Gravity Children

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Gravity Children

Postby toushin » Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:15 am

Okay, ive been reading airgear for a while and its awesome. After reading tenjou tenge i immediately fell in love with anything associated with Oh Great. (Im reading Majin Devil right now) But im a little confused as to just what exactly the gravity children are. The conclusion ive come to is that theyre human beings that can use 100% of their potential. Kindof like how einstein or any other supergenius can use more than the average 10% of their brain potential, or how lance armstrong can take in more oxygen than the average human because of the size of his lungs. I feel like the gravity children can conceptually do the same, except it applies to the body as well as the mind. To me this explains why they can do things like see the "trick Pass" and have the hawks eye. I came to this conclusion when they were explaining the gravity children project and they were talking about them being able to use or recover "lost" energy. But i would definitely be up for some clarification if anybody could

as well as clarification on brain chargers
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