Jack and the Witch

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Jack and the Witch

Postby J. St.C. Patrick » Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:12 pm

I came across an old anime film posted on YouTube called Jack and the Witch (made 1967)

It's a cute film ostensibly made for children - I remember watching it on TV in the 70's when I was a kid.
It sometimes has the feel of a film made where the story was no object - some fairly weird sequences, including a scene in a garden that I can only describe as a twisted version of Fantasia.
It is an interesting precursor to modern anime.
The opening itself seems to have no relation to the film being done in an entirely differnt style of drawing.
In another change of style the end credits makes use of the animators character models.

Here's the Wikipedia entry on the movie

I've been searching for this film for a long time, in fact I did a search request here in the earliest incarnation of this site - As I recall WarGiver was able to help me find the name of the movie.
Though having watched the film I find my memory conflated at least a pair of anime films.

As far as I am aware this version is not available anywhere else - no english language DVD's being available.

The fellow who posted the movie has broken it in to 8 parts and there are moments when the film seems to skip from place to place.

Here are the YouTube links so you can see it:

part 1 of 8

part 2 of 8

part 3 of 8

part 4 of 8

part 5 of 8

part 6 of 8

part 7 of 8

part 8 of 8

It's a fun little film.
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