Bionicle/Avatar The Last Air Bender crossover

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Bionicle/Avatar The Last Air Bender crossover

Postby toa Lhikan » Thu Jul 19, 2007 3:14 pm

Good I hop this is the right form. Well any way hears my idea.....

Well It seems uanaf people know about the Bionicle story hear, so I figured I try a open round robin hear, but before I start I want to see if any one is interested. So we can work out the details, and get a good out line of the story before we start .
So like I stead before any one interested?

you should note I will be trying to do on not just this site, but at least two others maybe three. The quote, and place ware I started this is on THIS site.
If any of you don't know about Bionicle hear their wikipedia site
I will post link to the other site as I post then their. So any one interested?
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