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Postby Sunshine Temple » Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:52 am

Spokavriel wrote: Thankyou. I agree it's allot it kept me out of spamville. I'll probably be caught up again there before I head to bed tonight. Although catching up in ideas and C&C will also effect that.

Posting in C&C and Ideas is always a help.

So just to clarify one more time my idea was to make it so that you made it so the spoilers were hidden.

The whole file cabinet or calendar was just something that came to mind as a way to present it.

Maybe even do a picture of an office with a file on the desk that would have enemy actions a manual off to the side with equipment including weapons and vehicles while another folder or computer sketched in could be for Personnel. I just had my GUI suggestions completely meshed into my attempts to suggest presenting the info in stages.

Again that's all a lot of work.

I really don't want to put more work into this than I would in a chapter, given how they will keep being edited.
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Postby Spokavriel » Mon Dec 17, 2007 1:01 am

There is one benefit to hidden spoilers. If you only add a more tab to reveal the next spoiler then you would be editing less of the already added content in providing updates to the profiles. I'm sure someone out there has to have a utility to make it like a new post getting the spoilers nested so they aren't standing on top and giving things away before people want them.
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