Mecha Campagine SRW style.

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Mecha Campagine SRW style.

Postby Light02 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:30 pm

new campaigne using 3rd ed BESM d20 with the Mecha d20 SRDs for mecha creation.

Earth's conflicts have been going on even into the future with the advancement of space colonies earths population began to spread to the soloar system, however the destruction of Manhatten with a meteorite over a hundered years ago triggered a series of advents that lead to the unification of the Earth Goverment.

Over the course of this peirod two more landed on earth the final one in the year 180 of the now termed Space Era on a small island named Aidonles a group of scienists discovered the meteor (termed Meteor 3) wasn't a natually forming meteorite.

Over the short period of time the development of giant humanoid Machines known as Personal Troopers became a reality threw the discovery of Extra Over Technology (EOT).

In 187 S.E 5 major wars broke out, the first a civil war between the Extra Over Technology Insitute's (EOTI) armed faction known as the Divine Crusaders (DC) and the Earth Federal Adminerstration (EFA). The second was a secret war aginst an alien race known as the Aerogators. The third was a another war with the reminents of the DC lead by Van Vat Tran a vetern of the first DC war, funded by special ops group known only as the Shadow Mirrors stationed at the Earth Cradle. Durring this termiol two alien races decided to invade the Inspectors of the Zuvorg Privy Councle, and the mistorious Einst bent on wiping humanity out of the galaxy and starting anew. Each was fought back by the combined forces of the Space Noah Ship Hagane and the Hiryu Costum.

It is now 193 S.E in the lull between the of the arrival of several factions buying for domination of the earth. And the internal struggle of the Earth Federal Adminerstration with the sucessful coup de tat by the Geines Faction and the own struggle of the Divine Crusaders trying to make Dr. Bian Zoldark's dream a reality. With the Dissapearence of the Earths Protectors the ATX Team and the SRX Team can the earth fight aginst it's latest threat.

Now for some more specifics

I need what type of Robot your gonna pilots
a Real type Like Gundams, Valkeries
or a Super Type, like Mazinger Z, Getter Robo

next if your gonna be an Advance Children (the OG verse term for Psychics) with this you will need at least a Rank of Telekenesis and Mecha can be loaded with the T-Link System (a system used to channel there psychic powers into certain attacks)

Also please note I'm wanting reasonabably mundane characters no magic users just yet

As of 188 S.E there is four Major Company's making PT's for the EAF;

Tesla-Leict Instute (TLI for short) Buliders of the Grungust Series of Super Robots

Mao Indrusties builders of the Huckebien and Gespenst series

Itsurugi Indrusties home of the Lion series and the Angelg model of Super Robot

Wong Heavy Indrusties first known for the ODM mechs known as Bartools Wong has shifted to PT development.

I'm looking for at least 3 or 4 for this game (sense I haven't been running for very long this number seems safe enough for me to run with out it falling apart)
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Postby Musouka » Thu Jun 28, 2007 2:59 am

I'd like to try and make a character. Can you send me the char creation instructions/books?
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Postby Rockman_Zero » Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:18 am

If I had the time, I'd be all up for playing. Sadly, being in three games at the moment, as well as the porential need to study soon kinda puts a hamper on that idea. =(

Hopefully you'll find players soon, and maybe someday I'll join in on the fun.

*Idly wonders if he can get away with having Jehuty*

Anyway, good luck, and good tidings!
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Postby Light02 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 2:43 am

notice to those interested in my game I'm gonna have an origiational meeting in room #lightslab Wednesday 9:00 pm US Central Daylight Time, this is to discuss meeting time, what I expect of this and to find out what everyone is playing just to give me something to work with for the first session.

Edit for to mention how to get in

Irc program
/j #lightslab
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Postby Musouka » Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:08 am

Do we need 2 character sheets? One for the pilot and one for the mech? Can someone post a sample CS for the mech?
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Postby Light02 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 1:37 pm

Musouka wrote:Do we need 2 character sheets? One for the pilot and one for the mech? Can someone post a sample CS for the mech?

I'd prefer them being in one text file, and I'll be posting a sample mech here this evening sometime, you don't really need your characters for the meeting this is just a origizational meeting for me to get what time would be good for you guys and a idea what everyone is playing mecha type wise.
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Postby Light02 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:20 pm

This is a Sample mech using a varation of the mecha rules I'm gonna I've set up for this game


Gespenst Mk-II M (Mass produced)
Piloted Personal Trooper
Size Medium 21.2 meters
Occupent 1 Operator (10 mp)
HP: 184 (72 mp plus the default 40)
Armor: 6 (30 mp)
Defence: +3 (3 mp)
Strenght: 20 (30 mp)
Speed (using the four SRW Tarain Types)
Land: 32 kps (50 mp)
Sea: 40 kps (5 mp)
Air: 80 kps (5 mp) (Ceiling 150m (10 mp))
Space: 2G Thrust (100 mp)
Used Dynamic Space Flight with no FTL capabilities
Manuvever: -4

Initive: -4
LaserCom (2mp)
LWR (2 mp)
RWR (2 mp)
Ejection Seat (3 mp)
GPS (2 mp)
Optics range 3km (3 mp)
Start Up time 1 minute (-2 mp)
1. M950 Machine Gun (Semi-Auto/Handheld)
Ammo: 10 burst of 5 bullets
Damage: 2d8 (18 mp)
2. Spirt Missiles (Hardpoint two pods on back of mech)
Ammo: 6
Damage: 2d12 (26 mp)
3. Jet Magnum (Hardpoint with three plasma stakes above the wrists of the mech)
AP: 3
Damage: 2d20 (42 mp)

Total spent 400 Mecha Points
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Postby Light02 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:25 pm

SRW Size chart for Mecha

Manuver Initive HP Base
SS Super Small 0 0 0
S Small -2 -2 20
M Medium -4 -4 40
L Large -6 -6 60
SL Super Large -8 -8 80

This is the size chart used for this game
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Postby Light02 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 9:01 pm

it's 9 my time the meeting will begain shortly, thouse who aren't here I'll post a log but please try to show

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Postby Pale Wolf » Wed Jul 04, 2007 9:11 pm

This is a work in progress, subject to much future review. I haven't even reached halfway through half of the first of the two games yet, so I am unaware of future developments or plot details. This covers the data available in Kyosuke Route of OG1, up to mission 15.

Also note, some of this information may in fact be unknown to your characters, for reason of secrecy or obscurity. And some of it may be outdated, by reason of the secret truths being revealed.


'Nearly two centuries ago, ushering in the dawn of a new era - The Space Era.

Due to the devastation and turmoil caused by the meteors that struck Earth in the early years of the 21st century, human life changed little over time.

In 179 S.E., a third meteor, Meteor 3, struck the Earth near the Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific.

A research team dispatched by the Earth Federal Government (EFG) discovered that Meteor 3 consisted of substances containing technology previously unknown to man. They called this new technology Extra-Over Technology (EOT).

Further analyses were conducted by the EOT Investigative Committee (EOTI) under the strict supervision of the EOT Council.

Upon conclusion of the investigation, Dr Bian Zoldark, the head of EOTI, reported to the EFG and the Earth Federation Army that an invasion by extraterrestrial beings was highly probable.

The EFG took the warning seriously, and the development of Personal Troopers, humanoid mobile units, began...'

- The summary at game-start.

What We Know of the World's History

The year is something forward of 2180 AD. Humanity has spread across the inner solar system - Earth is under a unified world government, space station colonies are scattered throughout the inner system (the United Colonies, which rather recently achieved a bloodless independence from the EFG in a movement termed NID4), and the Moon is colonized as well.

Three cities were destroyed by Meteors 1 and 2. The game is unclear on just how Washington DC was destroyed as well, but the two meteors slammed into New York and Moscow. None of the three cities were ever rebuilt after the devastation.

There appears to be a sense of superiourity from the colonies to Earth - 'The colonists never did like us Earthlings' passes without note,

To be fair, though, at least part of this is likely because the EFG is not a happy-happy-everyone's-nice government. It's been quite oppressive, ineffective, blatantly inhumane...

Ineffective: Members of the EFG attempted to sell out Earth to the Aerogators (an alien race) in negotiations in return for personal assurance. (In fact, the DC prevented this)

Blatantly inhumane: The School. Due to the initial difficulty of handling PTs, pilots trained to supersoldier levels were required. The School was the effort intended to do this. Children were trained from extremely early ages, in harsh, inhumane manners including heavy use of drugs. And once PT control systems advanced enough to make them unnecessary - before they could ever even be deployed in battle - 'Eh, whatever'. (Bear in mind, I mention this as an example only, it is not common knowledge)


EFG: The 'basic' world government. The EFG was initially based in Geneva. However, the Aerogators blew Geneva to fuck, and I have no idea what they did after that.

EFA: The Earth Federation Army, the basic military force of the setting.

Divine Crusaders: The EOTI, mixed with defectors from the EFA. Bian Zoldark essentially sent a huge broadcast across the Earth (after his ally fouled up the EFG's negotiations with the Aerogators), lambasting the EFG and intending to unite the world under his control to resist the Aerogators. He very nearly succeeded, and the products of this war were quite impressive in the next war - Armoured Module production lines, high-tech mecha, blooded veteran soldiers... However, in the end he was defeated through a headquarters attack performed by the Hagane's complement - the SRX Team, Masaki Ando, Irm Kazahara, and an EFA detachment that ended up getting dragged along. The DC still ended up surviving for a while, though. DC-developed mecha were known by the term 'Armoured Module'.

United Colony Corps: The military force of the colonies, and essentially the 'space' half of the EFA. Rebelled alongside the DC - by taking Columna, the control center for all the spy and communications satellites, they essentially rendered the EFA blind, and proceeded to whup ass all around until the Hiryu Custom came up from Earth. Presumably its commander, Maier Von Branstein, was defeated by the Hiryu's complement - however, I haven't reached that far yet ;) (Unless you go by anime canon, in which case it was a combination effort by both Hagane and Hiryu Custom that defeated the UCC)

These next three are important for you, since one of them made your mech.

Mao Industries: The developers of the Gespenst, and numerous other 'Real-Type' PTs. Situated on the Moon, headed by Ring Mao, and damn good. Not only did they make the Personal Trooper a reality, but they did it using human technology, rather than EOT. They don't feel any shame about using EOT though - Mao was the producer of the Huckebein-008, which used a freakishly powerful EOT engine (though ironically, the 008 never ended up seeing production beyond the first prototypes given that one of them blew up and took most of the base with it - the EOT was beyond their abilities to control)

TLI: I'm not sure what this stands for - it seems to be Tesla Leicht... Labs or Industries, all resources say Labs, yet the lettering suggests otherwise. Regardless, it's so long you're going to know it as TLI anyway. Based in the USA. Now, when people talk about TLI, it's generally prompted by a case of 'WTF? How did a mech DO that?', then answered by 'TLI could do it, if anyone could'. If you have a Super Robot, that seems to defy what a mech could sanely accomplish, TLI built it.

Isurugi Industries: Surprisingly little information is available on these people. In fact, in my current playthrough (the previous was too long ago to remember) mentions them only once, in passing. (Checks out the opening post. Ah, funky)

Military Units

These ones are of varying fame. They were all damn good, but I have no idea how much of a secret the accomplishments of SRX/ATX are.

The Aggressors: An elite pilot team that essentially created the very foundation of PT tactics and maneuvers. The Aggressors were the best of the best of the friggin best - talented, seasoned, and deadly beyond reason. The Aggressors are like a household name in the military - the members aren't as famous individually as the team itself was, but a bit of research can probably turn them up. The team's date of formation is unknown, but they were active at least a few years past the hit of Meteor 3. The team ended up disbanding, and its members all proceeded further in the EFA - they are all presently Majors: Elzam Von Branstein, Tempest Hawker (deceased), Sanger Zonvolt, Gilliam Yaeger, and Kai Kitamura. (The legal status of Elzam and Sanger is unknown)

SRX Team/ATX Team: A pair of test teams created to run mechs through trials - both competing to pick the next production model, and trying to develop weapons viable to take on the Aerogators. The main distinguishing factor between the two was their use of EOT - ATX was almost exclusively equipped with human technology (barring the Tesla Drive installed in Weissritter - military reasons, and the designer bitched about it something fierce), while SRX made gratuitous use of EOT. Both teams of test pilots were eventually thrown into real combat, though, due to the DC War and Aerogators - they ended up distinguishing themselves as among the best the planet had to offer. ATX was a relatively stable group of military officers commanded by Sanger Zonvolt: Kyosuke Nanbu, Excellen Browning, and Brooklyn Luckfield. SRX was a wild mix under Major Ingram Prisken: Ryusei Date, a civilian enlisted; Aya Kobayashi, technically their field leader, and part of a research team; and Raidiese F Branstein, a former UCC pilot.


Gespenst Mk II: The regular mass production mech. You can consider it the 'basic'. Very effective on its own, however when you compare it to the high-end prototypes and almost anything else in the game, it fades to obscurity. Solid performance, cheap, reliable.

Gespenst Mk II TT: A variant of the Gespenst Mk II equipped with the T-Link System for psychic pilots, and the 'T-Link Ripper', a pair of telekinetically-controlled razor disks. Not much better than the basic Mk II, it's primary value is for training purposes.

Lion: The DC's standard-issue AM. Mass-produced, and while it wasn't a scratch on the high-end mecha, this thing walked around owning the EFA's regular forces. They had this thing mass-produced like the Gespenst Mk II, against which... It mounted stronger weapons, was more agile, a tad better-armoured, and more to the point, mounted a Tesla Drive so it could fly. And the DC ended up producing three distinct production runs of this thing, the last of which could potentially fight one of the crazy prototypes.

Barrelion: Think the A-10 Thunderbolt. For this sucker, the DC basically stripped agility and speed, and slapped a lot of slabs of armour onto an artillery cannon, then gave it legs and a Tesla Drive (yes, somewhat embarrassingly, even this thing can fly). It's a slug, but it's not meant for fighting mecha, it's meant to take on battleships, serving as a mobile artillery cannon. And this thing was what prompted me, with the return of the Lions to the enemy's board, to celebrate 'the return of the mechs that actually fucking DIE!'

Guarlion: An elite-forces mech. Amped up in all respects from the Lion, and added to that it was piloted by elites anyway. Orders of magnitude more dangerous because of that.

Schutzwald: A rather antique mech, to be honest. A PT developed after the Mk I Gespenst, intended for artillery purposes. It ended up too expensive for mass production though, and the test units were scattered around - one was handled by Rai Branstein of SRX as a training machine, another was pressed into service by a 'dammit-I'm-supposed-to-be-an-engineer' from Mao Industries, Radha Byraban. It's a tough machine, but rather sluggish. Its battle performance was a lot better than the machine itself should've had, because it was piloted by real characters rather than mooks :P

Gespenst Mk II R: Tuned-up and customized from the original frame. Here's where we get into the 'high-end' range. The armour's beefed, and the thing's agility reaches up into the 'fighter' level now, as well as superiour speed and terrain performance. Added to the fact that the main people who pilot these are Aggressors, and it's unbelievable. The only sample given in the game was serial number 007-01, the original Gespenst Mk II, piloted by Gilliam Yaeger.

Alteisen: ATX's first prototype - its creator insisted on calling it Gespenst Mk III, and it essentially was a customized Gespenst. All-around superiour to the Mk II - faster, more agile... And its concept was toughness and firepower. Its armour is ranging up into the 'light battleship' category. And its guns are scary in close range - even its normal autocannon was superiour to the standard-issue M-79 autorifle, and its main weapons were an obscenely strange 'Revolver Stake' mounted on the right arm (shove it in, and a cartridge blasts it further in to exacerbate the damage), and a pair of 'Heavy Claymores' (as in claymore mines, mecha-scale) on the shoulders. The unit's balance was horrible though, only Kyosuke Nanbu could really get anything out of it.

Weissritter: ATX's second prototype, intended for aerial performance, agility, and snipery. Even more agile than the Mk II R, and scary kinds of fast. Initially intended to achieve its flight capability through thrusters due to its developers distaste for EOT, but for combat-performance reasons and the DC war which had just started, it was instead mounted with a miniaturized Tesla Drive. Then there's the snipery - that all came from the Oxtongue Rifle it carries. Scarily long range, and it mounts both a powerful beam mode and solid rounds, enabling it to get the best performance at whatever range it happened to be fighting at. Unfortunately, all of this had a cost, and its armour is in fact weaker even than the normal Gespenst. Piloted by Excellen Browning.

Huckebein Mk II: Uncertain whether this was intended to be an ATX prototype or not, however it ended up as the primary unit of Brooklyn Luckfield of ATX. A Mao Industries prototype making use of EOT. Though it doesn't mount the freakish engine of the original Huckebein (it uses a nuclear fusion one instead, which produces less power, yet is more stable technology), it does make use of EOT in gravitational control - forming a gravity wall to deflect enemy attacks, and a 'G-Impact Cannon' of very impressive artillery power. Scarily good. Weapons aside, the Huck Mk II is equal to the agility of Weissritter, not quite as fast, but a great deal tougher (closer to Alteisen than the Gespenst). Even aside from its powerful weapons and friggin force field. Three were created - one was in testing by the EFA, one was stolen by the UCC (what happened to that one is thus far unknown), and the last was given to Luckfield.

Grungust Type 0: This thing was sick. The initial prototype Grungust, further modified for ATX and piloted by its team leader, Sanger Zonvolt. Optimized for melee combat. It mounts a generator used on warships. It packs enough power in its back-mounted thrusters to propel this (380 metric ton) monster all the way out of the atmosphere and into space. And its primary weapon is a sword eighty-two meters long! The damn thing requires rocket engines on the blade just to use it properly.

R-Gun: Built by Mao Industries on the Moon. An SRX prototype - a sweet mech, fast and powerful, with heavy-duty attacks. Initially required the T-Link system simply to operate, but was later modified - now it only requires T-Link for its defence shield. It's actually a transformation-type - its PT mode is a secondary one, the 'real' form is as a gun for the SRX Super Robot. Even its secondary form is scary - it packs agility equal to Weissritter, toughness equal to Alteisen, and some obscenely strong weaponry. The only 'internal' weapon is its Metal Destroyer mode - it is capable of turning itself into its gun form and firing itself at targets, obscenely powerful. Everything else is hardpoint-mounted or carried in the hands. The test pilot for this machine while it was in development at Mao was Viletta Vadim, who also piloted it throughout the DC war. It later made it to its intended regular pilot, Ingram Prisken, for the Aerogater war.

Grungust: A TLI flagship mech, and nearly the 'standard' Super Robot. The damn thing is a walking tank, almost unscratcheable, with freakishly powerful close-in weapons. It also had the ability to switch between forms - a flight form (hellishly slow) and an on-the-ground tank form. Piloted by Irm Kazahara. And yes, he had to call out its attacks - 'Hyper Blaster', an honest-to-god Boost Knuckle...

Wildraubtier: Variable PT, built by Mao Industries on the moon. Switches between mecha and fighter forms. Developed as an attempt to fill the role of aerial PT. Most noted for its early-phase lack of safety, including an accident wherein its initial test pilot, Kyosuke Nanbu, was severely wounded - difficult to balance, and particularly unstable during transformations. However, the Wildraubtier's next pilot, Ryusei Date, never experienced an accident. Ryusei piloted it as a stopgap measure for live combat in the DC war while his intended machine was being developed - his Gespenst TT had been utterly trashed by Shu Shirakawa's Granzon.

Giganscudo: Probably one of the first mecha ever developed. This thing was built and in service even before the PT was designed. It's an antique, and definitely in the class of a Super Robot. It was designed for defence - its arms are mounting massive shields. This thing took a blow from the Grungust Type 0's sword (which is designed to cleave battleships), and both the Gigan and the sword were crippled from it. It's the toughest-armoured machine in the game, and apparently also mounts some form of defensive field. Sluggish, but powerful short-range attacks. Rather astoundingly, it can compete head-to-head with more modern mecha, even the high-level prototypes. It's got a lot of 'firsts' to it, and a lot of history. A lot of rather dark history - referred to as 'The devil that triggered the Hope Incident' (said incident isn't detailed very much, but presumably it was suitably horrible), and 'A tough but cursed shield'. The colonists hate and demonize this thing, and almost everyone is reluctant and mildly superstitious about it (partially because of how it should be outdated). Eventually, it was pressed into service for the DC war, mounted with a Tesla Drive (so yes, this thing - eighty meters tall - can fly), and driven right into combat by Tasuku Shinguji.

Non-Mecha Units

Type-79 Waldung: The standard issue tank. It's probably pretty good in normal battles, but against high-end prototype mecha, it ends up as rather unspectacular.

F-28 Messer: The EFA's standard fighter model. Very frigging agile, but also very frigging fragile. Not much more to say about it. It's fast, serves as an effective interceptor/dogfighter, and if handled by a good pilot can be godlike. However, similar levels of agility can be achieved in some PTs, and if those are handled by a good pilot they end up even more obscenely dangerous.

SF-29 Rangzen: The standard-issue space fighter, used by both the EFA (its limited space arm) and the UCC. Similar in performance to the F-28, but it equips beam weapons primarily rather than missiles, since it doesn't have to worry about blooming. It still has hardpoints that can mount other things, though.

F-32 Schwert: A fighter that had not been released for combat use yet. However, the DC mass-produced it, and made extensive use of it during their revolt. ... When one looks at its stats in the game, it's actually inferior to the F-28 (understandable, given that you see real characters in F-28s, not F-32s). You might do better to presume it is in fact vastly superiour ;)

Taussendfussler: The EFA's primary transport craft. Nicknamed the T3 for obvious reasons. Appears to work either in space or air, though whether it can make it out of the atmosphere itself is unknown. Largely unarmed, slow, not even slightly agile. Because those aren't the point. It's friggin huge, though - this thing is a plane that can carry at least one large mech.

Space Noah: A high-level space battlecarrier class. Damn powerful, and hell, this thing can achieve spaceflight on its own, with no need for a rocket pad. Also, quite capable of coasting along in the atmosphere, and even serving as a submarine. Only three were produced. Shirogane, the first, was blown to hellandgone by Dr Shu Shirakawa's OMGWTF mech, the Granzon, while he disrupted the Aerogator negotiations on behalf of the DC. The Hagane, mounting a powerful Tronium Cannon, was pressed into service and still flies to this day as SRX's flagship. The Kurogane was stolen by the DC, captained by Elzam Von Branstein (who, in his apparent fetish, even called it 'Trombe', as he does anything he pilots) at the battle of Aidoneus Island against the Hagane, then against the Aerogaters alongside the Hagane, and I have no idea what ended up happening to it.

Hiryu Custom: Initially created as the first space expedition ship, for purposes of exploration and going boldly where no man has gone before - that was the Hiryu. However, it encountered Aerogator bugs around Pluto in SE 179, and was owned. It later was rebuilt into a high-grade battlecarrier - the Hiryu Custom.

Killer Whale: A DC-developed heavy transport submarine.

Rhinoceros: A DC land battleship. This thing is simply used for artillery support, mainly - it's not even slightly agile, its weapons aren't really precise enough to target sanely-sized land forces... However, it packs a lot of power. And by not having to make the damn thing fly, they can make it a lot cheaper than multi-environment battleships like the Space Noahs and Hiryu.

Peregrine: A UCC space battleship. Sadly, anything further I could say for it will fade against the pwnzage of the Hagane and Hiryu Custom :P Except, it's cheap enough that there exists more than one to three.
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Postby Light02 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 10:39 pm

Log of the meeting Musoka missed please contact me if the meeting time isn't ok for you.

[21:29] > ok first of all what time would be good for you guys to start around I'd prefer about 4 hours or so per session
[21:30] <Dorin> anytime works for me really
[21:30] <Pale_Wolf> 8 by your time?
[21:30] > 7
[21:30] > or 8 my time?
[21:30] <Pale_Wolf> 8 your time, 9 by mine.
[21:31] > ok I got a player on West Coast time (if he ever shows up) that would be 7 his time
[21:31] > no 5 his time
[21:31] > no 6
[21:32] * Light02 can't subtract right tonight
[21:32] <Pale_Wolf> Heh, gotcha.
[21:32] > that's fine, also I know Wolfie's pilot concept what's your Dorin, going Real or Super mech wise?
[21:33] <Dorin> I dunno yet, I'll have to dig up more info
[21:34] > <---very good resource right here Dorin
[21:34] <Dorin> ty
[21:34] > np
[21:34] <Pale_Wolf> Heh, I'll be downloading huge chunks of it to the worldbook later :P
[21:36] > ok now some stuff of what I expect from the two types of Robots, Real I do expect an ammo count on the gun like weapons, personallity I don't care if your emo or happy go lucky Reals have limited ammo, Supers I expect them to be mid to close range ammo is thrown out the window, Blade weapons Chest Beams and welcome
[21:36] > as for personality, I'd like at least one hot blooded Super Pilot
[21:36] <Pale_Wolf> Heh.
[21:37] <Dorin> :P
[21:37] > as noted on the thread on the forum I have modified the Mecha d20 rules a bit for the size classes of the mechs in this world
[21:38] > SRW Size chart for Mecha
[21:38] > Manuver Initive HP starting base
[21:38] > SS Super Small 0 0 0
[21:38] > S Small -2 -2 0
[21:38] > M Medium -4 -4 20
[21:38] > L Large -6 -6 40
[21:38] > SL Super Large -8 -8 60
[21:39] > so far any questions?
[21:40] <Dorin> Mecha movement go into the hyper-space capable range, or more realistic means of travel? Those d20 design rules can be a pain in the ass.
[21:41] <Pale_Wolf> Hm, I don't think we're capable of hyperspace, unless some REALLY funky development has arrived in OG2.
[21:41] > Wolf: Project TD is a prototype of an intersteller mech as of OG2
[21:41] <Pale_Wolf> Huh, so we DO have such capability?
[21:41] <Pale_Wolf> Most funky.
[21:42] > yes but extreamly difficult to control
[21:42] <Pale_Wolf> Is it hyperspace, or just meant for endurance?
[21:42] <Dorin> Oh yes, points on construction?
[21:42] <Pale_Wolf> Whatever you get by class, max is 800 I think.
[21:43] * Dorin nods
[21:43] > yes at level 5 max is 800 mp for mecha creation
[21:43] <Pale_Wolf> Hm. Well, I suppose with however many Aerogater ships to gut and check out, of COURSE we'd be on the way to hyperspace capable.
[21:43] <Pale_Wolf> More to the point, we're not allowed to buy more mp.
[21:43] > yes
[21:43] <Pale_Wolf> We're basically getting rewarded mp like xp to beef up our mechs.
[21:43] <Dorin> kk
[21:43] > I will be awarding MP in combat
[21:43] <Pale_Wolf> If we get it by standard class progression, it turns back into free CP.
[21:44] > exactly
[21:44] > also there is acouple classes besides mecha pilot I'm allowing in this if your not wanting to start Millitary, Student, Gun Bunny and Hot Rod
[21:44] * Pale_Wolf has been asking Light a lot of these questions over the week :P
[21:45] <Dorin> lol
[21:45] > and also wolf's been my sounding board on ideas
[21:46] <Dorin> Well, I'll bounce things off you, but I should have a concept in a few days
[21:46] > also some SR stories start with the guy finding the mech if you go SR,
[21:47] * Dorin nods
[21:48] > ok anyother questions?
[21:48] <Dorin> not at the moment
[21:49] > next question when do you want to have the first session
[21:49] <Pale_Wolf> What about the other modified rules you wanted to do?
[21:49] * Light02 blinks crap he's forgotten
[21:50] > sorry to ask Wolf could you refersh my memory?
[21:50] * Dorin needs to get a bat and put 'Ginsing' on it
[21:50] <Pale_Wolf> Just a sec...
[21:51] > good one Dorin
[21:51] <Pale_Wolf> <Light02> well I was gonna just throw out the manuver and init mods for the mechs using the pilots base initive and need to work on a modified manuver ruleset
[21:51] <Pale_Wolf> There's what you said, I believe.
[21:51] > oh that I think I've tossed out that idea and worked the mods out as shown in the chart
[21:52] > well number 3 will be here shortly
[21:52] <Pale_Wolf> Whoo, which?
[21:53] > a guy from my online group
[21:54] > Also Wolf I should note the Space Noah series were desinged to be an escape fleet if Earth is destoryed
[21:55] <Pale_Wolf> Ah, funky, I'll toss that in.
[21:55] <Pale_Wolf> And it makes sense with their names.
[21:55] > Noah Ark is the take on the Space Noah's
[21:55] <Pale_Wolf> Though they're pretty damn badass for 'flee like a coward' ships ;)
[21:56] > well they were desinged to protect as well as flee
[21:56] <Pale_Wolf> Indeed, natch.
[21:57] > also the ships are named after actual metals
[21:58] > Shirogane = the old Japanese word for Platium, Hagane = Steel, Kurogane = old Japanese word for Iron
[21:58] <Pale_Wolf> Heh, I knew about the Shiro/Kuro colours, but quite funky.
[21:58] <Pale_Wolf> ... What the heck was the 'friggin awesome' thing mounted on Shirogane's bow, anyway?
[21:59] > Troium Buster Cannon
[21:59] <Pale_Wolf> Wasn't that the one on Hagane?
[21:59] <Pale_Wolf> I thought they all had different thingies.
[22:00] > yes that's the Hagane, not sure on Shiro's, Kuro had the Titantic Drill
[22:00] <Pale_Wolf> It was probably something that could threaten Granzon, thus why Shu blew it to fuck first ;)
[22:02] > no he was just starting a War with both sides
[22:03] > seems like Shirogane was the prototype of the line had no big weapon on the Bow
[22:03] <Pale_Wolf> Aw, how boring. :P
[22:08] * Ryu ( has joined #Lightslab
[22:08] > welcome welcome
[22:09] <Pale_Wolf> Greetingsness person.
[22:09] <Ryu> hey sorry it took me so long got a late start on dinner
[22:09] <Ryu> hola
[22:09] > Wolf, Dorin, meet the guy from my online group
[22:10] <Dorin> Hiho
[22:10] <Ryu> Hello
[22:12] <Pale_Wolf> Yo yo.
[22:12] <Ryu> I remember those, never was good with them though. Never could get them to come back up.
[22:13] > to repeat to Ryu what I will expect on this Real type mechs will have limited Ammo, I don't care if the pilot is Angsty or Weird, Supers flashy close up, Blade and chest beams are welcome personality wise anything goes but I'd like at least traditional hot blooded super robot pilot
[22:14] <Ryu> damn and I was thinking of playing the weird cute pet alien mascot
[22:15] <Ryu> I was thinking something along the lines of a green cabbit
[22:15] > and are good sorces of reference metaril
[22:15] <Pale_Wolf> Huh. OG doesn't actually have those, does it?
[22:15] > no, no Tenchi Cabbits of uber beam spam
[22:15] <Pale_Wolf> Unless we bring the Chu-Chus in.
[22:16] <Ryu> Laughing Out Loud I was kidding
[22:17] > well Wolf is doing a Real type Dorin is undecided what you planning Ryu?
[22:19] > also a bit of optional character creation I am allowing you to pick out a personal theme for you and your mech
[22:20] <Ryu> to have a race casr and a pet monkey and to be looking for my brother who is secretly my masked rival... oh wait tt is speed racer... well then I got nothing
[22:20] * Light02 pats Ryu on the head, "I can help with some conecpts if you want or you can come up with one on your own"
[22:21] > next order of business, when would you prefere the first sessson be, 2 weeks from now to give you ample time to make your mechs and charcters?
[22:22] <Pale_Wolf> That should be enough for me.
[22:22] <Dorin> That's fine
[22:22] <Ryu> should work for me I guess.
[22:23] > as for character sheets I'd prefer both the charcter and mech in one text file, saves time looking for the pilot then the mech, you can send them to, or via IM with Yahoo screen name light_avatar_chaos
[22:24] <Ryu> has a regular time been decided upon?
[22:25] > Dorin and Wolf like 8 mytime, that's about 6 your time
[22:25] > or would you prefer it a bit later
[22:25] <Ryu> Yeah later would be good
[22:26] > would 10 my time be good? that's about 8 where you are?
[22:26] <Ryu> Yeah that should work
[22:26] <Pale_Wolf> Fuuuuck.
[22:26] <Pale_Wolf> That's like 11 over here.
[22:26] <Pale_Wolf> I'd get about zero sleep.
[22:27] > crap forgot about that
[22:27] <Ryu> how about 9 then llights time
[22:27] > I'm willing for that time, I'm only gonna run at most 3 to 4 hours
[22:27] <Pale_Wolf> That's still a tad late, but if 8-Light is too early for you, I can work with it.
[22:28] <Pale_Wolf> Dorin?
[22:28] <Dorin> Anything is fine for me, as I said :P
[22:29] <Dorin> That time works just fine
[22:30] > ok first session will be in two weeks July 18th at 9 pm Central Daylight Time need characters and mechs into me before the first session also it's level 5 characters so starting CP for that for character build
[22:30] <Dorin> okidok
[22:31] > any other questions before I end this meeting?
[22:31] <Ryu> yes why can't you kiss a hooker?
[22:31] <Ryu> ッッッコ [」]炒Ghz [O]u+ [L]oルミ コッッッ jk
[22:32] <Ryu> I am in a strange mood if you couldln't tell
[22:32] * Dorin ( Quit (Quit: "You're not worth my breath...SORYUUHA!")
[22:33] * Dorin ( has joined #Lightslab
[22:33] > well ok then see you in 2 weeks
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Postby Musouka » Wed Jul 04, 2007 11:03 pm

Is this going to be daily or is it weekends? It is currently 12 noon-July 5 here in the Philippines and I'm currently at work.
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Postby Light02 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 11:56 pm

Musouka wrote:Is this going to be daily or is it weekends? It is currently 12 noon-July 5 here in the Philippines and I'm currently at work.

it's planned to a session once a week. I tend to plan bout 3 to 4 hours per session that's about my limit of dming at the time.
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Postby Musouka » Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:42 am

If we do it on the weekends I can log on anytime after 6 pm your time. That would be morning for me.
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Postby Rockman_Zero » Mon Jul 09, 2007 3:20 pm

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