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Who Dares, Wins

Postby Pale Wolf » Wed May 23, 2007 6:50 pm


Magic doesn't exist. Aliens don't exist. Other dimensions, monsters, artifacts of power, mad scientists... don't exist.

Or so we wish. Life's simpler that way. But in this day and age, it's really hard to see nothing but normality. An individual can manage it without too much trouble - a government can't. And the government of Great Britain has stopped trying.

It's not very fun to be Prime Minister of England right now. Soldiers and special forces have always been seeing wierd, inexplicable things - back to the dawn of the concept. They're dying to them now, fighting against things they have no training for. Classified information leaks, and there's no possible explanation for how it happened. A village in Somerset was flattened in a brawl between a mage and what he claims was a UFO! The clincher was a direct and blatantly magical terrorist attack on the Queen (repelled through the efforts of retired Admiral Gil Graham and his familiars) - there was just no ignoring it at that point. Britain had to start paying attention.

'Wierd shit' sections in both MI-5 and MI-6 sprang up. Tentative contacts with groups in the underworld were forged. But the part that concerns you is this:

The new theatre of combat needs force just as much as any other does. The regular military is great, but it is not trained for this, and over 90% of them are totally unaware. So they turned to the best soldiers in the world, forming a new Squadron in the Special Air Service.

Here's where you come in. Eight months ago, you were among two hundred and fifty candidate entering Selection to start the new Squadron. Two months ago, you were down to twelve. And you were SAS.

You're still technically a probationary member, though. Your two months in the SAS were pretty much training. Not exactly the non-stop thrill ride you might have been expecting.

But who knows? There's a lot of pressure, and you're here to take it, after all.

Campaign Summary

This campaign is set in the universe of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, concurrently with StrikerS (further crossovers may or may not occur as appropriate). The focus here, however, is back on Earth, as England takes its first steps into the wierd and wonderful world we live in.

Largely, the world still goes on as normal. The vast majority of people have no clue that these things exist. Part of your standing orders are to maintain secrecy.

The campaign will be combat-intensive - you are special forces. However, SAS aren't just for killing, and you will be called on to do other duties as your skills and the shortage of supernatural-aware personnel command.

This game was originally played following a severely overhauled version of the BESM d20 ruleset. However, following the end of the first arc, we have shifted over to BESM Tristat 3rd Edition.

Game time is set for Fridays, 9:00 PM EST.
Game is carried out in IRC, in #magicalgirlcontract. Often spreads out to individual rooms.
GM: Pale Wolf
Players: DCG; Rockman Zero; Dorin; Alathon

Next Game: December 21st.

Note that the original single thread setup is presently being overhauled - I am splitting the game into a number of threads, each devoted to a particular topic of the game, for ease of organization.
Threads are:
Who Dares, Wins - House Rules covers which optional rules are being used, and specific house rules not detailed in the Tristat book. Game-custom attributes are also hosted in here, as is the list of elemental attributes.
Who Dares, Wins - Player Character Information covers PC-specific details, primarily in mechanics. Training packages, present CP levels, and ideally basic character dossiers from the players. NPC dossiers will also be written out in this thread.
Who Dares, Wins - Equipment holds that most vital and awe-inspiring of things - guns. All the equipment available to various factions and seen in the game is covered in this thread.
Who Dares, Wins - Worldbook covers the specific details on the world we're playing in as it becomes open to the party in general. Known factions and what is understood of their objectives and activities, details on political situations...
Who Dares, Wins - Arc 1: Unfinished Blue contains the logs of the first arc.
The main thread will contain summaries of the ongoing story and logs of the present arc, as well as play host to all announcements regarding the game - if a rules change or major update is made to the threads, or if a player cannot attend, the announcement will be made in this thread.
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Postby Pale Wolf » Wed May 23, 2007 8:25 pm

Affectionately called 'The Hit List', this is a LONG file of papers that's lying around the S Squadron facilities.

On it, is listed the names of every single known member of the terrorist 'Death Eater' organization, along with age, gender, and status. The order's fairly haphazard, as it was written literally as the data came in, and is still being added to as further information becomes available.

There are a number of events that determine status of a significant amount of this force - from the end of the first uprising, to the jailbreak of 2009 (the instigator of this event is unknown, but the end result was ten Death Eaters escaping Azkaban), and the engagement at the Department of Mysteries at the beginning of 2010, wherein eleven core Death Eaters were arrested.

Following this, there have been over a dozen engagements between the Death Eaters and opposition forces, from the local authorities, the 'Order of the Phoenix' (a counterrevolutionary underground group), and SAS teams. The majority of these were unconclusive due to the 'hit and run' nature of Death Eater terrorist operations, however, some kills have been confirmed.

The Death Eaters operated under a cell system during the first uprising. No one Death Eater knew the extent of the organization - the only one who does is Voldemort himself. It is unknown whether the reforming organization is still split into cells, though.

Some like Bellatrix Lestrange think they're close, or trusted. They're not. Voldemort trusts no one, and always plays his cards close to the chest. The Death Eaters themselves are tactically weak. If it weren't for Voldemort's strategies and finely-planned operations, they would fall apart. Without him they're nothing but a band of rednecks.

On top of the file, there's a scrawled note in Harry Potter's handwriting:

'I've seen a recorded memory of the way the justice system worked following the last uprising. More or less, Crouch listed the crimes they were accused of, asked the jury if those crimes deserved Azkaban, then sent them off. There wasn't actually a question of whether or not they were guilty. Which raises a huge mess of a problem, since now we can't trust ANY of the massive amount of information the Ministry collected. Up to half of these names could be innocent, so we're listing the confirmation status on their guilt as well.'

The file holds a total of approximately four hundred names. The most important only are highlighted for attention. Given our confidence in the wizarding justice system, we believe that a significant portion of these - mostly the ones in Azkaban - are innocent, and that Death Eaters may have even managed to avoid enough suspicion to get on the list.

Inner Circle: Death Eaters believed to possess the Dark Mark. Even outside the inner circle, the organization is of a decent size, however, the inner circle are the most senior, competent, and fanatical force among the Death Eaters.

Riddle, Thomas Marvolo Junior: 70. M. Goes by the alias 'Voldemort'. Believed destroyed at the end of the first uprising, however, returned in early 2009.

Malfoy, Lucius: 41. M. Escaped incarceration during the first uprising, however, incarcerated during the 2009 Department of Mysteries engagement. Confirmed Death Eater. (Harry Note: 'A fairly shitty fighter, but despite his son's STAGGERING idiocy, Malfoy's actually a competent tactician, thus why he's a high-level Eater.')

Black, Regulus: M. Joined during the first uprising - disappeared, believed dead. (Harry Note: 'His brother told me about him - thought he realized what he'd gotten into, panicked, ran, and got his fool self killed.')

Black, Sirius: M. Accused of leaking information leading to the death of the Potter family, and of the murder of thirteen mundanes. However, confirmed innocent, the actual perpetrator being Peter Pettigrew. Incarcerated following the first uprising, escaped in 2007, remains the one and only person to escape Azkaban purely on his own efforts. Died during the 2010 engagement in the Department of Mysteries.

Pettigrew, Peter: 36. M. Never incarcerated. Confirmed Death Eater. (Harry Note: 'Treacherous worm. No guts.')

Snape, Severus: 36. M. Never incarcerated. Confirmed Death Eater, however, a spy for a wizarding resistance group. (Harry Note: 'He's an asshole, but he's on our side.' He put a doodle of a crying face there, too)

Crabbe, Joseph: 41. M. Escaped incarceration during the first uprising, however, incarcerated during the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement. Confirmed Death Eater.

Goyle, Edward: 41. M. Escaped incarceration during the first uprising. Confirmed Death Eater.

Crouch, Bartemius Junior: M. Incarcerated during the first uprising for the torture-to-insanity of two Aurors. Very confirmed. Broken out of Azkaban an unknown number of years ago. Killed in 2008 - a Ministry Dementor sucked his soul out and ate it. (Harry Note: 'Because the Minister was a fucking incompetent coward.')

Karkaroff, Igor: Confirmed Death Eater, however, escaped incarceration during the first uprising by feeding information to the Ministry and giving them bigger fish. Killed at the start of the second uprising for this. (Harry Note: 'He's fucking Bulgarian, or Eastern European at least. What the FUCK was the British Ministry doing dealing with him?')

Arvel, Jove: 31. M. Accused during the first uprising, however, was not confirmed guilty and went free.

Avery, Purcel: 46. M. Escaped incarceration during the first uprising, however, incarcerated during the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement. Confirmed Death Eater. Son of Zagan Avery (Harry Note: 'He begged forgiveness and was specifically named. That's no Imperius.')

Avery, Zagan: M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Died in custody.

Macnair, Walden: 35. M. Escaped incarceration during the first uprising, however, incarcerated during the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement. Confirmed Death Eater.

Azmordis, Jalen: 45. M. Accused during the first uprising, however, was not confirmed guilty and went free.

Baratos, Castor: 56. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising.

Baratus, Auster: 42. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising.

Bletchley, Agares: 49. M. Accused during the first uprising, however, was not confirmed guilty and went free.

Buer, Ciriatto: 45. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising.

Carrow, Alecto: 40. F. Accused during the first uprising, however, was not confirmed guilty and went free.

Carrow, Amycus: 40. M. Accused during the first uprising, however, was not confirmed guilty and went free.

Dantalion, Algernon: M. Arrested following the first uprising, died in Azkaban.

Gressil, Jonah: 35. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising.

Haures, David: 39. M. Accused during the first uprising, however, was not confirmed guilty and went free.

Jugson, Laurence: 34. M. Escaped incarceration during the first uprising, however, incarcerated during the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement. Confirmed Death Eater.

Lestrange, Caelis: M. Father to Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange. Not incarcerated - died early in the first uprising.

Malmorth, Crocell: M. Death Eater during the first uprising. Not arrested, however, killed by Garret McLain during operations.

Nisroc, Rowan: 50. M. Accused during the first uprising, however, was not confirmed guilty and went free.

Nott, Arioch: 64. M. Escaped incarceration during the first uprising, however, incarcerated during the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement. Confirmed Death Eater.

Parkinson, Fen: 43. M. Not incarcerated during the first uprising. Confirmed Death Eater - seen repeatedly (Not confirmed whether he's Imperiused or not, however, suspected to be of jos own will - known pureblood supremacist)

Rimmon, Malakai: 44. M. Accused during the first uprising. Not confirmed guilty, went free.

Rosier, Evan: M. Confirmed Death Eater. However, killed during the first uprising by Alastor Moody. Son of Walter Rosier.

Rosier, Walter: 65. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Nonconfirmed.

Rowle, Thorfinn: 37. M. Went free. Nonconfirmed.

Travers, Rashawn: M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Confirmed Death Eater according to the testimony of Igor Karkaroff. Died in custody.

Wilkes, Jacob: M. Confirmed Death Eater. Killed along with Evan Rosier while resisting arrest during the first uprising.

Yaxley, Corson: 40. M. Accused during the first uprising, however, was not confirmed guilty and went free. Believed to be Voldemort's present Ministry spymaster.

Zephyr, Rafarl: M. Killed while resisting arrest during the first uprising.

Abden, Raum: M. Was a new recruit during the current uprising. Killed by S Squadron team one. (Harry Note: 'He was a pretty-boy. Ginette punched him. He ain't pretty no more.')

Laius, Abel: M. New recruit during the current uprising. Killed by D Squadron's counterterror operations.

2009 Jailbreak: In late 2009, a mass jailbreak occurred, releasing a full ten of Voldemort's most dangerous Death Eaters. Each one of these was considered supremely valuable to Voldemort in some way, though not all of his vital elements were believed to escape. Handle with care, some of the organization's most lethal combatants are among this group. All those broken out are members of Voldemort's marked circle, and can be presumed confirmed - they were intentionally released by someone in the know.

Azel, Caracandal: 44. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the 2009 jailbreak. (Harry Note: 'The jailbreak is our confirmation - they unleashed some of Voldemort's most vicious allies in that, and he was the one they broke out FIRST.')

Berith, Janus: 42. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the 2009 jailbreak.

Dolohov, Antonin: 70. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the 2009 jailbreak. Reincarcerated following the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement. Confirmed Death Eater.

Laure, Antares: 55. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the 2009 jailbreak.

Lestrange, Bellatrix: 38. F. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the jailbreak in 2009. Very confirmed.

Lestrange, Rabastan: 41. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the 2009 jailbreak. Reincarcerated following the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement. Married to Bellatrix.

Lestrange, Rodolphus: 39. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the 2009 jailbreak. Reincarcerated following the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement.

Mulciber, Jetrel: 69. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the 2009 jailbreak. Reincarcerated following the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement. Confirmed Death Eater - Imperius expert, call him a recruiter.

Rookwood, Augustus: 58. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the 2009 jailbreak. Reincarcerated following the 2010 Department of Mysteries engagement. Confirmed Death Eater - internal spy on the Ministry. Ran a spy network - controlling an entire branch of the organization himself. Many of his spies didn't even know who they were working for.

Runcorn, Albert: 45. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising. Escaped during the jailbreak in 2009.

Outer Circle: A vast group, comparatively. Low-level members of the organization, not bearing the Mark - from spies, to chattering hordes... the marked circle is the primary battle force, however, a number of the outer circle (which are mostly minor functionaries and support operators) are worth attention. Team One affectionately labels this group 'Mook Eaters'.

Bagman, Ludovic: 39. M. Member of Rookwood's spy network. Confirmed NON Death Eater - he's just an idiot they made use of.

Malfoy, Narcissa: 38. F. Unknown whether she is in fact a Death Eater, or simply a supporter.

Quirrel, Quirinus: M. Unknown whether he was a Death Eater or not - however, was a host body and willing servant of Voldemort. Killed by Harry Potter in early 2006. (Harry Note: 'Yes, I was eleven.')

Shunpike, Stanley: 21. M. Did not participate in the first uprising. Accused of being a Death Eater and thrown into Azkaban by the current administration. (Harry Note: 'I doubt he's the real deal. He's not the type - doesn't have the brains OR the viciousness.')

Alichino, Caim: 37. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising.

Bulstrode, Abban: 37. M. Accused during the first uprising, however, 'proved' innocent.

Damar, Amy: 30. F. Was just a teenager during the first uprising. Accused of Death Eater activity, and killed an Auror resisting arrest. Successfully captured, and placed in Azkaban.

Dumah, Belial: 42. M. Incarcerated in Azkaban following the first uprising.

Flint, Eligos: 43. M. Accused during the first uprising, however, 'proved' innocent.

Rosier, Tenebrae: 28. F. Daughter of Walter Rosier, sister of Evan Rosier. Considering her ties to 'known' Death Eaters and the typecasting of the Rosiers as a 'Dark' pureblood family, it's considered a given that she is Death Eater support, if not a member. Not confirmed either way, though.

Zephyr, Bellatrix: 15. F. Daughter of Rafarl Zephyr. Accused of Death Eater activities by the current administration, however, successfully resisted arrest and is presently out of the Ministry's eye.

Dantalion, Leon: 18. F. Yes, despite the name, this is a girl. Daughter of Algernon Zephyr. Presumed a Death Eater due to assisting Bellatrix Zephyr in resisting arrest. Believed to be accompanying her.

Werewolves: The Death Eaters are also making use of 'subhumans' and oddball races, those oppressed under the Ministry. By merely suggesting he might give them some rights, Voldemort is easily able to acquire their loyalty, despite any misgivings they may have. A full 20% of the ablebodied werewolf population of Britain is among the Death Eaters. Only about sixteen of them are wizard/wolves - mundane werewolves aren't even accepted by the Death Eaters. Unlike the fairly chauvinistic core Death Eater organization, the magewolves are almost evenly split among gender lines, rather than only having a bare few rare cases of female members.

Greyback, Fenrir: 58. M. Never incarcerated. Not marked, however, confirmed werewolf ally of the Death Eaters. (Harry Note: 'This guy's the focal point of their werewolf allies, but the Munchies don't like him either - he's 'subhuman', after all. Kill him, and they'll fragment.')

Bellis, Garm: 44. M.

Danjal, Indica: 30. F.

Donn, Asena: 18. F.

Etrigan, Hati: 30. M.

Etrigan, Skoll: 33. M.

Focalor, Alba: 32. F.

Gremory, Vanargand: 50. M.

Ithea, Signati: 27. F.

Lechies, Maugrim: 44. M.

Oray, Romulus: 39. M.

Pinetum, Brynach: 23. M.

Teroth, Lycaon: 22. M.

Tsarevich, Geri: 25. F. Russian national.

Tsarevich, Freki: 25. F. Russian national.

Pinetum, Briavel: 22. F.

Giants: The giants are fairly simplistic, however, due to their general mistreatment by wizards, they're another easy recruitment for Voldemort - especially since they're not exactly intelligent. Endangered species, there are only about eighty left in the world, however... powerful. The 'hurricane' out in the West Country earlier this year was a giant raid. It's been confirmed by team one that they die easily enough to trained soldiers with mundane weapons, though - Ginette's outmuscled them repeatedly.

Dementors: Emotional vampires. Require a fairly significant amount of internal energy to see - usually magic, however, willpower suffices, and it's been confirmed that SAS members can see them without difficulty. They emit a wide-area emotional attack, apparently subconsciously, drawing out the worst demons that exist in a person and breaking their self. The reason for this mechanism is unknown, as is their sustenance. They are also capable of sucking out and eating a being's soul. The use of them in Azkaban is utterly inhumane torture, but effective - prisoners aren't even capable of mustering the will to escape. Numerous individuals predict that their allegiances are most likely to transfer to Voldemort rather than the Ministry, due to his willingness to give them... prey. It hasn't happened yet, though, and they remain in place at Azkaban. (Harry Note: 'Yes, Riddler's natural allies are also the people guarding his lost prisoners. Fun world, ain't it?')

Inferi: ... Zombies. It's a matter of record that necromancy is a favoured sport by 'evil mages', and, well, it's an infinite supply of troops. Watch a zombie flick and you'll more or less get the idea. Walking corpse, unintelligent, not especially powerful, not agile, but useful because it's a body that opposing forces need to deal with, and you can make a lot with ease.
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Postby Rockman_Zero » Mon May 28, 2007 4:24 pm

Okay, here's mine...


Character Name: Jason Naruhodo
Alt ID: Saber
Race: Human (Transforms into Human-Machine hybrid)
Class: Giant Robot 3, Magical girl 3
Level: 6
Hit die: 3d10+3d8
Age: 16
Occupation: Highschool Student
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150lb
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Nationality: Australian/Japanese
Birthday: April 12
Astrological sign: Aries
Blood type: AB
Favorite color: Red
Hobbies: Soccer, Drawing, Reading, watching anime, reading manga
Favorite food: Chicken Kiev
Least favorite food: Fried Sheep's brains (Don't ask)
Favorite subjects: IT, literature
Least Favorite subject: Maths, Physics
Has trouble with: Dealing with his Hero complex
Dreams: To be like his father and have a career where he defends people.
School club: Computing

Background History

Jason Naruhodo always admired heroes who fought to defend innocent people. His favorite shows when he was young often consisted of a team of heroes fighting vile and twisted abominations for the sake of justice.

His Father, Ryuichi Naruhodo, had first met his mother Amanda Collins (Now Amanda Naruhodo), nineteen years ago when she was the prosecutor for the same case he was on at the time. From there, despite the heated courtroom battles they had, they grew to love each other and married soon after.

Jason and his twin sister Kimiko, had gone to court to watch their dad on occasion, but had found the experience reletivly boring. This would probably be due to the fact that no sane judge in the world would let children watch a murder trial go down, and so the kids would probably only see their dads during a civil trial instead...

Still, they did come to hear great things about their father from the various people he was associated with. Kimiko had decided that when she grew up, she would follow in her father's footsteps and become a defense attorney.

Jason however had other ideas. Proud of the idea that his dad's job was to protect people in court, he decided he would also dedicate himself to protecting people. However, he wanted to do so in a more direct manner... He originally thought to become a policeman, or maybe a detective, but somehow either choice wasn't very appealing. He has however taken to the idea of working with forensics, though he's yet to pursue this path.

A few years later, and Jason was sixteen. He had grown into a relatively handsome young man, and was doing well in school, particularly in the IT field, where at one point he had been encouraged by his teachers to join the computing club, which he eventually did... Hey, it was easy marks for him, plus it was fun work. Need more be said?

It was on one fateful day, on may 29, 2006 that Ryuichi took his family for a camping trip in the Australian bushland. It was coming to about an hour before sunset by the time the family had arrived at their destination. While Ryuichi dealt with getting the tents ready, his mother and sister unpacked the rest of their belongings while he was given the task of going for firewood...

Wandering around for about half an hour, he noticed that the light was beginning to dim, as the sun dipped even further into the bush-obstructed horizon. He had managed to find a few bits of bark, and a few twigs, but not much else at this point. Figuring that he should at least keep looking until the sun had completely set, he continued his search...

Along the way, he quickly managed to find enough tinder-wood lying around. By now, the Sun had set, and the sky and surrounding area was quickly beginning to get dark. Satisfied with what he had managed to collect, he was about to turn around and head back to the campsite when he noticed an odd flickering glow somewhere in the distance.

Curiosity won out over common sense, and he followed the light to it's source which was a glassed crater about twenty meters wide. All around it, the surrounding bushland had been burned and heavily charred...

What make him blink in surprise however, was the small broken red... thing, that was lying in the middle. Only the size of a small cell-phone, it was mostly red in colour... Whatever it was seemed to be some sort of device, as it gave of several sparks every now and then. Two small slits that looked like eyes would dimly flicker, as would the glowing crystal which was the source of the flickering light.

Damaged as it was, Jason still felt un-nerved by looking at it, and had turned around to head back to camp to tell his family, when he heard a stuttering electronic voice from behind him...

"C-Comp-p-patible... H-Hos-s-st... fo-o-o-ound...

His head whirled around to locate the source of the voice, however before he could, he felt something sharp stab into the base of his neck before the world around him exploded into a living hell of pain and suffering, beyond anything he had ever experienced before...

He never remembered falling unconscious, however when he finally did wake up, it was back at the campsite, with his worried family watching him. Asking what had happened, his father replied that they had been concerned for him when he hadn't returned after so long, so he had gone off to search, and had eventually found him passed out.

Spending the night in the bush, since it was now too late at night to pack up and return to civilization at that point, everyone went to sleep. Morning saw Jason having recovered from his ordeal, and after insisting that he was okay, the family spent the rest of the weekend in the bushland. During this time, Jason went back to where he had found the glowing object, but within the crater, he found no trace of the object at all.

The trip soon came to an end, and the family went home. On the way back, Jason began to feel a dull throbbing from the base of his neck, but dismissed it as muscle aches, and took some asprin to relieve the pain, which it seemed to do since after a few hours the throbbing ceased.

Weeks went by normally, and Jason would have forgotten the whole thing had it not been for the nightmares. Whatever happened to him had left a lasting impact on him, as he would wake up some nights sweat-soaked and gasping from the horrible images he had seen in his sleep... His flesh being torn asunder and re-knitted by invisible hands, his bones pulped and reforged in the same way... His blood feeling like a billion razors coursing though his veins...

Growing increasingly concerned, he wanted to tell his family the truth, and had decided to finally do so to one day on his way home from school. As he and his sister were walking back however, an unmarked van drove up, the side door opening up as two men in balaclavas jumped out and shoved him aside, grabbing his sister and hauling her into the van before driving off...

Picking himself up off the ground, and staring after the van with growing horror, his mind went numb and right there he felt utterly helpless...

'Model-S... Setup'

He didn't know why those words rang though his mind just then, but acting on some foreign reflex, he stood up and held his right hand out in front of him as the red object, now intact' appeared in his hand... before speaking the words in his mind.

A brief flash, and a moment later a red and black blur tore off after the van...


Several hours later, after she had finally managed to get away from the news reporters and had gotten a clean bill of health from the paramedics who had shown up at the scene, Kimiko came home with her relieved father and mother to see her brother watching the news with an odd pale expression on his face. On the TV screen, was footage of the black van she had been taken into, now sliced in half, with the four horribly beaten men inside babbling incoherently about a red demon.

Apparently, the four men had been hired by a witness, an industrialist who had been close to being proven guilty in a case by their father because of the way he was utterly demolishing his testimony and reputation. It had been intended so that their father would be blackmailed into losing the case in exchange for his daughter's safety...

The four men on screen were now admitting to everything, from the hire, to the act itself and what happened, including the demon promising that if they wern't imprisoned, he would 'Find them and hurt them... badly.

Finally glancing away from the TV, Jason's eyes went wide as he leapt from the couch and grabbed his sister in a tight hug. Returning it, she eventually reassured him she was okay, and only had a few bruises on her arms from where the men grabbed her...

It still bothered her however. For a moment there, when Jason had been watching the news, she could have sworn she saw the barest hint of a grin on his face.


Several weeks later, an armored figure quietly climbed in though an open window on the second floor of the window of the Naruhodo household, and into the darkness of Jason's room. A moment later, there was a brief flash of light, and in its place stood Jason, who lazily flopped onto his bed. Glancing at the digital clock on his nightstand, he sighed...


He had been playing hero for the last few weeks now, slowly attaining a better understanding of what had happened to him. Initially, he'd been freaked out about being able to turn into some sort of robot, and even after he had gotten used to the fact, he still found these late nights of playing superhero somewhat tiring...

Tonight had been different however. He had been listening to the radio while doing his homework, when a news bulletin mentioned a beak-in at the state bank, with the local authorities unable to gain entry to neutralize the would-be thieves...

Naturally, he had climbed out of his window, and hopping down to the ground outside, he jogged around to a nearby alleyway and transformed before flying off to deal with it.

Arriving at the bank, he gained entry from the roof, and moved in to take out the robbers. A few minutes later, he radioed the cops outside to let them know they’d been taken down, before leaving the way he entered.

It was when he had ducked into the same alleyway he normally transformed in that he was approached by a man, heavy-set in build and somewhere in his late 50’s from what the boy could tell. Giving a brief apology for the time, the man quickly and politely introduced himself as Paul Grant, sent on behalf of her majesty’s Special Air Service to invite potential candidates to join up.

Not wanting to be a complete jerk, Jason decided to hear the man out, especially since the mention of the SAS bought forward a possibility for his future that he hadn’t considered.

The man gave a summary of things as they were; Unexplainable occurrences were happening all over the world, had been happening for a long time now. Only recently have soldiers began dying to them, to things that they have neither training nor experience against. As a result, a plan was set into motion to put a specialized unit together, trained to fight and/or defend Britain against threats of paranormal nature.

He then put forward his offer. Normally, they would be doing a recruitment drive to find members, however they were specifically interested in enlisting the services of people who had demonstrated experience or ability with the paranormal or occult… which is where Jason came into things. Though his going around and playing hero, he had demonstrated his capabilities, but more importantly without usupring authority, and by working within the law… Which made him candidate material.

Paul went on further to say that he would essentially be doing what he was doing now, helping with and protecting people from things they can’t handle themselves. Only if he joined the SAS, he would receive training, and be paid to do what he was already doing now.

Letting the boy know that he didn’t have to decide right away, Paul gave Jason a few forms and told him that were he interested, he just had to fill those out and post them to an address, which was provided on one of the forms. Bidding him goodnight, Paul turned away, and disappeared into the night.

So here he was, 4:30am at home on his bed, and staring at a bunch of papers most of which he had already filled out. Being a minor, he still required his parents signature... Summoning Model-S to his hand, he stared at it for a moment, and looked at the papers again before sighing…

'Mom and dad are gonna freak when I tell them I wanna join the military...'

Appearance and Personality

Jason is a young man that stands at about 5'8' and weighs 150 pounds. He has a wild shock of light brown hair and soft hazel-coloured eyes. At the base of the back of his meck, are two small scars which are a side-effect of the strange machine bonding to him.

As Saber, his build remains unchanged, however his body is completely covered in highly advanced alien armour. The armour has a black under-layer, with different shades of red over-layer covering his head, arms, upper torso legs and feet. The armour gives him a vague robotic appearance, and the helmet in particular has distinctive fins curfing out from the front over the top, and two others, one on each side of the head. A large green crystal sits in the forehead, a dark visor covers his eyes, beneath which his eyes glow a solid green colour, and his nose and mouth are concealed under a faceplate.

Normally, he's a fairly well-mannered normal high school student, and a serious and honest teenager as well as a hard worker who enjoys helping others, however he is prone to his hot-blooded moments at times.

He's in his third year of High School, and his hobbies include playing soccer (even though he REALLY sucks at it), reading manga (as well as the occasional novel here and there), drawing, and watching classic sentai anime. His greatest future prospect is to one day have a job where he can defend and protect people, which is more of a Hero-complex that stems from his pride of his father, as well as his fascination with heroes in general. In school he's a member of the computing club, and is often found there during break times tearing old machines apart for parts, fixing or building new ones, or trouble-shooting problems with computers that other students have bought along for help with.

He still has nightmares about the bonding process he was forced to undergo with Model-S, though he never talks about them, not wanting to worry his family with what he's become.

His family consists of his mother Amanda, his father Ryuichi, and his twin sister, Kimiko. Though dumbfounded at the reasoning behind his joining the millitary (The official story being that he felt it was something he felt he should do), his family is supportive and proud of him... Although his sister thought in the beginning that he wouldn't last a month there. Eight months later, and whenever Jason brings up the topic of what she said before, she quickly changes the subject, or ignores him.

For the most part, Jason has adapted well to life in the SAS, more so than he thought... He was somewhat stupid in believing an old myth that smoking helps stop his hands shaking enough for him to use a sniper rifle better. As a result, he's addicted, though he has limited himself to roughly a pack of 20 a week. Celebrations of him passing various stages of SAS training has introduced him to the joys of booze as well... and the torment of hangovers. Despite his age, he's relatively responsible with smoking and drinking though... So far he's managed to keep this a secret from his family, but if he doesn't quit soon, it's only a matter of time before he's caught out.

For the time being, Jason thinks of Model-S being just a set of armour he can summon, with some interesting options. He's had to repair it on occasion, though he finds it odd that he knows how to without having so much as glimpsed at any documentation about it whatsoever. He's also disturbed by the fact that the routine medical that had been done on him had revealed the fact that he now poseses implants of unknown origin, function or properties. Any tests to reveal what these implants do have turned up empty, much the same for Model-S (What he somehow knows is the device's name) and the form it allows him to transform into. The form itself is the most concerning, since it seems to change his entire anatomy completely into a machine, even his brain and nervous system.

Jason: http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206/Quedorm/Mycharacter.jpg
Model-S: http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206/Quedorm/Model-S.jpg
Jason as Saber: http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206/Quedorm/SaberII.jpg


So, what do you think?
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Postby stratagemini » Mon May 28, 2007 4:38 pm

Aika Fawkes - Magical Gunner

Aika Untransformed: http://fc01.deviantart.com/images3/i/20 ... resper.png
Aika Transformed: http://www.improfanfic.com/mgh/omake/fanart-mgh-005.jpg

Aika Fawkes was a normal Half Japanese Half British college student majoring in Mythology, folklore and Military History at Oxford. She had a thick brown braid going to the middle of her back, and a small pair of Black wire framed eye-glasses. She stood in at about 5'3", and she managed a B+ average. Sure she was a bit obsessed with guns, but then who wasn't really? And her tendency to be a little bit sarcastic was actually sort of endearing.

She had decided to take Mythology at Oxford because she enjoyed learning about how totally screwed over the lives of the Mythological heroes of yore were, and she had taken folklore because she was fascinated by the idea that people really believed in magic and fairy tales. She found it all a rather amusing diversion as she pursued her real passion of military history. But Akika isn't laughing at those quaint fairy tales and old religions anymore.

Everything changed for Aika when she was on a spring break in Rome. It was the spring break of her senior year, she had just turned 22, and she decided to treat herself to a holiday in Rome to learn a bit more mythology and go drinking, maybe see the sights of some of the famous battles of the ancient Romans. If only it were that simple.

It was when Aika walked into a pub called The Golden Gun that everything changed. Aika was drawn to the pub because of it's firearm related name, a name was taken (or so the bartender told her) from the large golden Gun embedded barrel first in the wall. A sign hanging above the gun read "Whomsoever pulleth this gun from this wall shall gain free drinks for life."

Aika thought that it was a rather clever gimmick, a fake gun embedded in a wall that the bartender replaced every so often if people were able to pull it from the wall. That was her first mistake. Her second was agreeing to attempt to free the Gun from it's prison.

Aika was rather drunk by the time she agreed to take the gun, so it can be forgiven that she didn't notice how easily she pulled the gun from the wall when fully grown men twice her size had had trouble even budging it. Needless to say, the free drinks that followed didn't do her common sense any favors.

She wasn't exactly sure what happened after that, but the next morning she awoke in her Hotel room with the Golden Gun in her hand and a Black buzzard perched on the headrest of her bed looking down on her. Not the most pleasant of images.

Therefore, Aika can probably be forgiven for her next action, attempting to shoot the buzzard with the golden gun. Everything would probably have ended there if the Golden Gun was a normal firearm since there were no bullets in the clip. It probably also would have ended if the Buzzard was a normal buzzard unable to dodge the shot. Unfortunately neither was true. The Firearm spewed forth a Pink magical ball of death straight at the bird, and the Bird, in response threw up a force field blocking the attack.

Aika was shocked. "Is this how you treat your Magical Guardian Beast?" The bird said looking at her with disgust. Aika was still in shock. the fact that the giant Buzzard had talked to her hadn't helped he sanity at all.

After several more attempts to kill the bird with her new magical death ray, Aika was finally convinced to listen to reason. The Buzzard whose name was Murray, of all things, explained that Aika was a Mage. He told her that all those silly folk tales she had laughed at were real, so was most of the mythology, and as a bonus prize, she was the newest footnote in that mythology. A mythology that made a habit of humbling heroes and making their lives horrible. Suddenly those courses that she had taken for fun and the opportunity to laugh at didn't seem so humorous any more.

Aika graduated from Oxford with above average grades, and was immediately recruited by the SAS, initially because of her field of study, but as her magical abilities and Armed Device came to the notice of officials she was swiftly transferred to basic training. She now is a soldier in the SAS trying to avoid getting as screwed over as those Mythological Heroes got and doing her duty for queen and country.

Aika's Powers
Aika started out as a student of Mythology and Folklore, therefore she has a lot of ranks in Knowledge skills relating to those fields. She has complete knowledge of most if not all commercially available weapons as well.

She has access to a "Stuff Space" in which she can keep an obscene amount of guns and weapons. "Always be prepared to kick some ass" as Murray says after all.

Aika is a mage, and her main magical abilities lie in her field of interest, guns. Though she can fly, Jump really damn high, and talk mind to mind with outher mages, her real powers are linked to firearms.

Aside from being incredibly skilled with normal firearms, Aika can magically empower bullets to do more damage. Her basic magical attack can be used from any firearm to either shoot pink energy bullets, or empower existing ammo. Aika can also load her Magical Golden Gun the "Deadly Cannon" with clips of up to six bullets and empower them even more than in a normal gun.

Aika's Deadly canon has a rudimentary AI system as what is called an Armed Device, It has numerous other Powers, and it has told Aika that she has only discovered the weakest of them, among these her Pretty Deadly Shot (Todlich Kugel) and the ability to summon Darkness to enshroud an area blocking out all light.

Murray perching: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... rofile.jpg
Murray in Flight: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... Upward.jpg

Murray, is Aika's Magical Guardian Beast. The foul mouthed scavenger serves as both a support mage and as an adviser on Aika's powers and faithful servant. Of course, he's not really all that happy with Aika, still sort of upset with her trying to kill him during their first meeting, and his form of "Support" is probably closer to what normal people would call "Abuse".

Murray aside from all the natural defects and abilities that come from being a Buzzard, can talk, and use the same Mental telepathy as most other Mages.

Murray has some impressive knowledge of the Arcane, knows multiple languages, and strangest of all is rather Streetwise. He won't tell Aika how he gained any of this knowledge.

Murray has displayed several useful magical powers as well, such as the ability to teleport, and shoot a glowing grey ball of healing energy. Murray also has access to a rather powerful Force Field and a rather large Pocket Dimension. He is also able t perform exorcisms. Aika has the sneaking suspicion that Murray learned this last skill from the Movie "The Exorcist" since Murray has the Habit of shouting out "The Power of Christ Compels You!" when he performs an exorcism. The truth is that Murray merely picked up the Line from "The Exorcist" and can perform the ability without it. He just doesn't want to.

Murray is a Trash talking Bird, he's rather condescending, but he obeys Orders, and respects Aika's authority... Most of the Time.
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Postby Dorin » Wed May 30, 2007 8:41 pm

Varuni Mercia

BAB: +6/+1 || +8/+2 (sword; 1d8+3, slashing/cutting; silver) || +8 guns || +12 Sword Flash (3d8+3)|| +11 Azure Dragon (2d8)

SAS issue sidearm, sword (cutting, silver edge), and uniform.

The daughter of a moderately successful businesswoman and career police officer, Varuni’s life was no more spectacular than any average person growing up in a tiny hamlet somewhere in the middle of old Mercia province. A fourth-generation Indian immigrant, her family amounts to little in the scale of significance. Having attended a local private, where she demonstrated intelligence but no drive to advance her-self. The only passion she actively sought to excel in ultimately became any manner of swordplay; from fencing lessons to being enthralled in far-East stories of samurai and their skills with the katana.

Her parents ultimately became distraught at the thought of their child completing her secondary education with only enough marks to pass and not pursuing a university degree. Thoughts of the supernatural were hardly forefront in the mind of any person involved with her life, until a personal encounter with what she holds to be a ghost changed her mind. Her father still hasn’t quite forgiven her for running the family car off the road and nearly killing a cow in the process, simply because she “hallucinated.”

Personally convinced there might be more to reality than meets the eye, Varuni took to studying old manuscripts of both Hindu and Oriental nature, and with a great deal of practice personally developed her own form of magic generated attack. Her ‘Azure Dragon’ is a source of personal pride, a coiling snake of blue-white energy, which is quite punishing on impact.

Her father convinced her to try enlistment in the Army; where recruiters for the covert service unit came seeking applicants. Her mentality seemed proper, and when it was revealed she had both interest in the supernatural, and her own form of power, she was proper material. How she survived the intense screening process is yet to be anyone’s guess, but she has found the intense experience to be rewarding, perhaps the first such challenge to actually cause a sense of accomplishment in her. A job that requires her to push herself rather than someone trying to motivate her to do so seems to be the right manner of thing for her to pursue.

A tall young woman, at 5’8”, with long black hair maintained in a tight braid, she is eager to put her training to the test. The SAS is the correct function for her, it would appear, as her skills of swordplay might actually be of use. Offering the chance for expanding her skills, and knowledge of things other than ‘normal’ is an opportunity she cannot pass up. Normally, the girl wears a quiet smile, but speaks softly and rarely. She is confident in her skills to the point of arrogance, but it not wantonly boastful, more content to demonstrate and prove herself than brag.

Height: 5’8”
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
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Postby DCG » Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:13 pm

Jane smith. (this is only ashort bit ill be adding more)

AGE: Looks 18, True age is Unknow.
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 4'7''
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Jane's a short women not even breaking 5 feet, Her blond hair curves away from her head before turning back as it nears her neck, It seems all most sharp as it reflects light. With healthy but athletic build and body Jane prefers to wear tight tops and very skimpy shorts with long stockings or leggings. Her shoulders or upper thighs are all most all ways bear showing off what seems to be an elaborate of tattooed lines and interlocking parts. Metal plated boots, Fingers less gloves, and dark shades complete her normal wear. If out in public Jane will often cover the lines with long ribbons witch she ties off and leave hanging.

When not training Jane spends her time taking care of the various weapons and firearms she has acquired, or playing the mass of video games she has collected.
What “you” would know: The party would have a bit of knowledge that Jane isn’t human and not from earth. A couple questions to command and they might learn she’s here to help out as a favor to someone. Her file is sealed and anything more would have to be learned from Jane herself.

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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 02, 2007 11:41 am

House Rules

We overhauled several issues of the character creation system.

One issue that came to our attention very quickly was the unbelievable superhuman powers of the Int stat. A character with a high Int is, in the original system, capable of radically outperforming almost anyone at almost anything. The power of this statistic essentially required characters to buy it in large quantities simply to keep up with the remainder of the party.

Additionally, there was the strong issue of how, as levels ramped up, offence became severely favoured over defence. Essentially, because of the Base Attack Bonus, by the time higher levels are reached a character will need to have spent vastly more SP on defensive skills than offensive, simply to have an equal chance to dodge and land an attack. And nobody takes this route, because it ends up being boring to just sit around evading and not actually achieving anything.

So, we ended up working out an alternate system to resolve this.

Here is the basis: Base Attack Bonus, no longer exists. Instead, Skill Points have now been split into two pools: Skill Points, and Combat Skill Points. The SP pool derived from Int is now spent purely on noncombat skills.

CSP are acquired from either levelling up, or the new Attribute, Highly Combat Skilled - which is exactly the same in cost and function as Highly Skilled, except it provides CSP instead of SP.

CSP is awarded on levelup by the basis of, essentially, selling off all of your class's Base Attack Mastery and using it to buy Highly Combat Skilled. There are three CSP tracks - 12 CSP per level to 'combat' classes, 9 CSP per level to 'half-combat' classes, and 6 CSP per level to non-combat classes.

12 CSP: Gun Bunny; Martial Artist; Samurai.
9 CSP: Giant Robot; Hot Rod; Magical Girl; Mecha Pilot; Ninja; Sentai Member; Shapechanger
6 CSP: Adventurer; Dynamic Sorceror; Pet Monster Trainer; Student; Tech Genius

Defensive skills have been shifted around repeatedly. We finally settled on grouping them in two: Ranged Defence, and Melee Defence.

Note that combat skills are still restricted to a cap of Level + 3 in rank. If you wish to have a to-hit/evade modifier higher than your level + 3, you will need to purchase the appropriate Combat Mastery attribute.

Additionally, attacks initially given by Base Attack Bonus are now granted by equivalent ranks in a combat skill - for every +5, the character recieves an additional attack so long as he takes a full round action for it. For instance, a character with 11 ranks of attack will have three attacks - at +11, +6, and +1.

Introducing this mechanic, while it solved a few problems, turned a few other things into problems as well.

First of all, 'noncombat' classes rarely recieve combat skills as class skills - combined with their low CSP gains, that can result in a noncombat class being forced to spend their entire levelup simply to increase one dodge skill by one rank.

Second, it made alternate attacks somewhat more difficult - without BAB, even a level twenty combat-class character will have a +0 modifier unless they placed significant CSP into an alternate attack mode. This made it exceedingly difficult to handle characters who were even halfway decent at multiple attack modes.

So, we instituted an 'alternate attack skills' rule. Similar in nature to Special and Alternate Attacks - basically, you only pay full-cost for your highest-level attack skill. All other attack skills are 1 CSP until they reach an equal rank to the highest. Note: Defense skills remain full-costed no matter their rank.

Then we took a look at class skills. In general, we wondered what in hell their purpose was - there was no CP cost for them, and they were distributed haphazardly at generally random. 'Balance' wasn't much involved either. In the end, for our system, they only served one purpose - legislating theme to reinforce various anime tropes. So, we scrapped them entirely. All skills are in-class.

This is, in essence, the new system - reengineered to rebalance statistics, and make it possible to semireliably dodge on occassion. (As we in the Crystal Tokyo game have discovered grows impossible at high levels, in the standard system)

One of my players is free to stab me in IRC if I missed an important point on the system, though.

Humans: I examined the human racial abilities. It looked... rather odd, in general. Humans paid like 6 CP for less than 3 CP worth of attributes. So, we switched some different things in. Here then is the new Human Race.
Human Point Cost
Base movement 0
+1 Feat at 1st Level 2
+8 Skill Points at 1st Level;
+2 Skill Point each Level 2
Divine Relationship Rank 2 2
Total Value 6
Final Cost 0

Multiple Attacks Per Round: Attacks gained from Base Attack Bonus are limited to exactly four attacks per round. Otherwise, things will just get stupidly fast with each character tossing out a dozen attacks per round, the last of which are at a +1 modifier to hit against a defensive modifier of +38... Note however that ONLY BAB attacks are limited in this manner. Attacks gained from Extra Attacks do not count towards this limit - you paid 8 CP for them, of course you get their value.

Incomplete Training: If class bonuses are sold off, the player will recieve one less CP than the value of each bonus. Otherwise it renders Adventurer totally obsolete.

Firearms: This game is using realistic ammo rules. Weapon statistics have been overhauled as well for superiour differentiation.

: Further rules and rulings will be placed in as they are completed.
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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 02, 2007 11:57 am

NPC List

Major Glenn Hartley: The commander of S Squadron. Yes, the man afflicted with the sad duty of trying to keep control over these screwballs. Tall, thin, very clean-cut with short-cropped brown hair. He's never been seen smiling, though he does seem to crack jokes nonetheless, possibly to mourn the sanity he never sees anymore.

Sergeant Shawn Corbin: The Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant, he who grants the guns. A short, slim redhead with his appearance just a little on the wrong side of 'scruffy', and a very casual type of discipline - he'd die in any other elite unit like the Parachute Regiment, but SAS is perfect for him. A gun maniac with an aesthetic appreciation of destroying things with really cool toys, a great enjoyment of video games where he can do this with guns that don't even exist, and his head screwed on just straight enough to refrain from giving people LAWs on undercover missions. He won't issue the weapons he really shouldn't, but he has no shame in offering... 'hints'. Seems to be rather attracted to Jane.
"Half the fun of fighting great supernatural menaces is the looks on their faces as we utter 'Pwnt'."

Ginette Leblanc: Operator on Team One. Fifteen years old. French girl with dyed-electric-blue hair, cold features, and a large black tattoo wrapping around the left side of her face. A halfblood valkyrie, physically powerful, and the best in the entire SAS at unarmed battle. Largely quiet, labelled by Jason as 'the scary kind of tomboy'.

Toriko Nagare: Operator on Team One. Seventeen years old, Japanese, with long dark hair with a pair of red ribbons controlling its flow. A relaxed swordsmanship specialist. Apparently became involved in the supernatural through 'a series of incidents that involved a detective agency, a psychotic temporally-displaced super-zombie, and a nymphomaniacal sorceress that keeps hitting on me'.

Lucy Gilcrest: Operator on Team One. Fifteen years old, pale, slender, looks like a platinum-blonde 'princess'. Everyone knows this is bullshit - she fights dirtier than anyone else on the squadron. Her primary ability is pyromancy.

Harry Potter: Operator on Team One. Sixteen years old, British, messy black hair, scar. He's apparently had his personality warped due to various life-threatening experiences and Selection - among other things, he now admits his lust for violence, holds absolutely no complaints about being the only guy on a team of girls near his age, and has corrupted his team to the wonders of the power of love (high explosives, artful sniping... 'Love lies in any form in which love exists and can be made beautiful'). Due to his rather ineffective magical training at Hogwarts, he's had to teach himself much out of a physics textbook - most of it is ice magic that he worked up to counter Lucy while they were rivals in training.

Farah: A marid encountered in the Syrian Desert. Proud, a touch arrogant, and solitary. The party was hunting down whatever was killing travellers - as it happened, she was hunting them too, though she ended up dehydrated and very nearly became prey for a ghul. However, she survived through a combination of her own powers, and Jason blowing up the ghul's internal organs. Her native language was Arabic, however she learned English from somewhere and was able to speak it rather well, if with a bit of an 'off' accent. She offered the party a more in-depth explanation of ghuls and jinn than S Squadron's research materials were able to provide. At the end of this meeting, she borrowed Jane's water and ran off at Mach 0.5 to the Euphrates River.
She was later re-encountered after the battle with the efreet, where she doused Jason and promised to serve as a guardian to the humans of the area.

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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 02, 2007 1:23 pm

The Story So Far

Two months after completing Selection, Team Three was sent to the city of Basra in Iraq along with Team Three. There, they were given desert training by one Michael Asher (former 23 SAS). During this period, they were called in by their briefing officer. Travellers in the desert west of Basra were disappearing. A detachment of the Royal Green Jackets went out to investigate, and two survivors came back screaming about monsters. The SAS Teams were to patrol the area, locate and identify the enemy, and bump anything hostile.

Two days into the patrol, the early morning, the culprits were encountered. A group of ghuls, shapeshifting desert demons, attacked the party. Jason took some vicious biting, but, mysteriously, was perfectly all right ten seconds later. The ghuls were defeated, and the team reported in. After the report, Jane suggested they use the one surviving (barely) ghul to follow back to its home. Jason implanted a shaped charge over its heart, and Murray healed it, then everyone got some distance and waited for it to leave. It departed to the north, faster than most could keep up. While there, it attacked a traveller, who took it on single-handedly until Jason detonated the charge.

The traveller's name was Farah, and she was a marid, a water-elemental jinn. She was also hunting down ghuls, and provided some additional information on ghul nature and habits. After which, she left to the west.

Headquarters called in and told Team Three that several potential ghul nests had been found, including one to the north. The team approached, and though Jason's stealth skills ended up giving the ghuls a bit of warning, the fight went on very effectively thanks to Aika's support fire from above. Then more started pouring in from the nest. Jane called in the airstrike, and was given an ETA of 30 seconds. Through great effort, skilled marksmanship, and Jane having way too much fun with an M2, they were able to hold back the ghuls for 20 seconds - at which point a Tornado GR4 arrived and dropped napalm all over the ghul nest.

Even as the party was celebrating its victory, a 'man' blurred towards them from out of the flames, and stopped, arms crossed, before them, grinning. This was an efreet, a fire jinn who wished to thank them for their part in his ascension. And initiate his own reign of terror as a megalomaniacal supervillain. You know, the basics of polite conduct.

His bearing and words made the party suspicious as to his intentions, and eventually Jane managed to provoke him into attacking, Jason interposing himself between her and the fireball. Brawl in front of the flaming ghul nest ensued, and though Aika drew a lot of aggro from firing her excessively powerful magical gun (and managed a misfire that blew herself up at one point) and he incinerated the entire clip from a Minimi before it reached him, eventually he fell between Jane's heavy rounds occupying his defence and Aika's magic blast to the face.

After the battle, Farah arrived and chatted with the party some more. Among other highlights of the conversation, she doused Jason (who was still on fire), was propositioned by Varuni, and promised to serve as guardian for the region. She also dissected the efreet to prevent the possibility of any regeneration, and the party bagged him and took him home once the helicopter arrived.

Upon their return to Basra, Major Glenn Hartley was awaiting them. He informed the party that there was a mission for them, and they would be returning to England pretty much immediately after gathering their personal effects. He debriefed them on the plane, and after a twelve-hour flight the party arrived at RAF Hereford. They were given the rest of the day free until their briefing. Jason and Murray set out to find and harass Team One, Aika went to pick up an order the quartermaster had put in for her, and Jane also went to chat with Shawn.

In the armoury, Aika picked up her grenade launcher, and left her 'golden gun' for Shawn to poke at until she left on the next mission, then she headed out to harass Team One as well. Afterwards, Shawn and Jane discussed Jane's guns, their latest online match in Doom 3, and flirted madly. They pretty much settled in to various gun work, peace and quiet in the armoury.

Meanwhile, Aika joined up with Jason in seeking out Team One, eventually finding them running through an entry exercise at the killhouse. Conversation ensued, the highlights including Harry elucidating on the power of love, Aika and Varuni teasing Toriko over her sexuality and her 'girlfriend' Yanagi, a short training match that ended with the Aika/Harry/Toriko team winning, occassional mention of the failings of wizards...

And then the briefing occurred. An unknown artifact had been stolen from Britain by an apparent sixteen-year-old. He was tracked to Ottawa, Canada by a pair of MI-6 demons. The party was tasked to the mission so as to provide muscle for their investigation, and Jane was placed in tentative command of the unit.
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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 02, 2007 1:24 pm

Session One

[21:28] <Pale_Wolf> And, I believe everyone's ready?
[21:28] <Aika_Fawkes> yep.
[21:28] <Pale_Wolf> Okay, I'll take the silence as a yes.
[21:28] <Jane> gtg
[21:28] <Pale_Wolf> Session Start:
[21:29] <Pale_Wolf> (I read that as 'got to go' for a second)
[21:29] <Aika_Fawkes> (YAY!)
[21:29] <Jane> Dice bot?
[21:29] <Aika_Fawkes> (Fate)
[21:29] <Fate> Konban wa.
[21:29] <Jason_Naruhodo> (PW, is the shotgun 2d6, or 2d8?)
[21:30] * Varuni stretches, pops back))
[21:30] <Pale_Wolf> (Which one? The Remington's 2d8+2, the Neostead's 2d6+2)
[21:30] <Pale_Wolf> Now, for the last few weeks, you've been in Iraq, around the city of Basra.
[21:31] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Hmm, I'll go with the neostead)
[21:31] <Pale_Wolf> You were training in desert survival alongside team two, under one Michael Asher (former 23 SAS).
[21:32] <Jane> (a mostly women group in iraw for over a month, that couldnt have been fun)
[21:32] <Pale_Wolf> (Indeed)
[21:32] * Spok_cooking is now known as Spokavriel
[21:32] <Aika_Fawkes> (Women with ridiculously large guns. Don't forget the guns)
[21:32] <Pale_Wolf> Then your briefing officer - a man technically not part of the SAS, but in on the supernatural - called you and team two in.
[21:33] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Okay, Sword, UMP< and Neostead is my loadout. )
[21:33] <Pale_Wolf> Basic story: In and around the southeastern portion of Iraq - particularly the desert area west of Basra - civilians have been going 'missing'. Nothing's turned up on them.
[21:33] <Aika_Fawkes> (Oh dear.)
[21:33] <Pale_Wolf> Anyone who travels through the area has a good chance of disappearing.
[21:34] <Pale_Wolf> Now, first this was assumed to be the work of Al Qaeda. So, a detachment from the Royal Green Jackets regiment went out to investigate.
[21:34] <Pale_Wolf> They were, as they say, pwnt.
[21:34] <Pale_Wolf> Only two survivors came back, both of them raving about 'monsters'.
[21:35] <Pale_Wolf> This is where you come in.
[21:35] <Yarrow> (You're the monsters.)
[21:36] <Pale_Wolf> The two teams are to each independently search the area - masquerading as helpless civilians (hide your guns, you guys don't wear armour), each to support the other as necessary.
[21:36] <Aika_Fawkes> (Your Mission,should you choose to accept it [and you have no choice] is to:)
[21:36] <Pale_Wolf> Identify what's been going on, and bump all hostile targets. Further support is available from HQ, including air support.
[21:37] <Pale_Wolf> Now, you've been patrolling that area of the desert for a day or two.
[21:37] <Pale_Wolf> The nights were really freaking cold - Aika almost came down with a case of laryngitis.
[21:37] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Do we have clearance to do said bumping in any way we choose? ;P)
[21:37] <Pale_Wolf> (With minimal collateral damage, otherwise yes)
[21:37] <Aika_Fawkes> (heh.)
[21:38] <Pale_Wolf> You haven't found what's up yet, but you're making decent progress at casing the desert.
[21:38] <Yarrow> (No grinding.)
[21:38] <Jane> (oh look, more sand!)
[21:38] <Aika_Fawkes> (We're in the middle of the desert with no nearby collateral targets?)
[21:38] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, it's a rocky desert. Very little sand)
[21:38] <Pale_Wolf> (And, most astute of you ;) )
[21:38] <Pale_Wolf> Flash forward, you are now cleaning up your camp from last night.
[21:39] <Pale_Wolf> (Free RP, establish group dynamics and suchlike ;) )
[21:39] <Aika_Fawkes> "Ugh. I hate cold nights. Don't you Murray?"
[21:39] <Pale_Wolf> Murray: "Love 'em. They piss you off."
[21:39] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Oh come on, it wasn't THAT cold."
[21:40] <Aika_Fawkes> "Damn oversized Chicken."
[21:40] * Jane lays out on the hevey roabs she's forced to wear durning the day to "blend in"
[21:40] <Pale_Wolf> "Damn undersized monkey."
[21:40] <Aika_Fawkes> "You know bigger monkeys than me?"
[21:40] <Pale_Wolf> "Was talking about your chest, actually."
[21:40] * Jason_Naruhodo snorts back a chuckle, and grins, as he continues packing up.
[21:40] * Aika_Fawkes lays out her ridiculous burkha
[21:41] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Your what?)
[21:41] * Varuni beats off her clothes and grumbles. "Bad shoes, and stupid primitivie living conditions. I want my i-pod." She was eyeing the skyline, wrapped bundle in her lap.
[21:41] <Jane> "Can you two give it a break all ready?"
[21:41] <Jane> "Its only been a few minites since your last "banter""
[21:41] <Aika_Fawkes> "You hear that Murray? Jane says shut up."
[21:41] <Pale_Wolf> "Bah. Well, since you asked, babe..." The buzzard leers at you in what would be a rather disturbing manner even on a human, let alone a buzzard.
[21:42] <Jane> (witch you?)
[21:42] <Jason_Naruhodo> "So, sleep well Murray?"
[21:42] <Pale_Wolf> (Guess. You're 'babe', Aika's 'bitch' :P )
[21:42] * Aika_Fawkes proceeds to look at her giant black sheet in disgust
[21:42] * Jason_Naruhodo says as he begons folding the tent canvas...
[21:42] * Aika_Fawkes steadfastly ignores the Chicken.
[21:42] <Pale_Wolf> "Like a baby. Desert's awesome."
[21:42] * Varuni eyes the group. "Do you guys mind?"
[21:43] <Aika_Fawkes> Mind what?
[21:43] * Jason_Naruhodo grins, "Yeah, it's not too different from home for me, so it is pretty nice."
[21:43] <Aika_Fawkes> *"mind What?"
[21:43] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm?"
[21:43] <Varuni> "Shutting up! This is supposed to be an elite unit, not kindergarten."
[21:43] <Aika_Fawkes> "Awww... You know you love us Varuni."
[21:43] <Pale_Wolf> (Well, you _are_ pretending to be civilians... ;) )
[21:43] * Jason_Naruhodo twitches, "Oy, enough about my age already!"
[21:44] * Varuni flashes a sincerely sarcastic smile. "Yeah, love you so much."
[21:44] <Aika_Fawkes> "Well, either that or the opportunity to behead monsters almost indescriminately."
[21:44] <Varuni> "That's always fun too."
[21:45] <Pale_Wolf> "There're things making it all worthwhile. Even getting shot at."
[21:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "Heh. So? Anyone know where we're off tothis time? the desert to the left? or the Desert to the right?"
[21:45] <Varuni> "Bah, what're bullets compared to soul-sucking demons and what not?" Looks back out at the skyline.
[21:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "and shut it you lecherous Chicken."
[21:46] <Pale_Wolf> "Bah."
[21:46] <Jane> "Every ones so talkitve, I hope that engery last you as we spend the day walking about this wasteland."
[21:47] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Please... I didn't get this far just to faint in a dessert," he says with a snort.
[21:47] <Pale_Wolf> (Rocko, Fort save ;) )
[21:47] <Varuni> "Yes, more walking through rocks and heat. Maybe we should've 'commendered' a jeep and followed a group of civies. What if this thing only attacks people who speak Arabic, or whatever it is they speak here?"
[21:47] <Jason_Naruhodo> (...are you SERIOUS!? ><;)
[21:47] <Pale_Wolf> (Nope)
[21:47] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Well, good. ;P)
[21:48] <Pale_Wolf> As it happens, all of you notice... 'something'... in the distance. Four figures are moving. Not human - animal-size.
[21:48] <Aika_Fawkes> "Look! Rabid Wolverines!"
[21:48] * Jane pulls a holster from her pack and straps it to her right thigh, Then removes a large hand gun and starts slidding in round one by one.
[21:48] <Pale_Wolf> Murray stares. "Wolverines?"
[21:48] * Varuni slips the cloth wrap off her sword a little to expose the hilt. "Wolverines out here, now that would be something."
[21:49] <Jane> "On the clock ladies, it's about time to get started."
[21:49] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Murray and shrugs, "This is the girl that shot at ya remember?"
[21:49] * Aika_Fawkes pulls out the Deadly cannon, transforms, and pulls out his C-8
[21:49] <Pale_Wolf> "True, suppose you can't expect too much from her."
[21:49] * Jason_Naruhodo takes out his trusty shotgun ...
[21:49] <Pale_Wolf> They begin approaching, moving together. As they get closer, you can recognize them as hyenas - spotted hyenas, specifically.
[21:50] <Pale_Wolf> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Spotted_hyena2.jpg
[21:50] <Aika_Fawkes> (Spot check on what the fuck they are?)
[21:50] <Pale_Wolf> (Nah, I just told you)
[21:50] <Aika_Fawkes> (Are they in range of my rifle?)
[21:50] <Varuni> "Don't those things live in the uh...what's it plains?" She frowns, peering close as possible.
[21:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "Whatever they are they look hostile."
[21:50] <Pale_Wolf> (However, yes. Wilderness Lore check: /msg Fate sendroll Pale_Wolf 1d20+(Wilderness Lore Mod) )
[21:51] <Jane> "Oh look, Lesser meatbag life forms. In the wrong envorment no less"
[21:51] <Aika_Fawkes> "Though I suppose if they just wanna eat Murray we should let em."
[21:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, hyenas _are_ native to the area)
[21:51] <Jane> (not open deserts)
[21:52] <Aika_Fawkes> (rocky wastelands)
[21:52] <Aika_Fawkes> "Those Hyenas are Sotted. They aren't native. These might be our monsters."
[21:52] <Aika_Fawkes> *Spotted
[21:52] <Aika_Fawkes> (Are they in Range of my Rifle yet?)
[21:52] * Jane gets up and puts on her buster top and digs out her gloves
[21:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Let them eat my buddy!? Nevah!"
[21:53] <Pale_Wolf> The hyenas continue to close. One of them's drifting within range of the rifle, though.
[21:53] <Aika_Fawkes> (I fire at the Hyena)
[21:53] <Varuni> "Well I guess it want to blow them away, for it." Moves his fingers slightly, ready to unleash her magic if it was called for. She couldn't run the distance to hit those things, sadly.
[21:54] * Jane steps over near the rest and gives the chamber of her bull a spin, then flicks her rest slaming it home
[21:54] <Pale_Wolf> (You don't need to roll your attack stuff privately)
[21:54] <Aika_Fawkes> "Anyone Remember the briefing. Ghul'sshapeshift into Hyenas."
[21:54] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+4
[21:54] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=2 ]5,0{6}
[21:54] <Jane> "I say we kill them just for making us wait so long"
[21:54] <Pale_Wolf> The hyena doesn't dodge shit.
[21:54] <Pale_Wolf> Roll your damage.
[21:54] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 your 5,0damage. --> error: malformed expression
[21:55] <Pale_Wolf> (Doh)
[21:55] * Varuni hits on Google, "Surrender the sheet!"))
[21:55] <Pale_Wolf> roll 4#1d8+1 Aika's pwnzage
[21:55] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 4#1d8+1 5,0Aika's pwnzage --> 5,0[ 1d8=6 ]5,0{7}, 5,0[ 1d8=4 ]5,0{5}, 5,0[ 1d8=1 ]5,0{2}, 5,0[ 1d8=7 ]5,0{8}
[21:55] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 2d8+2
[21:55] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 2d8+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=9 ]5,0{11}
[21:55] <Aika_Fawkes> "Deadly Blaster!"
[21:56] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah, were you firing single-shot?)
[21:56] <Aika_Fawkes> (I shouldn't no. let me add the damageof the other)
[21:56] <Aika_Fawkes> DoubleTap
[21:56] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d8
[21:56] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d8 --> 5,0[ 1d8=8 ]5,0{8}
[21:56] <Pale_Wolf> (Hm? Little late to say that now ;) )
[21:56] * Jane wonders if any one else hears Aika's shouting over her gunfire.
[21:56] <Aika_Fawkes> (Awww...)
[21:57] <Pale_Wolf> The hyena takes four of your five rounds, including the first one charged with pink magic.
[21:57] <Pale_Wolf> It screeches a loud, laughter-like cackle as it dies.
[21:57] <Pale_Wolf> The other three look alarmed, and move further away.
[21:57] <Pale_Wolf> (Out of range. Do you close or act?)
[21:57] <Aika_Fawkes> "Does anyone else find that not good?"
[21:57] * Varuni frowns. "Yeah, that was too easy."
[21:57] <Aika_Fawkes> (I have Farshot)
[21:57] <Pale_Wolf> (They're still in view)
[21:57] * Jane looks behind them
[21:58] <Yarrow> (What, slaughtering helpless wildlife?)
[21:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> "You ladies COULD just be over-reacting you know," he mutters with a sigh.
[21:58] <Pale_Wolf> (Send me spot rolls)
[21:58] <Jane> (send you?)
[21:58] * Varuni rises, casting off the silk wrap to her sword and looks about.
[21:58] <Pale_Wolf> (/msg Fate sendroll Pale_Wolf 1d20+(Spot mod) )
[21:58] <Pale_Wolf> Okay, Aika, Jason?
[21:59] <Aika_Fawkes> I just did
[21:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> (I did too.)
[21:59] <Pale_Wolf> Both of you notice that the 'hyenas' don't look very hyena-ey anymore.
[21:59] <Pale_Wolf> And they're growing.
[21:59] <Pale_Wolf> Big.
[21:59] <Jane> (why do that sending stuff?)
[21:59] <Pale_Wolf> As in elephant-size.
[21:59] <Pale_Wolf> (So nobody knows if they critfailed a roll ;) )
[21:59] <Aika_Fawkes> "Is it just me, or are those Hyenas Way to Damn Large?"
[21:59] * Jason_Naruhodo frowns, "I take that back," he says as he holsters his shotgun and draws his sword...
[22:00] <Pale_Wolf> (Gonna change? _They're_ taking the time to transform)
[22:00] <Pale_Wolf> They don't look like hyenas more actually.
[22:00] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray. Try and Exorcise em."
[22:00] <Pale_Wolf> "Hah? You kidding bitch? They're totally mundane critters, you'll have to do the hard work yourself."
[22:00] <Varuni> "Great...we had to be right..." she mumbles, assuming her classic attack stance, knees bent, sword spun under her arm.
[22:00] <Pale_Wolf> Right now, they look rather humanoid.
[22:00] <Aika_Fawkes> "Mundane creatures my Ass! Those are Ghul!"
[22:00] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Retcon that line then...)
[22:01] * Jane just snorts and starts walking to the things
[22:01] * Jason_Naruhodo frowns, "I take that back," he says as he holds out his hand as Model-S appears within it...
[22:01] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Model-S... Setup!"
[22:01] <Pale_Wolf> They look rather thin and emaciated. Hungry, boney. Sunken skin, hunched over...
[22:02] <Pale_Wolf> Also, a light brown tone that's a little 'off' for being human. Even presuming they weren't elephant-size.
[22:02] <Pale_Wolf> They turn, and begin running right back at you.
[22:02] <Pale_Wolf> Everyone, init rolls.
[22:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (Any within range?)
[22:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (init is dex + improved Init right?)
[22:02] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep.)
[22:03] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+4
[22:03] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=19 ]5,0{23}
[22:03] <Pale_Wolf> "Model-S' 'eye's and the crystal embeded in it's face seem to flicker weakly before they glow strongly as a bright glow flashes around Jason...
[22:03] * Jason_Naruhodo is now known as Saber
[22:03] <Jane> Roll 1d20+7
[22:03] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20+7 --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{20}
[22:03] <Saber> roll 1d20+8
[22:03] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+8 --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{13}
[22:03] <Pale_Wolf> roll 3#1d20+4 Ghuls
[22:03] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 3#1d20+4 5,0Ghuls --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{14}, 5,0[ 1d20=16 ]5,0{20}, 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{10}
[22:03] * Aika_Fawkes is now known as Pretty_Deadly
[22:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Dorin?)
[22:04] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+11 Dorin init
[22:04] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 5,0Dorin init --> 5,0[ 1d20=18 ]5,0{29}
[22:04] * Pale_Wolf changes topic to 'Ghul battle. Order: Varuni, Aika, Jane, Ghul #2, Ghul #1, Saber, Ghul #3'
[22:04] <Yarrow> (Pretty Deadly? That sounds awfully familiar...)
[22:04] <Pale_Wolf> Varuni, your move.
[22:04] <Pretty_Deadly> "You damn Chicken. Exorcise those Ghul!"
[22:05] <Saber> (Too familiar... Strat, I'm gonna kill you. ><;)
[22:05] <Pretty_Deadly> (quiet Rockman ZX)
[22:05] <Pale_Wolf> "Like I told ya bitch, the power of the lord don't compel 'em."
[22:05] <Varuni> Stupid thing won't surrender my sheet! Grr))
[22:05] <Pretty_Deadly> "You aren't Catholic you Chicken!"
[22:05] <Pale_Wolf> (Don't worry, I've got it.)
[22:05] <Pale_Wolf> (Tell me what you're doing)
[22:06] <Pale_Wolf> "Same diff. And who're YOU to know? We met in Rome, home of the Catholic."
[22:06] <Pretty_Deadly> (murray doesn't get an init?)
[22:06] <Varuni> Avoid and Sword Flash the closest I suppose for now))
[22:06] <Pale_Wolf> (Indeed)
[22:06] <Pretty_Deadly> "You're A BIRD!"
[22:06] <Pale_Wolf> (Not sniping with Azure Dragon?)
[22:06] <Saber> (I'm gonna start off by dashing to the closest one, and making sashimi out of it...)
[22:06] <Varuni> Not at the moment no))
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> (Okay, wait up, let's get this done. Varuni's evading, Aika?)
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+0 Murray init
[22:07] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+0 5,0Murray init --> 5,0[ 1d20=2 ]5,0{2}
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+0 'Something' init
[22:07] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+0 5,0'Something' init --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{11}
[22:07] <Pretty_Deadly> (they in range for a deadly Shot?)
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep)
[22:07] <Saber> "Guys, fight now! Argue later!", he grumbles, his voice now electronically synthesised...
[22:08] <Pretty_Deadly> roll 1d20+9 "DEADLY SHOT!"
[22:08] <Fate> 5,0Pretty_Deadly rolled a :5,0 1d20+9 5,0"DEADLY SHOT!" --> 5,0[ 1d20=1 ]5,0{10}
[22:08] <Pretty_Deadly> ...
[22:08] <Pretty_Deadly> "Fuck."
[22:08] <Yarrow> (As the tone is set for the rest of the campaign. :) )
[22:08] <Varuni> That's deadly alright...))
[22:08] <Saber> (Yarrow: lol)
[22:08] <Jane> ( i see wolfie uses the same dice bot)
[22:08] <Pale_Wolf> Well... Um, Pretty Deadly's bullet ends up pretty deadly to Saber who was charging... Saber, roll dodge.
[22:09] <Yarrow> (Don't fumble. :) )
[22:09] <Jane> (saber roll damage?)
[22:09] <Pale_Wolf> (Dodge first)
[22:09] <Varuni> And Saber trips over his own feet and smashes fast first into the ground))
[22:09] <Pale_Wolf> (Not gonna _totally_ mess him...)
[22:09] <Saber> roll 1d20+4
[22:09] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=20 ]5,0{24}
[22:09] <Pale_Wolf> (Not gonna _totally_ mess him...)
[22:10] <Yarrow> (Obviously, he deflects the shot back on target. ;) )
[22:10] <Pretty_Deadly> (Two Crits. Nice...)
[22:10] <Pale_Wolf> Saber apparently displays preternatural instincts, smoothly evading a bullet from _behind_ without ever seeming to notice it was coming.
[22:10] <Pale_Wolf> Jane?
[22:11] * Jane starts walking to the targets and readys her gun
[22:11] <Varuni> There, sheet is up...))
[22:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Firing? You're in medium range)
[22:11] <Jane> "Enemies Confirmed"
[22:12] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+11-2
[22:12] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+11-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=7 ]5,0{16}, 5,0[ 1d20=9 ]5,0{18}
[22:12] <Pale_Wolf> (Shooting at?)
[22:12] * Chiri-chan has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[22:12] * Jane draws and sends two rounds on there way.
[22:13] <Saber> (The darkness! :) )
[22:13] <Jane> #2
[22:13] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+4 #2 dodge
[22:13] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 5,0#2 dodge --> 5,0[ 1d20=3 ]5,0{7}
[22:13] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+2 #2 dodge 2
[22:13] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+2 5,0#2 dodge 2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{17}
[22:13] <Pale_Wolf> The friggin huge thing moves UNBELIEVABLY fast for a friggin huge thing, but doesn't quite manage to evade either shot.
[22:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Damage)
[22:14] <Jane> Roll 2#2d6+1d6+2
[22:14] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d6+1d6+2 --> 5,0[ 2d6=3 1d6=6 ]5,0{11}, 5,0[ 2d6=8 1d6=1 ]5,0{11}
[22:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Whoa, what're you firing at 'em with?)
[22:14] <Jane> (the bull)
[22:14] <Pretty_Deadly> (NeoStead)
[22:14] <Pale_Wolf> (The bull's 2d8+2)
[22:14] <Varuni> A big ass bullet...)
[22:14] <Pretty_Deadly> (Oh? The Neo does 2d6...)
[22:14] <Jane> ((oops bulls 2d8)
[22:15] <Jane> (oh well thoes are ok)
[22:15] <Jane> (+1d6 is the HP effect)
[22:16] <Pale_Wolf> Two of the most powerful handgun rounds in the world tear downrange at the huge thing. Unfortunately... Its skin is surprisingly tough. The hollow-points kind of clunk into it without piercing anything.
[22:16] <Jane> (rats)
[22:16] * Jane notices the lack of effect and holsters her gun
[22:17] <Pretty_Deadly> (but my Magic Killed Em?)
[22:17] <Pale_Wolf> (Size change. They're tougher now)
[22:17] <Pale_Wolf> Ghuls #2 and #1 are charging forward at an unbelievable rate - they've already eaten up almost four fifths of the distance.
[22:17] <Pretty_Deadly> (Fuck.)
[22:17] <Jane> (HP rounds suck on armor)
[22:17] <Pale_Wolf> However, they do not attempt any kind of attack.
[22:17] <Pale_Wolf> Saber is charging to meet them as well.
[22:18] <Saber> (Can I make a fly-by attack with the saber?)
[22:18] <Pale_Wolf> (You're not in-range)
[22:18] <Pale_Wolf> (Next turn you should be though)
[22:18] <Pretty_Deadly> (hah. Melee.)
[22:18] <Saber> (Damn... What about with the beam laser?)
[22:19] <Pale_Wolf> (Well... it's static. You can take retcon-damage from no longer being able to avoid Deadly Shot...)
[22:19] <Pale_Wolf> (You can use a gun though)
[22:20] <Saber> (Hmm, machine pistol then.)
[22:20] <Pale_Wolf> (That's not even _issue_. UMP?)
[22:21] <Saber> (Yeah, the UMP)
[22:21] <Pale_Wolf> (+6 is your mod)
[22:21] <Pale_Wolf> (Roll it up)
[22:21] <Saber> roll 1d20+6
[22:21] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+6 --> 5,0[ 1d20=9 ]5,0{15}
[22:22] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20 whichever ghul is dodging.
[22:22] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 5,0whichever ghul is dodging. --> 5,0[ 1d20=4 ]5,0{4}
[22:22] <Pale_Wolf> (Which were you shooting?)
[22:22] * Spokavriel is now known as Spok_book
[22:22] <Saber> (Closest one I guess.)
[22:22] <Pale_Wolf> (They're about even)
[22:23] <Saber> (The one in the middle then)
[22:23] <Pale_Wolf> roll 3#1d8+4 Ghul #2 pain
[22:23] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 3#1d8+4 5,0Ghul #2 pain --> 5,0[ 1d8=5 ]5,0{9}, 5,0[ 1d8=8 ]5,0{12}, 5,0[ 1d8=5 ]5,0{9}
[22:23] <Saber> (One of the ones in the middle. You pick)
[22:24] <Saber> (...shouldn't I be rolling damage? o_O)
[22:24] <Pale_Wolf> One of the ghuls staggers slightly as three rounds from a UMP-45 slam into it.
[22:24] <Pale_Wolf> (Did it for ya ;) )
[22:24] <Saber> (Right, thanks. :P)
[22:24] <Pale_Wolf> In fact, it's staggering quite heavily.
[22:25] <Pale_Wolf> The third huge human-ey thing approaches as well, the ground actually 'thudding' under his steps.
[22:25] <Pale_Wolf> End round, Varuni again.
[22:25] <Pretty_Deadly> (no Murray?)
[22:25] <Pretty_Deadly> (not even a force field?)
[22:25] <Varuni> Judge Opponent, which one is weakest?)
[22:26] <Pretty_Deadly> probably the one staggering in pain?
[22:27] <Varuni> Nah, he's playing opposum)
[22:27] <Pretty_Deadly> *()
[22:27] <Pale_Wolf> Action?
[22:27] * Varuni blue-white power crackles up her arm, sending her Azure Dragon downrange at #2 (assuming I'm in range, yes?)
[22:27] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep, you were in-range from last round)
[22:28] <Saber> (Please don't roll a 1. -.-)
[22:28] <Varuni> roll 1d20+11 Die #2!
[22:28] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 5,0Die #2! --> 5,0[ 1d20=14 ]5,0{25}
[22:28] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[22:28] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=4 ]5,0{4}
[22:28] <Pale_Wolf> It tries to dodge. It fails.
[22:28] <Pale_Wolf> (Roll your pain)
[22:28] <Pretty_Deadly> (Wait. my Deadly Cannon is Accurized with Lazer sight and scope...)
[22:29] <Varuni> roll 2d8
[22:29] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 2d8 --> 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{8}
[22:29] <Pretty_Deadly> (that's +3 that I didn't roll last time...)
[22:29] <Jane> (the scope only counts if you take a turn to aim)
[22:29] <Pale_Wolf> The dragon-shaped energy blast 'thuds' into it, caving in its shoulder slightly. It's still coming though.
[22:29] <Jane> (less metagaming more blasting)
[22:29] <Pretty_Deadly> (+2 then)
[22:29] <Varuni> "Damn!"
[22:30] <Pale_Wolf> Aika.
[22:30] <Pretty_Deadly> "Deadly Shot!"
[22:30] <Pretty_Deadly> roll 1d20+11
[22:30] <Fate> 5,0Pretty_Deadly rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 --> 5,0[ 1d20=9 ]5,0{20}
[22:30] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[22:30] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=20 ]5,0{20}
[22:30] <Pretty_Deadly> (er. +10 rather)
[22:31] <Pretty_Deadly> (no. it is +11)
[22:31] <Varuni> But he dodges anyway))
[22:31] <Pretty_Deadly> (Damn crits.)
[22:31] <Pale_Wolf> Ghul #2, stirred to excellence by his wounds, manages to jump OVER all Aika's rounds, thumping back to the ground and still coming.
[22:31] * Jane calms draws C-8 and sholders it as the thing keeps charging.
[22:31] <Pale_Wolf> Jane.
[22:31] <Pretty_Deadly> "Fucking Asshole Ghuls!"
[22:32] <Pale_Wolf> (Firing?)
[22:32] <Varuni> "What I wouldn't give for a grenade or five!"
[22:32] <Jane> (yes)
[22:32] <Jane> "Ordinance adjusted"
[22:33] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+12-2 rappid and auto fire.
[22:33] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+12-2 5,0rappid and auto fire. --> 5,0[ 1d20=1 ]5,0{11}, 5,0[ 1d20=12 ]5,0{22}
[22:33] <Jane> (fack)
[22:33] <Pretty_Deadly> (they in Grenade Range?)
[22:34] <Jane> (as are me and saber you nut)
[22:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Not yet)
[22:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Ow. Um... I really don't wanna make Saber roll a dodge _again_, so...)
[22:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Wait. He has a healer. Saaaaaabeerr....)
[22:34] <Saber> (...fuck.)
[22:34] <Jane> (he can't be in both out paths)
[22:35] <Pale_Wolf> (Well, it's a critfail, it's going around totally at random)
[22:35] <Jane> (were not fighting on a small 4fot lane road)
[22:35] <Pale_Wolf> (Fair enough. All right, no Saber dodge. Instead, the gun jams on the first blast of autofire. Jane doesn't try something insane like firing the second just yet)
[22:36] <Pale_Wolf> (However, you still have an attack, you can get off some rounds from the Bull)
[22:37] * Jane drops the jamed gun and redraws her sidearm
[22:37] <Jane> ROll 1d20+1 nothing fancy here
[22:37] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20+1 5,0nothing fancy here --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{18}
[22:38] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-2 Ghul dodge
[22:38] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-2 5,0Ghul dodge --> 5,0[ 1d20=2 ]5,0{0}
[22:38] <Pale_Wolf> It barely even _moves_ in your arc of fire.
[22:38] <Jane> Roll 2d8+1d6+2
[22:38] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2d8+1d6+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=14 1d6=4 ]5,0{20}
[22:38] <Pretty_Deadly> (YAY!)
[22:39] <Varuni> Ooorah!))
[22:39] <Pale_Wolf> Over 70% of the bullets energy is lost as it deforms on the goddamn thing's tough skin. However... 30% is enough to drop it, moaning as it slides across the rocky desert floor.
[22:40] <Pretty_Deadly> (Yay! and really. Hollowpointson armor?)
[22:40] <Pale_Wolf> (Hey, it was what was loaded)
[22:40] <Saber> (Hmm was that the one I shopt previously?)
[22:40] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep)
[22:40] * Jane starts walking up to the thing keeping her gun on it.
[22:40] <Pale_Wolf> Ghul #1 trumpets in rage and slows its charge at Jane slightly. 'Slow' for this thing being faster than anyone bar Varuni.
[22:41] <Saber> (... you sonnova! You stole my kill! :P)
[22:41] <Pale_Wolf> It crosses most of the distance in one go, and swipes at Jane with both of its huge clawed arms.
[22:41] <Jane> (ahh i figered we droped em both)
[22:41] <Pretty_Deadly> (Your kill, her kill. The things Dead. I hope.)
[22:41] <Pale_Wolf> roll 2#1d20+3
[22:41] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+3 --> 5,0[ 1d20=3 ]5,0{6}, 5,0[ 1d20=2 ]5,0{5}
[22:41] <Pale_Wolf> (It's alive, but moaning in agony)
[22:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Melee dodge, Jane)
[22:42] <Varuni> This is hardly the time for a pissing contest over who killed what :-P))
[22:42] <Pretty_Deadly> (Coup de gras?)
[22:42] <Pale_Wolf> (You can do that when you're not fighting for your lives ;) )
[22:42] <Pale_Wolf> (Or now, but...)
[22:42] <Jane> Roll 1d20+4
[22:42] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=19 ]5,0{23}
[22:42] <Jane> Roll 1d20+2
[22:42] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20+2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{7}
[22:42] * Jane just slides around the swings
[22:43] <Saber> (lol)
[22:43] <Saber> (My turn?)
[22:43] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul howls in anger as it tries but doesn't quite manage to hit her.
[22:43] <Pretty_Deadly> (I should get Improved Critical...)
[22:43] <Pale_Wolf> And, yep.
[22:43] * Saber notices ghul #2 attacking Jane.
[22:43] * Saber slaps the UMP to his waist, where it attatches nanomechanically, before drawing and ignigting his saber, and attacking the ghul in one clean motion...
[22:43] <Pale_Wolf> (Leap attack, or regular?)
[22:44] <Pretty_Deadly> (is leap added damage with a ranged weapon?)
[22:44] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually... You can't _do_ Leap on #1 anyway, it's got higher Init)
[22:44] <Saber> (Eh, leap attack, I guess... What do I do?)
[22:45] <Pale_Wolf> (And, not unless it's a weapon based on that sort of motion)
[22:45] <Pale_Wolf> (Never mind, you can only Leap Attack #3. Just roll a normal attack)
[22:45] <Pretty_Deadly> (like what? a catapult?)
[22:45] <Saber> (...huh? dude, I got Leap-attack because I thought it applied to my be4amsaber!)
[22:45] <Pale_Wolf> (I mean, a weapon that actually involves a forceful melee motion)
[22:45] <Pale_Wolf> (Leap Attack requires you to have a higher Init)
[22:45] <Pretty_Deadly> (That's MeleeIt counts Rock))
[22:45] <Saber> (...and A beamsaber does?)
[22:45] <Pale_Wolf> (You could do it on #3, but #1 has a higher Init than you)
[22:46] <Pretty_Deadly> (Beam SaberIs Melee It'll work)
[22:46] <Pale_Wolf> (I was talking to Strat about using it on a ranged attack)
[22:46] <Saber> (Forget it, I'll go standard.)
[22:46] <Pale_Wolf> (+10)
[22:46] <Saber> roll 1d20+10 Beamsaber
[22:46] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+10 5,0Beamsaber --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{21}
[22:46] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[22:46] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{5}
[22:47] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul's too distracted by Jane, even when it makes a vague attempt at dodging.
[22:47] <Saber> roll 4d8
[22:47] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 4d8 --> 5,0[ 4d8=22 ]5,0{22}
[22:47] <Saber> "HIYAH!"
[22:47] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul SHRIEKS as Saber's light-blade carves a massive furrow into its back.
[22:49] <Saber> (Does a whole lotof blood gush out in gratitious amounts? ;P)
[22:49] <Pretty_Deadly> (You don't wanna get a Demonic VD do you Rock?
[22:49] <Pale_Wolf> Sure, sure, lotsa blood pours out. It's normal red, not blue or anything. Splashes all over Saber's armour.
[22:50] * Fate has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[22:50] <Pale_Wolf> Ghul #3 alters its charge and attempts to reward Saber's heroics. Its head launches forward, neck stretching to accomodate it as it crosses nearly ten meters to try and snap him up in its jaws.
Session Close: Fri Jun 01 22:50:21 2007
[22:50] <Pale_Wolf> (Which it will find much easier with a dicebot)
[22:50] <Pretty_Deadly> (Oooh! Creepy!)
[22:50] * Fate has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[22:50] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+9
[22:50] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+9 --> 5,0[ 1d20=18 ]5,0{27}
[22:51] <Pretty_Deadly> (Wow. Even your Bot's Connection sucks.)
[22:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Dodge, Saber-man)
[22:51] <Saber> roll 1d20+4 Dodge! Dodge like the wind!
[22:51] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 5,0Dodge! Dodge like the wind! --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{14}
[22:51] <Saber> (>.<0
[22:52] <Pale_Wolf> Saber dodges a little more like the earth.
[22:52] <Varuni> Dodge like the wind into the jaws of death...)
[22:52] <Pretty_Deadly> "murray you Lazy Asshole! Shield Them! Or someone!"
[22:52] <Pale_Wolf> (Saber's out of range for it anyway. Only you gunners who weren't charging will work for that. And he will)
[22:52] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d3+1d6+14
[22:52] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d3+1d6+14 --> 5,0[ 1d3=3 1d6=2 ]5,0{19}
[22:53] <Pale_Wolf> Its fangs 'chomp' into Saber's armour, and through it without too much trouble.
[22:53] <Pale_Wolf> (Any actions, like screaming in pain?)
[22:54] <Jane> (take it like man!)
[22:54] * Saber lets off a stream of expletives, many of which he picked up in the SAS...
[22:54] <Varuni> Real robots don't scram)
[22:54] <Saber> (I'm not a real robot. ;P)
[22:54] <Pale_Wolf> Murray snorts and flaps his wings. "Looks like you girls'll need a whole _lotta_ help."
[22:54] <Varuni> :-P Then by all means whine like Akane))
[22:54] <Pale_Wolf> roll 3d8
[22:54] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 3d8 --> 5,0[ 3d8=14 ]5,0{14}
[22:55] <Saber> "Who're you calling a girl!"
[22:55] <Pale_Wolf> Saber feels a sudden sense of relief as _most_ of his wounds seem to seal over. Though the thing's still got him in its jaws.
[22:55] * Pretty_Deadly has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[22:55] <Varuni> ...)
[22:55] <Pale_Wolf> (Bah.)
[22:56] * Stratagemini has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[22:56] <Pale_Wolf> A pink wall of light expands out from Murray, encompassing Jane and Aika and Varuni.
[22:56] * Stratagemini is now known as Aika_Fawkes
[22:56] <Pale_Wolf> (Welcome back Strat)
[22:56] <Pale_Wolf> End of round. Varuni.
[22:56] <Aika_Fawkes> (nice.)
[22:56] <Saber> (Retcon my line back there. ;P)
[22:56] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh)
[22:57] <Jane> (janes ahead of the rest closer to them and saber)
[22:57] <Varuni> "Ah damn, can't join in melee...Oh well" chucks off another blast, this one #3 [and chars Saber in the process]
[22:57] <Pale_Wolf> (Hm. 'kay then)
[22:57] <Pale_Wolf> (Yeah you can. You know you can walk right through the forcewall)
[22:57] <Pale_Wolf> (It's just the _other_ way that's blocked)
[22:58] <Varuni> Ah; what's the range?)
[22:58] <Pale_Wolf> Real close. You can make it to melee with either of them with no penalties.
[22:58] <Varuni> okay; then dash out and try hitting #3 with Sword Flash)
[22:59] <Pale_Wolf> Especially given YOU. You've got friggin speed. You could've crossed liked the _entire_ gap in the first round with no penalties.
[22:59] <Pale_Wolf> (Not the all-but-dead one attacking the gunner?)
[22:59] <Pale_Wolf> (Righto, roll it)
[22:59] <Varuni> roll 1d20+12
[22:59] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+12 --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{17}
[22:59] <Varuni> ouch...that roll sucked)
[23:00] <Pale_Wolf> (Which one?)
[23:00] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[23:00] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{10}
[23:00] <Pale_Wolf> (Either way it's hit)
[23:00] <Varuni> roll 3d8+3
[23:00] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 3d8+3 --> 5,0[ 3d8=8 ]5,0{11}
[23:00] <Pale_Wolf> (Which one are you attacking?)
[23:00] <Jane> (heh,shield was a bitmuch)
[23:00] <Varuni> The one Saber)
[23:00] <Varuni> on saber)
[23:01] <Pale_Wolf> It kinda yelps at you, but doesn't seem _too_ incredibly bothered. It's good to go still.
[23:01] <Pale_Wolf> Aika.
[23:01] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+9 Doubletap "Deadly Shot!" (on the undamaged Ghul)
[23:01] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+9 5,0Doubletap "Deadly Shot!" (on the undamaged Ghul) --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{14}
[23:01] <Aika_Fawkes> (I hate Fate. And she hates Me.)
[23:01] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-2
[23:01] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{15}
[23:01] <Aika_Fawkes> (DAMN FUCKING SHIT!)
[23:01] * Varuni hugs poor Strat))
[23:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (Why won't you let me do 6D8?)
[23:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (I could annihilate them... but no...)
[23:02] <Pale_Wolf> (Um... You sure you WANT to be firing that off now? You don't have many, and there's worse waiting for you)
[23:02] <Saber> (And how would that be fun for the REST of us!?)
[23:02] <Pale_Wolf> The damn thing - still holding Saber high in its mouth - ducks back and all-but-ignores the two bullets.
[23:03] <Saber> (And yeah... Save the special stuff for later.)
[23:03] <Pale_Wolf> Jane.
[23:03] <Aika_Fawkes> (I have plenty of EP thanks to Energy Bonus)
[23:03] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul in front of you is moaning in pain, but still coming.
[23:03] * Jane stand still and reloads her bull
[23:03] <Jane> "Adjusting munitions, Reloaded. "
[23:04] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+10 #3
[23:04] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+10 5,0#3 --> 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{16}, 5,0[ 1d20=18 ]5,0{28}
[23:04] <Pale_Wolf> (You've only got four shots of it, not 'plenty')
[23:04] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[23:04] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{11}
[23:04] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-2
[23:04] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{8}
[23:04] <Aika_Fawkes> (EP cost is what? equal to the Rank?)
[23:04] * Jane caps two rounds off at the thing chewing on her teammate
[23:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Times two)
[23:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah, not the one attacking you?)
[23:04] <Jane> Roll 2#2d8+2
[23:05] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d8+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=6 ]5,0{8}, 5,0[ 2d8=11 ]5,0{13}
[23:05] <Jane> (just wait)
[23:05] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul tries to dodge as the chunks of lead fly in at it, but largely fails.
[23:05] <Aika_Fawkes> (You sure? damn. just 1 left.)
[23:05] <Pale_Wolf> (And, there're still two around. One extremely wounded)
[23:05] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul gnawing on Saber rears back under the bullets, but is still in the game.
[23:05] * Jane smirks are she turns and puts two more into the one near her
[23:06] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah, the lower BAB?)
[23:06] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20
[23:06] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{5}, 5,0[ 1d20=19 ]5,0{19}
[23:06] <Jane> (yep)
[23:06] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[23:06] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{6}
[23:06] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-2
[23:06] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{8}
[23:06] <Jane> roll 2d8+2
[23:06] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2d8+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=15 ]5,0{17}
[23:07] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul behind her snorts and tries to charge while her back's turned. Conveniently, that's about when she fires at it. The first shot's a little sloppy as she was turning, and doesn't take more than a twitch to evade, but the second is dead on.
[23:07] <Pale_Wolf> As it happens, the bullet REALLY FUCKING HURTS. At least, given that its ribcage sorta explodes, you _assume_ it hurt.
[23:07] <Pale_Wolf> (Dead and frigging pwnt)
[23:08] <Jane> "Taunting statement: Owned bitch. "
[23:08] <Pale_Wolf> (Saber?)
[23:08] <Aika_Fawkes> (What's the range on them from me? are they point Blank range?)
[23:08] <Aika_Fawkes> (30 ft)
[23:09] <Pale_Wolf> (Nah, they're point-blank to Jane, but you're still in short range)
[23:09] <Saber> (Am I still being snacked on?)
[23:09] <Jane> (htis is fun, i like jane)
[23:09] <Aika_Fawkes> (Yep! Robot. The other... metalic meat.)
[23:10] <Pale_Wolf> Yep. You can attack at a -4 bonus, or try to escape (roll str or dex modified by Unarmed Defence)
[23:10] <Saber> (Hmm, what's the mod for slicing off it's lower jaw? ;P)
[23:10] * Alathon has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[23:11] <Pale_Wolf> -4. It's a little hard to get around its jaws on you, but probably manageable.
[23:11] <Saber> (And with the beamlaser?)
[23:11] <Pale_Wolf> Also -4, I'll say.
[23:11] <Saber> (Okay...)
[23:12] * Saber mutters, "Heh, eat this!" as he triues to slice the things lower jaw off...
[23:12] <Saber> roll 1d20+10-4 Beamsaber
[23:12] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+10-4 5,0Beamsaber --> 5,0[ 1d20=20 ]5,0{26}
[23:12] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20 does it spit you out in time?
[23:12] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 5,0does it spit you out in time? --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{11}
[23:12] <Pale_Wolf> (Damage)
[23:12] <Pale_Wolf> (8d8)
[23:12] <Saber> roll 8d8
[23:12] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 8d8 --> 5,0[ 8d8=34 ]5,0{34}
[23:12] <Saber> "Yah!"
[23:13] <Aika_Fawkes> (His jaw? That's a whole Head.)
[23:13] <Saber> *Vwoom*
[23:13] <Pale_Wolf> Saber's slash at its jaw kinda... 'slips'. A good slip though, given that the friggin thing carved through the jaw... then its entire torso, cleaving it in half.
[23:13] <Aika_Fawkes> (At least I killed one by myself...)
[23:14] * Saber lands on his feet with a flip.
[23:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Well, you can execute the survivor ;) )
[23:14] <Pale_Wolf> Murray snorts. "Hah! Didn't need my help, huh?"
[23:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually... Reflex save ;) )
[23:14] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yeah. Loads of help you were. Heal Rock up you damn chicken."
[23:15] <Saber> (Rock?)
[23:15] <Saber> (Who's rock?)
[23:15] <Aika_Fawkes> (*Saber)
[23:15] <Saber> roll 1d20+8 reflex
[23:15] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+8 5,0reflex --> 5,0[ 1d20=8 ]5,0{16}
[23:15] <Pale_Wolf> Murray stares at him. "... Well, ya know, I _would_, but he's not actually scratched, bitch."
[23:15] <Pale_Wolf> (You pull off that move ;) )
[23:15] <Varuni> Such a nice cannary you have there))
[23:15] <Saber> "He's right you know," he mutters as he lets out a breath.
[23:16] <Aika_Fawkes> "Didn't he just get Bitten?"
[23:16] <Saber> "Err... Model-S can... You know. I'm not even gonna bother."
[23:16] <Pale_Wolf> (You don't know that yet Saber ;) )
[23:16] <Aika_Fawkes> "Oh right.freaky ass healing thingy."
[23:16] <Pale_Wolf> (As far as you guys know, he's taken a few scratches and relatively light wounds, had a kinda quick healing rate.)
[23:16] <Aika_Fawkes> (Retcon that statement then)
[23:16] <Jane> "Still on the clock ladies!"
[23:17] <Pale_Wolf> (But, nothing like this)
[23:17] <Jane> "We got one left,"
[23:17] <Saber> (yeah.)
[23:17] <Pale_Wolf> The surviving ghul moans slightly.
[23:17] * Jane starts nearing the downed Ghul with her gone drawn
[23:17] <Aika_Fawkes> "Right. execution style then? It's not going anywhere."
[23:17] <Jane> "Give up or do i end you?"
[23:17] * Varuni mumbles and turns to the remaining, "Whatever floats your boat."
[23:17] <Jane> (Are these things even ittlegent?)
[23:17] <Aika_Fawkes> (Do GhulsHave intelligence?"
[23:18] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul just _snarls_ at Jane.
[23:18] * Jane waves her very big gun a bit
[23:18] <Pale_Wolf> (Childish level at best)
[23:18] <Varuni> "Just kill it." Runs a hand over her forehead.
[23:18] <Jane> "Where are the others."
[23:19] <Jane> "I find it hard to belive these three took out so many soilders by them selfs"
[23:20] <Jane> "For having made so many kills they are all so oddly under fed and weak"
[23:20] <Pale_Wolf> It whimpers a little at the sight of the gun, but doesn't seem to know how to respond.
[23:20] <Pale_Wolf> (It knows you're interrogating, but doesn't know what you're asking)
[23:20] <Varuni> "You have a point." Grabs the wrap and runs it back around the sword.
[23:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "Shoot the thing already. It can't understand you Jane."
[23:21] * Varuni pauses and gestures to the thing. "Thought, maybe there's something bigger out there?"
[23:21] <Saber> "Pity we can't drag it back to HQ," he says as he detransforms, Beamsaber disappearing with his armour...
[23:21] * Saber is now known as Jason_Naruhodo
[23:21] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Everyone alright?"
[23:21] <Aika_Fawkes> "You want Murray To Stash it in Gunspace?"
[23:21] <Jane> "Leave it, We can follow it later when it limps back to its current home"
[23:22] <Pale_Wolf> (Speaking of HQ, you gonna call the Head Shed?)
[23:22] <Pale_Wolf> (Report in that you made contact?)
[23:22] * Jason_Naruhodo does.
[23:22] * Jane reloads her sidearm with spare rounds and holsters it
[23:22] <Jason_Naruhodo> "And Jane, thanks."
[23:22] * Aika_Fawkes reloads teh Deadly cannon and her rifle
[23:23] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Lemme know who else tried to kill the thing biting me... ;P)
[23:23] <Pale_Wolf> (Okay, RP for now - tell me when you're actually making the call. We'll act it out)
[23:23] <Varuni> Me :-P))
[23:23] <Pale_Wolf> (And, Jane and Varuni and Aika all attacked it)
[23:23] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Fuck. =_=;)
[23:23] * Jason_Naruhodo thanks them all then
[23:24] <Jane> "Be more carefull in the future."
[23:24] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I will."
[23:24] * Jason_Naruhodo will make that call now...
[23:24] <Pale_Wolf> Static crackles slightly on the radio, then a smooth, husky female voice drifts across the line. "Team Three, we read you, over. Do you have a report?"
[23:24] * Aika_Fawkes knocks the Ghul unconscious.
[23:24] <Varuni> Tosses her sword over her shoulder, holding the tie string for its cover, smoothing down her robes with a sigh. "Yeah, don't need you turning into cornedbeef so soon." She winked.
[23:25] * Jason_Naruhodo grins back.
[23:25] * Jane heads over to retrive her C-8 and the two unspent Hollow point rounds she ejected earler.
[23:25] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yeah. Ran into some Ghuls. We've dispatched them all and have one Prisoner."
[23:25] <Jason_Naruhodo> (I'm, talking here. :<)
[23:26] <Pale_Wolf> The woman sounds like she's frowning, and you hear the rustle of pages turning. "Ghuls? Hm... That's the Arabic-type desert demon, right? What happened?"
[23:26] <Aika_Fawkes> (you wanna do the debrief Saber?)
[23:26] <Jason_Naruhodo> (You know... you go ahead Strat. Only next time when I say I'm making the report, LET ME!!!)
[23:26] <Jason_Naruhodo> (><;)
[23:26] <Pale_Wolf> (Everyone can talk in, it's a big radio)
[23:27] * Jane Examines the guns frame and chamber. 鏑ast time I trust standard issue,・she grins at the idea of adjusting the C-8
[23:27] * Jason_Naruhodo will describe the combat, and will give a visual description of all three... If that's entirely neccessary.
[23:27] <Aika_Fawkes> "They approached us disguised as Hyenas. I Dispatched one. they transformed and my teamates Dispatched 2 more. We have one Unconscious currently and donot believe these were the culprits."
[23:28] <Jason_Naruhodo> (If not, he'll stick with a basic description of how they looked like Hyenas before becoming humanoidish..)
[23:28] <Pale_Wolf> "Understood... How did you know they were ghuls? I mean - Ahhhhh. That makes sense."
[23:28] <Jane> "One remains, We will attemp to follow it back to its current burrow pending a change in orders"
[23:28] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Err, that is to say SHE doesn't think they're related. It's still a possibility."
[23:28] <Pale_Wolf> "All right... Very good, guys. I'll call in and let Team Two know."
[23:29] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Roger."
[23:29] <Aika_Fawkes> "Have Team Two encountered anything?"
[23:29] <Pale_Wolf> "Well, even if they're not the culprits, they're still a threat to everyone if they'll even attack armed people."
[23:29] <Varuni> "And we get to investigate the burrow before we can call in airsupport." She mumbles.
[23:29] <Pale_Wolf> "Haven't heard anything."
[23:29] * Jane puts the c-8 away somehow and gathers her gear
[23:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "Roger. Any additional Orders?"
[23:30] <Pale_Wolf> "I'm calling in to the satellite observer too. Now that we know we're looking for hyenas, it should be easy to locate their den or whatever."
[23:30] <Pale_Wolf> "For now, continue your patrol. Or you can do that plan of following the ghul home."
[23:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "Roger."
[23:31] <Pale_Wolf> Murray snorts. "That thing ain't gonna get up again without a medic."
[23:31] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, what do yiou guys think?" he asks looking at his team.
[23:31] <Aika_Fawkes> "Thanks for Volunteering Murray!"
[23:31] <Pale_Wolf> "Anything else, guys?"
[23:31] <Aika_Fawkes> "Nothing currently. Over and Out."
[23:31] <Pale_Wolf> "Roger that, over and out."
[23:31] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Nope. Will report on further findings as we come across them."
[23:32] <Jason_Naruhodo> (...)
[23:32] <Aika_Fawkes> "Okay. Let's get out of detection range for the Ghul and Murray can fly above it and healit."
[23:32] <Jason_Naruhodo> (you know... I kinda wanna roll 4d8 damage on Akia now. There's taking charge, and there's over-zealousness... =_=;)
[23:33] <Pale_Wolf> Murray snarls slightly at Aika, but doesn't actually disobey.
[23:33] <Varuni> "I'd rather surgically put a bomb in it's chest first."
[23:33] <Pale_Wolf> (You do have plastic explosive you can strap to it.)
[23:33] <Pale_Wolf> (You'd need a triggered detonator and a demolitions roll though)
[23:33] <Jane> "It seems a soild plan, Mr.Murray can you follow the creature from the air?"
[23:33] <Aika_Fawkes> (We have any Detonators to go with that Plastique?)
[23:33] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I was thinking the same," he says taking out some C-4 and a detonator.
[23:33] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Umm... Why wouldn't we?)
[23:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep, assume these are satchel charges for now)
[23:34] <Aika_Fawkes> (OOh. That's aLot of Damage.)
[23:34] * Varuni just grins, then frowns. "Hopefully it doesn't blow itself up before hand, or harm innocents."
[23:35] <Pale_Wolf> (Well, that's why you hope you succeed at the demolitions roll, and have no shame in taking a 20 to get it right ;) )
[23:35] <Aika_Fawkes> (We have time. It's unconscious)
[23:35] <Jane> (no one saw my line)
[23:35] <Aika_Fawkes> (Anyone have Demolitions as Class skill?)
[23:35] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, that's a point... So, who's the best at this out of all of us?"
[23:35] <Pale_Wolf> (And make sure to tie it tight, or he can remove it ;) )
[23:35] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Jane: I did.)
[23:35] <Varuni> Same here))
[23:36] <Aika_Fawkes> (And I)
[23:36] <Pale_Wolf> Murray grins and nods to Jane. "Sure thing babe."
[23:36] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry, had a bunch of other stuff to respond to :P )
[23:36] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Actually, I have a suggestion, as gruesome as it seems..."
[23:36] * Aika_Fawkes mutters under her Breath "Lecherous Chicken"
[23:36] <Jason_Naruhodo> "How about we implant the explosive in it's wound, and then heal it over?"
[23:36] <Aika_Fawkes> "I can keep in contact with Murray Silently through Mindspeak."
[23:37] <Aika_Fawkes> "So we can maintain silence while stalking it."
[23:37] <Aika_Fawkes> *Radio Silence)
[23:37] <Jane> "I think it may notice something the size of a large pack having been shoved under its skin"
[23:37] <Pale_Wolf> (You're all about even at demolitions. +2 mod)
[23:37] <Aika_Fawkes> (What's teh Atribute?)
[23:37] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Well, you only need a small charge to destroy it's heart though."
[23:38] <Pale_Wolf> (Int, I believe)
[23:38] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Lemme do it, since I have a plan)
[23:38] <Aika_Fawkes> (My int is +2)
[23:38] <Jason_Naruhodo> (So is mine.)
[23:38] <Pale_Wolf> (Everyone's is, but nobody has Demolitions skill)
[23:38] <Varuni> "Well, whatever we do, let's get on with it." Curses her sportsbra and turns around to adjust the thing.
[23:38] <Aika_Fawkes> (Ah. Do it Jason)
[23:39] <Pale_Wolf> (Taking a 20, or rolling it?)
[23:39] <Aika_Fawkes> (We have time)
[23:39] * Jason_Naruhodo fashions a small charge that should be powerful enough to ruin the thing's insides nicely, and packs it in near the heart...
[23:39] <Jane> "的nteresting idea,But worry not. I do believe the base has people to help you over come this need to stick foren objects in hostel creatures. "
[23:39] <Jason_Naruhodo> roll 1d20+2 demolitions
[23:39] <Fate> 5,0Jason_Naruhodo rolled a :5,0 1d20+2 5,0demolitions --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{15}
[23:39] <Pale_Wolf> (Righto, then, unless it's _really_ insane, you succeed - though the others should hold it down for you so it doesn't thrash in its sleep)
[23:40] * Jane will not
[23:40] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Haha... funny," he mutters drily, as he goes about his work.
[23:40] <Pale_Wolf> (I'd advise you to take a 20, no roll, just succeed :P )
[23:40] <Pale_Wolf> (Best to take your time when you aren't in a rush)
[23:40] * Jason_Naruhodo will ask Murray to heal the thing's wound closed once he's done.
[23:41] * Jason_Naruhodo takes 20...
[23:41] <Pale_Wolf> Murray raises a wing in a salute, and a grey ball of light crosses the distance to the ghul.
[23:41] * Jane wasn't joking and will be fileing a report question the sainty of some party members.
[23:41] <Pale_Wolf> roll 3d8
[23:41] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 3d8 --> 5,0[ 3d8=14 ]5,0{14}
[23:41] * Aika_Fawkes leaves to get out of range before the Ghul waes up)
[23:42] * Jason_Naruhodo does so too...
[23:42] <Pale_Wolf> It doesn't quite seal over the bomb, so Murray sends another ball.
[23:42] <Varuni> And Saber blows himself up)
[23:42] <Pale_Wolf> roll 3d8
[23:42] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 3d8 --> 5,0[ 3d8=19 ]5,0{19}
[23:42] * Jane has regeared and put on her traveling cloak.
[23:42] <Jason_Naruhodo> (What's the effective range of the detonator?)
[23:43] <Pale_Wolf> (I'll say about long range. And you guys should probably be watching it yourself - you _do_ have binoculars)
[23:43] <Aika_Fawkes> (Can Murray Detonate it?)
[23:43] <Pale_Wolf> (He lacks hands)
[23:43] <Pale_Wolf> Murray takes to the air as the ghul stirs slightly.
[23:43] * Jason_Naruhodo will be...
[23:43] <Aika_Fawkes> (oh yea...)
[23:44] * Aika_Fawkes takes out a C-8 with a Scope and Grenade launcher and watches the Ghul)
[23:44] <Pale_Wolf> (Okay, everyone is off in the distance now?)
[23:44] <Aika_Fawkes> (I am)
[23:44] <Varuni> Indeed)
[23:44] <Pale_Wolf> (Don't bother with the C-8, you're not in range for it. Don't you have an AWS?)
[23:44] <Aika_Fawkes> I have everything)
[23:45] * Jason_Naruhodo will be sure to not be out of the detonator's range...
[23:45] * Varuni performers spotter dity
[23:45] <Varuni> *duty too
[23:45] * Aika_Fawkes uses the AWS instead
[23:46] <Pale_Wolf> It takes a while, but _eventually_ the ghul - totally healed up from the fight - stirs and rises.
[23:46] <Pale_Wolf> Its head whips around, looking for the people who hurt it.
[23:46] <Pale_Wolf> When it doesn't see anything, it yips in confusion.
[23:47] <Pale_Wolf> It moans slightly, bringing its right hand up to its heart - about where the bomb is.
[23:47] <Pale_Wolf> It can feel it.
[23:47] <Aika_Fawkes> Mindspeak "Murray, you ready to follow it?"
[23:47] <Pale_Wolf> "Was ready before you were."
[23:47] <Aika_Fawkes> "asshole"
[23:47] <Pale_Wolf> However, the ghul just scratches at the strange sensation.
[23:48] <Pale_Wolf> It doesn't seem desperate enough to plunge its claws into its chest, probably because it doesn't know about the human habit of sticking stuff into people.
[23:48] <Aika_Fawkes> (you make it sound so dirty)
[23:48] <Varuni> It should come to our next party; ball bearings and marbles))
[23:49] <Pale_Wolf> It yelps slightly, and looks around again.
[23:50] * Jane watchs the thing off in the distance and makes a mental note to question her teammates sanity in hre report.
[23:50] <Pale_Wolf> Once it's assured that it really IS safe, it sets off northward, loping along fast. Very, very, very frigging fast. Varuni can keep up, but everyone else will lose ground.
[23:50] <Aika_Fawkes> Whisper "Come on. Move you damn bastard."
[23:51] <Varuni> "Damn..." She mutters.
[23:51] * Aika_Fawkes follows keeping contact with Murray
[23:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Varuni? Split up from the group?)
[23:51] <Aika_Fawkes> "Should have put a tracker on it."
[23:51] * Jane starts off after it in a run
[23:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Not actually a problem, there _are_ satellites around :) )
[23:52] <Varuni> "I can go ahead, it can't outrun me."
[23:52] <Aika_Fawkes> "Someone contact HQ and tell them to follow it Via Sat."
[23:52] <Jane> (i would ausme tracks are easy to spot as it just left)
[23:52] <Pale_Wolf> (Indeed)
[23:52] * Jason_Naruhodo will...
[23:52] <Pale_Wolf> The lady takes your message and passes it on to the satellite peeps.
[23:53] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul keeps running, Varuni pacing after it.
[23:53] <Pale_Wolf> Time passes.
[23:53] <Pale_Wolf> Murray: "Shit! It's stopped, bitch!"
[23:53] <Aika_Fawkes> "The Ghulhas Stopped!"
[23:54] <Aika_Fawkes> Mindspeak "And Varuni? What's her position?"
[23:54] <Jason_Naruhodo> (What does the GPS say, assuming I have one, and that's where the satelite is sending coords to?)
[23:54] <Aika_Fawkes> (The Ghul stopping announcement was to the party at large)
[23:55] * Jane has been running after the tracks as well
[23:55] <Pale_Wolf> (The GPS says it's stopped somewhere in the middle of the Syrian desert.)
[23:55] <Jane> (tho not as fast as varuni)
[23:55] <Pale_Wolf> (No apparent importance to it)
[23:55] * Aika_Fawkes keeps following towards Murray's location
[23:56] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Last time I listen to Akia," he mutters with a sigh, and puts the GPS away...
[23:56] <Aika_Fawkes> (What did I say this time?)
[23:57] * Jason_Naruhodo catches up to jane and the rest in that case
[23:57] <Aika_Fawkes> To Murray "Anything else? Can you see Varuni?"
[23:58] <Aika_Fawkes> (Pale? Murray?)
[23:58] <Pale_Wolf> (I'm talking privately with Varu, sorry)
[23:58] <Pale_Wolf> "Yeah, I see her. There's something the dumb grunt's sniffing at."
[23:59] * Aika_Fawkes relays this info to the others
Session Close: Sat Jun 02 00:00:00 2007
Session Close: Sat Jun 02 00:00:00 2007

[23:54] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul stopped when it saw something lying in the middle of the desert.
[23:54] <Pale_Wolf> Zoom in on 'something'?
[23:55] <Pale_Wolf> Yo?
[23:55] <Varuni> Indeed, biconiculars able to pick it up?
[23:55] <Pale_Wolf> Yep. It's a humanoid form lying in the road.
[23:56] <Varuni> Oh joy, any specifics?
[23:57] <Pale_Wolf> Looks like a female, you can't tell much more at this range. Other than that she's paler than normal for the region, wearing long brilliantly-dyed blue robes, and is exhibiting the classic signs of dehydration in her face.
[23:57] <Varuni> The ghul leaving her alone, or getting curious?
[23:58] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul is _looking_ at her.
[23:58] <Pale_Wolf> It's a little wary, skittering around.
[23:58] <Pale_Wolf> But, it's getting closer.
[23:58] <Varuni> Will observe.
[23:59] <Pale_Wolf> The girl/woman's eyes are closed right now. She looks in really bad shape, as in barely able to move.
[23:59] <Pale_Wolf> Getting any closer yourself?
[23:59] <Varuni> Will move close enough to get a better read on her, but I'm wary if the ghul seems skittish.
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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 02, 2007 1:26 pm

Session One - Post Two

[00:00] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul doesn't notice you. All its attention is on her.
[00:00] <Varuni> Can radio back to group?
[00:00] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep)
[00:01] <Pale_Wolf> And, when you get closer, you can see a couple things _really_ odd about her. There're apparently seashells decorating her long dark wavy-ish hair. And her eyes are rimmed in blue-green makeup, with what look like tear tracks leading down from their corners.
[00:01] <Pale_Wolf> You half-recognize the description. 'Marid'. Another Arabic supernatural creature, a water-aligned jinn.
[00:02] <Varuni> Need to roll a check to see if those are good or bad?
[00:03] <Pale_Wolf> They're not assigned any particular alignment in the cosmology. You have no frigging clue.
[00:03] <Pale_Wolf> (If you'd critted, you'd have got her name and rep ;) )
[00:03] <Varuni> Okay
[00:03] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul closes on her, more confidently. She just lies there.
[00:05] <Pale_Wolf> (No actions?)
[00:05] <Pale_Wolf> Finally, it relaxes as she doesn't move.
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> Its neck snaps out in that fifty-foot bite again, snapping her up in his jaws. Her eyes flare open.
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+9
[00:07] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+9 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{26}
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+15
[00:07] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+15 --> 5,0[ 1d20=14 ]5,0{29}
[00:08] <Pale_Wolf> She manages to twist out from between its jaws before it snaps down, and she starts squalling at it in Arabic.
[00:08] <Pale_Wolf> She points a hand and makes a yanking gesture.
[00:08] <Pale_Wolf> roll 3d8
[00:08] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 3d8 --> 5,0[ 3d8=16 ]5,0{16}
[00:09] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul screeches as water leaks out of its pores - it's visibly growing thinner, as the water cycles back to the marid and moves around her hand.

Session Start: Sat Jun 02 00:00:00 2007
Session Ident: #magicalgirlcontract
[00:00] <Jane> (what others)
[00:00] <Jane> (you staye behind and then left late)
[00:00] <Jane> (do try and keep track of your own actions)
[00:00] <Aika_Fawkes> (I left at the same time as you, and we'renot keeping radio silence. Just Varuni and those near the Ghul)
[00:01] <Varuni> Crackle of static, softly on com. "It's halted position, there's a *woman* in the middle of a road. Please advise. Over"
[00:01] <Aika_Fawkes> (ctually,I left FIRST looking at the logs)
[00:02] <Jane> (Do i see any of that yet?)
[00:02] <Aika_Fawkes> Over Radio "Keep position till we get there. If it's their Boss you may needMore backup than the Chicke."
[00:02] <Pale_Wolf> (Not yet)
[00:02] <Aika_Fawkes> *Chicken
[00:02] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Can you describe the woman from where you are? Any distinguishing features?"
[00:02] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Is she being attacked?"
[00:03] <Varuni> "It's a water-elemental creature, I think. The ghul is curious, no attack."
[00:03] <Aika_Fawkes> (How far away are we?)
[00:03] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Okay."
[00:04] <Jane> (how would she know that?)
[00:04] <Aika_Fawkes> "What the hell is a Water Elemental Doing in the Desert?"
[00:04] <Pale_Wolf> By now, you're at least close enough to see the ghul looming over the horizon.
[00:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Jane: Occult check I expect.)
[00:04] * Jane moves over to Varuni
[00:04] <Pale_Wolf> (There _are_ rivers and the Persian Gulf near here ;) )
[00:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Varu's still way closer)
[00:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Yeah, there are.)
[00:04] <Varuni> "Correction, is closing in, may require detonation."
[00:05] <Yarrow> (It's trying to flood the place! (It's very ambitious.) )
[00:05] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Roger, ready."
[00:05] * Jason_Naruhodo removes the safety off the detonator, and prepares to trigger it...
[00:06] <Varuni> "Has backed away, please advise on course of action?"
[00:06] <Jane> (am i near varuni yet?)
[00:06] <Aika_Fawkes> "Theonly water Elementals I can think off in this area is Marid, aWater Aligned Jinn. It's rumoured to Be one of tehMost powerful. DO NOT NGAGE!"
[00:07] <Aika_Fawkes> *ENGAGE
[00:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Try and stay hidden... Akia, what does Murray have to say?"
[00:08] <Aika_Fawkes> Tourray "Anything you can add?"
[00:08] <Aika_Fawkes> *Tourray
[00:08] <Aika_Fawkes> *To Murray
[00:08] <Varuni> "It's attacking her! Trigger!"
[00:09] * Jason_Naruhodo presses the button,
[00:09] <Aika_Fawkes> "Fuck. This can't be good."
[00:10] * Jane wanders off to go lay done since she's cleary not in this any more
[00:10] <Jason_Naruhodo> (...The ka-boom? Where is the earth-shattering Ka-boom?)
[00:10] <Pale_Wolf> You are now getting close enough to see said earth-shattering ka-boom.
[00:10] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Heh)
[00:10] <Aika_Fawkes> (Earth Shattering? How much C-4 was Used?)
[00:11] <Jane> "Tell me, At any time did you consdering setting the charge off while it was in melee range of that Elemental to a bad idea?"
[00:11] <Pale_Wolf> And by now, you can also see a young woman standing in front of the ghul with water cycling in her hand, looking rather nonplussed as the thing dies.
[00:11] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Half a pound i think. That line was just me ripping of Marvin the Martian. ;P)
[00:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Yeah, it wasn't really earth-shattering :P )
[00:11] <Pale_Wolf> The young woman:
[00:11] <Pale_Wolf> Slim, attractive body, pretty much totally sheathed in multi-hued blue/green/and-is-that-pink-at-the-hem robes - shoulders, however, are bare, revealing a green tattoo mark on the left shoulder. Her skin tone is rather paler than you'd expect given that you're in the Iraqi desert. Long dark and slightly wavy hair, decorated with seashells. Beautiful face, deep aqua-coloured eyes... There is a blue-green makeup lining her eyes, and tear tracks leading down from the corners.
[00:11] <Pale_Wolf> Her: http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/58/s ... urlvc0.jpg
[00:11] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Like I said, I opnly put enough inside to jello it's insides. Nothing more.)
[00:12] <Pale_Wolf> (Did you get all the description?)
[00:12] <Aika_Fawkes> (yep)
[00:12] <Varuni> There is a blue-g cut
[00:13] <Pale_Wolf> The girl/woman turns to the party as they approach. Water pulls itself from the ghul's corpse and moves around her.
[00:13] <Pale_Wolf> Flash.
[00:13] <Pale_Wolf> She's standing RIGHT in front of you.
[00:14] <Aika_Fawkes> "Wecomein Piece?
[00:14] <Pale_Wolf> No aggressive moves on her part.
[00:14] <Aika_Fawkes> *Peace
[00:14] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Tranbslation: Heya, you're okay I take it?"
[00:14] <Pale_Wolf> She frowns slightly, speaking in accented English. "Ghul's death, was that you?"
[00:14] <Jason_Naruhodo> ^translation
[00:14] <Aika_Fawkes> "Er. Yes?"
[00:15] <Pale_Wolf> She snorts. "I had hoped to save him."
[00:15] <Jane> (I thought this was the sas, and an elit unit at that. Why does it feel like im in the boyscouts)
[00:15] <Aika_Fawkes> "Save him from What?"
[00:15] * Jason_Naruhodo doesn't say anything, but does take to heart the idea to not judge a book by it's cover, and prepares himself mentaly to defend himself.
[00:16] <Jane> "We're looking for what ever has been killing civilins in the area and attacked an army unit."
[00:16] <Pale_Wolf> She cocks her head. "Himself. He is ghul."
[00:16] <Aika_Fawkes> (Boy scouts use C-4?)
[00:17] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, who are you then?", he asks in a neutral tone.
[00:18] <Pale_Wolf> She frowns at Jane. "That was likely his nest. Ghuls are... hungry."
[00:18] <Aika_Fawkes> "You wished him to Become a Marid?"
[00:18] * Jason_Naruhodo sounds neither friendly nor unfriendly is what that means.
[00:18] <Pale_Wolf> She nods politely. "I am known as Farah. You?"
[00:18] <Aika_Fawkes> "Aika."
[00:19] <Jane> "Jane, Do you know where his nest is?"
[00:19] * Varuni comes to rejoin the party
[00:19] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Jason.
[00:19] <Pale_Wolf> (Gimme a sec ;_;)
[00:19] <Pale_Wolf> She raises an eyebrow. "You are surprisingly well-informed, human. And not explicitly, no. I wished him to become anything other than ghul."
[00:19] <Pale_Wolf> "Even if that meant dead."
[00:19] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "Murray. Keepwatch on this from Above."
[00:20] <Pale_Wolf> Murray snorts back at you, but keeps an eye out.
[00:20] <Pale_Wolf> "I fear I do not know where his nest is either. I was searching for it."
[00:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "I do try to keep abreast of what I might need to know. Is there anything you know that might aid us in our search?"
[00:20] * Jane pulls out her radio and check with base
[00:21] <Pale_Wolf> Farah idly touches a bit of the water swirling around her, and it seeps into her pores. She sighs in relief.
[00:21] <Pale_Wolf> "I only know ghul habits. That is the only information beyond my skills in this area that I have."
[00:22] <Jane> "We have a Ms.Farah here one of the local Water ladies. Says she's out hunting Ghuls as well. Any location on there nest yet? We lost are lead"
[00:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "What do you meanby Ghul Habits?"
[00:23] <Pale_Wolf> Base: "A local water elemental? A marid? ... Wow... Um, nothing on the nest yet. Still haven't recieved the satellite photos. I'd give it five, ten minutes."
[00:23] <Pale_Wolf> Farah: "Ghul are hungry. No... more accurately, they are hunger."
[00:24] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I expect what she means, Akia, is their behavious.," me says giving Akia an 'are you that dumb' kind of look.
[00:24] <Pale_Wolf> "If you wish to know, they like the earth's embrace. It is... to their taste. As is human flesh."
[00:24] * Aika_Fawkes glares at Jason trying to convey to him there's something about how she said "Ghul Habits" that's suspicious.
[00:25] * Aika_Fawkes begins to suspect that Farah was once a Ghul.
[00:25] <Jason_Naruhodo> "So, Farah was it? They're liable to attack anything that breathes then,' he says with a thoughtful frown.
[00:25] <Jane> "Tell the sat boys to look for a cave entrance of some kind"
[00:25] * Jane says this to base
[00:25] <Pale_Wolf> Base acknowledges.
[00:26] <Pale_Wolf> Farah nods. "They cannot think beyond their hunger. That ghul a moment ago was foolish enough to attack _me_, even when his blood spoke to him on what I am."
[00:26] <Aika_Fawkes> "Farah, Is there anything besides the Ghul Nest that might be dangerousto usin the area?"
[00:26] <Pale_Wolf> "If food enters their territory, they will hunt."
[00:26] <Aika_Fawkes> *to us in the area
[00:27] <Jane> "This isn't the proper envorment for support a large pack of preditors."
[00:27] <Pale_Wolf> Farah shrugs. "The humans of some other nation are apparently quite vicious about you Westerners. However, other than them and the ghuls, there is nothing dangerous if it is not provoked."
[00:28] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "You getting this? Any thoughts on what might be going on? This seems sort of suspicious."
[00:29] <Pale_Wolf> Farah smiles indulgently at Jane. Frankly, she seems a little condescending even though she's apparently seventeen. "You are thinking of this on a level of mundane predators."
[00:29] <Pale_Wolf> "A jinn becomes a ghul when they die of starvation."
[00:29] <Pale_Wolf> "Ghuls do not actually need food. However, they yearn for it just the same."
[00:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "do Ghuls normally run in Packs Farah?"
[00:31] <Jason_Naruhodo> "They're almost like desserts themselves," he mutters as he looks to the distance, "Try and nourish it as much as you can, but it's not enough huh?"
[00:31] <Pale_Wolf> She shrugs. "Not cooperative pack tactics as you know them. They are always rivals for any source of food. However, they are able to work together to ensure that the food is eaten."
[00:31] <Yarrow> (Deserts! *smacks Jason.)
[00:32] <Pale_Wolf> ("Yummy ghuls!")
[00:32] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Typo. Geez.)
[00:32] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Farah, "So, any idea of what kinds of places these things like to nest in?"
[00:32] <Pale_Wolf> "A very poetic description... Jason, wasn't it, human?"
[00:33] * Jason_Naruhodo nods
[00:33] * Jane turns away from the group a bit and pulls her C-8 out from under her cloak and works the jam free.
[00:33] <Pale_Wolf> "They love the embrace of rock and dust. They can dig it out quite well, so do not look for existing cave systems."
[00:34] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "You See anything like a newly dug Cave Birdface?"
[00:35] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, I see... What are their hunting habits like? How often and far away from their nests are they likely to be?"
[00:35] * Jane as she works "So not quite dead Water Jin, turn into earth ghuls? Very odd creatures on this planet."
[00:35] <Pale_Wolf> Murray: "Nothing in my view, bitch."
[00:35] <Pale_Wolf> "They range quite distant. The nest is at most a home for them to return to, however they are willing to cross miles of walking to find prey."
[00:36] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, so the nest really can be just about anywhere then. So much for narrowing it down."
[00:36] * Jane puts the fixed c-8 away and checks in with base
[00:36] <Pale_Wolf> "Yes, a death can allow a jinn to become something more. If they have the will. But any jinn can become a ghul - it is... easier than remaining oneself."
[00:37] <Jane> "Do Jin normaly let the ghul population get out of hand like this?"
[00:37] * Aika_Fawkes radios Control. "You have anything on the Sat? If not Broaden teh Range. Our Local says they can rangefor miles."
[00:39] * Sunshine_ has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[00:39] <Pale_Wolf> Farah shrugs. "Most jinn do not concern themselves with ghul. They are weak of body, weak of mind, weak of will."
[00:39] <Jason_Naruhodo> ((Wow, this place is getting crowded. +_O))
[00:39] <Pale_Wolf> Control acknowledges.
[00:39] <Pale_Wolf> (Hiya Sunns)
[00:39] <Varuni> Hi Sunny)
[00:40] <Pale_Wolf> "Jinn do not generally have 'society' as you humans term it. We are each a tribe unto ourselves."
[00:40] * Aika_Fawkes tells control to look for newly dug caves especially, rather than existing cave systems
[00:40] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hm, so Jinn mostly keep to themselves."
[00:40] <Pale_Wolf> Farah inclines her head slightly. "So far as I know, the tribe that is 'Farah' is the only one that concerns itself with the ghul."
[00:41] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Why is that?"
[00:41] <Pale_Wolf> Farah frowns. "That is my business."
[00:41] * Jason_Naruhodo raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.
[00:42] <Pale_Wolf> Farah lets her water swirl around more. "Might I request a boon?"
[00:43] <Aika_Fawkes> Mindspeak to the Entire Team. "I suspect that Farah might have been a Ghul once herself since Jinncan shift freely within Species. I have no confirmation however. Marid are very proud. do not ask"
[00:43] <Jason_Naruhodo> "You can request it, yes."
[00:43] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Whether we grant it is another thing."
[00:43] <Aika_Fawkes> "we are restricted by many things. such as chain of command."
[00:44] * Jane just stands by keeping a look out
[00:44] <Pale_Wolf> "I would like to borrow your supplies of water. I would return them in short time, however I need to refresh. I... ran closer than I should have dared to the ghul line."
[00:44] <Pale_Wolf> She swirls a bit of the water around. "The ghul himself did not have very much water within him."
[00:45] <Pale_Wolf> She blushes at the admission of her own failure.
[00:45] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "do you have any spare water in Gunspace?"
[00:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I'll have to confer with my teamates for that. Can you wait a moment?"
[00:45] <Pale_Wolf> (You guys have canteens and whatnot)
[00:45] <Pale_Wolf> (And, feel free to roll Sense Motives to figure out whether you can trust her)
[00:45] <Aika_Fawkes> (Does Murray have backup water in Gunspace?)
[00:46] <Jason_Naruhodo> ((Oh, I will... even if I don't have the skill))
[00:46] <Pale_Wolf> (Presuming no. But you guys are carrying around enough water for _weeks_ of patrol)
[00:46] <Jason_Naruhodo> ((Why do you think I asked her to wait. ;) ))
[00:46] <Jason_Naruhodo> (And Strat, seriously... think about it. WATER in GUN space!?)
[00:46] <Varuni> Keeps them clean)
[00:46] * Jane just slides her hands out from under the traveling cloak and offer her Canteen
[00:47] <Jane> "I don't need it"
[00:47] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Unless you have a loaded supersoaker in there, which I doubt, the answer is easilly no))
[00:47] <Aika_Fawkes> (Gun space is a Pocket Dimension, accessed through the Barrels of Guns. Yu would know this from working with him)
[00:47] <Jason_Naruhodo> ((Yes, and Gunspace can only be used to store and retrieve GUNS! ><;)
[00:47] <Aika_Fawkes> (It's not Full of Guns or something similar.
[00:48] <Aika_Fawkes> (No. It can be used to store and retrieveANYTHING. Even people)
[00:48] <Jane> (stuff space can be, not portable armory)
[00:48] * Pale_Wolf Farah nods in thanks, and the canteen rapidly drains of water - it goes spiralling up, out through the lip of the jug, and swirls to join the rest of her supply. "I will pay you back tenfold."
[00:48] <Jason_Naruhodo> roll 1d20+2 (Sense motive with base wiz mod)
[00:48] <Fate> 5,0Jason_Naruhodo rolled a :5,0 1d20+2 5,0(Sense motive with base wiz mod) --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{13}
[00:48] <Pale_Wolf> (It's stuffspace)
[00:48] <Aika_Fawkes> (It's Pocket Dimension)
[00:48] <Jane> "Unneeded, I do not use water"
[00:48] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Oh, I thought he was referring to his Portable Armoury)
[00:49] <Jason_Naruhodo> (My bad then)
[00:49] <Aika_Fawkes> (Murray don't have one)
[00:49] <Pale_Wolf> "Regardless. A gift is in the giving, not the losing."
[00:50] <Pale_Wolf> She cocks her head slightly. "Do you wish anything further of me at present?"
[00:50] * Jason_Naruhodo will motion to everyone but Jane to get together...
[00:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "I have no further questions. It was pleasurable meeting you."
[00:50] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Retcon that line then =.=)
[00:51] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "Follow her when she leaves."
[00:51] <Pale_Wolf> Farah nods. Then she is gone. If you look, you'll see a BLUR racing away to the east at almost half a Mach.
[00:51] <Pale_Wolf> Murray STARES. "You JOKING bitch?"
[00:51] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "How the hell was I supposed to know sheran that fast?"
[00:52] <Pale_Wolf> Murray snorts and wings down. "Gimme a drink."
[00:52] * Jason_Naruhodo will offer murray a drink from his canteen somehow once he gets back...
[00:52] * Aika_Fawkes gives Murray a drink from The spare Canteen she carriedfor Him.
[00:52] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Thanks for the help in any case Murray. Your assistance was invaluable."
[00:52] <Pale_Wolf> Murray gulps down the water gladly. "Thanks kid."
[00:52] <Jane> "That ghul was running in this derection before running into her. We should contine along this corse"
[00:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> "No probs."
[00:53] * Varuni stretches herself out.
[00:53] * Fate has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[00:53] <Aika_Fawkes> "We could wait till Control gives us a read on thoseCaves."
[00:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Good idea."
[00:53] * Fate has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[00:53] * Jason_Naruhodo says that to Jane.
[00:53] <Pale_Wolf> As if inspired, your radio goes off at this point.
[00:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> "It might take Control some time to find them... Let's go with Janes idea for now."
[00:54] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh. Answer the radio ;) )
[00:54] * Jason_Naruhodo does...
[00:54] * Aika_Fawkes answers the Radio.
[00:54] <Jason_Naruhodo> =_=;
[00:54] <Aika_Fawkes> "This is Team 3."
[00:54] <Jason_Naruhodo> (/me sighs as Akia snatches the radio out of his hands.)
[00:55] <Aika_Fawkes> (We all have headset radios Jason.)
[00:55] <Pale_Wolf> The woman at base greets you. "This is the Head Shed Team Three, I have good or bad news for you."
[00:55] <Aika_Fawkes> (Standard Equip)
[00:55] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Ask for the bad news first."
[00:55] <Pale_Wolf> "The satellite photos are in."
[00:55] <Aika_Fawkes> "The news is either or? or two pieces of News?"
[00:55] <Pale_Wolf> "It's the same news."
[00:55] * Spok_book has left #magicalgirlcontract
[00:56] <Aika_Fawkes> "And what do they show?"
[00:56] <Pale_Wolf> "As I said, the satellite photos are in. We have determined a few areas nearby that we've seen hyenas from."
[00:57] <Varuni> "That might be promising."
[00:57] <Pale_Wolf> "They are... Hm. Scattered around. One's odd... a cave to the north with spotted hyenas."
[00:58] <Aika_Fawkes> "Spotted aren't Native. That's Them."
[00:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Can you upload the coords to our GPS'?"
[00:58] <Pale_Wolf> The GPS's ping a moment after you ask this.
[00:59] <Pale_Wolf> "We would like you to check out the determined hyena nests. Identify them positively as ghul or no, then call in air support." She rattles off another frequency.
[00:59] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at his GPS, and tries to get a heading of what direction, and how far away they are...
[00:59] <Jane> "Head shed, We may need fly overs of the other locations. The water din lead us to belive there is a large amount of ghuls in the area"
[00:59] <Pale_Wolf> (North, and, a 'ways')
[00:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, I'll do an aerial sweep of the location if it's needed."
[01:00] <Pale_Wolf> "Affirmative. A number of fighters will be in the area. They will perform flyovers, but we'll need on-the-ground intelligence. I'd rather not order our fighters to bomb poor _normal_ hyenas."
[01:00] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Roger."
[01:00] * Aika_Fawkes mutters "Never liked the damn mangy dogs anyway..."
[01:01] <Varuni> "Oh well, and here I was hoping to shoot some rockets out of an Apache"
[01:01] * Jason_Naruhodo wanders a ways away, swatting Akia upside the head for that remark before he finally finds a good distance from the party and transforms...
[01:01] <Aika_Fawkes> "Were you trained for That Varuni?"
[01:01] * Jason_Naruhodo is now known as Saber
[01:01] <Pale_Wolf> "Where is the marid now?"
[01:02] <Aika_Fawkes> "She left at a Mach 1 speed according to Murray."
[01:02] <Varuni> "I can fly them, yeah."
[01:02] <Aika_Fawkes> "in short we have no idea."
[01:02] <Jane> "lets head to the first location all ready"
[01:02] <Pale_Wolf> You can hear the woman boggling. "I... knew jinn were supposed to be fast, but... Mach One?"
[01:03] <Aika_Fawkes> "If you can trust what Murray says. I'm not so sure He'd know Mach 1 if it hit him upside the head. It looked Damn fast though. she was just a blur."
[01:03] <Aika_Fawkes> "I didn't hear a SonicBoom though."
[01:03] <Pale_Wolf> (Was actually Mach 0.5 :P )
[01:04] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm... Interesting. Are you ready to go, or is there anything else?"
[01:04] <Saber> "So, in anycase... I'll fly to the location, and report what I see when I get there."
[01:04] <Aika_Fawkes> "Nothing pressing. Over and Out."
[01:04] <Aika_Fawkes> "Saber. Take Murray with you."
[01:04] * Saber nods.
[01:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Don't bother, your flight is slower than everyone else's jogging :P )
[01:05] <Pale_Wolf> (Is everyone else going along too? At least to semi-nearby?)
[01:05] * Saber taps the side of his helmet and tests his radio link to the group, "Testing, you getting a clean signal?"
[01:05] <Aika_Fawkes> yeah. sure. I'm going to thelocation. jogging.
[01:05] <Saber> (...what!?)
[01:05] <Pale_Wolf> (They are, whether they say so or not is another matter ;) )
[01:05] <Varuni> going, probably on foot, lol))
[01:06] * Jane checks the direction and starts heading there
[01:06] <Pale_Wolf> (You can fly and scout, but everyone else should be at least close)
[01:06] * Aika_Fawkes does the same
[01:06] * Saber will fly then
[01:06] * Varuni stays slow so as not to get too far ahead of everyone.
[01:06] <Jane> (if you have fly rank 1 im going to laught at you)
[01:06] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "keep an Eye on Robocop."
[01:07] <Pale_Wolf> Murray blinks. "Wha?"
[01:07] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "Saber. Make sure hedoesn't get into trouble or what not."
[01:07] <Saber> (Akia: You don't know about Jason not being human at this point.)
[01:07] <Pale_Wolf> "Yeah, sure, kid's cool."
[01:07] <Pale_Wolf> (He _looks_ like a robot)
[01:07] <Aika_Fawkes> (He's in a Robotic suit of armor. That much I know.)
[01:08] <Saber> (True.)
[01:08] <Pale_Wolf> Presumably everyone makes it. Jason, feel free to enter #private as necessary.
[01:08] <Pale_Wolf> (As in, now :P )
[01:08] * Varuni stops off at the local McD's for a bigmac))
[01:09] <Pale_Wolf> So, time passes. You are now sitting around a short-term observation post a ways away from the reported location.
[01:09] <Pale_Wolf> Team Two, as you understand, if going around and checking out other locations.
[01:09] <Aika_Fawkes> (Lazy Hippies.)
[01:10] <Aika_Fawkes> (Any EP recharged since the battle?)
[01:11] <Pale_Wolf> (One hour. What's your highest Int/Wis/Cha?)
[01:11] <Saber> (Actually, can we break for 10?)
[01:11] <Aika_Fawkes> +2
[01:12] <Aika_Fawkes> (Oh, Highest?)
[01:12] <Aika_Fawkes> (+2)
[01:13] <Pale_Wolf> (You are at 52/64. Murray is 47/62)
[01:13] <Pale_Wolf> (You want a break Rocko? What about everyone else? That okay?)
[01:13] <Jane> fine
[01:14] <Aika_Fawkes> 10 min. I guess it's okay.
[01:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Either that or you can free RP while waiting for him, since it seems he's left already :P )
[01:19] <Jane> la la laa
[01:20] * Jane field strips her c-8 while waiting at the look out, getting ride of the buikly sight and putting on some costom pices.
[01:21] * Aika_Fawkes checks her inventory of weapons making sure she has everything in perfect working order and double checking that all themechanisms are working.
[01:21] <Pale_Wolf> (Oh dear. By the way, you can feel free to keep using coppers in the bull - it's just weak when they can transform, but otherwise a copper round will splatter them)
[01:22] <Jane> (coppers the normal loadout unless i note them being changed0
[01:22] <Jane> (with a working c-8 she would use that)
[01:22] <Pale_Wolf> (Righto)
[01:24] <Aika_Fawkes> The ceiner
[01:24] <Jane> (the c-8's just lost its scope and some bulk like the extra rails. been fitting with extra firelights and a laser she had, not that it changes to much)
[01:24] <Aika_Fawkes> 's not a good gun for this?
[01:24] <Aika_Fawkes> Oh. Everyone might wanna use their Infrared googles. I plan on blinding the fuckers.
[01:25] <Pale_Wolf> (All-righty. Everyone back?)
[01:25] <Varuni> I'm alive)
[01:25] <Aika_Fawkes> (Unless Saber's still AWOL.)
[01:25] <Pale_Wolf> (The Ceiner's great when their flesh is at human-ey consistency. When they get bigger, it starts to suck)
[01:26] <Jane> (the reactions have been noted by jane in the last battle, its while she working on a c-8 now for there ap rounds)
[01:27] <Pale_Wolf> (Indeed.)
[01:27] <Saber> (Back)
[01:27] <Pale_Wolf> (Saber, get into #private and let's do this)
[01:27] <Saber> (Roger)

[01:09] <Pale_Wolf> And, how do you approach?
[01:10] <Saber> Good question. I am trying to reduce my visibility here...
[01:10] <Saber> Hmm...
[01:10] * Saber could do with a better description of the layout of everything for a start.
[01:11] <Pale_Wolf> You don't see it yet ;)
[01:11] <Pale_Wolf> You're presently flying towards a plateau rising in the distance.
[01:27] <Saber> Okay...
[01:29] <Pale_Wolf> ... Yo?
[01:29] <Pale_Wolf> ... Yo?
[01:29] <Saber> Hmm, I'm guessing that with Murray's assistance, we'll be approaching the plateau from two sides.
[01:30] <Saber> That way, we can both provide intel from two visual angles... or something.
[01:30] <Pale_Wolf> Yeah, so how do you approach?
[01:31] <Pale_Wolf> Fast, slow, high, low? Yo?
[01:31] <Saber> Unlike murry, I have the problem of being more careful with my approach... Hmm, I'm gonna try and keep the sun at my back and go for a high approach.
[01:32] <Pale_Wolf> Sun at your back? You're going _north_, unless you routed around to the west.
[01:32] <Saber> Murray is a bird, no matter how you look at him. If he fliues high enough, he shouldn't look that odd from the ground.
[01:32] <Saber> Yeah, I was thinking that...
[01:33] * Saber isn't a pilot, and has never seen iraq aside from the war-torn areas so he's going by on what little he knows here.
[01:33] <Pale_Wolf> Okay, so, you route around to the east and approach the given location. You pass over the plateau and see nothing but more rocky desert.
[01:33] <Saber> Okay.
[01:34] <Pale_Wolf> Next action?

[01:28] <Pale_Wolf> As far as you can see, Saber's approaching a plateau. You guys can chatter and prepare as you like.
[01:28] * Saber will be in radio contact
[01:29] <Aika_Fawkes> (Murray with Saber?)
[01:29] <Pale_Wolf> (I presume not. Unless you forced him to :P )
[01:30] * Jane keeps a look out with her binocs
[01:30] * Varuni does the same
[01:31] <Aika_Fawkes> (I did)
[01:31] <Pale_Wolf> Murray complained lots, but when Jason asked him, he ended up going.
[01:34] <Pale_Wolf> Murray to Aika: "Yo bitch, tell the kid I see 'em. Approach from the south."
[01:34] * Saber will report the following over the radio, "Nothing but rocks and sand from where I am. Any news?"
[01:35] <Aika_Fawkes> Mindspeak to Saber "Murray Sees Em Approaching from tehSouth"
[01:35] * Saber raidos back, "Right, I'll be there soon."
[01:35] <Jane> (is he on flight 1?)
[01:36] <Pale_Wolf> (No, no, Murray said _you_ should approach from the south)
[01:36] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "Robocop'll be there soon."
[01:36] <Pale_Wolf> (It's an angle thing. The plateau provided cover when he tried coming at it obliquely.)
[01:36] <Aika_Fawkes> "Belay That Saber. We Need to Approach from the south. not you.
[01:36] <Saber> "Acknowledged."
[01:36] <Jane> "Ready to move out, lets go."
[01:37] <Aika_Fawkes> "Jane, Varuni. Murray says we need to Approach from teh south."
[01:37] * Aika_Fawkes approaches from the south.
[01:37] <Varuni> "Right" Slips her sword into her belt and follows.
[01:37] <Pale_Wolf> (Are you mind-talking to Murray?)
[01:37] <Pale_Wolf> (Oh my...)
[01:38] * Jane leave her cloak behind as she heads off
[01:38] <Pale_Wolf> (Yo? Strat, are you telling Murray what you're doing?)
[01:38] <Aika_Fawkes> (Yeah. I Am)
[01:38] <Pale_Wolf> "Wait wait wait, tell HIM to approach from the south dammit! Not you yet!"
[01:39] <Aika_Fawkes> "halt."
[01:39] <Aika_Fawkes> "Saber. Murray's being an Unclear asshole.You approach from the south."
[01:39] <Varuni> Growls."
[01:40] <Aika_Fawkes> "Not my fault the Bird's unclear."
[01:40] * Saber pauses for a moment to wonder whether Akia is being the unclear one, before responing calmly, "Understood."
[01:40] <Varuni> "I'll tie him to a bus when this is over"
[01:40] <Aika_Fawkes> (It's AIka Damn it!)
[01:40] <Pale_Wolf> (Poor Murray ;_; )
[01:41] <Pale_Wolf> (I actually didn't expect you to interpret it that way. Oops :P )
[01:41] <Saber> (He's my friend... I'll save him!)
[01:41] <Aika_Fawkes> (He's chicken McNuggets that's what he is!)
[01:42] <Aika_Fawkes> (Murray McNuggets. I wonder if that's his actual Name...)
[01:42] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh)
[01:42] <Saber> (And strat, Akia's right... It's just a matter of Roleplay is all. ;P)
[01:43] <Aika_Fawkes> (Aika you ass...)
[01:43] <Aika_Fawkes> (Or I'll Akira your ass)
[01:44] <Saber> (Heh, touchy aren't ya. Okay. Aika is is then. ;P)

[01:39] <Saber> Well, it's done in any case. ;P
[01:39] <Pale_Wolf> Okay, so, you come back around from the south.
[01:39] <Saber> Yep.
[01:39] <Pale_Wolf> Now, you see the plateau wall.
[01:40] <Pale_Wolf> Assuming you take your time to observe, you also see the mouth of a cave, hemmed in by a lot of rocks.
[01:40] <Pale_Wolf> (This being why you didn't see it from the east)
[01:41] <Saber> Right.
[01:41] <Pale_Wolf> Now, the cave mouth itself is unspectacular. But, roll a spot check.
[01:42] <Pale_Wolf> Yo Rock.
[01:42] <Saber> Right...
[01:43] <Saber> roll 1d20+4 spot
[01:43] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 5,0spot --> 5,0[ 1d20=3 ]5,0{7}
[01:43] * Saber CRIES!
[01:43] <Pale_Wolf> ... Well... You spot _a_ hyena, spotted, prowling around one of the rocks.
[01:43] <Pale_Wolf> It spots you, and is looking up.
[01:44] <Pale_Wolf> Looks pretty curious.
[01:44] <Saber> "..."
[01:44] * Saber looks around a bit more to see if anything odd stands out.
[01:44] <Saber> (ie. Can I have another go at it? ;P)
[01:45] <Pale_Wolf> (You can roll again, or you can just take your time. Stealth's gone anyway)
[01:45] <Saber> Right.
[01:45] <Saber> roll 1d20+4 spot
[01:45] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 5,0spot --> 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{10}
[01:46] <Pale_Wolf> (... Owie. Trying to roll instead of taking your time?)
[01:46] <Pale_Wolf> You spot one more as you pull back.
[01:46] * Saber takes his time after seeing the other one, to scan the area thoroughly...
[01:47] <Pale_Wolf> Six more _eventually_ enter your field of view.
[01:48] <Pale_Wolf> Action?
[01:49] <Saber> Is there a good sniper's vantage point around?
[01:49] <Saber> Spot check?
[01:50] <Pale_Wolf> If you look for such a point: grenade nest, the only real option that's 100% safe is up on TOP of the plateau.
[01:50] <Pale_Wolf> Sniper, there's a decent spot that should have a good angle at the scattering of rocks - you can point it out to Aika, it's actually closer to her than you.

[01:45] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "What the hell's Happening you bastard?"
[01:45] <Pale_Wolf> "Kid's taking a look. Looks like he's found it."
[01:47] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray says it looks like Jason found it."
[01:47] * Saber says over the radio, "I've managed to spot eight from here. This is the place alright."
[01:48] <Saber> "And yeah, these ones are spotted too."
[01:48] * Jane calls into base with that info and waits orders
[01:48] <Varuni> "Now how do we investigate without getting ripped to shreads?"
[01:48] <Aika_Fawkes> "Saber, Is there a good Grenadier's point? or a sniper's nest?"
[01:48] <Saber> "One moment..."
[01:49] <Aika_Fawkes> "if not I can always launch Grenades from the air."
[01:50] <Varuni> "Well we need to check for survivors, right? Or should we just call in for an airstrike and then clean up?"
[01:51] <Saber> "...It may be an idea to at least attempt to locate survivours."
[01:51] <Saber> "We'll leave the air-strike as a lart resort."
[01:51] <Pale_Wolf> (And, you can indeed grenade or snipe from the air, so why do you need a rest point? :P )
[01:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Oh my.)
[01:51] <Aika_Fawkes> (For the others like Jane who can't fly)
[01:51] * Jane wonders what takes base so long to anser
[01:51] <Saber> "As for sniping ponts, there's only one that's 100% save, and that's at the top of the plateau."
[01:52] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah, sorry, didn't catch that)
[01:52] <Pale_Wolf> (And Saber, that's for grenades. Can't really snipe from up there, don't have the angle)
[01:52] * Sunshine_ has left #magicalgirlcontract
[01:52] <Saber> (Right, let's assume I said for grenading then. ;P)
[01:53] <Aika_Fawkes> (Pale you catch my Know Occult Roll?)
[01:53] <Pale_Wolf> (Gimme a sec, responding to Jane who spoke first ;) )
[01:53] <Pale_Wolf> Jane, base responds: "They're spotted after all, then? Well... Hm. Investigate and confirm for absolute certainty that they are the ghuls, then call in an air strike."
[01:54] <Saber> "For sniping, there's a decent spot that should give you a good angle at the scattering of rocks. It's closer to you than where I am actually."
[01:54] <Saber> "Go ahead and take position, but hold fire for now."
[01:54] <Aika_Fawkes> (hmm?)
[01:55] <Jane> "We investigate first
[01:55] <Aika_Fawkes> "I'mPretty Sure The Ghul Don't Take prisoners. rather. They Eat People on the spot."
[01:55] <Varuni> "We'll just have to becareful looking in."
[01:55] <Jane> "Correct, i suggest investigateing via high power rifle from down range"
[01:56] * Aika_Fawkes flies to the Grenadiering Spot Saber indicated
[01:56] <Saber> "There's still a chance of a survivour, besides which, we can't take everything Farah said as gospel."
[01:56] <Pale_Wolf> (You'll do better to do it from up in the air)
[01:56] * Aika_Fawkes flies to a better grenadiering spot in midair then.
[01:57] <Jane> "The ittelgence of this team seems to be lowering the longer we remain on active duty."
[01:57] <Saber> "I'll assist on the ground," he says before he begins descending towards where Jane is...
[01:57] <Pale_Wolf> (Aika, what're you using? C-8? Which mod?)
[01:57] <Jane> "There will be no survivours, but if you insist of sticking your head in there to find out then proceed. I will remain behind you laught as your are rended apart."
[01:58] <Aika_Fawkes> Radio to group "I'll be attacking from Uprange. Damn but a dedicated Grenade Launcher would be useful here."
[01:58] * Varuni rolls her eyes at Jane.
[01:58] * Saber fould frown, if he could, but instead says nothing...
[01:58] <Saber> ^would
[01:58] <Aika_Fawkes> Radio Group "Is everyone in Position?"
[01:58] <Aika_Fawkes> Muray "you ready?"
[01:59] <Pale_Wolf> Murray snorts. "Ready, I'll be guarding the babe."
[02:00] * Aika_Fawkes readies a C-8 with a M17 attached and Loads it with a Grenade
[02:00] <Pale_Wolf> (Soooooo. Moving in, guys?)
[02:00] <Saber> (Yep)
[02:01] <Varuni> Saber is good to be chomped)
[02:01] <Aika_Fawkes> (Can I take 20 and Aim this damn thing right into their cave?)
[02:01] * Saber draws and ignites his Beamsaber...
[02:01] <Pale_Wolf> Private hide rolls. /msg Fate sendroll Pale_Wolf 1d20+(Hide mod)
[02:01] <Saber> (If so, I'll give it the worst indigestion in history! >:( )
[02:01] <Aika_Fawkes> "If no one Objects I'll lob a grenade into thierCave as an Opening round."
[02:01] <Pale_Wolf> The ghuls might object ;)
[02:01] <Jane> "Feel free"
[02:01] <Pale_Wolf> And there are eight _outside_ the cave.
[02:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (Pale. I take 20 and Deadly Shot a Grenade into their Hidey Hole)
[02:02] <Varuni> Might as well call for the cruise missile now))
[02:02] <Saber> (heh)
[02:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (Wait. 8 outside? How many can I get with 1 grenade?)
[02:02] <Pale_Wolf> (You can't Deadly Shot a grenade, only Deadly Blast)
[02:03] <Aika_Fawkes> (Okay. I'll deadly Blast the Grenade)
[02:03] <Pale_Wolf> (And, if you get close enough to even fire, you can probably catch four in one shot)
[02:03] <Aika_Fawkes> I fire from Directly above them to hit 4
[02:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Wait, you guys are advancing together or...?)
[02:04] <Aika_Fawkes> (I'm opening salvo)
[02:04] <Jane> (its supposed to be hit by and air strike
[02:04] <Jane> (advancing seemed like a very stuiped thing to do)
[02:04] <Varuni> I think Aika is taking her revenge on Saber for the mispelled name))
[02:04] <Saber> (Hah!)
[02:05] <Aika_Fawkes> (Can I get the Attack on the Hyenas?)
[02:06] * Jane has reminded behind a bit, Apperntly with murry
[02:06] <Aika_Fawkes> Radio "I see Saber He's about to be Hurt!"
[02:06] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh.)
[02:06] * Varuni seeks a spot to use her magic on targets.
[02:06] <Saber> (I'll said I was descending to where Jane is.)
[02:06] <Saber> (=_=)
[02:06] <Aika_Fawkes> "I'mnot in Range To Help, But Varuniyou might be able to makeit in time!"
[02:06] <Pale_Wolf> (Saber, feel free to turn around)
[02:06] <Saber> (Did I stutter, did I mumble?)
[02:06] * Saber does
[02:07] <Pale_Wolf> You see a fugging huge ghul bearing down on you from behind.
[02:07] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry man, consistently bad hide rolls ;) )
[02:07] <Saber> "Wow. Die."
[02:07] <Varuni> lol)
[02:07] <Pale_Wolf> Okay everyone, init.
[02:07] * Saber attacks the mofo...
[02:07] <Pale_Wolf> (No ya don't :P )
[02:07] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+4
[02:07] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{15}
[02:08] <Jane> Roll 1d20+7
[02:08] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20+7 --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{22}
[02:08] <Varuni> roll 1d20+11
[02:08] <Varuni> roll 1d20+11
[02:08] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 --> 5,0[ 1d20=8 ]5,0{19}
[02:08] <Saber> roll 1d20+8 init
[02:08] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+8 5,0init --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{21}
[02:08] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20 Fugging Huge Ghul
[02:08] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 5,0Fugging Huge Ghul --> 5,0[ 1d20=18 ]5,0{18}
[02:08] <Pale_Wolf> roll 7#1d20+4
[02:08] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 7#1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{15}, 5,0[ 1d20=14 ]5,0{18}, 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{15}, 5,0[ 1d20=12 ]5,0{16}, 5,0[ 1d20=14 ]5,0{18}, 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{9}, 5,0[ 1d20=18 ]5,0{22}
[02:08] <Aika_Fawkes> "I've got a perfect Shot on 7 ghuls.So help Saber before Attacking the Main Force!"
[02:09] <Aika_Fawkes> ...
[02:09] <Aika_Fawkes> (Most Ominous.)
[02:09] <Varuni> Next time I vote for simple saturation bombing)
[02:09] <Saber> (/me glares at the topic and wills it to change!)
[02:10] <Jane> (hello? air strike ring any bells?)
[02:10] <Jane> (it was you guys who ran up on the place)
[02:10] <Aika_Fawkes> (Air strike won't Help Saber)
[02:10] * Pale_Wolf changes topic to 'Fight at the nest. Jane, Ghul #8, Saber, Varuni, Ghul #1, Ghul #3, Ghul #6, Ghul #5, Ghul #2, Ghul #4, Aika, Ghul #7'
[02:10] <Varuni> I didn't run up on anything, I was for smarter action, like throwing Murray and Saber at the problem)
[02:11] <Saber> (lol!)
[02:11] <Saber> (I tried to do the smart thing and say that I was gonna stick with Jane... Pity things fell apart. T_T)
[02:12] <Pale_Wolf> All righty. Jane, your move. You are in Long range to the ghuls at the nest, Short range to the fugging huge ghul (#1) after Saber.
[02:12] <Pale_Wolf> (That is the case for everyone but Aika, who is in Short range to the nest and Long range to Saber)
[02:13] <Aika_Fawkes> (Go after Saber's ghul.I'll take care ofteh Nest from above)
[02:13] * Jane jane radio base that they found a large nest of ghul's and are under attack while drawinga beed with her other arm
[02:13] <Pale_Wolf> (Saber can handle his ghul, don't worry)
[02:13] <Pale_Wolf> Base confirms, and you hear that Team Two is on their way.
[02:13] <Aika_Fawkes> (yeah. But Idon't want my Ghul's Noticing me)
[02:13] <Varuni> Yeah, handle it like a sausage)
[02:13] <Saber> (Somehow, that sounds wrong... )
[02:13] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+10 c-8 autofire
[02:13] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+10 5,0c-8 autofire --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{27}, 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{27}
[02:14] <Jane> (oh my)
[02:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Which did you fire at?)
[02:14] <Jane> (the one running at saber
[02:14] <Jane> #1
[02:14] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[02:14] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=12 ]5,0{12}
[02:14] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-2
[02:14] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=3 ]5,0{1}
[02:14] <Aika_Fawkes> ow.
[02:15] <Pale_Wolf> It completely fails to evade a damn thing.
[02:15] <Varuni> Die!)
[02:15] <Pale_Wolf> (So, _eight_ hits)
[02:15] <Jane> (8 hits and 13 hits(
[02:16] <Pale_Wolf> (No, eight total)
[02:16] <Pale_Wolf> (Three hits from the first, all five from the second)
[02:16] <Jane> ahh
[02:17] <Jane> Roll 8d8+2
[02:17] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 8d8+2 --> 5,0[ 8d8=45 ]5,0{47}
[02:17] <Pale_Wolf> (Owie... Technically, that'd be 8#1d8+1, but the math's the same since it's AP)
[02:17] <Pale_Wolf> Well, maybe it technically 'evades', if you can call those two bullets that passed to either end of its skull.
[02:18] <Pale_Wolf> And, fail to count the EIGHT that turn it into a really ugly pulp.
[02:18] <Pale_Wolf> It crashes to a sliding halt.
[02:18] <Aika_Fawkes> (So It's dead?)
[02:18] <Pale_Wolf> (OOooooooh yeah baby)
[02:18] * Jane lifts the c-8 from how she was fireing it and responds to the radio
[02:18] <Jane> "Copy base, will keep an eye out for team 2"
[02:19] * Jane pocket the radio and starts walking to Aika spot "Next"
[02:19] <Pale_Wolf> Ghul #8 charges out of the nest, towards Jane and Saber and Varuni.
[02:19] <Pale_Wolf> Saber.
[02:20] * Saber thanks the corpse for dying, and looks around for another nearby target...
[02:20] <Saber> (Err, retcon that, I attack #8)
[02:21] <Pale_Wolf> Charge it? I'll note that it's still over 750 feet away.
[02:21] <Pale_Wolf> Feel free to shoot with your laser though.
[02:21] <Saber> (yeah, beamlaser)
[02:21] <Pale_Wolf> (Fire away)
[02:21] <Saber> roll 1d20+11 Beamlaser
[02:21] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 5,0Beamlaser --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{21}
[02:21] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+4
[02:21] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{21}
[02:22] <Saber> ...
[02:22] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul nimbly manages to keep ahead of your laser as it scorches a trail out of the desert floor.
[02:22] <Pale_Wolf> Varuni.
[02:23] <Varuni> Move closer to get in range of unloading Azure on #8
[02:23] <Pale_Wolf> Hell, you can get into _melee_ with him. Though I wouldn't advise it since that'd make you in range of all the others ;)
[02:23] <Pale_Wolf> You're totally in range.
[02:23] <Varuni> :-P Indeed)
[02:23] <Varuni> 1d20+11
[02:24] <Varuni> roll 1d20+11
[02:24] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{22}
[02:24] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+4 (You actually had to run, so your aim suffered a little)
[02:24] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 5,0(You actually had to run, so your aim suffered a little) --> 5,0[ 1d20=7 ]5,0{11}
[02:24] <Aika_Fawkes> If you get surrounded by Ghul. I'll bail you out with a Grenade to the centerof the Mob.
[02:25] <Aika_Fawkes> *()
[02:25] <Pale_Wolf> It fails to avoid.
[02:25] <Saber> (Aika: I see something wrong with that sentance, don't you?)
[02:25] <Varuni> roll 2d8
[02:25] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 2d8 --> 5,0[ 2d8=11 ]5,0{11}
[02:25] <Varuni> Yeah, like blowing me up in the process?))
[02:25] <Varuni> Maybe put the grenade behind the mob? :P)
[02:25] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul shrieks, its arm _ripped off_ by the energy blast.
[02:26] <Saber> (Like, fer sure! :P)
[02:26] <Varuni> Grins and cracks her knuckles. "Next!"
[02:26] <Pale_Wolf> Ghuls #... Everything, charge as well, towards Varu. Ghul #7 is still under Aika.
[02:27] <Aika_Fawkes> Damn it! Are they stillin Grenade range?
[02:27] <Aika_Fawkes> *()
[02:27] <Saber> (Next round?)
[02:27] <Pale_Wolf> You'll have to rush at full speed, and you'll still take some penalties trying it (-6). But, it's an AoE, so you stand a decent chance.
[02:28] <Aika_Fawkes> (Right. That's what I'll do then)
[02:29] <Pale_Wolf> (Fire away. DC 10 to detonate the AoE on them)
[02:29] * Aika_Fawkes charges at teh Goddamn Ghuls and Fires a Deadly Blaster grenadeinto teh centerof the Mob.
[02:29] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+7
[02:29] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+7 --> 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{13}
[02:29] <Pale_Wolf> (All righty, roll up the damage)
[02:29] <Pale_Wolf> (That would be 1d8+2d10)
[02:30] <Aika_Fawkes> Roll 2d10+1d8
[02:30] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 2d10+1d8 --> 5,0[ 2d10=12 1d8=8 ]5,0{20}
[02:30] <Pale_Wolf> roll 6#1d20+4
[02:30] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 6#1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{14}, 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{10}, 5,0[ 1d20=7 ]5,0{11}, 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{21}, 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{14}, 5,0[ 1d20=16 ]5,0{20}
[02:30] <Pale_Wolf> (A moment)
[02:30] <Aika_Fawkes> (+4? These Ghul are more Nimble than the last?)
[02:31] <Pale_Wolf> (These ghul are still human-size)
[02:31] <Aika_Fawkes> (ah)
[02:31] <Varuni> It's harder for an elephant to dodge...most of the time)
[02:32] <Aika_Fawkes> (So how many die?)
[02:32] <Pale_Wolf> The grenade goes off in the center of their 'herd'. They go flying. Three stay down, the last three land on their feet and snarl at you.
[02:32] <Aika_Fawkes> "Take that You Damn Dirty Apes!"
[02:33] <Pale_Wolf> (Let me calculate all this)
[02:33] * Aika_Fawkes loves Grenades.
[02:33] <Saber> (DM, now loading...)
[02:34] <Aika_Fawkes> (And Update the topic for dead enemies!)
[02:34] <Saber> (So demanding!)
[02:35] * Pale_Wolf changes topic to 'Nest fight. Jane, Saber, Varuni, Ghul #6, Ghul #5, Ghul #2, Aika, Ghul #7'
[02:35] <Pale_Wolf> Ghul #7 gets nervous, and darts back into the cave.
[02:35] <Pale_Wolf> Jane.
[02:35] <Aika_Fawkes> (Wow. That was a nice shot.)
[02:35] <Varuni> Makes up for all those bad shots last fight :-P)
[02:35] <Pale_Wolf> (You're not too likely to get another :P )
[02:35] <Aika_Fawkes> "I Love Grenades!"
[02:36] * Jane picks out her targets and goes down the line
[02:36] <Pale_Wolf> (Everyone's approaching the batch at a walk?)
[02:36] <Saber> (I'm air-dashing. ;P)
[02:36] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+12-2-2 #6&%
[02:36] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+12-2-2 5,0#6&% --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{13}, 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{13}
[02:36] <Aika_Fawkes> (Varuni could walk upkick them in the face and walk back without me getting there at a run.)
[02:37] <Jane> (fireing at 6 an and 5
[02:37] <Pale_Wolf> roll 2#1d20+4
[02:37] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{17}, 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{17}
[02:37] <Varuni> -poof- "Hi! *smack* -poof-))
[02:37] * Jane frowns and recorrects her aim to do it again
[02:37] <Pale_Wolf> Both of them manage to stay just ahead of the autofire bursts, sidestepping fast.
[02:37] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20
[02:37] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{13}, 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{17}
[02:38] <Pale_Wolf> roll 2#1d20+2
[02:38] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=2 ]5,0{4}, 5,0[ 1d20=12 ]5,0{14}
[02:38] <Jane> (2 and 1?)
[02:38] <Pale_Wolf> This time, neither successfully evades the whole stream.
[02:38] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep)
[02:39] <Jane> Roll 2#1d8+2
[02:39] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d8+2 --> 5,0[ 1d8=1 ]5,0{3}, 5,0[ 1d8=5 ]5,0{7}
[02:39] <Jane> Roll 1d8+2
[02:39] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d8+2 --> 5,0[ 1d8=7 ]5,0{9}
[02:39] <Pale_Wolf> Both fall and don't get up.
[02:39] <Saber> (How many does that leave?)
[02:39] * Jane pulls out the spent mag
[02:40] <Pale_Wolf> (Two left for now)
[02:40] <Saber> (Are the near each other, like within 5 feet?)
[02:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, one popped back in the cave. The other is still out in no-man's land)
[02:41] <Saber> (Fine, I leap-attack the sucker.)
[02:41] <Pale_Wolf> ... From over 500 feet away?
[02:42] <Saber> ...
[02:42] <Pale_Wolf> You might do well to run :P
[02:42] <Aika_Fawkes> Leap Attack is great.
[02:42] <Saber> (*Grumbles, and moves up instead full round action)
[02:42] <Varuni> ...my old man's snoring is so annoying))
[02:43] <Pale_Wolf> All righty, Varu, your move.
[02:43] <Pale_Wolf> Feel free to slice-and-dice #2.
[02:43] <Varuni> Heh, will be doing
[02:43] <Varuni> "Behold my next trick!"
[02:43] <Aika_Fawkes> (varuni. It's your turn)
[02:43] <Varuni> roll 1d20+12
[02:43] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+12 --> 5,0[ 1d20=2 ]5,0{14}
[02:44] <Varuni> Which is to push the bounds of a crit fail, lol))
[02:44] <Pale_Wolf> (I assume you just 'friscking blurred' over to where it was standing)
[02:44] <Aika_Fawkes> (I'm beholding. That 2 was very impressive...)
[02:44] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+4
[02:44] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{10}
[02:44] <Jane> "How did these thing ever mange to take out that squad?"
[02:45] <Varuni> roll 3d8+3
[02:45] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 3d8+3 --> 5,0[ 3d8=23 ]5,0{26}
[02:45] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul sees SOMETHING approaching, but doesn't move fast enough. Varuni is holding her sword and sheath a bare meter from its head.
[02:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "To be fair. Not much Stands up to a Grenade tothe face."
[02:45] <Saber> "Surprise. They wern't expecting hostiles, we were."
[02:45] <Pale_Wolf> Which is sliced off.
[02:45] <Pale_Wolf> The sword goes back in sheath before anything more than a flash of silver is seen.
[02:46] <Pale_Wolf> (All righty, Aika's turn. You do anything?)
[02:46] <Varuni> Grins and assumes a neutral stance. "I'd be more concerning with maybe watching for the one that ran into the cave."
[02:46] <Pale_Wolf> (Like reload your grenade launcher?)
[02:47] <Aika_Fawkes> (Am I in Range with my Deadly Cannon?)
[02:47] * Saber will join up with Varuni...
[02:47] <Aika_Fawkes> (How far am I from the nearest Ghul?)
[02:47] <Pale_Wolf> (Of what?)
[02:47] <Pale_Wolf> (The nearest ghul is #7, who ducked into the cave)
[02:48] <Pale_Wolf> (And, you're still on combat time guys ;) )
[02:48] <Varuni> indeed)
[02:48] <Saber> (PW: TO be fair, you should change the topic. ;P)
[02:48] <Aika_Fawkes> (What is the range to next nearest?)
[02:49] <Pale_Wolf> (There is no next-nearest, beyond the ones moaning in agony from the grenade)
[02:49] <Pale_Wolf> (And Jane's bullets)
[02:49] <Aika_Fawkes> (Right. I'll shoot themwith teh C-8)
[02:49] * Jane reloads the c-8 as she walks over to the others
[02:49] <Aika_Fawkes> (Am I in point Blank?)
[02:49] <Pale_Wolf> (You're still kinda over the nest. Speaking of which...)
[02:50] <Jane> "We have confirmed they are ghuls, the air strike should be ordered now"
[02:50] <Pale_Wolf> Aika, if you happen to look back in the direction of #7...
[02:50] <Pale_Wolf> You might note that four new ghuls are stepping out of the cave.
[02:50] <Aika_Fawkes> (Okay. I look in that direction)
[02:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "New Ghuls!"
[02:50] <Pale_Wolf> They swell, blossoming up to elephant-size.
[02:50] <Varuni> "Any more explosives?..."
[02:50] * Aika_Fawkes reloads and floats up out of range for them
[02:51] * Jane checks with base
[02:51] <Aika_Fawkes> "I ALWAYS Have More Explosives!"
[02:51] <Jane> "Is that air stike near by?"
[02:51] * Saber runs over to where Varuni is...
[02:51] * Pale_Wolf changes topic to 'Agitation phase. Jane, Saber, Varuni, Aika, Ghul #9, Ghul #10, Ghul #11, Ghul #12'
[02:51] <Pale_Wolf> Base: "The air strike's nearby and available - you confirmed it yet?"
[02:51] <Jane> "Confirmed, 7 hostels down with more in the hole"
[02:52] <Pale_Wolf> Jane, your move.
[02:52] * Jane is calling in the air strike
[02:52] <Aika_Fawkes> (#7 Is still AWOL?)
[02:52] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep)
[02:52] <Varuni> "We need to contain them for the strike."
[02:53] <Jane> (does jane get a confermation?)
[02:53] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry 'bout that)
[02:53] <Aika_Fawkes> "We can Contain them with grenades"
[02:53] <Pale_Wolf> "Is anyone anywhere near the nest? Aerial bombings are only so accurate, and unless you like the taste of napalm..."
[02:54] <Pale_Wolf> (Not if you want to survive the airstrike you can't ;) )
[02:54] <Jane> "We are at a safe distance and will witdraw"
[02:54] <Aika_Fawkes> "I'm Floating Above it, but I could get outta the way."
[02:54] <Varuni> Is in no danger, can be in Baghdad by that time))
[02:54] * Jane lets her team know "Air strike incoming, Withdraw from the area."
[02:54] <Pale_Wolf> "Fawkes? Do so. The air strike is inbound. ETA is 30 seconds."
[02:55] * Aika_Fawkes flies the hell outta there
[02:55] * Varuni runs full speed the hell away
[02:55] * Jane keeps her distance and chats with murry a bit
[02:55] <Jane> "That seemed to easy'
[02:55] <Pale_Wolf> (You guys get some distance)
[02:55] * Fate has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:56] <Aika_Fawkes> (Shit.I's 3am already?)
[02:56] <Pale_Wolf> However, the ghuls are charging. And they're frigging fast.
[02:56] <Varuni> Time did fly))
[02:56] <Pale_Wolf> (It's Saturday. Gotta sleep?)
[02:56] * Fate has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[02:57] <Aika_Fawkes> (Gotta get up early. I'm being dragged Shopping."
[02:57] <Pale_Wolf> All the ghuls end up further from the nest than Aika is at present.
[02:58] <Pale_Wolf> (Right, I'll NPC you)
[02:58] <Pale_Wolf> They are approaching you fast.
[02:58] <Pale_Wolf> Jane again.
[02:58] <Aika_Fawkes> I'm stil here for a while)
[02:58] <Pale_Wolf> (Whenever the time is nigh then)
[02:58] <Pale_Wolf> Jane, your move.
[02:59] <Jane> "Yes, lets charge the killing mehince with the gun"
[02:59] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+12-2 #9
[02:59] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+12-2 5,0#9 --> 5,0[ 1d20=3 ]5,0{13}, 5,0[ 1d20=18 ]5,0{28}
[02:59] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[02:59] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{11}
[02:59] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-2
[02:59] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=19 ]5,0{17}
[02:59] <Pale_Wolf> Ghul #9 doesn't evade either burst - a total of three bullets slam into it.
[03:00] <Jane> Roll 1d8+2
[03:00] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d8+2 --> 5,0[ 1d8=4 ]5,0{6}
[03:00] <Jane> Roll 2#1d8+2
[03:00] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d8+2 --> 5,0[ 1d8=6 ]5,0{8}, 5,0[ 1d8=2 ]5,0{4}
[03:00] <Pale_Wolf> 'Click' comes from Jane's C-8 as the magazine empties.
[03:00] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul roars slightly, but keeps coming.
[03:00] * Jane dont move and reloads her c-8
[03:01] <Jane> (move turn to reload, shooting again)
[03:01] <Pale_Wolf> (That'll be next turn ;) )
[03:01] <Jane> (i got more bab?)
[03:01] <Pale_Wolf> (Nah, it takes a full action to reload)
[03:01] <Pale_Wolf> (Feel free to whip out a Minimi or something, though)
[03:01] <Jane> (right)
[03:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (Does Jane carry the M2? She CAN wieldit by herself)
[03:02] <Varuni> something that sprays lots of big bullets, really fast)
[03:02] <Pale_Wolf> (That's the Minimi)
[03:02] * Jane jane slides the c-8 on her back pulls her sidearm
[03:02] <Pale_Wolf> Saber, having been NPCed, dashes back, pulling the UMP off his thigh and pressing the stock to his shoulder. He lets a set of rounds go on Ghul #10.
[03:02] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[03:02] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=8 ]5,0{8}
[03:03] <Jane> or not
[03:03] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[03:03] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=1 ]5,0{1}
[03:03] <Pale_Wolf> Every single one of which hits.
[03:03] <Pale_Wolf> roll 5#1d8+4
[03:03] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 5#1d8+4 --> 5,0[ 1d8=8 ]5,0{12}, 5,0[ 1d8=7 ]5,0{11}, 5,0[ 1d8=1 ]5,0{5}, 5,0[ 1d8=3 ]5,0{7}, 5,0[ 1d8=2 ]5,0{6}
[03:03] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, you're right. You _can_ use a BAB burst to fire again with the Bull. Sorry)
[03:04] <Pale_Wolf> (So, Jane, feel free to use your Bull)
[03:05] <Jane> (go ahead and finshe that)
[03:05] <Pale_Wolf> Righto. The Ghul Saber decided to punish takes a lot of pain, and yelps hard, but keeps coming.
[03:05] <Aika_Fawkes> (Hmm?)
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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 02, 2007 1:27 pm

Session One - Post Three

[03:05] <Pale_Wolf> You're up Jane.
[03:06] <Pale_Wolf> (Feel free to pound the sucker with your Bull)
[03:06] * Jane draws fast and puts two more rounds into #9
[03:06] <Aika_Fawkes> (Night all. I need to be NPCd now.)
[03:06] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20
[03:06] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{15}, 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{15}
[03:06] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-4
[03:06] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=7 ]5,0{3}
[03:06] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-6
[03:06] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-6 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{11}
[03:06] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul dodges shit-all.
[03:07] <Jane> Roll 2#2d8+2
[03:07] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d8+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=11 ]5,0{13}, 5,0[ 2d8=5 ]5,0{7}
[03:07] <Pale_Wolf> (Didn't you say they were loaded with coppers?)
[03:07] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d6
[03:07] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d6 --> 5,0[ 1d6=3 ]5,0{3}
[03:07] <Jane> (ahh right)
[03:08] <Saber> (Night strat. :( )
[03:08] <Jane> roll 2#1d6
[03:08] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d6 --> 5,0[ 1d6=2 ]5,0{2}, 5,0[ 1d6=6 ]5,0{6}
[03:08] <Pale_Wolf> (G'night Strat)
[03:08] <Varuni> Good game Strat. See ya ;))
[03:08] <Pale_Wolf> The first bullet winds up embedding itself in his chest, and his eyes roll up in pain as he falls forward. Second bullet just deforms against his chest, though.
[03:08] <Pale_Wolf> Varuni's move.
[03:09] <Varuni> #9 dead, or just injured?)
[03:09] <Pale_Wolf> (It's lying unconscious on the ground, and isn't likely to get up again without medical aid)
[03:10] <Pale_Wolf> (#s 10-12 are still bearing down on you, though)
[03:10] <Varuni> Fire on #11 then)
[03:10] <Varuni> roll 1d20+11
[03:10] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{24}
[03:10] <Jane> its just two of us here now,should we hold thill next week?
[03:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Saber's back, actually, I only NPCed him for like a second :P )
[03:11] <Pale_Wolf> (And, there's not too much more to the session I don't believe)
[03:11] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[03:11] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=3 ]5,0{3}
[03:11] <Varuni> roll 2d8
[03:11] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 2d8 --> 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{8}
[03:11] <Pale_Wolf> (What're you using, Varu? C-8 or UMP?)
[03:12] <Pale_Wolf> Ghul #11 tries to dodge, but just ends up waltzing right along with the stream of fire.
[03:12] <Pale_Wolf> Four hits.
[03:12] <Varuni> Azure, don't carry any guns but a sidearm)
[03:12] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah, or not. Gotcha)
[03:12] <Pale_Wolf> The energy bolt smashes into its shoulder, bruising it hard.
[03:12] <Varuni> Might think about the big ones though, lol))
[03:13] <Pale_Wolf> And, Aika's move. Who is an NPC. A moment.
[03:13] * Varuni comes up beside Jane, sliding and kicking up sand, "Hi Jane." Unloads her blast and does a fist pump. "Might be saying bye in a second though."
[03:14] <Pale_Wolf> Aika continues flying as fast as she can to the others, and AWAY from the air strike target. She also tries to unload a burst from her C-8 onto Ghul #10.
[03:14] <Varuni> Dori want big boom!))
[03:14] <Jane> "These things are pathic"
[03:14] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+12
[03:14] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+12 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{22}
[03:14] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-2
[03:14] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=2 ]5,0{0}
[03:14] <Varuni> "I can't help but agree, but don't encourage them."
[03:15] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul fails to evade, and is riddled by a burst.
[03:15] <Pale_Wolf> roll 4#1d8+1
[03:15] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 4#1d8+1 --> 5,0[ 1d8=7 ]5,0{8}, 5,0[ 1d8=4 ]5,0{5}, 5,0[ 1d8=3 ]5,0{4}, 5,0[ 1d8=8 ]5,0{9}
[03:15] <Jane> (DOH im an iddoit)
[03:15] <Jane> (i forgot to add my massive damage the intire session)
[03:16] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh. Do so from now on, I guess ;) )
[03:16] <Saber> (lol!)
[03:16] * Varuni gives a pat on the shoulder.))
[03:16] <Pale_Wolf> Murray snorts, and a pink shield extends itself around 'everyone-but-Aika'.
[03:16] <Varuni> Hopefully I can come up with an interesting weapon sometime in the future. Black Dragon is calling me))
[03:17] <Saber> (Huh? o.O;)
[03:17] <Pale_Wolf> Ghul #10 falls to a shot that you're _pretty_ sure hit the heart.
[03:17] <Pale_Wolf> The Ghuls continue to close.
[03:17] <Varuni> :P Legendary weapon weilding by a big Chinese duty))
[03:17] <Pale_Wolf> End turn, Jane.
[03:17] <Jane> (that 300lb sword? Your no lu bu)
[03:18] <Saber> (Ah)
[03:18] <Varuni> ...weilded by a big Chinese guy; no Lu Bu was the Lunar Halberd; Black Dragon was Guan Yu's baby))
[03:18] <Pale_Wolf> Jane's up.
[03:18] <Pale_Wolf> Oh wait.
[03:18] * Jane dumps her current shells and uses a preped speed loaded to slap in "normal" rounds before seding them on there way
[03:18] <Pale_Wolf> One more moment in the turn.
[03:19] * Jane takes her time doing so it seems
[03:19] <Pale_Wolf> Four MORE ghuls boil out from the nest.
[03:19] <Pale_Wolf> End turn.
[03:19] <Pale_Wolf> Jane.
[03:19] * Jane palms her face
[03:19] <Varuni> "That thirty seconds is really starting to get long..."
[03:19] <Saber> "Well, at least we can't complain about having a boring patrol."
[03:20] <Jane> (what targets do we have left?)
[03:20] <Jane> damn
[03:20] <Pale_Wolf> Two bigass ghuls in Medium range, four base-size in Long.
[03:20] <Jane> (taco place is going to clos)
[03:20] <Pale_Wolf> (Ack.)
[03:20] * Jane finshes off the two close ones
[03:21] <Pale_Wolf> (You'll want to shoot at only one, one's unhurt)
[03:21] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+12-2 finsh him
[03:21] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+12-2 5,0finsh him --> 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{16}, 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{21}
[03:21] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[03:21] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{17}
[03:21] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-2
[03:21] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{11}
[03:21] <Jane> Roll 2d8+2+2
[03:21] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2d8+2+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{12}
[03:22] <Pale_Wolf> Ghul #11 manages to barely duck under the first bullet, but the second takes him square in the arm.
[03:22] <Jane> (no arm any more)
[03:22] <Jane> "Annnoying,"
[03:22] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20
[03:22] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=14 ]5,0{14}, 5,0[ 1d20=4 ]5,0{4}
[03:22] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-4
[03:22] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=1 ]5,0{-3}
[03:22] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-6
[03:23] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-6 --> 5,0[ 1d20=8 ]5,0{2}
[03:23] <Jane> Roll 2#2d8+2+2
[03:23] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d8+2+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{12}, 5,0[ 2d8=4 ]5,0{8}
[03:23] <Jane> "And stay down"
[03:23] <Pale_Wolf> It kinda walks _into_ the first, and can't do anything about the second while it's in that agony. It's still, freakishly, ALIVE, though.
[03:23] <Pale_Wolf> Saber.
[03:24] <Pale_Wolf> (And do you want to pop out DC?)
[03:24] <Jane> (nah i can get something else0
[03:24] <Pale_Wolf> (Gotcha)
[03:24] * Saber will leap-attack #11
[03:25] <Pale_Wolf> (You can't cleave if you leap attack. You can normal attack though)
[03:25] <Saber> (God-damnit! Fine, I normal attack then. T_T)
[03:25] <Pale_Wolf> (Roll it up)
[03:25] <Saber> roll 1d20+10 Beamsaber
[03:25] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+10 5,0Beamsaber --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{23}
[03:25] <Varuni> Been itching for it all night with no success))
[03:25] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-8
[03:25] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-8 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{9}
[03:26] <Pale_Wolf> The ghul fails to evade or do anything of the sort.
[03:26] <Saber> roll 4d8 Slash!
[03:26] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 4d8 5,0Slash! --> 5,0[ 4d8=11 ]5,0{11}
[03:26] <Pale_Wolf> (Goes through)
[03:26] <Saber> (Re-roll the to-hit for the next one?)
[03:26] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep)
[03:26] <Saber> roll 1d20+10 Beamsaber Cleave!
[03:26] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+10 5,0Beamsaber Cleave! --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{25}
[03:26] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20
[03:26] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{10}
[03:27] <Pale_Wolf> The next fails to dodge too.
[03:27] <Saber> roll 4d8 Cleave!!!
[03:27] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 4d8 5,0Cleave!!! --> 5,0[ 4d8=11 ]5,0{11}
[03:27] <Saber> (...)
[03:27] <Pale_Wolf> Saber makes a rather glorious move, carving through first ONE ghul, then carrying the slash forward and cutting off the second's arm, embedding his beam thingy in its side.
[03:28] <Saber> (Beam... thingy? >.<;)
[03:28] <Pale_Wolf> Varuni, if Rocko doesn't have any grandstanding in mind.
[03:28] <Saber> (Nope. ;P)
[03:28] <Pale_Wolf> (Yes. All things are thingies)
[03:29] <Varuni> Roll 1d20+11 Come on crispy critters!
[03:29] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 5,0Come on crispy critters! --> 5,0[ 1d20=20 ]5,0{31}
[03:29] <Pale_Wolf> (... Wow... I feel really sad about wasting such a crit on a sucker with only 2 HP...)
[03:29] <Jane> (thats very crispy)
[03:29] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-2
[03:29] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{15}
[03:29] <Varuni> Yeah...)
[03:29] <Saber> (lol)
[03:30] <Pale_Wolf> (Roll your damage anyway, I wanna see just HOW roasted he is)
[03:30] <Varuni> roll 4d8
[03:30] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 4d8 --> 5,0[ 4d8=19 ]5,0{19}
[03:30] <Pale_Wolf> Varuni's strike _vaporizes_ the bastard. Fortunately, she also avoided 'trimming' Saber who was still close to it.
[03:31] <Jane> (its double)
[03:31] <Jane> (that would be 8d8)
[03:31] <Pale_Wolf> (nah, that's doubled. It was the dragon)
[03:31] <Varuni> No, 4d8 was double ;))
[03:31] <Jane> (ahh ok)
[03:32] <Pale_Wolf> Aika turns around in mid-flight, continuing to back away, and fires another burst at Ghul #13.
[03:32] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+12
[03:32] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+12 --> 5,0[ 1d20=12 ]5,0{24}
[03:32] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+4
[03:32] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{17}
[03:32] * Varuni lets out a breath and reflexifly pops her knuckles again, that energy always tingled when she tossed it. "Come on air strike! We'd like to cook these bastards now."
[03:32] <Pale_Wolf> Which fails to dodge entirely.
[03:32] <Pale_Wolf> roll 2#1d8+1
[03:32] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 2#1d8+1 --> 5,0[ 1d8=6 ]5,0{7}, 5,0[ 1d8=2 ]5,0{3}
[03:33] <Pale_Wolf> The four ghuls at the cave entrance grow to 'full-size', and charge in. Guess what ELSE just came out of the cave?
[03:33] <Saber> (The boss?)
[03:33] * Pale_Wolf changes topic to 'Jane, Saber, Varuni, Aika, Ghuls, More Ghuls'
[03:33] <Saber> (DOH!)
[03:33] <Pale_Wolf> (Nope, not... yet ^_^ )
[03:34] <Varuni> Boss: Mother-in-law Ghul))
[03:34] <Jane> (i think 30sec has passed..)
[03:34] <Saber> (No, only 12 so far I think.)
[03:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh. Technically by rules, 12 seconds have. However, if you want we can timeskip and say you kept this up for the next 18)
[03:34] * Jane looks at her hand gun and sighs
[03:35] * Jane she takes off herjacket and drops it to the ground
[03:35] <Saber> (I'd like to keep going, but I don't thing DC and Dorin are up to it.)
[03:36] * Jane then pulls it up off the M2 now on the ground
[03:36] <Varuni> I'm alive, :P)
[03:36] <Jane> "I grow bored"
[03:36] <Pale_Wolf> You also begin to hear a rumbling in the distance.
[03:36] <Saber> "You said it sister," he mutters as he looks in the direction of the rumbling...
[03:36] * Jane preps the mechine gun
[03:37] <Pale_Wolf> The rumbling is coming from the SOUTH, not the north. You might recognize it as something not-supernatural.
[03:37] * Varuni plunges her sword into the sand and drops her heavy cloak, then cracks her knuckles. "I can go all night."
[03:37] <Pale_Wolf> You don't see anything if you look, though.
[03:38] <Jane> (can i pull out the m2, or did we not get thoes yet?)
[03:38] <Saber> "How long until the strike?"
[03:38] <Pale_Wolf> (You've got an M2)
[03:38] <Jane> "10 secounds"
[03:38] <Pale_Wolf> (And yes, you can shoot at all of them at once if you want)
[03:38] <Varuni> Run Saber, she's mad!)
[03:38] <Jane> (if they start charging)
[03:39] <Pale_Wolf> Oh, they're still charging.
[03:39] <Pale_Wolf> Jane's up.
[03:39] * Jane racks the line with a full auto
[03:39] <Jane> Roll 1d20+12
[03:39] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20+12 --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{17}
[03:39] <Jane> (5wtf)
[03:40] <Pale_Wolf> roll 4#1d20-2
[03:40] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 4#1d20-2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{8}, 5,0[ 1d20=20 ]5,0{18}, 5,0[ 1d20=12 ]5,0{10}, 5,0[ 1d20=14 ]5,0{12}
[03:40] <Varuni> thankfully we have insane pwnage bonuses))
[03:40] <Pale_Wolf> ONE of them manages to, through luck and whatever other factors are involved, avoide even a single bullet.
[03:41] <Pale_Wolf> (2 and 2 and 1)
[03:41] <Jane> Roll 2#2d8+2+2
[03:41] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d8+2+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=15 ]5,0{19}, 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{12}
[03:41] <Jane> Roll 2#2d8+2+2
[03:41] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d8+2+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=9 ]5,0{13}, 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{12}
[03:41] <Jane> Roll 2d8+2+2
[03:41] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2d8+2+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=14 ]5,0{18}
[03:41] <Jane> (and that folks is why its a hevey mechine gun)
[03:42] <Pale_Wolf> The first two DIE without one question.
[03:42] <Pale_Wolf> The third just gets a hole in his chest that you can actually SEE THROUGH at over 500 feet.
[03:42] * Jane laught from her pron position on the ground useing the m2
[03:42] <Jane> "Ahhh, So this is what love is"
[03:43] <Saber> "No, I'm sure love is something else."
[03:43] <Varuni> "You can smoke afterward."
[03:43] <Jane> "Quite meatbag your ruining the moment"
[03:43] <Jane> Roll 1d20+2
[03:43] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20+2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{17}
[03:43] * Jane finshs her job and gets the last sucker
[03:43] <Pale_Wolf> (Yeah, it involves a sniper rifle usually ;) However, yes, Harry Potter will defeat Voldemort through the power of love)
[03:43] <Saber> "I could go for a smoke myself right about now."
[03:44] <Pale_Wolf> (There're two still alive)
[03:44] <Jane> (last two them)
[03:44] <Pale_Wolf> (One totally avoided, the other just has a hole in him)
[03:44] <Pale_Wolf> roll 2#1d20-4
[03:44] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 2#1d20-4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=9 ]5,0{5}, 5,0[ 1d20=9 ]5,0{5}
[03:44] <Jane> (oh my)
[03:44] <Jane> "Ahhh hahahahahaha!"
[03:44] <Pale_Wolf> Each of them manages to take two bullets to the face.
[03:45] <Jane> (wonder if jane left that radio on)
[03:45] <Jane> roll 2#2d8+2+2
[03:45] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d8+2+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=12 ]5,0{16}, 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{12}
[03:45] <Jane> roll 2#2d8+2+2
[03:45] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d8+2+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=7 ]5,0{11}, 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{12}
[03:45] <Pale_Wolf> Base is sweatdropping.
[03:45] <Saber> (lol)
[03:45] <Pale_Wolf> And, both of them die.
[03:45] <Pale_Wolf> Saber and Varu, you're not in-range to attack, however you can perform other actions.
[03:45] <Jane> (and for some odd reason the M2 is never use in the compaine again.)
[03:46] <Varuni> Another action...Frenching Jane for a job well done?))
[03:46] <Pale_Wolf> Feel free ;)
[03:46] <Varuni> :P))
[03:47] * Varuni settles for slapping Gun-a-holic on the ass.
[03:48] * Saber gets back behind Murray's shield...
[03:48] <Pale_Wolf> So, presuming they don't do anything but RP, Aika just gets to the ground and starts RUNNING.
[03:48] <Saber> "Yo, how've you been holding up," He asks as he arrives next to him.
[03:48] * Jane eeks a bit and looks up from her highpowered gun induced haze
[03:48] <Jane> "Hey!'
[03:49] <Saber> "And ladies! Maybe LATER!!!?"
[03:50] <Jane> "You two may want to get down"
[03:50] <Varuni> "Come back down and hopefully we can watch the fireworks."
[03:50] <Pale_Wolf> Ghuls 17-20 swell to full size, but they look... Uncertain... about the previous planned course of action. They go off to the SIDES, rather than straight at you. In fact, they're just running away. (Cowards)
[03:50] <Pale_Wolf> #s 21-24 come out now.
[03:50] * Jane fires at the runners
[03:50] <Pale_Wolf> (Nah, not just yet ;)
[03:51] <Pale_Wolf> And, a loud crack rips across the desert.
[03:51] * Jane looks up from her sight
[03:51] * Saber glances at the direction of the sound...
[03:51] <Saber> "Was that... a sonic boom?"
[03:52] * Varuni tosses her coat over her head to cover her eyes. "Or they have a big ass pet in there."
[03:52] <Pale_Wolf> If anyone cares to look up, they will see a Panavia Tornado GR4 from 617 Squadron of the RAF as it, slowing fast, as it lobs a set of bombs in the direction of the ghul cave.
[03:52] * Jane catchs the incoming
[03:52] <Jane> "Down!"
[03:53] <Pale_Wolf> Aika hits the friggin dirt in a skid for home base.
[03:53] * Varuni drops to the sandy floor.
[03:53] <Saber> "About damn time," he mutters as hehits the deck
[03:53] <Pale_Wolf> At this point, you are treated to the sweet scent of napalm.
[03:53] <Jane> (with that convenit cave in the ground for it to drain into)
[03:53] <Varuni> "I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smells like victory! And charred demon ass"
[03:53] <Pale_Wolf> A jellylike liquid is rapidly dispersed from the bombs, and it burns. WAVES of fire pour down on the cave from the sky.
[03:54] <Pale_Wolf> Aika's in the safe zone, barely. Behind the shield, the rest of you don't feel shit.
[03:54] <Saber> "You know... I didn't understand that whole 'loving the smell of napalm' thing until now," he mutters as he watches the annihilation before him...
[03:54] <Pale_Wolf> Before you, it is a veritable SEA of fire.
[03:54] <Jane> "Illage to use on humans, Every thing else on the other hand is fair game"
[03:55] <Jane> "mmmmmm fire"
[03:55] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, it IS totally legal to use on military targets ;) )
[03:55] <Pale_Wolf> (I just researched it today to make sure)
[03:55] * Saber looks up at murray, and gives him a thumbs-up...
[03:56] * Varuni just laughs. "You have to appreciate gas in all its forms."
[03:56] * Jane sits up from her m2
[03:57] <Pale_Wolf> Smoke rises from the flames, choking black gunk reaching up into the sky and licking the Tornado as the pilot, obviously a bit of a cowboy, comes back in a slower pass over you, waggling his wings.
[03:57] * Varuni just waves back to signal an okay. "I hope we don't have to clean that up after."
[03:57] * Jane cues her radio
[03:58] <Jane> "squad 3 to Tornado, Good shot you friend em all"
[03:58] <Jane> *Fried
[03:59] <Varuni> how do you like your dog, crispy or burned-ass-black?))
[03:59] <Jane> "Check that, we may have a problem"
[04:00] <Jane> "High probabilty that the jin are adapting to the fire"
[04:00] * Jane gets back on the radio to the Pilot
[04:00] <Varuni> "Do we have to get a lazer-guide from special forces and guide a bigger bomb into that cave?"
[04:01] <Jane> "Hey hotshot, Can you snuff out thoes flame?"
[04:01] <Pale_Wolf> Pilot: "... Lady? You're _joking_ right? They equipped me as a firebomber, what'm I supposed to do?"
[04:02] <Pale_Wolf> "I can call in someone with freon or whatever from Ali Al Salem in Kuwait, but they'll take like fifteen minutes to get here."
[04:02] <Jane> "Roger that, Looks like we do it the hard way."
[04:02] <Varuni> "Can't we just call in a couple extra units to watch it, and go back to base?"
[04:03] <Pale_Wolf> Flash.
[04:03] <Jane> (can we stop some time? heh)
[04:03] <Pale_Wolf> (In a moment ;) )
[04:03] * Saber sighs...
[04:03] <Pale_Wolf> In front of you, there stands a tall, powerfully-built man. Dark-skinned, hairless... Oh, and he's wreathed in flame.
[04:03] <Pale_Wolf> He's grinning.
[04:03] * Jane has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[04:04] <Saber> "Get that freon thing happening... Might need it."
[04:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Damn. Gonna have to wait for DC to return)
[04:04] * DCG has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[04:04] <Pale_Wolf> (Welcome back)
[04:04] * DCG is now known as jane
[04:04] * Saber stands and rreactivates his beamsaber...
[04:04] <Pale_Wolf> Aaaaand.
[04:04] * jane draws her sidearm from her thigh holster
[04:04] <jane> "Hi"
[04:04] <Pale_Wolf> This is a possible session endpoint.
[04:05] * Varuni picks her sword from the ground and frowns, assuming combat stance.
[04:05] <Saber> (Heh. I so saw that comming a mile away. ;P)
[04:05] <Varuni> if you like it to be, oui))
[04:05] <Pale_Wolf> (We can carry through an RP and possible battle, or we can go to sleep and do it next week)
[04:05] <Saber> (I can keep going)
[04:05] <jane> (lets end here.)
[04:05] <Pale_Wolf> (I'm good either way, just proposing it for you guys)
[04:05] <jane> (its been a long session)
[04:05] <jane> (its been 20+ hours i do wana get some food for the day)
[04:06] <Pale_Wolf> Right then... That'll just leave two, so, session end.

[04:12] <Pale_Wolf> 1200 XP for the party.
[04:12] <Rockman_Zero> Yay. ;_;
[04:12] <Pale_Wolf> 300 for DC and Rocko.
[04:12] <Pale_Wolf> 1 CP to DC.
[04:12] <Pale_Wolf> (That's '300 XP _extra_ by the way)
[04:13] <Dorin> Okidoki, time for sleep now
[04:13] <Rockman_Zero> Cool.
[04:13] <Rockman_Zero> Hmm, so how'd DC earn the 1cp?
[04:13] <Pale_Wolf> I had _no_ idea you'd come up with that zany plan to follow the ghul home. But it helped with Farah's intro, since the other option stood a decent chance of you guys blasting away at her to start. Wouldn't have been fun ;)
[04:13] <Rockman_Zero> Yep. ^_^
[04:14] <Pale_Wolf> DC got the CP for proposing that plan, acting like SAS, and giving us an awesome HK-47.
[04:14] <Rockman_Zero> And hell, you guys were gonna STRAP c4 onto something that could change size!?
[04:14] <Pale_Wolf> You got the XP for, among other things, thinking of that point ;)
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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 09, 2007 4:45 pm

Session Two

[20:22] <Pale_Wolf> By the way, Strat.
[20:22] <Pale_Wolf> Read the log?
[20:23] <Pale_Wolf> I want to make sure you remember you're sprawled on the ground in the 'semi-safe, but goddamn is that hot' zone.
[20:27] * Fate has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[20:37] <Tuxedo_Ramen> I am.
[20:37] <Pale_Wolf> ... You are... what? Don't THINK I ever mentioned a state of being...
[20:38] <Tuxedo_Ramen> In teh Semi Safe but damn hot zone
[20:38] <Tuxedo_Ramen> am I in front of teh Ifrit?
[20:38] * Pale_Wolf didn't tell you what he was :P
[20:38] <Pale_Wolf> Though it's like a DC 5 Knowledge Occult roll ;)
[20:39] <Tuxedo_Ramen> ... I have +12 in that.
[20:39] <Pale_Wolf> And yep, that's where you are - were you asking a question?
[20:39] <Pale_Wolf> Well, you COULD have critfailed... :P
[20:39] <Tuxedo_Ramen> ... That's a long shot. It'd be in teh briefing. Efreet are common in teh area.
[20:40] <Pale_Wolf> Heh.
[20:42] * Tuxedo_Ramen is now known as Aika_Fawkes
[20:54] <Aika_Fawkes> 3 minutes. and not everyone's here yet
[20:55] <Dorin> I'm here, we'll just have to roll Rock out of bed
[20:56] <Aika_Fawkes> So, Rock and Roll?
[20:56] <Pale_Wolf> Stabbing him awake now.
[21:00] <Dorin> Make a fresh pot of coffee.
[21:00] <Dorin> Then pour it on him
[21:00] <Aika_Fawkes> boiling hot?
[21:01] <Aika_Fawkes> make sure not to hit his hands. he needs to be able to type
[21:01] <Dorin> Yeap ^_^
[21:01] <Pale_Wolf> Don't worry, I'll just pour it into his lap.
[21:01] <Dorin> heh
[21:01] <Aika_Fawkes> not like he'll need that?
[21:01] <Dorin> nothing quite like water of one extreme or the other to get people moving
[21:02] * DCG has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[21:02] <DCG> wee spelled it right
[21:02] <Pale_Wolf> Heh.
[21:02] <Aika_Fawkes> your bio up on Fuufics?
[21:02] <Pale_Wolf> Nah, let me read it and check first.
[21:02] <Pale_Wolf> I'll probably be able to go through it leisurely while waiting for Rock to wake up :P
[21:03] * RZ_[Zzzz] is now known as Jason_Naruhodo
[21:03] <DCG> i gave it to wolfie to ok first
[21:03] * Jason_Naruhodo yawns
[21:03] <Aika_Fawkes> That was fast. You read it already wolf?
[21:04] <Pale_Wolf> Bah :P
[21:04] <Pale_Wolf> Mornin' Rocko.
[21:04] <Pale_Wolf> Hope your four hours were enough.
[21:04] * Jason_Naruhodo greets PW by hugging her...
[21:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> PW: They were.
[21:05] <Dorin> We've got plenty of fresh coffee if you're still tired ;)
[21:06] <Pale_Wolf> Hm.
[21:06] <Pale_Wolf> Everyone ready to go?
[21:06] <Dorin> Up and atum, Atom Ant
[21:06] <Pale_Wolf> DC, I'll presume your bio's deeper components don't factor in to this particular session, and read it after :P
[21:06] <DCG> nope
[21:06] <DCG> none of it does.
[21:07] <DCG> tho it may be fodder for you later
[21:07] * DCG is now known as Jane
[21:07] * Fate stands ready to rule over the futures of pitiful mortals.
[21:07] <Pale_Wolf> Hope so.
[21:07] * Dorin is now known as Varuni
[21:08] <Pale_Wolf> All righty.
[21:08] <Pale_Wolf> Game on.
[21:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> (DCG's Bio. She was built in a fractory, made by man. The end. :P)
[21:08] <Pale_Wolf> Last session, you guys were hunting down shit disturbers in the Syrian Desert.
[21:08] <Aika_Fawkes> (yay!)
[21:08] <Pale_Wolf> As it happened, they were a breed of jinn called 'ghuls'.
[21:09] <Pale_Wolf> You tracked down the nest, fought it out, and napalmed the fuckers. In the immortal words of Jane Smith, the RAF's 617 squadron 'befriended them all'.
[21:10] <Aika_Fawkes> (jane's Last name is Smith?)
[21:10] <Jane> (Ms.Smith to you budy.)
[21:10] <Pale_Wolf> But, someone came out of the nest (which is still burning like crazy): tall, strongly-built guy. Apparently hairless. Oh, and wreathed in flames.
[21:10] <Pale_Wolf> This bit may be more relevant to your interests, Aika: he's standing right over you, grinning at the party.
[21:11] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+12 Know Occult
[21:11] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+12 5,0Know Occult --> 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{18}
[21:11] <Jason_Naruhodo> (We kinda stood up and got ready to fight you know....)
[21:11] <Pale_Wolf> As I recall you were all drawing weapons and suchlike.
[21:11] <Pale_Wolf> Everyone, Knowledge Occult rolls. This one's REALLY easy given the context.
[21:11] * Jane all ready drawn her sidearm but keeps it lose and ready
[21:11] <Aika_Fawkes> (Ah. I need the private send protocol again)
[21:11] <Varuni> Yeah, ready your large caliber and beamsabers, shields up more...etc))
[21:11] <Jane> "Hi!"
[21:12] <Pale_Wolf> (/msg Fate sendroll Pale_Wolf 1d20+)
[21:12] <Pale_Wolf> The flaming man keeps grinning, and bends down.
[21:12] <Pale_Wolf> The fire pushes away from his arm as he offers it to Aika.
[21:13] <Pale_Wolf> Game start.
[21:13] <Pale_Wolf> (... Damn, and I didn't ever think of what to tell people if they critfailed this roll...)
[21:13] <Aika_Fawkes> you using my pubilc roll?
[21:14] <Aika_Fawkes> (I need more info!)
[21:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Gimme a sec! :P )
[21:15] <Aika_Fawkes> (I have a dude trying to eat me! I don't have a sec!)
[21:15] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm... Anyone played Final Fatasy?"
[21:15] * Jason_Naruhodo is now known as Saber
[21:16] <Jane> (it seems you never had a proper roll model in yourlife, guys being a gentalmen)
[21:16] <Saber> (Forgot I was transformed last session. >.<;)
[21:16] <Jane> (you are a lady who needs a hand up you know)
[21:16] <Pale_Wolf> The flame isn't _extending_, sorry. It's receding from his arm, so the hand he's offering to Aika is not on fire.
[21:16] <Aika_Fawkes> (oh.
[21:16] * Aika_Fawkes takes his hand and attempts to get up
[21:16] <Aika_Fawkes> "Ello."
[21:16] <Varuni> "I have, actually."
[21:17] <Saber> "Well, call me weird, but I think this is one of the bosses."
[21:17] <Aika_Fawkes> "My name is Aika Fawkes, You're an Efreet are you not? Do you have a name?"
[21:18] <Pale_Wolf> The man smiles at Aika. "I do not imagine this place is comfortable for mortals. You may do well to step somewhat further."
[21:18] * Yarrow has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[21:18] * Aika_Fawkes follows that advice
[21:18] <Pale_Wolf> He shakes his head. "I am indeed efreet, however I have yet to have a name."
[21:18] <Varuni> "We can make that assessment when he tries to start killing us." Although her left hand didn't leave the special grip she'd developed for her sword flash.
[21:18] <Aika_Fawkes> "I thank you for your concern. then."
[21:19] <Pale_Wolf> He bows.
[21:19] * Jane re holsters her gun and then bends down to pick up the big m2
[21:19] * Jane she just heft's it up and slings it over a sholder.
[21:20] <Aika_Fawkes> Mindspeak to the party "Help me out here guys. What he hell do we need to know?""
[21:20] <Aika_Fawkes> More Mindspeak "Or do you want to leave me making small talk with a Guy who's ON FIRE!"
[21:20] * Aika_Fawkes bows back
[21:20] * Jane just titles her head and tries not to laught at Aika's panic
[21:20] <Pale_Wolf> He returns to his previous arms-crossed position.
[21:20] * Saber deactivates his saber, and holsters it ti hip before asking, "So, what exactly are your intentions here?"
[21:21] <Aika_Fawkes> "it is a pleasure to meet you then."
[21:21] <Pale_Wolf> "I find myself in the position of thanking you."
[21:21] * Jane she just holds her handout and gives a "Hello, Names Jane."
[21:21] <Aika_Fawkes> "For your transformation from a Ghul into an Efreet?"
[21:22] <Pale_Wolf> He stares at the hand for a moment, but nods to Aika. "Indeed. You are well-informed."
[21:22] * Varuni quietly slips the sword into the sash holding the billowy desert robes closed.
[21:23] <Aika_Fawkes> "I do try not to appear uneducated."
[21:23] * Saber gives an electronic snort.
[21:23] * Jane decideds to say nothing about flamebags and just rests her hand on the holster.
[21:23] <Pale_Wolf> "Might I ask how? Much is rather new to me."
[21:25] <Varuni> "The bomb that went off in the place?"
[21:25] <Pale_Wolf> (Yo?)
[21:25] <Aika_Fawkes> "I find books, collected knowledge of man stored on paper. They hold many interesting things. Though, being made of paper they probably wouldn't help you. There are also stories passed down from person to person. I find those helpful as well."
[21:25] <Pale_Wolf> (At least a 'No, you can't ask'...?)
[21:26] * Jane pulls out her radio getting in touch with base, and letting them know what's happened
[21:26] <Pale_Wolf> The efreet smiles and waves a hand until the flame recedes. "I am able to control my fire somewhat at least. Humans are indeed rather better-informed about our kind than I had ever imagined..."
[21:26] <Aika_Fawkes> (did it cut me off Pale?)
[21:27] <Saber> "HOLD IT!
[21:27] <Pale_Wolf> (Nope)
[21:27] * Jane looks up from the radio to the loud one.
[21:27] <Pale_Wolf> He pauses and raises... where an eyebrow would be, if he had hair.
[21:27] <Aika_Fawkes> (Knowledge that books exist isn't classified is it?)
[21:27] * Varuni turns to Saber and frowns softly. "Keep your cool kid."
[21:28] <Jane> (recedes dum ass. The means LESS)
[21:28] <Aika_Fawkes> (Where's murray? he's being unusually quiet.)
[21:28] <Saber> "Something's wrong here, my, er, battlesuit seems to be detecting something."
[21:28] <Pale_Wolf> (Don't worry, that's not what he's about :P )
[21:29] <Pale_Wolf> The efreet blinks. "... Indeed."
[21:29] <Jane> "It is detecting a big guy made out of magic and fire?"
[21:29] * Saber reaches down and draws his saber again, but doesn't ignite it...
[21:29] * Jane takes a moment to open her jacket and slide the m2 inside of it, leaving no visble profe its in there
[21:29] * Varuni bites the inside of her cheek at Jane's comment. "Readings? Can you id it?"
[21:29] <Pale_Wolf> He narrows his eyes. "I do hope you are not intending to get _violent_, my dear metal friend."
[21:30] <Saber> "No, it's not specific. My HUD just flashes red whenever I'm in danger."
[21:30] <Pale_Wolf> (Talking to Saber, not Jane :P )
[21:30] <Jane> (you catch that part about me calling base wolf/)
[21:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "Er... Saber... Metal MELTS... especially against fire."
[21:30] <Saber> "And it's been flashing like crazy whenever he talks."
[21:30] <Pale_Wolf> "In danger? Not in the slightest. Why ever would I wish to harm you?"
[21:30] * Jane *cought*Not*cought*
[21:31] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry, where was it? Ah, got it)
[21:31] <Pale_Wolf> Base to all of your headsets: "Hm... There's an efreet there now?"
[21:32] <Jane> "Yep, big guy to."
[21:32] * Jane has to look up a bit
[21:32] <Varuni> "Saber, if he wanted to make trouble, he'd be making it already." Beats the sand out of her dropped cloak and slips it back around her shoulders. "Wish this came in red or green, I'd really make it look good." She quipped with a grin, and went back to watching.
[21:32] <Aika_Fawkes> "He seems rather personable."
[21:32] <Pale_Wolf> More pages turning. "Make _absolutely_ certain he is not a continuing threat. Just because he's not a flesh-eating ghul doesn't mean he's a nice guy."
[21:33] <Pale_Wolf> "Though rely on your own perceptions."
[21:33] <Saber> "My battlesuit's not been wrong about this sort of thing before..."
[21:33] * Jane takes a look around
[21:33] <Aika_Fawkes> Mindspeak to Murray "Do you see that Marid around anywhere?"
[21:34] <Pale_Wolf> The efreet shrugs. "It is not a situation I am able to explain, oh steel one."
[21:34] <Saber> "..."
[21:34] <Jane> (is that sea of fire still going?)
[21:34] <Pale_Wolf> Murray suddenly launches into the air from where he'd held the force field up. "Nothing yet."
[21:35] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep)
[21:35] <Pale_Wolf> (Whatcha rolling for, Jane?)
[21:35] <Jane> (spot)
[21:35] <Jane> (stuff sneaking up, cralwing out of the fire whantot)
[21:35] * Varuni uses the pomel to gently wrap on Saber's back. "Not going to knock your scanners, Tinman, but there's an old axium. Be polite, but keep your wits about you."
[21:35] <Aika_Fawkes> "We met a Marid earlier who showed an interest in changing Ghuls into other forms of Djinn."
[21:35] <Saber> "...right."
[21:36] <Pale_Wolf> He grins and crosses his arms. "Indeed... That IS a fascinating piece of information."
[21:36] <Pale_Wolf> "Might I know where he is?"
[21:36] <Aika_Fawkes> "she said that she was the Tribe of Farah."
[21:36] * Jane sighs
[21:36] * Saber seems to relax a little, but keeps the saber out...
[21:36] * Varuni turns to Aika and frowns slightly, "And need to know information." She mumbles.
[21:36] <Saber> "Akia..."
[21:37] * Saber mutters with a groan
[21:37] * Jane she's really gona have to talk to her team later, Some of em are just F'ing retarted
[21:37] <Aika_Fawkes> Mindspeak party "We want to get him out of here so we can observe him"
[21:37] * Aika_Fawkes smiles slightly. "Unfortunately she did not leave a forwarding adress."
[21:38] <Jane> "Any way! Are job was to take care of the danger out here. So big guy. If your not going to go around setting every thing on fire for fun we can leave you be"
[21:38] <Pale_Wolf> He frowns. "Ah, that is _quite_ the pity..."
[21:38] <Jane> "Congrats on the new life and all that"
[21:39] <Pale_Wolf> He smiles. "Oh, absolutely not. What _ever_ would be the point?"
[21:39] <Aika_Fawkes> mindspeak Party "Anyone else notice an exceptional amount of interest in my statement?"
[21:39] <Varuni> "Yeah. Mission accomplished, we hope. Time to be on our way back to base. We girls need our constitutionals, and all that."
[21:39] <Aika_Fawkes> "Is there any way we might be able to contact you if needed?"
[21:40] <Jane> "Right..."
[21:40] * Jane don't look like she buys it
[21:40] <Pale_Wolf> (Everyone typing up responses? :P )
[21:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Oh. Might just be my computer)
[21:41] * Varuni pulls out her shades and slides them on over her eyes, giving a shrug.
[21:41] * Saber says nothing, but stays alert for any other signs of danger...
[21:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Okay, I can see again)
[21:41] <Aika_Fawkes> Mindspeak Murray "Yo, Fried Chicken, this guy's a wee bit suspricious. can you give me anything that might be useful on him?"
[21:42] <Pale_Wolf> Murray: "Like what? There aren't gonna be records on him specifically, he's just _born_."
[21:42] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "And thing you noticed aboyut him? Try and keep contact with base on a private frequency. there might be things we need to know that they can't tell us whith him nearby"
[21:43] <Pale_Wolf> The buzzard turns in midair to STARE at you. "Private frequency? They don't make radios for buzzards yet."
[21:44] * Jane calmly pulls her side arm and empties the spend shells.
[21:44] <Pale_Wolf> (And they can tell you fine, but they know about as much as you.)
[21:44] * Saber patches though to HQ via his built-in comm, and silently reports what's been happening so far.
[21:44] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "We should get you a headset then. I'll speak to R&D about it."
[21:44] <Pale_Wolf> The efreet's eyes widen. "That is, indeed, a very large... gun, is that the word?"
[21:44] <Saber> "..."
[21:44] * Jane takes her time loading in lead rounds while keeping an eye on the big guy.
[21:45] <Jane> "Gun don't quite fit, but yes. Thats the proper word."
[21:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "... Weren't you just a flesh eating Ghul? How do you know about Guns?"
[21:45] * Jane flicks her wrist to the side snaping it shut.
[21:45] <Jane> "It's all so a problem solver"
[21:45] <Jane> "Your not about to become a problem for me are you?"
[21:45] * Pale_Wolf blinks. "Ah, I missed a question from you, my dear..." He trails off while looking at Aika.
[21:46] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yes. Is there a way we might contact you?"
[21:46] * Varuni stays quiet, looking on just over the rim of the dark glasses, arms crossed under her chest.
[21:46] <Jane> (the stuiped level is starting to hurt me DEEPLY)
[21:46] <Aika_Fawkes> "and how do you know about Guns when you didn't know about books?"
[21:46] <Saber> "...I think I just worked out what the HUD might've been trying to indicate."
[21:47] <Pale_Wolf> He shakes his head. "No... I fear I have no idea where I will be in the near future."
[21:47] <Aika_Fawkes> "Do you have any plans? Now that you're no longer a Ghul?"
[21:48] <Jane> (missed my lines again wolf? and they where good ones..)
[21:48] <Pale_Wolf> He shrugs to the 'guns' question. "The nest was shot up with them on occassion. They did not often work, but when they did they were most effective."
[21:48] <Pale_Wolf> (Trying to keep up, and my IRC's bitching against me :P )
[21:48] <Pale_Wolf> (Plus I'm trying to respond to all of it in a coherent time frame)
[21:48] <Jane> (back read?)
[21:48] <Saber> "That... remains in question. Him no longer being a Ghul that is."
[21:48] <Pale_Wolf> The efreet bursts out laughing.
[21:49] <Aika_Fawkes> "er... To teh best of my knowledge Saber. Ghuls aren't on fiure."
[21:49] <Aika_Fawkes> "Or coherent."
[21:49] <Pale_Wolf> "And what, is it in question that you are no longer a babe, my metal friend?"
[21:49] <Saber> "Indeed... But how do we know he was ever one?"
[21:49] * Varuni looks at the cave. "Actually, a lot of them are right now. They just cook better than he does."
[21:49] <Aika_Fawkes> "Or prone to polite conversations instead of trying to eat people
[21:49] <Pale_Wolf> "As to my wishes... What else? Live, with the power flowing through my veins..."
[21:49] <Saber> "All we have is his word on the matter..."
[21:50] <Pale_Wolf> (Hint, hint, big cardboard sign with HINT written on it... :P )
[21:50] <Aika_Fawkes> Mind Speak "Live with the power flowing through my veiuns? Does taht sound a bit like an evil psuychopath to you?"
[21:50] <Aika_Fawkes> (that's a Mindspeak to the party
[21:50] <Saber> (Says the lady who was defending him. :P)
[21:51] <Aika_Fawkes> (He's not a ghul. doesn't make him nice though.)
[21:51] <Saber> "Tell me... Out here in the middle of nowhere... How do you nourish yourself?"
[21:51] * Varuni gives the slightest tilt of her head in reply, still watching the cave burn. "I hope we don't have to pay for that."
[21:51] <Pale_Wolf> Murray: "Ya know, bitch, you can't exactly kill the guy for his speechwriter."
[21:51] <Pale_Wolf> He shrugs. "You have given me food enough to last months."
[21:52] <Saber> "Not much in the way of things that burn you know..."
[21:52] <Aika_Fawkes> "Er? We have?"
[21:52] * Jane just keeps herself ready
[21:52] <Pale_Wolf> (Saber, there _are_ tribes of Bedouin and such that live in the desert. And cities and villages)
[21:53] <Aika_Fawkes> "What nourishment have we given you? the fire?"
[21:53] <Varuni> "Well, we should really be going, shouldn't we?" She looks Saber and Jane, then at Aika.
[21:53] <Pale_Wolf> He nods. "Every jinn has its own requirements to avoid starvation."
[21:54] <Pale_Wolf> "At base the requirements are similar to your own dietary needs - meat and vegetation and the like. In addition, each breed has its own special need. Mine is flame and that which has been kissed by it."
[21:55] <Aika_Fawkes> "So, you'll be eating the charbroiled Ghuls then."
[21:55] <Saber> "And when that 'food' runs out, what will you resort to avoid starvation... The tribes of Bedouin? Cities and villages?"
[21:55] * Jane just gives up as the pain is to much
[21:55] * Jane holsters her gun and starts to walk back to there temp base
[21:55] * Varuni makes to follow Jane, similiar feelings in mind.
[21:56] <Aika_Fawkes> "right. if there's nothing further then. I think we need to report back to base."
[21:57] * Saber continues to look at the efreet, in a silent challange for an answer...
[21:57] <Pale_Wolf> He raises an eyebrow. "You rather overestimate my appetites. There are animals to eat that you will not complain OVERLY much about, I dare suggest..."
[21:57] * Varuni shoots Saber a look over her shoulder. "Come on Kid, let's go."
[21:57] * Jane stops near by with her hands on her holster
[21:58] * Saber looks at the efreet for a few moments more, before reluctantly turning around and walking towards the others...
[21:58] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray "Watch my back kay?"
[21:58] * Aika_Fawkes walks towards teh Temp base as well.
[21:58] <Pale_Wolf> Murray: "Yeah sure, whatever, whatever."
[21:59] <Varuni> There are animals to eat that you will not complain OVERLY much about, I dare suggest..."| Murray for example))
[21:59] <Aika_Fawkes> (heh)
[22:00] <Saber> (Wonder what he considers 'animals' </sarcasm>'
[22:00] <Pale_Wolf> (So, everyone walking away?)
[22:00] <Jane> "Ya know, didn't that water lady say they didn't eat at all?"
[22:00] <Pale_Wolf> (Or, Jane, you stopped?)
[22:00] <Jane> "Only ghul's did so,"
[22:00] <Jane> (jane stoped(
[22:00] <Aika_Fawkes> "Farah needed Water Jane."
[22:00] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh, yep, noted)
[22:00] <Jane> (has her hand on her holster and every thing)
[22:00] <Saber> "...She did."
[22:00] <Jane> "You, meatbag"
[22:00] <Jane> "Stop talking"
[22:01] <Jane> "It HURTS ME DEEPLY'
[22:01] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, Aika's right in this case ;) )
[22:01] <Jane> (I ment food)
[22:01] <Varuni> "If you two want to go at each other, can you do it somewhere else?"
[22:01] <Jane> (jane know very much she needed water, janes talking about his comments about needing food)
[22:01] <Jane> (having to hunt, that lines bull shit)
[22:02] <Saber> (The power bit has me paranoid too.)
[22:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (the intrest in Farah is sort of suspicious as well)
[22:02] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, not so much. Jinn have varying needs - it's only ghul that don't actually NEED food, because ghul are what they become when they're starving)
[22:02] <Jane> (yes.. and who typed em off to that?)
[22:03] <Pale_Wolf> (Hm?)
[22:03] * Jane looks over her sholder at the big guy
[22:03] <Jane> "Your not about to become a problem for us are you?"
[22:03] <Jane> "I would.. so hate. To have to come back out here and solve it"
[22:04] * Jane she says this while tapping her gun
[22:04] <Pale_Wolf> He's not smiling. "Not in the slightest, dear mortal. I would never _dream_ of the concept."
[22:04] * Jane deadpans
[22:05] <Jane> "Can you at lest learn to lie right."
[22:05] <Jane> "How and i going to file a beliveable report if you fail at it like that"
[22:05] <Pale_Wolf> He shrugs. "I am newly born. You cannot blame me for lacking in such refined skills."
[22:05] * Varuni sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose.
[22:05] * Jane nods a bit true
[22:06] <Aika_Fawkes> "If you're going to try and kill us, can you do it now then? Because We're big fans of efficiency. Procrastination isn't a good thing."
[22:06] <Pale_Wolf> A wall of flame surges up in front of him, and a surge of fire builds on his arms and fires out at Jane.
[22:06] * Saber stops...
[22:06] <Pale_Wolf> Roll yer dodge ;)
[22:06] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 yer 5,0dodge ;) --> error: malformed expression
[22:06] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+6 Efreet attack
[22:06] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+6 5,0Efreet attack --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{11}
[22:06] <Jane> (dodge? Why for would i ever do that?)
[22:06] <Aika_Fawkes> "Okay. I think that makes him an Enemy."
[22:06] <Saber> roll 1d20+4 dodge
[22:06] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 5,0dodge --> 5,0[ 1d20=1 ]5,0{5}
[22:06] <Varuni> Everyone, or just Jane?)
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> (Just Jane, thankfully)
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> Actually, Saber valiantly throws his body between Jane and the attack.
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> roll 2d8
[22:07] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 2d8 --> 5,0[ 2d8=7 ]5,0{7}
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> That's your pain Saber. ;)
[22:07] <Saber> "Crap!!! URGH!!!"
[22:07] <Pale_Wolf> Everyone roll init.
[22:08] <Saber> roll 1d20+8 init
[22:08] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+8 5,0init --> 5,0[ 1d20=4 ]5,0{12}
[22:08] <Varuni> "You people and your big mouths, and you dumb kid!" Throwing open her cloak and grabbing her sword.
[22:08] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+4
[22:08] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{14}
[22:08] * Jane did has her hand out welcomeing the attack.. she just kinda drops in as saber did his thing
[22:08] <Varuni> roll 1d20+11
[22:08] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 --> 5,0[ 1d20=2 ]5,0{13}
[22:08] <Jane> "You do know.. that was unneeded"
[22:08] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, provoking him was the best shot you could've had. Unless you WANTED to leave him to wreak havoc.)
[22:08] <Saber> "Conditioned... reflex," he gasps as he gets up and ignites his saber...
[22:08] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+12
[22:08] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+12 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{29}
[22:09] <Jane> Roll 1d20+7
[22:09] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20+7 --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{22}
[22:09] <Saber> "And I knew he was lying though his teeth.. I just couldn't prove it."
[22:09] * Saber glares at the efreet...
[22:09] <Saber> "So, do you have a name now?"
[22:09] <Pale_Wolf> The efreet raises an eyebrow. "How heroic, young one."
[22:09] <Varuni> "I think we all had that conclusion!"
[22:09] <Jane> "Sorry Varuni, but i could easly tell that he was flying from the start. Aika's chatter distracted me from being it up the"
[22:09] * Saber asks sarcastically...
[22:10] * Pale_Wolf changes topic to 'Boss fight! Efreet, Jane, Aika, Varuni, Saber'
[22:10] <Pale_Wolf> The efreet is now standing RIGHT in front of Saber, drawing his fist back. "Your heroism will avail you the first death, I suppose."
[22:10] <Aika_Fawkes> "Well excuse me for trying to figure out what the hell was going on."
[22:11] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+7
[22:11] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+7 --> 5,0[ 1d20=8 ]5,0{15}
[22:11] <Saber> "Bite me!"
[22:11] <Varuni> Don't encourage it!)
[22:11] <Pale_Wolf> Suddenly, he punches _insanely_ fast, at least five different hits flying out in the blink of an eye.
[22:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Melee dodge ;) )
[22:11] <Saber> (What? No dodge?)
[22:12] <Saber> roll 1d20+4
[22:12] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+4 --> 5,0[ 1d20=16 ]5,0{20}
[22:12] <Pale_Wolf> (Like I said, melee dodge. Try. Cause this'll hurt)
[22:12] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d8
[22:12] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d8 --> 5,0[ 1d8=2 ]5,0{2}
[22:12] <Saber> (...Umm, didn't I win?)
[22:13] <Pale_Wolf> None of the fists themselves connect, but the flames wreathed around him do. It's deflected off Saber's armour though.
[22:13] <Pale_Wolf> Jane.
[22:13] <Varuni> Try not to cut Saber in half)
[22:14] * Jane quickdraws and puts two rounds into her new friend
[22:14] <Yarrow> (Quarters would be best.)
[22:14] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+20
[22:14] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=1 ]5,0{21}, 5,0[ 1d20=2 ]5,0{22}
[22:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Owie...)
[22:14] <Jane> (DR
[22:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Fire away)
[22:14] <Jane> Roll 1d20+20
[22:14] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20+20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=4 ]5,0{24}
[22:14] <Jane> (Oy..(
[22:14] <Jane> (its revenge of the dice bot)
[22:14] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+9
[22:14] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+9 --> 5,0[ 1d20=3 ]5,0{12}
[22:15] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+7
[22:15] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+7 --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{18}
[22:15] <Pale_Wolf> He dodges neither.
[22:15] <Yarrow> (Just put the dice down and take a step back.)
[22:15] <Jane> Roll 2#2d8+2
[22:15] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d8+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=13 ]5,0{15}, 5,0[ 2d8=12 ]5,0{14}
[22:15] <Pale_Wolf> (Roll your damage, Janey)
[22:15] <Jane> "Lets start again at the beging, "Hi, Im jane""
[22:16] * Jane puts two more into him
[22:16] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20
[22:16] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{15}, 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{10}
[22:16] <Pale_Wolf> The first bullet is mostly incinerated by his wall of flame, but pierces through it. The second thuds into him without difficulty.
[22:16] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+5
[22:16] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+5 --> 5,0[ 1d20=6 ]5,0{11}
[22:16] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+3
[22:16] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+3 --> 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{14}
[22:17] <Pale_Wolf> As does the third, though the fourth is dodged. "You'll forgive me if I don't take the time to think of a name for myself just now."
[22:17] <Pale_Wolf> Despite having just taken three rounds to the chest, he's pretty much fine.
[22:17] * Aika_Fawkes hefts teh Deadly Cannon. "Alright you primitve Screwhead. This, Is, My, BOOMSTICK! Deadly Shot!"
[22:17] <Pale_Wolf> (Hey, give DC a chance for the last damage roll ;) )
[22:18] <Jane> (ya)
[22:18] <Yarrow> ("But how will we know what to engrave on your tombstone?")
[22:18] <Jane> Roll 2d8+2
[22:18] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2d8+2 --> 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{10}
[22:18] <Jane> "I guess ill make something up for your Tombstone then"
[22:18] <Varuni> You were just waiting to use that one weren't you?)
[22:18] <Aika_Fawkes> (How'd you guess?)
[22:19] <Varuni> Oh, just lucky I guess ;P)
[22:19] <Pale_Wolf> "Hah! Though you may perhaps actually be of a level to _amuse_ me, your boasts are still leagues beyond you."
[22:19] <Pale_Wolf> (Aika)
[22:19] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+9 (double tap deadly shot)
[22:19] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+9 5,0(double tap deadly shot) --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{26}
[22:19] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+1
[22:19] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+1 --> 5,0[ 1d20=4 ]5,0{5}
[22:20] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 9d8+3
[22:20] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 9d8+3 --> 5,0[ 9d8=36 ]5,0{39}
[22:20] * Pale_Wolf is not adequately equipped to evade a bullet fired from behind.
[22:20] <Pale_Wolf> (And what the hell are you firing in it?)
[22:20] * Aika_Fawkes loves her Boomstick
[22:20] <Jane> (9d8?)
[22:20] <Aika_Fawkes> (c8 Rounds
[22:20] <Jane> (c8?)
[22:20] <Varuni> Deplited uranium with c-4...)
[22:21] <Jane> (... we got thoes? heh)
[22:21] <Pale_Wolf> (... I think at this point I should note the C-8 does 1d8+1, not 2d8+3)
[22:21] <Aika_Fawkes> (1d8+2, +7d8 magic, +1d8 double tap, +1 point blank)
[22:21] <Varuni> O.o)
[22:21] <Saber> (o_O)
[22:21] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah, fair enough. Indeed)
[22:21] * Pale_Wolf grunts and _stares_ as the pink-wreathed bullet punches a hole in his stomach.
[22:21] <Jane> (the popint blank is on the TOHIT roll isnt it?)
[22:21] <Varuni> A dragon you say? *boom* Not any more)
[22:21] <Pale_Wolf> (Both)
[22:22] <Jane> (oh, didnt know that)
[22:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "Pretty Deadly Huh?"
[22:22] * Jane just looks at the new ventlation the din has
[22:22] <Pale_Wolf> "... I might be forced to eat my words... Your friend could indeed do harm to me. And so she shall die."
[22:22] <Pale_Wolf> He turns to face her.
[22:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "... Fucvk"
[22:22] <Jane> "Leagues beyound you eh?"
[22:23] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray! Get Your ass Down Here And Help!"
[22:23] <Pale_Wolf> Murray dives, but may or may not make it in a timely manner.
[22:23] <Aika_Fawkes> (2 shots down... and 4 more left)
[22:23] <Varuni> I go boom now?)
[22:23] <Pale_Wolf> (Two more)
[22:24] <Pale_Wolf> Yes, Varuni boom now.
[22:24] <Varuni> "Yoohoo!" Blows the djinn a kiss, while sending the crackling power of her Azure Dragon shrieking down range.
[22:24] <Varuni> roll 1d20+11
[22:24] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 --> 5,0[ 1d20=18 ]5,0{29}
[22:24] <Aika_Fawkes> MP is 2x the MPcost right?)
[22:24] <Jane> (mp?)
[22:24] <Aika_Fawkes> (Ep)
[22:24] <Pale_Wolf> "I am beginning to _despise_ your entire race."
[22:24] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-1
[22:24] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-1 --> 5,0[ 1d20=7 ]5,0{6}
[22:24] <Pale_Wolf> He takes the hit.
[22:25] <Varuni> roll 2d8
[22:25] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 2d8 --> 5,0[ 2d8=9 ]5,0{9}
[22:25] <Pale_Wolf> "And here I thought you were only tasty."
[22:25] <Aika_Fawkes> "we love you too sweety."
[22:25] <Pale_Wolf> But doesn't notice.
[22:25] <Varuni> bleh)
[22:25] <Jane> (ep is the same cost to cast as the magic you put into it)
[22:25] <Jane> (unless you have a focus)
[22:25] <Pale_Wolf> (Half the cost of the MP. He's only got two more shots. Three if he doesn't mind fainting)
[22:25] <Pale_Wolf> Saber boom.
[22:25] <Pale_Wolf> Oh yes, before boom.
[22:26] <Pale_Wolf> Saber, you take 4 more damage straight to HP. You're still on fire.
[22:26] <Aika_Fawkes> (how much Ep do I have left Pale?)
[22:26] <Pale_Wolf> 38.
[22:26] <Aika_Fawkes> (thanks. forgot to bring my used stats from last session home with me)
[22:27] <Pale_Wolf> (I scraped up a sheet, don't worry)
[22:27] <Saber> roll 1d20+10 Beamsaber
[22:27] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+10 5,0Beamsaber --> 5,0[ 1d20=4 ]5,0{14}
[22:27] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20-3
[22:27] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20-3 --> 5,0[ 1d20=4 ]5,0{1}
[22:27] * Varuni bear in mind to take extra attacks attribute))
[22:27] <Saber> "EAT THIS HOT-HEAD!!"
[22:27] <Pale_Wolf> At this point, so distracted by the others, he doesn't really evade a damn thing.
[22:28] <Pale_Wolf> (Roll the pain)
[22:28] <Saber> roll 4d8
[22:28] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 4d8 --> 5,0[ 4d8=9 ]5,0{9}
[22:28] <Saber> (T_T)
[22:28] <Pale_Wolf> He snorts as it thuds into his flesh. "It is as tasty as your entire race."
[22:28] <Aika_Fawkes> (I have teh bullets for one more Todlich Kugel)
[22:28] <Varuni> We need a young priest and an old priest. [To Fate] The power of Christ compels you! Possessed bot!))
[22:29] <Aika_Fawkes> "I Object! I'm Pretty sure I'm a hell of a lot tastier than that!"
[22:29] <Pale_Wolf> "Now... I believe I had something in mind, didn't I?"
[22:29] <Pale_Wolf> "Ah yes..."
[22:29] <Aika_Fawkes> (Murray! EWxocise teh Bot!0
[22:29] <Pale_Wolf> He blurs towards Aika.
[22:29] <Aika_Fawkes> "Fuck. Should have not spoken up..."
[22:29] <Aika_Fawkes> (Dodge is reflex save? or just dex?)
[22:30] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+6 ranged attack in point blank
[22:30] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+6 5,0ranged attack in point blank --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{16}
[22:30] <Pale_Wolf> A wall of flame builds up around him again, separating him from the rest of the party.
[22:30] <Saber> (OMG! We're fighting... A DBZ VILLAIN!!!)
[22:30] <Aika_Fawkes> (If only. Then I could Shoot him while he powered up.)
[22:30] <Pale_Wolf> And, flames build up on his arms and entire body, engulfing Aika even as a concussive blast streaks for her.
[22:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "ow."
[22:31] <Pale_Wolf> (Try dodge?)
[22:31] <Aika_Fawkes> (Dodge is Reflex? or just dex?)
[22:31] <Pale_Wolf> (I'll do it for you)
[22:31] <Saber> (...reflex)
[22:31] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+9
[22:31] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+9 --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{22}
[22:31] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+5
[22:31] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+5 --> 5,0[ 1d20=9 ]5,0{14}
[22:31] <Jane> (dex, pluse any skills you have)
[22:31] <Pale_Wolf> (What're you talking about Saber?)
[22:31] <Saber> (When dodging, think of pohotocopy paper. :P)
[22:31] <Pale_Wolf> (Your bonus was +5, sorry :P )
[22:32] <Aika_Fawkes> (+5? but my dex is added to reflex save)
[22:32] <Aika_Fawkes> (that's +9)
[22:32] <Pale_Wolf> (No it's not, Saber's spouting something wierd)
[22:32] <Pale_Wolf> (:P )
[22:32] <Saber> (*just checked the rulebook* Err... oops?)
[22:32] <Pale_Wolf> (I'm keeping a closer eye on your dodges and attacks now ;) )
[22:32] <Aika_Fawkes> (can we at least use My roll with your bonus?)
[22:32] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep)
[22:32] * Varuni pats Rock on the back; "Don't worry, just waking up and all that))
[22:32] <Aika_Fawkes> (My attacks are just fine.)
[22:33] <Pale_Wolf> Aika manages to evade the BIG blast. But still gets pwnt by the buildup of flame around him.
[22:33] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d4
[22:33] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d4 --> 5,0[ 1d4=2 ]5,0{2}
[22:33] <Aika_Fawkes> (Fuck. AoE0
[22:33] <Pale_Wolf> (Okay, fine, maybe not pwnt :P )
[22:33] * Jane looks at her baby and reholsters it.
[22:33] <Jane> "Need a biger gun"
[22:33] <Pale_Wolf> (Jane, fire away)
[22:33] <Varuni> ...You gave me a first degree burn, you asshole!))
[22:34] <Pale_Wolf> (And wait, didn't your gun just go like mad on him?)
[22:34] <Aika_Fawkes> (that was mine.)
[22:34] <Pale_Wolf> Anyway, Jane.
[22:35] <Pale_Wolf> (Hey, Jane did pretty good too. And with a level of pwnage she can sustain ;) )
[22:35] <Aika_Fawkes> "If ever there was a time for a bigger gun. Now would be it."
[22:35] <Jane> (did it? Seemed inefective i guess.)
[22:35] * Jane fiddles are inher jacker for a bit then pulls out a minimi the party was issued
[22:35] <Varuni> "Next time we all pack bazookas!"
[22:35] <Jane> "Can do"
[22:35] <Aika_Fawkes> "Base won't let me carry one."
[22:36] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+21 full auto
[22:36] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+21 5,0full auto --> 5,0[ 1d20=20 ]5,0{41}, 5,0[ 1d20=18 ]5,0{39}
[22:36] <Aika_Fawkes> "i've requisitioned it a lot but they keep on rejecting me."
[22:36] <Pale_Wolf> He doesn't even BOTHER trying to dodge this one.
[22:36] <Varuni> Ouch...)
[22:37] <Pale_Wolf> (That will be... 2d8+1, 9#1d8+1, and 8#1d8+1)
[22:37] * Jane has a silly grin on her face as the mechine gun hammers out its rounds.
[22:37] <Jane> Roll 9#1d8+1
[22:37] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 9#1d8+1 --> 5,0[ 1d8=1 ]5,0{2}, 5,0[ 1d8=6 ]5,0{7}, 5,0[ 1d8=3 ]5,0{4}, 5,0[ 1d8=1 ]5,0{2}, 5,0[ 1d8=1 ]5,0{2}, 5,0[ 1d8=3 ]5,0{4}, 5,0[ 1d8=5 ]5,0{6}, 5,0[ 1d8=2 ]5,0{3}, 5,0[ 1d8=4 ]5,0{5}
[22:37] <Jane> Roll 8#1d8+1
[22:37] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 8#1d8+1 --> 5,0[ 1d8=8 ]5,0{9}, 5,0[ 1d8=2 ]5,0{3}, 5,0[ 1d8=3 ]5,0{4}, 5,0[ 1d8=1 ]5,0{2}, 5,0[ 1d8=1 ]5,0{2}, 5,0[ 1d8=2 ]5,0{3}, 5,0[ 1d8=6 ]5,0{7}, 5,0[ 1d8=3 ]5,0{4}
[22:38] <Jane> (2d8+1?)
[22:38] <Pale_Wolf> (You critted)
[22:38] <Varuni> ...This will be a Mortal Kombat cheese scenario)
[22:38] <Jane> Roll 2d8+1
[22:38] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2d8+1 --> 5,0[ 2d8=4 ]5,0{5}
[22:39] <Pale_Wolf> Despite the precision... the awe-inspiring _ferocity_ of the assault... Every one of the bullets MELTS before they pierce his wall of fire.
[22:39] <Jane> (gay)
[22:39] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry man, Force Field is damn good against that kind of attack)
[22:39] <Jane> (if it was nearly that hot we would be standing in a ocen of glass)
[22:39] <Jane> (ahh force field, not ap)
[22:40] * Jane loots very put put and just drops the gun
[22:40] <Jane> "Where the hells that splater and carnage!"
[22:40] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray You bastard! Where's my Force Field!"
[22:40] <Pale_Wolf> (Well, I needed _some_ mechanism for a fire-based force field. If you'd rather, it's kinetic and they just splat against the air)
[22:40] <Pale_Wolf> He turns to grin at her. "Nice try, dearie."
[22:41] <Pale_Wolf> "Incoming you bitch! Make up your mind whether you want aerial recon or close-in support!"
[22:41] <Varuni> "Aika, I'd suggest you use something big!"
[22:41] <Pale_Wolf> He's still flying in at you.
[22:41] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+10 (forgot to add teh point blank shot to my attack last time)
[22:41] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+10 5,0(forgot to add teh point blank shot to my attack last time) --> 5,0[ 1d20=1 ]5,0{11}
[22:42] <Varuni> and Aika blows herself up)
[22:42] <Saber> (Nah, her gun jams)
[22:42] <Jane> (we have DR)
[22:42] <Pale_Wolf> (Aika don't ;) )
[22:43] <Aika_Fawkes> "Deadly Cannon? Precious... Why isn't he going boom?"
[22:43] <Varuni> Ah pooh, and it would have been such a fantasitc explosion too))
[22:43] <Jane> (she's not a gun bunny/)
[22:43] <Pale_Wolf> This is, as it happens, a REALLY shitty time for Aika's deadly gun to jam. Or whatever its equivalent is. Pink arcs of magic crackle around, and the bullet STOPS as it comes out of the chamber. The magic, however... Well, have fun Aika. It arcs right back around to you.
[22:43] <Aika_Fawkes> "Precious?"
[22:43] <Pale_Wolf> roll 7d8
[22:43] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 7d8 --> 5,0[ 7d8=33 ]5,0{33}
[22:44] <Pale_Wolf> (Owie.)
[22:44] <Jane> (thats a bit much)
[22:44] <Varuni> Ka...boom?)
[22:44] <Pale_Wolf> (She's still standing. Barely)
[22:44] <Aika_Fawkes> (13 hp left)
[22:44] * Saber notes to himself... the Deadly cannon does not like being called Precious...
[22:44] * Aika_Fawkes decides Discresion is teh better part of Valor and flies up)
[22:44] * Varuni winces at the backlash of energy. "Guns and magic...don't mix."
[22:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "Ow."
[22:45] <Pale_Wolf> (It _was_ a bit much, but there needed to be some kind of 'appropriate' effect for a critfail. Gun jam isn't quite as awe-inspiring as a misfire, and at least Aika didn't do FULL damage to herself ;) )
[22:45] <Pale_Wolf> Varu, you're up.
[22:46] <Pale_Wolf> (Plus side Aika: Gun ain't jammed)
[22:46] <Aika_Fawkes> (Pretty Deadly Needs Food Badly)
[22:46] <Pale_Wolf> (The bullet kinda fell out)
[22:46] <Varuni> "Sweet Krishna I'd rather keep dancing with you on this earth than in heaven." A prayer?
[22:46] <Aika_Fawkes> (so I still have 1 Bullet left?)
[22:46] <Varuni> roll 1d20+11 More Azure goodness
[22:46] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+11 5,0More Azure goodness --> 5,0[ 1d20=12 ]5,0{23}
[22:46] <Pale_Wolf> "Sweet who?"
[22:46] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+9
[22:46] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+9 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{19}
[22:47] <Pale_Wolf> He tries to dodge, but largely fails.
[22:47] <Aika_Fawkes> "That's right! Prayer Outraces Efreet. I forgot that."
[22:47] <Varuni> roll 2d8
[22:47] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 2d8 --> 5,0[ 2d8=13 ]5,0{13}
[22:47] <Aika_Fawkes> Murray! I want my Damn Force Field!"
[22:47] <Varuni> "Oh just a fun flute player who likes dancing with the ladies." She grins.
[22:47] <Jane> (does HP suck on force fields at all? Or just armor?)
[22:48] <Pale_Wolf> A good chunk of the force splats against the firewall, however enough gets through to make him twitch. "You are all _irritating_ me."
[22:48] <Jane> (i mean it would hit the field at full stenght)
[22:48] <Pale_Wolf> (Hollow point... probably on both. Its thing is that it deforms, so if it meets any kind of resistance it'll deform rather than penetrating.)
[22:48] <Pale_Wolf> (Your bull is damn good with its normal bullets, though)
[22:49] <Jane> (rats, ya)
[22:49] <Pale_Wolf> Saber's move.
[22:49] <Varuni> "Saber, if you've got something good in your bag, I suggest you use it."
[22:49] * Saber dashes towards the efreet
[22:49] <Saber> roll 1d20+10 Beamsaber
[22:49] <Fate> 5,0Saber rolled a :5,0 1d20+10 5,0Beamsaber --> 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{23}
[22:49] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+7
[22:49] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+7 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{24}
[22:49] <Saber> ....
[22:50] <Saber> (OBJECTION!!!)
[22:50] <Jane> (heh)
[22:50] <Pale_Wolf> The efreet chuckles and catches Saber's wrist in his hand as he turns slightly. "A wonderful maneuver. But insufficient."
[22:50] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d8
[22:50] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d8 --> 5,0[ 1d8=4 ]5,0{4}
[22:51] <Pale_Wolf> Luckily for Saber, though the fires lick at his armour, they don't actually make him more than a little hot under the collar.
[22:51] <Saber> "Uuurgh!" he cries as he tries to escape his grip...
[22:51] <Varuni> Slowly but surely, we'll be eating him medium rare)
[22:51] <Jane> "Are you done playing with the meatbags yet?"
[22:51] <Aika_Fawkes> (Damn lucky bastards with Magical fucking armor)
[22:52] <Pale_Wolf> The efreet turns its attention away from Saber and points at Aika. He cocks his head and grins. "Goodbye, dearest."
[22:52] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+6
[22:52] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+6 --> 5,0[ 1d20=4 ]5,0{10}
[22:52] <Pale_Wolf> (... Dramatic moments, pwnt)
[22:52] <Aika_Fawkes> "Fuck."
[22:52] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray! Now Would Be The Time!"
[22:53] <Pale_Wolf> Murray had _been_ diving towards Aika, but ended up below her when she floated up. He's winging back up to her now.
[22:53] <Pale_Wolf> (Dodge?)
[22:53] <Pale_Wolf> (Or eat it?)
[22:54] <Pale_Wolf> roll 2d8
[22:54] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 2d8 --> 5,0[ 2d8=2 ]5,0{2}
[22:54] <Aika_Fawkes> (dodging)
[22:54] <Pale_Wolf> Either way, more flames lick at Saber as his aura pulses. No more hurting though.
[22:54] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+5
[22:54] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+5 --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{20}
[22:54] <Pale_Wolf> He pouts as Aika dodges. "Now that is simply no fair."
[22:55] <Pale_Wolf> Jane.
[22:55] <Aika_Fawkes> "I'm much rather Cheat then Die you bag of hot air."
[22:55] * Jane reloads insted of moving and puts to into the big guys back
[22:55] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+21
[22:55] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+21 --> 5,0[ 1d20=8 ]5,0{29}, 5,0[ 1d20=11 ]5,0{32}
[22:56] <Jane> "It's rather rude to ingore a lady"
[22:56] <Pale_Wolf> Knowing the futility, he doesn't dodge, relying on his firewall.
[22:56] <Aika_Fawkes> (How many Bullets do I have left? 1?)
[22:56] <Jane> Roll 2#2d8+3
[22:56] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#2d8+3 --> 5,0[ 2d8=8 ]5,0{11}, 5,0[ 2d8=6 ]5,0{9}
[22:56] <Varuni> "Come on bullets, don't whimp out!"
[22:56] <Jane> (move turn spent on reloading)
[22:56] <Pale_Wolf> (Deadly shot, you've got one more bullet)
[22:56] <Aika_Fawkes> (all my other guns are fully loaded...)
[22:56] <Jane> "Now are you finshed playign with the meatbags?"
[22:57] <Pale_Wolf> The first bullet meets his field... presses against it... and then SHOVES it down, just in time for the second to fly through and into him.
[22:57] <Pale_Wolf> He turns to her. "As you ask, so shall be given."
[22:57] <Jane> Roll 2#1d20+1
[22:57] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 2#1d20+1 --> 5,0[ 1d20=9 ]5,0{10}, 5,0[ 1d20=7 ]5,0{8}
[22:57] * Varuni throws up her fist with a grin. "Ha!"
[22:57] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+9
[22:57] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+9 --> 5,0[ 1d20=15 ]5,0{24}
[22:57] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+7
[22:57] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+7 --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{12}
[22:57] <Jane> (darn)
[22:57] <Pale_Wolf> He casually blurs around the next two.
[22:58] <Pale_Wolf> Aika is gonna be VERY happy, as about now, Murray finally gets close to her, enveloping her in a bubble of pink. He flaps and fires a grey ball of energy at her. "Get HEALED, bitch!"
[22:58] <Pale_Wolf> roll 3d8
[22:58] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 3d8 --> 5,0[ 3d8=11 ]5,0{11}
[22:59] <Aika_Fawkes> "thanks Murray! You're a life Sqaver. And not the candy type either."
[22:59] <Aika_Fawkes> (24 HP)
[22:59] <Pale_Wolf> "Believe me, you don't know how glad that makes me."
[22:59] <Pale_Wolf> Aika's move.
[23:00] <Aika_Fawkes> (Am I still Point Blank Range?)
[23:00] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+12 "Deadly Shot! This Time with 1/2 as much Deadly and 2 times the Shot!"
[23:00] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+12 5,0"Deadly Shot! This Time with 1/2 as much Deadly and 2 times the Shot!" --> 5,0[ 1d20=14 ]5,0{26}
[23:01] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 8d8+3
[23:01] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 8d8+3 --> 5,0[ 8d8=31 ]5,0{34}
[23:02] <Pale_Wolf> (Okay, if somebody's acting, sorry but I'll be a while before I can respond. Stupid stupid IRC...)
[23:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (wait... do I have teh Ep for that?) cause If I don't tehn retcon taht into Deadly Blaster
[23:02] <Jane> (keep track of your own ep)
[23:02] <Pale_Wolf> (You've got the EP for one blast of Deadly Shot, including that one)
[23:02] * Jane ping #magicalgirlcontract
[23:02] <Varuni> EP draining attacks, boo!!)
[23:02] <Pale_Wolf> (Next one and you'll faint in midair)
[23:02] [Jane:#magicalgirlcontract PING]
[23:03] <Pale_Wolf> His eyes widen, and he tries to evade.
[23:03] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+5
[23:03] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+5 --> 5,0[ 1d20=3 ]5,0{8}
[23:03] <Pale_Wolf> Failing miserably.
[23:03] <Pale_Wolf> Ooooh. Saber just gave me a WONDERFUL idea...
[23:03] <Aika_Fawkes> "HahA! Burn Baby Burn! Disco Inferno!"
[23:03] <Jane> (kinda nice of me to blow away his shield wasn't it)
[23:03] <Saber> ...
[23:03] <Saber> (Aww, fuck. T_T)
[23:04] <Aika_Fawkes> (what did you tell her?)
[23:04] <Saber> (Not telling)
[23:04] <Varuni> ...)
[23:04] <Pale_Wolf> He whirls, and attempts to interpose Saber, still in his hand, between him and that blast of ultimate pwnage.
[23:04] <Pale_Wolf> roll 1d20+7
[23:04] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 1d20+7 --> 5,0[ 1d20=5 ]5,0{12}
[23:04] <Pale_Wolf> Still failing miserably.
[23:04] <Varuni> ...that could have been an ouch)
[23:04] <Saber> (Can I dodge that as well? ;_;)
[23:05] <Pale_Wolf> His head looked really nice. Quite attractive. Also, now gone.
[23:05] <Pale_Wolf> He slumps to the ground, hand still locked around Saber's ankle.
[23:05] <Aika_Fawkes> "Is he dead? Cause He should Be dead."
[23:05] <Saber> "He'd better be dead."
[23:05] * Jane walks over and puts one into the chest.
[23:05] * Varuni lets out a breath. "Kali send his soul straight to purgatory please."
[23:05] <Aika_Fawkes> "You'd be surprised how much hand Eye coordination decreases with the loss of teh head."
[23:06] * Saber sighs, and slices off the hand latched onto his ankle...
[23:06] <Pale_Wolf> A female voice chuckles behind Aika. "He's dead."
[23:06] <Jane> "Yep... her wait"
[23:06] <Jane> *hey
[23:06] * Saber looks up behind Akia...
[23:06] <Aika_Fawkes> "Farah?"
[23:06] * Varuni spins to face the newest problem, arm crackling with energy.
[23:06] * Jane looks over her sholder at the guest"
[23:06] <Pale_Wolf> Farah waves, wreathed in even MORE water than before.
[23:07] <Aika_Fawkes> "er... you don't want to kill us too do you?"
[23:07] * Jane sights and puts her gun away.
[23:07] <Aika_Fawkes> "cause... I'd have to take issue with that if you did."
[23:07] <Jane> "Every time she imrpesses me she has to go and open up that mouth.."
[23:07] * Jane says this mostly to herself
[23:07] <Saber> "Why is it, Akia, that every time you open your mouth you PROVE you're an idiot?"
[23:07] <Pale_Wolf> She giggles. "Why would I want to do that? You people helped me a moment ago."
[23:08] <Varuni> "Oh don't do that! Don't do that! Never do that again!" She grumbles, shaking her hand to dissipate the energy, then popping her knuckles. Just bites her lips again.
[23:08] <Aika_Fawkes> Just making sure. I'm a bit jazzed up from being flash fried and blown up."
[23:08] <Pale_Wolf> "Ah, by the way. Here." A very generous dollop of water flows away from her and over to Jane. "Feel free to fill your canteens as you will."
[23:08] * Saber mutters as he clows briefly, before he changes back to normal and stows Model-S away into a pocket...
[23:08] <Jane> "Thanks, but i think he needs it more"
[23:09] * Aika_Fawkes floats to the ground and detransforms.
[23:09] * Jane points to the still cooking form of saber
[23:09] <Saber> Retcon that line...
[23:09] <Pale_Wolf> She cocks her head. "... He does indeed. A stunning conversationalist, given that he is on fire."
[23:09] <Pale_Wolf> Water hovers over to Saber, and he is drenched.
[23:09] * Saber 'blinks' behind his visor...
[23:09] <Varuni> "What I want is a shower, a lay, and a smoke. I don't suppose you can provide all three?" Eyeing the water-critter.
[23:09] <Saber> "I am? Ah. AH! AAAAHHHH!!!"
[23:10] <Aika_Fawkes> (Am I also on firw?)
[23:10] <Jane> "You didn't nice? Thats some impressive armor"
[23:10] * Saber hits the ground rolling...
[23:10] <Jane> "You been tosting nicely since the fight started"
[23:10] * Jane notices she isnt being listened to.
[23:10] <Aika_Fawkes> "... He... didn't realize it?"
[23:10] <Varuni> "It's the adrenaline, and most kids today are numb from the neck up anyway"
[23:11] <Pale_Wolf> Farah blinks. "... A shower is well within my powers though you shall have to provide your own soap, a smoke is not going to be difficult to acquire given the abundance of flame, and a lay would depend entirely on your behaviour."
[23:11] * Jane blinks at that.. and process it for a moment
[23:11] <Jane> "I belive the proper responce on this planet is.
[23:11] * Jane she gives Varuni a thumbs up
[23:12] <Saber> "A.. little HELP here!?"
[23:12] * Jane looks down at saber still holding her hand up
[23:12] <Pale_Wolf> <Pale_Wolf> She cocks her head. "... He does indeed. A stunning conversationalist, given that he is on fire."
[23:12] <Pale_Wolf> <Pale_Wolf> Water hovers over to Saber, and he is drenched.
[23:12] <Jane> "Your not burning any more"
[23:12] <Aika_Fawkes> "Jason. You're all wet."
[23:13] * Jane kicks him a bit
[23:13] <Varuni> "Anyone have any lighter fluid and some marshmellow...aww, oh well." She grins and pushes the shades back up on her nose. "And I'll think about it, Miss Lakeperson." Winks at the water-critter and then laughs at poor Jason.
[23:13] <Jane> "Thanks for that hole diving save back there"
[23:13] * Saber sighs as the water hits him, creating a large billow of steam as the fire's extinguished...
[23:13] <Pale_Wolf> (Diving save?)
[23:14] <Jane> (when saber jumped in front of jane at the start)
[23:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah, gotcha)
[23:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh, the awesomeness of critfails ;) )
[23:14] <Saber> "No... Problem."
[23:14] <Aika_Fawkes> "Marshmallows? I don't think those were standard issue. We have some MREs though. But I doubt you wanna eat em."
[23:14] <Saber> "...Model-S, eject."
[23:15] * Jane pulls put her radio to let base know what happened, and ask for a pickup. Walking bakc now would be annoying
[23:15] <Pale_Wolf> "Marshmallows? That sounds like an interesting food, especially given the context that makes you mention them."
[23:15] * Saber glows for a moment as his form darkens before the armour 'shatters' off of him, becoming motes of light as they converge and become Model-S again,l which Jasos grabs out of the air...
[23:15] * Saber is now known as Jason_Naruhodo
[23:16] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+12 Knowledge Occult, What are Marshmallows Made out of?
[23:16] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+12 5,0Knowledge Occult, What are Marshmallows Made out of? --> 5,0[ 1d20=20 ]5,0{32}
[23:16] <Jane> "That reminds me, next time we all know the big scary magic guy is lieing his ass off"
[23:16] <Jane> "Can we just start shooting and not try word games?
[23:16] <Aika_Fawkes> (Now I Get Crit hits?)
[23:16] <Jason_Naruhodo> "We make him into shish-kebab"
[23:16] * Varuni shoots Aika a look. "Does sarsasm not register on your radar?"
[23:17] <Jason_Naruhodo> "My dad's a lawyer... I shoul've realized SOONER the guy was spewing crap!"
[23:17] * Jason_Naruhodo says with a groan.
[23:17] <Aika_Fawkes> "Never been that good at detecting it really."
[23:17] <Pale_Wolf> (Let this be a lesson - get LOTS of Sense Motive :P )
[23:17] <Aika_Fawkes> "But I did think he was a creepy supervillian if you recall."
[23:17] <Jane> "Aika, please. That blowing off the head bit. Totaly cool"
[23:17] <Aika_Fawkes> "Thanks."
[23:17] <Pale_Wolf> (Though to be fair, your rolls blew. TWO critfails when I was giving you Sense Motive checks...)
[23:17] <Jane> "but your running it every time you say something thats just wrong"
[23:17] <Jane> *ruining?
[23:18] * Varuni rubs her foread. "Yes, a creepy supervillian...I'm sure...but good work killing him, after almost blowing yourself to hell."
[23:18] <Jane> (Jane did call base
[23:18] <Jane> (did wolf miss that, again?)
[23:18] <Aika_Fawkes> "That's Right. I need to check my precious."
[23:18] <Pale_Wolf> (Apparently I did. Sorry, paste?)
[23:18] * Jane wonders about her radio's time delay.
[23:18] <Pale_Wolf> Base: "What the hell just happened?!"
[23:18] * Varuni gives poor Wolf a hug)
[23:18] <Jane> (jane just called in and let em know what was going on, and asking for a ride
[23:18] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Heya, Murray... If it's alright can you patch me up a bit?"
[23:19] * Aika_Fawkes proceeds to check her Deadly cannon for what the hell made it do that.
[23:19] * Jason_Naruhodo says looking at his avian friend tiredly...
[23:19] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray. Heal burning boy off."
[23:19] <Pale_Wolf> Jason says this, but then realizes that he's not even scratched.
[23:19] <Jane> "We got into a fight with the big fire guy and blew his head off, can we get a pickup?"
[23:19] * Jane says that to base
[23:19] <Varuni> "We took care of another problem, I demand extra in my paycheck." She sticks out her tongue at the radio, heard or not.
[23:19] <Jason_Naruhodo> "..."
[23:19] * Jason_Naruhodo looks down at himself...
[23:19] <Aika_Fawkes> "Oh, and Heal me up while you're at it."
[23:19] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...what the-?"
[23:20] <Varuni> "Good armor kid." She smiles and slaps him on the back.
[23:20] <Pale_Wolf> Base: "Ah, right. We'll send a helicopter out to pick you up. Guess Team Two gets to have fun with cleanup."
[23:20] * Jason_Naruhodo looks himself over and mutters this time with a haunted look on his face, "What the hell?"
[23:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "Did you find what you were looking for Farah?"
[23:20] <Pale_Wolf> Murray stares at Jason, then shrugs and turns to heal Aika.
[23:20] <Yarrow> (We're still waiting for team three to report back from Raccoon City.)
[23:20] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Varuni and manages a somewhat fake grin, "Uh, yeah... Good armour. Right."
[23:20] <Aika_Fawkes> (We ARE team 3)
[23:20] * Jason_Naruhodo chuckles weakly, but is clearly disturbed about something.
[23:21] <Pale_Wolf> Farah chuckles. "Indeed, all I sought was more water. I was actually coming back to handle this nest, but..."
[23:21] <Jane> (oh shi-)
[23:21] <Pale_Wolf> (Oooooooh)
[23:21] <Pale_Wolf> (Shiney)
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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 09, 2007 4:48 pm

Session Two - Post Two

[23:21] * Jane confirms with the radio and looks over to farah
[23:21] <Jane> "Do you want a lift some place?"
[23:21] <Jason_Naruhodo> (I hate you Yarrow... You too PW. >_<)
[23:21] <Varuni> "Or Farah can heal with water." Shrugs. "You came out of it, don't go looking gift horses in the mouth...whatever that means."
[23:21] <Varuni> ?)
[23:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "Jane. She can run at just under mach 1."
[23:22] <Pale_Wolf> "Ah, no, I believe I shall be fine. I don't believe I am heading to one of the Western military bases today anyway."
[23:22] * Jason_Naruhodo seems to relax, "Yeah, I guess that's it. Thanks Varu"
[23:23] <Aika_Fawkes> "Team Two's going to be damn pissed that we had all the fun and they get all teh clean up."
[23:23] * Jane starts cleaning up her gear from the fight
[23:23] <Varuni> "No problem." Smiles and beats off her clothes. "Yes, we'd like to go back to civilization and clean up. I might let Robo-boy here do my laundry." She smirks and gives him a coy wink.
[23:23] <Pale_Wolf> Base comes back on the line: "By the way, Major Hartley is apparently in on a Hercules. There's a surprise for you back at Basra."
[23:23] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Farah
[23:23] <Jason_Naruhodo> "So Farah, any idea what his problem was?"
[23:24] * Jason_Naruhodo asks as he thumbs at the new corpse...
[23:24] <Jane> "Roger that,"
[23:24] * Jane picks up the minimi she droped and slides it back into her jacket
[23:25] <Pale_Wolf> Farah shrugs. "Megalomania? It's a character trait that exists regardless of the race. And some who spend time as ghuls find themselves liking the taste of flesh even when they return."
[23:25] <Varuni> "I need to think about carrying one of those."
[23:25] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I see... That sucks."
[23:25] <Jane> "Ya, thats what tipped us off becides him being a really bad lier"
[23:25] * Jason_Naruhodo groans
[23:26] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I *STILL* can't believe I didn't realize it sooner!"
[23:26] <Aika_Fawkes> "He's not coming back again is he? I mean, A hole in his chest barely slowed him down."
[23:26] * Varuni looks at the fire. "Oh yeah, we need to remind base about that freon. And next time, have them standing by with every kind of bomb possible."
[23:26] <Pale_Wolf> "I will confess I would not have hunted him if he proved to be so. Killing him for general stupidity if he crossed my path, certainly, but one can't correct all the wrongs in the world."
[23:26] <Jason_Naruhodo> "That's understandable."
[23:27] <Aika_Fawkes> (Did you get my question about him coming back?)
[23:27] <Pale_Wolf> Farah shakes her head. "I would like if you kept it burning. "It is highly likely that all the ghul have died already, however there is a chance further ones will evolve to efreet. I wish to watch and see if there are any that can be recovered from this nest."
[23:28] <Pale_Wolf> "And no, efreet do not regenerate except by flame. So long as he remains unburnt, he will not heal even if there is enough alive of him to heal."
[23:28] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Will you be able to handle any that have the attitude he had?"
[23:28] <Aika_Fawkes> "If we do, will you give your word that you will kill those taht wish to harm humans?"
[23:28] * Varuni looks at Farah with a drown. "As long as they don't come looking for us."
[23:28] <Varuni> frown
[23:29] <Yarrow> (Farah does so and finds herself sworn to wipe out humanity, as it's humans who most wish to harm humans.)
[23:29] <Pale_Wolf> Farah snorts. "I am a marid, strongest of the jinn. And I am perfectly attuned to the destruction of creatures of flame."
[23:29] <Varuni> "Oh heaven help them if some of them cause us to come back here!"
[23:29] * Jason_Naruhodo takes out a cigarette, and offers it to Varuni...
[23:29] <Aika_Fawkes> "Jane. Make sure our Chopper has some Freon for this guy then. We don't want him Burning. Maybe some Liquid Nitrogen if Base has any."
[23:29] <Pale_Wolf> "As you wish. The humans of this land will find a protector." She bows deep.
[23:30] * Aika_Fawkes bows back
[23:30] <Varuni> Takes it and slips it into her ear. "I'd rather no fires arond him until we get him into containment. Lots of cold stuff in a strong box."
[23:30] * Jason_Naruhodo to Farah, "Thankyou."
[23:30] <Pale_Wolf> (And remember, she was gonna pay you back ten times over ;) )
[23:30] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yeah, I know."
[23:31] <Varuni> "Hope those idiots back at the science division don't get too curious."
[23:31] <Pale_Wolf> Farah shrugs and walks up to the efreet, a spar of water forming in her hand, cycling in the shape of a blade. "Do you wish him intact? I can remove the need for cooling."
[23:31] <Aika_Fawkes> (Well, unless he was going to give us water guns there's really nothing we needed from her. Helping us do our jobs so we don't have to come back is damn useful)
[23:31] * Jane looks on wondering witch part she is going to remove.
[23:31] <Pale_Wolf> (Indeed, she'd have bailed you guys out to pay back the debt if you needed it ;) )
[23:31] <Jane> "Feel free, We don't need him.. totaly whole"
[23:32] <Aika_Fawkes> "Jane? Base want him intact?"
[23:32] * Pale_Wolf nods and smirks slightly. As for the parts she removes... All of them.
[23:32] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Besides, the geeks back at division LOVE jigsaw puzzles," he says with a smirk
[23:32] <Jane> "Base didnt say anythign about wanting him back, i was going to make it a suprise"
[23:32] <Varuni> "Good surprize, we can sell him back in portions."
[23:33] * Jane wistles as Farah goes to work and seems to enjoy it
[23:33] <Pale_Wolf> Farah stands. "If you wish to give him to your scientists, you might do well to memorize what order all the parts went in rather than get them jumbled up."
[23:34] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Jane
[23:34] <Aika_Fawkes> "Damn. that was a nice fight though, But I think we might need a bit more firepower next time."
[23:34] <Jason_Naruhodo> "So, they sending someone to pick us up?"
[23:34] <Varuni> "Nah, throw everything into a box and shake it up, let them spend months putting him back together. We'll just say we found him like that. He suddenly went to pieces on us." Holds a straight face.
[23:35] * Jason_Naruhodo chuckles
[23:35] <Jane> "Yes,"
[23:35] <Aika_Fawkes> "anyone Find his head? The geeks back at base might want it."
[23:35] <Jane> "Ahh, that reminds me"
[23:35] * Jane turns to Farah
[23:35] <Pale_Wolf> Farah matches it without twitching a millimeter. "It can indeed be difficult to keep one's head in a stressful situation."
[23:35] <Varuni> "Oh, you mean that thing you blew off?"
[23:35] <Pale_Wolf> (Blew off? Aika VAPORIZED it)
[23:36] <Jane> "We have friends who will be stoping by here to check things again, and clean up a bit"
[23:36] * Aika_Fawkes chuckles at Farah's joke.
[23:36] <Varuni> :P)
[23:36] <Pale_Wolf> Farah nods. "How may I recognize them?"
[23:36] <Aika_Fawkes> "They'll be wearing similar uniforms to us."
[23:37] <Pale_Wolf> "Fair enough. I shall keep my eyes out for them, then."
[23:37] <Jason_Naruhodo> "We'll tell them you're here. So unless they're stupid jerks, they shouldn't be a problem."
[23:37] <Pale_Wolf> "Let us all pray to that effect."
[23:38] <Varuni> "Yeah, these are our work clothes, we dress up in fatigues only on casual Friday." Snorts and locks her fingers behind her head, walking to the top of a dune to look out at the sun.
[23:38] <Pale_Wolf> (Fort save to not incinerate your eyes :P )
[23:38] * Jane takes out her traveling cloke and starts to gather up the pices farah diced up before tieing it off
[23:38] <Varuni> :P Smart ass))
[23:38] <Pale_Wolf> (Always)
[23:39] * Aika_Fawkes sits in the sand Holding her arm out for Murray to land on it.
[23:39] <Pale_Wolf> Murray lands on her head.
[23:39] <Yarrow> (It's the smartest part of him! :) )
[23:39] <Pale_Wolf> With his talons.
[23:39] <Aika_Fawkes> "Now you're just trying to be diffiucult your overblown rooster."
[23:39] * Jason_Naruhodo laughs
[23:40] * Varuni eyes Magical Girl and her 'loyal' companion. "That is a mean pigeon."
[23:40] <Aika_Fawkes> "Farah, have I introduced you to Murray?"
[23:40] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Heh, he's cool."
[23:40] <Aika_Fawkes> "He thinks he's amusing."
[23:41] * Jason_Naruhodo asks Murray, "Yo! You gonna let her get away with that?"
[23:41] <Pale_Wolf> "Natch."
[23:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Now, does anybody have any further points they wish to hit in RP?)
[23:41] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Nope)
[23:41] <Aika_Fawkes> (none.)
[23:41] <Varuni> Not here))
[23:41] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah, that explains the silence. I'm blinded)
[23:41] <Jane> (never got to use runic so there's no questions bout that)
[23:42] <Aika_Fawkes> (We got her to promise to protect teh people. that's all I wanted)
[23:43] <Pale_Wolf> Murray grins a buzzard grin. "Hey, of course I think I'm amusing. What she missed is that everybody else does too."
[23:43] <Jane> "The chopper should be here soon"
[23:43] <Jane> "Hey Farah, If things get out of hand out here and you need help just stop by the base and let them know whats going on"
[23:43] * Jason_Naruhodo grins, before looking down at Model-S in his hand with a flicker of concern before pocketing it...
[23:43] <Varuni> "Yes, Murray, you're very funny. On a plate with a side of dressing and cranberry sauce."
[23:44] <Pale_Wolf> "Which nation are you with? And which base in particular?"
[23:44] <Pale_Wolf> Murray: "Oh, shall we eat each other?"
[23:45] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Varuni questioningly...
[23:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...huh?"
[23:45] <Varuni> "Sorry turkey, you're not my type." She winked.
[23:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "We're with the Great Britain, and Murray Varuni prefers to date within her own species."
[23:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...I totally didn't get that."
[23:45] <Pale_Wolf> Farah raises a hand. "Either she was joking, or she is at least open to those who _look_ like her own species."
[23:46] <Varuni> "Someday, Kid, someday. Right now you should still be thinking girls have cooties or something."
[23:46] <Pale_Wolf> Farah nods to Aika.
[23:46] <Jane> "For most its the body that counts"
[23:46] * Jason_Naruhodo nods firmply, "Right."
[23:46] <Aika_Fawkes> "Well, Roughly speaking I mean. Murray's pretty different as far as species go."
[23:46] * Jane passes along the base infomation and who to contact
[23:46] <Jane> (since we dont know that our selfs)
[23:47] <Pale_Wolf> Farah nods to them.
[23:47] <Pale_Wolf> And, indeed, if nobody has any further RP, we witness a sudden blurring as the universe fast-forwards, until a helicopter descends to earth a respectable distance from the flames and heat and such. Presumably everyone boards.
[23:47] * Varuni nods to Jason and smiles. "And I suggest you read Playboy, if I catch you spying on me in the shower, I'll seperate your neck from the weight your head." Her voice a singsong tone.
[23:47] * Aika_Fawkes could really go for some Fried Chicken
[23:48] * Jason_Naruhodo pales and nods again, this time rather quickly
[23:48] <Varuni> storm moving in, if I ping out; that'll be why))
[23:48] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yes ma'am!"
[23:48] <Pale_Wolf> (Righto)
[23:48] <Aika_Fawkes> "Varuni? anyone you wouldn't do taht to?"
[23:49] * Varuni looks at Aika and smiles, while reaching over and mussing Jason's hair. "Anyone over eighteen."
[23:49] <Jane> "Hah!"
[23:49] * Jason_Naruhodo looks down disappointed, before grinning, "Heh, can you wait two or three years?"
[23:49] * Jane walks to get on the chopper
[23:49] <Jane> "Bye, Farah. Thanks for bringing that water back"
[23:49] * Aika_Fawkes gets on the chopper after Grinning at Varuni
[23:50] * Jason_Naruhodo says cheekilly, before joining Jane..
[23:50] <Jane> "We did need to put Jason out,"
[23:50] * Varuni gives him a nudge and winks. "I've got nothing but time, but you prolly don't want an old thing like me." Follows behind.
[23:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "It was exceedingly pleasant meeting you Farah.
[23:50] <Jason_Naruhodo> "It was great meeting you Farah!"
[23:50] * Jason_Naruhodo calls back with a wave
[23:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "May you always find water and Shade."
[23:50] <Pale_Wolf> Farah nods and waves. "It was indeed a pleasure to meet you as well."
[23:50] <Varuni> "Krishna dance long with you too." She wves.
[23:51] <Pale_Wolf> Farah resolves to do some research into foreign religions to have a clue what's being spoken of.
[23:51] <Jane> (lol)
[23:51] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Right... NOW do we fast-forward? :P)
[23:51] <Varuni> heh)
[23:52] <Aika_Fawkes> (To Base! To Requisition LAWs.)
[23:52] <Pale_Wolf> All righty. We can break for a while now - DC, you want to pop out and get your tacos?
[23:52] * Aika_Fawkes should get some Apelsin Jus
[23:53] <Varuni> tacos rule...too bad I'm fifteen minutes from a place)
[23:54] <Jason_Naruhodo> (I'm at least twenty minutes away myself. :( )
[23:54] <Jane> (heh)
[23:54] <Jane> (dont need that long)
[23:54] <Jane> (just a drink reload(
[23:54] <Pale_Wolf> Not getting your tacos?
[23:54] <Varuni> actually, my problem is I don't have any hamburger meat to cook up and throw some together)
[23:54] <Yarrow> (Enchiladas are better.)
[23:55] <Jane> (nope)
[23:55] <Jane> (check hasnt chashed yet)
[23:55] <Jane> (err cleared0
[23:55] <Pale_Wolf> Bleh. Le suck.
[23:56] <Aika_Fawkes> Hmmm... I'm gonna get some Corned Beef.
[23:56] <Pale_Wolf> Anyway, we'll say ten minutes from now, so, everyone be back at five minutes after midnight.
[23:57] <Yarrow> According to everyone's local time. ;)
[23:57] <Aika_Fawkes> you going to look over DCG's stuff pale?
[23:57] <Aika_Fawkes> Oooh! Nonjon's Black Comedy Updated!
[23:57] <Pale_Wolf> Will work on it, but with him not here to discuss with, I probably won't get too far.
[23:58] <Pale_Wolf> Already read it ;)
[23:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> Link?
[23:58] <Aika_Fawkes> http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3401052/12/
[23:58] <Jane> im just refilling som tea
[23:59] * Jason_Naruhodo fires up his DS, and playes RE Deadly Silence. :P
Session Close: Sat Jun 09 00:00:00 2007

Session Start: Sat Jun 09 00:00:00 2007
Session Ident: #magicalgirlcontract
[00:00] <Aika_Fawkes> Heh. Get Puzzle Quest RZ. It's ridiculously addictive and awesome.
[00:00] <Varuni> I want my PS2, than get my hands on Haunting Ground
[00:07] <Varuni> ?
[00:07] <Pale_Wolf> Everyone in?
[00:07] <Jane> mostly.
[00:07] <Varuni> Good, thought I might've vanished
[00:07] <Yarrow> I'm here, for what it's worth.
[00:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> (I am)
[00:08] <Varuni> Yarrow, no game would be complete without your color commentary to crack us up)
[00:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Of course! ^_^)
[00:09] <Pale_Wolf> Aika?
[00:09] <Jane> (gtg)
[00:10] <Pale_Wolf> Good to go, right? Not got to go? :P
[00:10] <Jane> right
[00:10] <Aika_Fawkes> yeah.
[00:10] <Varuni> :P Yeah, we can't loose Maching-Gun Kelly now. There're so many bullets back at base crying to be shot)
[00:10] <Pale_Wolf> Okay then, back in business.
[00:12] <Pale_Wolf> Unless anybody has anything truly awesome to do on the helicopter, we'll fast-forward through the flight back to Basra. You guys hit the dirt to be greeted by the unsmiling face of your commander, Major Glenn Hartley (don't mind it, you've never actually seen him smile).
[00:12] <Jane> (dont forget we got a big bag of dinjin with us
[00:12] <Pale_Wolf> He's tall, little on the thin side, and very clean-cut. He was also back in England last you heard.
[00:12] * Jason_Naruhodo salutes the major
[00:13] <Aika_Fawkes> "Team Two reporting Sir!"
[00:13] * Varuni snaps too attention, something she never did before joining the Army.
[00:13] * Jane just holds up the bag
[00:13] <Jane> "We caught a big one"
[00:13] <Jane> (arnt we team 3?)
[00:13] <Aika_Fawkes> "Well, It's not quite so big anymore Jane."
[00:13] <Aika_Fawkes> (We are. Retcon taht)
[00:13] <Pale_Wolf> (You are :P )
[00:13] * Pale_Wolf return's the group's salutes. "At ease, and I mean that literally."
[00:14] <Varuni> Yeah, how did those useless louts beat us back to base? :P))
[00:14] * Jane shurgs and drops the bag
[00:14] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley grins. "Indeed, I imagine the eggheads will love that thing."
[00:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Doh.)
[00:14] <Pale_Wolf> (<Me and my continuity)
[00:14] <Jane> (ZONG HE GRINED)
[00:14] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley doesn't grin, but he might've twitched a bit at the lip.
[00:14] <Jane> (how about evil smirk?)
[00:15] * Jason_Naruhodo stands at ease
[00:15] <Aika_Fawkes> "Was that... a smile?"
[00:15] * Aika_Fawkes is freaked out.
[00:15] <Pale_Wolf> "Feel free to keep it for the moment. We're going back to Hereford."
[00:15] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yes! We're leaving this damn wasteland!"
[00:15] * Varuni drops the GIJane routine and lights up the smoke, relaxing back quietly. "More problems already?"
[00:15] <Pale_Wolf> "I posit, Miss Fawkes, that you are hallucinating."
[00:16] * Jason_Naruhodo asks Varuni for her lighter as he takes out one for himself...
[00:16] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yes sir. I must have been, sir."
[00:16] <Jane> "Ya, She does that alot"
[00:16] * Jane picks up the bag again
[00:16] <Pale_Wolf> "I'll debrief you on the plane. You'll want to pick up your supplies first, I imagine."
[00:16] * Varuni provides. "Too much time in books and sleeping with that gun."
[00:16] * Jason_Naruhodo lights up and takes a drag...
[00:16] <Aika_Fawkes> Can we have A LAW this time? We were really lacking in firepower out there."
[00:17] <Pale_Wolf> "And _that_ was a bit more information than I had ever intended to debrief you on."
[00:17] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hey! I don't sleep wioth my Precious!"
[00:17] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Akia... Shut up."
[00:17] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley simply closes his eyes and tries to ignore the discipline. Everyone, listen checks.
[00:18] * Varuni grins and makes gogo eyes at the Major. "And Santa, can we have a pony, and toyrocket for Christmas? Along with with a Commanchie, and an F-16?" Rolls here eyes at Aika.
[00:18] <Aika_Fawkes> /msg Fate sendroll Pale_Wolf 1d20+
[00:18] <Varuni> want them forwarded to you?)
[00:18] <Pale_Wolf> (Either works)
[00:18] <Pale_Wolf> (It's not lethally important ;) )
[00:18] <Jane> Roll 1d20
[00:18] <Fate> 5,0Jane rolled a :5,0 1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=9 ]5,0{9}
[00:18] <Varuni> roll 1d20+8
[00:18] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+8 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{25}
[00:19] <Jane> "Damn it aika, What did i tell you back there?"
[00:19] <Aika_Fawkes> "Bring more Firepower?"
[00:19] <Aika_Fawkes> "We're Gonna need a bigger gun?"
[00:19] <Pale_Wolf> Varu, you can hear him muttering a mantra: "We need these screwballs, we need these screwballs, we need these screwballs..."
[00:19] <Jane> "Blowing that things head off while falling from the sky and being healed by Murry."
[00:19] <Jane> "TOtaly cool move"
[00:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "Oh. that."
[00:20] <Jane> "Then you keep opening your trap and blowing the image"
[00:20] <Varuni> Takes a long pull on her cig and pretends she didn't hear that.
[00:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "right. So we're gtting supplies then you'll debrief us right?"
[00:21] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley rubs his eyes. "I believe you wanted to know the reason for the redeployment, Trooper Mercia?"
[00:21] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Akia in disgust, and turns his attention back to the Major.
[00:21] <Varuni> "Yes sir, if it's not too sensative before debriefing."
[00:21] <Pale_Wolf> "Well, there's a mission for you, so you'll be seeing some actual action soon." He shrugs.
[00:22] * Jason_Naruhodo nods
[00:22] <Varuni> "Action, ooo goodie, goodie! That time in the desert was sooooo boring..." She blows out through her nose and sighs.
[00:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "Actual Action as opposed to Blowing up giant nests of Ghuls and Efreets trying to char broil us?"
[00:22] <Pale_Wolf> "And I don't imagine you brought your _entire_ collection of personal effects out into the desert with you. Retrieve them and get to the plane within... Half an hour."
[00:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "I can't wait to see your definition of a hard mission sir."
[00:23] * Jason_Naruhodo nods and snaps a salute...
[00:23] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Roger."
[00:23] * Aika_Fawkes nods and Goes in to retrieve her personal effects
[00:23] <Varuni> "One where you actually blow yourself up." She mutters, giving a salute herself. "Permission to be dismissed, Sir?"
[00:23] * Pale_Wolf returns the salutes. "Go ahead."
[00:23] * Jason_Naruhodo turns around and goes to get his stuff...
[00:24] * Jane just holds up the bag
[00:24] <Pale_Wolf> (If anyone gets a listen check as they leave, they might hear him crying :P )
[00:24] <Jane> "And him?"
[00:24] <Varuni> lol))
[00:24] <Aika_Fawkes> (That's the last time He'll tell us "at Ease")
[00:25] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm, bring him on the plane. Our people at base will love the sample. We'll find a freezer so he doesn't stink the place up."
[00:25] <Jane> "Right,"
[00:25] <Aika_Fawkes> (what personal effects do we have without personal Gear? pictures and Books?)
[00:25] * Jane heads off to get her gear
[00:26] <Pale_Wolf> (Your personal 'stuff'. Whatever trinkets and such you have)
[00:26] <Pale_Wolf> (Your hygiene gear, etc...)
[00:27] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Anyway?)
[00:27] * Varuni has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[00:27] <Pale_Wolf> (So, you get your stuff and such?)
[00:27] <Pale_Wolf> Ah, and he dismisses anyone who actually waited.
[00:27] <Aika_Fawkes> yeah.
[00:27] <Pale_Wolf> Righto, timeskip to the plane. Once Varu's back.
[00:28] <Jane> (well, Jane just dont really care what a meatbag who's younger then her thinks..)
[00:28] <Jane> (whats every one elses exucses? that was just fucked up)
[00:28] <Jane> (you all should be shot0
[00:29] <Pale_Wolf> (Yeah, that was a... pretty spectacular show of military discipline :P )
[00:29] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Jason's 16. And he did say "At ease, and I mean that literally." That's his excuse. :P"
[00:30] <Aika_Fawkes> (Aika used to be a researcher. She's not great with Social stuff)
[00:30] <Pale_Wolf> (Though it's technically permissible. SAS officers aren't 'a different breed' than the rest of the SAS, and S Squadron's cut a bit more slack given that they're total screwballs)
[00:30] <Aika_Fawkes> (Very enthusiastic though)
[00:30] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Neither was Gerand. :P)
[00:30] <Aika_Fawkes> (Gerand was incompetent though. there's teh difference)
[00:31] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Hmm, so THAT'S what the 'S' REALLY stands for. :P)
[00:31] <Aika_Fawkes> (Special)
[00:31] <Pale_Wolf> (Technically it's either 'Strange' or 'Supernatural', but 'Screwball' is one of the many nicknames)
[00:33] <Aika_Fawkes> (So... timeskip?)
[00:33] <Pale_Wolf> (_Trying_ to wait for Varu...)
[00:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Right, seven more minutes. Not in by then, we'll NPC her for a while)
[00:37] * Alathon has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[00:37] <Jason_Naruhodo> (j0)
[00:40] <Pale_Wolf> Varuni enters the realm of NPCs.
[00:40] <Pale_Wolf> Everyone _else_ in?
[00:40] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Yep)
[00:40] <Aika_Fawkes> yep
[00:40] <Jane> (ya0
[00:41] <Pale_Wolf> Okay then. Presumably, everyone assembles at the Hercules ramp. Unless you wish to create one, Hartley gets you all aboard without incident, and directs Jane to a freezer for mister efreet.
[00:42] * Jane puts her friend on ice and stows her bag before takening a seat
[00:42] * Aika_Fawkes sits without incident
[00:43] <Pale_Wolf> "Also, the four of you will want to strap in. I think you gathered by the spinning engines, but we're lifting off pretty much immediately."
[00:43] * Jason_Naruhodo does so...
[00:44] * Aika_Fawkes Straps in and Straps Murray in too.
[00:44] <Pale_Wolf> Murray complains a lot, but lets her.
[00:44] * Jason_Naruhodo STARES at Akia...
[00:44] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Lady, times like these I really wonder about you."
[00:44] <Aika_Fawkes> "saftey first Jason.
[00:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "Besides. We don't want murray going splat against teh window like an idiot bird."
[00:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> "And just holding him... is difficult for you?"
[00:45] * Jason_Naruhodo sighs and shakes his head...
[00:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Cheh, whatever."
[00:45] <Pale_Wolf> "Yep. It's pretty much beyond her powers."
[00:46] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley is in his own seat and mourning the sanity he'd once seen.
[00:46] <Aika_Fawkes> "What can i say. Murray gets Airsick."
[00:46] <Jason_Naruhodo> "..."
[00:46] <Aika_Fawkes> "Surprised the hell out of mee too."
[00:46] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at murray incrediously, "R-Really?"
[00:47] <Pale_Wolf> Murray turns to stare at her. "... Me too. First I've heard of it."
[00:47] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Oh."
[00:47] <Pale_Wolf> Varuni grins. "An affliction so subtle not even the victim is aware."
[00:47] <Aika_Fawkes> "Oh? then you just vomited on me on the ride into Basra for fun?"
[00:47] <Pale_Wolf> "Yep!"
[00:47] * Jason_Naruhodo doesn't comment, knowing Murray.
[00:48] <Aika_Fawkes> "In that case I'm strapping you in to keep you from doing it again."
[00:48] * Jane ponders some .500cal asprain
[00:48] <Aika_Fawkes> (the Major going to say something?)
[00:48] <Pale_Wolf> He's still mourning the world's sanity.
[00:49] <Aika_Fawkes> "Major? are you okay?"
[00:49] <Pale_Wolf> "Ah, perfectly fine Fawkes. I'm used to it by now."
[00:49] <Aika_Fawkes> "My condolences Major."
[00:50] <Jason_Naruhodo> (...)
[00:50] <Aika_Fawkes> (Has the plane lifted off yet?)
[00:50] <Pale_Wolf> He nods solemnly. "I will accept them with the utmost of thanks. Though you are as much of the problem."
[00:51] <Pale_Wolf> As this byplay continues, you might notice the Herc accellerating, pressing into your backs and starting to climb.
[00:51] <Pale_Wolf> Or you might be busy with your social life, who knows ;)
[00:51] * Aika_Fawkes doesn't know wether to be gracious or insulted so she settles for Stoic. She ends up looking constipated instead.
[00:52] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley points her to the bathroom. "Though you'll want to wait until the plane is cruising."
[00:52] * Aika_Fawkes thanks him and ignores what seems to her a non-sequiter
[00:53] <Pale_Wolf> Anyone have any further RP, or shall we timeskip to cruising altitude?
[00:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Nope)
[00:53] <Aika_Fawkes> (Timeskip again)
[00:53] <Pale_Wolf> Blurblur fizzlefizzle fastforward.
[00:54] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley undoes his straps and stands, walking to in front of the party. He glances at Aika. "Does anyone have any 'business' to get out of the way first?"
[00:54] <Jason_Naruhodo> "No sir."
[00:54] <Aika_Fawkes> "None sir."
[00:55] <Pale_Wolf> Varu: "Nothing, sir."
[00:55] <Pale_Wolf> He raises an eyebrow, but shrugs. "Right then. Start from the beginning, and leave out nothing. How did the mission go?"
[00:56] <Aika_Fawkes> "We encountered A pack of Ghuls after searching the desert fruitlessly fro several days."
[00:57] <Pale_Wolf> He nods. "I vaguely remember the blurbs on ghuls, but it's extremely incomplete. What are their real appearances and capabilities?"
[00:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Well, they generally looked like spotted Heyeenas, before they changed into a more humanoid state...
[00:58] <Aika_Fawkes> They seem to enjoy masquerading as Heyenas, and their real bodies are damn ugly humanoids teh sizxe of elephants
[00:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> "They seem to be able to increase their mass and size more or less at will."
[00:58] <Pale_Wolf> He raises an eyebrow. "_Elephant_ size...? I see..."
[00:59] <Pale_Wolf> "You'll each be expected to write up a detailed written report, of course."
[00:59] <Pale_Wolf> "Continue."
[00:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> "We encountered three not long ago, and managed to neutralise all of them, save one. As it was unconscious, Varuni Suggested we plant a bomb in it's chest, heal it over, and follow it back to it's nest."
[00:59] <Aika_Fawkes> "They also seemed Resistant to Hollowpoints in their natural form, but Grenades took them apart. As Hyenas they wewre much weaker."
[00:59] <Pale_Wolf> (Jane? You around?)
[00:59] <Aika_Fawkes> "Naruhodo took issue with strapping C4 to something that can change size and instead implanted a Pack of C4 inside it's body"
[01:00] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm... Is that their natural form of elephant size, or our size, or...?"
[01:00] * Jason_Naruhodo nods.
[01:00] <Jason_Naruhodo> "It's variable."
[01:00] <Aika_Fawkes> "Their natural form of elephant size"
[01:00] <Aika_Fawkes> "in this case."
[01:01] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley nods. "Understood. So, you planted a bomb in the survivor's chest. What happened?"
[01:01] <Jane> ".... We took out the first grou and leaf a young one alive so we could follow it back to camp"
[01:01] <Jane> "It ran intoa water dinjin Farah, and made a move to attack her. Jason finshed it as it tried this"
[01:01] <Jason_Naruhodo> "It's nest, Akia," he mutters tiredly.
[01:02] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley blinks. "I see... Farah is...?"
[01:02] <Jane> "Talking with Farah we learned more about the general area and how Grul's are local dins's that have died of starvation.
[01:02] <Aika_Fawkes> (That was Jane Jason)
[01:02] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Gah, Jane I mean)
[01:02] <Jane> (whats magical name?)
[01:02] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Sorry. ;_;)
[01:02] <Aika_Fawkes> "We also learned taht Djinn can change species from Ghul to Marid To Efreet."
[01:03] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm. Do you mean jinn change between the different types?"
[01:03] <Pale_Wolf> "What kind of stimuli?"
[01:03] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yes, this comes into Play later in teh report."
[01:03] <Jane> "Farash is the areas most powerfull water Djinn it seems"
[01:03] <Jane> (and said the type, why they changed and stimuli)
[01:03] <Aika_Fawkes> "We have seen one Ghul change into an Efreet after being Napalmed"
[01:03] <Jane> (iif im going ingored for the stuiped one ill stop talking)
[01:04] <Pale_Wolf> Hartly frowns. "Hm... She wasn't hostile, I presume?"
[01:04] <Aika_Fawkes> (you aren't being ignored)
[01:04] * Jason_Naruhodo shakes his head...
[01:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Not at all."
[01:04] <Pale_Wolf> "And, did you just say the napalm _evolved_ a ghul?"
[01:05] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yes. It became lucid, though it still hungered for human Flesh. Farah stated that this is not always teh case however."
[01:06] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley is frowning. "Well, this certainly isn't good news. Even incendiary weapons have the potential to turn against us, it seems..."
[01:07] <Aika_Fawkes> "those same weapons Killed MOst of the Ghuls."
[01:07] <Pale_Wolf> "Rather underlines the need for information..."
[01:07] * Jane looks out the window ingoreing the meatbags
[01:07] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, I do think that elemental affinity might have played a role in it's 'evolution, as you put it, sir, but since it was just that one we encountered, I'd place it as a rather difficult thing to occur."
[01:07] <Aika_Fawkes> "It seems that you might want to stock multiple types however."
[01:07] * Jane she will turn in a real report later
[01:08] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley nods. "Indeed. Now... Where did you go after meeting miss... Farah?"
[01:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Our firearms did have an effect on the Ghul though, to a point, the ones Jane used were very effective."
[01:08] <Aika_Fawkes> We detonated the Ghul's C4 pack when we saw it attacking Farah, so we were forced to scout for their Lair."
[01:09] <Aika_Fawkes> "We asked Base for a Sat Photo of recently dug caves, as teh Infromation Farah supplied us Suggested would be their lair"
[01:10] <Pale_Wolf> (Technically incorrect, but it WAS a whole week ;) )
[01:10] <Aika_Fawkes> "Naruhodo and Murray scouted teh Caves from the air."
[01:11] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley nods, (your answer has been translated to the right one) and keeps listening.
[01:11] <Aika_Fawkes> "I kept in contact with them through Mind Speak with Murray, maintaining radio silence"
[01:11] <Pale_Wolf> "Understood, though one thing..."
[01:12] <Pale_Wolf> "There's a very real chance supernatural opposition is better equipped to detect your mental communication than radio waves."
[01:12] * Jason_Naruhodo raises his hand
[01:13] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley nods to him.
[01:13] * ComradeTaro has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[01:13] <Pale_Wolf> (Yo)
[01:13] <ComradeTaro> (Just trying to find out where the RPGers are tonight)
[01:13] <Pale_Wolf> (Ya found us)
[01:13] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Sir, one thing Akia neglected to mention, was that the Ghul have an animal mentality. Essentially they're incapable of critical thought."
[01:14] <Aika_Fawkes> (aika you ass)
[01:14] <Jason_Naruhodo> "From what Farah mentioned, all they 'think' about is their next meal."
[01:14] <Jason_Naruhodo> ^Aika
[01:14] <Pale_Wolf> "That at least is better news than the fact that our main weapons may just make them more dangerous."
[01:15] <Jane> "It did take an untold number of dead ghuls, to spawn one efreet"
[01:15] <Jane> "And even then, the thing was was all brawn and no brain"
[01:15] * Jason_Naruhodo nods at Jane
[01:15] <Aika_Fawkes> "It was however capable of speech"
[01:16] <Aika_Fawkes> "Though not very good at lying."
[01:16] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I still wonder who his script writer was though, I mean god... Those lines were like they were out of some trashy manga or something."
[01:16] <Pale_Wolf> He nods. "That's very good news as well. At least there is unlikely to be a case where an _entire_ nest turns into efreet."
[01:17] <Aika_Fawkes> Grenades were supremely effective against The nest."
[01:18] <Pale_Wolf> "Most things die quite decently to grenades."
[01:18] <Pale_Wolf> "Now... You were scouting, Naruhodo?"
[01:18] * Jason_Naruhodo nods.
[01:19] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yeah, deploying my armour, myself and murray took to the air to do an aerial search.
[01:19] <Pale_Wolf> "What did you find?"
[01:20] <Aika_Fawkes> (A Big ass ghul behind him!)
[01:21] <Pale_Wolf> ("And this is what happens when you critfail you hide rolls, critfail your spot rolls...")
[01:21] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Well, Murray managed to spot the nest first. I caught up to him once he'd relayed the info to Aika, who then relayed it to me."
[01:21] <Aika_Fawkes> (Some communications Issues...)
[01:22] <Pale_Wolf> (Your fault entirely :P )
[01:22] <Jason_Naruhodo> "After meeting up with him and everyone else, I thought it prudent to scout ahead a little... My position however was comprimised and..."
[01:22] * Jason_Naruhodo sighs...
[01:22] <Pale_Wolf> "You withdrew?"
[01:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "a rather Large Ghul snuck up on him."
[01:23] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley winces. "That sounds... somewhat short of ideal."
[01:23] <Jason_Naruhodo> "It was. At least this one didn't manage to bite me like the last one did."
[01:24] <Aika_Fawkes> "I was able to grenade the Nest taking out several ghuls from an aireal position while Naruhodo and teh others took care of those that escaped and Smith called in air support."
[01:24] <Aika_Fawkes> "Concussive force weapons may be superior against this particular enemy. We didn't test the silvered Rounds and can give no report on them. Murray was unable to Exorcise the Ghus, but my Magic worked Quite Nicely."
[01:24] * Jason_Naruhodo nods
[01:25] <Jason_Naruhodo> "We managed to defeat the first group, before another lot swarmed out and so on... We managed to hold them back until the strike came in though."
[01:25] <Aika_Fawkes> "We were unable to escape the area in time, But Murray used his forcefield to shield us."
[01:25] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley nods. "What indicates the efficacy of concussive force weapons? Did they recieve damage out of proportion to the energy of the grenade? _Most_ beings die when grenaded, but that does not denote a particular weakness."
[01:25] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I think two managed to get away though."
[01:26] <Aika_Fawkes> "No, but Grenades don't turn them into Efreets and are much more effective than Bullets."
[01:26] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley frowned. "I'll mention that to Basra and have them pass the message on to team two."
[01:26] <Aika_Fawkes> "It's not so much a werakness as a lack of resistance or unwanted side effects."
[01:27] <Jane> "As animals the ghul's die just as easy as the ones they copy. Once they transform i noticed a kind of natural armor"
[01:27] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Like going six ways at once."
[01:27] <Jane> "Switching from hollow point rounds to lead solved this problem"
[01:27] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, they ARE just as resistant as they are to bullets. With the difference that bullets can be made armour-piercing to pwn the resistance)
[01:27] <Jane> "And no, None excaped."
[01:28] <Pale_Wolf> (Two did, they stared at each other, stared at you going nuts with the M2, and ran off to the sides)
[01:28] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley nods. "It's a matter of physical toughness?"
[01:28] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I would expect so.
[01:29] <Jane> (i would have shot them, but you had me wait to blow them up with the air strike, i asumed they died)
[01:29] <Pale_Wolf> (Ah yes, true. Ah well, team two's gonna be busy ;) )
[01:29] <Aika_Fawkes> "The Efreet was next, after a rather unpleasant chat he attacked us and I blew his head off."
[01:29] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley raises an eyebrow. "They didn't escape?"
[01:29] <Jane> "Ill have every thing covered in my report, Sir."
[01:29] <Pale_Wolf> "Very well. Unpleasant chat?"
[01:30] <Jane> "I would asume not as the airstrike landed at that time"
[01:30] * Jason_Naruhodo nods
[01:30] <Jane> "Not at all, what every gave you that idea? I just find some fact's and ideas getting mixed up"
[01:31] <Pale_Wolf> "That's indeed one point."
[01:31] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, I was responding to the 'after a rather unpleasant chat' remark)
[01:31] <Jane> (Heh, still fits)
[01:31] <Pale_Wolf> "Team Two should probably still search just in case, but at least they know it's not _necessarily_ still alive."
[01:32] <Aika_Fawkes> "He seemed rather suspicious. Naruhodo and Jane provoked him into displaying his intentions to Eat us."
[01:32] <Jason_Naruhodo> "The moment that guy began talking, a danger alert kept flashing on my Armour's HUD. Funnily enough, it'd flash with every word he said. It was about then I realized that, excuse me, he was spitting crap at us."
[01:32] <Pale_Wolf> (Actually, he honestly was grateful. He'd have just left you to go about your business and then begun his reign of terror)
[01:33] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Meh, Jason doesn't know that. ;P)
[01:33] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley cocks his head. "Your armour can parse speech and body language?"
[01:33] * Jason_Naruhodo shrugs...
[01:34] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Beats me too.... Why the person who designed it would add that as a feature is beyond me."
[01:34] <Aika_Fawkes> "His armor Also seemed to allow him to ignore being set on fire."
[01:34] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I noticed that it... No, that's not relevant right now."
[01:34] * Jason_Naruhodo sighs...
[01:34] <Pale_Wolf> He deadpans "Why the people who designed it equipped it with a _sword_ is beyond _me_."
[01:34] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Thankyou Aika."
[01:35] * Jason_Naruhodo doesn't mean it, and looks at the Major.
[01:35] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm... What abilities did the efreet display during the fight?"
[01:35] <Yarrow> (He made our roll suck! ;_; )
[01:35] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I wish I knew too... It's a decent weapon, but not suitable for this kind of business."
[01:36] <Pale_Wolf> "Investigations into what they got from you are ongoing."
[01:36] <Jane> "Extream speed, tossing fire around, and some sort of shield generated by his fire as well"
[01:36] <Aika_Fawkes> "The efreet displayes teh ability to attack with concussive force and walls of flame. He also melted manty of Smith's Bullets.
[01:36] <Jane> "An annnoying feture that.. I empted a minimi in the things back. And was dead on with every round."
[01:37] <Jane> "None of them made it past his fire"
[01:37] <Aika_Fawkes> "He seemed Vulnerable to my attacks. And Farah told us after the battle that he will heal is bathed in fire."
[01:37] <Jane> "It turns out that tho, a more soild round from my .500cla blew past his field easyly"
[01:37] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley frowns. "That _is_ troublesome. Is there a way you can think of to defeat it? Heavier ordinance?"
[01:37] <Jane> "Opening it up for the others to attack"
[01:37] * Jane nods
[01:38] <Jane> "Heavier ordinace proved effective"
[01:38] <Pale_Wolf> He casts an eye at Aika. "Fawkes, _everything_ is vulnerable to 'utter annihilation'."
[01:38] <Aika_Fawkes> "Grenades might be of use. But I was unable to test them since I was in close range"
[01:38] <Jane> "... Please, Do shut up about grenades"
[01:38] <Pale_Wolf> (Yes. Please)
[01:38] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, using it's elemental affinity might be of some help."
[01:38] <Aika_Fawkes> "Freon might also be useful. And Farah implied that dumping water on it would kil;l it too."
[01:39] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Not sure how you'd manage, short of dumping a few hundred gallons of liquid Nitrogen on him though."
[01:39] * Jason_Naruhodo shrugs, "Aika's thing might work too... But his shield was hot enough to melt and vaporise lead."
[01:39] <Aika_Fawkes> "the geeks in the lab might be able to tell you more about specific weakness."
[01:40] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley nods, committing these to memory. "So... What do you believe should be the recommended loadout to pierce that fire? Shotgun slugs?"
[01:41] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm I guess so.
[01:41] <Aika_Fawkes> "Shotgun Slugs would probably work. As Smith stated the heavier rounds pierced the fire shield"
[01:41] <Jane> "Slugs will work, Good soild rounds that wont melt seem effective"
[01:42] <Jane> "Ideal weapon would be a nice heavy sabbot"
[01:42] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm... I'll talk to development."
[01:42] <Yarrow> (Tungsten jacketed. :) )
[01:42] <Pale_Wolf> "Is there anything else?"
[01:42] <Jane> (thungtes jacked would work nicely)
[01:42] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Yarrow: I was thinking the same just then. :) )
[01:42] <Aika_Fawkes> "silver rounds would probably be completely ineffective"
[01:43] <Pale_Wolf> "Any more so than standard bullets, or...?"
[01:43] <Aika_Fawkes> More so.
[01:43] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm? A peculiar resistance?"
[01:44] <Aika_Fawkes> "No, just the inate Fire shield"
[01:44] <Jason_Naruhodo> "None that I saw sir."
[01:44] <Pale_Wolf> (And that's more than normal bullets that're totally deflected...?)
[01:44] <Pale_Wolf> (:P )
[01:44] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley nods. "Understood."
[01:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, there is one more thing to add..."
[01:45] <Pale_Wolf> "Anything further? What happened once Fawkes decapitated it?"
[01:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "It died Sir."
[01:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Farah volunteered to watch the Nest's burning remains should any more 'evolved' ghul emerge. Either to teach them sense, or to eliminate if that doesn't work."
[01:46] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Bah.)
[01:46] <Jane> "Farah returned, I gave her my catine of water earler"
[01:46] <Jane> "Seems such an offering is a huge thing to water dijin"
[01:47] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yeah, wish I'd thought of it earlier."
[01:47] <Jane> "She readly promised to help protect the humans in the area"
[01:47] <Pale_Wolf> (YOU didn't trust her at the time ;) )
[01:47] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm... I see. We'll have to keep a bit of an eye on this 'Farah', but it sounds like we may have actually acquired an ally. Good work."
[01:48] <Jane> "As a common curtisy i told her she can head to our base, and get in contact with "our" comand if there is something she needs"
[01:49] <Pale_Wolf> "I'll make sure the people on the base know to watch out for her."
[01:50] <Jane> "I do belive from our conversation that she is the leader of that tribe of water dinjin, An allaince shoudl be easy to obtane as long as she's treated with respect"
[01:50] <Yarrow> (Proper water treatment.)
[01:51] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Desalinisation for all!!!)
[01:51] <Jane> (need to keep the alge out)
[01:51] <Pale_Wolf> He raises an eyebrow. "That much, I will _certainly_ pass on."
[01:51] <Jane> (some filtration on the side)
[01:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Though he's doomed to be disappointed. She used 'tribe' as an analogy to denote that each individual jinn is essentially their own village in one being)
[01:51] <Jane> (now that im thinking about it, Distilled water may be crack to them)
[01:52] <Jason_Naruhodo> (lol)
[01:52] <Pale_Wolf> (Hah! Feel free to offer it if you see her again ;) )
[01:55] <Pale_Wolf> "Is there anything further?"
[01:55] * Jason_Naruhodo shakes his head.
[01:56] <Yarrow> ("Well, in that case, it's time for the ship to crash.")
[01:57] <Pale_Wolf> He moves back to his seat. "Then you are dismissed. Feel free to get started on your reports or whatever."
[01:57] * Jason_Naruhodo will do so immediately...
[01:58] * Aika_Fawkes will too. and will also help Murray with his report
[01:58] * Jane takes out a laptop and gets started on her report and reports to the "gundude" about the bulls proformance"
[02:00] <Pale_Wolf> Anyone want to do anything further on the flight?
[02:01] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Nadda)
[02:02] <Aika_Fawkes> nope
[02:02] <Jane> (toss aika out the airlock is she says one more things about gernades?)
[02:03] <Yarrow> (Save time; do it now.)
[02:03] <Pale_Wolf> Varu does it for ya ;)
[02:03] * Jane slips in a couple ear phones/plugs and boots doom3 when no one is watching her
[02:04] <Yarrow> (LAN party!)
[02:04] <Pale_Wolf> Hey, you're allowed to. It's free time.
[02:04] <Pale_Wolf> Is it internet-capable multiplayer?
[02:05] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Meh, I suppose if there's an opportunity, Jason'll chat with Varuni and/or Murray)
[02:05] * Jane shivvers in her seat and trys stuffile a moan about something called a BFG
[02:05] <Yarrow> (Jason attempts to join the mile high club.)
[02:05] <Jane> (doom3 it is indeed)
[02:05] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Yarrow! >.<;)
[02:05] <Pale_Wolf> If so, you might be playing against Shawn ;)
[02:05] <Aika_Fawkes> (... Jane is having an orgasm over the BFG?)
[02:06] <Jason_Naruhodo> (...who?)
[02:06] <Pale_Wolf> Your quartermaster Sergeant :P
[02:06] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Jane, "Wow, force-feedback too."
[02:06] <Jane> (the gun guy)
[02:06] <Yarrow> (Jane takes the name more literally than most.)
[02:06] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Ah, him.)
[02:06] <Pale_Wolf> Okay then, whiz whiz the flight goes by. Twelve hours long, so presumeably those of you who need to sleep slept while on board. Welcome to RAF Hereford!
[02:07] <Yarrow> ("You're supposed to be inducted by another person, Jason...")
[02:07] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley disembarks the plane first, and collects any reports that are complete. "You're free for the rest of the day. Get some rest, relax, and report in for briefing at 2100."
[02:07] <Jane> (ewwww)
[02:08] <Jane> "Roger, that."
[02:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Roger that sir."
[02:08] <Pale_Wolf> Hartley salutes back, daring to kindle a spark of hope for his precious sanity.
[02:08] * Jason_Naruhodo gets his belongings, and stretches...
[02:08] <Pale_Wolf> Then he leaves.
[02:10] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Fast-forward again?)
[02:10] <Aika_Fawkes> yeah.
[02:10] <Pale_Wolf> (Nobody wants to do anything?)
[02:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Like, harass Shawn?)
[02:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Terrorize Team One?)
[02:11] <Jane> (will indeed do that)
[02:11] * Jason_Naruhodo gets off board, and lights up a cigarette...
[02:11] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hmm, I wonder how Team One's doing?"
[02:11] <Jane> "I got stuff i want to do, any one who causes me more mental pain will die"
[02:12] * Jane says this and walks off to the armory.
[02:12] <Aika_Fawkes> (We're free for teh rest of teh Day? Can I get my M78 now?
[02:12] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I'm gonna see how Team one's doing. You wanna tag along Murray?"
[02:12] <Pale_Wolf> "Yeah, sure kid."
[02:13] <Jason_Naruhodo> (How big is murray anyway?)
[02:13] <Pale_Wolf> An armourer runs up as the team disbarks the plane, and tugs on Aika's sleeve. "Trooper Fawkes, Sergeant Corbin has a delivery for you."
[02:13] <Aika_Fawkes> "YAY!"
[02:13] * Jason_Naruhodo groans...
[02:13] * Aika_Fawkes goes with teh Armourer"
[02:13] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Murray, let's go."
[02:13] <Pale_Wolf> The guy sweatdrops, and begins to look mildly scared.
[02:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Okay, everyone who's harassing Shawn, go to #armoury)
[02:14] <Aika_Fawkes> (That me?)
[02:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Everyone who's bothering Team One, stay in here)
[02:14] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep. You and Jane)
[02:14] <Yarrow> (If you go to the lounge, turn to page 32.)
[02:14] * Jason_Naruhodo with Murray in tow will head to where Team One is...
[02:14] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Heh)
[02:14] <Pale_Wolf> (If there's some mysterious other person, we'll work something out)
[02:16] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Grabbing food. BRB)
[02:20] <Yarrow> (Time for bed.)
[02:23] <Pale_Wolf> Night Yarr.
[02:28] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Later Yarrow.)
[02:28] * ComradeTaro has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:28] <Pale_Wolf> (Grabbed food?)
[02:30] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Yeah)
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Postby Pale Wolf » Sat Jun 09, 2007 4:50 pm

Session Two - Post Three

Session Start: Sat Jun 09 02:14:11 2007
Session Ident: #armoury
[02:14] * Now talking in #armoury
[02:15] * Aika_Fawkes has joined #armoury
[02:15] * Jane has joined #armoury
[02:16] <Pale_Wolf> Welcome.
[02:16] <Aika_Fawkes> (yep!, my package?)
[02:18] <Pale_Wolf> Presumably the two of you get down to S Squadron's armoury without incident. There, you will see Sergeant Shawn Corbin: short, slim, red-haired, and his appearance, you're pretty sure, is scruffier than is actually allowed. He's leaning back, feet resting on his desk and a keyboard on his lap, using the computer. It actually IS his job this time, though.
[02:19] <Aika_Fawkes> "Shawn! You have my Package?"
[02:19] <Pale_Wolf> He grins and waves as the two of you arrive. "Welcome to my lair! And indeed I do."
[02:20] <Pale_Wolf> He puts the keyboard down and stands up properly, leaning over to a storage unit behind him and pulling out a long metal case. "Deducted from your account I'm afraid, the unit didn't want to cover it. But, you wanted a grenade launcher and you've got a grenade launcher."
[02:20] <Pale_Wolf> He hands the case over.
[02:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "Has anyone ever tell you that you're Brilliant Shawn?"
[02:20] <Aika_Fawkes> "Now don't keep me in suspense. Where is it?"
[02:21] <Pale_Wolf> He glances at Jane. "And I _will_ catch up with you Jane. I swear it on my honor as a man."
[02:21] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yes!"
[02:21] <Aika_Fawkes> "Thanks Shawn! This will come in handy. Will the Unit spring for the special rounds for it?"
[02:22] * Aika_Fawkes unwraps the package with the glee of an 8 year old at christmas
[02:22] <Jane> "Ohh hoo, so that was you"
[02:22] <Jane> "Not my falt the rocket luncher just happened to spawn there."
[02:22] <Pale_Wolf> "They'll be good for most of them. The grapple rounds might take a while for us to get, but they may well be mission appropriate."
[02:22] * Jane takes a seat near by and crosses her legs, waiting for aika to finsh.
[02:22] <Pale_Wolf> "I call favoritism. The computer went with its little sister."
[02:23] * Jane opens her mouth to remake.. and then closes it. Pointing out ones age is normaly a bad thing
[02:23] <Aika_Fawkes> "yes! That's wonderful Shawn!"
[02:24] <Pale_Wolf> "And no, you're even LESS likely to get LAWs on your next mission." He smirks. "Sorry Aika."
[02:24] <Aika_Fawkes> "This is an M78 isn't it? exactly what I wanted. And you put teh adjustments I ordered on too? Accurised and everything!"
[02:24] <Pale_Wolf> (M79)
[02:24] * Jane takes off her jacket, and flexes her back for a bit
[02:24] <Pale_Wolf> "Yep, had some spare time while I was waiting for you to get back."
[02:25] <Aika_Fawkes> *typo)
[02:25] <Aika_Fawkes> "you're a gem Shawn. But less likely to get LAWs? Are we going undercover or something?"
[02:25] <Pale_Wolf> "You'll want to tune the customizations a little closer to yourself. I went with what I remembered, but I'm not you so I can't tell what's the best for you."
[02:26] * Jane then starts to set out her guns, The bull, its ammo and spent speed loaders, the lupras, and her field modifed c-8, along with the large M-2 witch she makes a show of sliding it out from under her shirt while aika isnt looking
[02:26] <Pale_Wolf> "Something like that, as far as I know. Not up on the details, sorry."
[02:27] <Aika_Fawkes> "oh, Shawn. My deadly cannon backfired while on mission. I'm pretty sure it was magical backlash,. but can you check on it for me?"
[02:27] <Pale_Wolf> Shawn grins at Jane. "Now, I must note that I find myself extremely envious."
[02:27] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm, sure, hand it over. You shouldn't be leaving until at least tomorrow, so I'll do what I can today."
[02:27] <Pale_Wolf> He extends a hand.
[02:27] * Aika_Fawkes Hands over her precious
[02:28] <Pale_Wolf> Shawn's careful with it, and lays it on top of a storage unit.
[02:29] <Pale_Wolf> "Anything else you wanted, Aika? Jane's looking pretty bored."
[02:29] <Aika_Fawkes> "Now, I know I don't have to tell you this, but be sure to be careful with her. She's rather tempermental, and not even Murray knows everything about her. Or, at least he's not telling me if he does. Damn overgrown pidgeon."
[02:29] <Aika_Fawkes> "Nah. Nothing else, I'm going to go harass Harry now."
[02:29] <Pale_Wolf> "Heh, yeah, I'd really rather not get shot by that holy monster you fire."
[02:30] <Pale_Wolf> "See you, and tell him I pieced his Sig together. _Again_. Kid's rough on guns..."
[02:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "SHe's a beaute isn't she? Well, I'm off to Go protect Innocent women from Murray."
[02:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "I will Shawn."
[02:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "Later!"
[02:30] * Aika_Fawkes leves the Armoury happily skipping.
[02:31] * Jane sighs as aika leaves
[02:31] <Pale_Wolf> Shawn turns to grin at Jane. "Now, my beauteous foe, to have saved the best for last."
[02:32] * Jane picks up her baby
[02:32] <Jane> "This..just, Owned. So fucking much."
[02:33] <Pale_Wolf> He grins. "It's a great gun, just a pity not everybody can fire it. How'd it do? Other than owning."
[02:33] * Jane opens the champer and checks the holes and barrle for build up
[02:33] <Jane> "Reloading is easy with the right fitting speed loaders, GOod catch on that bythe way"
[02:33] <Jane> "I did need the company issued ones"
[02:35] <Pale_Wolf> He perches on his desk - apparently he keeps most of it clear for sitting on and a footrest rather than paperwork. "No problem. Would've sucked way too much if you ended up with speed loaders that couldn't even hold your ammo."
[02:35] <Jane> "The trigger is smooth, it shoots clean and the bullet is clear of the barrel before recoil even kicks in."
[02:36] <Pale_Wolf> Shawn grins and takes a bow from his seated position. "If you can't do it right, don't do it at all."
[02:36] <Jane> "The pure copper rounds have a great punch, and the full lead ones are just insane"
[02:37] <Jane> "We should expermient with some other metals, or full jacketed rounds"
[02:38] <Aika_Fawkes> (Tungsten versus fire creatures)
[02:38] <Jane> "Some silly effert was hiding behind a "magical fire sheild". You shoulda seen the guys face with i hit him with this baby"
[02:38] <Jane> "Guy looked like he just got hit with a truck"
[02:39] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm, yeah. Some definite options we can put in with a baby like this. Some of the metal properties are damn funky."
[02:39] * Jane leaves the gun out as she's going to clean it here any way.
[02:40] * Jane picks up a pair of saw'ed off's One tinted red
[02:40] <Jane> "Shame i didn't get to test these ladies"
[02:40] <Jane> "Nothing really got close for me"
[02:41] <Pale_Wolf> "Well, at least it didn't get dangerous, eh?"
[02:41] <Pale_Wolf> "But damn, I really would've liked to see how that idea of yours worked out."
[02:43] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry, trying to keep up with both sessions at once)
[02:43] <Jane> (np)
[02:43] <Jane> "Well, not dangerous for me"
[02:43] <Jane> "Every thing kept attacking the others"
[02:44] * Jane puts the shotguns down
[02:44] <Pale_Wolf> He winks. "Smart of 'em."
[02:44] * Jane picks up the c-8 she clamed
[02:44] <Jane> "Sorry about this one, It jamed on the very first shot."
[02:45] <Jane> "Pissed me right off, So first chance i had i took it apart and redid it a bit"
[02:45] <Jane> "Added some firelit to the top after removing the handle and bar"
[02:45] <Jane> "Got rid of the stock, new grip, and a minilazer under the barrel."
[02:46] <Pale_Wolf> "Damn, jammed from the start? Really?"
[02:46] <Jane> "Worked great after a cleaning tho"
[02:47] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm, sounds like I should chalk this sucker up as 'yours' now, eh Jane?"
[02:48] <Jane> "Well, i can return it if you want. Just don't pass it out to just any one ya know"
[02:48] * Jane winks at him
[02:49] <Pale_Wolf> He shakes his head, raising his hands. "Great heavens forfend, no. Wouldn't consider it for a moment. Keep it, we're allowed to personalize our weapons."
[02:49] * Jane gives a brillint smile
[02:50] <Jane> "Thanks, all tho watching that harry kid try and fire it with out a stock would be rather funny'
[02:50] * Jane puts the c-8 down
[02:50] <Jane> "I didn't use the UMP's at all"
[02:51] <Pale_Wolf> He shrugs. "Never know with the magic-types. They tend to self-evolve at random intervals. Might break his arm, or might suddenly develop the strength to handle it, they're real unpredictable."
[02:51] <Pale_Wolf> "Hm, didn't suit the situation?"
[02:51] <Jane> "And i wanted to test out your little idea with abuseing boosted strngth to handle the load of two at once"
[02:51] <Jane> "Ya, didn't fit the ammo needed"
[02:51] <Pale_Wolf> "Pretty understandable, it was the desert, and M-16's better out there."
[02:51] <Pale_Wolf> "Oh, ammo needed?"
[02:52] <Pale_Wolf> He leans forward. "What was up?"
[02:52] <Jane> "Thoes grul things grew some kind of natural armor if you gave them the chance"
[02:52] <Jane> "Very annoying, i wasted a few good copper rounds on them"
[02:53] <Jane> "The UMP didn't have the pentration for that.. so i used the c-8."
[02:53] <Jane> "And when we ran into a lot of them..."
[02:53] <Pale_Wolf> "Damn, that's a real shame. I'd have loved to hear how good the copper did."
[02:53] <Pale_Wolf> He raises an eyebrow.
[02:53] * Jane laens over the table a good bit and Strokes the m2
[02:53] <Jane> "I gave this a shot"
[02:54] <Pale_Wolf> He _grins_.
[02:54] <Pale_Wolf> "And lo, did the lord speak out among his people. And it was good?"
[02:54] <Pale_Wolf> "Sorry, sounded good in my head."
[02:54] * Jane smiles with a good hint blood lust
[02:54] <Jane> "Oh ya.."
[02:55] <Jane> "Just a slaughter, They started pooring out of some cave they dug just to be cut down"
[02:55] * Jane leans over at shawn a bit now
[02:56] <Jane> "And when i empted the belt.."
[02:56] <Jane> "Boom!"
[02:56] * Jane jumps a bit, giving what she does have a good bounce
[02:56] <Jane> "The air strike flys by turning it into a sea of flame"
[02:57] <Pale_Wolf> He blinks, closing his eyes slightly and pressing his fingers to his nose. "... Damn, but I wish I'd been out there."
[02:58] <Jane> "Ya,"
[02:58] * Jane plops down
[02:58] <Jane> "Had me really going for a while,"
[02:59] <Jane> "You know that damn napalm ended up spawning some Efferit it was so hot"
[02:59] <Jane> "He was that guy with the field sheld i said earler."
[02:59] <Pale_Wolf> He blinks. "Huh, now that's gonna have to lead to some changes in fire policy. How'd he go?"
[02:59] * Jane corses her legs at the knees and leans forward a bit
[03:00] <Pale_Wolf> If you pay attention to his eyes, you'll have a clear answer to 'where are they drifting, despite his best intentions?'
[03:00] <Jane> "He beat up on the other a bit, THen baby blew away his shield, and Aika took his head clean off"
[03:00] <Jane> "Guys face was princeless when my shot knocked em on his ass"
[03:01] * Jane don't mind at all, this is a meatbag she likes
[03:01] <Pale_Wolf> "Hah, would've loved to see that!"
[03:02] <Pale_Wolf> "Half the fun of fighting great supernatural menaces is the looks on their faces as we utter 'Pwnt'."
[03:02] * Jane smiles a bit zone as she remembers it.
[03:02] <Jane> "Yay..."
[03:03] <Jane> "I was hmm.. whats the term for it on this planet again."
[03:03] <Pale_Wolf> He raises an eyebrow. "What's the definition?"
[03:03] <Jane> "Ahh, turned on? After it. Totaly wasn't funny."
[03:04] <Jane> "Feeling really really good and rareing to go do just about anything?"
[03:04] <Pale_Wolf> His mouth kind of freezes open for a second before he coughs and regains control of himself.
[03:04] * Jane frowns a bit.
[03:04] <Jane> "Corse, then Aika had to start talking, and every one else got in on it."
[03:05] <Jane> "Killed my mood, bah"
[03:05] <Jane> "Lest val got to hit on some water babe for a bit"
[03:05] <Jane> "And don't get me started ont he flight home! gah! i was temped to try some .500cal asprine'
[03:06] * Jane rants a bit before catching herself
[03:06] <Jane> "Oh, sorry about that."
[03:06] <Jane> "Not the kinda stuff to bother you about, is it?"
[03:06] * Jane she msiles lightly
[03:06] <Pale_Wolf> (Sorry, catching up for a sec)
[03:06] <Jane> (figered that
[03:07] <Pale_Wolf> He grins. "Well, better you vent with me than actually try the .500 aspirin. Few people would have complaints about that."
[03:08] <Jane> "Ya, oddly enought there all on this rock."
[03:08] <Jane> "Im enjoying it herre"
[03:09] * Jane takes a normal seat again, and pulls out her field it. This one from the top of her shirt after she pulls it open a bit
[03:09] <Pale_Wolf> He leans back. "That's good to hear. It would suck way too much if you beat me at Doom and _still_ weren't enjoying it."
[03:09] <Jane> "Do you mind if i take up some space for a bit? I going to give these girls a good work over."
[03:09] <Pale_Wolf> He wipes a fake tear from his eyes.
[03:09] <Jane> "Ill try and stay out of your way, but i could really use the pice and quite"
[03:10] <Pale_Wolf> He kind of blinks at where she pulls it from, but shakes his head. "Nah, not at all. Go ahead. Though, I'm gonna be tampering with a wierd magical artifact and I can't exactly promise not to blow up the room."
[03:11] <Jane> "... Oh magic's no problem for me. Mabie ill show you what it does to me some day"
[03:12] <Jane> (figer Janes going to hang with him and work on her guns forr a while
[03:12] <Jane> (with some flirting now and then)
[03:12] <Pale_Wolf> "Oh? I'll have to take you up on that." He reaches for the Deadly Gun and lays it out on his workspace.
[03:12] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep, while he's working on Strat's)
[03:13] <Pale_Wolf> (Anything you want to RP, go ahead, though I'll have to keep up with the other side too)
[03:13] <Jane> (heh, Now im temped to make a load of magic do 'other; things to her body just for Shawn)
[03:15] <Pale_Wolf> (Hah!)
[03:33] * Jane will clean the guns, baby then, slowly stroke some pices with the rag and oil.. And not give one wit about what even position she's in or leaning, or care if shawns watching
[03:34] <Pale_Wolf> Shawn will display admirable self-control in not losing more than a few drops of blood to this, and not even breaking Aika's gun while working.
[03:34] <Aika_Fawkes> (And we're having a 3-on-3 practice match with teh guys)
[03:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Yeah, DC knows)
[03:36] <Jane> (ya im reading, but janes quite set in what she's doing and really needs this quite time)
[04:12] <Jane> "Im really enjoying this pice and quite, was just what i needed. But don't you have some over amped srround sound system hidden around here for when the brass is away?"
[04:12] <Jane> "Music wouldnt hurt"
[04:13] <Pale_Wolf> Shawn grins and puts a finger over his lips. "Check outside if Quinn's hanging around."
[04:14] * Jane does so and struts a bit while doing it.
[04:14] * Jane just needed some time with some one normal.. she's feeling so much better now
[04:15] <Jane> "Looks clear from over here, I think every one cleared out once we got back."
[04:15] * Jane walks back with the same strut, "Is team one around or something?"
[04:15] <Pale_Wolf> Quinn is, in fact, not hanging around. So whenever you get back to the oddly-flushed quartermaster, he'll reach over to a dial and switch up a loud track (a song from Armitage, forgive me but it's been a while).
[04:16] <Pale_Wolf> He nods. "Yep, they've been running through double-time training to relieve the boredom."
[04:17] <Jane> "Ahh good, You know im going to have to stop by here move often. That is if you dont mind?"
[04:17] <Jane> *more
[04:19] <Pale_Wolf> "Nope, it's good to have you around. You're a lot more fun than Merritt, he's had to shove a stick up his ass ever since he got this job."
[04:20] <Jane> (would jane know merritt?)
[04:21] <Pale_Wolf> (Merritt is Quinn - the Squadron Sergeant Major. He's in charge of maintaining discipline and standards for S Squadron)
[04:21] <Jane> (he hasnt shot himself yet?
[04:22] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh. Not yet)
[04:22] <Jane> "Ahhh yes, Him. While i agree with his standards, we are elite after all. The idea of him enforceing discipline on me is simply a joke"
[04:23] <Pale_Wolf> Shawn chuckles. "The idea of him enforcing discipline at ALL is a joke."
[04:24] <Jane> "Thats not even considering that fact that im here as a favor to some one else."
[04:24] * Jane laughts lightly,
[04:24] <Jane> "True"
[04:25] <Pale_Wolf> "You know he was one of the prime troublemakers with me back in D Squadron?"
[04:25] <Pale_Wolf> Shawn chuckles. "That's what makes it so funny."
[04:27] <Jane> "Wants to impress the brass then?"
[04:27] * Jane moves to the music as she is dismantling the m2
[04:27] <Pale_Wolf> He shakes his head. "Wants to do it right, I guess. Problem is, he's still a troublemaker. He has no idea exactly where the line is, so he's guessing at random."
[04:28] <Jane> "Since i can come by here and bug you its only fare you stop by my place some time, Thoes Otuka have sent me some packages i havnt even opened yet(anime)"
[04:28] <Jane> "Just remember to knock if im in"
[04:28] <Pale_Wolf> His eyes definitely drink in the view.
[04:28] <Pale_Wolf> (Those Otuka? Otaku?)
[04:28] <Jane> (anime nuts, Imissspelled it)
[04:28] <Jane> (Jane made herself some connections)
[04:29] <Jane> (ill follow up on it as i add more to her current back ground)
[04:29] <Pale_Wolf> He grins and salutes slightly. "Will do. I'll definitely take you up on that next time you're on-base for a while."
[04:29] * Jane just gets back into the quite and peace, aside from the music and guns she's working on
[04:31] <Pale_Wolf> Shawn gets back into his own work, just enjoying the company.
[04:32] * Jane has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[04:32] <Pale_Wolf> (Anything... more? Guess not)
[04:34] <Pale_Wolf> * Jane just gets back into the quite and peace, aside from the music and guns she's working on
[04:34] <Pale_Wolf> <Pale_Wolf> Shawn gets back into his own work, just enjoying the company.
[04:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Anything more?)
[04:34] * Jane has joined #armoury
[04:34] <Pale_Wolf> * Jane just gets back into the quite and peace, aside from the music and guns she's working on
[04:34] <Pale_Wolf> <Pale_Wolf> Shawn gets back into his own work, just enjoying the company.
[04:34] <Pale_Wolf> (Anything more?)
[04:35] <Jane> (aside from changing the way magic is stored and effects janes body now?)
[04:35] <Jane> (no thats about it unless they come in and bug her)
[04:35] <Jane> (janes really at peace and enjoying herself at the moment.)
[04:35] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh, mainly in the room, gotcha. So we can fast-forward to the briefing whenever)
[04:35] <Pale_Wolf> (Good to hear, indeed)

[02:31] * Aika_Fawkes Skips over to where murray is Holding her new M79
[02:32] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hey! Murray! Guess what Shaewn got me!"
[02:32] <Aika_Fawkes> "well, got for me anyway. I had to pay for it."
[02:32] * Jason_Naruhodo mutters to himself, "Crikey, here we go..."
[02:33] <Aika_Fawkes> "well murray, Guess!"
[02:34] <Pale_Wolf> Murray blinks at the long shotgun-ey thing in Aika's arms. "Now, bear in mind I'm just casting a VAGUE thought, but maybe that grenade launcher you were harassing Corbin over."
[02:34] * Jason_Naruhodo ponders...
[02:34] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yep! Isn't it beautiful! also, Shawn said that we're even less likely to get LAWs, so I'm guessing this next mission is undercover. or maybe urban in nature."
[02:35] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Maybe he's trying to convey something about himself using the barrel size."
[02:35] <Jason_Naruhodo> "And the fact that you'll have to pay for it later."
[02:35] <Aika_Fawkes> "Nah. I doubt it. Shawn was flirting with Jane something awful."
[02:35] <Aika_Fawkes> "So, where's Harry?"
[02:36] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Err... he left."
[02:36] <Pale_Wolf> (No, you guys haven't found him yet)
[02:37] <Pale_Wolf> You guys eventually find Team One in the killhouse - Harry and the three girls are apparently running through a basic entry drill.
[02:37] <Aika_Fawkes> "Shawn had a message for him. apparently he destroyed yet another gun."
[02:38] <Aika_Fawkes> (It sucks to be a hostage)
[02:38] <Pale_Wolf> It won't be long before they finish, and you guys can go up to them as they cool down.
[02:38] * Aika_Fawkes approaches Team 1
[02:39] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hey! Harry! We're back from the barren wasteland!"
[02:39] <Pale_Wolf> Team one is:
[02:40] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yo."
[02:40] <Pale_Wolf> Ginette LeBlanc, 15. French girl with dyed-electric-blue hair, cold features, and a large black tattoo wrapping around the left side of her face.
[02:40] <Aika_Fawkes> (you changes the makeup of the team?)
[02:41] <Pale_Wolf> (I'm describing them, gimme some time here)
[02:42] <Pale_Wolf> Lucy Gilcrest, also 15. Pale, slender, looks like a platinum-blonde 'princess'. Jason, you know this is bullshit - she's legendary for nutting people whenever the opportunity arises.
[02:42] <Pale_Wolf> In a fight, at least.
[02:42] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Nutting?)
[02:43] <Pale_Wolf> ('Going for the vitals')
[02:43] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Ah)
[02:44] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko Nagare, 17. Japanese, long dark hair with a pair of red ribbons controlling its flow.
[02:45] <Pale_Wolf> And of course Harry Potter, 16, British, messy black hair, scar. Wand in one hand, pistol in the other.
[02:45] <Jason_Naruhodo> "So, how's things?"
[02:46] <Aika_Fawkes> "Harry. Shawn told me he "pieced your Sig together. _Again_."
[02:46] <Pale_Wolf> Harry grins. "Well, that's good to hear. This thing just isn't the same."
[02:47] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Heh, still up to that huh."
[02:48] <Pale_Wolf> Lucy leans up to you. "I hear you had some action down in Iraq. How was it?"
[02:48] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Lucy, "So 'princess'... How's the cracked nut industry comming along?"
[02:48] <Pale_Wolf> She smirks. "All who dare oppose me have fallen."
[02:48] <Aika_Fawkes> "It was great. I got to nuke some Ghuls, and then We had an Efreet try and kill us."
[02:49] <Aika_Fawkes> "I blew a huge hole in his chest, and then his head off, one shot each.
[02:49] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Lucy and gives her the old look of 'It was hell, but she had fun."
[02:49] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Well, not hell hell, but the annoying-sort-of-hell."
[02:49] <Jason_Naruhodo> "It was still an interesting trip though, all things said."
[02:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "I still have Sand in my boots though. Jason got Jumped by a huge ghul."
[02:50] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko blinks. "Annoying? How?"
[02:50] * Jason_Naruhodo makes subtle motions towards Aika.
[02:51] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray was an ass as usual. Hitting on Jane and Varuni."
[02:51] <Jason_Naruhodo> "So, how've you girls been?"
[02:51] <Aika_Fawkes> "So what have you been up to Harry?"
[02:52] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko smirks. (Re Jason's answer)
[02:52] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Wish we had a GM with faster loading times. :P)
[02:52] <Pale_Wolf> (Hey, I'm running two programs at once here!)
[02:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Relax dude, I was kidding. :) )
[02:53] <Aika_Fawkes> (This new version is better than Pale Wolf ME which Crashed all the time)
[02:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> (lol)
[02:54] <Aika_Fawkes> "So what have you been up to Harry? Other than Breaking even more guns?"
[02:54] * Aika_Fawkes taunts him light heartedly
[02:56] <Pale_Wolf> Harry shrugs. "Still running through the CRW training. Ever since D Squadron got shredded, the Yum-Yums have been quiet." He's still smirking when he says 'Yum-Yums'. "Looking forward to when we can... demonstrate the power of love on them."
[02:56] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Heh."
[02:57] <Pale_Wolf> Note: Yum-Yums is the term for Death Eaters.
[02:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Any specific ideas on how to do that?" he asks with a grin?
[02:58] <Aika_Fawkes> "You still on about that? I swear, you're giving Jane Bizzare Ideas. She seems to think The power of Love is sighting a guy in a high powered sniper rifle and then firing."
[02:58] <Pale_Wolf> It all started with an operator from D Squadron who while fighting them, got frustrated with their name: "Death Eaters, Death Eaters, how over flowery is that?! You are now _Yum-Yums_!" The Death Eaters stared. The SAS stared. The hostages stared.
[02:58] <Pale_Wolf> And it stuck.
[02:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hey, don't knock the power of love... Done right, it can ruin people's shit... I mean, look at the divorce rate!"
[02:59] * Jason_Naruhodo blinks and sighs...
[02:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Wonderful... Nicotine's wearing off."
[02:59] <Pale_Wolf> (Gimme a sec)
[03:00] * Jason_Naruhodo takes out another cigarette... and searches his pockets for a lighter...
[03:00] <Aika_Fawkes> "I noticed. The time zone difference can't be helping either Jason. You should have slept on teh Plane."
[03:00] <Aika_Fawkes> "Harry, You got a Light for Jason?"
[03:00] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...if you had the kind of nightmares I do, you'd be hard-pressed to get even an hou'rs worth of sleep," he mutters darkly.
[03:01] <Pale_Wolf> Lucy flicks a finger, and the cigarette is on fire.
[03:01] <Pale_Wolf> _Properly_ on fire, ie just one end, not the whole thing.
[03:01] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Thanks lucy," me says with a grin ans he lights up.
[03:01] * Jason_Naruhodo takes a drag and exhales "Ah yeah... that's better."
[03:02] <Aika_Fawkes> "Shit. If you weren't so resilient Jason I'd say those would Kill you."
[03:02] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Aika, "Hmm?"
[03:02] <Pale_Wolf> Harry raises an eyebrow. "Jane has caught on and seen the light?"
[03:02] <Aika_Fawkes> "How'd you come out of Being On Fire without a scratch anyway?"
[03:03] <Pale_Wolf> "I must make further disciples."
[03:03] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...I'm... not... sure."
[03:03] <Aika_Fawkes> "She has Harry. And it's all your fault. You KNOW I was trying to convince her that teh Power of Love was a grenade to teh face."
[03:03] * Jason_Naruhodo narrows his eyes, and THWAPS Aika upside the head.
[03:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Enough. About. The Stinking. GRENADES!!!"
[03:04] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hey! Hasn't your dad taught you never to hit a lady?"
[03:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> "My dad's a defence lawyer... He
[03:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> s taught me that women can be vicious and vindictive creatures."
[03:05] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at the ladies...
[03:05] <Jason_Naruhodo> "No offence of course."
[03:05] <Aika_Fawkes> "Well, he's right, but you still don't slap them."
[03:05] <Aika_Fawkes> "It's not proper."
[03:05] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko shakes her head. "No, you see, the power of love is in synergy."
[03:05] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Well, you haven't shut up about the stinking grenades since the mission."
[03:05] <Aika_Fawkes> "synergy?"
[03:06] <Aika_Fawkes> "Toriko, You talking Sex? Or Management theory?"
[03:06] <Pale_Wolf> Lucy carries on: "It is all. Love lies in the fine arts of snipery. Love lies in napalm."
[03:06] <Pale_Wolf> Harry finishes: "Love lies within every form in which destruction can be harnessed and made beautiful."
[03:06] * Jason_Naruhodo facepalms...
[03:07] <Aika_Fawkes> "Oh no. You've infected them All."
[03:07] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Murray, "And I suppose you have your own theory?"
[03:07] <Aika_Fawkes> "Still. There is a certain beauty to be found in Blowing an Efreet's head off with a Magical Backed Bulet."
[03:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...after you almost blow yourself up beforehand you mean."
[03:08] <Pale_Wolf> Murray buzzard-shrugs. "I'm a bird. What'm I supposed to say on the topic of you humans and your love? Other than that the kid's got some sweet ideas."
[03:09] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Eh, guess so."
[03:09] * Jason_Naruhodo takes another drag...
[03:10] <Aika_Fawkes> "Come on Jason, Surely you appreciate the feeling when your Beemsaber Sliced that Ghul's head clean off. Maybe even, dare I say it, Loved it?"
[03:10] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Sorry, I was too busy trying not to die to appreciate the moment."
[03:11] * Jason_Naruhodo shrugs...
[03:11] * Dorin has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[03:11] <Aika_Fawkes> "Come on Jason. You have to learn to live a little. Right Harry? Fights to teh death aren't any fun if you can't enjoy them."
[03:11] <Pale_Wolf> (Yo, welcome back Dorin)
[03:11] <Dorin> Rrr! )
[03:11] <Aika_Fawkes> (what happened? Storm?)
[03:11] <Jason_Naruhodo> "So, you guys gonna be doing anything else for the rest of today?"
[03:11] <Pale_Wolf> "What's the point of winning if you don't enjoy them?"
[03:11] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Welcome back.)
[03:12] <Aika_Fawkes> (We're back at base, Me and Rock are Harassing Team One and Jane's in teh Armoury with Shawn)
[03:12] <Dorin> Nope; stupidist shit. There's a download limit from our ISP no one bothered to tell us about. Exceed 200MB and you get kicked off))
[03:12] <Jason_Naruhodo> "The point is staying alive to enjoy the other things about life of course.)
[03:12] <Aika_Fawkes> (In #Armoury)
[03:13] * Dorin is now known as Varuni
[03:13] <Pale_Wolf> So, what does Varuni want to do?
[03:13] * Varuni shrugs.
[03:13] <Pale_Wolf> You have the rest of the day off before 9 PM.
[03:14] <Varuni> lol
[03:14] <Aika_Fawkes> "Still Jason, You've gotta enjoy life where you can. Love Thy enemy and all that jazz."
[03:14] <Pale_Wolf> Jane's flirting, and those two are messing with Team One.
[03:14] <Varuni> Where are these crazy people located?)
[03:14] <Jason_Naruhodo> "So, Ginette... You haven't said a thing since I showed up. You doing okay and stuff?"
[03:14] <Pale_Wolf> (They're out at the killhouse after a training session)
[03:15] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Oh, I'm NOT gonna love a guy who wants me dead."
[03:15] * Varuni opts for finding a nice open spot and sunning herself.
[03:15] <Jason_Naruhodo> "And even Harry might attest to that."
[03:15] <Pale_Wolf> "And love him well," Ginette mutters, blushing when the others turn to grin and flip her a thumbs-up.
[03:16] * Jason_Naruhodo blinks, "...I get the feeling I just missed something fundamental there."
[03:16] <Pale_Wolf> Harry shakes his head. "What are you talking about? Loving thy enemy is the best way to handle them."
[03:16] * Jason_Naruhodo rolls his eyes...
[03:16] <Aika_Fawkes> "You're forgeting Team One's Twisted Ideas of Love Jason."
[03:16] <Pale_Wolf> "After all, you _can_ simply win. But what's the point? Where's the fun if you can't make it awesome?"
[03:17] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Meh, your awesome is no comparison for my awesome."
[03:17] * Jason_Naruhodo takes another drag...
[03:17] <Pale_Wolf> Harry points at Ginette. "I contend that the girl who can carry an M2 in either hand is the winner in any category for 'awesome'."
[03:18] <Varuni> hmm...-plots insertion-))
[03:18] <Pale_Wolf> Ginette stares at him. "I completely lack skill with them."
[03:18] <Pale_Wolf> "With an M2 in either hand, you don't NEED skill. There's enough love right there."
[03:18] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...damnit, I hate it when you're right," he mutters as he takes a last drag, before taking out another cigarette and lighting it with the butt of the last one...
[03:18] <Aika_Fawkes> "I'm pretty sure Jane can do that Too Harry. You should have seen her mow down teh Ghuls with her M2."
[03:19] <Pale_Wolf> Harry looks about ready to weep. "I've usually seen more violence than this in civilian life, this far into the year!"
[03:19] <Varuni> "You do *know* chainsmoking is bad for you, right?" Leaning in a doorway/on a post/whatever is nearby.
[03:19] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yeah... Thank god we had her along. I'd hate to go against a swarm like that without her."
[03:19] <Aika_Fawkes> "Well, There's always..."
[03:20] * Aika_Fawkes hefts her Shiny new M79 for emphasis
[03:20] * Jason_Naruhodo glances over to Varuni, "Well I AM tough to kill..."
[03:20] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko looks over and lazily salutes Varuni. "Good to see you, Varu."
[03:20] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...especially during that mission" he says as he goes somewhat pale.
[03:21] <Varuni> "If you say so." Smiles and waves, carelessly flaunting herself in the...could it even qualify as swimwear?
[03:21] <Aika_Fawkes> "Jason I saw you On FIRE. What was up with that? is your armour really that powerful? Or do you have some sort of heal like Murray does?"
[03:21] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko chokes and looks away, muttering to herself.
[03:21] <Pale_Wolf> (Everyone, listen rolls)
[03:21] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Stunning as always by the way," He mutters as his pale expression is replaced by a blush...
[03:21] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...I don't know."
[03:22] <Aika_Fawkes> roll 1d20+2
[03:22] <Fate> 5,0Aika_Fawkes rolled a :5,0 1d20+2 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{19}
[03:22] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Back when that ghul bit me too.... I know my body becomes a ma-"
[03:22] <Varuni> roll 1d20+8
[03:22] <Fate> 5,0Varuni rolled a :5,0 1d20+8 --> 5,0[ 1d20=10 ]5,0{18}
[03:22] * Jason_Naruhodo stops himself short.
[03:22] <Pale_Wolf> "I-am-not-a-lesbian-I-am-not-a-lesbian-I-am-not-a-"
[03:22] <Aika_Fawkes> "Becomes a what?
[03:22] * Jason_Naruhodo pauses before continuing...
[03:23] <Jason_Naruhodo> "A-A..."
[03:23] * Aika_Fawkes laughs at Toriko. "Don't be upset, Varuni has that effect on all the girls."
[03:23] * Jason_Naruhodo sighs...
[03:23] <Jason_Naruhodo> "It's not something you need to know... Murray does, and I've sworn him to secracy."
[03:23] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko _blushes_ when she realizes she was heard.
[03:23] * Varuni leans back a little more and sighs. "I know, it's terrible having a body like this." Sticks out her tongue and giggles.
[03:24] <Varuni> "I could cover up I guess."
[03:24] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray Know? You told the Sparrow and not me?"
[03:24] * Jason_Naruhodo obiously is spooked to hell about the whole thing...
[03:24] <Jason_Naruhodo> "He knows because he's able to heal people. I had to tell him to make sure he could heal me too..."
[03:25] <Pale_Wolf> Poor girl's already kind of shaky in her sexuality given that she keeps getting hit on by a (hot) nymphomaniacal sorceress, which you did hear rumours about.
[03:25] <Jason_Naruhodo> "He's been reall helpful about my nightmares too."
[03:25] <Aika_Fawkes> "Oh, well, that makes sense."
[03:25] <Aika_Fawkes> "Wait. He can help with Nightmares?"
[03:25] <Varuni> "Some who can cause them ought to be able to help with them."
[03:25] <Pale_Wolf> Murray smirks. "I can talk to people."
[03:25] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yes, as in talk me though them... reassure me and stuff."
[03:25] <Pale_Wolf> Murray: "And, not make them feel less comfortable than when I started."
[03:25] * Jason_Naruhodo sighs...
[03:26] <Aika_Fawkes> "without making tehm wanna deep fry you? I'm impressed."
[03:26] <Pale_Wolf> "Or shoot them at random intervals."
[03:26] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Let's just say... the benefits of my armour, don't necessarily outweigh the drawbacks, and leave it at that."
[03:26] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hey! That's a Low Blow!"
[03:26] <Varuni> "Meh, no one would bother trying to frickesy that under-fed condor. Not enough meat."
[03:26] <Pale_Wolf> "Given that it was only you to have that reaction, I'd like to submit evidence that it is something on your end rather than mine."
[03:27] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Say, Murray... Just to make sure... You never healed me once during the mission... did you?"
[03:27] <Pale_Wolf> "Nope. Still wondering about that chompy meal the thing had, let alone the burning."
[03:28] * Jason_Naruhodo frowns and looks at Harry...
[03:28] <Jason_Naruhodo> "You can sense magic and that sort of stuff, right?"
[03:29] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hey! That was an innocent Mistake! You can't Still be upset about that! It was 2 years ago!"
[03:29] <Pale_Wolf> He shrugs. "I can _use_ it. They don't teach anything at Hogwarts, I learned most of this beyond household work on my own."
[03:29] <Aika_Fawkes> "Sheesh, you try and shoot someone in the face once, and they never let you forget it."
[03:30] * Varuni eyes Aika a second, then shrugs. Lights up her own smoke, being a complete bitch as she had the pack and lighter hidden in her clevage.
[03:30] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Right. Was hoping you could tell if the thing was magical or something."
[03:30] <Pale_Wolf> Murray: "Generally they don't get a chance to."
[03:30] * Jason_Naruhodo brightens up suddenly...
[03:30] <Aika_Fawkes> "well, there is that. Usually when I shoot someone they die."
[03:30] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Oh yeah! Anyway... We have the day off. And this place is kinda dull... Did you guys wanna hang out someplace else?"
[03:31] <Pale_Wolf> Harry: "People tend to die when they're killed."
[03:31] <Varuni> "Oh, so you standing here now was a fluke?"
[03:31] <Pale_Wolf> (Yep I did ^_^ )
[03:31] <Aika_Fawkes> "Wasn't that your whole problem Harry? People not staying dead when they're killed?"
[03:31] <Pale_Wolf> He grins. "That's why 'tend'. And why in very rare situations, it can actually be deep."
[03:32] * Jason_Naruhodo mutters, 'Loose lips make big dipshits."
[03:32] * Varuni takes a pull of blows out a stream of smoke, arching her brow at Jason. "That could be interpreted so many ways."
[03:32] * ComradeTaro has joined #magicalgirlcontract
[03:33] * Jason_Naruhodo glances at Varuni, again blushing, "Huh?"
[03:33] <Aika_Fawkes> "Sheesh Var, can you keep to one gender? It's getting so hard to keep track of who you're hitting on."
[03:33] <Pale_Wolf> Lucy cocks her head. "Did you have something in mind? We figured the killhouse was the most interesting place we could be at the time. Three-on-three with rubbers?"
[03:33] * Jason_Naruhodo smiles, "Sure! Sounds fun!"
[03:33] <Aika_Fawkes> "I'm up for a little match if you are."
[03:34] * Varuni just grins and dumps some ash before going back to smoking. "Aika, what's the fun in letting you know who I'm hitting on at any given moment?"
[03:34] <Jane> (farah would be hurt!)
[03:34] <Varuni> oh it's innocent flirting!)
[03:34] <Aika_Fawkes> "It would certainly make things less confusing."
[03:35] <Varuni> "As if you can avoid 'confusing' if I wore a sign with a name on it"
[03:35] * Aika_Fawkes smirkks and leers a bit "So Var, you up for a little, 3 on 3?"
[03:35] * Varuni leans forward, power crackling up her arm, grinning. "Sure, you want me to zap you in the chest or the butt on each strike?"
[03:36] <Aika_Fawkes> "What rules? Just guns? or support powers too?)
[03:36] * Jason_Naruhodo points at Varuni, "I pick her and Lucy!"
[03:36] <Aika_Fawkes> Then I got Harry and Toriko
[03:37] <Pale_Wolf> Ginette shrugs and stays out to monitor safety.
[03:37] <Aika_Fawkes> "Come on Harry, Tori, Let's show them some Love"
[03:37] * Varuni shakes out her hand and dispells her power, giving Jason a soft swat to his head. "Pervert."
[03:37] <Pale_Wolf> Harry grins. "I say support powers, but let's get some of Wyatt's wards first."
[03:37] * Jason_Naruhodo grins at Harry, "Heh, once again we face each other in battle... Hope you don't disappoint me mate."
[03:38] <Pale_Wolf> Jason might find difficulty in stepping up to the prep room, given that his feet are frozen to the ground, Harry smirking back at him.
[03:38] * Jason_Naruhodo winces at Varuni, "Hey, I didn't mean it like THAT!"
[03:38] <Aika_Fawkes> Mind Talk Harry and Toriko "Don't forget teh Night vision if We're going with Support, You know how I can black things out"
[03:38] * Jason_Naruhodo glares back at him
[03:38] <Varuni> "Sure you didn't. Let me go slip into some pants and a better top."
[03:38] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Oh, it's ON!"
[03:39] * Aika_Fawkes transforms into Pretty Deadly Garb
[03:39] <Pale_Wolf> (No rolling for this, I fear. I don't have jack for the team's sheets. So this is gonna be pure narration)
[03:39] <Jane> (wyatts wards?)
[03:39] <Aika_Fawkes> (Fun)
[03:39] * Jason_Naruhodo transforms, but won't use the armour's weapons.
[03:39] <Jane> (your letting these godmoders narrat the fight? oh this wont end well)
[03:39] <Pale_Wolf> (Wards used for training, if an attack is sent in 'gently', they can mark that it happened and buffer the attack so it doesn't do lethal damage)
[03:40] <Pale_Wolf> (No, I'm narrating most of it. Or we can just fade to black)
[03:40] <Aika_Fawkes> Mindtalk "Never mind the Night Vission, I just remembered I left my Precious with Shawn"
[03:40] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Fade to black, and tell us who won with a raw D20 roll.)
[03:40] * Varuni slips into more comfortable uniform pants and a 'regulation' shirt, seeing about collecting a sidearm and regular assault rifle with proper ammo, then in the fun.
[03:40] <Pale_Wolf> roll 6#1d20
[03:40] <Fate> 5,0Pale_Wolf rolled a :5,0 6#1d20 --> 5,0[ 1d20=17 ]5,0{17}, 5,0[ 1d20=3 ]5,0{3}, 5,0[ 1d20=9 ]5,0{9}, 5,0[ 1d20=18 ]5,0{18}, 5,0[ 1d20=14 ]5,0{14}, 5,0[ 1d20=13 ]5,0{13}
[03:41] <Varuni> Nobody seems to have put out an eye)
[03:42] <Pale_Wolf> Harry pretty much pwnt poor Jason, matching any attacks with a sword extended from his wand and turning the entire area into an icy wasteland.
[03:42] * Aika_Fawkes loads up her new M79 with nonlethal rounds and loads her c8 and Sig with the same.
[03:43] <Pale_Wolf> Aika versus Lucy wasn't quite as one-sided, but Lucy's fire didn't match up to the pain of rubber bullets.
[03:43] <Aika_Fawkes> (hah!)
[03:43] * Jason_Naruhodo lies on his back, utterly dumbfounded...
[03:44] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko and Varu went katana-to-katana, and it was a damn close match.
[03:44] * Aika_Fawkes extends her hand to lucy to help her up. "what did you say? 'All who dare oppose me have fallen.' was it?"
[03:44] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I... suck?"
[03:44] * Jason_Naruhodo asks himself in confusion.
[03:44] <Pale_Wolf> She smirks and takes it. "Works better on the guys."
[03:44] <Aika_Fawkes> "Great Match lucy."
[03:45] <Varuni> a damn close match in who's favor?)
[03:45] <Aika_Fawkes> "Ythere's that."
[03:45] <Pale_Wolf> Harry grins and hovers Jason to his feet with his wand. "Not bad, just not good enough to match your smack."
[03:46] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Whatever... Just wait until the next rematch."
[03:46] * Jason_Naruhodo mutters with an electronic sigh...
[03:47] <Pale_Wolf> (Neither of you went down, but Toriko had SLIGHTLY less markers go off from the wards than Varu did)
[03:47] <Aika_Fawkes> "Hah! We win!"
[03:47] <Pale_Wolf> Harry grins and salutes with the pistol in his left hand. "Looking forward to it."
[03:47] * Varuni just grins at Toriko. "That was fun."
[03:47] * Jason_Naruhodo gives a thumbs-up in return.
[03:48] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Model-S... Eject."
[03:48] <Aika_Fawkes> "Damn. We should do this more often."
[03:48] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko nods. "It's good to go against someone who fights the same way. Relaxing."
[03:48] <Varuni> "Yeah. Good to see swordsmanship hasn't died."
[03:49] <Pale_Wolf> Harry sighs. "I know, but there might not be many shots at it given how we have pretty different stationings."
[03:49] <Jason_Naruhodo> "And I'm chopped liver huh?"
[03:49] * Jason_Naruhodo nods...
[03:49] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko winks. "Never going to die if we have a say in it."
[03:50] <Varuni> "Indeed"
[03:50] <Pale_Wolf> "Even if it's killed," Harry adds in. Toriko swats him with the back of her blade.
[03:50] <Aika_Fawkes> "So Lucy, You going to talk some sense into Murray about his Exorcisms? He keeps Saying "The power of Christ Compells me"
[03:50] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yeah.... Don't worry though, I'm sure we can arrange your ass-kicking sometime eventually," he says with a smirk.
[03:50] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Hey, Murray's catholic! What's wrong with that?"
[03:50] <Pale_Wolf> Lucy blinks. "Wait, why'd I get elected?"
[03:50] * Jason_Naruhodo totally believes the part about Murray being Catholic you see...
[03:51] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray's Not Catholic! He's A Bird!"
[03:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Sariko's the exorcist, in Team Two. Lucy's the fireball)
[03:51] <Jane> (his not catholic?)
[03:51] <Aika_Fawkes> "You're a shrine maiden aren't you?"
[03:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Sariko is)
[03:51] <Pale_Wolf> (Lucy's just a fireball)
[03:51] <Aika_Fawkes> (Oh. Never mind then)
[03:51] <Jason_Naruhodo> "So what? You're saying birds can't worship the lord too?"
[03:51] <Jason_Naruhodo> "He created them... Why can't they worship him?"
[03:52] <Aika_Fawkes> "You have an effect on Men Lucy."
[03:52] <Pale_Wolf> Murray puffs out his chest. "I'll have you know I was ordained cardinal in the council at Nicea."
[03:52] * Jason_Naruhodo says "*Cough*nutcracker*Cough*"
[03:52] <Pale_Wolf> Lucy blinks. "Well, I'm not really sure where to try on a bird..."
[03:52] <Aika_Fawkes> "I'm not saying Murray's not religious./ I'm just saying he's not Catholic.
[03:52] <Varuni> "That's comforting. Good thing I'm not Catholic." Shoulders her weapons.
[03:52] <Varuni> -s
[03:52] <Aika_Fawkes> Though, now that you mention it, he never goes to church on sundays either."
[03:52] * Jason_Naruhodo stares at Murray with wide eyes, "No... WAY!?"
[03:53] <Pale_Wolf> He nods. "Damn straight kid."
[03:53] <Aika_Fawkes> "Murray's Lying through his teeth Jason."
[03:53] <Pale_Wolf> ("Damn straight, no way. It's utter bullshit.")
[03:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Can you prove it?"
[03:53] <Aika_Fawkes> "They don't ordain Birds. even talking ones."
[03:53] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Maybe they made an exception..."
[03:53] <Varuni> "And what if the Pope did that tomorrow? He's infalible isn't he?"
[03:54] <Aika_Fawkes> "They didn't make an exception, and Murray doesn't know the Pope!"
[03:54] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at murray hopefully, "Right?"
[03:54] <Pale_Wolf> Murray smirks. "Well, the council at Nicea was like thousands of years ago. Haven't been around here that long."
[03:54] * Jason_Naruhodo blinks...
[03:54] * Jason_Naruhodo then grins...
[03:54] <Pale_Wolf> "Like I said, damn straight it was no way."
[03:54] <Varuni> "Kid, don't let wonder parrot mess with your fragile mind."
[03:55] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Heh, I knew you wern't lying."
[03:55] <Pale_Wolf> ... Huh?
[03:55] <Aika_Fawkes> (He just admitted he WAS lying)
[03:55] * Pale_Wolf stares.
[03:55] <Jason_Naruhodo> (Jason's deluded himself. :P)
[03:55] <Aika_Fawkes> "Jason. He just admitted he WAS lying."
[03:55] <Pale_Wolf> (Heh, thought so)
[03:55] <Jason_Naruhodo> "...huh?"
[03:56] * Jason_Naruhodo hangs his head...
[03:56] * Varuni shakes her head and slips her katana back into its sheath. "Jason, I think we need to give you an education."
[03:56] <Pale_Wolf> Murray grins. "Like I said, damn straight there was no way."
[03:56] <Aika_Fawkes> "He said he isn't old enough to be at the Nicean council."
[03:56] <Jason_Naruhodo> "No... more... heroes..." he mutters quietly.
[03:56] * Jason_Naruhodo looks as depressed as hell...
[03:56] <Aika_Fawkes> "Bishop my ass."
[03:56] <Pale_Wolf> "Of course not! Cardinal!"
[03:57] <Aika_Fawkes> "Cheer up Jason. I'm sure there's SOMETHING Murray hasn't lied to you about."
[03:57] * Jason_Naruhodo then narrows his eyes...
[03:57] <Varuni> "I tell you what, start running, and if you can get ten yards before I smack your ass, I'll give you one of my bras."
[03:57] <Pale_Wolf> Harry shakes his head and pokes Murray. "Don't reinforce his mental issues."
[03:57] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Wait a minute... in that case... When you swore upon the power of the lord that you'd never tell anyone about me turning into a freaking machine-"
[03:58] * Jane is enjoying the pice and quite as she cleans her guns
[03:58] <Aika_Fawkes> "Turning into WHAT?"
[03:58] * Jason_Naruhodo blinks, and realizes what he just said...
[03:58] <Varuni> "I guess Aika's mouth is contagious."
[03:58] <Jason_Naruhodo> '...fuck."
[03:58] * Jane or has shawn takening her 3 times on the table and 4 on the gunrack all ready? None of you know!
[03:58] <Pale_Wolf> Murray stares... "I'm pretty sure I swore on my own honor. But, that kinda absolves me of responsibility."
[03:58] <Pale_Wolf> "You all saw that right? And will attest to the fact that I did _nothing_?"
[03:58] <Aika_Fawkes> "Not that it matters now that he told us Murray."
[03:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> "..."
[03:59] * Jason_Naruhodo suddenly grins.
[03:59] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yeah, You're innocent... This Time."
[03:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Nah, just messing with ya."
[03:59] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yeah. Right."
[03:59] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Heh, you're a hell of an actor Murray."
[03:59] <Pale_Wolf> Lucy cocks her head. "Becoming a machine? How would that even work on a chemical level?"
[03:59] <Aika_Fawkes> "That's a joke that just happens to fit perfectly with the clues you've let slip so far?
[04:00] * Varuni arches a brow, thumb pushing the katana past its lock. "Don't play us for dummies, Kid."
[04:00] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Exactly! It's completely ludicrous. Forget I said anything."
[04:00] <Aika_Fawkes> "That actually explains a lot."
[04:00] <Pale_Wolf> Murray blinks and nods. "Yep. Utter bullshit. Sworn on my honor as one of the... um, something."
[04:00] <Aika_Fawkes> "Like why you kept hitting on Jane."
[04:00] <Jason_Naruhodo> "... WHAT!?"
[04:00] <Pale_Wolf> Harry raises an eyebrow. "Have I missed something while you guys were gone?"
[04:00] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I've never! Not ONCE!!!"
[04:01] <Aika_Fawkes> "You don't know this Harry?"
[04:01] <Varuni> "He's not you Aika, he doesn't want to get cut in half via machinegun."
[04:01] <Pale_Wolf> "Too bad, she's worth hitting... on." That was Toriko, by the way, who is busily staring at the ground now.
[04:01] <Aika_Fawkes> "You know about Jane right Harry?"
[04:01] <Pale_Wolf> "Being a robot? Kind of hard to hide."
[04:02] <Aika_Fawkes> "and her curious Habit of calling us all 'Meatbags'?"
[04:02] <Jane> (He hasnt notice the effect magic has, yet)
[04:02] * Varuni eyes Toriok with a pout, "And what about me?"
[04:02] <Pale_Wolf> "As well as the fact that you were right next to me when I was told."
[04:02] <Jane> (speaking witch...)
[04:02] <Aika_Fawkes> "well yeah."
[04:02] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko explicitly does NOT look up.
[04:03] <Jane> (a robot? how insulting. Jane is Runic cyborg. You stuiped meatbags"
[04:03] <Aika_Fawkes> "anyway. So Jason's on this mission with us. Get's a Huge Chunk Bitten out of him. Not a scratch a few seconds later."
[04:03] <Varuni> "I'm hurt. The least you could do is invite me in on the action."
[04:03] <Aika_Fawkes> "Doesn't even notice he's ON FIRE."
[04:03] <Pale_Wolf> ("Basic summary," Harry calls over into the plothole by way of apology)
[04:04] <Pale_Wolf> Ginette stares. "You humans are strange."
[04:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> "It's good armour!"
[04:04] <Pale_Wolf> (The fire was through the armour)
[04:04] <Aika_Fawkes> "That and He let slipp Something about him turning into a "Ma-" earlier. And saying Murray needed to know in order to heal him."
[04:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Uh... Murray healed me and I told him not to say anything because I didn't wanna look like a wuss!"
[04:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> (I know. :P)
[04:04] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Umm..."
[04:04] <Pale_Wolf> Murray just sighs.
[04:05] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Uhh... It was all part of setting up that joke."
[04:05] <Aika_Fawkes> "that and The Major mentioning teh Scientists taking Samples from him."
[04:05] <Pale_Wolf> "Kid."
[04:05] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Akia...
[04:05] <Aika_Fawkes> "Unless the Major was in on it, which is damn unlikely."
[04:05] <Jason_Naruhodo> "The Major meant the Efreet, dumbass."
[04:05] <Aika_Fawkes> "no, he meant you."
[04:06] <Aika_Fawkes> "Samples and data you Alreeady gave the scientists."
[04:06] <Varuni> "Oh leave the Kid alone."
[04:06] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Yeah! Leave the kid alone!"
[04:06] * Jason_Naruhodo sniffs...
[04:06] <Aika_Fawkes> "Seriously Jason, it's not a big deal. If We can deal with Jane we can deal with you. Provided you don't start calling us Metbags."
[04:07] <Jason_Naruhodo> "And I'll have you know no such 'samples' were ever taken."
[04:07] <Jason_Naruhodo> "..."
[04:07] * Jason_Naruhodo sighs...
[04:07] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Okay, fine.
[04:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> "If you wanna think I turn into a robot, that's your business."
[04:08] <Varuni> "Well, don't call me a 'meatbag' anyway. You can call me honeypot, doll, or something cute." She teases.
[04:08] * Jason_Naruhodo sighs, and takes out another cigarette...
[04:08] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Sure thing babe."
[04:08] <Aika_Fawkes> "Honeypot?"
[04:09] <Pale_Wolf> Harry shrugs. "Honestly, Jason, it's only as much of an issue as you make of it. We're a freak squad, all of us."
[04:09] <Aika_Fawkes> "Var, he's a Minor."
[04:09] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Don't get the Honeypot bit though."
[04:09] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at Harry...
[04:09] <Aika_Fawkes> "Yeah! Listen to the amazing Boy-who-won't-bloody-die!"
[04:09] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I turn into a machine... The only parts that stay even half human are my brain and nervous system."
[04:09] <Varuni> "Doesn't mean I can't mess with him a little. I feel old compared to most of you."
[04:10] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Tell me... If you watches yourself being broken down into pulp, and reassembled into tthat sort of thing, how well would you take it!?"
[04:10] <Pale_Wolf> (Don't overemo, please)
[04:10] <Jason_Naruhodo> (I won't)
[04:11] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Anyway, enough about this... it's depressing, and I don't like talking about it."
[04:11] <Jason_Naruhodo> "As long as you're not freaked out about it, that's good enough for me."
[04:11] <Aika_Fawkes> Jason. I have no Idea how the Hell I became Pretty Deadly.
[04:11] <Varuni> "Yeah, let's talk about something fun. Let's guess Aika's bra size!"
[04:11] <Pale_Wolf> Harry nods. "Understood. Just get that whether you want to talk about it or not, we'll deal, and we'll help you deal if you need it."
[04:11] <Aika_Fawkes> "No You don't! You can't do that! I don't wear one!"
[04:12] <Aika_Fawkes> "Er... did I say that out loud?"
[04:12] <Pale_Wolf> Ginette: "Yes. You did."
[04:12] <Aika_Fawkes> "shit."
[04:12] <Pale_Wolf> "Very loudly."
[04:12] <Aika_Fawkes> "Harry, you heard nothing. Jason. You're troo young to know any of that."
[04:12] * Jason_Naruhodo smirks...
[04:12] <Varuni> "We can still guess!"
[04:12] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Just one thing though. Please don't tell anyone else what you know."
[04:13] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Others might not be so... accepting."
[04:13] <Aika_Fawkes> "Jason. You should tell Jane. She'll probably be best able to help you should anything happen, and It's not right to keep something like this from tehe only remaining squad mate."
[04:14] <Pale_Wolf> Harry grins. "When did I hear nothing?"
[04:14] <Aika_Fawkes> "You keep it that way."
[04:14] <Varuni> "Oh boo, trying to change the subject."
[04:14] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Well, I didn't hear nothing either."
[04:14] <Aika_Fawkes> 'Good."
[04:14] * Jason_Naruhodo looks at harry and grins.
[04:15] <Varuni> "Then I guess we should pick on Toriko?"
[04:15] <Aika_Fawkes> "How is your Not-So-Secret Admirer anyway?"
[04:16] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Secret Admirer?"
[04:16] <Aika_Fawkes> "You remember that Sorceress?"
[04:16] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Sorceress?"
[04:16] <Aika_Fawkes> "the one that's been Chasing after Tori for... how long now?"
[04:16] <Pale_Wolf> Toriko shakes her head. "Please no picking on me. Can we pick on famous Harry instead?"
[04:17] * Jason_Naruhodo shakes his head..
[04:17] <Aika_Fawkes> "Oh no. Harry doesn't have a love life. you do."
[04:17] <Varuni> "He doesn't wear a bra...or at least I hope he doesn't"
[04:17] <Pale_Wolf> Harry explicitly doesn't mention the various theories on his love life that've sprouted from him being on a team of all women.
[04:17] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Me and harry have an agreement... If I don't pick on him, he won't transmute my armour into one of those Sailor Scout uniforms."
[04:18] <Aika_Fawkes> "He can do that?"
[04:18] <Varuni> "Aww, but you'd be so cute in one."
[04:18] <Jason_Naruhodo> "I don't wanna find out."
[04:18] <Aika_Fawkes> "Can he change mine away from A sailor Fuku?"
[04:18] * Jason_Naruhodo glares at Varuni
[04:18] <Pale_Wolf> Harry smirks. "Perhaps. Perhaps not."
[04:18] <Jason_Naruhodo> "Very funny."
[04:18] <Aika_Fawkes> "You lecher!"
[04:18] <Varuni> "Whos a letch?"
[04:19] * Aika_Fawkes isn't sure whether she meant Varuni or Harry.
[04:19] * Jason_Naruhodo points at Harry....
[04:19] <Aika_Fawkes> "Now that You ask I'm not sure whether It's not both you AND Harry."
[04:19] <Varuni> "I am most certainly not a letcher. I'm simply a woman with intense needs."
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