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Postby migele » Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:23 am

Kaori headed for the door. It was afternoon and Hotaru was home. they were not expecting anybody.
She opened the door and saw, a female Santa. with an elf in a fuku that looked like some weird parody of that Santa's helpers uniform from those TV-shows.
"I don't want to give out presents now." the elf pouted at the Santa.
"Stopp whining, we don't even know if this dimension will exist in a few months." She turned to Kaori. "Hello, you are Kaori? I'm Santa, since you want to destroy the world."
Kaori twitched.
"Sorry, I mean summon Pharao 90, you don'T get a present, but this is for Hotaru, make sure she gets it before Mistress 9 takes over. Please sign here." She handed a form, with a lage X over a line, over.
Kaori did, not even bothering to read the lines and accepted the present from the elf.
"Don't forget it's for Hotaru."
Kaori closed the door into their faces.
Santa counted to three and there was a soft rumble. "Guess she forgot."
"You did that on purpuse!" Elf accused.
"Who me?"
Hotaru Tomoe did not feel well. No not at all, currently she was lying on her bed resting.
"Completly forgot I liked lamps before starting on plushies." A soft, she would even go as far as say silent voice said.
The girl looked up and saw a woman inspect a purple lap on a small table. Than the cat standing on the table spoke. "Shampoo like this lamp. Feel pleasant, remind of warm lap."
"Got it from mother, but went down with the house in some explosion." The woman answered before turning to Hotaru. "You are awake now? Let me introduce myself, I am a possible future self from another dimension."
"Is it really that much fun?" Santa asked.
"Mmmhh" Elf answered being busy poking Kaori with a stick.
"I'm bored" Santa decided and pulled out a marker. "Want to play something?"
Hotaru was currently cowering on the end of the bed and hugging a pillow, as if it was a weapon or some shield.
"Shampoo no think this works"
Silence dropped all transformations and Hotaru faced another Hotaru, only older and dressed up as a goth.
"Better now?"
Hotaru felt something weird, like one of those attacks coming upand suddenly felt warm, the other Hotaru had a glowing hand on her chest, a hand glowing whit, black, purple, red and green, with other colours here and there.
"That is something trying to take you over, believe me you don't want thet, I had it take over and do bad things." Hotaru told her younger counterpart. "Your father is already taken over. You can forget all this, or look for yourself and come with us."
Hotaru felt secure, she felt the honesty, she did not want to believe but. "Show me."
The older woman stood next to her and and whispered one word. "Awaken"
Santa and Elf looked up from their games. Kaori was currently sporting several doodles, her back was coloured like a chess board and her fron fell victim to several games of XO.
"Ready to go up?"
"After you."
"You just want to coulor her hair pink."
"Because that's what I'd do."
"Help me?"
She felt them all. The one in front of her spoke of power, memories from a past long forgotten told her that this was the Silence, the creature that she was the Avatar of. Saturn bowed akwardly. Than there was the cat, something about cats being advisors was remembered. Downstairs, evil, tainted, corrupted, twiste. Next to that, power, pureness, light, gentleness. Even further down where her father was supposed to be. Death, twisted life, evil, corruption.
She looked at the Silence and saw it holding a shadow.
"This was what possesed you. I'll let it retreat to it's master so he knows that you aren't his puppet any more if you come with us." silence explained.
Saturn faded away and Hotaru Tomoe stumbled, only to find herself being caught by a tall cat woman. "Shampoo think young kitten weak and overwhelmed. Need rest."
"Coming with us?" Silence asked.
Hotaru nodded weakly looking over her room.
"We have someone who can take everything you want." Silence offered.
Hotaru nodded.
The door opened. "Missed me?" Santa asked. "I'm Santa, pleased to meet you Hotaru."
Actually Hotaru made Santa pack the whole room.
Kaori got placed in the empty room.
Hotaru giggled when she saw the demoness.
And then they teleported away.
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Postby Randa_The_Kitsune » Tue Aug 08, 2006 12:26 am

"Good rooms eh? Do they have hot tubs? I chould use a good bath right about now and i need ot get back to my normal form soon. Now know how much longer i can keep this feild up. My battery on my watch is getting low and i need to recharge it soon."
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