[AU] Code Geass: Euphemia of the Betrayal

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[AU] Code Geass: Euphemia of the Betrayal

Postby fallacies » Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:07 pm

As a child, she had naively presumed that the safety and happiness she enjoyed were a sort of absolute, inalienable right. It never occurred to her that the world she lived in was nothing more than an illusion -- not until the assassination of Queen Marianne and the subsequent exile of her closest half-siblings.

The shock of losing her immediate family roused her to two truths -- first, that if she wished to obtain true security for herself and those she cared for, she would need to do so with her own two hands; and second, that her position as a princess of Britannia afforded her with no protection that couldn't be taken away by her father.

Still, so long as she was a princess, she was in a better position to defend herself than Lelouch and Nunnally. Her gifted brother was now no more than a powerless child, and her sister ... There was hushed whispers that the crippled girl was to be left to tender mercies of the pedophile warmonger who ruled Japan. For that alone, she would never forgive the yellow-skinned savages. For now, her siblings were beyond her reach, but she swore she would do everything in her power to protect them -- even if it meant killing her heart.


There were certain things she couldn't do as a princess, and one of them was inviting the attentions of her other siblings -- the majority of whom, she found to her disgust, were ambitious creatures who wouldn't hesitate to sink a knife in her back if she got in the way of their agendas. Her sister Cornelia was an exception to the rule, but had a tendency to be overprotective; she doubted that the older girl would allow her to pursue her plans if they were known to her. No, she would secure her siblings' safety in utter secrecy, and that meant finding allies who would maintain confidence.

Her late mother, Theodosia li Britannia, had been the younger child of Count Johann Bradley, the hereditary head of the Order of the Knights Grausam -- a secretive unit outside the normal chain of command of the Imperial Armed Forces, rumored to carry out black operations on the orders of the Emperor himself. The July of 2009 a.t.b. found her at her grandfather's doorstep.

"You do not much resemble your sister," he said to her.

"I know," she replied.

"Should you choose to pick up the knife before you, I shall provide you with any aid that you require," he said. "However, know that by doing so, you will live by different rules -- walk by a different path. You shall know the unique solitude of a murderer. Do you accept irregardless?"

She did not reply. Without hesitation, she lifted the knife that she had been offered.

"Very well," said the elderly man who sat behind the oak desk. There was nothing grandfatherly about his smile.


By September 10th, 2010 a.t.b., the hope that had driven her was buried in despair. The occupation government of the newly formed Area 11 gave no news of her brother and sister's survival, and she could only presume that her father had ordered them killed along with the Japanese. There was no resisting the unrelenting force of will that was Charles zi Britannia. Her thoughts turned to revenge.

Outwardly, she maintained the mask of the harmless, naive princess, but with each month that passed, it seemed a little more as if the abrasive, violent tomboy that had sprung full-grown from her grandfather's mind was who she truly was. The long pink hair she had been so proud of as a girl was now no more than a wig she donned over her short orange pageboy cut, and the new dresses that she purchased were custom fit to conceal her toned musculature.

She was academically untalented, and only average in the tactical aspects of warfare, but her grandfather's training focused her strengths -- namely, in physical combat and Knightmare Frame devicing. In these areas, her skills more than made up for her flaws, and deployment in live missions with the Knights Grausam allowed her to prove her worth. She experienced a distinct pleasure in crushing the filthy savages that dared challenge the Empire -- it was for their own good that they knew the deterrent that was fear.


In 2013, she took the life of a Britannian for the first time -- her cousin Luciano, who challenged her to a duel for the right to succeed the leadership of the Knights Grausam. Before he died, she castrated him. His screams were surprisingly arousing.

"Do you feel any regrets?" asked her grandfather.

"No," she said. "He was an arrogant prick who deserved to be put in his place. The fucker made the mistake of underestimating me because of my sex."

"You didn't think of him as family?"

"My only surviving family is my sister Cornelia."

Her grandfather began to laugh.


'Luciana Bradley,' the Vampiress of Britannia. That was what they called her now.

It was not a name and title that she liked in particular, but in the two years since her debut and formal enlistment into the Imperial Armed Forces, the latter had stuck with her -- an unforeseen consequence of her rather brutal style of Knightmare Frame devicing. Even after she was seated as a Knight of the Rounds, she sensed a wariness of her from her nominal allies. It was silly of them, she felt. The only person she cared about killing was Charles zi Britannia.

She had taken to wearing an opera mask in public to avoid being found out, but her progenitor had seen her barefaced at numerous briefing sessions and failed to recognize her -- apparently, the absence of her customary makeup and wig was sufficient to make her a different person in his mind. Somewhat dismayingly, he never let his guard down, even if the only others present in the room were his 'loyal' Rounds. The only human he trusted completely was Lord Bismarck, the Knight of One.

She could bide her time, though. She had nothing if not patience, and she had already waited for years ...


In the spring of 2017 a.t.b., when news arrived of the masked revolutionary that had appeared in Area 11, she was surprised to find a familiar stirring in her heart -- the warmth of returned hope. The man's flamboyant mannerisms and the highfalutin mode of speech -- it could only be Lelouch.

Her feelings, though, were complicated, and not all positive. Though she was glad at his survival, it displeased her that he was naive enough to attempt an opposition of the Empire with nothing more than a grass-roots terrorist cell. Worse, he had chosen to ally himself with the filthy savages that dared to impose sexual slavery on poor little Nunnally. Undoubtedly, they had played to his desires for revenge, and invoked his softhearted sympathies. On their behalf, he was now dirtying his hands unnecessarily. Lelouch becoming a puppet to the Elevens ... she wouldn't tolerate it.

She would break him of this foolishness, she decided. She would take away his toy soldiers and beat him until he understood the futility of opposing Charles zi Britannia. When he learned sufficient humility to lick her boots and beg for mercy, she would graciously take him into her protection -- along with Nunnally, if the girl still survived. The two exiles had suffered enough, and didn't need their hands stained with the blood of their father. The old man's life was hers alone to take ...


A small part of her instinctively feared what her siblings would think of her if they knew what she was now. The girl they had known growing up died the day she'd taken up the Knife, and 'Luciana Bradley' -- if she were honest with herself -- was little more than a bloodthirsty, merciless bitch who got off on the suffering of her opponents. Even Cornelia -- who she'd hoped could acknowledge her as a worthy knight -- declared after seeing 'Luciana' in action that she would have nothing more to do with the House Bradley. Would Lelouch and Nunnally be able to accept her?


Things fell into place almost naturally when she made the move to approach her estranged siblings.

'Zero' was very similar to Cornelia in his views regarding honor and justice, and it was thus rather doubtful that Lelouch would be able to understand 'Luciana.' Additionally, the Knight of Ten was now a higher profile public figure than her other persona, and it wouldn't be wise for her to be seen walking about the Tokyo Settlement. She had little choice but to wear the mask of the girl she had left behind.

Though she hated the fact that lying was a necessity, perhaps it was for the best. The delicious pain Lelouch would suffer beneath Luciana Bradley's whip could be healed in the warm embrace of Euphemia li Britannia ... It seemed also that a certain Kururugi Suzaku had become an honorary Britannian. She would enjoy visiting the sins of the father upon the son ...


Euphemia of the Betrayal

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