Rival Relief Office : Branch 13 Search and Retrival rp sign

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Rival Relief Office : Branch 13 Search and Retrival rp sign

Postby lcpoketoon » Sun Aug 19, 2007 1:20 am

Rival Relief Office : Branch 13 Search and Retrival rp

Looking for the few, the proud, the willing to do dangerous work for little pay. That's right the Rival Relief Office is looking for people to work in their new Branch 13. Their duty is to travel to diffrent timelines an collect dangerous objects that shouldn't be there or their use has already pass.

Branch 13 uses a reworked Stargate to travel to diffrent timelines an their computer systeams are in fact three Magi systeams linked together with a recovered Cortanna A.I. working from within them. Each agent of Branch 13 is given their very own Omnitrix Band that will allow them to fit in based on the timeline they have traveled too. Branch 13 also has a Armory for the keeping of recovered artifacts and technologies, Danger Room training hall, Mess Hall, apartments with attached offices for those who don't mind being close to their work. They also support a hanger that holds half of a unit 02 eva, 3/4 of a Wing Zero Gundam, Damaged X-wing fighter and the Danner and Neo-Okusaer, with room for any other robots or transports found by agents of Branch 13. Plus lots of room to expand.

Recently placed in Charge of Branch 13 is LC Poketoon who is there to serve in place of Jail time for useing Barney videos as a WMD.

So if your intrested in Exciteing Adventures for little pay come join the RRO.

(( If you sign up, Let me know what you look like an what skills your Char. has. Demo below))

LC Poketoon

Height: 6' 7"
Weight: Varies
Hair: Long and Dark Green
Eyes: Black with Red Pupils

Other Features: Has long pointed ears, light grey skin tone, sharp pointed teeth, clawed fingers and toes.
Style of Dress: Long pink Leather coat with green flames, light green dress pants, black polished dress shoes, white dress shirt with light green tie, and light green fingerless gloves.

Abilities: due to a mistake during travel between timelines LC ended up, unageing and a healing Factor that will let him recover from anything. He says he under cartoon law when it comes to damage no matter how much it hurts he will recover. He is a Jack of all trades haveing found a chance to learn a little about a lot of subjects over his life but a master of none of them.

History: LC Poketoon is a being who not only belives the universe is out to get him but knows it for a fact an has the proof. due to a mix up between some higher powers LC found himself throw from his timeline of a fairly normal earth into a Ranma timeline an the spring of drowned twin. After landing in said spring him an his twin talked it over an went their seperate ways each takeing a diffrent name. LC soon met Ranma an the gang an took some classes learning the basics of anything goes , and hidden weapon style from Mousse, but due to a mishap with a magical sword, a few hundread lemmings and rubber chicken LC found himself throw out of that timeline. it's unknown just what happened to him after that only that after a few years he turned up looking as he does now with his power and a large number of skills in many diffrent subjects. Recently he was captured by a group of goddess after useing Barney Videos as a WMD in an Evangelion timeline. Rather then lock him away some where he has been forced into working for the Branch of the RRO that has the smallest budjet an the largest pile of work.
::LCpoketoon ducking under a car as things are being blown to hell around him::
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