DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Not a happy fun place.

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DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Not a happy fun place.

Postby DCG » Sat Dec 02, 2006 8:24 pm

DCG- Crystal Tokyo BESM game. Not a happy fun place like Al’s
Story so far: Current time 32XX. Crystal Tokyo is the last hold out of mankind on the earth. The end of the world in 20XX striped the earth of all life and left the oceans frozen. Or so they tell you. The cause is unknown, The current state of the environment is unknown, Hell the weather out side of the city’s crystal walls is unknown.
Not that you care. For the last thousand years the remains of mankind have lived along side Youma, Demons, and monsters in a state of unending happiness, Forced upon them by Queen Serenity. Those that she couldn’t control where banished from her kingdom, killed out right, or sealed away.
Shit hit the fan: The Dark Moon family showed up in force. Smashing the city and shattering Serenities dream word. The Senshi met the attacking force head on and added to the destruction of what was once Crystal Tokyo. But with powers weakened by broken sprits and failing wills they didn’t hold them off for long. Now the city is in ruins, the queen’s power is broken, and you’re regaining full use of your unchained sprit and mind.
Start: You waken to smashed buildings, screaming people, and panic in the streets, as odd metal things march around town cutting the few remaining people down. Before you can move your world explodes in a flash of light and extreme pain. Be you human, mecha or other there is a tearing in side you. A stronger will is reshaping your very core. As the light clears, and this new kind of pain fades, You find your little show did not go unnoticed. The clean up droids of the Dark Moon army are now coming for you.
Treasure rolls:
Alathon: 84, 88, 45,
Wolf: 34,90,88
Ataru: 81, 75, 29
Rock: 9,21,51 (95?)
Backup found:
Missions Complete:

OC back ground: Serenities over use of the Sliver Crystal the last thousands years has weakened it. Enough that Wiseman was able to counter and shatter it with the Dark Crystal from the center is Nemeses. Broken and beaten the Queen retreated into her castle leaving her “loyal” senshi to guard it as she sealed her self away in a crystal sleep. To await her king, Problem is there is no sign of said king. With his enemies smashed and victory assured Wiseman left with the Dark Moon family leaving only there droid army to clean up.
Watching all this and waiting for the right moment was the daughter of the queen. Having come into the power of the serenity line long ago she has waited for a chance to break her mother power. She watched as a laughing Wiseman walked past the broken and power less remains of the Sliver crystal, but she knew better. The Crystal never had any power to begin with, it was merely the focus of the serenity line, Drawing its power from the sprit of the queen and her will. In the end, it’s her mother that was truly broken and powerless on the inside.
As she drew close the shards of the crystal faded into motes of light, surging into her one by one. Breaking the magical lock on her age that kept has as a child for over 900 years.
Approaching the last shards of the crystal brought her out into the courtyard of the place, giving her full view of the city. Once towering crystal buildings lay shattered, The Screams of her people could still be heard over the burning fires, The remains of the dark moon army easily spotted dropping more of there mechanical army into her city.
She felt the palace shields snap into place as the senshi poured what was left of there power into protecting the royal family. Usa wondered just how long it would take them to notice it was an empty castle. The princess paused while calling up the remaining shards of the crystal leaving them floating in her field of view with the shattered city as a back drop.
It worked for the first Serenity, It worked for her mother, She may as well make it work for her. With a burst of power she sent the remaining shards of light flying off into the city. To find worthy sprits and save them from that hell.
Who knows, They might make they self’s useful to her later.
Soul of a Senshi: The effects of Dark Lady’s actions are far reaching and long lasting. Your very souls have been reformatted into a Senshi template. Welcome to immortally people, That is if you live long enough.
Game wise you make another sheet for a magical girl +1 level. You can switch to this form at any time, for new skills and a new HP&EP count.
Hell of a power up right? Here’s the down side.
After droping the Senshi state and “powering down” your trapped in a normal female form. With out your Senshi powers or your normal powers. It would be a bad ideas to do this on a battle field.
Time stuck is = to time spent as a Senshi, with a minimal of 12 hours.
So if you are forced to change and are stuck in that form for 2 days, You spend two days in a normal and very killable female human body.
In a fight and only powered up for an hour? You’re still stuck with the 12 hour wait time.
That kinda of magic does not like being shut off, and takes time to bleed for your system.

Rule adjustment for Crystal Tokyo evil.
The BAB system is will be switched out for a Combat Skill Point system.
This has proven useful in two other ongoing games.
Gun bunny, Martial Artist, Samurai get 12 CSP
Giant robot, Hotrod, Magical girl, Mecha pilot, Ninja, Powerranger, Shape changer, get 9 CSP a level.
Adventure, Dynamic Sorcerer, Pokemon, Student, And Genius get 6 CSP
Take max dice on HP and EP rolls,
After the training/vacation part is finished ever one can take gun skill as a class skill, you all so get a free 5
All iteams, weapons, gifts, and awards will be availed when living for the group.
Gun will be restricted to use by the skill points in it wight.
The 5 free is enough to use any handgun found and most shot guns, The repeating plasma blaster would take around 15 and need 14 strgth to use with out problems.
Any thing else you feel should be touched on let me know,
As a side note start looking at the mecha book for besm, Depending on how you end make it out of CT they may be put into action as well.
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Postby Rockman_Zero » Tue Dec 05, 2006 3:50 am

Okay, here's my character's background, and other info.
Name: Ryu Sakamoto
Race: Human
Class: Magical Guy
Level: 1
Hit die: d8
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 16
Occupation: Highschool Student/Part-time Delivery man.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150lb
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Birthday: April 12
Astrological sign: Aries
Blood type: AB
Favorite color: Red
Hobbies: Soccer, Drawing, Reading, watching sentai anime
Favorite food: Beef roast
Least favorite food: Canned asparagus
Favorite subjects: Maths and Art
Least Favorite subject: History
Has trouble with: Girls
Dreams: To become a Famous Architect
School club: Art club

Background History

Ryu Sakumoto's sixteenth birthday. Much like the others it was a fairly pleasant event. His father had gotten him a high-end laptop computer and his two younger sisters, had bought him a video game system... but it was his mother who had surprised him by giving him a strange white pendant. A pendant that had apparently been in her family for many generations.
Aside from the fact that it vaguely looked more like a sort of weird gadget, there really wasn't much to say about it's design. It was a white rectangular stone with one of the lower corners shaved off to form a curve. A six small red stones ran along one side, and a single larger red stone was set just off center. The whole thing was about an inch wide and an inch and a half long.
Beside it looking odd, he rather liked it and took to wearing it every day since. At times it seemed to glow strangely in the light, but he put the thought out of mind as a trick of the imagination.
It was about a few weeks after his sixteenth birthday that Ryu Sakumoto began to become aware of the state of things around him. Everything seemed to follow a set routine, the same pattern would follow with only the slightest deviation every now and then. EveRyune seemed to happy and content with the way their lives were, but it was a shallow and empty happiness that he could see.
For whatever odd reason, there was *something* not quite right about everyone, heck the whole city even. At times he found himself thinking that streets were too clean, that people around him whenever he walked to school were far too happy, but these feelings never lasted long, passing within a few seconds and leaving him somewhat confused by them as a result.
Occasionally, he'd find himself unconsciously looking for something within the eyes of passerbys, and always he'd be disappointed to realize he couldn't find it... even if he himself had no idea what he was looking for.
Time went on, and these occasional 'flashes' as he came to call them began to become more and more frequent. At first the 'flashes' would occur about once a day or so, but over the weeks, their frequency increased until he experienced them at least once an hour or so. Their duration seemed to be somewhat random however, becoming anything between a second to five minutes long whenever they occurred.
At one point he had approached his father about this, but after five minutes it soon became obvious that his father wasn't going to be of much help with this matter. Perhaps it was him... Maybe there was something wrong with him. Things seemed normal enough, but whenever the flashes occurred it almost felt like his sight was unobscured from something and that he could see the world for what it truly was... whatever that might be.
In a way to ease his mind of these occurrences, he applied for and got a job at a local delivery company. His family was fairly well off to begin with, and money had never been a problem in the past, but it was his opinion that perhaps with a change of pace he could put these thoughts aside and distract himself with his new job.
However, this only worked for a time. It wasn't long until he found himself falling into routine again. He had been certain that changing his lifestyle would rid him of this feeling, this emptiness that he sensed in the people, the environment around him.
He soon began to keep an electronic diary of his thoughts on his laptop computer. If he couldn't talk to anyone without being waved off or regarded with misplaced concern, he might as well record his thoughts electronically. This seemed to put him at ease somewhat, and with each new occurrence of these 'flashes', his entries grew more and more.
His hope is that some day he can find out what's happening to him, and possibly do something about it. But as each day goes on, that hope diminishes little by little.
Appearance and Personality
Ryu is a young man that stands at about 5'8' and weighs 150 pounds. He has a wild shock of blonde hair and piercing green eyes. His thin build has made him a promising star in his high school's track team, although his preferences are set on soccer.
He's a fairly mild-mannered normal high school student, and a serious and honest teenager as well as a hard worker who enjoys helping others. He is in his third year of High School, and his hobbies include playing soccer, reading manga (as well as the occasional novel here and there), drawing, and watching classic sentai anime. His greatest future prospect is to one day become a famous architect, which stems from his fascination of the Crystal Palace's architecture. In school he's a member of the art club, and the school's track team.
His family consists of his mother, father and his two younger twin sisters, both age 12.
http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206 ... aber-1.jpg
As a female, most of Ryu's personality remains unchanged. About the only difference that really stands out, is that as a female Ryu seems to be quicker to anger than as a male and also a bit more stubborn. Another difference probably stems from her senshi form, in that she finds herself strangely attracted to fire, and can be known to display pyromaniac tendencies in battle while in senshi-form.
As a normal girl, Ryu (Ryoko) stands at about 5'4" and weighs 125 pounds. Her eyes are still a piercing green, and her hair remains blond in color, however it's not nearly as wild as it is in her male form. Her clothes are the same as her male form, though if she was wearing them as a guy, when she is a girl they become cut and fitted to her build and body shape. Her white t-shirt shrinks a little from the bottom and from the sleeves, and has a more snug fit. The blue jacket remains loose, however it does, as with all her clothes, become better fitted to her body shape. Her pants as with the t-shirt become more snug, but not uncomfortably so, only enough to show the shape of her legs, and her shoes gain a bit of heel, but otherwise remain unchanged.
Her measurements are B-34, W-22, W-33... Needless to say, she cuts a very attractive figure.
As a Senshi, her fuku is relatively standard, except for an untraditional color scheme.
The bodysuit of the fuku is a light canary yellow, instead of the traditional white, and the lapel, gloves, skirt and shoes are all a bright red. The bow is a dusky orange as is the bow on the back of her skirt and the padding that cover the shoulders and elbows of the outfit. The only yellow on the entire fuku is in the center of the bow.
http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206 ... torm-1.jpg
http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206 ... hiForm.jpg
So... Opinions anyone?
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Jasmine "Jazz" Light

Postby Alathon » Tue Dec 05, 2006 10:38 pm

Name: Jasmine "Jazz" Light
Race: Construct
Class: Gun Bunny
Level: 1
Alignment: LG
Age: 900-something (indeterminate due to resets)
Height: 5'1
Weight: ~210 lbs
Apparent age: 18
Measurements: 31-24-33
Jasmine Light, aka Jazz, started her existance as one of Sailor Mercury's advanced weapons projects. In the early years of Serenity's reign, Ami Mizuno held out hope that Crystal Tokyo would one day become a functional society of free-willed beings. Being a rational and realistic person in most respects, Ami understood that with free will would come a return of theft, violence, and crime in general, no matter how society were fashioned. Some people, even if it were a tiny percentage, would turn out bad.. grasping, greedy, uncaring, or even insane and sadistic.
For Crystal Tokyo to remain a utopia, these threats would need to be addressed. However, the old ways of addressing them, humans devoting their lives to upholding the law, simply wouldn't work -- because it would still stick the officers with both extensive exposure to violence and corruption, and the necessity of opposing violence with violence. Crystal Tokyo could do better than this, and Ami knew how: by delegating the unpleasant and corrosive job of police officer to androids designed specifically to meet these challenges.
With technology far beyond that available in the 80s, and occasional infusions of magic when Serenity could be dragged away from her endless balls and parties to give Mercury's "hobby" an extra hand, Ami was able to go far beyond the original 'Robocop' concept she first envisioned. Jasmine was built to function not just as an enforcer, but as a functional member of society. While an artificial womb and ovaries were not part of the design, due mainly to volume limitations, Ami did her best to make Jasmine as lifelike as possible otherwise.
The project code named "Light" lasted for several centuries. But while neither Jasmine nor Sailor Mercury aged, time took it's toll.. on Mercury. Over time, Mercury was forced to accept the state of Crystal Tokyo would remain as it was, because Serenity willed it to be so, and that nothing she could do would change this. Worse, she came to understand that not only was she responsible for it coming to pass, but that with the rest of the world buried and her ties to the Outers long since cut, she couldn't even opt out unless she wanted to spend the rest of eternity making snow angels.
Over these centuries, as Mercury grew increasingly bitter, her focus in the Light project changed. What had started out as her primary weapons program was downgraded to a secondary program.. then a side project.. then put on hold. Eventually, Jasmine became what Serenity always thought she had been: a hobby. Having become increasingly eccentric, Mercury used Jasmine as a test bed for all manner of technological concepts that interested her. At first these systems were merely overpowered relative to Jasmine's purported purpose, but as time passed, they deviated entirely from the concept of "Police Officer", deep into "War Machine" territory.
In one of her increasingly rare moments of decency, Ami Mizuno recognized this. Disgusted with the way she had turned what had once been a high-minded humanitarian project into a personal war-toy, much the way Usagi had turned her vision of a utopian Crystal Tokyo into a soulless dystopia, Ami resolved to do something about it. Not to abandon her experiments, certainly.. by now, they were pretty much the only aspect of her existance which still brought her anything resembling joy. Rather, she resolved to no longer make Jasmine a part of them. She considered a number of ideas as to how to accomplish this, but ultimately settled on the one she found the most amusing: to turn Jasmine into a police officer.
Mercury blocked access to the vast majority of Jasmine's combat capabilities, and placed governors on her physical capabilities to reduce them to near human levels. Some of the most dangerous systems were physically disabled; the lesser ones were merely labeled 'access denied' with complicated overrides. As well, Ami partitioned out nearly all of Jasmine's combat experience memories and combat tactics comprehension. Fabricating old style police gear and uniforms was easy. Mercury finished by applying three hard-and-fast Prime Directives to Jasmine's AI matrix:
1. "Serve the public trust"
2. "Protect the innocent"
3. "Uphold the law"
Jasmine Light was taken out a back door of the palace, told to go be a cop, and Mercury hasn't ordered her to do anything else since. She hasn't needed new orders either; her first set were sufficient. Jasmine set up a police box in a neighborhood picked randomly from those neighborhoods (all of them) without a police presence. While her presence was viewed as somewhat odd at first, the neighborhood accepted her in time. More than five centuries have passed with Jazz stationed in the same police box. In all that time, she has not been witness to a single criminal act. She has, however, spent countless hours visiting schools and running community outreach programs, as well as assisting citizens in rescuing animals from trees.
Jasmine cuts a rather sharp image as a cop. She is shorter than average, with an attractive figure, blond hair worn below her ears, and grey eyes. In point of fact, she looks an awful lot like Nene Romanova from Bubblegum Crisis 2040AD.
Physically, she is graceful, and entirely human in carriage. Socially.... not so much. Jasmine is personable, polite, and generally helpful to anyone who isn't a criminal or evil-doer. What she is not, however, is human. Her AI matrix is highly advanced, but even after hundreds of years of enhancement, followed by hundreds of years of interaction with humanity, certain aspects of her personality remain un-blunted. She tends to be extremely literally minded, and is capable of identifying only the most blatantly obvious sarcasm. She tends to be overly precise in her communication, is given to turns of phrase which are not typically employed in civilian settings, and has great difficulty employing vernacular phrases... sometimes comically so.
Despite these faults, Jasmine possesses an outgoing personality. This is largely a function of her chosen recreational activities over the last several centuries: pubbing and clubbing. Being a construct, Jasmine does not need to sleep, and when she first set herself up as a police officer, she found herself with a significant amount of downtime. After all, officers weren't supposed to be on duty all the time... but she didn't really have anything else to do. She made a few inquiries, and discovered that when humans weren't sleeping at night, they sometimes went to bars or dance clubs. So she did that, and found exactly what she was looking for -- thumping beats and temporary companionship to pass the time until her next shift.
Jasmine loves music in general, but is especially taken by dance-able music with strong, steady beats. Techno, House, and Trance being the dominant examples of this. She isn't immune to the appeal of J-pop however, and is perfectly willing to indulge in songs with sappy lyrics shot full of engrish.
Combat wise, Jasmine is at present limited to her sidearm. She can do some good damage with a burst, is a good shot and not too shabby when it comes to getting out of the way either, but is well within human norms in these respects. Her major advantages come where she deviates from human norm. While Jasmine's artificial frame is not capable of healing, her body includes highly advanced nanotech repair systems which can rebuild it. She does not have many of the weaknesses of living beings such as poisons, sleep, or death, and lacks the weak points a normal living body would possess. Her legs are at present the one part of her which function well above human norm, as her jumping capabilities were unlocked to allow her to rescue cats stuck in trees. Jasmine's major weakness is her vulnerability to electrical attacks, which hurt twice as much as anything else.
Jasmine's Senhi form, as Sailor Blacklight, is physically similar, but becomes dressed in the traditional Senshi schoolgirl outfit. This outfit offers a fair degree of protection; and she is both a good bit tougher and luckier. Becoming Sailor Blacklight also unlocks access to some of her normally barred attack modes, such as the plasma blaster which fires from the palm of her hand. Jasmine is consciously aware that she possesses the capability to carry out such attacks in her normal form, but does not believe she is authorized to use them. As Sailor Blacklight, she obviously has both a higher degree of authority, and with it a matching responsibility.
As Sailor Blacklight, she also gains access to a set of 'magical' Senshi powers.. which come with one rather unfortunate quirk: she doesn't remember the activation words. That is, her memory banks hold no record of them.. even after she's spoken them. Yet when she needs to know them, they're usually there; where this knowledge comes from, she doesn't know. And usually is the key word.. sometimes under stress she is capable of losing touch with whatever it is that grants her this knowledge, and she must take time to remember a given attack phrase before she is capable of using it again.
Jasmine undergoes one more change when becoming Sailor Blacklight: her Directives change.
1. "[classified]”
2. "Serve the public trust"
3. "Protect the innocent"
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Postby Light02 » Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:11 am

Name: Xui-Fei Chaun
Race: Human
Class: Marital Artist Lvl 1
HP: 12
STR: 14 2
DEX: 12 1
CON: 14 2
INT: 16 3
WIS: 12 1
CHA: 12 1
Init: 1
Ref : 2 + 0 = 5
Will : 2 + 1 = 3
Fort : 0 + 1 = 1
Melee: 2 + 2 = 4
Unarmed; 2d4+2
Martial Artist Special Ranged Attack:
Chi Blast; 3d8
defects Short Ranged
Stoppable (9 damage to shoot it down)
Balance: 1 + 2 = 3
Climb: 2 + = 2
Controlled Breathing: 2 + = 2
Craft: 3 + = 3
Escape Artist: 1 + 2 = 3
Jump: 2 + 2 = 4
Knowledge Cultural Arts:3 + 2 = 5
Knowledge Occult: 3 + 2 = 5
Listen: 1 + 2 = 3
Medical: 1 + = 1
Move Silently: 1 + 2 = 3
Preform: 1 + = 1
Pick Pocket: 1 + = 1
Search: 3 + 2 = 5
Sense Motive: 1 + = 1
Speak Languages: 3 + = 3
Spot: 1 + 2 = 3
Tumble: 1 + 2 = 3
Special Ablities/Feats:
Melee Attack
Melee Defence
Special Ranged Attack +1
Unarmed Attack + 2
Unarmed Defense + 2
Massive Damage lvl 1
Combat Martial Arts
Blind Fight
Defects (applied to main pesonal Guy/Girl magnet is also applied to my magical girl side as well)
Guy/Girl Magnet lvl 2
Recuring Nightmares lvl 2
born and raised in crystal tokyo he has the blood of some of the greatest Kung-fu masters of China if he wasn't a mindless zombie thanks to the crystal he would be able to glide across the air, run up walls, be able to leap giant leaps and bounds like he was right out of an old Hong Kong Movie. When he breaks the mind control of the Ginzousou his martial art abities finally kicked in.
Salior Mjollnir
Magical Girl Lvl 1
HP: 10
(same core stats the male form)
Init: 1
Ref: 2 +
Wil: 0 +
For: 0 +
Base Attack:
0 + 2 = 2
Magical Girl Special Attack #1:
Raiken; 3d8
defects Melee
Magical Girl Special Attack #2:
Izuma Kick; 3d8
defects Melee
Balance: 1 + 2 = 3
Jump: 2 + 2 = 4
Knowlege Arcane: 3 + 2 = 5
Knowledge Cultral Arts:3 + 2 = 5
Knowledge Occult: 3 + 2 = 5
Preform: 1 + 2 = 3
Power Usage: _ +
Profession: 3 + = 3
Speak Lanaguages: 3 + 2 = 5
Sports: 2 + 2 = 4
Spot: 1 + 2 = 3
Swim: 2 + = 2
Tumble: 1 + 2 = 3
Special Ablities/Feats:
Ranged Defence
Special Ranged Attack
Trown Weapons
Special Attack lvl 2
Power Attack
At the same time Xui-Fei got embeded with a fragment of the sliver crystal. he has the ablity to transform into the pretty suited salior senshi complete with a gender change of justice Salior Mjollnir. her Fuku is reminisent of the Salior Starlights with green and blue highlights..
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Postby DCG » Fri Dec 15, 2006 10:09 am

Log of Rei's first solo session.
<Ataru> (wolfie's solo?)
<Rei> (Yep)
<TheDM> Session start: You awaken to the screams of the dieing and the one mighty city of Crystal Tokyo burning <TheDM> Session start: You awaken to the screams of the dieing and the one mighty city of Crystal Tokyo burning around you. Bolts of light still fall from the sky as the slaughter continues around you. Strange metal people walk around the ruined city, slaying the living. Where there hands should be are long metal spikes covered in blood, and its easy to see why as bodies line the streets. Your not to sure about your local but you have a bad feeling that the
<TheDM> Scene: You and your sister are stand near by what used to be the block family home was on. The crater and demolished buildings block off one end of the street. There is only one way for you to go.
<Rei> (Cut off at 'that the')
<TheDM> wtf
<TheDM> get a better IRC client!
<TheDM> that the huge impact crater near by was once your home. Your older sister Aoi stands near by in shock unaware of the danger coming down the street.
* Joins: Light02 (WinNT@t3p249.socket.net)
* TheDM sets mode: +v Rei ** Rei shakes his head slowly. "This... what..."
<TheDM> Aoi: ...
* Rei grits his teeth and * Rei grits his teeth and grabs Aoi's hand. "Run!<TheDM> Aoi: ...rei?
<Rei> "Yeah... I'm okay, but... Those things are..."
<TheDM> Aoi: But you.. and our home? Mom! Dad!
<TheDM> Aoi starts to stumble towards the impact crater.
* Rei bites down hard. "Yeah..."
<Rei> "Wait! They're... dammit!"
<TheDM> Screams break out down the block but are quickly silenced
<TheDM> More streams of light break the sky and fall into the city.
* Rei grabs Aoi by the shoulders. "Look... There's nothing we can do. Not a damn thing! But we may be able to get out of here!"
<TheDM> Aoi is still in shock by she does move with you.
* Rei takes her hand and starts to move as fast as possible away from the crater.
<TheDM> The street is covered in rubble, smashed cars, and small fires.
* Rei growls. "This is... this is insane! What's going on?!"
<TheDM> Aoi: rei? Where are we going? I didn't tell mom that we would miss dinner.
<TheDM> She's talking but her eyes are still empty.
<TheDM> Head down the street?
* Rei shuts his eyes for a moment, then opens them again. "We're going... out. It... shouldn't ta* Rei shuts his* Rei continues taking Aoi that way.
<TheDM> The ground shakes as Explosions split the earth and sky. The buildings along the other side of the street look like they may collapse soon.
<TheDM> You soon come to a intersection. The path ahead is impassable but the roads on each side look clear to you.
* Rei shakes his head, glancing madly between the two paths. "Which way... which way?!"
<Rei> "... Screw it!" He picks one at random and keeps himself and Aoi moving.
<Rei> (Left)
<Ataru> (go west, young lad!)
<TheDM> A dead end, The buildings around you are mostly collapsed in on them self’s. Fire is not a problem for now. Panicked yelling can be heard much clearer here.
<Rei> "... Naturally. Just great!" Rei turns around and prepares to move _fast_ in the other way.<R* Rei checks on Aoi as they move.
<TheDM> back to the intersection, Aoi is moving along easier now but she still greatly slows you down.
<TheDM> Aoi: ... Rei?
<Rei> "Yeah?"
* Rei shakes his head. "Are you all right?"
<Yarrow> (For some reason, I'm picturing Ico as Rei runs along, holding Aoi's hand in his...)
<TheDM> Aoi: im sorry rei... There was a sale and the dress matched your hair. I didn't.. I didn't.. do it to be mean..
<Ataru> (heh)
* Rei BLINKS slowly.
<TheDM> Aoi seems to be lost in the past.
<Rei> "It's... fine. Really, you don't need to worry about it."
<Light02> (well at least in this one Ataru won't get all the bishy jokes)
<TheDM> Rei feels a odd pull and feels a sense of danger getting worse.
<TheDM> Something on side of him wants him to move, and move fast.
* Rei jerks around, looking for what the problem is.
<Rei> (Towards it?)
<TheDM> (the pull is wants you to move, the danger sense wants you to move RIGHT THE FUCK NOW)
* Rei grabs Aoi again and moves in the direction of the pull FAST. It's better than any idea he h* Rei grabs Aoi a<TheDM> THat would be down the other road.
* Rei moves that way then.
<TheDM> Aoi is keeping up with rei now so they make time as a group. Clearing the intersection and making it down the street as the sky is once again split by bolts of light.
<Rei> (Which fry the intersection)
<Light02> (scenes of Helion Prime from Chroincals of Ridick much?)
<TheDM> OK good, ill just skip to the dex check then.
<Rei> (Naturally...)
<Rei> roll 1d20+4
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{9}
<TheDM> (really light, there's only so many ways you can nuke a city from orbit.)
<Rei> (...)
<TheDM> (so sorry for now blowing shit up in an orignal way)
<Light02> (lol it's ok dude it struck me like the seige of Helion Prime)
<TheDM> Aoi remains standing as the blast knocks rei to the ground.
* Rei lets her go as soon as that becomes clear rather than drag her down, and lies there for a s* Rei lets her go as soon as that becomes clear rather than<TheDM> Screams from the building next to you can be heard clearly.
* Rei whirls in that direction and just stares, gritting his teeth.
* Rei shakes himself out of it, takes Aoi's hand again, and runs. "Come on..."
<TheDM> A baby can be heard crying, then it just stops mid yell.
* Rei shuts his eyes tightly. "Dammit! Dammit, dammit, dammit!"
<TheDM> As you head down the street you can make out what looks like two people ahead.
* Rei waves his free arm. "Hey! Are you okay!"
<Rei> (Bah, insert a question mark in there)
<TheDM> They stop, but your still far off.
* Rei slows slightly, uncertain, but continues towards them.
<TheDM> (may I sugest you start rolling on some things?)
<Rei> (Yeah... I imagine they ARE droids... What do you need me to roll?)
<TheDM> (seems like a good place for spot, Remember what I said about searching for stuff as well? You passed up a couple things)
<Rei> (Heh. Oh dear. How many search checks should I roll?)
<Yarrow> (Enh. I think running is realistic but searching around isn't.)
<Rei> roll 1d20+5
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{6}
<Rei> (Spot_
<Ataru> (pretend Strat is DMing)
<Rei> (And... Owie)
<Rei> (I'm now certain they're normal people?)
<Yarrow> (Senshi! :) )
<Rei> roll 1d20+1 Search
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 Search --> [ 1d20=6 ]{7}
<TheDM> (dont annoy me with em :P But if you find a place where you think something may be try it. Like that dead end.)
<TheDM> (less d&d more game rpg yarrow, seaching a dead end to find a health kit is a perfectly normaly thing I tell you!)
<Yarrow> (Ohhh, I see. So, it's also appropriate to walk into random houses and open any chests <Yarrow> (Ohhh, I see. <TheDM> And yes, Rei continues on head not noticing anything odd about the people in the shadows he can't clearly see.
<TheDM> (See? yarrow gets it)
<Rei> (A nice roll would be appreciated about now, McDice)
<TheDM> Your far enought away for 2 more tries.
<Light02> (sounds like Wolfie got her dice all cursed)
<Rei> roll 1d20+5 Spot
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+5 Spot --> [ 1d20=10 ]{15}
<Rei> (Please be good enough please be good enough please be good enough...)
<TheDM> As rei gets closes to the couple ahead he notices something is wrong with there arms.
<TheDM> That being there longer then normal and pointed.
<Yarrow> (Those poor people! They need your help, Rei!)
* Rei pauses and stops Aoi, looking about wildly for another way to go. "No..."
<Rei> (Search?)
<Light02> (more like run for the hills Rei this knee deep in droids)
<TheDM> Your on a street and the way behind you got nuked.
<Rei> (... Yay)
<TheDM> Around you the builds are smashed or burning.
<Ataru> (buildings?)
<Ataru> (ouch)
<TheDM> (yes.. *sigh*)
<TheDM> Aoi: Mom.. Dad?
* Rei stops her. "No... It's not them."
<Rei> "They're... back at... home."
<TheDM> They are standing off to the side of the road on your right.
* Rei tries to see if they've seen him and Aoi, or if they're doing anything.
<TheDM> You yelled out remember?
<Rei> (... Owie. Yep)
<Rei> (Doing anything?)
<TheDM> (DM tip, Get moving!)
<TheDM> not yet.
<TheDM> They are standing there waiting to see if the dumass humans run up to them to be killed.
* Rei looks again just to make sure there really isn't another path.
* Rei turns to Aoi. "Okay... sis, we're going to need to _run_. As fast as you can."
* Rei breaks into a jog to stay with Aoi, trying to squeeze through the gap at the left side of t* Rei brea<TheDM> You can hear them break cover and follow you, but you easly out pace them.
<TheDM> Keep running?
* Rei will look back to see if they're still following.
<TheDM> They are
* Rei will look around once more, mainly for other routes, then speed up to keep up the pace.
<Rei> roll 1d20+1 Search
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 Search --> [ 1d20=10 ]{11}
<Ataru> (oh jesus, if these are the rolls wolf is getting, I'm FUCKED)
<Light02> (damn McDice isn't giving Wolf any loving tonight)
<TheDM> No other routes,
<TheDM> your on a street. with one way to go.
* Rei speeds up, then, moving alongside Aoi.
<TheDM> unless you want to trun around and say hello again to the guys behind you.
<Rei> (Nah, I'll save that for later)
<Rei> (Though, with these dice rolls, maybe it'd be gentler...)
<TheDM> You stop dead as you enter the next intersection. The destroyed buildings and fires that seem to be the standard fair are present. Along with a house sized stack of bodies and large pool of blood flowing down the street. Strange metal women can be scene dragging bodies out of the buildings and flinging them into the stack.
<TheDM> Roll will check.
<McDice> TheDM rolled will check. --> error: malformed expression
<Rei> roll 1d20+1 Will Save
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 Will Save --> [ 1d20=2 ]{3}
<Rei> (...)
<Rei> (;_;)
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+10(instanty)
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+10(instanty) --> error: malformed expression
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+10 insane
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+10 insane --> [ 1d20=15 ]{25}
<Rei> (... You cruel, cruel dice...)
<Light02> (>.<
* Rei shakes his head, backing up. "No way... This is..."
<TheDM> Rei falls to his knees as he noticed the slaughter, loosening focus on the world around. He don’t even notice as Aoi breaks from her shock.
<TheDM> With shaking hands she picks up a near by stone, charging the closest metal monster with a screaming charge.
<Rei> (... Any chance I can break out of my own?)
<Ataru> (well, I guess that SO won't be a burden much longer...)
<Ataru> (and I like the sanity checks... reminds me of CoC)
<TheDM> The driod caught totaly unawear gets plowed over by the young girl, its head is soon reduced to scrap. But aoi does not stop and the others have noticed.
<TheDM> Roll a listen check.
<McDice> TheDM rolled a listen check. --> error: malformed expression
<Rei> roll 1d20+1
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{8}
<Rei> (...)
<TheDM> (oy..
<TheDM> (brb,)
<Rei> (Yeah... Need to find something to save me from McDice.)
<TheDM> It's faint, but rei can clearly hear something that don't fit in the current sceen. A phone is ringing off in the distance.
<Rei> (Am I able to break from my insanity now?)
<Light02> (thank you for reaching the goddess relife hotline)
<TheDM> Not yet.
<TheDM> Aoi manges to pull one of the broken driods arms free and uses it to attack another.
<Light02> (oh my god Aoi pulled a Lego Starwars Chewie)
<TheDM> Her screaming of anger are heard as she takes the next driod on.
<TheDM> Roll another will check.
<McDice> TheDM rolled another will check. --> error: malformed expression
<Rei> roll 1d20+1
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{7}
<Rei> (...)
<TheDM> She may just finsh off all the driods while your out of it.
<Light02> (is it bad when the SO does more damage than the main PC)
<Ataru> (LOL)
<Rei> (Yes. Yes it is. The dice of doom...)
<TheDM> ok give me a listen check while aoi is kicking ass
<Rei> roll 1d20+1
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{6}
<Rei> (;_;)
* TheDM smacks head
<Light02> (*does the same thing*)
<Rei> (*just keeps crying*)
<Light02> (it feels like me at a real table top suitation)
<TheDM> Another driod has joined the fight and its turning bad for aoi, bleeding cuts can clearly be sceen on her arms and legs now.
<TheDM> Lets do will again.
<Rei> roll 1d20+1
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{7}
<Rei> (... SCREW YOU)
<Light02> roll 1d20 testing
<McDice> Light02 rolled 1d20 testing --> [ 1d20=10 ]{10}
<TheDM> (alice: oh.. I got to go potty! *hangs up*)
<Rei> (I never thought I'd say this, but... can we use Tarou's dice?)
<TheDM> (same code..)
<Rei> (Probably, but... something is getting 'fun')
<Rei> roll 1d20+1 idly don't hate me
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 idly don't hate me --> [ 1d20=10 ]{11}
<Rei> (... I just used up my best roll, didn't I?)
<TheDM> ok listen check again.
<TheDM> and this is the last time I plot around your rolls
<Rei> roll 1d20+1
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{21}
<Rei> (FINALLY!)
<Light02> (boya
<TheDM> The ringing is coming in very clear, and its so out of place with this sceen that Rei's mind fails defalts and quickly starts to reboot.
<TheDM> *-fails
<Rei> (Yes! The crit covered for the will roll too?)
* Joins: Alathon (~Ala-bot@c-24-16-60-49.hsd1.mn.comcast.net)
<Rei> (Hey Al)
* Rei shakes his head, eyes clearing. "... Aoi! Shit!"
<TheDM> I would say roll int but lets not go there again.
* Rei jerks up to his feet and runs toward the fight, trying to pull her back.
<TheDM> Aoi is pulled away easy enought, but not before she flings her make shift weapon drilling one of the metal ladies in the face.
<Yarrow> (You know, it'd really be hillarious if one of the droids took a swipe at Rei and instakilled him with a crit... :) )
* Quits: Alathon (~Ala-bot@c-24-16-60-49.hsd1.mn.comcast.net ) (Ping timeout )
<Rei> (Crit? She just has to HIT)
<TheDM> (it would happen considering rei's life)
<Ataru> (lol)
<Yarrow> (If it happens, I think PW should play Aoi. She's obviously the hero in this story. :D )
<Ataru> (can we swap out Rei for his sister on the team?)
<Ataru> (fuck, Yarrow beat me -_-)
* Rei won't complain about that, and tries to get as much distance between the metal things as possible. "Come on..."
<Yarrow> (For the last time, keep me outta your sick fantasies.)
<Rei> (;_;)
<Light02> lol
<TheDM> (come on now, you know the rools of rpg npc's. Any ass kicking powers they have are instantly forgotton the moment they join your team)
<Ataru> (don't tempt me Yarrow, I might decide to get graphic :p)
<TheDM> (not here you wont)
<TheDM> Rei can still hear the ringing in the distance.
* Rei moves in that direction, picking up the pace. "You hear that?"
<TheDM> Aoi: Hear what? Damn it rei let me go! We have to stop them!
<TheDM> (hmm, having a minsc mp3 playing now isnt helping, heh)
* Rei nods. "Fair enough, I've snapped then. But... dammit, I _want_ to. We can't do a damn thing except save ourselves."
* Rei snarls to himself.
<Yarrow> (Told you she's the hero. :) )
<TheDM> Aoi: All thoes people.. mom dad?
<TheDM> She's still running along with rei.
* Rei misses a step. "Yeah... It's... DAMMIT!"
<TheDM> Aoi helps rei keep balance as they find them self in another intersection.
<TheDM> Just fire, death, and smashed buildings in this one.
<Rei> roll 1d20+1 Search
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 Search --> [ 1d20=6 ]{7}
* Rei tries to follow the sound of the phone.
<TheDM> That would be a listen check.
<Rei> roll 1d20+1 Listen
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 Listen --> [ 1d20=14 ]{15}
<Rei> (... Has my day finally come?)
<TheDM> You can hear it coming from the down the street on the right.
* Rei turns to the right. "This way!"
<TheDM> Aoi: How can you tell?
<TheDM> Aoi will follow along
<Rei> "... Because its as good a guess as any? I still hear that phone, but... Well, if I'm going nuts at least we have some direction in mind."
<TheDM> This leads into an older part of town, more of the same can be sceen as you run down the street, Smashed buildings, fires, and more dead people.
<TheDM> But a crystal building stands out at the end of the road, It's damaged but nothing short of a derect hit would knock it down.
<TheDM> Rei hears the ringing echoing out from inside.
<Rei> "There! We might be able to hold a safe point in there, even if I'm hearing nothing."
<TheDM> (save point? hmmmm)
<Rei> (Safe point, ie somewhere to hold the fort against droids)
<Yarrow> (A save point would be more useful.)
<Rei> (With my rolls?)
<Rei> (Hells yeah)
<Yarrow> (With your luck, you'd save right as 100 droids surround the place.)
<Light02> (and seems like your near the center of town)
* Rei rushes in and tries to find something to barricade the door.
<TheDM> As you near the building a sign saying Crystal Tokyo public work is easily seen
<TheDM> The doors work just fine and will shut behind you.
<Rei> (Ah, sliding doors then?)
<TheDM> (yes)
<TheDM> (There are no locked doors in crystal tokyo. As far as you know that is
<Ataru> (well ain't that a bitch)
* Rei exhales deeply, and moves deeper into the building, now at somewhat less than an all-out run.
<TheDM> The building is stangly empty and clean.
<TheDM> No bodies, no fires, nothing that gives a sign that it's ever been used really.
* Rei frowns. "This place is... wierd. And who's supposed to be calling at a time like this?"
<TheDM> Aoi: Rei.. Why are here? Where is every body? And why are you in thoes pants again when I layed out a perfectly fine dress for you this morning?
<TheDM> And yes, she is serious as she says this.
<Yarrow> (Yeah, Rei--what's your problem?!)
* Rei blinks, and decides to focus on the one he actually has an answer to. "I prefer these. I AM a guy, remember?"
<TheDM> (told you I would mold her after Shion)
<TheDM> Aoi: ... Oh right! *she thoughtfull for a moment but quickly forgets the topic, and rei's answer*
* Rei looks around for the phone.
<TheDM> Its a phone, its ringing, HINT HINT FUCKING HINT>
<Rei> (I see it now, then?)
<TheDM> no
<TheDM> You see empty office space, and oddly clean rooms.
<Rei> "Hey, Aoi... You see a phone anywhere around here?"
<TheDM> Most of the rooms are even unfinshed with bare crystal walls and floors.
<TheDM> Aoi: A phone? Look around there isnt a damn thing in this place.
<TheDM> (hmm I should stop swearing, as none of them would know thoes words.)
<Rei> (Hm, point, I should chop that back a bit more myself...)
<Rei> (Listen to see if it's coming from elsewhere in the building?)
<TheDM> duh?
<Rei> roll 1d20+1
<McDice> Rei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{4}
<Rei> (;_;)
<Yarrow> (Oh, come on... You shouldn't need a roll to find out where a ringing phone is.)
* Rei goes down the hall, following the sound.
<TheDM> (true, I kinda expected him to roll when first getting into the building, my bad)
<Light02> (oh boy)
<TheDM> Following the hall leads to the first locked door you have ever seen in your life.
<TheDM> There are 3 doors around you, the locked on the left, a wooden door ahead, and a crystal door on your right.
<Rei> (Which one's the phone coming from?)
<TheDM> The door is locked with some kinda of hand shaped device.
<TheDM> (the locked of corse.)
<Rei> (Naturally)
* Rei tries to open it, and _stares_ when it doesn't. "Hey, you think the door's stuck?"
<TheDM> You hear the ringing coming from the left, and it seems down.
<TheDM> Aoi: Whats this wierd thing?
<TheDM> She is fiddling with a blakn screen that has a hand shape on it.
* Rei pokes it. "I... have no idea. You think it wants us to put our hands on that print?"
* Rei tries doing so.
<TheDM> A buzz is heard and the sceen flashs red.
<TheDM> the door is still locked.
<Light02> (invalid user)
<TheDM> The part of Rei will now be played by a quest star.
<TheDM> Err Aoi that is.
<TheDM> Rei's on his own.
* Yarrow is now known as Aoi
<TheDM> Your still standing at the end of the hall srounded by doors.
* Aoi fidgets and looks around.
<TheDM> Your hand pressing has failed at opening the door to the basment.
<TheDM> Rei can still clearly hear the ringing.
* Rei sighs. "Do you have any ideas?"
<Aoi> "Let's try the other doors."
* Aoi licks a cut on her hand.
* Rei nods. "Yeah... even if they don't lead anywhere for this ringing, it's still..."
* Aoi smooths down Rei's hair with her spit-wetted but now nonbloody hand.
* Rei blinks and looks at her, then turns to try the wood door.
* Aoi tries her hand on the device while Rei's out of the way.
<TheDM> It easly opens. The insides are bare expect for a large sink in the back and large pipes the run along rhe walls, and into a large steal box.
<Light02> (...)
<TheDM> The sceen flash red as aoi presses her hand to it. The door remains locked.
* Aoi pouts.
<TheDM> *large steal box on the wall
* Rei sighs and turns back. "Well, it was worth a try. What about this last one?"
<TheDM> The crystal door with slide open easly.
* Aoi stands behind Rei and peers around his shoulder.
<TheDM> The room looks like an unfinshed office. The far wall is bare and you can see the city burning in the background.
<TheDM> It has nice soft carpet tho.
* Aoi looks at the floor of the closet.
<TheDM> The floor of the cloest is crystal as well, But its to think to make out anything under it.
<TheDM> Pipes can been sceen running right into the crystal. You asume they come out the other end.
* Rei heads back into the closet to check out the steel box.
<TheDM> It's a 3x5 metal box about head's hight on the wall.
<TheDM> There is a latch for easy opening.
* Rei opens it and takes a look inside.
* Aoi chirps from about 1/2" from Rei's ear, "What is it?"
<TheDM> Rows and rows of unmarked black switchs great you. To very large red ones are at the top of each row.
* Rei jumps, and probably smacks his head on something.
<TheDM> There is nothing to smack your head on.
<TheDM> this time.
<Rei> (I'm multitalented)
* Rei rubs his abused skull. "I dunno... Maybe a power control thing?"
<Aoi> "Ooh... I wonder if the door will unlock if you turn off the power."
<TheDM> (hmm, I wonder.)
* Aoi frowns.
<Aoi> "No... that's be really stupid."
<Aoi> (that'd)
* TheDM cries
* Rei shrugs. "It would, but... the world's being nasty so far, so maybe it'll be nice now?"
<Aoi> (Aw, come on. Who sets up a locked door where you can throw a switch in the closet next to it to unlock it? :) )
* Rei tries a switch or two at random.
<Light02> (the senshi Yarrow)
<Rei> (A DM who doesn't trust his players to get decent rolls)
* Aoi shrugs.
<Light02> (I mean come on we are in the city ran by the Odango Atma)
<Aoi> "Well, it's not like we have anything better to try."
<Rei> "Yeah... About the only other options are to sit here or..."
* Rei tries the door once the switches are thrown, slowly working his way through the set.
<Aoi> "I hope you don't turn off the phone..."
<TheDM> The switchs click off with loud snaps, the first one has no effect but the secound kills the light at the other end of the hall
* Rei turns the second back, and the first just in case it was something important.
* Aoi goes and stands by the locked door.
<TheDM> The big red switchs are just sitting there. Calling you.. Turn me off turn me off.
* Rei moves onto the next switch. "Come on, be nice. One favour." And continues on like this.
<TheDM> Lights down the hall turn off room by room.
* Rei switches the lights back on as their switches are discovered, and keeps working through the switches. "Any luck yet?"
<Aoi> "I don't think you should be flashing the lights, Rei..."
<TheDM> Sooner rather then later the hall ways they are standing in goes dark.
<TheDM> expect for the glow of the odd pannel near the door.
<Rei> "... Everything ELSE works. Suppose it was most likely..."
<Aoi> "Reeeiiiiii.... I really don't think you should make the building's lights blink on and off."
* Aoi sounds a bit nervous.
<TheDM> the Hall lights come back on, but the door is still locked.
<TheDM> Rei can still hear the odd ringing coming from below them.
* Rei nods. "You're probably right. I guess this particular path didn't work..."
<Light02> (my DM sense is tingling)
<TheDM> (shall we waste more time? Heh)
<Aoi> "Did you try the red ones?"
<Rei> (Thought I tried them first, actually...)
<TheDM> (err huh?)
<Rei> (The very large red switches at the top of each row)
<TheDM> (yes, sorry I didn't thinkyou hit them with, * Rei tries a switch or two at random.)
<Aoi> (You said a switch or two at random, so far as I saw)
<Rei> (Heh, oops. Ah well, no need for retcon)
* Rei smacks his forehead and tries those ones. "I can't _believe_ I ignored the most obvious ones..."
<Rei> (_Meant_ to try the red ones first, but 'oops')
<Light02> (goes into Xu-Fei's sifu mode, "Stupid Pupil")
<TheDM> As rei pulls down the first switch all the buildings lights switch to a dark red glow and a female voice is heard from an unseen speaker system.
<Rei> (I'm your pupil in the art of stupid?)
<Rei> "Is that... good? Or very, very bad?"
<TheDM> Safety 1 disengaged
<TheDM> Voice: Safety 1 disengaged
<Aoi> (Voice: "No. The second switch.")
<TheDM> Do you pause or flip the other switch?
* Aoi tries the locked door.
* Rei will flip the other one.
<TheDM> said locked door is still locked, but the screen is now the same red as all the lights.
<TheDM> Voice: Safety 2 disengaged
<Rei> "Try the door now."
* Aoi tries it again.
<TheDM> The hall way goes dark as rei trips the last breaker.
<TheDM> Voice: Warning, Power relay station 08 is now off line. Back up power is now coming online.
* Aoi quickly tries the door before backup power comes on.
<TheDM> Only some of the lights return, and they glow a light blue giving your a small amount of light.
* Rei steps back out of the closet and takes a look at the locked door.
<TheDM> The door easly slides to the side when forced, the hand pad remains dead.
<Aoi> "It's open!"
* Rei joins in forcing the door open.
<TheDM> A dimly lit stairway heads down into a dark hall way.
<Rei> "Yeah... This looks better."
<Aoi> "Wait. Did the phone stop?"
<Rei> (Did it?)
<TheDM> Rei can still hear it.
* Rei shakes his head. "It's still going..."
<Aoi> "Good. ... You go first."
* Rei reaches for Aoi's hand, and slowly makes his way down the stairs.
* Aoi squeezes Rei's hand.
<Aoi> "You're so brave--it's just like having a brother!"
<TheDM> (lol)
<Light02> (*wince* ouch)
<TheDM> The hall ways ends in a pair of large crystal doors, there is no sign of a lock of any kind.
* Rei squeezes back, then almost facevaults the rest of the way down the stairs. "I'm... pretty sure I am one. And you're the gutsiest big sister I ever could've asked for."
<Aoi> (Afk a minute to take out my contact lenses)
<TheDM> (you going to open thoes doors or what?)
<TheDM> (oh)
<Rei> (Huh, I missed that line. Apparently it posted just as I put my own one in. I'll wait for the conversation to go on first, though)
<Aoi> (Back)
<TheDM> The door is still at the end of the dark hallway, it hasnt moved.
<TheDM> all tho it may .
* Aoi doesn't say anything more.
* Rei will, once they get to the end of the hallway, squeeze Aoi's hand again and then let go, putting his attention to the door.
* Rei makes a try at prying it open, assuming it doesn't open on its own.
* Aoi quietly comes up behind Rei and chirps 1/2" from his ear, "What do you think?"
* Rei jumps again, but manages not to smack himself on anything this time.
<TheDM> But falls past the easyly opened doors and into the room past them.
<Rei> "Dunno. It looks like a normal door, so we should be able to pry it open. Unless you've got any thoughts?"
* Rei supposes that 'him lying sprawled out with the objective achieved' counts as a thought.
<TheDM> The room is very well lit, A huge sceen takes up most of the back wall. It show a real time read out of the city.
* Rei stands up and looks around.
* Aoi walks in and looks around.
<Aoi> (What's our family name, btw?)
<TheDM> aside from the very important looking sceen and computuers in the room there is a dusty door along he side wall.
<Rei> (Arashino)
<Rei> (And the phone's coming from the dusty door?)
<TheDM> Correct.
* TheDM Gendo pose ++
<Light02> (Light Haruhi kick's DM for the Gendo pose)
* Aoi gives Rei a little shove towards the door.
<Aoi> "Go on..."
* Rei spares the computers a glance, but... they came all the way here for the phone call, so he goes for the dusty door.
<Rei> "Yeah. I think it's in here... I _hope_ it's in here, because I've never even imagined going to this much trouble to catch a phone call..."
<TheDM> It opens to a room that shouldnt be in a building like this. Old wooden panneling along the walls, and a fades wood floor.
* Aoi shivers.
<TheDM> There is a single wooden table in the back with a old black phone sitting on it.
<Aoi> "I just hope it's something that helps us..."
<TheDM> Aoi can now see it shake when ringing, but can't not hear the ring itself.
* Rei pauses to stare at the room, and hug Aoi. "So do I... We NEED help."
<Light02> (Operator we need an exit)
<TheDM> (tank here.)
<Rei> (Tank?)
<TheDM> (nm)
* Aoi hugs Rei and says, "Answer the phone, idiot."
* Rei chuckles. "An excellent point."
* Rei turns back to the phone and steps over to it, raising the reciever to his ear. "... Hello?"
<TheDM> (no lets drag it out longer! longer I say!)
<TheDM> Alice: *snore*
<TheDM> Rei hears a light snoring from over the line.
<Rei> "Uh... hello?"
<TheDM> Still going.
<TheDM> (poor girl feel asleep with her head set on)
<Rei> "..."
* Aoi listens over Rei's shoulder.
<Aoi> "I don't hear anything..."
<Aoi> "HELLO?!"
<TheDM> Alice: Wahhh!
* Rei takes in a deep breath, and... winces in pain as Aoi beats him to the punch.
<TheDM> Rei can hear a crash and yell over the line
<TheDM> Alice: Huh? Hello? Hello?
* Rei winces in sympathy pain as well as his own. "Uh, hi?"
<TheDM> Alice: Oh.. my... father! ohwowohwowohwowohwowohwowohwow!!
<Aoi> (Does Aoi hear anything?)
<TheDM> (no sorry :(
* Rei BLINKS. "... Father?"
<TheDM> Alice; Wahhh! You dont need to yell!
* Rei winces. "It's okay Aoi, she's... here."
* Aoi quickly looks around.
<Aoi> "What? Father's here?"
* Rei winces. "No... she said 'Oh my father' or... something?"
<TheDM> Alice: I can't belive it! It's been over 500 years whats going on down there!
* Aoi sniffs and looks sad.
<Aoi> "Who's she? I don't hear anything..."
<TheDM> Alice: I got to tell some one... Wiat no ones here they left me alone 200 years ago! ahh no!
<TheDM> Alice is rambling right now.
<Rei> "Uh... I'm not entirely sure who she is... Dunno, I can hear her just fine. Though, much more yelling and I might not be able to."
<Rei> "You okay, miss? Why'd you call?"
<Light02> (ques rimshot)
<TheDM> Alice: Wiat? my lines! crap I forgot what I was suposed to say.
<TheDM> Alice: oh right I painted it on the wall last week!
<Aoi> "What's she saying?"
* Rei would sweatdrop if he were an anime character. "She's... saying something about having forgotten her lines?"
* Aoi looks like she's sad and tired and starting to feel the cuts and bruises she got earlier.
<TheDM> Alice: I am Neo-Valkyrie Rank 3 Class 3 stationed at the emergency earth assistance line. My names Alice.
<Rei> "Uh... hi? I'm Rei Arashino, though I can't really claim to have any titles like that..."
<TheDM> "Hi reichan! Im glad some one heard the ringign. So what can I help you with?
<Aoi> ("Why did you give your name backwards, Rei?" :p )
<Rei> (Convenience :P )
* Aoi slowly walks around the room.
<Rei> "Well... though normally I'd be curious about someone calling me and asking what they can help with, right now I think I'll just say... 'surviving'?"
<TheDM> Alice: Surviving? Are you injured? Whats going on down there?"
<TheDM> Alice: Where is that log file... Holy @*#&@&!(@*#& @&#*@ (@!*! !!
* Rei shakes his head. "I don't know! I'm fine, but Aoi's a bit hurt and everyone... everything..."
<TheDM> Alice; Im not trained for this? What do I do?
<Aoi> "What's she saying?"
<Rei> "Panicking."
<Rei> "Which, on the whole, isn't a bad idea."
* Aoi goes over to the phone, takes a deep breath, but at the last moment moves it away from Rei's ear a bit before loudly commanding, "STOP PANICKING!"
niffs and looks sad.
[23:50] <Aoi> "Who's she? I don't hear anything..."
1[23:50] <TheDM> Alice: I got to tell some one... Wiat no ones here they left me alone 200 years ago! ahh no!
1[23:51] <TheDM> Alice is rambling right now.
[23:51] <Rei> "Uh... I'm not entirely sure who she is... Dunno, I can hear her just fine. Though, much more yelling and I might not be able to."
[23:51] <Rei> "You okay, miss? Why'd you call?"
[23:51] <Light02> (ques rimshot)
1[23:52] <TheDM> Alice: Wiat? my lines! crap I forgot what I was suposed to say.
1[23:52] <TheDM> Alice: oh right I painted it on the wall last week!
[23:52] <Aoi> "What's she saying?"
6[23:53] * Rei would sweatdrop if he were an anime character. "She's... saying something about having forgotten her lines?"
6[23:53] * Aoi looks like she's sad and tired and starting to feel the cuts and bruises she got earlier.
1[23:54] <TheDM> Alice: I am Neo-Valkyrie Rank 3 Class 3 stationed at the emergency earth assistance line. My names Alice.
[23:54] <Rei> "Uh... hi? I'm Rei Arashino, though I can't really claim to have any titles like that..."
1[23:55] <TheDM> "Hi reichan! Im glad some one heard the ringign. So what can I help you with?
[23:55] <Aoi> ("Why did you give your name backwards, Rei?" :p )
[23:55] <Rei> (Convenience :P )
6[23:56] * Aoi slowly walks around the room.
[23:56] <Rei> "Well... though normally I'd be curious about someone calling me and asking what they can help with, right now I think I'll just say... 'surviving'?"
1[23:57] <TheDM> Alice: Surviving? Are you injured? Whats going on down there?"
1[23:57] <TheDM> Alice: Where is that log file... Holy @*#&@&!(@*#& @&#*@ (@!*! !!
6[23:57] * Rei shakes his head. "I don't know! I'm fine, but Aoi's a bit hurt and everyone... everything..."
1[23:58] <TheDM> Alice; Im not trained for this? What do I do?
[23:58] <Aoi> "What's she saying?"
[23:59] <Rei> "Panicking."
[23:59] <Rei> "Which, on the whole, isn't a bad idea."
6[23:59] * Aoi goes over to the phone, takes a deep breath, but at the last moment moves it away from Rei's ear a bit before loudly commanding, "STOP PANICKING!"
Session Time: Fri Dec 15 00:00:00 2006
* Aoi puts the phone back by Rei's ear.
* Rei takes the phone back. "Thanks for giving me some distance."
<TheDM> Alice: Oh no.. look at the read out! At this rate... Wahhh! Stop that!
<TheDM> Alice: Wait, I made connection with a mortal! I got a job to do.
<Aoi> "Why can't I hear her?"
* Rei shrugs. "Uh, do you know why only I can hear you?"
<Light02> (gah what a scatter brain)
<Aoi> (Which one of us? :) )
<TheDM> Alice: Thank you for calling the emergency earth assistance help line. Some one will be there soon.
<TheDM> Alice says before the line goes dead.
<Rei> "... Be there soon? Hey!"
* Rei just takes the reciever from his ear and stares at it.
<Rei> "She hung up on me. What NOW?"
* Aoi sits down with her back against a wall.
<Aoi> "I'm tired..."
<TheDM> It's dim at first, but even Aoi can see the reciever starting to glow a white light.
<TheDM> And getting brighter fast.
<Aoi> "Look out!"
<TheDM> does rei look out or stand there like alump?
* Rei freezes, torn between throwing the reciever away and ducking for cover, or holding on.
* Aoi lunges forward and tackles her little sister before the phone blows.
<TheDM> The light is starting to become blinding and the reciever is starting to crack.
* Rei lets GO of the reciever at this point.
<TheDM> And with good timeing Aoi saves her little sister, as the hit the ground the room is flooded with light.
<TheDM> *they.
<Aoi> (Hmph. Aoi's going to be getting more xp than Rei this session. :p )
<Rei> (Heh)
<Ataru> (little sister?)
* Aoi says something into the floor.
<TheDM> Alice: : Neo-Valkyrie Alice is here and ready for action!... err hello?
* Rei lifts Aoi a bit. "You okay, sis?"
<TheDM> The floating girl just now notices the kinda of room they are in.
* Rei ignores his own bruised bones for the moment.
<Aoi> "Yeah. I feel better, actually. How are you... and who are *you*?"
* Aoi says the last to Alice.
<TheDM> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v112/ ... 1166142210 for the people at home.
<Aoi> (Can I hear her now?)
<Rei> (Or see her?)
<TheDM> hmm.. Ok yes. Aoi falled her insanity roll hard enought back there.
<Rei> "I'm okay. And... hi, Alice?"
<TheDM> She can see, hear, and treat alice like a normal person.
<Aoi> "Oh, wow..."
<TheDM> Or corse no one else but them can see her.
* Aoi looks between Alice and Rei.
<Aoi> "You should wear your hair like that, Rei."
* Rei pats his hair. "Hey, straight and neat is fine for me."
<TheDM> (he will! or rather she will later)
* Aoi stands up.
<Aoi> "I'm Aoi and this is Rei. We're the Arashino sisters."
<TheDM> Alice flots over and gives a bow before repeating what she told rei over the phone.
* Rei glances at Aoi. "Sister and brother. ... Remember?"
<Rei> (Which one? Her title?)
<Aoi> "Oh... right..."
<TheDM> Alice: I am Neo-Valkyrie Rank 3 Class 3, Names alice!
<Rei> "Yeah... hi?"
<TheDM> yes she is packing that gun, and yes it would be bad to stand in front of it.
* Aoi glances sideways at Rei and gives a little tilt of her head, as if to tell Alice to just humor Rei.
<Rei> (That's not a gun, it's a BOW! Heh)
<TheDM> (shaped like one isnt it)
<Rei> (Yep. A big one)
<TheDM> Alice smiles at Aoi, and turn to rei, "Well im here... umm.. What now?"
<TheDM> Alice; This is my first time on a call.
* Rei blinks. "I was... kind of hoping you'd tell us that."
<TheDM> alice frowns, "The master log was being classifed as I was downloading it."
* Aoi nods sagely then says, "Huh?"
<Rei> "And... what does that mean?"
<TheDM> Alice: I only got a bit about the city being attacked, and midguard being freed from the controll spellon it
<Rei> "... Control spell?"
<TheDM> Alice: Master log? Oh thats the main file thats been monitering the city.
<Aoi> "A guard with a spell on it?"
<Rei> "... Midgard? As in the really ancient Norse mythology?"
<TheDM> alice blinks at the pair
<Rei> (Whoo! Points for being a history geek!)
<TheDM> Alice: Did that horride spell set humans back so far?
<Light02> (or points for noticed that Norse references in Ah My Goddess)
<TheDM> Alice: Umm.. no idea! I just not this relm is called midguard in a lot of files.
<Rei> "I have a vague feeling of being insulted."
<TheDM> Alice: Well thats good! Your minds working right again.
* Rei shrugs. "It doesn't really matter, though... Control spell?"
<Aoi> (*pouts as she decides that Aoi's too nice to comment about the insulted line. :) )
<TheDM> ALice: But did something happen to your body.. Im getting wierd readings from you.
<Rei> (OOC is fine :P )
<Rei> "Uh... wierd? As in what?"
<Aoi> (Nah. That gets annoying quickly. :) )
* Aoi cautiously pokes Rei's side.
<TheDM> Alice: Oh right, If your under the spell you wouldnt know about it! Duh. Whats left of humanity, basical this city, has been under a very strong controll spell for the last 1000 years!
* Rei leans over to let her whisper into his ear, hoping she doesn't yell into it instead.
<TheDM> alice: It's been a real pain in the ass for both demons and gods from what I hear.
<Aoi> "She feels normal to me."
<Rei> "... Demons and gods? And... what's this control spell... do...?"
* Rei trails off as he puts two and two together.
<TheDM> alice pulls out an oddd head set and puts on scaning Rei with it.
* Rei comes up with Pi plus the square root of one half, but has a workable solution.
<TheDM> Alice; Hmm, very odd.. *she looks over to aoi* You said sister right? Well a sex change may have cased this...
* Rei sighs. "I've never been female."
* Aoi stares at Rei.
<Aoi> "You mean she's a boy now?!?"
<TheDM> Alice; Ya! How wierd right? Well if he says thats normal
* Aoi starts to check but decides that'd be getting a bit too personal.
<TheDM> Alice digs a bit deeper..
* Rei never realizes just how close he was to losing something that could never be regained.
<TheDM> "Alice: Oh I ee the problem. Your not human any more.
<Rei> "... WHAT?!"
<TheDM> alice pouts as she floats back some,"No need to yell at me"
<Aoi> (It must be a family thing. :) )
* Rei sighs. "Sorry..."
<TheDM> (how do we work in the mimic stuff any way?)
<Rei> "I'm just... confused, here."
<Rei> (Hm... 'Save our souls!' 'I can't. But... I think you can', lead up to discussion?)
<TheDM> Alice moves her hands around in the air before a sceen pops up in front of her, She spins it around to show the two..err girls? "See it says right here."
* Rei tries to read said screen.
<TheDM> The sceen is full of junk you can't understand. But a red part stick out listed as classifed.
<TheDM> Alice is tapping her finger by it.
<Rei> (Is it in a comprehensible language?)
<TheDM> (not yet)
<Rei> "... From your body language, that red thing means something. But I can't read a word of it."
<TheDM> Oddly enought in her twisted state of mind Aoi can read it clearly.
<TheDM> And understands most of it.
<Aoi> "Oh, wow..."
<Rei> "'Wow'?"
<Aoi> "Yeah. Look at that."
<TheDM> It shows Aoi a listing of powers, health, general fait, and her 3 sizes.
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<TheDM> The last 3 or current male size tho
<Rei> "I'm... looking at it. You can read it?"
<Ataru> (B-W-H?)
* Aoi asks excitedly, "What about me?"
* Avatar_of_Chaos is now known as Light02
<TheDM> Alices flips her visor back down and gives Aoi a once over.
<TheDM> It gives the same information as it did for Rei, but her spit is listed as human, just damaged.
* Aoi sulks.
<Aoi> "No fair..."
<Rei> "Uh... Aoi? Alice? What did it say about me? What did it say about you?"
<TheDM> Her powers list is all strange jumble of question marks.
<Aoi> (Does it look like there are any powers for Aoi?)
<Aoi> "You got cool stuff..."
<TheDM> Alice: Oh its just your standered information for a data file. Basic levels of power, gifts, sizes, your fait, ya know that kinda junk. All tho yours is wierd in places.
<Ataru> (good night)
<Rei> "Uh... Could someone translate it for me?"
<Aoi> (Night.)
<Rei> (Night)
<TheDM> alice blinks and looks over the file. "Ya that is neat.. But why is body, and power listed pending?"
<TheDM> (go with your soul idea wolf, shoudl work)
<Rei> (On who, Aoi or me?)
<Rei> (We'd have to work back around to that one... I'll do so, though)
<TheDM> (she can't help aoi)
<Rei> (Nah, I was talking about the 'pending' remark)
<TheDM> (oh, yur pending, as in the mimic stuff isnt imputed yet.)
* Rei shrugs. "I couldn't tell you, though I'm still not quite clear on what you mean about me not being human..."
<Rei> "But... uh, the rest of this aside... What exactly are you here to do?"
<TheDM> alice points out something on Aoi's file,"See here? It shows human, Your's is marked classifed, they dont do that for people"
<TheDM> alice ponders for a moment as she floats there looking cute.
<Rei> "I'll take your word for it... And while I'm really curious on one end about my 'fate' and all that, I think I'll stay somewhat saner if I leave it be."
<TheDM> Alice: I really have no idea. I was created to watch over the earth line, but they never told me what to do if some one needed help!
<Aoi> "Uh, help us?"
<Rei> "Yeah... we could definitely do with some help."
<Aoi> (That was a suggestion)
<TheDM> Alice; Ok I can do that!
* Aoi says quietly, "And maybe our parents if you can find them..."
<Rei> "Though... best idea I've got involves that very intimidating gun of yours and all those _stupid_ things outside..."
* Rei quietly wraps an arm around Aoi's shoulders.
<Rei> (Poor guy... caught without any swear words in a situation like THIS)
<TheDM> The sceen fades away as she draws her gun, "I can do that no problem!" The gun jerks and a bolt of light flys out passing right throught Rei and Aoi.
* Rei just freezes. "I... surrender?"
<TheDM> Alice: Oh my father imsorryimsorryimosrry!
* Aoi stares down at herself.
<TheDM> No damage.
<TheDM> Your cloths are even fades
* Rei looks down just to make sure he didn't take any _too_ nasty wounds...
<TheDM> *faded
<TheDM> Alice; Hey wait! Why dont you have big holes in your body!
<TheDM> she starts to fiddle with her gun.
<Rei> "... I feel a general sense of dread."
<TheDM> Alice: I know the setting is right..
* Aoi stares at Alice.
<Rei> "And really, I have no complaints about not having holes! None at all!"
<Aoi> "Don't put holes in us!"
<TheDM> More shots ring out passing harmless into the walls, floor, and roof
* Aoi stomps over to Alice.
<Aoi> "STOP THAT!"
<TheDM> Alice is starting to panic now, "Wahhh I don't know whats going on."
<TheDM> She jumps back and up from Aoi, ending up with her head in the cealing.
* Rei follows Aoi. "You know, at this point I think we'll all be safer if you put the gun down..."
<TheDM> she slowly brings her hand up and that passes into it as well.
<TheDM> Alice: Oh no! I screwed up again!
<TheDM> Alice flys around the room trying to grab things and hit walls to no effect.
* Rei leans over to Aoi. "Are you getting the feeling that we won't last through too many more screwups?"
* Aoi takes Rei's hand and walks out of the room.
<TheDM> Alice: Wahhh! Dont leave me alone please!
<TheDM> Alices glomp of Aoi and rei does work they hey a scared winged girl hanging onto them now.
<Rei> "... Uh, are you calm now?"
<Rei> "How exactly did you screw up?"
<TheDM> Alice; I can feel you but nothing else...
* Aoi squeals.
<Aoi> "Well, stop feeling me there!"
<TheDM> she pulls down her visor again and blushs as she quickly removes her hand from aoi.
<TheDM> Alice: Im on midguard, but I dont have any acesses to it! I can't do anything!
<TheDM> Alice: Some help I am...
<Aoi> "Don't you have a boss or something you can call?"
<TheDM> she is pouting cutly.
<Rei> "It's... okay. We're... really no worse off than we started."
<TheDM> Alice; I been alone for 200 years now.. I was scared they would forget about me and delete the office some day.
<TheDM> (hmm, how to move this along)
<Rei> "'Delete'? 'Access'? That sounds rather 'computer'-ey."
* Aoi frowns.
<Aoi> "So, can you help us or not?"
<TheDM> Alice notices the big sceen taking up most of the room they moved into. She flys over it and trys to use the system but her hands just pass by effecting nothing.
<TheDM> Alice: Ill do what ever it takes for as long as it takes to help! I swear this!
<TheDM> A low beep bell can be heard ringing from all around you.
<Aoi> "Well, you can touch us even if you can't touch anything else..."
<TheDM> Alice: .... oops. Didn't think that system still worked.
<Rei> "... System? What happened?"
<TheDM> alice blushs as she tried to think of an answer.
<TheDM> Alice: Umm.. nothing?
* Rei scratches his head. "You know... I'd really like to take that at face value, but I'm not exactly in a position to."
<TheDM> Alice; This sucks hellfire. My body just don't work here.
<Rei> "Your body? That's the problem?"
<Rei> "Is there anything you can do through us?"
<Rei> "Even a walkthrough on this thing will be more than we have now."
<TheDM> Alice: Through you? err I duno.. Mixing files like that safe? All tho your does have that wierd stuff in it.
<TheDM> Alice: This thing seems to be a controll for the citys systems. but I can't use it..
<Rei> "You know, this talk on files is really more your bag than mine, so I can't comment on that. But... there should be _something_ we can do, even if you just give us directions and tell us which button to push."
<Aoi> "How about taking us back to wherever you came from?"
<TheDM> (you come up with an idea and hten move away from it, good going!)
<TheDM> Alice: If you dont understand anything about files then teaching you this will take weeks. *she pouts again*
<Aoi> (Don't blame him. He doesn't have any idea what he's talking about. :) )
<Rei> (Heh, I'll leave it to her to follow the idea to conclusion. _Rei_ has no idea he's a medium)
<TheDM> Alice: umm.. Where I come from. *she frowns* Ever one ends up there at some time right? No rush.
<Rei> "Ugh... Don't suppose, since this is all computer talk anyway, you can just 'download' it into my head?"
<TheDM> Alice: I suppose.. Thats how I was trained after all.
<TheDM> Alice; Ok who first?
* Rei shrugs. "I'll go."
* Aoi bites her lip.
<TheDM> Alice: Well ok, *she flosts over and holds a hand hear Rei's head*
<TheDM> Alice moves her hand around some as she seems to be thinking.
<Aoi> "Be careful with her..."
<TheDM> Alice: Of corse. But there is something odd here. *alice is glowing a light blue as she floats near rei.*
<Rei> "... Odd? Is that a good odd?"
* Aoi quietly walks up to Alice and chirps 1/2 an inch from her ear, "What is it?"
* Rei experiences, for the first time, schadenfreude.
<TheDM> Alice: Wahhh! *the scared floating girl jumps forward, slaming onto and then into Rei.*
<TheDM> The room fills with a white flash and a storm of feathers.
<TheDM> Ok wolf, Its your turn now.
* Rei blinks, opening her eyes. "I feel... drafty."
<TheDM> Aoi watchs as the light fades away to,
* Rei looks down at 'her' body... and sees Alice's. "Geh?! Wha?!"
<TheDM> (not totaly alice, you mix remember, she would gets a bit of you as well.)
<TheDM> (or was that just mental mix? Bah nm)
<TheDM> (go ahead0
<Rei> (True)
<Rei> (Yeah, just mental mix)
<Aoi> (Well, *someone* tell me what I see. :) )
<Rei> (Alice)
<Aoi> (No Rei?)
<Rei> (Yep, just Alice standing there)
<TheDM> (Rei is alice now, she probly looks a bit older by a year or two)
* Aoi grabs Alice and starts shaking her.
<Aoi> "What have you done with my little sister?!"
<Rei> "Gah! What're you talking about Aoi?!"
<Aoi> "Where is she?!"
<Rei> "And... why the heck AM I your little sister now?!"
* Aoi continues shaking.
<Rei> "Hey! I'm Rei!"
* Aoi stops shaking and brings her face very close to Alice/Rei's, frowning and studying her suspiciously.
<Aoi> "Prove it."
<Rei> "Uh... You bought me another dress a little while ago?"
<TheDM> (like the good big sister she is)
* Aoi thinks about that for a moment.
<Aoi> "Go on..."
<Rei> "You... keep talking to me about dating boys, which I might add is a rather... ugh... proposition?"
<Aoi> "What's my cat's name?"
<Aoi> (She doesn't have one.)
<Rei> "... You don't have a cat."
<Rei> (I was going to answer that anyway :P )
* Aoi reluctantly lets Rei/Alice go.
<Aoi> "Ok... I suppose..."
<Rei> "Okay, now... what happened to me, and where the heck is Alice?"
* Aoi shrugs.
<Aoi> "Can you touch things?"
* Rei pokes the computer. Her finger doesn't go through.
<Rei> "Wow yes this is awesome, itworksitworksitworks!"
<TheDM> Alice is a part of rei now, just hasnt noticed "herself" yet.
<TheDM> Oh, never mind.
<TheDM> (heh,)
<Rei> (Yes she has :P )
* Aoi scowls at Alice/Rei.
<TheDM> Rei can free use the computer system now and finds it childs play.
* Rei hops into the computer chair and starts looking over the controls, totally oblivious to the glare.
<TheDM> It shows the crystal tokyo system. and ever thing going on.
<TheDM> On the down side this includes the slughter, and a insanly high body count.
* Aoi quietly leans over Rei's shoulder and watches what she's doing.
* Rei sobers up. "Okay... talk to me, oh computer-thing. What can you do?"
* Rei tries to check out just what systems may be under this station's authority.
<Aoi> "Can it hear you?"
<TheDM> Aoi would be leaning aginst a big fluffy wing, and be near Rei's now perfect hair.
<Rei> "It'd be reallyreally creepy if it could, dontcha think? Better to talk rhe... rhetorically?"
<Rei> (;_; Rei's hair is quite fine.)
<TheDM> (yes but now its divine)
<TheDM> (^^ damn that was bad, heh)
<TheDM> The system isn't upgraded to a talking one.
<TheDM> BUt you know enought to get done just about anything at any rate
* Rei actually was speaking rhetorically, and was using the pokey-buttons interface.
<TheDM> (yarrow do you have go leave soon?)
<TheDM> (dont want to caus you any problems)
<Aoi> (I was just wondering how much longer you planned to go.)
<TheDM> (this is it right here.)
<Rei> (So, what can the computer do, precisely?)
<Aoi> (Oh, well, if you're done then it doesn't matter. :) )
<TheDM> On the sceen there are 4 main zones remaining to the system. A red one is close by and listed a Cheery hill temple, A green one is cut off for your current location and listed as Jupiter state park.
<Rei> (4 zones under its control? Or, 'not laid to waste'?)
<TheDM> A huge blue one seems to cover the northen part of the city and a lot of room out side of the grid. The remaining part is the palace.
<TheDM> Not laid to waste.
<TheDM> There are two que's pending that you can see.
* Rei purses her lips. "Okay... Four places that aren't... gone."
* Rei checks out the queues.
<TheDM> The blue area and the palace are but trying to draw the main power feed form the grid that your currently at.
<TheDM> *both.
<Rei> (However many 'ue's happen to be in there)
<TheDM> (two)
<TheDM> You can only pick one tho.
* Rei checks whether there'll be any 'bad' things happening from allowing the power draw.
<TheDM> considering ever thing around your location is blacked out, you dont think the people will mind.
* Aoi finds someplace reasonably comfortable to rest and then rests in it.
* Rei grits her teeth. "This really isn't the kind of choice I should have to make, but..." She glances back at Aoi, seems to take it as benediction, and routes the power to the blue place.
<Rei> "I hope the palace is okay..."
<TheDM> The patch works of lines running all around the blackend parts of the city turn off. And one thick line snakes out from your location to link up with the blue.
<TheDM> The ground shakes for a moment but not enought to effect your much.
<TheDM> All tho rei does notice her body now has bounce in in places it didn't before.
<TheDM> The que file is empty now, all power is flowing to the blue complex. The rest of the map is dead expect for thoes 4 main zones.
* Rei was reasonably aware of that bounce, since her current clothing leaves little to guesswork.
<Rei> "Dontcha think it's kinda scary that it was so easy for you guys to get in here? I'm a little worried someone not-as-nice'll do something they shouldn't..."
* Aoi murmurs something about a stupid lock design.
<TheDM> (we shoudl be done soon, go ahead and finsh up a spot of rp.)
* Rei uses the computer a touch more to see if there's anything else that can be done at this station.
<TheDM> It lists Emergency protocols, Shutdown, self Destruct
* Rei figures this qualifies as an emergency, and checks that section.
<TheDM> It just ask's if you want to start them or not.
* Rei tries to find out precisely what the emergency protocols are, if possible.
<TheDM> Emergency protocols as are there own power grid. It's mostly controlls for shifting roads, and shunting the population to listed safe zones.
<TheDM> 3 remain active, the palace is sealed, and the last yellow one is listed as destroyed.
* Rei starts them up, then, and rather prays that the metal-things don't follow to said safe zones.
* Aoi comes back to peer over Rei's shoulder again.
<Rei> "Okay... I'm starting up the emergency protocols, so... If they work, they'll move everyone to safe areas."
<TheDM> The maps shows a secoundary grid work of power light up. The roads to each safe zone is clearly marked and shold be easy to follow.
<Aoi> "Ok... Are you going to destroy the computer after that?"
<TheDM> The closest one to your location is the red one. The sceen shifts to a close up showing you the way.
<TheDM> And if your done with any RP that just about does it.
<Rei> "Dunno... I'm pretty uncomfortable with the idea of this thing getting turned against us, but I want to squeeze every last bit of use out of it..."
<TheDM> Aoi have any questions for rei/alice? jokes? pokes? whatnot.
* Rei checks to see if there's anything else it can do.
<TheDM> Since all power is not be sent to the blue zone, there is little else this terminal can do.
<Aoi> No, since she's not actually doing anything at the moment, she's feeling rather tired from the day's events.
* Rei checks the self-destruct option to make sure it applies to JUST the terminal.
<TheDM> Rats..
<TheDM> Yes it does.
<Rei> (And not the building... the zone... the CITY...)
<TheDM> So much for my big count down, and tiny fizz
<Aoi> (Just the terminal and the user.)
* Rei purses her lips, then triggers the self-destruct and backs away. "Okay... I'm really feeling bad about destroying this thing, but... It's way too easy to get to."
<Aoi> "So ... what do we do now?"
<TheDM> the sceen flickers for a moment before switching to an out side view showing the empty road.
* Rei turns to Aoi. "_First_, we are finding as much cloth as we can and are getting those injuries bandaged up."
<Light02> (I say get the hell out of dodge would be a good idea)
<Aoi> "They stopped bleeding when the phone blew up."
<TheDM> smoke can be sceen waffing up from a couple small air vents in the system but the view remains.
* Aoi holds up her hand.
<Aoi> "See?"
<TheDM> Aoi was slighty healed and refreshed by the wave of holy engery, but she will still have some nasty scars
* Rei peers at Aoi's scrapes. "Damn... I wish there was something more I could do about that..."
<TheDM> This does not make up for lost blood tho, and she is very tired. Only acting so strong for the sake of her little sister.
<Rei> "I'm reallyreally sorry, I never learned healing!"
<TheDM> (We can end here if you wish)
* Rei shake
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Evil dice and Sailor firefirehehe

Postby DCG » Sun Dec 17, 2006 10:22 am

Rock first log.
<TheDM> Session start: Your just got off of work when the chaos and destruction hits the city, Waking up from the pain and light that just hit you, you find yourself surrounded by the attacking forces, Strange metal women with long spiked arms walk around cutting down anything living. The ground shakes and splits as the city is hit by bolts of light from the sky. Ryu is about 5 blocks from his home. And the dark moon forces are closing in.
* Ryu gapes in horror...
<Ryu> "Wh-What the heck!? What are those thi- What's happening!?"
* Ryu staggers to his feet, his mind numb with shock as he looks around...
<Ryu> "Wait, my family... Aww hell!"
<TheDM> M-S: Thoes things are some kinda of attack robots. Whats happening is if you yell any more they will come by and kill you.
* Ryu begins sprinting towards his home, hoping that his parents and his sisters are alright.
* Ryu looks around: "Huh? Whoi said that?"
<TheDM> M-S:... You can hear me now?
<Ryu> "Damn, am I hearing things again?"
* Ryu mutters as he looks around him while running.
<TheDM> hmm, actuly hey yarrow feel like playing a part?
<Yarrow> Sure.
<Yarrow> I didn't get my rp fix last night. :(
<TheDM> email? ill send you something
<Ryu> (I appologise if I start off lame. Still need to get used to thinking as this guy and all.)
<Yarrow> PMed.
<Yarrow> Or /msged if you want to be picky...
<TheDM> Ok its sent.
<Yarrow> And received.
<TheDM> if you feel like playing that part it would be helpfull.
<TheDM> that was im not pushing the plot along from this end to much
<TheDM> *that way
<Yarrow> Ok.
* Yarrow is now known as S
* S is now known as Model-S
<TheDM> (rock doyou know how your battle form is triggered?
<Ryu> (Hmm... I yell, 'Model-S, Setup!, while holding out the pendant)
<TheDM> (does your guy know this comand some how? Or does he need to be told/
<Ryu> (He needs to be told of course)
<Model-S> (I don't see total EP listed)
<Ryu> (It's 20)
<Ryu> (Or it should be. It does have Energy Bonus afterall)
<Ryu> (I'll correct that later and send you the updated PDF after)
<Model-S> (Each rank of that gives 20.)
<Ryu> (Yup)
<TheDM> (you have 2 ranks of it pluse the char bonus. so thats 43 ep
<Model-S> (So two ranks would be 40 + what you get from stats)
<Ryu> (Hmm, didn't know that. Okay, definately need to change that.)
<Model-S> (Send the DM a format he can edit, in case he has to correct things. :p )
<TheDM> Well lets pick this up again, We left off with A confushed Ryu running down the street twards his home.
<Model-S> "No, you're hearing me."
<Ryu> "Hearing Who? I don't see anyone?"
* Ryu wonders if he's losing his mind...
<Model-S> "I am the encapsulated AI 'Model-S'. Currently known to you as 'My pendant'."
* Ryu stops, and looks down at his pendant... and holds it up to his face...
<Ryu> "You're.... This thing?"
<Model-S> "I beg your pardon?"
* Model-S gives Ryu a little shock.
<Ryu> "Ack!"
<Model-S> "Now, if you're quite done insulting me, I suggest you pay attention to your surroundings."
<Ryu> "Sorry! I just never knew you were... Uh..."
<TheDM> roll 1d5
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d5 --> [ 1d5=2 ]{2}
<TheDM> Surroundings as the 2 metal women smashing in the door to a near by house.
<TheDM> Sceaming can be heard coming from inside.
<Ryu> "
<Ryu> "Oh man. What are those things? Wait... there's people inside!"
* Ryu looks down the street in the direction of his house, and looks back at the droids...
<Model-S> "Do you want to help them or just save your own hide?"
<TheDM> Your still 4 1/2 blocks away from your home.
<Ryu> "I want to... But what can I do? Those thing'd shread me!"
* Ryu stops as he glances back towards his home, and back at the house in an undeciceive way...
<Model-S> "Sometimes you have to risk your own life to help others. I think you can win--if you're willing to put it on the line."
<Ryu> "You're right... It just isn't right any other way."
* Ryu cups his hands to his mouth and yells "HEY!!! BUCKET-HEADS!!!!"
<TheDM> Yelling may have been helply is it wasnt blocked out from the sreaming coming from inside.
* Quits: WolfieGame (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com ) (Ping timeout )
<Model-S> "You'll have to go in if you want to help them."
* Ryu looks around for something to throw at them.
<TheDM> As it is they are rather busy slughtering the people inside the home.
<Ryu> DAMNIT!!!
* Ryu yells and charges at one of them.
* Model-S waits until Ryu is at the doorway then says, "By the way, hold me up and say 'Model-S, Setup!'."
* Ryu stops and blinks...
<Ryu> "Huh? Where the heck did that come from suddenly?"
<Model-S> "They're running out of time."
<Ryu> "Cheh, fine..
<TheDM> (brb, dogs attacking me)
* Ryu holds up Model-S
<Model-S> roll 1d20 dog attack
<McDice> Model-S rolled 1d20 dog attack --> [ 1d20=17 ]{17}
<Model-S> (Uh oh...)
<TheDM> (i tossed food at em, ok keep going)
<Ryu> "Okay, here goes... Model-S! Setup!"
<Model-S> (Cue the shower of cherry blossoms over a background of pink hearts?)
<TheDM> (now just a light saber.)
<Ryu> /me floats off the ground a few inches as a bright bubble of light flares up around him. His body goes dark as a green wireframe surrounds him soonfilling out as high-tech armour... First the bodysuit, boots and gloves, then the vest, and finally the visor... He holds his hand out as a wireframe of a Beamsaber handle appars and fills out as an actual weapon, before activating it and slashing once t
<Ryu> o dispell the bubble.
<Model-S> "... well, it'll have to do..."
* Model-S mutters, "I can see I'll have my work cut out f or me."
* Ryu looks down at himself, "What... is this?"
<Model-S> "It's a beamsaber. *Just* a beamsaber... Now go use it!"
<TheDM> Thelight show distracked the women from there attack leaving a slashed up but alive couple huddling aginst the wall.
<TheDM> Problem is they are now headed for you.
<TheDM> Init roll!
* Ryu points the saber at the droids and snarls, "Whatever problems you have with them, take them up with me you creeps!"
<Ryu> roll 1d20+7
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{25}
<TheDM> Roll 2#1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 2#1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{16}, [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
* TheDM changes topic to 'Ryu, CD 2 , CD 1 '
<TheDM> Fight.
* Ryu leaps towards the nearest one and slashes at it with his saber...
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{19}
<Model-S> "Nice form."
<Ryu> roll 3d6
<McDice> Ryu rolled 3d6 --> [ 3d6=10 ]{10}
<TheDM> The blade shears the driod in half from head to toe.
* TheDM changes topic to 'Ryu, CD 2 , '
<Ryu> "HYAH!!!"
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{5}
<TheDM> dodge roll?
<Ryu> roll 1d20+1
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{5}
<TheDM> The attack goes wide as ryu falls to the side.
<TheDM> Next round.
<Model-S> "As the resistable force misses the movable object..."
* Ryu ignores Model-S, and grits his teeth as he scrambles to his feet again.
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{10}
* Ryu slashes at the droid, seeing an opportunity...
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{11}
<TheDM> This time ryu's slash goes wide as the metal women moves to the side.
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{3}
<TheDM> The driod stalls for a moment as it system fails
<TheDM> Next round
<Ryu> "Oh no you don't!'
* Ryu spins around and slashes at the droid again
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{18}
<Ryu> roll 3d6
<McDice> Ryu rolled 3d6 --> [ 3d6=9 ]{9}
<Ryu> "Yah!"
* Joins: WolfieGame (~miraclewo@CPE001346f5370f-CM0012c9ab5798.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{4}
<TheDM> still stalled from its failed attack the odd women is slashed deeply.
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{12}
<TheDM> D roll ryu?
* Ryu preforms an overhead slash
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{3}
<TheDM> Roll 1d4+1
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d4+1 --> [ 1d4=3 ]{4}
<TheDM> Even with its system failing the driod manges to score a deep blow to Ryu's side.
<TheDM> next round
<Ryu> "Ghnnn!"
<Ryu> roll1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled --> error: malformed expression
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{1}
<Model-S> roll 1d20+9
<McDice> Model-S rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{11}
<TheDM> Close but your in.
* Ryu gasps in pain, but dertermined not to give up he tries to attack again...
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{12}
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{13}
<TheDM> on its last legs the driod manges to adviod the blow that would end it
<TheDM> Hmm im going to have to run for a bit. lets finsh this fight.
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{18}
<TheDM> uh oh.
<TheDM> Roll dodge ryu
<McDice> TheDM rolled dodge ryu --> error: malformed expression
<Ryu> roll 1d20+4
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{21}
<Model-S> "Good dodge. Now, finish it."
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{18}
<TheDM> The swing goes wide and misses ryu
<Ryu> roll 3d6
<McDice> Ryu rolled 3d6 --> [ 3d6=12 ]{12}
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
<TheDM> (lol)
<TheDM> Falling back the metal lady removes herself from the path of the blade that would have taken her head.
<TheDM> (dman thing only has 1 hp left. kill it all ready!
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{10}
<TheDM> D roll
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{15}
<TheDM> You dodge as well.
<TheDM> next round
<Ryu> "Gotta... finish this... now..."
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{4}
* TheDM sighs
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{15}
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{5}
<TheDM> Your D roll now.
<Ryu> roll 1d20+4
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{22}
<TheDM> Can you get out of the way of the five! oh..
<Model-S> "Any time now..."
<TheDM> You contine your dance with the metal moster as the family looks on wondering WTF
* Ryu bites back his sarcastic reply, and makes yet another attack...
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{2}
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{13}
<TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
<McDice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
<TheDM> uh oh
<TheDM> OK break here, Im out of time for a moment on this end.
<TheDM> Ill be back in 10-15
<Model-S> (Ok. The battle should probably be done by then.)
<Ryu> roll 1d20+4
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{21}
* Joins: Ataru (~Pervert@c-76-19-117-18.hsd1.ma.comcast.net)
<TheDM> Sorry about that, im back
<TheDM> You live!
<TheDM> next round
<Ryu> roll 1d20
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{20}
<TheDM> Crit roll double damage
<Ryu> roll 6d6
<McDice> Ryu rolled 6d6 --> [ 6d6=23 ]{23}
* Ryu roars as he preforms a diagnol slas from it's shoulder!
<TheDM> It drops to the ground in two pices.
* Ryu lowers his saber, and collapses to his knees, ans he clutches at his wound.
<TheDM> The family looks on in shock as you stand there, glowning sword in hand, and a bloody wound on your side.
* Ryu looks at them.
<Ryu> "You... Alright?"
* Ryu grimaces as the pain from his wound starts kicking in...
<Model-S> "It's not that bad. Toughen up."
<Ryu> "..."
<TheDM> Father: th..thank you.
* Ryu staggers to his feet and looks around the room for other survivors.
<TheDM> He rushes his wife of 10 years out the back
<Ryu> "No... Problem. You two still... in good shape?"
* Ryu sighs.
<Ryu> "Guess so... Time to head home."
<Model-S> "Yes. All said ... you could have done worse."
<Model-S> "See if there's anything here you can use first."
<Ryu> "Nnn, good idea."
<Model-S> "I'd rather not rely on just your wits and your beamsabre."
* Ryu looks around for a first-aid kit or something he can patch himself up with.
<Ryu> "Sorry, this *is* the first time I had to fight..."
<Ryu> "Come to think of it... WHat was that I felt in that fight? I was all flushed and... Upset, but a diufferent kind of upset."
<TheDM> A roll of cotton can be found in the bathroom. while it will cover the wound its not much.
* Ryu heads up to the bedroom, and tears some of the bedsheets and uses them as makeshift bandages.
<TheDM> Same thing, but they have an april fresh sent.
<Model-S> "If your family had a special artifact it passed down, others might, too."
* Ryu patches himself up, and looks around for anything else that might be useful to him in some way.
<Ryu> "Artefact huh..."
<TheDM> (search rolls? Spot? What not?)
<Ryu> roll 1d20+2 for spot
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20+2 for spot --> [ 1d20=7 ]{9}
<Ryu> roll 1d20 for search\
<McDice> Ryu rolled 1d20 for search\ --> [ 1d20=7 ]{7}
<Ryu> (>_<)
<TheDM> Failed hard, Moving on
<Model-S> roll 1d20+9
<McDice> Model-S rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{15}
<Ryu> "Damn, there's no time for this."
* Ryu heads out of the building and continues towards his home.
<TheDM> Secesse
<TheDM> Not that it maters...
<TheDM> As you head out side and down the road you find paniced people running around,but there no longer being slaughtered
<TheDM> The attacking driods can be sceen slumped on the ground for the next couple blocks.
* Ryu tries asking the closest to him about what the situation is down there...
<Ryu> (Person that is. ;P
<TheDM> Considering there present state of mind you will get a odd answer and questions yourself about whats going on.
* Ryu frowns and sprints down to where the people are running from.
<Model-S> "These people seem all right for now. You should check on your family."
* Ryu nods and changes directio towards his house...
<TheDM> Most of the attacking arm is down, but not all. As you get closer to your home you can see some active, and many buildings smashed from oribtal fire.
<Ryu> "Sorry, I'm just... Somewhat confused about all this."
<Model-S> "Understandable."
<Ryu> "No! Mom... Dad.... Kimiko... Makoto..."
* Ryu starts running even faster as he sees the horrific carnage around him...
<TheDM> You make good time but are stoped at the end of you block.
<TheDM> By a cut sceen!
<Model-S> (Press X)
<TheDM> you skip the cut sceen.
<Ataru> (LOL)
<TheDM> But i still have to show what happened.
<Ryu> (^^;)
<TheDM> The first thing Ryu notices as he gets near his house is the large amount fo active droids in the area. Transports flying overhead can be seen dumping more as they pass by. Nearing the end of his block a loud scream of anger can be heard followed by a massive explosion that knocks Ryu on his ass.
<Ryu> "Omph!"
<TheDM> All round him now are leveled buildings and a deep golden fire covering ever thing. The droids in the street are nothing but melted slag now.
* Ryu giddly gets to his feet, his mind foggy, and his ears ringing from the roar of the explosion... His sight is blurry as he numbly glances around at his surroundings...
<Ryu> "Every... Explo... What..."
* Ryu staggers forward aimlessly as he tries to remember what he's doing here... What's happening... Why it's so silent...
* Ryu nearly trips over something, and looks down and stares at what it is blankly...
<TheDM> Melted metal lady.
* Ryu looks up, and continues walking...
<Model-S> (So, the broken buildings are burning now?)
* Ryu wcontinues walking, tears flowing in streaks from under his visor, although his face remains neutral... His mind clears, and his hearing returns, and along with it, a dreadful sorrow.
<TheDM> Mostly every thing is burning.
<Ryu> "Model... S. What... Happened?"
* Ryu says with a strained voice.
<Model-S> "A powerful attack of some sort..."
<Ryu> "Everyone... Is everyone...?"
<Model-S> "We should go. If your family was home, there's nothing we can do for them."
* Ryu remains silent, as he continues walking towards where his home was...
<Ryu> "I... Have to know... I-I need to know for sure if..."
<TheDM> Ryu's home is at the center if the blast zone.
* Ryu stares at the crater, and collapses to his knees...
<Model-S> "Hmmm. Strange."
<TheDM> The wall have fallen over, and the roof is long gone. But you can still tell it's your home.
* Ryu pounds his fists into the ground...
<Ryu> "DAMN!!! Th-This can't be happening!!!!!"
* Ryu chokes as he begins to cry.
<Model-S> roll 1d20+9
<McDice> Model-S rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{28}
<Ryu> "I-I should've been faster! Why's this happening!? None of us deserved this!"
<Model-S> "There do not seem to be enough remains to account for your entire family."
* Ryu gasps, and looks upo.
<Ryu> "You mean... They might still be...?"
<Model-S> "At least one person died here; I do not see remains to indicate more did..."
<Model-S> "However, due to the scale of the destruction..."
<Model-S> "Still, it seems likely that at least some of your family was not here when the blast occurred."
<Ryu> "So, someone did die then..."
* Ryu stands up and looks at his home.
<Model-S> "Yes."
<Ryu> "Whoever you might be, mom, dad, or my sisters... I swear that the ones responsible will pay."
* Ryu looks down at his saber and nods.
* Joins: Light02 (WinNT@t5p355.socket.net)
<Ryu> "Rest in peace... Until the day we meet again."
<Model-S> "We can't stay here. The explosion will have attracted attention."
<TheDM> The fires are fadeing away, and you start to notice the power going out down the block.
<TheDM> It gets very quite, and very dark, very fast.
<Model-S> "You cannot survive an orbital strike."\
* Ryu nods, "I... understand. I was just saying goodbye."
* Ryu turns around, takes one final glance at his former home, before running off...
<Ryu> "Model-S, any ideas of where a good place to go would be?"
<TheDM> As Ryu asks this the remaining street sings take a bright red color.
<TheDM> All along the road Polls jut up from the street, with flashing red lights ontop of them.
* Ryu deactivates the beamsaber, and puts it in it's holster at his waist.
<Model-S> "Follow them."
<Ryu> "Okay."
* Ryu runs though the streets, following the signs and lights, looking around in case of an unexpected attack...
<TheDM> You will end up following them for a couple blocks.
* Disconnected
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, and along with it, a dreadful sorrow.
1[18:25] <TheDM> Mostly every thing is burning.
[18:26] <Ryu> "Model... S. What... Happened?"
6[18:26] * Ryu says with a strained voice.
[18:26] <Model-S> "A powerful attack of some sort..."
[18:26] <Ryu> "Everyone... Is everyone...?"
[18:26] <Model-S> "We should go. If your family was home, there's nothing we can do for them."
6[18:27] * Ryu remains silent, as he continues walking towards where his home was...
[18:29] <Ryu> "I... Have to know... I-I need to know for sure if..."
1[18:29] <TheDM> Ryu's home is at the center if the blast zone.
6[18:29] * Ryu stares at the crater, and collapses to his knees...
[18:29] <Model-S> "Hmmm. Strange."
1[18:30] <TheDM> The wall have fallen over, and the roof is long gone. But you can still tell it's your home.
6[18:30] * Ryu pounds his fists into the ground...
[18:30] <Ryu> "DAMN!!! Th-This can't be happening!!!!!"
6[18:31] * Ryu chokes as he begins to cry.
[18:31] <Model-S> roll 1d20+9
[18:31] <McDice> Model-S rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{28}
[18:32] <Ryu> "I-I should've been faster! Why's this happening!? None of us deserved this!"
[18:32] <Model-S> "There do not seem to be enough remains to account for your entire family."
6[18:32] * Ryu gasps, and looks upo.
[18:32] <Ryu> "You mean... They might still be...?"
[18:33] <Model-S> "At least one person died here; I do not see remains to indicate more did..."
[18:33] <Model-S> "However, due to the scale of the destruction..."
[18:34] <Model-S> "Still, it seems likely that at least some of your family was not here when the blast occurred."
[18:35] <Ryu> "So, someone did die then..."
6[18:35] * Ryu stands up and looks at his home.
[18:35] <Model-S> "Yes."
[18:36] <Ryu> "Whoever you might be, mom, dad, or my sisters... I swear that the ones responsible will pay."
6[18:36] * Ryu looks down at his saber and nods.
3[18:37] * Joins: Light02 (WinNT@t5p355.socket.net)
[18:37] <Ryu> "Rest in peace... Until the day we meet again."
[18:37] <Model-S> "We can't stay here. The explosion will have attracted attention."
1[18:37] <TheDM> The fires are fadeing away, and you start to notice the power going out down the block.
1[18:37] <TheDM> It gets very quite, and very dark, very fast.
[18:37] <Model-S> "You cannot survive an orbital strike."\
6[18:38] * Ryu nods, "I... understand. I was just saying goodbye."
6[18:38] * Ryu turns around, takes one final glance at his former home, before running off...
[18:40] <Ryu> "Model-S, any ideas of where a good place to go would be?"
1[18:41] <TheDM> As Ryu asks this the remaining street sings take a bright red color.
1[18:41] <TheDM> All along the road Polls jut up from the street, with flashing red lights ontop of them.
6[18:41] * Ryu deactivates the beamsaber, and puts it in it's holster at his waist.
[18:41] <Model-S> "Follow them."
[18:41] <Ryu> "Okay."
6[18:42] * Ryu runs though the streets, following the signs and lights, looking around in case of an unexpected attack...
1[18:42] <TheDM> You will end up following them for a couple blocks.
1[18:47] <TheDM> sorry about that
1[18:47] <TheDM> i ended up pulling a wolf
3[18:47] * DCG is now known as Mcdice
1[18:47] <TheDM> roll 1d20
[18:47] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{9}
1[18:48] <TheDM> After a while you notice a massive fire in the distance. The lighting and signs are leading you and others to it.
1[18:48] <TheDM> You would know its general localion as the Cheery hill shrine.
[18:49] <Ryu> "Cherry hill shrine... In some way, this seems... appropriate."
1[18:52] <TheDM> Well? Keep moving?
1[18:52] <TheDM> Oh wait silly me. Boss time.
6[18:52] * Ryu continues onwards...
1[18:53] <TheDM> Roll 1d5
[18:53] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d5 --> [ 1d5=1 ]{1}
6[18:53] * TheDM sigh
1[18:56] <TheDM> A odd ship that’s been circling the mass of fire makes a pass over head dropping two form into the street in front of you. One of the like the metal women you met before. Her friend is a larger red tinted version wearing an odd uniform. She ignores the people running past her and focuses on Ryu.
[18:57] <Light02> (wah-oh)
6[18:57] * Ryu takes out the beamsaber, and ignites the blade.
[18:58] <Ryu> "Damn... More annoyances."
6[18:59] * Ryu settles into a crude stance, and prepares himself...
1[19:01] <TheDM> The red lady brush off her uniform a bit before moving in to attack.
1[19:01] <TheDM> Init rolls.
[19:01] <Ryu> roll 1d20+7
[19:01] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{18}
[19:02] <Light02> (I'll be back on around 9:30 ja)
1[19:02] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+@
[19:02] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+@ --> error: malformed expression
1[19:02] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[19:02] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{8}
1[19:02] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+5
[19:02] <Light02> (*grumbles about the parental units needing the phone)
[19:02] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{16}
3[19:02] * Retrieving #CTE modes...
2[19:03] * Quits: Light02 (WinNT@t5p355.socket.net ) (Quit: Light, The New Avatar of Chaos )
6[19:03] * Ryu mutters quietly to himself, "I'd be more confident though if I wasn't already injured... If they kill me though, at least I'll see my family again."
3[19:03] * Mcdice changes topic to 'Ryu, LIR, CD 1, '
1[19:03] <TheDM> Round one, Fight.
[19:03] <Model-S> "You're still at 60% of your maximum health."
[19:04] <Ryu> "That's good to hear... Let's hope it stays that way."
6[19:04] * Ryu leaps at the non-red droid...
[19:04] <Ryu> roll1d20+22 for jump
[19:04] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled for jump --> error: malformed expression
[19:04] <Ryu> roll 1d20+22 for jump
[19:04] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+22 for jump --> [ 1d20=4 ]{26}
6[19:05] * Ryu lands, and attacks.
[19:05] <Ryu> roll 1d20
[19:05] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{11}
[19:05] <Model-S> roll 1d20
[19:05] <Mcdice> Model-S rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{14}
3[19:06] * Mcdice changes topic to 'Ryu, LIR, Model-s ,CD 1, '
1[19:06] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[19:06] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{3}
1[19:06] <TheDM> Hit
[19:06] <Ryu> roll 3d6
[19:06] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 3d6 --> [ 3d6=13 ]{13}
1[19:07] <TheDM> Caught off guard by Ryu fast leap into battle the driod is easly sliced in half.
1[19:07] <TheDM> (ruining some one else plans, heh,)
6[19:08] * Model-S does nothing special.
1[19:08] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:08] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{23}
1[19:08] <TheDM> The red one turns fast and stabs at ryu
[19:08] <Ryu> roll 1d20+4
[19:08] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=17 ]{21}
1[19:09] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+2
[19:09] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+2 --> [ 1d4=1 ]{3}
1[19:09] <TheDM> Ryu is speared deap in his side.
6[19:09] * Model-S heals Ryu.
[19:10] <Ryu> "Gyaa-aah?"
1[19:10] <TheDM> Recovery for 10. Ryu wounds close up and his back in the fight.
6[19:10] * Ryu shakes his head, and slashes at the droid...
[19:10] <Ryu> roll 1d20
[19:10] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{7}
[19:10] <Model-S> "Once per day, Bucky. Try not to die."
1[19:10] <TheDM> Ryu could have swarn he felt something pulling at his inside before he was healed.
1[19:11] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:11] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{5}
6[19:11] * Ryu decides to dwell on it later... Staying alive is his priority for now.
1[19:11] <TheDM> Still recovering from its attack ryu has a clear shot with his attack.
[19:11] <Ryu> roll 3d6
[19:11] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 3d6 --> [ 3d6=7 ]{7}
1[19:12] <TheDM> The blade flashs along side the red mecha leaving a long blackend line.
1[19:12] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:12] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
1[19:13] <TheDM> Returning the favor it stabs again
1[19:14] <TheDM> Roll d
[19:14] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled d --> error: malformed expression
[19:14] <Ryu> roll 1d20+4
[19:14] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{8}
1[19:15] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+2
[19:15] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+2 --> [ 1d4=1 ]{3}
1[19:16] <TheDM> Ingoreing the advice about not dieing Ryu is jabed again in his gut.
[19:17] <Ryu> "Guhh!"
6[19:18] * Ryu bites back the pain, and tries to flip around to behind the droid...
[19:18] <Ryu> roll 1d20+4
[19:18] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{19}
1[19:18] <TheDM> Since the dc was 14 your have an easy time of it
6[19:18] * Ryu does so, and upon landing he spins around and attacks the droid's unguarded back
[19:18] <Ryu> roll 1d20
[19:19] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{16}
1[19:19] <TheDM> Roll 1d20
[19:19] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{20}
1[19:19] <TheDM> Ducking down as Ryu jumped over head, the lady in red easly dodges the blade swinging over head.
1[19:20] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:20] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{17}
1[19:20] <TheDM> Your d now
[19:20] <Ryu> roll 1d20+4
[19:20] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{19}
1[19:21] <TheDM> The driod atempt to stab behind it self is easly dodges by ryu
[19:21] <Model-S> (Why am I picturing this taking place in a 2d fighting game. Ryu flips over her head but misses his attack, while her anti-air counter also misses...)
[19:22] <Model-S> (Oh... maybe it's because his name is Ryu...)
[19:22] <Ryu> roll 1d20
[19:22] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{9}
1[19:22] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:22] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{9}
1[19:22] <TheDM> (and now they block each other)
[19:22] <Model-S> (Quick! Hit the button as fast as you can! :) )
1[19:22] <TheDM> Ryu's attack is blocked
1[19:22] <TheDM> ( go low go low!)
1[19:23] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:23] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{10}
[19:23] <Ryu> roll 1d20+4
[19:23] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{5}
[19:23] <Model-S> (Well... you can't get much lower than that.)
1[19:24] <TheDM> (crit fail!)
1[19:24] <TheDM> Ryu trips up while trying to adviod the incoming blade.
1[19:24] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+2
[19:24] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+2 --> [ 1d4=3 ]{5}
1[19:24] <TheDM> Taking a deep blow to his exposed side.
1[19:25] <TheDM> The pull is back, Ryu can feel a tug from deep inside.
6[19:26] * Ryu again ignores it, rolling backwards to his feet and makes another attack
[19:26] <Ryu> roll 1d20
[19:26] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{2}
1[19:26] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:26] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{17}
[19:26] <Model-S> (Sheesh. With that roll, he may as well just continue rolling backwards down a hill...)
1[19:26] <TheDM> Slowed down by his injury ryu's slash goes wide.
1[19:28] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:28] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
[19:28] <Ryu> roll 1d20+4
[19:28] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{19}
1[19:29] <TheDM> with an easy target in front of it the red one stabs out.
1[19:30] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+2
[19:30] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+2 --> [ 1d4=4 ]{6}
6[19:32] * Model-S pulses briefly, and a the incoming attack splashes off a sparkling field as Ryu's weapon vanishes.
[19:33] <Model-S> "This won't hold for long. Try to disengage."
1[19:34] <TheDM> Ryu is hurt bad, and bleeding, but not in shock. yet.
1[19:34] <TheDM> ON the ground he is protected from attacks by S's odd shield.
6[19:34] * Ryu nods, gets up, and summons all his strength into leaping away...
[19:34] <Ryu> roll 1d20+22
[19:34] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+22 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{37}
[19:34] <Ryu> (Yeah, that'd do it. =/)
1[19:35] <TheDM> You easly jump away, but your still hurt.
1[19:35] <TheDM> And the red one is closeing in again.
[19:35] <Ryu> "Damn... THis isn't good. Sorry I disappointed you Model-S."
[19:35] <Model-S> "I can drop the shield and restore your weapon, but that's about it."
1[19:35] <TheDM> Comander3: No.. Excape..
[19:36] <Model-S> "Whether I can put the shield up in time again if it's needed is just a matter of chance."
1[19:36] <TheDM> The red driod is running twards you not, cutting down a couple that got to close to it along the way.
1[19:36] <TheDM> *bah now
[19:36] <Ryu> "We have to lead it away from everyone... Drop the shield."
[19:37] <Model-S> "It looks quite happy to chase you while the field is up. Are you sure you want me to drop it already?"
[19:37] <Ryu> "How long can you keep it going?"
[19:38] <Model-S> "It can't take more than another attack like that."
1[19:38] <TheDM> A scream rings out near by.
6[19:38] * Ryu spins around.
1[19:38] <TheDM> A pair of girls that was following the red signs is huddling near a building as the Red driod nears them
6[19:39] * Ryu curses, and leaps towards it.
[19:39] <Ryu> roll 1d20+22
[19:39] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+22 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{33}
6[19:39] * Model-S drops the shield, causing the sabre to reignite.
6[19:39] * Model-S hopes that Ryu wasn't planning to bodily intercept any attack.
1[19:39] <TheDM> You land near by easyly enought.
6[19:39] * Ryu roars and slashes at the metal beast....
[19:40] <Ryu> "DAMN YOOOUUUUU!!!!"
[19:40] <Ryu> roll 1d20
[19:40] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{12}
1[19:40] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4+2
[19:40] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4+2 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{11}
[19:40] <Ryu> (YESSSS!!!!)
1[19:40] <TheDM> Roll damage
[19:40] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled damage --> error: malformed expression
[19:40] <Ryu> roll 3d6
[19:40] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 3d6 --> [ 3d6=9 ]{9}
1[19:41] <TheDM> Ryu slashs along it back leaving another deep black line.
[19:41] <Ryu> "Damn, this thing is tough!"
1[19:42] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:42] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
1[19:42] <TheDM> d roll
[19:42] <Ryu> roll 1d20+4
[19:42] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{7}
1[19:44] <TheDM> Noticing how the sword boy is off balance, The driod attacks with a evil grin.
1[19:44] <TheDM> To the side.
1[19:45] <TheDM> Her arm snap out pinning one of the young girls to the side of the building. Her screams of pain fill the street.
6[19:46] * Ryu sees this, and his vision goes red with rage...
[19:46] <Ryu> roll 1d20
[19:46] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{4}
1[19:47] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4+2
[19:47] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4+2 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{8}
[19:48] <Model-S> roll 1d20+9
[19:48] <Mcdice> Model-S rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{12}
1[19:48] <TheDM> Ryu's blade is blocked by its free arm and deflected away.
1[19:50] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[19:50] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{23}
1[19:50] <TheDM> (whats up with these dice?)
1[19:50] <TheDM> d roll
[19:50] <Ryu> roll 1d20+4
[19:50] <Mcdice> Ryu rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{19}
1[19:52] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+2
[19:52] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+2 --> [ 1d4=2 ]{4}
1[19:57] <TheDM> Easly deflecting away the glowing sword, the red driods counter lands clean and hard.
1[19:57] <TheDM> Spearing ryu throught the gut.
1[19:58] <TheDM> As he fall back ryu feels the tug inside finaly give away. A odd wight apears in his free hand.
1[19:58] <TheDM> As he starts to black out a strange bunch of words form in his head.
1[19:58] <TheDM> S's turn
6[20:01] * Model-S says nothing as another droid arrives.
6[20:01] * Ryu coughs out blood as he falls back, and on impulse he weakly chokes out... "B-Blazing... Fire... storm Power... Make... up."
1[20:02] <TheDM> You can attack with that driod
[20:02] <Model-S> "Make up? What, you want to die pretty or something?"
[20:02] <Model-S> (Ok, what's the roll?)
1[20:02] <TheDM> oh right
[20:03] <Model-S> roll 1d20+2
[20:03] <Mcdice> Model-S rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{11}
1[20:05] <TheDM> A sliver driod runs on to the sceen attacking the red one, Letting the girl drop from the wall it turns to engage the trator.
1[20:05] <TheDM> Both are stoped dead by an explosion of fire and magic from the street where Ryu fell.
[20:08] <Ataru> (his transformation sequence is an aoe?)
6[20:09] * Ryu is lifted off the ground into an upright position as a massive colum of flame obscures him from view... From the outside, his sillohette is seen as the armour seems to vanish as his body shrings in some places while growing ionothersw, ribbbons seem to materialise from the flame as the wrap themselves areund a more feminine figure. As the flames build up in intensity, the go from red to yellow to white to blue before being sucked itnot the fo
6[20:09] * Ryu floats to the ground and snaps her eyes open at the red droid.
[20:09] <Model-S> "Well. That was unpleasant."
1[20:10] <TheDM> Model-s can still be heard but take no actions
[20:10] <Ryu> "Like the blazing firestorm who's onslaught ravages all in it's path, I... Sailor Firestorm, am Gonna blast you to ASHES!!!!"
6[20:10] * Ryu growls at the red droid as her red gloves are suddenly enveloped in pulsing flames...
[20:11] <Ryu> "Wait... Why the heck did I say that?"
[20:11] <Model-S> (Up to you whether that frees the silver droid or not, DCG.)
3[20:11] * Ryu is now known as Sailor_Firestorm
1[20:11] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+9
[20:11] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+9 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{25}
1[20:11] <TheDM> Your connection was strong enought, that when servered it falls over off line
1[20:12] <TheDM> Reroll init
6[20:12] * Sailor_Firestorm side-steps so her back is no longer towards the girls, while still facing the droid...
[20:12] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 1d20+7
[20:12] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 1d20+7 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{25}
[20:12] <Sailor_Firestorm> (Great, so NOW I roll better. ><)
1[20:13] <TheDM> The two girls, even the bleeding one stare wide eye'ed at the New girl in front of them
[20:13] <Model-S> (You're a magical girl now. Of course you'll roll better.)
1[20:13] <TheDM> Its been a crazy day and they have no idea whats going on, but they know what the old hero's looked like.
[20:13] <Model-S> ("A *proper* hero! We're saved!)
1[20:13] <TheDM> (err, dead on)
1[20:13] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+5
[20:13] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+5 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{7}
3[20:14] * Mcdice changes topic to 'Ryu vs Lady in red. '
1[20:14] <TheDM> All right, keep it clean people.
1[20:14] <TheDM> Fight.
6[20:14] * Sailor_Firestorm shakes her teeth, focusing on the task at hand. Holding her hands, palm out, she cries...
[20:14] <Sailor_Firestorm> "FIRESTORM BLAST!!!!"
[20:14] <Model-S> (Shakes her teeth?)
[20:15] <Sailor_Firestorm> (Grits! I meant Grits! ><:)
[20:15] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 1d20-3
[20:15] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 1d20-3 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{6}
[20:15] <Model-S> (Shakes her grits??)
[20:15] <Sailor_Firestorm> (*Kills Model-S*)
1[20:16] <TheDM> Firestorms attack goes wide slaming into a building across the street and exploading into a mass of flames that fill most of the road.
6[20:16] * Sailor_Firestorm smirks evilly...
[20:18] <Model-S> "Much more power. Still crap for aim, though..."
[20:18] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Oh shut up... Besides, the party's gonna get started soon. heh heh heh."
[20:19] <Model-S> "... Just try not to barbecue the girls."
[20:20] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Heh, no worries..."
6[20:20] * Sailor_Firestorm feels strangely happy and psychotic for some reason.
1[20:20] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[20:20] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{23}
1[20:21] <TheDM> The red lady tries to change firestorms mood s she run in with the stabing.
1[20:21] <TheDM> d roll
[20:21] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 1d20+4
[20:21] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{14}
1[20:22] <TheDM> roll 1d4+2
[20:22] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+2 --> [ 1d4=4 ]{6}
1[20:22] <TheDM> The hits hard, but the blade dont put holes in this one.
6[20:23] * Sailor_Firestorm leaps back.
[20:23] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 1d20+22
[20:23] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 1d20+22 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{41}
[20:24] <Model-S> "Is there a reason for the grasshopper impression?"
1[20:24] <TheDM> you easly gain some room.
1[20:24] <TheDM> but this leave that monster near the girls again.
6[20:24] * Sailor_Firestorm calls to the girls "You two! The Hill! NOW!!!"
6[20:25] * Model-S sighs.
1[20:25] <TheDM> This snaps them out of there shock and stuiper and gets them moving down the road.
6[20:26] * Sailor_Firestorm fires off another blast at the droid once they're far away enough.
1[20:26] <TheDM> The red lady lets them pass, She is focues on the senshi now.
[20:26] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll d20-3
[20:26] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled d20-3 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{13}
1[20:28] <TheDM> Firestorms blast exploads near by filling the area with ever more fire.
[20:28] <Sailor_Firestorm> (PK?)
1[20:28] <TheDM> (pk?)
[20:28] <Sailor_Firestorm> (Pyrokinesis?)
1[20:29] <TheDM> (go for it, next time.
[20:29] <Sailor_Firestorm> (Right)
1[20:29] <TheDM> (oh wait, Your useing it now?)
1[20:29] <TheDM> (sorry, i saw your roll and figered senshi attack)
[20:29] <Sailor_Firestorm> (Well, if I can after that attacik, yeah. THat last one was the Frirestorm Blasta)
[20:29] <Sailor_Firestorm> (So Next turn then)
1[20:30] <TheDM> Your ok roll is a +2 roll
1[20:30] <TheDM> err pk
[20:30] <Sailor_Firestorm> (Right)
1[20:31] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[20:31] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{17}
1[20:31] <TheDM> d roll
[20:31] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 1d20+4
[20:31] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{11}
1[20:32] <TheDM> roll 1d4+2
[20:32] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+2 --> [ 1d4=1 ]{3}
1[20:32] <TheDM> The driod runs past the fire scoring a weak hit off the senshi arm
6[20:33] * Sailor_Firestorm grins wider as she raises her hands and brings them down...
[20:33] <Sailor_Firestorm> "FIRESTORM CONVERGE!!!"
[20:33] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 1d20+2
[20:33] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{16}
1[20:34] <TheDM> All the srounding fire head her call and flow into the air.
1[20:34] <TheDM> BZefore slaming down onto the attacking red monster.
1[20:35] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[20:35] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{15}
1[20:35] <TheDM> its inflamed form takes a swing any way.
[20:37] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 1d6
[20:37] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 1d6 --> [ 1d6=4 ]{4}
1[20:37] <TheDM> d roll
[20:37] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 1d20+4
[20:37] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
1[20:37] <TheDM> You easly step back from its swing, grining all the way.
1[20:37] <TheDM> next round
6[20:37] * Sailor_Firestorm leaps back, and fires off another blast.
[20:38] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 1d20-3
[20:38] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 1d20-3 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{16}
[20:38] <Model-S> (Was that roll for the leap or the blast?)
1[20:38] <TheDM> -3 im guessing blast.
1[20:39] <TheDM> since the DC is 15..
1[20:39] <TheDM> Saving for half would be point less as the Lady in red takes the ball of fire right in the face.
[20:39] <Sailor_Firestorm> (the blast)
1[20:39] <TheDM> The follow blast and speading fire only slag it faster.
[20:39] <Sailor_Firestorm> roll 5d8
[20:39] <Mcdice> Sailor_Firestorm rolled 5d8 --> [ 5d8=17 ]{17}
1[20:39] <TheDM> bubble bubble.
1[20:40] <TheDM> Winner, Sailor Firesotrm
6[20:40] * Sailor_Firestorm collspses to her fet as the droid lets out a brief electronic shriek before desolving away.
[20:40] <Sailor_Firestorm> ^feet
[20:41] <Sailor_Firestorm> *Hah... Hah.... Hah...*
[20:41] <Model-S> "Impressive. Of course, if you can do all that on your own, maybe you should give me to someone who needs me more."
1[20:41] <TheDM> (and with better aim)
[20:42] <Sailor_Firestorm> "On my own? You mean it wasn't you?
[20:42] <Model-S> "Not in the least. Nor can I do anything while you're in that form, apparently."
[20:42] <Model-S> "Speaking of which, do you know how to change back?"
[20:42] <Sailor_Firestorm> "That form? Change back?"
6[20:43] * Sailor_Firestorm looks down at herself.... and PALES!
[20:43] <Sailor_Firestorm> "..."
6[20:43] * Sailor_Firestorm exhales slowly, and pinches her arm...
[20:44] <Model-S> "Actually, don't try. You're more than powerful enough like that and a senshi image will go a long way towards encouraging other people."
[20:44] <Sailor_Firestorm> "So much for this not being some crazy dream", she says finally as she stands up.
[20:45] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Senshi Image? But I'm a guy!"
6[20:45] * Sailor_Firestorm hangs her head as she realizes her voice doesn't sound very guy-like.
[20:45] <Model-S> "Once we find a safe spot and no one's in danger, we can talk about getting you turned back and looking into transferring me to someone who doesn't already have a strong senshi form."
[20:46] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Fine. As ridiculous as this getup is, it saved my life I think... And you have a point. Where to now?"
[20:46] <Sailor_Firestorm> "And where's that beamsaber gone?"
[20:46] <Model-S> "On to the shrine. Other people may be in danger."
6[20:46] * Sailor_Firestorm scans her surroundings to see where sher might've dropped it.
[20:47] <Model-S> "That's a weapon based on my functions. You can't access it in your current form."
[20:47] <Sailor_Firestorm> "I see... Well, at least it's somewhere safe."
6[20:47] * Sailor_Firestorm says as she begins running towards the shrine.
[20:47] <Model-S> "I also cannot heal, initiate a force field, or infiltrate computer systems in this state."
[20:48] <Model-S> "In short, aside from advice, you're on your own."
[20:48] <Sailor_Firestorm> "So other than being a voice in my head, there's not much you can do to help me with combat-wise then."
[20:48] <Model-S> "Not when you're like this."
[20:48] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Right... Boy, this just get's better and better, doesn't it."
[20:48] <Model-S> "Which is why it'd make more sense for another to use me."
1[20:48] <TheDM> Model-S can rest on your now softer and curved chest. But thats about it.
[20:49] <Sailor_Firestorm> "No... Sorry if this seems insulting, my my mother gqave you to me as a gift on my birthday. If anything, I want to hold onto that memory..."
6[20:50] * Sailor_Firestorm seems downcast as she says this.
[20:50] <Sailor_Firestorm> "You're probably the only thing I have left from those happier times."
[20:51] <Sailor_Firestorm> "So please... Put up with my selfishness for a bit longer."
[20:51] <Model-S> "Perhaps, but while you fight evil and save lives in this form, another could use my abilites to further do so at the same time."
[20:51] <Sailor_Firestorm> "I suppose, but..."
6[20:51] * Sailor_Firestorm trails off... She doesn't quite know how to express what she feels in a way Model-S can understand.
[20:52] <Model-S> "I can understand your sentiment, but would your mother prefer you hold onto a physical representation of her memory instead of saving innocent lives?"
1[20:52] <TheDM> the fire dances around firestorms feet and trails up her legs as she stand there thinking.
[20:52] <Model-S> "Please continue moving as we talk."
[20:53] <Sailor_Firestorm> DCG: ( I said I was heading off towards the shrine as I talked. Geez!)
1[20:54] <TheDM> (my bad.)
[20:54] <Sailor_Firestorm> "While you're right... I don't really feel... comfortable like this."
[20:55] <Sailor_Firestorm> "I mean... THis... THis just isn't ME you know."
1[20:55] <TheDM> AS you near the shrine you notice the fire isnt burning the termple and grounds it self, But flows up from the srounding walls and into the sky.
[20:55] <Model-S> "You're not honestly suggesting your comfort takes precedence over the lives of innocent people, are you?"
6[20:55] * Sailor_Firestorm stops, looks back at the fire, and wishes it would just go away and leave at least this place standing.
1[20:56] <TheDM> Sailor Firestorm feels the fire respond a bit, but it quickly changes its mind and remains in place
[20:56] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Do the ends really justify the means for you... Model-S? If you were given a choice to save one person between the two, wouldn't you want to save them both?"
[20:57] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Would you make a sacrifice if one never had to be made in the first place?"
[20:57] <Model-S> "Exactly. And with you in this form and me serving another person, I *could* save both."
[20:57] <Model-S> "Or you could save one and I the other, to be more precise."
6[20:57] * Sailor_Firestorm sighs, and turns back towards heading towards the entrance to the shrine...
1[20:58] <TheDM> (the ending point is the entrance to the shrine, Feel free to free RP to it)
[20:59] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Are you sure? You'd just sit there and let me sacrifice a portion of who I was just to protect others?"
[20:59] <Sailor_Firestorm> "I'm all for giving up my life... But giving up part of what makes me, me... I'm not sure I could... or would."
1[20:59] <TheDM> (thats all ready a done deal,)
[21:00] <Sailor_Firestorm> (He doesn't know that of course)
[21:00] <Model-S> "I'm not asking you to do anything you're not already doing."
1[21:00] <TheDM> (Of corse)
[21:00] <Model-S> "You have this form and can use it. Either you can turn back, in which case it's only a question of using it when there's a need."
[21:00] <Sailor_Firestorm> "There is also the fact that with you, I can fight and focus huring the enemy... That power I used back there. It's more likely I'd do more harm than good with it anyway."
[21:00] <Model-S> "Or you can't... in which case, I'm sorry to say I'd be useless to you."
[21:01] <Sailor_Firestorm> "I suppose... I guess there's really only one way to find out, isn't there?"
[21:01] <Model-S> "True, but as I said, I recommend waiting until this crisis is over."
1[21:01] <TheDM> As you near the gates of the temple grounds Firestorm feels tugs on her spirt.
6[21:01] * Sailor_Firestorm closes her eyes, and focuses on what she looked like before becomming Sailor Firestorm.
6[21:02] * Sailor_Firestorm opens her eyes, and looks down at her skirt.
[21:02] <Sailor_Firestorm> (Gah)
[21:02] <Sailor_Firestorm> ^Looks around
[21:02] <Model-S> "And I understand your feelings and have no desire to diminish you, but how many lives is that worth to you?"
1[21:02] <TheDM> For some reason she just knows she has friends near by. And they are getting closer.
1[21:02] <TheDM> (end soon)
1[21:03] <TheDM> (are you going to untransform?
[21:03] <Sailor_Firestorm> "I'm not sure why... But I feel we're not alone in this."
6[21:03] * Sailor_Firestorm shakes her head...
6[21:03] * Sailor_Firestorm closes her eyes and wills herself back to normal.
[21:04] <WolfieGame> (Oh dear. We're gonna have a useless Ryu-chan for twelve hours)
[21:04] <WolfieGame> (Hope we're safe in there.)
6[21:04] * Sailor_Firestorm glows briefly before the fuku dissappears, leaving her dressed in her previous combat gear.
1[21:04] <TheDM> (negtive
[21:04] <Sailor_Firestorm> ^Previos clothes prior to her combat gear.
6[21:05] * Sailor_Firestorm opens her eyes, looks down, and is annoyed by the continued presence of her breasts.
[21:05] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Well, there's THAT question answered.
[21:05] <Model-S> "I see you've decided not to even take what advice I can offer in this state."
6[21:05] * Sailor_Firestorm shugs with a sigh...
[21:06] <Sailor_Firestorm> "Later Model-S... I'm... tired.
1[21:06] <TheDM> Normal is a relative turn as Ryu finds herself back in a human body. But a female one.
1[21:06] <TheDM> She is the cloths she put on before all this started. Now cut and formed to her body. Her shooes has a slight heel to them. Model-S is easy see resting in-between her breasts.
6[21:06] * Sailor_Firestorm reaches the gates, takes one last glance back down the street she came, and walks up the steps.
1[21:06] <TheDM> End session.
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Sailor Fanservice lets it all hang out.

Postby DCG » Sun Dec 17, 2006 10:25 am

<TheDM> Session start: Are the blinding light and soul tearing pain, You wake up to find yourself in the middle of a war zone, all tho its closer to a slaughter. Ships fly over head dropping strange metal women all over. These deformed ladies quickly go to work killing every thing around them. As you wonder Whats going on a blast from the sky takes out the highway behind you. There only one way to go now. An its right into the slaughter.
1[23:32] <TheDM> much better
6[23:33] * Xui-Fei gets up and looks down the path, "your in my way"
1[23:34] <TheDM> The path you can see is about 2 block of killing, You can help people along the way. Or make a run for it for a minimal of fights
1[23:34] <TheDM> Along the way there is a small road leading to the right. You don't remember anything major about it
6[23:35] * Xui-Fei goes to help as many people as he can
[23:35] <Xui-Fei> *heads towards the first person in need of help*
1[23:37] <TheDM> on the right two houses up, a family of 5 just lost its dad, but he slowed the single driod down enought for you to get there in time.
1[23:37] <TheDM> init roll
[23:37] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+1
[23:37] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{20}
[23:37] <Xui-Fei> (0_0)
[23:37] <Ataru> (nice O_O)
1[23:37] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[23:37] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{18}
3[23:38] * Mcdice changes topic to 'Xui, CD 1'
1[23:38] <TheDM> Fight.
[23:38] <Xui-Fei> (how far am I from CD1)
1[23:39] <TheDM> Your in attack range now.
1[23:39] <TheDM> At the cost of one dad
6[23:39] * Xui-Fei rushes the metal woman and gives it a shot in the gut with his fist
[23:39] <Xui-Fei> kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[23:40] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+4
[23:40] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{18}
1[23:41] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[23:41] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{13}
1[23:42] <TheDM> Caught off guard it takes a soild blow
[23:42] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d4+4
[23:42] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 2d4+4 --> [ 2d4=4 ]{8}
1[23:42] <TheDM> Is is knocked back from the force of it.
1[23:42] <TheDM> The family watchs on in shock as the young man smashing the metal monster away from them.
1[23:42] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[23:42] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{11}
6[23:42] * Xui-Fei goes into a crane stance and beckons it to come hear
1[23:42] <TheDM> And it does.
1[23:43] <TheDM> D roll
[23:43] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+1
[23:43] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{5}
[23:43] <Xui-Fei> (ouch)
1[23:43] <TheDM> I fully expected you to dodge that.
[23:43] <Yarrow> (So did he. :) )
[23:44] <Xui-Fei> (yes I did as well)
1[23:45] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+1
[23:45] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+1 --> [ 1d4=1 ]{2}
[23:45] <Xui-Fei> (*blink blink*)
1[23:45] <TheDM> Not being able to shift away fully in time Xui takes a slash down the arm
[23:45] <Xui-Fei> (current HP: 10)
[23:46] <Xui-Fei> "that hurt" he says as he dilvers a sweeping roundhouse kick
[23:46] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+4
[23:46] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{14}
1[23:47] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[23:47] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{14}
1[23:47] <TheDM> Go again
[23:48] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+4
[23:48] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{11}
1[23:48] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[23:48] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{3}
1[23:48] <TheDM> The first kick missed but the follow up connection soundly.
[23:48] <Xui-Fei> (the droid tripped right)
[23:48] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d4+4
[23:48] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 2d4+4 --> [ 2d4=7 ]{11}
[23:48] <Xui-Fei> (damn one under max possible damnage)
1[23:49] <TheDM> Fiping about the odd women hits the gound breaing apart in a shower of sparks
1[23:49] <TheDM> Winner Xui.
1[23:49] <TheDM> +30 xp
[23:49] <Xui-Fei> (woo)
[23:49] <Xui-Fei> he goes to the family, "are you alright, what's going on here?"
1[23:51] <TheDM> Mom: I.. I.. I dont know.. We left the park now to long ago to come home for dinner, then my head hurt, and these people just starting attacking us.
1[23:51] <TheDM> Littlegirl: Daddy! Daddy! get up!
[23:52] <Xui-Fei> "I see" he says as he goes over to check on the father
1[23:52] <TheDM> Mom: .... serenity no..
[23:52] <Xui-Fei> (medical check?)
1[23:52] <TheDM> No need.
1[23:52] <TheDM> His speared in one side and out the other. The pool of blood around him is about the nomraly aount for a body his size.
[23:52] <Yarrow> (He's dead, Xui.)
[23:53] <Xui-Fei> "I'm sorry," he says has he checks over the obivously dead body, "is there any place you can get to safety?"
1[23:53] <TheDM> Mom: Ill find something place.. I have to.
1[23:54] <TheDM> Mom: Girls, come on its time to go. Daddy will catch up later.
1[23:54] <TheDM> She takes her children and starts pulling them away.
1[23:54] <TheDM> She will head into a house not far down, This area hasn't been bombed yet, so she is safe for now.
[23:54] <Xui-Fei> "Go, I'll keep these strange things back" he says standing up again
6[23:55] * Xui-Fei heads towards the next metal woman
1[23:59] <TheDM> Across the street you see a pain of the attacking women chase a young couple into a large house.
1[23:59] <TheDM> *pair
[23:59] <Xui-Fei> rushes them
Session Time: Sun Dec 17 00:00:00 2006
[00:00] <Xui-Fei> (roll init?)
1[00:00] <TheDM> (*now the others didnt search much for items, but with the amount of bad guys you got. Your a dead man even with the senshi form unles you find some)
1[00:00] <TheDM> You speed across the street and hear a crash from inside.
1[00:01] <TheDM> Running in the door you find the couple was two teenaged girl who look like they just left the pool.
1[00:01] <TheDM> They manged to over turn a table to stop the driods in the main hall.
1[00:01] <TheDM> You can rush in to attack, roll init.
[00:01] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+1
[00:01] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{15}
1[00:02] <TheDM> Roll 2#1d20+2
[00:02] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 2#1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{18}, [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
[00:02] <Xui-Fei> (wah oh)
3[00:02] * Mcdice changes topic to ' CD 2, CD 1, Xui,'
1[00:02] <TheDM> You do have to drop on em, so let em have it
[00:03] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+4
[00:03] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{14}
1[00:04] <TheDM> Roll 1d20
[00:04] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{9}
1[00:05] <TheDM> caught flat foot Xui's attack slames home.
[00:05] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d4+4
[00:05] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 2d4+4 --> [ 2d4=3 ]{7}
[00:05] <Xui-Fei> (wee seven damage)
1[00:05] <TheDM> (considering they have 10 life thats a good hit.)
[00:06] <Xui-Fei> (true)
1[00:06] <TheDM> The first driod gets knocked for a loop as its comrade turn to attack.
1[00:09] <TheDM> (sorry)
1[00:09] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[00:09] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{9}
1[00:09] <TheDM> d roll
1[00:09] <TheDM> (i got a messages waiting all over, im sorry for being slow light)
[00:09] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+1
[00:09] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{8}
1[00:10] <TheDM> (why didnt you dodge that?!
1[00:10] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+1
[00:10] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+1 --> [ 1d4=3 ]{4}
1[00:10] <TheDM> Xui takes a slash along his side
[00:10] <Xui-Fei> (it is dex right to dodge or do you want reflex)
[00:10] <Yarrow> (Because he's using your dicebot.)
1[00:10] <TheDM> wait.
1[00:11] <TheDM> You have unarmed defence +2
[00:11] <Xui-Fei> (yeah)
1[00:11] <TheDM> with you +1 dex your dodge roll is +3
[00:11] <Xui-Fei> (...that I did not know)
1[00:11] <TheDM> The attacking driod swings but misses Xui totaly.
[00:11] <Xui-Fei> (so re roll that dodge?)
1[00:11] <TheDM> no i jsut added the +2
[00:12] <Xui-Fei> (cool)
[00:13] <Xui-Fei> (and I understand the delay and I don't mind)
1[00:14] <TheDM> The other driod is just now getting to its feet.
1[00:14] <TheDM> go ahead
[00:14] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+4
[00:14] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{14}
1[00:15] <TheDM> Same target as your first shot?
1[00:15] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[00:15] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
1[00:15] <TheDM> You miss.
[00:15] <Xui-Fei> (badly)
1[00:16] <TheDM> A 10, your footing is still stable and your not off balance.
1[00:16] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[00:16] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{6}
1[00:16] <TheDM> d roll.
[00:16] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+3
[00:16] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{17}
[00:16] <Xui-Fei> (and Xui just went all Matrix in dodging)
1[00:16] <TheDM> Recovering from its dodge the driods attack is sloopy and easy advioded.
1[00:17] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[00:17] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
1[00:17] <TheDM> (uh oh)
[00:17] <Yarrow> (And this is dodged at -2, yes?)
[00:17] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+3 (pray I roll good)
[00:17] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+3 (pray I roll good) --> [ 1d20=8 ]{11}
[00:17] <Xui-Fei> (doh)
1[00:17] <TheDM> Yes that would be at -2 as a followed attack
[00:17] <Xui-Fei> so 9
1[00:17] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+1
[00:17] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+1 --> [ 1d4=3 ]{4}
[00:18] <Xui-Fei> (current HP: 6)
1[00:18] <TheDM> Xui is slashed along he side as he dodges the first attack, but hit by the seound.
1[00:18] <TheDM> your up
[00:18] <Xui-Fei> turns towards the one that hit him and smacks it with a fierce round house kick
[00:18] <Xui-Fei> roll 1d20+4
[00:18] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
1[00:19] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[00:19] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{4}
1[00:19] <TheDM> damage.
[00:19] <Yarrow> (*smack* Full point!)
[00:19] <Xui-Fei> roll 2d4+4
[00:19] <Mcdice> Xui-Fei rolled 2d4+4 --> [ 2d4=3 ]{7}
1[00:20] <TheDM> Xui's fist land soild into the center of the first driod, caving in its middle and sending it to the ground.
1[00:21] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[00:21] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
1[00:21] <TheDM> oh uh.
[00:21] <Xui-Fei> (gah)
1[00:21] <TheDM> I would start writing up your senshi tranformation now =\
[00:21] <Xui-Fei> (I already have the phrase)
1[00:22] <TheDM> but doyou have the change it self posed out?
1[00:22] <TheDM> As a crit there is no change to dodge.
1[00:22] <TheDM> Roll 1d8+4
[00:22] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d8+4 --> [ 1d8=3 ]{7}
[00:23] <Xui-Fei> (I kinda pictured it in veain to at least Makoto's tranformation)
1[00:23] <TheDM> Xui takes a spear right throught his middle as he fisnhed off the first attacker.
1[00:23] <TheDM> The girls he tied to save cry out in horror as there walls are painted with a spray of his blood.
[00:23] <Xui-Fei> his eyes widen in shock
1[00:24] <TheDM> As he slumps down Xui feels an odd wight settel in his hand, and a string of words forming standing out in his cloudy mind.
1[00:24] <TheDM> (well if thats how you picture it, write it out)
[00:27] <Xui-Fei> "Mjollnir Star Power Make Up!" he says as a wash of electricty takes over him as he feels his body shifting into a incodessent nude of a girl at the same age as him lightining surounds her body forming some sort of uniform on her skin in a flash of light she stands there in a black like fuku with green and blue trim and a green fuku she takes a battle pose, "I in the name of justice I, Salior Mjollnir, will punish you" she yells pointing at the droid
3[00:28] * Xui-Fei is now known as Salior_Mjollnir
[00:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> (how far am I from the droid)
[00:28] <Yarrow> (A spear's length. :) )
1[00:30] <TheDM> (real freaking close, and i would say half a spears length as it ran you throught)
[00:31] <Yarrow> (Well, I was assuming the transformation threw one of them back a bit, rather than have her still impaled.)
1[00:31] <TheDM> yes it would
1[00:31] <TheDM> Sailor stars stile, or normal fuku?
[00:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> (stars style)
[00:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> (starlight style)
1[00:32] <TheDM> Your stiking quite the figer then.
1[00:32] <TheDM> The two girls stare in awe as the man they just watched get slaughted changed into a magical warrior.
[00:32] <Salior_Mjollnir> she smirks as she clinches her fist feeling the lightining bulid up, "Now your mind" she said as she rushed towards the droid "RAI.....KEN!" she yelled
[00:33] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+3
[00:33] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{22}
1[00:33] <TheDM> Wearing soemething they wish they looked that good in.
1[00:33] <TheDM> (woot! story line roll ++)
[00:33] <Yarrow> (Is the bad dubbing part of the martial artist theme?)
1[00:33] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[00:33] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{5}
1[00:33] <TheDM> go ahead with damage.
[00:34] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[00:34] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=15 ]{15}
[00:34] <Salior_Mjollnir> (its dust)
1[00:34] <TheDM> The driod exploads from the force of her punch. drop pices all about the room.
1[00:34] <TheDM> The ladies in the room look shocked for a moment before breaking out into cheering.
[00:35] <Salior_Mjollnir> she strikes a victory pose "I win"
1[00:35] <TheDM> Salir mjollnir is quickly srounded by the two squeeling girls, listing to them ramble off question after question.
1[00:36] <TheDM> oh yes,
1[00:36] <TheDM> Winnder Sailor Mjollnir.
1[00:36] <TheDM> +60xp.
[00:36] <Salior_Mjollnir> (woo)
1[00:37] <TheDM> Girl1: Oh my serenity! That was the coolist thing ever!
[00:37] <Salior_Mjollnir> "are you two ok?"
1[00:37] <TheDM> Girl2:How did you do that? Why did you get that outfit at! are thoes real?
1[00:37] <TheDM> THey settel down a bit at that.
1[00:38] <TheDM> npc1: yes, thanks to you.
[00:38] <Salior_Mjollnir> 1, I don't know, 2. I don't know where and 3, from the looks they are real
[00:38] <Ataru> (does one cop a feel?)
1[00:39] <TheDM> npc2: You sure? (she does!)
1[00:39] <TheDM> and a flash goes off as the first girl takes a picture of her new hero.
[00:39] <Yarrow> (*zap thud* -30xp :) )
[00:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> she blushes slightly as she is felt up, "yes very much so"
1[00:40] <TheDM> (considering you suplsied as pic of chunlie in your file, Your by no means a small girl)
1[00:40] <TheDM> npc2: Oh sorry.
[00:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> (nope not chun li her name is Rio Mei Long)
[00:41] <Yarrow> (Say, are you giving xp for each person saved, too?)
1[00:41] <TheDM> The girls invite you deeper into the house, keeping up small talk along the way.
1[00:41] <TheDM> (good idea yarrow.)
1[00:41] <TheDM> (ill have to adjust rocks, but ya i should do that)
[00:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> she follows them hoping they may have some medical supplies
1[00:42] <TheDM> (and if wolf compalns.. well he did let that family get slughterd)
[00:42] <Yarrow> (He got bonus cp for the SO he saved. :) )
[00:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> (too true)
[00:43] <Salior_Mjollnir> (more like the SO gets CP for that she saved herself)
[00:43] <Yarrow> (No, I mean in character creation.)
[00:43] <Salior_Mjollnir> (I know I'm just running with the joke)
1[00:43] <TheDM> (yes aoi got most of the xp that session.)
1[00:44] <TheDM> hmm now what where thoes item rolls.
1[00:44] <TheDM> (yarrow mind taking over the girls for me?)
[00:44] <Salior_Mjollnir> (Hey this is neat, usefull, and match book)
[00:45] <Yarrow> (Um, ok.)
1[00:45] <TheDM> (im going to adjust some items. and you can grill her on question about the change, uniform, and what happened to the guy)
[00:45] <Yarrow> Girl 1: My name's Keiko.
1[00:45] <TheDM> (crap! names i have to remember, damn you evilness!
[00:45] <Yarrow> Girl 2: "Oh, and I'm Maria!"
1[00:46] <TheDM> (noooooo
[00:46] <Salior_Mjollnir> "hi" she says, "my name is Xui-Fei"
[00:46] <Yarrow> Keiko: "I thought you were Sailor Mjo... Mon... uh... Jolneer?"
[00:47] <Salior_Mjollnir> Mojllnir that seems to be the sorce of this transformation's....
[00:47] <Salior_Mjollnir> power
[00:47] <Yarrow> (Sorry, was that something you're saying?)
[00:48] <Salior_Mjollnir> (yeah forgot the quotes that time)
[00:48] <Yarrow> (Ok. I didn't really understand what you were saying. Could you rephrase it, please.)
[00:49] <Salior_Mjollnir> Mojllnir you mean....that phrase seemed to come to me when that thing impaled me
[00:49] <Yarrow> Keiko carefully sounds it out.
[00:49] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Mojllnir you mean....that phrase seemed to come to me when that thing impaled me"
[00:50] <Yarrow> Maria: "So... that guy really was you?"
[00:50] <Salior_Mjollnir> "yeah that was me"
[00:50] <Yarrow> Keiko snaps another picture.
[00:50] <Yarrow> Maria: "But ... you're a guy, then?"
1[00:51] <TheDM> (hmm items)
[00:51] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Um... do you want something to drink?"
1[00:51] <TheDM> (oh good rp *shutsup)
[00:51] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Yeah I was born that way..." she before answering Keiko, "yes some water please"
[00:52] <Yarrow> Maria: "You mean as a boy or being able to change into a girl?"
[00:52] <Yarrow> Keiko quickly goes to the kitchen.
[00:52] <Salior_Mjollnir> "I was born male," she says, "thought the ablity to change genders seems to be a recent addition
[00:53] <Salior_Mjollnir> (brb)
[00:53] <Yarrow> Keiko (calling): "Are you sure you just want water?"
1[00:53] <TheDM> (one of the girls can leave and come back with 2 healing kits at any time)
[00:53] <Yarrow> Maria: "... what's it feel like?"
[00:54] <Yarrow> (Npc blitz! :) )
1[00:54] <TheDM> (his way, =\ but thanks for doing this any way.)
[00:55] <Salior_Mjollnir> she looks towards the driection Keiko went, "yeah water is fine"
[00:55] <Yarrow> Keiko comes back with a glass of water with a mint leaf in it and gives it to Mjollnir.
[00:55] <Salior_Mjollnir> She looks thoughtful at Maria's question, "just felt a rush of electricty that's what I felt"
[00:55] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Don't go anywhere!"
[00:55] <Yarrow> Keiko rushes back into the kitchen and comes back with two healing kits.
[00:56] <Salior_Mjollnir> She nods "ok" and takes the glass and takes a drink
[00:56] <Yarrow> Keiko: "I remembered we have these. I thought maybe you could use them."
1[00:56] <TheDM> They are high grade kits, 1d10+2 healing. 1 time use
[00:56] <Salior_Mjollnir> (cool)
[00:56] <Yarrow> Maria pouts that she didn't think of that and has nothing to give the senshi.
[00:57] <Yarrow> Maria: "So... what are you going to do now?"
[00:57] <Salior_Mjollnir> "I don't know," she said before asking, "is there any safe places left here or did those strange women destory most of the place"
[00:58] <Yarrow> Keiko snaps her fingers and goes back into the kitchen.
[00:58] <Yarrow> Maria: "They just ... appeared."
[00:58] <Salior_Mjollnir> She bows to Keiko thanking her for the healing kits
[00:58] <Yarrow> Maria: "I don't think any place is safe... not without someone like you around."
[00:59] <Yarrow> Keiko comes back shortly with a bag.
[00:59] <Yarrow> Keiko: "I packed some food and water."
1[00:59] <TheDM> (hmm? oh bright girl)
[00:59] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Oh," she says
1[00:59] <TheDM> The power cuts out on the girls droping the room into darkness
[01:00] <Yarrow> Maria squeals.
[01:00] <Salior_Mjollnir> She was about to accpt them when the power went out
[01:00] <Salior_Mjollnir> "be at ease Maria," she says in a sothing voice, "I'm right here"
[01:00] <Salior_Mjollnir> (^soothing)
[01:00] <Yarrow> Maria: "O-ok..."
[01:00] <Yarrow> Keiko: "...I guess we should go."
[01:01] <Yarrow> Keiko reaches around and finds Mjollnir's hand.
1[01:01] <TheDM> Ever other light in the house turns on with an odd red glow. A TV screen on the walls turn on flashing instuction.
[01:01] <Salior_Mjollnir> she gental squeezes Keiko's hand in reasurance as she looks at what's on the TV
[01:02] <Salior_Mjollnir> (gentally)
1[01:02] <TheDM> It's derections to all civilins to head for the cloest shelter.
1[01:02] <TheDM> For the girls that the Cherry hill shrine a few blocks away.
[01:02] <Yarrow> Maria: "Wait! We have to get our stuff first!"
[01:02] <Salior_Mjollnir> she says to the girls, "where's the nearest shelter to here"
[01:02] <Yarrow> Maria gets up and rushes around in the red light.
[01:03] <Salior_Mjollnir> She nods "I'll be waiting at the front door"
[01:03] <Salior_Mjollnir> (brb again)
[01:03] <Yarrow> Keiko: "The Cherry Hill Shrine is a few blocks away."
[01:03] <Yarrow> Keiko gathers some things, too.
1[01:03] <TheDM> (the girls will need helping getting one last thing from an impressive wall safe)
1[01:03] <TheDM> Roll 1d200
[01:03] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d200 --> [ 1d200=194 ]{194}
1[01:03] <TheDM> Roll 1d100
[01:03] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d100 --> [ 1d100=76 ]{76}
1[01:04] <TheDM> Roll 1d500
1[01:04] <TheDM> Roll 1d500
[01:04] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d500 --> [ 1d500=350 ]{350}
[01:04] <Yarrow> Maria: "Sailor .. Ma-joll-nir, could you help us with this?"
1[01:04] <TheDM> Roll 1d4
[01:04] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4 --> [ 1d4=2 ]{2}
[01:04] <Salior_Mjollnir> She nods and comes over to aid them
[01:04] <Salior_Mjollnir> (what do I need to roll?)
[01:04] <Yarrow> (Nice rolls)
1[01:05] <TheDM> It's seems to be a very old safe, None one in the family has ever been able to open it.
[01:05] <Ataru> (194... god DAMN)
1[01:05] <TheDM> (duno figer it out)
[01:05] <Ataru> (he's gonna find a fuckin atom bomb in there)
[01:05] <Yarrow> Maria: "Um... we've never been able to open this. Maye you could...?"
[01:05] <Salior_Mjollnir> (knowledge cultural artst maybe)
[01:06] <Salior_Mjollnir> She looks at the safe carefuly
[01:06] <Ataru> (more like strength check rip the door off the fucking hinges)
[01:06] <Salior_Mjollnir> (don't have enhanced str)
[01:07] <Ataru> (nail it with the hammer)
1[01:07] <TheDM> Your str is 14 thats plenty to try.
1[01:07] <TheDM> (that may work as well.
1[01:07] <TheDM> (you may want to roll a spot check)
[01:07] <Salior_Mjollnir> (spot first)
[01:07] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[01:07] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{16}
[01:07] <Ataru> ("Wait... you guys never opened it? the combination's written tight there on the side!")
1[01:07] <TheDM> You can see that the safe is not added to the wall but apart of it.
1[01:08] <TheDM> It's all so extreamly old, age and rust well. its just not a soild as it used to be.
[01:09] <Salior_Mjollnir> She grips the handle tightly as says to the Maira and Keiko, "get back I don't know what will happen when I'll do this"
[01:09] <Yarrow> They move safely away.
[01:09] <Salior_Mjollnir> (str check)
[01:09] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+2
1[01:09] <TheDM> go for it.
[01:09] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{6}
1[01:09] <TheDM> fail
[01:09] <Yarrow> ("My back!")
[01:09] <Salior_Mjollnir> (that would of been if I rolled a 1)
1[01:09] <TheDM> She tugs and sakes some dust lose, but the door does not give
[01:10] <Salior_Mjollnir> she blinks oddly at that and tries again
[01:10] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+2
[01:10] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
[01:10] <Salior_Mjollnir> (yes blow my 20s on checks)
1[01:10] <TheDM> The senshi rips the door clean out of the wall, sending it flying over the girls heads and smashing out of the house itself
[01:11] <Yarrow> Both girls shriek.
[01:11] <Salior_Mjollnir> she looks back at her work, "is everyone alright?"
1[01:11] <TheDM> ON a side note you get +60 xp for smashing two driods across the street.
[01:11] <Yarrow> Keiko: "We're fine."
[01:11] <Yarrow> Maria: "You're so strong!"
[01:11] <Salior_Mjollnir> (woo strike)
[01:11] <Yarrow> (But lose 120xp for killing the three humans they were attacking ;) )
1[01:11] <TheDM> (LOL)
[01:12] <Salior_Mjollnir> she blushes at the praise, "thanks"
1[01:12] <TheDM> Roll 1d2 humans or not
[01:12] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d2 humans or not --> [ 1d2=2 ]{2}
1[01:12] <TheDM> Roll 1d5
[01:12] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d5 --> [ 1d5=2 ]{2}
1[01:12] <TheDM> You saves 2 people as wlel
[01:12] <Salior_Mjollnir> (woo)
1[01:12] <TheDM> of corse they shit them selfs ruining there pants.
[01:12] <Salior_Mjollnir> (that's up to what 7 people saved?)
1[01:13] <TheDM> Any way, In side the safe is a odd sliver stone
1[01:13] <TheDM> With numbers randomly appering on it.
[01:13] <Yarrow> The girls come over and peer into the safe.
[01:13] <Salior_Mjollnir> She looks at the stone, "is this what you're looking for?"
[01:13] <Yarrow> Keiko: "What is it?"
[01:14] <Yarrow> Maria: "I don't know... Do you know, Sailor Majollnear?"
1[01:14] <TheDM> Roll a 1d20 if/when you pick it up.
[01:14] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled a 1d20 if/when you pick it up. --> error: malformed expression
[01:14] <Salior_Mjollnir> She picks it up peering into it
[01:15] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20
[01:15] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{4}
1[01:15] <TheDM> The numbers pause for a moment as its picked up before spining again, this time much faster.
1[01:15] <TheDM> It stops on 4.
[01:15] <Yarrow> (They stop on 4. Then 3. Then 2...)
[01:15] <Ataru> (I was right, it's a nuke!)
1[01:15] <TheDM> the Number flashes gold for a moment, then the stone fades away.
[01:16] <Yarrow> (Or maybe it's just a magic d20. ;) )
1[01:16] <TheDM> Salior Mjollnir is the first to find a backup roll.
[01:16] <Yarrow> Maria: "Ohhhh."
1[01:16] <TheDM> Once per session you can now roll for back up.
[01:16] <Salior_Mjollnir> She mutters to herself, "number 4"
1[01:16] <TheDM> But since your only number so far is for your kinda stuck with that for now.
[01:16] <Yarrow> Keiko: "..."
[01:17] <Yarrow> Keiko: "I ... guess we should get going, then."
[01:17] <Yarrow> (If an NPC had picked it up, would it have been lost?)
[01:17] <Salior_Mjollnir> She turns to the girls, "yes"
1[01:17] <TheDM> (now, it would have just kept spining away)
[01:17] <Ataru> (night)
[01:17] <Salior_Mjollnir> she goes in front of the girls ready for anything
[01:17] <Salior_Mjollnir> (later Ataru)
1[01:17] <TheDM> (the girls should at lest hand over the odd bottle they found :P )
[01:18] <Yarrow> (They were going to get to that. :p )
[01:18] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Oh, I guess you should have these."
[01:18] <Yarrow> Keiko hands over two strange bottles.
[01:19] <Salior_Mjollnir> She turns to them, "huh.." examins the two bottles. "thanks"
[01:19] <Yarrow> Keiko: "We don't know what they are, but we aren't supposed to mess with them, so they must be something important."
[01:19] <Yarrow> Maria: "Yeah."
[01:20] <Salior_Mjollnir> "I see" she says "thank you for the warning now we must be getting along,"
[01:20] <Yarrow> They both give Mjollnir a serious nod.
1[01:20] <TheDM> The health kits, and bottles will dissapera as soon as mjollnir thinks of putting them some place.
1[01:21] <TheDM> (forget to tell ever one senshi sides get free minor stuff space)
[01:21] <Salior_Mjollnir> she wills them away for safe keeping
[01:22] <Salior_Mjollnir> (anyways)
[01:22] <Salior_Mjollnir> "I'll take look out postion," she says, "I won't be that far a head of you but please let me know when we are near the shrine"
[01:23] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Ok. It's that way."
[01:23] <Yarrow> Keiko points.
1[01:23] <TheDM> As you step out into the street you notice hunders of polls not stick up from the walk ways
1[01:23] <TheDM> lineing the roads.
1[01:23] <TheDM> Red lights as flashing along the top of each one, leading the way.
1[01:23] <TheDM> *are
[01:23] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Uh... I suppose we could just follow those posts..."
[01:23] <Salior_Mjollnir> she blinks oddly at that, "I guess so" she deadpanned
1[01:23] <TheDM> Other people can be sceen following along, mostly running for there lives
[01:23] <Yarrow> Maria frowns and says: "Those never used to be there before."
[01:24] <Salior_Mjollnir> (any presuit behind them)
1[01:24] <TheDM> no but there is plenty in front
1[01:25] <TheDM> AS you clean the first block and make way into the secound you will notice the battle in not going well for the people.
1[01:25] <TheDM> Bodies of all shapes and sizes are laying around.
[01:25] <Salior_Mjollnir> she turns to the two girls, "say with the group I'm gonna try and take out thos things"
[01:26] <Yarrow> Maria: "Be careful."
[01:26] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Yes, be careful."
[01:26] <Salior_Mjollnir> "I will," she says, "be safe you two"
[01:27] <Yarrow> They back off but don't completely leave.
[01:27] <Salior_Mjollnir> runs towards the fighting
1[01:27] <TheDM> They will follow closely behind as well other people, but oddly enought they dont get in the way of any fights.
1[01:28] <TheDM> Nearing the end of the secound block you can spot the shapes of more attacking driods.
1[01:28] <TheDM> one is waiting alone in the road to catch the running people.
[01:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> she runs twoards the waiting droing and takes to the air
[01:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll jump
[01:28] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled jump --> error: malformed expression
1[01:29] <TheDM> go ahead
[01:29] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+23
[01:29] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+23 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{24}
[01:29] <Yarrow> (pot hole.)
[01:29] <Salior_Mjollnir> (ouch)
[01:29] <Salior_Mjollnir> (damn and here I was going for cool and look what it did to me)
1[01:29] <TheDM> Mjollnir gives our a very girlish squeal as she trips of and lands on her face
1[01:30] <TheDM> Her nose and boobs are a bit sore but she is undamaged mostly.
[01:30] <Yarrow> Keiko takes a picture.
1[01:30] <TheDM> (LOL!)
[01:30] <Salior_Mjollnir> (nice shot btw)
[01:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> She gets up shakes the cobwebs off and tries again
[01:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+23
[01:31] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+23 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{25}
[01:31] <Yarrow> Maria: "That wasn't very nice! ... Can I get a copy?"
1[01:31] <TheDM> Keiko takes a prime panty shot as Maria locks that image away in her mind for all time.
1[01:31] <TheDM> Wait you jumped again?
[01:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> (yup)
1[01:32] <TheDM> You get into the air this time but are off balance.
1[01:32] <TheDM> Roll dex face agsint face plant 2
[01:32] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled dex face agsint face plant 2 --> error: malformed expression
1[01:32] <TheDM> *save
[01:32] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+2
[01:32] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{20}
1[01:33] <TheDM> The senshi flips about midair with stile and grace as the group of people look on.
1[01:33] <TheDM> You nail the landing and are right in front of the driod ready for battle.
[01:33] <Salior_Mjollnir> (how close am I to the droid)
[01:34] <Yarrow> (Right in front of it...)
1[01:34] <TheDM> you better punch it in the nose or its going to start the stabby
[01:34] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Hi" she says cheerfully as she charges her fist, "RAI KEN
[01:34] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+3
[01:34] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{15}
1[01:34] <TheDM> Roll 1d20
[01:34] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{16}
1[01:34] <TheDM> The driod is caught off guard but isnt defenceless, and it ducks the blow.
1[01:35] <TheDM> init roll
[01:35] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[01:35] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=8 ]{9}
1[01:35] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:35] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{11}
3[01:35] * Mcdice changes topic to ' CD 1, Xui,'
1[01:35] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:35] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{12}
1[01:35] <TheDM> d roll
[01:35] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1 (damn lack of unarmed defense)
[01:35] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 (damn lack of unarmed defense) --> [ 1d20=11 ]{12}
1[01:35] <TheDM> Again
1[01:35] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:35] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{14}
[01:36] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[01:36] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{11}
[01:36] <Yarrow> (Two attacks? A nasty one.)
[01:36] <Salior_Mjollnir> (we seem to be rerolling ties)
1[01:36] <TheDM> no its repeat if the first since they tied.
[01:36] <Yarrow> (Ah.)
1[01:36] <TheDM> roll 1d4+1
[01:36] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+1 --> [ 1d4=2 ]{3}
[01:37] <Yarrow> Maria: "Oh, no!"
1[01:37] <TheDM> the driod scores a glancing blow to the senshi, but leave no visable damage
[01:37] <Salior_Mjollnir> (current HP: 23)
1[01:37] <TheDM> Your up.
[01:37] <Salior_Mjollnir> She winces slightly at that, "not bad but my turn." she says as she feels lightining channel to her foot, "IZUMA.....KICK!"
[01:37] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+3
[01:37] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{12}
1[01:38] <TheDM> and a lack of unarmed defense can be counter with magical armor, witch is something you sould take later any way.
1[01:38] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:38] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{18}
1[01:38] <TheDM> Wiff.
[01:38] <Salior_Mjollnir> (wiff)
1[01:38] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:38] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{8}
1[01:38] <TheDM> d roll
[01:38] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[01:38] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{8}
1[01:38] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:38] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{6}
[01:38] <Yarrow> (Every character so far would have benefited greatly from armor, well except Rei, who didn't fight)
[01:38] <Salior_Mjollnir> (*slack jaw*)
[01:39] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[01:39] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=9 ]{10}
1[01:39] <TheDM> (oddly enought Rei now has armor from hoining with alice)
1[01:39] <TheDM> *joining
[01:39] <Yarrow> (It's like a DBZ fight.... Hundreds of attacks clashing and blocking...)
1[01:39] <TheDM> The senshi lighting kick is advioded but so is the driods follow up.
1[01:39] <TheDM> Your up
[01:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> follow it up with another "RAIKEN!"
[01:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+3
[01:40] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{7}
1[01:40] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:40] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{3}
1[01:40] <TheDM> Damage
[01:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[01:40] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=16 ]{16}
[01:40] <Yarrow> Cheers come from the crowd.
1[01:41] <TheDM> Off balance from its last swing the senshi of asskickings blow nails it hard.
1[01:41] <TheDM> Sending it body down the block training a steam of lighitng.
1[01:41] <TheDM> *trailling,
[01:41] <Salior_Mjollnir> She looks for anymore in the near by area
6[01:42] * TheDM sigh
1[01:42] <TheDM> As you reach the end of this block you can stop 3 driods chashing a small child your way.
1[01:42] <TheDM> *spot! god damn it
[01:43] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[01:43] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
1[01:43] <TheDM> that init?
1[01:43] <TheDM> Roll 3#1d20
[01:43] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 3#1d20 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{4}, [ 1d20=19 ]{19}, [ 1d20=18 ]{18}
[01:43] <Salior_Mjollnir> (you asked for spot or init?)
3[01:44] * Mcdice changes topic to ' Xui, CD2, CD3, CD1'
[01:44] <Yarrow> (Spot was fixing a typo.)
[01:44] <Yarrow> (Take the init roll. ;) )
1[01:44] <TheDM> Your move.
1[01:44] <TheDM> your a bit away this time. The running child headed for you
[01:45] <Salior_Mjollnir> She rushes past the child as it nears her and slams the lead droid "RAIKEN!"
1[01:45] <TheDM> *is headed for you
[01:45] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+3
[01:45] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{21}
1[01:45] <TheDM> (show off roll!)
1[01:45] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:45] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{13}
1[01:45] <TheDM> Not countered!
[01:45] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[01:45] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=21 ]{21}
[01:46] <Salior_Mjollnir> (how close is the next droid...is it close enough for cleave)
1[01:46] <TheDM> The first driod simple exploads from the power of her attack.
1[01:46] <TheDM> Yes.
1[01:46] <TheDM> theyboth are
[01:46] <Salior_Mjollnir> (I'll do it then)
1[01:47] <TheDM> Hang on.
1[01:47] <TheDM> ok roll damage
1[01:48] <TheDM> and do your attack
[01:48] <Yarrow> (Damage was rolled)
1[01:48] <TheDM> (same damage along with the attack roll?)
[01:48] <Yarrow> (No, but I figured he had to hit before rolling for the 2nd.)
1[01:49] <TheDM> (first targets gone)
1[01:49] <TheDM> (he keeps the attack roll from the first, but rerolls damage)
[01:49] <Salior_Mjollnir> (right now to attack the second attack roll)
[01:49] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[01:49] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=10 ]{10}
[01:49] <Yarrow> (Right. I mean roll to hit on the 2nd and then roll damage if she connects. Oh?)
3[01:49] * RZ-[Zzzz] is now known as Rockman_Zero
1[01:49] <TheDM> (at the same bonus as the attack that dropped the previous opponent.) am i reading this wrong
[01:50] <Yarrow> (Yes. It just means it gets the same to hit bonus)
[01:50] <Rockman_Zero> (I see the dice favour Ataru more they did me. -_-;
[01:50] <Yarrow> (It doesn't count as the next attack if the character has multiple attacks)
[01:50] <Yarrow> (Which would normally be at -5)
1[01:50] <TheDM> Ok, well his putting on a good show. ill change it next time
[01:50] <Salior_Mjollnir> (Rocky this Aint Ataru)
1[01:51] <TheDM> (thats sailor asskicking played by light)
[01:51] <Rockman_Zero> (Oh right... Light then)
[01:51] <Salior_Mjollnir> (bingo)
[01:51] <Rockman_Zero> (Hmm... The Dice favour light. =P)
[01:51] <Salior_Mjollnir> (well they've liked my senshi form)
[01:51] <Rockman_Zero> (Has my kill record been crushed yet?)
[01:51] <Yarrow> (He got critted into senshi form.)
[01:52] <Salior_Mjollnir> (so next attack?)
[01:52] <Yarrow> (Massacred. :) )
[01:52] <Rockman_Zero> (Darn)
1[01:52] <TheDM> After blasting the first driod to fine dust, the senshi bring her hand around back handing the attacking driod next to it. Smashing it across to street and into the wall of a building.
[01:52] <Yarrow> (On the bright side, you'll be getting extra xp for each person you saved.)
1[01:52] <TheDM> And the people go wild
[01:52] <Yarrow> Keiko snaps another picture.
[01:53] <Rockman_Zero> (Hmm, I saved like four people myself. And I didn't get extra Xp ouyt of it... Just out of the droids.)
1[01:53] <TheDM> Action pose ++ skirt flaping in the wind ++ Side view bust shot ++
[01:53] <Yarrow> (I just said you'll be getting extra xp)
[01:53] <Salior_Mjollnir> (lets see I'm at 8+ saved)
1[01:53] <TheDM> Keiko nails another winning picture
[01:53] <Rockman_Zero> (*Cries* I'm not a hero, I'm nooottt)
1[01:54] <TheDM> (you will get the xp for the saved people now rock
1[01:54] <TheDM> (as soon as i decied on a good number for em)
[01:54] <Salior_Mjollnir> (so what about droid #3)
1[01:54] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:54] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{18}
1[01:54] <TheDM> That one takes a swing at you,
1[01:54] <TheDM> d roll
[01:54] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[01:54] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{17}
[01:55] <Salior_Mjollnir> (damn so close)
1[01:55] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+1
[01:55] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+1 --> [ 1d4=3 ]{4}
[01:55] <Salior_Mjollnir> (current HP: 19)
1[01:55] <TheDM> The driods spear arm slashs along her side, still leaving no visible damage
1[01:56] <TheDM> To the people watching it seems like you ingored the attack and blocked with your well formed abs
1[01:56] <TheDM> your up
[01:56] <Salior_Mjollnir> she grits her teeth and brings both hands bunched together over head channeling lightining, "Kono..IZUMA AXE CHOP" bringing the hands down on the droid
[01:56] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+3
[01:56] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{7}
[01:56] <Salior_Mjollnir> (gah)
1[01:56] <TheDM> (darn)
1[01:57] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:57] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{13}
[01:57] <Salior_Mjollnir> (wiff)
1[01:57] <TheDM> The driod steps back out of the way as the attacking senshi leaves a charred hole in the ground
1[01:57] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:57] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{15}
[01:57] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[01:57] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{17}
1[01:58] <TheDM> Its follow up attack is side steped by the skimpy dressed senshi of ass kicking.
[01:58] <Salior_Mjollnir> (I do believe that's a miss)
[01:59] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Teme..." she growls "IZUMA KICK" she yells as she does a lightining channeled kick to the droid
[01:59] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+3
[01:59] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{15}
1[01:59] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[01:59] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{3}
1[01:59] <TheDM> Crit fail.
[01:59] <Salior_Mjollnir> (boya)
1[01:59] <TheDM> THe driod stumbles on the new hole falling right into the attack
1[01:59] <TheDM> Damage.
[01:59] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[01:59] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=12 ]{12}
1[02:00] <TheDM> Salior Mjollnir's attack punts to thing into the air, a trail of lighting is sceen before it explaods.
[02:00] <Yarrow> The crowd cheers again.
[02:00] <Salior_Mjollnir> she settles into a finishing pose before simply saying, "it's over"
1[02:01] <TheDM> The senshi feels a tug on her leg, and will look down to find the child was a young girl, about 6 years old whos now holding onto her leg looking up at her with wide eyes.
[02:02] <Salior_Mjollnir> She kneels to the child, "are you ok?"
1[02:02] <TheDM> (me or you yarrow?)
[02:02] <Yarrow> (You can take her. I imagine she'll just be going into the crowd soon.)
1[02:03] <TheDM> (ok)
1[02:03] <TheDM> She simple nods and makes an unhuh sound
[02:04] <Salior_Mjollnir> She smiles, "that's good to hear," she says patting the young girl on the head, "you want to come with us to the shelter?"
1[02:04] <TheDM> Another nod as she smiles cutely
[02:05] <Salior_Mjollnir> She nods, "ok," she turns to Maria, "can you watch over her please"
[02:06] <Yarrow> Maria and Keiko come over.
[02:06] <Yarrow> Maria: "Uhhhh..."
[02:06] <Yarrow> Keiko: "I'll take care of her."
[02:06] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Now, you stick with us, ok, honey?"
1[02:06] <TheDM> (THe cute npc girl will just be a part of the group later)
[02:06] <Yarrow> Maria: "You were really great out there, Mjollnir!"
[02:07] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Yeah!"
[02:07] <Salior_Mjollnir> "you have my thanks Keiko" she says as she gets up before addressing the group "is everyone ok?"
[02:07] <Salior_Mjollnir> she just nods at the two girls in thanks for the compliment
[02:09] <Salior_Mjollnir> (was there anyone hurt)
1[02:09] <TheDM> Every one will nod, all looking on like Mjollnir's the greatist thing since god made air.
1[02:09] <TheDM> There all fine.
[02:10] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Ok," she addresses them, "lets get going, we don't want to be sitting ducks out here"
[02:10] <Yarrow> Maria: "Right!"
[02:10] <Salior_Mjollnir> (well considering the fuku style more like all the males are getting a big eyefull)
1[02:10] <TheDM> (and a few females)
1[02:11] <TheDM> (there are many in the group feeling warm right now.
[02:11] <Yarrow> (You're a senshi saving you from the monsters that were slaughtering them. Hero worship is a big factor.)
1[02:11] <TheDM> (Yes
[02:11] <Salior_Mjollnir> (indeed)
1[02:11] <TheDM> (the guy mag rank 2 is all so a big thing)
[02:11] <Rockman_Zero> (And Saber get's none of it. :P_
[02:12] <Yarrow> (To the dark side such thoughts lead.)
[02:12] <Rockman_Zero> (So, what's the kill total now?)
1[02:12] <TheDM> ( Every guy in the group nows has there focus for "babe" for the rest of there lives.
1[02:12] <TheDM> oh right
1[02:12] <TheDM> Winner Sailor Mjollnir.
1[02:12] <TheDM> +90xp
[02:12] <Salior_Mjollnir> (woo)
[02:13] <Rockman_Zero> (I guess the Xp for killing droids caps at 90 huh?)
1[02:13] <TheDM> Its 30 each
[02:13] <Salior_Mjollnir> (30 each)
[02:13] <Salior_Mjollnir> and I've killed about 8)
[02:13] <Rockman_Zero> (So shouldn't that be... 240? :P)
[02:14] <Salior_Mjollnir> (total so far I'm not done yet)
[02:14] <Yarrow> (That was just for this fight)
1[02:14] <TheDM> You have a clear shot for 3 blocks
1[02:14] <TheDM> As you near the end of the third block you get a deep feeling of Danger.
[02:14] <Salior_Mjollnir> keeps the group moving a decent pace
[02:14] <Salior_Mjollnir> She stops the group
[02:15] <Salior_Mjollnir> and looks around
[02:15] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4 spot
[02:15] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 spot --> [ 1d20=5 ]{9}
1[02:15] <TheDM> Fail.
[02:15] <Rockman_Zero> (And get's pwned by the orbital lazer. :P)
[02:15] <Yarrow> Kei and Maria look around.
[02:15] <Yarrow> (+ko)
[02:15] <Yarrow> Keiko: "What is it?"
1[02:15] <TheDM> hmm intersting. They are geting very close to SO's
[02:15] <Salior_Mjollnir> "I don't know" she says, "but something isn't right here"
[02:15] <Yarrow> (Spot checks for the npcs? :) )
1[02:16] <TheDM> Roll spots for them at +3
[02:16] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled spots for them at +3 --> error: malformed expression
[02:16] <Yarrow> roll 1d20+3
[02:16] <Mcdice> Yarrow rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{17}
[02:16] <Yarrow> roll 1d20+3
[02:16] <Mcdice> Yarrow rolled 1d20+3 --> [ 1d20=5 ]{8}
[02:16] <Yarrow> (Keiko first)
1[02:16] <TheDM> Keiko clear the DC.
[02:17] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Over there!"
[02:18] <Yarrow> Keiko points at two spots in the shadows at the end of the block, one on each side.
[02:18] <Salior_Mjollnir> she looks at them, "stay back" she says, "I'll handle them"
[02:19] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Do you need to use a healing kit first?"
[02:19] <Salior_Mjollnir> She blinks, "you know something that might be a good idea"
6[02:19] * Salior_Mjollnir wills forth one of the healing kits
1[02:20] <TheDM> Its a large white box with red x on the top
[02:21] <Salior_Mjollnir> she uses it on herself
[02:21] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d10+2
[02:21] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d10+2 --> [ 1d10=5 ]{7}
[02:21] <Salior_Mjollnir> (woo full health again)
1[02:21] <TheDM> Inside would be a large selection of fist add supiles and easy to follow insturstion in there use, but the senshi just needs the general health hypo.
1[02:21] <TheDM> The kit is now useless to the senshi. But it may have other uses.
[02:22] <Salior_Mjollnir> will the kit away as a usefull first aid kit
1[02:22] <TheDM> the driods will break cover and head your way.
1[02:22] <TheDM> They got tired of waiting.
1[02:23] <TheDM> init roll
[02:23] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[02:23] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{13}
[02:23] <Yarrow> The crodw backs away to give you room.
1[02:23] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:23] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{6}
1[02:23] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:23] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
3[02:23] * Mcdice changes topic to 'CD2, Xui, CD1,'
1[02:23] <TheDM> The first one runs in fast to attack
1[02:23] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:24] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{12}
[02:24] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[02:24] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=12 ]{13}
1[02:24] <TheDM> (err secound_
1[02:24] <TheDM> It misses
[02:24] <Yarrow> (Well, it's the first one to attack. :) )
1[02:24] <TheDM> Your up
[02:25] <Salior_Mjollnir> she channels lightining to her foot again, "YOUR MINE IZUMA KICK!"
[02:25] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[02:25] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
1[02:25] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:25] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{9}
[02:25] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[02:25] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=15 ]{15}
1[02:26] <TheDM> Repeating a move she did earler, the senshi of ass kicking sends the driod that rushed her flying to the air. To be destroyed by a snap of lighitng.
1[02:26] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:26] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{20}
[02:26] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[02:26] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{5}
1[02:26] <TheDM> Its friend attacks
1[02:26] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+1
[02:26] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+1 --> [ 1d4=2 ]{3}
[02:26] <Salior_Mjollnir> (current HP: 23)
1[02:27] <TheDM> it gets a hit in along the leg sticking out.
1[02:27] <TheDM> but it leave no noticeable damage
[02:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> She charges up both fist bunched over her head again, "IZUMA AXE CHOP!"
[02:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[02:28] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{15}
1[02:28] <TheDM> (i get the sceen from azumnaga in my head from that.. "Double chop! *wack*)
1[02:29] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:29] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{21}
[02:29] <Yarrow> (I picture the Star Trek awkward two-handed chop. :) )
[02:29] <Salior_Mjollnir> (crap)
1[02:29] <TheDM> This Driod manges to side step the attack and return one of its own.
1[02:29] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:29] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{15}
[02:29] <Salior_Mjollnir> (yarrow has it about right
[02:29] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[02:29] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{21}
[02:30] <Salior_Mjollnir> (that's definally a wiff there)
1[02:30] <TheDM> You dodge it with grace and a flowing spin to the side. Impressing the people once again and giving your a clear shot at its un protected flank
[02:30] <Yarrow> Cute Girl: "Go get her, Sailor Molehair!"
[02:30] <Salior_Mjollnir> "RAIKEN!"
[02:30] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[02:30] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{22}
1[02:31] <TheDM> (and yes you did this on your toes, making it look right out of a dance)
[02:31] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[02:31] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=14 ]{14}
1[02:31] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:31] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{9}
1[02:31] <TheDM> A spark, a bang, and nothing is remaining in front of her closed fist.
[02:32] <Salior_Mjollnir> "looks like another one for the scrap heap"
[02:32] <Yarrow> The crowd cheers and applauds.
[02:34] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Come on," she says getting the crowd moving again "we should be there soon"
[02:34] <Salior_Mjollnir> (how close are we?)
1[02:34] <TheDM> As you follow the light and make the last turn, ever one gets a clear view of the temple location.
1[02:34] <TheDM> (close enought for your boss fight)
[02:34] <Salior_Mjollnir> (oh boy)
1[02:34] <TheDM> A massive wall of flame greats them.
1[02:34] <TheDM> But the street sings and flashing lights contine to earge them on
1[02:35] <TheDM> From the temple itself walls of fire burn bright and high into the sky.
[02:35] <Salior_Mjollnir> "keep back" she says, "I don't know what's going on but I doubt that wall of flame should be here"
1[02:36] <TheDM> You get a deep sense of dread as you close in on the block
1[02:36] <TheDM> (funny enought, the giant walls of flame are the safist place to be)
[02:36] <Salior_Mjollnir> "something isn't right here"
[02:36] <Yarrow> (I'm sure the signs would say that the walls of fire are safe. :) )
6[02:37] * TheDM smacks head
1[02:37] <TheDM> of corse.
[02:37] <Salior_Mjollnir> (remember who the ruler is)
1[02:37] <TheDM> The feeling of danger gets worse, but underthat you fell a welcoming pull coing from the temple grounds
1[02:37] <TheDM> These system where made by Mecury and the others.
[02:38] <Yarrow> (Even she would know that people might be slightly hesitant to walk into a blazing wall of fire. :) )
1[02:38] <TheDM> Thats why its working ever with all the power out.
1[02:40] <TheDM> Noticing the temple and close by the people will make a break for it and run to safty.
[02:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Ok," she says, "adressing the whole group, "that's our destination it seems, I don't know about the wall of flames but I'm feeling a welcoming pull from it," the she continues, "though something else is out here and it's not very nice so we are gonna approce the temple slowly"
1[02:40] <TheDM> *is close by
1[02:41] <TheDM> (hmm, ok that works)
1[02:41] <TheDM> (take charge kinda girl)
1[02:41] <TheDM> They all nod and follow the senshi's lead
1[02:41] <TheDM> Roll 1d5
[02:41] <Salior_Mjollnir> (well they seem to be following my orders)
1[02:42] <TheDM> roll 1d5
[02:42] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d5 --> [ 1d5=4 ]{4}
1[02:42] <TheDM> at this point you could ask them to strip and run the rest of the way in there skin suits and they woudl do it.
1[02:42] <TheDM> A odd shaped ship makes a turn from around the wall of fire and speeds twards the group.
[02:43] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Take Cover" she yells to the group
[02:43] <Yarrow> The crowd obediently takes cover.
1[02:43] <TheDM> They do so, but Mjollnir new best friends stay near by.
1[02:44] <TheDM> Coming to a stop near the senshi the ship lets lose 3 forms as it speeds away.
[02:45] <Salior_Mjollnir> she gets into a somewhat ready stance between the three forms and the girls
1[02:45] <TheDM> Two more metal ladies can be sceen. Standing with them is a taller, well shaped women in blue. She adjusts her berret and points at the senshi. Then gives her the finger.
1[02:46] <TheDM> init roll
[02:46] <Salior_Mjollnir> "now that wasn't very nice"
[02:46] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[02:46] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{7}
[02:46] <Yarrow> Keiko snaps a picture of the lady in blue who isn't a lady.
[02:46] <Yarrow> (*goes afk for a couple of minutes.)
1[02:47] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:47] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{8}
1[02:47] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:47] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=14 ]{16}
1[02:47] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[02:47] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=1 ]{5}
1[02:47] <TheDM> lol
3[02:47] * Mcdice changes topic to 'CD2,CD1,Sailor Wupass, Lady In blue'
[02:47] <Salior_Mjollnir> (miss lady in blue isn't going first that's for sure)
[02:48] <Rockman_Zero> (Heh, I get red, Light get's blue... Doi I see a theme going on here?)
1[02:48] <TheDM> At her single the two girls break from her sides and attack.
1[02:48] <TheDM> (go go power rangers!)
1[02:48] <TheDM> (wait, shouldnt have said that)
1[02:49] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:49] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{13}
[02:49] <Salior_Mjollnir> (...)
1[02:49] <TheDM> d roll
[02:49] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[02:49] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=18 ]{19}
1[02:49] <TheDM> You dodge once again with grace few have ever had.
1[02:50] <TheDM> (your guy was a badass, but this senshi form is just freaking unbeliveable)
1[02:50] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:50] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{8}
[02:50] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[02:50] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{14}
1[02:50] <TheDM> Since you end up with -2 for each chained attack, you want to drop there numbers fast.
1[02:51] <TheDM> Still moving you simple flow around swing
[02:51] <Salior_Mjollnir> (right)
1[02:51] <TheDM> Your up.
[02:51] <Salior_Mjollnir> "TEME....RAIKEN"
[02:51] <Yarrow> (Back)
[02:51] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[02:51] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=7 ]{11}
1[02:52] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+2
[02:52] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{4}
[02:52] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[02:52] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=15 ]{15}
[02:52] <Salior_Mjollnir> (and I'll take the negivte and cleave the other
[02:52] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+2
[02:52] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+2 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{22}
[02:53] <Salior_Mjollnir> (0_0)
1[02:53] <TheDM> Crit, instant hit.
1[02:53] <TheDM> Double your dice.
[02:53] <Salior_Mjollnir> (so 6d8)
1[02:53] <TheDM> +8
1[02:53] <TheDM> Oh nm
[02:53] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 6d8
[02:53] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 6d8 --> [ 6d8=25 ]{25}
1[02:54] <TheDM> Still in her dance, ...
1[02:54] <TheDM> Ill let you pose that out.
1[02:55] <TheDM> You blow em both to hell and with great stile. So show us how you do it.
[02:56] <Salior_Mjollnir> as she slipped past the second droid she slams into the the first one with her Raiken attack coming threw the first one as she spins around towards the second droid slaming it as well with the raiken this time where the jaw is sending it up into the air the both explode as she finishes the routine with a slight bow
1[02:58] <TheDM> Even the lady in blue as looking on in shock as the casual use of power, grace and beauty
1[02:58] <TheDM> *at, meh
1[02:59] <TheDM> (... You have any idea what kinda legend will be forming around this senshi?)
[02:59] <Salior_Mjollnir> (I have a guess but I could be thinking small terms)
[03:00] <Rockman_Zero> (The type I wanted for my character? ;_;)
[03:00] <Salior_Mjollnir> (hey I bulit her as a tank and it's exactly what I got)
1[03:00] <TheDM> (eh but rock you dont like the girl body :P)
[03:00] <Rockman_Zero> (I meant for my guy form. :P)
1[03:01] <TheDM> The lady in blue snapes out of it and marchs forward at stoping near by they just stare at each other.
1[03:01] <TheDM> Reroll init!
[03:01] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[03:01] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{7}
1[03:01] <TheDM> *marches foward at the senshi, *sigh*
1[03:01] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[03:01] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{14}
1[03:02] <TheDM> After a few moment of silince the women attacks first
1[03:02] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[03:02] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=10 ]{14}
[03:02] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[03:02] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=4 ]{5}
[03:02] <Salior_Mjollnir> (ouch)
1[03:03] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+4
[03:03] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+4 --> [ 1d4=1 ]{5}
[03:03] <Salior_Mjollnir> (though for the stardown is so bad to picture it with the theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)
[03:03] <Salior_Mjollnir> (current HP: 18)
1[03:03] <TheDM> She slashes along Mjollnis abs and up across her chest, giving her a nice bounce up top.
1[03:03] <TheDM> (hah)
1[03:03] <TheDM>
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Postby DCG » Sun Dec 17, 2006 10:26 am

Part 2
[03:03] <Salior_Mjollnir> (though for the stardown is so bad to picture it with the theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)
[03:03] <Salior_Mjollnir> (current HP: 18)
1[03:03] <TheDM> She slashes along Mjollnis abs and up across her chest, giving her a nice bounce up top.
1[03:03] <TheDM> (hah)
1[03:03] <TheDM> Your up
[03:04] <Salior_Mjollnir> "Oh it's on now," she says letting lose a lightining kick "IZUMA KICK"
[03:04] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[03:04] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{15}
1[03:04] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[03:04] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=13 ]{17}
1[03:04] <TheDM> Your attack misses
[03:04] <Salior_Mjollnir> (damn)
1[03:04] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[03:04] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=3 ]{7}
[03:04] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+1
[03:05] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+1 --> [ 1d20=2 ]{3}
1[03:05] <TheDM> (...)
1[03:05] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+4
[03:05] <Salior_Mjollnir> (0_0)
1[03:05] <TheDM> Roll 1d4+4
[03:05] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d4+4 --> [ 1d4=1 ]{5}
[03:05] <Salior_Mjollnir> (...)
[03:05] <Salior_Mjollnir> (current HP: 13)
1[03:05] <TheDM> You both dance around each other swinging, but she comes around undamaged and you dont
1[03:05] <TheDM> (didnt you get healed before this fight?)
[03:06] <Yarrow> Maria: "Leave her alone!"
[03:06] <Yarrow> Maria throws a rock at Lady Blue.
[03:06] <Salior_Mjollnir> (not this fight the other one)
[03:06] <Rockman_Zero> (*I get thrown* :P)
[03:07] <Salior_Mjollnir> (*rimshot*)
[03:07] <Salior_Mjollnir> (my attack)
[03:07] <Yarrow> (Worth rolling for?)
1[03:07] <TheDM> The rock pings off the side off the ladies head and she looks suprised at this.
1[03:08] <TheDM> your up
[03:08] <Salior_Mjollnir> "RAIKEN!"
[03:08] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[03:08] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{19}
1[03:08] <TheDM> Roll 1d20
[03:08] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=19 ]{19}
1[03:08] <TheDM> Again!
[03:08] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[03:08] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
1[03:08] <TheDM> Roll 1d20
[03:09] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{16}
[03:09] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[03:09] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=21 ]{21}
[03:09] <Yarrow> (Nice roll.)
[03:09] <Salior_Mjollnir> (yes)
1[03:10] <TheDM> The suprise is wiped from her face quickly as Sailor wupass's blow knocks her back.
1[03:10] <TheDM> The lady in blue gets up slowly, with a smoking burn in her uniform, and lighting scars traviling along her body.
1[03:10] <TheDM> But shes not out yet.
1[03:10] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[03:10] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=20 ]{24}
[03:10] <Salior_Mjollnir> (crap)
1[03:10] <TheDM> (O_o)
[03:11] <Yarrow> (Good thing only the die is doubled.)
1[03:11] <TheDM> She returns the favor to you.
[03:11] <Rockman_Zero> (Man, I'm an idiot)
1[03:11] <TheDM> Roll 2d4+4
[03:11] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 2d4+4 --> [ 2d4=4 ]{8}
[03:11] <Rockman_Zero> (I just realized my beamsaber does 3d8, not 3d6. ><)
[03:11] <Salior_Mjollnir> (current HP: 5)
[03:12] <Yarrow> A barrage of rocks flies from the crowd.
[03:12] <Salior_Mjollnir> slowly gets back up, "Impressive" she says slightly out of breath
1[03:12] <TheDM> She stabs forward with her hand landing a soild blow in the middle of Mjollnirs chest.
[03:12] <Salior_Mjollnir> (clearly I'm the fan fave here)
1[03:12] <TheDM> Yes
[03:13] <Rockman_Zero> (Relish it while you can, I'll be taking the spotlight off you soon enough. :P)
[03:13] <Salior_Mjollnir> (so I'm up?)
1[03:13] <TheDM> Loading....
[03:14] <Salior_Mjollnir> (is that lady moving?)
1[03:14] <TheDM> (yarrow seems to be away for the moment)
[03:15] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Are you all right? Maybe the bottles would help!"
6[03:16] * Salior_Mjollnir pulls out one of the bottles
1[03:16] <TheDM> For some reason she knows this is a Lesser healing poiton.
1[03:16] <TheDM> 2d4+2 life.
[03:17] <Salior_Mjollnir> She downs the potion
[03:17] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 2d4+2
[03:17] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 2d4+2 --> [ 2d4=4 ]{6}
[03:17] <Salior_Mjollnir> (current HP: 11)
1[03:18] <TheDM> That was your attack action, i sugest you take your move one now.
[03:18] <Salior_Mjollnir> She jumps away from the lady in blue hoping to get some distance between the two
[03:19] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+23
[03:19] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+23 --> [ 1d20=6 ]{29}
1[03:20] <TheDM> You jump up out of reach of her attack, easly landing on the roof of a near by building.
1[03:20] <TheDM> She frowns at this, then pauses for a moment.
[03:20] <Yarrow> No one throws rocks at her. :)
[03:20] <Salior_Mjollnir> (oh shit)
1[03:20] <TheDM> She look up at you with a grin before point at you friends who near by.
1[03:20] <TheDM> *pointing
[03:20] <Salior_Mjollnir> (I knew it)
1[03:21] <TheDM> She turn and heads at them taking her time.
[03:21] <Rockman_Zero> (Yeah, these things fight dirty)
1[03:21] <TheDM> Yourup.
[03:21] <Salior_Mjollnir> (going for something flashy)
1[03:22] <TheDM> less talk, more show
[03:22] <Salior_Mjollnir> She jumps up in the air (first part)
[03:22] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+23
[03:22] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+23 --> [ 1d20=15 ]{38}
[03:22] <Salior_Mjollnir> (secong part) she channels lightining into her foot "IZUMA KICK!"
[03:22] <Salior_Mjollnir> (any negitives for the attack roll?)
1[03:23] <TheDM> No.
[03:23] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+
[03:23] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+ --> error: malformed expression
[03:23] <Salior_Mjollnir> 4
1[03:23] <TheDM> Leap attack would give you one hell of a bonus. But you dont lose anything for this stunt
[03:23] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 1d20+4
[03:23] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=16 ]{20}
1[03:23] <TheDM> Roll 1d20+4
[03:23] <Mcdice> TheDM rolled 1d20+4 --> [ 1d20=11 ]{15}
[03:23] <Salior_Mjollnir> (boo ya)
[03:23] <Salior_Mjollnir> roll 3d8
[03:23] <Mcdice> Salior_Mjollnir rolled 3d8 --> [ 3d8=14 ]{14}
1[03:24] <TheDM> Your come in fast and hard like a bolt of lighitng, funny that..., An shock wave and blast kick up dust and send rocks flying.
1[03:25] <TheDM> When the dust clear, Sailor Mjollnir is standing alone in a new crator.
[03:25] <Yarrow> The crowd goes wild.
1[03:25] <TheDM> (Feel free to add any lines and or poses)
[03:26] <Salior_Mjollnir> "no one messes with my friends" she says as she flips out of the crator striking yet another pose
[03:26] <Yarrow> (Only to hit another pothole. ;) )
1[03:26] <TheDM> (hah)
1[03:26] <TheDM> grace and stile ++
[03:26] <Yarrow> Keiko snaps another picture of the vitorious Mjollnir.
1[03:27] <TheDM> She catchs herin the pose, as her good sized chest is giving a health bounce in her skimpy top.
1[03:27] <TheDM> Winnder, Sailor bouncy
[03:27] <Salior_Mjollnir> (oh yea)
1[03:28] <TheDM> +120xp
1[03:28] <TheDM> After the fanservice, you can continue on your way.
1[03:28] <TheDM> The road is clear, and the feeling of danger is gone.
[03:28] <Salior_Mjollnir> She gives one last look around she calls the group back and head for the temple
[03:30] <Salior_Mjollnir> (is the flame wall still up?)
1[03:30] <TheDM> (yes, its the temple wards.)
1[03:31] <TheDM> As question as to the purpose of the gaint flames is setteled as two bolt of light split the clouds.
1[03:31] <TheDM> THey crash again the fire in a earth shacking explosion.
1[03:31] <TheDM> But the fire holds, and the orbital fire has little effect
[03:32] <Yarrow> (At least the fire didn't deflect them into the crowd. :) )
[03:32] <Salior_Mjollnir> She makes a dash for the tepmple saying "if you don't hear any screams keep on going" as she runs into the wall of flames
1[03:33] <TheDM> reconn that.
1[03:33] <TheDM> As there is no need.
1[03:33] <TheDM> Following the lights will lead the senshi and ground near the main temple gates.
1[03:33] <TheDM> The gaint red wooden is easy to spot.
[03:33] <Rockman_Zero> (As is the door the red wooden is. :P)
[03:33] <Salior_Mjollnir> heads for the gates with the group in tow
1[03:34] <TheDM> ruins along its form burn with a ligh fire of there own.
[03:34] <Yarrow> (runes along the gate/door?)
[03:34] <Rockman_Zero> (Probably a decapitated droid and A molten one. :P)
1[03:34] <TheDM> *red wooden gate, but its to late for spelling
[03:34] <Yarrow> (Btw, a rear guard would probably make more sense, Mjollnir)
[03:35] <Rockman_Zero> (nm)
[03:35] <Salior_Mjollnir> (true stops at the gate and lets the crowd go threw while she goes and watches for any more enemies
[03:35] <Salior_Mjollnir> (true) stops at the gate and lets the crowd go threw while she goes and watches for any more enemies
[03:36] <Yarrow> The crowd goes through with many thanks to Sailor Mjollnir. Soon only she, Maria, & Keiko are left. (The little girl went with an older woman)
1[03:36] <TheDM> AS you near the gate you can spot a young women near by, Finely dressed, there is something about her that pulls at your. You just know she is a friend and on your side.
1[03:36] <TheDM> (speaking of, Just wht do you look like to the people rock?)
3[03:36] * Rockman_Zero is now known as Ryu
[03:36] <Yarrow> Maria comes up to Mjollnir.
[03:37] <Yarrow> Maria: "Thank you very much for saving our lives." She pauses.
[03:37] <Yarrow> Maria: "You are really a guy, right?"
[03:37] <Salior_Mjollnir> She smiles, "no problem and yes I am really a guy"
[03:37] <Yarrow> Maria nods, then puts her arms around Mjollnir's neck and gives her a deep kiss.
1[03:38] <TheDM> o_O
[03:38] <Yarrow> Maria smiles and then goes inside.
[03:38] <Salior_Mjollnir> She blinks acouple of times before walking inside with a goofy grin on her face
1[03:38] <TheDM> (NO YOU DONT
1[03:38] <TheDM> (err sorry caps,
[03:38] <Yarrow> Keiko stops Mjollnir with a hand on her shoulder.
[03:38] <Salior_Mjollnir> (huh)
1[03:38] <TheDM> (and yarrow saves the day)
[03:39] <Yarrow> Keiko: "Yes, thank you very much, Xui-Fei."
[03:39] <Salior_Mjollnir> she blinks, "your welcom Keiko"
[03:39] <Yarrow> Keiko gives Mjollnir a warm kiss.
6[03:39] * Ryu is a blonde girl that stands a t5'4, and seems to weigh at about 125lb. She has Blonde hair, blue eyes, and is dressed in a casual blue jacket, wearing a white shirt underneath. Dark grey pants cover her legs, and she's wearing casual black shoes. She looks rather sad and somewhat defeated, and is muttering to herself...
1[03:39] <TheDM> Ryu would know this women is just like her, all the out fit is very very defernt.
[03:39] <Ryu> "In the end... What I did didn't amount to much, huh."
[03:39] <Yarrow> "In case we get separated and you want to find us again, our family name is Hayashi."
[03:40] <Yarrow> Keiko bows and goes inside.
[03:40] <Salior_Mjollnir> She smiles at that Keiko and Maria Hayashi....
6[03:40] * Ryu looks at her, and looks at the huge number of people she seemed to have saved, and her expression becomes even more crushed...
1[03:41] <TheDM> The Senshi feels a conntion to the blond girl, and other who are all so getting closer.
[03:41] <Salior_Mjollnir> she blinks at the new girl, "you ok?"
6[03:41] * Ryu turns away, she walks tiredly up the stairs.
1[03:41] <TheDM> (hey you saved a few people)
6[03:41] * TheDM sigh
[03:41] <Yarrow> (Ryu looks at the number floating above her head, then sees the much larger number floating over Mjollnir's head and glares at her.)
1[03:41] <TheDM> (none of the team enter the temple yet.)
[03:41] <Ryu> (Err, I'm rping the character. Not me. :P)
[03:42] <Yarrow> (I know. She was rather down, with the whole thing with Model-S at the end.)
1[03:42] <TheDM> (no going in side! so says the master hand.
1[03:42] <TheDM> errr dm
6[03:42] * Ryu looks at Salior_Mjollnir, and says, "I'm Ryu... Just another survivor."
[03:42] <Salior_Mjollnir> she looks at the sad girl wondering what's wrong with her
6[03:42] * Ryu then turns away and walks up the steps.
1[03:42] <TheDM> >_<M
[03:42] <Yarrow> (Mjollnir gets lots of praise and a cheering section, Ryu has her servant/IoP requesting a transfer.)
1[03:43] <TheDM> (true)
1[03:43] <TheDM> OK end here.
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Postby Rockman_Zero » Wed Oct 03, 2007 2:13 pm

Well, dunno if my schedule will permit me, but I'll go ahead and update my sheet anyway.

Hopefully, things WILL die down enough for me to return.

I'll let you guys know when I can play in this game again.
"One shall stand, one shall fall..."
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