Aliens: Situation Fubar

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Aliens: Situation Fubar

Postby Dorin » Mon Jul 02, 2007 3:22 pm

Setting: Late 22nd Century; circa 2178 AD/CE

Humanity is undergoing a continual shift. Expanding further into the stars, like a disease more than the idealistic culture some authors of the past century foresaw. FTL drives become more sophisticated, allowing people to move farther into the galaxy. Terraforming has become a reality, if a long and costly process, allowing for planets to only increase in value with ensuing generations. And everywhere, the species must expand to support itself, consuming more and more natural resources to feed its growth. Humanity has encountered alien lifeforms, all primitive and hardly able to contend with the advanced technology humans have perfected. Nothing truly stands in the way of humanity's conquest of the stars.

As people look to and stride father into the Heavens, Earth becomes more a burned out husk rather than the cradle of civilization. Housing over ten billion people, urban sprawl becomes considerably worse each passing decade. While not a festering hole, it slides deeper into that pit in ever greater increments. The gap between rich and poor only widens, as the talented and driven abandon their homeworld for opportunities offplanet.

While governments retain some modicum of power, and even the poorest person has a chance for subsistance living thanks to the advent of almost free fusion power and advanced hydroponic food production, the ability to advance one's self above scratching out a living in a lifetime of low-income manual or service labor, becomes more difficult. Earth's 'middleclass' no longer exists. Some people have gained scenic plots of land, and have a place to retire to, but their children flee in greater numbers to seek employment in the corperations.

The corperations, interstellar, multi-trillion dollar institutions. Their income each fiscal year often in excess of the national budgets of many world governments. The power of those same political insituations stops outside the reach of the moon, leaving them powerless to regulate or check the ever expanding influence of profit-driven buisness. The ICC, Interstelar Commerce Commision, becomes the guiding entity in ensuring 'ethical' fairplay. Comprised of voices from Earth governments and corporation representatives, the Earth loses continues to lose more of its voice each fiscal cycle.

Earth, however, is not without its pride, nor without its teeth. The Colonial Marine Corps, CMC, remains the strong arm of enforcing peace and enforcing ICC regulations. Comprised of people from both Earth and the various affluent colonies, the CMC is the best of the best. While not as well funded or widly manned at the growing number of corporate-paid mercenary forces, in an all out firefight the CMC can be relied upon to secure victory time and time again.

Humanity's finest will soon find themselves put to the ultimate test, as things from the depths of space finally begin to encroach upon the safe framework the humanrace has built for itself. If homo-sapians are too survive, it will take the CMC its all to hold back a flood no one dared concieve in their darkest dreams.

"My mommy always told me, there's no such things as monsters..."


This campaign is a mix of bughunt and political intrigue. Characters will be learning the chaos in the shadows as they explore the darkness, hoping to survive.

The rules set will be D20 modern, which can be aquired here

Along with an attachment, which provides rules for an Aliens D20 conversion. Available here

Both are free, so there's no need to worry about spending anyting on them. I know the .rtf documents are irritating, but there's not a whole lot I can do for that one. Sorry :(

Players are encouraged to design CMC based characters, but are not restricted from being creative. So long as you're willing to collaborate, details can be smoothed out to try and accomidate almost any kind of design.

This setting is shortly before the Aliens movie, and will be set in that universe. However, the canon will be altered as I see fit to make things more interesting and surprizing. This might be a slightly suspensful or graphic mode of play, so discrestion is advised.

Houserules, and other things will be listed here as they come to me. Seeking between four to eight players, and I know eight it a LOT for a game, but it does work.

Shooting for Saturdays in IRC, but that doesn't work, it can be board driven. Hoping for positive feedback.
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