The Ragnarok mecha. Log file.

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The Ragnarok mecha. Log file.

Postby DCG » Sun Apr 30, 2006 1:19 am

<DM> *Start!*
<Ryuji> (that long range enough?)
* Kakashi groans in horror at the nickname his soul has given his liege.
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((eve is up))
<Kakashi> no. Upper body.
<DM> isn't trax?
<Kakashi> Trax is.
<Kaji> (well that's our two Lightning elements what would my mech be considered...Dark similar to Robo?)
<DM> (shadow tech, yes.)
<Kakashi> Kakashi has Lightning Too.
<Ryuji> (hmm would my laser be light? and shotgun... what the heck would a magical shotgun be?)
<DM> Kakashi sucks with it and normally misses
<Kakashi> He's still going to add his power.
<Kaji> (yumi would be considered Fire)
<DM> (you should work on doubles before you try a triple)
* Eve sighs
<Kakashi> (did we use our Backup rolls?)
<Eve> (NO)
<DM> (no you use them during the fight.
<Kakashi> (Got it. Double techs are good.)
<Kaji> (hmmm........I can think of some solo techs but can't really think of Double Techs I could be like Magus has only single techs and 2 triples later in game)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((don't think you have to limit yourself to exactly the techs in crhono trigger))
<Kaji> (unless me and Eve's unit thinks of a couple of Doubles
<Kaji> (Al: trying to think of double techs with ground ponders and a 15 meter tall mech)
<DM> You just work on team work, ill let you know if something gets pulled off.
<Eve> (I'm hoping my attack for combo with Kaji)
<DM> ok where is every one at in the battle field?
<Kakashi> (So Karasu Waits for Nem's turn?)
* Sailor_Nemesis is flying, at some distances from trax and from the ground.
<Kaji> (I'm right up close and personal with the mega tank)
<DM> who buried?
<Kakashi> (I'm flying and covered by karasu's force field. also some distance infront and to teh side of trax, but within point blank range)
<Eve> (I'm near Kaji if im not mistaken)
<Ryuji> (I'm burried)
<DM> ok two more rounds to dig out unless you dc a str check at 18
<Karasu> (I'm above and behind trax, I saw teh Missile first)
<DM> and yume was behind but she's awall for this fight, ok.
<Eve> (Where is pale anyways)
<DM> his pc broke
<Eve> (Oh)
<Karasu> (i'm also out of range on the missile flight path)
* Retrieving #CrystalTokyo modes...
* DM changes topic to 'Trax, EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Lower body, 13 - icbm, '
<DM> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> DM rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{13}
<DM> The long cannons mounted to the sides of trax open fire at the party in front of it.
<DM> (any one going to fail dogging that?
<Kakashi> (Do I count? I'm diagonally in front and to teh side)
<Kaji> (roll dodge?)
<DM> (yes
<DM> (and yes
<Kaji> roll 1d20+4
<McDice> Kaji rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{17}
<Kakashi> roll 1d20+11 Dodge!
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 1d20+11 Dodge! --> [ 1d20=13 ]{24}
<Karasu> roll 1d20+10 Dodge!
<McDice> Karasu rolled 1d20+10 Dodge! --> [ 1d20=6 ]{16}
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 1d20+11 dodge
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 1d20+11 dodge --> [ 1d20=19 ]{30}
<Eve> !roll 1d20+10
<Eve> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{30}
<DM> yqa thats it waste them 20's
<DM> The smoke from the blast clears and the party is standing there unharmed.
<DM> Next.
<Kaji> (Eve your up)
* Eve holds back "Kaji lets concentrate fire"
<Kaji> *smirks* you got it Eve
<DM> (that means you up kaji
<DM> both of you do your attacks.
<Eve> roll 1d20+1003
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20+1003 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{1018}
<Kaji> REAVER BEAM *fires at the main body*
<Kaji> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Kaji rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{19}
<DM> +1003?
<Eve> volley
<DM> roll damages at +2
<McDice> DM rolled damages at +2 --> error: malformed expression
<Eve> (Hrmm)
<DM> (sorry but engery and ammo didn't mix well
<Eve> roll 2d100
<McDice> Eve rolled 2d100 --> [ 2d100=146 ]{146}
<Kaji> roll 13d10+2 like that
<McDice> Kaji rolled 13d10+2 like that --> [ 13d10=70 ]{72}
<Eve> roll 14x5d6
<McDice> Eve rolled 14x5d6 --> error: malformed expression
<DM> (still thats some nice damage
<Eve> roll 14#5d6
<McDice> Eve rolled 14#5d6 --> [ 5d6=14 ]{14}, [ 5d6=15 ]{15}, [ 5d6=13 ]{13}, [ 5d6=14 ]{14}, [ 5d6=19 ]{19}, [ 5d6=10 ]{10}, [ 5d6=16 ]{16}, [ 5d6=19 ]{19}, [ 5d6=17 ]{17}, [ 5d6=19 ]{19}, [ 5d6=14 ]{14}, [ 5d6=14 ]{14}, [ 5d6=20 ]{20}, [ 5d6=24 ]{24}
<DM> wtf is that?
<Ryuji> (lol)
<Eve> 2280 Damage :P
<DM> from what?
<Ryuji> (.... O_O)
<Kakashi> ...
<Kaji> (*jaw drops*)
<DM> you rolled your attack damage so wtf is that?
<Eve> (eh?)
<Kaji> (I think that was the number of missiles that hit)
<DM> your 2d100 was your volly damage right? so wtf was that roll?
<Eve> the damage for the rounds that hit by the tens...
<Eve> 2d100 is how many rounds land
<Ryuji> (:O)
<Kaji> (damn...that's some hella damage....we smacked that bitch hard)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((yawn))
<DM> (its only 228 damage
<DM> nice dent, but not enought
<Eve> (Fine whatever)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((how would any of that deal any damage, since it's in chunks of 15-20?))
<Kaji> (it's the sheer amount)
<DM> (he means armor.
<DM> (and the armor isnt part of the boss yet :) its just fucking strong
* Karasu looks a bit awed at the Boss, but is undettered
<Karasu> "Nem! We'll Take it out with One Shot! Lets Combine Our Attacks!"
<DM> (wait, what did you two guys target?
<Sailor_Nemesis> "The missile! Not the tank!"
<DM> (missle is still in range of attack for 2 turns
<Eve> (Lower Body)
<Karasu> "Okay! We can destroy the Giant phallic object if you want..."
* Karasu looks distinctly uncomfotable
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((so.. karasu and kakashi are delaying until my turn.. yume's up...?))
<Karasu> kakasi isn't
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((oh, nod, so he's up))
<DM> Eve's guns tear into the side of the trax as reavers beam tears off its gun mounts, It sputters for a moment and remains still.
* Kakashi looks steadfastly at the Missile. If His liege wanted it destroyed, then the Missile was as good as dead.
<DM> (kakashi have the range?
<Kakashi> (Can I sneak Attack a Missile?)
<DM> (no
<Sailor_Nemesis> ...
<Sailor_Nemesis> 15[17:56] Kakashi: 00(Can I sneak Attack a Missile?)
<Sailor_Nemesis> 15[17:56] DM: 00(no 01
<Kakashi> I'm within Point blank of teh tank)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((that's almost quoteworthy ;p ))
<Ryuji> (you can't sneak attack constructs/undead O_O)
<Kakashi> (but above it and on teh opposite side)
<DM> (thats nice, the missle it way up and the air and getting higher
<Kakashi> I should be able to hit it.
<Kakashi> Or at least damage it with AoE...
<DM> you can sure try
<Kakashi> Roll 1d20+11 to blow the fucking hell out of tehmissile
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 1d20+11 to blow the fucking hell out of tehmissile --> [ 1d20=18 ]{29}
<Kakashi> roll 6d8 damage (penetrate armour 1, AoE 1)
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 6d8 damage (penetrate armour 1, AoE 1) --> [ 6d8=23 ]{23}
<DM> impressive roll, you where 1 off that hit dice of killing it.
<Eve> (Don't blow it up -.- I was gonan kill it in space -.-)
<Eve> (It will fall back on us -.-)
<DM> The blast from kakshi lands a soild blow to the side of the missle and digs its way up wards leaving deep shorch mark.
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((meh, it's just a nuke.. if it isn'/t triggered perfectly it's nothing))
<Eve> (Is it a nuke? It an ICBM we don't knwo what the war head is)
<DM> (heh
<DM> (its only a two stage shot, so no nuke yet.
<Kakashi> damn!
<DM> *next
<Kakashi> (Okay karasu and nem up now, unless you NPCed pale?)
<DM> (no i don't have any of pales gear stats so we skip yume
<Karasu> (Everyone is wearing their Shades? Right?)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((what happens, she got slammed into a wall or something?))
<Eve> (They don;t come off)
<DM> (she fell down a man hole and faint when she found tofu remains)
<Karasu> ...
<Kaji> (i'm in a mech with filters)
<Ryuji> (as in doc togu? O_O)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((hahahha))
<Ryuji> (tofu)
<Karasu> "Let's Hit It nem!
<Kaji> (0_0 Tofu-sensei's dead....Kasumi won't be happy)
<Yarrow> (No, just tofu that someone flushed into the sewers. It gets really nasty after a while.)
* Karasu rolls 1d20+10 Attack roll
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Lightning, lifeblood of machines! Reach into the sky and strike down this technological abomination... Por Ort Grav!"
<Karasu> roll 1d20+10 Attack roll
<McDice> Karasu rolled 1d20+10 Attack roll --> [ 1d20=5 ]{15}
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 7d8+10
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 7d8+10 --> [ 7d8=33 ]{43}
<Karasu> roll 10D8 (penetrate armor 1, shields drop)
<McDice> Karasu rolled 10D8 (penetrate armor 1, shields drop) --> error: malformed expression
<Karasu> roll 10d8 (penetrate armor 1, shields drop)
<McDice> Karasu rolled 10d8 (penetrate armor 1, shields drop) --> [ 10d8=59 ]{59}
<DM> (bird boy blew it normal attack damages
<Kakashi> (damn)
<DM> The timing of there twin attacks is off as the bolts of power slam into the lower body.
<Kakashi> (We targetted the Missile)
<DM> (oh
<DM> (shit,
<DM> Before the mini icbm can clear the clouds twin flashs of lighting blow it apart.
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Yes!"
* DM changes topic to 'Trax, EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Lower body, '
* Sailor_Nemesis pumps her arm in victory!
<DM> (it only had 100 life
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((heh well better safe than sorry when it comes to big friggin missiles))
<Karasu> "WooHoo! Who's The Bird Now?"
<Eve> (Nice now we have to kill the lower body more and wait for the next missle to launch)
<Ryuji> roll 1d20 to dig my way out
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20 to dig my way out --> [ 1d20=2 ]{2}
<Ryuji> (... guess I'm stuck here for another round)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((ouch))
<Karasu> (it's Str check, you have +0 str?)
<Ryuji> (I'm a ranged fighter)
<Ryuji> (what do you expect?)
<Karasu> (at least it aint a 1...
<Eve> (SQuish)
<Karasu> (target the Lpower Body or else it might heal)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((anyways, ryuji, patna, lower body))
<DM> The lower body glows a pale blue.
<DM> *next
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((so ryuji went.. wargiver seems to be afk..))
<Karasu> (Damn IT! I knew it!)
<Karasu> "Shoot the Glowy Thing! That' can't be good!"
<DM> *eve
<Kaji> (not good)
<Eve> Neutron Cannon online. Deploying recoil system. Target Sighted.
<DM> (thats one way to move the fight along
<Eve> roll 1d20+4
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{5}
<Eve> ...
<DM> bye neutron cannon
<DM> roll mech knowlage to save you gun
<McDice> DM rolled mech knowlage to save you gun --> error: malformed expression
<DM> dc 12
<Ryuji> (once again, I'm glad I'm under rubble)
<Eve> (I'm self descruting next round)
<Kakashi> (why?)
<Eve> roll 1d20
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{9}
<DM> (now don't go emo, and no your not blowing your self up.
<Kakashi> (you're a great suicide negotiator DM
<DM> eve's cannon phases into space but as she lines up a shot it sparks and goes dead in her hands. The years in cold storage have not been kind.
<Eve> (Then I'm runign away since the gun jsut went up ina puff of smoke and since i've never rolled before to save on a one)
<DM> (ok wtf
<DM> (this is the first god damn time something bad has happened to you durning a crit fail
<Eve> (Oh and that a 18 -.- i have +9 knowledge mechanics)
<DM> >_<
<Ryuji> (^^;;)
<DM> (then you getting emo for no reason as you can use the gun next freaking turn!
<Eve> (Nah i'm jsut causing trouble since im bored)
<Kakashi> ...
<DM> (yes and im half dead
<DM> (thanks for maken my time hear worth it
<DM> *next
<Kakashi> (kaji)
<Kaji> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Kaji rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{16}
<DM> (now the cannon and beam mix would have been intersting
<DM> (hit
<Kaji> (roll damage)
<Kaji> roll 13d10
<McDice> Kaji rolled 13d10 --> [ 13d10=67 ]{67}
<DM> Reavers beam burns across the top of the lower half
<DM> Next
* Kakashi signals to Karasu To Double Attack the lower body with him.
<Kakashi> (yume's not there so this is one turn)
<DM> go ahead
<Kakashi> Roll 1d20+11 To team up with karasu and Destroy teh Lower Body
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 1d20+11 To team up with karasu and Destroy teh Lower Body --> [ 1d20=10 ]{21}
<DM> (birds roll
<Karasu> roll 1d20+10 Attack roll
<McDice> Karasu rolled 1d20+10 Attack roll --> [ 1d20=17 ]{27}
<DM> (attacks?
<Kakashi> roll 6d8 damage (penetrate armour 1, AoE 1)
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 6d8 damage (penetrate armour 1, AoE 1) --> [ 6d8=25 ]{25}
<Karasu> roll 10d8 (penetrate armor 1, shields drop)
<McDice> Karasu rolled 10d8 (penetrate armor 1, shields drop) --> [ 10d8=32 ]{32}
<DM> Roll 20d8 twin flash
<McDice> DM rolled 20d8 twin flash --> [ 20d8=92 ]{92}
<DM> The joined powers from the man and his bird rip into the lower half hard.
<Karasu> "Holy Shit! That's Some Nice Light show!"
<DM> It isnt moving
<Karasu> "I'mm The Bird!If Yume could see me now!"
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Daaamn.."
* Sailor_Nemesis blinks her eyes, even behind the shade.
<Kaji> *from speakers* impressive
<Kaji> (brb)
<Kaji> (brb parents need the phone)
<Karasu> (nem, you're up)
<DM> ( it was close
<DM> (lower then a nat 10 and you fail
<Karasu> (Natural you mean?)
<DM> (yes
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((Judge Opponent -- Lower Half))
* Quits: Kaji ( ) (Connection reset by peer )
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((d'oh))
* Joins: Kaji (
<Karasu> (he told us his parents need teh phone)
<Kaji> (back what did I miss)
<DM> (nnothing
<Kaji> (whos up)
<DM> (You guys really havnt moved the fight along much.. mabie i made this boss to hard?
<DM> Nem is
<Kaji> (hmm...considering how we teared through your previous bosses I was wondering when an uber boss was gonna show up)
<Ryuji> (I wonder if I could pull off a double tech on my own... since I can attack twice...)
<Kakashi> (nope)
<Sailor_Nemesis> "I'll finish you off for good... MELT! In Flam Grav!"
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((targeted on the treads of the base))
<Kakashi> ... (Why?)
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 4d8+20
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 4d8+20 --> [ 4d8=28 ]{48}
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((because it's still glowing))
<Kakashi> (it is?)
<Kakashi> (damn.)
<DM> (the lower half is glowing, you attacked the trax
<DM> (still, that will help far momre then you think.
<DM> Nemesis magic fire flars up and fills in the gaps of trax's tank threads.
<DM> Next
<Ryuji> roll 1d20 to dig my way out
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20 to dig my way out --> [ 1d20=3 ]{3}
<Ryuji> (LOL)
<Ryuji> (the dice hate me)
<DM> (that was two turns, your free
<DM> (you can attack next round)
<DM> roll 1d200
<McDice> DM rolled 1d200 --> [ 1d200=142 ]{142}
<Kaji> (....)
<DM> THe glow from the lower body fades as the bottom trax starts back up.
<Ryuji> (......)
<Ryuji> (I hate you.)
<Kaji> (0_0...oh just healed itself)
<DM> Problem is it can't move! The tank threads have melted into slag and it sits there ideling.
<Ryuji> (well, thank heaven for small favors)
<Kaji> (true)
<Eve> (Damn it now i have to pay for a wreckign crew)
<Kakashi> (attacked teh lower body DM. I know I did. I specified it)
<Kaji> (Sol: just hire Ryoga to get the job done)
<DM> Two sets of guns on the lower body swing about there tips start to glow.
<Yarrow> (Don't worry. Nabiki knows some good ones. Very small commission.)
<DM> Next
<Kaji> (whos up Eve or me)
<Kakashi> (EVE, kaji, the double duo)
<Ryuji> (shitty time for me to get out from under the rubble >_<)
<DM> *eve
* Eve teleports right on top of the cente of the lower body and aims... down
<DM> (you gun is working again
<Eve> roll 1d20+4
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{11}
* DM smacks head and that hurt a lot considering the meds..
<DM> ow...
<Kaji> (...)
<DM> Fuck it your on top of the thing, just fire.
<DM> (some one fix eve's dice
<Kakashi> (heh)
<Eve> roll 5d100
<McDice> Eve rolled 5d100 --> [ 5d100=325 ]{325}
<Kaji> (....)
<DM> (oh lord here we go
<Kakashi> ...
<Kaji> (damn now that's a beam attack)
<Ryuji> (you two shoulda teamed up)
<DM> ( you know i shouldnt allow that kinda stuff, but i just love her guns
<DM> (err was that it eve or do you have the OMGWTF roll to still do?
<Eve> thats all
<Kaji> (lol)
<Eve> (Next rounds is the OMGWTF roll)
<DM> (hmm close
<DM> Eve rips into the lower half with her guns leaving it pot marked and mangled
<DM> *next
<Kaji> two can play at this game...REAVER BEAM
<Kakashi> (BACK UP!)
<Kaji> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Kaji rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{27}
<Kaji> (what)
<DM> (does the team call for a back up roll?
<Kakashi> (Does Our Backup roll take teh place of our regular turn?)
<Kakashi> (We get new ones every session don't we? why not?)
<DM> (if ever one agress on the roll then agree on the roller, it takes no truns from any one
<DM> (and you guys got three to burn
<Kaji> (who wants to roll it)
<Kakashi> (I nominate nemesis)
<Yarrow> (Three for the course of the entire campaign?)
<Ryuji> (I second)
<DM> (no for this fight
<Kaji> (no for tonight Yarrow)
<DM> (One standered, two to make up for the people missing
<Eve> (Uh)
<Kakashi> nem. you agree?
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((okay, I guess.. though we're not doing that badly))
<Eve> roll 1d4
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d4 --> [ 1d4=3 ]{3}
<DM> (problem eve?
<Kakashi> (Eve, no offence but your rolls tonight?)
<Yarrow> (Want me to roll it? ;) )
<DM> (you guys are going fine,
<Kakashi> No. Nem.
<Eve> (roll 1d4 whoe ver if the 4th porexent player in int roll the backup)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((we have half of it disabled and are blowing up the other half.. why are we calling backup again?))
<Eve> (err 1d5 since i forogt about ataru)
<Kakashi> (We can. It's for teh fight)
<Kaji> (cause it's still attacking
<Eve> (1 me 2 kaji 3 kara, 4 nem, 5 ruy)
<Kakashi> (And The DM is smiling)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((okay...))
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 1d20 for backup.
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 1d20 for backup. --> [ 1d20=15 ]{15}
<Kakashi> yes!
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((how do we know higher is better? ;p ))
<Kakashi> (Higher is always better)
<Yarrow> (Because 1 = Akane. :p )
<Kaji> (espically for Anime back up)
<Kakashi> (besides. one is Akane out to feed us)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((rofl.. hahaha... now THAT is a botch))
<DM> Well shit.
<DM> Poor nemesis
<Sailor_Nemesis> (("I'm a martial artist tUURRRRKK!"))
<DM> Roll 1d5
<McDice> DM rolled 1d5 --> [ 1d5=2 ]{2}
<Kakashi> (poor Nem?)
<DM> Help incoming in 3 turns
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((what'd we get, tentacle monsters??))
<DM> Go
<Kaji> (well I'm waiting to do my damage)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((Kyoko'd hit that.. maybe..))
<Kakashi> (Who's up?)
<Kaji> (I rolled 27 to blast the lower body)
<Kaji> roll 13d10
<McDice> Kaji rolled 13d10 --> [ 13d10=69 ]{69}
<DM> (heh
<Ryuji> (why poor nemesis? O_O)
<Kaji> (we got Senshi incoming)
<Yarrow> (Because Tukedo Kamen is coming to save her! ;) )
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((or is it.. Tuxedo Kuno?))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((anyways, kaji shot it, how'd that go?))
<Kaji> (69 points of damage to it not sure how it reacted to it)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((heh... heheh... you said sixty-nine... heheh...))
<DM> A dark hole opens above the fight and a horrid scream rips across time and space. The part knows it well by now.
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Shut UP!"
<Ryuji> (...)
<Kaji> *from speakers* there's more?
<Karasu> "Nem! let Us team Up against the Evil Top half! Before more come!"
<Kakashi> (Kakashi's Turn)
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Let's do it!"
<Kakashi> Judge Opponent: Top half
<Yarrow> (So when do you all get matching suits each of a different color of the rainbow? :) )
<Kaji> *sweat drops from cockpit and mutters*....that bird is really getting into the roll
<DM> (lol
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((I think that's two weeks from now))
<Kakashi> (My Suit stays black!)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((fortunately, I already have my costume ;p ))
<Kaji> (jeeze we are already planing to do the Sentai route)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((no ;p ))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((Kyoko is gonna be disgusted and then some with herself after this battle))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((actingl ike a ... there aren't even words for it))
<DM> (wait thill you see the video nabiki's going to have
<Yarrow> (A Senshi Ranger?)
<Kakashi> (D'oh)
<Yarrow> (Reasonably priced, don't worry.)
<Kaji> (Nabiki's fliming
<Ryuji> (thank god for invisibility)
<Yarrow> (Well, not film so much as webcam...)
* Kakashi Strikes an Epic Pose that Screams "FOR GREAT JUSTICE!" without actually saying it, and Prepares to attack the top
* Kakashi forgets that he's still invisible
<DM> (two people skiped turns?
<Kakashi> roll 1d20+11 to attack the top
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 1d20+11 to attack the top --> [ 1d20=9 ]{20}
<Kakashi> (No Karasu is teaming up with Nem)
<Kakashi> (And Yume doesn't exist)
<DM> (ahh
<DM> (continue
<Kaji> (well I guess my idea of doing the super robot pilot route for flash moves and hotblodded speaches seems to have paid off)
<DM> (and none of you are invisible, forget that part about getting covered into radio active dust?
<Kakashi> roll 6d8 (1 AoE, 1 Armor pierce)
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 6d8 (1 AoE, 1 Armor pierce) --> [ 6d8=25 ]{25}
<Kakashi> (we're invisible to cameras or at least not distinguishable)
<DM> Kakashi's attack flash off the side of the lower half
<DM> *next
<Kakashi> (I attacked teh Upper half, EVE killed the lower)
<Ryuji> (I know who we can get for backup... the autobots!)
<DM> (there is lower half, then trax
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((karasu + me))
<DM> (you shot the lower half, unless you want to hit the useless trax?
<DM> *go for it
<Karasu> (lowerhalf then)
<Yarrow> (You'll get the Power Rangers and feel rather sick when you notice their teamwork-oriented fighting style looks oddly familiar.)
<Kaji> (Ataru: the way the DM said poor Nem we got the senshi incoming)
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Die! Por Ort Grav!"
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 7d8+10
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 7d8+10 --> [ 7d8=33 ]{43}
<Karasu> "By Our Powers Combined! We shall Kick Some Ass!"
<Karasu> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Karasu rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{17}
<Karasu> (or not)
<DM> (fail!
<Kaji> (...nice take on captain planet's line)
<Karasu> roll 10d8 (Armor pierce 1, Shield Drop)
<McDice> Karasu rolled 10d8 (Armor pierce 1, Shield Drop) --> [ 10d8=39 ]{39}
<DM> The miss time attacks flash aginst the sides of the lowerhalf
<Yarrow> (Aww, you guessed the backup.)
<Karasu> (thank you)
<Eve> (What happened to thge upper?)
<Kaji> (still not through the portal probably)
<Eve> (How high up it the upper?)
<Kakashi> (Trax, then above it Lower, then above that Upper?)
<Eve> (Dude im on the lower i'd be squished if ti was here now ;.;)
<DM> (you can move eve. its rather easy to see it coming. giant portal in the sky and all
<Kakashi> heh.
<Eve> (I plan to go greet it halk way)
<Kaji> (so whos next)
<Ryuji> (me)
<Kakashi> (yep)
* Ryuji puts two shells into the lower half, where it looks like it will connect to the upper half
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+18
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+18 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{32}
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+13
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+13 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{22}
<Ryuji> (actually, should I have added a penalty?)
<Ryuji> (hello? also... I kinda gotta go in an hour)
<Kaji> (anyone there?)
<Eve> (Yes)
<DM> (there hits
<Kakashi> (do they work?
<Eve> (Not liek it can dodge...)
<DM> (kinds figered that was a given considering they are above 20
<Ryuji> roll 2#8d8
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 2#8d8 --> [ 8d8=47 ]{47}, [ 8d8=30 ]{30}
<DM> (work at what? breaking the connections? pfft your not that lucky
<Kakashi> (damn)
<DM> (nice damage tho
<Kakashi> (Enemy's turn)
<DM> A floor sized hunk of mecha clears the portal and decends to join the rest.
<Kaji> (next?)
<DM> *bust a move eve
* DM changes topic to 'Trax, EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Lower body,Middle, '
<Eve> "In the name of House Sernity I here by sentence you to death. May the gods have mercy on you for I will not."
* Eve teleports upto to the middle to give it welcomeing
<Karasu> (nice)
<Kaji> (lol)
<Eve> roll 1d20+4
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{24}
* DM changes topic to 'Trax, EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Lower body,Middle, Back up in 2 '
<Eve> (.....)
<Kaji> (good shot...crit baba)
<DM> (oh dear.
<DM> (its all or nothing with you isnt it eve?
<Kaji> (not bad)
<DM> Well do you attack
<Karasu> (ain't Trax dead?)
<Ryuji> (trax has guns)
<Eve> roll 10d100
<McDice> Eve rolled 10d100 --> [ 10d100=500 ]{500}
<Kaji> (the treds are runin and can't move)
<Kaji> (0_0...)
<Ryuji> (1k damage? O_O)
<Eve> (No jsut 500)
<DM> (reaver blew the gun mounts off, trax has stat moves now.
<Kaji> (well she did crit)
<Ryuji> (I thought crit just doubled a normal damage roll)
<Eve> (Book says to roll double the number of dice for crit so 10 instead of 5)
<Ryuji> (ah)
<Yarrow> (No 2nd attack roll to determine if it's a crit?)
<DM> The rip is the sky grows larger as the scream repeats itself
<Eve> (Not in BESM d20)
<Karasu> "FUCK!"
<Yarrow> (Ah, ok.)
<Karasu> (kaji)
<Eve> roll 5d100 to check something ignore it game wise
<McDice> Eve rolled 5d100 to check something ignore it game wise --> [ 5d100=281 ]{281}
<DM> Eve rids the middle part down riping it into pices with her guns as it joins the rest.
<DM> *rides
<Eve> "Owned."
* Ryuji lets out an appreciative whistle
* Eve does a V in Adam
<Kaji> for the fury of the future earth defense forces I hear by carry out the sentence of death....REAVER BEAM
<Kaji> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Kaji rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{28}
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((oooh, close))
<Kaji> roll 13d10
<McDice> Kaji rolled 13d10 --> [ 13d10=81 ]{81}
<DM> (what part?
<Kaji> (I can't believe I fell into the routine)
<DM> (nemesis is contagies
<Kaji> lower)
<Kakashi> (makes me glad I'm Mute.)
<Kaji> (lol true)
<DM> Reavers beam rips into the side of the lower half
<DM> next
<Kaji> (but then again super robot type pliots were kina speechy anyways)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((heh no shit))
<Karasu> I'm Up Now! I'm here to Kick ass and Chew Bubble Gum! And I'm all outta bubblegum!'
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((as long as you don't end up sounding off about the Strong and the Weak like hiro and uh.. zechs.. it's all good))
<Yarrow> (Just make sure your mic is off and everything will be fine. :) )
<Karasu> roll 1d20+10 to attack the lower body
<McDice> Karasu rolled 1d20+10 to attack the lower body --> [ 1d20=15 ]{25}
<DM> (giving up on team work huh? shame.)
<Karasu> roll 10d8 damage to blow shit up
<McDice> Karasu rolled 10d8 damage to blow shit up --> [ 10d8=55 ]{55}
<Karasu> not bad.
<Kaji> (Nem those two are real types they are kinda angsty)
<DM> The birds blast flashs of the lower body
<Karasu> "Nemesis! team Up with kakashi on This One! I can do Enough Damage on my own!"
<Kaji> (super types talk about justice and honor)
<Kakashi> judge opponent: which pieces are capable of fighting, even if they have to heal, and which are total slag
<DM> judge oppenent can't do that
<Kakashi> (It can't tell me what's dead and what isn't?)
<Eve> (Bathroom)
<Kakashi> (I'm pretty sure it can)
<DM> (it can tell you what you see and thats lots of meatal with holes in it
<Kakashi> (It differentiates between disabled and dead)
<Kaji> ( had to you Roudy Roddy Piper)
<Kakashi> It judgesteh Opponent's fighting ability, not appearance)
<DM> it judes ones fighting ability based on appearance, you do not magicly know if that pice of mecha is still working or not
<Kakashi> (okay. then I'm waiting to team up with nemesis)
<Kakashi> (Nem. Your turn, we do this together)
<Kaji> (but knowlege mechanics)
<Kakashi> roll 1d20+11
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 1d20+11 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{16}
<Kakashi> (or we don't)
<Kakashi> (I'm attacking the lower body)
<Kakashi> roll 6d8 (1 pierce, 1AoE)
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 6d8 (1 pierce, 1AoE) --> [ 6d8=23 ]{23}
<Eve> (Hmm)
<DM> Kakashi blast flash agsint the side of the lower half.
<Karasu> (nem)
<Kaji> (next)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((knowledge, mechanics check on the lower section -- have our attacks opened up any particularly vulnerable spots in it?))
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 1d20+16 knowledge mechanics
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 1d20+16 knowledge mechanics --> [ 1d20=20 ]{36}
<Ryuji> (nice)
<Ryuji> (now I get to critfail >_<)
<Eve> (NO nice would of been an attrack)
<Kaji> (shit)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((but... but... Knowledge is half the battle! G.I. Joe said so.))
<Eve> (hehe)
<Kaji> (and now we know...and knowing is half the battle)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((Nobody is left standing on the lower half, right?))
<DM> you can't stand on it any more.
<Eve> (It's got big hunk of scrak on it called the middle)
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Time to put you down for good! Por Ort Grav!"
* Sailor_Nemesis launches a bolt of lightning into the already-damaged lower section.
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 7d8+10 lightning bolt
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 7d8+10 lightning bolt --> [ 7d8=38 ]{48}
<DM> Nemesis lighting slames into the lower half. The glow from two of the guns fades away but another pair remains charging.
<DM> (hmm only one dule tech found in 3 hours, ahh well.
<Karasu> (and it was Mine)
* Ryuji shoots the glowing guns, one shell for each gun
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+18
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+18 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{21}
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+13
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+13 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{22}
<Karasu> (if we try a triple tech, and one person fails does it become a dual tech?)
<Eve> (Kos-Mos incoming :P)
<DM> (if it posible, yes)
<DM> (kos mos?
<Ryuji> roll 2#8d8
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 2#8d8 --> [ 8d8=30 ]{30}, [ 8d8=39 ]{39}
<Eve> (Yeah.. )
<DM> Ryuji's shots finsh off the lower half.
<Kaji> (how about the it still got some fight yet or is the upper part incoming)
<DM> Broken and batterd launcers on the middle half unload at the party.
<DM> Roll 10d5 missle storm AOE.
<McDice> DM rolled 10d5 missle storm AOE. --> [ 10d5=25 ]{25}
<Yarrow> (Reminds me of Eve's big roll...)
<DM> Dc 15 save for half
<Kaji> (yup yup)
<Ryuji> (reflex?)
<DM> (yes
<Eve> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{18}
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+9
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{24}
<Ryuji> (sweet)
<Kaji> 1d20+4
<Ryuji> (bonces off my shield ^_^)
<Ryuji> (err bounces)
<Kaji> roll 1d20+4
<McDice> Kaji rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{8}
<Kaji> ...
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 1d20+11 reflex save
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 1d20+11 reflex save --> [ 1d20=17 ]{28}
* Sailor_Nemesis avoids the worst of the blasts, but still gets singed.
<Kaji> (reflex save... I rolled AC shit)
* Ryuji watches the blast ripple off his shield to no effect
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((81/88))
<Kaji> 1d20+6 reflex
<Kaji> roll 1d20+6 reflex
<McDice> Kaji rolled 1d20+6 reflex --> [ 1d20=10 ]{16}
<Kakashi> (Me and karasu roll too?)
<DM> (yes
<Karasu> roll 1d20+10 reflex
<McDice> Karasu rolled 1d20+10 reflex --> [ 1d20=9 ]{19}
<DM> (it hitting ever one
<DM> (your all tagged
<Kakashi> roll 1d20+11 reflex
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 1d20+11 reflex --> [ 1d20=18 ]{29}
<DM> One more chunk of steal and weapons falls from the portal, this one if vaguely head shapes with dark crystal planting in the shape of a face.
<DM> A dark light behind the crystal flashs releashing its charge
<DM> Roll 1d500
<McDice> DM rolled 1d500 --> [ 1d500=391 ]{391}
<Kaji> .....
<Eve> ...
<Kaji> (if that was at me I'm vaporized)
<Kaji> (if we are talking half that I'm still scrap)
<Ryuji> (...)
<Ryuji> (we be fucked)
<DM> Hole,burns,dents, and dings dissapare from all over mecha. Failed systems are coming back online.
<Karasu> DAMN IT!
* DM changes topic to 'Trax, EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Lower body,Middle, Back up in 1 '
<DM> *next
<Kaji> (no shit)
<DM> The rip in the sky closes with out a sound
<Kaji> (0_0....not good)
<Ryuji> (eve, please tell me that neutron gun has another shot)
<Eve> (My turn?)
<DM> (you do have more back up to call.
<DM> (ya eve
<Eve> "Trinity System fully online. Missle Storm - Full Volley!"
<Kaji> (yeah Eve your up followed by me)
<Eve> roll 1d20+4950
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20+4950 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{4952}
<Kaji> (Back up!)
<DM> (you all most missed.
<Eve> (I ahve 4 rolls of divene relationship i forgot about :P)
<Eve> roll 1d1000 to see how many of the 4950 hit
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d1000 to see how many of the 4950 hit --> [ 1d1000=460 ]{460}
<Eve> roll 4#5d6x115
<McDice> Eve rolled 4#5d6x115 --> [ 5d6=15 ]{15}, [ 5d6=14 ]{14}, [ 5d6=14 ]{14}, [ 5d6=25 ]{25}
<DM> (i fail to see how that math work.. but meh.
<Eve> meh
<DM> Its * for times
<Eve> roll 4#5d6*115
<McDice> Eve rolled 4#5d6*115 --> [ 5d6=16 ]{1840}, [ 5d6=17 ]{1955}, [ 5d6=13 ]{1495}, [ 5d6=18 ]{2070}
<DM> >_<
<Eve> (I'm out of ammo now)
<Karasu> (Backup!"
<Karasu> (Anotehr Roll!)
<DM> (take five as eve stands there fireing
<Ryuji> (?)
<DM> (eve's going to be shooting for a while.
<DM> (so you guys got a few min to your selfs
* Sailor_Nemesis gets a drink.
* Ryuji takes a leak
<Kaji> (lol)
<DM> Kausmi apaears with a tea set and cake for the party as eve holds a steedy stream of fire.
<DM> "Oh dear thats a lot of ammo"
<Kaji> *kneels his mech down and opens his hatch*...damn that's impressive
* Eve keeps shooting in a Kos-Mos style ala the anime
<DM> (to bad adam covers up the jiggle factor
<Eve> (Wellllll if you like :P)
* Sailor_Nemesis comes back out of the Tendo house with a jug of sake in hand.
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Hey, Kasumi, mind if I borrow this?"
<Kaji> (lol)
<DM> "Go right ahead, uncle and father needs to drink less as it is."
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Well, not really borrow, actually..."
* Sailor_Nemesis grins.
* Sailor_Nemesis gives Kasumi a big Thumbs-Up!
<DM> (you guys doing another back up roll?
* Sailor_Nemesis leans against the wall around the compound (strangely un-crushed) and chugs upwards of a quarter of the jug in one go.
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((haha sure why not.. the more the merrier))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((who wants dibs?))
* DM - Hint that heal was per pice... bwahahah
<Yarrow> (I do! :D )
<DM> (brb
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((roll it yarrow ;p ))
<Yarrow> roll 1d20 Backup
<McDice> Yarrow rolled 1d20 Backup --> [ 1d20=3 ]{3}
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((haha))
<Kaji> *sipping his tea from the open cockpit*....any ideas where that hunk of junk came from)
<Ryuji> back
* Sailor_Nemesis shrugs.
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Fuck if I know.. from the future maybe? You *do* remember that scream, right?"
<Ryuji> (BACK)
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Huh.."
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((knowledge, mechanics check -- does any of the exposed busted tech look like stuff I've run across before?))
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 1d20+16 knowledge, mechanics
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 1d20+16 knowledge, mechanics --> [ 1d20=19 ]{35}
<Ryuji> (fuck caps lock -_-)
<Ryuji> roll 1d20 backup
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20 backup --> [ 1d20=2 ]{2}
<Ryuji> hahahaha
<Ryuji> s'good thing I didn't make the roll
<Kaji> "yeah I remember the scream but that sounded natural not artifical like that hunk of junk
* Eve keeps shooting till there a loud clicking sounds
<Kaji> *looks up*...I take it she's out of ammo?
<Sailor_Nemesis> "That took a while.."
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Well.. guess we better get offa our asses."
<Kakashi> (kaji?)
<Ryuji> "How many times are we gonna have to kill this fucker? Yeeeeesh"
<Ryuji> (DCG is away)
<Kaji> "indeed" *closes the hatch and stands back up*
<Kaji> "playtimes over asshole...REAVER BEAM"
<Kaji> (joy)
<Yarrow> (What a strange place to shoot a beam from...)
<Eve> (DMs not here and it might be dead :P)
<Kaji> (well while he's away I'll refresh my connection bbq)
* Joins: Miho-chan (
<DM> back
<Sailor_Nemesis> sup
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((that all of us?))
<DM> zaped a bit of food
<Miho-chan> (same here)
<DM> you guys do that back up roll/
<DM> got a 3?
<Miho-chan> (yarrow did it and got a 3)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((heh I told yarrow to roll, she got a 3.. wasn't a '3' interesting?))
<DM> well thats intersting.
<Eve> (who let yarrow do it -.-)
<Miho-chan> (Nem did)
<Eve> (/me slaps Nem)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((me gets off on it))
<Eve> (No nonplayers! it bad voodoo!)
* DM changes topic to 'Trax, EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Lower body,Middle, Back up in 1, back up in 1 '
<Karasu> she did?
<Karasu> Yarrow can't do the roll, she's an NPC.
<Miho-chan> (so who wants to roll numer three
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((then you do it, it doesn't matter WHO does it))
<Yarrow> (Enh. Like you'd be saying that if I'd rolled a 20)
* Sailor_Nemesis rolls 1d20 == 3.
<Ryuji> (#3? I thought we only rolled 1)
<DM> (ya really
<Yarrow> (Anyway, the next person who was a player that rolled it got a 2. :p )
<DM> (rolls done.
<DM> (yarrow should be named nabiki any way
<Ryuji> (I wasn't really rolling)
<Miho-chan> (hold off on my attack roll while the false kaji is still here)
* Kaji was kicked by DM (DM )
<Yarrow> (Hm? I'll change my name if you want; I just wasn't sure she'd have any lines this session.)
<Eve> (You really need to reg that nick or jsut got Kaji-kun or something)
* Miho-chan is now known as Kaji-kun
<Kakashi> I would.
<Kakashi> roll #3 that is.
<McDice> Kakashi rolled #3 that is. --> error: malformed expression
<Kakashi> roll 1d20 for backup
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 1d20 for backup --> [ 1d20=14 ]{14}
<DM> Now this is over kill
* DM changes topic to 'Trax, EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Lower body,Middle, Back up in 1, back up in 1, Back up in 2 '
<Kaji-kun> (ready for use to me to attack now?)
<Ryuji> (roll 3? who made roll 2?)
<Kaji-kun> (Yarrow)
<Ryuji> (Yarrow doesn't count I thought O_o)
<Eve> (Its not dead after 7360 damage :P)
<DM> (oh right, i forgot about that.
<Karasu> I made it.
<Ryuji> (I hope Akane shows up and gets killed)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((I think that's the 1 ))
<Yarrow> (All your backup NPCs come and start fighting. :) )
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((All your backup NPCs are belong to us!))
<DM> The sky splits once again into a dark portal with an all to familiar scream. Dozens of large and think plants fall from the sky srounding and molding to the Now complet mecha.
<DM> "Oh my.. I forgot i have wash left at home. Have a nice fight now!" Kasumi clamly walks off.
* Sailor_Nemesis slams the last of the sake, and sets the jug down on the wall.
<Kaji-kun> *blink blink*...intresting
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Alright now.. let's get it on!"
* Sailor_Nemesis flies straight back up into the air.
* DM changes topic to ' EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Ragnarok 2000, Back up in 1, back up in 1, Back up in 2 '
* Eve starts swearing liek Queen Serinty taughter her to
<Kaji-kun> (my turn now?)
<DM> (so now we have a senshi mode nemesis on sake?
<DM> (good god
<DM> yes
* Eve offends everything live in the universe witht he line of curse words coming out of her mouth and even some of the non-living things
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((odds are the fight will be over before it kicks in.. and one jug of sake really isn't That much))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((especially not with Nemesis's constitution))
<Kaji-kun> *smirks* now is my time to shine....prepare to face the might of my REAVER BEAM
<Kaji-kun> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Kaji-kun rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{29}
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((18,19.... do I sense a trend?))
<DM> (do i need to tell you that hit?
<Kaji-kun> (nope)
<Kaji-kun> roll 13d10
<McDice> Kaji-kun rolled 13d10 --> [ 13d10=59 ]{59}
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((maybe just give us the DC to hit so we can speed combat up a little))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((after the first round or three or something))
<DM> (you can't miss this thing! It's 5 stories high!
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((haha))
<Karasu> "Nemesis! If me and kakashican combine attacks, maybe all three of us can do it! Let's Attack as One!"
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Fire or lightning?"
<Karasu> Lightning!
<Karasu> let's Go!
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Yosh!"
<Karasu> (all three are consecutive)
<DM> Roll em
<McDice> DM rolled em --> error: malformed expression
<Karasu> roll 1d20+10 to team Up for Triple power
<McDice> Karasu rolled 1d20+10 to team Up for Triple power --> [ 1d20=10 ]{20}
<Ryuji> (skin of your teeth there)
<Kakashi> Roll 1d20+11 to do teh same
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 1d20+11 to do teh same --> [ 1d20=6 ]{17}
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((should I roll some sorta check for team attacks?))
<Kakashi> (kakshi anit in the attack...
<DM> (no your fine
<Ryuji> (ouch, kakashi blew it)
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Por Ort Grav!"
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 7d8+10
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 7d8+10 --> [ 7d8=36 ]{46}
<Karasu> "For great Justice!"
<Karasu> roll 10d8 for great justice (Armor pierce 1)
<McDice> Karasu rolled 10d8 for great justice (Armor pierce 1) --> [ 10d8=45 ]{45}
<Eve> (I'm gonna go have tea with Kasumi so Nabiki can piloy Adam :P)
<Ryuji> "Err... where did that come from?" *looks confused
<DM> Roll 20d10 Bolt X
<McDice> DM rolled 20d10 Bolt X --> [ 20d10=98 ]{98}
<Kakashi> roll 6d8 for not so great justice (AoE and pierce 1)
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 6d8 for not so great justice (AoE and pierce 1) --> [ 6d8=27 ]{27}
<Karasu> "take off Every Zig! We Did It!"
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((I think we need to try multi-element combos))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((like, oens that fit.. ))
<Karasu> (or a triple lightning anyway)
<DM> (your triple failed
<Karasu> (Well, we got a double out of it)
<Ryuji> (let's work my laser in next time)
<DM> Nemesis and karasu power flare as lighting flows from the sky digging a deep x into the land and mecha alike.
<DM> Kakashi shot dinks off the side ingored
<Ryuji> (too bad ammo and energy don't mix, cause I could do shotgun/laser ;_;)
<Ryuji> (27 ignored? yikes!)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((damn, would it have been Bolt XXX if we'd all combod?))
<DM> (hand of god.
<Ryuji> (no, it would have been Bolt Porn)
<Karasu> (ignored? it pierces..)
* Ryuji reloads with his top pair of hands, and fires to laser blasts at the behemoth with the other
<Ryuji> *two
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+18
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+18 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{38}
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+13
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+13 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{23}
<Ryuji> (I need to know AC for burn damage)
<DM> its tohit would be 15, but it can't move
<Karasu> (Mecha don't burn)
* Karasu cues Phantom Planet's Big Brat
<DM> (with that lazer on it it will)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((haha, good idea))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((reloading with one pair of hands that is))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((btw, each rank of penetrating ignores 10 armor/shields.. so if it has, say, 40 armor, and one penetrating, thats down to 30 ;p ))
<Kakashi> .me decides to cue up more fight music. galvanized Boss
<Ryuji> roll 2d12+23
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 2d12+23 --> [ 2d12=10 ]{33}
<Ryuji> roll 1d12+8
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d12+8 --> [ 1d12=3 ]{11}
<Ryuji> (bleh)
<Ryuji> (waste of a crit ;_;)
<Karasu> "Stand back! ... Take that! And That! And That!"
<Ryuji> (my shotgun would have been 16d8)
<DM> (Ahhh! Kakashi found my insperstion!
* Karasu begins to damce
<Karasu> *Dance
<Kaji-kun> (me has been using Koutetsu no Beowulf for this whole time)
* Ryuji puts on Bleed For Me
* Yarrow puts on Will & Grace.
* Yarrow shrugs.
* Sailor_Nemesis puts on Dance of the Curse (Escaflowne theme))
<DM> The Ragnarok 2000 makes its move as a wide engery fild flash out from the bottom of it.
<DM> Null field, Spells and effects are removed.
* Kaji-kun is now known as Kaji
<Eve> (Effects?)
<Ryuji> (... so... like... shield and invisibility?)
<Ryuji> "Fuck."
<DM> invisible, boosted dex, and whatnot.
<Ryuji> (force fields?)
<Ryuji> (how long are they out for?)
<Karasu> "Well bout the Time you started showin' up, I ran the risk of blowin' up! These Times, these times get tough, so If I stay we're gonna see you sad enough."
* Ryuji throws his laser into his dimensional pocket, and jerks his arms back into his coat
<DM> The twin mounted guns in the middle start to glow again as the red plating on the head fires a deep red beam that sweeps the party.
<DM> (if you have it being generated by something your fine, if it was cast its time to recast
<Ryuji> (oh, it's generated... phew)
<Sailor_Nemesis> "gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
<Kaji> (oh joy we're painted)
<Sailor_Nemesis> THUD
<Karasu> (are my abilities Magic?)
* Sailor_Nemesis hits the pavement with, you guessed it, a THUD.
* Eve queues up Bodies by Drowning Pool and blasts it through her loud speakers
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((gonna say I was 50ft up or so, that's what I was aiming for))
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 5d6 THUD damage
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 5d6 THUD damage --> [ 5d6=23 ]{23}
<Kaji> (poor Nem-chan)
<DM> Oh look its that time.
* Kakashi would scream, but he can't. he's gonna be grounded for a while.
<DM> (birdy is fine
<Ryuji> (It's P-chan!)
<DM> (your stuff is natural
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((does this block all new casts, or just dispell all existing cast effects?))
<Kakashi> (Kakashi isn't though?)
<Kakashi> (or is he?)
<DM> (just dispells
<Ryuji> (wait, my invisibility is part of my IoP... that effected?)
<Kaji> ("let the bodies hit the floor let the bodes hit the floor")
<Kakashi> yeah. flight is going down for kakashi)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((kaji: hah hah. Very funny ;p ))
<Ryuji> (I now have Is This Love by Bob Marley playing ^^)
<Eve> (Whos turn?)
<DM> The back up is here
<Kaji> (hey it was Eve that started the music so I just sang the lyrics)
<Ryuji> (anyone else think it's funny that the lead of Drowning Pool died in a pool?)
<Karasu> (yep)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((a little bit))
<Kaji> (ohh...lets see who we called)
<Kaji> (Ataru: it's said he died in a bus dude not a pool he was found dead in his bed on the tour bus)
<Ryuji> (you sure about that?)
<Kaji> (it was said on MTV News I deemed it creditable)
<Karasu> (The Green Hornet!)
* Joins: Tarou (
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((sup))
* Karasu cues Thriller
<Ryuji> (for a second, I thought he was our backup XD)
<Kaji> (....we called in Pantyhose Taro)
* Parts: Tarou (
<Kaji> (so did I)
<Eve> (Lalalala)
<DM> Roll 20d10 Crescent Beam Shower!
<McDice> DM rolled 20d10 Crescent Beam Shower! --> [ 20d10=112 ]{112}
<Yarrow> (It must be Sailor Mars!)
<Karasu> Did we call in Uber pimp Gendo?
<Ryuji> (Isn't that venus?)
<Eve> (w00t Venus!)
<DM> The sky is split by a rain of golden beams. As they slam into the mecha a young girl can be seen standing on one of the larger pices of rubble. Wearing a uniform like nemesis but in orange and white
<Karasu> Codename Wa Sailor V!
<Kaji> (Venus actually Yarrow)
<Karasu> "w00t! mORE hONEYS iN tIGHT uNIFORMS! tHE gODS MUST lIKE ME!"
<Karasu> *Capslock is evil
<Ryuji> "VENUS MY LOVE!"
<Yarrow> (I know.)
<DM> She noices the downed nemeies and jumps to cover her, in an odd pose. "Nerima is a place for marital arts and strange curses! In the name of Venus I will right wrongs and get dates! "
* Kakashi recognises Venus (Why didn't my senses tell me she was here DM?) and is a bit upset.
<Kaji> *looks on impressed* "not bad...Venus right?"
<Karasu> "I'm available babe!"
* Eve sighs
<Ryuji> "She just said her name, idiot!"
<DM> (becaus the dm don't remember ever little thing you can do caus or the happy fun drugs?)
<Ryuji> "Back the fuck off bird, she's mine!"
<Karasu> "Waht did You Call Me? I can kick your ass you freak."
<Kaji> *eyebrow twitches* that's where Nemesis gets it
<Ryuji> "Don't make me deep fry your ass!"
* Sailor_Nemesis just... groans.
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((is she covering me literally.. do I get the money shot?))
<Ryuji> "Stick to your own damn species bird brain!"
<Kaji> *from speakers* less talk more fighting morons
* Ryuji turns to Kaji "BLOW ME!"
<Karasu> "We can Be Soul mates! I'm not really a bird! i'm a Human soul taken form! She is my species!"
<Kaji> *from speakers*...besides bird brain I thought you were after Yumi anyways
<DM> In-between the fighting parts a sewer lid pops open. A young boy climps out of it on a white ladder.
<DM> *party
<Karasu> "er... that's true enough..."
<Eve> "Sailor Venus fell freee to kill the bird."
<Kaji> (...*blink blink*...)
<Karasu> "What? No! you'll kill Kakashi too!"
<Eve> (Wtf?)
* Karasu lies.
<Karasu> (convincingly)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((rofl.. boy climbing out of sewer... I don't know that one))
<Karasu> "I must have them... both? Who teh Hell are You?"
<DM> . The white ladder soon folds up and reforms into a white blob the bouncy happy next to the boy.
<Ryuji> (ROFL)
<Karasu> "And What the hll is sthat?"
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((okay wtf is th at, My Neighbor Totoro?))
<Kaji> (same here what does the kid look like)
<Ryuji> (A Boy and his Blob!)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((hahahha))
* Ryuji searches his person for jelly beans
<DM> Roll 1d20
<McDice> DM rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{18}
<Kaji> (the boy and his blob...)
<Karasu> Flubber?
<DM> The boy digs in his pocket and tosses a jelly bean to the blob
<Ryuji> (:D)
* Karasu is really wierded out now
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((flubber would be sweet))
<Ryuji> (is it ketchup?)
<Ryuji> (you guys never played that game?)
<DM> It reforms into a small white and oddly shaped gun with a single prong sticking out of the top.
<Yarrow> (Never heard of it)
<Karasu> "What the... Kid. you know there's a giant robot of DOOM right there about to kill us all? Right?"
<DM> Roll 1d20+1
<Ryuji> (for the NES)
<McDice> DM rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{13}
<DM> THe kid nods at the bird
<Karasu> "Okay. as long as you know."
<DM> Roll 5d10 Toffy tazer
<McDice> DM rolled 5d10 Toffy tazer --> [ 5d10=29 ]{29}
<Karasu> "wouldn't want you to walk into danger and get killed without knowing what you're doing."
<DM> The boys little white friend rips out with a steam of power that digs into the mecha.
<Karasu> "..."
<Karasu> "Okay. Did Anyone else just see that?"
* DM changes topic to ' EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Ragnarok 2000, Sailor V,Boy&blob, Back up in 1 '
<Karasu> (EVE)
<Eve> (I'm up?)
<Kaji> *blink blink*....I have got to get me one of those
<Karasu> "We all saw the kid and the... blob thingy attack that mecha... right?"
<Ryuji> "Nice pet kid"
<Kaji> (yup)
<Ryuji> (so.. guyver doesn't fit but a Boy and his Blob does? O_o)
* Kakashi looks longingly at the Blob. why couldn't karasu be a silent blob?
<Eve> roll 1d20-1 weapon one
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20-1 weapon one --> [ 1d20=1 ]{0}
<Eve> reroll
<Eve> roll 1d20-1 weapon one
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20-1 weapon one --> [ 1d20=17 ]{16}
<Kaji> *from the speakers*...yes bird brain we did
<Eve> roll 1d20+5 weapon two (10'blast)
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20+5 weapon two (10'blast) --> [ 1d20=18 ]{23}
<Karasu> "as long as I'm not crazy, tehn, welcome to teh team kid."
<Eve> (Hit?)
* Sailor_Nemesis doesn't see this.. she's looking up Venus' skirt.
<DM> yes
<Eve> roll 5d100
<McDice> Eve rolled 5d100 --> [ 5d100=240 ]{240}
<Eve> roll 11d6
<McDice> Eve rolled 11d6 --> [ 11d6=42 ]{42}
<DM> Eve's fire power once again rocks the mecha
<DM> Next
<Yarrow> (I wonder if Commander Keen is on the list, too...)
<Karasu> (can we dual tech with NPCs?
<Karasu> (Cause technically I have Senshi magic)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((kaji is up))
<DM> Not on first meeting.
<Karasu> (Damn)
<Sailor_Nemesis> 07[20:53] *** DM has changed the topic on channel #CrystalTokyo to EVE, Kaji, Karasu, Yume, Kakashi,Nemises, Ryuji, Patna, Ragnarok 2000, Sailor V,Boy&blob, Back up in 1. 01
<Karasu> (kaji, you wanna dual tech with someone?"
<Ryuji> (holy shit!)
<Kaji> *smriks* my turn eat this you mechanical bastard...REAVER BEAM
<Ryuji> (Colbert was speaker at the White House Correspondant's Dinner)
* Karasu wonders if teh Ragnarok 2000 is online.
<Kaji> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Kaji rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{24}
<Karasu> (I wanna Dual tech with him, can I this turn?)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((rofl nos hit?))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((that shoulda been good))
<DM> *go for it.
<Karasu> roll 1d20+10 to dual teck
<McDice> Karasu rolled 1d20+10 to dual teck --> [ 1d20=18 ]{28}
<Karasu> roll 10d8 damage (10 point pierce)
<McDice> Karasu rolled 10d8 damage (10 point pierce) --> [ 10d8=56 ]{56}
<Ryuji> (I wanna get in on a dual tech ;_;)
<DM> *shadow and lighting, no mix. but nice damage
<Karasu> damn.
<DM> roll damage reaver
<McDice> DM rolled damage reaver --> error: malformed expression
<Kakashi> (i'm dual teching with Nemesis)
<Eve> (For some silly reason i might go see Stick it in the theater)
<Ryuji> (would ammo and fire work? >_>)
<Kakashi> (if she's iup by her turn)
<Ryuji> (damn you kakashi!)
<DM> Reaver damage?
<Ryuji> (wanna try for a triple? >_>)
<Kaji> roll 13d10
<McDice> Kaji rolled 13d10 --> [ 13d10=64 ]{64}
<Kakashi> (yeah, why not?)
<Kakashi> (lightning, fire and ammo)
<DM> (fire?
<Kaji> (go for it)
<Kakashi> Nemesis has Fire)
<DM> (ill tell you right now firewall won't mix with that.)
<Kakashi> (as well as Lightning)
<Kakashi> (Fine, lightning lightning and Ammo)
<DM> *go for it
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((you know, I should try powering up reaver's beam sabre with a spell, like in the Slayers movie))
<Ryuji> Kakashi, Nemesis, let's hit him all at once!
<Sailor_Nemesis> (I've also got a fireball spell)
<Sailor_Nemesis> "But with what?"
<Kakashi> (fireball tehn)
<DM> (you know, that makes sense!
<Kakashi> (if it has decent damage)
<DM> Pick your attacks and if they work ill do the rest.
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((2d8+20))
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((is reaver using his beam or beam sabre?))
<Ryuji> "Lighting, fireball, and my trusty shotgun!"
<Kakashi> Roll 1d20+11 For His Lightning bolt
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 1d20+11 For His Lightning bolt --> [ 1d20=16 ]{27}
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+18 for ammo
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+18 for ammo --> [ 1d20=17 ]{35}
<Kaji> (the big beam attack)
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+13 for ammo
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+13 for ammo --> [ 1d20=14 ]{27}
<Kakashi> roll 6d8 (Armor pierceing 1 AoE 1)
<McDice> Kakashi rolled 6d8 (Armor pierceing 1 AoE 1) --> [ 6d8=21 ]{21}
<Sailor_Nemesis> "Burn and Fry! Vas Flam!"
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 2d8+20
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 2d8+20 --> [ 2d8=8 ]{28}
<Ryuji> roll 2#8d8
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 2#8d8 --> [ 8d8=42 ]{42}, [ 8d8=39 ]{39}
<DM> hmm intersting rolls..
<Kakashi> (all above 10)
* Kakashi is abit ashamed his attack roll is more than his damage
<DM> Works!
<DM> Roll 30d10+20 Shotgun Storm
<McDice> DM rolled 30d10+20 Shotgun Storm --> [ 30d10=185 ]{205}
<Kakashi> (yay!)
<Ryuji> (woot! :D)
<Kakashi> (A Triple tech!)
<Kaji> (holy hell)
<Kakashi> (lightning doesn't mix with shadow, but works with fire and ammo, and lightning
* Eve sends Kaji a msg
<DM> Nemesis and kakashi poor power into Ryuji's Shotgun as he unloads round after around. The blasts leaving its berrel expload into huge masses of fire and lighting as they slam into the Ragnarok rocking it back.
<Kaji> (of course...we'll have to find another combo for me to work with)
<Kakashi> (fire works with ammo, and lighning)
<Ryuji> (kaji, I could probably combo with you with my laser)
<Kakashi> (I'm betting Either Shadow and Ammo, or Shadow and Fire will work for you)
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((dude.. it's a plasma beam sabre, right? fire should definately power it up.. though a beamsabre powered up with Corp Por woudl be THE SHIT))
<Kakashi> (So next turn, me and Karasu will dual tech, and you three can work together)
<DM> (205 with ingore armor. Nice shot.
<Yarrow> (It's only fun until all the people trying to team up fumble and kill each other.)
<DM> *next?
<Kaji> (Nem after this next turn me and Eve are gonna try something)
<Kakashi> (You are)
<Eve> (NPCS and Enemy)
<DM> oh dear
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((haha))
<DM> now to see who dies.
<Ryuji> (uhoh)
<Kaji> (...)
* Kakashi wonders if It's time to teleport...
<DM> The middle cannons are done charging.
*Ryuji* if a boy and his blob can do damage, I don't see why you were ragging on gatchaman ;p
<DM> roll 2d16 ppc cannons
<McDice> DM rolled 2d16 ppc cannons --> [ 2d16=4 ]{4}
<DM> ...
<DM> grrr
<Kaji> ...
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((hahahahahhahaha))
<Yarrow> (*falls over laughing)
<DM> The middle missle racks swing about at the party
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((it's only fair ;p ))
<DM> roll 10d10 AOE
<McDice> DM rolled 10d10 AOE --> [ 10d10=56 ]{56}
<DM> Save for half
<Ryuji> :O
<Kaji> (lol)
<Ryuji> roll 1d20+9
<McDice> Ryuji rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{18}
<Sailor_Nemesis> roll 1d20+11 reflex save
<McDice> Sailor_Nemesis rolled 1d20+11 reflex save --> [ 1d20=5 ]{16}
<Eve> roll 1d20+10
<McDice> Eve rolled 1d20+10 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{24}
<Kaji> roll 1d20+8 reflex
<McDice> Kaji rolled 1d20+8 reflex --> [ 1d20=18 ]{26}
<Sailor_Nemesis> ((whats dc, 15?))
<DM> ya
<Ryuji> ARRGG
* Sailor_Nemesis gets blown to shit even though she avoided some of it. (30/88).
<DM> Roll 1d20+15 venus
<McDice> DM rolled 1d20+15 venus --> [ 1d20=18 ]{33}
* Ryuji takes 8 damage as his shield is knocked down a peg
<Kakashi> roll 1d20+11
<McDice> Kakashi
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for those who want the entire log for last Saturday's game check here
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didnt even notice it got cut off.
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