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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 09, 2007 4:52 pm

Session Two - Post Four

[04:19] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I still wanna know how he got stuck with girls his age, and I get stuck with an idiot, a babe way out of my league, and a gun nut."
[04:19] * Jason_Naruhodo says with a sob...
[04:20] <Pale_Wolf> "Luck, mysterious powers, and raw animal magnetism."
[04:20] * Varuni covers her mouth and bites down her laugh. "You would prefer two fat guys and a fruit?"
[04:20] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I hate you."
[04:20] <Pale_Wolf> Harry smiles. "I know."
[04:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "Wait. I'm the Gun Nut, so which is which on the other two?"
[04:20] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Both."
[04:21] * Jason_Naruhodo chokes back another sob...
[04:21] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hey, at least you have Murray, Harry doesn't even have that much."
[04:21] <Varuni> "Poor Jason. Give it a couple years, then you can flirt and peep all you want."
[04:21] <Aika_Fawkes> "Don't encourage him!"
[04:21] <Jason_Naruhodo> "No, PLEASE! Encourage me!"
[04:22] <Varuni> "You're just scared he won't take an interest in you." Smirks at Aika.
[04:22] <Pale_Wolf> Harry smiles. "Yep. He got a bird, and I got three cute girls."
[04:22] * Jason_Naruhodo growls.
[04:22] <Pale_Wolf> Ginette kicks him in the nads.
[04:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "He got a Male Bird. You got estrogen."
[04:22] <Pale_Wolf> Harry crumples. "Two cute girls."
[04:22] * Varuni winces. "Oww...Jason, remember to learn manners."
[04:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "And I think that just proves my point."
[04:22] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Ginette, "Thankyou."
[04:23] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I will."
[04:23] <Varuni> "You wouldn't go kicking defenless boys would you?"
[04:23] <Aika_Fawkes> "see Jason, You've got it easy. None of us have kicked you in the Nads yet!"
[04:23] <Varuni> *defenseless too
[04:23] <Pale_Wolf> Ginette kicks Jason too. Fortunately, with human-level strength rather than 'blow a hole through your chest' strength. "Didn't do it for you."
[04:23] <Varuni> "Poor kid..."
[04:23] * Jason_Naruhodo doubles over...
[04:24] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Grattitude... sustained."
[04:24] <Aika_Fawkes> "see, that's a point where Having armour might be a good idea..."
[04:24] <Pale_Wolf> Ginette smirks and steps back.
[04:25] <Varuni> "No, that's the point of staying away from Gin if you happen to be male."
[04:25] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry, I think I might've been a little too influenced by Nonjon)
[04:25] <Aika_Fawkes> (GINette?)
[04:25] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Anyway, can we skip ahead to 9pm later on?)
[04:26] <Aika_Fawkes> (yeah. We're pretty good as far as Squad 1 is concerned)
[04:26] <Pale_Wolf> (Her name was Ginette a long time ago, the comparison to Gin was purely now ;) )
[04:26] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Heh.)
[04:26] <Pale_Wolf> (And, depends, things seem to have started back up in the armoury.)
[04:27] <Varuni> Get some smoke bombs))
[04:27] <Pale_Wolf> (Once that's done, we'll start on the briefing though - or you guys can session end and get briefed next week)
[04:27] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Nah, briefing now.)
[04:27] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Get it out of the way, and then session end.)
[04:27] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hey. Toriko Avoided answering about her Lover. Harry, would you happen to Know anything about that?"
[04:28] <Aika_Fawkes> (Jane's still looking in here. she can complete the lesson later)
[04:28] <Aika_Fawkes> (since she's the only one in Aurmory)
[04:29] <Pale_Wolf> Harry wonders why you're asking the guy groaning on the ground, then shrugs and stops feigning mortal agony.
[04:30] * Jason_Naruhodo cracks an eye open and glares, before standing up and feigning not having been affected the entire time.
[04:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "Don't pretend. We all know that all the men Wear Cups around Ginette."
[04:30] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko shakes her head. "Yanagi-san is not my lover! She's... um... wants to be. And... um, I should probably stop talking before I dig my grave too deep."
[04:30] * Jason_Naruhodo twitches...
[04:31] <Pale_Wolf> (Nah, she's not entirely in a habit of doing that)
[04:31] <Aika_Fawkes> "Oh, Come on. You have to tell us what happened to introduce you two."
[04:32] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I... Don't think it's... any of your... business... Akia..." he says with a strained voice.
[04:32] <Aika_Fawkes> "It's Aika!"
[04:32] <Pale_Wolf> "No, no, I'm quite sure I don't have to, heheheheheheh..." She 'subtly' sidesteps out.
[04:32] <Aika_Fawkes> "on't make me follow Ginette's example."
[04:32] * Jane has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[04:33] <Aika_Fawkes> "Come on Tori. It's just us Girls here."
[04:33] * Jason_Naruhodo thwaps Aika uside the head...
[04:33] <Pale_Wolf> Harry raises an eyebrow.
[04:33] <Aika_Fawkes> "Harry doesn't count."
[04:33] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Not... a... girl!!!"
[04:33] <Aika_Fawkes> "He was there."
[04:33] <Pale_Wolf> "Nope, I wasn't. This was something while she was a civilian, apparently. Though I have met Yanagi."
[04:34] * Jane has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[04:34] <Aika_Fawkes> "jason dear, when you can talk in something less than a soprano your objections become more convincing."
[04:34] <Jane> (odd crash)
[04:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Welcome back DC)
[04:34] <Aika_Fawkes> "Oh? You have?
[04:35] <Aika_Fawkes> "So is she as... Amorous as I've heard?"
[04:35] <Pale_Wolf> Harry grins. "Yep. And... yep. Very yep."
[04:35] <Aika_Fawkes> "More than Var here?"
[04:36] <Aika_Fawkes> (We gonna get anything outta them? if not fast forward to the briefing)
[04:36] * Varuni sticks out her tongue. "I take relationships seriously, thank you very much. I just happen to believe flirtstion is innocent."
[04:36] <Jane> (who amorus?)
[04:36] <Jane> (some one pmme what i missed
[04:36] <Aika_Fawkes> (Yanagi)
[04:36] <Pale_Wolf> "More... focused, generally. She hits everyone else with the oblique stuff, but I _think_ Tori's the only one she's actively hitting on."
[04:36] <Pale_Wolf> (Yanagi, Toriko's 'nymphomaniacal sorceress who keeps hitting on her')
[04:37] <Aika_Fawkes> "huh. Well, at least she's persistant and dedicated. Persistance and Dedication are admirable virtues."
[04:37] <Pale_Wolf> Harry shrugs. "Sue me if my descriptions aren't the best. Weewee doesn't believe in teaching their own language."
[04:37] <Pale_Wolf> (Weewee: Wizarding World)
[04:37] <Jane> (bwahahah thats perfect!)
[04:38] * Jason_Naruhodo has recovered by now and looks at Harry...
[04:38] <Aika_Fawkes> "Really? No english classes at Warthog's?"
[04:38] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Mate, you've gotta take me to that place one day. Some of the crap you've told me about it really makes me wonder..."
[04:39] <Pale_Wolf> "Warthog's. Now that'd be moderately cool. And nope, no english classes. Or math, or physics... Really sad that I've learned better magic from a physics textbook than a school of magic."
[04:39] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Seriously... That place sounds so messed up."
[04:40] <Pale_Wolf> (Jason goes to Hogwarts: "Blakfizlurk. Grt. What are you doing Dave? Daisy, daisy, give me your answer true...")
[04:40] <Aika_Fawkes> "wait. really? No Science? But thenm. How do they make explosives?
[04:40] <Pale_Wolf> Harry shakes his head sadly.
[04:40] <Pale_Wolf> "That was a beauty I only learned recently."
[04:41] <Aika_Fawkes> "you mean... They don't have grenades?"
[04:41] <Aika_Fawkes> "Thopse Primitive Screwheads!"
[04:41] <Pale_Wolf> "They... will."
[04:41] <Aika_Fawkes> "We must Share the Love!"
[04:41] * Jason_Naruhodo frowns at Akia
[04:41] <Pale_Wolf> Lucy grins. "They will have many grenades."
[04:41] <Jason_Naruhodo> 'Enough about your Grenade... What was that word? Fetish?"
[04:42] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Varuni, "Fetish DOES mean fixation, right?"
[04:42] <Jane> (well they are small round and ... ewwwww)
[04:42] <Aika_Fawkes> "It's not a fetish unless it's Sexual! It;s an Obsession thank you very much."
[04:42] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Huh... Murray said it meant fixation."
[04:42] * Jason_Naruhodo shrugs
[04:42] * ComradeTaro has quit IRC (Quit: )
[04:43] <Jane> (time check pepple, it is getting late for some)
[04:43] <Pale_Wolf> Murray blinks. "Wait, why do I get the blame for this?"
[04:43] <Jason_Naruhodo> (I already suggested we skip ahead)
[04:43] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray! I Told you not to Corrupt Innocents!"
[04:43] <Pale_Wolf> (If everyone wants to wrap up the RP, they're free to.)
[04:43] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Well it was either you or Varuni... And Varuni's hot. So it's probably you."
[04:44] <Pale_Wolf> Murray cries. "My one friend has abandoned me."
[04:44] <Aika_Fawkes> "Probably because you told him you were the Pope."
[04:44] <Aika_Fawkes> "and he believed you."
[04:44] * Jason_Naruhodo smirks, "Heh, now we're even."
[04:44] <Aika_Fawkes> (And that wraps the RP)
[04:44] <Pale_Wolf> "Wait, when'd I tell him I was the Pope? I just told him I _choose_ the Pope!"
[04:45] <Pale_Wolf> Righto.
[04:45] <Pale_Wolf> It is now 9 PM.
[04:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Anyway, I wanna get cleaned up and rested before the breifing, so I guess this is it."
[04:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Retcon that. =_=)
[04:45] <Pale_Wolf> (We fast-forwarded, you got it done)
[04:45] <Varuni> should shot up in a string top and bottom...))
[04:45] <Pale_Wolf> And, presumeably you guys make it into the briefing room and get seated comfortably.
[04:45] <Varuni> gods a live I can't type tonight)
[04:46] * Aika_Fawkes sadly stowed her new shiny M79 away
[04:46] * Jason_Naruhodo sits with Varuni, and not next to Aika... :P
[04:46] <Pale_Wolf> There are no other teams getting briefed today - it's just you guys and Hartley.
[04:46] <Aika_Fawkes> (just Tema 3?)
[04:46] <Pale_Wolf> And a juniour gopher to turn on the slides and such.
[04:46] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep)
[04:47] <Pale_Wolf> Okay, everyone seated and comfy and suchlike?
[04:48] <Varuni> Yeah)
[04:48] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Yep)
[04:48] <Aika_Fawkes> (yep)
[04:48] <Pale_Wolf> Okay then, Hartley steps forward and begins to speak.
[04:48] * Jane relaxed in her seat,
[04:48] <Pale_Wolf> "I'm not certain how much of this you're aware of, so I'll start from the beginning."
[04:49] <Jason_Naruhodo> (In the beginning, there was the Big Bang... :P)
[04:49] <Pale_Wolf> "We used to maintain a storage for 'wierd' artifacts. Have you ever seen Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?"
[04:50] <Varuni> "Yeah"
[04:50] <Pale_Wolf> "Similar to the end of that. We had it, we didn't really understand the artifacts - still don't - we don't even know where we got them from."
[04:51] <Pale_Wolf> "Added to it periodically, but nobody bothered researching."
[04:51] <Pale_Wolf> "Now, a few months ago, two people broke in."
[04:51] <Aika_Fawkes> (that can't be good)
[04:51] <Pale_Wolf> "The guards shot and killed one of them, but the other escaped with one artifact - we have cross-referenced the inventory and determined it as this."
[04:52] <Pale_Wolf> The gopher puts a slide up.
[04:52] <Pale_Wolf> Said slide depicts what looks like a jet-black sword, pointing down, tied on a length of ribbon.
[04:53] * Varuni leans forward with a frown, now this had her interest.
[04:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> "A sword?"
[04:53] <Pale_Wolf> (Said ribbon is of dark rich purple cloth)
[04:53] <Pale_Wolf> "This is quite zoomed in. The actual size of this is about that of a pendant."
[04:53] <Aika_Fawkes> "a Magic Sword."
[04:53] * Jason_Naruhodo blinks.
[04:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Um... Okay. Weird."
[04:54] <Varuni> "Oh..."
[04:54] <Pale_Wolf> "Now, we have been trying to locate just where the thief went for quite some time. Probably would have failed, but we got a stroke of luck."
[04:57] <Pale_Wolf> Another picture goes up on the slide: a group of rough-looking men arranged around a dock. One boy is among them - apparently sixteen, stringy and gawky, with long grey hair (tinted slightly blue), tied into a ponytail.
[04:57] <Pale_Wolf> He points to the boy. "That's the thief. This picture was taken while observing a group of human smugglers in Vancouver, Canada."
[04:58] <Varuni> "A kid did this?..."
[04:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> "On his own? He doesn't look much older than I am."
[04:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> "And isn't the storage facility as secure as fort knox?"
[04:59] <Aika_Fawkes> "Keep in mind that you can change into an armoured Warmachine Jason."
[04:59] <Pale_Wolf> "We tried to make it so, and yes, this kid did it. I can't answer how, I can't answer why, but..."
[04:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I can yeah... But that's just it! My armour's the only one around."
[04:59] <Pale_Wolf> He shakes his head. "The process this picture took to get to _us_ was mindboggling. Canadian authorities took it, then it wound up in Interpol records, and one of the guards who'd spotted him just _happened_ to see it and report it to us..."
[05:00] <Varuni> "With our line of work, size isn't relative to power."
[05:00] * Jason_Naruhodo calms down...
[05:00] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yeah, you've got a point."
[05:01] <Pale_Wolf> He shrugs. "But you're not the only one your age with odd powers. Trooper Gilcrest is younger and pumps out more heat than your average flamethrower. Appearances can be pretty decieving in the SAS, doubly so in dealing with the wierd, and four times that in S Squadron."
[05:01] * Jason_Naruhodo nods...
[05:02] <Pale_Wolf> He inclines his head. "If I may...?"
[05:02] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm. Oh, sorry."
[05:02] * Jason_Naruhodo blushes, and quietens down.
[05:04] <Pale_Wolf> "Now, once the information came in, we negotiated with the Canadians so we could cover this and retrieve the artifact. MI-6 deployed two of their agents, Kirmira and Nairitya, who tracked the kid from Vancouver out to Ottawa, the capital."
[05:05] <Jane> (just let the wic bag em)
[05:05] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh. We ARE the WIC :P )
[05:05] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Well we are in anycase... PW can be whoever the damn hell he wants to be. :P)
[05:06] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley shakes his head. "For whatever reason, he is attending Sacred Heart High School at the moment. Kirmira and Nairitya infiltrated as students, and investigated as they could."
[05:07] <Varuni> "This just keeps getting weirder." Leans on a hand in thought.
[05:07] <Pale_Wolf> "Last week, they made their attempt at capturing him. They failed."
[05:08] <Aika_Fawkes> "How?"
[05:08] <Varuni> "Without back up from Special Forces, it was stupid to try."
[05:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> "What's their condition now?"
[05:09] <Pale_Wolf> "I'll note for the record, this is Kirmira and Nairitya. They're part of the 'unique' forces." Another slide goes up, of a girl and a woman, dressed in a white and red bodysuit respectively that doesn't cover enough. White hair (spiky on the woman, smooth and long on the girl), yellow eyes... Oh yeah, HORNS and WINGS and a TAIL.
[05:10] <Pale_Wolf> http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/4282/kirmiraby3.jpg
[05:10] <Pale_Wolf> http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/7950/nairityapm8.jpg
[05:10] <Aika_Fawkes> (how'd they infiltrate?)
[05:10] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Oh, HA HA. PW. >_<;)
[05:11] <Pale_Wolf> "I'll note that among their other abilities, they are shapeshifters - they survived the engagement, and their cover is maintained."
[05:11] * Varuni can't help but grin.
[05:11] * Jason_Naruhodo blinks and forces himself not to drool...
[05:11] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Oh... my."
[05:12] <Varuni> "Still think it wasn't smart."
[05:12] <Jane> (hmmm)
[05:12] <Jane> (i know that one from someplace.)
[05:12] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh, like your avatar?)
[05:12] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Satsuki and your avatar?)
[05:12] <Jane> "Cute, but i can see why you called us in if a pair like that hand problems with one kid"
[05:13] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley keeps his eyes front, deciding not to look at the smokingly hot demon girls and get distracted. "As it happens, Trooper Mercia, you are correct. The situation did not _appear_ to warrant it..."
[05:13] <Pale_Wolf> "Now it does."
[05:13] <Varuni> "Mission like this will cut down on your fire options, Janie."
[05:13] <Pale_Wolf> "You are being sent in as muscle for their investigation."
[05:13] * Jason_Naruhodo raises a hand...
[05:13] <Aika_Fawkes> "so it's undercover?"
[05:13] <Jane> "My baby will workjust fine"
[05:14] * Varuni nods and sits back, hates being right in such cases.
[05:14] <Pale_Wolf> "Allow me to get to the restrictions later, first I'll cover your mission profile."
[05:14] * Jason_Naruhodo lowers his hand
[05:15] <Varuni> "As long as the girls aren't off limits." Mumbles, and smiles unbashed, but allows the Major to continue.
[05:15] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Amen."
[05:15] <Pale_Wolf> "Essentially, you are under the command of both agents. This is their show, you are support. And no Mercia, if the girls are willing and you are willing then it is not my business."
[05:15] <Varuni> "Oh good."
[05:16] * Aika_Fawkes mutters about jailbait
[05:16] * Jason_Naruhodo snaps his fingers while muttering "Damn."
[05:16] * Varuni looks at Aika. "Jealous much?"
[05:17] <Pale_Wolf> (What jailbait? Nairitya's apparently your age or a year younger)
[05:17] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Ladies, please save it for later."
[05:17] <Pale_Wolf> "The specific tasks you will be performing will be directed by the two of them. As I understand, it covers raids and kidnappings primarily. Urban warfare."
[05:17] <Aika_Fawkes> "Briefing now, sex later."
[05:17] <Varuni> "Hear, hear. Mission profile and what ont."
[05:17] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Hartley.
[05:18] * Jane sits up at that
[05:18] <Jane> "Come again?"
[05:18] <Jane> "Urban warfare?"
[05:18] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Sir, isn't that a bit extreme?"
[05:18] * Varuni covers her chest and pouts. "So we have to check collatoral damage. Good luck with these three."
[05:18] <Jane> "What about locals forces?"
[05:18] <Pale_Wolf> "... _Light_ urban warfare, I will note."
[05:18] <Varuni> "Even better..."
[05:18] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Ah, gotcha."
[05:18] <Aika_Fawkes> "so... no LAW?"
[05:19] * Jason_Naruhodo glares at Aika...
[05:19] <Pale_Wolf> "Which brings us to the restrictions. You are in a foreign nation. You are in a foreign nation's _capital city_."
[05:19] <Jason_Naruhodo> "What he said.
[05:19] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley just LOOKS at Aika.
[05:19] * Varuni coughs softly. "Now Minsk leads, swords for everyone!"
[05:19] <Aika_Fawkes> "so... minimal use f grenades only if waranted."
[05:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "got it."
[05:20] <Jason_Naruhodo> "..."
[05:20] <Pale_Wolf> "... Correct. Minimize the use of high explosives."
[05:20] <Varuni> "Better stick to flash-bangs sister."
[05:20] * Jane smiles as she hears Varnni's line, having just played that game alst month.
[05:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "i'll use shotgun rounds and slugs. the Ciener should be useful."
[05:20] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, Using my armour should still be alright I hope."
[05:21] * Varuni grins. "That's my kind of language. Ca-chung."
[05:21] <Pale_Wolf> "Also, armour-penetrating rounds - and any non-hollow-point - are to be used as sparingly as possible. I'd rather not hear a story of overpenetration that ends in you shooting both the bad guy and a baby in a carriage across the street."
[05:21] * Jason_Naruhodo nods
[05:21] <Varuni> "Brush up on your melee, Kid."
[05:21] <Jane> "understood"
[05:21] <Aika_Fawkes> "if we're in a situation that needs your armour, then discretion might be the least of our promlems..."
[05:22] <Pale_Wolf> "Shotguns, flashbangs, any kind of weapon is appropriate - AS FITS THE SITUATION. You are indeed undercover."
[05:22] * Jason_Naruhodo nods, "If you'd give me a hand with that, I'd be grateful."
[05:22] * Varuni nods to him and winks. "So I get to be big sister? Hurray..." dry voice.
[05:22] <Pale_Wolf> "And, though we have permission from the government and CSIS, the police are not informed in detail of our operations. Avoid them if possible. Avoid creating any disturbance if it can be avoided."
[05:23] <Aika_Fawkes> "will the grapple hook ammo be ready for this mission? flying around in totronto might bring unwanted attention."
[05:23] <Varuni> "If it moves, I can drive it or fly it."
[05:23] <Pale_Wolf> "Grapple hook... Ah, Sergeant Corbin mentioned that. We don't have it in stock yet. However, it might be deliverable further in."
[05:24] <Pale_Wolf> (And you're in Ottawa, not Toronto :P )
[05:24] <Aika_Fawkes> (retcon that then)
[05:25] <Pale_Wolf> "In general, try to restrain yourself around the civilians. Try to maintain your identity as a secret."
[05:25] <Pale_Wolf> "And, try to remain within Canada's laws as much as is reasonable."
[05:25] <Varuni> "Check. No acting like soldiers. That'll be hard." Deadpans.
[05:25] * Jason_Naruhodo nods
[05:25] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Understood sir.
[05:25] <Pale_Wolf> "But, of course, the rub - CSIS, however much they trust us, cannot afford to completely trust us. They have an observer and liason deployed with the group."
[05:26] * Jason_Naruhodo raises an eyebrow.
[05:26] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Now that's interesting."
[05:26] <Aika_Fawkes> "... is it one of us? or a norrmal?"
[05:26] <Varuni> "It won't compromise our activities will it? We can't go holding back because of civies."
[05:26] <Pale_Wolf> "The liason will be 'checking' all your missions as assigned by Kirmira and Nairitya. As in, no random destruction of public structures."
[05:27] <Varuni> "Oh take all the fun out of it, why don't you?" But looks serious all the same.
[05:27] <Pale_Wolf> "The preservation of civilian life, your lives, and the status of the mission are the priorities. In that order. All else, including secrecy and property, are secondary."
[05:27] <Aika_Fawkes> "sheesh, one relative tries to burn down parliament and we all get a bad rep."
[05:27] <Pale_Wolf> "But relevant. No LAWs Fawkes."
[05:28] <Aika_Fawkes> "I hear you."
[05:28] <Pale_Wolf> His lip twitches slightly.
[05:28] <Pale_Wolf> "It isn't all bad. You have the best possible support on this mission."
[05:28] <Varuni> "No, play sniper instead."
[05:28] <Aika_Fawkes> "team 1?"
[05:28] * Jane snorts
[05:29] <Pale_Wolf> "Joint Task Force 2, Canada's counterterrorist unit, is based in Ottawa's rural west end. They aren't the SAS, but they're the third-best special forces unit in the world."
[05:29] <Varuni> "Aww, why can't we have number two?"
[05:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "Because #2 isn't canadian."
[05:30] <Aika_Fawkes> (aren't we #2? and Japan is #1?)
[05:30] <Pale_Wolf> "They, I fear, are American. That would complicate the diplomacy even more. And there's something to be said for proximity."
[05:30] <Jason_Naruhodo> ("Because #2 don't have stats yet.")
[05:30] <Pale_Wolf> (SAS is #1. US is #2)
[05:30] <Varuni> "Yeah."
[05:31] <Varuni> "Hopefully we do our job without many problems."
[05:31] <Jane> "Thats good to hear sir, but they are a "normal" unit"
[05:31] <Jane> "Will we at lest have personal privicy?"
[05:31] <Pale_Wolf> "About two hundred and fifty operators very close to your own level can be called in as the situation warrants. In addition, their base at Dwyer Hill Training Center is available to you for resupply and other uses."
[05:32] <Pale_Wolf> He nods. "They're normal, but they can compete. Personal privacy will be assured - as I understand, you will be based in an apartment building in the city itself."
[05:32] <Varuni> "Meaning: Vent your kill impulses there *before* hand."
[05:33] <Varuni> "Four's Company Too."
[05:34] <Pale_Wolf> "Ammunition and equipment-wise, you will only be getting a few clips of S Squadron-specific ammo. Dwyer Hill is available to give you a good supply line for conventional rounds."
[05:35] <Jane> (we got specific ammo?)
[05:36] <Aika_Fawkes> (Silvered)
[05:36] <Pale_Wolf> (You will. Things like silvers)
[05:36] <Aika_Fawkes> (Tungsten Jacketed)
[05:36] <Aika_Fawkes> (Your Coppers certainly aren't standard issue either)
[05:36] <Pale_Wolf> "And as stated, use hollow-points unless they really do not work."
[05:36] <Pale_Wolf> (Feel free to bring that up here)
[05:36] <Jane> (they are freaking mail order,)
[05:37] <Aika_Fawkes> "Sir, Smith's Copper Rounds. How will we get more of them?"
[05:37] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh, make sure you've got enough to last you while you wait for it to arrive ;) )
[05:37] <Aika_Fawkes> "Will our supply line have them?"
[05:37] <Varuni> "Can we at least expect a reasonably armored car?"
[05:38] <Jane> "There cheeper with the proper channels, but i dont think it would be that hard to restock. I have been ploting out my eqip based on the current limatationsfor this mission"
[05:38] <Pale_Wolf> He frowns. "They're not very standard... JTF-2 will be able to get you conventional hollow-points if they raid the OPP supplies. As for the coppers... The only option I have in mind is either bring a lot, or however Miss Smith acquires them."
[05:39] <Aika_Fawkes> "what is our Cover? I'm too old to pass as A Highschool student."
[05:39] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Mentally, or Physically?"
[05:39] <Varuni> "Same here. Aika can be a janitor, and I'll be the library assistant"
[05:40] <Aika_Fawkes> "Physically of course, and I'm probably a better Library assistant. I used to be research division."
[05:40] * Jason_Naruhodo sighs, "Guess I'll be a student then."
[05:40] <Varuni> I'll be a racecar driver like Sailor Jupiter!))
[05:40] * Jason_Naruhodo sighs and whispers into Aika's ear...
[05:41] * Jane face plams as the hurting starts once again
[05:41] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley shrugs. "To be honest, I believe Kirmira wished to discuss that with you herself. I know nothing about where you would be placed - for all I know, if you prefer you could stay at the apartment all day and only walk out when you have to kill things."
[05:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Though, that blows for RP potential)
[05:41] <Varuni> "We'll work it out."
[05:42] <Pale_Wolf> "You will of course have this on the company budget - any justifiable expense. Just keep the reciept and show it to us, and we will pay back, in the event that you need to go through the black market or the like."
[05:42] * Jason_Naruhodo nods.
[05:42] <Aika_Fawkes> "Justifiable expenses cover food and the essential social aspects of maintaining our cover?"
[05:42] <Varuni> "Armored car, check."
[05:43] <Aika_Fawkes> (like money for clothes that fit our stations rather than those that screeam Military)
[05:43] <Pale_Wolf> He nods to Aika. "Within reason. Please don't make us pay for a concert for Hanson or whatever people are listening to NOW."
[05:43] * Jason_Naruhodo blanches...
[05:44] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hanson? I think I'm offended."
[05:44] <Varuni> "We'll contain ourselves to a few select CDs, I promise."
[05:44] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Please, Kamelot and In Flames are the In thing now."
[05:44] <Aika_Fawkes> "But noted anyway."
[05:44] <Varuni> "Armored car with stero and dvd-player, check."
[05:44] <Aika_Fawkes> "anything else sir?"
[05:44] <Pale_Wolf> He is covering his ears and going 'lalalalalala, I can't hear you' as long as you talk about popular culture.
[05:45] <Aika_Fawkes> (Very Professional that)
[05:45] <Pale_Wolf> He frowns. "On the topic of the armoured car... This seems to violate the 'secrecy' objective.
[05:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> (With a straight face and in monotone, of course. ^_^)
[05:45] * Jane is fingering her baby again.. That 500cal asprine is looking like the best way out AGAIN
[05:45] <Pale_Wolf> (You drove him to it)
[05:45] <Varuni> "Sir, with all due respect, just a civilian car with some armor plating hidden in the frame. Not a bank truck."
[05:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "We'll take Public transit."
[05:46] * Varuni looks at Aika and pouts. "I can drive, I promise! I won't even put the silly thing in reverse."
[05:47] <Aika_Fawkes> "Do we Have Concealed Carry for the Duration? or will we have to Hide from the police if they pat us down?"
[05:47] <Pale_Wolf> He nods. "If you require it you can acquire it. Public transit will be a better option in general, though, as far as maintaining secrecy."
[05:47] <Aika_Fawkes> *Concealed carry Permits
[05:47] <Varuni> "Killjoys." Mutters.
[05:48] <Pale_Wolf> He shakes his head. "As far as the police are concerned, you are simply British citizens. No license to violate the laws - avoid them as if you were criminals."
[05:48] <Varuni> "And I was wanting to drop off the Kid at school with a helicopter too.:
[05:48] <Pale_Wolf> "And Canada doesn't even _have_ concealed carry permits. Where are you getting your ideas of gun law, Fawkes?"
[05:49] <Varuni> "Yeah, Canadians are all about open gun ownership."
[05:49] <Pale_Wolf> His lip twitches. "While I cannot deny the draw of such an act, I probably have to deny you permission."
[05:49] <Aika_Fawkes> "I'm sorry. I keep thinking that The U.S> Conquered Canada."
[05:49] <Pale_Wolf> He stares. "Try to remember better while you're there."
[05:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "I will sir. that was a joke by the way."
[05:50] <Pale_Wolf> "You're fired."
[05:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "..."
[05:50] <Pale_Wolf> "That was too."
[05:50] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Varuni: "That... would have been cool."
[05:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "Donald Trump You are Not Sir."
[05:50] * Varuni keeps herself composed despite the urge to throw a 'celebration'
[05:51] * Jason_Naruhodo refrains from cheering, and then crying...
[05:52] <Pale_Wolf> He shakes his head. "Clearly my sense of humour is too astounding for you. Very well, anything further?"
[05:52] <Aika_Fawkes> "Nothing more sir."
[05:52] <Varuni> "No, I think we've covered it. And much more, poor Jane's head might explode."
[05:52] * Jason_Naruhodo nods...
[05:52] <Pale_Wolf> "Ah, it seems _I_ missed a point."
[05:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Everything was crystal-clear sir."
[05:54] <Pale_Wolf> "Operational command falls under Kirmira, then Nairitya. Tentatively, command of the unit will be given to Miss Smith, followed by Miss Mercia."
[05:54] <Pale_Wolf> Listen checks.
[05:54] <Varuni> roll 1d20+8
[05:54] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+8 --> 5,0[ 1d20=7 ]5,0{15}
[05:54] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+2
[05:54] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{19}
[05:54] <Jason_Naruhodo> Roll 1d20+2
[05:54] <Fate> 5,0Jason_Naruhodo rolled a :5,0 1d20+2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{17}
[05:54] <Pale_Wolf> He mutters about how it was the other way around, except Varuni was clearly insane.
[05:55] <Aika_Fawkes> (I was sane the whole Briefing!)
[05:55] <Pale_Wolf> (Yeah, but you had a record to work from)
[05:55] <Jane> (hmm)
[05:55] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Hmm... Any reason I wasn't considered? :P)
[05:55] <Aika_Fawkes> (you're 16)
[05:55] <Aika_Fawkes> (And Emo)
[05:56] <Pale_Wolf> (Being 16 had something to do with it)
[05:56] <Jason_Naruhodo> (...Uh, no. I'm not emo.)
[05:56] <Aika_Fawkes> (And Murray's not going to get command)
[05:56] * Varuni just snorts. "Never said 'Miss Mercia, act like a solider."
[05:56] <Pale_Wolf> (It's not entirely about fairness)
[05:57] <Aika_Fawkes> "Sir, Is it possible for the R&D guys to get Murray a Radio? You mentioned on debrief that there are some enemies that might detect Mindspeak)
[05:57] <Aika_Fawkes> *"
[05:57] * Jason_Naruhodo pats Varuni on the arm reassuringly.
[05:57] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm. Have him head in and they can at least fit him for it. It might not be ready by the time you leave, but it can be worked on and sent to you."
[05:57] * Varuni winks at Jason.
[05:57] <Aika_Fawkes> "will do sir."
[05:58] <Pale_Wolf> "Any further points or questions or complaints?"
[05:58] <Varuni> "It takes genius, to appear so dumb." Whispers.
[05:58] <Aika_Fawkes> (damn. The sun is up already)
[05:58] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh, I noticed that too ;_; )
[05:58] <Aika_Fawkes> "None sir."
[05:58] <Varuni> coming close here)
[05:59] <Aika_Fawkes> (9 hours of gaming straight)
[05:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> ""None sir.)
[05:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> (And the sun's SET here.)
[05:59] * Jason_Naruhodo chuckles at Varuni's comment...
[05:59] <Varuni> Yes, you screwey forward person :P))
[05:59] <Aika_Fawkes> (Dismissed and lets get our just rewards. I need sleep before I go in for my appointment)
[06:00] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Okay *Blasts Aika's head off with a shotgun*)
[06:00] <Pale_Wolf> "Very well then. You will be leaving in two days via normal airline - Fawkes and Smith will hide any illegal items with those pockets of theirs. Feel free to make your preparations. Dismissed."
[06:00] <Varuni> I need to get some rest sometime this morning; otherwise my face will be in my plate when I go out to lunch with Dad))
[06:00] <Pale_Wolf> End Session.
[06:01] * Aika_Fawkes is now known as Stratagemini
[06:01] <Varuni> "Ah, no first class? That's almost as bad as riding peasant to Calcutta!" -End-
[06:01] * Varuni is now known as Dorin
[06:01] <Stratagemini> Riding Peasants?
[06:01] <Jason_Naruhodo> "What's bad about Calcutta?" -End-
[06:01] * Jason_Naruhodo is now known as Rockman_Zero
[06:01] * Stratagemini wasn't aware that you rode on Peasants
[06:01] <Dorin> Family Matters hoke
[06:01] <Stratagemini> So? EXP? CP?
[06:01] <Dorin> *joke
[06:02] <Pale_Wolf> XP...
[06:02] <Stratagemini> Wasn't that the one with Urkel?
[06:02] <Dorin> "My parents didn't even book me in coach...or even as luggage...they booked me as 'peasant'"
[06:02] <Pale_Wolf> 1000.
[06:02] <Dorin> Yeap, that's the one
[06:04] <Stratagemini> CP? extra EXP?
[06:04] <Pale_Wolf> Anoter 100 xp to Jane for being sane.
[06:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Another)
[06:04] * Rockman_Zero sighs...
[06:05] <Rockman_Zero> We should get Jane more screen time.
[06:05] <Stratagemini> (she wasn't sane. she was complaining and homocidal.)
[06:05] <Dorin> :P Poor Major wants troops and he gets us instead)
[06:05] <Pale_Wolf> And, Rocko, some good RP even if the character himself was farked ;)
[06:05] <Rockman_Zero> Hmm? Farked?
[06:05] <Pale_Wolf> So, 100 to you too.
[06:05] <Rockman_Zero> Meh, I wasn't really at 100% today.
[06:05] <Pale_Wolf> Nah, I mean, he wasn't a SMART character, but you played him well.
[06:06] <Pale_Wolf> ... Which I actually mean as a compliment.
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Marius DeVry

Postby Alathon » Fri Jun 29, 2007 9:46 pm

Character Name: Marius Auvergne DeVry
Class & Level: Dynamic Sorcerer 6
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 155
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark

Description: Marius appears to be a young man of around twenty years of age, with a slight build, borderline bishonen features, and a remarkably pale complexion accentuated by dark eyes and black hair, which he typically keeps in a short tail. He isn't particularly strong or dextrous, but is moderately attractive, quite sharp, and remarkably tough for his frame. He can't manage anywhere near a James Bond level of debonair, but does make an effort to carry himself with what he, when asked, would describe as 'class'. His typical clothing on Earth has been slacks and dark hued button down long-sleeve shirts, though he finds himself quite at home with more complex and formal fashions such as business dress, suits, and full tuxedos. His preferred outside dress is an overcoat. Marius is almost always seen wearing thin black leather gloves.
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Postby Alathon » Fri Sep 21, 2007 3:27 pm

Well, fuck. I just got hit with a bunch of shit that needs to be done by EOD. I'm gonna try to be on time, but just looking at this, I think I'm gonna be at least a few hours late, at least.

Sorry :(
"Last week, I tried praying. But I found I was only talking to myself. Don't worry, I learned my lesson last time. This time, no disciples!" - N. Reynolds, To Tell a Hawk from a Handsaw
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New character: Lucky

Postby Alathon » Mon Nov 05, 2007 2:29 am

Character Name: Michael Lucius "Lucky" McCormick
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 185
Hair: Short, Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Description: Michael Lucius McCormick, "Lucky" to his friends, is a young man with a rough manner about him, from the stubble that so often adorns his face to the less than lovely speech that cascades from his mouth. While he's easy on the eyes and was born with genes that granted him the supposedly ideal Aryan features, he's no hunk or bishie. He's got a bright smile though, coupled with an easy-going manner. When he's not wearing his on-duty fatigues or off duty teans and t-shirt, Michael is revealed as having a fit and lightly muscled frame -- that of a distance runner rather than a weightlifter. However the most noticeable attribute of his body with his shirt off is the multitude of black tattoos adorning it, covering well over half the available space on his upper chest and arms. Prominent amont them are:

Left Shoulder: "Saol Sra Saire", gaelic for live love laugh. Got recently, somewhat sober.
http://www.everytattoo.com/Live-Love-La ... ture.shtml
Left Upper Arm: Liam and Eileen on cross, First tattoo at sixteen, in memory of grandparents.
http://www.tattoojohnny.com/tattoo-desi ... ory&page=1
Right Shoulder: Combined Alpha/Omega. Got in army, very drunk
Right Shoulder: "1950" below the alpha/omega. Got in army, somewhat less drunk.
Left breast: Large "Aries Triquetra". Got soon after joining SAS, because it looks boss.
http://www.everytattoo.com/Aries-Trique ... ture.shtml
Back: Large Angel with spear, buckler, and "Veritas et Aequitas" ribbon banner. Got soon after completing Basic in the army. In retrospect, Michael knows it's just a wee bit juvenile.
http://www.rankmytattoos.com/f/uploads/ ... 972708.jpg
"Last week, I tried praying. But I found I was only talking to myself. Don't worry, I learned my lesson last time. This time, no disciples!" - N. Reynolds, To Tell a Hawk from a Handsaw
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