target."
[22:01] <Mizuno> "how many targets where there be?"
[22:02] <Rider> "I guess we can't forget there are guys like her all over the world."
[22:02] * Axel_Almar speaks up from his lounging postion, "and the others, how drastic of a shift in power does it go"
[22:02] <Dorin> "Three in all that we are concerned with."
[22:02] <Mizuno> "What makes these 3 so special exactly? I mean other than their ability to use those powers?"
[22:02] <Dorin> "The other two, will be much more interesting to deal with. Their powers are no greater, but their levels of control are all shifting."
[22:03] * Dakota cocks her head. "So it's likely that they will actually have some measure of skill?"
[22:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Probably what we're trying to find out. Given that they want Blood samples."
[22:03] * Mizuno starts to eat the food, it wasn't that great, but she'd eaten much worse
[22:03] <Dorin> "It's possible they might be extremely capable. One of them is, reportedly, a genius of martial arts. We don't know yet."
[22:03] <Rider> "Man, there sure are a lot of really powerful guys with no control. Good thing I'm not one of them, it would be pretty embarrassing to accidently blow up a building or something."
[22:04] <Dorin> (Every suicide bomber's number one fear...premature detonation)
[22:04] <Dakota> (... That sounds SO dirty, yet I can't figure out how...)
[22:05] * Dakota frowns. "Well, we'll focus on this one I suppose. What are the details?"
[22:05] <Axel_Almar> (lol)
[22:06] <Rider> "I hope we don't have to dress like schoolkids to get to her. Those high collars chafe."
[22:06] <Dorin> "She attends a small highschool set in a region outside Tokyo. Seito, I believe they call it. A very rustic place, rather backwater by compare to modern society. The town itself is [22:06] <Dorin> "She attends a small highschool set in a region outside Tokyo. Seito, I believe they call it. A very rustic place, rather backwater by compare to modern society. The town itself is more a village, one store[22:07] <Axel_Almar> "sounds alot like some of the more weirder districts of Tokyo"
[22:08] <Mizuno> "so how exactly are we supposed to get her blood if it's such a small area?"
[22:08] <Dorin> The woman sighs, closing her eyes. "You, Ms. Mizuno, are a ninja are you not? Skilled in infiltration and assassination techniques?"
[22:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Wait, if It's Isolated... Are we supposed to keep under cover?
[22:09] <Mizuno> "yes, but you're the one who said you had a 'fool-proof' plan, and I'm not working alone, now am I?"
[22:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *""
[22:09] <Rider> "Woah, we have a ninja here? Can you do cool ninja tricks like create multiple afterimages?"
[22:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "We have Two Actually."
[22:09] <Mizuno> "I could, but then I'd just kill you"
[22:09] <Rider> "We have two? Wow they really are sneaky... I never even realized it!"
[22:09] <Dorin> "No, you are not, but you ask *how* and I am presenting you the plans we have in place."
[22:10] <Dorin> "Just follow my orders, and nothing will go wrong."
[22:10] <Dorin> (I can just see a Sakon Shima incident)
[22:10] <Mizuno> "why do I have a feeling that something will go very badly very quickly?"
[22:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "So... How Much of the town are we allowed to claim as Collateral Damage? Infinite Ki won't be easy to subdue without some."
[22:10] <Mizuno> (btw, I can sense Ki, does that help us any?"
[22:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (So can I)
[22:11] <Mizuno> (are you the other ninja?)
[22:11] <Axel_Almar> (not i)
[22:11] * Dakota frowns and leans back. "I imagine our idea would be to NOT let her get started."
[22:11] <Axel_Almar> "so go for the quick knockout?"
[22:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Nothing's ever that simple."
[22:12] <Axel_Almar> "either that or sadate her and get that sample?"
[22:12] <Dorin> "That's the essential idea, now the basics of the plan, if you would like me to spell them out?"
[22:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I would."
[22:12] <Mizuno> "Please, cuz this will be interesting." Mizuno puts her book up and looks towards the crazy lady
[22:13] * Dakota nods. "Let's hear what we have to do."
[22:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Murphy's gonna fuck us over 6 ways from sunday...)
[22:13] <Mizuno> (most likely)
[22:13] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles.
[22:13] <Dorin> "Ms. Hibiki, you are a miko, the local highschool is set on the same hill as the village shrine. You will attend it under excuse of being on a spiritual pilgrimage. Kira is known to[22:13] <Dorin> "Ms. Hibiki, you are a miko, the local highschool is set on the same hill as the village [22:14] <Rider> "This is gonna feel weird, stalking some teenage girl."
[22:14] <Mizuno> "you already do it, why is this different?"
[22:14] * Dakota nods. "All right. What details should I observe for?"
[22:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That'll be a change. Instead of Being stalked I'm now a stalker."
[22:15] * Dakota pauses. "Also. I'm not entirely certain about me being on a largely solo mission. I can follow her, but navigating will be trouble..."
[22:15] <Axel_Almar> "and for us what will you have us do while the Miko plays student
[22:15] <Dorin> "Mr Clapton, I would like you to do what you do best. Cause a ruccus in town, attract attention, but not *too* much if you please. You will be going on the excuse needing to recharg[22:15] <Dorin> "Mr Clapton, I would like you to do what you do best. Cause a ruccus in town, attrac[22:15] * Dakota glances at Axel. "I AM a student, I just need to transfer."
[22:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That sounds... Perfect."
[22:15] <Mizuno> "What am I doing in all of this chaos?"
[22:15] <Dorin> "Ms Hibiki, just keep your eyes open. You'll know if the girl is going to unleash her power. Your senses will know."
[22:16] <Axel_Almar> "this is worse than the one time I was staying in Nerima for a training trip"
[22:16] <Dorin> "Ms. Mizuno, you will observe the girl, constantly."
[22:16] <Mizuno> "so there will be 2 of us stalking her?"
[22:16] * Dakota nods. "Just observing for the power? Not personal habits or the like then?"
[22:17] <Axel_Almar> "and what about me, need me to stir up the local populas as well?
[22:17] <Dorin> "Mr. Almar, you will be stationed in a recon point outside the target's home, when she is there, you and Ms. Mizuno will take turns on observation. Mr. Rider, you will be with Mr. C[22:17] <D[22:18] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles, but the smile looks very strained now.
[22:18] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "..."
[22:18] <Dorin> Turning back to Dakota, she shrugs. "Observe whatever you like, for now we want her under observation for the best possible moment to strike and achieve our objective. Unfortunatly,[22:18] <Dorin> Turning back to Dakota, she shrugs. "Observe whatever you [22:18] <Mizuno> "so what exactly do you want me to be looking for, as you have all of this planned out?"
[22:18] * Axel_Almar signs and downs the brandy ordering a full bottle, "got it," before muttering "just hope this won't end up in a total mess"
[22:18] <Rider> "Hmm, causing a ruckus huh? I dunno if I'd be good at that, but I can try."
[22:18] <Dorin> "Mizuno, you will observe, you are a ninja, do what you are trained to do in observing."
[22:19] * Dakota nods. "Are we trying to draw out and take down the enemies first? Or are we aiming to steal a march on them?"
[22:19] <Mizuno> "so if I see an opportunity, I'll take it, that's what I'm trained to do"
[22:20] <Dorin> "That part of the objective is out in the open. We would like to eliminate enemies first, but we can't be sure when they will move, or how many there are. Ms Mizuno is skilled enoug[22:20] <Dorin> "That part of the objective is out in the open. We would like to eliminate enemies first, but we can't be sure when they will move, or how many there are. Ms Mizuno is [22:21] * Dakota nods. "That sounds like a situation where we'd be better off simply getting it done before they can cause problems."
[22:21] <Dorin> "Quite possibly. But again, we know the girl is already being observed. If we move too swiftly, we might very well not get another chance to move on her. But, if you see a chance, t[22:21] <Dorin>[22:22] * Dakota nods.
[22:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I have a bad Feeloing about this."
[22:22] <Axel_Almar> "no kidding," he says downing another shot of brandy
[22:22] <Dorin> "You would, Mr Clapton. We know for a fact your former employer is interested in this girl, and those like her."
[22:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Still, My part should be damn fun."
[22:23] <Rider> "Aw, what could happen? Well, maybe besides the town blowing up.
[22:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "He. Oh, well now That Bad feeling? It just got Worse."
[22:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "This should be fun."
[22:23] * Dakota snorts and leans back. "Believe me, I've had a bad feeling all the way into this..."
[22:23] <Dorin> "As for 'collatoral' damage, the area is known to be hit by earthquakes quite often, and natural gas is a prime source of energy. You can summise the rest, I suppose"
[22:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "This is like every holiday come early. And I'm getting paid for it too!"
[22:24] <Mizuno> (brb)
[22:24] * Dakota sweatdrops. "Robust construction industry?"
[22:24] <Axel_Almar> "wow the Nerima construction companies expanded
[22:24] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Smiles Broadly thinking about teh fun he's about to walk into."
[22:25] <Dorin> "Hardly, but the Phoenix Group has gone out of its way to see the area is well insured."
[22:25] <Mizuno> (back)
[22:25] <Axel_Almar> "good to hear,"
[22:26] <Dorin> "And, we also control a sizable stake of a global construction buisness, so damage, while we do not wish to see it happen, is excuseable in this mission. But, do try to keep civilia[22:26] <Dorin> "And, we also control a s[22:27] * Dakota nods. "Absolutely."
[22:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Of course. Killing civilians is bad for my image."
[22:27] <Dorin> "Are there other matters needing attention?"
[22:27] <Axel_Almar> "understood"
[22:29] <Mizuno> "yep, bad things are going to happen"
[22:29] <Dorin> (anything more of importance you wish to see or discuss?)
[22:29] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (nope)
[22:29] <Mizuno> (I'm good, bad things shall occur, I wonder how many I can cause ...)
[22:30] <Axel_Almar> (we are ready to move on)
[22:30] <Mizuno> (lets)
[22:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (My job is to stir up a fight.)
[22:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Let's get it on.)
[22:30] <Dorin> "Then I suggest everyone take their rest, and do not get too hammered, if you please."
[22:30] <Mizuno> (my job is to observe and I'll go after a blood sample if I can, that is all we need right?)
[22:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Feh. Not like a tiny drink will affect me."
[22:31] <Dakota> "That would be a drop in the ocean, I suppose."
[22:31] <Mizuno> "That means you, Axel"
[22:31] * Dakota leans back starts reading whatsername's folders in-depth.
[22:31] * Axel_Almar shrugs and just sits the bottle down reclineing back getting some shut eye
[22:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Are you saying I'm an ocean of Drunken Debauchery little miss mahou Shojou? Do I offend your keen sence of Love and Justice?"
[22:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *"
[22:32] <Mizuno> (who are you talking to?)
[22:32] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Dakota0
[22:32] <Mizuno> (ok,just checking, my game is installing!!)
[22:32] <Dorin> -One very long, uneventful flight later, everyone unloads and grabs their belongings. From here, you proceed out in groups. Clapton and the Stupids, Dakota and the Strategist, Mizun[22:32] <Dorin> -One very long, uneventful flight later, everyone unloads and grabs their belongings. From here, you proceed out in groups. Clapton and the Stupids, Dakota and t[22:32] * Mizuno closes her eyes and rests, but keeps an ear out for everything
[22:33] <Mizuno> (why am I alone?)
[22:33] <Dorin> (Cause I said so)
[22:33] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Has an impropmtu Rock Party in his Room.
[22:33] <Mizuno> (whines about being abandoned!)
[22:33] <Dakota> (You didn't say anything, it was in brackets)
[22:33] <Mizuno> (do I have my own room?)
[22:33] <Dorin> (Yes)
[22:33] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You're invited to my party)
[22:34] * Mizuno closes the door behind herself and is thankful that she is away from the others for a few minutes atleast)
[22:34] * Axel_Almar just eyes Rider worrily hoping something doesn't become odd
[22:34] * Dakota heads to her room and goes for a phone.
[22:34] <Mizuno> (doesn't become?)
[22:34] * Rider is still eating Doritos (it's a very big bag).
[22:34] <Mizuno> (apparently)
[22:34] <Axel_Almar> (bag of infinate Doritos')
[22:35] <Dorin> Poor Dakota has to room with the strategist woman, but is left in peace. The woman is buried in her laptop from almost moment one. And before too long, Clapton and his cronies are d[22:35] <Dorin> Poor Dakota has to room with the strategist woman, but is left in peace. The w[22:35] <Mizuno> (is that kind of like a bag of holding for doritos?)
[22:36] <Rider> (it's like a decanter of endless water, only with doritos instead)
[22:36] <Mizuno> (got it)
[22:36] <Axel_Almar> (bag of holding enchated to hold only doritos)
[22:36] * Cool_Hand_Bruce isn't drunk. He's immune to drugs. He just looks Drunk.
[22:36] <Axel_Almar> (eh pansy decanter of endless brady is way better)
[22:37] <Mizuno> (drunk)
[22:37] <Dorin> (looks drunk, smells drunk, acts drunk, is drunk)
[22:37] <Mizuno> (Axel is a lush!)
[22:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I'm Sober! I'm just enjoying acting looking and smelling drunk!)
[22:37] <Axel_Almar> (hey at least I know when to say no)
[22:37] <Dorin> (Yes, yes)
[22:37] <Mizuno> (somehow I doubt :P)
[22:38] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I Put CP into not being Drunk!)
[22:38] * Dakota frowns and puts the phone down. "Not that I don't appreciate the speed, ma'am, but I would appreciate it a great deal more if your organization didn't interfere in my life without my permission."
[22:38] * Mizuno hears the noise, does her spell thing for silence and naps
[22:39] <Dorin> The woman frowns at her laptop and puts it on the bed in a rush. "We can discuss the matter later. Get down to Clapton's room at once. Things are about to get very loud...well, in a[22:39] <Dorin> The woman frowns at her laptop and puts it on the bed in a rush. "We can discuss the matter later. Get down to Clapton's room at once. Things are about to get very l[22:39] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is Currently Playing a Rocking Ass Cover of "The Bad Touch"
[22:40] * Axel_Almar heads for Bruce's room after the call
[22:40] * Dakota frowns and moves. "What's that idiot done this time..."
[22:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Room Service?)
[22:40] <Dorin> "It's not what he's done, it's what's about to get done to him.
[22:40] * Mizuno is pissed about her sleep being inturuped and heads for the nearest target .. um, I mean, the room :)
[22:40] <Dakota> 'Room service', which is to say assassins :P
[22:40] <Dorin> (That's what the man at the door is saying)
[22:41] * Dakota heads out of her room and starts moving.
[22:41] * Cool_Hand_Bruce really Isn't Drunk. actually.
[22:41] * Cool_Hand_Bruce calls out "Who The fuck Is it?"
[22:41] * Rider goes wandering aimlessly in the hotel. With a bag of Doritos.
[22:41] <Mizuno> (dorin, just so we're clear, Mizuno carries her weapons on her at all times, they're her 'babies')
[22:42] * Cool_Hand_Bruce has prepped his Guitar with LSD
[22:42] * Dakota walks fast.
[22:42] * Axel_Almar will kicks the 'assassin if Bruce hadn't open the door by the time they get there
[22:42] <Dorin> (okay)
[22:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Room Service? Did one of you Guyys order Room Service?"
[22:42] <Dorin> (Alright, no one else has yet arrived, right now it's just clapton and his so called room service)
[22:42] <Mizuno> "What the hell, we just got here"
[22:43] <Dorin> His croonies are passed out on the floor, a little too much of everything in their system. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't
[22:43] * Mizuno is at the room now? maybe?)
[22:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Fuck. Fat lot of use you stooges are."
[22:43] <Dorin> (and I'm saying not yet)
[22:43] * Cool_Hand_Bruce walks towards the door and looks out the peephole.
[22:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (What do I see?)
[22:44] <Rider> (a loaded shotgun)
[22:44] <Mizuno> (well, let me know when she gets there or what she sees or hears)
[22:44] <Dorin> Looks like your typical, pimple faced teenage bellhop.
[22:44] * Cool_Hand_Bruce senses his motive
[22:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+13
[22:44] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+13 --> 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{16}
[22:44] <Mizuno> (with teleport, si there a limit as to how many times it can be used or what?
[22:45] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (nope)
[22:45] <Mizuno> (you sense he wants a tip)
[22:45] <Dorin> There's some sweat beaded up on his forehead, so he looks nervous. But then again, if he looked at the guest registry, he just might be a fan.
[22:45] <Dorin> (what rank do you have it?)
[22:45] <Mizuno> (good question :) )
[22:45] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I'm not giving you a Tip you know. Whoever ordered Is Passed the fuck out now. Get outta here."
[22:45] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I have 13)
[22:46] <Dorin> (rank 13 in Teleport? I think not)
[22:46] <Mizuno> (2)
[22:46] <Mizuno> (when does my nemesis come in?)
[22:46] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Teleport's Unlimited unless you grab a defect for it)
[22:46] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You deaf Kid?"
[22:46] <Mizuno> (can I just teleport from where I am to the room?)
[22:46] <Dorin> (when he comes in!| and for teleport, I'm just getting a fix on the safety range)
[22:47] <Dakota> (Yeah, and did you pay 65 CP for your rank 13 teleport?)
[22:47] <Axel_Almar> (same with mine but I can wait a bit for the wulf)
[22:47] <Mizuno> (wulf?)
[22:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Fuck... Do you not Understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"
[22:47] <Dorin> "Umm...sir...this is really..." and then the kid goes tumbling down the hall and a scarred up face appears in the peephole. "Open up Clapton, Mr Howard is interested in speaking to [22:47][22:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Oh... In That case..."
[22:48] * Cool_Hand_Bruce opens the door and jumps back readying his guitar.
[22:48] <Dorin> (alright, now the fun stuff starts!; those of you teleporting need to make a power check)
[22:48] * Cool_Hand_Bruce mutters to himself "Well... That was fast."
[22:48] <Axel_Almar> (I'm just running)
[22:49] * Dakota will sigh and just start blurring forward.
[22:49] <Dorin> (then Mizuno does)
[22:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Speed would get you there faster)
[22:49] <Dorin> (yes it would)
[22:49] <Axel_Almar> (so we got either the Mussle man or the Billy Cane)
[22:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (or Howard himself)
[22:49] <Axel_Almar> (true)
[22:49] <Rider> (hmm, wonder if Rider would run across this, he is meandering)
[22:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (This'll be fun.)
[22:49] <Mizuno> (and what's a power check?)
[22:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (1d20 + ranks)
[22:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (against teh DC)
[22:50] <Dorin> (roll an intelligence check, you never took Power Use teleport)
[22:50] <Mizuno> (ooh)
[22:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (or that...)
[22:50] <Mizuno> roll 1d20+3
[22:50] <D-bot> 6,0Mizuno rolled :12,0 1d20+3 --> 12,0[ 1d20=2 ]12,0{5}
[22:50] <Dorin> (I should put you in a wall)
[22:50] <Mizuno> (not so much)
[22:51] <Mizuno> I spliced hair)
[22:51] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (+3? Fuck you're dumb)
[22:51] <Dorin> Mizuno appears somewhere alright, outside the lobby, *splash* into the outdoor fountain.
[22:51] <Dorin> (oops)
[22:51] <Mizuno> (where exactly are we going?)
[22:51] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (My room)
[22:51] <Dorin> (alright, initiative from everyone; to Bruce's room somewhere on the second floor, which everyone *was* on)
[22:51] * Mizuno quickly leaves the fountain
[22:51] <Dakota> roll 1d20+21
[22:51] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+21 --> 12,0[ 1d20=9 ]12,0{30}
[22:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+20
[22:52] * Mizuno runs back inside and up the stairs won't take long, she's fast
[22:52] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+20 --> 12,0[ 1d20=16 ]12,0{36}
[22:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (What? You have Higher Init?)
[22:52] <Mizuno> (can I go ahead and roll my initiative?)
[22:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (asshole!)
[22:52] <Dorin> (yes, you can)
[22:52] <Dakota> (Don't mess with a Hibiki ^_^ )
[22:53] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Fuck! You're Running to my room? Where are you goimng to end up?)
[22:53] <Mizuno> roll 1d20+10
[22:53] <D-bot> 6,0Mizuno rolled :12,0 1d20+10 --> 12,0[ 1d20=12 ]12,0{22}
[22:53] <Rider> (do I roll too?0
[22:53] <Dorin> (yes, you too)
[22:53] <Rider> roll 1d20+8
[22:53] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 1d20+8 --> 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{9}
[22:54] <Rider> (well that's a sign of things to come)
[22:54] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+10 init)
[22:54] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 1d20+10 12,0init) --> 12,0[ 1d20=6 ]12,0{16}
[22:54] <Dakota> (... Okay, I like this. Most of us got dicehate on the inits but Strat got dicelove. So obviously, we're gonna get dicelove in the actual battle while Strat gets dicehate ^_^ )
[22:54] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (damn.)
[22:54] <Mizuno> um, mine should be 27 :) )
[22:55] <Mizuno> (like the theory!)
[22:55] <Dorin> roll 1d20+10
[22:55] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+10 --> 12,0[ 1d20=20 ]12,0{30}
[22:55] <Dorin> roll 2#d20+7
[22:55] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 2#d20+7 --> 12,0[ 1d20=20 ]12,0{27}, 12,0[ 1d20=8 ]12,0{15}
[22:56] <Dorin> (...)
[22:56] <Mizuno> (haha)
[22:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Pimple kid's fighting too?)
[22:56] <Dakota> (Fugging hell. I've got peerhate)
[22:56] * Dorin changes topic to 'Scarface, ???, Bruce, Dakota, Mizuno, Axel, ???, Rider'
[22:56] <Dakota> (Nothing's getting through to me, so, please excuse my silence)
[22:57] <Dakota> (... Woweee)
[22:58] <Dorin> The only thing immediatly apperant is there is a hulking dude with big arms that Clapton doesn't remember being in Howard's service at the time of his departure, ready to tear a chu[22:58] <Dorin> The only thing immediatly apperant is t[22:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Er... You're New aren't you?"
[22:59] <Dorin> "Wrong choice, Clapton." In his palms a green orb of light begins to form. "Hope you enjoy air-express!"
[22:59] <Dorin> roll 1d20+25 ranged
[22:59] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+25 12,0ranged --> 12,0[ 1d20=15 ]12,0{40}
[22:59] <Mizuno> (where am I in relation to the room?)
[22:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Dodge
[22:59] <Dorin> (going for the stairs I guess, lol)
[23:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Roll 1d20+30
[23:00] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+30 --> 12,0[ 1d20=8 ]12,0{38}
[23:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (FUCK!)
[23:00] <Mizuno> (good I can sneak attack, so let me know when I can, please)
[23:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Aren't you being a bit over zealous?
[23:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Had I blocked I would have made it...)
[23:01] <Dorin> (oh yes, new rule concerning multiple defenses; rather than roll them one by one, we're going to do like multiple attacks, just apply a -2 bonus for each defense you're making overa[23:0[23:01] <Axel_Almar> (ok)
[23:01] <Dorin> The man is silent at the ball slams into Bruce.
[23:01] <Dorin> roll 5d10
[23:01] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 5d10 --> 12,0[ 5d10=28 ]12,0{28}
[23:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (We can't do that. How Do I know if the other guy will attack me?)
[23:02] <Dakota> There's a massive cracking sound, and Dakota simply arrives in a cloud of mist and swirling purple light, ludicrously huge battleaxe forming in her hands as she sees the fight start. "... I can understand the urge to attack him, but..."
[23:02] <Dorin> (you'll just begin adding another -2 for successive defenses over all)
[23:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (But if that makes me miss teh first defense?)
[23:02] <Dorin> (Then oh well)
[23:03] <Dorin> (take extra defenses, and you won't have this penelty for the first coupel)
[23:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> That works fine when there are mutiple attacks coming at you. but it makes sno sense when two or 3 are attacking)
[23:03] <Dakota> (Well then, obviously you don't even get the opportunity to dodge it :P )
[23:03] <Dorin> (this is just the playtest for it, if it doesn't work out, I'll try something else; but with all these attacks, constantly rolling and adding on -2 is really slowing us down)
[23:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Just do it like normal. your rule is confusing. we can't decide how many times we dodge like we do when we attack. you're going to cause a time paradox)
[23:04] <Mizuno> (dorin is a paradox :) )
[23:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (it makes sense for a flurry of attacks. but not for multiple opponents)
[23:04] <Dakota> (Um, yes you can decide how many times you dodge.)
[23:04] <Dakota> (If you're gonna miss the first dodge, obviously, you just sit there and take it)
[23:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (not really. Say I want to dodge 2 opponents, but teh other one doesn't attack me)
[23:05] <Dorin> (oh take your turn, I'll explain as it comes up)
[23:05] <Dakota> (So the other dude doesn't do anything?)
[23:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Isn't it ???'s turn?)
[23:05] <Dorin> (nothing yet, you don't even see anyone else)
[23:05] * Quits: Rockman_Zero (Quit: HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC)
[23:05] <Dakota> (No reactions to my arrival, either? I is saddened :P )
[23:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Damn it. You're being a bit extreme..."
[23:06] <Mizuno> (am I close?)
[23:06] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is gonna attack with his LSD laced Axe
[23:06] <Dorin> (not yet)
[23:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20 (Heavy Metal!)
[23:06] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20 12,0(Heavy Metal!) --> 12,0[ 1d20=14 ]12,0{14}
[23:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (1d20+20)
[23:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (that's a 34)
[23:07] <Dorin> roll 1d20+18
[23:07] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+18 --> 12,0[ 1d20=11 ]12,0{29}
[23:07] * Dakota pauses. "I find myself wondering who I _should_ be trying to fight here..."
[23:07] <Dorin> (damage, and fun stuff)
[23:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Eat Heavy Metal you Asshole!"
[23:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "It's Rude to try and Kill people without announcing your name first!"
[23:08] <Dakota> (Damage first, lines second :P )
[23:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 8d8
[23:08] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 8d8 --> 12,0[ 8d8=37 ]12,0{37}
[23:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (And LSD?)
[23:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (How do I roll that? or how does he?)
[23:08] <Dorin> "Oof! Okay, this might be harder than it looks."
[23:08] <Dorin> roll 1d20+6
[23:08] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+6 --> 12,0[ 1d20=7 ]12,0{13}
[23:09] <Dorin> The drugs on the guitar-ax start thrumming through his system, and he wobbles, never mess with a druggie who drugs stuff...
[23:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Hah!)
[23:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Surely you can see it? The Vision of Rock?"
[23:10] <Dorin> The man just groans while his eyes start rolling.
[23:10] <Dorin> (anything else?)
[23:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (nope.)
[23:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Oh, High Magical Girl!"
[23:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Hig
[23:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Hi
[23:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Hello
[23:10] <Dorin> Dakota, somehow not getting lost, actually finds the room, and the big bouncer looking man who took a guitar to the chest.
[23:10] * Dakota stands back. "Seems you have things under control, rock star." Hold action.
[23:11] <Dorin> (Now Mizuno can come in sneaking)
[23:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Yeah well. Music sooths the savage beast and all that."
[23:11] <Mizuno> (can I see any others or sense any others?)
[23:11] * Dakota rolls her eyes. "Actually, I'm just not sure which of you I should be pitching in against."
[23:11] <Dorin> (you can see Dakota, Bruce, and Scarface, but nothing else stands out)
[23:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That's very comforting."
[23:12] <Mizuno> (even with my sight and hearing?)
[23:12] <Dorin> (nothing)
[23:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Can I sense anything with Ki?)
[23:12] <Dorin> (not a trace, save the people who are showing up for the fight, namely your team mates)
[23:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Short fight...)
[23:12] * Dakota keeps a careful eye on things.
[23:13] * Mizuno stays in the shadows and launches poisoned tipped needles at the man attacking the 2 members of her 'team'
[23:13] <Dakota> roll 1d20+10 Listen
[23:13] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+10 12,0Listen --> 12,0[ 1d20=12 ]12,0{22}
[23:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Either Geese is lowering the Quality of his thugs, or something's not right."
[23:14] <Mizuno> roll 1d20+7
[23:14] <D-bot> 6,0Mizuno rolled :12,0 1d20+7 --> 12,0[ 1d20=10 ]12,0{17}
[23:15] <Dorin> The bumbling jackass has no idea he's even being targeted, poison right into his system.
[23:15] <Dorin> roll 1d20+6
[23:15] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+6 --> 12,0[ 1d20=20 ]12,0{26}
[23:15] * Mizuno stays in teh shadows
[23:15] <Dorin> But it doesn't do a damn thing to him.
[23:16] <Dorin> (Axel)
[23:16] <Mizuno> (why not?)
[23:16] <Dorin> (maybe b/c he crit saved?)
[23:16] <Dakota> (Because he critted his fort save against it? :P )
[23:16] <Mizuno> (well, he shouldn't have)
[23:16] <Dorin> (this is getting truly ridiculous, for me to have three crits so far...)
[23:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Because he's too fucked up on LSD)
[23:16] <Mizuno> (I just wanted to kvetch, geez)
[23:16] <Dorin> -smacks bot-)
[23:17] <Dorin> (Did Light die on us?)
[23:18] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (yup)
[23:18] <Axel_Almar> (huh)
[23:18] <Axel_Almar> (me up?)
[23:18] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (nope)
[23:18] <Dorin> (yes)
[23:18] <Dakota> (Your turn?)
[23:19] * Axel_Almar looks at the trio, "friends of yours Bruce," he says smacking one of the ones not wobbling
[23:19] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+17 punch oh doom
[23:19] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 1d20+17 12,0punch oh doom --> 12,0[ 1d20=2 ]12,0{19}
[23:19] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "friends? There's more of them?"
[23:19] <Dorin> (There's only one apparent, and he's wobbling)
[23:19] <Axel_Almar> (well then I smash him)
[23:20] <Dakota> (Ah well, punch-o-doom him :P )
[23:20] <Mizuno> (and you can't see me :) )
[23:20] <Dorin> roll 1d20+14
[23:20] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+14 --> 12,0[ 1d20=5 ]12,0{19}
[23:20] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Just this drugged up Junkie. Ah, and Associate of mine seems to want me dead for some reason... I'm pretty sure I don't Play that badly."
[23:20] <Dorin> In his LSD induced stupor, he stumbles just out of the way.
[23:21] * Axel_Almar blinks as the guy weaves out of it drunkely, "a Drunkenboxer?" he says going for a Double Attack
[23:21] <Axel_Almar> (highest one or the one I'm using it with)
[23:21] <Dorin> (the highest attack you're using it with)
[23:21] <Axel_Almar> roll 2#1d20+12-2)
[23:21] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 2#1d20+12-2) --> 12,0[ 1d20=12 ]12,0{22}, 12,0[ 1d20=9 ]12,0{19}
[23:22] <Dorin> roll 2#d20+14-4
[23:22] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 2#d20+14-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{13}, 12,0[ 1d20=7 ]12,0{17}
[23:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Don't let the smell of a wild party decieve you. He ain't drunk."
[23:22] <Dorin> (smack on both)
[23:22] <Axel_Almar> roll 2#1d12+11
[23:22] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 2#1d12+11 --> 12,0[ 1d12=11 ]12,0{22}, 12,0[ 1d12=5 ]12,0{16}
[23:23] <Dorin> Two punches rapid fire send him dancing on his feet, weaving even worse.
[23:23] <Dorin> (Rider)
[23:23] <Rider> "Huh. Must be some party."
[23:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I only throw the best!"
[23:24] * Rider charges with two punches. First, just your average punch. Then... RIDER PUNCH!
[23:25] <Rider> roll 2#d20+21
[23:25] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 2#d20+21 --> 12,0[ 1d20=2 ]12,0{23}, 12,0[ 1d20=4 ]12,0{25}
[23:25] <Rider> (ah... I hate you dice)
[23:25] <Dorin> (And suddenly a black car with a red-light strip appears and runs the guy over?)
[23:25] <Dorin> roll 1d20+14-8
[23:25] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+14-8 --> 12,0[ 1d20=5 ]12,0{11}
[23:25] <Axel_Almar> (your thinking Rider Black)
[23:25] <Dorin> roll 1d20+14-8
[23:25] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+14-8 --> 12,0[ 1d20=2 ]12,0{8}
[23:25] <Dorin> (still smacks him)
[23:25] <Axel_Almar> (the only Kamen Rider to have a Car as well as a Bike)
[23:25] <Dakota> (... And he fails to dodge anyway? Win)
[23:26] <Rider> roll 1d8+9
[23:26] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 1d8+9 --> 12,0[ 1d8=1 ]12,0{10}
[23:26] <Rider> roll 3d8+9
[23:26] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 3d8+9 --> 12,0[ 3d8=11 ]12,0{20}
[23:27] <Dorin> And that pretty much wraps that up. He takes the last across the jaw, his eyes roll up in his head, and he collapses.
[23:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (you crit failed your damage...)
[23:27] <Axel_Almar> (and yes my nerdyness is showing)
[23:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "... That was... anti climactic."
[23:27] * Mizuno stays in teh shadows!
[23:27] * Rider poses with a thumbs up.
[23:28] <Dorin> "Was it?" The windows of the room explode open in a shower of glass.
[23:28] * Dakota leans back. "And we all got rushed down here to help with this?"
[23:28] * Dakota sighs. "Naturally."
[23:28] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Seriously. He could have put some fucking effort intoi it. I'm offended now."
[23:28] <Dorin> (Brucie, roll a reflex save)
[23:28] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+17
[23:28] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+17 --> 12,0[ 1d20=18 ]12,0{35}
[23:28] <Dakota> (Sounds like I'll be using my held action to close out the round :P )
[23:29] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I need to learn to shut my fucking mouth."
[23:29] <Dorin> roll 2d8
[23:29] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 2d8 --> 12,0[ 2d8=9 ]12,0{9}
[23:29] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Damage?)
[23:29] <Dorin> Bruce dodges the worst of the glass and takes only a few minor cuts for it.
[23:29] * Mizuno edges closer to get a better look at what's going on, but stays well in the shadows
[23:29] <Dorin> (yes)
[23:29] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (2d8 is not Glass!)
[23:30] <Rider> "More trouble, eh?"
[23:30] * Dakota looks in the direction of the shattered windows. What's there to see?
[23:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (2d8 is 2 fucking swords to teh face!)
[23:30] <Dorin> (don't argue)
[23:30] * Axel_Almar looks at the new arrival
[23:30] <Dakota> (Want him to do it as 100d2?)
[23:30] <Axel_Almar> (...or worse 2d100's
[23:30] <Mizuno> (dorin would, lol)
[23:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (That... I'd probably not survive that. Can we do 50d2 instead?)
[23:30] <Rider> (1 hp per shard of glass!)
[23:31] <Dakota> (Nope. 100d2 is pretty much ASSURED to do at least 100 damage. 2d100 could get lucky and do just 2 damage)
[23:31] <Dorin> Balanced on the window, two people in black body suits, looks like a couple chicks. Although they don't have a lot of bounce in their chests, the hips are a dead give away. "So, Cla[23:31] <Dorin> Balanced on the window,[23:31] * Mizuno readies more poisoned needles and continues to wait
[23:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "What! No. These are... Fans! Or possibly Innocent Bystanders?"
[23:31] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "More?"
[23:32] <Rider> "We have to fight girls? I hate fighting girls."
[23:32] <Dorin> (Dakota can take her action)
[23:32] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "The Fuck. Shut up you ifdiot."
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Postby Dorin » Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:39 am

Session 3: Part 2 of 2
[23:32] * Axel_Almar looks at the new arivals gives them a quick aprrctivate eye before asking, "and you are ladies"
[23:32] <Dakota> (Any response to her comment?)
[23:32] <Rider> "They get real vicious, you know."
[23:33] <Dorin> (no responses)
[23:33] * Dakota simply blurs forward with a massive cracking sound, axe swinging.
[23:33] <Axel_Almar> "only if they are flatchested tomboy's" he says, "which they aren't that's for sure"
[23:33] <Dakota> roll 3#1d20+20-4
[23:33] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 3#1d20+20-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{17}, 12,0[ 1d20=11 ]12,0{27}, 12,0[ 1d20=19 ]12,0{35}
[23:33] <Dakota> roll 3#1d20+20-4
[23:33] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 3#1d20+20-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{19}, 12,0[ 1d20=8 ]12,0{24}, 12,0[ 1d20=2 ]12,0{18}
[23:33] <Dakota> (Bah)
[23:34] <Dorin> (you seem to like doing that)
[23:34] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You know. When He does Something He does it right. Sending a couple Stippers to off me? That's Classy."
[23:34] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Strippers
[23:34] <Dorin> roll 1d10
[23:34] <Dakota> (It's cheap and easy instead of actually putting some effort in to hurt them :P )
[23:34] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d10 --> 12,0[ 1d10=5 ]12,0{5}
[23:34] <Dorin> (lucky night)
[23:34] <Dorin> (attacking both or just one?)
[23:34] <Dakota> (Just one)
[23:35] <Dorin> roll 5#1d20+28-10
[23:35] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 5#1d20+28-10 --> 12,0[ 1d20=20 ]12,0{38}, 12,0[ 1d20=6 ]12,0{24}, 12,0[ 1d20=12 ]12,0{30}, 12,0[ 1d20=20 ]12,0{38}, 12,0[ 1d20=8 ]12,0{26}
[23:35] <Dorin> (... okay this is getting ridiculous)
[23:36] <Mizuno> (just a bit, new dicebot, and I'm glad that's not me over there)
[23:36] <Dorin> (well, you get one smack out of it at least)
[23:36] <Dakota> roll 1d8+2
[23:36] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d8+2 --> 12,0[ 1d8=3 ]12,0{5}
[23:36] <Dorin> roll 2#1d20+19-2
[23:36] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 2#1d20+19-2 --> 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{18}, 12,0[ 1d20=19 ]12,0{36}
[23:37] <Dorin> (roll melee defenses)
[23:37] <Axel_Almar> (you aren't doing double damage on critfial?)
[23:37] <Dorin> (or one of them, anyway)
[23:37] <Dakota> roll 1d20+35
[23:37] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+35 --> 12,0[ 1d20=17 ]12,0{52}
[23:37] * Dakota simply smashes the blow aside.
[23:37] <Dorin> (alright, how this plays out)
[23:39] <Dorin> Dakota blurs forward to apply some liberal helping of hurt, only to have her target do a midair split over the first strike, and grab the axe for a moment. Her body bends in half, t[23:39] <Dorin> Dakota blurs forward to apply some liberal helping of hurt, only to have her target do a midair split over the first strike, and grab the axe for a [23:39] * Dorin changes topic to '???, Bruce, Dakota, Mizuno, Axel, ???, Rider'
[23:39] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "Not bad."
[23:40] * Dakota calls over her shoulder. "Leave me to this one, rock star."
[23:40] <Dakota> (I'm going after the lower-init one, I figure)
[23:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Man. Stripper Ninja Assasins. He really goes all out for assasinations doesn't he?"
[23:40] <Rider> "Prety nimble."
[23:40] <Dorin> The girl just crouches and waits to make a move. While her partner flips off the rail and charges Bruce. "You really do have Mr. Howard pissed off with your apperance here Mr. Clapt[23:4[23:40] <Dorin> (new round)
[23:41] <Mizuno> (yay)
[23:41] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Well, What can I say? That's the power of Rock."
[23:41] <Dorin> roll 3#1d20+19-4
[23:41] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 3#1d20+19-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=4 ]12,0{19}, 12,0[ 1d20=14 ]12,0{29}, 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{16}
[23:41] <Dorin> She comes up kicking.
[23:41] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Do I roll defence?)
[23:41] <Dorin> (unless you want a couple boots to the face)
[23:41] <Axel_Almar> (two from the looks)
[23:41] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (ath's -4 or -6?
[23:42] <Axel_Almar> (A Boot to the Head0
[23:42] <Dorin> (-4, since the other misses, and gives you a free counter attempt)
[23:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+32-4 (Block that bith!)
[23:42] <Dakota> (Isn't that -2? Since there are only two being dodged...)
[23:42] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+32-4 12,0(Block that bith!) --> 12,0[ 1d20=10 ]12,0{38}
[23:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+32-4 (Block that bith!)
[23:42] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+32-4 12,0(Block that bith!) --> 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{29}
[23:43] <Dorin> *Actually, you're right, that would be only -2)
[23:43] <Dorin> (my bad)
[23:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> Okay. I'll just reroll those...
[23:43] <Dakota> (Nice try :P )
[23:43] <Dorin> (indeed)
[23:43] <Dorin> roll 1d10+15
[23:43] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d10+15 --> 12,0[ 1d10=8 ]12,0{23}
[23:43] <Dorin> Bruce blocks one kick, but the other smashes right into his nose.
[23:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Hey! Watch the face! My smashing good Looks are worth a lot more than your life!"
[23:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "And if I die I vowed to Leave a Damn Pretty Corpse!"
[23:45] <Dorin> The girl frowns and flips back to join her partner, the two of them striking mirror poses. "I guess we'll have to do this together."
[23:45] <Dorin> (Bruce)
[23:46] * Cool_Hand_Bruce uses Frightful Presence
[23:46] * Dakota frowns across at her opponent. "Hey, how sure about this are you? Even if you can take us one-to-one, can you fight all four of us?"
[23:46] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Dc 16)
[23:46] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Smiles Suddenly Looking a Lot More Menacing.
[23:46] <Dakota> (DC 16? Wow you're ugly)
[23:46] <Dorin> roll 2#d20+8
[23:46] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 2#d20+8 --> 12,0[ 1d20=15 ]12,0{23}, 12,0[ 1d20=17 ]12,0{25}
[23:46] <Dorin> (indeed)
[23:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Well Little Girl. You're playing in the big leagues Now."
[23:47] <Axel_Almar> (and they laugh)
[23:47] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (+5 Cha? That's UGly?)
[23:47] * Dakota snorts. "He's not referencing himself."
[23:47] <Dorin> Neither of them seem overly concerned with Bruce, while the cut girl just snorts at Dakota. "The question is, do you think you can handle all of us?"
[23:48] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Drops the LIghts into Pure Darkness
[23:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Tell me little Stripper? Do you know what waits in The dark?"
[23:48] * Dakota raises an eyebrow. "Can you handle just me?" She blurs forward, slams into a wall, and kicks off at her target's back, slashing.
[23:48] <Dorin> "Do you think that's going to stop us?"
[23:48] <Dakota> (I'll do my action once the time arrives :P )
[23:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Still My Turn Asshole!)
[23:49] <Dakota> (I know, I told you I was gonna do the actual action once it's my turn. I'm starting it at this point :P )
[23:49] * Cool_Hand_Bruce teleports Behind His Target (the one not marked by Pale)
[23:49] <Mizuno> (play nice kiddies)
[23:49] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (it's Dark, she's being Flanked Do I get Sneak Attack?)
[23:50] <Dorin> roll 1d20+11
[23:50] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+11 --> 12,0[ 1d20=18 ]12,0{29}
[23:50] <Dorin> (not in this instance)
[23:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 2#d20+20 (using both attacks on this one.) "HEAVY METAL!"
[23:50] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 2#d20+20 12,0(using both attacks on this one.) "HEAVY METAL!" --> 12,0[ 1d20=16 ]12,0{36}, 12,0[ 1d20=6 ]12,0{26}
[23:51] <Dorin> roll 2#1d20+28
[23:51] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 2#1d20+28 --> 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{29}, 12,0[ 1d20=18 ]12,0{46}
[23:51] <Dorin> (yeap, this is beyond ridiculous)
[23:51] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 16d8
[23:51] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 16d8 --> 12,0[ 16d8=90 ]12,0{90}
[23:51] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (double damage on a crit)
[23:52] <Dorin> (you do know I never said anything about double damage on a crit fail defense)
[23:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (and it's still poisoned
[23:52] <Dakota> (It wasn't your crit)
[23:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (oh.)
[23:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 8d8
[23:52] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 8d8 --> 12,0[ 8d8=26 ]12,0{26}
[23:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (still poisoned though)
[23:53] <Dorin> She takes cut across her hip in an effort to dodge, while grabbing her partner's hand and swinging the woman about, switching positions in midair, the partner's foot kicks away the [23:53] <Dorin> She take[23:53] <Dorin> roll 1d20+6
[23:53] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d20+6 --> 12,0[ 1d20=11 ]12,0{17}
[23:53] <Dorin> The LSD seems to have no effect
[23:53] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (damn)
[23:53] * Dakota curses as the lights go out, and swings in the vague direction where she remembers the target being. "What in the name of HELL?! You've got a few thousand things to learn about tea[23:53] * Dakota curses [23:54] <Dakota> (Bouncing off the wall behind her - flatfooted?)
[23:54] <Axel_Almar> (of course they are ninja's they build up an imunity)
[23:54] <Axel_Almar> (btw you don't got blind fight wolf?
[23:54] <Dakota> roll 6#1d20+20-4
[23:54] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 6#1d20+20-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=13 ]12,0{29}, 12,0[ 1d20=18 ]12,0{34}, 12,0[ 1d20=8 ]12,0{24}, 12,0[ 1d20=10 ]12,0{26}, 12,0[ 1d20=2 ]12,0{18}, 12,0[ 1d20=3 ]12,0{19}
[23:54] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Hey! All good fighteres worth their salt fight Blind, Little miss Magic!"
[23:54] <Dakota> (Ah, -4 again)
[23:54] <Dakota> (So 25, 30, 20, 22, 16, 15)
[23:55] <Dorin> roll 6#d20+28-6
[23:55] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 6#d20+28-6 --> 12,0[ 1d20=7 ]12,0{29}, 12,0[ 1d20=20 ]12,0{42}, 12,0[ 1d20=7 ]12,0{29}, 12,0[ 1d20=19 ]12,0{41}, 12,0[ 1d20=1 ]12,0{23}, 12,0[ 1d20=4 ]12,0{26}
[23:56] <Dakota> "Every word that comes out of your mouth before you start cooperating with the team will be repaid with a cut on you, rock star!"
[23:56] <Rider> "Can't we all just get along?"
[23:56] <Dorin> (one success, I thin)
[23:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Fuck. We have Ninja! That's more than enough reason to dim the lights!
[23:57] <Mizuno> is it my turnyet?
[23:57] <Mizuno> )
[23:57] <Axel_Almar> "and people trained to fight in the dark," he says with an apperent grin on his face though no one can see
[23:57] * Dakota blinks. "So wait... because they are probably ninja and good at fighting in the dark... we need to make it dark?"
[23:57] <Dorin> The two girls pull that same trick again, swapping places swiftly in a circular motion, knocking away strikes aimed for them, although one slips through.
[23:57] <Dorin> roll 1d2
[23:57] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d2 --> 12,0[ 1d2=1 ]12,0{1}
[23:57] <Dakota> "By the way, that's thirteen cuts rock star."
[23:57] <Dorin> (Dakota tags her target)
[23:57] <Dakota> roll 1d8+3
[23:57] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d8+3 --> 12,0[ 1d8=6 ]12,0{9}
[23:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "No! Because We Have Ninja. Not because they are."
[23:58] <Dorin> (Mizuno's turn)
[23:58] <Dakota> (Wait a sec, how was it -6? Shouldn't it have been -12?)
[23:58] <Dakota> (-10)
[23:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "and threatening your team mates isn't very sporting!"
[23:58] <Dorin> (special trick in their defense, by switching places so swiftly, their defense penelties are halfed)
[23:58] <Dakota> "Thirty cuts! Are you sure you're going to be all right with the blood loss?"
[23:59] <Rider> "Do we have to cut each other? That's kinda weird."
[23:59] <Dorin> "It's going to take more than that to slow us down girly."
[23:59] <Dakota> (Anyway, my turn's done, so Mizuno)
[23:59] <Dakota> (... Actually, they should've had a -4 penalty for the darkness, shouldn't they?)
[23:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "If you have time to Count The Fucking Words coming out of my Mouth You have time To Kill them! Stop talking and start kicking the shit out of those strippers!"
[23:59] <Dakota> (Unless THEY have blind-fight)
[23:59] <Dorin> (;))
ng Words coming out of my Mouth You have time To Kill them! Stop talking and start kicking the shit out of those strippers!"
[23:59] <Dakota> (Unless THEY have blind-fight)
[00:00] <Dorin> (;))
Session Time: Wed Oct 24 00:00:00 2007
[00:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (all nija do)
[[00:00] * Mizuno stays in the shadows an[00:00] * Mizuno stays in the shadows and aims her needles once more, she marks her target as t[00:00] <Mizuno> roll 1d20+7
[00:00] <D[00:00] <Mizuno> roll 1d20+7
[00:00] <D-bot> 6,0Mizuno rolled :12,[00:00] <Dakota> "Sixty-one! Start coope[00:00] <Dakota> "Sixty-one! Start cooperating or this is going to [00:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *The Entire fu[00:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce>[00:01] * Mizuno moves to another shadow[00:01] * Mizuno moves to another shadow right after she throws the ne[00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I AM Cooperat[00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruc[00:01] <Axel_Almar> "now children less [00:01] <Axel_Almar> "now [00:01] <Dorin> roll 1d20+20-8
[00:01] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:01] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d[00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (There are no [00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (There are [00:01] <Dorin> The girl leans away from the needle, snorting. "You people suck."
[00:01] <Dakota> "Sixty-seven. Note, roc[00:01] <Dakota> "Sixty-seven. Note, rock star, that our ENEMIES are[00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Shut up or yo[00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Shut up or you might [00:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That just Makes it More Fun!"
[00:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "This is Good [00:02] <Coo[00:02] <Dakota> "Meaning pointless? Nin[00:02] <Dakota> "Meaning pointless? Ninety, by the way. I'm impressed[00:02] <Dakota> "Especially with so lit[00:02] <Dakota> "Especially wit[00:03] <Dorin> (Axel)
[00:03] <Rider> "You two must be real good friends."
[00:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You need to Loosen up! None of teh rest of our team have a problem with teh darkness. That means you need more training!"
[00:03] * Axel_Almar smirks me rushes th[00:03] * Axel_Almar smirks me rushes the one Bruce [00:03] <Dakota> "That MEANS, rock star,[00:03] <Dakota> "That MEANS, rock star, that you need to work with the tea[00:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Axel it's you[00:03] <Cool_Hand_B[00:04] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+17 kirin
[00:04] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+17 kirin
[00:04] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 1d20+17 12[00:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Exactly! And [00:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Exactly! And as It IS you need more training in Fightin[00:04] <Dakota> "One hundred and fourte[00:04] <Dakota> "One hundred and fourteen cuts... I wonder if we should b[00:04] <Dorin> roll 1d20+28-8
[00:04] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:04] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1[00:04] <Mizuno> (I'm gone for the night[00:04] <Mizuno> (I'm gone for the night! so every[00:04] <Dorin> (yes, yes, I know)
[00:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You're not be[00:04] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You're not being very cooperative [00:05] <Axel_Almar> roll 7d8+11 Mutilfo[00:05] <Axel_Almar> roll 7d8+11 Mutilform beatdown
[00:05] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 7d8+11 12,0Mutilform [00:05] <Dorin> The girl takes it head on the chest, despite her skills. "Gah!"
[00:05] <Dakota> "More words with so lit[00:05] <Dakota> "More words with so little [00:05] <Axel_Almar> as he yelled the na[00:05] <Axel_Almar> as he yelled the name of his attack two copies of himself appearted and rushes the ninja cumlating with th[00:05] <Axel_Almar> (just discribing the attack)
[00:06] <Dakota> (Not like it matters, w[00:06] <Dakota> [00:06] <Axel_Almar> and goes for a two hit combo to rap it up
[00:06] <Axel_Almar> roll 2#1d20+12-2
[[00:06] <Axel_Almar> roll 2#1d20+12-2
[00:06] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 2#1d20+12-2 --> 12,0[ 1d20=15 [00:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (me and Mizuno[00:06][00:06] <Dorin> roll 1d20+28-12
[00:06] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:06] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d[00:06] <Dorin> roll 1d20+28-12
[00:06] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:06] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d[00:06] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "You're losing teh Tactical Advantage of teh Darkness! If you keep fucking Talking of COURSE they know where you are!"
[00:07] <Dorin> The other girl steps in and parries both attacks, firing back an elbow in reply
[00:07] <Axel_Almar> (and both wiff)
[00:07] <Rider> "Can we use harsh language a little less? What if there are children listening?"
[00:07] <Dorin> roll 1d20+19-2
[00:07] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:07] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1[00:07] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+11
[00:0[00:07] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+11
[00:07] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 [00:07] <Axel_Almar> (booya)
[00:08] <Dorin> And Axel promptly backs away.
[00:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Yes there are[00:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Yes there are children listening while Two Stripper Ninja come to Assasinate Me! Harsh Language is what will scar [00:08] <Rider> "Well, it could."
[00:08] <Dakota> "What tactical advantag[00:08] <Dakota> "What tactical advantage are you blathering about? _I_ can barely tell where they are. You're crippling your allies, not harming your enemies... What the hell is this supposed to be doing FOR you other than racking up [00:08] <Axel_Almar> "isn't that why you[00:08] <Axel_Almar> "isn't that why yo[00:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I think There[00:08] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I think There are more important things to worry about. and Those Children are [00:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Well, That mi[00:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Well, [00:09] <Dorin> "Alright, enough horsing around. Soul of the fire!" The two women press back to back and begin making rapid hand signs and uttering in a strange dialect. The room suddenly becomes very brilliant as fire begins to swarm around, everywhere! Then *boom* explodes outward in a circular fan.
[00:09] <Rider> "The poor children..."
[00:09] <Dorin> (reflex saves all!)
[00:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+17
[00:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+17
[00:09] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0[00:09] <Rider> roll 1d20+9
[00:09] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 [00:09] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0[00:09] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+9 reflex
[00:09] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+9 reflex
[00:09] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 1d20+9 12,[00:10] <Dakota> roll 1d20+13
[00:10] <[00:10] <Dakota> roll 1d20+13
[00:10] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0[00:10] <Dorin> (just a second, gotta double check for Mizuno)
[00:11] <Axel_Almar> (she's about to lea[00:11] <Axel_Almar> (she's about [00:11] <Dorin> roll 1d20+8
[00:11] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:11] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,[00:11] <Dorin> (yes, I'm just checking her info and I'll insert for her in this instance)
[00:12] <Dorin> Only Axel manages to take over behind a sofa.
[00:12] <Axel_Almar> (it's a plus 3 actu[00:12[00:12] <Dakota> (... Wtf save was REQUI[00:12][00:12] <Dorin> (+3 and her dex for a +5; so +8)
[00:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (What? it's a [00:12] <[00:12] <Dorin> (indeedie)
[00:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (you ass!)
[00:12] <Dorin> roll 6d8+12
[00:12] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:12] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,[00:13] <Axel_Almar> (woot)
[00:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Axel takes half?)
[00:13] <Dorin> (si)
[00:13] <Rider> "Ow. That hurt."
[00:13] <Axel_Almar> (so about 19)
[00:13] <Dorin> Everyone save Axel gets a nice face full of fire.
[00:13] * Cool_Hand_Bruce pulls the dark[00:13] * C[00:13] <Axel_Almar> "that signed my clo[00:13[00:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Agh! It Burns[00:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Agh! It Burn[00:14] * Dakota winces and wipes soot o[00:14] * Dakota winces and wipes soot off.[00:14] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (it is light a[00:14][00:14] <Dorin> (rider)
[00:14] * Rider shakes some soot off his now burnt biker leathers.
[00:14] <Axel_Almar> (Axel HP: 121 Mizun[00:14] [00:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Bruce HP: 36 [00:16] <[00:16] <Dakota> (102)
[00:16] <Dorin> (Rider is doing what?)
[00:16] <Rider> (sorry, missed that)
[00:17] * Rider cracks knuckles. "Now I'm mad."
[00:17] * Rider pounds on a ninja. With his fists.
[00:17] <Axel_Almar> (ah...Axel EP: 88)
[[00:17] <Rider> (102 HP, 30 EP if anyone cares)
[00:17] <Rider> (er.. 40 EP)
[00:18] <Rider> roll 2#d20+21
[00:18] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 [00:18] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 2#d20+21 --> 12,0[ 1d20=11 [00:18] * Dakota stretches her neck out [00:18] * Dakota stretches her neck out slightly. "So I guess, I can't affo[00:18] <Dorin> roll 2#1d20+28-14
[00:18] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:18] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 2#1d20+28-14 --> 12,0[ 1d20=13 [00:18] <Dorin> roll 1d2
[00:18] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:18] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled [00:18] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That's it! Yo[00:18] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That's it! You made me mioldly unc[00:18] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> *Mildly
[00:18] * Rider leads first with a hard right, then follows up with "RIDER PUNCH!"
[00:19] <Dakota> (... You're going to fi[00:19] <Dakota> (...[00:19] <Dorin> One girl turns aside a blow, while the other catches one
[00:19] <Rider> roll 1d8+9
[00:19] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 [00:19] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :1[00:19] <Dakota> (... Eh? Didn't she cri[00:19] <Dak[00:19] <Rider> roll 3d8+9
[00:19] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 [00:19] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12[00:19] <Dorin> (yes, she did)
[00:19] <Dakota> (Ah, misread the 'catch[00:19] <Dako[00:20] <Dorin> A solid beat down going on.
[00:20] <Dorin> (next round)
[00:21] <Axel_Almar> (if you ever get a Rider Kick Attack I'm gonna personally buy you a mask and vest combo Gai)
[00:21] <Rider> (I wanted it to be Rider Kick, actually... but 3d8 didn't seem epic enough)
[00:21] <Dorin> The first girl looks rather banged up, and lets out a breath. Then begins one last series of hand signs, and fires a small, compact purple beam at Clapton
[00:21] <Dorin> roll 1d20+25
[00:21] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:21] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+32 ([00:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+32 (Block That Ass Up!)
[00:22] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+32 12,0(Block That [00:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Ho Thank You![00[00:22] <Dorin> (lucky you, heh)
[00:22] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Pulls his Guit[00:22] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Pulls his Guitar up an[00:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (my Turn?)
[00:23] <Dorin> She curses as the guitar turns aside the beam. Then growls and runs out the window, taking a flying leap out.
[00:23] <Axel_Almar> (just get some cp and get an alt attack)
[00:23] <Dorin> (yeap)
[00:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "What? Did tha[00:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "What? Did that stip[00:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I can use My [00:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I can use My Attacks at a lower level right? I wan[00:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Can I do that[00:[00:24] <Dorin> (you could)
[00:25] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Readies his Gu[00:25] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Readies his Guitar. "Fleeing Huh? I don't like the sound of That. I'm afraid You're C[00:25] <Dorin> (the one who went out the window is already out of range, unless you want to jump after her)
[00:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (DC 28 Fort Sa[00:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> ([00:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (no The one in[00:25] <Coo[00:26] <Dorin> (what are you using? I thought it didn't cause damage)
[00:26] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (At a low enou[00:26] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (At a low enough[00:26] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (It doesn't)
[00:26] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (But it's AOE [00:26] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (But it'[00:26] <Dorin> (I think in this case it's either all or nothing)
[00:26] <Dorin> unless it should do half-status damage)
[00:26] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Ah. okay)
[00:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (well I was th[00:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (w[00:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (if it makes t[00:27] <Coo[00:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Halving the D[00:27] <Cool_Hand_Br[00:28] <Dorin> okay)
[00:28] <Dorin> The girl laughs as Bruce begins to jam. "Get serious, you can't effect me with your trademark"
[00:28] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Stums his Guit[00:28] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Stums his Guitar Causing teh Very Air to Distort around him as a Horrib[00:29] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (no Save?
[00:29] <Dorin> roll 1d20+14
[00:29] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:29] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:29] <Dorin> The music rolls through her, but seems to do very little.
[00:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (attack 2 then[00:[00:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I can't? Well[00:30] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I can't? Well then. If I can't Rock your World, I[00:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+18 H[00:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+18 Heavy Metal
[00:31] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0 1d20+18 12,0Heav[00:31] <Dorin> roll 1d20+28
[00:31] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:31] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0[00:31] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Rushes Forward[00:31] * Cool_Hand_Bruce Rushes Forwards and Swings his [00:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (she flatfoote[00:3[00:31] <Dorin> (nope)
[00:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (there are like 4 people flanking her...)
[00:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 8d8
[00:[00:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 8d8
[00:31] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :[00:32] <Dorin> (And there's always nasty ways around that, I might reveal them someday)
[00:32] <Dorin> roll 1d20+6
[00:32] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:32] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0[00:32] <Dorin> She takes a sharp blow across her chest and coughs up blood, "Oh you're gonna pay for that"
[00:33] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "When you take[00:33] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "When you take a gig, ya[00:33] <Axel_Almar> "you keep saying th[00:33] <Axel_Almar> "you keep saying that[00:33] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles
[00:33] <Dorin> (Dakota)
[00:33] * Dakota wipes a trace of soot o[00:33] * Dakota wipes a trace of soot off her lip and rubs her ears slightly from the horrific sound. "Well, sorry, but I don't think you're allowed to run. Reporting[00:33] * Dakota grips her axe more soli[00:33] * Dakota grip[00:33] <Dorin> (ere you jump)
[00:34] <Dorin> Dakota notices the girl that took a dive is soaring away on what seem to be glowing red wings.
[00:34] <Dorin> (you can make a running jump and go for it, I suppose)
[00:34] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (the DC on tha[00:34] <Coo[00:35] <Dorin> (with her ranks of jump it's allowable I suppose)
[00:35] <Dakota> A purple light forms un[00:35] <Dakota> A purple light forms underneath Dakota, swirling out into a large equilateral triangle. Her eyes go out of focus, and she just BLURS forward at the chick and out the window. The axe glows with fire, a[00:36] <Dakota> roll 1d20+20+20-4
[00:[00:36] <Dakota> roll 1d20+20+20-4
[00:36] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 1d20+[00:36] <Dakota> roll 2#1d20+20-4
[00:3[00:36] <Dakota> roll 2#1d20+20-4
[00:36] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 2#1d20+20-4 --> 12,0[ 1d20=18 ][00:36] <Dakota> (Pwnt, beyotch)
[00:37] <Dorin> She spins in midair and growls.
[00:37] <Dakota> (... Now that I conside[00:37] <Dakota> (... Now that I consider it, this is probabl[00:37] <Dorin> roll 2#1d20+28
[00:37] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:37] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 2#1d20+28 --> 12,0[ 1d20=5 [00:37] <Dorin> roll 1d20+28-2
[00:37] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:37] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1[00:37] <Dorin> (two of three)
[00:37] <Dakota> roll 7d8+3+2+30
[00:37[00:37] <Dakota> roll 7d8+3+2+30
[00:38] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12,0 7d[00:38] <Dakota> roll 7d8+3
[00:38] <D-[00:38] <Dakota> roll 7d8+3
[00:38] <D-bot> 6,0Dakota rolled :12[00:38] * Dakota just tears through and [00:38] * Dakota just tears through and tosses anothe[00:39] <Dorin> She coughs up splatters of blood from the friendly axe while Dakota continues harmlessly to the ground, and the girl spirals slightly.
[00:39] <Dorin> (Mizuno can go now)
[00:39] * Dakota glances up. She still A[00:39][00:39] <Dakota> (Hasn't she taken a stu[00:39] <Dakota> (Hasn't she taken a stupidly la[00:40] <Dorin> She's barely holding on, eyes listing and sinking for the ground in a slow decline.
[00:40] <Axel_Almar> (yeah just a sec lo[00:40] <Axel_Almar> (yeah just a sec looking up her at[00:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (fix it)
[00:40] <Axel_Almar> (considering she do[00:40] <Axel_Almar> (considering she doesn't even have th[00:41] <Axel_Almar> she'll step back in[00:41] <Axel_Almar> she'll step back into the shadows seeing the others ha[00:42] <Dorin> Axel then)
[00:42] <Axel_Almar> Axel on the other h[00:42] <Axel_Almar> Axel on the other hand won't "Time to finish [00:42] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+17 kirin
[00:42] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+17 kirin
[00:42] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 1d20+17 12[00:42] <Axel_Almar> (booya)
[00:42] <Dorin> (booya)
[00:42] <Dorin> (jinx!)
[00:42] <Axel_Almar> 14d8+11
[00:43] <Axel_Almar> roll 14d8+11
[00:4[00:43] <Axel_Almar> roll 14d8+11
[00:43] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 [00:43] * Axel_Almar treats the group to yet another mulitform beatdown
[00:44] <Dorin> The blow catches her full on and has the power to send her flying. "Uh..."
[00:44] <Rider> "That's some hit."
[00:45] <Dorin> She actually rises, on shakey legs.
[00:45] <Rider> "... that's some woman."
[00:45] * Axel_Almar smirks as the other[00:45] * Axel_Almar smirks as the other two disapear, "st[00:45] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+12 Dragon[00:45] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+12 Dragon Rush
[00:45] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 1d20+12 12,0Dra[00:45] <Dorin> roll 1d20+28-2
[00:45] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:45] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1[00:46] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Mizuno has to[00:46] <Cool_[00:46] <Axel_Almar> DR
[00:46] <Axel_Almar> (shit I don't got it fuck that)
[00:46] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> a(or else she'[00:46] <Cool_H[00:46] <Dorin> And she actually rolls out of the way, holding her side and gasping in pain.
[00:46] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (He's using Di[00:46] <Cool_Hand_B[00:46] <Axel_Almar> Misuno appears behi[00:46] <Axel_Almar>[00:46] <Axel_Almar> (don't have it sorr[00:[00:46] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (damn. Neither[00:46] <[00:47] <Axel_Almar> and wacks with Kusa[00:47] [00:47] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+8 melee
[00:47] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+8 melee
[00:47] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0 1d20+8 1[00:47] <Dorin> roll 1d20+28-4
[00:47] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [00:47] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 1d[00:47] <Dorin> And somehow she's out of the way again, looking even more ragged.
[00:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (damn it! Are [00:48] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (damn it! Are Pale a[00:48] <Rider> "I almost feel sorry for her, now. She looks kinda pathetic."
[00:49] <Dorin> " people are tough...let me give a last...fuck you..." She drops a small canister while running for the window. Unlike her partner, her body seems to burn, then was gone in a pale of fire. The canister spins slowly.
[00:49] <Dorin> Then, surprise surprise, explodes.
[00:49] <Axel_Almar> (...)
[00:49] <Dorin> fort saves)
[00:50] <Dorin> Green smoke blows out and fills the room.
[00:50] <Rider> roll 1d20+7
[00:50] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0 [00:50] <D-bot> 6,0Rider rolled :12,0[00:50] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+7
[00:50[00:50] <Axel_Almar> roll 1d20+7
[00:50] <D-bot> 6,0Axel_Almar rolled :12,0[00:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+8
[[00:50] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> roll 1d20+8
[00:50] <D-bot> 6,0Cool_Hand_Bruce rolled :12,0[00:51] * Quits: Alatwork (Quit: )
[00:51] * Dakota LOVES being outta the building.
[00:51] <Dorin> Everyone takes a lung full of the stuff, but shakes off the worst effects. (1 temporary consitution damage)
[00:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (i'm dead)
[00:52] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (no wait... no[00:52] <Coo[00:52] <Axel_Almar> (...)
[00:53] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (It only decreases my HP by 10. not 30)
[00:53] <Dorin> (1 consitution damage and you're dead? if you have construct status, you have no con score, ie poisons won't work on you)
[00:53] <Dorin> (otherwise, it's just temp damage, you'll be fine :P)
[00:53] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Oh, I Have a [00:53] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Oh, I Have a Con score. But Poi[00:54] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (I forgot that[00:[00:54] <Dorin> (Then you have nothing to fear :P)
[00:54] * Axel_Almar coughs up and gets [00:54] * Axel_Almar coughs up[00:54] <Dakota> (Rider's move?)
[00:54] <Rider> (isn't she gone now?)
[00:54] <Dorin> (And for the record, 0 HP is not death, it's passed out; and sure, but there's nothing he can do, the girls are gone)
[00:55] <Dakota> (New round then?)
[00:55] <Dorin> (End combat really)
[00:55] <Dorin> The girl flying rises higher into the air, and then vanishes in the same burning body technique.
[00:56] <Dakota> (Hey, the gal out here [00:56] <Dakota> (Hey, the gal out here has[00:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Well... er... that was fun?"
[00:56] * Rider coughs. "And I thought cigarette smoke was bad."
[00:56] * Dakota growls and stalks back [00:56] * Dakota growls and stalks bac[00:56] <Dakota> (Tell me when I arrive)[0[00:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "So. I seem to[00:56] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "So. I[00:56] <Dorin> "All of you are alive, good." The strategist comes slinking up, looking over the party, and the room. "It survived, hmm...needs a new coat of paint, but otherwise is fine."
[00:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "When you aske[00:57] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "When you asked me to draw out our enemies I did[00:57] <Axel_Almar> "so those were Gees[00:57] <Axel_Almar> "so those were Geese Howards goons, seems his quality is slipping quite abit, but then again being beaten by Terry Bo[00:57] <Dorin> Dakota arrives shortly, while the woman assess the damage all around. "We're going to need to relocate." She sighs. "And I didn't want to resort to that so soon."
[00:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Axel. You don[00:58] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Axel. You don't know It's Geese's Goons. I never mentioned it [00:58] <Dorin> The woman begins jotting things down on a notepad. "This is why I told you, I am flawless as a strategist. They were expecting only Mr. Clapton, not others."
[00:59] <Axel_Almar> (never mind that th[00:5[00:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Why the hell [00:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Why the hell were they expecting me? I [00:59] * Axel_Almar looks at Bruce agai[00:59] * Axel_Almar looks at Bruce again, [00:59] * Dakota rolls her eyes and lean[00:59] * Dakota rolls her eyes and l[00:59] <Dakota> "Tell us who DOESN'T."
[[00:59] <Rider> "Those girls were pretty[00:59] <Rider> "Those girls were pr[00:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Who doesn't r[00:59] <[00:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That was just[00:59] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That was just an old boss of [01:00] <Axel_Almar> "old boss?"
[01:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Yup."
[01:00] <Rider> "Bowlers have bosses?"
[01:00] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I used to play for him a while back."
[01:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Rider STILL t[01:01] <Cool_Hand_Bru[01:01] * Dakota snorts. "What, he fired[01:01] * Dakota snorts. "What, he fir[01:01] <Axel_Almar> "mind giving us a n[01:01][01:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "At a guess, h[01:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "At a guess, he's[01:01] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Actually. I d[01:0[01:02] <Dorin> The woman doesn't look away from her writing. "I caught the face of your friend there." She points to Scar. "On the surveilance system. They were watching this hotel for something. I suppose they were surprized to see Clapton, but it worked out well all the same"
[01:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Ah. So that's[01:02] <Cool_Hand_Bru[01:02] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles and wal[01:02] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles and walks [01:02] * Dakota cocks her head. "Target[01:02] * Dakota cocks her head. "Target of opp[01:02] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Wake up you l[01:02] <C[01:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "This room nee[01:03] <Cool_Hand_B[01:03] <Dorin> Shemp blinks and looks around. "Boss...what the hell did you guys do in here?"
[01:03] <Rider> "They slept through all that?"
[01:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Wild Partyu M[01:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "[01:03] <Dorin> "There's no time for cleaning, back your bags, we're out of here in fifteen."
[01:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "It had A Pair[01:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "It ha[01:03] <Dorin> *pack rather)
[01:03] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Now go Pack u[01:03] <Dorin[01:03] <Dorin> The poor stooge pouts.
[01:04] * Dakota frowns and nods. "I'll [01:04] * Dakota fro[01:04] * Dakota departs to pack her thi[01:04[01:04] <Rider> "Good thing I didn't unpack. Was a nice room, too. Shame."
[01:04] <Dorin> The other three were slapped awake, in a line no less, and began the packing. Sighing about missing strippers and inhouse pyro tests.
[01:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Maybe we'll g[01:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Maybe [01:05] <Axel_Almar> (lol)
[01:05] <Axel_Almar> "and maybe differen[01:05] <Axel_Almar> "and maybe different room [01:05] <Dorin> "Unfortuantly, no. We can't afford a public venue, we'll have to hole up in a more defensible position. It will be cramped."
[01:05] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "man. I haven't trashed a room this thoroughly in a while."
[01:06] <Rider> "Can't be worse than that motel I stayed in one time. The roaches had taken over the bathroom
[01:06] <Axel_Almar> Mizuno walks up, "I[01:06] <Axel_Almar> Mizuno walks up, "I'[01:07] <Axel_Almar> (welcome to Joes Ap[01:07] <A[01:07] <Dorin> "Your only saving grace will be that Mr Clapton and his attache, will be sleeping in the van. The test of you will just have to take your picks."
[01:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Those stooges[01:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> [01:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Oh? that'll b[01:07] <[01:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "THe stooges w[01:07] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "THe stooges will [01:08] <Dorin> "And Mr Clapton, I'm going to see if I can't find *his* location so you can pay a personal visit. Try not to get killed." And she departed, while the Stooges grabbed up the bags and fumbled their way downstairs.
[01:09] * Axel_Almar heads back to get h[01:09] * Axel_Almar heads back to get his[01:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Ah. It's been[01:09] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Ah. It's been a while since I saw him. Should be a fun meeting. We'll be able to catch up on old time[01:09] * Dakota comes down with her thi[01:09] * Dakota comes down with her things and walks up to strat-chan. "As a question: do you have any information on what might have been i[01:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (me?)
[01:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Nah. They wer[01:10] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Nah. They were probably after the same thing we are[01:10] <Rider> "Convenient."
[01:11] <Dakota> (Talking to strategist,[01:11] <Da[01:11] <Dorin> The woman shrugs. "Your guess is as good as mine. If Howard had goons here, it's likely he's looking to set up a semi-permanent base of operations and crack into Tokyo's underground."
[01:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "My old boss c[01:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "My old boss could easily afford these types of accomadations for those strippers. and It's niot like tehre[01:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Damn it!)
[01:11] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (She let out t[01:11] <Co[01:12] * Dakota frowns and nods. "Right[01:12[01:12] <Dorin> (Yes, Ron Howard is out to take on the Yakuza for control of Tokyo!)
[01:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Howard Joghns[01:1[01:12] <Dorin> (lol)
[01:12] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "That makes se[01:12][01:13] <Dorin> (Welcome to the Ho-Jo, where we're out to kill our guests)
[01:13] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (yep!)
[01:13] <Dorin> She nods and makes certain everyone has their belongings. Two full-size vans arrive, and the groups pile in, taking their pick of which to occupy.
[01:14] * Cool_Hand_Bruce takes one with[01:14] * Cool[01:14] * Dakota takes the one that does[01:14] * Dakota [01:14] * Cool_Hand_Bruce means Roadies
[[01:15] * Axel_Almar gets into the van that Rider doesn't
[01:15] <Dorin> The strategist occupies the first van, Bruce and his stooges the second, mostly at her suggestion (threat).
[01:15] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Rider's with [01:15] <Cool_Hand_Bru[01:15] * Rider gets into the van that Axel gets into. Coincidence, nothing else.
[01:16] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (my Minions won't let him in my van)
[01:16] * Dakota takes the first.
[01:16] <Dorin> The vans, loaded, head out, in two seperate directions.
[01:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (oh?)
[01:17] <Dorin> (yes, if there's going to be an ambush, she'd prefer it on you)
[01:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (so me and Axe[01:17] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (so me and Axel, an[01:18] <Dorin> I guess so)
[01:18] * Joins: Alathon|afk
[01:18] <Dakota> (Heyas.)
[01:19] <Alathon|afk> (sup)
[01:19] * Alathon|afk is now known as Al[01:19][01:19] <Dorin> Unfortunatly, they bothered to include carphones in both. And Ms. Strategist bothers to call the second vehicle. "There will be doctors waiting to patch everyone up."
[01:20] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Taht sounds g[01:20] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Taht sounds gre[01:20] <Axel_Almar> "good to hear"
[01:20] * Cool_Hand_Bruce paused before [01:20] * Cool_Hand_Bruce paused before the word Healing, clearly implyuing the word [01:20] <Dorin> "As I assumed, now sit back and shut up, or the driver might get lost." And the line goes dead.
[01:21] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "So Axel. What[01:21] <Cool_Han[01:21] <Axel_Almar> "just a marital art[01:21] <Axel_Almar> "just a marital artist loo[01:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Ah. Hard time[01:22] <[01:22] <Axel_Almar> "indeed, if I ever [01:22] <Axel_Almar> "indeed, if I ever find that man, who only called [01:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I'm searching[01:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I'm searching for the perfect Song. A song so powerful it can [01:22] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "So that makes you Grendel?"
[01:23] <Axel_Almar> "not much into the old myths myself, I just call myself Axel and be done with it"
[01:23] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "So you once had a different Name? That makes two of us."
[01:23] <Axel_Almar> "so your wanting to[01:23] <Axel_Almar> "so your wanting [01:24] * Joins: Reis
[01:24] <Reis> <Dorin> Unfortunatly, the[01:24] <Reis> <Dorin> Unfortunatly, they bothered to include carphones in both. And Ms. Strategist bothers to call the second vehicle. "There will be [01:24] <Reis> * Disconnected
[01:24] <Reis> Missed everything from there. What happened?
[01:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (you never disconnected)
[01:24] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (Dakota's stil[01:24][01:24] <Reis> (Note that I'm clearly di[01:24] <Reis[01:24] <Axel_Almar> (ghost her Rei's)
[01:24] <Reis> (Seeing as, you know, MY [01:24] <Reis> (Seeing [01:25] * Quits: Dakota (Ping timeout)
[01:25] * Reis is now known as Dakota
[01:25] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Well, everyone loves an Audience. And I just wanna bring the world the Power of Rock."
[01:25] <Dorin> -The vans each roll their seperate ways through backroads and isolated locations, seemingly to shake off pursuers, but arrive at the same place. A small, one story affair hidden way out in the depths of the woods. It looked so small it would be impossible to hold two people comfortably, how was it going to house this group?
[01:25] <Dakota> (Yo? What'd I miss?)
[01:25] * Axel_Almar looks at the place,[01:25] * Axel_Almar looks at the place, "you sure[01:26] <Dorin> (Axel and Bruce talking)
[01:26] <Axel_Almar> (and I got my seiyu[01:26] <Axel_Almar> ([01:27] <Dakota> (Heh)
[01:27] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Yeah. Though I'm out in the Van, so Doesn't matter to me."
[01:27] <Axel_Almar> "sucks being the De[01:27] <Axel_A[01:27] <Dorin> The woman, carrying a single bag, tossed over her shoulder, shrugs as she climbs out. "Yes, this is the right place. And there's plenty of cellar space."
[01:27] * Dakota nods and steps out with[01:27] * Dakota nods and steps out with her[01:28] <Dorin> "For the time being"
[01:28] * Axel_Almar just "ah's"
[01:28] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Sucks having [01:28] <Cool_Hand_Bruc[01:28] * Dakota nods and heads in.
[01:28] <Dakota> (You kidding? Can you I[01:28] <Dakota> (You kidding? Can you IMAGINE how ma[01:28] <Dorin> "Shutup and come inside, your healer is waiting to patch you fools up"
[01:28] <Axel_Almar> "point taken"
[01:29] <Rider> (...)
[01:29] * Axel_Almar shrugs and heads in
[01:29] <Axel_Almar> (wrong Rider Wolfie[01[01:29] <Dakota> (^_^)
[01:29] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> (You and your FS/N)
[01:29] * Rider scratches his head. Thinks some of these people are strange.
[01:29] <Axel_Almar> (we are talking abo[01:29] <Axel_Almar> (we are talking about our KR guy no[01:30] <Dakota> (Bah. What, does the jo[01:30] <Dakota> (Bah. What, does the joke p[01:31] <Dakota> (Btw, Jia: http://www.h[01:31] <Dakota> (Btw, Jia:[01:31] <Dorin> The interior, despite the small style, was actually rather comfortable, homey even. A fireplace in the central room, but no chairs insight. Sitting a low table, was the biggest shock you never needed to see. The strategist, there she was...again! Just, with thicker glasses! Also in a soft, pink sundress, and sipping tea.
[01:31] <Dakota> (Rider)
[01:31] * Dakota blinkblinks and glances[01:31] * Dakota[01:31] <Dakota> "Twins?"
[01:31] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Double the Pleasure... Double the fun."
[01:31] <Dorin> "We are, yes."
[01:31] <Rider> (ah, see... I've never seen Fate Stay Night)
[01:32] * Dakota nods. "Then, it's a ple[01:32] * Dakota nods[01:33] * Rider headed inside. "This isn't so bad. It's better than that time I stayed in that old, abandoned cabin. That was... bad. Bad, bad, bad..."
[01:33] <Axel_Almar> "well this is an in[01:33] <Axel_Alma[01:33] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I guess that [01:33] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I gue[01:33] <Axel_Almar> (what are you Bruce[01:33] <A[01:33] <Dorin> The sitting woman smiles to everyone, a much sweeter, and even kinder thing than her sister. "Hello, I'm Mana...and I guess you could say that." She giggles.
[01:34] * Dakota bows a greeting.
[01:34] * Cool_Hand_Bruce smiles roguish[01:[01:35] <Axel_Almar> "Axel Almar at your service" he says with a flaours bow
[01:35] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "A Pleasure to[01:35] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "A Pleasure to make you[01:35] * Cool_Hand_Bruce offers his hand to shake.
[01:36] <Dorin> She declines the offer, smiling. "Yes, I know all about you Mr Clapton, and I'm afraid you'll have an easier time getting my sister into bed." She displays the rock on her finger. "I'm happily married."
[01:36] * Dakota grins.
[01:37] * Axel_Almar winces cause that b[01:37] * Axel_Almar[01:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Alas. Tis a l[01:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Ala[01:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "My regards to[01:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "My regards to [01:37] <Dorin> ... 2374/4/0/0 | I guess I dare show this picture of Mana, cause it's the only one I can find)
[01:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> cute.
[01:37] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> she don't look[01:37] <Co[01:38] <Dakota> (... Exactly what does 'married' look like?)
[01:38] <Dorin> "Now, we have injured in the group, from the looks of all of you? Take a seat, I'll get around to everyone."
[01:38] * Dakota brushes her ripped clot[01:38] * Dakota brushes he[01:38] <Axel_Almar> (like her sister)
[01:39] <Axel_Almar> "I won't need to mu[01:39] <Axel_Almar> "I wo[01:39] <Rider> "It's not so bad, just a little singed around the edges."
[01:39] <Dorin> She nods and moves to Axel, producing several fine needles from seemingly nowhere, and with blurred motions plants them on various points on his body. Soon they have an Axel pincushion.
[01:39] <Dorin> roll 4d8
[01:39] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [01:39] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :[01:40] <Dorin> (healed)
[01:40] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "I could go for some Tender Loving Care. But in since that ain't here. I'll make do with medical attention."
[01:41] * Axel_Almar blinks impressed, "[01:41] * Axel_Almar blinks impressed, "Haven't seen Acupuncter[01:41] <Dorin> As quickly as the needles appeared, they vanished. Then she rounded on Bruce, and soon he could do a very good impression of Pinhead, only with more pins in his skull.
[01:41] <Dorin> roll 4d8
[01:41] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [01:41] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :[01:41] <Axel_Almar> lol
[01:42] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Man, now my h[01:42] <Cool_Hand_Bru[01:42] <Dorin> "Hmm, that's odd, the treatment isn't proceeding very quickly..."
[01:42] * Dakota raises an eyebrow.
[01:42] <Dakota> (Just to note, I'm gonna have to wake up for classes in four hours)
[01:42] <Dorin> She shrugs and retrieves her implements. "We'll continue in the morning."
[01:42] <Dorin> (I'm wrapping up just after this.)
[01:42] <Dorin> And then Rider
[01:42] <Dorin> roll 4d8
[01:42] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [01:42] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :[01:43] <Dorin> (I could plot this on a graph...)
[01:43] <Rider> "I feel all tingly."
[01:43] <Dorin> And lastly, Mizuno
[01:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "... And I tho[01:43] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "... And I[01:43] <Dorin> roll 4d8
[01:43] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :12,0 [01:43] <D-bot> 6,0Dorin rolled :[01:44] <Dorin> With that round of healing performed, she smiles and put away her needles. "Well, everyone has recieved what I can do for right now, you really all should get some rest. We'll finish patching up in the morning."
[01:44] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> "Heh. Thank a [01:44] <[01:45] <Axel_Almar> "just show us where[01:45] <Axel_A[01:45] * Cool_Hand_Bruce will head out to the Van to sleep. Making his stooges sleep on the roof, and keep a watch out for intruders."
[01:45] <Dorin> (alright, roll it up and off to bed, session closed; Pale's got class, I got a test in the morning)
[01:45] <Cool_Hand_Bruce> EXP?
[01:45] <Dorin> 3500 XP on the night, 2 CP for all)
[01:45] * Dakota is now known as Pale_Wolf
[01:46] <Pale_Wolf> And, night.
[01:46] * Axel_Almar is now known as Lig[01:46] * Axel_Almar is now known as Light02
[01:46][01:46] * Cool_Hand_Bruce is now known a[01:46] * Cool_H[01:47] * Quits: Light02 (Quit: Light, T[01:47] * Quits: Light02 ([01:47] * Quits: Rider (Ping timeout)
[01:48] * Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Oct 24 01:48:21 2007
uit: )
[01:49] <Dorin> On our next exciting episode, I'll have to work harder to kill you all
[01:50] * Joins: JiaGai
[01:52] * Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Oct 24 01:52:00 2007
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Postby Rockman_Zero » Thu Oct 25, 2007 10:58 am

Heya Dorin, thanks for sending me the log of session #3, really appreciate that.

Just thought you'd like to know, reading though the posted log of the third session, I noticed that some lines get cut off after a certain length, and mixed up with the next one or so. Dunno if it's just me, so I'd suggest you took a look at it and repost the log again if necessary.
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Postby Dorin » Fri Oct 26, 2007 1:08 pm

It's entirely my IRC in its logging for some weird reason. I'm working on how to get that fixed.
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