The standard WIC rifle is the Heavy armament Optional Gun. A dual barreled weapon in 7.62 Nato and 20mm grenade. An improved version of the OICW, the 20mm section is removable.  Weight issues have been mitigated though the weapon would be problematic for a military force on the march, as opposed to one in a more counter-terrorism role.



Common WIC weapons such as the  HOG, SAW M249, M60, Milkor, and Beretta Xtrema2 are sometimes used by the unit.  


Most WIC ammunition is specialized in some manner. For anti-shielding there are the sabot-style "lead flowers" and in addition to the standard variations (AP, incendiary, HE) there are several chemical compositions that are used against specific NH patterns.


Some NH's react poorly (retarding regeneration or causing above par damage) to certain compounds.  There are several ammunition types, both those that that are tailored to a specific NH pattern and those that have a broad base of effectiveness.



5NH Task Force Weapons

Note these are not designed for human use. Most are too heavy and would cause damage to a human frame.



WIC Munitions 40mm IGMG (WM X19 40mm)

             Shoulder mounted variant of the MK 19 or MK47 crew served grenade machine gun.  Same ammunition and mechanism. Frame has been added to be fired as an individual weapon. Similar modifications to the trigger assembly to facilitate portability. Modified by WIC Munitions. IGMG: Individual Grenade Machine Gun (32 kg,  70lb empty,  50 kg, 108 lb )


WIC Munitions .500SW SSP (WM 500)

            Semi-auto sidearm. Fires .500S&W. Design heavily based off of Israeli Military Industries' Desert Eagle (50 AE) and Hellsing Arms  Joshua (.454 Casull). Frame is more durable and solid than the IMI weapon. Cartridge is more powerful than either weapon. SSP: Standard Succubus Pistol. (3 kg,  6.5lb  empty, 9lb,  4kg loaded )


WIC Munitions 17mm HSMG (WM 17S) "Pug"

             Submachine gun using the new 17mm round. 17 x 65 mm WIC custom  Layout is based on the FN P90 but different in structure, mechanism, and size for such a large round. Magazine placement was a reason for usage of this layout. Most radical design, entirely new weapon system. Compensation for the 17mm requires very strong alloys. Some design influence from heavy machine guns.  Despite, design compensation, overheating is a concern and full auto is not recommended. Easy barrel replacement is designed in. Staggered magazine has a capacity of forty (about 40cm long). HSMG: Heavy Submachine Gun. (12 kg, 24 lb empty, 19.5kg loaded)


WIC Munitions M2-IS (WM 50BMG)

            Individual served variant of the M2 Browning machine gun.  Modifications include: a more traditional trigger assembly instead of the "butterfly" thumb triggers, belts put into a box under the gun for better mobility, bipod attachment, and stocks and guards added to shoulder and bear the weapon.  At 1.9 m (75 in) overall length and a barrel length of 1.1m the weapon's length is problematic in close quarters and urban settings. (38 kg, 83.78 lb empty, 54 kg, 120lb loaded)


WIC Munitions 17mm SHC (WM 17H) 

            Revolver type using the same 17mm custom manufactured ammunition as WM17S  Semi-auto format believed too complicated, failure prone and riddled with ergonomics issues. Original proposal was single action with a cap-lock style loading gate. Deemed cumbersome for reloading, a double action with top break loading was build (swing out was dismissed for similar reasons). 

            Special care was taken to strengthen the hinge and latch with advanced metals. 5 round cylinder. Moon clip is common for reloading. "As revolvers are generally designed to use rimmed cartridges, the moon clip allows the use of rimless cartridges designed for semi-automatic pistols in revolvers... The moon clip not only holds multiple cartridges together, but allows them to headspace on the face of the revolver cylinder."

SHC: Succubus Hand Cannon. (6 kg, 13 lb loaded)


WIC Munitions 25mm SSS (WM 25L) 

            Modification to the Barrett XM109 a 25 mm sniper rifle under development by the Barrett Firearms Company. Many normal militaries wrote this off as being almost unusable by humans,  Major Saotome went a bit further and made it fully unusable. For 5th use there's a modification with a longer barrel and heavier charge, which has the theoretical advantage of another 1/2 or so range. 90% commonality with conventional version. diff barrel, and a modified vent port.  1.57m (62 inch) in length overall (Barrel doubled). Wide range of available ammunition. Accurate range of 4km and approx muzzle velocity of 1100 m/s SSS: Succubus Sharpshooter. (20kg)