Parenting and Pregnancy for 3 Redheaded Moms

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Parenting and Pregnancy for 3 Redheaded Moms

Postby Nekomata-sensei » Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:30 am

It's a crazy idea, but having seen some fics where characters from different series (and entirely different worlds) have some kind of mental resonance with each other (I remember one in particular where it was Ranma and Hyuuga Hinata), I had a thought of some pre-cannon divergences based around this idea, with three mothers who in cannon, didn't have much to do with their childrens' upbringing. Lily Potter, Uzumaki Kushina, and Saotome Nodoka.

Basically, either ROB or some kind of random divergence hijinx from one of the three universes, or somewhere else, causes 3 pregnant mothers from different series to begin mentally resonating. They don't really take each other over or share powers or something like that, but they do become aware of one-another and figure out it is a real connection and that the others are real, just in different dimensions, and basically they commiserate about their pregnancies and stuff and become friends of a sort, although perhaps not perfectly, after all, they all have their own quirks or tempers or whatnot, and are stuck in a strange circumstances together in a highly emotional time, plus might have different reasons to not be fond of one another's natures and lives, Kushina being a ninja assasin (and possibly having Kyuubi occasionally butting in on the connection to taunt the women), Nodoka being married to Genma and the lack of judgement or foresight that shows (at least if you portray such as having been willing to do so), and Lily being part of a secret magical society and vastly different culture from the other two. I image though that Lily and Kushina would get along better than either with Nodoka. Still, I imagine they'd all warm up to each other and Nodoka get over her hang-ups about the other two. Kushina and Lily might also figure out some comparisons and connections between runes, arithmancy, and sealing arts, they aren't the exact same thing, but some methodologies and theories cross over to a degree, so long as you take into account distinct rulesets.

Things start seriously changing up when thanks to the connection divergences start happening from their various cannons. Nodoka is first, she manages to shut-down the arranged marriage for Ranma to a Tendo, altering it to a possibility and planned omiai (sp?) in the future, and also points out there is little point to dividing schools in the first place, and Genma and Soun should try to learn from each-other and pass down a more unified school to their heirs.

Then Kushina, who, thanks to advances she made in her sealing arts techniques through cross-research with Lily, inspired by anti-apparition wards to create anti-space-time-teleporting wards, manages to block the fake Madara from getting through to easily kill off the guards and the 3rd's wife, and the fake Madara is unable to reach her in time to prevent her from recovering enough that he can't extract the Kyuubi so easily anymore, especially while they got more time to prepare aware of his attack, and Minato managing to get Naruto hidden away safely.

Lily and James wind up becoming their own secret keepers thanks to Kushina realizing such is a possibility, so Voldemort is unable to get at them, and winds up going after the Longbottoms first, resulting in Neville becoming the BWL. Alice Longbottom lacks living blood relatives for Neville to be sent to stay with, so Neville winds up in the custody of his godparents, James and Lily.

With Lily and Kushina's guidance, Nodoka doesn't accept Genma's seppuku contract and doesn't let him go on a multi-year training trip with Ranma, instead insisting on regular returns, if not training mostly based out of home, and winds up tracking him down when he doesn't return initially, and forcing him to accept the arrangement he made with Ukyo's father, and taking her in, after discovering how he stole the yatti and lost it, and she stops him mid-way through the neko-ken, before Ranma has developed a fear of cats, and basically shuts down further long-duration training trip plans, and watches over Ranma's training much more carefully.

Meanwhile, Harry and Naruto also start their own educations and/or training and whatnot. The three boys are not aware of their mother's mental connections to mothers from other dimensions.

Possible extra options include 2nd children who could possibly be born, depending on author choices, just for the lulz, perhaps Kushina has a red-haired girl she names Ranko, Nodoka might get divorced from Genma and wind up marrying a more sane and trustworthy and caring blond foreigner (perhaps Ken from street fighter?) and has a blond haired daughter who she names Naru, and Lily has red haired identical twin girls she names Pepper (bloody red habernero anyone?) and Harmony (Nodoka seems to translate to 'peace', plus pairing fic-type from HP fandom).

Jump to Harry entering Hogwarts, then Naruto becoming a ninja, then Ranma entering high-school, bouncing around the timelines a little perhaps.

Of course, the villains or other issues behind each setting are still around, in fact, in some ways, they may have made various situations worse with these divergences. Neville for instance can't become the Master of Death as he isn't heir to the cloak, and probably lacks continued sacrifice protection like Harry had thanks to staying with the Dursleys in cannon. Ranma might not be as well trained, even if perhaps better educated, and there is plenty of leftover drama potential, if not increased such, and Happosai is likely to return, possibly with Ranma lacking Amazon speed training or other such things. Fake Madara is still out there, as is Danzou, Orochimaru and loads of other issues, even if Minato likely still being around helps counteract that, plus Naruto more obviously being Minato's child likely faces revenge seeking assassination attempts from rogues from Stone against the child of the Yellow Flash, and perhaps other targeting along with his mother as being among the last known Uzumaki, whose sealing arts are seen as a major threat by many in various power bases (and not just outside of Konoha, Danzou likely fears his root anti-interrogation seals might be undone, and some in the Hyuuga main branch may fear the Uzumaki developing a counter and alternate for protecting from bloodline theft to the caged bird seal, resulting in the branch family rising up, and the Uchiha likely resent the Uzumaki much like they do the Senju, even if Kushina is close friends to the current clan head's wife).

Yes, my insanity still lingers. :twisted:
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Re: Parenting and Pregnancy for 3 Redheaded Moms

Postby Ellen Kuhfeld » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:45 am

I remember one story where redheads from all kinds of series formed a sort of red-headed league. Don't remember Lily Potter, but Lina Inverse and Queen Beryl were in the league as well.
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